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Seems this story wasn´t posted anywhere then on the old Blackspectre site.

Original Quote from the previous poster on an old Snuff story forum.
"This is an old story from the Blackspectre site that has been
unavailable for about 8-10 yrs. "



A Hunt by

A Hunt

@@@ If this is your first read continue on please. If not updates are
listed here. But check out the catalog if you are interested in
"Hunting" yourselves @@@

"ATTENTION!!! To all cannibals and all other adventurous beings who
enjoy hunting for their entertainment, trophies, or meals (or all of the
aforementioned): Join a weekend of hunting at our private hunting
grounds. We have stocked the grounds with 14 lovely dears' all healthily
and of trophy caliber for any discerning trophy collector; all are
highly entertaining' and great meal' companions. Check out the catalog
and reserve yours for a weekend of great sport and fun. Please call soon
to reserve yours (no more than two to a customer), and for prices and

I placed our ad down and turned to my brother-in-law, Jack and nodded my
approval. Jack slid the catalog across to me to review.


Ah my dear reader, male or female, here is your chance to become part of
the hunt. After reading the catalog pick out one or two you'd like to
hunt. Give me a brief description of you (and a friend(s) if you want)
totally fictional naturally, and what you'd like to have done with the
selection(s). I in turn will try to make your desires come to life in
this story. (Unless you care to write a little story of your own, which
I will incorporate into this collection).

Reading on you will find one of the selections "Shelly" already
"Reserved" as well as "Delivered".


I opened the catalog and looked at the first picture.

I opened the catalog and looked at the first picture.

Gerri-- Age 28, 4'11" long brown hair. Tits overfly big and round for
her short size, making her look like she could tip over at any moment.
fortunately her ass was ample enough to balance her top heaviness. Not
much hair between her legs. Gerri is one of Jack's daughters.

The picture next to Gerri's made me flinch a bit. It wasn't what I
wanted but Lou, who came up with the idea, talked Jack into going along
with him. Jack had no conscience and it didn't take Lou much to get Jack
to go along with him.

Dawn--- Age 12, 4'11" long brown hair reaching to her ass. Buds for tits
with pink puffy nipples. Angelic face, little to no pubic hair. Still a
virgin. Dawn is Gerri's daughter. RESERVED! AND DELIVERED!

Jennifer--- Age 21, 5'6" long brown hair. Well developed pointed tits,
shapely rounded ass and tight belly. Pussy covered with thick hair. Long
shapely legs of a dancer. Another of Jack's daughters--- well that's
what his wife Ginny tells him.

Lois--- Age 41, 5'6" short brown hair. Big round tits adorned by two
areolas that cover the whole fronts of her tits. Her ass is a bit large
and her belly is a bit rounded. Little hair between her legs which is
neat since she has such a large meaty clit. Lois is a sister-in-law.

Colleen--- Age 20, 5'7" medium length blondish hair. Blue eyes, fair
complected. Well defined tits with pink areolas almost the size of her
mother's. Nice round ass and shapely legs. Like her mother Lois, she has
little blond hairs covering a rather large meaty clit. Colleen is a
college student. RESERVED! AND DELIVERED!

Amy --- Age 16, 5'5" blond hair down to her shoulders. Blue eyes like
her sister Colleen. Figure like a model. Cheer leader. Nipples very
pronounced on top of two very pointed tits. RESERVED! AND DELIVERED!

Emma--- Age 12, 5'3" long blond hair. Angelic face with green eyes. Two
already well defined little tits with puffy pink nipples. Her pubic hair
is thick already, and one would think she was 16, except by the way she
acts. This girl is virgin like her cousin---Dawn.

SueAnn--- Age 36, 5'7" short straight brown hair. Good size tits shaped
like pears, with small dark nipples. Slightly rounded belly but with a
nice rounded tight ass and long legs. The hair between her legs is
thick. SueAnn is a sister-in-law. She is also a raging nympho. RESERVED!

Age 14, 5'4" long straight brown hair. Tits that are average
but firm and rounded with puffy pink nipples. Her belly is tight as is
her firm muscular ass. She has a shaved pussy. Like her mother SueAnn,
she already is a raging nympho. Both mother and daughter have partied
together. RESERVED! AND

Judy---Age 38, 5'5" short black hair. 40dd fat tits that sag a bit now.
A bit plump with a big ass. Her pussy is cover by a thick blanket of
black hair, fondly known as the Black forest'. Judy is the sister-in-law
that got publicly gang raped in the city. The incident changed her
puritan outlook on sex, and get her to be one of our most active

Suzy--Age 15, 5'6" short dark hair. Her 38d tits don't sag like her
mother Judy's and on her narrow frame they are outstanding. She is long
legged and like her mother, her pussy is thickly covered. Unfortunately,
like her mother once was, Suzy has a rather puritan outlook on sex. More
than likely she still is a virgin. RESERVED! AND DELIVERED!

Shelly --- Age 23, 5'4" a Latino with a feature of a model. Slim, with
well defined tits; and a pussy covered by the thickest (thicker than
Judy's) and longest black hair that hangs at least two inches between
her thighs. This one has an award winning personality, and knows how to
please a man. Just a friend of the family. RESERVED!! AND DELIVERED!!

Nikki--- Age 38, 5'6" long flowing Red hair. Big 40d tits on a narrow
frame, with a still small firm ass. The Red hair between her legs proves
she is a true Red head. This is Lou's live-in, but since he still has
her two daughters do his bidding; and at the urging of Nikki's own
eleven year old daughter, he included Nikki in this catalog.

Charlene---Age 32,5'8" medium length brown hair. 38c tits that are round
and still set high on her chest, topped by two large reddish areolas.
Ample round ass, with long shapely legs. Thick hair between her legs
covering two puffy cunt lips. A sister-in-law, and my wife.


I paused a moment and turned back a page. As I looked at the nude
picture of my wife Charlene, I thought what a fool I was for going along
with all this. But the thought of the prices we could get for each of
these dears' was just to tempting. Besides what were the chances of
anything seriously happening, other than some big time fucking and
picture taking?


CONTINUE TO Dawn and Emma

CONTINUE TO Judy and Suzy

CONTINUE TO Lois, Colleen, and Amy

CONTINUE TO Sue and Carol



With thanks to "BIG DOG" and his squeeze "BETTY" for their guidelines
and suggestions.


We sat in the tavern only 20 minutes from the old farm where the "dear"
were. It was just going to turn midnight. The weekend was here; from
Friday to midnight Sunday all hell was going to happen. We had takers
for all, all the "dears"; now we sat around nervously wondering how all
was going to turn out. The promise of the money paid for the hunts and
perhaps films to be sold afterwards made the nervousness a bit more

It wouldn't be until the morning before anybody showed up, or so we
thought. A rumbling of thunder rocked the tavern, then stopped. Soon the
place filled with bikers.

"I believe we have our first customers", Jack said sipping on a beer.

"Could be right!" I absent mindedly replied; as I watch a rather burly
bearded man approach followed by a surprisingly tall blond.

Betty was at least 6' with short cropped blond hair and arms covered
with tattoos. Though her toughness you still could see a raw beauty and
a rather nice figure.

Big Dog was shorter than his woman by at least four inches, the man that
had to weight at least 250 lbs., his arms were enormous and like his
woman's arms were fully tattooed.

"You the ones?" Betty snarled at us.

"Ahhh, that depends on what you are looking for." Lou said not looking
directly at the woman's glare.

Betty slapped down a crumbled page from our catalog hard and loud on the
table next to us. I picked it up and straighten it out. The picture was
of Shelly. I simply nodded.

"Good!!! My man is hungry for some Mexican!" Betty shouted cracking into
a wide grin.

"Now?" Jack and Lou both seemed to ask at the same time.

"Fuck yes assholes. Now!"

Jack hurried to make a call to his wife, who was the Judas goat we had
planted among the "dears".

Betty turned to Big Dog and told him for all to hear that this was going
to be one birthday he'd never forget. With that said she burried her
tongue deep down the man's throat.

"Okay in ten minutes we'll take you to where you can acquire Shelly."
Jack said smiling at Betty, trying not to stare at her see though blouse
and braless tits.

As the bikers started to pile out, Jack calmly asked Betty and Big Dog
if we could film it all. I was stunned by his boldness, but not as much
as when Betty simply said to knock of 20% off the price. Jack agreed.

Betty let Big Dog go on ahead, then asked, "Did you build it? You better
fucking tell me you built it!"

"We built it." I said.

Shortly with me riding with Big Dog, we all sped down the dark road past
thick forests and finally up a dirt road. Jack and Lou stopped the car
they were leading us in, and turned off the head lights. We all waited
quietly in the dark for five minutes. Then though the dark, coming down
a path out of the woods we could see a dim glimmer of a flashlight, then
shortly the sound of two female voices.

The flashlight went off as the two females came onto the dirt road. We
could not see them; for it was that dark, nor could they see us. As they
drew closer all the bikers turned on their lights. Ginny, Jack's wife,
immediately jumped back into the woods, but Shelly stood like a deer
frozen in fear by the headlights. Her slim taunt nude body was a sight
to behold, the stunned look on her beautiful face was priceless.

In seconds, and without much of a struggle, Shelly's arms were tied
behind her back and she was mounted on the back of Betty's bike. Betty
lead the way with Big Dog and the others following. The wind blew
Shelly's long thick back hair straight back, her tight naked ass and
slender back made Big Dog groan as we rode. We went though a small town
that still had some bars open, the sight of Shelly made some take notice
but for the most part no one noticed.

We came to an old bar and grill that had been off the beaten path for
years, and now was a hang out for people like Big Dog and Betty. Betty
led Shelly inside where the place was filled with more bikers, fucking
and shooting themselves up, and really not paying much attention to
anything or anyone coming in the door. Betty stopped at a chalk board
that served as a menu and erased it, with a dirty cigar smoking cook
looking on she wrote one word "MEXICAN". The cook took the cigar out of
his mouth and smiled an almost toothless smile as he reached out and
grabbed onto both of Shelly's tits.

"Hmmm. Small. But very firm," the cook ran his hands over Shelly's belly
"Tight." Bending slightly he felt her thighs and nodded his approval.

"You missed the best part asshole!" Big Dog said with a groan as he
spread both of Shelly's ass cheeks so wide apart that her anus could be

With the cook and Big Dog continuing to check out Shelly's body Betty
just stood and roared with laughter.

"I've got it," the cook said as he scribbled another word on the chalk
board, "FAJITAS".

The cook grabbed Shelly by an arm but Betty pulled her from him saying,
"Show before dinner."

Motioning for me to follow, I walked behind Betty through a now very
interested crowd of animals. Betty told me to stay with Shelly, then
hopped up onto a low platform and disappeared behind a tattered curtain.

Shelly let a long low sigh, "This is scary. I thought they were going
to... well you know."

I didn't say anything.

"What did you and Jack cook up this time? Do I just dance for them?"

I just laughed a bit.

"Right! That was stupid. I'm not going to have to fuck them all am I.
There's just to many."

Before I could say anything Betty opened the curtain and shouted getting
everyone's attention. Reaching down she grabbed Shelly by the top of her
head. With her greater size and strength she yanked a screaming Shelly
onto the platform.

With Lou's help she secured Shelly to the device she had requested us to
build. Shelly was forced to knelt with her legs wide apart, the backs of
her knees were clamped to the floor as were her ankles. She was then
laid back against a very narrow board that ran from the small of her
back to the base of her head. Her body was secured to the board by a
rope at her waist, one just below her tits and one around her throat.
Her arms were pulled back, down, then secured to the floor by her
wrists. Shelly was how stretched out at a 45 degree angle with her legs
spread wide apart. The muscles in her legs strained and her stomach was
drawn flat and taunt. Her firm tanned pointed tits stood pointing higher
and tighter than ever before. Betty had made certain that her long thick
flowing black hair hung back and free, before turning her attentions to
a more interesting mass of hair.

