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Hello all. I've been a lurker here for at least a decade. Anyways I found this story. It's really good but just to short and really not flushed out as I like. So I flushed it out. Like I said it's really not mine I just rewrote it


(loli, shota, hanging, cons)

"Please, can I hang you ?", said 12 year old Johnny to his best friend.

Jenny, being 12 herself, looked at him with wide eyes. "You mean like, all the way?"

"Well yes, I was told girls die very nicely when hanged." He said.

"And I was told boys go even better." Said Jenny with a grin. "I hear they squirt and then they go limp. Tell you what: Why don't we flip a coin?"

"Winner hangs loser all the way?" Johnny smiled.

"Yes! God this is so exciting !" said Jenny.
"You're on!"

Jenny and Johnny were friends for a long time. From time to time they used to play all kinds of games with each other. They were on a bed, wearing casual clothes, doing nothing more than talking. When Johnny popped up that question from nowhere. They both knew they liked the idea of hanging, and they even did some roleplaying that involved air walking with each other, but they made sure nothing went wrong. This time it will be the other way around. Jenny was a tall redhead with nice curves just starting to develop. Her budding tits were just about the size of small oranges and she had nice puffy nipples. The kind that would turn rock hard nicely when hanged. Johnny didn't have to be ashamed either. Tall, a bit tanner, nice slim yet not skinny body, and had an average cock for a boy his age. Both just had the beginings of hair on their sexes. Jenny was already familiar with his cock. If he hanged there would be two limp things dangling, Jenny thought.

"Wow, I can't believe we're doing this. My heart is about to pop out of my chest." Said Jenny while she took a coin from her purse. "But you have to promise me, whatever happens, that we do it, even if it's my head in the noose, and of course ...", and now she had an even bigger grin, "if it's yours."

"Sure, let's get on with it." Said Johnny. "If it is me that has to hang you won't have any problems. I've always wanted to go like this. You'll be doing me a favor. And I wouldn't miss the opportunity to hang you. One thing we leave to the loser - he or she can choose the location and method, but the rest is up to the winner. I have a good idea where I want to hang."

"Done." Said Jenny. "I choose heads - your head in the noose." She giggled.

"Ok, I'll have to take tales." Said Johnny as the coin was flipped. There was a very long silence when the flipped coin was in Jenny's hands. They both looked at each other in a tense way. They both felt a bit choked even though there was nothing around their necks, yet. Then Jenny removed her hand. It was heads.

"I can't believe I won !" said Jenny while jumping almost a whole foot into the air. "I can't believe I get to hang you for real." Then she got a bit more calm and said "Well, you know I still like you very much but I do intend to collect my reward."
Johnny looked at her with a touch of sadness, but with resignation.

"Yes I know," he finally said, "you really should. I was hoping it would be the other way around, but you won't get any trouble from me, and I hope you get that squirt you wanted."

"It looks like I will." Said Jenny looking at Johnny's pants that had a bit of a bulge building in them. "And if your dick won't volunteer to do it by itself, I have a good set of hands. Now strip, slave, and let me see what I won." Johnny did that, which made his erection very visible, and she went on saying : "I will now take a while to slip into my executrix outfit, but just to make sure you don't go anywhere ..." she took some rope, tied Johnny's hands behind him and secured the other end. "I'm not taking any chances on losing that experience."

A while later Jenny came out of her room. No more casual clothes. She wore all black. Her small tits were stuffed in a black latex bra, and she had a black jacket on top. A black skirt with no panties matched it. She had to have access to her cunt because she knew she would need it. Long black heels completed the set, except for the obvious big smile on her face.

She turned to Johnny and said : "The condemned will now choose where and how he will be hanged."
Johnny's cock that went limp when Jenny went away, came springing back up.

"Thanks for reminding me," he said. "I've always liked tree hangings so I want to be hanged on the tree in your garden. It will be a short drop of course. I wouldn't deprive us both of that."

"Very well," said Jenny cheerfully. "I will now do some knitting." She took out a long soft rope, and skillfully made a traditional noose. She took her time enjoying the way Johnny was looking on the rope as she did that. The only thing that diverted her attention was Johnny's erection.

"Have you ever hanged anyone for real before ?" asked Johnny.

"No I didn't." she answered honestly.

"I hope you do it right." He said. "I wouldn't want anything to go wrong."

"Well you don't have a choice. You had to think about that earlier. I'm sure everything will work out perfectly, and I'll make sure I'll ask you if you have any complaints after I finish." As much as Jenny liked Johnny, she was really enjoying herself.

The noose finished, and Jenny showed it to Johnny. She made it dangle in front of his face. He watched it thinking what this piece of rope meant for him, and never was so hard in his short life.

"OK sport. It's hanging time." Said Jenny. she freed Johnny from where he was secured while keeping his hands tied. She took a little wooden box for him to stand on and in a short while they were standing under a branch from which he was about to hang. Jenny threw the noose over the branch and skillfully set it where Johnny's head will be when he's on the box. She secured the other end, and set the box.

"Everything is set. The condemned will now mount the gallows." She said, helping Johnny to climb the box. His eyes showed real fear for the first time now as he looked mesmerized through the loop. Jenny flipped the the noose over his head and tied it around his neck. At that moment Johnny realized he is just something at the end of a cord and that this is how it will stay. He lowered his head for a while. Then he stood tall and said : "Ready when you are, Mistress."

Jenny kicked the box. Johnny just dangled for a while and then started kicking. Most of it were funny swim like thrusting movements, or was he fucking an invisible girl? In any case it made Jenny smile, not to mention dripping. This became a flood when she started to use her hands on her womanhood.

Johnny was starting to make strange gurgling sounds, his face had started going red, and Jenny's fingers were busy in her pussy. Jenny was torn. She loved Johnny very much and didn't want him to die. But seeing him hanging to death in front of her, was making her the wettest she had ever been. Jenny wasn't sure if she should be sad or cum.

“Should I cry or should I let myself cum?” Jenny thought to herself as she fingered her 12 year old pussy. Then Johnny's eyes met Jenny's and it was like he was ordering hee to cum! So much pain and arosul in those eyes, Jenny couldn’t help but cum. She soaked the ground and her hand with her girl cum.

