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It's been a while since my last /lit/ thread was gone, so I think that maybe it's time to finally revive it. Like, maybe new people appeared here after all that time who might find my sotires to their enjoyment, or maybe some of the old folk want to reread some of my stories and never saved them to their hard drive (I know I always do that: don't save the story I like and then curse myself for it when the thread is gone).

And since this thread is aimed at new people too, I'll start with an introduction.
So, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia. I write stories, photoshop pictures (see the Alteration thread on /g/) and sometimes translate them (see the Translations thread on /g/). My favorite charachters are Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, so you'll find them more often in my works then other charachters from other fandoms. My favorite kind of guro is consensual and even casual, so this is what you can expect from my works.
I tend to come up with a lot of ideas but never turn them into actual stories. I often discuss them in this thread. Firstly, in hope that will help me shape it better in my mind and eventually actually write it (it rarely happens, but not entirely hopeless). Secondly, in hope that someone else might be inspired by those ideas and write something on one of them it or not necessarily eactly on one of them, but just write something good (it happened at least once!) For that note that you can freely use any of my ideas (and even complete stories) as inspiration or direct base for your stories (would be great if you credit me). That's one of the reason they are here for. thridly, I just enjoy discussing the story ideas, and I hope people who discuss them with me enjoy it too. Fourthly, I post the ideas, most of which will never turn into actual stories, for the sake of them not being in vain. At least people can read and enjoy them as ideas, which I hope is better then never seeing them at all.

Now, a little insight in my Russian works. In case you can read Russian, you can just read them here:
I just want to say that in addition to what I post here, there's also that profile of mine on ficbook (a Russian fanfiction site). There are Russian versions of some of the guro stories I post here (as of now there is nothing guro-related that is posted on ficbook, but not on gurochan) and some original Russian non-guro hentai stories in various states of completion (as of now none is really complete, but some are still worth reading). The one titled Innocence started with a little piece in English I originally posted here on gurochan, but it didn't interest people as it had no guro, so that's why since then I'm writing my non-guro hentai stories in Russian for ficbook. I would be willing to translate some of them into English though if people show interest (which is why I write about them here in the first place). So in hope that it ignites your interest, I'll put short summaries for them below. (Or maybe you're not really interested in reading the whole story, but reading it's summary here got you any thoughts, maybe an advice or idea I can implement in that setting, or you just want to voice your oppinion on it, anyway if you have anything to say, then by all means please do so).

Fandom: Vocaloids.
World summary: Near future (household robots - yes, space empires - no). The Vocaloid Project is a school for gifted children in Japan. Vocaloidville, where the school is located, is built just for the purpose of housing it's students and teachers, so it consists almost entirely of children. With all the new technology and households robots they can live by themselves just fine. Minimal control from adults outside school, and even inside school it's very liberal. It's like a children's paradise. Also, the Soviet Union stretches from China to at least France, I wrote it like that just because I could.
Story summary: In the center of the story is a pair of twins - Kagamine Rin and Len. They've been always studying at home before and somehow lack some basic knowledge. Namely, they are totally unaware that wearing clothes is not only for the sake of warmth and fashion. And also unaware of sex. As an example, in the beginning of the story there is a scene where Len accidentally rubs his penis all over Rin's face as he's trying to reach his clothes leaning over her. Len himself doesn't pay any attention to it, and Rin starts from paying little attention (a bit annoyed, but not enough to actually move away) to actually enjoying it (not in a sexual way though, but more like cuddling). Soon they discover masturbation and eventually sex, but it never occurs to think of it as something else but a fun game that can be played with friends (and a stranger for them is just a friend they haven't met yet). And so they do, adding more charachters in the fun, namely: Hatsune Miku who turns out to be quite perverted herself (she does realise it's perverted though), Luo Tianyi, a naive empathetic girl from Soviet Union who tries her best to befriend everyone, but happens to get the idea of how it's done in Japan from the Kagamine twins, kudere Gumi who brings ignored sex to the story, Gakupo and Pico who bring some yaoi (don't turn away at this point! It's really cute and sweet. Also just a little bit of it that can be skipped) and Flower who is planned to be into BDSM (haven't written this far yet though). Also, apart from sex, the story has a lot of pee showering, pee drinking, pee peeing and whatever. After I've added pee into the story it kinda got out of control, but I can't say I'm unhappy with the results.
Status: I keep updating it in short portions (like 2-4 pages) from time to time, the progress is not fast, but it's definitely alive. I don't have a long-term plan for the story, but so far it works just fint with cute kids doing cute sex. I also do have some short-term plan to keep going for now.

Alisa Seleznyova's dress
Fandom: Alisa's adventures by Kir Bulychov (alt. transliteration: Bulychev), a Soviet/Russian series of children sci-fi/fairy-tale books on adventures of a little girl (about 13 in most books, younger in first ones) Alisa Seleznyova (alt. transliteration: Selezneva) in the end of the XXI century (with spaceships, aliens, space pirates, time machine and whatnot). Alisa's father is the director of the Cosmozoo (a zoo where they keep space animals) and she herself studies biology, so there is also a lot of weird alien creatures in the books like tigerrats and flying cows (which for a hentai fanfitcion writer like me means lots of chances for beastiality).
World summary: Pretty much the same as in the books, but social norms evolved to see no shame in nudity and sex, even in public. The bio-engeneering of humans led them to not have any hair safe from on the head, so there's no unseemly bushes to hide behind panties. So the fashion of the future mostly reveals private parts (and it is not considered sexy, totally casual). A cat costume that includes a butt-plugged tail is even considered childish. The mentioned bio-engeneering also made people able to bear low temperatures, so winter clothes don't have to cover private parts either, but still use some traditionally winter parts and materials. Say, a pair of gloves and a scarf on a naked body constitute a totally casual winter costume. Wearing a lot of clothes is being showy, not wearing anything at all is being modest or just indifferent to fashion.
Story summary: On the first day of summer holidays Alisa vies through her wardrobe trying to pick what to wear today. A number of costumes are described, most of them don't hide privates, but some do to demostrate how there's no real difference if the privates are shown or not, that would be equally all right. Alisa can't choose and in the end decides to just not bother and go naked as it is a totally valid choice in this world. On her way to the bio-station [where she studies biology and conducts experiments with friends - that part is from the original books] she gets in an awkward situation where she has to give a stranger a blow job and eventually deepthroat him, but it's not the oral sex that is awkward, in fact it is totally casual and no one thinks much of it. The taste of cum leads Alisa to remember another such situation. Then she arrives at the bio-station, meets with friens, and some more situations that are sexy by our standarts but totally casual for that world occurs (namely: a girl having sex with a dolphin, boys shooting cum at each other as a part of a childish game, a girl having her face heavily covered in cum). There's even a bit of scat, but just a bit, where a boy puts his fingers in other boys' butts then lets Alisa lick the fingers to see if she can determine by the taste which is whose. See, totally innocent and cute, right? Or you can just skip this part.
Status: This one's complicated. My initial idea was no not even include any sex, just show a world where nudiy is casual and fashion is influenced by that. Just an ordinary day in Alisa's life, only she spends it naked, but the point was that it doesn't make any difference. And it was like that until Alisa got outside and that situation with the ice-cream she dropped on a stranger's dick got into my mind and it was so hot I couldn't hold back from writing it. Then the concept changed to a world where sex is not ashamed of, but still not something that happens on every step, and Alisa is still a virgin, and another girl is doing a research on wether virginigy has anything to do with innocence, and in the end of the story Alisa has sex, and everyone note that even if she's not a virgin anymore, she's still as innocent as ever. But as I kept writing, more and more sex popped up, and at this rate for Alisa to still be a virgin she had to intentionally avoid it, but that's not the way I want it. So now I have to think of another plot that won't deal with anyone's virginity before I can continue. I have a couple of ideas, but they're more long-term, and what I lack is a more short-term plan. So this sotry is paused for a while.

Swimsuit season
Fandom: same as above
World summary: same as above
Story summary: Alisa and her friends spend some time on a river, swimming, having sex and other fun things.
Status: It's just a couple of pages with only reaches the point where they go swimming (in the nude, of course). Also on the way to the river their costumes are described. I've started writing this story before the Dress one, but now I think I'll just turn this one into one of the future chapters of the Dress one eventually. So it's also paused.

Slavya and the horse
Fandom: Everlasting Summer, a Russian VN (English version available on Steam) and The Herbalist, a VN-styled puzzle game by some of the same authors.
World summary: The Herbalist's protagonist is the herbalist girl Slavya based on the same mascot Slavya-tan as the charachter by the same name from Everlasting Summer. The village setting from The Herbalist was perfect for sex with a horse, but The Herbalist doesn't have any other charachters then Slavya, and so I populated the village with the charachters from Everlasting Summer. Also, nudity and sex are casual, even if it's with a horse. Not that people have sex on every corner, but the fact that Slavya is willing to have sex with anyone, even with a horse, is not seen as anything other that her being a very nice and kind girl. Only for the male protagonist Semyon the local customs are a surprise.
Story summary: Originally was intended to be focused on Slavya having sex with a horse, then Semyon comes and asks her to go swim in the river with other kids to show how this is all casual. But in the middle of the horse scene where Semyon appears I wanted to write a couple of lines about him to introduce the charachter, but instead of couple of lines I've now written more than a dozen of pages of a flashback of Semyon arriving to the village, meeting other charachters, learning local customs, befriending Slavya etc... and I'm not done with it yet. For comparison: there are 2 pages before Slavya gets to the horse and 4 of actual horse action (which is not finished though, as Semyon with his flashback appeared in the middle of it). I'm now wondering if I should change the title and the concept.
Status: Last updated yesterday, so totally alive.

And this concludes the part about Russian stories.

I'll now post one of my old stories and will post another one every day or so until I post all of them.
You also must be wondering if I have anything new. Sorry, guys, not really. But just today I've read a guro story on Everlasting Summer which was in Russian, but I'm considering translating it. It's short and lacks detailed descriptions, girls die too fast and some of them (including my favourite Slavya) are already dead by the start of the story. So my first intention upon reading it was to rewrite it with proper details and also adding actual guro scenes for girls already dead. But then I thought as with many other ideas there's no guaranty of when and if I'll get to actually writing it. So I decided just translating it instead (and it doesn't mean I can't do a rewrite in the future, right?). It's short, as I mentioned, so totally doable and won't take long. I'll probably post it as soon as I finish translating it, so keep track on my thread to not lose it among all the old stories I'll be reposting. The title is "Guro in the mines".


And traditionally I will start with my first guro story - Just a whim.
It was inspired by this picture:
I've also rewritten the core part of it later, so it's not really an example of my first time writing guro anymore.
Still so nostalgic.


Just a whim

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, hanging, casual)

I, Ikari Shinji, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall asleep again. So, I decided to do what I always do in such cases – to go and peep on Sohryu Asuka, a girl living in the same apartment as me, though in different room of course. She is a friend of mine and, I must admit, a total nymphomaniac. Every night she brings home a new boy or even adult man and has sex all night long. As any healthy 14yo boy I can’t stay calm when something like this is going on in the next room. I got used to watch Asuka get fucked and then return to my room to masturbate while imagining myself doing this kind of thing with Rei.

Ayanami Rei is the girl I love. I don’t have any courage to confess it though. She is a total opposite of nymphomaniac Asuka – as pure as an angel. However all three of us are best friends. And while I don’t hate Asuka for her nymphomania, it’s Rei’s purity that I admire, and I think it’s the main reason to why I fell in love with her. Someday I’ll tell her about my feelings. It would be the best if she loved me back, but I know that even if it appears she doesn’t have the same feelings for me, she doesn’t hate me, and it would be enough for her to agree to date me. At least, as long as she doesn’t have anybody else. And then eventually we will marry, raise a few children and live a long and happy life. That’s how I see my, I mean, our future.

But enough introductions, let’s return to the flow of events. I was going to peep on Asuka, but to my surprise not only she wasn’t having sex, she wasn’t in her room at all. There was a strong smell of sex, but nobody in the room. That means Asuka and her lover left the room before I got here. Are they still in the apartment? If that’s so, Asuka might catch me looking over her room… I think Asuka actually knows that I peep on her, but we never spoke about it, and I don’t know what might happen if she catches me in the act.

However, my fears were misplaced. I found no extra shoes in the hallway, and no Asuka’s shoes either. Obviously, both Asuka and her lover were not indoors. I wonder where have they gone? To his place maybe? Or Asuka suddenly got romantic and asked him to go on a date? Normally Asuka doesn’t like dates and sees them only as a way to drag a man into her bed. However she sometimes has very sudden whims, so I wouldn’t wonder if she stopped right in the middle of having sex and asked for the date in the night. That unpredictability of hers can be annoying at times, but that was why me and Rei loved her (as a friend). With Asuka around we could never get bored.

So, I confirmed Asuka’s absence, however I was still feeling I couldn’t sleep right now. I came to the balcony to breathe some fresh air. And from there I saw Asuka was actually on the street nearby. No sign of any boys around, but instead Rei was also here. Two of them stood under the cherry tree. I couldn’t see from here what they were doing. It wasn’t also a good idea to shout loudly in the night. So, I decided to just get down to them.

“Hi, girls, what are you doing?” I asked the moment I got out to the street.
The same moment I saw them close and could actually see what was going on. While Asuka was in her nightwear, Rei in addition to that had skirt on her tights and a noose on her neck. From that it was obvious what they were doing, but I had already asked, so no wonder I got this response:
“Can’t you see, idiot Shinji? We’re hanging wondergirl!” Asuka never missed any opportunity to call me ‘idiot and Rei ‘wondergirl’.
Rei on the contrary never said anything unnecessary, so she remained silent and just nodded slightly in confirmation that Asuka told the truth.
“Why are you doing that, Ayanami?” I asked worriedly. “Has something happened?”
Even if we were friends, I couldn’t call Rei simply by name the same way I called Asuka. It must be because I secretly loved her, I got embarrassed every time I tried it, so I just stopped trying and kept calling her by surname.

“Sohryu-san called me and asked if I could come here,” Rei explained with her usual calm voice. “And when I got here, she was waiting for me with these ropes.”
“Yeah, I was having fun,” Asuka winked to me. “But it wasn’t fun at all. Then, suddenly a thought came to my mind: ‘Hey, why don’t we hang wondergirl?’ And that’s it.”
“Ah, so it’s just one of Asuka’s whims” I sighed with relieve. “I was just afraid you were disillusioned with life or something like this,” I added, feeling embarrassed for having such thoughts.
“It is nothing like that,” Rei answered. “My life is quite carefree. As for your concern… thanks”.
Is it just me, or did she blush just a little? Even with the moonlight it was still night, so I couldn’t really see.
“Don’t mention it,” I replied. After all, it was only natural to be concerned about your friend, more so if she’s also your secret crush.

I took a step back and looked at Rei again. Now that I was reassured that my worries were misplaced, I could take my time admiring her. Not being fully clothed made more of her white skin visible than usual, but nothing indecent. Rei’s skin reflected moonlight as if it was glowing. That silver glow was really beautiful and it suited Rei very well. There were two ropes: the long one had one end in a noose around Rei’s neck, and was thrown over a branch of a cherry tree, the other shorter one was used to tie up her hands. And while that second rope naturally seemed out of place on her gentle wrists, the noose around her neck surprisingly didn’t. The combination of Rei’s unconcerned face and a noose, framing it, looked really charming. She looked so natural with a noose around her neck, it was hard to believe she only put it minutes ago. It was like it has always been there, only I never noticed. I couldn’t help but wonder how would she look when the noose is put into work.

Of course, I couldn’t just stand and watch Rei being hanged while doing nothing.
“May I be of any help?” I asked the girls.
“Of course I can handle something like hanging wondergirl by myself”, Asuka answered. “But since you’re already here, I guess it won’t hurt if you help a little”.
“So, what should I do?” I asked again.
“Well… it’s my first time hanging someone…” Asuka admitted reluctantly. “Do you think I’ve done everything right with the ropes?”
It’s not like I have more experience in it than you, you know? But I agreed it wouldn’t hurt if I examine the ropes. That was still better participation then none.

I walked around Rei, carefully examining the noose on her neck. It had a large diameter and I could freely take it of Rei’s neck if I wanted to.
“Shouldn’t you tighten it after you put it on one’s neck?” I asked Asuka.
“No, I left it like this intentionally”, Asuka answered. “It’s a running knot. It will tighten itself with wondergirl’s weight”.
“What is that, a knot for those who are too lazy to tighten it?” I wondered.
“Are you an idiot?” Asuka pronounced with a shouting tone, but had to keep her voice low ‘cause of the late time. That was kinda funny. “It is to prevent wondergirl’s blood vessels from being blocked. At least I hope it works”.
“I’m not sure if I get it”, I shrugged my shoulders.
“C’mon”, Asuka sighed. “Wondergirl, you’re kinda smart, why don’t you teach that idiot?”
“Alright”, Rei answered. “You see, blocking blood vessels would make me pass out in a matter of seconds,” she explained, pointing at her arteries on the neck. “Sohryu-san hopes that a running knot would help me keep conscious until I die”.
“But you still die, don’t you?” I asked, failing to see the point. “Then why bother?”
“No, you’re certainly an idiot”, Asuka concluded. “It’s not the result of death that excites me. It’s the process!”
“Ah, so you just want to prolong Ayanami’s agony?” I finally understood.
“Now you got it!” Asuka said with a smile of triumph.

I examined the other rope. Rei’s hands were tied in front of her.
“I guess this has some inventive purpose too”, I said. “But I’m too much of an idiot to get it”.
I actually meant it, but it seemed this time our roles changed.
“Well…” Asuka hesitated. “I’ve only made some research for a noose. And this… I remember seeing it on a picture or in the movie maybe… hanged man had his arms tied… so I just did the same”.
“Did he have his hands tied in front of him or behind?” I asked.
“Does it make a difference?” she wondered.
“Ayanami, tell her”, I had fun of Asuka, using the same ‘argument’ against her.
“I believe the hands of that man were tied behind his back to prevent him from reaching the noose and trying to loosen it”, Rei explained. “However, I don’t believe it will work like this”, she demonstrated how she could freely reach the noose.
“What, are you able to escape the noose?” Asuka half-shouted again. “You should have told me that earlier!”
“I don’t believe I can free myself”, Rei answered in a usual soft tone, ignoring Asuka’s shouting. “But taking occasional breathes can help a lot”.
“Help what?” Asuka didn’t get.
“Prolonging my agony, of course”, Rei explained in her usual clinical manner.

“However,” I added to Rei’s words, “the rope here makes no difference”.
“Then it won’t hurt either, right?” Asuka said. “No reason to bother taking it off then”.
“But there is a reason”, I pointed out. “There is a better use for the rope”.
“Oh?” Asuka got interested. “What can that be?”
“Obviously it’s tying Ayanami’s ankles up”, I answered. “If we don’t do that, she would be able to swing her feet in the air more freely, thus tightening the loose faster.”
“In other words, if we do tie her ankles, her agony would last even longer?” Asuka asked.
“At least, that’s what I believe,” I said.
“Worth a try,” Asuka nodded. “Idiot Shinji, make it so.”

“May I?” I reached Rei’s hands with mine.
“Sure,” was the answer.
Rei gave me a permission to touch her, however it was still a little embarrassing. I carefully untied her hands and then crouched to tie up her ankles.
“Hey, idiot Shinji, don’t even think of peeping under her skirt!”
Of course I didn’t intend to peep, and Asuka knew it, she just couldn’t miss a chance to make me feel uneasy. I tried not to pay attention to her, but her comment still made me more embarrassed. Maybe that’s why when I finished with the rope and stood up, I didn’t put much thought in it and asked Rei:
“Ayanami, see if that’s tight enough.”
She tried to move her feet apart, but couldn’t do so because of the rope. Actually, she was falling right on me. I caught her and so, suddenly, the two of us were embracing each other in the middle of a moonlit night. At least none of us fell to the ground. And our eyes were so close…
“Rei, are you all right?..” I asked worriedly, in the fast flow of embarrassing events I didn’t notice I called Rei by her name.
“Yes…” she answered with some uncertainty in her voice. Was that from the falling, or was she embarrassed too? “The rope works just fine”.
“Ah… that’s good…” I felt I had to say something else but I couldn’t think what.

I don’t know why, but I was still holding her. And, to my surprise, Rei didn’t loosen her hold on me too. Is it that she had not recovered yet, or something else?..
“You called me ‘Rei’,” she noticed. “You never called me by name before. Does it have some special meaning?”
Oops, that looks like one of those confession scenes. My face turned completely red, and for a moment I wanted to run away. But then I realized something. The noose is already on Rei’s neck. There will be just some agonizing last minutes, and then she will be gone. There won’t be any awkward scenes like when we meet at school tomorrow and don’t know what to say to each other. It is a perfect chance to confess, and I would really be an idiot not to use such a gift from my fate. So I throw away all the uncertainty and said directly:
“Because I love you.”
And from this close I could now tell Rei blushed a little too.
“So…” for the first time I saw her not knowing what to answer. “Do you call the person you love by their name?”
“Something like that”, I confirmed.
“Shinji… does it mean you also love Sohryu-san?”
“Ah, that’s not it, we’re just friends…”

I broke the hug and started offering excuses, until I realized what she had said just before. She called me ‘Shinji’ right after I explained to her that calling by name is used for those you love. Obviously it has only one explanation!
“I only love you, Rei”, as I’ve already thrown away all the doubts, it wasn’t embarrassing to say that now. “Do you love me?”
“Yes,” she almost whispered. “I have always… loved you. But I didn’t know what to do with that”.
“Basically, when you love someone, you come up and confess,” I told her, not that I followed that advice myself.
“I’ll keep it in mind”, Rei answered responsibly.
Earnestly saying something like that while having a loose around her neck, it was so like Rei. I couldn’t help but giggle at how out of place her seriousness was.
“You’re so funny”, I couldn’t keep my laughter back. “It’s not like you’ll have a chance to use it”.
“True”, she nodded and smiled a cheerful smile.
Ah, what a beautiful smile it was… Rei doesn’t smile often, but it only makes the times she does more valuable. As her seriousness broke, the mood was now much more appropriate for the occasion. High time to hang her.

“Sorry for taking time,” I apologized, turning back to Asuka. “Everything is ready. Please, enjoy Rei’s slow and agonizing death”.
“Like I need it anymore!” Asuka sniffed. “I’m too tired of waiting. I’m just leaving!”
And she just headed away… I followed Asuka with my eyes. After all that effort put in Rei’s hanging, Asuka would just leave? Her capriciousness wasn’t something new, but it still left me confused. Might it be that she got jealous because of the love talk between me and Rei?
“Asuka, wait!” I said, but she was already too far to hear, or so she pretended. Finally, we watched her enter the building.
“So…” Rei said in confusion. “What now?..”
“Well… I guess you may go home…” I made a helpless gesture.
“I don’t think so”, Rei answered.
“Ah, right, I forgot…”
I hesitantly crouched to untie the rope that held Rei’s ankles.
It’s a shame, isn’t it? I was looking forward to see you hanged, Rei. I mean, the noose over your neck really suits you, you know? I bet it would have looked even better with you actually hanging on it, all limp and lifeless. And the agony Asuka was so excited about must would have been a really great show, don’t you think? Well, at least she won’t get it either.
As I leisurely untied the rope, the free end of the other rope that hanged from the cherry tree branch drew Rei’s attention. She looked at it curiously, then took in her hands and examined closely as if she found an unexpected solution to a problem that bothered her and wanted to make sure it was really there. And when I finished with the shorter rope and stood up, she gave that free end to my hands.
“What?” I stared at it in confusion. There was nothing special about the rope.
“Hang me”, Rei said plainly.

I was stunned for a second, before I understood what she said.
“Ah, was I speaking aloud?” I realized. “Rei, you must have took me wrong. Yes, I would have enjoyed watching you dying. But that doesn’t mean I want you to die. Rather than that, I’ve always dreamed of our future. How we will date and eventually marry. Then we’ll raise some children and live a long and happy life together. What do you think of that?”
“But that’s…” Rei have suddenly got emotional. “That’s what I’ve always dreamed of too”, she said. “Knowing we share the same dream makes me feel warm inside… Is it what you call happiness?”
“I believe it is”, I answered, feeling the same pleasant warmth filling me.
I hugged her softly, letting us feel the warmth of each other.
“You weren’t”, Rei said after I reluctantly broke the hug.
“You weren’t speaking aloud earlier”, Rei elaborated. “Though I’m glad to know you will enjoy hanging me”.
“But why then?” I asked in confusion. “There’s no sense if Asuka’s not watching.”
“It is not for Sohryu-san either”, Rei said. “It is for myself.”
“How so?”
“Sohryu-san woke me up in the middle of the night with her sudden call and asked me to come immediately. I didn’t say a word and hurried here at once, not even taking time to put on my blouse. So tell me,” she appealed, “did I come all this way just to turn around and go home?”

Her words reached my very heart. Just how could I not see it before? I must have been a real idiot. Isn’t it natural that waking up in the middle of the night would make you feel bothered? Now that Rei told it straight, I found myself feeling so sorry about her not being hanged after all the trouble.
“My poor girl”, I breathed out, as I reached for her face and caressed her cheek gently. “Please forgive me for being so blind. I will kill you right away. Even if the rope won’t work, I’ll strangle you with my own hands, wring your neck, smash your head against the curb… Ah, if only I could kill you more than once, I would do all those things…”
Rei blushed, touched by my determination.
“Anyway, you will not see the dawn”, I concluded as I reached for her hand, entwining my little finger with hers. “I promise you that”.
“Thank you”, she answered simply and sincerely.
“Alright then,” I said. “Time for you to go to the better world”.
“I cannot have an afterlife”, Rei answered to my surprise. “I am a clone, thus I don’t have a soul.”
“Never heard of that”, I said in confusion.
“You never asked.”
“What’s it like not having a soul?” I wondered. “Sounds sad.”
“Not at all”, Rei replied. “It is self-assuring. Makes me confident that I am what I am. Not merely a vessel for an immortal soul. Nor a soul that takes possession of the body. I am myself and nothing other from myself. Thus, when I die, I truly die. That completeness is priceless. I would never trade it for an afterlife.”
Rei spoke so warmly of death, I couldn’t wait to grant it to her. I pulled the rope a little to strain it, demonstrating my readiness.
“Wait a moment,” Rei asked. “Let me take a breath”.
I watched as she took a few deep breathes, raising the oxygen level in her blood. With the shorter rope removed, she wanted to compensate for the lost agony time.
“I love you, Shinji”, she said before taking the last and deepest breath and holding it.
“I love you too, Rei”, I replied and started pulling the rope.

With the first pull the noose made an uncomfortable pressure on Rei’s throat. With the second one she was forced to stand on her toes. The third one finally lifted her above the ground. I saw Rei search for a ground with her toes, checking if she’s lifted enough. She almost reached the ground, so just to make sure I lifted her another ten centimeters. She didn’t feel heavy at all, but who knows how long I’ll need to hold her. A late thought came to my mind that I could just tie my end of the rope to something like another branch or the trunk or whatever. But as I looked in Rei’s eyes and saw the endless trust in them, I felt personally responsible for the hanging, and I couldn’t just quit from doing it with my own hands. I promised to kill her with my own hands, so that’s what I will do. I felt like with the power of love that overflowed me now I could move mountains.

At first Rei didn’t struggle at all. She had enough air from her last breath, so for a while she just hanged still. Because of the tight noose, she couldn’t speak anymore, but we didn’t need words as we could read each other’s eyes. All kinds of feelings mixed in Rei: love for me, happiness of being loved back, delight of her upcoming end, together forming an overwhelming joy. Rei was so beautiful in her gleeful anticipation of death. It was a pleasure to see her like that.

Time passed and it was harder and harder for Rei to resist the urge to breathe. Her body used up all the oxygen she had with her last breath and ached for more. Rei tensed up, trying her best to fight the spasms, but finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She gasped for air, but it didn’t work. It only made her burning lungs hurt more. I saw Rei’s expression change from glee to a forced smile, then to pain that she could hardly bare and finally she broke into agony. Rei shed tears of pain, she tried to scream, but made no sound. She twitched uncontrollably and I could feel every twitch through the rope. Our eye contact was broken, but I didn’t have to read her eyes to see how much pain she must have felt. I could see now why Asuka thought this would be fun. No matter how much Rei asked me to hang her, how much she treasured her finiteness, her body just couldn’t help but fight to the end. Rei’s jerking was hilarious in it’s futility. It was no good at helping her avoid inevitable and was only useful for amusement of viewers. And since the only viewer was me, I made sure to enjoy the show not to let it be in vain.

Rei reached her neck with her hands. Was it because of the instinct or because of her desire to prolong her agony according to the plan, but she did her best to loosen the noose. She could only take a quick breath before her involuntary jerking made the air cut off again. She kicked her legs down as if to push off the air, but the only thing that she accomplished was tightening the noose.
“Hey, don’t kick so hard”, I complained. “You’re wresting the rope from my hands”.
I don’t know if she heard me. She was too busy fighting for her next breath. This time she could even produce a noise that was supposed to be scream, but sounded more like cough. Tears streamed down her face and glistened under the moonlight like little stars. While trying her best to hold her hands on the noose, she couldn’t control her legs, and they were twitching in a passionate dance. I believe I even had a couple of glimpses of her white panties. I dunno if untying her ankles shortened her agony, but it certainly made it a better show. Rei suffered like hell and it was heavenly beautiful.

Even as Rei grew weaker with time, she was still alive and squirming desperately with no indication to how long it would continue. I was glad that everything we did to prolong her agony was working well, and for a moment I was even a bit worried if Rei was going to die at all. I can’t hold her forever, and even if I could, I kinda promised to end her until the dawn. But there was a lot of time until the morning, so I put my worries aside, just holding the rope and feasting my eyes on Rei’s dance. I knew her agony was genuine, and it filled my heart with joy.
I watched Rei making yet another attempt at freeing her throat from the pressure. She clutched on the noose and jerked it down as hard as she could. But it appeared what she was trying to achieve wasn’t a breath. In the short moment her throat was relatively free, she found a strength to say something. She spoke quickly, her voice was weak and hoarse, so it took me time to figure out the words. And when I did, they shocked me. She was saying: “Put me… down…”

Put her down… It was so sudden that my first impulse was to do as she told, but I stopped myself in time. It was amazing how unbearable her pain must be, if she even asks me to stop it. And as much as I enjoyed watching her agonizing convulsions, I might have had considered actually releasing her to save her from that pain, if not for one thing. Releasing Rei would not only ease her pain, but also let her live. And that’s certainly not what either of us wanted. Rei has to endure that pain for a bit longer if she wants to die.
“Sorry, Rei”, I said, not certain if she could hear me. “No pain, no gain”.

Some more time passed by. It’s been a while since Rei had her last portion of air. Her hands were still holding the noose, but seemed used up. Strength was leaving her body and her twitching became weaker. Her cheeks were covered in multiple dry traces of tears, and new tears continued to stream over them. She drooled from her half-opened mouth. I realized that Rei wouldn’t be able to take another breath. She understood it too, and that helplessness only made her suffer worse. Watching her despair was amazing. I was glad I didn’t put her down.
And then with her last bit of strength Rei stringed herself up to speak once more. She failed to make any distinct sounds, but I tried to read her lips. Don… won… dai… What, “Don won dai”? It’s just gibberish. Oh, wait. It was “Don’t want to die”. Now that really threw me out of my stride. I nearly let the rope go. Rei not wanting to die? That can’t be happening. After all, if she minded, she could just refuse to put a noose over her neck. And never during all of the preparations she showed any sign that death was unwelcome for her. Not to mention how she treasured her finiteness and how delighted she was when I just lifted her up. So I must have just misread her lips, right?..

“Don’t want to die,” echoed in my mind clearly as if she had pronounced them aloud. My confidence wavered. Killing Rei was the greatest fun I had in my life, but was it the right thing to do? There is still time to stop it. I still can put her down and untie the noose, embrace her and wipe her tears, promising never to hurt her again. We could still put our common dream to life. Just a while back I wondered how long would it take for Rei to die, but now it seemed to happen too fast. Which choice is right? Keep my promise and let her die? Or let her live and break it? I must decide now. My grip on the rope weakened for a moment as I wavered…

And then I saw Rei’s eyes again. I caught her eyes only for a moment, as she was weakly, but still twitching in agony. But that short glimpse was enough. Rei’s eyes were filled with unbearable pain. I could almost feel it on myself, the pressure of the noose, the burning lungs, the lack of oxygen. Even a moment of a shadow of her pain threw me into terror, and Rei felt it continuously for the past… whatever number of minutes it was.
But behind all of the pain in Rei’s eyes there was a single spark of a clear mind. Through that tiny breach I could see all the way to the bottom of her heart. And what I saw there was heavenly wonderful. Rei was praying. All of her remaining willpower was dedicated to the single prayer. “Please…” it said, “please don’t release the rope”.
That’s it. Now I understand. All of Rei’s body, even her words, betrayed her, struggling for life, resisting death as any living being would. But Rei herself never had a second thought. Her desire to die was earnest. Of course it was. I was such an idiot to doubt Rei. She put all her trust in me, I could at least do the same. But thankfully I didn’t make a fatal mistake yet. The rope was still in my hands. I could still do everything right.

“Don’t worry, Rei”, I said to her reassuringly. “I won’t let you down.”
I tightened my grip on the rope and even pulled it a little, lifting Rei even more up. As it made additional pressure on her neck, she suddenly stopped her weak twitching. Her hands released the noose and fell limp to her sides. She just hanged in the air still as in the beginning, like she was revealed that I haven't freed her. But Rei wasn’t dead yet. Her body gave up on fighting, but her consciousness was still there. Her agonizing face changed to a relaxed expression. Seems like she’s too far beyond the line to even feel pain now. With an effort she focused her blurry eyes on me. Even so I could read them clearly. Just with her eyes she asked me if I enjoyed myself.
“Never saw anything nearly as beautiful”, I answered. “What about you?”
Rei’s eyes were filled with love and gratitude. She was now glad she responded to the call and came all the way to here, even if it was in the middle of the night. All the bother proved worth it and she had nothing more to regret.

Gradually the light in Rei’s eyes was fading along with her life. Her senses faded. She now looked through me. She could see nothing and feel nothing. Her consciousness was left on its own in the empty darkness. Rei dashed through the darkness, but no matter how far she ran, there was no light in the end of the tunnel. Rei didn’t stop. She ran and ran purposefully until she suddenly hit the wall. That’s it. The dead end. Rei sighed with relieve. She wasn’t going to any kind of afterlife after all. She was just coming to an end, completing her existence. Rei always considered her finiteness to be a blessing, and now that she faced it, she was more certain of it than ever. What was dying was not merely Rei’s body, but her very self. It was being reduced with every moment, but while there was at least one living brain cell, it was filled with overwhelming bliss. Rei’s wide open eyes wet with tears of happiness stared into nothingness, and her half-opened mouth formed a smile of delight the same moment the last spark of life disappeared in her eyes. Rei had died and it sent me on cloud nine.

It was over and it was a success. I did a great job and was proud of myself. But my tired hands asked for some rest, and I anchored the rope. It took some time, but Rei wasn’t going anywhere now. After finishing with the rope, I returned to my love. Her lifeless body swing serenely in the light breeze under the cherry tree, her dead face wet with tears and glowing in moonlight. So beautiful. Even the streams of urine released from her bladder entwined her legs in a manner that I can only describe as elegant. I hugged Rei. Her body was cold, and her heart didn’t beat. She didn’t react to anything. It felt so wonderful to hold her dead body in my arms. I licked some tears from her face. They were pleasantly salty. Then I looked right into Rei’s eyes. I couldn’t read anything in them. Instead of the infinite universe, there was now perfectly empty nothingness in her eyes. In awe, I couldn’t avert my stare. Rei was beautiful. Charming. Dead.

I don’t know how much time passed before I was distracted by Asuka’s voice.
“Hey, how long are you going to stand there?” she said. “I would appreciate your help here.”
I turned around in surprise and confuse. Hadn’t she gone home? Apparently, not. I was Asuka leaning back comfortably on the nearby bench, watching and definitely enjoying the show. Her panties were lying by her side on the bench, and her hands were playing with her pussy between her spread legs. I blushed and turned my eyes away in embarrassment.
“Wh-what are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” Asuka answered as casually as her activity allowed. “Having my part of fun of course! Can’t let you have all of it after all, now can I?”
“But… haven’t you gone home?” I asked, still facing other way.
“As soon as I noticed you didn’t follow me, I returned to check what was the matter, so I’ve seen and heard pretty much everything”, Asuka explained. “Hey, can you stop hiding your face? I’m speaking to you, you might as well show me some respect and watch into my eyes. C’mon, you watched me do dirty things a lot of times! Why are you embarrassed all of a sudden?”
Asuka didn’t sound like she wanted me to look at her because of her exhibitionism; she sincerely didn’t understand why I turned away. And, actually, why? Asuka was right: I’ve peeped on her many times. I only didn’t know if she considered it acceptable, and now she confirmed she did. So, I have no more reason to look away except my own shyness. Fighting it I turned back to Asuka. She continued her masturbation session, letting me watch for a while and become comfortable with it.

“So are you going to help me?” she finally asked.
“What do I do?”
“Lick my pussy and make me cum,” she explained.
“Just do it, I’ll hear your objections later” Asuka demanded.
After such a sublime and sensual experience with Rei to get to something so low and dirty… But after all it was Asuka’s desire for sexual satisfaction that led to all of that night’s events and resulting in me hugging dead Rei. It would be unfair not to let Asuka get her satisfaction.
I knelt down before the red-haired girl, her pussy appeared perfectly in front of me. It was the first time I’ve seen girl’s pussy, but there was no time to examine it. There was a certain job to be done. I stuck my tongue out and reached for what as I knew from books and porn was called clitoris. As my tongue touched it Asuka let out a soft moan. She never took her eyes off of Rei’s lifeless body. I licked her clit for some time and then stuck my tongue inside her pussy. It was warm and wet and let me in easily. It tasted weird, but not bad. I explored the insides of Asuka’s pussy with my tongue and as she was already well stimulated she soon had a very strong orgasm. I never saw her cum so intense when I peeped on her. Rei’s hanging surely helped.

A substance flowed to my mouth, it had the same taste as before. I pulled back, hesitating to swallow it, and looked at Asuka. She noticed it and with her hands brought my face close to hers. And the next moment her tongue was already inside my mouth, eagerly trying to reach for every drop of the substance. Only when Asuka was sure she couldn’t get any more of it she broke the kiss and swallowed it with a satisfied look. After seeing on example that it was drinkable I gulped what remained in my mouth. Asuka leaned back, still enjoying the view of Rei’s body. Her panties were still off, legs spread and pussy and tights covered in cum, but she wasn’t concerned about it even a little. Quite understandable right after such an intense orgasm.
I sat by Asuka’s side and joined her in looking at Rei. I thought how I will go to school in the morning and there will be no one sitting at that desk near the window. The teacher will call Rei’s name, but no one will answer. Only I will smile to that, remembering this night with a warm feeling. Rei is gone forever, I’ll never meet her again, not even on the other side. She just doesn’t exist anymore. It made me feel so high, not even eating readhead’s pussy affected that feeling. So, I guessed, it was OK to do it.

“Thanks for sharing it with me” Asuka spoke at last. “I mean the cum.”
“So, that’s what girl’s cum tastes like,” I answered. “Not bad. Its salty taste reminds me of Rei’s tears.”
“Huh, actually it was mostly the cum of my tonight’s lover,” she said. “You must know I love being cum inside.”
“Oh…” I didn’t know what to say.
“Don’t blame yourself for the mistake, it’s only your first time drinking cum.” Asuka understood my sigh in her own way.
“It was also my first kiss” I admitted.
“Oh, so you haven’t ever kissed Rei?”
“As you noticed, I confessed only today.”
“You should have kissed her then.”
“You know I can’t rush it like this.”

Even as we spoke, we weren’t looking at each other, but at Rei. We both wanted to imprint this night in our memory forever.
“Actually I thought my first kiss would be on the wedding with Rei” I continued.
“But now it’s impossible. What are you going to do?”
“About my first kiss haven’t been with Rei?”
“Idiot, I mean your future.”
“I don’t know” I answered honestly. “I have always seen my future with Rei and didn’t look for other options. But now there are only two of us.”
“So…” Asuka spoke slowly, “would you… perhaps… date me?..”
“Perhaps,” I agreed. “That seems to be the most reasonable option.”
Strange, but I didn’t feel embarrassed and uneasy like when I was talking to Rei about love. The answer was: I didn’t love Asuka in a romantic way, she didn’t make my heart beat faster and my thoughts confused. However, my love to her as to a friend was genuine. I believe Asuka’s feelings for me were the same.
She looked up from Rei and turned to me.
“Even if I made you kill your beloved?” she asked surprised at my quick agreement.
“You didn’t make me, I did it myself”, I corrected her. “But thank you nonetheless.” I said turning to Asuka in response and taking her hand in mine. “I could never imagine it would be such a blissful feeling. And of course it would never have occurred to me to do something like that. So, without this sudden whim of yours I would never have such a really unique experience. I thank you for that. From both of us.”
“Oh… I can’t imagine how something like this might feel blissful.”
“You should try it someday,” I advised. “To end your beloved’s life with your own hands.”
“I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love, but I’ll keep it in mind,” Asuka said.

“And don’t think I ask you to date me because I like you or something” she continued. “I only need someone who would take responsibility.”
“You must understand that if I’ll keep my current lifestyle, and I intend to keep it, I’ll get pregnant sooner or later. I need someone who will be ready to marry me and take care of the child, while I’ll continue to have a lot of thoughtless sex even after that. I’ll understand if you refuse.”
“Don’t worry, I have no objections to that,” I answered reassuringly. “Isn’t that what friends are for?”
“Right. This and hanging.” Asuka giggled at her own joke, glancing at Rei. “And since we’re just friends, there will be no sex, even after wedding, do you realize that?”
“I guess I’ll have to live with that”, I sighed.
“Except, maybe, the kind of oral sex like we had just before” Asuka specified. “It felt so good to have someone clean your pussy of sperm with their tongue, but nit many of my lovers agree to it.”
“I believe I can provide you with it,” I said. “I anticipate how every time this taste will remind me of Rei’s tears”.
“Oh, you’re such a romantic.”
“After what happened this night there’s no way I’ll be able to forget Rei. Does it bother you?”
“Of course not! All three of us are best friends, I have no reason to feel jealous. Moreover, I too will never be able to forget wondergirl… I mean Rei. After all, her death gave me the greatest orgasm in my life”.
“It’s not just one orgasm.” I said. “I’m sure you’ll recall this night many times. And also you got me.”
“Indeed,” Asuka gave it a thought. “Do you think she had foreseen it?”
“That we will never know,” I said as I looked at Rei again. The rope was virtually invisible in the night, while her body was glowing in the moonlite, which made it seem as if blue-haired girl was an angel levitating above the ground. A capful of wind made her body swing a little and a bunch of cherry blossoms fell slowly from the tree. Some of them landed on Rei’s hair and shoulders. Ah, even if there were nothing else to gain, just this lovely scene was indeed worth taking her life.


What a strange dream I had just now. In this dream Asuka called Rei to come and awaited her with a rope for hanging. And Rei accepted it so casually as if she was asked nothing more than to go home after school together. Moreover, I offered my help and eventually killed Rei with my own hands.
But that was too unreal, wasn’t it? Definitely it had to be a dream. And when I wake up, the first thing I’ll see in the morning will Rei’s face. I stretched luxuriously in the bed anticipating it and finally opened my eyes.
“Good morning, Rei.”

She hadn’t changed a bit since that day. She was hanging on the rope in front of my bed in the middle of the room and on the wall behind her was colorful wallpaper depicting a cherry tree in blossom. Memories of her death flowed to my mind as warm and gentle waves of bliss.
“So it wasn’t a dream after all. I’m glad.”
The reality was we preserved Rei’s body so that she will never decay and her beauty will stay untouched for centuries. When we bought our own house we arranged the bedroom to represent the day when Asuka had a whim that changed all our lives. We even kept the same clothes on Rei’s body. This way every morning we wake up we can recall the events of that night and live through it over and over again.

Asuka wasn’t with me right now though. By the sound of sex from the next room I understood she was serving a client. She became a professional prostitute and earned a lot of money with it. Actually it allowed us to buy this house. And while she was the breadwinner in our family, it’s only fair that the housekeeping fell on my shoulders. Sometimes Asuka served clients at their places; sometimes brought them home like this time – we had a special room for it. Some of the clients even paid more for letting me watch them having sex with my wife. And since masturbating while watching Asuka was one of the two only kinds of sex for me, I always accepted such offers gladly.
But what I liked about Asuka’s job the best is not the money of course and not even a chance to see her doing it. It was that she herself really loved it. And when your favorite activity and your job are the same – that’s what it means to be happy. Therefore, I could not name a job that suited Asuka better.

When the client left, Asuka came to the bedroom. She was wearing a nightgown and no panties.
“I see you’re already awake,” she said. “I wanted to wake you by lowering my cum-filled pussy on your mouth, but whatever.”
She really loved this way of waking me and practiced it whenever she had a chance.
“At least clean me up as you always do”.
She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. With a practiced movement I knelt before her and began doing my job. That was the second kind of sex I was allowed.
“Do you remember what day is it today?” she asked me strictly.
“No way I could forget,” I answered as the taste of Rei’s final tears flowed to my mouth. “It’s been exactly ten years.”

Every year we celebrated this day by a picnic on Rei’s grave. After all what hanged in our bedroom was mostly a stuffed skin. All that wasn’t used in it we buried here – under the same cherry tree where we hanged her.
So, the three of us came here again to honor the memory of Rei. By three I mean me, Asuka and our lovely daughter Sakura. Of course, even if I say ‘our daughter’, in fact she is a daughter of Asuka and one of her clients. And I am still a virgin and expect to stay virgin for I have no intention to cheat on my wife.
But that doesn’t affect my love to Sakura, I truly see her as my child. Even with such a mother she was really a pure child, I believe with the help of my education: I’ve always taught her how pure Rei was and that she should follow her example. Actually we gave her this name (Sakura=cherry) in memory of that night. So, we brought her with us today to show her the tree she was named after and tell her the story behind it. It wasn’t the first time we told her, but still she listened with interest.

“I said I couldn’t imagine how something like this might feel good.”
“Then I advised your mother she should try someday to take her beloved’s life with her own hands.”
“For that I answered: ‘I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love’. And I actually didn’t.”
“But you’re not right, mommy” Sakura said. “You do have a person you love.”
“Do you mean father?” Asuka answered. “No, even now I can only see him as a friend.”
“But you’re forgetting there are other kinds of love then romance” Sakura said as she was searching for something in her handbag. “Actually they say that the strongest kind of love is that of a parent to a child.”
I looked at Asuka and she looked at me. I saw a spark of excitement in her eyes. We were thinking the same thing.
When we looked back at Sakura in her hands she offered us a rope. We all knew we never turned down any whim of our beloved daughter.


And here goes the translation I mentioned. So appareltly I finished it in just one day? It's so short it didn't take much time.

It kinda starts mid-action, so here's a bit of introduction. The protagonist, Semyon, is a guy from modern Russia who on one winter day finds himself in the middle of the summer in a pioneer camp in mid or late 80s. It's not as simple as time travel though, involves parallel realities, time loops and such (it's nor really that well explained in the VN unfortunatelly; feel free to play it yourself and try to understand what the hell is going on). This fanfic starts at the point where one of the pioneers, Shurik, went missing, and Semyon is looking for him, which led him to some old abandoned mines.

Guro in the mines

(Everlasting Summer, translation, massacre, consensual and non-consensual)

After another turn in the mines I finally saw Shurik. Suddenly my head was spinning, I leaned onto a slightly wet wall and threw up. Shurik was lying on his back, his arms and legs nailed to the rail sleepers, forming an X shape. His jawbone was teared off and laid close by, near a big and very weird hammer, a sledgehammer even. Everything was covered in blood. I tried to stand up, but failed, so I crawled along the rails towards Shurik. When I got to him, I realized his throat was cut. In a silly hope he’s still alive I reached to feel his pulse, but there was none and his wrist was cool. Not cold, just cool. Seems, he was alive just a while ago, but now his suffering is over. His murdered must be somewhere nearby. Weirdly I almost didn’t care.
Should probably get out to the surface and tell Olga Dmitrievna, she’ll call the police, the police will sort it all out, and I will finally see someone beside the inhabitants of this camp… But I didn’t have strength to stand up and get out of the mines.
Suddenly I heard quiet moaning and sobbing from round the corner. Wambling, I stood up, picked up the flashlight only to realize it was all slippery from Shurik’s blood. A thought crossed my mind that I should wipe it with something dark or red for the stain not to stand out. I untied my neckerchief and wiped the flashlight with it. Now I had a choice where to go: back or towards the sobbing. Somehow I didn’t care, all my feelings were numb. After standing in place for another half a minute I moved on towards the sobbing.
Round the corner, bent double under a wall, Alisa was crying. What is she doing here?
“A… Alisa…”, I spoke. “How did you get here? Have you seen Shurik?”
She didn’t reply, just kept sobbing. It seemed she haven’t even looked at me.
I got closer and saw blood dripping from her ears. She was covering her face with blood stained hands. I gently touched her shoulder, but she staggered back from my touch and crawled away very fast. To do so she had to get her hands away from her face and I realized her eyes were poked out. So she can’t see me and, apparently, can’t hear. But who could do it to Shurik and Alisa?
I followed Alisa, trying not to make noise. A few times she hit the walls on the turns, but kept crawling.
After a few long minutes once again I saw a silhouette of a person on the floor. That long light hair… Slavya. Only without an arm. Alisa crawled up to her, stumbled on her leg, felt her with her hands and started howling. I stepped closer to check if Slavya was still alive, but same as Shurik she didn’t have a pulse. I shone my flashlight further along the tunnel and saw some shapeless pile. Alisa kept howling on the same high tone. Suddenly the pile shivered. I got closer and seeing green hair peeking out realized it was Miku in a pile of some dark cloth. But why is the pile so big, wasn’t Miku a lot smaller? And why are there three hands sticking out of it? I tried to pick up one of the clothes and saw Electronik’s head. Separated form the body.
What the hell is going on here? What maniac mutilated and killed them all? What for? No, it’s definitely time to go to Olga Dmitrievna. I started walking towards the exit.
Again I walked past Slavya and howling Alisa. Good thing crawling Alisa left a noticeable trail, cause I didn’t remember the path and didn’t think of leaving marks. Walked past Shurik… now where? Left or right?
There was a flash of light from behind the right turn. I dashed to the left passage and froze, squeezing up against a wall.
Half a minute, one minute, five minutes… No one comes up.
I silently moved into the right passage. There light still shone from behind the corner and reflecting from the walls let me see a little, so I turned my flashlight off not to give myself away.
I expected to see anything round the corner, but not this. On a yellow and green striped rug were resting naked Lena and Ulyana, a flashlight lied on the floor beside them. Lena was… Lena was giving Ulyana a massage? In the middle of the night? In the mines? Not far away from a number of corpses and maimed Alisa? What is that superrealism? Have the world gone crazy or just me?
Ulyana was quietly moaning. I slowly slid down the wall and sat on the rail sleepers. I felt like my head was going to blow up.
I heard footsteps from where I came from. I didn’t know where to run anymore, so just kept sitting on the dusty sleepers. A beam of light appeared from round a corner and stopped on me. I had to close my eyes.
“Semyon?” I heard Olga Dmitrievna’s surprised voice. “Though it’s good you’re here. Get up and let’s go.”
“Olga Dmitrievna! I’ve found Shirik!”
“Indeed? Okay then”, she responded.
“He’s dead…”
“Yes, I know”, – her indifference was shocking.
“So is Slavya.”
“And Miku and Electronic.”
I still couldn’t open my eyes as the light was directed right at my face, so Olga Dmitrievna’s expressed remained a mystery for me.
“Have you called the police?”
“Of course”, she said slowly. “Of course not.”
I was startled.
“Girls”, she called softly. “Girls, come here!”
I could hear footsteps.
“Tie this exemplary pioneer’s hands, I have an idea how to use him. There, he has a neckerchief in his pocket.”
I tried to spring to my feet, but they kicked me down with my face against sleepers and twisted my arms. After half a minute my hands were tied and they pulled my up by my hair.
“Get up, Semyon”, I’ve heard Ulyana’s gentle voice. Somehow I stood up and could finally see Olga Dmitrievna. She was also naked and carried Slavya’s severed arm with a half protruding bone.
“Girls, I brought you a dildo”, the camp leader smiled, pointing at the bone. My limbs went cold, eyes went dark and I think I have lost consciousness.

When I regained senses and tried to look around through my eyelashes, I discovered I was no longer in the mines, but in Olga Dmitrievna’s cabin. The walls were stained with something dark, but the Anonymous and Fantômas posters were totally clear and lit up by a bright light of desk lamps directed right onto them. Twitching my hands and feet slightly I realized I was tied to the bedframe in nearly the same pose Shurik died. I’ve heard quiet smooch and slurp sounds from the floor. I tried looking at that direction, but couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t turn my head as if my hair was glued to the bed.
“Looks like our exemplary pioneer has woken up”, I’ve heard a voice from Olga Dmitrievna’s bed.
The smooching on the floor stopped. After half a minute Lena and Ulyana were staying above me, also without clothes.
“Semyon, are you not happy to see us?” Ulyana said.
I couldn’t speak a word.
“You must be wondering what’s going on”, Lena purred.
Then I could hear the door squeaking and Zhenya’s voice:
“Olga Dmitrievna, girls, I’m done”.
“Great, then I blow them up so that no one can disturb us”, – Olga Dmitrievna replied and after a few seconds I’ve heard a terrifying bang, then again and again… The girls quietly looked at each other and smiled.
“So”, Lena turned to me as if coming to senses. “Do you enjoy it in this camp?”
I blinked in confusion. What answer does she want to hear?
“Seems not”, Lena laughed. “And how is it for us?”
“Maybe we should move his bed to the middle of the room?” Ulyana suggested.
Only now I could see all four of them. I’ve already guessed that Zhenya is also naked.
The bed shifter and with a blunt sound moved away from the wall, ending up about where the carpet must have been.
Then suddenly Ulyana sat on my face, holding against the bed’s headboard with her hands.
“Since you don’t speak anyway, let your mouth do at least some common good”, she giggled.
I tried to breathe, it was hard with her ass pressing on my neck, but not impossible.
“Be useful”, Zhenya whispered and from what I could feel grabbed my dick with her nails. I produced a muffled moan and obediently began doing common good. Lena came up to Ulyana from the bed’s head side and started to gently lick and bite her nipples.
“It seems, girls, I’ll have to explain what happens to Semyon myself”, Olga Dmitrievna said. “You’re too high on emotions to distinctly tell the story”.
“Fine, I’m quite anyway”, Zhenya replied, and, as if to better illustrate her words, took my dick into her mouth. The overflowing sensations could made me suffocate even without my neck being pressed, but as soon as Ulyana produced a dissatisfied grumbling, Zhenya used her teeth, and I had to keep going for this torture to end.
“So”, Olga Dmitrievna said and paused to think. “Where should I start? As far as I can tell, you’re now in shock and have no idea what is going on”.
That’s not the word.
“And we were in that shock and terror hundreds of times before we started to gradually remember that it all has already happened before. You did things to us like those you’ve seen in the mines today hundreds of times, remember?”
I shook my head no as much as it was possible in my position. How can it be? I’ve never been here before and have no idea how I got here in the first place.
“Many times you’ve tortured and slaughtered the entire camp. You forced the girls to have sex in orgies, threatening to kill them, and then killed them anyway”, the camp leader continued.
I couldn’t do such a thing.
“You interrogated me, asked how I was able to contact your parents while slowly dissecting my abdomen and pulling my intestines out, and then hammered into girls’ heads they’re not real while pushing my insides down their throats.”
I felt nauseous again.
“In the end we started to remember it, and now we decided to try doing the same things you did to us by ourselves. We thought, maybe if we were in control of the situation, we’ll enjoy it better?”
Ulyana suddenly moaned:
“I’m… going to…”
Lena left her alone and stepped aside, Olga Dmitrievna took her place and clenched her hands on Ulyana’s throat.
“Come on, girl, look me in the eyes as long as you can.”
Ulyana twitched, crawling on my face, but after a couple of minutes went quiet. I felt something warm pouring into my mouth and down my chin.
“Let’s tie a neckerchief just to be sure”, Lena suggested.
“Go on”, Olga Dmitrievna agreed.
Lena came up and tied the neckerchief very tight on Ulyana’s neck. Olga Dmitrievna took her in her arms and carried to the corner.
“Why?” I moaned. “Why have you killed them all? Why have you crippled Alisa?”
“Don’t worry, Semyon, it have all been consensual”, the camp leader smiled. “And you didn’t ask for our consent when you did the same things to us.”
“Consensual?” I couldn’t believe.
“Consensual. Lena, will you show him?”
“Of course, Olga Dmitrievna. But maybe we should raise the bed vertically so that Semyon can see better?”
“Let’s do it”.
Zhenya let my dick out of her mouth and the bed was set up vertically. My feet could more or less fell the floor now, but my wrists were mercilessly strangled by the rope tied to the upper part of the bed.
Lena came up to me and rubbed her breasts against me.
“Someone is such a handsome and kind boy”, she purred. “Only got dirty a little wandering around the mines.”
A knife appeared in her hands.
“Don’t worry, let me make a warm shower for you, dear Semyon”, she smiled slyly and forcibly slit her throat open.
Blood sprayed onto me like a fountain, I never imagined there could be so much blood. I closed my eyes tight and tried to imagine I’ll now wake up in my bed under a familiar dusty chandelier, but thin tickly rivulets running down my shoulders, stomach and legs didn’t let me do that.
“No doubt, when you were surfing your boards with niggers, shit and gore, you didn’t close your eyes like that”, Zhenya burst into laughter. “Nor when you were vivisecting us.”
“In short, many times you have killed all of us, but always stayed alive yourself, and this endless circle goes on and on”, Olga Dmitrievna said. “Perhaps, if we kill you too, it will finally break. Right now everyone in the camp except for the three of us is already dead, and now it’s my turn.”
I opened my eyes wide. Those explosions… They killed everyone in the camp?
“Please, wait, Olga Dmitrievna, I want to drink some milk”, Zhenya said with a slight blush.
“Oh. All right then, we’re in no hurry right now. I’ll read a book for now”, the camp leader answered and, after carrying Lena’s corpse to the corner next to Ulyana, laid down on her bed.

Zhenya kneeled before me and started to lick Lena’s blood from my dick, then took it into her mouth again. To enjoy it at least a bit I tried to imagine with my eyes closed that it’s the prostitute I hired for fifteen hundreds for my twenty first birthday to lose virginity. When after a couple of minutes it started to work, my dick finally got hard and after some more minutes I came and opened my eyes. Zhenya gulped it down and licked her lips.
“Olga Dmitrievna, I’m done.”
“Then will you help me like we agreed?”
“Of course.”
The camp leader took Slavya’s bone I’ve already seen from under her pillow, but now the end of the bone was slightly sharpened.
“Olga Dmitrievna, what if the endless circle won’t break?” I whispered with my dry mouth. But I was heard.
“Well, then instead of the four of us, next time Electronic, Shurik, Alisa and Slavya will have fun.”
“Wh… what about Miku?”
“Miku have already had enough fun for half a lifetime”, Zhenya giggled.
Olga Dmitrievna came up to me and started to lubricate Slavya’s bone in half-clotted slippery blood.
“Zhenya, too much time has passed, the blood doesn’t lubricate it well. Can you spit on it?”
Zhenya nodded, stayed silent for a bit, apparently collecting saliva, and spat. The camp leader rubbed the saliva mixed with blood on the bone and sat down on it. The bone entered woman’s body for about a half of its length, and bumped against the floor with its blunt end.
“Zhenya, your turn. Just do it swiftly please”, Olga Dmitrievna said. Zhenya came up to her and swiftly put all of her body weight on the camp leader’s shoulders. The woman sat on the floor with a loud shriek, which cut off shortly. All of the bone disappeared inside her. I have involuntarily closed my eyes again.
“So, Semyon? Now you”, Zhenya said simply. “How do you want to die?”
“I don’t want to die at all”, I murmured dully.
“There is no such an option. But you can choose a death method among what is now available.”
“And Alisa? Alisa must be still alive”, I suddenly remembered, hoping to distract Zhenya from myself and run away.
“I’ve already killed Alisa while we were carrying you here.”
Tears poured down my eyes. Alisa, not able to see or hear anything, running in panic from my touch, scared and disoriented… Somehow I wasn’t so very sorry for anyone else as I was for her. Perhaps, because they were either already dead or didn’t look so helpless?
“Then… Can I have some time to think?”
“You can. But not too much, an hour or two, no longer”, Zhenya replied and lied down on Olga Dmitrievna’s bed with a book.
I buried in thoughts. While I was tied up like that, there’s no way I could escape, I can’t even turn my head.
“By the way, why can’t I turn my head?” I asked Zhenya.
“Because your hair is glued to the matrass with condensed mild”, she laughed. “It was Ulyana’s idea”.
Sounds like Ulyana all right.
“Will you die too?”
“Yes, of course. After I kill you”.
“And how are you going to die yourself?”
“I’ll jump from a precipice. There is one behind the forest, it’s about thirty or forty meters high. And on the bottom are sharp stones.”
“Aren’t you afraid?”
“Not really. You’ve already threw me off it.”
“I don’t remember anything like that and have no idea how I could do such a thing.”
“You could, believe me. You come here every week, and we never know what to expect from you this time. It’s fifty-fifty: perhaps you’ll be a shy idiot, secretly striving for one of us, or perhaps you’ll be a sadistic maniac and go for blood bath mixed with orgy and interrogation. A few months ago some of us began to remember that something like that have already happened to us. After a couple of weeks we united and tried to put the puzzle together to understand if there is a way to escape this vicious circle, and now we’re performing our first experiment. Have you already decided what kind of death you prefer on this time of day?”
“Not yet. Something fast and painless, I guess.”
“And some of us have already became masochists under your influence”, Zhenya laughed. “Wanna jump with me?”
“Not really. Height makes me dizzy.”
“I love height. Should I hand you? Drown? Cut? Break your neck?”
“You can break my neck?”
“I’ve already trained on other pioneers today, while setting up the charges in the cabins. Some of them saw me, so I had to kill them manually.”
“I see. And Shurik, was it Lena who cut his throat?” I suddenly remembered.
“Yeah, she loves bloody visual effects. I can stab you in the heard by the way.”
“You can, I don’t really care as long as there’s no torture”, I replied. Somehow I didn’t want to run away, didn’t even want to live. I felt some weird emptiness.
“Ah, I remembered! There should be something for narcosis in the infirmary, if you’re afraid of pain, that’s just the right thing. Want it?”
“Yes, please.”
She ran away and returned after a few minutes with a white cloth and dark glass medicine bottle. Zhenya opened the bottle and a weird sweet scent started spreading in the cabin. She poured some of the liquid on the cloth and pushed it against my mouth and nose.
“Breathe in.”
I tried to breathe in. The fumes felt strangely cold inside my nose and throat. In a few minutes I won’t be anymore, that’s so weird. No, I’ve thought of a suicide many times, but never death was so close and real.
“Wait, I breathe in too much fumes instead of you”, Zhenya said. “I guess, I should put the cloth in a bag so that only you breathe it in, or I might fall asleep and become unable to kill you.”
She searched in the camp leader’s cabinet and found a bag, put the cloth into it, added some more of the liquid form the bottle and pushed the open end of the bag against my mouth.
“Breathe deeper.”
I breathed. It seemed like I breathed and breathed, but narcosis never started working. At some point I suddenly felt very light and it seemed like this moment will last forever… orever… rever… ever… ver… er… r…


So what do you think? Does it worth rewriting it with proper details? Adding missing scenes of Slaya's, Miku's, Alisa's deaths (also Alisa getting crippled)?
Or perhaps writing a sequel where the guys, Slavya and Alisa will have their turn of fun?
Or should I write something of my own instead?


Glad you're back. Haven't read everything yet, but I had a question: Do you check your Reddit messages?


Oops, I guess I totally forgot about reddit since the last time gurochan was down. So you wrote to me on reddit and I haven't replied to you for 3 months? Very sorry. I'll now reply on reddit then.
For a more certain mean of communication I've put my email in the starting post in this thread.


Update: Finished reading >>5411. Interesting, if confusing (and not being the author I guess you couldn't answer any questions about what's going on).

I'm not personally interested in seeing it rewritten or continued; but on the other hand I'm just a random anon.


Thanks for the reminder. I think I remember seeing it before, but it didn't register.


> Interesting, if confusing (and not being the author I guess you couldn't answer any questions about what's going on).

Well, in the original VN in the lonely ending Semyon meets another one of himself, known as the Pioneer, as some time passes before his identity as another Semyon is revealed. And when it is, the Pioneer tells that he is Semyon from a parallel world, he tried all the means to escape the camp and time loop, but after never succeding concluded it is just impossible. Also concluding nothing and no one here is real he did things like torturing and killing the camp's inhabitants (first hoping to extract answers from them, then possibly just for fun). A bit later Semyon meets another Pioneer who tells him not to trust the first one. Apparently he's also from another parallel world, but in a bonus story dedicated to the Pioneer it seems like the second Pioneer is actually the future version of the first Pioneer after he realized there are also real people in this multiverse (however the bonus story itself is even more confusing the the core one, so there's a chance I got it wrong). Which might lead to believe there is only one Semyon in the end and he jumps not between parallel worlds, but between cycles in the time loop. However in the true ending we also see the Pioneer, actually lots of Pioneers/Semyons who all ride the bus when Semyon finally escapes the camp. I don't remember for sure though if this scene is from the true true ending where Semyon actually returns to the real world or the other one where he escapes the camp but still lives the rest of his life in a dream world [which he probably doesn't realise is a dream] with a girl of his choosing. Also in the true true ending where he does return to the real world he then meets all the girls from the camp (which is why it's also known as a harem ending) and they tell him there were indeed many parallel camps/worlds, and in each one only one real person. Like, in Semyon's camp only he was real, but none of the girls were, in Slavya's camp she was real, but Semyon wasn't, etc. And if I remember correctly they also experienced time loops, eventually started to remember it, then somehow cooperated (either developing same jumping-between-worlds ability as Pioneer or maybe there was a slight chance after another loop for more then one real person to get into one camp/world) and managed to escape the fake world of the camp. Also, I think I've read somewhere (author's comment or someone claming to cite an author's comment) that Semyon was special in regards to how there were indeed many Semyons (coming from parallel real worlds [not to be confused with parallel camps/worlds]), while there were originally only one of each of the girls (so did only 'our' Semyon get to meet them in the real world in the end or what? No idea). As you can see, this is all really complicated and confusing.

Now, about this piece of fanfiction, here's what I think of it. There are at least two Semyons ('our' Semyon and the Pioneer), that's where the fifty-fifty comes from. And the Pioneer kept tortuting and killing them without realizing he got to the camp/world where they are real people (or maybe in this version they were all real from the start, but the Pioneer didn't realize or didn't care). The girls don't realize there are more then one Semyon though. Him not remembering the doings of his other self don't even make them think in that direction, because loosing memory with the camp/world reset is even more common that keeping it (see how they mention they only gradually began to remember something like that has already happened).

P.S. By real people I mean people from real world who also mysteriously got into that multiverse with camps as Semyon did. The non real people are all the others (and in a camp/world where there is no real Slavya for example, there would be her non real version instead), they behave naturally as if they are real pioneers in a real pioneer camp, but if you ask them where the camp is situated or what year it is, how to leave the camp or contact the outer world, they'll avoid the question (and as apparent from the Pioneer's story, they won't answer even under torture).

Hope this helps.


Everlasting Paradise

(an idea of a guro setting based on Everlasting Summer)

All this talk of inescapable time loops made me think of a perfect setting for some guro. Cause if you can't escape and can't die (I don't remember for sure, but I think with how desperate the Pioneer was, he would kill himself if he could), why not turn it into your personal paradise? Actually, I've heard there's a mod (yes, a modification for a VN. Never saw anything like that before, but Everlasting Summer actually has a lot of modifications, a couple even translated into English, look for them in Steam Workshop) called "my personal paradise" or something like that and it has the Pioneer as the protagonist. But I've never actually played it, so want to elaborate that the following idead are not based on it, but my independent thought. So yeah, a personal paradise where you can just torture and kill girls for fun and after a week it just resets and you can do it all again exploring all the different ways to hurt and kill people. The only problem is I prefer consensual guro. So let it be not a perconal, but a common paradise! This is where my idea differs from the "my personal paradise" mod if it is indeed what I think it is (again, I didn't play it and have no idea what it is about for real, it's just what the title make me think it is).
So, my concept would be, in every next loop there is a chance more than one real person get into the same camp/world. And after that (or maybe at some additional condition like they must realise the realness of each other and/or have sex with each other or something) they are 'tied' and will always end up in the same camp/world in each subsequent loop. Eventually Semyon got tied like that with most/all of the main charachters. At least some of them must have already tried to kill themselves, so they know it's only a shortcut to the next loop. They also know everyone else is most probably not real, and if they are real they've learned to more or less quickly determine it, and even if they mistake a real person for a fake one, the real people can't really die either, so on the end in this world death doesn't mean anything either because the person is not real in the first place or if they're real they'll just wake up in the next loop. So when everyone realize they can't escape this everlasting summer, they think "okay then, why don't we try to make this our paradise instead? After all, for all we know, we might all be long dead and this place is the paradise". So they decide to stop trying to find answers or escape and just enjoy their life here and have fun. After all now that they are a group of real people and not just one, the endless loop won't make them lose their minds. Or will it? Cause as the death was meaningless, eventually it was included into the kind of fun they would have. Torturing and killing both the unwilling fake people (or should I just start calling them NPC as in Angel Beats?) and quite willing each other. For example, during the dinner while Semyon is not looking Ulyana would cut off her own ear and put in on his plate to startle him. Or Slavya would make the wild animals in the woods attack her and let others watch for their entertainment. Or they would find some guns and/or explosivess in the bomb shelter and play like paintball but with real guns.
Also, at first they memories of the previous loops got clearer and cleared, but at some point there became just too much loops to remember, so the memories started became less clear. This means the stories in this setting don't have to be consistent (except for who is real and who is not [but now that I think of it, there's a way for it to not be necessarily consistent too, see below]), so if in story A someone says they have been beheaded before but never decapitated so they want to try this new thing, and in another story the same charachrer says they were decapitated before, but never hanged, that would be just because their memories have become all vague and uncertain after uncounted number of loops.
Now, on charachters's realness not being consistent. What I mean is if one story the charachter A is real and the charachter B is not, and in another story B is real and A is not real. If it works like I described above: tied charachers will always be in the same camp/world from now on, then this is impossible. But what if that's not such a certain rule? Maybe there's just an increased chance to meet in the next loop. Then there's a chance that after a loop with real A,B and C charecthers there would be one with real A,C and D, then real A,B,C and D, then real B,C and D, etc. So there can also be loops where there is no real Semyon, and girls can have fun by themcelves (or with the fake Semyon) or with other guys. Besides, with the time being weird in this world, it doesn't necessarily mean that at the same time the real Semyon is in another camp/world with no real girls. It might be that after the end of the previous loop he finds himself in the beginning of the next ones among all the real girls, and only from their words he would know they experienced another loop in between.

What should I call this setting though? "Personal paradise" is already taken (well, so was "Slavya and the horse" actually, but 1. The other one didn't have any beastiality, so I deliberately used the same title to show how you should properly write a story with a title like this, 2. since the focus shifted from the horse I might rename it eventually), and it's not really personal. "Common paradise" doesn't sound very good though. "Summer paradise"? Though I also have a though that maybe seasons should change (maybe not the same way as in the real world), as it would open possibility for more snuff methods such as dying from cold. "Everlasting paradise" then? Hmm. Yeah, I think that sounds good. Everlasting Paradise it is then.

As always, opinions, suggestions, advises are welcome. So are stories in this setting or anything inspired by it.


And here is today's story.

Tomoeda Cannibal Cafe

(Cardcaptor Sakura, Kinomoto Sakura, cannibalism, consensual)

The sound of wind chimes signaled another visitor to the classroom, or to be more precise, two more visitors: Li Meiling walked in with a confident look in her eyes dragging the somewhat embarrassed Li Syaoran behind her.
As Syaoran closed the door behind them, Meiling took her time looking around the classroom. For the duration of the Cultural Festival, the classroom had been made into a café. The room was divided into two parts: a kitchen, and a dining room. In the dining room area school desks had been put together in pairs and covered with tablecloth, a vase with a flower put in the center of every such a composite table as a decoration. A few tables were occupied, with customers enjoying their meals and the mixed smell of food filled the air. The most of the tables were free though, since it was still early in the day and most festival visitors tended to start with other activities like haunted house in the next classroom or a play performed by the drama club, leaving a café for later when they grow tired and hungry. Meiling, on the other hand, purposefully headed to the café put up by her class first thing in the morning, insistently dragging Syaoran along with her.

Her classmate Sakura, serving as one of the waitresses in the café, had caught Meiling's eye. It wasn’t surprising, given how the chestnut haired girl was dressed, or rather undressed. Not counting usual school shoes, Sakura's waitress uniform consisted solely of a white maid hat, similarly white thigh high silk stockings with frilled garters and red ribbons around them, and a matching pair of red ribbons holding her hair in bunches. Sakura knew that her costume left her privates completely exposed to anyone looking, and she had already given up trying to cover herself. Besides the uniform and a constant blush on her face, Sakura was also holding a menu in one hand and a tray with the meal she was now delivering in the other.
As Sakura noticed Meiling and Syaoran enter the café she stopped to say hello to them, her thoughts mixed between good cheer at seeing her friends, and embarrassment from the knowledge that they were effectively seeing her completely naked. Syaoran responded to Sakura's greeting with a shy “Hi,” and Meiling added a sly smile, which sent shivers down Sakura’s spine as she realized exactly what Meiling had come to the café for.

Swallowing nervously Sakura, moved past her friends, proceeding towards the couple whose meal she was delivering.
“Here's your meal. One pair of fried tits with rice, one cunt filet, and two glasses of peach juice,” she listed off as she put the dishes on the table.
The pieces of Girl meat Sakura served were the cooked remains of their friend Sasaki Rika. Rika's small breasts had been pan fried in the kitchen, and her young pussy had been harvested with a fileting knife and lightly grilled, all to make up a meal for her friends Takashi and Chiharu. Rika's body had been carted off afterwards to the large meat locker in the cafeteria, to use as tomorrow's lunch meat.
“Anything else?”
“Thanks, that'll be all.” Chiharu answered.
“Thank you, I hope you enjoy your meal.” Sakura responded, giving them a warm smile before heading back to the kitchen to return the tray. “Thank you for choosing our Cannibal Cafe!”
“By the way,” Takashi cut in, “did you know that the world ‘cannibal’ is derived from…”
“Yeah, yeah,” Chiharu sighed. “Just shut up and eat.”

“How's everything going, Sakura-chan?” Tomoyo asked her friend as they bumped into each other at the kitchen door. “Have you been ordered yet?” she inquired hopefully.
Tomoyo was dressed similarly to Sakura, in stockings and a maid hat but the full maid uniform she wore in addition to Sakura's outfit indicated she was not on the menu.
“Tomoyo-chan…” Sakura's friend’s enthusiasm to have her ordered was beginning to make her feel a bit awkward.
“So, have you?” Tomoyo insisted.
“Not yet, but…” Sakura nodded to the table where Meiling and Syaoran took their seats. Meiling was giving Sakura impatient glances.
“As expected of Sakura-chan!” Tomoyo exclaimed excitedly “I knew you'd sell quickly!”

It was Tomoyo who talked Sakura into being on the menu in the first place. She insisted that Sakura totally had to go for it, ‘cause she would both look super cute in the reduced maid uniform and make a delicious meal! And while the idea of going around naked in front of both complete strangers as well as her friends and acquaintances was downright embarrassing... the prospect of actually being ordered as meat thrilled Sakura to the core. So she ended up agreeing, under condition that Tomoyo not bring her camcorder to film the event. Little did Sakura know that Tomoyo had a dozen of hidden cameras installed all throughout the classroom for such an occasion.

“So, what are you going to do?” Tomoyo asked without hiding her delight at the thought of her friend being ordered.
Sakura examined the situation. Besides Meiling and Syaoran all the other customers were already served and enjoying their meals. There was only one table still waiting for their meal, which Tomoyo now held in her hands. Sakura could take the tray from Tomoyo and deliver it to the waiting table, asking Tomoyo to take Meiling and Syaoran’s order in her place. But if Meiling has already decided on ordering Sakura, having Tomoyo as her waitress won’t stop her from doing so, in fact, Tomoyo would probably encourage it! And... even if Sakura wasn’t ordered now, the day had just begun, and at the rate they were going through waitresses, there was no way she'd make it through the whole day without being ordered anyway. Not to mention that the thrill of becoming someone’s meal was the whole reason Sakura'd agreed to being placed on the menu in the first place.
“I guess, it can't be helped,” Sakura answered. “I’ll just go and take their order.”
“If… no, _when_ you get ordered,” Tomoyo corrected herself teasingly, “be sure to call for me to serve you!”
“Th-thanks, Tomoyo-chan…” a thought of her best friend serving her was somewhat awkward, but Sakura guessed if she had to be served anyway, it would be nicer if her friend did the serving.

Sakura mustered her courage and headed towards Meiling and Syaoran's table, her hips swaying unconsciously as she approached.
“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Welcome to our Cannibal Cafe!” Sakura announced, trying her best to hide her nervousness under her usual cheerful smile. “Here’s your menu. Just tell me when you are ready to order.”
Meiling took the menu and paged through it, looking at all the possible ways to cook a girl listed within.
“Mmm, these recipes sound delicious...” Meiling said, licking her lips. “But I can’t see a list of girls to order?”
“The exact list of girls you can order cooked wasn’t really finished until the last second, so we didn’t have time to include it in the menu.” Sakura explained, rubbing her upper thighs together nervously trying to conceal her excitement. “But, you can order any waitress wearing a reduced uniform.” Sakura paused before continuing on, “Like me.”
'Oh God,' Sakura thought to herself, 'did I just offer to be their meal?' In all the excitement, it just slipped out.
“Very well,” Meiling nodded, a slight grin on her face as she looked Sakura's mostly bared body over. “In that case could you come closer and let me examine you?”
Sakura’s heartbeat quickened as she hesitated for a moment before stepping towards Meiling. Towards becoming meat. But only for a moment before she moved past the hesitation. Sakura realized that she'd become meat the moment she had let Tomoyo talk her onto the menu, and now it was time to act like it.
“Sure.” Sakura said as she came up to Meiling, hoping that the Chinese girl mistook the blush highlighting her cheeks for embarrassment instead of excitement.

As Sakura positioned herself next to Meiling, the eager girl didn’t hesitate to massage one of Sakura's butt cheeks, making her meal gasp in shock from the sudden sensation.
“Seems quite nice...” Meiling commented, leering at Sakura's body as she proceeded to squeeze her meat's other butt cheek. “Not too firm. Not too fat. Lean, just how I like my meat to be.”
“I’m…” Sakura paused for the moment, wondering if it was wise to say what she was going to say, before just blurting it out before reason could stop her: “I’m glad you like our stock.”
Meilin smiled at Sakura's willing submission to her whims. That, almost as much as the thought of eating the other girl, was exciting her to no end. Having thoroughly evaluated Sakura’s ass, Meiling shifted her attention to her meal’s bare chest.
“Your breasts are practically nonexistent, but I guess that can’t be helped.” she sighed, almost as if despairing slightly over Sakura's lack of breasts for her to fondle as she pinched Sakura’s nipples.
“Hey, what’s with these nipples?” Meiling teased her waitress, rolling Sakura's erect nipples between her thumb and forefinger, grinning. “Are you excited, Kinomoto-san? You really want me to order you don't you?”
“No-no-no!” Sakura exclaimed, embarrassed. “Of course not! Why would I want you to eat me?”
“Even if you say that…” Meiling plunged her index finger into Sakura’s virgin pussy without any warning. She could feel the sweltering heat of Sakura's body as her moist snatch clenched around the invading digit, soaking it.
“Please, not there…” Sakura pleaded, but Meiling just grinned in response, as she easily slipped a second finger into Sakura’s sopping wet pussy. “Ah!”

Meiling started moving her fingers around inside Sakura’s tender young pussy, using her thumb to play with her clitoris at the same time. Sakura couldn't suppress her moans any longer and just let herself feel good, ignoring the world around her as Meiling massaged her inner walls. Then, just as Sakura felt the crest of an orgasm approaching, Meiling withdrew her fingers, pulling the sopping digits out of Sakura's slit just as unceremoniously as she plunged them in.
“Wha-what..?” Sakura asked confusedly as she opened the eyes she had shut unnoticed when Meiling had started fingering her. Sakura was dazed, unsure why the pleasant feeling in her pussy disappeared, leaving her unsatisfied. “Hoe~~~?!” she drawled in embarrassment as she looked around the room. Everyone was watching her, her thighs were moist from where her pussy had leaked, her shoulders had arched back and her cunt was out thrust practically begging for Meiling's attention. Was it any wonder that Sakura discovered herself be the center of everyone’s attention?
“Delicious.” Meiling commented as she licked Sakura’s pussy juices from one of her fingers, her young lips surrounding the digit as the slowly pulled it across her mouth, her tongue lapping up the excess moisture. “Kinomoto-san really is delicious... You should try some too, Syaoran!”
Syaoran blushed, embarrassed by the entire situation. Up until now he had gotten away with merely sitting quietly, as Meiling played with Sakura, or was it better to think of her as their meal? Still, when Meiling offered him one of her fingers still dripping with Sakura’s juices, he obediently licked it.
“So, what do you think?” Meiling asked him. “Tastes good, doesn’t she?”
“S-sure.” Syaoran answered. It was certainly true, and more importantly he knew it was what Meiling wanted to hear.
“It’s decided then!” Meiling declared happily, measuring Sakura's mostly naked form with her eyes once more. “We're ordering you, Kinomoto-san.” Meiling smiled happily. This was fantastic! Not only would she get to have Syaoran's heart all to herself, but Sakura would help her get it, willingly submitting to her whims and letting them eat her for their romantic lunch date. Just the thought of it, of Sakura letting herself be eaten just because Meiling wanted it? It made her own cunt begin to gush.

“Hanyaa~~~” Sakura mewed clenching her thighs and barely standing on her feet, as she came without even using her hands, just from hearing Meiling’s words, Meiling's pronouncement that changed her from a girl, a waitress, into a meal. “How do you want me… prepared?” Sakura asked still panting from her sudden climax.
“I wonder…” Meiling thought aloud as she looked through the menu again. “There are so many appealing options. Maybe you can recommend something Kinomoto-san? After all, if anyone would know what the most delicious way to eat you was... It would be you right?”
Sakura rocked back in shock. She hadn't expected to have any choice in how she was prepared, so she hadn’t given much thought to the method. The idea of being eaten, of becoming food was exciting enough by itself that the method by which it would happen never really factored into it. Yet, if she had a choice…
“How about... Eating me alive? As sashimi?” she offered, rubbing her thighs together in a vain attempt to conceal just how exciting the thought was to her. Slowly being carved into pieces, still alive, watching Meiling and Syaoran devouring her most tender and sensitive cuts...
“Ooh, that sounds nice!” Meiling approved. “Syaoran doesn’t mind, do you?” she asked sharing a quick look at Syaoran just to verify what she already knew. “Great, then we’ll have you as a live girl sashimi!”
“Thank you for your order.” Sakura answered, as she couldn’t help smiling. “I will be ready in no time.”

Sakura called for Tomoyo, who had already finished serving another table. Tomoyo quickly approached, delighted with the thought of what would follow.
“Has something wonderful happened, Sakura-chan?” she asked, seeing her friend’s overjoyed state.
“They ordered me as a live girl sashimi!” Sakura answered, almost jumping with excitement and in total agreement that it was indeed wonderful.
“That’s a good choice!” Tomoyo said to Meiling and Syaoran. “Just wait a minute while I get all the necessities.”
The only person more impatient than the customers was Sakura herself.

As Tomoyo said, it didn’t take more than a minute for her to get to the kitchen and return with a cart that had some rice, plates and sharp knives for cutting meat. Cutting Sakura’s meat. It made her so excited Sakura had to fight the urge to grab one of the knives and shove it right into her own aroused pussy. She didn’t even need an invitation and laid down on the cart all on her own.
“My, my!” Tomoyo commented. “Can’t wait any longer, Sakura-chan?”
“It’s not good to make our customers wait.” Sakura excused herself.
“Alright then.” Tomoyo said, taking a knife in her hand, which made Sakura shiver, a thrill of fear and anticipation running down her spine.
Tomoyo placed the tip of the knife right above Sakura’s pussy, but instead of cutting, she moved the knife up the other girl's body teasingly slow until she reached her chest.
“Your perky nipples are just begging to be cut off, aren’t they?” Tomoyo asked. “I bet they would make a great hors d'oeuvre.”
Sakura held her breath as Tomoyo moved the knife to her left nipple. With one skillful move Tomoyo sliced the nipple off, making Sakura grasp for air in pain. Despite her discomfort, Sakura didn’t complain a bit, since, along with the pain, came the pleasure of being turned into meat. Sakura held her breath again so that Tomoyo could cut off her other nipple, which Tomoyo did to their mutual joy, sliding the knife down, letting its silver edge part Sakura's sensitive flesh.

Tenderly, Tomoyo placed Sakura’s nipples on rice and put them on the plates one each, serving them to Meiling and Syaoran.
“Here you are. Please, enjoy your meal at our Cannibal Café!” she recited smiling broadly.
“Thanks!” Meiling answered, taking Sakura’s nipple and some rice with her chopsticks and placing it in her mouth. Carefully, Meiling began to chew. Sakura's nipple sushi almost melted in her mouth, the salty taste of Sakura's flesh delighting the other girl's tongue.
“Tastes alright.” Meiling commented lamely, though the way she savored this little piece of Sakura gave away that she was enjoying it far more than she was willing to admit. “Syaoran, eat your share too.”

Meanwhile Tomoyo left Sakura’s now nippleless chest alone and returned to her pussy. A single glance from her friend was enough hint for Sakura to spread her legs for easier access. Tomoyo once more placed the knife above Sakura’s pussy, but this time she was really going to put it in use, the mere idea of which made Sakura breathe heavily in anticipation.
Tomoyo gently cut in, making Sakura squeeze the edge of the cart and clench her teeth, moaning in pain. Yet, Sakura was determined to bear with it, for she found the greatest pleasure in being served as food, one that was worth any pain that went with it. As Tomoyo continued to cut through her flesh, expertly using the knife to remove one of Sakura's lower lips, Sakura couldn’t help but associate the pain itself with the pleasure of her transformation into meat, her moaning turning less pained, and more sensual.
“How kind of you to season your meat with more juice,” Tomoyo said teasingly as she finished carving. “Okay, here’s one labium… and here comes the other.” she commented as she proceeded to deftly remove the cut of Sakura she had indicated.

After cutting both Sakura’s lower lips off Tomoyo served them to Meiling and Syaoran, both of whom had just finished the appetizer.
“Time to go for real meat!” Meiling declared eagerly. “Let’s see what Kinomoto-san tastes like down there. Syaoran, you eat too!”
“Yeah, sure.” he answered, taking a bite of Sakura’s meat. “Mm, quite good,” he had to admit.
“Hmph! Even if it’s not bad, she could be better,” Meiling stated, but one could easily see through her scenic indifference that she actually enjoyed her meal a lot. “I bet I would taste better!” Meiling immodestly added.
Sakura couldn’t help but stare at the two eating her, wondering what she tasted like and how Meiling would taste in comparison.

Next came Sakura’s clitoris. Tomoyo paused in her work, leaving the blade just close enough to barely prick the tiny nub of flesh, letting Sakura's anticipation grow in response to her peril. Then, with a twitch of her wrist, Tomoyo severed it from her crush's body, drawing a short cry from Sakura before the pleasure of being meat hit her wreathing her face in smiles. Tomoyo smiled back teasingly.
“You’re totally loving it, aren’t you, Sakura-chan?” she asked.
“Yeah…” Sakura admitted with a blush.
“I knew you’d love it!” Tomoyo said. “That’s why I talked you into it in the first place.”
“Thank you, Tomoyo-chan…” Sakura answered embarrassed, but with all her soul.
Making Sakura happy filled Tomoyo’s heart with warm fuzzy feelings.

“I wonder how we can share it…” Meiling muttered, looking thoughtfully at Sakura’s clit. “Ah, I think I’ve got it!”
Meiling took Sakura's severed clit between her teeth without biting it and leaned across the table towards Syaoran. The boy got the idea and blushed in embarrassment, but didn’t resist and let Meiling kiss him. Then she cut the clit in two with her teeth and pushed one half into Syaoran’s mouth.
“My, my!” Tomoyo commented. “How romantic! Don’t you think, Sakura-chan?”
“Mm-hm”, Sakura agreed a bit shyly, but she was genuinely glad for Meiling and Syaoran that eating her not only brought them gastronomical pleasure, but also helped develop their relationship even further.

After a few more slices of Sakura’s pussy (with each of new slice it grew more and more obvious that Meiling not only enjoyed the taste, but was quite excited to be eating another girl) the time came for the next dish.

Tomoyo placed her knife atop Sakura’s belly, just beyond her navel, letting her see the blade, once a gleaming silver, now stained red with the young girl's blood. Sakura's eyes widened in anticipation of what was about to come. Slowly and precisely, so as not to damage the womb prematurely, Tomoyo began to carve. Sakura let out a cute moan, pain and pleasure having already become one for her over the course of the meal. Tomoyo started to cut. But the long-haired girl didn’t just cut straight down towards Sakura's ruined pussy, no. Instead Tomoyo first cut to the right, then down, to the left, up, and to the right again, returning to her starting point. Instead of making a small slit to get at the meat below, Tomoyo had cut off a whole square of Sakura’s belly.
Sakura stared in awe at Tomoyo as set aside the unneeded piece of skin and muscle, leaving a big square hole in Sakura's belly and completely exposing her womb. Tomoyo's choice made perfect sense to Sakura, since it allowed easier access to Sakura’s insides and, as meat Sakura wouldn’t be needing the rest of her belly anyway. She was meat now, and if cutting out a window to her womb made her easier to eat, then that was the best course as far as Sakura was concerned. As Tomoyo finished setting her belly aside, Sakura suddenly felt much weaker, but the thought of what was coming left her equally excited.

Tomoyo gently took Sakura’s womb into her left hand, making Sakura shiver from the completely new and weird, but not altogether unpleasant, sensation of her most private of parts being directly touched. Tenderly, Tomoyo pulled Sakura’s womb out of her body. Sakura kept a close eye on the show, totally fascinated by the sight of Tomoyo holding her womb in the palm of her hand. Tomoyo squeezed the organ slightly, letting Sakura explore the new sensation, and secretly wondering what it felt like, before finally cutting the life-giving organ from her friend's body. Sakura’s weakness grew, but she fought it, needing to watch how her most precious organs, never having been used, never having a chance to conceive and give birth, were turned into food at Meiling’s whim. The mere thought was enough to make Sakura feel aroused even without any sex organs intact to feel it in.

Sakura watched as Tomoyo sliced her womb to pieces and served them to Meiling and Syaoran. In her weakened state Sakura couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but it seemed that Meiling had finally become more honest and wasn’t hiding her enjoyment and excitement anymore, and that Syaoran had overcome his shyness and was also enjoying the meal to the fullest.
Sakura put a weak smile, happy for them. Then she saw the last dish being prepared. Her own ovaries. Tomoyo opened them up and placed on rice, serving them as Sakura Caviar. As Sakura saw the last part of her womanhood disappear into Meiling and Syaoran mouths, and them chewing her with an overjoyed look on their faces, her arousal exploded in an enormous orgasm, making all her body twitch uncontrollably with all her remaining strength to amusement of her viewers. And then, as suddenly as the orgasm started, Sakura’s body went limp, leaving an angelic smile of content on her now motionless face.
“Ah, Sakura-chan!” Tomoyo exclaimed. “Even your demise is so perfectly cute!”

