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Hey guys! This is my first attempt at writing snuff or things like scat or piss, so tell me if you like it or how I could improve. This first chapter is just a prologue before the real snuff and killing begins so you could skip this if you’re reading after the first chapter has come out. I will also be taking suggestions on writing other scenarios with the cast of RWBY (female centred only) like toilet stuff or gore on it’s own or together like this story. I will only be writing the suggestions after I’ve finished killing team RWBY with the grimm in this story, but go ahead and type them so I can see if I like them and plan ahead. Also fair warning the actual snuff chapters won’t be as long as this prologue as I really wanted to set up the scenario and the background as much as I could with my limited writing experience (it really shows.)


RWBY: A Grimm End

Chapter 0: A Horde Encountered, 2,019 Words

“Run Ruby! Run you dolt!”

The final words Weiss ever spoke to her before being dragged into the dense forest by a trio of minotaurs were all she could think about as she run between trees and under low-hanging branches, using as much of her aura she had left to fuel her semblance beyond what she had trained her body to endure, she knew was moving too fast, especially in a forest this dense, she knew she was bound to hit something in her path, but her body wouldn’t stop, still being commanded to flee by her fight-or-flight instinct.

Ruby was correct in her prediction that she would hit something, tripping over a root protruding from the ground that was no doubt connected to one of the thick, tall, red-leaved trees native to the Forever Fall forest.

As the caped girl fell to ground, she heard a loud snap and felt an agonising jolt of pain shoot through her leg. She made an attempt to rise but the pain in her leg kept her down, a feel around her ankle told her what she already knew…her ankle was broken.

“No, no, nononono, pleasepleasepleaseplease” this wasn’t just bad, this was very bad, she was stranded in a grimm infested forest, alone, drained of aura and defenseless as Crescent Rose was lost to the horde of grimm that had attacked her team.

Ruby was out of luck, out of aura and out of options, she knew this, she knew that the only hope she had was being found by her teammates or another hunter, that wasn’t going to happen; Ruby did the only thing she could think to do in a situation as morbidly hopeless as this. Slump her back against a tree…and cry.

“H-how could this happen? It wasn’t meant to be like this.”

Their mission was only meant to be routine recon mission to find the missing team JNPR who hadn’t reported in for three days, no one was particularly worried as communications were notoriously bad in this part of Forever Fall and even Ozpin himself had assured them that it would be a breeze for a team of their caliber as the grimm population wasn’t very dense in that area when it wasn’t migration season; what no one could have predicted was that SDC mining operations in the north had forced the grimm to migrate…three months early.

When team RWBY had initially entered the forest, there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary except for a few more grimm than they were expecting, but it was nothing they couldn’t handle with ease as they were all lesser grimm, either not fully matured or inexperienced with hunters.

But what they found when they reached a cave that Blake had used her superior faunus nose to track JNPR’s combined scents to was…indescribable. blood, guts and body parts everywhere. There was nothing left of Ren and Jaune except for a few scraps of their blood-soaked clothes and Jaune’s shield cracked in two…but Pyrrha and Nora? The remains of their corpses were covered in claw marks, bites and…cum…so much cum. Team RWBY knew what had happened here, even Ruby, while she was naïve, she wasn’t ignorant to sex…especially having been…intimate with Weiss after two and a half months of being together.

Yang was the first to recover from the shock of seeing her friends in state they were in, she realised that if something could take down JNPR, especially when they had Pyrrha with them, then RWBY was definitely in trouble. They had to get out of Forever Fall. She turned away from the destruction to face her teammates.

“G-guys we need to move.” She looked back at the remains of JNPR “Right fucking now.”

“J-J-Jaune, P-Pyrrha.” Ruby choked out. She looked like a deer in the headlights, she knew she should look away, but these were her friends…or rather what remained of them, she was too shocked to do anything but stare.

“Ruby…look away, you shouldn’t see this.” Yang couldn’t handle the thought of her precious baby sister being exposed to this, she knew that she would see things like this in a career based around hunting the grimm and she had accepted that, but to see them so soon and for them to happen to dear friends? This was too much for a 15 year old.

Weiss spoke up for the first time since finding the cave. “We need to bury them, it’s what they deserve.”

Ruby looked to her girlfriend and nodded her head in agreement, she looked over to Blake. Her face showed that she disagreed with that plan. “Blake?”

Blake turned her head to Ruby and spoke “Ruby…we can’t stay here, your sister’s right.”

