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Hey guys, been lurking for a while, loving your work, and thought I'd share an idea I had based on an RP I did once. Hope you enjoy, let me know.

The Ancient Hunger

Robyn's Hike

There's something special about a sunrise when all you can smell is the Pine around you and the the sound of birdsong, and Robyn did not intend to let the opportunity to see it pass her by. The other girls had decided to sleep in, probably hungover from the cheap rum Lucy had convinced her mother to buy, but they were in the park for only ten days, and each of them was to precious to waste with sleep.

to be fair, they probably would have slowed her down. While they all took care of themselves, Robyn had been a scout in her childhood and early teens, and the hike was almost second nature. The five other girls probably would have been happy further down the ridge, but Robyn wanted a view. The last two years of school lay before them, so the trip was a kind of final dose of madness before real life and hard study hit, so getting out, being free, and just being themselves far away from civilization without worrying about study, boys, makeup or parents was exciting.

The climb was difficult, but not dangerous, and Robyn made her way up with little difficulty. She was tougher than most people thought, and while she had her mother's feminine facial features, they were tempered but her father's strength, not bulky, but sharp and precise. Her long dark hair tied back, no makeup around her large green eyes, she looked a bit like the tomboy she claimed to be, if her shorts and tight singlet hadn't displayed her slim yet well curved body. She was 16, almost a grown woman, but had often been mistaken for 20.

She hefted herself up the final climb, and turned to watch the sun, golden and beautiful raise over the forest. In the dawn light there was nothing but trees and mountains to the horizon, and Robyn smiled and took it all in, raising her arms and feeling the new warmth of a reborn sun. One could really feel at peace with nature here. It was almost spiritual, though some small part of her mind couldn't help but think the girls should all make their way up and get a photo of their backs topless, flashing the open forest. it was an hour and a half to climb up here from their camp, so it's not like anyone wo-...

"it's a beautiful sight, isn't it?"

Snatched suddenly from her cheeky daydream, Robyn snapped to the sound of the voice, and and saw a Strangely well dressed and handsome man sitting at a rock behind her. She swore he hadn't been there when she'd climbed up, and even though she was surprised and wary her naturally friendly instincts took over.

"Oh hi! yeah, don't get sunrises like this back in the suburbs" she replied. She'd give him the benefit of the doubt, but recalled the self-defense course she'd take with her father the year before.

"Ah the cities... disgusting blights on the planet, taking away at nature to feed their hungry, soulless shells... been a while since I've been anywhere near one..." he muttered, almost to himself. Alarms started going off in Robyn's head and she decided not to take her eyes off him. for someone who claimed to not go near cities, he looked well dressed. It looked to be a suit of... Some kind of scaly leather? Crocodile maybe?

"But there's more" he said, apparently not done, "much more beautiful sights in this world. I've seen many sunrises, though not for a long time, but I have also not seen something as beautiful as you for even longer... tell me, will you give me what i want?"

That was more than enough warning than she needed, and with catlike grace, Robyn picked up a nearby stone and flung it towards the man, running away along the small cliff. It almost seemed to hit his face, but she dared not stick around to find out, running as first as her toned legs would carry her, only looking back to see if he was stunned or unconscious when she was sure she had some distance and wasn't going to fall.

But he wasn't stunned. What's more, he was running, and his clothing... the leather now seemed like part of his skin, his face seeming long, blood running down from this right eye. His hair has slicked back, clinging to his scalp, and she could swear he's gotten taller. Sure the adrenaline was making her hallucinate, Robyn still pushed herself to run faster.

But it was a mistake. Her available path disappeared off into a deeper cliff, so she could either jump and shatter her legs if she wasn't impaled on a tree, or she could risk going back the way she came and hope to evade the creep. It would have to do...

She ran again, heading to some trees to the side to hide herself from view a little, when there was a crash and a roar. In a flash of madness, she swore she could see a muscled, scaled shape leaping, something between a man and a beast from 'Jurassic Park' before she was slammed into breathlessness.

Slammed back, flew through the air and landed on her back, dazed. Agony in her chest made her feel like she'd shattered her ribs, but she had no time to cry out before a new pain hit her, something landed, pinning her legs and right arm, and she got her first proper look at her attacker.

