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I'm sorry for delaying so much with Death Arts Competition, but a free artist basically do what they want hahaha. This one at least does not have a hard story line. Chapter 2 is already done, i'll release it in a few days, one week at most.

Stories about experiences of Sanae and her friend and mentor Daichi: hunting girls, violating them, turning them to stone, to life statues. Chapters are not time-linear.
...a life statue’s posture and experience is supposed to represent an eternal state, one lyric, or one word, or one verse with a meaning.

Sanae and the Life Statues

Chapter 1 - Valentine’s Day Cookies and Tea

It was evening before Valentine's Day. The plain cute long-haired 9th grader Yuki had anxiously been preparing the kitchen. Bowls, mixers, Flour, sugar... Pepper? Anything that might be used to make the Valentine's Day Cookies for a boy you like. There was only one thing she didn't have were cookie cutters, but Sanae promised to bring them. ‘What if she forgets them?’ was the thought that made Sanae depressed, but didn't make her stop. ‘I must prepare everything’ she thought as she repeatedly kept on checking and moving the cookie equipment, ingredients and just cleaning the kitchen. In other words, making the environment as suitable for cooking as it could be.

When she heard the door bell, it made her happy, though she was worried it might be somebody else but Sanae, which would mean she’d have to wait again. She yelled:
“Just a second!” as she was wiping the glass table dry to make it look clear. And then she set up the cloth on it and unlocked the door.
On the door was Sanae, the naturally straight long haired beauty of her age, carrying a full linen bag. They both had black hair, which was one of the things connecting them emotionally, except that Yuki’s hair was plain shaped, while Sanae’s was very straight and looked like a piece of gothic art.

“How are you?” Yuki shyly and anxiously asked, not wanting to jump on the subject of cookie cutters immediately.
“I’m fine. I brought a lot of ingredients.” She answered while taking off her boots. “How about Yuki? How was your day at school?”
“Same… I guess. Did you talk to your parents about…? You know.”
“Transferring to your school? I did. They’re surprised, but it’s not like them to be at home. It will take a while, but I should be able to talk them into transferring me.”
‘The way you talk, Sanae…’ Yuki thought. She didn’t know what exactly she liked about the way Sanae talked, but: ‘I wish I could talk just like you, Sanae. You’re not shy and you sound so grown up. You’re smart too…’ She didn’t think of the possibility that she liked Sanae because she was helping her with a very personal secret. They even addressed each other without honorifics.

“Did you… Bring the…” Yuki asked. Sanae waited a few seconds before responding.
“Bring what, Yuki?” Sanae inquired while taking of her jacket. Yuki knew the question was meant to help her dealing with her shyness.
“Cookie cutters. Or molds.”
“I brought them. Both.” Said Sanae with a bright smile. Yuki smiled too, as finally her worries were through. She had all ingredients crucial for making cookies, many more, and Sanae brought some herself.

“Let’s begin!” Sanae requested. They got to making cookies.
They thought up a plan. Sanae seemed to be the leader, but she encouraged Yuki to participate and show creativity in cookie ideas. Finally they decided to make vanilla cookies with minced orange peeling, because they liked oranges. Then, Yuki was making the cookies, and Sanae was giving advice and some directions. In the end they had orange-ish, flower-shaped cookies and they tasted great.

Sanae slept over because Yuki felt sad. All the time. She was seriously in love with a boy It started for no particular reason. It was pain for her, day after day, for the past 2 months. She told him a month before that she loved him, through a love letter. He wrote her a letter back, politely denying her, saying she shouldn’t waste her time to someone who can’t like her back. Ever since then, Sanae had been her shoulder to cry on and a helping push to climb back to the mountain.

As Yuki still couldn’t get him out of her head, and actually planned to do the confession on the Valentine’s Day and not 2 months before, Sanae suggested baking cookies as a symbolic parting gift to the issue. The next day, however, she didn’t give him the cookies. That wasn’t even the plan. She would carry them in her bag just so that she wouldn’t have to go back home to pick them up, before going to Sanae’s place to eat them. There is no point in giving cookies to someone who already rejected you. It’s a way of 2 girls to have fun and put some laugh into misery.

It was a sunny day of February as Yuki would happily walk the streets, looking forward to seeing Sanae. ‘The air feels so good since we became friends, Sanae.’ She felt a little hungry, but relaxation filled her stomach. She had plenty of fun making the delicious art, and she even slept over and had shower together in the morning.

When Yuki entered Sanae’s house, she wore a wide smile on her face. They said “Hi”, and didn’t talk much before sitting by the table. Sanae’s house looked quite traditional and the table in the living room was quite low. They had to kneel down, though Yuki would never have her feet under her buttocks, but on the sides. Sanae prepared tea for them to sip on, and Yuki took out the cookies and opened them. They started munching on them immediately.

It was a long silence before Yuki said.
“I feel good.” She had a smile on her face, blushing from the intensive trust she built towards Sanae. “I don’t know why I put all that emotion into making those cookies… But I’m happy I’m here.”
“I’m glad.” Sanae said. “I was kinda worried if it was the right thing to do… But it can’t hurt much, can it?”
“It does not. Besides…” Sanae blushed like crazy while continuing. “I think… I made… A best friend…. A true one.”
Sanae just smiled and put her face down a bit.
“It’s a little embarrassing.” Yuki said.
“No need to feel embarrassed. You should thank yourself. You’re the one handling your emotions.”
“Oh, I have an idea. I’ll just proudly eat this cookie and feel less embarrassed.”

When she ate the cookie, she thought ‘Perhaps I should ask a bit about Sanae? It’s her turn to get her amount of attention, isn’t it? She did so much for me.’

Yuki smiled and looked towards Sanae in order to ask her something. But she couldn’t. Her mouth just wouldn’t open. Her breath… ‘Why can’t I breathe in?’ She wondered. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t breathe. Her sight was quickly darkening, silence filled her ears.

‘What’s wrong with me?! I can’t breathe, I’ll die!’ Yuki was now in panic. ‘Am I having a stroke?!’ She thought as she remembered an episode from Doctor House. ‘Help me… I can’t breathe!!!! Sanae, do something! Help me!’ But she couldn’t see or hear anything, not even Sanae. After Yuki remembered there was some tiny creature, like an ant, on her foot, moving, and that now it had completely stopped. She still felt the ant and her weight under her legs. ‘What’s going on?! Did the time stop?! No, I need to breathe!!! The time didn’t stop, because I feel a need to breathe! Please, Sanae!!! Move!!! Help me!!! Are you frozen too?!’

It took a while for Yuki to figure out she wouldn’t die, even though she couldn’t breathe. She felt like peeing from the panic and impossibility to breathe, but nothing would happen. She didn’t stop screaming in her mind ‘Help me!!! Mom!!! Dad!!! Sanae!!! What’s going on?!! This is so irritating, this can’t be forever, no, please, don’t let this be forever!!!!!’

And from the perspective of Sanae there was a statue. A gray statue of smiling Yuki looking at her best friend. A “life statue” Only clothes weren’t turned to stone. She was even cuter this way, but Sanae progressively got into a shock.
“Daichi.” She called. “Daichi!!!”
“Hey!” A 50yo thin man strictly said from another room. “Don’t scream, you’re going to be heard.”
“I don’t feel well…”
“That’s right, you don’t. This is your first time.”
“Is it… Does the tea affect me somehow?”
“Stop it, Sanae.” Daichi was angry now. “Just stop it. Get responsible, we went through this.”
“The tea, Daichi.”
“I told you, the tea does not affect you. All that’s happening to you is you feeling what she’s feeling.”
“Uh… How long until I’m used to it? I mean… Feels like MY thoughts.”
“I’m not going through it again with you. You listened.”
“It’ll take a while before I learn to separate her mind from my own.”
“You won’t learn! Your brain will adapt.”

Yes. It was Sanae who did this to her. Daichi taught her how. For the past few days, Sanae would feel Yuki’s thoughts and was aware of all of her senses. She didn’t hear or feel the same, it was more like a deep dream. But it did not disturb her activities until she actually turned poor Yuki into stone. Besides, she drank the same tea. She knew nothing would happen to her as she wasn’t processed, but she was still worried.

Daichi took of Yuki’s clothes. Then he smeared the statue with a substance of the same color. Sanae prepared the hair dryer to help the substance dry. The substance would make it look like a realistic flawed work of masony, and Yuki could not be recognized. They would then cover it and insert it into Daichi’s truck. Daichi was officially a truck driver and there were, naturally, some more stuff in the truck. But things he hid the most were crystal meth, heroin and marijuana.

