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It's been a while since my last /lit/ thread was gone, so I think that maybe it's time to finally revive it. Like, maybe new people appeared here after all that time who might find my sotires to their enjoyment, or maybe some of the old folk want to reread some of my stories and never saved them to their hard drive (I know I always do that: don't save the story I like and then curse myself for it when the thread is gone).

And since this thread is aimed at new people too, I'll start with an introduction.
So, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia. I write stories, photoshop pictures (see the Alteration thread on /g/) and sometimes translate them (see the Translations thread on /g/). My favorite charachters are Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, so you'll find them more often in my works then other charachters from other fandoms. My favorite kind of guro is consensual and even casual, so this is what you can expect from my works.
I tend to come up with a lot of ideas but never turn them into actual stories. I often discuss them in this thread. Firstly, in hope that will help me shape it better in my mind and eventually actually write it (it rarely happens, but not entirely hopeless). Secondly, in hope that someone else might be inspired by those ideas and write something on one of them it or not necessarily eactly on one of them, but just write something good (it happened at least once!) For that note that you can freely use any of my ideas (and even complete stories) as inspiration or direct base for your stories (would be great if you credit me). That's one of the reason they are here for. thridly, I just enjoy discussing the story ideas, and I hope people who discuss them with me enjoy it too. Fourthly, I post the ideas, most of which will never turn into actual stories, for the sake of them not being in vain. At least people can read and enjoy them as ideas, which I hope is better then never seeing them at all.

Now, a little insight in my Russian works. In case you can read Russian, you can just read them here:
I just want to say that in addition to what I post here, there's also that profile of mine on ficbook (a Russian fanfiction site). There are Russian versions of some of the guro stories I post here (as of now there is nothing guro-related that is posted on ficbook, but not on gurochan) and some original Russian non-guro hentai stories in various states of completion (as of now none is really complete, but some are still worth reading). The one titled Innocence started with a little piece in English I originally posted here on gurochan, but it didn't interest people as it had no guro, so that's why since then I'm writing my non-guro hentai stories in Russian for ficbook. I would be willing to translate some of them into English though if people show interest (which is why I write about them here in the first place). So in hope that it ignites your interest, I'll put short summaries for them below. (Or maybe you're not really interested in reading the whole story, but reading it's summary here got you any thoughts, maybe an advice or idea I can implement in that setting, or you just want to voice your oppinion on it, anyway if you have anything to say, then by all means please do so).

Fandom: Vocaloids.
World summary: Near future (household robots - yes, space empires - no). The Vocaloid Project is a school for gifted children in Japan. Vocaloidville, where the school is located, is built just for the purpose of housing it's students and teachers, so it consists almost entirely of children. With all the new technology and households robots they can live by themselves just fine. Minimal control from adults outside school, and even inside school it's very liberal. It's like a children's paradise. Also, the Soviet Union stretches from China to at least France, I wrote it like that just because I could.
Story summary: In the center of the story is a pair of twins - Kagamine Rin and Len. They've been always studying at home before and somehow lack some basic knowledge. Namely, they are totally unaware that wearing clothes is not only for the sake of warmth and fashion. And also unaware of sex. As an example, in the beginning of the story there is a scene where Len accidentally rubs his penis all over Rin's face as he's trying to reach his clothes leaning over her. Len himself doesn't pay any attention to it, and Rin starts from paying little attention (a bit annoyed, but not enough to actually move away) to actually enjoying it (not in a sexual way though, but more like cuddling). Soon they discover masturbation and eventually sex, but it never occurs to think of it as something else but a fun game that can be played with friends (and a stranger for them is just a friend they haven't met yet). And so they do, adding more charachters in the fun, namely: Hatsune Miku who turns out to be quite perverted herself (she does realise it's perverted though), Luo Tianyi, a naive empathetic girl from Soviet Union who tries her best to befriend everyone, but happens to get the idea of how it's done in Japan from the Kagamine twins, kudere Gumi who brings ignored sex to the story, Gakupo and Pico who bring some yaoi (don't turn away at this point! It's really cute and sweet. Also just a little bit of it that can be skipped) and Flower who is planned to be into BDSM (haven't written this far yet though). Also, apart from sex, the story has a lot of pee showering, pee drinking, pee peeing and whatever. After I've added pee into the story it kinda got out of control, but I can't say I'm unhappy with the results.
Status: I keep updating it in short portions (like 2-4 pages) from time to time, the progress is not fast, but it's definitely alive. I don't have a long-term plan for the story, but so far it works just fint with cute kids doing cute sex. I also do have some short-term plan to keep going for now.

Alisa Seleznyova's dress
Fandom: Alisa's adventures by Kir Bulychov (alt. transliteration: Bulychev), a Soviet/Russian series of children sci-fi/fairy-tale books on adventures of a little girl (about 13 in most books, younger in first ones) Alisa Seleznyova (alt. transliteration: Selezneva) in the end of the XXI century (with spaceships, aliens, space pirates, time machine and whatnot). Alisa's father is the director of the Cosmozoo (a zoo where they keep space animals) and she herself studies biology, so there is also a lot of weird alien creatures in the books like tigerrats and flying cows (which for a hentai fanfitcion writer like me means lots of chances for beastiality).
World summary: Pretty much the same as in the books, but social norms evolved to see no shame in nudity and sex, even in public. The bio-engeneering of humans led them to not have any hair safe from on the head, so there's no unseemly bushes to hide behind panties. So the fashion of the future mostly reveals private parts (and it is not considered sexy, totally casual). A cat costume that includes a butt-plugged tail is even considered childish. The mentioned bio-engeneering also made people able to bear low temperatures, so winter clothes don't have to cover private parts either, but still use some traditionally winter parts and materials. Say, a pair of gloves and a scarf on a naked body constitute a totally casual winter costume. Wearing a lot of clothes is being showy, not wearing anything at all is being modest or just indifferent to fashion.
Story summary: On the first day of summer holidays Alisa vies through her wardrobe trying to pick what to wear today. A number of costumes are described, most of them don't hide privates, but some do to demostrate how there's no real difference if the privates are shown or not, that would be equally all right. Alisa can't choose and in the end decides to just not bother and go naked as it is a totally valid choice in this world. On her way to the bio-station [where she studies biology and conducts experiments with friends - that part is from the original books] she gets in an awkward situation where she has to give a stranger a blow job and eventually deepthroat him, but it's not the oral sex that is awkward, in fact it is totally casual and no one thinks much of it. The taste of cum leads Alisa to remember another such situation. Then she arrives at the bio-station, meets with friens, and some more situations that are sexy by our standarts but totally casual for that world occurs (namely: a girl having sex with a dolphin, boys shooting cum at each other as a part of a childish game, a girl having her face heavily covered in cum). There's even a bit of scat, but just a bit, where a boy puts his fingers in other boys' butts then lets Alisa lick the fingers to see if she can determine by the taste which is whose. See, totally innocent and cute, right? Or you can just skip this part.
Status: This one's complicated. My initial idea was no not even include any sex, just show a world where nudiy is casual and fashion is influenced by that. Just an ordinary day in Alisa's life, only she spends it naked, but the point was that it doesn't make any difference. And it was like that until Alisa got outside and that situation with the ice-cream she dropped on a stranger's dick got into my mind and it was so hot I couldn't hold back from writing it. Then the concept changed to a world where sex is not ashamed of, but still not something that happens on every step, and Alisa is still a virgin, and another girl is doing a research on wether virginigy has anything to do with innocence, and in the end of the story Alisa has sex, and everyone note that even if she's not a virgin anymore, she's still as innocent as ever. But as I kept writing, more and more sex popped up, and at this rate for Alisa to still be a virgin she had to intentionally avoid it, but that's not the way I want it. So now I have to think of another plot that won't deal with anyone's virginity before I can continue. I have a couple of ideas, but they're more long-term, and what I lack is a more short-term plan. So this sotry is paused for a while.

Swimsuit season
Fandom: same as above
World summary: same as above
Story summary: Alisa and her friends spend some time on a river, swimming, having sex and other fun things.
Status: It's just a couple of pages with only reaches the point where they go swimming (in the nude, of course). Also on the way to the river their costumes are described. I've started writing this story before the Dress one, but now I think I'll just turn this one into one of the future chapters of the Dress one eventually. So it's also paused.

Slavya and the horse
Fandom: Everlasting Summer, a Russian VN (English version available on Steam) and The Herbalist, a VN-styled puzzle game by some of the same authors.
World summary: The Herbalist's protagonist is the herbalist girl Slavya based on the same mascot Slavya-tan as the charachter by the same name from Everlasting Summer. The village setting from The Herbalist was perfect for sex with a horse, but The Herbalist doesn't have any other charachters then Slavya, and so I populated the village with the charachters from Everlasting Summer. Also, nudity and sex are casual, even if it's with a horse. Not that people have sex on every corner, but the fact that Slavya is willing to have sex with anyone, even with a horse, is not seen as anything other that her being a very nice and kind girl. Only for the male protagonist Semyon the local customs are a surprise.
Story summary: Originally was intended to be focused on Slavya having sex with a horse, then Semyon comes and asks her to go swim in the river with other kids to show how this is all casual. But in the middle of the horse scene where Semyon appears I wanted to write a couple of lines about him to introduce the charachter, but instead of couple of lines I've now written more than a dozen of pages of a flashback of Semyon arriving to the village, meeting other charachters, learning local customs, befriending Slavya etc... and I'm not done with it yet. For comparison: there are 2 pages before Slavya gets to the horse and 4 of actual horse action (which is not finished though, as Semyon with his flashback appeared in the middle of it). I'm now wondering if I should change the title and the concept.
Status: Last updated yesterday, so totally alive.

And this concludes the part about Russian stories.

I'll now post one of my old stories and will post another one every day or so until I post all of them.
You also must be wondering if I have anything new. Sorry, guys, not really. But just today I've read a guro story on Everlasting Summer which was in Russian, but I'm considering translating it. It's short and lacks detailed descriptions, girls die too fast and some of them (including my favourite Slavya) are already dead by the start of the story. So my first intention upon reading it was to rewrite it with proper details and also adding actual guro scenes for girls already dead. But then I thought as with many other ideas there's no guaranty of when and if I'll get to actually writing it. So I decided just translating it instead (and it doesn't mean I can't do a rewrite in the future, right?). It's short, as I mentioned, so totally doable and won't take long. I'll probably post it as soon as I finish translating it, so keep track on my thread to not lose it among all the old stories I'll be reposting. The title is "Guro in the mines".
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ASSTR has worse downtimes than gurochan. Probably best to use both, though.


And asstr is still down, so there you go.


Actually almost all of my stories are fanfiction, so I'll look into it, thanks!


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And now I'm on Archive of Our Own. I haven't posted all of my stories there yet, but most of them. Here's the link:


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Впрочем, как руки дойдут, перезалью всё на Archive of Our Own, там на любых языках можно работы публиковать.


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Another 100 words story that ended up a bit longer than 100 words. 321 to be exact.


The twins were sitting cross-legged on the bed against each other. Their naked bodies were pierced with many straight pins and more were in a box beside them ready to use. Len took one and reached for Rin’s sex and she helpfully spread her lower lips to reveal her clitoris. It was already pierced with two pins criss-cross, so Len inserted the new one depthwise until only its head was sticking out. Rin braced herself and took it all without a wink.
“Okay, my turn now,” she beamed, as soon as Len let go of the pin.
She took another one from the box and examined Len’s body. There was already a number of pins in his dick and nipples, as well as under fingernails and toenails, but he was able to withstand all of it so far. Poking his eye would probably do the trick, but the point was to pain him, not to actually injure him. So what kind of pain was the most unbearable?
“Open your mouth”, Rin said with a sly grin and Len did just that.
Rin pointed her pin between two of Len’s lower teeth and drove it into his gum. She was sure to go slowly and move it around to make it hurt as much as she could. It didn’t take long until Len produced a painful groan.
“Aha!” Rin triumphed. “You’ve lost! Now you do our homework for today.”
“Fine…” Len sighed and obediently moved to the desk.
He wasn’t allowed to pull the pins out of his body until he finished the homework. Rin was, but didn’t pull hers out anyway. Instead she grabbed some more pins from the box and directed them to her own mouth. She knew next time Len would go straight for her teeth, so she might as well use the time freed by making him do her homework to get used to this new kind of pain.


Thank you for story! I liked moment when Rin don't pull her pins out in the end.


File: 1557592494406.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, sketch1557399399664.jpg)

Surprise. I'm still alive. Are you guys here alive too? Because I have a new story for you. It's another "Innocence" spin-off, but a more lengthy one this time. Thanks goes to Eterya for editing.

Die Young
=(Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, casual, hanging, urination)=

When Len entered the living room, Rin was lying on the sofa upside down with her ass resting against the sofa’s back and her shoulders on the seat, her legs thrown over the top of the sofa’s back and her head resting on the edge of the seat, tilted back to face the TV. She was holding a controller and playing “Over the Top Speed” on the screen, which was set up to rotate the image hundred and eighty degrees to fit her peculiar pose. Len’s confusion about Rin’s pose quickly cleared up when the practicality behind it became apparent as she started peeing, the urine landing right in her open mouth, letting her drink it without averting her eyes from the screen. The view made Len realize his very same urge, so he came up to her, aiming his penis at her mouth before adding his stream to hers.

“Hey, don’t block the screen!” Rin complained after taking a big gulp of pee so she could speak, the stream spraying over her face every time she closed her lips.

“Sorry,” Len apologized as he climbed onto the sofa with his knees to both sides of Rin’s head, taking his chance to lean his mouth to her lower lips (more like upper, in her current position) and drink the rest of her pee.

“Now that’s better,” Rin said, able to see the screen again, not minding her own pee not reaching her mouth anymore as she got to drink Len’s instead, which was even better. “I almost died because of you just now.”

“Actually that’s what I wanted to talk about,” Len pulled away from Rin’s pussy to speak, letting the stream of her urine hit his face.

“What?” Rin asked in confusion. “Me always dying in games?”

“More like dying for real,” Len specified.

The out-of-the-blue statement took Rin by surprise and she choked on Len’s pee, quickly dropping the controller to push her brother off herself and turn over to face down and cough out the pee. The rest of both of the twins’ pee ended up splashed all over their bodies and surroundings, while in the game Rin’s car crashed into a wall at full speed and exploded.

“Whew!” Rin took a couple of seconds to recover, sitting down on the sofa properly. “Now I didn’t just die in the game, but almost died for real too. Great job.”

“I'm sorry,” Len apologized again as he took a seat to the left of his sister. “But say, what if you did die?”

“Come again?” Rin was only getting more confused with each of her brother’s words, meanwhile picking the controller back up.

“Don't get me wrong,” Len noted. “I didn’t intend to kill you with pee.”

“Of course you didn’t!” Rin switched the screen from upside down back to normal. “But why are you asking silly questions like that?”

“Is death silly though?” Len embraced her with one arm. “I think it’s pretty serious.”

“Well, I guess so.”

“Then tell me,” Len repeated, pressing himself tighter against Rin, sniffing the rich aroma of pee from her wet hair “what would you feel if you actually did die?”