By now Johnny was in full gear as he hung to death. The pain was intense but the pleasure he was feeling was even more so. He knew that this was the way he wanted to go. He wished he could tell Jenny how good it felt. He wished he could have watched Jenny hang. He wished they would've hung a girl first, just so he could've seen someone else hang to death first. Maybe his 9 year old sister? Maybe Jenny's 15 or 6 year old sisters? Maybe his 8 year old brother? Maybe even the 10 year old neighbor girl? But it was to late now.

The ringing in his ears was becoming louder and his vision was beginning to fade. But he still kept kicking. He didn't want to disappoint Jenny. He wanted to squirt for her. He really wanted to tell her to suck him or maybe even fuck him. But the noose made that impossible.

Johnny was kicking more fiercely now. His handsome face was tightened into a grimace, his lips darkening and his skin darkening to red. Drool was pouring down his young, sweaty chest. He jerked his arms behind his back, fighting with all his strength to break the ropes binding his wrists. Jenny knew his soul was willing, but his body, his tween body, it was so scared. It wanted to live! His lungs screamed for air, but he knew they would never get air again.

Jenny couldn’t take it anymore. She kneeled down in front of Johnny and took his 4 inches into her mouch. She heard Johnny moan as she did. Johnny's cock was going crazy in her mouth. This certainly wasn't the first time his cock had been in her mouth but this was different. It was like his cock was vibrating. It had random spasms going through it. Pre-cum was pouring out of it like crazy. His cock was so hot.

Jenny loved the way he tasted. She suddenly had a moment of regret, after this she'd never be able to taste him again. She would miss him and his cock. She'd miss their fucking. She resolved herself to find a new boy as soon as possible. She sucked him even harder. Since this was the last time she'd be able to do so...she need to have him cum in her mouth. God...she needed it so bad. She fingered herself to another orgasm as she sucked him off.

Johnny just had enough sense left to feel Jenny take him into her mouth. It felt so good. His cock was on fire! All Jonny could feel was the noose and his cock in Jenny's mouth.

All of the sudden a giant shiver racked Johnny. His hips pumped once, twice. Jenny thought he was going to cum so she pulled back so just the tip of his cock was in her mouth. Another shiver went threw Johnny, which made his legs kick out and almost hit Jenny. Jenny looked up and looked into Johnny's eyes. Johnny wasn't there anymore. Jenny could see his brain was starting to die. She could see confusion in those red eyes. Jenny could tell he was lost, that he was scared, that he didn’t know why he was even on the rope anymore.

Then she got pushed away from Johnny when he raised his skinny knees to his chest. Johnny kicked down hard, his whole body shuddering. It wasn't long before Johnny sent a nice load of cum into the air, it landing on Jenny's face. She quickly took him back into her mouth. She was rewarded with spurt after hot spurt of Johnny's cum. It was the most he'd ever cum. Obviously it was a big orgasm that was building up for a long time.

It seemed to go on for ever. Jenny did her best and swallowed every bit of Johnny's cum. She didn't want any of it to go to waste. She still had him in her mouth when she felt Johnny's body twitch. Then twitch once again, his legs going into a series of fast little kicks, a tarantella. All of a sudden, the movement stopped; his legs kicked hard once more. Then, suddenly, he went limp and swayed at the end of the rope. Jenny, mouth still on his cock, felt the tenting leave his body. She pulled back, stood up and took a step back.

Johnny started to sway. When he turned around Jenny could see his back and tight, boyish ass, which was quivering slightly were displayed to Jenny. His hands twitched a few times, his bound fingers searching like the legs of a dying insect. Then she heard a hissing sound. Johnny swayed back around and she could see that he was pissing while he still had an erection. It was all to much for her, she came again and she wasn't even fingering herself anymore. She had been so focused on Johnny's last few moments she didn't even notice she had stopped. She came harder then she ever had before. So hard it brought her to her knees in front of Johnny.

Jenny bent down and kissed the tip of Johnny's cock. It tasted like piss and cum. Johnny kicked weakly.

"Still something there. Oh well. I think the fun is over. I'll check later." She said and started to walk into her house. Then she remembered her promise. "Any complaints, Johnny?" she asked but there was no reply. "I told you it would be just fine." And with that she gave one last look at the swaying body, turned away and went.


Definitely need to make a series out of this. Possibly have Jenny hang a few more lovers in the coming years of her life, male and female, before finally hanging to death herself in her late teens/early twenties?


Very nice! Snuff as an innocent (well, more or less) children game is so hot.
I'm actually in the middle of writing something similar myself (well, I say in the middle of the writing, but I haven't actally touched it for almost two months now).
As for ideas for sequels, how about an alternate version instead where Johnny would win?


Thanks for the pise. But I just want to state it again for the record. I didn't come up with the original story. I just added more details.

I'm actually working on a "Tails" right now. It's going to take a bit because I don't want to just switch their names around, along with a few details. I want it to be the same but different...if that makes any sense.

Please feel free to write an offshoot to this story if you want to. Doesn't just have to be hangings either. I'm personally a big fan of beheadings.

@Aoi Hikari: I agree. The "innocent" children's snuff games are so fucking hot. Probably one of the best story premises out there. Unfortunately it's extremely underused because of the bleeding heart "won't someone please think of the children" crowd.


the best part goes when both are curious of pleasures. No one is forced, no innocence either.


Ok...need to correct 2 things.

1. It's not supposed to say "Jenny, mouth still on his cock, felt the tenting leave his body." It's supposed to be "Jenny, mouth still on his cock, felt the tension leave his body." Tension not tenting...fucking auto correct.

2. Thanks for the praise. Not pise....WTF auto correct!?!


> I'm actually working on a "Tails" right now.
That's great news. Looking forward to it!

> I agree. The "innocent" children's snuff games are so fucking hot. Probably one of the best story premises out there. Unfortunately it's extremely underused because of the bleeding heart "won't someone please think of the children" crowd.

I don't think you'll find that kind of a crowd here, so feel free to explore the children's game premise as much as you want.


Great story, nicely (re-)written. I would love to see a sequel. It was nice of Johnny to think of a few candidates...


Just wanted to post an update. I'm still working on Tails. I just haven't felt like writing lately because of personal reasons. Hopefully I will feel like writing again soon.



Well OP is a clear improvement on the original.



I wouldn't say improvement... not better or worse, both are good, this is just a "rewrite" (OP's words) of some parts of it. It's just weird since 90% of the story is original so why not just change that last 10% to be original too?


Hello all. First I'd like to thank you all for your patience. Tails is coming, I don't know when but it's coming.

