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Feel free to post your own ultra-short stories here, as long as they are around 100 words. :) Or request a story or two: I'm into non-con, snuff, something involving school girls or the military.


The mayor’s eldest daughter Catherine screamed in utmost despair as the Japanese officer opened up her stomach with a swift slice downwards from his sword, warm intestines and visceral organs poured out in a steaming pile on the ground in front of her. He then reached into her hollow cavity and sliced out the poor girl’s uterus with near surgical precision.

If she managed to stay alive enough, she would have gotten a good taste of her own sex organ and semen of her rapists as the content of her violated womb was forcefully emptied into her gaping mouth.



He had been a wonderful photographer - professional, supportive and knowledgeable. She loved every moment of the photoshoot, from modelling designer bikinis to the ever so risqué lingerie sets.

The foolish girl accompanied him in developing the photos. Squeals of agony echoed in the darkroom as he tortured and sodomized her repeatedly, the squeals turned into a series of primal penetrating screams when she saw him pouring a concoction of poisonous film developing chemicals down her gaping anus.

Blood and fecal matter poured out of her blistering ass, she kicked and cried for three minutes before it was all over.


Some 100 word stories I did on another site a long while back. Been looking for a chance to repost, hehe.

Eve shook as her now ex-boyfriend took aim at the apple on her head. Harry the True had proven otherwise last night when she found him in bed with her sister. She closed her eyes as the arrow released. The breakup had been immediate, messy, and public. This morning everyone was commiserating with her, while he received nothing but glares. But, the show must go on. World famous marksman, Harry never missed his target. Unless someone took revenge into her own hands and adjusted his sights. She cried out as the arrow pierced her heart, ending both their lives.

"50, high as I'm going"
"Not high enough" the executioner replied. I whimpered as my sister fell choking to her death.
"Have sense man, she's the noble lords daughter!"
"200, right now."
"I don't have that on me!"
I screamed as he reached for my lever, but to no avail. Agony filled me as I started kicking my way to oblivion.
"Fine, 200. Bastard."
My vision was fading as the executioner grabbed his sword and swung, but I could just make out my newly freed mistress running joyously into her lovers arms before darkness descended.

Jasmine fought to keep herself quiet as the orgasm continued unabated. Her fingers fumbled the small control in her hand, stabbing the small red button set in it over and over, but to no avail. The mind-blowing pleasure lasted long past what was natural, the tiny brain implant refusing to allow her off her peak. Frantic she started searching through the device's packaging for a tech support number. After a mindblowing eternity on hold, a voice picked up. "It won't turn off!" Jasmine gasped weakly. "Ah, our technicians are aware of the problem. A patch is expected within the week."


She could only watch helplessly as the laser cut into her arms and legs. She screamed so loudly that her throat felt like it was ripping. It was done quickly, the lasers burning the wounds so she wouldn't bleed out.

She felt a needle go into each stump.

"Oh, don't worry. this is for the pain." She was told. "It's to make sure it never fades, my pretty fuck doll."


Having a Headless Rider

He lied back in the couch, which was covered by a waterproof blanket. The brothel's mistress brought in the girl he chose, while carrying a sword. She silently pleaded to her, but was answered with a stern look. She climbed on, and grinded against him. He fondled her breasts as she guided him into her, and started to ride him with a tear streaming down her face. The mistress swiftly pulled her hair and chopped off her head. The frenzied body has ridden him with all its might as warm blood covered him. He caught her gaze as he came.


"Remember, where your head lands counts..."

She nodded, breathed deeply, prepared for a great sprint.

"Ready..." She bent forward, hands on the ground, eyes closed.

Her trainer forced the large dynamite bar deep into her cunt. Just like in training.

"Set..." The sound of a fire lighter... then a hissing sound...

"BANG!"... The pistol shot! The race began!

"KABOOM!!!" Number three had hit a landmine...

When the first contestant blew, she angled her upper body forward.


Explosion!!!!... So loud... Pain... Air rushed by her cheeks...

She opened her eyes. Her head... just her head was flying... flying first!!!!



"You aren't afraid?"

She smirked weakly. "Bullet's gonna blow my brain, rip apart my memories. But if I can't remember, it never happened. Right? So why care?"

He laughed. She was strapped to the table, helpless, on her belly. The rifle in her mouth, aimed at the ceiling. The string in his hand.

He hilted, kept fucking until he was almost on the edge...

She moaned. Her tongue played with the cold metal. It didn't matter, she was so close...

He came hard as her body spasmed and clenched, her brain blown out...

"But I remember..." he told the corpse.


Drunk and stoned they stood at the rim.

"Brenda, throw your shoes in!" Brad suggested laughing.

She kicked her high heels down. They splashed in the lava.

"Your shirt, Duncan!" she ordered.

He giggled, took it, and threw. It burned brightly.

"Shirt ... and bra!" He dared.

Now topless, she scorned. "Your own finger!" - she showed him which one.

He returned the gesture, then cut his finger with his knife. It hissed when it landed.

"Your tits!" he demanded, with a nasty grin.

Brad would have helped, but she actually cut herself. Two fiery fountains below.

"Dick!!!" she said...


A Guro Haiku:

Knife in virgin meat
Slicing happy with her screams
Once she comes she goes


The alarm sounded. Spotlights lit up. The machine gun opened fire.

They were mowed down like wheat in a thunderstorm, yet they threw themselves into the gunfire to proof their dedication to the goddess!
Naked priestesses jumped over the torn corpses of their sisters even before they hit the dust, only to be shot to pieces in turn: Arms torn, breasts ripped, heads blown. Yet even mortally wounded, they just wouldn't stop!

Once the barrel overheated it was over. The remaining priestesses charged and clawed at the soldiers with bare hands, tore them to pieces with their teeth and fingernails.


Bryanna closed her eyes as the orgasm started to unfold, Mell's tongue lapping wildly in her wet pussy. Neither girl noticed the man enter the bedroom. He raised his automatic rifle and before they knew it a spray of bullets shredded Bryanna's face before she even knew what was going on.

Mell immediately turned around and opened her mouth, but before she could speak he forced the gun into her mouth and blew her brains out.


I placed the muzzle of the gun against her left breast, she could only whimper. I moved the gun across her breast until the muzzle was over her nipple. Slowly I began to pull the trigger, her whimpering became light sobs. BAM! The bullet ripped through her breast and embedded itself into her left lung. She dropped to the floor clutching at the hole in her formerly-perfect breast. I grabbed her off the floor and repeat the action with her right breast and let her drop again. After ten minutes I aimed directly at her forehead and pulled the trigger.