Daichi would then continue the driving, and Sanae would sit right beside him. ‘This can’t be real!!! This can’t be real!!! I’m dreaming, somebody wake me!!! I need to breathe, this is so unfomfortable!!! Mom dad mom daaad!!! Will I be like this forever!!!?’ Things that Sanae would hear and feel inside her mind all the way. It became somewhat irritating after a while, but still kept her hot between her legs. She felt uncomfortable, being like this in front of Daichi. But it would be late at night when they would be back at his place.

The same place? Of course not. Place where they hexed Yuki, it was not Sanae’s home, but an abandoned house. Daichi lived in another town, and Sanae currently didn’t have a home.

“She already suspected”, she said, tired, “that time stopped and that it might be forever. Do they normally figure that out?”
“Her thoughts give you the answer.”
“The bug stopped, all the same sensations stayed… That’s what her reasoning said, that she might have been a victim of a time stop.”
“There you go.” He said completely normally. “Yeah, they usually suspect that.”
“And now she’s worried she might have been turned into stone. How long does it take them to figure out? I mean, averagely.”
“This long. For most. But they never really know what happened unless you tell them beforehand.”
“Uhh…” She said. “I would love to try that. But it’ll be messed up.”
“It’s even more interesting if they’re in pain… But you’ll need to be patient, it’s hard to find a right person and manipulate them.”
“Soon she will recall the fairy tales and cartoons, hoping and imagining someone turning her back.” She assumed.
“Yeah.” He agreed. “That’s what normally happens.”
He’s been grumpy the whole day, but this conversation finally gave some light into his face, even though it was night.

When they did come back to his house, they left the statue in the living room. They were too tired to do anything else. Daichi showed Sanae her room.
“This is your room. I won’t disturb you here. I won’t enter without your permission. You can consider this room your personal property.”
Sanae went inside and just laid on the comfy bed, without even undressing. He said:
“You were a great partner. Truly capable. I did not expect this.”
“Thanks.” She said. It was seen on her face that she’d rather be left alone. So Daichi left.

When his footsteps faded away, she slowly and quietly took off her pants. She started getting wet again. She couldn’t take it anymore. The feeling of an innocent girl crying for help… It was too arousing. Yuki’s state would never change, even if she would have been broken to tiny bits. She is doomed to see only black and feel the pressure of sitting on her legs like a casual Japanese lady. Her calling for mom, dad, Sanae, her hunch that this might be a matter of forever, her telling herself she’s dreaming… Squealing and screaming and crying inside her mind because she couldn’t squeal, scream and cry using her body. Even her eyes felt psychological pressure from the urge to cry. Progressively, but quicker than ever, Sanae would reach a climax, that would go on for minutes, as Yuki’s continuous torment would be prolonging it to be the best arousal in the world.

Sanae was Yuki in her dreams. Though, whenever she’d call out to Sanae, Sanae would woke up anxiously, reminded she herself is not Yuki. She didn’t sleep well, but at least masturbated on multiple occasions throughout the night. She woke up at 2 PM. With help of Daichi, she washed the substance off Yuki and put her into her room, behind the table. The connection with Yuki wouldn’t last forever, so in a while, she wouldn’t hear her mind anymore. That would be arousing on its own, wondering ‘How is she feeling right now?’ Other than that, it would remain a flawless, fully realistic statue of a Japanese girl talking to her best friend.


Chapter 2 and 3 will explain some things, and then it'll turn to random story telling.


So, how did it start? How can a statue be alive? What might happen later when several chapters are out? Meet Sanae.

Chapter 2

Meet Sanae

Ishikawa Hiro. According to him, a dumb name “Hiro” given to him by his father, referencing English word “Hero”. But still a fearful name for those who knew. He was a yakuza boss. One morning he knocked on the door of Kawaguchi Daishi – warlock, drug dealer, but only a religious truck driver in the eyes of the public. Hiro was accompanied by his 2 brothers and his daughter.

“Good morning.” Ishikawa Hiro said.
“Hi.” Daichi replied. “Come in.”

Daichi received his guests. When they took off their shoes, suites and made themselves at home in his traditional living room (except for the TV, PS4 and a shelf full of game discs), Ishikawa’s daughter stood up to introduce herself. She was obviously an early high schooler, her hair was black, shining and of a beautiful consistency, but tied in a traditional manner of a Japanese lady. She was smiling, but obviously tense.

“My name is Ishikawa Sanae. Nice to meet you!” She bowed.
“I’m glad to meet you, Sanae. My name is Kawaguchi Daichi, but you can call me just Daichi.”
“Thank you, ‘just Daichi’. My dad told me you offer to give me blessings of your gods.” Then she bowed again. “Please, take care of me.”

‘Blessings.’ He thought ironically. It was all but hidden behind her smile, she knew something very bad should happen to her.

“Yes. Of course, I’ll take care of you as if you were my roommate.” They both quietly laughed. “Just come over here.”

He took her to a separate table in the living room. It was small and low, one would say traditional. There was a searing incense stick on it, next to it a pot of hot tea, and on each side tea cups.
“Are you bothered by the incense?” He inquired.
“No.” She said. “It’s pleasant. It calms me down.”
“That’s good.” He smiled. “My gods can be intensive. Sometimes, when a person receives a blessing, they feel scared and give up. I can’t blame them.”
“That’s funny. Yes… I’m a little anxious… Because I met you for the first time. But you seem like a really nice talk-mate.”

‘A little anxious.’ He thought. She wasn’t a little anxious. She did a good job hiding a large amount of fear. ‘This could get out of hand.’ He thought.

“I heard about your gods.” She said. “They seem pretty solid. I asked my father if I could receive your blessings… I really hope it didn’t give you a problem hehe…”

‘Solid?’ She was a smart girl, and Daichi wasn’t a sucker, so: ‘She knows… She should be… Turned to stone. Just… Is she really content with it or…? Fuck. Fucking yakuza and fucking Ishikawas!’

“So, I think I will start.” He said. “I’ll say a prayer for you. I’ll read it from a book, and then I’ll hand the book to you to read a specific paragraph. The best you can. First you need to take off her clothes, I promise that nobody will touch you.”

She started getting naked. It was weird, she had no shame. He took out a fancy book, found a required page and started reading it. Sanae felt better. Or rather sedated. She was obviously sedated, but it helped her relax. As he was reading, tension started leaving her face. In 2 minutes he finished his reading.

“And now, Ishikawa Sanae, receive the blessings of the Earth God.”

Sanae then suddenly exploded into gray dust, and floor beneath her shook. The 3 brothers by the main table stood up from surprise. But as soon as the smoke was clear enough to be seen through, they could see Sanae. She was gray and rock solid. Relaxed, smiling and sitting on her knees.

“Unbelieveable…” Said Hiro. “She has… turned into stone.”
“How is this possible?” One of his brothers wondered.”
“A substance is added to the tea”, Dashi explained, “to neutralize her mind. The prayer is then told with her soul open to be took over by the Earth God.”

They were skeptical.
“You had 2 weeks, Daichi-san.” The other brother inquired. “Isn’t that too short to make a scrabble a statue?”
“I don’t scrabble.” He said. “I never did.”
“This is a little unbelievable, I mean, you had 2 weeks and you knew which hair style she’d be wearing.”
“Leave him be, onii-chan.” Hiro interrupted. “His family has been doing that for about 300 years, right? He is not the one to mess with.” He said with a wide smile.

‘Fuck you.’ Thought Daichi. It was not a praise, it was a subtle threat. Daichi was alone and vulnerable.

“Besides”, Hiro continued, “This is too fine for a scrabblier. I mean… Look at her. It’s Sanae. The same Sanae that we all know. Only gray.”

There was no doubt about that. It was Sanae, of course.

“What is she thinking right now?” Hiro asked. “Can you hear her thoughts somehow?”
“I can’t. But I sense she’s in panic.”
“Yea, must be frustrating, not being able to move. How… How many people, in Japan, have had their own daughter turned to statues for their house?”
“One. Back in the day before I was born… Not nearly as easy as Sanae. She was an obedient girl.”
“Obedient flower.” Her father said, caressing her face and her lips. “My good pretty flower… Naked flower…” He turned to Daichi and his brothers. “I’m not doing this because I have sick feelings for my daughter. I’m just admiring the statue. She’s not my daughter anymore. Isn’t that right, Daichi?” He said in an agitated tone.
“She is your daughter. But humans are material creatures. You’re currently caressing a statue, not a child.”

