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So I wound up writing/starting a few /g/-related stories, might as well share them here. Any feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

General disclaimer: Everything depicted in any of this shit is completely made up, and any resemblance to other real or fictional characters or events is purely coincidental (unless noted otherwise). If you want to, feel free to imagine all characters as being of legal age in their jurisdiction.

So here we go (preemptive apologies if I mess up some formatting the first time around):

No Title [yuri, f-self, hanging, non-con]

With a creaking sound the winch activated, lifting Emily off the ground. The noose cutting into her neck caused the busty girl to start kicking almost immediately, her cries of pain, or for help, or mercy, cut off into ragged gasps.

The winch locked in and Emily came to a halt, her crotch right in front of Laura's face. Following an impulse, the redhead moved without even thinking, leaning forward to start licking the squirming girl's pussy. She was visibly wet, and tasted sweet yet a little salty.

Seeing as Emily didn't have much more time, Laura quickly moved on from her labia and focused on the clit exclusively, licking and sucking it. As soon as Emily understood, she tried to keep her gyrating down to a minimum, and the blonde's thighs wrapped around Laura's head, all but pressing the redhead's face into her crotch.

The overwhelming warmth and smell hit Laura, and she found herself getting dripping wet within seconds. As her mouth continued working the dangling blonde, Laura's hands started on her own pussy, her index and middle finger entering as deep as they could while the other thumb kept rubbing her clit.

As Laura kept going, Emily's cheeks flushed and her strangled gasps of pain became those of pleasure as she approached one final, ultimate orgasm. After what may have been seconds as well as an eternity, Emily came, opening her mouth to what would have been a shriek of absolute ecstasy had she had any air left as she gushed all over Laura's face and clenched her thighs hard enough the redhead almost feared she'd dislocate her jaw.

Only moments later Laura followed suit, her moan muffled by the blonde's pussy still racked by spasms of pleasure. As Emily finished, she let go of Laura and almost seemed to relax, seconds later letting out one final breath more like a sigh as her eyes rolled up and a trickle of urine ran down her legs, dripping onto the concrete floor.

Laura took a step back to avoid getting any on her feet and then, still breathing heavily, wiped Emily's squirt off her face with her arm and licked her fingers clean, noticing how her own juice carried more of a hint of a metallic taste.

And if Emily's orgasm just now had even been half as good as Laura's, at least the blonde had had the best orgasm ever before she went out.

As she slowly wound down from her high, there was just enough time for Laura's mind to get back to the situation she was in, and her fear to return before with a low metallic clunk her own winch activated.

For a few split seconds Laura could feel the vibrations of the mechanism transferring to the rope around her neck, and time seemed to slow to a crawl as the rope pulled taut millimeter by millimeter, forcing her onto her tiptoes before completely lifting her out of the ground's reach forever. A few moments long, Laura only felt the rough hemp rope pressing and chafing into her tender skin, then the lack of oxygen hit her, and she started kicking frantically, her arms futilely grasping for the rope mercilessly cutting into her neck.

As Laura's feet kept trying to reach the ground, her head began to pound, her own heartbeat filling her ears and almost drowning out the choked gasps emerging from her throat. Through the haze, the redhead felt how her whole body seemed to grow more sensitive, her skin almost feeling as if it was on fire, every nerve in her body firing on high alert.

The rope spun to the left and Emily's lifeless body drifted into view; her face was slowly turning blue, her eyes were bloodshot and her tongue was hanging out, a thick line of drool from the corner of her mouth mixing with the tears running down her cheek; yet the blonde's expression was frozen in a limbo between agony and ecstasy.

Laura forced her hands to stop uselessly clawing at the rope digging into her neck, and instead moved her left to her perky breasts, and the right down to her pussy. As expected her nipples were rock hard, and when she pinched one between her thumb and index finger for a moment, the sensation sent an even more intense shiver over her as her whole hand started playing with her right breast.

Her vision started to dim on the edges, and by now the pain was worse than anything she'd ever felt or even imagined, yet Laura found herself dripping wet, literally running down the insides of her thighs. Her pussy easily accommodated all four of her fingers, leaving her thumb to work her clit, and as she sunk her hand into it, the waves of pleasure radiating throughout her whole body were unlike anything she'd ever experienced.

Laura could feel her insides contracting around her fingers with every of her spasms, and an oddly detached part of her noticed that it almost was a shame she hadn't discovered this sort of stimulation before; with a partner for safety – and toys –, this would have made for some awesome nights.

However now she was alone, and unlike Emily didn't have anyone to steady her, so Laura's legs kept flailing and her whole body jerking around as she desperately almost hammered her pussy with her hand, every motion driving the noose even deeper into her skin while also sending throes of both pain and pleasure at the same time pulsing over her.

Laura's chest was burning, and she was vaguely aware of bits of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, but she didn't even care anymore. The redhead kept furiously rubbing her clit, and she was all but reduced to a steadily darkening view of the bare gray walls, the agonizing pounding in her head and the blissful pounding in her nether regions when she felt her ultimate climax approaching.

She would have moaned, screamed, but Laura's mouth only opened to a soundless rattle as her pussy clenched around her fingers with some impressive strength, waves of pure unbridled ecstasy washing over her and completely whiting out the incredible pain. Even though she'd come just minutes ago, the redhead's orgasm lasted longer than any before and left her wishing this sensation of absolute bliss would never end.

However, end it did, and the pain returned, flooding Laura's entire body even more thoroughly than the pleasure had, and tears started running down her face as she only wished for the torture to end. Before the girl was completely reduced to a crying, uncontrollably spasming and shuddering wreck that would finally die after several more minutes of suffering, her last lucid thought was how she had been right a bit ago and that definitely had been the best orgasm Emily had ever experienced.

Just like Laura had.


Looks like the formatting worked, what do you know.

This is very much a 'short story' not only in length, but also in structure. Next to no information about the girls nor their killer is given, because it's simply not relevant to the story. I don't even know any of that stuff myself.

I do have some more stuff finished or in progress, but I'm not gonna bother posting them if no one reads this, so do let know what you think, and maybe even what you'd like to see (making absolutely no promises, though).


I have neither the skill nor the energy for a detailed critique, so I'll just say one thing: I like this story. Good work.


That story was great » saved.
Please follow up with more, as implied by the thread title. I will be eagerly awaiting anything and everything you will post. Hanging and f/f are my favorite fetishes.


Great story there. :)

I definitely hope you'll give us more. :D


I'm glad people are enjoying this, have some more.

Déjà Vu [Overwatch, hanging, non-lethal, non-con]

Uuh... What happened? Tracer opened her eyes to find herself looking at a bare white wall, an equally bare floor and a ceiling lit by bright neon lights; the whole room was empty, and looked awfully sterile. Not too unlike a hospital room, except she appeared to be standing on a stool of some sort instead of lying in a comfy bed. Where...?

“You're awake.” That voice! The woman formerly known as Amélie Lacroix, but now only bearing the moniker 'Widowmaker' stepped into Tracer's view with a content smile. “Bonjour, Tracer. Or should I say 'Lena'?”

How did she- Tracer reflexively reached for her pulse pistols, but as her hands gripped nothing she realized she wasn't wearing her pair of leg holsters, and in fact nothing at all but her chronal accelerator. “Hey!” Tracer covered her breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other, shooting a glare at Widowmaker's bemused expression at Tracer's embarrassment.

“What's going on here?” Tracer demanded and motioned to step of the stool she was standing on, but paused when Widowmaker shook her head, indicating her neck with a hand.

“What the hell?!” There was a rope tied around her neck in a noose leading upwards; it wasn't completely tight, but didn't give much slack when Tracer tugged at it either. Had she stepped of that stool, she'd probably hanged herself. “Let me go!”

“I'm afraid that's not an option, chérie. Because of your interference my target got away.” Mondatta was safe? That was great news. “Oh, don't you smile about that.” For an allegedly emotionless killer Widowmaker sounded rather pissed. “I'm very patient, so I will get another chance eventually, and the next time you won't be interfering.”

“Oh yeah!? How about you let me down and we fight this out fair and square?” Tracer knew she wasn't the most intimidating person as-is, and covering herself while standing on a stool naked and with a noose around her neck was not really helping.

Widowmaker just chuckled before bluntly answering. “No. Instead you and I are going to have some fun.” This was bad, whatever she was thinking of was sure to not be fun for Tracer in the slightest. However Widowmaker was standing rather close to Tracer, and if she could land a kick or two against her head, she'd be able to knock out the sniper, then get this thing off her neck and get away from here – wherever 'here' was –, she just had to slow down time for a moment and-

“That won't work, love.” Widowmaker stepped closer to Tracer, brushing her fingers against her thigh and she flinched away, almost falling off the stool. But true to her word, when Tracer tried to activate her accelerator with a mental command, nothing happened.

“See?” Widowmaker commented at Tracer's surprise “Your... condition and abilities are most peculiar, non? Our engineers wanted to take that harness off you and take it apart, but who knows where – or when – you would have ended up then, so I made them let you keep it.”

Widowmaker slowly walked around Tracer as she continued, briefly squeezing her naked butt and eliciting a rather undignified squeak “However we did find and disable the direct neural interface.” She came to a stop in front of Tracer, producing a small black device. “Instead, we can control it with this handy remote now. Behold.”

Widowmaker took a few steps away from Tracer before pressing a button on the device and with a low hum her accelerator activated, sending a brief pulse like the feeling of electricity washing over her as Widowmaker's movements slowed to a crawl. The subtle difference she felt with every small motion, and even her breath, as the air around her – but not the one inside her airways – was effectively slowed too, told Tracer this wasn't a trick either; almost subconsciously she gauged her factor of acceleration at around times 20, well within safe parameters.

However before Tracer could make any use of her sped-up state, reality reverted to normal speed as Widowmaker tapped another button, then looked at her with a smirk. “So what?” Tracer shot back “That just means Winston needs to work on a better encryption. What are you gonna do?”

“Like I said, ma chérie.” Widowmaker ran a finger along the side of Tracer's ribcage and her breast, and she shivered at both the unwelcome touch and the woman's unnaturally cold skin. “We. Are going to have some fun.”

“What-” Tracer started, but she was interrupted by Widowmaker suddenly kicking away the stool beneath her feet and she dropped only a few centimeters before her fall was stopped by the rope around her neck jerking taut, cutting off her words into a choked gasp. “!..”

The relatively thin rope painfully dug into Tracer's neck, and as soon as she'd fully realized just what was happening her hands desperately clawed and reached for the noose, trying to free herself, but to no avail. Tracer's leg involuntarily started kicking, her flailing making her start gently swaying and Widowmaker took a step backwards to observe her handiwork.

“N-no...” Tracer barely managed to vocalize between gasps as her head began to pound and she could clearly hear her own frantic heartbeat. After several more seconds, that felt like torturous hours to her, Tracer's lungs started burning from the lack of oxygen and a diffuse pain crept all over her body as a red haze seemed to begin clouding her vision.

“ Krgh!” The pain was worse than anything Tracer had ever even imagined, much less experienced, even though she had seen a lot of combat in her life, and been shot at more often than she cared to keep track of. But her suffering right now not only beat all of that, but even her worst nightmares, and Widowmaker was just standing there smiling, not showing any inclination to let Tracer down.

Was this really how it was going to end? Tracer frantically fought against the rope mercilessly sucking out her life. This couldn't be right, could it? If anything, she should have been killed in action like some of the other Overwatch members, fighting the good fight. Though of course she would have preferred making it through all of this alive, maybe even settling down and starting a family somewhere down the line. Definitely not murdered like this in some random terrorist hideout.

Tracer's choking and gasping intensified as she continued struggling, her pain getting worse and worse even though she'd thought it already was as bad as it could be. She just hoped Overwatch had already located her and right about now Winston or Reinhardt were kicking in the door of the hideout to come to her rescue, because she wouldn't last much longer.

As Widowmaker noticed Tracer's struggles slowly starting to get weaker she took out the remote for her chronal accelerator again and tapped a series of buttons with a sadistic smile. Huh? Even through the haze surrounding her senses Tracer was confused. What was the point of-

With a hum the accelerator spun up and Tracer felt the electric sensation followed by the familiar tugging around her midsection as the world around her briefly turned into a blur, her personal time rewinding. There was a safe limit on how long she could go back hardwired into the accelerator, so when Tracer returned to the normal timestream, she knew her body had reverted by 18 seconds at most. But her physical location hadn't changed and-

The rope still around Tracer's neck cut into her flesh again, and even though, thanks to her rewinding, the pain in her head and lungs had slightly lessened, it still hurt like hell, and kept increasing again with every moment she was hanging.

Turning her own ability against her just to increase her suffering, as if hanging her to death wasn't enough already. As Tracer resumed her struggle against the rope and gravity, a small part of her had to admire the cruel creativity in this. However all the rest of her really could think about was her incredible pain, and how Widowmaker and whoever else responsible for this were absolutely reprehensible and just evil.

Suddenly her accelerator activated again, and Tracer rewound once more, gaining only the briefest of reprieves as she was moving through temporal limbo before her torture and flailing resumed.

Even if technically Tracer was suffering the same pain over and over, it felt even worse every time, probably because her mind remembered even the torture that had been undone to her body. Why was Widowmaker doing this to her? How could anyone ever want to inflict this sort of pain on another feeling human (or Omnic) being? Tracer could just not comprehend it.

“W-why...” She managed to ask, but instead of answering, Widowmaker just smiled at her and pressed the remote again, and Tracer was rewound again, still hanging in the exact same place with her body 18 seconds younger and less tortured, but her mind remembering all of it, the throbbing in her head and the searing pain in her chest almost familiar by now.

Even though she knew it was futile Tracer's legs kept kicking, reaching for ground they'd never find, and her hands alternated between clawing at the rope around her neck and just thrashing about. The pain just kept getting worse, far beyond what should ever be possible to inflict on a feeling being, and Tracer was almost to the point she didn't even care if she died, as long as it meant her suffering would end.

Instead Widowmaker made her rewind again, and as her body repeated the same pointless struggle over and over, realization slowly dawned on Tracer, and true enough, after several more seconds of suffering she rewound once more.

This time Tracer forced her mind to focus through the haze of pain, counting the seconds. ...Seventeen ...Eighteen. Rewind again. Yes, she wasn't ever going to die, Widowmaker was literally forcing her into a loop, her body suffering through the same 18 seconds again and again, ad infinitum.

No! Anything but that! “S-sto...p.” But Widowmaker ignored Tracer's pleas, mercilessly returning her body to its previous state once more, letting her suffering continue.

As she dropped out of temporal limbo and into the rope again, Tracer's eyes started tearing up and even through her gasps and spasms she started sobbing. This was hell. Her own, personalized hell, even if she was sure she'd never done anything to warrant this sort of thing happening to her, and she in fact couldn't think of anyone who could ever commit anything to deserve this sort of suffering.

Tracer rewound again. ...Except maybe the people inflicting it on her right now, but probably not even them. Nobody deserved this. So why her? Tracer had always been one of the good guys, so why did she have to endure this ordeal now? Why, why, why?

Suddenly Widowmaker put a finger against her ear, no doubt activating a radio. “Oui? ...Understood. ...On my way.” She turned to Tracer “I'm afraid I will have to leave you for a moment, something important came up. But don't worry, chérie, you're not going anywhere.” She briefly paused to press the remote and make Tracer rewind again.

“In fact, I'll leave you this toy here.” Widowmaker pressed several buttons on the remote before placing it on the ground. “Set to infinite loop, so you'll have enough fun until I get back.” She blew Tracer a kiss before turning to leave. “Au revoir.”

Was she really just going to leave her just like that? Then again, it wasn't as if Tracer could actually do anything other than helplessly dangle and suffer through the same 18 seconds over and over again.

Tracer rewound again. Even though her mind knew it was completely pointless, her body kept violently struggling, longing for even the smallest illusion of relief.

Tracer rewound again. Please... Help...

Tracer rewound again. Someone, anyone, just make it stop!

After several more rewinds, the pain was so overwhelming that Tracer lost control of her bladder and she soiled herself, feeling the urine running down her legs and dripping to the floor.

Tracer rewound again. Please, just let me die!

Tracer rewound again...



I'm sure I messed up one set of italics somewhere^^

No real yuri this time around (safe for WM molesting Tracer a little), but I just found the idea quite interesting. This was inspired by a piece of art by m0zg. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to upload images on /lit/, so go here: for the pic. I did go without the 'looped orgasm' bit, because I feel it would have felt too similar to the previous story.

As can be inferred, this is set after that one animated trailer (“Alive”, I believe it was called), except that instead of killing that Omnic, WM is successfully distracted by Tracer, and so ends up capturing her instead.

Not much else to say, enjoy, and let me know what you think.



And because I'm feeling nice today and I actually quite like Tracer


Mercy pushed open another door, quickly securing the room with her blaster. Empty. Keep moving, next room. Nothing. She kept hurrying down the corridor, checking every room only to find them all empty.

She had to find Tracer. Winston and Reinhardt were in the center of the complex raising a massive racket to draw as many enemies as possible, while Mercy and Genji were to quickly locate and rescue Tracer – unsuccessfully so far.

Another room. Empty. Another-

Mein Gott! Lena!” Tracer was there, naked except for her chronal accelerator, and hanging from a noose around her neck, kicking and gasping. In dashing forward Mercy emptied her sidearm onto the hook anchoring the rope, then caught Tracer in her arms. “I'm here, I'm here. Alles wird gut.” Mercy comforted Tracer, lapsing into her native language “You'll be alright.” Das war knapp. Just minutes later, and...

Mercy activated her diagnostics tool when suddenly Tracer flickered blue and vanished, reappearing in the air where she'd just been hanging, but without the rope to hold her immediately dropped down and Mercy just barely managed to catch Tracer before she hit the ground. Was war das... “What just happened?”

“Re..mote...” Tracer stammered between coughs, weakly pointing towards a small black object lying on the ground. Had Tracer's accelerator been compromised? Mercy picked up the device, but she couldn't make heads or tails of the unlabeled buttons, so after a moment of thought just dropped it to the floor and crushed it with her heel.

As she held Tracer, softly speaking to her as her coughing subsided, Mercy wondered what had been the point of forcing Tracer to rewind like this, possibly over and over again, and after a few moments realization hit her. She hadn't been just in time, because Tracer had been on the verge of death for who knew how long, possibly hours. “Was zum Teufel!?

Tracer flinched at the sudden outburst and Mercy pulled her into a comforting hug, even through her suit becoming painfully aware not only of the younger woman's nakedness, but also of her shivering. “Poor girl.” Wie kann jemand nur so etwas tun?

Of course her Valkyrie suit was extremely helpful for both combat and healing, but it also meant Mercy didn't have a jacket or coat with her she could have given Tracer, so after thinking for a moment, she pulled out a compressed thermal blanket from a pocket and unfolded it to drape it over Tracer's shoulders, at least somewhat covering her nudity.

Mercy's diagnostic scan confirmed her suspicions that thanks to Tracer's rewinding, there wasn't much physical damage, though she would of course run a full check later to be sure, but she couldn't tell about the mental effects this sort of torture might have caused. The smaller woman was a wreck, her face smudged with tears, her hair a mess, and she was half clinging to Mercy. But they would have to deal with this later, right now they had to get away first.

“Los, komm. Winston is here, Lena, let's get you out of here.” With a weak nod Tracer followed Mercy as she activated her comm. “Winston, it's Angela. I found Tracer. She's... alive. ...No, don't worry, she's not hurt.” Physically. “...It's just- look, I'll explain later, we need to leave right now. ...Verstanden. On our way.”

“Come on, Lena.” Mercy took Tracer's hand, speeding up her step and noticing just how much of a toll her ordeal had taken on Tracer; normally the young woman would have made a quip and then ran ahead, forcing Mercy to keep up, but now the poor girl was rather jumpy and almost cowering behind Mercy as she made her way back to the entrance of the hideout.

Mercy shuddered at the mere thought of what the usually so cheerful woman must have suffered through. Wie barbarisch. This seemed like the perfect recipe to give someone PTSD, she just hoped Tracer would recover eventually, and despite herself, Mercy found herself really wishing someone would blow this place – and this whole organization, for that matter – up into rubble. Maybe she would try to locate this 'Junkrat' that had recently been on the news and make him a very lucrative offer for his services. But that would come a lot later, first things first. “Let's get the hell out of this verdammtem place.”



Not so much /g/ this bit, but it's part of the story nonetheless.

All of Mercy's German is perfectly correct and appropriate (I would know, I'm a native speaker), though, like in the game, she's speaking pretty clean High German instead of some Swiss dialect/accent.

I have multiple more ideas started/outlined, but I noticed I'm a lot better at putting ideas into words than coming up with said ideas, so I'm always open for suggestions/ideas.

Feel free to give me whatever prompts/suggestions you may have. I'm not going to do anything involving m/m (and probably no males at all) or scat, but all kinds of messy torture of attractive girls are fair game. Also preferably stuff for short stories of one or a few scenes, not 10.000 word epics (unless the idea is great and the outline is very good, and even then it will take a while). And of course I'm not giving any promises, but I will try.


Also I'm trying out something a little different, and for that I need a bunch of characters to execute by hanging. Of course I can just randomly toss some together, but coming up with names and stuff I'm content with and without feeling I'm repeating myself is actually rather hard.

So I figured I could leave this up to anyone reading this. Put your OC, random character, yourself (I hear some people are into that sort of thing) or whomever else here, and I'll try to fit them in. They should be more or less human females, and I need the following data:

NAME: (last name, given name, and if you want, an 8-digit ID, if not I'll give them one at random)
WEIGHT: (both in metric, please)
CHEST: (as in, A-cups, B-cups, etc)
HAIR/EYES: (color each, as well as minor notes such as dyed hair, glasses and similar)
As well as any other details like last words, how they act during the hanging, and similar, which I might use, but I don't want to promise anything.


Well, interesting Overwatch story there. :)

Will need to see if I can come up with something for your mass hanging story.

In the meantime, if you're taking requests, do you think you could do a hanging story with Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam Seed Destiny? I'd prefer it to be consensual, or at least semi-con. f/f action with her sister Meyrin would be alright, but is entirely optional - you could even hang Meyrin, as well (again, con or semi-con preferred), but again, that part is entirely optional.



No offense, but "do a story" is about as unhelpful and unspecific a prompt as it gets. Sure, I can look up the characters (I haven't watched Gundam Seed Destiny) and come up with something, but there's a chance it would turn out kinda generic.

Instead I could greatly use a handful of bullet points with a few details: An extremely short summary of their personalities (like the 3 biggest traits or something). The setting/location. The motivation: Is it a plain suicide (and if so, why?), a kinky adventure gone wrong, or a kinky adventure gone right, going 'all the way'? Something else entirely? Maybe a brief scenario (like one commits suicide, and the other walks in on her/finds the body and gets off of that, before following suit).
That's about the caliber of information that would be ideal for me to work with.

On a side note, what exactly constitutes 'semi-con'? The both extremes are readily apparent, but I can't quite imagine a middle ground. Even in regards to sex, either it's rape or it's not, there's no 'kind-of' rape (that I know of). Could you maybe give some examples that you consider semi-con?

Also I was simply asking for characters for that other story, no one said anything about a mass hanging lol


I'll see if I can come up with some decent summary points.

As for my distinction between con and semi-con:

Con means the victim is fully willing, even eager, to die.

Semi-con means that the victim is... reluctant (fear, nerves, what have you), but does nothing to resist her fate.


Also, Wiki Articles on Luna and Meyrin, to give you a head start on researching them:

I'll see about coming up with setting and motivation ASAP. :)


OK, I think I have a bit of an idea for you. Actually, a couple of different ideas.

OK, now, first idea:

Setting/Location: The ruins of a destroyed city, in a relatively intact apartment building.

Basic Motivation: Suicide

Scenario: A global war almost completely destroyed human civilization. Luna and Meyrin are the only survivors (at least, they've never encountered anyone else), and as they finally run out of food, they decide to hang themselves to death rather than slowly die of starvation.


Here's the second idea:

Setting/Location: An apartment or condo somewhere, not sure where.

Motivation: Kinky adventure gone right, going 'all the way'


Think you could do either of those ideas?


By the way, definitely hopeful you can get at least one of those ideas done today (July 2), if you like them - would make for a fun birthday present. :)



Idk what time zone you're in, so maybe it still is July 2nd for you (if you're in the US, it should, but for me it's not anymore by like 1½ hours), so maybe the present is in time, and if not it's just slightly late *shrug* I was away for most of the day and I'm kind of tired by now, so I hope my writing didn't suffer from it too much.

Well, regardless, here you go:

Forsaken [Gundam Seed Destiny, suicide, hanging, (semi-)con]

The wind was howling across the barren wasteland.

“Luna, I'm hungry.”

“I know. So am I. But there's a city that way, I'm sure we can reach it before the night, and there's bound to be some food there somewhere.” At least Lunamaria really, really hoped there was, because if not, she and Meyrin would be in some deep shit. “You know, it's really not that far, I can carry you.”

The younger girl was about to protest, but just in that moment she staggered and Lunamaria just barely caught her before she could fall. “Well, okay. But I don't want you wasting all your energy either.” “I'll be fine. Up you go.” As Lunamaria took Meyrin on her shoulders she was alarmed at how light her younger sister was. Growing up in microgravity, neither of them had either been particularly massive, but by now Meyrin seemed to consist only of skin and bone. Not that Lunamaria was in a much better shape, but there was no way she'd ever admit that, especially not as long as her sister needed food even more, hopefully they'd find something to eat once they reached the city.

“Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit!” Lunamaria kept hammering her fist against the wall, not caring she was tearing open her skin on the rough concrete. How the fuck could they not find any food in this whole godforsaken ghost town? She and Meyrin had split up to scavenge for anything edible, searching deep into the night, but found literally nothing. Every single house that wasn't a pile of rubble was either burned out or had been completely emptied, the best they saw were some charred remains of packages. But no food whatsoever. With a cry Lunamaria sank to her knees, shouting her rage and frustration against the uncaring black sky and howling winds.

“Come on, Luna.” Meyrin placed her hand on her sister's shoulder. “I'll be fine for the night-” Just at that moment she was cut off by a cough that had been steadily worsening the last few days, belying her claims, but she quickly continued “and I'm sure tomorrow when there's light again we'll find something we missed. Let's look for a place to rest.” Lunamaria didn't really believe that, but taking a break for a few hours would still be better than fumbling around in the dark. “Well, okay.”

As usual they searched out the highest spot they could find, this time the tenth or so floor of a ruined apartment building, to get a good vantage point, just in case there were any other humans around – even though they hadn't seen anyone so far, but hardly any bodies either. As Lunamaria made a small fire she noticed their supplies for that were getting low too, but it was not like it'd even matter if they didn't find food soon. “Alright, go to sleep Meyrin, I'll take first watch.” “Okay. And don't worry sis, I'm sure we'll find something to eat tomorrow. Good night.” “Night.”

Ultimately Lunamaria dozed off too, only to be awoken by Meyrin's voice. She quickly looked around, gripping for the iron crowbar she had appropriated as an improvised weapon, finding nothing out of the ordinary, and her sister still sleeping. But even in her sleep Meyrin was whimpering in pain, clutching her stomach and her face an expression of pure misery.

With a determined expression Lunamaria stood up. She was not going to let her little sister suffer like that, she would find something to end their hunger. One way or the other.

“Morning, Luna.” Meyrin woke up, calling Lunamaria from her half-sleep as well. “Huh, why didn't you wake me for my watch?” “Because-” Lunamaria was interrupted by a yawn “you needed the rest a lot more than I did. Come with me.”

“Hm?” Meyrin looked confused, but she followed Lunamaria into what had probably once been a living room, with a pair of nooses, one made from red rope – maybe once, in another lifetime a skipping rope – and the other from thinner plastic like a clothesline, suspended from the ceiling above two tall stacks of stones. “Luna, what is this about?”

Lunamaria took a deep breath. “Listen, Meyrin. I spent almost the whole night searching the city. And wanna know what I found? Nothing. Not only no food, but no bodies either, no wood, hardly any clothing. Only concrete, glass, metal and plastic. In other words, nothing organic, period. And you know what that means, don't you?”

“Devourer Swarms. But aren't they forbidden by the Alliance?” They indeed were. Swarms of airborne nanites carrying a hyper-potent oxidant that would attach to any organic matter and completely break it down. Their effects on a living human were imaginably harrowing, and so just like the nuclear bomb, they were unanimously banned on an international level after just a single use in a war. But apparently that had done little to stop their use this time around, just like the nuclear bomb.

“So what? You can bet they dumped them on the Alliance headquarters first. These things are the reason half of the town we were in before was completely empty, it was on the edge of the radius. I should've noticed sooner, now where right in the middle of it. That's- That's why... we should just end it now.”

“But, Luna-” “Meyrin, there's no way we're making it back out of the radius of the Devourers without any food. Much less find anything edible then. Look, if they used Devourer Swarms here, they probably used them all over the world, on top of all those nukes. Whatever so-called civilization we had is completely destroyed. We may in fact be the last humans left on this whole fucking planet. So, we are going to die either way. The question is just if we do it now, on our terms, or after days more of pain and hunger, weakly crawling towards something we'll never reach.”

“You... I guess you're right. And I think part of me felt this was how it was going to end for a while now. But still, isn't hanging like super painful?”

“No... Yes... Maybe. But only for a few minutes at most, and it's absolutely reliable. We don't really have many options. We could try jumping, but I don't think this building is high enough to be certain, and if the fall doesn't kill you I imagine it's gonna be really painful.”

Meyrin winced at the mere though of lying at the bottom of a skyscraper with her bones shattered and organs crushed, unable to move and every second filled with unimaginable pain, waiting for death to claim her. “That sounds even worse.”

“Exactly. But there's really nothing else here, so unless you think caving own or each others' skulls in with a concrete brick sounds less painful, hanging it is.”

After a short pause Meyrin nodded. “That's it, then. Now what?”

“We just do it. There's nothing to gain from waiting, is there? You go first, I'll help you.” Lunamaria took Meyrin's hand, leading the slightly hesitant girl to the thicker rope. She vaguely recalled reading somewhere that a thicker rope was better for a hanging because it hopefully would make everything end quicker, she didn't want her sister suffering any more.

As Lunamaria helped her onto the stack of stones and prepared to put the noose around her neck, Meyrin started crying. “Luna, I- I'm scared!”

“Ssshhh, it's okay. It'll all be over soon.” Lunamaria tried to comfort her sister as put the noose in place and pulled it tight.

“Let me down, Luna! I don't want to die! I-” Lunamaria abruptly pushed Meyrin forward, cutting short her pleas, then quickly kicked down the stones too just to be sure. As she walked around and stood in front of her sister, the hanging girl's face reflected equal parts pain and betrayal. I'm really sorry it had to be this way, sis. But everything will be over soon.

After a few moments, the pain seemed to take over and Meyrin began struggling, her legs thrashing around while her arms ineffectually tried to somehow loosen the noose around her neck. But of course there was no escape. Lunamaria stepped closer to her sister, catching one of her hands with her own and placing the other on the kicking girl's cheek. “I'm here, it's okay. Just give in and let it happen.”

Apparently Meyrin was still able to hear her, as she seemed to force down her movements and momentarily hung almost still, but then the pain grew too strong and she resumed fighting, even harder than before, breaking away from Lunamaria's hand and forcing her to step back, lest she get struck in the face.

Meyrin's face was contorted with pain and slowly turning blue, her tongue lolling out, and Lunamaria started to feel a twinge of doubt, but she knew this was still better than any alternative. Seeing her sister like this was almost physically painful for Lunamaria, but at least she could take solace in the fact that her suffering would end very soon, so the least she could do was force herself to not look away from Meyrin's increasingly violent struggle, so as to make sure the last thing she saw was her older sister being there for her.

It took several more minutes for Meyrin's movements to start to weaken, all the while producing desperate, hacking gasps, but Lunamaria endured the sight, even knowing she was next.

As Meyrin's struggles died down safe for minor twitches, Lunamaria approached her again and clasped both of her sister's hands into hers, forcing a smile even though she was tearing up at the same time. “You made it, sis. It's gonna be over any second now. See you on the other side.” If there was another side, and they even ended up in the same place.

Almost as if on cue with a final sigh Meyrin went completely limp, her eyes vacant and a dark, wet spot staining her skirt. It was over.

Lunamaria tore her gaze of her sister's lifeless form and slowly stepped onto the other pile of stones. Part of her was afraid of what was about to happen, Meyrin had looked like she'd been in massive pain at the end, but the larger part had already given up days ago, and now after seeing her little sister die right in front of her just wanted everything to end.

She placed the noose around her neck, but then paused when she looked out of the hole that had been the side wall and saw a truly stunning sunrise. The fiery orb seemed to fill the horizon, dyeing the whole sky and flooding the ruins and the wasteland below her in red light, casting infinitely long, jagged shadows.
Lunamaria couldn't even recall the last time she had seen the sun. After the war began, the sky had first been covered in ships and gunfire and smoke, but in the end only a cover of everlasting bleak clouds had been left, casting a perpetual twilight. So maybe it was just too fitting for her to end her suffering now, after getting to see the sun one final time.

Lunamaria took one last deep breath, then braced herself and kicked down the stones holding her weight.

As soon as her fall stopped, the thin rope cut deep into her skin, but Lunamaria's cry of pain was cut off by it constricting around her throat, leaving only a strangled gasp. She knew there was no way to stop the inevitable, so Lunamaria did her best to ignore the pain in her neck as well as the growing throbbing in her head and tried to relax her body.

Her willpower lasted about a minute before she got overwhelmed by the pain and her feet started reaching for the ground that wasn't there, while her hands began clawing at the rope, digging her nails into her neck and tearing open the skin. Lunamaria just hoped the thicker noose had been less painful for Meyrin, because this was a torture worse than anything she'd ever imagined.

And it kept getting worse. Lunamaria hadn't even thought that possible, but it did. The rational part of her brain knew it was futile, but the rest was just screaming for air, thrashing and fighting for every split second of reprieve, yet achieving nothing.

Slowly a burning sensation started building in Lunamaria's chest as the edges of her vision began to fade and the sound of her heartbeat filled her head. She hadn't payed close attention to how long Meyrin had lasted, but it didn't seem like it mattered, because every single second was a small eternity of pain.

As the hours of minutes dragged on, Lunamaria's head, lungs and neck were on fire, while everything else slowly went numb, and by the time her body run out of energy to fight, she barely felt her arms and legs stop moving.

Ultimately her vision darkened and her sensations faded, and Lunamaria had one final clear thought. Finally. Wherever you are now, Meyrin, wait for me, I'll be right with you.

And as her consciousness dimmed for good, the last thing Lunamaria saw the beautiful, yet ultimately uncaring burning eye of the rising sun.

Outside the wind was howling across the barren wasteland.



As per request/suggestion. I went with the first one because it was slightly more fleshed out and overall more interesting. I think Meyrin's bit is what counts as 'semi-con', is that about right?

I never watched Gundam (or at least not this one), so I have no idea how accurate I portrayed the characters. But I am pretty sure Devourer Swarms are not part of the Gundam canon. Instead they are a loose reference to the Oxygen Destroyer from the original Gojira (a.k.a. Godzilla) movie, born from the need to have a reason how there can be ruins left, but no food, nor other humans that could've scavenged the food, and I think it's a logical (for values of 'logic' approaching 'nanomachines') explanation.

The title is a reference to a song by Within Temptation, one of my favorite bands, that also evokes the imagery of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Same thing otherwise: Feel free to leave your opinions, feedback, (sufficiently detailed) suggestions, characters for this one thing I'm trying (see >>5930), etc, pp And thank you for reading.


It did come in time. Thanks. :)


I'll see if I can come up with more ideas/characters for you.

In the mean time, do you think you could share what franchises you are most familiar with? Would help me come up with character/story ideas if we had shared interest in at least a few franchises


How about Sansa and Arts from game of thrones get captured and brought before Cersei who sentences then to hang. As they standing on the gallows Sansa breaks down begging for here life while Arts remains defiant. As the executioner prepare to hang the he years the clothes off them and hangs Arya first causing Sansa to panic even more.


That was supposed to be Sansa and Arya, damn auto correct.



A partial list includes various Final Fantasy (1,4,6,7,10,13 in particular I played through, the others I know to some extent), Overwatch, The Legend of Zelda, and probably a whole lot others that don't come to mind right now, don't have much in the way of characters (like Terraria), or I wouldn't feel comfortable brutally murdering the characters from for whatever reason. But I'm not limited to those and can at least try looking up whomever else.

Also a reminder that I can do more than just hangings (yes, despite the title), and I'll likely try something different next, because I fear there's only so many ways I can describe one before I feel like I'm repeating myself.



I will say that I wouldn't mind an 'alternate ending' of sorts to Forsaken, where Luna unexpectedly finds herself getting aroused at her demise, and manages to die while feeling pleasure, even if Meyrin still feels nothing but pain.

And I'll see if I can come up with more characters/scenarios for you. :)


Though if you'd rather not hash out the exact same scenario just with a different ending, you could try a slightly different 'last ones to die' scenario.

In one of humanity's first attempts to colonize the stars, one of the initial colony ships suffered a malfunction and crashed on a barren world. Luna and Meyrin were the only two to survive the crash, and while they've managed to survive in the intact portions of the ship for at least a couple of years in hope of rescue, their supplies are finally running out, the life support is beginning to fail, and the only option left is to end their lives, choosing to hang to death rather than any other alternative.

Meyrin dies first (can be either reluctant or willing), and Luna finds herself aroused when the time comes for her own death, and she feels pleasure one last time as she dies.

That kind of idea work for you?



If anything, I'm gonna make an 'alternate ending' sort of thing, just because it would save a bunch of time if I'm able to reuse the former part of the story. I will be getting around to this whenever I got time.


I'm sorry, but I don't know Game of Thrones at all, and from your outline the story sounds like it'd be in-universe, so I doubt I could pull it off without sounding incredibly generic. My sis said she's gonna make me watch GoT during summer break, so I might revisit this at some point in the indeterminate future, but don't get your hopes up:(


That was a very lovely story, really enjoyed the Overwatch one in particular. If it wasn't too much trouble, would you mind trying a story with Arya Stark by any chance. ^^ If you don't know her I'm happy to provide some information.


That was a very lovely story, really enjoyed the Overwatch one in particular. If it wasn't too much trouble, would you mind trying a story with Arya Stark by any chance. ^^ If you don't know her I'm happy to provide some information.


That was a very lovely story, really enjoyed the Overwatch one in particular. If it wasn't too much trouble, would you mind trying a story with Arya Stark by any chance. ^^ If you don't know her I'm happy to provide some information.


That was a very lovely story, really enjoyed the Overwatch one in particular. If it wasn't too much trouble, would you mind trying a story with Arya Stark by any chance. ^^ If you don't know her I'm happy to provide some information.


And sorry about the quadra post, slow internet plus first time posting her and failing to delete the message due to wrong password. )=




The reason I provided the entirely alternate scenario is I know that there are some people who would rather not just do an 'alternate ending' to an existing scenario.

Would still like to see the Colony Ship Crash scenario if you'd be up for trying it with different characters. And I can always suggest alternative means of death if you don't want to do a hanging scene with that scenario. :)



The first time I tried posting here I kind of derped out too, no big deal. However, as I noted before, 'a story with [character]' is not much of a helpful prompt. Generally useful information for me to work off includes the manner of death, the killer and/or motivation (if applicable), the general setting/area, any other details/progression of the scene and similar. But apart from that, also see the comment directly above (well, above your quad-post) for my current stance on Game of Thrones. But if you want to suggest another character (if they're a video game or anime character, the odds are a little better I'll be at least somewhat familiar with them) and give more details, please do.


Reusing stuff or doing alternate endings is no issue. After all it saves me some writing lol I feel the other scenario you're suggesting would come out a bit too similar to Forsaken, being functionally identical (last persons alive, commit suicide to avoid starvation); plus I can't really think of any other methods of suicide the survivors would reasonably choose/have access to besides hanging (maybe shooting or poison, but those don't seem too interesting to write about). If I can think of something really interesting, I might pick this one up later, but don't count on it.

I'd like to do something not hanging-related (nor other asphyxia) for a change, so feel free to give me some completely new suggestion(s) instead.




Well... maybe you could try an execution by decapitation?

The one being killed would be a freedom fighter from a conquered region, fighting against her people's oppressors, only to have been captured in a raid gone wrong. Methods involved could be either an executioner's block and axe, or a guillotine. Raping before and/or after the beheading is optional.

As for the victim... how about Fang from FF13?

*Japanese for "Understood"


Oh wow, talk about derping out indeed. Not only doubling messages but also not fully reading the thread. =/

Though I'd like to mirror the game of thrones request. If you ever happen to watch it, a Sansa/Arya/Cersei scene would be much obliged. ^^

As for other potential characters, hmm, to list a couple of my personal favorites, hoping one of those could work: Ellie (The Last of Us), Maylene/Roxie (Pokemon), Machi (HxH), Hitgirl (Kickass), Pan/Videl (Dragon Ball)

Do you happen to be familiar with any of those? Any would work for me really, mostly depends on your preference and familiarity.

But yes, I'm aware you need more information beforehand. I guess this is more of a general curiosity inquiry rather than an already fleshed out request. However, if you do happen to agree to any to them I'm, of course, more than happy to provide as much detail as you require. =)



I can do either Maylene or Roxie (no real preference), but note that I won't do anything that involves them directly getting killed by Pokémon (other humans, or if you're feeling fancy machines or accidents are fine). I know this may be a bit childish, but I watched the series when I was a kid, so I wouldn't feel comfortable with that (yet having them murdered by other people is fair game; funny, no?), so bear that in mind.


Sure, I can work with that.



Gotcha. :)

I look forward to seeing it, as well as the Forsaken Alternate Ending. :D


Heh, fair enough.^^

Alright, let me see, between those two I'd probably lean more towards Maylene. I can think of two scenarios right now, either something along the lines of Team Galactic taking over the city, stealing pokemon and trainers for experiments, planning general villain stuff etc, and her setting out to defeat them and protect her city as the gym leader. Naturally that doesn't go as planned and instead she finds herself caught instead, which could subsequently result in something akin to making an example out of her to intimidate anybody that dares stand in their way. This could be accomplished through an execution or some sort of experiment, or a broadcasted snuff video for example?

The other idea is more small-scale. Maybe a previous challenger once comfortable defeated/humiliated/schooled Maylene in a gym battle and ever since she has been vying and training harder than ever before to improve herself. Maybe she spends most of her days outside training in the woods or mountains, with her eventually running in the previous challenger again who, by then, has already conquered the whole region and is on his way to the pokemon league or so. Either way, she confidently/arrogantly challenges him for a rematch but, again, is easily defeated and this time the challenger takes things even farther? This could potentially lead to rape, excessive violence, choking and something along the lines of hanging her from a tree branch or, if they were to run across another in the mountains, something like stumbling, falling off a cliff?

Though I suppose that would depend on whether the challenger was truly evil (in which case he could also steal her pokemon or even be affiliated with one of the crime organisations) or if the death is more of an unfortunate accident. When things get too heated. I mean, heck, even something along the lines of her personally assaulting him after her pokemon are defeated could be fun to read, and him simply paying her back in kind?

Anyways, would either of those scenarios work for you? If not I could probably come up with different ones. Also, of course I'm not asking to write out the battle itself as that could get quite long-winded. ^^



The first scenario is actually missing the most vital (heh, puns) part of information, the specific manner of death, and the whole things seems just a little out-of-character for Team Galactic (I recently replayed Platinum, that's probably why this bugs me), but the second one is much more interesting. I'm not sure how relevant the 'previous challenger' aspect is, and plain killing her after a lost battle seems a bit overkill, but I can imagine something along the lines of this: After losing a battle (and potentially being provoked/taunted the whole time), Maylene physically lashes out at her opponent, but they turn out superior in hand-to-hand too and the thing turns into a brutal beatdown, rape and murder optional.

Does this sound like an idea? If so I need just a few more details from you:
The location (obviously somewhere there's few other people, so probably not inside a city. Like forests, mountains, beach, etc.)
Her adversary (If the 'previous challenger' thing is necessary; their gender (personally I find a girl beating up another girl is much hotter, but that's just me); maybe a bare minimum of physical traits (hair color in particular))
Rape yes/no? (And whatever specifics)
Murder yes/no? (And the method. Note that a hanging wouldn't really fit the scene because it's much too premeditated instead of the sort of thing that just happens in the heat of battle (like choking, bludgeoning, a fall, etc.)


Hmm, yes, you do have good points there.

Alright, so a f/f scenario and I quite like the idea of the villain taunting Maylene over the entirety of the battle until she snaps. In that case, perhaps, as Maylene has somewhat of a tomboyish appearance while actually being a bit of a shy wallflower personality-wise, it might make sense if her adversary was the polar opposite?

Like, imagine her certainly dressing the fancy part, all lady-like, but at the same also being quite foul-mouthed, cocky and arrogant. Essentially a bit of a spoiled diva that looks upon the rest of the world with disdain and considers herself better than them? Except, rather than just talking smack to intimidate her foes or make herself look confident, she can actually back up her nasty attitude with actions?

Of course that could also lead into plenty of interesting backstory to flesh out her character, though I doubt we'd need that here. ^^" Regardless, if that sort of 'villain' works for you, I'd love to go with that. Though I'd rather leave specifics to you, I'm sure you'd do a much better job anyways.

As for your other questions:
Setting wise I still feel that a forest or mountain would work best, something desolate and gritty where nobody would disturb them. Or simply a combination of both, mountain woods like the alps. ^^"

And yes, rape is perfectly fine too. While it's not a primary focus of mine (which probably is why I liked your Overwatch story so much, apart from it being very well written of course), it can definitely be quite intricate and gritty to read, particularly if written from the perspective of the victim. In which case I'd assume that it takes place either during or after the beating, where the villain claims her spoils so to speak? Though I don't have a particular scenario I'd like to see admittedly. Whether on her back or doggy style or anal/vaginal or oral, all of those are fine with me personally, so whichever you'd enjoy most.

And regarding death, yes, I'd definitely adore seeing that. You're right in that a hanging would likely be too deliberate. Hmm, I kind of like the idea of a fall honestly. Imagine them fighting, the villain getting the upper hand and using her advantage to batter and rape Maylene who either manages to eventually break free but loses her balance and drops off a cliff or, if we did want to make the villain more evil, is thrown over the edge.

Regardless, one thing I'd definitely enjoy seeing personally are vicious physical wounds. It's at your discretion, of course, as I wouldn't want to request things you aren't comfortable writing, but personally I'd adore seeing things like gouged/popped eyes or splintered teeth or torn clothes and swollen bruises. Thus perhaps we could add the 'bludgeoning' aspect as well? Maybe with a rock or something?

Another thing I personally enjoy are those kind of 'wtf' moments, where the victims suddenly realize they are about to die and lose utter control over themselves. This could perhaps fit best either during the fall itself or just as she is about to drop off and waving her arms through the air trying to regain balance?

Also, last but not least, another personal kink of mine is media/fandom characters being barefoot, particularly if that's a regular part of their attire. ^^" I guess one of the reasons why I liked Maylene when I first played platinum years was precisely because of that. That is not to say I'm asking you to add a foot fetish scene or anything like that, I know a lot of people aren't fond of it to begin with, it's more of a general request asking that you could at least mention it occasionally. xD

Hope that answers most of your concerns?



There's no elegant way to deliver a proper characterization of her adversary, seeing as the story is from Maylene's PoV, but I will keep your points in mind. I have no issue at all with nasty injuries (at least not the kind you'd see in a barehanded brawl). While actual foot 'fetish' is not my thing at all (I do actually like the aesthetic and as a characterization tool, just not in a sexualized context), I will try to make a point of her being barefoot, especially since going up barefoot against an opponent wearing sturdy shoes is just asking for a few broken toes (kinda speaking from experience).

That about covers it, I'll get to writing when I have the time.



Alright, thank you very much. =)


This is an alternate ending to 'Forsaken'. Begin reading after the appropriate point in the original story(>>5953) (the first paragraphs are identical).

Forsaken – 'Alternate Ending'

Apparently Meyrin was still able to hear her, as she seemed to force down her movements and momentarily hung almost still, but then the pain grew too strong and she resumed fighting, even harder than before, breaking away from Lunamaria's hand and forcing her to step back, lest she get struck in the face.

Meyrin's face was contorted with pain and slowly turning blue, her tongue lolling out, and Lunamaria started to feel a twinge of doubt, but more oddly... arousal. Her mind insisted this was impossible, after all she was just watching her sister dying painfully, but the beginning excitement in her nether regions, and spreading wetness of her panties could not be denied.

Lunamaria had never admitted it to anyone, not even her sister, but she was a massive sadist, getting off on the suffering of others. This was a dark, dark side of her she mostly kept hidden even from herself, but apparently after weeks of wandering the wastelands with her sister without any relief, it emerged at the most inappropriate moment.

She wasn't even into girls, least of all her little sister, but Meyrin's spasms and pained gasps were so turning her on right now, and it took all of Lunamaria's willpower to not start pleasuring herself right there and then, instead just keeping her gaze on her sister's increasingly violent struggle, soaking up every moment of her ultimate suffering.

It took several minutes for Meyrin's movements to start dying down, Lunamaria's own breathing getting faster all the while, but her wish to not let the last thing Meyrin ever saw be her sister masturbating kept her lust in check.

When Meyrin finally went limp with a sigh, a dark, wet spot staining her skirt, Lunamaria could hardly control herself, but she first went and brushed a hand over Meyrin's face, closing her now empty eyes one final time, before finally dropping all remaining notions of propriety.

Lunamaria sank to her knees, one hand caressing her breasts and the other diving under her skirt to find herself deliciously wet, and as she started rubbing through her panties her breath quickly intensified before progressing to downright gasps of pleasure.

Lunamaria reached into her panties and started playing with her clit directly, a few fingers gently entering her, and within minutes she felt an orgasm approaching, but just before she went over the edge a thought crossed her mind and she paused.

Lunamaria had read before about how some people used oxygen deprivation to get especially powerful orgasms – with the fully-controlled environment on space ships leading to some particularly interesting practices –, but so far she'd never tried it herself, both for fear of being caught and for safety concerns. Well, it wasn't like either of those mattered at all anymore.

Getting up, Lunamaria took off her boots, jacket and panties, leaving her in only a skirt and undershirt. She climbed onto the pile of stones, when a sudden gust of wind brushed Lunamria's undershirt against her sensitive nipples, eliciting a pleasurable shiver as she placed the noose around her neck.

Well, this was it. Here was to hoping she would get off one last time. Lunamaria took a deep breath, then kicked down the stones holding her.

The thin rope tore into Lunamaria's neck, the pain far worse than she'd anticipated, and she started ineffectually clawing at the noose and kicking frantically, only serving to drive the rope even deeper into her skin.

Only after several seconds she managed to recall her objective and, mustering all her willpower, forced her body to stop fighting, ignoring the pounding inside her head and instead guiding one hand to play with her breasts and the other to her pussy, pushing in her middle and ring finger as far as she could.

As Lunamaria started fingering herself, the pain in her head and neck continued increasing, supplemented by a burning feeling emanating inside her chest, but even though her legs were involuntarily thrashing about, she paid it little mind, focusing all she could on her pleasure instead.

Part of her was expecting that by now her pain would be as bad as it could get, but it kept getting worse. Lunamaria's lungs seemed to consist entirely of searing pain and with every heartbeat echoing in her ears a dark haze crept further into her vision, but at the same time with every second her entire body became more sensitive, every sensation of pleasure from her pussy more intense than the one before

A thick cloud seemed to begin to blanket her mind, and Lunamaria realized she probably didn't have much longer, so she started pounding her pussy even faster, while the other hand moved down to work her clit exclusively, and only a few moments later she could feel her orgasm coming, before pushing herself over the edge.

Lunamaria opened her mouth to what would have been all but a scream of pure ecstasy had she had the air, but instead all she produced was choked rasping sound and a bit of saliva dripping down her chin. Her orgasm pulsed over her, better and longer than any she'd ever had, the pain and pleasure merging into one ultimate sensation that left Lunamaria shuddering uncontrollably, filling her mind with utter bliss, before slowly fading away after several seconds.

Amidst the torrent of pain filling her body, Lunamaria's last flicker of consciousness was only vaguely aware of her bladder emptying and soiling her skirt as her body gave up its struggle, but before the long dark fully closed around her, she had one final thought. Worth it.



As per request. Any stylistic or structural similarities to the original ending are fully intentional. I couldn't find any good references for Lunamaria's outfit, so if there's any inconsistencies with her canon costume just chalk that up to artistic license (aka 'the writer's get-out-of-jail-free-card' xD)

'Conveniently an ultra- sadist' is kind of a weak cliché (about on the level as 'no money to pay the pizza delivery' in terms of erotic plot), but it's still better than giving no reason whatsoever. And besides, I long since learned that sometimes it's more or less impossible to go without clichés/tropes, so this is just one of the things you simply don't put too much thought into (which a lot of people likely didn't anyways until I pointed it out. gj)

As always: Enjoy, thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts/feedback, and feel free to give some suggestions for stuff to write (currently working on two more requests).

And because it bears repeating: A 'suggestion' needs to have a sufficient level of detail for me to work with, a name and a one-word method of death is not sufficient. See some of the discussion in between the stories here for specifics.


Nice work. :)

Definitely liked how it went. The 'conveniently an ultra-sadist' wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it worked.

Looking forward to the decap scene I suggested, and I'll see if I can come up with more scenarios.

Word of warning, though - if I do a 'kinky time gone all the way' suggestion, I might not have much of an idea for setting or set-up. And Suicide Scenarios are likely going to involve some form of sorrow or dishonor, though I'll want them to be erotic to a degree.

As another warning, Luna is one of my favorite Anime Characters of all time (and #1 Love-Interest potential in some of my personal stories), so I will likely have some more requests involving her. :)



A minor question: Do you have any preferences/suggestions for the name and basic physical features (hair color and style in particular) of Maylene's adversary? If so, let me know. (If not, I'll come up with something at random).

Also do you have any idea for a title for the story? Because unless you get that perfect spark of inspiration (as was the case with 'Forsaken'), coming up with titles is really hard; not that there's anything wrong with untitled stories, but if you happen to have an idea it'd be handy.



Hmm, not particularly, no. Though I suppose that, if she's a trainer traveling the world alone, more practical and robust hiking clothing might be good perhaps, especially if we assume she had planned her trip through the mountains beforehand. So maybe something along the lines of sturdy leather vests, shorts, boots etc? Though then again, if we wanted to put more emphasis on her feminine side, in contrast to Maylene's style, something more elegant could work as well?

Hair-wise, maybe longer brown or blonde hair with a casual ponytail or so? Alternatively we could also, instead, make her afro american?

As for the title, no idea. xD Usually when I write stories myself I come up with the title after it's finished and try to highlight a particular twist or an overall theme. Perhaps something simple along the lines of 'Mountain Solitude' or, alternatively, something pokemon theme related?

But not sure unfortunately. )=


Well, while we wait for the next piece, I do have another suggestion involving Luna and Meyrin.

It's a 'kinky time gone all the way' thing.

In this story, the two would be in a bit of an incestuous relationship, and Luna's developed a bit of a breathplay kink.

Not sure what the EXACT circumstances would be, but Luna decides she wants to go all the way, and has Meyrin choke her to death while they have sex. Meyrin would then kill herself to join her sister, either through hanging or disemboweling herself. If she hangs, I'd let you decide whether Meyrin gets off or not, though if she disembowels herself, she can masturbate with her entrails.

Think that idea could work?



Damn, now that I'm picturing it, part of this is like really hot, I'll definitely give that idea a shot. (Once I finish the other requests; sadly the last few day stuff keeps coming up and I don't have as much time T.T)

I don't think a scene like that needs much more in the way of circumstances, and there is no way to really do it 'realistically' anyways, so (a bit like the Forsaken alternate ending) it's going to be more like 'that's how it is, don't think about it too hard'; you should never let such petty things as realism get in the way of telling a story^^

But I have something like this: Luna has had/developed a choking fetish for a while, and while Meyrin is happy to oblige her sister, she herself won't ever even try anything breathplay related since she nearly drowned when she was a kid and got a bit of a trauma from that; instead she's into light to moderate cutting. Their motivation to 'go all the way' is the eternal incest cliché of how society would never accept their relationship and they're tired of hiding it, so may as well go out with a bang instead. So after finishing off Luna Meyrin cuts open herself (btw, should she cut vertically 'like a fish' or an autopsy, or horizontally a lá seppuku?) and gets off one last time before bleeding out. And they lived happily ever aft- oh, right :P

Sound good? Good.


Sounds very good.

As for how Meyrin cuts herself open, she could do horizontal or vertical, or she could combine them into what's called a cross-cut.

Part of me wants to have her go horizontally like seppuku (Seppuku's my main fetish aside from asphyx), though vertically or cross-cut would allow her entrails to spill out easier, so she could, say, use a loop of small intestine as a makeshift dildo.


The price of Freedom [Final Fantasy XIII, m/f, rape, execution, decapitation, non-con]

Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. For the roughly ten thousandth time Fang kept cursing herself. How could she have been so stupid? The plan had been simple: Get in, hit the transport, and get out before they even noticed. But their intel had been dodgy and there were way more soldiers than expected, yet Fang had insisted they continue instead of retreating.

The transport and the weapons it held had been destroyed all right, but they also had lost several fighters, good men and women, and Fang had stayed behind to cover everyone's escape, part of her hoping she'd die fighting for her freedom.

Instead she'd gotten captured, and for her 'crime of treasonous rebellion' there was only one verdict: Death by decapitation.

Fang had long stopped fearing death, and she was fully ready to give her life for what she thought was right; more than anything her impending death pissed her off, because she wouldn't see the rebellion succeed and the tyrant get her upcoming. Plus, right now, the wait was killing her.

As a guard opened the door and entered her cell, Fang looked up. “Is it finally time? Can we get this over with?”

The man shook his head “You get to live a few hours longer. Right now it's time to have some fun.” Before Fang could react, he closed one hand around her neck to pull her up and slam her against the wall, then started forcefully kissing her, his tongue intruding into her mouth, carrying the taste of meat and alcohol.

However before Fang had the chance to gather herself and maybe try to bite off his tongue the man already pulled back and instead started groping her breasts, roughly squeezing them through the thin fabric of the shirt that was the only thing she was wearing. “Those are some pretty hot tits, it's a shame you're rebel scum, you would have made a beautiful wife.”

“If I were your wife I'd rather be decapitated.”

“You do not talk back to me like that!” Fang saw the man's hand coming towards her face from a mile away and effortlessly parried it with her arm – only to be hit in the stomach by the other fist split seconds later, doubling over in pain and gasping for breath. As he slapped her again for good measure then threw her onto what passed as her bed, Fang grit her teeth and muttered a curse; normally she would have caught the second attack too, but her imprisonment had clearly taken a toll on her.

The beatings, cold, lack of proper food and only a board chained to the wall to sleep on had sapped enough of Fang's strength to make her next to defenseless; in peak condition she would have made mincemeat out of a guy like that with one hand tied behind her back, but now she wasn't even strong enough to stop the man from grabbing her shirt and tearing apart the flimsy fabric, baring her breasts and crotch.

“Hot damn!” The man let out a whistle, leering at her. “Seriously, what a waste.” He squeezed Fang's breasts with both hands, but she managed to push his arms away, shooting a hateful glare at him.

“Fuck you.”

“Oh, I'd much rather be fucking you.” The man grinned and nestled at his trousers, pulling out his erect penis, but as he approached her, Fang quickly drew up her legs then kicked, hitting him in the stomach with both feet and sending him stumbling against the wall with a grunt, almost falling right on his ass.

Maybe she had a chance after all. Fang got off the 'bed' to take a better defensive stance, but the man just growled angrily and didn't even bother striking, instead just straight running into her with his shoulder first and smashing Fang's back against the hard stone wall, then grabbing her hair and throwing her onto the bed once more.

He moved to strike her again and even lying on her back Fang deflected the first two attacks, but the third time the man's fist hit her jaw, followed by another to her cheek, and by the time her head cleared, he was already on top of her, forcing her legs apart...

“No! Don't-” Fang let out a scream as the man entered her and started rhythmically thrusting, but after a few moments her willpower surged again and she began raking her fingernails across his face, and continued clawing at him as he first brought up his arms, then repeatedly struck her face with one hand, guarding with the other.

After several punches that left her lip split open in at least two places and her nose bleeding, the man suddenly laid both of his hands around Fang's neck and started choking her with all his might, leaning most of his weight into his hands as he continued violating her. Fang's vision was swimming and her head started throbbing, yet she continued trying to fight, but when dark spots began appearing in front of her eyes she slowly felt the strength leave her arms, weakly dropping to the side.

The man released his hands and Fang gasped for air, drawing in long, greedy breaths, but she didn't dare resist again, instead just lying as still as she could, forcing her body to react as little as possible, and hoping he would be done soon.

After a few minutes the man's breath intensified and he sped up his movements, then paused with a series of grunts and Fang vaguely sensed something warm and sticky spreading inside her. As he withdrew his limp penis, she could feel bits of his semen and other fluids dripping out of her sex and had to stop herself from gagging in revulsion. She felt violated and dirty.

“Not bad.” The man closed his trousers again and grinned down at Fang. “But not tight enough for my taste. You probably had a lot of men before that, didn't you, slut?”

Actually it had been mostly women, and only a small handful. “Probably your pathetic dick is just too tiny to properly fill a woman.”

Fang braced herself, covering her face with her forearms as the man raised his fists once more, but after only a handful rather halfhearted punches he gave up, ostensibly having used up most of his energy already. The man opened the door to the rowdy talk and laughter of several more guards. Well of course they'd be watching something like this. Sick assholes.

“Alright, guys, who's up next?” What? More of them- The next guard entered the cell, already parading his erection in front of him. “Ignore that idiot, we all know he's totally tiny. Let me show you what a real man feels like.” He forced himself over her, but Fang hardly had the strength to move anymore, much less put up a real fight as he invaded her and started pounding. Please... No more...


After all the guards were done with her, Fang was left lying on the floor sticky with cum, bruised all over, her pussy feeling raw and painful and her mind half blanked out into a haze, so she only barely registered the cell door opening and the chief warden entering the room.

“Seriously, guys?” He asked “Do you have to do this every time? You could just ask and we'd have a whore sent to you.”

“But those aren't nearly as good.” One of Fang's tormentors replied. “And I mean, look at her, we just couldn't resist.”

“You never can resist.” The warden sounded like he'd had this conversation hundreds of times before. “Get her... 'presentable' isn't really an option... cleaned up at least.”

A few moments later there was the sound of footsteps approaching, and Fang was called back to her senses by a bucket of cold water splashing over her, followed by almost scalding hot water, followed up by more ice water, leaving her remotely 'clean' as well as drenched and shivering.

Two guards grabbed Fang's arms to pull her up and roughly dried her off with a smelly towel before dragging her after them. As she stumbled along, slowly Fang's pride awakened, and she steadied her step and walked as upright as her ravaged body would allow her, deciding, if nothing else, she would face her death with dignity.

The guards marched her into the courtyard, and as they stepped through the door Fang was momentarily blinded by the white clouds filling the sky, spreading the sunlight everywhere. There was a crowd gathered of course, and she could hear them shouting, but Fang didn't look at them, fearing that she might not be able to keep her composure then. Instead she placed one foot in front of the other, walking towards the wooden block that would for her be the ultimate end of the road to freedom.

As she came to a stop in front of the block, one guard offered Fang a blindfold, but she refused, and he just shrugged before pushing her to her knees and forcing her head onto the block, the wood marred by countless cuts and dyed dark with blood. Someone was reading a list of her – alleged – crimes, but Fang wasn't even listening, it took all of her concentration to fight her body's instinctual fear of death and not panic, it wouldn't do any good anyways.

She heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see a decidedly female shape stop besides her, dragging a large axe after her. Fang didn't even want to see the face of the woman that was about to kill her, so with a slow, deliberate breath she returned her gaze to the ground, similarly stained with huge splatters of dried blood, wondering just how many heads this place had seen rolling through the dirt, and how many more it would before Fang's brothers- and sisters-in-arms finally ended the tyrant.

The listing of her 'crimes' ended and utter silence fell over the courtyard, Fang's own heartbeat in her ears like thunder as she waited for the blade to fall. However instead after several moments, Fang sensed a movement behind her, then someone slapped her ass, and a bit of liquid dripped on it, a pair of fingers starting to spread it over her pussy. Really? Hadn't the guards had enough already? Were they really going to rape her in front of the crowd just to humiliate her even more?

Fang clenched her teeth, trying to brace herself, but instead of a dick, the two fingers only briefly pushed inside her a little before pulling back. But then a hand held apart her cheeks and another spread what probably was spit over her asshole before probing it with a single finger. No, they wouldn't... Fang felt the tip of an erect penis press against her anus. “No! Please- Aaah!”

She couldn't stop herself from screaming as with a forceful push the man invaded her behind, ramming his penis deep inside her. The sudden pain made her buck and try to get away, but two other guards held her down at the shoulders, forcing her head back onto the block as the pain made Fang tear up and the crowd burst into laughter and cheers. Sick bastards; why the hell was she giving her life for these people's freedom anyways?

Fang tried to control herself, but as the man started thrusting inside her, first slowly but quickly picking up speed, brutally violating her ass, the pain and humiliation were just too much and she started sobbing, then outright crying, with the occasional scream of pain when her tormentor pushed especially deep, sending another surge of pure pain over her.

There was a bit of liquid running down from her ass and over her pussy before dripping to the floor, blood most likely, and her entire backside felt like it was on fire. Yet the man continued ravaging her, intruding ever deeper into her rectum. Would they just kill her already?