A bear sized reptile leered over her, a mouth full of long, razor teeth snarling, as black blood wept from one of it's firey yellow eyes. It's arms, twice as long as it's rear legs, ended in almost human hands, except for the razor sharp claws, one of which pierced her right forearm, literally pinning her, while it's spiny tail twitched and waved.

growing up with two older brother's and a military father, her first instinct was to strike, and she swung, clawing at it's injured eye. the beast momentarily flinched, and retaliated but clamping its jaws over her right shoulder, and Robyn screamed as she felt the bones crack, the strong jaw tearing her arm ragged from the joint.

She could hear the sickening crunch of chewing and swallowing, but couldn't take her eyes from the rapidly bleeding stump at her shoulder. Screaming didn't seem to be enough for the horror she was experiencing, nothing but the insane hope she may somehow get away keeping her from losing her mind.

The Beast reared back and slashed at her with it's free hand, tearing at her chest, ripping her singlet away. he fantasy of being topless on the mountain now a nightmare, with deep cuts all the way along her chest and belly. her left breast had taken most of the blow, cleaved in half through the nipple, and a sharp pain on a lower cut let her know her rib was indeed broken, as it began to emerge from another deep slash.

Robyn had no idea how she was holding on to consciousness, but wished she has passed out when the creature nuzzled at a lower cut, and pressed it's muzzle deep. A completely alien pain took the lead as it reemerged, and it's spare claw digging at her as the maw pulled out a mouthful of intestine. it opened her more and more, laying her guts bare, and she swore she could see her stomach heave inside her before she threw up into herself, blood and breakfast and the sting of her own stomach acid. half her guts were gone, and in her shock, all she could do was lay back and weep.

"I don't want to die... i don't want to die... i don't want to die alone... i don't want to die... I don't want my friends to find me this way... i don't want to die"

Hot breath was suddenly at her face, eyes looking deep into her as she whimpered, mouth red and the smell of gore. for a moment, she felt like she wasn't alone in her mind, and strangely, a moment of comfort, before with a quick snap, the Beast clamped it's jaws around her throat and....

a swirling
Blackness again

She felt herself wake up, warm and comfortable... a nightmare, it had to be. She'd open her eyes and see Alyce asleep next to her and...

Alyce wasn't there. It was still black, but she could feel she was naked, and whole, organs inside, arm attached, both breasts whole. As her eyes adjusted she could make out natural stone walls, a soft patch of lichen that she was rested on. A tunnel wound it's way towards some light. Wondering what the hell was going on, she began to climb towards the light, only to snag on a strange log jutting out, landing on the rocks with a thud.

cursing herself for missing the log, She made sure nothing was broken, and turned to free her foot from the log, and paused... it didn't feel like she was wearing a shoe, yet there it was on... he foot? Peering close, terror began to take hold... she had tripped over her own dismembered leg, yet she still had both attached. but it was unmistakably hers. same shoes, same socks, same scars from a childhood filled with outdoor games. And one new cut that made he scream. A message carved into her thigh.

"My beautiful
My prey
My Slave"


No critiques? would appreciate suggestions for improving, working on the next part if the story and life got a bit hectic.


Great story!


Terror was the only thing in Robyns mind as she raced into the daylight, her fear overcoming any shame of her nudity. she raced through the forest, ignoring the scraps of running through sharp ricks and foliage. she ran for as long as she could, collapsing minutes later behind a large tree.

All she could do was weep. Someone,no no, something had killed her. like a horrid nightmare she'd felt herself torn apart and die, yet here she was, alive, and she'd found only part of her own body. what the fuck was going on? how was that even possible?

A shudder made her stop breathing, a rumble like sudden short thunder, and the forest fell silent around her. She had a sudden awareness of her surroundings, the trees and the ground, and the peculiar feeling of being watched. She closed her wyes and wept agains the tree.

"Please, no, god, let me wake up an..."

Robyn couldn't finish the sentence, as pain clamped her foot, and she was pulled into the air. She let out a scream, cut short by a sudden intense pain around her midsection, and wordless horror when she came to her senses.

The face of the beast held her, the creature now at least 30 feet tall, it's scarred eye glaring, her body in its maw from the belly button down. tis teeth punctured her, the sharpest pain in the center of her back, a fang jutting into her spine.