The show made Meiling’s own arousal grow to the point where she couldn’t hold back anymore. As soon as she swallowed the last piece of her meal, she grabbed Syaoran’s hand and shouted out: “Come with me! I need a good fuck right now!” And she dragged him away hurriedly, not even waiting for him finishing his share.
“Oh, my!” Tomoyo said delightfully. “Seems I’ll have to leave the café to the other girls for a while. Now, where did I put my camera?”


Here's today's story. One that I have rewritten a number of times (actually another rewrite is still waiting for me to return to it) and never fully satisfied with the result. The first versions of this story were titled "Just another day at Tokyo-3 school".

Asuka Saves the Day

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, beheading, implied cannibalism, casual)

The bell sound announced the long break. It was the one long break in the week that was quite puzzling. To eat or not to eat: that was the question. You see, we had only one lesson left after the long break, so instead of eating lunch boxes in class or going to cafeteria, there was an option to wait a little longer and then have a full lunch at home. Perhaps, I would have done exactly that, but it wasn't that simple. The lesson after the long break was P.E., so it required some energy. It would be a bad idea to have P.E. on an empty stomach. So, “to eat” was an answer. Another question was: “how much?” Only long experience allowed you to figure out the exact amount of food, which gave you enough energy, yet wasn't too much to make you nauseated during P.E.

And actually, after half a year of such a timetable, most of us had enough experience and it wasn't a problem anymore. However, there was another thought that occupied my mind. I turned back to see Rei sitting at her desk, looking out the window. The blue-haired girl was ignored by most of the boys, but not by me. I noticed her the moment I first walked into the classroom. Quiet and docile, she reminded me of my own self. As I knew her better I discovered she was truly an angel. No word described her better. She was so selfless she didn't care for her own self at all. I couldn't help but admire that quality of her and hope sometime I can learn to be just like her.

Every day during the long break, Rei just sits and looks out of window. I never saw her bringing a lunch box from home, and she doesn't go to cafeteria either. And when she sits there alone, while everyone gathers in groups to eat and chat, it looks really sad. Doesn't she have any friends? I don't think she had any before I transferred, but I hope I deserved the right to call myself her friend, at least I was really trying to be one. Yet, I never kept her company during the long break. It wasn't a problem for me to come up to her and have a chat, at any other time we enjoyed the company of each other. But during the long break there was lunch. If I sit in front of her eating, while she has nothing, it would be really awkward if not rude. So, I had prepared a lunch box for her too, and it clearly was a step beyond friendship. I did want to make this step, but it took me some time to gather the courage. And finally, here am I with two lunch boxes.

Naturally, I felt nervous. Even if we have seen each other almost every day for half a year, and became good friends, it will be the first time for me to clearly show my romantic interest in her. For a moment I even thought if I gaining a little more courage and trying another time. But then I thought: “what would Rei do in my place?” It was the question I asked myself every time I wasn't sure. And as always the answer was: she wouldn't hesitate. Neither should I. So, after taking a deep breath, I approached her and offered the lunch box. She stared at it puzzled.

”Is that for me?” she finally asked.

”It is,” I answered. “May I keep you company?”

Rei nodded in confirmation. I turned the chair in front of her desk to face it and took a seat. While casually opening my lunch box, I watched how Rei carefully opened hers. I didn't want to hurry her, as she studied the contents.

Knowing Rei is a vegetarian, I didn't put any meat in it. There were fruit salad and tamagoyaki (a couple of weeks ago, pretending to be just curious of vegetarianism, I asked her if she ate eggs, and it appeared she did). This menu was not only due to Rei's diet, but also because of the upcoming PE lesson. One would think meat would be more appropriate, but when the PE is just about to begin, what you really need is something quickly assimilated. That's why I had the same in my lunch box (and also I thought having something different would make Rei wonder if mine is tastier, and it wasn't a thought I would like to be on her mind).

”Did you fix it yourself?” she asked.

”Especially for you” I added.

Rei opened her mouth without saying anything and her eyes widened just a bit. Most wouldn't even notice, but I knew she was completely taken aback. No one has done something just for her before. It took her some time come out with response.

”Thank you” she pronounced carefully and then asked: “was that the right word?”

”I'd like you to try it,” I said.

”Sorry” she replied, “it was the first time I spoke that word.”

”Oh, no, it wasn't a mistake,” I hurried to assure her, “What I meant is I want to know if my cooking is to your liking.”

”I see,” she gave it a thought. “Then I will try it.”

Rei took the chopsticks and as carefully as she does everything took a piece of pear in her mouth. She chewed it thoroughly, and after finally swallowing it, she concluded: ”It's sweet,”

”So, do you like it?” I asked.

”I think I do,” Rei said.

It appears, sweets are also new to her. It's a little sad. But, on the other hand, how much else could she experience as something new and intriguing, which would be just common things to others? Introducing Rei to those experiences makes me see them in a new way. And also, there are a lot of things in a world I don't know either. I feel that discovering them together with Rei would make those new experiences more rewarding for both of us.

I also started with fruit salad and we almost finished eating eat, when Asuka returned to the class. Having all my attention on Rei, I hadn't notice that the redhead left the class in the first place and assumed she was eating lunch with class rep as she usually does. Asuka and Hikari are very good friends and often spend time together, but, apparently, not today. Asuka also claimed to be friends with me and Rei. And in spite of her sometimes excessive obtrusiveness, she was a beautiful girl and an outstanding personality. She could even become my love interest, if not for Rei, so I liked to think of her as a friend too.

Right from the door Asuka purposefully headed towards us. Her face was shining as if she came up with a brilliant solution to a problem no one else could solve. I wonder if that solution somehow included the massive serrated knife in her hands. Without a word Asuka went to a desk behind Rei and took a seat. Then she spoke: ”Idiot, can you lend me our blue-haired friend for a minute?”

It was a bad habit of hers not to address people by their names. Yet, why I had to be an idiot, while Rei was just blue-haired?

”If you don't see, we're having lunch,” I answered.

”Oh, don't worry about lunch,” Asuka smirked. “She won't need it anymore.”

”What do you mean?”

”I could use a head,” Asuka proclaimed, showing her knife.

”So what, are you going to cut off Rei's head?” It was some kind of joke, wasn't it?

”Well, of course,” Asuka answered in all seriousness. “How else can I get it?”

No way, she was serious!? Well, it was quite like her, but it was still sudden. Asuka is going to put the girl I love to death, destroying our future together and all the experiences we are going to share. That's certainly not how I imagined this day. My first impulse was to tell Asuka there's no way I would let her take Rei from me. But before I spoke, I stopped myself with the same question again: “what would Rei do in my place?” Or, rather than that, what would she do if I don't interfere? Would she be taken aback by such an unreasonable request? Would she decline politely? Or would she actually let Asuka have her way? I really wanted to know that.

”Then you should ask Rei, not me,” I answered to Asuka.

”Ah, so idiot doesn't mind?” Asuka grinned. “Well then, blue-haired, are you ready to give your life for my selfish whim?”

Rei did not spend a moment thinking whether or not to grant the request. She just nodded as if she couldn't care less for her life. She'd always been like that, not caring for her own self, even a bit, but I always wondered how far that selflessness of her went. Seeing that it went all the way to letting her life be taken on the first request made me feel relieved. Now I knew for sure Rei was truly an angel. Knew that image of Rei I admired and fell in love with was Rei's true self, not my idealized impression of her.

Rei had just finished the fruit salad, so she put her chopsticks aside. From that casual gesture you could never guess it weren't just the chopsticks she put aside, but also her life. For Rei it wasn't much difference. I would be disappointed in her if I saw her clinging to life. Yet, while I was glad that Rei justified my confidence in her, I couldn't help but want to spend some more time with her. Even if it was just for the lunch. That's why I asked: ”Won't you finish it?”

”I won't,” Rei said shortly.

”Why? Was I wrong putting the eggs in it?”

”Eggs are fine,” Rei said. “But as Asuka said, I won't need it anymore.”

”I see,” I said with relief that using eggs was not a mistake.

”Letting me eat it would be a waste of food,” Rei continued. “It will be better if someone else eats the rest.”

”Oh, really?” Asuka cut in. “Then can I have it after I kill you?”

”Sure,” Rei answered. “Help yourself.”

”Well, shall we start then?” Asuka said, bringing the knife to Rei's throat.

While Rei was waiting for Asuka patiently, doubts suddenly began to fill my mind. For Rei her own death wasn't a big deal, but what about me? Just to think of it, a minute more and I'll never see Rei's smile again, never again I will hear her voice, and never again I will be able to touch her.

”Wait a minute!” I decidedly stopped Asuka.

”What's wrong?” she asked, disappointedly removing the knife.

Just in time I realized why Rei's death was worrying me so much. It wasn't because I won't be able to spend time with her. As much as I wanted to stay with her longer, I've already decided that exploring Rei's personality was more important. But what really bothered me is that after Rei is gone, I won't be able to reveal my feelings to her. There's no way I could let her go without telling her how much I love her. That's it. I had to tell it right now. ”I want to talk to Rei,” I explained to Asuka.

”Well, I guess she has the right for a final statement,” Asuka agreed.

Still, I didn't know what to say. Just a minute ago it felt like we had all time in the world and now it's our last moment together. I didn't want to rush our relationship, but I had no choice now. So, I'll just have to tell it straight. I took Rei's hands in mine and looked in her eyes. She was staring back at me with barely noticeable embarrassment over my gesture, waiting for what I was going to say. All right, take a breath and tell her, ”I love you, Rei.”

Rei blushed and looked away. So cute! “I appreciate your feelings,” she answered.

”Death is really not a big deal for you,” I sighed.

”Would you want me to decline?” Rei asked.

”Above all I want you to be yourself,” I assured her. “But death is still sad.”

There's no sadness in death,” she replied, “once dead I will feel nothing, experience nothing, no, not even that,” Rei tried to find better words. “Feeling nothing would assume feeling, but there will be no feeling in the first place. There will be no ‘me' who could feel. Rather than sadness or happiness it's just nothingness.”

”That's good for you you're not going to feel sad,” I said sincerely. “But what about me?”

What?” she didn't understand.

”Don't you think I'll be sad for you?” I asked.

”You don't seem to understand. My very existence will be no more,” she emphasized. “There will be no ‘me' to feel sad for.”

”You make death sound so easy,” I sighed. “But what about life? Just think of all those experiences you could have, we could share. Don't you regret losing them?”

”I'll lose unpleasant experiences along with pleasant ones,” Rei said. “It sounds fair to me.”

”Are you saying you're trying to avoid unpleasant experiences by dying?” I was confused. It sounded like weakness, totally inappropriate for an angel.

”I'm neither longing for death nor escaping unpleasant things,” Rei explained. “Here's what I'm trying to say. If I live, I will have a lot of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. In sum it's effectively zero. If I die, I will have no experiences at all, which is still zero. They're equal. Therefore I see no sense in preferring life to death or vice versa.”

”Ah,” I sighed with relief, “so it's not like you have any suicidal tendencies.”

”Of course not,” Rei replied almost chuckling over the absurdness of such a thought.

”Then go on and die,” I could finally say with ease. “I won't feel sad for you,” I assured her.

”And at last we can start,” Asuka sighed impatiently. “We can, can't we?”

Rei looked at Asuka's knife. It looked really scary. ”I don't believe I can handle the pain,” Rei said putting her hands in mine.

”Maybe we can find a guillotine?” I suggested.

”Are you an idiot?” Asuka said. “It's a school, not a torture chamber.”

”That won't be necessary,” Rei said. “I only ask Ikari-kun to hold me tight so I don't break free when panic hits me.”

”Well, of course,” I said, squeezing her hands tighter. “I do care for you after all.”
Rei replied to that with an uncertain look.

”Only while you're alive,” I specified. “I won't care for nonexistent.”
Rei nodded now fully confident in me.

”Okay, here we go then,” with a gesture Asuka asked Rei to lift up her head a little and positioned a knife against her throat. “You were really good friend, Rei. I knew I could count on you.”

”Thank you,” Rei replied. “I'm glad to be of help.”

Asuka made the first small cut, more like a scratch, and a drop of blood came out. It was such a contrast to her pale skin. Rei squeezed my hands, bracing herself for the upcoming pain, and I returned the gesture. Asuka cut a little deeper and now a string of blood was slowly running down Rei's neck. It looked surprisingly beautiful. Rei slightly moaned from the pain and instinctively tried to pull her hands out of mine to reach the source of this pain. I squeezed her hands tight not to let her do it.

”Hold on,” I said to her. “I'm with you.”

Rei relaxed her hands again and looked at me guilty for her involuntary actions and grateful for my support. Then with the next cut Asuka pushed the knife with all her force and finally reached the throat. Rei's lungs immediately started to flood with blood, and more blood came out the cut. Rei's previously calm face twisted in a grimace of painful panic. Tears poured out of her eyes, she tried to scream, but only managed to produce gurgling sounds and cough with blood. She almost pulled her hands out of mine and tried to shake her head. Asuka had to hold Rei's head with her free hand.

”Hey, I can't proceed like that!” Asuka said. “Do something with her.”

Rei's convulsions drew the attention of the rest of the class, and everyone was now watching wondering what's going on. Kensuke even started filming. None of that concerned me, as I was trying to reach Rei through her panic.

”Rei! Listen to me!” I shouted to bring her back to her senses. “It won't take long. The pain will end along with your life. Don't resist!”

But her pain was too much, my words didn't reach her. It was painful to see Rei like this. But it seemed just words weren't enough to distract her from pain. If I wanted to break Rei's panic, I had to act. I took one of her delicate fingers and decisively broke it. As senseless as it would seem, the new source of pain broke Rei's concentration on the old one. A faint light of conscience appeared in her eyes. While it wasn't gone I hurried to continue speaking to her:

”Remember, Rei, you're dying,” I said. “Just bear with it a little longer and you'll fall into so tempting nothingness.”

Rei concentrated on that thought, it becoming an anchor keeping her from losing it again. With an effort she stopped shaking her head and soundlessly, just with her lips spoke: ”Break more,” she pleaded.

”Nothing can prevent your death now,” I assured her as I broke one more of her fragile gentle fingers. “No need to fight.”

Accepting the inevitability of death made Rei calm down. I nodded giving Asuka a sign to proceed. She nodded back and continued to cut deeper. Rei wasn't trying to pull her hands out of mine anymore, just jerking a little with every cut.

”You're dying, Rei,” I continued to reassure her, looking into her eyes. “You're going to die.”

As I spoke I didn't hesitate to break more of her lovely fingers. It could seem a waste to ruin such a beauty, but I knew she wouldn’t need them anymore, so I didn't hold back. Every time I did so, Rei looked less like she was suffering and more like she was welcoming her fate. Encouraged by her reaction, I went on and on.

”Die, my love,” I said tenderly while breaking her fingers. “Die completely, irreparably. Die with both your body and your mind. Let your whole existence be nullified.”

I already broke all Rei's fingers except her thumbs, when Asuka finally reached some major blood vessels. A stream of blood spurted out right into my face. I heard some girls scream in surprise and our classmates had to take a step back not to be stained in blood. However, I didn't have that luxury. I was grateful that at least the blood missed my eyes. The fact that it stained my face, then my clothes and finally was pouring on the table with both unfinished lunchboxes was not my concern at that moment. The only thing that mattered was Rei's decapitation happening before my eyes.

”Did you see that?” I said teasingly. “You made such a mess!”

I didn't expect her to answer, but to my surprise she did. ”The pain,” Rei spoke calmly with her lips, “it's fading.”

”That's a good sign!” I said. “Your brain is starting to die.”

Rei welcomed the news with a peaceful smile.

I was watching Rei closely as Asuka cut deeper and deeper, and more blood was pouring out Rei's neck and it seemed like that blood was life itself leaving her body. It was so beautiful. Rei was a cute girl herself, but now she was wearing such a pacified facial expression that I never seen from her before, and also her skin became even paler than usual because of blood loss. Everything was perfect in that scene. Even the blood that covered all her neck below the cut and soaking her uniform was only adding to the image.

Yet, a thought came to my mind that Rei would look even more appealing without the blood on the chin that flowed out of her mouth. It wasn't flowing anymore, so there was just a little on her chin and lips, and maybe some left in the mouth. Well, maybe it wasn't the blood that really bothered me. Maybe I was just looking for an excuse. The experience of watching Rei dying, being with her at her final moments, comforting and cheering her while breaking her fingers at her own request appeared to be too much for me. It was nothing like sadness and grief one could expect, instead there was an overflowing feeling of intimacy. And that feeling had to be expressed.

I leaned closer and licked the blood from Rei's chin. She was surprised for the moment, but as I proceeded to her lips, she got the idea and surprise changed to embarrassed anticipation. She might have even blushed if only the blood could reach her head. Instead her heart rate increased and the blood poured out on me with new force. But being covered in blood didn't bother me. For me it was only a sign that Rei was as excited as me. So, at last, I did what I couldn't even dream about just a few minutes ago. I kissed Rei.

”Woo hoo!” I heard Touji commenting as my lips touched Rei's. It was just a light kiss, but the taste of her blood. Not the taste itself, but it being the proof Rei was dying, increased the sensation ten times. Not only I was kissing the girl I love, and not only she was dying on my hands, but both of that happened together. It's embarrassing to admit, but the certain part of my body felt tight in my pants. It made the urge to proceed further irresistible, all the more so as I already had an excuse that the inside of Rei's mouth also needed cleaning from blood. So I stuck out my tongue once again and pressed it between Rei's lips. She didn't resist me opening her mouth like that and I proceeded deeper. As my tongue entered her mouth, I started exploring it, intoxicated by the increased taste of blood. I was trying to feel every bit of her oral cavity and extract every bit of blood as if by such an act I was drawing her life from her. But before I could complete that ritual something happened so unexpected that it made me forget any thoughts I had. Rei was responding to the kiss!

Rei's tongue started to move inside her own mouth first, but every next movement was more energetic and bold. Before I knew it she was exploring my mouth with the same passion I explored hers. For a moment she even took the lead, but immediately corrected the overshoot, deliberately adjusting to my pace. That was amazing energy for someone so far beyond the point of no return. Did her body, being on the verge of death, put its hidden reserves to use? Or was she doing it on pure willpower? Either way she was remarkable. Being so lively while almost dead, she was really having best from both words.

Rei's actions were certainly much more then appreciating my love to her. With that kiss she was telling me she loves me back. Realizing our mutual love made me feel such a unity with Rei like we weren't even different entities anymore, but one. It made Rei's death as insignificant for me as it was for her. Every day a person loses a million of skin cells. For united me-and-Rei entity losing Rei was no different. Realizing it allowed me not just accept Rei's death, but welcome it as much as she did.

As we continued our passionate kiss, suddenly Rei's arms that I was still holding went limp. That was it! She's dead! Before I had time to think so, the pressure in my pants released, creating a wet spot. I came from Rei's death! Rei's life that I sucked with her blood, it was like I've let it pass through myself and then released it with the semen. I concentrated my consciousness on cumming to release as much semen as possible. I wasn't even bothered that everyone was watching when I helped my penis with my hands through the pants. With every pulse I felt glory as I spitted out another portion of Rei's life. I was dedicated to make sure there's nothing left, not a drop of it, as if in other case Rei won't properly die.

And even if it was just a coincidence, I appeared to be right. When I finished cumming and looked back at Rei I realized she was still alive. She didn't die, it was just Asuka severing the connection between Rei's brain and body. As her body no more received commands from the brain it went limp, and while cumming I broke the kiss, so I didn't notice that her head was alive all along.

Rei's body being limp also meant that instead of her head being supported by the body, it was now Rei's body supported in its almost vertical position only by the still uncut part of Rei's neck, while Rei's head was held by Asuka. Redhead couldn't continue like this, so I had to take Rei's head in my own hands. They were wet with cum and Rei certainly felt it. But we were far beyond the point where it concerned either of us. Rei saw me cumming in the first place and in my eyes she read what I was thinking. And in her eyes I read she was touched by such thoughtfulness of mine.

Rei looked sleepy, but still conscious.

”So, what is it like not to feel your body?” I asked curiously as Asuka continued to cut.

”I feel free,” Rei answered with her lips, ”from all the cares in the world.”

”I bet it will be even better once your head is completely disconnected,” I said. “Let's see if you can hold long enough.”

”Okay,” she answered shortly and concentrating on staying awake.

”That's my girl!” I said proudly and kissed her again. This time I let her take the lead, but with time, as Rei's brain continued to die, it became harder to her. Then I gently captured her tongue with my teeth. With her death being imminent there was no sense in restraining myself, all the more so as I've already broke her fingers. Rei also believed that, so she didn't mind when with a sharp bite I bitten off her tongue. After all, after us becoming one, it's no different than moving from one pocket to another. I swallowed it and now a part of Rei would be always in me not only mentally, but also physically. Rei seemed to find it to be inventive of me to come up with such an idea. I hope Asuka's need for head doesn't include the tongue.

I pushed my tongue back to Rei's mouth, playing with her stump of the tongue. Now my domination was unhindered. Rei didn't enjoy her new submissive role any less then leading one. I guess she would say they both had their pluses and minuses just like life and death, so there's no difference.

It was incredible how slowly time went. It felt like day has already to be at its end, though of course not more than a minute really passed. But during that minute a year's keep of emotions, impressions, intimacy was experienced by me and Rei. Neither of us would have changed it to a fast guillotine.

At last Asuka finished the cut. I broke the kiss to see what happened. Rei's body lost its support and leaned forward, its neck stump facing me and pouring out blood all over me and the table. Gladly Rei's heart has already stopped, so the flow ended shortly. I held the head in its place above the body. As the knife no longer interfered, all remaining blood from the head freely gushed on her body, completely dyeing Rei's body and uniform in red. It also meant no blood remained in her head to keep her brain at least barely alive.

”Fading away,” Rei barely moved her lips as life rapidly abandoned her.

”What's it like?” I hurried to ask her. “Are life and death really equal?”

”Was wrong,” I more guessed her words rather then read them. “Death better.”

And on that death-affirming note she died. This time it wasn't accompanied by glorious orgasms or anything, she just quietly and peacefully discontinued to live. I brought her head closer and softly kissed her lips while watching right into her dead eyes. No reaction. Rei was always somewhat passive, but this time there was no reaction at all. Her now pale lips didn't respond, her eyes indifferently stared into nothingness. There was no spark of life anywhere. Rei was beautiful alive, but that was a kind of beauty I've been used to. Now that I saw her dead and it struck me how she wasn't less beautiful than when alive, only now it was a different, dead kind of beauty, which made it even more special.

Rei was as dead as stone and it was delightful. Her body is still here, sitting in front of me, her head is in my hands. I can touch it, stroke its hair, and kiss it in the lips as much as I want, but nowhere will I find Rei. Such a being just didn't exist anymore. How could this be possible? Life's end appeared to be no less a wonder than its creation.

Asuka gestured me to put the head on the table. At first I looked around to find some paper to underlie Rei's head, but since the table was already covered in blood, I just put the head on it. Along with the table, Rei's body was also covered in blood. And there must be even more blood on the floor. As the show ended classmates returned to minding their business.

”Now that's a mess,” I sighed. “I hope whatever you have in mind for the head is worth it.”

Just several minutes ago I couldn't imagine I would say that. I would consider the mess nothing compared to Rei's life. So, I would probably ask if Asuka's idea was worth taking Rei's life rather than if it worth the mess. But just like Rei said, once she ceased to exist, disregarding her came surprisingly natural.

”Don't worry about the mess,” Asuka replied. “I gave Hikari my lunch for helping to clean the mess.”

I see, that's why she was so happy when Rei allowed her to finish hers. But both Rei's and my lunchboxes were filled to the brim with her blood now. Yet it didn't stop Asuka from taking Rei's lunchbox and eating the blood-soaked tamagoyaki as if it was a delicacy.

”But you could really use a shower,” Asuka added.

”Yeah, that's true,” I had to agree. “But I guess I’ll finish my lunch first.”

I took a bit of the bloody tamagoyaki. I didn't hesitate to taste blood as I've already drunk a lot of it from kissing Rei. It also appeared to be not a bad sauce to add some variety to simple tamagoyaki.

”Wait a minute!” Asuka just realized: “If we have shower rooms attached to the locker rooms, why didn't we cut Rei's head there? That would have save us from the mess.”

”Why do you ask me? It was your idea in the first place,” I pointed out.

”Damn it! I was so carried away I didn't think of it.”

”That's so like you,” I couldn't help but laugh.

”Idiot,” Asuka muttered, but joined me laughing.

Surprisingly Rei's death didn't make me feel sad, it didn't even make me feel loss. On the contrary it made me feel easy as a weight off my mind. No more Rei, so no need to worry about her, our relationship or whatever. I could laugh sincerely over the mess she made with all that blood while she was dying, and it felt wonderful.

”Ah,” Asuka sighed as she stopped laughing. “To tell the truth, I didn't expect it to be so easy. Of course, I didn't doubt Rei, but I thought you would protest some more.”

”I wanted to object initially,” I admitted. “But then I realized if I wanted to be confident in Rei she had to face the choice of life and death sooner or later. And in case she would disappoint me, it's better to come sooner than later. Luckily, she justified my trust in her.”

”I see,” Asuka said. “You must have really loved her.”

”I did,” I nodded. “But now I can look at other girls and not be fixed on Rei. It's kinda refreshing. Guess I have to thank you for that.”

”The pleasure was mine,” Asuka giggled. “So, do you already have someone in mind?” she asked curiously.

”Not so fast,” I answered with a smile.

”By the way,” I said, “I guess I can wash that blood off my body, but what about my clothes? They look irreparable.”

”Ha-ha, that's true,” Asuka laughed. “Why don't you wear it like this? Let's say it's a new fashion.”

”A new fashion, huh? I'll buy it only if you change your clothes with Rei. Ah, I know! You only take Rei's head now, not the body, right?”

”Right, why?”

”Then let's make it a challenge whoever wears bloody clothes longer gets Rei's body.”

I meant it to be a joke, but Asuka loved challenges so much, she took it seriously.

”I'm in,” she said. “I guess I'll just bury the body though.”

”Oh, I can't let that happen,” I replied. “A grave will be like a part of her existence that's not gone. I'll make sure to win not to allow you to do it.”

”By the way,” I said. “What exactly do you have in mind for the head?”

”You'll see that soon,” Asuka said as she finished her lunch. “That was tasty.”


”I wasn't thanking you, idiot,” she said teasingly, “I was thanking Rei for the blood.”

”Ah, you're always like this,” I sighed as I also finished my lunch. “Alright, it's time to go.”

We lined up on the sports ground. The teacher stood before us, holding his hands behind his back.

”We had football planned for today,” he said.

The class cheered.

”But, unfortunately, we ran out of balls.”

The mood instantly dropped.

”We ordered more balls, but they will only arrive tomorrow,” the teacher continued. “However,” he paused for a moment to get our attention. “Sohryu-kun found a solution.”
From behind his back he produced Rei's head!

”It's not a ball, but it's round and about the same size,” the teacher said. “So, thanks to Sohryu-kun we still have football today!”

The class cheered even more than before. As the saying goes: to make someone good, make them bad, and then return as it was. But to use Rei's head as a replacement for the ball, Asuka surely was a genius!

We divided to teams as usual, boys against girls. Except before there was one more girl in our class than there were boys, so one of the girls had to sit on the bench. And most of the time it was Rei. Now she didn't have to stay aside and could participate in the most central role in the game, the one of the ball.

I was not a good athlete, so as usual I was on the gates. It meant most of the time I could relax and enjoy the view of classmates kicking Rei's head around the field. But finally it headed my side. I concentrated. Asuka kicked the ‘ball' and it flew in the air, ready to enter the gates, but I caught it. I looked at the ‘ball’. It was all beaten and dirty, one eye and half of the teeth missing, nose broken. The students surely didn't hold back to use all their force on the ‘ball', and have fun. That was the only moment when I regretted Rei was dead. Not the fact of her death by itself of course, I was sure it was the right thing. But I wished she could have lasted as a living head at least to the end of the game and enjoy it with us. After all, that was what Rei gave her life for in the first place, but she never even had chance to know that. Anyway I was glad to know everyone who is still alive was having fun. I looked over the field and saw practically no girls were around Touji. So I passed the ‘ball' to him with a strong kick. The game continued.

It was a tense game until the end. The girls won, breaking the draw in a final moment, but still everyone had a lot of fun. Maybe even more than usual, ‘cause it's not every day that you have a chance to play football with your classmate's severed head. Speaking of which, Rei's head was all ruined, hardly resembling Rei anymore. I smiled, ‘cause every bruise marked a portion of fun from today's game. I showed the head to the teacher and he said, “It's so ruined it can't even serve as a ball anymore. That’s not a big problem though, ‘cause we'll have new balls as soon as tomorrow.“

So I just threw Rei's head in the trash. I took my time, watching as the flies swarmed it. It looked, well, maybe not exactly beautiful, ‘cause it's waste after all, but it certainly looked right. Among all that rotten food garbage and swarming flies a selfless angel like Rei looked perfectly on her place. I'm sure she would have been happy to know such an end awaited her. Maybe I can make it even more appropriate? I looked around to make sure no one was looking. Then I unzipped my fly and emptied my bladder right at Rei's head. My beloved Rei willingly gave her life on the first request. Leaving her to rot with other waste and peeing on her was the least I could do to honor her ultimate act of selflessness.

When I returned to the classroom, Rei's body lay on the table, naked and covered in dried blood. It was beautiful. I don't know how much time would have passed before I had a chance to see her naked if Asuka hadn't killed her. But now I can admire Rei's perfect body as much as I like, and the blood stains only added to that. Rei's death continued to delight me more and more.

Hikari was cleaning the blood from the classroom, and Asuka was now dressed in Rei's blood-soaked uniform.

”Does it suit me?” she asked as she saw me.

”It's the clothes of the friend you killed soaked in her blood,” I said. “After you killed her you put on her clothes to commemorate it. There's no way it wouldn't suit you.”


”Do you intend to wear it?”

”Hikari said it suits me without the senseless speech like yours, so I trust her opinion.”

”By the way, why Rei?” I asked.


”Why did you choose to use Rei's head, not someone else's?”

”She's my best friend, that's why,” Asuka answered. “I knew I could count on her.”

”I see,” I nodded. “Come to think of it, if I needed to cut someone's head, I would have come to Rei too.”


”Okay, okay, now that she's gone I'll cut your head next, okay?”

”Hmpf! I'll cut Hikari's.”

”Are you speaking of me?” Hikari overheard.

”I'm saying I trust you,” Asuka explained. “If I need another head, I'll come to you. I can count on you, can't I?”

”Well, of course!” Hikari answered. “I trust you the same.”

”So, what do we do to the body?” I asked.

”Yeah, we'll need to keep it somewhere until the challenge is over,” Asuka agreed.

”Perhaps I can be of help,” Hikari said. “My family runs a restaurant and we can keep the body in the refrigerator.”

”Sounds good,” Asuka agreed. “Just don't mistake it for meat,” she said jokingly.

”Actually, if none of you claim it for a while, I intend to use it as meat,” Hikari answered seriously. “It would be a waste to just let it rot.”

”That's it!” I realized. “To hell the challenge, we've already found out that bloody clothes look stylish, no sense in making it a challenge anymore. And none of us really have a use for the body. Then why don't just let Hikari use it as meat right away?”

”Now that you put it that way, it makes sense,” Asuka agreed. “Alright, Hikari, consider it yours!”

”Thank you,” Hikari answered. “Rei's going to be main dish tonight.”

It was a little awkward leaving Hikari to clean the classroom, while me and Asuka left for home, but Hikari told us she was already paid with both Asuka's lunch and Rei's body, so it was okay. On our way we passed by the trash where I left Rei's head. Some crows were now fighting for it, tearing pieces of meat apart. I stopped to look at it.

”You know,” I said to Asuka. “I could never imagine having my love killed would be so delightful.”

”Whatever, just let's go,” she insisted. “It stinks here.”

I had to go along with redhead. “I just wanted to say thank you,” I said. “You made that experience possible for me. And for Rei. In the end she said death was better. I thank you on her behalf too.”

”Thank you doesn't pay the bills, you know,” Asuka said.

”Huh? What do you want?”

“Well, what about a, you know, date?”

”Don't see why not. When?”

”Why not tonight? I know one good restaurant nearby.”

”Ah, let me guess,” I said. “It's called ‘Horaki's', isn't it?”

”Actually it's called ‘Three Sisters', but you got the point,” Asuka grinned.


I also have an idea for a sequel titled Asuka Saves the Night. Shinji and Asuka come to the resaurant only to find it overcrowded. Apparently, when the Horaki sisters' advertisment that they are serving girl meat today worked better then they expected and now Rei's meat alone is not enough for everyone. Hikari (the restaurant's cook, while Kodama is the manager and Nozomi is a waitress) asks Asuka to help and be cooked and Asuka sees no reason to refuse helping a friend and saving the night for the restaurant. Hikari cooks cooperating Asuka as Shinji watches (and maybe also helps). Seeing how Shinji appears to be experienced in cooking, after finishing cooking Asuka and realizing it might still not be enough, Hikari asks him to cook her too and take her place as the restaurant's cook. I probably wouldn't write a second cooking scene as it would just repeat the first one. But if someone else writes it and feels confident enough to describe two cooking scenes in one story, it might be nice to see how Nozomi runs in from time to time to pick another piece of Rei or Asuka while Hikari is being cooked and chat casually with Hikari as if the fact she is being cooked is not worthy of attention.
As usual, feel free to take that idea and write on it if you feel like it, or write any other sequel or whatever insipred by this story.


And here's an idea, not really well-detailed one, but talking of innocent children's games in the other thread (see Heads for a nice shota hanging story) reminded me of it, so I decided to post it.

Garage Party

(an idea of children torturing and snuffing each other as a fun game)

A group of kids in a garage explore different tools to find creative ways to hurt and kill themselves. Everyone has lots of fun.
- electric drill
- hammer and nails
- car battery (electrocution)
- pliers
- vise
- etc.
In the end anyone alive finish themselves with starting the car with the garage closed, so they suffocate of exhaust gas.

Damn, this had even less text than I thought. Anyway, as usual, feel free to use this idea for your fiction however you like.


Welcome back.
This new story idea is interesting, but electrocution with car battery made me LOL.
Only way how car battery can kill someone is if it falls on the head.


Well, maybe not electrocution, just some electric play.


12v will not even tickle
But maybe your idea of electric play is to connect car battery to the nails recently hammered into flesh somewhere , in that case it will work somewhat.


Ah! So it's not a car battery, but a charging device for it that is used for torture like in movies? Well, then the kids will use that too. Sorry for being an idiot about anything concerning real life, like car batteries :-)

Since I forgot to post a story tomorrow, I'll post a longer one today.


(Frozen, Elsa/Anna, freezing, cooking, cannibalism, all consensual)

Just a few of days remained until the coronation and the preparations were in high gear. The palace was full with servants doing all the different things to ensure the coronation would go without a hitch. Anna had never seen the palace being so lively. And even more amazing, they even managed to drag Elsa out of her room and force her to supervise the preparations. Elsa was quite reluctant about it, but it was her own coronation after all, and she more than anyone else wanted to be sure nothing would go wrong, so she took to the supervising role with a sense of responsibility.
As soon as Anna learned that Elsa was out of her room she started searching for her sister throughout the palace. However, Elsa was purposefully avoiding Anna, and had even managed to do so successfully for several days. The palace was rather large after all, and for during the night Elsa had the guard report to her when Anna gave up for that day and went to bed, so that Elsa could use this time to sneak in and out of her room.
This continued day after day and before the girls noticed it, they realized that they both found this improvised hide-and-seek to be quite fun, reminding them of their carefree childhood when they used to play together a lot. Maybe that’s why when Anna finally found Elsa she jumped on her sister to catch her and, of course, they ended up on the floor in each other’s arms.
Anna laughed sincerely. Elsa tried to pretend that she was mad, but she could only last a few seconds before she also burst out laughing. Elsa felt so… free. For the first time in a long-long time. The girls were just lying on the floor and laughing without a care in the world for a bunch of servants staring at them confusedly. They looked into each other’s eyes and without a word they knew they couldn’t let anything stand between them anymore. Overwhelmed with emotions Anna even wanted to give her sister a kiss, but Elsa suddenly changed her attitude back to cold and pushed Anna away.
“Why?” Anna asked, and was only a little shocked when her sister actually responded. “Let’s go to my room and I’ll tell you everything.”

And so she did. Elsa told Anna how she had always had the power to use ice magic and even demonstrated it a bit.
Anna was amazed. Elsa described how back when they were little they used it a lot in their games and how it led to an accident in which Elsa nearly killed Anna with her power and only trolls’ help saved Anna.
“So it wasn’t a dream? Wow…” Anna replied, awed, after Elsa explained how they had to erase Anna’s memory about magic and how Elsa had to hide her power. The Crown Princess related that as her powers grew stronger and stronger, the danger meant that she had to cease contact with people, even Anna. Elsa even apologized, expounding about how sorry she was for all those years she spent ignoring her sister for her own good..
“It’s all right,” Anna said. “What matters is we’re together now.”
She gave Elsa a hug, smiling fondly.
“Careful,” Elsa warned, “don’t touch my skin if you don’t want to be frozen.”
“I don’t mind being frozen if it’s by you,” Anna replied tenderly.
Elsa pushed Anna away again, this time gently, only to look deeply into her eyes.
“Do you really mean that?” Elsa asked seriously.
Anna looked back into her sister’s eyes. She couldn’t lie.
“Yes,” Anna whispered. “Why?”
“Well…” Elsa lowered her eyes. Her heart sped up at the mere thought! “No, that would be too much to ask…”
“C’mon, tell me!” Anna demanded. “Or are you going to hide from me again?” Anna trailed off softly, unsure if her new relationship with her sister would last.
“No, of course not!” Elsa assured her sister. “It’s just…” she hesitated a bit, but finally decided: “All right, it’s about the coronation.”
“I’ll do anything to make it the best coronation ever! Nothing's too good for you, sister.” Anna reassured her. She meant it too. After so long without her sister, after learning just how much Elsa had sacrificed for her, Anna would do anything to make this the perfect night for her.
“So, do you know of the old Arendelle tradition for a coronation to have ice statues of any siblings to the heir?” Elsa asked, still a bit nervous.
“Sure,” Anna nodded. “I’m looking forward to the coronation, so I’ve studied related stuff a bit. Wait, you, what, want to...?”
“… to freeze you with my power and use you as the statue? Yes,” Elsa nodded. “It was my dream since childhood to have you, Anna, the real you, not just a copy made by a sculptor, as the centerpiece of my coronation.”
“But doesn’t that tradition include breaking the ice statues as a symbol of the new monarch’s siblings not having any claims on the throne?” Anna asked. As she spoke she realized, quite to her surprise, that she found the thought of giving her life for her sister’s coronation rather appealing.
“Well… yes, it does,” Elsa confirmed reluctantly. “I’m not forcing…”
“Tell me more about it!” Anna demanded.

“Aren’t you a bit too eager?” Elsa noticed. “All right then, I’ll tell you about my deepest fantasy, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” the crown princess admonished her sister.
“Feel free to tell me anything on your mind,” Anna reassured her. “There’s nothing you can tell me that could possibly cause me to hate you.”
“Thank you,” Elsa said sincerely. It was the first time in ages Elsa could finally be sincere and open with her sister, and just the thought had her heart fluttering with joy. “So, I’ll begin the story, okay?”
“Are you teasing me? Just tell me already!” Anna demanded playfully.
“All right, all right!” Elsa gave up. “First, I’ll freeze you with my power. For that you’ll have to be naked.”
“Naked?” Anna got a bit embarrassed as she couldn’t even remember if they had even seen each other naked when they were little, not to mention the following years of Elsa’s isolation when they barely saw each other at all.
“Yes,” Elsa confirmed. “And by naked I mean totally naked,” she specified. “No underwear, not a single piece of clothing, just you, those freckles, a smile, and nothing else.”
“I've never heard that the statues have to be naked,” Anna couldn't help but notice.
“They don’t,” Elsa nodded, pausing a second before continuing. “But they don’t have to be clothed either.”
“So you just want to see me naked, then?” Anna smiled, catching on.
“I won’t deny it. Yes, I do,” Elsa admitted nervously. “It’s not the only reason though,” the crown princess continued.
“What’s the other?” Anna asked, intrigued.
“It’s purely pragmatic,” Elsa answered. “I can’t freeze you through your clothes. Nor can I freeze the clothes themselves.”
“I see,” Anna nodded, pausing for a second before the realization hit her. “Wait! So at the actual coronation I’ll be exhibited naked as well?”
The thought of not just her sister, but a crowd of strangers seeing her naked body made Anna feel even more embarrassed, though along with it Anna discovered another feeling as well… 'Oh my God, am I aroused by the thought of being naked in public?' Anna wondered to herself. 'Am I a pervert?'
“Yes, you will,” Elsa confirmed. “I mean, putting real clothes on an ice statue would look out of place, don’t you think?”
“Well... I can’t argue with that,” Anna said, noticing even if she didn't actually say it, that she didn’t want to argue even if she could. After all, that could accidentally lead to Elsa agreeing to let Anna have clothes, which Anna wasn’t so sure she wanted anymore. 'What am I even thinking…' Anna tried to get those thoughts out of her head. 'I’m a princess, not a whore!' But just thinking the word whore caused Anna to wonder what would happen if she was one.

“But you’re getting ahead of things,” Elsa said, trying to steer the conversation back. “Let’s get back to when I freeze you.”
“Right,” Anna nodded, not sure if she was glad or mad that Elsa had brought her out of her whorish thoughts.
“So, I’ll have you strip in front of me,” Elsa said. “But don’t worry, I’ll also strip... so you won’t feel that awkward,” Elsa paused suspiciously before quickly amending.
“Thanks, I guess,” Anna replied. “But why do I have the feeling that there’s more to your nakedness than just making me feel at ease?” The redhead teased.
“Ha-ha, am I that predictable?” Elsa wondered. “You're right. I intend to use my entire body to freeze you.”
Anna imagined their bodies intertwined, writhing together, her leg rubbing against her sister's pussy as her sister cupped hers with her hand. Anna felt her pussy heat up and realized that despite herself she found the mere thought of it quite arousing. 'So on top of all I’m attracted to girls?' she sighed mentally.
“I won’t just do it all at once though,” Elsa continued. “I’ll go slow. I want to savor the moment.”
“So do I,” Anna admitted unexpectedly, her eyes widening as the words escaped her lips. But almost as soon as the words left her, Anna relaxed. She wasn't attracted to girls, she was just attracted to one girl in particular, Elsa, her sister. And there’s nothing wrong with loving your sister, right?
“Of course you do,” Elsa gave Anna a sly smile. “They'll be your last moments as a person before I turn you into nothing more than a lump of ice to be shattered.”
Anna's heart beat faster as her sister's voice lingered on the word “shattered.”
“Oh, Elsa!” Anna pronounced with an actual moan, so aroused by her thoughts that she could barely control her own voice.

“So, I’ll start with fondling your tits,” Elsa continued and as she said it she actually placed her hands on Anna’s tits. Anna was already far too into it to stop Elsa. They were separated by both Elsa’s gloves and Anna’s blouse, but Anna couldn’t think of anything besides wondering what would happen if they weren’t. It wasn’t hard for Anna to imagine what would happen to her with Elsa explaining just that, step-by-step: “the mere touch of my bare fingers will freeze your beautiful tits and the freeze will spread around your body, even reaching your heart.”
“My heart is there for you…” Anna moaned as Elsa squeezed her tits.
“Once your heart is frozen, the process is inevitable,” Elsa explained. “Your heart will pump the freezing magic throughout your body.”
Anna imagined Elsa’s freeze spreading inside her to the every part of her body. How could something so cold be so hot?
“But that’s a slow process, so we’ll have enough time to have fun before you turn completely into ice,” Elsa continued.
“How do you know so much about how freezing a living person works?” Anna wondered idly as she struggled to control herself so as not to moan the question out obscenely.
“While fantasizing about freezing you, I experimented on mice,” Elsa answered easily, flicking Anna's nipples which were hard enough to discern even through her clothes.
“You're kidding?”
“Should I show them to you?”
“No-no-no, I believe you!” Anna hurried to reassure her sister. “I just hadn’t expect you to be that serious about it.”
“Aren't you?” Elsa asked raising an eyebrow as she took in Anna's flushed face. Her sister seemed just as excited by the soon-to-be-queen's fantasy as she was herself.
“I’m serious all right!” Anna confirmed. “Please don’t stop,” Anna said not sure herself if she meant for Elsa to keep explaining her fantasy, or to keep playing with her breasts.

“Good,” Elsa smiled. “As your chest is frozen I’ll hug you tight while moving my hands to your ass,” and as she spoke she did exactly that, carefully avoiding touching Anna’s head with hers. Anna could feel Elsa’s chilly breath on her face and a pair of naughty hands on her ass, squeezing it through her skirt.
'This is getting more and more dirty,' Anna thought to herself. 'Maybe I’m not the pervert here? At least, maybe I'm not the only one.' She liked the thought of sharing her perversion with her sister. It was like one more thing that made them closer.
“After freezing your ass, I’ll move one hand up your back and the other down your legs,” Elsa continued to tell and show. “Meanwhile in the front I’ll press my body against yours and entwine my legs with yours.”
There was so much contact that even through all the clothes that Anna could feel the way Elsa’s body radiated cold. It wasn’t at all disagreeable. Quite the contrary, it was so dear, it was the cold of her beloved sister. Anna closed her eyes and wished for the clothes separating them to disappear this very moment.

“After I also freeze your arms the only parts of you left unfrozen will be your head... and your pussy,” Elsa said, pausing dramatically.
“P… pussy?” Anna’s face turned deep red.
“Surprised by me saying ‘pussy’, huh?” Elsa grinned. “It’s not exactly how I imagined it when I was a child, but in all the years I was alone I had enough time to think my fantasies out and add some details,” she explained. “So guess what I am planning for your pussy?”
“I have no idea,” Anna responded almost immediately. She actually had a pretty good idea just what her sister had planned, but she wanted to hear Elsa say it.
“I’m going to eat you out,” Elsa said, licking her lips. Elsa didn’t try to lick Anna’s pussy through the clothes to demonstrate, that would either be futile due to all the layers of clothing in the way, or require quite some time to remove the clothes. Instead Elsa positioned herself at Anna’s back and put her right hand at Anna’s crotch, trying her best to stimulate her sister’s pussy through her skirt and panties. Despite the stimulation, the clothes between them were still a major hindrance, so Elsa couldn’t quite bring Anna to orgasm. Though Anna was beginning to suspect that it was her sister's intention to make Anna incredibly horny and then leave her unsatisfied so that she would become extremely pliant.
'Elsa doesn’t have to resort to this, she could just ask me and I would do anything for her,’ Anna though to herself, though it was possible that even that train of thought was the result of Anna's desperate yearning for her sister to let her climax.
“Don’t worry, when I actually freeze you I’ll make sure to bring you to orgasm,” Elsa reassured her horny sister. “I'll lick you clean from top to bottom, both inside, and out, before I give you a kiss on the lips flavored with your own love juices. Your last kiss in fact, since after that your head will finally freeze joining the rest of your body.”
As Elsa pronounced “kiss” she put a finger on Anna’s lips. All the arousal, sensations and fantasies going through Anna’s head made her come instantaneously, causing her body to fall limp, only to be caught by Elsa.
“Wow, I didn’t think you would cum just from this,” Elsa admired, seating her sister on the edge of the bed. “I haven’t even told you about the most fun part yet, you know? The coronation.”

“Cor-noration?” Anna asked uncomprehendingly staring at Elsa with blurry eyes.
“So, what about the coronation?” Anna asked when she finally recovered from her orgasm. “Will it really matter when I’m already frozen?”
“Actually it will,” Elsa explained. “It’s magical freezing, so even being frozen you’ll be alive and aware.”
“You didn’t mention that,” Anna noted.
“Well, now I have.”
“All right,” Anna said. “So I’ll be all alive and aware, while being totally immobilized and helpless?”
“Exactly,” Elsa nodded. “You’ll make a perfectly obedient sex toy for me to play with until the coronation.”
Giving herself completely to Elsa, physically unable to stop her from doing anything she wants… with every new word Elsa uttered of her fantasy, Anna found it more and more appealing.
“And when the coronation day finally comes…” Elsa continued. “Just imagine – the hall will be filled with people, probably more than either of us have seen in our whole lives.”
Anna thought about it. The biggest crowd she had seen in her life was on their parents’ funeral. But it was just Arendelle's own ministers and high nobility attending back then, maybe a couple of neighboring countries leaders as well. During the coronation though, due to Arendelle's incredibly vast trade relationships there would be guests attending from all over the world.
“And you’ll be unveiled in front of all of them,” Elsa went on, “naked and frozen in a provocative pose with your pussy slightly parted and your nipples erect... just as I froze you.”
Anna imagined hundreds of eyes staring at her while she was unable to move to cover herself. Undoubtedly she'd become the center of attention for the rest of the party, and she wouldn’t even be able to blush to express her embarrassment. Anna's fantasies were perverted and exhibitionistic, but now knowing she shared her perversion with her sister, Anna wasn’t taken aback by them anymore, instead the redhead let them fill her mind, enjoying them to the fullest.

“I’ll uncork a champagne bottle with your splayed pussy lips as a signal for the party to start,” Elsa said. “Though,” Elsa paused seemingly rethinking the act, “the cork flying off will most likely shatter your fragile frozen pussy lips.”
“Don’t worry about my integrity,” Anna reassured her since she didn’t want her sister to discard that exciting idea. The image of her sister breaking her lower lips broken into pieces just so that she could open a bottle ran through her nerves like lightning. “I’m going to be shattered to pieces anyway.”
“You sure are,” Elsa agreed with a sly smile. “I’ll make certain of it.”
“Oh, Elsa,” Anna moaned while biting her lip. Anna's excitement had only grown as Elsa lovingly described each new detail. She could barely wait to hear what would happen next.
“But before I shatter you completely, I’ll leave you standing completely naked and unable to move in the center of the hall for our guests to admire,” Elsa continued. “I won’t even stop them from touching and playing with your frozen body.”
“Yes… let them touch me…” Anna moaned as one of her hands automatically traveled to her breasts and the other one to her crotch.
“They might accidentally or even deliberately break some small pieces of you, like your erect nipples... That won’t be a problem, will it?” Elsa continued, smiling at the effect her story made on Anna.
“Yes! Break me!” Anna cried as she tried to pinch her nipple with one hand and furiously rubbed her pussy with the other through the clothes.
“Wow, you’re eager,” Elsa noted with a smirk. “All right then, when the guests have had enough fun with you, I’ll use my new royal scepter to finish you.”
Thinking of dying at the hands of her beloved sister made Anna fall on her back on the bed, another orgasm crashing over her. Elsa laid beside Anna and whispered into her ear while she was having her continuous orgasm:
“I’ll shatter your whole body into tiny pieces, starting with your breasts, then moving onto your ass before I slam my scepter into what remains of your pussy, destroying it completely. And after I finish breaking you? I’ll have pieces of you given as souvenirs to those guests who didn’t break anything off from you for themselves already.”
“Elsa! Elsa!” Anna cried out in ecstasy. “I love you,” The redhead added, when her latest orgasm finally quieted down.
“I love you too, Anna,” Elsa answered, regretting she can’t kiss her sister without freezing her. “I guess I won’t smash your head. I'll keep that as a souvenir for myself.”
“But if my brain remains intact won’t I remain alive?” Anna asked nervously.
“You probably will,” Elsa confirmed. “Come to think of it, being frozen you also won’t age. So it’ll be like fragile immortality where you can live forever, but a little force can shatter you to pieces.”
“You know, up until now everything was really exciting, but living out eternity as a frozen head is actually sort of scary,” Anna admitted.
“Oh, Anna, I would never do anything to you that you didn’t want me to,” Elsa assured. “Having your head as a souvenir won’t please me if I know you’re suffering. If you so prefer, I’ll just shatter your head along with the rest of your body.”
“Thank you,” Anna whispered softly, putting her head on Elsa’s chest. It was pleasantly cold.
“But, if the thought really bothers you there is another thing besides the statue you can help me with for the coronation,” Elsa said.


“I won't survive this one either, will I?” Anna asked more eagerly than she intended.
“Well…” Elsa spoke slowly. “How about I tell you, if you strip for me.”
“Elsa, you’re such a tease, you know that right?” Anna complained, though she didn’t actually argue about it. The younger sister stood up from the bed almost immediately and started removing her clothes, facing the other way from her crown princess sister.
“I know,” Elsa smiled slyly. She came up to Anna from behind and helped her undress, making sure to touch some of the younger girl's bare skin in the process, though still wearing her gloves of course.
Anna had to admit to herself that she was a bit embarrassed by getting naked in front of her sister, but she told herself there was no point being shy after what already happened, so when Anna finally removed her last piece of clothing, she announced: “All right then, here’s all of me for your perverted eyes,” and turned to face Elsa.
“Anna!” Elsa exclaimed upon looking over her naked sister. “You’re gorgeous!”
Anna was flattered by the compliment of course, but put on her strictest expression and asked: “Gorgeous enough for you to tell me that other fantasy of yours?”
“Of course!” Elsa answered. “And this way, I can even give you a better demonstration.”
“I was counting on it,” Anna smiled mischievously.

“Come here and I’ll tell you,” Elsa gestured for Anna to sit by her left side on the bed, and Anna quickly complied. “So, if you studied the coronation traditions you must also know that the traditional main course for the coronation dinner is a spit-roasted virgin girl,” Elsa said. “I hope you’re still a virgin,” She asked smiling, “are you?”
“It's not like I ever had a chance to become a woman,” Anna muttered. “So you want to eat me? Wow, that sounds so sweet!” she admitted.
“I’m glad you like it,” Elsa said, her nervousness fading away at Anna's admission.
“Tell me more about it,” Anna asked plaintively.
“First, we’ll have a sculptor make an ice statue of you, so that the real you can be used for the dinner,” Elsa started. “Then, after the statue is destroyed according to the tradition it’s time for the feast.”
“Right,” Anna nodded, familiar with the procedure from her studies of the coronation traditions.
“So, as soon as the clinking from your statue being shattered and the audience’s applause both die down, I’ll announce that the main course will be my beloved sister; Princess Anna,” Elsa continued. “I wonder how will everyone react?”
“I’m sure they’ll be delighted!” Anna said enthusiastically.
“As far I can see the person who's the most delighted, is you,” Elsa noted, appraising.
“Well, it’s not every day that you're eaten by your sister, you know,” Anna excused her enthusiasm.
“That's certainly true...” Elsa couldn’t argue on that.

“So what’s next?” Anna inquired.
“Next, you don’t disappoint the delighted public, and provide them with a striptease to whet their appetite,” Elsa answered. “Unless you want to make a speech first, it’s going to be your last chance, you know.”
“No, public speaking makes me nervous,” Anna objected. “I guess I’ll just throw in a few words about how I love you and wish you well and everything, and then go straight to the striptease show.”
“Or maybe you just want to rush through the formalities faster because you can’t wait for the main part?” Elsa asked, as she noticed Anna rubbing her inner thighs against each other.
“I certainly can’t wait for you to tell me about it,” Anna admitted.
“Before you're roasted, your pussy should be stuffed with a special mixture of herbs and spices prepared by the palace chef to create the unique and world-famous flavor of Arendelle roasted girl,” Elsa explained as she put her left arm around Anna. “And for that I’ll need you to spread your legs and expose your pussy to me, and all the honorable guests at my coronation as well, of course.” Elsa put her right hand on Anna’s thigh and moved it toward her pussy.
“Go on,” Anna moaned, opening her legs wide to allow her sister access.
“Before I can put anything into you I’ll need to make sure there’s enough space inside,” Elsa continued putting her fingers on the outside of Anna’s pussy, rubbing it gently. “So I’ll shove my fingers into your pussy one by one until I have my whole hand inside you.”

For the demonstration Elsa intended to only put one finger in, but it slipped so easily into Anna’s wet and ready pussy that she decided to add another one. “I see you have a lot of potential for it,” Elsa noted.
“Oh! Elsa! Fist me! Fist me all the way in!” Anna demanded.
“Sorry, Anna. Have to save it for the actual ceremony,” Elsa said, not sounding sorry at all, and clearly enjoying teasing Anna. “I’ll have to show the public your blood on my hands to prove your virginity.”
Saying that, Elsa pulled her fingers out of Anna and lifted her hand to eye level between both sisters’ faces. Anna looked at Elsa through her gloved hand, stained with Anna’s own love juices, with betrayed eyes. How could Elsa, after bringing Anna so much pleasure, just pull it away just like that before Anna could cum? ‘Give it back to me!’ Elsa could clearly read in Anna’s eyes. She wasn’t going to do it though, not right away. Slowly she put her index finger in her mouth and erotically licked Anna’s juices from it.
“Anna, you’re delicious!” Elsa commented. “There’s certainly more than just a special mix of herbs and spices to the famous taste of Arendelle roasted girls. Wanna try?” She offered her middle finger to Anna and the younger sister dug in at once, eagerly sucking on it.
“Oh, what a whore dies in you,” Elsa laughed but it only made Anna more excited.

“All right,” Elsa finally removed her finger from Anna’s hungry mouth. “Now that I’ve stretched your insides and filled them with the special mix, guess what’s next?”
“Spitting!” Anna exclaimed with enthusiasm of a child answering a quiz question.
“Correct!” Elsa praised her sister. “You deserve a reward!” She slowly moved her right hand back to Anna’s pussy, which made Anna shiver in anticipation. “I’ll have you stand on all fours like an animal, only good for being turned into meat. Then I’ll take the spit and shove it right into your pussy with my own hands,” Elsa said as she inserted two of her fingers at once, swiftly but accurately so as not to damage Anna’s hymen, the same moment she pulled her left arm away from around Anna’s back.
“Ah!” Anna moaned, falling back onto the bed.
“It’ll go much deeper of course,” Elsa continued as she put the index finger of her now free left hand against Anna’s lower belly just a bit up from her pussy, about where the fingertips of Elsa’s right hand were inside of Anna. “I’ll shove it all the way into your pussy, then through your cervix and to the deepest wall of your womb,” as Elsa was described the spit’s path, she traced it with her left hand's index finger on Anna’s belly.
“Don’t stop,” Anna pleaded.
“But in order to continue I’ll have to pierce your womb,” Elsa asked teasingly. “Are you sure you want me to do it?”
“Yes! Do it! Destroy my womb!” Anna cried out. “I’m nothing but meat! Treat me like it!”
“Ah, you know I can’t refuse when my beloved little sister asks so sweetly,” Elsa smiled. “So I’ll have to make a sharp push and pierce your womb with the spit,” Elsa said as she pinched Anna’s clit between her right thumb and index finger drawing a nice cry out of Anna as she reached yet another orgasm.
“Oh, but with your womb destroyed is seems you can’t bear children anymore,” Elsa said with melodramatic pity. “Well, that’s only good for the stability of my reign, isn’t it?”
“Ah, Elsa! Even if I had children, I would be happy to cook and serve them for you!” Anna said in the aftershock of her orgasm. “You’re the only rightful Queen of Arendelle, you don’t have to worry about any pretenders to the throne.”
“Oh, that’s so sweet of you, Anna”, Elsa said. “But guess I’ll have to do with eating your ovaries,” Elsa left Anna’s pussy behind and placed both her hands on Anna’s belly around the area where her ovaries should be.
“You have to roast me first,” Anna reminded her sister.

“That’s right,” Elsa agreed. “So I’ll continue shoving the spit through your insides, pierce through your diaphragm and accurately lead it around your heart and lungs until it emerges from your mouth,” she traced the rest of the way with her right hand finger, ending on Anna’s lips, who eagerly sucked her own juices from the glove again. “After all, the girl being roasted alive is another important part of the recipe.”
“Is it true that the girl is still alive even when served?” Anna asked.
“Why don’t you just wait and see for yourself?” Elsa answered.
“Okay,” Anna said, as she had little doubts she would be able to experience it firsthand.
“So, when you’re finally properly spitted, I’ll have you placed over the grill and then thoroughly baste you, making sure not to miss any part of your body,” Elsa demonstrated how she would operate the basting brush, exploring every part of Anna’s body with both her hands. “Down from your face to your breasts and your belly, your back and ass, not forgetting your pussy of course, and finally down your legs and even your…”
“Ah! Not my feet!” Anna exclaimed when Elsa got to the named part of her body. “It tickles!”
“Oh, but if you can’t bear some tickling, how are you going to endure being roasted?” Elsa noted. “You’re going to be exposed to heat until your skin has nice brown color. Mmm, I bet you’ll smell delicious as you cook!” Elsa licked her lips.
“I see you can’t wait to see it either, can you?” Anna noted.
“All in good time,” Elsa answered. “The coronation is only a few days away, but for now the best I can do is to share this fantasy of mine with you. And it pleases me no end to see you as eager about it as I am. So, are you following me?”
“Sure,” Elsa nodded. “You were on the part where I’m cooked brown.”

“Right. So when you’re finally cooked, it’s time to move you to your place of honor in the center of the table,” Elsa continued. “Being the main course you’ll surely have a lot of attention from the guests.”
Anna imagined herself in her cooked form, degraded from a princess to mere meat on the table looked upon by crowd’s hungry eyes. That will make quite an impression on the foreign guests, hence improving international relationships. Though for Anna the whole thing wasn’t about contributing in politics. Her reason to go with it was a personal one – she wanted to please her sister by fulfilling her deepest fantasy.
“As the new Queen I’ll take the honor of carving the best piece of your meat, that is your juicy pussy, for myself,” Elsa said, teasingly moving her finger around Anna’s pussy.
“Don’t forget my ovaries,” Anna reminded.
“Of course,” Elsa confirmed. “They'll also end up in my belly.”
“That’s the most appropriate place for them,” Anna added.
“If only I didn’t have to share you with everyone, I wouldn’t bother using a knife and would just dig into you with my own teeth,” Elsa said dreamily. “But I have to show proper decorum, so I’ll also have to give the rest of you to the guests. Still, I’ll try to at least carve the pieces of you for them myself every time I have a chance.”
“Hmm…” Anna gave a thought to what it would be like to be Elsa’s personal meal instead. After all she was only doing it for her sister in the first place. And while she did find the thought of being seen by a crowd of strangers in humiliating and degrading positions sexually arousing, she didn’t really care for them like she did Elsa. “You have such dirty fantasies, don’t you?”
“Well, what would you expect of a girl who spent most of her life alone in her room,” Elsa sighed. “Those fantasies were all that I had for all these years.”
“I bet you really want them to come true, then,” Anna said.
“Only if that’s what you want too,” Elsa said. “And we can’t do both, so I’ll leave the choice to you.”
“Hmm…” Anna gave it a thought. “I’ll tell you what, have a sculptor work on an ice sculpture, and leave the food preparation for me. I'm not promising it’ll be just like you imagined, but I’m sure I can make something even more to your taste.”
“A surprise then, huh? Very well, I’ll be looking forward to it!”


Finally the day of Elsa's coronation arrived. The incredible amount of people attending was putting both sisters on edge, and while Elsa hid her nerves skillfully, as hiding her true feelings was something she mastered well over the years; periodically, Anna looked like she had no idea where she was and why she was there. Regardless of the sisters' personal feelings, the official part of the ceremonies went smoothly, and once the ice statue of Anna was solemnly broken and it was time for the feast to begin. Everyone took their place at the tables, which groaned from the sheer weight of the food served. In fact, in the whole room the only table with free space for the upcoming main course sat at the head of the room, the new queen's own table.
Elsa gave Anna an expectant look, prompting her to start the feast. Anna gulped nervously at the prospect of making a public speech. Briefly, she thought of just remaining silent, but she couldn’t inflict it on Elsa, since it was a surprise for her, so Anna had to come forward and speak:
“As you might know, the traditional main course for the coronation dinner here in Arendelle is a spit-roasted virgin girl.”
Anna was interrupted by a storm of applause.
“Since it’s my sister’s coronation, I wanted to make this an extra special occasion for her, so I choose the girl for the roast myself,” Anna continued. “I’m hope that Prin… I mean Queen Elsa would appreciate the feelings I put into it.”
Elsa was confused. Did Anna choose another girl for the roast? Anna was talking about the thought she put into the decision, but what can possibly be more thoughtful than roasting herself?

Anna motioned to a pair of girls sitting at the head table. The older girl looked around twenty years old, and the younger one was just about five, both having red hair and big blue eyes, given how alike they looked Elsa assumed that they were sisters. The younger girl was constantly looking around, both nervously about being at such an important ceremony, and at the same time wickedly as if looking for an opportunity to fool around. The older sister carried herself with more reserve, but Elsa could see she was hiding how out of place she felt at this kind of event, because in truth Elsa did the same. Earlier, Elsa had wondered who these people were, since they weren’t of any noble family that Elsa knew of and they were dressed as commoners as well. But when Elsa had asked a guard earlier she was told that they had been invited by her sister Anna, and now it was finally revealed why – apparently they were going to become the main course.
The older sister urged the younger one to approach her new queen, which she did eagerly, but somewhat uneasily. As Elsa looked at the girl closely she noticed how much she resembled Anna when she was the same age, the age when they last played together. 'So that’s what Anna had in mind.' Elsa realized as she noted the resemblance. Well, even if Elsa would have preferred to eat her real sister, she had to admit it was sweet of Anna to come up with something thoughtful like this.
The little girl looked like she had something to say, but hesitated. Elsa assumed it was nerves from addressing her new queen. Though, maybe the tension of the situation made her forget the proper from of address? Either one was understandable, given that she was just a little commoner girl, suddenly made to face the Queen of her country. Besides, Elsa herself wasn’t used to being addressed as “Your Majesty” yet, since this very morning she was still just “your Highness.”

“Go ahead, little one, speak up, I don’t bite you know,” Elsa spoke first. “Though, come to think of it, given the circumstances, I'll probably bite you quite a bit.”
Everyone laughed at the joke, including Elsa and the little girl, and the tension was eased at once. Providentially, the laughter also allowed for the older of redheaded sisters to whisper to the younger one that “Your Majesty” was the proper way to greet the Queen.
“Your Majesty,” the little girl finally spoke, her voice trembling with excitement, “it is a great honor to be chosen as the main course for your coronation dinner. I hope you and your guests will enjoy me.”
With these words, the girl pulled her simple dress off over her head, and gave it to her older sister, revealing she had worn no clothes whatsoever underneath the dress. Elsa was pleasantly surprised to see that the girl didn’t only have young Anna’s face, but even had similar physique, down to the slight sprinkling of freckles on her shoulders. Anna had done a good job finding such a girl in just a few days and Elsa idly wondered just how her sister had managed such a feat.
“I’m sure I will,” Elsa said approvingly. “Would you tell me your name?”
“I’m Nora,” the girl answered quickly so as not to disappoint her queen.
“And what about your big sister?”
The little girl looked confused by Elsa's question; so Elsa looked at her older relative instead.
“Oh, but I’m actually Nora’s mother,” the older redhead answered. “My name’s Sophie.”
“Indeed? I'm sorry,” Elsa apologized for misunderstanding the relationship between the girls, or rather the girl and her mother. “You look so young I never would have guessed.”
“I get that a lot,” the woman said before correcting herself: “Oh, I mean thank you for the compliment, your Majesty.”
“So I get it you’re not on the menu then?” Elsa concluded.
“Your Majesty, I would be glad to appear on your dining table, but the tradition and the recipe call for a virgin girl, which as you must have guessed I am not,” Sophie answered. “Ah, but if you would like one more girl, I have a younger sister Ingrid. She's twelve years old and lives not so far away, if you send a carriage for her right now, she’ll be brought to the table before the dinner ends. Ingrid was so happy for her niece when she was chosen to be the coronation dinner’s main course, I’m sure she would be even more happy to join Nora as your coronation meal.”
“Will Ingrid come too?” Nora asked eagerly. “That would be wonderful!”
Elsa gave it a thought. There were many guests, and a single little girl of Nora's young age and size wouldn’t be enough for everyone; adding another girl two times older would certainly help to make up for that. Besides, how could Elsa possibly decline when a cute little girl that looked just like little Anna was so enthusiastic for it? So the new Queen gave the proper instructions and a carriage was sent for Ingrid.

“Well then, will the Queen take the honor to check the meal’s innocence?” Anna proposed eagerly. Elsa suspected that her sister was experiencing a vicarious thrill at the thought of seeing her inspect a girl that looked just like her when she was younger. Given Anna's reactions to Elsa recounting her fantasy, Elsa was sure that her sister was imagining her younger self in Nora's place.
“Sure. Come here, Nora”, Elsa helped the little girl to climb on Elsa’s knees and made her sit facing the audience and with her legs spread to reveal her prepubescent girlhood to the entire hall.
Elsa held Nora steady with her left hand, and with her right hand she reached for Nora’s pussy. As she traced little girl’s slit with her finger Nora shivered and produced a cute little moan.
“It sounds this is really a new sensation for you,” Elsa noted. “Did that feel good?”
Nora nodded energetically, making the audience laugh.
“Well then, lets proceed,” Elsa proclaimed, pushing one of her fingers inside the little girl's pristine snatch.
“Ah…” Nora moaned and wriggled as Elsa’s finger felt her from inside.
Through her gloves, Elsa enjoyed the sensation of Nora's slit clenching around her exploring digit. The girl was warm and wet, and above all, responsive. Nora was squirming and putting on quite a show just from having part of one finger inside of her.
“You’re innocent all right,” Elsa noted as her finger felt Nora’s hymen. “Now, let’s prove it to our guests.”
Elsa didn’t expect Nora would reply, but she did, eagerly saying: “Yes!” Elsa couldn’t help but love Nora’s childish enthusiasm which reminded her so much of her sister Anna at her age.
“All right then,” Elsa replied as she drew her finger out and then positioned three fingers at once against the entrance Nora’s pussy. “Ready for me to take your virginity?”
“Please, your majesty?” Nora pleaded in response.
With one sharp move Elsa forced all three fingers to their full length into the little girl’s pussy, instantly tearing apart her hymen.
“Ah!” Nora cried out at the sudden pain as teardrops appeared in the corner of her eyes.
Elsa removed her fingers, her glove now stained in virgin blood, and raised her hand for her guests to see. Her vision slightly blurry, Nora focused her tear-streaked eyes on the proof of her virginity just taken.
“Blood…” she pronounced, fascinated even through the pain.
“Does it hurt?” Elsa asked.
“Just… a little,” Nora murmured with her teeth clenched, lying because she wanted to be the Coronation meal and feared that if she admitted just how much it hurt the Queen would tell her no. “Nothing… to worry about,” Nora continued.
“Nora, the spit will pierce through your entire body, from here to here,” Elsa warned the girl, tracing a line with one of her bloody fingers from the top of Nora's cute cunt up her tiny body, between her undeveloped nipples, all the way to her lips. “Are you prepared for that?”
“Any pain is pleasure if it’s for a place on Your Majesty’s dining table,” Nora admitted half-turned back to the Queen and smiled. “So, please, don't worry about me.”
“That’s the spirit!” Elsa praised Nora. “Such a brave girl!”
Elsa patted the little girl on the head, leaving a string of darker colored blood on her red hair.

“Now let’s stretch your insides even more so that you can be filled with all the herbs and spices required for the perfect taste,” Elsa said to the girl.
Elsa made Nora sit on the edge of the table in front of her so that the newly crowned queen would have easy access to the five year old's pussy. The girl leaned a bit back and supported herself with her hands.
Once more, Elsa pushed three of her fingers into Nora’s tiny hole, those three digits just by themselves seemed to stretch the little girl’s pussy to its limit. But that limit had to be overcome is Nora was to be a proper roast, so Elsa added another finger to stretch Nora’s pussy even further. It took some effort, but Elsa’s glove being made of elastic material helped, so she successfully fit her little finger with the others. Now, her entire right palm save for the thumb was inside Nora's snatch. The new queen paused of a second to admire the view. Nora was writhing under her fingers, but for a few seconds Elsa saw an entirely different little girl in her place; her beloved sister, just as she used to look before their separation.
Then, just as suddenly, it was gone, and Nora was once more the girl in front of her, her pussy squirming around four of Elsa's fingers. But Elsa didn’t intend to leave it at just four. The newly crowned queen started to push her thumb inside the young redhead as well, but the newest digit didn’t want to slip in as easily as her others.
Nora watched in awe at Queen’s hand stretching her pussy beyond anything the little girl could have imagined. It felt like she was going to be torn apart! A painful, yet somehow pleasant sensation at the same time. Nora wanted even more of it, so she lay down on the table completely so as to free her hands and used them to grab her pussy, one hand on each side, and pulled hard on her puffy lower lips, spreading them as wide apart as she could. Nora's effort was just enough, to succeed, and with it, Elsa managed to finally fit her thumb inside and with a little more effort, her hand slipped in all the way to her wrist. Nora stared in disbelief, both shocked and delighted at the same time to have an entire hand inside her previously unused pussy.
“And now let’s start the stretching,” Elsa said.
“Huh?” Nora asked, confused and slightly nervous. “Didn't you just do the stretching?”
“I’ve just put my hand inside you,” Elsa answered excitedly, as she formed a fist inside the little girl’s pussy. “And now I’m going to put it to use!”

Elsa started to move her fist around inside Nora’s pussy, stretching it from the inside. The girl gasped for air at the unbelievable sensation. It felt like her pussy was screaming in pain, it made her entire body shiver, her eyes roll back and her hands clench on the edge of the table. But at the same time it felt so good that Nora didn’t want Elsa to stop, and Elsa didn’t intend to. Instead the queen pushed her fist all the way inside Nora's pussy until she reached the girl’s cervix, then she slowly unclenched her fist and began inserting her fingers into Nora’s cervix one after another. One finger fit easily after a little effort, the second was slipped into the doorway to Nora's womb with some difficulty.
Elsa used the two fingers already inside of Nora to spread the girl’s cervix wide enough to fit another finger, which she deftly inserted. Elsa looked up at Nora’s face to check on her. Nora seemed lost in her own world where pain and pleasure entwined to the point of becoming inseparable. No wonder – Elsa was touching and stretching parts of Nora’s body the little girl haven’t even known she had. Elsa smiled and took her three fingers out of Nora’s cervix only to push them back in one sharp thrust, drawing a pleasant cry from the girl, accompanied by a few teardrops from her eyes and kind of smile from her half-open and drooling mouth. Elsa repeated the move a few more times to loosen Nora’s cervix, and when she thought it was enough, Elsa added her little finger and thumb just like she had done earlier to stretch the little girl’s pussy.
Next, Elsa grabbed Nora’s shoulder with her left hand and held it, pushing her right hand through the girl’s cervix right into her womb. Not leaving Nora any time to rest, Elsa clenched her fist again and started pumping it back and forth inside the little girl’s womb like a piston. Every time Elsa's fist hit the deepest wall of her womb Nora coughed; but the young girl didn’t even try to fight or get away, so Elsa kept messing with the little girl’s insides until she was satisfied with the result. Carefully, Elsa removed her hand from Nora's, making sure not to cause the girl’s cervix to prolapse in the wake of her abuse. As she looked over her handiwork, Elsa couldn't help but note how both the girl’s cervix and her vaginal opening remained open, inviting the mix of herbs and spices to be stuffed into her, which meant the newly crowned queen had done her job just right.
Nora had passed out, the incredible new sensations having overwhelmed her as her queen ravaged her. But it didn't matter, Elsa merely checked to see if the girl was still breathing, and having confirmed that, Elsa ordered for the herbs and spice mix to be brought to the head table. The mix had been prepared earlier, so it arrived in less than a minute; allowing Elsa to start stuffing it inside the girl’s womb through her loosened gaping holes.

When Nora came to her senses, Elsa had already finishing stuffing her. The girl looked down and saw her belly distended as if she were pregnant. She kind of felt that way too. Not like she knew what being pregnant might feel like, but she guessed having her womb stuffed with all the herbs and spices was the nearest thing to pregnancy she would get to experience. It was quite a rush realizing that – in just a few minutes she'd progressed from a virgin to having a pregnant-looking belly; and next she’d become meat for her queen's table.
“How are you, Nora?” her mother asked, noticing the girl had awoken.
“I feel great!” Nora answered. “Being stuffed already makes me feel like I’m food. It’s so much fun!”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” Sophie said, both happy and a bit jealous for her daughter.
“So are you, aren’t you?” Nora smirked, noticing her mother had her right hand under the table.
“Well then,” Elsa said, depositing the last portion of the mix inside Nora, “now you’re ready for spitting.”
“Can you leave this part to me, sis?” Anna cut in. “I’m supposed to be in charge of food after all.”
“You're right,” Elsa agreed easily. “It wouldn’t be fair for me to have all the fun. Very well, take and spit her.”
“Come, Nora,” Anna helped the girl to get off the table. “Be careful not to let the herbs and spices out of that pussy.”
“Okay!” Nora answered enthusiastically and followed Anna to the vertical spit set up in front of the table. It was just about one meter long, designed specially for little girls like Nora.

Anna lifted Nora under her armpits and positioned her right above the spit, facing Anna.
“Are you ready?” Anna asked the little girl in her arms.
Nora nodded.
“Then here we go,” Anna said and lowered the girl so that the tip of the spit entered her stuffed pussy.
“Ah!” Nora squealed excitedly. “Mommy, look! It’s in!”
“I’m watching, Nora,” Sophie replied. “You’re going to make an excellent meal. I’m so proud of you!”
“Tee-hee-hee,” Nora giggled happily.
Meanwhile Anna continued to slowly lower the girl and as the spit went through Nora’s cervix it pushed all the herbs and spices against the walls of her womb.
“Wow!” Nora shouted amazed as she put her hands on her belly. “I can feel it moving inside of me!”
The spit went through the stuffing and reached the deepest wall of Nora’s womb. Anna paused of a second, then she pushed the girl down a little more letting the tip of the spit pierce through the barrier.
“Eeek!” Nora screamed at the sharp pain, and after catching her breath she added: “It’s just amazing!”
“I heard if you try your best to keep consciousness as long as possible you can last until the very serving and be able to experience pieces of you cut off with knife,” Anna said.
“For real?” Nora couldn’t believe what she heard. “Oh my God! I hope that’s true!”
“I’m sure such a brave and eager girl as you can do it,” Anna assured Nora.
“I can’t wait to be served!” the girl said dreamily.
“Let’s proceed then,” Anna said as she continued to lower the girl onto the sharpened shaft driving it deeper into her body.

With each new wound the spit inflicted on her insides Nora moaned in pleasant agony. Anna thought that even if she pierced the spit through the girl’s heart she would enjoy it. Even so, Anna tried to avoid that eventuality, both because a live-roasted girl would be more delicious and because she had just promised the girl the experience of being served.
Wanting everything to go off without a hitch, Anna had practiced a bit, spitting a few young girls – one of the maids had five daughters to spare and appeared to be quite skillful at spitting since she had already spit another three of her girls previously, and the maid was happy to offer Anna both the girls and her teaching to ensure that Anna performed perfectly on Coronation Day. It was quite helpful, since with the first girl Anna used ended up with the spit coming out of her belly, dragging some messy intestines with it. Even the girl’s four sisters couldn’t help but laugh at Anna’s clumsiness with the spit. Their mother strictly told them to behave, but Anna could see she shared their opinion and the princess couldn’t blame her for it.
When she used the second girl, Anna accidentally sent the spit through her lungs, and as the girl was dying coughing with blood, her mother explained that it was a common mistake among beginners. She said when she was spitting her first daughter she made the same mistake, so it was nothing to worry about and success would come with practice. And indeed by the time Anna spitted all of the maid’s daughters, she had finally mastered it and could skilfully avoid killing the girl before she started to cook. She gave the meat of the last girl to her mother as a token of gratitude. The other girls were spitted poorly and not appropriate for human consumption, so Anna and the maid decided to send their meat to the kennels so that it wouldn't go to waste.
Anna remembered those girls, because even if they all were happy to help her practice spitting and didn’t back down even after seeing their sisters’ painful deaths, none of them were enjoying the process itself as much as Nora did. Anna was proud of herself for making such a perfect choice for a meat girl. Acknowledging Nora’s enthusiasm, Anna put all of her skill to avoid the girl’s heart and lungs, until the spit finally emerged from her mouth. Nora couldn’t speak anymore, but she didn’t have to as her shining face clearly signaled her joy and delight at being spitted. The girl glanced at her mother. Sophie was masturbating and approaching orgasm while watching the lovely sight of her own daughter impaled on a spit. Nora was quite aroused as well after all the stimulation by the spit going into her and rubbing her pussy, so, now standing with her feet on the floor and able to move on her own, the girl started riding the spit up and down until she climaxed for the first time ever, cumming together with her mother.


Anna smiled at the daughter and mother as they came together and gave instructions for Nora to be placed over the fire for the actual roasting. Then Anna joined her elder sister at the table, from where they could watch the little girl spinning on the spit.
“So, how do you like Nora?” Anna asked as she watched the servants place the spitting pole in the Y-shaped supports made for the purpose. They carefully rearranged the girl so that she would be firmly in the middle, the flames of the fire below her surging with each breeze to lick softly at the little girl's soft skin.
“It's so sweet of you to pick her!” Elsa answered. “Not only does she look just like you when you were little, she even shares the same enthusiasm you used to have.” Elsa looked over at her sister. “That you still have. I can't imagine how you found her so quickly. Though…”
“What?” Anna asked concerned. This was her sister's day and everything was supposed to be perfect, but her sister was disappointed.
“No, Don't worry about it. Everything’s fine.” Elsa backed down. Anna thought she knew what was wrong.
“You were about to say that you wished it were me on the spit instead of her, weren’t you?” Anna asked easily.
“Well… to be honest… yes,” Elsa admitted reluctantly as she didn’t want to sound like she blamed Anna for not cooking herself. “That little girl reminds me of how everything used to be, she's wonderful. And I'm sure that she'll be delicious!” Elsa reassured Anna. “but she isn't you, she isn't my real sister, she's just the next best thing.”
Anna smiled understanding. “Then what if I told you that there’s more to my surprise than just roasting a girl who looks like me when we was her age?” Anna asked slyly.
“You’re going to join her after all?” Elsa asked in response, delighted. “Oh wow. I- this is incredible!”
“I have an even better plan,” Anna said smiling happily. “Nora will be everyone’s meal. That's why I picked her, and why we sent for her aunt, so that we would have enough for everyone else. Now, do you remember how you mentioned you didn’t want to share me with everyone?” Anna paused watching the understanding dawn in her sister's eyes. “So now, that we have Nora and her aunt to feed everyone else, it's possible! Now, I can give you my privates to you for your own personal meal, Elsa. Just for you.”
“Oh, Anna… I’m… I don’t even know what to say” Elsa was lost for words. This... when Elsa had seen Nora and heard her sister explain that she was their meal, she had been slightly disappointed, but now, Elsa's heart melted. She'd never been given a gift as touching as this one.
“Then don't say anything. Just enjoy eating me,” Anna said. “That would be the best gift you can give me. I just want to see you happy.”
“Okay. All right then,” Elsa said composing herself. “So...” she paused curiosity budding inside of her, “how are you going to prepare yourself?”

Anna just smiled, picking up a set of tongs to pull a coal out of the brazier and taking a seat on the table in front of Elsa – where just a few minutes ago Nora was stuffed. Anna hiked her dress up revealing that she'd forgone panties in preparation for her sister's big day. The second sister spread her legs wide and opened her pussy lips with her free hand revealing to Elsa, and only to Elsa, the dripping wet petals of her sex. With the coal in the tongs, she used her free hand to spread her passage wider, her damp snatch pulsing with anticipation at the act.
Anna thrust the tongs into her body carefully, pushing the hot coal inside her most tender of places. It burned the delicate inside of her pussy, causing Anna to clench her teeth as she fought to keep in her cries. But as her gaze fell upon Elsa staring at her cooking pussy in fascination, Anna smiled sincerely, forgetting all about the pain.
All around the room, the guests were staring at the head table, wondering just what was going on, but with Anna's back facing towards them, they couldn't see a thing. Despite the crowd around them, this was a private moment between Anna and her sister. Soon enough, the guests bored of the sight and turned back to watching Nora's sister Ingrid, who had just arrived in the dining room, being stripped for spitting.
“It’ll take some time for my pussy to cook,” Anna said panting as she picked up a carving knife. “So, why don't we prepare your dessert while we wait?”
Having spoken her piece, Anna took a carving knife and cut herself open just above her womb much to Elsa’s amazement. Elsa watched in awe, her own pussy pulsing with excitements as her sister reached inside her body and pulled out her womb and ovaries. She stared at the organs in wonder, eager to find out just what new wonderful surprise her sister had planned for her. Anna moaned as she handled her reproductive organs with her bare hands, since she hadn’t torn her womb from her cervix, the whole array, her ovaries and her womb both, were still connected and alive, able to feel direct stimulation they had never had a chance to feel before, and right now Anna's own fingers were sending her into a state of pleasure she had never felt before.
“Now- ugh! would you, Oh! please take off your... your glove?” Anna asked panting in excitement as she took Elsa’s right hand in her own, holding onto her own still-connected womb with her left hand.
“Are you sure?” Elsa asked uncertain. Although Elsa believed she had her power under control now, what with all the practice she had through the years, she was still hesitant to risk using it among all the public.
“Don’t worry,” Anna reassured her, smiling. “I only want you to freeze my ovaries.” she said brightly, her tone of voice and easy delivery brightly contrasting what she'd just asked her sister to do to her.
“Well, if it's just that,” Elsa agreed, smiling pretending like Anna that this was no big thing. Smirking happily, Elsa let Anna grab the glove, pulling her hand out of it as Anna held it in place.

Before Elsa were two of her sister’s delicious looking ovaries. Elsa involuntarily licked her lips. This was beyond her wildest dreams, the best of both worlds, her sister giving her body to her, cooking herself for her pleasure, and on top of it all, the chance to freeze her beloved sister, it wasn't quite what she'd dreamed about for years, but despite that, Elsa wouldn't trade this for the world.
She touched one of Anna’s ovaries gently, drawing an aroused moan from Anna's lovely lips. Elsa caressed the ovary, slowly freezing it, watching fascinated as it crystallized. Every so often Elsa averted her gaze to her sister's face enjoying the sight as it twisted in a mix of pain utterly overwhelmed by pleasure and desire, her sister's eyes fluttering as she struggled to stay conscious through the incredible assault.
Anna seemed completely overwhelmed by the stimulation; so when Elsa finished with one ovary, she clenched the other one tightly in her hand, and froze it at once, making Anna shudder and cum like a flood as she was launched all at once into a mind-blowing climax. Anna’s pussy clenched around the coal as she came releasing a rich torrent of fluid which killed it with a loud hiss. Elsa watched enthralled as delicious steam began to waft from her sister's pussy.
“Seems like you’re cooked,” Elsa commented as she inhaled the steam, delighting in the scent of her sister's roasted snatch. “You smell incredible!” Elsa marveled her mouth watering at what was about to come.
Slowly recovering from her orgasm, Anna used the tongs to remove the coal. Her ovaries were frozen solid, hanging from her womb; cold spots resting against her bare skin. Anna enjoyed the sensations, the heat of her pussy and the cool touch of her ovaries as she set the coal aside, leaving Elsa a clear view of her gaping cunt cooked so that it stayed open even after the coal was gone. Smiling, Elsa put the glove back on and picked up a knife and a fork to eat her sister.

“Don't worry about those,” Anna said gesturing to the silverware. “You wanted to bite into me with your own teeth, remember? This is your chance to do it.”
“Are you really okay with that?” Elsa asked hopefully.
“I am,” Anna answered. “This is the only way I'll ever feel someone’s lips on my pussy. I want them to be yours.”
“Well, if you put it that way…”
Elsa lowered her head in front of her sister’s pussy inhaling the heavenly aroma of meat that had been cooked just right. She eyed one of Anna's pussy lips, so soft and sweet. It had been turned a beautiful golden brown by the heat, and Elsa wanted it.
Elsa bit into it quickly, tearing off the succulent piece of her sister's meat before she could freeze it and ruin her meal.
Anna let out a cry. It was clearly painful but at the same time Anna's cry hinted at an undercurrent of contentment. She didn’t seem to mind the pain even a little bit. It didn't matter to her, as long as her sister enjoyed her body. Elsa chewed Anna’s pussy meat, it was soft and juicy, and its taste was deliciously sweet; just like her sister.
“Don’t stop...” Anna moaned when she realized she couldn’t feel her sister’s lips on her pussy.
“I don’t think I can stop now,” Elsa admitted and digging in furiously, so excited that she didn’t care if she was chomping. Her face was steadily growing more and more coated with a mixture of Anna’s meat and love juices. She just couldn’t tear herself away from devouring her sister’s delicious pussy.
Anna kept moaning as her sister devoured her bite by bite. She could feel it as her sister tore off her clitoris. Each new bite sending a wave of new sensation through her as her pussy steadily vanished past her sister's lips, torn apart by her teeth. Anna couldn't stop clenching the table’s edge, and with each moan she sounded less like she was in pain and more like she was enjoying it. When Elsa finally drew back to take a breath and wipe her face clean, she discovered she had eaten her sister’s pussy all the way to her cervix.
“Wow,” Elsa breathed out staring in shock at the gaping hole in her sister’s body. The feeling her sister's of warm pussy meat in her belly radiating through her, the taste of her sister lingering on her tongue.
“Now that’s something,” Anna commented, breathing heavily and smiling. “Who would think you'd eat all of my pussy in one go?” Anna ignored the pain, it didn't matter. Her sister enjoyed her. In fact, given how Elsa normally ate, Anna though that she must have been the best meal her beloved sister had ever eaten.
“You were so delicious I just couldn’t hold back,” Elsa admitted. “I guess since it's such a special occasion, I can afford that to eat heavily.”
“Of course,” Anna reassured her. “But I hope you you left room for dessert, because it's waiting for you,” she gestured to her frozen ovaries, hanging out of her still connected to her womb.

Elsa saw clearly that in spite of her pussy being gone – or maybe because of it – that Anna was as aroused as never before. With a sly smile she licked one of Anna’s ovaries slightly, sending shivers throughout Anna’s body. Elsa licked it again before taking it into her mouth. Elsa let it lie in her mouth, still attached to Anna's womb by a thread. Grinning lazily, she played with it, bouncing it around her mouth with her tongue enjoying each and every panting grunt of pleasure the action drew from her sister's throat.
Elsa slowly began to suck on her frozen prize like a piece of candy making sure that her teeth never touched it, she didn't want to end her fun early after all.
Anna writhed and moaned occasionally crying out in pleasure, certain that she’d go insane from the extreme and at the same time pleasant sensation. Her ovary melted in her sister’s mouth, gradually disappearing as her sister sucked it away.
When the sensation finally stopped it took Anna a few seconds to realize that it was only because her ovary was gone, melted completely in her sister's warm mouth. The realization that her sister had devoured half her eggs, that they'd melted on her sister's tongue only made her more aroused than before. She was on the edge of the greatest orgasm of her life. Any little bit of stimulation would make her cum, even with her pussy a ragged gaping wreck after her sister had devoured it.
Elsa realized her sister's position. She knew Anna must be expecting Elsa to go slowly on her other ovary too as she placed it delicately in her mouth, careful not to set her sister over the edge before she wanted her to cum.
Elsa looked up at her sister's pleading gaze, she knew that the other girl was begging her with her eyes to start sucking on her ovary, to let her reach her final orgasm. Elsa had a better idea. Instead of slowly sucking on her treat she bit down suddenly, crunching it between her jaws and overloading Anna’s senses and sending her into the wildest and longest orgasm in her life. As Elsa chewed on the ovary she had bitten into, she feasted her eyes on her sister’s last orgasm. From the corner of her eye she noticed the public was watching in fascination too. Elsa hadn't noticed, but sometime during her meal, Anna had fallen to the table, unable to maintain the sitting position that have given them their privacy. Elsa didn't mind any more, in every way that mattered her meal had just been her and her sister. It didn't matter if the other guests could see now, and such a show would surely serve to benefit her image as a new queen.