Over the noise of the crowd and the pain flooding her, Fang vaguely heard someone behind her say something, then the executrix that had been standing beside her almost motionless like a statue shifted and there was a whooshing sound and Fang reflexively tried to turn her hea-


Suddenly Fang was falling forward as her vision started tumbling and she saw the ground and the sky and the ground and the sky and she hit the ground, the sideways executioner's block filling most of her view. Fang couldn't feel her body anymore when someone grabbed her hair to pick her up, and oh, right, there was her body, twitching and jerking uncontrollably and spurting downright fountains of blood from her severed neck in wide arcs.

Just then the man that had been raping her finished with a groan and a shudder, pulling out of her with a wide grin a few moments later. “Asshole, I hope your dick rots off.” But Fang didn't have any lungs left, so her lips just opened and closed without producing any sound, much less the intended insult.

Fang's vision was beginning to dim as someone carried her head around her body, presenting her own backside to her. Her asshole was dripping cum and bits of blood, and her pussy was wet with urine, released the moment she had been decapitated. Part of Fang was oddly glad she hadn't had any solid food for the last few days, otherwise her loss of control would have turned out even more embarrassing. Then again, maybe that had been the very reason she had been given little more than water, to facilitate this final insult. Fucked-up sons of bitches.

Whoever was holding Fang's head pushed her mouth against her pussy before slowly dragging it upwards, smearing her face with all urine, cum and a little blood, to the loud laughter of the guards standing around her. Fang still had enough strength left to spit out the sticky, mostly salty mixture that had gotten past her lips as her head was carried in front of the crowd, then held high for all to see.

Her vision was rapidly fading and the voice of the announcer and noise of the crowd was melting into an indistinct murmur. A shame she wouldn't live to see the tyrant fall. As the dark consumed her, Fang's last thoughts were directed at her two closest companions and lovers. I'm sorry... Light, Vanille... Win this war for me...



As per request. I feel a little bad for finishing this one first, because there's another request that had been made earlier, but this story just came out much easier; fight scenes are tough to write. (But don't worry, I will get it done in time.)

The title is taken from a track of the same name from another Final Fantasy (VII Crisis Core, in particular). This is the first time I did a rape scene, and from the victim's PoV at that, hopefully it came out okay. I intentionally tried to leave it unclear if the story is set more or less in-universe (FF XIII's sort-of science fiction) or some kind of medieval-type AU, so fill in the gaps however you like.

Btw, the tyrant (whoever she is) was eventually dethroned and (along with her conveniently all-female inner circle) executed for her crimes in the most gruesome ways you can think of. (And if you can think of it, I can most likely write it. *hint* *hint*)

Other than than that, as always. Give me some feedback/comments and (sufficiently detailed) suggestions, and thanks for reading.


That's alright, no worries. Your other stories are plenty of fun to read as well. ^^


Very nice work with that one.

For the Tyrant and her inner circle, I do have a few suggestions as to method.

First, Impaling. Very painful, placing the victim's pussy or asshole on a long metal spike and letting gravity drag her down. speed often depends on the victim's weight, but can be accelerated with additional weights or possibly slowed down with ropes if needed.

Second, disemboweling. Very painful, very slow, and guards can masturbate with her entrails to humiliate her.

Third, dismemberment. Simplest form is chopping off her arms, her legs, and finally her head. However, her arms can be further subdivided into hands, forearms, and upper arms, her legs can be subdivided into feet, lower legs, and thighs, and her torso can even be chopped in two horizontally before her head is removed.

A variant of this could be hanging dismemberment. Starts off like a hanging, but then her body is slowly chopped apart as she is suspended by her neck in midair.

And, of course, hanging or even garroting can be used.

If you want suggestions for characters, I can try and provide those, too, but I'll wait on that until the next Luna piece is done.


Also, for the tyrant's inner circle, I will say that an interesting concept would be to have two members of that inner circle be otherwise decent women, who tried to curb some of the tyrant's harsher tendencies, and thus earned themselves either more merciful deaths or the right to experiencing pleasure one last time either before they died or as they died


Looking forward to when you can get your next story up, Eterya. :)



Next story coming soon?


I'm having a bit of writer's block right now, so the next story is gonna be done when it's done, just be patient.



Looking forward to it, whenever it comes, and whichever of the two currently-waiting stories it is



Mind you, if the block is concerning the pokemon story, don't feel pressured to write it or anything. ^^



New story coming?


One's like 90% done, so hopefully within the next few days.


Nice. :)

Looking forward to it. :)


Going by final text volume I was barely 80% done by the time of posting that, but whatever works lol

Out with a Bang [Gundam Seed Destiny, yuri/incest, suicide, choking, disembowelment, con]

Today was the day. This was it.

Lunamaria entered the bathroom – not even bothering to lock the door, there was no one around but Meyrin – and stripped completely before sitting on the toilet and emptying her bladder in preparation of what was to happen, idly observing the yellow stream arcing from between her legs.

Luna finished, got up and walked over to the bedroom, finding Meyrin waiting for her on the bed equally naked, the low lighting casting an enticing shadow between her legs but leaving her firm youthful breasts in full view, and Luna could already feel the desire well up inside her.

A sentiment that was all too clearly shared, as as soon Luna sat on the bed, she was dragged into a deep, passionate kiss by Meyrin that lasted several seconds before they parted their lips again, panting slightly. She could clearly see that same lust and burning passion she felt in her sister's eyes too – as well as the worry and apprehension.

Luna pulled Meyrin into a tight embrace, savoring the warmth of her skin against her own, and lightly spoke into her ear. “Don't be afraid, sis. We talked about this so many times, there's no other way.” The world, or more like society, would never accept her and her sister's relationship... their love to each other.

“I know, but still I-” Luna sealed Meyrin's lips shut with a kiss, guiding one of her hands towards her sister's pussy and started teasing her clit, eliciting a soft moan as she pulled back. Meyrin responded in kind, almost forcefully caressing Luna's breasts with both hands, after a few moments leaning down to kiss and lick her nipple as Luna's breath intensified.

As Meyrin paused a few moments later, Luna gently pushed her onto her back before going down on her, toying with her clit and caressing the folds of her labia with her tongue, which got visibly wetter as she watched. Ultimately Luna moved up again to give Meyrin another deep kiss, sharing some of her sister's sweet taste that her lips and tongue had carried with them.

As their kiss broke off and Luna pulled back a little, Meyrin was suddenly presenting a sharp knife to her in her open hand, the steel gleaming even in the weak light. Luna took the blade without hesitation and after briefly searching amidst the scars and still-healing cuts marring her sister's chest and belly – as they were the back – found a suitable spot for one more.

Luna expertly placed the knife, the razor-sharp blade easily penetrating Meyrin's tender skin, and then swiftly but calmly pulled it along the entirety of her left ribcage, drawing a long red line as Meyrin let out a whimper of both pain and pleasure. By now Luna had learned exactly how deep she could go without causing any real damage, but it wasn't like that even mattered anymore.

After adding another pair of superficial cuts across Meyrin's abdomen Luna caught her sister's gaze as she placed the knife on the edge of her breast, pointing straight down, and Meyrin quickly realized what she was up to, and after a short moment nodded.

She only had to put a little bit of her weight onto the knife and it easily plunged into Meyrin's left breast, much deeper than she had intended, piercing right through to the pectoral muscle. Meyrin let out a scream and her eyes started tearing up, and Luna quickly extricated the knife from the wound. Oops.

However on top of the unexpected pain, her sister's expression still reflected arousal, so after a short pause Luna continued, lapping up some of the blood and carrying it to Meyrin's lips with a kiss, and at the same time – carefully – inserting the handle of the knife into her pussy and gently rocking it back and forth. Meyrin's breaths quickly progressed to gasps, but at some point she reached down with a hand to stop Luna from fucking her with the knife and rolled her sister off her and onto her back next to her.

Meyrin pulled out the knife, embedded it into the mattress next to Luna's head and finally straddled her, surveying her sister's large, beautiful breasts and unblemished pale skin – so much unlike her own – with a hungry expression. Normally Meyrin was more into receiving pain than inflicting it, but the fact that Luna had chosen her to be the one who got to break her made her feel both honored... and horny like nothing else.

A small part of her was still filled with doubt, but her growing arousal kept pushing it back further and further, and Meyrin shifted her position, spreading Luna's legs and bearing down on her with most of her – admittedly not all that impressive – weight as she pressed her pussy against Luna's clit.

It was almost a little funny how the otherwise much more assertive Luna became almost meek and submissive when under her sister, but her defenses and resistance just seemed to melt away, and this time she wanted it more than anything. She looked up at Meyrin, her eyes filled with nothing but trust. “It's time. My body will probably try to fight at some point, so whatever I do, please, don't let go of me.”

“I won't.” Meyrin's expression was filled with determination – and the oh so smallest hint of sadness.

“Thank you, sis. I love you more than anything else in the world.” Luna pulled Meyrin close for one final kiss, then gently draped her sister's hands around her neck and submitted her life to her. “Farewell.”

That was the cue. Meyrin's hands tightened around her throat, and Luna could practically feel the finality in her sister's touch, deep down she knew she would not live to see this grip loosen again.

As every time they had done this before – though only for pleasure, with Meyrin letting her breathe in time – at first Luna only felt the pressure of Meyrin's fingers, and her sister starting to move back and forth, rubbing her labia against Luna's clit, but after several moments she started to faintly hear her heartbeat inside her head, and all other noise seemed to dim as if through cotton.

As much as she could, Luna started moving her hips counterpoint to Meyrin's, who clenched her hands around Luna's neck further, producing an involuntary gasp, which only turned her on even more and she had to resist the urge to take one hand off her sister to finger herself, instead picking up speed as well.

Luna slowly felt a pressure build inside her head, her eyes and mouth in particular, but this was nothing new, they'd gone this far countless times. She pushed the feeling aside, instead focusing on the pleasure growing in her pussy and the image of Meyrin above her, small beads of sweat running down her beautiful face, her hair already a mess, and her breasts just big enough to slightly bounce and sway as she was fucking her.

After what may have been a minute as well an hour, as Luna kept edging towards her climax – as did Meyrin if her gasps and flushed face were any indication – the pounding in her head got worse and worse and her neck started to hurt, and she felt she was nearing her limit. Normally this would about be the time where she used the safeword – though Meyrin had rather quickly picked up a sense on her own for just how far she could go – and took a short break before finishing.

But this time there was no safeword. Luna's vision began to dim around the edges and the pain kept increasing, but she endured it and tried to slow down her breathing as much as possible – even though Meyrin's movements were making her produce noises halfway between gasps and moans.

Despite the thickening haze around all of her, at the same time everything felt more sensitive than ever, especially her pussy grinding against Meyrin's and her tits rocking with every movement. Just then a small drop of blood that had been seeping from the wound on Meyrin's breast fell onto Luna's chest, drawing a red hot flower onto her and making her draw in a sharp breath.

In response Meyrin shifted her weight a little then began to move even faster, her short high-pitched moans an indication she was approaching her climax. That noise, and the movement, and her pussy almost feeling like on fire amidst the beginning numbness of the rest of her quickly made Luna follow suit.

“I'm-... cum...ming.” The words were hardly audible, but apparently Meyrin understood as she sped up for one final burst and just as dark spots began blooming in front of Luna's vision, her orgasm washed over her like a powerful wave, the pain all over her forgotten as she shivered under the ripples of pleasure, her mouth opening to a choked gasp that would have been a loud moan if she'd still had air. Split seconds later Meyrin came as well, briefly halting her movement as she let out an ear-splitting shriek of ecstasy, her finger rhythmically clenching around Luna's neck, yet never letting go.

Luna vaguely noticed how Meyrin wound down much faster than her, already panting and exhausted as the last tremors of orgasm still washed over Luna. But ultimately they faded away too, and the hammering in her head and the burning in her chest returned, and suddenly part of her started to panic, but she forced it down. There was no going back, both of them had made their choice. Instead she managed a weak smile and a nod to Meyrin, who quickly reacted and further tightened her grip, by now visibly straining.

Blackness continued creeping over her vision and Luna's chest was burning as her sister's touch kept sapping the life from her, and it took her all to not start trashing and flailing frantically; no need to make this even harder on Meyrin than it already was.

However the pain just kept growing and by the point her sight was reduced to a blurry image of Meyrin's face hovering above her, Luna's body may as well have existed in a sea of fire, and her resistance finally gave way. Her legs started futilely kicking and she began trying to tear Meyrin's hands off of her neck as her eyes broke into desperate tears, afraid of death after all.

But fortunately by now she was so much out of oxygen her strength was mostly drained, so as instructed Meyrin could easily ignore Luna's fingers clawing at her wrists, and instead leaned into her with all her weight, putting her full strength into finally snuffing her out as Luna more read her lips than actually heard her say her final words to her. “Farewell.”

Farewell, sis. Thank you.

Then everything went dark.


As Luna's struggles died down, Meyrin allowed herself to relax a little bit, but she kept up her vice grip around her sister's neck for several more minutes until the older girl went limp entirely and Meyrin could see her chest stop its desperate, pointless heaving.

Only then she finally loosened her hands, leaning closer to Luna, her face somehow almost serene despite her obvious agony, almost purple from lack of oxygen, bloodshot eyes awash with tears of pain smeared over her cheeks, her tongue slightly out and small bits of drool around her lips.

Yet she was still the most beautiful thing Meyrin had ever seen. She carefully wiped off Luna's tears then licked the salty taste off her finger and proceeded to deeply kiss Luna, her lips and tongue still warm, yet unresponsive. Finally Meyrin pulled back, brushed a hand over Luna's eyes, closed her mouth and folded her hands over her chest. It was done.

Now it was her turn.

Once Luna and Meyrin had decided they would end it all, there had been a search for the best method. Of course, given her long-standing breathplay fetish, Luna had wanted to be choked to death by her sister, but ever since almost drowning after falling through the ice on a frozen lake when she was a small child, Meyrin abhorred any feeling of breathlessness or lack of air and it sent her into a panicked frenzy, so while she'd naturally obliged her sister's wish, for herself Meyrin had immediately ruled out that way.

Instead, where Luna had choking, Meyrin had cutting, the numerous scars all across her upper body, back, arms and even thighs a testament to it. At first by herself and not for pleasure, hidden from even her sister, but once she'd finally allowed Luna to see all of her, the older girl had been very supportive, and after solving – some of – the underlying issues, they had found another use for knives in bed – or in the living room, or the kitchen, or wherever else their lust got the better of them.

In light of this, it hadn't been much of a stretch that Meyrin would end her life by a blade too. She'd contemplated slitting her wrists first, but somehow that hadn't felt quite right, so after looking up some things Meyrin had settled on disembowelment, not unlike the samurai of old.

Meyrin knelt down on the floor right next to the bed and took her knife from the bed, haphazardly carving a bloody X into her left lower arm, it wasn't like that even mattered anymore. The blade was a little on the short side, but she hadn't been able to find anything larger, much less something resembling an actual weapon rather than tool, so it would have to suffice. Meyrin placed the tip of the knife on the left side of her abdomen, just above the height of her belly button, gripping the handle with both hands, and readied herself.

Then she tensed and plunged the knife, driving it deep into her flesh.

Immediately a searing pain lanced through her, radiating from the wound, but Meyrin grit her teeth and after taking a few strained breaths braced herself for the next part, then in one powerful stroke pulled the knife all the way across, opening up her guts and spurting blood all over her legs and belly.

The pain flared up like ten times worse and tears shot into her eyes, but Meyrin managed to restrain herself and force the scream that had been welling up in her throat into a more subdued whimper. No need to risk alarming any neighbors.

Meyrin pulled the knife out of the wound and, panting in both pain and arousal, leaned back slightly to inspect it. Through all the bloody red she could vaguely make out the pink loops of her small intestine, and off to the sides even the darker colors of the large.

After a few moments her curiosity got the better of her and Meyrin carefully slid her right hand into the cut, drawing in a sharp breath at the new surge of pain, – and then proceeded to poke her guts with her fingers. Surprisingly there was only a little bit of dull pain, not nearly as much as she would have expected – or even as much she had felt that one time she'd gotten a particularly nasty food poisoning. Curious.

Meyrin withdrew her hand and licked the blood off it, savoring the sweet taste, even when cutting herself she'd rarely drawn this much blood, and if she had, she'd been more concerned with the bloody mess she'd made, but that wasn't really important anymore.

Speaking of blood... There was a fair amount of it pooling in between her legs, right over her pussy, so Meyrin reached down and, opening her legs as little as she could, pushed one, then two fingers inside of her and spread her labia, letting out a barely contained moan as some of the blood poured inside of her. She gently began to finger herself, quickly speeding up and splattering even more blood all around her, the thick, hot liquid inside her pussy only increasing her pleasure.

However even lying on her back she wouldn't be able to contain much blood inside of her for any length; instead, looking at her wound, the bleeding in fact slowly reducing as clotting set in, Meyrin got another idea.

She pulled back her hand, and tried to reach into her guts once more, but as soon as she bent her fingers even a little, the tearing pain became just too much, so with a wince Meyrin withdrew her hand and picked up the knife once more.

This time she placed the tip about a hand's width below her sternum, her fingers quivering slightly from both pain and excitement, then once more drove the blade into her flesh. This time the pain wasn't nearly as bad, but Meyrin still gasped and took a few moments to gather herself again before dragging the knife straight down almost to her pelvic bone, painting a huge red cross over her torso.

As Meyrin pulled out the knife she leaned forward a little, then suddenly paused with a nauseous sensation as she felt the middle of her belly, where the two cuts crossed, bulge outwards. Then again, this was what she'd been going for anyways, so Meyrin bent a bit further and pulled the horizontal cut open with both hands, ignoring the new spike of pain, and a moment later with a squishy sound she literally spilled her guts, several loops of red and pink now hanging outside of her.

Suddenly the pain hit her and Meyrin doubled over with a retching sound, just barely holding in her stomach contents; looked like her organs could feel pain after all. For several minutes Meyrin just sat there, heaving, until the pain receded to the point she could move again and she slowly sat up straight again. Now for the fun part.

Of course she'd done some research, and it had turned out that the samurai had had a second for their sepukku for a reason. Without the decapitation, it could take hours to die from disembowelment, which meant Meyrin had some time to try one more thing, even though the blood loss was making her a little light-headed already.

Meyrin took her small intestines into both hands and started pulling one of the loops apart to a tugging sensation that oddly seemed to emanate less from the organ itself and more from her lower back. Regardless she continued until she had untangled a decent length of her viscera; fascinating how all of that had fit into so little space inside her.

Pulling it down, Meyrin found the section she had loosened was long enough, so she gripped her intestine, folded the loose length down the middle, and opening her legs, inserted the point into her pussy. Her viscera felt hot and wet and soft inside of her, and Meyrin felt her pussy clench in excitement, but as she had feared her intestine was too squishy to go in deeper than a few centimeters, so sadly it wouldn't really do as a dildo after all.

Instead Meyrin left the end in as far as it would go and started rubbing her clit with the section further down, the sensation quite unlike – and possibly better – than anything she'd felt before, like a huge, hot mound completely encompassing her most sensitive spot.

All the while her entire belly was alight with a searing pain that at the same time had dulled into the background, supplanted by Meyrin's pleasure, and the growing dizziness from blood loss only seemed to increase that feeling as Meyrin close to worked herself into a frenzy, her senses feeling almost detached, each proceedingly faster motion begetting more pleasure along with the strangely misplaced pain in her back.

Her breath quickly intensifying into a stakkato of gasped moans, Meyrin soon felt her orgasm approaching and forced herself to stop, teetering on the edge of climax as she picked up the knife carelessly discarded at some point one final time and placed it on the side of her neck, just above the carotid.

Meyrin had actually planned this final part very carefully. She didn't want to slowly die from blood loss or organ failure after however long, plus, staying alive longer might allow for someone to find and 'save' her, so she'd make sure it didn't come to that, in the most appropriate way she could think of. This probably would have been even better with Luna to finish it for her, but they'd tossed a coin, and Luna had gotten to decide she wanted to die first. Well enough; Meyrin had practiced with a plastic knife until she was completely sure she'd get it right on her own.

Keeping the blade on her neck as steady as she could, Meyrin continued masturbating with her other hand, and quickly edged once more, before she came, the intense pleasure making her forget the pain the rest of her body was in as she opened her mouth to a moaning crescendo-

Which abruptly cut off into a voiceless gasp as Meyrin pulled the knife across her neck, cutting through the carotids on both sides and opening up her throat practically from ear to ear.

Blood surged into Meyrin's mouth, running over her lips and chin, as the knife clattered to the ground next to her and she started gasping and sputtering. A veritable flood of warm blood ran all over her breasts and body, which was shivering and twitching, torn between the contradicting signals of her still-lasting orgasm and her death throes as she rapidly bled out.

Her mind awash in a flurry of oxymoronic sensations of death and pleasure, timed seemed to slow to a crawl as Meyrin only vaguely felt her body slump over and her vision and all other senses and the pain and finally the pleasure faded into nothin-



Once more, as per request. I'm not entirely sure how well I pulled of Meyrin's part, this subject was a first for me, but I hope it came out alright. Also I did some research on it (including that dying by disembowelment alone can take surprisingly long, and that the pain felt from most internal organs tends to be somewhat misplaced), but if there's still anything imprecise, blame it on artistic liberty (and the fact that these aren't really the kind of questions you can just readily google an answer for). The way Meyrin finishes herself is reminiscent of jigai, which is the female equivalent to the samurai's sepukku, practiced by their wives for similar reasons or to avoid capture and/or rape if a military defeat was imminent. (And now you learned something new; also why isn't there any more guro art of this?)

I do apologize for the long wait, I was stuck with an annoying case of writer's block and some RL stuff, little I could do about that. Also I'm really sorry for not getting to that Pokémon story that was requested, but that probably was where most of my block was coming from; good fight scenes are tough to write and good guro is tough to write, so yeah... I'm kinda annoyed at myself for that, because I really like the idea; and I do fully intend on finishing it at some point, but maybe for the time being you want to request something else.

And one more thing. Just on the off chance someone here enjoys my writing for the writing and not just the /g/, you should totally check out some of my more SFW fanfiction on either and, I go by the same username as on here. [/shameless self-promotion]

Also the usual, any kind of feedback/criticism is greatly appreciated, feel free to drop some (sufficiently detailed) suggestions, and so on.


Nice work, Eterya.

Now, as I promised, I will provide character suggestions for the sequel to your Price of Freedom piece.

Haman Karn - - The leader of Neo Zeon in Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam, she'd make a good member of the tyrant's inner circle, if not the tyrant herself.

Natarle Badgiruel - - she'd certainly be good for one of the otherwise decent women, who tried to curb some of the more extravagant tendencies of the tyrant but couldn't rebel because of duty and pride, who earns either a decent death or final pleasure.

And those are my suggestions so far. I'll see if I can come up with any more, or more suggestions involving Luna.


Good job on the 'Gundam SEED Destiny' characters' murder-suicide.


Day at the Museum - #1 Hanging [guess what, f-self, execution, con]

“Thank you. I hope you all enjoy your stay at the new and improved Museum of Historical Execution, Torture and Suicide. Have a nice day.”

The receptionist waves us through and we file into the main room – only to almost immediately pause and stare when under big cheers and applause from the bystanders a somewhat regal-looking girl with long green hair cuts her own stomach open horizontally with a short knife, and shortly after gets beheaded by a boy with a katana standing next to her, her neck spurting fountains of blood all over. I have to respect her for pulling that off so calmly, I don't think I'd have the guts for that. Heh, pun not intended.

“Ah, I see you arrived just in time to see the finale.” A female voice says from behind and several of us flinch as we turn around. There's a tall dark-haired woman standing behind us, holding a clipboard and adjusting her glasses. She's wearing high-heels, a dark blue skirt and a blouse, the typical 'office lady' sort of look, except her skirt is rather short, and the blouse is very form-fitting, barely containing her sizable chest; so more like 'hot secretary'. “I take it you're Akiyama-san's class, correct?”

“Yes.” Our teacher quickly steps up, returning the woman's small bow. “We booked a tour for 10'o clock.”

“You're perfectly on time. My name is Yuuna Kuroba, and I will be your guide for the day. Let's get going, shall we?”

After a quick headcount – and catching one boy who wandered off to inspect a headman's axe, cutting his finger in the process – we start the tour. Kuroba-san leads us through a huge array of torture devices and techniques, explaining each and every one of them, along with historical context or sometimes particularly entertaining anecdotes of other visitors.

A few people volunteer to test out some of the exhibits, with one very reserved girl, Ai, staying behind in sensory deprivation for an hour because it 'beats the noise and people out here', and Daisuke, a tough guy so delinquent it hurts, being reduced to whimpering by mere seconds of waterboarding; I'm probably a terrible person for finding that funny, but he was honestly asking for it.

Once we get to the actual executions, of course the volunteers trickle out very quickly, even though big-breasted blonde Haruka considers impalement for entirely too long; then again she's well-known for her promiscuity, so it stands to reason she'd be enticed by the prospect of a long, hard rod driving up her insides, but in the end she decides no to.

“Hanging is a very widespread method of both execution and suicide, used all over the world since medieval times.” Kuroba-san explains as we stop in front of a pair of gallows, one a very medieval-looking wooden construction with a trapdoor under the noose, the other a more modern-looking platform with the noose hanging from a metal pole with a small control panel.

“Depending on the exact method, death can occur almost instantaneously within just a few seconds, or can take as long as 20 minutes.” She continues “In a long drop, the carotid sinus reflex, breaking of the neck, or even decapitation if the drop was too long, will lead to a very quick end, while short drop or suspension can lead to a drawn-out struggle until death through strangulation occurs.”

Kuroba-san finishes her explanations with a story about how a particularly vain volunteer majorly understated her weight and ended up decapitated, before asking the same question as she did almost every time. “As usual, do we have any volunteers to try out the exhibit?”

“Um... yes.” After a short pause a girl with shoulder-length deep red hair steps up to a general murmur through the group, and it takes me a moment to remember her name as Mina. Our guide seems a little surprised, but very quickly regains her professionalism.

“You have read the flier you had to sign, and you know what this means?”


“Good. I'll need your name, and your teacher to confirm everything is in order.”

“Mina Yukimura.” As Kuroba-san expertly fills out a form on her flier, Akiyama-sensei double-checks her list before confirming Mina has signed all the paperwork the museum made us fill out preemptively for these cases so the tour wouldn't be disrupted for too long.

“Very well. Note that we stopped offering the long drop method after the decapitation incident I just mentioned, along with complaints that they were over far too quick and unspectacular, so you have the choice between short drop or suspension.”

“There isn't too much of a difference, is there? ...Let's just say suspension, then.”

With a nod Kuroba-san ascends the modern platform and types something into the controls, lowering the noose with a low whirring sound. “We are required for legal reasons to film this anyways, but are you okay with the recording of your death being reused for commercial purposes? We regularly publish highlight reels of our volunteers on DVD and online; when you make it on one, your family will get sent a copy, as well as your entry fee refunded, on top of a small compensation.”

Mina just shrugs. “Whatever. Use it if you want, not like I'll be able to care anymore.” She climbs up the platform, gazing at the noose quizzically. “Now what?”

“We're about ready. Normally executions are performed fully clothed, but for us that part is optional. So feel free to strip if you want.”

After a moment's deliberation, Mina takes off her shoes, socks and jacket, and already most of the boys – and a fair portion of the girls – are starting a chant of “Take it off!”, but she begins lifting her shirt, only to drop it back down. “Sorry, but that's all you get, pervs.” She adds with a grin, then steps under the noose and places it around her neck.

“This is it.” Kuroba-san says adjusting the noose for Mina. “Any last words?”

“Let me just say that I'm wearing beautiful white panties today, and we all know how short these skirts of ours are. So you may get a bit of a show after all.” As expected, this produces a loud cheer from almost everyone, myself included; even if I'm still kinda 'on the fence' about if I'm into boys or girls or what, the prospect of Mina's struggle delivering some panty shots does seem rather enticing.

“Do it.” Mina says, and Kuroba-san nods, then pushes a big button, and the winch contained within the pole activates.

For the first few moments nothing happens except for the rope slowly pulling taut, then Mina starts stretching her back and standing on her tiptoes, but before long the mechanism lifts her feet off the ground for good.

Even though her smile is a little strained, for several moments she keeps her composure, just lightly swaying, before her legs start slowly, almost rhythmically moving back and forth as she lets out a low choking sound.

Mina's quickly turns red, and it only takes a brief moment longer before she starts speeding up, her kicks progressively more frantic as her hands begin clawing at the noose around her neck to little effect. As she predicted, Mina's struggles soon begin raising her skirt high enough for her to show some flashes of white beneath, much to the delight of most spectators, and better yet, thanks to my relatively small size, most of the others let me stand in front of them, so I pretty much have front-row seats to the show. ...I may be into girls after all.

“Hey.” After a few minutes, my best friend, blue-haired Yuki, nudges my side and points up at Mina. “Look at her chest.” Inbetween Mina's flailing and gyrating it takes me a moment to make out, but from the looks of it she isn't wearing a bra and her nipples are erect and clearly visible through her shirt that's sitting rather tight over her – for her age pretty large – breasts.

“Do you think she's getting horny right now?” Yuki asks and I shrug.

“Maybe. Or maybe it's just some nerve reflex like Kuroba-san explained earlier happens to men sometimes.”

We both fall silent again and continue observing Mina's air dance. After a total of over five minutes she still shows no sign of slowing down, producing a continued series of strangled, ragged gasps, her arms and legs desperately thrashing, and her face pretty much purple at this point.

A sound from my right makes me turn around, only to find Yuki breathing heavily, her gaze fixated on Mina's struggling form and both hands reaching into the waistband of her skirt, moving back and forth, making it perfectly apparent what she's doing. And a quick look around shows she's far from the only one. Both boys and girls are more or less subtly masturbating, and at least two couples actually have their hands in each other's pants or skirts.

Part of me is actually turned on, a bit by Mina's suffering, but much more so by Yuki's panting and occasional small whimper, but the bigger part is too well-mannered to do something so improper in public, even if a lot of the others are already doing it, so I fold my hands behind my back and return my attention to Mina, a little respect is the least she deserves.

Several minutes later Mina's movements begin to slow down, her face is covered in tears of pain and fear, and her tongue is hanging out with some saliva dripping onto her shirt, but her pained gasps are still clearly audible over the progressively less subdued panting and moaning of easily half of the class pleasuring themselves or each other. Seriously, this is a museum, not an orgy.

Yuki's voice makes me turn once more, as the slightly taller girl hits a crescendo, letting out a series of short moans through clenched teeth and arching her back with closed eyes, clearly and audibly orgasming, before slowly winding down, panting heavily.

Only now she notices my attention and turns away with a deep blush. Welp, this is gonna be a bit awkward; I'll have to talk to her later.

I turn my gaze back to Mina, whose struggles are dying down safe for minor spasms and low gurgling sounds, but she's still hanging on. It takes another few minutes before her eyes roll back and she goes completely limp with one final drawn-out rattle, and moments later a dark spot forms on the front of her skirt as she pees herself, the stream of urine running down her legs and dripping through some grates in the floor of the platform that were clearly installed for just this purpose.

As the sounds of poorly veiled indecency from the class slowly die down, Kuroba-san checks Mina's body, then loudly claps her hands to get everyone's attention. “She's dead. As per regulations she will be left hanging for at least another hour to be absolutely sure.”

“I do hope you were all paying attention and took away something from this.” Akiyama-sensei adds.

Well you can bet some of the people were paying more than just attention. A fact that our guide seems to be very much aware of as she looks over the class. “Now then, let's get going to the next exhibit, shall we? Oh, and by the way, bathrooms are over that way.”

As expected several boys and girls quickly make their way in the direction with sheepish expressions to 'clean up' a bit, while the rest of us stay behind, chatting, and it gets apparent the majority of the class clearly enjoyed the 'show' just now, in more ways than one.

Once everyone is back, after a headcount minus two – one for Ai, who's still in sensory deprivation, and one for Mina, who, yeah – Kuroba-san ushers us to the next piece, little more than a pair of hollow logs drifting in a flat pool of mucky water with a painted background of some forest.

“Scaphism was used by the ancient Persians well over 2000 years ago, and is generally considered among the most cruel methods of execution to have ever been devised, with death taking several days or literally weeks. In it the victim...”


As per request over in the writing prompts thread (which is pretty neat, check it out if you haven't). This idea/setting was just too good to be done with after just one story, so the title is for me to easily do other exhibits at some point. All names are actual Japanese names, if chosen more for sound than for meaning. I fact-checked both hanging and scaphism, so the stuff Kuroba-san is explaining is completely correct. (I'd say if you don't know what scaphism is, don't look it up if you have a weak stomach, but seeing where we are right now, that seems a bit silly. It is pretty gruesome, though, and nothing erotic about it, unless maybe you're into scat and insects. ...And I probably just gave someone, somewhere, a new fetish lol)

Also hope you enjoy, thanks for reading, I'm always happy about feedback/criticism, and so forth.


Oh, wow, given that it was my request, that was very nice.

Thanks!! :D

Definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of the museum. Maybe a horizontal bisection (cut in half at the waist), a guillotine decap, and maybe they return to the impalement exhibit once the tour's done. Garroting would be fun, too - but yeah, that class should be vastly depopulated by the time they leave, at the very least. :)


Ah, that's a shame, if you can ever get around to it though that would certainly be awesome. ^^

In the meantime, regarding alternatives, are you still interested in a pokemon story in general, because maybe something else could work for either Maylene or Roxie then? Apart from that, other suggestions could be another Tracer story, Katara/Toph/Korra or Jinora from the avatar universe or Ellie from the Last of Us.

Would you be interested in writing any of those?


Sure, I can do a Pokémon character; my problem was the fact that fight scenes are seriously tricky to do well (and I hold myself to needlessly high standards).

Same guidelines as before (i.e. no actual Pokémon involved, no cannibalism or (major) scat, and preferably no canon males as the killer (females may be okay, case-by-case basis); yes I know this is kinda childish). Think of some idea/s and preferred victim/s, and we'll come up with something.


Well, I guess if you want suggestions involving Pokemon characters, I can make a suggestion.

What would you say to trying something with Flannery? Got a couple scenarios in mind.

Firs scenario is a hanging, a kinky-time gone all the way scenario. In this scenario, Flannery has often gotten off to a bit of choking before, but she decides she's ready to experience the ultimate orgasm, and hangs herself.

Second scenario is a seppuku scene, essentially another kinky-time gone all the way, but with a bit of the museum bit mixed in: Flannery has always wondered what it would be like to commit seppuku, and occasionally masturbates to it, and finally gets her chance.

Either of those ideas seem like they might work?


I will be doing more of that museum in time, maybe with that same class, maybe with another (as well as something non-lethally involving Yuki and the as-of-yet-unnamed (and I believe not even gender-identified, she's a girl, though) PoV character. Maybe Yuki winds up getting her into guro too and they end up watching snuff films together before/while having hot lesbian sex).

However I don't think the museum would offer 'interactive' bisection, all those guts spilling out would be a total bitch to clean up (also I'm not sure if/when and where this was actually used as in execution method in real life). Guillotine is fair game though, as is impalement, garroting (which I may liken even more than plain hanging, but I'm not sure if I've actually written one yet ^^) and shooting/firing squad.

Thing is, guillotine and shooting (and some other methods probably) are over pretty quickly, so those chapters would be accordingly short, unless I can find something to expand them (and preferably something other than every single victim being exhibitionistic and wanting to finger herself/get fucked before she dies. This kind of thing is only original once or twice). Would you have any suggestions for that? (Or are very short pieces okay too?)

Also, can you think of any other execution methods that'd make viable interactive exhibits? (Requirements something like: over reasonably fast; doesn't require an excessive amount of tools/space and can be done indoors, one device like a gallows/guillotine is about the upper limit; doesn't make too much of a mess, a bunch of blood is fine, internal organs all over the floor less so.) Or how about some (non-lethal, non permanently-disfiguring) torture to inflict on the PoV or her friend, any suggestions?

>>6693 was directed in particular at that other poster whom I'd accepted a request from and then failed to deliver because writer's block :( But generally I'm always open for suggestions. And Flannery is totally hot (pun most definitely intended, not even sorry), but tbqh, both of your suggestions seem a little generic and similar to stuff I did before. Wanna come up with something more original/detailed instead? (I'd also rather it be non-con for a change, or maybe some kind of accident). But if not that's okay too, I still have a few more things to work off, including the museum, and another story that's already mostly done (hopefully by the weekend, but no promises).



Well, for stuff that's over way too fast, you could always combine the two scenes into a single 'chapter', or maybe include some 'rape' into the mix - the victim isn't exhibitionistic, but one of her classmates just can't stop themselves and want to fuck her as she dies, and by volunteering to take part in the exhibit, she loses all options regarding consent in the matter.

On the topic of Flannery, well, maybe we can alter the hanging one into a slightly different story, going more 'Kinky Time gone wrong'.

Two options for this, both involving Flannery having an asphyx kink.

First option is like this: About once a week, Flannery will set up a noose and a stool, step on the stool and slip the noose around her neck (possibly tightening it in order to heighten the sensations) and just spend a few minutes masturbating in that situation before undoing the noose and stepping down. Only one day, she accidentally kicks the stool out from under her without loosening the noose, meaning she hangs to death, though having a final orgasm on her way out.

Second option gets rid of the noose, and simply has Flannery wrap a cord around her neck once in a while, enjoying the feeling when she pulls it tight for a few minutes. She'd use some kind of slip knot to ensure it stays tight while she masturbates to the feeling, but has some sort of mechanism to loosen it on command - only this time, the mechanism fails, meaning she can't escape as she is essentially strangled to death.

Either of those options work?


Figures that just as I'm about to finish another story gurochan decides to go down for a few days. But it's back now, so here you go.

The many deaths of Ayanami Rei [Neon Genesis Evangelion, various m/f/f 2- and 3-some, shooting, asphyxiation, decapitation, and then some, clones, con]

Rei Ayanami was standing beside herself – literally. The room, probably an old, disused warehouse was filled with no less than half a dozen other pale blue-haired, red-eyed girls, all completely naked. And besides herself, all of them were going to die very soon.

Rei had been given a most interesting opportunity indeed. As would happen sometimes, NERV had weeded out some of her backup clones that were starting to show signs of degradation to dispose, but this time she had talked the commander into leaving the task to her instead of just breaking them down into organic matter.

After a recent near-death-experience, Rei had become quite curious about the feeling of death, so she would use her clones to experience it without experiencing it, so to speak, obtaining as much of their memories as the implants could record and later synching them with her own. To that end she'd procured a variety of utensils, ranging from some guns and knives all the way to an improvised guillotine, and invited two of her classmates and fellow pilots.

And they were late. It was already ten minutes past the agreed time, and the commander had been unwilling to leave Rei without supervision for too long, so they didn't have too much time in the first place.

...She'd probably have to start on her own, then. Rei wordlessly pointed at one of the clones, then the noose fastened to a beam above a pair of crates, and with a small nod, she climbed up and placed the noose around her neck, tightening it. The original Rei walked up to the clone and pushed against the lower crate with her foot a few times until the upper crate tilted and fell off with a clattering sound, leaving the clone hanging.

For several seconds there was no reaction safe the clone swaying slightly and her breath sounding a little strained, but before long she started gasping and kicking, her feet straining for the ground far out of her reach.

Rei just silently watched as the clone's movements kept growing more and more desperate until she was uncontrollably flailing and trashing, producing long rattling gasps, and tears in her eyes. But it likely would take several minutes more for her to die. Now that Rei though about it, this method gave a particularly good show, maybe she should have saved this one until the others were there too.

Speaking of which... There was a pair of voices outside.

“I keep telling you this is the place, stupid!”

“But it looks nothing like Ayanami described!”

“The way matches, the surroundings match, maybe she just got the look of the building wrong! Come on, go in!”

Rei gestured to another clone and she quickly hurried outside to save Ikari-kun and Sohryu-san from their argument.

“I told you this was the right place, didn't I?”

“...Yes, fine. You were right and I was wrong. Happy now?”

“Very much so. I see you're already started.” Sohryu-san greeted Rei, indicating the clone struggling in the air.

“Yes. You were late, and we don't have too much time.”

“Nah, it's fine. We go here for the best part, didn't we, stupid?”

“Huh? Oh... yes.” Ikari-kun was obviously distracted by all the naked girls standing in front of him. He probably was rather inexperienced, but Rei hoped he would use this opportunity to go a little 'further' with one of her clones; after all if one of them had sex, she would be able to gain that memory too, while still keeping her virginity.

But first things first. The clone's face was shifting color due to cyanosis and her movements were dying down, the huge struggles replaced by minor jerks and twitches, while both Ikari-kun and Sohryu-san were watching intently. Ultimately it took another three or so minutes before the clone went limp, a trickle of urine running down her legs and dripping to the floor.

“Alright, now what?” Sohryu-san spoke up after several seconds.

“It's obvious.” Rei couldn't resist the slightly snarky remark “You do what I invited you here for and kill the rest of the clones.”


“Okay, stupid.” Asuka said “I say we take turns offing wondergirl's clones.”

“Um, sure. Who gets to go first?”

“Me of course.”

“No way, why would you?”

“Why wouldn't I?”

“That's not a reason!”

Fortunately before the two could descend into a particularly pointless argument, Ayanami stepped in with the obvious solution. “How about a game of rock-paper-scissors? Whoever wins gets to go first.”

“Fair enough, come on, stupid.”

It took over ten ties before Shinji finally won, by doing the exact opposite of what he thought he should do, and even though Asuka frowned, she was a halfway graceful loser. “Alright, stupid, you get the first go. Make it quick.” ...Emphasis on 'halfway'.

Shinji was actually not quite sure what to do now. Of course he was supposed to kill one of the clones, but he had no idea how. Thankfully after a few moments the same clone that had brought him and Asuka in picked up on his indecisiveness and offered him some handgun he really should have been able to identify after NERV's weapons training, but all he could tell was that it was semi-automatic and probably had a relatively large caliber.

“You can use this, Ikari-kun.” The clone said, leading Shinji a little away from Ayanami and Asuka, who were engaging in some other conversation. “Or you could do whatever else you want, anything.” At that the clone- he was just going to call her 'Rei' from now on, Rei paused to stand with her legs a bit more apart and sticking out her hips and chest a little.

Ayanami had explicitly told him that he could do quite literally anything with the clones, and that included sex – and she'd actually seemed almost hopeful for that –, but Shinji wasn't quite sure about this, especially not with others watching, if they had a private room of some sort, he probably would have gone for the chance, though. ...Maybe he could work up the courage to do this step by step, there were still a few clones left after all.

After a short moment of deliberation Shinji took the gun the clone was still holding, but instead of shooting her, he turned his grip so the barrel was pointing upwards and reached down, rubbing the muzzle over Rei's pussy a few times before pushing against her labia until the barrel entered her and Rei drew in a small breath at the touch of the cold metal.

Shinji slowly began moving the gun up and down and back and forth, and even though he had only some basic, theoretical knowledge to draw from, he seemed to be doing something right, as Rei's breaths quickly became those of arousal, her pale face slightly flush. She started moving her hips in sync with Shinji, and he sped up a little, noticing Rei was clearly wet, and some of it had gotten on his fingers too.

As they continued Rei soon started moaning loudly, garnering the attention of the other clones, but at this point Shinji wasn't going to be deterred. It didn't take much longer until Rei came, her voice hitting a crescendo, clenching and bucking for several moments, and squirting all over the gun and Shinji's hand, before slowly winding down, panting and her face still red.

Shinji withdrew the gun from Rei's pussy and wiped off the barrel on his shirt, when Rei noticed his hand she'd just come all over and reached for it. “Let me clean that for you, Ikari-kun.” She didn't even give Shinji any time to answer and took his hand, then proceeded to lick it, almost sensually cleaning the palm and the back and every single finger, before drying it best as she could by wiping it over her bare chest a few times. And as Shinji pulled back to dry the rest on his shirt then took the gun again, he got the perfect idea how to finish this one.

He pushed Rei's lips apart with the gun, forcing the barrel into her mouth until he hit the back and she made a gagging sound. “Suck it.” Shinji demanded, and after a short moment Rei began moving her head back and forth a bit, her lips playing with the metal and her tongue sliding all around the barrel suggestively. She really seemed to know what she was doing, Shinji mused, he'd have to let the next one do that for him, only a blowjob wasn't so bad, was it?

“Rei?” “Hm?” She paused, and as soon as Rei turned her gaze back to him, Shinji pulled the trigger.

With a loud bang the back of Rei's head burst into a shower of red, white and gray, splattering the wall behind her as Rei's head rocked backwards and her body fell against the wall, sliding down until she was sitting against it, her head slumped forward and the massive exit wound giving a clear view on the gray matter of her brain.

Shinji leaned down and lifted Rei's chin to look at her face; there was a good amount of blood running from her mouth and even nose, dripping onto her chest and breasts, but otherwise she was practically unblemished, the light within her eyes gone in a heartbeat.

Rei's body was still twitching slightly, and Shinji noticed she had ended up sitting in such a way her legs were giving a clear view of her – completely shaved – pussy. However before he could take much of a closer look with one final shudder the body released its bladder, a small pool of yellow forming between her legs and Shinji took a step back. Well, whatever. On to the next one.


The remaining clones had impassively observed other's demise and were obediently waiting for the next one. Shinji waved one over at random, asking her “Before I finish you, would you mind giving me a, um... blowjob?”

“Of course, Ikari-kun.” Without any hesitation Rei kneeled down in front of him, opened his zipper and reached into his underpants, pulling out his already half-erect penis. She stroked it a few times, her perfectly smooth fingers running along the entire length of the shaft, before she carefully drew a fingernail along the underside, making Shinji draw in a sharp breath of arousal.

Then Rei parted her lips, closing them around the very tip and gently moving them back and forth, before finally opening her mouth proper and letting in the entire head. The inside of her mouth was so warm and soft and wet, and Shinji let out a gasp as Rei's tongue brushed against the underside of his dick, flicking it several times before starting to play around the tip as Rei leaned forward a bit, letting him in deeper.

Rei began moving her head back and forth, steadying herself with her hands to his legs and getting deeper and quicker until she was working almost his entire length with her lips and tongue. Shinji was panting from pleasure, and he could already feel his climax approaching as he grabbed the back of Rei's head to speed her movements along, and she quickly adjusted, keeping up the pace.

Following an impulse, Shinji forced Rei's head all the way down until he hit the back of her mouth, then slightly moved back and forth, literally fucking her throat as Rei produced a series of choking sounds. After a good 30 seconds she started straining against him, struggling for breath, so Shinji let go and she quickly pulled back, gasping and panting for air. As she resumed sucking his dick, Shinji wondered if it would actually be possible to kill her by choking her with his dick; it certainly would make for a very interesting attempt.

However before he could continue that train of thought, much less put it into practice, all of a sudden Asuka was standing behind Rei, grabbed her hair to pull her head back, and before either of them could react, drew a gleaming piece of metal over Rei's neck, cutting her throat wide open.

Rei's eyes widened in surprise and her hands reflexively went to her neck, the wound almost like a wide, bloody, smile, as she made a low gurgling noise, the blood already pooling in her mouth. It took just a few moments for her body to start shuddering and jerking around, splashing blood everywhere, including Shinji and even Asuka.

However, to her credit, Asuka had done good work with the cut, it only took a short while for Rei to fall over, her vacant eyes staring at the ceiling as her body's final twitches died down in a pool of her own blood.

“Hey!” Shinji protested “What'd you do that for?”

“Because I felt like it. And it was my turn anyways, you got the first one.”

“You at least could've let finish!”

“Be thankful I pulled her head away first, stupid.”

“That's not-” Shinji's reply fell short as Asuka stepped closer to him, inspecting his still erect penis.

“What a sorry picture. You probably never had a girl do this for you before, have you?”

“N-no, I...”

“Know what?” Asuka shoved Shinji a few steps backwards until they were far enough away from the bloody mess wondergirl's clone had made, then kneeled in front of him. “I'm in a generous mood today, so I'll help you finish. But, I get to kill the next one too.”

Without even waiting for an answer, because there was just no way any man would refuse this offer, Asuka opened her mouth, taking in Shinji's dick. It was huge and hot inside her, faintly throbbing with every heartbeat, and still wet from Rei's mouth, but at the tip also a little salty.

Asuka had next to no idea what she was doing, but she'd never let that stop her before. She began quickly moving her head back and forth, sliding her lips over his shaft while her tongue played all around the tip, making up what she lacked in experience or technique in passion.

And it seemed to be working as Shinji soon began groaning, and Asuka could just sense he was about to finish. However this also posed a small problem, as men always would make such a mess when they came, and she most certainly didn't intend to have his ...stuff all over her face, hair and clothes. ...That meant she'd have to take it all in her mouth; the idiot was more lucky than he could ever imagine.

“Ah- Asuka, I-” And there it was. Asuka had to fight the urge to get away from the impending mess as fast as possible, and instead kept her mouth around Shinji's dick as it twitched a few times before almost rhythmically shooting several hot, salty loads of cum into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and almost making her gag.

After several moments Shinji finished and Asuka left him a few seconds before pulling back, his dick already beginning to go limp. How typical.

“Hey.” Shinji said. “Open your mouth.” Asuka had seen enough porn to know where he was going with this, so used her tongue to gather his cum in the front of her mouth, then opened up, showing the white pool, further embiggened by her own saliva. After a few seconds she decided that was enough of a show, tilted her head backwards a bit and closed her eyes as she swallowed the sticky mess, shuddering a little as it slid down her throat.

“Wow. That was... hot. Thank you, Asuka.”

“Whatever.” Asuka got up with a huff. She'd probably have to brush her teeth with hydrochloric acid to get rid of this feeling in her mouth. But she could do that later, right now there were still more dolls to break.


“Hey wondergirl- no wait.” Asuka interrupted herself “The original is wondergirl, you're just a clone. ...Come here, wonderclone.” She pointed at another clone, and it dutifully followed her to a large metal table, stupid Shinji trailing behind them as expected.

“Lay down.” Asuka commanded, and Rei did, then Asuka climbed on top of her, straddling her and placing both hands around her neck. “I'm going to slowly choke you to death now.”

Rei just nodded. “Very well.” That nonchalant manner totally pissed Asuka off, but before she could proceed to vent on the clone, she got an idea.

“Hey, stupid. Of course you just got the best blowjob of your life, but think you have enough stamina for another go?”

“I- um, what?”

“Wanna fuck wonderclone while I snuff her? I bet you could even take her up the ass, I hear that's supposed to be especially tight.” Not to mention painful for Rei.

“Oh, uh... sure.” Of course, he was a man after all.

Asuka didn't even have to turn around to hear the sound of a zipper opening and pants dropping to the floor, then she felt a shift behind her and Rei let out a wince, then started rocking back and forth as Shinji began fucking her, her breath quickly shifting to rhythmic moans. But Asuka would be damned if she let wonderclone get off before dying.

She forcefully closed her hands around Rei's neck and it only took a handful of seconds before Rei's moans became breathless gasps and her face began turning red. This was much easier than Asuka had expected, though of course she didn't know how long she'd have to keep it up, but she was positive her strength would be enough.

Wonderclone's complete lack of reaction wasn't helping either, because even as her face and lips were slowly shifting towards blue, she hardly moved, much less tried to resist in any meaningful way. If anything, her expression was almost happy still, maybe stupid Shinji was actually doing a good job.

“Hey, stupid. I know you're in the middle of something, but pull out for a moment.”

“What for?” Shinji wasn't showing any inclination of stopping.

“Just do it, idiot! I don't want to give wonderclone this pleasure before she kicks the bucket.” Keeping up her grip around Rei's throat, Asuka shifted her position until she was half laying on top of her, her knees next to Rei's hip and presenting her ass to Shinji. “Instead you get to fuck me while I choke the life out of her.”


“What?! Am I not good enough for you or something? I got you off before, so it's only fair you repay me.”

“I- uh, sorry.” Shinji's movements stopped and Rei quickly got a disappointed expression... but that was all that happened. “Um... How do I...”

Asuka sighed “You're really hopeless, you know. Just lift my skirt, and then do the same you just did for wonderclone.” Asuka only rarely actually wore underwear, and for this event in particular she had foreseen the need for 'easy access' at some point, even Shinji should be able to handle this task.

And true enough, he managed to get her skirt out of the way without any incident and a moment later the tip of his dick was rubbing against her labia before finally parting them and entering her. At the sudden sensation Asuka clenched, eliciting a gasp from Shinji as he began thrusting inside her, first slow, then quickly picking up speed, and Asuka couldn't suppress a moan herself, beginning moving in a slight counterpoint to him.

Only as they were settling into a rhythm Asuka's attention returned to Rei. By now she was pretty much purple, but still conscious, and Asuka made a taunting expression at her, as if to say 'look at me, I'm getting what you're not', and Rei glared back at her through bloodshot eyes, as Asuka let out a particularly long and exaggerated moan.

Some minutes later as Asuka felt her climax approaching, Rei finally showed some actual reaction as she opened her mouth to a series of desperate hacking noises and began kicking her legs and pointlessly clawing at Asuka's hands with oddly soft fingernails. For some reason wonderclone's struggles were turning Asuka on more than just a little, or maybe it was more so the fact she was totally rubbing it in right now how she got to be fucked by Shinji instead, but either way she wondered if she could time it just right so she would come at just the moment Rei died.

“Hey, stupid.” Asuka panted “Slow down a little... I'm not quite done with her yet.” Shinji obeyed at first , but slowly kept speeding up again over the next few minutes as he no doubt was about to come. But by now so was Asuka, and Rei's movements were weakening already, just a little longer...

The timing was almost perfect. Just as Rei's body went limp with one last sigh and her eyes rolled back, Asuka couldn't hold it any longer and let out crescendo of moans, almost shrieks as her orgasm flooded over her, and before she was even finished she heard Shinji grunt behind her as he tensed and his dick pulsed inside her, filling her with a hot sensation before both of them slowly wound down. Of course stupid hadn't been using a condom, and of course Asuka was taking precautions herself, it wasn't like you could count on men to do it.

Panting heavily, Asuka nonetheless kept her hands around Rei's neck a while longer just to be sure, until Shinji withdrew his dick from her, and she shifted a bit before opening her labia with both hands, trying to get as much of Shinji's cum out of her as she could, some of it dripping right on Rei's pussy. Looked liked wonderclone was getting some of him after all, just too bad she was long past caring by now.

Asuka got off of Rei's body and adjusted her skirt before turning to Shinji. “That was your first time, wasn't it, stupid? You should consider yourself lucky you got to do it with two girls, especially one as gorgeous as me.”

“Um, I-”

“Do you have a tissue or something?” Asuka cut him off “I need to clean up your mess.” Shinji handed her a pack and Asuka placed one foot on the table to wipe off the outside of her pussy, not really caring she was flashing Shinji, it wasn't like he'd just seen all that and more.

“Um, Asuka...” Shinji started as she was done and threw the pack back to him. “You just killed two in a row, so that means I get to do the next one.”

“...Fine. Unless the original wondergirl wants another one, but I don't think so. Come on.”

“Hang on.” Asuka and Shinji paused in front of the original Rei and a single naked clone. “Weren't there one more of you just before?”

“Yes.” Wondergirl said “The other one went up the building to jump-” As if on cue she was interrupted by a whooshing sound followed by a sickening crunch and splat as a pale figure fell right past the windows before hitting the ground just outside the open door, and they quickly stepped outside to inspect her.

The clone was lying on the ground in a massive pool of blood, most likely dead on impact, even if she was still twitching a little and just now embarrassingly pissed herself. Asuka walked around her to see her head was literally split open, her pretty face thoroughly ruined, with huge chunks of brain and skull all over the ground, and even an eye popped out of the socket.

Asuka turned around to see Shinji walking back in with the final clone and frowned. She had given him this one, but she'd also thought there would be one more, so she'd come out on top in the end. However as she walked back in to see what stupid was gonna do, she noticed a large bag wondergirl had apparently brought with her too, so just out of curiosity Asuka picked it up, and as soon as she opened it, a wide grin grew on her face. Why, hello there. This was going to be good.


Shinji led the final clone across the room to a very peculiar contraption. He had no idea how Ayanami had gotten the parts for a guillotine, and even though bits of it were ostensibly improvised, jury-rigged or duct-taped, the blade seemed pretty sharp and the rails looked sturdy enough, so it would do just fine.

Without further instruction Rei laid down on the table of the device and even fastened her own head in the lunette. “Ikari-kun,” she asked, letting her legs hang to the sides of the table, baring her pussy and ass “would you like to have sex with me? I believe if you time my decapitation right, my body's convulsions will make the act especially enjoyable.”

It was slightly surreal, having a girl present herself to him like this while nonchalantly talking about her impending death, but in truth Shinji had seen weirder things from Ayanami before, including the rest of this whole afternoon. With a nod he took off his trousers and dropped his underpants, stroking his dick a few times and easily getting hard again before entering Rei's pussy.

Just like the one before that Asuka had killed, this Rei was nice and tight, even without the twitches her choking had produced, and Shinji quickly found a pace, Rei moving with him as much as her restraints would allow and quickly starting to moan in pleasure.

They'd only been at it for a few minutes when suddenly Asuka stepped up behind Shinji and reached around him to open his jacket and take it off, leaving him in only a thin shirt and the underpants hanging around his ankles. “Say,” she seductively spoke right into his ear, pressing herself against Shinji's back, clearly naked as he distinctly felt her nipples and small firm tits through the fabric of his shirt “you look like you're having fun. Mind if I join?”

“Um, what-”

“I'll take that as a 'yes'.” Asuka briefly withdrew and there was a rustling sound and something hard and slightly wet brushed against his backside, and Asuka reached down to push his cheeks apart

“Asuka, what- Don't- Aah!” Shinji screamed in surprise when suddenly Asuka pushed inside him, something thick and hard invading his rectum as Asuka clung around his back again.

“Check it out.” She said as Shinji clenched his teeth at the sudden sensation “Wondergirl had a whole bunch of toys with her, so I though why not use some?”

“But why on me instead of – ah – you?”

“Why not? It's funnier this way. And besides, you got to fuck me before, so this is the payment.”

“But you said-”

“You didn't really think that one blowjob was worth taking my virginity, did you? I'm gonna take your boy virginity instead, it's only fair.”

Shinji wanted to protest, but there actually was a certain amount of logic to what Asuka was saying. And even though the strap-on inside his ass was painful, in a way it also felt kinda good, so he might as well go along with it.

“Hey.” Asuka thrust into him once more and Shinji let out a halfway cross between a pained gasp and a moan. “Are you just gonna stand here or are you gonna continue some time soon? Don't keep wonderclone waiting.”

Right. Rei had just patiently waited out their conversation, even if he still was inside her. Actually... Before he hadn't wanted to fuck the other Rei's ass, but now that Asuka was doing the same thing to him he was rather curious how that would feel. “Um, Rei... would you- would you be okay with anal too?”

“Yes, whatever pleases you, Ikari-kun.” That was all the invitation he needed, but it wasn't like Rei was in any position to actually stop him anyways. Shinji pulled out and spread Rei's cheeks, dripping some saliva on her asshole and smearing it around, before pressing his dick against the opening and slowly pushing.

The very tip went in easily, but Shinji quickly encountered resistance and had to force himself inside her bit by bit, putting some more spit on it along the way, until he passed the narrowest point and suddenly swiftly slid in almost all the way as Rei audibly winced. Her ass felt different than her pussy and slightly odd, but it was even tighter and clenched with almost every small movement.

Shinji slowly began moving and Rei tensed with a small whimper while Asuka pushed inside him in return, eliciting a sharp gasp. As Shinji sped up, so did Asuka, and apparently the strap-on was double-sided, or she had something else inside her, as her breath behind him clearly reflected her arousal as well.

The thought crossed Shinji's mind just how strange his situation was; this morning he'd still been a virgin, now he was fucking a girl he was about to decapitate in the ass while another girl, that he'd fucked and gotten a blowjob from too, was fucking him with a dildo. ...He'd really have to thank Ayanami for this opportunity.

Both Asuka and Shinji were approaching their climax once more, while, even if technically consensual, the anal had broken Rei's facade and reduced her to sobbing, yet he sped up a little more and thrust a little deeper, and just as Rei let out a pained scream, Asuka seemingly reached an orgasm as her moans hit their highest and loudest and she clenched her arms around Shinji, almost crushing his ribcage and thrusting particularly far into him, hitting something deep inside Shinji and suddenly he was at the edge too, and quickly reached for the lever to activate the guillotine.

The blade came down with a deceptively low sound before cleanly cutting through Rei's neck with a thud, cutting her off mid-scream.

Rei's head vanished from view as it fell down, but her body bucked and jerked around, spurting a fountain of blood from her severed neck and almost righting itself, and Shinji had to grip her arms to stop it from escaping. But as predicted, in her death throes Rei's asshole clenched as much as the rest of her body shuddered, and Shinji almost instantly came, shooting his load into Rei as her body kept twitching and struggling for several seconds longer before finally dying down.

Panting, Shinji slowly wound down from his climax, only to suddenly be jerked back into reality by Asuka withdrawing the dildo from his ass, making him wince “Ow! Little warning next time?” He pulled his dick out of Rei, noticing how some of his cum came out with it, sliding down to her visibly wet pussy, from arousal or urine he couldn't say, but it was kinda hot either way.

As Ikari-kun and Sohryu-san got dressed, then started bickering about something involving anal sex Rei looked around the carnage they had created. NERV would definitely have their fun scrubbing the entire area down to remove all biological materials. Or maybe there'd just be a random fire from some 'faulty wiring' tonight. But the commander had given her permission, and specifically sent her to this place, so everything was fine.

And while she couldn't yet say just how much of their experiences the clones' implants had recorded, Rei already felt comfortable considering this afternoon a huge success.



This one was loosely inspired by Aoi Hikari, in giving me the idea of using Rei's clones, and I may have taken the 'wondergirl' moniker Asuka uses from their stories too. I think this is a bit different from the stuff I did so far, but some variety is always a good thing. Also I believe this is my longest story yet by a decent margin.

Not much else to say here except the usual: Feedback, suggestions, thanks for reading, yadda, yadda


Also I had an interesting idea, and was wondering if there was any interest for that: I've seen a few interactive 'Choose your own Adventure' sort of threads here, but iirc those tend to be from the killer's perspective or from an in-universe audience.

I'd like to do one from a victim's PoV, but with the catch that the point is not as much 'winning' as it is to encounter a variety of ways to die gruesomely. Something along the lines of 'I Wanna be the Guy' meets 'Demonophobia' or 'Another Dimension', as CYOA story. 'Choose your own Death', if you will.

But this sort of thing needs at least a handful of participants to be worthwhile. So would you be interested in something like this? Then please let me know (also any kind of input/suggestions for this you might have).


Any thoughts on my revised suggestions for Flannery?


I must've missed your previous reply, my bad. If, I'd do something along the lines of the second one. I just need to think of the exact logistics what could go wrong; when I do something like this, I'm practically safe as all the pressure only comes from my own hand pulling the rope, so should I black out (which never even happened so far) I'll just let go, freeing myself. So she'd have to be pretty clumsy, careless, or using an inherently unsafe contraption to accidentally kill herself (then again, people died in dumber ways before; see the Darwin Awards for some examples). Can you think of any details how exactly Flannery could mess up? (If not I'm sure I'll come up with something)

Although right now I'll probably wait a few days to see if my idea for a 'Choose your own Adventure' sort of thing gets any resonance, because I'd be really interested in trying that. Btw, you seem like a frequent reader of my stuff, what do you think of that idea? (It's in the comment immediately above yours)




Well, a CYoA story from the victim's perspective would be rather interesting... though for best effect, you'd have to tie it into a place with a lot of Snuff options - such as a tour of that museum, or a Snuff Festival.

As for Flannery, I'd say she uses a slip-knot to pull the rope tight and keep it tight, and keeps something sharp like a knife handy to cut the rope when she needs it (She'd go through a lot of rope, but she'd have a large supply handy), only during the story, either the blade doesn't cut or she does something to knock it out of her reach (or if it's a Swiss Army Knife, she accidentally closes the knife after she passes the point where she lacks the strength to open it up again.

She could even know the dangers to what she's doing, but the peril could be part of what turns her on. :)

That work?


I was thinking of a bit more of a horror vibe, a lá Demonophobia or Another Dimension, with everything out to kill you. A 'Saw' style death course, a dark maze or forest, the lab of a mad scientist, something invisible hunting you in broad daylight... There's a ton of stuff I could do. Although a consensual variant where you wander a festival/museum and get to watch a few deaths before getting snuffed yourself has an interesting ring to it too. We'll see.

For Flannery, the peril being part of the whole thing is a good point (if a kinda stupid thing to do, but in-character it's perfectly fine), but a knife seems rather impractical. I envision she has some sort of 'release' she just has to pull to open the knot (I just won't go into the details of that because I know next to nothing about knots; the reader will just have to assume it works somehow), and a knife as a backup. Too bad this time she hits the 1 in a million chance of the release failing and her knife ending up out of reach. Gg.



Gotcha. I've always kinda preferred con to non-con, so my suggestions will tend to favor that, too. :)

And that certainly works for Flannery. Looking forward to seeing it. :)



[Pokémon, f-self, asphyxiation, accidental]

“Aaand that's game!” The referee swipes her hand down “Winner is the Gym Leader Flannery!” As her opponent recalls his beaten fighter, Flannery hurries onto the field and pets her Pokémon. “Great job, Torkoal! That was awesome!” “Tooaar.” “Alright get some rest now, thank you for your hard work.” She returns Torkoal to its Pokéball, then turns to her challenger.

“That was a good fight, you did well. Get some more training and I'll gladly battle you again.” He really did; even if using an Abomasnow in a Fire-type Gym was a rather questionable decision, the fact that he even reached her speaks for itself, and his Rain Dance plus Water Pulse combo was almost enough to give Flannery a run for her money. But in the end the type weakness was too big, on top of the resulting steam clouds being advantageous to Torkoal too. The boy mutters something unintelligible and leaves. But he's gonna be back, Flannery can tell just from looking at him; not that she minds at all, rematches tend to make for the best battles.