But instead of just offering excuses again, I've decided to post a one-off story I had been writing. I've split it into 2 parts. The first part is done and the second part is done but I'm doing my final once over on it. I'll post that part before the week is done.

So in the meantime please enjoy:

Ol' McJohnny had a Farm

(loli, straight shota)

12 year old Jenny was on her way to Johnny's family farm to play with his 9 year old sister Cindy. Cindy and Jenny had been friends for many years and it was Jenny's idea for Cindy to lose her virginity to Johnny a year ago. Since then, there playdates always involved Johnny and sex, so Jenny was excited as always. Her little pussy started to tingle at the thought of another 3 way with Johnny and Cindy, Jenny started running down the road.

Jenny finally made it to Johnny's house, as she was walking up the path she saw a note on the door. Jenny grabbed it and read it:
Johnny and I are out back in the barn playing Farmer! I just learned about farms and animals in school. I came up with a great game for us to play!

Jenny laughed and rolled her eyes. Little Cindy was always coming up with new “games” for them to play. Over the past year they had gotten progressively more sexy and dangerous. Not that Jenny minded. So she pocketed the note and began her walk to the barn. When she got inside she looked around and couldn't see Johnny or Cindy. She did see their clothes in a big pile. Jenny laughed and began to quickly undress. She was going to call out for them, when she heard Cindy.

“Oh, god Johnny!! Fuck your little chicken...fuck my little cunny” Cindy half moaned half yelled. Jenny quickly finished stripping. Jenny had just started to develop. Her breasts were finally starting to grow, but they were more nipple than breast. She had a light patch of peach fuzz above her pussy, which she was quite proud of. She was also very proud of her ass, it was the perfect bubble butt. Jenny noticed she was so wet now, it was starting to run down the inside of her thighs. Jenny quickly finished stripping and ram into the next room, eager to join in on the fun.

Jenny entered the next room and couldn't believe the scene in front of her. Johnny was naked of course and so was Cindy. That wasn't what caught Jenny's eye, what did was that Cindy had chicken feathers on her ass and had her face painted like a chicken. Or at least what was left of the paint, it was all smeared and running.

“Fuck I'm going to cum!!” Johnny moaned as he fucked his little sister.

“Do it Johnny. Cum in me. I need to make eggs!!” Cindy moaned back as her body shock and Johnny continued to fuck her. Jenny was slightly confused but she didn't have a chance to ask what was going on before Johnny interrupted her.

“Oh CINDY!!!!” Johnny yelled as he slammed his 12 year old dick into his sister as hard as he could. Jenny could tell he was cumming by the way his cute ass quivered.

“OOOOHHHH, GOD IT SO WARM!!” Cindy cried out as her body shook with as she came too. Johnny slowly pulled out of his sister, his little cock still hard and cum flowed out of Cindy’s freshly fucked pussy. Johnny laid down next to Cindy, both of them still coming down and breathing heavily. Jenny laid down next to Cindy and noticed they were both asleep. Cindy’s body was all covered in sweat, her tiny little nipples were hard as diamonds. Jenny reached down Cindy’s young body until she found her pussy. Johnny's cum was leaking out of it still, so Jenny got as much of it on her fingers as she could, brought her hand up and smeared the mess on Cindy’s nipples. Jenny licked her hand clean, she loved the taste of Johnny's cum and it was mixed with Cindy’s cum made it taste all that much better. Jenny started sucking and licking the mess she made off of Cindy’s chest. Making sure to pay extra attention to Cindy’s nipples. Jenny was getting so turned on, she uses on hand to play with her pussy.

After a few minutes Cindy began to stir. Cindy started moaning and cupped Jenny's head in her hands. Cindy opened her eyes and said “Hi Jenny. When did you get here?”

“Oh I've only been here for a little bit” Jenny replied. “I saw you two fucking and I didn't want to interrupt. So what's this new game?”

Both girls sat up and gave each other a passionate kiss.

“Oh, you'll love it! Cindy said. “You know how I've been learning about farms and farm animals?”

“Yea” Jenny answered.

“Well I just learned what the farmer does when animals get to old or don't produce anymore. Do you know? Do you? Do you?” Cindy said to Jenny, bouncing up and down on her butt.

“Well duh, useless animals are killed. Everybody knows that!” Jenny said, rolling her eyes playfully at Cindy. “I don't get what that has to do with us?”

“Well” Cindy said, standing up and turning around. “I'm a chicken” Cindy says as she bends over. Jenny can see that the chicken feathers are attached to a butt plug that's in Cindy’s ass. Jenny also sees Cindy’s red and puffy pussy. It's still dripping cum, so Jenny leans in and gives it a lick.

“ahhh” Cindy moans as Jenny's lick sends shivers all through out Cindy’s body.

“I'm sorry, I couldn’t resist” Jenny says, pulling back from Cindy as strands of cum still connect the two girls.

“It's ok, where was I?” Cindy asked.

“You're a chicken” Jenny said.

“Oh yea. I'm a chicken and I've been trying to lay eggs for a few days now. Johnny has been fucking me as often as he can but still no eggs. If I don't lay eggs by the time he wakes up, I'm going to be a useless animal and you know what that means!” Cindy winks and draws her finger across her throat.

“Wait, Johnny is going to kill you because you haven't laid any eggs? Whose idea was that? Jenny asked, very confused now.

“Yupp and it was mine” Cindy answered. “After all, it's only fair. I wanted to play farm. I chose to be a chicken. I didn't know I wasn't going to be able to lay eggs. It's what happens to chickens that don't. Johnny has been a great farmer to me and it's not fair to him.”

Jenny just sat there. She was so confused. Here was Cindy casually telling her that she was going to have her own brother kill her because she couldn't lay eggs. Jenny didn't know how to feel, she just stared at Cindy.

“Hello? Earth to Jenny!” Cindy said while waving her hand in front of Jenny's face.

“Oh, I'm sorry” apologized Jenny “What did you say?”

Cindy just rolled her eyes, “I said, did you want to play too? You know, be an animal with me?”

“um….I uh….I mean...I'm not sure” Jenny stammered. Jenny had always been turned on when she watched her dad kill animals on her own farm. She's touch herself in bed thinking about it. She had wondered for a long time what it would be like to be an animal being killed. Just thinking about it made her puffy nipples begin to harden.

“oh” Cindy laughed, noticing Jenny's hardening nipples. “It looks like you like the idea!”

