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All her life Lindsey had been fascinated by her mother’s breasts. Specifically her nipples. Specifically the fact that she only had one, what remained of the areola of her left breast crowned by an old, jagged scar where the pink nub should have been.

It wasn’t until she was eleven that Lindsey had asked her mother about it. They had been taking their dog Lancer on a walk through a local park. It was a hot July day so mother and daughter had forgone clothing except for footwear, her mother had a pair of sandals and Lindsey wore pink flip-flops. They where hardly the only ones, almost everyone else in the park was completely nude except for the occasional hat, some people even going barefoot.

As they walked along Lindsey noticed a boy and girl, they looked to be high school age, fucking beneath a tree. As she watched her hand almost absentmindedly drifted to her still mostly per-pubescent pussy, her fingers lightly stroking her outer folds. Mother and daughter stopped to let Lancer investigate a bed of flowers next to the walkway and Lindsey looked up at her mom to see that she too had taken note of the free show occurring a few yards away, licking her lips as she watched the young couple fuck. Unlike her daughter she didn’t actually touch herself, but she did press and rub her thighs together as she stood watching.

However Lindsey maintained her attention on her mom, her eyes, as often happened when her mother was topless, going back to study her scared breast. It was far from the most extreme disfigurement she had ever seen, a boy at her elementary school one year older then her had let his father cut off, cook, and eat his penis as a birthday present. Lindsey had heard that he wanted to be castrated too now, apparently without a dick he was having a hard time satisfying the new desires that came with the onset of puberty and would just as soon be rid of them. She had seen him naked a few times on hot, clothe-less days, she’d found the sight of the short stub that was all that was left of his manhood strangely erotic, and especially liked the way it left his balls better exposed without a penis dangling down in front of them.

Margret watched the two teens fuck for a few more moments before glancing at her daughter. She smiled when she saw that the young girl was once again gazing at her nipple-less breast. She reached up and cupped her tit, her thumb rubbing its ruined summit. Lindsey’s eyes widened, and she looked up to see her mom smiling knowingly down at her before returning her gaze to her breast and fondling hand. As she stood there a question occurred to her young mind, an obvious one, but one she had never thought to ask before.

“Mom, why do you only have one titty?”


Lindsey ripped her eyes away from her mother’s breast to star quizzically into her face.

“My sorority,” Margret elaborated. “It was part of the initiation.”

Her daughter’s mouth fell open. “They cut off your nipple?” she asked almost incredulously.

Margret glanced down at the scar on her breast. “Not exactly cut.”

At that moment Lindsey’s mother noticed that their dog was starting to dig up one of the flowers, and with a sharp cry of “No!” she pulled the dog by his leash back to her side.

“So how did they take it off?” Lindsey asked.

Margret shook her head. “It’s a secret. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find out one day.”


A few hours later Lindsey stood in her room naked, studying her developing body in her floor length mirror. Her chest was still almost completely flat, a slightly thicker layer of fat beneath her nipples the only sign of her coming breasts. As she looked at herself she raised her hand up to toy with her left nipple.

As long as she could remember it had been the plan for her to go to Berkeley like her mother, and with any luck get into the same sorority. Lindsey looked up to her mother and had always liked the idea of following in her footsteps.

She examined the pink nub between her fingers, trying to imagine what it would be like to not have it there. She knew without asking that however it was removed it would hurt- most likely a whole lot. She’d heard somewhere that pain was the greatest aphrodisiac, but that hadn’t been her experience. But then again she was only beginning to grow into her sexuality, and scraping you knee or twisting your ankle while running probably didn’t count as ‘erotic’ pain.

She’d been to parties where people where snuffed before, usually before, or more often during, being prepared to be the main course. Their demise was usually very painful, but they never seemed to mind, she remembered a year ago where her cousin had volunteered to let her legs be amputated and cooked for diner. She had screamed in pain, but she later claimed to have had the best orgasm in her life from just the feeling of her leg being sloppily sawed off at the hip. The next night she let them snuff her and eat the rest of her body.