With a long sigh Flannery stretches, adjusts her top and tries to wipe her sticky hair out of her face to little avail. She really does like hot temperatures, and she's used to the humid air of the hot springs, but thanks to the Rain Dance, this battle got just a little too heated – or at least too heated to be wearing anything more than a towel around her waist.

After a short glance at the clock, Flannery waves over her aide, noticing how the blue-haired girl is barely even sweating despite the climate in the room. How does she do that? “I already had a bunch of challengers, I think we can call it for today, right?” “Sure.” The girl nods; of course, who in their right mind would say no to getting home from work early? ...Okay, Roxanne might, but that chick really is a nerd, simple as that.

“Right. If there are still challengers waiting, just book them for tomorrow morning, would you?” “Of course.” “Thanks. See you tomorrow.” “Yeah, see you.” As her assistant returns to the reception, Flannery leaves the Gym via the side exit and makes her way back to her home close by.

Locking the door behind her, Flannery steps out of her shoes, then undoes her top and just drops both parts to the floor, freeing her breasts that were uncomfortably tied down; she really should look into getting a sports bra or something. Wandering through her apartment topless, she quickly gathers her laptop and a few other utensils before entering her bedroom, the permanently closed blinds creating a nice and cool ambient temperature.

This day was seriously stressful, soo many battles. And what better way to unwind. Taking off her trousers, now only wearing dark red panties, Flannery boots up her laptop and loads a few of her favorite videos. Of course the 'plot' as it were is pretty unremarkable, but that's not what you watch porn for, is it? It's about the action, and that is hot as always; by the time the second victim gets hanged and begins dancing in the air, Flannery is already wet, playing with her breasts with one hand while the other rubs the outside of her pussy through her panties.

After the video ends she briefly checks that one imageboard, but after the recent outage it suffered there's little new content right now, a shame. Flannery pauses to take off her soaked panties, then starts tying a long, soft piece of rope into a rather complicated knot. It took quite a few tries to figure out just how to tie it, and since one really close call she always has a knife handy just in case.

This whole thing is probably unsafe and silly, but somehow to Flannery the peril is very much part of what turns her on. It's not like she's careless or anything; she always stops way in advance, the knot will completely open if she pulls the release, and she's got her knife – which she never actually had to use yet –, so there's little that could go wrong.

Double-checking the loop, Flannery ties one end of the contraption to the post at the top of her bed, then lies onto her bad and places the other side around her neck, carefully pulling it closed until the rope sits just about tight around her neck.

Flannery only has to pull forward a little for the rope to slip tighter, and once it does it won't loosen on its own, unless she undoes the entire knot. It's actually quite ingenious, this way she has both her hands free while still having control about how strongly she gets choked.

She leans forward a fair bit, the pressure immediately closing around her throat and her heartbeat audible in her ears as she starts rubbing her fingers around her clit in small circles while the other hand begins playing with her nipples.

Her labored breaths and moans gradually shifting into gasps, Flannery slowly keeps tightening the rope as her pleasure grows, soon pushing multiple fingers into her pussy as the other continues working her clit. She knows her face must be seriously red by now, and her head is pounding, but it only actually serves to push her further, all other sensations intensified, both the pain and the pleasure.

Flannery soon feels her climax approaching, and pulls at the rope once more, letting out a loud gasp as it cuts into her neck even further, the rest of her body feeling like an interplay of numbness and searing pain and her head and lungs aching for air. But they're not going to get it quite yet, just a little longer.

Just a few moments later she reaches an orgasm, her moans cut off into strangled sounds by the rope, her entire body rhythmically tensing and arching her back as her mind is awash in a flood of contradictory sensations, the pleasure briefly supplanting the pain, all the more heightened by her body's signals of danger and impending death.

On the brink between life and death, pleasure and pain. These moments Flannery feels more alive than anytime else.

But alas, her orgasm subsides much too soon and the pain returns full force, but Flannery has done this often enough to not pointlessly panic, and instead focuses through the haze enveloping her sense and the spots flickering before her eyes, almost calmly reaching for the loose end of rope hanging from the knot around her neck and pulling it – only for the end to give way a few centimeters before stopping, and the knot doing nothing at all.

Did she actually make a mistake while tying it? Fuck. Where is the knife?! Blackness begins creeping over the edges of her vision as Flannery frantically grasps for her knife and quickly finds it, but by this point her fingers aren't quite obeying her anymore and drop the knife again immediately. Forcing down the rising panic inside her, she carefully reaches for the knife once more – only for her fingers to brush against the blade from the wrong side, sending it falling off the edge of the bed with a low clattering sound.

No! Flannery tries to get up and pick up the knife, but the rope around her neck holds her back, tightening even further in the process and eliciting a desperate gasp. She reaches over her head, trying to free the other end of the rope from the bedpost, but her trembling fingers keep slipping. Come on! This can't be how it ends! She just.. just needs to turn around and get up...

But her feet can't find any purchase on her sheets, pointlessly kicking as Flannery's hands begin desperately clawing at the rope to no avail, pulling it even tighter if anything, her fingernails tearing bloody red marks into her skin. No, not like this... Her eyes fill with tears as her body slowly ceases obeying her, only twitching and convulsing out of reflex, every single synapse feeling as if on fire.

Through the incredible, overwhelming pain filling Flannery's mind, the blackness slowly engulfing all of her is an almost welcome release, and she is only very vaguely aware of her body surrendering, her struggles dying down and peeing herself, as everything fades to whit-



As per request. I wasn't sure about the semantics of con/non-con for this one because Flannery clearly wants to choke herself, but she also clearly doesn't want to die, so I went with 'accidental' instead, which is much more clear. This one turned out pretty short, 'porn-without-plot' levels, but that was all the request entailed, and besides, hey, it means I got it done faster.

Feel free to disregard the first two paragraphs, they're just me being a colossal nerd (but in-universe they're completely correct). There's also a meta-joke/recursive reality sort of thing in there, in that Flannery visits gurochan in-universe, I just found the idea kinda funny.


Very nice. :)

Certainly wouldn't mind seeing more accidental ones.

Also, have a couple more Museum ideas. :)

One is with the same class as the previous one, only this time they hit the guillotine exhibit. This one might be more of a 'volunteer' as opposed to a pure volunteer, because I'm thinking anyone who volunteers (or 'volunteers') for at least that exhibit and at least a few other 'instant' exhibits loses their right of sexual consent, meaning they can be raped before or as they die.

Second one would be another Luna one (Yes, she's my favorite character, why do you ask?), where she goes and volunteers for the seppuku exhibit, getting off as she cuts herself open before a crowd, before her head is chopped off.



Nice pokemon story, enjoyed it very much. ^^


Then how about you give me some more suggestions for accidental scenarios ^^ (And try for some originality; I'd much rather do something new than feel like I'm rehashing something I did before)

Oh hey, you're still here, I'm glad you liked it. Have you though of some other request/suggestion? (I still feel bad for not delivering on that other one, so you'd get precedence).


Also I started some other idea, over here >>6889. Everyone come and play :)



I'll see what I can do.

By the way, what did you think of the two new museum suggestions I made?


Tbh I'm not sure if any rape would really be in place in the museum; it's operating on some semblance of realistic legality with emphasis on consent, so rape would throw that pretty much out of the window (consensual sex and masturbation don't, though).

But if you'll take a look at the CYOA I started, there the consensual option won, which also has some room for all kinds of rape this time. I think that scenario was even based on a comment from you too (also I could literally predict how you were gonna vote, down to the hair color write-in xD).

I'll probably be focusing more so on the CYOA for a little, but if you have any interesting suggestions for accidental death or something, I'll gladly take them.


Do you do loli by any chance such as Edward Wong hau pepula defruski the 4th of Cowboy Beebop?


In general I don't have any problem with doing loli; although I don't know this specific character, nor the anime. (I only even knew it's an anime because of TvTropes)

And obviously for me to work off, a suggestion needs significantly more detail, but I'm sure we'll be able to find something. What other franchises would you want to see characters from, and what should happen to her?



What about Pan from GT being beaten down and strangled slowly while fucked?


I'm not particularly familiar with Dragon Ball either, but I think I work with that. Isn't Pan a Saiyan, though? She should be easily able to defend herself. Since I don't know the series well enough to come with some excuse like a villain beating her in a fight first (and the fact that fight scenes are exceedingly hard to do right), if you don't mind I'd go with some AU where she's a normal girl who gets randomly assaulted on her way home from school or something.

Would that work for you? Or do you have some other suggestions (if you'll look at the stuff I did so far, I also gladly take slightly more extensive scenarios, if they're interesting)



For a normal girl what about Penny Gadget or Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures being kidnapped and strangled while they are raped and bare soles played with?

I'll let you pick which one or.both>>7000


>>6892 Haha indeed. And don't worry about it! Honestly, I'd probably still enjoy something with either Roxie or Maylene but I just don't have the ideas for it I fear. )= I'll try to come up with something.

Though in the meantime I'd actually second both Pan or Ed from Cowboy Bebop. To answer your question, Pan isn't actually a saiyan. If I remember correctly she's the daughter of a saiyan and a human, so she got some supernatural abilities like flying and above average strength but can't actually transform and is pretty helpless against any decent villain. Perhaps pairing her with somebody like Boo or so could be fun? Though then again, I suppose that would result in a combat scene again as well, unless you'd skip right through the end?

As for Ed. She's more of a bubbly and naive comic relief character, pretty minor role. If you have the time though, I'd actually highly recommend the anime cowboy bebop. It's pretty short, only about 20 episodes or so, but a very nice blend between maturity and psychology and the main characters are really interesting. It's one of the only animes I actually enjoy rewatching from time to time.

Regarding Ed, if you were willing to write something with her but don't want to get too deep into the anime, I'd recommend watching episode 17. It's a hilarious episode where Ed gets most of her screen time and the good thing about Cowboy Bebop is that most of the episodes aren't connected by a main plot, they are fairly stand alone, so each episode is basically just a different situation the main characters run into during their travels. So you don't really need too much background knowledge to understand one episode. =)

So yes, if you want to research Ed, episode 17 is your way to go, and I'd certainly be happy to discuss any of those options as well until I can figure out a good scenario for the pokemon characters.


I don't think bringing in some villain to beat up Pan would quite fit (even though I could easily write around the actual battle), and I'm not even sure Dragon Ball has any (sufficiently human) villains that would stoop down to this level, most I remember are either incompetent or some kind of maniac for whom it would be OOC (though it's been ages since I read/watched any of it, so I may be way off).

Whatever. I suppose I can do something involving Ed, though I could use a bit more input (from both of you).
For one, the scenario; I take it we're still at beating/rape/strangulation (with potentially some focus on her feet). From what I read she conveniently leaves the rest of the cast at some point to travel alone, which makes her an easy target, I could just make her a victim of opportunity to some random rapist. Or do you have any more/other details/specifics?
More importantly, her 'breaking point'. Everyone has one, but with these kind of chronically upbeat and positive characters it's hard to tell (and I don't know what kind of stuff Ed faced during the anime) how they will react to such extremes as brutal beatings and rape. What would you say how Ed should react at what point, and when does she 'break' and start crying or something?

In the meantime you should totally check out (and play) 'Reload Save Y/N?', a /g/-style Choose your own Adventure type of thing I started, over here >>6889



Well, as I mentioned I'm not particularly good with ideas so I'd probably prefer leaving that up to you guys, plus, since it isn't even my request (and personally I'm not that fond of strangulation+rape to begin with), I shouldn't really butt in anyways.

Though I'd like to mention that, personally, I'd rather avoid adding a random rapist but instead use an actual scene from the anime and adapt that one accordingly, giving it a dark twist? If so I wouldn't mind taking a look at the episodes again and see if there are any good ones.

Though really, if you can find 20 minutes this weekend you really should check out that episode, it will give you a perfect idea regarding her personality/character.

And as for her breaking point, hmm, difficult to say. On one hand she's pretty naive and has difficulty grasping seriousness, on the other she frequently overreacts to the smallest of inconveniences. Essentially, the more serious a situation, the less prone to fear she seems to be, typical anime logic I guess.

Though I do think that, if she starts to realize the seriousness of her situation, she would panic fairly quickly.


Oh, seeing first few stories being non-consensual, I didn't follow this thead closely... just to think that this "Many deaths of Ayanami Rei" story was lying here for a couple of weeks already and I only stumble on it now. Actually I've stumbled upon it a couple of days ago, but was reading it in parts, one death at a time, to savour it for longer. That was great! I can't even choose what part of it I liked the most, cause I liked all of it.
And I also liked the museum story, hope there will be more parts to it.


Regarding Pan, she is the daughter of a half-Saiyan and a pure human, so she is a quarter Saiyan, however Gohan, her father, is also only part Saiyan but the first half of DBZ frequently hinted at how powerful Gohan is.

Anyway, their powers don't come from their heritage. They come from control of their spiritual energy, derived from Chinese and other Asian mythology what with Qigong and all that. The Saiyans are just particularly powerful naturally, but with training and focus anyone can use his spirit (a theme the plot seems to have forgotten loooong ago).

That said, yeah, don't kill Pan. If anyone, pick on one of the more mature pretty women in Dragonball, like Android 18, 18 year-old Chi Chi (from the end of Dragonball), or young-adult Bulma, as she appeared in Dragonball initially at 16 and latterly at 22 years of age.



Forgot to finish:

Any one of those three girls would be lovely to watch struggle while a rope squeezes her windpipe shut...

...On which note... I'll be in my bunk


Senpai noticed me^^ (I'm not even joking too much; your writing was among the first stuff I read here, and in part what inspired me to write myself.) I probably should have put a comment in that inspirations thread, because that's where I got that idea from. Whatever, I'm glad you liked it. Also you should check out 'Reload Save', a /g/-style CYOA story, that got voted to start with a consensual scenario too, here >>6889

That about Pan was in regards to another suggestion (which I'm still waiting for the original requester to get back to me), but if you want to request one of the others (or whatever else), then give me more details (see the previous discussions in the thread), and I'll see what I can do.



Ooooo, now that you offer, it would be hot to see Bulma get into trouble.....

I don't know exactly how well you know Dragonball, but I could see blonde Launch getting in a horny/sadistic mood and hanging teen Bulma by her neck.

Preferably, a slow hanging is the best hanging, of course. That is, Launch would have more fun hoisting her up gradually and letting the rope squeeze slowly rather than kicking a stool away and letting the pressure happen all at once. With that set-up, she could even haul Bulma up and let her down once or twice. All work and no play, you know.


Got it. Letting her down in between just long enough to catch a single breath before hoisting her up again is a nice touch. I'm somewhat busy right now, so it may take a few days, but I'm working on it.


By the way, Eterya, if you ever want to chat privately about story ideas or anything, I'm on F-List - my main character there is Luna Hawke.



That last was me, by the way



Good to hear. That Bulma's a real feisty one, by the way. She won't go quickly or quietly, if you catch my rather literal meaning.


So I guess none of my suggestions were interesting enough? xD


I thought you were just kind of joining in on that other request and since they still haven't answered, that kinda got dropped. (Or maybe there was some miscommunication somewhere.) But if you have any other ideas (preferably kinda original/creative ones) let me hear'em and we'll see what we can come up with.


Little bump to keep this thread alive and kicking

Yes, pun VERY intended.



Oh, I see. I guess I just imagined that I could take over those requests then as I had had struggle to come up with many original ideas of my own and those characters actually were some that interested me as well.

So yes, if you were okay with it and don't have too much on the table, I'd certainly be very interested in taking over either the Cowboy Bebop or Dragonball request.


I bumped in hopes that Bulma story might be realized lol


Dragonball please


At the Takamachi residence on the planet Midchilda, a group of seven were gathered. All were friends who served together in the Time-Space Administration Bureau, and some of its top mages.

Although today, they had a different purpose in mind than TSAB business...

“Everyone got everything?” Nanoha asked. “You all brought the cards and the... whatever stuff needed?”

Fate nodded, lifting the envelope with her name written on the back. “Yes. I’m ready to do this, Nanoha.”

“I’m set,” Hayate said. “I’m glad to be doing this with all of you.”

“I wouldn’t miss out, Nanoha-san,” Subaru revealed her own envelope.

“And I wouldn't want to live without Subaru,” Tia added, brandishing her card. “No way I’m backing down.”

Signum simply nodded, pushing her envelope forward.

“I’m ready,” Shamal confirmed, placing her letter atop Signum’s.

Nanoha put her envelope in the box in the middle of the table, as everyone else followed suit. “OK, everyone remember the rules. One at a time, if you get your own put it back and draw again otherwise you do whatever the card says. If you need someone to help you, you get to pick.”

“Simple enough,” Fate said as everyone else nodded, “Why don’t you draw first, Nanoha?”

Nanoha smiled. “Good idea, Fate-chan. I came up with this, may as well go first.” After shaking up the box, she reached into it to draw the envelope that would decide her fate. “This one's yours, Hayate-chan.” Nanoha opened the envelope, reading the name on it, then smiled as she saw the contents.

“That's definitely something you would dream up.” She placed the card on the table for everyone to read.


Death via sepukku, nude. One assistant to pleasure you as you disembowel yourself, and a second to decapitate you when you come.

“I was hoping you'd be the one to draw that, Nanoha-chan.” Hayate almost squeed as Fate frowned a little; she had been hoping for the very same thing.

“Um, thank you.” Nanoha actually blushed a little as she stood up and started undressing.

“You're welcome.” Hayate replied with a lecherous smile. “Who're gonna be your assistants?”

Nanoha already knew the answer to that. “Fate, will you be the one to pleasure me?”

“Of course.” Fate smiled lovingly as she got up, and couldn't help but pull Nanoha into a brief but passionate kiss.

“And Subaru-chan, I'd like you to be my second.” Nanoha continued as their lips parted.

“Eh? Me?” Subaru's eyes widened in disbelief. “But S-Signum-san is a much better swordswoman and-”

“Relax.” Nanoha placed a hand on her student's shoulder. “I have faith in your abilities, Subaru-chan, you can do it.”

“Th-thank you, Nanoha-san.” Just like that, Subaru was on the verge of tearing up as she wrapped her arms around her superior and teacher in a grateful hug, and Nanoha returned the gesture for a moment before slowly pulling back.

“Then let's get started.” She said, taking off her bra and panties to leave herself completely naked. “Hayate-chan, which one is-”

“Here.” The brown-haired girl picked up one of the packages lying in a pile next to the table; everyone had had to bring whatever utensils their chosen method required, but keep them wrapped up as to not spoil the surprise. Hayate opened hers, procuring a dagger she handed to Nanoha, and a katana, which Subaru hesitantly accepted.

“Thanks.” Nanoha went to the middle of the living room where they had cleared a large space, and knelt on the floor, Fate following suit right behind her, leaning against her lover's back, while Subaru nervously took position beside her. “This is it. Goodbye, everyone. I hope we'll meet again in the next life.”

As Fate reached around Nanoha, one hand caressing her breasts and the other starting to tease her pussy, Nanoha grabbed the knife in both hands, placed it against the side of her stomach and steeled herself – then in one motion drove the blade deep inside her.
Nanoha grit her teeth in pain and drew in a sharp breath, but she managed not to scream while Subaru cast her a concerned glance and Fate continued working her clit, the growing pleasure dampening the searing pain just a little as a stream of blood trickled down her belly and began pooling in between her legs.

It took Nanoha a few moments to compose herself before gripping the knife once more, bracing herself, and dragging it all the way across, opening up her belly as blood gushed all over her legs and she let out a strained whimper, her eyes tearing up. Nanoha was no stranger to injury and pain in combat, and she'd had her fair share of both, but this easily beat everything she'd ever suffered before.
However, as her lover, Fate knew perfectly how to touch Nanoha and continued heedless of the blood splashing around her fingers and even entering Nanoha's pussy. But in fact the thick, hot liquid inside her actually served to yet intensify the sensation and as her pleasure kept growing, Nanoha's breath sped up even as every gasp sent another spike of pain through her abdomen.

Everyone else was watching intently, knowing that it would be their turn soon enough. Signum was masking her thoughts behind a pointedly neutral expression, Shamal was clearly sharing Nanoha's pain, as a medic she probably could empathize much better than the others, one hand subconsciously clutched over her own stomach, Tia was visibly concerned, if in actuality more focused on Subaru and the role she was supposed to play, and Hayate was ostensibly enjoying the spectacle, not at all subtly rubbing her crotch through her skirt.
Feeling her strength begin to wane from the loss of blood, Nanoha allowed herself to slightly fall backwards into Fate's embrace, who in turn wrapped one arm around her chest, the other doubling its efforts to stimulate Nanoha's most sensitive spot. And she clearly was on the right track, as Nanoha's gasps of pain began shifting to those of pleasure more and more, and before long even through the massive, throbbing pain in her stomach she felt an equally powerful orgasm approaching...

Nanoha came, her voice rising as she moaned, all but screamed out in both pain and pleasure, shuddering under the ripples of pleasure as Fate pressed close to her from behind, her other hand still rubbing Nanoha's clit. However after several blissful seconds her climax slowly subsided and Nanoha grimaced in agony as all the pain from her wound came washing back over her.

She gingerly pulled away from Fate and leaned forward a little, presenting her neck to Subaru. “S-Subaru-chan... Do it.”

“Nanoha... I-” The blue-haired girl hesitated for a moment, but she managed to gather her resolve, gripping the katana in both hands and positioning it right above Nanoha's neck, trying to get a good aim despite her mentor's trembling in pain, try as she might to suppress it, raised the blade, and struck, cleanly decapitating Nanoha.

As her head fell to the ground, Nanoha's body started twitching and jerking around, spurting jets of blood all over, including everyone but Fate. Subaru was still in a bit of a daze and didn't quite notice, but Tia and Shamal moved out of the way to avoid getting too much on their clothes, while Signum just stayed stoically unmoving, it wasn't like she hadn't been splattered with blood before, and Hayate seemed almost delighted at the red painting her.

Fate noticed Nanoha's head still moving her eyes and picked it up, to find her blinking, focusing on her and trying to say something but only mouthing inaudible words. After a split second's deliberation she brought Nanoha's head closer to hers, giving her a deep kiss, and Nanoha returned the gesture for a few seconds before her final bit of strength vanished and Fate moved her back, just in time to see the life fade from her lover's eyes for good as she mouthed her final words, what could have been a 'love you'.

“I love you too, Nanoha. Farewell.” Fate brushed Nanoha's eyes closed and placed her head on the knees of her body, that somehow had actually remained sitting, before getting up, noticing how her stockings were soaked in blood, but it wasn't like that really mattered anymore.

“Subaru-chan, come on.” Fate nudged the younger girl who was standing almost perfectly still, the katana still in her hands, trembling slightly. “It's over.”

“Yeah, you did well, Subaru.” Tia added, uncharacteristically serene, while Signum just nodded in approval at her technique, the cut had been almost perfect.

Seeing as Subaru was visibly fighting back her tears, Fate wrapped both arms around her in a comforting hug, only now realizing her own eyes were filling with tears, too. After a few seconds Subaru relaxed enough to let go of the katana, the blade clattering onto the ground as she returned Fate's hug and they both held each other for several seconds until they had calmed down enough, and Fate led her back to the table to continue.

“Why don’t you draw the next card, Subaru-chan?” Fate asked as they took their seats at the table.

Subaru blinked. “B... but Nanoha-san was your lover!” she protested. “R-really, you should be the next one who-”

“Of course,” Fate replied, “and I look forward to being with her again. But given that you’re the one who actually ended her life, I can only imagine just how you’re feeling right now... You go next, I insist.”

After a moment, Subaru nodded. “Al-alright...” She reached into the box and drew out a new envelope – before almost immediately dropping it back in. “Sorry. That one was mine...” And it would be more appropriate towards the end, too.

“It’s fine,” Fate said. “Just shake the box up, and try again.”

Subaru nodded, shaking the box vigorously to ensure that her envelope was not at the top, before drawing another. “I... I drew Tia’s!”

“Then open it already, you dolt,” Tia said, blushing and looking to the side.

Subaru giggled. “Alright, alright.” She opened the envelope, and pulled out the card. “Aww, how cute.” she remarked, before letting the others read it.


Have sex one last time as your partner strangles you to death.

“She’s right,” Fate smiled. “It is very cute.”

“I-it’s not like I p-personally wanted to do that, at all,” Tia tried to protest. “I- I just thought this would be a good way to die in your lovers’ arms. And I certainly wasn’t hoping Subaru would draw it...”

“Oh, Tia...” Subaru said smiling. “I’m glad I drew yours... and I’d be honored if you would be the one to kill me.”

Tia blushed. “Well, alright... because it's you asking.”

Subaru squeed in joy, hugging Tia for a few seconds and deeply kissing her before shedding what clothes she hadn’t discarded already for being soaked in Nanoha’s blood.

Tia let the slightest of smiles cross her face as she took off her own clothes, the two soon completely naked.

Subaru went back to the open clearing, laying down beside Nanoha’s body, ignoring the wet bits of blood on the thick carpet staining her back. “Thank you so much for this, Tia.”

“Anything for you. I love you so much, Subaru...” Tia whispered as she straddled her lover.

Subaru smiled. “I love you, too, Tia.” she said, guiding Tia’s hands to her neck. “Farewell.”

That was as good a cue as any. Tia tightly closed both her hands around Subaru's neck, shifted her position until their pussies were touching, and began moving back and forth, rubbing her labia over Subaru's clit.

After just a handful of seconds, Subaru's face began turning red and her smile grew a little strained, but she kept moving her hips counterpoint to Tia's, one hand even reaching up to fondle her lover's breasts.

All other sounds slowly became slightly muffled, Subaru's vision started dimming at the very edges, and there was an odd pressure inside her head, and she could clearly hear her own heartbeat. Yet all other sensations seemed almost intensified, most of all her pleasure. She had read about people
using oxygen deprivation to get high or have better sex, yet she and Tia had never tried it, but it looked like there was something to it after all.

Subaru's body was aching for air by now, but she suppressed the urge to struggle, instead focusing on her pleasure and the image of Tia above her, panting and her face flush in arousal, as she hit just the right spot and made Subaru open her mouth into a voiceless gasp that would have been a moan of pure pleasure, had she had any air.

After a few more minutes Subaru's head was pounding, her lungs were burning, blackness was swiftly creeping into her vision, but she almost felt her pleasure better than ever – and her orgasm fast approaching. “I- cum...ming...” Barely audible as they were, Tia heard Subaru's words and sped up for one final push – as well as reinforcing her vice grip around Subaru's neck.

Just as dark spots began blooming all over her vision, Subaru came, letting out a choked gasp that would have been a loud moan as her climax flooded over her, rhythmically shivering as the waves of ecstasy briefly made her forget her massive pain. But after several long seconds she slowly wound down from what may have been her best orgasm ever, and the hammering in her head and searing pain in her lungs returned, and Subaru's eyes suddenly filled with tears as the more base part of her started to panic, but she forced it down; this was what she wanted, to die in the arms of her lover, to fully submit her life to her. Instead she focused on Tia, and how they would be together again soon enough, and as the blackness closed around her mind for good, Subaru found the strength to mouth a final 'farewell' to Tia, before everything went dar

The moment Subaru went limp, her eyes rolling back, and that final 'farewell' was enough to send Tia over the edge too, and she came, bucking and moaning over her lover's body, until the pleasure filling her mind slowly subsided and, sapped of all strength, she let herself fall forwards onto Subaru. Embracing her lifeless body and giving her one final kiss, Tia's own eyes were filling with tears too. Farewell, I'll be with you soon.

After cooling down for a few seconds longer and – not very successfully – trying to wipe away her tears, Tia returned to the table, not even bothering to put on clothes, the others had just seen her have sex, what did it matter if she showed her tits a bit longer. “A-alright, who's next?” she asked, her shaky voice betraying the cool facade she was trying to maintain.

“You can draw next if you'd like to, Tia-chan,” Fate said with a smile.

“A-are you sure? It’s not like I want to go next, or anything... And you’re already keeping Nanoha-san waiting.”

“I am sure,” Fate replied. “Even if we all agreed to this beforehand, I think I can understand how you must be feeling. So I... I can wait a little longer.”

“Then... thank you, Fate-san.” Tia smiled, drawing the next envelope, then silently reading the name over and over.

“Well?” Fate finally asked. “Which one did you draw?”

“I drew... Nanoha-san’s...” Tia replied, causing Fate’s face to fall in slight sorrow at neither her nor Nanoha drawing each other’s cards. “I- I can put it back if you want...”

“No,” Fate shook her head. “I would have liked to have Nanoha draw my card just like Subaru-chan drew yours, or failing that, me drawing hers... But rules are rules, and I’m- I’ll be alright. Go ahead and open it.”

“Fate-san... thank you.” Tia half whispered, opening the envelope and pulling out the card. “You know,” she said after reading it, “This... this actually seems fitting.”


Death by suspension hanging.

“You’re right, it does, in a way,” Hayate remarked. “You killed Subaru-chan via strangulation and now you get to die in a similar fashion.” She smiled. “Mind if I assist you with this one?”

“I-if you want, Hayate-san...”

“Great!” Hayate cheered, and almost jumping up, went to grab Nanoha's package and unwrap it, revealing a rope with a hangman's noose already tied. “Well, we should get set up.

“Right,” Tia followed Hayate back to the center of the room, Hayate using a little magic to thread the rope through a hook in the ceiling. After a few moments, it was at the proper height, and Tia stepped forward, slipping it around her neck.

“Would you like your hands bound or unbound?” Hayate asked as she pulled the noose tight.

“Unbound,” Tia replied instantly. “Subaru died with the chance to struggle against her fate, no matter how futile.” Even if she didn't make much use of it. “I would like the same...”

“Alright,” Hayate gripped the loose end of the rope. “Are you ready?”

“I am...” Tia replied. “P-please begin, Hayate-san.”

“Then up you go.” Hayate started pulling at the rope, and after a moment the noose started pressing against Tia's neck, forcing her onto her tiptoes until even that wasn't enough, and as Hayate leaned into the rope with her full weight, Tia was lifted off the ground for good. At the sudden pressure in her neck, she let out an involuntary gasp, but resisted the reflex to try to loosen the rope, it would be pointless anyways, and instead tried to relax best as she could, hoping to hasten her death.

Meanwhile Hayate was having an entirely different issue, her knuckles white and her palms sweaty from clutching the rope. “This is... much harder than I thought,” she panted. “Signum, would you... mind taking over?”

“Of course, Mistress.“ Signum walked over to Hayate and took the rope, wrapping the end around her right hand a few times before turning slightly sideways to adjust her position, easily holding Tia airborne.

“Thanks, Signum.” Hayate flexed her hands and rubbed her palms a few times. “This was much tougher than I expected. ...Not that I'm saying you're heavy or anything,” She hurried to add as Tia just gave her a – somewhat strained – smile as if to say 'it's okay' “It's just that I'm not all that strong.”

By now Tia's face was turning red and despite her best efforts she couldn't suppress her legs lightly starting to kick as she was swaying in the air, and the image reminded Hayate of another good reason to have her hands free. After what the others had already done, it wasn't like propriety or whatever even mattered, and Hayate had never been shy about this around her friends anyways.

Discarding her jacket to leave her in a plain white shirt, Hayate sat on the ground in front of Tia, one hand reaching under her skirt – which she wasn't wearing any underwear under – to find her pussy predictably wet and starting to finger herself, the other hand rubbing her breasts through the thin fabric of her shirt.

This rather blatant display made Fate almost unconsciously start rubbing herself through her skirt too, seeing as this was the method Nanoha had come up with, maybe intended for her, and how Tia's pussy had ended up at almost the perfect height to lick it, something Nanoha most certainly would have done for Fate.

But Fate didn't quite dare to step in and do the same thing to Tia as a twinge of sadness hit her, but she pushed it aside; everything was only up to random chance, no point complaining about it, what mattered was the end result anyways. The least she could do was stop moping around and pay attention to Tia's demise, and so Fate did, even if she did not stop her fingers from moving, secretly hoping to get a chance at relief before her death too.

A relief Hayate was quickly headed towards to, if her rising voice and flushed face were any indication, supporting herself on one hand as she leaned backwards to get a better view of Tia's struggles, the orange-haired girl's self-control broken as she was wildly kicking and flailing about, desperately reaching for any kind of reprieve she would never get.

Tia's head was pounding, her neck was burning where the rope cut into her flesh, her lungs were on fire and there was an odd stinging feeling all over her body, and Tia wondered if Subaru had felt like this in her last moments too. In which case it was only fitting for her to endure the same.
Regardless of the finer points of karmic balance, at this point Tia wanted nothing but for the pain to end, by now only vaguely aware of her legs still pointlessly thrashing, her hands clawing at the rope only to leave bloody marks on her neck, and bits of saliva gathering in front of her lips amidst choked gasps before dripping onto her bare chest.

Yet it took another small eternity, which much more likely was but a minute, of agony until Tia finally felt blackness encroaching her vision and her consciousness. Subaru... Wait for me, I'm coming to join you... And then everything faded.

Tia's struggles had been slowly weakening for a while now, and Hayate getting closer to her climax at the same time, as she finally went limp with one final drawn-out rattle. When only moments later her body twitched once more, releasing her bladder as a trickle of urine ran down her legs before dripping onto the carpet, the scene was enough to make Hayate come, closing her eyes and arching her back as she announced her orgasm with a series of loud moans, lasting for several seconds before winding down, panting.

As Hayate slowly composed herself and Signum let down Tia's body, gently placing it right next to Subaru's before returning to the table, Fate found her panties were noticeably wet from the show just now, and she more than ever hoped she was going to get that same opportunity before her death.

With a smile, Hayate sighed contently as she retook her seat at the table. “That was fun.”

“I'm glad you’re enjoying yourself, Hayate-chan,” Fate said with a smile of her own. “Do you want to go next, or-?”

“You can go next, Fate-chan. You’ve waited long enough, go ahead and join Nanoha-chan.”

Fate smiled, blushing a little. “Th... thank you, Hayate-chan.”

“No need to thank me,” Hayate waved it off. “Just go ahead and draw.”

Fate nodded, drawing the card, before her blush deepened. “I... I drew mine...”

.Hayate giggled. “Just draw the next one in there, before you put yours back. I’d like to go after you, and would love to die with the method you suggested.”

Fate nodded, drawing the next envelope before returning hers. “I got Signum’s this time.”

Signum nodded. “Go ahead, Testarossa.”

Fate smiled, opening the envelope. “...Definitely something you would suggest,” she remarked after reading it, placing the card down.


Decapitation by sword. Laevatein can be provided for use if desired.

“She’s right, Signum,” Hayate chuckled. “It’s very you. It also fits for Fate-chan’s death, considering how Nanoha-chan died.”

Fate nodded. “You’re right, it does. And I... think it’s only fitting that Signum be the one to kill me.”

Signum nodded, standing up. “Very well, Testarossa,” she said, taking hold of the pendant around her neck. “Laevatein?”

“Jawohl!” Signum’s Device activated, taking the form of the longsword that she had used for centuries in combat, ready to take one final life.

“Um...” Fate started as she got up “I know it's not on the card, but would you mind if I- ...if Hayate did the same for me I... um, did for Nanoha?”

“I was almost hoping you'd ask that.” Hayate giggled. “I totally saw what you did during Tia's hanging too.” At that, Fate blushed a little, as Hayate continued. “Of course we don't mind. Right, Signum?”

“If that is your wish.”

“Perfect. Then let's get started, Fate-chan. You gotta undress of course.”

“Of course.” Fate echoed her with a slightly dubious tone and started stripping as Hayate watched the scene with a thoughtful expression before she perked up.

“Oh, I know! Signum, why don't you take off your top too?”


“Because it's much hotter that way, duh.”

“That... If you say so, Mistress.” Briefly placing Laevatein on the table, Signum took off her jacket, shirt and deep red bra, while Hayate followed suit, pulling off her shirt to leave her breasts completely bare too – and eyeing Signum's slightly larger ones with the smallest hint of envy.

Fate actually found herself getting wet again, both from the scene in front of her and the undeserved attention she was getting, as Hayate took her hand to lead her to the low coffee table they had moved to the side of the room. “Here. Kneel down and put the back of your head on the table.”

“Hm? What for?”

“Well, I need to get to your pussy somehow, don't I? And having an exact repeat of Nanoha would just be bo~oring. You can work with that, Signum, right?”

“Of course.”

“Alright, then.” Truth be told, Fate had to admit she did prefer seeing the face of her one-time rival and now chosen killer until the very last moment, so she did as Hayate had told her, leaning back and spreading her legs a little to give her access to her pussy. “I'm ready.” Signum took position next to her, Laevatein at the ready, but Fate could only barely make out Hayate's movements at the edge of her vision. But to her surprise, instead of her – admittedly very skillful – fingers, she felt Hayate's hot breath on her pussy before her tongue followed suit, slowly running up the length of her labia before before briefly teasing her clit, already eliciting a loud moan from Fate.

Thanks to the work she'd already done on herself, and Hayate's expert technique, gentle and caressing, but with just the right amount of force if called for, Fate's breath very quickly turned to gasps of pleasure, her cheeks hot and red, and she could have sworn she saw Signum rubbing her thighs against each other in a very suspicious fashion too, but surely that had just been imagination, right?

Soon enough Fate was closing her eyes, focusing purely on the feeling of Hayate's tongue and lips on her pussy as she felt her climax approaching. “Ah- Hayate-chan... I'm cumming...”
However instead of going for the finish, Hayate briefly paused “That's it. Signum, do it!”


Wait, what? Fate opened her eyes just in time to see Signum take aim and strike, her breasts rather beautifully following the motion of her body a split second later, and then Laevatein hit her and there was a brief, sharp pain in her neck, then her body went numb as Fate's vision rolled to the side,
getting a good view of the other three bodies already gathered in the middle of the room.

Suddenly she started moving as Hayate picked up her head and before Fate could protest she hadn't quite finished yet, held her face close to her own pussy. “Fate-chan, you just have the unique opportunity to eat yourself out, hurry.”

She wasn't actually wrong there. Fate traced her tongue over her completely drenched pussy, noticing her own taste. Nanoha had told her she tasted very sweet, but Fate had never dared to try; but now it turned out her girlfriend had been perfectly right. She had been so close to the edge before, it took Fate but a few seconds of licking her clit before her body did hit an orgasm, clenching and bucking as it came, her pussy squirting all over her face.

“Wow, that's so hot.” Hayate turned Fate's head around and lifted it to give her a deep kiss, savoring the sweet taste on her lips, before placing it down atop her body's pussy. “Farewell, Fate-chan.”

And as Fate felt her consciousness begin to slip she managed to form one final thought. I'm coming, Nanoha.

Signum and Hayate took their seats at the table again, both somewhat splashed with Fate's blood.

“Ah, that was good,” Hayate grinned. “I... I guess it’s my turn now.”

“Well, don’t keep us waiting, Mistress,” Signum said. “Let us see what Testarossa wrote down.”

“Yeah... let’s,” Hayate nodded, drawing the envelope, confirming Fate’s name on it, and tearing it open to get at the card inside.


Vivisection, with your killer presenting your still beating heart to you.

“That’s fairly unusual... but it does seem romantic,” Signum remarked.

“Yeah, it does,” Hayate replied. “I can almost imagine Fate doing that to Nanoha...” she smiled.

“Which of us do you want to kill you, Mistress Hayate?” Shamal asked.

“I’d like Signum to do it,” Hayate answered after a moment's deliberation, beginning to take off her skirt and thighs. “You can talk her through it if there's any problems.”

“Very well,” Signum replied, retrieving Fate’s package from the pile and unwrapping the scalpel within– and a device that looked not unlike an electric drill, but with a short saw blade instead of the drill bit. “...What's that?”

Signum presented the device to Shamal with a quizzical expression, who only briefly had to inspect it. “That's a sternal saw. Fate-chan really did her research, I wonder where she got this from.”

“Probably the internet.” Hayate giggled, completely undressed by now. “I'm ready, now what?”

“You should lie on the table,” Shamal said “There's only two cards left, and one of them is mine, so we there's no need for a real drawing anymore, Signum has to take mine and I get whoever is left.”

“Subaru-chan's.” Hayate took the remaining two envelopes, handing Signum and Shamal their respective ones. “But no opening yet.” She added as she laid down on the empty table. “Now come on, let's go.”

Signum eyed her Mistress' body – free of desire, purely professional. She knew perfectly well how to strike one's heart with a variety of weapons, which included knives not too unlike the scalpel she was holding right now, but removing the heart intact... “What do I do, Shamal?”

“Well,” the medic briefly paused to think “This isn't really an operation in the closer sense, and we don't have a lot of the tools we'd need, but I think the start is the same. Just make an incision along Mistress' sternum, the entire length, if not a little more.”

Signum nodded, visualizing the cut and tracing the line with her finger, then placed the scalpel and in one measured motion pushed the blade into Hayate's flesh and pulled it downwards all the way to her solar plexus, the cut opening not only the skin but also the fatty layer beneath and the wound gaping wide open to give a relatively clear view of her sternum.

The scalpel was sharp enough for Hayate to first only feel a tugging sensation on her chest before the full extent of the pain hit her and she drew in a sharp breath, her eyes tearing up. This was definitely way up there for painful deaths, and the worst probably was yet to come, that saw looked scary.

“Use the saw. Normally this part requires a lot of precision, but in this case just cut through the entire bone.” With a nod Signum took the sternal saw, though with the blood gathering in Hayate's wound, it took a moment for her to find the proper placement for the sawblade and angle it just right before activating it.

Hayate screamed. While she wasn't above suffering a bit of pain for her pleasure, that cut had already been treading the line, but this was far and beyond anything she even could have imagined, so as the jagged metal mercilessly ate through her bone, Hayate just screamed out her excruciating pain at the top of her lungs – until Signum finished cutting, completely parting her sternum, and Hayate's scream died off into a low gasp.

“Without the pressure around her lungs she's going to asphyxiate within minutes, so you’d better hurry.” Shamal prompted Signum, leaning forward to get a better look. “You need to cut the pericardium and all of these vessels to take out the heart.” She indicated a set of five large blood vessels surrounding Hayate's heart.

Oddly transfixed by the beating of her mistress' heart, Signum had to blink a few times to regain her focus and get back to the task at hand, expertly cutting where Shamal had shown her, even as every vessel she cut produced another massive gush of blood and Hayate winced and shuddered at Signum's very literal intrusion inside her.

There. That was the last one. It only took Signum a little pulling until with a squishy sound the organ came loose and suddenly she was holding Hayate's heart in her hand, in fact still rhythmically beating, even if there were only small drops of blood left for it to splash around.

Even through the massive pain in her chest, Hayate could clearly feel the hole inside her, the sensation of something missing, as her heartbeat seemed to stop. Gathering what strength she had left, Hayate raised her head to see Signum holding her heart and showing it to her; it somehow looked bigger than Hayate had expected, and not at all like she imagined a heart, but much more bloody and gross. She weakly reached out to touch it, and found it was just as squishy as it looked, but still pulsing with the last bits of life it had left, the pattern somehow perfectly recognizable to her as her own heartbeat. Cool.

However she also felt blackness quickly closing in on her mind, and Hayate managed to give Signum and Shamal one last smile and mouth a 'Thanks. Farewell' before her last bit of strength left her and everything faded to white.

As Hayate's hand dropped down and she went limp for good, Signum brushed her mistress' eyes closed and placed her heart on her chest, before turning to Shamal. “I suppose I should go next.”

“That works. I know for a fact my method will require an assistant, let's just hope Subaru-chan's is something that can be done alone, or I'll have to be a little creative.” If she absolutely had to, she would just go with hanging too, but she'd much rather Subaru's idea not be left out.

“I see.” Signum opened the envelope and of course didn't have to show it to Shamal, who obviously knew what she'd written.


Strangulation by Klarer Wind

Shamal blushed a little as Signum set the card down. “I never actually used Klarer Wind to take a life this directly, even back during our time with the Book.” she said. “So I... part of me felt I should do it at least once before...”

She trailed off as Signum just nodded. “Very well. And what better victim than me, in fact.” She stepped into the middle of the room before turning towards Shamal. “Do it.”

With a nod Shamal activated her Device, the crystals separating from the rings and drawing strings of energy between them as Klarer Wind took its Pendelform, and it took but a flick of her wrist to send the crystals flying, arcing around Signum once, twice, before returning as the threads of energy pulled taut around her neck.

Signum knew the strings were just energy, and they felt appropriately warm and slightly buzzing on her skin, but the pressure on her throat was very much solid nonetheless and made her gasp in surprise. Over the years Signum had gathered some experience on choking and strangulation, both on the giving and receiving end, and she had seen Shamal fight before, so she knew for a fact any kind of resistance would be pointless anyways.

So she did her best to remain calm, even as the pressure in her head seemed to increase and she began distinctly hearing her own heartbeat, maintaining her stoic facade as Shamal's expression slowly became more and more concerned.

Even as Signum tried to keep her cool, her face was completely red and her eyes becoming bloodshot, and Shamal could see the small telltale twitches that told her Signum wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer and either start struggling, reflexively attack her, or both.

And true enough, just a little later Signum was visibly straining to keep her composure, clenching her hands and gritting her teeth. But before long the pain was too much and as her vision started to fade around the edges, Signum couldn't help but reach for Laevatein around her neck – only to find that after decapitating Fate she had returned it to a pendant and then left it on the table, way out of her reach.

Yet when Signum suddenly moved and stepped towards her, Shamal quickly stepped back and with a motion of her hand further tightened Klarer Wind's strings, and the red-haired woman stumbled and fell to her knees with a strangled sound.

Against her better knowledge, moments later Signum's base instincts kicked in and she started gasping for breath and futilely clawing at the strings around her neck yet only succeeding in digging her nails into her own flesh, desperate for any bit of oxygen she could get as her vision started swimming, black spots appearing all over it, and her entire body burning for air.

Through the haze and pain Signum heard Shamal's voice, low and muffled as if through a cloud of cotton “It will be over soon, Signum. Just give in.” As Klarer Wind increased the pressure around her neck once more, in her final moments Signum managed to call upon all of her discipline and force her body to stop fighting, sitting in an almost dignified position and looking up to Shamal with a thankful expression before all faded to white.

As Shamal eased Signum’s body to the floor, she looked at the envelope holding the last card. Her card. No need to get back to the table to open it.


Death by poison

“Oh, my.” That was not something she had expected. Taking the last package from the floor, she opened it to find a small vial with a clear liquid in it, and opened it to carefully smell the contents, the vaguely but not-quite almond-like smell giving her a pretty clear hint to their nature. “Subaru really did her research on that one.” A lot of poisons would take hours or days to kill, but not this one; unless she was greatly mistaken, Shamal was in for an equally fast and painful death via what was commonly called 'internal asphyxiation'.

“Oh well.” There wasn't really anything else to do, was there? After thinking for a moment, Shamal just sat on the floor cross-legged, brought the vial to her lips, and swallowed. The liquid was extremely bitter and she shuddered at the taste, but at first nothing else happened. Of course it didn't, the poison needed time to take effect, this didn't work like it did on television, so Shamal waited.

It took mere minutes before her face and chests started feeling hot, and when Shamal wiped the sweat off her forehead with her sleeve and opened her jacket, she also realized her breath had been slowly speeding up without her noticing, and by now she was on the border of hyperventilating. Shamal was starting to feel quite lightheaded too, and even though she was already sitting a sudden wave of vertigo hit her and she had to lean forward, supporting herself on her hands to not fall over.

She kept gasping for air, but to no avail, her chest was beginning to burn and splitting pain grew inside her head; Shamal knew that by now the poison was taking full effect and it would be over within minutes, so there was no point in fighting it, but she didn't have Signum's caliber of discipline, so she couldn't help her body continuing its futile struggle for air – although, technically she got all the air she could need, her body just couldn't make use of the oxygen.

Suddenly her arms gave way and Shamal doubled over with a retching sound as she fully lost control and her body started shuddering and convulsing, foam gathering at her mouth between coughs and her hands reflexively reaching for her neck. A little later a spreading warm wetness between her legs told her she had soiled herself too; at least she was somewhat lucky that none of her friends were still alive to see this undignified display.

As her agony continued minute over minute, her body completely out of her control, Shamal wished for nothing but her pain to end, and when she finally felt her strength wane and her vision close in, she welcomed the relief, embracing the nothingness

At the Takamachi residence on the planet Midchilda, seven bodies were gathered.


This story was based off an idea/suggestion by BlauSturm and written in collaboration with them. They supplied most of the ideas, details and dialogue, while I did the bulk of the writing. A collab like this definitely was an interesting experience, and one I wouldn't be averse to repeating.

Holy shit that was long; I'm sure I missed some italics or linebreak somewhere. The vivisection scene is relatively accurate (even if the name itself may not be, they only cut open her chest and not the whole abdomen), there really is such a thing as a sternal saw, and it really is used for this. Heart surgery is pretty hardcore. However with the poison I'll admit I was taking some artistic liberties, even if I strongly imply it to be cyanide it's never explicitly stated, so as to make that death a little more entertaining, mostly the part about her staying conscious this long.

Also the usual, give me some feedback/criticism, ideas for more stories, etc.



Glad to have been working with you, Eterya!! Certainly wouldn't mind doing it again, myself. :)

I was inspired by an idea in the ideas thread by Aoi Hikari, though the original idea was more a game, while this is more a suicide pact with a semi-casual feel and randomizer option.

I guess I just can't get away from the concept of death being solemn and sorrowful, and choosing to die is a big choice to make, hence why, despite having all agreed to it before hand, it wasn't just one casual happy death fest.


Turns out I forgot the title/tags on that last story. Gg.

We never quite found a workable scenario for Pan, did we? (And as I said, I don't know the series that well) If you can come up with something, I'll see what I can do.

I was caught up in this massive story (along with some boring RL stuff) for a while, but I suppose I'll get to this one soon.



Hey man, don't sweat it. Take your time. Glad to have you back in action.


Wonderful, just wonderful!


How about a short story about the image in the link

You could say that they have been condemned to die for being prostitutes and do it from the point of view from a 3rd party point of view who knows the feelings of each girl. How about this for a plot summary of each character from left to right (I'll come up with some names and ages later; all take around 20 minutes to die):

1. Really scared. Wants to live and struggles violently against the pain until the girl on to her right has an orgasm and then she tries and gets really horny but pisses before she can fully orgasm.

2. Knows that she can get an awesome orgasm out of it and, despite the pain, has a great orgasm before pissing and dying.

3. Doesn't want to seem nervous and tries to orgasm the entire time but pisses instead and is extremely humiliated before she dies. Again lots of pain.

The first three should have a bench kicked out from under them.

4. Like 2 but pisses earlier and then struggles against the pain for around 10 minutes more.

5. Has no self worth and is upset about hanging but not terrified like 1,6,7; doesn't care if she makes a fool of herself like 3 and isn't intent on having an orgasm like 2,3,4. Struggles violently against the pain and has a few small, insignificant orgasms and wishes she could masturbate (but can't) so she can have an awesome orgasm like 1,2 and 4. She then pisses many times.

6. Terrified of hanging. She struggles against the pain and against her orgasm. She pisses before hanging and at the end- but not after her orgasms which make the whole hanging experience even worse for her. She suffers the worst.

The next three are all hung at once- they set off around 10 minutes after the first 3 start.

7. She is the owner of the brothel and is forced to watch as all her employees die painfully. As the owner she does not sell her body and sees herself as a respectable woman- therefore she is shocked when she is forced to strip naked and she is so terrified at seeing her employees die that she feels herself about to piss. She put 2 fingers into her vagina to stop it but is accused of masturbating and when her hand is tied up she pisses- much to her humiliation and the crowd laugh at her and film her. Her hanging is very painful and she doesn't have an orgasm. She pisses at the end to even more humiliation before all the girls are dead. She is hanged separately.

The on-viewing girl is head prostitute at another brothel and she is to be hanged with her prostitutes next week-much to her shock (although she is turned on by the matter her sense of human dignity outweighs that and she is terrified of making a fool of herself.

Just an idea- take it or leave it but tell me if you like the idea.


For names how about (from left to right):

1. Scarlett Tweedie (20)
2. Adrianna Dayton (24)
3. Olivia Hayland (21)
4. Sarah Lunetta (25)
5. Peach Seger (18)
6. Molly Johnson (19)
7. Nicolett Smith (23)

Waiting girl: Francine Spencer (22)


Some nice thought went into that idea, that's something one could work off pretty well. However for my part there's just too much focus on the piss aspect of it (I know that's like the point of the whole thing, but it's not my cup of tea at all), so I'll have to decline. (Also seven hangings in a row does not sound terribly exciting, I far prefer to have some variety in deaths.) But there's a general requests/prompts thread on /lit/ too, you could leave your idea there and see if someone picks it up.



Nonsense! You can never hang too many pretty, young ladies!

Also I always thought that picture was supposed to depict a mass hanging of real-world actresses. I can't put my finger on all of them, but, from the left, the first girl looks an awful lot like Rose Huntington-Whitley, to me, while the fifth girl looks a lot like Megan Fox.

She doesn't look entirely identical, but I like to pretend the second girl is Olivia Wilde, because mmmmm........ But that's just personal preference there haha


Bump. Still hoping to watch a young, late-teens Bulma hang nice and slow.


Bump to keep from losing this



[Dragon Ball, f-self, murder, hanging, non-con]

Ow, my head. Bulma woke up, lying on the floor with a massive bruise forming on her temple. What happened? ...Right. Everyone else was away for some reason or the other and she and Launch had been the only ones here, so they had decided to prepare some nice lunch, but when she had heard a sneeze from the kitchen, instead of doing the smart thing and staying well clear, Bulma had gone to check on Launch, only for her blonde persona to come at her with a frying pan.

Not good. Launch was probably well on her way to rob a bank or something by now. Rubbing her head, Bulma slowly got up, fighting another wave of dizziness – only now for her to finally notice she was completely naked. With a small squeak she covered her chest and crotch with her hands, looking around the room for her clothes. And found she wasn't in the kitchen anymore where Launch had attacked her, but in a poorly lit concrete room, her cellar, as a look at the shelves and the gear therein confirmed.

“You're awake.” The voice from behind her made Bulma flinch and spin around, facing blonde Launch who was leaning against the wall next to the only exit, holding what looked like a long piece of rope.

“What is this supposed to be? Some silly joke?! That's not funny!”

“No joke.” Launch smiled menacingly and moved in front of the exit, completely blocking it with her body. “I was just gonna leave you and go stick up a convenience store, but when I saw your body like this I just couldn't help myself.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Over the last few years you've grown in all the right places, you know. You've become downright hot, one could say. And with that new hairstyle of yours, suits you much better. So sexy.” Launch licked her lips as Bulma kept getting an increasingly creeped-out feeling like she was alone with a pedophile.

“The hell's that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” Launch grinned “It makes me want to break you, to see you suffer!” All of a sudden the blonde woman dashed forward and before Bulma could even react, smashed a knee into her stomach followed by a punch against her solar plexus, and the teen doubled over, gasping for air.

She vaguely saw Launch stand on her tiptoes to fumble around with something on the ceiling for a moment, before she grabbed Bulma's arms to pull her up, and she complied, shakily standing on her legs, still trying to catch her breath.

Suddenly Launch put a piece of rope around her neck, and before Bulma could make sense of it, there was a tugging sensation as the rope pulled taut, pressing against her neck and making her gasp in surprise. The pressure kept growing, forcing Bulma onto her toes, stretching as high as she could get, before it slowly lifted her feet off the ground.

Through her surprise and panic, she saw Launch straining to hold a rope stretching towards the ceiling, and quickly realized just what was happening. That crazy woman was really trying to kill her!

“Launch... ...stop.” Bulma's words were cut off, almost inaudible, but after several more seconds, Launch carefully let go of the rope until Bulma's feet touched the ground again and she hungrily gasped for air, before glaring at Launch. ”What the fuck! Were you trying to scare me? This is not a joke! I could have die-”

Her tirade was cut off into a strangled noise as Launch gripped the rope again, for some reason leading it between her legs with one had holding it from behind her, and in one swift motion pulled Bulma off the ground again. As her legs started involuntarily twitching and kicking, Bulma reached for the rope around her neck, trying to free herself or at least loosen it a little, but all she achieved was her fingernails digging painful marks into her flesh.

Bulma's head was pounding, her vision starting to black out around the edges, and her lungs felt like they were on fire, her whole body desperate for oxygen, when suddenly Launch let go again and she was back on the ground, barely staying on her feet as she drew in long greedy breaths inbetween coughs. However after only a few seconds, Launch lifted Bulma up again, then fastened the other end of the rope to one of the shelves fixed to the wall.

After but a moment's reprieve, Bulma's pain returned even worse than before, and she couldn't help but kick her legs and flail her arms, her eyes tearing up in pain and fear. She didn't want to die! And especially not like this. Someone, anyone “he..lp...”

Launch placed herself in front of Bulma with a huge grin, her face visibly flush as one hand was reaching into her shorts, moving rhythmically. “Sorry, I just can't help it, you're so-” she interrupted herself with a moan “hot like this. I'm already wet. You're giving a great... show. Probably the best girl I ever had, I should... have done this much sooner.”

What the fuck was wrong with her? Was Launch seriously getting off on murdering someone? “Cra..zy bitc-...” the rest of her sentence was cut off in a choked noise. The pain in her head, her chest, her entire body kept growing and growing, and soon Bulma was reduced to uncontrollably thrashing around and pointlessly gasping for air, as she only longed for her suffering to end.

And after minutes more of agony, Launch blatantly moaning as she pleasured herself all the while, the blackness that had slowly been creeping over Bulma's vision finally took over and her consciousness faded as her body lost control and went limp, a puddle of urine forming under her feet.

Only moments later Launch came, her moans hitting a crescendo as she tensed and shuddered in pleasure for several seconds before slowly sinking to her knees, panting. After a short while she withdrew her hand from her shorts and licked her sweet taste off it before letting out a content sigh. That had been very delightful. Now to clean up this mess.



As per request. Better late than never, right? Sorry for the long wait, I just had a lot of RL stuff going on, as well as an irritating case of writer's block :(

Not much to say to this one, it turned out kinda short, but the request was a pretty short/simple one too (and I don't believe in pointlessly bloating stories just to up the wordcount). As I said I don't know DB too well, but I'm pretty sure Launch is not that psycho in canon,though that's kinda to be expected for this sort of story. Also as usual, let me know what you think, etc. (Requests/suggestions too, but given my track record the last few weeks I don't want to make any promises)


Wow, thanks! I was starting to think we'd lost you! That was a nice way to get back into the swing of things, no pun intended.


Suicidal Hotline [m/f, f-self, suicide, hanging, shooting, some others, con]

“This is the suicide hotline, you're talking to Sarah, how can I help you?”

“Hi, this is Kelly, and um... recently I keep thinking about wanting to kill myself.”

“I see. And why is that?”

“Last year my older sister Amber di- killed herself, because of a boy I think; and I keep smiling and telling everyone else I'll be fine and move on eventually, b-but... I miss her so much! *sobbing* And what's worse, I was the one who found her after she hanged herself. And the image keeps coming back to me, she looked horrifying; her face was completely blue, her tongue drooling all over her chin, her eyes, the bloody marks of her fingernails around the noose, and she even peed herself. And from her face and her tears I could tell she must have been in such pain, and I- I should have been there for her. If not to stop her then at least to die together with her. *crying* I thought it would get better in time, but it didn't. And to-tomorrow it will have been a year to the day, so I thought... I'm sorry, I'm probably talking way too much, aren't I?”

“Not at all, dear. That's what we're here for after all, to listen to you and then help you find a way out. So, what I gathered, tomorrow is the anniversary of your sister's suicide, and because you still miss her, and are haunted by the way she looked in death, and are possibly blaming yourself for it, you're now considering killing yourself too, is that right?”


“I see. That's a lot of issues to resolve. Have you talked about anyone else about this?”

“No. Mom died when I was two, I don't have any other siblings, dad just doesn't care about anything anymore, and none of my friends at school would understand at all.”

“So you don't really have anyone. Very well. In your case it really looks like suicide would be the easiest way.”


“Yes. If you're sure about this, I'll be happy to give you some advice as for how to do it.”

“Yes, that'd be great. I've been thinking about the way for a while, but I couldn't come up with anything. Dad doesn't have any guns, and I don't know about medicine either, there's no tall buildings or cliffs nearby, not even a train station, and I don't want to jump in front of someone's car on the highway and ruin their day too.”

“That's actually very considerate of you. You would not believe what kind of traffic jams and delays a suicide like that brings for hundreds of people. ...Do you have a sharp knife in your house?”

“Um... I don't think I'd be brave enough to slit my wrists and lie in a bathtub, I'd probably chicken out and ruin everything.”

“I see. On a side note, you shouldn't even cut your wrists, but down the forearm to make sure you bleed out as quickly as possible. But apart from that, do you have some kind of strong rope or cloth? A skipping rope, maybe a clothesline, or even a scarf.”

“I think I can find something like that. What for?”

“You said your sister hanged herself, right? So what better way to follow her than do the same, exactly one year later.”

“Well, b-but when I found her she looked like she really suffered, hanging sounds scary and painful.”

“It isn't, not really. The way you found your sister was mostly because of subconscious reactions of her body after she already passed out. If you do a hanging properly you'll black out within 15 or so seconds, and die within five minutes, without feeling much. Trust me, I'm a professional.”

“O-okay, I guess I'm gonna hang myself tomorrow then.”

“Great. By the way, I'm sure you have a close friend or someone you'd like to do one last favor to, right?”

“Yes. Julie, she's one grade below me, and-”

“There's no need to tell me about her right now. Do you own a webcam?”


“Perfect. Then if you want to do Julie a favor by giving her a bunch of money after you die, visit our website. Near the bottom you'll find a link that allows you to use your webcam to lifestream your suicide over our site. We deduct a small amount to pay for our upkeep and such, but after that all tips and donations go to your friend one hundred percent. Most likely it will be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if you put on a good show.”


“Yes, really. I've been working here for a while, so I know how the people watching these streams tick, do you want to hear how to get the most money out of them?”

“I'd love to.”

“Then listen up. First, you want to make sure you look as good as possible for the camera...

The webcam activated and the stream flickered to life, two minutes ahead of the announced time, showing a roughly 14-year old girl with straight, light brown hair falling down to her shoulders, green eyes, wearing a plain blue tank-top, sitting in front of the camera.

“U-um... hello.” She nervously spoke up after a moment. “My name is Kelly and I'm going to kill myself now to follow my sister Amber, who did the same thing exactly a year ago. And for your entertainment; any donations I might get go to my best friend Julie, because she really deserves it and because her family is in kind of a bad spot right now, so I want to help her out a little.”

She briefly paused to read the stream chat, already populated by hundreds of viewers, the messages almost too fast to follow, but one sentiment was echoed several times. “You want to see how Julie looks? Okay.” After a moment of searching on her desk she produced a framed picture she presented to the webcam; it showed a slightly younger girl with black pigtails and bright eyes, but old and worn clothes, grinning into the camera.

“She's just adorable, isn't she?” Kelly agreed with the chat “So I'm hoping for your generosity to help her out.” She stood up and slightly tilted the webcam to show a noose hanging from the ceiling in the middle of her room. “And that's why I'll do my best to put on a good show, by hanging myself to death.”

While waiting for the chat to calm down a bit, Kelly placed her chair under the noose and climbed on it to hold the noose in front of neck, then pulled at it to show it only give way very little. “See? A really short drop to make sure I last as long as possible. Is the view good like this or should change something?”

Getting back down, she checked the chat, then tilted the camera a little more and slightly increased the zoom. “There, this should be better. Is there anything else, or should I get going?”

“...I should what? Strip? Really? ...You are gonna be nice and generous then, will you?” A look at the virtual 'tip jar' at the side of the website showed the viewers were already plenty generous, so a several more affirmations from the chat Kelly acquiesced with a small sigh. “Well, okay. It's for Julie after all.”

Kelly pulled off her top and dropped the gray denim skirt she had been wearing, before slowly opening her bra and letting it fall to the floor, revealing pretty small, youthful breasts, with small, pink areolae, and finally stepped out of her panties, standing in front of the camera completely naked, covering her crotch and chest with her hands. “Th-this is embarrassing. I've n-never showed myself like this to anyone.”

With a lot of conscious effort she dropped her arms to her side, fully baring herself to the camera, then doing a slow twirl. “Here you go.” On the side of the screen she saw several donations incoming, as well as compliments from the chat. “You think I look pretty and sexy? That's so nice of you.”

“A hundred dollars if I show my pussy right to the camera?” Kelly read another comment “That's a lot of money. So, um...” Sitting on her chair, she leaned back as far as she could, raising her legs out of the way and – following instructions from the chat – holding apart her labia with her hands, Kelly presented her open pussy to the camera for a good few seconds before sitting up again, her face visibly reddened. “Th-thank you for the money. But now I really should go hang myself b-before I do anything even more embarrassing.”

“...'Finger myself'? What does that even mean?” Making sure the camera was adjusted properly, Kelly didn't wait for an answer from the chat before climbing onto the chair again and placing the noose – really just a repurposed fluffy scarf – around her neck, then waved to the camera. “This is it now, I guess.” Amber, I'm coming.

“Farewell.” Placing one foot against the backrest, Kelly kicked against the chair, knocking it over with a clattering sound. She let out a small gasp as her neck caught in the noose, the pressure increasing from slight to downright painful within seconds as her hands reflexively reached for the rope, but she forced the impulse down, and did her best to give the camera a strained smile.