The Asian girl squeaked as the man entered the dressing room. With nothing but her white cotton panties to cover her she couldn't help but feel embarrassed as this strange man stared lustfully at her body. Her first instinct was to yell out "pervert," but those words didn't even make it to her lips before she noticed him aiming a pistol. Before she can scream the gun fires and a hollow-point bullet rips through her forehead and splatters her brains all over the wall behind her.


Amy Ngyuen opened her mouth so her boyfriend could insert the barrel of the gun.

"Are you sure that you're ready for this?" He asked her.

"Mhm" she responded with a muffled voice before closing her pretty eyes.

He continued pounding her pussy until at last he came. He let her enjoy the first three squirts of cum before pulling the trigger. He finished squirting his seed into Amy's dead pussy before pulling out, her spasming ass squeezing his dick nicely.

He gives her puffy nipples one final suck before leaving her to rot.


"I'm dead?"

"You signed up for this cryo storage program. They scanned your brain and
emulate it. This is a virtual reality."

"So you are virtual too?"

"No, I'm wearing a neuro-helmet to be here. I paid for you to spice up my VR.
Way better than a bot."

"Why am I bound and naked?"

"So you can't escape while I slowly lower you into this grinder..."

"What? No! Let me go... Aaaaaaaiiieeeeeeeeeehh...."

"Oh yeah baby. Scream for me. Wow, shake that ass while you grind! Awesome!"


"Pause simulation! Load scenery butcher_table_3! Reset girl avatar to
initial state, sleeping!"


It was impossible to not get aroused at the thirty preteen girls lined up with their backs against the wall, clad in nothing but their panties. The girls did nothing other than sob as I approached each one, aimed my shotgun at their faces, and turned their pretty faces into a paste of brains, blood, and bone on the wall behind them. Many of the girls couldn't help but piss and even shit themselves before an/or after I ended their lives.


He opened his eyes and looked around, confused.
The furniture was sparse but expensive, and looked Japanese to him, as far as he could tell.
Just as he noted that he was gagged and bound to the table, a naked Asian girl stepped into his field of view. Without even looking at his face, she begun to ride him, but stopped right before he could come.
Placing a cock ring on him, she made sure he remained hard and erect.
Her lips played around his shaft, and suddenly he felt her teeth.

“Bon Appetite!”.


"You fool! You can't scare me, I'm immortal!" she spoke.

Ignoring the insult, I allowed myself a superior smile.
"I know. What makes you think I'd want to kill you?"

She was confused for a second, until the truth dawned to her.

"You sick fuck! What are you..."

She couldn't finish the question. Her scream turned into a gurgle as I crushed
her throat.

She was suspended by ropes on arms and legs, so she could only wiggle and squirm as I started carving.

By the morning she would have regenerated, I only had to make sure she remained bound.


"Master, would you cut me again, today?"

After barely 3 months her demeanor had changed drastically.

I knew she was still conscious after I crushed her under the press. But with every bone broken she could now barely wriggle.

Now that she easily fit into the funnel, I fed her to the meat grinder.

Her sputtering gurgling noises changed ostensibly when the device ate her crushed pussy, then stopped after a final crescendo once it minced her head.

I came into the narrow glass bottle that had taken the minced mass, then closed the lid.

She'd have fun, regenerating inside.


The drug worked flawlessly.

"Push it in, all the way!" I commanded. She did, eagerly, with only a slight grimace.

She pressed the button as instructed, and cried out. But she seemed to enjoy the pain. The only issue was the slightly drowsy face expression. As if she wasn't really there.

"Now pull it out... Harder!"

The girl wasn't strong enough. But she wasn't dump! Hooking the handle into the ring on the floor, she pushed with her legs.

She didn't even notice the blood. She gave the hook to me - still stuck in her prolapsed, dangling womb. Smiling.


One after another, the naked girls come into the processing room.

Each sit down on the conveyor belt, impaled on the harpoon shaped spike, center to the seat.

The spike retracts, while the belt turns them upside down, so they are now held up by the tension of their prolapsed sex.

The conveyor belt pauses, so another girl could take a seat.

Meanwhile, still upside down, the previous girl pushes herself into a kneeling position and an automatic knife slices through, amputating her vagina.

She slides down into a meat grinder, and the machine takes her harvested womb for packaging.


Stephanie laid down on the table with her legs spread wide. After several seconds a buzzer sounded and a big 60 appeared on the clock. Immediately she plunged her right hand into her pussy and started fingering as fast as she could. Thirty seconds had passed and her masturbation became more frantic. With a mere 5 seconds on the clock she was on the cusp of a great orgasm. The clock hit zero and the buzzer sounded seconds before her orgasm could unravel. Without warning a heavy weight fell from the ceiling, crushing Stephanie's head into a gory paste.


Slippery? She couldn't name the odd sensations.
The slime was numbing. There was no pain whatsoever.
She didn't need to breathe, she couldn't see or smell or hear. All she could was feel the resistance of her own body when she touched herself with the slimy stumps that were left of her limbs.
Somewhere in the slimy mess between her legs, that touch felt better than anywhere else and she forgot her predicament for a bit.
Afterwards she couldn't find that part anymore. Felt nothing.
She was just slime now.
How could she still be aware? She had no idea.


God damn, Blackraven, I would have wanted every single one of your stories here be turned into full-feature stories, but that's too demanding of me. Great ideas you have here!

As you might have noticed, I'm into non-lethal. More, please! :)


He punched my face and broke my bones,
then cut my tendons, ripped my toes.

Why ain't I dead?

He fucked me, raped me, hereabout,
then cut my throat and bled me out.

Why ain't I dead?

He cut me up and plucked my guts,
then threw away them gory lots.

Why ain't I dead?

He started taking for his meal,
If I could have, I would have squealed.

He cut and roasted, minced and ate
and then he had my bones defiled.

Why ain't I dead?

They threw away what they could see,
how's somehow something left of me?


"So, all I need to do is stick this up my snatch?"

"Yeah, just like this...". Susy demonstrated giggling.

"Whoah, I... I can feel air. It's... I think it's filling my womb."

"It's also changing you. As we fill up, we slowly turn into balloons."

"This feels awesome!" Becky flexed around, excited.

Soon, the girl's expanding skin creaked and thinned like rubber.

"I.... I'm getting translucent!" explained Becky.

"Me, too. We should probably stop now."

"What.... what happens if we don't?"

"They say it's the best orgasm ever, just as you blow."

"I can feel it... I'm coming, I'm..."



This thread is great! I'll give it a shot.

“Ok, are you happy now”? asked Claire, sitting on her chair. “It’s been like ten minutes. Sew it back on already.”

“ More like five. Let me just have a quick feel” replied John.

“No way!”

But he had already started to stroke his girlfriend’s brain. It felt warm, wet and rubbery to the touch. Strangely, she didn’t react. He had expected something at least.
“Feel anything?”