“Well, that would be a hilarious way to die, choking on pee,” Rin giggled, hitting the respawn button and finally taking control of her car again.

“Seriously though,” Len insisted, fiddling with Rin’s hair. “Wouldn’t you be afraid?”

“Well, of course I’d be afraid to die,” Rin replied, hitting the gas control as hard as she could, she had a lot of catching up to do. “That’s just natural.”

“That’s a natural instinct indeed,” Len agreed, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. “But if you think of it logically, being afraid doesn’t really save you from it, you still die sooner or later, so what’s the point?”

“I guess, the point is to die later, not sooner,” Rin said as her car gained speed.

“But why would it make any difference if you still die?” Len continued his weird questions, as he retracted his hand from her face and gently put it onto Rin’s neck. “Would dying later make it less scary?”

“Wouldn't it?” Rin wondered. “In movies they always show old people die satisfied with their lives and everything.”

“Movies, you say,” Len chuckled, his hand travelling down to her chest. “What about games?”

“What about them?” Rin wondered, focused on trying to pick up each booster on the track to make up for all the time she’d lost respawning.

“In games you can die yourself, not just watch other people die,” Len explained, exploring his sister’s chest. “So it should provide a better example.”

“Is it so?” Rin had finally caught up to her opponents. “In games you can just respawn, so it’s not the same.”

“In some games you can’t,” Len continued, finding Rin’s nipple and absentmindedly starting to fiddle with it between his fingers. “Or let’s say you can’t even try again if you die. In a game like that, would you rather die closer to the beginning or to the end?”

“Obviously, I’d rather not die at all,” Rin started looking for a way to shoot down the cars in front of her. “In a game it’s actually possible when no one is trying to block the screen or choke you with pee.”

“Oh, come on,” Len aggrievedly moved away from her nipple and broke the embrace. “You’re thinking of games you can beat.”

“Why?” Rin was confused, as she picked up a shotgun weapon, maneuvering herself into a position behind two enemy cars, managing to destroy one of them with it. “Are there games you can’t beat?”

“Of course there are,” Len said, placing his hand on her lap instead. “Any big MMO sandbox like Star Dangerous, you know, with trade, war, exploration and lots of other people to socialize. In games like that there isn’t any end goal you can reach.”

“Sounds silly,” Rin noted. “What’s the point of playing then?”

“The point is to have fun with the gameplay itself,” Len explained, now caressing her inner thigh. “However, what if such a game had permadeath too? So permanent you can’t register a new account even if you buy it again.”

“And what would happen?” Rin spread her legs.

“Then if you play for a few months, make a bit of progress and meet a couple of new friends in the process, you’d be somewhat afraid to die at that point,” Len said, moving his hand towards her pussy. “But if you play it for years, maybe even become a leader of a clan with significant power in the game world’s politics, then you’ve invested so much into this game, the idea of dying and losing it all must be totally terrifying.”

“Must be,” Rin picked up a homing missile, finally destroying the other car she’d missed before. “But thankfully I don’t play MMOs.”

“Or do you?” Len countered, rubbing the outside of her slit. “Isn’t life an MMO just like that?”

“Never thought of it like that,” Rin replied, keeping her focus on the game, even if the sensation was quite enjoyable. “If you put it that way, MMOs sound even more stupid, as you can get all the same in the real world.”

“Well, maybe they are,” Len agreed, noticing his left hand subconsciously having started to play with his penis, which quickly got hard. “But that’s not my point.”

“What is though?” Rin was closing in on another remaining opponent looking for a suitable weapon to destroy them. “You just keep blabbering about games and dying. Did you read another piece of news about some game addict dying while playing?”

“Not exactly,” Len said, gripping his penis properly and starting to masturbate. “But I did indeed stumble upon news of someone’s death. It was hard not to, the whole Internet was filled with it for the last couple of hours.”

“And who died to cause such a fuss?” Rin wondered as she missed a machine gun that would have been useful against the car ahead of her, having to pick up a mine instead to deal with another car chasing her. “The British Queen?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Len confirmed, sliding two fingers into Rin’s pussy. “Turned out she wasn’t immortal after all.”

“Ah…” Rin’s sheepish reply was interrupted by a pleasured moan halfway through. “But what does that have to do with games?”

“Nothing really,” Len said, stirring his fingers inside her. “It was just a metaphor for life.”

“So what were you trying to say with that metaphor anyway?” Rin placed a mine right in her pursuer’s way, but just before it blew up, the enemy fired a homing missile of its own.

“The news just made me think, isn’t there so much fuss about the Queen’s death exactly because how long she lived? If she died young before leaving any trace in history, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“I think that has more to do with her being a queen,” Rin managed to barely dodge the missile, but failed to notice the other enemy from before respawn and hit her with an ice bolt, freezing her car in place. “I bet the Queen herself was happy to have such a long and fulfilling life”.

“That part may be true” Len agreed, adding another finger into her pussy. “But would that stop her from being terrified of death? Even you said you were afraid, and you only have fourteen years to lose. Dying at twenty-eight must be two times more terrifying, at fifty-six - four times so… can’t imagine how terrified the Queen must have been to die”.

“So that’s what you believe then,” Rin leaned back to better enjoy Len’s attention, as with her car still stuck in place she couldn’t do anything about two of her opponents crossing the finish line anyways. “The longer you live, the more you’d be afraid of dying?”

“Exactly,” Len nodded, finding her clitoris with his thumb. “I am already afraid of dying, of course, but I’d rather die now being reasonably afraid, then postpone it until it becomes absolutely terrifying”.

“You mean… you seriously…” Rin gave in to her pleasure, as the final enemy caught up with her again, shattering her frozen car by driving straight through it and to the finish line, “want to kill yourself?”

“That’s the plan,” Len confirmed, rubbing her clitoris between his fingers.

“Aaahh…” Rin arched her back in orgasm, curling her toes and involuntarily pushing half the buttons on the controller, luckily with her car destroyed it couldn't ruin the game any further. “…Sure took you long to get to the point”, she concluded after taking a breath.

“What about you though?” Len asked, licking Rin’s juices from his fingers while still jerking off with his left hand.

“Oh, don't worry about me.” Rin replied, as she quit the failed race, not bothering to respawn and continue only to come in last anyway. “I’d never force you to live another day just out of a selfish desire to keep you around, knowing how it’ll only make your death more terrifying. No, if dying young is really your wish, then just as with any other wish if yours, I can only be happy to see it fulfilled”.

"I'm really glad to hear that,” Len said, embracing her again. “But that’s not what I meant. I was trying to ask if after everything I said you wouldn’t rather die young too. Or does the thought of dying later not terrify you?"

“Not really,” Rin shrugged, restarting the race. “I guess because I don’t play MMOs like you, I can’t really see the life as one. For me it’s more like a set of beatable games like the ones I play. So if you ask me, dying sooner is still more terrifying than later.”

“I see,” Len sighed, breaking the embrace and even stopping to masturbate, so close to an orgasm. “And here I was hoping you’d keep me company.”

“Wait”, the sudden realization made Rin avert her eyes from the screen for the first time, failing to start as the countdown reached zero. “is that what this whole talk was all about?”

“It was. Though I see I couldn’t convince you anyways.”

“You don’t have to convince me to keep you company, Len,” Rin burst out laughing, putting the controller away, even though the race was still going on, her car idly standing in place. “You should have just asked!”

“But by keeping company I don’t mean just having you near me as I die,” Len clarified. “What I mean is actually having you die together with me”.

“Yeah, I get it,” Rin turned to Len with a smile, reaching for his boner. “That’s why you asked if I’d rather die young too.”

“And I thought you said it’s more terrifying?” Len recalled, leaning back to enjoy his sister’s touch. “You know I wouldn’t want you to force yourself.”

“Silly Len, I’m not forcing myself at all,” Rin laughed again, starting to rapidly stroke his rock-hard penis while embracing him with the other arm. “Dying is terrifying for sure, but it doesn’t matter because dying is beside the point.”

“What do you mean?” Len wondered, tensing in pleasure.

“Because it’s you who’s killing himself specifically to die”, Rin explained, noticing Len’s penis strongly pulsing. “The reason I’m killing myself is only to keep you company. Cinema or suicide, I’m just really glad that you want me to join, that’s all.”

“Ah… mnn…” Len came just seconds later, shuddering in Rin's embrace as he shot several loads of semen into her hand, Rin quickly cupping it before him to make sure not to waste any of it. Taking a brief moment to wind down, Len continued, still slightly panting. “Rin, you’re the best sister ever!”

“And you’re the best brother ever, Len,” Rin replied, licking the ambrosial liquid from her fingers. “Even if there was no need to, the effort you put into convincing me to join you shows just how much you care,” she said, before leaning forward to give Len a loving kiss, sharing with him the taste of his own bliss.

“So how do you propose we kill ourselves?” Rin asked after breaking the kiss, as she turned off the game along with the screen itself. “Giving it so much thought surely you must have a plan,” she turned back to Len, positively curious of what death he envisioned for them.

“I was thinking of the clothes line outdoors,” Len answered, as Rin nodded, listening carefully. “If we throw it over a tree branch or something, we can hang ourselves on both sides of it.”

“So killing us together was indeed your plan from the start,” Rin concluded, climbing on top of her brother’s legs as she gave him an enthusiastic hug. “It makes me so happy!”

“How so?” Len wondered, putting his hands on her sides and pushing Rin back a little to create enough space to look into her eyes. They shone with joy, to which he answered with a confused expression.

“Why, because it means inviting me in wasn’t just an afterthought”, Rin explained, pushing her body against Len’s once more. “Isn’t that what being twins is all about? The two of us are a whole to the point where you can’t even imagine us dying separately”.

“That’s true”, Len agreed, letting his hands slide to Rin’s back and caress it. “Until you said how you’d be happy to see my wish fulfilled, it didn’t even occur to me that you not joining was a possibility”.

“Oh, I’m really sorry about that”, this time Rin herself leaned back to let Len see in her eyes that she meant it. “Of course I would have joined immediately if you just asked, but exactly because of that I failed to realize you were spending all the effort on convincing me. I thought you were just explaining your own reasoning”.

“To be honest, even if you keep saying it, it’s still hard for me to imagine you would’ve really joined me so easily”, Len admitted apologetically. “I mean, even for me, with all that reasoning, it’s scary to die… only the fear of it getting even more terrifying makes me want to kill myself now”.

“Now that just sounds sad”, Rin said, pouting. “Why don’t you think of it the way I do?” she suggested, switching back to joyful mood. “Don’t think of killing ourselves as a means to die. Say, a game of twister might train our agility, but is training even on your mind when playing it? I bet not, because that’s not what we play it for, we play it just to have fun”.

”Well, that’s because the game itself is fun”, Len noted.

“Is it?” Rin replied. “I imagine playing it alone would be quite boring. Which means it’s not playing the game that is fun, but doing it together. In fact, doing anything together makes it much more fun”.

“Even killing ourselves?” Len asked in confusion.

“But of course!” Rin leaped off the sofa. “Didn’t you say we’ll hang together on the same rope?” she gestured passionately. “How is that not fun? It’ll be like a physical representation of out bond!”

“Oh, I was just thinking it would be handy to use one rope for us both”, Len admitted, taking Rin’s hand to get up. “But if you put it that way, it does sound kinda fun”.

“Right?” Rin grinned. “Then I’ll go prepare the rope and you can grab a chair in the meanwhile. We’ll need something to jump off, right?”

“Right,” Len nodded. “Just don’t start without me,” he said, seeing how enthusiastic she was.

“That should be my line,” Rin chuckled. “It’s you who wants to die ASAP. All I want is to keep you company, so it would really defeat the purpose if I killed myself first.”

“Then I’ll try to resist slitting my throat with all the temping knifes,” Len joked as he headed to the kitchen.

“Yeah, do your best,” Rin replied half-serious, in her turn heading outside. “I’d look silly waiting for you outside with the rope forever.”

Getting a chair from the kitchen, Len exited the house, stopping on the doorsteps as the cool air against his naked body made him realize he was still wet with the mix of his own and Rin’s urine from earlier. It was not an unwelcome sensation, both physically as the evaporating wetness intensified the gentle caress of the breeze sending pleasant shivers all over Len’s skin, and emotionally, as having fun with their pee was always a warm memory for the twins. Even better was the realization that Rin, being equally naked and equally wet, was exposed to the same cool breeze, thus sharing that sensation as well.

Indeed, looking at him still standing on the doorsteps, Rin could immediately tell what he was thinking about and giggled: “I guess something good did come out of your attempt to choke me with pee after all.”

Len looked back at Rin and saw that she has already detached the clothes line, the washed clothes from it were now scattered all over the wet and dirty ground, not even avoiding the puddles still remaining here and there after a rain earlier in the day.

“What’s with all this mess?” Len wondered.

“It’s not like we’ll need them anymore,” Rin replied, with the rope in her hands examining the nearest tree for thick branches. “So why bother collecting?”

“Makes sense”, Len agreed and looked at a big puddle just off the doorsteps. He remembered this tempting puddle from when he’d been hanging out the clothes shortly after the rain, but couldn’t risk dropping the bowl with washed clothes. With the chair, however, he didn’t have to be so careful, so he jumped right into the puddle, splashing dirty water everywhere. Some of it landed right on the scattered clothes, and Len found some special pleasure in being able to dirty the recently washed clothes beyond repair without a care in the world. Even if Rin said she did it just out of practicality, he could now see she must have also enjoyed scattering the clothes on the dirty ground like that.

“You sure love jumping through puddles”, Rin laughed, seeing Len having fun.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in this”, Len returned the kind laughter, looking at Rin’s feet also being all dirty up to the ankles.

As Rin found a branch she deemed suitable and threw the rope over it, Len approached her, with equal pleasure stepping in the puddles and on the clothes, marking them with dirty footprints.

“So, will this branch hold us?” Len wondered, putting the chair down.

“Let’s test it”, Rin suggested, offering Len one end of the rope.

The twins each pulled their end towards themselves, but when they tried to put more of their weight on the rope, it resulted in their feet slipping along the wet ground until their bodies became pressed against each other right under the branch, where there also happened to be another large puddle. Seeing how they couldn’t each climb their end of the rope without ending up like this, the twins instead tried climbing each other’s bodies with their legs. It was already awkward enough by itself so they couldn't stop giggling, and spreading the slippery mud from their feet all over each other’s legs didn’t help either, so naturally they ended up falling into the puddle with their butts, bursting into genuine laughter.

“Come on, Len, that was totally your fault for letting go of the rope!” Rin laughed, splashing the dirty water from the puddle onto her brother.

“My hands only slipped because your legs were pulling me down!” Len laughed too, splashing the water back at Rin.

“Oh, yeah?” Rin pushed Len so he fell with his back onto the ground and climbed on top of him to prevent him from getting up. “You think I can fly or something?”

“I surely hope you can’t”, Len pushed Rin off to his side, and since she was clinging onto him, ended up on top of her, switching their positions. “Would be hard to hang you then”.

The joyful kids kept wrestling in the mud until they became all dirty from head to toe and laughed their lungs out. Panting, they lay next to each other in the puddle, their gaze landing on the rope, by some miracle still hanging on the branch. It reminded the twins that they weren’t here just to fool around in the aftermath of the rain, but were actually going to hang themselves on that rope.