However as she continued hanging, Kelly's smile quickly faded as her need for air got bigger and a painful pressure was growing in her head. Remembering something the girl from the hotline had told her yesterday about putting on a show, she kept futilely gasping for air and stopped holding back her body's reflexes, letting her arms reach for the noose or flail around and her legs kick freely, giving some clear shots of her pussy to the camera.

As her lungs started burning from lack of air and her head was pounding with every heartbeat, Kelly wondered just how long it would take for her to pass out, this most definitely had been more than 15 seconds by now, had it? But there was nothing she could do but continue her dance in the air, her movements growing more desperate with every second.

By now Kelly's vision was swimming, there was a prickling numb sensation spreading all over her body, and even the sounds of her own hacking gasps sounded muffled to her ears. But more than that, it hurt. Every single cell, every fiber of her body seemed to consist only of searing pain and she hardly noticed her tongue hanging from her mouth and drooling all over her chin.

God, this hurts so bad! Sarah had lied to her, she did not at all pass out quickly. Or had she done something wrong? Kelly had looked up hangings before, and some victims had struggled for several minutes; if they hadn't been unconscious within a few seconds... Please no.

But this seemed to exactly what was awaiting Kelly, and at this point there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn't stop, she couldn't call for help, she couldn't even scream, producing only voiceless rasps and coughs. Her eyes flooding with tears, running down her face like hot streaks, Kelly tried to do something, anything to make her pain stop, but all she could do was pointlessly struggle and gasp for air, with no relief in sight. Please, just let me die!

In the end it took several more minutes of utter agony until Kelly finally faded, a stream of urine dripping down her legs, much to the amusement of the chat, and after ten more minutes a webmaster closed the stream before remotely deleting all traces of involvement from Kelly's PC, then anonymously tipping off the police.

In the end Kelly's suicide raised almost 2000 dollars for her friend Julie – and easily a hundred times that for the suicide hotline once the recording was sold on DvD.


“This is the suicide hotline, you're talking to Connie, how can I help you?”

“I'm Jessica, and I was wondering if I should kill myself.”

“Why is that?”

“Everyone in school keeps bullying me, and it's just too much. Especially the girls are making fun of me just because I have small breasts. They call me things like 'cutting board' and keep saying I'll never get a boyfriend. And... they're probably right. I see how the boys at school look at them, and how they look at me. So... it's just...”

“I see, I see. Have you considered any other options? Or maybe just talk to a teacher?”

“No dice. All my teachers are either incompetent or don't care. In fact during swimming lessons last week one of them joined in on a remark by the girls; asshole. And there's nothing else I can do. It's too late to start stuffing my bra now, and it wouldn't even work for PE and stuff. And I can't afford even the cheapest of implants to look just a little bigger; I'd be content with just B-cups, but even those are too expensive. So there's really no other way...”

“It looks like you're right, I can't think of anything either.”


“So you probably should kill yourself, it's clearly the best way.”

“O-okay, thank you. Can you give me any tips what to do?”

“Well, do you have any particular method in mind?”

“I don't know. I just want it to be quick and painless.”

“Of course. Do you have access to a powerful firearm? I mean like a shotgun or something, not just a pistol.”

“No, my family doesn't own any guns.”

“So any explosives are probably no-go too, right?”


“Do you have any tall buildings nearby?”

“My school is actually pretty high, it's got like 6 floors.”

“Now we're on to something. And what would you think about getting a little payback on the girls that bullied you?”

“That'd be nice too.”

“Perfect. Then this is what you'll do...

Ducking out of class a few minutes early, Jessica had easily slipped past the teacher watching the entrance to the roof, stripped and folded her clothes into a neat pile at the edge of the roof, then just waited for the bell to announce the end of school for the day.

...There it was. Now just to wait for that bitch Krystal, she was more or less the leader of the girl posse. A few moments later the blonde came into view, as always surrounded by a mob of other, lesser, girls. Gathering all her courage, Jessica climbed onto the railing and shouted down to her.

“Hey, Krystal, you dumb bitch!” Almost all activity on the entire schoolyard paused as people looked up to her, and suddenly Jessica felt herself blush rather heavily in embarrassment. But she was not going to back down now.

“You stupid whore with your fake plastic tits always made fun of me! But I've had it! I'm proud of my small chest!” She really, really, wasn't, but on the phone Connie had told her she should say it anyways. “And I'm gonna show you what I think of you and all your little bimbos!”

This was it. Quickly before anyone could come to the roof and stop her. Jessica took two steps back for a running start, then dashed forward and leapt off the roof.

Six whole floors was a lot of way down, and time seemed to slow to a crawl as Jessica fell, her life flashing before her eyes; funny, she'd always thought this was just one of those clichés. There was nothing spectacular or outstanding, just a few nice moments and a few shitty moments; the last few months the shitty moments had been much more prevalent.

And then her little flashback was over and she was still falling. Her senses seemed to e working on overdrive, as Jessica overly distinctly felt the air brushing against her pussy, and over her small breasts, and the tugging at the back of her head that meant right now her long black hair had to be trailing after her like a huge cloud.

Opening her eyes she hadn't even noticed she had closed, Jessica could see the shocked expressions on many faces, including most of Krystal's posse, and the cold hard ground coming closer and closer and closer and pleasedonthurt



“Hello, this is the suicide hotline, Naomi speaking. We just talked to your girlfriend about her ...situation.”

“I heard, I was standing right beside her. I told her to call.”

“From her weight and measurements she gave me, I don't believe Laura is as incredibly 'fat' as she describes herself, she's hardly even overweight.”

“I know, right? And I keep telling her all that means is that there's more to love about her.”

“That means you'll agree the problem is not her weight, but her self-image.”

“Guess so.”

“And that problem is a much harder one to solve than actual obesity. Chances are even if she somehow slimmed down to a BMI of below twenty, with the body of a supermodel, she'd still find things to criticize about herself.”

“I see.”

“Worst case, once she starts a diet she'll think she's too 'skinny' and bounce right to overeating and gaining weight again. So in her particular case, it looks like suicide may well be the best option.”

“Alright. If that's what she wants, and you think it's the best alternative.”

“I do. Laura is lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend. ...In fact, you should probably do your best to assist her in her suicide. You don't want her to die all alone after all, right?”

“Of course I'll help her.”

“Perfect. And what do you think of making some cash along the way? Given her issues, I don't think you can talk Laura in killing herself live on a webstream, right?”

“Probably not.”

“But how about a recording? If you own any sort of video camera we're always willing to buy amateur clips for a good price.”

“I think I can do that.”

“Excellent. On our website you'll find how to contact us, as well as a cheap cleaning service if you need it. Now, would you mind putting me on speaker so I can talk to Laura too and help you find the best method...

“Babe, are you sure the camera is necessary?” The chubby dirty blonde, almost brunette girl leaned right towards the lens of the camcorder facing towards their bed.

“Well, not necessarily necessary,” Her boyfriend, who was deliberately keeping his head out of frame, answered “But when you're gone I'll need something to remember you.”

“You're gonna whack off to that, aren't you?”

“...I will neither confirm nor deny that statement.”

“Perv.” With a small laugh the naked girl poked her boyfriend's bare chest, then reached into his boxers to pull out his dick and only had to stroke it for a few seconds until it got completely hard. She opened her mouth and started sucking it, easily taking the dick all the way to the back of her throat.

“...Easy there, babe.” He stopped her with a groan after a short while. “You know I love how you do that, but don't make me cum just yet.”

“Right.” Laura stopped sucking him and instead laid onto the bed on her back, lifting her legs out of the way to briefly show her pussy right to the camera, before her boyfriend stepped into view, still only showing the back of his head to the camera as he started eating her out.

It took but a few seconds of teasing her clit and labia with his tongue, and pushing a single finger deep into her pussy, before Laura started panting, and shortly after moaning loudly, her face a little red and her nipples clearly erect. However as her voice kept rising in pitch, much too soon he pulled back again. “We don't want you finishing early either, do we? Now come on, like we talked about.”

While her boyfriend picked up the camera and moved it to another position slightly closer and to the side of the bed, Laura got up and turned around, getting on her hands and knees, facing towards the camera, and her huge tits swaying and bouncing with every little movement.

“Ready, babe?” Her boyfriend knelt on the bed right behind Laura “I'm gonna put it in now.”

“Yeah, g-” Laura let out a loud moan as he entered her pussy for the first time. Drawing in a sharp breath she took a moment to compose herself. “I-it's pretty big...”

“It's gonna be fine, just do your best to relax. You did say you didn't want to die a virgin.”

“Y-yeah.” Calming her breath, Laura slowly started moving her hips back and forth, and after a few moments her boyfriend joined in too, gently fucking her pussy. His dick inside her felt big and unfamiliar and just a little painful, but also really good; especially once he reached under her with one hand to start rubbing her clit as well.

Laura's breath was quickly picking up as their movements gradually intensified, and within minutes she could feel her orgasm approaching, but before she got all the way, her boyfriend slowed down and pulled out his dick.

“...Babe, do we really have to do this?”

“That was my one condition, consider what you're asking of me. And besides, this morning you seemed quite enticed by the idea of taking it in the ass.”

“W-well, okay. Please be gentle.”

“I'll try.” Dripping some spit on Laura's asshole, her boyfriend spread it all over and even pushed a finger inside, before placing his dick against it, and carefully pushing it inside her ass bit by bit. Even though he was being as gentle as he could, Laura still clenched her teeth and felt a small tear form in the corner of her eye as a half-moan half-scream escaped her lips. “Ow. Th-this hurts.”

“You'll be fine.” Once more he started rubbing her pussy with one hand, pushing two fingers inside her, then very carefully started moving again, and Laura gasped in both pain and pleasure. “Wow, you're so tight back there. This feels great.”

Even though it was also pretty painful, Laura soon was approaching her climax once more, her gasps turning to drawn-out moans. “Sounds like you're gonna come soon. And once you do, I'll slit your throat so it's gonna be the last thing you ever feel.”

“Th-thanks, babe. Love you.” Laura let out another moan as he pushed into her especially deep, and only moments later she was teetering on the edge, before giving way to her pleasure, loudly voicing her orgasm – only to suddenly be cut off by a sharp, cold feeling running over her neck as her voice died down to a voiceless rattle.

Her throat was cut open side-to-side, splashing blood on her hands and her breasts and everywhere as her body still continued its orgasm. Laura's mind torn between these contradictory sensations, her ass and pussy clenched in her death throes, and she could hear her boyfriend groan as he came too, shooting his hot load right into her ass.

Still in limbo between pain and pleasure, it took but seconds for Laura to bleed out, the feeling of her boyfriend cumming in her ass the last thing she felt before she slumped over into the puddle of her own blood, her eyes blank and empty.

“Thanks, babe.” After her last twitches completely died down, her boyfriend pulled out of her ass, dripping a little cum on her pussy. “That was probaby the best sex I'll ever have.” Now, for that cleaning service Naomi mentioned.


“Hey, this is Ashley, you've dialed the suicide hotline.”

Konnichi wa, Yuki desu.

“Excuse me?”

“Right, sorry. I'm Yuki. I called here because I'm getting bullied in school, and people keep calling me 'weaboo' and telling me to kill myself.”

“Is there any reason for that?”

“I think it's because of my style. I just really like Nihon culture, which is why I chose this name too. My old name was Lucia.”


“Or maybe it's because they're jealous of me because I'm so kawaii.”

“...Just kill yourself.”

“Um, really?”

Yes. Think about it this way: You're not gonna change your style, are you?”

“No way. If anything, once I have the money I'll get some surgery done to look even cuter.”

“Then the bullying is not gonna stop either. So there really is no way out.”

“You do have a point there.”

“Of course I do. How about you disembowel yourself, that would be very appropriate, wouldn't it?”

“Not really, in fact. Seppukku was reserved for Samurai, and, sadly, I'm no warrior. And I couldn't find anyone to be my second anyways.”

“Then what method would you suggest?”

“Well, this may sound a little strange, but I've had an odd fascination with people drowning for a while now. I don't know where I got it, but sometimes I would even dream of myself drowning, only to wake up as soon as I run out of breath.”

“So you want to drown yourself, is that it?”


“Alright, I'll walk you through what you need. How far is the closest deep lake or river to you...


Yuki arrived at the bridge she had chosen just after midnight; the odds of being seen were pretty low anyways, but best be certain. Climbing down the embankment, under the bridge she completely stripped, placing her clothes in a folded pile with her shoes right behind them as was custom.

She had taken the heaviest pair of her dads dumbbells, fatso hadn't used them in the last ten years anyways. Tape likely wouldn't hold underwater for any length of time, and she wasn't sure how well she could tie a secure knot, so cable ties would have to do. Fastening one weight each around her ankles, the latina double-checked the ties, before taking one final breath and stepping off the edge into the river.

The water was colder than she'd expected and almost made Yuki gasp in surprise, but she barely managed to hold her breath. As an artificial canal, it sunk to its full depth immediately at the edge, which was certainly convenient, and after sinking for a handful seconds, Yuki felt her feet hit the ground as the pressure made her ears pop a little.

The water was pretty murky, so in the dead of night Yuki couldn't even see her own hand in front of her eyes. Except for her feet tying her to the ground it would have felt like she was weightlessly floating in the cold darkness, her hair lazily drifting around her.

After several seconds Yuki felt like there was a pressure building inside her lungs, clearly the lack of air, but she always had been pretty good at holding her breath, so she knew her body would last a while longer.

The pressure kept growing, slowly turning into pain, as even in the darkness colorful black spots started blooming in Yuki's vision. She really wanted to breathe, but her body wouldn't let her. Instead her instincts took over and she started to struggle against the restraints holding her feet to the ground, but all she achieved was the plastic painfully digging into her skin. Heedless, she continued trying to break free, her hands clasped around her throat as she stretched towards the surface forever out of her reach.

Finally the pain was too big and Yuki's need for air trumped her body's preservation instincts and she gasped for breath, a huge stream of bubbles escaping her mouth before she tried to breathe in again – and only found water filling her lungs. Coughing, she tried to get the water out, but if anything achieved the opposite before her throat cramped up, completely locking her airway.

Now the pain of the water inside her lungs adding to the lack of breath, Yuki's struggles yet intensified, and she started wildly bucking and thrashing her arms, pointlessly trying to break free even as she felt her body slowly go numb.

Instead, after multiple more minutes of suffering, the darkness and cold that had been creeping over her consciousness finally took hold and Yuki faded into nothing


“Um, hello? Is this the suicide hotline? My name is Annabelle, and I-”

“You should kill yourself.”

“Um, I thought this was where you tell me everything's not so bad and I shouldn't do it or something.”

“Oh no, you're looking for the suicide prevention hotline, there. They're there to give you comforting lies and cookie-cutter encouragement and false sympathy. We're here be honest with you and tell you the truth, even if you may not like it.”

“But aren't you at least gonna listen to my problems?”

“Not really. It doesn't even make a difference. Want to hear a very important realization?”

“What is it?”

“In the end, nothing matters. Our earth is a tiny speck of dust floating around an insignificant little star on the outer edge of a small insignificant galaxy among billions.”

“Oh, wow. That's kinda bleak.”

“It's the truth. And what's more, what do you think how many humans ever lived on earth? ...Over 100 billion. And how many of these made a huge difference, shaped history? ...A few thousand. Ten thousand at best. So if any one human would kill themselves right now, the odds are ten million to one that it won't make any difference. At all.”

“That's an awfully nihilistic way of putting it.”

“I'm just being realistic. We're all going to die without ever having mattered anyways. If all of humanity just died, nothing would change. The earth would still run its course, only to be devoured by the sun in five billion years. Matter of fact, I think it would even be beneficial, all we humans do is destroy the planet and hunt animals into extinction just because we can. The planet would be much better off if humanity just collectively killed itself.”

“If that's what you think, then why haven't you killed yourself yet?”

“Oh, I will, in time. And depending on how many more I manage to take with me, I might even make it onto the news. But as long as I can help others see things how they really are, I'll hold it off for just a little longer. Though in relation to the 14 billion years our universe already existed, even a thousand lifetimes are but a fleeting moment.”

“...You might have a point with all this.”

“Oh, I'm sorry. I got carried away about the meaninglessness of existence and the futility of life again. What did you say was your problem?”

“Well, I like playing video games, and streaming online, and I keep getting trolled and bullied by others online, and they tell me to kill myself, just because they're mad they got beaten by a girl. But after what you just told me, I don't feel like it even matters. I'm gonna die eventually anyways, so why wait?”

“An excellent answer. I'll be happy to give you some advice.”

“Great, thanks.”

“For starters, are there any guns in your house?”

“Yes, my mom got a handgun after almost being mugged that one time. I know the combination to the safe.”

“Well, that's perfect. You said you were a streamer, right? How would you like streaming your suicide too? Thaw way you could show all those people who bullied you, and maybe even make them realize their life is pointless anyways.”

“Sure thing.”

“You'll understand you have to use our website for the initial stream. But once you are done, we'll make sure to upload it to twitch, youtube or whatever site you normally use.”

“Got it.”

“Then you should visit our website, and look for this link...


“He~ey, beautiful people!” The lean brunette with gray eyes cheerfully waved into the camera. “This is Annabelle, or as some may know me Queen Annie. And today I'm here for you with a very special show.”

“So, on like every video I post, every stream, every twitter or whatever I do, I always get trolls and haters telling me to kill myself. Well, guess what? I'm gonna do just that right now. But that's not because any of you were right, you're still just salty losers who need to take this less seriously. However someone recently helped me realize how life – and that means anyone's life – is completely pointless and meaningless. And I'm gonna die eventually anyways, so there's no reason not to do it now and on my own terms.”

She picked up a sheet of paper from her desk. “Also I've prepared some notes to help you set things into perspective so you can see just how insignificant one life – and even all of humanity – really is. Half of you probably think earth is like the center of the universe, after all, you're living on it, right? Well, think again. Earth is just one tiny mote of dust floating around one small insignificant yellow star...


“And with all that said, it doesn't make any real difference if I blow my brains out today, maybe get run over by a truck tomorrow, or croak of old age in like 70 years. Which is why I'll do it right now, so you all can watch. And if any of this opened your eyes just a little, let's see if we can get his hype train going and hit a thousand comments or video replies of you doing the same. There'll be a link on the screen right now and in the description to a website that is gonna help you with the recording if you want to; use the code 'QueenAnnie2016' for a nice little bonus.”

“Now that all the talking's out of the way, what do you say we get started?” Annabelle got up and pushed her chair to the side, then slowly over the next few minutes took off all of her clothes, performing a nice little striptease for the stream, baring first her somewhat small, but very firm and well-shaped breasts, then her shaved pussy, before moving the camera to the foot of her bed as she lied down on it, bringing with her a bulky-looking handgun. “As you may have already guessed, by the end of this I'm gonna shoot myself, but before that, I figured why not put on one final show for my faithful viewers. So enjoy.”

With that, Annabelle spread her legs to give a clear view of her pussy to the camera, then rubbed the barrel of the gun over it – and flinched. “Sorry, it's kinda cold. ...But I know just the thing.”

Annabelle took the barrel into her mouth and, careful to keep her finger well off the trigger, started moving it back and forth a little, suggestively playing around it with her lips and tongue, at one point even pushing it as far into her throat as she could, almost making her gag, until after a few minutes the metal was nice and warmed up.

Rubbing the front part of the sights right over her clit for a moment, Annabelle brought the gun back to her pussy, parting her labia with the muzzle before pushing the barrel inside her. Slick with her saliva and warmed up, it easily slid in, and even though the metal still felt hard and bulky, it also filled her quite well. Starting to moan lightly, she began fucking herself with the gun first slowly, but quickly picking up speed, shoving it in as far as it could.

After a few minutes Annabelle paused, pulling the gun out of her and smiling to the camera, panting heavily and her face flush in arousal “I'm gonna come soon, but before that, let's make things a little more interesting, shall we? After all I wanna go out with a 'bang'.”

Giggling at her pun, she took a hot pink dildo from her bed, and after similarly licking and throating it to lube it up, she shifted her position, placing the dildo upright on her bed and pushing the tip against her asshole as she raised her hips, then carefully lowered herself onto it until it was inside her all the way up to the base.

“There... we go...” Wincing and drawing in a sharp breath, she laid back down as she pushed the barrel of the gun inside her pussy again. “This is so hot, now it's like I'm being fucked by two cocks at once.” One hand gently rocking the dildo, the other resumed masturbating with the gun, Annabelle's moans kept growing in intensity, until much to soon she paused again.

“So far, I bet you've seen all this countless times by every little camwhore, so now it's time for the special touch.” Pulling out the gun once more, she briefly rubbed it over her chest as if giving a titfuck, but then turned it to point at her left breast from the side and, visibly tensing, pulled the trigger. BANG! The bullet went straight through her breast and Annabelle let out a pained whimper as both wounds immediately started bleeding.

She quickly pressed the gun against her left arm, just below the elbow and fired again, the grazing shot gouging a huge red line into her flesh, and while she managed to hold back a cry of pain, Annabelle's eyes teared up nonetheless. Gritting her teeth she smiled at the camera as the barrel of the gun entered her pussy once again. “S-see? That's not something you get every day.”

Doing her best to push aside the pain in her breast and arm, she continued masturbating, her moans intermixed with a much more pained sound, yet within minutes she felt her orgasm coming, and soon followed through, the pleasure washing over her making the pain all but forgotten, as she moaned, if not shrieked in pleasure for several seconds, what may have been the best orgasm ever flooding over her.

As she felt her pleasure begin to ebb, Annabelle quickly forced herself to focus and pull the trigger again, her moans of lust replaced by those of utter agony as a huge, searing red pain seemed to bloom inside her. After over a minute of only panting and waiting for the pain to subside just a little, she managed to pull the gun out of her now ruined pussy, along with a huge gush of blood.

“F-fuck... this hurts.” Her voice was about to crack and her smile wavered, but Annabelle did her best to keep up appearances even as she pointed the gun at herself, shooting into her belly three times and into her chest twice, one bullet going straight into the sternum, the other entering her right breast, before leveling the weapon at the side of her head.

“Now that we're about... done, think of h-how pointless life is anyways, and perhaps I'll see you on the other side.” Waving to the camera with her free hand, she gave her trademark goodbye one final time. “This is Queen Annie, signing off.”




As per suggestion over in the writing prompts thread (>>8061). I only now notice how long this turned out, that's what you get for doing five scenes in one (though I suppose a fair part of the length is owed to lots of dialogue).

The fourth scene is my first time writing a drowning, and I somehow couldn't find any sort of reference, so I hope it turned out okay. For the second and fifth one I could have written a slightly longer ending detailing the messy aftermath, but I found it more fitting to end like that and leave the rest to the reader's imagination (also I really have trouble writing endings anyways, especially for /g/ stuff).

Also in the fifth one, if some of the nihilist's rant is factually wrong or based off faulty reasoning, that's entirely intended (for the record, I share some of that perspective; a human life, and humanity as a whole is pretty insignificant, there is no higher meaning or whatever. But my conclusion is quite literally the opposite, exactly because it's pointless we should do our best for us and all others to enjoy life, there is no meaning except the one we give it ourselves).

Closing with the usual, any feedback/suggestions/etc appreciated (maybe let me know which scene was your favorite), and so on. Thanks for reading.


Not bad. With that premise I was afraid it would be quite dark, but it ended up being lightminded enough for me to enjoy.


Man, the Queen Annie one was awesome <3


I LOL-ed so hard at the weaboo one I lost my boner omg


A Christmas present [m/f, loli, incest, decapitation, hanging, con]

“You can look now.” Mike opened his eyes, to find his younger sister sitting under the tree amidst a pile of presents, naked save for a green bow atop her head and a length of ribbons wrapped around her to just barely cover up her breasts and private parts.


“Yeah, I'm your present this year. My virginity and my life.”

“In that order.” Their older sister Daisy added from the side.

“Right. I' m gonna help you... what was it again, Daisy?”

“You want to help him become a man.”

“That. Before mom and dad left on their vacation, we got the key to his hobby cellar, and Daisy helped me prepare something, come on.”

Abby jumped up, grabbing Mike's hand as she pulled him out of the living room and down the stairs, into their father's cellar. The room was decorated with a few garlands and candles, actually making even the gray concrete feel somewhat welcoming. Abby led Mike to a simple long table in the middle of the room, covered in a a layer of blankets, before turning around. “Aren't you gonna unwrap you present?”

“Oh, right.” Mike took off the headband with the bow before looking for the knot holding the other ribbons, finding it between Abby's shoulder blades hidden under her long blonde hair, and after fumbling around with it for a few seconds, it opened and the entire wrapping fell to the floor, leaving her in front of him in her birthday suit.

“Like what you see, big boy?” Abby's attempt at a sexy voice fell completely flat, and he heard Daisy giggle besides him, but Mike actually found he quite did like what he saw. Her breasts had just barely started to grow, enough to be visible but little more, and her pussy was still completely smooth. Mike reached down to run a finger along the outside of Abby's pussy before cupping her chest with his hand, making her draw in a sharp breath as he started caressing her nipple with two fingers.

“H-hang on.” She paused Mike after a few moments, kneeling down in front of him to undo his belt and zipper, dropping his pants, reaching into his pants to pull out his hard dick, then getting up and laying down on the table, spreading her legs so she was fully presenting her pussy to him. “Daisy said I shouldn't die as a virgin – even though I'm a Gemini –, that's why I want you to have sex with me. And after that you'll use daddy's axe to cut off my head.”

“Yeah, she chose to go with that because it sounded the least painful.” Daisy added.

“Why don't you help out? You could decapitate her just as she comes.”

“Nah, Abby was quite specific about this and I couldn't change her mind. I'm just gonna watch from the sidelines, you two have fun.”

“Abby, are you sure about this?” Mike turned back to his younger sister patiently waiting for him.

“Yeah. I wanted to give you a really special present this year, and this was the best idea I could think of. And don't lie, you're totally horny seeing me like this.”

“Did Daisy tell you to say that?”


“She would.” Mike chuckled “Okay, here I go.” After licking his fingers and spreading a bit of spit over Abby's pussy, he pushed the tip of his dick against it, parting the labia before gently entering her. About halfway in he encountered a little resistance, which gave way after a little more pressure and he suddenly slid in all the way as Abby winced, small tears forming in the corner of her eye.

“Sorry.” Mike caressed Abby's cheek, but he still could feel her tense around him, when Daisy spoke up.

“I know it feels weird and probably hurts a little, but just relax. You're gonna feel real good real soon.”

“O-okay...” Taking slow, deliberate breaths, Abby slowly relaxed at least a little, until Mike felt he could start, and began slowly moving his hips back and forth. She still tensed, one hand reaching towards Mike and he took it, their fingers interlocking, as with the other he started playing with her nipple, and her breath quickly intensified, a slight redness rising in her cheeks.

As he increased his speed, Abby clasped his hand even tighter and started moaning in what well might have been both pain and pleasure, but she kept her smile, even wrapping her legs around Mike's back, so he carefully continued.

Some minutes later Mike noticed another voice panting and moaning, and looked to the side to see Daisy obviously aroused by what she was watching, her face flush and one hand rapidly rubbing under her skirt while the other supported her against a shelf. This sexy show in turn cause him to speed up too, but when Abby let out a pained whimper, he quickly slowed down. “Sorry.”

“No, it's... fine.” Abby smiled at him, and after a few moments Mike got an idea.

“Try this.” Taking Abby's free hand, he guided it towards her pussy, and after a little searching found her clit, briefly rubbing it before placing her fingers right on top of it. “This should make you feel good.”

With a nod Abby started rubbing her clit, and after a little even pushing a finger inside her along Mike's dick, and as he sped up again, she endured it, moaning faster and louder than before, picking up speed too and even starting to move her hips counterpoint to Mike's thrusts.

Before long he was panting too, and after a little more Mike felt he was about to finish. “Abby, I'm... gonna cum.”

“M-me too.”

Holding his pace, Mike gave Abby a little more time to get closer to her orgasm before one final burst of speed, and just moments later she audibly came, her entire body tensing as she clenched her legs around Mike's back. Her pussy rhythmically clenching around his dick, made him quickly follow suit, shooting his load all inside her with a series of groans, as from the corner of his eye he also heard Daisy's moans hitting a crescendo as she rather blatantly came too.

After a small eternity the two of them slowly returned from their ecstasy, panting heavily and a little sweaty; Abby spoke up first. “Th-that was... That felt really good. Thank you, Mike.”

“Um, you're welcome?” Mike pulled his dick out of Abby's pussy and she winced a little, before smiling at him as she got up.

“And now for the second part. Come on.” She pulled Mike to the side of the room, where next to a drain in the floor there was a huge block of wood, around the height of his knees, with a large indentation on one side.

“You know how this goes, right?” Daisy asked, handing mike a bulky axe as Abby knelt down, placing her head on the block. “You want to hit the middle of her neck with one big strike.” Turning her head to the side, she brushed away as much of Abby's hair as she could while Mike positioned himself besides the block. “This is it. Any last words?”

“Thank you for accepting my present, Mike.”

“Thank you for the present. I'll count down from three, just hold still and you won't feel a thing.” At least he hoped so.

“Got it. Goodbye, Daisy. Goodbye, Mike.”

“Bye, Abby.”

“Farewell. Three... Two... One...”

Thunk. With a dull sound the axe cut straight through the girl's neck, embedding itself in the wood as her head rolled into the basket and her body fell to the side, jerking and shuddering, spraying blood from its stump everywhere, a small puddle of urine forming between her legs.

As her body continued twitching before slowly dying down, Mike took Abby's head from the basket, to find her eyes still follow him, and quickly lifted it, gently kissing her on the lips, and she weakly returned the kiss. “Bye, Abby. Merry Christmas, and thank you.” Her lips moved, mouthing what looked like 'merry Christmas', then the light slowly left her eyes.

After holding her for a few more seconds, Mike placed Abby's head next to her body, her expression almost serene even in death. They should probably call that one great cleaning company in town; or maybe just wash off the blood and wait until after Christmas so they didn't charge extra. Either way, as Mike was about to go upstairs to get the phone, Daisy took his hand to stop him. “Hey, I want to give you a present too. Can you wait here for a moment, I just need to get myself ready.”

Mike acquiesced, and after only a few minutes, Daisy returned, naked save for a pair of long black stockings and a huge dark blue ribbon around her chest. “I wasn't planning on this at least unless you were eighteen and still didn't have a girlfriend, but after seeing you and Abby just now, I couldn't help it. I know it's technically the same gift – okay I'm not so much a virgin anymore, but who's counting – but I hope you'll like it anyways.”

“Wow, thanks, Daisy.” Mike undid the ribbon, revealing Daisy in all her beauty; much more curvy than Abby, with large, supple breasts, her pussy shaved just as smoothly, and unless he was mistaken she also seemed to be a little wet already.

Daisy leaned forward, pulling Mike into a tight embrace and deeply kissing him for several seconds before pulling back just enough to take off his shirt, then kneeling down to remove his trousers and pants too, licking and kissing the tip of his dick for a few seconds before getting up again.

“I wanna go a different way, though.” She picked up the ribbon and started fiddling around with it before fashioning a noose out of it, then pushed the chair-slash-bed Abby had used before a little sideways, climbing onto it to thread the ribbon through a hook in the ceiling. Taking Mike's hand, she gently pushed him onto the table, then laid atop of him, her breasts pressing against his chest as she kissed him again before sitting up and reaching for the noose hanging down above her, placing it around her neck.

“You probably guessed it, but I want you to choke me to death while I ride you. It's really simple, just don't let go of the ribbon, got it?”


“Then here we go.” Handing him the end of the ribbon, Daisy lowered herself onto Mike's waiting dick with a low moan, then quickly started moving up and down. She wasn't quite as tight as Abby had been, but her experience showed in the way she moved, and her breasts were bouncing with every motion, making for a very sexy display.

“Hey, what are you waiting for?” After a few moments she paused again. “Pull the rope. Like, tight.”

Mike complied, pulling the ribbon taut as Daisy started moving again, and whatever she had been about to say was cut off in a gasp, and she just nodded with a slightly strained smile. Even though he'd come just a few minutes ago, Mike was already rock-hard again, and he felt how Daisy knew what she was doing, her own arousal clearly showing in her face, even as it slowly began turning red.

Her moans progressing into strangled gasps, Daisy kept moving faster, and Mike almost reflexively found his grip on the ribbon tighten, choking her even further, but she showed no sign of letting up, if anything she seemed to be enjoying it.

As her face slowly shifted to purple, Daisy's tongue started hanging from the side of her mouth and her movements became somewhat jerky and irregular as her body started convulsing from lack of oxygen, but it also made her pussy clench way tight around Mike's dick, and despite the noose cutting into her windpipe, she manage to barely form a word “Tigh...ter...” Mike obeyed of course, wrapping the ribbon around his hand to get a better grip as he continued choking her even harder.

Soon, Mike was already approaching his orgasm once more, and as he kept increasing the pressure on the ribbon, so did Daisy her speed until she was seriously bouncing on him, her face all but blue as she spoke again, her words closer to a voiceless gasp. “Cum...ming. Finish... me...”

Thrusting inside her as much as his position allowed, Mike pulled the ribbon as far as he could, and after a few more moments, she let out a series of gasps and rattles, that probably would have been a long moan had she had the air. Daisy came just as she died, her gasps abruptly cutting off as her eyes rolled back and she went limp, yet her body continued its climax, shuddering and clenching, and Mike came too, unloading into Daisy's pussy which kept twitching around him to give him a great orgasm, before finally dying down.

After slowly winding down over the next few minutes, still panting a little Mike extricated himself from under Daisy and slowly lowered her body onto the table, then picked her up, placing her next to Abby's body, her face less peaceful as much as frozen in utter ecstasy even – or especially – in death.

Brushing Daisy's eyes shut, Mike placed a kiss on both her and Abby's forehead before turning to leave, take a shower and call the cleaning company. “Thank you, girls. Both of you. This was the best Christmas present ever.”



Depending on your time zone and exactly when you celebrate, this may be a few hours late or early (probably early). I just felt like doing something for the season, so here you go. Happy religiously-innocuous winter holidays, everyone.

This started out like something from DemisE or Dolcett I saw at some point, with the girls' names coming up in some sort of government-mandated snuff lottery (either for meat or population control), but after reading a comment by Aoi Hikari, I changed it up to be 100% con; this is a setting where death is simply a thing like any other, so no one bats an eyelid at a pair of girls giving themselves as presents to their brother to snuff them (and you can bet they were far from the only ones), if you've read any of their works, you'll know what I'm talking about (and if you haven't, you really should I can only recommend them).

So once more, Happy [insert Holiday of choice here], and a Happy New Year. See you then.


A sweet short holiday story with casual loli incest, beheading and strangulation - what's not to love!



Great story!

I love your work, keep it up!


Hey, Eterya, think we could do another story?

Characters involved would be Vivio Takamachi and Einhart Stratos, and it would be a kinky time gone all the way scenario.

Several years after the deaths of Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Tia, and Subaru from our previous Nanoha story, Vivio, now 18 years old, decides she's ready to join her mamas (Nanoha and Fate) in death, and invites her lover Einhart to join her.

We can set it up a few different ways - either both hang, and they hang at the same time while making love one last time, or one is beheaded and the other hangs, or both disembowel each other and make love, finishing up by either slitting each other's throats or crushing each other's hearts in their hands.

Think we can do that?



[Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, suicide, hanging, sepukku, con]

At the apartment of Vivio Takamachi, Vivio and her girlfriend, Einhart were preparing for their last acts. 12 years had passed since the mass suicide of Vivio’s adoptive parents, Nanoha and Fate, alongside a number of their friends and comrades. Vivio had grown up, befriended and fell in love with Einhart, and had done her ‘mamas’ proud.

Now she had decided to join them, and Einhart had insisted on not letting her go alone.

“You sure about this, Einhart?” Vivio asked. “You... you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I am sure, Vivio,” Einhart replied, trying to keep her stoic mask up, but Vivio could see right through it. “I... Klaus died after losing Olivie... I- I won’t let history repeat.”

Vivio nodded. Einhart bore the memories of her ancestor, an ancient ruler, who had died alone after losing his lover in a war – a lover Vivio was an altered clone of – so she didn't want to share that fate.

“Alright, then,” she said as they both turned to the center of the living room, where a stool underneath a noose and a knife on a tray awaited them. “I guess it’s time...”

The two stripped, and after sharing one final deep kiss walked to their deaths, Vivio stepping up onto the stool and placing the noose around her neck, while Einhart knelt before the tray and picked up the knife, keeping her eyes fixed on her lover.

“On the count of three. One... Two... Three...” Vivio stepped off the stool, kicking it to the side with a clattering sound as the noose cut into her neck with a gasp. At the same moment Einhart plunged the knife deep inside her abdomen, pulling it all the way to the other side, completely opening up her abdomen and drawing in a sharp breath at the sudden surge of pain.

Even though she had sworn herself she wouldn't even try to struggle, in short order Vivio couldn't help but ineffectually start kicking her legs as her head began to pound with every heartbeat. But seeing Einhart just sit in front of her, completely composed save for a very slight trembling, made her force her movements down and just gaze at her lover and companion in death with a warm smile, which the older girl of course returned.

Yet the pain kept growing and growing and soon enough her resolve broke for good, and Vivio started wildly thrashing around, flailing her arms and legs, desperate for a reprieve she would never get, as Einhart looked at her with a concerned expression. “H-hang in there, Vivio, it will be over soon.”

Whatever Vivio's answer had been was reduced to a strangled gasp, but even through the tremendous agony flooding her whole body, every fiber feeling nothing but pain, she managed a thankful smile, and one hand ceased its clawing long enough to reach out for Einhart, who in turn sat up a little, wincing as the movement tore open her abdomen even further, to grasp her lover's hand one final time.

Einhart's hand in hers was enough to let Vivio manage to spend her last moments in a calm, almost dignified, as the darkness teetering on the edge of her vision finally came flooding it, drowning out the pain and the fear and as her consciousness faded, her last thoughts were ‘Nanoha-mama, Fate-mama... Einhart and I are... coming to join you... see you soon

As Vivio finally went limp with one last sigh, her hand loosely dropping from Einhart's grasp, the green-haired girl similarly breathed a sigh of relief. It was finally over. Now for her part. Even if her method of death was much faster and more painless, it also took a lot of discipline, and Vivio hadn't been sure she'd be able to pull it off, so she'd gone with the more painful, but reliable method; hopefully she hadn't suffered too badly.

Einhart gripped the bloody knife she'd already used to cut open her stomach in both hands, placed it against the side of her neck and took a deep breath to brace herself. Then she cut, drawing the knife over the length of her neck and opening both carotids, and within moments a huge gush of blood spurted from her throat, some of it even splashing on Vivio's bare feet and legs, and within seconds a metallic taste flooded Einhart's mouth.

She managed to hold her posture for a few seconds before her strength started draining and she felt her body slump forward, blackness rapidly closing in on her. Wait for me, Vivio, I'll be right with you.



I actually finished this a few days ago, but just then gurochan had was down, so I forgot to post it right away. This was written in collaboration with Blau Sturm (again) and is kind of a sequel to that other Nanoha story (>>7557).


To the author of these fics

You are invited to a discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

It will help expand the reach of your art.


Nice! I only wish they didn't wait to turn 18 to kill themselves, but oh well.


Could you do a follow up with the overwatch one where mercy gets curious and wants to test the noose and have her and tracer enjoy it together taking turns hanging while the other pleasures. Preferably non fatal


Could you do a follow up with the overwatch one where mercy gets curious and wants to test the noose and have her and tracer enjoy it together taking turns hanging while the other pleasures. Preferably non fatal



Sorry, but I don't think so. That idea would severely clash with the tone of the first one as well as be pretty out-of-character. If anything, I'd have to do a completely new sort-of-AU story; but while I kind of like the idea, I don't think it would work too well in writing, and I already wrote so many hangings, at this point I feel like I'm repeating myself. I am very much open to other requests, though; including Overwatch (especially since I just finally got the game myself from a sale).



well I dont really have other requests I mostly just want to see overwatch women hang consensually non letal style for sexual pleasure. though mei and mercy could be fun too specially since they are friends lore wise.


Heya not sure if you remember me, but I requested some sort of pokemon rp a couple months ago. Would you be willing to revisit that fandom with a different story by any chance? =)


I don't recall anything about an rp, specifically, but I do remember your name, and I'm sure I can do some Pokémon story (at long as it involves humans as killers/victims, not Pokémon). What sort of thing do you have in mind?


Ah right, it was some sort of fighting based story taking place in the wilderness or something along those lines. Fairly odd admittedly.

Though I'm happy to hear you still take requests! So specifically I was wondering if you were perhaps willing to write a story with Maylene or, if not Maylene, perhaps Roxie/Misty/Flannery? Content-wise I'd picture it more along the non-con route and I might have one or two plotbunnies depending on which character you'd agree on. ^^


I can do any of those characters (though I wrote something with Flannery before, so maybe not her again). But more important than the victim is the method of her death and the scene leading up to it, try to be original.


Hey there! Would you be interested in writing a story based on this image?



I should clarify: Those are the main five girls in Sailor Moon.



Alright, in that case I'd probably prefer Maylene.

For the story, so one idea I had was, that she trained in the wilderness and run into a hostile trainer who is very arrogant and condescending and grinds her gears after they started fighting. Maybe he/she even uses underhanded methods or so. Anyways, Maylene is shamefully defeated, but as she can't stand the other trainer's attitude, she, thinking herself stronger, assaults him physically to get him to shut up. Though this time I wouldn't actually picture the physical struggle to take place in much depth, perhaps only the end of it when he seizes control and decides to punish and make her pay?

The other story I had in mind was something based around those evil organisations such as Team Rocket or Team Galactic. Maybe those organisations were kidnapping pokemon for their own wicked purposes, and Maylene as the gym leader closest to their hideout decides to take matters into her own hand and free the captured pokemon/trainers while simultaneously proving herself to the other gym leaders who still perceive her as nothing but a weak little girl. Except things don't go as planned and instead she's overpowered and made an example of as to what happens when you mess with the evil organisation?

Would either of those concepts work for you? ^^"


Tbh, I don't see what there is to write; the picture more or less already shows about what I would have described anyways. Add to that that I don't know Sailor Moon at all (and didn't even recognize the characters), and that I've done so many hangings I feel I'm running out of new ways to write them, there isn't really anything for me to work with.

Pretty sure you came up with those two scenarios back then too. I declined the second one because it didn't feel in-character for Team Galactic at all; I tried the first one but ultimately had to give up on it because fight scenes are massively hard to do well, especially something like this. Do you have any other ideas?



I hear you. I mean, personally I never tire of hangings to begin with. Even a single story that might repeat itself is something I tend to love, mainly because I'm interested in the hanging, itself, and not the death, so the perfect hanging, to me, is one where I can enjoy the girl strangling and thrashing about effectively forever.

So, repetitive stories never bothered me in the least.

To each his own, though, so I totally get what you mean.


Oh, I know. If strangulation as a general matter is still free game, and it's just hanging you're a bit tired of at the moment, why not a nice, long strangling with a cord?

Maybe we could channel an old high-school fantasy of mine, wherein, generally, one girl would find herself intimately attracted to one of her classmates (these are all girls, of course; all the better for more crushed throats as far as I'm concerned), and she tells one of her teachers (the young, sort of mid-20's star of a Middle Schooler's wet dream) about how much she wants that classmate. She and the teacher would talk about how wonderful it would be to strangle the other girl and enjoy watching a cord dig into her throat (at least for me, there's a lot of a neck fetish fantasy associated with this).

The teacher suggests that the student should go ahead and strangle the other girl in class next chance she gets, so the girl agrees and waits until next class session to strangle the classmate with a cord pulled tightly around her throat.

The fantasy then focuses on watching the cord constrict the victim's throat while she fights to breathe, and while the teacher mocks and fondles the dying girl.

The focus on her neck and throat is mostly a personal touch, given my own sexual fetishes, but if it strikes your fancy to include that emphasis in description, that would be lovely.


I see. In principle all kinds of asphyxiation are somewhat similar to write, but the way you described it, I think I might give this one a try. I need some more input, though; in particular the names and appearance of all three involved (hair/eye color and body shape), as well as any other relevant features. Also is the cord a rope or similar made from some kind of cloth, or one of those painfully thin nylon strings? Also any other relevant information/details you might have for me.



The girl being strangled is named Misha, with light, brown hair, green eyes, a cute face, and a small frame, with a neck that shows a little bit of an Adams apple if she throws her head back.

The girl doing the strangling can be Alexa, somewhat taller, with an athletic build, dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

The teacher's name is Karen, roughly the same height as Alexa (ie, not super tall), skinny build, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses.

I'm thinking of a relatively thin cord, but nothing that's going to cut Misha at all. It just needs to be thick enough to spread out the pressure just a touch. (So, idk, a quarter inch thick rope, I suppose)



Ah, that may be as I didn't check my previous message.

As for the second idea, well, it might be out of character, yes. Although I'm not entirely sure honestly. Essentially, the way I understand it, those organisation more often than not have the same goals, which are to get the strongest Pokemon and become the most powerful group. Did you watch the very first pokemon movie by any chance, with Mew and Mewtwo, which was based around Trainers and Pokemon being kidnapped on an island and their pokemon being cloned.

Essentially I was thinking something similar. Team Galactic kidnap pokemon to experiment/clone/brainwash, as well as the Trainers to have some sort of blackmail leverage against the pokemon if they disobey them. And by the time she confronts them, the evil organisation about finished their experiments and are finally ready to attack the top 4/pokemon league/other gym leaders and start their quest for world domination. And the execution thing would be more of a disturbing, public message to announce themselves to the world and let the people know they mean business. Sort of making an example of her so to speak.

As for the first idea, yes, that one I do remember, and it's still the same in essence I suppose. Though I remember you mentioned that the fighting itself scene was the main obstacle for writing it, hence it might be enough to scrap that fighting scene altogether and set in once the battle is either in its very final stage or already decided? That way you wouldn't have to touch on the fighting scene at all and could instead focus on the end?

However, yes, i do admit that I'm not sure if there are many other options besides those two. I mean, in a pokemon universe, if it's supposed to be a non-consensual snuff story, the only factions I can see doing that would either be an evil organisation, if we assume they are less cartoonish and more like a real-life, underground crime/mafia syndicate, or a trainer/criminal acting alone.

I suppose if we were to stick with a criminal acting on his own, rather than a fight, it could also be something like a home invasion instead, and catching her in her sleep for example?

Or something entirely different, like say, if we were to tweak the pokemon universe itself a bit. For example, imagine that a gym leader, once they receive a set number of defeats, say 15, is executed due to incompetence and replaced with another candidate. And she just suffered her last defeat and is due to be replaced?



Those seem interesting... For the second (Execution) idea you could also try that one with Whitney from Gen 2 (The Normal-Type Gym Leader with the Miltank from Hell).

Another possible idea that would be a modification to the Pokemon world is that trainers could actually wager their lives in Trainer Battles - loser gets killed by the winner, and the winner gets everything that belonged to the loser as spoils. Though to make it legal, such a 'Deathmatch' would have to be agreed on ahead of time. And yes, Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, and even League Champions could also be challenged to 'Deathmatches', though they'd need to have been in the position for at least a year, maybe longer, before they could be challenged to such a potentially fatal battle, and if they won it would be the challenger who lost their life.

That seem doable?


Got it, I'll see what I can do.

Sorry, but none of these ideas really strike a chord with me. Even if his plan is already in motion, Cyrus wouldn't create this kind of publicity by publicly killing someone; if anything, he'd torture and brainwash her, and the 'example' he makes of Maylene is her becoming his obedient, emotionless (because ridding the world of all emotion is like his end goal) minion. I'm not sure about the other ideas either; both executions for incompetence, and 'death battles' even more so, would require some rather humane methods of death if they're supposed to be legal or official in any way. And even then

Yes, I know I'm being difficult, but writing is difficult, ten times more so if you're not 'feeling' the story you're supposed to do. The only thing I could think of would some variation of home invasion, with the killer (either a particularly vengeful challenger, or just a random serial killer) either murdering Maylene (or whomever) right then and there, or kidnapping her to torture and/or rape before killing her. Which would also pretty much give you free rein on what kind of pain he (or she?) can inflict on Maylene. That sound like something that works? (In which case I obviously need like all the details).



Hm, well for the evil organisation idea, admittedly, I have no idea what Cyrus wants. While I did play the gameboy and early Nintendo ds games, I never really paid much attention to the evil guys and always skipped dialogue. So if it was out of character for Cyrus, how about one of the other organisations instead? Would there be any you could see being more sinister, after all, we'd have to keep in mind that the canon organisations have to be kept children and cartoon friendly, hence none of them would be too morbid with their show/game ideals.

And admittedly, Team Galactic was more of an example and placeholder for any evil faction, rather than me wanting the story to be opposite them in particular. So they definitely could be exchanged with some other organisation if that worked better. Like Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua or anybody else. Or even just some misc and original bad guy.

Essentially, for me, that plot-idea is more about the emotional element of Maylene getting overeager to do good and prove herself by defeating the bad guys as is her duty as gym leader, but getting in over her head and running into an untimely demise, filling her with regret. Whoever the bad guys are isn't all that important to me personally, so I'd also be happy to create a new faction altogether to make it more in-character. =)

As for the home invasion, let's keep this is mind I'd say, as long as you don't mind the brainstorming and discussion. Because admittedly, when setting a snuff story in a fandom universe I kind of like the immersion of making the snuff scene unique to that universe, like with those evil organisation, or something involving a trainer/deathbattle; rather than making it some generic scene like a home-invasion or 'regular real-life' murder scenario that could be copied into any other universe as well. Point being, while I do like the home-invasion idea still, or I wouldn't have suggested it (^.^), I really would like to see if we can't come up with something more pokemon-related still.

And speaking of deathmatches.


I quite like that suggestion too actually, like a formal deathmatch challenge being issued one week in advance so both parties have time to make the necessary arrangements. Essentially I'd picture the pokemon universe identical to canon, with the difference being the option of formal deathmatches for gym and top4 challenges. To make it more realistic, it could even be a quite unpopular option to begin with that only very few, if any, trainers favor over regular battles. Especially considering a gym leaders' fame, prowess and reputation (fighting being their paid profession after all) most challengers don't want to take that risk and stake their live and dreams on one single battle. Hence the deathmatch option is practically never used.

With the protagonist in our story being a rare exception of course. Maybe he/she has a poor background whose life was rescued/spared due to his/her pokemon and to thank them he/she vowed to stake their life on every single battle and bring them to the top or die trying, or something along those lines?

Or maybe he/she is something like an adrenaline junkie instead.

So in that sense it might even be Maylene's first ever deathmatch and she's understandably nervous, which leads to her messing up under the overbearing pressure of the deathmatch, in turning making her die with regret, shame and guilt? Just tossing out some options regarding her potential state of mind during the execution.

And if it were a more humane method of death, then hanging or a decapitation could be on the table perhaps? Or maybe something like burning on a stake? (though not the most humane admittedly) Essentially just something medieval inspired. Or even something like her, after losing, refusing to accept the loss and trying to run away but being chased down and killed by him in place of the formal execution? Although yes, we certainly would be giving the pokemon world a considerably darker twist for that particular story.

Also, I apologize for the long response. It's just that I understand very well how difficult a story you can't relate to can be to write, hence I wanted to make sure to try and give a clearer picture of how those options might work. ^^


Most other villainous teams have some particular goal (namely Cyrus wants to rid the world of all emotion; Team Magma/Aqua are basically misguided eco-terrorists; Plasma is basically PETA, as well as a front for Ghetsis' world domination; Flare has some sort of ambition for a 'beaufitul' world and/or genocide). Team Skull is a gang of homeless thugs/punks.

However Team Rocket is pretty much the mafia/yakuza. While they still wouldn't publicly execute someone (because by the time someone can get away with this, it's not organized crime anymore, but a dictatorship), if looking at them more 'realistically', they'd totally not be above making an example of some nosy trainer (say, Lyra) by kidnapping and torturing/raping/murdering her, then making sure her brutalized remains are found a few days later. If that sounds like an idea, once more, I need a bunch more specifics to work with (note that Team Rocket operates only in Kanto and Jotho, and foreign Gym Leaders would have no business messing with the Teams there, though protagonists or someone else might).



That's an interesting idea involving the Deathmatches. and a decapitation certainly wouldn't be out of place.

I was also thinking that Deathmatches might be more prevalent between ordinary Trainers, though those would be more unofficial - and more impromptu, with the winner 'inheriting' all of the loser's possessions - Pokemon, Balls, Potions, Stones, Special Items, Badges... things like that.

Also, there is a fan-created universe out there, similar to Pokemon and yet vastly different at the same time, that I think would work even better for Snuff.

You ever hear of Pokegirls?



So Team Rocket would be the best one then? But just to make sure I got my idea across properly, when I said 'public execution' by the evil organisations, I wasn't thinking like a public one on a market place or so, but more along the lines of them live streaming/broadcasting out of their dungeon cell with the trainer being chained up in front of the camera.

Though that said, hm, I still kind of like the idea of the trainer confronting the organisation first and paying the prize for her overconfidence and cocky attitude, rather than them just deciding to kidnap her because they want to kidnap somebody and she happens to be the unlucky choice.

I kind of like that sort of dynamic power-shift. The trainer sets out all confident, naive and ambitious, dreaming of the recognition and fame bringing that organisation down would grant her, but then gets a reality check of her being too weak, and no amount of trying to talk her way out of it, escape or desperate intimidation can get her out of the mess that she got herself into in the first place.

And as far as the trainer is concerned, well, I do understand the differences between regions, but at the same time this is fiction and I'd be really interested in a story with Maylene personally. ^^" So wouldn't there be any way to either have Team Rocket expand into other regions, or Maylene traveling the world to get stronger and currently being in Kanto/Johto? I guess the reason I'd love for this to be Maylene is because I do like her personality, the attire with the sweatpants, blue gym uniform and being barefoot, as well as me just liking martial arts girls in fiction in general. So that would be really awesome.

And what other specifics would you need? Assuming this would be the general plot we go with. Something like specifics regarding manner of death or other abuse?


And yep, I still very much like the deathmatch idea too if Eterya wanted to revisit that one instead. Though I'm quite happy with the mafia faction as well for that matter.

But, I'm not really sure if having deathmatches between normal trainers would be that great an idea, realistically speaking. While in a gym battle things would be much more formal and controlled, with a battle out in the wild the logistics would just be much more difficult to handle. The loser would probably refuse if there was nobody else around except the two trainers, and that would lead to a lot fighting between them then.

Or some trainer could just spontaneously decide it should be a deathmatch when the battle is underway or he has already won, and the loser could do nothing about it. etc.

Having deathmatches in the wild just seems it would lead to a lot more of conflict and social issues than them being exclusively used for official gym battles. At least in my mind. ^^"

And no personally I have never heard of pokegirls. What's that if I may ask.



OK, fair enough on the common trainers thing for deathmatches.

As for Pokegirls, well, it's like Pokemon, only instead of fantastic creatures with Human Trainers, you have many different varieties of superpowered women who need sex to stay sane, and those men and women who provide that sex (and serve as their masters/employers in various professions, including that of conventional Trainers) are called Tamers.

You can see the potential there, I trust?



Oh, that sounds interesting and I definitely can see the potential for sexy times, yap. Though I think that might work better for things like rps or short stories? ^^

I don't think it's something I'd personally want to request for a proper commission at least. I don't know, I guess it's because, when sexualizing fandoms for kinky fantasies, I still like to keep them fairly close to the original medium since the immersion is considerably better for me personally. Excluding minor tweaks like making villains less cartoony and more ruthless, or adding deathmatches at least.

Still, pokegirls does sound like a fun concept, thanks for sharing!


Team Rocket operates based on profit and practical thinking, and there is not enough money in expanding overseas, they're only active in both Kanto and Jotho because those are part of the same landmass. And as a Gym Leader Maylene is more or less bound to her location, and even if she were to go traveling (for training or whatever purpose), she wouldn't mess with foreign Teams, and instead leave those to the local law enforcement/Gym Leaders.

Of course it's simple to just say this sort of thing happened anyways, but since you keep talking about immersion and such (and I do see where you're coming from), it just really wouldn't fit to get Maylene involved with Team Rocket over any of the local Leaders or protagonist Trainers (though I suppose one could easily get a protagonist from another generation as the victim, since they have both a history in messing with villainous Teams, and a motivation to travel the world). And besides, even if they were great Trainers, there's nothing protecting them from being hit over the head by a second grunt as they're battling another one, because reality.

So, I need a final say on the victim (most logically a local Gym Leader or a protagonist), their method of death and/or torture, as well as any other number of details you can think of (like, if the grunt/s torturing her are male or female, and if she gets raped too).

On a side note, I highly doubt I'm gonna do this 'deathbattle' idea, so if you two want to keep discussing it, please do find another place for that, 'kay?



First off, sorry about yet another text wall. I seem to have difficulty keeping my replies short and concise. =/

Anyways, hm, I'm not sure honestly. I can see where you're coming from with gym leaders not wanting to meddle in other states' affairs, but I do think that, for Maylene specifically, such actions might be conceivable.

My knowledge might be faulty since it really has been years since I last checked the canon, but if I remember correctly; while generally being a fairly kind-hearted personality with low self-esteem, Maylene also has a very strong urge to do good. And in canon she did have trouble dealing with Team Galactic in her town until Ash (or the protagonist in the games) came along and helped out with the issue, which she was very grateful for.

So if we were to assume that she was traveling different regions to discover new pokemon and grow stronger, and in one of the regions she passes through she sees the locals having trouble with evil grunts/thugs, I could definitely see her good-hearted nature winning over logic, leading to her wanting to help fight against the evil faction even if she knows she shouldn't be doing so considering her position as foreign gym leader. Though in her mind she'd likely do the locals a favour and gain their gratitude much how Ash had gained her gratitude for helping her out when she needed help.

It might even be that, considering Ash is from Kanto, seeing his home-region in trouble, she feels obligated to help out of gratefulness towards Ash and to repay the debt she owes him. If that makes sense?

So I do think it might be logical for her to interfere if she was to travel through Kanto. Especially since she is fairly naive too as far as I can tell, so she might not be entirely aware about politics between states.

Also, while immersion is important to make a story more powerful emotionally, the immersion shouldn't interfere with the kinky and exciting elements themselves, I think. Personally I feel the characters are the most important part of a story as they are reasonably for making a story come to life and a substance. But that's just me, and of course a realistic setting is important too. ^^"

With that said, I suppose my point is that I really, really would like to see it with Maylene if somehow possible, simply because she is by far my favorite female character and though I love immersion regarding universe, if we could manage to combine any evil faction plus Maylene it really would be perfect for me personally.

However, if I really can't convince you and you think there'd be no way Maylene would interfere with Kanto thugs or no faction other than Team Rocket would conceivably go to such lengths as to kill trainers who get in their way; or you're just not interested in writing her character, again, that's perfectly understandable.

Though I do admit that, in that case, the range of possible characters is somewhat small for me. My second favorite female character is Roxie,, who's practically the polar opposite to Maylene as far as personality is concerned, but I suppose we'd run into the same issue as with Maylene. And beyond her, if I had to chose one female gym leader from Kanto/Johto I like most, I suppose it would be Janine (the badass ninja/poison trainer). You also suggested Lyra, and even though I'm not really familiar/remember her, the character artwork does look pretty, so if you wanted to write her instead I'd be happy with that too. =)

As far as sexual content is concerned. Well, to be honest, I kind of prefer to leave you as much creative freedom as you want, and at the same time I also wouldn't want to request too many different things as I'm not sure how much/long you're willing to write and I don't want to bombard you with ideas. So I guess my point is, I don't really have all that many requests.

But let me list a few things I'd be most curious about seeing. However, mind you that these are purely suggestions. At the end of the day none would be mandatory and I'd be happy with you picking and omitting whichever you like. Of course I'd also be more than happy with you adding any ideas you'd enjoy yourself. As I said, creative freedom is very important to me, and if you can write a story you thoroughly enjoy yourself, the result would always be better than if I were to ask you to include certain elements at all cost.

Anyways, here a couple suggestions still, to at least give you a better idea of what I enjoy. Regarding the snuff method I think I'd be most interested in seeing a decapitation scene, either with her sitting in the leader's lap, facing away from him, and him reaching around her and cutting through her throat from behind, or something like her being tossed on the ground, either on her front or back, and her head being chopped through with an axe. Bonus points if that axe wasn't fully sharpened and it required one or two additional attempts to get through, putting her in even more agony and terror. ^^"

Beyond that, I guess I already mentioned I'd enjoy the public execution element, with her death being recorded on camera. Whether that tape would be broadcasted publicly or is simply a private keepsake for the leader doesn't matter too much, but if she was aware of being filmed in her most dire and degrading moments it would add a nice element I think.

As far as the grunts go, that's entirely up to you. They can be male or female, young or old. And I'm pretty flexible on the abuse as well. Rape would probably take place considering her gender, and it certainly would be enjoyable to read, but it isn't mandatory at all if you want to keep the story shorter and focus more on the snuff scene itself. Though if we were to add rape, I'd be particularly partial towards using dangerous objects rather than the assailants using their genitals/cocks. I find it quite exhilarating if a rapist doesn't rape out of physical need and satisfaction by using is own cock, but simply because he gets off sadistic pleasure of seeing the victim in pain regardless of the situation. Hence raping her with, say, a broken bottle or a baseball bat could be quite intense, especially if that item was, even after the rape, still lodged inside her during the remaining abuse/death scene. Sort of painting the mental image of a broken, abused victim being beheaded with the broken bottle still protruding from her lower parts. ^^"

Regarding other forms of abuse. Hmm, I admit I'm a bit of a foot fetishists, not in a sexual manner but in terms of humiliation. So I think I'd enjoy if she was forced to kiss or lick the leader's feet/shoes in a subservient manner, along with begging and pleading for mercy perhaps? This could also be spiced up with a sort of master/pet element I think, say she is forced to wear a leash and collar and kneel on all fours, along with a blindfold or so? Likewise I also enjoy degrading verbal speech. Though to return to the feet thing, while I'm not really interested in a proper foot fetish in a sexual manner, I do like feet as aesthetics, so if you could mention hers (assuming she's barefoot or nude) once or twice through tiny description like the curling of toes or twisting of ankles, or how cold the ground feels under her soles, that would be much appreciated. Although I think that applies to any bodypart. It's just that I have noticed that writers usually pay particularly less attention to feet than say hands, facial features/expressions or erogenous zones. Hence I just wanted to mention that.

I also enjoy physical violence, within reason, nothing too intense like skinning or disembowling. Perhaps instead something like knocking a couple teeth out, cutting up the face/cutting off nipples/hair to make her feel ugly and taking away her femininity from her in any way possible? As well as using dull objects like fists or a baseball bat to dent in her vagina after they are done (to return to the taking away femininity aspect) or generally littering her body with one or two bruises?

Hmm, what else. To return to the snuff scene. I know you said it's not your cup of tea, but I also quite like the concept of losing bowels/bladder upon death or out of fear. Not because I find those excrements themselves appealing, but simply because I enjoy the element of shame that comes with it. You know like, how as a woman, you're very concerned with looking pretty, respectable and painting a good image of yourself to others. But accidentally releasing your excrements in front of others just crushes that image of attempted control and beauty entirely, making you look filthy and disgusting. Which I find quite exciting as a fantasy. So even though I understand if you don't want to write it as it doesn't appeal to you, if you could add it in a sentence or two that would also be much appreciated.

And one last thing I can think of, regarding setting. I think I'd enjoy if the place the abuse takes place at was quite grimy and filthy. Maybe a dirty backalley, or a rundown dungeon cell, or something like an abandoned warehouse/garage etc? So generally I'd love for the mood and atmosphere to be quite dark and sinister. It would be even better if was to drizzle lightly, the rain soaking the ground and her hair etc. (might also give her an excuse to justify potential tears, arguing it's just the raindrops ^^)

Whew, okay, sorry again about this text wall. And as I said, all these kinks are merely suggestions, and feel free to take or scrap whichever would work for you. Also, if you have any other questions or need more information, don't hesitate to ask. =)


Jeez, make sure the request isn't longer than the story, would you? (It probably won't, though). Just make up your mind: Maylene, Janine, or Lyra; I can do any of them well enough.

'Not all that many requests' ...another thousand words xD
Decapitation, check. video camera, check. Grimy cellar/warehouse, check. Rape with foreign object, check. Kissing shoes/begging, check. Peeing herself, check. Some more torture/mutilation, check. Foot focus, at lest some. Master/pet stuff, not my thing at all, so little to none.
Also there's no way that Giovanni or whoever actually leads Team Rocket would personally involve himself with this sort of thing; order it, sure, take part, never. That's just not classy enough, instead he'd make sure he has a good alibi^^

Is there anything else you feel the need to add? Otherwise I just need a final say on the victim, and we're (finally) good to go.



Haha, yes, sorry. )= To be honest, I kind of was worried I was too detailed and put you off.

And you're right. It probably wouldn't make all that much sense for Giovanni to get involved, I always pictured him like this high class mafia boss wearing fancy suits and sipping wine. So he definitely wouldn't get involved, unless maybe sitting in some shadow with his cat pokemon.

But regarding the trainers. Hmm, I know I was pretty adamant about Maylene, and still would enjoy her very much, but having accepted that you weren't going to write her I sort of warmed up to the other options as well, and I think both Lyra and Janine could be quite interesting. Let me try to break down how I picture them:

So Maylene seems fairly kind-hearted, a bit timid and shy perhaps, but a skilled fighter and full of 'quiet determination' once she puts her heart into something. The main reason I could see her getting involved with the thugs would be to help the locals and repay Ash's debt. And I'd also picture her starting off somewhat reluctant when first challenging them, but gradually gaining confidence throughout the battle, at least until things come crashing down, at which point she probably would lose her determination/confidence fairly quickly again and naively try to plead her way out of trouble.