Hiro was insulted and angered by the answer, because it still, in a way, implied that he was a creep of a father. But Daichi knew he'd be unhappy even if it said it was no longer his daughter.
“Here, take your 10 million Yen, and I don’t want to see you or hear you anymore!”

Daichi took the money, thinking ‘what a miserable sum…’

The 3 brothers covered the statue and put it in their van. They took off.

Daichi turned on the TV and watched it for an hour, cursing the looney Ishikawas within his mind. When he was sure they wouldn’t come back, he went to the basement. Right in front of the stairs was the door, but to the right was a hall. He turned on the lights and travelled the hall until the end. There was a cage, and in the cage was Ishikawa Sanae, alive, but drugged.

“Whut is this?” She asked. “Why am I in a cage?”
Next to the cage was a chair. Well prepared for this conversation. Daichi sat on it and started talking.
“I didn’t turn you to stone. Rest easy.”
“What? Why?”
“Because I don’t trust your dad.” He said. “I fucking hate your dad.”
“What? Why do you hate him?” She asked, lying down, sedated.
“He’s impulsive, psychopathic and crazy.” He said angrily. “My family is pretty… Psychopathic too, as they would call it in the media. But we’re reliable.”
“Who is reliable?” She was obviously out of her mind.
“Sleep, please. You’ll wake in a few hours and I’ll be here.”

When she woke up later, in the same cage, she saw Daichi and a cup of coffee, still hot, waiting for her.

“Please drink this coffee.” He said. “I want to have a crucial conversation with you.”

She did it, calmly.

“Relieved by the fact you’re still human, aren’t you?”
“I dunno.” She said. “Why did you lock me up?”
“I don’t want you to go home.” He said. “Do you know why you’re here and not on a… place where your dad put poor Haruna.”
“No. Who is Haruna?”
“It’s the girl that looks just like you. It took 6 days and 50 million yen to find someone who looks like you, get her kidnapped and brought here. And to think of a universal strategy to frame your father. 2 days later she was hexed, turned to stone. Then I had to scrabble her a bit to make her look more like you. I had to set up the mechanism to replace you with Haruna.” He sighed. “I did everything but have a breath.”
“Oh… I would like to hear more about Haruna but… Why didn’t you turn me?”
“I would turn you into stone if you happened not to look that much like Haruna. But I tried to avoid that as your father might change his mind.” He said. “And when he does, he’ll ask me to turn you back. And now I can set up another trick to give you back to him.”
“No… He wouldn’t do that. I understand… It makes perfect sense… But… I’ve got a baby brother and…”
“And they no longer need you. Yes. I know that. Your father talked about you in a beautiful way. He might regret you being stone.”
“In a ‘beautiful way’.” She puffed sarcastically. “He’s a creep. He’s been creeping me out since my first period.”

‘Why did she tell me that?’ Daichi wondered. ‘Her first perios? Not just that she said something so intimate to an old guy she just met, but… She’s calm. Why? She’s in a cage!’

“Look… You don’t worry about my father. But… Now that I’m alive… I’ll need to be fed and schooled. I can do a part time job if you need.”
“Your father lives 200 miles by the road. He might see you, and that concerns me.”
“Yea… You should have turned me into stone. But it’s far away. I’ll make sure he doesn’t recognize me.”

She then untied her hair. A straight art of black dropped down her back and around her shoulders.

“I hate tying my hair.” She said. “I was never allowed to do this. Ever. Except while washing my hair. Dad had wanted me to look like his ex-fiancée.”

“Did he…?” Daichi asked, considering her dad was a sexual creep. “Did he ever take your measurements?”
“No. He doesn’t believe in measurements.”
Daichi signed in relief.
“You still should have turned me.”
“Sanae-chan… Do you mind if I call you Sanae-chan?”
“Sure, go ahead.”
“Were you… really content about being turned into stone?”

Tension took her over again.
“How about you let me out and I’ll tell you”, she joked, “Just kidding. You don’t believe me yet.”
He then unlocked the cage and opened the cage door.
“Then convince me. Don’t run away.” He said. “I don’t care anyway. Seeing your father, I’d rather shorten my misery right now.”

Surprised, she slowly left the cage.
“Why do you hate dad so much?” She wondered.
“I hate your whole family.” He pulled his sleeve and showed her a large scar. “This was from an explosion wound. Your family blew up my family. I was the only one left.” He then took his arm back down.
“Why?” She asked.
“I don’t know. I thought you might tell me.” He sighed. “I’m not a sentimental person at all, but I used to have a strong self-sustaining house, minding its own business, and now I’m left with… Nothing. I knew everything that had been going on, but Ishikawas? Why would they fuck up my life?”
“They never told me”, she said, “But I know my grandpa had been a problem.”
“Oh.” He said. “He was a rampager. Burned, killed… Nobody knew why.”
“He was paranoid, that’s why.” She said. “I knew him when I was little, but my dad is nothing like him. Did you think that when you said ‘unreliable’?”
“Yes… So you heard.”
“Grandpa was unreliable.” She said. “His paranoia got the better of him. That’s why they killed him.”

She went upstairs, saying:
“I’m hungry and thirsty. Take care of it.”

Daichi prepared her a 10-minute rice with chicken from a box. He gave her orange juice.
“I love orange juice…” She said. “I just love oranges.”
He joined her at supper. She asked.
“Is it OK if I talk while I’m eating?”
“In here? Of course it’s OK.”
“Sorry for the impatience, but… I’m curious, how did the trick look like?”
“Well… I read several sentences in Nigerian, posing it to be the chant of some fucking Earth God. Then I released the smoke… Wait, you saw all that, right?”
“I was half-aware of myself. I know that I was swiped by something… That’s what intrigues me, how did you do that?”
“I have high education in mechanics and mechatronics.” He said. “So did most of my family. We were known for some engineer-assassinations, like in some movies. Best thing is, people would always find it unbelievable in context of the real world so it was like a secret weapon that wasn’t even secret.”
“Umm…” She made a pause before continuing. “I’m curious… About how you turn people into stone.”
“Oh, you don’t believe me?”
“I do. Or better, I’m trying to. I… Just… I’m… I told you that… It was my idea… You know.”
“Yea.” He said. “Was it really?”
“Well… It was dad’s idea, but he first asked for my approval. I approved.”
“Because… I like suffering.” She said. “My dad is bad with computers and thinks I don’t watch porn, but I do. As the matter of fact… The sick stuff. And once I got into petrification tag…”

She then showed him a tiny scar on her arm.
“You see this? I dug at my nerve once on purpose, hoping it to lump up while growing back. And it did. My whole hand would be in pain every once in a while. I loved it…”
“So you want to be turned into stone?”
She had a half minute pause.
“You… Have no permission to turn me into stone.” She said. “But if I ask you to… Do it. But not earlier.”
“I see. But I’m waiting at least 1 year, until I’m sure I’d never see your father again.”
“Umm… Do you have any hexed people here? Or pictures?”

He didn’t hesitate:
“Sure. Follow me.”
‘Is this for real?’ He thought. ‘Could she be truly interested? Well, she hasn’t even seen them yet.’

They didn’t even finish the supper when he took her to the basement. They went through the door right in front of the stairs. He turned on the lights.

It was like a dance hall, pretty well taken care of. But there were girls. Stone girls. And mostly… High schoolers? She was astonished. They were naked and looked beautiful. Sitting in front of tables, standing, crying… When she looked better, most of them were tortured, or in pain, or… ‘Is this girl’s asshole spread like there’s a dick in it?!’ She thought. It was not just a gallery of people turned into statues, but most of them were brutalized beforehand. Squeezed, raped, cut, impaled, chocked, broken, amputated…

“This is like a hobby to you.” She said.
“Isn’t it? Let me tell you the whole story.

Back in 17th century tiny statues started appearing in these areas. They were representing situations in our country and with our people. Nobody knew who was making them, so my witch family investigated them. And they felt life in them. A gentle form of life, far softer that life within statues in this room. Their aura radiated correct reactions. If a person was being killed, it indicated pain, and if the person enjoyed, it indicated joy. If you broke one, it still radiated the aura.