“Ok” Jenny answered. “I will play, but I don't want to be a chicken.”

“What do you want to be?” Cindy asked.

“I want to be a dairy cow!” Jenny replied, almost yelling.

Laughing Cindy says “Why a cow?”

“Because I've always wanted to try out that milking, suction thingy on my bobs and because I think I'll have no problem producing milk!” Jenny said, laughing as well.

“What happens if you can't? Cindy asked.

“Then I guess I'll have to get put down!” said Jenny. Just saying that made Jenny feel odd. Of course she didn't want to be killed, but at the same time….she'd be lying to herself is she said the idea of being killed like a farm animal didn't excite her.

“That's great!” Cindy said jumping to her feet in joy. “Come on, let's go get our newest cow cleaned up!” With that Cindy took Jenny by the hand and led her to the next room.

Jenny's head was awash with different thoughts and emotions. She didn't know what was going to happen or if she was even if she was going to live to see tomorrow. But whatever was going to happen, Jenny was confident she was going to enjoy it.


beautiful! love your style, very cute


I love how playful your stories are!

You should write more often. :)

(Yeah, I know, real life gets in the way.)


Thanks.....and yea it sure does.


I'm putting the finishing touches on part 2 now. I'm having a hard time getting it to flow the way I want. That and I still have someone's death to fully describe. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing so if I don't like it I'm not posting it. That's honestly the main reason why I haven't posted "Tails". I must have deleted and restarted that story at least a dozen times by now...


Hello everybody! I'm back with part 2. I had to split this story into 3 parts....yeah yeah I know. Part 2 is very long and hopefully will make up for having to wait for part 3.

Please enjoy:

Ol' McJohnny had a Farm

Part 2

Johnny woke when he heard loud moaning and water running coming from the next room.

“mmm” Johnny sleepy moaned as he stretched and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He instinctively moved his right arm to put it around Cindy and was confused because she wasn't there. “huh, wonder where she is? God, I hope she was able to lay at least one egg” Johnny thought to himself. He slowly stood up and continued to stretch. The moaning was starting to get louder so he decided to go an find out what was going on.

As Johnny entered the next room and looked around. He guessed the girls were in the shower bay, the water was on full blast and there was steam everywhere.

“uuuhhhh” moaned Jenny. Johnny's small dick was quickly beginning to harden again as he listened to the sexy moaning coming from somewhere in the steam.

“Guhhhhh” Cindy grunted in pleasure. Johnny quickened his pace and almost tripped over the two girls. He couldn't believe the sight before him. Jenny had on cow ears and she had a cow tail, which was of course being held in place by a butt plug. The 2 girls had their legs on either side of each other as they hungrily grinded their pussies together.

“Oh FUCK!!!” Jenny half screamed half moaned as her body shook. Johnny could see that her puffy nipples were rock hard and her face was flush with desire. Johnny didn't want to interrupt so he just sat down and watched. He knew he'd get his turn soon enough. The girls continued to grind against each other for a few more minutes. Cindy began to tug on her nipples, and it looked like she was doing it very hardly.

“I…..I….I'M GONNA CUM!!!!” Cindy shouted as her whole body began to shudder.

“Muh…...ME TOO!!!!!” Jenny cried back. Her body begging to shake as well. The two girls shook as they sloppily continued to grind against each other. They slowed down, both panting like they had just run a mile. After a few minutes they slowly untangled themselves, reached for each others pussy and interested as many fingers they could fit into one another. They got all the cum that they could on their hands and brought it to their own face. They rubbed it all over their lips and sucked their fingers clean. Then they leaned in and began to kiss passionately. Jenny and Cindy alike loved the way their tongues seemed to dance in their mouths. They loved the taste of one another and themselves.

Cindy was more aggressive than usual, it was like she was trying to suck Jenny's tongue out of her mouth! Jenny sensed this as well but didn't mind it. After all, Cindy hadn't laid any eggs yet and she could see Johnny out of the corner of her eye. So did Cindy. Cindy was starting to get that strange feeling in the bottom of her stomach, like whenever she had to do something that was scary. She was scared but more excited than scared. It was her idea to play this game. Her idea to be a chicken. Her idea to decide that if she couldn't lay any eggs, that Johnny would have to kill her. She knew if she told Johnny she didn't want to play anymore, Johnny wouldn't argue with her. That would be it. She knew he wouldn't love her any less. But she didn't want that, she wanted to keep playing this game until the end.

Johnny just watched to 2 girls kiss. He didn't know but he was thinking and feeling the same things that Cindy was. He was going to miss his little sister. He got up was about to join them, when the 2 girls stopped.

“Hi sleepy head!” Both girls said in unison.

“Hi girls. Cindy, please tell me that you were able to lay one egg? Just one? Johnny asked, with a hint of desperation in his voice.

Cindy’s face turned a deep red and she looked down at the floor. For the first time it hit her. This was it, she had failed. She was an animal that couldn't produce and she felt ashamed and started to cry. “N…..No!! I'm so sorry Johnny! I'm so sorry I was a bad chicken. I'm sorry I was a bad sister” Cindy said, now bawling.

Johnny knelt down next to his sister and took her in his arms. “Awww Cindy. Shhhh” Johnny said as he wiped the tears from her eyes. “You are the best little sister on the whole world ok? I love you and nothing will ever change that”. With that Johnny leaned down and gave his sister a deep kiss. Jenny was rubbing Cindy’s back. After a few seconds Cindy started to return Johnny's kiss and he knew she was better. “Better?” Johnny asked.

“Ahuh” Cindy playfully nodded. “I'm better now”

“How….um….how do you want it?” Johnny asked.

“Oh….huh….I didn't even think about that” Cindy replied. “I guess the way daddy has done to the other chickens.”

“Ok, so it's the hatchet then?” Johnny said.

“Yeah, but before that we gotta milk our new cow Jenny” Cindy said as she pointed to Jenny. Johnny looked at Jenny confused.

“ are playing too?” Johnny was shocked. “Do you know what happens if you don't produce any milk?”

“Yes. Cindy filled me in. If I don't produce, I'll have to be put down” Jenny smiled.

“...and you're ok with that?” Johnny asked. He didn't want to force Jenny into this. This had to be her choice.