"Everyone of you mother fuckers enjoying the view?" Betty shouted.

A loud response came back.

"How about her pussy guys? Nice huh!"

There was nothing but laughter, for no one could see Shelly's pussy
though all the massive back hair covering it.

Betty began combing Shelly's pubic hair commenting on how we had told
them that the hairs hung at least two inches down between her thighs.
Pulling out a ruler, she measured it. Standing up she looked down at
Jack and me, "You lied!"

Both Jack and myself didn't feel easy as Big Dog glared over at us.

"You fucking lied. It's just over three inches."

"Aim to please." Jack said a bit relieved.

"Okay shut the fuck up. This is my man's birthday. So I thought I'd get
him something special," Betty lifted up Shelly's head telling her to
smile, "We all know how you love Mex...." Reaching over and grabbing
onto Shelly's nipples, then stretching them painfully, Betty invited Big
Dog up to get his present.

Big Dog jumped up onto the platform dropping his pants as he did so.

"Damm," Lou said lowly, "Is he for real?"

"Hell looks like one deadly concealed weapon to me. Poor Shelly." I

Big Dog started to place himself between Shelly's legs when Betty
stopped him. "Not so fast big stud. Big mama is going to entertain you
first. By the way the head is mine!"

Betty dropped her jeans revealing a bald pussy that stood in stark
contrast to Shelly's hair cover pussy. Betty straddle Shelly's face and
force herself onto Shelly's mouth. We could see Betty's plump ass
tighten then relax and repeat it over and over. Not until someone yelled
for her to change, did Betty turn herself around. Now we could see
Shelly's tongue lick at Betty's hot cunt, now we could see Shelly's
tongue go into the hot pink hole making Betty go crazy. The hotter Betty
got the harder she pushed against Shelly's mouth. Finally with a
screaming stream of racial slurs Betty stepped exhausted off of Shelly's

Again Big Dog began to place himself between Shelly's legs. Again Betty
stopped him.

Still a bit out of breath Betty spoke with a rather evil voice, "Poor
Big Dog! I almost forgot how much you hate hairy pussies!" With that she
opened her jeans for all to see her own bald pussy. Leaning over she
picked up two knives. With a smile she handed one to Big Dog, "Why don't
you go ahead and clean that hairy pussy off before you fuck this little
Mex? I'll clean off the other end. You know how I hate long flowing

Shelly saw the knives and heard Betty's words. Now with Betty standing
behind her holding onto her hair, she could sense Big Dog's knife coming
cold against her belly. She began to scream hysterically, barely hearing
Betty and Big Dog count to three. The pain coming from Big Dog's knife
as it cut slowing into the tender flesh just above her pubic hair was
matched by Betty's cutting into her scalp. Shelly jerked and screamed. A
trickle of hot blood began to cross her lovely face, soon with every cut
and tear, done ever so slowly by Big Dog, a steady hot sticky flow of
blood began to stream down between her ass cheeks. The pain was

While Betty and Big Dog held up their trophies, Shelly could lay only in
throbbing pain praying that it was over. It wasn't though. Shelly let
out a yell of pain as Big Dog shoved his huge tool roughly into her
cunt. Whenever their bodies came in contact the exposed flesh and nerve
endings made her cry out for mercy. For Big Dog the screams and the
blood against his body only excited him the more.

Finally Big Dog was done and Shelly laid exhausted and throbbing in
pain. Her body was going into shock and the pain seemed to diminish. She
closed her eyes for a moment only to feel Big Dog's hands on one of her
breasts. She looked up to see his face. She barely understood what he
had said about his souvenirs, before she felt his knife cutting off her

"How about it guys! Want a piece of Mexican ass?" Betty shouted.

Shelly felt the knife cutting and hacking away her buttocks, but now it
didn't seem to matter. Even as Betty cut away her vulva, Shelly was
dieing and feeling little pain.

We watched briefly as Shelly's flesh was cut up and placed on the grill,
we all looked over at the carcass that once was a lovely human being and
decided to leave. It was to early in the morning for a Mexican dinner.

On the way out we saw Betty attaching Shelly's scalp from her head to
her bike and Big Dog putting Shelly's nipples into a bag to be mounted
at a later time. Jack picked up the scalped pubic hair from off of Big
Dog's bike. "Do you care if we take this?" Jack said somewhat
thoughtfully. Probably thinking of a way to make some money off of it.

"Shit no. Hate hairy pussies!" Big Dog said.

"Don't worry about the mess. It'll be cleaned up." Betty said as she
took two freshly cooked fajitas from one of the bikers.

Offering one to me, Big Dog just laughed when I turned up my nose at it.

"Shelly tastes good. Verrry good." Big Dog said after taking a bite.

Dawn and Emma


With thanks to "TED"


The sun was just coming up as Ted and two friends came into the bar.
Since Jack and I were the only two in the place it was only natural for
Ted to assume that we were his contacts. When he approached us he looked
a bit nervous, not knowing exactly what to say. After choking out the
question as to who we were, and then introducing himself, he quickly
pulled out a cigarette and lit it. His hands shook ever so slightly, yet
enough to be noticed.

"Ah yes," Jack said loudly, "You're the one who wants Dawn and Emma!
Expected you sooner."

With that the dark complected man calmed down and suddenly became
confident of himself. As he opened a small case with his payment the
pictures of Dawn and Emma dropped out. "You said they are both virgins."

"Money back guarantee," Jack smiled back at him "money back guarantee."

Looking back at his two friends, "Party time! Today I'll show you some
real fun. I mean real fun."

I asked if they'd mind if we filmed it for them, with one copy for us.
The earlier nervousness Ted had shown was gone, and as he turned he just
boldly replied, "Why not. People pay big dollars for a snuff film. Maybe
I'll get my money back. Hope you have the stomach for it all."

The fact was that it did bother me; the two girls were just too young.
Yet something inside me wanted me to be there.

Jack and I took the three to a small lake where we met Lou. With Lou
steering the small pontoon boat towards a secluded beach area on the
other side; Jack and I watched Ted open one of his duffle bags, of what
he referred to as his toys. The man was a pro, he had his ropes, cords,
string, knives dildos and much more. Although I wanted to ask if he had
ever done anything like this before I couldn't get the words out, yet I
was sure he had.

We beached the boat then hid ourselves in the trees and bushes. The sun
was just about up now as we heard a screen door open up at the main
house. Out came Dawn and Emma clad in white terry cloth robes that just
covered their little bottoms. The morning was so still we could hear
them talking and giggling. It was at least three hundred yards from the
house to the beach, so we had plenty of time to watch them come. Ted
stared intently at his approaching prey with a tight smile on his lips,
the other two were almost drooling.

The two girls began to run, and as Dawn's long brown hair and Emma's
long blond hair blew freely in the wind Lou told the hunters that once
they came down the little hill towards the beach they'd be out of sight
of the main house. He went on to tell them that once the two "dears"
where on the sand; they were theirs.

We watched as the two little nymphs pushed and tugged playfully at each
other as they giggled their way onto the beach. Emma being the taller
and stronger of the two, wrestled with Dawn pulling at Dawn's terry
cloth robe. Dawn laughed and tried to get away; in doing so she bent
over as Emma pulled the robe over Dawn's head. Dawn's little and firm
ass stared at the hunters ever so tempting.

Soon the two nymphs wrestled around in the sand trying to push each
other into the water. I glanced over at the three hunters as they
watched the two naked pre-teens at play. Each hunter had a hard-on and
it was just a matter of time before they attacked.

Emma and Dawn were to busy rolling in the sand wrestling with each other
to notice the men coming for them. It wasn't until Emma was pulled up
and thrown over Ted's shoulder, and Dawn was picked up by her arms and
legs, did the two begin to scream for their mothers.

Ted lead the way with Emma trashing her arms wildly and hitting his
back. Ted just laughed at her screams, then her tears. It was apparent
that Ted was totally satisfied with the two by the way his one hand kept
rubbing Emma's tight and tender young ass. Each stroke of her ass, with
her panicked screams, just made Ted smile wider and wider.

Finally Ted stopped and slammed Emma to the ground, making her groan in
pain. Dawn was slammed to the ground so hard it knocked the wind out of
her. While Dawn laid gasping for breath, Ted began to tie ropes around
each of Emma's wrists. Emma began to cry uncontrollably as the other two
men tied ropes around each of her ankles; as they did they spread her
legs wide apart.

Ted looked at Emma and commented on how well developed her very pointed
tits were and enjoyed how pink and puffy her nipples were. Just like
marshmallows he said. Placing his fingers in her already thick pubic
hair made Emma cry all the louder.

"Just like feathers. So soft and untouched," he leaned closer to Emma's
face as his fingers began to probe the girl's tight little pussy, "Feel

Emma shook her head no and clenched her fists as she felt a finger begin
to part her untouched pussy lips.

"Hurts?" Ted hissed at the little innocent.

With her eyes shut and still crying Emma nodded her head yes.

"You haven't begun to hurt, you stupid little cunt." Ted growled at her.

Ted instructed the two other hunters to spread eagle Emma between two
trees, making sure that she was at a certain height. As the three
attended to Emma, Dawn, who had gotten her wind back, got up and started
to run.

Ted jump after the escaping Dawn, catching her by her hair. Dawn fell
once more to the ground. Ted angrily pulled Dawn to her feet by her
hair, and dragged the screaming girl to another pair of trees where he
had his companions spread eagle her.

Ted ran his hands all over Dawn's body while his friends did the same
with Emma's. Ted amused himself with the fact that Dawn's tits were no
more than two pink and puffy nipples. Then amused himself with her
almost hairless pussy; before splitting her little pussy with his
fingers. Kneeling down he looked up into the little girls vagina, "So
that's what a virgin looks like!"

He repeated the process with Emma while the other two checked out Dawn.
The girls hung haplessly, alternately sobbing and crying for their

"Let the contest begin guys. The first guy to bust the little bitch's
cherry gets my bottle of Jack! Can't use any fingers, tongue or
whatever. Just your cocks."

We watched as the two hunters placed themselves between the girls
immature thighs. The girls were hung exactly at the right height. Ted
knew his business. Each man began to poke into each of the little
"dears" as we looked on.

Emma and Dawn screamed and twisted each time a hard mature cock poked at
their pussy lips; which refused to allow the intruder to pass. But
finally little Dawn's pussy lips parted and the head of a cock began to
enter her vagina, spreading her wider than was possible for her little

With Dawn's painful cries ringing in her ears Emma felt the head of a
cock pushing painfully against her virginity. The painful cries of the
girls became intermingled with almost equally painful cursing of the
men. Finally Emma's cherry busted sending a trickle of blood oozing down
her immature thighs. When Dawn's cherry busted there came a spurt of

Now each man steadily and determinedly forced the full length of their
cocks into the moaning girls, while their body's twisted in pain. Each
withdrawal you could see the bloody shaft all red; then red with white

Ted had the two men cut the girls down. Each girl laid in a fetal
position clutching at their pussys, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Ohh poor babies. Did that hurt?" Ted said with a tone of happiness in
his voice.

Neither girl answered him. "Think that hurt?" Ted yelled at Emma as he
yanked her up by her hair and dragged her to a tree stump.

Laying Emma face down on the stump, he spread open the girl's ass and
reveled her anus to him. Without hesitation he pulled out his cock and
shoved it into an even smaller and tighter orifice. Emma screamed and
almost began to pass out as Ted rammed himself into her. Finally Emma
was bleeding at both ends.

Even with all her pain, Dawn fought like the devil not to be placed
across the stump. Still she too was soon bleeding at both ends.

The hunters let their "dears" rest awhile as the built a fire, placing
some of Ted's tools in it. While they waited for the fire to heat up and
for the girls to regain some of their strength, Ted noticed all the
crows flying around and smiled.

Ted walked over to Dawn who was trying to sit up and politely asked her,
"Are you feeling better honey? Would you like me to take you home?"

With that Dawn looked up at him in all innocence and hope. Sobbingly she
softly said "Yes."