We called them life statues. Going deeper into it, my ancestors found out no human was making them, but demons did. To an experienced witch, a demon is not a creature from hell, but more of a spiritual creature. They figured these demons might be useful, so they made a contact. And the demons said their greatest wish is to turn living people into the same type of statues.

It sounded grotesque, but my ancestors wanted to have this power up their sleeve for just in case. So they tamed it. They tried it. They brought in a murderer sentenced to death in order to do experiments on him. After a few days they managed to turn him into stone. There was, of course, another problem, because lead warlock in the experiment had heard his mind for a few days. After it stopped, they had to check if the prisoner was still alive as that statue.

And check this out. His aura indicated a person in shock and worry. At times there had been regret for his crimes, which was, in normal circumstances, impossible for his psychology. In order to shorten his misery, my ancestors tried breaking him, burning him… Nothing changed in his aura. The main warlock, my close family forgot his name, took in another murderer, a female, in order to investigate her mind during the first few days when he would hear her thoughts. He wanted to know if breaking or burning or anything affects them anyhow, and use it to find a clue for killing them, because aura doesn’t give out that much information. But there had been no result. Even in pieces, she felt as a whole, didn’t feel a thing we did to her life statue.

Of course, a life statue’s posture and experience is supposed to represent an eternal state, one lyric, or one word, or one verse with a meaning. See it as a different form of life. If this life was dynamic, that one would be static. Not literally because their mind is not locked in time. But… We never managed, noted or found an entity to turn them back to being dynamic.

My ancestors decided it was too cruel and to never do it again. Until few weeks later. Before that, they did it only twice, but were already hooked up to it. It became a way of executing the worst criminals that deserved eternal hell. Several decades later, 3 of my ancestors would wield the power of these demons. It was just too addicting.

For a specific reason, there was no more practice of it during 17th and 18th century, but in the 19th… That’s when the demons got to the mind of one of my ancestors again. The first person she turned to stone was a 10 year old child. Nobody knew the kid had been visiting there. She broke him to pieces and buried him, worried others might find the statue and relate her to the missing child. But then she was hungry for more. She put out the rumor that they could turn bad people into stone, making them suffer forever. Rich people from Japan and China would come over, handing out their worst enemies, who inflicted them enormous harm, to be turned into that stone-ish structure. But the witch had an idea – she would impale these people beforehand. They would be turned into stone, and still feel the pain. For the victims, the torture would go on forever. It had become literal hell.

Of course, these cases were rare, so she, and later her brother or cousin or something, would kidnap people, inflict them great amount of pain and turn them into stone.

Of course, in 20th century my family let it become a legend. They didn’t do it anymore because… I’ll explain later. But at times a yakuza boss or something would pay huge sum for a rock solid revenge. It’s just that life statues would be broken into pieces and buried right away, for authorities not to find statues of missing people and track them down to us. One guy… I already told your dad a guy once wanted his daughter to become his decoration. He changed his mind the very day after putting her in display. We couldn’t turn her back, so we had a war with them. We killed them all, using magic, science and simple thug skills. We were a criminal family without much empathy.”

“Was that family”, Sanae asked, “somehow related to my family?”
“No. You’re asking because of the death of my family?”
“Yes. For just in case.”
“No, it was most likely your grandpa’s paranoia.”
“So… Why would, at times, your ancestors stop doing that?”
“Heh… Check this out. The first 3 get too old to keep the practice. Younger family members decide to take over. And as soon as they became capable of it, the 3 old guys were turned into stone.” He said with a laugh. “You can guess what happened to the female one. She got turned too.”
“Does it mean you’ll get turned into stone as well?”
“Most likely. If the demons find someone else to take over. Then they’ll probably take him over here to break me to pieces and bury me.”

Sanae kept walking in wonder. All these faces of terror and pain… ‘You like images of suffering too, don’t you, Daichi?’
“This one you’re looking at right now.” He said with a smiling face. “I turned her while she was burning in flames. Fires of hell really burn for this one right now. Which is ironic because she was a good girl.”
“How do you know she’s still alive and conscious?”

Daichi put his hand on the poor girl’s body, as if feeling something from the inside.
“Oh, she is alive.”
“How do you… feel that?” She asked putting the hand on the life statue, not feeling anything.
“Try to hug her.” He said.

Sanae put her arms around the girl that seemed to be just a bit older than her. It felt… As if someone was sick and calling for help. Like when Sanae herself was little and extremely unpleasantly sick.
“She does not feel me?”
“She doesn’t. You’re not making her feel any better.”

Sanae kept on investigating them, and came across a little girl with her mouth opened as if the tube had been forced in and… Dried transparent substance?

“You can see what I did to this one before turning her.” He said without shame. “And what I’m doing to her even these days. These dry traces come from the bottle on this table over here.” It was a bottle of lubricant. So that’s the dried thing on her mouth…
“Poor girl… She was… How old was she?”
“A middle schooler. Didn’t even have a taste of proper life.”
“How sad…” Sanae said. “I love it.”

Few minutes later he said:
“Do you like what you see?”
“I do…”
“Do you want me to teach you?”
“Teach me what? Sensing their aura?”
“No, silly. Teach you how to turn them into stone. Well, sensing the aura too.”

She was surprised.
“For real? So soon?”
“I mean… You don’t even know me…”
“You don’t know me either, but you didn’t run away, and you were quite open.”
“I… Sure, why not. But that means the demons turn me into stone eventually?”
“Yes.” He said. “You’ll be addicted to it. You’d do it too often to escape that fate. I’ve been alone for at least 20 years. I would like to have a partner in this magical crime.”
“I’m glad to hear it…”
“It’s not that I’m lonely. I’m just bored. Killing my days with PS4 while I’m not working or hunting. You need to know this, I’m a psychopath. Like most of my family. I don’t make normal connections to people.”
“I know… So is my dad, my granddad… My mom is not. Poor mum.”
“But you’ll need one thing, Sanae-chan, and that is patience. It’ll take a while before you start receiving lessons. It doesn’t take long to learn it, however. And most importantly, if you kidnap a person every week, you’ll be discovered. You, however, must be prepared even if you do it rarely: if the authorities relate us to missing people in any way, we get caught. Eventually, that will happen. But we can’t tell them about the life statues, they won’t believe us. We just tell them we know nothing.”

After the conversation they went to the living room. They turned on the TV and fell asleep. It was an image of 2 twisted minds resting under the screen light, the older one on the sofa, the younger one on the armchair. When they woke up, they started planning how Sanae would live from then further, suppressing their impatience for the rock solid demonstration to come.


Lets cut to the chase. Finishing the explanations that matter, fully ready for random tales to come. How long does it take for one? It depends. From days to months. I'll try working on Death Arts Competition too.

Chapter 3

The Art of Life

Sanae and Daichi left the car parked in front of a house, carrying luggage, in order to head inside. What house? Technically, not their house.

“Saito-san!” Called a girl from the street. She was little older than Sanae, dark blonde wavy hair, tanned skin, and she was eating a popsicle. It was winter, but the region was warm and the sun shined. It was still somewhat chilly, but she wore a t-shirt and a summer skirt.
“Mikan-chan!” Daichi replied. “What a coincidence. I didn’t see you passing by.”
“It’s funny, Saito-san, I hear the truck and I know it would be you.”
“It could be any truck.”
“I know, but where’s the fun in that? Never looking forward to anything. You’re so dank, Saito-san! Are you moving in?”
“Yes, we are. Meet Shiro-chan.” He presented Sanae to Mikan.
“Shiro-chan!” Said Mikan happily, moving the popsicle to her left hand to give Mikan a European-style handshake. “You’re Saito-san’s niece, aren’t you?”
“Yes. I’m really nice to meet you, Mikan…?”
“Sumomo Mikan. Leave the surname, everybody call me Mikan-chan.”
“I’m Kaede Shiro.”
“Can I call you Shiro-chan?”
“Yes. I’d love that!”
“You two have such a nice surnames… Kaede. Sounds like a first name. I’m jealous.”
“Oh, Mikan-chan… You have such a sweet first name.”
“’Sweet’ you say, Shiro-chan?” Said Mikan in a teasing tome. “Where are you shooting at, girl?”
“You come by later and I’ll show you.” Said Sanae with a horny smile.
“Uhh! Creepy Shiro-chan!”
“Hahaha, just kidding, Mikan-chan.”
“I wouldn’t mind if you weren’t hehehehe… I’m just kidding too.”