“You were totally right”, Len smiled, turning his head to face Rin. “Killing ourselves can be fun”.

“Right?” Rin smiled back, looking into his eyes. “It’s because we’re doing it together”.

“So”, Len said, getting up from the ground, “I guess we can conclude that this branch is properly able to handle the weight of the two of us randomly thrashing around”.

“So it would seem”, Rin agreed, taking Len’s hand to get up too. “The rope didn’t tear too, so we can safely hang ourselves on it”.

Len took the chair again and positioned it right under the rope, and Rin eagerly climbed onto it before Len even released his hold of it.

“Whoa…” Len climbed after Rin and found there was little room for the two.

“Have to be careful here”, Rin said, pressing her body against Len’s and tightly locking him in her arms. “You don’t want to fall from the chair, do you?”

“Not before there’s a noose on my neck to catch me”, Len smirked, returning the gesture.

“Now that’s the spirit!” Rin approved.

While trying to keep her hold of Len, Rin carefully caught one end of the rope and wrapped it around her brother’s neck. Len did the same with the other end of the rope and RIn’s neck.

“The rope is pretty long”, Rin pointed out. “So tighten it properly before tying the noose”.

“Right”, Len took notice. “Wouldn't be much of a hanging if we just land on our feet”.

Taking that into consideration, the twins made sure not to leave any extra length, thus measuring the rope for as short a drop they could. They tied the nooses around each other’s necks slowly and carefully, but not out of fear of bringing their death closer. It just felt really nice to tie the nooses for each other, filling the twins’ hearts with the same feeling of caring as when they were washing each other’s bodies or peeing into each other’s mugs. So they just took their time to savour this siblingly warmth, never thinking of it as postponing the hanging. If anything, this cordial moment would lose all of its meaning unless they properly put the carefully tied nooses to use.

“Okay, this should hold you”, Len concluded, leaning back just a bit to admire his work, but making sure to hold the embrace that kept them from falling. “Wow, a noose on your neck really suits you”, he noted. “Maybe even better than cum on your face”.

“Of course it does. Because it’s something you made for me”, Rin smiled kindly. “But wait ‘till you see me actually hang on it”.

Having that said, Rin gave Len a kiss on the lips, but this time it wasn’t a long kind of kiss with tongue wrestling, which was more like sex or twister, just a fun physical activity the twins would engage in with anyone, but a brief kind of kiss the twins used exclusively to express their love to each other and never shared with anyone else. Rin barely touched her brother’s lips for a single fleeting moment and the next thing he knew was the rope biting into his neck as Rin kicked out the chair from under their feet.

The abrupt pain made Len’s vision go blurry and he instinctively clung to Rin with all his strength, at the same time feeling a similar grip on himself. Such a sudden and firm embrace was enough to take his breath away without any noose. For as much as the twins loved to cuddle, never before had their embrace been so desperate and therefore sensual. Their bodies were uncontrollably pressing against each other as if trying to become one, but the mud acted like a lubricant, preventing them from keeping a constant posture. Instead their arms and legs kept slipping and catching their bodies anew, one’s chest and stomach rubbing against the other’s, leaving no square inch of skin without attention.

Len never could have imagined that cuddling could be so intense. It was the best feeling he ever got to experience, even in spite of the unbearable pain from the rope squeezing his neck. Although… Why ‘in spite’? On the contrary; only because the twins couldn't bear the pain did they end up in such a special embrace in the first place.

Len never could have thought that he would welcome pain, let alone be happy for how strong it was. And yet here he was, thanking the pain for his body not being able to endure it, by that giving him and his sister the best embrace in their lives. If only Len knew before that hanging together with Rin would be so great, he would have done it long ago disregarding any fear of death.

Rin was right: death was beside the point of hanging. Like by eating a cake you would, of course, still fill your stomach, but nutrition wasn’t what you really ate it for. The same went with hanging: it did kill you, but that wasn’t what it was worth to hang yourself for, instead it was for the otherwise impossible sensation of uncontrollable bodies fully devoting themselves to cuddles.

But gradually the initial shock of sudden influx of new sensations was going away, and although the twins’ bodies were still reveling in contact with each other, Rin’s words finally reached Len’s mind, words which he suddenly realized would now remain her last ones. So what did that mean, his last words would be about sperm on her face? Even though it was a totally mundane compliment, in no way suiting something so solemn. The idea that this casually dropped phrase would now remain the last in his life appeared to be utterly amusing to Len. And he’d thought hanging couldn’t be fun. Turned out it couldn’t be not fun!

And the playful tone of Rin's last words fit to that fun just right as she'd half-jokingly suggested for Len to check out how the noose would look around her neck once put into use. Not that he needed to see it; just imagining what their movements had to look like, disorderly yet devotedly focused on each other, left Len no doubts that the outer beauty of the action was on par with the inner one. But even if the picture his mind drew for him was enough for Len, he still gathered all his strength and with great effort managed to take back control of his body for a couple of moments to lean away from his sister a bit to get a look at her face. Though he hadn’t tried so hard to fulfill her last will or something serious like that, but just to play along; for the simple fun like this that was exactly what they’d hanged themselves for.

Finally taking a glance on Rin’s face, Len immediately realized how deeply mistaken he’d been for thinking it would be beautiful… It wasn’t just beautiful, it was absolutely fascinating! The noose was biting into Rin’s neck with a death grip, squeezing it like a vice, deforming the shape of the neck and chafing the skin to the blood, as if the rope was trying to compete with Len who could embrace Rin with more strength. Only there was no point in being jealous, because in reality it was not the rope that was doing it, but Len himself. For not only had he tied this deadly noose with his own hands, but also the force that made it so diligently squeeze around his sister’s neck was none other but the weight of his own body hanging on the other end.

Of course, the same applied in reverse too, as Len could acutely feel in his own neck. Turned out that the pain the rope caused was not just the source of the twins’ unparalleled cuddling, but also its most vivid part. As much as their arms and legs were clinging to each other’s bodies, but the strongest squeeze was the one the twins gave to each other’s necks through the rope. With all of his weight, with all of himself Len was hugging Rin’s neck, and she was hugging his. And if this pain was nothing other than embrace the twins shared, how it was possible not to love it? And the stronger it got - the better, for it only meant a stronger embrace.

But when it seemed like it couldn’t get any stronger, the twins’ bodies finally exhausted the remaining oxygen, and the simple mechanical pressure on their necks became accompanied by an inextinguishable burning in their lungs. And if the former had already seemed unbearable, now a real agony began. In his worst nightmares Len couldn’t imagine such insane suffering as the one that now captured his body. And realizing Rin must have felt the same, Len was not surprised by what he could read in her eyes when for a moment he met her gaze: neither the immeasurable physical suffering, nor the unfeigned delight it caused. For this unbearable agony meant that the embrace the twins have shared through the rope had become so strong it was now squeezing not only their necks, but even their lungs. Now it was cuddling with not only the whole surface of the body, but even with internal organs! The mere thought that this was possible was enough to bring delight, let alone actually experiencing it.

As Rin’s returned the gaze, Len could clearly see in her eyes that she was thinking the same thing as him: How come it had never occurred to them before to hang themselves together like this? No sex or twister could even hope to compare to it. It was perhaps even better than that one dream Len once told her about where the twins turned into urine and dissolved in each other. At least because that was just a fleeting dream before the inevitable awakening back into reality.

But now everything was for real, so the twins wouldn’t just wake up in their bed afterwards, leaving them only sweet memories of their hanging. In fact, now they would never get to wake up at all! That thought suddenly bloomed into pure childish delight inside Rin’s heart. Even if she’d said that for her death was not the goal of hanging, only now did Rin realize that it was also not an undesirable side effect to disregard. Instead it was the icing on the cake. Hanging was a lot of fun by itself, but if on top of that it also killed the twins, that made it even better, for it meant that this fun would literally last for the rest of their lives! The delight of this discovery was so overwhelming that Rin didn’t even have to put an effort for her face distorted by pain to transform into a beaming smile - just the power of emotions was enough for them to involuntarily manifest through any physical sensations.

Even though Len had already lost control over his body again and could not look at Rin’s face anymore, but even without that he could clearly feel her smile. Whether it was the fabled twins' telepathy or the two just knew each other so well that they intuitively understood the small nuances of their seemingly chaotic deathly embrace, but Len received Rin's emotions in all their vividness.. Death! Death meant that hanging, this very mutual hanging that brought the twins such a delight they could never have imagined, was forever; here would be nothing but this mutual delight. Never. Nothing. Not even themselves. There would never be a moment in time for them when the delight of hanging would remain in the past. So this was the death Len had been so afraid of? Turned out it was the most amazing thing one could imagine!

Yes, now it was clear why Rin had been so happy when he told her that he wanted them to hang on the same rope. At first it’d just seemed convenient to him, but the fact that they’d tied the nooses for each other and were serving as each other’s counterweights, made it so that they weren’t just dying together, but killing each other. The result was, of course, the same, but the feelings! All of Len’s existence was now devoted to ending Rin’s, just as hers was devoted to ending his; each of the twins was happy to die together and even happier for the other's happiness, but then knowing the other felt just as happy for them brought them even more happiness, and so forth. It was truly impossible to think of a greater happiness.

But even if nothing could possibly make the twins happier, it didn’t mean that nothing could could make them more amused. Among all the sensations that overwhelmed the twins, the languid agony of oxygen deprivation that had already spread throughout their whole bodies, the strong embrace of each other’s arms and legs, desperately trying to hold onto something, and the caress of them hopelessly slipping along their mud-covered bodies, they suddenly noticed one more: Len’s dick happened to be squeezed in between the twins’ bodies and them twitching in their nooses made it rub against them.

The stimulation brought Len’s dick into state of full alertness, and it was now awkwardly poking into Rin’s belly. Ha-ha, hello, dick! You know we’re dying here? The whole body is thrashing around in deathly convulsion, and the dick suddenly wants a caress! What next, the stomach will growl asking for food? The twins found the whole thing so funny that even without communicating to each other they both decided to play along and try to somehow drive Len’s dick into Rin’s pussy. But the only points of support were their own necks and their limbs didn’t want to obey them anymore, spontaneously twitching as if of their own will, so the twins’ movements came out even more clumsy than when they’d tried to test the branch.

However they hadn’t expected this venture to succeed anyway, instead the twins just found spending the last moments of their lives on such an utter silliness to be irresistibly amusing. For how comically and hilariously they were writhing in their nooses! Len thought he looked like a fly trying in vain to get out of a closed window only to hit the glass again and again. And Rin was comparing herself to a cat that was thrown into air in zero gravity and, unable to comprehend which way it should fall feet first, began to randomly spin around. Ah, what a pity there was nobody around to film their ludicrous antics. It would probably fit just right into some collection of funny videos among other clumsy dances and failed stunts. Though usually it would be embarrassing to appear in something like that, but now the twins were having so much fun they wouldn’t at all mind to share their fun with the whole world. All the more so as they wouldn’t have to blush over it afterwards, since they were going to die. Wasn’t that great?

But what was even greater was that their stunt ended up not being a failure after all; for the one thing the twins could always do better than anything was having fun. And it was exactly because trying to make love while hanging by their necks and writhing in deathly agony was such ridiculous silliness that the twins devoted all of their fading strength to it. And, unexpectedly even to themselves, they actually succeeded!

Rin managed to rest her arms on Len’s shoulders and tightly wrap her legs around his waist, while Len in his turn was holding onto Rin’s waist with his hands, trying to support her with his legs from below. Of course, given they were hanging on the same rope, any attempts to transfer their weight onto each other were obviously doomed to failure, but it was this pointlessness of the endeavour that made it so fun in the first place and therefore made the twins try even harder. And as a result by some miracle they managed to make their pose somewhat stable and suddenly felt Len’s dick actually slip into Rin’s pussy. As a result they somehow managed to make their pose more or less stable and suddenly felt Len’s dick actually slip into Rin’s pussy. The sudden, unexpected sensation served to give the twins a brief moment of focus, allowing them to regain control of their bodies just long enough to look into each other's eyes once more, asking if this was for real; and having confirmed they actually accomplished their silly idea of having sex while hanging, the twins couldn’t help but burst into laughter…

Or at least they tried to laugh, but with their necks squeezed instead of laughter the twins only produced a new disorderly series of spasms even more painful than before. Over and over their chests felt like they were bursting, and every time seemed like it was going to be the last, like they’d just die of pain right now, but a fraction of a second later the next spasm would erupt right over the last and their suffering continue with renewed strength. But the very thought that this innocent attempt at laughing had turned into such unbearable torture seemed so hilarious that it was impossible to stop laughing.

Laughing at their suffering and suffering from their laughter the twins became captives of a self-sustaining cycle of pain and fun, only ever speeding up their delightful movement towards death. Like when on a roller coaster the cart would end its slow climb onto the topmost point and start a rapid descent. Only the track never turned away from the ground and the cart would just keep on accelerating until it crashed into the surface at full speed. This ride of excruciating agony infinitely escalating towards death was a delight all on its own, but the best part for each of the twins was feeling happy for the other one having the same experience. For there was never a music more beautiful for the twins than each other’s laughter, and even if the sound was now replaced by convulsion, it was still as vividly transmitted through their tight embrace. Knowing it was caused by sincere fun, to physically feel each other’s hellish suffering like this was a heavenly delight.

On top of all of that Len’s dick was still inside Rin’s pussy. The twins didn’t even have to put effort into having sex - the involuntary fluttering of their dying bodies made Len’s dick shift back and forth inside Rin’s pussy, providing all the necessary physical stimulation. If anything the twins had to restrain their chaotically jerking bodies and try to hold harder to each other so that Len’s dick didn’t inadvertently slip out. And although the pleasure of sex could hardly compare to that of their deathly agony, it still served as a nice bonus. The twins’ limbs clinging to each other’s bodies, the rope biting their necks, their lungs feeling like they were bursting and now the sex parts stimulating each other - it was hard for their fading consciousnesses to tell the sensations apart anymore and they all merged into one single bliss.

It was only clear that the metaphorical cart had already accelerated so much that there remained mere moments until the finish, and dashing towards death at full speed like this was truly a delightful feeling. Len was happy that he hadn’t just hanged himself alone, but invited Rin to keep him company. Less so for himself that hanging together was more fun (though there was that too), but for her, that she also got to experience all of this indescribable joy. Rin was happy too, for had she not experienced it by herself, she could have never imagined hanging could be so wonderful. But for her too what mattered most was not that she got to feel wonderful, but that it made her know exactly how wonderful Len felt.

And when it seemed like it couldn't get any better and they only had to happily die, with her last remaining bit of consciousness Rin suddenly felt some new vague sensation. It was Len cumming inside her! And if putting Len’s dick in her pussy was something the twins had tried to do on purpose, even if just as a joke and not believing in success, them actually reaching an orgasm on top of it had never even crossed their minds. But here they were! Portions of hot semen spurted into Rin’s pussy one after another, accompanied by new spasms in Len’s almost already-still body, making him squeeze Rin tightly. And although she could hardly feel anything anymore, it was still nice to get such a pleasant surprise in the end.