"Well. Suck our cocks honey." Ted smiled at her. Then laughing at her
lack of understanding, explained what he meant.

Dawn began to puke when Ted came in her mouth, then bravely and
hopefully took in her mouth the next man's cock. While I watched Dawn
puke once more, and once more bravely and hopefully take the next man's
cock in her mouth; Ted began to what appeared to me, begin to make

With Dawn's puking sounds in the background Ted shouted, "Who wants to

Ted grabbed Dawn by her arm and led her back to the trees. Dawn began to
plead and shout at him that he promised to take her home. Ted just
laughed and threw her to the ground, telling his friends to place the
ropes once more around her ankles.

Ted picked out two trees rather far apart for spread eagling anyone, but
he knew what he was doing. He and the two others wrapped the ropes
around each tree and hoisted Dawn upward. As they did they pulled the
ropes as taunt as they could. They stopped when a large audible pop was
heard and Dawn passed out in pain.

Dawn hung upside down, with her legs spread so far apart that she formed
a "T". If she had been a cheerleader she would have been doing a perfect
split---and then some.

Dawn was brought around, and when Ted was satisfied that she was awake
enough, he bit into her pussy so hard that the skin broke and blood
spurted across his face. He and the others bit into the girl's tender
ass flesh leaving some gashes oozing blood. Ted then took what he had
been preparing and smeared it on her ass and her pussy, making sure to
get a lot of it into her vagina.

"Okay just leave her and let's get to work on Emma." Ted said leaving a
groaning and hurting, yet alert Dawn.

"Why. I thought you said we could finish them?" one of men asked him.

"Oh she'll be done." he replied pointing to the crows.

"You've got to be kidding. They won't touch her unless she's dead."

No sooner had the man said it, two crows swooped down landing in the
trees that Dawn was bound to.

Ted told the two to get Emma and clean her up. As the men enjoyed
holding Emma under the water until she came up gasping for air, Ted
threw a rope over a limb of a tree. He called his companions and told
them to lay Emma across the tree stump once more.

Emma struggled a bit, but was suddenly resigned to having her anus
ripped open once more. They held her tight while Ted took out a red hot
poker with a cord tied to it. Ted placed the point an inch above the
girls flawless pink ass. Then with a hiss and the smell of burning
flesh, Ted slowly and deliberately pushed the poker through one ass
cheek. He repeated the process with the girl's other ass cheek. The
cords were pulled through and tied to the rope hanging from the tree.

As Emma laid passed out, we all noticed how the trees where Dawn hung
were full of crows. Just as Ted knew, one crow flew down and landed on
one leg. It looked around for a moment then pecked at Dawn's pussy. Even
the howls of fear and pain didn't stop other crows from landing and
feasting on the tender flesh.

When Emma was fully revived she was hoisted by her ass high into the
air. She swung and twisted as the three beat her with their belts. They
rested only to check out the meal they had prepared for the crows--Dawn.
Dawn was still screaming but weakly; her whole pubic area and her ass
was nothing more than red bloody muscle now. Still the crows came down
to feast.

Ted looked back up at Emma then asked for the clippers. One man handed
Ted a pair of rose pruners. As he happily started the story of the
"piggies" he began to cut off each of Emma's toes.

It was getting harder and harder to keep Emma alert now, and her ass was
beginning to rip away from the cords due to all the jerking and twisting
about. As for Dawn she was almost silent now; there were still a few
crows feeding but her pubic area and her ass was merely bloody bone now.
Ted went over to her and cut off her nipples with a razor, then slit
open her belly. No sooner had he rejoined us, than she was once more
covered by crows fighting to get at the newly opened flesh.

Ted's companions had place several long razor sharp metal blades beneath
Emma, so when her ass ripped apart she'd fall directly on them. The end
was near and Ted knew it was; there was a since of sadness about him. He
did so hope to prolong it. Now though he had to decide what he wanted to
take back with him; for he had promised himself something for his desk
back at his office. After all, it was his boss who had turned him onto
the catalog, and his boss had his trophies too.

Fingering Dawn's nipples he made his choice. Emma vaguely understood or
felt the pain as Ted cut away her perfectly pointed firm breasts.

"Ammm. Ahhh. Guys. Would it be to... strange. I mean we got Shelly's."
Lou said to Jack and me.

We just shrugged our shoulders; then we watched Lou ask Ted. Shortly Ted
was skinning Emma's pubic hair for us. And yes, it did feel like
feathers. Ted continued cutting off her clit and finished with her pussy
lips. No sooner had he finished, that her ass finally ripped away from
the cords sending her body crashing onto the stakes. With her body
impaled on the stakes one man cut off her head for his trophy. The other
man scared the crows off and cut off Dawn's head for his trophy.

Before we left the hunters took delight in hacking up what was left of
Dawn and Emma. Then like any good hunter or campers they burned their
trash and cleaned up after themselves.


Judy and Suzy


With thanks to "Birdie"


Lou and I went back to the bar, leaving Jack with some new hunters. It
was almost noon now and the hunt was well under way. Still there were
more hunters yet to arrive, so we had to make a decision on how we could
handle the others. There were two groups that I would take care of, Lou
would take care of two more and Jack the others. What any of us missed
could be viewed on video and narrated by the others.

I grabbed a beer and followed Lou to a table in the corner where Old
Charlie and Pedro sat. Both men were part of our support staff; as it
were. Old Charlie looked up at us and smiled showing us his toothless
mouth. He held up Shelly's long and thick pelt', as he called it; which
he had so expertly stretched out and mounted.

"Nice huh." Old Charlie said with pride.

Old Charlie had been the local taxidermist for years, and had mounted
many animal skins and assorted trophies, but this was the first time he
had any humans to work on. His eyes glowed with excitement when Lou
presented him with Emma's pelt, but was almost beside himself when Lou
showed him Emma's pointed young tits with their puffy aureoles.

"Can you preserve and mount the tits for Ted and his party? The pelt is
ours." Lou said sitting himself down. Then with a groan placed the other
two sacks before Pedro. "Damn these things are heavy. Can you shrink

Pedro opened the sacks and looked at the two heads of Emma and Dawn.
Closing them up again he softly said, "Sure. If they're in no hurry."

Pedro had lived most of his live in Brazil and in the amazon region.
Beside his talent for shrinking things, he had a great talent for

Both Old Charlie and Pedro had gotten up to leave when another hunting
party came in. Lou went over and left with them. Before Pedro left, I
reminded him that I would be requiring his services.

I sat alone for a few minutes thinking of what I had seen and done,
again my conscience began to bother me. By now the other "dears" had to
know that they were in danger. Hopefully they had scattered and hidden
themselves as best they could. We left them with no phones (except
Jack's wife), and no cars or boats to leave the area. With Jack's wife's
help we knew that they'd still stay in the area. Still there was a
chance that they might go undetected and survive the hunt. I pretty much
knew where my wife would hide if she could get there. Taking a big gulp
of my beer I resolved to help Charlene escape. How I was going to
explain what happened was going to be a major problem, but I figured I'd
cross that problem when it came up.

A group of hunters came in rather nosily, and stood at the bar looking
around. I studied them trying to figure out what they were. The best I
could tell they were all middle aged men that probably had white collar
jobs, at night they probably all snuck out secretly from their own
families and frequented various adult book stores or some off beat
clubs, looking for some dangerous thrills. I would later learn that I
was quite correct in my judgment of the men.

I watched one man talking to a rather young girl which I hadn't noticed
at first. The girl looked over at me, then paused and said something to
the man. The man shoved her towards me. She had sandy colored hair and
was rather slim, almost skinny. Her face was cute and pleasant though;
her figure was pleasant enough.

"Hi ummm. I'm Birdie." she spoke softly.

"Tweet tweet!" I said in a rather bored voice. Perhaps I was getting
tired or perhaps my conscience was still bugging me.

She flashed a faint smile before continuing, "I wrote you about a hunt
you were offering." Her voice tailed off not sure of herself.

"How old are you?" Her youthful appearance started to bother me.

"Sixteen." She said not thinking to lie.

"Birdie. Are you telling me, you are the one that made the
arrangements?" I said somewhat annoyed.



"Okay okay. I made the arrangements. But they...." Birdie said tilting
her head towards the men.

"Ah yes. The boys have their families and business' to think about. And
if anything goes wrong... Well it was the dittz girl... Ya--- I got the
picture. You got the money?"

With that Birdie waved a man over. The man said nothing but placed the
money on the table before me. I made a call to Jack's wife and told her
to locate Judy and her daughter Suzy for me.

I drove with Birdie in the back of a pickup truck with two other men;
followed by three other pickups with four men in the back and two in the
cabs. When we came to the road to the hunt area, I directed them off the
road and to a clearing where they were to make their base camp. Prior to
their coming we had stocked the things that they requested.

From there I had all the hunters fan out and start searching the area
where Ginny told me that the "dears" would be. I drove one of the trucks
with Birdie beside me, following the hunters. It was almost fifteen
minutes before we saw Judy being chased by some hunters. Judy was
dressed in a blouse and jeans, which meant all the other "dears" were
aware of the great danger they were in.

Judy was lifted up into the back of the truck, and with Birdie's help
gagged, then bound hand and foot. We were told to take her back to the
base camp while they kept looking for Suzy. Once there Birdie asked me
to help get Judy out. I just shook my head no and pointed to my camera,
which I naturally had with me. I also explained that only the hunters
could touch the "dears".

Birdie was beside herself as what to do, mumbling that she was going to
catch hell if she didn't get Judy out and displayed. Finally with a
groan and a loud "what the hell", she ran towards one of the other
trucks shouting for ---Kevin.

I let the camera drop to my side as I watched an eleven year old boy
scramble out of the cab. I thought to myself; this brings back memories.

As the boy ran towards us, Birdie apologized for his presence.

"Does he have a clue as to what's going on here?"

Birdie just said, "No. Heck I don't think he knows what a girl looks
like." She paused, "Oh no; that's not right. There was that little five
year old."

"But he's never seen a mature female? Say yourself?"

"I don't... Know he hasn't. Just pictures."

"Is he in for a treat!"

With her eleven year old brother, Birdie was able to drag Judy out of
the truck. All the while Kevin asking what was going on. Telling her
brother not to ask, and just to throw a rope over a limb, help her hang
Judy by her wrists. Once done Birdie stepped back happy to have it

"Now get out of here and stay in the truck like you were told! And don't
come out; no matter what." Birdie commanded her brother as he stood
staring at Judy with obvious happy thoughts going though his mind.

The boy had to be told to leave once more, and was about to leave when
Birdie noticed that even knowing what was obviously going to happen to
her, Judy couldn't take her eyes off of Kevin. Birdie told Kevin to

Looking directly at Judy and holding her face so that Judy couldn't turn
away, Birdie said, "You are really uptight about having Kevin here
aren't you?"

Birdie seemed to be right.

Birdie's eyes seemed to jump with glee, "Do you think that we are going
to let children rape you? Do you?"

Judy said nothing but an angered look crossed her face.

"What if I promised that no children will touch you? Just the guys?
Would that make it easier for you?"

Judy shook her head yes.

"I understand. It's tough enough to be gang banged by strange guys. It
would be awful to be fucked by a kid young enough to be your son. That
would be humiliating. Don't you agree?"

Judy almost sighed as she nodded another yes.

"Ohhhhh Kevinnnn," Birdie said with a laugh in her voice.


"How would you like to undress her?"

"Really!" the boy excitedly said.


Birdie bit on her lip watching Judy's face as her little brother reached
up and began to unbutton her blouse. Judy mumbled something and twisted
a bit, then turned her head.

"Ohhhh shitttttt!" Kevin shouted as he finished opening Judy's blouse
letting her two 40dd tits fall free.

The look on his face made both his sister and I laugh. Even Birdie had
to shake her head at the size of Judy's tits. When the eleven year old
asked if he could feel them, his sister just smiled and nodded her head.