Ruby was surprised to hear that from Blake “But Blake, these are our friends. We can’t just leave them like this.”

Yang voiced her agreement with Blake “Ruby…Weiss, we’ll come back for them,but whatever…killed them is probably still out there and it ti going to come back…we need to lea-.”


A howl reverberated through the cave, the loudest howl any of the four girls had heard in their lives, even Blake, who had lived in the wilderness with the white fang for most of her life and had even seen alpha grimm had never heard something so terrifying.

Weiss turned to Ruby “Ruby…They’re right, we need to leave right now.”

Ruby opened her mouth to argue but Weiss cut her off “No Ruby, don’t…please just listen to us. To me.”

Ruby then noticed the pleading and love in Weiss’ eyes. She then realised that if they stayed to bury JNPR or get revenge for their deaths then they would surely suffer the same fate, as much as she hated to leave her friends behind, her girlfriend, sister and most trusted friend came first, as morbid as that thought was, Ruby knew that to leave was the most rational option.

Ruby sighed before whispering “Ok…let’s go.”

Team RWBY then moved to the cave mouth and as they peered out they saw something that terrified and shook them to their cores. A massive horde of grimm, hundreds in number, but that wasn’t what frightened them the most, no, it was the two beowolves that were at least 15 feet tall and built like tanks…and they were staring right at Ruby. Only she knew what these goliaths were, her uncle Qrow had taught her about them, but they were only meant to be myths to scare small children from enrolling in the life of a hunter, to discourage inexperienced graduates from the academies around Remnant from going to the darkest corners of the world in a search for glory or honour. These were the great wolves of the abyss, Stor and Lupin, the only grimm to ever to reach the stage of the grimm life cycle that surpassed the alpha evolution…the Prime. These beowolves were no doubt the source of the piercing howl they had heard earlier.

One of the hulking wolves, covered in scars that spoke of many battles over mates, territory or food, raised one of it’s arms in front of it, and in it’s hand…was the decapitated head of Nora Valkyrie, one of the members of team JNPR. Her head was missing flesh, bone and her lower jaw was torn from her skull, it was also covered in litres of cum.

The wolf then tensed it’s hand and crushed Nora’s head with ease, it dropped the chunks of flesh and grounded bone to the grass beneath it. The other wolf then raised it’s hand pointed at them…no…right at Ruby.

Ruby’s morphed in terror, Weiss’ in defiance, Blake’s in disgust and Yang’s in anger, if these monsters wanted Ruby for their sick bestial needs, they would have to go through them. But the wolves did not care for their defiance, and they showed this by stepping back and showing team RWBY that their horde was not just lesser grimm, Their proverbial weapons showed themselves, a trio of minotaurs, a rare grimm by itself but three of them? Unheard of, a massive nevermore that was bigger than any on known record with a wingspan that blocked out the moonlight behind it and a wyvern, a grimm that closely resembled a dragon from fairy tales and was thought to be a myth itself. (Teasers for next chapters)

The wolves were no doubt the leaders of this horde as they were so old and so strong that they had forced these lesser and weaker grimm into submission, the wolf that had crushed Nora’s head showed this by rearing it’s head back, straightening up it’s body and it ROARED.

The roar set the horde into a rampage, they began a stampede toward the four girls, they were ready for a fight.

The small battle raged between the huntresses and the creatures with the girls keeping the upper hand, until the tides were turned when the nevermore that had covered the area in darkness swooped down to snatch Blake in it’s talons. It then flew away, rising high into the tree tops, presumably to it’s nest.

Yang looked to the nevermore carrying her partner away, “No! Blake! You fucking monsters!” Yang was enraged by these monsters for taking her partner, for daring to attack them and for killing their friends,she was pissed.

Yang’s anger caused her lilac eyes to turn red and for her long golden mane to set ablaze almost like fire, but her temper was unwittingly her downfall as her gold hair shining even brighter caught the attention of the wyvern. Most people know that the dragons of fairytales and fantasy craved and hoarded gold, well it seemed that this fantastical love of gold had been more than a little inspired by the wyvern itself. The creature had seen the blonde brawler’s hair and it wanted this girl, it needed this girl.

Yang was still fighting the grimm charging at her, everything was falling to Ember Celica, but she never saw the wyvern barreling towards her until it landed behind her. Before she could turn to look at what had crashed behind her, the wyvern reached it’s snout down and bit into her leg, it then raised it’s head with bringing Yang with it.