Then Mikan was on her way.
“See you later, Shiro-chan! Can you go to the ZOO at 5 PM?”
“No problem! See you there.”
“Take care, Saito-san!”
“See you later, Mikan-chan! Have fun at school!”
“Uhh, horrible Saito-san! I’m not going to school today! See you later, bye-bye!”

Sanae and Daichi finally entered the house and threw the luggage on the floor. They opened a large bag where there was no luggage, but a box. And in a box were ropes, cuffs, tweezers… Everything required for trapping a person.

“Authorities here are weak.” Said Saito. “This area started developing recently. But we won’t go here often.”
“Can I help you, Shiro-san, or do I just prepare for the meeting?”
“Heh.” He smiled. “Why are you still calling me Shiro-san?”
“Oh what, you wanna do the pero-pero?”
“What?!” Sanae yelled in a surprise. “No! You nuts?!”
“Shhh!” He interrupted. “You’re too loud!”
“But we’re already bells ringing.”
“Umm… Bells ringing?”
“I mean, after Mikan-san, everybody know we’re here.”
“Still… Shiro-chan…”
“Uhh… Fuck.” He smiled. “OK, you’re right. You’re… strange, today.”
“I’m hyped.” She said with her arms behind her back. And then she whispered loudly. “Mikan-chan is so pretty, are we really going to turn her to stone?”
“Oh, we will.” He said. “Just remember to bring her here this evening. Just like we said. And don’t interfere with my ceremony.”

Sanae had a feeling of a stage fright. Luckily, Mikan invited her to the ZOO herself. That saved her some effort.

Sanae was at the ZOO at 5 PM sharp. Mikan was happy to see her. They taked about their lives, to get to know each other better. Sanae’s story was, of course, fake. Born near a big river, once almost drowned, but managed to reach the other side anyway.
“It was so creepy!” She said. “The river was wide! I was 10!”
“Oh my God… The current could have pulled you… How far did you get?”
“I didn’t, I was entangled.”
“Yes. As soon as I freed myself, I was already on another side. And current didn’t pull me, it was slow.”
“So… Wait… You fell in on the side of your house…?”
“You got entangled instantly. Or not instantly.”
“Pretty quickly.”
“And as soon as you freed yourself, you were on the other side?”
“Yeah, I was there. I couldn’t have got there naturally.”
“It could be that you were swimming in panic so you don’t remember.”
“It could be… But I can’t know, nobody was there! I had to walk a kilometer to reach a bridge. My mum was worried sick.”
“Uhh…” Said Mikan. “I never said… How sorry I feel for your parents.”
“Don’t worry.” Said Sanae. “I prefer just not thinking about it. You know, life goes on.”
“Yeah, you gotta live.”

“Umm, I have an impossible story to tell too.” Mikan said when they leaned on the outer fence of the elephant district. “I was once held down… By a spirit. Or a demon.”
“Oh… My… When?”
“You can ask my friends, they saw it… We were a little tipsy. Just tipsy, we were 13, we couldn’t get much alcohol. We were not drunk.”
“Yes. I see.”
“And… something pushed me. Girls were looking for who to blame, but as I was getting up, it pushed me again. It was obvious none of them did it.”
“But PUSHED me! I was… I still feel thrill when I think about it. I couldn’t get up for… A minute? Something like that. It just kept on pushing me.”
“That’s terrifying!”
“Do you really believe me? I mean, you can ask Riko or Haruna…”
“I would rather not believe, but… I believe you. I definitely do.”
“I’m sorry. Did I scare you?”
“Oh, don’t worry. I’d rather be found prepared than unprepared if something like that should happen to me.”
“You… Shiro-chan, you sound like you’re looking forward to it.”
“Do I?” Sanae really wondered, did her unique personality just slip? “I… Guess it’s because it never happened to me before.”
“Oh. And… Rin told me… Now this really creeps me out.”
“Told you what? Do you want to tell me?”
“I do. But… Whenever I talk about it, I have a hunch it would really happen.”
“I’m listening if you need me to.” Sanae said while supportively holding Mikan’s hand.
“Rin saw me turning to stone.”
“Haruna said she sensed her thinking it, but didn’t see it.”

‘What a coincidence.’ Sanae thought. ‘This will be fun.’
“Nobody can the future, Mikan-chan. It’s future, it hasn’t even happened. Besides, body turned to stone… It’s too physically impossible.”
“Yeah, right? Even for a supernatural creature, right?”
“That’s correct. I mean… How could body simply turn into stone? Unless it’s fossilized or something, during thousands or millions of years.”
“Yeah. Hah, it’s so funny. There’s so many things we don’t know. Like these spirits or whatever they are.”

‘Mikan is a smart girl.’ Sanae thought. ‘If it weren’t for us for us, it would be shame she skips school. She’s got the potential.’ Which reminded her:
“Mikan-chan… What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“When I grow up?” She sighed. “Uhh… I should study more, and not skip school. I just can’t help myself.”
“You keep trying and you’ll get better.”
“I dunno… Life just… I have a feeling I lose something when I grow up. They told me I don’t, but I still have will to enjoy my teenage days more than I’m supposed to. But… I want to be an artist or a scientist.”
“That sounds great. Do you draw?”
“I draw, yeah. I draw, design, animate, do music…”
“For real?!”
“Yeah. I do it a lot.”
“Why would you want to be a scientist?”
“Oh. I don’t know. I had always been attracted to chemistry and biology. But art seems to be more natural choice.”

Sanae invited Mikan to her house. Mikan puts her stuff up on the Internet, and Sanae showed interest in seeing her art. They entered the house and saw Daichi making supper. Mikan greeted him as ‘Saito-san’. In Sanae’s supposed-to-be room, Mikan was granted a place on the computer. After all, she needed to show Sanae the art she made. There was a tweezer right under the bed. But Sanae didn’t take it up immediately. She wanted to know who she would doom.

“Mikan-chan…” Said Sanae while looking her art. “This looks… Professional.”
“Yea. I made this webpage too. HTML and CSS through PHP.”
“You’re kidding…”
“You don’t believe me?”
“I do! I’m just saying that because… I’m surprised!” Sanae had been honest. With this much potential, the story gets really sad. “HTML… That’s ICT.”
“I wish my parents cared more.” Said Mikan, still looking at the monitor, as Sanae took out the tweezer. “You don’t want to know how I earned the software I use. It’s like they hate me for ditching school. And they think it’s no work, just…”

Without Mikan even knowing, the tweezer touched her neck and struck her with its tiny lightning. Mikan shook and after several seconds dropped unconscious. Sanae took her downstairs.

The living room was clean.
“Daichi!” She called him, forgetting for the ‘-san’ honorific. “Here!”

Daichi left the kitchen and saw passed out Mikan.
“Good.” He said. He took the rope out of the bag and tied up her hands and her feet together.
“I want to see her naked.” Said Sanae as she took the knife from the kitchen and started ripping off Mikan’s clothes.
“I already saw her naked.”
“You’re kidding.”
“Well, just her boobs. She needed money.”
“I’m so jealous…” Said Sanae.
“By the way… Sanae… Do you swing ‘that’ way?”
Sanae looked at him with a short pause.
“I don’t know how I swing.” She said. “She’s cute. I want to see her naked. I don’t want to think about how I might swing.”

Sanae revealed her dark, orange breasts.
“Mikan…” She said. “Real mandarin…”
“She’s not so orange.” He said. “Never seen a tanned girl naked before?”
“Uhh!” Sanae compained. “Dad wouldn’t even let me take group baths with girls from my class! Yes, I don’t know how a naked tanned person looks like. I mean… not in real life.”
“Why so nervous?”
“I’m not nervous.” She nervously said. “I’m… I am. I’m molesting a girl, wow…”

She kept on cutting and ripping off her clothes. Amazed by her vagina, she turned her around.
“Wow…” She said. “That… pussy. From reverse perspective. Looks even better than in porn. And… Under this ass…” She touched her ass, admiring how firm it was.

Then she needed to talk to Daichi, but didn’t stop shamelessly touching a girl she just met in front of the 50yo man she recently met. Young pervert, young abuser.
“So… Anything I need to know?”
“I’ll share some facts. There are 2 ways to turn a person to stone. This is the harder way. You kidnap them and perform the rituals for the demons. There is no prayer. It’s more of a feeling, communication. Letting yourself be taken over and then taking over the victim. I can’t explain that. It can be hard only because the victim resists, and can run away. That’s why we’re doing it this way. I want to show you the harder path first. At some point during the ritual you start sensing her experience and hearing her thoughts.