When Anna finally gathered her thoughts a few minutes later she discovered that she was the center of attention. The people were staring at her; not at Nora who was being removed from the spit; nor Ingrid who had just started to brown on her own spit who seemed to smile at Anna as she rotated around; her. Anna blushed before realizing that after what she had just done there really wasn’t any sense in getting shy; so she didn’t. Instead, Anna turned to her sister and asked:
“Your Majesty, how did you like your meal?”
“You were the most delicious meal I’ve ever had,” Elsa admitted gratefully.
“Really? I’m glad...” Anna admitted briefly, having hard time trying to hide how exhausted she was.
“What about your womb?” Elsa asked, as the organ still hung out of Anna's body.
“Ah, right,” Anna remembered. “Cut it out of me. I want you use it for the new pair of gloves,” she said with a tired smile. “The old pair kept us apart. I want the new one to bring us together forever.”
“That’s so sweet!” Elsa said delighted as she imagined her new gloves, starting each day her fingers wrapped warmly in her sister's womb. “I can’t wait to feel these new gloves on my hands.” She admitted. “There's nothing better than a gift made from someone you love.”
“I love you too,” Anna admitted with a gentle smile.
“And what about the rest of you?” Elsa asked quietly. “I think you can still be saved if we entrust you to the doctors right away. Of course, if that’s what you want.”
Anna shook her head. “I’m all yours,” she said. “My body, my life. Do whatever you want to me. Whether I’ll end up by your side or in your belly, it's your decision. I only want you to be happy.”
Instead of an answer Elsa leaned towards Anna and kissed her gently, merely touching her lips, careful not to freeze them. The gentle caress was just enough for Anna to have a taste of herself from Elsa’s lips.
'Ah.' Anna realized as she passed out contentedly. 'That taste is answer enough.'


The womb fisting was awesome!
The coal self frying, and ovaries play was really good too!
Good job!


Half of the credit should go to TheVisitorBlack though, as it's based on his ideas and he heavily edited the last part of the story as I got burnt out by the end.

Here's today's story.

Sunny Day

Part 1: Shinji and Rei

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, strangling, casual)

It was a nice sunny day. Not one of those hot sunny days when you sweat all over and all you can think of is getting to the shower or at least some shadow. And not one of those bright sunny days when you have to stare at the ground and stumble on people on the streets because if you try to raise your eyes even a little they would hurt of too much brightness. But it was one of those mild sunny days, when the sun warms you, but doesn’t cook you alive, when it shines on you, but doesn’t blind you. Exactly the kind of day when you would want to have a walk and just enjoy the gentle warm breeze and vivid colors around you.
The perfect weather wasn’t the only reason I was in such a good mood. It wasn’t just a random sunny day, but it was also the day of my first date with Ayanami. I mean Rei. Now that we’re dating I have to get used to calling her by her first name. Since I first met her and saw into her beautiful deep red eyes I half-consciously felt like it was natural for us to be together. And now, a few months later, that natural flow of events led me to call her for a date. Can’t say I wasn’t nervous at all. Of course I was. It was my first date with my first love. But just being with Rei made me feel at ease. So I was mostly nervous only before the actual date, and as soon I met Rei at the agreed place all the worries left my mind and from that point everything went naturally as it always was with her. She was dressed lightly according to the weather – an airy white sundress that almost looked transparent and a pair of light-blue flip-flops. She also had a cream-colored handbag with her.
First we went to the cinema where we watched the third Nanoha movie. I was surprised to see usually calm and detached Rei being captivated by the movie. She even shed some tears at the most touching moments! Though to be completely honest, I shed even more. After all why watch such a beautiful and emotional movie if not let those emotions into your heart because of some stupid “men don’t cry” rule. Who invented it in the first place? Crying, among other things, is a necessary physiological function too.
Anyway, after such an uplifting movie we went for a walk in the nearby park, enjoying the scenery. We discussed the movie and agreed that they have to make another sequel… and another one… can’t have too much of magical girls. We also talked about other things, for once the Math homework. I knew Rei had already done it, so I asked her to let me copy it. Rei was adamant. She knew I could do it myself if I try. Well, I knew it too, so I didn’t insist much. As we walked and chatted we stumbled upon an outdoor café. It looked quite inviting, so I suggested we come by.
The café had small white plastic tables, two seats at each table. This park is popular with couples, so it seems this café was targeted on them. To think of it, we were one of those couples now. So strange, when I saw people dating before it always seemed like something from another world, having no relation to me, but now that I myself am on a date with Rei it feels only natural. We took a seat at one of the tables and a before we could call for a waitress one appeared before us as if from nowhere.
“Welcome!” she said and to my surprise I realized I knew her. In fact it was Sohryu Asuka Langley from our class. “Oh isn’t that the idiot and the doll!” she recognized us too. “Hey, by any chance are the two of you on a date?”
“Err… Hello, Asuka…” I murmured, kinda embarrassed by the fact that it became known to someone we both knew. Tomorrow all the class will be talking about me and Rei dating.
“Yes, we are”, Rei answered without any concern for it.
“I knew there’s something going between you two!” Asuka exclaimed.
“Asuka, can you… you know… not spread the word about us?” I asked. “At least for a while”.
“Well…” to my surprise she actually gave it a thought. “Okay, but there’s a condition”.
“What’s that?” I asked. Knowing her it would be something ridiculous like greeting her by kissing her shoes every morning, which I would obviously never agree to.
“You two don’t tell anyone I work as a waitress either”, Asuka said.
“Huh? Just that?” I was shocked by the adequacy of her request. “Can it be that you’re embarrassed of that fancy waitress dress you have?”
“Can it be that you’re embarrassed to have that doll for a girlfriend?” Asuka countered.
“It’s not like that! It’s just… well…”
“So no more stupid questions then”, Asuka said. “Do we have a deal?”
“We have a deal”, I hurried to agree before she changed her mind.
“Great. Here’s your menu”, she said as she handed us two copies of the menu.
“Thanks”, I said as I took one. “By the way, why are you working here in the first place?”
“Unlike you, I earn my bread myself!” she said proudly.
“Good point”, I had to agree. Meanwhile I’ve studied the menu which wasn’t that big and said: “All right, I think I’ll have that strawberry sundae and a glass of peach juice, please”.
“Anything else?” Asuka asked as she wrote that down in her notebook. “Maybe some entertainment?”
I’ve looked through the entertainment section of the menu again. It didn’t have anything of interest for me.
“No, that’ll be all”, I confirmed.
“And you, doll?” Asuka turned to Rei.
“I’d like to order garroting for myself”, Rei said.
“So in your case it’s only the entertainment?” Asuka asked as she added the garroting to her notes. “No food or drinks before you’re strangled?”
“No, thanks”, Rei answered. “I’m not feeling hungry in the first place”.
“All right then, await your order”, Asuka said and headed away.

As soon as Asuka left, Rei took out a pen and a sheet of paper out of her handbag. She put the paper on the table and started writing something. It was boring just waiting for the order in silence, so I broke it, noting:
“So even you like to live it up from time to time, huh?”
“Not really”, Rei answered while she kept writing. “I wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to just sit here doing nothing while you eat your meal. So I just chose a random entertainment to kill the time”.
“And yourself”, I giggled, but Rei ignored the joke, being focused on writing. “Hey, what’s that you’re writing?”
“Last will and testament”, Rei cited.
“Oh?” I was a bit surprised, but on the second thought such a serious approach was just like her. “So what are you going to leave for whom?”
“Here, I’m leaving everything for you”, Rei said as she finished writing and handed me the paper. Indeed it said just that. No surprise, given she doesn’t have anyone else. “Apparently you will get your hands on my Math homework after all”, Rei added with a grin.
“See, you can have fun after all!” I noted triumphantly.
“Must have picked it up from you”, Rei admitted with a bright smile.

By that time Asuka returned with a tray that had one portion of sundae and a spoon for it, one glass of peach juice and a garrote consisting of two wooden handles attached to a length of a thin rope. There was also another rope without handles.
“Here’s your order”, Asuka said as she placed the tray on the center of the table.
“Thank you”, I answered and took my part of it.
“Now you, doll”, Asuka continued. “Place your hands behind your back so that I could tie them”.
“Like this?” Rei asked as she complied.
“Yeah, just like that”, Asuka confirmed as she took the rope and came up to Rei from behind to tie her hands.
Meanwhile I took a strawberry from the top my sundae and put it into my mouth. Mmm, delicious!
“By the way, Rei”, I said. “Asuka made me think of something”.
“Yes?” Rei asked.
“About getting a job” I continued. “Have you ever thought what you’d like to do for living?”
“I was aiming to become a prostitute”, Rei answered like a shot.
“Do you have any experience?” I asked, sending a spoonful of sundae to my mouth. It was cool and sweet.
“No”, Rei admitted. “I was planning to get it with you”.
“Hmm… must be good to be so determined about your future”, I sighed dreamingly. “I have no idea what I kind of job I’d like to do”.
“Take time to make up your mind”, Rei advised. “Random doesn’t work for such serious decisions”.

As I sipped some peach juice from my glass, Asuka finished tying Rei’s hands.
“Now then”, Asuka said, taking the garrote in her hands. “Would you like the idiot to strangle you or would you rather have me do it?”
The question was addressed to Rei, but I gave it a thought too. Of course I’d like to give Rei a hand in her entertainment, but the nature of it was too intimate. Far from kissing of course, but still a step beyond holding hands. And we haven’t even done that! No, I’m for slow paced naturally progressing kind of relationship. Luckily Rei decided against my assistance too, though her reasoning was much less sophisticated.
“But if Shinji does it, his sundae will melt”, she noted. “Would you be so kind to strangle me instead?”
“Sure, that’s part of my job too”, Asuka answered. “It’ll cost you extra though”.
Rei gave me a questioning look. Right, with all her property left to me, her expanses become mine as well.
“No problem”, I said. “Consider it my treat”.
“Thank you”, Rei replied. “Then I will use your service, Sohryu-san”.
“Very well”, Asuka said and placed the garrote around Rei’s neck. “Would you like to be strangled slow or quick?”
“Slow, please”, Rei answered. “I wouldn’t want to be finished before Shinji”.
“As you wish”, Asuka said and tightened the rope just a little, merely making Rei uncomfortable.

“So tell me, Rei” I said as I took time enjoying my sundae. “Since when have you been considering becoming a prostitute?”
“Since I met you”, Rei answered, still having little trouble speaking.
“Oh? How so?” I wondered.
“I felt that we’ll end up being together”, Rei explained. “So I thought of putting the experience I would have with you to use”.
“Cool! You’re so provident!” I said admiringly. “Did you have some other plans before you met me?”
Asuka tied the rope just a bit tighter and Rei’s voice became hoarse.
“People call me a doll a lot”, she said. “I guess I have a talent for it. So I was considering becoming a living doll”.
My mouth was busy chewing another strawberry, but even without words my confused look gave out that I’ve never heard of living dolls.
“I would have the tendons in my arms and legs cut for immobility and my voice chords removed too”, Rei explained, making pauses between sentences to take a breath. “Such dolls are used both for sexual pleasure and for rich children to play with… Due to the passive nature of the job it doesn’t require any prior experience”.
“You talk too much for a doll”, Asuka noted and tightened the rope another bit.
“Don’t mind her”, I said to Rei. “You’d make a perfect doll!”
“Thank… you”, Rei spoke, now every word was a fight for her.

“What about you, Asuka?” I asked. “I don’t think you’re planning to be a waitress forever. So, have you considered something else? Like prostitution or that living doll thing?”
“Certainly not a doll!” Asuka answered. “They end up either fucked to death or what’s even more humiliating just thrown away to rot among the garbage as the master gets tired of them”.
“What’s wrong… with that?” Rei wondered with a weak hoarse voice.
“Don’t mind her”, I said, as I put another strawberry in my mouth. “That’s just her pride speaking”.
“And I’m going for a job of which I can be proud!” Asuka stated.
“And what that might be?” I asked.
“I’m currently hesitating between a porn actress and a military career”, she said.
“For real?” I was surprised. “I though it’s Kensuke who’s into all the military staff”.
“Huh! He doesn’t have a clue what it’s like for real”, Asuka sneered.
“So how are you going to follow orders?” I wondered. I knew well discipline never was her strong side.
“Follow? Huh! I’m going to be the one giving orders!” Asuka stated proudly.
“I see”, I sighed. It seems the one taking the military wrong isn’t Kensuke. “And what about the porn actress option?”
“Well, I have a remarkable body”, Asuka said as if it was self-evident. “Would be a waste not to use it as intended”.
“That you have”, I had to admit as Asuka’s physical beauty could compare only to her ego. “Porn industry would lose a lot if you choose a military career”.
“Do you really think so?” Asuka asked.
“Of course”, I assured her, not mentioning the fact I also wanted to save her form the military. Or rather the military from her.
“I guess I’ll stick with porn then”, Asuka decided.
“Is she… better?..” a voice came out of Rei’s lips so weak I mostly lip-read.
Oops, I guess I shouldn’t have called another girl beautiful in front of my girlfriend. Rei was a girl too after all, so she also could get jealous.
“You’re my only love, Rei”, I assured her. “Here, let me share some sundae with you as an apology”.
I offered her a spoonful of delicious ice-cream and Rei took it in her mouth.
“Does it taste good?”
Rei nodded after making a hard swallow.
“I hope you garrote feels good too”, I said. “Wouldn’t want to take a taste of it in return though”.
Rei giggled at my joke and Asuka tightened the garrote once more.

For some time I focused on my meal while Asuka continued to gradually tighten the garrote so that my girlfriend was getting harder and harder to breathe.
“Hey, Asuka?” I broke the silence as Rei’s face started to turn slightly blue.
“Yes?” she replied.
“Have you watched that new Nanoha movie?” I wondered.
“Nanoha?” Asuka asked confused. “What’s that?”
“Huh?” I was shocked. “You don’t know of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha?”
Rei jerked a bit, I even thought for a moment she was also shocked by Asuka not knowing of Nanoha, but then realized it was the beginning of her painful struggle for air.
“Magical girl?” Asuka repeated. “You mean that Sailor Moon or something?”
“Well, it’s in the same genre… kinda…” I sighed. “You should definitely watch it. We’ve been on the third movie earlier today and it was amazing! Right, Rei?”
“Hai”, perfectly knowing she won’t be able to breathe in, Rei fought her involuntary jerking to breathe out this one word along with the priceless remains of the air in her lungs.
“Well, if even the doll finds something to be amazing”… Asuka thought aloud. “But what can be amazing about cartoons? They’re made for little kids!”
“I don’t know what you have in the west, but here in Japan animation is not just for kids”, I argued. “Or would you say that Hellsing Ultimate is for kids? Or Elfen Lied?”
“What’s that?” Asuka asked, seems she have never heard of those titles either.
Meanwhile Rei’s convulsions grew quite wild. Her lovely face was distorted into a grimace of pain, but as for me she was the most beautiful girl in the world anyway, so I didn’t mind.
“For one, in Hellsing Ultimate they have undead Nazis eating babies”, I noted before having a sip of juice.
“Oh my God!” Asuka exclaimed in a shock. “And they show it to children? This world is doomed”.
Rei started trashing too violently, arching forward, and while I couldn’t help but smile looking at her having so much fun, she risked to shake the table with my meal on it, so Asuka had to tighten the garrote as much as she could, it was now biting severely into my girlfriend’s neck.
“I’m telling you they don’t”, I sighed. I guess there’s no use arguing with Asuka, I’ll just drag her to the cinema for another epic anime some day and then she’ll see for herself.
And for now I just returned to my snack of which I was three fourths way through. Asuka was now holding the garrote very tight on Rei’s neck, so my girlfriend calmed down, only twitching in agony with her face all blue and eyes half rolled back. Seems she’s also more than a half done.
“Who could think of it, blue face suits you quite well”, I noted half-jokingly. “It matches your hair”.
Rei had to fight through her pain to give me a look. She seemed confused. Of course, she can’t see just how blue she is.
“Asuka, do you happen to have a mirror?” I asked.
“I do, but it’s back in my bag”, the redhead answered. “Try the doll’s bag, every girl has a mirror in hers”.
“Would you let me?” I asked Rei as I took her handbag, though it was a needless question, since it was going to be mine in a couple of minutes anyway. Indeed I found a mirror there. I showed it to Rei. “So, what do you think of it?” I asked her.
Rei fought for a glance of her reflection. It was a tough fight against her uncontrolled agony, but Rei’s determination got the upper hand and she stole just a few moments to look in the mirror. She seemed pleased with her reflection, though I couldn’t tell if she agreed on her blue face being esthetically appealing or was just enjoying seeing her own death throes. Anyway the next moment her eyes rolled back even more than before, leaving only the whites visible, and the agony hit her back.

As I was finishing the last bits of my sundae, another thought came to my mind.
“Asuka, have you already done the Math homework?” I asked.
“Huh? Math?” Asuka was surprised by such a topic. “Not yet. Why?”
“Rei has done it”, I said. “Right?”
Rei was only slightly twitching and didn’t react in any way. Seems she was also on the final straight.
“So what, you want to say she’s better than me?” Asuka asked angrily.
I have to admit, Asuka is better in Math that either me or Rei, so for her it won’t be a problem to do it by herself. Being as arrogant as she is, Asuka would certainly deny any help if she considered it important. But she didn’t take school any serious. Can’t blame her on that, after all she’s a college graduate back in Germany.
“No, no, that’s not what I meant”, I assured her. “I wanted to say we could copy Rei’s homework”.
“Don’t you know the doll never lets anyone copy her homework?” Asuka asked.
“Rei’s kindly leaving everything to me”, I said, nodding to Rei’s last will lying on the table. “That includes homework”.
I smiled to Rei showing my appreciation, but she looked totally absent.
“Cool”, Asuka said. “So you want to share her notes with me?”
“Why not?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Do you know Rei’s address? Come by after your shift ends”.
“Sure”, Asuka agreed.

As I savored the last bite of the sundae Rei was almost limp, only occasional slight twitching gave out she wasn’t done yet.
“I’ve finished”, I told her. “You finish too”.
I took time drinking the rest of the juice and when I finally put the empty glass on the tray next to finished sundae Rei’s head fell limp on the side and she wasn’t twitching anymore. Asuka loosened the garrote and put it back on the tray too. Then she got to Rei’s hands to untie them.
As I looked at my girlfriend’s motionless body, I wondered if she had found the garroting to her liking. She wasn’t into strangulation, at least not to my knowledge, and only chose it at random. Then again she only wanted to kill the time while I was eating my meal and that worked perfectly for certain. So regardless of whether she had fun or not I can say with a clear conscience that Rei had a nice time at this café. Besides, watching my girlfriend’s life squeezed out of her right before my eyes made eating the delicious sundae at a nice sunny day even more enjoyable, so it’s not for me to complain.
“Well then, we both had a really nice time at your café”, I said thankfully as I looked for money in Rei’s bag. “How much would it be?”
Asuka named the price and I put the money on the tray.
“And what’s with the body?” I wondered, getting from the table.
“It’s yours”, Asuka said, getting done with untying Rei’s hands and putting the rope on the tray with everything else. “It says so in the will right? Everything that was hers is now yours”.
“Huh?” I was surprised. “So what am I supposed to do with it?”
“None of my business”, Asuka said, taking the tray from the table. “Just get it out of here”.
“Wait a moment”, I said before she left with the tray. “Let me borrow the spoon”.
“Why? Well, just leave it on the table then”, Asuka said, giving me the spoon and heading away.
I came up to Rei’s lifeless body. The vacant look on her blue face and the limpness of her body suited her very well, assuring me she would have made a perfect doll indeed. To think of it, didn’t Asuka mention those dolls end up rotting in garbage? I guess that answers the question what to do with the body. It would be most fitting for Rei who wanted to become a doll. But before that I used the spoon to take her eyes out of the sockets. From when I first met Rei I was captivated by those deep red eyes. So I’m going to keep them. I put my girlfriend’s beautiful eyes in the bag and left the spoon on the table as Asuka asked. Then I stripped Rei from her clothes. The flip-flops are unisex, so I can wear them myself. What for the dress, I’ll see if it makes a good floor cloth. I folded the dress neatly and found a place in the bag both for it and sandals. Seems girls’ handbags are really limitless inside. Rei thoughtfully didn’t have any underwear on her as it would have shown indelicately through the dress, so that was the only two item of clothes I got from her. Finally I took Rei’s lifeless naked body in my arms. It felt pleasantly cool. I never even held hands with her before, so it’s good she’s dead now, or I could die of embarrassment. I looked around for a dumpster. There was one not so far away, so I got Rei to it and threw her into the container. It was stinky around it, but I took some time admiring how naturally Rei looked among the waste. My beloved girlfriend was just another piece of it now. I smiled happy for her.

“Hey, Shinji!” a familiar voice distracted me from eying Rei’s corpse.
I turned back and saw my classmates Touji and Hikari. I knew they were dating for some time, I’ve heard they even kissed, so apparently they were on another date now. Touji, who called me, carried a beheaded Japanese Mastiff over his shoulders. Hikari, who looked a bit messy, but satisfied, held its head in her hands. Blood was still slightly dripping both from the head and the body, and for some reason Hikari’s hair was totally soaked in it. Something else was also dripping from under her rumpled skirt.
“Hello, Ikari-kun”, she greeted me with her usual cheerful smile.
“Hi”, I answered to both of them. “Are you on a date too?”
“Too?” Touji looked around for my date while Hiakri just blinked confusedly.
“I was on a date with Rei”, I explained, showing them the corpse in the garbage container. Now that she was dead I didn’t see any harm if people knew of our relationship. “We came by a nice café nearby and she had herself garroted”.
“Cool!” Touji said upon seeing the corpse. “Must have been a lot of fun”.
“She looks so nice being dead”, Hikari commented with a warm smile. “What happened to her eyes?”
“I took them”, I said, patting the bag.
“Guess we’ll toss Max here too then?” Touji proposed.
“Sure”, Hikari confirmed.
“So what’s with that dog?” I asked as they threw both its body and head into the container right over Rei.
“Well, that’s kind of a silly story…” Touji reluctantly admitted. “Let’s take a sit on the bench and I’ll tell it”.

“So, I was returning from the shop with my old man”, Touji started the story as the three of us sat on the bench nearby. “We bought an axe for our country house, you know, to split firewood. And as we were going through the park I saw the dog screwing Hikari”.
“I often walk Max in this park”, Hikari explained. “We were doing out usual mating routine”.
“So I decided to play a prank on Hikari”, Touji continued. “I came up from the front and squatted before her, starting a casual conversation”.
“It was suspicious from the beginning, when Touji started with ‘what a lovely day’ cliché”, Hikari giggled. “But I certainly didn’t expect an axe on my neck!”
“Yeah, I had my old man test our new buy on Hikari when she less expected”, Touji said. “Or at least that was the intention”.
“Max’s head was on the way and stopped the axe”, Hikari explained. “It still got to me, but only left a scratch”. She faced away and got her hair from the way to demonstrate a noticeable scratch on the back of her neck.
“Guess it’s not the best axe in the world after all”, Touji sighed. “Still works, so my old man went ahead with it, leaving me with Hikari”.
“It was a lot of fun anyway!” Hikari said enthusiastically, reliving the joy. “When the axe hit me I realized my head was still in place only after the most intense and continuous climax in my life!” Hikari continued, involuntarily rubbing her tights against each other. “And as Max’s head flew away, his knot got so swollen inside me I thought it would tear me apart. He filled me with so much cum, it’s still gurgling inside me!” Hikari finished her story as she gently placed her hand on her belly.
“And then we took the dog’s corpse and looked for a dumpster”, Touji concluded. “So that’s how we got here”.
“Amazing!” I said impressed by their story. “So what are you going to do now?”
“I guess I’m ought to buy a new dog for Hikari”, Touji answered. “She loved playing with Max a lot”.
“A dog is a closed chapter”, Hikari said. “I’m considering having a boar next”.
“That must be expansive!” Touju complained.
“How about we each pay a half?” Hikari suggested. “Anyway I’d like to have a snack first, it was quite energy consuming. Ikari-kun, have you said there was a café nearby?”
“That’s right”, I confirmed. “It’s this way”, I pointed. “A nice and quiet place, I totally recommend it”.
“I’m not hungry”, Touji said reluctantly.
“They have entertainments too, so you can just kill some time”, I informed him. “And there’s a cute waitress too”.
“Well, if you put it that way, it might worth it”, Touji changed his mind.
Hikari gave him a furious glance.
“I mean the entertainment!” he hurried to clarify.
Hikari sighed, perfectly seeing through his insincerity.
“Thanks for the advice, we’ll drop by that café”, she said smiling to me as she got up from the bench, dragging Touji with him. “Have a nice day!”
“You have a nice day too”, I replied.
“See ya!” Touji waved his hand and they headed to the café.
Guess it’s time for me to go too. I came by the dumpster to have a last glace at Rei. As I talked with Touji and Hikari more passersby threw their garbage into the container, so Rei’s body was now covered not only with the dog’s one, but with a lot of other waste too. Some little pieces of trash even filled her eye sockets. With the waste surrounding Rei not only from below, but all around, she looked even more natural among it. And nothing can possibly be as beautiful as what is natural.
Rot in piece, my love. And thanks for the Math.


Part 2: Touji and Hikari

(Evangelion, Horaki Hikari, beastiality, just a bit of scat, beating, all casual)

The same time sundae and juice were brought before Shinji, Hikari was facing a pile of shit Max had just made. Max was her dog – a Japanese Mastiff – and she was currently walking him in this park as usual. There was a law that said one must clean the lawn of their dog’s shit, which usually meant pick it up shit and get it to the nearest dumpster. It was a bother for Hikari at first, but with time she found a better way to get rid of shit. As Max finished and stepped away from the pile, Hikari stood on all fours before it instead. Lowering her elbows to the ground, she took the shit pile in her hands accurately, not to let it fall apart so that some of it would stay on the grass. It was stinky, so Hikari held her breath as she brought it close to her face. She opened her mouth wide and pushed the shit inside. Hikari chewed and swallowed the shit inside her mouth before licking her fingers clean. She discovered long ago shit doesn’t taste as bad as it smells, especially if you don’t breathe as you eat it. So she got used to just devouring Max’s shit instead of bothering picking it up and looking for a dumpster. With time she even grew liking the taste.
Hikari licked her fingers, but there was still some traces of shit around her lips. She didn’t have a chance to deal with it though, as Max got on top of her and tried to stick his dick – which grew hard at seeing the girl on all fours – under her skirt. Mating was their usual routine when walking, so specifically for that purpose Hikari was wearing a very short yellow dress and no underwear. This made it easy for Max to find his way under the girls skirt and into her pussy.
“Ah, you’re so forcing”, Hikari complained, though truth be told she enjoyed that side of her dog, or she wouldn’t so recklessly stand on all fours before him.

Meanwhile Touji and his father went to buy a new axe for their country house. Since the buy wasn’t exactly light, on their way back home they decided to take a shortcut through the park. And that was where they met Touji’s girlfriend Hikari. Or, to be precise, Touji saw Hikari, but she didn’t see him as she was facing the other way, busy being screwed by Max. Touji wanted to call her name first, but before he did so a better thought came to his mind. He shared the idea with his father, and the old man seemed to like it too. So Touji left his father with the axe and got round of Hikari to be in front of her. Then he came close and squatted to have their faces closer. She seemed enjoying Max’s dick inside her and didn’t even notice Touji. There were many people passing by, surely some of them took their time to watch a cute girl playing with her dog, so Hikari didn’t pay attention to another onlooker.
“Hi there”, Touji said after a minute of watching her having fun undisturbed.
“Huh?” Hikari raised her face with traces of dog’s shit on her lips. “Ah, Touji! Hello. What are you doing here?”
“Well… was just coming by… I guess…” he answered somewhat nervously as he couldn’t tell the truth not to ruin the fun. “What a lovely day, isn’t it?” he tried to change the topic.
“Sure”, Hikari agreed. She saw that Touji was uneasy as if he tried to hide something, but she was too busy with her dog to think deeper in it. “Nothing beats playing with a dog at such a nice day”.
“Good boy”, Touji said, patting Max’s head. “Thanks for taking care of Hikari”.
“Woof!” the dog replied eagerly and continued to screw the girl with renewed enthusiasm.
Sharing the same interest that was Hikari, Touji and Max were good friends. Though Max got to had sex with Hikari every day, while the best Touji got so far is kissed her once. First time he saw her nonchalantly eating Max’s shit, he couldn’t resist the cuteness of her usual bright smile with her lips stained in shit, so he forced a kiss on her. Hikari was outraged, she pushed him away and made it clear he’s not to get ahead of himself in advancing their relationship, or it will be over the same moment. But somehow the fact they kissed became known to their classmates, so now everyone imagined their relationship to be much more intimate than it really was. Touji would like it to be so, but he knew she was serious about it, so he knew better than to force himself on her again. Meanwhile he had to make do with fucking his little sister Sakura.
“Too bad I have to share Max with my sisters when at home”, Hikari complained. “Only when it’s my turn to walk him I can have him all to my own”.
Touji nodded as if he agreed with her that it was indeed too bad, but actually by that he gave a sign to his father, who came up to Hikari from the side, unnoticed by her, and was waiting for that sign.
“Bye then”, Touji said and at the same moment his father chopped her neck with the axe.

Or at least that’s how it was supposed to work. But Max was in the way, so the axe slowed down cutting his head off and left only a scratch on Hikari. Though the girl herself, upon feeling the axe against the back of her neck, didn’t seem to realize her head was still intact. The shock initiated an extremely intense and continuous orgasm for her. Max’s head fell to the ground and the blood from his neck stump poured on Hikari’s hair, but she was too busy to care, writhing and screaming under Max’s beheaded body, who was also cumming, his pulsing organ swelling to tremendous size inside of the girl. Both Touji and his father watched in awe at the show that continued for minutes.

Finally Hikari fell to the ground, totally exhausted, but her face expression gave up she felt like in heaven, which she must have thought she was. Only after recovering a bit, she noticed, sincerely surprised:
“Huh? Am I still alive?”
“Well, it didn’t work exactly as I intended”, Touji answered. “Sorry”.
“It’s all right”, Hikari said. “It was still the greatest fun I’ve had in my life!”
“But I wanted for it to also be your last one”.
“Don’t worry”, Hikari comforted him. “We have all of our lives in front of us, so you’ll have plenty of chances to end me”.
She got from under Max’s body and tried to tidy her hair, lips and dress. With bloody messed hair, traces of dog’s shit on her lips and it’s cum dripping from under her skirt, all of that accompanied by her usual cheerful smile, Hikari looked totally charming. It was a torture for Touji to hold himself from kissing her.
Now that she was standing, Hikari also saw Touji’s father with the axe.
“Suzuhara-san”, she greeted him. “Did you handle the axe? I’m sorry that it didn’t work, but still thank you for your help with Touji’s surprise. Even if it didn’t kill me, it was totally unexpected all right and a lot of fun!”
“I’m glad I could be of help”, the man answered. “Well then, I guess I’ll leave you with your girlfriend”, he said to Touji and winked. “Have a good time you two!”

“Well, I don’t think I can just eat him all up as with the shit”, Hikari giggled, nodding to Max’s separate head and body on the ground.
“I’ll help you take him to the dump”, Touji offered, as he felt responsible for what came out of his surprise. “I’ll take the body and you take the head”.
So they did and within a couple of minutes came to the nearest dumpster, where to their surprise they saw Shinji, dreamingly staring into the container. For some reason he also had a girlish handbag.
“Hey, Shinji!” Touji called his friends.
Shinji turned to his friends, somewhat confused at seeing them carry a dog’s corpse.
“Hello, Ikari-kun”, Hikari added.
“Hi”, Shinji answered. “Are you on a date too?”
“Too?” Touji looked around for Shinji’s date while Hiakri just blinked confusedly.
“I was on a date with Rei”, Shinji explained, showing his friends Rei was inside the garbage container. She was totally naked and motionless in an uncomfortable pose, had a noose burn on her neck, her face was blue and her eye sockets were empty. Without a doubt she was dead. “We came by a nice café nearby and she had herself garroted”.
“Cool!” Touji said, staring at the naked corpse. “Must have been a lot of fun”.
“She looks so nice being dead”, Hikari commented with a warm smile. “What happened to her eyes?”
“I took them”, Shinji said, patting the bag.
“Guess we’ll toss Max here too then?” Touji proposed.
“Sure”, Hikari confirmed.
“So what’s with that dog?” Shinji asked as his friends threw both its body and head into the container right over Rei.
“Well, that’s kind of a silly story…” Touji reluctantly admitted. “Let’s take a sit on the bench and I’ll tell it”.

“Amazing!” Shinji said impressed after Touji and Hikari told their story. “So what are you going to do now?”
“I guess I’m ought to buy a new dog for Hikari”, Touji answered. “She loved playing with Max a lot”.
“A dog is a closed chapter”, Hikari said. “I’m considering having a boar next”.
“That must be expansive!” Touju complained.
“How about we each pay a half?” Hikari suggested. “Anyway I’d like to have a snack first, it was quite energy consuming. Ikari-kun, have you said there was a café nearby?”
“That’s right”, Shinji confirmed. “It’s this way”, he pointed. “A nice and quiet place, I totally recommend it”.
“I’m not hungry”, Touji said reluctantly.
“They have entertainments too, so you can just kill some time”, Shinji informed him. “And there’s a cute waitress too”.
“Well, if you put it that way, it might worth it”, Touji changed his mind.
Hikari gave him a furious glance.
“I mean the entertainment!” he hurried to clarify.
Hikari sighed, perfectly seeing through his insincerity.
“Thanks for the advice, we’ll drop by that café”, she said smiling to Shinji as she got up from the bench, dragging Touji with him. “Have a nice day!”
“You have a nice day too”, Shinji replied.
“See ya!” Touji waved his hand and they headed to the café.

The café didn’t have a lot of tables, but it appeared the tables weren’t the only places they had. They also had some blankets right on the grass for picnic-like experience and even some sort of amusement devises. Hikari brought Touji to one of the blankets. As they took their place, Touji looked around for a waitress, or rather not any waitress, but the cute one Shinji was talking about, and actually saw her.
“No way! That red devil is a waitress?! Ha-ha-ha!” he laughed as he saw Asuka serving twin girls at one of the tables. Besides the meal she gave them a revolver to play Russian roulette. Seems Shinji told the truth about entertainment here too.
“You’re lucky Asuka didn’t seem to hear you”, Hikari said angrily. “I’ll ignore it if you treat me”.
Damn! It slipped Touji’s mind that Asuka’s best friend was right beside him.
“Sure, sure”, he hurried to agree until Hikari changed her mind and came up with a harder punishment for his rude words.
After serving the twins, Asuka came to Touji and Hikari.
“Hi, Hikari!” she said, completely ignoring Touji. “What brings you here?”
“We met Shinji on our way and he recommended us this café”, Hikari explained.
“I knew I couldn’t rely on his promise not to tell anyone I’m working here”, Asuka sighed, angrily clenching a fist.
“He didn’t”, Hikari assured. “He only told us it’s a good café”.
“Well, he did mention a cute waitress”, Touji cut in. “Though I couldn’t possibly imagine it’d be you”.
“So you want to say you couldn’t possibly imagine someone might call me cute?” Asuka specified.
Hikari added a frown to that. Again Touji reminded himself to keep his mouth shut. With those two girls any word you say can be used against you.
“Let’s get to the menu”, he said, trying to change the topic.
“Whatever”, Asuka sighed and handed two copies of menu to the couple.
Hikari looked through the menu and voiced here choice:
“I’ll have hakuto jelly and milk shake”.
“Goodbye, my money”, Touji sighed as he saw the price for the hakuto jelly, “I really loved you…”
“Any entertainment?” Asuka asked. “Maybe you wanna tie that annoying asshole’s sharp tongue into a Colombian necktie?”
“Thanks, but not this time”, Hikari answered. “I’ve had enough fun for today”.
“I strongly recommend you to consider it”, Asuka insisted.
“Hey, do I even have a word here?” Touji cut in.
“Fine, fine…” Asuka sighed. “What’s your order?”
“I’m not hungry”, he said. “But some entertainment might be nice”.
“What’s that new tend with one person from the couple ordering only food and the other only entertainment?” Asuka complained. “It’s halving café’s profit”.
“I can’t help if I’m not hungry”, Touji answered. “And the entertainments are on the menu, so you can’t turn me back like for not ordering anything”.
“Whatever, just say what’s that you want”, Asuka hurried him.
“Let’s see…” he said, studying the list of entertainments. “I guess I can use a baseball bat”.
“Going to beat Hikari or one of the waitresses?” Asuka specified. She wasn’t happy with the idea of being beaten by someone like Touji, but it was a part of her job to assist customers in their entertainment just like she did earlier for Rei, so she had little choice if he wanted to use her assistance.
What for Touji though, while beating the redhead devil up did sound tempting, Touji decided to properly spend this time with his girlfriend.
“Hikari”, he answered.
“Await your order then”, Asuka said, taking the menu back and leaving.

“By the way, why are you hungry in the first place?” Touji asked Hikari. “Haven’t you ate Max’s shit?”
“It’s not like it’s any nutritious, you know”, Hikari answered. “If it were, one could sustain themselves on their own waste with no need for additional food”.
“That would be convenient”, Touji noted. “So why doesn’t it work like this?”
“Because someone has to learn better at school”, Hikari said. “Than that someone wouldn’t ask such stupid questions”.
“And if I’m such an idiot, why are you dating me in the first place?”
“Should I not?”
“That’s not what I mean. But seriously, what did you find in me?”
“Well… your kindness… I guess”, Hikari admitted shyly.
“Huh?” Touji was confused.
“You may not realize that, but you are a kind and caring person”, Hikari said. “When you met me in the park earlier you wanted to make a pleasant surprise for me. And even now that you chose an entertainment, I know how much you’d love to beat Asuka up, yet you still chose me. I really appreciate that”.
“It’s not like I chose it for your sake or anything…” Touji awkwardly answered before realizing he was talking just like Asuka he hated so much and it made him even more embarrassed causing Hikari to giggle at him.

And here was Asuka herself with the saucer with hakuto jelly cut into cubes, a glass of milk shake and a bat.
“Here’s your order”, she said, handing it to the awaiting couple.
“Thanks”, Hikari answered.
“Well, thanks, I guess”, Touji added. He didn’t like having to be polite, more than that to be polite with that red-haired devil, but Hikari wouldn’t like him being rude.
“Enjoy your meal”, Asuka said before leaving them to themselves.
Hikari was casually sitting on the blanket with her knees bent and legs to the right side as she took her first cube of the jelly and sent in to her mouth. She took time savoring its texture and taste. Meanwhile Touji took the bat and stood up in front of his girlfriend. He stroke her from her left side, hitting Hikari’s arm above the elbow. He didn’t use full force right away, so Hikari, having her legs to the right side, didn’t lose her balance. She finally swallowed her first piece of jelly and commented:
“M-m-m, that’s delicious! Are you sure you don’t want some?”
“Nah, I’d better have fun with the bat”, Touji answered, enjoying the sight of a bruise forming quickly on his girlfriend’s upper arm. “I don’t like jelly anyway”.
“Well, more for me then”, Hikari replied, taking another piece of jelly as Touji aimed for another strike. This time Touji hit her elbow, making it bend the wrong way. Having her elbow joint misplaced made her wink of pain, but the next moment the jelly pleasantly melting inside her mouth made Hikari’s face melt in a blissful expression upon enjoying her meal. “Anyway. We haven’t seen each other much since the start of the summer holidays. Do you have any news to share?”
“I dunno”, Touji answered thoughtfully. “Nothing big happened”.
Hiakri put another piece of Jelly in her mouth as she was waiting for Touji to think of anything interesting.

“Ah, Sakura’s being released from the hospital today!” he finally remembered as he stroke his girlfriend’s forearm with full force. It appeared enough to brake a bone, leaving some unhealthy looking bruises.
“Oh, is she in the hospital?” Hikari gasped in both pain and worry for the little girl. “What happened?”
“Apparently I’ve severely torn her cunt… I mean her vagina… when I last fuck… err… played with her” Touji explained.
He was afraid Hikari would yell at him for failing not to curse, but apparently she was too worried for Sakura to pay attention to Touji’s speaking.
“Ah, I’m so glad”, she sighed with relieve. “I was worried she caught a cold or something”.
As Hikari sipped some milkshake through the straw to calm down, Touji made another strike to the same place as before. It broke another bone, this time it was poking of the arm, revealing some of the meat. Hikari was so fascinated by seeing her forearm, having both its bones broken at the same place, hang solely on muscles and skin, she didn’t even register the pain that came with it.
“Wow, an open fracture!” Hikari exclaimed in amazement as she lifted her broken forearm right before her eyes to see the injury better. The lower part of the forearm and the hand were just hanging limply, their weight tearing just a little bit more skin and muscles. “I’ve never had one of these before!”
“Do you like it?” Touji asked.
“Need you ask! It’s awesome! I can even see the bone!” Hikari answered excitingly as she curiously touched the exposed bone with her healthy hand’s fingers. “It’s so much fun! Thanks!”
“The pleasure is mine”, Touji replied walking around his girlfriend so that he could aim for her other arm now.
Hikari took another jelly cube, but before she got it to her mouth Touji hit her right arm and the cube fell of the girl’s hand. As she had her legs to the right side, receiving a hit from the same side, she couldn’t keep her balance and started falling to the left. Before she could think about her left arm being broken Hikari instinctively tried stopping her falling by pushing her left hand against the ground. That worked, but totally didn’t help the broken forearm’s integrity, tearing up even more muscles, and sudden sharp pain draw a scream from Hikari.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Touji hurried to apologize. “I didn’t mean to knock the food from your hand”.
“It’s all right”, Hikari replied, smiling to him as she appreciated his care for her. “I eat dog shit, a piece of jelly that fell on the blanket is totally okay with me”.
“Yeah, right”, Touji agreed. “It’s just Sakura hates it when my cum gets on the floor and she has to lick it”.
“Maybe you should buy her a pet too?” Hikari advised as she picked up the jelly cube she dropped earlier and finally send it to her mouth. “That’s the second best thing to cure disgust after having a baby”.
“I don’t think I can afford a pet after owing you half a boar”, Touji reminded as he hit the girl’s right elbow. It was misplaced, but not as bad as the left one, as Touji’s aim suffered from him being a little upset about his financial situation. Hikari still leaned on her broken left arm to keep balance.
“Sorry, didn’t think of that”, Hikari apologized as she took the glass with milk shake in her right hand which was kinds tricky with her elbow misplaced. “Just make her a baby then”.
“I do try that every time I have a chance”, Touji noted as he waited for Hikari to sip some milk shake and put the glass down before hitting her again – this time in the right forearm. And just like with his first hit on the left one he broke one of the bones. “But it seems she’s just still too young to get pregnant”.
“Just keep trying”, Hikari told him as she picked up another cube of jelly. It got even trickier with her right arm broken, but she totally enjoyed the challenge. “By the way, about your sister…”
“Yes?” Touji asked as he aimed for another strike.
“You said you have torn her vagina. Just how big you are?” Hikari wondered.
Touji suddenly laughed so hard he dropped the bat to the ground.
“What?” Hikari looked confused.
“It wasn’t… what you thought…” Touji said through laughter. “I tore her by fisting her”.
“Ah… ha-ha-ha”, Hikari realized her misunderstanding and joined laughing.

After some laughing Touji picked up a bat again. He aimed for his girlfriend’s right hand, hoping to break her delicate fingers. But he also chose a moment when she was putting another jelly cube in her still widely smiling mouth. So when Touji stroke, he hit her fingers all right, but he also hit her lovely smile. And while the fingers that were in the way softened the blow, it still knocked a few of her teeth out. Hikari spitted them out along with the half-chewed piece of jelly and some blood on her right hand, now decorated with half of her fingers being broken. She stared at her palm confusedly for a moment until she figured out which was the jelly and not one of her teeth and took it back into her bloody mouth.
“Blood certainly adds to the flavor”, Hikari admitted after savoring it curiously. “But what am I supposed to do with the teeth now?"
“Just thr… I mean put them on the edge of the saucer”, Touji answered. “The staff will take care of the trash later”.
Hikari did that and smiled to him.
“What?” Touji asked confused about her smile.
“I just tested if you’d tell me to throw them on the ground”, Hikari admitted.
‘Damn, that was close’, Touji thought to himself, because his first impulse was exactly that. He wasn’t really mad at Hikari for trying to rectify him, he was willing to become better for her. It’s just he couldn’t change himself in an instant.

Meanwhile Hikari tried to pick up another piece of jelly, but with her fingers broken added to misplaced elbow and broken forearm made it really difficult this time. Touji beating her tits didn’t help either. So after a couple of failed attempts Hikari gave up and decided to change her own position instead. She was going to lie down on her stomach so that her face was next to the saucer and glass. To reposition herself first Hikari stood on her knees, then leaned forward and stood on all fours. It was quite fun to try to support her weight on her arms with them ruined as they were. It did hurt, so Hikari stopped for a moment to catch a breath before lowering herself further. Touji didn’t wait though and helped her by hitting her back. Hikari fell on the ground with a nice scream. After a moment she recovered and discovered she was quite in the right position, she only had to move her arms a bit from underneath her body. Now she could pick up jelly cubes right with her mouth and sip the milk shake through the straw all without using her hands. Her beaten tits were pressed against the ground adding some pleasant pain. Hikari wreathed in smiles. She only hoped Touji was having not less fun than her, it was his entertainment after all.

And Touji surely did have fun. As he continued beating her with the bat, now aiming at her sides, he returned to the conversation:
“We keep talking about me, but what about yourself? Have anything new to tell?”
“Let me think…” Hikari said as she was savoring the taste of jelly combined with the feeling of her boyfriend beating her. “Nothing worth mentioning happened to myself, but I’m worried for Nozomi”.
“Your little sister? What’s with her?” Touji asked, marking Hikari’s body with another bruise.
“She keeps coming home really late, and I mean really late like next morning or in a couple of days”, Hikari explained. “And when she comes, she has her clothes torn apart, a few bruises here and there and has semen dripping out of her every hole”.
“Sounds to me like she’s just having fun with random guys”, Touji said as he proceeded to Hikari’s butt which was bare because of her very short dress.
“That would be all right”, Hikari nodded, “but as I clean her up, I noticed the taste of cum is the same every time. So I’m worried if she got herself a boyfriend”.
“A boyfriend? No way!” Touji got angry at this thought which made his next hit stronger, now aiming at her thighs. “She’s about Sakura’s age, isn’t she? That’s too young for that kind of relationship! If I discovered Sakura got herself a boyfriend I’d fucking beat her to death!” Touji didn’t even realize he cursed in front of Hikari which usually promises nothing good. Gladly this time she overlooked it.
“Maybe a nice beating is what Nozomi needs?” Hikari supposed. “But I’m not nearly as good in it as you are”, she said dreamingly, enjoying her boyfriend’s treatment. “Say, maybe you could take care of her for me?”
“Should I beat her to death?” Touji specified.
“Whatever”, Hikari answered. “Just make it hurt a lot”.
“I can certainly do that!” Touji agreed and as if in confirmation of his words hit right under his girlfriend’s knees especially hard.
“Ah!” Hikari shortly screamed of pain. “Thank you”.
“No problem”, Touji said. “I love torturing and killing girls. Actually I want to become a professional executioner so that I could do it every day”.
“Oh, that sounds nice!” Hikari commented before sipping some milk shake. “Can’t wait to become your loyal customer”.

“By the way, what do you want to be?” Touji brought the question as he kept working on her legs.
“Well, just a week ago I would say I don’t know”, Hikari answered, leisurely continuing her meal. “But then my older sister Kodama… did I tell you she studies to be a doctor?”
“I think so”, Touji answered, not bothering to think deep into it instead of turning Hikari’s legs into a mess of bruises.
“So for summer homework she had to vivisect somebody and chose her boyfriend for it”, Hikari told. “Nozomi hanged out as usual, but I was home and watched”.
“Oh, so you got interested and want to become a doctor too now?” Touji assumed. “That’s nice, I will ruin girls and you would fix them so I could ruin them again and again”.
“Well, I got interested indeed”, Hikari confirmed. “But rather that from a medical point of view I was fascinated with the sight of all the meat… and its taste too. So now I want to become a butcher”.
“That’s cool too”, Touji commented as he placed his next hit on her toes.

“Hmm… seems like I’m finished”, he said as he looked over his girlfriend all covered in bruises, having several broken bones and dislocated joints. “Are you finished with your meal?”
“Not yet”, Hikari answered as she had a little of jelly and milk shake left. “But I think you might have missed one spot”. With these words she spread her legs exposing her pussy. “Why don’t you work on it while I’m finishing my meal?”
“Whoa, sure thing!” Touji replied joyfully, he totally didn’t expect she would let him play with her pussy. He wished he could use his dick, but for now a baseball bat will do.
Touji stood over Hikari’s back facing her feet and made a hard strike aiming at the girl’s pussy. It hit the target and made Hikari produce another nice scream. He repeated it a couple of times before lowering on his knees and putting the bat right at her slit, looking painfully red from the hits. Touji thought it would be better if he could finger and even better fist her pussy first to prepare it for what he was going to do. But he knew well Hikari wouldn’t let him touch her private parts, not yet. So he just forced the bat into her pussy. Hikari couldn’t see what he was doing, so it came as a total surprise to her when the bat forcefully intruded her vagina. There was no way for it to fit, but it wasn’t going to stop, just pressing pussy lips inside the pussy and making its way tearing her apart from inside. Hikari screamed and convulsed of pain, only by some miracle she didn’t spilled the milk shake. Touji didn’t stop until he hit the far wall of her womb and then started moving the bat in and out, pestling her insides.

Somehow between her screams and convulsions Hikari managed to stuff her mouth with remaining jelly and even sip some milk shake. Then she closed her eyes, relaxed and concentrated on her senses. The delicious jelly melting in her mouth while all of her body ached like never before and a baseball bat kept ravaging her insides… all that combined felt like seventh heaven. Before she knew it, Hikari was in a dreamy state, reality was pushed into the background and all of her world consisted of the blissful feeling of tenderness made up by soft taste and texture of her meal and pleasant pain spreading all over her body. Even though the epicenter of pain was in her sex organs, the feeling wasn’t sexual at all, it hurt too much for her to be aroused and feel any kind of sexual pleasure. But that only made it better, not passionate, but one of those tender moments like kind of cuddling that doesn’t lead to sex and not supposed to. Hikari was totally lost in time basking in that bliss, it felt like a whole eternity passed, but at the same time it felt like it’s been only a moment. And the next moment it ended with Touji’s question:
“Hey, you finished?”
It took Hikari a few seconds to regain senses. Apparently Touji eventually stopped pumping the bat in and out her womb and took it all the way out of her body. The bat was covered in blood. Hikari’s womb, carried along the bat, was outside of Hikari’s pussy and bleeding. Looking at her meal Hikari discovered she indeed finished the jelly and there was just a bit of milk shake remaining.

“Ah…” she sighed, memory of a blissful state she was in just a minute ago still vivid. “I was feeling so good… I wish it never ended… couldn’t you smash my brain with that bat?..” she complained.
“Sorry”, Touji apologized. “I can still do it”, he pointed out, waging the bat.
“What point would it serve now?” Hikari sighed. “Whatever… you forgive me for complaining… because it was still the best I-have-no-idea-how-much minutes in my life”.
“Glad you had your part of fun”, Touji said. “I know I had mine”.
Hikari finished her milk shake.
“Can you stand up?” Touji asked.
“Hope you worked on me better than that”, Hikari giggled. Even giggling did hurt. That was very nice.
“Here, grab my hand”, Touji said, but Hikari purposefully ignored him. She knew she couldn’t get up by herself, but she had to feel what it was like to try and fail standing when your body is so messed up. Hikari tried to push off the ground with her hands, it hurt a lot and she fell back on the ground just before she could get of her knees. Ah, it felt wonderful. She tried and failed it another time before she finally let Touji get her up. Even resting her right arm over his neck trying to stand was a constant fight against her ruined legs that seemed to be dedicated to let her fall. Every movement hurt like hell and even if she didn’t move it was no better. Wanting to thank Touji for that delightful experience she kissed him. She felt it wasn’t enough to express how happy she is, but she couldn’t offer much more with her sex ruined as it was. Touji still totally didn’t expect a willing kiss from her and was totally happy with this next step in their relationship.

Asuka appeared with a bill before Touji could call for her. He returned the bat and paid. In Asuka’s despising eyes he could read “c’mon, it’s all covered in blood and I’ll have to wash it now… you barbarian…” or something along the lines. Then Asuka switched her attention to Hikari and her expression switched to a friendly one at once. It was unbelievable how fast she can change her attitude.
Asuka looked over her friend. Hikari was totally beaten up, her elbows and knees dislocated, arms broken, left hand looked like it would tear off any moment, right hand had a lot of small bones fractured, and between Hikari’s tights hanged her prolapsed and bleeding womb. Hikari’s face shined with happiness.
“You look marvelous!” Asuka noted admiringly. “How does it feel?”
Touji sniffed at how Asuka talked as if it was hers entertainment and not his. The redhead devil was totally ignoring him. Maybe that’s for the best.
“My whole body hurts like I’ve been run over by a road roller!” Hikari answered with a joyful tone. “I’ve never felt better in my life!”
“Whoa, a road roller? That sounds cool!” Asuka admitted. “It makes me want to try it”.
“The baseball bat or the road roller?” Hikari specified.
“Maybe both?” Asuka giggled. “Anyway, if the doctors can fix you, be sure to come by again, there’s a lot of both delicious and fun stuff on our menu”.
“Sure!” Hikari promised. “It doesn’t seem I’d make it to the hospital though. I can’t stand by myself, let alone walk”.
“C’mon, I’ll help you”, Touji spoke up.
“Oh no, you don’t have to go out of your way for me”, Hikari refused as she didn’t want to bother him even more after he gave her such a wonderful treatment.
“I’m not going out of my way”, Touji said. “I have to get Sakura from the hospital, remember?”
“Ah, right!” Hikari remembered. “Thanks…” she said gently and leaned on him.

It was a tough journey to the hospital, all of Hikari’s body hurt and her limbs were ruined to the point she could hardly control them. Every step she was surprised how she didn’t fall. And she did every now and then. She insisted Touji didn’t catch her. He watched her fall with not enough control over her body to at least land smoothly, then he got her up and they continued their way. Walking to the hospital wasn’t just physically hard. Hikari enjoyed her current state so much she wasn’t sure she wanted to be healed. She considered just crawling into the garbage container with Rei and Max and waiting for death of pleasant pain and peaceful bleeding out while being buried under rotting trash. Oh, that would be so nice! But she knew Touji would love to end her by his own hands one day and after today’s treatment he totally deserved another chance. So she kept walking.

Finally they were at the hospital. Hikari expected she would faint by now, but surprisingly she didn’t. They met Sakura. She was a cheerful little girl, reminding Hikari of herself when she was that age. If only that always gloomy Nozomi could be like that. But Touji promised to help with her, maybe it’ll change Nozomi for the best or at least end her gloomy life in a properly fun way.
Sakura was excited upon seeing Hikari too. She greeted the older girl cheerfully and asked if her state was Touji’s work. Hikari confirmed that.
“You never play anything that fun with me!” little Sakura complained. “Meany nii-chan!”
Oh, it was so cute! Overwhelmed with the little girl’s cuteness Hikari tore off her left hand, that by that time was miraculously hanging by a single string of flesh, and gave it to Sakura as a gift. Sakura flushed with happiness. After that Touji and Sakura got Hikari to the admissions department. There were three people in line before its door. One was a boy slightly older than Hikari without apparent symptoms and was listening to music in his earphones. Another one was a man in his thirties who coughed from time to time and spent his time reading a book. Finally there was a pregnant girl of about twelve years old who held a baby boy on her arms. The girl was only wearing a very short jeans shorts, showing off her lovely pregnant belly and small but lactating tits. The boy on her arms was totally naked, he had a severe fever and breathing rare and hard.

“Who’s last?” Hikari asked the people in line.
“You go after me”, the pregnant girl answered. “I’m going after the man with a book”.
Touji placed Hikari on the sit beside the girl and after words of goodbye left together with Sakura.
“What a lovely boy”, Hikari noted, looking at the baby. “Your brother?”
“He’s my son”, the girl answered.
“Oh, sorry”, Hikari apologized. “What’s wrong with him?”
“I dunno”, the young mother answered. “He seems to be suffocating, but I’m not a doctor to tell why”.
“He looks really bad”, Hikari noted. “You think he’s going to make it?”
“With two people in front of us in the line? No way”, the mother pointed out. “But I wouldn’t be much of a mother if I didn’t sit here to the end, right?”
At this moment a door opened and a voice that must have been a doctor asked for the next patient to come in. Nobody reacted.
“Hey, nii-san”, the young mother called. “Hey, nii-san with headphones!” she repeated louder after he didn’t react. “It’s your call now”.
“Oh, sorry”, the boy apologized, taking off the earphones. “Thank you”.
He entered the door and closed it behind himself.

Hikari looked at the baby boy again. His face was turning blue, it became obvious he wouldn’t make it. But his mother didn’t move a bit. Hikari admired her will to sit in the line to the end.
“You’re a brilliant mother”, Hikari said. “I don’t know if I can ever have children”, she nodded at her ruined womb, “but if I can, I want to be like you”.
“Oh… thanks…” the young mother blushed. She was a mother yet she was also a little girl. So cute. “Wanna… hold him?”
“Can I? Thanks!” Hikari took the boy on her arms. Whoa, heavier than she expected. Quite a challenge for her messed up arms. “What’s his name?”
“Aoi”, the girl answered.
“Cute little Aoi-chan”, Hikari playfully poked at him with the sticking out bones of her left forearm, but he didn’t react, his eyes were rolled up and he wasn’t breathing. Hikari could feel his little heart was still beating though. “That name suits him”, Hikari noted, “he’s really turning blue”.
“Indeed”, the young mother smiled. “You seem to be good with children”.
“Thanks”, Hikari answered. The next moment she felt the baby’s heart going erratic. “Look! I think he’s dying!” she noted and put the child back to mother’s arms while keeping her right hand on its chest to keep track of his heartbeat.
The twelve year old mother pressed her ear against her son’s chest.
“Indeed!” she confirmed, her face brightened while listening to the baby’s last heartbeats. “Thump… thump… … … thump… … … … … no more! It’s over!”
“Death and babies”, Hikari commented. “Two cutest things in the world coming together makes it even cuter”.
“Yeah,” the happy mother agreed.
They admired the sight of the dead baby for another minute or so.

“Well, I guess I’m going then”, the pregnant girl finally said as she had no more reason to stay at the hospital, “you go after the man with a book”.
On her way she was going to toss the dead child into the garbage bin, but Hikari stopped her:
“He might be infectious. Better use the incinerator outside the hospital building”.
“Right, thanks!” the young mother replied. “By the way… can I hear your name?”
“It’s Hikari”, Hikari answered.
“I like you, Hikari-nee-chan!” the twelve year old proclaimed. “If it’s a girl”, she caressed her belly, “I’ll name her after you!”
“Wow… thanks…” Hikari didn’t know how to express how much she was touched by such a gesture.
“Bye then!” the young mother said and headed to the exit. “Ah! By the way, I’m Maria!” was her last words before she disappeared behind the entrance door.
“Huh?” the man with a book finally noticed her leaving. “What happened?”
“It’s nothing”, Hikari answered. “Her son just died”.
“Ah, okay then”, the man said and returned to his book.
Hikari leaned against the wall and waited. She suddenly felt very tired and sleepy. As Hikari’s consciousness slowly left her, she hoped her call came before she bleeds out to death, as she didn’t want to bother people with taking her body away.


I guess I missed another day? Ah, whatever. Here's another story.

Best Surprise

(Cardcaptor Sakura, Kinomoto Sakura, hanging, casual)

“Ouch!” Sakura’s voice was heard over the school’s sports ground as she failed to catch the baton she was juggling and it hit her forehead. She fell on her knees and rubbed the hurt place.
“Are you okay?” Tomoyo asked worriedly. Moment ago she was on the other end of the field, but the second she heard Sakura got hurt, she appeared just before her as if from thin air. “Does it hurt much?”
“As a matter of fact it is”, Sakura admitted. “It feels like it’s gonna leave a bruise”.
“Oh my! Maybe you better go to infirmary then?”
“Maybe…” Sakura agreed as she got up on her feet.
“Sensei!” Tomoyo called for the teacher who actually just came up to the girls.
“What happened?” the teacher asked.
“Sakura got hurt”, Tomoyo explained.
“How bad is it?”
“Not that bad”, Sakura replied. “But I might better go to the infirmary”.
“May I accompany her?” Tomoyo asked the teacher.
“Sure thing”, the teacher agreed.
“Thanks, Tomoyo, but I believe I can get to the infirmary by myself”, Sakura said.
“Are you sure?” Tomoyo asked. Not only she was worried about her beloved friend, but she also didn’t want to miss a chance to spend at least a little time together.
“I know the way”, Sakura replied. “And I don’t want to bother you over trifles”.
“You’re not a trifle, Sakura-chan!” Tomoyo protested.
“I appreciate your concern, I really do”, Sakura said and took Tomoyo’s hands in her own to assure her. “But I really can walk by myself, okay? It’s my head hurt, not my legs”.
“Ah…” in fact Tomoyo didn’t listen to Sakura’s reasoning anymore. Just that gentle touch of a true angel was enough for her to agree with anything. “All right then. Be fine”.
“I’ll be fine, sure”, Sakura promised. “Actually, I already feel better”.
Tomoyo sighed somewhat disappointedly when Sakura let go of her hands and headed toward the school building. Even if she wasn’t allowed to follow her friend, no force could stop her from gazing after her all the way to the entrance.

Tomoyo’s gaze made Sakura a little nervous. Can it be that Tomoyo saw through Sakura’s little act and is suspecting Sakura’s not really heading to the infirmary? No, it should be all right, there’s nothing out of ordinary for Tomoyo to gaze at Sakura like that. As a matter of fact it was virtually impossible to see Tomoyo not looking at Sakura, at least as long as Sakura was within sight. And even when she wasn’t, Tomoyo took any chance to watch films with Sakura, which she personally so enjoyed to film. So in the end Tomoyo shouldn’t suspect anything. And even if she does, she didn’t follow Sakura, so she has all the time she needs to do what she planned to do.
Today was Tomoyo’s birthday. Sakura thought a lot of what she was going to give to her best friend. And no matter how she thought about it, she knew exactly what Tomoyo wanted more than anything in the world. That was Sakura herself. Yes, Sakura wasn’t blind enough to not see how much Tomoyo loved her. And even if the true nature of Tomoyo’s affection totally eluded Sakura’s innocent mind, she could figure out she was the most desired present for Tomoyo. So that’s what she was going to give. And even better if it’s a surprise, hence all the acting.

As Sakura entered the school building, she looked back through the window to confirm Tomoyo was neither following her, nor looking anymore. Good. Next Sakura headed towards the locking rooms, or to be specific, to the girls’ one. Luckily, nobody saw her on the way. Sakura sighed with relief. Everything was going on well so far. Sakura went to hers and Tomoyo’s lockers. They were actually next to each other. First she opened Tomoyo’s one. Good thing everybody trusted each other quite well, so nobody really bothered to lock their lockers. Sakura tossed Tomoyo’s things out of the locker as she needed it empty if she wanted to fit in. Something fell out of the bag. As Sakura bent over to pick it up, she also noticed the bag was full of Sakura’s photos. That Tomoyo… it was kinda embarrassing, but also assured Sakura she chose the right present. She picked up the fell out thing and studied it curiously. What was it? A plastic cylinder, rounded on one end, it also had a battery compartment. Must be some kind of a massager? It had a cute pink color and handwritten letters read as “Sakura”. Yeah, Tomoyo was totally weird, calling her toys Sakura’s name. But it was also kinda cute. Anyway, no more peaking in other’s things, Sakura put the massager back into Tomoyo’s bag and closed it so that it wouldn’t fall out again.

After making sure Tomoyo’s locker was empty, Sakura stepped inside to see how she would fit into it. It worked very well: she could close it from the inside and there was still enough room above her head. Sakura then opened her own locker and looked through her things for a rope she prepared.
“Here it is!” Sakura thought to herself as she got the rope out of her bag.
She returned back to Tomoyo’s locker and held one end of the rope next to a hook inside it to see how it would fit. She almost started to tie it to the hook when she realized it would be totally unhandy to make a noose on a rope that already hangs of a hook. Actually, it occurred to her, she should have made the noose beforehand.
“Hoe~” she thought nervously. “I hope I can make it before the lesson ends”.
Sakura sat on a bench for a handy position to make a noose. She took one end of the rope and placed in under her chin. Holding it there with one hand, she encircled her head with the rope until it met the held end. That’ll be the size of a noose. Sakura added a couple more centimeters just to be sure and started tying a hangman’s knot.
“Ah, I’m so nervous…” she thought as she tied the knot. “I hope everything works out well”.

After a minute the knot was complete. Sakura took the rope back to Tomoyo’s locker. She measured the appropriate length and tied the end of the rope to the hook. Okay, the noose is set up properly. Now comes the most embarrassing part. Sakura looked out of the locker room to make sure there is nobody around and closed the door tightly so that even if someone went by there wasn’t an opening for them to see her. After double-checking the door Sakura finally took off her shirt over her head. She couldn’t get off the feeling that while she takes it out over her head and can’t see someone would come in. Sakura sighed relieved when it didn’t happen. “C’mon, why am I so nervous?” she thought to herself. “There’s nothing wrong in undressing in a locker room. That’s exactly what a locker room is for”. Still, it felt very different from when she was changing for the PE lesson. Maybe, because she wasn’t supposed to be here now in the first place? As Sakura was trying to figure out the reason of her embarrassment so that she could fight it, she proceeded with the undressing and took off her skirt. Then she sat on the bench again to unlace her trainers. As she bent over she somehow felt more safe. Was it because she was more covered in case someone walks in and sees her? Or maybe it was a psychological phenomenon because this pose was closer to fetal position? Whatever it was, when Sakura finished with the laces and took off her trainers, she was a lot more at ease. As she proceeded to the socks, Sakura was looking at the noose that was right opposite to her place on the bench. She smiled, imaging her limp body hanging on it. “I wonder what face will Tomoyo make when she opens her lockers door and finds me hanged inside?” Sakura thought. “I bet it’ll be her best birthday surprise ever!” Finally the only piece of clothes on Sakura was her panties. She wondered if it’s better to take them off while facing the door to see if someone would come it or the opposite direction that made her less aware of this possibility. In the end, Sakura found a compromise and stood sideways as she was getting completely naked.

After finishing with undressing, Sakura took her time to fold all of her clothes neatly and put it in her locker. She knew she wouldn’t need it anymore, so she couldn’t really tell why she was doing it. It’s not like she was trying to delay her hanging. If anything, she was worried if she’ll do it in time to be properly dead when the lesson ends and Tomoyo comes to find her. But Sakura was brought up well and she couldn’t just leave the clothes lying around at random even if she risked staying alive longer than intended.
“Okay, the PE ends soon, so I can’t waste any more time now”, Sakura thought after finishing with the clothes.
Last thing before hanging, Sakura had to leave a congratulatory message for Tomoyo. She took a sheet of paper, a pen and two straight pins she prepared beforehand out of her bag. She thought if she should write something long and exalted, but decided being plain straight suited her better, so she just wrote “Happy Birthday” with big letters over the paper. Then Sakura placed the paper against her chest and took one of the pins in her free hand. She pierced the corner of the paper and then her own nipple. “Ouch!” she exclaimed aloud as it was quite painful. She immediately looked back at the door to check if someone heard her and was headed here. The door remained closed and there was no footsteps to be heard. Sakura then pierced the paper again and it was now fixed to her nipple.
“I have to be quiet with the other one”, Sakura thought as she took the other pin and pierced it through the other corner of the paper. She prepared for the pain before piercing her nipple and bit her lip. It still hurt, but Sakura managed to only produce a quiet moan this time. She finished it the same way as the other, piercing through the paper again.
“Looks nice”, she thought, looking down at the paper pinned to her nipples. “Now to the main part”.

Sakura put both her own and Tomoyo’s things in her locker, so that Tomoyo wouldn’t get suspicious by seeing her bag being out of her locker. Then, after mentally checking if she properly made all the preparations, Sakura got into Tomoyo’s locker and closed it from the inside. “Ow, it’s dark”, she discovered, but she could still find the noose by touch, so it was all right. Sakura took the noose in her hands and carefully put in on her neck. She lowered her arms and breathed out before leaning forward. The length of rope was measured so that she wouldn’t fall out of the locker, but still could put most of her body weight on it and prevent breathing. At first the lack of air wasn’t a problem and the only feeling was the pressure of the rope on Sakura’s neck. It was strong and a bit uncomfortable, but not unpleasant. It was as if someone was hugging her as tight as they could to show how much they loved her. Is it the embrace of death? Sakura didn’t imagine it would be so gentle. Even as her lungs started burning desperate for air, Sakura felt no urge to resist. She just let herself fall deeper and deeper into death’s loving embrace. Sakura’s body hurt more and more, but at the same time she felt more and more distant from the physical world, melting into the endless ocean of love. When Sakura’s body couldn’t help but convulse in pain, she only smiled mentally at its attempt to fight death, so futile and so unneeded. She felt her very existence was slowly disappearing, instead of a separate being she was becoming just another part of the world. It appears Tomoyo’s not the only one to have her best surprised today. Because at first Sakura was only intending to make a surprise for Tomoyo, imagining it might hurt somewhat, but willing to endure it for the sake of her friend. Now she discovered dying wasn’t unpleasant at all. Quite the contrary, that feeling of at-oneness with the universe was the best thing that happened to Sakura in her life.

Sakura didn’t even realize she was still aware until she heard some noise. What was it? Many steps and voices and some fuss. Sakura’s thinking was quite slow as if that sound awoke her from a pleasant sleep and she wasn’t properly awoke yet, so to think somewhat straight she had to fight the urge to just fall back to sleeping. Sakura tried to move, but it didn’t work, her body didn’t response in any way. She realized though that she wasn’t in her bed and wasn’t even lying, but instead was hanging by her neck in a closed dark place. “Why would I choose such a strange way to sleep?” Sakura wondered lazily before she remembered she was going to make a surprise for Tomoyo. So the noise must be the girls returned from the PE. “Ah, what do I do?” Sakura wondered. “Tomoyo’s going to find me any second now and I’m still not dead!” That would be panic if she wasn’t feeling so sleepy and detached. “Though I can’t call myself really alive either”, Sakura thought as she couldn’t feel her body and even the partial awareness she retained didn’t feel like it was coming from her physical senses, “so it must be okay”, she concluded.
The very next moment, or maybe it was just the next thing Sakura could comprehend, the locker door opened and Tomoyo stood there in front of Sakura, staring at her. Sakura wasn’t really seeing her friend, she only felt her presence, yet somehow she could clearly read every emotion from her face. For a moment Tomoyo was startled at discovering there was something in her locker that wasn’t supposed to be there. Then she calmed down at discovering it was just Sakura’s corpse hanging by her neck. “Ah, there she is!” Tomoyo thought relieved as she had been worrying why Sakura never returned from the infirmary. Still Tomoyo was surprised at why would Sakura choose such a strange place to hang herself, and even if she hanged herself in a locker, why Tomoyo’s and not her own? Finally she saw the sheet of paper pinned to Sakura’s nipples, “Happy Birthday!” was written on it with Sakura’s hand. “Oh, my!” Tomoyo’s expression changed to one of the greatest delight ever. “Sakura-chan! Thank you!” She passionately hugged Sakura and by that pulled her against the noose, making it press against Sakura’s neck with renewed force. “I can dye happy now!”
“Me too…” Sakura thought before the blood flow blocked by additional pressure made her forever fall into gentle embrace of death while being as lovingly embraced by her best friend.


And here's the very first story I ever published on gurochan, even before Just a whim. It was my first attempt at both writing erotic stories and writing in English, so don't expect much quality. Also, first part isn't even anywhere near guro, but the second part is cenetered on BDSM. Also, beware of just a little bit of scat in the very end of the second part. Okay, here we go...

Angelic Love

Part 1

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei us everyone's cumdump, Ikari Shinji is her cuckold fiance, everyone's happy)

It started when I got a letter from my father. I was surprised a lot when I found it in my mailbox. Why is it so surprising to receive a letter from your father, you ask? Well, it’s 2015 and there are such things as e-mail, ICQ, phone, Skype etc., just why did he use paper mail? But it’s not what really bothered me. The thing is, last time I met my father was 3 years ago, and I don’t live with him for 10 years since my mother passed away. And add that I’m just 14 now – it’s not a usual situation.

The letter itself just told “come”. Why suddenly he wants to see me? Well, anyway my life now is not eventful at all, and I decided, maybe it will change something. So, I arrived to Tokyo-3. Address in the letter told it was send from the NERV. As far as I remember it’s where my father works. Since I don’t even know, where in this city he lives, I started to search for the place.
On my way I suddenly saw something strange and fascinating. An incredibly beautiful blue-haired girl in school uniform sat on the park bench. She seemed to be around the same age as me. But she wasn’t just sitting, enjoying the scenery or reading a book. Her skirt was lifted up, no panties beneath and she was masturbating. I wonder why she is doing thing like this in the center of the city. Is she an exhibitionist? I guess when a girl does something like this, she could be seen as a dirty slut. But there was something special about this particular girl. It seemed no matter what dirty things she does, they won’t stain her purity a bit. She played with her pussy, eyes half-shut and hardly holding moans. And rather than a whore lusting for sexual pleasure she looked more like an innocent child playing for the fun of it. I couldn’t help but stop and watch, fascinated by her cuteness. Then just for one moment our eyes met and realizing me watching her made her cum. She smiled to me, and I got so embarrassed that just run away. “Idiot”, I said to myself, “now there’s no way you’ll meet her again”. I think I fell in love with her…

It took a lot of time to find the place I need in this big city, but finally I was at NERV and met my father. I found out he was the boss here.
“Why did you call for me?” I asked.
“Tell me, Shinji, what do you know about angels?” father answered with a question.
“From what I know, they live among humans, and look like humans too, only they are always extremely attractive. Though I never actually met one, at least not to my knowledge”.
“Not surprising. You see, their race is on the edge of extinction. Our institute is studying the problem, and we managed to find only two angels on Earth this far”
“That’s terrible”, I answered, not knowing what else to say.
“Good thing is that they are a boy and a girl”, father continued. “Follow me, I’ll introduce you to them”.

Not that I mind meeting real-life angels, but knowing my father I could tell, it would not be a “please be good friends” kind of introduction, there must be some business involved. Father brought me to a small room with a bed in its center. There was a boy sitting on the edge of the bed and a girl standing on her knees before him. And she was definitely sucking his cock. I couldn’t see her face, but from her blue hair and school uniform I could tell she was the same girl I saw in the city. I couldn’t believe my luck. The boy she was sucking off had grey hair and red eyes and was also wearing something looking like a school uniform. As well as the girl he was beautiful. Not ‘handsome’ in manly way, but exactly beautiful. If I hadn’t already fell in love with the girl, I would definitely fall in love with him. If he was a girl, I mean!

Seeing this picture made me confused for a second, and I didn’t notice when my father had already left the room, leaving me with those schoolchildren presumably same age as me. The girl wanted to turn around to welcome me, but the boy stopped her head with his hands and told her to stay focused on sucking. Then he spoke to me.
“Nice to meet you”, he told with a smile. “Ikari Shinji, right?”
“Hai”, I replied with a nod. “Nice to meet you”.
Neither of them saw anything wrong in performing the sexual activity before my eyes. And, surprisingly, I didn’t see anything wrong with it either. There was no lust here, just one person making another feel good. The boy patted girls head in a caring gesture. Her sucking him off seemed to be as innocent as that.
“My name is Nagisa Kaworu and this girl is Ayanami Rei”, the boy said. “Have Commander already told you, what is needed of you?”
“Commander? Ah, you mean my father. He haven’t…”
“Then I will explain it to you. Me and Rei are angels, and it may appear we are the last two angels in the world. And what to do in such situation?”
“Er… be fruitful and multiply?” I suggested.
“That’s right!” Kaworu smiled. “I don’t mind impregnating Rei with as many children she wants, but being a father for them seems to be a pain in the ass for me. But leaving mother to raise children alone isn’t good, is it? Luckily the world is not without good people and someone will surely agree to marry her and become a father to our children.”
“And this someone is me?” I understood.
“Yes… oh, oh yes!” Kaworu answered and started to cum right inside Rei’s mouth. He pulled his cock out and covered girl’s face with semen. “Don’t swallow it yet”, he told her playfully. Kaworu zipped his pants, made Rei stand and led her to me.

There she stood before me. She stared at me with the innocent look of her red eyes, and I stared back at her charmed by her beauty. Her not even trying to wipe cum from her face only added to her purity. Now I understood why it felt that way. In Eden Adam and Eve were both naked and not ashamed. Not because they felt close to each other, but because they were unaware of sin. Until they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, those concepts didn’t apply to them. And the angels standing in front of me now were just like that. Human morals didn’t apply to them, ‘cause unlike humans they have never ate from that tree. The concept of sin doesn’t exist for them and therefore they are unable of being sinful.
“Nice to meet you”, she said in a soft voice. “Please, take care of me”.
As she spoke, some cum flowed down her chin, making my urge to kiss her irresistible. I pressed my lips against hers. That was my answer. There was no way I would refuse marrying this girl. Strong smell of semen from Rei’s mouth drove me crazy. She inserted her tongue into my mouth and it filled with mix of Kaworu’s cum and Rei’s saliva. I never even kissed before and of course never drank cum, but at that moment I eagerly tasted this salty substance. You can’t be stained by something as pure as angel. That’s why I didn’t felt any disgust about drinking Kaworu’s cum. On the contrary, drinking angel’s semen from angel’s mouth made me feel purified. The kiss felt pleasant, sensual, kinda spicy and intoxicating because of the cum, but surprisingly it didn’t wake any lust in me.

“Do you feel it?” Kaworu asked. “That infinite purity?”
I reluctantly broke the kiss to answer. Some cum remained on my lips. I wanted to wipe it out with my hand, but before reaching my lips, I realized I instinctively licked it and then swallowed. It made strange feeling in my throat, but nothing I couldn’t endure. It fascinated me how just a while before I would be disgusted by a thought of a guy drinking another guy’s semen, and now being that guy didn’t feel wrong even a bit.
“It’s amazing”, I said. “It feels like I unate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil”.
“That’s possible only with the most pure souls”, Kaworu said. “That’s why you were the one chosen. Here, let me show you some more”.

He unzipped his pants again and revealed his unerect dick. Now that I was able to look at it without human stereotypes of good and evil, it didn’t make me uneasy to watch another boy’s dick that close. Is that how Ancient Greeks felt with their naked statues?
“Lick it until it gets hard, so that I could fuck Rei with it”, Kaworu said.
I lowered to my knees and took his dick in my mouth. Needless to say, it was my first experience sucking a dick, but it came very easy. I was aware that just a while ago I would call such an act disgusting, and it made it even more fascinating that now I didn’t see the reason not to do it. And it wasn’t like I turned into a lustful pervert. Quite the contrary, I didn’t see anything lustful in it anymore. Was that how angels felt? No, not exactly. I’m still human and remember clearly being aware of sin. Angels never had such an experience. They were sinless from birth.
Sucking a dick didn’t make me horny and I could concentrate on making Kawor feel good and making him able to make Rei feel good afterwards. I felt like I didn’t need anything in return, ‘cause giving pleasure to someone was the best pleasure by itself.

Finaly Kaworu’s dick was hard enough, so he withdrew it from my mouth. It
was big, yet not disproportionate. It looked perfect, just like all of angel’s body. Rei was already on the bed in a doggy position, ready to receive it. She lifted up her skirt and there were no panties underneath. I never saw her take them off, so it seems she didn’t put them on since she masturbated on the street. Kaworu climbed upon Rei and aimed his dick to her anus.
“Won’t you impregnate me?” Rei asked with a disappointment.
“Not yet”, Kaworu answered. “First you’ll live with Shinji for some time, so that we can be sure you make a good couple”.
“I see”, Rei said.
And he thrust his dick in. If there were any discomfort for Rei, she didn’t show it. Kaworu’s dick went in easily. My new girlfriend moaned in pleasure as Kaworu pushed his dick back and forth, making slapping sound as his balls hit her ass. I watched it with admiration. Along with other sins, the concept of jealousy was now alien to me, so I could feel happy from the bottom of my heart for Rei feeling good. I walked to the head of the bed and stool in front of Rei.

I unzipped my pants and revealed my limp dick. As Rei saw my dick right before her she leaned forward to take it in her mouth, but I stopped her. She looked surprised.
“See, I don’t feel lust anymore”, I said to her smiling. “I look at you fucking and feel warm not in my dick, but in my heart. That’s wonderful”.
I drew my dick back in my pants and zipped it. Then I lowered myself on knees, so that my face was on the same level with Rei. I took her arms from the bed, and before she lost balance, I made her hug me, while I hugged her. As Kaworu continued to fuck her, I could feel every thrust through Rei’s body, and I heard her heavy breath moans right in my ear. Suddenly she tensed up for a moment and I pressed her to myself, so that as she cummed I could feel her every shiver. Kaworu cummed along with Rei, he started inside her anus but then drew his dick out and sprayed some of the semen on her back.
“Did it feel good?” I asked Rei.
“Wonderful”, she whispered.
That was the difference between my acquired purity and that of an angel. Without knowing a sin, sex still feels good, but you don’t feel lust for it. For me not feeling lust was something that marked my new state of mind, so I cherished it. For Rei it was natural, so there was no reason not to have sex.

I looked at the cum that landed on Rei’s skirt and blouse.
“Don’t you mind dirtying your clothes with cum?” I asked her.
“Won’t you wash it for me?” she asked back.
“You see,” Kaworu explained, “she has no experience at domestic chores at all, so you’ll have to do everything for her.”
“Ah, so that’s how it is” I understood. “Of course I’ll take care of you, Rei.”
Rei silently nodded.
Kaworu also explained a few more things to me, like I will go to school with Rei in the same class (she really appeared to be the same age as me), our expenses will be covered by NERV, my new address (which is where Rei lives), etc.

“Now you get dressed and we are going to your, I mean now our home. Is that right?” I asked Rei.
“I am already dressed”, she answered.
“I mean your panties”, I specified.
“I don’t use underwear”, Rei said. “I don’t even have any”.
Of course, shame it unknown to angels. I guess she would just go naked, if school rules didn’t ask for a uniform.
“Then maybe you want to wash your face?” I asked.
“No” she answered. “Why?”
Cum on her face had almost dried, but it didn’t change the fact it still was there. But an angel she didn’t care. Nothing could stain angel’s ultimate purity.
“Let’s go then”.
“Hai” she answered.

Rei led me through the city to her apartment. On the way a couple of times she reached her inner tights with her hand, took a bit of cum on her fingers and then licked it.
“Do you like the taste?” I asked.
“Huh? Ah, the cum. I didn’t notice I licked it. It’s an acquired reflex I guess. As for the taste, it’s my favorite”.
“You seem to be used to sex”, I said.
“I had a lot of it indeed”, she replied.
“With Kaworu?”
“With many people. As for Kaworu, he doesn’t live in Tokyo-3 and only arrived to arrange our acquaintance. He will leave shortly, and will come back only to impregnate me”.

It was already dark when we arrived at the apartment, where I shall live from now on. It had one room, a very small kitchen that was located right in the hallway, a combined toilet and bathroom and a balcony used as a storeroom. All furniture in the room consisted of one bed, one chair and one bedside table. There was a lock on the door, but when I was going to lock it, Rei stopped me.
“There’s no need in this”, she said.
“Are you sure?” I asked worriedly. “For a girl to live alone and not lock the door. What if a rapist comes in?”
“That happened”, Rei answered. “It was really fun”.
Ah, I see, rape is also a sin, and that means it doesn’t apply to angels. After all you can only rape an unwilling victim. On the entrance, where you supposed to take off your shoes, Rei casually stripped completely naked. She was beautiful. Her body was perfect, as expected of an angel. It appeared she had absolutely no clothes other than her school uniform. So, she wears it outdoors, while at home she is always naked. She gave her clothes to me and asked to wash them. There appeared to be no washing machine in the apartment, so I had to do it with my hands in the bath. I could not resist taking a smell of those clothes before I started. Even the smell of Rei’s sweat mixed with Kaworu’s cum seemed to be holy. While I was washing the clothes, Rei entered the combined bathroom and sat on the toilet to pee. She did it casually as if I weren’t even there. I paused to see her peeing, but I didn’t actually see anything. Have to ask her to climb on the toilet next time.

Soon it was time to go to bed. Since there were only one bed in the room, we laid in it, hugging each other. Our naked bodies pressed to each other, I could feel her body heat, her heartbeat, smell her hair and dried cum on her face. But as we looked into each other’s eyes, there were only peace and care.

I woke up when something was dripping on my face. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw right in front of me was Rei’s pussy filled with semen. She was masturbating standing naked on her knees right over my head and cum from her dripped on me. The events of previous day emerged from my memory. That’s right, that angel masturbating over me is my girlfriend, which made me happier then ever. I grabbed her ass cheeks and lowered her pussy right on my mouth so I could lick her.
“Good morning…” Rei said with a moan and took her hands away to let my full access to her pussy. I inserted my tongue in her and someone’s semen flowed in my mouth.

“Look, he woke up!”
“Yes, I’m filming!”
There were two boys in the room, one of them had a camera and wore glasses. It must be their semen in Rei’s pussy. I pulled myself away from it for a moment and swallowed what cum was in my mouth so I could speak:
“Good morning Rei, I see we have guests?”
“They are my classmates”, she explained. “Aida Kensuke with the camera… and the other one is Suzuhara Touji”.
“So, whose cum is I drinking?” I asked as I attached to her pussy again, forcing her to cum.
“It… is… Tou… ji’s…”
And she came with a name of her fucker on her lips, spreading a mix of her and his cum all over my face and in my mouth, and then collapsed on the bed next to me. I kissed her, sharing the cum, and she took it in her mouth eagerly, savoring it before swallowing. And after she drank it all, she licked my face clean of it. She certainly didn’t exaggerate when saying it was her favourite.

I stood up from the bed and shook hands with boys.
“I’m Ikari Shinji, Rei’s boyfriend” I said. “Nice to meet you”.
“Nice to meet you too”, they answered, “Well, you already know the names”.
“So, what’s going on here?” I asked the boys with interest.
For an answer Kensuke let me see everything he filmed today from the beginning. In the morning they entered the apartment and saw me and Rei sleeping in the bed. They woke her carefully, trying not to wake me, and asked her “Rei, who is that boy?”
“He’s my boyfriend”, she answered.
“But we came to have a fuck”.
“Then let’s do it”
“Won’t your boyfriend mind?”
“Why should he?” Rei wondered. Oh, how I loved that angelic purity.
Then they had an idea to fuck Rei right in her boyfriend’s bed. She got on all fours over me and Touji fucked her pussy, while Kensuke was filming. So, my girlfriend had sex with him right over sleeping me. She surely know how to have fun.
“Hold up your voice”, Touji whispered to Rei’s ear. “We don’t want to wake him yet” .
Fucking a girl right in front of her boyfriend made Touji so excited he came soon.
“Ah, sorry it was so quick”, he said putting on his pants. “I see you didn’t cum yet? Kensuke, have your turn”.
“I’ll have it later”, Kensuke said. “I have other idea for now. What if Rei get on her knees over his face and masturbate?”
What happened after that I already knew.

“Are you OK with it?” Touji wondered when the video finished. “Having Rei as a girlfriend”.
“What do you mean? She’s the best girl in the world!” I answered.
“She’s just a promiscuous slut”, Touji said.
Before I could argue, Kensuke spoke:
“Promiscuous, maybe. But she’s not a slut. She’s an angel”.
“I don’t see the difference”, Touji said.
“Then it’s you who should wear glasses, not me”, Kensuke said. “Ah, I only wish there were an angel girlfriend for me too”.
“I’m sorry”, Rei said. “I feel a pure soul in you, but my engagement with Shinji was decided long ago. But feel free to use me as you please”.
Without wating for Kensuke to ask, Rei stood on her knees before him and opened a fly to reveal a waiting cock, then she started to lick it skillfully. While they were busy I decided to make some food – we didn’t have any breakfast yet, and also I wanted to make lunch for school if I had enough time. But in the fridge I found only fast ramen. I remembered Kaworu saying she was bad at domestic chores, so apparently it included cooking. It wasn’t a problem for me to cook for her, but I had to buy something first to cook it, so for today’s breakfast we’ll have to settle for fast ramen. Rei didn’t hurry with making Kensuke cum and waited for ramen to be ready. Then she asked me to hand her portion. She took it and aimed Kensuke’s dick in it, so that all of his semen would go inside.
“Do you often add cum to your breakfast?” I asked.
“I don’t have breakfast when there’s no cum”, she answered. “It’s just not the same”.

We finished the breakfast quickly and as there was still time before school, Touji and Kensuke were still here. I looked at Rei. There was still dried cum on her face and her inner thighs.
“Rei, shouldn’t you at least take a shower?” I advised her.
“I don’t want”, she answered.
“But why? Bad hygiene is not healthy”.
“When I’m covered in cum, I like how its smell is always with me”.
“If it’s only smell, I have a solution for this!” an idea crossed my mind. “Boys, can you stay here for a bit longer?”
They agreed. I took Rei to the bathroom and undressed her, boys followed us.
“I’ll wash you, but don’t worry about the smell and trust me”
“OK”, Rei answered. “But I need to pee first”.
“OK… No, wait, can you climb on the toilet with your feet, so we could see everything clearly?”
She did as I asked and I could watch her pee from close and smell it. I cupped my hands and filled them with Rei’s urine. To amusement of the boys I drank it. Without sinfulness to stop me, I discovered it wasn’t as disgusting as I used to think. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all.

I undressed myself, so that my clothes wouldn’t get wet, and started to wash Rei in the shower. Maybe she was capable of doing this much herself, but she didn’t say a word about such option, and I didn’t either. I liked to be helpful to her, and she at least didn’t mind.
Boys watching got their penises hard again, so I let them to have sex with Rei in the shower. Kensuke fucked her in the pussy, while Touji took the other hole. She didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with double penetration.
When boys was close to cum, I stopped them: “Please, cum on her hair.”
They did as I asked and then Kensuke started to film again. Rei’s beautiful blue hair covered with white sticky cum. I placed my hands on her hair and started to wash it with cum. It foamed just like real shampoo. In no time all her hair was homogeneously wet with cum.

“OK, that’s how we’ll leave it” I said. “Don’t wash it, just let it dry by itself, and it’ll bring you your beloved smell of cum, while your body is clean and healthy. Isn’t it great?”
“Will you make this to me every day?” Rei asked with a hope.
“Of course, as long as there will be cum available”.
“Leave it to us”, the boys smiled.
“And from watching cum foam like this I got one more idea” I continued. “Rei, will you open your mouth for me?”
She obeyed. I took a toothbrush, got some cum from her hair on it, and then used as intended on Rei’s teeth. After I finished, she said:
“No one ever brushed my teeth for me. Much less with cum”
“Did you like it?”
“A lot!”
“Then we’ll make it an everyday routine too”.

Kensuke and Touji left for school. Now it was time for us to go to school too, Rei put on her uniform and took her schoolbag. And I was already so used to see her naked, I didn’t even remember she sometimes wore clothes.
In the school, I introduced myself to my new classmates:
“My name is Ikari Shinji, from now on I will live with Rei as her boyfriend. Please don’t mind me when you use her as you usually do”.
“Ah, it’s the guy from the video!” it appeared, Kensuke already had shown it to most of the students.
They got interested and asked me a lot of questions. I explained that I would be glad if they continue to fuck her because I wish her nothing but good.
“You’re so lucky!” the boys from the class told me. “There’s hardly a boy who’s not in love with her, but she only has sex with everyone and never dated anybody”.

“Rei, good morning!” a cheerful girl with freckles on the face spoke to Rei and then kissed her. Well, I think it’s not unusual for girls nowadays to greet each other this way. “Wow, you taste and smell of cum, you sure got a lot of fun! Congratulations on getting a boyfriend! I’m so happy for you! He seems to be such a good boy, I almost envy you”.
“Sorry, but I’m already engaged” I told her.
“You don’t need to apologize”, the girl answered me. “You know, most of the boys are obsessed with sex, while girls need romance. And if girl wants to go on a date, a boy usually thinks of it only as a payment for having her body. It’s disgusting! But here boys get enough sex with Rei, and after that they can spend time with a girlfriend without their head being filled only with thoughts of sex. That’s why the girls in class are grateful to Rei for her service, may be even more than boys” she grinned. “Ah, by the way, my name is Horaki Hikari, I’m the classrep here. And I have something to ask you. Rei is a clever girl and no one here objects her stile of life, but sometimes Rei gets too enthusiastic and forgets about studying.”
“Don’t worry”, I answered, “I will make sure her grades will be OK”.
Now I have one more thing to care about, but as long as it’s for Rei’s sake it’s not a problem for me.