Yang cocked her fist back to fire Ember Celica. *Click *Click. Nothing. She was out of ammo. In the maw of a monster and she couldn’t do a damn thing.

Weiss saw the dragon-like grimm pick up Yang in it’s maw and she ran to assist her, but she couldn’t get through the wall of beowolves, ursai and boarbatusks in her way, she tried as hard as she could to break through, but she had no explosive shotgun gauntlets or a 6 foot long scythe to cut through the grimm, only her rapier and a dwindling dust supply. She couldn’t do a thing as the wyvern flapped it’s wings and flew into the sky. Yang had suffered the same fate as Blake.

Weiss called to Ruby in the hope that her lover had not also been taken while still fighting off the grimm, “Ruby!, Ruby! Rub-oooff!”

Weiss’ call to Ruby had been cut off by one of the minotaurs punching her in the face, knocking out a few of her teeth and making her drop Myrtenaster, her rapier. Then the minotaur who had punched her grabbed her ankle and started to drag her towards the dense part of the forest, it’s two brothers joining it.

She spotted Ruby still fighting the grimm, she knew she was done for, but Ruby wasn’t. She still had a way to get out and she could easily escape with her semblance if she wasn’t clumsy as usual. She could live her life instead of dying here in this forest, maybe find another girlfriend, one who wouldn’t be mean to her and belittle her without getting to know her, Weiss’ had given up hope for herself being saved but if she could save Ruby from a horrible death…then so be it, she would save her.

Weiss summoned what strength she had left to create a glyph that would amplify her voice so Ruby could hear it, she had to save her.

“Run Ruby! Run you dolt!”

Ruby looked over to where Weiss’ voice had come from and froze when she saw her being dragged away, it also allowed her to see just how many grimm there were in the horde, fear overcame her and she did the one thing that Weiss had told her…she ran.


RWBY: A Grimm End

Chapter 1: A Rose Destroyed

Ruby: Bestiality, anal, oral, bisection, dismemberment, hard vore, scat and piss.


Ruby turned her head to the direction of the sound, Ruby knew it most likely a broken branch, and that meant something was coming. She couldn’t move far with her ankle broken so she couldn’t escape, only hide. Ruby crawled as fast as her tired body would let her to thick bushes nearby, this was her only chance for survival.

She could hear footsteps, loud and heavy, not human. Whatever the source was stopped directly in front of the bush where she was hiding. Ruby didn’t know this and so she used her hands to create a gap to peer out, and there it was…one of the huge beowolves, Fear overcame Ruby and caused her to void the contents of her bladder. As her piss ran down her leg and fell to the floor, the wolf turned it’s head to bush, grimm fed on negative emotion and could sense it from miles away, and what emotion was stronger or sweeter to a monster than fear? Not to mention it’s strong sense of smell, no doubt sniffing out the girl’s urine.

Ruby tried to scamper away from the massive clawed hand reaching in to the bush, but she wasn’t fast enough, it latched onto her leg and dragged her through the dirt, lifting her into the air and bringing her level with it’s chest. Ruby repeatedly thumped and pounded on the beast’s forearm in hopes of it letting her go, but to no avail as she wasn’t strong enough and she didn’t have Crescent Rose, Ruby knew…she was doomed.

A heavy aroma fell upon the area, a thick scent that invaded Ruby’s lungs and olfactory senses, it caused her to grow even more tired than she already was and for her muscles to relax and go limp. The wolf looked down to it’s lower body and Ruby followed it’s gaze, a thick red cock was extending from the wolf’s sheath, it was massive, at least 20 inches long, perhaps longer and it was webbed in veins, the spaded head of the wolf dick was thicker than any of the dildos she had practiced with before by at least threefold.

Ruby gaped at the red bitch breaker in terror, this monster was going to do to her what it had done to Pyrrha and Nora. It was going to break her body with it’s cock alone. Ruby struggled and fought with wolf’s grip but it was too strong, it took it’s grip off of her leg and wrapped it’s clawed hands around her waist and lined up it’s cock with her crotch.

“No, nononono, plea-“ Ruby’s cry for mercy was swiftly cut off as the beowolf slammed it’s cock into huntress’ ass, it was so strong that it tore through the girl’s leggings and panties and speared her asshole in a single thrust.