Kevin's two hands barely could contain one of the enormous mounds of
flesh. His fingers tugged at Judy's nipples. The boy was in seventh

Birdie stared quietly for a moment then softly said, "That's got to be
so demeaning!"

I replied, "Wait till he removes her pants."

That sent Birdie into action. She helped her brother unzip Judy's jeans
and slip them down her legs to her knees. Again Kevin gasped in
amazement; almost squealing in his excitement. His fingers immediately
began to finger Judy's thick black pubic hair. Next to Shelly's it was
the thickest and largest of all the "dears".

Birdie momentarily stopped her brother to have him help her pound two
stakes in the ground. Once done she cut the ropes around Judy's ankles.
With her brother's help she stretched Judy's legs wide apart and secured
them by each ankle to the stakes, removing the jeans as she did so.
Finally as she cut the blouse off, she told Judy that she'd never need
cloths ever again.

As Kevin began to explore Judy's plump ass and the hole between the
plump cheeks, Birdie stood staring at Judy's face, amusing herself
watching Judy's reddening face. Then when Kevin began to explore Judy's
womanhood, inserting his whole fist up Judy's vagina, Birdie began to
rub her own womanhood.

Some of the men came back and quickly began feeling every inch of Judy's
body. Now; a man's hand replaced Kevin's little hand inside the
frightened woman.

"Damn! These tits are big," one man shouted as he balanced each tit in
his hands. "Fuck. Birdie one of these would be too much for your skinny
body. Hell it'd break your back. Get your ass over here and check it

Birdie said nothing, just did as she was told. She held one of the heavy
tits in her hand while two other men lifted up her blouse. They compared
her tits with Judy's, and began to laugh at the girl.

The others came back as Judy was being cut down and forced on her knees.
Birdie stood by me after having fastened her blouse, and watched as one
man forced Judy to suck on his cock. Judy did not resist, nor did she
seem overly bothered--she had been gang banged before and wasn't naive
about what was going to happen that day. At least what she thought was
going to happen that day. However when she was made to suck Kevin's
little cock, she became somewhat distressed and embarrassed.

It was obvious that Kevin was in seventh heaven. His sister just stared
and mumbled how humiliating that had to be. As Judy was laid on her back
and the first of many began to fuck her; two men came to me complaining
how they couldn't find Suzy. With that said, they, Birdie and I set off
to find Suzy.

Honestly I had no idea where to look. As the other two headed on
further, Birdie stopped and said that she knew where she'd be. She led
me back to where Judy was first spotted.

"I bet like a real mother deer; Judy ran to protect her daughter!"
Birdie said in a low voice as she stepped though some high grass.

Birdie found sixteen year old Suzy sitting among some trees and tall
bushes. Her hands cupped her mouth and her eyes red from crying. Suzy
looked up at Birdie with fearful eyes, her whole body shook with

"Are you okay?" Birdie asked.

For a moment Suzy couldn't speak, but gasped for breath. Finally she
asked, "What's going on? What's going on?"

"It'll be okay," Birdie smiled at her, "Are you hurt?"

"No. I'm okay. But those men. Where is my mother?" Again Suzy began to

"She's okay. She's just fine," Birdie held out a hand to help Suzy to
her feet, "We were out looking for you. We are going to take you to
her." Suzy got up, feeling safer now. The fact that Birdie and Suzy were
both sixteen seemed to ease Suzy's fears. Birdie seemed sincere, and of
course I was there. She never questioned the camera.

We had only walked a short distance when the two other hunters appeared,
but Suzy hadn't noticed them. However, Birdie had. Birdie shoved Suzy to
the ground then stepped aside.

Birdie stood with her arms folded across her chest, with one hand up to
her chin. She was watching intently as Suzy struggled and screamed
hysterically, pleading for Birdie and me to help. Birdie began to bite
her lip as Suzy had her blouse pulled over her head. Like Judy and the
others she had no time to put on any undergarments. Kneeling on the
ground, with a man holding her arms tightly above her; Suzy was a sight
to behold. Her 38d tits, were young and firm. They were ripe and fresh
as one said.

Birdie undid Suzy's jeans while one man held her arms, the other her
legs. Her ass was prefect as were her long legs. Like her mother her
bush was thick. Tieing her arms behind her, Suzy was marched back to the
camp. Seeing her mother's exhausted body being spread eagled between the
trees again made her scream out, "Mommy!!!"

Suzy kept screaming for her mother all the way up to where Judy hung.
Suzy's body quivered and shook with emotion, so much so that her young
proud tits bounced. Judy began to plead and bargain with the men to
leave her daughter alone. But there was never a chance.

Suzy was screaming for her mother as she was laid on her back and her
arms tied above her and staked to the ground. She was screaming with
blind fear as her legs were lifted over her head and Birdie was asked to
check her to see if she was a virgin.

With a finger and an eye to Suzy's pussy, yet with an eye checking
Suzy's face for a reaction, Birdie determined that Suzy was not a
virgin---to her own disappointment.

Disappointment that prompted Birdie to shove her finger deep inside Suzy
twisting it around violently enough to make the "dear" plead for her to

Suzy stared blankly at Birdie as the first man's cock parted her pussy
lips. She stared passively not moving, only a small grunt of pain every
now and then. For several men, she laid passively staring, never closing
her eyes; just staring out into space. When she was forced on her knees
to suck cock, she suddenly came alive and fought harder than she had
every fought anyone before now. That is until a man slapped her across
each nipple several times. Her body ached and she was emotionally
drained. She had never suck cock before.

Birdie stood beside me once more. She softly spoke "Poor thing. Bet she
pukes before she starts."

She was right. Suzy puked to everybody's laughter. Once again she
reluctantly inserted an objectionable object in her mouth. Once more
Birdie spoke to me, "I mean look at the expression on her face. I think
she rather be dead."

Another man quickly took the other's place before Suzy's mouth, but had
to wait until Suzy quit gagging before inserting his cock in her mouth.

"Do you think someone should tell her she should spit out the cum and
not swallow it?" Birdie said somewhat amused, before adding, "She is so
innocent. How painfully degrading this is for her."

Suzy was finally hung up spread eagled beside her mother. Even with
Kevin roughly playing with her tits, Judy tried to console her
hysterical daughter. Kevin began checking out Suzy's tits, which made
Judy scream at him to leave her daughter alone.

When asked by one of the men what Kevin thought, he paused a moment as
he squeezed Suzy's tits making her squeal every now and then-- making
him smile from ear to ear, then said, "Her tits are much bigger,"
pointing to Judy's, "They hang more and are softer. But these are

"Hey stupid," someone shouted to Birdie, "Wash the two bitches and make
them squeaky clean. Make sure you clean out their fucking pussies!"

"Ya do a good job too! Or you'll be hanging up there too!" another

"Kevin! Care to do your sister?"

Kevin looked over his shoulder at his sister and just smiled.

I filmed Birdie and Kevin, who begged to help, washing and cleaning up
the two "dears". As they did I asked Birdie, "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why put up with the shit?"

"Maybe I don't want to be hung up there too."

I laughed, "Well I could go for that. Since you aren't part of the
"dears", I could do you! Think that could be fun."

Birdie just grinned at me.

"You are enjoying all this aren't you? But you know what I think? You're
wondering what it would be like to be up there with them."

Birdie looked around from behind Suzy grinning and biting on her lip,
saying nothing.

Again I laughed, "Tell you what. After this is all over, why don't we
explore the possibilities?"

This time she laughed as she scrubbed Judy's tits. "Well...are you a
good fuck?"

"Well got to find out for yourself", I laughingly said.

Two pits were dug out and logs and coals were placed in them and lit
while Kevin and Birdie completed their assignment.

Birdie had just finish drying the "dears" off making sure their pelts
were dry and fluffed when two men came over. The two men gave Judy and
Suzy enemas; as they drained Kevin broke out laughing, which started the
men laughing. Once the "dears" were cleaned out, four men stepped
forward tying cords tightly around each tit, close to their chests.

"What are they doing mother?" Suzy said with a fearful voice.

"I don't know honey. I don't know." Judy replied equally afraid.

The men first tighten the cords on each of Judy's tits until the
screaming woman couldn't take it and started to pass out. They stopped;
leaving Judy' sobbing painfully, and her tits grotesquely distorted.

All the while, Suzy twisted and turned with each cry of her mother. She
cried and pleaded for the men to leave her mother alone. Now it was her

Suzy's eyes widen having watched what had happen to her mother. As two
men came towards her she began pleading, "No no. Please noooo. Please.
Please no."

Each turn of the cords on Suzy's tits, created more pain, yet she kept
saying, "No no. Please noooo. Please. Please no." Nothing more. Unlike
her mother she passed out, but like her mother's tits; her tits stood
grotesquely distorted. Like her mother's they would soon turn purple.

The cords around Judy's tits were removed and they slowly regained their
pink coloring. Judy was sure they were now going to cut them down and
rape them once more---then it would be over. She was wrong though.

One man grabbed on one tit, another the other tit. As the first cut
across the chest just above the tits was made, started Judy howling in
pain. So loud were her screams, that they scared the birds in the trees.
Judy howled painfully as the men continued skinning her tits.

Birdie stared biting her lip again. Saying to herself as Judy's tits
were almost totally skinned, "She's still awake and screaming. And. And.
She is just staring at her own breasts as they are being skinned.

"Ah Birdie. Do you think I could have the pelts?"

At first she didn't know what I meant, but as I gestured towards Judy's
pubic hairs she understood. She talked with a couple of men, and I could
tell it was alright with them. As with Shelly they began the cutting
just above the pubic hair; slowly cutting and tearing the pubic hair
away from the screaming Judy.

Judy hung with bloody and skinless tits and pubic area. You could now
see a rather fat clit that had been hidden by all that black hair.

Suzy had been out for all of her mother's cutting. Now slowly she
regained her senses, moaning now and then for her mother. When she was
totally awake again she realized that the cords around her tits were
off. She foolishly asked if they could go home now.

The whole crowd just laughed at her. One man grabbed her by her hair and
forced her to look at her mother. Suzy stared petrified at the bloody
sight. Her eyes were wide and teary, and choking and gasping in fear,
she said nothing.

When two men approached her with smiles on their faces, and their shape
skinning knives, she shook her head from side to side pleading with them
not to do it. But it wasn't going to be stopped. Like a bird staring at
a snake she watched the men place their knives to her chest. Her chest
heaved up and down with fear. When the cutting started it took another
man to hold her body still. Unlike her mother she couldn't watch. Like
her mother she howled with each cut and tear.

Finally when Suzy's tits were skinned she was forced to look at her
freed skins. She groaned a soulful "Nooo." Then for whatever reason she
looked down at her skinless, bloody tits.

"She isn't even aware that they are skinning her pussy." Birdie said to
me in some awe.

"She feels it. Shock setting in." I told her.

Judy and Suzy were forced to look at each other once more. Both broke
into tears. Neither "dear" felt the large pointed steel pole being
forced up their rectums. Their legs were untied; then with two men
holding each "dear" their hands were untied. The pole was forced a bit
deeper into their rectums causing each to scream once more. Judy knew
what was going to happen and screamed as best as she could that she
loved Suzy and good-bye. Suzy on the other hand had no clue.

With all bets placed, Judy and Suzy were forced onto the poles. Their
screams were loud and painful, but they didn't last long. Judy's head
was force back to a point that it must have snapped, maybe not, if that
didn't kill her the pole that now came out of her mouth did. Judy's team
was the winner.

Both mother and daughter stood impaled on the poles for several minutes
before they were gutted. The "dears" arms were tied to their sides and
their legs secured to the poles. The hunters then placed the two "dears"
over the fire and started to roast them.

Waiting for them to roast, the hunters began to drink and snort coke.
After awhile they were feeling no pain and were enjoying reviewing what
they had done and the meal they were about to have.

"Hey Kevin. How about your sister? Care to add her to the dinner." The
man addressed Kevin; but eyed Birdie.