“No nerves in the brain, dummy.” Said Claire. She gently stroked the hair of her skullcap, which was on her lap. "Now, are you done?"

“Just one more thing” said John,unzipping his pants.


"Great Shot!"

Claire cheered and bounced, completely disregarding that her boyfriend George had killed her best friend Judy.

He had however done so with a vintage caliber .50 over a range of 150 yards, and he had splattered her head over the range with a perfect hit between the eyes.

"Would you like to give it a try?" George asked.

"Sure!" She beamed.

"Then get in pose at the 200 yard line."

"Oh..." She hesitated. "I thought you meant shooting..."

"Nah, I shoot. But you get to choose the gun."

She beamed, then pointed at the German WoldWar2 88mm AAA.


Welcome to this special episode.
Due to much popular demand, this is my fabulous assistant Judy.


And the question we all ask ourselves: "Will it blend?"

Now she doesn't quite fit the jar, but for that we have the industrial BlendTec3000(tm). As you can see, she has no problems standing upright even with the lid on. Let's press the actress button.

And there she goes. Judy, you might have to push yourself down a little bit. Look, she's posing for us, that's the spirit.

There we go. Just a little bit more.

And we have a Judy smoothie. Enjoy!


Quietly I push open the door and peek in, finding a fourteen-year-old girl laying on her belly reading a book. She doesn't notice my presence. At first, the sight of her pretty, innocent-looking face causes me to have second thoughts. I could let her live, though I would lose twenty grand. It seems like such a waste; long scarlet hair, perfectly toned body, long legs, and small firm breasts. Ah well, it's just another job. I slip the barrel of my gun through the door and a single bullet ruins her pretty face forever.


He stepped into the arena with his swords drawn, immediately a dozen naked preteen girls with daggers rushed him. Without hesitation, he swung both swords wildly. His opponents scattered like mice, but one girl was unlucky enough to get sliced in half at the waist while another got decapitated. Without mercy or remorse, he cut down multiple girls at a time. Before long all of them were in bloody pieces, several still alive with organs coming out of their bodies. An hour later he is declared the victor after the last girl dies from blood loss.


I set my scope directly on Kathryn Li's belly button. Even through my white-hot hatred, I had to give a few seconds to admire her beauty one last time. Then I pulled the trigger; a single explosive bullet flew through the air and struck her less than an inch below her belly button. As she fell from the top of the pyramid of cheerleaders the bullet exploded, showering her squadmates with her guts. She hit the ground still writhing in agony. I could've ended her pain with a shot to the head, but I wanted to let her suffer.


I don't understand fully, why my sis is so into it.
At age seven, she did a mess on her pinky. It got inflamed and she needed the hospital.
Later she picked up medical courses. She amputated her left leg, there wasn't even a scar.
Our parents were horrified, they had her take counceling until she turned eighteen.
She's very independent though. She insists she doesn't need my help, but secretly loves it.
She was a lefty so she managed to amputate her right arm, but she told me how to do her left.
Now she's limbless, not even stumps.


I was on my back, my legs spread, and the warm summer night air brushed over my spread pussy. My boyfriend stirred next to me and placed his hand on my thigh, which gave me goosebumps.

"Have you ever thought about sex without your legs?"

I closed my eyes and wondered. If they just weren't there. If my pussy, instead of nestled between my fleshy thighs was my exposed southernmost tip...

He must have noticed my heavier breathing. Suddenly he was over me and grabbed both my thighs. "I got us one of those new amputee fun kits! Wanna try?"


My sis, Claire could take herself apart, but she needed our help to put her back together. One day, we had her in pieces while visiting the zoo. We brought her in a basket, with her head on top of course, so she could see.

When we got to the reptile house, they were feeding the crocodiles, and the keepers allowed us, too. Naturally we used Clair's bits. I only threw feet, arms and legs, but when she kept complaining, daddy threw in her head.

They wanted to feed all of her, but I kept the part with her crotch.


Amie and me are bff. We do all sorts of crazy thing together: We sniffed thinner, took drugs, played the choking game, even shared boyfriends.

Once, she brought translucent tubes with valves. I couldn't guess their purpose.

"You push them into a vein, all the way to your heart. The valve controls how much blood flows out..."

After three pints, we started feeling funny. All white and tingling all over, we decided to stop and hit a goth club.

We keep the blood, so next time one of use is going to bleed out completely, then we put it back.


The kiss was wonderful, lasting as long as her neck. He kept kissing her head while walking to the steel post. As he stuck her head on the post, she wired him through X-ray channel.

dana| what now?

He smiled a sly smile.

eri| we both know :)

Minutes after he left the room, he brought a musket. Aiming between her eyes, he pulled the trigger.

eri| hit your thalamus?
dana| nope, too low
dana| felt weird getting my brain turned to mush, but np
eri| ...
eri| then i got to do it again?
dana| :D

The long haired head smiled wide. While he poured gunpowder down the barrel, he stifled a laugh. Such a wonderful girl, right?


This should be expanded into its own story. Consensual stuff like this is super rare.


She always preferred shaving with a straight razor. This morning, after she removed the last bit of stubble, she gazed at herself in the mirror. The temptation grew. She watched herself slide in the dull edge, pushing downward so the blade would not bite. She pushed inward. There was a flash of red, then a gush of clear yellow piss as she bisected her urethra. The sensation hit suddenly, her hips thrusting her sex into the blade, and she came hard as the blade split her clitoris and embedded in her pelvic bone. She looked at her nipples, and smiled.


I don't have high pain tolerance. I have to take painkillers even to pierce my ears.
But with that new drug, it's different. You still feel everything, but its no longer a bad thing, you know?
I know it's hard to explain, you sorta need to experience it.
Anyway, I stand in front of my large bedroom mirror, naked, with a plastic tablecloth spread out on the floor.
I push my belly out, so I look, like 3 months preggers, and then I cut. Just above my pubic bone, straight up.
In the mirror it looks like a second pussy.


These snuff booths are all over the place now. You see young couples enter them a lot.
They are sound proof with integrated disposal, even showers. So after a while, usually the guy comes back out, freshly cleaned and relaxed with nothing to worry about. They even can fix you up if you had a rough ride.
My sis knows how they look inside. She's swinging both ways and went to one with her friend. She came out with an arm and an eye missing. They both had a lot of fun in there, she just lasted a bit longer.


I'm always nervous when I'm talking in front of people.
After one more deep breath, I pull myself open.

"This wall here is the Peritoneum. It covers all organs and encloses the stomach cavity."

I make one more cut. Suddenly I feel some of my entrails spilling and dangling, but I remain standing, broad legged.

"These loops are the small colon. As I pull them out, you ca..." I momentarily get the wind knocked out of me, as my diaphragm gets pulled down.