Lindsey imagined herself like her mother, tall, curvy yet fit, with perky, medium sized breasts, the left one caped by a sexy scar where a second, redundant really, nipple used to sit.

The lose of her nipple and whatever pain that came with it would be a small price to pay for being like her mom.T

More to come. Reviews, comments, and (constructive) suggests for improved future writing appreciated.


I love worlds like this, interested to read more!


it beginning, I just hope you don't jump to Linsdey's college years mmediately. Lolis rule. ;)

Can't wait for some action in the next part.


Can't wait for more!


Pretty good so far, it was enjoyable to read. Here's to hoping for more limb amputations.


Sorry Rosie, but the next part jumps about seven years later right to, well, Lindsey's initiation. It's what the story's about, and why this first part was called a prologue.

I might do a prequel/squeal at some other point.


Great story so far.
I liked the part about the boy who let someone take his dick with his consent.
Hope you can put some more of that into the rest of the story.


Excellent start. Love the consensual aspects you set up. Excellent back story to set up the rest of your tale...



No worries, I'm sure it'll be just as enjoyable. ;)



Lindsey sat naked in a room with three other girls. They where in a small sitting room in the Berkeley chapter of the Gamma Eta Sigma sorority house. It was a comfortable little room with a small sofa and three soft chairs.

Out of more then forty girls who had applied that year they where the finalists for admittance into the sorority. The challenges and tests for admittance had been incredibly tame, quizzes on their knowledge of the sorority’s mission and history, and challenges that at worst where designed to wound their pride and make them look stupid. The only injury had been when one girl twisted her ankle while running around during a scavenger hunt.

That was about to change. They had completed the final test, a long interview where they explained why they would be the best choice for this year’s only spot to the chair of this college’s chapter and the current student-head of the sorority. Now they sat waiting to see which of them would make it. The winner would undergo initiation into the sorority, what that entailed beyond the mutilation of their breast none of them knew. The other three would be spit-roasted alive and served to the sorority’s student-body and a number of alumni who had come for the ceremony.

Lindsey didn’t mind the idea of losing per say, at least not the thought of being cooked alive and eaten. Dieing wasn’t really a turn on for her like it was for some people, but if someone asked really nice, and it sounded like an interesting way to go, she might let them do her. And a part of her was naturally curious about what it would be like to experience the ultimate thrill.

But she hadn’t gone through all this trouble and effort, agreed to spend an afternoon outside the main student center naked carrying a sign saying ‘I’m A Bitch In Heat- Please Fuck Me’ (there had been several takers, both men and women), to say nothing of spending half her life memorizing everything to do with the sorority to end up a piece of meat on someone’s paper plate.

Lindsey knew the other three girls felt the same way. They had put as much effort into this as she had, they wouldn’t be there with her if they hadn’t.

Finally the door opened and the student-head of the sorority, a junior named Carmela, entered. When last Lindsey had seen her during her interview she had been wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. Now she wore what Lindsey recognized as the sorority’s uniform, a simple thin white dress that fell down to just above the knees with a single strap holding it up on her right shoulder, the neck line falling down the center of her torso to curve around above her hip, leaving her left disfigured breast exposed for the world to see.

The four girls quickly rose to their feet, the tension in the room reaching unbearable heights. Carmela regarded them neutrally for a moment, then spoke.


The four girls nervously followed the slightly older woman out of the room and into the entrance hall of the large house. She led them down a long hallway they’d never been allowed near before and to a door at the end. Waiting there was Linda Elmes, the chair of the sorority’s Berkeley chapter. She was in her fifties and dressed in the same manner as Carmela. After a moment she spoke.

“Through this door is the room in which one of you will be brought into the sisterhood of Gamma Eta Sigma. Only one of you will pass. The others will be taken and made to sacrifice themselves that they may strengthen us with their flesh.” The woman paused, letting the moment build. Then she meet Lindsey’s gaze full on. “Welcome to Gamma Eat Sigma, young sister.”