“I'm very ok with it” Jenny replied and she could see the concern leave Johnny's face. “Mooooooo” Jenny playfully said “milk me mister farmer, mooooooo”

Johnny laughed and said “Ok my sexy cow. Let's get you milked”. The 3 of them got up and went over to the milking stall. It was very dirty and none of them wanted to play in that. So they all started cleaning it. After about 30 minutes the milking stall and the milking suction thingy were spotless.

“Ok my new milk cow, let's get you milked” Johnny said as he playfully spanked her perfect ass. Johnny and Cindy helped Jenny get into place and they locked her head in the stall. Jenny felt really strange. She was on her hands and knees, Johnny had laid down a large towel so she didn't have to be on the cold concrete and she now had her head locked in the stall. She couldn't move her head and it was frustrating because she couldn't see what Johnny and Cindy were doing. Johnny and CIndy were busy getting everything ready. It wasn't the first time they had milked a cow, they had been helping their dad for years...well it was the first time they were milking this kind of cow. Cindy was “cleaning” Jenny’s nipples for milking. They were already clean, but Cindy loved playing with them and she knew this was her last chance to do so. Cindy leaned in and took one of Jenny’s nipples into her mouth.

“Oh” Jenny moaned in approval. Cindy continued to suck on one while she played with the other. Then she’d switch and take the other nipple into her mouth. Johnny was behind her and he was going to check and see in she was “open” (side note. Cows not pregnant are called “open”. Yay random useless information). Johnny knew he wasn't going to be able to fit his whole arm into Jenny, well not without hurting her and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Instead of getting a glove and lube, he simply licked his fingers and slowly slid his middle and ring fingers into Jenny’s very wet 12 year old pussy.

“Guuhhh” Jenny grunted at the unexpected intrusion, not that she minded it. It was a very tight fit and Johnny just smiled to himself. He truly hoped they would be able to milk Jenny. She wasn't just Johnny’s best friend and lover. She was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But if she couldn't produce milk, Jenny made her wishes very clear. Jenny wanted to be treated just like CIndy, just like any other useless farm animal. Johnny began to work his fingers inside of Jenny, like he was telling her pussy to “come here”. He worked her g-spot until her legs began to shake. Jenny was in absolute heaven. Her puffy nipples were being pinched and sucked on and her pussy was being fingered in the best way. Jenny let out a small sigh as she felt Johnny take his fingers out of her pussy and tell Cindy to stop sucking on her boobs. Johnny walked around the front of Jenny and stuck his 2 fingers covered with her wetness into her mouth. Jenny hungrily sucked her own mess off of Johnny’s fingers.

“Easy there girl” Johnny playfully teased Jenny. “I'm going to need those for later” and pulled his hand away from Jenny. Johnny’s fingers were quickly replaced with CIndy’s tongue. Johnny let the 2 girls kiss and he picked up the milking machine, turned it on, checked the suction and connected it to Jenny’s nipples.

“MMMMMMMMMM” Jenny moaned into CIndy’s mouth. Never in her 12 years of life had she experienced something like this. Cindy broke the kiss and just looked at Jenny’s face. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOODDD” Jenny screamed “IT FEEEEELLLLSSSS SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!”

Johnny took CIndy’s hand and lead her around to the back of Jenny. Cindy leaned over and buried her face into Jenny’s pussy. While she did that she spread her legs so Johnny could fuck her. Johnny didn't need another hint and he pushed himself into his little sister. CIndy’s pussy was even tighter then Jenny’s. Johnny loved the hot, wet, velvety grip of Cindy’s 9 year old pussy. He started pounding her with all the strength his 12 year old body could muster. CIndy loved getting fucked by her brother. She loved the feeling of fullness his dick gave her, it made her feel complete. CIndy was eating out Jenny while Johnny fucked her from behind, when she got a wicked idea. She slid a few fingers into Jenny’s pussy and got them all nice and wet. She pulled them out and traced the outside of Jenny’s tight asshole. Jenny’s eyes went wide as she realized what Cindy was doing. “OOOHHHH GOD YES!!!! FUCKING DO IT!” Jenny demanded. Cindy didn't need any more encouragement and suck her 2 fingers into Jenny’s ass and began to pump them in and out, faster and faster. All 3 of them were going nuts. Jenny couldn't think clearly anymore, she had lost track of how many times she had cum. So had Cindy. Johnny was nearing his limit too, having Cindy’s already tight pussy on his dick getting even tighter finally sent him over the edge.

“Oh Cin….I’m gonna...guhhhh” Johnny moaned as he thrust as deeply as he could into his sister. CIndy could feel Johnny’s dick begin to swell and she knew he was going to cum. She loved it when he came inside her. CIndy felt the sudden jets of hot cum shoot out of Johnny’s dick, which caused her to cum again. All 3 of them collapsed onto each other, breathing heavily. Johnny slowly pulled out of his little sister, surprisingly no cum oozed out, “huh, guess it's really deep in there” Johnny thought. He noticed that the milker was still running but the tank was empty. Johnny just shook his head. Jenny was a bad cow, no milk and that only meant one thing. He hated it had to be this way, but it's what Jenny wanted. He kneeled down infront of Jenny. She was dead to the world. Johnny turned off and removed the milker from Jenny’s boobs. Her nipples were still rock hard but looked a lot longer than usual. That brought Jenny back to reality.

“That was….I don't even know how to say how it was” Jenny said, her mind still in utter bliss.

“Jenny. I’m sorry, but you didn’t produce any milk.” Johnny said with a solemn look on his face. “You know what that means.”

Jenny swallowed hard. She had been afraid of this, but at the same time she wanted it too. “It’s ok. I’m sorry I'm a bad cow, guess you're going to have to put me down” Jenny said without any hint of doubt in her voice.

“You don't have to do this you know” Johnny told her.

Jenny kissed Johnny on the check, he was always so sweet to her, she was going to miss him. “It’s ok. It’s what it want!” Jenny reassured him.

“YOu’re sure?” Johnny asked and it was answered with a head nod from Jenny. “Ok then, how do you want it?”

“Oh...I don't know. We don't have cows on my farm. I guess however you do it here. After all I am a cow” Jenny said with a smile.

“Ok, do you want to know how we do it?” JOhnny asked her.

“Hmmm” Jenny thought outloud. “You know what? No I don't. I want it to be a surprise” Jenny told him.

“Ok silly” Johnny said as he kissed her and he stood up. He went into the next room and picked up an odd looking device with a cylinder in the middle of it. He walked over to the stall Jenny was in and hung the device on the rail right above her head. He tightened the clamps as tight as they would go and then hooked and airline up to the device. Jenny was curious about the thing that was about to take her life but thought it'd be funner to be surprised. She noticed Johnny had a small remote in his hand that was connected to the device he had put above her head.