"Sorry..." I wheeze. "Now these are my ovaries, I'm gonna take them out and pass them around."


Amy had enough. It was only the third time she had her period, but the cramps and the blood drove her insane.

She didn't want to be a girl anymore, and she knew just what to do.

Her father had a butt-hook to gut deer. The handle was longer than needed for that, but just right for her.

Period lubricated, pushing it in felt actually quite nice. Drilling it into her cervix, less so.

Amy closed her eyes, hooked the handle on the frame, then jumped off the bunk bed.

Dangling between her legs, the bloody thing looked so small.


I was so afraid, I was shaking all over.

But when it was finally my turn, I was suddenly calm.

"Relax, we only need a few bits." They told me.

"Please lay on the table."

I didn't want to see, but I couldn't look away.

The laser cut with no pain. But I could see naked bone.

"There, you still have one arm and one leg. You can go for now."

They didn't even stitch me back together. My hipbone all exposed but I barely felt a thing.

I hope whoever paid for my parts is going to be satisfied.


Today, Paul had someone watching him work: his son. The kid watched amazed as his father quartered the sexy female bodies and put them in packages. Some cuts were so fresh they still twitched.

Paul smiled and noticed a set of severed hips with 2 short leg stumps that still moved. He smiled, gently took his son's hand, and laid it on the dying pussy. The boy marveled at how it twitched when he caressed it.
- "Wanna take it with you?"
- "yes, pa"
- "It's yours, then"

Paul's son took the hips and hugged them tight, like it was a dear pet.



One minute!! The men cheered as the slave girl's severed head held on to the man's penis for a full minute after the blade fell, just by sucking on it.


The young waitress rolled her wheelchair to his table, a plate containing a delicious looking roasted leg was served. Her own leg.

-"And this one, is on the house" said the girl as she gave him a peck on the cheek, turned her wheelchair around and rolled towards the kitchen.

He looked down and there, resting on his hardening cock, was a perfectly pedicured and soft looking foot.



The blade did its job. Kelly had little time now:

She managed to crawl on her hands, blood and guts trailing from her severed waist.

Kelly hugged her own butt, winked at the camera and a few minutes later, died peacefully with her face resting on her own pussy. Her own juices dripping from her chin.


The crowd coliseum exploded in a roar as the great Theela lifted the severed head of her 100th slain opponent!

The prize, to live as a queen for the rest of the gladiatrix days! Riches! Food! Slaves! Young, strong men! And women, their skin black as the darkest of nights! All ready to please her in all ways!

Theela's smile slowly vanished as she looked at her own wounds, a large pool of blood forming around her. The cut was so large her innards were threatening to come out while her strong legs weakened.

Her vision dimming, the sound faded and her eyes filled with tears.


"120, 130, Anyone more than 130?"

"Her other breast sold for 130!"

Katja counted in her head while she waited for her breast to be cut off. It was still not enough to pay the debt.

There were tears in her eyes as the same bidder also bought her beautiful legs, for only 50 each.

That stung more than the blade, why did they have to auction her on a Tuesday?

"600? 800! 1000! 1200! 2000! Anyone more than 2000?"

The number got Katja's attention. Finally enough!

"Intact hips for 2000!"

Katja sobbed bitterly as they sliced through her waist.


Emily was suddenly just 4 inches tall.

"You made me tiny!" she complained.

"You're also made of putty now. Look!" I explained and took her arms off.

"You bastard, put them back. Put me back this instant!"

I had enough, so I took her head off and squished it flat.

The rest of her tried to scramble away, but she couldn't see and fell.

I played with her like a cat. Took her legs off, then teased her with an old bird feather.

After she climaxed, I squished my sis into a ball together with my other play-dough and left.


After Moscow fell, the "Reichssicherheitshauptamt" organized the systematic elimination of the Soviet population.

Men were castrated, then sent to the work camps.

For women and children we had "die Farbrik". There were just too many to gas them.

Each group of fifty was led to a "Warteraum" and told to undress before entering the "Untersuchungszimmer":

Sound proof one way doors, the floor retracted, and they fell into "das Getriebe" which we liked to watch.

"Die Suppe" was then chemically separated for precious metals, soap, fertilizer and cement production.


“Ok, Class, seats please. Oh, sorry Andre, watch your feet there. Can’t seem to keep those inside me.”

“So we’re just going to revise our grammar for the exam-Gracie, no sniggering!”

“I’m going to hand out a little test for you all. Please pass these down. Any questions?”


“Any questions NOT about my breasts being chewed off?”


“Or my entrails hanging out? Or the cum leaking out of my ass?”


Well, let’s-Yes, you’re excused if you’re feeling unwell, Tracey.”

“You too, Andre. Understandable, really.”

“OK, test starts now!”

“*to herself* That dog has got to go”


I wake up to a lot of pain.

I risk a glance and see my entrails across the floor, my legs missing and myself hanging from a hook into my proplapsed uterus.

"JIMMY!" I yell, after I force enough air into my lungs.

"You're awake, mum?" He had been busy jerking off.

"What did I tell you?" I ask him.

"Clean up when I'm done?"

"Then hurry, this isn't comfy."

After the other parts, he finally carries me to the big grinder and lets me slide in.

"Good boy!" I smile at him proudly while I'm being ground to pulp.


I can make copies of myself.

Not exact copies, they are little girls, but they share my mind.

They don't last very long. Two days or so, then they start rotting alive which isn't nice.

Since they know that, we usually find a better end before that.

I really like when they cook each other, but there's many ways to have fun, when your only limitation is that you'd better be dead before midnight.

It makes me feel like a god, although sometimes they tease me about it.

After all each of them knows perfectly how to press my buttons.


I have EDS, an odd genetic disfunction. My skin stretches like rubber, and I can bend all my joints incredibly far. Some people who have that are in constant pain, but I got pretty lucky so far.

I could show off at Joga, or snake my way out of straight jackets on a stage in Vegas.

But what I do for a living is hard core porn.

Sometimes they unhinge both my arms and legs and braid me on a wheel medieval style.

But my favorite trick is tearing my womb inside out, then put it back in.

Wanna touch?


Volunteering for the Islamic State rocked! Granted, all the indoctrination sucked, but once we were put to the front line things got awesome.

We killed all the male non believers and all the old women of that village. But with the young ones, we can do *what* *ever* *we* *want*!

It's like being in paradise: Every day a new virgin!

Granted, they are a bit unwilling, but once you stomp a girl's face to pulp and squish her brain, the others do whatever you say. Anything!

Have mothers slaughter themselves while you fuck them. Then snuff their daughters anyway. Awesome!


Jami captured Bianca to lure the hero into his lair.