Ruby opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out, the pain was too much. Her anus was torn and the wolf’s cock was no doubt covered in a layer of red and brown from the contents of her ass. The beowolf then started to thrust with it’s cock inside of Ruby ,picking up speed as it really started to fuck the girl, every single thrust was agony for Ruby as the thick pole tore up her insides and started to hammer into her internal organs, dislodging them from their original positions and smashing the organs it’s cock could reach into puree. Ruby started to dribble blood from her mouth as the wolf’s cock was killing from the inside, her head fell back as she heard another set of resounding footsteps echoed through the forest, the other beowolf revealed itself and moved to join it’s brother in destroying the red themed girl, Ruby stared dejectedly at the cock extending from the new arrival’s sheath,it was nearly identical to the cock currently wrecking her body except it was just an inch or two longer.

The wolf that had just arrived grabbed her shoulder and pushed her up so that she was between them, it then placed the tip of it’s cock at her ass to join it’s brother inside the huntress, it then thrusted inside, but as her ass was already occupied it only got half of it’s over 20 inch length into her. The new cock in Ruby’s ass caused her perineum to tear and for her bowels to rupture, coating the wolves’ cocks and the forest floor beneath in packed up shit, Ruby passed out from the pain.

The wolf that had just joined them was getting annoyed at how all of it’s cock wouldn’t fit inside the girl so it pulled out and left it’s brother to conquer the human’s hole. It looked at girl and was elated to find that the girl had another hole on the other end of her body, her mouth.

Ruby was suddenly woken up by something soft poking her face, the first thing she noticed was the smell, it was rancid, she opened her eyes to see what had woken her up, then everything came back to her, the wolves, the rape, her body being demolished by them and their cocks. She opened her mouth scream but that was the opening the beowolf wanted so it could fuck her, it shoved it’s cock covered in Ruby’s own shit into her mouth dislocating her jaw and breaking her front teeth. The taste of her own shit and the cock spearing her throat caused her gag reflex to kick in and vomit up the contents of her stomach but it blocked and forced back down by the huge canine cock.

Even though the two wolves were siblings, that didn’t mean that they were happy to share a cock sleeve, so they started to tug the girl’s body in the directions they were fucking her from, Ruby could feel a pressure building at her waist as the wolves started pulling on her body, she felt and heard her spine breaking in two as the wolves kept tugging, her body could only take so much force pulling her in two directions before it gave in, her body was ripped in two as viscera and intestines came out of her with explosive force.

The two wolves took their respective halves of the girl with them a corner of the clearing they were in so they could finish breeding what was left of her and finish her for a meal. Ruby choked as the wolf fucking her throat came and flooded her upper body with sperm, it took her off it’s cock and ripped open her chest to devour her organs even though some of them were covered in cum, it wasn’t picky. Ruby stared dejectedly at the wolf fucking her lower half as it finished and came all over the forest floor, it then started to eat her intestines that had covered the ground and tear into her creamy pale thighs, a great meal indeed.

The wolf that had fucked her upper half was now bored of keeping the girl alive so it moved it’s snout to her head, Ruby used the minuscule amount of strength she had left to raise her arm in the air to lazily swat at the beast’s head, the wolf caught her arm and tore it from her body throwing it to it’s sibling to eat. It then placed the girl’s head in between it’s gaping maw and applied pressure, Ruby gave up on fighting at the same tie her skull cracked and exploded inside the wolf’s mouth sending brain matter everywhere. The wolves finished making a meal of the girl after just 30 minutes after she died. This was a very good day for the two wolves, A good fuck and a good meal? What else could a grimm want, they only felt some sadness that they couldn’t do the same to the girl’s friends, but oh well, the monsters that had picked them would surely give them a similar fate to the red caped huntress.


good stuff! I love gore stories with scat. next time add some farts in there, more naturally than because anal, and i'd be in love.


im really liking this so far, keep it up!


very nice work! glad to see that there are others writing RWBY snuff, there isn't enough out there.




Hmm... interesting.

Not quite into scat (a bit of pee during or after death is the most I really go for), but still, RWBY snuff is rather rare.

Hopefully we can see some things that are more consensual later, including a hanging or two. :)


Needs yang


Wonderful penmanship. Is this ever going to get an update however? I understand that real life gets in the way all too frequently, but I'd hate to see this amount to nothing but another addition to the pile of never-finished work on /lit/.



Ffs continue this story


Finish this story


Please finish!
Wanna see Weiss get brutally fucked to death by the trio of Minotaurs!



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