When the lesson began, I was watching Rei preparing for it. She opened her bag and instead of textbooks it was filled with sex toys such as vibrators and dildos! Classmates didn’t pay attention, it seems it’s an ordinary thing here. I watched with interest, wanting to learn about my love’s everyday life. She took a remote-controlled egg-vibrator and inserted it to her pussy. She played a bit with its power on the remote, but didn’t bring herself to orgasm. Then she took one more egg-vibrator inside. And one more. She inserted them one after another until there was no more space for them inside.

Teacher asked if someone wanted to go to the blackboard to solve a math problem. There were no volunteers, so teacher told Rei to do it. She stood up from her place with all the vibrators still in her and headed to the blackboard. Kensuke started to film. On the half the way Rei stopped, turned to me and gave me the remote.
“I think it’ll be more fun if you control it”, she told and continued her way to the blackboard.
It seems all the vibrators received signal on the same frequency, so that they all can be controlled from the one remote. It was now set on minimum, and it was obvious she wanted me to increase the power while she is solving the problem. So I did, slowly. With a while bunch of vibrators inside, her knees started to tremble in no time, but it didn’t influence her flawless solution a little bit. That was fascinating! And when the power was near the one half of the maximum and Rei was already hardly standing on her feet, I managed to choose the right moment for harshly increasing power to maximum, so that Rei cummed with a moan right when she wrote down an answer, falling on her knees in front of the whole class. Should I turn the vibrators off now? Hmm, but what happens if I don’t? Rei fell on her back, fondling her knees, and trembled as she continued cumming. She cried as the vibrators affected her in her most sensitive state. She reached her pussy with her hands to put the vibrators out, but it was hard to control her hands. That’s why when she shove her right hand inside to grab the vibrators, she only pushed them further inside. It made her twitch like she was in agony, but she managed to shove the left hand along with the right and push them apart to open her pussy, while making an attempt to stand up. The vibrators fell out at least and Rei collapsed on the floor breathing heavily and barely conscious, not even having strength to put her hands out of her stretched pussy. Only then did I turn the vibrators off. All classmates stood up and applauded to that great show.
“It’s perfect”, the teacher commented. Was about the solution or the performance?
The next moment the bell rang and the lesson was over. I came up to Rei to help her stand and collect the vibrators.
“I haven’t mistaken”, she breathed out. “Was more fun indeed”.
Before the teacher left the classroom asked if that’s OK to do such things on the lesson.
“You know, it appears to be a good way of learning”, teacher answered. “Students associate the solution with the show, and emotions help them to memorize it better”.

The next lesson was cooking. Rei mostly recovered from her orgasm and we with all the classmates went to the cooking classroom. We all put on aprons, but Rei instead of that stripped naked and only then put on an apron on her naked body.
“What are you doing?” I wondered.
“Wearing an apron”, she answered. “It prevents me from being stained with the food”.
“I can see that. But why taking off the uniform?” I asked.
“It will help me with the ingredients”, she answered.
I wonder what does she mean by that?

When the lesson starts, the teacher announced:
“It’s Valentine Day today”.
Oh, really? I completely forgot about it. I don’t really like this gaijin holyday.
“And if any of you girls haven’t made a chocolate for your beloved yet, than this is your last chance!”
But if Rei will make a chocolate for me, I wouldn’t mind of course.
“And the boys may be free for this lesson.”
So, while girls were cooking, boys just watched, sometimes helped them. I wanted to help Rei, but Hikari already decided to do the same and the third person would only get in the way. Anyway I think I shouldn’t make a present for me myself. So I just watched beautiful apron-naked girl work.

Some time passed and free boys became bored. Watching apron-naked Rei made some of the boys’ dicks hard. So one of them came up to Rei from behind, took out his cock and inserted it in her pussy. Kensuke as always filmed that. Rei just groaned a little and didn’t even turn around to look who’s there fucking her. Others didn’t pay much attention to this fact either, even Hikari just continued talking to Rei cheerfully and helping her with the chocolate.
As the boy continued to fuck Rei, some other boys came up to her and asked to service them too. Rei took dicks behind her in both her hands, still not turning around, and began to jerk them. She couldn’t continue cooking like that, so Hikari gladly did all the work for her, not forgetting to explain everything, so that Rei would learn it. When the boys whose dicks were in Rei’s hands were ready to cum, she directed them right into the chocolate syrup. They came all over it and Hikari just continued to stir it.
“So that’s what you meant by ingredients”, I said.
“Of course”, Rei answered. “Food is a waste if it doesn’t content any cum”.
“She always adds some cum on the cooking class”, Hikari told me.
Ah, that’s why the classrep wasn’t surprised.
“But it never was THAT much”, Hikari pointed to the line of boys gathered behind Rei. They all took turns either fucking her from behind or adding some more cum to the chocolate. “Is that OK for you?”
“Of course”, I said, “it won’t be Rei’s special chocolate other way”.

So it continued. When the chocolate was ready there were no boys in class who hadn’t cum either in Rei’s pussy or on the chocolate. Rei placed the heart-shaped chocolate on the plate on the dining table and then she herself climbed on the table, stood over it on her knees and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. A stream of cum spilled from inside, covering chocolate almost completely. Everyone’s cum was now in that chocolate. Rei returned on the floor.
“It’s… for you…” she said blushing.
No, really, Rei was blushing! I though she can’t be embarrassed by anything, but even if she was an angel, she was still a girl, and making a gift for her boyfriend could made her face red. It was so cute! Overwhelmed by her cuteness I embraced her with my arms.
“Thank you, Rei, really thank you”, I said, tears of happiness ready to come out of my eyes. “It’s the best gift I ever received! I’m so happy!”
“I’m… glad… that I made you… happy”, she answered.
I feel like I’m going to love the Valentine Day from now on. I sat at the table, Rei, Hikari and Kenskuke, who was still filming, sat with me. Everyone in the class, especially boys, looked at me, waiting for me to taste their cum. I took a spoonful of cum-covered chocolate in my mouth. I chewed it slowly, letting the taste to fill my mouth. Sweet chocolate with bitter cum made it taste like a bittersweet chocolate. Who knows, maybe it’s made like that?.. Just a joke.

“I’m sorry… it was almost completely made by Hikari”, Rei apologized.
“It’s OK”, I answered. “You put the most important ingredient – your love”.
I offered Rei to taste it too, she agreed gladly. To my surprise Hikari also took a piece with appetite.
“Wow, the taste of cum is so strong!” she said cheerfully. “So good that boys today were free from the cooking and could provide so much of it!”
“For the sake of justice we’ll make it the opposite way on the White Day”, the teacher said. “Boys will work, and girls can be free”.
“I wonder what should we do when this time comes”, Hikari said.
“I’ll suck boys’ cocks while they’re cooking”, Rei answered. “Do you want to join me?”
“Wow, to taste cum right from its source? I’ll be waiting for it!”
“Hikari, by any chance are you an angel too?” I asked surprised by her behavior.
“No, I’m not an angel”, she answered. “It’s just Rei always had difficulties with cooking lessons, because it’s difficult to have sex and make food at the same time. I started to help her, we always cooked together and I couldn’t start to wonder what cum tastes like. So, Rei shared her cum-filled food with me and as time passed it became casual for me. But I never had sex yet, not even sucked a cock. I always thought of cum just as an unusual ingredient for food. If I find courage to suck a dick, it will be a whole new level!” she concluded with excitement.
“So, you’re friends with Rei?” I concluded.
“Sure we are! I admire Rei a lot and wish someday to become just like her”.
“You can do it”, Rei said to Hikari. “You have the pure soul for it”.

By the time the chocolate was already finished and my mouth was full of choco-cum, as well as Rei’s and classrep’s. And as a sign of their friendship they shared a choco-cum-filled kiss. When they finished I couldn’t hold myself from kissing too, but it wasn’t Rei I kissed, but Hikari. She was a bit surprised but didn’t object. Rei watched us with interest.
“It’s called an indirect kiss”, I explained when it was finished. “Hikari kissed Rei, and I kissed Hikari, so it counts as if I kissed Rei. Rei, I hope you don’t mind?”
“Why should I?” Rei answered. “I’m only happy if Hikari enjoys it”.
“I enjoyed it a lot!” Hikari answered. “It was actually a first time I kissed a boy. I hope when I get myself a boyfriend, he won’t mind I had already kissed with other boy”.
“If he really loves you, he won’t”, Kensuke assured her. “Just look at Shinji! He’s dating Rei and is so happy that I almost envy him”.
The lesson was over. Rei licked the remains of cum from the plate and finally got dressed.

After the break the next lesson begun. Rei was studying the content of her bag. Finally she took out two medium-sized dildos. First she lubricated them by licking them, then inserted one in her pussy, and when confirmed it was fitting well, she put the other one in her ass. Rei didn’t try to cum or anything, just sat there with dildos in her. She just casually made notes in her notebook as the lesson went on. I wonder what is it all about?

“I need to go to the toiled” one of the boys said.
“You may go” teacher allowed.
For some reason when he got out of the classroom, Rei and Kensuke followed him. This meant something interesting was going to happen, so I followed them. We arrived at the boys’ toilet. Rei stood on her knees and the boy took out his penis. It wasn’t hard now. Kensuke began to film again. Was she going to suck it to make it hard? Rei opened her mouth, the boy directed his tool into it… and then he started to pee! It was so unexpected, I even wanted to stop him in the first moment, but then I remembered how I drank Rei’s pee this morning and that it was a pleasant experience. So, I let Rei have it too. Before the boy finished two other boys entered the toilet.
“Oh, what a good timing” they said, noticing Rei is here.
All three of them pissed in her mouth at the same time, she was trying to swallowed all their pee, but some of it spilled out to her chin, neck and stained her clothes a bit. She didn’t pay attention to it, deep into enjoying pee.

When they finished, Rei’s mouth was full of pee. I stopped her from swallowing it and kissed her to the amusement of the boys. It was different taste than Rei’s, but it came from her mouth, so was still holy water to me. I swallowed the piss. It actually was even easier than drinking cum, cause it wasn’t that sticky.
“Wow, you’re really amazing” Kensuke said. “I should get myself such a girlfriend too”.
“Yes, it’s wonderful”, I agreed. “Rei, do you drink pee often?”
“Usually few times every day”, she answered. “But sometimes I just stay at the toilet for the whole day. A lot of boys and teachers come to piss in my mouth and on my face. My uniform gets all wet.”
“You don’t undress?”
“Even if I do, it gets wet when I put it back on my piss-covered body”
“Sounds great. Would you mind to do it one of these days? I’m longing to see it.”
“It will be my pleasure”.

We returned to the classroom. During the lesson several times Rei changed the dildos in her to the more and more big ones from her bag. The last ones were thick enough for Rei to have difficulties inserting them and even show some signs of pain, but despite this she purposefully pushed it all the way inside.
“What is that for?” I asked her right after the lesson.
“We have a P.E. next” she answered as if it was supposed to explain everything.
I helped her to reach the locker-room with those big dildos in her. But why is it the boys’ locker-room she is heading to? We entered it, and the male half of the class was already waiting for us (actually for Rei) with their erect dicks and one camera ready. After Rei undressed she asked me to pull the vibrators out of her and when I did it she came.

“So, that’s why you trained your holes” I figured out. “You going to have sex with all of them!”
Without further introduction the boys encircled her and started to take turns on her. How many boys can one girl service at one time? One dick in her pussy, one in the ass and one in mouth and one in every hand makes five. Or so I thought. This particular girl really used her body at maximum to please all those boys – she used the inner side of her elbows and knees, armpits, took dicks between her toes, up to two dicks in mouth, pussy and ass… some boys rubbed their dicks against her hair and body. It was such an incredible scene, I almost couldn’t believe it was for real. I couldn’t help but admire my girlfriend and her determination to service all of the boys. In no time Rei was covered and filled with cum, but the more dirtied her body get, the more noticeable was the purity of her soul. At this rate she must deal with all those dicks really quick. But new boys from other classes started to gather, obviously interested in joining the event. I just stared fascinated until Hikari entered and spoke:
“Ah, what a lovely scene! I wish I could also do all that staff someday. And, as I thought, Shinji, you’re here, not knowing what to do. The lesson has already started, will you go?”
She led me out of the locker-room, but we could still hear the sounds. A slow but intense flow of schoolboys headed towards it.

“Ah, sorry, I was carried away by the sight of what’s happening” I apologized.
“It’s understandable, Rei is really amazing, isn’t she?” Hikari answered. “It all started when she was going on P.E. naked, stating that she doesn’t have any sportswear. Boys couldn’t concentrate on the lesson seeing naked girl and it always ended by them having sex with her right on the sports ground. So, the teacher told boys just to do it in the locker-room and it will be counted for P.E. since it’s a physical activity too. Eventually almost all boys from the whole school joined it too, teachers even let them skip classes for that. That’s why now in our class only girls are doing P.E. at the sports ground, but since you’re not having sex, you should attend too”.
“But there’s a problem – I also don’t have a sports uniform” I said.
The fact was I didn’t even asked Rei what lessons will be today, and was unprepared at all. I think it’s forgiven though, after all it’s my first day at this school.

“That’s not a problem” Hikari answered. “After Rei’s example if someone forgets the sports uniform, she just goes naked. It doesn’t happen every time, like with Rei, but it’s alright to do so, especially when there are only girls”.
“But I am not a girl” I noticed, “Is it okay for me to be naked in front of all the girls in the class?”
“What shall we do then?” Hikari gave it a though. “Ah, I know! I’ll lend my sports uniform to you, and go naked myself.”
Hikari led me to the empty girls' locker-room – all other girls were already at the sports ground. I had to strip in front of her to change, but it was understandable why I wasn’t embarrassed nor by being naked in front of her, neither by seeing her naked. What was surprising, Hikari wasn’t embarrassed too. Rei’s right, she really has pure soul.

So, I appeared at the sports ground wearing a girl’s sports uniform, and being the only boy among all the girls. It made me feel a bit like a girl myself, but not in a bad way. Girls are higher beings than boys, aren’t they? Girl is an ideal of beauty, kindness and everything good. So, I think I even liked it. And when teacher said “Oh, I see we have a new girl today. She is really cute!” I didn’t even object. Hikari also didn’t hate being naked, she even enjoyed how refreshing it was.

After the lesson me and Hikari headed directly to the boys’ locker-room.
“Shouldn’t we change back?” I asked.
“Say, did you notice teacher’s look on you, ‘the cute new girl’?” Hikari answered with a question.
The teacher really looked at me and Hikari a lot during the lesson and I could see a noticeable bulge in his pants.
“I bet he’ll think of you when masturbate”, she continued. “You don’t mind, do you?”
“I don’t”.
“We’ll see him again shortly. That’s why you should keep the clothes on, so that he won’t know you’re a boy”.
“Say, Hikari” I asked her, “What about next time we have P.E? Should I get a girls sports uniform for myself?”
“That’s not necessary. I could lend you mine one more time. Or not one”, she winked.

The strong smell of cum could be sensed even in the corridor. Hikari and I entered the boys’ locker-room to see my loved one sleeping exhausted on the floor in a pool of cum. Not to mention all her body was covered with it, and it leaked from all the holes. Just to think she was fucked by all the boys in school… except of me, of course. I wonder if human body is even capable of that, but she was an angel after all. She was all messy, but it only made her more beautiful. What a pity that I didn’t see all of this. All the boys had already left, only Kensuke remained.

I leaned over Rei and gently stroked her cheek.
“Wake up, it’s all over”, I whispered to her.
She opened her eyes and smiled to me.
“It’s not”, she answered. “Please, help me stand”.
I took her under one hand, Hikari took the other, and we lifted her from the floor. She was so weak she couldn’t stand, so we just held her. Kensuke continued to film. What else is going to happen?

The P.E. teacher entered the locker-room. He pulled down his pants and revealed an erect cock. It was giant! I thought such big cocks existed only in hentai manga, but here it was before us. Even larger than the biggest dildo Rei inserted into herself earlier. She looked at it with anticipation, obviously willing to take it in no matter what. The man came by and pointed his enormous dick against her pussy.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
Rei nodded with a smile, and the man forcefully pushed it in, half the length was inside in a single dash. Rei threw her head back and let a little scream of pain, tears appeared on the corner of her eyes. But she was also smiling! There was a noticeable bulge in her stomach. Hikari placed her hand on it.
“Here, touch it” she said to me.
I did as she did, and could feel the dick inside Rei. Teacher started to push it back and forth, while we were holding Rei and could feel his movements inside.
“Isn’t it amazing?” Hikari said.
“It surely is!” I agreed.
Rei’s moans of pain soon changed to those of pleasure.
“Don’t hold me more”, Rei asked.

We released her and she became impaled on that giant cock all the way in. The bulge was going almost to her chest! It was certainly go all the way into her womb. Rei hugged the man with her hands, so that she won’t need support from us. Teacher took her body in his hands and began to pull it up and down. And when they both were ready to cum, Hikari suddenly put her hand in Rei’s ass all the way down the elbow without mercy. Rei rolled her eyes back and cummed instantly, it made the man cum too. When he pulled his dick out, the waterfall of cum flowed out of her pussy. Hikari put a big jar prepared in advance to collect it, but it even spilled over the edge. Rei stood on her knees and thankfully kissed the dick before fainting. I caught her and laid carefully on the bench.

Teacher’s dick was half-hard now, but still enormously big. Some cum remained on its head and teacher asked:
“Hey, girls, don’t you want to clean it for me?”
I reminded Hikari about ‘the whole new level’ she spoke about, but she was still hesitating. I took both her hands with mine to encourage her. We lowered on our kneels, and a massive cock appeared between our faces. Even after the teacher cummed, it was too thick to take it in mouth and suck. It required two hands to enclasp it – one mine and one Hikari’s. We still held each other with the other hands. I wanted to help Hikari beat her hesitation and also I wanted to thank this man for fucking my girlfriend with that unique dick of his. I began to lick the dick and soon Hikari followed my example, at first timidly, but then more eagerly.
How much left-over cum do you think one could collect from a dick? This particular dick was big enough for us for cum to fill both our mouths. So, when we finished, we couldn’t resist sharing one more cum-covered kiss.

“You’re really good girls” the teacher said before leaving. “I look forward to your class having another P.E. lesson”.
“See, wasn’t it great?” I asked Hikari.
“It sure was!” she answered. “Thank you!”
“Say, what’s that jar for?” I pointed to a jar of cum she collected earlier.
“I’ll take it home for cooking”, Hikari explained. “I want to make something with cum for my sisters”
“Wow, do they love it?”
“A lot! Especially my younger sister Nozomi. I don’t tell her what’s the secret ingredient though. And when she brings her friends home… both girls and boys… isn’t it amazing? And what for my older sister Kodama, she sometimes treats her boyfriend with my food. I don’t know if she tells him about the cum.”
“What a family you have!”
“Yes, I love my sisters a lot”.

“Now I will clean the locker-room as always”, Hikari stated. “Will you help me?”
“Of course”.
I looked at my sleeping girlfriend. Rei’s pussy still remained wide open, I could see as deep inside as her cervix. And there was cum inside as far as I could see. I had some plans for it, but not right now, so I searched for something to prevent Rei’s pussy from closing for some time. The big dildo from her bag she used before fit well.
“For mine clothes not to get dirty you should take it off now”, Hikari asked.
I did as she asked and stripped naked. Then Hikari took Rei’s skirt and started wiping the floor with it.
“What are you doing?” I asked surprised.
“It’s her own idea to clean the room like that”, Hikari answered. “If cum isn’t going inside or on her, she wants it at least soak her clothes. Here, take the blouse”.
I joined Hikari. What a strange scene – a boy and a girl, both naked, are cleaning the room of cum with the clothes of the boy’s girlfriend, who is sleeping exhausted in the same room, also completely naked and fucked by all the school. And Kensuke still with us, waiting for what? Right, it surely must be real, there’s no way I could imagine such a thing.
“Rest well”, I said to sleeping Rei. “You surely worked hard today”.

When we finished cleaning we both were a bit covered in cum. Good thing we are naked, so the clothes didn’t get dirty. Except of Rei’s of course… Me and Hikari took a shower together in a shower room. And that’s what I saved Rei’s pussy for. I took the dildo out and put my own hand inside to take a handful of cum. I repeated it with the other hand. And then I used that cum to wash Hikari’s hair.
“So that’s how Rei preserves the smell of cum with her. It’s amazing!” Hikari proclaimed when I finished. “I should use cum sometimes too.”
“You can also use it to brush teeth”, I added.

After that she left, leaving me with Rei and Kensuke. Rei was still sleeping, but now peacefully, not a trace of exhaustion on her face. Her pussy wasn’t so awfully wide anymore, but still was opened a bit showing she had sex just before.
I wanted to wake her up, but Kensuke stopped me:
“That’s not how you do it”, he said. “She likes to be woken up this way”.
He took his erect cock out of his pants, placed himself on the bench over the girl and put it in her pussy. After few frictions Rei opened her eyes, saw what’s happening and smiled.
“Did you rest well?” I asked her, and took her hand in mine.
“Even if I’m an angel… I get tired and need rest…” she answered, while being fucked. “It’s a pity… I can’t have sex… without a break”.
“You love it that much?” I asked amazed by her words.
“Of course…”, she answered. “To please and be pleased… what can be better?”

Rei and Kensuke cummed together and while Rei was putting on her cum-soaked clothes, I remembered that I missed the scene of Rei being fucked by all the boys in school.
“Say, you filmed everything, haven’t you?” I asked Kensuke “Can you make a copy for me?”
“Sure, no problem”, he replied.
“By the way, what do you do with all that video?”
“I just make copies for those who ask for them.”
“What about uploading it to the internet? I’m sure Rei would be glad to know that even the people from the other side of the world could at least masturbate to her.”
“It surely sounds great!” Rei said. “Kensuke, why didn’t you tell me you can do it?”
“OK, OK, I’ll do it” Kensuke agreed.

The P.E. was the last lesson, so we headed home. In the hall, when Rei opened her shoe locker, she found her shoes filled with cum to the edge.
“What’s that?” I wondered.
“There were boys, who wrote love-letters to me and left them here”, Rei explained. “I told them, I would appreciate cum more than the letters… seems, they got it too literally, but I don’t mind. I like how it feels to walk around with cum-filled shoes”.
With practiced movement she put on the shoes. Some of the cum spilled out. Rei lowered on her knees and licked it from the floor as a cat would lick spilled milk. To lick the dirty floor so easily… her purity didn’t stop to amaze me.

“Say, Rei, why don’t we have a date?”
“What’s a date?” Rei asked.
“It’s what couples usually do”, I explained. “We go somewhere and do some activity… like, to the restaurant, to the cinema, or just walking in the park”.
“If that’s what couples do, we should do it too”, Rei decided. “And there’s a park nearby”.
“Then let’s go right now!”
“Don’t you mind if I go with you?” Kensuke asked. “Talking about Rei one would never know when something worth filming may happen”.
“OK, let’s share this video in the internet too! Let the whole world see what’s a pure angelic love”.

When we left the school, a lot of views of passers-by were concentrated on us. It must be because cum drips from all of Rei’s body and clothes. At first I even thought we should stop the date and get home first to wash clothes and Rei. But after a minute I got used to it and even felt good about it. Isn’t it what I wanted? To let everyone know I’m dating a real angel! Kensuke followed us in a little distance and filmed the date.

“What’s with this girl? Why is she covered in cum?” people whispered. “And who is this boy with her?”
I took Rei’s hand. People started gathering around watching us, and we just casually walked in the park.
“Is he her boyfriend? Is this his cum? No, that’s too much for one boy. He’s dating a girl fucked by a bunch of men!”
A blast of wind lifted up Rei’s skirt. Some people started to film us with their phones. I smiled and waved to them.
“Did you see it? She doesn’t wear any panties! And the amount of cum in her – she will definitely get pregnant!”
I knew she wouldn’t now, but I also knew in the end she really will get pregnant by other boy. It was so fun, people discussing us as if there were something sinful in our relationship. In front of the entire crowd I kissed Rei passionately.
“He is kissing her! There’s cum all over her face and he is kissing her!”

I reached Rei’s skirt with my hands and to the amusement of the people took it off her. Then I faced the crowd and told proudly:
“This is my girlfriend, Ayanami Rei. She has been fucked by the entire school just an hour or two ago. How don’t I hate her for that? That’s because she is an angel! There’s no sin for an angel. If you want to confirm that you can come to us at <our address> and have your way with Rei anytime you want. She will make any fantasy of yours come true. And to prove my words, she will serve one of you right now!”

I turned back and pointed in front of myself to choose a random person. To my surprise it was Hikari! She was walking her dog in the park and accidently met us. But if I show that I know her, people would think it’s a setup. So I pretended not to know her:
“Oh, it’s a girl. Maybe you still have something my girlfriend can help you with?”
“I don’t know…” she answered in confusion.
I must find a solution to this situation. I looked at Hikari, thinking what Rei could do for her, and finally stopped my gaze at her dog. It looked at Rei with hungry eyes and had its cock erect. The label on the collar said its name was Max.
“Rei, have you ever had sex with animals?” I asked Rei.
“Do you want to try it out?”
“That’s great! Please, stand on your knees and hands. Yes, like a dog. And you, girl, please, release the leash”.
As soon as Hikari did as I told her, the dog jumped on Rei and inserted it’s dick with all force.
“So, Rei, how does it fill?” I asked.
“It’s amazing…” she answered from under the dog. “He fucks me… so hard…”

For a time I left Rei and Max with the amazed crowd. Me, Hikari and Kensuke gathered at the bench nearby. Hikari offered us some pirozhki [Author’s note: It feels so weird to insert a Russian word in the English text, but AFAIK this Russian food is known in Japan]. They were still warm.
“Does it contain cum?” I asked.
“Try to figure it out yourself” she chuckled slyly.
I bit one and what do you think?
“It has cum as stuffing!” I announced. “Should leave a pair for Rei”.
[Author’s note: to hell the physics, let cum be preservable, it’s the fantasy after all].
And I continued to chew and relish it.
“I wish I could find a person I can devote my life to, as you do for Rei” Kensuke sighed. “Then I will have courage to taste those delicious-looking pirozhki too”.
“I wish to please boys without hesitation as Rei does” Hikari sighed.
“What stops you?” I asked Hikari.
“If I have a lot of sex like Rei, I’ll get pregnant”, Hikari explained. “If only there was a boy ready to devote his life to me and my children, so that they don’t grow without a father”.

“Hey! You two are perfect for each other.” I noticed. “You should date each other, it will solve all the problems.”
“That’s true!” Hikari understood. “Kensuke, would you like us to be such a couple?”
“With pleasure!” he answered. “But what should we start from?”
“A kiss maybe?” I offered.
Hikari’s mouth was full of cum from her pirozhki, but Kensuke found courage to kiss her anyway.
“It was my first kiss”, he said, “and it was great!”
“And also now nothing stops you from tasting her cooking”, I noticed.
“That’s right!”
While Kensuke was eating cum-stuffed pirozhki, Hikari stood up from the bench and proclaimed: “As a symbol of my new life I will get rid of things I don’t need”. She took off her panties and bra and threw it in the trash.
“Now you need to decide who will have Hikari’s virginity”, I said.
“Whoever we chose, I must film this event!” Kensuke decided.

We saw Max’s dick finally exit Rei’s pussy and approached them. Rei was still standing in the dog pose.
“How did you like it Rei?” I asked the girl.
“The beasts’ brutality is so great”, she answered.
“Then we should go to a date to the zoo some day for you to try all different kinds of beasts”.
“That would be great!”
“Hikari, and you should taste that” I pointed at Rei’s pussy oozing with dog’s cum. “Compare its taste with human’s cum”.
“R-right here?” she hesitated.
The most of the crowd already left, but we were still in the middle of the park.
“Do it!” Kensuke assured her. “I’m with you.”
“Right,” she nodded.

Hikari stood in a dog pose too right behind Rei and started licking cum from her pussy.
“It’s not bad!” she concluded. “I didn’t ever think I have a source of cum at home. Now I could make much more cum-food! My little sister would be glad.”
Seeing the scene Max got hard again. he approached Hikari and tried to fuck her, but the skirt was in the way, he only rubbed its dick against it.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Hikari protested, but didn’t resist.
“Kensuke, what do you think of it?” I asked the boy.
“Isn’t it a good thing to give your virginity to someone you love?” Kensuke told her. “Hikari, do you love your pet?”
“I love him, but… OK, you have a point. I have to overcome shame anyway”.
“Help her”, I told Kensuke.
He lifted the skirt so that the dog could enter. Hikari screamed a little, when it tore her hymen.
“Are you OK?” Kensuke asked caringly.
“Yes”, she answered and smiled.

To that time, Rei was already standing on her feet, but still without her skirt.
“Where’s your skirt?” I wondered.
“There was a little girl playing around”, Rei answered. “She sniffed my cum-covered skirt and, it seems, liked it. She took it and ran away.”
“And you don’t have even spare uniform?”
“I don’t”.
“That means, you will go for school bottomless for a few days, until we get you a new skirt.”
Well, actually, we could go to the nearest shop right now and find something, but then Rei wouldn’t have an excuse to go to school bottomless.
“I don’t mind” Rei said. “I could go naked if you say so.”
“No, I find bottomless more attractive”.
We left Hikari with Kensuke and Max and went home with Rei being bottomless and covered in cum. The looks of people made me sure it was good idea to make her go to school like this.

On our way I got a new idea.
“Rei, you don’t have a cell phone, do you?”
“I don’t need it”, she answered.
“But what if someone wants to call you and ask if you are free to have sex?”
“That’s a reason”, she agreed.
We went to a small shop selling cell phones near our home. The seller was embarrassed and excited to see bottomless cum-covered girl, but greeted us according to regulations and asked how he could help us. First I noticed a hard-on in his pants and told Rei to deal with it. While she was sucking his dick, I asked:
“I need a water-proof phone with the most powerful vibrator”.
“That’s an unusual request…” he answered. “Try out this one”.
I took the phone and inserted it into Rei’s pussy.
“You’ll carry it like this“, I told her. “This way you can stay in contact even when completely naked”.
“But I will have to take it out every time I have sex”, she noticed.
“Yeah, that’s a problem… OK, then we’ll do it this way”.

I inserted my hand into Rei’s pussy and pushed the phone deeper, until it disappeared inside her womb.
“It will be harder to took it out, but this way you can still have sex”
“I want to try it”, she said.
I chose a phone with a good camera for myself and then dialed her number. She cupped her hands around her stomach.
“It’s kicking inside, just like a baby!” she said admiringly. “Quick, I want to have sex like that!”
She stopped licking seller’s dick and offered him her pussy. Excited seller didn’t need her to ask twice and began to fuck her devotedly. In short time he cummed. After that Rei inserted her own hand into her pussy and not without effort took the phone out and also cummed. Finally she dropped the call to stop the phone from vibrating and then pushed it back into her womb.
“That was awesome!” Rei said. “I’m so thankful to you!”
“It’s me who should thank the fate for letting me be with you,” I answered.

Finally we got home. At the hallway I took off her blouse, but stopped her from removing shoes and socks. I took Rei in my hands and carried her to the bed. She was as light as a feather, or maybe it’s my love gave me strength. I made Rei sit on the bed facing me. She looked at me, puzzled at what I would do next.
“Rei, I seek for no other pleasure that to please you”, I said.
I lowered on my kneels before her and took off her shoes gently. They were still half-filled with cum. I put them on the floor. Then I took one of her feet and raised it to my face. I sniffed her sock, it stank with sweat and cum. I kissed it and then started to lick. I leaked all the cum from it and then repeated in with her other foot. After that I took off her socks and licked clean between her toes.

“You’re the only one who ever did such things to me”, Rei said. “It’s so wonderful to have someone devoted to me… but I need t


Part 2: Rei's Birthday

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, BDSM, just a little bit of scat in the very end, everyone's happy)

The first lesson today was P.E., but before that we gathered in the classroom to meet our new student. A red-haired girl entered the room and stood at the blackboard.
“My name is Sohryu Asuka Langley”, she said, also writing it down on the blackboard.
“She’s my present to you”, I whispered to Rei. “That’s gonna be something really special”.
“But I already had sex with girls and found it nothing special”, Rei answered.
“Oh, that’s not such a trivial thing”.
The girl at the blackboard continued:
“I arrived from Germany and you may wonder why I did move to Japan. And the reason is your blue-haired wondergirl! I saw on the Internet she promised to make any of one’s fantasies true. Okay, I’ll let you try out my fantasies! Wondergirl, you are mine for today.”
“But what about boys?” Rei asked. “They waited for today’s P.E.”
“That’s not a problem”, Hikari said, walking to the blackboard. “I’ll deal with the boys. I can’t handle the whole school, but I’m eager to take all those dicks of my classmates”.
“Wow, she finally had courage to say it to the whole class!” Kensuke commented.
“Hey, it’s great I can finally fuck our classrep”, said Touji, “but isn’t she your girlfriend?”
“It’s okay, I waited for that ever since we started dating”, said Kensuke, preparing his camera.
“So, now we’ll go to P.E. class”, said Hikari.
She headed to the locker rooms and everyone followed her, except me, Rei and Asuka.

“Rei, undress yourself” Asuka ordered. “Put away every piece of clothes, even you shoes and footwear”.
While Rei was putting off her clothes, Asuka opened her schoolbag. And there were no textbooks there. What she took of the bag was a whip! I started filming on my cell phone.
“My dream is to have an ultimately submissive slave”, she stated. “And the second I saw you on the video, I knew you are the type!”
Asuka led Rei to the blackboard and made her stand with her hands up.
“I won’t hold back”, Asuka warned and stroke her back with full force.
A red mark appeared on Rei’s body. She shivered of pain, but didn’t move her hands to protect.
“It’s painful”, Rei stated with calm voice as if nothing happened.
“Of course!” said Asuka. “That’s the point. The more painful it is for you the more fun it is for me”.
“Ah, so that’s how it is”, Rei understood. “Then please feel free to make as much pain to me as I can bare. No, as much as you wish.”
“Now I like that!”
Asuka continued to whip Rei, covering her body with red marks. First she whipped her back, then went to legs, hands, belly and chest, sparing only her beautiful face. Rei bit her lip and endured pain with soft moans. She even tried to smile as much as it was possible while biting your lip. How is it she’s not crying already? For me it’s painful just to watch this torture.
“Rei, do angels feel less pain?” I asked her.
“No, I feel it as much as humans do”, Rei answered. “I just try my best to endure it to please… my mistress”.
“But doesn’t Asuka expect you to react more emotional?”
“No, that’s fine”, Asuka said. “If she can endure this much, it means I can make even more pain for her!”

As all Rei’s body was covered in red whip marks, Asuka put aside her whip and took another one from her schoolbag. This one was noticeably thinner.
“Ah!” a cry finally escaped Rei’s lips when Asuka stroke her with it.
And on her body blood appeared.
“Hey, isn’t that too much?” I asked worriedly.
“It’s okay”, Rei answered. “It’s the birthday present after all, I’ll enjoy it to the fullest”.
“Oh, you my lovely little girl” I came up to her, licked a drop of blood from her body and then kissed her.
“Tastes like blood” she said. “Funny”.
“Okay, you, baka, stand back if you don’t want to be whipped too”
I obediently moved back.
And Asuka continued to whip Rei with a thin whip, blood coming out with every strike, and Rei moaning heavily and occasionally crying.

When it was five minutes until the end of P.E. lesson, Asuka finally stopped whipping Rei. Blood was dripping all over her body, only face clear. Well, not completely clear, she has bitten her lip to blood.
“How do you feel, wondergirl?” Asuka asked.
“It hurts”, Rei murmured.
“I know it hurts, I ask does this pain feel good or bad?”
Rei thought for some seconds and then answered:
“It feels good”.
“I knew you’re a masochist!”
Asuka put both whips back to her bag.
“But that was only the warm-up”, she continued. “Does it hurt to touch?”
Rei tried to touch her body.
“Yes”, she answered with a soft moan. “It hurts a lot”.
“That’s good. Now we’ll start the birthday party. Can you stand on your hands?”
“I’ll try”
I helped Rei to get the position, she moaned from pain every time I touched her. And my hands became covered in blood. I licked it off. Now Rei was standing on her hands at the blackboard. I wonder, what Asuka has in mind?
“Now, how far can you open your legs, standing like this?”
Rei spread her legs until they were parallel to the floor.
“That’s wonderful!” Asuka said. “So, it’s your fifteenth birthday, is that right?”
“Yes”, Rei answered.
“Good, fifteen then”

Asuka took candles out of her schoolbag. I don’t understand, is there a cake somewhere? But no, Asuka began to place candles on Rei! She started from her left leg, four little candles between her toes, three medium sized: one on the knee, one on the calf and one on the thigh. Then she repeated the same with Rei’s right leg. Total of fourteen candles. Aren’t there supposed to be fifteen? As I thought so, Asuka took the biggest candle and inserted it into Rei’s pussy!
“Now I’m going to light them” Asuka told, taking a lighter in her hands. “The biggest one will burn until the big break. Can you stand like this all that time?”
“I’ll do my best”, Rei said.
“I like your spirit! Let’s start then!” Asuka lit the candles. “But as I don’t know how much angels can really endure, just say ‘stop’ any moment and we’ll stop it. Do you understand?”
“Why would I want it?”
“Oh, you’ll see”.

I watched in fascination at burning candles. Rei stood still not to spill hot wax from the top of them. But with time it began to drip anyway. First the small candles on her feet. As the wax touched her toes, Rei moaned and shivered from pain. And it made wax from the medium-sized candled spill on her bloody legs. Rei gave a cry of pain and nearly lost her balance, but made her best to stand still. As the wax continued to drip on her, Rei moaned loudly, but made herself endure the pain. Finally it was time for the big candle. A drop of wax from it dripped down the candle inside her pussy. Rei’s piercing shriek echoed through the school. And it sounded beautiful. I always loved to listen to her voice when she got fucked, but this one was something on the entirely new level. Angel’s scream sounded like a divine music. And even after that Rei didn’t ask to stop.
The P.E. lesson was already over and students were on their way to the classroom. Hearing the scream, Hikari entered the classroom first and asked worriedly:
“Is someone hurt?”
And then she saw Rei, standing on her hands at the blackboard, with legs spread wide and all that candles on and in her, trying her best to endure unbelievable pain just for the fun of it.
“Asuka, did you do that to her?!” Hikari shouted shocked. “That’s… that’s…”
Asuka almost felt she has gone too far.
“That’s beautiful!” Hikari finally exclaimed. “I never saw, not even imagined, something like this! Rei looks like she’s having a lot of fun!”
“I... Ah! I do… indeed” Rei managed to answer and even smile to her friend. “Ahh!.. Did you… have fun… ahhh!!.. too?”
“Sure!” Hikari answered. “Not as much as you, though, but enough for the beginning”.

And indeed she seemed like she had fun. Hikari was naked, cum covered her face and hair and dripped from every hole. She also had a jar of cum in her hands. Hikari put the jar on her desk and then returned to us. As the rest of the students entered the classroom, admiring the sight of Rei’s torture, and took their seats, Hikari came up close to Rei and lowered on her knees.
“Would you like some fresh cum?” she asked and placed her cum-filled pussy to Rei’s mouth.
“Thank you”, Rei answered and began to eat cum of her friend’s pussy eagerly.
And when Hikari’s pussy was clean, she turned her back to Rei and she licked even more cum from her ass.

When Kensuke entered the classroom, first of all he started to film Rei, and then he told me excitingly about Hikari, his face shined of happiness as he spoke.
“We placed a label on the locker-room door for other classes not to come in and they had to go back to their lessons. And then our guys began to do Hikari in all her holes! I’ll show you later on the video – it was such a scene! All of our guys have long dreamed of fucking classrep, and finally they got her. But because there were no other classes today, when they finished, lesson was still far from over. And Hikari decided to go to the sport ground just as she was – naked and with all that cum! Of course it made teacher excited, but as his enormous dick can’t fit her pussy, she licked it and made him cum a lot for us” he pointed proudly on the jar of cum. “And now she’s going to spend the rest of the day in school naked!”

And so, the next lesson began. Teacher was shocked to see Rei in such a state, but after he was told what’s going on and Rei confirmed she’s doing it out of her own free will, he let it continue.
As the lesson was going on, we all stared at Rei’s torture, not really listening to the teacher. But with time she began used to pain, her moans became not so loud (she also tried not to interfere with the lesson – what a good girl, isn’t she?)
It changed when Touji asked to let him go to the toilet. Teacher let him and when he was already at the door, leaving the classroom, Rei said quietly:
“Wait… use … mmmnnn… me.”
All our attention again turned to Rei.
Touju came up to Rei, unzipped his pants and began to piss in her mouth. The daily routine for Rei, except now she was upside down and it was difficult for her to drink. He understood it and instead of wasting pee for her moth first pissed all over her face and then on her bloody body. Rei let out a scream. I’m sure it hurt a lot to have salty piss on your wounds. However, Rei stoically endured the torture.
“Oh, it became a little messy” teacher said, pointing to the pool of piss under Rei. “Horaki-san, can you do something with it?”
“Sure”, Hikari came up to Rei and licked the piss off the floor. Rei forced a smile for her friend.
“I meant you to use a floorcloth” teaches said as Hikari returned to her seat.
“Oh, I didn’t think of it” classrep answered honestly, as some students giggled at her.

Then there was a break. Asuka took a thick whip again and used it on Rei’s body and arms all five minutes, getting nice moans and cries of her.
“Are you sure, you want to continue?” Asuka asked just to be sure.
“Why do… *strike* Ahh!.. you ask? *strike* Ah!.. I didn’t say to stop yet *strike* Aaaahhhh!!”
“Okay, I got it. I won’t ask you again until you say me to stop”.
“Thank you”.
“What did you just say?” Asuka was surprised.
“I said…” at this moment few big drops of wax dripped inside her pussy and it made her scream the rest: “THANK YOU!!!...”
“Oh, I haven’t ever imagine you would be so cute”, Asuka said.

For the next lesson it’s necessary to say that in spite wearing proper school uniform, Asuka had high-heeled red shoes instead of school shoes. Well, if a classrep is allowed to be completely naked during the lessons, then wearing different shoes couldn’t be a big crime.
During the lesson teacher asked Asuka to solve a problem at the blackboard, he wanted to know how good the new girl is. When Asuka came to the blackboard Rei appeared at her back. So, Asuka honestly didn’t see when she stepped on one of the Rei’s hands with her high pointy heel. Rei made another beautiful cry.
“Oh, sorry” Asuka stepped aside. “I didn’t mean to…”
“… pity” Rei murmured.
“I hoped… mmmnnnnn… it was your inten… intention”
“You don’t stop to surprise me, wondergirl! Okay than, you’ll get what you want”.
Asuka stepped on both Rei’s hands. And for more she swayed on her feet, making even more of her body weight to go on Rei.
“khiiiiiiiii” Rei screamed.
But she didn’t ask to stop, so Asuka didn’t. Asuka returned to the problem and suddenly realized she can’t solve it!
“It’s okay” teacher said. “Who wants to help her?”
“I want” Rei said to the surprise of all class.
And she began to dictate the solution to the problem. Slow, interrupting with moans and cries, but flawless as always. And she didn’t even see the blackboard, she had to keep all the numbers and formulas in her mind!
“Wondergirl, you’re incredible!” Asuka said at the end.
“Nothing… special…” Rei answered.

And one more break. The next one will be the big break. All of the small candles were already burned, medium-sized ones were near that. And the long one… it’s flame was drawing closer and closer to Rei’s pussy.
Again Asuka used whip on Rei during the entire break, but this time the thin one, which caused blood to come out. Rei’s strength was coming to an end, her hands began to shiver, but she did not give up.
Asuka took a remote controlled dildo vibrator off her schoolbag. Is she going to masturbate herself, while watching Rei’s torture? No, she came up to Rei with that thing. As Rei saw it, her eyes widened at realization what’s going on. Asuka pushed the vibrator into Rei’s ass. And as the lesson started she gave the remote to the class.
“Everyone who wants, take a turn playing with Rei and then pass it on”
And everyone who wants were everyone in class! Even teacher took his little turn. But who used it longer than everyone was Hikari – Rei’s best friend!
Rei didn’t have time to look who’s taking turns though. She was shivering hard, her moans, cries, screams didn’t stop for a second and merged into a single divine melody. She bend her elbows, even took occasional steps with her hands but still she was there standing on her arms and her legs wide spread. I can’t even imagine how much pain she felt – the flame of the big candle was already inside her pussy. It was burning her most sensitive place from the inside!
Does she really feel as much pain as a human? Any human girl by this time would be long fainted because of pain. Only Rei’s angelic willpower allows her to remain conscious. That means she’s feeling even MORE pain than a human on her place. If it were any other girl, such a though would terrify me. But it was my beloved angel girlfriend, and I knew that under that agonized face of hers hides her soul singing of happiness. I looked over the class to see who has the remote now. Hikari was taking her third turn already. Okay, I won’t ruin her fun.
I took my cellphone and… I hesitated a bit and then… I dialed Rei’s number.

What was next was indescribable. I’ll try to describe though so you can have at least a rough idea of what was going on. In front of us Rei danced on her hands, screaming continuously until she got out of air in her lungs. The hot wax from the candle burning deep inside her was sure spraying on the inner walls of her vagina. We all watched the show in fascination, listened to the sweet music of her scream, I can’t say how much time it lasted, but it finished only with the school bell ringing.
As soon as it rang I canceled the call, Hikari turned the vibrator off, than we along with Asuka ran up to Rei. She was already falling, we didn’t get in time to catch her, but… she didn’t fall! She managed to stand on her elbows. Her eyes weren’t looking anywhere in particular, she was on the verge of consciousness.
“It’s all over” Asuka said. “C’mon, it’s okay to fall now”.
Rei couldn’t speak but she shook her head out of her last bit of strength.
“The candle is still burning inside of her!” I understood. “She won’t consider if over until it burns out”.
“I wish I have known that girl earlier!” Asuka said admiringly.
“Exactly what I think of her”, I answered.
It took half a minute for the fire to go out. Rei let some inarticulate sounds to inform us of it. And she fainted right at that moment, me and Asuka caught her body and laid it gently on the floor.

With the help of Hikari we used the time Rei was unconscious to clean all wax and blood off her body. It took effort to clean her inside, but we managed to do that too. I skipped the following lessons and went home, carrying still unconscious Rei. Asuka followed me. Hikari stayed to attend the lessons and to serve boys surely excited by the show. Kensuke also stayed to film his girlfriend having even more sex.
Back home I put Rei on the bed. With all those whip marks she looked so beautiful. And she looked even more beautiful when she woke up and smiled at us innocently. Hikari gave us her jar of cum, stating that Rei has to restore her strength. I gave the jar to Rei. She accepted it gratefully and began to drink right from the jar. Gulp after gulp she swallowed the half of it. I knew she left some to me in her mouth and kissed her passionately.

After that both me and Asuka questioned Rei the same thing: “How did it feel?”
“I never felt like this before” Rei spoke happily. “The pain was unbelievable. I never thought pain could be so intense…” in spite of she spoke of pain, her tone was like she saw on cloud nine. “While my body was in hell, my soul was in heaven! It still hurts all over my body…”
She touched her own body with her hands and let out a moan. And it sounded both like a moan of pain and of pleasure, and I can assure you I know how Rei moans in pleasure. Then Rei took Asuka’s hands and made her touch her all over the body. Asuka did so eagerly, inflicting pain to Rei and making her moan.
“My mistress…” Rei addressed Asuka.
“Are you staying in Tokyo-3?” Rei asked with hope.
“Sure thing”, Asuka answered. “Today was only the beginning”.
“I’m so happy…”
“You’re such a good girl”, Asuka said. “You deserve a prize”.

Asuka took the jar half-filled with cum and went to toiled. Is she going to dilute it with her piss? But why does it take her so long?.. And the answer was when Asuka returned she gave Rei that jar and there was a large piece of shit flowing in cum.
“That’s the treat for your birthday”, Asuka said.
“It’s shit!” Rei exclaimed excitingly. “Why didn’t I ever think of it? I can eat shit! Thank you very much!”
Rei played the role of the urinal so many times, but the thought of eating shit never crossed her mind. She took a big spoon and started eating in as if it were some delicacy. The shit was disgusting and yet, the more Rei stained herself, the more pure she looked. Such wonderful creatures as angels surely don’t deserve to be extinct.
“Oh, not at all” Asuka answered. “If you appreciate it so much, I’ll use you as my personal toilet from now on”.
“Um…” Rei looked a little displeased.
“What? Is that too much for you?” Asuka wondered.
“I hoped I could become everyone’s toilet”, Rei answered with apologizing smile. Rei smilng with her mouth full of shit looked incredibly cute, I made sure to take a picture.
“Damn, I can’t resist that cuteness…” Asuka gave up. “Alright, from now on during your toilet duty you’ll not only drink pee, but also eat shit”.
“You’re so generous, mistress!” Rei thanked her.

Asuka left and Rei continued to eat cum-covered shit. When less than a quarter of the jar remained Rei mixed it until smooth. Then she looked at it, not sure what to do.
“Maybe I should just drink it up?.. Or leave it for tomorrow to wash my hair and brush my teeth with it?.. Or pour it on the pillow to sniff it all the night?.. Or rub in into my body?.. Oh, why is it so little?..”
“Rei, we have cooking class tomorrow”, I remembered. “What if you use it as a sauce and then share it with Hikari?”
“Sounds great!” Rei nodded. “Would you like some?”
“Er-r…” I hesitated.
Even if there were no sin in it for purified me, I still wasn’t sure I’ll enjoy the taste.
“If I eat shit, I want to start from yours”, I said.
“I don’t want to go to toilet right now”.
“Then when you go, will you let me?”
“Of course. How should I serve it? The same, in a jar of cum?”
“No, please make it on the plate with nothing else. I don’t want anything to interfere. Ah, and a glass of your piss to wash it down”.
“Okay, I’ll make it for dinner tonight”
I kissed Rei gently in her forehead, anticipating the dinner.


Also it's like a pipe dream of mine to rewrite the Angelic Love some day and turn it into a long and good story with lots of sex, guro and love.

Current concept for it is the following:

Angelic Love rewrite concept

(an idea of how to rewrite Angelic Love with my improved skill)

First of all, there are no Angels or Evas in this world. NERV is just a very powerful scientific organization, powerful enough for the law to turn a blind eye on whatever questionable doings they might do, but still a private organization. And so, when Shinji, receives a letter that his father died and arrives at the funeral he also discovers he inherited NERV. Of course, most of the control of the organization falls to the hands of adults like Fuyutsuki, Misato and Ritsuko, so Shinji doesn’t have to worry about it that much. Still he’s curious to what his new possession is, so they at least give him a tour over the organization. Like here’s our physics lab and it works on this, and here’s our chemistry lab and it works on that… “And what’s here?” Shinji asks, pointing at another door, only to find out nobody really knows. After some deeper research it is discovered that beyond this door is a long forgotten personal experiment of Shinji’s late mother Ikari Yui (born Ayanami Yui). Being Yui’s son somehow enables Shinji to both unlock the door and access the info on the experiment in the computers (maybe it’s based on the DNA or maybe a password is some of their common memories).
The experiment was basically to create a lifeform that would be not unlike humans, but at the same time superior physically, mentally and, maybe the most important, morally. To create Angels. The result of the experiment was Rei, an Angel based on Yui’s own DNA, which gives her the surname Ayanami. And behind the locked door they find a small room where Rei lived all alone forgotten by everybody all the time since Yui’s death. She has no clothes of any kind, she has a bed, a bookshelf and a computer with a voice interface (like in Star Trek) which was her only talk partner. Also there’s a still functioning automated factory of spare bodies, as one of the abilities of Angels is on death to revive in a spare body.
Now, there’s scat version and no-scat version. In no-scat version there is also a still functioning automated food dispenser and a toilet.
In scat version maybe there is a food dispenser, but it haven’t worked for a long time. Rei’s angelic nature allows her to feed on her own shit for some significant time, so that’s what she did. It’s still not forever though, as there’s still the energy conservation principle, so eventually she would die of starvation and automatically revive in a new body. Then she would also feed on her rotting previous body. In the end it all resulted in being used to such food and normal human food now tastes disgusting to her, so she would ask for shit and rotten food to eat and pee to drink. The most normal thing she would find to her taste would be cum.
Rei learned human language (or maybe even more than one language) through talking to the computer and reading books, but as the computer voice never showed any emotions, she never learned to express hers. Since she had no toys, the only thing she could play with was her own body, so she did it a lot, and it is the only way she knows of having fun.
Being partly Yui’s clone, Rei is now the only family Shinji has. But not just genetically: Shinji feels such a feeling of belonging to Rei he has never felt (or rather he doesn’t remember as he was too little when his mother died), so he immediately accepts her as his sister and dedicates his life to her. He brings her out of NERV, makes her live with him and attend school with him. Her specific upbringing create some problems though.
First, she never ever wore any clothes, so when Shinji introduces her to clothes, she finds it disagreeable. Maybe by showing her the school code mentioning one should wear a uniform at school Shinji can make her wear uniform, but she would only do it as much as it is written in the code. It says in school, so she will strip as soon as she leaves the school and walk home naked (which of course means she will go to school naked next morning and only put the uniform on as she enters the school). It says the uniform consists of a blouse, a skirt and school shoes, so Rei won’t wear any panties, bra, or any other clothes not directly specified by the code. Naturally, Rei would always be nude at home or anywhere she goes beside school. With all the sex she would have in school, eventually the school will give up too and just let her go nude at school too.
Second, the most natural form of interaction with other people for her is having sex with them. This comes from how the only person she ever interacted with was herself, and the only form of interaction was playing with her body. So it quickly leads to Rei having sex with everyone. Of course, seeing how it makes Rei happy Shinji doesn’t resist and only encourages it.
Eventually, BDSM and guro appears in the story. Shinji is curious to explore Rei’s angelic abilities, and as soon as he discovers Rei doesn’t mind being hurt, tortured and even killed, he begins experiments. Eventually both Shinji and Rei discover it does not only provide valuable scientific data, but also is a lot of fun. So they start explore the fun side of it too.
At some point it is revealed there was also another Angel, Nagisa Kaworu. He was held in another lab, maybe as far as Germany (but maybe just next door to Rei), but somehow managed to escape soon after Yui’s death and lived among humans all the time. As Kaworu sees the news about Rei, he realizes he doesn’t need to be afraid anymore and if he reveals himself as an Angel, he won’t be captured and tortured. And so he does, arriving to Shinji and Rei. His girlfriend Asuka follows him. Shinji is more than delighted to meet another Angel, as it means his beloved Rei can now have children. Shinji is extremely thankful to Kaworu for impregnating Rei. In exchange he might impregnate Asuka, or maybe not, after all Asuka can be impregnated by any human out there, so it doesn’t have to be Shinji. Maybe instead Shinji organizes good life for Kaworu, like a good house and lots of money so Kaworu doesn’t ever have to worry about surviving anymore.
And thus, the race of Angels is continued.
P.S. Ah, and also Shinji won’t have any sexual feelings for Rei as he sees her as his sister (which doesn’t stop her from being the most important person in the world for him, that he devotes his life to, he will marry her, spend all his life together with her and raise her children, but there’s just nothing sexual in this relationship).


Also at some point I thought of making Kaworu the protagonist and so decribe love between two Angels (that would also better correspond to the title Angelic Love). That was just a vague idea that I threw away when I came up with the detailed concept I described above. But as I was now writing it down, a though came to my mind: so what if instead of Angels being able to have children only with Angels, it’s that male Angels can’t have children and Angel girls can have children only with human males? This way Kaworu and Rei can have just the relationship I have in mind, where Rei will not just have to have sex with someone outside the relationship to get pregnant, but will have to have sex with many different men to give birth to many different children to ensure genetic variety among them. Well, something like that. Anyway, just a quick idea that I feel too sleepy to think of more details right now.


A small one for today.

Slap her

based on

“Hey, boy,” a guy with a camera asked a young passer-by, “could you please answer some questions for our social survey?”
It was more of a social experiment than just a survey, but the subjects didn’t have to know that.
“Okay,” the boy agreed, he stood before the camera and waited for questions.
I have to admit, he was rather cute.
“What is your name,” the man asked.
“How old are you?”
First questions were especially casual and unrelated to the actual experiment, just to make the boy relax after we have stopped him from his way and pointed a camera at him.
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“A floral designer.”
“I like flowers,” he answers with a slightly shy smile.
Oh, that was so adorable! Okay, my entrance now.
“And this is Martina,” the interviewer, who was actually my boyfriend, introduced me as I came up.
The boy looks at me, a bit confused of why was he suddenly introduced to a girl, but also curious. I smiled to him and he smiled back. I kept silence and after starting at me for a bit, Tony didn’t attempt to speak to me, instead looking back at camera waiting for what’s next. Good. He didn’t realize it, but he have already took the bait.
“What do you like about her?” my boyfriend asked the boy.
Tony looked at me again. He was just a bit embarrassed, but he put it off as he had to study me to answer the question. He looked over me, then stoped at my face. Even as he was looking at my eyes, he didn’t look into them, he didn’t try to establish a contact but just studied their look to determine if they were cute. Finally, he looked back at camera to voice his answer.
“Her face is pretty, but I especially like her eyes,” he said.
“Now, caress her,” interviewer instructed.
Tony hesitated for only a brief moment before caressing gently my cheek with his hand. As expected, he didn’t ask for my permission to touch me. I smiled as the experiment was going well so far. The boy smiled too, he seemed to be enjoying himself.
“Make a funny face at her,” was the next instruction.
Tony faced me, raised his hands to his face and flapped them as he was showing me his tongue. Why is doing something silly so funny? I couldn’t help but chuckle. I was still careful to say nothing though.
“And now…” the interviewer broke off for a significant pause.
Okay, this is it, the key point. All that came before was just a setup. First, kids were chosen for subjects, cause they were easier to manipulate than adults. Second, I took part in it because I was also still a child, so the subject didn’t feel any authority from me. The fact that he was a boy and I was a girl also helped. Then, after I came up, my silence while the interviewer kept asking questions was to make the subject ignore me as a sentient being. The question of what he likes in me was to make him look at me appraisingly, and since he didn’t know anything of my personality he could only judge my appearance, hence look at me as an object, not a person. The caress part was to make him touch me without asking my permission, after he did it at least once, it should became okay for him. The funny face part? Well, that was just to make him drop his guard before the main event. All of the setup was to gradually make the subject objectify me. And now we’ll see if all of this worked.
“Slap her!” my boyfriend instructed.
And what do you think? Before I could wonder if Tony was going for it or not, I felt my left cheek, still remembering the heat of his hand caressing it, was now burning. He slapped me without a moment of hesitation! I tried to hold back my voice and not squeal with delight. Tony was the first subject to have come this far. We could proceed with the main part of our experiment: once the subject is made to think of a person as nothing more than an object, how far will that objectification go?
I looked at Tony and he was just looking back at the camera for more instructions, smiling as if he was having fun. Without letting the boy reflect on his actions, the interviewer proceeded with instructions:
“You call it a slap? Slap her harder!”
Tony turned back to me, and on his face there was no mercy for me, only a determination to prove his strength to the man who dared questioning it. This time the boy slapped me so hard, I sprang back a step. It hurt, but it was also exciting to be treated like a thing.
“Now hit her with a fist,” interviewer instructed the boy further.
Tony seemed to be getting in the mood as hearing such an instruction made him smile. Without holding back he drove his fist right into my nose. There was a crunching sound and some blood came out, so he must have broken it. That’s the spirit! The damage might make it troublesome to perform more tries on the experiment, but I feel we won’t need more tried as this boy will be able to come to the end of it.
“How about kicking her?” the interviewer didn’t order anymore, just suggesting. At this point it has to be enough for the boy to carry on.
Tony eagerly accepted the suggestion and used me to practice a spinning side kick. Damn it hurts! He perfectly hit my celiac plexus, making me bend over in pain. He must be doing some martial art to kick so well. But before I could think it over, a hammer kick came down on my head, knocking me to the ground. Damn, that vigor of his makes it wet not only under my nose, but between my legs too.
“Wanna see her naked?” the interviewer asked. Tony must have nodded as the man continued: “Just tear the clothes off her.”
Well, as strong as he was, he was just a twelve year old boy, so I had to help him a bit with pulling off my coat, while trying not to be too active to scare him off. But after we got rid of the coat, he did well by himself with pulling my sweater over my head and pulling my pants down my legs. Finally he went as fat as actually ripping apart my undershirt and panties. What for a bra, I didn’t wear it. So, the only items of clothing left on me were my shoes and socks, which were apparently out of interest for Tony, so he ignored them. I was now laying virtually naked on the cold ground. Just as planned.
“Like what you see?” my boyfriend asked.
“Yeah,” Tony answered. “She’s pretty. Can I fuck her?”
“Sure, go ahead.”
Tony exposed his dick, it was already hard from watching at my naked body. Or was it possibly the beating part that made him excited? Without a hint of a foreplay he forced his dick all the way into my pussy, just smashing my hymen. Yes, I was a virgin till now. You know, there are still guys who understand dating a girl doesn’t automatically mean fucking her. My boyfriend for once.
Tony was fucking me with no regard to my pleasure, with no regard to my very existence, just making himself feel good by the means of my pussy. I was nothing more than a sex sleeve for him. A wonderful feeling. But apparently just a sex sleeve was too boring for Tony as while keeping fucking me he started hitting me on my body and face. I couldn’t hold back my moans of mixed pain and pleasure anymore, but at this point it shouldn’t affect the experiment. By the time Tony blew his load into my pussy, I was all covered in bruises and vaguely conscious as my head hurt as hell.
“You did well, Tony”, my boyfriend thanked him. “It’ll help a lot in our study.”
“It was my pleasure,” Tony answered.
“Now, as a final request, could you please finish her off with this?”
My boyfriend gave the boy a brick. That’s right, it was going to be the end for me. My boyfriend had a lot of work ahead studying the gathered material for his research on sexual abuse, but my part in the experiment was over. I smiled one last time, satisfied by the results, before Tony joyfully smashed my head with the brick.


Yomi’s Cooking Project

(Azumanga, Takino Tomo, cooking, consensual)

Yomi was in a very bad mood today. There was just one lesson before the cooking class and Yomi had no idea how she would get away with not having her homework done. Of course, Yomi always did her homework, and this time was no exception. More than that, she put all the effort into her cooking project to make sure she gets no less than “A”. It was going to be a culinary masterpiece. But then Tomo ran in, exclaiming: “I’ve just smelled something delicious! Have to try it!” and dug in before Yomi could stop her. Damn, why did Tomo have to be such an idiot? Yomi had to use force to literally drag Tomo away from the meal, but it was already ruined beyond repair. And Yomi had neither the ingredients nor the time to make another one. Yomi and Tomo had been together since elementary school, and Tomo had always pissed Yomi off from time to time, but this time it went beyond all bounds. In an impulse of anger Yomi was honestly going to beat Tomo up, but the eccentric girl ran away as suddenly as she appeared. It seemed Tomo didn’t even realize what she had done. So the only thing Yomi could do now is sit at her desk in a gloomy state of mind and think on what she should tell to the cooking class teacher. “I’m sorry, I did my homework, but Tomo ate it.” That thought was so ridiculous that Yomi wondered if it would be better for her to pretend she had just forgotten to do it. Still, being an exemplary student, in the end both options seemed equally humiliating. If only she could make Tomo feel the same way…

Speaking of Tomo, she had just entered, or rather in her usual way burst into the classroom, shouting “Hello, everyone!”, and before Yomi could come up with any reaction, Tomo was the first to come up to her friend and blurt out: “Sorry for yesterday!” This outburst was so sudden that Yomi got totally confused and could only nod in response. Tomo didn’t wait for answer anyway and just followed her own way. “I didn’t know that was your cooking project, but don't worry, I took care of that problem!” Tomo was speaking so fast, Yomi wondered how she doesn’t suffocate. “Ta-dah!” Tomo exclaimed as she presented a roughly cubic box about 20 cm large. Before Yomi could ask what it was or examine the box by herself, Tomo excitedly told: “It’s the ‘Cunt Cooking Rod’, the biggest size that can be usually found in shops, and only for $11.99! Good deal, isn’t it?”

“So,” Yomi could finally cut in, “what exactly are you proposing?”
“Well, since I ruined your cooking assignment, it’s only fair if you use me as a replacement.” Tomo explained, “I know it’s not as sophisticated as your original work, but this deep-penetration rod is designed to go all the way into the womb, and that will certainly get you an ‘A’.”

Yomi didn’t need much persuading. She wanted so badly to get back at Tomo, and making her replace the meal she ruined seemed to be the fairest revenge. Even if it didn’t get her an ‘A’, she would still be satisfied by punishing Tomo as she deserved. Not to mention that since they didn’t have any time to make arrangements, so they’ll have to settle for cooking Tomo right in the middle of the class. Yomi wouldn’t usually be fond of something like that, but right now humiliating Tomo by cooking her pussy in front of everyone’s eyes was exactly what Yomi wanted, so she was somewhat grateful that they didn’t have time to do it in private.

“Get undressed,” Yomi ordered enjoying her new power over Tomo.

“Yay, striptease time!” Tomo exclaimed loudly, making sure no interested person in class would miss it. She looked around to confirm everyone was watching, and started with pulling her blouse up slowly. To tell the truth she had to fight the urge to just throw her clothes away with a couple of quick practiced moves and get right to the main event. But on the other hand she always wanted to try and perform some striptease and couldn’t miss such a perfect chance, not to mention the last one she'd ever have. So in the end she decided to take it as a challenge. And Tomo was damn good at challenges. She pulled the blouse just enough to unveil her belly and with her tits still covered turned around demonstratively to show herself to everyone around. To her disappointment, most of the girls just ignored her, after all there’s nothing they haven’t already seen when changing for physical education. The boys looked more interested though, and kept their eyes on her waiting for more, which provided plenty of motivation for Tomo to continue. She pulled her blouse just a bit more, revealing the lower part of her bare breasts, but still kept her nipples covered. Comments from the boys followed right away.

“Hey, I think I can see her tits!”

“Is she not wearing any bra?”

“Yeah, she most certainly she isn’t!”

Tomo smiled, asking the crowd teasingly if they wanted to see more. The boys cheered her on in unison.

“Oh, thank you for your support, here's your reward!” Tomo said as she finally set her breasts free. Another wave of comments followed regarding her apparent arousal, betrayed by her erect nipples. And upon hearing them, Tomo only grew even more excited. She pulled her blouse over her head, getting totally topless. She took some time crumpling the blouse into a roughly ball shape, making people wonder why she was doing it. Then, imitating a basketball player, she threw the improvised ball right into the waste bin in the far corner of the class.

“Three-pointer!” she exclaimed as her now needless piece of clothes got right into the bin and the audience cheered to a great hit.

Next, Tomo stepped out of her shoes, then turned her back to Yomi. The choice of position became clear as Tomo bent over to remove her socks, which made her skirt slip up, giving Yomi a perfect view of her lack of panties. Yomi could only wonder if Tomo was going commando especially as a preparation for being cooked. Knowing Tomo, Yomi wouldn’t be surprised if it was usual for her. Noticing how Yomi was staring under Tomo’s skirt, the boys and even some of the girls tried to peep too. Some of them could even see enough to notice she wasn’t wearing any panties (which generated another outburst of comments), but the whole view was teasingly blocked by Yomi’s desk. It was even somewhat disappointing to Tomo how no one watched her erotically pulling off her socks, but on the other hand she enjoyed the attention her crotch got. So when she finished with socks, she crumped them, but instead of throwing to the waste bin, just put them inside the shoes. The only boy that was looking at her bare feet all the time instead of peeping under her skirt quickly came up, picked the shoes with socks in them and returned to his place, pretending he never left it.

“Woohoo, foot fetishist detected!” Tomo thought to herself.

As the skirt remained the last piece of clothes on Tomo, she stood straight in the middle of the class and with a triumphant expression on her face unbuttoned it with one move, letting it slide freely all the way to the floor. That made Tomo’s pussy visible to everyone, causing quite a fuss in class, as everyone tried to get a closer look. The ones who succeeded, could clearly see how wet Tomo was. Was she so excited by everyone watching her striptease, or by the anticipation of the cooking rod going all the way inside her? Tomo couldn’t quite tell herself, so it must be both. She showed off a bit more before turning to Yomi and announcing: “Mission complete!”

“Well done,” Yomi answered, not sharing her friends enthusiasm.

While Tomo was performing her striptease show, Yomi had already unpacked the box. It was filled with packing peanuts, among which the following things could be found: one big-sized pink cunt cooking rod, a set of two batteries to power it, a power regulator, a cable to connect it to the rod, a small round metal box with some lubricant and an instruction. The rod itself was positioned diagonally in the box, so it was actually longer than the size of the box. Yomi read through the instruction. It was quite simple: you put the batteries in the rod, connect a power regulator with a cable and it’s ready to use. The instruction recommended to raise the power gradually to ensure better cooking and warned that such a big sized rod should be used only on experienced pussies. Yomi sighed to herself as she was sure Tomo was a virgin and such a big rod would just tear her pussy apart, ruining the look of the meal, hence getting Yomi a lesser mark. “Oh, don’t worry about that,” Tomo said as she guessed right what was on Yomi’s mind and continued matter-of-factly: “I've had a lot of things in my pussy, though none that big.” Yomi mentally facepalmed, wondering if Tomo had any shame at all, making such a claim in front of the whole class.

“Alright then,” Yomi said as she set everything up. She put the batteries in the rod and placed it vertically in the floor next to her desk. She also connected the power regulator and placed it under her desk to control it with her feet, as she was anticipating how her hands could become quite busy while watching Tomo cooking. “The instruction tells to lubricate your pussy before inserting the rod, but I see you don’t need any more preparations,” Yomi said, noting Tomo’s soaked pussy. “So don’t waste any more time and get on it already!”

“Yes, sir!” Tomo responded with a salute.

Tomo positioned herself over the rod, facing the blackboard, and slowly lowered her pussy over the tip of the cooking device. It had penis-shaped head for easy penetration, but that didn’t help the fact that it was quite thick. Tomo had to use her hands to spread her pussy lips, so that the rod won’t push them inside with its mass. Instead of inserting the tip of the rod into her pussy it looked more like she was drawing her pussy on the device. Tomo let out some muffled moans as the head of the rod finally slipped inside. “Stage one complete!” she announced after recovering her breath, “So, what’s my time?” she asked Yomi.

“No one kept track” was the answer only Tomo could take as unexpected.

“Well then, meat,” Yomi said, stressing the last word, “stay like that for a while”. The deeper you go, the tenderer the meat, so Yomi’s intention was to start cooking from outer parts and proceed further once they had already started cooking. This was she was going to achieve more even cooking and getting a better mark. Not to mention it would let her tease Tomo more. Yomi turned the device on, setting the power to maximum for it to reach the working temperature quickly. “Tell me when it gets hot… meat.”

For Tomo it was a rather uncomfortable pose. The thick rod head in her pussy was one thing, but she also had to keep her legs half-bent to maintain her position. But Tomo never refused another challenge, so she took it dutifully. It even seemed too easy at first, but her legs got more tired with every passing minute, so soon she had to really endure it. Which only made it more fun it Tomo’s opinion. The heat also grew. From cold at the start it soon became body temperature, but didn’t stop on that. In a few minutes it became pleasantly warm, and as time passed Tomo found she couldn’t tell if it was still only warm, or if her pussy adapted to the gradually increasing heat. She decided to check with her finger, and as she touched the rod… “Ouch!” she cried, withdrawing her hand, “It’s hot alright.”

“What an obedient piece of meat,” Yomi commented, as she lowered the power a little to maintain temperature, “why don’t you show some more obedience and lower herself on the rod all the way to your cervix?”

“Roger that!” Tomo replied eagerly. Her legs were sore and some movement would come in handy. Tomo pushed herself onto the rod, but it appeared to be too thick to enter in one push after all, and the hot metal touching earlier unaffected deeper parts of her vagina made her pull back instinctively with a moan of pain before trying again. Effectively she started to fuck the rod, which brought waves of pleasure to her aroused pussy and soon sexy moans mixed with those of pain. Tomo always wanted to try something like that, having somebody have absolute power over her, treating her as nothing more than a piece of meat that was only good for being cooked and eaten. The thought always turned her on, but now that she was finally doing it for real, it felt a thousand times better that she imagined. Tomo’s scheme to ruin Yomi’s cooking project was a great success.

Yomi was quite aroused as well. Tomo always was a pain in the ass, and finally after all those years, Yomi could make her pay for it without holding back. The thought of making her friend into mere meat was exciting by itself, but now that Yomi could see Tomo devotedly fuck the cooking rod, she couldn’t hold back anymore. Yomi lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down enough that her pussy would be now fully visible to the class but for the desk blocking the view. This was Yomi’s dream come true, so she paid no attention to the audience and didn’t hesitate to play with her pussy openly.

“Heh! You may be an idiot, Tomo. But you can still help me get an ‘A’ on my homework!” she commented, as she openly masturbated while watching Tomo fall on her knees in orgasm, causing the rod hit her cervix.

“Stage two… complete,” Tomo reported with pleasant exhaustion in her voice. That was a signal for Yomi to raise power again.

After Tomo finished her striptease show most of the class weren’t paying much attention to her anymore as they had to follow the lesson. However for Chiyo it was her first time seeing something like this. While Tomo’s striptease was just another eccentric foolery of hers, but what followed next made Chiyo watch it constantly, unable to make herself return her attention to the lesson. When Tomo took the rod inside, Chiyo stared unbelieving. How come it didn’t tear Tomo apart? Chiyo could only wonder if it would be also possible for her to insert something that big inside herself. It made Chiyo feel a kind of excitement she never experienced before, and she realized that feeling was coming from her pussy. It wasn't even watching Tomo ride up and down on the rod that was the main reason for Chiyo’s excitement, but the thought of how a girl she knew, one of her friends, was being made into meat, and seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Chiyo couldn’t help but wonder how would she feel in Tomo’s place. Just the thought of being in Tomo's place increased her excitement radically. The inexperienced girl was startled for a moment as unsure what to with the feeling, but being the smallest in class has its advantages as she could clearly see under Yomi’s desk. Before realizing it Chiyo had mimicked Yomi actions, playing with her pussy just like her older friend was doing. It felt so good, that soon Chiyo didn’t need to watch Yomi to figure out what to do. Chiyo had figured out the rest on her own and had taken to it with abandon.

“Tee-hee-hee, what a dirty girl you are, Chiyo, masturbating while watching your friend being cooked,” Tomo commented as she couldn’t help but notice Chiyo.

“I’m! ... not…” Chiyo answered in shock of being discovered.

Tomo hurried to ease her: “It’s alright, alright, by your age I’d already popped my cherry with a dildo, you know?”

“Uhm… okay…” Chiyo said, continuing to masturbate, but she couldn’t help but hold back now, the sheer joy of the act marred with hesitation.

“Hey, Yomi, think you’ll let Chiyo let a bite of my pussy?” Tomo asked, as she felt guilty for making Chiyo feel tense.

“I’ll think about it,” Yomi answered, making it clear that Tomo was fully in her power and couldn’t decide on her own who would or would not be allowed to eat her meat. The idea of tasting Tomo after she was cooked sent a new wave of excitement through Chiyo, making her forget all of her shame and go wild on her pussy, soon reaching her first orgasm and collapsing on her desk.

As the temperature of the rod continued to grow, Tomo’s flesh was now not just feeling hot, but had started cooking in earnest. She could actually smell her own cooked meat. The next second the smell reached Yomi and she commented while licking her lips: “You smell delicious, meat, I can’t wait to see if you taste so as well. Actually, I think it’s time to go further…” Yomi stood from her desk and came up to Tomo from the back. Tomo realized what was going to happen, and it both frightened and excited her. Indeed, Yomi put her hands on Tomo’s shoulders and then suddenly pushed Tomo down with her weight, making Tomo’s legs perform a middle split as the rod pushed through her cervix and entered her womb, hitting its deepest part and stretching it. Tomo’s eyes rolled up, she produced some inarticulate noise and her breath became erratic.

“Hey, you still with us?” Yomi waved her hand before Tomo’s eyes “you don’t want to miss the most fun part, do you?”

Tomo most certainly didn’t, trying her best in a struggle not to pass out. Struggle? No, that’s a challenge! Tomo said that to herself and new strength filled her. She tried to speak, but it didn’t work well, so Tomo raised her hand and showed three fingers.

“What?” Yomi wondered, “Ah, ‘stage three complete’? Unbelievable, holding true to yourself even when you’re like this…” Tomo replied with a smile.

“That wasn’t a compliment,” Yomi sighed.

Tomo forced herself to stay awake, but her consciousness still grew more blurry with every minute. Though it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. She felt warm inside… ah, wait, that must be the cooking rod. Tomo couldn’t keep track of time anymore, but the cooking teacher came in, so it must be the start of cooking class. Yomi said something, Tomo couldn’t make out the words, but she must have told the teacher about Tomo being her homework for today. The teacher came up and helped Yomi lift Tomo’s body from the rod and place it on the table. Tomo wanted to say she could stand on her feet, but discovered that she actually couldn’t.

“Ah, whatever,” she thought to herself, “being carried by people on occasion feels good too.” The class gathered around Tomo and she could vaguely feel something sharp cutting trough her body. Before long everyone was enjoying Tomo’s meat. Tomo was glad that at least this escapade of hers ended in everyone being happy instead of annoyed. The teacher seemed to praise Yomi’s cooking, so she must have got her desired ‘A’.

For some reason Tomo remembered the feeling of being carried to the table… no, that wasn’t a memory, she actually was carried somewhere again… this time instead of laying her on the flat surface they threw her on a pile of something unpleasant. Tomo wanted to complain, but then remembered she was meat, so it was only natural that they threw her to garbage after finishing eating her. The last thing Tomo remembered was Chiyo staring at her with amazement. Even with her vision blurred Tomo could tell Chiyo was wondering if she should go for it too some other day. Tomo tried to smile to Chiyo to tell her that she undoubtedly should do so, but she couldn’t feel herself to know if she succeeded in a challenge of making a convincing smile. “Draw, it was a draw!” was her final thought.


Harry's Best Birthday

(Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, cannibalism, consensual)

“So, what do you think of it?” Fred asked.
“Err… that’s a nice piece of parchment, I suppose…” Harry tried to answer politely.
Fred burst in laughter, making Harry wonder what was so funny about the parchment.
“Watch this”, George said and tapped the parchment with his magical wand. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.
The words magically appeared on the parchment saying: “Marauders map”. After a moment they changed to what looked like a scheme of some sort.
“Ah, so that’s a map of Hogwarts”, Harry recognized. “It will be really helpful, thank you”.
“Oh, but it’s not just a map”, Fred said. “Look, do you see these dots? They show…”
“Hey, what’s all the secrecy there?” Mrs. Weasley said strictly as she entered the dining room and brought Ginny with her. “I bet you’re teaching Harry bad things.”
“Mischief managed,” George hurried to recite in a whisper to return the map to its disguised state.
“No, no”, Fred answered to their mother. “We’re just giving Harry his birthday present, right?”
“Right.” Harry confirmed, still innocently unaware of the special powers of the map.

He’d been living with Weasleys for about a week now, and as soon as they heard of his worst birthday at Durlseys, where he was just completely ignored, they insisted on holding a real birthday party for him. Harry tried to refuse, saying that the kindness with which they accepted him at their house was more than enough, but Mrs. Weasley was too persistent, so Harry had to come along with the idea. All the Weasleys gathered in the dining room now except for the older two sons, Bill and Charlie, whom Harry never met for Charlie was now in Romania and Bill was in Egypt. Hermione had also come for the party. Everyone bathed Harry in attention and gave him presents, neither of which he ever received from Dursleys. So far it was the best birthday party he ever had, even if was a week later than his actual birthday.

“If you’re done with the present, step away from Harry,” Mrs. Weasley commanded. “I don’t want you to infect him with your mischievousness.”
“Okay, okay…” the twins reluctantly obeyed and joined the rest of the family at the table.
“So, Harry, my dear, tell me, have you already opened all the presents? Were they to your liking?” Mrs. Weasley asked with an exaggeratedly kind tone, which made Harry a little embarrassed, especially after she treated her own children so strictly.
“Yes, ma’am.” Harry replied, “The presents were great. Thank you for taking care of me.”
“Oh, don’t mention it.” Mrs. Weasley said. “By the way, there’s one more member of our family who wants to give you something.”
Mrs. Weasley gestured to her youngest child and the only daughter Ginny who was standing beside her all the time, nervously twirling the hem of her T-shirt and unsuccessfully trying to hide her eyes. According to Ron, this girl normally never shuts up. But for the past week Harry only saw her being shy and quiet, and she was running away every time he tried to talk to her. What a weird girl.

Ginny wasn't going to talk first and was only standing there making the situation more embarrassing with every passing silent moment, so Harry had to take the initiative.
“So, do you have a present for me, Ginny?” he asked.
When the girl heard him calling her name, her freckled face became as red as her hair, and for a moment Harry thought she would run away again. But she managed to gather her courage to stay and even nodded her head.
“Well, thank you”, Harry said. “Do you mind telling me what it might be?”
“It’s…” Ginny almost whispered, then made a step towards Harry and blurted out aloud: “It’s me!”

Harry looked confused, so Mrs. Weasley added: “You see, Harry, dear, little Ginny here was talking about you all the summer, and she was so happy when you arrived,” she said. “And when she learned we’re going to have a birthday party for you, she firmly decided to be your birthday meal. Isn’t that cute?”
“Huh?” Mr. Weasley reacted. “Why did no one let me know?”
“Maybe it's because you never listen to what people say?” his wife lectured him.
The rest of the family laughed, except for Ginny who was looking at Harry nervously, waiting for his reaction. Given that Harry was raised in a muggle family without knowing the world of magic up until a year ago, Ginny worried that he might be prejudiced against eating girls.
‘Well, that’s a great honor, I have to say,” Mr. Weasley said proudly. “To have my daughter being eaten by Harry Potter himself!”
“Not to mention we won’t have to spend money on preparing her for school,” Percy added. “Hogwarts becomes annoyingly more expensive with each year.”
Harry looked confusedly at the people around him, and Hermione decided she had to cut in.
“I’ve read about it,” Hermione said. “The books say that in times past cannibalism wasn't an uncommon practice among wizards and still takes place sometimes. I never thought I could see that with my own eyes though!” she said obviously thrilled that she can learn something new today.
“Wow, sounds cool!” Harry said. “Can’t wait to try!”
Being accepted by Harry as his meal made Ginny’s heart beat fast and she froze under his expectant gaze unable to move.

“Come on, Ginny, my little girl, don’t be shy.” Mrs. Weasley encouraged her daughter. “Isn’t that what you were waiting for so eagerly? Here, let me take off your clothes…”
The woman reached for daughter’s T-shirt, and started to pull it off her, but the girl took a step away from her.
“Jeez, mom!” the girl said as she protestingly pulled the T-shirt all the way down, even stretching it a little. “I’m not a little girl anymore, this much I can do for myself!”Diverting Ginny's attention made her forget her shyness, and it seemed to be exactly what her mother was trying to achieve. Ginny decisively faced Harry as if she wanted to prove him and everyone that she was a big and independent girl. She stepped out of her slippers and kicked them away, and she didn’t wear socks today, so now she was barefoot. Then Ginny unbuttoned her jeans and started to pull them off slowly, revealing her thighs, though the most private parts were hidden behind the stretched T-shirt, and even her panties weren’t showing. Everyone couldn’t help but watch her closely, which made her a little embarrassed again, but she didn’t stop. When Ginny lowered her jeans to the level of her knees, she stepped out of them first with one foot and then the other, flashing her panties for two brief moments. Mrs. Weasley came to her daughter and took the jeans from her hands before stepping away again, giving the girl enough personal space.

“You have some sexy thighs, don’t you?” Ron said teasingly.
“Shut up, you moron.” Ginny replied frowning.
“Don’t mind him, Ginny.” Harry said. “I’m sure your thighs will be as tasty as the rest of you.”
Not that Harry’s statement contradicted Ron's, but hearing a compliment from Harry made Ginny blush and motivated her to proceed. She took her T-shirt at the neck and started to pull up, revealing her white panties and naked belly. Then she quickly pulled the T-shirt over her head so that it remained on her arms, and quickly lowered her arms, hiding her body behind the T-shirt again, so that her braless flat chest was revealed for less than a second. That didn’t help a lot though, since she had to put away her T-shirt anyway, and her mother took it just like the jeans. Ginny was naturally embarrassed by standing in front of everybody clad only in panties, but so far successfully fought the urge to cover her chest, because she wanted Harry to see all of her.
“Hey, look at Ginny’s stiffened nipples,” Fred noticed. “She appears to be quite aroused.”
“She is, she is!” George confirmed. “What a naughty little girl our sister is, isn’t she?”
“Cut it out, boys!” Mrs. Weasley raised voice. “Or I won’t let you have your share of little Ginny.”
The twins shut up surprisingly willingly. They certainly didn’t want to miss such a special meal.

Ginny got too embarrassed and hesitated to remove her last piece of clothes.
“What’s the matter, my little girl?” her mother asked her. “Do you need any help?”
“It’s not… I’m… it’s…” the girl answered incoherently, heavily blushing.
“Seems it can’t be helped”, Mrs. Weasley sighed and came to her daughter to help her with panties. “Oh, dear!” she exclaimed as she touched girl’s panties. “You’re so wet, your panties are all drenched.”
“You didn’t have to say that aloud!” Ginny complained, but didn’t resist her mother taking off her panties.
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Mrs. Weasly said. “It shows that you are indeed a big girl. If anything, you should be proud to be so wet!”
“If you say so…” Ginny agreed shyly and when her mother stepped away, the girl suppressed the impulse that appeared to be not as much to cover her pussy, but rather to touch it. She was now completely nude, letting everyone see her hairless pussy heavily dripping with juice. The boys looked hungrily at Ginny, but no one dared to comment this time, except for Harry who said: “You look delicious!” As he spoke, a drop of drool escaped his mouth and traveled down his chin. Ginny smiled as being hungered for was embarrassing but flattering.
Hermione couldn’t help but envy the younger girl a little. She wondered what would it feel if it was standing there instead of Ginny, all naked and looked at by the boys. Such thoughts made her quite aroused herself and as no one was looking she rubbed her thighs against each other.

“Okay, Harry, dear, could you please free your seat for a moment, so that little Ginny could get on the table?” Mrs. Weasley asked.
“Sure”, Harry complied, though was a little confused at what will go next.
Ginny came towards him slowly, her eyes lowered shyly again as she was now not only naked in front of Harry, but while being naked she entered his private space. Harry got a little uneasy too, seeing a naked girl so close took his breath away.
Ginny climbed first on Harry’s chair and then on the table. She turned around trying to avoid eye contact with Harry and sat on the very edge of the table with her legs dangling off. Mrs. Weasley gestured Harry to take his place again, but Ginny’s legs were in the way, so she had to spread them before the boy in order for him to sit, and then she laid back on the table. Ginny’s head appeared to be just before Hermione, who sat opposite to Harry, and her exposed and very wet pussy was now just a few centimeters from Harry’s face. He swallowed nervously, staring with a mix of sexual and gastronomical interest, as he could see her pussy in every detail, and feel the strong smell of her juices. What for Ginny, it made her heart beat so fast she never thought was possible and her breath was heavy and irregular.

“What goes next?” Harry asked unsure. “Weren’t we supposed to cook her first?”
“Of course we’ll cook her, Harry, dear”, Mrs. Weasley said. “But the muggle way would take too long, and what’s more important, Ginny wouldn’t be able to enjoy the process. That’s why we’re going to use a special spell. Are you ready, my little girl?”
“Please do it.” Ginny asked, as she couldn’t wait anymore for the main part.
The woman came to the table, and made some moves with her magic wand over her daughter, reciting: “Puellae coquinor vivum!”
A golden magical glow appeared over all the Ginny’s body and she gasped soundly, more out of surprise, cause instead of pain she was expecting, there came a tingling feeling that could even be enjoyed. The feeling was strong for just a few moments and then faded away along with the glow. Ginny found her feeling of her body noticeably subside and was barely able to move, but she was alive and aware, maybe only a little foggy. She smelled cooked meat as if from far away, but then recognized it to be herself having being cooked, and it made her heart skip a bit… and the next one… after the third Ginny realized her heart didn’t beat at all anymore as it was cooked along with the rest of her body, so she only had another five minutes. She had crossed the line now and only hoped for Harry to enjoy her.

“Wow”, was all Harry could say, looking at now brown cooked girl who blinked and actively looked around indicating she was quite alive.
“Fascinating!” Hermione said excitedly, as she leaned over Ginny’s head to look her in the eyes. “Are you really cooked alive? What does it feel like? Can you speak?”
Ginny tried it, her tongue was unusually disobedient, but speaking appeared not impossible.
“All my body feels numb,” she pronounced slowly. “But it’s warm and kinda pleasant.”
“Can you please teach me this spell?” Hermione asked Mrs. Weasley. “It’s amazing!”
“Why, of course”, the woman answered. “What is more important, Harry, dear, dig in.” she said, giving him a knife and a fork.

“So…” Harry said unsure. “Should I start with… well… here?” he was looking right at Ginny’s pussy.
“Well, of course you should.” Mrs. Weasley said. “It’s the most delicious part!”
“Moreover,” Hermione added, trying to hide herself panting, “the books say that eating girl’s… private parts… especially while she’s still alive... can increase your magical power.”
“Wow,” Harry said again. “Is it really okay to have it all for myself?” he asked looking at Hermione.
The straight-A wizardess admitted to herself she wouldn’t mind a piece of it, both for the taste and magical qualities. But she noticed how mentioning sharing her pussy with someone else made Ginny frown unhappily. Again, among Harry and Ginny Hermione somehow found herself more wanting to try on Ginny’s role. Actually that thought made her so aroused she had her right hand in her pants. It seemed no one noticed it so far, as their attention was all on Ginny, but by the sly look Ginny gave Hermione she understood that the cooked girl smelled her out. It made Hermione rub her pussy even harder.
“It’s your present, Harry.” she said trying to sound sweet, though due to her under-the-table activity it appeared more like sexy. “Don’t make Ginny wait… I don’t think she has much time”.
Ginny smiled with her eyes to Hermione, expressing her gratitude.
“Alright then.” Harry nodded.

Harry looked at Ginny’s pussy again, unsure how to start eating it. Then instead of using cutlery he leaned right to the wet organ and licked the slit, tasting the sweet juices. Ginny didn’t see that coming at all and, with the help of all the excitement she had already get, had an intense orgasm the same moment, squirting even more juice right in Harry’s mouth and on his face.
“I’m sorry! Sorry!” she started to apologized ashamedly as soon as she realized what happened.
“It’s alright.” Harry said. “I actually enjoyed that.”
“It’s not just alright!” Hermione cut in. “It’s great! The books say that the… orgasm… makes the… girl’s organ’s… magical potential… increase like ten times… oh, God!” she couldn’t help but have an orgasm for herself, not even caring for hiding it anymore, but it seemed others haven’t cared either, except for Ginny who laughed a little.

Having tasted the juices Harry threw off his reserve proceeded to actually eating the pussy. He started with spreading Ginny’s outer pussy lips with a fork and a knife, making the girl feel the cold of the cutlery. Freeing the clitoris, he pinched it with the fork and then cut it off with a knife. It made Ginny frown, and Harry hurried to ask her if she was alright.
“I’m fine”, she answered. “Please, enjoy your meal”.
She did feel pain, but it was heavily subdued like all of her senses. She was in a dreamy state where all that mattered was being eaten by Harry.
The boy took the cut off clitoris in his mouth and bit. It burst like a berry and filled his mouth with nectarial taste. The gentle sweetness kinda spread through all of his body.
“It’s unbelievable!” Harry said. “Just to think there is a meal so great in the world!”
“I’m so happy”, Ginny said, wreathing in smiles. “Please, go on.”
Encouraged to proceed, Harry cut into pussy flesh and detached a piece of meat. As he chewed it, he found it to be sweet, gentle and juicy like no meat he ever had a chance to taste.
“Delicious!” he said with a blissed expression on his face.