But what Rin did vividly feel was Len’s orgasm ending as suddenly as it started and his whole body abruptly going limp, making her realize her brother had just died. Of course, that was to be expected after Rin had tied the noose on his neck by herself and even served as a counterweight for his hanging; she could proudly say she’d killed him with her own hands. But Rin had always imagined they would just die simultaneously and it’d never occurred to her she could still be alive at the moment of Len’s death. She hadn’t expected to actually see her brother die, and thus happened to be absolutely unprepared to the burst of joy it brought.

Rin felt like a supernova, bursting with more delight she could handle. Her body immediately reached its own orgasm, which was stronger than any in her life and seemed like it wouldn’t stop until her death. But as intense as it was, a mere orgasm was of little concern to Rin. For Len, her beloved twin brother, her other half, had died - and it was wonderful! And he hadn’t just died, but by her hands and in her arms; it was impossible to imagine a better death. Rin was already unable to tell if she’d actually managed to take another glimpse at his face or if her dying mind was just imagining it, but to find no sign of life in the vacant expression of Len’s empty eyes was the best reward Rin could wish for tying a noose around his neck and hanging together with him.

For a moment Rin even wondered if maybe she was being too happy about her brother’s death. Because if seeing your twin die brought so much joy, wouldn’t Len have been happier if she’d died first? Which was better: to die in your loved one’s arms or having your loved one die in yours? Maybe it would have been better to die simultaneously after all, just for fairness’ sake? But no, that wasn’t what being twins was all about. Just like sex, for example. Who got to feel better, a boy or a girl? Then wouldn’t it be preferable to both be of the same sex - the one which got to feel better? Of course not! Because if Len got the boys’ part of the pleasure and Rin the girls’ part, then as a pair of twins they got both. And what was the point of contemplating which was better, if you could just have both? The same, Rin realized, went for death. If Len got to die in her arms and she got to see him die, then as a pair of twins they got to experience both pleasures. So they were actually quite lucky to not have died at the exact same moment. And Rin could feel happy for Len’s death with clear conscience.

The last thing Rin felt was a new stream erupting from Len’s dick, which by some miracle was still inside her pussy, the sensation of urine filling her insides provoking a similar response from her Rin’s body so it also started urinating. Even though just a while ago the twins had already emptied their bladders into each other’s mouths. And yet there was enough urine to be found in them so that they could properly pee themselves in the last moment. As if the nature itself, the biology of their bodies, was telling the twins that what they’d done was indeed irresistibly fun. Taking it as a sign, Rin stopped clinging to Len with her limbs and to life with her mind, and, relaxedly hanging alongside her brother, gladly died.


And a little bonus. The characters are somewhat based on their interpretations from Innocence, but this time the story is not set in the same universe.

=Suspicious Silence=
(Vocaloid, casual)

A lot of lively laughter and excited screams had been audible from the children’s room earlier, as they’d invited over some friends from school today, but for some time now it had been suspiciously quiet, so Asami decided to check in on them. What she found was a bloody mess.

Miku was hanging from the ceiling, strung up by her own long hair in the center of the room. She was wearing nothing but a set of headphones, still playing music into her ears even after her last dance had come to an end, and a number of staples fastening her labia together to secure what seemed to be at least a dozen of egg vibrators shoved into her pussy and probably even womb, making visible bulges and continuing to diligently doing their job trying to pleasure Miku’s body as if she could still feel it.

Piko’s equally lifeless and equally naked corpse was lying on the floor. Judging by a USB cable appearing from under his butt the boy also had some kind of toy inside of him, though in his final moments he’d probably been more focused on licking Flower’s pussy, as the girl was sitting on his face, having apparently served as a cause of his death by smothering.

Flower in turn looked like she had been more interested in another type of fun. With her belly cut open, she’d dragged a bunch of her intestines out and seemed to have been fascinatedly playing with them all the way until she fell dead, her face landing right inside Gumi’s lower half, which was mounting Piko’s dick with her pussy, his hands still holding her waist tightly.

Following a trace of even more spilt intestines, Asami discovered Gumi’s missing upper half in the far corner of the bed reading a book from the screen of her phone. The girl had always been a quiet and nerdy type, so it was no surprise that she took being cut in half as an opportunity to have a read in peace without having to worry about whatever the other kids were doing with her lower body. Gumi’s eyes were staring at the text auto-scrolling on her phone with the same blank expression she always wore, so it was impossible to tell if she was already dead or just pretending to be so that the noisier kids left her alone.

Another child who’d stuck to his habits until the end was Asami’s own son. Sitting on the edge of the bed Len was enthusiastically playing some video game, or at least he must have been, until the neckerchief tied extra tight around his neck had strangled him. Yet he perfectly retained the impression, his back rested against a pillow letting him maintain an almost upright position and his vacant gaze still glued to the screen making it look like Len was just so absorbed in the game he didn’t notice the world around him. His brain must have been dead by now, but the residual twitching in Len’s fingers kept pushing some sticks and buttons on the controller he was clenching with a death grip. Curiously, unlike the real counterpart, the in-game version of Len was still very much alive, vigorously slashing a neverending onslaught of enemies. In a sense Len had become so ultimately immersed in the game that he literally only existed inside of it now.

Impressed by her son’s affection for games going beyond his very life, Asami took another moment to realize that what she first mistook for a pillow behind his back was in fact his twin sister’s body. All of Rin’s limbs were cut off with her arms shoved into her pussy shoulder first and elbow deep and her legs similarly shoved into her ass, ruthlessly tearing both of her holes apart. With Rin’s torso positioned upside down, her arms sticking up out of her pussy were wrapped around Len’s neck, hands meeting on his chest one over the other, as if holding her brother in a delicate embrace. And her legs were casually hanging down from his shoulders, occasionally nudged by their jerking, which made it look like Rin was idly dangling her feet. Finally, her head was also cut off and impaled with its neck onto her brother’s dick. As such a position gave Rin an excellent opportunity to follow her brother’s game, it looked as if she was still rooting for Len wholeheartedly even if the movements of her tongue devotedly pleasing his dick until her final moments had long ceased. Asami couldn't help but find it endearing how her twins were together in both mind and body until the very end and even beyond.

After all this Asami didn’t expect to find the last of the kids actually alive. Yet there was Tianyi, kneeling on the floor kissing Rin’s lips and sucking the tip of Len’s dick protruding from them. In one hand the girl had a cylindrical grater she was fucking herself with and in the other some pliers with which she was pinching her clitoris. Hearing Asami come in, Tianyi shoved the grater inside her pussy and locked the pliers on her clitoris before swallowing the cum in her mouth and turning her face towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she wondered, a mix of blood and semen dripping down her face from empty eye sockets. For not one, but both of her eyes to be in such a state she must have been eye-fucked by Len and Piko simultaneously.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” Asami put down the tray with additional snacks she’d brought, even if it seemed they wouldn’t be necessary anymore. “Just checking in to see if everything’s okay.”

“Ah, oba-san,” Tianyi crawled up to the screen and felt around for the mute button so that the sound of Len’s game didn’t interfere with the conversation. “Sorry for the mess.”

“It’s alright.” Even though Asami couldn’t suppress a sigh at the prospect of cleaning it all. “I’m glad you all had a fun time,” she added, giving the blinded girl a hand.

“Thank you,” Tianyi replied, standing up unsteadily as the weight of the dangling pliers was pulling on her clitoris. “Please, let me help with the cleaning.”

“You’re such a nice girl”, Asami approvingly patted Tianyi’s head. “I wish my kids were diligent like that. But don’t you have homework to do?”

“They were diligent alright,” Tianyi stood up for her late friends. “We actually already did today’s homework together.”

“Everyone?” Asami wondered, casting another glance over all the children’s corpses. “Looks like only you will have a chance to present yours to the teachers tomorrow.”

“We’ve also already sent it for review over the net,” Tianyi explained and the next moment a notification sound could be heard from one of the phones lying on the bedside table. “Oh, that’s mine”, she realized, heading towards the sound only to slip on the sprawling guts and fall on the floor. Tianyi let out a short scream as the impact made the grater slip halfway out and the pliers come off along with her clitoris.

“Can you really help with cleaning?” Asami quickly walked up to hand the phone to Tianyi. “Wait, can you even read it?..”

“No problem,” Tianyi fixed the grater in her pussy before speaking to the phone: “XiaoAI, please read the message.”

“Message from: Japanese Teacher,” a robotic voice responded. “Very well. Keep up the good work.”

“Huh, handy,” Asami noted. “Maybe you can call everyone’s parents and tell them their kids are dead so they don’t worry for them not coming home?”

“Can do,” Tianyi agreed, crawling to Len’s legs and making herself comfortable sitting on her knees between them, resting her back against the bed.

“Thanks, I’ll handle the cleaning then”, Asami replied, starting with collecting the dirty dishes. While she was at it, the woman couldn’t help but notice how Len was having a hard time in the game. It seemed that the last of his body’s twitching had died down, leaving his character to just stand there defenselessly as the enemies kept attacking him. It didn’t take long for his health bar to deplete, and as Len’s avatar fell dead onto the ground, a message appeared in big bloody letters all over the screen: “YOU DIED”. For a moment Asami thought she saw her son react to it with an amused grin, as if saying “yeah, you have no idea”. But surely it was just her imagination, because he was long dead in the real world, and now equally so in the virtual one too. With not even this semblance of life remaining for Len, Asami let herself switch the console off so that the flashing screen didn’t distract her. Usually her son would be upset at her for handling his favorite toy so unceremoniously, but in the current circumstances Asami couldn’t help but notice how the shutdown animation emulating a CRT looked not dissimilar to a flat line of a pulse monitor, as if the fancy box was not at all a toy, but a medical life support device. And if what Asami had so abruptly ended was not just her son’s game, but his very life, then she could be confident that he wouldn’t mind.

Whether Len actually reacted to game over or it was just a coincidence, but his body chose that particular moment to empty its bladder. With Rin’s head still mounting his penis, his urine first filled her mouth, as if even after they were both dead Len was still considerate enough to give his sister a taste, before finally overflowing right onto Tianyi. Feeling the fragrant liquid spreading through her hair, the girl threw her head back to let it flow on her face too. Reveling in the tingly feeling of the salty urine filling her empty eye sockets, Tianyi used her free hand to fuck herself with the grater again as she spoke to her phone: “XiaoAI, please call Gumi’s Mother…”


I love Kagamine Rin and Len they make me think about my real sister :) and unlike others i love anime! So your stories go right to the point, also I check your Alteration thread ofter.But, allthou I don't dislike it, i'm not a big fan of consensual sex, I would love to read about a killer surprising them and strangling them during sex(or snuffing them in many other ways).I love the pee too! So I will give your stories an 8 so far because of too much consensual!


I mean consensual snuff!


That consensual stuff is what makes those stories so attractive ;)


It's cutesy but a bit more non-consensual wouldn't hurt, and there are many other aspects that makes them attractive, anime chars, incest, pissing(if you are into it) the dialogie and so on


Well, I rather prefer consensual :) We have many other writers who focus on NC.


Just as Onix says, the consent and even casualness of guro is the whole appeal of it, at least for me, so I'm probably not going to write anything non-consensual, sorry.


I like consensual and casual stuff, even non-erotic parts is good too.


Aoi, I've been a fan of your stories for a long time! Thanks for writing these amazing stories with consent, casualness and love in them.


I would love to see more of this story. It seems like you were inspired by Altered Carbon which is one of my favorite series. and your story starts out perfect, I'd love to see what more adventures can happen in this world!


Pussies! :)


> Aoi, I've been a fan of your stories for a long time! Thanks for writing these amazing stories with consent, casualness and love in them.
And thank you for taking your time to let me know you enjoy my stories.

> It seems like you were inspired by Altered Carbon

Never heard of it, actually. It's been a long time to remember for sure, but I suppose I was inspired by Car Fight and Susan here on gurochan.

> I'd love to see what more adventures can happen in this world!

Yeah, well… Unfortunately, writing longer stories doesn't seem to work for me :-( And if I do ever find motivation to continue one of the older stories, I'd rather it be Slavya and the Horse, Innocence or Warehouse. That puts Siyana pretty low on the priority list.
You might want to check out a new story by Mephistopheles, "A name not spoken in vain", it seems to also focus on fooling around with non-lethal and non-permanent damage.


I suppose.


While I didn't really feel anything from this story, it did make a hilarious dark comedy. There should more types of these stories on Gurochan.


I for one only enjoy consensual guro, and so I love your stories Aoi Hikari.

Your latest one, Die Young, is one of my favorites. Twincest is wincest of course, and I especially enjoyed the dynamic the twins had. Ultra-casual sex is something I wish porn did more frequently. Len fondling his sister and rubbing her to an orgasm while holding a conversation as she plays a game was really arousing. And then Rin put down the controller and let that familiar wave of good feeling wash over her as her twin fingered her to an orgasm.

I also really appreciate stories where twins actively take steps to erase their individual identities in favor of the romanticism of living together as twins. And not to please some third figure, but for its own sake. For each others' sake.

“Silly Len, I’m not forcing myself at all,” Rin laughed again, starting to rapidly stroke his rock-hard penis while embracing him with the other arm. “Dying is terrifying for sure, but it doesn’t matter because dying is beside the point.”

“What do you mean?” Len wondered, tensing in pleasure.

“Because it’s you who’s killing himself specifically to die”, Rin explained, noticing Len’s penis strongly pulsing. “The reason I’m killing myself is only to keep you company. Cinema or suicide, I’m just really glad that you want me to join, that’s all."

That's gotta be some of the hottest dialogue I've read in a long, long while.

I do think the story gets bogged down with Len pussyfooting around the issue too long till it became annoying, and it got a little repetitive during the hanging as the Rin's logic chain just went on forever. So if there's any criticism I'd give, it'd simply be to tighten up such sections.

But overall, again, I love the story and look forward to reading more of what you put out!


Huh, I didn't even remember I had that one. To be honest, I'm not very happy with how it turned out. The start is very nice, but somehow half the way through I've found myself having no idea where to go with it. And in such a short story! One would imagine it's impossible not to write it all in one go. Yet somehow not only I've managed to need several takes, but also on the way lost my vision of what I wanted that story to be. Shame on me.

