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Hi guys, this is a story I wrote quite a while ago, and it was posted on the previous incarnation of gurochan. The story was inspired by School Selection and was written by someone called Percy at first, but he only posted a couple of paragraphs before abandoning it. He gave me permission to write a continuation, as well as to rewrite the previously mentioned paragraphs. My storytelling and writing skills has improved significantly since I wrote this story, but I think some will find it enjoyable.

Ben’s Day at Work

Chapter 1

Ben walked swiftly to the order desk with his butcher order for the day. After briefly looking at the list, he picked it up and carried on towards the selection hall. While opening and closing the door, he saw his cattle already undressing as though they wanted to die. All of which were under thirteen years old and although most of them were female, he saw a few males there too. As the last ones were removing their final pieces of clothing, the grade inspectors began their job of sorting the cattle into Grade A, which was for live spitting, and Grade B for hanging and butchering. A stern young woman in her late twenties addressed the now two groups, saying;

"Grade A’s, would you please follow Ben for you sanitation process, and Grade B’s would you please follow me". Ben waved his hand for the Grade As to follow him.

Ben was an honest man and he made an honest living. If someone walked up to him and asked if he enjoyed his job he would not give much of an answer. To him a job was a job, and as the global banking system was showing cracks any job was worth doing. Plus, someone had to supply the spit roasts for the world.

Ben led the group down a plain white corridor before arriving in a waiting room. Two more stops laid ahead of them, first the sanitizing chamber and then the spitting hall. Several spit workers came in to have a quick look at the spitting subjects before heading back into a side door. The group consisted of half boys and half girls, and this would make life easier for Ben and his colleagues as they could do one boy and one girl at a time. Ben waved his hand again so he could speak, and the group went silent.

"You will all receive a number in a moment. Two and two of you will receive the same number. That is your waiting number." Ben gave out little cards with numbers on them.

"You may have noticed the little screen above the door of the sanitizing chamber. When the number on you card flashes on the screen, you may enter."

Ben retired to the spitting hall and there he waited. The boys and girls were seated in the waiting room but none of them could relax. For two people, named Rachel and David, their time had come as their number flashed coldly on the screen. They looked at their friends and enemies before shuffling into the big grey door for the sanitizing. Once Rachel and David entered, they noticed two workers who both had what most people would call hosepipes in their hands. But instead of water, the hosepipes were filled with chemicals. David being the bravest out of the two went to one of the workers but the worker was rough as he took a large rubbery hand over David’s mouth, forcing a small tablet into his mouth.

"Swallow it!" the worker shouted.

The same was happening to Rachel and the workers soon let go. David began to feel very strange inside, as though his gut was twisting and turning. Then it came. Shit started to fall from David’s perfect ass, as the same was happening to Rachel. The pressure on David’s gut was almost unbearable as though it were a factory machine going into overload. David bent over and paced himself as more shit began to slide from his anus. Pressure in his bladder built up all the same as a torrent of piss and cum exited his system until it finally stopped. David was in shock by how fast it all came out, but it was not over yet as the merciless worker turned on his water cannon of a hosepipe. A powerful jet stream of cold water hit David off guard and knocked him to the floor. Falling on his front meant he had given the worker access to his ass. The worker quickly kneeled by him and inserted the pipe into David’s rectum, sliding it in a couple of inches before turning it to full power. David cringed as cold water ran through his intestines and into his stomach. The worker then turned off the power, pulled out the pipe and let the water drain. It took a quick three seconds as the fluid came back out of his ass and drained away. David was now ready for step two, the spit.

Rachel had gone through the same process as David, but with a few additional steps. Her vagina was being thoroughly cleansed with water, a process that the worker seemed to enjoy. After having her young pussy flushed with water for a while, Rachel was ready for the next step in the process.