"Robyn" she heard the voice in her head, the same voice as the man on the cliff, but with the ancient power of the forest behind it.

"You are not asleep. why would you wish to be in my presence? I am the glory of this woodland you lust over"

Gravity fought her trying to keep her body up, the bottom teeth in her back jarring. She didn't want to die, but the second horror if the day had killed her resolve.

"Why don't you just end it?" She sobbed, a small defiant part of her brain meekly striking the beast's snout.

"You said yourself, you don't want to die. You have friends here who can fill my hunger. and it is within my power to keep you in this world to practice my hunt. I felt the love for my kingdom upon the mountain. I have slept a long time, Robyn, and I desire to feast again, with someone at my side. You will do my will, and I will promise you eternal life. Is that not what you want? I can make you suffer, but I can also give you great pleasure" Robyn shddered as the felt the tough tongue srape along her ass and flick her bald pussy inside the hot, wet mouth.

A sickening pain wracked her body, and she fell back as the razor tooth snapped her spine. she squealed at the agony, and shame filled her as she felt herself speak...

"You... you can have my friends... please... I want to live... i will do anything for you..."

"Good, my beatiful." She felt in her mind, before the wet crunch as the jaws snapped shut. Robyn fell, and she didn't even feel herself hit the ground, her ribs shattering, stabbing into her lungs, her viscera oozing from her missing lower half. The world grew dark again, and she felt only a dying pang of guilt... she was selling out her oldest friends to live a wretched eternity... but now... black...


Holy shit, how did I not see this one! This story is great, I'm surprised it's not more popular on gurochan! I really wish pages had view counts so you could know how many people actually read your story...


Just bunping this up so I can finish it when I have time.

Any recommendations would be nice, or particular ways you'd like to see Robyn's friends meet their end.



Robyn marched miserably through the forest, too depressed to be ashamed of her nudity anymore, tailed by her human shaped master. She'd awoken in the shade of a tree, as he'd finished the last morsels of her last body, and he'd immediately ordered her towards their camp.

She thought hard about the day's events. She was betraying her friends to brutal death just so she could stay alive, and even then it was a poor life, to be tortured and destroyed over and over until who-knows-when? At the same time, something was bugging her... some detail she missed? What was it? She suspected entering his "service" somehow allowed him to disrupt her focus, but something about the way he looked at her seemed important.


Robyn froze as the beast shushed, sniffing at the air, before leaning close.

"A friend of yours, in the clearing that way"

Silently she crept with him, peering past the foliage, keeping out of sight, and saw the familiar form of Cat.

Catherine, or Cat to her friends, was tall and dark haired, dressed in shorts and an open flannel shirt, with a sports bra, picking through the shrubs. Every day of the camping trip she'd gone out to scrounge berries and fruit for breakfast. She was full formed, a curvey woman, and Robyn realized with disgust, where she was jealous of her friends large rounded breasts and admired her height and pretty round face, her host was deciding what bits would taste best.

"Here's the deal" he whispered, leaning close "if you can get her back to your camp before I catch you, you both get to live to the end of the day. But first..."

Taking her by the throat, the beast pulled Robyn close, his other hand groping at her young body. She could feel the hardness of him against her ass, as her pinched at her nipples, and moved down, violating her pussy, bringing on an unwilling wetness.

But she soon realized there was a purpose. From where he groped, the same strange scaley fabric of his outfit appeared, spreading to cover her nakedness. It was light, practically weightless, and soon she was covered in what looked like her old, devoured outfit, yet felt still naked.

"More camoflage than cover" he said, sensing her thoughts "now... run, prey, Run!"

Part if the deal with their adventure this year was that the girls would leave their phones at home this year, seeing as they didn't have any coverage, but Cat couldn't bear to be out of contact with Dan for that long. She loved to forage for breakfast, and it gave her an opportunity to find the one sweet spot her phone got reception, and she absolutely had to tell him about the dream she'd had about him last night.

"Hey bb, had a dream about the time u n me  found out principal marsh's car unlocked. wish i was riding ur cock right now!"

She smiled as she hit send, loving the thought of getting him riled up first thing in the morning, when she heard the cry behind her

"Cat! Run! Ruuuuun!"

