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It's been a while since my last /lit/ thread was gone, so I think that maybe it's time to finally revive it. Like, maybe new people appeared here after all that time who might find my sotires to their enjoyment, or maybe some of the old folk want to reread some of my stories and never saved them to their hard drive (I know I always do that: don't save the story I like and then curse myself for it when the thread is gone).

And since this thread is aimed at new people too, I'll start with an introduction.
So, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia. I write stories, photoshop pictures (see the Alteration thread on /g/) and sometimes translate them (see the Translations thread on /g/). My favorite charachters are Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, so you'll find them more often in my works then other charachters from other fandoms. My favorite kind of guro is consensual and even casual, so this is what you can expect from my works.
I tend to come up with a lot of ideas but never turn them into actual stories. I often discuss them in this thread. Firstly, in hope that will help me shape it better in my mind and eventually actually write it (it rarely happens, but not entirely hopeless). Secondly, in hope that someone else might be inspired by those ideas and write something on one of them it or not necessarily eactly on one of them, but just write something good (it happened at least once!) For that note that you can freely use any of my ideas (and even complete stories) as inspiration or direct base for your stories (would be great if you credit me). That's one of the reason they are here for. thridly, I just enjoy discussing the story ideas, and I hope people who discuss them with me enjoy it too. Fourthly, I post the ideas, most of which will never turn into actual stories, for the sake of them not being in vain. At least people can read and enjoy them as ideas, which I hope is better then never seeing them at all.

Now, a little insight in my Russian works. In case you can read Russian, you can just read them here:
I just want to say that in addition to what I post here, there's also that profile of mine on ficbook (a Russian fanfiction site). There are Russian versions of some of the guro stories I post here (as of now there is nothing guro-related that is posted on ficbook, but not on gurochan) and some original Russian non-guro hentai stories in various states of completion (as of now none is really complete, but some are still worth reading). The one titled Innocence started with a little piece in English I originally posted here on gurochan, but it didn't interest people as it had no guro, so that's why since then I'm writing my non-guro hentai stories in Russian for ficbook. I would be willing to translate some of them into English though if people show interest (which is why I write about them here in the first place). So in hope that it ignites your interest, I'll put short summaries for them below. (Or maybe you're not really interested in reading the whole story, but reading it's summary here got you any thoughts, maybe an advice or idea I can implement in that setting, or you just want to voice your oppinion on it, anyway if you have anything to say, then by all means please do so).

Fandom: Vocaloids.
World summary: Near future (household robots - yes, space empires - no). The Vocaloid Project is a school for gifted children in Japan. Vocaloidville, where the school is located, is built just for the purpose of housing it's students and teachers, so it consists almost entirely of children. With all the new technology and households robots they can live by themselves just fine. Minimal control from adults outside school, and even inside school it's very liberal. It's like a children's paradise. Also, the Soviet Union stretches from China to at least France, I wrote it like that just because I could.
Story summary: In the center of the story is a pair of twins - Kagamine Rin and Len. They've been always studying at home before and somehow lack some basic knowledge. Namely, they are totally unaware that wearing clothes is not only for the sake of warmth and fashion. And also unaware of sex. As an example, in the beginning of the story there is a scene where Len accidentally rubs his penis all over Rin's face as he's trying to reach his clothes leaning over her. Len himself doesn't pay any attention to it, and Rin starts from paying little attention (a bit annoyed, but not enough to actually move away) to actually enjoying it (not in a sexual way though, but more like cuddling). Soon they discover masturbation and eventually sex, but it never occurs to think of it as something else but a fun game that can be played with friends (and a stranger for them is just a friend they haven't met yet). And so they do, adding more charachters in the fun, namely: Hatsune Miku who turns out to be quite perverted herself (she does realise it's perverted though), Luo Tianyi, a naive empathetic girl from Soviet Union who tries her best to befriend everyone, but happens to get the idea of how it's done in Japan from the Kagamine twins, kudere Gumi who brings ignored sex to the story, Gakupo and Pico who bring some yaoi (don't turn away at this point! It's really cute and sweet. Also just a little bit of it that can be skipped) and Flower who is planned to be into BDSM (haven't written this far yet though). Also, apart from sex, the story has a lot of pee showering, pee drinking, pee peeing and whatever. After I've added pee into the story it kinda got out of control, but I can't say I'm unhappy with the results.
Status: I keep updating it in short portions (like 2-4 pages) from time to time, the progress is not fast, but it's definitely alive. I don't have a long-term plan for the story, but so far it works just fint with cute kids doing cute sex. I also do have some short-term plan to keep going for now.

Alisa Seleznyova's dress
Fandom: Alisa's adventures by Kir Bulychov (alt. transliteration: Bulychev), a Soviet/Russian series of children sci-fi/fairy-tale books on adventures of a little girl (about 13 in most books, younger in first ones) Alisa Seleznyova (alt. transliteration: Selezneva) in the end of the XXI century (with spaceships, aliens, space pirates, time machine and whatnot). Alisa's father is the director of the Cosmozoo (a zoo where they keep space animals) and she herself studies biology, so there is also a lot of weird alien creatures in the books like tigerrats and flying cows (which for a hentai fanfitcion writer like me means lots of chances for beastiality).
World summary: Pretty much the same as in the books, but social norms evolved to see no shame in nudity and sex, even in public. The bio-engeneering of humans led them to not have any hair safe from on the head, so there's no unseemly bushes to hide behind panties. So the fashion of the future mostly reveals private parts (and it is not considered sexy, totally casual). A cat costume that includes a butt-plugged tail is even considered childish. The mentioned bio-engeneering also made people able to bear low temperatures, so winter clothes don't have to cover private parts either, but still use some traditionally winter parts and materials. Say, a pair of gloves and a scarf on a naked body constitute a totally casual winter costume. Wearing a lot of clothes is being showy, not wearing anything at all is being modest or just indifferent to fashion.
Story summary: On the first day of summer holidays Alisa vies through her wardrobe trying to pick what to wear today. A number of costumes are described, most of them don't hide privates, but some do to demostrate how there's no real difference if the privates are shown or not, that would be equally all right. Alisa can't choose and in the end decides to just not bother and go naked as it is a totally valid choice in this world. On her way to the bio-station [where she studies biology and conducts experiments with friends - that part is from the original books] she gets in an awkward situation where she has to give a stranger a blow job and eventually deepthroat him, but it's not the oral sex that is awkward, in fact it is totally casual and no one thinks much of it. The taste of cum leads Alisa to remember another such situation. Then she arrives at the bio-station, meets with friens, and some more situations that are sexy by our standarts but totally casual for that world occurs (namely: a girl having sex with a dolphin, boys shooting cum at each other as a part of a childish game, a girl having her face heavily covered in cum). There's even a bit of scat, but just a bit, where a boy puts his fingers in other boys' butts then lets Alisa lick the fingers to see if she can determine by the taste which is whose. See, totally innocent and cute, right? Or you can just skip this part.
Status: This one's complicated. My initial idea was no not even include any sex, just show a world where nudiy is casual and fashion is influenced by that. Just an ordinary day in Alisa's life, only she spends it naked, but the point was that it doesn't make any difference. And it was like that until Alisa got outside and that situation with the ice-cream she dropped on a stranger's dick got into my mind and it was so hot I couldn't hold back from writing it. Then the concept changed to a world where sex is not ashamed of, but still not something that happens on every step, and Alisa is still a virgin, and another girl is doing a research on wether virginigy has anything to do with innocence, and in the end of the story Alisa has sex, and everyone note that even if she's not a virgin anymore, she's still as innocent as ever. But as I kept writing, more and more sex popped up, and at this rate for Alisa to still be a virgin she had to intentionally avoid it, but that's not the way I want it. So now I have to think of another plot that won't deal with anyone's virginity before I can continue. I have a couple of ideas, but they're more long-term, and what I lack is a more short-term plan. So this sotry is paused for a while.

Swimsuit season
Fandom: same as above
World summary: same as above
Story summary: Alisa and her friends spend some time on a river, swimming, having sex and other fun things.
Status: It's just a couple of pages with only reaches the point where they go swimming (in the nude, of course). Also on the way to the river their costumes are described. I've started writing this story before the Dress one, but now I think I'll just turn this one into one of the future chapters of the Dress one eventually. So it's also paused.

Slavya and the horse
Fandom: Everlasting Summer, a Russian VN (English version available on Steam) and The Herbalist, a VN-styled puzzle game by some of the same authors.
World summary: The Herbalist's protagonist is the herbalist girl Slavya based on the same mascot Slavya-tan as the charachter by the same name from Everlasting Summer. The village setting from The Herbalist was perfect for sex with a horse, but The Herbalist doesn't have any other charachters then Slavya, and so I populated the village with the charachters from Everlasting Summer. Also, nudity and sex are casual, even if it's with a horse. Not that people have sex on every corner, but the fact that Slavya is willing to have sex with anyone, even with a horse, is not seen as anything other that her being a very nice and kind girl. Only for the male protagonist Semyon the local customs are a surprise.
Story summary: Originally was intended to be focused on Slavya having sex with a horse, then Semyon comes and asks her to go swim in the river with other kids to show how this is all casual. But in the middle of the horse scene where Semyon appears I wanted to write a couple of lines about him to introduce the charachter, but instead of couple of lines I've now written more than a dozen of pages of a flashback of Semyon arriving to the village, meeting other charachters, learning local customs, befriending Slavya etc... and I'm not done with it yet. For comparison: there are 2 pages before Slavya gets to the horse and 4 of actual horse action (which is not finished though, as Semyon with his flashback appeared in the middle of it). I'm now wondering if I should change the title and the concept.
Status: Last updated yesterday, so totally alive.

And this concludes the part about Russian stories.

I'll now post one of my old stories and will post another one every day or so until I post all of them.
You also must be wondering if I have anything new. Sorry, guys, not really. But just today I've read a guro story on Everlasting Summer which was in Russian, but I'm considering translating it. It's short and lacks detailed descriptions, girls die too fast and some of them (including my favourite Slavya) are already dead by the start of the story. So my first intention upon reading it was to rewrite it with proper details and also adding actual guro scenes for girls already dead. But then I thought as with many other ideas there's no guaranty of when and if I'll get to actually writing it. So I decided just translating it instead (and it doesn't mean I can't do a rewrite in the future, right?). It's short, as I mentioned, so totally doable and won't take long. I'll probably post it as soon as I finish translating it, so keep track on my thread to not lose it among all the old stories I'll be reposting. The title is "Guro in the mines".
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Приятные рассказы :) Спасибо


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Wait, what, it also had neither Rin's boyfriend's nor Len's girlfriend's name? They were supposed to be Kaito and Gumi, as far as I remember.
Damn, I was like "oh, I missed Yuki's name, well, no big deal, quick fix", while actually half the names were missing...
I feel like an idiot.


This is mostly a copied scene from Hibike! Euphonium Season 2 Episode 11 "Hatsukoi Trumpet" with some dialogue changed. You might want to rewatch it first. Or after reading this, replacing the dialogue with that from this story in your head. Or have it side by side. Anyway, it goes from 07:17 until 11:50.

Yakusoku no Élégie

(Hibike! Euphonium, death, consensual)

At that evening Kumiko felt almost choking under the weight of loneliness. Ever since her elder sister knocked heads with their parents and moved out to live her own life, the atmosphere at home was rather detached. Or maybe it was always that way? As if they weren’t even a family, but just some strangers who happened to live under the same room and only tolerated the presence of each other because they had no other place to go.
Kumiko’s father was working late as usual, though she wouldn’t be surprised if on that day it came not out of a necessity, but rather out of being not so eager to come home. Kumiko was leisurely eating her supper in a silent company of her mother who in spite of sitting at the same table looked distant and unreachable. Kumiko couldn’t really blame her though as her own thoughts were also far from home. What bothered her the last few days was how she was seemingly avoided by Reina, her… bandmate? Friend? Beloved? What exactly do these words mean anyway? Kumiko couldn’t just put a label on Reina like that. Reina was Reina. She was special, different from anyone else. Ah, what an exercise in futility, trying to put feelings into words. Maybe she could try expressing them with music instead? Kumiko wondered what kind of piece it could have been…
As if waiting for Kumiko to think of music, a melody sounded from her phone signaling an incoming text message. Oh, and it was from Reina too. Finally a reply after several days of seemingly unprovoked ignoration. Not quite the reply Kumiko hoped for though, as it said: “I am going to kill you”. Before she could even comprehend it, the second message appeared on the screen: “Can you come out right now?” Well, at least Kumiko would have a chance to talk to Reina before being killed.
“Sheesh, Kumiko,” her mother sighed, “Doesn’t dad tell you not to play with your phone over dinner?”
“Yeah…” Kumiko replied absentmindedly as she typed “Okay” and sent it back.
She wondered if she should forego dinner and come out right now just as Reina asked. Reina wasn’t a kind of person to joke about killing people, so Kumiko would most probably not need that supper anyway. But if she just dashes away in the middle of eating, it would look suspicious. So for now Kumiko has just put her phone aside and returned to her food as if nothing happened.
“Thanks for the meal”, Kumiko recited when she finished.
“You can go, I’ll wash the dishes”, her mother commented.
“Thanks”, Kumiko said, rising from the table. “I think I’ll go for a walk”.
“At this hour?” mother sighed. “Try to come home before dad does if you don’t want him to get mad”.
“Sure”, Kumiko replied as she headed out.
She knew she wouldn’t come home before dad or ever, but it’s not like she could tell her mother she was going to be killed.

Kumiko ran to the meeting place to compensate for the time she spent finishing her dinner, but of course Reina was already there waiting. Since she told to come ‘right now’ she had probably already been there when she sent the text.
“Sorry”, Kumiko apologized as she tried to catch her breath. “I’m late”.
Reina didn’t reply and just headed away. What, did she call for her just to ignore her face to face? Or did she mean she wanted Kumiko to follow? Thankfully, Reina had deigned to break the silence before getting too far to be heard.
“Let’s go to the Daikichi Mountain”, she said.
“Huh? Why?” Kumiko wondered, but followed obediently.
“I’ll push you down from it”, Reina explained.
They went up the stairs in awkward silence, cicadas chirping only emphasizing the lack of spoken words. Or was it only awkward for Kumiko? Reina was steadily leading the way, lighting the path with a flashlight, while Kumiko was stumblingly staggering behind not even daring to glance at Reina’s back, instead looking around as if in hope to stumble onto a suitable topic to start a conversation with, but there was only the darkness of the night forest. Well, darkness it is then…
“It’s so dark, isn’t it?” Kumiko noted totally failing to sound natural.
“Want to leave then?” Reina countered without even looking back at Kumiko.
“No, that’s not what I meant!” Kumiko hurried to assure.
“You know I’m going to invoke the promise, right?” Reina didn’t even bother to stop walking.
“I guess so”, Kumiko replied.
So that was it then. The promise they had that if Kumiko ever betrays Reina, Reina can kill her. Kumiko only wished she knew what her betrayal was. Not because she wanted to make sure it’s worth killing her. As long as it’s by Reina’s hands, Kumiko was fine to die on her whim. But Reina wasn’t a kind of person to kill on a whim. If she wants to kill Kumiko, she must really feel betrayed. And it bothered Kumiko that she had hurt Reina so much without even realizing it.
“Do you know why?” Reina continued her stiff-necked interrogation.
“Uh, well, in a way…” Kumiko mumbled uncertainly. “More like: is it that thing, I wonder?”
“That thing?” Reina has finally stopped and it didn’t seem like a good sign.
“If you don’t know, you should just say so”, Reina coldly decreed.
“But how am I supposed to know?!” Kumiko’s voice wavered as her clumsy pretense broke. “We were just talking normally! I didn’t do anything different! I didn’t say anything!”
“That’s the point”, Reina said.
“Eh?” Kumiko didn’t have the time to process Reina’s words, as Reina was already continuing her way up, so Kumiko followed shortly.

“We made it…” Kumiko sighed as they have finally arrived to the sightseeing platform. “So cold”, she shivered, as the forest didn’t protect her from the wind anymore.
Reina didn’t let herself be dragged into an empty conversation again and just silently came up to the railing. She gazed over the night city for some time and then…
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” she screamed her lungs out as if trying to banish something from her soul.
“Reina…” Kumiko breathed out sympathetically, not daring to come by.
“Kumiko,” Reina called and Kumiko flinched at hearing her name. “You knew, didn’t you?”
“Eh?” Kumiko was still confused.
“About Taki-sensei’s wife”, Reina elaborated, the coldness in her voice giving way to grief.
“Ah…” Kumiko was startled now. “How do you..?”
“When we returned the keys to Taki-sensei, I saw the photo and couldn’t help but wonder. I asked Hashimoto-sensei and he said: aah, did Oumae-san tell you?”
“I see…” was all that Kumiko could say.
Finally, for the first time since they started their way up the mountain, Reina looked back at Kumiko, her eyes full of sorrow.
“Why did you hide it from me?” she asked.
“Because I didn’t want to hurt you”, Kumiko replied firmly.
“I know”, Reina said, her own voice wavering now. “You wanted the best for me and I can’t be mad at that. But even if you betrayed out of good intentions, I still have to kill you. That was the promise”, Kumiko noticed the teardrops forming in the corners of Reina’s eyes.
“I’m sorry”, Kumiko said. “So you weren’t ignoring me because you were mad”, she understood. “You were avoiding having to kill me”.
“I was shocked by how weak I am”, Reina said, turning back to the city again not to let Kumiko see her tears. “When I realized I’d have to kill you, I freaked out like crazy. *gulp* I… *sniff* I don’t know how I could even make a promise like that? I’m the worst…”
Kumiko came by and sat on the rail next to Reina, her back to the city.
“But I realize that at the moment I have to focus on the Nationals”, Reina dared to look at Kumiko again. “That’s why I called you here. To kill you off and forget about it for now”.
“Mm-hmm”, Kumiko nodded as she gently took Reina’s hand in hers and put it on her chest. “You might say once again that I’m awful for saying this, but his wife is no more”.
Reina’s eyes sparkled in the moonlight full with tears as she pushed the other girl over the railing.
“I’m rooting for you”, Kumiko smiled before slipping down.
A sad trumpet could be heard over the Daikichi mountain that night.

(Author’s note: here’s the Daikichi mountain sightseeing platform It doesn't look like you can really fall do death here, but for artistic purposes let’s imagine there is a vertical cliff instead. It’s not like you knew it was a real place before I gave you the link anyway).


Bump. Check this guy's stuff!


Unfortunately I still don't have any new stories finished.
So maybe I'll throw in something old and unfinished.
This seems to by my only story with original characters, isn't it?
Unfortunately, didn't go very far.
Anyway, here it goes...