Given her low self-esteem I also assume she'd be fairly gullible, perhaps even getting coerced into doing some things willingly (like licking their feet or stripping for them or so) with the promise of survival if she obeys and satisfies them? Hence this could even turn into somewhat of a dubious consent scene, with her 'acting' willing and eager, so they allow her to leave afterwards. At least until they decide to get a bit rougher and she gets a reality check, at which point she probably would be quite quick to cry and beg for forgiveness.

As for Janine, she'd be quite the opposite I think. Somewhat of an egoistic badass and show-off, along with being a bratty loud-mouth, talking a lot of smack and condescendingly taunting them both physically (superior agility, taunting poses) and verbally. With her father being a member of the top4, maybe her main motivation, rather than helping the locals as Maylene wants, is to impress her dad and prove herself worthy in his eyes, and what better than to crush an evil mafia faction on her own. I'd also picture Janine as quite confident in her abilities, unlike Maylene with her low self-esteem; and even after things come crashing down she might take a while to accept that she has lost, instead denying and refusing the fact she has lost, preferring to escape into her alternative reality where she's just 'pretending' to have lost while actually waiting for the perfect moment to retaliate, or something. All ninja-like.

She'd probably also be more stubborn and resistant than Maylene, refusing to give up or be coerced into anything, fighting them at every front until the bitter end and her mind and body are truly crushed, as opposed to Maylene who probably would be quicker to accept her fate. Hence, with Janine, it likely would stay completely non-consensual throughout.

At the same time I could see Janine's mind, considering her pride as a ninja and the daughter of a top4 trainer, shatter much harder once she truly is crushed, becoming half-crazed with shame/fear/denial and turning into a violent, cornered animal. Also, I'd picture Janine as considerably more aware and in touch with her feminine charm/sides, hence taking away that femininity might have an additional effect on her that Maylene, due to her innocence and naivety, might be lacking. (although there is charm in innocence and lack of conscious sex appeal in its own right too, I suppose)

So in essence, Maylene would be the more innocent and naive character, easier to be coerced into stuff and not quite as persevering; while Janine would be the proud and confident ninja who believes herself too powerful to lose even as things start spiraling south and also is a good bit more mature and persistent than Maylene.

So honestly, I have no idea who I'd rather see. I still like Maylene more as a character because I find her more relateable, but at the same time I think Janine's attitude, at least the way I'd imagine her based on the few lines of dialogue the game gave her, might be more interesting for this sort of story. That said, if I got their personalities completely wrong, and you had something else in mind, I'd prefer you to stick to your version and perception of their personalities.

And as for Lyra, as I mentioned, I'm not really familiar with her, but from the few images I saw on google, I do like her artwork and seeing a story with her instead could be quite fun as well.

So....I don't know. )= Would it be asking too much if I left that decision up to you to surprise me? All of them could be fun in their own right. Maylene because I can relate with her most, Janine because her badass attitude could be fun to see crushed (plus I really like the character artwork as well), nevermind there's something satisfying about cocky ninjas running into that sort of trouble, and Lyra because she has a pretty character artwork and perhaps interesting personality too that I'm not familiar with unfortunately.

I'm sorry that this message wasn't really helpful at all. But yes, it's really difficult to decide who I'd prefer, it sort of depends on who you'd enjoy writing most. ^^"


A quick follow-up, because I described how I pictured their mentalities at the start of the battle and their motivations for challenging team rocket. I know we don't want to depict the battle scenes themselves because they are tricky to write, I only gave those descriptions because I wanted to give an image/example of their personalities the way I picture them. ^^"


Writing around some Pokémon battles wouldn't be too hard with a tactically-placed scene transition (I think I'm actually quite decent at this sort of 'cuts', so to speak). Also when I ask you to make up your mind, you're really not supposed to effectively throw the question right back at me, but whatever; I picked one victim now, and you'll just have to live with that.



Yes, I'm sorry, but I really do have difficulty deciding on one. The only thing I know is that I'd probably enjoy both Maylene and Janine better than Lyra simply because I'm more familiar with them. But even that's a toss up.

So really, I'm pretty sure I'm happy with whomever you end up going with. And thank you very much. ^^


Extracurricular Activities [f/f; strangling; non-con]

“Um... Miss Myers?”

“Alexa.” The blonde looked up from her notes from the previous lesson. “I've told you, after lessons are over, 'Karen' will suffice. What is it?”

“Well, you're not only teacher, but counselor too, so maybe you can help me. You see... There's this other girl in my class, and... I think, I might be... attracted to her.” The brunette blushed, stammering the last few words, as Karen just smiled.

“I see, I see. For girls your age, at a school like this, it's perfectly natural, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. In my experience, the best and easiest way is to be upfront with her about your feelings.”

“Maybe, but... It's a bit strange. I- I want to have sex with her, but, but more than that, I keep fantasizing about how it would be to have her and- and... At one point I even dreamed about it. We were in a classroom, and she was sitting in front of me, and I had a rope that I put around her neck and then pulled tight... and when I woke up I was all wet. ...You probably think I'm crazy right now, don't you?”

“Not at all. I understand exactly how you feel. Watching a cord dig into a girl's slender throat as she fights and gasps for air...” Karen shuddered a little “It's nothing short of heavenly. A good move coming to me with this; I think most others wouldn't have been able to relate. But I do, and what's more, I can help you. If you'll just tell me who your secret crush is, we can set something up to fulfill that fantasy of yours.”

“Really?” Alexa's face positively lit up “That's so nice of you Miss My- Karen, thank you! It's Misha. Light brown hair, green eyes, kinda small but with a very cute face.”

“Ah, I know who. You have a good eye. Now, here's what we're gonna do...”

“Come on, Miss Myers, that's not fair!” Misha protested. “Alexa started it!”

“And that's why she's in detention with you. But it takes two to have an argument, so now sit down, young lady.”

Misha shot an icy glare at Alexa who was rummaging through the shelf next to the door, when Karen tapped a finger on her desk to get her attention – and distract her long enough for Alexa to quietly walk up behind her, wrapping a thin rope around her neck and abruptly pulling taut.

Gasping in surprise, Misha reflexively reached for the cord digging in her neck, still trying to comprehend what was just happening as Karen leisurely walked up to her, pushing the table in front of her out of the way.

“H-help...” Misha could barely sound out through the crushing pressure on her throat, but Karen didn't make any move to help, instead just gazing at her already reddened face and the rope cutting a deep groove into her skin for a few moments, before groping Misha's comparatively small, but firm breasts, then reaching under her skirt as the girl started struggling both for lack of air and to avoid this violation, but to no avail.

Alexa intently peered over Misha's shoulder, the look of the rope constricting her victim's throat like this alone enough to make her panties all wet, but what Karen was doing was even better, the teacher clearly rubbing Misha's pussy with one hand while fondling her own breasts with the other, panting just short of moaning while Misha continued to produce desperate hacking noises.

Her fingers once more failed to find purchase, and the searing pain in Misha's head, and the throbbing in her head, only continued as she gazed at what should have been a person of trust raping her, her eyes pleading for this to stop.

“Oh, I'm sorry.” Karen grinned sadistically. “You're not getting any air any time soon.” Misha intensified her struggles, but she was still powerless to break free, and in fact her strength was already fading, the rope crushing her throat sapping the very life from her body.

“It was Alexa's idea. You know, she has quite the crush on you. Or more like, she really wants to strangle you to death. I'm just helping her out.” Misha turned to the side and through the tears filling her eyes saw Alexa's face, her classmate slightly flush and panting as she was strangling her.

“Aaw, does it hurt?” Karen leaned closer to Misha's face and she shied away. “Do you want to breathe? I bet you do. But you won't. Instead...” She leaned down a little and kissed Misha's neck just where the rope was digging into her skin, the woman's lips feeling much hotter than they should against her throat. “You're going to die here.”

With another desperate gasp, Misha tried to break free once more, but all she achieved was the rope cutting into her neck even deeper as Alexa held her back, then increased her grip once more. Yet the ring of pain the rope was burning into her neck was slowly starting to go numb, dark spots flickering over her vision and blackness creeping in from the sides.

Observing Misha's struggles, Karen reached the same conclusion. “I think she's just about done. Should I take over for a moment so you can see her last breath from up front?”

“That'd be great.” Stepping behind Misha, Karen quickly took the rope from Alexa, not letting the pressure around her neck weaken for even a moment, as the brunette stepped in front of her.

“Wow, this is so sexy.” Running a finger along the length of the rope, feeling the contrast of the rough hemp against the tender skin of Misha's neck, Alexa couldn't resist, and reached under her skirt with the other hand, rubbing herself as she watched her classmate's final struggles, when the girl yet managed to find her voice. “W...why?”

“No real reason. You have a cute face. I kept dreaming of this. It's around this time I always wake up, though. So, is reality gonna step up to the dream? Why don't you show me?”

Her entire body was slowly going numb, yet Misha still had energy left to weakly fight and gasp for another half minute before the light finally left her eyes and she went limp with one last rattle, a small dark spot forming at the front of her skirt as a bit of urine dripped from her chair.

Keeping the rope around her neck for a little longer, Karen finally let go of Misha, lifting her body and placing it on a desk, then gestured Alexa closer, showing the thin dark purple, almost black strangulation marks the rope had left in the girl's otherwise fair skin.

One hand still absent-mindedly rubbing herself, Alexa kissed Misha's barely noticeable adam's apple, then after a moment of deliberation, opened up her blouse to reveal the girl's plain white bra and pulled down her skirt to show matching white panties, except stained by urine. The sight, most of all the beautiful line around her neck turned Alexa on like nothing else.

“Um, Karen... Maybe this is too much to ask, but what- what we just did made me really horny, so, um, would you...”

“Help you relieve that tension? Of course. I can take the lead if you want to.”

“Yeah, please do. But, um... I'm wondering, does it still count as a threesome when one of the girls involved is already dead?”

“I wouldn't know. But either way, let me show you a good time.”



As per request. I never specifically did neck-focus (or any other this particular fetish for that matter), so I hope it turned out okay. You'll forgive me for leaving off right before the sex scene, but somehow I just couldn't get inspired for that one, and vanilla sex is half besides the point anyways.

Not much more to say, hope you enjoy, something something feedback and criticism.



So, having asked for that, and knowing exactly who I had in mind for those characters (I think I mentioned that stems from a long-running fantasy from high school), holy shit! That was all kinds of wonderful!

God damn, man, any time you want to play around with Alexa and Misha again.... holy fuck, sign me up lol



[Pokémon, torture, decapitation, non-con]

“Ha! There we go! Good job, Meganium, return.” Lyra glared at the beaten Team Rocket grunt. “And you will give back the Pokémon you stole right now.”

“Alright, alright.” He raised his arms in surrender “Here you are. ...Though there's one thing you didn't count on.”

The grunt grinned, and even though Lyra heard someone move behind her, she couldn't turn around in time and only saw a dark blur before something hit her against the head and everything went black

Lyra awoke lying on the cold hard ground, with her head throbbing. Carefully inspecting the side of her head, her fingers found a massive bruise, and when she tried to get up, the world seemed to sway for several seconds and she had to steady herself against a wall until her balance returned and she could take a proper look around the room.

It was a pretty nondescript windowless concrete room, lit only by a single weak lightbulb, and from the dust on the floor and the cobwebs in the corners, it was clear it hadn't been in use for quite a while. Of course the door was locked, and it didn't look like there were anyo other exits, not even a ventilation shaft she could have sent her Pikachu through-

Wait, her Pokémon! Looking around the room once more, it quickly became apparent that her bag and all of her Pokéballs were gone. No, no, no. This had to have been Team Rocket then. That grunt she'd beaten had had a friend waiting in ambush, and they'd just knocked her out instead of battling. Cowards.

Though in a way Team Rocket's tenacity was admirable, if nothing else. Their decline had started some seven years ago, when an aspiring Trainer who would go on to become the Champion had interfered with their operations in Kanto and eventually forced the boss Giovanni into hiding.

Then three years later Lyra herself had had repeated altercations with the Team's remains in Jotho and stopped them from trying to return their boss. Even after stepping down as the Champion, Lyra had kept crossing paths with the criminal organization – and soundly defeated them every single time –, and just a bit ago had agreed to help out the police in systematically routing their operations all across Kanto and Jotho.

That had been the plan at least. Hopefully Officer Jenny would investigate soon and find her, Lyra was already late to report in. But until then, there was little she could do here, so she just started pacing back and forth, waiting for something to happen.

Some indeterminate time later, Lyra had no way of telling, but it had to have been a hour at least, the lock of the door clicked open and she spun around to find a trio of Team Rocket grunts entering the room. They weren't wearing the standard uniform, instead two were wearing almost painfully average shirts and pants, while the one in front was wearing a tank top, ripped shorts and little else – as well as a baseball bat lazily resting over her shoulder.

“You're awake. Come with us, girlie, and don't try to cause any trouble, or you're in for world of hurt.”

“What are you doing? Where are my Pokémon?!”

“Oh, those? Don't worry, they're unharmed. The admins want to see if the former Champion's Pokémon will be of any use to us, but if they're uncooperative, they're probably just gonna dump them somewhere far away. Now quit stalling and move!”

At least her team would be okay. Lyra knew they'd be able to fend for themselves if they had to, and they'd always find their way back to her, so she just had to make it out of here, wherever 'here' was. But it didn't look like she had any chance right now, she'd just have to wait for the perfect opportunity, so Lyra hesitantly followed the grunts as they led her along a narrow corridor.

They exited into a larger room that looked like an abandoned warehouse, if the boxes and empty shelves strewn around were any indication, and the air smelled musty and stale. Also it was just as dirty as the room she had been in before, everything covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, the windows so grimy they let barely any light in, which the pitiful lighting failed to compensate for, and something, probably sand or small glass shards scrunched under Lyra's shoes.

The grunts directed her into the middle of the room where there had been cleared a few meters of space, with a plain chair standing in front of a video camera on a tripod. “What do you want from me?” Lyra finally asked as the grunts stopped.

“You little pest have been interfering with Team Rocket's operations for years.” The apparent leader of the three explained “So the bosses decided it's finally time we teach you a lesson, set an example, even. ...It's no use running or screaming.” She added, noticing Lyra scanning the area for a way out. “The doors are all locked, and no one's gonna hear you here. You're all alone with us, girlie.”

“Don't call me that!” Lyra shot back, even if her confidence was slowly starting to waver.

Instead of an answer, the grunt swung her baseball bat towards Lyra's head, missing her face by a few centimeters, close enough she could feel the draft of air as it passed her, and Lyra stumbled back – into the arms of another grunt, who grabbed her shoulders, easily holding her in place.

“Know you place, kid.” The woman with the bat sneered. “You're playing with grown-ups now. And it just so happens some of these gronw-ups are sore losers. Not my problem, I only do as I'm told.” She pushed the bat under Lyra's chin to force her to look into her face. “And so will you, if you know what's good for you.”

The grunt holding her let go, and the woman roughly pushed Lyra in front of the camera, and she barely managed to not trip and fall onto her knees. “See this? Full HD recordings, 60 fps, and we've got hours of memory left.” The woman stepped behind the camera and tapped some buttons. “And know what this means? It means a whole lot of people will be able to see every little thing that happens to you now. Who knows, we might even be lifestreaming it right now.”

“W-why are you doing this?” Lyra's voice was starting to get shaky, she had no idea how she'd get out of here. One adult she maybe could get away from, but three, without her Pokémon there was no way...

“As I said. We're gonna make an example out of you, so people are gonna think twice if they want to mess with Team Rocket. Now strip.”


“Was I unclear?” The grunt stepped closer to Lyra, brandishing her baseball bat. “Take off your clothes. All of them.”

“N-no, I-” The grunt cut Lyra off by swinging her bat and hitting her upper arm, and even though she could tell this hadn't even nearly been full strength, the impact sent a dull, throbbing pain up her shoulder and she winced, reflexively reaching for the spot with her other hand.

“I'm not fucking joking. The next one will be your pretty face, and you wouldn't want that ruined now, would you? So get naked, now.”

Drawing in a shaky breath and trying to put aside the pain, Lyra slowly obeyed. Maybe if she did everything the grunt asked of her, they'd let her go in the end, this alone was already humiliating enough she'd never again get even anywhere close to Team Rocket.

Stepping out of her shoes and stockings, Lyra could feel that the ground was covered in a layer of coarse dust and sand, but thankfully no sharp glass. Only now fully noticing her hat had been missing the entire time since she woke up, she took off her overalls and shirt, leaving only her underwear, which she tried to cover up with her hands, a furious blush spreading over her face.

“What are you waiting for? I said take it all off.”

“No, p-please. I swear...” Slap! The grunt's hand hitting Lyra's face sent her head reeling backwards, tears welling up in her eyes as she felt the imprint burning on her cheek.

“Was there an 'If you feel like it, your highness' somewhere in there? Because I gave you an order!” The woman readied her bat once again and Lyra quickly raised her hands in defense.

“O-okay...” It took all of her willpower to not break down, but she had to make it through this. Team Rocket was just a bunch of thieves and thugs, all they wanted was to scare and humiliate her, but Lyra was going to endure this, she had to.

Opening her bra, she revealed her firm but still pretty small breasts, Lyra had started to feel like they were unusually flat for her age, but maybe she was just a late bloomer. Finally she stepped out of her panties too, quickly covering her breasts and crotch with her fingers again, her face even redder, if that was possible.

“There we go.” The grunt grabbed Lyra's arms, holding them to the sides, presenting her full nudity to the camera, and the girl felt tears of shame well up in her eyes, but she managed to hold them back, she didn't want to give the grunts any satisfaction. “You've got a nice body, girlie. A shame what's about to happen, though.”

“What? You said if I did what you wanted you'd let me go!”

The woman dryly laughed. “No way. I said if you didn't obey, it would be worse. But we want to teach you a lesson and our boss can be quite the vindictive type, so you bet your sexy little ass just a small striptease isn't gonna be enough.”

“Then what else do you want?” Lyra couldn't stop an edge of desperateness bleeding into her voice. “I'm not gonna mess with any of you again, I swear! Just let me go!”

“Maybe you won't, maybe you'll find your bravery again once you have some Pokémon with you. I'm not gonna take that chance. Plus, we also need to make an example of you, to warn everyone else. Tough luck, girlie.”

Before Lyra could even answer, the grunt suddenly raised her baseball bat and swung it downwards, smashing it against Lyra's right shin with enough force that the skin broke, a trickle of blood running down her leg as the girl screamed in pain, a numb feeling spreading through her leg, her footing suddenly shaky. “No! Please don't-”

The grunt struck again, hitting Lyra's shoulder, and again, before she had even time to react, striking her opposite forearm, and as both her arms briefly cramped up with a numb sensation before the pain hit her full force, Lyra couldn't hold back her tears anymore, even as she grit her teeth and tried her best to bear it.

The grunt briefly paused to observe her handiwork. “Oh, already?” She grinned “Well, that's too bad. Because I'm just getting started!” She jabbed the end of the bat right against Lyra's solarplexus, and suddenly her breath left her, clutching her chest and ineffectually trying to gasp for air, feeling as if she might fall over any moment, not at all helped by the bit of blood pooling under her foot.

Any hope Lyra had had of remaining standing vanished as the grunt hit her once more, leaving a massive bruise on her left thigh, and suddenly she felt her legs give way, barely managing to catch herself on her arms before she faceplanted the dirty floor as the grunt laughed at her. “That's about right, know your place.”

With a glare, Lyra stumbled to her feet again, she was not going to give that bitch any more satisfaction than she had to. “Feisty, are we? Well, let's see how you like this?!”

Standing right next to Lyra, the grunt held her right arm with one hand, then there was a brief flash of metal, followed by a sharp pain, as Lyra stared at the bloody cut that was suddenly marring the side of her upper arm. Before the pain even had time to fully register, the grunt had already moved, dragging the blade down the length of Lyra's left lower arm, and she let out another scream, reflexively reaching for the injury and staining her hands with the warm and sticky blood. Her blood.

How could this be happening? For several seconds Lyra just stood motionless in shock, until the pain of the grunt slashing the outside of her thigh, followed by a red line across her abdomen, called her senses back, the sound of her blood dripping to the floor unnaturally loud to her ears.

“Please, stop it!” Lyra finally found her voice again, and the grunt who had just been about to cut her yet again briefly paused. “What more do you want from me?!”

“Oh, I don't want anything, I'm just doing my job. But... maybe you've had enough. You want us to let you go, don't you?”

“Y-yes, please. I'll never bother Team Rocket again, I swear.”

“Hm... I think you can do better. Try getting on your knees and begging to be spared. Maybe kiss my shoes, that might work.”

She couldn't believe she was doing this. But at this point Lyra didn't care about pride or bravery or whatever anymore, she only wanted these people to stop hurting her, so she knelt down into the dirt once more, lowering her head before the grunt. “P-please... I'm begging you, just let me go. I won't ever get in Team Rocket's way again, I promise.”

With a conscious effort, she moved her head downwards until her lips were touching the leather of the grunt's boots. Thankfully they were clean safe for a little bit of sand and dust, but the symbolism of the gesture, her utter powerlessness, made Lyra tear up once more as she heard the grunt chuckle.

But she'd done everything they asked, so maybe now they'd actually let her go... “Not bad, not bad. You really don't care about your pride anymore, do you?”

Only after a few seconds' silence Lyra realized the question hadn't been rhetorical. “N-no, just let me go, please...”

“Yeah, really not bad. ...But not good enough either.” What- Suddenly the grunt's foot snapped up, smashing into Lyra's face and she jerked backwards with a scream, ultimately sitting on her knees, feeling one of her teeth come loose with a grinding sensation, as the metallic taste of blood from both her gums and her split lip filled her mouth.

“Please, stop it!” Tears were now freely running down Lyra's face, but she didn't much care at this point. “I did everything you wanted! You said you'd let me leave!”

“Guess what? I lied. We're gonna hurt you a whole lot more.”

“N-no, you can't... Please-” The grunt placed her shoe against Lyra's chest and just kicked her over, briefly taking her breath away as she landed on her back, the blood that had been dripping over her lips and chin now gathering in the back of her throat and forcing her to swallow the repulsive taste every few seconds if she didn't want to choke.

Pinning Lyra in place by pressing a knee over her crotch, the grunt knelt down, looming over Lyra with a grin. “Know why I like knives so much?” She roughly squeezed the bruise on Lyra's upper arm, digging her fingernails into the flesh until the drew blood, and Lyra winced. “These bruises may look bad now, but in a week at most, they'd be perfectly healed.” The woman slashed her knife over Lyra's lower ribs and stomach, leaving another two bloody lines, making Lyra whimper in pain. “But these, they'll take weeks to go away, and even then, those scars will be forever, a reminder of the time a stupid little girl picked a fight way out of her league.”

She waited a few moments for the realization to fully set in and Lyra start crying once more. “No! Please don't! I'm begging you! Let me go, please! Don't...”

The grunt seemed to downright relish in Lyra's desperation, what kind of sick, twisted person did it take to enjoy something like this? “Nah, we're not done yet, girlie.” The woman shifted forward a little, pressing against her crotch even more, and only now Lyra registered how close to a very intimate area the woman was touching her, and tried to back away from her, but to no effect.

A moment later the grunt twirled around the knife in her hands before positioning the blade right on top of Lyra's breast, just beside the areola. “No, please, anywhere but th- Aaahh!” Lyra cut herself off with a scream as the woman dragged the knife downwards, leaving a gaping deep cut as a surge of red hot blood splashed over her chest, much more than had any right to.

As the grunt drew a similar cut along Lyra's other breast, she was uncontrollably sobbing, the pain of all of her injuries slowly melting into one agonizing sensation. But even worse than that pain was the reality of these wounds, the fact that even if she got out here, Lyra would be forever disfigured, no boy – or girl, she wasn't entirely sure herself yet – was ever going to want her.

Lyra only half registered the grunt leaving multiple more cuts over her arms, breasts and belly, until the woman placed the blade just below her collarbone and dragged it all the way across the opposite lower end of her ribcage, and Lyra found her voice in another agonized scream, her entire upper body just feeling like ravaged bloody flesh, and if she were to look at all the injuries right now, she'd probably throw up.

Yet when the woman got up, leaving Lyra on the floor splattered with her own sticky blood, panting heavily in between sobs, a small glimmer of hope lit up inside her once again. It was very obvious Lyra was not going to be a problem to Team Rocket anymore and she didn't want to, and whoever watched the video of this would also think twice about interfering with them after seeing this, so they'd really gotten all they wanted, and would let Lyra go now, right? Right?

She only vaguely heard the woman talking on a cellphone. “Boss, it's me. I take it you were watching? …Yes. I don't think she's gonna be a problem anymore. ...Sure that's even necessary? ...No, of course not. I will. ...Poor girl.” The grunt chuckled as she stepped up to Lyra, readying her bat once more. “I would've said you're done, but the boss doesn't think so. You two, hold her.” The other two grunts hurried to kneel down besides Lyra, each holding one of her arms, completely pinning her, as the woman pushed her legs apart before kneeling down in between them. “This is probably gonna hurt.”

“W-what are you going to do?” Instead of an answer, the woman pushed the tip of her bat against Lyra's most private area, and she ineffectually tried to get away from this molestation, but then the grunt turned the bat a little to push apart Lyra's labia. “N-no! No, don't! Please-” Lyra screamed as the woman pushed the bat inside of her, the wood painfully stretching her as she desperately tried to break free, but was completely powerless to stop this violation.

Lyra's eyes flooded with tears once more as her tormentor slowly pushed the bat deeper. “P-please, stop. It's too big...” Lyra had done a little ...experimentation before, but she'd never used anything near this big, and from what she'd learned in school, the 'real deal' wasn't either. The bat hit some resistance deep inside of her, sending a surge of pain through her abdomen, and Lyra let out a shriek channeling all of her sheer, unadulterated agony, fear and shame, once more bucking and thrashing against the two grunts holding her, once more to no effect.

If anything, the woman seemed only encouraged by Lyra's pain as she started pushing the bat inside her back and forth, slowly gaining speed as she was raping Lyra. It took a few more seconds for the realization to fully set in. She was being raped right now! It hadn't been enough for them to take Lyra's Pokémon, humiliate her in front of a camera, beat and cut her, now they had to rape her! How could anyone be so- so... evil? And why was this happening to her? Lyra had never done anything wrong, she didn't deserve this! No one deserved this.

The grunt ramming the baseball bat especially deep into her called Lyra back to reality as she screamed once more, her voice slowly growing hoarse. She was starting to feel like she didn't have any more strength left to fight, and she didn't really want to anymore either, it wouldn't change anything anyways. The only thing left for her was to endure it, the grunt would eventually stop, so Lyra just tried to react as little as possible even as she weakly continued sobbing, all the while internally begging to whatever deity, karma or what-have-you that would listen. No more. Please. Just make it stop.

Every second felt like hours of pain and shame, but eventually the grunt slowed down and pulled out the bat, and Lyra could have sworn there were some small splatters of blood on it, leaving only a searing pain inside her abdomen, and a sickly sensation of being violated that made the bile rise in Lyra's throat, once more she felt like she was about to vomit.

Now what? Were they finally done? However instead, the woman stood up, raising the bat over her head, and Lyra just barely had enough time to register what was about to happen and panic, but again she was completely powerless to stop it. With a dull sound the woman smashed the bat right onto Lyra's vagina with full power, and she felt something give way as instantly a blinding pain flooded her body. Shrieking and wailing, ferally struggling to break free, Lyra only vaguely felt her bladder release control and a puddle of urine forming between her legs, adding even more humiliation to her suffering.

As Lyra's body continued writhing in agony, a part of her mind realized that this was it. She was going to die here. She had picked a fight with people so far out of her league in both strength and brutality, and now she was going to pay for it. There would be no heroics, no last-second rescues, just a painful, undignified death in an old dusty warehouse.

Observing how Lyra had soiled herself and was now lying almost still, staring at the ceiling with a vacant expression, the grunt let out a chuckle. “Oh my, I think we broke her. Turn her around.” She gestured to the other two, and they obeyed, rolling Lyra onto her stomach, then holding her shoulders as they turned her head in the direction of the camera, all of which she only registered with a few weak shivers and sobs.

Standing behind Lyra and grabbing her hair with one hand to pull back her head, the grunt placed her knife on the girl's throat. “This is it, girlie. Any last words? ...Didn't think so. Farewell.” As soon as she started cutting, Lyra's eyes flew open in terror, her scream quickly cut off into voiceless gasps, but she continued thrashing and struggling with all her might, yet to no avail, as the woman not only cut her throat, but slowly sliced through her entire neck, spraying blood everywhere, until Lyra finally welcomed the darkness closing in on her, carrying her away from the pain as her body gave up its fight and everything faded

Even though she'd already gone limp, the grunt continued sawing through Lyra's spine until her head came loose entirely, holding it to the camera for a few moments to present the girl's empty eyes, her expression frozen in utter fear and agony, before unceremoniously dropping it next to the still lightly twitching body. “Alright, we're done here. You two, clean up the evidence.” Rifling through Lyra's bag, the grunt found a Pokégear, which she pulled out with a grin. “I'll see if we can arrange something about that irritating police officer too.”



As per request. Since they were indecisive about the victim, in the end I just flipped a coin to decide. This one is a little different in that the focus was less on the guro, and more on the emotional aspects of the victim, I hope I did a decent job. Not a lot to say otherwise; I aged Lyra up a little from her canon (I think) age of ten, as can be inferred from the infodump at the start, she's around 14.

Hope you enjoyed, la-dee-da, feedback, criticism, feel free to make requests (I currently have one more request I'm working on).


Because you're asking for requests here aswell. i hope you dont mind my putting this here, in addtion to the other places i'd searched for the help of a writer:

In a free use style and/or dolcett world, a scene involveing a young single mother with a baby girl in a stroller, either at a mall or childrens paly park. out getting fresh air or whatever. then have a guy come up, start a usual conversation like how its a cute the baby is, then picks the little tot up and starts to molest it and asks the mother if its okay if he fucks her with the mother happily letting him, saying she dosent meet many pedophiles and that its so nice to have one choose her daughter or something like that.

would want it to end with the infant dieing from the internal trauma of being raped, then thrown away into a public trash can, either by the mother herself after the man leaves or the man doing it when hes done with the baby rape toy, the mother maybe even being happy that she dosent have to care for the baby anymore, andor asking the man to fuck her too so she can get pregnant to replace the lost child.


I'm sorry, but while I sometimes do dolcett/free use stories (personally I like to think of it as inspired by Aoi Hikari's works), even that is highly dependent on the rest of the story, and toddlercon is just a little too young for me (or at least I feel it's too young for me properly write anything engagingly; anything below 10-12-yo lolis would probably be very tricky), so I'm afraid I'll have to decline this one.


understandable to have age limits you cant work outside of... any chance you could still work the general theame as inpiration for something you -could- work with, with aged up characters and likely a rather diferent course of actions, but similar setting useing the concept?



Little kids are a good idea for me too. I prefer from 1 to 13. You can just snuff them with out to concentrate the story on it. Just what about this: the mother ask the guy to rape her little daughter/son, but the guy say she/he is very young for him. So he can only hang her cutie under the kids' slide or on the swing.

And what about the boys? Can you snuff them as well as the girls?


Sorry for my English

And what about the crucifying?


In principle yes, I don't have any problem with the concept. But you're not giving me enough to work with. If you could specify what that 'rather different course of actions' would entail (in as much detail as possible and feasible), I can see what I can do.

As I said, I can do victims starting somewhere around 10-12, but if I don't focus the story on the snuff, then just what would it be about? Also while I haven't done any male victims yet, I won't categorically rule it out (but I'll probably be much more picky on the specifics what I will/won't do with them). I don't think crucification would make for a very engaging story, you just nail someone to a cross, then wait hours or days for them to die of a variety of unspectacular causes (there's no way I can make a death of sepsis or acidosis come across exciting/interesting), so it's unlikely I'll do one, solely for this reason.


So... to try to rework the concept into an aged up scenario, still in a dolcett/free use style universe, the mother is now at a public playground looking out over her 10-13 daughter as she plays with other children. a man comes up and sits with her, starts commenting about how he's interested in sex, and the mother offers herself, and he says he's more into the girls playing. the mother again is happy and jovial about him being a pedophile, calling her daughter away from her friends to offer her to the man. the daughter would be annoyed and resistant, but obediant. more annoyed that she has to stop playing with her freinds than anything else, not about the fact she's getting fucked in public by a stranger or that he wants to kill her... maybe she even says that he should fuck/snuff her freind(s) too, so they dont have to stop playing togeahter, and would all go out at once. ... this could let you pull in your hanging/suffocation fetish aswell, haveing the other girls hanged while the daughter is fucked. their mothers either not present or also accomadateing/helpfull to the man in his desire to rape and snuff their preteen/teen daughter(s)


Sorry again for my bad English

I'd make it so: mother recognizes the guy as a famous kids' rapist and killer. She wants to make sex with him. But he says he needs some dope to make love with an adult woman. The best way is to snuff one of her kids and while the kid squirms in agony he gets really enormous erection. The mom wants to try it immediately and calls her daughter.


Once more, inspired by Aoi Hikari more than dolcett (some of those were too heavy on the cannibalism for me, and they also came across as kinda misogynistic, though I might be misremembering). But yeah, that idea sounds workable. Once more I could use a few more details, namely the names and very brief descriptions of the characters, as well as the method of death for the daughter, because the original idea of internal trauma wouldn't work as easily/at all (I'm fine with almost anything, but remember it should be something logical/feasible to the situation).

These two requests are running parallel to a large degree, and I don't think I'd find the motivation to write two stories this similar back-to-back. I'd rather do a single one taking cues from both requests (especially since the second one would make for a very short and basic story on its own). In a nutshell, then it'd look like this: Mother meets man on a playground, wants to sleep with him, but he prefers young girls and can only deal with adults just after getting off of a kill. So he hangs the daughter's friend so she won't have to play alone, while fucking and then killing the daughter (in whatever manner), then proceeds to fuck the mother too (that last part would just be vanilla porn, so I'm not sure I'll write it in any length). Would the both of you be okay with me basically merging your requests into one like this?


I'm really >>9199

Wow! I'm really OK with it.

To prevent the "last part vanilla porn" you could keep the daughter still agonizing. Or maybe the mother is joking about her dead daughter small pathetic tits. While fucking the mother could admire the fact that she does it with a man who raped and killed so many kids. He could also admire the monstrous errection of his cock that just raped her pathetic daughter.

Interesting what Anonymous would say.



I tried writing your original idea, it's not as good as Eterya's writing, but hey - I tried my best. :)

Here's the link:




Very nice story! Haven't been online for like a week and didn't see it before. Thank you very much. ^^


I've nothing against a merging of the stories concepts.

secondly, i can see how you would see the Dolcett stuff as somewhat misogynistic, persoanly, i find that aspect of it an interesting spice to the fetish of it, a hyper-extreamized world setting where even the women themselves are fetishisticly and suicidaly misogynistic in the persuit of pleasure or "for the greater good" as they have been indoctrinated to accept the unbalanced order. the un-reality of it being what makes it hot for me.

Honestly though i've always been realy bad at coming up with names for characters, and while i am aware its your bread and butter, i've never had much of a taste for useing famous characters or existing IP's for story seeds... so i'm sadly not much help there.

as for the mother being included in sex and it being glossed over as vanilla, i had never realy intened to have the mother be fucked at all, vanilla or otherwise, the scene focusing more on the snuffing and play with the younger girls.

as for how to dispose of the daughter herslef, while her friends hang... perhaps simply chokeing her with bare hands, or cock down the throat suffocation, or a bloodier aproach, useing a knife to gut her or carve off her head.


For this one I would have used original characters anyways, and I obviously can come up with some random ones, it's just that I like to leave as much input as possible to the ones making the request. The sex with the mother is part of the second request >>9201 , but it's not like that detracts from the rest in any way, does it? As for the daughter, I'll probably go with either strangulation of throat cutting, we'll see.

Unless either of you has any more input they wanna add, that's all I need to work with. (Note that I also have another older request I may finish first, so be patient)


I keep clicking when this post comes to the top because the (f/f, hanging) in the thread title appeals to me,but it pops up very rarely. maybe two teen lovers being killed for smoking in school or something?

If you prefer established characters, maybe in GoT, the government wins and Arya and Sansa are captured, locked in a cell together and sentenced to hang?


Okay, there may be not as much f/f action as I originally billed for, but like half of the stories contain some hanging, and a clear majority features asphyxiation. But I am trying for some variety too.

(I really shouldn't be building a backlog of requests again, esp since I'm gonna be on vacation soon, but whatever.) If you want to request a story containing f/f and hanging, feel free, but if you do, I'd rather you come up with some original/interesting idea/scene instead of just something generic ("two girls get hanged because X"), I need something sufficiently engaging to get properly inspired. Also I don't actually know Game of Thrones, but I don't have any issues with using original characters (depending on the specifics it's even easier because there is no canon/universe I need to adhere to).


Eterya 10-Mar-17 10:19 # 9212
>>I'll probably go with either strangulation of throat cutting, we'll see

Maybe the loving mother could get her daughter to sit in her lap. She could caress and relax the girl. After that she could hold her still while the man is doing it.

think you could use this as ispiration for a story Eterya? seems like a great way to get some more Dolcett stuff going and keep up your taste for Yuri


Sorry, but while I appreciate the thought, I don't think so; the cannibalism (and the latent misogyny) is exactly the part I don't like about dolcett, I'm just all for the consensual/willing/casual snuff. Also I fail to see the yuri, all there is is some girls talking to each other.


I dunno, the picture looks casual enough for me. If only I could will myself into writing again...


I apriciate the consideration either way Eterya. cant and wont force you to write what you are not interested in. simply trying to offer up inspiration in hopes to be a muse for a good writer (or two, or more if i can inspire Aoi Hikari or rosie along the way)

Its totaly fine if the canabalism is not your thing. and yes, the picture mearly dipicts the girls chatting normaly. it was simply my intention to inspire extrapolation and interpolation of the scene... sure its just girls chatting, but chatting could be flirting, the faire they are at may offer plenty other attractions than the food stalls that would get flirting girls into all sorts of adventures or trouble if they were up for it or interested, and as a world creators we can imagine them to be, or in turn write them to be. Not much can be done about the perceived misogyny i'm afraid..

but again. dont take this as my trying to sway or manipulate you back onto doing it. simply atempting to explain my motives and good intentions that paved my road to hell. lol.

You are a fantatstic writer and we of Gurochan are lucky to have you providing us with your awsome works and so often takeing requests. its no trouble at all when you reject a request or two that does not suit your taste. simply hope that you continue to take others, and continue makeing your lovely works.

the same can be said for all the writers in our perverted little comunity here.


[m/f, loli, hanging, con]

“Excuse me, may I sit down here?”

“It's a free country.” Megan answered before even looking up, and when she did, she found a rather handsome man sit on the bench next to her and give her a brief smile. He had short dark brown hair, was cleanly shaven and wearing a simple yet stylish shirt and trousers.

Megan quickly returned to her newspaper, but she couldn't help but glance over at the man every handful seconds, admiring his physique, and almost chiseled facial features. He seemed to be waiting for someone, as he was just sitting there, idly observing Amber and Shauna, Megan's daughter and her best friend playing in the sand.

“Lovely children, both of them. Are they yours?” The man suddenly asked, and Megan took a moment to reply.

“The blonde, Amber. The other one's Shauna, her best friend.” Also with Shauna's dark skin and dark brown pigtails, precisely how should she be Megan's anyways?

“She clearly got her mother's good looks. How old is she?”

“She's 10. Shauna turned 11 a month ago, so right now Amber is impatiently waiting for her turn, just three more weeks.”

“I see. Children at that age are just precious, aren't they?”

...Damn, he was really attractive, it was downright distracting. And just now Megan's gaze trailed downwards and she noticed that there was a noticeable bulge in the man's pants, so he had to be pretty well hung too, and before she could stop herself she blurted out “It's been ages since I last got laid. ...Oh dear, did I just say that out loud?” Megan immediately caught herself “I'm sorry, that was a little too forward, wasn't it?”

“No, no, it's fine.” The man chuckled “Though normally I at least do introductions first. My name is Benjamin, but I just go by Ben.”

“I'm Megan. Um, it's nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine.”

“So, would you be... interested?”

Ben let out a long breath. “Well, yes and no. It's just that I far prefer younger girls, your daughter is just about the perfect age, in fact.”

“So you're a pedo? Don't get a lot of them around these parts, which is kinda strange with all the single moms living here. I don't suppose you'd be up for a threesome?”

“Again, yes and no. It's not just a preference for me, I'm just about unable to have sex with any girl older than puberty.”

Megan raised an eyebrow. “Sorry, but I find that kind of hard to believe.”

“I know it sounds strange, but it's the truth. It's a real psychological condition I'm being treated for. And thankfully there's a bit of a workaround too.”

“How so?”

“I didn't really know before either, but if I fuck and then kill a young girl, for around an hour afterwards I'm fine with older girls or women too.”

“That sounds awfully specific. If you want to snuff Amber, just say so.”

“Again, it's the truth. My therapist helped me figure this out, she was quite thorough. It might also work if I get really high or drunk, but that's not nearly as fun, is it?”

“I suppose. So that's what it'd take for you to have sex with me?”

“Fucking and snuffing Amber, yes.”

“Well, that's done easy enough. Amber, darling, come here for a moment!” Megan called, and her daughter quickly complied, leaving Shauna to guard the sand castle they had built.”

“What is it mom?”

“You see, mommy would really like to fuck this nice man here, but he says he can only do it with grown-ups right after fucking and snuffing a young child, so I need you to help me out there.”

“Mo~om. Shauna and I are busy, the two brave princesses need to save the knight from the evil dragon.”

“Don't be like that, sweetie.” Ben interjected. “You can just call your friend over and I'll find something for her too. I could hang her off the swing, so you can watch her struggle as I fuck you, it'd be like you didn't even stop playing.”

“...Well, okay. Hey, Shauna, come over here!”

“I trust this won't be an issue with her mom?” Ben turned to Megan. “I wouldn't want you to get into an argument or anything.”

“No, no, it's fine. I've known Moira since forever, and there's no way she'd be against Shauna going out along with her best friend.”

“That's good then.”

“Okay, Shauna,” Amber explained in the meantime “so mom is horny, so she wants this guy to fuck and kill me so he'll fuck her, and then he said he could hang you at the same time, so we won't have to stop playing.”


“That's good. Can the both of you strip? I just need to prepare this.” While Amber and Shauna complied, Ben started fiddling with one of the swings, until a moment later the board came loose on one side, leaving a single chain dangling off the frame.

“How did you do that?” Megan raised an eyebrow “I hope you didn't break anything.”

“No worries, there's a trick with the chain, I'm just surprised it still works. I grew up here, so I learned about that one when I was young, we boys would always get up to silly things like that. One time my friend's sister hanged herself with this and we all got to fuck her as she strangled. I suppose that might be part of what spoiled older women for me. Shauna, was it? Come here.”

Unlike Amber who was still perfectly flat, Shauna was already showing the slightest hint of budding breasts, and Ben gave her an appreciative look as he fashioned the end of the chain into a noose, the looped it over the top a few times to increase its height. After briefly looking around, he found the massive bucket – really a repurposed trash can – that the kids on the playground would sometimes play with and placed it right under the noose, then helped Shauna on top of it, placing the chain around her neck. “Now just wait for a little moment, I'll tell you when to kick this away, okay?”

“Can do, mister.”

Opening his zipper to pull out his sizable dick, Ben turned to Amber, glancing over her nude perfectly child-like body as she briefly shivered under a sudden gust of wind. “Think you can start by sucking me?”

“Take it in my mouth you mean? Okay.” As Ben sat back on the bench, Amber obediently knelt before him, closing her lips around the tip before slowly going deeper and deeper, and Ben let out a low groan.

Amber had only been on it for a few minutes, Ben's breath increasing all the while, when he suddenly gasped and tensed, grabbing the back of Amber's head and pressing her onto his dick as he came until she started struggling for air and her let go of her, the girl quickly pulling back and getting up, choking and coughing for several seconds, swallowing some of his cum as the rest ran over her lips and chin, dripping onto her chest. “That was mean! You could've warned me!” She angrily pouted, but Ben just chuckled.

“I'm sorry, I got carried away a little. But I'll make you feel good too, come here.” Dripping some spit onto his fingers, he rubbed Amber's pussy to lubricate it a little, carefully pushing the tip of his fingers into her, but not too far, instead playing with her clit, and quickly Amber let out a cross between a gasp and a moan, her face already slightly flush.

“I think we're good. Can you turn around and sit on my lap?” As Amber complied, Ben gently lifted her, before lowering her pussy right onto his waiting dick, the tip easily sliding in before it hit the hymen and Amber winced, but after a few moments he went in all the way and she briefly whimpered, the faintest trickle of blood running out of her pussy.

Still slowly easing Amber into it, Ben turned to Shauna, who had been waiting the whole time, impatiently tapping her foot and fiddling with her hands. “It's time, do it.”

“Okay. So, um... bye, Megan. Bye, mister. Bye, Amber, see you soon.” And with that, Shauna kicked away the bucket, leaving herself hanging, and within seconds started kicking and grimacing in pain, as Ben guided Amber how to move up and down on his dick, his hands playing over her chest but his eyes focused on Shauna's struggle.

Amber quickly started moaning and moving faster, as did Shauna, her struggles increasing as she started gasping for air. Only now Megan noticed how a chain like this was much more painful than, say, a nice thick rope or a soft scarf to hang someone with, and she wondered if Ben had known, and if so if he just hadn't cared, or done so intentionally to make for a better show. A look on the content expression with which he was watching Shauna suffer suggested the latter, though, not that she could really fault him for that.

Shauna's fingers actually found some purchase on the chain strangling her, but she was far from strong enough to achieve anything more than prolong her suffering by a handful seconds, still desperately thrashing around as Ben kept fucking Amber, slowly speeding up as her moans kept rising in pitch.

As the two were gaining intensity, Shauna was similarly losing strength, her struggles slowly weakening and her gasps beginning to fade the same while Amber was audibly nearing her climax, accompanied by Ben rhythmically grunting and increasing his pace yet again. The view in front of her along with her own daughter's half-squeaks half-moans were turning Megan on big time, and she absent-mindedly started rubbing herself through her skirt, waiting for her turn.

It didn't take much longer for Amber to come, her voice cracking in a drawn-out moan, Ben following suit only moments later, frantically speeding up for a final burst before completely stopping, tensing as he shot his load into Amber's pussy, a little bit of cum dripping out of her down his dick.

“We're about done,” Ben said a little later, lightly panting as he kept observing Shauna's dwindling movements, his dick still inside Amber. “You may want to get ready.” Megan nodded, pulling down her soaked panties and lifting her skirt, then opening her blouse and bra to release her nice and large breasts. Only a few moments later with one last agonized rattle, Shauna died, the last of her flailing subsiding into weak twitches and the sand under her stained dark by urine as her body continued slowly swaying.

Ben waited a handful seconds longer, giving Amber a moment to observe her friend's lifeless body before he produced a knife from his pocked, briefly grabbing the girl's hair to drag the blade across her neck, then quickly pulling out as he just shoved Amber off him. Megan was about to protest this treatment of her daughter, but then Ben forcefully yet gently pushed her onto her back, and only a long moan escaped her lips as his huge, hard dick entered her; he was filling her pussy almost completely, how had Amber even been able to just take him like that?

Ben started moving inside her, and Megan quickly found a counterpoint, but suddenly he slowed down, nodding his head towards Amber. “Aren't you at least going to pay attention to your daughter's last moments?”

“Oh, right.” With a sheepish nod Megan tore her gaze away from Ben as he slowly continued fucking her, turning to look to Amber, who was kneeling in the sand, her hands clasped around her neck in a fruitless attempt to stop the flow of blood that was already covering her front and dyeing the ground around her.

The girl was still producing ragged, voiceless gasps, but Megan could tell her life was fast fading. When she caught her daughter's gaze, Megan gave her a warm smile, and even though the effect was somewhat diminished by the loud moan that followed right after, Amber returned the smile before letting out one last breath, more like a sigh, as she slowly fell over, sinking to the ground completely with a peaceful expression on her face, her empty eyes gazing blankly into the sky.

“Thank you, darling.” Looking at Amber's still form a few seconds longer, Megan returned her gaze to Ben to find that he had all but halted his movements, similarly observing her daughter's end, but when she began moving her hips under him, he started thrusting into her, quickly gaining speed again.

Gasping and moaning, Megan was fast approaching her climax too, her breasts rocking back and forth with every little movement, and she cast a brief glance at Amber's still perfectly flat chest. “I honestly can't see how you'd prefer kids. Mine are just that much larger, not like Amber's cutting board.”

Ben shrugged. “It's just preference, you couldn't really explain why you prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream, could you? But right now I can appreciate them.” Bracing against the bench with one arm, he leaned forward to cup one of Megan's breasts in the other, squeezing it before starting to play with the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Their speed and intensity continually increasing, Ben finished only minutes later, tensing and grunting as his dick pulsed inside Megan several times, shooting a huge, hot load into her, the sensation enough to make her follow suit immediately, long and loud moans announcing her orgasm as she closed her eyes and arched her back, rhythmically shuddering in pleasure as she came longer and harder than she had in quite a while.

Yet eventually her climax subsided, and Ben pulled out a little later, extending a hand to help her sit up next to him before he searched through the pockets of his jacket to find cigarettes and a lighter, offering one to Megan and lighting for her before taking one himself.

“That was... you're really good.”

“Thank you, it's always nice to hear that. The girls I usually tend to have rarely last this long, and even then, they don't really have much to compare it against.”

“I see. You should probably fix that swing, if the janitor sees it like this she's gonna throw a fit. And can you help me get the bodies to the next disposal too? I'd hate to just leave them here and then be fined for not cleaning up or something.”

“Of course.”

“Oh, right, one more thing. Can you give me your number? Moira – Shauna's mom – would probably want to meet you. And she might want you to do her too, but don't worry, she's got several more children.”

“Well, that does sound appealing. Can do.”


As per request, or more like two requests (>>9201 and >>9209), merged into one as they were based off the same original idea. This one mostly speaks for itself, I think, except I'm not entirely sure how the batch of initial/expository dialogue turned out, but that's secondary anyways, isn't it? Sorry for the bit of a wait, I was away on vacation for the last ten days, so I didn't get much writing done (that other request I still have is gonna be done soon too).

>>9254 Thank you for your kind words, it's always nice to be appreciated, and I'm glad to be part of this community too :)

As always, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, give me some feedback/criticism/requests.


beautifully done story. i think the exposition flowed well enough, and the merger of the two ideas worked pleasantly..... of course the ending makes me want to see that teased sequil


[Avatar: The Last Airbender; m/f, f/f, decapitation, con]

“Welcome.” Azula addressed the small group of men and women, all wearing either very skimpy or very elegant clothes, or both at once, and all of them very experienced – and expensive – prostitutes from some of the best brothels of the fire nation. “I'm sure you're wondering why you're here, and what's the deal with this” She indicated the massive wooden guillotine clearly domineering the center of the room, its blade glistening in the low light of the flames illuminating the room. “device.”

“Don't worry, it's not for you.” As she was talking, Azula started slowly stripping, first stepping out of her bulky boots and dropping her cloak. “It's for me.” She stepped out of her trousers and began opening her robe. “I want to end my life the way I want, and this was the most enticing idea I could think of.” Taking off her robe completely, Azula showed her ornate red bra and panties, before removing the bra too to reveal her firm, well-shaped breasts, but leaving the panties on for the moment.

“We're going to play a game.” Azula walked over to the guillotine and laid down onto the board, taking a few seconds to properly close the lunette around her neck. “You have all been paid for your services, so that's what you will do. One after the other of you is gonna fuck me.” She tried to remain as dignified as possible, but Azula couldn't help a little excitement seeping into her voice. “And whoever gives me the best orgasm will do me again, and gets to drop the blade as I cum.” At the mere thought of the guillotine slicing through her neck, Azula already felt her panties getting wet, this was going to be so good.

“There's a few dice there so you can figure out who goes first. Don't worry, it's not weighted, I made sure I'll have enough stamina that the ones going later won't be at a disadvantage.” The pharmacist selling her these herbs had warned Azula that overdosing on them would be dangerous to her health, but that wasn't really going to be her problem any time soon, so she'd already taken twice the maximum daily amount. “Oh, and be sure to show yourself to me and strip before you start, that should be obvious.”

“I do not need to remind you what a huge honor it is to be allowed to take the life of the fire princess, so you all better give it your all. Now begin!” There was a clattering of dice and a few moments of low discussion, before the first one stepped up before Azula.

It was a hunk of a man, tall and muscular, and quite attractive even though – or maybe actually because – he already had some hints of gray in his dark hair, and even mostly flaccid his dick looked pretty huge, though it was clearly getting harder and bigger with every moment. “Come closer.” Azula commanded, and he complied, standing close enough for her to reach his cock, stroking it a few times, running a finger down its length and cupping his balls in her hand, giving them a brief squeeze, and by the time she was done, he was rock hard. “Now get to it.”

The man – Azula had of course learned the names or at least 'professional names' of everyone while hiring them, but she couldn't be bothered to remember all of them – nodded and stepped behind her and rubbed Azula's pussy through her underwear, eliciting a soft moan, before not even bothering to take them off and just pushing through her panties, his cock easily tearing the thin lace as he entered Azula, filling her nice and big.

“Not bad. Now show me if you can put all that girth to use too.” With a grunt, the man started fucking her, speeding up very quickly and hammering her fast and hard as Azula started rhythmically moaning. Looked like he was one of those people putting strength and force over technique, not that Azula minded, she loved how he was pounding her from behind, rocking the whole guillotine.

Here was just hoping the blade wouldn't come loose prematurely. Not that it would really change the end result, but Azula would be missing out on a lot of great sex she'd paid for; and it wouldn't be entirely fair to the rest of the competition, but whatever. Then again, her end just coming all of a sudden when she was not – yet – expecting it had something to it too. She'd maybe hear the blade fall and barely have time to realize before it would hit her...

This brief fantasy, along with the man picking up the speed and ramming deep into her, was enough to push Azula over the edge, and with a loud moan she came, shuddering as her orgasm washed over her, and while she was still climaxing, she felt the man behind her tense and groan as he finished too, filling her insides with a huge, hot load, only prolonging her orgasm.

Once her climax had finally passed and Azula was winding down, the man pulled out of her, a little bit of his cum dripping out of her pussy to further soil her torn panties, and Azula shivered in delight. “That was ...not bad. I just need a moment, the next one get ready.”

At her beck, a servant hurried to Azula's side to dab the sweat off her face and give her a sip of water, the slightly bitter taste giving away the yet more 'performance-enhancing' supplements in it, then quickly retreated. “Alright, who's next?”

This time, a woman walked up. She was tall, even towering over the first one by a few centimeters and had long, flowing red hair and huge breasts to match the rest of her physique, being downright statuesque without appearing fat in any way, and after a moment Azula remembered her name as Scarlet, how very unimaginative.

“So you want me to fuck you? It's going to be the best sex you'll ever have, but ask for it properly.” The downright condescending tone caught Azula by surprise, but then she recalled some of the details about Scarlet's work. But she wasn't going to be ordered around by some dominatrix so easily. Yet when she glared back, the woman met her gaze with an expression of absolute confidence and superiority, and Azula found the redhead to actually be her better in pure force of will, eventually lowering her head. “Yes. Please fuck me, mistress.”

“There we go.” Scarlet let out a chuckle as she stepped behind Azula. “Normally I have my playthings pleasure me first, but due to the ...nature of this arrangement, I suppose I can make an exception and see to that myself afterwards.” Azula was about to protest, that she was the one making the rules, but just then Scarlet lowered her head, her hot breath right against Azula's pussy making her voice catch in her throat as she continued. “I see you're already well-prepared. Then here I come.”

Azula gasped in surprise as instead of Scarlet licking of fingering her, something huge pushed into her pussy once more, taking a moment to identify the smooth, hard object as a thick wooden dildo, presumably a strap-on, judging from the way she felt Scarlet's whole weight thrusting into her.

“You like it rough, don't you?” Scarlet asked, pushing especially deep into Azula and eliciting a long moan in reply. “That's what I thought, everyone who comes to me does.” She continued and Azula soon felt her orgasm approaching once more, even faster than the first time, her gasps speeding up towards a crescendo- When suddenly Scarlet just stopped cold, almost completely pulling out of Azula. “You want to cum? Then ask for it properly. Beg.”

Part of Azula wanted to disobey and remind Scarlet who was in charge, just out of defiance, but the rest was powerless from lust, so she found herself weakly answering “P-please, Mistress. Make me cum, I beg you.”

“Why, of course.” She picked up speed again, even if just from this short pause Azula had lost some momentum already, but she was quickly catching up again. “Want me to chop your head off, bitch? Then scream for me.” And just moments later, Azula did, her climax spurred on by Scarlet's voice and the images it called forth. Once more pleasure flooded over her, all but sweeping her away for several blissful moments before slowly subsiding as Scarlet pulled out of her.

Catching her breath as a servant tended to her once more, Azula realized just how undignified she had acted right now, the fire princess begging to a lowly prostitute instead of commanding her with utter confidence. Then again, deep down she knew she was just a girl and Scarlet was a woman far her senior in both age and experience, so there had been no way. And it had had something erotic to release control for just a moment, maybe Scarlet would in fact be the one to end her.

“So, who's next?” It was another man, noticeably younger, and while not as bulky as the first one, still very toned, with comparatively long blonde hair and a rather pretty face, this had to be one of those that could equally well service men and women and take whatever position; Azula still couldn't recall his name, though.

As he stepped closer to her, Azula reached for his cock, slowly and deliberately dragging a fingernail up its entire length, making him wince, but he also quickly got hard, and Azula only had to stroke his tip for a little longer before gesturing behind her, motioning him to get to work.

The man wasn't quite as big as the first two ones, but he seemed to know what he was doing very well, and after fucking her for a little, started playing with her clit with one hand, while the other reached out to caress her breasts and tease her nipples. Still, even though she was already panting and gasping again, Azula wasn't feeling as satisfied as the first two times; surely there was more this one could do.

“You think you're gonna be the one to drop the blade? The last one made me cum pretty hard... So you better put some more effort into it.” The man complied, grabbing her ass with both hands as he started fucking her harder and faster, but it still wasn't enough. “Is that all? You wanna chop my head off, don't you? Then work for it!”

He suddenly pulled out of her, but before Azula could even make another taunting remark, he tore open her panties even further, his dick pressing against her asshole before pushing inside her, without as much as lubricating a little beforehand, and Azula drew in a sharp breath at the sudden sensation. With a grunt the man started fucking her again, and even though part of Azula just wanted to moan in pleasure, she grit her teeth, instead trying to spur him on even further.

“That's more like it! Come on, give it to me! Fuck me like you wanna see my head roll.” It seemed to work, as the man sped up further, and only a short while later he came, tensing as he shot a huge, hot load into Azula's ass, which combined with her psyching herself up with thoughts of her imminent decapitation, made her cum too just seconds later, losing herself in the pleasure for several seconds before finally ebbing away.

The man pulled out of her and Azula winced, a little bit of cum dripping out of her once more, temporarily winding down as her servant rushed to her once more, Azula tried to take long deep breaths to steady herself, but it only halfway worked, by this point her mind was too flooded with both pleasure and almost giddy expectation to really stay calm. “There's one more, right? Come on!”

A relatively short, barely taller than Azula, and petite woman with short black hair stepped up. If Azula remembered correctly, this one went by 'Raven', but she wasn't really doing the name justice, not even meeting Azula's gaze head-on. As Raven walked around her, Azula briefly frowned, here was hoping she hadn't set herself up for a disappointment to cap it off; but then again, there had to have been a lot of satisfied customers, or the woman wouldn't even have been called here, so there had to be something to her skills.

However her worries turned out completely unfounded as Raven let her tongue and fingers play all around Azula's pussy and ass, gathering up all the cum as well as her own juices left by the three previous ones, before audibly swallowing. “There, you're all cleaned up, mistress.”

Azula grinned; this was more like it. “Then just what are you waiting for? If you think you're gonna be the one, I expect you to work for it.”

“Of course, mistress, I will.” Raven started teasing Azula's clit with her fingers as she began licking her labia, slowly trailing upwards until the woman's tongue reached her asshole, pushing inside a little to spread some saliva around the entrance, and Azula gasped in pleasure as Raven followed up with two slender fingers entering her ass.

A moment later, she began licking and sucking Azula's clit directly, Raven's second hand pushing three fingers deep into her pussy. Azula couldn't entirely fathom how Raven managed the logistics of that, the woman had to be quite deft with her fingers; but she didn't really care too much either, the way Raven's fingers were flexing and twisting inside her just felt so fucking good.

Her moans gaining in pitch and volume, Azula was fast approaching another orgasm, undiminished even the fourth in a row, if anything, she kept cumming faster every time; or maybe Raven was just that good. Azula wondered just how the blade coming down on her neck was going to feel; she had seen to it personally that it would be razor sharp – as the small cut in her finger could attest to –, so she likely would hardly feel it cut through her skin and muscle, and it was heavy enough to slice straight through her in a split second.

Her head would obviously fall onto the pile of pillows her servants had prepared instead of a basket, but what would her body- Azula's fantasizing was cut short when said fantasizing, along with Raven's continued touches, made her climax, once more tensing and shivering as she loudly voiced her pleasure, feeling herself squirt all over Raven's face.

Maybe she had in fact managed to save the best for last, Azula mused as she caught her breath, this had actually been the best one, despite initial appearances. As Raven retreated, she waved over a servant. “I want to see the blade when it comes down, help me turn around, will you?” The woman quickly opened the lunette and helped Azula turn onto her back before closing it again. As she looked up, right against the gleaming steel looming above her, Azula felt her heartbeat increase in excitement as a breath caught in her throat, she just couldn't wait any longer.

“The fourth one. Raven or something. You did best, so it's your turn again. Come here.” She demanded with an undue amount of impatience, but by now she really didn't care about appearances anymore.

“Hey, Scar, can I borrow one of your toys?” She heard Raven ask, apparently she and Scarlet were colleagues of sorts.

“Of course. But I expect payment.”

Raven giggled. “Sure, sure. You're insatiable, you know.”

Azula had to lift her head a little to look past the lunette, and saw Raven walk up to her with a massive dildo strapped around her waist, possibly the same one Scarlet had used, and couldn't help but grin. This was truly going to be the ultimate pleasure.

Raven briefly leant down to lick Azula's pussy and lubricate it a little more before pushing the very tip of the dildo inside of her. “Thank you, mistress. I will make sure this is going to be the greatest pleasure in your life.”

“It better be. Now get to it!”

With a nod, Raven pushed into Azula all the way, making her gasp as the thick wooden cock filled her almost completely. From her previous orgasms and her excitement, Azula was already halfway to her climax again, this wasn't gonna take long at all. Especially as Raven started thrusting into her, not as forcefully as Scarlet had, but more measured and almost precise, and Azula could just barely see the woman's hand reaching behind the dildo to finger herself too.

Panting and moaning, Azula started moving her hips against Raven's, rocking the whole guillotine with their combined movements, as the woman closed her eyes and started lightly moaning too. “Ah! Ah! Fuck yes!” Her composure just about completely shattered, Azula moved faster and faster, rushing towards her final pleasure, Raven trying to match the speed.

“I'm about to- Aah” Cutting her off with a moan Azula's pleasure suddenly made way and she came, better and harder than ever before, her voice cracking as she all but screamed in ecstasy, her whole body clenching and shuddering. “Ah- Do it! Finish me!” She demanded, and saw Raven quickly reach forward to pull the lever at the side of the guillotine.

Time seemed to slow down as with a low click the blade began its descent, Azula more feeling its vibrations through the wood than actually hearing it approach her, and for a split second she could see her own reflection in the side of the blade before-

Thunk. Suddenly her body just seemed to disappear, and Azula fell backwards, her vision spinning until she hit the pillows below her, and immediately, as instructed, a servant hurried to pick her up, raising her head so she could get a better view.

Her body was still in last vestiges of its climax, rapidly being replaced by death throes as it started twitching and jerking even more wildly, spraying blood from her severed neck. Only a handful of seconds later Raven, who was still continuing to fuck her body, came too, arching her back, the sound of her high-pitched moans already sounding low and dull to Azula's ears, her vision quickly blacking out from the edges. The woman looked right at her, and Azula managed to just barely mouth a – untypically sincere – 'thanks' before the last of her strength vanished and everything around Azula faded



As per request, this one from the discord (though I believe they also posted in the writing prompts thread). I was originally gonna go with even more people to fuck her, but then I truly would have run out of ideas, I'm not that great with repetition. Also I tried to somewhat mirror how Azula goes batshit towards the end of the actual series, I hope that one worked out okay.

(Maybe I really should start just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism/requests always appreciated.


I don't have any active plans to do a sequel, at least not right away, but if I get some good idea, I well might. And if you want to request one, go for it; as long as the details of the scene, and maybe the method of death, are sufficiently different. Maybe have a teenage daughter join in to masturbate and kill herself as she watches her younger sister get snuffed and her mom fucked. Or something.


Any chance we could get some Kobayashi Maid Dragon scene Tooru x kobayashi? a common trope in the show is the dragon girl trying to feed the redhead her meat (chopping off tail) but perhaps she goes further, offering more and diferent body parts.... or deciding that if kobayashi wont eat dragon meat, (wich has a distinct look and color) to feed her human meat intsead, Kobayashi only finding out after she's eaten it... or feeding her the body of the younger dragon girl.



Sorry, but cannibalism is by far one of my bigger turn-offs (along with vore, excessive scat and lactation), so there's just no way I could pull off that idea.


May I ask for Penny of Inspector Gadget being caught by a take no prisoners villain and hung by the neck with some foot fucking and molesting happening to.her while hanging?