She turned to see Robyn running between trees in an outfit she didn't recognize, a look of terror on her face. Something about the look made her blood run cold, and she moved to go comfort her friend.


The sudden crash made Cat suddenly very aware of why her friend was running, and a gigantic beast burst through the brush. She screamed, turning and running for her life.

She felt Robyn running beside her, but no rational thought as she fled, but simply not fast enough. A shadow covered her, and she managed enough time for a choked squal before the sharp, crushing pain through her chest, and...


Seeing yourself ripped apart was bad, but seeing the viplence inflicted on a close friend was a different kind of horrible. The bite had taken a quater of her, just below the ribs, between her breasts, a whole arm and her head.

Her twitching body somehow managed a couple of lurching steps before tumbling, the elastic sports bra snapping open to reveal her remaining perfect Ecup breast, hitting the ground with a thud. Robyn felt sick again as she realized the beast had missed the heart, as the Mucled lump tumbled out of the corpse, pulsing, trying to beat on the ground.

Her monsterous master had tured to swallow the chunk of her friend, and Robyn took the time to frantically grab at her friend's corpse. Not for comfort, she knew Cat wouldn't be coming back like her, but because she'd seen a phone running up, and desperately searched to call help.

Just grabbing the phone, a feeling of hope grew, only to be dashed as she felt herself scooped into a clawed hand, and thrown into the air. She reached the top of her flight, before feeling... what?

The world grew light, the colours brighter for a moment, and Robyn could swear she saw something in the branches above. A flash of bright green eyes, a hand reaching out, a rustle of leaves, hope. But just as quickly, the colours faded, and she tumbled back down.

The beast's jaws waited, and he caught her belly first, her leds and head either out the sides of his mouth. She closed her eyes and awaited the crunch of his jaws to end this bout of torture.

But he had other ideas. She felt his rough, muscular tongue wrap around her waist, scraping away her scaled clothes, and pull. Robyn screamed as she was pulled down, and with a slamming snap, the pain as she bent, her calves hitting the back of her head as he swallowed her whole.

Her screams were muffled in his tight, slick throat, crushing and dark, powerful muscles pulling her deeper, shattering bones, crushing her chest, dark and painful.

She tried desperately for air, but her mouth was blocked, and the flesh around her churned and squeezed. A dim light appeared, and in her terror she somehow realised the phone was still in her hand, Cat's boyfriend having send a dick pick in reply, the sceen lighting the beast's belly enough for Robyn to see her face was crushed up against the swallowed chunk of Cat, horror on her face, her large breast stuffed over Robyns mouth.

"I'm going to choke on Cat's tit looking at her boyfriend's cock" Robyn thought, almost wanting to laugh in her asphyxiated state. But that's when the burning began.

Stomach acid pumped around her, burning her eyes, her body slowly liquifying, broken and choking. Cat's torso dissolved before her, the reflex to breathe drawing in her friend's juices and acid. She gargled as she melted, flesh slopping away, blind, deaf, nothing but pain inside and out, twitching and...


Holy shit this is great


Is anyone keen for me to finish this off?


Oh wow, I completely missed this one. And it looks like you've been updating it on and off since August lol

This is really excellent, hope you find the time to finish it. Oddly enough, I hope Robyn gets a happy ending after all the shit she's been through. Getting raised from the dead only to die horribly again is no way to go!


Boy, this is great


A bit hectic still, but will be returning to finish this story soon!




Fantastic! Thought you'd left it for good; which would have been a shame, as this is really quite nice.

I hope you'll carry through with, but don't force yourself if you don't enjoy it...


This is really good, hope you find time to finish it


When your computer and HD died and you lose all you progress on your next chapter... Fuck.

For those interested, the next chapter is titled "the violation of Alyce James" (rape, impregnation, impalement, internal devouring)


The violation of Alyce James

Alyce bit her lip and squeezed her legs tight as the last ebbs of her orgasm overtook her, smiling at the cheekiness of the whole situation. The feel of nature always brang out her wild side, and if she knew her body as well as she thought, the week before her period always made her horny as fuck.