Siyana's Daily Life

(various sorts of guro, just a bit of scat, all casual)

Siyana woke up from a funny sensation in her nether regions. She stretched out, savoring the pleasant sensation, before opening her eyes to see what it was. As she expected, the twelve-year-old girl found herself leisurely lying in her bed. Her body wasn’t covered by any type of clothes or bed sheets, which made it impossible not to notice how her prolapsed cervix was sticking out of her pussy. Apparently, her brother a bit overdid with bedtime fisting. So now, their pet dog Rex, who used to wake Siyana up by licking her pussy, was taking advantage and yummily chewing the girl’s cervix.
“Oh, it’s you, Rex”, Siyana gave him a pat on the head with her left hand. “Thanks for always waking me up”.
“Woof!” the dog replied cheerfully without letting the girl’s cervix out of its jaws.
Keeping patting Rex’s head with one hand, Siyana assumed a sitting position in her bed and took the alarm clock from the bedside table to turn off the alarm. It was seven o’clock in the morning, which meant there was still a whole hour before the school starts.
Meanwhile Rex rested his forelegs on Siyana’s thighs, sunk his fangs deep into the girl’s cervix and pulled. The cervix stretched out of the girl’s pussy for good ten centimeters, the sensation of it almost tearing off making the girl throw back her head and produce a moan of pleasure. The dog stopped and looked ingratiatingly in Siyana’s eyes, while lively waging his tail.
“Hee-hee”, the girl giggled as she realized what her dog was going for. “It’s okay, let me help you”, she said as she put the alarm clock back and took a knife instead.
It was a segmented blade utility knife that Siyana kept on her bedside table at nights as she often played with it. She positioned it in the middle of the sticking out part of her cervix and began to cut it, as Rex helped by holding the loose end in his jaws. Before the cut was complete, the force of dog pulling became enough to tear off his part of cervix, sending jolts of orgasm through Siyana’s body.
“Here you are”, Siyana said panting. “Enjoy your meal”.
“Woof!” the dog replied happily as it retreated to a room’s corner to savor the obtained meat without disturbance.
Siyana examined her end of the torn cervix. The part she did with the knife was cut clean and neat, but the part where it was torn off by force looked like a mess. Siyana fixed it with some more cutting, throwing the freshly cut pieces down her throat, appreciating the exquisite taste. No wonder Rex couldn’t resist it.
Another problem was all the blood that gushed from the open wound. Siyana didn’t want to pass out of blood loss just after she woke up. The knife wasn’t of help here, but before putting it back on the night table, there was one more use for it. Siyana positioned the knife vertically right in front of her face and licked it, pressing her tongue hard against the blade, so that it was cut in two. She swallowed the blood and moved her now split tongue around inside her mouth to check its flexibility. It worked all right, after a bit of practice she could even move each part almost independently. Satisfied by the result, the girl finally got up from the bed and approached the desk to examine the stationery
“Here it is!” the girl said as she found a stapler.
With this she proceeded to a full-length mirror and carefully fixed her cervix with several staples along the tear. There was still some blood dripping, but instead of a wild waterfall gushing straight down it was now forming elegant red lines along the curves of her legs. Since Siyana was at the mirror anyway, she also took the chance to comb her short-cut strawberry blond hair that framed her fair face with big green eyes shining with cheerfulness.
“Good morning, sunshine”, she heard a voice from the doorway.
“Morning, Stoyan”, the girl replied, staying focused on combing her hair, as she could see her brother in the mirror. Athletic fourteen-year-old boy with chestnut hair in a standard men’s “just cut it short” haircut and brown eyes was as naked as his sister, revealing his morning wood. Stoyan came up and hugged his little sister from behind with his erect dick pressing against her back. Siyana finally put away the hair comb and turned her head to give her brother a loving kiss, playing with his tongue using her two halves, and letting the blood from the fresh wound add its unique flavor to the kiss.
“Oh, you’ve cut your tongue?” Stoyan noticed.
“Just felt like trying that”, Siyana answered. “What do you think of it?” she asked as she stuck her tongue out and spread the halves apart to better demonstrate the split.
“It’s good to try new things from time to time”, Stoyan said. “Just don’t overdo it to the point of getting bored”.
“Yeah, just like you did with fisting”, Siyana commented. “You didn’t even care to put my cervix back in, so it became Rex’s breakfast”, she showed her stapled cervix.
“Woof!” the dog barked, proudly demonstrating that he ate all of his share.
“Ha-ha-ha!” Stoyan couldn’t help laughing at it. “Sorry”.
“It’s all right”, Siyana said. “It was a funny way to wake up”.
“Well then, let’s go to the bathroom”, Stoyan suggested.
“Sure thing”, his sister replied, taking his erect dick in her hand and leading the way.

“Sunshine”, Stoyan asked as they came to the bathroom. “Can I try masturbating with your cervix?”
“Please do”, Siyana answered. “Just let me have some dick cheese first”.
Siyana licked the delicious cheese with her split tongue, savoring its peculiar taste, before taking a sit on the edge of the bathtub. Stoyan then took her prolapsed cervix in his right hand and positioned his dick next to the entrance. There was enough blood for a lubricant, so he didn’t do any foreplay and just shoved his dick inside, or rather put sister’s cervix on his dick as a sex toy. The staples’ ends scratched his dick, providing additional stimulation. Finding that to his liking, Stoyan moved the living sex toy back and forth on his dick, scratching it to blood. Soon he felt an imminent orgasm coming.
“Cumming!” he notified as he pulled his bloody dick out of his sister.
Siyana knew what to do and quickly assumed a kneeling position on the floor and took her brother’s dick with her lips. The next moment a stream of hot semen began rapidly filling her mouth, mixing with some blood that came from her tongue, from her cervix and from her brother’s dick. As Stoyan saw his sister couldn’t fit any more cum in her mouth, he withdrew his dick from it and let the rest of the cum cover her beautiful face. Finally, as he finished cumming, the boy kneeled before his sister and licked his cum from her face until it was clean before they kissed and shared the cum evenly. Without saying anything to not spill any cum the siblings stood up, came up to the sink with a mirror over it, took their toothbrushes and brushed their teeth with the foamy cum, pink from all the blood. After properly brushing their teeth, they swallowed the cum.
“Wow”, Stoyan said as he finally could speak. “I wonder what a proper blowjob would feel with that split tongue of yours”.
“We don’t have time for that now”, Siyana replied. “Maybe next time”.
“I’ll hold you to that,” Stoyan said. “Ready for a wash?”
“Sure”, Siyana answered and once again lowered to her knees.
Her brother aimed his now rather limp dick on her face and released all the pee that collected in his bladder overnight. Siyana kept her eyes open for the pleasant tingling her brother’s pee made when getting in them and took time to wash her face with her hands under the stream. A lot of it flowed down on her body, making it sparkle gold and smell nice.
“Thanks”, Siyana said to her brother for helping her washing her face. “Now it’s your turn”, and they repeated the same procedure with roles changed.

As Siyana prepared breakfast, Stoyan went to check the kids’ room. He discovered that Snovid, Siyana’s eldest son from her father, was already awake. The five-year-old boy was sitting on the edge of the bed masturbating as he had a neurohelmet on his head being his only piece of clothing. Behind his back on the bed was peacefully sleeping his little sister Lada, three-year-old daughter of Siyana and Stoyan. Stoyan came up to unnoticing Snovid and forcefully pulled the helmet of his head.
“Huh?” without stopping his masturbation, the boy looked around in confusion, as if he couldn’t comprehend where he was, only after a few seconds his eyes focused on his uncle.
Stoyan put the helmet on his own head to check what it was running. As soon as it established connection with his brain, Stoyan suddenly felt immense pain all over his body so that he could barely stand straight. As he expected, the neurohelmet was set for direct pain induction. Stoyan fought the urge to enjoy it more and put the helmet off.
“So you’re playing helmet first thing in the morning”, he noted strictly.
“Sorry…” Snovid replied, but he didn’t sound like he really was, not with his hand still stroking his dick.
Stoyan took the kid’s head with his hands and forced his dick, erect from trying the helmet, right in Snovid’s left eye, immediately destroying it. But before Stoyan could enjoy some eye-socket sex, Snovid pushed him back. The kid screamed of pain and retreated to the farther side of the bed, crawling over Lada, with his dick immediately cumming due to such stimulation and spouting semen all over the girl’s face.
“Mmm…” woken up Lada moaned as she instinctively licked the cum from her lips before opening her eyes. “Ah, daddy! Good morning!”
“Good morning, Lada”, Stoyan said. “Look, your brother is so obsessed with that virtual pain, he can’t even stand some real”.
“Whataver…” Snovid said through tears. “In a month I’ll be six and get to live on my own”.
“Daddy, you don’t have to be so harsh to Snovid”, Lada gently said as she got from under the blanket, standing on her knees and hugging her brother from behind to comfort him, her nakedness revealing a vibrating pink dildo in her pussy that must have been there through all the night. “And if you want to have some eye-fuck, you can always use me”.
“Just go wash your faces, you two, and come to have breakfast”, Stoyan sighed.
“Okay~!” Lada answered lively and dragged her brother out of the room, seemingly not even noticing the vibrator falling out of her pussy on the way.
Stoyan picking it up with a warm smile and licked Lada’s juices from it before turning the vibration off and putting it on the wireless charging shelf along with the neurohelmet and other toys. After that he approached a cradle where in a mix of their own excrements slept the newborn twin girls Snezhana and Tsvetana. They were Siyana’s daughters from unknown man or, most probably, two different men, as Tsveta’s brown skin gave out her partly African origin while Snezha’s skin was even more fair than her mother’s. The babies were woken up by all the noise and looked like they were considering if they should start crying.
“It’s all right, all right”, Stoyan gently said as he took the shit-stained babies out of their cradle and put them on the bed. “I’m going to feed you now”.
He put his dick to Tsveta’s lips first and she started sucking on it, so that soon it produced her favorite kind of milk. Stoyan made sure to only let half of his cum out before putting his dick in Snezha’s mouth to release the rest. With their hunger satisfied, the girls laughed happily and as Stoyan one after another put them back in their cradle, which was slowly but steadily turning into a shit bath, they peed onto him as if in gratitude.
“Such little girls, but you can already tell the best moment to pee”, Stoyan said proudly, licking the pee from his lips. “You two will go places for sure!”
After admiring for a bit how the twins proceeded to their favorite game of smearing the fecal masses on each other bodies until they are both equally brown, Stoyan left the room.

Meanwhile in the dining room Siyana was serving the breakfast when Snovid and Lada got there.
“Have you washed yourselves?” Siyana asked. “Ah, I see, you did”, she added as she noticed how the kids were glistering in each other’s pee. “Please, sit down”.
The table was surrounded by metal poles about one meter tall and two inches in diameter, each ending with a bit thicker ball. Snovid helped Lada climb on one and shove the ball in her pussy before letting her go. Lada fell with all her weight on the pole, the ball tearing through her cervix and hitting hard the inside of her womb. The shock immediately sent the girl into the realm of orgasm, and as her feet couldn’t reach the floor, she was shaking in pleasure while all of her weight kept resting on the ball in her womb. Snovid didn’t wait for her orgasm to end before pushing a button near the base of the pole which made the ball on the end release spikes, fixing its position in Lada’s womb. After helping his sister assume her seat, Snovid sat on the one next to hers, shoving the pole in his ass until he was at comfortable height at the table before fixing it in place with spikes.
“So, Snovid, what happened to your eye?” Siyana asked, as she sat opposite to kids.
“Well… um…” the boy mumbled.
“I just went a bit overboard licking his eye”, Lada came to his defense, “and accidentally gouged it”.
“Right, right, that’s how it was”, Snovid hurried to confirm.





Wow, that was... Something.

I don't know for l how to describe it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!


This was really good. Totally fits what I like too.
I even think I could so some pictures for this story or maybe all comic. if you are willing to do some editing and putting speech bubbles.



I'm glad you like my story, but I wonder if it is indeed worth it to turn it into a comic. After all it's not even a proper finished story, just a couple of pages of some randomness that just stops in the middle of a conversation.

Though I had a whole world concept behind it in my head, I'll try to write it down, so if anyone's interested, feel free to pick it up.

The setting is a utopia where robots do all the work, all the material needs are fulfilled for free, the world is united and governed by a computer network called "Heaven". All people have nanomachines in them that synchronize their brain with a digital copy in the cloud. If a person dies, they are restored in a clone body with their brain restored from the digital copy. One can say it is still death and it's just a copy who gets to live on, not the original person. But since the synchronization is in real time and the nanomachines get into a person before they even have the brain (probably they populate every cell of the body, so the eggs and sperms too, so they have nanomachines in them before they are even conceived), there is no point in considering the organic brain the main one. And if you look at if from the point of view of the digital brain, it doesn't die every time a body dies, so the experience is perfectly continuous. Think of it as if the digital brain is the actual person while a human body is just a temporary replaceable vessel for it. This way you can die for the fun of it as many times as you want.
The nanomachines can also repair some amount of damage to human body. Simple cuts and bruises go without saying. But you can also go all the way and cut off your limb and you don't have to care about blood loss, the limb won't regrow, but the blood will stop rather quickly, new blood will be generated to account for the loss. The exception is major blood vessels in the neck, the blood loss is rapid and deprives the brain itself of blood, so you pass out before it can be repaired. Still, it will be repaired and you'll be revived and wake up perfectly fine. So you can just cut your neck in case you want to fall asleep quickly or in an environment that is to noisy for you to sleep on your own for example.
More severe damage, like a missing limb, can be repaired in a shcool's infirmary. Which is probably quicker then dying and waiting to respawn, otherwise they wouldn't bother. So let's say regrowing a limb might take a few hours and growing a whole new clone body - a few days. Now, the reason they don't just store those bodies beforehand is probably to prevent people from spending all the time just dying again and again for the fun of it.
Either due to help of nanomachines or some genetic engineering or both people are also:
- immune to cold; they probably still feel it, but it doesn't harm them, so they got used to it and learned to enjoy the sensation just as they learned to enjoy pain;
- can digest or at least harmlessly eat mostly anything. What is rotten food for us is totally all right for them as long as they don't mind the taste. Eating shit probably doesn't give them much calories as it's already stripped from all the valuable stuff, but won't hurt either, so the ones who enjoy its taste can eat it without hesitation. Drinking pee goes without saying. Eating dirt or sand or something won't hurt them either. More solid things like iron nails might hurt by physically damaging the eater's insides, but that's not a problem of digesting.
- don't use drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, as the nanomachines would do their best to neutralize them anyway. And who would want drugs when you can have fun by cutting up your little sister, fucking her head, then jumping from a skyscraper, and you both will be just fine.
- develop faster, both mentally and physically. A person is considered adult since the age of six, or for girls since giving their first birth if that happens earlier (most to at 6 anyway).
- cute and beautiful, so they can go naked without having to worry that it might be aesthetically not pleasing. Which includes not having body hair.

- The "Heaven" actually consists of digital brains of previous generations.
- The best age to "ascend" to "Heaven" is considered to be right after graduating from school: the brain is still young and healthy, but already has all the basic knowledge and experience. This is why the graduation ceremony in this world resembles one from Juan Gotoh's manga, only with no parents to see it (though younger siblings, children, friends etc might come as audience instead). The graduates are killed one final time, probably with a method of their choosing, and then instead of being revived in a new cloned body their digital brain is connected to the "Heaven" where it's individual consciousness will dissolve in the whole over some time (which is said to be very very pleasant).
- It is also considered good to have some diversity in Heaven, so not everyone ascends on the day of their graduation. Some are allowed to ascend younger for various accomplishments, like having best grades in class in the end of each school year, or winning sports competitions. Others choose not to ascend on the graduation day to continue their education, either because they're interested in some subject or because they're determined to contribute more experience to Heaven. They can choose to ascend whenever they want (which is usually within next 5-10 years, in rare cases up to 20 years). During that time they also have an obligation to be teachers in schools, which is the only job still held by humans. Which also means there are no teachers in further education, so it's all about self-education actually. On the other hand since people in this future are also intellectually superior than us, the level they study in high school is about what we study in university. So further education in their world goes even further, to the point where its as much learning from prior knowledge as doing their own scientific research.
- Since people are immune to cold, the need of clothes doesn't exist. Clothes exist, but serve only decorative purpose, like jewelry. Not wearing anything is casual, wearing just a small piece or few that don't really cover anything is cute, wearing a luxurious fancy dress is fashionable (might or might not cover private parts), but wearing clothes that both covers a lot and is not fancy enough to make it look fashionable (so basically most real world outfits) is bad taste.
- Sex and even snuff is free. For sex you don't even need to ask for permission, just start fucking them and they'll let you know if it's unwanted. For injuring someone you're supposed to at least grab their attention first so that they're aware of your plans and don't show any sing that they mind. For killing someone you should properly ask them for permission. However these aren't really laws, just an accepted standard of behavior. If you fuck, injure and kill people who clearly express discontent with it, you'll be considered rude and if you keep doing it people might start avoiding you or fight you back with your own means, but you won't get into jail or something. If nothing can meaningfully harm a person, the concept of crime becomes virtually non-existent. It should also be noted that most people see sex, pain and death as fun, so you'll have to try to find ones who actively oppose it first. Also, the norms apply among strangers, of course in your family you can have your own norms, like if you know your beloved daughter will never mind you killing her, then you don't have to ask for permission and can try and take her by surprise.
- For children you also want to make sure their legal guardian doesn't mind. Also for children younger then 1 year it is considered harmful for their development to injure and kill them too much.
- Speaking of children's development, by the age of 1 year they can walk and talk more or less fine and so considered to be independent enough to not require constant supervision. So they can be left home alone or let to play outside and explore the city all by themselves. Or even left in charge of younger babies. Actually, as long as their legal guardian doesn't mind, they can just live by themselves on the streets. If food is free and nothing can harm you in any meaningful way, why not.
- Speaking of cities, since all the population is schoolchildren and teachers, they're actually settlements around schools, little enough to not require cars to navigate. Bicycles, push scooters and such might be in use, but there's just no need for cars in cities even if they're electrically powered. Cars might be used to travel between cities though.
- Now, about families. A concept of marriage as some special legal status doesn't exist. People might fall in love with each other and live together, but there's no legal procedure about it and property doesn't become shared. Also relationships have nothing to do with sex because everyone has sex with everyone anyway. So two (or more) straight men might choose to live together if they like the company of each other and while they won't have sex with each other, they won't see any contradictions in it because for them sex and cohabitation are not connected in the first place. That is, if sexual orientations still exist which probably doesn't fit with not needing their permission before starting to fuck anyone. But even if everyone is bisexual, if there are two people who want to live together and for some reason don't want to have sex with each other, while the latter might be seen as weird, nobody will consider it having any effect on the former.
- Since everyone has sex with everyone, usually nobody knows who the father of the baby is and they don't really care. Even if the father is known, only the mother is a legal guardian of the child and the father has no rights of his own. If the mother wants so, she can also live with the father of her baby as a family, but it's her right to choose.
- Every adult (6+) person has a right to own a house (which are build by robots in any quantity necessary). They don't have to invoke that right if they're fine living in someone else's or just on the streets (if it's acceptable for children, then even more so for adults). If they do invoke it, they are given a house from the pool of unowned houses, and they can invite other adults to live with them (who then get to agree or decline). If they have any wards (children or adoptive children), they'll automatically move in too. The owner can also kick them out whenever they want. The cohabitants don't have a say in the owner's choosing of other cohabitants, because there's no point in democracy when you can vote by moving out any moment.
- An owner can give their house away to someone in particular (who also has to accept it) or just return in to the pool.
- If you owned a house and then moved into someone else's without giving out yours, your ownership is preserved for, say, a month in case you would want to come back. During that month you can't invite or kick out inhabitants, though they can move out on their own. Then if you don't return after a month, the house returns to the pool.
- If the owner didn't show up at their house for a month, then even if they didn't move in with someone else, their house returns to the pool as the owner is considered to have abandoned it.
- If the owner ascends to heaven, their hose is returned to the pool.
- When a house is returned to the pool, there's order of "inheritance" (in quotes because the owner doesn't have to actually ascend for it to happen), in which some people can claim the house. The order of relationship for it might look about like this:
1) owner's mother if the owner is not adopted;
2) owner's children;
3) owner's siblings;
4) owner's aunts and uncles if the owner is not adopted;
5) owner's grandmother, if neither the owner nor the mother are adopted;
6) owner's grandchildren;
7) owner's cousins;
Then the actual order of inheritance is:
1) any coinhabitants in order of relationship;
2) all the other relatives in order of relationship;
3) any other coinhabitants;
The order withing the same group of relationship is by seniority.
Now, that doesn't mean the first person in that order who happens to be alive will inherit.
First, one person can only own one house at a time.
Which means, first: one would only claim the house if they want this house in particular.
Second: to claim it for themselves one should either not own a house already or give their old house up (either finding a new owner for it or opening another inheritance). But there's also a trick that you can claim a house for someone else, though they have to accept it. Basically as if you claimed it for yourself and then gave it up, but saves your ownership of your other house. But you might have a hard time finding someone who's not in the line of inheritance already but for some reason wants this house in particular.
If nobody claims the house, it is properly returned to the pool where it can be given to a random person.
- The inhabitants of the house which is returned to the pool can keep living there (though the chances are if they want to live there, one of them would just claim it for themselves, but I'll leave this paragraph here just in case), but can not to invite new cohabitants or kick out each other, though they of course can still move out on their own.
- A mother has a right to give up her child for adoption in following ways:
a) find an adoptive parent by herself and give up a child upon mutual agreement, this implies the mother takes care of the child until it is adopted.
b) offer the child for adoption for anyone willing to adopt, in this case she can choose if she keeps the child until someone comes to adopt them or gives it up to a robot-run orphanage to get rid of it right away, either way she can't refuse whoever comes to adopt the child.
Any adult guy or a girl can adopt a child and will have all the rights and obligations a mother usually has, except the right of inheritance. This including the right to give it up for adoption again. Note that since there's no institute of marriage, there's also no concept of sharing children. One child can only have one legal guardian at a time.
- If a mother ascends, her underage children are offered for adoption to anyone.
- In case where the child is offered for adoption to anyone (whether by giving up or bu ascension), relatives can claim the child in order of inheritance (extra position of the owner of the house is added before all the other coinhabitants in case the mother doesn't live in her own house) before it is offered to everyone else.
- For most of other personal possessions beside houses people don't care because they're all replaceable for free. So moving is rarely a big problem, mostly one can get all of their really important stuff in one or two bags and carry by hands. And if one happens to be a collector who likes to assume masses of personal possessions, they would likely get their own house so that they don't have to care about moving. Finally, if someone still has a need to move a lot of stuff, maybe there is a couple of self-driving electric vans in the city just for such a case. To think of it, there should also be some machinery to build new houses every so often as the population grows.
- Speaking of population though, since every city is just one school and housing for its students (and some infrastructure like a 'hospital' that is essentially a cloning factory where you get revived after death, a 'shop' where you can get all you material stuff like food and towels and whatever for free, an aforementioned orphanage, a station for the construction machinery and vans, some recreational stuff like cinemas and gaming arcades, and so on), the population of the cities must be limited by the size of the school. Luckily, people in this world don't like big crowds, so the bigger the city, the more people in it are sealing to move to a smaller city, including new ones constantly being constructed. When nothing can harm you and on top of that you have cheap fusion energy, no place on Earth is uninhabitable. And it doesn't have to be limited to Earth too. Any excess population can be sent out to colonize space.