I've written Die Young mostly in two big chunks, the dialogue part and the actual hanging part, and it's probably really obvious how the quality varies, isn't it?
In the dialogue part Len indeed takes too much time to get to the point. The idea behind it was to justify the later dialogue talking about how much effort he put into convincing Rin. But Rin also makes a point about how she didn't have to be convinced, which meant that for the sake of the dialogue existing Len had to talk a lot of nonsense without getting to the point. Believe it or not, it could have been worse, as at some point I've written a whole other part of dialogue where Rin now tried to convince Len how he should let her die with him while he hesitated to do so after learning that she didn't really want to die. Not those lines you quoted, but something almost as long as Len's part and equally horrible. Since then not only I've ditched that second part of the dialogue, but rewritten the first part as well. Now it's slightly less horrible. But it's been a year since I've written the first version and half a year since the second version, and when I look at it now again it makes me cringe. It makes me want to ditch it all and rewrite from scratch again, but then I would never have it finished, so I decided just not to look at it while working on the hanging part. Another thing is all the sex and game, especially game, parts inside that dialogue, the idea was to make it all casual, but I don't think it worked that well, it seems like all it really does is distracts from the dialogue, as if the dialogue isn't horrible enough by itself, that distraction makes it even harder to digest.
The hanging part though. Starting with "The abrupt pain made Len’s vision go blurry…" A few more months passed after I've written the first part, then I started writing this second part without looking at the first part, actually I was away from my PC and writing on my phone, that was a nightmare on its own, but I was suddenly feeling inspired, so I just poured out whatever came to my mind. I was actually writing that part originally in Russian before translating in into English, so I could more immediately turn my thoughts into text, without losing chain of thoughts while looking for the right English words. So it ended up almost like a completely separate story. There are still some repetitive bits, but the idea behind it is to revel in the twins' emotions. And I think it accomplishes it well, though maybe it works much better on myself because I know for sure what emotions I've put there, and it's as much enjoying the story itself as reliving the pleasure of writing it. There was another significant pause of a month or two between the inspiration surge and getting the last few paragraphs finished, so those might feel a bit less inspired, I guess. But all it all I still love the hanging part of the story much more than the dialogue part. The first part just makes me cringe and want to redo it, the second part I myself find to be very enjoyable to read.

> I also really appreciate stories where twins actively take steps to erase their individual identities in favor of the romanticism of living together as twins. And not to please some third figure, but for its own sake. For each others' sake.

Oh, that reminds me I had that other unfinished story about twins, that I haven't touched for… almost two years now? Wow the time sure is merciless.
It starts like this:
> You want to know why such a seemingly ordinary girl as us – sorry, here I go again – as me often speaks of herself in plural? Well, that’s pretty simple really: when we were kids, there were indeed two of us. Me and my twin brother.
Then it also takes forever to get to the action and I've abandoned it right before the action starts. Which makes it pretty similar to Die Young, huh? I should probably try to get it finished too.
Right now my thoughts are somehow back on that little Suspicious Silence story. Like maybe add a bit more details here and there, maybe Flower didn't just play with her intestines, but kept pulling her insides out until she torn out her own heart? Maybe Asami even gets in time to see it beat a couple of last times before stopping in Flower's hand. Who's to say it didn't happen just a second before she came in, after all. With that in mind, maybe Miku's last dance also ends when Asami is already there, just like Len's twitching on his game controller. Also I want to revel in Len and Rin's situation a bit more. No matter how many times I think back to it, it's so damn hot. They're just having casual fun together, him playing the game and her rooting for him, and they disregard death so much that it doesn't even stop them keeping doing what they were doing, like they didn't even notice that they've died. Though that actually applies to all of the characters, I guess you can say that's the main idea of the story.


So, uhm, this was sitting in my mind for some time, and I don't think it can work as anything else but a Vocaloid song, intended for Rin and Len of course, the problem is I'm neither a poet nor a musician, and it's not like I actually know Japanese in the first place, so the grammar is probably all wrong on top of non-existing rhyme and rhythm, but I can't imagine this in any other form, so here's what I ended up with…
I mean, there's always a chance that there's someone here who knows Japanese and can write music and decides to pick it up and turn it into something actually working, right?..
Or if not, at least I hope you can still enjoy the idea behind the lacking realization…

Double Suicide


issho ni issho ni
issho ni umareta
issho ni issho ni
issho ni ikiteta
soshite touzen
issho ni shinitai

together together
together we were born
together together
together we lived
so then naturally
together we want to die



futago dakara
zutto issho da
issho ja nai to
souzou dekinai

because we’re twins
we’re always together
not being together
we can not imagine



shi no gainen wo
hajimete shitta koro
sore mo issho to
atarimae da

when we’ve first learned
the concept of death
it also being together
was obvious for us



sore kara ooku no
jikan ga sugita
soredemo zutto
kuusou datta

since then a lot
of time has passed
and yet we always
kept this fantasy



issho ni shinu ka
issho ni shinanai ka
sore wa keshite
gimon de wa nai

should we die together
should we not die together
it is absolutely
not a question



yuiitsu no mondai
issho ni naraba
donna houhou de
shinu no darou

the only problem is
if is has to be together
in what way
should we die



takai hashi kara
tobiorimashou ka
imi ga nai kedo
mou futago da yo

let us jump
from a high bridge
although there’s no point
we’re already twins



furo ni hairete
tekubi wo kirou ka
yasashii houyou de
shi wo machimashou

entering a bath
should we cut our wrists
in a gentle embrace
let us wait for death



arui wa kubirete
hitotsu no roopu de
sakura no shita de

or else hanged
by a single rope
under a cherry tree
let us dance



kizuku mae ni
shinjuu no kangae
shizen yukai
tanoshiku natta

before we have noticed
thoughts of double suicide
became natural pleasant
and fun



zenra de soto he
fubuki no naka
yuki de asonde
toushi yukou

naked outdoors
into snowstorm
playing with the snow
let us freeze to death



arui wa gasorin wo

or else with a gasoline
having sprinkled ourselves
shining brightly
let us burn



hara wo kirete
naizou ga koborete
otagai no shinzou wo

cutting our bellies
with spilling viscera
let us tear out
each other’s hearts



kizuku mae ni
shinjuu no kangae
shigeki sugiru
shinzou hossa

before we have noticed
thoughts of double suicide
were too stimulating
a heart attack



issho ni issho ni
issho ni umareta
issho ni issho ni
issho ni ikiteta
soshite tsui ni
issho ni shinda

together together
together we were born
together together
together we lived
so then finally
together we died


As I was working on an extended version of Suspicious Silence, it ended up more extended than I originally planned, so it's going to take some more time, but in the meanwhile I've written another little story somewhat inspired by it (well, it also has gaming). Hope you enjoy it.
Also thanks to Eterya for editing.

Ikiro: Gamers Die Twice
(Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, beheading, casual)

The relatively cool temperature of the room sent refreshing chills through Rin’s wet body as she walked out of the bathroom clad in nothing but a towel on her shoulders. Heading to the kitchen to grab a box of juice and drying her hair on the way, her path led through the living room, so Rin stopped to tell her twin brother he could now use the bath. Len just nodded, too busy playing some video game; he looked pretty tense, sitting on the very edge of the sofa, leaned quite far towards the screen and clenching the controller with sweaty hands.

“Is it something new?” Rin asked unenthusiastically, she’d never gotten the appeal of games that made you more stressed than having fun.

“It’s Ikiro: Gamers Die Twice from the creators of Soulful Darkness,” Len replied in a mix of excitement and unease, finding it difficult to play and talk at the same time. “It brings hardcore gaming to a whole new level, ‘cause it comes along with a special device that cuts off your head when you lose,” he tilted his head to the left a bit to demonstrate some kind of a collar on his neck. “Basically, when you die in the game, you also die in real life. So, Gamers Die Twice.”

“Sounds silly,” Rin absently noted, as she finished drying her hair and put the towel over the back of the sofa. “Why would you buy a toy you can only play with once?”

“You simply don’t know how many games I’ve bought that I’ve never even started at all,” Len laughed nervously, desperately maneuvering between enemy attacks. “Sales do that to you.”

“You’re not doing this just to avoid your turn at cooking today, are you?” Rin asked, pondering what she should prepare for dinner considering the prospect of having to do it by herself.

“What? Of course not!” Len protested, violating his controller to keep up with the game so fiercely it had to be illegal. “It’s to blend the border between the game and reality, thus creating an unrivaled feeling of immersion.”

“Sounds like some marketing scam,” Rin waved away, resuming her way to the kitchen.

“Don’t judge it before you try it,” Len replied, but turning his head after his leaving sister made him miss a single enemy attack, immediately taking a deadly blow from the bandit, and Rin had only made a couple of steps away before she was stopped by a torrent of blood gushing from Len’s neck right onto her back. Turning around she saw Len’s head roll up to her feet along with the device that had cut it off.

“Great, now I’ll have to bathe all over again,” Rin sighed as she apathetically picked up Len’s head. “So what, feeling immersed now?” she asked condescendingly, looking into her twin’s vacant eyes, but of course there was no response; clearly he wasn’t feeling anything anymore. “Told you it was a marketing scam,” Rin concluded, nonchalantly tossing the now useless head away.

She picked up the device to see it could have any real application outside of this one game. It seemed to work like the shutter in a camera with a number of blades that could retract into the collar. There was also a button that Rin suspected was for manual activation, so to test her assumption she put her hand through the collar and pushed that button; and just as she'd expected the blades abruptly closed, cutting her wrist like butter. Thoughtfully examining the resulting stump of her arm, Rin decided that maybe she should wear this collar to school tomorrow. Then when someone asked about it, she'd tell them to push the button and see for themselves. Rin could bet they wouldn’t expect her head to suddenly fly off! She smirked, pleased with herself, as she pictured her classmates’ shocked expressions before they realized they’d been pranked and burst into approving laughter only for it to fall on deaf ears as Rin would no longer be around to appreciate the praise. Now that was how this alleged entertainment device should be used for actual fun!


My favorite story of yours remains Act of True Love. It was so incredibly hot. But a fleshed out happy orgy like you're describing might just top it. :)


That one is a pretty special case, isn't it? I think it's the only of my stories that has some actual drama in it. Since the storyline is just directly stolen from the original, it exists not only as an excuse for porn or guro to happen, making the story feel actually substantial. And then there's that feeling of impending doom, but the characters somehow seem to actually find comfort in it. I don't think I would ever be able to pull it off again, at least so far I've never felt the right kind of inspiration for another story like this.

On the other hand, speaking of fairy tales…

Brotherly Love
(fairy tale, incest, bestiality)

Once upon a time there lived a brother and a sister who loved each other so much that they decided to marry each other. They wed as soon as both were twelve and started trying to make children. Three times the brother put a baby inside his sister, but each time the children were born weak and sickly and soon died. Then on the fourth time the brother seeked for an advice from a witch who lived in the forest. Here’s what she told him:
“Don’t bed your sister yourself, but instead let every man in the village bed her, then healthy children will be born.”
So the brother did and indeed after nine month his sister gave birth not to one, but two healthy babies: a boy and a girl. The men in the village longly argued who was the father, but both took after their mother, so among the men they looked most like her brother. So it was decided to consider him the father.
The twins grew strong and healthy and also loved each other so much that they decided to marry each other just like their parents. But suddenly right on the wedding day on their twelfth birthday the witch came to the village and told to the twins’ parents:
“You only have these children thanks to me, so here I’m rightfully taking my share.”
Having that said she grabbed the boy and made away with him to the forest. The girl became sad and came to her predecessors’ graves to cry. In twelve years three apple trees had grown on those graves: one with green apples, one with yellow ones and the last one with red ones. Their leaves rustled in the wind and the desolate girl heard that rustle as a whisper:
“Sorrow not, our beloved sister, but better take our apples for the journey and go to the witch, perhaps something will come out of it.”
And so the girl did.

The girl walked through the forest and after a while a grey wolf stood in her way and said:
“I’m going to eat you.”
“Don’t eat me, grey wolf,” the girl replied. “But better help me to save my brother from the witch, then I’ll let you use my pussy.”
“How do I know,” the grey wolf said, “maybe you’re letting everyone use your pussy?”
“Then I’ll promise to let only you use it,” the girl decided.
The wolf gave it a thought and agreed.

The girl went on through the forest and after a while a red fox stood in her way and said:
“I’m going to eat you.”
“Don’t eat me, red fox,” the girl replied. “But better help me to save my brother from the witch, then I’ll let you use my ass.”
“How do I know,” the red fox said, “maybe you’re letting everyone use your ass?”
“Then I’ll promise to let only you use it,” the girl decided.
The fox gave it a thought and agreed.

The girl went on through the forest and after a while a brown bear stood in her way and said:
“I’m going to eat you.”
“Don’t eat me, brown bear,” the girl replied. “But better help me to save my brother from the witch, then I’ll let you use my mouth.”
“How do I know,” the brown bear said, “maybe you’re letting everyone use your mouth?”
“Then I’ll promise to let only you use it,” the girl decided.
The bear gave it a thought and agreed.

The girl went on through the forest and finally came to the witch’s hut.
“Come out, evil witch!” the girl shouted. “Give me back my brother!”
The witch came to the doorstep, saw the girl and got angry. The witch stamped her foot and suddenly a clowder of cats attacked the girl. They momentarily teared her clothes apart and proceeded to rip off her skin. But then the grey wolf appeared and drove the cats away, and the girl ate a green apple and her skin was instantly healed.
The witch became even angrier, she waved her hand and a murder of crows attacked the girl. They momentarily pecked out her eyes and proceeded to her nipples and clitoris. But then the red fox appeared and drove the crows away, and the girl ate a yellow apple and her eyes grew back.
The witch became totally angry, grabbed the girl by her hair and dragged into her hut before shoving her into the oven where the girl quickly started to char. But then the brown bear appeared, torn the witch to pieces and got the girl out of the oven. The girl ate a red apple and her char disappeared.
The girl released her brother from the basement where the witch kept him and, as promised, immediately let the animals use her holes. For three days and three nights they were enjoyed the pleasures of flesh and on the fourth day returned to the village to complete the interrupted wedding.
“Why do you still want to wed?” the villagers asked. “The animals have already divided her whole body between themselves anyway.”
“They might have divided the body,” the brother answered. “But her love remains mine.”
And what for the three apple trees that helped the sister to save her brother, the twins gratefully cut them down and made three dog houses out of them, or rather a wolf house, a fox house and a bear house, built on the same place the trees were. Those animal houses never rotter or leaked, always trustily protecting their sister’s lovers.


By reading that fairy tale I can tell the you live not very far away from me LOL
It reminds me fairy tales that I was reading in my childhood. Writing style is totally same.


Aren't children over at least half of the world reading at least half of all the same fairy tales since Brothers Grimm?


I think this is not Grim style, it feels more like folk style. Even if it may be hard to tell because nobody of us read real Grim fairy tales.
Also I am talking not about story content but about its style.


Grimm tales are folk tales though.


And here's the long awaited (hopefully) enhanced version of Suspicions Silence. Can you imagine I originally stated it as a 100 words story? And now look at it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Suspicious Silence
(Vocaloid, casual, various methods of death)

A lot of lively laughter and excited screams had been audible from the children’s room earlier, as they’d invited over some friends from school today, but for some time now it had been suspiciously quiet, so Asami decided to check in on them. What she found was a bloody mess.

Stark naked Miku was hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, but not on a rope: Miku’s luxuriant floor-length hair, that had always been a source of her pride she had been growing and grooming for most of her life, had now been aptly used to end that life by being tied into a fancy intricate noose around the girl’s neck. Its soft and almost comforting squeeze had worked wonderfully for a slow and agonizing death, ensuring that Miku’s last dance would be properly long and spectacular.

And although by now there was no sign of life left in the hanged girl’s eyes, the show was going on as her body kept uncontrollably kicking about to the upbeat music still playing from the stereo system heedless of the performer’s death, and what seemed like a good dozen of egg vibrators had helped with that too, shoved into the girl’s pussy as deep as her womb, judging by how far the visible bulges stirring in her belly went. Their remote controller set to maximum power was lying on the floor beside a knocked-over chair; Miku probably hadn’t even had to jump, as the moment she turned the vibration on the sudden influx of stimulation had to have made it impossible to keep standing and her legs had kicked the chair aside all by themselves.