To Birdie's dismay Kevin replied to the man, "Not yet. She has to have a
rack like those two!"

"Well, there is not reason for me to stay Birdie. Sooo..." I said,
taking the two pelts.

"Take me back with you?"

"Why? I think you would enjoy being Suzy and ending up like her."

I thought I was going to rattle her cage a bit but she calmly replied,
"You heard what Kevin said. Need a bigger rack!!"

I laughed, "Well you all came together. You all should...."

Birdie interrupted me, "I'll get Kevin. I'll get all the trophies and
give them to you. Just get me out of here. Deal?"

"All the trophies, huh. Well I guess they can keep the heads."

"They won't. They won't take any trophies back with them. Once out of
here they'll get the attack of middle class morals. They will keep the
memories, but nothing that could get them in trouble. They will make
sure you edit the film; they may take copies of that. Nothing else."

"Okay then. Follow me; it is a bit of a hike out of here."

"Lead on."

"You horny like me?"

"Could be."

Lois, Colleen, and Amy


With thanks to Christine, with inputs from Dick Iwantabebad.


I had managed to get back to the bar after dropping off the trophy bag
gathered from Judy and Suzy; with thanks to the previous hunting group.
I turned it over to old Charlie, just in time to see two horse back
riders coming down the back path to the bar.

"These have to be the ones you needed me for." Pedro said sneaking up on

"Crap you scared the shit out of me. Ya, I'd have to say these are the

The riders, one a woman the other a man, stopped in front of Pedro and
myself but didn't bother to dismount. The woman was dressed in a riding
outfit that was the perfect image of one going on a fox hunt. The man
was in western attire that most likely was purchased at Abercombie and
Finch, and never worn before now.

"Greetings. I appreciate your promptness. Now if you'd be so kind as to
lead us to the hunting fields!" the woman spoke with a matter of fact

"And you are?" I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice.

The woman paused a moment, somewhat taken back by my question and tone.
She crossed the hand holding a rather impressive riding crop over the
other, then leaned forward in her saddle. For a moment she studied me
then replied, "Rude of me. My apologies. I am Christine, and I believe
you already know Richard."

Christine was one of those women or men, for that matter, that always
had a commanding presence about them. Perhaps it was the wealth and
breeding that made it inborn in them to feel they were the chosen ones;
always to be served. Whatever it was I had to admire her, from her
perfectly outfitted self, and the poise she presented herself with, not
to say the huge diamond on her finger.

Richard on the other hand was equally wealthy but didn't have the polish
that Christine had. Still Richard too had that presence of command about
him. My opinion of Richard was tainted by past dealings. As Christine
had indicated we had met some years earlier.

"See you took my advice." Richard said with a smile. Quickly adding
before I could respond. "Linda and I had a wonderful time with this
lovely lady and her husband last week. Needless to say Linda had a most
delightful time telling one and all how your lovely family served us all
so humorously and may I add so erotically. Must say if I had known you
were going to do this I would have purchased the whole lot. Linda did so
want to do your dear wife for our pleasure and trophy room. She did ask
that if the hunters of Charlene would consider giving up the rights to
her, that we'd be more than willing to give them two others plus cash."

I was about to reply but Christine chimed in with her thoughts. "Being
limited to just two was a bit much. Still combining our efforts with
Richard's did bring us the family gathering we had hoped to have. The
updated catalog I have seems to indicate that there may be others still
available. I don't recall seeing Charlene as being reserved. Perhaps you
should inquire further Richard."

"Catalog has been updated just today." I said wishing to get the talking
over and the hunt started. Then addressing Christine, "As you wished the
three will be dressed when you find them. It took some doing; breaking
them away from the others, but it is done. I trust your husband will be
totally surprised at his anniversary gifts. I also trust the lodge and
it's surroundings are pleasing and up to your standards."

"The lodge is very nice. Quite plush considering where we are. Edward
hasn't a clue as to what I'm getting him for our anniversary this year.
I do so hope that the little dears' are as visually pleasing in person
as they appeared in your catalog."

Having said what she had to say, Christine gracefully turned her horse
and began to follow Pedro to the hunt site. When the three riders
disappeared I got a car and headed to the lodge.

At the lodge I found Christine's husband standing on a knoll over
looking the lake and some open fields. Edward was a balding gentleman
and seemed to be a bit older than his wife. Still like Christine it was
soon evident that he too possessed the same arrogance that came with his
status in life. When I introduced myself to him, he acted somewhat bored
and disturbed by my presence. Then again, it may have been that he had
been intently peering though his binoculars scanning the area for his
wife and Richard, that I startled him. When I asked him how he liked the
accommodations he was a bit more gracious.

"Very nice. Very nice. How is the fishing around here?"

"Good Bass fishing in almost any of the lakes near by. The one in front
of you is not good anymore. Will you and the other guests be interested
in fishing?"

With a bit of a laugh Edward replied, "I might. The others on the other
hand... Well Christine loves her horses. That is about it for the love
of the outdoors. Oh of course sailing. Our very dear friends the R's--
David and Susan, may. Then again they have brought their lovely
daughter, Karin with them... Family bonding in the outdoors; and all
that. As it were. Now the other couple Richard and Linda... I believe
you know them... Of course you do. They talked rather long and
vigorously about you and your wife: quite amusing actually. Although I
do find Richard a bit crude and tactless. His wife on the other hand is
rather pleasant. As for their going fishing. I really don't think so.
Richard said something about hunting. As for his lovely wife. She's over
there with the R's daughter Karin--sunning themselves."

Richard's wife Linda laid nude beside the equally naked Karin. Linda's
body was tanned all over already as it always was; more than likely her
main reason for sunning herself was to be next to the youthful firm body
of Karin's. Linda was a petite woman with a nice figure and beautiful
face. Her desires were directed towards men only in as much as to assure
her acquiring the man's girl friend, wife or daughter, for Richard's and
her debaucheries. Linda enjoyed the female companionship equally as well
as her husband did, and the well defined college girl seemed to amuse
her. Sadly she was to learn that Karin was strictly a family pet'.

"Now what's going on?" Edward said with a puzzled voice as he peered
though his binoculars once more.

"What are you looking at?"

"See my wife and Richard on their horses over there?"

I looked over in the direction where he was pointing, "Ya. I see them."

"Does it look like they are chasing something? I thought I saw

Christine had just roped Amy around her legs and Richard had jumped off
his horse to tape the screaming girl's mouth and further secure her.
Christine threw him the rope and watched as he hung Amy upside down from
a tree limb.

Christine could see her husband watching her before they caught Amy, and
hoped he hadn't seen what she was hunting. She so wanted to surprise him
this anniversary. Hearing Richard's voice yelling to her that he had
spotted Colleen, Christine turned away and spurred her horse in the
direction that Richard was now pointing.

Colleen was running though the field as fast as her shapely legs could
carry her, but even a well conditioned 20 year old college girl was no
match for a horse. Soon Christine caught up with her prey. She brushed
Colleen with her horse sending Colleen sprawling. Colleen quickly got to
her feet and ran in the other direction. Once more Christine caught up
with her, and again she used her horse to send Colleen flying to the
ground. This time Colleen got up slower and staggered away, then began
to run up an embankment. Christine was proud of her throw of her second
rope as it looped over Colleen just as she reached the top of the

Christine pulled her horse back a bit sending Colleen tumbling down the
embankment. She dragged Colleen a few more feet then dismounted to
secure her capture. The rope held Colleen's arms tight to her sides as
she laid face down in the grass, the running and then the tumble down
the embankment left her exhausted and fight less. Colleen felt a collar
placed around her neck, but offered no resistance.

Christine had connected a rope to the collar and had secured the other
end to her saddle, now as she removed the rope from around Colleen's
arms she checked the frightened girl out. The tearful and scared look in
the girl's blue eyes amused her. The heaving of the girl's breasts
intrigued her.

Suddenly Colleen grabbed for the collar and pushed at Christine.
Christine simply had her horse walk forward pulling Colleen to the
ground once more. With Christine's help Colleen stumbled to her feet,
coughing as she did.

"Chokes doesn't it," Christine said slowly circling her capture, "Behave
or you could be dragged behind my horse all the way back. Now you do
understand that it could brake your neck. I'd hate that to happen. You'd
hate that to happen too. Wouldn't you?"

At first Colleen couldn't say anything. However, when Christine took her
riding crop and hit Colleen's calves with it, Colleen shrieked an

"Now let's understand each other. I'm master; and you... Well you
understand don't you. You look like such a bright girl. You do
understand don't you?" Christine said stoking the frightened girl's


"Oh very good. You can talk. Good girl. Now. You will obey. Correct?"


"Good girl. Girl of few words. I rather like that. Keep it that way,"
Christine said stepping back once more to check the girl out. "You look
hot and sweaty. That yellow sun dress looks awfully hot. Take it off."

Colleen's eyes teared up once more, but she didn't hesitate in removing
the dress. Standing there in her flowered bra and blue bikini panties,
Colleen heard her mother's angry voice shout out for Christine to leave
her alone.

Christine just smiled, "Well hello mummy. I wondered how long it would
take you to work up the nerve to save your daughters." Christine turned
from Colleen to face the girl's mother.

Christine looked at Lois whose face was red with anger, and smiled at
her before simply commanding her to put down the stick she was holding.
Lois just swore at her shouting for her to let her daughter go.

"Oh lord," Christine responded totally amused, "I just realized, all
three of you are wearing little yellow sun suits. How darling. But
really dear, you do not do the dress much justice. Trying to keep up
with your daughters? How vain." Pausing for a moment to study Lois a
bit, she realized that Lois was just about her age; and this began her
thinking. She wondered if Edward would find Lois more appealing than
herself. Without thinking she said aloud, "You have bigger breasts than
I do...." Catching herself she nudged her horse, "I have your other
daughter you understand. As for this one... Well, you see this riding
crop? All I have to do is hit my horse; and off goes your daughter."

Lois began to breath heavier and raised the stick walking towards

"It doesn't matter to me. I'll have them dead or alive." Christine
raised her ridding crop. "Alive and violated, at least visually,"
Christine said as she thought to herself how clever she was with her
words, "that is better dead and violated wouldn't you have to say?"

"Why? What do you want from us? Why us?"

"Visuals. Just visuals. And because you were around." Again Christine
congratulated herself for her choice of words. Tired of the delay
Christine urged her horse on a bit making Colleen cry out in fear as she
was pulled forward.

"Stop. Stop!!" Lois frantically said dropping her stick.

"Very good then!" Christine said, happily reaching for another collar.
After attaching another rope to the collar she handed it to Lois telling
her to put it on. Turning her back to Lois she tied the rope to the
saddle just like Colleen's was.

"You were taking a rather big chance." Richard said slowly riding up
with Amy trailing behind secured by her collar.

"No I don't think so. It's a matter of confidence. Just like a lion
tamer has. You must know your animals."

Turning to Lois she grinned, "Ah yes the third yellow sun suit is here
now. Really, your two daughters do them more justice than you. Your
belly is a bit too round for something like that. Take it off! I think
you'll look better with it off! Richard you have the other take hers off
too, she looks to warm."

Lois paused somewhat embarrassed, but Amy didn't hesitate in removing
her dress. With some reluctance Lois removed the dress then looked down
at the ground as Christine scanned her body.

"Classical full white cotton panties and bra. Hmmm mummy I guess I
shouldn't be surprised. Now the youngest one. Amy? Sixteen I'd guess.
She's with it. Pale blue bra with pale blue bikini panty. But enough,
times of the essence. Lose the bras!"

"Panties too!!" Richard requested.

When the girls stood momentarily frozen with embarrassment and fear,
Christine slammed her riding crop across the back of Colleen's thigh.
"Hurry up my dears. Do hurry! It'll be much nicer for all of you if you

Horrified at the yelp her daughter made and not wanting any further
punishment for her daughters Lois reached back and undid her bra. As she
did her daughters began to do the same. Soon all three stood naked
before their captors.