Easier way, but harder in its own manner, is making a close friend. Gaining a person’s maximum trust. Then you can do a subtle ritual of taking over their soul. As days go by, you start sensing and hearing their mind. That’s when you’re ready to make a move.”

He took a jar of pills.
“You see these pills? They do nothing. They melt in water in an instant. But they perfectly bind a demonic essence. You can even use sugar instead. You can get these possessed for several hours. Then you put a few of them in a drink you’ll both drink. No need to be worried, the drink only affects the victim.

At one point, the victim will yawn or have a big sigh. Several seconds later they start turning to stone. To a life statue. I’ll show you how it works, but not how I normally do it. I’d normally make her suffer.”

“I see… For how long do you feel their mind?”
“For several days. You can hold it up to 8 days if you know how. But even afterwards you can sense their aura if you touch them, knowing how they feel.”

Sanae lifted Mikan’s ass in the air, getting it supported by Mikan’s knees.
“This looks so… Good…”
Sanae started licking passed out Mikan’s pussy. Daichi went on drawing a large pentagram on the floor.
“Why do you need a pentagram, Daichi?”
“It helps the mind concentrate on possessing a person. It’s not crucial.”
“Hah…” Said Sanae before continuing to lick. “I thought eating pussy would feel better. I mean, it looks so pretty…”

After a while Sanae would stop doing that. She put the poor girl in the pentagram, setting her up on her knees. Mikan woke up.

“What? Saito-san? Shiro-chan? Why am I naked?”

Mikan got into quite a shock. Her hands were tied in front of her body, so she hid her boobs, and squeezed her legs so they wouldn’t see her most sensitive spot.
“Untie me! What’s going on?”

Daichi came closer.
“My name is Daichi. And I’ll be straight with you. I am going to turn you into stone.”
“Umm… Is this a prank?!” She asked with a mixture of anger and fear.
“Hah…” Said Sanae. “She actually told me her friends saw her being turned into stone.”
“What a coincidence.” Said Daichi, looking deep into Mikan. “They probably lied… You don’t need to believe me, however.”
“What?!” She could feel his gaze. “Why are you looking at me like this?! Please… Let me go!”

As Daichi kept walking around her, shoving his gaze deep into her essence, Mikan’s behavior would change from begging to fury to reason to begging to anger… Until one moment.

“Oh… No!” She whimpered, feeling a strong and dark presence penetrating her stomach, entering her soul. Like a demon. “No! What is this?! Daichi, please stop, it’s terrifying me!!”
“That is going to turn you into a rock statue.” Said Sanae.
“No! Shiro-chan, help me!”
“It’s Sanae. I lied to you. Your friends were right. What they saw was right.”
“No! Sanae-chan, please help me! I don’t want to die, save me!”
“Oh. You wouldn’t die.” Sanae giggled. “What your friends didn’t tell you is that you would be trapped forever.”
“No…” Mikan now started peeing. Her face for completely distorted from fear and crying. “Nothing is forever… Please, no…”
“This is, Mikan. We’ve got plenty of people like that back home.”
“No… Something’s taking over me!”

Mikan crawled on her knees to the edge of the circle with the same distorted crying face. She put her hands together, crossing her fingers.
“Please don’t turn me into stone!!! I want to live!!! I’m not a bad person!!! Am I A bad person?!!”
“On the contrary.” Said Daichi. “That’s the point. Punishing evil is… Boring. Normal.”
“No!!! Please!!! I believe in God!!! I want to go to heaven!!!”
“From what I know, there is no heaven. Just souls swirling around, barely aware of themselves moving to the uninhabited baby bodies, becoming new people.”
“No!!! I want to die!!! Please kill me, Saito-san, I will become a beautiful statue!!! You don’t need me alive to turn me into stone!!! I’ll be pretty when I’m dead!!! I promise!!! Please!!! Pleeeaaaseee!!!”

Her whimpers suddenly stopped. Suddenly. One second you’d think she’s been calming down, but the very next second you’d realize she hasn’t even had a shiver.”

“You can touch her now, Sanae.” He said.

Sanae touched her. ‘Her skin… it’s hard. It’s getting harder. It… She’s… This is…’ Sanae dropped back, breathing in large shock, choking on the drops of her own saliva. It was unbelieveable. Very slowly, Mikan was becoming gray.

“Mikan-chan… *cough cough*” She started crying from shock. “This… This is it… This… Help…”
“Sanae-chan…” Daichi said. “It’s too late to have second thoughts. The demons are doing their job.”

Mikan was getting grayer and grayer. 2 minutes must have passed. Mikan was completely stone. No explosion, no smoke as in that trick that Daichi had set up. Just a sudden complete stop and then slow petrification.

As Sanae was still in shock, she couldn’t help Daichi. What he did was smear Mikan with a substance of the same color, explaining it’s supposed to make her look like mediocre art of a scrabblier. It would be washed off later.

They first carried the statue to the truck. Surprisingly, it wasn’t heavy as Sanae expected it to be. Daichi explained it’s because the mineral itself isn’t too heavy, and her body is full of empty spaces. Her organs preserved their shape, they were just completely turned to mineral.

“It’s a form of live. Living body is full of… air. Tiny holes and stuff.”

They drove in the car to the truck and put her there. They’d be on the road for 2 more days because Daichi had both legal and drug work to do. At some point Sanae asked:

“She said nothing can be forever. What do you think about it?”
“I don’t know exactly. I once melted a life statue. While I could still hear it. You know, it completely changed its chemical structure. I thought it could help me find the answer, because I’d prefer it to be forever. They couldn’t melt these back in the days. Connection between me and her remained but disappeared much faster. But demons told me she’s still in the same state, regardless.”
“So… Demons say it’s forever.”
“Yes, they do. They’re probably right, soul changes inside a body. But even if it weren't eternal, the Sun would need to die out and swallow the Earth up. It would take millions of years to happen.”

“Umm... She was an artist.”
“Was she?” He sighed. “It feels great getting to know someone before fucking them up.”
“She was an artist… And now she’s art.”
“That’s right. Art.” He agreed. “The art of life.”
“The art of history… Of one moment in life. But… The art of life is cruel. Even the art of normal life. I mean, you re-live the same struggle over and over again.”
“You don’t remember it, though. And you feel joy. And it’s natural for a human soul.”
“Oh… You’re right.”
“No greater suffering for a dynamic soul than static life, Sanae.”

They had completely dropped the honorifics. What for? They didn’t have feelings for each other. It just felt right to them.

When they came back and Sanae had a good sleep, she went to the basement to find Mikan. Mikan was… It was a statue of a girl on her knees, begging with her hands together. The statue was so good, you could see every pore she used to have. She was all but in more than 1 color. Her face was distorted by the crying, just like before turning, you could feel the redness just by looking at it. ‘She probably still feels the pressure in her eyes and her stomach. From crying.’ Only Daichi could know that. He did that to her. He hears and feels her right now. ‘This is… Truly art… The best art I’ve ever seen…”

Not even looking if Daichi might be coming downstairs, she took off her pants, her underpants and started shamelessly playing with her pussy.
‘I love empathy…’ She said. ‘Daichi probably feels it too. That doesn’t mean we are healthy human beings. I just… This high position is the one I would be in. I’d soon be in. A witch, dooming a girl who trusted me… How does it feel, Mikan? How will it feel in the eternity? I want to know, Mikan. Let me know? Please let me know? How would it be if you were still in pain? Mikan-chan… You’ll make me cum…”


Uhh a made a weird mistake. Lets fix it:

“Authorities here are weak.” Said Daichi. “This area started developing recently. But we won’t go here often.”
“Can I help you, Shiro-san, or do I just prepare for the meeting?”
“Heh.” He smiled. “Why are you still me Shiro-san?” It wasn't even his fake name, but hers.
“Oh what, you wanna do the pero-pero?”
“What?!” Sanae yelled in a surprise. “No! You nuts?!”


Kids, for the second time, do not ditch school!