Miku had given up the control of her body to let its dance be led only by the music and overwhelming sensations, and whether she’d dropped the controller deliberately or it had simply fallen out of her hands, it had meant that there was no way to stop the vibration even after she’d reached a climax. In a bit of foresight Miku’s labia had been fastened with a number of staples to secure the sex toys inside, so they just continued to diligently perform their job, never letting the girl’s last orgasm subside, not only until her last moment, but after her death too. It seemed like Miku’s body failed to notice that her brain was already dead and so just kept shaking to the sound of the music in a mix of unending agony and orgasm.

In fact, Miku’s dance was not only unhindered by her own death, but enhanced by it, as instead of conducting her performance she’d let herself dissolve in it, resulting in the purest form of dancing, the sensations of the body turned directly into its movements with no mediation from the dancer herself. Of course the simplistic and random jerking of a dying body could not hope to compete with living dancers’ skill and technique, but it beat out them by displaying a level of naturalness only achievable in death, and that naturalness was where the true beauty of Miku’s performance lay.

Another sight to behold was a figure of three, or rather two and a half bodies on the floor. Piko was lying on his back, smothered by Flower sitting on his face, his hands tightly clenching the waist of another girl, whose lower half was mounting his dick, in their death grip. Much like Miku his limbs were still occasionally jerking, effectively making him continue fucking the halved corpse, even if not very actively. A usb cable appearing from under the boy’s butt gave away that he also had some kind of a toy inside of him, the vibration of which was somewhat adding to his erratic movements. Though being a nice kid, in his final moments he’d probably been more focused not on receiving pleasure, but on giving it by licking Flower’s pussy. Asami wondered if it’d been Piko giving Flower a cunilingus in gratitude for her smothering him or Flower smothering him in gratitude for him giving her a cunilingus. Why not both, though?

Either way, as nice as it had to have felt, Flower had seemed more interested in another type of fun. With her belly cut open, she’d dragged her internal organs out, probably taking some time to play with each one before moving on to the next. Asami entered the room just in time to witness Flower fascinatedly stare at her still beating heart in her own hand for a moment before the life in her eyes faded away. The heart outlived Flower herself, producing some erratic beats, almost as if positively thrilled to be forcefully ripped out by the hands of the very girl whose life it has always been supporting.

For all the years since even before Flower was born her heart had tirelessly kept pumping her blood without breaks and days off all just to keep her alive. So the girl killing herself, wilfully destroying the very life to which the heart’s whole existence was devoted, already felt like a deserved reward for its hard work. But on top of that the way in which she’d done it, with death directly caused by ripping the heart out, meant that Flower had recognized how indispensable that organ was for her life and appreciated it enough to make it the centerpiece of her death. If the heart had a mind of its own, it would probably enjoy such an end even more than Flower herself. So as if to show how glad it was, Flower’s heart kept excitedly beating in her dead hand, even as the girl’s body lifelessly fell down with her face landing right inside that other girl’s lower half which Piko kept fucking.

Speaking of which, whose half it was anyway? Following a trace of even more spilt viscera, Asami discovered the missing upper half belonged to Gumi and was relaxedly lying in the far corner of the bed reading a book on the screen of her phone. The girl had always been the quiet and nerdy type, so it was no surprise that she’d taken being cut in half as an opportunity to have a read in peace without having to worry about whatever the other kids were doing with her lower body. Gumi’s eyes were staring at the text auto-scrolling on her phone with the same blank expression she always wore, so it was impossible to tell if she was already dead or just pretending to be so that the noisier kids left her alone. But even if her defiantly indifferent attitude made it clear how much she didn’t find any fun in dying, surely she was still able to enjoy it in her own way, taking comfort in the realization that no one would be able to bother her ever again; if it was for the sake of eternal rest, then she could even briefly endure the annoyance of being cut in half.

Another child who’d stuck to his habits until the end was Asami’s own son. Sitting on the edge of the bed Len was enthusiastically playing some video game, or at least he had to have been, until the neckerchief tied extra tight around his neck had slowly but surely strangled him to death. Yet even after that he perfectly retained the impression, as if too consumed with the game to even notice he’d already died. Not only did his vacant gaze still glued to the screen look not dissimilar to how he always used to be too absorbed in his game to pay attention to the world around, but the residual twitching in Len’s fingers also kept pushing some sticks and buttons on the controller in his hands.

Thus, unlike the real counterpart, the in-game version of Len was still very much alive, vigorously slashing a neverending onslaught of enemies. And although Asami couldn't approve her son’s obsessive affection for video games, she had to admire his ingenuity, as Len had arranged himself to become so wholly immersed in the game that he essentially only existed inside of it now. If there was such a thing as the ultimate gaming experience, that must have been it.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for his twin sister’s support. Quite literally, as with all of her limbs cut off Rin had become a comfy pillow for her brother. Not only had resting his back against her corpse have to have been a pleasant sensation as long as Len remained alive, but it was also what allowed him to maintain an almost upright position and keep his eyes on the screen after death. But that was not all of it, as Rin’s limbs weren’t just tossed away as useless, instead her arms were shoved into her pussy shoulder first and elbow deep and her legs similarly shoved into her ass, ruthlessly tearing both of her holes apart.

With Rin’s torso positioned upside down behind Len’s back, her arms sticking up out of her pussy were wrapped around his neck, hands meeting on his chest one over the other, as if holding her brother in a delicate embrace. And her legs were casually hanging down from his shoulders, occasionally nudged by their jerking, which made it look like Rin was idly dangling her feet. Finally, her head was also cut off and impaled with its neck onto her brother’s dick. There was no doubt that Rin’s tongue had been devoted to pleasuring Len until her very last moment, but even when its movements had completely ceased, thanks to Rin’s convenient position, her lifeless eyes were still observing her brother’s game, making it look like even after dying she never stopped wholeheartedly rooting for him.

The whole arrangement was so sweet and endearing; Asami heard a lot about children in other families fighting like cat and dog, and was glad to see that hers were nothing like that. Maybe it was because they were twins, but instead of spitefully killing each other in an unseemly quarrel like other siblings often ended up, Len and Rin had ended their lives on the same wavelength and their death only served to further strengthen their bond. The scenery of her children bereft of life, but never of love, made Asami feel a sense of pride as a mother, but more so than that it just made her genuinely happy for them to get along so well. It had been hard all-consuming work to raise two children all by herself after her husband decided to celebrate their birth with a parachuteless jump, but seeing them complete their lives in such a wholesome way made it totally worth the effort.

Still, given how intricate the twins’ setup was, someone had to have helped them with it. And of course who else could it be but Tianyi, the kindest soul Asami had ever known. After everything she’d seen the woman hadn’t expect to find any of the children still being alive, but it seemed like Tianyi’s selflessness went so far as foregoing her own death just for the sake of making sure her friends had their best experience with theirs. Even if both of Asami’s children were most certainly already dead, Tianyi was kneeling on the floor kissing Rin’s lips and sucking the tip of Len’s dick protruding from them, so that in the slim chance that there was any hint of awareness still left in the twins, they got all the pleasure she could provide. Of course, she didn’t mind pleasuring herself too as long as it didn’t stand in the way of pleasuring others, so in one hand the surviving girl had a cylindrical grater she was fucking herself with and in the other some pliers with which she was pinching her clitoris. Hearing Asami come in, Tianyi shoved the grater inside her pussy and locked the pliers on her clitoris before swallowing the cum in her mouth and turning her face towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she asked, revealing empty eye sockets. A mix of blood and semen was dripping from them in neat rivulets as if crimson tears of joyful self-sacrifice, serving as a perfect adornment for the girl’s angelic face. For not one, but both of her eyes to be in such a state Tianyi must have been eye-fucked by Len and Piko simultaneously, meaning she’d already been blinded when gently putting Rin’s limbs around Len. But even knowing she would never get to admire the beauty of it with her own eyes, Tianyi had still put her whole soul into the arrangement of her friends’ bodies just for their sake alone. And as a result of being guided not by her eyes’, but by her heart’s gaze, she’d created a true masterpiece that Asami found hard to peel her own stare from. Though maybe it was in part because a mother would always consider her children to be the most beautiful.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” Asami put down the tray with additional snacks she’d brought, even if it seemed they wouldn’t be necessary anymore. “Just checking in to see if everything’s okay.”

“Ah, oba-san,” Tianyi crawled up to the stereo and felt around for the mute button so that Miku’s musical accompaniment didn’t interfere with the conversation. “Sorry for the mess.”

“It’s alright.” Even though Asami couldn’t suppress a sigh at the prospect of cleaning it all. “I’m glad you all had a fun time,” she added, giving the blinded girl a hand.

“Thank you,” Tianyi replied, standing up unsteadily as the weight of the dangling pliers was pulling on her clitoris. “Please, let me help with the cleaning.”

“You’re such a nice girl,” Asami approvingly patted Tianyi’s head. “I wish my kids were diligent like that. But don’t you have homework to do?”

“They were diligent alright,” Tianyi stood up for her late friends. “We actually already did today’s homework together.”

“Everyone?” Asami wondered, casting another glance over all the children’s corpses. Miku’s body had finally finished its dance as if only waiting for the music to end. Piko’s movements had also ceased and Flower’s heart stopped beating. Gumi never changed her expression, even though her phone had reached the end of the book and turned the screen off. Even Len was still, no more random buttons being pushed left his in-game character to just stand there defenselessly as the enemies kept attacking him, little by little depleting his health bar. Only Rin couldn’t get any more dead than she already was, unless one counted her legs no longer being kicked by her brother’s jerking. “Looks like only you will have a chance to present yours to the teachers tomorrow,” Asami concluded.

“Nowadays we can send it for review over the net,” Tianyi explained. “So we already did that too.”

“That modern tech is scary,” Asami chuckled, “just to think that even after dying you can still get an F”.

“Or an A,” Tianyi countered. “I’m sure your children will get a good grade.”

Asami was about to say something in response, but got interrupted by a notification sound from one of the phones lying on the bedside table.

“Oh, that’s mine”, Tianyi realized, heading towards the sound only to slip on the sprawling guts and fall on the floor, letting out a short scream as the impact made the grater slip halfway out of her pussy and the pliers come off along with her clitoris.

“Can you really help with cleaning?” Asami quickly walked up to hand the phone to Tianyi. “Wait, can you even read it?..”

“No problem,” Tianyi fixed the grater in her pussy before speaking to the phone: “XiaoAI, please read the message.”

“Message from: Japanese Teacher,” a synthesised voice responded. “Very well done, a solid B this time. Your grasp of grammar seem to be progressing naturally, so just keep steadily expanding your vocabulary and you’ll get straight A’s in no time.”

“Huh, seems like that modern tech is also handy,” Asami noted. “Since you seem to be good with it, maybe you can call everyone’s parents and tell them their kids are dead so they don’t worry about them not coming home?”

“Can do,” Tianyi agreed, crawling to Len’s legs and making herself comfortable sitting between them with her back rested against the bed.

“Thanks, I’ll handle the cleaning then”, Asami replied, starting with collecting the dirty dishes. While she was at it, the woman couldn’t help but witness Len’s avatar’s final moments before it fell dead onto the ground and a message appeared in big bloody letters all over the screen: “YOU DIED”. For a moment Asami thought she saw her son react to it with an amused grin, as if saying “yeah, you have no idea.” And even Rin looked like she was glad to see her brother’s game that she was so attachedly rooting for to come to such a conclusion. But of course there was no way either of Asami's children was still alive, so it must have been just her imagination.

Of course, as uninterested as she was in video games, Asami knew enough about them to understand that dying in one, unlike in reality, usually equalled to failure. But her son could hardly have been so arrogant as to seriously think he would be able to beat the game while literally brain dead. And if winning hadn’t been the intention in the first place, then it had to have been to reinforce the death in the real world by also dying in the virtual one. This way the twins might have lost the game, but by doing so they’d surely beaten life, leaving it not a single chance. And looking at all the effort the twins had put to engineer the moment of their greatest triumph to happen not until after their demise, Asami could vividly imagine just how much fun they had derived from the idea of not being around to actually experience the highly anticipated joy of it.

Once the twins had achieved their goal with the game, Asami let herself switch the console off so that the flashing screen didn’t distract her. Usually Len would be upset at her for handling his favorite toy so unceremoniously, but in the current circumstances Asami couldn’t help but notice how the shutdown animation emulating a CRT looked not dissimilar to a flat line of a pulse monitor, as if the fancy box was not at all a toy, but a medical life support device. This way it appeared that what Asami had so abruptly ended was not just her son’s game, but his very life, which she could be confident that he wouldn’t mind.

And although logically it had to be just a coincidence, Asami decided to consider it as a confirmation that Len was indeed only happy to be deprived of the last remaining semblance of life, when his body chose that very moment to empty its bladder. With Rin’s head still mounting his penis, his urine first filled her mouth, as if even after they were both dead Len was still considerate enough to give his sister a taste, before finally overflowing right onto Tianyi. Feeling the fragrant liquid spreading through her hair, the girl threw her head back to let it flow on her face too, reveling in the tingly feeling of the salty urine filling her empty eye sockets, treating such a surprise gift as a sign of gratitude from her friends for her assistance in their death.

“XiaoAI, please call Gumi’s Mother,” Tianyi told her phone as she started to slowly fuck herself with the grater again, mostly just to keep her free hand busy.

The phone followed the instruction and after a couple of seconds a dry female voice responded: “Hello.”

“Hello,” the girl said. “This is Tianyi.”

“It shows on the screen,” Gumi’s mom pointed out with unconcealed hint of annoyance.

“Right,” Tianyi gulped, the woman’s stern attitude making her somewhat nervous. “I’m just calling to tell that Gumi is dead and won’t be coming home.”

“Is that all?” Gumi’s mom sounded like she didn’t consider the news to be worthy of bothering her with a call.

“Y-yeah,” Tianyi confirmed and was met with a disconnect tone before she could even finish the word. “I guess I should have just texted her,” the girl concluded.

“Like mother, like daughter,” Asami commented, as she has just finished collecting the dirty dishes onto a tray.

Before she could leave the room though another phone signalled receiving a message. Asami came up to the bedside table again, but none of the phones lying on it were lit up, meaning it had to have been the one put with its screen against the wall. Asami picked the phone up and saw that it had the camera app running. “It seems to be filming.”

“Miku set it up to film her dance,” Tianyi answered. “You can stop it with the power button.”

“Okay,” Asami did that, but it also turned the screen off. “Wait…” the woman pushed the button again and saw a lock screen with a photo of Miku kneeling on the ground with her legs spread, holding apart her labia to let a thick stream of semen drip from her pussy into a puddle on the floor. “How do I unlock it now?”

“As far as I know Miku doesn’t lock her phone,” Tianyi said. “So just a swipe will do.”

Asami swiped her finger along Miku’s naked form and indeed it successfully got her to the home screen. From here she didn’t have troubles in opening the notifications and reading the message, which expectedly was from the Japanese teacher.