Yet, Jami wasn't aware that Bianca was a formidable fighter since her childhood, during which she spent countless nights fighting evil at the sides of the young hero.

So when Jami removed her shackles and ordered her to serve and devour his mighty cock, he was quite surprised when she snapped his neck instead.

She indeed devoured his cock after that, but not the way the horseman expected when he was still alive, rather roasting it before gulping generous slices of that fat equine meat.

Bianca feasted for the night and then joined the hero when he came for her. Together they defeated the evil which was ravaging the country and the game was much shorter it was supposed to be.


Great, once more paid 60 bucks for a AAA production, and once more it's barely good for 3 hours of gameplay. In the hardest setting no less.

To get at least something worth my money, I download the cracked version. With that you can also play community mods. The most popular seems to be the "gurochan" mod, in which you can play Jami, or Bianca, (or both, in a sandbox mode).

Remarkably, the only other change to the scenery is a table, which instead of the key to Bianca's shackles, holds Jami's knife.

Sometimes it's the small things that count.


There was a person who died



10/10, the Hemingway of Gurochan


It was the final of Masterchef. Just me and Tony, one on one. We were in the kitchen, surrounded by herbs, spices and other ingredients-but no meat. We waited to see what the final challenge would be.

In walked two naked girls, probably no older than ten. My heart sank. Tony was a girl-meat specialist. He was smirking, the bastard.

We were told that we had 2 hours to make a two-course meal out of the girls. My meat smiled gamely at me as the clock started ticking.

“Good luck” she said. Her ass looked plump. I would start there.


“So what’s with her?” I asked. The farmhand laughed.

“Oh, she just showed up one day. Complete mystery. Doesn’t say a word. Most of the time she can’t, obviously…”

The limbless girl made eye contact with me. She didn’t seem distressed, even impaled ass to mouth-all the way through-on that massive horsecock. The stallion walked jerkily around, and the head of his cock leaked milk pre. Her tongue lapped
at it.

“Seems she’s the most comfy of the two.”

“Well, we tried getting her off, but she’s just completely stuck. How the hell did she get herself there?”


“Hey dude, how’s it g-wait, what’s that?”
I held up my prize with one hand. Rainbow Dash’s face lit up.

“That’s…Daring Do’s pelt! How did you get that!” she asked. I threw it over her, the fresh skin covering the blue Pegasus like a drape. She practically came.

“Well, that’s a long story…but instead of getting into that, how bout I trade you? This pelt for yours.” I hander her my skinning knife.

“Wow, really? You’ve got a deal, dude!”

“Good to hear. Let me give you a hand…

“I’m going to look just like her! Best. Day. Ever!”


First, the magician only vanished her leg. She flexed her stump, staring in disbelief and awe.

He kept reducing her and she moaned and arched. Then, suddenly fell silent, her head whisked away into nothing.

Her hand still caressed her rock hard tits, then felt curiously for her neck stump.

By the time she moved back down, her tits were also gone and another shiver ran through her.

Nothing but a hand now, she caressed his cock.

Reduced to a single finger, she wriggled, exploring his anus.

Her last digit made one last excited twitch, then she was gone entirely.


Lucy giggled, but then, after exchanging one more glance with her lover, held completely still and held her breath.

Brian pressed the button, and the frame with the monofiliament wires, arranged like strings on a harp slowly moved from her feet to her head.

"Feel anything?" he asked, concerned.

She shook her head ever so slightly and smiled.

He smiled back, took a second frame with small square patterns and lowered it slowly from above. She held still again and closed her eyes.

"I'm all diced up..." she explained with anticipation.

Brian, meanwhile, got ready for their messiest sex ever.


On the one hand, I’m happy my suicide failed. I’ve realised how much I have to live for, and my personal relationships are stronger than ever.

But I wish I hadn’t tried hanging myself. I mean, I didn’t know that my neck would stretch down so that my feet touched the floor. Wish I had. Now I have to either carry my head, wrap my neck around my torso or just let my head hang all the way down between my legs. I look ridiculous!

Oh well. At least I’m the master of deep-throating now. And auto-cunnilingus. Speaking of…

(I hope people are enjoying these. It's fun trying to get them to exactly 100 words. I'm thinking of compiling them. Maybe expanding on some if any are particularly popular...)


With those soaking eyes,
She sobbed through her feeding tube.
Never again would see the skies.
Whimpered, she would be sealed for good.

Her screams would scare the birds away,
Only hornets in her tummy,
In wheat fields, both night and day,
Only death would be yummy.

Sadly, mistress Mary said:
"When you grow old,
Only then you'll be dead."


strike of pain
then numbness again

when his
knife cuts down
deep into my guts

so helpless and then

bleeding from his cuts

yet heat
from inside
burns with every spurt

had I thought
such molested hard

it does
not matter
how much I am hurt

turns me
on somehow
being cut apart

from inside
pours fast with my blood

shared with him alone

no one
has ever
felt for me like that

until I am gone

(had to cut in half to fit into 100 words, )


"There's no reason in both of us dying here, my Thane," said Lydia. "I am sworn to protect you, and if by giving my life you can survive being locked in here until the owner returns then I do so willingly."
Lilith sighed, her stomach rumbling.

Lydia gave a watery smile as the dagger cut off her breast.

Ravenous, Lilith smashed open her dead friend's skull for the treat within.

She eyed her feet, licking her lips. So hungry...

Six weeks later, the owner returned, shocked to find a skeleton and a gutted limbless cadaver as he entered his cellar.


The magnetically bottled microwave chamber heated any sample uniformly to the set temperature within a few milliseconds.

Of course, if that temperature was above the boiling point, any biological sample simply exploded as it's inside turned to steam.
Annika had tested that with a lab mouse.

She had previously entered the chamber herself on a cold day and brought herself to a feverish 39 degrees, instantly.

65 was best for cooking meat. Her pinky had tasted absolutely delicious.

Naked she waited for her prof.

"Bon appetite", she said from within the chamber, as the countdown approached zero:

2... 1... BEEP!


The top of her bedpost looked a lot smaller than the one in the porn, and that girl seemed to love hers. It was difficult, balancing on the soft bed to lift her wet cunny over it. She fucked it, but as the orgasm hit she lost her footing. Indescribable pain joined her orgasm as the dull post forced into her womb.

She looked down at the bulge halfway down her stomach, her full weight resting on the tip in her womb. She felt blood trickle off her feet onto the floor still a foot below.

"That was better than I expected," She thought, "Wonder if my sis will come home before I die on here?"


Leaving her body to science had seemed like such a noble idea. Now Grace was surrounded by four nervous first-year med students, just because she had accidentally been declared dead for two minutes after her car accident. Stupid fine print.

The redhead anesthetized her, but after ten minutes she was still wide awake. They carried on anyway.