"My goodness Lois. I have never in all my life have seen such big
areolas. My God their abnormally big. My Colleen yours are almost as
big as mommy's. Hmmm I do prefer you coloring better; pink has always
been a favorite color of mine. Little Amy you don't seem to have
inherited the family areolas. Still they are nice pink and puffy. Hmmm
Lois. Hmmm see how high and perky Amy's and Colleen's breasts are. Yours
look like two round mounds of cheese, did they every sit high on your
chest. Doubt it. By the way Lois, you are getting a bit of a gut aren't
you. Your ass... Well my dear; it is a bit wider than it should be. You
know considering you and I are about the same age, you really should
have taken care of yourself. Now .... your daughters, Lois. Well they
have perfectly shaped asses. Hmmm; I think Amy is the nicest looking of
your daughters. No offence Colleen you are simply delightful, but well,
you know matter of tastes. Ah how wonderful! All three of you have
sparse pubic hair. Leaves little to the imagination. Poor Amy you
didn't inherit the fat clitoris gene. But that's okay, both you and
Colleen have beautiful blond hair. Not washed out Brown like mommy's"

After tying the three "dears" hands behind them Christine and Richard
headed their horses back to the lodge with the three women walking
behind, being pulled along by the ropes attached to their necks.

David joined Edward and myself as we watched the hunters coming in
trailing their captures behind them. Edward just shook his head perhaps
somewhat embarrassed about what his wife was triumphantly bringing him.
David just broke out into a full belly laugh and shouted for his wife,
Susan, to come and join him, but before she did to leash their daughter
Karin and bring her too.

Naturally all the commotion started Richard's wife Linda to run up to
join us. Her nude body still was tempting even after all these years.
She smiled at me, knowing how much I enjoyed watching her run.

"I hope Richard has your little wifey with him," Linda said as she
hooked an arm around my waist pressing her tits against me, "that way we
can all have a great time."

Linda acted a bit disappointed at not seeing Charlene among the three
captived dears'. Still, it only took her moments to forget her
disappointment when she saw Richard dismount and lead Amy up towards us.

Christine also dismounted and lead Lois and Colleen behind her waving
and wishing her husband a happy and fun filled anniversary. In response
Edward shouted at her, "What have you done?"

"Oh not much. Just thought a little entertainment. A little dinner. Oh
you know darling; just a way of saying I love you. Now this one is
Colleen. Isn't she adorable, a most perfect figure of youth. This one is
Lois she is Colleen's mother. Darling have you ever seen such gigantic
areolas? Now Richard has Amy over there. I think she is the best prize.
No offence Colleen but your sister is just darling."

I watched as the little group gathered around the three captive "dears"
as they walked back to the lodge. Christine would playfully swat each of
their bare bottoms with her ridding crop eliciting squeals of
frustration more than anger. Richard and Linda both played with poor
Amy's breasts as they walked beside her making her break down and cry.
Each time Lois tried to look around to see what was going on Christine
would hit her bottom harder with her crop, by the time we were inside
the lodge Lois' ass was covered with red welts.

Inside Edward poured drinks for them all including their "guests". I was
amused how the R's had their daughter Karin leashed and at their
beckoned call, both her mother and father would stroke her tits and ass
almost unconsciencelessly just as if she were their dog. The group
chatted and laughed with their "guests" making them as comfortable and
at ease as they could. Perhaps to give them a false sense of security;
after all as Christine told us later she had explained to them at one
point of her hunting, that they were to be no more that exhibits; made
it easier to control them.

In fact the three "dears" were rather relaxed with their captors. Why
shouldn't they? None were virgins and all had performed like this before
strangers, arranged by Jack and me at one time or another. True Lois had
never done this with her daughters before, but she did know that her
daughters did as Jack like to put it entertain the troops' as did she.
Still as Edward and David took the glasses from the three, Lois dropped
her eyes as Edward examined her areolas with his fingers. There also
came an audible gasp from Colleen when David's fingers stroked her

More drinks were poured but this time the little "dears" weren't offered
any. With Christine, Linda and Susan looking on, sipping on their drinks
the men began to feel every inch of each of the "dears" bodies. It was
Christine who first noticed the extreme embarrassment on the faces of
the three. "Is it so embarrassing for you my dear," she addressed
Colleen, "Having mother here watching is embarrassing for you. Ahhh. I'm
sorry. And look at poor Amy she's trying to keep her eyes closed. Ohhh
my poor little girls. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just
watch mommy enjoy herself."

With that Christine lead Lois to a table and forced her to lay on her
back. Then with the R's permission she had Karin lick and nibble on
Lois' tits. Finally she had Karin begin to lick and finger fuck Lois.
Lois tried not to respond, but Karin was very good, soon Lois began to
squirm on the table.

"See how happy mommy is becoming? And wasn't Karin simply a darling?
Wasn't it fun Karin?" Christine said with some glee. When Karin nodded
yes to the question; Christine turned to Colleen and Amy. "You try it.
It's fun. And mommy will be happy. And if you are very, very good; why
maybe, just maybe--mommy will do something special for you."

Christine had Colleen go first. Colleen, as well as her mother and
sister, had never serviced another female, and as she was prodded by a
few whacks of Christine's crop you could see both mother and daughter's
faces redden. Almost as red as the welts on Colleen's ass. The little
group snickered as Colleen timidly licked on her mother's tits. With a
little tap on her reddened ass, Colleen began to really lick and suck on
her mother's tits. Before they told her to go to her mother's pussy they
had the mother and daughter rub their tits together with as much vigor
as they could. Finally Colleen faced her own mother's pussy, after a
pause she began licking, and finger fucking the pussy before her as the
group and her sister looked on. Mrs R had opened up her skirt and had
her daughter Karin's face between her legs. She had rapped the long
skirt over her daughter's head for privacy, but the slurping sounds
could not be covered up.

When Amy had finished licking and finger fucking her mother she and
Colleen were told to lie on the floor. Lois was lead over to them, still
red faced and mortified. Yet when she was told to do them she did not
disobey; to the disappointment of Christine and her ridding crop.

We watched as Lois took her mouth and fingers to each of her babies'
pussy's. Mrs R was groaning, more to the efforts of her own daughter
Karin than the sight of Lois and her daughters. Linda on the other hand
had slipped her hand to her pussy. Finally she couldn't stand it any
longer. Linda jumped to the floor and began to eat Amy, and positioned
her face over Lois'. Mrs R came just in time, letting her husband pull
Karin away and guide her to the floor with the others. Soon she was
sitting on Colleen's face with her face eagerly buried in Colleen's

As both Karin and Linda stood up laughing and touching each other like
two silly college girls, the three dears sat on the floor in exhaustion
and embarrassment. "Well that was fun!" Christine said, "But how about
it dear? Which one will it be? Unfortunately you can only choose between
Lois and Colleen. Amy belongs to Richard and Linda--pity."

Richard had no class at all and just simply dropped his pants exposing
his erect dripping dick. Linda had forced Amy on her knees before him.
Soon Amy had his dick in her mouth with Linda playing with her tits.
Lois stared sadly at the sight; Colleen on the other hand just looked

"I believe Colleen would do nicely my dear," Edward said putting his
drink down "Umm. It may be rather crude. But would it bother anyone if I
join Richard."

Edward was apparently a bit uneasy by doing public displays. This time
though he felt that the R's were such dear friends and they had no
qualms about pubic displays as was witnessed by Susan and her daughter.
Still he didn't want to offend his wife.

"You are such a dear Edward. You go right ahead." Christine smiled and
turned to me. "You know I do rather enjoy watching public displays and
so does Edward. It's just a bit classless though for someone...."

As she tailed off I finished her statement for her, "For someone of your

She smiled and raised her glass to me, "Some are meant to be served and
be amused. Others are meant to serve and amuse!"

This time I raised my glass to her. We both watched as Colleen
reluctantly began to suck on Edward's cock. For a few moments Christine
watched Lois watching her daughters, then she walked over to Lois and
stood her up.

"Time to please me. You better do a fantastic job, or your daughters are
going to suffer a bit more than need be." After having said that
Christine shoved her ridding crop into Lois rectum and lead her to a
couch away from the others. I discreetly followed at a distance.

Christine laid herself on the couch and slipped off her pants and
panties. She had Lois mount her with Lois' tits dangling over her so she
could fondle them. Softly she said, "These really are trophy displays.
I'm beginning to understand why my dear friends, the R's have such an
interest. Do you know they have a room of trophies? Want to know what
they have in there? These are definitely the biggest areolas I have ever
seen. Your daughters are quite darling I must say. I'm sorry did I pinch
them to hard. Sorry. Your nipples stretch nicely. But I stretched Amy's.
A very pliable girl. Yes these are trophies. But then so are you
daughters. How would yours look mounted. Get down there. I want to feel
your tongue in my uterus."

I listened to Lois and Christine for awhile, and walked away as
Christine began to moan and explode. A few minutes later as I was
watching Richard fucking Amy and David fucking Colleen, Christine was
standing with Lois next to me. Still a bit out of breath Christine said
to me, "I think we're about ready for dinner. However before that, I
believe Lois here needs a good fuck. Now no offence dear boy; but I
would like Pedro to do it. Something about Latinos. Beside's he has some
work to do preparing dinner. Lois should give him some incentive to make
his job a bit more pleasurable."

Once Pedro had finished fucking Lois he stood back with a wide smile and
thanked Christine for her thoughtfulness. Then he requested that the
three be shaved of their skimpy bushes. Christine felt it was the proper
thing to have the mother shave her daughters and then herself. Once done
the three were stood up and had their hands tied behind there backs.

Lois quickly realized that she and her daughters weren't just to be
raped and humiliated. Christine walked beside her listening to her pleas
for mercy, if not for her, for her daughters. As the three were led
outside Christine calmly assured Lois by stroking her face that nothing
was going to happen to them. Christine had calmed Lois down by the time
they had gotten outside, convincing her that she had been tied up coming
in, and she was tied up being released back into the wilds.

"No, we will prepare our dinner ourselves, thank you," Richard said
pulling Amy away from her mother and sister, "David, has asked to help.
Edward you're welcome to help if you care too."

Edward hesitated but declined the offer at the suggestion of his wife.
Still under his breath he told Christine, "At least I might observe. I
mean the R's have had a bit of experience with it all. Perhaps we

Christine cut him off, "Darling. All this is new to us. Let's just enjoy
ourselves," pausing she thoughtfully added, "besides I think it would be
most fun to find us a woman who is totally naive of the world. You know
take her, debauch her for awhile. Then do... will you know... like the
R's and their crowd. Lois and her daughters are rather knowledgeable of
the world. Well. Perhaps not this part."

We stopped before two large barbeque pits, after having left Lois and
Colleen with Richard and the others. Christine looked over the area and
nodded her head at the chairs and small bar placed around the area.

"Looks comfortable enough. Good shade from the sun. Now Pedro you do
understand our requests?" Christine said as she motioned for her husband
to mix her a drink.

"Yes I do."

"Well.. Perhaps so. But just in case, let me explain one more time. I
want them roasted alive for as long as possible. Basted in honey and the
herbs I sent you. The pole they are hung on should start thru their

Somewhat offended Pedro cut her off. "Look! Just trust me. I have the
honey and herbs mixed. Basting is a very fine idea--- less shrinkage
that way. Now if you want me to run the poles though their rectums, I'd
have to shove it though their mouths also. Instant death. You want to
roast them alive. I will secure them to the pole so's that their heads
will not be over the coals. This will give them air to breath. This
along with the drug I will give them will keep them alive up until I
serve them to your table if you care. However, it is better that I gut
them just before they are served at your table."

"You are the chef!"

Linda and Karin pushed Lois and Colleen before them laughing
hysterically. Almost in pain they went into great detail about the
enemas and the washing they gave the hapless dual. They went on to tell
us how Richard had hung Amy up by her tits as he cleaned her up. Neither
Lois or Colleen responded very much, the drug was taking effect.