Is there any chance of a 'Musem' sequel?
(simulated quartering with hydraulic lift, crushing with weights, breaking wheel, flaying, sawing in half...)


I don't really know that series, but it was more of a kid's show, right? So there's no way any canon villain would be that evil. If anything, I'd have to go with one of them (like the main antagonist, if there is one. Who would that be?) sending a hitman after Penny after she keeps foiling his plans, would that work? Also 'foot fucking' as in footjob, while she's hanging? (I actually saw a neat picture like that once)

In principle, sure, if I come up with some good ideas. Though I probably won't go with any of the rather messy methods you listed (remember, the whole thing is supposed to be consensual, I highly doubt anyone would pick a method like that), maybe some variant of decapitation, shooting or more asphyxiation.



The hitman idea could work

And yeah, her struggling bare feet looking for relief finds a cock


[f-self, asphyxiation, con]

“How the hell did it come to this again?” Linda rubbed her temple, brushing away a strand of red hair that had escaped her ponytail, as she eyed the setup before them.

“You were drunk and said, quote, you’d bet your life no one in the room could beat you at darts.”

“Then why the hell didn’t you stop me?” She turned to her friend, the brunette wearing an altogether nonchalant expression as May just shrugged.

“Because I was just as drunk, so I bet my life and a hundred bucks against you.”

“And why are we naked?” Linda crossed her arms in front of her chest, only really serving to emphasize her very sizable bosom.

“Because we were both drunk as fuck when we agreed to the details. And as a favor to that tech-savvy friend of yours who helped set this up, he wanted to record the whole thing.” May, who was barely any less-endowed than Linda, turned to the camera they had set up, demonstratively pushing out her breasts and giving the lens a wink.

“Right.” Linda just shook her head with a resigned sigh. “If I survive this, I’ll never drink again.”

“Word. Let’s go, then. Alright...” Tapping something on the laptop standing on the side of the room, May inspected the pair of thin metal collars next to it, watching small lights on both of them flicker to green. A few moments later the electrical darts board on the wall similarly booted up, the laptop confirming a connection of all components. “There we go.”

Accepting one of the collars from May, Linda opened it, holding her hair out of the way as she locked it around her neck, the light turning to orange. “And this thing only comes off again once the game is over, right?”

“That's what he said. The winner's will, anyways. The loser gets to choke to death.” May similarly put on hers. “Shit, we must have been so drunk.”

At the prospect of slowly – and probably painfully – dying like this over a dumb bet, Linda swallowed; it wasn't that she hadn't had some very erotic experiences with breathplay in the past, but going all the way like this... She was equal parts exhilarated and terrified. “Come on, let's get this over with.”

“Alright, we'll flip a coin. Your call.”

“Let's just go with heads.”

“...Heads. You get to start.” May entered the turn order into the laptop, then handed Linda three darts and the redhead weighed them in her hand for a moment before readying the first one.

“Then here I go.”

“20.” The dartboard's computerized voice announced. “Double 20.” Linda grinned at that pretty neat start and May coughed as she felt the metal around her neck slightly tighten. “Triple 5.” Linda frowned; that last one had been supposed to be a triple 20, then she would have been over a third of way there already.

“Not bad. My turn.” May's voice was a little strained, but so far she was holding on well enough as she took her darts, aimed and threw.

“Triple 7. ...20.” This was okay, she was catching up. “1.” Or not. Linda cleared her throat, but other than that May could tell she wasn't really affected yet as the redhead went to the board to return the darts, then prepared to throw again right away.

“15. ...Double 11.” Really? The collar kept tightening around May's neck, and she reflexively tried to stop it with her fingers, to no effect of course. But she'd be okay, she could still catch up. “25!” “No wa-” As the metal suddenly was almost halfway there, the pain made May cut herself off, trying to conserve as much oxygen as she could, she would most definitely need it.

Taking a somewhat strained breath, May took aim and quickly threw. “19. ...19. ...Triple 3.” Next to her, Linda mirrored her same reaction, but of course she too failed to find any purchase against the smooth metal. Looking at the score after two rounds, May was clearly behind, but it wasn't insurmountable yet. In fact, May knew, as an occasional diver she was better at holding her breath than Linda, so maybe if she'd just get past the start, once the collars really took effect, she might have an advantage and be able to catch up.

Linda didn't seem as aware of this and resting on her advantage as she leisurely retrieved the darts, readying herself for the next round. “16. ...20. ...Double 9.” May gasped as the pressure on her throat grew yet again, by this point it was starting to get seriously painful, and she could hear her own unnaturally loud heartbeat in her head. She had to make up a little.

“10. ...25! ...8.” So much for that, even with that almost bullseye, she was still like a whole round behind. But when May looked at Linda, the redhead appeared to already have some trouble with the lack of air, her face was slowly growing red and her breath sounded ragged and uneven, her expression clearly reflecting concern.

This time she hurried to get the darts and just rapidly threw them without much fanfare. “7. ...12.” Or aiming. “...20.” May cleared her throat as the collar fastened some more, but the difference wasn't nearly as bad as the times before, even if her head was slowly starting to pound with every heartbeat and all other sounds seemed a little muffled.

Nonetheless she made sure to still take her time aiming and “Double 20. ...17. ...18.” It payed off. Linda gasped and briefly staggered as her collar almost caught up to May's, and she was getting visibly panicky. Good. Okay, maybe it was a little mean of May to think like that, but she still wanted to win, and it wasn't like she was suffering just as much right now. Hopefully they'd be done in the next one or two rounds, especially if Linda kept making mistakes now.

“20. ...19. ...25.” Or not. May couldn't stop herself from digging her fingers into the metal as it pulled taut around her neck almost all the way, but only succeeded in leaving a few scratch marks, only adding to the pain that was suddenly blooming in her neck and head, her vision swimming and darkening around the edges, and her entire body felt as if it was on fire and going numb at the same time, every little sensation oddly amplified.

But this couldn't be the end! Linda was a single throw away from ending it, but May could still win, she just had to land some seriously good throws. So she forced aside the panic rising inside her, ignoring the pain the best she could as she lined up her throw. “Double 20.” Yeah, like that.

“...5.” Fuck! Suddenly May's options were very limited. She still had a chance, but it was rather small, only one shot...

“Bullseye! Game over.” “What! Are you ki-” Linda's shriek was cut short by the light on the collar turning red as it closed entirely, cutting off her air completely. As the realization fully hit her, the shock became clearly visible on the redhead's face and she sunk to her knees, desperately clawing at the collar, to no avail.

Only a few moments later Linda fell over completely, her arms and legs flailing around uncontrollably, and even though her agony was downright harrowing to look at, doubly so in the knowledge that she herself had escaped the same fate just by a trace, somehow there also was something darkly captivating about it that made May unable to look away; and besides she felt she owed that much to Linda, to not ignore her during her last moments.

The redhead's struggles kept growing worse, her face practically purple by now, covered in both tears and drool. At one point she reached out towards May with one hand as if pleading for help, but even if she'd wanted, May had no way of opening the collar, and besides betting debts were debts of honor, and she knew Linda thought the same, so she just kept watching with as neutral an expression as she could muster.

As Linda's movements slowly began getting weaker, May realized that her own collar was still active, and while it wasn't closing any further, it also wasn't opening, leaving her this side of asphyxiation just barely. Had Linda's friend actually made a mistake? In that case May just really hoped he was still watching and once he noticed something had gone wrong would quickly come and save her, she felt like she was about to pass out herself.

Linda's choking gasps were barely audible to May over her own labored breathing as she had to support herself against the table, but she clearly caught the redhead's final drawn-out rattle, her face contorted in utter pain and fear, a small yellow stream from her pussy staining the carpet as her body's last twitches subsided.

This was it, right... May had won, so when- Suddenly with a small beep and a click the collar around her neck loosened and sweet, beautiful air came flooding back into her lungs. Taking long greedy breaths, the sudden shift made May all dizzy and she stumbled onto her knees, as the aftereffects of the lack of oxygen and the rush of adrenaline and her feeling of victory all came together to give her a truly massive rush, like that one time she'd tried this weird drug at a party, and May couldn't help the massive grin forming on her face.

She'd made it. She had survived, and she'd gotten a hundred bucks out of it. As May was fully regaining her bearings, she noticed how for whatever reason her pussy was completely wet. This was odd, unlike Linda she clearly hadn't peed herself, and it wasn't like she'd started fingering herself or something. ...But she'd actually read about something similar happening to males that were asphyxiated, or hanged in particular, an unconscious reaction by some nerve or the other, and the reason people even tried breathplay and the like in the first place.

May just barely touched her clit to immediately confirm with a gasp that, yes, she was way horny right now. She paused, briefly looking over to Linda's body... Was this really appropriate? Then again, this whole thing had been a terrible, terrible idea anyways, and right now she was only glad to be alive, may as well add one more mistake to the pile.

It didn't take May very long to get going, within seconds she was panting heavily, if for a wholly distinct reason, as she rubbed her clit with one hand, the other gently playing with her nipple. The rush in her head still made every little touch seem much more intense, and after maybe a minute May was moaning loudly, her second hand reaching down too to push several fingers deep inside her pussy as she was rapidly approaching her climax.

And she did just moments later, her voice cracking as May closed her eyes, her whole body tensing as she came longer and harder than she had in quite a while, if not ever. It took appropriately long for her to wind down and her breath to normalize, some of her initial rush still persisting as she slowly and shakily got up, casting Linda's body one more glance before turning to leave, get her clothes and make some calls.


As per request by Blau Sturm, over on the discord. I don't actually know the rules/terminology of darts, but I hope I got the basics right (and I also really hope I didn't make any addition errors with the scoring). Other than that, this one's pretty self-explanatory.

(Maybe I really should start just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism/requests always appreciated.


[Inspector Gadget; m/f, hanging, non-con]

“Help! Can someone help me?!” Penny had just been on her way home when the voice caught her attention. Looking around she found a man kneeling next to a large dog lying motionless on the ground in the entrance of an alley, and quickly hurried over.

“Can I help you, what's wrong?”

“I don't know. I just found him lying here like this and he's barely breathing. I think he's injured.”

Penny could faintly see a line of red along one of the dog's forelegs. “I have a dog at home too, let me see.”

“You do? Thank you.” The man backed away a little to give Penny some space, but when she leaned forward something damp and sweet-smelling pressed over her nose and mouth, and within seconds everything became fuzzy before she blacked out completely.

Penny awoke lying on a cold hard concrete floor, her head still swimming from whatever had knocked her out, so she took several moments to get her bearings – and a few more to notice she was entirely naked. “Hey!” Covering her crotch and chest with a squeak, she started looking around the room much more urgently. “Where are my clothes?!”

“You won't be needing them anymore.” Penny spun around to find a man wearing a ski mask stepping out of a corner, from his voice, it well might have been the same one she'd tried to help earlier.

“W-what's going on here!? And what did you do to that poor dog?”

“Oh, I didn't do anything. Laika is just so well trained, she helps me out when I ask her to.”

“Help with what?”

“Help with catching you of course. And you silly girl fell for it hook line and sinker.”

“W-what do you want from me?” Even beyond the obvious something about the whole situation made Penny massively uneasy, and she couldn't help the panic slowly creeping into her voice.

“Isn't it obvious? My client is sick and tired of you always messing up his plans, so he sent me after you.”

“What are you talking about? Gadget-”

“That fool? He couldn't detective his way out of a wet paper bag on his own. We know you're the one doing the actual work, so I'm being paid to take you out of the picture, permanently.”

By now Penny was getting truly nervous, frantically searching for a way out, but there were no windows, and the only door was blocked by a man much bigger and stronger than her, and she didn't have any of her tools with her either. “I-if you do anything to me, Uncle Gadget will-”

“Will what? Try to lock me up? He'll never even find out. I think it's time we stopped with the chatting. Any last words.”

He was serious. Penny could tell that this man was about to do something really, really bad to her, and there was nothing she could do to stop him as she started crying. “N-no, please, don't hurt me! I'll do anything!”

“Unless you somehow got like fifty thousand bucks hidden on you, there's nothing you could offer me. Time to die.” Suddenly the man moved forward, and just slapped Penny across the cheek full force sending her head reeling. The stinging pain and the impact left her completely defenseless long enough for him to reach to the ceiling above her to pull down a length of rope and swiftly place it around her neck, before stepping backwards a little to observe his handiwork.

Penny barely had time to register the coarse rope before the man pressed a button on a small remote and with a loud noise a winch activated, pulling the rope taut around Penny's neck, forcing her onto her tiptoes before lifting her off the ground completely. She tried to scream from the sudden pain, but the rope was cutting off her air, reducing her voice to a strangled gasp.

As the winch stopped maybe half a meter above the ground, Penny kept crying and gasping, her fingers trying to somehow loosen the rope while her legs just kept kicking and flailing. Careful not to get hit by her, the man stepped closer to Penny, reaching out to squeeze and fondle her practically flat chest for a moment before trailing down over her stomach to push between her legs, a finger entering her. Normally Penny would have been either petrified or furious at this kind of molestation, but right now, over the all-consuming pain in her head and her lungs, that only seemed to keep growing with every moment, she really couldn't care less.

After pulling out of her, the man moved up a chair from the side of the room, opening his trousers as he sat down right in front of Penny, and a moment later one of her feet still swaying in the air, desperate for any solid ground, instead brushed against something warm and kind of soft. Looking down through the tears and the haze slowly clouding her mind, Penny could see it was the man's fully erect penis, and even though she really should have been totally grossed out by that, right now she was just too desperate for any kind of relief.

If she could somehow balance on top of his... But even when Penny tried, against all her reflexes, to slow down her struggles and carefully place her feet, but most of the time she only ever managed to rub against the sides, and even when she landed right on top, within a second she would slide off again, never gaining any reprieve.

Yet Penny kept trying, desperately attempting to somehow find a balance, much to the man's visible amusement and, but after a few minutes when she slowly felt her strength start to fade, he suddenly grunted, his penis twitching and pulsing several times between Penny's feet as something warm and sticky splashed over her feet and ankles, and Penny could vaguely see something milky white covering them.

However a moment later the man got up with a grin, pulling the chair away well out of reach as Penny renewed her efforts, wildly thrashing around as the noose kept mercilessly sapping her strength, her vision fast fading as her body kept growing numb. By this point she had long realized she was going to die here, even if her body continued its futile struggle, so when several minutes later Penny finally felt the last bit of strength leave her body, darkness closing in on her mind, she all but welcomed the release it offered.

As with a last gasp, more akin to a weak sob and a sigh, Penny finally went limp, the killer smiled at an other job done without a hitch, taking a moment to observe the girl's lightly swaying form, her face all but purple, frozen in sheer agony, before starting to clean up the crime scene. He couldn't fathom how a grown man somehow kept getting foiled by a ten-year-old, nor how any self-respecting adult would call himself 'Dr. Claw', but as long as he got paid, he wouldn't comment on it, that was unprofessional.


As per request (>>9490). I tried to kind of write from the perspective of a ten-year-old, so no 'dick' or 'pussy' in here, I hope it works anyways. Simple short request, simple short story, not a lot to say, really.

(Maybe I really should start just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism/requests always appreciated.


Wow, nice stories. You're a pretty good writer, really like the last one and the Tracer hanging near the top. Do you still take requests? And if so, would you accept a Kickass story with Hitgirl?



This is pure awesome sauce


The last one is a bit short, but after all the thread is titled short stories, otherwise it is nicely written, even though I prefer consensual stories, I could enjoy this one too.
Can't really say much about the one before that. I have no idea about darts rules, so for me it's a story about characters shouting some numbers. Besides they are drunk or at least were when they made the bet, which is a major turn-off for me.

The deadly bet gave me another idea though. A boy brags to a girl how strong he is and she's somewhat skeptical and somehow it comes to whether or not he can hang her by suspension all the way till she dies. Naturally (as in naturally for my ideas), they don't see anything wrong with pain and death, and just see it as a good fun. So they get a rope, tie one end around the girl's neck and throw the other end over a tree branch and the boy pulls it so that the girl can't reach the ground and tries to hold it as long as he can. He holds it long enough for the girl to experience a lot of pain and give him a good show of her struggles, but in the end he can't hold the rope any longer and the girl is still alive. After the girl recovers she says it's now her turn to try the same on the boy. He doesn't mind being hanged of course, but he wonders if it worth it, because even if he couldn't do it, the weaker girl, not to say weakened further by just being hanged, there's no way she can do it, so why even bother trying? But the girl says she knows a trick or something. The boy gets curious and lets the girl hang him. After she pulls him off the ground, she ties her end of the rope to something and says: "you might be stronger, but 'm smarter" and watches until he dies. The boy isn't angry at her for such cheating, but rather is amused, like when someone plays a prank on you, if it's a good prank, you end up laughing too.
For the sake of the story being more erotic, maybe they strip before being hanged so that there's no extra weight.
For the place where it happens, I imagine options are:
1) house and backyard of one of the kids (or they might even be siblings, so it would be their house and backyard then) where they were playing casually before that conversation came up;
2) playground;
3) a street or a park on their way from school;
The second and third options can be used to emphasize the casual aspect as all the other kids on the playground or passers-by on the street don't see anything wrong with kids stripping and hanging each other. But I wonder where they can get a rope though.
In the first scenario though some extra casualness can also be thrown in in a form of a parent observing the kids and feeling nothing but tenderness and adoration about their childish spontaneity. Maybe even giving them the rope when they ask for it. And then casually calling the surviving girl to dinner in the end. And/or praising the girl for her cleverness of how she outsmarted the boy, which would be especially fun if they're actually the boy's parents and the girl is just his friend.
Of course there can be also other options for locations and premises, like maybe the girl spends her summer holidays in a village with her grandparents and the boy is her cousin living there. Or they're on a picnic with their family(-ies), in which case maybe it's their parents who are friends and the kids themselves have just met each other here for the first time. Or whatever.
Also, the same scenario can work with two girls or two boys.


I do take requests, but I don't know Kickass specifically, so I'm not sure I could really write anything about that; any other series? (Or just OCs)

Is that a request/suggestion or are you just thinking out loud? Because that one looks like an interesting idea I'd totally like to do (if I manage to make up my mind on all the details, names, ages, etc^^)


> Is that a request/suggestion or are you just thinking out loud? Because that one looks like an interesting idea I'd totally like to do (if I manage to make up my mind on all the details, names, ages, etc^^)
I guess it's a little bot of both, but if if yo'd like to write it, by all means, please do.
As for the details...
Somewhere half through writing it down an idea occurred to me that maybe it can use Evangelion characters. Asuka would be bragging about her strength, Rei be one to outsmart her, and Shinji sticking around having fun watching the girls have fun and also being the judge. This way Asuka can hang Rei up all the way until she is unconscious and then when she can't hold her anymore Shinji will check if Rei is still alive and remove the noose from her neck. Then in the end I don't think Asuka would accept being outsmarted like that as fun. Not that Asuka minds dying or anything, she's just pissed of by Rei cheating. But Shinji being the judge would declare it's all fair and leave her hanging. Shinji and Rei would probably sit on a nearby bench and watch Asuka hanging while having a casual conversation where Rei tells Shinji how much it hurt in all the details in a tone like it's her most warm and dear memory, and Shinji in the same way tells how beautiful and heartwarming it was to see her in so much pain. Maybe in the course of the conversation they start holding hands and in the end they kiss while Asuka is peeing herself on the background.
If it involves nudity too, then naturally Rei doesn't feel anything about it and Asuka while ashamed strips for the sake of fairness. As for Shinji, while he understands the concept of shame, he also understands how Rei's nudity is innocent and admires it that way, so he chooses to treat it innocently too. Thus Rei probably doesn't get dressed again after being released form the rope and just casually sits there naked with Shinji on the bench and he doesn't say a word about it.
Though I'm not sure if Evangelion characters would fit better then just some random kids as the story calls for younger characters.

And also now half way through writing this another idea came to my mind: maybe instead Asuka was humiliating Shinji for how he is weaker then her even though he is a boy, and they decide to settle it by hanging someone and Rei happens to be nearby and doesn't mind taking part, so they take turns hanging her. Asuka goes first which raises the question of what would they do if she actually succeeds. One option is they'll go for another Rei clone for Shinji to hang, but having clones makes it feel like they're only casual about Rei's death because she's replaceable and not because they're casual about death in general. So another option is just that such a question doesn't occur to anybody until such a case happens and it doesn't happen as Asuka can't hold Rei all the way. Yet another option is that they decide if Asuka succeeds killing Rei, they'll just find someone else for Shinji to hang, say Hikari. But since Asuka fails and Rei ends up alive, they don't need Hikari and just hang Rei again. And this is when Shinji ties his end of the rope and tells Asuka that while she might be stronger, but he is smarter. Now, the relationships here is that Shinji and Rei are more on less in love, whether it's just a fleeting feeling they haven't yet realized themselves, or they've been dating for a while already, and Asuka is just a friend to them. But since nobody cares about pain and death, Shinji enjoys watching Rei agonize and die as it makes him win. Maybe even when Asuka tells that's it's cheating and demands the rope to be untied (not because she cares for Rei of course, just to stop the cheating), Shinji stops her because Rei has to hang all the way to death to prove his method is better. And while Rei is agonizing and dying she is admiring Shinji outsmarting Asuka and is happy for his victory. So when Asuka tries to release her, Rei is also against it.
Though this ends up even further away from the original idea.

Thinking of it again, characters from another one of my favorite animes, Cardcaptor Sakura, could fit as well. As far as I remember when Meiling appeared there was a lot of rivalry between her and Sakura, or rather Meiling was all rivalrous while Sakura was confused about Meiling's attitude. Anyway, let's say Meiling is bragging about her strengths and proposes to hang Sakura to prove it. Sakura doesn't really see a point, but doesn't mind either, so she lets Meiling do it. Then after Meiling fails, Sakura probably isn't the kind of person to hang her back just out of revenge or fairness (like logical Rei does in the first of Eva ideas), so it's probably Meiling who suggests it's now Sakura's turn just to be fair. Alternatively, since Syaoran is probably present and watching (after all it is to him that Meiling wants to prove she is better then Sakura), he might be the one to suggest that it would be fair for Sakura to take her turn hanging Meiling now. Then, coming up with cheating is probably not something Sakura would do either, so let's say Tomoyo, who is also present because she couldn't possibly miss the chance to film Sakura being hanged, mutters in Sakura's ear that she should tie the rope to something. As Sakura does so, Syaoran finds it to be a nice solution and lectures the struggling Meiling on how one shouldn't rely only on brute force. And so Syaroan ends up with Sakura, and Tomoyo is happy for them.
Now, since Tomoyo's in here, maybe instead of naked hanging, she dresses Sakura in one of her fancy costumes that she just carries around all the time in case of filming? And she happens to have more then one with her so she dresses up Meiling too. The costumes themselves though might be something designed to be cute rather then erotic, but in a world where showing off private parts is considered casual (example: )


Out of curiosity feel like hanging Renamon?

Maybe a new digimon arrives with the sole purpose of killing others and keeping their corpses?



Sorry, but I don't think so; I don't know the series that well, and also Renamon is something like a furry, isn't it? I think I prefer to only do stories about humans (or those extremely close in appearance, like elves or something).



Concerning the kickass reqeust I had earlier. Even though you mentioned you're not sure, the idea I had was taking an original scene from the movie (can link that on youtube if you're not familiar) and give it a dark twist with a different ending. Would that perhaps be an acceptable request?



Maybe. It'd depend on the original scene (link please) and your idea how to change it; in principle I won't rule it out, but I don't want to make promises either.



Quite understandable. Let me link the scenes then. There are two options I was picturing.

The first a small back alley fight that occurred somewhere in the middle of the movie to highlight her badassery.

And the other is the final fight of the movie where she is matched with the endboss of the enemy vigilante gang during the last gang fight.

For either scene I'd imagine the end being changed into something that ends badly for Hit-girl instead, and the fight itself does not have to be be highlighted, I'm more interested in the ending. If this is something that might interest you enough to write around.


Hey bro, come from prev thread >>2430
Here's pics, hope you understand I'm not posting face due to nature of the fantasy, what other details do you need?


(Notice that you can't cross-link between different boards this easily; right now we're on /lit/, your request was on /rp/.)

I take it the characteristics you mentioned in your request still apply? Other than that I need at least a few cornerstones to work off. The type (consensual killing/murder/suicide/execution/accidental), and the method of her death (I'm fine with next to anything, but it should be something that works reasonably well to write about). Also at least the outline of a scene: How, why and by whom is she killed? As well as specifics about the killer/s if applicable or required. (Also I'll generally take almost all details you wanna add; next to the only things I'm not gonna write are (intense) scat, vore/cannibalism and excessively drawn-out bloody mutilation (just because I don't think that'd be too interesting to write/read about)).


Great stuff, yeah all characteristics still apply. New to all this so apologies if I miss anything, I'm thinking older guys, preferably multiple who have followed her and crave her body and have done for a long time.they know she's way out of their league due to them being old and unattractive to her. Thinking in their 60s. They've followed her and watched her sunbathing topless in her garden. Basic kidnap and slow sexual torture of her body then humiliate her. Probably a group of 4-5 guys. I like cutting,puncturing of her body. Definitely end with her death and preferably them continuing to use her for a while after until she's no good. Then destroying the evidence maybe with animals? Hope I've covered the majority! Appreciate your time by the way!


4-5 guys would be somewhat tough to keep track of, and I'd hardly be able to keep all of them 'in the action' all the time. Personally, I prefer to just have a single killer, but since you specifically asked for multiple, would you be okay with having a pair of slightly younger (~50) guys (since I doubt men in their 60s would easily be able to overpower her), with one being the sadistic leader and the other providing the muscle? (And related, maybe give me a pair of names/brief descriptions of the killers too; perhaps an aged-up avatar of yourself, unless that doesn't fit with your fantasy.)

Other than that I need to know a few more things:
Define 'sexual torture' and 'humiliate'. Rape is obvious, but what else? Cutting, beating, choking, rape with some large object, anything more? (be creative)
Where does the whole scene happen? Her own garden, out in the woods where no one will hear her scream, in some guy's basement, or yet somewhere else?
Perhaps most importantly, how does she die? As you might notice if you look at my other stuff, I'm quite partial to hanging, but there's also manual choking, strangling with a wire/rope, stabbing, cutting her throat/sawing her head off, shooting just beating her to death, possibly something more exotic (be creative). (Yes, I could come up with all of this myself, but I very much prefer to leave as much as possible to the one making the request, so I'll write what they want).


Yeah I understand that no problem with two guys aged in their 50s, name them however you like I've no preference there. I think it should happen in a basement nearby the garden where they have been watching her sunbathe in. as you say rape is a given, true sexual rape and using her as much as possible. I like the idea of rapingbher with a large object as she is very tight anyway and I know how much she would struggle with such a thing. I wouldn't mind being involved but only at the end maybe to find the rememenants. Love the stabbing to end her. The choking with rope maybe until she's unconscious but then she comes round from that to more torture before being stabbed/impaled.
Gotta say, I'm really excited for this, been trying to find a place for this for a long time, the fact that it's customed to her makesnitna lot hotter for me!


I think I can work with that. (I may take a few days to write, though; creativity isn't something with an on/off-switch after all.) Just two more small details: Should she die by a single, clean stab to the heart or neck (or even eye), or just ramming the knife into her chest and belly a whole lot until she bleeds to death?
Also to involve 'you' for the ending, what name should I use for you? (Otherwise I'll just go with 'anon' or 'n/a'.) And how would you react to finding the murdered body of your gf in your basement? Be sensible and call the police, or do something more interesting like using her body one last time, then calling the police or just disposing of it? (Or something else entirely)


Hmm, either would be hot but maybe multiple vicious stab wounds with the blade I think, just call me anon please and hell yeah I'll be using that body before disposing of it! Thanks again bro


if you wanna put a slight teaser of the story thatd be awesome...


If you have moment, I would love to see end of this story:

Group of most brutal soldiers was given a mission to find and kill only enemy soldier who survived ambush. He was hiding in the forrest for two days.

Soldiers left in the morning. Taking the fugitive was easy, he left many traces which led to small quiet house.
Soldiers found out that in the house lives young woman with cat ears and tail. She is giving sheltere to renegade (that is capital crime). As you aproach you can hear they are having sex, that means they are vulnerable for attack. You kick out the door and......

[Baisicly you can do enything to them, slow and painful deth = bonus points]


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>> 10074

Agreed. Please get in touch soon. You've got a couple of requests pending, plus there's that story we're working on... I REALLY want to make progress on that.


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[m/f; rape, stabbing; non-con]

“Well, hello there, Missy.” The male voice made Olive start and look up to see a pair of men standing on her lawn and very blatantly staring at her as she'd been sunbathing topless in her garden, wearing nothing but a bikini bottom.

“Hey! What do you think you're doing here?!” She quickly crossed her arms in front of her chest and stood up to return inside and get to her phone. “This is private propert-” However before she could even finish her sentence, the taller of the two, a bulky guy easily a whole foot taller than Olive, lurched forward and smashed his fist right into her stomach, the impact almost enough to knock her down, and her breath completely left her, leaving her powerless to defend herself as he just grabbed her by the shoulders and followed the other guy, a visibly older and thinner one, dragging her inside her house.

By the time Olive had somewhat caught herself again, the men had already dragged her inside the basement, heading straight for the large hobby room. “See? I told you Mike, since I worked on the plumbing here last year they didn't change the rooms one bit.”

As the taller man, Mike apparently, tossed Olive to the ground and locked the door behind him, she looked up at the other man, suddenly vaguely recognizing his face; what had been his name again “...Jack?”

“So you do remember. I'm flattered really.” He sneered. “But it's not gonna change a thing.”

“W-what do you want from me?” From the corner of her eye Olive saw Mike just roughly sweep all the tools from the crafts table and cringed; some of those had been pretty expensive.

“Isn't it obvious? We're here to fuck you. A hot young bitch like you would never even have considered an old man like me, so now I'm just taking you.” Jack rubbed one hand over his crotch, and Olive could see the bulges in both men's pants, quickly backing away a few steps until her back hit a shelf. “You're not getting away, sweetie. But if you do what I say, we might let you live.”

Much faster than she would have expected, Jack suddenly stepped closer to her, pulling something out of his pocket and holding a visibly sharp knife just centimeters before Olive's throat. “Are we clear?”

Olive just weakly nodded, her eyes tearing up, but she didn't even try to resist as Jack pulled her back to the middle of the room, then roughly squeezed one of her breasts and briefly licked her nipple, making her shudder in revulsion as he let out a whistle. “Damn, you got some nice tits on you. I shoulda done this months ago.”

As Jack pushed Olive onto her knees, then started opening his zipper to take out his dick, she could already tell what was coming. “That's right, you're gonna suck it. But if you so much as think about biting me or something silly, Mikey here is gonna break your arms and legs before I slowly torture you to death with this knife over hours.” To underline the point, Mike grabbed Olive's arm, effortlessly holding it and pressing against the elbow from the wrong side, and the pain quickly made tears shoot up in her eyes as she hurried to answer.

“No, I won't do anything, I swear! Please don't hurt me!”

“Good girl. Now get to it.” Jack stepped closer to her, and Olive had no choice but to open her lips and take his dick, but to her mild surprise, he wasn't particularly gross or smelly, so maybe if she closed her eyes and just imagined it was someone, anyone, else, she could get through this.

For several moments Olive just kept sucking Jack, trying to ignore the reality of her situation, until suddenly he grabbed the back of her head with both hands, forcing his dick deep into Olive's mouth until she gagged and started choking as he fucked her throat, pointlessly struggling to break free, until after well over a minute he finally let go and Olive quickly pulled back, falling onto her hands and knees as she panted and gasped for air.

But before she'd even had time to recover, Mike grabbed her arm and pulled Olive upwards before forcing her onto the now empty table in the middle of the room. Olive could barely register him forcing her legs apart and let out a weak 'please, no', before Mike forced his dick inside her.

As he began thrusting inside her, Olive started sobbing, hardly even resisting as Jack grabbed her shoulders and started fucking her mouth again, barely leaving her any chance to breath as he pushed deep inside her. But Olive tried her best to keep up, if she didn't resist and the both of them finished soon, there might be some opening for her to escape, or maybe they'd just let her live.

However only a few minutes later, Jack suddenly pulled out of Olive, leaving her to gasp for air once more as he gestured to his partner. “Hey, give it a break.” With a small grunt Mike paused, then pulled out of her too, but kept looming over Olive, pretty much dashing any hopes of an escape, but she could at least lift her head to see Jack rifle through one of the shelves on the side of the room before returning with a grin, holding a can of spray paint.

“W-what are you...” Then realization hit her when Mike held both her thighs to force them apart and Jack stepped up next to him. “Please no-” Olive cut herself off with a pained gasp as Jack roughly pushed the can inside her pussy, the cold hard metal painfully filling her much bigger than any dick or toy she'd ever had. Jack slowly, almost leisurely kept forcing the can deeper until it was almost all the way inside her, taking in every second of Olive's pain with a sadistic grin.

Then he stepped back and Mike grabbed Olive's hips to lift her a little, pushing up her legs, and she couldn't help but scream as he forcefully entered her ass, starting to slowly thrust, but quickly speeding up. Olive had tried anal once, and her boyfriend had complimented her on her tightness, but it had been too unpleasant to ever try again, and he had been very gentle and used lots of lube, so now with Mike doing neither of that, the pain was just too much and Olive started crying, tears streaming down her face as the man kept raping her.

However after several minutes of enduring it, her resolve returned, she was not going to be taken so easily. With a sudden cry Olive bucked, trying to push Mike away from her to little effect, before starting to claw her fingernails across his face, leaving a series of bloody marks and just barely missing his eye. The brute flinched and growled in pain, but then in retaliation just hit Olives face with the back of his hand with enough force to slam her head onto the table and before her mind had even cleared from the pain and daze, he clasped both hands around his neck, all but crushing her throat.

Olive immediately stared struggling, digging her fingers into Mike's hands as her cries turned into choked gasps, but within moments the edges of her vision began swimming before quickly collapsing as everything went black.

“Hey, watch it! Don't kill her just yet.”

“Sorry, boss.” Mike quickly let go of Olive's throat, and Jack hurried to check her breathing.

“She's still alive. Come on, we don't have forever. Finish, will you?”

Mike nodded and started fucking Olive's ass faster and harder, her motionless body slightly jerking with every thrust, and just moments later he tensed and groaned as he shot his load into her, taking a little longer to wind down and pull out of her, leaving a bit of cum dripping from Olive's asshole.

After Mike was done, Jack slapped Olive's face a few times, and moments later her eyes blinked open, only to widen in shock when her situation returned to her. But before she could make any attempt at escape, Jack had already ordered Mike to hold her down, and the man easily pressed her shoulders onto the bench, easily holding her down completely.

Jack started tugging at the spray can still inside her pussy until it suddenly came out, making Olive wince, but any hope of her torment being over was shattered when he instead pressed it against her asshole, trying to force it in. “No! There's no way that's gonna fit! Please, I'll do anything-”

“Then I'll make it fit.” After several seconds of pushing and searching for the right angle, suddenly got it, and with a visible effort forced the can almost entirely up Olive's ass, and the girl let out a long scream before starting to thrash and flail, crying hysterically, but Mike still held her in place. After letting her tire herself out for multiple minutes, when Olive's struggles finally weakened, Jack pushed her legs apart and started fucking her still nice and tight pussy.

By this point Olive was barely even registering her ongoing torment, only weakly shivering or sobbing, and Jack frowned. “Come on, it's not nearly as fun when you're not reacting, you know.” As Olive of course didn't respond, he just shrugged. “Guess we had our fun, though. Let's end this.”

He reached for the knife, raising it over his head with both hands and Olive's eyes widened in terror before he rammed it down into her chest with full force. Her shriek abruptly cut off into a gurgle as Jack stabbed her again and again and again, the blade cutting straight through Olive's ribs and completely ravaging her chest, splashing blood everywhere.

All the while continuing to fuck Olive, after over a dozen stabs Jack finally dropped the knife, panting. Olive was only weakly twitching, a trickle of blood running from her mouth, but Jack kept thrusting inside her, and just as Olive went limp, her eyes glazing over, with a grunt he came, shooting his load into her pussy.

After cooling down a bit, pulled out of Olive, wiping off the worst of the blood on his hands on her thighs, then gesturing Mike. “Come on, let's clean up, we gotta cover our tracks.”


“Babe? I'm home!” No answer. Anon quickly looked around the house, but Olive wasn't anywhere on the ground floor, nor up in their bedroom waiting for him with a sexy 'surprise'. But the door hadn't been locked, so... Only then he noticed that the door to the cellar was standing a little ajar.

“Olive? Are you down there?” Already as he was heading down the steps anon noticed some odd metallic smell in the air he couldn't quite place, but when he opened the door the stench of blood hit him like a wall. “What the hell?!”

Olive, or more specifically, her body, was lying on the large crafts table, surrounded by scattered tools on the ground and a massive puddle blood, her entire chest filled with bloody stab wounds. She was entirely naked, the only clothing even lying on the floor being her white and green bikini bottoms, and her face was frozen in a grimace of utter fear and agony, streaks of half-dried tears still visible.

Anon hurried to check for breathing or a pulse, but found nothing, Olive was completely gone, even if it couldn't be that long, her body was still warm. He really should not be touching anything and instead call the police right away, but anon had never been able to resist Olive's womanly charms, even now, and the way that her legs were pushed apart showed that whoever had done this had most likely had his way with her too.

He was just gonna have to call in that favor from a friend of his who was working in a butcher's shop near a farm to get rid of the evidence. Maybe anon would even be able to get some money from the life insurance, though maybe not, that would seem rather suspicious.

But he definitely was gonna make use of her one last time. Anon opened his pants and barely even had to touch himself to get hard, given the view in front of him, and reached for Olive's hips and pushed into her to find that she was still just as tight and warm and she had been in life. This was gonna be good.


As per request (>>10021). Content-wise there's really nothing to comment on except that the 'epilogue' bit cuts off a little early because I really had no idea how to write necrophilia interesting, so I'll go with my patented semi-open end. However it's a bit of a dick move to writers/creators to, after they've already agreed to a request, keep making that very same request (poorly copy-pasted in one case) elsewhere, just pointing that out.

(Maybe I really should start just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


I cannot thank you enough sir!!! That is exactly what I wanted! Fantastically written! I do apologise for copy pasting in the other thread but I hope you understand from previous attempts elsewhere at similar stories people haven't fulfilled my requests. I understand they don't owe me anything and your doing it as a favour which I appreciate massively. So thank you again!


[Gundam Seed Destiny; sucide, hanging, seppuku; con]

“Here you go, Luna, happy birthday.” Meyrin led her older sister into the living room where, instead of on a table, there were three presents placed on the floor on a large white cloth in the center of the room. “I managed to find everything you asked for.”

“Thank you. Some of this must have been pretty hard to come by.”

“It wasn't so bad, actually. Are you gonna open them now?”

“Of course.” The first present was a thin, lengthy package, and Luna wrapped it to reveal a short, straight blade inside a wooden sheath. Carefully drawing the knife, Luna inspected the blade, only to suddenly flinch and pull back her finger, a single drop of blood forming on the tip. “Wow, it's pretty sharp.”

“I took extra care of that, it's gonna do its job perfectly.”

“That's good.” Even though a decent kitchen knife would have done the job, but doing it properly just had that much more class. Sheathing the blade, Luna returned it to the ground to pick up a larger, soft package, briefly inspecting it through the paper before opening it.

It was a piece of rope tied in a precise hangman's knot, but instead of going on for a length, after just a few hands it ended in a large metal eyelet, made for hanging it off a hook or similar. Luna tugged at the rope a little to find it was relatively soft and very smooth, but still felt strong enough to fulfill its purpose. “Thank you, Meyrin, it's perfect.”

“I would hope so, this took like 10 minutes of fiddling around to get just right.”

Luna smiled and placed the noose back on the ground, taking the last package, a thick and heavy round one, weighing it in her hand before unwrapping it. It was a bulky ring of metal and white plastic, with a few buttons and a display on the outside, and a thin black slit running around its inside.

Bringing it closer to her to get a better look, Luna started playing with the buttons until the display showed a 00:02 in blocky numbers, then pressed the big red button, and even though she knew what to expect, 2 seconds later flinched and almost dropped the item when suddenly a ring of blades snapped shut inside the ring, slowly withdrawing after a few seconds as the light on the side returned from red to green. If she'd had a finger or any other appendage inside the ring just now, it would have been cut clean off.

“Yeah, this one took a bit of work to find.” Meyrin explained. “But I got it in the end, and it's gonna be worth it.”

“That it is. Thank you so much for all of this, Meyrin.” Luna pulled her sister and on-and-off lover into a tight hug. “And thank you too for doing this with me.”

“Anything for you. There's no one else in the world I'd rather do this with. Shall we start then?”

“Yeah. No reason to wait.” Both Luna and Meyrin quickly stripped, just throwing their clothes into a pile on the side, not that it'd matter anymore. Meyrin took the collar from Luna's hands, opened a hinge and placed it around her neck, snapping shut with a small click, then craned her neck so Luna could get at the controls and set a time.

“Thirty seconds should be enough, I don't want it to hurt too long.”

“Okay. ...There we go. The start button is the big one on the left side.” Meyrin reached for the button, careful not to press it, until she found it. After making sure Meyrin had indeed the right one, Luna went to take a chair from the dinner table, then climbed up on it to hang the noose off a metal hook in the ceiling, while Meyrin drew the knife from its sheath, wrapped a bit of cloth around its handle, then placed it on the ground slightly off the side.

“There's nothing more to do, is there?” Luna didn't even bother to get off the chair. “Let's just do it.”

“Yes. Farewell, Luna.”

Luna placed the noose around her neck, and Meyrin stepped behind her to reach for the backrest of the chair. “Farewell, sis.”

This was it. Luna gave Meyrin one final nod, and her sister slowly, almost gently, tilted and pulled the chair away from under her, leaving Luna a few more moments of precious footing before she fell into the embrace of the rope.

Instinctively Luna's feet started reaching for solid ground, even knowing fully well she would find none. She tried her best to relax and save energy for what was to come as Meyrin put the chair to the side, then hurried to kneel in front of Luna, her face about level with her sister's pussy.

Already now her slowly-growing lightheadedness made Luna that much more sensitive, and the mere touch of Meyrin's lips against her labia made her gasp in pleasure. The both of them being well aware that there wasn't much time, instead of her usual slow teasing and buildup, Meyrin got straight to it, using her fingers to spread Luna's pussy and enter her, while she started directly licking and sucking her clit.

As Meyrin continued pleasuring her, Luna's need for air quickly progressed from arousing to downright painful and she couldn't suppress her body's twitching and shivering from both pain and pleasure anymore, gripping the back of Meyrin's head and pressing it against her crotch, her sister's every little touch sending another spark of pure bliss through her body.

Her gasps quickly growing more and more desperate, Luna's vision was already starting to swim, and she could sense her orgasm approaching too, but like this she wasn't sure she was gonna make it that far. However when Meyrin briefly looked up, she seemed to notice the same thing, and after a short moment of thinking she reached for Luna's legs as she bowed down, placing her sister's thighs on her shoulders, then lifting her just enough to take some pressure off her neck.

“Th-thank... you...” Luna barely managed to form the words as her head cleared just a little and Meyrin proceeded to double her efforts to bring Luna to a climax. Precariously balancing between life and death on her sister's shoulders, still clearly feeling the bite of the rope, it didn't take much longer for Luna to do just that, gasping and moaning as a powerful orgasm came over her, the pain briefly forgotten as she tensed and shuddered in pleasure, squirting all over Meyrin's face.

As Luna slowly relaxed after almost a minute, suddenly Meyrin ducked away under her, leaving the noose to crush her neck full force once more. Stepping in front of her sister, seeing as she couldn't reach her lips, Meyrin placed a kiss on Luna's chest, right above her heart, before quickly kneeling down in front of her and reaching for the knife still waiting. “Farewell, Luna. See you on the other side.”

Without any more fanfare or show, Meyrin reached for the button on the side of her collar, starting the timer, then calmly but hurriedly clasped the knife in both hands, placing the tip on the right side of her stomach and taking one final deep breath before plunging the blade deep inside her.

Drawing in a sharp breath in pain, it took her a few moments to steel herself before she dragged the blade all the way across, opening up her abdomen. With a retching sound she almost doubled over, but managed to keep upright, looking up at Luna, who had begun struggling against the rope, kicking and flailing, and gave her sister one final, pained, smile as she in her head counted the seconds.

Her vision starting do darken and her hearing muffled, Luna still had to admire Meyrin's courage; while it could be argued which of the two was actually suffering worse, there was no denying that Meyrin was showing far more discipline – which Luna was almost certain she wouldn't be able to imitate –, cutting open her belly like this, then just calmly waiting for her death.

...Twenty nine ...Thirty. Luna couldn't even hear the sound of Meyrin's collar activating, but the effect was instantaneous. Meyrin's expression suddenly froze, and a split second later her head just tilted forward before falling off, perfectly severed. A few moments later her body followed suit, dropping to the side as the collar fell off, jerking and twitching in its death throes and spraying blood from her neck, while Meyrin's head came to rest just in front of Luna.

Meyrin still seemed to be awake, blinking and mouthing something Luna couldn't clearly make out anymore, but she forced down her movements long enough to give Meyrin one final smile.

A few seconds later, the life finally left Meyrin's eyes, and Luna gave up on her inhibitions, desperately flailing and thrashing with all her power in a bid to use up the last of her strength and be reunited with her sister as soon as possible. Her body only fighting on instinct, darkness was soon blanketing Luna's mind, taking the pain and the fear and everything with it as she faded. Wait for me Meyrin, I'm coming



This one is for Blau Sturm, for his birthday (one day or so belated, my bad). I think the story speaks for itself, not much to comment, except that I obviously tried to work in a few specific fetishes. (Also don't think too hard about how this situation came to pass, just accept it.)

(Maybe I really should start just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.



Thank you very much, Eterya!! :)

I know I sprung the fact that my birthday was yesterday on you kinda last-moment, but the fact that you managed to get it done so fast is really great!!

Thanks again!! :D


Too bad I don't know those characters, but the story is nice and sweet as usual.
What about the >>9670 idea? Are you going to write it? Just wondering...


As always I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I intend to do that idea, more specifically an NGE version like you mentioned a little below; I'm maybe halfway done, but real life, other projects (both /g/-related and not) and personal stuff have been keeping me. So yeah, working on it, but I can't give an ETA just yet.


That's great news to hear! More stories involving Ayanami Rei always make me happy. That would be third time you're writing based on my ideas (counting Many Deaths of Ayanami Rei and the Nanoha story), though first time to be directly by my request, but anyway I can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to the story, but no hurry, take as much time as you need to make it right.


[Neon Genesis Evangelion; hanging; con]

“Ugh, I can't believe our teacher!” Asuka threw up her arms in frustration after a particularly taxing day of school. “This 'fitness' stuff in PE sucks! I mean, a little stamina I can get, but would we need that strength training for? Especially for us girls.”

“I don't mind it.” Shinji countered, walking besides her on their way home. “It never hurts to stay in shape a little.”

“Well, you wouldn't, you're a boy, you're all about being the toughest and strongest.”

“Maybe they are,” Rei added from Asuka's other side. “but regardless, physical fitness can only be beneficial to our piloting.”

“But I don't need stupid push-ups for that!”

“Are you sure you're not just angry because the majority of the boys, including Ikari-kun scored higher than you?”

“No. ...Yes. ...A little, maybe. But it's just pointless and unfair, and besides, I didn't see you do nearly as good as me, wondergirl.”

“But strength isn't everything either.” Of course a wimp like Shinji would say something like that.

“I agree with Ikari-kun, intelligence or creativity can be just as important.” And of course wondergirl would side with him too.

Asuka frowned. “Care to put that to the test, then?”

“If you wish. What do you have in mind, Sohryu-san?”

“A contest of strength, I'll definitely beat you, and probably Shinji too. Hey, stupid, you have some rope at your place, right?”

“Um, I think so. What for?”

“You'll see when we're there.”


“Here we go.” Asuka turned around to show the noose she had made to Shinji and Rei before throwing it over the central beam of the old disused swing set standing in the small backyard. “We're gonna pull each other up for a suspension hanging. Stupid is gonna take the time how long each can hold the other. If one dies, obviously the other wins by default.”

“I see. Who gets to start?”

“...Shinji, flip a coin. I call heads.”

...“Heads. That means Ayanami will be hanged first.”

“Very well.” Rei stepped out of her shoes and socks before taking off her shirt too, starting to fully undress heedless of the faint blush rising on Shinji's cheeks. “I suppose it's only fair to take off my clothes to remove any excess weight.”

“If you want to.” Though this probably meant Asuka would have to strip in front of stupid too if it came to her turn. At least Rei's breasts were still smaller than hers, even if she had to admit the rest of the pale girl's physique was somewhat admirable.

“I'm ready.” Rei stepped under the swing, placing the noose around her neck before turning to Shinji with a small smile. “In case Sohryu-san wins and I die, farewell, Ikari-kun. Farewell, Sohryu-san.” She gave Asuka a brief nod. “Go.”

Asuka took a deep breath, then wrapped the rope around her right hand, normally griping it with her left, and pulled. Rei had always seemed a bit frail to her, and as it turned out, she was appropriately light too and Asuka could rather easily lift her off the ground a good half meter before holding her there, turning sideways a bit so she could use more of her own bodyweight.

For the first several seconds Rei barely reacted at all, but then she let out a small gasp as her feet started twitching a little. But she still maintained a pointedly neutral expression, keeping her gaze trained on Shinji, who was watching her just as intently.

The rope she was holding was starting to cut into Asuka's hand, but there was no way to change her grip now, and besides she knew that Rei had to be suffering much worse right now, so as long as wondergirl wasn't showing any reaction, Asuka would even less so.

It took another minute or so before Rei finally began gasping for air, kicking slightly and starting to sway a little, the rope pulling at Asuka's hands some more, who in turn leaned in with a little more of her weight, ignoring the pain in her right and the exhaustion slowly showing in her arms.

Rei's face was slowly turning red, and just now Asuka could see a tear of fear and anguish roll down her cheek, and while Asuka normally wasn't that sadistic or mean, she had to admit she kind of enjoyed seeing the perpetually stoic girl's composure break for once, even though her growing struggles were making it harder and harder to keep hold of the rope, Asuka's palms feeling as if they were on fire.

By this point Rei was struggling wildly, kicking, gasping and clawing at the rope, to no effect of course, but Asuka's muscles were starting to burn from the strain, and a small part of her doubted she'd be able to actually hang wondergirl to death. But she wasn't gonna be beaten so easily, especially not by something as trivial as gravity, so gritting her teeth, Asuka carefully shifted her footing to use yet more of her weight.

A few minutes later, Rei's struggles finally started weakening, reduced to small coughs and twitches, and Asuka wondered how long she'd have to hold her to be absolutely sure, but the steadily growing burning numbness in her hands, arms and even shoulders didn't let her. Instead Asuka could just barely untangle her hand from the rope to avoid some major ropeburn before she had to let go, wondergirl unceremoniously crumpling to the floor.

As Shinji got up to check on Rei, Asuka just stood there panting, waiting for strength to return to her arms as she inspected the angry red mark on the inside of her palm; that would probably hurt for a bit, but even if she was still alive, there was no way wondergirl would be beating her, so it'd be worth it.

“She's still alive.” Shinji announced after checking on Ayanami, and as he gently slapped her cheek to wake her, her eyelids fluttered open and she gasped for air, drawing in long greedy breaths before reaching for Shinji's shoulder to steady herself. “Ayanami, are you okay?”

“...I-” Rei was interrupted by a fit of coughing and when she continued her voice sounded weak and hoarse. “I'll... be fine... Ikari-kun.”

While Rei got up with Shinji's help, slowly regaining her breath, Asuka made a small show out of stripping naked, but of course Stupid only noticed at the very end when she presented her body, with nice firm boobs and a small neatly-trimmed patch of red down there, trying her best not to blush even as Shinji blatantly stared at her. “Wh-what are you waiting for, wondergirl? Come on.” Asuka quickly turned around to pick up the rope – pointedly ignoring the view she had to be flashing Shinji for a moment – and throw it back over the swing, before placing the noose around her neck.

“So I just have to lift you out of my own power, correct?” Rei asked as she got in position, gripping the rope with both hands.

“That's what I was saying, weren't you listening?”

“No, everything is fine, Sohryu-san.”

“You know I'll win. Let's get this over with.”

A moment later the noose dug into her neck, slowly pulling Asuka onto her tiptoes before raising her off the ground completely. She couldn't quite see Rei, but from the way she could hear the blue-haired girl straining to hold her, Asuka was pretty confident Rei wouldn't hold out nearly as long, so she forced herself to react as little as possible and make a good picture, even if her head was quickly starting to pound.

However a few moments later Rei just walked in front of her, both hands free, and Asuka looked to the side to find that wondergirl had tied the rope around the beam in the side of the swing set and she frowned. “H-hey... Cheating...” Asuka barely managed to produce the words.

“Not at all.” Rei calmly countered. “But I think Ikari-kun should be the one to decide.”

“Huh? Oh...” Of course stupid took a moment to answer, Asuka could clearly tell he had been distracted by her body – understandably. “...I think Ayanami is right. She expressly asked that she only had to lift you out of her own power, you never specified holding. And the debate of strength against intelligence was what started this, so she outsmarted you. Y-you can just give up, though, otherwise you'll...”

By now the pain was pretty bad, so it took Asuka a lot of control to not just grimace but clearly glare and frown at Shinji. “No... way...” She was never gonna give up to wondergirl and her 'smartness', even if it killed her – which in fact it was about to.

Shinji was about to say something, but Rei cut him short by placing a hand on his shoulder. “Don't bother. Sohryu-san is not going to give up, just leave her be.” He nodded and the two sat down on a nearby bench to observe Asuka's struggle, Rei still completely naked and seeing nothing wrong with it.

Shinji looked at Asuka's face, already dark red and slowly shifting towards purple, contorted in pain despite her best efforts as she started kicking and clawing at the rope. “I am sure Sohryu-san is in a lot of pain right now.” Rei answered the unspoken question after following his gaze, and Shinji looked over to her, taking a few seconds to formulate his question.

“I-if you don't mind, Ayanami, how did it feel to...”

“To be hanged?” Rei smiled. “It was agonizing, likely more than any pain I ever felt.” And this included a few very bad situations in their battles with the angels too. But even beyond the physical pain, the circumstances of it, herself naked, with only Ikari-kun and Sohryu-san watching, had made this experience much more ...intimate and intense than any other. “But it was also beautiful,” She continued “knowing that you were there, watching me.”

Failing to come up with a response, Shinji slowly raised his hand towards Rei's neck, and she tilted her head backwards, leaving him to inspect and then gently caress the dark red and blue marks the rope had left around her neck, the both of them entirely ignoring Asuka's continued suffering, tears running down her cheeks as she wildly fought an unwinnable battle against the rope . “You- your pain was beautiful too. You were more beautiful than any girl I've ever met. Thank you for letting me see this, Ayanami.”

“Thank you for being here, Shinji.” Rei placed a hand on top of Shinji's gently holding it with just enough strength to stop him from pulling away in reflex as his cheeks flushed and he stammered for an answer, but she cut him off. “I was so very close to slipping into the void, but your voice called me back. And I think I'm glad it did, because it means I can keep being with you.”

“I- I'm glad you're still here too, Aya- ...Rei.” There was only one way this had to go, but Rei knew Shinji wasn't going to make that step, so she leaned towards him, her lips pursed. “R-Rei...”

Just as besides them Asuka let out one last gasp, her eyes rolling back and a trickle of urine running down her legs, Shinji and Rei kissed. First only gently brushing their lips against each other, but after a moment he reached to wrap his arms around her head and back, and she returned the gesture, the two embracing each other as their lips slightly parted, leaving their tongues to gently, carefully touch and explore each other.

Several seconds later Rei broke off, pulling back just a little to look right into Shinji's large brown eyes. “Rei, t-that was-” But she stopped him with a finger on his lips, they could talk later. So they just sat in silence, holding each other and basking in their closeness and newfound feelings for each other.

Eventually Rei turned to the side to see Asuka's lifeless body, completely limp and her face frozen in pain and fear. “Should we get Sohryu-san down and return?”

“Yeah.” They both got up, Shinji undoing the rope and hefting Asuka's body over his shoulder, while Rei gathered their discarded clothes. “Let's go home.”



Based on an inspiration/request by Aoi Hikari (>>9670) a while ago that somehow took me forever to finish. Would you look at that, I got some proper romance into my guro, how nice. As with most/all Aoi Hikari stories, this one is ostensibly set in a world where injury and death is just a part of life like any other, so people see nothing wrong with someone trying to hang each other just for a silly bet, but that's like all there is to add about this one.

(Maybe I really should start just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


That was very nicely done.


As I've already mentioned, can't thank you enough for picking up my incoherent ideas and turning them into actual working stories that are also well written.


Would you be interested in Simpsons snuff?


Sorry, but I don't think so. They're just distinctly not-human enough that writing about them would just feel ...weird to me, if that makes any sense (for that same reason I rarely enjoy cartoon porn - as opposed to hentai - either).


Le bumpe


If you're still taking requests, I've got some for you to choose from. Take your pick; you don't have to do all of these.

--As she's skinnydipping in a lake on a secluded/deserted island, Azula dunks herself to at first test how long she can hold her breath, which slowly evolves into her trying to drown herself as she's masturbating underwater.

--A reluctant and unsure Korra engages in some knife-play with an overly eager and very submissive Asami...who has suggested that the blade would be stuck into her belly ("Please, Mistress Korra, I wanna feel it deep inside my belly...I wanna be stabbed sooooo hard~").

--Azula and some of her maids/some prostitutes she's hired put on a snuff show for her guards...and all of the girls getting snuffed are more than willing to get killed for the pleasure of their audience, with Azula serving as the enthusiastic grand finale! Besides, they plan to cum as or right before they go!


In principle I'm still taking requests, I've just been rather busy lately, so not much time to write. Of yours if any I'd consider the third one, I'm just not 'feeling' the other two, if you know what I mean (and I'm not that massive a fan of the series, nor do I know the sequel at all).

But I'd wanna change it up a bit, because using one canon character and filling up with OCs just puts needless restraints on my writing; I'd either use all OCs (which if you wanna stick with the Avatar setting could leave Azula as a non-participating spectator), or do a kind of crossover snuff show to kill a few girls from various settings with no regard for any canon whatsoever (which obviously could involve Azula). Either of these sound like an idea to you?


How about a story wherein Widowmaker (of Overwatch) is hired to assassinate the three main girls from the Totally Spies (Sam, Clover, and Alex), and does so hanging or strangling each girl to death, one by one. I love the idea of a French stangler. I don't know why.



To me, if Azula isn't the final girl begging to be snuffed, it just doesn't work for me. Crossover to your heart's content, friend!


That I can do, I'm just gonna fill up with some characters I like. As for Azula, any more details/specifics you wanna add? (How she dies in particular)

I can work with that, but it's been ages since I watched any of that show, if ever. Care to briefly summarize the girls' personalities/mannerisms? (I know Widowmaker well enough)



Willingly and cumming as she goes. As for the actual method, I've always imagined her belly being stabbed/cut open as she cums harder than she ever will, befitting a grand finale for the show she's organized.



And before I forget, each girl is actually eager to be snuffed and plans to orgasm REALLY hard either right before or as they die.



I don't mean to give a lazy answer, but, honestly, you'd probably get a better description from their respective Wikia pages than from me. It's been ages since I watched the show as well, so my memory is pretty vague by now.

Very simply, Clover is valley girl, Alex is a bit boyish, and Sam is the smart one, though notably not smart in the sense that she fits into the nerd archetype; she doesn't. She is fashional and socially capable like the other two.

Again, though, you'll probably get a better idea from the Totally Spies Wiki.


What about a "TV show" for snuffing famous furries? Renamon, Krystal, Amy Rose, etc


Sorry, but I don't think so. While I don't necessarily mind them, I'm not that big a fan of furries that I'd wanna dedicate a whole story to them either. Plus I'm currently working on a story that uses that very 'show' concept (even if it's more of stage show than TV).


[Totally Spies/Overwatch; hanging, strangulation; non-con]

We've spotted the targets on their way back, ETA is ten minutes.

Compris. On my way.” Finally. Time to kill. As patient as she was – had been made to be – Widowmaker still preferred action over inaction. She got up and after just briefly stretching made her way down from her observation post on a nearby hill where she'd scoped out the house the last five hours. She silently and swiftly made her way to her mark, all but invisible to both the naked eye and electronic alarms thanks to a handy device provided to her by Sombra, obnoxious as she way occasionally the girl could be... useful.

The highly secure and electronically locked backdoor opened to her as she approached and Widowmaker could almost see the hacker's smirk in her mind. “De nada, Araña.” Simply shutting off the comms channel, Widowmaker did a quick sweep of the house, finding nothing out of the ordinary, before briefly recounting all the intel she had on targets, then picking out one of the girls' private rooms and lying in wait again.

Just minutes later the door opened and Widowmaker could faintly hear the girls chattering about shopping and some mission or the other and making plans for the evening to invite some boys over. A shame that was never going to happen. While she certainly wasn't opposed to an easier mission now and then, not that Widowmaker had any choice at all in the matter, she also had to wonder how a bunch of teenage girls justified sending one of Talon's best after them; but then again, she knew the uselessness of their normal henchmen well enough, and it appeared these 'Spies' were either far more competent than they let on, or just really lucky. But Widowmaker wasn't here to comment on the incompetence of Talon's grunts, she was here to kill, and so she was going to kill.

It took only a few more minutes for her first target to enter, just as planned. The redhead wearing a green jacket over a tank top and shorts likely wouldn't have noticed Widowmaker even if she hadn't been camouflaged, just closing the door behind her then making her way straight to her desk, dropping into the chair with a long sigh and putting on some light music as she started writing something. Samantha, the diligent learner, Sombra's info had been perfect of course. An easy target if there ever was one.

Sam didn't even hear Widowmaker uncloak and walk up to her holding a thin wire until the assassin suddenly looped it around the girls neck in one swift motion, pulling it taut with all her strength. “Wha-!” Instantly cutting off the girl's voice, Widowmaker swiftly made two steps back, pulling the chair away from the desk to avoid an unnecessary noise before bracing herself to keep it in place as she kept strangling Sam.

Ambushed like this, in her own home, the girl didn't stand any chance at all, gasping and choking, her fingers ineffectually trying to grip the wire around her neck. Still keeping up the pressure, Widowmaker leaned forward to see Sam's face deeply red, her eyes bloodshot and tears streaming down her cheeks, and couldn't help but smirk at the redhead's legs pointlessly kicking, finding nothing but air; if all of these girls were going to be this easy, it had truly been a waste to send Widowmaker after them, even Sombra could have done this one.

After another two minutes of struggling and flailing Sam's movements finally began to slow down, and tightening the wire around her neck some more, Widowmaker leaned down to softly, gently speak, all but whisper into the girl's ear. “It's alright, chérie, just let go. It will be easier if you just give in.”

This was always a bit of a gamble, because if they didn't give in, the victim might just get more defiant instead, but this time it paid off, and only a few seconds later, Sam relaxed, all but going limp with one last gasp more like a weak sigh. Of course Widowmaker kept the wire around the redhead's neck for a few minutes longer to be positively sure, then let go and stepped around the body to view her handiwork.

Sam's face was smudged with tears and bits of drool, frozen in pure agony and terror, a thin dark red line left behind by the wire around her slender neck. All of it, just lovely. Widowmaker took a deep breath and she almost imagined she could feel her heart beating a little faster, her only reward for a kill well done. But there were still two more to kill, and maybe by the end of it, she would feel alive again, just for a little while.

After just a small moment of what would have been pride in anyone else, Widowmaker pushed the chair back to the desk, shifting Sam's body a little to rest her head on both her arms atop the desk, as if she'd fallen asleep while working; obviously it wouldn't fool any proper investigation, but it should be enough to set up the next kill.

The plan worked perfectly; Widowmaker would have been content with waiting the whole evening, but barely fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door, and another, and after – obviously – there was no answer the door was pushed open and her second target entered.

“Sam are you there? We were gonna have dinner and-” The blonde wearing a dark red dress and stockings paused when she noticed her friend's form slumped over the desk. “Oh my gawd, did you, like, fall asleep? I keep telling you not to stay up late studying. You of all people-”

Widowmaker silently approached Clover, then swiftly reached around her neck with one arm, locking it in a chokehold with the second. However to her surprise, the girl quickly reacted, reflexively grabbing the assassin's arm, then twisting and slightly buckling her knees to both free herself and throw Widowmaker. But of course such paltry tricks wouldn't work on her, and instead of falling to the ground, Widowmaker just did a graceful flip over Clover's shoulder, landing right in front of her and using the girl's moment of surprise to land a chop against her neck, followed by a clean kick against her middle that sent her falling, audibly hitting her head against the wooden frame of the bed.

Looked like they really were all going to be this easy. Clover was still trying to regain her bearings, coughing and rubbing her neck, but before she could recover, Widowmaker slid on top of her, straddling her as she pushed the girl's hands aside, wrapping both of her own around the blonde's neck and squeezing tight.

Clover gasped for air and tried to pull Widowmaker's hands away, but she was nowhere near strong enough, her face quickly starting to turn red. After several more seconds of fruitless attempts, she instead tried to first push, then claw at Widowmaker's arms, but those small scratches of course didn't mean anything to the assassin, half the time even a bullet wound wouldn't, but she leaned forward just a bit to put a little more weight into her hands.

Coughing and producing hacked gasps, Clover kept fighting just as long as Sam had, still trying to pry Widowmaker's hands away from her, even as her face began shifting to purple, her tongue hanging out and her tears of pain and fear washing away her mascara in dark streaks down her face.