The blonde accidentally dropped her liver on the ground.

The brunette took an hour to cut off her arm.

“You girls really suck at this, don’t you?”

Everything went black when the dark-haired girl sneezed, ripping out the brain she was holding.



Sara had a lot of time to think.

Actually it wasn't that long. Her neck was broken, and the only reason she was still conscious was because her soldier boosts kept her brain oxygenated and her heart beating.

Also, the clock on the nuke she planted was ticking.

"If my memories were erased, I'd become a new person. The current me would still have lived but it would have been someone else I wouldn't even know.

But if my brain is completely vaporised, then that new me will never wake up. So I'll have never existed in the first place."


All my clones share my exact memories. The only difference is that my clones will explode the moment they have an orgasm.

That, and my experience as an escort, makes me the perfect assassin.

Since I wouldn't even know if I were a clone, we have to take precautions.

So after every cloning procedure, I enter this chamber and have a go.

If all goes well, I am proven to be the original and all is fine.

But the splatter pattern on the wall is evidence enough that there has been a few mixups already.

This makes this quite thrilling.


Her head, secured to a ceiling rope by a knot in her hair, came off and swung forward. Then she successfully fellated one of the boys who had been positioned in front of her guillotine. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. She even swallowed! Semen formed a puddle on the floor below her severed neck!


Ballerinas who wanted the lead role in Miss Morozov’s performances had to push themselves to the absolute limit – and beyond. Most of her class was injured. Olga’s foot snapped clean off after she lost her balance during an en pointe. Natasha’s head hung limply to one side, having broken her neck when her partner dropped her. “Katia: Grand jeté,” Miss Morozov commanded. The brunette took a run-up and leapt into the air, legs wide. She botched the landing. Her torso split open from crotch to neck. She got up quickly, organs spilling out. After all: the show must go on.


The start scenario is not so interesting: A class of 28, naked boys and girls, within the confined space of the compactor, some fooling around, others crying.

The end result is also quite boring: The pressure plates only a tenth of an inch apart from each other, the gap filled with a sticky goop from biological material and liquids.

But the fifteen minutes in between are pretty entertaining. Some beg or despair, others fight, others again try to have some last fun even as their bodies deform, break and get squished into each other.

No two batches are the same.


I transform my victims into edibles.
Most freak out and despair, but you find the odd weirdoes...
Like Jenny: Once she found out she was turning into chocolate cake, she was not only sampling herself but got off on eating her own creamy naughty bits... and later when her friends ate her.
Or Alice, who loved becoming ice cream even though it was a sunny day and she was melting quicker than her brother could lick her up.
But Brenda is unmatched. She not only asked to be turned into a giant burger, she also helped spice and garnish herself!


"Sit down," I breathe.
And she does, tits pillowing out on the table, hands shaking as she passes me the hammer.
She knows not to speak. She knows not to cry out as I drive the first nail, teeth bared and belly spasming, her throat locked around a tight squeal for every loud, wet strike.
And though she can't look down, her nipples taut and distended and oozing deep, rich red, she can look at me. Brave. Beseeching. Dark pools brimming with eager tears.
So good. I smile, and I see her throat clench, her heart plummet--

"Now stand up."


Little Suraia practiced at the circus since she was 5 years old.
Her brother was practicing swallowing swords while she was supposed to become a flying artist.
But secretly, she stuck longer and longer rods into her cunny, hoping she could one day take things as long as her brother.
When she was sixteen, she went for a little surgery to connect her overstretched vaginal tunnel to her esophagus.
Since then, she can now take in things of virtually any length, from both sides.
Only sometimes, food she eats also takes the wrong route, but she takes it with humor.


She strapped her legs, neck and arm in not believing she was actually doing this.

Her father secured her last free arm.

Then the saw started.

First it cut her legs off. The pain was unbearable. Her father pinched her prepubescent clit to make it hurt even more.

Left arm.

She almost passed out.

Right arm.

Father was now fucking her easy-access pussy.

He came when the saw hit her neck.

She died when he started cleaning his cock with her mouth holding her severed head in his arms.

She gave him the best birthday gift ever.


It was too late to wimp out. The noose was already around her neck.


She only nodded silently.

Her brother made sure the rope wasn't too long, then took a quick swing with a machete and cut both her legs off.

Blood shot out of her arteries and the rope tightened on her throat.

Her legs were immediately put on a large grill, then everyone started masturbating to her dying tween body.

She died from blood loss before she could choke to death, but it didn't matter - they fucked all of her dead holes with pleasure anyway.


“…And now, an extract from Reagan O’Connell’s newest mystery novel,“The Jade Spine-a Kane Murphy Adventure”. Let’s see what the master of “Guro-Noir” has in store for us!

The only thing getting between me and a well-earned glass of Bourbon was the sound of the door being kicked in.

She walked in, and took her time. The dame was all legs. Literally. Well, a waist too. And guts. And a tiny bit of spine. But mostly legs. 85% at least

“Sorry sister. Shoe store’s down the road” I said. She didn’t say nothing. Cause she had no head.

“Sounds like another best-seller!”


Cursed to walk the earth as a feral animal, the once mighty lord was to experience humility.

Forced to drink from muddy ponds, eat draught burnt grass, and give painful birth to the herd's fawns.

But it wasn't until she fell prey to the hyenas that he realized the true extend of his punishment.
Although they devoured him alive, death's blissful oblivion was denied to him.

His consciousness endured, while scavengers ripped the last meat from his corpse, his bones bleached to dust.

But no rest from eternal torment, as he again felt the pain of another helpless newborn's birth.


I know, many of you have wished to have a mermaid as a friend, even become one of the merfolk.

Forget that, get that out of your head!

You have heard of salmon, yes? On reaching adulthood, they stop eating, swim back to the river they were born in, lay their eggs, then die.

Have you never wondered why WE're all beautiful and young?

Guess why us mermaids are so desperate to get laid: We die anyway, fertilized or not.

We either pop open and get eaten by our own offspring, become a shark snack, or rot and decay alive.


It worked.

Twenty pounds of ice.

Had to wedge the vacuum hose up her ass to fill her, but now her belly sloshes and rattles, wracked with cramps, chilling down just the way I like.

She's huge, ready to burst, but I've plugged her, laid her in the tub already full of ice, retaped her wrists behind her. She's shivering, sobbing, lips turning blue around the rubbery red of her gag.

I turn her, slide warm mittens onto her cold hands, kiss her eyelids. I'm not a monster.

"See you later," I beam, standing to leave. “Love you too.”


“What's this?”

I give the FedEx box a little shake, try to hide my amusement.

“I… slipped up,” she mutters, blushing and squirmy. “Ordered a case. I know you can't return them, I'm sorry...”