She let out a little giggle, the only sound she permitted herself in her little masturbatory adventures, licking her fingers before getting up to join the others. Unzipping her tent, she came out into silenc. Robyn had left earlier for her morning hike, and she couldn't hear a peep from the other tents, making note she'd been able to secretly make herself cum 5 times since they'd arrived, including once in the car on the way.

Shorter than the other girls, Alyce more than made up for it with her spirit. Her boobs weren't the biggest, her stomach not the flattest, or her legs the sexiest, but her beautiful round face and big smile were warm and welcoming, and even though she was chubby, she carried it well and knew what worked. Quick as she was to an innuendo or flirt, she was still a virgin, unwilling to admit to her close friends she liked the attention more than the follow through.

Getting some fruit from the supplies, she could feel that insatiable urge building between her legs. On a primal level, her body yearned for cock. It would soon have more than it can handle...


Conscious came back to Robyn again in a tight, darkness, before she felt another crushing squeeze, followed by light and a crashing pain. Coughing and sputtering, she looked up to see her beastial captor, still at his giant size, before a horrid realisation hit her.

She spent a minute puking, before asking between coughs

"You bring me back to shit me out?"

The beast turned to regard her silently, before staring off into the distance again. Robyn fumed.

"Sick fuck... Get a thrill it of having me in your ass?"

"You think you're some cheap diversion? No, no, you are chosen. If I wanted a 'thrill'..."

He trailed off, absently grabbing Robyn and holding her up. A few hundred metres away she could see her camp. Alyce's red hair between the tents, eating a Kate breakfast. A sick dark feeling enveloped Robyn's stomach.

"You want me to bring her... To you... Not to eat..."

The beast snuffed the air.

"She's a virgin, aware of her sexuality, and fertile . It's been so long since I've mated... Yes... She is perfect"

"You can smell her virginity?"

He grunted in disapproval at her remark, before dropping Robyn unceremoniously.

"Bring her to the lake. I will be watching..."



The sound of her name snapper her out of the shirt fantasy playing in her head, and she turned to see Robyn jogging up to the camp, dirty and stressed.

"Shit, Robyn, you okay?"

"It's Cat," Robyn replied, looking flustered "she hurt her ankle and I need help getting her back to camp"

"Fuck, lead the way," Alyce set her breakfast down, and made her way

They were a few hundred metres from camp when Robyn slowed, looking down, muttering something.

"What's that Robyn? Is she close?"

"I said I'm sorry"

Alyce barely had a moment to ask why before the ground erupted around her. Something burst up, sharing her shirt round frame, her legs dangling, pinching her sides

"Yesss, perfect" she heard in her mind, squealing in fear as claws shredded at her outfit. She'd forgone panties in her skirt, and felt the cold air on her cunt before a foreign and horrid sensation.

Looking down, she saw a branch sized and coloured cock swelling from the beast's crotch, easily 2 feet long and as think as her arm, pressing against her.

She squealed again as the beasteal dick pushed into her, hard and rough, stretching her in ways she didn't imagine possible. As it pressed deeper, the flaws in her sides grew tighter in excitement, and she heard the breath behind her quicken.

Pain ruled her, her legs slick, as she couldn't tell if she was bleeding, or the gargantuan cock had ruined her ability to not piss herself. Yet somehow a presence in her brain was forcing her to feel pleasure. With each thrust, her insides were turn and ruined, yet she wanted more, and could feel herself drawing close to orgasm.

Panting in agony and ecstasy, she began to buck wildly, lost in the feeling. She was sure she could feel her bowels tearing but she was so close and...

Suddenly the pinch exploded, immediately losing the closeness of her impending orgasm, as she was suddenly dropped, face first to the ground.

She desperately wanted to run, but couldn't gather the energy. All she could do was turn over and....

She gasped, as above her, the beast, finally seen face on, continued to fuck her seperated lower half. Her own body ended by the navel, the beast having gotten carried away and squeezing too hard. It continued to fuck her twitching legs, it's cock poking out the top of her mulched innards, fucking them do hard they tore apart through her cunt, the beast violently ejaculating, as Alyce coughed up a torrent of blood, and lay still...


This is awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more. Don't stop here!


Yeah this is really great. Not sure how many ladies are left, but keep it up lol


I should finish this soon...

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