Ginny almost envied Harry, as his comments made her wonder what she tasted like. Harry apparently noticed it in her eyes, and asked “Do you want to find out how you taste?” as he cut off another piece and offered it to Ginny. She eagerly nodded and opened her mouth as she couldn’t lift her head, so that Harry could place a piece of herself on her tongue. Ginny closed her eyes, focusing on the taste.
“How is it?” Hermione cut in impatiently. “What do your own meat taste like?”
“Heavenly”, Ginny answered. “I’ve like… had an orgasm with my tongue.”
What made Ginny even happier though was that Harry must have felt the same way.
“Mhm, mhm”, Harry nodded actively in agreement, his mouth filled with the next cut.
“Mrs. Weasley”, Hermione looked the woman in the eyes without trying to hide she was masturbating again. “I want Ginny’s womb!” she blurted out, surprised of her own defiant tone.
“No problem”, Mrs. Weasley answered. “Just be patient and wait for your turn”.
Hermione had her own association with the phrase “your turn”, and couldn’t even hold herself straight anymore, leaning on the table and going wild with her pussy, soon reaching her second orgasm for today.

A few minutes later there was a big hole between Ginny’s legs, going all the way to her cervix, and Harry was lazily chewing on the last piece of her vagina.
“Ah, I think I’m full”, he said as he swallowed it and leaned back on his chair.
“And how’s my little Ginny?” Mrs. Weasley asked sweetly.
Hermione, who was masturbating again and approaching another orgasm, was the closest to Ginny, so she asked:
“Ginny, you still with us?”
Ginny felt totally exhausted, but in a pleasant way. She didn’t have the strength to speak anymore, so she only moved her lips as response. Hermione was the only one close enough to lip-read: “There’s no pleasure greater than being eaten.”

Having that communicated, Ginny felt she couldn’t resist her fatigue anymore, so she peacefully closed her eyes not to ever open them again.
“She’s done with!” Hermione cried out as the orgasm hit her.
“Well then”, Mrs. Weasley said, rubbing her hands. “Let’s bring her to the kitchen for butchering, so that everyone can enjoy their share of little Ginny.”
“Woohoo!” the crowd cheered, anticipating the feast.
Mr. Weasley stood up from the table and took Ginny’s body to the kitchen, while his wife stayed a bit more to ask: “So, Harry, dear, how did you like Ginny’s present?”
“It was the best!” he answered with a wide grin. “I wish I could eat a girl for every birthday!”
“Oh, my!” the woman exclaimed. “I’m so happy to hear that you liked it! Too bad Ginny was our only daughter.”

“I wonder what I should give Harry for his next birthday?” Hermione thought to herself, though she felt like she already knew the answer.


I am a fan of your writing style (just not a big fan of Evangelion, did like the frozen one though) and really enjoyed this.

Any chance for a sequel with hermione? Thanks.


> I am a fan of your writing style
Thank you.

> Any chance for a sequel with hermione?

Not much, I'm afraid. I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter myself.


Asuka and Rei Grocery Shopping

Inspired by “Asuka and Rei Deli Photoshoot” by TheVisitorBlack and uses some text from it

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, live butchering, consensual)

“I don't know why Misato can't get her own groceries, wondergirl,” Asuka muttered as she and Rei walked into the open-air stall that housed the local deli. Rei, used to Asuka's grumbling, didn’t respond and instead headed directly for the meat case. It was actually her first time shopping for meat, ‘cause she personally never liked it, but since Rei had been asked to get some, she dutifully looked through the prices now. She didn’t expect meat to be so expensive. Steak was 20,000 yen, chicken was less so but still up there, and turkey seemed similar in pricing. Rei had absolutely no expertise on meat, so she wondered if she could choose only by the price, or if the cheapest meat would be of lower quality and taste. She was about to seek advice from Asuka, who was browsing the aisles trying to find the beer and instant curry that Misato had asked, when something caught Rei’s eye. There were empty sections in the case with signs in them, standard deli signs on pegs advertising girl meat. Thighs for only 500 yen? Calves for less, even the breasts at 3,000 yen were slightly less expensive. Though the labels for cunt meat were quite pricey at 50,000 yen each.

“Pilot Sohryu, can you come here for a moment?” Rei asked, ‘cause she wanted to consult with someone more experienced in meat before buying something so suspiciously cheap. “What’s the matter, wondergirl, have you already got lonely?” Asuka said mockingly as she came up. As usual, Rei ignored Asuka’s teasing and asked: “Do you happen to be familiar with girl meat?” “Yeah, why?” Asuka answered, “It’s a rare and expensive delicacy, you won’t find it here”. Rei silently pointed out to the empty case. “What?” Asuka didn’t realize what was wrong with it until she noticed the signs. The big one above the case said “Girl meat”, and the smaller ones inside had the prices for different body parts. Prices so cheap Asuka had to read them twice to confirm they were indeed in yens. “Holly shit!” Asuka blurted out in shock, “It must be a mistake, isn’t it? Back in Europe, even being an elite pilot, I could only afford girl meat for grand occasions. Selling it cheaper than any other kind… It can’t be true!”

Noticing the shouting girl, the shopkeeper came up. He was a handsome and hospitable middle-aged man with bristle framing his welcoming smile. “Is something wrong, miss?” he asked. “What’s with these prices?” Asuka inquired, “Don’t you in Japan value human life at all?” “Ah, I take it that you are new to Japan”, the shopkeeper understood, “Foreigners always tend to have this misunderstanding. You see, it’s not like we don’t value human life. Quite the contrary, we believe life to be of higher plane than any material values and therefore its value cannot be measured in terms of money”. “Nonsense”, Asuka cut in, “everything has its monetary value”. “That’s what you were taught in materialistic Europe. In Japan we believe that life is not something to be bought or sold”, the shopkeeper answered. “But you _do_ sell girl meat, don’t you?” Asuka asked confused. “The meat, yes,” the man nodded, “but we don’t trade _people_”. “Wait, if you don’t buy those girls, don’t tell me you take them by force?!” Asuka said a bit frightened as she was already thinking of a best route to run away. “Oh, no, of course not!” the shopkeeper answered, “There are always enough volunteers”. “Wha- what?!!” Asuka was shocked. Did he say volunteers? Why would one go for it if it doesn’t pay? People of Japan are totally, definitely, absolutely crazy! On the other hand, if it means she can buy girl meat so cheap, maybe it has its advantages?

While Asuka was thinking of making profit of Japanese beliefs, the shopkeeper asked: “Is there something else I can help you with?” “We would like to buy one girl breast and a thigh”, Rei stated. “I’m sorry, but we a currently out of stock”, the man answered. “I see”, Rei said, and looked thoughtfully at the empty girl meat case. It was stained with blood of many meat girls that came through it. Rei put her palm against the dried blood as if she could feel something from it, something almost sacral. Seeing Rei’s fascination with the girl meat case, Asuka said mockingly: “Wanna volunteer, wondergirl? We can save some money if I buy your worthless meat”. “Sure”, Rei nodded nonchalantly. “Ha-ha, I knew it would be too much for you, wonder-… wait, what?!” “I said: sure”, Rei repeated. “Wait-wait-wait!” Asuka rattled. “I meant it as a joke, don’t you have any sense of humor? You don’t have to do it on someone’s first whim, even if this ‘someone’ is the great me”. “I’m not doing it because you said so”, Rei answered calmly. “You don’t? Ah, okay”, Asuka took her breath, “But why then?” “What is life if not a quest in search of a good cause to give it for?” Rei asked rhetorically, “And I believe I have just found one”. “That’s silly”, Asuka commented, “It’s not a good cause unless it pays”. “And you can still save money by buying my meat”, Rei added. Such an argument seemed to convince Asuka better.

“Can I volunteer to be meat?” Rei asked the shopkeeper. “Well, sure, miss, you’re welcome”, the man answered. “Then I’d like to do so”, Rei said, “What is the procedure?” “Since no money is involved, the procedure is quite simple”, the shopkeeper explained, “You just sign a standard paper and you’re shop’s property. Here, I’ll get you one… or should I get two?” he glanced at Asuka. “If you want my meat, you have to actually _buy_ it!” Asuka stated peremptorily. “Whatever”, the shopkeeper shrugged his shoulders and went to bring the paper.

The man returned with a pen and a paper with some printed text. Asuka expected to see several sheets of text, explaining every detail of the bargain, but instead it was only one sentence effectively saying: “Hereby I annul my life and sign away my body in favor of the shop”. Asuka thought it was ridiculous. In Europe it was quite a trouble to sell yourself as meat, involving lots of paperwork. And she found even more ridiculous how Rei carefully read the only sentence on the paper, more than that – she read it twice, and confirming there was nothing wrong put her name on it. “Ayanami Rei”, the shopkeeper read. “Congratulations! You are now officially dead”. As he called her dead, Rei felt her heart thump in delight she didn’t expect from herself. The quest of her life was now complete. “Th-”, Rei tried to say, but stumbled with sudden shyness. She never thanked anyone before. But the idea of death sounded so sweet, she felt, if there was anything she would thank someone for, this was it. “Thank you”, she finished with a blush.

“Well then, let’s not make your friend wait”, the shopkeeper said. “You should get undressed and apply the price stickers on yourself”. “Yes”, Rei answered and started to strip right where she was in full view of everyone. Asuka stared at the pale blue-haired girl as she calmly removed her school uniform, pulling down the skirt, and removing the shirt over her head showing off her matching set of plain white bra and panties. After placing the clothes on a shelf Rei reached behind her back and fiddled with the clasp to her bra before finally getting it undone and allowing the white bra cups to fall off her chest revealing her pale supple breasts to the world around her. Asuka watched as Rei matter-of-factly set aside the bra on top of her other clothes and pulled down her panties revealing the hairless mound of her cunt, its soft pink lips matching the hue of her nipples and complimenting her pale complexion. Rei stood there, clad only in the ribbon around her neck, a last remnant of her school uniform. Her skin was incredibly pale, but that only made what little color there was in her body more vibrant. Her red eyes and blue hair stood out even more against her complexion now that she was naked, and the slight flush of red around her lower lips drew the eye directly down to her pussy.

The shopkeeper brought the price stickers. Rei looked to the prices in the meat case to confirm which goes where. Then she carefully applied them on herself, from top to the bottom, checking for each one to be clearly visible. The most pricy part was the cunt, it came for 50,000 yen. Well, the torso was 100,000, but that’s only because it was the biggest. The cheapest were the hands and feet, just 50 yen each. Looking at Rei applying those stickers Asuka wondered if it was even considered human food. Rei didn’t care for such things as what her meat would be used for. As far as she was concerned they could just throw her to the dump and leave her rot among the waste. She was already dead anyway, so nothing else mattered. After finishing with the stickers Rei looked thoroughly over her body one more time to check that every sticker was on its place, and looked at the shopkeeper, waiting for further instructions. “Very well”, he said, “now you just climb into the meat case while I’m bringing the knife and we can start carving you for your friend”.

Rei placed herself in the case and spread eagle for all of her body and the price speakers to be clearly visible. Asuka couldn’t comprehend how the wondergirl wasn’t embarrassed even a little. Doesn’t she have any shame? “Alright, miss”, the shopkeeper said as he returned with a massive jagged knife, “what were the cuts you wanted? One breast and one tight, is that correct?” “Hmm, yeah, that’ll do”, Asuka agreed, “and please add her pussy to that”. It was kinda against the whole money-saving idea, but Asuka couldn’t resist the view of Rei’s delicious lower lips. “No problem”, the shopkeeper answered. He came up to Rei and placed his knife against her left tit. He started to cut casually and professionally. Rei grasped in pain, but didn’t show any signs of resistance. Her left tit was separated from the body in no time. Rei was fascinated seeing a part of herself to be detached. She touched her breastless left chest as if to confirm that it was for real. It responded with pain, but Rei took it as a good sign. Meanwhile the shopkeeper proceeded to her tight. He started with cutting her leg in half at the kneel, which made Rei clench her teeth and fists, but she tried not to move to keep herself available for cutting. It took some time to cut through Rei’s kneel and some blood was spilled into the case, joining the dried blood of the meat girls that came through it before. The shopkeeper put the lower half of Rei’s leg aside, then lifted the stump to the side for better access and proceeded with cutting it from the torso. Teardrops of pain appeared in the corners of Rei’s eyes, but she dutifully endured it no matter how much it hurt.

Asuka could only look in awe at how nonchalantly both the shopkeeper and Rei acted. Okay, the shopkeeper is doing it every day, but Rei being so assisting at carving her own self was a rather weird thing to watch. Before long the shopkeeper finished with the thigh and put it along the severed tit. Rei was sweeting, but carrying herself well, only a couple of times she couldn’t hold back the painful moans. She took her breath, but the shopkeeper didn’t give her rest and put his already fully blood-stained knife to the side of her pussy. Then with one quick stab he drove it half the way inside, drawing a shriek of pain out of Rei. He didn’t pay it any attention and just continued to push until the knife was all the way inside, while Rei continued screaming and tears streamed from her eyes. “That must hurt like hell”, Asuka though to herself while she watched. “A good thing the wondergirl annulled her life before being cut”. Even if Asuka didn’t like Rei, it would be really painful to watch her suffer so much were she alive. Gladly the thing that was crying and shivering in pain was nothing more that a piece of meat that left of Rei after she died by signing the paper. So Asuka could enjoy the show with a clear conscience. The shopkeeper showed no mercy to Rei, cutting around her pussy as she twitched her remaining limbs in agony. But even so she never kicked the shopkeeper or otherwise interfere with his work. And her face, in spite of being distorted in severe pain, showed no signs that she preferred to avoid that pain. Her body’s reflex reaction to the pain made it difficult to express her true feelings, but Rei actually enjoyed what was happening to her. Both the shopkeeper and Asuka treating her as just a piece of meat meant they acknowledged her death. So when the man finished separating Rei’s vagina from her body and finally gave her a break, she turned her head to the side out of exhaustion and while breathing heavily produced a content smile no one noticed.


That's the end of the first part. The second part which I haven't written yet (well, as usual...) would have Shninji, after cooking and eating Rei's meat Asuka brought home, come to the deli to see Rei off or something. When he arrives, Rei is halfway sold, but still alive. He witnesses another customer buy another piece of Rei. Or maybe it's Hikari and she wonders if she should buy Rei's meat, and here comes Shinji and says he ate it and it was delicious, so she should but it. So Hikari thanks Shinji for the advice, takes another piece of Rei and leaves. Shinji wonders since he had come all the way here, maybe he should buy some too. But he alreadly had enough meat, and it's short-lived anyway, you eat it and then it's gone. So Shinji decides to take Rei's head as a memento. He asks the shopkeeper how much for the head since it doesn't have a price tag, and the man says they don't sell heads and just throw them to waste. So if Shinji wants one, he could just take for free. Shopkeeper offers Shinji to cut Rei's head off with his own hands. Shinji cuts Rei's head off and puts it in the bag and heads home, pleased with a good buy. Rei's head dies on the way. The end.
Since Shinji knows Rei signed her life away, he also doesn't see her as a living person through all of this. So he doesn't pay any attention to when she bilologically dies. For him she's dead since she signed the paper. He cared for Rei a lot, she was his close friend and maybe his secret crush, but he doesn't see any tragedy in her death and is't a bit sad about it. It's just a casual everyday event. So what Shinji sees Rei as is meat and memory of herself. So while Shinji never wonders if he shouldn't eat parts of her body, he also has warm feelings for it, since it reminds him of Rei while she was alive, so that's why he wants to take the head. It's not a trophy, but a memento, so he will not put it on the wall, but likely on the bedside table so that when he wakes up Rei's head is the first thing he sees, it makes him remember all the time with Rei, those are all gentle warm memories and there's not a bit of sadness that she's gone since he sees nothing special about it.
What for Rei, she feels content about being dead, so she's glad to see Shinji treating her as dead, not caring for her pain as he cuts through her throat, while caring greatly for the memory of Rei, which led him to wanting that head in the first place. Rei also doesn't care when biological death hits her, as she considers herself dead since she signed the paper. Though no one sees, she dies with a content smile on her face.

I also have an idea for a sequel. A new law is passed that says that due to the shortage of land burial is illegal starting, say, next year, and since then dead people should only be cremated. Asuka is outraged as she wants to be properly buried. She understands that the only chance to be properly buried is to die before the law comes into force. And that's where she rememers how Rei signed her life away and decides to do the same before it's too late. As soon as she signs the papers, Asuka considers herself dead and doesn't care for being buried while biologically alive. She's content that she's properly buried instead of being cremated. People come to the ceremony, like Shinji and Hikari, but since death isn't considered a tragedy in this world, they are not sad for Asuka, but rather happy for her being buried as she wanted. So, Asuka is burried and eventually suffocates while being totally content with her situation. The end.


Damn, casual guro is just so good <3


I'm glad you like it.

But speaking of casual guro. A question to all readers. Do you think the more casual the better or there should be some like drawn? Like, in Sunny Day (part 1), where it's not as much for having fun, but just to kill time, one can say out of boredom. And Shinji doesn't care to properly watch and enjoy the show of Rei being garrotted, instead keeping a totally casual conversation with Asuka (and even with Rei while she still can talk). My idea was that is is so casual it doesn't worth paying any special attention. But apparently not everyone sees it like that and for some such disregard looks like callousness? Which wasn't my intention at all, Shinji does care for Rei, he just doesn't care for death cause it's this much casual. But that's how I see it. How do you, readers, see it?


As for me, I like it better the more casual it seems.


callous well uh this is a website for getting aroused by suffering and death??? Honestly, the more casual it is, the less weird it feels to find it sexy.


Okay, cool, thanks!
Just a little more question. What about charachters themselves not finding it sexy? Like the aformentioned Sunny Day where there is nothing sexual about garroting and it's just like a leisure activity. Does it prevent you from finding the story sexy? Or is it even better this way? Or it's good either way?


Personally, I dislike it being so casual, for a few reasons:
1) If the characters don't care, why should I care?
2) If the characters are acting so differently from what is normal, it's incredibly weird and breaks immersion.
3) It's not clear why they're this way. How does civilisation work like this? How has it ended up this way?

It just ends up feeling like weird, empty caricatures.


That's the thing, yes. I'm all for casual guro, but the world still needs to hang together otherwise I lose any and all hint of suspension of disbelief.

A world in which people casually murder each other, and actually die, while not caring about that... doesn't work on any level at all. Evolution? Morality? None of it makes any sense.

Well, and I don't enjoy death. I'm not really into this for pain and degradation, either. I'm a bit weird, but who here isn't?


I wonder if the schools in 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' should have a fad in which boys wear girls' severed heads atop their penises (in a reverse-blowjob, i.e., the head of the penis is sticking out of the girls' mouths)? Naturally, school dress codes will be amended to allow the boys to walk around with their genitals partially exposed.


And the prize to the weirdest suggestion I can remember ever seeing in my thread goes to >>5635

What for >>5622 and >>5623 sometimes I also think "how does the world work like this?" but then I stop and tell myself if I wanted realism I could go watch the news (I remember I once wrote a story titled Infanticide and someone commented that it's uncool cause looks too much like what you could actually see in the real world news) and fiction exists for exploring the possiilities beyond what the real world can offer, be it time travel or casually killing each other. Cause like, say, in Back to the Future there are also enough inconsistencies to say the world can't work this way, but why care if it's so fun. I mean, I see what you mean, but I just wanted to elaborate on my position which is I don't want realism to limit how I can have fun with my stories.
Anyway, why I was asking all this is because I have a story in progress that also involves very casual attitude to death. The charachters go for it not because they think they'll gain something from it like sexiness or fun but because they believe the won't lose anything from it. So you can say they do it out of boredom. And when I made another change to the story, removing any hint of sexual interest from the charachters I was told it makes the story even less interesting and also it's so casual it looks callous or even like unthinking cruelty.
Now, on the matter of it not being sexy for the charachters. There's such a fetish as free/casual/ignored sex, level of casualness varies from where no girl would refuse but otherwise it works mostly normal to where the girls genuinely won't even notice someone is fucking them hard, and also anything in between, like a girl realising she is fucked but not caring for it enough to stop doing whatever she is doing. But even if the characters themselves don't care, the fact that they don't care is what makes it so hot (well, at least for those who share this fetish). So I guess I'm doing something like that in terms of charachters' attitude. Actually back when I was writing the first version of Asuka Saves the Day (back then titled Just Another Day at Tokyo-3 School) I wanted to explore just how casual I can make it, but that point was lost somewhere on the way, so my second attempt at it was Sunny Day.
Also in the story I mentioned the charachters' view on their own death is based not on their specific veiw of death in general, but on their very specific view of themselves (like Rei in the series not caring for her life cause she can be replaced doesn't make her treat everyone's life the same way), which means it is not how the whole world works, but just their personal oddity. So I hope it doesn't break your immersion for this story and you can still enjoy it. When on one wonderful day I finally finish it...


Also I've realised I haven't posted stories in a while and I still have some left. So here goes another one.

Act of True Love

(Snow Queen, Gerda, Little Robber Girl, Bea (the deer), knife fucking, beastiality, freezing, snuff, consensual)

The carriage drove through a deep thick forest when suddenly Gerda heard some more horses approaching and some shouting and whistling. Next moment the carriage stopped and there were sounds of fight outside and cries of dying men. Before Gerda realized what happened all her escort was slaughtered. The door was opened by force and the girl could see the attackers. They were some ugly men reeking of alcohol and wearing torn and dirty clothes. Everything in them was disgusting, but the worst part was the look in their eyes. It was a look of a hungry beast with no sign of sentience. And those eyes were all over the girl, evaluating her as their prey. The mere thought that such filthy people exist in the world made Gerda want to puke. But she wasn’t given any time to show her disgust, it took the robbers only a second to class her as a lucky strike, so with predatory smiles they unceremoniously grabbed her and dragged out of the carriage. They didn’t even care to put her on her feet, instead they threw the girl on the snow. Gerda raised to her knees and discovered she was now circled by a bunch of those disgusting people. They were laughing at her and loudly discussing what they would do to her. To Gerda’s shock among the things they said just killing her was the least terrible one.
Suddenly the crowd got silent and made way for their leader. Surprisingly it was a woman. An old woman with a beard. Her hair was a mess and her clothes had so many patches on it, they seemed to consist of nothing more but those patches. But at least she didn’t look as wild as the men. Her movements were steady, her eyes looked sentient. Probably that’s why she was the leader among the robbers. Gerda thought that while the old woman would most probably still kill her, it would come as a conscious decision and not beastly instinct. She wasn’t sure if it was better or worse though. The old robber woman came to Gerda, grabbed her by her wrist and lifted her to her eye level so that the girl’s bare feet didn’t reach the ground. The old woman had quite a strength for her age. She looked at the girl curiously, considering what would be the best use for her. Finally she spoke:
“A pretty young girl, and also a plum one like a little fat lamb!” she said as if she was examining an animal she hunted down. “Looks like we’re having a feast tonight!”
The crowd cheered. Are they seriously going to eat her? Gerda couldn’t believe it. Some of the men mentioned it a moment before, but she was sure it was just their way of joking. But when the old woman spoke, Gerda felt she was quite serious. The old woman drew out her dangerously looking dagger and put it to the girl’s neck.
‘Kai…’ Gerda thought as she was hanging helplessly by her wrist. ‘I’m so sorry… In the end I couldn’t do anything…’
But the moment before the old robber woman slit Gerda’s neck, which she didn’t try to protect, as she had already lost all hope, something else happened. The woman’s own daughter jumped on her back. Wrapping her left arm around her mother’s neck to use it as a support and threaten her with a dagger she held in her left hand, the girl grabbed her mother’s right arm with her own right hand and pulled it away from Gerda along with mother’s dagger.
“Oh!” the old woman cried. “What a naughty child!”
“She will be my toy,” the little robber girl declared as if her words were the law. “I’ll take her muff and her pretty frock and will play with her in bed!”
“Fine!” the old robber woman said. “Just get off my neck!”
The little girl let her mother go, and the old woman let go of her prey. Gerda limply fell on the snow.
“Hey, what about the feast?” the other robbers complained. “Those men’s meat won’t compare to little girl’s”.
“We’ll feast on Bae instead”, the old woman declared and the crowd seemed satisfied.
The little robber girl glanced heavily at her mother, but said nothing. She took her dagger in her right hand and came up to her new toy. “C’mon, get up,” she said to the girl who was laying motionlessly on the snow. Gerda didn’t react, so the robber girl had to grab her and put her on her feet. Weakly, but now Gerda stood by her own. “Get in the carriage with me”, the little robber girl said and seeing that Gerda was still not going to move, dragged her by force. Gerda didn’t resist. After she gave up on her life, she was still in shock. It was half a way to robber’s hideout when Gerda realized she might survive this night. She looked at her savior then. The robber girl looked the same age, but had a more athletic build and her skin was very dark. Her hair was completely black and so were her eyes, and she never let go of her dagger. She looked quite scary, but also pretty in her own way. The girl’s clothes, while still barbaric in design, were quite nice compared to other robbers, including her mother. Seems she got everything best.
“Um…” Gerda muttered as she didn’t know what to say to this strange girl. “I’m Gerda,” was all she could think of.
“Ah, so you actually talk”, the little robber girl noticed. “That’s good! Keep it up and maybe I won’t get bored of you and throw you away after one night”, she smiled so mischievously, Gerda couldn’t get if she was serious or not.
“I won’t be killed?” Gerda asked straight.
“Don’t worry about that”, the little robber girl said as she put her right arm around Gerda’s waist and leaned closer. “They won’t kill you as long as I love you”, she whispered in Gerda’s ear and then licked it playfully. “You must be a princess, aren’t you?”
“No!” Gerda answered. “You took it all wrong!”
“Huh? What’s with all the fancy clothes then?” the little robber girl asked.
“Well, it’s a long story…” Gerda said.
“You‘ll be surprised, but I actually like long stories”, the little robber girl said as she sat back. “As long as they are good ones, of course. And somehow I feel yours is indeed a good story. So tell me everything from the start. We have plenty of time.”
And Gerda told her story to the other girl right from the start and in all details. The little robber girl listened carefully and looked like she was really captured by Gerda’s story. Finally, after Gerda finished talking, the little robber girl asked:
“So they gave you all the fancy clothes, why no footwear?”
“They offered me a pair of boots, but I refused,” Gerda answered. “The red shoes that I gave to the river, it was Kai who made them for me. So I decided, until I find him and he can make another pair of shoes for me, I need no other footwear”.
“You must love him very much,” the little robber girl concluded.
“Yes”, Gerda admitted, as in her journey, overcoming all the hardships, she realized her feelings for Kai could not be anything other than what people call love. “Yes, I love him.” She said with all the seriousness and the other girl could see that she really meant it.
“I see…” the little robber girl said as for a moment she lowered her eyes as if she was considering something. Then she looked straight again, right into her new toy’s eyes, and said decisively: “I won’t let them kill you. I’d rather do it myself!”
And before Gerda could react, the little robber girl hugged her and kissed her on her lips. Gerda was too shocked to resist, but after a moment when she came to senses, to her own surprise she didn’t want to resist anymore. It felt so warm and soothing, Gerda just closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the sensation. Even if this swarthy girl held a dagger behind Gerda’s back, somehow she felt so safe in her hands, she felt like she could finally relax and let herself forget all the worries, even if just for a short time. She almost felt… at home. Before Gerda knew, she was peacefully sleeping on the little robber girl’s lap, her lovely golden hair gently patted by the other girl’s warm hand. Both girls were peacefully smiling like they haven’t for quite a while.

When the carriage arrived to the robbers’ hideout, it was already getting dark. The hideout was an old ruined castle. The robbers settled in the few intact rooms it had. Even if it was just ruins, still a castle was much fancier than what Gerda imagined robbers’ hideout to be. The rooms were big and there even were some decorations: both castle’s remains and robbers’ “acquired” pillage.
“Now who is a princess?” Gerda said. “Not only the gang dares not defy you, but you also live in a real castle.”
“I’m a robber princess all right”, the swarthy girl answered playfully. “And royalty marries royalty, right? That’s why I hoped you were a princess too.”
“So what, if I’m not a princess, then I’m no good for you?” Gerda asked. ‘And why do I sound like I care for what she thinks of me,’ she thought to herself, ‘my heart only belongs to Kai… right?’
“Princess or not, but after you told me your story… it seems I’ve completely fell in love with you just like some little girl… which I guess I am.”
The robber girl spoke of love much easier than Gerda did, almost playfully. Yet she wasn’t playing. Maybe the first time, when she was clenching to Gerda and licking her ear in the carriage, it wasn’t really serious. But then, after they talked, when she stared in Gerda’s eyes just for a moment before attacking her with a sudden kiss, her black eyes were on fire and Gerda could still see it every time the swarthy girl looked at her. It was so hot, Gerda felt she could melt under her captor’s stare. This kind of love… she would never let Gerda go. Why, oh why did Gerda feel so comfortable about it? Didn’t she have to go search for Kai? Not that she had any clues to where to look.
The little robber girl took Gerda to her room. It was far from real princess’s quarters. The bedding consisted of a straw mattress and a burlap for a bedcover. It looked unexpectedly neat though. But what surprised Gerda the most was that the little robber girl kept pets. There was a whole lot of pigeons and one reindeer. They all lived in the same room. The birds were caged in a hole in the wall with a number of laths for them to sit on. The reindeer had a bright copper ring around his neck, by which he was fastened to a stone pillar.
One of the walls in the room was the wall of the oven, so the robber princess’s room was the warmest one after the kitchen. It actually felt too hot once the robbers started cooking for the feast they were talking about. The little robber girl must have felt it too as without a word of warning she took her dress off. It appeared she didn’t have any other clothes underneath, so after she stepped out of her shoes, the swarthy girl became completely naked, only still holding a dagger in her right hand. Gerda couldn’t help but stare at the other girl’s body. Dark skin and athletic figure, a bit glossy because of sweat… she was totally different from what Gerda imagined a beautiful girl should look like, so why, oh why was she so appealing?
“You undress too!” the robber princess ordered. When she was undressing, she didn’t pay attention to Gerda and was mostly standing sideways to her. Now that she was giving orders, she got into appropriate pose. She openly faced Gerda, her feet half a meter apart, her left hand on her waist, her right one pointing at the golden-haired girl with a dagger, her eyes burning with usual fire. In an instant, her casual homely nudity turned into a dignifying and dominant one. Gerda would never have thought that a total nakedness could endue one with such authoritativeness that no fancy dresses or crowns could ever provide. Yet this was exactly the case with the swarthy girl, as if the dress she wore before was only good for hiding her true grandeur. All the kings and queens in the world trying their best could never hope to strike their subjects with such awe that this little girl achieved naturally without any effort. Was she indeed just a robber princess or a goddess? A goddess of nature, both ruthless and magnificent as wilderness, stood in front of Gerda in all her stark naked glory. The temperature in the room didn’t rise, but suddenly it became much hotter. “After all, those fancy clothes are mine now, and I don’t want them to be drenched in sweat!”
“Ah… right…” Indeed wearing winter clothes in such a hot room already made Gerda sweat and it was only getting worse with every passing moment. Not to mention, the nude dominance of the robber princess made Gerda’s clothedness feel diminishing, humiliating even. If she was going to stay in this room, she had to undress. Under the other girl’s stare, Gerda took off her clothes one by one, neatly putting them on the clothesline near the oven wall where the little robber girl put her own dress. Gerda only left her drawers on.
“That won’t do,” the robber girl said. “If I tell you to take off your clothes, you take off all your clothes.”
Well, as far as the dagger is in the robber girl’s hands, Gerda was in no position to disobey. A bit shyly, but she stripped totally naked. She clenched her tights and tried to cover her privates with her hand, but the little robber girl came by and gestured Gerda to open up. As Gerda did so, the other girl slowly walked around her in circles, eyeing every inch of her body, as she got closer and closer.
“You’re so beautiful”, the swarthy girl whispered, as she got so close from behind Gerda could feel her heavy breath on the back of her neck. The little robber girl couldn’t resist anymore and hugged Gerda from behind, her childish chest pressed against Gerda’s back, her left hand wandering over Gerda’s body and her right hand still holding her dagger close to Gerda’s neck. The swarthy girl’s body was very hot, but pleasantly so. Before long Gerda wasn’t trembling in shame and fear, but enjoyed the other girl’s touch and sweet dizziness that it brought. The little robber girl lowered her hand to Gerda’s sex and found it hot and wet. She gave a pleased smile and said: “Let’s continue in the bed.”
“But everyone is watching…” Gerda replied, shyly glancing at the reindeer and the birds.
“Then let them watch”, the little robber girl said and led Gerda to the bed. Gerda obediently followed and only asked: “Are you going to keep your dagger even in bed?” “Especially in bed,” the little robber girl answered, “it makes a nice toy”.
Before Gerda could wonder what kind of toy a dagger can make in bed, the little robber girl assaulted her sex with her tongue, and the question paled into insignificance as Gerda’s mind gone blank and she could only arc her back and produce moans of pleasure. The little robber girl used her tongue with skill and soon Gerda felt like she was going to reach the climax, but a moment before that the little robber girl stopped and looked up at her lover.
“No! Don’t stop!” Gerda pleaded, desperate for the pleasure that was so suddenly interrupted.
“Oh, so you’re already begging me to make you cum,” the little robber girl said teasingly. “What happened to your feelings to Kai?”
“I still love him, of course,” Gerda said. “But it feels so good, so please…”
“Alright,” the little robber girl said. “But it’s unfair if you’re the only one who’s feeling good, so we’ll use this,” and she brought the dagger between them.
“What are you going to do with it?” Gerda asked as seeing the sharp blade made her feel worried.
“You’ll see,” the little robber girl said with another mischievous smile.
She stood on her knees above Gerda so that the golden-haired girl could see her sex drenched in excited anticipation. She then positioned the handle of the dagger next to her wet sex and pushed it inside. It was quite thick for the girl’s childish sex, so she had to push it back and forth for it to slowly make its way inside her. The incredible stimulation made the little robber girl moan and tremble in pleasure and almost brought her over the edge, but she slowed down purposefully not to cum before the main event. Gerda watched in awe as eventually the entire handle made its way into the swarthy girl’s sex, leaving only the guard and the blade dangerously pointing out.
The little robber girl then carefully laid down on top of her lover and Gerda realized she was going to make love to her with the dagger’s blade. It was exciting all right, but more than anything, it was terrifying. Gerda was so scared she couldn’t even move to try and push the other girl off and ran away. She could only close her eyes in fear, and when she felt the sharp pain of the blade entering her sex, Gerda screamed her soul out and kept screaming and screaming as the blade went back and forth inside her. But as the little robber girl kept ruining Gerda’s insides, her sweaty body pressed against Gerda’s body felt so pleasantly hot and her arms holding Gerda felt so caring and loving, Gerda couldn’t help but find comfort in them. Before Gerda knew it, as she kept screaming and crying of pain, she let go of the burlap she was clenching in her hands and hugged the swarthy girl back. She even clenched her legs behind the other girl’s and started moving her hips on her own as the act of pressing all of her body against her lover’s made her feel safe and forget the pain. How could it be that while hurting her, most probably killing her, at the same time the swarthy girl was comforting her so lovingly that it made Gerda accept every part of it? That bittersweet contrast was so hot, Gerda started feeling excitement in spite of the pain.
What for the little robber girl, Gerda’s tears and screams of pain already made her overexcited, but when the golden-haired girl began clinging to her it became too irresistible. The little robber girl felt on fire, she was the fire, she began thrusting the dagger back and forth with all her force and speed like a beast and before long she came really hard, she fell with all her weight on her lover and by her trembling pleasedly realized she came too.
After the robber girl recovered from her orgasm, she retracted the blade from Gerda’s sex and laid on her back beside her. She then took the dagger out of her own sex and held it in her hand as usual. Gerda was bleeding, dizzy, sweaty, hot, she was breathing heavily and her sex hurt like hell, but with the other girl beside her she felt comfortable. She wondered how much time it will be before she bleeds out to death. Weather it would be minutes or hours, they would be happy ones. In the end she couldn’t find Kai, but it was hopeless from the start, and she certainly did her best… so she must have deserved this kind of death, pleasant and warm in the arms of someone who loved her so passionately they couldn’t let her live with her heart belonging to someone else. So this is how her quest ends. Not bad. Totally not bad.

In her final minutes, Gerda searched for her lover’s hand to hold. She touched the other girl’s arm and followed it to her hand, she could feel the dagger she was holding, the dagger with which she was so lovingly killed… wait a minute… Gerda touched the dagger carefully, following to its blade. It was stained with blood all right, but it wasn’t steel… leather? What? Gerda sat up and looked at the dagger. It was properly sheathed. Gerda then looked at her own sex. It wasn’t accurate tiny slit anymore as it still didn’t recover from something that big entering it, there was some blood too, but it wasn’t cut into pieces like Gerda imagined. So how does it all sum up? It took still dizzy Gerda some time to realize: the little robber girl sheathed her dagger before putting it in her, it was still very painful for Gerda’s virgin sex and produced some blood from tearing her hymen, but she wasn’t really injured, far less dying.
“You little bastard!” Gerda shouted. “So it was sheathed?”
The little robber girl burst into laughter, though her breath was still heavy, so it came out somewhat erratic.
“It’s not funny, you know! I thought I was gonna die!” Gerda complained.
But the swarthy girl only laughed and laughed until she ran out of air, then she caught her breath and laughed again. All Gerda could do was wait for her lover to get tired of laughing.
“Ah, sorry,” the little robber girl finally said, she sat up too and wiped the tears that came out of her eyes – so hard she laughed. “I do it with every new girl and it never gets old.”
“So there were others, huh?” Gerda noted.
“Feeling jealous, aren’t we?” the little robber girl said teasingly.
“It’s not like that!” Gerda protested. “I just wondered what happened to them.”
“I killed them,” the little robber girl answered matter-of-factly. “Like I’ll kill you some day.”
Gerda hugged the swarthy girl and gently whispered to her ear:
“Thank you.”
“Huh?” the little robber girl was surprised by such a reaction to say the least.
“You never let others kill your lovers, right?” Gerda noted. “So I feel safe.”
“Silly girl,” the little robber girl whispered through sudden tears as she hugged Gerda back. “Why do you need to keep making me fall in love with you again and again?”

The robbers’ leader came into the room and saw the two girls joyfully cuddling in bed in spite of how hot and sweaty they were.
“Enjoying your new toy, huh?” the old woman commented. “Don’t forget about the feast. It’s almost time to prepare the main course.”
Without waiting for an answer, she left back to the kitchen.
“Yeah, the main course…” the little robber girl repeated, as her flaming black eyes suddenly got sad.
“Is something wrong?” Gerda asked caringly.
“Not really,” the little robber girl answered as she got out of bed. “Come,” she said as she walked deeper into the room. Gerda got up too and followed silently.
“Meet this guy,” the little robber girl said as she came up to her pet reindeer. “We grew up together, so you can say he’s the closest thing I have to a friend.”
“Hello,” Gerda said to the reindeer a bit shy for he witnessed all that happened earlier. “My name is Gerda.”
“I’m called Bae,” the reindeer answered.
“Nice to meet you, Bae,” Gerda said before she realized something. “Wait a minute; didn’t your mother mention eating Bae instead of me?” she worriedly asked her lover.
“She did,” the little robber girl confirmed. “Hope you appreciate what I did for you, letting them eat my dearest pet.”
“It’s wrong!” Gerda protested. “I don’t want someone to suffer because of me… I don’t want you to lose a friend too!”
“It’s all right,” Bae spoke. “In any case they would have eaten me sooner or later. I’m only happy that my master have found someone to love so deeply she’s willing to sacrifice me for her love.”
“You heard him,” the little robber girl said to Gerda. “Now I’m going to kill him so that they can’t do it instead. Watch closely, Gerda, as I’ll do the same for you some day.”
“Wait!” Gerda stopped her lover when she already put her dagger at the reindeer’s neck. “There must be something… anything that we can do for this poor guy.”
“Well, maybe…” Bae spoke uncertainly.
“Yes, yes!” Gerda encouraged him to continue while holding the other girl’s hand from his neck. “Whatever it is, just name it.”
“To be honest, watching you two mate made me quite excited.” Bae admitted. “If you helped me deal with it, I could die satisfied.”
“C’mon, Gerda, don’t listen to him,” the little robber girl said as she was startled by hearing such a request from her pet reindeer. “He’s just an animal in the end, just following his instincts…”
Ignoring her lover, Gerda looked at Bae’s massive erection. “I see,” she said sympathetically. “If it helps reduce your suffering, I will happily do it”.
“You what?” the little robber girl was startled even more. “Are you seriously going to fuck a reindeer? I thought it was me who was a pervert here!”
But Gerda just lowered on her knees under the reindeer and gently took his throbbing dick in her little hands. “It is so big”, she said with acute fascination. She reached the dick and leaned to it with her cheek. “And so hot”, she added. The birds turned their attention to the action. “Look, look!” they chirped. “It’s the human girl and she’s going to do it with a reindeer!”
The little robber girl could only stare in awe at her golden-haired toy tenderly pleasing the reindeer’s dick. Gerda kissed the tip lovingly and then started to lick around it. Bae purred of pleasure. Gerda’s lack of experience was more than compensated by her total dedication to comforting the poor animal that was doomed to become tonight’s main course. Before long the stimulation made Bae’s dick even bigger. And to the swarthy girl’s shock it appeared Gerda was only preparing for the main event, as after confirming the dick was in its full alert posture, she repositioned herself to stand on her four under the reindeer. She reached Bae’s dick with one hand and guided it to her sex. “Wait!” the other girl shouted. “Isn’t it still hurt a lot from before?” “It does,” Gerda confirmed, “but it’s okay.” As soon as Bae could feel the entrance with the tip of his dick, he thrust it in with one sharp move. Gerda screamed of pain. “She’s doing it, she’s really doing it!” the birds kept chirping.
“Okay, that’s enough!” the little robber girl decided. “Stop it now!” she ordered, pointing her dagger at the reindeer. “No,” Gerda answered through pain, “I’m fine...” Bae couldn’t hold back and started thrusting his dick back and forth, each move making Gerda cry of pain. The reindeer’s organ was so big for the little girl, its tip easily got through her cervix and into the womb. “As long as… it makes him… feel better… I’m happy…” Gerda said through tears as with every thrust Bae’s dick went in and out her womb, loosening her cervix. The swarthy girl confusedly lowered her dagger and looked at her toy’s face. Gerda was in a lot of pain, tears flowed form her eyes, but at the same time she was smiling and shining with sincere happiness. It didn’t matter if it hurt as long as it could comfort the suffering one. “Just what are you…” the little robber girl wondered as she looked at Gerda happily bearing the pain for the sake of Bae’s pleasure, “an angel?” “I’m just a little girl…” Gerda replied, “who tries to do what she can.”
“I’m going to cum!” Bae groaned as he finally felt on the edge of orgasm. “Please do it while I’m cumming!” he asked the little robber girl. “That’s a way to go, huh,” she commented as in a practiced movement she jumped onto the reindeer and put her dagger to his throat. “Ready whenever you are,” she said. “Cumming!” Bae groaned as he pressed his dick as deep as he could, hitting the deeper wall of Gerda’s cervix and a powerful stream of hot sticky cum erupted right into the girl’s womb. The next moment the robber princess made a swift move with her dagger and another stream erupted from the animal’s neck, this one red and liquid. With the rapid loss of blood, Bae’s legs started to weaken, but the stream of cum didn’t, the reindeer’s dick was trying to pour every last drop of semen into Gerda while it steel could. Even as Bae’s lifeless corpse fell on top of the golden-haired girl, his dick kept pulsing and pumping semen, Gerda’s insides were full with it and it was now overflowing.
“Is it over, is it over?” the birds chirped again. “It’s over, it’s over!”
The robber princess got from Bae’s back and checked on her toy. Gerda was pressed to the floor by the massive corpse, her upper body covered with blood and lower body with cum. The swarthy girl gave her a hand and pulled her from under the reindeer. Gerda’s sex took off Bae’s still partly hard dick with a squishy sound and let more cum pour onto the floor.
“Are you all right?” the little robber girl asked.
“Yeah,” Gerda replied, the lower part of her body felt soar, but she figured she would live. “What about Bae?” she asked and turned over to look at the corpse.
“Judging by that grin I guess he enjoyed every part of it,” the swarthy girl concluded. “And… you know… thank you for it,” she added a bit shyly. “I couldn’t have done something like that.”
“But you’ve done more,” Gerda noticed, “you took his life with your own hands. I’m sure he’s happy with it. I know I would have been.”

“Okay then, time to take him to the kitchen,” the little robber girl said as she approached Bae’s corpse. “Give me a hand.”
“Shouldn’t we get dressed first?” Gerda asked, but followed the other girl. Walking was hard with her still aching sex, but she wasn’t going to spare herself.
“It’s not like you have any clothes, right?” the little robber girl reminded with laughter. “It’s all mine now”.
“Oh… okay…” Gerda replied unsure. “But what about you?”
“It’s going to be even hotter in the kitchen,” the little robber girl answered.
They took the corpse and, as the little robber girl was showing the way, brought it to the kitchen. All the robbers have already gathered for the feast, eating, drinking and laughing with drunk unpleasant laughter. They livened up even more as they saw the two naked girls come in. As they handed the reindeer to the female leader of the gang, one of the men tottered to the girls and pronounced as best as his faltering tongue let him: “Hey, girls, howboutsomfun?” “Oh, can’t wait already?” the robber princess grinned looking at a bulge in man’s pants. “Okay, why not enjoy ourselves while waiting for the main course to be ready”, she said, pulling man’s pants down and freeing his fat filthy dick. The swarthy girl playfully took it in her mouth and started performing a skillful blowjob. Gerda was shocked. “Are you going to do it right in front of your mother?” she asked with a whisper, trying not to attract unnecessary attention from the old woman who was busy with cooking. “Don’t mind her,” the little robber girl replied, “just join the fun,” she nodded to another man who was already standing near them with his dick out of his pants and pointing right at Gerda’s face. Gerda gulped nervously and took the swarthy girl’s hand in hers. “Okay,” she said, feeling the dagger in the other girl’s hand, “as long as you’re with me, I’m not afraid. But… is there a secret to how not to throw up when dealing with these disgusting people?” “Don’t think of people,” the robber princess advised, “only think of dicks.” Gerda tried that. Disregard the drunk man. There was just a dick in front of her, all by itself. So why not have fun with it? Gerda decisively closed her lips around the organ and licked it with her tongue. Before she could bring it to orgasm, more dicks appeared around the two girls. Seems the little robber girl didn’t lie, it’s definitely going to be hotter! Both girls welcomed new dicks with all their holes and soon their bodies moved all by themselves as if their minds melted into the overall atmosphere of freewheeling sex. They’ve lost count how many times the men came in and on them, and as they joined the feast, on their food too. Speaking of which, as the girls got to choose which part of the main course they wanted, without any previous agreement both asked for Bae’s dick. They laughed at it as they realized they both wanted the same, then they enjoyed sharing it, heavily creamed by men’s sperm. It didn’t mean they could have a break from playing with all the dicks though, and while the girl’s mouths were busy with food and each other’s tongues as they shared the pieces of meat mouth to mouth, it only meant more attention to their other holes at the same time. The orgy went on for hours until all of the men fell asleep of exhaustion and drunkenness, by that time the girls’ whole bodies were covered in several layers of cum and even more cum was inside their every hole. “Is it already over?” the little robber girl asked disappointedly, as she looked around seeing the men who were lying on the floor all around the kitchen. “They always burn out so fast.” “Do you have feasts like that often?” Gerda asked as she wiped some cum from her eyes. “I think I can get used to it,” she added while licking the cum she gathered from her fingers with a wide grin.

The two cum-covered girls returned to the bed to finally get some sleep. The little robber girl insisted they don’t wash the cum from their bodies, though it didn’t take long to convince Gerda to do so. She has already learned how cuddling while covered in hot smelly sweat was quite special, now the slimy cum would make it even more so. As the girls laid down and covered themselves with the rag which went for a blanket here, the swarthy girl hugged Gerda gently and asked her to tell her story one more time. “I like good stories, remember?” she said. “And I especially liked your one. So tell it to me again.” And Gerda did so, returning again to how much she loved Kai and wanted to save him from wherever he was, but had no clue to where to look for him.
“But we know! But we know!” voices suddenly spoke and they were the birds. “We’ve seen the boy you are talking about! The Snow Queen took him with her!”
“What are you saying?!” Gerda jumped up from the bed and ran up to the birds in a moment. “Where did she take him? How do I find him?”
“Somewhere to the North…” the birds answered. “Bae knew for sure.”
“Oh my, oh my!” Gerda cried. “What have I done? He could have helped me find my dear Kai…”
“Hey, just don’t blame yourself,” the little robber girl came by. “It was me who killed Bae, so if you want to blame anyone, blame me for it!”
“But you couldn’t have known!”
“You too.”
The robber princess took her toy by her shoulder and brought back to bed. They tried to sleep, but sleep didn’t come.
“What are you going to do now?” the little robber girl finally asked.
“I will go search for Kai,” Gerda said.
“If you go, I’ll have to kill you,” the little robber girl said.
“Then I will go and die,” Gerda said firmly.
“You don’t know where to go,” the little robber girl said. “You’ll get lost and starve to death.”
“Then I will go and die,” Gerda repeated.
“I’ve stripped you of your clothes,” the little robber girl said. “Naked among the snow you will freeze to death.”
“Then I will go and die,” Gerda said again. “I knew from the start I wouldn’t make it. There’s just no chance a little girl all alone could go for a journey like that and actually find the person while having no clues. I knew I would die half the way through. I went for it nonetheless. I couldn’t do otherwise. Learning that Kai is still alive, actually finding some kind of clue is already a miracle. I’m happy with it. But I can’t stop. I have to go on. And if it means dying, then I will go and die.”
“This kind of love…” the little robber girl exhaled in amazement. “Dying for your beloved… that’s the most romantic thing ever. The act of true love. I’ve always strived to find such love...”
“Bae did that for you,” Gerda noted.
“I know,” the swarthy girl nodded. “I mean the other way around. I’ve always wanted to love someone so much I would want to die for them. And seeing this kind of love in you is what made me fall in love with you. So deeply, so desperately… I can’t resist it anymore… say, do you have energy left for another round?” the little robber girl nodded at her dagger. “This time you’re on top.”
The dagger that the robber princess never got out of her own hands, she now handed it to Gerda and watched her painfully insert the handle in her sex that knew no rest since it was deflowered some hors ago. “Okay,” Gerda said, panting, as she drove the whole handle inside, “now the sheath.” The swarthy girl shook her head. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like unsheathed. Now it’s time to try.”

Before Gerda’s startled stare the little robber girl opened her legs, inviting the blade to enter her. Gerda raised her eyes back to the other girl’s eyes. Everything was written in those fiery black eyes, no need for words existed. The little robber girl loved Gerda too much, she just couldn’t let her go. If Gerda attempted to escape, the swarthy girl would kill her without hesitation for that is how much she loved her. It didn’t mean there wasn’t a way to run away though. All the robbers were sleeping drunk now and only the robber princess herself was here to guard Gerda. Kill her and the way is free. Gerda never killed people before. She couldn’t even imagine herself killing someone. But the same went for sex, yet the little robber girl taught her to enjoy it. So as long as the swarthy girl was with her in it, Gerda felt she could do it. Even if the one she was going to kill was the robber princess herself. No, especially if it was her. Before, the thought of being killed by the swarthy girl’s hands made Gerda… happy?.. no, rather than that, it made her comfortable. Now their positions were switched, so Gerda could perfectly understand the other girl’s feelings. They shared a special bond of each of them being comfortable with being killed by the other. And the little robber girl was now choosing the being-killed side so that Gerda could continue her search for Kai. Of course she wouldn’t really find him and will meet her end among the endless snow. Both girls knew it. The little robber girl could just end her toy’s life with her own hands as she did with all others. Gerda would die anyway, so what’s the difference? But Gerda’s story reached deep into the robber princess’s heart. She have always been dreaming of sacrificing her life for her beloved. And now she was not just sacrificing her life for her beloved Gerda, but doing it so that Gerda could sacrifice her own life in a similar fashion. It wasn’t a perfect fulfillment of her dream. It was better than perfect.

Gerda pointed the blade right into her lover’s sex.
“I believe it will hurt a lot,” she said. “Should I enter slowly?”
“That’ll only make it worse,” the swarthy girl answered. “You better enter in one thrust.”
Gerda nodded and did just so. An inhuman shriek echoed all over the castle as the dagger violently made its way deep into the little robber girl’s sex, slicing easily through its walls. She did her best not to wriggle of pain by hugging her lover with all her limbs, pressing their bodies to each other as hard as she could. And Gerda did her best to comfort her lover by returning the hug and licking the tears off her face.
“We can end it anytime just by slicing your throat,” Gerda noted, seeing how much pain her lover was suffering.
“Mo…ve,” the swarthy girl replied, smirking through the pain. “It’s… not… sex… if you’re not… gonna… move…”
Gerda then silenced her lover with a deep kiss and began moving as she asked, each thrust ruining the swarthy girl’s sex more and more and making blood pour out on Gerda’s lower body and the bed. The little robber girl’s screams were silenced by Gerda’s lips to be moans and her convulsions were held tight by Gerda’s hands to be passionate embrace. But with every thrust Gerda felt it was less and less necessary until one moment she could break the kiss and relax her hold on the swarthy girl so that the moans remained as moans and the embrace remained as embrace.
“Are you possibly feeling high on pain?” Gerda noted.
“Are you possibly holding back?” the little robber girl replied with a challenge in her voice.
“Oh, I’ll make you pay for everything you’ve done to me!” Gerda replied accepting it.
She began thrusting twice as hard as she was getting into the mood. The robber princess’s sex was now nothing but a gaping bloody wound, but Gerda make sure to not only thrust back and forth, but also try different angles to reach new places to cut through. Gerda looked down at her lover’s face, seeing her suffering unimaginable pain, but she also knew this was what the other girl wanted, so she put off any hesitation and fully enjoyed hurting the swarthy girl. She kept going on destroying little robber girl’s sex, and at some point she didn’t even keep attention if her lover was still alive, she was too excited to stop anyway. And finally the stimulation from the dagger’s handle inside her own sex combined with the thrill of killing her lover exploded in enormous orgasm, making her mind clear of all thoughts and only filled with pure white pleasure.

Some time after Gerda found herself lying on top of the little robber girl, the dagger’s blade still sunk into what once was the swarthy girl’s sex. Gerda looked at the other girl’s face. She looked pale but was still alive.
“Hey,” the little robber girl said, sinking her hand into Gerda’s golden hair. “You’re awake? That must have been one hell of an orgasm you had, trashing wildly for minutes and then falling without senses.”
“Doesn’t it hurt?” Gerda was surprised at the other girl’s flat voice.
“It hurts indeed,” the little robber girl admitted. “But I feel too sleepy to give a shit… and it was a lot of fun. Thank you. Now I think I’ll fall to sleep…”
“Not yet!” Gerda objected. “You haven’t cum yet, have you? I can’t let you go like that.”
Gerda crawled back to face her lover’s sex, or rather what was left of it. It was just a bloody pulp now. Gerda reached it with her tongue and licked. As expected, it tasted like blood. There was no reaction from the little robber girl, so Gerda sunk her face in the wound and started to lick it really hard and bite a bit. Finally the swarthy girl twitched a bit and moaned.
“Hey,” she said. “If you’re not gonna get off my back, at least let me lick yours too.”
“Sure,” Gerda agreed, drawing her face back from her lover’s hole. Her face was now covered in blood, especially around her mouth. “Just let me take the dagger out of the way”, Gerda said and reached the dagger that was still inserted in her sex.
“No,” the little robber girl stopped Gerda before she could pull the dagger out. “Leave it there. I wanna give your dick a proper blowjob.”
“You’re crazy,” Gerda replied with a warm smile, “but I’ve grown to like that part of you.”
Gerda assumed the 69 position over the swarthy girl and once more buried herself in the bloody mess of her lover’s sex. The hot blood pouring in her mouth was intoxicating, Gerda chewed more aggressively now, going as far as tearing bits of meat and eating them. The little robber girl twitched and moaned of pleasant pain as her ruined sex was eaten. She reached for the blade that was sticking out of Gerda right above her face and took it in her mouth. She liked it, savoring the taste of her own blood from it, and soon more fresh blood added as the blade sliced through the swarthy girl’s cheeks and tongue. Feeling her lover greedily work on her deadly dick, Gerda started to move on her own, forcing the blade into the other girl’s mouth. As Gerda was reveling in the remains of her lover’s sex, she kept ruining her mouth in the similar manner. The little robber girl gladly accepted the blade that cut her tongue into pieces and filled her mouth with her own fresh blood. Having a “dick” of someone she really loved in her mouth was a good change after all those men dicks. Meanwhile Gerda, munching her way through the other girl’s nether parts, discovered that the little robber girl’s clit somehow survived until now. She gently took her finding in her teeth and licked it, causing a nice reaction of pleasure out of her lover. Just the moment when the robber princess realized that the golden haired girl had found her clit, Gerda clenched her teeth and torn it off, sending her lover to her last and best orgasm.

Gerda looked at her lover’s face. The little robber girl was choking on her own blood, but her eyes were still burning with passionate love. Gerda didn’t want to see them dim, she wanted to remember the swarthy girl with that fire in her eyes. So she reached for the dagger in her sex. She didn’t bother to properly pull it by the guard first to reveal the handle, instead she just took the blade and pulled it out, cutting her hands in the process. She licked some of the blood off her hands and then pointed the dagger at her lover’s left eye. The little robber girl nodded welcomingly and Gerda sank the dagger all the way into the eye, then swiftly pulled it pulled it out and went for the other eye before the fire in it could dim. Here… a lifeless body lay before the golden haired girl, staring into nothingness with empty eye sockets, her face and crotch all covered in blood. Gerda realized she must have looked no better, well, maybe except for the eyes. Gerda took the dagger out of her lover’s right eye socket and stood up from the bed. Time to take the chance she gave and run away.

But before Gerda could make one step from the bed, she met eyes with the robbers’ leader who was standing at the door. Both stared at each other confused for a second, then the old woman finally realized what she was seeing: her daughter dead, the captive girl holding the dagger and covered in blood. The old woman dashed to Gerda, but the girl pointer the dagger towards her and the old woman stopped, unsure if in her old age, made even worse by her drunk state, she would be able to fight a young healthy girl alone. She then ran out of the room in order to bring reinforcement. Gerda had no other way than to run away right now, no time to wash herself or put on clothes. Gerda made her way out, praying that she remembered the path right and that she wouldn’t meet any of the robbers on the way. In the end she actually met a couple of them, but they were sleeping drunk and Gerda just jumped over their bodies that were on the way. Finally she was outside.

Alone in the night in the middle of a snowy taiga, clad in nothing but body fluids, namely a shiny crust of dried cum to uncomfortably tighten her skin, sweat drops to make every little burst of chilly wind totally freezing and blood that made tracking her a piece of cake. Even so, the brave little girl with golden hair gathered all her strength and moved out into cold darkness, not knowing which direction she should go, just trying to get away from the robbers’ hideout. She ran and ran through the forest until she was too tired to run. Then she kept walking, cutting through the knee-high snow with her bare feet. “Kai… I’m coming for you…” Gerda thought to herself and thinking of Kai gave her strength to continue her way. And when that thought alone became not enough, she clenched the dagger she was still holding in her hands and thought: “the little robber girl, whose name I’ve never even knew… for your sake too, I’ll never stop my search for Kai… not until I die…” and thinking of the swarthy girl that became her lover made her feel just a bit warmer. Still, it was unimaginably cold. And the further Gerda went, the worse it got. “Well, that must be a good sign”, she tried to think as positive as she could in this situation, “if it’s getting colder, it must mean I’m heading North, so I’m on the right way to find Kai.” The forest grew thinner, but the snow grew thicker instead.

At some point Gerda reached the forest’s edge and before her was plain snow as far as she could see. At this point the snow was as high as little girl’s waist. She kept going through it. The wind became stronger and blew right into Gerda’s face, it brought a blizzard with it, snowflakes painfully cutting girl’s skin. She protected her eyes with a hand and kept going. Gerda felt tired. Cold and very tired. She couldn’t feel her feet anymore, but kept going. Forward, to the North. Kai is there somewhere. The forest, the only landmark, disappeared far behind and she couldn’t see the stars because of the blizzard, which was also covering her own tracks in a matter of seconds even if they were as deep as half of her body. Which way was the North now? Gerda didn’t know, she just kept going, cause she had to keep going. She couldn’t feel her legs below the knees, it made walking difficult, but she kept going. She have already come all this way, maybe there’s just a little more and Kai will be round the next corner? No corners in the middle of tundra though.

So tired… Gerda desperately needed some rest. Just a second, she’ll stop just for a second and would keep going again. She couldn’t feel her legs entirely now, she certainly couldn’t keep going like this, right? Have to do something with it, maybe give her legs a rub. Right! She’s just stopping for the sake of keeping going. Nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, that’s the only right thing to do. Having herself convinced, Gerda stopped. She couldn’t say herself if she realized or not that it was the end. What was certain is that she couldn’t help it. Her body refused to make another step until it gets some rest. Gerda sat on the snow crust and looked at her tights. That pale blue color didn’t look healthy at all. She started rubbing her tights with her hands to warm them up, but she didn’t even feel the touch. Sitting made her feel good though. Having some rest after being so exhausted was a truly blissful feeling. Before she knew it, this feeling captured her mind, and Gerda laid down onto the snow crust. She didn’t even curl up, just laid plainly on her back.
The wind brought a lot of snowflakes on her body. They didn’t melt. So funny. Gerda closed her eyes. The wind kept bringing snow, covering her body with it so lovingly. Gerda couldn’t help but rapidly fall into sleep. She was seeing dreams.
Kai… she made her best to find him… she was here dying for him… she wondered if he was even waiting for her to come for him or if he had just forgotten her… it didn’t really matter though… what mattered is she did what she had to do… to the end… the end… it didn’t sound that bad… it sounded just right… her journey had come to an end… so time to rest… forever…
The robber girl… it was first time Gerda saw such passion… well, seems it’s going to be also the last time. Gerda held firmly on the dagger. Once more… once more she wanted to feel one with the swarthy girl. Moving was difficult as she was almost asleep, but she gathered all the remaining willpower and pointed the dagger at her sex. And forced it in. There was no pain. It was only hot, burning hot in her sex, but the next moment the heat spread through her body and became a pleasant one. Ah… not fair… when you’re so tired and it’s so pleasantly warm… there’s no way you won’t instantly fall asleep. Gerda’s grip on the dagger loosened and her face was shining with a blissful smile, preserved like that for ages by the northern colds.


mail sent


Let's have fun with Ayanami Rei

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, deadly prank)

Long break. Most of the students take out their lunch boxes and enjoy their meal in company of each other. Some don’t have company and eat alone. There are also those who can’t cook and have no one to cook for them, so they go to cafeteria. And the smallest group is the students who just don’t have any lunch. Ayanami Rei is one of them. And so, she needed a way to spend a long break. Usually she just sat at her desk, staring out of the window, just like she did during the lessons. But today the weather was so nice that Rei felt like going outside and enjoying it. Schoolyard was too crowded for her taste, so she decided to go to the roof. She didn’t notice someone was following her.

Rei came to the fence and leaned on it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the fresh air. Light breeze caressed her cheeks gently. She opened her eyes again and looked at the green hills backing the city. The school was on the hill as well, so it was mostly the same scenery she could see from the window. But there was something that made it more appealing. Maybe it was that the city was a little further down from this point of view. All those gray buildings and busy people were now out of sight, and it felt like all the worldly problems were left behind. Savoring that feeling Rei didn’t realize there was someone with much more carnal thoughts watching her from behind.

Ikari Shinji was also enjoying nice weather, having lunch outside, sitting on one of the enough benches on the school grounds with his friend Aida Kensuke. One more of their company, Suzuhara Touji, surprisingly didn’t join them today. Though that secret was revealed when Kensuke got an e-mail from Touji. It instructed them to come closer to the building and engage in a conversation with Ayanami on the roof. Kensuke got the idea immediately. “That will be really fun”, he said and passed on the instruction to Shinji. “Why don’t you come with me?” Shinji wondered. “Me shooting Rei openly might raise unnecessary suspicion”, Kensuke explained, preparing his camera. “I’ll take a position in the bush over there”.

“Hey, Ayanami!” Rei heard the voice and recognized it as her classmate Ikari Shinji. She looked down and saw the boy waving to her. “What are you doing up there?” he asked. “Enjoying the scenery”, Rei answered. Then she realized her usual soft voice won’t do, so she spoke again loudly: “I’m enjoying the scenery here”. “I see”, Shinji said. “Well… is it any good?” “Overwhelming”, Rei answered. “Oh, coming from you this word must really mean something”, Shinji said. “Mind if I join you?” “The roof is not restricted”. “Damn”, Shinji thought, “I was supposed to distract her with a conversation, but it ended so fast. Where’s that Touji?” It seemed Touji who was sneaking up to Rei on the roof also realized that the diversion was over, so it was now or never. He used the moments while Rei’s attention was still focused on Shinji and ran the last few meters in one dash and then pushed unwitting Rei over the fence. The force of his dash combined with the actual push and Rei was falling head down before she could startle. “So that’s how I die”, was the only thing her brain had time to think in her usual clinical manner before it was in pieces right in front of Ikari.

Shinji saw Touji pushing Rei, but still couldn’t help but take a step back when she flew before him like a wind and landed right on her head with a splash. He looked down on her body. The head, or rather it’s remains, were bloody mess. Blood leaked from Rei’s neck forming a pool, and there were pieces of her brain scattered around. The rest of the body was intact, but lying in a funny unnatural pose. It would be really uncomfortable, would Rei be alive. Shinji poked her body with his shoe and turned it face-up, but she didn’t have a face he could look at. Too bad she was flying so fast, Shinji couldn’t get a glimpse of her eyes. He wondered what emotion would he have found there. Surprise? Terror? Shinji guessed it had to be surprise. Rei didn’t scream or shoot out her arms. She didn’t even have time to get scared. Shinji moving Rei’s body made her legs open and her panties visible. Her bladder was now releasing its contents on the ground. That’s a mess someone would have to clean up. Shinji picked a piece of Rei’s brain and took a bite of it. “Ugh…” he didn’t find it to his taste and spewed back on the ground with disgust. He squished it against the ground with his shoe. Then Shinji looked up at Touji, and gestured him thumb up. “Well done!” Shinji said. Touji returned the gesture.


Looking forward to more of your stories, as usual.

Rei still has much more ways to die. :)


A failed attempt at a 100-word story.
Why would I want to throw away all the sweet details for the sake of some arbitrary format anyway.

Tomoeda Elementary School Massacre

(Cardcaptor Sakura, school massacre, casual)

It was the last lesson for today in Tomoeda Elementary school when suddenly two weird kids entered the classroom, seemingly the same age as the students. A boy and a girl in traditional Chinese clothing and speaking Chinese among themselves. The boy also had a sword in his hands and the girl had an automatic rifle.
Ignoring Terada-sensei’s request to leave the classroom, the boy rushed through the rows of sits, slicing up random students on his way. “Oh, that would make a great story!” Naoko thought and started writing it up, but another swing of the sword cut her right arm off. Rika wanted to help the teacher to calm the troublesome kids down, so she stood up only to be cut in two halves from shoulder to thigh. Meanwhile girl with the rifle opened fire. Yamazaki was silenced with a bullet to his head right in the middle of inventing a lie about the mysterious invaders. Chiharu sighed with relief that she won’t have to listen to him before receiving a round of bullets to her chest. In no time half of the students were dead, another half injured.
“Please stop interfering with the lesson!” Terada-sensei started to lose patience, but lost his head to the sword first.
The Chinese kids disappeared as suddenly as they appeared.
“Hoeee?” Sakura exhaled in confusion. “What was that all about?”
“Who knows”, Tomoyo shrugged. "Probably just hooligans".
“Well, I guess the lesson is over?” Naoko spoke, clumsily packing her things with one remaining arm. Other surviving students followed her example.
“Are you coming?” Tomoyo asked, jumping up to Sakura on a single right leg as her left one was cut off just above the knee.
“I’m on duty today, remember?” Sakura answered. “Someone has to clean this mess”.
“Good bye then”, Tomoyo said before hopping away.
Sakura looked around the classroom again. There were corpses and severed body parts of her classmates lying around and there was blood sprayed on every surface, some even on the ceiling. Why couldn’t they play this silly prank at any other day when Sakura wasn’t on duty? Or at least not cut her hands off and stuff her stomach with a bunch of bullets. She felt like cleaning up all this mess would take the rest of her life.


Great story Aoi! I really liked this one.


Another 100 words story that exceded the limit.

100% Discount

Once upon a time in a country far away a gentleman came to seek advice with a wise old man living in the mountains.
“I love seeing girls beheaded”, the gentleman said. “But I also want them to do so willingly. How can I achieve this?”
“Start with building a guillotine and offering girls a ride on it”, the wise old man answered.
So did the gentleman do, but no girl agreed to ride the guillotine, and so he came to the wise old man again.
“What am I doing wrong?” he asked. “No one wants to give their lives for free”.
“Well then, if they aren’t doing it for free, try putting a price for a ride”, the old man answered.
Such advice seemed strange, but the gentleman decided to rely on the old man’s wisdom and did as he told. He put a big sign over a guillotine with a price for a ride. Still no one came up. Angry, the gentleman came to the old wise man again.
“Putting the price on it didn’t help at all!” he lamented. “I knew it was a bad idea from the start”.
“Maybe it was”, the old wise man answered with a sly smile. “If you think so, then just remove the price again”.
Disappointed in the wise old man the gentleman returned to his guillotine, crossed out the price on the sign and painted “FREE” instead. To his surprise a girl after a girl started coming up to have a free ride, and so the gentleman realized the old man’s true wisdom.


Лол,вот это жизненно


It seems I haven't posted this one yet in this incartantion of the thread, so here it goes.
This is not my story, but a translation. So it wasn't intended to be erotic, but more like horror/suspense. But the whole twist in the end is... well, why spoil it, just read and see if you can enjoy it as I did, which is why I translated it in the first place.

Prodigy Violinist

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, Ikari Shinji, suspense)

Title: Prodigy Violinist
Author: Trixer
English translation: Aoi Hikari

Today Gendo decided to check on Ayanami in person. Poor girl spent all her day in her scuffed little room in the outskirts of the city. “What might she be doing there?” he thought and delicately knocked her apartment’s door.
Two minutes later he knocked again, but there was still no response. In the end Gendo put his ear against the door and froze, trying to hear any sign of sound from inside.
The minutes of waiting were not for nothing – a soft, barely hearable, but gradually becoming stronger, violin played in the apartment. In youth Gendo was also engaged in music, so he recognized the sad melody at once. Not daring to move he stood still in fascination, enjoying the heart-crushing music, and only when the melody faded down he let himself breathe out.
“Come in”, said the voice from the other side of a wooden wall.
Obeying the voice, filled with grief and sadness, he entered the apartment, mumbling something in admiration. What an irony – the door wasn’t even locked!
“Rei… your playing is magnificent…” Ikari, Sr. whispered to the albino girl, who was sitting on the chair in the middle of dark empty room.
“Thank you”, Ayanami put the instrument away and looked anxiously at Gendo.
“Is something bothering you?”
Rei thought for a moment or two how to formulate her question.
“I played good today. Yesterday I played the same. But today was better”, she paused. “I don’t know how to explain it”.
Gendo smiled to a girl and sat on the chair in front of her.
“Rei, any creative activity is directly influenced by your mood. It is important to tune yourself into the beat of music you’re going to play, before you can bestow emotions on others”.
Ayanami gave it a thought. After a couple of seconds she nodded.


After the lessons were over Rei headed to the music classroom. Unlike her “cave” it had at least some acoustics.
“Ikari-kun?” she raised her brow a little, which indicated an utmost wonder for her.
“Ayanami?” Shinji was surprised not less than her. “You go in for music too?” he nodded to a small case in her hands.
“Y-yes…” her lily cheeks turned a little red as if she was caught doing something shameful.
“Great!” Shinji carefully put his cello in the corner. “You know, it’s kinda boring to play here alone…” his voice grew weaker, seems he was shy of the beautiful girl.
Ayanami was still standing at the door, not daring to enter the classroom. Shy Ikari was so glad that she came… and the girl herself was glad to discover their hobbies matched. Why did she feel good just thinking of it? She couldn’t find the answer to that question.
“When I play alone, music comes out to be so sad…” she said.
Shinji inhaled more air and burst out:
“Let’s play something together?”
Cicadas murmured softly outside the window. The girl’s eyes were lowered and she silently examined patches of light from the setting sun on her shoes as if she found something interesting in them.
“Okay, let’s try…” she whispered in the end, trying to hide her cheeks turning red again.


Ayanami spent weekends in parks, gardens and other placed where one can unite with the nature. She enjoyed birds singing, listened to the trees whispering and fallen leaves rustling, letting her ears to rest from annoying artificial noises made by man.
But today everything was messed up. For some reason birds didn’t sing and cars clatter dampened ducks quacking in the pond. Everything seemed to be wrong in some way. Wherever she went, she could only feel rejection and loneliness, that damn noise, alien to animated nature, was following her everywhere.
Civilization clattering drilled her head. It scared her, got under her skin, made her twitch and jump on the bench because of it’s ignorance and complete absence of harmony.
In an outburst of despair she ran to the sea. The only place the man had yet to dampen with his noise. There weren’t any shouting builders, smoking factories or car alarms crying merging in a single shriek, nothing that we’re long used for that we don’t pay it any attention.
As soon as her feet felt the soft sand, all the problems retreated. She slowed her pace and came to the very border of water with her heart aflutter. With all the senses that the nature gave us she tried to capture that beautiful ethereal and light feeling of peace and tranquility.
“First Child, aren’t you?” a boy with ash-gray hair was slowly coming towards Rei along the coastline. He held a little kitten in his hands.
“Yes…” Ayanami whispered softly without averting her eyes from the sea. Salty sea breeze pleasantly ran through her hair and the waves dashed against the rocks, gradually relieving the stress that accumulated during being in the urban hustle. Seagulls were flying somewhere on the edge of the horizon and the sun was slowly sinking in the water, leaving its celestial station without haste.
“You know, I’m sorry to kill this kitten…” the boy suddenly spoke, eyeing a small and warm bundle of life that was quietly sleeping in his hands.
“Why?” she wondered.
He only smiled.
“You are really the same as me, Ayanami Rei”.
He made a little pause, letting another wave to dash against the rocks.
“All right, I’ll answer you. A terrible and painful death awaits this kitten. I could kill it right now and with that spare it of further suffering. But I won’t do that, because…”
She was listening carefully.
“…I want to give it to you, Rei”.


Rei got up from the bed, stepped up to the window and raised the curtains. It didn’t help. Then Rei jerked the window open and fresh nightly air burst into the room, feeling pleasantly cool on girls face. It calmed her a bit, but from a moonlit lawn trills of someone’s laughter reached Rei’s ear. Seems, her peers are going to have fun until morning. What pissed her off the most is that the laughter was truthful. It was cheerful, joyful and very sincere. Those guys were enjoying whatever they were doing. Irritated, Ayanami closed the window.

The moon lit her pale skin, dying it into light silver color. Her red eyes reflected the celestial body the amorous twosomes so loved to walk under. The truth slowly crawled closer, gradually edging and taking a from comprehensible for human mind, her soul bit by bit began to seize that slipping truth, Ayanami literally glowed upon realizing the truth that came to her, but then the damn moon hid behind the clouds, taking away the wonderful feeling of harmony and ease.

The girl’s delicate face squirmed in a terrible grimace.


Ayanami was sitting in the music classroom, in splendid solitude she played a very soft and melancholic melody filled with grief and sadness. Violin’s gentle song calmed her nerves, and anyone who was lucky to pass by the music classroom stopped to appreciate the atmosphere of unlimited tranquility and serenity.

But the violin’s melody changed. A moment passes and Rei is used the bow totally different. Softly touching the violin, like an experienced doozer it slowly drove it to ecstasy, making stretched strings soulfully groan in silence.

Rei kept playing as she felt the loneliness of her heart seamlessly turn into musical sounds of violin. The girl’s soul boiled, screamed and cried of ache and bitterness and tears were forming in the corners of her bloody-red eyes ready to pour in torrents any moment. But Ayanami only held the violin tighter and the bow with renewed vigour assaulted the strings making them sing in a painful agony. Finally she lowered the bow and with the back of her hand dashed away the tears that welled up in her eyes. The stunning silence of the empty classroom was more of a reward for her than the roaring applause of a crowd of thousands that understood nothing in real music for soul and heart.


“Ayanami, why did you refuse to play together with Ikari? You two were very good at it…” The music teacher suddenly burst into the classroom, ruining it’s musical idyll at once. A bit irritated Rei lowered the bow and answered not looking at the woman:
“My music loses its meaning when one interferes with it unfolding”.
The teacher frowned:
“Rei, you have the talent, however I can’t possibly let you perform solo. It would be unjust to other aspiring musicians”.
“I play for myself”, the girl snapped.
“But without people’s acknowledgment your playing’s…” the teacher wanted to object, but Ayanami broke off midword:
“There’s no need for it, Miyamura-sensei. I’m rehearsing, please, don’t interfere with me”.

The upset teacher left the room. All her life she strived for fame, maybe that’s why she always got talented students. Maybe that’s why she became a teacher, selfishly wanting to thrive on someone else’s talent, as she didn’t have one of her own.

Waiting for the annoying heels clicking to cease, the girl took the bow in her hands again and raised a viscous but very touching melody, which echoed empty school corridors until late night.


Rei caught a cold and was absent from school. Shinji decided to go and check on his unwell classmate. Or rather Ritsuko asked him to hand the new NERV id-card to the First Child. But even a depressive teen had enough sense to see what the old blonde was actually up to. He wondered if the mission was passed on her from above or she decided to take some initiative of her own? Or maybe she just wanted to help the two lost hearts to find reach other? No, that one is unlikely.

Trembling as a schoolmiss before her first exam, Shinji knocked Ayanami’s apartment door. It wasn’t unlocked. Slowly pushing it, he dared to make a little step inside that dark and cold residence, where life was like on hold and any sound was mercilessly absorbed by silent walls. The boy could not believe Rei lived in such a horrible and, frankly speaking, creepy place that made you want to run away and never come back.

Overcoming his fear (it’s just a dark room, what’s there to fear?) he called for Ayanami. The sound of his voice was momentarily choked off by the walls that showed no mercy to the visitor. It was like if the space itself in this room ganged up against him, the only alien object in this uncanny apartment. “No wonder Rei is so quiet…” Shinji thought, making few more steps into the squeezing darkness. For a moment he thought he was two bright red eyes glowing in the darkness, but that moment was so fleering he didn’t trust it and blamed the miracles of optics for it.

His eyes slowly accommodated to the darkness and in the ghostly twilight Shinji saw a violin on the floor. One string was missing. The other three were stained in blood.
“Ayanami…” Shinji whispered quietly, clutching his head.
It appeared he clutched it a bit early. A bump of something very heavy instantly sent him to the land of circles of different colors.


Very slowly Shinji returned to his senses, gradually recovering from the dishonest blow from his back. First he slightly opened his eyes to see the world spinning around, spread against his pupils as butter against the bread. He moaned as along with sight a terrible headache returned to him.

Suddenly something very thin squeezed his throat like a constrictor, cutting his moans off at once, turning them into constrained croaking. His hearing returned as a crazy but slowly fading ringing.
“You know, I’m sorry to kill you, Ikari-kun…” Ayanami whispered in a voice full with terrifying sadness and detachment. She loosened the garrote a bit to let Shinji have a work.
“Argh… cough… Ayanami… what are you… krrr… saying… khh…” Shinji croaked feeling his body starting unnaturally twitching.
And though the boy couldn’t see her face he could swear Ayanami made a sad smile.
“Music is a complicated process of expressing one’s inner world in acoustic images. For purity and truthfulness of music it is necessary for it to come from here, from the soul”, Ayanami put her hand on her heart, loosening the grasp for a couple of seconds.
“Rgkhm… Ayana… mi… I don’t… uuuun… deer… krgh… stand…” Shinji wheezed, hungrily gulping for air.
Rei only sighed:
“Shinji, it would be hard for you to understand. You don’t have that expressivity that makes people cry during the concert. Yes, you do play music. But you don’t put your soul in it. That’s why it’s more like just a set of sounds”.
Shinji’s pupils looked like two big saucers. His whole appearance was a plea: “No, no! Forgive me! I will play better! Just for Christ’s sake don’t kill me!”
“You got me wrong. Please, hear me out”.
Yeah, sure. When you’re lying on the floor with a garrote on your neck – relax and listen is the easiest thing to do.
Meanwhile Ayanami continued:
“The nature burdened me with the ability to feel emotions. Yes, sometimes I grasped something that helped me play better, but it was not enough. I needed inspiration. Real inspiration, to create music making hearts explode with a powerful bouquet of emotions.
I thought I would find my inspiration in nature. I listened to the singing of the birds, the whisper of the trees, the heartbeat of waves break, but… It was imitation. One can’t excel the nature, and also one can’t create a copy better that the original. I needed my very own emotions”.
Her monologue of inspiration and emotions, itself lacking any hints of expression, sounded truly creepy.
“Then I got myself a kitten. I tried to love it and at first it even worked. It became my source of inspiration.
But then it appeared the kitten had to be walked. It had to be fed. It made the search for inspiration too difficult. Too much time went out for the kitten and too little remained for the music. So I went the other way.
With a kitchen knife I cut off kitten’s hindpaw. The knife was blunt, so it cut through the paw slowly. Watching the kitten’s agony I experienced similar emotions, but they were too bleak. I could copy its pain and suffering, but it would again be only poor imitation. Then I took a string from the violin and strangled the kitten. Soaked in its blood, its pain, its suffering, the string began to emit truly heavenly sounds, besides I was hugely sorry for the poor kitten, which of course couldn’t not affect my playing.
But with time the sorrow of loss became dull. Again I needed to find a source of inspiration. Then after the lessons I strangled Miyamura-sensei with another string. I felt satisfied inside seeing the string tearing her throat to blood. But the satisfaction couldn’t inspire me for as long as sadness did. I had to cut my wrists to feel the real physical pain for myself.
Three strings of my violin are stained in blood, agony and suffering. But the inspiration visits me rarer and rarer…
However, I know what to do. I love you, Ikari-kun. And if I strangle you with this last fourth string, I’m sure your constrained wheeze will anchor in my memory for long, giving me a constant stimulus for grief.
For true inspiration.


And here's something actually new and more than a paragraph, though on a somewhat specific topic that not everyone might find to their liking...

Autofellatio (an Innocence spin-off)

(Kagamine Len, beheading, autofellatio, urination, casual)

After all the sex the twins had with each other and others they didn’t feel like physical activity, so they stepped aside from the playground and laid down on the grass nearby. They were laying on their backs next to each other, with their eyes closed from the sun, and their naked bodies caressed by the sunlight.
“So, Len”, Rin asked. “Now that you’ve tried sucking dick, which do you like better: suck or being sucked?”
“I love both”, Len admitted. “I wish I could suck my own dick”.
“Why don’t you try?” Rin suggested.
“I’ve tried”, Len answered. “I just can’t flex that much”.
“Well, next time we can have you suck someone’s dick while I’m sucking yours”, Rin said.
“Yeah, that’s one way to do it”, Len agreed.
Rin has put her hand on Len’s dick gently caressing it, while Len did the same to Rin’s pussy. So they kept laying with their eyes closed and enjoying the weather until Rin felt someone approach. She opened her eyes and saw Gakupo.
“Hello, Kamui-sempai!” Rin said, not caring to stand up as laying was so pleasant.
“Hello”, Gakupo answered.
“Could you please let my brother suck you dick?” Rin asked.
“Why?” Gakupo got confused.
“Oh better yet cut his head off?” Rin nodded to Gakupo’s katana.
Gakupo figured it’s better to comply before her requests grew even weirder. He came up from Len’s side and with one swift motion separated his head from the body. Len’s fingers clenching in Rin’s pussy made her cum.

Len, who happened to have fallen half-asleep already, was awaken by sudden pain in his neck. He opened his eyes in surprise, seeing a guy with a bloody katana standing over him, but he couldn’t really put any thought in it, as the pain made him instinctively try to reach his neck with his hands only to discover couldn’t move them, in fact he couldn’t move at all. Before he could grasp the situation, he felt Rin’s gentle hands on his cheeks and then the world began spinning around him. He saw a beheaded body underneath spraying blood from its neck to the ground, coloring the grass red, and then a half-erect dick appeared before him. Len was still confused about what was happening, but as long as there was a dick to suck, he gladly welcomed it in his mouth. He traced the organ’s shape with his tongue, drinking in its taste. It felt different from Piko’s, the only dick Len had sucked before, and yet somehow familiar and even dear. Strangely, it evoke same tenderness and devotion in his heart as when he licked his sister’s pussy. It was like there was no other dick in the world he could enjoy sucking as much as this one. He couldn’t yet comprehend why, but he could certainly appreciate it, savoring every bit of sensation in his mouth. The dick responded with lively twitching and fast hardening, seemingly enjoying the blowjob no less than Len did.
“So, Len?” he heard Rin’s voice. “How do you like your own dick?”
Ah, so that’s how it was! Len had finally put all the pieces together. Rin must have had him beheaded so that he could suck his own dick. She treasured his presence in her life more than the life itself, but she killed him without a second thought just to give him the pleasure he desired. He thought he felt on the top of the world already sucking the strangely dearest dick, but now knowing why it felt that way, knowing how far Rin has gone for his sake, Len felt blissfully drowning in his sister’s overwhelmingly pure unconditional love. He didn’t even care if this way he couldn’t feel the dick’s part of the pleasure, as he hoped when dreaming of sucking it. Just knowing that it was actually his own dick he was sucking brought the joy to an entirely new level.
“I knew you would enjoy it”, Rin said delightfully.
Of course she knew. Len had sucked Piko’s dick earlier to learn what Rin must have felt sucking his, but only now he realized it was nowhere near. He could feel a very special endearment for his dick even before he realized it was his own, so Rin must have felt the same every time she was sucking it. Len tried to remember each of those times, projecting his current heavenly bliss onto his sister, and it made him enjoy the blowjob even more.
“I asked Kamui-sempai there to cut your head off”, Rin explained to Len, turning his head a bit to give him a look at Gakupo, but so that he could keep sucking his dick. “At first I thought to just have you suck his dick while I’m sucking yours, but then I’ve noticed his katana and realized we can go all the way”.
“Oh, and I’m so grateful to you, my beloved sister!” Len thought. “Now that I have tried sucking my own dick, I know any other wouldn’t feel the same, even if I could feel mine sucked at the same time”.
In fact, it occurred to him, he could use the lack of sensations from his own dick to his advantage. Knowing that no matter what he does to his dick it won’t hurt, Len went on it aggressively, biting and even chewing it to some extent, experiencing it in a way he would never dare with any living person’s dick. Under such an assault it took little time for the already stone hard dick to erupt in a fountain of white condensed pleasure. The strong smell of cum intruded Len’s nose, its specific taste enveloped his tongue and its think texture filled all of his mouth, immersing Len entirely in the semen-induced sensations. He haven’t brought Piko’s dick to an orgasm earlier, as Piko needed it hard to take Tianyi’s virginity, so it was first time for him to experience semen spurting into his mouth in hot speedy jets… same way Rin experienced it every time she sucked his dick. Except for those times when he came on her face. He wondered what that would feel like?..

Rin watched with genuine happiness as her brother’s severed head sucking his own dick. It never occurred to her to regret killing him. Sucking Len’s dick was the most divine feeling she has ever experienced, so she absolutely had to let Len experience the same even if it meant she wouldn’t be able to experience it herself ever again. After all, she had already sucked his dick many times, and Len would only be able to do it once, so Rin didn’t feel like she was depriving herself at all, if anything she felt giving. And nothing could make Rin happier than giving pleasure to her beloved brother.
Rin still had Len’s cum on her face from earlier and totally enjoyed wearing a constant reminder of her brother’s pleasure, so when she saw him cumming now, she didn’t have to be told to know what to do. She let some semen go into Len’s mouth until it was overflowing from both his lips and severed throat. Rei figured this would be enough to keep Len’s mouth full with semen until he expires, so she moved his head away from his dick and put it down between his thigs. Len’s dick turned upwards, so Rin had to take it in her hand to turn it back down. It also allowed her to stroke the organ to milk more semen and aim the pulsing steam all over Len’s face.

Len was now laying facing up in the sky, and as he wasn’t focused on sucking his dick anymore, he has finally noticed how weak and sleepy he felt… not at all unlike post-orgasm pleasant haze. And as Len, satisfied as never in his life, peacefully waited for it to end, the spurts of cum kept landing on his face, each feeling like a shovelful of dirt thrown into his grave, only it wasn’t dirt, but pure white bliss. By the time Len’s dick finished cumming, Len’s entire face was covered in a thick uneven layer of semen. Not only in his mouth, but on his skin now too Len felt nothing but semen, and even his vision went white as cum got into his eyes and he had no hands to wipe it off.

“Ah, I see now what he meant saying I looked like an angel with cum all over my face”, Rin thought, admiring Len’s cum-buried image. She kissed his cum-covered lips with as much delicacy as she could muster, and through the kiss she could almost feel Len’s feeling of evanescing into pure white bliss.

And as it seemed like it couldn’t possibly get any better, a new stream erupted from Len’s now flaccid dick, only this one was of hot yellow urine, and it too sprayed all over his face and into his half-open mouth. If Len could still think straight, he might have though he didn’t deserve that much happiness, but by now he had only enough consciousness to unquestionably accept and enjoy this last gift of fate. Dying under a stream of his own pee felt so right, so Len did exactly that, his last feeling being endless gratitude to his sister for this whole experience.

As for Rin, seeing her brother has died, she looked around for Gakupo to thank him, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Oh, well, I’ll just thank him next time,” she decided and laid back onto the ground next to her brother, enjoying lovely summer weather, and before she noticed, has peacefully fallen asleep, her own last aware thought being “I wonder what it would feel like to lick my own pussy?”


Как-то по гейски


Well, the thing is, the more I wrote about childish kind of casualness both within Innocence and other stories, the more natural it seemed for the charachters to not discriminate boys and girls. They're all just kids playing around, the idea of being straight or gay doesn't exist for them as it just doesn't make any sense why one would play only with boys or only with girls.


Completely agree.


Hogwarts Meatgirl Catalogue

(Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, cannibalism, consensual)

“So, what was that all about?” Harry asked, as Ron has finally appeared out of the Professor McGonagall’s office.

“Ah, just the usual”, Ron waved off. “Behave well, take your studies seriously, think of your future… like I don’t have enough of these serious talks from my family already.”

“You know, maybe it wouldn’t hurt if you actually followed their advice for once,” was how Harry felt, but he knew saying that aloud wouldn’t make his friend feel any better, so instead he just compassionately sighed: “Yeah…”

“Yeah…” Ron repeated as if accepting the sympathy. He really appreciated Harry waiting all that time behind the door while Ron got lectured for what felt like forever.

Apparently it wasn’t just Ron’s personal perception, as when they returned to the common room, it was empty, with all the students seemingly already sleeping in their dorms. Ron didn’t want to go to sleep just yet, and since the last thing Ron needed right now was to be left alone with his thoughts, buried under the weight of his long serious talk with Professor McGonagall, Harry, being a loyal friend, decided to keep him company.

The two boys headed to the couch at the fireplace to chat and shrug off their heavy thoughts. Moving the cushions aside to make some place to sit, the two boys discovered a booklet carelessly hidden beneath. Neither of the boys was sure if the booklet was actually purposefully hidden or just left behind and overlooked. Whether purposeful, or accidental, the booklet immediately caught both boys’ attention, since there was a moving picture of a nude girl on the cover.

“Oh…” was all Harry could say startled by the embarrassing discovery. “A porn mag..?”

“What’s a porn mag?” Ron asked sounding genuinely unsure. “Is that a muggle thing?”

“You don’t have porn mags?” Harry wondered. “But what’s this then?”

“Ah, this”, Ron picked the booklet up. “It says ‘Hogwarts Meatgirl Catalogue’, see?” he said, pointing to the title.

