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I wanted a short break from the Outdoor Cinema series, so I wrote this story.

I wanted to keep it as short as possible. I failed...

I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

"Daddy, I want a swing."

Elle was a cute nine year old girl with a pale complexion and long red heair gathered into two pony tails. She was thin to the point her limbs looked almost too fragile to support her own weight. She also had brown eyes and a cute smile on her face, which was meant to melt her father's heart so he would do what she wants.

"I don't have one."

Nick was getting annoyed. His daughter asked for a swing for what seemed to be a millionth time, despite him declining every time. He loved her smile and her big eyes, but they didn't work this time - he was busy and really did not have a swing, or even a spare tire to hang from the tree in their backyard.

"Pretty pleeeeeease." She leaned closer to Nick, so he could see down her pink blouse. She didn't have breasts yet, but she knew he loved looking at her nipples. She was also amused by the fact that he still haven't noticed she constantly let him see them on purpose and not just accidentally.

"No means no, El. End of topic." Nick replied harshly and tried to focus on the laptop in front of him, but the view he was getting down Elle's blouse was very distracting.

A tear formed in the corner of Elle's eye and she started silently weeping, like she practiced many, many times before.

"Aww, don't cry, baby. We really don't have a swing." He hugged his daughter and one of his hands instinctively landed on her buttocks.

"I just wanted to play on one, all my friends have them." She said through the tears. It really seemed important to her.

"You know what? I'll get you a swing under two conditions."

"Really?" Elle's face immediately lit up with anticipation.

"You'll stop bugging me."

"Sure!" A smile returned to her face.

"And I will cover your eyes and you won't peek until I finish."

"Ok! I love you, daddy!" She kissed him all over his face.

Nick smiled to himself, reached to his bed ang grabbed his wife's eye mask, then covered Elle's eyes and tied the straps behind the back of her head as tight as he could, as they were way too long for a nine year old girl.

"Can you see anything?"

"Nuh-uh." She reached her hand in front of her, trying not to walk into anything. "Let's go then!"

He grabbed her tiny hand and they went downstairs together.

After five minutes it was done. Elle was standing on a garden table with her eyes covered and her father stood in front of her with a noose in his hand ant the other end of the rope attached to one of the lower branches of the tree they were both standing next to.

"Ready, Ellie?"

"Ready!" She was almost shaking with anticipation.

"Don't move now." He quicky grabbed her arms with one hand to restrain her and put the noose over her head with the other.

"What is this? What are you doing daddy?" She seemed confused.

"A surprise." He replied and removed the sleeping mask, then before she could wrap her head around what was happening he pushed her off the table and moved it away, so she couldn't reach it anymore.

At first she was surprised, but when the rope tightened around her neck she quickly became terrified. The pain was the worst feeling she had ever experienced. She instinctively started kicking around trying to reach the ground, but it was too far away. She tried reaching her hands to her neck, but the rope was too tight, she couldn't move it at all. Just when the initial shock started to wear out she felt a burning sensation in her lungs as they slowly filled with carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

Nick sat on a garden chair and watched his daughter kick around in the air. Her short skirt exposed her white panties with each kick and his dick instantly grew hard, so he took it out and started masturbating to the sight.

"He's getting off to this!" Ellie thought. But she knew that he was always a pervert and that's just one of the reasons why she loved him. She was partly to blame for that, though, she always teased him and used her body to get what she wanted from.

She tried to say something, but couldn't get any coherent sound out of her mouth, so she decided that if she's going to die, she will at least give him a show. He did, after all, give her a swing, just like he promised.

Elle forced her arms to stop fighting the rope and she moved one of her hands under her skirt while lifting it with the other to give her dad a better view.

She reached inside her panties and started rubbing her clit between her undeveloped labia.

Nick was surprised. His daughter had been a tease for the past few years, but this was the first time he noticed she was a real slut. Stories of girls having an orgasm before their death were common, but he didn't think his daughter would start openly masturbating. And right in front of him!

Regardless of his surprise he was also incredibly aroused by her actions. He rubbed his dick slower, afraid he might finish before she died.

Elle got quickly tired of lifting her skirt as she lost her strength with each passing second, so she slid it down along with her panties as low as she could reach, then kicked them both off to the ground.

Nick had a great view of her bald prepubescent pussy and both her hands furiously rubbing her love button. Her hips rocked with an erratic rhythm, he wasn't sure whether that was due to her arousal, or her survival instinct kicking in, but either way he didn't care - he only cared about the show she was putting on for his pleasure.

Elle knew she had to be quick. She heard the stories about girls hanging for fifteen minutes and longer, but the story her body was telling seemed to be much shorter. Her neck hurt like hell, just like her lungs, her vision was slowly getting blurry and the sensations less intense. She put a finger inside her vagina in search of her g-spot while still rubbing her clit with her other hand.

"Such a shame I never got to fuck you." Nick looked into his daughter's eyes and saw that they seemed to be begging him to change that. After a short thought he decided to go for it.

Elle's hands sped up when she saw her dad approaching her and her heart skipped a beat when he grabbed her legs and pushed them apart. Her pussy was almost perfectly at his hip level, so he could easily fuck her without lifting her body and risking letting some air through the noose.