Considering your story ending I think it was very good.
I don't know what better could be doe in that setting, unless you continue indefinitely.
Of course if we try to turn it into comic you will have to do some adjustments add think more on how to make it look good in picture.

In general it does not have to be this story, but if you want some illustrations for your stuff, I can try to do them.


> Considering your story ending I think it was very good.
Well, thanks, though it wasn't really an ending, just a point where I stopped writing.
> I don't know what better could be doe in that setting, unless you continue indefinitely.
To continue as long as I have inspiration for it was basically the plan, but I didn't expect the inspiration to end so quickly.
> Of course if we try to turn it into comic you will have to do some adjustments add think more on how to make it look good in picture.
We can cooperate on it via e-mail or something. You can write me by clicking on my nickname in the opening post of this thread.
> In general it does not have to be this story, but if you want some illustrations for your stuff, I can try to do them.
That would be great, thanks!
Siyana's life seems to be my only work with original characters though. Can you do existing characters like Ayanami Rei or Kinomoto Sakura? Or maybe even Gerda and Little Robber Girl from the Soviet animation?
Speaking of what would look good in comic, I have these Russian stories "Innocence" (on Vocaloids of which I imagine you have a chance to find 3d models in the Internet) and "Slavya and the horse" (on a Russian VN titled Everlasting Summer, for which I imagine there aren't such models), they don't have any guro in them (though "Innocence" has a lot of urination and "Slavya and the horse" as the name suggests has some bestiality, also both are focused on causal nudity and sex), but a lot of casual nudity and I was always thinking how such stories might fit much better as comic (or animation). Imagine an episode of any slice of life anime with the only difference is the character being naked and the camera taking advantage of it at times (but not overdoing it), but all the other characters still react like it was normal. But even if none of the characters pay attention to the nudity, you as a viewer still have it in front of your eyes during the whole episode which makes watching it erotic. Now imagine the same in text. First it'll have to start with something like "she woke up, didn't dress up and went to school" which feels unnatural already because why would one write of what doesn't happen? The anime shows us how she wakes up and how she goes to school, there wouldn't be a scene of "not dressing up" because it isn't even an event. But then it goes even further as the text will say "she got to school, talked to friends, took the lessons, had lunch, spent some time in her club and went home". Somewhere during the half of that list you've already forgot our character was doing all of that in the nude, right? And it was just a line of text, not the whole chapter. And then if you write "she got to school naked, talked to friends naked, took the lessons naked, had lunch naked, spent some time in her club naked and went home naked" that doesn't sound very good either, right? In the anime there isn't such a problem cause you just see that she's naked, so it doesn't have to say it aloud every so often. But in text that's tricky.
Anyway, I mentioned them to ask if you might be interested in illustrations for such things too, or only guro?


I can do non guro stuff, and in fact, this is much easier, because I do not need to modify models that much.
so if you want that kind of manga with casual nudity I do not see any problems, but you will have to make pretty detailed explanations of what scenes you want.
what means you will be required to write the new story or act like movie director :)
If you want only few pictures or even animation I can do whatewer you want, but if you want something very long I will not do entire slice of life anime episode.

My model choice is quite limited to realistic people( if you want detailed anatomy) and some anime models(nearme, chibibell, cookie ...), but almost none of those are popular characters.
It is only possible to construct a somewhat similar character using appropriate hair and clothes.
In general, I do not care about characters that much I prefer them to be original because if you have existing character everyone may already have different expectations about them. Like for example, I have very different idea about Gerda and Robber girl and your story is quite out of character for me.
I did not watched CardCaptor Cakura so I only know her from hentai mangas LOL

I will write email to you later.


Ice cream

(bleeding out, casual)

Hearing the door open, I turned towards it and saw two kids come in. A girl of about eight years old with fair skin, medium-length wavy light blond hair, kind bright sky-blue eyes and winsome angelic smile. Accompanying her was a boy with a very similar face, must be her brother. He had a slightly more tanned skin, shaggy hair just a shade darker than his sister, a mischievous twinkle in his innocent blue eyes and a perky smile with a couple of missing teeth adding to its charm. He was a year or two older than his sister, but still young enough to also walk naked around the streets at this hot summer day.
“Welcome to the blood donations center”, even though it was a cliché like, I smiled genuinely at the cute little angels. “Do you two want to donate your blood?”
“Just my sister”, the boy replied, putting a hand on her shoulder, pushing her forward towards me. “How much can I get for her?”
“It’s five dollars for a child”, answered. “Less blood than in adult, so less reward”.
“The ice cream we wanted is three”, the girl noted. “And two times three is…” she looked unhappy with the results.
“You won’t need one if you donate your blood”, the boy pointed out.
“Oh, indeed!” the girls realized, cheering up. “Then it’ll be enough”.
“So what’s your name, little one?” I asked as I gently patted her head.
“I’m Hope”, she said. “Will you take my blood?” she asked with childish curiosity.
“With pleasure, Hope”, I answered. “Please choose a free bed”.
I guided her to the back of the room where six beds stood in two rows. Two of the beds were already occupied by today’s previous donors. One was a fourteen years old girl, barefoot and wearing a yellow sundress, hem raised by her heavily pregnant belly, revealing the lack of panties. The girl’s fiery red hair contrasted with her now pale and cold skin, as her blood has long been drained from her body. Another donor was actually my own twelve years old nephew Paul, he had long straight raven-black hair and was wearing his favorite fancy pinkish dress with matching high-heel shoes. Paul came by to play and became curious about the whole blood donation thing, so I offered him to try by himself and he eagerly agreed. I’ve connected him to the machine just before Hope and her brother came in, so Paul was still awake, though only barely. He gave Hope a sleepy smile, as she lied down on a bed next to his and smiled back at him. As I inserted the needle into Hope’s vein and set up the machine to pump her blood out, she was curiously watching Paul’s consciousness slowly fade until he was staring through her with empty eyes.
“Has she just died?” Hope asked captivated by the sight.
“Paul there is a boy”, I grinned at how he was always mistaken for a girl. Is that because of his cute face, I wonder? “And he has only lost consciousness so far, he’ll properly die in another minute or two”.
“Oh”, Hope took a few second to process the information and then asked again: “But why is he wearing girlish clothes?”
“He took that dress off his girlfriend after killing her in some childish game”, I explained. “He’s been wearing it ever since as a memento”.
“Ah, I wish someone loved me like that,” she said dreamily.
Seems like that tone of voice is not just from her fantasizing, but she’s already getting sleepy from blood loss too.
“But I love you, sis”, her brother said, as he sat next to her on the bed.
“Thank you, Johnny”, she answered, “I love you too”.
Johnny took her hand in his.
I’ve always loved seeing children’s final parting. Their very special perspective of the world never fails to amaze me. Johnny isn’t selling Hope’s life so easily because he doesn’t care for her. The way they are looking at each other without need for words, just basking in each other’s loving stares, gives out just how much they both care for each other. But it just so happened that an ice cream stand caught their eye and they didn’t have any money on them, and so they’re here. Children are just straightforward like that. In fact, it is the ultimately pure and sincere nature of their love that lets them be like that. These siblings’ love has nothing to do with the feeling of ownership adults became used to call love. It wouldn’t occur to them to worry about losing each other as they don’t feel like owning each other in the first place. Adults have forgotten that true form of unconditional love that lets Johnny feel no regret donating his sister’s blood on a whim for a mere ice cream. I always watch kids closely to keep remembering. Do I succeed, I wonder as I glance at Paul. The machine shows it has finished pumping his blood, so he is now totally dead. I try to listen to my feelings as I disconnect him from the machine. There’s nothing but tenderness in my heart for Paul’s passing.
I turn back to Hope and Johnny. Hope seems to have lost consciousness by now, a gentle smile remaining on her senseless face. Johnny leans forward and gives her a gentle kiss in the lips, barely touching them as if trying not to wake his sister. He keeps holding her limp hand and stare into her empty eyes until the machine signals she is properly dead. I come up to disconnect her. Johnny raises his eyes towards me. They shine with the anticipation of the ice cream. I give him the money.
“Thank you!” he says with a bright smile, as he merrily runs outside.
I smile too, gazing after him, feeling sincere happiness for the ice cream he is going to buy. Childhood surely is great.


to bad the girl did not cum


Okay, so... Finally I've written something a bit more essental. Okay, started writing... It is unfinished and ends mid-action right now. But suddenly I'm very busy and I have no idea when I'll be able to return to writing it. So, seeing that the finished part is as long as some finished stories and separate scenes in it are rather self-contained and can be enjoyed on their own, I've decided to post it as it is now instead of letting it rest on my hard drive for God knows how long more.

Okay, here it goes...


(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, various methods of death, all consensual)

It was an ordinary day in school for Ayanami Rei. Staring out of the window thinking of nothing while teachers read their lections she didn’t care about. Not that she was indifferent to knowledge. Quite the contrary, she has read so many books there could hardly be anything new for her in school. She didn’t really understand why she had to attend the school if she already knew everything it could possibly teach her, but she didn’t question it. It was just the order of things, like sky being blue or her hair being the same color.
On the long break Ikari-kun came by. She expected her fellow Evangelion pilot must have had something job related to say, so she became all attention, staring at him intensely. But all he had to offer was a lunchbox. He made lunch for her? Why would he do that? Rei haven’t heard of any such instructions. But there weren’t instructions against it either, so Rei accepted. Ikari-kun smiled, whatever that was supposed to convey, and sat down with her, joining her at eating lunch and starting a casual conversation. He was one of the few people she ever talked too and the only one talking to whom didn’t irritate her. It was even somewhat enjoyable, though Rei couldn’t quite figure out why.
“By the way, Ayanami”, Ikari-kun said when they both finished their lunches and the long break was also coming to its end, “please, come to the old warehouse after classes today”.
Rei knew the warehouse in question. It was in the woods near the school and formally belonging to it, but no longer in use. She once overheard rumors about ghosts living in there. Of course Rei didn’t believe in such nonsense, but the lack of supernatural meant even less reason to bother visiting an abandoned building. But then why would Ikari-kun want her to go there? Might it be a secret NERV mission?
“Is it an order?” she wondered, as she haven’t heard of such.
“It isn’t”, Ikari-kun said, “but I would be glad if you came”.
Before Rei could say anything else, the ring signaled the start of the next lesson and Ikari-kun had to quickly retreat to his seat, leaving Rei to wonder at the nature of his request. What’s with the reasoning ‘because it would make him glad’? It didn’t make any logical sense, but somehow made Rei feel like complying.
For the rest of the classes Rei returned to her usual occupation of staring out of the window, but now her gaze was focused on the forest hiding the warehouse and her thoughts preoccupied with Ikari-kun’s words. He said it wasn’t an order, which must mean it was his personal request – something she never bothered with. Yet when it was coming from Ikari-kun, somehow it didn’t feel like an unnecessary bother. Usually indifferent to others, Rei wondered what Ikari-kun might want from her at that warehouse. She wanted to come at least to satisfy her curiosity, something she couldn’t remember when she felt last time. She figured it must be because the request itself was so strange and mysterious.
As the classes ended, Rei didn’t have to gather her things from the desk, as she didn’t bother to get them from her schoolbag anyway, though she had all the necessary books and writing instruments just in case. So as the last bell rang, Rei took her schoolbag and left the classroom, heading down the stairs. As she was changing from her school shoes, she overheard Sohryu-san complaining about another love letter she found in her shoe locker. Apparently the letter told Sohryu-san to come to the back of the school after classes. From the little dialogue Sohryu-san had with their class representative Horaki-san about the letter Rei got that the boy who wrote it must have been going to meet Sohry-san in the specified place to confess his love to her in person. Rei didn’t really understand all that love thing, but it struck her that it sounded pretty similar to Ikari-kun’s request. Might it be that he also wanted to confess his love? Rei had no idea how to react if that was the case. She wondered if she should ask Sohryu-san and Horaki-san for advice, but it was a pretty alien thought to Rei, so she took too much time contemplating it and the girls were already gone. Though part of Rei knew she was purposefully lingering, unwilling to make a decision and waiting for it to be made for her, so she can with clear conscious say it wasn’t her fault. Anyway the chance was lost and now Rei had to deal with it on her own, whatever ‘it’ was. And she figured that without knowing anything for sure the best she could do is to go and see for herself.

When Rei arrived at the old warehouse, Ikari-kun wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Rei didn’t remember seeing him on her way out of the school building, so most probably he had something else to do at school before coming here. But there was also a possibility that she didn’t notice him passing by when she was busy thinking of whether or not she should ask for advice from other girls, and that Ikari-kun was now waiting inside the warehouse. If it was even unlocked, of course. Rei figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the door: she would see if it was locked and if it wasn’t she would see if Ikari-kun was indeed inside. As Rei pushed the door, it offered some resistance from old unoiled hinges, but successfully opened. Rei made a few steps inside, but it was still too dark and she had to wait for her eyes to adjust to see the interior. What struck Rei immediately though was the smell. It was a strong smell of blood and rotten meat. And while it took Rei by surprise, even more of a surprise was when she realized it didn’t feel revolting. Rei might have been cold and emotionless, but was still a human and had reflexes to make her feel sick as a reaction to such smells. Yet those reflexes didn’t kick in this time. The putrid smell felt strangely familiar and almost homely. While Rei wondered why she had such weird reaction to that smell, her eyes have finally adapted to the darkness and what she saw gave her the answer. The smell felt so welcoming because it was the smell of her own death.
The warehouse, apart from all the junk left from when it was still in use, was filled with a number of dead bodies and body parts in various states of decay. And all of them belonged, or maybe it would be better to say used to belong to Ayanami Rei herself. That was not surprising by itself: Rei very well knew of her own nature as a clone, letting her wake up in a new body if killed. But she had no recollection of dying so many times, so naturally she felt curious about those deaths she missed. The bodies were all stark naked and each seemed to have died, or rather have been killed, in a different way. It didn’t take a genius to figure out this was not the first time Ikari-kun called her to the warehouse and each corpse was an outcome of one of the previous invitations. This time must have been no different, Rei realized, and no longer having to wonder about Ikari-kun’s intentions, she decided to explore the bodies while waiting for him.
The first one to catch her attention was impaled from her pussy to her mouth on a rusty metal tube, which was covered in dry traces of blood. One end of the tube stood on the floor, and another was leaning onto the highest shelf of a rack. The impaled body was standing on its knees on the floor facing the aisle, arms hanging limply to its sides. The living Rei couldn’t see the actual face very well though, as the dead Rei’s head had to be thrown all the way back for the tube to come out of her mouth, and the tube itself was also partially blocking the view. But even so it was fascinating for Rei to look at her own dead body and she couldn’t and didn’t even try to fight the temptation to touch it. Even though Rei expected it would be cold, feeling it with her own palm, as she traced her hand along the dead body’s curves, was a magical experience. Seeing one’s own death like this wasn’t supposed to be even possible, and while Rei was in a unique position where for her it was, it was still the first time it actually happened to her. Or at least the first time she could vividly remember, as she was starting to get a feeling it already happened before. Of course it did, her logic reassured her, as she must have had a similar experience each time she came to this warehouse and saw all the previous bodies. It must be just her brain blocking the memories related to her own death, something she knew she has experienced before when Akagi Naoko had strangled her to death. But back then Rei had eventually restored her memories, and so she knew she would be able to do this again. She just needed the right trigger and she felt examining the other corpses would probably help.
Rei took a couple of steps even deeper into the warehouse towards the rest of the corpses, but something took her attention in the corner of her eye and he turned back. Apparently there was another corpse she had almost missed on one of the shelves behind the impaled one. A torso laid there with severed limbs neatly placed by its sides. It seems this body was dismembered by the bloody axe that was left just beside it. The axe’s blunt side must have been used to crush the head, which looked like a real mess. Rei took what used to be her arm and stared at it with calm interest. She touched the dead hand’s fingers and twiddled with them, fascinated by their lack of reaction. Rei has even sniffed the arm, finding the sweet scent of her own death irresistibly alluring, before putting it back to the shelf. She wondered if Ikari-kun had crushed her head first, dismembering the dead body afterwards, of it he had cut her limbs off while she was still alive and only then dealt the finishing blow. Somehow, Rei hoped for the later, and the slowly returning memories told her that it was indeed how it happened, causing a hint of a smile to appear on her face.
As Rei continued her investigation, she has found something that struck her with its beauty. It was another dead Rei and she was sitting in the seiza position, her back leaned against a rack, and her abdomen displaying a cross cut. On top of that, a lot of intestines were pulled out and arranged as a garland with a few coils wrapped around dead Rei’s neck and even more hung along the shelves. As a final touch a couple of coils were resting on her knees and on top of those were dead Rei’s hands holding another coil of her own guts with her palms up as if offering them to the viewer. Rei searched her hazy memory for whether Ikari-kun arranged it while she was still alive, but the only image she could remember was one of him masturbating with her intestines. She hoped he enjoyed it, as he deserved for making Rei into such a masterpiece.
After properly admiring the decorations, Rei focused her gaze on the corpse’s face. It was the first one she could see both clearly and intact, and she hoped to learn what expression she died with. Naturally, there wasn’t any fear. As Rei knew she could always be replaced, it never even occurred for her to fear death. And as for pain… creating this brilliant piece of art was certainly worth any amount of pain Rei had to go through. However, the dead Rei’s expression wasn’t even one of stoically bearing pain for the sake of art. Instead, there was a peaceful and maybe even grateful smile. Rei didn’t even know she could smile so warmly, but as she stared at the beautiful dead face in front of her, framed by a garland of intestines, her lips formed a similar smile.
The next corpse Rei examined was also in a sitting pose against another rack, only this one was sitting on her butt with her straight legs stretched forward and just a bit spread out. On the dead Rei’s thighs rested her own severed head, and her arms were arranged like she was holding it in her own hands. Not as ingenious a composition as the previous one, but it still looked nice. Rei thought how she wouldn’t mind if Ikari-kun have just left her corpses lying around in disarray as useless garbage they were, but she could see how him arranging them neatly meant he cared for her even after killing her, and she couldn’t help but appreciate it, almost feeling like she didn’t deserve such deep attention. Buried into such thoughts, Rei didn’t even notice how she got down to her knees in front of her dead form to take a better look at its face. As expected it didn’t have any sign of horror as its empty eyes tranquilly stared into nothingness. The severed head’s lips were slightly parted in a somewhat erotic matter and an impulse she didn’t bother to question made Rei take the head into her hands and give it a kiss in the lips. But there was only metallic taste of blood, no trace of semen remained. Wait, why would Rei even expect to feel the taste of semen from it? Ah, of course, it must have been her sealed memories that kept returning. And apparently on the day of this body’s death she gave Ikari-kun a blowjob. Too bad she couldn’t really remember if it was before or after he had chopped her head off. Or maybe both? Rei carefully put her former head back in its place, trying not to ruin the composition, and ventured to the deepest part of the warehouse in search for answers.
Another naked corpse of Rei was hanging right between the lines of racks, blocking the passage. Aside from the rope on the neck, tied to a roof beam, there was nothing to support this body and every part of it hanged limply, becoming an epitome of absolute relaxation. Looking at her hanged self made Rei realize how much of a bother living was. She had to put all the effort to just stand and breathe and think while the dead corpse before her didn’t need any of that and it almost made Rei envious. How nice it would be to just sink into nothingness like that and leave all the worries of life to the next clone. Which it seemed was going to happen anyway as soon as Ikari-kun would come. But since he wasn’t here yet, Rei figured she could as well try to regain her memory in the meanwhile and she felt like the last corpse she could see by the farthest wall must be the key. Rei walked towards it right through her hanged self without bothering to push it aside and letting it just slide along her own body conveying some of its coldness and deathly scent. A late thought occurred to Rei that it might have been a more pleasant experience if she stripped first, letting the hanged body rub directly against her own, but she shoved it aside as she came by to the last corpse to examine it. This one was distinctly different from others: it was the only one to have clothes on it, a similar school uniform to the one Rei was currently wearing, and the only one that wasn’t killed by Ikari-kun… right, so this is how it happened! Something inside Rei’s head clicked and all of her memories have finally returned in perfect order.