Lindsey heard a soft cry of disappointment from a girl next to her, but otherwise the three other women took the news calmly. As Mrs. Elmes had spoken half a dozen other sorority members had come up silently behind them, and now quietly guided the three girls back down the hallway.

Mrs. Elmes held out her had to Lindsey. Her heart beating with excitement and apprehension she took it. Carmela opened the door and the three of them went inside. The room was competently bare except for a single low chair at its center. The floor was made of what appeared to be smooth stone, as apposed to the rest of the house which was either hardwood or carpet. The room was very cold, Lindsey felt goosebumps form all over her body, and her already semi-firm nipples quickly became rock hard. It was a very large room, allowing it to fit the few dozen women standing around the walls without feeling crowed. None of them looked much older then her so Lindsey assumed that they where all current students. They wore the same outfit as Carmela and Mrs. Elmes.

Mrs. Elmes let go of her hand and gestured for her to sit down in the chair. Lindsey walked forward, the stone frigid beneath her feet. The chair was made of ornately carved dark wood and as Lindsey sat down it felt cool beneath her body.

Carmela walked up to her.

“I will remove your left nipple, as a sign of your loyalty and devotion to Gamma Eta Sigma,” she said evenly. After a moment her hand came up, lightly fondling the other girl’s breast. Lindsey nervously noted that the older woman didn’t appear to be carrying anything with which to carry out the coming task.

“Do you know why we take the left one?”

Lindsey looked up at her. The reason for the choice of the left nipple over the right hadn’t been covered in any of her research, but she though she knew.

“It’s above the heart.”

Carmela nodded approvingly. “Good. You wouldn’t have been disqualified if you got that wrong, a lot of girls do. But the fact that you could guess right is promising. You should do very well among us,” Then she leaned down and gave Lindsey a brief yet deep kiss.

After a moment she pulled away and straightened again, her hand still playing with the other girl’s breast. She gave Lindsey a smile. “So,” she said, speaking more loudly now, her voice losing much of the solemn ceremonial quality it had had until now. “Do you know how I’m going to do it?” Lindsey shook her head. “What about a guess? You probably notice I’m not carrying anything sharp or dangerous looking- I certainly did when I was sitting in that chair. How do you think I’m going to do it?”

Lindsey swallowed. She was scared yes, but she also found that she was becoming excited as the other girl built up what she was about to do. Her pussy had certainly become very wet against the cool, hard chair.

Carmela leaned back in a little. “I’m going to kneel down before you. I’ll start suckling your breast. Then I’ll apply a little pressure with my teeth around your nipple. Just a little. Then I’ll bit down harder and harder. I’ll start to chew. My teeth will break into your raw flesh and I’ll rip this from you,” Lindsey felt a shook run through her as the older woman lightly pinched her nipple.

After a moment Carmela continued. “Then I’ll kiss you, and pass your ruined, severed nub from my mouth to yours. You’ll open your mouth and show all the room your nipple sitting on you tongue. Then you’ll eat it. Just swallow it whole or chew first, that part’s up to you,” Carmela leaned forward until her mouth was right next to Lindsey’s ear and the younger girl almost orgasmed. “I chewed,” she whispered quietly so that only she could hear.

Carmela pulled back. “Do you understand?”

Lindsey nodded. “Yes,” she gasped excitedly.

Carmela knelt down before her, her hand leaving her breast to join her other in lightly grasping the other girl’s wrists and holding them against the arms of the chair. It was mostly for show, obviously it would take more than that to restrain her if Lindsey actually tried to resist, but they both knew she wouldn’t. The two women maintained eye contact as Carmela bent forward and planted a wet kiss in the heart of the other girl’s cleavage before drawing her lips to the right, Lindsey’s left, nuzzling the underside of her breast.

Lindsey felt Carmela lightly suck on the flesh of her breast before dragging her mouth from the underside of her pert globe to its crown. A thrill went through her as she finely felt the other girl’s lips close lightly around her doomed nipple. For the first few moments she didn’t even apply suction, simply flicking and rolling the nub with her tongue. Then she began to nurse, gently at first, then with growing pressure.