He placed his hands on her ass, his member at her virgin entrance and pushed. She would gasp, but she couldn't, so she only grabbed her father's shoulders and dug her nails into his skin to ease her pain.

He felt her nails sting slightly, but she was obviously losing strength quickly. He only put the tip of his cock in her so far, so he pushed harder. The walls of her vagina gave in and he slid all the way inside her. He looked into her brown eyes and saw a mix of love and pain, desire and fear. He kissed her parted lips and started thrusting slowly.

Elle carresed his sides and shoulders with her hands, the only sign of affection she could give in her current state. Her pussy ached because of the broken hymen, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. The feeling of fullness she experienced for the first and last time was strange, but pleasant. She gently rocked her hips with Nick's every thrust and moved one of her hands back to her clitoris.

Nick pumped harder and faster. He saw her enjoy it despite all the pain, so he wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could. He kissed his daughter's shoulder, then neck, then lips and then he gently bit her ear.

"I love you, El." He whispered.

Elle desperately wanted to respond, but couldn't. Instead she just smiled, grabbed his head and moved his face to hers to kiss him.

Suddenly she felt an orgasm coming, she started shaking, flexing her entire body, which only tightened the noose around her neck. It was the most intense orgasm she ever had, she felt pleasure in every nerve, in every body part, in every muscle. Wave after wave it drained all her strength to the point when she couldn't move at all anymore.

"I love you too, daddy. Thank you." She mouthed silently and everything went blank.

Nick didn't stop fucking her, even when he felt something warm flow between his legs right after he saw the life leaving his little girl's body. When he looked down he saw a weak stream of urine coming from her reddened pussy.

He picked up the pace and fucked her dead cunt without any restraints. He thrust as hard and deep as he could, even hitting her cervix every now and then. Her face looked so calm and pretty, without the slightest hint of life. Her eyes were still half open, but they were looking somewhere far beyond her father.

After less than a minute he couldn't hold it in any longer and shot a stream of hot cum inside Elle's dead pussy. He pushed as deep inside as possible, hiding entire length of his cock inside her as waves of semen pumped inside her womb.

He took his penis out and the cum started dripping from her body. She looked adorable in only her girly blouse and shoes with her pussy gaping open and dripping with their mixed juices.

He just stood there and hugged her rapidly cooling body for a few minutes to make sure life left her completely, then raised her corpse, loosened the rope and took her down.

"Come on sweetheart, let's get you into the shower. Your mother and I are going to have a lot more fun with you before your body goes bad." He carried her limp body to the house.


As always, great story Rosie




And I'm (impatiently) waiting fo Tails. ;)


Yea...yea...I'm working on it lol


Nice, I'd love to read about Elles sisters or mom.


Ant more of these coming?


I'm not planning on expanding this storyline, but I might if enough people ask.

Maybe. No concrete plans.


Well I am a fan now and will look forawrd to what ever the future holds


A Gift from the Heart

Michael woke up and rubbed his eyes. He looked to his right, but the bed was empty, a sign that his wife, Lois, has already left for work and that he probably overslept.

He looked at the alarm clock that indicated 9:37 AM, but it didn't matter as he didn't have to work that day.

Next to the cock was a small colorful card with a lot of hearts and presents drawn on it. Mike thought it must have been a birthday card from his 8 years old daughter, Natalie.

He opened the card, but didn't find "happy birthday" wishes like he expected, but a single word - "fridge" above a printed out selfie taken by Natalie blowing someone, presumably him, a kiss. Her golden hair covered most of her flat chest, but it was clearly visible she had no clothes on.

He got up and went to the bathroom to quickly wash his teeth and face, then still naked walked downstairs to the kitchen.

The house was quiet, no TV noises or music of any kind, so Michael thought that Natalie had to be out of the house as well.

He opened the fridge and looked inside. The only thing out of the ordinary was a six-pack of his favorite beer.

"How sweet of her." He though and took one can from the fridge, but then he noticed something was under the beers.

It was another colourful note with another word: "garage".

Below the word was a photo of his daughter in just her underwear standing in a seductive pose and making a heart shape with her hands.

Mike opened the beer, took a sip and walked towards the garage through a door in the hall.

There was no car in the garage, since Lois drove it to work, but there was a chair standing in the middle with yet another note. This time it said "TV" and the picture was of Natalie bending over in a tiny thong that barely covered anything and with her cute little butt towards the camera. She was looking back over her shoulder with her hand in front of her mouth in a fake expression of shyness.

Michael couldn't help but get his cock at half-mast from the sight of his daughter's half-naked body.

Following the note he walked to the living room and looked around the TV, but found nothing. He looked further around the room, but couldn't find another note. Just when he was getting frustrated he saw that the Blu-ray player was turned on and paused.

He grabbed the remote from the couch and turned on the TV. The video was paused on a black screen, so he sat down and pressed play.

After a few seconds of silence an image of his daughter's room appeared. The camera panned to the bathroom door as Natalie walked out of the bathroom wearing only a translucent nightie.

"Are you recording, mom?"

"Yes, sweetie. Go ahead."

"Hi daddy!" Natalie waved to the camera. "Happy birthday!"

She walked to the bed and sat down facing the camera, then slowly spread her legs revealing that she had no panties on. Her hand slowly slid down between her legs and she started slowly masturbating.

Mike's cock was rock hard at this point and he too started masturbating to the video of her daughter.