But even as her gasps died down and her struggles weakened to small shudders, the girl still hung on and Widowmaker frowned; the door was still open, so the risk of interference was much higher, would she just hurry up and die already? “You don't have a chance, just let it happen.”

For a moment Clover seemed to rear up, bucking and thrashing with renewed strength, but after just a few seconds she fell backwards almost motionless, having wasted the last of her energy and Widowmaker increased the pressure on her neck again, leaning into it with all of her weight. After just a few more seconds Clover's eyes rolled back and she went limp, but just to be sure, Widowmaker got up to roll the girl onto her stomach, then knelt on top of her to reach one arm around her chin and the other at the back of her head, twisting with a sharp motion until her neck snapped with a satisfying crack, the body only twitching and shuddering for a few moments before finally laying still.

Widowmaker just couldn't resist brushing the blonde's hair to the side to get a look at her face, showing the same delicious pain and fear as her friend's, getting up with a small smile of what resembled satisfaction, a feeling of warmth in her chest. Faint of course, but it was there, and it was enough to spur Widowmaker on to just go for the final kill right away instead of lying in wait again.

As chance would have it, her last target, the tan girl wearing plain jeans and a yellow top was just on her way up the stairs too, perhaps to look for her friends, just as Widowmaker stepped out of the room, noticing the assassin just as she reached the top. “Who are you, what are you doing in here? This is private property.”

She seemed – rightfully – on guard, but it wasn't going to do her any good anyways; Widowmaker was going to enjoy playing with this one for a bit. She raised her arms as if in surrender, slowly walking towards Alex – until she was in range and suddenly dashed forth, aiming a palm strike at the girl's throat, only to find her block it with her forearm, follow up with a rather weak jab that fell just short of Widowmaker's stomach, then quickly jump backwards.

“What do you think you're doing?!” Alex took a defensive stance from some martial art, just as Widowmaker did the same. “Sam, Clover! There's an intruder here!” After several seconds of no answer, Alex looked around with just a hint of panic before counting two and two together and glaring at Widowmaker. “If you did anything to hurt them...”

Widowmaker just smirked. “Then what?” Without giving Alex and time to answer, she attacked again, this time with a fist aimed right at her face, and when the girl guarded again, followed with a short strike to her stomach that made her gasp for air and stagger backwards.

However Alex recovered surprisingly quickly, meeting Widowmaker's side kick with a double block and countering with a punch to her chest, and even if her aim was off and her fist hit the sternum rather than the solar plexus, it still was enough to force Widowmaker a step backwards.

As Alex tried to follow up with another strike towards her head, instead of blocking or dodging Widowmaker managed to catch her fist, surprising the girl enough to swiftly pull her in and ram a knee into her solar plexus, sending her to the floor clutching her stomach, then followed with a swift kick to her head to knock her out for just a moment, but hopefully not kill her just yet.

As she dragged Alex into Sam's room, Widowmaker's programming was telling her she should just snap her neck and be done with it, but for some reason this didn't seem quite ...interesting enough for her, and besides, after the girl actually managing to land a hit on her, Widowmaker was feeling just a little vindictive. As she quickly scanned the room, she noticed a small bump in the ceiling, looking up to find what looked like a metal hook that had been painted over white probably because it was too much of a hassle to remove. This would do perfectly.

Pulling up a second chair from the corner of the room, Widowmaker opened her grappling gun to pull out a length of the wire, threading it through the hook, then fashioning the end with the hook into a loop, taking off the whole gauntlet and tying the other side of the rope to the side of the nearby bed.

Taking a moment to admire her makeshift gallows, Widowmaker noticed that Alex was already starting to move again, so she quickly lifted her, managing to stand on the chair next to her as she placed the noose around the girl's neck, holding her until she saw her eyes slowly open, standing out of her own strength again. “Ow... wh-what are you-”

Au revoir.” Widowmaker didn't give Alex any chance to fully realize the situation, much less attempt an escape, quickly pulling the chair away and leaving her hanging, as she leisurely sat down to observe the girl's final moments.

Alex instantly started wildly kicking, futilely reaching for the noose around her neck as she started crying. The thin, strong wire of the grappling hook had to make it especially painful, and Widowmaker could have sworn she even saw a trickle of red on the side of Alex' neck; lovely.

Alex seemed to last longer than both her friends, her struggles all but undiminished even after multiple minutes, but this time Widowmaker didn't mind it taking a little longer, if anything she was greatly enjoying the show.

The girl's face was completely red by now, and though she wasn't showing any sign of stopping just now, here movements seemed to slowly be losing in strength, and Widowmaker got up to briefly caress her – inordinately hot – cheek with a taunting smile. “Fille stupide. This is what happens when kids try to play secret agents. Attract the attention of the grown-ups and you die.”

With an angry noise even now Alex tried to kick Widowmaker, but the woman easily blocked the shoddy attack and returned by slamming her fist into Alex' stomach, making her gasp to waste some air and clutch her mid, even if the pain probably didn't nearly compare.

It took just another minute or two for Alex' struggles to finally die down, only slightly shuddering and twitching, and when she soiled herself, a wet spot growing in front of her pants, that feeling of warmth in Widowmaker's chest grew again, reaching down to her stomach and even her crotch, eliciting a sensation she couldn't quite place as she absent-mindedly rubbed herself through her clothing. The last time she'd told her handlers about it, they had helped her, but been rather ...unbecoming about it. Maybe this time she'd ask Sombra, the hacker seemed to know anything about everything anyways, and it wasn't like Widowmaker hadn't noticed the way how the girl looked at her, even if she herself had no use for such feelings.

But first things first. Widowmaker stood watch over Alex' limp, swaying body for another ten minutes to be positively sure she was dead and there would be no last-second rescues, before taking the body down to drop it onto the floor next to her friend's, retrieving her grappling hook, then radioing mission control. “I am done, all targets down. ...Oui. ...Oh, and tell Sombra to meet me when I return s'il vous plait.”


As per request >>11111 (of the two requests, this one seemed easier and shorter, so I did it first to just get it out of my mind). No sex nor nudity in this one at all for a change (though Sombra is totally getting laid tonight), just a bunch of killing and a hint of Widowmaker angst. The French bits according to google, hopefully I didn't mess up any of the italics. Other than that, pretty self-evident.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.



As the one who requested that story, I am quite pleased, indeed. I probably would have spent more time dwelling on each of the girls being strangled, the cord pressing on their throats, and such, but that's just because I'm a sadistic creep who loves a pretty girl's throat.

I was the one who asked for that Alexa vs Misha story a little while ago, so you can tell that wanting more detailed strangling is just a personal preference, and not any shortcoming of your writing.



That said, first Tracer and now these young ladies? Widowmaker is out of control! She really deserves to get a taste of her own medicine, I think XD


May I ask for a slow strangulation for Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures and necro sex involving her feet?


[Avatar/Pokémon/Final Fantasy/ ; f/f, f-self; shooting, decapitation, gutting, hanging; con]

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, as always for the evening's highlight! Our agents are always scouring the multiverse for willing participants, and believe me, they find no shortage volunteers. These lovely girls and ladies have been hand-picked and brought here just to die for your – and their – pleasure.”

“First up, from the town of Piltover, this rather explosive personality was just all too eager to be part of this show. Give it up for Jinx!”

Under the applause of the audience a skinny somewhat pale-skinned girl stepped through the curtains, taking exaggerated bows in both directions. She had bright blue hair in twin braids reaching all the way down to her knees, violet eyes and a very clearly excited expression. Jinx was wearing almost more ink than clothing, her entire right arm, chest and stomach down to her hip adorned with a motif of stylized blue clouds and purple bullets, while only clad in what amounted to a bikini top, very short shorts, ankle boots and fingerless gloves.

“Next, her journey to save the land of Spira now complete, twice over at that, now she finally has some time for her own pleasure. The former High Summoner, Yuna!”

A second girl entered the stage, taking a single much more formal bow before standing next to Jinx. She was slightly shorter and more tan, with short brown hair save for a thin long braid and full heterochromia, her right eye green and the left blue. While slightly less so than Jinx, Yuna was still dressed rather revealingly, with a white top with a pink hood that still left her shoulders and midriff bare while also showing a wide cleavage all the way to her navel, as well as mini shorts under a halfskirt covering only her left leg, knee-high boots and yellow armbands around both her upper arms.

“Then, we have true royalty here today. Don't be fooled by her facade, she too was very, very eager to be here. None other than the princess of the Fire Nation, Azula!”

The black-haired girl stepping onto the stage glared at the audience as if they were all beneath her, but the glint in her eyes and the quirk of her lips betrayed just how excited she was as she took her place besides the other two. She was wearing what appeared to be a swimsuit, consisting of a halterless top and bikini bottoms under a short one-sided skirt, all in shades of dark red, as well as a small ornament holding her hair in a neat bun, and a red armband bearing the insignia of her nation.

“And last but certainly not least, she's the strongest Trainer of her region, the Kalos League Champion as well as an accomplished actress. Today she's going to put up the ultimate show! Diantha!”

A dark-haired woman gracefully stepped through the curtains, waving to the audience before taking a bow. She was taller than all of the other girls and had blue eyes and short done-up hair. Diantha was wearing nothing but a cream silken camisole, the thin garment reaching just past her hips, and while at first it could appear she was dressed the least revealingly, in fact it was the very opposite; as soon as she stepped into the bright light of the stage, the sheer fabric became all but transparent, perfectly showing her firm, moderately large breasts.

A few moments later the curtain rose to reveal a small rather bare-bones stage bearing little more than a simple if comfy chair, a long wooden table, and a low gallows without a trapdoor of any kind but only a small stool beneath it.

“Let's get to it! I hate waiting.” Jinx hastily stepped out of her shoes and shorts revealing her lack of panties and a somewhat irregular and haphazard trimmed landing strip the same colour as her hair as she sat down into the chair with her legs spread. “Yunie, come here, you're the hottest here, so you get to eat me out.”

“Me? You really think so?” With only a small bit of hesitation, Yuna complied, kneeling in front of Jinx' pussy.

“Yeah, the fire chick is kinda scary and Diantha – no offence – is a bit boring.” Azula frowned at that, but Diantha just lightly shrugged with a faint smile; she in turn found Jinx just too loud and flashy, so suppose it was just a matter of perspective, to each their own and all that.

“You know what to do, right? Now come on.” Jinx reached down to push Yuna's face right against her crotch, and even though the girl had only a little practical experience, she could work out the rest well enough and started drawing her tongue up and down Jinx' pussy a few times to find her get very wet very quick. As she began focusing on her clit exclusively, the blue-haired girl started gasping and loudly moaning within only minutes, rhythmically rocking back and forth in the chair.

Her face clearly flush with arousal, Jinx leaned backward a bit to raise her legs, wrapping her thighs around Yuna's head to press it against her pussy even harder, and even though at first the other girl didn't mind the pressure, after several moments it became harder and harder for her to breathe, but when she tried to pull back, Jinx locked her legs, keeping Yuna in place regardless of her growing panic.

Yet in a rather impressive dedication to the task at hand, Yuna continued eating her out, not that she had terribly much of a choice, even as she started squirming and fighting against Jinx' legs, but as black spots started appearing in front of her eyes and her movements slowly weakened, Jinx finally seemed to remember that smothering Yuna like that, while immensely hot, would also be a major deviation from the plan, so she finally let go and Yuna immediately pulled back, greedily gasping for air.

“Wow, you're even hotter like this.” Jinx grinned at Yuna's face, red from the lack of air, her hair dishevelled, and gratuitously covered in Jinx' juices. “But we're not done yet.” She briefly pushed a finger into her pussy, rubbing herself for a few moments with a low moan, the pulling out and slowly licking it off, savouring the sweet taste of herself. “Get back here and help me finish. And fire chick, get ready, you gotta finish me afterwards.”

As Azula drew a sharp, slightly curved knife and took position right behind Jinx, Yuna returned to eating her out, finding herself quite wet too from the sensations right before her, the taste, the smell, and the sound of Jinx' voice almost cracking as she was approaching her climax, despite the brief scare the girl had just given her; although if anything, these moments of breathlessness had upped her arousal even more, maybe she should have gone with hanging or something too.

Her own arousal making Yuna work even faster and harder, it barely took another minute for Jinx to peak, squirting all over Yuna's face, shuddering and moaning – only for her voice to suddenly be cut off as Azula grabbed her hair to pull her head back, then dragged the knife across her neck, opening her throat almost from ear to ear. Spraying fountains of blood everywhere, Jinx kept producing gurgling sounds, her body continued its orgasm as Yuna kept eating her out.

Only several moments later Jinx' movements slowly weakened as her shudders of pleasure were replaced by death throes, and only a few seconds later she went limp entirely, her face even now frozen in pleasure, huge streams of blood running down her chest and pooling on the floor below. Only once Jinx was entirely still Yuna got up, her back, hair and in part face covered in copious amounts of red, while Azula wiped the blood off the knife on Jinx' hair, then returned to the side of the stage next to Diantha.

Still breathing heavily, Yuna stepped a little to the side of Jinx, wiping the worst of the blood off her face, even if she still felt all sticky, especially her hair. But it was her turn next, so it wasn't like that even mattered, no reason to delay any further. Instead of completely taking off her top, Yuna just pulled both sides of her cleavage open a little more to reveal her firm, slightly small breasts, before pulling down her shorts and panties, showing a completely shaved pussy already visibly wet in expectation.

Yuna squatted down with her legs apart and, supporting herself on one arm, drew one of her guns from its holster, dragging its barrel along the length of her pussy through her panties, then finally pushing them aside, the muzzle briefly entering her pussy before she flinched at the coldness of the metal and pulled back. Instead Yuna brought the gun up her mouth and started licking and sucking the barrel before pushing it deep inside her mouth moving it back forth almost gagging on it as she started lightly moaning.

After several moments the metal was all warmed up, as well as nice and wet, so Yuna pushed the gun into her pussy again, entering her all the way to the trigger guard, letting out another moan. Shifting her position so she was sitting with her legs spread in order to free her other arm, Yuna pulled out the second pistol and, after slowly dragging the muzzle up over her stomach and chest, again started to very suggestively lick and suck it as she began fucking herself with the first one.

Pushing the barrel deep into her mouth until she had to gag, Yuna's moans were muffled as she kept moving both guns back and forth, bits of saliva running down the grip and her fingers before sloppily dripping onto her chest. Within only minutes she was about ready to cum, forcing the gun inside her pussy just a little faster and deeper to finally orgasm.

Even through the gun in her mouth Yuna's moans of ecstasy were still distinctly audible as her whole body tensed, her hands clenching around her guns as her climax washed over her. As her orgasm finally was about to subside, still slightly shaking in the last waves of pleasure, Yuna pushed the gun into her mouth as far as she could, suppressing her gag reflex as she angled the barrel upwards, closing her eyes as she pulled the trigger.

With a powerful bang the back of Yuna's head exploded into a spray of gore, splattering the stage behind her with blood mixed with chunks of brain matter and bone as she fell over backwards. Vacant eyes staring towards the ceiling, Yuna's body only continued shuddering a few seconds longer, a trickle of urine making its way past the gun still inside her pussy and pooling between her legs before she went completely still.

After waiting a few more moments, Azula stepped up, handing Diantha the knife she'd already used to kill Jinx. “Don't screw this up, this is gonna be my moment.”

The woman just ignored the rather condescending tone with a polite smile. “Don't worry princess, I won't.”

“You better not.” Sitting on the edge of the table and lasciviously posing and stretching for a few seconds, Azula took off her top and bottoms, dropping them to the floor, leaving her only in her semi-transparent beach skirt, before turning it to the side to give a free view of her pussy as she picked up a pair of dildos from the table.

Swinging her legs onto the table too and spreading them so she was showing her pussy right to the audience, Azula very suggestively licked two of her fingers, reaching under her and leaning backwards a bit to spread the saliva around and into her asshole. Taking the shorter of the dildos, she similarly licked and sucked it for several seconds to lubricate it, then placed it upright onto the table, her arms tensing as she pushed herself up, before lowering herself onto the dildo with a loud moan.

After taking a few moments to accustom to the sensation inside her, Azula flicked a switch on the base of the dildo, immediately gasping as it began to vibrate, clearly audible whenever it touched the wood of the table. Laying on her back completely, Azula took the second, larger and thicker dildo, and by this point she was so wet there was no need to prepare it any further, the huge plastic cock easily sliding into her pussy all the way, and she let out another powerful moan, briefly closing her eyes in pleasure as she slowly started moving the dildo back and forth.

Even if she'd had the self-control to not start touching herself ahead of time, the show had already made Azula massively horny, so she didn't take long at all to approach her climax too, and she briefly paused to beckon Diantha over before resuming fucking herself with the dildo even faster and harder. The sight of the gleaming knife Diantha was holding made the fate that was awaiting her yet clearer, and the thought alone was enough to make Azula climax just seconds later.

“Oh, fuck. Yes!” Shivering in pleasure, Azula loudly moaned and gasped. “Now! Do it!” She all but begged, arching her back in ecstasy. “Come on, do it! Ah... Finish me, now! ...Do it!” Diantha complied, raising the blade over her head before plunging it deep into Azula's stomach, just below the sternum, briefly cutting off the princess' moans with into a gasp before she resumed, even more desperately than before.

Quickly changing her grip on the knife and turning the blade a bit, with her full strength Diantha dragged it all the way down Azula's stomach to just above her crotch, cutting through the muscle entirely, the tremendous gaping wound giving a distinct view of her guts before quickly flooding with blood, rapidly streaming all over Azula's upper body. Yet even now through the searing pain spreading through her entire body, she kept fucking herself, determined to make this orgasm the best she'd ever had, and so far it was working.

Still, eventually her power started leaving Azula and her climax subsided, her hands weakly dropping to her side into the massive puddle of blood dripping down the sides of the table. Diantha acted just in time, before the pain could completely take over, she pulled the knife out of Azula's stomach, instead pressing it into the upper end of the wound at a very flat angle, aiming carefully before driving it all the way into her ribcage from below, accurately piercing Azula's heart, shaking the blade sideways a few times before withdrawing it, the rapid blood loss making Azula nice and sleepy and forget all about the pain as everything faded to silence.

Giving Azula ample time to completely fade and have the attention of audience for a few moments longer, Diantha placed the bloody knife on the table next to her body, before confidently walking up to the gallows waiting just for her. Time for the finale.

Taking a final bow to the audience, Diantha stepped onto the stool, placed the noose around her neck and – rather pointlessly – held her breath and silently counted to three before kicking it away. As planned her drop stopped after a split second, leaving her fully aware and looking towards a slow and painful end, but that was the whole point, wasn't it?

Diantha couldn't stop herself from gasping as she instinctively tried to breathe, and her legs from starting to kick in the air, but while she still could there was something she had to do. While she hadn't been as overt about it, of course the show before her and the thoughts of her own impending demise had made Diantha just as aroused, so reaching under the hem of her camisole, she found her pussy completely wet with expectation, even dripping down her thighs a little as she pushed two fingers inside herself.

Along with the pain on her neck and the throbbing in her head, the growing lack of oxygen also seemed to intensify Diantha's every sensation, the normally smooth fabric of her camisole feeling almost painfully rough against her erect nipples, but at the same time every small movement of her fingers sent ripples of pleasure through her entire body, and Diantha could tell she was already quite close to cumming.

Caught between her growing pain and pleasure, Diantha wanted nothing more than to keep holding out, wavering on the edge of her climax to enjoy that feeling as long as she could, but at the same time she didn't know just how much time she had left, and the actress in her didn't want to deny the audience a proper show. So she kept fingering herself faster and faster, her left reaching for her breasts to roughly squeeze and fondle them, and only a handful seconds later, her pleasure finally broke way in a powerful orgasm.

Her voice strangled by the rope, Diantha's moans turned into a series of gasps as her whole body shivered in climax, her pussy clenching around her fingers and her body forgetting its pain and mortal danger just for these few seconds as Diantha shuddered in pleasure almost rhythmically, swaying at the end of the rope. Yet, as it likely had for all of the girls, her orgasm ended much too soon and the painful reality caught up to her; but now Diantha didn't even try to hold back her body's reflexes to kick and flail and claw at the rope, it was pointless anyways, and besides, the audience deserved a good show too.

Thus when she felt another kind of pressure forming between her legs, Diantha didn't even try to hold it in, rather intentionally peeing herself, a dark spot forming on her gown as the warm stream trickled down her legs before dripping on the floor, and she managed a faint smile as what normally would have been incredibly undignified instead elicited a round of cheers and applause from the audience.

Even though a little later the pain reached the point where she stopped caring about the show and only wanted her suffering to end, it took Diantha several more minutes of utter agony dancing at the end of the rope, the burning pain in her chest growing hotter and hotter even as the rest of her body slowly lost all feeling, before finally the last of her strength waned and the numbness swept over her body, blanketing her mind as everything ended


Surprise, I'm still alive. Just bad at being (consistently) productive, university's started up again and I kept getting distracted, sorry for the wait.

As per request >>11078 . I may have gotten a bit carried away with this one in a classic example of feature creep, and I changed a few details from the original request (mostly Azula being not the last, purely for the logistic reason of her method requiring an assistant), I hope it works anyways. But in turn I also came up with this convenient setting to kill any and all characters without having to bother with their canon, so that's nice; I totally could reuse this one in the future (maybe to sort of 'gather' smaller requests like >>11353 until I have enough victims to put on another show).

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssss new content! And it’s one of my requests too! Thanks!

There is so little consensual snuff out there that it makes me happy that you’re adding to that pot a little bit. Thank you!


Another nice consensual story. What for the sitting... on one side it allows using any characters and death methods... on the other hand it makes the story nothing more then a combination of characters and theirs deaths, lacking actual story. The deaths by themselves can be fun too, but I'd say don't stick to it and make more stories with actual story in them too.






[RWBY, Fire Emblem; f/f, rape; asphyxiation, decapitation; con, non-con]

What happened? Yang awoke sitting on a hard wooden chair. Where am I? As she looked around the dimly-lit room, slowly her memory returned; some shadowy figures had accosted her as she was on her way home from the club, she had refused whatever they'd wanted, and, and... there had been a fight for sure. Only when she tried to get up, Yang noticed that her wrists and ankles were tied to the chair with heavy leather restraints and she started shaking and tearing at them to break free, but to little effect.

“I would save my strength if I were you.” A somewhat low female voice said and Yang paused to look around for the source, and just a moment later a tall, dark-haired blue-eyed woman stepped close to her. She was wearing a costume that was as impractical as it was revealing, effectively little more than a fancy loincloth and a bra not at all adequately containing the woman's sizeable cleavage, but with some sort of skin-tight dark see-through fabric covering the entirety of her arms, legs and abdomen; plus a long black and golden cape, and pairs of bulky golden armlets and anklets, and an elaborate-looking tiara.

“Who are you? And where are we?”

“You may call me Tharja. And as for where, I don't know either; a place between worlds, I suppose you'd call it. But I can tell you why you're here, at least: You're about to die slowly and painfully for people's entertainment.”

It took Yang a small moment to register what Tharja had just said, starting to thrash against her bindings, to no avail. “What the fuck?! Did Roman set you up to this? Let me go!”

Tharja just shrugged. “I don't know who you're talking about. But don't worry, I'm going to be killed too. And besides, I'll make sure the both of us go out in one last blaze of pleasure.”

“The hell?! Are you crazy?”

“Perhaps. Entirely possibly even.” Tharja walked up to Yang and leaned a towards her, lowering her voice into a seductive tone. “Now, shall we get started? I hate waiting.”

There clearly was no reasoning with that woman. Instead of answering, Yang briefly closed her eyes to draw on her Aura, activating her Semblance in a burst of fire that would easily free her – except there was no fire, and she could hardly even feel the telltale heat of her Aura inside her.

“Don't bother.” Tharja said with a cruel grin. “Your powers are no use in here. You're not getting away, so you might as well give in and enjoy yourself one last time.” Yang didn't say anything, but – at least for now – didn't keep trying to break free either, and with a smile Tharja moved yet closer to her, opening Yang's jacket before reaching for her top beneath it – and just tearing it open with surprising ease, throwing the shredded fabric to the side to reveal a practical yellow sports bra.

“H-hey!” Yang blushed a little, but there wasn't anything she could do either as Tharja just ignored her reaction and proceeded to undo her belt and discard it as well, before similarly tearing away Yang's shorts to leave her in little more than her boots and dark yellow panties.

“My, you're quite the beauty.” Tharja easily ripped away Yang's bra, squeezing her breasts and digging her fingernails into them until Yang hissed in pain. “You will look quite lovely shuddering and writhing in agony in just a few minutes.” She moved her fingers up to trail along Yang's chin and cheek, before brushing a few strands of hair behind her ear.

“Hands off the hair!” Yang snapped, just short of actually trying to bite the woman, who in turn just smirked, even if she did pull away.

“Now now, don't be like that. You have no chance of escape or rescue from here, so you really should just cooperate and make your last minutes a bit more enjoyable.” Tharja started massaging Yang's breast, more gentle this time, and after a few moments leaned forward to place a kiss on top of it before starting to caress the nipple with her tongue, softly licking and sucking it, and after a few moments despite the situation the touch in such a sensitive area made Yang gasp.

With a smile Tharja moved up, holding Yang's head with both hands as she pressed her lips on Yang's, all but forcing the girl into a deep kiss, and despite the unwelcome sensation inside her mouth, Yang also couldn't help but notice Tharja's actually quite pleasant taste, diffusely reminding her of cinnamon and some other spices.

After several seconds Tharja pulled back with a content expression, leaving Yang slightly dazed, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips for a moment longer before falling over her chin and right breast. Reaching down to Yang's crotch, she found the girl's panties slightly damp and let out a low chuckle. “See? Your own body betrays you. It's not like you can resist it, so don't bother.”

Yang kept squirming to get away from Tharja's touch, but to no avail, and the woman easily tore open her panties too, revealing Yang's not quite entirely shaved pussy, running a finger up its length and making Yang shudder. “Stop it! Crazy bitch.” Yang tried to close her thighs, but Tharja rather easily held them in place, and somehow Yang just couldn't gather the strength to overpower the woman.

“Just stop fighting it. It's pointless, you're as powerless as I want you to be in here.” Tharja briefly pushed two fingers deep into Yang's pussy, moving them back and forth a few times and making Yang gasp involuntarily, before pulling out and forcing them into Yang's mouth, making her taste her own slightly metallic taste. She kept on squirming and fighting against her restraints, but her efforts slowly weakened; there truly was no way out, she was completely at the mercy of this crazy woman.

“Finally you get it.” Tharja commented with a dark smile. “That means we can get started for real. Hold still, would you?” Tharja pushed Yang's upper body against the chair, pressing something metallic and cold onto her left breast, just slightly off the sternum. Looking down, Yang could make out a small round white object with a thicker centre sticking to her skin. “This is a sensor of sorts,” Tharja explained at her questioning expression, “It keeps track of your vital signs, so the moment your heart stops and you die... so will I.”

The woman patted the wooden construction that had been half standing in Yang's vision the whole time, even if she hadn't paid any attention to it. On closer inspection it was a tall frame with a board with a round opening in at about the height of her chair, and at the top there was a large angled blade pointing downwards. Clearly a guillotine. “What the fuck! Are you insane?! Why are you doing this?!” The full gravity of the situation hitting her, Yang once more started struggling against her restraints, still to no effect. All it did was make Tharja chuckle as she slowly walked behind Yang, the leaned forward to speak right next to her ear, the woman's hot breath on her cheek making her shudder and shy away.

“Like I said, we won't escape from here. All we can do is accept our fate, make the best out of it. Although,” Tharja continued, reaching around to caress both of Yang's breasts as she first kissed, then sucked, then almost bit the tender skin at the side of her neck, strong enough to easily leave a mark, making Yang gasp in surprise and pain. “I found that I just love doing this, all that lovely pain and agony on a sweet girl's face, the moment her hope finally breaks and she realizes she will die, death and pleasure so close together. There truly is nothing greater.”

Okay, this chick was seriously insane, Yang could tell from the very sound of her voice she was getting off on this, and trying to fight would only spur her on more. However any hope of keeping her cool was shattered right away when Tharja leaned past her and tightened a coarse strap of leather around Yang's throat, forcing her neck against the headrest. “Stop it! Please!” Slowly but surely panic was taking creeping into Yang's voice as Tharja pulled back with a dark smile, returning to the guillotine and opening the lunette.

“Clock's ticking. You will be dead in a few minutes.” As if on cue Yang imagined she could feel the strap around her neck slowly starting to tighten. “But before that, allow me to give you a proper sendoff.” Tharja laid down onto the table of guillotine, placing her head in the lunette and closing it, before pushing the whole contraption, which seemed to be mounted on rails or something, forward far enough to force Yang's thighs to the sides as her head came to a halt literally right in front of Yang's pussy.

By now Yang was definitely feeling a pressure on her neck, but all her clenching and straining had absolutely no effect other than her restraints chafing painfully on her skin. Suddenly Tharja started licking Yang's pussy, first pushing her tongue deep between her labia and slowly dragging it up before starting to play with her clit exclusively, and Yang couldn't help but gasp in surprise and arousal.

Completely defenceless against the woman, Yang couldn't do anything to stop Tharja, nor her body from involuntarily reacting as she slowly felt herself get wet; she didn't want to get off right now. Scratch that, she didn't want to fucking die! But the strap was slowly but surely tightening around her neck, and Yang felt a pressure growing in her head as the edges of her vision started to swim.

Despite herself Yang was slowly getting more aroused too, unable to resist her body's natural reaction and not at all helped by her growing lightheadedness that had to be stemming from a lack of oxygen, especially when she saw Tharja reach behind her and rubbing her own pussy with one hand too, the other reaching up to caress Yang's breast, playing with her sensitive nipple.

At this point the pressure in Yang's head was downright painful, and Tharja's – admittedly very skilful – ministrations seemed to register much more strongly than they should, every small touch sending a shudder of pleasure coursing over Yang's body, slowly corroding her resistance. And besides, if she really was gonna die, why not at least get off one last time, surely there were far worse ways to go.

As that conclusion finally settled in, Yang kind of, sort of, relaxed and stopped weakly fighting against her bindings, instead slightly moving her hips along with Tharja's movements, which the woman registered with a brief chuckle, her own voice visibly strained in pleasure too. “Good girl. Finally you're seeing it. Allow me to reward you.”

As Tharja picked up speed, moving her hand from Yang's breasts to push two fingers deep into her pussy instead, part of her body was screaming for air, but Yang somehow managed to focus only on the pleasure the woman was giving her, blinding out the ever-growing pain that seemed to be spreading from her chest, feeling that she was quickly approaching one final climax.

Only a little later, Yang came, frantically gasping and shuddering in pleasure, as her pussy clenched around Tharja's fingers, squirting a generous amount of juice all over her face and briefly forgetting her fear and pain. Only for the reality of her situation to return to Yang as she wound down from her climax, and once more start struggling against her bindings with all the strength she had remaining.

Tharja's dark chuckle sounded distant and muffled as the woman looked up to her with a cruel smile. “That's it. That's the moment I was talking about. So sublime. Now die for me!” Intently watching Yang's reddened face and her face distorted in utter pain and terror, Tharja started fingering herself even faster, knowing full well her time was just as limited, while making sure to absorb every last moment of the blonde's suffering.

Having used up almost all of her strength in her last orgasm, it didn't take much longer for Yang to finally die, the last thing she ever saw Tharja shaking and moaning as she pleasured herself, looking up at Yang with that cruel, lustful expression.

Tharja had been teetering on the edge of her own climax for several moments already, and Yang finally going limp, her head sinking to the side, was enough to push her over, loudly moaning and shuddering enough to rock the whole guillotine as her pussy and asshole clenched beautifully around her fingers-

As she'd half expected, before even fully riding out her orgasm, with only the briefest flash of pain and a low thunk, the blade came down and Tharja lost all feeling in her body as her head rolled forward a little before coming to a rest right against Yang's thigh and pussy.

Knowing how right now, her own body had to be continuing its orgasm before completely losing control, jerking and convulsing wildly, spraying blood everywhere, and perhaps even soiling herself, Tharja smiled contently and unlike Yang welcomed the end, the blonde's body right above her, her breasts and face stained with drool and tears and her expression frozen in utter agony the last thing she ever saw.


I'm back (or something). I just got delayed by a bunch of factors (including gurochan being down for a while reducing my motivation to write if I had nowhere to post it, exams, etc). Also this story is set in the same 'universe' as the one above it, (if something more of a private than stage show,), as that's just by far the most convenient way to do any sort of odd crossovers (no, it's not going to become a habit, these two just happened to be finished back-to-back). I hope I halfway hit Tharja's character, other than that the story seems mostly self-evident.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


I honestly would’ve made Yang’s death/snuff more consensual, but then again I’m not driving this train of yours. I think I understand why you made her death non-con, however.

Still, Tharja’s death was more enjoyable to read in any case. Keep it up!


Gasping Are Online [Sword Art Online; m/f, f-self; hanging, con]

“Kirito, are you sure about this? This seems dangerous.” The orange-haired girl nervously eyed the contraption in front of them.

“Don't worry, Asuna.” Sinon answered instead, the girl with the dark brown hair having already discarded her jacket, shoes and socks as she inspected one of the nooses hanging from the beam above her, admiring how accurate the rope felt under her fingers. “You can try logging in and out again if you want to, but this is just a game, we're completely safe.”


“She's right.” Kirito added, the slightly taller dark-haired boy stepping up to Asuna to embrace his girlfriend from behind. “There's nothing to worry about. This is a favour for Yui, right? ...Though I'm kinda curious myself too. Aren't you?” He added after a moment, placing a soft kiss on Asuna's cheek as she turned around.

“Well, I guess. But still...” Asuna looked around the small clearing bordered by identical trees and covered in very uniform grass, probably right now nothing else even existed on this custom server of Alfheim Online, the AI responsible, Yui, having put all her effort into the behind-the-scenes work instead – and the structure in the middle of the clearing, a wooden stage holding a bench and a simple gallow supporting three nooses.

“Then don't be like that.” Sinon was clearly more eager to get going, taking off her shirt too, admiring the meticulous detail that had gone into their bodies and sensations as well, even if most of the scenery was a little bland. “It's not like you got anything to lose from this, have you?”

Kirito just nodded in assent, wrapping his hands around Asuna before sliding them under her shirt and gently pulling it up, before similarly taking off his own jacket and shirt, then undoing Asuna's skirt, letting it fall around her ankles. With a faint blush the girl cast a glance towards Sinon, who was already opening her bra, leaving her only in plain white panties, while Kirito seemed mostly unbothered by the brunette's presence.

As Asuna leaned down to open Kirito's trousers and he stepped out of them, she noted how he was clearly getting hard in his pants, and she herself couldn't deny a certain amount of wetness too, if not as much as Sinon, whose panties were visibly damp already. Yui clearly had put a lot of research into the mental and physiological effects and details, to the point she wasn't sure if what the server was running right now could still count as ALO or just a derivative.

Either way it very accurately represented the very slight bounce of Asuna's breasts as Kirito undid her bra, and the way she shivered and her nipples hardened as he knelt down to press a kiss on her panties before pulling them down, brushing his fingers over her pussy before standing up to kiss her lips again.

After savouring their embrace for several seconds, Asuna broke away to in turn take off Kirito's pants, briefly stroking his dick to get him fully hard, and pointedly ignoring the fully nude Sinon behind him who was not-very-subtly rubbing the outside of her pussy, her face slightly flush in arousal.

After a few moments Kirito took Asuna's hand, leading her up onto the stage and climbing onto the bench before putting the noose around her neck, then another around his own, while Sinon followed suit with an expression of barely contained excitement. The brunette's involvement in this still seemed a bit odd to Asuna, but apparently Sinon had been the one to suggest this whole thing to Yui, the AI having come upon some of the more NSFW sides of the internet and developed a curiosity about some of the more 'specific' parts of human sexuality, i.e. fetishes.

Which was why they were now, inside virtual reality, about to hang themselves to 'death' while having sex with each other. “You ready?” Kirito asked, and after both girls nodded, Asuna took a deep breath, bracing herself as her boyfriend kicked away the bench.

Asuna gasped in surprise, instinctively reaching for the rope digging into her neck, ineffectually trying to loosen it, but after a few moments she felt Kirito wrap his arms around her hips, supporting her and taking some of the pressure off her neck as he entered her. Asuna clutched her legs around his back in turn, holding on to his shoulders and trying to assist Kirito, his arms visibly straining to thrust into her without any real leverage.

Behind Kirito, Asuna could see Sinon hanging on her own, her legs kicking in the air, one hand trying to loosen the rope digging into her neck and fingering her pussy hard with the other; the brunette's gasps clearly audible over Kirito's low grunts and the creaking of the rope.

Both Sinon's and Kirito's faces were starting to turn red, but with most of her weight carried by her boyfriend, so far Asuna felt little more than bit of pressure on her neck and a kind of giddy lightheadedness; this whole idea didn't seem too bad so far. As soon as she took one arm off Kirito's shoulders, the pressure grew just short of painful, but still bearable as Asuna started rubbing her clit along with Kirito pounding her, letting out a raspy moan that seemed to spur him on in turn as he picked up speed, causing the both of them to sway wildly at the end of the rope.

By this point Kirito seemed to be slowly losing strength, his face slowly shifting towards purple, so Asuna tried to lean backwards a bit and take just a little of her weight of him so he'd last long enough, which Kirito registered with a strained smile and renewing his efforts yet again. And only a little later Asuna could feel she was almost about to cum, moving her free hand to play with her breast instead, Sinon mirroring her, the brunette just as aroused, as evidenced by a little bit of juice glistening on the inside of her thighs, and her choked moans, a bit of drool running down her chin.

Despite the situation and her usually not even being into girls, Sinon's display was only adding to Asuna's arousal, and it took only a few more moments for her to climax. Clutching her legs around Kirito even harder, Asuna gasped and shuddered as she came, heedless of her movements causing the rope to bite deeper into her neck, the lack of oxygen only seeming to heighten her every sensation. Her pussy clenching around his dick made Kirito follow suit only moments later and Asuna let out a loud moan as she felt him shoot his hot load into her.

Slowly winding down from her orgasm, Asuna just lovingly looked at Kirito, noticing how he seemed to have used up almost all of his strength in their shared climax, and just a few seconds later he completely went limp, his hands dropping off Asuna's hips suddenly intensifying the pressure on her neck, making her gasp in surprise.

As Asuna still clung on to Kirito's body in a futile attempt to stave off her death as long as possible, Sinon rather obviously came too, shuddering and gyrating at the end of the rope, her moans cut off into hacked gasps. Her orgasm seemed to last quite a while before it finally subsided and the brunette started to flail and kick desperately, her fingers ineffectually clawing at the noose, but after not even a minute her strength seemed at its end too and her movements slowly weakened before she too went limp.

Now all on her own, Asuna could well feel that even hanging on like this, she wouldn't last forever – in fact the pain in her neck just kept getting worse, a burning sensation slowly spreading to her lungs as well –, so with a fair amount of willpower she let go of Kirito, his dick finally pulling out of her as she fully submitted to the rope. The pain immediately got worse by magnitudes, Asuna reflexively starting to kick and thrash around yet only serving to waste her strength even faster, her fingernails leaving bloody marks on her neck as she pointlessly tried to loosen the rope.

Even if in the back of her head she knew it was all only simulated, Asuna had no idea how Kirito and Sinon had been able to bear this, let alone feel any pleasure, as her pain and fear quickly took over and she kept struggling in the air, only wanting for her suffering to end. Thankfully by this point she had already wasted most of her strength and it took only another minute or so – even though it seemed to feel far longer to her – for Asuna to finally fade



Based on a request, inspired by a picture by m0zg ( Note that I don't actually know Sword Art Online, so I apologise for any inaccuracies and the somewhat exposition-heavy intro bit.

This is also the first time I actually did some male death (even if technically the whole story is non-lethal; it's about the intent), which I suppose means my earlier hard no to male victims doesn't entirely apply anymore, but I'll still be quite picky and keep them far and few between (unless suddenly a ton of people want to see more).

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


While you're back, I'll take the opportunity to re-submit my earlier suggestion that Widow really deserves to get what's coming to her for what she did to Tracer and the Spies. Anyway, who wouldn't want a beautiful (you know, ignoring the fact that full-body cyanosis would probably be a severe boner-kill), French dancer hang by her neck? Like I said, she is (or was) a dancer; let her dance!

Alternatively, maybe Tracer could have another go, or just have a nice, old-fashioned narrow-cord-around-throat strangling, OR could dish that out to our lovely Widow.

Or, we could just let Widow keep up her streak of fanservice and let Ms Song have her breath cut short; we don't have nearly enough young, Korean throats to enjoy here XD


Some of those ideas do sound nice, but they're not quite enough to make for a story by themselves either. I totally wouldn't mind killing D.Va or any of the others (given that she's one of my favourite characters, it's actually kinda odd I never featured D.Va yet), but if you wanna specifically request a story, you need to come up with a bunch more details; obviously the concrete victim(s) and their deaths, the setting/universe (if applicable), at least a brief synopsis of the scene (though more details generally help), and the idea should have something interesting/original, some kind of twist, just something unique to it so I (and the readers) don't feel like I've done that same thing before. (Read up for some of the previous discussion inbetween the stories)

Also on a side note I'm currently working on a story that, in a nice little reversal, has Widowmaker (among others) killed by D.Va , if not by hanging.


Oh, I've got a good one, if we like the idea of making Mercy totally batshit insane for the sake of erotica.

As a sequel to the Tracer story, maybe Mercy is trying to experiment on the use of her healing technology.... and decides to forcibly volunteer Tracer and D.Va whom she hangs and keeps alive using her technology so they are hanged for insane lengths of time while forced to remain conscious and struggling while fighting for air.

Out of scientific curiosity, she manages to trick Widow into captivity so all three necks can feel the noose's grip for the very maddest of science.


Tbh, I'm not a huge fan evil/sadistic Mercy; by this point it feels kinda unoriginal. And besides I don'think I'd be properly able to convey the effects of unnaturally long hanging, there's only so many words one can describe pain with. (Also the story doesn't have to have continuity with the other one either, or even be in the canon universe at all)

I had an interesting idea, inspired by a pic I saw on pixiv ( Basically having D.Va play some massively difficult Dark Souls type of game with very graphic death scenes, showing a collection of those by a load of creative means. And for bonus points she could secretly have a guro fetish and masturbate to the death of her avatar, and/or it's an MMO so we can get Tracer, Mercy or whoever in on some of the action too (at least for a few scenes). Would that sound good?

Also I just remembered I did brief story featuring Widow over on /rp/ a while ago. It's rather short and slightly generic, but in case anyone's interested:


Oh, you don't need to ask for my approval. You're the author; I'm just along for the ride.

Assuming there's no limit to the stories you want to write with one group of characters, another possibility would be to simply have Tracer or D.Va or even Mercy trying to catch Widowmaker, and a fight ensues resulting in the death of one of the woman involved. Bonus points for Tracer looking for revenge and getting it by hanging Widow to death, or failing and getting herself killed. (Yeah, I know they dont have to continue older stories; sequels are just fun sometimes, I think)

Alternatively, maybe Widow hangs herself because the struggle makes her feel alive, and she can last for a long time to enjoy it. Lesbian action with Tracer, Mercy, D.Va, etc optional.

Like I said, you're the author. Don't write because you think I want to see something. I'm just tossing ideas on the table. You run with whichever ones you like.


Those ideas are still kinda vague and short, though. At this point I've written so much, I'm looking for interesting/original ideas for a story/scene. Like that video game deaths one for D.Va, which is starting to look quite a good one. (On a side note, I am explicitly taking requests. So if you wanted to, and came up with a sufficiently unique idea, I *would* specifically write what you wanna see)

Got any suggestions for a some colourful gruesome deaths for D.Va (or Tracer/Mercy too if it's multiplayer) in that kind of game? Traps, hazards, monsters, whatever. The setting is generic 'high fantasy' medieval/renaissance era (but with magic and alchemy/steampunk, as required). Just note that the deaths should be something that can be framed as a (relatively) short cutscene/action (so, capturing her and putting her to the gallows is not an option, some monster with vines or tentacles hanging her is).


If you're looking for ideas, I've just posted a couple new ones in the ideas thread and there are always a ton of old ones sitting there waiting for someone to pick them up.

And here's a bonus one.

I originally envisioned it with Evangelion characters because of course I would, but it would probably make more sense with characters from the Fate series, now that I think of it... but anyway, the original idea was that Shinji is a member of archery club and on one day Asuka asks him to teach her archery. He says sure and asks his girlfriend Rei to be their targert just becsause she happened to be around. Rei casually obeys. The core of the story is Asuka shooting Rei with arrows under Shinji's close guidance and how everyone is casual about it. To elaborate, there's plenty of body contact as he guides her hands with his and presses himself to her from her back guiding her whole pose and such, and in my mind the characters themselves see it as casual and non-sexual (same goes for their attitude to using Rei as a target thus killing her). In the end they either leave Rei bleed out to death or finish her with an accurate shot to the heart for which Shinji praises Asuka saying she now mastered archery. Bonus point for Rei being pregnant with Shinji's child (that is, if you do pregnant guro). In this case Shinji might choose Rei not only because she happened to be around, but also because her pregnant belly looks like it would make a great target. Rei might even be being pregnant with twins (either boy and girl or both girls) and when Asuka ruins Rei's belly with arrows enough for the babies to be seen, they see the twins holding hands and smile at how cute it is, and then just casually continue the target practice, maybe even start aiming for the babies. Or the other option is after the target practice Shinji and Asuka come to dying or already dead Rei and upon seeing her ruined belly close see the twins holding hands and also find it cute (and Rei also finds it cute, if she's still alive), and then they casually walk away, leaving Rei and the babies to die, or take her body to the nearest dumpster first. Or they see the twins when they go to retrieve the arrows and add up Asuka's current score after having run out of their first batch.

Also before shooting might have a part where either Shinji, or Rei herself paint her belly, tits and pussy quickly with a paint brush to make targets, with belly button, nipples and clit being at each target's center respectively. Though where would they take the paint? Cause I was thinking of the whole thing to be kinda spontaneous, like they are on their way from school and Asuka says "hey, Shinji, by the way, can you teach me archery?" and he's like "sure, Rei, go stand there, you'll be our target". Cause if they do it in the archery club, there's no reason to use Rei as a target, the archery club should have targets. And if they are on their way from school, Shinji might have his bow and some arrows with him, but no one would have any paint with them. One solution is on the way home they're passing by an empty lot where people are painting a mural on a wall, so they either ask to borrow some paint if the people are still there, or just use it since it's there, if the people are gone. Another option is they just scribble the circles on Rei's body with an arrowhead, but paint would probably work better.

And as I mentioned the whole thing would probably make more sense using characters from the Fate series with Shirou teaching archery to Rin, I guess, and their target can be Sakura or maybe Illya. But somehow my imagination doesn't want to work that way, putting Eva characters in this story instead even if it makes little sense... hmm, wait a moment... somehow it have just occurred to me that Sakura was also a member of the archery club, apparently joining for the purpose of getting close to Shirou, so I wonder what effect that would make on this idea?.. Like, maybe instead of using Sakura as a target it is set at the time when Sakura have just joined and so she is the one in need of teaching? But then who would be the target? As I guess that would be far before the grail war and this introduction of most of the characters, there's only Rin, but at this point she's just another random girl from the same school (are they even in the same class?) And the whole point of the original idea was how even if Rei is Shinji's beloved girlfriend (maybe even pregnant with his children), he still sees nothing wrong in spending her life like that even though they could just return to the school with its archery range, but that would take time and Rei is handily right here, so let's use her instead... anyway, that wouldn't be quite the same if the protagonist didn't care for the target girl in the first place.

So, maybe, if going with Fate characters, it can be set in the universe of the Oath under Snow movie and Miyu would be used as a target. Though Miyu doesn't go to school. So either this happens in a yet parallel universe where the second half of the movie didn't happen and they just lived happily ever after and Miyu started attending school and then on one day Shirou, Miyu and Sakura walked home together and that's when Sakura asked if he can teach her archery. Or, maybe it can work even better, if instead Miyu still doesn't attend school, but Sakura visit's Shirou's home and that's when she gets the idea to join the archery club in the first place to become even closer to Shirou and so she asks him to teach her and they use Miyu as a target.

Or just screw it all and go with Eva characters just because. Anyway you're the author here, so see which works best for you, in case you're even interested anyway.


Question: How do you feel about stories where some real life figure is hanged? For instance, Emma Watson or Olga Kurylenko, etc. Anyone that the neck fetish crowd (like me lol) would be tripping head over heels for.


I'm flattered by the special attention, but I'm afraid that idea actually already has *too much* detail; everything's there already, what space is there for me to be creative (also I don't know the Fates series other than by name, and tbh I'm not sure I was entirely sold on this premise either). But I liked your 'Angel' idea in the other thread and am working on something based off that, to be (hopefully) finished in the next few days.

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable using real life celebrities, real person fic always struck me as kind of weird (doubly so if it involves shipping because wtf), plus that would restrict me to modern day real life, a rather boring setting all told. However I have no issue with a character in the exact likeness and/or sharing the name of some celebrity (yay loopholes); if you got some sufficiently detailed/interesting idea for a story featuring them.
And on a bit of a side note, for me personally it's not a neck fetish, but about the asphyxiation aspect. (Though I have written one with a specific neck focus too >>8839 So if you want a specific focus like that too you just have to remind me)



Yep, that was me, too, before I bothered making a username XD

As for celebrity likenesses, exploiting a loophole doesnt bother me one bit. If I get to picture a lady named Emma Watson who looks, sounds, and behaves exactly like a certain real-world Emma Watson, consider me a happy camper, regardless of where in history or fictional worlds she gets to die.

That said..... I'll have to do some thinking on a scenario.

Back to the subject of DVa and video-game deaths, what about a sort of virtual reality PUBG or Fortnite type of game? She could even play against multiple other Overwatch ladies, and you could explore multiple different types of kills in a delightfully over-sexualized manner.


For that D.Va I'd actually been thinking more along the lines of PvE over PvP (mostly because that's what I play, I don't do PvP nearly as much, free-for-all types less so), having her character (and potential friends she brought to play along) killed by various traps and monsters. But you raise a good point, it just didn't occur to me, I'll see if I can think of a few PvP kills featuring other cast members too. Feel free to suggest any ideas/details for a few of those scenes (both the PvP and PvE ones).



Keep in mind that not every character from Overwatch is on the same team. Even in PvE, what's keeping Widow from deciding that lovely Ms. Song should stop breathing quite so much?

That is, of course, unless we're imposing some sort of rules that forbid blue-on-blue strangulation, and that would be utter madness! XD


> But I liked your 'Angel' idea in the other thread and am working on something based off that, to be (hopefully) finished in the next few days.

Cool, looking forward to it!


Oh hey, it's back. No new stories yet because I was rather busy with university, but just pointing out that even when gurochan is down I continue writing/taking requests. Other places you can get hold of me are discord (Eterya #2731), reddit (/u/Eterya) and (Eterya), feel free to message me on any of those (discord being the one I'm likely to notice fastest) if you have a request or we were already discussing one and gurochan dies again, just be sure to mention you're coming from my thread here.


The discord invite is long since expired. Can you drop a new invite or is it a private server?


>>13388 This should work.
Though I was referring to not a server but sending me a private message via discord (which is what you need the complete nametag for).


The Price of Fame [OC; m/f; hanging; con]

“Can I help you, sir? You are aware that the classrooms are off limits to visitors?” The teacher's voice from the side corridor made Saaya pause on her way to a quick smoke break between classes, silently approaching instead.

She recognised the blonde with the ponytail and glasses wearing the almost archetypical 'hot teacher' skirt and blouse, the latter quite tight around her chest, as Ms Peele, standing opposite a tall, muscular man with brown hair in a remarkably generic short cut wearing plain, but well-fitting trousers and a jacket. “If you're here for the graduation ceremony, the assembly hall is that way. Otherwise if you don't have any reason to be here, I must ask you to leave, the school grounds are not open to the public.”

Huh. What was he doing here, especially today? Though he was not at all unattractive, quite the opposite. And actually... It looked like the man didn't have any good excuse, and a thought formed in Saaya's mind, so before Ms Peele could throw him out or even call security, she acted quickly. “Daddy! There you are.”

Quickly approaching the two, she gave the man a quick hug, just hoping he'd be either surprised or smart enough to just go along with her. “Hi, Ms Peele. Daddy's here to pick me up. Sorry, he can be kinda scatterbrained sometimes. Did you forget again?” Leaving neither of them much time to react, Saaya took the man's hand, all but dragging him after her. “My classroom is this way. Come on.”

Thankfully Ms Peele seemed to not care enough to go after them, so Saaya lead the man around another two corners, indeed in the general direction of her classroom, before heading for a fire exit instead, the alarms linked to it long since turned off to facilitate smoke or quickie breaks for teachers and students alike. They left the main building, making their way to a slightly out-of-the-way toilet on the back wall of the gym, that had since been replaced with newer facilities inside the building, but been left standing for a distinctly different use, as evidenced by some of the graffiti on the walls, the gloryholes in the walls of the first stall, and the empty pack of condoms on the floor.

But thankfully it seemed like no one else was here at the moment, so Saaya pushed the man in the farthest stall, locking the door behind them before finally giving him a moment to breathe. “...Okay,” he spoke up after a moment. “what was that about?”

“I just saved you from Ms Peele getting you in trouble. She can be pretty bossy if she wants to be. Also I'm Saaya.”

“...Wayne.” He returned the introduction. “And I appreciate that. I'll admit I tried to sneak in here to see the graduation ceremony, but I didn't quite think things through, apparently.”

“Not really.” Saaya giggled. “But I think I have a proposal that's gonna benefit the both of us. Though first, let me sweeten the deal a bit.” Wayne didn't say anything, but he didn't protest either, so she gently pushed him into the corner besides the door, rubbing him through his pants for a couple of seconds before kneeling down, ignoring how the floor was probably far from the cleanest thing right now. Opening Wayne's zipper, Saaya reached into his underpants to pull out his dick, that even though he wasn't entirely hard yet was already pretty big.

Stroking him a few more times, she took off her tie, hanging it over the handle of the door before opening her blouse enough to free her chest, just pulling her bra down out of the way to fully reveal her large, yet firm breasts with small dark areolae, her nipples hard less so in expectation of what she was about to do, but the prospect of what it was gonna help her achieve.

Stroking him a little longer until he was completely hard, Saaya dripped some spit onto Wayne's dick and her breasts before shifting her position a little to completely engulf it between them. Then she started to both rock her upper body back and forth a bit as well as moving and rubbing her breasts, noticing how Wayne quickly started moving along and counterpoint to her to really fuck her tits.

Slowly increasing her speed, Saaya soon started panting both from the effort and the stimulation to her rather sensitive breasts, changing her grip a bit to play with her nipples; if she'd had a hand free she most definitely would've started rubbing her pussy too, but right now this would have to suffice. But in turn she could hear Wayne's slowly increasing breath as well, occasionally slightly gasping or shuddering in pleasure as well.

Within only minutes Wayne started to tense, and Saaya could tell he was already nearing the edge; normally right around this point she would have slowed down, and played around some more, maybe see how long he could last her teasing, but right now they were on a bit of a timer, so instead she kept at it, only briefly pausing to sensually let some more spit run down her chin and onto her breasts before carrying on full speed.

Just a handful seconds later Wayne shuddered and let out a poorly-suppressed groan as he came, Saaya not even interrupting her movements as he shot several hot loads right onto her breasts, some of it splattering almost up to her collarbone, but spreading most of it evenly all over her cleavage and his dick. Continuing until Wayne was completely finished and starting to wind down, and a good few seconds after that, Saaya finally pulled back, briefly taking him in her mouth as far as she could to clean his dick off with her tongue, just swallowing the residue, then standing up, her breasts, now covered in a nice layer of sticky cum, still on full display. “Okay, let's talk.”

“Not that I don't appreciate it – both this and the help before –“ Wayne remained rather collected, drying himself off with some toilet paper “but what are you up to?”

“It's easy, really. You want to see the graduation, and I wanna be part of it.” The prestigious Elwood Academy's yearly graduation ceremony was one of the biggest and most famous of its kind, with several graduates of the all-girls school, frequently including daughters of politicians, wealthy businessmen, or celebrities, killing themselves in a very elaborate and erotic display on their graduation day, in the process not only bringing fame and attention to themselves and their families, but also copious amounts of money to the academy.

“I'm already eighteen, but I still got one more year. But I don't wanna wait, and as long as I make it up on the stage, mum and dad won't mind if I took a shortcut either. And that's where you come in.” Saaya continued as Wayne raised an eyebrow. “If you pass off as my dad for today, you can help me get into the ceremony, and I'll be your excuse to watch the whole show. Plus, the parents get to take the bodies with them afterwards, and I'm sure mum and dad won't mind you keeping me for a few hours to make use of my body before returning me. It's a win-win, really.”

“That seems simple enough. But do you really think it's going to be this easy to get you in there at the last minute, without any kind of credentials?”

“...I'm sure we'll think of something, right?”

“If you say so.” Wayne still seemed rather dubious. “I owe you to at least try something, but if we get caught and you end up expelled or something, that's not my problem, got that.”

“Sure, whatever. Let's go.” Wiping the worst of Wayne's cum off her breasts with some toilet paper, Saaya got fully dressed again, as did Wayne, and they left the toilet, Saaya leading the way to her dorm, trying to think of a good plan. “Hm... what if we say there's been a computer error and I was removed from the list for the ceremony.”

“Don't they have records on paper too? Like, you know, your graduation report?”

“Good point. ...Maybe I don't even need to be part of the ceremony and it's gonna be enough if you create some distraction so I can just rush on the stage and-”

“I'm not sure what you're intending to do, but need I remind you that interfering with the graduation ceremony is a serious offence, young lady?” The voice made both of them start, spinning around to find themselves face to face with Ms Peele. “And you,” she turned to Wayne, who tensed, seemingly getting ready to just cut and run. “I looked up Saaya's father, and you're not Mr. Irie.”

“M-Ms Peele, we-”

“Save it. This deception alone would be enough to have you escorted off the premises by security and Saaya immediately expelled, not to mention whatever else you're planning. ...However,” Ms Peele continued after a dramatic pause. “I may be able to ignore all of this, given the right motivation.”

“What motivation? My parents have a bunch of money, so if-”

“Nothing from you.” Ms Peele cut Saaya off. “However your 'father' is quite attractive I must say.” Her voice was quickly shifting from strict teacher to far more sensual. “And I haven't had any good sex in a while. So if he were to 'persuade' me, I might just look the other way. Or even help you.”

After a moment's deliberation Wayne nodded. “I gotta fuck you? Sure. Can you help Saaya to get into today's graduation ceremony?”

“You need to satisfy me.” Ms Peele corrected him. “Also you can call me Emily.”


“A pleasure.” Surely. The woman already sounded pretty eager to get into Wayne's pants. “However I'm afraid there's no easy way to get her into the ceremony on such short order and without any credentials.”

“I told you. Sorry.”

“But.” Again with the dramatic pausing. “...Even if you're not going to be on the big stage, I can think of another way for you to graduate early.” Ms Peele looked around to check for onlookers, even if there was no one around. “But let's head for your dorm first so we can talk in private.”


“Here we are.” Saaya opened the door to her dorm, the reasonably spacious room furnished with a standard bed, desk, two chairs and wardrobe, featuring red and pink flower motifs on the carpet, blinds and blanket, as well as posters of what was probably some boyband. “What's the camera for, Ms Peele?”

“Like I said, you're not getting on the stage, much less into any actual recording of the ceremony. However if you kill yourself here and I tape it, I might be able to get that footage onto some of the compilations; no one will notice a little more data to edit.” Yeah, right.

“Huh. That's a really good idea, thanks. ...So, now what?” Saaya asked after a moment and Emily had to suppress the urge to facepalm.

“What do you think? We set up the camera, you can put up a little show if you want, then you kill yourself while Wayne fucks me. I'd suggest a hanging; you probably have a scarf or at least some wire here, and that way neither of us I need to appear in the recording, just to avoid any suspicions whatsoever.”

“Good point.” Wayne added, quickly scanning the room. “Is the fan going to hold?”

“Yes.” Emily placed the camera on Saaya's desk, supporting it with a notebook to angle it upwards a little. After all the school had paid some good money for not only the actual fans, but also the fixtures anchoring them in the ceiling to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person dropping into them.

“Will this do?” Rummaging behind her desk, Saaya had produced an extension cord, though instead of a proper noose had just tied it in a large loop. Odds were this way her death was going to be longer and more painful, but not that that was Emily's issue.

“Sure.” She just shrugged as Saaya got up on one of the chairs to hang her not-noose over the fan and tug at it a little before nodding.

“Um, Ms Peele, you said I can give a show before, right?”

“If you have to.”

“I've always wanted to do this sort of thing, and now is kind of my last chance.”

“Sure. Just don't take too long, I need to be there for the ceremony. ...And so can you, if you're good.” She added with a side glance at Wayne.

After inspecting the camera and adjusting the angle a little, Saaya turned it on, then hurried out of frame, only to walk into its view again, slowly and with a rather emphasised sway in her hips as she positioned herself right in the middle of the room, the noose already conspicuously in frame as well. With a coy smile she did a slow twirl before unbuttoning her blouse one by one, however still leaving it loosely on and instead opening her skirt and dropping it around her ankles to reveal some light blue expensive-looking velvet panties.

Slowly stretching her arms over her head and arching her back to push out her chest, Saaya finally dropped her blouse to the floor to reveal a similarly-coloured bra, before elegantly tossing both the blouse and her skirt to the side with her foot, in the process showing off a pair of white spots of half-dried cum she apparently hadn't quite cleaned up earlier, one on the left side, a little below her collarbone and the other, slightly larger, one right at the top of her cleavage. Emily raised an eyebrow as she noticed; hopefully the girl hadn't milked Wayne completely dry.

However judging from the visible bulge in his pants and Wayne intently watching Saaya as she approached the camera with a smile, leaning forward with her arms pushing her chest from the side to emphasise her breasts – and the cum stains thereon – even more, there probably wouldn't be any problem.

Returning to the middle of the room, Saaya stood on her tiptoes to barely reach the noose, holding on to it as she posed and stretched some more before letting go to undo her bra, freeing her breasts with a bounce as she discarded the bra as well, her quite firm but supple breasts, slightly swaying and following her every movement as she slowly pulled the chair back into the picture, leaning far forward to let her breasts hang freely and present her panties directly to the camera. On closer inspection they seemed to be just a little damp around the middle, and Emily absent-mindedly started slowly rubbing herself through her skirt, she was most definitely gonna enjoy Saaya's final performance.

Saaya made a small show of sitting on the chair before slowly climbing up to stand on it, crossing her arms under her breasts as she briefly put her neck through the noose, actually briefly miming to jump off and dangle for a few seconds before pulling back with a giggle, stepping from the chair again. As the girl continued slowly posing and dancing, Emily just couldn't stand it any longer and, moving right beside Wayne, opened his pants to pull out his dick, slowly stroking it up and down with one hand as the other reached past her own waistband to more directly rub herself as well, but apart from a brief mildly surprised glance Wayne continued paying attention to Saaya.

However it looked like Saaya was about to finish her performance for real as she climbed the chair again, placing the noose around her neck and adjusting it, her toes right over the edge of the seat as she gave a final wave to the camera, then stepped off the edge, kicking the chair away.

After a only a few centimetres Saaya fell into the noose with a gasp, the fan easily holding her as expected. Seeming rather poorly mentally prepared, she immediately started wildly kicking and flailing, reaching for the noose in a vain attempt to free herself, but all she achieved was her breasts swaying and bouncing rather beautifully, the sexy display enough to stretch Emily's patience past its breaking point.

Rather hastily taking off her blouse and bra to free her breasts, not quite as large as Saaya's but still big and firm enough, Emily pulled down her completely damp panties before turning to Wayne, opening his jacket and taking it off to reveal a very tight black t-shirt perfectly showing off his defined muscles underneath, as well as the borders of a tribal design tattoo on his neck and upper arm.

Pulling down Wayne's pants a bit, Emily pushed him into the chair he was standing next to, leaning over him to run her fingers over his abs and chest, enjoying his physique through the thin fabric, before briefly kneeling down and to take his dick as far up her throat as she could, covering it in her saliva. Getting up again, she turned around to find Saaya still dancing beautifully, her face deeply red by this point – and her expression seeming slightly annoyed at the lack of attention she was getting, but too bad.

Holding open her pussy with one hand, Emily steadied Wayne's dick with the other, lowering herself onto him with a moan before starting to slowly move up and down, feeling Wayne shift his position a little to thrust into her as well, quickly picking up speed. Meanwhile Saaya continued fighting, her legs still futilely kicking as her hands started clawing at the noose around her neck, to little more effect than leaving bloody scratch marks on her skin, letting out desperate choked gasps.

Wayne reached around Emily from behind, starting to caress her breasts, squeezing them with just enough force and playing with her nipples to make her gasp and moan, increasing her speed a little more to the point she was almost bouncing on top of him, only further aroused by the show Saaya was putting on for them, her struggles – and suffering – undiminished, tears streaming down her face.

However over the next few minutes Saaya seemed to already weaken, her movements slowing down and her pained gasps barely audible, especially about Emily's own moans only growing louder. But the girl was still making a remarkable effort to hold on, still kicking and her breasts still bouncing beautifully, and Emily felt she wasn't going to last much longer.

But neither was Saaya, and soon enough her struggles were replaced by only weak twitches and shudders, before she went completely limp, her tongue hanging from the corner of her mouth and a bit of drool running down her chin, and a few moments later the telltale dark stain grew on her panties as a stream of pee ran down her legs, dripping on the carpet.