David and Rachel were led to an open shower alongside the wall of the room for their outer cleaning. This time, the water was nice and warm, and the workers began coating the bodies of the two spitting subjects with a special, rather good smelling soap. David looked at Rachel, who was as relaxed as she could be in this situation. He looked at her pretty face with the bright blue eyes and the round nose, which made her one of the cutest girls in the school. She had small, budding breasts, a flat belly, a shapely, petite ass and just a tiny patch of dark, pubic hair above her virgin pussy. David had had a crush on her since fourth grade, and to see her naked was a dream coming true. Naturally, this resulted in David having a full erection, which he noticed when he found out what Rachel was looking at. David felt ashamed, but one of the workers quickly remarked that what was happening was perfectly normal and he soon felt more relaxed.

This small glimpse of idyll ended when the time came for the next step in the process. The workers led them to what appeared to be a fairly large bathtub, but it was filled with some kind of golden coloured oil that smelled of spices and herbs. “Jump in!” one of the workers said, and so they did. After their bodies were submerged in oil up to their necks, the workers grabbed their heads and pushed them into it, coating their whole bodies. They were then pulled out of the tub and had to stand above a drain for a bit while the excess oil dripped off.

Now, Rachel and David were ready for the spitting. David was first, and was led to a bench where he was told to lie on his tummy. One of the workers began to tie David’s hands behind his back while the second worker tied his feet together and fastened them above his ass. While the workers were doing this David realized that he was about to die. He looked at Rachel who was standing ten feet away, looking at him. Their eyes met and a feeling of understanding hit both of them. There was nothing they could do about their fate, so they accepted it.

Suddenly, something cold and wide began to invade David’s anus, and he realized that it was the spit. His anus stretched and adjusted to it, but it really hurt. The real pain began when the tip of the spear pierced his colon, and continued to push its way through his internal organs. David began to groan but not scream, mostly because Rachel was looking at him. She raised her hands to her mouth while she watched what David was experiencing knowing that she would soon experience just the same.

David stopped groaning after just a few seconds, when the spear entered his throat and blocked the flow of air in and out of his lungs. It pushed its way further and further, until David’s mouth was forced open and the spear came out allowing him to breathe again due to some cleverly designed holes in it. David was now in an extremely uncomfortable position. His throat was stretched out and his face was pointing upwards while blood dripped from his mouth and anus.

The workers left David there, while they turned to face Rachel. She was scared, and did not want to die. She tried to run, but she had forgotten that her body was covered in oil and immediately slipped and fell. The workers pulled her up by the shoulders and held her tight. She screamed, but it didn’t prevent the workers from placing her on a bench next to David and securing her with rope, until she was in the same position as David. When the spear entered her anus she screamed even louder, while tears streamed from her eyes. Her voice became hoarse, and eventually she stopped screaming when the spear entered her throat. She tried to wriggle in a desperate attempt to at least do something to stop the workers from piercing her, but the jolt of intense pain that immediately spread through her whole body convinced her to lay still.

After spears had pierced both of them, the workers hanged them in a specially designed rack with wheels on it. The workers pushed them into a small room, and after leaving the room and closing the wide glass door through which they had entered, the workers pushed a couple of buttons on the outside. David and Rachel heard the sound of big fans, blowing air into the room. Suddenly the air turned blazingly hot, and they realized that this was the oven. The air was burning them everywhere, and the pain kept getting worse. The two of them looked at each other, staring into each other’s eyes until the heat glazed them and their young hearts stopped. Meanwhile, the workers welcomed a new pair of spitting subjects while the smell of cooked meat slowly spread across the room.

Chapter 2

While David and Rachel were prepared for the spitting the rest of the boys and girls were sitting outside, nervously waiting for the next number to flash on the screen. They realized that it might take a while before the workers were ready for the next couple, so they started talking to pass the time, brightening the mood in the room. Some of them started talking about sex, and how it was a shame that they would never experience it before they died. Soon those words were on everybody’s lips and they found out that all of them were virgins, except Julie and Thomas who were girlfriend and boyfriend and had “done it” a couple of times. After some discussion the group decided that everybody would team up with someone of the opposite gender, which was easy since the group consisted of half girls and half boys, twenty in total. The group formed a circle around Julie and Thomas, who would show the rest of them how to do it.