The camera moved closer to Natalie's pussy, then to her face. Natalie bit her lower lip and looked straight onto the camera.

"Don't come just yet, dad, this isn't the end of your gift. Your next clue is 'mirror'. You can watch the rest of this video later."

Mike paused the video, slightly disappointed he wouldn't get to release his tension yet, but he was also curious what would come next.

He wondered which mirror she meant and decided to look behind the mirror in the bathroom attached to the master bedroom.

He walked back to his bathroom and opened the mirrored cabinet and immediately saw another note with a photo.

"My room." With the o's written as little pink hearts and a photo showing Natalie licking her mother's pussy taken from the mother's perspective.

"This is going to be interesting." Mike thought to himself and went to his daughter's room.

There was a pink envelope on the door, which Mike was sure wasn't there when he walked by earlier. He opened the envelope and found a note saying "Knock and count to 10 before entering.". No photo this time, much to his dismay.

He knocked three times, then slowly counted to ten, as ordered. He heard some movement inside, but couldn't tell what it was, so he reached to the knob and opened the door.

His jaw dropped when he saw his naked daughter standing on a chair with a perfectly tied noose around her neck.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail and her arms seemed to be bound behind her back.

Her face was lit up with a sincere smile and her beautiful green eyes were looking at him with joy and love. Her flat chest was quickly moving up and down as she was breathing and her legs were shaking with excitement, while her little cunny was almost dripping with moisture.

"I thought you'd never wake up. Happy birthday, daddy! I love you."

Just after she finished the sentence she kicked the chair from under her legs and dropped a few inches before the rope tightened around her neck.

Mike watched with a shocked look on his face and a raging erection between his legs.

At first Natalie tried not to struggle. She hanged proudly with her legs spread slightly and her hands behind her back. After a short time her body started telling her she should fight for her life - her lungs started burning, her neck hurt and she desperately needed to breathe, but she was determined not to give in.

Mike just stood there and watched, stroking his cock with a huge smile on his face. Nat tried to smile back, but only managed to open her lips slightly as her tongue was pushing forward, making any mouth movement difficult.

After about a minute she couldn't hold it anymore. She needed to breathe, her lungs burned harder and harder, her entire body screamed for oxygen. She instinctively tried reaching her hands up, but they were bound with her panties, so the only effect was that she started rocking back and forth arhytmically. Her legs were kicking as well, trying to reach anything they could rest on but to no avail, she made sure there was nothing nearby that could interrupt her.

She started rotating slowly, giving her father alternating views of her pussy and butt.

Soon her body started giving up, her movements slowed down and became more erratic, but she was still mostly conscious. Everything felt distant to her, she couldn't control her movements, but she still saw and heard everything.

Suddenly Mike had a great idea, so he grabbed the chair she kicked earlier and put it in front of her, then stood on it, so his crotch was almost at her face's height. She looked at his hard penis and tried to smile again. Mike stroked her hair tenderly, then grabbed her head with both of his hands and guided her lips towards his cock. Although her mouth were open he barely managed to fit the tip of his penis inside, her tongue taking most of the space.

He pulled her head and pushed his hip as hard as he could at the same moment and her tongue gave way. He buried most of his member inside her throat that was even tighter than her pussy when she was younger.

Mike started thrusting and couldn't last very long at all, just as his daughter's body stopped moving he shot multiple loads of cum into her throat. Most of his semen leaked out of her mouth, the rope was holding her throat too tight to let anything through.

He took his quickly softening penis out of her, then stepped down from the chair to admire the view.

His prepubescent daughter hanged peacefully in the middle of the room with cum dripping down her chin. She was beautiful.


New short story.

If you like it (and say so here) I might write what Mike and/or his wife do to Nat's body afterwards.



As usual, your stories are something special. Love it!

Does anyone know any other stories like this one? Basically works with free use, con snuff, etc is a fact of life, much like your Rosie series?




I was heavily inspired by the Freedom to snuff story from here on /lit/. Many of Aoi Hikari's stories are also great.

If you're into cannibalism there are some good stories by KaosAngel at!! KaosAngel !!~~

If you find something else that's worth reading, please share with me!


Requested by:


This isn't my usual story, as it contains todcon, which isn't really my cup of tea. This request got my attention for some reason, though, so I decided to attempt it. It takes place outside of the "Outdoor Cinema" universe, but most of the premise is the same.


And as usual, enjoy!

Martin walked through the mall, absent-minded. He didn't really have to buy anything, but he had nothing better to do that particular evening as his train home was still a few hours away.

He looked around, looking for anything interesting to do when his eyes met the gaze of a gorgeous teenage girl pushing a pink stroller. She had long blond hair, beautiful face and a great body, but her breasts were quite small and she looked young, almost childish, she couldn't have been older than sixteen.

Martin immediately walked over to them.

"Hi there." He said looking at the baby.

The baby looked to be about a year old and looked back at him curiously. She had blond hair, like her mother, but hers only reached just below her ears. She looked cute and cuddly in her pink shirt and a denim skirt that barely covered her diaper.

"Uhh, hi."

"She's cute, how old is she?"

"Umm, eleven months, next week."

"She looks a lot like her mom. I'm Martin, by the way. What's her name?"

Martin started caressing the baby's hair softly and she smiled at him.