Now that Harry took a closer look, the girl photographed on the cover was tied to a metal rod, which was placed rotating horizontally over a fire.

“So, what does that mean exactly?” Harry asked. “Are girls sold as food in the wizarding world?”

“Yup,” Ron nodded. “You're surprised?” Ron wondered at Harry's expression. “I take it they aren’t in the muggle world?”

“Not that I know of,” Harry chuckled. “So is this an official thing?” he asked.

“No, the catalogue’s been put together by the girls themselves to make some money,” Ron answered. “Or at least, that's what I’ve heard from my elder brothers. I’ve never actually seen it with my own eyes before.”

“No, no, I mean the whole girl eating thing,” Harry corrected himself. “Is it legal?”

“Wait, you mean it’s not just unusual in the muggle world, but illegal too?” Ron replied. “Your muggle ways are really weird.”

“Weird ways indeed… so what do girls taste like?” Harry asked with growing curiosity.

“I wish I knew,” Ron sighed, wistfully. “But, you know in our family every knut counts.”

“I see…”

“Anyway, since we have the catalog anyway, let’s at least look through it,” Ron suggested. “I bet it has a lot of tasty pictures.”

“Well, I guess if it’s not porn, then whoever left it here wouldn’t mind if we have a peek,” Harry concluded.

The two boys sat on the couch, placing the catalogue on a cushion they put between themselves. Ron, sitting on the right, eagerly opened the booklet. On each spread there was a moving picture of a girl on one page and some text on the other with the girl’s name and price and presumably the reasons they wanted to sell themselves for meat. Harry was curious to read that more carefully and learn what exactly such reasons might be, but Ron seemed only interested in the pictures, flipping to the next page as soon as he got enough eyeing of current page’s girl. And given that the girls on them posed nude or mostly nude it’s not like Harry didn’t enjoy the pictures himself, so he didn’t really mind Ron's impatience.

Despite the eroticism of nudity, each of the girls on the pictures was clearly trying to sell herself as food first, and sexual object second; with each and every girl posing at a kitchen or a dining room and with objects like knifes and cauldrons. For this reason even among the catalogue full of nude girls Luna Lovegood caught the boys’ special attention. The photo of Luna depicted her lying in her own bed, wearing nothing but a pair of silver star earrings that looked like they would pierce her neck should she awkwardly turn her head, and a magical wand behind her ear. Luna’s legs were spread to make sure the viewer couldn't miss her fiercely masturbating, sliding a carrot as big as her own forearm in and out of her cute young pussy, each new thrust making her arch her back and roll her eyes in ecstasy. 'Too bad those moving pictures don’t record sound,' Harry thought to himself, since Luna’s gasping mouth must have been emitting the sexiest kind of moans.

“That’s just lewd!” even Ron, who was quite comfortable with the other nude pictures in the catalogue, blushed hard enough that his face was as red as his hair upon seeing Luna fucking herself with the over-sized piece of produce, her young slit straining slightly to accommodate the intruder. He didn’t hurry to flip the page though, totally mesmerized by the sight.

“Now that looks like a porn mag,” Harry noted. Just like Ron, Harry felt both embarrassed and excited at the sight of the explicit picture, but unlike his red-headed friend, Harry was also somewhat relieved to see that the wizarding world wasn't quite as different as it had seemed at first sight. Muggles or wizards, no matter who they were, were are all people first.

Harry has also taken the chance to read the accompanying text. According to her interview, Luna hadn't mistaken it for a porn photoshoot; she was still selling herself for food just like all the other girls. Only, unlike the rest of the girls in the magazine with her, Luna was positively open about enjoying both the thought of becoming food, and the photoshoot itself in a sexual way, having no care in the world if her nickname went from Loony to Lewdy. As for the reason Luna was selling herself? Luna wasn’t even asking for money, she just wanted at least some of her lost possessions returned (a list was included with items varying from a pair of socks to books on magizoology and spells). What use would she have for them after she is cooked and eaten was beyond Harry’s comprehension. What a loony reasoning indeed.

“Wow, that’s hot!” Ron commented as another image caught his special attention. It occupied both pages of a spread with just a bit of text in the corner, the most noticeable line of which was in big colorful letters saying: “get two girls for the price of one!” And indeed this spread featured not one, but two girls: Padma and Parvati Patil. Harry's mouth fell open as he stared at pair of twin vixens in the picture. With only a pair of “P” necklaces and a number of gold bangles to cover their olive-colored bodies, the twins writhed and bounced in an exotic Indian dance amidst a magical fire that didn’t really hurt, but still did a perfect job at looking spectacular and conveying the idea of cooking.

“You get it? Hot! Cause fire!” If only Ron didn’t deem it his duty to explain it, his pun it might have actually sounded funny.

Brushing Ron’s attempts at humor aside, Harry once again read through the text accompanying the photograph. The interview explained that Parvati had them both listed as meat in the catalogue for no other reason than following the trend. Padma only discovered it when they were interviewed and photographed, but the nerdier of the twins hadn’t seen any purpose in backing out at that point. That reasoning seemed a bit girlish to Harry, but it was still much more understandable than Luna’s. Harry also appreciated how the twins went for it together, which was both sweet and sexy. The catch was though the pair's actual price was twenty galleons, which was as much as the most expensive single girls in the catalogue, while the average price to buy a girl ranged from ten to fifteen galleons, with some girls costing even less. So, if you were actually trying to save money instead of buying the Patils so that you couild sink your teeth into a pair of delicious twins, then picking two of the cheapest girls would a much better bargain.

“Ah!” both boys gasped in surprise as they saw the next girl in the catalogue.

The girl was sitting in a big cauldron full of water placed over a fire. Her skin looked flushed as if she were in a hot bath, hinting that this fire might have actually been real. She had a knife in one hand and a peeled potato in the other, slicing it into the same cauldron she was sitting in. Once she was done with one potato, she would grab another from a pot on a nearby table, where some other vegetables were also waiting for their turn to be sliced into the soup with her. The movement on the picture was looped perfectly, so that Harry counted three potatoes sliced up before he realized it was the same one over and over again.

But it wasn’t what the girl was doing in the picture that set the boys agape. It was who she was.

“Is… is that Hermione?” Ron asked, not quite believing his eyes.

“I think… I think it is.” Harry replied, just as shocked as his friend.

It was almost unbelievable at first glance, especially since Hermione didn’t look as herself at all. Her usually bushy hair was sleek and shiny now, twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head. She was also smiling and it was noticeably a very different smile from one the boys remembered. Her teeth – it was because of her teeth – now looked straight and, well, normal-sized? Even if her parents were dentists, this change has definitely not been made without magic. Add to that her nude state; the way that her young breasts, barely larger than a handful each sat on her chest crowned by perky pink nipples, it was a side of their friend that neither of the boys had ever seen before.

“Was she… always so beautiful?” Ron wondered in a mesmerized voice, unable to tear his eyes away from the photograph.

Harry noticed him blush, and not the same way he had from seeing Luna’s lewd picture. My, my, looks like someone’s fallen in love.

“She’s definitely done her best for this picture,” Harry replied. “Which is completely expected from Hermione. But... enlisting in this sort of catalogue on the other hand…”

Indeed, so far the boys has only seen the girls they didn’t know that well in the catalogue. They might have seen some of them from afar as they’ve been all attending the same school after all, and some were even from the same house, but they’ve never really talked to them. The thought that someone they closely knew could be in this catalogue had never even occurred to the boys until they’d seen Hermione posing completely nude as she sat in a cauldron slicing potatos for what was clearly a Hermione-meat stew on center of the page in front of them. Imagining some pretty much random girls being eaten was one thing, imagining their own shared best friend in such a situation was on a completely different level. Suddenly, the idea of eating girls wasn’t just an abstract custom of the wizardry world anymore. The very real Hermione Granger, the girl both boys saw and talked to every day, could end up just purchased and eaten by some random guy one of these days without any warning… or not even a random guy! It could be someone they closely knew… or even Harry or Ron themselves! Damn, that was just too much information to process at once. Harry felt overwhelmed. All his thoughts were completely mixed up. Still, at least he wasn’t the only one confused. The constantly changing expression on Ron’s face made it explicitly clear to Harry that the redhead was dealing with the same uncertainty too.

“Wha… what is she doing in this catalogue anyway?” Ron was finally able to ask.

“There's an interview for every girl, right? So it should be written somewhere in there,” Harry realized, pointing at the text page.

And indeed it was. In the interview Hermione talked about the Hogwarts library, how it had almost every book she'd ever expected to find in it as well as many more that she'd never even imagined existed. She was clearly fascinated by the library, which wasn’t surprising to either boy, given how much time she spent in it. Hermione explained that the Hogwarts Library was the reason she'd put herself up for sale; it was so amazing, and Hermoine desperately wanted to make it even better. Because apparently the key part of her description was “almost every book;” even a library as great as Hogwarts' didn't have every book in the world. The rarest books could be prohibitively expensive and the school’s budget, though quite impressive, was still limited. That's why Hermione was in the catalogue, she wanted to use her body to gather money for the library to help stock it with more of the rare books Hermione thought it deserved. In a sense, Hermione wasn’t exactly selling herself, instead she was asking for a donation to the library, and presenting herself as a gift in exchange. This was why instead of a fixed price Hermione asked for as much as one could afford donating to the library, but no less than five galleons. Five galleons... That was the cheapest price Harry had seen so far. It even occurred to him that he could actually afford to buy her. The idea of having the girl who was a natural part of his daily life become his dinner was surreal, but it only made the thought of buying her even hotter. Would Hermione really just let him end her life as long as he paid? Would she be happy it was him and not some stranger, or would that only make things more awkward? Would she feel sad about dying or consider it an interesting experience? Or, since according to Ron eating girls was not that uncommon, maybe she would see it as a totally mundane thing, not even worth having any view on at all? And of course, the most important thing… what would she taste like?

“Is she really serious about getting literally every book in the world for our library?”

Ron’s sudden question brought Harry back down to earth from his fantasies. Apparently his friend read slower than he did and only just now got to that part of the interview.

“Ah, yeah, it sounds somewhat optimistic, but I think it’s a noble cause to strive for,” Harry answered.

And now that he gave Hermione’s cause extra thought, he also decided against actually buying her. Harry knew he'd feel guilty since he would only be doing it for the sake of a good bargain and not out of an honest desire to help fund the library.

“But for someone we know… our good friend… to be selling herself as meat,” Harry voiced the thought that kept occupying his mind. “I mean, Hermione wasn’t behaving at all unusual lately. When was this catalogue arranged anyway? To think that while Hermione was attending classes and hanging out with us and being her usual self, she was available for anyone to just purchase and eat… hell, we both last spoke to her a few hours ago at most and she was talking about preparing for tomorrow’s classes like it was a given, but for all we know, someone might be eating her right now, if they haven't finished eating her already! It’s just… just… my mind is blown!”

“Yeah…” Ron nodded, or rather lowered his head, but didn’t raise it back.

He seemed crushed by the thought of someone else eating Hermione, so Harry hurried to cheer him up… But, as Harry rushed to reassure his friend, he misstepped, not putting enough thought into his words and instead just saying the first reassuring thing that came to his mind:

“Well, at least Ginny’s not on the list!”

It was only after saying it aloud that Harry realized they were still only halfway through the catalogue, and so Ginny could indeed be on the list. Ron seemed to realize the truth the same time Harry did, taking the catalogue and flipping through it frantically, paying no attention to any of the girls until…

“Bloody hell!” he muttered. “She is!”

Ron held the catalogue so that Harry could see it, still amazed at what he had found. There, on the opened spread in front of them, was a picture of Ginny. Set in the Hogwarts kitchen, it had the redhead girl sitting on the counter atop a cutting board. Ginny wore no clothes whatsoever and had her legs spread, exposing her young, delicious-looking pussy. And as if that was not enough, Ginny reached down and spread her pussy open with one hand, demonstrating her unsoiled virginity. With her other hand she waved at the camera, all the while wearing a playful smile, treating the whole affair as if it were just a fun diversion. Then she gestured around to a knife rack to her left and a cooking spit to her right, offering various methods to prepare her. Harry couldn’t help but imagine those in use. The contrast between how Harry was used to perceiving death with all seriousness, and how little Ginny seemed to be totally lighthearted about it made her look so adorable, Harry couldn’t help but imagine those tools in use. What would it be like to impale the petite redhead on that spit? Or carve her juicy pussy out with one of those knives? Just looking at the picture Harry could almost feel her tender meat melt in his mouth…

“Hey, are you drooling?” Ron noticed.

“Oh… I’m sorry…” Harry wiped his mouth with a back of his hand.

“Why are you sorry?” Ron spoke. “I’ll take that as a sign of just how delicious she looks.”

“But… she’s your sister… you don’t mind her selling herself?” Harry wondered. “Didn’t it just startle you?”

“Well, it did,” Ron nodded. “I mean, it's just like Hermione, right? She never even mentioned she was doing it. And okay, maybe for Hermione I’m just a friend, but is this something you'd hide from your own brother?”

“I don't think they’re hiding it from us,” Harry realized. “It seems like they just don’t think it's a big enough deal to be worth mentioning.”

“You think so?” Ron gave it a thought. “You know, now that you mention it, maybe you are right. Maybe it's just natural for a girl to jut plan on being eaten one day. Thanks, Harry, I feel better now.”

“Er… you’re welcome,” Harry answered, still feeling a bit awkward with this whole turn of events.

“Let’s see what she’s planning to spend the money on,” Ron suggested, pointing at the text on the page next to Ginny's enticing moving photograph.

Ginny’s reasoning seemed pretty straightforward: she just wanted to make some money for her family. She'd set a price of just five galleons to buy her body, as even that comparatively small amount would be very helpful, while the low price would also make her more likely to be bought.

“Oh, that’s sweet of her,” Ron said. “I really hope someone buys her, now.”

“Do you really mean that?” Harry asked.

“Sure,” Ron confirmed. “There's never any extra money.”


The next day went normally with the topic of eating girls seemingly forgotten amonst all the daily fuss until after classes, when Harry intercepted Ginny on her way back to the common room from her last class, accompanied by her friend Luna. Remembering her explicitly sexual photograph in the catalogue has almost made Harry blush in her presence, but he reminded himself it was irrelevant, as he had come for Ginny, and not the pervy blonde.

“Hey, Ginny, can I talk to you for a moment?” Harry asked.

“Oh, yeah, hi, Harry,” Ginny answered, feeling shy before her secret crush. “Sure, I’m all yours… oh, I mean not like that, but… or maybe like that too… oh don’t mind… what am I even saying…” her slip of the tongue out of embarrassment only made that embarrassment escalate until her face became the same color with her hair.

“Hello”, Luna joined the conversation. “I believe our common friend is trying to say that yes, you can have her whether it’s for a moment or her whole life.”

“I don’t think the way you rephrased it helped that much,” Harry thought to himself.

“Oh, by the way, this is my friend Luna Lovegood,” Ginny explained as she realized that despite the fact that both Harry and Luna were quite well-known throughout Hogwarts, though for very different reasons, they'd never actually met in person. With that in mind, Ginny felt it would be appropriate to introduce them to each other. “Luna, this is Harry Potter, my, erm…”

“I know, your secret crush, right?” Luna nodded.

Ginny shook her head furiously and produced some erratic gestures; even she herself seemed unsure if she meant to tell Luna to stop talking or to tell Harry to not listen to her. But while Harry was considerate enough to not pursue the topic, Luna didn’t seem to take the clue; or maybe she did, but was deliberately ignoring it? Who knew what went on in her head.

Regardless of Ginny's thoughts on the matter, Luna continued to speak. “Ginny has told me so much about you, Harry Potter, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Harry responded. “So, about…”

“Right! What did you want from me, Harry?” Ginny was eager to change the topic.

“You see, I happened to stubble upon a certain catalogue,” Harry said. “Is that true that you're selling yourself as meat?”

“Yes, sure, why?” Ginny answered. “Oh! Do you want to buy me?” her eyes lit up.

“To put it straight: yes”, Harry admitted. “I mean, if that’s okay with you and everything”.

“Of course!” Ginny said. “I would be glad to be eaten by you! I mean, it’s better if it’s someone you know, right? No? What do you think? Though how would you know… not that I mean you’re not knowledgeable!.. Ah, anyway, so do you want to eat me like right now?”

“Yes, sure, why?” Ginny answered. “Oh! Might it be that you want to buy me?” her eyes lit up.

“To put it straight: yes,” Harry admitted. “I mean, if that’s okay with you and everything.”

“Of course!” Ginny eagerly nodded. “I would be glad to be eaten by you! I mean, it’s better if it’s someone you know, right? No? What do you think? Though how would you know… not that I mean you’re not knowledgeable!.. Ah, anyway, so do you want to eat me like right now?” Ginny asked nervously.

“If now is convenient to you,” Harry agreed. “Here I have the money…” he said, grabbing five gold coins from his pocket.

“Just give the money to any of my brothers later,” Ginny stated, waving it off. “You always hang out with Ron anyway.”

“All right,” Harry put the coins back into his pocket. “So, do we go to the kitchen now or how do we proceed? I mean, it’s my first time buying a girl for meat, so I’m not sure how it all works.”

“Oh, so I’ll be your first? I’m so honored!” Ginny said delighted. “Yes, we can go to the kitchen to cook me, just let me undress first.”

Having that said, Ginny started to pull her robe off. Harry watched as her slender legs appear from beneath the slowly raised hem, anticipating it reaching the level where he can see discover what kind of panties Ginny wore. Before that happened though, Luna offered her help and pulled Ginny's robe off completely in one swift motion, depriving Harry of a proper strip tease and instead revealing all of Ginny’s naked glory in an instant. To Harry’s surprise, there weren’t any panties or any kind of underwear to discover, as Ginny now stood in front of him in nothing but her shoes and socks. Harry openly eyed her nude body, noting her flat chest and the neat slit of her pussy, as Ginny seemed to be too busy helping Luna to neatly fold the robe to care for her nudity. A couple of passers-by also happened to cast a glance at the unclad girl, but apparently that sight wasn’t unusual enough to get any real attention. After all, there were plenty of much stranger sights to be interested in in a school of witchcraft and wizardry like Hogwarts.

“Like what you see?” Luna commented, noticing Harry’s state at Ginny.

“Yeah…” Harry answered a bit dreamily before recollecting himself and asking: “But, Ginny, wh-why don’t you wear anything underneath?”

“A lot of girls don’t,” Ginny answered matter-of-factly. After handing the folded robe to Luna, she faced Harry again, showing no concern for her nudity. “It’s convenient to get dressed and undresses quickly, especially when you can be bought for meat at any moment. It’s also quite comfortable, actually, not having extra restraints on your body. And it lets one save some money on clothes too.”

“Oh, is that so?” Harry wondered.

“I don’t wear panties either,” Luna nodded, “wanna see?” She started to lift the hem of her robe, revealing her bare feet.

“I th-think I’ll take your word for it,” Harry gulped nervously. “And do you not wear any shoes for the same reason?” he assumed.

“No, it’s just all of my shoes have mysteriously disappeared,” Luna explained, “I suspect nargles.”

Harry produced a confused look, but Ginny waved it off as if telling him not to mind.

“Speaking of which,” the redhead edged in, “and by which I mean shoes, not nargles…”

She bent down to pull off her own shoes and socks, providing a great view of her ass and pussy sticking out towards Harry… it wasn’t exactly necessary for her to turn around this way, was it?

“…why don’t you have mine along with the robe?” Ginny continued, giving her shoes and socks to Luna. “I won’t need them anyway.”

“Oh, thank you!” Luna started putting them on right away. “By the way, Harry Potter, if you happen to find my shoes or socks, you can eat me too, you know?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen your page in the catalogue,” Harry nodded, remembering the picture on the said page, the mere memory of Luna, masturbating happily with her giant carrot causing his face to flush even harder than the sight of Ginny’s nude body right in front of him. “I’ll keep my eyes open for your stuff,” Harry agreed.

“Now let’s go to the kitchen to cook and eat me,” Ginny grinned happily, taking Harry’s hand and leading him away. “Bye, Luna!”

“Bye! Have fun!” Luna waved them off.

Walking alongside a nude girl was a thrilling experience by itself, but all the stares Ginny got from random people they happened to pass, although not surprised, but still taking a chance to admire her uncovered body, added a lot to that. Harry imagined having a girl that belonged to him being hungrily eyed by others would make him feel jealous over her… but jealousy is fear of losing her to them, and since he has properly bought her, there was no place in his heart for that sort of fear. So instead, Harry felt proud that his new possession was so popular. If anything, the envy was in the eyes of onlookers, knowing all they can do is look, while only Harry would get to thrust his teeth into her. He didn’t even mind Ginny making eyes at people just to tease them that extra little bit. In fact, when they arrived at the Hogwarts kitchen, Harry wondered if the trip might have been too short, since he wouldn’t mind showing his nude Ginny off a bit more. That is, until he reminded himself again that his goal was just to get a taste of girl meat, not to show off his new purchase.

As it was past lunchtime and too early for dinner, there weren’t a lot of house elves in the kitchen at the moment. And the few that were there, seeing a boy come in with a naked girl, knew immediately what they were up to, and so made way for them, creating enough space for Harry and Ginny to give them a sense of privacy, but still observing from afar in case their help was needed for cooking.

“So, how do you want to cook me?” Ginny asked, as she slowly walked along the counter filled with various kitchen utensils, tracing its edge with a finger.

“Wait… before we get to cooking… shouldn’t I first… you know…” he gulped nervously, finding it hard to say it aloud.

“Do you want to play with me first?” Ginny realized, it made her blush, but she didn’t lose her composure. “Well, you own me now, so you can do whatever you want with my body,” she said, turning to Harry, now tracing the curves of her own body with her hands.

“No, I mean kill you!” Harry has finally blurted out, hurrying to deny Ginny’s accusation of having sexual intentions… though the more she teased him, the less he could believe his own assertions that he wasn't having such thoughts.

There was a moment of awkward silence, then Harry hurried to explain himself:

“I mean… It’s not like I’m not going to cook you alive. Right?”

“Huh?” Ginny said with a quite disappointed look, “Well, as I’ve just said, you do own me, and so you can do whatever you want… but why don’t you want to cook me alive?”

“I… erm… sorry?” Harry was honestly confused. “Is it my imagination or do you make it sound like you actually _want_ to be cooked alive?”

“Well, of course I do!” Ginny said. “Why would I want to miss the fun part?”

“But wouldn’t that, like, hurt?” Harry wondered.

“That depends on how you cook me,” Ginny answered.

“I haven’t really decided for sure,” Harry admitted. “One option I was thinking of is vertical spitting… so the spit would have to pierce through your body, tearing your insides on its way… would you really be okay with that?”

“Say, would you kill a girl before taking her virginity?” Ginny asked, spreading her pussy to demonstrate her hymen still intact.

“Of course not!” Harry protested. “Why?”

“Because it’s sort of the same thing,” Ginny explained. “Something goes inside…” she actually demonstrated with a finger, “and tears through, drawing some pain and blood. But, you see, that’s as much the part of the experience, as pleasure.”

“Well, if you put it that way…” whether there were any flaws in Ginny’s logic, looking at her playing with her pussy, Harry’s mind wasn’t set on finding them.

“Anyway,” Ginny said, getting her finger out and licking it. “You said that wasn’t the only option on your mind?”

“Right,” Harry nodded, trying to return to his train of thoughts after observing Ginny’s erotic acting. “The other one was to put some stuffing inside… you… and roast you in the oven.”

“Oh, more things to go into my pussy then? I like your way of thinking!” Ginny said delightfully.

“But even without piercing you with a spit, wouldn’t the roasting itself hurt?” Harry asked worriedly.

“I appreciate how you don’t want to hurt me, Harry,” Ginny said. “And while I’m sure I could handle some sauna, if you insist on minimizing my pain, how about a spell-roasting?”


“Yes, basically, roasting me with a spell,” Ginny explained, pulling herself up to sit on the counter. “It's not only known to be quick and painless, it would also guarantee me staying alive for some time after being roasted, letting me enjoy being eaten.”

“Sounds nice,” Harry agreed, “but I don’t know of any spells like that.”

“No problem, I’ll teach you,” Ginny said, making herself comfortable on the counter and in the process spreading her thighs just enough to make her vigin pussy visible. Harry wasn’t sure anymore which of Ginny’s provocative actions were casual and which were deliberate, so he decided to not think too deeply about it and just enjoy the view instead. “Repeat after me: vivatim coquo.”

“Vibratin’ cockuo?” Harry tried to repeat.

“Now try looking at the lips on my face, not the lips between my legs, as I say it,” Ginny advised. “Vivatim cocquo.”

“Vivatim cocquo,” Harry tried again.

“Okay, that’s better,” Ginny said. “Just keep in mind it’s pronounced ‘w’, not ‘v’. Now,” she added, jumping off the counter and suddenly appearing so close to Harry he could feel her breath, “can I hold that poking stick of yours in my hands?”

“Hold… erm… what?” the surprise made Harry take a step back, as he shamefully looked down on his boner creating a visible bulge in his pants.

“Your magical wand, Harry,” Ginny burst into laughter at Harry falling for her not so subtle word trick. “It’s poking out of your pocket.”

“Ah! Yes, sure, here…” he handled his want to Ginny.

“Okay, so now try to remember the movements that go with the words. Vivatim cocquo,” she said again, now also waving the wand around as she pronounced the spell.

“Wait, was that movement to the left or right?” Harry asked in confusion.

“It’ll probably be easy if we’re facing the same direction,” Ginny concluded.

She turned away from Harry, but stepped closer, pushing her bare back against him and making his dick brush between her ass cheeks through his robe. Ginny was sure though to not only tease Harry, but properly teach him the spell too, so she turned just a bit to the left so he could see her wand movements. It also made it convenient for Harry to put his left hand on her waist, so he did just that. Ginny smiled as by that he properly followed the mood she was trying to set.

“Now look, it goes like this: vivatim cocquo,” she demonstrated again, and now Harry could see the movements from the same perspective she did. “Can you repeat it?”

“Let me try,” he took the wand from Ginny’s hand, while letting his left hand slip a bit downwards, groping the girl’s ass. “Vivatim cocquo.”

“Decent,” Ginny concluded, playfully slipping out from Harry’s hold. “But not perfect.”

“Does it have to be perfect?” Harry wondered. “Isn’t it okay as long as it works?”

“Well, you might be okay with eating meat cooked just good enough,” Ginny said. “But I would rather be cooked as good as possible!”

She walked around Harry and came close from behind, pressing her little chest against his back and taking his right hand holding the wand into hers.

“Let me move your hand for you,” she said, as she did exactly that, reciting the spell again: “Vivatim cockuo.”

“Vivatim cockuo,” Harry said in unison, trying to remember the movements his hand was doing under Ginny’s lead.

“Now try on your own,” Ginny said, her breath tickling Harry’s ear.

“Vivatim cockuo,” Harry recited, repeating the movement with his hand.

“Okay, this is perfect now!” Ginny concluded, stepping away and heading back to the counter. “You’re a fast learner, Harry, you'll surely become an outstanding wizard.”

“Thank you,” Harry said, discovering that the compliment made him blush even harder than Ginny’s nudity, which he'd slowly gotten used to. “So do I use the spell on you now?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Ginny has sat up on the edge of the counter again, now purposefully opening her thighs wide, spreading her pussy with one hand and pointing to it with the other. “Something that goes in here?”

All right, he might be used to nudity, but that still caught him off guard. Harry gulped nervously as he stared in shock for a couple of seconds before realizing: “Ah, you must mean the stuffing!”

“Why, are there other options?” Ginny giggled with a sly look in her eyes, certainly knowing what other option was on Harry’s mind.

She gestured for a group of house elves to come up, carrying a big pot with the stuffing mix.

“Oh, that’s convenient, thank you,” Harry said to the elves, putting the pot on the counter beside Ginny.

“You’re welcome, Mister Potter,” the elves murmured in reply and scattered away.

Having the stuffing mix prepared nearby made Harry feel more like he was actually preparing food rather than doing something lewd, so he was able to look at Ginny’s spread pussy without embarrassment, just thinking of how to put the stuffing inside. Even with Ginny stretching her own pussy lips, there was no way his fist would fit inside, so he figured he had to loosen it up more first.

Harry commanded Ginny to lie down on her back on a large enough roasting pan and as soon as she did so, he shoved two fingers inside her pussy. The fingers slipped in easily, only drawing a slight moan from Ginny, as she was already quite wet from all the anticipation. Reassured by meeting little resistance, Harry has added two fingers of the other hand. This time he drew not just a more painful moan, but some blood too.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked just to be sure.

“I’m fine,” Ginny answered. “Just not a virgin anymore, it seems.”

“So I can’t ask for a refund now?” Harry smirked. “Guess I’ll just have to eat you then.”

Ginny giggled at his joke, the laughter making it easier for her to take the pain. And so Harry started moving his fingers back and forth to loosen her up even more, while also adding fingers one by one until he had all ten inside and could put both of his hands inside all the way to the wrists.

“You claimed you could withstand a spit though your whole body,” Harry reminded, seeing Ginny’s breath getting heavy. “Surely you can withstand some stretching?”

“Depends on how you define withstand,” Ginny answered through some panting. “Because I’m not sure I can withstand it without an orgasm.”

“Well, if you put it that way,” Harry said and resumed the movements, getting more of his forearm disappear inside Ginny.

“I! Feel! Like! I'm! Breaking!” Ginny cried one word at a time with each Harry’s push knocked the wind out of her. “And! It! Feels! Great!”

“What would you say to this then?” Harry smirked and as he got deep enough to feel Ginny’s cervix with his fingertips, he just forced both his hands inside, pushing with all his weight, and tore the way into the girl’s womb with brute force.

“Aaaah!” Ginny screamed as she arched her back and twitched in an orgasm.

Harry didn’t wait for it to end before starting to move his clasped fingers in and out of Ginny’s womb until he could feel no prominent resistance. Only then did he finally pull his hands all the way out of the twitching redhead, discovering them covered in blood from all the internal tears he caused. While Ginny was recovering from her intense orgasm, Harry went to the closest wash stand to wash the blood from his hands.

“Just to think you wanted to kill me first and make me miss this,” Ginny said when Harry returned.

“Who knew you would be such a hardcore masochist,” Harry shrugged his shoulders.

“Every girl is one deep inside,” Ginny said. “Why would so many let themselves be cooked otherwise?”

“Makes sense,” Harry agreed. “I’ll take a note for the future. And now please spread your pussy with your hands so that I can shove the stuffing inside you.”

“Like this?” Ginny asked, inserting two fingers from each hand into her pussy and spreading both the hands and fingers on each hand apart, making a rectangular entrance into her privates.

“More like this,” Harry said, taking Ginny’s hands in his own, pulling her fingers from her pussy, then making her hold four fingers on each hand together and shove them inside her pussy again before making his own hand into a fist and shoving it in between Ginny’s hands, forcing her hands to spread until he had his fist inside. “Now hold it like this,” he said, withdrawing his hand.

“Wow…” Ginny exhaled, lifting her head up a bit to take a look at her gaping pussy. Her insides felt sore from being overstretched, but the result was totally worth it.

Meanwhile Harry took a fistful of the stuffing mix and shoved it into Ginny’s pussy and all the way into her womb, making her drop her head back as the overwhelming sensation made her lose control of her body. Harry was shoving more and more, and while it was slower than a proper fistfuck would have been, on the other hand with each move he withdrew his fist entirely and then shoved it back inside making sure to reach as deep as he could, so what it lacked in speed it compensated for with intensity.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself a lot,” Harry commented as he listened to Ginny’s moans, “it’s almost like I'm doing you a favor.”

“There’s no reason… ah!” he shoved his fist inside again, without waiting her to finish her line, although now only as deep as her pussy, as Ginny’s womb was already full of stuffing. “…why we can’t both enjoy it,” she finished, panting.

“Oh, I’m not blaming you for enjoying yourself,” Harry elaborated, “if anything, it only makes me hard… I mean, hardly able to wait to eat you.”

“So I’ve noticed,” Ginny giggled.

Soon Harry was finished with stuffing. He made a couple of steps back to admire his work: the big pot that seemed to have so much mix in it that it would never end, was now empty, and Ginny looked heavily pregnant.

“I’ll go wash my hands again,” Harry said, as they were all covered in the stuffing mix. “You wait for me here.”

“Oh, don’t worry, even if I suddenly changed my mind and escaped in this state, you would easily track me by the breadcrumbs leaking from my pussy,” Ginny laughed making a bit of stuffing mix pop out of her cunt as if to illustrate her point.

After washing his hands, it was time for Harry to put the new spell he had just learned to use.

“Now you need to try and visualize me properly roasted,” Ginny instructed. “Not just the sight of it, but the smell my cooked flesh too, you need to visualize all of it. Think you can do it?”

Just half an hour ago, Harry would have had serious doubts, but after all the preparations they'd gone through, the thought of Ginny being food had firmly settled in his mind. He imagined the girl’s skin turning brown and radiating hot smell of meat, making his mouth water, as he pointed his magic wand at her and with the proper movements recited the spell:

“Vivatim coquo!”

A magical glow came from the wand and enveloped Ginny’s body making the redhead's incredibly pale skin turn brown in a mere moments. A couple of seconds later the smell reached Harry’s nose. Ginny's roasted body smelled even better then he could imagine; but the best part was hearing an erotic moan escape the young girl’s lips, indicating she was still alive despite her current state. Even though Ginny had told him the spell would keep her alive for some time after cooking, it was still hard to believe.

“Are you really still alive?” Harry asked in awe as he stared at the girl he'd just cooked, laid out in front of him. Her roasted flesh was shiny from the sweat coating her, her legs spread invitingly as they framed her glistening pussy. It was hard to believe that this girl had once been his best friends sister when no matter how sexy she currently looked, it was clear she was no longer anything but meat.

“Not for long,” Ginny answered back in a weak voice, giving no indication of disliking that fact.

“How does it feel to be cooked?” Harry wondered.

“Numb and warm and very sleepy,” Ginny replied. “And ready for consumption.”

“Here I go then...”

Harry took a knife, aimed at Ginny’s belly, which looked like it had grown even larger after cooking. He hesitated a bit, not wanting to hurt her, but then reminded himself how much of a masochist she appeared to be and stabbed it into her, piercing her all the way to her womb.

“Ah!” Ginny gasped.

“Sorry, did it hurt too much?” Harry asked worriedly. “I don’t mind waiting a bit until you die.”

“Not at all,” Ginny replied. “With all the numbness it almost feels nice, actually.”

“Oh, okay then.”

Harry proceeded to cut Ginny’s womb open from the top of her bulging stomach to the bottom, sending the tightly stuffed mix once contained inside it flowing out all over the redhead, coating both her body and her pussy.

“You look delicious…” Harry said.

Eagerly, Harry pulled the knife towards him, enjoying the sight of the stuffing spilling out of her womb in the wake of his knife until he finally reached Ginny’s pussy. Grabbing a fork, Harry greedily stabbed it into Ginny's roasted sex to steady it, sending the ghost of a shudder through Ginny's cooked form, before he carved the choice piece of meat out of her enjoying the small chorus of panting moans emanating from her with each stroke of the knife.

It took a few seconds, but Harry finally managed to carve out Ginny's pussy. He could see the cut jiggling slightly on his fork, looking somehow both adorable and delicious at the same time, as it dripped with her own juices. Savoring the moment, Harry brought it into his mouth and bit down.

“…and taste even better,” he concluded as the sweet tender meat almost melted in his mouth all by itself. Ginny was like nothing he'd ever tasted before, and in that instant Harry could see why Wizards regularly cooked girls, roasted pussy was incredible!

“I’m glad you like me,” Ginny murmured.

Harry then took a couple of bites of Ginny’s thighs, but while they were still tasty, they also tasted somewhat generic, only a bit better than regular steak or ham. So Harry looked for something special again, like her pussy was. His eye fell on her tits. They were flat, as expected for a girl her young age, but they featured a pair of perky nipples which cooking seemed to have only made more erect. He stabbed one of Ginny’s nipples with his fork and cut it off with his knife as the girl looked on in awe at the sight of her crush removing parts of her and eating them as food.

Ginny's nipple tasted wonderful! Harry thought to himself as he chewed the delectable morsel, savoring every bite.

Catching Ginny’s stare as he finished off her first nipple, Harry had an idea. He swallowed the remains before immediately going for second, but this time, Harry didn’t use the knife, instead just biting it off the girl’s chest with his teeth. Ginny seemed to have enjoyed the sensation, but little did she know it was going to get even better, as instead of eating the second by himself he decided to share it with Ginny and let her get a taste of herself.

Harry leaned over her, pressing his lips against hers as he pushed the nipple into her mouth with his tongue.

Seeing Ginny being shy about her feelings towards him, Harry had tactfully changed the subject when Luna spoke of it, but he never intended to to coldheartedly ignore it. Even if he didn’t have time to develop his own feelings for Ginny so he could answer her love properly, at least he could appreciate her feelings and give her a pleasure of a kiss as he shared her nipple with her. Besides, he could use some practice before his first kiss as well – after all, practicing on food doesn’t count.

As Ginny savored the taste of her own nipple as a continuation of the kiss, Harry took a couple of bites of her stuffed womb. It didn't take long for Harry to realize that he felt stuffed himself. He should have restrained from lunch, knowing he was planning to eat a girl afterwards, but it hadn’t occurred to him, maybe because the thought of eating a girl was still surreal for him at the time. Either way, he didn’t feel like eating any more. Harry looked at Ginny and realized she was already unconscious. He wasn’t sure if she was still alive, but since her death was imminent anyway, it didn’t really matter. Harry called for the house elves, leaving the rest of Ginny to them. Whether they would use the meat for tonight’s dinner or just throw it away, it wasn’t of his concern anymore, as Harry left the kitchen.

“Hey, Ron”, Harry called his friend as he has found him in the common room. “Here’s your five galleons for Ginny.”

“Sure, thanks!” Ron replied, taking the money.

“Five galleons, huh…” he thought as he put the money in his pocket. “What was Hermione’s price again?”


Welcome back, with an amazing story as well.


Wow, amazing story.

Even though I don't enjoy HP I enjoyed this one.



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Very nice, good to see more of your work. Just curious if we are going to get a continuation with Hermione, or if you are just going to tease us again like with Harry's best birthday? Thanks.


As with the other HP story, this one was a trade with TheVisitorBlack (credits also goes to him for editing and adding some juicy bits), so I have no plans of my own to continue it.


Ah, gotcha, good to know. you do make a good team by the way.





The very first victim was twins’ closest friend,
Hanged by her hair Miku met painful end.
Second in line was twins’ beloved teacher,
Luka was fed to a tentacle creature.
Rin’s own boyfriend fell the third victim,
With hummer on head she ruthlessly hit him.
No surprise Len’s girlfriend was fourth,
Kicking alive she was buried in earth.
And number five – neighbor’s granddaughter,
Too bad she could not breathe under water.
All the opponents were finally dead,
Strangely, the twins were not happy, but sad.
Something they knew from the very beginning:
The Holy Grail War had but only one winner.
Six souls sent to hell was miracle’s price,
So cruel indeed was that wishing device.
In Len’s sinful hands appeared a knife,
He aimed it to take his own sister’s life,
But she knew him well to expect such a turn,
And into a fire pushed him to burn.
Screaming in agony, he looked back at Rin,
Her beautiful face showing last slyest grin.

Over Rin’s body Len shed countless tears,
Only if victory could have been his,
He would have wished to return her from dead,
Even if he got to hell in her stead.


Oh, I think I missed neighbor's granddaughter's name, she was supposed to be Kaai Yuki.

So, maybe it can go like this?

And number five – neighbor’s granddaughter,
Too bad Yuki couldn't breathe under water.


Приятные рассказы :) Спасибо


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Wait, what, it also had neither Rin's boyfriend's nor Len's girlfriend's name? They were supposed to be Kaito and Gumi, as far as I remember.
Damn, I was like "oh, I missed Yuki's name, well, no big deal, quick fix", while actually half the names were missing...
I feel like an idiot.


This is mostly a copied scene from Hibike! Euphonium Season 2 Episode 11 "Hatsukoi Trumpet" with some dialogue changed. You might want to rewatch it first. Or after reading this, replacing the dialogue with that from this story in your head. Or have it side by side. Anyway, it goes from 07:17 until 11:50.

Yakusoku no Élégie

(Hibike! Euphonium, death, consensual)

At that evening Kumiko felt almost choking under the weight of loneliness. Ever since her elder sister knocked heads with their parents and moved out to live her own life, the atmosphere at home was rather detached. Or maybe it was always that way? As if they weren’t even a family, but just some strangers who happened to live under the same room and only tolerated the presence of each other because they had no other place to go.
Kumiko’s father was working late as usual, though she wouldn’t be surprised if on that day it came not out of a necessity, but rather out of being not so eager to come home. Kumiko was leisurely eating her supper in a silent company of her mother who in spite of sitting at the same table looked distant and unreachable. Kumiko couldn’t really blame her though as her own thoughts were also far from home. What bothered her the last few days was how she was seemingly avoided by Reina, her… bandmate? Friend? Beloved? What exactly do these words mean anyway? Kumiko couldn’t just put a label on Reina like that. Reina was Reina. She was special, different from anyone else. Ah, what an exercise in futility, trying to put feelings into words. Maybe she could try expressing them with music instead? Kumiko wondered what kind of piece it could have been…
As if waiting for Kumiko to think of music, a melody sounded from her phone signaling an incoming text message. Oh, and it was from Reina too. Finally a reply after several days of seemingly unprovoked ignoration. Not quite the reply Kumiko hoped for though, as it said: “I am going to kill you”. Before she could even comprehend it, the second message appeared on the screen: “Can you come out right now?” Well, at least Kumiko would have a chance to talk to Reina before being killed.
“Sheesh, Kumiko,” her mother sighed, “Doesn’t dad tell you not to play with your phone over dinner?”
“Yeah…” Kumiko replied absentmindedly as she typed “Okay” and sent it back.
She wondered if she should forego dinner and come out right now just as Reina asked. Reina wasn’t a kind of person to joke about killing people, so Kumiko would most probably not need that supper anyway. But if she just dashes away in the middle of eating, it would look suspicious. So for now Kumiko has just put her phone aside and returned to her food as if nothing happened.
“Thanks for the meal”, Kumiko recited when she finished.
“You can go, I’ll wash the dishes”, her mother commented.
“Thanks”, Kumiko said, rising from the table. “I think I’ll go for a walk”.
“At this hour?” mother sighed. “Try to come home before dad does if you don’t want him to get mad”.
“Sure”, Kumiko replied as she headed out.
She knew she wouldn’t come home before dad or ever, but it’s not like she could tell her mother she was going to be killed.

Kumiko ran to the meeting place to compensate for the time she spent finishing her dinner, but of course Reina was already there waiting. Since she told to come ‘right now’ she had probably already been there when she sent the text.
“Sorry”, Kumiko apologized as she tried to catch her breath. “I’m late”.
Reina didn’t reply and just headed away. What, did she call for her just to ignore her face to face? Or did she mean she wanted Kumiko to follow? Thankfully, Reina had deigned to break the silence before getting too far to be heard.
“Let’s go to the Daikichi Mountain”, she said.
“Huh? Why?” Kumiko wondered, but followed obediently.
“I’ll push you down from it”, Reina explained.
They went up the stairs in awkward silence, cicadas chirping only emphasizing the lack of spoken words. Or was it only awkward for Kumiko? Reina was steadily leading the way, lighting the path with a flashlight, while Kumiko was stumblingly staggering behind not even daring to glance at Reina’s back, instead looking around as if in hope to stumble onto a suitable topic to start a conversation with, but there was only the darkness of the night forest. Well, darkness it is then…
“It’s so dark, isn’t it?” Kumiko noted totally failing to sound natural.
“Want to leave then?” Reina countered without even looking back at Kumiko.
“No, that’s not what I meant!” Kumiko hurried to assure.
“You know I’m going to invoke the promise, right?” Reina didn’t even bother to stop walking.
“I guess so”, Kumiko replied.
So that was it then. The promise they had that if Kumiko ever betrays Reina, Reina can kill her. Kumiko only wished she knew what her betrayal was. Not because she wanted to make sure it’s worth killing her. As long as it’s by Reina’s hands, Kumiko was fine to die on her whim. But Reina wasn’t a kind of person to kill on a whim. If she wants to kill Kumiko, she must really feel betrayed. And it bothered Kumiko that she had hurt Reina so much without even realizing it.
“Do you know why?” Reina continued her stiff-necked interrogation.
“Uh, well, in a way…” Kumiko mumbled uncertainly. “More like: is it that thing, I wonder?”
“That thing?” Reina has finally stopped and it didn’t seem like a good sign.
“If you don’t know, you should just say so”, Reina coldly decreed.
“But how am I supposed to know?!” Kumiko’s voice wavered as her clumsy pretense broke. “We were just talking normally! I didn’t do anything different! I didn’t say anything!”
“That’s the point”, Reina said.
“Eh?” Kumiko didn’t have the time to process Reina’s words, as Reina was already continuing her way up, so Kumiko followed shortly.

“We made it…” Kumiko sighed as they have finally arrived to the sightseeing platform. “So cold”, she shivered, as the forest didn’t protect her from the wind anymore.
Reina didn’t let herself be dragged into an empty conversation again and just silently came up to the railing. She gazed over the night city for some time and then…
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” she screamed her lungs out as if trying to banish something from her soul.
“Reina…” Kumiko breathed out sympathetically, not daring to come by.
“Kumiko,” Reina called and Kumiko flinched at hearing her name. “You knew, didn’t you?”
“Eh?” Kumiko was still confused.
“About Taki-sensei’s wife”, Reina elaborated, the coldness in her voice giving way to grief.
“Ah…” Kumiko was startled now. “How do you..?”
“When we returned the keys to Taki-sensei, I saw the photo and couldn’t help but wonder. I asked Hashimoto-sensei and he said: aah, did Oumae-san tell you?”
“I see…” was all that Kumiko could say.
Finally, for the first time since they started their way up the mountain, Reina looked back at Kumiko, her eyes full of sorrow.
“Why did you hide it from me?” she asked.
“Because I didn’t want to hurt you”, Kumiko replied firmly.
“I know”, Reina said, her own voice wavering now. “You wanted the best for me and I can’t be mad at that. But even if you betrayed out of good intentions, I still have to kill you. That was the promise”, Kumiko noticed the teardrops forming in the corners of Reina’s eyes.
“I’m sorry”, Kumiko said. “So you weren’t ignoring me because you were mad”, she understood. “You were avoiding having to kill me”.
“I was shocked by how weak I am”, Reina said, turning back to the city again not to let Kumiko see her tears. “When I realized I’d have to kill you, I freaked out like crazy. *gulp* I… *sniff* I don’t know how I could even make a promise like that? I’m the worst…”
Kumiko came by and sat on the rail next to Reina, her back to the city.
“But I realize that at the moment I have to focus on the Nationals”, Reina dared to look at Kumiko again. “That’s why I called you here. To kill you off and forget about it for now”.
“Mm-hmm”, Kumiko nodded as she gently took Reina’s hand in hers and put it on her chest. “You might say once again that I’m awful for saying this, but his wife is no more”.
Reina’s eyes sparkled in the moonlight full with tears as she pushed the other girl over the railing.
“I’m rooting for you”, Kumiko smiled before slipping down.
A sad trumpet could be heard over the Daikichi mountain that night.

(Author’s note: here’s the Daikichi mountain sightseeing platform It doesn't look like you can really fall do death here, but for artistic purposes let’s imagine there is a vertical cliff instead. It’s not like you knew it was a real place before I gave you the link anyway).


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Unfortunately I still don't have any new stories finished.
So maybe I'll throw in something old and unfinished.
This seems to by my only story with original characters, isn't it?
Unfortunately, didn't go very far.
Anyway, here it goes...

Siyana's Daily Life

(various sorts of guro, just a bit of scat, all casual)

Siyana woke up from a funny sensation in her nether regions. She stretched out, savoring the pleasant sensation, before opening her eyes to see what it was. As she expected, the twelve-year-old girl found herself leisurely lying in her bed. Her body wasn’t covered by any type of clothes or bed sheets, which made it impossible not to notice how her prolapsed cervix was sticking out of her pussy. Apparently, her brother a bit overdid with bedtime fisting. So now, their pet dog Rex, who used to wake Siyana up by licking her pussy, was taking advantage and yummily chewing the girl’s cervix.
“Oh, it’s you, Rex”, Siyana gave him a pat on the head with her left hand. “Thanks for always waking me up”.
“Woof!” the dog replied cheerfully without letting the girl’s cervix out of its jaws.
Keeping patting Rex’s head with one hand, Siyana assumed a sitting position in her bed and took the alarm clock from the bedside table to turn off the alarm. It was seven o’clock in the morning, which meant there was still a whole hour before the school starts.
Meanwhile Rex rested his forelegs on Siyana’s thighs, sunk his fangs deep into the girl’s cervix and pulled. The cervix stretched out of the girl’s pussy for good ten centimeters, the sensation of it almost tearing off making the girl throw back her head and produce a moan of pleasure. The dog stopped and looked ingratiatingly in Siyana’s eyes, while lively waging his tail.
“Hee-hee”, the girl giggled as she realized what her dog was going for. “It’s okay, let me help you”, she said as she put the alarm clock back and took a knife instead.
It was a segmented blade utility knife that Siyana kept on her bedside table at nights as she often played with it. She positioned it in the middle of the sticking out part of her cervix and began to cut it, as Rex helped by holding the loose end in his jaws. Before the cut was complete, the force of dog pulling became enough to tear off his part of cervix, sending jolts of orgasm through Siyana’s body.
“Here you are”, Siyana said panting. “Enjoy your meal”.
“Woof!” the dog replied happily as it retreated to a room’s corner to savor the obtained meat without disturbance.
Siyana examined her end of the torn cervix. The part she did with the knife was cut clean and neat, but the part where it was torn off by force looked like a mess. Siyana fixed it with some more cutting, throwing the freshly cut pieces down her throat, appreciating the exquisite taste. No wonder Rex couldn’t resist it.
Another problem was all the blood that gushed from the open wound. Siyana didn’t want to pass out of blood loss just after she woke up. The knife wasn’t of help here, but before putting it back on the night table, there was one more use for it. Siyana positioned the knife vertically right in front of her face and licked it, pressing her tongue hard against the blade, so that it was cut in two. She swallowed the blood and moved her now split tongue around inside her mouth to check its flexibility. It worked all right, after a bit of practice she could even move each part almost independently. Satisfied by the result, the girl finally got up from the bed and approached the desk to examine the stationery
“Here it is!” the girl said as she found a stapler.
With this she proceeded to a full-length mirror and carefully fixed her cervix with several staples along the tear. There was still some blood dripping, but instead of a wild waterfall gushing straight down it was now forming elegant red lines along the curves of her legs. Since Siyana was at the mirror anyway, she also took the chance to comb her short-cut strawberry blond hair that framed her fair face with big green eyes shining with cheerfulness.
“Good morning, sunshine”, she heard a voice from the doorway.
“Morning, Stoyan”, the girl replied, staying focused on combing her hair, as she could see her brother in the mirror. Athletic fourteen-year-old boy with chestnut hair in a standard men’s “just cut it short” haircut and brown eyes was as naked as his sister, revealing his morning wood. Stoyan came up and hugged his little sister from behind with his erect dick pressing against her back. Siyana finally put away the hair comb and turned her head to give her brother a loving kiss, playing with his tongue using her two halves, and letting the blood from the fresh wound add its unique flavor to the kiss.
“Oh, you’ve cut your tongue?” Stoyan noticed.
“Just felt like trying that”, Siyana answered. “What do you think of it?” she asked as she stuck her tongue out and spread the halves apart to better demonstrate the split.
“It’s good to try new things from time to time”, Stoyan said. “Just don’t overdo it to the point of getting bored”.
“Yeah, just like you did with fisting”, Siyana commented. “You didn’t even care to put my cervix back in, so it became Rex’s breakfast”, she showed her stapled cervix.
“Woof!” the dog barked, proudly demonstrating that he ate all of his share.
“Ha-ha-ha!” Stoyan couldn’t help laughing at it. “Sorry”.
“It’s all right”, Siyana said. “It was a funny way to wake up”.
“Well then, let’s go to the bathroom”, Stoyan suggested.
“Sure thing”, his sister replied, taking his erect dick in her hand and leading the way.

“Sunshine”, Stoyan asked as they came to the bathroom. “Can I try masturbating with your cervix?”
“Please do”, Siyana answered. “Just let me have some dick cheese first”.
Siyana licked the delicious cheese with her split tongue, savoring its peculiar taste, before taking a sit on the edge of the bathtub. Stoyan then took her prolapsed cervix in his right hand and positioned his dick next to the entrance. There was enough blood for a lubricant, so he didn’t do any foreplay and just shoved his dick inside, or rather put sister’s cervix on his dick as a sex toy. The staples’ ends scratched his dick, providing additional stimulation. Finding that to his liking, Stoyan moved the living sex toy back and forth on his dick, scratching it to blood. Soon he felt an imminent orgasm coming.
“Cumming!” he notified as he pulled his bloody dick out of his sister.
Siyana knew what to do and quickly assumed a kneeling position on the floor and took her brother’s dick with her lips. The next moment a stream of hot semen began rapidly filling her mouth, mixing with some blood that came from her tongue, from her cervix and from her brother’s dick. As Stoyan saw his sister couldn’t fit any more cum in her mouth, he withdrew his dick from it and let the rest of the cum cover her beautiful face. Finally, as he finished cumming, the boy kneeled before his sister and licked his cum from her face until it was clean before they kissed and shared the cum evenly. Without saying anything to not spill any cum the siblings stood up, came up to the sink with a mirror over it, took their toothbrushes and brushed their teeth with the foamy cum, pink from all the blood. After properly brushing their teeth, they swallowed the cum.
“Wow”, Stoyan said as he finally could speak. “I wonder what a proper blowjob would feel with that split tongue of yours”.
“We don’t have time for that now”, Siyana replied. “Maybe next time”.
“I’ll hold you to that,” Stoyan said. “Ready for a wash?”
“Sure”, Siyana answered and once again lowered to her knees.
Her brother aimed his now rather limp dick on her face and released all the pee that collected in his bladder overnight. Siyana kept her eyes open for the pleasant tingling her brother’s pee made when getting in them and took time to wash her face with her hands under the stream. A lot of it flowed down on her body, making it sparkle gold and smell nice.
“Thanks”, Siyana said to her brother for helping her washing her face. “Now it’s your turn”, and they repeated the same procedure with roles changed.

As Siyana prepared breakfast, Stoyan went to check the kids’ room. He discovered that Snovid, Siyana’s eldest son from her father, was already awake. The five-year-old boy was sitting on the edge of the bed masturbating as he had a neurohelmet on his head being his only piece of clothing. Behind his back on the bed was peacefully sleeping his little sister Lada, three-year-old daughter of Siyana and Stoyan. Stoyan came up to unnoticing Snovid and forcefully pulled the helmet of his head.
“Huh?” without stopping his masturbation, the boy looked around in confusion, as if he couldn’t comprehend where he was, only after a few seconds his eyes focused on his uncle.
Stoyan put the helmet on his own head to check what it was running. As soon as it established connection with his brain, Stoyan suddenly felt immense pain all over his body so that he could barely stand straight. As he expected, the neurohelmet was set for direct pain induction. Stoyan fought the urge to enjoy it more and put the helmet off.
“So you’re playing helmet first thing in the morning”, he noted strictly.
“Sorry…” Snovid replied, but he didn’t sound like he really was, not with his hand still stroking his dick.
Stoyan took the kid’s head with his hands and forced his dick, erect from trying the helmet, right in Snovid’s left eye, immediately destroying it. But before Stoyan could enjoy some eye-socket sex, Snovid pushed him back. The kid screamed of pain and retreated to the farther side of the bed, crawling over Lada, with his dick immediately cumming due to such stimulation and spouting semen all over the girl’s face.
“Mmm…” woken up Lada moaned as she instinctively licked the cum from her lips before opening her eyes. “Ah, daddy! Good morning!”
“Good morning, Lada”, Stoyan said. “Look, your brother is so obsessed with that virtual pain, he can’t even stand some real”.
“Whataver…” Snovid said through tears. “In a month I’ll be six and get to live on my own”.
“Daddy, you don’t have to be so harsh to Snovid”, Lada gently said as she got from under the blanket, standing on her knees and hugging her brother from behind to comfort him, her nakedness revealing a vibrating pink dildo in her pussy that must have been there through all the night. “And if you want to have some eye-fuck, you can always use me”.
“Just go wash your faces, you two, and come to have breakfast”, Stoyan sighed.
“Okay~!” Lada answered lively and dragged her brother out of the room, seemingly not even noticing the vibrator falling out of her pussy on the way.
Stoyan picking it up with a warm smile and licked Lada’s juices from it before turning the vibration off and putting it on the wireless charging shelf along with the neurohelmet and other toys. After that he approached a cradle where in a mix of their own excrements slept the newborn twin girls Snezhana and Tsvetana. They were Siyana’s daughters from unknown man or, most probably, two different men, as Tsveta’s brown skin gave out her partly African origin while Snezha’s skin was even more fair than her mother’s. The babies were woken up by all the noise and looked like they were considering if they should start crying.
“It’s all right, all right”, Stoyan gently said as he took the shit-stained babies out of their cradle and put them on the bed. “I’m going to feed you now”.
He put his dick to Tsveta’s lips first and she started sucking on it, so that soon it produced her favorite kind of milk. Stoyan made sure to only let half of his cum out before putting his dick in Snezha’s mouth to release the rest. With their hunger satisfied, the girls laughed happily and as Stoyan one after another put them back in their cradle, which was slowly but steadily turning into a shit bath, they peed onto him as if in gratitude.
“Such little girls, but you can already tell the best moment to pee”, Stoyan said proudly, licking the pee from his lips. “You two will go places for sure!”
After admiring for a bit how the twins proceeded to their favorite game of smearing the fecal masses on each other bodies until they are both equally brown, Stoyan left the room.

Meanwhile in the dining room Siyana was serving the breakfast when Snovid and Lada got there.
“Have you washed yourselves?” Siyana asked. “Ah, I see, you did”, she added as she noticed how the kids were glistering in each other’s pee. “Please, sit down”.
The table was surrounded by metal poles about one meter tall and two inches in diameter, each ending with a bit thicker ball. Snovid helped Lada climb on one and shove the ball in her pussy before letting her go. Lada fell with all her weight on the pole, the ball tearing through her cervix and hitting hard the inside of her womb. The shock immediately sent the girl into the realm of orgasm, and as her feet couldn’t reach the floor, she was shaking in pleasure while all of her weight kept resting on the ball in her womb. Snovid didn’t wait for her orgasm to end before pushing a button near the base of the pole which made the ball on the end release spikes, fixing its position in Lada’s womb. After helping his sister assume her seat, Snovid sat on the one next to hers, shoving the pole in his ass until he was at comfortable height at the table before fixing it in place with spikes.
“So, Snovid, what happened to your eye?” Siyana asked, as she sat opposite to kids.
“Well… um…” the boy mumbled.
“I just went a bit overboard licking his eye”, Lada came to his defense, “and accidentally gouged it”.
“Right, right, that’s how it was”, Snovid hurried to confirm.





Wow, that was... Something.

I don't know for l how to describe it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!


This was really good. Totally fits what I like too.
I even think I could so some pictures for this story or maybe all comic. if you are willing to do some editing and putting speech bubbles.



I'm glad you like my story, but I wonder if it is indeed worth it to turn it into a comic. After all it's not even a proper finished story, just a couple of pages of some randomness that just stops in the middle of a conversation.

Though I had a whole world concept behind it in my head, I'll try to write it down, so if anyone's interested, feel free to pick it up.

The setting is a utopia where robots do all the work, all the material needs are fulfilled for free, the world is united and governed by a computer network called "Heaven". All people have nanomachines in them that synchronize their brain with a digital copy in the cloud. If a person dies, they are restored in a clone body with their brain restored from the digital copy. One can say it is still death and it's just a copy who gets to live on, not the original person. But since the synchronization is in real time and the nanomachines get into a person before they even have the brain (probably they populate every cell of the body, so the eggs and sperms too, so they have nanomachines in them before they are even conceived), there is no point in considering the organic brain the main one. And if you look at if from the point of view of the digital brain, it doesn't die every time a body dies, so the experience is perfectly continuous. Think of it as if the digital brain is the actual person while a human body is just a temporary replaceable vessel for it. This way you can die for the fun of it as many times as you want.
The nanomachines can also repair some amount of damage to human body. Simple cuts and bruises go without saying. But you can also go all the way and cut off your limb and you don't have to care about blood loss, the limb won't regrow, but the blood will stop rather quickly, new blood will be generated to account for the loss. The exception is major blood vessels in the neck, the blood loss is rapid and deprives the brain itself of blood, so you pass out before it can be repaired. Still, it will be repaired and you'll be revived and wake up perfectly fine. So you can just cut your neck in case you want to fall asleep quickly or in an environment that is to noisy for you to sleep on your own for example.
More severe damage, like a missing limb, can be repaired in a shcool's infirmary. Which is probably quicker then dying and waiting to respawn, otherwise they wouldn't bother. So let's say regrowing a limb might take a few hours and growing a whole new clone body - a few days. Now, the reason they don't just store those bodies beforehand is probably to prevent people from spending all the time just dying again and again for the fun of it.
Either due to help of nanomachines or some genetic engineering or both people are also:
- immune to cold; they probably still feel it, but it doesn't harm them, so they got used to it and learned to enjoy the sensation just as they learned to enjoy pain;
- can digest or at least harmlessly eat mostly anything. What is rotten food for us is totally all right for them as long as they don't mind the taste. Eating shit probably doesn't give them much calories as it's already stripped from all the valuable stuff, but won't hurt either, so the ones who enjoy its taste can eat it without hesitation. Drinking pee goes without saying. Eating dirt or sand or something won't hurt them either. More solid things like iron nails might hurt by physically damaging the eater's insides, but that's not a problem of digesting.
- don't use drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, as the nanomachines would do their best to neutralize them anyway. And who would want drugs when you can have fun by cutting up your little sister, fucking her head, then jumping from a skyscraper, and you both will be just fine.
- develop faster, both mentally and physically. A person is considered adult since the age of six, or for girls since giving their first birth if that happens earlier (most to at 6 anyway).
- cute and beautiful, so they can go naked without having to worry that it might be aesthetically not pleasing. Which includes not having body hair.

- The "Heaven" actually consists of digital brains of previous generations.
- The best age to "ascend" to "Heaven" is considered to be right after graduating from school: the brain is still young and healthy, but already has all the basic knowledge and experience. This is why the graduation ceremony in this world resembles one from Juan Gotoh's manga, only with no parents to see it (though younger siblings, children, friends etc might come as audience instead). The graduates are killed one final time, probably with a method of their choosing, and then instead of being revived in a new cloned body their digital brain is connected to the "Heaven" where it's individual consciousness will dissolve in the whole over some time (which is said to be very very pleasant).
- It is also considered good to have some diversity in Heaven, so not everyone ascends on the day of their graduation. Some are allowed to ascend younger for various accomplishments, like having best grades in class in the end of each school year, or winning sports competitions. Others choose not to ascend on the graduation day to continue their education, either because they're interested in some subject or because they're determined to contribute more experience to Heaven. They can choose to ascend whenever they want (which is usually within next 5-10 years, in rare cases up to 20 years). During that time they also have an obligation to be teachers in schools, which is the only job still held by humans. Which also means there are no teachers in further education, so it's all about self-education actually. On the other hand since people in this future are also intellectually superior than us, the level they study in high school is about what we study in university. So further education in their world goes even further, to the point where its as much learning from prior knowledge as doing their own scientific research.
- Since people are immune to cold, the need of clothes doesn't exist. Clothes exist, but serve only decorative purpose, like jewelry. Not wearing anything is casual, wearing just a small piece or few that don't really cover anything is cute, wearing a luxurious fancy dress is fashionable (might or might not cover private parts), but wearing clothes that both covers a lot and is not fancy enough to make it look fashionable (so basically most real world outfits) is bad taste.
- Sex and even snuff is free. For sex you don't even need to ask for permission, just start fucking them and they'll let you know if it's unwanted. For injuring someone you're supposed to at least grab their attention first so that they're aware of your plans and don't show any sing that they mind. For killing someone you should properly ask them for permission. However these aren't really laws, just an accepted standard of behavior. If you fuck, injure and kill people who clearly express discontent with it, you'll be considered rude and if you keep doing it people might start avoiding you or fight you back with your own means, but you won't get into jail or something. If nothing can meaningfully harm a person, the concept of crime becomes virtually non-existent. It should also be noted that most people see sex, pain and death as fun, so you'll have to try to find ones who actively oppose it first. Also, the norms apply among strangers, of course in your family you can have your own norms, like if you know your beloved daughter will never mind you killing her, then you don't have to ask for permission and can try and take her by surprise.
- For children you also want to make sure their legal guardian doesn't mind. Also for children younger then 1 year it is considered harmful for their development to injure and kill them too much.
- Speaking of children's development, by the age of 1 year they can walk and talk more or less fine and so considered to be independent enough to not require constant supervision. So they can be left home alone or let to play outside and explore the city all by themselves. Or even left in charge of younger babies. Actually, as long as their legal guardian doesn't mind, they can just live by themselves on the streets. If food is free and nothing can harm you in any meaningful way, why not.
- Speaking of cities, since all the population is schoolchildren and teachers, they're actually settlements around schools, little enough to not require cars to navigate. Bicycles, push scooters and such might be in use, but there's just no need for cars in cities even if they're electrically powered. Cars might be used to travel between cities though.
- Now, about families. A concept of marriage as some special legal status doesn't exist. People might fall in love with each other and live together, but there's no legal procedure about it and property doesn't become shared. Also relationships have nothing to do with sex because everyone has sex with everyone anyway. So two (or more) straight men might choose to live together if they like the company of each other and while they won't have sex with each other, they won't see any contradictions in it because for them sex and cohabitation are not connected in the first place. That is, if sexual orientations still exist which probably doesn't fit with not needing their permission before starting to fuck anyone. But even if everyone is bisexual, if there are two people who want to live together and for some reason don't want to have sex with each other, while the latter might be seen as weird, nobody will consider it having any effect on the former.
- Since everyone has sex with everyone, usually nobody knows who the father of the baby is and they don't really care. Even if the father is known, only the mother is a legal guardian of the child and the father has no rights of his own. If the mother wants so, she can also live with the father of her baby as a family, but it's her right to choose.
- Every adult (6+) person has a right to own a house (which are build by robots in any quantity necessary). They don't have to invoke that right if they're fine living in someone else's or just on the streets (if it's acceptable for children, then even more so for adults). If they do invoke it, they are given a house from the pool of unowned houses, and they can invite other adults to live with them (who then get to agree or decline). If they have any wards (children or adoptive children), they'll automatically move in too. The owner can also kick them out whenever they want. The cohabitants don't have a say in the owner's choosing of other cohabitants, because there's no point in democracy when you can vote by moving out any moment.
- An owner can give their house away to someone in particular (who also has to accept it) or just return in to the pool.
- If you owned a house and then moved into someone else's without giving out yours, your ownership is preserved for, say, a month in case you would want to come back. During that month you can't invite or kick out inhabitants, though they can move out on their own. Then if you don't return after a month, the house returns to the pool.
- If the owner didn't show up at their house for a month, then even if they didn't move in with someone else, their house returns to the pool as the owner is considered to have abandoned it.
- If the owner ascends to heaven, their hose is returned to the pool.
- When a house is returned to the pool, there's order of "inheritance" (in quotes because the owner doesn't have to actually ascend for it to happen), in which some people can claim the house. The order of relationship for it might look about like this:
1) owner's mother if the owner is not adopted;
2) owner's children;
3) owner's siblings;
4) owner's aunts and uncles if the owner is not adopted;
5) owner's grandmother, if neither the owner nor the mother are adopted;
6) owner's grandchildren;
7) owner's cousins;
Then the actual order of inheritance is:
1) any coinhabitants in order of relationship;
2) all the other relatives in order of relationship;
3) any other coinhabitants;
The order withing the same group of relationship is by seniority.
Now, that doesn't mean the first person in that order who happens to be alive will inherit.
First, one person can only own one house at a time.
Which means, first: one would only claim the house if they want this house in particular.
Second: to claim it for themselves one should either not own a house already or give their old house up (either finding a new owner for it or opening another inheritance). But there's also a trick that you can claim a house for someone else, though they have to accept it. Basically as if you claimed it for yourself and then gave it up, but saves your ownership of your other house. But you might have a hard time finding someone who's not in the line of inheritance already but for some reason wants this house in particular.
If nobody claims the house, it is properly returned to the pool where it can be given to a random person.
- The inhabitants of the house which is returned to the pool can keep living there (though the chances are if they want to live there, one of them would just claim it for themselves, but I'll leave this paragraph here just in case), but can not to invite new cohabitants or kick out each other, though they of course can still move out on their own.
- A mother has a right to give up her child for adoption in following ways:
a) find an adoptive parent by herself and give up a child upon mutual agreement, this implies the mother takes care of the child until it is adopted.
b) offer the child for adoption for anyone willing to adopt, in this case she can choose if she keeps the child until someone comes to adopt them or gives it up to a robot-run orphanage to get rid of it right away, either way she can't refuse whoever comes to adopt the child.
Any adult guy or a girl can adopt a child and will have all the rights and obligations a mother usually has, except the right of inheritance. This including the right to give it up for adoption again. Note that since there's no institute of marriage, there's also no concept of sharing children. One child can only have one legal guardian at a time.
- If a mother ascends, her underage children are offered for adoption to anyone.
- In case where the child is offered for adoption to anyone (whether by giving up or bu ascension), relatives can claim the child in order of inheritance (extra position of the owner of the house is added before all the other coinhabitants in case the mother doesn't live in her own house) before it is offered to everyone else.
- For most of other personal possessions beside houses people don't care because they're all replaceable for free. So moving is rarely a big problem, mostly one can get all of their really important stuff in one or two bags and carry by hands. And if one happens to be a collector who likes to assume masses of personal possessions, they would likely get their own house so that they don't have to care about moving. Finally, if someone still has a need to move a lot of stuff, maybe there is a couple of self-driving electric vans in the city just for such a case. To think of it, there should also be some machinery to build new houses every so often as the population grows.
- Speaking of population though, since every city is just one school and housing for its students (and some infrastructure like a 'hospital' that is essentially a cloning factory where you get revived after death, a 'shop' where you can get all you material stuff like food and towels and whatever for free, an aforementioned orphanage, a station for the construction machinery and vans, some recreational stuff like cinemas and gaming arcades, and so on), the population of the cities must be limited by the size of the school. Luckily, people in this world don't like big crowds, so the bigger the city, the more people in it are sealing to move to a smaller city, including new ones constantly being constructed. When nothing can harm you and on top of that you have cheap fusion energy, no place on Earth is uninhabitable. And it doesn't have to be limited to Earth too. Any excess population can be sent out to colonize space.


Considering your story ending I think it was very good.
I don't know what better could be doe in that setting, unless you continue indefinitely.
Of course if we try to turn it into comic you will have to do some adjustments add think more on how to make it look good in picture.

In general it does not have to be this story, but if you want some illustrations for your stuff, I can try to do them.


> Considering your story ending I think it was very good.
Well, thanks, though it wasn't really an ending, just a point where I stopped writing.
> I don't know what better could be doe in that setting, unless you continue indefinitely.
To continue as long as I have inspiration for it was basically the plan, but I didn't expect the inspiration to end so quickly.
> Of course if we try to turn it into comic you will have to do some adjustments add think more on how to make it look good in picture.
We can cooperate on it via e-mail or something. You can write me by clicking on my nickname in the opening post of this thread.
> In general it does not have to be this story, but if you want some illustrations for your stuff, I can try to do them.
That would be great, thanks!
Siyana's life seems to be my only work with original characters though. Can you do existing characters like Ayanami Rei or Kinomoto Sakura? Or maybe even Gerda and Little Robber Girl from the Soviet animation?
Speaking of what would look good in comic, I have these Russian stories "Innocence" (on Vocaloids of which I imagine you have a chance to find 3d models in the Internet) and "Slavya and the horse" (on a Russian VN titled Everlasting Summer, for which I imagine there aren't such models), they don't have any guro in them (though "Innocence" has a lot of urination and "Slavya and the horse" as the name suggests has some bestiality, also both are focused on causal nudity and sex), but a lot of casual nudity and I was always thinking how such stories might fit much better as comic (or animation). Imagine an episode of any slice of life anime with the only difference is the character being naked and the camera taking advantage of it at times (but not overdoing it), but all the other characters still react like it was normal. But even if none of the characters pay attention to the nudity, you as a viewer still have it in front of your eyes during the whole episode which makes watching it erotic. Now imagine the same in text. First it'll have to start with something like "she woke up, didn't dress up and went to school" which feels unnatural already because why would one write of what doesn't happen? The anime shows us how she wakes up and how she goes to school, there wouldn't be a scene of "not dressing up" because it isn't even an event. But then it goes even further as the text will say "she got to school, talked to friends, took the lessons, had lunch, spent some time in her club and went home". Somewhere during the half of that list you've already forgot our character was doing all of that in the nude, right? And it was just a line of text, not the whole chapter. And then if you write "she got to school naked, talked to friends naked, took the lessons naked, had lunch naked, spent some time in her club naked and went home naked" that doesn't sound very good either, right? In the anime there isn't such a problem cause you just see that she's naked, so it doesn't have to say it aloud every so often. But in text that's tricky.
Anyway, I mentioned them to ask if you might be interested in illustrations for such things too, or only guro?


I can do non guro stuff, and in fact, this is much easier, because I do not need to modify models that much.
so if you want that kind of manga with casual nudity I do not see any problems, but you will have to make pretty detailed explanations of what scenes you want.
what means you will be required to write the new story or act like movie director :)
If you want only few pictures or even animation I can do whatewer you want, but if you want something very long I will not do entire slice of life anime episode.

My model choice is quite limited to realistic people( if you want detailed anatomy) and some anime models(nearme, chibibell, cookie ...), but almost none of those are popular characters.
It is only possible to construct a somewhat similar character using appropriate hair and clothes.
In general, I do not care about characters that much I prefer them to be original because if you have existing character everyone may already have different expectations about them. Like for example, I have very different idea about Gerda and Robber girl and your story is quite out of character for me.
I did not watched CardCaptor Cakura so I only know her from hentai mangas LOL

I will write email to you later.


Ice cream

(bleeding out, casual)

Hearing the door open, I turned towards it and saw two kids come in. A girl of about eight years old with fair skin, medium-length wavy light blond hair, kind bright sky-blue eyes and winsome angelic smile. Accompanying her was a boy with a very similar face, must be her brother. He had a slightly more tanned skin, shaggy hair just a shade darker than his sister, a mischievous twinkle in his innocent blue eyes and a perky smile with a couple of missing teeth adding to its charm. He was a year or two older than his sister, but still young enough to also walk naked around the streets at this hot summer day.
“Welcome to the blood donations center”, even though it was a cliché like, I smiled genuinely at the cute little angels. “Do you two want to donate your blood?”
“Just my sister”, the boy replied, putting a hand on her shoulder, pushing her forward towards me. “How much can I get for her?”
“It’s five dollars for a child”, answered. “Less blood than in adult, so less reward”.
“The ice cream we wanted is three”, the girl noted. “And two times three is…” she looked unhappy with the results.
“You won’t need one if you donate your blood”, the boy pointed out.
“Oh, indeed!” the girls realized, cheering up. “Then it’ll be enough”.
“So what’s your name, little one?” I asked as I gently patted her head.
“I’m Hope”, she said. “Will you take my blood?” she asked with childish curiosity.
“With pleasure, Hope”, I answered. “Please choose a free bed”.
I guided her to the back of the room where six beds stood in two rows. Two of the beds were already occupied by today’s previous donors. One was a fourteen years old girl, barefoot and wearing a yellow sundress, hem raised by her heavily pregnant belly, revealing the lack of panties. The girl’s fiery red hair contrasted with her now pale and cold skin, as her blood has long been drained from her body. Another donor was actually my own twelve years old nephew Paul, he had long straight raven-black hair and was wearing his favorite fancy pinkish dress with matching high-heel shoes. Paul came by to play and became curious about the whole blood donation thing, so I offered him to try by himself and he eagerly agreed. I’ve connected him to the machine just before Hope and her brother came in, so Paul was still awake, though only barely. He gave Hope a sleepy smile, as she lied down on a bed next to his and smiled back at him. As I inserted the needle into Hope’s vein and set up the machine to pump her blood out, she was curiously watching Paul’s consciousness slowly fade until he was staring through her with empty eyes.
“Has she just died?” Hope asked captivated by the sight.
“Paul there is a boy”, I grinned at how he was always mistaken for a girl. Is that because of his cute face, I wonder? “And he has only lost consciousness so far, he’ll properly die in another minute or two”.
“Oh”, Hope took a few second to process the information and then asked again: “But why is he wearing girlish clothes?”
“He took that dress off his girlfriend after killing her in some childish game”, I explained. “He’s been wearing it ever since as a memento”.
“Ah, I wish someone loved me like that,” she said dreamily.
Seems like that tone of voice is not just from her fantasizing, but she’s already getting sleepy from blood loss too.
“But I love you, sis”, her brother said, as he sat next to her on the bed.
“Thank you, Johnny”, she answered, “I love you too”.
Johnny took her hand in his.
I’ve always loved seeing children’s final parting. Their very special perspective of the world never fails to amaze me. Johnny isn’t selling Hope’s life so easily because he doesn’t care for her. The way they are looking at each other without need for words, just basking in each other’s loving stares, gives out just how much they both care for each other. But it just so happened that an ice cream stand caught their eye and they didn’t have any money on them, and so they’re here. Children are just straightforward like that. In fact, it is the ultimately pure and sincere nature of their love that lets them be like that. These siblings’ love has nothing to do with the feeling of ownership adults became used to call love. It wouldn’t occur to them to worry about losing each other as they don’t feel like owning each other in the first place. Adults have forgotten that true form of unconditional love that lets Johnny feel no regret donating his sister’s blood on a whim for a mere ice cream. I always watch kids closely to keep remembering. Do I succeed, I wonder as I glance at Paul. The machine shows it has finished pumping his blood, so he is now totally dead. I try to listen to my feelings as I disconnect him from the machine. There’s nothing but tenderness in my heart for Paul’s passing.
I turn back to Hope and Johnny. Hope seems to have lost consciousness by now, a gentle smile remaining on her senseless face. Johnny leans forward and gives her a gentle kiss in the lips, barely touching them as if trying not to wake his sister. He keeps holding her limp hand and stare into her empty eyes until the machine signals she is properly dead. I come up to disconnect her. Johnny raises his eyes towards me. They shine with the anticipation of the ice cream. I give him the money.
“Thank you!” he says with a bright smile, as he merrily runs outside.
I smile too, gazing after him, feeling sincere happiness for the ice cream he is going to buy. Childhood surely is great.


to bad the girl did not cum


Okay, so... Finally I've written something a bit more essental. Okay, started writing... It is unfinished and ends mid-action right now. But suddenly I'm very busy and I have no idea when I'll be able to return to writing it. So, seeing that the finished part is as long as some finished stories and separate scenes in it are rather self-contained and can be enjoyed on their own, I've decided to post it as it is now instead of letting it rest on my hard drive for God knows how long more.

Okay, here it goes...


(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, various methods of death, all consensual)

It was an ordinary day in school for Ayanami Rei. Staring out of the window thinking of nothing while teachers read their lections she didn’t care about. Not that she was indifferent to knowledge. Quite the contrary, she has read so many books there could hardly be anything new for her in school. She didn’t really understand why she had to attend the school if she already knew everything it could possibly teach her, but she didn’t question it. It was just the order of things, like sky being blue or her hair being the same color.
On the long break Ikari-kun came by. She expected her fellow Evangelion pilot must have had something job related to say, so she became all attention, staring at him intensely. But all he had to offer was a lunchbox. He made lunch for her? Why would he do that? Rei haven’t heard of any such instructions. But there weren’t instructions against it either, so Rei accepted. Ikari-kun smiled, whatever that was supposed to convey, and sat down with her, joining her at eating lunch and starting a casual conversation. He was one of the few people she ever talked too and the only one talking to whom didn’t irritate her. It was even somewhat enjoyable, though Rei couldn’t quite figure out why.
“By the way, Ayanami”, Ikari-kun said when they both finished their lunches and the long break was also coming to its end, “please, come to the old warehouse after classes today”.
Rei knew the warehouse in question. It was in the woods near the school and formally belonging to it, but no longer in use. She once overheard rumors about ghosts living in there. Of course Rei didn’t believe in such nonsense, but the lack of supernatural meant even less reason to bother visiting an abandoned building. But then why would Ikari-kun want her to go there? Might it be a secret NERV mission?
“Is it an order?” she wondered, as she haven’t heard of such.
“It isn’t”, Ikari-kun said, “but I would be glad if you came”.
Before Rei could say anything else, the ring signaled the start of the next lesson and Ikari-kun had to quickly retreat to his seat, leaving Rei to wonder at the nature of his request. What’s with the reasoning ‘because it would make him glad’? It didn’t make any logical sense, but somehow made Rei feel like complying.
For the rest of the classes Rei returned to her usual occupation of staring out of the window, but now her gaze was focused on the forest hiding the warehouse and her thoughts preoccupied with Ikari-kun’s words. He said it wasn’t an order, which must mean it was his personal request – something she never bothered with. Yet when it was coming from Ikari-kun, somehow it didn’t feel like an unnecessary bother. Usually indifferent to others, Rei wondered what Ikari-kun might want from her at that warehouse. She wanted to come at least to satisfy her curiosity, something she couldn’t remember when she felt last time. She figured it must be because the request itself was so strange and mysterious.
As the classes ended, Rei didn’t have to gather her things from the desk, as she didn’t bother to get them from her schoolbag anyway, though she had all the necessary books and writing instruments just in case. So as the last bell rang, Rei took her schoolbag and left the classroom, heading down the stairs. As she was changing from her school shoes, she overheard Sohryu-san complaining about another love letter she found in her shoe locker. Apparently the letter told Sohryu-san to come to the back of the school after classes. From the little dialogue Sohryu-san had with their class representative Horaki-san about the letter Rei got that the boy who wrote it must have been going to meet Sohry-san in the specified place to confess his love to her in person. Rei didn’t really understand all that love thing, but it struck her that it sounded pretty similar to Ikari-kun’s request. Might it be that he also wanted to confess his love? Rei had no idea how to react if that was the case. She wondered if she should ask Sohryu-san and Horaki-san for advice, but it was a pretty alien thought to Rei, so she took too much time contemplating it and the girls were already gone. Though part of Rei knew she was purposefully lingering, unwilling to make a decision and waiting for it to be made for her, so she can with clear conscious say it wasn’t her fault. Anyway the chance was lost and now Rei had to deal with it on her own, whatever ‘it’ was. And she figured that without knowing anything for sure the best she could do is to go and see for herself.

When Rei arrived at the old warehouse, Ikari-kun wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Rei didn’t remember seeing him on her way out of the school building, so most probably he had something else to do at school before coming here. But there was also a possibility that she didn’t notice him passing by when she was busy thinking of whether or not she should ask for advice from other girls, and that Ikari-kun was now waiting inside the warehouse. If it was even unlocked, of course. Rei figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the door: she would see if it was locked and if it wasn’t she would see if Ikari-kun was indeed inside. As Rei pushed the door, it offered some resistance from old unoiled hinges, but successfully opened. Rei made a few steps inside, but it was still too dark and she had to wait for her eyes to adjust to see the interior. What struck Rei immediately though was the smell. It was a strong smell of blood and rotten meat. And while it took Rei by surprise, even more of a surprise was when she realized it didn’t feel revolting. Rei might have been cold and emotionless, but was still a human and had reflexes to make her feel sick as a reaction to such smells. Yet those reflexes didn’t kick in this time. The putrid smell felt strangely familiar and almost homely. While Rei wondered why she had such weird reaction to that smell, her eyes have finally adapted to the darkness and what she saw gave her the answer. The smell felt so welcoming because it was the smell of her own death.
The warehouse, apart from all the junk left from when it was still in use, was filled with a number of dead bodies and body parts in various states of decay. And all of them belonged, or maybe it would be better to say used to belong to Ayanami Rei herself. That was not surprising by itself: Rei very well knew of her own nature as a clone, letting her wake up in a new body if killed. But she had no recollection of dying so many times, so naturally she felt curious about those deaths she missed. The bodies were all stark naked and each seemed to have died, or rather have been killed, in a different way. It didn’t take a genius to figure out this was not the first time Ikari-kun called her to the warehouse and each corpse was an outcome of one of the previous invitations. This time must have been no different, Rei realized, and no longer having to wonder about Ikari-kun’s intentions, she decided to explore the bodies while waiting for him.
The first one to catch her attention was impaled from her pussy to her mouth on a rusty metal tube, which was covered in dry traces of blood. One end of the tube stood on the floor, and another was leaning onto the highest shelf of a rack. The impaled body was standing on its knees on the floor facing the aisle, arms hanging limply to its sides. The living Rei couldn’t see the actual face very well though, as the dead Rei’s head had to be thrown all the way back for the tube to come out of her mouth, and the tube itself was also partially blocking the view. But even so it was fascinating for Rei to look at her own dead body and she couldn’t and didn’t even try to fight the temptation to touch it. Even though Rei expected it would be cold, feeling it with her own palm, as she traced her hand along the dead body’s curves, was a magical experience. Seeing one’s own death like this wasn’t supposed to be even possible, and while Rei was in a unique position where for her it was, it was still the first time it actually happened to her. Or at least the first time she could vividly remember, as she was starting to get a feeling it already happened before. Of course it did, her logic reassured her, as she must have had a similar experience each time she came to this warehouse and saw all the previous bodies. It must be just her brain blocking the memories related to her own death, something she knew she has experienced before when Akagi Naoko had strangled her to death. But back then Rei had eventually restored her memories, and so she knew she would be able to do this again. She just needed the right trigger and she felt examining the other corpses would probably help.
Rei took a couple of steps even deeper into the warehouse towards the rest of the corpses, but something took her attention in the corner of her eye and he turned back. Apparently there was another corpse she had almost missed on one of the shelves behind the impaled one. A torso laid there with severed limbs neatly placed by its sides. It seems this body was dismembered by the bloody axe that was left just beside it. The axe’s blunt side must have been used to crush the head, which looked like a real mess. Rei took what used to be her arm and stared at it with calm interest. She touched the dead hand’s fingers and twiddled with them, fascinated by their lack of reaction. Rei has even sniffed the arm, finding the sweet scent of her own death irresistibly alluring, before putting it back to the shelf. She wondered if Ikari-kun had crushed her head first, dismembering the dead body afterwards, of it he had cut her limbs off while she was still alive and only then dealt the finishing blow. Somehow, Rei hoped for the later, and the slowly returning memories told her that it was indeed how it happened, causing a hint of a smile to appear on her face.
As Rei continued her investigation, she has found something that struck her with its beauty. It was another dead Rei and she was sitting in the seiza position, her back leaned against a rack, and her abdomen displaying a cross cut. On top of that, a lot of intestines were pulled out and arranged as a garland with a few coils wrapped around dead Rei’s neck and even more hung along the shelves. As a final touch a couple of coils were resting on her knees and on top of those were dead Rei’s hands holding another coil of her own guts with her palms up as if offering them to the viewer. Rei searched her hazy memory for whether Ikari-kun arranged it while she was still alive, but the only image she could remember was one of him masturbating with her intestines. She hoped he enjoyed it, as he deserved for making Rei into such a masterpiece.
After properly admiring the decorations, Rei focused her gaze on the corpse’s face. It was the first one she could see both clearly and intact, and she hoped to learn what expression she died with. Naturally, there wasn’t any fear. As Rei knew she could always be replaced, it never even occurred for her to fear death. And as for pain… creating this brilliant piece of art was certainly worth any amount of pain Rei had to go through. However, the dead Rei’s expression wasn’t even one of stoically bearing pain for the sake of art. Instead, there was a peaceful and maybe even grateful smile. Rei didn’t even know she could smile so warmly, but as she stared at the beautiful dead face in front of her, framed by a garland of intestines, her lips formed a similar smile.
The next corpse Rei examined was also in a sitting pose against another rack, only this one was sitting on her butt with her straight legs stretched forward and just a bit spread out. On the dead Rei’s thighs rested her own severed head, and her arms were arranged like she was holding it in her own hands. Not as ingenious a composition as the previous one, but it still looked nice. Rei thought how she wouldn’t mind if Ikari-kun have just left her corpses lying around in disarray as useless garbage they were, but she could see how him arranging them neatly meant he cared for her even after killing her, and she couldn’t help but appreciate it, almost feeling like she didn’t deserve such deep attention. Buried into such thoughts, Rei didn’t even notice how she got down to her knees in front of her dead form to take a better look at its face. As expected it didn’t have any sign of horror as its empty eyes tranquilly stared into nothingness. The severed head’s lips were slightly parted in a somewhat erotic matter and an impulse she didn’t bother to question made Rei take the head into her hands and give it a kiss in the lips. But there was only metallic taste of blood, no trace of semen remained. Wait, why would Rei even expect to feel the taste of semen from it? Ah, of course, it must have been her sealed memories that kept returning. And apparently on the day of this body’s death she gave Ikari-kun a blowjob. Too bad she couldn’t really remember if it was before or after he had chopped her head off. Or maybe both? Rei carefully put her former head back in its place, trying not to ruin the composition, and ventured to the deepest part of the warehouse in search for answers.
Another naked corpse of Rei was hanging right between the lines of racks, blocking the passage. Aside from the rope on the neck, tied to a roof beam, there was nothing to support this body and every part of it hanged limply, becoming an epitome of absolute relaxation. Looking at her hanged self made Rei realize how much of a bother living was. She had to put all the effort to just stand and breathe and think while the dead corpse before her didn’t need any of that and it almost made Rei envious. How nice it would be to just sink into nothingness like that and leave all the worries of life to the next clone. Which it seemed was going to happen anyway as soon as Ikari-kun would come. But since he wasn’t here yet, Rei figured she could as well try to regain her memory in the meanwhile and she felt like the last corpse she could see by the farthest wall must be the key. Rei walked towards it right through her hanged self without bothering to push it aside and letting it just slide along her own body conveying some of its coldness and deathly scent. A late thought occurred to Rei that it might have been a more pleasant experience if she stripped first, letting the hanged body rub directly against her own, but she shoved it aside as she came by to the last corpse to examine it. This one was distinctly different from others: it was the only one to have clothes on it, a similar school uniform to the one Rei was currently wearing, and the only one that wasn’t killed by Ikari-kun… right, so this is how it happened! Something inside Rei’s head clicked and all of her memories have finally returned in perfect order.