Julie was an extraverted person, and had no problems having sex in front of her former classmates. She had curves, but they were natural and she was by no means chubby or plump. Her breasts were about the size of lemons, and her ass was a near perfect masterpiece because of her natural curves. She had gone into puberty early and had always been keen on exploring and experimenting. Her boyfriend, Thomas, was also an early bloomer. He had brown, half-long hair and unusually smooth skin. His cock stood out four inches when it was fully erect, impressive for his age.

Julie laid down on her back and she told all the girls to do the same. The floor was covered in soft, slim mats similar to those in the school gym, making it comfortable to lie on.

“Before we attempt penetration, it is important that the girls are wet down there,” Julie said with a loud and clear voice, making it easy for the others to pay attention. “Therefore, we girls have to spread our legs, and you boys have to play with our cunnies for a while. You can rub it, lick it, and stick your fingers in just a little bit. Try to not just do one thing, but vary a little.”

The others did as told, and the room was soon filled with the soft moans of little girls. Thomas, who unlike the other boys had done this before went straight to the licking and sucking, much to Julie’s pleasure. The other boys were nervous at first, but not long after they had started all of the boys had also tasted the pussy of their partner.

As the girls were getting increasingly aroused Julie decided it was time to move on to the real deal.

“Ok everybody, listen!” she said. “Now it’s time to do the real sex; what the adults call fucking! Girls, raise your knees, spread your legs, and let the boy lay on top of you.” The boys and girls looked at how Thomas and Julie were positioned, and they placed themselves the same way.

“Remember to take it easy, boys. It may hurt a bit for the girls in the beginning, but it will get better!” Julie said, before Thomas gently inserted his cock into her pussy. The other ones mimicked them, and within a couple of minutes all of the girls had lost their cherries.

As an experienced couple compared to the others, both Julie and Thomas had an orgasm before any of the others. Julie had never experienced Thomas’ cock without a condom on before, and she loved to finally find out what it felt like to let him cum inside of her. After the couple finished they cuddled for a bit, looking into each other’s eyes. Julie played with her pussy while she felt the cum seeping out of it.

The next one to deposit his load into another girl was Richard who had been teamed up with the shy redhead Lisa. She felt good but hadn`t reached an orgasm yet. Julie noticed this, and immediately went over to Lisa and started licking her pussy. The taste of Lisa’s juices and Richards cum made Julie aroused again, so she brought one hand to her pussy and started masturbating while she used her tongue to give Lisa the time of her life. Lisa’s breathing became faster and faster, until she reached her climax. The former reserved and quiet girl let out a loud moan of pleasure. At the same time Julie had her second orgasm of the day, and both of the girls had to lie down next to each other almost completely exhausted.

The group of spitting subjects helped each other cum, making everyone reach orgasm at least once. Most of them were able to cum twice before their number flashed on the screen, and it made them a little more relaxed before they experienced the last, painful moments of their life.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, the grade B’s followed the young woman into a room that looked similar to a bathroom, with many toilet stalls standing in a line against the wall. The group consisted only of girls, as all of the boys had been graded as A’s.

“This is exactly what it looks like, girls,” the woman said. “I want you all to go to the bathroom before we continue, it will make our jobs a lot easier.”

The girls did as they were told; they each picked a stall and relieved their bladders and bowels. There were eight stalls in the room, quite luckily matching the number of girls in the group, and they could all go at once.

After all the girls were done, they were led to a rather small room beside the main hall. Three other workers were waiting there, and the girls were told to stand on a line side by side. The workers had a basket filled with small vibrators and they began attaching them to the girls’ nether parts, one in the pussy and one in the ass. The vibrators were about the size of a peanut shell, and were only designed to pleasure the clitoris and the anus, not to penetrate. They were remote controlled, and as the girls began to choke while they were hanging they would be turned on and give the girls a tremendous orgasm. The adrenalin and hormones released in the blood moments before the girls died would make the meat taste much better, and it was a method many slaughterhouses used to improve the quality of their products.