"She's Chloe, and I'm Belle."

"Nice to meet both of you. Are you from around here?"

Marting moved his hand lower and felt Chloe's chest.

"Yeah, we live five minutes from here, so I come here often to relax. I like the noise and the people, it helps me cool down. And she ocasionally stops crying too, when there's a lot going on around her." Belle laughed softly.

"I imagine." Mark seemed uninterested with the conversation. "Can I take her out?"

"Sure, go ahead. You can hold her, she likes strangers."

Martin undid the straps holding the baby in the stroller and lifted her up to his chest. He put one hand under her head and back and used the other to take off her diaper, revealing a cute little immature vagina.

"Ooh, are you a pedo?"

"Yes, why?"

"No reason. You just don't see many of you around here. Do you like her?"

"She's cute as a button." Martin smiled and and ticked her plump pussy. "Do you mind if I... You know."

"What, fuck her? Go ahead. She seems to like you a lot."

"You sure? This may hurt her, you know."

"Yeah, don't worry. I'll be glad to watch, too! I never thought a pedo might like my daughter. Her father left us before she was born, something like that isn't exactly a confidence booster, you know."

Martin nodded and smiled again.

"Thanks. Could you hold her for a second?"

"Sure." Belle was obviously enjoying the attention he was giving her daughter.

Martin gave her the baby and then unbuckled his belt and took his trousers off, then put them on a nearby railing. His cock was already fully erect and he wasted no time, taking Chloe back he grabbed her by the hips and head and aligned her tiny pussy with his penis.

His member looked huge in comparison to the tiny posture of a baby, despite being average in size.

Chloe was still smiling, looking at Martin she seemed interested in what he was doing and when the tip of his member touched her sex she let out a little giggle.

Martin smiled back, then thrust his hips forward. The look on Chloe's face quickly turned from joy to confusion and then to pain, as she was way too small to accommodate an adult cock. Martin thrust forward and back repeatedly, trying to force himself in, but Chloe was too tight and dry.

"Maybe I can help?" Belle offered, then bent over and took Martin's penis in her mouth, then sucked it for a short time, lubricating it with her saliva. She then let go of him and licked her daughter's labia a few times, top to bottom, bottom to top, lubricating it as well.

"Go ahead, try again." Her honest smile made Martin even hornier and he quickly attempted to thrust inside of her little girl again.

Chloe started to cry when the tip of his penis entered her pussy, ripping her skin apart in the process. Blood appeared near both ends of her opening, where the skin tore. She was bawling loudly when Martin slowly worked his way deeper and deeper inside her.

Some of the people passing by them looked as the source of the noise, but none paid them any more attention when they saw he was just trying to have sex with her.

"Can you quiet get down a little, it's sort of distracting."

"Sure thing." Belle covered her baby's mouth with her hand and stroked her hair as Martin was pounding her bloody pussy.

"Thanks, appreciate it."

His blood covered cock was already getting half way in and Chloe was struggling to get away from him, but his and her mother's arms overpowered her undeveloped muscles by far. Her sex was completely destroyed, almost joined into one gory opening together with her asshole.

She tried kicking to defend herself, but Martin grabbed her little feet with one hand and forced them painfully along her body, up to her chest, so she was bent almost like a pocket knife.

"So what do you do, sweetheart?"

Belle blushed, visibly pleased that the man raping her daughter called her a cute name.

"I'm supposed to still be in school, but a took a break to take care of her. But it's so boooring, so I mainly just hang out here, or with my friends."

Martin gathered most of his strength and with one powerful thrust buried the entire length of his cock inside Chloe. He felt something tear and blood started pouring out faster, covering both him and the baby. Chloe was losing strength from the blood loss quite fast, so he sped up, since he intended to finish before she died.

"That's... Uh... Cool..." He spoke between moans and grunts. "Can... I... See your... breasts? It'd... Really help... Me out..."

"Yeah, I guess." Belle pulled her shirt up to her neck and rubbed one of her nipples between her fingers.

Martin couldn't handle it any longer and with one final thrust he came deep inside Chloe's destroyed body. Waves of cum mixed with her blood and insides and she started spasming, life leaving her body with every second.

Martin felt great, it was one of the better orgasms in his life, the pleasure augmented by her shaking body which worked almost like a real life vibrating fleshlight.

After a short while Chloe's eyes went up under her eyelids and she stopped moving altogether, dead as a stone.

Martin withdrew his dick from her and some of her internal organs tried to follow it, but the wound wasn't wide enough.

"Thanks, that was great." He looked warmly at Belle and have her her daughter's dead body and a quick peck on the lips. "I have to go clean myself up a bit, take care."

He did as he said - grabbed his clothes and headed to the nearest bathroom.

Belle watched him leave, with Chloe's cum-leaking corpse in her arms and her tiny tits still exposed for everyone to see.

"I guess I can just go home now." She said to herself, then threw Chloe head first into a nearby trash can. "Time to make another baby, or I'll end like her."


g'damn that was a good interpertation of the story seed i was handing out. deliciously casual snuff sex for my toddlercon idea. i especialy enjoyed that you went with such a young mother. so accomadateing, and one who's happy to help a pedo give her a 'late term abortion' like that.

beautifully done Rosie.


Weird, but sweet, I like it.