On that day Shinji and Rei had some chores to do in school after classes. It wasn’t supposed to take very long, so Asuka decided to stay too so that she could go home together with Shinji. But then, seeing how diligent Shinji and Rei were, teachers tasked them with some more work that they couldn’t entrust to other less responsible students and then some more. Shinji thought it would be impolite to object, and Rei didn’t even consider objecting as an option in the first place. So by the time they were done with all the piled up tasks, the three pilots were the only people left in school.
“Ah, if I knew it would take so long, I would have just gone home from the start”, Asuka complained, as they locked the classroom and headed to the teachers’ lounge to bring in the papers they filled in and the keys they were trusted with.
“Well, maybe if you’ve actually helped us instead of staying for no reason and only interfering with your grumbling, we would have all been home by now?” Shinji replied.
“No way!” Asuka proclaimed. “I’m not a teacher’s pet like the two of you! Well the wondergirl aside, don’t you, idiot Shinji, see the teachers are just using your willingness to comply?”
“Hey, why are you casting Ayanami aside?” Shinji stood up for Rei.
“Because she’s just a pliant doll anyway”, Asuka answered. “Right, wondergirl?”
“You are wrong. I am made of flesh and blood like any human”, Rei answered displaying no emotions to tell if she even realized it was an attempt to insult her.
“I don’t mean it literally, you retard!” Asuka explained. “You’re a doll because you always do what you are told. You would probably even kill yourself if ordered!”
Now that hurt. Of course, it wasn’t the suggestion that Rei would obediently follow any command that hurt her feelings: as far as Rei was concerned it was the right thing to do so. Rather it was the suggestion that Rei might not follow one if it involved her killing herself. Rei felt so deeply insulted by Asuka’s doubt in her competence, she even let a hint of irritation slip into her voice.
“Of course I will”, she said. “If this is your definition, then I am most certainly a doll”, Rei added almost proudly.
“See, she’s hopeless”, Asuka concluded.
Now, she thought, when the wondergirl have said it herself, Shinji would clearly see how pathetic she was. But instead it had an opposite effect as Shinji was totally mesmerized by Rei’s words.
“Rei’s self-renunciation is admirable”. Shinji replied. “You’re just envious because you cannot do the same”.
“Okay, I now see I was wrong”, Asuka admitted. “You both are hopeless!”
“Don’t listen to her, Ayanami”, Shinji said, “if you believe in being a doll, then be one and don’t let anyone tell you it is a bad thing”.
“I wasn’t going to”, Rei replied. “But anyway… thank you… for your support. I will try my best to be a perfect doll”.
“Well, if you’re so proud you can do it, than just go kill yourself already!” Asuka exclaimed in anger.
Rei silently nodded and took the keys from the roof before heading out of the teacher’s lounge and towards the staircase. She knew she wasn’t obliged to comply as Sorhyu-san wasn’t her superior. But her fellow pilot sounded like she could use a lesson on properly following orders, and Rei considered a firsthand demonstration would serve the best.
“Wait!” Asuka exclaimed. “You aren’t going to actually do it, are you?” she wondered suddenly sounding sincerely worried.
“Wow!” Shinji exclaimed. “You are going to actually do it, aren’t you?” he wondered with almost delightful admiration.
Rei didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. After all, killing herself was as simple as climbing the stairs and stepping off the roof, and then the gravity would do the rest. But if it would both dispel Sohryu-san’s doubts and uphold Ikari-kun’s trust, then it was all the more reason to do it.
As Shinji and Asuka hurried to follow Rei to the roof, they found her steadily walking towards the edge.
“Stop!” Asuka shouted. “It isn’t funny anymore!”
But Rei wasn’t obliged to comply, was she? Asuka couldn’t see from behind, but there was a hint of sly grin on Rei’s face.
Asuka dashed after Rei to physically hold her from jumping, but before she could do so, her own hand was held by Shinji.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Asuka stopped more because of confusion then the grip. “Don’t you see she’s honestly going to kill herself?”
“Indeed I see. And don’t you see how beautiful it is?” Shinji spoke in an enchanted tone, charmed by the sight of Rei unhesitatingly marching towards her death. “Being able to throw one’s own life away so easily… that’s the kind of freedom only a doll can enjoy, and I won’t let you take it away from her”.
Shinji couldn’t see either, but the grin on Rei’s face changed into a smile thankful for his support.
“Are you insane?!” Asuka exclaimed, angrily shaking Shinji’s grip off her hand and dashing after Rei once again.
But it was too late, as the next moment Rei’s figure disappeared from sight. It happened so quickly and suddenly, it took both Asuka and Shinji a few moments to realize what happened. Rei didn’t bother making even a little stop at the edge of the roof or actively jumping off it. She just kept walking until her next step, not any different from any other, landed on thin air. The remaining two pilots ran up to the edge and looked down. Rei’s body was lying on the ground in an unnatural pose, as she must have had a number of bone fractures.
“Now you see?” Shinji said to Asuka. “This is beautiful”.
“Verdammte Scheisse! I’m out of it!” was all Asuka could say before she ran away in panic.
Shinji followed her with his eyes and thought that maybe the only one who was hopeless was Asuka herself.

Shinji took another admiring glance at Rei’s disfigured corpse down on the ground before going back inside the school. As he walked through the opened door to the staircase, he realized Rei still had the keys. Better get them back to the teachers’ lounge, he thought, and headed to Rei’s body. The path was relatively long down the stairs, then to the school’s main entrance and then around the building to its backside facing the forest, so Shinji had some time to reflect on what has just happened. He knew he would miss Rei, but he could cope with that. Every time thinking of her death he would remember the charming easiness with which she accepted it, and that warm memory would replace the grief. But what would happen when people learn of Rei’s death? If Asuka reports on how he stopped her from stopping Rei, that might fall under the article 202 on inducing or aiding suicide, warranting him six months to seven years of prison. But wait, it was Asuka who ordered Rei to kill herself in the first place, wasn’t it? Right, so then she would be as much a criminal as Shinji or maybe even more. She probably didn’t want that, so hopefully she would be smart enough to not tell anybody of what has happened here today.
Anyway, as Shinji reached the backside of the school’s building and Rei’s body came in sight, he tried to cast those worries aside for now and concentrate on the matter at hand. He walked toward the corpse in a natural relaxed pace, taking time to admire its deadly beauty, as he had all of the evening ahead of him to return those keys. But as he got closer, Shinji noticed that the body was actually moving…
“Oh my god!” he exclaimed, rushing towards Rei. “Are you still alive?”
“I am”, Rei replied rather calmly, even as her face was awry with pain.
“Ayanami…” he breathed out, kneeling beside her, “I’m so sorry…”
“Why?” Rei wondered, trying to focus her pain-filled eyes on Shinji.
“But it looks like it hurts so much”, Shinji said.
“It does”, Rei confirmed and coughed out some blood. “But it is also… as you’ve put it… beautiful”.
“Are you saying the pain is beautiful too?” Shinji asked in confusion.
“Of course”, Rei spoke in a weak but warm voice. “It is the proof of my approaching death”.
“I see”, Shinji nodded. Rei was really amazing, accepting the pain like that.
“So why have… you come?” Rei wondered, having hard time breathing.
“Ah”, Shinji remembered, “the keys”.
Rei nodded and tried to reach the pocket where she had put the keys, but she had at least a couple of apparent bone fractures in her arm, so moving it hurt immensely and Rei couldn’t hold a scream of pain.
“You don’t have to move”, Shinji said, “I’ll just take them myself”.
“No”, Rei protested, struggling to speak. “You’ll get stained with blood”.
She was suffering in earnest as she grabbed the keys with her broken fingers, but Shinji didn’t dare to stop her anymore. Seeing Rei willingly choosing the pain he couldn’t even imagine over a minor inconvenience, as if that pain was actually less of a bother, was as beautiful as her easy acceptance of death, or maybe even more so. Rei might have been suffering as hell physically, but her mind was at absolute ease, and this contrast made her look like a real angel (not one of those they were fighting). Rei’s heart was so pure that it just didn’t occur to her to see her own immense pain and upcoming death as worth of worrying about.
“Here, take them… “ Rei offered the keys in her hand to Shinji, her stretched out arm was shaking in pain.
“Thank you”, Shinji answered, taking the keys. “You were right. Your pain is really beautiful”.
“I’m glad”, Rei formed a genuine smile while coughing out some more blood.
“So, erm… do I just leave you here to bleed out or what?” he wondered.
“Can you… hide me?” Rei asked, trying to crawl away from the school building just to demonstrate how it made her whole body cramp in pain and draw another scream from her blood-filled mouth. She didn’t mind that pain of course, worried only that she might not make it to the bushes. “Can’t…” she spoke breathlessly, “let my corpse… be found…”
“Sure thing”, Shinji nodded. “There’s an old warehouse in the forest”.
He was going to carry Rei on his back, but realized he would end up all covered in blood. Rei suffered so much for it not to happen, and he wouldn’t want it to be in vain. Should he look around for some handcart?
“Just drag…” Rei breathed out weakly.
That would probably leave a blood trail, but Shinji figured he could deal with it later. So he took Rei’s hands in his and pulled. She writhed and cried in pain as he dragged her broken body along the ground, and for a moment Shinji wondered if he should wait for her to die first. But looking at Rei’s face wondering why he has stopped, Shinji was reassured that she wasn’t concerned about her pain in the slightest. She wouldn’t see a reason why he should waste his time waiting for her death just to save her from something as trivial as physical suffering. And so Shinji continued to drag Rei with clear conscience, letting himself properly admire the beauty of her agony, which was actually growing weaker along the way as she was losing her last bits of strength.
By the time he have pulled her all the way to the warehouse and then inside she stopped moving at all, leading Shinji to believe she must have died on the way. But he decided to check just in case, and it turned out Rei was still alive, even if only barely.
“It’s all right”, he told her, gently caressing her cheek. “You’re in the warehouse now where no one will find the corpse. And I’ll be sure to clean the blood trail too”.
“Thank… you…” Rei mouthed without a sound before finally succumbing to the welcoming nothingness.

And then on the next day Rei came to school being alive and well as if nothing happened. Both Shinji and Asuka were in shock. Though Asuka quickly put on a straight face and said: “Ha! I knew she wouldn’t really do it! That was such a silly prank!” Well, she wasn’t there until the end, so Shinji could see how she came to such a conclusion. But Shinji himself saw Rei die first-handedly. He has even visited the warehouse once more after cleaning the blood and dealing with the keys to take one final glance at her corpse and it was still there as dead as he left it. And even if Shinji happened to be mistaken about Rei’s death and she had actually survived somehow, there was no way she could heal all the injuries overnight. So how was she now sitting at her desk staring out of the window as detached as ever? For a moment Shinji questioned his own memory. Might it be that the whole thing was just a dream? But no, as surreal as it was, Asuka remembered it too, so it must have been true. In the end Shinji concluded he had to ask Rei herself about it. But it would be bad if someone overheard their conversation, so he decided to approach her after school and in the meanwhile he could take time gathering his courage. And as the classes went by, Shinji was casting an occasional glance on Rei, but couldn’t see anything unusual, which made him only more confused.
“Ayanami”, he called out for her as soon as she came out of the school. “Can I have a word with you?”
“You can”, Rei answered and let Shinji lead her away from the crowd.
“So, uhm… about yesterday…” he said.
“What about it?” Rei wondered.
“Okay, I don’t want to sound crazy, so let’s put it that way”, Shinji decided. “Do you remember what happened yesterday after classes?”
Rei gave it some thought and concluded with a bit of a surprise:
“I don’t”.
“You don’t?” Shinji was surprised as well. He thought she might say nothing happened and it was all in his head, but for her to not lose her memory… he might be onto something.
“No”, Rei confirmed. “Did something important happen?”
“Well, important you say”, Shinji was trying to find the right words. “We had a little argument with Asuka and then she told you to kill yourself”.
“Did I?” Rei wondered in the same nonchalant manner he remembered her treating death yesterday. So she does admit the possibility?
“As a matter of fact you did”, Shinji said. “You’ve jumped off the roof at the back of the school… come, I’ll show you”.
Rei followed Shinji, giving no sign that her very existence contradicted his words. Or maybe it wasn’t, and Shinji was on the right way to solve the mystery.
“Here”, Shinji said, as they arrived. “You were lying right here with lots of fractures”.
“Is that how I died?” Rei wondered, still unfazed.
“No, you were still alive and asked me to hide you so that the body isn’t found”, Shinji explained. “So I brought you to the old warehouse”.
As he led her to the place he couldn’t help but wonder what would they see inside. Was the corpse still there? That would be creepy… on the other hand it would confirm Shinji wasn’t crazy and the yesterday’s events have really happened. And so they came in…
“Ah”, Rei said, looking at her own corpse. “So that’s where my clothes disappeared”.
“Sorry?” Shinji has totally lost her train of thought.
“I couldn’t find my usual clothes today”, Rei explained, “and had to wear the spare ones”.
Shinji looked at the living Rei, then at the dead Rei, then back and have finally realized they were wearing the same uniform. Okay, that explains… no, wait, it doesn’t explain anything!
“I’ll just ask directly”, Shinji said, “how are you alive now if you have died yesterday?”
“It’s classified”, Rei answered. “But I guess you’ve already found out anyway, so I might as well explain. Long story short, I’m a clone and when I die my soul along with my memories would transfer to one of the spare bodies”.
“Oka-a-ay…” Shinji tried to process it. “So that’s why you insisted on hiding your body”, he figured. “But you say your memories get transferred too. Didn’t you say earlier that you didn’t remember yesterday?”
“I didn’t, but I do now”, Rei said, squatting in front of her own corpse and looking at it with interest. “Sohryu-san couldn’t understand me. It seems she still cannot. Only you accepted me for a doll I am”.
“But of course”, Shinji said. “For it was so beautiful. Discarding one’s own life like that… even if you knew you would be reborn… you still had to go through all the pain”.
As he said that, for a moment Shinji felt guilty for implying he enjoyed Rei’s pain. But as Rei stood up again and faced him, she didn’t look mad at all.
“I am glad you were there to admire my agony”, Rei said with a fleeting, but warm smile. “Knowing you also enjoyed it made it more enjoyable for me too”.
“You mean… you have actually enjoyed it?” Shinji couldn’t believe it… Rei was just too perfect for this world. So maybe that was why it felt so appropriate for her to die?
“Indeed”, Rei confirmed. “I feel like from now on it will become…” she paused to find a suitable word, “my dearest memory”.
“Mine too!” Shinji nodded actively.
And then it struck him: it doesn’t have to remain only a memory.
“Say, Ayanami”, he asked, “how many of those spare bodies you have?”
“More can be produced if needed”, Rei replied. “Essentially, they are unlimited”.
“So, then…” Shinji had to gather all of his courage, but managed to say: “How about making some more of those dear memories?”
“You want me to jump off the roof again?” Rei asked back with a spark of enthusiasm in her voice.
“Well, if you jumped now, when there are still people in the school, that would be a problem”, Shinji concluded. “But the method aside… you said you enjoyed dying yesterday… and you say you can die all you want and still revive… so…”
“I will kill myself again anytime if you told me to”, Rei assured him with clear eagerness. “As an obedient doll, I am only waiting for your word”.
“O-okay”, Shinji gulped nervously, hardly believing he was really doing it. “Then let’s do it. I want… once more… to see you die”.
“Then die I will”, Rei replied with a smile that Shinji could only describe as joyful, and started to pull her dress off.
That seemed so out of nowhere that it took Shinji some time to comprehend it and form a coherent sentence.
“Uhm… Ayanami”, Shinji wondered sincerely confused, as Rei’s fell to the floor. “what exactly are you doing?”
“Don’t you see?” Rei didn’t help the matter by suggesting looking at her as she proceeded to unbutton her blouse. “I’m taking off my clothes”.
“I can see that”, Shinji nodded, trying his best to pretend he was as unconcerned about Rei’s nudity as he knew she was. “But why?”
“I believe it would be against regulations to come to school naked”, Rei explained, dropping her blouse next to the dress and remaining in only her shoes, socks and underwear. “And I have unlimited spare bodies, not unlimited spare clothes”.
“Ah, I see”, noting how she would probably not bother wearing any clothes at all if not for regulations. “So then I bring them to your apartment after… after we’re done?”
“Why would you bother?” Rei wondered, proceeding straight to pulling off her panties, making nothing of revealing her hairless privates in front of the boy. “I can just pick them up here tomorrow”.
So she really would walk naked through the city, as it was not subject to school regulations? As much as Shinji would love to see such a manifestation of Rei’s ultimate innocence that he admired so much, it would be, strangely enough, harder to hide then her death, so he had to talk her out of it.
“B-but”, Shinji stumbled, finding it harder and harder to keep a straight face, and finding ‘it’ harder and harder inside his pants, “what if you lose your memory again? You won’t know where you’ve left the clothes”.
“Indeed”, Rei realized. “Then you can bring them to my place”, she agreed. “And can you help me with the bra too?” she asked, turning her back to Shinji.
“S-sure”, Shinji came by, trying not to poke Rei with the bulge in his pants. “Like this?” he meddled with the clasp for a bit before he could finally undo it.
“Yes, like this”, Rei confirmed as the bra fell off.
Finally, she stepped out of her shoes and bent down to take off her socks, presenting her ass to Shinji in all its naked glory. If only he didn’t know her better, he could think she was doing it on purpose.
“So”, Rei concluded, now stark naked and facing Shinji again. “How do you want me to die today?”
“R-right”, Shinji tried to shake off his involuntary arousal and return to the matter in hand. “Now that you’re… not clothed… you shouldn’t get outside”.
“Indeed, they mustn’t see me violating regulations”, Rei nodded. “And if I die right here, it would also save you the effort of hiding my corpse”.
“Good point”, Shinji agreed, trying to catch up her resolve. “There might be something useful here too”.
He looked around. There were lots of dusty stuff left from when the warehouse was still in use. A coil of rope laying on one of the shelves caught Shinji’s particular attention.
“Say”, Shinji picked the rope and swept the dust from it. “What do you think of hanging?”
“Sounds neat”, Rei approved, “no blood spilled”.
“Okay then, hanging it is”, Shinji concluded. “So, can you please turn around, so I can tie a noose around your neck?”
“Of course”, Rei nodded.
She turned her back to Shinji and patiently waited for him to do his job. Just like when unbuttoning her bra, being so close to a naked girl made Shinji’s mind clouded with all the wrong thoughts, especially as his hands were inevitably touching her skin and brushing against her hair. But at least she was looking the other way, saving him half the awkwardness.
“Here”, Shinji said, taking a step back, “I’m done”.
Rei turned to face Shinji again, now standing in front of him with a noose around her neck, all ready to be hanged. It was just dirty piece of old rope, but the implication behind it made it more beautiful than the most exquisite necklace.
“Wow, that looks great!” Shinji was so impressed, he couldn’t help but stare in awe, forgetting even his unease about Rei’s nudity. “Impending death really suits you”.
“Thank you”, Rei answered, her voice betraying the blush he couldn’t see in the darkness.
“Now where do we tie the other end?” Shinji thought aloud.
He looked up and saw a roof beam just above them, but it was too high.
“I think I can reach it if you give me a boost”, Rei suggested.
“Like… erm… lift you?” Shinji was making awkward gestures around Rei, not quite resolved to touch her, as the thought of grabbing her in his arms made him aware of her nudity again.
Seeing Shinji so puzzled, even if she couldn’t quite figure why, Rei decided to take the matter in her own hands, which she put on the boy’s shoulders. Still confused, Shinji let Rei take the initiative and obediently squatted when she pushed him down. And before Shinji could realize what was going on, Rei put her leg over his shoulder, then, keeping herself steady by holding onto the racks to the both sides of her, repeated the same with her other leg, ending up sitting on the boy’s shoulders, hugging his neck with her thighs as his face was buried in her privates.
“Wha… what?” was the only thing Shinji could say as he hurried to free his face by throwing his head back, futilely trying to look past Rei’s breasts at her face.
“You can stand up now”, Rei instructed.
“R-right…” Shinji replied, finally getting what she was doing.
Even as Rei was still clinging to the racks, Shinji didn’t feel like her balance was good enough, so he had to hold her by her sides as he stood up. On the bright side, compared to his already embarrassing position, grabbing her like this didn’t seem like a big deal anymore.
“Can you lift me a bit more?” Rei asked, as she had trouble reaching the beam without compromising her balance. “From below”.
Well, Shinji figured, if he could not avoid it, he should at least deal with this awkward part as quickly as possible. And so he moved his hands to hold Rei’s butt from below as she asked and lifted it up. As a result Rei could properly reach the beam and start tying the rope to it, and in the meantime her privates ended up right on Shinji’s face again. He kept telling himself that he should take it as a manifestation of her innocence and admire it in a similarly innocent way, but the intoxicating smell filling Shinji’s nose made his dick think otherwise, painfully trying to free itself from the suddenly too tight pants. And he couldn’t even open his mouth to complain without it turning into a session of cunnilingus. Having no other choice Shinji had to keep holding Rei in place and wait in hope that she could finish with the rope soon enough to die on it before he dies of embarrassment himself.
“Just a bit more”, Rei said, noticing Shinji getting unsteady under her weight, “I have to make sure it can hold me even as I twitch in agony… and until I stop twitching”.
“Mhm…” Shinji replied, trying to focus his thoughts on Rei’s nearing death, which helped him to calm down a bit.
“I am ready”, Rei have finally announced as she had double-checked the knot. “You can let me go now”.
As much as Shinji longed to quit this position as soon as possible, he was sure to move away carefully, slowly transferring Rei’s weight to the rope. He didn’t want her to snap her neck in an instant after all. Of course, having Rei go for death by his single word was beautiful enough by itself, but there was no reason for Shinji to deny himself from the bonus spectacle of her accepting any accompanying pain just as easily. And so, as Shinji could finally make his first deep breath after freeing his face from Rei’s privates, she made her last one before the noose tightened on her neck.
Shinji made a few steps back to see Rei’s whole figure properly instead of involuntarily staring at her groin which naturally ended up right on his eye level. And he was immediately mesmerized by what he saw. Showing no sign of discomfort, Rei looked peacefully relaxed. It would seem, as long as she could bare the pain, Rei decided to just ignore it and instead relish the relief of not having to put any effort into supporting herself. It was as if she was resting on the softest bed in in the world, that bed being the air itself. Seeing Rei like this made him wonder if she would ever stop making him admire her more and more.
The magic of the moment made it feel both fleeting and everlasting, but unfortunately, the reality had to pick the former. As much as Rei didn’t mind pain, as it grew and the burning feeling in her lungs added to her throat being squeezed by the rope, the reflexes of her body slowly but steadily overpowered the consciousness of her mind. Rei’s initial ability to totally ignore the pain eventually turned into barely holding it, relaxation gave way to strain, her feet twitching and hands clenching into fists. Rei’s gaze, tranquilly distant a moment ago, was now forcefully focused on Ikari-kun. Shinji looked back at Rei’s eyes, fascinated by the combination of unbearable physical pain and undisturbed emotional ease that filled them.
Reassured that Ikari-kun was enjoying the show, Rei gave up on her futile attempts to hold back her agony. She stood back, letting the reflexes take control of her body. Quickly its slight twitching turned into active kicking that brought only more pain, but Rei embraced it warmly. Rei’s mouth was gasping as her face was turning red, but she found comfort in realizing it wouldn’t get her any air. Rei’s hands were trying to grab onto something, anything: the racks, the rope, the beam, – and for a moment she was worried that it could actually happen, but felt relief seeing how her movements were too chaotic and uncontrollable to succeed. Rei’s eyes rolled back no longer able to keep contact with Ikari-kun’s, but she knew he was admiring her suffering.
Not even his father ever looked at her like this. Rei knew that if situation necessitated Commander Ikari ordering her to hurt or kill herself, he would be able to do so, but she also knew it would make him feel sorry for her even if he wouldn’t show it. And while Rei appreciated Commander’s trust in her ability to fulfill such an order, it also kept bothering her deep inside how he would still see it as a sacrifice on her part. Because it is not a sacrifice if it is something you don’t care about in the first place, like Rei didn’t care about her own self. Having Commander Ikari not recognize it felt like he was doubting Rei’s competence as a doll, which hurt her much more than any physical pain. Still, it was the best understanding she ever knew… until yesterday. Turned out, Commander’s son was not only able to see her as a proper doll, but he also appreciated her being one. He said it was the right thing to do, and while Rei always believed it was, so his words were nothing new, still it felt surprisingly reassuring to have someone else by your side. And he also said she beautiful when acting like a doll… no one ever called her beautiful before. And her current state, writhing in pain, was the best proof that he meant in, for he ordered her to die today just to witness that beauty again. Realizing it made the agony all the more welcome. Ikari-kun watched her suffer with no hint of pity, but only sheer adoration. He was the only one to really understand her.
Rei’s wild agony seemed to have no end, but Shinji was determined to see every moment of it, never averting his gaze. Tears were flowing from her painfully rolled eyes and drool dripping from her uncontrolled half-opened mouth. But even as her face got all red and distorted, Shinji was not turned away, for it was a proof of her excruciating pain, and as such inherently beautiful. The more she suffered, the more fascinating it was to realize that she went for it with total ease of mind. She was just so much above earthly concerns that no amount of physical pain could possibly bother her.


Okay, so now another, frankly egoistic, reason to why I've posted that unfinished story now... I've written this whole wall of text that doesn't even has to do with guro, and well... I hope now that you've read a text that you hopefully enjoyed, maybe as a thanks you can also read this another text that I would enjoy if you've read it (also don't want to beg for comments, but how else I would know if you have...)

Actually, I was writing it in /g/'s alteration thread at first as it was continuation of my rambling about lack of Kirishima Mana content over there, but the new part of rambling grew too big already, and then I've also added a story idea on top of that. So it would fit much better here in /lit/ (I don't think it worth creating a thread in /dis/ and no one would read it there anyway).

So, here it goes:

(the rambling part)

Actually I've just rewatched a couple of scenes from Girlfriend of Steel on youtube and it seems the image of it I had in my memory was much much better. Characters don't act like themselves, the plot and dialogs are silly, even the actors sound like they don't take it seriously... like it is all some cheap piece of fanfiction, almost as bad as that third Rebuild movie (btw what happened to continuing it? Have Anno commited seppuku after realizing what shit he has filmed?) Mana's voice was also much nicer in my memory, in reality it came off as kinda annoying and overdoing trying not to sound like Rei but even then not always managing. I mean, come on, with all the variety of characters Hayashibara have voiced, clearly she can do better. But it sounds like she didn't even try, none of the staff did, because no one was taking it seriously (maybe the actors didn't care because they realized the writing was crap anyway?)
Then I've also watched that new ending from the special edition and it was complete bullshit, even worse then the rest of the game. I mean, I'm all for a happy ending, but the implementation was a total ass-pull. Shinji gets drunk on coffee and then somehow everything works out by itself and they live happily ever after. What a wonderful lesson, let's all get drunk and hope for the best! That writing was even worse than the rest of the game. Also by the time since the initial release Hayashibara, with all my respect for her, seemed to have forgotten she wasn't voicing Rei this time. Like, they told her "here we have this another Evangelion job for you" and she was like "ah, sure, done that 100 times, won't even ask for details, just give me the lines". Because Mana in this ending sounds so much more like Rei than in the rest of the game, like she doesn't even try to differentiate this time. When I played the game for the first time I haven't even realized Mana was voiced by the same actress. When I watched that new ending on youtube and Mana spoke I could close my eyes and vividly picture Rei saying them, somewhat OOC Rei like in GOS2, but still I could easier picture Rei speak so than Mana.
So, it would seem all of that fondness for Mana was just for the image of her in my head, huh.Damn that's disappointing. And that would probably explain why there is so little content with her, if others' imagination doesn't sugarcoat her the same was mine does. So I should probably go and write something about that Mana from my head by myself. Some day.

Actually, I had one such idea in mind...

Untitled Kirishima Mana idea

No guro

I've even wrote a couple of pages, though I don't really like them, so will likely rewrite anyway... so that story is supposed to be set in a world with no Angels and all that stuff, Shinji is just an ordinary schoolboy, a shy one, sure, but he's not depressed and is pretty happy with his life. He probably lives with his parents who are both alive and while his father seem to care more for his job, whatever it might be, than for his son, he gets enough love and attention from his mother to compensate and grow a psychologically healthy child. Well, maybe a bit more childish and less manly then average boys his age because of being raised mainly by his mother. So, all in all, sounds kinda similar to that alternate reality shown in the last episode of the series. Though I'm not sure where to put Rei and Asuka. The Lina Rei from that same episode isn't Rei enough for my taste, not to say her role as a transfer student is already occupied by Mana. What for Asuka, I wouldn't want her to interfere with Shinji and Mana's romance. So at some point I even thought: okay, so maybe Rei and Asuka aren't even Shinji's classmates in this world, and instead they're... Mana's children!
But yeah, since it's a story about Mana, let's finally get to her... though before that I should probably have to say a couple more words about the world. The world it is set in is more casual about sex then ours, but not one of those where everyone has sex all the time. Say, neither Shinji or Gendo mind that Fuyutsuki is having sex with Yui, as it's just part of them being good friends. But despite of being aware of that sex, or maybe because of it - because it is nothing special, Shinji is not interested in it at all. Just like seeing his father always wearing glasses wouldn't make Shinji interested in glasses, but instead get so used to them he won't even notice his father wearing it and won't pay attention to glasses on other people too. Makes sense? Okay, so then there's Mana who is totally opposite. As a child she saw some beautiful porn movie (hm, just occurred to me, what if it featured Shinji's mother when she was younger? Would then explain Mana's instant interest in Shinji) and got so impressed she wanted to become a porn actress herself to bring joy to people. And a porn actress in this world is as much a respectable profession as a normal actress. Actually, I think I wrote it as 'porn idol', not porn actress, the implication being she does all kinds of sexual and erotic stuff, not only films. Like maybe she actually sings, and she can sing with a vibrator in her or even while being fucked on the stage. Or take part in various crazy Japanese TV shows, where in this world all the fictional shows from Japanese porn can be part of normal TV. Or hold an event for her fans where she would let them fuck her. Or go have sex with hobos as a form of charity. All kinds of fun stuff. So, back to Mana. Since the profession is as good as any other in this world, she had all the support from her parents. But she would still have to reach some legal age first, even if it is lower then in real world. Most girls who wanted to become porn idols would settle on that, well maybe gaining unofficial experience in the meanwhile, but Mana's dream to bring joy to people was so strong, she studied all the related details very carefully and found a loophole in the law, probably a recent change that no one else have yet seem to realize. At some point I was thinking these recent changes might be connected to the Second Impact, though I'm not sure now because as I said there are no Angels and NERV in this world, so probably there were no second impact either. Anyway, the new laws were:
1. The age when a person is considered to be legally adult is lowered to 16 years old. The goal of this law being to help the economy suffering after the Third Impact. Many kids had to work anyway, now they could at least do so legally.
2. The legality of filming in porn is also lowered to 16 years old just to be consistent.
3. Marriage age is lowered to 16 without parental consent and 14/12 for boys/girls with parental consent (Alternatively just 14 for everyone regardless of gender and parental consent). Marriage gives you a legal adult status.
4. Age restrictions for marriage don't apply if the couple has a baby (might still need parental consent, not sure on that).
(added after I've written more of this wall of text: the age of consent is also lowered to maybe 12 or even 10 years old... but that doesn't matter for a couple of consenting kids anyway)
Now, the trick is that while the law number 2 was thought by most as just lowering the age for porn from 18 years old to 16, the actual wording of it was not referring to any age specifically and instead to the legal status of adult. Probably so that they don't have to change the 2nd law every time they want to change the 1st one. They weren't thinking of how the 3rd and 4th laws would link in, as those weren't passed yet. And when they passed those, they weren't thinking of the 2nd one either. Instead, the purpose of the 3rd one was, obviously, to be consistent with lower legal adult age from the 1st law. And the purpose of the 4th was that a girl who happened to give birth a couple of days before her own 12th/14th birthday isn't left behind. No one foresaw that a determined enough little girl (somewhere around 8 to 10 years old) would purpousfully get pregnant so that she can marry by the 4th law so that she can become adult by the 3rd law so that she can be filmed in porn by the 2nd law.
And yes, as you have guessed, that little girl was Mana. Her friends Musashi and Keita (that were their names?) helped her get pregnant. And a bit overdid it, as she gave birth to twins, one fathered by Musashi, the other by Keita. Then either marriage of more than 2 people is also legal. Or the court decides for this special occasion that since they are both willing to marry her and it is not their fault that they can't both do so (and it also wouldn't be fair to let one of them marry her but not the other), it is decided to give all the three the status of adults even if they are not married. The third option, of course, is that the law doesn't require marriage in the first place and a girl can get a status of an adult just by giving birth to a baby, but that way the whole scheme would look less ingenious, hence less likely Mana was the only one to come up with it. Then again, maybe her father had some high position and actually helped promote these laws just so that his daughter could fulfill her dream? Dunno.
Anyway, legally married or not, Musashi and Keita live with Mana and help her raise the children, but at the same time don't mind her having romantic relationship with someone else (like she's going to have with Shinji), not to say they don't mind her having all the sex with everyone both for her job and for fun. They're in it because they're Mana's good friends and want to help her fulfill her dream and be happy. And, after they've already in it, for the children's sake too.
And thus, at about 8-10 years old Mana becomes the first legal underage porn idol. No surprise by the time she's 14 by the start of the story she's already very famous. So when she transfers to Shinji's class, the guys interested in porn immediately recognize her. Though Shinji isn't among those guys as he never gave porn any more regard than those boring newspapers. Then... well, I have a dilemma here... because one part of me wants it to be a vanilla romantic story with Mana's career and having children being just other background details about her like her liking mountains and light clothes. Or like... when Mana gave Shinji that pendant, was I the only one who thought it was weird for a girl to give a boy a piece of jewelry and not the other way around? Maybe there can jewelry suited for guys, but that pendant totally looked like it would better look on a girl. But I don't think anyone in the game thought of it from that perspective. Like when Kaji noticed that pendant and how Shinji looked at it, he said "have your girlfriend gave it to it? As a thirty year old experienced man I can tell it from how you look at it" or something along those lines, like it was totally natural. So, the same casual attitude Shinji would have for facts about Mana. Like even if they're already dating for some time and they he discovers she is a porn idol and has children, he wouldn't feel like it is important enough so that she should have told him before. Not more so that if he discovered, say, that she studies French. "Okay, cool, though I'm more into German" would be a normal reply, or maybe even "Okay, so what?". Not "Why haven't you told me before, that changes everything, we can't be together now, I can't believe you were lying to me all that time". So the same would be his reaction to her having children. "Oh, they're so cute, I like children. Do you happen to know who their father is? Oh, two different fathers? And they're your good friends? Cool, I'd like to meet them, I bet they're nice guys".
Erm, so where was I anyway?.. Right, I said that was what one part of me wanted to write it like. The other part has already written a couple of pages that are closer to those "everyone has sex everywhere" concepts... it starts with Mana introducing herself and everyone in the class, safe for Shinji, recognizing her. Shinji understands she's someone famous and feels uncomfortable that he doesn't know, especially as she tries to befriend him. So at the first break, as Mana is surrounded by fans, Shinji asks Kensuke, who explains that Mana is a sex idol. Then on the next lesson Kaji is their teacher and he appears to also be a fan of hers, especially those films where she had sex with teachers. The actually written part ends here, but the idea was that Mana is kind enough to give him a blowjob during class. And when she returns to her sit, next to Shinji, with cum on her face, he realizes that the unusual but not unpleasant perfume he smelled from her is actually not perfume, but smell of cum. He maybe wouldn't admit he liked the smell if he knew what it was from the beginning, but since he has already concluded that he liked it, it would be silly to back out now. Anyway, later on the long break Mana would service everyone in the class who wants and remain all covered in cum for the rest of the lessons. After which Shinji will give her a tour around the school or maybe around the city, while she's still covered in cum. Also somewhere in between she would take off her panties and give them to one of the boys in the class, probably Touji or Kensuke. Also on one of the shorter breaks she would ask Shinji to show her where the toilet is in the school, speaking of which I was thinking of how maybe toilets, locker rooms and such are not separate for boys and girls in this world, so when Shinji brings her to the toilet, he doesn't consider leaving because being in a toilet with a girl is nothing special, so he just waits for her inside. But then a couple of other boys come in, see Mana, recognize her as a porn idol (actually, thinking again, did I have it as 'porn idol' or 'sex idol' in my writing? Now I think it was sex idol, but whatever) and ask her if they can pee in her mouth and/or on her face and of course they can. Shinji, watching it, of course just thinks how cool Mana is, no different from if she was a singer and he heard her sing.
But anyway, the thing is, with so much already happening in the first day, there would be no room to go further...
So now I'm thinking I should try to combine these by... let's say, while many boys (and girls) recognize Mana and are fans of hers, they joyfully ask her for autographs and buy her new films, it might take some time, like a week, before it comes to someone's head to ask her to have sex with them. Like if she was a singer everyone might want to listen to her singing, but not everyone would just come and ask "hey, can we sing together? even though you're the famous singer and I've only sang once with my little sister before". And then it would take more time before more people would join until it ends up in her having sex with everyone in school on her every step, but that happening far from day one and growing gradually. And in the meanwhile as gradually grows her relationship with Shinji.
The real problem here is while I want it to be a vanilla romance with porn kinda being on background, I have no idea how to write vanilla romance. Like, at all.
Maybe there should be some plot beside it, like set it in the original Evangelion world (with NERV and Angels, but also with these new laws, now justified by the Second Impact), so that whenever I'm stuck, another Angel attacks and the characters have to deal with it and from that the plot is moving and somehow the characters' relationships progress along the way. But then again I also don't want any of the dark topics that come with NERV and all its secrets.
Speaking of the world without NERV and Angels though, I now think there is a way to fit Rei and Asuka in it without them being Mana's children (so Mana's children would just be original characters). Asuka can be Shinji's childhood friend, just like in the ep26 world, but with no romantic or sexual interest in him, which she might have for Kaji instead. This way she won't stand between him and Mana. As for Rei, she might actually be Shinji's twins sister! Why not? Or, to justify her different surname, she can be Yui's little sister (in Rebuild Ayanami is actually Yui's surname before she married Gendo, who, in Rebuild, was always Ikari). Or, if, whatever Gendo's (or Yui's) job is, it deals with advanced biology and genetics and such, Rei might actually be Yui's clone, and her being Yui's little sister is only the cover. It's just she wasn't created to fight Angels or carry Lilith's soul or anything, but just as an experiment on human cloning.

Well, anyway... any thoughts, comments, suggestions, that kind of stuff, are welcome.


Okay, I guess that warehouse story deserves some logical conclusion at least for that last scene. So here it goes:

Rei’s wild agony seemed to have no end, but Shinji was determined to see every moment of it, never averting his gaze. Tears were flowing from her painfully rolled eyes and drool dripping from her uncontrolled half-opened mouth. But even as her face got all red and distorted, Shinji was not turned away, for it was a proof of her excruciating pain, and as such inherently beautiful. The more she suffered, the more fascinating it was to realize that she went for it with a total ease of mind. Shinji knew he could never have a courage to willingly sacrifice himself, even if it was for the sake of saving humanity, so he had always admired Rei who could do so. But now he could see that for her it was beyond the petty concepts of courage and cowardice. Rei was just so much above earthly concerns that no amount of physical pain could possibly bother her. She was truly an angel, that metaphor even more highlighted by her current state elevated above the ground and suspended in the air. And it was only natural that an angel’s suffering deserved no pity. For it deserved nothing less than worship.
Time passed slowly for Rei, as each second brought an hour worth of pain, but all she could do was wait for when it ends along with her own life. Patience was always among Rei’s strong suites though, so wait she did. If anything, it was comforting to know she couldn’t do anything to fight the torture anyway, for as long as Rei was in no position to make difference, whatever happened could only be considered a natural course of events. And so Rei calmly waited, all the while wildly thrashing in agony. Created to fight the Angels, Rei’s body was much tougher than its fragile look, and it took a good dozen of very long minutes for air deprivation to draw every bit of strength from Rei’s body. Her erratic jerking gradually became weaker and rarer until first her arms and then her legs too became limp once more. Rei’s consciousness was fading like if she was falling into a sleep, and all of her feelings were disappearing one by one, making the remaining ones more and more defining. In the end only two feelings were left for Rei. One was the pain that filled all of her existence. And the other was gratitude that was even greater, as it was overflowing. But then even these two merged together, becoming inseparable, as both were caused by Ikari-kun hanging her. Rei focused on this fused feeling of blissfully excruciating gratitude, as it filled both herself and her whole world, remaining the only thing in the universe and hence the universe itself. She relished it as her own existence melted into this unitary universe of grateful agony, until she was finally one with the world to the point where there was no her in the first place. And that was how Rei have died in that warehouse for the second time.


Any comments?



I don't like anime and I don't like stories with pre-existing characters

But for some reason I love your stories.

I hope you will write something new soon!


Aww, I saw this thread at the top and thought it was a new story.

But I agree, I love your work Aoi!


Thanks, I'm happy to hear that! Unfortunately I most probably won't write anything new in the nearest feature. For a change I stopped being a NEET and got myself a job. So far the job is much more enjoyable than my first one, so I might actually stick with it. Still so far I don't get where working people get free time for hobbies like writing guro stories. Maybe it'll get better with time as I get used to it, but so far even on weekends all I feel like doing is just relaxing and doing nothing.


Finally I've written something new, even if it's just a little one-shot. It is kinda an Innocence spin-off, but is more independent if compared with the Autofellatio story. Also no homosexuality this time.

Autoerotic asphyxiation (an Innocence spin-off)

(Kagamine Rin, asphyxiation, a bit of urination, casual)

As Rin entered the bedroom she shared with her twin brother, she has unsurprisingly found him at the PC playing one of those online games. Tanks of the World Rin thought this one was called or something like that. What could be so fun about those clunky boxes of rusty metal anyway?
"Hey, Len", Rin said. "Have a minute?"
"Yeah, sure", Len replied without averting his eyes from the screen as he was trying to snipe enemy's weak spot.
"I wanna try strangling myself while masturbating", Rin said, pointing at the neckerchief she was wearing; not that Len looked anyway. "Flower said it feels really good".
"Right", Len nodded, finally going for a shot. "Bullseye!" he exclaimed as the shell landed perfectly, setting the enemy tank on fire.
"So I want you to take me out of the noose after I'm done", Rin concluded. "Hey, are you even listening?"
"Of course, Rin", Len replied as he was hurrying to change his own tank's position after being discovered. "Whatever you say".
Seeing that, just as usual, Len was so engrossed in the game he didn't pay a bit of attention to any of her words, Rin wondered if she should shake his shoulders to snap him out of the virtual world back to the real one. But she knew he would only complain that she ruined his game, rendering her to be at fault. As another option she could, of course, just wait for the battle to be over, but she really didn't want to endorse this annoying habit of his anymore. So Rin thought: what if she just pretended she had taken his automatic positive responses seriously and actually strangled herself as if assured of Len's assistance? Then, if he finds her already dead, it'll teach him a good lesson to actually listen when spoken to. And even if he notices her position in time to save her, she would still have that special masturbation experience she aimed for in the first place. So it can't go wrong either way.
"I'm counting on you", Rin gave a final warning. "It will be your problem if I die, not mine".
"Love you too, sis", Len replied. "Damn their artillery is good..." he commented as its strike landed dangerously close to his tank.
Yeah, he definitely wasn’t going to save her… But for Rin entrusting someone with her life wasn’t about being sure they would save her. It was about not minding even if they don’t. And Len, being her twin brother, her other half, was the only one Rin could really trust in that way.

Rin closed the bedroom door and kneeled next to it. She loosened the neckerchief on her neck first, then fixed its back part around the doorknob and finally tied it again, this time just under her jaw as tight as she could without strangling herself too soon. Rin gave another look at Len, noting that just how from her position she can easily see him and even the stupid game on his screen, the same way he should be able to clearly see her if only he bothered at least for a second to divert his attention from virtual tanks blowing up into pixels on the digital field of battle and look back at his flesh and blood twin sister hanging herself for real just some mere couple of meters behind his very back. He would definitely notice Rin occupying the door if he had to leave the room to go to the toilet or grab a drink, but judging by a big glass of fresh steamy pee on the desk before him neither was going to happen. So, having confirmed that the setup was completely fair and if she died it would be entirely her brother’s fault, Rin has straightened her legs along the floor. With the tightly tied neckerchief not letting her ass to reach the surface, it has put practically all of Rin’s weight on her neck. As the cloth dug into Rin’s neck, holding up the blood flow to her brain, she immediately felt the thrill of strangulation. Remembering why she was doing it beside of teaching Len a lesson, Rin has spread her legs and put her hands to work between them. Her pussy became wet before she knew it, so two fingers has easily slipped inside while Rin used her other hand to play with her clit. The foggy state the lack of air brought has indeed altered the sensations a lot. Everything around has suddenly became so far away it couldn’t possibly bother her as if it was from another reality whatsoever. Rin could see Len keeping playing his stupid game and hear him commenting on it, apparently believing Rin to be sitting on the bed watching him play, but it didn’t feel real. Consciously she knew it was, but her oxygen deprived brain kept insisting it was a mere daydream, and Rin was too preoccupied with her pussy to fight such a delusion. At the same time, while the outside world became almost shut off, left without such a distraction the sensations from Rin’s own body have multiplied by an order of magnitude. Never before has each light touch brought her such strong stimulation. Not to say the fierce fingering she was indulged into right now, putting whole four fingers inside without noticing, just one step away from it becoming her first fisting. Oh, but with Len still failing to notice her position, it would be her last as well, wouldn’t it? Would be a shame to miss the only chance she probably had. So Rin clenched her fist and pressed it against her already pretty wide open slit with all of her strength. It wasn’t much, as her body was on the verge of death, but she also didn’t have to hold back in fear if hurting herself. After all, any damage would most probably bear no consequences, as there seemed to be little chance of Len saving her, and any pain in Rin’s current state would only add spice to the sensation. Besides, the excitement made Rin’s pussy wetter and more flexible than ever, so in the end its lips gave up and the fist swiftly slipped inside all the way to the wrist. The sensation of it hit Rin as a lightning of pain and pleasure. Such a sudden and strong stimulation brought Rin to climax in an instant. Her whole body began shaking as crazy from the combined death throes and orgasm spasms, the fist slipping outside in the process, leaving Rin’s pussy gaping wide open. Following the fist, a hot stream of urine escaped her body, quickly spreading around the floor. But even as Rin’s limbs were uncontrollably thrashing around in that puddle, Len was too engrossed into the game to look back at the noise, probably thinking Rin was just casually masturbating on the bed after becoming bored of watching him play. Speaking of masturbation, Flower was right: the sensation was the most intense Rin has ever experienced. When, after what seemed like eternity, Rin’s body has finally calmed down and went limp, she felt completely satisfied and had no reason to regret her quickly approaching demise. After all, Len has totally deserved it.


As Rin's vision faded to black, the last thing she could see was her brother's triumph of victory. Even though it was just a game, he seemed to take sincerest delight in this toy achievement. It was so silly... and yet with the last glimpse of conscious thinking Rin has suddenly found she wasn't at all annoyed at Len anymore. No matter how senseless she considered videogames in general and this one in particular to be, seeing her twin enjoying himself so much unconditionally made Rin forget any hard feelings and just be glad for him. Even if Len was such a hopeless game addict that he failed to notice Rin dying right behind his back, she couldn't force herself to get angry at him when he radiated such sheer joy. She still hoped her death would teach him to pay more attention to the real world, but now she wished for it not out of pique, but only out of pure love. Reminding herself that Len was her own other half and letting herself share her brother's happiness as her own filled her soul with such a really deep and meaningful satisfaction that the last orgasm of her dying body could never compare to. And so, having found peace with her feelings, Rin died in a state of true bliss.


"So what did you want to say, Rin?" Len asked, for the first time averting his gaze from the screen, but only empty lifeless eyes started at him in response.
"Erm, Rin?" Len came up to her, casually stepping with his bare feet through the big puddle of urine she made on the floor. "Have you killed yourself?" he asked in confusion, lowering to his knees and reaching for Rin's dead yet so peaceful face.
Even if sometimes he could become too engrossed in modern forms of entertainment to notice her, there was never anything more important to Len then his twin sister. Not even life, be it his own life, someone else's life or life of Rin herself. And if Rin, his own other half, decided to end it, he would accept it unconditionally. So as he was gently caressing Rin’s cheek, there was no place for grief and sorrow in his heart. He was only curious to why she have done that. Or could it be that she told him the reason while he wasn't paying attention? But she knew how engrossed he could be in games, so if she didn't bother to confirm he have heard her, then it couldn't be anything important. Probably some trifle she was sure he wouldn't memorize anyway. Reassured that there was nothing to worry about, Len decided to return to the more current issues. Namely, the double exp for all battles event was going to end tonight, and Len was planning to put the remaining time to good use. So he let Rin's body be and returned to the PC. It was going to be a long night. Taking a refreshing sip from his glass, Len once more pressed the big red button. To battle!


"Ah, you sure are hopeless", Rin would say in her most endearing voice if only Len could hear her. But she has already learned not to mind her brother not noticing her. As long as she could be next to him and share his happiness and, would such occur, sadness, Rin was perfectly fine with him not being possibly able to notice her presence anymore. And so she floated next to him and looked at the screen, now with honest interest. To battle!


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So with gurochan dying again, I'm wondering if I should post my works elsewhere, but where? ASSTR's application form doesn't work. Maybe pixiv? They allow stories, but most users probably looks for pictures, not stories there. And pictures I have are edits which would probably not be welcomed there. So I was thinking of maybe making a blog, but on what platform then? I see there's Hitori's blog on blogspot, but reading through terms of service it says they'll delete my google account if they find me posting incest, beastiality, necrophilia, pedophilia... basically any of my content, lol. So that doesn't sound safe.
So are there any good options out there?


asstr is back up


If you ignore the fact that it's a 'fanfiction' site...
Archive of Our Own has one of the most liberal posting rules of any of the sites.

Offensive Content Policy
"Unless it violates some other policy, we will not remove Content for offensiveness, no matter how awful, repugnant, or badly spelled we may personally find that Content to be."

The 'other policy' they reference comes down to literal CP, and ToS things you wouldn't care about.


ASSTR has worse downtimes than gurochan. Probably best to use both, though.


And asstr is still down, so there you go.


Actually almost all of my stories are fanfiction, so I'll look into it, thanks!


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And now I'm on Archive of Our Own. I haven't posted all of my stories there yet, but most of them. Here's the link:


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Аои-кун, на фикбуке тебя совсем заклевали хулители?


Аккаунт удалён по требованию роскомнадзора :-(
Впрочем, как руки дойдут, перезалью всё на Archive of Our Own, там на любых языках можно работы публиковать.


Какие они нехорошие (⌣_⌣”)
Не знал про этот сайт...


Я имел в виду фикбук если что. А на AOO я все проверяю.


Another 100 words story that ended up a bit longer than 100 words. 321 to be exact.


The twins were sitting cross-legged on the bed against each other. Their naked bodies were pierced with many straight pins and more were in a box beside them ready to use. Len took one and reached for Rin’s sex and she helpfully spread her lower lips to reveal her clitoris. It was already pierced with two pins criss-cross, so Len inserted the new one depthwise until only its head was sticking out. Rin braced herself and took it all without a wink.
“Okay, my turn now,” she beamed, as soon as Len let go of the pin.
She took another one from the box and examined Len’s body. There was already a number of pins in his dick and nipples, as well as under fingernails and toenails, but he was able to withstand all of it so far. Poking his eye would probably do the trick, but the point was to pain him, not to actually injure him. So what kind of pain was the most unbearable?
“Open your mouth”, Rin said with a sly grin and Len did just that.
Rin pointed her pin between two of Len’s lower teeth and drove it into his gum. She was sure to go slowly and move it around to make it hurt as much as she could. It didn’t take long until Len produced a painful groan.
“Aha!” Rin triumphed. “You’ve lost! Now you do our homework for today.”
“Fine…” Len sighed and obediently moved to the desk.
He wasn’t allowed to pull the pins out of his body until he finished the homework. Rin was, but didn’t pull hers out anyway. Instead she grabbed some more pins from the box and directed them to her own mouth. She knew next time Len would go straight for her teeth, so she might as well use the time freed by making him do her homework to get used to this new kind of pain.


Thank you for story! I liked moment when Rin don't pull her pins out in the end.


File: 1557592494406.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, sketch1557399399664.jpg)

Surprise. I'm still alive. Are you guys here alive too? Because I have a new story for you. It's another "Innocence" spin-off, but a more lengthy one this time. Thanks goes to Eterya for editing.

Die Young
=(Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, casual, hanging, urination)=

When Len entered the living room, Rin was lying on the sofa upside down with her ass resting against the sofa’s back and her shoulders on the seat, her legs thrown over the top of the sofa’s back and her head resting on the edge of the seat, tilted back to face the TV. She was holding a controller and playing “Over the Top Speed” on the screen, which was set up to rotate the image hundred and eighty degrees to fit her peculiar pose. Len’s confusion about Rin’s pose quickly cleared up when the practicality behind it became apparent as she started peeing, the urine landing right in her open mouth, letting her drink it without averting her eyes from the screen. The view made Len realize his very same urge, so he came up to her, aiming his penis at her mouth before adding his stream to hers.

“Hey, don’t block the screen!” Rin complained after taking a big gulp of pee so she could speak, the stream spraying over her face every time she closed her lips.

“Sorry,” Len apologized as he climbed onto the sofa with his knees to both sides of Rin’s head, taking his chance to lean his mouth to her lower lips (more like upper, in her current position) and drink the rest of her pee.

“Now that’s better,” Rin said, able to see the screen again, not minding her own pee not reaching her mouth anymore as she got to drink Len’s instead, which was even better. “I almost died because of you just now.”

“Actually that’s what I wanted to talk about,” Len pulled away from Rin’s pussy to speak, letting the stream of her urine hit his face.

“What?” Rin asked in confusion. “Me always dying in games?”

“More like dying for real,” Len specified.

The out-of-the-blue statement took Rin by surprise and she choked on Len’s pee, quickly dropping the controller to push her brother off herself and turn over to face down and cough out the pee. The rest of both of the twins’ pee ended up splashed all over their bodies and surroundings, while in the game Rin’s car crashed into a wall at full speed and exploded.

“Whew!” Rin took a couple of seconds to recover, sitting down on the sofa properly. “Now I didn’t just die in the game, but almost died for real too. Great job.”

“I'm sorry,” Len apologized again as he took a seat to the left of his sister. “But say, what if you did die?”

“Come again?” Rin was only getting more confused with each of her brother’s words, meanwhile picking the controller back up.

“Don't get me wrong,” Len noted. “I didn’t intend to kill you with pee.”

“Of course you didn’t!” Rin switched the screen from upside down back to normal. “But why are you asking silly questions like that?”

“Is death silly though?” Len embraced her with one arm. “I think it’s pretty serious.”

“Well, I guess so.”

“Then tell me,” Len repeated, pressing himself tighter against Rin, sniffing the rich aroma of pee from her wet hair “what would you feel if you actually did die?”

“Well, that would be a hilarious way to die, choking on pee,” Rin giggled, hitting the respawn button and finally taking control of her car again.

“Seriously though,” Len insisted, fiddling with Rin’s hair. “Wouldn’t you be afraid?”

“Well, of course I’d be afraid to die,” Rin replied, hitting the gas control as hard as she could, she had a lot of catching up to do. “That’s just natural.”

“That’s a natural instinct indeed,” Len agreed, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. “But if you think of it logically, being afraid doesn’t really save you from it, you still die sooner or later, so what’s the point?”

“I guess, the point is to die later, not sooner,” Rin said as her car gained speed.

“But why would it make any difference if you still die?” Len continued his weird questions, as he retracted his hand from her face and gently put it onto Rin’s neck. “Would dying later make it less scary?”

“Wouldn't it?” Rin wondered. “In movies they always show old people die satisfied with their lives and everything.”

“Movies, you say,” Len chuckled, his hand travelling down to her chest. “What about games?”

“What about them?” Rin wondered, focused on trying to pick up each booster on the track to make up for all the time she’d lost respawning.

“In games you can die yourself, not just watch other people die,” Len explained, exploring his sister’s chest. “So it should provide a better example.”

“Is it so?” Rin had finally caught up to her opponents. “In games you can just respawn, so it’s not the same.”

“In some games you can’t,” Len continued, finding Rin’s nipple and absentmindedly starting to fiddle with it between his fingers. “Or let’s say you can’t even try again if you die. In a game like that, would you rather die closer to the beginning or to the end?”

“Obviously, I’d rather not die at all,” Rin started looking for a way to shoot down the cars in front of her. “In a game it’s actually possible when no one is trying to block the screen or choke you with pee.”

“Oh, come on,” Len aggrievedly moved away from her nipple and broke the embrace. “You’re thinking of games you can beat.”

“Why?” Rin was confused, as she picked up a shotgun weapon, maneuvering herself into a position behind two enemy cars, managing to destroy one of them with it. “Are there games you can’t beat?”

“Of course there are,” Len said, placing his hand on her lap instead. “Any big MMO sandbox like Star Dangerous, you know, with trade, war, exploration and lots of other people to socialize. In games like that there isn’t any end goal you can reach.”

“Sounds silly,” Rin noted. “What’s the point of playing then?”

“The point is to have fun with the gameplay itself,” Len explained, now caressing her inner thigh. “However, what if such a game had permadeath too? So permanent you can’t register a new account even if you buy it again.”

“And what would happen?” Rin spread her legs.

“Then if you play for a few months, make a bit of progress and meet a couple of new friends in the process, you’d be somewhat afraid to die at that point,” Len said, moving his hand towards her pussy. “But if you play it for years, maybe even become a leader of a clan with significant power in the game world’s politics, then you’ve invested so much into this game, the idea of dying and losing it all must be totally terrifying.”

“Must be,” Rin picked up a homing missile, finally destroying the other car she’d missed before. “But thankfully I don’t play MMOs.”

“Or do you?” Len countered, rubbing the outside of her slit. “Isn’t life an MMO just like that?”

“Never thought of it like that,” Rin replied, keeping her focus on the game, even if the sensation was quite enjoyable. “If you put it that way, MMOs sound even more stupid, as you can get all the same in the real world.”

“Well, maybe they are,” Len agreed, noticing his left hand subconsciously having started to play with his penis, which quickly got hard. “But that’s not my point.”

“What is though?” Rin was closing in on another remaining opponent looking for a suitable weapon to destroy them. “You just keep blabbering about games and dying. Did you read another piece of news about some game addict dying while playing?”

“Not exactly,” Len said, gripping his penis properly and starting to masturbate. “But I did indeed stumble upon news of someone’s death. It was hard not to, the whole Internet was filled with it for the last couple of hours.”

“And who died to cause such a fuss?” Rin wondered as she missed a machine gun that would have been useful against the car ahead of her, having to pick up a mine instead to deal with another car chasing her. “The British Queen?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Len confirmed, sliding two fingers into Rin’s pussy. “Turned out she wasn’t immortal after all.”

“Ah…” Rin’s sheepish reply was interrupted by a pleasured moan halfway through. “But what does that have to do with games?”

“Nothing really,” Len said, stirring his fingers inside her. “It was just a metaphor for life.”

“So what were you trying to say with that metaphor anyway?” Rin placed a mine right in her pursuer’s way, but just before it blew up, the enemy fired a homing missile of its own.

“The news just made me think, isn’t there so much fuss about the Queen’s death exactly because how long she lived? If she died young before leaving any trace in history, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“I think that has more to do with her being a queen,” Rin managed to barely dodge the missile, but failed to notice the other enemy from before respawn and hit her with an ice bolt, freezing her car in place. “I bet the Queen herself was happy to have such a long and fulfilling life”.

“That part may be true” Len agreed, adding another finger into her pussy. “But would that stop her from being terrified of death? Even you said you were afraid, and you only have fourteen years to lose. Dying at twenty-eight must be two times more terrifying, at fifty-six - four times so… can’t imagine how terrified the Queen must have been to die”.

“So that’s what you believe then,” Rin leaned back to better enjoy Len’s attention, as with her car still stuck in place she couldn’t do anything about two of her opponents crossing the finish line anyways. “The longer you live, the more you’d be afraid of dying?”

“Exactly,” Len nodded, finding her clitoris with his thumb. “I am already afraid of dying, of course, but I’d rather die now being reasonably afraid, then postpone it until it becomes absolutely terrifying”.

“You mean… you seriously…” Rin gave in to her pleasure, as the final enemy caught up with her again, shattering her frozen car by driving straight through it and to the finish line, “want to kill yourself?”

“That’s the plan,” Len confirmed, rubbing her clitoris between his fingers.

“Aaahh…” Rin arched her back in orgasm, curling her toes and involuntarily pushing half the buttons on the controller, luckily with her car destroyed it couldn't ruin the game any further. “…Sure took you long to get to the point”, she concluded after taking a breath.

“What about you though?” Len asked, licking Rin’s juices from his fingers while still jerking off with his left hand.

“Oh, don't worry about me.” Rin replied, as she quit the failed race, not bothering to respawn and continue only to come in last anyway. “I’d never force you to live another day just out of a selfish desire to keep you around, knowing how it’ll only make your death more terrifying. No, if dying young is really your wish, then just as with any other wish if yours, I can only be happy to see it fulfilled”.

"I'm really glad to hear that,” Len said, embracing her again. “But that’s not what I meant. I was trying to ask if after everything I said you wouldn’t rather die young too. Or does the thought of dying later not terrify you?"

“Not really,” Rin shrugged, restarting the race. “I guess because I don’t play MMOs like you, I can’t really see the life as one. For me it’s more like a set of beatable games like the ones I play. So if you ask me, dying sooner is still more terrifying than later.”

“I see,” Len sighed, breaking the embrace and even stopping to masturbate, so close to an orgasm. “And here I was hoping you’d keep me company.”

“Wait”, the sudden realization made Rin avert her eyes from the screen for the first time, failing to start as the countdown reached zero. “is that what this whole talk was all about?”

“It was. Though I see I couldn’t convince you anyways.”

“You don’t have to convince me to keep you company, Len,” Rin burst out laughing, putting the controller away, even though the race was still going on, her car idly standing in place. “You should have just asked!”

“But by keeping company I don’t mean just having you near me as I die,” Len clarified. “What I mean is actually having you die together with me”.

“Yeah, I get it,” Rin turned to Len with a smile, reaching for his boner. “That’s why you asked if I’d rather die young too.”

“And I thought you said it’s more terrifying?” Len recalled, leaning back to enjoy his sister’s touch. “You know I wouldn’t want you to force yourself.”

“Silly Len, I’m not forcing myself at all,” Rin laughed again, starting to rapidly stroke his rock-hard penis while embracing him with the other arm. “Dying is terrifying for sure, but it doesn’t matter because dying is beside the point.”

“What do you mean?” Len wondered, tensing in pleasure.

“Because it’s you who’s killing himself specifically to die”, Rin explained, noticing Len’s penis strongly pulsing. “The reason I’m killing myself is only to keep you company. Cinema or suicide, I’m just really glad that you want me to join, that’s all.”

“Ah… mnn…” Len came just seconds later, shuddering in Rin's embrace as he shot several loads of semen into her hand, Rin quickly cupping it before him to make sure not to waste any of it. Taking a brief moment to wind down, Len continued, still slightly panting. “Rin, you’re the best sister ever!”

“And you’re the best brother ever, Len,” Rin replied, licking the ambrosial liquid from her fingers. “Even if there was no need to, the effort you put into convincing me to join you shows just how much you care,” she said, before leaning forward to give Len a loving kiss, sharing with him the taste of his own bliss.

“So how do you propose we kill ourselves?” Rin asked after breaking the kiss, as she turned off the game along with the screen itself. “Giving it so much thought surely you must have a plan,” she turned back to Len, positively curious of what death he envisioned for them.

“I was thinking of the clothes line outdoors,” Len answered, as Rin nodded, listening carefully. “If we throw it over a tree branch or something, we can hang ourselves on both sides of it.”

“So killing us together was indeed your plan from the start,” Rin concluded, climbing on top of her brother’s legs as she gave him an enthusiastic hug. “It makes me so happy!”

“How so?” Len wondered, putting his hands on her sides and pushing Rin back a little to create enough space to look into her eyes. They shone with joy, to which he answered with a confused expression.

“Why, because it means inviting me in wasn’t just an afterthought”, Rin explained, pushing her body against Len’s once more. “Isn’t that what being twins is all about? The two of us are a whole to the point where you can’t even imagine us dying separately”.

“That’s true”, Len agreed, letting his hands slide to Rin’s back and caress it. “Until you said how you’d be happy to see my wish fulfilled, it didn’t even occur to me that you not joining was a possibility”.

“Oh, I’m really sorry about that”, this time Rin herself leaned back to let Len see in her eyes that she meant it. “Of course I would have joined immediately if you just asked, but exactly because of that I failed to realize you were spending all the effort on convincing me. I thought you were just explaining your own reasoning”.

“To be honest, even if you keep saying it, it’s still hard for me to imagine you would’ve really joined me so easily”, Len admitted apologetically. “I mean, even for me, with all that reasoning, it’s scary to die… only the fear of it getting even more terrifying makes me want to kill myself now”.

“Now that just sounds sad”, Rin said, pouting. “Why don’t you think of it the way I do?” she suggested, switching back to joyful mood. “Don’t think of killing ourselves as a means to die. Say, a game of twister might train our agility, but is training even on your mind when playing it? I bet not, because that’s not what we play it for, we play it just to have fun”.

”Well, that’s because the game itself is fun”, Len noted.

“Is it?” Rin replied. “I imagine playing it alone would be quite boring. Which means it’s not playing the game that is fun, but doing it together. In fact, doing anything together makes it much more fun”.

“Even killing ourselves?” Len asked in confusion.

“But of course!” Rin leaped off the sofa. “Didn’t you say we’ll hang together on the same rope?” she gestured passionately. “How is that not fun? It’ll be like a physical representation of out bond!”

“Oh, I was just thinking it would be handy to use one rope for us both”, Len admitted, taking Rin’s hand to get up. “But if you put it that way, it does sound kinda fun”.

“Right?” Rin grinned. “Then I’ll go prepare the rope and you can grab a chair in the meanwhile. We’ll need something to jump off, right?”

“Right,” Len nodded. “Just don’t start without me,” he said, seeing how enthusiastic she was.

“That should be my line,” Rin chuckled. “It’s you who wants to die ASAP. All I want is to keep you company, so it would really defeat the purpose if I killed myself first.”

“Then I’ll try to resist slitting my throat with all the temping knifes,” Len joked as he headed to the kitchen.

“Yeah, do your best,” Rin replied half-serious, in her turn heading outside. “I’d look silly waiting for you outside with the rope forever.”

Getting a chair from the kitchen, Len exited the house, stopping on the doorsteps as the cool air against his naked body made him realize he was still wet with the mix of his own and Rin’s urine from earlier. It was not an unwelcome sensation, both physically as the evaporating wetness intensified the gentle caress of the breeze sending pleasant shivers all over Len’s skin, and emotionally, as having fun with their pee was always a warm memory for the twins. Even better was the realization that Rin, being equally naked and equally wet, was exposed to the same cool breeze, thus sharing that sensation as well.

Indeed, looking at him still standing on the doorsteps, Rin could immediately tell what he was thinking about and giggled: “I guess something good did come out of your attempt to choke me with pee after all.”

Len looked back at Rin and saw that she has already detached the clothes line, the washed clothes from it were now scattered all over the wet and dirty ground, not even avoiding the puddles still remaining here and there after a rain earlier in the day.

“What’s with all this mess?” Len wondered.

“It’s not like we’ll need them anymore,” Rin replied, with the rope in her hands examining the nearest tree for thick branches. “So why bother collecting?”

“Makes sense”, Len agreed and looked at a big puddle just off the doorsteps. He remembered this tempting puddle from when he’d been hanging out the clothes shortly after the rain, but couldn’t risk dropping the bowl with washed clothes. With the chair, however, he didn’t have to be so careful, so he jumped right into the puddle, splashing dirty water everywhere. Some of it landed right on the scattered clothes, and Len found some special pleasure in being able to dirty the recently washed clothes beyond repair without a care in the world. Even if Rin said she did it just out of practicality, he could now see she must have also enjoyed scattering the clothes on the dirty ground like that.

“You sure love jumping through puddles”, Rin laughed, seeing Len having fun.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in this”, Len returned the kind laughter, looking at Rin’s feet also being all dirty up to the ankles.

As Rin found a branch she deemed suitable and threw the rope over it, Len approached her, with equal pleasure stepping in the puddles and on the clothes, marking them with dirty footprints.

“So, will this branch hold us?” Len wondered, putting the chair down.

“Let’s test it”, Rin suggested, offering Len one end of the rope.

The twins each pulled their end towards themselves, but when they tried to put more of their weight on the rope, it resulted in their feet slipping along the wet ground until their bodies became pressed against each other right under the branch, where there also happened to be another large puddle. Seeing how they couldn’t each climb their end of the rope without ending up like this, the twins instead tried climbing each other’s bodies with their legs. It was already awkward enough by itself so they couldn't stop giggling, and spreading the slippery mud from their feet all over each other’s legs didn’t help either, so naturally they ended up falling into the puddle with their butts, bursting into genuine laughter.

“Come on, Len, that was totally your fault for letting go of the rope!” Rin laughed, splashing the dirty water from the puddle onto her brother.

“My hands only slipped because your legs were pulling me down!” Len laughed too, splashing the water back at Rin.

“Oh, yeah?” Rin pushed Len so he fell with his back onto the ground and climbed on top of him to prevent him from getting up. “You think I can fly or something?”

“I surely hope you can’t”, Len pushed Rin off to his side, and since she was clinging onto him, ended up on top of her, switching their positions. “Would be hard to hang you then”.

The joyful kids kept wrestling in the mud until they became all dirty from head to toe and laughed their lungs out. Panting, they lay next to each other in the puddle, their gaze landing on the rope, by some miracle still hanging on the branch. It reminded the twins that they weren’t here just to fool around in the aftermath of the rain, but were actually going to hang themselves on that rope.

“You were totally right”, Len smiled, turning his head to face Rin. “Killing ourselves can be fun”.

“Right?” Rin smiled back, looking into his eyes. “It’s because we’re doing it together”.

“So”, Len said, getting up from the ground, “I guess we can conclude that this branch is properly able to handle the weight of the two of us randomly thrashing around”.

“So it would seem”, Rin agreed, taking Len’s hand to get up too. “The rope didn’t tear too, so we can safely hang ourselves on it”.

Len took the chair again and positioned it right under the rope, and Rin eagerly climbed onto it before Len even released his hold of it.

“Whoa…” Len climbed after Rin and found there was little room for the two.

“Have to be careful here”, Rin said, pressing her body against Len’s and tightly locking him in her arms. “You don’t want to fall from the chair, do you?”

“Not before there’s a noose on my neck to catch me”, Len smirked, returning the gesture.

“Now that’s the spirit!” Rin approved.

While trying to keep her hold of Len, Rin carefully caught one end of the rope and wrapped it around her brother’s neck. Len did the same with the other end of the rope and RIn’s neck.

“The rope is pretty long”, Rin pointed out. “So tighten it properly before tying the noose”.

“Right”, Len took notice. “Wouldn't be much of a hanging if we just land on our feet”.

Taking that into consideration, the twins made sure not to leave any extra length, thus measuring the rope for as short a drop they could. They tied the nooses around each other’s necks slowly and carefully, but not out of fear of bringing their death closer. It just felt really nice to tie the nooses for each other, filling the twins’ hearts with the same feeling of caring as when they were washing each other’s bodies or peeing into each other’s mugs. So they just took their time to savour this siblingly warmth, never thinking of it as postponing the hanging. If anything, this cordial moment would lose all of its meaning unless they properly put the carefully tied nooses to use.

“Okay, this should hold you”, Len concluded, leaning back just a bit to admire his work, but making sure to hold the embrace that kept them from falling. “Wow, a noose on your neck really suits you”, he noted. “Maybe even better than cum on your face”.

“Of course it does. Because it’s something you made for me”, Rin smiled kindly. “But wait ‘till you see me actually hang on it”.

Having that said, Rin gave Len a kiss on the lips, but this time it wasn’t a long kind of kiss with tongue wrestling, which was more like sex or twister, just a fun physical activity the twins would engage in with anyone, but a brief kind of kiss the twins used exclusively to express their love to each other and never shared with anyone else. Rin barely touched her brother’s lips for a single fleeting moment and the next thing he knew was the rope biting into his neck as Rin kicked out the chair from under their feet.

The abrupt pain made Len’s vision go blurry and he instinctively clung to Rin with all his strength, at the same time feeling a similar grip on himself. Such a sudden and firm embrace was enough to take his breath away without any noose. For as much as the twins loved to cuddle, never before had their embrace been so desperate and therefore sensual. Their bodies were uncontrollably pressing against each other as if trying to become one, but the mud acted like a lubricant, preventing them from keeping a constant posture. Instead their arms and legs kept slipping and catching their bodies anew, one’s chest and stomach rubbing against the other’s, leaving no square inch of skin without attention.

Len never could have imagined that cuddling could be so intense. It was the best feeling he ever got to experience, even in spite of the unbearable pain from the rope squeezing his neck. Although… Why ‘in spite’? On the contrary; only because the twins couldn't bear the pain did they end up in such a special embrace in the first place.

Len never could have thought that he would welcome pain, let alone be happy for how strong it was. And yet here he was, thanking the pain for his body not being able to endure it, by that giving him and his sister the best embrace in their lives. If only Len knew before that hanging together with Rin would be so great, he would have done it long ago disregarding any fear of death.

Rin was right: death was beside the point of hanging. Like by eating a cake you would, of course, still fill your stomach, but nutrition wasn’t what you really ate it for. The same went with hanging: it did kill you, but that wasn’t what it was worth to hang yourself for, instead it was for the otherwise impossible sensation of uncontrollable bodies fully devoting themselves to cuddles.

But gradually the initial shock of sudden influx of new sensations was going away, and although the twins’ bodies were still reveling in contact with each other, Rin’s words finally reached Len’s mind, words which he suddenly realized would now remain her last ones. So what did that mean, his last words would be about sperm on her face? Even though it was a totally mundane compliment, in no way suiting something so solemn. The idea that this casually dropped phrase would now remain the last in his life appeared to be utterly amusing to Len. And he’d thought hanging couldn’t be fun. Turned out it couldn’t be not fun!

And the playful tone of Rin's last words fit to that fun just right as she'd half-jokingly suggested for Len to check out how the noose would look around her neck once put into use. Not that he needed to see it; just imagining what their movements had to look like, disorderly yet devotedly focused on each other, left Len no doubts that the outer beauty of the action was on par with the inner one. But even if the picture his mind drew for him was enough for Len, he still gathered all his strength and with great effort managed to take back control of his body for a couple of moments to lean away from his sister a bit to get a look at her face. Though he hadn’t tried so hard to fulfill her last will or something serious like that, but just to play along; for the simple fun like this that was exactly what they’d hanged themselves for.

Finally taking a glance on Rin’s face, Len immediately realized how deeply mistaken he’d been for thinking it would be beautiful… It wasn’t just beautiful, it was absolutely fascinating! The noose was biting into Rin’s neck with a death grip, squeezing it like a vice, deforming the shape of the neck and chafing the skin to the blood, as if the rope was trying to compete with Len who could embrace Rin with more strength. Only there was no point in being jealous, because in reality it was not the rope that was doing it, but Len himself. For not only had he tied this deadly noose with his own hands, but also the force that made it so diligently squeeze around his sister’s neck was none other but the weight of his own body hanging on the other end.

Of course, the same applied in reverse too, as Len could acutely feel in his own neck. Turned out that the pain the rope caused was not just the source of the twins’ unparalleled cuddling, but also its most vivid part. As much as their arms and legs were clinging to each other’s bodies, but the strongest squeeze was the one the twins gave to each other’s necks through the rope. With all of his weight, with all of himself Len was hugging Rin’s neck, and she was hugging his. And if this pain was nothing other than embrace the twins shared, how it was possible not to love it? And the stronger it got - the better, for it only meant a stronger embrace.

But when it seemed like it couldn’t get any stronger, the twins’ bodies finally exhausted the remaining oxygen, and the simple mechanical pressure on their necks became accompanied by an inextinguishable burning in their lungs. And if the former had already seemed unbearable, now a real agony began. In his worst nightmares Len couldn’t imagine such insane suffering as the one that now captured his body. And realizing Rin must have felt the same, Len was not surprised by what he could read in her eyes when for a moment he met her gaze: neither the immeasurable physical suffering, nor the unfeigned delight it caused. For this unbearable agony meant that the embrace the twins have shared through the rope had become so strong it was now squeezing not only their necks, but even their lungs. Now it was cuddling with not only the whole surface of the body, but even with internal organs! The mere thought that this was possible was enough to bring delight, let alone actually experiencing it.

As Rin’s returned the gaze, Len could clearly see in her eyes that she was thinking the same thing as him: How come it had never occurred to them before to hang themselves together like this? No sex or twister could even hope to compare to it. It was perhaps even better than that one dream Len once told her about where the twins turned into urine and dissolved in each other. At least because that was just a fleeting dream before the inevitable awakening back into reality.

But now everything was for real, so the twins wouldn’t just wake up in their bed afterwards, leaving them only sweet memories of their hanging. In fact, now they would never get to wake up at all! That thought suddenly bloomed into pure childish delight inside Rin’s heart. Even if she’d said that for her death was not the goal of hanging, only now did Rin realize that it was also not an undesirable side effect to disregard. Instead it was the icing on the cake. Hanging was a lot of fun by itself, but if on top of that it also killed the twins, that made it even better, for it meant that this fun would literally last for the rest of their lives! The delight of this discovery was so overwhelming that Rin didn’t even have to put an effort for her face distorted by pain to transform into a beaming smile - just the power of emotions was enough for them to involuntarily manifest through any physical sensations.

Even though Len had already lost control over his body again and could not look at Rin’s face anymore, but even without that he could clearly feel her smile. Whether it was the fabled twins' telepathy or the two just knew each other so well that they intuitively understood the small nuances of their seemingly chaotic deathly embrace, but Len received Rin's emotions in all their vividness.. Death! Death meant that hanging, this very mutual hanging that brought the twins such a delight they could never have imagined, was forever; here would be nothing but this mutual delight. Never. Nothing. Not even themselves. There would never be a moment in time for them when the delight of hanging would remain in the past. So this was the death Len had been so afraid of? Turned out it was the most amazing thing one could imagine!

Yes, now it was clear why Rin had been so happy when he told her that he wanted them to hang on the same rope. At first it’d just seemed convenient to him, but the fact that they’d tied the nooses for each other and were serving as each other’s counterweights, made it so that they weren’t just dying together, but killing each other. The result was, of course, the same, but the feelings! All of Len’s existence was now devoted to ending Rin’s, just as hers was devoted to ending his; each of the twins was happy to die together and even happier for the other's happiness, but then knowing the other felt just as happy for them brought them even more happiness, and so forth. It was truly impossible to think of a greater happiness.

But even if nothing could possibly make the twins happier, it didn’t mean that nothing could could make them more amused. Among all the sensations that overwhelmed the twins, the languid agony of oxygen deprivation that had already spread throughout their whole bodies, the strong embrace of each other’s arms and legs, desperately trying to hold onto something, and the caress of them hopelessly slipping along their mud-covered bodies, they suddenly noticed one more: Len’s dick happened to be squeezed in between the twins’ bodies and them twitching in their nooses made it rub against them.

The stimulation brought Len’s dick into state of full alertness, and it was now awkwardly poking into Rin’s belly. Ha-ha, hello, dick! You know we’re dying here? The whole body is thrashing around in deathly convulsion, and the dick suddenly wants a caress! What next, the stomach will growl asking for food? The twins found the whole thing so funny that even without communicating to each other they both decided to play along and try to somehow drive Len’s dick into Rin’s pussy. But the only points of support were their own necks and their limbs didn’t want to obey them anymore, spontaneously twitching as if of their own will, so the twins’ movements came out even more clumsy than when they’d tried to test the branch.

However they hadn’t expected this venture to succeed anyway, instead the twins just found spending the last moments of their lives on such an utter silliness to be irresistibly amusing. For how comically and hilariously they were writhing in their nooses! Len thought he looked like a fly trying in vain to get out of a closed window only to hit the glass again and again. And Rin was comparing herself to a cat that was thrown into air in zero gravity and, unable to comprehend which way it should fall feet first, began to randomly spin around. Ah, what a pity there was nobody around to film their ludicrous antics. It would probably fit just right into some collection of funny videos among other clumsy dances and failed stunts. Though usually it would be embarrassing to appear in something like that, but now the twins were having so much fun they wouldn’t at all mind to share their fun with the whole world. All the more so as they wouldn’t have to blush over it afterwards, since they were going to die. Wasn’t that great?

But what was even greater was that their stunt ended up not being a failure after all; for the one thing the twins could always do better than anything was having fun. And it was exactly because trying to make love while hanging by their necks and writhing in deathly agony was such ridiculous silliness that the twins devoted all of their fading strength to it. And, unexpectedly even to themselves, they actually succeeded!

Rin managed to rest her arms on Len’s shoulders and tightly wrap her legs around his waist, while Len in his turn was holding onto Rin’s waist with his hands, trying to support her with his legs from below. Of course, given they were hanging on the same rope, any attempts to transfer their weight onto each other were obviously doomed to failure, but it was this pointlessness of the endeavour that made it so fun in the first place and therefore made the twins try even harder. And as a result by some miracle they managed to make their pose somewhat stable and suddenly felt Len’s dick actually slip into Rin’s pussy. As a result they somehow managed to make their pose more or less stable and suddenly felt Len’s dick actually slip into Rin’s pussy. The sudden, unexpected sensation served to give the twins a brief moment of focus, allowing them to regain control of their bodies just long enough to look into each other's eyes once more, asking if this was for real; and having confirmed they actually accomplished their silly idea of having sex while hanging, the twins couldn’t help but burst into laughter…

Or at least they tried to laugh, but with their necks squeezed instead of laughter the twins only produced a new disorderly series of spasms even more painful than before. Over and over their chests felt like they were bursting, and every time seemed like it was going to be the last, like they’d just die of pain right now, but a fraction of a second later the next spasm would erupt right over the last and their suffering continue with renewed strength. But the very thought that this innocent attempt at laughing had turned into such unbearable torture seemed so hilarious that it was impossible to stop laughing.

Laughing at their suffering and suffering from their laughter the twins became captives of a self-sustaining cycle of pain and fun, only ever speeding up their delightful movement towards death. Like when on a roller coaster the cart would end its slow climb onto the topmost point and start a rapid descent. Only the track never turned away from the ground and the cart would just keep on accelerating until it crashed into the surface at full speed. This ride of excruciating agony infinitely escalating towards death was a delight all on its own, but the best part for each of the twins was feeling happy for the other one having the same experience. For there was never a music more beautiful for the twins than each other’s laughter, and even if the sound was now replaced by convulsion, it was still as vividly transmitted through their tight embrace. Knowing it was caused by sincere fun, to physically feel each other’s hellish suffering like this was a heavenly delight.

On top of all of that Len’s dick was still inside Rin’s pussy. The twins didn’t even have to put effort into having sex - the involuntary fluttering of their dying bodies made Len’s dick shift back and forth inside Rin’s pussy, providing all the necessary physical stimulation. If anything the twins had to restrain their chaotically jerking bodies and try to hold harder to each other so that Len’s dick didn’t inadvertently slip out. And although the pleasure of sex could hardly compare to that of their deathly agony, it still served as a nice bonus. The twins’ limbs clinging to each other’s bodies, the rope biting their necks, their lungs feeling like they were bursting and now the sex parts stimulating each other - it was hard for their fading consciousnesses to tell the sensations apart anymore and they all merged into one single bliss.

It was only clear that the metaphorical cart had already accelerated so much that there remained mere moments until the finish, and dashing towards death at full speed like this was truly a delightful feeling. Len was happy that he hadn’t just hanged himself alone, but invited Rin to keep him company. Less so for himself that hanging together was more fun (though there was that too), but for her, that she also got to experience all of this indescribable joy. Rin was happy too, for had she not experienced it by herself, she could have never imagined hanging could be so wonderful. But for her too what mattered most was not that she got to feel wonderful, but that it made her know exactly how wonderful Len felt.

And when it seemed like it couldn't get any better and they only had to happily die, with her last remaining bit of consciousness Rin suddenly felt some new vague sensation. It was Len cumming inside her! And if putting Len’s dick in her pussy was something the twins had tried to do on purpose, even if just as a joke and not believing in success, them actually reaching an orgasm on top of it had never even crossed their minds. But here they were! Portions of hot semen spurted into Rin’s pussy one after another, accompanied by new spasms in Len’s almost already-still body, making him squeeze Rin tightly. And although she could hardly feel anything anymore, it was still nice to get such a pleasant surprise in the end.

But what Rin did vividly feel was Len’s orgasm ending as suddenly as it started and his whole body abruptly going limp, making her realize her brother had just died. Of course, that was to be expected after Rin had tied the noose on his neck by herself and even served as a counterweight for his hanging; she could proudly say she’d killed him with her own hands. But Rin had always imagined they would just die simultaneously and it’d never occurred to her she could still be alive at the moment of Len’s death. She hadn’t expected to actually see her brother die, and thus happened to be absolutely unprepared to the burst of joy it brought.

Rin felt like a supernova, bursting with more delight she could handle. Her body immediately reached its own orgasm, which was stronger than any in her life and seemed like it wouldn’t stop until her death. But as intense as it was, a mere orgasm was of little concern to Rin. For Len, her beloved twin brother, her other half, had died - and it was wonderful! And he hadn’t just died, but by her hands and in her arms; it was impossible to imagine a better death. Rin was already unable to tell if she’d actually managed to take another glimpse at his face or if her dying mind was just imagining it, but to find no sign of life in the vacant expression of Len’s empty eyes was the best reward Rin could wish for tying a noose around his neck and hanging together with him.

For a moment Rin even wondered if maybe she was being too happy about her brother’s death. Because if seeing your twin die brought so much joy, wouldn’t Len have been happier if she’d died first? Which was better: to die in your loved one’s arms or having your loved one die in yours? Maybe it would have been better to die simultaneously after all, just for fairness’ sake? But no, that wasn’t what being twins was all about. Just like sex, for example. Who got to feel better, a boy or a girl? Then wouldn’t it be preferable to both be of the same sex - the one which got to feel better? Of course not! Because if Len got the boys’ part of the pleasure and Rin the girls’ part, then as a pair of twins they got both. And what was the point of contemplating which was better, if you could just have both? The same, Rin realized, went for death. If Len got to die in her arms and she got to see him die, then as a pair of twins they got to experience both pleasures. So they were actually quite lucky to not have died at the exact same moment. And Rin could feel happy for Len’s death with clear conscience.

The last thing Rin felt was a new stream erupting from Len’s dick, which by some miracle was still inside her pussy, the sensation of urine filling her insides provoking a similar response from her Rin’s body so it also started urinating. Even though just a while ago the twins had already emptied their bladders into each other’s mouths. And yet there was enough urine to be found in them so that they could properly pee themselves in the last moment. As if the nature itself, the biology of their bodies, was telling the twins that what they’d done was indeed irresistibly fun. Taking it as a sign, Rin stopped clinging to Len with her limbs and to life with her mind, and, relaxedly hanging alongside her brother, gladly died.


And a little bonus. The characters are somewhat based on their interpretations from Innocence, but this time the story is not set in the same universe.

=Suspicious Silence=
(Vocaloid, casual)

A lot of lively laughter and excited screams had been audible from the children’s room earlier, as they’d invited over some friends from school today, but for some time now it had been suspiciously quiet, so Asami decided to check in on them. What she found was a bloody mess.

Miku was hanging from the ceiling, strung up by her own long hair in the center of the room. She was wearing nothing but a set of headphones, still playing music into her ears even after her last dance had come to an end, and a number of staples fastening her labia together to secure what seemed to be at least a dozen of egg vibrators shoved into her pussy and probably even womb, making visible bulges and continuing to diligently doing their job trying to pleasure Miku’s body as if she could still feel it.

Piko’s equally lifeless and equally naked corpse was lying on the floor. Judging by a USB cable appearing from under his butt the boy also had some kind of toy inside of him, though in his final moments he’d probably been more focused on licking Flower’s pussy, as the girl was sitting on his face, having apparently served as a cause of his death by smothering.

Flower in turn looked like she had been more interested in another type of fun. With her belly cut open, she’d dragged a bunch of her intestines out and seemed to have been fascinatedly playing with them all the way until she fell dead, her face landing right inside Gumi’s lower half, which was mounting Piko’s dick with her pussy, his hands still holding her waist tightly.

Following a trace of even more spilt intestines, Asami discovered Gumi’s missing upper half in the far corner of the bed reading a book from the screen of her phone. The girl had always been a quiet and nerdy type, so it was no surprise that she took being cut in half as an opportunity to have a read in peace without having to worry about whatever the other kids were doing with her lower body. Gumi’s eyes were staring at the text auto-scrolling on her phone with the same blank expression she always wore, so it was impossible to tell if she was already dead or just pretending to be so that the noisier kids left her alone.

Another child who’d stuck to his habits until the end was Asami’s own son. Sitting on the edge of the bed Len was enthusiastically playing some video game, or at least he must have been, until the neckerchief tied extra tight around his neck had strangled him. Yet he perfectly retained the impression, his back rested against a pillow letting him maintain an almost upright position and his vacant gaze still glued to the screen making it look like Len was just so absorbed in the game he didn’t notice the world around him. His brain must have been dead by now, but the residual twitching in Len’s fingers kept pushing some sticks and buttons on the controller he was clenching with a death grip. Curiously, unlike the real counterpart, the in-game version of Len was still very much alive, vigorously slashing a neverending onslaught of enemies. In a sense Len had become so ultimately immersed in the game that he literally only existed inside of it now.

Impressed by her son’s affection for games going beyond his very life, Asami took another moment to realize that what she first mistook for a pillow behind his back was in fact his twin sister’s body. All of Rin’s limbs were cut off with her arms shoved into her pussy shoulder first and elbow deep and her legs similarly shoved into her ass, ruthlessly tearing both of her holes apart. With Rin’s torso positioned upside down, her arms sticking up out of her pussy were wrapped around Len’s neck, hands meeting on his chest one over the other, as if holding her brother in a delicate embrace. And her legs were casually hanging down from his shoulders, occasionally nudged by their jerking, which made it look like Rin was idly dangling her feet. Finally, her head was also cut off and impaled with its neck onto her brother’s dick. As such a position gave Rin an excellent opportunity to follow her brother’s game, it looked as if she was still rooting for Len wholeheartedly even if the movements of her tongue devotedly pleasing his dick until her final moments had long ceased. Asami couldn't help but find it endearing how her twins were together in both mind and body until the very end and even beyond.

After all this Asami didn’t expect to find the last of the kids actually alive. Yet there was Tianyi, kneeling on the floor kissing Rin’s lips and sucking the tip of Len’s dick protruding from them. In one hand the girl had a cylindrical grater she was fucking herself with and in the other some pliers with which she was pinching her clitoris. Hearing Asami come in, Tianyi shoved the grater inside her pussy and locked the pliers on her clitoris before swallowing the cum in her mouth and turning her face towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she wondered, a mix of blood and semen dripping down her face from empty eye sockets. For not one, but both of her eyes to be in such a state she must have been eye-fucked by Len and Piko simultaneously.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” Asami put down the tray with additional snacks she’d brought, even if it seemed they wouldn’t be necessary anymore. “Just checking in to see if everything’s okay.”

“Ah, oba-san,” Tianyi crawled up to the screen and felt around for the mute button so that the sound of Len’s game didn’t interfere with the conversation. “Sorry for the mess.”

“It’s alright.” Even though Asami couldn’t suppress a sigh at the prospect of cleaning it all. “I’m glad you all had a fun time,” she added, giving the blinded girl a hand.

“Thank you,” Tianyi replied, standing up unsteadily as the weight of the dangling pliers was pulling on her clitoris. “Please, let me help with the cleaning.”

“You’re such a nice girl”, Asami approvingly patted Tianyi’s head. “I wish my kids were diligent like that. But don’t you have homework to do?”

“They were diligent alright,” Tianyi stood up for her late friends. “We actually already did today’s homework together.”

“Everyone?” Asami wondered, casting another glance over all the children’s corpses. “Looks like only you will have a chance to present yours to the teachers tomorrow.”

“We’ve also already sent it for review over the net,” Tianyi explained and the next moment a notification sound could be heard from one of the phones lying on the bedside table. “Oh, that’s mine”, she realized, heading towards the sound only to slip on the sprawling guts and fall on the floor. Tianyi let out a short scream as the impact made the grater slip halfway out and the pliers come off along with her clitoris.

“Can you really help with cleaning?” Asami quickly walked up to hand the phone to Tianyi. “Wait, can you even read it?..”

“No problem,” Tianyi fixed the grater in her pussy before speaking to the phone: “XiaoAI, please read the message.”

“Message from: Japanese Teacher,” a robotic voice responded. “Very well. Keep up the good work.”

“Huh, handy,” Asami noted. “Maybe you can call everyone’s parents and tell them their kids are dead so they don’t worry for them not coming home?”

“Can do,” Tianyi agreed, crawling to Len’s legs and making herself comfortable sitting on her knees between them, resting her back against the bed.