Chapter 4

A Girl Who Would Dress Like the Sky

It was a last week of our school year… Being a middle-schooler felt so… impatient. I should have cherished those days earlier. Girls’ talk, boys, new interests. I remember seeing a yuri doujinshi. Just a few pages. I screamed and turned my head away… Did it feel good? I should have gathered more strength, because even since then I thought ‘I should have had more strength.’ If my parents didn’t put a paranoid anti-porn protection on my PC, I could have read some… Erotic manga online. But I couldn’t even find Yuri. They said they would find a smarter software that wouldn’t be paranoid, but they never had time to get to it.

My name is Miyamoto Emi. I have brown hair just over the bottom line of my chin. I never let it reach my shoulders. I went to middle school. Was I 2nd grade or 3rd grade? I don’t remember which grade I was. I had been wanting to buy new clothes and become a happy teenager ever since the summer before, but I was too shy to tell it to my parents. But in the time of this story I was just a little bit more grown up. I told my parents I wanted to buy new summer clothes. They didn’t complain. They were glad to see their child going through puberty.

I took off to Hikaru-san... She told me to call her Hikaru-chan, to make her feel younger. Was she scared of dying? Why? Anyway, it was a last week of school year. Or 2 weeks. I bought one sky-blue T-shirt with round and intervening pink strokes on the front. Pink reminding me of this change, my happy girlishness, innocence and my new lust. Most of the smooth, round strokes went through the surface of my little developing breasts, sensitive pillows that would one day rest a man, and long time after have a child sleep on them. I wanted to wear no bra below it, but I would need to be careful there would be no one around but my girls. What if I was at home? I wanted to wear it at home too. If ceiling would be the floor, my t-shirt would be the blue sky, with pink ribbon hiding the hot sun. It looked great even when I fixed it above my belly. So sexy… It could be worn outside normally, and like that on the beach.

Next I looked at sexy shorts. You… Uh… You know, those short shorts that cover your bottom and a little bit below. First ones I tried looked like denim shorts, but were elastic. I loved how they would stand out my curves. I tried several of short shorts, but didn’t come out of the dressing room. It… Did it look slutty? They would follow the surface of my butt, and they were all really short. Pink, denim-like, black… They turned me on. I wish I could watch myself in the mirror longer, but being so young, and not on my period, I forgot to put on the everyday maxi pads. I sustained from getting moist, but I was still worried I might juice up the crotch on these. I thought I’d go rather easy for the start. I took thin denim shorts, you know, normally short shorts, which were tight on my butt. It looked summer-ish. The previous ones probably weren’t slutty but… I wanted to ask my friends what they thought about those first.

And the third thing, a cheap summer dress. I took the yellow one with light blue flowers. If the sky was all sun, the dress would be the sky, and the blur flowers would be stars… When I put the 3 items on the counter, Hikaru-chan told me they are great choice. I was 100 yen short, but she told me I can just bring them there later when I have them. She was such a good woman…

My friends told me… Oh, how ironic. I was wearing my t-shirt and the shorts, and I worried the clothes might be slutty, but they called them childish. I didn’t want to bling. It was summer, I wanted to be the sky. But they said my clothes were beautiful anyway.

On my way home I was greeted by a beautiful girl:
“This looks awesome!” She said. “You look like the sky with a ribbon floating in it!”
‘Who is this stranger?’ I thought. ‘She is beautiful…’ She had long, straight hair… ‘If I am the day sky, she is the night…’
“Oh my, I am so sorry.” She said with a gentle, embarrassed smile on her face. “My name is Sairenji Sanae. I just moved here. I’ll be transferring to nearby middle school when summer passes.”
‘I see… She is new around here, and wants to make acquaintances. She looks a bit older… Taller than me for more than a head. Would she start the last year of middle school?’
“It is nice to meet you.” I said. “My name is Hikaru Emi. Call me Emi-chan.”
“Thank you for your name. You can call me Sanae-chan.”
“Ok then, Sanae-chan! So, you’re making new friends here?”
“Yes. I think it’s useful to know someone before you need to start school. I come from Iwaki. It’s so hot here…”
“Oh, the Touhoku region? Yeah, it’s south here. I hope it won’t give you a bad time…”
“No! Not at all! I love it when it’s hot. Moving to the south… It was my dream!”
“That’s nice. Have you ever been to the south?”
“Yes. I was in the hotel with my parents near Kyushu. It felt so good! Where did you buy these clothes?”
“Oh… In the store of my friend. Or my mum’s friend… Do you want me to take you there?”
“Sure! I love these clothes!”
‘You do, don’t you?’ I thought. ‘You said I looked like the sky. With a ribbon floating in it. I just met you, but I am so happy…’

I took her to Hikaru-chan’s store. She was happy to see me again, and to get to know my new friend. Or acquaintance? It seemed like we’d become actual friends very soon. She was very happy to be in that store. She wanted to buy summer clothes, but it was hard finding which one would fit her. But eventually we realized, it could be pink. Something containing pink. And we found a dark purple sleeveless shirt with a yellow sun and pink shining stars. ‘It’s like… summer sun being suffocated by the night…’ It perfectly fit her gothic face and hair.

Then we talked to each other. I told her that I would like to be a lyricist and a composer. I took her to the lawn behind the suburd, behind the trees. I would spend at least few hours per day every summer with my friends there. We talked about our interests, lives, hobbies… Experiences?

“Uh… Sanae-chan, you… Whaaat?!”
“Yes. Is that weird?”
“It… How did it taste like?”
“What? Emi-chan, I just kissed a boy! You make it sound like I… Licked a boy.”
“Ewww!” I screamed. I didn’t see many porn movies, so it was… it didn’t felt embarrassing just thinking about it, but when she said it…
“Kissing tasted like saliva.” She said.
“Did you ever kiss a girl?” I asked on impulse.
“I… Come on!”
“You didn’t?”
“No, I… I kissed a girl, yes!” I was so hyped hearing that.
“Who was it? A friend?”
“Yes, it was a friend. Just a friend! It was even before I kissed a boy.”
“Before?! Why didn’t you say earlier?!”
“I thought it didn’t matter.”
“So… How was it? Was it different?”
“I don’t know. It was… It felt… Like a girl. I don’t remember, it was short!” She complained. “Girls are just too shy, and they pretend they aren’t.”
“Was it at least a little good?”
“Yes! It was really good! I mean, it was my first kiss.”

‘A first kiss…’ I was shocked. ‘With a girl. It would be… No, that couldn’t be my first kiss.’
“Umm, Sanae-chan… I’m just asking, completely hypothetically. Don’t think I’m trying to suggest something! Is it normal for a first kiss to be with a friend? Of the same sex?”
“Umm… I don’t know. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s just friendship, isn’t it?”
“But… What if it feels good?”
“Well… Kissing feels good. I don’t know, kissing a boy felt… Special. Not just good.”

‘Why am I on my knees, leaning forward on my hands?’ I noticed. ‘No way… I want to kiss her?! But I just met her! It would be wrong!’ Then I realized her eyes were piercing me. Her gothic eyes were looking at me with embarrassment, but they were… Reaching out inside me…
“Why are you looking at me like this?”
“Oh!” She looked away in embarrassment. “I’m sorry! Forget it, it didn’t mean anything!”

‘Didn’t it?’ I thought in disappointment, but relief too. I laid back on my knees, and then she looked at me again.
“Umm… Emi-chan?”
“Can we… kiss…?”
“What?! No!!”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“I just met you! You’re so… weird!” I said on impulse.
“Ugh, it was a stupid question.” She said, covering her face with her hands.

‘I am worried she might be worried… I’m not angry! I was just… I want to kiss you it’s just that… I just met you! My opinion on yoz still hasn’t changed! After all… You little… This is going to haunt me! I’m going to creep out all my friends! I might try to kiss them now! Ugh, Sanae-chan, I… I… Don’t start crying! No, this face covering might turn out bad. I’ll get you hyped like you are supposed to be!’

“Sanae-chan, are you crying?” I said, trying to remove her hands.
“N… No!!!” She screamed while giggling from embarrassment. “Don’t look at me, I’m embarrassed!!!”
“Come on, reveal this face, don’t be a little... NEET!”
“I’m not a NEET!” She said, uncovering her blushing smiling face.

I collapsed her to the floor, and gave her a short, juicy peck on the lips. I got up, looking at her. My hands were holding her arms. Then I collapsed backwards, putting my hands on my face to hide it.
“NOOO!!!” I screamed while giggling. My face felt like it would explode. ‘I… just… dominated… and kissed… a person I just met… a GIRL that I just met’. “Fuck, whole suburb must have heard me!”