Holy fucking shit are there any more stories like these? I absolutely love these type of stories, esp Outdoor Cinema and Freedom to Snuff

Please help out!


must agree, Rosie. you do great work. i hope you produce more awsome stuff for us all to enjoy!


I've got another story for you. Hope you enjoy.

Chopping Wood

Part One

(loli, decapitation, consensual)

The afternoon was warm and sunny. Tom was in the backyard of his countryside house, chopping wood for the fireplace. He had already worked up a bit of a sweat, so he reached for the cold beer he kept at hand's reach to cool himself down and took a big sip.

He was in his late twenties and had an athletic body, sculpted by years of manual labor. He had short dark hair and blue eyes. His face was rather plain, but it had the kind of charm that made anyone instantly assume he was a gentle and loving person.

Not far away his daughter, Vicky, was playing with their cat who seemed less than thrilled to be part of a seven-year-old's tea party. She had dark hair that reached just below her shoulders, but unlike her father's her eyes were a deep brown color and had a bright spark of innocence in them. Tom often got lost in her gaze, he could look at her eyes for hours without losing the sense of their wonder and beauty. Not that she could stay in one place long enough to allow him to do that.

"Okay, we're out of tea, Mr. Purry. I'll get the desserts now. Today we have sand pie and grass salad. I hope you're hungr..."

While she was distracted by putting sand into plastic dishes the cat decided to make a run for it. She almost fell over when he ran past her and into the bushes.

"No, don't go! We haven't finished the dessert, yet." Disappointment could be heard in her tone. "Okay, if you're not coming back, then fine. I'll find something better to do."

She stood up and straightened her short orange summer dress, then looked around and walked towards Tom.


"Hello. What brings you here, young lady?"

"Whatcha doing?" She ignored his question.

"Splitting wood, can't you see?"


"For the fireplace. We'll burn it when it gets colder in the winter."

"Is it hard?"

"Not really, just tiring."

"Can I try?"

"If you can lift the axe, then sure." He smiled, put the axe down next to the chopping block and took a step to the side to make room for Vicky.

She walked up to the axe and put her tiny hands around the end of the handle, then tried lifting it with all her strength.

"It's too heavy!"

"Try grabbing it closer to the head."

Vicky did as instructed and was able to lift it just barely off the ground, but it was obvious that she wasn't able to do much more with it.

"Look, I did it!" She giggled.

"Try to use it, then."

Tom put a piece of wood on the block and watched amused as she tried lifting the axe high enough to reach over the block.

"It's still too heavy."

"Too bad, I was really looking forward to your help."

Tom crouched next to her and kissed his daughter on the cheek.

"I have a better idea!" She almost shouted and her face lit up with excitement. "Can I be the wood?"

"You mean you want me to chop you?"

"Yes, it'll be fun! Pleeease?"

"Are you sure? I think we should ask mommy for permission first."

"Mommy's at aunt Karen's today, remember? And yes, I'm sure, silly." She looked at him with big pleading eyes, fully aware he could never resist her adorable face.

Tom hesitated for a few seconds.

"Okay then. Just take the dress off, mom would be very angry if we ruined it."

She didn't need to be told twice and in an instant she pulled the dress over her head, then ran towards the house to put it on a garden chair. Tom watched as she ran back to him, completely nude except for her shoes. Her body was still in that childish state, her nipples were tiny and had almost the same color as the rest of her body and there wasn't even a trace of hair below her head. Her limbs were thin, they almost reminded Tom of sticks that could easily break with the smallest pressure.

"And where are your panties, young lady?" He asked pretending to be serious.

"I left them at home earlier, it's too warm for them. And I don't like taking them off to pee all the time." She also took her shoes and socks off and threw them to the side. "And trees don't wear clothes."

Tom laughed and lightly spanked her bare bottom.

"Okay, get yourself onto the block then."

"No, you have to do it, wood can't move by itself."

"I see. You're the wood expert."

Tom laughed, grabbed her by the legs with one hand and put the other one on her perfectly flat chest, then carried her to the chopping block and laid her down so her head was on the surface with her neck in the center. He turned her face towards him and moved her hair to the side so it wouldn't get in the way. The block was too small for her entire body, so she had to kneel in front of it.

Tom admired her cute ass sticking up into the air for a moment, then grabbed the axe and stood up.

"Okay, get ready sweetie. I'm going to count down from three."

"I'm ready. Bye daddy, I love you."

"I love you too, honey. Now, three..."

He lifted the axe up and lined it up with her neck.


He raised it over his head. Vicky was almost shaking with excitement.


"No, wait!" Vicky protested just as he was about to strike.

"What is it, you changed your mind?"

"No, turn me over, I wanna see it coming." Vicky said with a grin on her face.

Tom sighed and put the axe back down.

"You're being very demanding for a piece of wood." He laughed and turned her over, so she was face up, then put another large piece of wood under her butt to support her weight so she wouldn't be uncomfortable. "Ready now?"

"Yes daddy, thank you." She gave him the cutest of smiles.

"Here we go again. Three..."

He put the blade of the axe against her neck. She giggled softly when the cold steel touched her skin.


The axe was over his head again. Her eyes followed the head of the axe and Tom could clearly see that she was glowing with arousal.