Lindsey closed her eyes. Carmela continued to suckle her dry teat for more then a minute, causing the younger girl to wonder if she was ever going to get around to anything else. Then she felt it, brief, sharp pressure around the base of her nipple as the other girl lightly bit down before letting up.

Lindsey’s eyes snapped open and met Carmela’s. The older girl winked at her as she soothed her nub with her tongue. Lindsey squirmed in the chair, resisting the urge to free her hands from Carmela’s grasp, not to fight back, but because she desperately wanted to finger her snatch. Lindsey thought from the twinkle in the other girl’s eyes that she knew exactly what she was going through, but she maintained her firm grip on her wrists.

Carmela bit down again, as light as before, but this time she didn’t let up. She shifted her lower jaw back and forth, effectively sawing her teeth against Lindsey nipple, still without enough pressure to do any damage, but it did hurt. Lindsey moaned, her pussy pulsing in time with the motion of the other woman’s teeth.

Carmela stilled her jaw, and the two women gazed at each other for a moment. Then she bit down in earnest, clamping her jaw down around the nub between her teeth as hard as she could. Lindsey cried out as a sweet mixture of pain and ecstasy radiated from her tortured breast, spreading through every cell in her body, her hips gyrating as she rubbed her snatch against the cool seat of the chair in a desperate search for any kind of sexual stimulation to her pussy.

Then without warning her skin gave way, Carmela’s teeth sinking into the flesh beneath her nipple. The older girl shook her head against her breast before pulling back sharply, ripping away her prize from it’s resting place.

Lindsey screamed as she came, her entire body convulsing as it was overwhelmed by pain and pleasure. She lost track of the outside world as her mind drifted through a heady haze of agony and post-orgasmic bliss. Finally conscious thought returned to her and she opened eyes she hadn’t realized where closed to see Carmela sitting back on her feet, giving her a closed mouth smile, her lips stained with Lindsey’s blood.

After a moment she looked down. Where her nipple had been there was a jagged, slightly concave wound crowning her breast, leaking a moderate but steady stream of blood down her torso.

Carmela sat back up onto her knees. Lindsey returned her focus to the other woman as she brought her mouth to hers. They kissed, Lindsey opening her mouth to admit the other older girl’s tongue. It swirled against hers from a moment, then deposited a small object that mostly tasted like blood. Her nipple. It was almost enough to make her cum again.

Carmela pulled away. Lindsey rolled the small nub around in her mouth for a moment before remembering what the other girl had told her to do. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, her pink, bloody nipple resting on its noticeably redder surface.

So far all of the other women standing around the perimeter of the room and remained mostly still and silent as they watched their new member’s initiation, but now they all moved in closer to better see her severed teat as it lay on her tongue.

Lindsey looked down at Carmela and the other girl grinned and gave her an approving nod. Lindsey closed her mouth and rolled her nipple around again for another moment before depositing it atop one of her molars and making an exaggerated show of biting down. Her mouth pulled up into a grin of her own as the action caused Carmela to gasp, the other girl’s hands flexing against her thighs, clearly doing everything in her power not to slip them under the hem of her dress and start fingering herself as she watched the other girl chew her own nipple. Though nether of them noticed a few of the surrounding girls appeared to lack such restraint.

Lindsey found to her delight that as she crushed the already ruined nub between her teeth in tasted like more then just blood. Of course she had eaten human flesh before, had even been served the crowning cut of a breast once, but then it had been cocked, and while it had been delicious the taste was noticeable different raw, more primal somehow, more exciting. And the fact that it was a piece of her own flesh she was consuming only deepened the thrill.

Finally her nipple had been pulverized to the point where there wasn’t really anything left to chew or taste so Lindsey reluctantly swallowed. Then she opened her mouth again to show that it was empty and Carmela stood as she and all the other girls broke out into spirited applause.

Carmela then stepped forward and helped the other girl to her feet. “Come on,” she said. “Lets get that patched up. After all, we can’t exactly have our newest member bleed out on us!”