“Thanks, I’ll handle the cleaning then”, Asami replied, starting with collecting the dirty dishes. While she was at it, the woman couldn’t help but notice how Len was having a hard time in the game. It seemed that the last of his body’s twitching had died down, leaving his character to just stand there defenselessly as the enemies kept attacking him. It didn’t take long for his health bar to deplete, and as Len’s avatar fell dead onto the ground, a message appeared in big bloody letters all over the screen: “YOU DIED”. For a moment Asami thought she saw her son react to it with an amused grin, as if saying “yeah, you have no idea”. But surely it was just her imagination, because he was long dead in the real world, and now equally so in the virtual one too. With not even this semblance of life remaining for Len, Asami let herself switch the console off so that the flashing screen didn’t distract her. Usually her son would be upset at her for handling his favorite toy so unceremoniously, but in the current circumstances Asami couldn’t help but notice how the shutdown animation emulating a CRT looked not dissimilar to a flat line of a pulse monitor, as if the fancy box was not at all a toy, but a medical life support device. And if what Asami had so abruptly ended was not just her son’s game, but his very life, then she could be confident that he wouldn’t mind.

Whether Len actually reacted to game over or it was just a coincidence, but his body chose that particular moment to empty its bladder. With Rin’s head still mounting his penis, his urine first filled her mouth, as if even after they were both dead Len was still considerate enough to give his sister a taste, before finally overflowing right onto Tianyi. Feeling the fragrant liquid spreading through her hair, the girl threw her head back to let it flow on her face too. Reveling in the tingly feeling of the salty urine filling her empty eye sockets, Tianyi used her free hand to fuck herself with the grater again as she spoke to her phone: “XiaoAI, please call Gumi’s Mother…”


I love Kagamine Rin and Len they make me think about my real sister :) and unlike others i love anime! So your stories go right to the point, also I check your Alteration thread ofter.But, allthou I don't dislike it, i'm not a big fan of consensual sex, I would love to read about a killer surprising them and strangling them during sex(or snuffing them in many other ways).I love the pee too! So I will give your stories an 8 so far because of too much consensual!


I mean consensual snuff!


That consensual stuff is what makes those stories so attractive ;)


It's cutesy but a bit more non-consensual wouldn't hurt, and there are many other aspects that makes them attractive, anime chars, incest, pissing(if you are into it) the dialogie and so on


Well, I rather prefer consensual :) We have many other writers who focus on NC.


Just as Onix says, the consent and even casualness of guro is the whole appeal of it, at least for me, so I'm probably not going to write anything non-consensual, sorry.


I like consensual and casual stuff, even non-erotic parts is good too.


Aoi, I've been a fan of your stories for a long time! Thanks for writing these amazing stories with consent, casualness and love in them.


I would love to see more of this story. It seems like you were inspired by Altered Carbon which is one of my favorite series. and your story starts out perfect, I'd love to see what more adventures can happen in this world!


Pussies! :)


> Aoi, I've been a fan of your stories for a long time! Thanks for writing these amazing stories with consent, casualness and love in them.
And thank you for taking your time to let me know you enjoy my stories.

> It seems like you were inspired by Altered Carbon

Never heard of it, actually. It's been a long time to remember for sure, but I suppose I was inspired by Car Fight and Susan here on gurochan.

> I'd love to see what more adventures can happen in this world!

Yeah, well… Unfortunately, writing longer stories doesn't seem to work for me :-( And if I do ever find motivation to continue one of the older stories, I'd rather it be Slavya and the Horse, Innocence or Warehouse. That puts Siyana pretty low on the priority list.
You might want to check out a new story by Mephistopheles, "A name not spoken in vain", it seems to also focus on fooling around with non-lethal and non-permanent damage.


I suppose.


While I didn't really feel anything from this story, it did make a hilarious dark comedy. There should more types of these stories on Gurochan.


I for one only enjoy consensual guro, and so I love your stories Aoi Hikari.

Your latest one, Die Young, is one of my favorites. Twincest is wincest of course, and I especially enjoyed the dynamic the twins had. Ultra-casual sex is something I wish porn did more frequently. Len fondling his sister and rubbing her to an orgasm while holding a conversation as she plays a game was really arousing. And then Rin put down the controller and let that familiar wave of good feeling wash over her as her twin fingered her to an orgasm.

I also really appreciate stories where twins actively take steps to erase their individual identities in favor of the romanticism of living together as twins. And not to please some third figure, but for its own sake. For each others' sake.

“Silly Len, I’m not forcing myself at all,” Rin laughed again, starting to rapidly stroke his rock-hard penis while embracing him with the other arm. “Dying is terrifying for sure, but it doesn’t matter because dying is beside the point.”

“What do you mean?” Len wondered, tensing in pleasure.

“Because it’s you who’s killing himself specifically to die”, Rin explained, noticing Len’s penis strongly pulsing. “The reason I’m killing myself is only to keep you company. Cinema or suicide, I’m just really glad that you want me to join, that’s all."

That's gotta be some of the hottest dialogue I've read in a long, long while.

I do think the story gets bogged down with Len pussyfooting around the issue too long till it became annoying, and it got a little repetitive during the hanging as the Rin's logic chain just went on forever. So if there's any criticism I'd give, it'd simply be to tighten up such sections.

But overall, again, I love the story and look forward to reading more of what you put out!


Huh, I didn't even remember I had that one. To be honest, I'm not very happy with how it turned out. The start is very nice, but somehow half the way through I've found myself having no idea where to go with it. And in such a short story! One would imagine it's impossible not to write it all in one go. Yet somehow not only I've managed to need several takes, but also on the way lost my vision of what I wanted that story to be. Shame on me.

I've written Die Young mostly in two big chunks, the dialogue part and the actual hanging part, and it's probably really obvious how the quality varies, isn't it?
In the dialogue part Len indeed takes too much time to get to the point. The idea behind it was to justify the later dialogue talking about how much effort he put into convincing Rin. But Rin also makes a point about how she didn't have to be convinced, which meant that for the sake of the dialogue existing Len had to talk a lot of nonsense without getting to the point. Believe it or not, it could have been worse, as at some point I've written a whole other part of dialogue where Rin now tried to convince Len how he should let her die with him while he hesitated to do so after learning that she didn't really want to die. Not those lines you quoted, but something almost as long as Len's part and equally horrible. Since then not only I've ditched that second part of the dialogue, but rewritten the first part as well. Now it's slightly less horrible. But it's been a year since I've written the first version and half a year since the second version, and when I look at it now again it makes me cringe. It makes me want to ditch it all and rewrite from scratch again, but then I would never have it finished, so I decided just not to look at it while working on the hanging part. Another thing is all the sex and game, especially game, parts inside that dialogue, the idea was to make it all casual, but I don't think it worked that well, it seems like all it really does is distracts from the dialogue, as if the dialogue isn't horrible enough by itself, that distraction makes it even harder to digest.
The hanging part though. Starting with "The abrupt pain made Len’s vision go blurry…" A few more months passed after I've written the first part, then I started writing this second part without looking at the first part, actually I was away from my PC and writing on my phone, that was a nightmare on its own, but I was suddenly feeling inspired, so I just poured out whatever came to my mind. I was actually writing that part originally in Russian before translating in into English, so I could more immediately turn my thoughts into text, without losing chain of thoughts while looking for the right English words. So it ended up almost like a completely separate story. There are still some repetitive bits, but the idea behind it is to revel in the twins' emotions. And I think it accomplishes it well, though maybe it works much better on myself because I know for sure what emotions I've put there, and it's as much enjoying the story itself as reliving the pleasure of writing it. There was another significant pause of a month or two between the inspiration surge and getting the last few paragraphs finished, so those might feel a bit less inspired, I guess. But all it all I still love the hanging part of the story much more than the dialogue part. The first part just makes me cringe and want to redo it, the second part I myself find to be very enjoyable to read.

> I also really appreciate stories where twins actively take steps to erase their individual identities in favor of the romanticism of living together as twins. And not to please some third figure, but for its own sake. For each others' sake.

Oh, that reminds me I had that other unfinished story about twins, that I haven't touched for… almost two years now? Wow the time sure is merciless.
It starts like this:
> You want to know why such a seemingly ordinary girl as us – sorry, here I go again – as me often speaks of herself in plural? Well, that’s pretty simple really: when we were kids, there were indeed two of us. Me and my twin brother.
Then it also takes forever to get to the action and I've abandoned it right before the action starts. Which makes it pretty similar to Die Young, huh? I should probably try to get it finished too.
Right now my thoughts are somehow back on that little Suspicious Silence story. Like maybe add a bit more details here and there, maybe Flower didn't just play with her intestines, but kept pulling her insides out until she torn out her own heart? Maybe Asami even gets in time to see it beat a couple of last times before stopping in Flower's hand. Who's to say it didn't happen just a second before she came in, after all. With that in mind, maybe Miku's last dance also ends when Asami is already there, just like Len's twitching on his game controller. Also I want to revel in Len and Rin's situation a bit more. No matter how many times I think back to it, it's so damn hot. They're just having casual fun together, him playing the game and her rooting for him, and they disregard death so much that it doesn't even stop them keeping doing what they were doing, like they didn't even notice that they've died. Though that actually applies to all of the characters, I guess you can say that's the main idea of the story.


So, uhm, this was sitting in my mind for some time, and I don't think it can work as anything else but a Vocaloid song, intended for Rin and Len of course, the problem is I'm neither a poet nor a musician, and it's not like I actually know Japanese in the first place, so the grammar is probably all wrong on top of non-existing rhyme and rhythm, but I can't imagine this in any other form, so here's what I ended up with…
I mean, there's always a chance that there's someone here who knows Japanese and can write music and decides to pick it up and turn it into something actually working, right?..
Or if not, at least I hope you can still enjoy the idea behind the lacking realization…

Double Suicide


issho ni issho ni
issho ni umareta
issho ni issho ni
issho ni ikiteta
soshite touzen
issho ni shinitai

together together
together we were born
together together
together we lived
so then naturally
together we want to die



futago dakara
zutto issho da
issho ja nai to
souzou dekinai

because we’re twins
we’re always together
not being together
we can not imagine



shi no gainen wo
hajimete shitta koro
sore mo issho to
atarimae da

when we’ve first learned
the concept of death
it also being together
was obvious for us



sore kara ooku no
jikan ga sugita
soredemo zutto
kuusou datta

since then a lot
of time has passed
and yet we always
kept this fantasy



issho ni shinu ka
issho ni shinanai ka
sore wa keshite
gimon de wa nai

should we die together
should we not die together
it is absolutely
not a question



yuiitsu no mondai
issho ni naraba
donna houhou de
shinu no darou

the only problem is
if is has to be together
in what way
should we die



takai hashi kara
tobiorimashou ka
imi ga nai kedo
mou futago da yo

let us jump
from a high bridge
although there’s no point
we’re already twins



furo ni hairete
tekubi wo kirou ka
yasashii houyou de
shi wo machimashou

entering a bath
should we cut our wrists
in a gentle embrace
let us wait for death



arui wa kubirete
hitotsu no roopu de
sakura no shita de

or else hanged
by a single rope
under a cherry tree
let us dance



kizuku mae ni
shinjuu no kangae
shizen yukai
tanoshiku natta

before we have noticed
thoughts of double suicide
became natural pleasant
and fun



zenra de soto he
fubuki no naka
yuki de asonde
toushi yukou

naked outdoors
into snowstorm
playing with the snow
let us freeze to death



arui wa gasorin wo

or else with a gasoline
having sprinkled ourselves
shining brightly
let us burn



hara wo kirete
naizou ga koborete
otagai no shinzou wo

cutting our bellies
with spilling viscera
let us tear out
each other’s hearts



kizuku mae ni
shinjuu no kangae
shigeki sugiru
shinzou hossa

before we have noticed
thoughts of double suicide
were too stimulating
a heart attack



issho ni issho ni
issho ni umareta
issho ni issho ni
issho ni ikiteta
soshite tsui ni
issho ni shinda

together together
together we were born
together together
together we lived
so then finally
together we died


As I was working on an extended version of Suspicious Silence, it ended up more extended than I originally planned, so it's going to take some more time, but in the meanwhile I've written another little story somewhat inspired by it (well, it also has gaming). Hope you enjoy it.
Also thanks to Eterya for editing.

Ikiro: Gamers Die Twice
(Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, beheading, casual)

The relatively cool temperature of the room sent refreshing chills through Rin’s wet body as she walked out of the bathroom clad in nothing but a towel on her shoulders. Heading to the kitchen to grab a box of juice and drying her hair on the way, her path led through the living room, so Rin stopped to tell her twin brother he could now use the bath. Len just nodded, too busy playing some video game; he looked pretty tense, sitting on the very edge of the sofa, leaned quite far towards the screen and clenching the controller with sweaty hands.

“Is it something new?” Rin asked unenthusiastically, she’d never gotten the appeal of games that made you more stressed than having fun.

“It’s Ikiro: Gamers Die Twice from the creators of Soulful Darkness,” Len replied in a mix of excitement and unease, finding it difficult to play and talk at the same time. “It brings hardcore gaming to a whole new level, ‘cause it comes along with a special device that cuts off your head when you lose,” he tilted his head to the left a bit to demonstrate some kind of a collar on his neck. “Basically, when you die in the game, you also die in real life. So, Gamers Die Twice.”

“Sounds silly,” Rin absently noted, as she finished drying her hair and put the towel over the back of the sofa. “Why would you buy a toy you can only play with once?”

“You simply don’t know how many games I’ve bought that I’ve never even started at all,” Len laughed nervously, desperately maneuvering between enemy attacks. “Sales do that to you.”

“You’re not doing this just to avoid your turn at cooking today, are you?” Rin asked, pondering what she should prepare for dinner considering the prospect of having to do it by herself.

“What? Of course not!” Len protested, violating his controller to keep up with the game so fiercely it had to be illegal. “It’s to blend the border between the game and reality, thus creating an unrivaled feeling of immersion.”

“Sounds like some marketing scam,” Rin waved away, resuming her way to the kitchen.

“Don’t judge it before you try it,” Len replied, but turning his head after his leaving sister made him miss a single enemy attack, immediately taking a deadly blow from the bandit, and Rin had only made a couple of steps away before she was stopped by a torrent of blood gushing from Len’s neck right onto her back. Turning around she saw Len’s head roll up to her feet along with the device that had cut it off.

“Great, now I’ll have to bathe all over again,” Rin sighed as she apathetically picked up Len’s head. “So what, feeling immersed now?” she asked condescendingly, looking into her twin’s vacant eyes, but of course there was no response; clearly he wasn’t feeling anything anymore. “Told you it was a marketing scam,” Rin concluded, nonchalantly tossing the now useless head away.

She picked up the device to see it could have any real application outside of this one game. It seemed to work like the shutter in a camera with a number of blades that could retract into the collar. There was also a button that Rin suspected was for manual activation, so to test her assumption she put her hand through the collar and pushed that button; and just as she'd expected the blades abruptly closed, cutting her wrist like butter. Thoughtfully examining the resulting stump of her arm, Rin decided that maybe she should wear this collar to school tomorrow. Then when someone asked about it, she'd tell them to push the button and see for themselves. Rin could bet they wouldn’t expect her head to suddenly fly off! She smirked, pleased with herself, as she pictured her classmates’ shocked expressions before they realized they’d been pranked and burst into approving laughter only for it to fall on deaf ears as Rin would no longer be around to appreciate the praise. Now that was how this alleged entertainment device should be used for actual fun!


My favorite story of yours remains Act of True Love. It was so incredibly hot. But a fleshed out happy orgy like you're describing might just top it. :)


That one is a pretty special case, isn't it? I think it's the only of my stories that has some actual drama in it. Since the storyline is just directly stolen from the original, it exists not only as an excuse for porn or guro to happen, making the story feel actually substantial. And then there's that feeling of impending doom, but the characters somehow seem to actually find comfort in it. I don't think I would ever be able to pull it off again, at least so far I've never felt the right kind of inspiration for another story like this.

On the other hand, speaking of fairy tales…

Brotherly Love
(fairy tale, incest, bestiality)

Once upon a time there lived a brother and a sister who loved each other so much that they decided to marry each other. They wed as soon as both were twelve and started trying to make children. Three times the brother put a baby inside his sister, but each time the children were born weak and sickly and soon died. Then on the fourth time the brother seeked for an advice from a witch who lived in the forest. Here’s what she told him:
“Don’t bed your sister yourself, but instead let every man in the village bed her, then healthy children will be born.”
So the brother did and indeed after nine month his sister gave birth not to one, but two healthy babies: a boy and a girl. The men in the village longly argued who was the father, but both took after their mother, so among the men they looked most like her brother. So it was decided to consider him the father.
The twins grew strong and healthy and also loved each other so much that they decided to marry each other just like their parents. But suddenly right on the wedding day on their twelfth birthday the witch came to the village and told to the twins’ parents:
“You only have these children thanks to me, so here I’m rightfully taking my share.”
Having that said she grabbed the boy and made away with him to the forest. The girl became sad and came to her predecessors’ graves to cry. In twelve years three apple trees had grown on those graves: one with green apples, one with yellow ones and the last one with red ones. Their leaves rustled in the wind and the desolate girl heard that rustle as a whisper:
“Sorrow not, our beloved sister, but better take our apples for the journey and go to the witch, perhaps something will come out of it.”
And so the girl did.

The girl walked through the forest and after a while a grey wolf stood in her way and said:
“I’m going to eat you.”
“Don’t eat me, grey wolf,” the girl replied. “But better help me to save my brother from the witch, then I’ll let you use my pussy.”
“How do I know,” the grey wolf said, “maybe you’re letting everyone use your pussy?”
“Then I’ll promise to let only you use it,” the girl decided.
The wolf gave it a thought and agreed.

The girl went on through the forest and after a while a red fox stood in her way and said:
“I’m going to eat you.”
“Don’t eat me, red fox,” the girl replied. “But better help me to save my brother from the witch, then I’ll let you use my ass.”
“How do I know,” the red fox said, “maybe you’re letting everyone use your ass?”
“Then I’ll promise to let only you use it,” the girl decided.
The fox gave it a thought and agreed.

The girl went on through the forest and after a while a brown bear stood in her way and said:
“I’m going to eat you.”
“Don’t eat me, brown bear,” the girl replied. “But better help me to save my brother from the witch, then I’ll let you use my mouth.”
“How do I know,” the brown bear said, “maybe you’re letting everyone use your mouth?”
“Then I’ll promise to let only you use it,” the girl decided.
The bear gave it a thought and agreed.

The girl went on through the forest and finally came to the witch’s hut.
“Come out, evil witch!” the girl shouted. “Give me back my brother!”
The witch came to the doorstep, saw the girl and got angry. The witch stamped her foot and suddenly a clowder of cats attacked the girl. They momentarily teared her clothes apart and proceeded to rip off her skin. But then the grey wolf appeared and drove the cats away, and the girl ate a green apple and her skin was instantly healed.
The witch became even angrier, she waved her hand and a murder of crows attacked the girl. They momentarily pecked out her eyes and proceeded to her nipples and clitoris. But then the red fox appeared and drove the crows away, and the girl ate a yellow apple and her eyes grew back.
The witch became totally angry, grabbed the girl by her hair and dragged into her hut before shoving her into the oven where the girl quickly started to char. But then the brown bear appeared, torn the witch to pieces and got the girl out of the oven. The girl ate a red apple and her char disappeared.
The girl released her brother from the basement where the witch kept him and, as promised, immediately let the animals use her holes. For three days and three nights they were enjoyed the pleasures of flesh and on the fourth day returned to the village to complete the interrupted wedding.
“Why do you still want to wed?” the villagers asked. “The animals have already divided her whole body between themselves anyway.”
“They might have divided the body,” the brother answered. “But her love remains mine.”
And what for the three apple trees that helped the sister to save her brother, the twins gratefully cut them down and made three dog houses out of them, or rather a wolf house, a fox house and a bear house, built on the same place the trees were. Those animal houses never rotter or leaked, always trustily protecting their sister’s lovers.


By reading that fairy tale I can tell the you live not very far away from me LOL
It reminds me fairy tales that I was reading in my childhood. Writing style is totally same.


Aren't children over at least half of the world reading at least half of all the same fairy tales since Brothers Grimm?


I think this is not Grim style, it feels more like folk style. Even if it may be hard to tell because nobody of us read real Grim fairy tales.
Also I am talking not about story content but about its style.


Grimm tales are folk tales though.


And here's the long awaited (hopefully) enhanced version of Suspicions Silence. Can you imagine I originally stated it as a 100 words story? And now look at it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Suspicious Silence
(Vocaloid, casual, various methods of death)

A lot of lively laughter and excited screams had been audible from the children’s room earlier, as they’d invited over some friends from school today, but for some time now it had been suspiciously quiet, so Asami decided to check in on them. What she found was a bloody mess.

Stark naked Miku was hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, but not on a rope: Miku’s luxuriant floor-length hair, that had always been a source of her pride she had been growing and grooming for most of her life, had now been aptly used to end that life by being tied into a fancy intricate noose around the girl’s neck. Its soft and almost comforting squeeze had worked wonderfully for a slow and agonizing death, ensuring that Miku’s last dance would be properly long and spectacular.

And although by now there was no sign of life left in the hanged girl’s eyes, the show was going on as her body kept uncontrollably kicking about to the upbeat music still playing from the stereo system heedless of the performer’s death, and what seemed like a good dozen of egg vibrators had helped with that too, shoved into the girl’s pussy as deep as her womb, judging by how far the visible bulges stirring in her belly went. Their remote controller set to maximum power was lying on the floor beside a knocked-over chair; Miku probably hadn’t even had to jump, as the moment she turned the vibration on the sudden influx of stimulation had to have made it impossible to keep standing and her legs had kicked the chair aside all by themselves.

Miku had given up the control of her body to let its dance be led only by the music and overwhelming sensations, and whether she’d dropped the controller deliberately or it had simply fallen out of her hands, it had meant that there was no way to stop the vibration even after she’d reached a climax. In a bit of foresight Miku’s labia had been fastened with a number of staples to secure the sex toys inside, so they just continued to diligently perform their job, never letting the girl’s last orgasm subside, not only until her last moment, but after her death too. It seemed like Miku’s body failed to notice that her brain was already dead and so just kept shaking to the sound of the music in a mix of unending agony and orgasm.

In fact, Miku’s dance was not only unhindered by her own death, but enhanced by it, as instead of conducting her performance she’d let herself dissolve in it, resulting in the purest form of dancing, the sensations of the body turned directly into its movements with no mediation from the dancer herself. Of course the simplistic and random jerking of a dying body could not hope to compete with living dancers’ skill and technique, but it beat out them by displaying a level of naturalness only achievable in death, and that naturalness was where the true beauty of Miku’s performance lay.

Another sight to behold was a figure of three, or rather two and a half bodies on the floor. Piko was lying on his back, smothered by Flower sitting on his face, his hands tightly clenching the waist of another girl, whose lower half was mounting his dick, in their death grip. Much like Miku his limbs were still occasionally jerking, effectively making him continue fucking the halved corpse, even if not very actively. A usb cable appearing from under the boy’s butt gave away that he also had some kind of a toy inside of him, the vibration of which was somewhat adding to his erratic movements. Though being a nice kid, in his final moments he’d probably been more focused not on receiving pleasure, but on giving it by licking Flower’s pussy. Asami wondered if it’d been Piko giving Flower a cunilingus in gratitude for her smothering him or Flower smothering him in gratitude for him giving her a cunilingus. Why not both, though?

Either way, as nice as it had to have felt, Flower had seemed more interested in another type of fun. With her belly cut open, she’d dragged her internal organs out, probably taking some time to play with each one before moving on to the next. Asami entered the room just in time to witness Flower fascinatedly stare at her still beating heart in her own hand for a moment before the life in her eyes faded away. The heart outlived Flower herself, producing some erratic beats, almost as if positively thrilled to be forcefully ripped out by the hands of the very girl whose life it has always been supporting.

For all the years since even before Flower was born her heart had tirelessly kept pumping her blood without breaks and days off all just to keep her alive. So the girl killing herself, wilfully destroying the very life to which the heart’s whole existence was devoted, already felt like a deserved reward for its hard work. But on top of that the way in which she’d done it, with death directly caused by ripping the heart out, meant that Flower had recognized how indispensable that organ was for her life and appreciated it enough to make it the centerpiece of her death. If the heart had a mind of its own, it would probably enjoy such an end even more than Flower herself. So as if to show how glad it was, Flower’s heart kept excitedly beating in her dead hand, even as the girl’s body lifelessly fell down with her face landing right inside that other girl’s lower half which Piko kept fucking.

Speaking of which, whose half it was anyway? Following a trace of even more spilt viscera, Asami discovered the missing upper half belonged to Gumi and was relaxedly lying in the far corner of the bed reading a book on the screen of her phone. The girl had always been the quiet and nerdy type, so it was no surprise that she’d taken being cut in half as an opportunity to have a read in peace without having to worry about whatever the other kids were doing with her lower body. Gumi’s eyes were staring at the text auto-scrolling on her phone with the same blank expression she always wore, so it was impossible to tell if she was already dead or just pretending to be so that the noisier kids left her alone. But even if her defiantly indifferent attitude made it clear how much she didn’t find any fun in dying, surely she was still able to enjoy it in her own way, taking comfort in the realization that no one would be able to bother her ever again; if it was for the sake of eternal rest, then she could even briefly endure the annoyance of being cut in half.

Another child who’d stuck to his habits until the end was Asami’s own son. Sitting on the edge of the bed Len was enthusiastically playing some video game, or at least he had to have been, until the neckerchief tied extra tight around his neck had slowly but surely strangled him to death. Yet even after that he perfectly retained the impression, as if too consumed with the game to even notice he’d already died. Not only did his vacant gaze still glued to the screen look not dissimilar to how he always used to be too absorbed in his game to pay attention to the world around, but the residual twitching in Len’s fingers also kept pushing some sticks and buttons on the controller in his hands.

Thus, unlike the real counterpart, the in-game version of Len was still very much alive, vigorously slashing a neverending onslaught of enemies. And although Asami couldn't approve her son’s obsessive affection for video games, she had to admire his ingenuity, as Len had arranged himself to become so wholly immersed in the game that he essentially only existed inside of it now. If there was such a thing as the ultimate gaming experience, that must have been it.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for his twin sister’s support. Quite literally, as with all of her limbs cut off Rin had become a comfy pillow for her brother. Not only had resting his back against her corpse have to have been a pleasant sensation as long as Len remained alive, but it was also what allowed him to maintain an almost upright position and keep his eyes on the screen after death. But that was not all of it, as Rin’s limbs weren’t just tossed away as useless, instead her arms were shoved into her pussy shoulder first and elbow deep and her legs similarly shoved into her ass, ruthlessly tearing both of her holes apart.

With Rin’s torso positioned upside down behind Len’s back, her arms sticking up out of her pussy were wrapped around his neck, hands meeting on his chest one over the other, as if holding her brother in a delicate embrace. And her legs were casually hanging down from his shoulders, occasionally nudged by their jerking, which made it look like Rin was idly dangling her feet. Finally, her head was also cut off and impaled with its neck onto her brother’s dick. There was no doubt that Rin’s tongue had been devoted to pleasuring Len until her very last moment, but even when its movements had completely ceased, thanks to Rin’s convenient position, her lifeless eyes were still observing her brother’s game, making it look like even after dying she never stopped wholeheartedly rooting for him.

The whole arrangement was so sweet and endearing; Asami heard a lot about children in other families fighting like cat and dog, and was glad to see that hers were nothing like that. Maybe it was because they were twins, but instead of spitefully killing each other in an unseemly quarrel like other siblings often ended up, Len and Rin had ended their lives on the same wavelength and their death only served to further strengthen their bond. The scenery of her children bereft of life, but never of love, made Asami feel a sense of pride as a mother, but more so than that it just made her genuinely happy for them to get along so well. It had been hard all-consuming work to raise two children all by herself after her husband decided to celebrate their birth with a parachuteless jump, but seeing them complete their lives in such a wholesome way made it totally worth the effort.

Still, given how intricate the twins’ setup was, someone had to have helped them with it. And of course who else could it be but Tianyi, the kindest soul Asami had ever known. After everything she’d seen the woman hadn’t expect to find any of the children still being alive, but it seemed like Tianyi’s selflessness went so far as foregoing her own death just for the sake of making sure her friends had their best experience with theirs. Even if both of Asami’s children were most certainly already dead, Tianyi was kneeling on the floor kissing Rin’s lips and sucking the tip of Len’s dick protruding from them, so that in the slim chance that there was any hint of awareness still left in the twins, they got all the pleasure she could provide. Of course, she didn’t mind pleasuring herself too as long as it didn’t stand in the way of pleasuring others, so in one hand the surviving girl had a cylindrical grater she was fucking herself with and in the other some pliers with which she was pinching her clitoris. Hearing Asami come in, Tianyi shoved the grater inside her pussy and locked the pliers on her clitoris before swallowing the cum in her mouth and turning her face towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she asked, revealing empty eye sockets. A mix of blood and semen was dripping from them in neat rivulets as if crimson tears of joyful self-sacrifice, serving as a perfect adornment for the girl’s angelic face. For not one, but both of her eyes to be in such a state Tianyi must have been eye-fucked by Len and Piko simultaneously, meaning she’d already been blinded when gently putting Rin’s limbs around Len. But even knowing she would never get to admire the beauty of it with her own eyes, Tianyi had still put her whole soul into the arrangement of her friends’ bodies just for their sake alone. And as a result of being guided not by her eyes’, but by her heart’s gaze, she’d created a true masterpiece that Asami found hard to peel her own stare from. Though maybe it was in part because a mother would always consider her children to be the most beautiful.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” Asami put down the tray with additional snacks she’d brought, even if it seemed they wouldn’t be necessary anymore. “Just checking in to see if everything’s okay.”

“Ah, oba-san,” Tianyi crawled up to the stereo and felt around for the mute button so that Miku’s musical accompaniment didn’t interfere with the conversation. “Sorry for the mess.”

“It’s alright.” Even though Asami couldn’t suppress a sigh at the prospect of cleaning it all. “I’m glad you all had a fun time,” she added, giving the blinded girl a hand.

“Thank you,” Tianyi replied, standing up unsteadily as the weight of the dangling pliers was pulling on her clitoris. “Please, let me help with the cleaning.”

“You’re such a nice girl,” Asami approvingly patted Tianyi’s head. “I wish my kids were diligent like that. But don’t you have homework to do?”

“They were diligent alright,” Tianyi stood up for her late friends. “We actually already did today’s homework together.”

“Everyone?” Asami wondered, casting another glance over all the children’s corpses. Miku’s body had finally finished its dance as if only waiting for the music to end. Piko’s movements had also ceased and Flower’s heart stopped beating. Gumi never changed her expression, even though her phone had reached the end of the book and turned the screen off. Even Len was still, no more random buttons being pushed left his in-game character to just stand there defenselessly as the enemies kept attacking him, little by little depleting his health bar. Only Rin couldn’t get any more dead than she already was, unless one counted her legs no longer being kicked by her brother’s jerking. “Looks like only you will have a chance to present yours to the teachers tomorrow,” Asami concluded.

“Nowadays we can send it for review over the net,” Tianyi explained. “So we already did that too.”

“That modern tech is scary,” Asami chuckled, “just to think that even after dying you can still get an F”.

“Or an A,” Tianyi countered. “I’m sure your children will get a good grade.”

Asami was about to say something in response, but got interrupted by a notification sound from one of the phones lying on the bedside table.

“Oh, that’s mine”, Tianyi realized, heading towards the sound only to slip on the sprawling guts and fall on the floor, letting out a short scream as the impact made the grater slip halfway out of her pussy and the pliers come off along with her clitoris.

“Can you really help with cleaning?” Asami quickly walked up to hand the phone to Tianyi. “Wait, can you even read it?..”

“No problem,” Tianyi fixed the grater in her pussy before speaking to the phone: “XiaoAI, please read the message.”

“Message from: Japanese Teacher,” a synthesised voice responded. “Very well done, a solid B this time. Your grasp of grammar seem to be progressing naturally, so just keep steadily expanding your vocabulary and you’ll get straight A’s in no time.”

“Huh, seems like that modern tech is also handy,” Asami noted. “Since you seem to be good with it, maybe you can call everyone’s parents and tell them their kids are dead so they don’t worry about them not coming home?”

“Can do,” Tianyi agreed, crawling to Len’s legs and making herself comfortable sitting between them with her back rested against the bed.

“Thanks, I’ll handle the cleaning then”, Asami replied, starting with collecting the dirty dishes. While she was at it, the woman couldn’t help but witness Len’s avatar’s final moments before it fell dead onto the ground and a message appeared in big bloody letters all over the screen: “YOU DIED”. For a moment Asami thought she saw her son react to it with an amused grin, as if saying “yeah, you have no idea.” And even Rin looked like she was glad to see her brother’s game that she was so attachedly rooting for to come to such a conclusion. But of course there was no way either of Asami's children was still alive, so it must have been just her imagination.

Of course, as uninterested as she was in video games, Asami knew enough about them to understand that dying in one, unlike in reality, usually equalled to failure. But her son could hardly have been so arrogant as to seriously think he would be able to beat the game while literally brain dead. And if winning hadn’t been the intention in the first place, then it had to have been to reinforce the death in the real world by also dying in the virtual one. This way the twins might have lost the game, but by doing so they’d surely beaten life, leaving it not a single chance. And looking at all the effort the twins had put to engineer the moment of their greatest triumph to happen not until after their demise, Asami could vividly imagine just how much fun they had derived from the idea of not being around to actually experience the highly anticipated joy of it.

Once the twins had achieved their goal with the game, Asami let herself switch the console off so that the flashing screen didn’t distract her. Usually Len would be upset at her for handling his favorite toy so unceremoniously, but in the current circumstances Asami couldn’t help but notice how the shutdown animation emulating a CRT looked not dissimilar to a flat line of a pulse monitor, as if the fancy box was not at all a toy, but a medical life support device. This way it appeared that what Asami had so abruptly ended was not just her son’s game, but his very life, which she could be confident that he wouldn’t mind.

And although logically it had to be just a coincidence, Asami decided to consider it as a confirmation that Len was indeed only happy to be deprived of the last remaining semblance of life, when his body chose that very moment to empty its bladder. With Rin’s head still mounting his penis, his urine first filled her mouth, as if even after they were both dead Len was still considerate enough to give his sister a taste, before finally overflowing right onto Tianyi. Feeling the fragrant liquid spreading through her hair, the girl threw her head back to let it flow on her face too, reveling in the tingly feeling of the salty urine filling her empty eye sockets, treating such a surprise gift as a sign of gratitude from her friends for her assistance in their death.

“XiaoAI, please call Gumi’s Mother,” Tianyi told her phone as she started to slowly fuck herself with the grater again, mostly just to keep her free hand busy.

The phone followed the instruction and after a couple of seconds a dry female voice responded: “Hello.”

“Hello,” the girl said. “This is Tianyi.”

“It shows on the screen,” Gumi’s mom pointed out with unconcealed hint of annoyance.

“Right,” Tianyi gulped, the woman’s stern attitude making her somewhat nervous. “I’m just calling to tell that Gumi is dead and won’t be coming home.”

“Is that all?” Gumi’s mom sounded like she didn’t consider the news to be worthy of bothering her with a call.

“Y-yeah,” Tianyi confirmed and was met with a disconnect tone before she could even finish the word. “I guess I should have just texted her,” the girl concluded.

“Like mother, like daughter,” Asami commented, as she has just finished collecting the dirty dishes onto a tray.

Before she could leave the room though another phone signalled receiving a message. Asami came up to the bedside table again, but none of the phones lying on it were lit up, meaning it had to have been the one put with its screen against the wall. Asami picked the phone up and saw that it had the camera app running. “It seems to be filming.”

“Miku set it up to film her dance,” Tianyi answered. “You can stop it with the power button.”

“Okay,” Asami did that, but it also turned the screen off. “Wait…” the woman pushed the button again and saw a lock screen with a photo of Miku kneeling on the ground with her legs spread, holding apart her labia to let a thick stream of semen drip from her pussy into a puddle on the floor. “How do I unlock it now?”

“As far as I know Miku doesn’t lock her phone,” Tianyi said. “So just a swipe will do.”

Asami swiped her finger along Miku’s naked form and indeed it successfully got her to the home screen. From here she didn’t have troubles in opening the notifications and reading the message, which expectedly was from the Japanese teacher.

“How many times do I have to tell you sending porn of yourself along with the homework won’t get you a better grade?” the message said. “Not that you need it anyway, because your work doesn’t have any major issues and is good enough to deserve an A by itself.”

Didn’t he realize, Asami wondered, Miku wasn’t doing it for a better grade, she was just enjoying exhibitionism.

In the meanwhile Tianyi had called Miku’s mother. “Hello, Tianyi, how are you?” a cheerful voice responded. “Is Miku with you? Please tell her that her cousins have come by and want her to come home soon so that they can play with her.”

“I’m fine,” Tianyi said. “Miku won’t be coming home though, she hung herself. But we could send you a video if you want.”

“Oh, that would be great!” the woman replied excitedly. “Haku, Neru, come here. I don’t have a living Miku for you, but I have something better – a video of a dying Miku.”

Tianyi instructed Asami how to send a video and while they were at it another message arrived, this time to Gumi’s phone. Asami took it from the dead girl’s hand and turned the screen on, met with a plain standard wallpaper and a password prompt.

“You don’t happen to know Gumi’s password, do you?”

“She usually unlocked her phone with a fingerprint,” Tianyi replied. “The sensor is in the home button.”

“Aha,” Asami grabbed Gumi’s limp hand and held her fingers against the sensor one after the other, until getting to the right one which unlocked the phone. The message read: “Your grammar is perfect, but the style is very dry. You used a lot of complex or unusual words, which is a great show of your vocabulary, but may also make the text harder to read or appear overly formal, so do keep that in mind. Still a solid A though.”

Good grief, even teachers thought Gumi was too much of a nerd. Asami felt sorry for the girl who was just honestly trying her best. After all, the woman herself used to also be somewhat like that in her school years, which was probably why she was still alive.

“The hell you mean she killed herself?” angry shouting suddenly came from Tianyi’s phone as she’d called Flower’s dad. “Didn’t I beat her enough to hammer it into her head that only I am allowed to kill her? Ungrateful brat! Let her not bother with coming home then.”

“Uhm, of course she’s not coming home,” Tianyi tried to explain, “she’s dead.”

“No, she’s not not coming!” Flower’s dad insisted. “I’m prohibiting her to come!”

“Now that was just twisted,” Asami noted after the call was over. “She should have killed herself long ago if just to spite such a father.”

“This is probably where I’m supposed to say he just loves her in his own way,” Tianyi replied. “But that way is surely twisted.”

With no phones requiring immediate attention for now Asami took the chance to carry the tray with dirty dishes to the kitchen to wash them as Tianyi proceeded to the last call.

“I’m glad to hear he made such wonderful friends,” Piko’s mother said. “Thank you for taking care of my son.”

“Here,” Tianyi thought to herself, “this is how one is supposed to react to their child’s death, not get all mad.”

When Asami returned to the room with a couple of plastic buckets, Tianyi told her two more phones had signalled receiving messages while the woman was away. Asami then asked Tianyi to collect Flower’s and Gumi’s viscera to the buckets while she would deal with the phones. The girl complied and put her phone aside on the bed before crouching to the bodies on the floor.

“This must be Flower’s,” Asami picked up one of the signalling phones. “It has a cool looking guy with a katana on the wallpaper, so I’m going to assume that’s her boyfriend.”

“Actually, that sounds more like Piko’s phone,” Tianyi replied, feeling around for organs. “The guy must be Gakupo, his senpai from the kendo club.”

“Oh,” Asami uttered. “Any hints on unlocking it?”

“Try connecting it to that USB going from his butt,” Tianyi suggested, pulling Flower’s heart from her hand to throw it into a bucket. “It might recognize a familiar device.”

“That modern tech…”

“Scary, yes,” this time even Tianyi had to agree.

Surprisingly, it actually worked, so Asami could read the message: “This is a nice work, just a little bit short of an A. However, I noticed you using feminine pronouns and general style throughout. It's fine if that's your intention, so long as you're aware of that fact.”

“So he doesn’t just look and act like a girl, but even writes like one,” Asami chuckled before proceeding to the next phone, which showed a bloody pentagram on the screen. “Okay, now I see this one is Flower’s. And it asks for a pin-code.”

“That’s something I don’t know, unfortunately,” Tianyi admitted, pushing Flower’s body aside to get to the viscera under her.

“Hmm… I think I have an idea,” Asami put in all sixes. “Hey, I’m a hacker!” she jokingly proclaimed as the phone accepted the code.

“Your choice of words is good,” Asami read aloud, “but your text is very unstructured and more abstract imagery than a concrete story, despite the task, so I can't give you anything more than a C for it. Also some of what you wrote seems somewhat unsettling. Please know that if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, you can always come to me or any of your other teacher.”

“Now that’s just sad,” Asami commented.

“At least she got a happy ending,” Tianyi preferred to look on the bright side, as she found Flower’s knife and used it to properly cut her intestine off. “Killing herself for her own pleasure before her father could get to her.”

“I have a feeling he never would have actually killed her,” Asami said. “With that feeling of possession he considers to be love, he’d be too afraid to lose her.”

Finally a message appeared on one of Asami’s children’s phones. They were the same model and had the same picture on the wallpaper, which was a photo of the twins themselves in full nude, but playfully covering each other’s sex organs with their hands. Asami wasn’t sure if the twins themselves knew who was who on that photo or which of the phones was whose. After all, with both phones set to face unlock, either of the twins could just grab either of the phones and use it. So Asami pointed the frontal camera at Len’s face as a slightly more convenient target than his sister and unlocked the phone to read the message.

“I can trust that you actually did the work together and not just let one of you do it and the other copy afterwards,” the teacher wrote. “But even if otherwise the work could deserve an A, I’ll still have to give each of you just a B for blatantly sending two identical works. Learn to work independently, you won’t be able to rely on each other forever.”

“Well, that’s where he is wrong”, Asami thought to herself, as she took a photo of her dead children playing on the console together and sent it to the teacher along with a text saying on behalf of the twins: “Or can we?”

The teacher replied within a minute, sending the new message to the other twin’s phone probably just for the fun of it. Playing along Asami used Rin’s face for unlocking this time. “You’ve got me there,” the teacher admitted. “An A for each one then.”

“I told you they’d get a good grade,” Tianyi said after Asami read it; having finished with Flower’s intestines she proceeded to collecting Gumi’s. “They tried their best on that homework.”

“It seems like they did”, Asami agreed. “I actually promised Len a new console if he studies well,” she said, taking another loving look at her son, warmly recalling how his now dead eyes used to glow in anticipation. “And a violin for Rin. She wanted to learn to play it.”

“Ah, so that’s why they proposed we do the homework before getting to the fun,” Tianyi realized, following the trace of viscera onto the bed, taking one of the buckets with her. “They must have been trying to show their appreciation for the promised gifts by making sure they deserved them.”

“I think you're giving them too much credit,” Asami chuckled. “You're probably judging them by your own standards, but knowing my children, they would do something like that just for a laugh, finding the thought that they wouldn’t be around to reap the well earned reward so amusing it turned the efforts put into it from a tedious chore into all fun and play.”

“Now that you put it that way, that sounds more like them,” Tianyi agreed, recalling the twin’s playful attitude; as she found the upper end of Gumi’s intestine still attached to her stomach, she decided to cut that organ out all together. “But either way it means they were really looking forward to those gifts.”

“Of course they were,” Asami confirmed. “What kind of mother would I be if I didn't know what my children dreamed of?”

“Just by knowing what nice people they were, I can see you made a great mother,” Tianyi assured. “Speaking of seeing, is there any more viscera left?” the girl wondered, cluelessly feeling around on the bed.

“No, looks like you've collected all of it,” Asami noticed. “I can handle the rest of the cleaning, so you should probably go home before it gets dark.”

“I can still help,” Tianyi insisted, although for now she put the bucket on the floor next to the other and sat on the edge of the bed.

“You’ve helped enough,” Asami ensured the girl. “Since you’re not dead, your family will worry.”

“That I wouldn’t want,” Tianyi agreed and picked up her phone. “Okay then, XiaoAI, call a taxi home please.”

“Calling a taxi,” the phone answered. “From: Current location. To: Home.”

“By the way,” Asami said, “exactly why are you not dead? I mean, everyone else is.”

“No one really asked me to kill myself,” Tianyi shrugged. “If there were anyone who would be happier with my death than their own, then I’d be happy to oblige.”

“Well, I could…” Asami suggested hesitantly.

“Just not because they pity me,” Tianyi objected, “but only for their own pleasure.”

“I see,” Asami nodded. “You’re truly an angel, aren’t you?”

“Why, maybe I am,” Tianyi gave the woman a most pure smile. “I mean, thank you for the kind words.”

“You know,” Asami suggested, “with such an attitude you might even live long enough to have children of your own.”

“That would be nice,” Tianyi agreed. “Maybe I’ll even get to see them die? Though I guess I won’t be able to actually see it, will I?” the girl chuckled.

“Oh, right,” Asami realized. “Stand up please, so I can help you dress.”

Tianyi obeyed and Asami helped her put on her while and blue airy dress, matching arm warmers and black socks of different length, all of which had been tossed over the clothes rack along with the other guests’ garments. Just as they finished, Tianyi’s phone informed her that the taxi had arrived.

“Okay, which one’s your school bag?” Asami asked, looking at a pile of them beside the table where the children must have done their homework.

“The one with the Tian Dian charm,” Tianyi answered.

“You mean this white spherical creature with a single wing?” Asami assumed.

“Yes, that one,” Tianyi confirmed. “Cute, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Asami said, handing the girl her bag. “Now wait just another moment, I’ll grab the trash to throw out on the way.”

With that she took Rin’s head from Len’s dick and put it in one of the buckets full of viscera, pressing it down a bit so the head fit inside, then took Rin’s torso from behind Len’s back and under her arm, letting her son’s body fall on the bed as if in tired satisfaction, and finally grabbed the two buckets one in each hand.

“Okay, now hold onto my hem and let’s go,” Asami instructed.

They had to stop for a moment in the entryway for Tianyi to put on her boots, one blue and the other white, while Asami didn’t bother herself with footwear or any more clothes to add to the apron she was wearing, as she was going only as far as the dumpster a few houses away. So as soon as the woman took a step from the warm inside onto the crisp snow crunching under her bare feet the freezing air immediately sent pleasant chills over her body, and, taking a look at her companion, Asami was glad to see the girl shivering and having goosebumps, clearly enjoying the refreshing weather as much as she did. Spotting the taxi waiting on the road, Asami led Tianyi to the car and opened the front door for her.

“Cute eyeholes,” the driver gave the girl a complement, as she got inside.

“Thank you,” Tianyi smiled. “If you want, you can use them instead of my mouth on the way,” she suggested, bending down towards the man’s dick.

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?” Asami reminded.

Tianyi drew herself back up and gave the woman as a puzzled expression as she managed with her eyes missing.

“The grater,” Asami pointed out.

“Ah! Sorry,” Tianyi couldn’t see it, but she’d left a trail of blood from the house to the car. “I totally forgot about it,” she said, taking the kitchen appliance out of her tattered pussy.

“Well then, good bye,” Asami said, taking the grater from the girl’s hands and shoving it up her own ass as she needed both hands for the buckets.

“Good bye,” Tianyi replied, letting the woman close the door for her before returning her attention to the driver.

As the car drove away, Asami resumed her way to the dumpster. The biting wind was getting stronger and the clouds were piling up in the sky, promising an impending blizzard, and it made the woman wonder if after dealing with the children’s bodies she should make use of the pleasant weather and visit the local park to take a swim in its lake. She used to go there with her children all the time. In summer their favourite game was to take turns drowning themselves and having the other twin breathe life back into them mouth to mouth, considering whichever would fail to resuscitate the other to lose the game, but the twins’ restless spirit never let them properly finish it, as they would get bored and switch to something else halfway through.

And in winter the twins would get one of them underwater floating up flat against the ice while the other would lay on top of the lake just above them, and the two would just stay like that, each feasting their eyes on the image of the other visible through the crystal clear ice superposed onto their own reflection, imagining the surface to be a magical mirror that merged them both into one, until the bottom twin eventually ran out of breath. Asami could bet either of them would have loved to be left to drown so that they never got to leave such a merged state, but apparently at the same time neither wanted to lose the resuscitation game, so they ended up bringing each other back to life anyway.

Then for the times when the ice was not transparent, making it impossible to see anything underwater, as not a single ray of light could get there, the twins had another game they loved even more, as they got to act in favor of and not against each other. In this one they would dive into two ice holes at the opposite ends of the lake with lockable ankle weights preventing them from rising back to the surface, then walk on the bottom seeking for each other in the impenetrable darkness, as each would carry a key to the other’s weight. When they first came up with this idea, Asami considered it to be just a fun way the twins had chosen to kill themselves, aiming to spend their final moments reveling in the overwhelming longing for each other, the futility of which only made it better, elevating it to the level of utmost despair, further enhanced by all the surrounding cold and darkness.

So she’d bought them those weights and helped to put them on, then after watching her children disappear under the ice she went straight home with a clear conscience, collecting their clothes on the way to not litter the shore. Asami had been certain her children were no longer alive by the time she got home, so when she saw them come back in the middle of the night after they’d taken the chance of not being supervised to play outside until they got tired, with hypothermia making them as pale as ghosts, for a moment she almost believed in the afterlife. If only Asami had known her children would be able to actually make it out alive, she would have never bought them those ankle weights, because it ended up being a huge pain getting them back from the bottom of the lake every time.

Luckily, they didn’t play like that too often, as usually there were enough other children at the lake to engage the twins in their own more conventional games, sometimes just swimming around under the ice, sometimes going for underwater tag or blind man’s buff depending on its transparency. And when the weather was right with a blizzard like the one starting to build up right now, the children would excitedly get out of the water, foregoing getting any clothes back on or at least drying their bodies up, and merrily chase each other on the surface of the lake through the virtually opaque swirling snow that turned the ice holes into insidious traps.

Reminiscing about her children’s innate ability to draw fun from every moment of life or death, Asami almost walked past the dumpster. Children might be a happy burden, but certainly not a light one, so Asami breathed a sigh of relief when she could finally drop her daughter's body into the container before burying it under two buckets worth of viscera with Rin’s head mixed in. Just to think that some mere hour ago this head was full of hopes and aspirations, optimistically gazing into the future that held limitless possibilities, with each day bringing new joys and discoveries. And now look at her – with her unseeing eyes staring into space Rin had become entirely detached from the world and bereft of any sign of past liveliness, not a single thought would ever cross her mind again, not a single feeling would ever touch her heart, as her whole life was now not ahead, but behind her, complete and fulfilled. She could not even experience the joy of her own death, that very death rendering her unable to experience anything. But knowing the twins' playful attitude all their life, Asami had no doubts that for them such a paradox had merely served as the biggest source of amusement on its own. In a similar manner Rin’s remains turning from a part of an elaborate composition into just another piece of trash was only enhancing the beauty of that masterpiece.

A putrid smell made Asami peel her gaze away from her late daughter and notice an unkempt bum in dirty rags having come up looking to dumpster dive. That made her think how with five more bodies to go she could really use a man’s help. Which would also come in handy in getting pregnant again, because, drawing inspiration from the twins, Asami decided to arrange herself to die in childbirth. After all, now that she knew from experience just how much happiness having children could bring, the prospect of not being around for that joy became too amusing to resist.


You are EPIC!


No, you are epic. You all are epic.
Why, it doesn't work like with Keanu?
Well, whatever.
Here's some work in progress piece then.

Black Ice (Work In Progress)
(Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, kinda abortion, but more just enjoying the weather)

Asami didn’t want her children to turn into shut-ins. So when today again after coming home from school the twins went straight to their room seemingly intended to just stay there for the rest of the day, the woman decided it was time to do something about it.

“Put it there”, Len gestured towards the table without looking at his mother as she entered the room, as he assumed she has simply brought lunch. The boy was sitting on the edge of the bed with a gamepad in his hands, his eyes focused on the screen where some video game action was happening. He must have hurried to play this game so much he didn’t even undress properly after coming from school, still wearing his white shirt and yellow necktie. Rin was in a similar state of unfinished undress, only in her case it was a skirt that remained on her body. She was lying on the bed with a pillow under her chest as she was reading a book while absentmindedly fiddling Len’s dick with her feet.

“Hey, kids”, Asami said. “When was the last time you were outside?”
Len finally faced his mother to give her a confused look and discovered that not only she didn’t bring lunch, but she was also dressed in a nice dress as if planning to go outside.
“Like an hour ago?” Len answered.
“Right, when we came from school”, Rin confirmed.
“Going to school and back doesn’t count”, Asami objected. “All you do lately is just sit in your room all day long. You should breathe more fresh air”.
“But the weather is so dull”, Len gestured at the window.
“There’s neither snow nor wind”, Rin added.

So that’s what it was all about, Asami realized. While most children enjoyed playing in the rain or snow, the twins’ love for harsh weather went far beyond that, as for them it wasn’t about them playing, it was about them being played or better to say toyed with by the nature itself. So whenever the boring adults would shield themselves with umbrellas and raincoats, the cheerful twins would rather strip naked so that nothing would stand in the way of enjoying the rage of the elements with every bit of their bodies. And whenever falling trees and flying debris compelled any sensible person to seek shelter, the excited twins would rush outside and throw themselves at the storm’s mercy with such eagerness which Asami wished they would display when throwing themselves into her own embrace. But their favorite were heavy snowstorms, as aimlessly running in the nude among all the twirling snow that made the air so opaque they couldn’t see the way only relying for directions on the strong wind that pushed them around so hard it almost lifted them from the ground made the twins feel like they themselves became nothing more than another pair of snowflakes, so tiny and unsubstantial almost as if they didn’t exist at all anymore, instead blending with the rest of the snow and disappearing in it.

The only time when the twins were even more delighted about the weather was during a massive hailstorm. It happened during schoolday and all the children got excited about it, but the teacher insisted they should finish the lesson first, and most reluctantly obliged. Not Len and Rin though, who weren’t willing to take any chance of missing such a phenomenon, so not only they didn’t wait for the end of the lesson, but didn’t even waste time taking the stairs down, instead just jumping out right through the third floor window. At least with all the other windows broken by the hail on that day the school didn’t make Asami pay for the broken glass.

Rin landed on her right side, getting a couple of broken ribs and a hip fracture, and Len landed on his feet, breaking his left ankle and dislocating the right one, but also breaking his right leg, so not being able to support himself on his feet he immediately fell on his stomach. For both of the twins the flat contact with the ground painfully pushed the shards of broken glass that have cut their bodies all over even deeper, making the twins realize that same glass has also torn their clothes apart, as in the hurry they didn’t take time to undress before jumping. But neither the sadly ruined clothes they knew they would be scolded for nor the amusing injuries which at any other times would be so fun to play with concerned the twins at that moment when there was such a fierce hailstorm raging.

After quickly stripping out of the torn and bloodstained clothes the twins crawled a bit away from the school building to a more open area and spread their arms and legs widely in a hope to maximize the area of their bodies to be hit by the hail. They also turned onto their backs to face the sky so they could see and welcome the hailstones mercilessly bombarding them, but from time to time turned back onto their stomachs so that their backs could get some attention too.

The twins were mostly enjoying a steady barrage of golf ball-sized hailstones, the bruises coloring their skin with splats of various shades of purple until there became so many they all merged together, turning each of the twins into just one big colorful bruise. But then the lesson was finally over and the rest of the children rushed outside to play in the hailstorm. They were merrily running around picking up hailstones and throwing them at each other. In the meanwhile, as the twins’ injuries didn’t let them join the running, they just kept lying on the ground, now continuously mashed not only by the hail, but also by other children running right on top of them, not noticing the twins half-buried under all the hail covering the ground, or maybe noticing, but being too consumed by the general fun to bother to step around them, resulting in their bodies getting additionally decorated by a layer of shoeprints on top of even more bruises.

But as amusing as being beaten into pulp by both the nature and the crowd was, the real icing on the cake was occasional especially large hailstones, like a size of a grapefruit, which were not only heavier, but also could reach a much larger velocity in their fall. According to the twins, getting hit by one of those among all the golf-ball sized ones was like getting a ruthless punch from a boxer among a nice relaxing massage. One such a punch got Len a few broken ribs of his own, and another even revealed Rin’s early pregnancy by hitting her right in the womb and aborting it.

At first Asami couldn’t understand the reason behind the overwhelming delight with which the twins told her how they discovered the bloody lump pouring out of Rin’s slit to actually be a fetus, of which Len, of course, assumed he was the father. Sure, they discovered they had a baby, but since it was already dead anyway, why would it matter? Wasn’t it the same as if it never existed in the first place? But the twins then explained that it was exactly that which made the whole situation so amusing. The child’s existence only becoming proved by the end of that very existence was one big incongruity, and incongruity is of course known as a base of humor.

It was at that moment that Asami realized she has become one of those adults she herself used to find unbearably boring. For the reason she failed to find the fun in the unexpected abortion was because she didn’t even seek for it, while for the children it was just natural to derive fun from literally everything, and the less sense it made the better. Life itself was nothing but a game for them, and by extension so was death. Asami could totally imagine her children killing themselves just for fun one day, or rather the only reason they had not done so yet must have been because they were yet to come up with the most silly and thus most amusing reason for it that they could.

(to be continued)


(work in progress)

So now looking at the screen Asami could see that even the game Len was now playing involved flying in a wingsuit through a tornado that lifted up all sorts of junk from the ground. And while Asami couldn’t see what book Rin was reading, it too without a doubt was far more engaging than a simple walk in such a calm weather as established lately. No wonder the twins prefered to stay in their room these days.
“Okay, then how about we go to the lake?” Asami concluded. “You swim under the ice anyway, so the weather shouldn’t matter.”
“But the book’s just getting interesting,” Rin replied.
“You can always finish it later,” Asami noted, and before Len could chime in added: “Same goes for the game. Save it, get dressed properly and let’s go.”
“Fine, fine,” Len gave up, “can I at least cum first?”
“That you can,” Asami agreed. “I’ll wait downstairs then.”

As Asami left the room, Rin turned around, positioning herself in a way that let her take Len’s dick in her mouth while still reading her book.
“Y’know,” she said between licks, “maybe mom’s right, changing activities once in a while wouldn’t hurt us.”
“Well, maybe,” Len agreed reluctantly, shutting down his game, and seeing how it was saving his progress suddenly gave him an idea: “Hey, what if we drown ourselves in that lake?”
“Why?” Rin idly asked, turning a page of her book. “Ah, is that because mom said we should breathe fresh air from time to time?” she guessed. “But if we breathe water instead then just one time would be enough to make us never need to breathe any air again,” she realized with growing excitement. “Wow, that’s so clever!”
“That’s more clever than what I was thinking,” Len admitted, putting his gamepad aside.
“I just thought how mom said we could always finish our book and game later,” Len explained, pushing Rin’s head deeper onto his dick as he felt he was ready to cum. “But if we kill ourselves, then we won’t be able to do so.”
“Ha-ha, true!” Rin laughed and coughed as a stream of semen hit her throat. “Even if you say it’s not as clever, I actually like your idea more.”
‘You do?” Len asked, getting up from the bed to get dressed.
“But of course,” Rin swallowed the rest of her brother’s cum. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t care less if I need to breathe air or not. That’s something my lungs do on a reflex anyway. This book on the other hand is really engaging and there’s nothing I’d love more than to know what happens next. I guess you feel the same about your game? So the idea of killing ourselves for the sole purpose of never being able to finish those… ha-ha-ha,” Rin couldn't help but just burst into laughter half-sentence. “Ah, this must really be the silliest reason to kill oneself for”, she had to wipe her eyes from tears of heavy laughter.
“Told you yours was more clever,” Len pouted, throwing Rin’s clothes onto the bed so she could get dressed too.
“Who cares about clever?” Rin replied. “There’s nothing clever in killing oneself in the first place. It’s the most silly thing one can possibly do, which is exactly what makes it so fun.”
“So I take it you’re in then?” Len asked, as he finished dressing up and took a pen and a piece of paper.
“Absolutely!” Rin nodded, also getting up from the bed after getting dressed. “Hey, what are you writing?”
“A kind of a suicide note, I guess,” Len explained. “So how can we finish our book and game now? Or something along the lines. Speaking of which, should I also add something about breathing fresh air too?”
“No, don’t,” Rin shook her head. “And I mean don’t write anything at all.”
“But then how can we make sure if mom gets the joke behind our death?”
“Well, see, we don’t,” Rin giggled. “How meta would that be?”
“Meta?” Len looked confused for a moment. “Ah, I get it,” he then nodded. “We’re killing ourselves for a silly joke of not getting to finish our book and game, but then we’ll also never even see that joke to the end, exactly because we’ll have killed ourselves as a key part of that very joke. Damn, I’m not even sure anymore if that’s utter silliness or greatest genius!”
“Maybe they’re just one and the same,” Rin concluded, taking the paper on which Len was planning to write his note from his hands. “The only thing that matters is just how fun it is.”
“That it certainly is,” Len agreed. “Wait, are you bookmarking your book? What’s the point?”
“There is none,” Rin smiled. “And that’s the whole point.”

(to be continued)


Very interesting concept. I like it.


Those Rin and Len probably are dying every day. I guess they may even kill themselves to save time walking home LOL


That would be something that would happen in the universe of Siyana's Daily Life where one's body can regenerate even from beyond death (more precisely I was thinking cutting one's own neck when on a long ride on a bus or something like that), and even if your body is destroyed beyond repair you just get another clone.
But in these stories with Len and Rin death is final and that finality is an important part of what makes it so fun.
It all started when we were working on the Ikiro story, the moment when Rin thinks "bet they wouldn't expect my head to fly off" and one of options for this line was something like "what a laugh that would be" but Eterya said "it wouldn't be a laugh because she'd be dead by the time they would laugh" and I couldn't help but think hey but that would make it even more fun. Rin would die for a laugh, but wouldn't get to actually laugh exactly because of the fact that she would be dead, but that very incongruity is something to laugh at in the first place. In a sense it's like a cycle that doesn't have a start and only exists because it exists, like if a version of you from the future appears and gives you schematics for a time machine, so you build it, go to the past and give those schematics to yourself… where did they appear from in the first place? The more you think of it the less sense it makes, but the less sense it makes the more fun it is, but then since fun is the point in the first place, maybe it all makes perfect sense in the end?
Anyway, now I just can't get that idea out of my mind, so I ended up not only using it in Ikiro (when Rin anticipates how her classmates laughter would fall on dead ears), but also three times in the extended version of Suspicious Silence (with how the twins engineered the most fun part to come not until they are already dead so they can't really experience it, which in turn only makes it more fun; second time is with the new console and violin; third time when Asami looks at Rin's corpse and thinks how Rin can't even experience the fun of her own death but that is exactly what makes it so fun… oh, and there's also a fourth time in the end, isn't it, when Asami concludes she should do something like this too and die in childbirth, huh) and now I'm using it again in this Black Ice story. I guess I'm overusing this concept too much already, but it's just so much fun to think of.
Anyway, I think I might take a break from writing for now. I've finished Die Young and then wrote Suspicious Silence and Ikiro and an extended version of Suspicious Silence in a pretty quick succession and have probably exhausted my writing potential for now. Fun ideas for how Len and Rin could kill themselves keep flooding my head, but they don't want to so easily turn into words anymore.


These are wondeful stories. I like your Len and Rin stories the best!


Well, they are having way too many "final deaths LOL

I do not see any problem with doing something for a laugh even if you can't laugh at that time. According to the semantic you can laugh in advance while thinking about what it will be at that time.

So if you still go back to that story I suppose Rin should be laughing while setting up everything and in the end, when everyone is observing her in confusion having no clue why she is laughing she gives a demonstration why LOL


Thank you!

Well, they're all different timelines, obviously. Even different Len and Rin probably, as you can see Rin's attitude in Ikiro is rather different.
As for laughing, sure Rin can laugh in advance thinking of what's to come, but one of the things she's laughing at is how she wouldn't be around to laugh at the actual most fun part, but then the reason she wouldn't be around is because she would die, which she is doing exactly for a good laugh. So in Ikiro it's like on top of playing a prank on her classmates she also plays a prank on her own self.
Or like when the game says "YOU DIED". Seeing their death be confirmed like that would make the twins overjoyed and trill with laughter, but in order for their death to be 'confirmed' like that they must be already dead by that point, making it impossible for them to actually see it. The only way for them to achieve this ultimate triumph is to make sure they don't achieve it, and that whole incongruity is what makes it so fun, because as Asami noted in Black Ice, incongruity is the base of humor.
So the source of fun in dying for fun is knowing you wouldn't even be around to actually experience that fun. Sorry, I'm just repeating the same idea again and again, but I can just keep talking about it forever because it just keeps sitting in my mind and I enjoy savoring it, and I enjoy imagining how much Len and Rin savored that idea from the moment they decided to die until they actually did.

One of other ideas that I tried to make into a 100 words story but didn't quite succeed, was with an orgasm on a guillotine. Len fucks Rin while she's on a guillotine with the intention of dropping the blade once she orgasms, and thinking how her orgasm would mean the end of her life makes Rin more exciting then ever and thus making the impending orgasm into the greatest orgasm ever. But in the process Rin comes up with an idea to drop the blade just before the orgasm, playing a prank on herself of depriving herself of the chance to actually feel her greatest orgasm, but by that achieving an even greater orgasm. Since Rin's head would already be cut off when her body reaches the orgasm, she wouldn't get to actually experience it, but that very idea is exactly what makes it so exciting and making that orgasm into the greatest possible, greater than she could hope to achieve if she actually got to experience it. So once again the way to achieve the greatest possible orgasm is to make sure she doesn't achieve it, and that paradox is exactly what makes that orgasm into the greatest possible.
Then maybe there can be an after scene where Len holds Rin's head to see her body going wild and she thinks how it is indeed the greatest orgasm and there is nothing she would love more but to feel it, but it's not a regret, but a happy thought, because she is glad she gave her life in order to not feel that orgasm, because it is exactly that which made it possible in the first place.


I readed similar ideas in Aybee's stories from DGF recently.


What is that and where can I read it?


and part 7 there:

And in casual stuff "Spur of the Moment" by Neverthriving is a great example:
or "One Last Bit of cleaning" by PitPeeker:


So, I'm still kinda on a break with writing, but I was going to make a couple of 100 words stories and one I did make (the one with Rin paralyzed) and another turned out a bit longer, so here it goes.
Thanks to Eterya for editing.

The Delicious Cake
(original, hanging, casual)

The bell signaled the end of the last lesson for the day and the students enthusiastically started to pack their things, anticipating doing whatever each of them was planning today. I, for one, was going to my friend’s birthday party. Coldy was turning ten today, a round number, so I was expecting quite a lavish meal for such an occasion, with a big cake with ten candles as its centerpiece. She was always bragging what delicious cakes her mom baked, so I was looking forward to finally having a chance to try it for myself. However, before any of us could exit the classroom, our teacher Miss Cutthroat suddenly said with a strict and loud voice: “Stop right there, class.”

With some disappointed muttering we returned to out seats. What could possibly be the matter?

“There was a hundred dollar bill here on my table,” the teacher said. “Who took it?”

Nobody answered.

“If no one is going to confess, I’ll have to punish the whole class,” she threatened.

But we all well knew she wouldn’t do it. She had the power to do so alright, but if she was left without students, who would she yell at? No, she enjoyed abusing children too much to just go and kill us all at once.

“I can wait,” Miss Cutthroat said. “Nobody’s going home until the culprit confesses.”

Was she even sure someone from the class took it? Maybe it’d just fallen under a table or something. Had she at least looked for it? Of course she hadn’t. So the whole class might get stuck in the classroom for a hundred bucks that no one even actually took.

As time went on and nobody confessed, I became more and more convinced that nobody had taken the money. Surely there wasn’t anyone in the class who believed that the agony of a slow hanging could be any worse than this torture by boredom? It was almost a shame that I didn’t take that money so that I could now confess and get this bullshit over with.

Though wait a minute. Couldn’t I just confess even if I didn’t take them? I suddenly realized I happened to have exactly a hundred bucks on me, and even in one bill too. My parents had given it to me in the morning so that I could buy a present for Coldy.

“Fine,” I said, coming up to the teacher with a hundred dollar bill in my hands. “I took it.”

“You made the right choice, Wormfood Deadcorpse,” Miss Cutthroat said, taking the money. “Believe me, living with the guilt would hurt much more in the long run.”

I tried to hide my smirk, as I thought that while I couldn't say anything about guilt, I got a feeling that living with her as a teacher certainly would.

I walked up to the noose that always hung in front of the blackboard for cases like this, put it around my neck and Miss Cutthroat pushed a button on the wall near her table making the rope gently lift me just enough so that my feet couldn’t reach the floor. At first it felt almost nice not having to support my own weight, but since to save the time I’d made sure to breathe out as much as I could before my throat was blocked, it didn’t take long for the burning in my lungs to cause my body to panic. I felt so silly as logically I perfectly understood how pointless it was and willed for nothing but to stop struggling, and yet my body didn’t obey me, my legs kicking about on their own in futile attempts to reach the floor and my hands gripping the noose on my neck, trying to pull it off. Come on, me, can’t you just, like, die and get over with it? We’re making the class wait.

“Do we have to watch it to the end?” I heard Coldy sigh boredly. “The school hours are long over and I kinda have a birthday party planned.”

Yeah, I can totally sympathize with you, I thought through the agony. Slow and painful death is only fun to watch for the first dozen times, once you get used to it slow just equals boring. Hell, even I felt kinda bored hanging here after seeing so many friends meet the same fate. As excruciating as it was, every bit of it was also totally expected. But at least I got to actually experience the agony. The rest of the class had to just sit and watch.

“And what do you think is the point of this kind of execution, Coldmeat Sweetpoison?” Miss Cutthroat asked.

“So that one doesn’t steal again?”

“For that we could just kill the culprit quickly and painlessly,” the teacher objected.

“Then to make one suffer?” Coldy guessed.

“What, suffer for the sake of suffering?” Miss Cutthroat sounded almost offended by such a line of thinking. “How inhumane would that be.” Yeah, like she didn’t make us all suffer much more just by being out teacher.

“No, to make them contemplate what they did,” my friend elaborated.

“And what good would that do if they’re going to die anyway? No,” Miss Cutthroat explained. “The goal is for you, the rest of the class, to watch the culprit suffer and through that learn not to steal. Which means if I let the class go without watching, your friend’s suffering would be for nothing.”

No, bitch, I put that noose on myself for the sole purpose of you letting them go. It would be for nothing if you don’t. Though while they were having that dialogue I’d already exhausted most of my strength, so it wasn’t long until I’d die and she would let everyone go anyway. But still that attitude of hers annoyed me more than the suffering itself.
“So for which do you care more?” the teacher continued. “Your friend’s last moments or the cake waiting for you at home?”

I chuckled. Kinda. Well, I would have if my throat wasn’t squeezed shut by the noose. Anyway, I couldn’t help but find it extremely funny how Miss Cutthroat spoke with such confidence like she’d just won the argument, while in truth she’d lost it.

“The cake of course,” Coldy replied without hesitation. Yup! I knew my friend too well to expect any other response from her. In any other situation I would have found it irresistibly cute how much of a sweet tooth she was. But now I was thinking more in terms of how cool she’d owned the teacher.

“Oh…” Miss Cutthroat certainly didn’t expect such a turn of events. “Very well then, if that’s how you want it, everyone’s free for today.”

Through my blurry vision I could only see the vague silhouettes of my classmates noisily getting up from their seats and heading out of the room. Since I was already almost dead most didn’t pay my any attention walking past me as they hurried to get home sooner. Only one person stopped before me and it took me a moment to force my eyes to focus and see that it was Coldy. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was for not getting her a present, how I would have loved to take a bite of that cake or how I was amused by the way she owned the teacher in that argument, but instead of making sounds my tongue just stupidly hung out of my mouth.

Ignoring how silly I looked Coldy raised herself on her tiptoes and whispered into my ear: “It was me who took the money.” Before I could comprehend what she’d just said she gave me a sweet smile and ran away.

Now that was unexpected. I’d imagined Miss Cutthroat would eventually find those hundred bucks of hers and would have to live the rest of her life bearing the guilt of killing an innocent student, as living with guilt was something she herself claimed to be worse than death, so it would be just fitting for herself to end up in that position.

But it retrospect it made sense. Among the two of us my friend had always been the smarter one. And earlier today I had mentioned to her that I had a hundred bucks to buy her a present. So when Coldy saw the same sum of money on the teacher’s table, of course she’d taken it. Knowing I had a hundred bucks of my own she’d figured I would turn myself in and with me dead she’d get more of the cake for herself. It was a clever scheme very much in her style. I couldn’t help but admire and feel proud for her.

A shame it wouldn’t teach Miss Cutthroat a lesson she so much deserved, but in the end I was glad it turned out like this. Now I didn’t have to worry about the present, as Coldy still got the same hundred bucks. Nor did I have to worry about me not getting the cake, as it meant Coldy got more of it, which was precisely what she wanted. Not to mention that if she’d been the one to take the money it meant that she owned the teacher even more than I imagined. And as much as Coldy couldn’t wait for the cake, she took a moment to tell me that it was her who took the money, so that I knew everything was going according to her plan. It was so sweet of her. Now instead of spite for Miss Cutthroat my heart was filled with happiness for Coldy as I pictured her enjoying her mom’s famed cake. That was certainly a nice image to have in my mind in my last moments. And somehow my dying brain translated my immense pain into the sweetness of the cake in my imagination, which made it from an annoying to an actually welcome sensation.

But I didn’t get to enjoy it for long, as even that pain was now quickly fading with my consciousness slipping away. Can’t have the cake and eat it too, I guess. I couldn’t even tell what senses told me this, I just somehow knew that the rest of the class had left the room, followed by Miss Cutthroat, who didn’t even bother to check it I was already dead. Well, not that I’d last much longer anyway, and then the janitor could take care of my body later.

Alright, seems like I have just enough life left for one last thought. Well then. From the bottom of my heart.

Happy birthday.


So, since the last time I tried to write a song it ended up without any rhyme and rhythm, this time I decided to take an existing song and make a parody of it.
Once again, I'm no poet, have little knowledge of Japanese, and even less of music and working with Vocaloids, so it still sounds… not very good… anyway if there happens to be anybody here who actually knows how to do better, I'd be glad to share the source files, but for now it is what it is.




Here's a new trade with TheVisitorBlack for a change.

Sakura, Tomoyo and Sexual Education
(Cardcaptor Sakura, Kinomoto Sakura, vivisection, casual)

Even though it was not the first time Sakura was to Tomoyo’s place, the mansion never failed to impress her with its luxury and just sheer size. It felt like it belonged to a totally different world, making Sakura a bit uncomfortable to be here. There was even an indefinite number of maids, who seemed to have picked up a skill of making themselves transparent unless called for from the bodyguards who were also always invisibly present. Though given that all the bodyguards Sakura had a chance to catch a glance of happened to be female, might it be that they and the maids were actually the same people?

Sakura shrugged that thought off, returning to the homework. After all, this was why she was here in the first place, seeking Tomoyo’s help in her studies. Sakura was good in practical lessons like physical education or home economics, but the more theoretical it got, the harder it was to understand. No wonder her least favorite subject was mathematics, though the one with which she struggled today was biology. It might not be as disconnected with real life as math, but still studying how her body works was much less relatable than actually putting it to work in sports. Especially when it got to the reproductive system, with which Sakura had exactly zero practical experience.

“Va-gi-na,” Sakura read aloud with a shy blush on her cheeks. “So does it mean my peehole?” she asked, turning to her friend, sitting on the sofa next to her.
“No, that would be urethra”, Tomoyo replied.
“Where is that vagina then?” Sakura asked. “The book doesn’t quite make it clear”.
“Well, it’s a hole next to the peehole”, Tomoyo explained.
“Hoe?” Sakura uttered in confusion, looking down at her crotch. “I have another hole down there?”
“Indeed,” Tomoyo nodded. “It’s… well… how do I explain…” she paused to think. “Ah, I know!” she exclaimed with hardly concealed excitement. “It would be better if I show you!”
“What do you mean show?” Sakura grew suspicious.
“Come on, undress yourself!” Tomoyo ordered and without waiting for her friend to reply started pulling her dress off. “It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked”.
“Well, it’s true, but…” Sakura tried to object, but the dress being pulled over her head cut her off.
Indeed, Sakura wasn’t embarrassed to be naked in front of Tomoyo. They were both girls after all and best friends on top of that. However, so far each time Tomoyo made Sakura strip was to dress her up in one of her self-made costumes, and now that was the embarrassing part.
“Okay, and now the panties”, Tomoyo reached out as she was done with the dress.
“Wait,” Sakura stopped her. “I’ll do it myself”.
She was still wondering if it was just a ploy to make her wear another one of Tomoyo’s costumes, but it seemed like it couldn’t be helped, so Sakura just rolled with it and took her panties off, becoming totally naked safe for her socks. After all, Sakura did want the help with the homework, so she had no other choice but to spread her legs in front of Tomoyo, who was now kneeling on the floor in front of her.
“See, no need to be shy, you’re perfectly cute down here too,” Tomoyo said, admiringly looking at Sakura’s pussy. “Ah, I should probably make a costume that would emphasize this part of yours instead of covering it!” she said in a rush of inspiration.
“Would that really be okay to wear such a thing?” Sakura doubted.
“For a cardcaptor – sure”, Tomoyo nodded. “No outsider must see you capturing cards anyway, and you couldn’t possibly be so cruel to mind me filming you in such a costume for my personal collection, could you? Oh, speaking of which, I should film this educational session too in case you ever want to revise it”, Tomoyo left Sakura be for a moment to go grab her camera.
“Well, as long as you don’t show it to anyone…” Sakura muttered. “But what about Shaoran capturing cards with me? He would see me in that crotchless costume you’re talking about”.
“I’m sure he wouldn’t tell anyone”, Tomoyo promised, as she returned with the camera.
“No, that’s not the problem…” Sakura tried to explain, but her friend didn’t listen.
“Come on, open your legs,” Tomoyo said, aiming the camera at Sakura’s pussy.
“Fine…” Sakura gave up and spread her thighs wide. “Is that good?”
“You tell me”, Tomoyo said. “Can you properly see it?”
“I guess so”, Sakura said, bending down over her crotch to get a better view.

“Alright then”, Tomoyo said, “so you surely know you have this slit down here”, she traced it with her finger and Sakura quivered a bit, as she haven’t expected the touch. “But I reckon you haven’t tried spreading it out to look inside?”
“It never occurred to me”, Sakura confirmed.
“Look then, these two flaps, forming the slit, are called the labia”, Tomoyo explained. “And actually there are two pairs of them, as if you spread the labia majora like that, you’ll see the labia minora. And if you go past them…”
“Wait”, Sakura said. “It looks so pink and delicate, wouldn’t it hurt if you touch it?”
“Don’t worry, it’s just mucous membrane”, Tomoyo said. “Inside your mouth it’s also pink, but doesn’t hurt to eat, does it?”
“If you put it that way”, Sakura agreed.
“Moreover, it can actually feel very good to be touched down here”, Tomoyo continued. “Let me show you…” she was going to start rubbing her fingers along Sakura’s slit, but then stopped and said: “Actually, if you’re afraid it might hurt, my tongue would be a gentler touch, don’t you agree?”
“Hoe?” Sakura uttered in confusion, but the next moment Tomoyo was already licking her vigorously. “Hoeee!” she in bewilderment. “What are you doing? It’s dirty!”
“Nonsense”, Tomoyo replied. “There’s nothing dirty about you, Sakura. Better tell me, does it feel good?” Tomoyo asked before returning to eating her friend out. For a moment she wondered where she should aim the camera, but in the end decided filming the back of her own head wasn’t much fun, and so instead tried as much as she could without looking to point it at Sakura’s face to capture her emotions.
“Well…” Sakura tried to focus on her sensations this time. “It’s weird… kinda tingly… but I’ve never felt anything like that… actually it’s quite nice”, she concluded.
“Now that you’re properly wet I’ll switch to fingers so that you can properly see it”, Tomoyo said and in her thoughts added: “and so that the camera can properly capture it”.
“Okay”, Sakura agreed, now seeing that she was wrong to afraid of being touched.
“See, you can rub it like this,” Tomoyo explained along with the demonstration, now trying to position the camera to catch both Sakura’s pussy and face, “but the part most pleasant to touch is up here, called clitoris, covered by an aptly named clitoral hood”.
“Ah… wait… it’s to much…” Sakura complained, as Tomoyo went for her clit. “I think I’m gonna…” she couldn’t finish the phrase as her whole body suddenly tensed like a string for a few moments and a smelly liquid gushed right onto her friend’s face.
“Ah, a Sakura essence!” Tomoyo sighed blissfully, as she didn’t try to avoid the stream and only moved the camera out of its way, still unfailingly pointing at the orgasming Sakura, while happily turning her head left and right and up and down to get the liquid all over her face and on her hair and even catching some in her mouth.
“Oh my god!” Sakura exclaimed, too embarrassed to notice Tomoyo’s behaviour. “I’m so sorry!”
“Don’t be sorry, Sakura”, Tomoyo said. “Haven’t I said there is nothing dirty about you?”
“But I’ve peed all over you…” Sakura wailed. “No matter how you look at it…”
“It’s called squirting”, Tomoyo explained. “It happens to some girls when they orgasm”.
“Orgasm?” Sakura asked, still all blushing.
“That’s the climax of this kind of pleasure”, Tomoyo said, “felt good, didn’t it?”
“Well, it did…” Sakura admitted. “But aren’t you mad at me? Moreover, are you not going to wipe yourself?”
“I cannot possibly be mad at you, Sakura,” Tomoyo said. “If anything, I’m happy to see you feel so good. And I’ll proudly keep the result on my face as a proof that I have brought you such a pleasure”, Tomoyo added, relishingly inhaling the aroma and taking a chance to capture an image of her own self covered in the result of Sakura’s orgasm, or rather filming that result that just luckily happened to end up on her face, because it was still about Sakura before everything else. “Ah, there is no way I’m going to wipe it off!” she concluded.
“If you say so…” Sakura still thought it was weird, but when Tomoyo set her mind on something, there was no point in arguing.
“Anyway, what we just did is called masturbation”, Tomoyo returned to explaining. “You can also do it by yourself, but it feels better when someone does it for you, so please feel free to ask me anytime and I’ll be happy to help”.
“It isn’t unhealthy or anything?” Sakura asked.
“Not at all”, Tomoyo assured.
“Then why don’t everyone do it?”
“They do”, Tomoyo explained, “just in private”.
“Oh, okay”, Sakura understood.

“Let’s return to our lesson”, Tomoyo said, making sure to point the camera at Sakura’s pussy again.
“Ah, right”, Sakura nodded, as what has just happened made her totally forget what they were even doing in the first place.
“So, these outside parts constitute the vulva”, Tomoyo said. “But as I recall, you were wondering about the vagina”.
“I did”, Sakura confirmed. “You said it was another hole?”
“Look closely”, Tomoyo said and Sakura bent further down, “See, if you spread your labia they actually hide two holes: here and here”.
“Oh, indeed!” Sakura discovered. “It never occurred to me there could be two holes in there”.
“So this one on top is the urethra”, Tomoyo pointed out. “This is where your pee comes from”.
“Then the other one is the vagina?” Sakura guessed. “What is it for?”
“This is where a boy’s penis goes”, Tomoyo explained. “This is called sex”.
“What do you mean goes?” Sakura blinked in confusion.
“Like this”, Tomoyo said and without a warning inserted a single finger all the way into her friend, and it slipped in easily given how she was totally drenched from before. “See?”
“Whoa!” Sakura squeezed in surprise. “It went inside?” Sakura sighed in relief seeing she wasn’t hurt. “How did it fit?”
“Oh, much larger things can fit inside, believe me”, Tomoyo said with a sly grin. “Especially if you train it”.
“Why would I train it?” Sakura asked in confusion.
“Well, firstly, because it feels good”, Tomoyo said, gently moving her finger inside Sakura. “You can masturbate inside here as well. Even better if you also use your thumb to simultaneously play with your clitoris”, Tomoyo said and did exactly that. “See?”
“Yeah, I… see”, Sakura agreed, feeling the pleasure.
“Secondly, it has a membrane called the hymen”, Tomoyo continued. “It has an opening in it, so a finger or two can fit”, she demonstrated it by adding another finger. “But a penis would tear it, which would be painful and somewhat bloody, so you might want to tear it by yourself beforehand to make your actual first time more pleasant”.
“Uhm… okay, I kinda see now how a penis can fit inside, but… why?”
“To make a baby of course”, Tomoyo said. “Which bring us to the third point: once the baby is ready it will be born through this very same hole”.
“No way!” Sakura exclaimed. “Seems like I have a lot of training to do if I want it to fit through”.
“I would be happy to help”, Tomoyo offered, as she kept pleasuring Sakura.
“Thanks”, Sakura said. “But anyway, how exactly does a boy inserting his penis inside me make a baby?
“For that purpose you vagina goes to your womb, which in turn is connected to ovaries…”
“Right, I think the textbook mentioned something like that”, Sakura recalled. “But it’s hard to get from just the text”.
“Even if you say so, I don’t think I can show you your insides too”, Tomoyo replied. “It’s not like I have an ultrasound scanner”.
“Well, you do have a knife”, Sakura nodded to the table with a half-eaten cut-up cake.
“A knife?” Tomoyo looked at the mentioned utensil in confusion and even stopped moving her fingers. “You don’t mean…”
“Just cut me up”, Sakura confirmed, putting her hand on Tomoyo’s, letting her know it was okay to pull it out. “It would be much better viewable than with ultrasound”.
“That it would”, Tomoyo couldn’t argue, picking up the knife and examining it’s blade in a daze as if it was the first time she ever saw it. “But weren’t you afraid of pain just a while ago?”
“I guess I’ll just have to bear it”, Sakura figured, as she pulled her legs up onto the sofa and turning herself alongside it to lie down. The sofa was comfy, but her pussy longed for the pleasure to continue, so Sakura quickly put her own fingers where Tomoyo’s just were. “You know so much and so far your visual explanation was much more understandable than the textbook and… more fun too… so I’d rather you don’t just stop half the way”.
“Ah, Sakura-chan”, Tomoyo said, “flattering me like that you leave me no choice”.
“Do you have to keep filming though?” Sakura asked with a blush, as she kept exploring masturbation. As Tomoyo said it appeared duller when done by herself, kinda like you can’t really tickle yourself, but not actually that bad. In fact, now that she was in control, she could try and see what brings her more pleasure or just go harder on herself. “I don’t think I’ll get to revise it now…”
“Well, even if you won’t…” Tomoyo said, imagining herself rewatching today’s recording again and again. “Anyway, are you ready?” she asked, as she put the knife against Sakura’s skin just above her pussy. The blade had some cake clinging to it and for a moment Tomoyo wondered if she should clean it first, but in the end decided she didn’t want to create a clinical atmosphere like it was an actual serious surgery. Instead, if she kept the knife as it was, it felt more like a casual continuation of their tea party, almost as if Sakura herself was another piece of cake.
“Sure”, Sakura nodded and Tomoyo pushed the knife inside of her. “Kyaaa!”
For a moment that scream painfully clenched Tomoyo’s heart, but then she noticed how Sakura’s shaking didn’t seem like one of agony, no, looking better she realized Sakura was actually cumming, once again accompanied by a smelly stream now going on the sofa. As surprised as she was by such a reaction, Tomoyo didn’t have time to stand stunned, so she suppressed her emotions and tried to finish quickly before Sakura’s pleasure subdued, cutting up to her navel. And of course Tomoyo wouldn’t be herself if even in such a situation she didn’t make sure to capture every moment of it on film.
“Wow”, Tomoyo sighed, as she withdrew the bloody knife, catching her breath and wiping a drop of sweat from her forehead, the blocked emotions catching up to her. “Did you just have an orgasm from being cut?”
“Sorry”, Sakura replied though an even harder breathing, “it seems I’ve stained your sofa”.
“Oh, don’t worry about that, the maids will take care of it”, Tomoyo said. “What’s more important, do you feel fine?”
“It’s weird”, Sakura said in a somewhat dreamy voice. “It does hurt, but it also feels kinda nice”.
“Glad to hear that”, Tomoyo said. “Can I lick you then?”
“Lick?” Sakura asked in confusion.
Tomoyo pointed to the cut. Along with blood it was smeared with the cake remains from the knife.
“Oh”, Sakura uttered, almost wanting to try it herself, shame she couldn't possibly bend so much. “Help yourself, I guess”, Sakura smiled invitatingly.
“Itadakimasu”, Tomoyo leaned to the cut and started slowly licking the mix of cake and blood from it, savoring the process.
“Ah!” Sakura exclaimed, but feeling Tomoyo stop, hurried to reassure her: “It’s alright, just tickly”.
“You’re absolutely delicious”, Tomoyo concluded as she finished, licking her lips, although some blood still remained on them and a couple of drops spilled down to her chin.
“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself”, Sakura said, “but can we return to the lesson until I bleed out?”
“Right, sure”, Tomoyo nodded, putting the knife back on the table and giving another look to the cut. It was neat and for a moment almost unnoticeable until more blood poured out to replace what Tomoyo has licked. “I guess you’ll have to spread the cut with your own hands”, Tomoyo concluded, as she was still dutifully holding the camera.
“I’ll try”, Sakura replied, and drove her fingers into her cut. “Ow…” it was slippery and painful. “Can you… you know?..” she nodded towards her crotch.
“Gladly!” Tomoyo cheerfully agreed and put her free hand to work on Sakura’s pussy again. “Feels better?”
“Yeah”, Sakura confirmed. Now that Tomoyo’s nimble fingers distracted her from the pain, she started pulling her skin and muscles apart, and while tearing them did hurt, forcing her to wince, now it felt less like a sensation in itself, and more like spicing for the pleasure of masturbation. “Is that good?” she asked.
“Should do”, Tomoyo confirmed, fascinatedly looking into the now gaping hole in Sakura’s lower belly, naturally not forgetting to film it too. “As expected from Sakura-chan, you look as perfectly beautiful on the inside as on the outside”, she commented. “Now hold it like that”.
“Well, I can hold it”, Sakura said, “but it doesn’t seem like I can actually see anything this way”, she noted, shifting up on the sofa to put her head on the armrest, but it didn’t give her a good enough angle anyway.
“Yeah, that’s a problem”, Tomoyo agreed. “Should I bring, like, a mirror?”
“Maybe you can just pull them out?” Sakura suggested. “My womb and those what they were called…”
“Ovaries”, Tomoyo said. “Okay, I’ll try”.
She reached for Sakura’s womb with her free hand and grabbed it, making Sakura shiver in an absolutely new sensation that she was never supposed to feel, and thus could not even categorize it as pain or pleasure. But certainly it was an interesting experience.
Tomoyo pulled and managed to lift Sakura’s womb along with the ovaries just above the cut, but the vaginal canal didn’t want to stretch any further, and it was still not enough for Sakura to properly see it.
“Guess I’ll have to cut it out”, Tomoyo concluded. “But at least you don’t have to hold the cut any longer”.
Sakura released the edges of the hole in her belly and it slowly closed itself, not completely, but enough for Tomoyo to put Sakura’s womb down onto her belly over the cut, so that she could grab a knife. Then she realized she had to hold both the knife and Sakura’s insides to properly cut them out, but she also didn’t want to put away the camera.
“Can you hold it for me so I can cut it?” Tomoyo suggested.
“Okay”, said Sakura, taking her womb into her own hands and pulling on it to stretch out the vagina. Like with masturbation, the sensation was a bit less acute this way, but also being in control let Sakura try out various things like gently stroking her organs or hardly squeezing them to explore all the various hues of this peculiar experience.
“I’m cutting”, Tomoyo announced and the knife slicing through Sakura’s insides added another one. This time it was more unambiguously painful, and yet still Sakura managed to find enjoyment in how this pain was unlike any she has ever felt before. For a moment Sakura wondered if she was a masochist, but then discarded that thought as silly. Clearly it was just that Tomoyo was such a good teacher that her lesson made Sakura genuinely curious about her body. “Are you alright?” Tomoyo asked, noticing Sakura heavily breathing.
“Yeah, just… curious”, Sakura replied, bringing her womb, remaining in her hands, but now not connected to her body, into her sight to closer examine it. Touching it didn’t bring any sensations now, but that in itself was fascinating in a way.
“Er… okay”, Tomoyo blinked i