Her eyes followed the blade as he drove the axe down and hit her neck dead center, but she didn't even flinch to avoid the strike. As the metal dove into her neck her expression changed from joy to pain for a briefest moment, then to excitement as the axe hit the chopping block and her head started rolling away. It didn't go very far as her hair remained almost intact and tucked under her torso.

Blood shot out of her neck painting the block with a vivid red color and her naked body started convulsing in a beautiful dance of spasms. Her arms rose and curled towards her chest and her legs spread unnaturally wide, exposing her bare undeveloped pussy. She looked similar to a chicken ready for roasting in the oven.

Tom quickly grabbed her head and held it up so she could see her body moving erratically while quickly losing strength from blood loss.
She watched with her mouth wide open, amazed by the unreal experience of seeing her own death from a distance. She would have blushed if she had any blood flowing to her face after she saw her body lose control of the bladder and a dark puddle forming between her legs.

"I'm glad I took the dress off." She thought to herself.

After about fifteen seconds her body slowed down. Her limbs started slowly relaxing and moving down into the wooden blocks and the blood flow reduced to a slow trickle.

Tom turned her head around, looked deep into her eyes and kissed her passionately like never before. Their lips met for the last time and she immediately returned the kiss with all the strength her severed head could muster. His tongue parted her lips and met her tongue in a swirling dance of ultimate lust. She tried to respond to his actions, but even the tiniest movement became very difficult and her thoughts quickly started drifting away. Soon all movement ceased and Tom watched the light leave her eyes along with her life.

"I wish I could do that again." was her last thought, then she lost consciousness for the last time and her world went dark forever.

Part Two

(loli, necro, dismemberment)

Tom broke the kiss, looked at his daughters body and watched it twitch a few last times before going completely still. He put Vicky's head on a garden table nearby and made sure it was facing her headless corpse. Her eyes were open and looking far into the distance, while her still slightly parted lips were frozen in a dreamy smile.

"I can't let an opportunity like that pass now, can I?" He said to himself with a smile and took off his trousers.

He sat down next to his dead daughter and put his hand on her nonexistent breasts. He took one nipple between his fingers and played with it for a while, then moved his other hand down to her pussy and started gently caressing her labia. He admired every inch of her body, every curve, every crease and every bump. It was getting cold quite quickly and all of the usual blush disappeared, her skin was white as a sheet.

Tom slowly moved his hand from the nipple to her neck and traced tiny circles around her open arteries, then his finger found its way into her esophagus. He felt inside her moist canal and slid his finger in and out a few times, then he got up and knelt next to the chopping block with his now erect penis pointing towards Vicky's neck.

He looked at her head laying peacefully on the table and imagined she was alive and watching what he was about to do to her.

He put the tip of his cock against the visible end of the esophagus, grabbed her shoulders with his arms for support and thrust forward.

It was tight, but he had no problem sliding in, it was quite stretchy and gave way easily. It felt a thousand times better than a grown woman's pussy and his cock was rock hard when he started moving his hips back and forth. He didn't need to be gentle, he didn't need to wait for her to adjust, he could just go at it as fast and hard as he wanted.

Soon he found himself to be fucking his daughter's severed neck like a jackhammer, he couldn't believe how arousing it was.

It didn't take long until he was nearing climax so he thrust as deep as he could and shot loads of cum deep inside her esophagus, some of it reaching almost down to her stomach.

Tom took his cock out of his daughter and watched the cum slowly drip out of her. The view was surreal, yet extremely erotic.

Not satisfied yet, and finding his cock to be still hard as a rock he walked to the other side of the body, and spread her legs to watch her virgin opening.

He spread her pussy lips and watched her hymen he was planning to break in a moment. He would never dare to do it while she was still alive, he couldn't bear the thought of causing her so much pain, but in her current situation id didn't matter at all.

Her legs seemed to get in the way so he pushed them towards her torso until they were lying flat on the chopping block. He might have felt something break in her hips in the process, but he didn't care at all. And neither did she.

He put his blood-covered dick against the entrance of her vagina, looked at her happy face again and pushed forward. This time it was much tighter and he had a hard time getting inside her, despite the blood being quite a good lubricant.

Tom pushed with almost all of his strength and soon he felt Vicky's pussy parting before him. Some of the skin around her childish vagina broke, but it didn't take anything away from her tightness. Her hymen was also ripped in the process and half of his member was buried inside her.

He tried pushing further, but it seemed that his cock stopped on her cervix, so he grabbed Vicky's waist to get a good grip and tried again. This time her legs tried bouncing back towards him, which he found to be very uncomfortable.

"Hmm, she did want to be treated like firewood..." He said to himself and stood up to get the axe.

Tom straightened her legs and lined up the axe between her left thigh and her hip.


Vicky's left leg fell to the side, cleanly separated from the rest of her body.


The right leg followed the other one's fate.

Tom put the axe aside and gathered both of the legs, then put them on the table next to her head. He briefly looked at her beautiful feet and returned to the task at hand.

He put his cock back against her pussy, gripped her waist with his hands and pushed as hard as he could. Her legs weren't trying to restrict him anymore and he felt the tip of his penis break her cervix and enter her uterus.

Once again Tom started pumping in and out of her, satisfied with the outcome of his actions. He looked at her neck stump and at the muscles visible where her legs once were and again he couldn't last long.