“How many times do I have to tell you sending porn of yourself along with the homework won’t get you a better grade?” the message said. “Not that you need it anyway, because your work doesn’t have any major issues and is good enough to deserve an A by itself.”

Didn’t he realize, Asami wondered, Miku wasn’t doing it for a better grade, she was just enjoying exhibitionism.

In the meanwhile Tianyi had called Miku’s mother. “Hello, Tianyi, how are you?” a cheerful voice responded. “Is Miku with you? Please tell her that her cousins have come by and want her to come home soon so that they can play with her.”

“I’m fine,” Tianyi said. “Miku won’t be coming home though, she hung herself. But we could send you a video if you want.”

“Oh, that would be great!” the woman replied excitedly. “Haku, Neru, come here. I don’t have a living Miku for you, but I have something better – a video of a dying Miku.”

Tianyi instructed Asami how to send a video and while they were at it another message arrived, this time to Gumi’s phone. Asami took it from the dead girl’s hand and turned the screen on, met with a plain standard wallpaper and a password prompt.

“You don’t happen to know Gumi’s password, do you?”

“She usually unlocked her phone with a fingerprint,” Tianyi replied. “The sensor is in the home button.”

“Aha,” Asami grabbed Gumi’s limp hand and held her fingers against the sensor one after the other, until getting to the right one which unlocked the phone. The message read: “Your grammar is perfect, but the style is very dry. You used a lot of complex or unusual words, which is a great show of your vocabulary, but may also make the text harder to read or appear overly formal, so do keep that in mind. Still a solid A though.”

Good grief, even teachers thought Gumi was too much of a nerd. Asami felt sorry for the girl who was just honestly trying her best. After all, the woman herself used to also be somewhat like that in her school years, which was probably why she was still alive.

“The hell you mean she killed herself?” angry shouting suddenly came from Tianyi’s phone as she’d called Flower’s dad. “Didn’t I beat her enough to hammer it into her head that only I am allowed to kill her? Ungrateful brat! Let her not bother with coming home then.”

“Uhm, of course she’s not coming home,” Tianyi tried to explain, “she’s dead.”

“No, she’s not not coming!” Flower’s dad insisted. “I’m prohibiting her to come!”

“Now that was just twisted,” Asami noted after the call was over. “She should have killed herself long ago if just to spite such a father.”

“This is probably where I’m supposed to say he just loves her in his own way,” Tianyi replied. “But that way is surely twisted.”

With no phones requiring immediate attention for now Asami took the chance to carry the tray with dirty dishes to the kitchen to wash them as Tianyi proceeded to the last call.

“I’m glad to hear he made such wonderful friends,” Piko’s mother said. “Thank you for taking care of my son.”

“Here,” Tianyi thought to herself, “this is how one is supposed to react to their child’s death, not get all mad.”

When Asami returned to the room with a couple of plastic buckets, Tianyi told her two more phones had signalled receiving messages while the woman was away. Asami then asked Tianyi to collect Flower’s and Gumi’s viscera to the buckets while she would deal with the phones. The girl complied and put her phone aside on the bed before crouching to the bodies on the floor.

“This must be Flower’s,” Asami picked up one of the signalling phones. “It has a cool looking guy with a katana on the wallpaper, so I’m going to assume that’s her boyfriend.”

“Actually, that sounds more like Piko’s phone,” Tianyi replied, feeling around for organs. “The guy must be Gakupo, his senpai from the kendo club.”

“Oh,” Asami uttered. “Any hints on unlocking it?”

“Try connecting it to that USB going from his butt,” Tianyi suggested, pulling Flower’s heart from her hand to throw it into a bucket. “It might recognize a familiar device.”

“That modern tech…”

“Scary, yes,” this time even Tianyi had to agree.

Surprisingly, it actually worked, so Asami could read the message: “This is a nice work, just a little bit short of an A. However, I noticed you using feminine pronouns and general style throughout. It's fine if that's your intention, so long as you're aware of that fact.”

“So he doesn’t just look and act like a girl, but even writes like one,” Asami chuckled before proceeding to the next phone, which showed a bloody pentagram on the screen. “Okay, now I see this one is Flower’s. And it asks for a pin-code.”

“That’s something I don’t know, unfortunately,” Tianyi admitted, pushing Flower’s body aside to get to the viscera under her.

“Hmm… I think I have an idea,” Asami put in all sixes. “Hey, I’m a hacker!” she jokingly proclaimed as the phone accepted the code.

“Your choice of words is good,” Asami read aloud, “but your text is very unstructured and more abstract imagery than a concrete story, despite the task, so I can't give you anything more than a C for it. Also some of what you wrote seems somewhat unsettling. Please know that if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, you can always come to me or any of your other teacher.”

“Now that’s just sad,” Asami commented.

“At least she got a happy ending,” Tianyi preferred to look on the bright side, as she found Flower’s knife and used it to properly cut her intestine off. “Killing herself for her own pleasure before her father could get to her.”

“I have a feeling he never would have actually killed her,” Asami said. “With that feeling of possession he considers to be love, he’d be too afraid to lose her.”

Finally a message appeared on one of Asami’s children’s phones. They were the same model and had the same picture on the wallpaper, which was a photo of the twins themselves in full nude, but playfully covering each other’s sex organs with their hands. Asami wasn’t sure if the twins themselves knew who was who on that photo or which of the phones was whose. After all, with both phones set to face unlock, either of the twins could just grab either of the phones and use it. So Asami pointed the frontal camera at Len’s face as a slightly more convenient target than his sister and unlocked the phone to read the message.

“I can trust that you actually did the work together and not just let one of you do it and the other copy afterwards,” the teacher wrote. “But even if otherwise the work could deserve an A, I’ll still have to give each of you just a B for blatantly sending two identical works. Learn to work independently, you won’t be able to rely on each other forever.”

“Well, that’s where he is wrong”, Asami thought to herself, as she took a photo of her dead children playing on the console together and sent it to the teacher along with a text saying on behalf of the twins: “Or can we?”

The teacher replied within a minute, sending the new message to the other twin’s phone probably just for the fun of it. Playing along Asami used Rin’s face for unlocking this time. “You’ve got me there,” the teacher admitted. “An A for each one then.”

“I told you they’d get a good grade,” Tianyi said after Asami read it; having finished with Flower’s intestines she proceeded to collecting Gumi’s. “They tried their best on that homework.”

“It seems like they did”, Asami agreed. “I actually promised Len a new console if he studies well,” she said, taking another loving look at her son, warmly recalling how his now dead eyes used to glow in anticipation. “And a violin for Rin. She wanted to learn to play it.”

“Ah, so that’s why they proposed we do the homework before getting to the fun,” Tianyi realized, following the trace of viscera onto the bed, taking one of the buckets with her. “They must have been trying to show their appreciation for the promised gifts by making sure they deserved them.”

“I think you're giving them too much credit,” Asami chuckled. “You're probably judging them by your own standards, but knowing my children, they would do something like that just for a laugh, finding the thought that they wouldn’t be around to reap the well earned reward so amusing it turned the efforts put into it from a tedious chore into all fun and play.”

“Now that you put it that way, that sounds more like them,” Tianyi agreed, recalling the twin’s playful attitude; as she found the upper end of Gumi’s intestine still attached to her stomach, she decided to cut that organ out all together. “But either way it means they were really looking forward to those gifts.”

“Of course they were,” Asami confirmed. “What kind of mother would I be if I didn't know what my children dreamed of?”

“Just by knowing what nice people they were, I can see you made a great mother,” Tianyi assured. “Speaking of seeing, is there any more viscera left?” the girl wondered, cluelessly feeling around on the bed.

“No, looks like you've collected all of it,” Asami noticed. “I can handle the rest of the cleaning, so you should probably go home before it gets dark.”

“I can still help,” Tianyi insisted, although for now she put the bucket on the floor next to the other and sat on the edge of the bed.

“You’ve helped enough,” Asami ensured the girl. “Since you’re not dead, your family will worry.”

“That I wouldn’t want,” Tianyi agreed and picked up her phone. “Okay then, XiaoAI, call a taxi home please.”

“Calling a taxi,” the phone answered. “From: Current location. To: Home.”

“By the way,” Asami said, “exactly why are you not dead? I mean, everyone else is.”

“No one really asked me to kill myself,” Tianyi shrugged. “If there were anyone who would be happier with my death than their own, then I’d be happy to oblige.”

“Well, I could…” Asami suggested hesitantly.

“Just not because they pity me,” Tianyi objected, “but only for their own pleasure.”

“I see,” Asami nodded. “You’re truly an angel, aren’t you?”

“Why, maybe I am,” Tianyi gave the woman a most pure smile. “I mean, thank you for the kind words.”

“You know,” Asami suggested, “with such an attitude you might even live long enough to have children of your own.”

“That would be nice,” Tianyi agreed. “Maybe I’ll even get to see them die? Though I guess I won’t be able to actually see it, will I?” the girl chuckled.

“Oh, right,” Asami realized. “Stand up please, so I can help you dress.”

Tianyi obeyed and Asami helped her put on her while and blue airy dress, matching arm warmers and black socks of different length, all of which had been tossed over the clothes rack along with the other guests’ garments. Just as they finished, Tianyi’s phone informed her that the taxi had arrived.

“Okay, which one’s your school bag?” Asami asked, looking at a pile of them beside the table where the children must have done their homework.

“The one with the Tian Dian charm,” Tianyi answered.

“You mean this white spherical creature with a single wing?” Asami assumed.

“Yes, that one,” Tianyi confirmed. “Cute, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Asami said, handing the girl her bag. “Now wait just another moment, I’ll grab the trash to throw out on the way.”

With that she took Rin’s head from Len’s dick and put it in one of the buckets full of viscera, pressing it down a bit so the head fit inside, then took Rin’s torso from behind Len’s back and under her arm, letting her son’s body fall on the bed as if in tired satisfaction, and finally grabbed the two buckets one in each hand.

“Okay, now hold onto my hem and let’s go,” Asami instructed.

They had to stop for a moment in the entryway for Tianyi to put on her boots, one blue and the other white, while Asami didn’t bother herself with footwear or any more clothes to add to the apron she was wearing, as she was going only as far as the dumpster a few houses away. So as soon as the woman took a step from the warm inside onto the crisp snow crunching under her bare feet the freezing air immediately sent pleasant chills over her body, and, taking a look at her companion, Asami was glad to see the girl shivering and having goosebumps, clearly enjoying the refreshing weather as much as she did. Spotting the taxi waiting on the road, Asami led Tianyi to the car and opened the front door for her.

“Cute eyeholes,” the driver gave the girl a complement, as she got inside.

“Thank you,” Tianyi smiled. “If you want, you can use them instead of my mouth on the way,” she suggested, bending down towards the man’s dick.

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?” Asami reminded.

Tianyi drew herself back up and gave the woman as a puzzled expression as she managed with her eyes missing.

“The grater,” Asami pointed out.

“Ah! Sorry,” Tianyi couldn’t see it, but she’d left a trail of blood from the house to the car. “I totally forgot about it,” she said, taking the kitchen appliance out of her tattered pussy.

“Well then, good bye,” Asami said, taking the grater from the girl’s hands and shoving it up her own ass as she needed both hands for the buckets.

“Good bye,” Tianyi replied, letting the woman close the door for her before returning her attention to the driver.

As the car drove away, Asami resumed her way to the dumpster. The biting wind was getting stronger and the clouds were piling up in the sky, promising an impending blizzard, and it made the woman wonder if after dealing with the children’s bodies she should make use of the pleasant weather and visit the local park to take a swim in its lake. She used to go there with her children all the time. In summer their favourite game was to take turns drowning themselves and having the other twin breathe life back into them mouth to mouth, considering whichever would fail to resuscitate the other to lose the game, but the twins’ restless spirit never let them properly finish it, as they would get bored and switch to something else halfway through.

And in winter the twins would get one of them underwater floating up flat against the ice while the other would lay on top of the lake just above them, and the two would just stay like that, each feasting their eyes on the image of the other visible through the crystal clear ice superposed onto their own reflection, imagining the surface to be a magical mirror that merged them both into one, until the bottom twin eventually ran out of breath. Asami could bet either of them would have loved to be left to drown so that they never got to leave such a merged state, but apparently at the same time neither wanted to lose the resuscitation game, so they ended up bringing each other back to life anyway.

Then for the times when the ice was not transparent, making it impossible to see anything underwater, as not a single ray of light could get there, the twins had another game they loved even more, as they got to act in favor of and not against each other. In this one they would dive into two ice holes at the opposite ends of the lake with lockable ankle weights preventing them from rising back to the surface, then walk on the bottom seeking for each other in the impenetrable darkness, as each would carry a key to the other’s weight. When they first came up with this idea, Asami considered it to be just a fun way the twins had chosen to kill themselves, aiming to spend their final moments reveling in the overwhelming longing for each other, the futility of which only made it better, elevating it to the level of utmost despair, further enhanced by all the surrounding cold and darkness.

So she’d bought them those weights and helped to put them on, then after watching her children disappear under the ice she went straight home with a clear conscience, collecting their clothes on the way to not litter the shore. Asami had been certain her children were no longer alive by the time she got home, so when she saw them come back in the middle of the night after they’d taken the chance of not being supervised to play outside until they got tired, with hypothermia making them as pale as ghosts, for a moment she almost believed in the afterlife. If only Asami had known her children would be able to actually make it out alive, she would have never bought them those ankle weights, because it ended up being a huge pain getting them back from the bottom of the lake every time.

Luckily, they didn’t play like that too often, as usually there were enough other children at the lake to engage the twins in their own more conventional games, sometimes just swimming around under the ice, sometimes going for underwater tag or blind man’s buff depending on its transparency. And when the weather was right with a blizzard like the one starting to build up right now, the children would excitedly get out of the water, foregoing getting any clothes back on or at least drying their bodies up, and merrily chase each other on the surface of the lake through the virtually opaque swirling snow that turned the ice holes into insidious traps.

Reminiscing about her children’s innate ability to draw fun from every moment of life or death, Asami almost walked past the dumpster. Children might be a happy burden, but certainly not a light one, so Asami breathed a sigh of relief when she could finally drop her daughter's body into the container before burying it under two buckets worth of viscera with Rin’s head mixed in. Just to think that some mere hour ago this head was full of hopes and aspirations, optimistically gazing into the future that held limitless possibilities, with each day bringing new joys and discoveries. And now look at her – with her unseeing eyes staring into space Rin had become entirely detached from the world and bereft of any sign of past liveliness, not a single thought would ever cross her mind again, not a single feeling would ever touch her heart, as her whole life was now not ahead, but behind her, complete and fulfilled. She could not even experience the joy of her own death, that very death rendering her unable to experience anything. But knowing the twins' playful attitude all their life, Asami had no doubts that for them such a paradox had merely served as the biggest source of amusement on its own. In a similar manner Rin’s remains turning from a part of an elaborate composition into just another piece of trash was only enhancing the beauty of that masterpiece.

A putrid smell made Asami peel her gaze away from her late daughter and notice an unkempt bum in dirty rags having come up looking to dumpster dive. That made her think how with five more bodies to go she could really use a man’s help. Which would also come in handy in getting pregnant again, because, drawing inspiration from the twins, Asami decided to arrange herself to die in childbirth. After all, now that she knew from experience just how much happiness having children could bring, the prospect of not being around for that joy became too amusing to resist.