1000 sterile needles, sixteen-gauge, each wide enough to wound. Not a mistake at all.

I set the box down, pull her in close, let my smile shine wide. It only takes four to close her lips. Nine, if I'm feeling lavish and bloody.

“Oh, honey.” I stroke her cheek, pinching up a crinkle of flesh at the corner of her eye. “Today’ll be a good day.”


We were stranded on an island after our yacht sank.

Three ten years old girls starving alone for nearly a week. We decided we had to eat one of us to keep the rest alive.

I got the shortest straw.

Blood spurted out of my neck when they bit through the arteries.

My vision was slowly fading away and the last words I ever heard was my mother yelling:

"Dinner's ready girls, playtime over!"

They left my dying body on the ground.

"Don't go anywhere Jess, we'll play with you later!"


I love this thread, I can shoot ideas here while walking my dog, riding on the train, or simply sitting on the toilet. :)

I have a question, though.

Would you be upset if I sometimes cheated and bumped the word limit to 150?

I sometimes need just one more sentence to finish the story properly.


I'm sure no one actually counts words when reading.
And even if someone does, I, for one, would certainly enjoy a 150 words story no less than a 100 words one.



I actually try to tweak my stories to have 100 words exactly - as an additional challenge. Making them longer is too easy, the trick is tweaking the way you write to say the extra sentence and save the words in the sentences you already had ;)

I'd say make a separate thread for 200 word stories - that allows quite more complex stories - like two concepts in combo. Or a bit of character/worldbuilding


Offtopic:Very nice thread indeed. I especially enjoyed G-Reaper's stories, though BlackRaven also has a nice style.

Ontopic: Her breathing is shallow, she doesn't want to be discovered. Olympic target-bunny Michelle is hiding behind a tree. She takes a look to her left and breathes relieved. As she turns her head back a huge metal spear shreds her left flesh melon, ruining her nubile young body. She's pinned to the tree and left to die, yet hear death counted towards the winner's score and she'll be remembered, somewhere in some logs that nobody will read.


Tanya jerked awake, wondering where she was. There was nothing but herself and whiteness, far as the eye could see. She searched her memory... panic... squealing tires... a bonesnapping crunch...


Other memories arrived, providing knowledge that was patently new. Not heaven, nor hell, just a stopping point for the newly disincarnated to come to grips with their lack of self. “Well, mission accomplished I guess,” Tanya muttered. “And I get to the next bit by...?” A moment's thought and a handgun materialized. Quickly she had it to her head, and just as quickly her arm dropped back down, limp.


Steel pins like sharpened broomsticks crunching through my forearms. Both wrists pop out of joint. Something shatters.

I shriek forever, breathless as the kid impales me through the ankles and spreads my legs apart, but she only smiles grimly. Does she even hear me?

“...fairy's nervous system is rudimentary,” the teacher drones from the blackboard, “...what you're seeing… only a reaction to stimuli.”

On the projector, a line drawing just like me. Dewinged, spread-eagle, a dotted line up her belly. Then sliced open, viscera spread around her like offerings.

Above me, the gleam of rusty scissors. My vision clouds. No.



When Shinji came to Rei’s apartment, he was surprised to find her in the middle of some cooking.
“I’m making a portion of lethal poison,” she explained.
Rei was already going to drink it, but stopped, realizing it would be impolite not to share with a guest.
“Do you want some?”
Rei divided the poison into two cups and warned:
“The whole portion would kill instantly, but half would make it slow and painful”.
Shinji wasn’t the one with death wish, so he didn’t care if it killed him at all. He was just being polite accepting Rei’s hospitality.


(edit of The Tale of Tsar Saltan by Pushkin, translation by Louis Zellikoff)

Three fair maidens, late one night,
Sat and spun by candlelight.
"Were our tsar to marry me,"
Said the eldest of the three,
"I would cook myself as steak–
Oh, what royal feast I'd make."
Said the second of the three:
"Were our tsar to marry me,
I would skin myself for dress
That could hardly not impress.”
But the youngest of the three
Murmured: "If he married me–
I would birth both girls and boys
That would all be great snuff toys."

“Greetings, maiden fair,” said he–
“My tsaritsa you shall be,

YOU for dinner I request,
And in YOU I will be dressed.”


They pushed me into the airlock naked, then kicked me out into space.

People think it kills you instantly, but that's not true.

Only my eardrums burst, and the air explodes out of my lungs, as I tumble into the abyss.

I'm still conscious. I can't breathe in, there is no air. My spit, my tears, my sweat, it sizzles and boils away on my skin, but the burning sensation is freezing cold.

My chest heaves, but there's only vacuum. A layer of frost forms on my nipples. The sun burns my back with radiation.

Feeling lightheaded, I start masturbating...



My last victim was an aspiring model.

She’s a young girl, a college freshman and an amateur model with a delusion of grandeur. Her craving for fame was something that I have heavily exploited to lure her back to my photo studio.

Her face flushed bright pink when I requested to shoot a ‘tasteful light bondage’ set and nodded reluctantly. After her wrists have been tightly secured, I wrapped my arms around her tender neck and snapped it like a twig.

Her still warm body provided me with hours of pleasure. As they say, dead girls are easy.


The Schoolgirl

The mayor’s daughter was only 13 when I kidnapped and raped her, a pretty little red-head that just started puberty. I’ve always wanted to sodomize a catholic schoolgirl, but her little anal opening was too tight and small for me...

That didn’t stop me from forcefully ramming my erect manhood down her rectum, splitting her sphincter and tearing into her visceral filth-filled large intestines. A bloodcurdling scream escaped her mouth, pressurized blood squirted from her ravaged opening like a gory fountain when I withdrew my rod, she twitched involuntarily for a few seconds then died of shock.

I peeled off her bloodstained cotton panties as my trophy, before leaving her undignified corpse in a nearby park for the world to see.


The Milkmaid

The milkmaid was chained to her bed. Her arms were tied behind her back, and her slender legs were bound to the bedposts, forcefully pulling them wide apart, exposing her entrance surrounded by a sparse mound of pubic hair.

She bucked and jerked violently as I plunged a cattle prod deep inside her. Pubic hair sizzled and burned, while the acrid aroma of burnt flesh wafted between her thighs. No one heard the poor girl’s muffled screams.

Her corpse was found two days later by her sister, stilled chained to the bed, her once gorgeous face twisted with unspeakable agony, her womanhood now blackened and charred.


Any requests for uniform-clad maidens getting brutally snuffed?


5 years have past since I moved to this state, clean slate.
No school uniforms here, kept my dark urges at bay.

Nicole... was an exception. I was going to rape her, but the girl was willing.
We are a couple.

But then they introduced the uniforms.
She knew I couldn't resist it, she came anyway.