He picked up the pace and raped his daughter's dead body with fierce passion. It wasn't long until the orgasm came and his cum shot inside her uterine cavity, filling it almost completely and flowing into her Fallopian tubes.

He retracted from her, tired but happy. His cum was dripping from both ends of her body, but he decided his work wasn't complete, yet.

He took the axe back into his hands and swung it.



Her arms landed on the ground, leaving her torso alone on the wooden blocks.

Tom gathered the legs in one hand and the torso with the other and carried it to the garden table. He picked the head up one last time and gave Vicky a quick peck on the lips, then closed her eyes, before gathering all of her body parts and throwing them onto the pile of chopped wood.

"Now we're done, sweetie."

He went back into the house to clean himself up before returning to chop the rest of the wood.

Vicky just lied there looking the happiest she ever was.


Nice! Something unique compared to the other stories.




Im always fishing for compliments, they're the thing that motivates me to keep writing. ;)

But I'm also open for critique


Another nice one!
Though I can't help but think it could have been more fun if he chopped her limbs off first before going for the head.




I agree about the limbs, but I wrote the first part as a cutesy and innocent story first and only added the sex part later due to not feeling satisfied with just chopping her head off.

And I was obviously too lazy to rewrite the first part. ;)



Yeah and he could fuck the head while she was alive.

But good story anyway.


Luv it.

Does Vicky have any sisters?


Great stories, I especially love the second and the last one.


We need more!


Here's a quick story to let you know I'm still alive before I finish next chapter of the Outdoor Cinema series (it's in the works).

Bad Dream

(loli, snuff, choking, necrophilia, consensual)

"Daddy, I'm scared."

Frank woke up to see his seven year old daughter standing next to his bed in just her pink nightie. Her legs were shaking slightly and tears were slowly flowing down her face.

"What's wrong, honey?"

"I had a bad dream."

She was playing with her brown bangs, wrapping her hair around her finger, then letting go. She always did that when she was nervous or scared and Frank find that to be the most adorable thing in the world.

"Come here Elle."

When she came closer Frank wiped the tears off her cute childish face with his fingers, kissed her on the nose, then hugged her tightly.

"Don't worry, it was just a dream. You can sleep with me today if you want to."


A weak smile appeared of her face and she immediately climbed onto the bed next to him under the covers, then threw her arms around his neck.

"Yes, really."

Frank smiled and kissed her, on the lips this time. She immediately returned the kiss and their lips remained connected for a few sensual seconds. Frank broke the kiss first and pulled her body closer to himself. She wiggled a bit to make herself more comfortable and the bottom edge of her nighty accidentally slipped above her hips in the process which Frank immediately noticed when he put his hand on her bare ass out of habit. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her beautiful blue eyes.

"Thanks, daddy." She smiled.

It was the first time she couldn't sleep in a few months, and although Frank usually appreciated a good night's sleep, and despite usually getting very little sleep when she was around, he had to admit he missed sleeping with his little daughter once in a while. The feeling of her soft and warm body against his skin was wonderful and highly arousing, which was quickly made noticeable by his growing erection. His penis brushed against her legs and he felt her pussy pressing against his belly when she put one of her legs over his hip.

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too, sweety."

Frank kissed Ellen on the head and slowly started drifting away back into sleep.

"Hey dad. Dad. Daddy. Are you sleeping?" Ellen whispered into her father's ear.

Frank opened his eyes and yawned. It was still dark and his daughter was still next to him, hugging him tightly.

"Not anymore, I'm not. What's going on, what time is it?"

"I can't sleep."

"Aww, you're still scared by that nightmare?"


"Don't worry, I'm here. Want me to tell you a story or something?"

"I dunno... I thought maybe we could... You know, play a bit... Like we used to."

Although Frank couldn't see it in the darkness Ellen was blushing heavily and although Ellen couldn't see it Frank had the biggest smile on his face.

"Sure thing honey. You know you don't have to ask, I'm always happy to play with you."

Frank felt his daughter's tiny feet start to gently caress his stiffening penis.

"But this time I want you to help me sleep... Like you did to mom."

This was getting much more interesting than Frank anticipated. He was more than happy to just fuck his daughter and now she wanted him to kill her ass well. His cock wasn't this hard in a long time.

"You sure? This will hurt, you know."

Ellen didn't answer, instead she dove under the covers and put her lips on the tip of Frank's member. She wrapped her hands around his shaft and moved them slowly back and forth along its length. Frank always liked how her small hands made his cock look huge in comparison, despite being average in size.

He trembled when she moved her head forward and took the entire tip inside her mouth. He wanted to put his hands on Ellen's head and push in even deeper, but he knew it would be painful for her - and he didn't want to hurt her... yet.

Ellen wrapped her childish legs around one of Frank's calves and slowly masturbated by dragging her pussy along his skin. She also sucked his dick like it was the sweetest lollipop in the world and she was determined to suck it to the last drop.

Frank turned the night light on and pushed the comforter off to the side so he could admire his daughter. Her brown hair were flying all over her head with each enthusiastic bob and her pussy was slowly leaving a wet trail on Frank's skin.

She was slowly working Frank's member deeper and deeper inside her mouth, past the point when she had to fight her gag reflex after each move. Her green eyes looked up at him occasionally and Frank was quickly nearing orgasm.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum..."