More to come. Reviews welcome.


Good job thus far. Will there be scenes of female genital mutilation?



Very promising universe, can we count on more stories coming our way?


I never thought I was into nipple mutilation, but yet again a Gurochanner has seen fit to enlighten me. I hope you have more of the story to tell - for instance, how the sorority got started, how it ended up settling on removing nipples as an initiation as opposed to something else, etc.

I had a similar idea for a prologue to my story "The Business Trip" wherein I detail the beginnings of the cult group that founded Risa 12.1, but I never got around to actually writing and posting it. Cheers to you for making this, and with any luck it'll get me motivated too ^^


I really like this setting. It's fun and shameless and promises lots of interesting stories.



Lindsey studied herself in the large mirror. She now wore the same dress as every other member of the sorority. After a moment she reached up and gingerly cupped her exposed breast, a large white bandage covering its crown.

“You can’t see any of it,” she said after a moment. The other girl in the room with her came up to stand behind her, her hands coming up to rest on her shoulders.

“That bandage means that anyone who sees you will recognize you as our new member. And besides, we can’t have you bleeding all over the place. In the past some women had their wounds cauterized immediately after, but it’s usually agreed that it looks better if it’s allowed to heal naturally,” She bent her head down and gave Lindsey a brief but wet kiss where her neck met her shoulder. “I think you’re ready. Come on,” The girl took her hand and led her out of the room, down a hallway, and into the large back yard of the sorority house.

The girl released her hand and stepped away. Lindsey began looking around, but was barely able to take anything in before she suddenly found herself tightly embraced by another woman.

Lindsey pulled away slightly before letting out a squeal of delight. “Mom!”

Margret stroked her daughter’s hair. “I’m so proud of you Lindsey.”

Lindsey grinned at her mother. “Did you ever doubt I’d get in?”

Margret returned her daughter’s grin as she shook her head. “Never. Of course I have fantasized about you losing the last test...” Lindsey’s face fell slightly at that as she wondered what her mother could mean by that. It was almost completely driven out of her mind a moment later when without warning her mother’s hand slipped under her dress and thrust two fingers up into her pussy.

“What can I say,” Margret said after a moment as she moved her fingers in and out of her daughter’s snatch, “I’ve just always wanted a chance to eat that beautify cunt of yours.”

Lindsey’s grin returned in full as she moaned. Then, deciding to play dumb, she said,” But Mommie, you’ve been eating my cunt since I can remember.”

“Sweetie I’ve been eating you out since the first night after you where born. I’d have been licking your developing little pussy while you where in my womb if it where physically possible. No, what I’m talking about is having it roasted over an open fire, cut from your well done corpse, and devouring it.”

Lindsey let out another moan as her mother’s thumb found her clit, then gave her a smirk. “Yeah, that does sound like fun. To bad for you then.” They shared a long, deep kiss as Margret continued fingering her daughter.

After several long moments they broke away and Margret took a small step back so that she could look down at her daughter’s exposed bandaged breast. “So, did you cum when it got bitten off?”

Lindsey nodded at her. “Yep!”

“Did you just swallow-”

“I chewed until there was nothing left to chew.”

“Good. Some girls only taste the blood when their nipple gets put in their mouth, so they just swallow.”

“Hi, you must be Lindsey’s mom,” both women turned to find Carmela standing next to them. Margret immediately pulled her right hand out from beneath her daughter’s dress and offered it her.

“Margret Coudger.”

Carmela shook her hand. “Carmela Hernandez,” After Margret released her hand Carmela brought it up to her mouth and liked off the sappy juices that had been transferred to it. “Hummm, your cum tastes even better then your nipple, Lindsey. You’re going to have to let me eat you out sometime.”

“Rigghttt. And when you say ‘eat’...”

Carmela grinned at her. “Speaking of which, I can over here to tell you we’re about to star preparing our… main courses.”

She led the mother and daughter to the very back of the yard where many of the other members of the sorority, both student and alumni, where already gathering. Carmela led them through the crowd so that they where standing at the front with a perfect view.