“Here, I need you to put your head right here” Johnny told her as he moved her head so the middle of her forehead was lined up with the cylinder. As he moved her head where it needed to be, Jenny felt fear in the pit of her stomach. This was it, in just a few moments, this machine, whatever it did, was going to kill her. Quickly that fear was replaced with desire and she felt her pussy become even wetter, something she didn't even know was possible and she started to rub her legs together. Johnny turned on the air pump and it roared to life. The noise woke Cindy, who had passed out right after Johnny came inside her.

“Hey!! Whats going on here!!” CIndy demanded as she stood up and marched herself in front of the stall so Jenny could see her.

“I did not produce any milk, so Johnny has to put me down and he's going to do it like a real cow” Jenny said, looking at CIndy.

“Yea CIndy” Johnny chimed in. “It’s your game and Jenny has to get put down”

“I KNOW THAT!!” CIndy yelled at them. Obviously very angry at them. Both Johnny and Jenny looked at each other then at CIndy. They were very confused. “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!! I WAS FIRST, I SHOULD BE PUT DOWN FIRST!!” CIndy screamed.

“I'm sorry Cindy” Jenny apologized. “I didn't know you wanted to go first. Of course you can go first”

“Yea CIndy, I'm sorry” Johnny said.

“It’s ok” CIndy said, calming down. She started laughing, “Chop Chop”

Johnny laughed and Jenny said “I don't get it”

“Oh, I'm being put down like a real chicken” Cindy said.

“Oh, I'll be right back. I forgot to grab something” Johnny said as he jumped to his feet and ran into the next room. “Oh CIndy, can you take Jenny out of that thing?”

“Sure” CIndy yelled back at him. CIndy let Jenny out of her milking stall. It felt good to be able to move again and Jenny rubbed her neck where the stall had been pinning her in place. Jenny walked out of the milking stall and joined Cindy at the front of it. Cindy was looking at the device that was going to kill Jenny. Cindy had a sly smile on her face as she ran her hand up and down the cylinder part of it.

“I won't spoil it for you” CIndy said “but you're in for a real treat.”

“Oh? I am, am I?” Jenny teased.

“Oh yeah. It's just too bad I won't be able to see you get put down. That’s the only part of this I don't like” CIndy said.

“Me too” Jenny said, giving Cindy a big hug. The girls just stood there hugging each other. It was the most important hug of their young lives. It was their last.

“I love you” Jenny said as she took CIndy’s head into her hands and looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

“I...I love you too Jenny, more than you could ever know” CIndy said as she reached up and kissed Jenny. The kissed for a few seconds when suddenly Cindy pulled away “Hey Johnny!” CIndy yelled.

“Yes?” Johnny yelled back, still in the other room.

“You forgot 3 things for Jenny” Cindy yelled back.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. They’re in the box next to the milking stall, could you get them out for me?” Johnny asked.

“Sure” Cindy said rolling her eyes. She wondered how he was going to get anything done with her and Jenny gone. He was always forgetting things. CIndy walked over to a large box that was next to the milking stall. Jenny was surprised she didn't notice it earlier, but she had been very distracted. Cindy opened the box and pulled out a large bundle of rope. “Jenny, could you put this behind the stall?” CIndy asked.

“Sure” Jenny happily replied as she took the rope from Cindy and placed it where she was asked too. Next Cindy pulled out a large metal bar with what looked like handcuffs at the ends. Cindy saw the confused look on Jenny’s face.

“Your ankles go in here. It makes it easier to lift you into the air after….well you know” CIndy told Jenny. Jenny nodded her head in understanding. Cindy leaned the bar up against the stall. Next Cindy pulled out a very long knife. Without even waiting Cindy said “This is for at the end. Daddy always finishes the cow off with this” and winked at Jenny as she set the knife down next to the bar.

Jenny was getting more and more turned on. She leaped onto Cindy as she was closing the box. CIndy let out a surprised yelp but it was quickly silenced by Jenny’s mouth. THeir hands roamed all over each others bodies as they kissed. CIndy eventually pulled away and took Jenny by the hand.

“Let's go over here, I'm getting put down over here” CIndy said as she lead Jenny to a spot just a few feet in front of the stall. Cindy moved a small cutting board and then laid down on her stomach, with her head on the board. Immediately Jenny’s tongue was deep inside CIndy’s pussy. Jenny had decided to return the favor and wet 2 of her fingers before plunging them as deep as they could go into CIndy’s ass.

“MMMMM” CIndy moaned, almost cumming as soon as Jenny’s fingers were deep in her ass. Jenny felt her CIndy’s body shake and she swallowed as much as CIndy’s cum as she could.

“Lay down this way” Jenny told Cindy while she lightly spanked Cindy’s cute ass. Cindy rolled over so now Jenny's face was even with her pussy. Johnny's second load of cum was just beginning to leak out of Cindy’s freshly fucked pussy. It wasn't just Johnny'scum either, Jenny could tell that Cindy was leaking her own love juice as well. Jenny couldn’t take it anymore and buried her face into Cindy’s pussy.

“mmmmm” Cindy moaned as Jenny licked. Jenny loved the taste. She could taste her own cum, Johnny's cum and Cindy’s cum. She wanted to share the taste with Cindy and at that moment a devilish thought came to her head. Jenny was too busy eating Cindy’s pussy to notice Johnny had come back into the room, hatchet in hand.

“All right my favorite little chicken” Johnny said looking at his little sister. “You've been a very good chicken but you haven't given me any eggs. You know what that means.”

“mmmmm….It means you have to kill me” Cindy half moaned as Jenny was still licking her. “It ok. I'm sorry I was such a bad chicken. I wish I could've given you eggs. But I'm also really happy I couldn't. This is so much fun!!!!”

Johnny kneeled down next to his sister. He bent down, taking one of her rock hard nipples into his mouth and started sucking greedily on it. The other nipple he twisted very hard.

“Ouch!” Cindy chirped in pain. But it was quickly replaced by more moans as Cindy began to rapidly approach her orgasm. Jenny continued to lap away at Cindy’s pussy. Cindy was getting so wet and Jenny loved it! Jenny was going to miss their play time together but she knew her felling would be short lived. After all, Jenny failed to produce any milk, so she was next. Cindy’s breathing began to quicken and she reached down and grabbed handfuls Jenny's hair. Cindy pulled Jenny's face into her pussy.