Ellen felt Frank tense up and she gagged when her dad couldn't help himself and used both of his arms to push her head down to the bottom of his penis, then shot his cum deep inside her in a few almost violent bursts. She felt the warm seed hit the back of her throat and she felt like she had to cough, but her esophagus was completely blocked.

She couldn't breathe, but she didn't complain for almost a minute when Frank held her head down even after cumming, she only started instinctively trying to get away when her body started begging for air. Even though his member went soft it was still big enough to prevent her from breathing. Her lungs started to burn and she tried to push away, but her thin arms weren't nearly strong enough to overpower her father.

Ellen felt scared for a second, but then remembered this was what she asked for, so she forced herself to calm down and resumed the grinding movement of her hips, even though she felt weaker by the second. She felt Frank's cock rapidly grow again when he noticed she was actually getting off on suffocating.

Frank, without letting go of his daughter's head, bent his torso forward and brought one of his hands to Ellen's pussy and found the wet entrance with his middle finger. She wasn't a virgin, but she was still as tight as only a child can be, so even his finger had trouble sliding inside, but when it finally did Ellen's entire body shivered from pleasure.

Ellen wanted to moan but couldn't, she wanted to cum but was afraid she'd pass out before it happens. After some increasingly difficult thought she found her little clitoris with one of her hands and started rubbing as hard as she could in her oxygen depraved state. Her fingers worked on her clit in sync with Frank's finger pumping in and out of her and she felt a warm feeling finally building inside her. She tried to masturbate faster, but couldn't. Years of swimming lessons allowed her to last much longer than most people, but she was definitely approaching her limit, and fast.

Finally after multiple minutes of excruciating need to breathe and the most intense stimulation she ever felt her body almost exploded in a powerful orgasm. She could feel waves of pleasure rippling through her entire body, emerging from her burning lungs only to inevitably focus on her crotch. She was shaking and she could no longer control her movements. All of her muscles tensed at the same time and her limbs curled up in a grotesque display of ecstasy. Her vision became narrower with each second until the orgasm wore down and it went completely dark. She lost consciousness after the last contractions of her vagina drained the rest of her energy, but at that moment she was the happiest she's ever been in her short life.

Frank felt his daughter's body go limp, only a sporadic twitch could be felt as her brain was quickly shutting down. He pulled his dick out of her throat and her body fell off him and onto the bed. She looked so peaceful. A child's innocence combined with the tranquility of death was a wonderful sight. Her eyes gazed into the distance and her limbs were scattered in unnatural positions just where they fell.

After a short while Frank picked her up and placed her in the middle of his bed, then knelt between her legs. His penis was still stiff as a tree and the experience of his own daughter dying by his cock made his erection even more intense.

"I hope your won't mind me going rough on you any more." He smiled to himself.

Frank grabbed Ellen's legs and guided them up, so they were spread and almost touching the sides of her torso. Almost. After a short push and an audible crack from her hips they were laying flat on the bed with her feet touching her shoulders and her pussy fully exposed to the world, a position that was impossible without hurting her while she was still alive, but a few broken bones couldn't hurt her anymore.

He positioned his member at the opening between her undeveloped labia and pushed. The first thing that went through his head was how cold she's already become. She was also a bit dryer than before, but he could still slide in easily. Usually he had to work his way inside, but not this time. This time he pushed all the way in one fast move. She was tight, but he wasn't gentle. He could feel her cervix reluctantly give way to his cock and he slid right into her womb. Immediately he pulled back until he was out completely and without hesitation thrust back in.

Ellen's head was bobbing limply to the sides as he hammered in and out of her. Her pussy was getting destroyed, the walls of her vagina getting torn, her cervix gradually ripped to shreds, but she literally couldn't care less. She still had the innocent smile on her face and that sight tipped Frank over the edge. He shot another huge load of cum, filling her womb with his hot seed.

He pulled out of her and noticed that her pussy remained wide open. The gaping hole slowly leaked his cum down onto her asshole, since no muscles were alive to close the opening and seal it in.

"I love you, Elle."

Frank kissed her on the nipple and on her face, then reached to the bedside drawer and pulled out a knife.

"That was great by the way. I think I might even want another blowjob in the shower."

The blade sunk into her neck and he started cutting.


That was very sweet! Well done!
Also looking forward to the new chapter of the Outdoor Cinema.


Thanks, I always appreciate your comments. They're one of the things that give me motivation to write at all.

I'll try to finish the next chapter as soon as possible. ;)


Nice one.

I'm looking forward to the new chapter as well!


THat was awesome


Good stories especially that one
Just like already mentioned, chopping order was wrong.


sorry to be pushy, but is there any update on outdoor cinema?


Necro has never been so fucking cute literally




Omg. I'm in love with your stoties. Will you wtite more?



Yes. Not sure when, though.


Where can I read your another stories like this?



Would you like to write one of my fantasies?

PM me if you are interested:>

By the way, do you have any limits?



Are you still taking requests?


Bump so it’s not vanishing
@rosie Please continue this, so many here would be happy to read more like this from you.


Bump to save from faggot spammer. Also can't wait for the next story Rosie, I love your work!




Rosie, please come back! I absolutely love your stories!


I love these stories


Looking for more stories like these, anyone have some?

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