The girls were shy and a bit embarrassed by the mounting of the strange objects to their private parts, but they didn`t protest. After a short while they were ready to be hanged. They entered the main hall, and the girls suddenly understood the gravity of the situation. Closest to the girls were the gallows with the nooses prepared in advance for them. In the other end of the hall were the racks and benches that would be used in the further processing of the meat. Along the walls there were doors to other rooms, like the smoking chamber and an oven.

The now sweating and trembling girls were made to stand beside the nooses as the workers tied their hands behind their backs. The girls had fear in their eyes, but no one tried to escape since they knew it would be no use. The workers adjusted the nooses and placed them around the girls’ necks. Most of them had tears in their eyes, but the workers were not affected by it and went on with their jobs.

When all of them had been properly prepared, the time had come to end the life of the innocent, young girls. Suddenly the sound of a machine starting up roared across the hall, and the nooses began to rise, stretching the girls’ necks until their whole bodies were lifted off the ground. The eight girls panicked and started kicking violently in a desperate attempt to breathe. At the same time the vibrators were turned on, and they felt a pleasure they had never experienced before. The sensation they felt between their legs and the pain from the lack of oxygen made the girls go wild, and they started to swing from side to side, thrashing more and more violently. Not long after their bodies convulsed, and one after another they all had overwhelming orgasms. This made the girls use up all of their energy and after the orgasm was finished they calmed down. Their violent struggle for oxygen ended as their bodies went limp, and they were left slowly swinging in the air for a couple of minutes to make sure that all of them were dead.

By then the girls were just pieces of meat, not humans. The workers lowered the nooses and removed the girls. They were hanged upside down in racks, and their heads were cut off allowing the blood to flood out of their bodies and into a drain below them. As their bodies were emptied of blood the workers removed the vibrators from their pussies and assholes. The girls that had pubic hair was shaved or waxed, depending on the amount. Their pussies were to be made into pussy steaks, which normally were prepared with the skin still on to preserve their shape. Therefore it was important that they didn’t have any hair on them. The workers then cleaned the limp, pale bodies ensuring that no bacteria from their skin entered the precious meat, before they sliced open their bellies from the lower abdomen to their severed necks. The internal organs were removed, and collected in boxes to be used in lower-grade products.

Two of the girls had been selected for smoking, and their carcasses were left whole and sent off to the smoking chamber. The other girls would get flayed and then dismembered into smaller filets, pussy steaks, and if their breasts were large enough; breast steaks. Since the day’s group of girls was rather small the processing went very fast. An hour after the girls took their last breaths, they had either been sliced apart and sent to packaging, or were in the smoking chamber. After cleaning the equipment the workers went home early. The only one left in the slaughterhouse was Ben, who suddenly had to deal with some urgent business matters right before he was supposed to participate in the spitting process. He had volunteered to take care of some of the cleaning of the spitting facilities since he had not been able to help his crew that day. As he entered the waiting room he saw the remains of sweat, blood, and cum, from the sexual experimenting of the kids now hanging on spits inside the spitting hall. He smiled to himself before proceeding with the cleaning. The groups he received at the slaughterhouse every day most often used the opportunity to get intimate with each other. While he had been unable to see it for himself the security cameras had most likely recorded everything. After thinking over it again, Ben came to the conclusion that the job he had certainly had some advantages.


That's a nice story, I especially like the third chapter.


very nice thanks


best part is the calm-as-heck dehumanized preparation phase. whether meat, slave sale or disciplinary...


Really good story


>>6125 The old Gurochan was something.... You should post more stories like this if you have them!


Requesting permission to continue this line of stuff .

Another writefag here



Sure, go ahead! I'm very busy and have little time left for writing. If you want to use any characters or settings from my stories you are welcome to do so, as long as you post them here so I can read them!


hurray! I'll do my best! I keep paragraphs limited to each talker and use Hemingway app mostly



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