Pedro had Edward light the coals as he and I secured the mother and
daughter to their poles. Pedro asked Christine to help him place
Colleen's long hair atop her head; to prevent it from catching fire he
explained. Both Edward and Christine were invited to bathe Lois and
Colleen with the mixture of butter, honey and herbs. This task was
accomplished by Edward and Christine with some excitement and much
enjoyment by both.

As Christine liberally applied the mixture on Colleen's tits she glanced
over at her husband who looked like he was having to much fun applying
the mixture to Lois's tits. Christine laughed and pointed to the
erection he had, asking if he was enjoying Lois that much. Edward
grinned and responded. "Immensely!"

As I helped first place Lois over the one fire and the motorized spit
was started, Christine asked thoughtfully. "Never quite had a dinner
like this before. Tell me what parts are the tastiest?"

"Depends," Pedro said with a grunt as we lifted Colleen over her fire,
"Actually the best parts are the hands and feet. Pretty much on anyone.
Next I'd say the thighs, calves and buttocks. In that order. A man you
would add the arms. Some women--maybe. Of course each one is a bit
different. Here."

Pedro had Christine poke and pinch Lois's thigh and buttock as she
slowly rotated around. Then she had her do the same to Colleen.

"As you can tell Colleen has more defined muscle, less flab. Her mother,
although ample has more flab. Age thing."

"Why not the breasts?"

Pedro smiled at Christine, "No muscle. No muscle.. Easy answer. No."

"What a shame. All men must be very disappointed at that thought."

"Oh they eat them with much delight. But only the skin. If done right.
Is okay, the rest...bahhh. The wiser ones keep the breasts for trophies,
and remembrances. I know of one couple who had me prepare a friends
wife. Kept the breasts and have forever been using them to bug their
friend. Funny no?"

"How about the vulva?"

"Ohh. It's good. Usually on any woman."

"Pedro. Do they cook them like this? I mean with the breasts on. Or..."

"Some skin them first. Some cut them off first. Those that cook them
like this usually don't keep them. They shrink.. If you want I can save
them for you."

"Well, honestly I rather am enjoying watching them flop over the fire
when they turn face down," Christine said staring at Lois and Colleen as
they rotated face down over the fires, "Yet...."

Sensing her plight Pedro offered, "I think if we keep them well basted
that I can save them. I'll keep a close eye on them, and we'll see."

Lois and Colleen slowly awoke from the drug. Realizing where she was
Colleen began to scream, "Mother they're roasting us!!"

Lois was crying to much to respond to her daughter's pleas for her help.
As she rotated face down over the fire Lois felt the searing heat
especially on her tits which hung closest to the fire. She was aware as
to what was happening, yet she felt no panic in her mind. Fear yes. But
no panic... little of yet.

It was almost two hours as I sat with Edward, Christine and Susan R, who
joined us; because as she said she has watched things like Amy done
before. She suggested Edward and Christine go and join the others; they
shouldn't be so prudish. Besides there is some sport in it. Afterwards;
she winked, David is like a wild animal in bed. Christine thought a
moment looking over at Edward who just shrugged his shoulders. Christine
decline gracefully saying that Edward was just enjoying watching Lois'
and Colleen's breasts roasting.

Every now and then Amy's screams could be heard among the laughter.
"What in the world are they doing to her," Edward wondered.

"Oh David is showing Richard how to skin her alive as they have sex with
her." Susan said somewhat bored.

"Good lord. Alive. How interesting.." Edward said looking over in the
direction of the screams.

"Oh really Edward. If you are intrigued that much; go over and see for
yourself. But if you ask me Amy would have made a darling pet."
Christine said getting up to help Pedro bast the now groaning Lois and

"True." Edward responded.

"But sooner or later you have to give up your pet. Am I correct or not.
It is much harder to put down a pet than a "dear" like Amy." Susan said
and paused for a drink. "I hope Edward can talk Richard and Linda out of
keeping Amy's skin. At least her head. She was so pretty and perky.
She'd make a wonderful addition to our trophy room."

The pain in Lois was now very intense. Her body was roasting and her
blood was beginning to boil. Slowly her crying and groans were getting
softer as was her daughters. Her body was becoming a golden brown now
and it was just a matter of time.

Pedro also realized it was just a matter of time and told Christine that
he better gut them and finish cooking them over a higher flame. When
Susan asked how much longer, Pedro told her in another hour or so.

"Perfect. Come along you two. We are dressing for dinner. Come, come;
David and I have a surprise for you two."

I walked back with the three and left Pedro to finish his job. We came
to the others and stopped abruptly. There before Christine and Edward
hung a skinned Amy, still groaning and twitching. Richard, David, Linda,
and Karin were all naked and covered with blood. Amy's skin was
stretched over a clothesline ready to be cured. Christine turned a bit
pale but stared without blinking. Edward kept softly saying,

Susan said, "Come along now. Karin clean up and get your French maid
outfit on. The rest of you come along too and get cleaned up. We are
having guests remember. Oh silly me. Surprise Edward and Christine! And
happy anniversary!!"

"Guests??" I said bothered by the fact that I wasn't told about any
additional guests, "What guests?"

"Indeed. What guests?" Christine asked.

Susan grabbed Christine by an arm and started chatting with her as they
walked back into the lodge. "Edward! Don't dilly dally. Come along."

Edward slowly turned away to follow his wife, as he passed me he softly
said "Interesting day. Thank you!"

I heard Christine gasp and laugh saying, "Edward you horny pervert.
Susan we might be a moment or two.. Or longer.."

I caught up with the still smiling Christine and protested the fact of
new people coming into the picture. People I had not planned on.

"Be a darling and not worry about it. I had told Susan about my plans,
and she decided to invite some of her dear friends of kindred spirits to
join us. God knows there appears to be enough to eat. Besides. Say what
you want I know you haven't sold all the dears' in your catalog."

I started to tell her that she was wrong. Fact was; she wasn't, so she
added. "I can tell. Trust me; I'm very good at sensing when people are
lying. You do have a problem if you don't get rid of all the dears',
don't you. Yes you do. Yes you do. Now some of these guests may be able
to help you out with your problem. Actually you shouldn't be mad. You
should be grateful! Now if you excuse me, I have an husband who
desperately needs me. "

The formal dinning hall was decked out for a most formal dinner. Two
long tables capable of seating 24 guests were covered with the finest
white linen, the plates were the finest bone china that could be found,
the crystal was the best to be found. The wine and brandy had been
supplied by the R's, since David and Susan knew in advance of how many
would be there. Another chef of the R's choice had been summoned to help
Pedro, but after seeing what Pedro had done with Lois and Colleen he
applauded his efforts and asked if he could prepare Amy.

Soon one of the halls was filled with both men and women of the elite in
society, all the men in formal dress befitting the time of the year. The
lady's all were in long formal dress'. If I could have stolen any of the
jewelry being worn I could have retired then and there.

When Christine and Edward appeared a general cheerful greeting went up
from the crowd. As Christine and Edward mingled and greeted their guests
I noticed Karen, and to my amusement, Linda coming out in very skimpy
French maids outfits. Both wore crotch less panties. They carried drinks
on silver trays as the wove in and out among the guests.

Christine tugged on my sleeve whispering, "I'm a bit concerned. I hadn't
planned on something like this. If I had known I would have assured them
a more elegant gala. Show me to the kitchen. I've got to be certain this
is done right. Darn that Susan. She's a dear, but this is a bit

Christine was very concerned about appearances and the entertainment of
her friends. Ah, I thought, the problems of being a gracious hostess. I
opened the dinning hall and let her look in at what we had set up. She
was pleased. She thought tacking Amy's skin over one of the bars was
amusing. When I took her into the kitchen, the chef that the R's
provided had Amy's headless skinned body on a butchers table, almost
totally dismembered. A resounding thud against the table of his knife
freed Amy's last leg from her body. Without notice of us, he began to
cut away the vulva.

As we left the kitchen Christine held her stomach, pausing a moment she
stopped and screwing up her face she said reflectively, "You know that
wasn't too bad. Actually it was....". Her voice tailed off as Pedro
joined us. She asked Pedro to tell her his plans.

Pedro smiled, "Not to worry. You all will be pleased. I'm happy the
other guy came along. He's making the salad, the sauce, and he has some
great ideas. This I tell you. He is cutting up Amy and freezing the
parts until the end of the party. When the guests are departing each
will receive a parting gift."

Christine decided to trust us and rejoined the others. After another
hour though she anxiously looked over to me, as if to ask when dinner
would be served. The timing couldn't have been better. In came Karen,
then Linda from another room as Pedro rang a small bell asking all to
follow the two.

There were ooohhhs and aaaaahhhs, mixed in with a little applause. Karen
carried a silver platter with Lois' head on it, resting between her two
breasts. Pedro had done an


Pedro had done an astounding job of preserving the breasts in
their natural state and color; as well as the head. Linda of course
carried a silver platter with Colleen's head and breasts on it. Richard
came in weaving in a drunken stupor; he had Amy's head mounted on a
pole. Stumbling to the front of the parade that was forming behind Karen
and Linda, he lead the guests into the dining room.

"Well. Thank you. Very nicely done," Christine said to me with a soft
grateful smile, "yes very nicely done. Escort me inside my dear. I think
you deserve the pleasure. Tsk, tsk it would have been so much classier
if it weren't for that vulgar, Richard."

Inside Lois' and Colleen's steaming golden roasted bodies were place on
top of each table positioned like to over sized turkeys. Again there was
applause. Christine and Edward acknowledge them and bid their guests to
sit and eat. Before they did, David stood up and toasted their
anniversary; toasting them on their start of their new trophy room,
teasing Edward about never going to bed without admiring Lois' huge

I was about to sneak away when I heard Christine say, "A toast to the
master of the hunt." I stood and looked at them all each holding a glass
up to me. I nodded a thanks and was about to go again, when Christine
added; For those of you in the mood. You might like to know there are a
few more dears' left. The catalog is on the table in my room if anyone
care to take one---or all--- off his hands."

There were a few polite inquiries, which I put off until they finished
their dinner. I left with no intention of talking with anyone. I was
tired, I was amused, I was rather rich. Well we were rather well off at
least--Jack, Lou and I. True there were more "dears" left including our
wives. We hadn't thought about the possibility of any being left, and
hadn't addressed what we'd tell them what had happened. As I headed back
to the bar I figured we come up with something.

Sue Ann and Carol


With thanks to Big Ed and his buxom playmate Lisa


I had gone into a back room of the bar and laid myself down on a cot
without turning on the light. My eyes closed and I fell asleep as soon
as my head hit the cot, I don't know how long I was out, but the moans
and gasps of the young girl fucking her man popped my eyes wide open.
Though a small window a thin ray of moon light helped outline the rather
big titted girl sitting on her man's cock, rocking up and down on it
making her tits bounce nicely. In all it was a rather erotic sight.
Still I couldn't resist getting up and flipping on the light.

The red headed girl with size D tits froze like a deer in the head
lights of a car before turning as red as the hairs on her head and
pussy. She covered her face, then dove to the other side of their cot
and crawled over to a table where they had been eating, for her cloths.
The man on the cot just laughed and stood up with a rather impressive
erection yet to be satisfied.

As the man turned away from me I watched the girl who I figured to be
about 17 squirm into a rather tight pair of shorts. She was a bit plump,
but still she reminded me a bit of Lou's wife Nikki. The man had to be
in his early forties and was still in pretty good shape, which led to my
saying, "Sly old dog... Hope this isn't your daughter."

Ed looked over his shoulder and grinned, "Naw... Just a playmate!"

I looked at the table and saw the unmistakable remainders of female
breasts and probably some ass meat. "I should apologize for interrupting
you. I am afraid that I rather embarrassed the girl."

"Lisa is rather shy actually. I am giving her an education that she'd
never get from her mommy."