On that day Shinji and Rei had some chores to do in school after classes. It wasn’t supposed to take very long, so Asuka decided to stay too so that she could go home together with Shinji. But then, seeing how diligent Shinji and Rei were, teachers tasked them with some more work that they couldn’t entrust to other less responsible students and then some more. Shinji thought it would be impolite to object, and Rei didn’t even consider objecting as an option in the first place. So by the time they were done with all the piled up tasks, the three pilots were the only people left in school.
“Ah, if I knew it would take so long, I would have just gone home from the start”, Asuka complained, as they locked the classroom and headed to the teachers’ lounge to bring in the papers they filled in and the keys they were trusted with.
“Well, maybe if you’ve actually helped us instead of staying for no reason and only interfering with your grumbling, we would have all been home by now?” Shinji replied.
“No way!” Asuka proclaimed. “I’m not a teacher’s pet like the two of you! Well the wondergirl aside, don’t you, idiot Shinji, see the teachers are just using your willingness to comply?”
“Hey, why are you casting Ayanami aside?” Shinji stood up for Rei.
“Because she’s just a pliant doll anyway”, Asuka answered. “Right, wondergirl?”
“You are wrong. I am made of flesh and blood like any human”, Rei answered displaying no emotions to tell if she even realized it was an attempt to insult her.
“I don’t mean it literally, you retard!” Asuka explained. “You’re a doll because you always do what you are told. You would probably even kill yourself if ordered!”
Now that hurt. Of course, it wasn’t the suggestion that Rei would obediently follow any command that hurt her feelings: as far as Rei was concerned it was the right thing to do so. Rather it was the suggestion that Rei might not follow one if it involved her killing herself. Rei felt so deeply insulted by Asuka’s doubt in her competence, she even let a hint of irritation slip into her voice.
“Of course I will”, she said. “If this is your definition, then I am most certainly a doll”, Rei added almost proudly.
“See, she’s hopeless”, Asuka concluded.
Now, she thought, when the wondergirl have said it herself, Shinji would clearly see how pathetic she was. But instead it had an opposite effect as Shinji was totally mesmerized by Rei’s words.
“Rei’s self-renunciation is admirable”. Shinji replied. “You’re just envious because you cannot do the same”.
“Okay, I now see I was wrong”, Asuka admitted. “You both are hopeless!”
“Don’t listen to her, Ayanami”, Shinji said, “if you believe in being a doll, then be one and don’t let anyone tell you it is a bad thing”.
“I wasn’t going to”, Rei replied. “But anyway… thank you… for your support. I will try my best to be a perfect doll”.
“Well, if you’re so proud you can do it, than just go kill yourself already!” Asuka exclaimed in anger.
Rei silently nodded and took the keys from the roof before heading out of the teacher’s lounge and towards the staircase. She knew she wasn’t obliged to comply as Sorhyu-san wasn’t her superior. But her fellow pilot sounded like she could use a lesson on properly following orders, and Rei considered a firsthand demonstration would serve the best.
“Wait!” Asuka exclaimed. “You aren’t going to actually do it, are you?” she wondered suddenly sounding sincerely worried.
“Wow!” Shinji exclaimed. “You are going to actually do it, aren’t you?” he wondered with almost delightful admiration.
Rei didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. After all, killing herself was as simple as climbing the stairs and stepping off the roof, and then the gravity would do the rest. But if it would both dispel Sohryu-san’s doubts and uphold Ikari-kun’s trust, then it was all the more reason to do it.
As Shinji and Asuka hurried to follow Rei to the roof, they found her steadily walking towards the edge.
“Stop!” Asuka shouted. “It isn’t funny anymore!”
But Rei wasn’t obliged to comply, was she? Asuka couldn’t see from behind, but there was a hint of sly grin on Rei’s face.
Asuka dashed after Rei to physically hold her from jumping, but before she could do so, her own hand was held by Shinji.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Asuka stopped more because of confusion then the grip. “Don’t you see she’s honestly going to kill herself?”
“Indeed I see. And don’t you see how beautiful it is?” Shinji spoke in an enchanted tone, charmed by the sight of Rei unhesitatingly marching towards her death. “Being able to throw one’s own life away so easily… that’s the kind of freedom only a doll can enjoy, and I won’t let you take it away from her”.
Shinji couldn’t see either, but the grin on Rei’s face changed into a smile thankful for his support.
“Are you insane?!” Asuka exclaimed, angrily shaking Shinji’s grip off her hand and dashing after Rei once again.
But it was too late, as the next moment Rei’s figure disappeared from sight. It happened so quickly and suddenly, it took both Asuka and Shinji a few moments to realize what happened. Rei didn’t bother making even a little stop at the edge of the roof or actively jumping off it. She just kept walking until her next step, not any different from any other, landed on thin air. The remaining two pilots ran up to the edge and looked down. Rei’s body was lying on the ground in an unnatural pose, as she must have had a number of bone fractures.
“Now you see?” Shinji said to Asuka. “This is beautiful”.
“Verdammte Scheisse! I’m out of it!” was all Asuka could say before she ran away in panic.
Shinji followed her with his eyes and thought that maybe the only one who was hopeless was Asuka herself.

Shinji took another admiring glance at Rei’s disfigured corpse down on the ground before going back inside the school. As he walked through the opened door to the staircase, he realized Rei still had the keys. Better get them back to the teachers’ lounge, he thought, and headed to Rei’s body. The path was relatively long down the stairs, then to the school’s main entrance and then around the building to its backside facing the forest, so Shinji had some time to reflect on what has just happened. He knew he would miss Rei, but he could cope with that. Every time thinking of her death he would remember the charming easiness with which she accepted it, and that warm memory would replace the grief. But what would happen when people learn of Rei’s death? If Asuka reports on how he stopped her from stopping Rei, that might fall under the article 202 on inducing or aiding suicide, warranting him six months to seven years of prison. But wait, it was Asuka who ordered Rei to kill herself in the first place, wasn’t it? Right, so then she would be as much a criminal as Shinji or maybe even more. She probably didn’t want that, so hopefully she would be smart enough to not tell anybody of what has happened here today.
Anyway, as Shinji reached the backside of the school’s building and Rei’s body came in sight, he tried to cast those worries aside for now and concentrate on the matter at hand. He walked toward the corpse in a natural relaxed pace, taking time to admire its deadly beauty, as he had all of the evening ahead of him to return those keys. But as he got closer, Shinji noticed that the body was actually moving…
“Oh my god!” he exclaimed, rushing towards Rei. “Are you still alive?”
“I am”, Rei replied rather calmly, even as her face was awry with pain.
“Ayanami…” he breathed out, kneeling beside her, “I’m so sorry…”
“Why?” Rei wondered, trying to focus her pain-filled eyes on Shinji.
“But it looks like it hurts so much”, Shinji said.
“It does”, Rei confirmed and coughed out some blood. “But it is also… as you’ve put it… beautiful”.
“Are you saying the pain is beautiful too?” Shinji asked in confusion.
“Of course”, Rei spoke in a weak but warm voice. “It is the proof of my approaching death”.
“I see”, Shinji nodded. Rei was really amazing, accepting the pain like that.
“So why have… you come?” Rei wondered, having hard time breathing.
“Ah”, Shinji remembered, “the keys”.
Rei nodded and tried to reach the pocket where she had put the keys, but she had at least a couple of apparent bone fractures in her arm, so moving it hurt immensely and Rei couldn’t hold a scream of pain.
“You don’t have to move”, Shinji said, “I’ll just take them myself”.
“No”, Rei protested, struggling to speak. “You’ll get stained with blood”.
She was suffering in earnest as she grabbed the keys with her broken fingers, but Shinji didn’t dare to stop her anymore. Seeing Rei willingly choosing the pain he couldn’t even imagine over a minor inconvenience, as if that pain was actually less of a bother, was as beautiful as her easy acceptance of death, or maybe even more so. Rei might have been suffering as hell physically, but her mind was at absolute ease, and this contrast made her look like a real angel (not one of those they were fighting). Rei’s heart was so pure that it just didn’t occur to her to see her own immense pain and upcoming death as worth of worrying about.
“Here, take them… “ Rei offered the keys in her hand to Shinji, her stretched out arm was shaking in pain.
“Thank you”, Shinji answered, taking the keys. “You were right. Your pain is really beautiful”.
“I’m glad”, Rei formed a genuine smile while coughing out some more blood.
“So, erm… do I just leave you here to bleed out or what?” he wondered.
“Can you… hide me?” Rei asked, trying to crawl away from the school building just to demonstrate how it made her whole body cramp in pain and draw another scream from her blood-filled mouth. She didn’t mind that pain of course, worried only that she might not make it to the bushes. “Can’t…” she spoke breathlessly, “let my corpse… be found…”
“Sure thing”, Shinji nodded. “There’s an old warehouse in the forest”.
He was going to carry Rei on his back, but realized he would end up all covered in blood. Rei suffered so much for it not to happen, and he wouldn’t want it to be in vain. Should he look around for some handcart?
“Just drag…” Rei breathed out weakly.
That would probably leave a blood trail, but Shinji figured he could deal with it later. So he took Rei’s hands in his and pulled. She writhed and cried in pain as he dragged her broken body along the ground, and for a moment Shinji wondered if he should wait for her to die first. But looking at Rei’s face wondering why he has stopped, Shinji was reassured that she wasn’t concerned about her pain in the slightest. She wouldn’t see a reason why he should waste his time waiting for her death just to save her from something as trivial as physical suffering. And so Shinji continued to drag Rei with clear conscience, letting himself properly admire the beauty of her agony, which was actually growing weaker along the way as she was losing her last bits of strength.
By the time he have pulled her all the way to the warehouse and then inside she stopped moving at all, leading Shinji to believe she must have died on the way. But he decided to check just in case, and it turned out Rei was still alive, even if only barely.
“It’s all right”, he told her, gently caressing her cheek. “You’re in the warehouse now where no one will find the corpse. And I’ll be sure to clean the blood trail too”.
“Thank… you…” Rei mouthed without a sound before finally succumbing to the welcoming nothingness.