I felt her shadow climbing on me. I uncovered my red face and looked at her.
“What?” I asked.
She pecked me too. On the lips. ‘This is not fair! I gave her a much deeper peck!!!’
I pushed her on the back again and started tickling her.
“It’s not fair, it’s not fair! Sanae-chan, you stupid!”

When I got tired… I got tired. From moving. Not from kissing. ‘I want to French kiss you, Sanae-chan… so embarrassing.’ But as her eyes were penetrating my soul once again, she reminded me of a random shoujo manga male character. She… This depth, feeling like connection. She was darkness. Pure Gothicism. ‘Yet she’s such a bright and innocent person.’ I felt it. I never felt anything like this before. But my biggest concern. ‘Should I make a move? I’m on top, so… Should I?’

She wanted to get up. ‘What? Over already?’ When she did, her being taller than me, for some reason, felt pleasurable. She didn’t step away. ‘She is going to kiss me…’
She kissed me. Our lips were drawing across each other, and we would put out our tongues from time to time. We didn’t know how we were supposed to be doing it, and we giggled. It was not romantic for us. For me at least. With breaks, we practiced French kissing. We would also grope each other’s butts when sun started going down. Her eyes… Whenever she had them open, I could feel her gentle demonic presence.

She started touching me down there. It made me giggle. I let her.
“This feels funny.” She said.
“I suppose it’s what girls don’t do together.”
“I never did it before. I always wanted to try touching a girl. You know, for scientific purposes.”
“Hahaha!” I kissed her. ‘I shouldn’t have done this.’ I thought, because that last kiss made me give in to the caressing of my pussy.
“You can go further if you want.” I said. ‘This is crossing the line.’ I thought. ‘But it’s over. I want this.’ It still felt like friendship after all. We would have later acted like nothing happened, until maybe one day, long time after, when we would repeat it.

But she really went further. She put down my shorts and my underpants just enough to casually set up her hand there. ‘Ohh, I forgot. My shorts must be wet now.’ She started slowly rubbing my pussy, searching for my clitoris. She would stop kissing me. There were her eyes above me. Looking at me. Caressing my very soul… ‘Is this the normal feeling of making love? Or is it just her?’ I just looked at her and she looked at me. The dark feeling became a little scairy, but I wouldn’t give in to it.

Her fingers, rubbing my pussy for 5 minutes, exploring it from the inside, and the thrill of her look were going to make me cum.
“Senpai…” I said. I kept my concentration. I tried not to blink. I wanted those eyes to see my eyes when I’m cumming.

When the orgasm started I let out a little cry. But… It was getting irregular. Like a bad communication line. ‘Is this how an orgasm should be?’ Surprisingly, it felt like my vaginal muscle cramped, it hurt a little. I gave out a few more stutter moans in panic. ‘Why isn’t my face moving?’ Sanae-chan just smiled:
“I am turning you to a stone statue.” She said. “No one will ever be able to save you."

‘Why…?’ I thought. It felt impossible. But my sight and hearing started fading away. There was no more orange sunset, no more crickets. ‘Why? Help… Impossible…’ I was in complete disbelief. ‘No… I am dreaming, this can’t be. I don’t just kiss people. Yes, this is a dream! No… If this is a dream, why can’t I breathe? Please, somebody wake me! Wake me! Wake me, I’m having a nightmare! Mom! Dad! I can’t breathe, this is not real! Wake me up, I’ll die!!!’

Eventually I realized it was more real than anything else. I cried so much. I mean… If only I could cry. The orgasm, the feeling of her fingers didn’t vanish. It was so good, but the longer it lasted, the more it was violating me… If only my muscle didn’t cramp… Did it cramp bacuase I was cumming while turning? I don’t know. All I do know, one moment it was so beautiful… Day sky and the night sky, kissing, making love just for simple fun… And then it became… Impossible. Why? How can something so beautiful become this horrible? And this suddenly?

‘Help me!!! Help me!!! I’ve become stone and it hurts!!! And I’m cumming!!! Please, make me finish cumming!!! Save me!!! Save me, this started feeling like rape… this orgasm is driving me insane!!! Why won’t it stop?!! Please, Sanae-chan, make it stop!!! Please come back and tell me you were joking!!! I will be like this forever!!! Would really nobody ever save me?!! Nooo!!! Mum, dad, please come!!! Please save me, talk to me, tell me everything is going to be alright!!! I’m just a little girl, I don’t deserve this!!! Why?! Why!!!”

It was a last week of our school year… Being a middle-schooler felt so… impatient for growing up. I should have cherished those days earlier… Should I have? I just started to cherish them and this would happen… Was that a wrong thing to do? I shouldn’t have looked at those eyes. Or no, I shouldn’t have talked to Sanae either. I shouldn’t have… Ditched school. I am sorry, Kanae-sensei… Am I getting punished for that? I want to cry… This orgasm is violating me, it never stops… I’m panicking whenever I’m not narrating. I’m telling this story to myself over and over again, hoping somebody magical would hear my mind and talk to me.

How much time has it been? Is this really forever? Is nobody ever going to save me? No… It can’t be… But that’s what she meant, right? That’s what she… This is never going to stop… Why? Why, Sanae-chan? Why did you turn me to stone? Was I that mean? I was just buying clothes for summer… Is that slutty? I kissed a girl… Was it that mean? Was it a test? Why would you turn a girl to stone for kissing her new friend?

Please, don’t let this be forever… God? Anyone? If I had gone to the shrine more often… Would the gods help me? Please, gods, forgive me… Or… If I was a Chrisan… or Chichan… or… Would I go to heaven? Is this hell? This pain, this horrible orgasm… I’m tired of this orgasm, just let me die, please… This can’t be forever... It can’t… This is forever. I will never be saved. I hate I was ever born. I will never be saved… *Sob sob*… Is that how sobbing should sound like? Why can’t you let me cry...? I want to cry! This is forever, please let me at least cry!!! Let me at least breathe… Pleeeaaaseee let me go pleaaaseeee!!! Please, Sanae-chan, I’m begging you!!! Hear me, don’t you feel sorry!!!? I’m just a little girl, full of hormones!!! I didn’t know!!! I didn’t know… I’m sorry, mum, I hung out with a stranger!!! No!!! No… I must… Tell the story… Again… Please hear me… Anybody.


Sanae just stood there, looking at a relaxed climaxing middle schooler getting grayer and grayer… She felt the organic tissue hardening around her fingers, becoming colder and colder. This poor creature was already trapped by the demons of life art, and Sanae could hear her confused mind. ‘Because I’m selfish and bad’, she thought. ‘That’s why I turned you, Emi-chan. I’m a bad person who likes when sad things happen. But you’ll never find out.’

Pulling the fingers out should have hurt a little, but wouldn’t be much effort. Sanae just enjoyed the feeling of a stone pussy. ‘You wanted me to see your eyes while cumming, Emi-chan. There you go. You’ll wear this face forever. You look so innocent while you’re orgasming. I’ll keep you in my room, under the sunlight coming from my window. I will forever admire this blue-pink t-shirt you’re wearing. It fits you and your small beasts perfectly.’

When she pulled out her finger, brought a wheelbox what was hidden in the forest, and loaded Emi-chan there. ‘She isn’t going to move, is she?’ Sanae thought as she remembered the voice that was coming out of her mouth after she was supposed to be frozen in place. That wasn’t supposed to happen… But that at least gave Sanae time to let Emi know she would be turned to stone. ‘It is so sweet, hearing her worrying that she might have REALLY been turned to stone! I love it!’

And Sanae found another thing out. You can possess a person forcibly without tying them up and making any type of mess. All you need to do is make them believe your deep gaze soaked with demonic essence. She rolled Emi-chan (on the wheelbox) to Daichi’s truck somewhere. From then, except in their basement, Emi-chan was never seen again…


Logical mistake:

"except in their basement"
should be
"except in Sanae's room"


Hey !

I don't know if you plan to write any more of these, but I'd absolutely love to read more about interesting ways to make statues with beautifull young girls. Some of the poses displayed I would love to read about. And I'm sure some you didn't even mention.

At any rate, Bump I guess ? :-)



Thanks a lot! Sorry it took me a while to respond. I might come back to Sanae in a while, though I'm currently thinking abut other petrification stories I could write. It's just that I don't write often.


Loved the story.



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