“Oh….God!!!” Cindy cried. “I'm going to cum!” With that Johnny stopped playing with his sister's chest. He moved his head up and gave his loving sister a final deep and passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss Johnny whispered “I love you Cindy. You are the best chicken ever”. Johnny raised the hatchet above his head and he hesitated. Did he really want to do this? He loved his sister and couldn't imagine life without her. But this is what she wanted and after all, it was only fair. He was the farmer and she was a chicken that didn't give him eggs. Johnny grabbed Cindy’s blond hair with his fist and pulled her head back. He looked down at his little sister. He marveled at her beauty and sexyness as her body shook as she started to cum. He gripped the hatchet with all his might and gave a few practice chops.

Cindy felt Johnny grab her hair and she knew this was it. She was very excited but still had butterflies in her tummy about this. But she knew she wanted it, wanted it more than anything else in the entire world. She saw Johnny start his practice chops, so Cindy closed her eyes.

Jenny was still unaware of what was going on. Cindy was pulling her hair and Jenny was pretty trapped with her face against Cindy’s pussy. Not that Jenny minded, she just kept licking and finger fucking her friend.

“uh….uh...ooooohhhhh….God!!!!” Cindy moaned as she arched her back. “God...this is so….gooo” her words were cut off as Johnny brought that hatchet down onto Cindy’s young neck. Her neck offered no resistance for the hatchet and Johnny was lucky enough to take her head off with one chop. He pulled her head away by her hair and looked into the eyes of his sister. They were roaming but they fixated on Johnny's eyes. Her eyes were filled with nothing but love for him.

A loud woosh from Cindy’s body made Johnny break eye contact. Cindy’s body was spraying two large jets of crimson blood into the air. Another woosh came, causing the jets of blood to mist and Johnny realized that it was the rest of the air in Cindy’s lungs being forced out. He was mesmerized by the way Cindy’s body shook. Her upper body was twisting back and forth like she was trying to roll over.

Jenny suddenly felt Cindy’s entire body go rigid. It felt like Cindy’s legs were trying to crush Jenny's head and her fists grabbed Jenny's hair so tightly that she pulled some of Jenny's hair out.

“Ow, Cindy! What are you…” Jenny said as she finally looked up from Cindy’s pussy only to see Johnny raising Cindy’s now severed head into the air. Jenny's eyes locked with Cindy’s. Jenny could see not only the lust but also the fear in Cindy’s eyes. They only looked at each other for a few seconds but for Jenny it seemed like forever. While she stared into Cindy’s eyes and they looked back at her for the final time, they told Jenny all she needed to know. Cindy’s eyes screamed “DO IT”. With that all the uncertainty Jenny had about her impending death disappeared. When Johnny lifted Cindy’s head so he could look into her eyes, Jenny stood up.

Johnny was staring at his sister's body and he became aware that Jenny had stood up. But he didn't take his eyes off of Cindy’s body. He turned Cindy’s head around so she could see her body too. Without Jenny to hold it down, Cindy’s body began to thrash violently. Powerful contractions were rippling across her side, like she was breathing heavily. Cindy’s hips were still humping up and down and her beautiful ass was smacking on the hard concrete and it echoed throughout the barn. Her arms, with fists still clenched raised up to her chest, as if they were trying to catch her head or something. Her hands finally opened and started doing their little dance. It looked like Cindy was playing with her nipples, which were sticking out from her chest like hard little diamond nubs.

Johnny had timed it perfectly, he had taken his chicken just as she came. Cindy had always came violently, but without her head her pussy was going crazy. Both he and Jenny just stared at it as it opened and closed. Making sexy noises as it forced air in and out of it as it seemed like her whole body was contracting. Because of that Cindy’s cum was spraying out of her pussy like crazy. Cindy’s toes were performing a dance all of their own splaying out and then bending and unbending in succession. Her hands were closing and opening violently. The contractions subsided replaced by occasional deep shudders and twists of her body. Then suddenly Cindy’s back and ass contracted abruptly and her body started to arch itself up like she was doing a bridge. The two 12 year olds could see Cindy’s perfect 9 year old ass contracting and relaxing in quick succession. Cindy’s arms dropped to her sides because of the angle her body had arched into. When they hit the floor with a lifeless “SMACK”, her hands closed into fists again. Then they began to open and close violently.

Slowly Cindy’s body began to come back down and Jenny knew this was the moment she had been waiting for. She grabbed Cindy’s head from Johnny's hands and gave it a deep and passionate kiss. Cindy didn't return the kiss but her eyes lit up. Jenny realized that Cindy couldn't move, so Jenny opened Cindy’s mouth and pulled out Cindy’s tongue. Johnny was confused and was about to ask what Jenny was doing when Jenny put Cindy’s head in between Cindy’s legs. Jenny knew Cindy would be really happy with this and she began to move Cindy’s head up and down, helping Cindy lick her own pussy.

Cindy’s body was beginning to slow, as was the blood gushing from her neck. It had slowed to a trickle and Cindy’s blood was dribbling down her neck. Her body began to slowly sink back into the pool of her own blood that now covered the cold concrete below her. Cindy’s feet began to drum as her toes slowly continued to open and close.