And then on the next day Rei came to school being alive and well as if nothing happened. Both Shinji and Asuka were in shock. Though Asuka quickly put on a straight face and said: “Ha! I knew she wouldn’t really do it! That was such a silly prank!” Well, she wasn’t there until the end, so Shinji could see how she came to such a conclusion. But Shinji himself saw Rei die first-handedly. He has even visited the warehouse once more after cleaning the blood and dealing with the keys to take one final glance at her corpse and it was still there as dead as he left it. And even if Shinji happened to be mistaken about Rei’s death and she had actually survived somehow, there was no way she could heal all the injuries overnight. So how was she now sitting at her desk staring out of the window as detached as ever? For a moment Shinji questioned his own memory. Might it be that the whole thing was just a dream? But no, as surreal as it was, Asuka remembered it too, so it must have been true. In the end Shinji concluded he had to ask Rei herself about it. But it would be bad if someone overheard their conversation, so he decided to approach her after school and in the meanwhile he could take time gathering his courage. And as the classes went by, Shinji was casting an occasional glance on Rei, but couldn’t see anything unusual, which made him only more confused.
“Ayanami”, he called out for her as soon as she came out of the school. “Can I have a word with you?”
“You can”, Rei answered and let Shinji lead her away from the crowd.
“So, uhm… about yesterday…” he said.
“What about it?” Rei wondered.
“Okay, I don’t want to sound crazy, so let’s put it that way”, Shinji decided. “Do you remember what happened yesterday after classes?”
Rei gave it some thought and concluded with a bit of a surprise:
“I don’t”.
“You don’t?” Shinji was surprised as well. He thought she might say nothing happened and it was all in his head, but for her to not lose her memory… he might be onto something.
“No”, Rei confirmed. “Did something important happen?”
“Well, important you say”, Shinji was trying to find the right words. “We had a little argument with Asuka and then she told you to kill yourself”.
“Did I?” Rei wondered in the same nonchalant manner he remembered her treating death yesterday. So she does admit the possibility?
“As a matter of fact you did”, Shinji said. “You’ve jumped off the roof at the back of the school… come, I’ll show you”.
Rei followed Shinji, giving no sign that her very existence contradicted his words. Or maybe it wasn’t, and Shinji was on the right way to solve the mystery.
“Here”, Shinji said, as they arrived. “You were lying right here with lots of fractures”.
“Is that how I died?” Rei wondered, still unfazed.
“No, you were still alive and asked me to hide you so that the body isn’t found”, Shinji explained. “So I brought you to the old warehouse”.
As he led her to the place he couldn’t help but wonder what would they see inside. Was the corpse still there? That would be creepy… on the other hand it would confirm Shinji wasn’t crazy and the yesterday’s events have really happened. And so they came in…
“Ah”, Rei said, looking at her own corpse. “So that’s where my clothes disappeared”.
“Sorry?” Shinji has totally lost her train of thought.
“I couldn’t find my usual clothes today”, Rei explained, “and had to wear the spare ones”.
Shinji looked at the living Rei, then at the dead Rei, then back and have finally realized they were wearing the same uniform. Okay, that explains… no, wait, it doesn’t explain anything!
“I’ll just ask directly”, Shinji said, “how are you alive now if you have died yesterday?”
“It’s classified”, Rei answered. “But I guess you’ve already found out anyway, so I might as well explain. Long story short, I’m a clone and when I die my soul along with my memories would transfer to one of the spare bodies”.
“Oka-a-ay…” Shinji tried to process it. “So that’s why you insisted on hiding your body”, he figured. “But you say your memories get transferred too. Didn’t you say earlier that you didn’t remember yesterday?”
“I didn’t, but I do now”, Rei said, squatting in front of her own corpse and looking at it with interest. “Sohryu-san couldn’t understand me. It seems she still cannot. Only you accepted me for a doll I am”.
“But of course”, Shinji said. “For it was so beautiful. Discarding one’s own life like that… even if you knew you would be reborn… you still had to go through all the pain”.
As he said that, for a moment Shinji felt guilty for implying he enjoyed Rei’s pain. But as Rei stood up again and faced him, she didn’t look mad at all.
“I am glad you were there to admire my agony”, Rei said with a fleeting, but warm smile. “Knowing you also enjoyed it made it more enjoyable for me too”.
“You mean… you have actually enjoyed it?” Shinji couldn’t believe it… Rei was just too perfect for this world. So maybe that was why it felt so appropriate for her to die?
“Indeed”, Rei confirmed. “I feel like from now on it will become…” she paused to find a suitable word, “my dearest memory”.
“Mine too!” Shinji nodded actively.
And then it struck him: it doesn’t have to remain only a memory.
“Say, Ayanami”, he asked, “how many of those spare bodies you have?”
“More can be produced if needed”, Rei replied. “Essentially, they are unlimited”.
“So, then…” Shinji had to gather all of his courage, but managed to say: “How about making some more of those dear memories?”
“You want me to jump off the roof again?” Rei asked back with a spark of enthusiasm in her voice.
“Well, if you jumped now, when there are still people in the school, that would be a problem”, Shinji concluded. “But the method aside… you said you enjoyed dying yesterday… and you say you can die all you want and still revive… so…”
“I will kill myself again anytime if you told me to”, Rei assured him with clear eagerness. “As an obedient doll, I am only waiting for your word”.
“O-okay”, Shinji gulped nervously, hardly believing he was really doing it. “Then let’s do it. I want… once more… to see you die”.
“Then die I will”, Rei replied with a smile that Shinji could only describe as joyful, and started to pull her dress off.
That seemed so out of nowhere that it took Shinji some time to comprehend it and form a coherent sentence.
“Uhm… Ayanami”, Shinji wondered sincerely confused, as Rei’s fell to the floor. “what exactly are you doing?”
“Don’t you see?” Rei didn’t help the matter by suggesting looking at her as she proceeded to unbutton her blouse. “I’m taking off my clothes”.
“I can see that”, Shinji nodded, trying his best to pretend he was as unconcerned about Rei’s nudity as he knew she was. “But why?”
“I believe it would be against regulations to come to school naked”, Rei explained, dropping her blouse next to the dress and remaining in only her shoes, socks and underwear. “And I have unlimited spare bodies, not unlimited spare clothes”.
“Ah, I see”, noting how she would probably not bother wearing any clothes at all if not for regulations. “So then I bring them to your apartment after… after we’re done?”
“Why would you bother?” Rei wondered, proceeding straight to pulling off her panties, making nothing of revealing her hairless privates in front of the boy. “I can just pick them up here tomorrow”.
So she really would walk naked through the city, as it was not subject to school regulations? As much as Shinji would love to see such a manifestation of Rei’s ultimate innocence that he admired so much, it would be, strangely enough, harder to hide then her death, so he had to talk her out of it.
“B-but”, Shinji stumbled, finding it harder and harder to keep a straight face, and finding ‘it’ harder and harder inside his pants, “what if you lose your memory again? You won’t know where you’ve left the clothes”.
“Indeed”, Rei realized. “Then you can bring them to my place”, she agreed. “And can you help me with the bra too?” she asked, turning her back to Shinji.
“S-sure”, Shinji came by, trying not to poke Rei with the bulge in his pants. “Like this?” he meddled with the clasp for a bit before he could finally undo it.
“Yes, like this”, Rei confirmed as the bra fell off.
Finally, she stepped out of her shoes and bent down to take off her socks, presenting her ass to Shinji in all its naked glory. If only he didn’t know her better, he could think she was doing it on purpose.
“So”, Rei concluded, now stark naked and facing Shinji again. “How do you want me to die today?”
“R-right”, Shinji tried to shake off his involuntary arousal and return to the matter in hand. “Now that you’re… not clothed… you shouldn’t get outside”.
“Indeed, they mustn’t see me violating regulations”, Rei nodded. “And if I die right here, it would also save you the effort of hiding my corpse”.
“Good point”, Shinji agreed, trying to catch up her resolve. “There might be something useful here too”.
He looked around. There were lots of dusty stuff left from when the warehouse was still in use. A coil of rope laying on one of the shelves caught Shinji’s particular attention.
“Say”, Shinji picked the rope and swept the dust from it. “What do you think of hanging?”
“Sounds neat”, Rei approved, “no blood spilled”.
“Okay then, hanging it is”, Shinji concluded. “So, can you please turn around, so I can tie a noose around your neck?”
“Of course”, Rei nodded.
She turned her back to Shinji and patiently waited for him to do his job. Just like when unbuttoning her bra, being so close to a naked girl made Shinji’s mind clouded with all the wrong thoughts, especially as his hands were inevitably touching her skin and brushing against her hair. But at least she was looking the other way, saving him half the awkwardness.
“Here”, Shinji said, taking a step back, “I’m done”.
Rei turned to face Shinji again, now standing in front of him with a noose around her neck, all ready to be hanged. It was just dirty piece of old rope, but the implication behind it made it more beautiful than the most exquisite necklace.
“Wow, that looks great!” Shinji was so impressed, he couldn’t help but stare in awe, forgetting even his unease about Rei’s nudity. “Impending death really suits you”.
“Thank you”, Rei answered, her voice betraying the blush he couldn’t see in the darkness.
“Now where do we tie the other end?” Shinji thought aloud.
He looked up and saw a roof beam just above them, but it was too high.
“I think I can reach it if you give me a boost”, Rei suggested.
“Like… erm… lift you?” Shinji was making awkward gestures around Rei, not quite resolved to touch her, as the thought of grabbing her in his arms made him aware of her nudity again.
Seeing Shinji so puzzled, even if she couldn’t quite figure why, Rei decided to take the matter in her own hands, which she put on the boy’s shoulders. Still confused, Shinji let Rei take the initiative and obediently squatted when she pushed him down. And before Shinji could realize what was going on, Rei put her leg over his shoulder, then, keeping herself steady by holding onto the racks to the both sides of her, repeated the same with her other leg, ending up sitting on the boy’s shoulders, hugging his neck with her thighs as his face was buried in her privates.
“Wha… what?” was the only thing Shinji could say as he hurried to free his face by throwing his head back, futilely trying to look past Rei’s breasts at her face.
“You can stand up now”, Rei instructed.
“R-right…” Shinji replied, finally getting what she was doing.
Even as Rei was still clinging to the racks, Shinji didn’t feel like her balance was good enough, so he had to hold her by her sides as he stood up. On the bright side, compared to his already embarrassing position, grabbing her like this didn’t seem like a big deal anymore.
“Can you lift me a bit more?” Rei asked, as she had trouble reaching the beam without compromising her balance. “From below”.
Well, Shinji figured, if he could not avoid it, he should at least deal with this awkward part as quickly as possible. And so he moved his hands to hold Rei’s butt from below as she asked and lifted it up. As a result Rei could properly reach the beam and start tying the rope to it, and in the meantime her privates ended up right on Shinji’s face again. He kept telling himself that he should take it as a manifestation of her innocence and admire it in a similarly innocent way, but the intoxicating smell filling Shinji’s nose made his dick think otherwise, painfully trying to free itself from the suddenly too tight pants. And he couldn’t even open his mouth to complain without it turning into a session of cunnilingus. Having no other choice Shinji had to keep holding Rei in place and wait in hope that she could finish with the rope soon enough to die on it before he dies of embarrassment himself.
“Just a bit more”, Rei said, noticing Shinji getting unsteady under her weight, “I have to make sure it can hold me even as I twitch in agony… and until I stop twitching”.
“Mhm…” Shinji replied, trying to focus his thoughts on Rei’s nearing death, which helped him to calm down a bit.
“I am ready”, Rei have finally announced as she had double-checked the knot. “You can let me go now”.
As much as Shinji longed to quit this position as soon as possible, he was sure to move away carefully, slowly transferring Rei’s weight to the rope. He didn’t want her to snap her neck in an instant after all. Of course, having Rei go for death by his single word was beautiful enough by itself, but there was no reason for Shinji to deny himself from the bonus spectacle of her accepting any accompanying pain just as easily. And so, as Shinji could finally make his first deep breath after freeing his face from Rei’s privates, she made her last one before the noose tightened on her neck.
Shinji made a few steps back to see Rei’s whole figure properly instead of involuntarily staring at her groin which naturally ended up right on his eye level. And he was immediately mesmerized by what he saw. Showing no sign of discomfort, Rei looked peacefully relaxed. It would seem, as long as she could bare the pain, Rei decided to just ignore it and instead relish the relief of not having to put any effort into supporting herself. It was as if she was resting on the softest bed in in the world, that bed being the air itself. Seeing Rei like this made him wonder if she would ever stop making him admire her more and more.
The magic of the moment made it feel both fleeting and everlasting, but unfortunately, the reality had to pick the former. As much as Rei didn’t mind pain, as it grew and the burning feeling in her lungs added to her throat being squeezed by the rope, the reflexes of her body slowly but steadily overpowered the consciousness of her mind. Rei’s initial ability to totally ignore the pain eventually turned into barely holding it, relaxation gave way to strain, her feet twitching and hands clenching into fists. Rei’s gaze, tranquilly distant a moment ago, was now forcefully focused on Ikari-kun. Shinji looked back at Rei’s eyes, fascinated by the combination of unbearable physical pain and undisturbed emotional ease that filled them.
Reassured that Ikari-kun was enjoying the show, Rei gave up on her futile attempts to hold back her agony. She stood back, letting the reflexes take control of her body. Quickly its slight twitching turned into active kicking that brought only more pain, but Rei embraced it warmly. Rei’s mouth was gasping as her face was turning red, but she found comfort in realizing it wouldn’t get her any air. Rei’s hands were trying to grab onto something, anything: the racks, the rope, the beam, – and for a moment she was worried that it could actually happen, but felt relief seeing how her movements were too chaotic and uncontrollable to succeed. Rei’s eyes rolled back no longer able to keep contact with Ikari-kun’s, but she knew he was admiring her suffering.
Not even his father ever looked at her like this. Rei knew that if situation necessitated Commander Ikari ordering her to hurt or kill herself, he would be able to do so, but she also knew it would make him feel sorry for her even if he wouldn’t show it. And while Rei appreciated Commander’s trust in her ability to fulfill such an order, it also kept bothering her deep inside how he would still see it as a sacrifice on her part. Because it is not a sacrifice if it is something you don’t care about in the first place, like Rei didn’t care about her own self. Having Commander Ikari not recognize it felt like he was doubting Rei’s competence as a doll, which hurt her much more than any physical pain. Still, it was the best understanding she ever knew… until yesterday. Turned out, Commander’s son was not only able to see her as a proper doll, but he also appreciated her being one. He said it was the right thing to do, and while Rei always believed it was, so his words were nothing new, still it felt surprisingly reassuring to have someone else by your side. And he also said she beautiful when acting like a doll… no one ever called her beautiful before. And her current state, writhing in pain, was the best proof that he meant in, for he ordered her to die today just to witness that beauty again. Realizing it made the agony all the more welcome. Ikari-kun watched her suffer with no hint of pity, but only sheer adoration. He was the only one to really understand her.
Rei’s wild agony seemed to have no end, but Shinji was determined to see every moment of it, never averting his gaze. Tears were flowing from her painfully rolled eyes and drool dripping from her uncontrolled half-opened mouth. But even as her face got all red and distorted, Shinji was not turned away, for it was a proof of her excruciating pain, and as such inherently beautiful. The more she suffered, the more fascinating it was to realize that she went for it with total ease of mind. She was just so much above earthly concerns that no amount of physical pain could possibly bother her.


Okay, so now another, frankly egoistic, reason to why I've posted that unfinished story now... I've written this whole wall of text that doesn't even has to do with guro, and well... I hope now that you've read a text that you hopefully enjoyed, maybe as a thanks you can also read this another text that I would enjoy if you've read it (also don't want to beg for comments, but how else I would know if you have...)

Actually, I was writing it in /g/'s alteration thread at first as it was continuation of my rambling about lack of Kirishima Mana content over there, but the new part of rambling grew too big already, and then I've also added a story idea on top of that. So it would fit much better here in /lit/ (I don't think it worth creating a thread in /dis/ and no one would read it there anyway).

So, here it goes:

(the rambling part)

Actually I've just rewatched a couple of scenes from Girlfriend of Steel on youtube and it seems the image of it I had in my memory was much much better. Characters don't act like themselves, the plot and dialogs are silly, even the actors sound like they don't take it seriously... like it is all some cheap piece of fanfiction, almost as bad as that third Rebuild movie (btw what happened to continuing it? Have Anno commited seppuku after realizing what shit he has filmed?) Mana's voice was also much nicer in my memory, in reality it came off as kinda annoying and overdoing trying not to sound like Rei but even then not always managing. I mean, come on, with all the variety of characters Hayashibara have voiced, clearly she can do better. But it sounds like she didn't even try, none of the staff did, because no one was taking it seriously (maybe the actors didn't care because they realized the writing was crap anyway?)
Then I've also watched that new ending from the special edition and it was complete bullshit, even worse then the rest of the game. I mean, I'm all for a happy ending, but the implementation was a total ass-pull. Shinji gets drunk on coffee and then somehow everything works out by itself and they live happily ever after. What a wonderful lesson, let's all get drunk and hope for the best! That writing was even worse than the rest of the game. Also by the time since the initial release Hayashibara, with all my respect for her, seemed to have forgotten she wasn't voicing Rei this time. Like, they told her "here we have this another Evangelion job for you" and she was like "ah, sure, done that 100 times, won't even ask for details, just give me the lines". Because Mana in this ending sounds so much more like Rei than in the rest of the game, like she doesn't even try to differentiate this time. When I played the game for the first time I haven't even realized Mana was voiced by the same actress. When I watched that new ending on youtube and Mana spoke I could close my eyes and vividly picture Rei saying them, somewhat OOC Rei like in GOS2, but still I could easier picture Rei speak so than Mana.
So, it would seem all of that fondness for Mana was just for the image of her in my head, huh.Damn that's disappointing. And that would probably explain why there is so little content with her, if others' imagination doesn't sugarcoat her the same was mine does. So I should probably go and write something about that Mana from my head by myself. Some day.

Actually, I had one such idea in mind...

Untitled Kirishima Mana idea

No guro

I've even wrote a couple of pages, though I don't really like them, so will likely rewrite anyway... so that story is supposed to be set in a world with no Angels and all that stuff, Shinji is just an ordinary schoolboy, a shy one, sure, but he's not depressed and is pretty happy with his life. He probably lives with his parents who are both alive and while his father seem to care more for his job, whatever it might be, than for his son, he gets enough love and attention from his mother to compensate and grow a psychologically healthy child. Well, maybe a bit more childish and less manly then average boys his age because of being raised mainly by his mother. So, all in all, sounds kinda similar to that alternate reality shown in the last episode of the series. Though I'm not sure where to put Rei and Asuka. The Lina Rei from that same episode isn't Rei enough for my taste, not to say her role as a transfer student is already occupied by Mana. What for Asuka, I wouldn't want her to interfere with Shinji and Mana's romance. So at some point I even thought: okay, so maybe Rei and Asuka aren't even Shinji's classmates in this world, and instead they're... Mana's children!
But yeah, since it's a story about Mana, let's finally get to her... though before that I should probably have to say a couple more words about the world. The world it is set in is more casual about sex then ours, but not one of those where everyone has sex all the time. Say, neither Shinji or Gendo mind that Fuyutsuki is having sex with Yui, as it's just part of them being good friends. But despite of being aware of that sex, or maybe because of it - because it is nothing special, Shinji is not interested in it at all. Just like seeing his father always wearing glasses wouldn't make Shinji interested in glasses, but instead get so used to them he won't even notice his father wearing it and won't pay attention to glasses on other people too. Makes sense? Okay, so then there's Mana who is totally opposite. As a child she saw some beautiful porn movie (hm, just occurred to me, what if it featured Shinji's mother when she was younger? Would then explain Mana's instant interest in Shinji) and got so impressed she wanted to become a porn actress herself to bring joy to people. And a porn actress in this world is as much a respectable profession as a normal actress. Actually, I think I wrote it as 'porn idol', not porn actress, the implication being she does all kinds of sexual and erotic stuff, not only films. Like maybe she actually sings, and she can sing with a vibrator in her or even while being fucked on the stage. Or take part in various crazy Japanese TV shows, where in this world all the fictional shows from Japanese porn can be part of normal TV. Or hold an event for her fans where she would let them fuck her. Or go have sex with hobos as a form of charity. All kinds of fun stuff. So, back to Mana. Since the profession is as good as any other in this world, she had all the support from her parents. But she would still have to reach some legal age first, even if it is lower then in real world. Most girls who wanted to become porn idols would settle on that, well maybe gaining unofficial experience in the meanwhile, but Mana's dream to bring joy to people was so strong, she studied all the related details very carefully and found a loophole in the law, probably a recent change that no one else have yet seem to realize. At some point I was thinking these recent changes might be connected to the Second Impact, though I'm not sure now because as I said there are no Angels and NERV in this world, so probably there were no second impact either. Anyway, the new laws were:
1. The age when a person is considered to be legally adult is lowered to 16 years old. The goal of this law being to help the economy suffering after the Third Impact. Many kids had to work anyway, now they could at least do so legally.
2. The legality of filming in porn is also lowered to 16 years old just to be consistent.
3. Marriage age is lowered to 16 without parental consent and 14/12 for boys/girls with parental consent (Alternatively just 14 for everyone regardless of gender and parental consent). Marriage gives you a legal adult status.
4. Age restrictions for marriage don't apply if the couple has a baby (might still need parental consent, not sure on that).
(added after I've written more of this wall of text: the age of consent is also lowered to maybe 12 or even 10 years old... but that doesn't matter for a couple of consenting kids anyway)
Now, the trick is that while the law number 2 was thought by most as just lowering the age for porn from 18 years old to 16, the actual wording of it was not referring to any age specifically and instead to the legal status of adult. Probably so that they don't have to change the 2nd law every time they want to change the 1st one. They weren't thinking of how the 3rd and 4th laws would link in, as those weren't passed yet. And when they passed those, they weren't thinking of the 2nd one either. Instead, the purpose of the 3rd one was, obviously, to be consistent with lower legal adult age from the 1st law. And the purpose of the 4th was that a girl who happened to give birth a couple of days before her own 12th/14th birthday isn't left behind. No one foresaw that a determined enough little girl (somewhere around 8 to 10 years old) would purpousfully get pregnant so that she can marry by the 4th law so that she can become adult by the 3rd law so that she can be filmed in porn by the 2nd law.
And yes, as you have guessed, that little girl was Mana. Her friends Musashi and Keita (that were their names?) helped her get pregnant. And a bit overdid it, as she gave birth to twins, one fathered by Musashi, the other by Keita. Then either marriage of more than 2 people is also legal. Or the court decides for this special occasion that since they are both willing to marry her and it is not their fault that they can't both do so (and it also wouldn't be fair to let one of them marry her but not the other), it is decided to give all the three the status of adults even if they are not married. The third option, of course, is that the law doesn't require marriage in the first place and a girl can get a status of an adult just by giving birth to a baby, but that way the whole scheme would look less ingenious, hence less likely Mana was the only one to come up with it. Then again, maybe her father had some high position and actually helped promote these laws just so that his daughter could fulfill her dream? Dunno.
Anyway, legally married or not, Musashi and Keita live with Mana and help her raise the children, but at the same time don't mind her having romantic relationship with someone else (like she's going to have with Shinji), not to say they don't mind her having all the sex with everyone both for her job and for fun. They're in it because they're Mana's good friends and want to help her fulfill her dream and be happy. And, after they've already in it, for the children's sake too.
And thus, at about 8-10 years old Mana becomes the first legal underage porn idol. No surprise by the time she's 14 by the start of the story she's already very famous. So when she transfers to Shinji's class, the guys interested in porn immediately recognize her. Though Shinji isn't among those guys as he never gave porn any more regard than those boring newspapers. Then... well, I have a dilemma here... because one part of me wants it to be a vanilla romantic story with Mana's career and having children being just other background details about her like her liking mountains and light clothes. Or like... when Mana gave Shinji that pendant, was I the only one who thought it was weird for a girl to give a boy a piece of jewelry and not the other way around? Maybe there can jewelry suited for guys, but that pendant totally looked like it would better look on a girl. But I don't think anyone in the game thought of it from that perspective. Like when Kaji noticed that pendant and how Shinji looked at it, he said "have your girlfriend gave it to it? As a thirty year old experienced man I can tell it from how you look at it" or something along those lines, like it was totally natural. So, the same casual attitude Shinji would have for facts about Mana. Like even if they're already dating for some time and they he discovers she is a porn idol and has children, he wouldn't feel like it is important enough so that she should have told him before. Not more so that if he discovered, say, that she studies French. "Okay, cool, though I'm more into German" would be a normal reply, or maybe even "Okay, so what?". Not "Why haven't you told me before, that changes everything, we can't be together now, I can't believe you were lying to me all that time". So the same would be his reaction to her having children. "Oh, they're so cute, I like children. Do you happen to know who their father is? Oh, two different fathers? And they're your good friends? Cool, I'd like to meet them, I bet they're nice guys".
Erm, so where was I anyway?.. Right, I said that was what one part of me wanted to write it like. The other part has already written a couple of pages that are closer to those "everyone has sex everywhere" concepts... it starts with Mana introducing herself and everyone in the class, safe for Shinji, recognizing her. Shinji understands she's someone famous and feels uncomfortable that he doesn't know, especially as she tries to befriend him. So at the first break, as Mana is surrounded by fans, Shinji asks Kensuke, who explains that Mana is a sex idol. Then on the next lesson Kaji is their teacher and he appears to also be a fan of hers, especially those films where she had sex with teachers. The actually written part ends here, but the idea was that Mana is kind enough to give him a blowjob during class. And when she returns to her sit, next to Shinji, with cum on her face, he realizes that the unusual but not unpleasant perfume he smelled from her is actually not perfume, but smell of cum. He maybe wouldn't admit he liked the smell if he knew what it was from the beginning, but since he has already concluded that he liked it, it would be silly to back out now. Anyway, later on the long break Mana would service everyone in the class who wants and remain all covered in cum for the rest of the lessons. After which Shinji will give her a tour around the school or maybe around the city, while she's still covered in cum. Also somewhere in between she would take off her panties and give them to one of the boys in the class, probably Touji or Kensuke. Also on one of the shorter breaks she would ask Shinji to show her where the toilet is in the school, speaking of which I was thinking of how maybe toilets, locker rooms and such are not separate for boys and girls in this world, so when Shinji brings her to the toilet, he doesn't consider leaving because being in a toilet with a girl is nothing special, so he just waits for her inside. But then a couple of other boys come in, see Mana, recognize her as a porn idol (actually, thinking again, did I have it as 'porn idol' or 'sex idol' in my writing? Now I think it was sex idol, but whatever) and ask her if they can pee in her mouth and/or on her face and of course they can. Shinji, watching it, of course just thinks how cool Mana is, no different from if she was a singer and he heard her sing.
But anyway, the thing is, with so much already happening in the first day, there would be no room to go further...
So now I'm thinking I should try to combine these by... let's say, while many boys (and girls) recognize Mana and are fans of hers, they joyfully ask her for autographs and buy her new films, it might take some time, like a week, before it comes to someone's head to ask her to have sex with them. Like if she was a singer everyone might want to listen to her singing, but not everyone would just come and ask "hey, can we sing together? even though you're the famous singer and I've only sang once with my little sister before". And then it would take more time before more people would join until it ends up in her having sex with everyone in school on her every step, but that happening far from day one and growing gradually. And in the meanwhile as gradually grows her relationship with Shinji.
The real problem here is while I want it to be a vanilla romance with porn kinda being on background, I have no idea how to write vanilla romance. Like, at all.
Maybe there should be some plot beside it, like set it in the original Evangelion world (with NERV and Angels, but also with these new laws, now justified by the Second Impact), so that whenever I'm stuck, another Angel attacks and the characters have to deal with it and from that the plot is moving and somehow the characters' relationships progress along the way. But then again I also don't want any of the dark topics that come with NERV and all its secrets.
Speaking of the world without NERV and Angels though, I now think there is a way to fit Rei and Asuka in it without them being Mana's children (so Mana's children would just be original characters). Asuka can be Shinji's childhood friend, just like in the ep26 world, but with no romantic or sexual interest in him, which she might have for Kaji instead. This way she won't stand between him and Mana. As for Rei, she might actually be Shinji's twins sister! Why not? Or, to justify her different surname, she can be Yui's little sister (in Rebuild Ayanami is actually Yui's surname before she married Gendo, who, in Rebuild, was always Ikari). Or, if, whatever Gendo's (or Yui's) job is, it deals with advanced biology and genetics and such, Rei might actually be Yui's clone, and her being Yui's little sister is only the cover. It's just she wasn't created to fight Angels or carry Lilith's soul or anything, but just as an experiment on human cloning.