Dug into the ground where four beds of hot coals, each around six and a half feet long by more then three feet wide. Each bed of coals had a four foot pool planted at either end with two shorter bars sticking out of the top making a Y shape. In front of each shallow hole was a long table where the ‘meal’ would be prepared before being placed over the coals.

“Why are there four?” Lindsey asked.

“We invited member’s of our brother-fraternity to join as, and in return one of them volunteered himself,” Carmela answered. “That’s assuming the jack-asses ever show up of course...”

“I think they just did,” Margret responded. The two younger women followed her gaze to the gate where two dozen men where coming into the yard. They wore outfits similar to the uniform worn by the sorority, a white slip on that fell almost to their knees with a v-neck that opened down past the navel. They also wore a belt of sorts, a gold rope tied around their waists. Lindsey noticed that by pulling the otherwise lose garment tight around their pelvis this helped to show off the semi-hardons that many of them where already sporting.

One of the men leading the group was completely nude however, and Lindsey felt her own arousal flare as she examined the full on erection jutting out at almost a right angle from his body, his cock bouncing lightly from side to side as he walked. It was almost as an afterthought that she noticed his entire body was devoid of hair, even his eyebrows appeared to have been shaven off.

Carmela quickly made her way through the crowed of women, many of who had also taken notice of their approaching guests, and went up to one of the guys next to the naked man.

“You fuckers took your sweet time showing up,” she said with a grin.

“It doesn’t look like you’ve started yet.” the guy answered with a grin of his own.

Carmela rolled her eyes. “Yeah, ‘cuze we were waiting on you dickheads.”

“You know Carmela, just because you’ve got a nice cunt doesn’t mean you have to act like one.”

Carmela responded by giving him a somewhat mild punch to the stomach then turned her attention to his nude friend. “This the meat?” she asked, reaching out to grasp his cock.

The man let out an appreciative gasp as she jerked him off, then nodded. “My names Dillon, but at this point I guess you can call me anything you want.”

“Humm,” Carmela responded as her hand left his cock to give his balls a firm, not-quite painful squeeze. He was almost six feet tall with a broad body, nice, firm muscles, and almost no body fat. “Nice bod’ Dillon. I almost want to forget the spit-roast and eat you raw.”

“Glad you like it. I’ve been working out almost non-stop for a week now, and I’ve been barely eating anything.”

“Well it’s paid off,” Carmela answered. She continued to roughly fondle his balls with her left hand while her right explored his shoulders and back before sliding down to squeeze his ass. “You know I was kind of looking forward to giving you one last fuck even before I saw what a ripped stud you are,” Carmela said with a sigh, “But unfortunately you’re so late we really don’t have time for that now,” She rose up on her toes to give his shoulder a brief kiss, while at the same time her left hand contracted savagely around his testicles. “I’m going to enjoy eating these nice, juicy balls when you’re done, Dillon.” Then she moved away from him to resume her conversation with the first guy.

“Well at least you’ve already got him shaved. What about the injection?”

“On the car ride over. Already been more then ten minutes.”

“Okay, so you guys aren’t totally worthless,” Carmela turned to one of the other girls standing around. “Amy, could you go tell them we’re ready to start?” At that moment the main back doors to the house opened at a group of people started coming out. “Never mind, looks like they already know,” she turned back to the guy. “We since I can’t have sex with Dillon here I guess you’re going to have to do,” she said stepping up to him and reaching under the hem of his garment to start working his partial erection to full hardness.

“Aaww, is your pussy all wet and lonely,” he responded, making to reach under her dress. Carmela slapped his hand away.

“I have fingers for that. Come on, you get to fuck me up the ass while we watch them make dinner.”


More to come. Reviews welcome.


Looks promising thus far.


I love this story, and this setting. It's super hot.


Looking forward to the next part!


Really could do with some more of this! Great stuff, super hot setting!




This is a lovely, well-written piece. Thank you! It is yummy.


This is a great story, I like it.



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