"Did you enjoy dinner?" I asked Lisa, who just nodded yes. I then turned
to Ed and whispered to him, "She is really this shy? How did you get her
to go along with you for something like this?"

"Charm," Ed said with a laugh, "Actually she surprised me and encouraged
me to go though with it."

"Well I hope all went well for you two. I trust that all is well."

"Ya everything was great. Except it got a little irritating with Lou
constantly asking if I'd give up Lisa."

I laughed a bit, "Well Lisa looks almost like a daughter to his wife
Nikki. Sorry for that irritation. Still after seeing her now, with those
lovely aureoles on those two big..." I caught myself and apologized.

Ed smiled and turned to me, "I never thought about it! Not until Lou
took us over to the place Old Charlie is doing his thing. The man
had...umm... Judy's skinned tits stretched out. Got to admit I started
picturing Lisa's that way. Hell I think even Lisa was in awe of the

About then Lou knocked on the door holding two videotapes. The three of
us followed him out into the bar. As we sat, Lou placed in the first
tape and began to run it showing how he had distorted Ed's and Lisa's
faces. Once satisfied, Ed let him put in the original tape.

As the tape started Lisa sat on Ed's lap transfixed at the pictures
coming up before us.

As the naked woman ran towards the camera shouting for Lou to help her,
it was rather easy to identify her by her pear shaped tits swinging
wildly as she ran. Even without seeing her panicked face I knew it was
Sue Ann. Sue Ann went crashing down to the grass with Ed's arms wrapped
around her.

The camera jerked away suddenly from Ed as he was turning SueAnn over
onto her face, and focused on Lisa who was chasing SueAnn's 14 year old
daughter Carol. Carol like her mother was nude and her lovely taunt body
made for a delightful view, with her long hair trailing behind her. It
was Carol's long hair that enabled Lisa the opportunity to bring Carol

Lisa pulled hard on Carol's hair making her fall to the ground cursing.
Lisa stood over her panting, yet smiling triumphantly. If Lisa thought
it was all over, she soon found out how wrong she was, as the angary 14
year old jumped up and attacked the 17 year old Lisa.

The camera caught the cat fight of the two teens, one already nude and
one who now had her blouse ripped open enough to see two D cupped tits
flop out every now and then. Finally Lisa landed a punch to Carol's face
that sent Carol once more to the grass. This time as Carol laid face up
on the grass, Lisa sat on her stomach; after having tied Carol's hands
together, proceeded to pinch the 14 year olds two puffy pink nipples.
Lisa was so amused by what she was doing that she didn't noticed that
her own large tits hung visible to the camera. The contrast in the sizes
of the two girl's tits was well noted by all watching the video.

As Ed retied Carol's arms behind her back Lisa amused herself with
SueAnn's tits, the size and shape of SueAnn's tits made Lisa say
somewhat timidly yet with some evil, "Can I skin these? These should be
easy to do." When SueAnn gasped in fear, Lisa's eyes widened in pleasure
responding to the older woman's reaction saying, "Don't worry I won't
skin your little girl's tits. I think they'd be hard to do. They're
firm... yours hang so loose and free. I'm going to pretend you're my own
mother...and I'm going to cut you verrrry, verrrry slowly."

"You pretend it's your mother and I'll pretend this 14 year old is your
14 year old sister!" Ed laughed holding Carol then grabbing onto one of
SueAnn's tits as Lisa held the other.

"E-e-e-e-d-d-d-d-y-y-y-y", Lisa yelled with a giggle, "That's nasty".

SueAnn was tied and staked on her hands and knees atop a picnic table.
Her pear shaped tits hung down and swung wildly each time Ed or Lisa
would swat them. SueAnn's face was full of tears and she could be heard
pleading for her daughter's life. Even with the painful slaps on her
tits she continued to plead for her daughter; but then as Lisa laid out
her scalpel on the table that she brought from her high school biology
class, did SueAnn begin to plead for herself.

Carol had been bent over a pole that rested between two chairs, she was
standing with her legs spread wide apart, her wrists were tied to her
ankles. You could see her asshole and pussy opened ever so slightly,
looking further down you could see her firm little tits and her youthful
face looking back up at you.

The camera showed the mother and daughter from the rear, SueAnn's plump
and larger ass stood in contrast to Carol's taunt and tight little ass.
SueAnn's pussy hung wide open all pink and moist, Carol's too was now
wide open all pink and moist...horny daughter like horny mother one
would say. SueAnn's and Carol's anus looked puckered and tight, but the
wider split of SueAnn's made hers easier to get to than her daughters.

Ed had dropped his pants and began to fuck Sue Ann in her ass. Sue Ann
groaned and gasped a bit, but this wasn't something new to her. As I
listened to Lisa's excited voice urging her man to really fuck her
harder' so she could enjoy how wildly Sue Ann's dangling tits swayed with
each shove of the large hard cock; I couldn't but hope that Ed would
enjoy Sue Ann's fantastic talent to suck cock. I remembered how Sue Ann
could get me off with just using her tongue; most have to aid their
talents with an occasional finger or two; but not Sue Ann. I witnessed
Sue Ann give blow jobs to a whole bar of men then go to another and do
all the men there...she was good. Like a good mother she was passing her
oral talent on to her youngest daughter Carol.

My attention to the video came back when Carol began to scream in pain;
Ed was just starting to part the tightly puckered asshole. The further
he pushed into the little rectum, the louder Carol screamed, which made
her mother cry out for her daughter. Soon a trickle of blood ran down
her legs and the camera took a careful close up of Ed's penis as it grew
redder and redder with the girl's blood as it literally tore her a new

Lisa took a thick pole with a rope attached to one end and began dipping
it into a can filled with a clear liquid. Lou leaned over to me and
whispered in my ear, "This was unbelievable." Ed took the pole and
quickly inserted it into Carol's bloody ass. Since the pole was thicker
than Ed's cock, Carol screamed then passed out. Ed pushed Carol's ass
cheeks together and held them as Lisa revived the 14 year old. With her
hands still tied to her ankles and with three feet of pole sticking out
of her ass, Carol was led to a tree. As Lisa held her steady Ed threw
the rope over a large limb, then began to hoist the girl up off the

There Carol hung, suspended by her ass and the pole sticking in it. The
pain must have been something incredible, for Carol could only gasp for
air. As she spun slowly in the wind Ed began to slap her with a thick
belt until she spun wildly out of control. Among gasps for air, Carol
would utter a high pitched squeal as the belt reddened her flesh.

I had to ask Ed what the liquid was that they used.

"Call it a super glue!" Ed said, asking to rerun the part he fucked
Carol in the ass. "You know from what your catalog said, these two were
a couple of nymphos."

Lou and I both told him they were.

"Well I really expected both of their assholes to be a lot looser. Well
maybe not the 14 year old. But mommy... Shit she was tight as a drum
to... Okay not like the kid's..."

"Hey got to understand. Ain't many women that give up their ass' for
fucking... not willingly at least. Shit if they can get away with it
they'd never give blow jobs." Lou said.

"Except Sue Ann there. She rather suck cock than fuck." I added then went
on to tell Ed and his little 17 year old squeeze some of Sue Ann and her
daughters (beside Carol) exploits at parties we gave. Ed was a bit sorry
that he didn't enjoy Sue Ann's oral talents before he gave her up to

The camera scanned every pore of Sue Ann's pear shaped tits and their
areolas, as Lisa's fingers fondled them. Then with the expertise of a
surgeon she took her scalpel and began to skin them. A microphone was
placed just beneath Sue Ann's tits; with each cut you could hear the skin
split. This of course was when Sue Ann would stop screaming and only
moan. Lisa would work a little on one breast then work on the other.
With the breasts half skinned and the loosened skin hanging free, Lisa
stood back to admire her work. Her hands and arms were covered with
blood, her face was all smile, "My bio teacher would give me an 'A' for
the job I'm doing!" Lifting up Sue Ann's head and staring into her
fluttering eyes, she asked, "Lady aren't you glad I practiced on all
those frogs and mice? Are you having as much fun as I am?" With that,
Lisa happily went back to work. Finally Lisa stood back and triumphantly
held up the two skins of Sue Ann's breasts. The camera pulled away from
Lisa and scanned the bloody breasts and Sue Ann's shocked and agonized
face; still alert as to what going on to her.

Ed placed a lit sterno can beneath each of the dripping tits, and while
each skinless tit began to bake Ed once more began to fuck Sue Ann in her
ass. This time Sue Ann screamed and pleaded for them to kill her and put
her out of her misery. But Ed wasn't done. With the intense heat baking
her breasts and the pain ever growing, Ed shoved a glass cork deep into
her rectum. Sue Ann felt a cold liquid filling her, the contrast of the
heat and the cold made her body shutter.

Ed lit a match and applied it to the entrance of Sue Ann's rectum. A
sudden burst of blue flame shot out from Sue Ann's ass and lasted for a
couple of minutes. In that time Sue Ann lost her mind and she past out.
The alcohol in the brandy finished burning, leaving as the camera
showed, a scorched and blacked asshole.

Sue Ann was laid on her back on the table. Her baked breasts did not flop
to one side or flatten against her chest as normally would be the case.
Instead they stood just as they hung over the was a bizarre
sight. At Ed's urging Lisa got her scalpel to cut away Sue Ann's pussy
while she was still breathing. Indeed Sue Ann's eyes fluttered then

Lisa asked if she should cut away the pubic hair. Ed told her no, that
with it on they'd be able to tell mother's from daughter's. As Lisa cut
away at the pussy Ed cut the baked breasts away just as Sue Ann's eyes
focused on him. Ed held her breasts in front of her face moments before
Lisa finished freeing the pussy from Sue Ann's body. Rather Sue Ann
recognized her baked tits and bloody pussy as they were held up before
her, is open for debate; she did utter something though before she died.

Carol could hear, and see every now and then, as she twisted slowly by
the pole glued in her asshole, but did not see the end to her mother.
Un-noticed to all, the weight of Carol's body finally tore her away from
the pole. She laid silently with the bloody pole smeared with tissue and
blood, dripping on the motionless girl.

Ed and Lisa picked Carol up and tied her face up on a table next to her
mother's lifeless body. When they were done with her, Carol looked like
a Thanksgiving turkey ready for stuffing.

As Lisa tried to wake Carol, Ed began to finger Carol's shaved pussy.
Slowly as Carol came around, Ed had her pussy wet opened and pink. You
could hear the two talking with Carol and you could hear Carol's
pathetic pleas to be spared. As she pleaded Ed slowly began to work his
fist into the little vagina. At first Carol twisted and groaned, but
then began to scream as the pain in her rectum began to grow along with
the more violent shoving and twisting of Ed's hand.

A sudden long shriek came from Carol and her body began to convulse
violently. Ed's hand and part of his arm was now buried deep inside the
girl. Blood covered Ed's arm as he began to withdraw it. He was gutting
Carol like a Halloween pumpkin.

Lisa could be heard to exclaim, "You've pulled out her ovaries and

Indeed Ed had. Still seeing Carol was still aware as to what was going
on, he forcefully shoved and twisted his hand and arm into the screaming
girl until his arm was into her up to his elbow. "Cut her tits off!! And
be fast!!!"

Lisa obliged and swiftly cut Carol's tits away making her body convulse
one more time. Ed pulled out his arm all soaked in blood, a rush of
blood and guts flowed from the dead girl's pussy. "I had it! I had it!
But I couldn't quite get it out."

"Had what?" Lisa asked.

"Her heart!! I had it in my fingers while it was still beating... a few
seconds... but I had it!"

I got up to get a beer as the others watched Lisa cut away Carol's
pussy, then as Ed and Lisa cut away the two "dears" ass and thighs.

I raised my beer to Ed and toasted, "Here's to memories!!"


I got this from White Shadow's Nasty Stories (a sister site of Black Spectre) around 1999. I was kind of disappointed that only the first five stories were completed.


Good i could help with a complete story, Azalel. :-)


love this story!


Everyone likes a good hunt!


Great story!

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