Well, anyway... any thoughts, comments, suggestions, that kind of stuff, are welcome.


Okay, I guess that warehouse story deserves some logical conclusion at least for that last scene. So here it goes:

Rei’s wild agony seemed to have no end, but Shinji was determined to see every moment of it, never averting his gaze. Tears were flowing from her painfully rolled eyes and drool dripping from her uncontrolled half-opened mouth. But even as her face got all red and distorted, Shinji was not turned away, for it was a proof of her excruciating pain, and as such inherently beautiful. The more she suffered, the more fascinating it was to realize that she went for it with a total ease of mind. Shinji knew he could never have a courage to willingly sacrifice himself, even if it was for the sake of saving humanity, so he had always admired Rei who could do so. But now he could see that for her it was beyond the petty concepts of courage and cowardice. Rei was just so much above earthly concerns that no amount of physical pain could possibly bother her. She was truly an angel, that metaphor even more highlighted by her current state elevated above the ground and suspended in the air. And it was only natural that an angel’s suffering deserved no pity. For it deserved nothing less than worship.
Time passed slowly for Rei, as each second brought an hour worth of pain, but all she could do was wait for when it ends along with her own life. Patience was always among Rei’s strong suites though, so wait she did. If anything, it was comforting to know she couldn’t do anything to fight the torture anyway, for as long as Rei was in no position to make difference, whatever happened could only be considered a natural course of events. And so Rei calmly waited, all the while wildly thrashing in agony. Created to fight the Angels, Rei’s body was much tougher than its fragile look, and it took a good dozen of very long minutes for air deprivation to draw every bit of strength from Rei’s body. Her erratic jerking gradually became weaker and rarer until first her arms and then her legs too became limp once more. Rei’s consciousness was fading like if she was falling into a sleep, and all of her feelings were disappearing one by one, making the remaining ones more and more defining. In the end only two feelings were left for Rei. One was the pain that filled all of her existence. And the other was gratitude that was even greater, as it was overflowing. But then even these two merged together, becoming inseparable, as both were caused by Ikari-kun hanging her. Rei focused on this fused feeling of blissfully excruciating gratitude, as it filled both herself and her whole world, remaining the only thing in the universe and hence the universe itself. She relished it as her own existence melted into this unitary universe of grateful agony, until she was finally one with the world to the point where there was no her in the first place. And that was how Rei have died in that warehouse for the second time.


Any comments?



I don't like anime and I don't like stories with pre-existing characters

But for some reason I love your stories.

I hope you will write something new soon!


Aww, I saw this thread at the top and thought it was a new story.

But I agree, I love your work Aoi!


Thanks, I'm happy to hear that! Unfortunately I most probably won't write anything new in the nearest feature. For a change I stopped being a NEET and got myself a job. So far the job is much more enjoyable than my first one, so I might actually stick with it. Still so far I don't get where working people get free time for hobbies like writing guro stories. Maybe it'll get better with time as I get used to it, but so far even on weekends all I feel like doing is just relaxing and doing nothing.


Finally I've written something new, even if it's just a little one-shot. It is kinda an Innocence spin-off, but is more independent if compared with the Autofellatio story. Also no homosexuality this time.

Autoerotic asphyxiation (an Innocence spin-off)

(Kagamine Rin, asphyxiation, a bit of urination, casual)

As Rin entered the bedroom she shared with her twin brother, she has unsurprisingly found him at the PC playing one of those online games. Tanks of the World Rin thought this one was called or something like that. What could be so fun about those clunky boxes of rusty metal anyway?
"Hey, Len", Rin said. "Have a minute?"
"Yeah, sure", Len replied without averting his eyes from the screen as he was trying to snipe enemy's weak spot.
"I wanna try strangling myself while masturbating", Rin said, pointing at the neckerchief she was wearing; not that Len looked anyway. "Flower said it feels really good".
"Right", Len nodded, finally going for a shot. "Bullseye!" he exclaimed as the shell landed perfectly, setting the enemy tank on fire.
"So I want you to take me out of the noose after I'm done", Rin concluded. "Hey, are you even listening?"
"Of course, Rin", Len replied as he was hurrying to change his own tank's position after being discovered. "Whatever you say".
Seeing that, just as usual, Len was so engrossed in the game he didn't pay a bit of attention to any of her words, Rin wondered if she should shake his shoulders to snap him out of the virtual world back to the real one. But she knew he would only complain that she ruined his game, rendering her to be at fault. As another option she could, of course, just wait for the battle to be over, but she really didn't want to endorse this annoying habit of his anymore. So Rin thought: what if she just pretended she had taken his automatic positive responses seriously and actually strangled herself as if assured of Len's assistance? Then, if he finds her already dead, it'll teach him a good lesson to actually listen when spoken to. And even if he notices her position in time to save her, she would still have that special masturbation experience she aimed for in the first place. So it can't go wrong either way.
"I'm counting on you", Rin gave a final warning. "It will be your problem if I die, not mine".
"Love you too, sis", Len replied. "Damn their artillery is good..." he commented as its strike landed dangerously close to his tank.
Yeah, he definitely wasn’t going to save her… But for Rin entrusting someone with her life wasn’t about being sure they would save her. It was about not minding even if they don’t. And Len, being her twin brother, her other half, was the only one Rin could really trust in that way.

Rin closed the bedroom door and kneeled next to it. She loosened the neckerchief on her neck first, then fixed its back part around the doorknob and finally tied it again, this time just under her jaw as tight as she could without strangling herself too soon. Rin gave another look at Len, noting that just how from her position she can easily see him and even the stupid game on his screen, the same way he should be able to clearly see her if only he bothered at least for a second to divert his attention from virtual tanks blowing up into pixels on the digital field of battle and look back at his flesh and blood twin sister hanging herself for real just some mere couple of meters behind his very back. He would definitely notice Rin occupying the door if he had to leave the room to go to the toilet or grab a drink, but judging by a big glass of fresh steamy pee on the desk before him neither was going to happen. So, having confirmed that the setup was completely fair and if she died it would be entirely her brother’s fault, Rin has straightened her legs along the floor. With the tightly tied neckerchief not letting her ass to reach the surface, it has put practically all of Rin’s weight on her neck. As the cloth dug into Rin’s neck, holding up the blood flow to her brain, she immediately felt the thrill of strangulation. Remembering why she was doing it beside of teaching Len a lesson, Rin has spread her legs and put her hands to work between them. Her pussy became wet before she knew it, so two fingers has easily slipped inside while Rin used her other hand to play with her clit. The foggy state the lack of air brought has indeed altered the sensations a lot. Everything around has suddenly became so far away it couldn’t possibly bother her as if it was from another reality whatsoever. Rin could see Len keeping playing his stupid game and hear him commenting on it, apparently believing Rin to be sitting on the bed watching him play, but it didn’t feel real. Consciously she knew it was, but her oxygen deprived brain kept insisting it was a mere daydream, and Rin was too preoccupied with her pussy to fight such a delusion. At the same time, while the outside world became almost shut off, left without such a distraction the sensations from Rin’s own body have multiplied by an order of magnitude. Never before has each light touch brought her such strong stimulation. Not to say the fierce fingering she was indulged into right now, putting whole four fingers inside without noticing, just one step away from it becoming her first fisting. Oh, but with Len still failing to notice her position, it would be her last as well, wouldn’t it? Would be a shame to miss the only chance she probably had. So Rin clenched her fist and pressed it against her already pretty wide open slit with all of her strength. It wasn’t much, as her body was on the verge of death, but she also didn’t have to hold back in fear if hurting herself. After all, any damage would most probably bear no consequences, as there seemed to be little chance of Len saving her, and any pain in Rin’s current state would only add spice to the sensation. Besides, the excitement made Rin’s pussy wetter and more flexible than ever, so in the end its lips gave up and the fist swiftly slipped inside all the way to the wrist. The sensation of it hit Rin as a lightning of pain and pleasure. Such a sudden and strong stimulation brought Rin to climax in an instant. Her whole body began shaking as crazy from the combined death throes and orgasm spasms, the fist slipping outside in the process, leaving Rin’s pussy gaping wide open. Following the fist, a hot stream of urine escaped her body, quickly spreading around the floor. But even as Rin’s limbs were uncontrollably thrashing around in that puddle, Len was too engrossed into the game to look back at the noise, probably thinking Rin was just casually masturbating on the bed after becoming bored of watching him play. Speaking of masturbation, Flower was right: the sensation was the most intense Rin has ever experienced. When, after what seemed like eternity, Rin’s body has finally calmed down and went limp, she felt completely satisfied and had no reason to regret her quickly approaching demise. After all, Len has totally deserved it.


As Rin's vision faded to black, the last thing she could see was her brother's triumph of victory. Even though it was just a game, he seemed to take sincerest delight in this toy achievement. It was so silly... and yet with the last glimpse of conscious thinking Rin has suddenly found she wasn't at all annoyed at Len anymore. No matter how senseless she considered videogames in general and this one in particular to be, seeing her twin enjoying himself so much unconditionally made Rin forget any hard feelings and just be glad for him. Even if Len was such a hopeless game addict that he failed to notice Rin dying right behind his back, she couldn't force herself to get angry at him when he radiated such sheer joy. She still hoped her death would teach him to pay more attention to the real world, but now she wished for it not out of pique, but only out of pure love. Reminding herself that Len was her own other half and letting herself share her brother's happiness as her own filled her soul with such a really deep and meaningful satisfaction that the last orgasm of her dying body could never compare to. And so, having found peace with her feelings, Rin died in a state of true bliss.


"So what did you want to say, Rin?" Len asked, for the first time averting his gaze from the screen, but only empty lifeless eyes started at him in response.
"Erm, Rin?" Len came up to her, casually stepping with his bare feet through the big puddle of urine she made on the floor. "Have you killed yourself?" he asked in confusion, lowering to his knees and reaching for Rin's dead yet so peaceful face.
Even if sometimes he could become too engrossed in modern forms of entertainment to notice her, there was never anything more important to Len then his twin sister. Not even life, be it his own life, someone else's life or life of Rin herself. And if Rin, his own other half, decided to end it, he would accept it unconditionally. So as he was gently caressing Rin’s cheek, there was no place for grief and sorrow in his heart. He was only curious to why she have done that. Or could it be that she told him the reason while he wasn't paying attention? But she knew how engrossed he could be in games, so if she didn't bother to confirm he have heard her, then it couldn't be anything important. Probably some trifle she was sure he wouldn't memorize anyway. Reassured that there was nothing to worry about, Len decided to return to the more current issues. Namely, the double exp for all battles event was going to end tonight, and Len was planning to put the remaining time to good use. So he let Rin's body be and returned to the PC. It was going to be a long night. Taking a refreshing sip from his glass, Len once more pressed the big red button. To battle!


"Ah, you sure are hopeless", Rin would say in her most endearing voice if only Len could hear her. But she has already learned not to mind her brother not noticing her. As long as she could be next to him and share his happiness and, would such occur, sadness, Rin was perfectly fine with him not being possibly able to notice her presence anymore. And so she floated next to him and looked at the screen, now with honest interest. To battle!


Mail sent


So with gurochan dying again, I'm wondering if I should post my works elsewhere, but where? ASSTR's application form doesn't work. Maybe pixiv? They allow stories, but most users probably looks for pictures, not stories there. And pictures I have are edits which would probably not be welcomed there. So I was thinking of maybe making a blog, but on what platform then? I see there's Hitori's blog on blogspot, but reading through terms of service it says they'll delete my google account if they find me posting incest, beastiality, necrophilia, pedophilia... basically any of my content, lol. So that doesn't sound safe.
So are there any good options out there?


asstr is back up


If you ignore the fact that it's a 'fanfiction' site...
Archive of Our Own has one of the most liberal posting rules of any of the sites.

Offensive Content Policy
"Unless it violates some other policy, we will not remove Content for offensiveness, no matter how awful, repugnant, or badly spelled we may personally find that Content to be."

The 'other policy' they reference comes down to literal CP, and ToS things you wouldn't care about.


ASSTR has worse downtimes than gurochan. Probably best to use both, though.


And asstr is still down, so there you go.


Actually almost all of my stories are fanfiction, so I'll look into it, thanks!


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And now I'm on Archive of Our Own. I haven't posted all of my stories there yet, but most of them. Here's the link:


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Аои-кун, на фикбуке тебя совсем заклевали хулители?


Аккаунт удалён по требованию роскомнадзора :-(
Впрочем, как руки дойдут, перезалью всё на Archive of Our Own, там на любых языках можно работы публиковать.


Какие они нехорошие (⌣_⌣”)
Не знал про этот сайт...


Я имел в виду фикбук если что. А на AOO я все проверяю.


Another 100 words story that ended up a bit longer than 100 words. 321 to be exact.


The twins were sitting cross-legged on the bed against each other. Their naked bodies were pierced with many straight pins and more were in a box beside them ready to use. Len took one and reached for Rin’s sex and she helpfully spread her lower lips to reveal her clitoris. It was already pierced with two pins criss-cross, so Len inserted the new one depthwise until only its head was sticking out. Rin braced herself and took it all without a wink.
“Okay, my turn now,” she beamed, as soon as Len let go of the pin.
She took another one from the box and examined Len’s body. There was already a number of pins in his dick and nipples, as well as under fingernails and toenails, but he was able to withstand all of it so far. Poking his eye would probably do the trick, but the point was to pain him, not to actually injure him. So what kind of pain was the most unbearable?
“Open your mouth”, Rin said with a sly grin and Len did just that.
Rin pointed her pin between two of Len’s lower teeth and drove it into his gum. She was sure to go slowly and move it around to make it hurt as much as she could. It didn’t take long until Len produced a painful groan.
“Aha!” Rin triumphed. “You’ve lost! Now you do our homework for today.”
“Fine…” Len sighed and obediently moved to the desk.
He wasn’t allowed to pull the pins out of his body until he finished the homework. Rin was, but didn’t pull hers out anyway. Instead she grabbed some more pins from the box and directed them to her own mouth. She knew next time Len would go straight for her teeth, so she might as well use the time freed by making him do her homework to get used to this new kind of pain.


Thank you for story! I liked moment when Rin don't pull her pins out in the end.


File: 1557592494406.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, sketch1557399399664.jpg)

Surprise. I'm still alive. Are you guys here alive too? Because I have a new story for you. It's another "Innocence" spin-off, but a more lengthy one this time. Thanks goes to Eterya for editing.

Die Young
=(Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, casual, hanging, urination)=

When Len entered the living room, Rin was lying on the sofa upside down with her ass resting against the sofa’s back and her shoulders on the seat, her legs thrown over the top of the sofa’s back and her head resting on the edge of the seat, tilted back to face the TV. She was holding a controller and playing “Over the Top Speed” on the screen, which was set up to rotate the image hundred and eighty degrees to fit her peculiar pose. Len’s confusion about Rin’s pose quickly cleared up when the practicality behind it became apparent as she started peeing, the urine landing right in her open mouth, letting her drink it without averting her eyes from the screen. The view made Len realize his very same urge, so he came up to her, aiming his penis at her mouth before adding his stream to hers.

“Hey, don’t block the screen!” Rin complained after taking a big gulp of pee so she could speak, the stream spraying over her face every time she closed her lips.

“Sorry,” Len apologized as he climbed onto the sofa with his knees to both sides of Rin’s head, taking his chance to lean his mouth to her lower lips (more like upper, in her current position) and drink the rest of her pee.

“Now that’s better,” Rin said, able to see the screen again, not minding her own pee not reaching her mouth anymore as she got to drink Len’s instead, which was even better. “I almost died because of you just now.”

“Actually that’s what I wanted to talk about,” Len pulled away from Rin’s pussy to speak, letting the stream of her urine hit his face.

“What?” Rin asked in confusion. “Me always dying in games?”

“More like dying for real,” Len specified.

The out-of-the-blue statement took Rin by surprise and she choked on Len’s pee, quickly dropping the controller to push her brother off herself and turn over to face down and cough out the pee. The rest of both of the twins’ pee ended up splashed all over their bodies and surroundings, while in the game Rin’s car crashed into a wall at full speed and exploded.

“Whew!” Rin took a couple of seconds to recover, sitting down on the sofa properly. “Now I didn’t just die in the game, but almost died for real too. Great job.”

“I'm sorry,” Len apologized again as he took a seat to the left of his sister. “But say, what if you did die?”

“Come again?” Rin was only getting more confused with each of her brother’s words, meanwhile picking the controller back up.

“Don't get me wrong,” Len noted. “I didn’t intend to kill you with pee.”

“Of course you didn’t!” Rin switched the screen from upside down back to normal. “But why are you asking silly questions like that?”

“Is death silly though?” Len embraced her with one arm. “I think it’s pretty serious.”

“Well, I guess so.”

“Then tell me,” Len repeated, pressing himself tighter against Rin, sniffing the rich aroma of pee from her wet hair “what would you feel if you actually did die?”

“Well, that would be a hilarious way to die, choking on pee,” Rin giggled, hitting the respawn button and finally taking control of her car again.

“Seriously though,” Len insisted, fiddling with Rin’s hair. “Wouldn’t you be afraid?”

“Well, of course I’d be afraid to die,” Rin replied, hitting the gas control as hard as she could, she had a lot of catching up to do. “That’s just natural.”

“That’s a natural instinct indeed,” Len agreed, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. “But if you think of it logically, being afraid doesn’t really save you from it, you still die sooner or later, so what’s the point?”

“I guess, the point is to die later, not sooner,” Rin said as her car gained speed.

“But why would it make any difference if you still die?” Len continued his weird questions, as he retracted his hand from her face and gently put it onto Rin’s neck. “Would dying later make it less scary?”

“Wouldn't it?” Rin wondered. “In movies they always show old people die satisfied with their lives and everything.”

“Movies, you say,” Len chuckled, his hand travelling down to her chest. “What about games?”

“What about them?” Rin wondered, focused on trying to pick up each booster on the track to make up for all the time she’d lost respawning.

“In games you can die yourself, not just watch other people die,” Len explained, exploring his sister’s chest. “So it should provide a better example.”

“Is it so?” Rin had finally caught up to her opponents. “In games you can just respawn, so it’s not the same.”

“In some games you can’t,” Len continued, finding Rin’s nipple and absentmindedly starting to fiddle with it between his fingers. “Or let’s say you can’t even try again if you die. In a game like that, would you rather die closer to the beginning or to the end?”

“Obviously, I’d rather not die at all,” Rin started looking for a way to shoot down the cars in front of her. “In a game it’s actually possible when no one is trying to block the screen or choke you with pee.”

“Oh, come on,” Len aggrievedly moved away from her nipple and broke the embrace. “You’re thinking of games you can beat.”