The girl's final display was enough to push Emily over the edge and speeding up once more, she came only a little later, shamelessly moaning as she shuddered in climax, and a few seconds later she could feel Wayne follow suit, tensing and embracing her from behind as he shot several hot loads into her pussy.

Panting heavily, the two took a couple minutes to wind down before Emily got off Wayne, turning off the camera before pulling up the other chair. “That was ...good. I think I can see past you being here without authorisation.”

“That's good to hear.” Wayne smirked. “I'd hate to have to run right after meeting such a lovely woman.”

“Oh? In that case, surely you wouldn't mind accompanying me to the ceremony as well, staff get to bring a '+1'.”

“If you're offering, I'd greatly appreciate that.” Wayne got up, putting on his pants again. “But isn't it due to start at 3 AM? We should get going.”

“Right.” Emily gathered her discarded underwear and got dressed, picking up the camera before turning to leave, giving one last glance to Saaya's lifeless body, her face smudged with tears and run makeup, bits of drool and cum on her breasts and a wet spot on her panties. After the ceremony she probably should give the janitor a heads-up.

“I've been meaning to ask,” Wayne said as they left the dorm. “Are you actually going to try and get that recording into the official compilation?”

“No way. The editors are far too on point, they'd definitely notice a show this sexy. Maybe I'll upload it to the internet. ...Is that a problem?”

“Not at all.” Wayne shrugged. “Just had to be sure, the idea did seem a little impractical from the get-go. Whatever, let's go to the ceremony.”


Based on a request for someone on The story is set in the same 'casual sex and death' setting I used before like in >>8423 and >>9373). Saaya is based off the gravure idol/model Saaya Irie in both appearance and the show she puts up, but that's about all I have to add.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


Yay! Casual guro is the best type of guro.
There's a little bit in this story that feels off though.
The teacher says: "If you're here for the graduation ceremony, the assembly hall is that way. Otherwise ... I must ask you to leave..."
But he is there for the graduation ceremony, so what's the problem? Why he needs Saaya to help him instead of just following the directions to the assembl hall?
You might have ment he needs an invitation to attend it, but I don't feel like it is transmitted at all.


Huh, my mistake. Yeah, the ceremony is indeed invitation-only, which is still vaguely implied at least; I thought I had some lines of dialogue that made that more clear, but apparently that got lost in editing at some point or something.


Do you have any plans to write the graduation ceremony, and if you did would it be a class wide hanging?


Currently no plans in particular (I have enough ideas to work on already). However the one who requested this story wrote a bit of her own that might happen during the ceremony, here: That site requires registration, though, so I'll also ask her if I may repost it here. (Also while certainly featuring hanging, it wouldn't have been all hangings, that would be a mite unoriginal)


Here it is. The following was written by member Theodora on (link in the comment above), reposted with permission.


The Performance

The excitement was palpable even in the relative silence of the auditorium as opposed to the rest of the Academy. Alive with the numerous graduates wandering about the campus with their relatives, friends and loved ones, the cacophony beyond the sound-proofed doors could still be heard, albeit faintly. Nevertheless, the audience within remained disciplined with only the occasional forgivable outliers from the younger ones among those seated. Their effervescent murmuring kept steady as they waited impatiently for the performance to start.

“I heard she’s performing!” “Yeah, what’s she doing again?” “Oh, don’t worry, she’s sure to have a starring role”

The parents had had their fill of the chattering before and they were just about tempted to join their teenage children when a gong sounded. Echoing within the auditorium, the solid note reverberated as the curtains drew opened to reveal the naked form of a student. Her brown hair brushed neatly over her shoulders, framing the generous assets adorning her chest. Her hourglass figure invited even more muffled murmurs before the drum beats started.

Cue the stringed instruments, the silky melody spurring the girl into movement. Graceful as a ballerina, her movements were fluid yet precise. In synchrony with the rhythm, she swirled about the stage turning every now and then towards the audience with a mesmerising gaze that seemed to linger before being drawn back into the motion. Two more dancers, equally naked, began to come onto the stage as the music began to picked up in pitch and tempo.

The first dancer stepped back, allowing the two new dancers – a blonde-haired nymph and her red-headed partner – to take the centre stage. Like the girl before, they too sported nearly similar features, with their height and bust size kept constant likely as a stylistic choice. The only deviations were personal identifiers – the ginger girl with her prominent freckles and the blonde with a tramp stamp over her ass that read ‘Slut’. “It’s her!” Went a voice among the audience before several annoyed glances shut the offender down. The red-head indulged the speaker in the masses with a wink as they sashayed back to allow the first dancer to return to the fore.

In a tight, triangular formation, their dance took on a more energetic twist just as the instruments built into a crescendo. Two nooses began to lower from the top of the stage behind the dancers. At the melody reached its peak, the two dancers at the base of the triangle began to cartwheel back. They came up to the noose, neatly nestling it under their chins. Bending over to strain the noose against their necks, they picked up a pair of knives hidden from the audience’s view before spinning back to face them – simultaneously securing the noose on their necks.

Jogging back to the lead dancer as she dropped to her knees, spread apart to flaunt the glistening wetness between the legs. Her fellow dancers flanked her on both sides each cradling her head with one hand as they brought their knives before her. A clean slide across slit her throat opened in two clean lines before they dropped it as the noose yanked them upwards in sync with the climax of the music. The lead dancer persevered through her quickly draining crimson, her arms cradling her own breasts while her fellow dancers took their performance above.

In perhaps the solitary mistake, the force of the pull snapped the red-head’s neck. Her head remained bent at an inhuman angle and her piss was quickly spurting out from between her legs, far earlier than was planned. Realising this quickly, the blonde-haired girl began to relieve her full bladder, mustering all the discipline she could to remain as still as her already-dead partner. To the viewing crowd, this slip-up would not be immediately obvious save to the discerning critics among them. For the rest, they bore witness the clear showers splattering onto the stage over the lead dancer, her arms held apart as if to celebrate the beauty of the scene.

The melody began to wind down, the final notes playing out as the lead dancer ended with a half-curtsey on the ground before tilting her head forward in death. The last survivor, barely clung on to life to keep her composure to match her partner’s inadvertent stillness. Her legs shuddered in the effort though few would notice it. Thankfully for her, the stage manager watching backstage hurried to have the curtains drawn, closing the performance right as the last note echoed in the auditorium.

The first claps from the enthralled audience was hesitant but soon, more spontaneous hands came together. Then they stood and the loud, generous applause replaced the music in its absence. It was just loud enough to mask the desperate croaks emitted by the blonde girl as she began to kick and trash about on the noose. Eventually, as the applause and cheering beyond the curtains subsided, her struggles ceased. Swaying on the rope, the stage workers got to work. The lead dancer’s body they dragged off quickly by a hand while another with a mop cleaned up the pool of blood.

The red-head and the still-warm blonde were quickly cut off from the noose and slung over the shoulders of a well-muscled staffer. He basked in the pee still oozing out from their tight crotch – as he would attest to after the fact – as he jogged off stage while the clean-up removed any remaining trace of them. It took a mere minute before the curtains drew opened, ready for the next act.


Any inpiration from Or is it just a simple enough idea for two people to think of it independently?


*inspiration; sorry.


Also: Meant to reply to >>8267.


This has to be the absolute weirdest place I've ever seen a link to SSC.


Huh. Certainly an interesting story. No inspiration on my end, though; maybe for the one who made the request/suggestion, maybe the idea is just simple/common enough.


This story written as the response to

[m/f, rape; hanging, neck breaking, shooting, strangling; loli, necrophilia; non-con]

Adjusting my position and stretching my arms and back as much as the car will let me, I sweep over the rather fancy house with binoculars once more, finding all but one room just as dark as they were for the last two hours. The coast is as clear as it can be, when am I finally gonna get the go-ahead?

After like another 20 minutes my intercom crackles to life, giving only three words before falling silent again. “All clear. Go.” Finally. I start my car and park it two streets away before returning without any obvious haste, heading for the main gate to the property. The cameras were disabled earlier today, but the key – courtesy of an insider – works just fine and I enter undisturbed. Not even a single watchdog, they were really putting a lot of trust in their tech and huge gate; their loss, but if it makes my job easier I'm not gonna complain.

I silently and swiftly approach the house, even if I doubt anyone is gonna notice me. From the open window to what's probably the master bedroom I can hear several girl's voices and laughing; from the looks of it my target has a whole group of friends over, some eight girls all in all, too bad for them none is gonna survive the night. I'm really only after one girl, but whoever hired my company was completely fine with collateral damages, so as long as the pay is right, it's little issue if I kill one girl or eight.

I open the front door and silently enter, readying my silenced pistol just in case one of them is going for the bathroom or something right now, then make my way up the huge marble stairs, another smaller stair, and through a hallway, to reach the door to the bedroom. Right about now both Amanda's parents and her older sister are about to suffer various 'accidents'; I don't know nor care why someone wants the entire family dead, but I can appreciate the pay that comes with such a huge job. Especially since I clearly got the easy task – well-deserved after saving the utter shitshow that was out last job –, if anything I got the opportunity to have some fun with a few of the girls.

I double-check my pistol before opening the door and entering, swiftly locking it behind me with the master key before turning to look over the room. As I saw before there's eight girls, including my target, all of them around 11 years, and all in their nightwear, spread over a huge bed and a bunch of distinctly sweets- or confectionery-themed pillows, by now looking at me in surprise or confusion.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” A dark-haired girl wearing yellow pyjamas complete with a matching nightcap steps in front of me with what she probably thinks is an authoritative expression. “This is private property, you-”

I cut her off by raising my pistol and pulling the trigger, placing a bullet right between her eyes and with hardly a sound the girl falls over backwards, dead in an instant, a puddle of blood slowly growing under her head. It takes a few seconds of dead silence for the other girls to realise what just happened before they variously start screaming or crying, backing away from me to the far side of the room.

I slowly scan the room again, deliberating on the next target, when from the corner of my eye I see an orange-haired girl make a dash for the open window. My reflexive shots miss her completely and she manages to vault onto the windowsill and, despite us being on the second floor, jump, landing with a small cry and a thud half a second later.

Rushing to the window, I find the she didn't quite stick the landing, and judging from her limp sprained her ankle or something, making her a pathetically easy target to line up as she tries to escape by slowly limping away in a straight line. I land two shots right in her knee, the second one actually enough to sever her lower leg completely as she faceplants the grass, her sobbing audible from up here as even now she tries to drag herself away with her hands.

That resolve is remarkable, but she's definitely gonna bleed out well before she gets anywhere. I'm half tempted to just leave her and see how far she gets, but with her crying she might attract unnecessary attention, so after letting her crawl for a few seconds longer I aim again, putting a bullet into the back of her head and she immediately falls silent and stops moving.

I turn around just in time to see a redhead girl in a pink nightgown with a hood with cat ears on it fumbling with her smartphone, probably trying to call the police. We got people standing watch in the area, so it's not like the cops could ever be here fast enough to stop me from shooting all the girls or without me knowing. But I would like to take my time here, so I shoot at her hand twice, completely ruining the phone and blasting off her right index and middle finger, and while she's still incredulously staring at her mutilated hand, just empty the rest of my magazine into her chest.

Her screams abruptly cutting off, the girl sinks to the ground next to the bed, a trickle of blood running from her mouth as she clutches her chest, only serving to partially tear away her nightgown, the shredded and blood-soaked fabric revealing her, for her age, decently-sized budding breasts with small pink areolae. A huge pool of blood quickly growing under her, it only takes the girl a few more seconds of struggles before her movements weaken and she goes still.

By now the remaining girls are cowering in various corners, my target besides another brunette girl in one, and a girl in a yellow camisole protectively placing herself in front of her dark-haired friend in another. The last one, another brunette with a frilly pink camisole and glasses is futilely trying to open the locked door, shrieking in fear as I grab her and pull her into the middle of the room. “P-please d-don't kill me!”

“Hm...” I leisurely reload my gun before pointing it at her and she shies away. “Would you rather I shot one of your friends instead?” I level my gun at the girl trying to protect the other.

“No, not her!” The girl with the glasses screams and I return my attention to her.

“Then who?” After a few seconds of tense silence I continue. “I am going to shoot one of you, you just get to choose. Who's it gonna be? You or your friend?”

“...Take Amber instead!” She blurts out after a few more moments, pointing at the girl with the long brown hair and blue nightgown right beside my actual target, and before Amber even has time to realise, I shoot her into the stomach four times and she falls over, clutching her stomach, sobbing and coughing up blood, but not nearly about to die as fast as the one before her.

While Amber is still writhing on the ground in pain and the girl with the glasses is just standing there in shock, I walk over to Amanda, roughly grabbing her wrist and tying it to the radiator next to her with a cable tie. “You better watch.” I tell her. “All of this is your parents' fault, and now they're not even here to save you.” As she starts crying again and weakly tugging at the tie, I turn back to the girl in the other corner, who gets up and tries to block me from reaching her friend as I approach her.

“What's your name?”

After a brief confused pause she answers. “M-my name is Jane. ...Why are you doing this?”

“Not your problem. However what is your problem is that dear Amber seems to be in quite a bit of pain.” As if to underline my point, just then Amber cries out again before cutting herself off with another coughing fit. “Because your friend”


“Because Katie chose you over her. Don't you at least want me to end Amber's suffering?”

“P-please.” Looks like she at least realises there's no way out.

“Of course. I just need you to do something for me.”


“Do you know what a blowjob is?”

Jane looks at me with a confused expression. “My brother talked about it once, but Mum said I'm too young to know what it means.”

“Then you get to learn now. Strip.” I command and Jane hesitantly complies, revealing almost flat budding breasts and a completely smooth pussy before covering both with her hands with a blush, as I open my trousers to pull out my dick, quickly getting hard. I grab Jane's shoulder and force her onto her knees in front of me. “You're going to suck and lick my dick, but be careful with your teeth, or I'll break them.”

Jane fearfully nods, then slowly opens her mouth to take in the tip, licking it before making a face. “It tastes salty.” Given that Jane has absolutely no idea what she's doing, she's doing an okay job, properly licking and sucking my dick while doing her best to take it far in, and, encouraged by my reaction, slowly picking up speed. I'm not particularly trying to hold back, so it only takes me a few minutes until I'm ready to cum, and just as I'm about to, I grab Jane's hair, forcing my dick deep into her throat, shooting several loads into her mouth as she chokes on it, until I finally let go and she quickly pulls away, coughing and splattering my cum all over her chin and breasts before looking at me. “W-what was that about?”

“It means you did a good job. So Amber gets to die quickly.” I step over to the wounded girl who is still – barely – hanging on, weakly shuddering and whimpering, but hardly seems to notice me as I point the gun right at her head and fire, twice just to be sure, cutting short her sobs as she instantly goes limp.

Amanda still can't do anything to get away, and Katie has sunk to her knees, sobbing into her hands, so she's not gonna be a problem either. I back to Jane and her friend, the former trying to wipe my cum off her chest, but mostly making more of a mess, while the latter shrieks and tries to back away some more as I approach them, pushing past Jane to grab her and starting to sob as I press the pistol against her chest.

“You really seemed to want to protect her. I wonder, how far will you go?”

“Don't touch her!” Even now Jane almost looks like she's about to jump me, but she's also smart enough to know that she has no chance. “Take me instead!”

“Oh, you're both going to die. But one will die quickly, the other slowly and painfully. You get to choose.”

“N-no, let her go! Brittany hasn't done anything to you!”

“Kill me slowly.” Brittany suddenly says in a low voice, looking straight at me and making Jane cry out.

“No! Don't! Please, let me-”

“Sorry, Jane.” Brittany manages to say as I let go of her, pulling Jane closer and into a chokehold instead, before placing the second hand on top of her head and sharply twisting, easily breaking her neck with an audible crack, and she instantly goes limp, a small puddle of urine forming between her legs as I drop her slightly twitching body onto the ground, turning back to Brittany.

“How heroic. But don't think this is gonna save you or something.” Brittany tries to remain defiant, but her fear quickly starts to show as I pull down the bottom of her pyjamas, her eyes filling with tears again as I push aside her panties and force the barrel of the gun into her pussy, then pull the trigger several times, producing a massive spurt of blood as she starts sobbing and screaming in pain.

Pulling out of her and wiping the gun as clean as I can on her shirt, Brittany continues struggling and shrieking, only to suddenly fall silent after only a handful more seconds, her expression blank as she goes into shock far faster than I'd hoped. But regardless, she's going to die within minutes, so I turn to Katie.

The girl has hardly changed her position in the meantime, dragging her onto the bed and just tearing open her camisole to free her very slightly larger breasts and equally smooth pussy. Only when I kneel onto the bed in front of her and push her thighs apart she finally shows a reaction, trying to back away, but I easily hold her in place. “N-no, please! Don't!”

“You should try to relax. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.” Though I doubt it. I pull Katie closer and she starts crying as I push my dick against her labia, briefly pausing to spread some spit on it as improvised lubrication, then push deep into her in one swift motion. As I break her virginity, Katie lets out a small scream, then starts whimpering as I begin slowly thrusting back and forth.

Her pussy is seriously tight, and wet enough to not offer too much resistance, and judging from her flushed face and rapid breaths Katie is actually getting into it too. Too bad she's not gonna get to enjoy it, as I pull out a length of wire from a pocket, looping it around her neck before she even has time to react, then pulling it tight. Katie immediately starts gasping for breath and trying to pull the wire away, but no avail, her face quickly turning red and tears streaming down her cheeks.

As I continue strangling and fucking her, Katie rather quickly seems to lose her strength, soon only weakly shuddering and twitching, but her convulsions making her pussy even tighter around my dick, and before long I'm about to cum again. Just as I climax I pull the wire even tighter, and Katie lets out one final series of desperate gasps and futile struggles as I shoot my load into her, but by the time I'm done and winding down, she's completely motionless, her vacant eyes looking past the ceiling.

I pull out of Katie's limp body, wiping off my dick on the covers before turning to Amanda who by this point is clutching her knees in front of her chest, weakly sobbing, her eyes red and bloodshot. When I approach her, she looks up with fear in her eyes backing away from me as far as she can, her wrist that was tied to the radiator red and sore from her ineffectual tries to break free. “W-why are you d-doing this? What did we ever do to you?”

“Nothing.” I see no reason to lie to her, it's not gonna make a difference anyways. “But we're being paid good money for your whole family to die tonight. The other girls just had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Taking a longer piece of wire, I pull up the chair from the nearby desk and climb on it to tie the wire to the rather sturdy-looking ceiling fan, and fashion the other side into a noose, then pull out a knife to cut Amanda's wrist free, only to force her onto the chair and place the noose around her neck before she even realises what's going on.

Not even giving her any chance to plead for mercy one final time, I pull the chair away and Amanda falls into the noose, stopping with a gasp after just a handful centimetres. The fixture of the fan creaks a little as she starts struggling, but it seems to hold, so I leisurely sit on the chair to enjoy the show.

Amanda is frantically gasping for air, her legs wildly kicking and her hands clawing at the wire to no effect other than her fingernails leaving red marks on her neck, the intensity of her struggles only serving for the thin wire to dig into her skin even deeper, eventually drawing a trickle of blood running down her neck and collarbone. Amanda's struggles and agony are just fucking hot, and I start absent-mindedly rubbing my dick as I'm hard again already, now I'm kind of wishing I'd done the same to her as to Katie.

But the show Amanda puts up makes up for it, as her suffering lasts far longer than Katie's, her thrashing and flailing only slowly weakening, her chest desperately heaving for breath that won't come, her face starting to shift to purple as her suffering lasts for several more minutes. Finally slowly but surely she starts to run out of strength, her movements reduced to weak twitches and almost inaudible gasps, and before too long her eyes roll back with one final sigh, and shortly after a wet spot of urine forms in the front of her pyjamas, dripping to the floor.

Letting her body hang for a couple more minutes, I take Amanda down, taking off her pyjama shirt and bottoms, wiping her pussy and thighs dry before tossing the clothes to the side, then place her onto the bed next to Katie's limp form. No reason not to enjoy her body too.

Squeezing what little breasts she has, I lift Amanda's upper body to inspect the bloody marks on her neck and her face frozen in a grimace of pain and fear up close, before deeply kissing her, even though she's completely unresponsive her tongue and lips are nice and soft and she tastes a little sweet. Making sure to lube up both my dick and her pussy with my spit, I push into her, once more breaking past her virginity easily and finding her just as tight and hot as Katie, if not even tighter.

Caressing Amanda's breasts and face as I keep thrusting into her lifeless body, it doesn't take long until I'm about to cum yet again, but this time I pull out in time, jerking off the last few moments instead to cum all over her chest instead, decorating her neck with a nice white pearl necklace to go with the scratch marks and the deep red line the noose left in her skin.

Drying off my dick on Amanda's hair and putting on my trousers again, I start taking a bunch of photos both as proof for out client and to share with my co-workers, then radio for the cleanup crew.



Oh hey, I actually managed to post something on my 'congratulations on not dying for another year' celebration (more commonly known as 'birthday'), so, yay me, I guess? As mentioned above, this is in response to a post in /rp/'s 'Killer and Victim: Loli/shota edition' thread, but it turned out long enough that I decided to post it here as well. (On a side note, if you're not already, everyone here should head to /rp/ from time to time, I occasionally post in some of the writing threads there, and also we can always use more participants).

Not 100% my usual style/subject, but I just followed the prompt. I don't normally do this many victims at once, so you'll forgive that I offed the first few rather quickly. Otherwise the story is pretty self-evident, hope you like loli.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


Think you can do more pussy shots?


I wonder if should make a template to copy-paste for this as well :P I'm generally open to take requests for most things (with the few exceptions including vore/cannibalism, excessive scat, lactation and some overly messy torture), but as can be seen in some earlier discussion between the stories, if you want me to specifically write something, you'll have to be a load more specific than that:

In general, the more detail the better, but I at least need a rough outline of the setting/scene (both the 'physical' location and the plot/story, as it were), the general mood/theme (including con or non-con), obviously specifics on the victim(s) and their deaths (generally no more than around 4, or I'll run into the issue as with the last story and not know what to do with them), as well as any other details you may wanna add. Also given I've already written quite a number of stories by this point, I' always prefer some at least slightly unique, original or interesting ideas, so be imaginative (within reason, it doesn't have to be outlandish just for the sake of it). I'm also on discord (Eterya #2731), which is generally far easier/faster to talk out an idea, feel free to contact me there.

As for pussy shooting specifically, sure I can do that (also >>8267 and
>>11777 each feature a girl shooting herself in the pussy, if you haven't seen those yet), but I'll need the details mentioned above. Especially if it's supposed to be multiple victims, cause a couple girls just getting shot in the pussy and then bleeding to death is not that interesting, it needs some circumstances/other things happening.


I don't usually read non-con stories, but at least there were lolis, so I thought I'd give it a try. It could indeed use some more detail, but short as it is is okay too. Maybe it was actually the lack of detail on the girls' suffering, the physiological part of it in particular, that let me take the non-consensual nature of the story more lightly and be able to enjoy it nevertheless, even if not as much as if it was consensual, but that's just my taste.

> In general, the more detail the better...

Right, I'm sure you said that somewhere before and then turned down my archery idea for having too much detail.
Speaking of which, any news on the Angel story?


Sent you a request on Discord


'In general' or within reason, more detail. At least to me there is such a thing as 'too much detail', which is around at the point when there's such a huge, detailed storyboard that I get the feeling there's little room for actual creativity on my part instead of just a paint-by-numbers. (I know, my inspiration works weird^^)

And I really should know better than to ever make promises on the ETA of anything by now. The story is still in the works, but still not finished because of a temporary lack of inspiration on top of suddenly a whole bunch of university stuff. Sorry 'bout that, the ETA is gotta be 'when it's done'.


Snuff Show: Birthday Edition [various Franchises; f/f, f-self; asphyxiation, decapitation, impalement, hanging, shooting, throat-cutting; con]

“Ladies, Gentlemen and Other identities! For tonight's highlight we have a very special show indeed! All of these girls were hand-picked by one of our faithful patrons for this occasion! A Happy Birthday to the one known as Blau Sturm!”

“First up, hailing from the land of Hoenn, the Gym Leader battling with a burning passion. Let's see how long her flame will burn today. Flannery!”

A young woman with red eyes and bright red hair done up in a gravity-defyingly massive spiky ponytail stepped through the curtains with a cheerful wave. She was wearing simple sandals, dark red minishorts and a two-part top consisting of a red wrap around her chest with an orange flame motif, held in place by a piece of dark cloth tied like a tank top while still leaving just a little bit of cleavage visible.

“From the land of Remnant, a brilliant fighter known as the Invincible Girl. Not that it will change anything for her this time. Pyrrha Nikos!”

A tall woman entered the stage next, her green eyes quickly sweeping over the audience as she took her place next to Flannery. Her hair was a darker shade of red and held in a more normal ponytail and she was wearing a black mini-skirt under a dark red sash on her right hip, what amounted to a tank top cut from leather in a design inspired by medieval armour, but modified to once again show a little cleavage – her chest somewhat larger than Flannery's – and a bronze circlet on her forehead, half hidden under her hair.

“Next up, formerly a devout exorcist for the Abbey of the Midgand empire, now she walks her own path. Which just happened to lead to this end. Eleanor Hume!”

A girl in an ornate white dress stepped up next, visibly unaccustomed to the amount of attention and her state of dress, looking to the side and crossing her arms in front of her chest for a moment before steeling herself and looking right at the audience, standing next in line to the other two. Other than what looked like a white summer dress with yellow decorations about mid-thigh length, she was wearing only a pair of blue hair ornaments holding her orange-red hair in a pair of twintails.

“The president of the student council of the prestigious Gekkoukan High School, she nonetheless could make time in her schedule to appear here for you. Mitsuru Kirijo!”

With a perfect poise a tall, busty girl walked up, confidently standing next to the others. She was a little shorter than Pyrrha, her slightly wavy deep red hair almost reaching to her waist, and she was wearing what amounted to a school uniform, with black knee-high boots, a black skirt reaching just above her knees, a white blouse that had the top three buttons undone to very clearly showcase her large breasts barely contained by a black sports bra, and a red scarf.

“Then, given her usual task of defending humanity from alien monstrosities, all the better for her to get some time just for herself. Asuka Langley Sohryu!”

A somewhat younger girl stepped through the curtains next, appearing to entirely ignore the audience as she lined up too. She had blue eyes, dark red shoulder-length hair adorned with her usual interface headset, and was wearing a mostly red skintight bodysuit with black highlights on the arms and stomach and a green lining over her collarbone that left little to the imagination, very clearly showing off her toned body and petite, but well-formed breasts.

“And finally, our patron's personal favourite. An accomplished mech pilot and recurring star of our programme who by now needs no further introduction. Lunamaria Hawke!”

The redhead girl entered the stage with a wave and a smile. She had almost purplish red hair and blue eyes, and her costume appeared to be based off a military uniform of sorts, but heavily modified to be more casual – and revealing. She was wearing black thigh-highs and short boots, a short dark red skirt and a sleeveless top of the same colour, baring both her midriff and a generous amount of cleavage.

Under massive applause from the audience all the girls took a collective bow as the curtains rose to the main stage, revealing little more than a simple gallows with a stool under it as well as a long table bearing a number of implements that would certainly be used in the upcoming show.

“Then let's get going, right?” Flannery stepped up to the centre of the stage while the other girls withdrew to the side a little, save for Pyrrha who took a thin loop of wire with small handles at the ends from the table, walking up behind Flannery. Meanwhile the Gym Leader took off the inner part of her top only, to free her modestly-sized, perky breasts, as well as dropping her skirt to show relatively plain, fiery red panties as she knelt on the floor with her legs spread wide.

Squeezing and playing with her breast with one hand, Flannery started rubbing her pussy through her panties with the other as Pyrrha looped the wire around her neck once, gripping both ends as she slowly started pulling it tight, making Flannery reflexively gasp before she just nodded with a grin, her hand reaching into her already slightly damp panties.

Pyrrha's grip seemed surprisingly gentle, but completely unyielding, and Flannery didn't even try to fight it, instead just starting to quickly finger herself while the other hand continued playing with her nipple, soon beginning to pant and gasp as Pyrrha kept slowly but steadily increasing the pressure on her neck. Soon the pressure became downright pain, Flannery's face turning red, her head starting to pound and her lungs aching for air as her gasps intensified, but she kept pleasuring herself, the sensation only more powerful in spite – or because – of her body's growing panic.

Only minutes later, Flannery couldn't entirely stop her body's reactions, occasionally shuddering and twitching between her strangled gasps, but she was still in control enough to keep fingering herself, and from earlier experimentation with breathplay – if obviously none as fatal – she could tell just how much she had left pretty well, but like this the timing was probably gonna be off... “Come on, tigh...ter-” Flannery barely managed to say and Pyrrha complied, cutting off her voice completely as Flannery increased her speed, rapidly approaching her orgasm before slowing down again, teetering on the edge of her climax as Pyrrha kept strangling her, hoping to get the timing just right, ignoring her body's desperate pleas for air.

There. As darkness began creeping into her vision and a prickly numb feeling started growing in her hands and feet, Flannery sped up once more, coming nigh immediately. Her voice cut off into choked gasps, the girl wildly shuddered under the waves of her climax, and if reflexively or intentionally, Pyrrha tightened her grip, leaning backwards a little and ensuring that the timing was just perfect. Still in the middle of her orgasm, Flannery could feel the last bits of her strength fading and she didn't even try to fight it, letting the darkness sweep her away amidst the pleasure and the pain.

Flannery's body continued its drawn-out orgasm, its shudders of pleasure soon turning into death throes, but before long she went completely limp with one last sigh, a small puddle of urine forming between her legs, the wet fabric of her panties perfectly outlining the contours of her pussy for all to see. Holding her for a good few seconds longer, Pyrrha finally let go of Flannery, gently lowering her to the ground before standing up, a slight sheen of sweat from the effort on her forehead as Eleanor walked up, clearing the table and beckoning Pyrrha over.

Without needing any further instructions, Pyrrha took off her top to free her moderately large, firm breasts and toned stomach, before dropping her skirt and sash as well, taking off her simple black panties to reveal a patch of neatly-trimmed pubic hair and her pussy slightly wet in anticipation as she laid down onto the table with her legs spread and her lower legs dangling off the edge.

Picking up a long thin steel pole with a pointed tip, Eleanor took a bottle to generously cover it with some sort of clear oil, ignoring the mess she made on the floor in the process, before handing the bottle to Pyrrha, wiping her hands on her dress. Pyrrha in turn spread some of the oil around her pussy, then held it open to even reach inside herself a little before putting the bottle to the side and turning to Eleanor, her pussy now glistening and dripping with lube. “I'm ready.”

With a nod Eleanor took a small step back, gripping the pole with both hands and pushing the tip inside Pyrrha's pussy, making the fighter gasp a little as the metal easily slid into her, and again when a few moments later the tip hit resistance deep inside her pussy. Adjusting her angle a little, Eleanor strained to keep pushing it until a few moments later she broke through, Pyrrha drawing in a sharp breath as the pole penetrated deeper into her, a trickle of blood running from her pussy, covering the metal.

At first the pain was actually not as bad as she'd expected, but then Eleanor continued impaling her, piercing through something that sent a sudden spike of agony through her, making Pyrrha scream out and buck in pain, her eyes tearing up, before she managed to force herself to calm down. She could feel that the pole was already halfway through her intestines, the amount of blood dripping from her pussy steadily growing, but she knew the worst was yet to come.

A few moments later Pyrrha had to fight back a sudden surge of nausea as the pole pierced through her stomach, before hitting yet another resistance, the sharp pain around her lungs taking Pyrrha's breath away as Eleanor briefly paused, turning to Luna. “Help me stand her up, please.”

“Sure.” With a nod Luna hurried to the side of the table, reaching under Pyrrha's shoulders to lift and push her forward, the movement making the pole inside her scrape around, causing Pyrrha to gasp in pain. Once the bottom of the pole reached the ground, Eleanor moved it a bit to slide into a hole in the floor of the stage before reaching behind Pyrrha's hips and on a count of three both she and Luna pushed, setting the pole completely upright in one go.

All of her weight suddenly resting on the pole, Pyrrha screamed in pain, reflexively trying to grasp on to it with her feet, but the smooth metal slick with both oil and her own blood offered no purchase whatsoever. If anything, her struggles accelerated the process, and suddenly Pyrrha sunk yet a little further onto the pole, gasping for breath as the metal pierced her diaphragm.

Her panicked gasps failing to draw in any real air, only compounded by the pain flooding her entire body, Pyrrha's composure quickly broke, and even if she'd intended to keep as much posture as she could, her shudders quickly drove the spike through her lungs, and instead of neatly going through her mouth as she'd hoped, with a low crunching noise the tip broke straight through her sternum, right between her breasts. Her scream of pain turned into but a choked gasp, and her cough spraying a few droplets of blood, Pyrrha stared at the spike jutting from her chest in mild disbelief, a copious amount of blood streaming over and around her breasts as her weak shudders made her sink onto the pole several centimetres more before finally stopping.

By this point the pain coursing through her body was slowly fading into a comfortable numbness, a similar haze clouding Pyrrha's mind, and she hardly even cared for her body continuing its futile instinctive struggles on the pole, or even losing control of her bladder, the urine hardly visible among the blood still dripping from her pussy. Not even a minute later the numbness was clouding almost all of her and Pyrrha just let go, her body finally going limp and her lips formed into a faint smile.

Once Pyrrha was completely still, Mitsuru stepped up behind Eleanor, tapping the girl's shoulder to get her attention, then suddenly pulling her into a deep kiss that lasted for several seconds, before pulling away with a smirk at the daze she left Eleanor in. Giving her a few seconds to recover, Mitsuru dropped her skirt and stepped out of her boots before fully opening her jacket, but leaving it on as she took off her bra, leaving her large, supple breasts slightly hidden, but not really covered either.

“You can keep it on if you want.” Mitsuru commented at Eleanor's blush as the girl looked at her own clothing, and with a thankful nod Eleanor reached under the hem of her dress to only pull down her panties but keeping everything else on as Mitsuru picked up a long black strap-on, fastening it around her hips, as well as a knife she put into a pocket of her jacket.

Briefly kissing Eleanor again, Mitsuru gently but determinedly pushed her onto the table, ignoring the blood staining the back of her dress, before lifting it up to reveal her pussy and unshaven but accurately trimmed pubic hair, making Eleanor look to the side with a blush. “Aw, don't be shy.” With a smile Mitsuru leaned downwards to run her tongue along Eleanor's pussy, quickly eliciting a light moan, the girl's pussy soon nice and wet from Mitsuru's ministrations, and with a satisfied expression she pulled back, dripping some saliva onto her fingers to spread it onto the strap-on, before pulling Eleanor a little closer to the edge of the table, then carefully parting her labia with the tip before fully entering her.

Eleanor winced and briefly closed her eyes as Mitsuru pushed into her, taking a moment to compose herself, but gasped in pleasure as the redhead started slowly thrusting into her, one hand taking Eleanor's outstretched one, intertwining their fingers, as the other began gently rubbing her breasts through her dress.

Once she'd gotten used to the unfamiliar sensation inside her and managed to relax a little, Eleanor quickly started enjoying it, after a little while wrapping her legs around Mitsuru's back and moving her hips counterpoint to the other girl's motions, soon moaning in pleasure, Mitsuru's huge breasts bouncing and swaying with along with their movements only adding to the actually quite beautiful view of the girl above Eleanor, her face equally flush in arousal, panting slightly.

Eleanor could slowly feel her pleasure building up towards its inevitable release, her breath speeding up and her gasps and moans ever louder and more frequent. However before she could really get into it, Mitsuru suddenly paused before slowing down completely. “Remember the plan?” She returned at Eleanor's questioning expression, and after a moment the orange-haired girl nodded, her legs letting go of Mitsuru, the redhead pulling out of her before helping Eleanor up.

A small part of her still complained that this was an even more shameful position as Eleanor turned away from Mitsuru, and towards the audience, going down onto her hands and knees, but the moment that the redhead thrust into her again, moving faster and harder this time, that little voice was nigh immediately silenced by the pleasure as Eleanor let out another long moan.

Ineffectually trying to keep some amount of composure, Eleanor soon felt her orgasm approaching, and Mitsuru only kept picking up speed as well, so before long her pleasure broke way in a series of shameless gasps and moans – only for her voice to suddenly cut off as Mitsuru drew the knife she'd been carrying, dragging it all the way across Eleanor's throat, opening a huge cut spraying copious amounts of blood over the stage.

Her mind still in the middle of ecstasy, it took a few seconds for Eleanor to fully register what had happened, her voice reduced to wet gasps, a metallic taste flooding her mouth as she reflexively tried to stem the massive bleeding, only to drench her hands in the hot liquid, her body even now riding out the last vestiges of her climax. Her blood continuing to seep past her fingers and pool on the floor before her, Eleanor's body quickly started to feel cold, the noise around her and even the pain slowly dampening before finally vanishing.

Pulling out of Eleanor, the girl's limp body sinking to the ground, Mitsuru wiped the bit of blood that had gotten on her hands off on her jacket, before returning the knife to the table, then turning to Asuka who had picked up a simple but ornate handgun already, motioning Mitsuru to stand right against the beam of the gallows. Without any fanfare or wasting more time, Asuka knelt in front of her to find Mitsuru's pussy well wet already, starting to lick her, drawing a long moan from the taller girl nigh immediately.

Starting to rub herself through her self with the gun with one hand, the other braced against Mitsuru's leg, Asuka continued slowly and systematically licking, all over her labia, pushing her tongue deep into Mitsuru before finally focusing on her clit, quickly provoking another strained gasp, the taller girl quite close to her climax already. So after only a couple more seconds Asuka paused, pulling away to instead lick the gun – which had left her plenty wet in the meantime as well – a few times, spreading her saliva all over the barrel, then slowly dragging it along the outside of Mitsuru's pussy before pushing it deep into her.

Slowly fucking Mitsuru with the gun, Asuka resumed licking her clit besides the metal, the twofold attention making the redhead come just a handful seconds after, moaning and shuddering as she pushed Asuka's face against her pussy even harder, downright drenching the girl's face with her juices, riding out a long, powerful orgasm before slowly winding down, panting and a few beads of sweat on her face and chest – only for Asuka to lean away before pulling the trigger of the gun, three times.

Letting out a scream of pain and surprise, Mitsuru clutched her lower stomach, a huge gush of blood dripping from her pussy as Asuka withdrew the gun, taking a few steps back. Shaking and visibly straining, Mitsuru nonetheless stood as straight as she could, looking right at Asuka, and with a grin, the pilot complied, levelling the gun at the taller redhead before firing, again and again, until with a click, the magazine was empty.

Most of the bullets digging into Mitsuru's breasts and stomach, as well as one grazing her thigh and another punching straight through her upper arm, the series of impacts made her stagger backwards against the beam of the gallows. Weakly gasping in pain, her blood running down her body in large rivulets as well as dripping from the corner of her mouth, Mitsuru quickly felt her strength leave her and started to sink down against the beam, but managed to lean forward enough to fall into a somewhat proper kneeling position instead.

Reloading the gun, Asuka slowly walked up to Mitsuru, leaning down to briefly caress her cheek and plant one final kiss on her forehead, the other girl's eyelids fluttering and her breaths weak and ragged, before holding the gun right against the back of her head and after a measured moment of expectation pulled the trigger. Mitsuru's head rocked forward as she went limp, her body slowly dropping to the side, half rolling onto her back to showcase her blank expression, bloody ravaged breasts and stomach, and a trickle of urine dripping from her pussy, only faintly visible among the blood.

After observing Mitsuru's body for a couple seconds longer, Asuka returned the gun to the table, then stood in the middle of the stage in a confident pose. Just a moment later Luna approached her from behind, turning the girl's head to give her a swift but passionate kiss, before pulling her closer, Luna's chest pressing against Asuka's back as she reached around her to open the long zipper in the front of the suit, pulling it open to reveal the pilot's small, still girlish, but firm breasts, then reached downwards to Asuka's completely smooth pussy.

The other girl was well wet already, so Luna only briefly rubbed the outside of Asuka's pussy before pushing two fingers deep inside her and thrusting back and forth, drawing a loud moan nigh immediately. Keeping up the movement with her one hand, Luna's other caressed Asuka's cheek for a moment, before playing with her breasts, then slowly trailing down to her pussy, starting to rub the girl's clit exclusively, making her gasp and lean backwards, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

After a few moments Luna pulled one hand away, gently forcing it into Asuka's mouth instead, making her lick and suck her own sweet juices off Luna's fingers, then wrapped that arm around Asuka's midriff to hold support her, while her other hand sped up its movements, rapidly pushing Asuka towards her orgasm already.

And true enough, within barely another minute Asuka hit her climax, biting her lip to suppress her moans, but failing to, arching her back and leaning into Luna's embrace, shivering under the waves of pleasure for several blissful seconds before her orgasm slowly subsided, and Luna gently let go of her, Asuka sinking to her knees in exhaustion – the perfect position for her own ending.

“Here you go.” Luna picked up a short, straight-bladed sword, handing it to Asuka, while herself drawing a longer, traditional katana.

“Thanks.” Still slightly panting, Asuka nodded, drawing the sword and placing the tip against the left side of her lower stomach. “Here we go, then.” Taking a deep breath, Asuka braced herself before plunging the blade deep into her stomach, only slightly flinching at the sharp pain surging from her abdomen. Her face pointedly neutral, but gritting her teeth, she gripped the handle of the blade even harder, swiftly pulling it all the way across her stomach and opening up a gaping wound.

Just barely managing to not scream in pain, Asuka held her position for several seconds, only a slight shaking betraying her suffering, then finally leaned forward, extending her neck, and Luna, who had been waiting with the katana at the ready the whole time, quickly struck, cleanly decapitating Asuka. Her body sinking forward but remaining on its knees, spraying a fountain of blood from her severed neck, Asuka's head landed right in front of her, facing the audience, managing to form a satisfied smile before she completely faded.

And then there were one. Luna placed the katana on the ground besides Asuka's body before moving over to the gallows. Time for the finale. Stretching and posing for a few seconds, pushing out her butt, then crossing her arms under her chest to emphasise her bust, Luna slowly, one by one unbuttoned her top before finally taking it off and dropping it to the ground to show a dark red lacy bra covering her sizeable breasts, the fabric thin enough to let both her areolae and her clearly hard nipples show under the stage's strong light.

Stepping out of her boots, Luna leaned against the beam of the gallows for support as she raised her leg, flashing a glimpse of her panties in the process, to slowly peel away her thigh-high, then the other. Finally opening and dropping her skirt, Luna revealed her dark red lacy panties, just as transparent, only aided by her being massively wet in expectation already, the soaked fabric clinging to her pussy and outlining it perfectly.

Reaching up to the noose waiting above her with her hands, Luna stretched and turned a couple seconds more, pushing out her breasts, then spreading her legs to show her pussy, before letting go and taking off her bra, freeing her breasts with a little bounce, swaying slightly with each of her steps as she walked back to the table to pick up a pair of toys. Returning to the gallows, Luna did a slow pirouette before stepping out of her panties and showing off her smooth, expectantly wet, pussy.

Briefly sitting onto the floor to push a small vibrator into her pussy, Luna started licking a thick red dildo, pushing it deep into her mouth to lube it up, before raising her hips enough to set the dildo under her and steady it with one hand, briefly wincing as it entered her asshole, slowly continuing to lower herself onto it, accompanied by low drawn-out moan, until it was practically completely up her ass.

Somewhat tenderly Luna stood up, taking a bow before stepping onto the stool and fastening the noose around her neck, reaching to her pussy to turn on the vibrator, then blowing a kiss. “I hope you'll enjoy my final moments. This one is for you, Blau Sturm, happy birthday.” And with that she kicked the stool away, the wood clattering onto the stage as Luna began her last dance.

For the first few seconds the pain was almost bearable and Luna managed a strained smile, only lightly swaying for a little before her instincts finally kicked in and she started to kick and stretch for the ground, so close and yet so far. The vibrator in her pussy quickly showing effect, Luna gasped in both pain and arousal, forcing down her body's struggles, for now at least, in an effort to to preserve some energy, focusing only on her pleasure instead.

And soon enough, faster than she'd expected to, Luna already came, her moans only coming out as ragged gasps as her whole body clenched and shivered in climax, her juices  positively dripping from her pussy and covering the inside of her thighs. Forgetting the bite of the rope entirely, Luna bucked and gasped in pleasure, swinging and gyrating wildly on the end of the rope, until her orgasm finally ebbed off, the pain returning worse than before.

Unable to hold her body back any longer, Luna began freely struggling, her breasts bouncing with every movement and her kicking legs giving good views of her soaking wet pussy, desperate choking gasps the only sound she could still produce. However as they were wont to, all other of Luna's sensations seemed to intensify along with the pain, just briefly reaching to play with her nipple and rub her clit enough to make Luna gasp and shudder in pleasure.

It kept getting harder and harder to control her body, but Luna managed to at least reduce her struggles a little, instead directly rubbing her clit with one hand, the other continuing to caress her breasts, desperate to get a second release as well before her death. And it looked like she was on the right way, because as a dark border started slowly gathering around the edges of her vision, and the feeling in her hands and feet was reduced to a numb prickling sensation, even faster than her impending end, Luna also felt another orgasm approaching.

Only a handful seconds later Luna came, her shudders and gasps of her climax indistinguishable from and intermixed with her futile struggles against the rope, pain and pleasure blending into one as her orgasm lasted even longer and stronger than the first one; yet ultimately it came to an end too, leaving Luna to her slow death in the noose.

The pain flared up yet worse again, and Luna started heedlessly clawing at the rope, kicking and flailing, letting out agonised sounds as tears streamed down her face, bits of drool dripping from her chin onto her bouncing breasts. Luna threw her all into one final desperate effort, her struggles and gasps surging in intensity before rapidly fading after just a few seconds, her body too weak to even contain itself, and Luna felt a warm stream of urine flow from her pussy and down her legs, dripping onto the floor below her.

The last of her strength well and truly wasted, Luna was reduced to faint shudders and twitches, her pained gasps all but inaudible, just waiting for death to claim her as the searing pain all over her body slowly faded into numbness, and before too long, everything ended


Done as a request for Blau Sturm for an obvious occasion; happy birthday, mate. There's nothing particular to say about this, speaks for itself, really, everything was written according to his specifications.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.






[OC; neck snap, shooting; non-con]

As Claire's target left her office, the spy quickly slid behind the the wall again, waiting for the other woman to make a few steps in the opposite direction before swiftly moving up behind her, placing one arm under her chin and the other at the top of her head, then twisting with a sharp crack. The bespectacled redhead didn't stand any chance, dead before she could even make a sound, the files she'd been carrying cropping to the floor as her body went limp, a dark spot forming in the front of her pencil skirt.

As Claire grabbed the body under the arms to drag her into a toilet stall – which was of course not gonna stop her from being found eventually, but delay it long enough for her to be long gone by that point – she felt the slightest twinge of regret. That hadn't really been a fair fight, and the woman had just been doing her job, and overtime deep into the night at that. ...But Claire couldn't risk any witnesses triggering an alarm, she had to get this prototype data, so after a short moment she just brushed the woman's eyes shut, muttering a 'sorry' before being on her way again.

Evading the few patrols and cameras on the level, Claire swiftly made her way to the data centre, and after a bit of hacking, Claire had the data on not only one USB stick, but three, one in her pocket, one wrapped in plastic and swallowed, and a third one pushed into her pussy, just be extra sure. However just as she was about to leave, there were several voices and footsteps, headed in her direction. Crap. Looked like she'd missed an alarm after all, so she'd have to fight. Taking cover behind the wall besides the door, Claire drew her gun, aiming in the direction the noise was coming from.

And in fact, not even a minute later, a security guard wearing an outfit similar to Claire's, a bikini top not really adequately containing her very sizeable breasts and the matching bottoms barely visible above the waistline of her minishorts, rounded that exact corner, and before the woman could as much as react, Claire pulled the trigger, accurately hitting her in the forehead, and splattering chunks of the blonde's brain and skull over the wall behind her, the body slumping to the ground and only twitching for a couple of seconds before going limp, a puddle of urine forming between her legs.

After some more shouting, the remaining guards, wisely using the cover of the sides of the hallway, returned fire, forcing Claire to quickly duck back and shoot mostly blind, seeming to miss several before a pained scream showed her she landed another, quickly peeking out to see a black-haired guard staring at the mangled remains of her right hand, staggering out of cover just enough for Claire to land a hit right between her breasts, tearing off the woman's top. Claire swiftly returned to cover as the other woman fell, producing gasping sounds for several more seconds as she jerked and shuddered in a pool of her blood, her breasts bouncing and swaying with every movement, before she quickly went still.

A renewed hail of gunfire forced Claire to wait behind her cover for several seconds before there finally was an opening, and she managed to land a shot into the stomach of a redhead that was just peeking out to shoot again, then another, and the guard sank to her knees, a trickle of blood running from her mouth, but still trying to shoot back, making Claire duck behind the – slowly rather bullet-riddled – wall, only for the shooting to stop after a few seconds, a quick glance confirming the woman had died as well, slumped over against the wall.

Claire could tell she was slowly running low on ammo, and she didn't have any more reserves, but there didn't seem to be many guards more either – except they would get reinforcements, while her gun was sadly unable to spontaneously regrow bullets ...she really should get R&D to look into something like that when she was back. Claire's escape route was all planned out, she just had to get to the stairs...

After another few tense moments of waiting, Claire picked up her empty magazines, then threw all of them to the other side of the doorway, even the quick motion predictably drawing return fire in that direction, giving her enough time to quickly fire several shots, one of which hit an especially busty brunette into the crotch, the woman doubling over with a scream and clutching the injury with both hands, Claire quickly aimed to finish her off with a bullet to the head, but – click.

Fuck. Now of all times. Claire had to act fast, she could get past one or two more guards, but once reinforcements arrived, she'd be caught without a doubt, so there was only one thing to do... “Stop! I surrender!” To underline her point Claire threw her – useless anyways – gun out of the doorway, and after a few moments the gunshots ceased, and after a few moments Claire peeked out to see a redhead and another blonde with some kind of insignia on her shorts advancing towards her, guns at the ready, so Claire very slowly and carefully moved out of cover, her hands raised in surrender.

At a gesture from the blonde, the redhead quickly searched Claire to predictably find the USB stick and her combat knife, before pushing her right before the blonde. “I'm not saying anything without a lawyer.”

“You really think any lawyer could talk you out of this mess?” The blonde sneered. “You killed four of our guards, that waste of personnel just to protect some new toy of theirs is gonna make some higher-ups rather unhappy.”

“I only shot three, the last one is-” In return to Claire looking over to the wounded guard, who was still kneeling on the floor, clutching her injury in a rather painful spot, but seeming stable at least, the blonde swiftly moved over, kicking the brunette in the back, making her fall forward before holding her gun right up to the back of her head and pulling the trigger, splattering the floor before her with the brunette's brain and chunks of gore.

“Four.” The blonde repeated. “That bitch really thought she could fuck my husband behind my back.” She kicked the body and it fell to the side, showing off the rather large exit would that had ruined most of the woman's face into a bloody mess, before turning back to Claire. “And as for you. No lawyer in the world could sweet-talk your way out of this mess. But we don't work like that, so fortunately for you you're saved from all the boring courtroom stuff.”

“What? Are you just gonna lock me up here or something?”

“Almost, but not quite.” The blonde chuckled. “I'm going to enjoy this. See, out policy against this sort of thing is pretty easy.” She suddenly pushed her gun right between Claire's breasts, painfully jabbing her into the sternum and making her back away, only to hit a wall behind her. “No prisoners.”

“W-what, you can't just-” The woman pulled the trigger with a powerful bang cutting off Claire as she could almost feel the reverberations of the sound through her chest before a massive searing pain surged through it, tearing out of her back and splattering the wall behind her with blood and bits of flesh. Claire couldn't do anything but futilely gasp for air and shudder in pain as the blonde withdrew the gun, ripping open her bikini top and eliciting a huge gush of blood dripping from the wound.

Gritting her teeth, Claire tried to at least face her death with dignity, but she couldn't help but quickly tear up from the incredible pain flooding her entire abdomen while a diffuse cold started creeping into her limbs at the same time, the metallic taste of blood pooling in her mouth and dripping down her chin. Before long Claire felt her legs give way and slumped against the wall, sinking to the floor; by now her vision was quickly starting to fade, and even her own ragged breaths sounded faint and muffled to Claire's ears, but she could still feel her body lose control and soil herself just to add to the indignity, eliciting a derisive point and laugh from the redhead guard.

Soon the cold and numbness was completely sweeping over Claire's body and mind, and she didn't even try to fight it, just letting the darkness take her, the last thing she heard the blonde that killed her radioing someone. “Dispatch, we need a cleanup for server room C, floor 8. ...Yes. …At least 5. ...Oh and if they complain about the time, just tell the boys that if they're quick the bodies are still gonna be warm.”


Written as a request for Blau Sturm, just a quick little something to get me back into writing after being busy with exams and university stuff. The final death was to be based on, and the story as a whole is somewhat inspired by those kinds of 'sexy combat death' (as well as the unrealistically-dressed sexy spies; think Angel Corps) comics you see sometimes, not much to say otherwise.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.


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A tough choice [m/f, f/f; shooting; loli; multiple endings; con]

“Hey, babe. I'm home.”

“Welcome home.” As Chase entered the house he was greeted by a quite lovely sight, his wife Julie, wearing nothing but a fancy – and revealing – black mini dress, the fabric hugging her voluptuous body quite closely, showing off all of her curves, and thin enough to even make her lack of underwear readily apparent.

“Looking good.” Chase took off his jacket and put his bag to the side. “What's the occasion?”

“Just because. I was getting bored and horny waiting for you, so come on.” Julie opened the door to their bedroom, heading inside as Chase hurried to take off his shoes. “Although we need to talk a little bit first.”

“Talk as in dirty talk, or as in 'you're in trouble' talk?” Chase entered the bedroom after Julie – and stopped on the spot. Definitely 'trouble' talk. Because sitting on the bed were two naked young girls he knew quite well, but would rather not have had Julie know anything about.

“He~ey. Fancy meeting you here.” Blonde, blue-eyed Tiffany tried her best at a conversational tone as she waved to Chase, but the effect fell mostly flat.

“Hi.” Dark-haired, green-eyed Zoe, sitting right next to Tiffany greeted him more simply.

“When were you planning of telling me about these two?” Julie asked, placing herself right in front of Chase with her hands on her hips. “We talked about this before, and you know I'm not opposed to you fucking some little girl from time to time, but I wished you'd introduced me at least, they're both quite charming.”

“You didn't even tell us about each other.” Tiffany added. “But we're even in the same class, and we totally could have double-teamed you if you asked, isn't that right, Zoe?”


“Sorry, girls, my bad. And sorry, babe, I'll make it up to you. How does a weekend trip to Venice sound?”

“That sounds like a plan.” Julie seemed mostly placated. “But there's one issue. Two is one too many. I'm fine with you having one girl, but two is a bit of a stretch. Twice the distraction, and what if something happens to them or you get both of them pregnant? I invited both of them here and we talked, and we all agreed on the most effective and easy solution.” Julie reached to pick up a handgun from the nearby desk, making Chase flinch back, but instead she turned it around, handing it to him with the grip first. “Just shoot one of them, right in the pussy, and the other one can stay. If her parents are okay with it, she could even come to Venice as well.”

Taking a moment to process the situation, Chase briefly inspected the bulky pistol Julie had given him, definitely looked like high enough calibre to make a girl bleed out with just one or two bullets, especially right in her pussy. Meanwhile Tiffany had leaned backwards a bit, spreading her legs to fully show off her slightly damp pussy, while Zoe had turned around, going onto her hands and knees to present her quite nice and firm butt instead, both girls looking at Chase expectantly.

Chase flicked off the safety and loaded the gun before stepping closer to Tiffany, pressing the gun right against her pussy and making her flinch a little from the cold metal before she spread her legs and pussy even further, and as Chase ran a finger along her pussy, eliciting a small gasp in the process, it returned covered in her sweet juices and he licked it clean with a grin, already feeling himself start to get hard as well.

As he turned to Zoe, the girl started wiggling and sticking out her butt a little, clearly aware of her most attractive feature, so after briefly dragging the barrel along her pussy, Chase placed the gun right against her asshole, making her shudder in expectation. Gently teasing Zoe's asshole with the gun and quickly being rewarded with a low moan from the girl, Chase shifted to the side until he could reach Tiffany's pussy with the other hand, starting to rub her as well.

The girls' twofold gasps and moans got Chase completely hard in his pants soon enough, but before he could get either of them anywhere near their climax, Julie interrupted him. “Come on, don't tease them, make up your mind. Kill one, keep the other two, easy enough.”

Pulling away from both girls and wiping the gun and his hands on the bedsheet, Chase let his gaze sweep over his wife and the two girls presenting themselves to him. Who to choose...

A) Shoot Tiffany right in the pussy, easy enough
B) Zoe always liked taking it up the ass, how about a bullet there
C) Take a third option, shoot Julie instead and keep both of the girls


Turning his attention back to Tiffany, the girl made an expectant face as Chase pushed the gun into her pussy, but instead of fucking her with it he just forced the barrel inside as far it would go, and the realisation hit her the same moment as he pulled the trigger. Tiffany let out a scream of pain and surprise, clutching her pussy as Chase withdrew the bloodied gun, futilely trying to stem the flow of blood splattering over the inside of her thighs and staining the bed under her.

After briefly flinching at the sound of the gunshot, Zoe now had a triumphant expression as Chase turned back to her, placing the gun to the side before squeezing her butt, and in turn she reached to spread her cheeks, baring her waiting pussy and asshole. Chase took off his pants to pull out his dick, and Julie similarly dropped her dress entirely to reveal her shapely body and large swaying breasts as she walked past Tiffany, who was still shuddering and whimpering in pain, sitting onto the bed with her legs spread right in front of Zoe's face. “Seeing as Chase clearly wants to pound your tight little ass right now, be a dear and help me have some fun too, won't you?”

“Hm, sure.” Zoe shifted her position a little and Julie moved somewhat closer until the girl's face was right in front of her pussy, Chase waiting until they were finished before dripping some spit onto his dick and spreading some more around Zoe's asshole, then gently but swiftly entering her, eliciting a loud moan, slightly muffled from Zoe's face half buried in Julie's crotch, and her ass clenching around him in response. Chase started thrusting into her, slowly gaining speed as Zoe began moving her hips counterpoint to him as well as eating Julie out, as evidenced by the faint wet noises and the woman's shameless – if perhaps a little overacted – moans.

As usual Zoe's asshole was very nice and tight, and, especially combined with the view of Julie being eaten out in front of him at the same time, her eyes half closed in pleasure and her large breasts slightly heaving in time with her panting breaths, all too quickly Chase was already about to cum, so he slowed down a bit to enjoy himself a little longer. Tiffany was still weakly sobbing and shuddering next to them, but none of them were paying her much attention as Chase finally climaxed a little later, shooting his load into Zoe's ass, just in time for Julie to cum a handful of seconds later, loudly moaning and panting, closing her eyes and arching her back in ecstasy.

After winding down a little, Chase pulled out of Zoe, making the girl wince a little bit, some cum dripping from her asshole as she sat up, noticing Tiffany besides them. “Hey, she's still alive. ...Can I put her out of her misery?”

Exchanging a quick glance with Julie, Chase just shrugged. “Sure.” He took the pistol and handed it to Zoe, who briefly had to adjust to the weight of the gun before levelling it at Tiffany's chest, the girl in turn barely acknowledging her.

“Hee hee, sorry, looks like I win.” Zoe pulled the trigger, the recoil almost throwing the gun from her hand as the bullet went right through Tiffany's sternum and the girl gasped and started coughing and shuddering, blood running from the corner of her mouth. After a few seconds. Zoe quickly aimed again, this time right at Tiffany's forehead before firing, splattering chunks of her skull and brain over the floor next to the bed as her body instantly went limp.

“That was... exciting.” Zoe returned the gun to Chase, leaning forward to inspect Tiffany's body a little closer.

“And a right mess on my bed and carpet.” Julie dryly added from the side. “Now come on, both of you. Let's get things a little tidied up and call a cleaner, then we can look for a flight for the weekend.”


Turning to Zoe, Chase slowly dragged the gun upwards over her pussy before pressing it right against her asshole, making Zoe gasp as he pushed the hard, angular metal into her a little – before pulling the trigger, making Zoe let out a scream of pain as he quickly moved the gun to push it into her pussy instead and firing again, huge streams of blood gushing from both her asshole and pussy as Zoe quickly slumped onto the bed, weakly shuddering and crying

With a victorious grin, Tiffany spread her pussy with her hands as she rolled onto her side, facing towards Julie, and as Chase stepped to the edge of the bed, his dick already out and completely hard, she lifted one leg to place it over his shoulder, her favourite position. Observing the two for a moment, their position not really allowing for another partner too well, Julie just shrugged, leaning back provocatively and lifting her dress to flash Chase a brief view of her pussy as she started to finger herself.

Chase started thrusting into Tiffany, the additional show Julie was putting on only adding to the hotness of the situation, and the girl quickly started moaning, moving alongside his thrusts and quickly gaining speed, as so did Julie, her nipples visibly hard through her dress and her face flush in pleasure.

Continuing to fuck Tiffany, Chase reached to lightly rub her clit with one hand, eliciting another gasp and her speeding up yet a little more, but ultimately it was still Julie who wound up cumming first, her moans hitting a crescendo as her whole body tensed and shivered for several seconds before she slowly wound down, pulling her hands dripping with her juices out from under her dress and slowly, sensually licked it clean.

Julie's ecstatic voice and display were enough to make Chase cum as well, filling Tiffany's pussy with a load of his cum, and in turn she came as well, her voice briefly cracking as she gasped and moaned in climax, slowly quieting down as her orgasm subsided, slightly panting as Chase pulled out of her a bit later, her pussy dripping a little bit of his cum for a nice creampie.

A look over to Zoe's body showed that she'd died of blood loss – as evidenced by the massive red stains on the bed and carpet – at some point while they'd been busy. With a shrug Chase turned back to Julie. “Should we get a cleaner, or do you want your turn first?”

“And here I though you'd never ask.” Julie shed her dress as she moved over to the bed, laying down with her legs spread wide. “You know the answer to that one well enough.”


“'Choose two', right? Sorry, babe.” Chase turned to Julie and before she had any time to react, fired several times, landing a few bullets in her crotch and thighs before aiming upwards, putting several more into her tits, all but shredding the flimsy fabric of her dress as Julie sank to her knees with a surprised expression before falling onto her back, her chest heaving with ragged breasts and blood soaking her entire front.

Observing her for a few seconds, Chase knelt down in front of Julie, pushing her legs apart to push the gun into her pussy, emptying the rest of the magazine into her, every shot producing a gasp and shudder from her, and another gush of blood from her pussy, until she went limp just as the gun went empty with a click.

Leaving the gun on the ground next to Julie, Chase turned back to the two girls, who were both wearing surprised, but also clearly relieved expressions. “Sorry about the noise.” In fact Chase's ears were ringing a little as well, maybe that had been a bit overkill. “You two said you wanted to double-team me, does that offer still stand?” After a moment's consideration both Zoe and Tiffany nodded rather enthusiastically and Chase smiled.

“Good to hear. But how about we head over to the living room where the air is better, I'll get this cleaned up later.” Seeing as the air in the somewhat small room was indeed heavy with the smell of both gunpowder and blood, the girls nodded, getting up without even bothering to get dressed at all and following Chase to the spacious living room containing a huge couch easily big enough to sleep – or fuck – on.  

Tiffany pulled Zoe to the side, briefly whispering with her before turning to Chase. “Okay, we know what we're gonna do. Just get naked and lay on the couch, kay?”

“Sure.” Chase took off his shirt, trousers and underpants before shifting around the pillows a little to comfortably lay down as Zoe moved to stroke his dick and quickly get him completely hard, then climbed onto the couch to slowly lower herself onto him, gasping as he entered her. A moment later Tiffany climbed on as well, her pussy hovering right in front of Chase's face as she slowly lowered herself, careful not to put too much weight on his chest.

Once Tiffany was in position, Chase started licking her already plenty wet pussy, one had reaching up to play with her nipples as well, as Zoe also started riding him, starting slow but quickly picking up speed. Usually Chase was used to being the one in control, but right now he was actually not in a position to do a whole lot, yet he found it oddly enjoyable; Zoe's tight pussy riding his dick, Tiffany's right in front of his face, and the girls' twofold gasps and moans of pleasure filling the room, making Chase wonder who was going to cum first.

After only a handful of minutes Zoe was probably about to cum, judging by her high-pitched moans and her starting to slow her movements a little, trying to make the pleasure last as long as possible; Chase kept eating out Tiffany, and just a bit later she came, panting and gasping for several moments, a little bit of her squirt dripping onto Chase's chin. After winding down a little, she got up, kneeling next to the couch with a giggle to kiss Chase, sharing a little bit of her own taste as Zoe sped up again, cumming just a few seconds later. Closing her eyes and shuddering in climax, her pussy clenched tight around Chase's dick making him quickly follow suit, shooting his load into Zoe just as her orgasm subsided, but she continued slowly riding him until he was finished as well, both of them slowing to a halt, panting heavily.

A little while later Zoe got off Chase, sitting on the side of the couch next to Tiffany as Chase sat up as well, wiping a little bit of sweat off his forehead. “You girls are quite something together. Give me just a moment to call a cleaner, and maybe after that I can talk to your parents about that weekend trip.”


Written as a request for Pussy Shooter (I know, who woulda thought, with that name). Featuring variant endings because they couldn't decide either, and otherwise it just would have been kinda short. I got held up way too long on the (rather vanilla) sex scenes for whatever reason, other than that I think the story is self-explaining enough.

(I totally started just copy-pasting one of these.) Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, feedback/criticism always appreciated.



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