Cindy was going crazy. Jenny was doing amazing things to her pussy and she felt the biggest orgasm of her life coming on. She grabbed Jenny’s head by her hair and shoved Jenny as far into her pussy as she could. The pressure in Cindy’s tummy was immense, she had never felt this way. Then all at once it was released. “uh….uh...ooooohhhhh….God!!!!” Cindy moaned as she arched her back. “God...this is so….gooo”. There was a horrible burning sensation in CIndy’s throat, it felt like when she would have soar throats but the pleasure of her orgasm was far more powerful than the burning in her throat.. She was suddenly moving through the air and she felt light headed. CIndy opened her eyes to see the body of a naked girl below her. It didn't have a head, it was spraying blood everywhere and it was shaking. She realized that she was looking at her own body!! This was really it! SHe had been put down just like a real chicken. If she was still attached to her body Cindy would've cum again. Then she locked eyes with Jenny. Jenny was saying something but all CIndy could hear was a rushing sound. Then she was moved and she was facing the loving eyes of her brother. Her brother who had just fulfilled her wish and put her down. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him but she couldn't move her mouth. All she could move was her eyes. Then the world spun and she was facing her own body. She watched it writhe and spasm. She was in awe of her rock hard nipples and how her body seemed to humping an invisible lover as it convulsed on the concrete floor. A dark tunnel started to close around CIndy’s vision and she was losing feeling. It felt really strange to CIndy. It reminded her of when her foot would fall asleep and it'd feel all tingly. Then she was shaken back to reality when Jenny took her head from Johnny. CIndy’s eyes came alive again when Jenny kissed her. CIndy wanted to kiss her back but she couldn't move. SHe tried to move so badly, she wanted to kiss Jenny back. But then she was surprised when Jenny opened her mouth and pulled her tongue out. Before CIndy knew what was going to her head was buried between her own legs. Jenny was moving her head up and down. Jenny was helping her eat her own pussy! CIndy could feel her own pussy pulsing and contracting on her tongue! It was the most amazing feeling CIndy had ever experienced in her young life. The love she felt for Jenny grew, CIndy wished she could tell Jenny. Wished she could say “Thank You”. Cindy loved the taste of everybody’s cum on her tongue. Her vision began to fade and the tingles became a lot stronger. Soon everything went black and the tingles had taken every bit of feeling, but she could still taste cum. CIndy’s last thought was “It tastes so much better coming straight from my pussy instead of off my fingers” and with that Cindy was gone.

Her body finally relaxed and Jenny pulled Cindy’s head away from her own pussy and looked into Cindy’s eyes. Cindy’s face was covered in all 3 of their cum. Cindy’s eyes were half open, they were mostly black because they had dilated when Cindy died. They were lifeless but they showed immense passion. Jenny hugged Cindy’s head and gave it a passionate kiss. Jenny's tongue twirled around Cindy’s but she got no response. It felt odd to Jenny. The usually hot and passionate tongue was now limp, lukewarm and lifeless. For the first time Jenny felt a pain of regret. She was going to miss her friend. Miss their sex games. Miss Cindy’s pussy and how it tasted. CIndy’s body finally came to rest, with only a random twitch here and there. Jenny looked at Johnny. They looked deeply into each other's eyes. The love they had for each other didn't need to be spoken of, they knew how they felt for each other.

Jenny looked at Cindy’s head, kissed it’s forehead and set it on CIndy’s stomach, making sure Cindy had a clear view of Jenny’s stall.

“Here you go Cindy” Jenny said as she moved the blonde hair out of CIndy’s eyes “I know you wanted to watch me get put down. I hope wherever you are you can see me” With that Jenny stood up and took Johnny's hand. She looked at Johnny and said “That means it's my turn to get put down.”

Johnny smiled and said “Yes it does.”

“I've been a bad cow” Jenny teased as she shook her ass at Johnny.

“Yes you have” Johnny laughed as he spanked Jenny's ass. He took her hand and they both walked to the stall. Jenny was really nervous and excited. She hoped that she would get as much pleasure from getting put down as Cindy appeared to have.

To be continued…..


Let me know what you think!! I really hope you all like it!


This is the best story i've readed in recent time (and i readed a lot).
Thank you for your magnificient work.


Oh this got me going something fierce any chance more necro next time


Thank you so much! I'm very glad you liked it.

Thank you! I will take that into consideration, I'm not really into necro, but I'll try to work it into part 3. If I can make it fit it'll be in there.


honestly id love to see them go all the way with the animal bit. family barbecue any chance


I absolutely love it!

I I enjoyed the perspective shift to Cindy at the end, it was really cool to see the events with her eyes.


I'm glad you liked it. That was a last minute addition.


Wonderful addition I would say


Children killing themselves/each other in play is the best. Please keep it up.



Thanks Aoi!


Now waiting anxiously for tails and post 3.


well this place was down for a bit, my money says we get something fun within a week.....pretty please?


There's lots and lots of pictures here you can jerk off to, y'know.



I just want people to be honest, dipshit, rather than half ass excuses.


go fuck yourself dude, try writing a quality story, then follow it up, then again, and again. struggling to keep it up, especially if you demand quality from yourself, ESPECIALLY with time constraints, with real life? i'm impressed that he even branched out instead of a short 'Tails' and done with us



I could write stories if I could be bothered. I'm just too rich and overweight.


Nice stories


Keep checking back hoping that tails will be posted.


Yes, I also hope we get to see a continuation of the stories! Tails and I also would like to know, how the bad cow gets put down. ;)
They are all great stories.


Wonderful stories, even if you don't finish them those are masterpieces of depravity :D


His Majesty has informed me to communicate to you that you have been demoted. Henceforth, you are to be known as the Duke of Flapjacks.


Dang still nothing, almost tempted to do my own version for tails.



Go for it - I'd love to see the other side of this. :)


Is there a part 2 or at least a finish coming for 'Ol' McJohnny had a Farm'. I'd like to see it finished...


bump for tails!


tails soon i hope



still no tails r we even going to get tails


Its been two years, give it up.


Hello all, I want to apologize for disappearing for 2 years and I wanted to give you all an explanation.

Without going into to much detail, I had a HUGE breach in security and I had to delete EVERYTHING...let me put it this way: I did not want to explain to Law Enforcement why I was penning loli snuff stories. So everything had to go and I made sure no backups survived. In the end, turns out that doing that was unnecessary (I'm ok. All charges were dropped) but I was not taking any chances.

Now, to answer the question before it's asked: I don't know if I'm going to finish my stories or even keep writing. I had part 3 done and was ready to post it when everything went down. As far as "Tails" goes...that was more difficult. I didn't want it to basically be "Heads" but with the genders swapped. I remember every time I tried to write it, it just sounded to much like "Heads" and I would end up scrapping it. As I have said before, I am my harshest critic and if I don't think it's good enough, I will not post it.

As of right now I do not have the writing "bug". I honestly cannot say if I ever will retype part 3, finish "Tails" or even write snuff again....but it is nice to be back or at least as long as gurochan stays up.


i glad u back hope u get the writing bug again i do love ur stories






Glad to hear that you do well.
Take your time and do what you think is right.

In last years I reread your stories a dozens of times.
Still remember first reading of "Ol' McJohnny had a Farm".



still cringy apologies.

eat shit and die


Glad to see you're well, writing bug or not.

you first


Glad you are ok


in the tradition of this thread and this site, bumping in celebration of gurochan coming back! lol

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