“Why?” Rin was confused, as she picked up a shotgun weapon, maneuvering herself into a position behind two enemy cars, managing to destroy one of them with it. “Are there games you can’t beat?”

“Of course there are,” Len said, placing his hand on her lap instead. “Any big MMO sandbox like Star Dangerous, you know, with trade, war, exploration and lots of other people to socialize. In games like that there isn’t any end goal you can reach.”

“Sounds silly,” Rin noted. “What’s the point of playing then?”

“The point is to have fun with the gameplay itself,” Len explained, now caressing her inner thigh. “However, what if such a game had permadeath too? So permanent you can’t register a new account even if you buy it again.”

“And what would happen?” Rin spread her legs.

“Then if you play for a few months, make a bit of progress and meet a couple of new friends in the process, you’d be somewhat afraid to die at that point,” Len said, moving his hand towards her pussy. “But if you play it for years, maybe even become a leader of a clan with significant power in the game world’s politics, then you’ve invested so much into this game, the idea of dying and losing it all must be totally terrifying.”

“Must be,” Rin picked up a homing missile, finally destroying the other car she’d missed before. “But thankfully I don’t play MMOs.”

“Or do you?” Len countered, rubbing the outside of her slit. “Isn’t life an MMO just like that?”

“Never thought of it like that,” Rin replied, keeping her focus on the game, even if the sensation was quite enjoyable. “If you put it that way, MMOs sound even more stupid, as you can get all the same in the real world.”

“Well, maybe they are,” Len agreed, noticing his left hand subconsciously having started to play with his penis, which quickly got hard. “But that’s not my point.”

“What is though?” Rin was closing in on another remaining opponent looking for a suitable weapon to destroy them. “You just keep blabbering about games and dying. Did you read another piece of news about some game addict dying while playing?”

“Not exactly,” Len said, gripping his penis properly and starting to masturbate. “But I did indeed stumble upon news of someone’s death. It was hard not to, the whole Internet was filled with it for the last couple of hours.”

“And who died to cause such a fuss?” Rin wondered as she missed a machine gun that would have been useful against the car ahead of her, having to pick up a mine instead to deal with another car chasing her. “The British Queen?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Len confirmed, sliding two fingers into Rin’s pussy. “Turned out she wasn’t immortal after all.”

“Ah…” Rin’s sheepish reply was interrupted by a pleasured moan halfway through. “But what does that have to do with games?”

“Nothing really,” Len said, stirring his fingers inside her. “It was just a metaphor for life.”

“So what were you trying to say with that metaphor anyway?” Rin placed a mine right in her pursuer’s way, but just before it blew up, the enemy fired a homing missile of its own.

“The news just made me think, isn’t there so much fuss about the Queen’s death exactly because how long she lived? If she died young before leaving any trace in history, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“I think that has more to do with her being a queen,” Rin managed to barely dodge the missile, but failed to notice the other enemy from before respawn and hit her with an ice bolt, freezing her car in place. “I bet the Queen herself was happy to have such a long and fulfilling life”.

“That part may be true” Len agreed, adding another finger into her pussy. “But would that stop her from being terrified of death? Even you said you were afraid, and you only have fourteen years to lose. Dying at twenty-eight must be two times more terrifying, at fifty-six - four times so… can’t imagine how terrified the Queen must have been to die”.

“So that’s what you believe then,” Rin leaned back to better enjoy Len’s attention, as with her car still stuck in place she couldn’t do anything about two of her opponents crossing the finish line anyways. “The longer you live, the more you’d be afraid of dying?”

“Exactly,” Len nodded, finding her clitoris with his thumb. “I am already afraid of dying, of course, but I’d rather die now being reasonably afraid, then postpone it until it becomes absolutely terrifying”.

“You mean… you seriously…” Rin gave in to her pleasure, as the final enemy caught up with her again, shattering her frozen car by driving straight through it and to the finish line, “want to kill yourself?”

“That’s the plan,” Len confirmed, rubbing her clitoris between his fingers.

“Aaahh…” Rin arched her back in orgasm, curling her toes and involuntarily pushing half the buttons on the controller, luckily with her car destroyed it couldn't ruin the game any further. “…Sure took you long to get to the point”, she concluded after taking a breath.

“What about you though?” Len asked, licking Rin’s juices from his fingers while still jerking off with his left hand.

“Oh, don't worry about me.” Rin replied, as she quit the failed race, not bothering to respawn and continue only to come in last anyway. “I’d never force you to live another day just out of a selfish desire to keep you around, knowing how it’ll only make your death more terrifying. No, if dying young is really your wish, then just as with any other wish if yours, I can only be happy to see it fulfilled”.

"I'm really glad to hear that,” Len said, embracing her again. “But that’s not what I meant. I was trying to ask if after everything I said you wouldn’t rather die young too. Or does the thought of dying later not terrify you?"

“Not really,” Rin shrugged, restarting the race. “I guess because I don’t play MMOs like you, I can’t really see the life as one. For me it’s more like a set of beatable games like the ones I play. So if you ask me, dying sooner is still more terrifying than later.”

“I see,” Len sighed, breaking the embrace and even stopping to masturbate, so close to an orgasm. “And here I was hoping you’d keep me company.”

“Wait”, the sudden realization made Rin avert her eyes from the screen for the first time, failing to start as the countdown reached zero. “is that what this whole talk was all about?”

“It was. Though I see I couldn’t convince you anyways.”

“You don’t have to convince me to keep you company, Len,” Rin burst out laughing, putting the controller away, even though the race was still going on, her car idly standing in place. “You should have just asked!”

“But by keeping company I don’t mean just having you near me as I die,” Len clarified. “What I mean is actually having you die together with me”.

“Yeah, I get it,” Rin turned to Len with a smile, reaching for his boner. “That’s why you asked if I’d rather die young too.”

“And I thought you said it’s more terrifying?” Len recalled, leaning back to enjoy his sister’s touch. “You know I wouldn’t want you to force yourself.”

“Silly Len, I’m not forcing myself at all,” Rin laughed again, starting to rapidly stroke his rock-hard penis while embracing him with the other arm. “Dying is terrifying for sure, but it doesn’t matter because dying is beside the point.”

“What do you mean?” Len wondered, tensing in pleasure.

“Because it’s you who’s killing himself specifically to die”, Rin explained, noticing Len’s penis strongly pulsing. “The reason I’m killing myself is only to keep you company. Cinema or suicide, I’m just really glad that you want me to join, that’s all.”

“Ah… mnn…” Len came just seconds later, shuddering in Rin's embrace as he shot several loads of semen into her hand, Rin quickly cupping it before him to make sure not to waste any of it. Taking a brief moment to wind down, Len continued, still slightly panting. “Rin, you’re the best sister ever!”

“And you’re the best brother ever, Len,” Rin replied, licking the ambrosial liquid from her fingers. “Even if there was no need to, the effort you put into convincing me to join you shows just how much you care,” she said, before leaning forward to give Len a loving kiss, sharing with him the taste of his own bliss.

“So how do you propose we kill ourselves?” Rin asked after breaking the kiss, as she turned off the game along with the screen itself. “Giving it so much thought surely you must have a plan,” she turned back to Len, positively curious of what death he envisioned for them.

“I was thinking of the clothes line outdoors,” Len answered, as Rin nodded, listening carefully. “If we throw it over a tree branch or something, we can hang ourselves on both sides of it.”

“So killing us together was indeed your plan from the start,” Rin concluded, climbing on top of her brother’s legs as she gave him an enthusiastic hug. “It makes me so happy!”

“How so?” Len wondered, putting his hands on her sides and pushing Rin back a little to create enough space to look into her eyes. They shone with joy, to which he answered with a confused expression.

“Why, because it means inviting me in wasn’t just an afterthought”, Rin explained, pushing her body against Len’s once more. “Isn’t that what being twins is all about? The two of us are a whole to the point where you can’t even imagine us dying separately”.

“That’s true”, Len agreed, letting his hands slide to Rin’s back and caress it. “Until you said how you’d be happy to see my wish fulfilled, it didn’t even occur to me that you not joining was a possibility”.

“Oh, I’m really sorry about that”, this time Rin herself leaned back to let Len see in her eyes that she meant it. “Of course I would have joined immediately if you just asked, but exactly because of that I failed to realize you were spending all the effort on convincing me. I thought you were just explaining your own reasoning”.

“To be honest, even if you keep saying it, it’s still hard for me to imagine you would’ve really joined me so easily”, Len admitted apologetically. “I mean, even for me, with all that reasoning, it’s scary to die… only the fear of it getting even more terrifying makes me want to kill myself now”.

“Now that just sounds sad”, Rin said, pouting. “Why don’t you think of it the way I do?” she suggested, switching back to joyful mood. “Don’t think of killing ourselves as a means to die. Say, a game of twister might train our agility, but is training even on your mind when playing it? I bet not, because that’s not what we play it for, we play it just to have fun”.

”Well, that’s because the game itself is fun”, Len noted.

“Is it?” Rin replied. “I imagine playing it alone would be quite boring. Which means it’s not playing the game that is fun, but doing it together. In fact, doing anything together makes it much more fun”.

“Even killing ourselves?” Len asked in confusion.

“But of course!” Rin leaped off the sofa. “Didn’t you say we’ll hang together on the same rope?” she gestured passionately. “How is that not fun? It’ll be like a physical representation of out bond!”

“Oh, I was just thinking it would be handy to use one rope for us both”, Len admitted, taking Rin’s hand to get up. “But if you put it that way, it does sound kinda fun”.

“Right?” Rin grinned. “Then I’ll go prepare the rope and you can grab a chair in the meanwhile. We’ll need something to jump off, right?”

“Right,” Len nodded. “Just don’t start without me,” he said, seeing how enthusiastic she was.

“That should be my line,” Rin chuckled. “It’s you who wants to die ASAP. All I want is to keep you company, so it would really defeat the purpose if I killed myself first.”

“Then I’ll try to resist slitting my throat with all the temping knifes,” Len joked as he headed to the kitchen.

“Yeah, do your best,” Rin replied half-serious, in her turn heading outside. “I’d look silly waiting for you outside with the rope forever.”

Getting a chair from the kitchen, Len exited the house, stopping on the doorsteps as the cool air against his naked body made him realize he was still wet with the mix of his own and Rin’s urine from earlier. It was not an unwelcome sensation, both physically as the evaporating wetness intensified the gentle caress of the breeze sending pleasant shivers all over Len’s skin, and emotionally, as having fun with their pee was always a warm memory for the twins. Even better was the realization that Rin, being equally naked and equally wet, was exposed to the same cool breeze, thus sharing that sensation as well.

Indeed, looking at him still standing on the doorsteps, Rin could immediately tell what he was thinking about and giggled: “I guess something good did come out of your attempt to choke me with pee after all.”

Len looked back at Rin and saw that she has already detached the clothes line, the washed clothes from it were now scattered all over the wet and dirty ground, not even avoiding the puddles still remaining here and there after a rain earlier in the day.

“What’s with all this mess?” Len wondered.

“It’s not like we’ll need them anymore,” Rin replied, with the rope in her hands examining the nearest tree for thick branches. “So why bother collecting?”

“Makes sense”, Len agreed and looked at a big puddle just off the doorsteps. He remembered this tempting puddle from when he’d been hanging out the clothes shortly after the rain, but couldn’t risk dropping the bowl with washed clothes. With the chair, however, he didn’t have to be so careful, so he jumped right into the puddle, splashing dirty water everywhere. Some of it landed right on the scattered clothes, and Len found some special pleasure in being able to dirty the recently washed clothes beyond repair without a care in the world. Even if Rin said she did it just out of practicality, he could now see she must have also enjoyed scattering the clothes on the dirty ground like that.

“You sure love jumping through puddles”, Rin laughed, seeing Len having fun.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in this”, Len returned the kind laughter, looking at Rin’s feet also being all dirty up to the ankles.

As Rin found a branch she deemed suitable and threw the rope over it, Len approached her, with equal pleasure stepping in the puddles and on the clothes, marking them with dirty footprints.

“So, will this branch hold us?” Len wondered, putting the chair down.

“Let’s test it”, Rin suggested, offering Len one end of the rope.

The twins each pulled their end towards themselves, but when they tried to put more of their weight on the rope, it resulted in their feet slipping along the wet ground until their bodies became pressed against each other right under the branch, where there also happened to be another large puddle. Seeing how they couldn’t each climb their end of the rope without ending up like this, the twins instead tried climbing each other’s bodies with their legs. It was already awkward enough by itself so they couldn't stop giggling, and spreading the slippery mud from their feet all over each other’s legs didn’t help either, so naturally they ended up falling into the puddle with their butts, bursting into genuine laughter.

“Come on, Len, that was totally your fault for letting go of the rope!” Rin laughed, splashing the dirty water from the puddle onto her brother.

“My hands only slipped because your legs were pulling me down!” Len laughed too, splashing the water back at Rin.

“Oh, yeah?” Rin pushed Len so he fell with his back onto the ground and climbed on top of him to prevent him from getting up. “You think I can fly or something?”

“I surely hope you can’t”, Len pushed Rin off to his side, and since she was clinging onto him, ended up on top of her, switching their positions. “Would be hard to hang you then”.

The joyful kids kept wrestling in the mud until they became all dirty from head to toe and laughed their lungs out. Panting, they lay next to each other in the puddle, their gaze landing on the rope, by some miracle still hanging on the branch. It reminded the twins that they weren’t here just to fool around in the aftermath of the rain, but were actually going to hang themselves on that rope.

“You were totally right”, Len smiled, turning his head to face Rin. “Killing ourselves can be fun”.

“Right?” Rin smiled back, looking into his eyes. “It’s because we’re doing it together”.

“So”, Len said, getting up from the ground, “I guess we can conclude that this branch is properly able to handle the weight of the two of us randomly thrashing around”.

“So it would seem”, Rin agreed, taking Len’s hand to get up too. “The rope didn’t tear too, so we can safely hang ourselves on it”.

Len took the chair again and positioned it right under the rope, and Rin eagerly climbed onto it before Len even released his hold of it.

“Whoa…” Len climbed after Rin and found there was little room for the two.

“Have to be careful here”, Rin said, pressing her body against Len’s and tightly locking him in her arms. “You don’t want to fall from the chair, do you?”

“Not before there’s a noose on my neck to catch me”, Len smirked, returning the gesture.

“Now that’s the spirit!” Rin approved.

While trying to keep her hold of Len, Rin carefully caught one end of the rope and wrapped it around her brother’s neck. Len did the same with the other end of the rope and RIn’s neck.

“The rope is pretty long”, Rin pointed out. “So tighten it properly before tying the noose”.

“Right”, Len took notice. “Wouldn't be much of a hanging if we just land on our feet”.

Taking that into consideration, the twins made sure not to leave any extra length, thus measuring the rope for as short a drop they could. They tied the nooses around each other’s necks slowly and carefully, but not out of fear of bringing their death closer. It just felt really nice to tie the nooses for each other, filling the twins’ hearts with the same feeling of caring as when they were washing each other’s bodies or peeing into each other’s mugs. So they just took their time to savour this siblingly warmth, never thinking of it as postponing the hanging. If anything, this cordial moment would lose all of its meaning unless they properly put the carefully tied nooses to use.

“Okay, this should hold you”, Len concluded, leaning back just a bit to admire his work, but making sure to hold the embrace that kept them from falling. “Wow, a noose on your neck really suits you”, he noted. “Maybe even better than cum on your face”.

“Of course it does. Because it’s something you made for me”, Rin smiled kindly. “But wait ‘till you see me actually hang on it”.

Having that said, Rin gave Len a kiss on the lips, but this time it wasn’t a long kind of kiss with tongue wrestling, which was more like sex or twister, just a fun physical activity the twins would engage in with anyone, but a brief kind of kiss the twins used exclusively to express their love to each other and never shared with anyone else. Rin barely touched her brother’s lips for a single fleeting moment and the next thing he knew was the rope biting into his neck as Rin kicked out the chair from under their feet.

The abrupt pain made Len’s vision go blurry and he instinctively clung to Rin with all his strength, at the same time feeling a similar grip on himself. Such a sudden and firm embrace was enough to take his breath away without any noose. For as much as the twins loved to cuddle, never before had their embrace been so desperate and therefore sensual. Their bodies were uncontrollably pressing against each other as if trying to become one, but the mud acted like a lubricant, preventing them from keeping a constant posture. Instead their arms and legs kept slipping and catching their bodies anew, one’s chest and stomach rubbing against the other’s, leaving no square inch of skin without attention.

Len never could have imagined that cuddling could be so intense. It was the best feeling he ever got to experience, even in spite of the unbearable pain from the rope squeezing his neck. Although… Why ‘in spite’? On the contrary; only because the twins couldn't bear the pain did they end up in such a special embrace in the first place.

Len never could have thought that he would welcome pain, let alone be happy for how strong it was. And yet here he was, thanking the pain for his body not being able to endure it, by that giving him and his sister the best embrace in their lives. If only Len knew before that hanging together with Rin would be so great, he would have done it long ago disregarding any fear of death.

Rin was right: death was beside the point of hanging. Like by eating a cake you would, of course, still fill your stomach, but nutrition wasn’t what you really ate it for. The same went with hanging: it did kill you, but that wasn’t what it was worth to hang yourself for, instead it was for the otherwise impossible sensation of uncontrollable bodies fully devoting themselves to cuddles.

But gradually the initial shock of sudden influx of new sensations was going away, and although the twins’ bodies were still reveling in contact with each other, Rin’s words finally reached Len’s mind, words which he suddenly realized would now remain her last ones. So what did that mean, his last words would be about sperm on her face? Even though it was a totally mundane compliment, in no way suiting something so solemn. The idea that this casually dropped phrase would now remain the last in his life appeared to be utterly amusing to Len. And he’d thought hanging couldn’t be fun. Turned out it couldn’t be not fun!

And the playful tone of Rin's last words fit to that fun just right as she'd half-jokingly suggested for Len to check out how the noose would look around her neck once put into use. Not that he needed to see it; just imagining what their movements had to look like, disorderly yet devotedly focused on each other, left Len no doubts that the outer beauty of the action was on par with the inner one. But even if the picture his mind drew for him was enough for Len, he still gathered all his strength and with great effort managed to take back control of his body for a couple of moments to lean away from his sister a bit to get a look at her face. Though he hadn’t tried so hard to fulfill her last will or something serious like that, but just to play along; for the simple fun like this that was exactly what they’d hanged themselves for.

Finally taking a glance on Rin’s face, Len immediately realized how deeply mistaken he’d been for thinking it would be beautiful… It wasn’t just beautiful, it was absolutely fascinating! The noose was biting into Rin’s neck with a death grip, squeezing it like a vice, deforming the shape of the neck and chafing the skin to the blood, as if the rope was trying to compete with Len who could embrace Rin with more strength. Only there was no point in being jealous, because in reality it was not the rope that was doing it, but Len himself. For not only had he tied this deadly noose with his own hands, but also the force that made it so diligently squeeze around his sister’s neck was none other but the weight of his own body hanging on the other end.

Of course, the same applied in reverse too, as Len could acutely feel in his own neck. Turned out that the pain the rope caused was not just the source of the twins’ unparalleled cuddling, but also its most vivid part. As much as their arms and legs were clinging to each other’s bodies, but the strongest squeeze was the one the twins gave to each other’s necks through the rope. With all of his weight, with all of himself Len was hugging Rin’s neck, and she was hugging his. And if this pain was nothing other than embrace the twins shared, how it was possible not to love it? And the stronger it got - the better, for it only meant a stronger embrace.

But when it seemed like it couldn’t get any stronger, the twins’ bodies finally exhausted the remaining oxygen, and the simple mechanical pressure on their necks became accompanied by an inextinguishable burning in their lungs. And if the former had already seemed unbearable, now a real agony began. In his worst nightmares Len couldn’t imagine such insane suffering as the one that now captured his body. And realizing Rin must have felt the same, Len was not surprised by what he could read in her eyes when for a moment he met her gaze: neither the immeasurable physical suffering, nor the unfeigned delight it caused. For this unbearable agony meant that the embrace the twins have shared through the rope had become so strong it was now squeezing not only their necks, but even their lungs. Now it was cuddling with not only the whole surface of the body, but even with internal organs! The mere thought that this was possible was enough to bring delight, let alone actually experiencing it.