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Well, whatever.
Here's some work in progress piece then.

Black Ice (Work In Progress)
(Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, kinda abortion, but more just enjoying the weather)

Asami didn’t want her children to turn into shut-ins. So when today again after coming home from school the twins went straight to their room seemingly intended to just stay there for the rest of the day, the woman decided it was time to do something about it.

“Put it there”, Len gestured towards the table without looking at his mother as she entered the room, as he assumed she has simply brought lunch. The boy was sitting on the edge of the bed with a gamepad in his hands, his eyes focused on the screen where some video game action was happening. He must have hurried to play this game so much he didn’t even undress properly after coming from school, still wearing his white shirt and yellow necktie. Rin was in a similar state of unfinished undress, only in her case it was a skirt that remained on her body. She was lying on the bed with a pillow under her chest as she was reading a book while absentmindedly fiddling Len’s dick with her feet.

“Hey, kids”, Asami said. “When was the last time you were outside?”
Len finally faced his mother to give her a confused look and discovered that not only she didn’t bring lunch, but she was also dressed in a nice dress as if planning to go outside.
“Like an hour ago?” Len answered.
“Right, when we came from school”, Rin confirmed.
“Going to school and back doesn’t count”, Asami objected. “All you do lately is just sit in your room all day long. You should breathe more fresh air”.
“But the weather is so dull”, Len gestured at the window.
“There’s neither snow nor wind”, Rin added.

So that’s what it was all about, Asami realized. While most children enjoyed playing in the rain or snow, the twins’ love for harsh weather went far beyond that, as for them it wasn’t about them playing, it was about them being played or better to say toyed with by the nature itself. So whenever the boring adults would shield themselves with umbrellas and raincoats, the cheerful twins would rather strip naked so that nothing would stand in the way of enjoying the rage of the elements with every bit of their bodies. And whenever falling trees and flying debris compelled any sensible person to seek shelter, the excited twins would rush outside and throw themselves at the storm’s mercy with such eagerness which Asami wished they would display when throwing themselves into her own embrace. But their favorite were heavy snowstorms, as aimlessly running in the nude among all the twirling snow that made the air so opaque they couldn’t see the way only relying for directions on the strong wind that pushed them around so hard it almost lifted them from the ground made the twins feel like they themselves became nothing more than another pair of snowflakes, so tiny and unsubstantial almost as if they didn’t exist at all anymore, instead blending with the rest of the snow and disappearing in it.

The only time when the twins were even more delighted about the weather was during a massive hailstorm. It happened during schoolday and all the children got excited about it, but the teacher insisted they should finish the lesson first, and most reluctantly obliged. Not Len and Rin though, who weren’t willing to take any chance of missing such a phenomenon, so not only they didn’t wait for the end of the lesson, but didn’t even waste time taking the stairs down, instead just jumping out right through the third floor window. At least with all the other windows broken by the hail on that day the school didn’t make Asami pay for the broken glass.

Rin landed on her right side, getting a couple of broken ribs and a hip fracture, and Len landed on his feet, breaking his left ankle and dislocating the right one, but also breaking his right leg, so not being able to support himself on his feet he immediately fell on his stomach. For both of the twins the flat contact with the ground painfully pushed the shards of broken glass that have cut their bodies all over even deeper, making the twins realize that same glass has also torn their clothes apart, as in the hurry they didn’t take time to undress before jumping. But neither the sadly ruined clothes they knew they would be scolded for nor the amusing injuries which at any other times would be so fun to play with concerned the twins at that moment when there was such a fierce hailstorm raging.

After quickly stripping out of the torn and bloodstained clothes the twins crawled a bit away from the school building to a more open area and spread their arms and legs widely in a hope to maximize the area of their bodies to be hit by the hail. They also turned onto their backs to face the sky so they could see and welcome the hailstones mercilessly bombarding them, but from time to time turned back onto their stomachs so that their backs could get some attention too.

The twins were mostly enjoying a steady barrage of golf ball-sized hailstones, the bruises coloring their skin with splats of various shades of purple until there became so many they all merged together, turning each of the twins into just one big colorful bruise. But then the lesson was finally over and the rest of the children rushed outside to play in the hailstorm. They were merrily running around picking up hailstones and throwing them at each other. In the meanwhile, as the twins’ injuries didn’t let them join the running, they just kept lying on the ground, now continuously mashed not only by the hail, but also by other children running right on top of them, not noticing the twins half-buried under all the hail covering the ground, or maybe noticing, but being too consumed by the general fun to bother to step around them, resulting in their bodies getting additionally decorated by a layer of shoeprints on top of even more bruises.

But as amusing as being beaten into pulp by both the nature and the crowd was, the real icing on the cake was occasional especially large hailstones, like a size of a grapefruit, which were not only heavier, but also could reach a much larger velocity in their fall. According to the twins, getting hit by one of those among all the golf-ball sized ones was like getting a ruthless punch from a boxer among a nice relaxing massage. One such a punch got Len a few broken ribs of his own, and another even revealed Rin’s early pregnancy by hitting her right in the womb and aborting it.

At first Asami couldn’t understand the reason behind the overwhelming delight with which the twins told her how they discovered the bloody lump pouring out of Rin’s slit to actually be a fetus, of which Len, of course, assumed he was the father. Sure, they discovered they had a baby, but since it was already dead anyway, why would it matter? Wasn’t it the same as if it never existed in the first place? But the twins then explained that it was exactly that which made the whole situation so amusing. The child’s existence only becoming proved by the end of that very existence was one big incongruity, and incongruity is of course known as a base of humor.

It was at that moment that Asami realized she has become one of those adults she herself used to find unbearably boring. For the reason she failed to find the fun in the unexpected abortion was because she didn’t even seek for it, while for the children it was just natural to derive fun from literally everything, and the less sense it made the better. Life itself was nothing but a game for them, and by extension so was death. Asami could totally imagine her children killing themselves just for fun one day, or rather the only reason they had not done so yet must have been because they were yet to come up with the most silly and thus most amusing reason for it that they could.

(to be continued)


(work in progress)

So now looking at the screen Asami could see that even the game Len was now playing involved flying in a wingsuit through a tornado that lifted up all sorts of junk from the ground. And while Asami couldn’t see what book Rin was reading, it too without a doubt was far more engaging than a simple walk in such a calm weather as established lately. No wonder the twins prefered to stay in their room these days.
“Okay, then how about we go to the lake?” Asami concluded. “You swim under the ice anyway, so the weather shouldn’t matter.”
“But the book’s just getting interesting,” Rin replied.
“You can always finish it later,” Asami noted, and before Len could chime in added: “Same goes for the game. Save it, get dressed properly and let’s go.”
“Fine, fine,” Len gave up, “can I at least cum first?”
“That you can,” Asami agreed. “I’ll wait downstairs then.”

As Asami left the room, Rin turned around, positioning herself in a way that let her take Len’s dick in her mouth while still reading her book.
“Y’know,” she said between licks, “maybe mom’s right, changing activities once in a while wouldn’t hurt us.”
“Well, maybe,” Len agreed reluctantly, shutting down his game, and seeing how it was saving his progress suddenly gave him an idea: “Hey, what if we drown ourselves in that lake?”
“Why?” Rin idly asked, turning a page of her book. “Ah, is that because mom said we should breathe fresh air from time to time?” she guessed. “But if we breathe water instead then just one time would be enough to make us never need to breathe any air again,” she realized with growing excitement. “Wow, that’s so clever!”
“That’s more clever than what I was thinking,” Len admitted, putting his gamepad aside.
“I just thought how mom said we could always finish our book and game later,” Len explained, pushing Rin’s head deeper onto his dick as he felt he was ready to cum. “But if we kill ourselves, then we won’t be able to do so.”
“Ha-ha, true!” Rin laughed and coughed as a stream of semen hit her throat. “Even if you say it’s not as clever, I actually like your idea more.”
‘You do?” Len asked, getting up from the bed to get dressed.
“But of course,” Rin swallowed the rest of her brother’s cum. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t care less if I need to breathe air or not. That’s something my lungs do on a reflex anyway. This book on the other hand is really engaging and there’s nothing I’d love more than to know what happens next. I guess you feel the same about your game? So the idea of killing ourselves for the sole purpose of never being able to finish those… ha-ha-ha,” Rin couldn't help but just burst into laughter half-sentence. “Ah, this must really be the silliest reason to kill oneself for”, she had to wipe her eyes from tears of heavy laughter.
“Told you yours was more clever,” Len pouted, throwing Rin’s clothes onto the bed so she could get dressed too.
“Who cares about clever?” Rin replied. “There’s nothing clever in killing oneself in the first place. It’s the most silly thing one can possibly do, which is exactly what makes it so fun.”
“So I take it you’re in then?” Len asked, as he finished dressing up and took a pen and a piece of paper.
“Absolutely!” Rin nodded, also getting up from the bed after getting dressed. “Hey, what are you writing?”
“A kind of a suicide note, I guess,” Len explained. “So how can we finish our book and game now? Or something along the lines. Speaking of which, should I also add something about breathing fresh air too?”
“No, don’t,” Rin shook her head. “And I mean don’t write anything at all.”
“But then how can we make sure if mom gets the joke behind our death?”
“Well, see, we don’t,” Rin giggled. “How meta would that be?”
“Meta?” Len looked confused for a moment. “Ah, I get it,” he then nodded. “We’re killing ourselves for a silly joke of not getting to finish our book and game, but then we’ll also never even see that joke to the end, exactly because we’ll have killed ourselves as a key part of that very joke. Damn, I’m not even sure anymore if that’s utter silliness or greatest genius!”
“Maybe they’re just one and the same,” Rin concluded, taking the paper on which Len was planning to write his note from his hands. “The only thing that matters is just how fun it is.”
“That it certainly is,” Len agreed. “Wait, are you bookmarking your book? What’s the point?”
“There is none,” Rin smiled. “And that’s the whole point.”

(to be continued)


Very interesting concept. I like it.


Those Rin and Len probably are dying every day. I guess they may even kill themselves to save time walking home LOL


That would be something that would happen in the universe of Siyana's Daily Life where one's body can regenerate even from beyond death (more precisely I was thinking cutting one's own neck when on a long ride on a bus or something like that), and even if your body is destroyed beyond repair you just get another clone.
But in these stories with Len and Rin death is final and that finality is an important part of what makes it so fun.
It all started when we were working on the Ikiro story, the moment when Rin thinks "bet they wouldn't expect my head to fly off" and one of options for this line was something like "what a laugh that would be" but Eterya said "it wouldn't be a laugh because she'd be dead by the time they would laugh" and I couldn't help but think hey but that would make it even more fun. Rin would die for a laugh, but wouldn't get to actually laugh exactly because of the fact that she would be dead, but that very incongruity is something to laugh at in the first place. In a sense it's like a cycle that doesn't have a start and only exists because it exists, like if a version of you from the future appears and gives you schematics for a time machine, so you build it, go to the past and give those schematics to yourself… where did they appear from in the first place? The more you think of it the less sense it makes, but the less sense it makes the more fun it is, but then since fun is the point in the first place, maybe it all makes perfect sense in the end?
Anyway, now I just can't get that idea out of my mind, so I ended up not only using it in Ikiro (when Rin anticipates how her classmates laughter would fall on dead ears), but also three times in the extended version of Suspicious Silence (with how the twins engineered the most fun part to come not until they are already dead so they can't really experience it, which in turn only makes it more fun; second time is with the new console and violin; third time when Asami looks at Rin's corpse and thinks how Rin can't even experience the fun of her own death but that is exactly what makes it so fun… oh, and there's also a fourth time in the end, isn't it, when Asami concludes she should do something like this too and die in childbirth, huh) and now I'm using it again in this Black Ice story. I guess I'm overusing this concept too much already, but it's just so much fun to think of.
Anyway, I think I might take a break from writing for now. I've finished Die Young and then wrote Suspicious Silence and Ikiro and an extended version of Suspicious Silence in a pretty quick succession and have probably exhausted my writing potential for now. Fun ideas for how Len and Rin could kill themselves keep flooding my head, but they don't want to so easily turn into words anymore.


These are wondeful stories. I like your Len and Rin stories the best!


Well, they are having way too many "final deaths LOL

I do not see any problem with doing something for a laugh even if you can't laugh at that time. According to the semantic you can laugh in advance while thinking about what it will be at that time.

So if you still go back to that story I suppose Rin should be laughing while setting up everything and in the end, when everyone is observing her in confusion having no clue why she is laughing she gives a demonstration why LOL


Thank you!

Well, they're all different timelines, obviously. Even different Len and Rin probably, as you can see Rin's attitude in Ikiro is rather different.
As for laughing, sure Rin can laugh in advance thinking of what's to come, but one of the things she's laughing at is how she wouldn't be around to laugh at the actual most fun part, but then the reason she wouldn't be around is because she would die, which she is doing exactly for a good laugh. So in Ikiro it's like on top of playing a prank on her classmates she also plays a prank on her own self.
Or like when the game says "YOU DIED". Seeing their death be confirmed like that would make the twins overjoyed and trill with laughter, but in order for their death to be 'confirmed' like that they must be already dead by that point, making it impossible for them to actually see it. The only way for them to achieve this ultimate triumph is to make sure they don't achieve it, and that whole incongruity is what makes it so fun, because as Asami noted in Black Ice, incongruity is the base of humor.
So the source of fun in dying for fun is knowing you wouldn't even be around to actually experience that fun. Sorry, I'm just repeating the same idea again and again, but I can just keep talking about it forever because it just keeps sitting in my mind and I enjoy savoring it, and I enjoy imagining how much Len and Rin savored that idea from the moment they decided to die until they actually did.

One of other ideas that I tried to make into a 100 words story but didn't quite succeed, was with an orgasm on a guillotine. Len fucks Rin while she's on a guillotine with the intention of dropping the blade once she orgasms, and thinking how her orgasm would mean the end of her life makes Rin more exciting then ever and thus making the impending orgasm into the greatest orgasm ever. But in the process Rin comes up with an idea to drop the blade just before the orgasm, playing a prank on herself of depriving herself of the chance to actually feel her greatest orgasm, but by that achieving an even greater orgasm. Since Rin's head would already be cut off when her body reaches the orgasm, she wouldn't get to actually experience it, but that very idea is exactly what makes it so exciting and making that orgasm into the greatest possible, greater than she could hope to achieve if she actually got to experience it. So once again the way to achieve the greatest possible orgasm is to make sure she doesn't achieve it, and that paradox is exactly what makes that orgasm into the greatest possible.
Then maybe there can be an after scene where Len holds Rin's head to see her body going wild and she thinks how it is indeed the greatest orgasm and there is nothing she would love more but to feel it, but it's not a regret, but a happy thought, because she is glad she gave her life in order to not feel that orgasm, because it is exactly that which made it possible in the first place.


I readed similar ideas in Aybee's stories from DGF recently.


What is that and where can I read it?


and part 7 there:

And in casual stuff "Spur of the Moment" by Neverthriving is a great example:
or "One Last Bit of cleaning" by PitPeeker:

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