As Rin’s returned the gaze, Len could clearly see in her eyes that she was thinking the same thing as him: How come it had never occurred to them before to hang themselves together like this? No sex or twister could even hope to compare to it. It was perhaps even better than that one dream Len once told her about where the twins turned into urine and dissolved in each other. At least because that was just a fleeting dream before the inevitable awakening back into reality.

But now everything was for real, so the twins wouldn’t just wake up in their bed afterwards, leaving them only sweet memories of their hanging. In fact, now they would never get to wake up at all! That thought suddenly bloomed into pure childish delight inside Rin’s heart. Even if she’d said that for her death was not the goal of hanging, only now did Rin realize that it was also not an undesirable side effect to disregard. Instead it was the icing on the cake. Hanging was a lot of fun by itself, but if on top of that it also killed the twins, that made it even better, for it meant that this fun would literally last for the rest of their lives! The delight of this discovery was so overwhelming that Rin didn’t even have to put an effort for her face distorted by pain to transform into a beaming smile - just the power of emotions was enough for them to involuntarily manifest through any physical sensations.

Even though Len had already lost control over his body again and could not look at Rin’s face anymore, but even without that he could clearly feel her smile. Whether it was the fabled twins' telepathy or the two just knew each other so well that they intuitively understood the small nuances of their seemingly chaotic deathly embrace, but Len received Rin's emotions in all their vividness.. Death! Death meant that hanging, this very mutual hanging that brought the twins such a delight they could never have imagined, was forever; here would be nothing but this mutual delight. Never. Nothing. Not even themselves. There would never be a moment in time for them when the delight of hanging would remain in the past. So this was the death Len had been so afraid of? Turned out it was the most amazing thing one could imagine!

Yes, now it was clear why Rin had been so happy when he told her that he wanted them to hang on the same rope. At first it’d just seemed convenient to him, but the fact that they’d tied the nooses for each other and were serving as each other’s counterweights, made it so that they weren’t just dying together, but killing each other. The result was, of course, the same, but the feelings! All of Len’s existence was now devoted to ending Rin’s, just as hers was devoted to ending his; each of the twins was happy to die together and even happier for the other's happiness, but then knowing the other felt just as happy for them brought them even more happiness, and so forth. It was truly impossible to think of a greater happiness.

But even if nothing could possibly make the twins happier, it didn’t mean that nothing could could make them more amused. Among all the sensations that overwhelmed the twins, the languid agony of oxygen deprivation that had already spread throughout their whole bodies, the strong embrace of each other’s arms and legs, desperately trying to hold onto something, and the caress of them hopelessly slipping along their mud-covered bodies, they suddenly noticed one more: Len’s dick happened to be squeezed in between the twins’ bodies and them twitching in their nooses made it rub against them.

The stimulation brought Len’s dick into state of full alertness, and it was now awkwardly poking into Rin’s belly. Ha-ha, hello, dick! You know we’re dying here? The whole body is thrashing around in deathly convulsion, and the dick suddenly wants a caress! What next, the stomach will growl asking for food? The twins found the whole thing so funny that even without communicating to each other they both decided to play along and try to somehow drive Len’s dick into Rin’s pussy. But the only points of support were their own necks and their limbs didn’t want to obey them anymore, spontaneously twitching as if of their own will, so the twins’ movements came out even more clumsy than when they’d tried to test the branch.

However they hadn’t expected this venture to succeed anyway, instead the twins just found spending the last moments of their lives on such an utter silliness to be irresistibly amusing. For how comically and hilariously they were writhing in their nooses! Len thought he looked like a fly trying in vain to get out of a closed window only to hit the glass again and again. And Rin was comparing herself to a cat that was thrown into air in zero gravity and, unable to comprehend which way it should fall feet first, began to randomly spin around. Ah, what a pity there was nobody around to film their ludicrous antics. It would probably fit just right into some collection of funny videos among other clumsy dances and failed stunts. Though usually it would be embarrassing to appear in something like that, but now the twins were having so much fun they wouldn’t at all mind to share their fun with the whole world. All the more so as they wouldn’t have to blush over it afterwards, since they were going to die. Wasn’t that great?

But what was even greater was that their stunt ended up not being a failure after all; for the one thing the twins could always do better than anything was having fun. And it was exactly because trying to make love while hanging by their necks and writhing in deathly agony was such ridiculous silliness that the twins devoted all of their fading strength to it. And, unexpectedly even to themselves, they actually succeeded!

Rin managed to rest her arms on Len’s shoulders and tightly wrap her legs around his waist, while Len in his turn was holding onto Rin’s waist with his hands, trying to support her with his legs from below. Of course, given they were hanging on the same rope, any attempts to transfer their weight onto each other were obviously doomed to failure, but it was this pointlessness of the endeavour that made it so fun in the first place and therefore made the twins try even harder. And as a result by some miracle they managed to make their pose somewhat stable and suddenly felt Len’s dick actually slip into Rin’s pussy. As a result they somehow managed to make their pose more or less stable and suddenly felt Len’s dick actually slip into Rin’s pussy. The sudden, unexpected sensation served to give the twins a brief moment of focus, allowing them to regain control of their bodies just long enough to look into each other's eyes once more, asking if this was for real; and having confirmed they actually accomplished their silly idea of having sex while hanging, the twins couldn’t help but burst into laughter…

Or at least they tried to laugh, but with their necks squeezed instead of laughter the twins only produced a new disorderly series of spasms even more painful than before. Over and over their chests felt like they were bursting, and every time seemed like it was going to be the last, like they’d just die of pain right now, but a fraction of a second later the next spasm would erupt right over the last and their suffering continue with renewed strength. But the very thought that this innocent attempt at laughing had turned into such unbearable torture seemed so hilarious that it was impossible to stop laughing.

Laughing at their suffering and suffering from their laughter the twins became captives of a self-sustaining cycle of pain and fun, only ever speeding up their delightful movement towards death. Like when on a roller coaster the cart would end its slow climb onto the topmost point and start a rapid descent. Only the track never turned away from the ground and the cart would just keep on accelerating until it crashed into the surface at full speed. This ride of excruciating agony infinitely escalating towards death was a delight all on its own, but the best part for each of the twins was feeling happy for the other one having the same experience. For there was never a music more beautiful for the twins than each other’s laughter, and even if the sound was now replaced by convulsion, it was still as vividly transmitted through their tight embrace. Knowing it was caused by sincere fun, to physically feel each other’s hellish suffering like this was a heavenly delight.

On top of all of that Len’s dick was still inside Rin’s pussy. The twins didn’t even have to put effort into having sex - the involuntary fluttering of their dying bodies made Len’s dick shift back and forth inside Rin’s pussy, providing all the necessary physical stimulation. If anything the twins had to restrain their chaotically jerking bodies and try to hold harder to each other so that Len’s dick didn’t inadvertently slip out. And although the pleasure of sex could hardly compare to that of their deathly agony, it still served as a nice bonus. The twins’ limbs clinging to each other’s bodies, the rope biting their necks, their lungs feeling like they were bursting and now the sex parts stimulating each other - it was hard for their fading consciousnesses to tell the sensations apart anymore and they all merged into one single bliss.

It was only clear that the metaphorical cart had already accelerated so much that there remained mere moments until the finish, and dashing towards death at full speed like this was truly a delightful feeling. Len was happy that he hadn’t just hanged himself alone, but invited Rin to keep him company. Less so for himself that hanging together was more fun (though there was that too), but for her, that she also got to experience all of this indescribable joy. Rin was happy too, for had she not experienced it by herself, she could have never imagined hanging could be so wonderful. But for her too what mattered most was not that she got to feel wonderful, but that it made her know exactly how wonderful Len felt.

And when it seemed like it couldn't get any better and they only had to happily die, with her last remaining bit of consciousness Rin suddenly felt some new vague sensation. It was Len cumming inside her! And if putting Len’s dick in her pussy was something the twins had tried to do on purpose, even if just as a joke and not believing in success, them actually reaching an orgasm on top of it had never even crossed their minds. But here they were! Portions of hot semen spurted into Rin’s pussy one after another, accompanied by new spasms in Len’s almost already-still body, making him squeeze Rin tightly. And although she could hardly feel anything anymore, it was still nice to get such a pleasant surprise in the end.

But what Rin did vividly feel was Len’s orgasm ending as suddenly as it started and his whole body abruptly going limp, making her realize her brother had just died. Of course, that was to be expected after Rin had tied the noose on his neck by herself and even served as a counterweight for his hanging; she could proudly say she’d killed him with her own hands. But Rin had always imagined they would just die simultaneously and it’d never occurred to her she could still be alive at the moment of Len’s death. She hadn’t expected to actually see her brother die, and thus happened to be absolutely unprepared to the burst of joy it brought.

Rin felt like a supernova, bursting with more delight she could handle. Her body immediately reached its own orgasm, which was stronger than any in her life and seemed like it wouldn’t stop until her death. But as intense as it was, a mere orgasm was of little concern to Rin. For Len, her beloved twin brother, her other half, had died - and it was wonderful! And he hadn’t just died, but by her hands and in her arms; it was impossible to imagine a better death. Rin was already unable to tell if she’d actually managed to take another glimpse at his face or if her dying mind was just imagining it, but to find no sign of life in the vacant expression of Len’s empty eyes was the best reward Rin could wish for tying a noose around his neck and hanging together with him.

For a moment Rin even wondered if maybe she was being too happy about her brother’s death. Because if seeing your twin die brought so much joy, wouldn’t Len have been happier if she’d died first? Which was better: to die in your loved one’s arms or having your loved one die in yours? Maybe it would have been better to die simultaneously after all, just for fairness’ sake? But no, that wasn’t what being twins was all about. Just like sex, for example. Who got to feel better, a boy or a girl? Then wouldn’t it be preferable to both be of the same sex - the one which got to feel better? Of course not! Because if Len got the boys’ part of the pleasure and Rin the girls’ part, then as a pair of twins they got both. And what was the point of contemplating which was better, if you could just have both? The same, Rin realized, went for death. If Len got to die in her arms and she got to see him die, then as a pair of twins they got to experience both pleasures. So they were actually quite lucky to not have died at the exact same moment. And Rin could feel happy for Len’s death with clear conscience.

The last thing Rin felt was a new stream erupting from Len’s dick, which by some miracle was still inside her pussy, the sensation of urine filling her insides provoking a similar response from her Rin’s body so it also started urinating. Even though just a while ago the twins had already emptied their bladders into each other’s mouths. And yet there was enough urine to be found in them so that they could properly pee themselves in the last moment. As if the nature itself, the biology of their bodies, was telling the twins that what they’d done was indeed irresistibly fun. Taking it as a sign, Rin stopped clinging to Len with her limbs and to life with her mind, and, relaxedly hanging alongside her brother, gladly died.


And a little bonus. The characters are somewhat based on their interpretations from Innocence, but this time the story is not set in the same universe.

=Suspicious Silence=
(Vocaloid, casual)

A lot of lively laughter and excited screams had been audible from the children’s room earlier, as they’d invited over some friends from school today, but for some time now it had been suspiciously quiet, so Asami decided to check in on them. What she found was a bloody mess.

Miku was hanging from the ceiling, strung up by her own long hair in the center of the room. She was wearing nothing but a set of headphones, still playing music into her ears even after her last dance had come to an end, and a number of staples fastening her labia together to secure what seemed to be at least a dozen of egg vibrators shoved into her pussy and probably even womb, making visible bulges and continuing to diligently doing their job trying to pleasure Miku’s body as if she could still feel it.

Piko’s equally lifeless and equally naked corpse was lying on the floor. Judging by a USB cable appearing from under his butt the boy also had some kind of toy inside of him, though in his final moments he’d probably been more focused on licking Flower’s pussy, as the girl was sitting on his face, having apparently served as a cause of his death by smothering.

Flower in turn looked like she had been more interested in another type of fun. With her belly cut open, she’d dragged a bunch of her intestines out and seemed to have been fascinatedly playing with them all the way until she fell dead, her face landing right inside Gumi’s lower half, which was mounting Piko’s dick with her pussy, his hands still holding her waist tightly.

Following a trace of even more spilt intestines, Asami discovered Gumi’s missing upper half in the far corner of the bed reading a book from the screen of her phone. The girl had always been a quiet and nerdy type, so it was no surprise that she took being cut in half as an opportunity to have a read in peace without having to worry about whatever the other kids were doing with her lower body. Gumi’s eyes were staring at the text auto-scrolling on her phone with the same blank expression she always wore, so it was impossible to tell if she was already dead or just pretending to be so that the noisier kids left her alone.

Another child who’d stuck to his habits until the end was Asami’s own son. Sitting on the edge of the bed Len was enthusiastically playing some video game, or at least he must have been, until the neckerchief tied extra tight around his neck had strangled him. Yet he perfectly retained the impression, his back rested against a pillow letting him maintain an almost upright position and his vacant gaze still glued to the screen making it look like Len was just so absorbed in the game he didn’t notice the world around him. His brain must have been dead by now, but the residual twitching in Len’s fingers kept pushing some sticks and buttons on the controller he was clenching with a death grip. Curiously, unlike the real counterpart, the in-game version of Len was still very much alive, vigorously slashing a neverending onslaught of enemies. In a sense Len had become so ultimately immersed in the game that he literally only existed inside of it now.

Impressed by her son’s affection for games going beyond his very life, Asami took another moment to realize that what she first mistook for a pillow behind his back was in fact his twin sister’s body. All of Rin’s limbs were cut off with her arms shoved into her pussy shoulder first and elbow deep and her legs similarly shoved into her ass, ruthlessly tearing both of her holes apart. With Rin’s torso positioned upside down, her arms sticking up out of her pussy were wrapped around Len’s neck, hands meeting on his chest one over the other, as if holding her brother in a delicate embrace. And her legs were casually hanging down from his shoulders, occasionally nudged by their jerking, which made it look like Rin was idly dangling her feet. Finally, her head was also cut off and impaled with its neck onto her brother’s dick. As such a position gave Rin an excellent opportunity to follow her brother’s game, it looked as if she was still rooting for Len wholeheartedly even if the movements of her tongue devotedly pleasing his dick until her final moments had long ceased. Asami couldn't help but find it endearing how her twins were together in both mind and body until the very end and even beyond.

After all this Asami didn’t expect to find the last of the kids actually alive. Yet there was Tianyi, kneeling on the floor kissing Rin’s lips and sucking the tip of Len’s dick protruding from them. In one hand the girl had a cylindrical grater she was fucking herself with and in the other some pliers with which she was pinching her clitoris. Hearing Asami come in, Tianyi shoved the grater inside her pussy and locked the pliers on her clitoris before swallowing the cum in her mouth and turning her face towards the door.

“Who’s there?” she wondered, a mix of blood and semen dripping down her face from empty eye sockets. For not one, but both of her eyes to be in such a state she must have been eye-fucked by Len and Piko simultaneously.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” Asami put down the tray with additional snacks she’d brought, even if it seemed they wouldn’t be necessary anymore. “Just checking in to see if everything’s okay.”

“Ah, oba-san,” Tianyi crawled up to the screen and felt around for the mute button so that the sound of Len’s game didn’t interfere with the conversation. “Sorry for the mess.”

“It’s alright.” Even though Asami couldn’t suppress a sigh at the prospect of cleaning it all. “I’m glad you all had a fun time,” she added, giving the blinded girl a hand.

“Thank you,” Tianyi replied, standing up unsteadily as the weight of the dangling pliers was pulling on her clitoris. “Please, let me help with the cleaning.”

“You’re such a nice girl”, Asami approvingly patted Tianyi’s head. “I wish my kids were diligent like that. But don’t you have homework to do?”

“They were diligent alright,” Tianyi stood up for her late friends. “We actually already did today’s homework together.”

“Everyone?” Asami wondered, casting another glance over all the children’s corpses. “Looks like only you will have a chance to present yours to the teachers tomorrow.”

“We’ve also already sent it for review over the net,” Tianyi explained and the next moment a notification sound could be heard from one of the phones lying on the bedside table. “Oh, that’s mine”, she realized, heading towards the sound only to slip on the sprawling guts and fall on the floor. Tianyi let out a short scream as the impact made the grater slip halfway out and the pliers come off along with her clitoris.

“Can you really help with cleaning?” Asami quickly walked up to hand the phone to Tianyi. “Wait, can you even read it?..”

“No problem,” Tianyi fixed the grater in her pussy before speaking to the phone: “XiaoAI, please read the message.”

“Message from: Japanese Teacher,” a robotic voice responded. “Very well. Keep up the good work.”

“Huh, handy,” Asami noted. “Maybe you can call everyone’s parents and tell them their kids are dead so they don’t worry for them not coming home?”

“Can do,” Tianyi agreed, crawling to Len’s legs and making herself comfortable sitting on her knees between them, resting her back against the bed.

“Thanks, I’ll handle the cleaning then”, Asami replied, starting with collecting the dirty dishes. While she was at it, the woman couldn’t help but notice how Len was having a hard time in the game. It seemed that the last of his body’s twitching had died down, leaving his character to just stand there defenselessly as the enemies kept attacking him. It didn’t take long for his health bar to deplete, and as Len’s avatar fell dead onto the ground, a message appeared in big bloody letters all over the screen: “YOU DIED”. For a moment Asami thought she saw her son react to it with an amused grin, as if saying “yeah, you have no idea”. But surely it was just her imagination, because he was long dead in the real world, and now equally so in the virtual one too. With not even this semblance of life remaining for Len, Asami let herself switch the console off so that the flashing screen didn’t distract her. Usually her son would be upset at her for handling his favorite toy so unceremoniously, but in the current circumstances Asami couldn’t help but notice how the shutdown animation emulating a CRT looked not dissimilar to a flat line of a pulse monitor, as if the fancy box was not at all a toy, but a medical life support device. And if what Asami had so abruptly ended was not just her son’s game, but his very life, then she could be confident that he wouldn’t mind.

Whether Len actually reacted to game over or it was just a coincidence, but his body chose that particular moment to empty its bladder. With Rin’s head still mounting his penis, his urine first filled her mouth, as if even after they were both dead Len was still considerate enough to give his sister a taste, before finally overflowing right onto Tianyi. Feeling the fragrant liquid spreading through her hair, the girl threw her head back to let it flow on her face too. Reveling in the tingly feeling of the salty urine filling her empty eye sockets, Tianyi used her free hand to fuck herself with the grater again as she spoke to her phone: “XiaoAI, please call Gumi’s Mother…”


I love Kagamine Rin and Len they make me think about my real sister :) and unlike others i love anime! So your stories go right to the point, also I check your Alteration thread ofter.But, allthou I don't dislike it, i'm not a big fan of consensual sex, I would love to read about a killer surprising them and strangling them during sex(or snuffing them in many other ways).I love the pee too! So I will give your stories an 8 so far because of too much consensual!


I mean consensual snuff!


That consensual stuff is what makes those stories so attractive ;)


It's cutesy but a bit more non-consensual wouldn't hurt, and there are many other aspects that makes them attractive, anime chars, incest, pissing(if you are into it) the dialogie and so on


Well, I rather prefer consensual :) We have many other writers who focus on NC.


Just as Onix says, the consent and even casualness of guro is the whole appeal of it, at least for me, so I'm probably not going to write anything non-consensual, sorry.


I like consensual and casual stuff, even non-erotic parts is good too.


Aoi, I've been a fan of your stories for a long time! Thanks for writing these amazing stories with consent, casualness and love in them.


I would love to see more of this story. It seems like you were inspired by Altered Carbon which is one of my favorite series. and your story starts out perfect, I'd love to see what more adventures can happen in this world!


Pussies! :)

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