I strangled her while she rode me. She came, then her heart stopped beating.
Now I'm all spent.

One of those points in life.
I could do CPR. She wouldn't tell anyone.

Or I could kill yet another girl and it all starts again.


I find this boy who said "yes" to my fetish,I first layed myself on to this table, my fingers deep in my pussy and my mouth on his Dick, am waiting for the blade to cut me half, i ask him to finger my pussy so I have my to hand free, I tell him to fist me hard its my last time, to feel a orgasm, I feel him in my womb, the blade sliced me in half in a fall orgasm, and now the fun begin, i only have my tits to play with


“Ready to do this?” he breathes.

I kick down the covers and he reaches for his knife. It's about time.

Breathless and careful, he draws a stinging pink line along the curve of my ribs. Bright. Sparkling. Maddening.

“Try a little deeper?” He grins, eager and scared. “Faster?”

And I'm squirming and dizzy and hot, soft skin splitting into raw, red lips. “Kiss me,” I gasp, pushing his head down.

I grab his hand, plunge his blade between my ribs with a greedy moan.

He looks up in horror, mouth sticky with blood. And all I can do is laugh.


The Pitcs cannibals swarmed Red Sonja from all directions.

Although she cut down many them, they still managed to subdue her.

They didn't even bothered killing her before shredding her to pieces with their crude tools.

They ate her flesh as they cut it from her body.


We have this device that allows us to scan living beings and then make exact duplicates of them in the lab. Not just clones, they are identical in all aspects: Appearance, memories, personality, everything.

What I use in my free time is a malfunctioning hand held prototype that I grabbed away. While it still copies the subjects physiology and even their deep learned reflex skills, like bike riding, martial arts or languages, their higher memories are lost. Complete amnesia.

Now what do you think I do with perfect copies of beautiful girls, after hours, who don't remember who they are?


Nobody should agree to my game. But here she is, bound tight with piano wire.

All my tools arrayed on the table. A mirror, for her to watch herself cry.

She hasn't yet, not even when my cigarette seared her nipple into a crispy, weeping hole.

But she screams as my pliers rip her pinkie nail free. Whimpers uselessly in my arms as I blow a kiss on the ragged, spurting wound.

I press the pliers into her other hand, tap her next fingernail.

“There’s your safeword.”

I cup her chin, smiling, and let my knife stray toward her face.


He looked at the two young women, who's heads were stuck in a guillotine. He smirked at their shaking bodies, their wet pussies just dripping around the vibrators he shoved into them. Pleasure and fear made them tremble.

"now Remember." He said to them. "Whoever cums first, dies tonight. Only the one that doesn't get to cum, gets to try this game for tomorrow night."


Two men held her down as her ex best friend pushed the spit through her. She cried out at the pain of it tearing through her, and pushing out of her mouth. She looked up at her ex friend, glaring at her with tears in her eyes

"Oh don't be like that." Her Ex Friend said to her as the two men lifted her up and carried her to the flame. "You lost the bet, after all!"

"Don't worry." Said one of the men to the spitted woman. "We're cooking her anyways as soon as the rest of our friends get here."


Russian Roulette

Six players, one bullet.
The other five players have already made their turn and stayed alive.
Taking the revolver, Rei looked at her friends questioningly.
Asuka said: “The game should be played to the end. Shoot!”
Hikari said: “It is already determined that Rei has lost the game, hence the game is over. Don’t shoot.”
Touji said: “It is a game about blowing brains out! If no one’s brains are blown out, it is no fun. Shoot!”
Kensuke said: “It is a game about risk. If the outcome is determined, there is no risk and no fun. Don’t shoot.”
(oops, that is exactly 100 words [without the title], so I’ll have to stop here)


Notes from a small town newspaper:

Missing: One head, answers to the name of Kate. Young, long red hair, one green eye. Does not bite-very friendly! Please call this number if found, our boys are very worried

For sale: one adult female skeleton, excellent condition (full set!!!) Surplus to requirements (new job). Great deal! Please contact me at xxxx. Cash only.

St. Andrews community fundraiser starts SUNDAY. Fun for ALL family. Raffle prizes from Ms. Bothwell and her daughter. Auction for the Selway twins. Bets on the horses (two this time!) Home cooking provided. Please come along!


Markus had never thought he would regret his choice to become an immortal vampire.

Almost three-hundred years after his transformation, he lies inert on the floor, weak and emaciated from lack of blood. He barely responds when his mistress comes for him, and pulls him to his knees.

Once he sees the pot of molten iron, he begins to silently weep. His piercing screams are muffled as she pours the burning liquid down his throat.

Hours later, Markus lies on the floor, unresponsive. With deadened eyes, he begins the arduous process of tearing open his chest cavity to extract the solid metal coating his insides.


Trace screamed and struggled on the table. Becky came over to him with the glowing hot knife. He cried, and begged her not to do it, pulling against the straps holding him down. He screamed as she took his cock and started to cut through it. The blood only dripping a little due to the wounds being burned shut.

"Hey, if you didn't want your cock cut off, you shouldn't had cheated on me. At least I'm letting you live."


Rezz woke up to a bullet digging into her thigh. Her scream died down as fast as the pain subsided, for inside the bullet was a vial of morphine. She did not see the hand locking on her throat and did not feel the nailgun unloading on her, starting from her navel all the way to her throat. With a last nail to her glabella, her master released her and said, “Be a good girl and stay here. Kid, fix her.”

Her sister came with a worried face. Rezz calmed her by saying, “Relax, sis, he had just nailed me.”


She couldn't move. She couldn't make a sound. Her pussy was sore from the fucking that man did. her arm stung from the paralyzing drug that he put into her. He put her into that cardboard box.

She felt the box moving, like on a convener belt. She felt heat outside the box, starting at her feet, and moving up her body. Her eyes went wide as the air became thick with smoke, and the other end of the box lightt up.

Her captor grinned, and shut the incinerator door closed.


Chloe landed on the pile of heads with a graceless thud, rolling onto the side of her face. She was the last, so the cart rumbled away, filled to bursting. Chloe tried to see who was around her, but a girl’s auburn hair was in her eyes. A voice spoke in her ear, rising above the chatter of the other heads.

“I hate surprise head inspections"



“I didn’t see you get beheaded”

“Fast, aren’t they? I hope my body doesn’t get used too much this time…”

“Same…” muttered Chloe, as they were pushed towards the school labs


Isabella Valentine didn't last long in the Mortal Kombat.

Baraka stabbed her in the chest with his arm-blades, sinking deep in her large breasts.

The tartakan warrior savored her agonizing screams until they turned into bloody gurgles.

He then sliced upward, cutting through Ivy's collarbones and tearing her torso in three pieces.


Nikki was trapped. Stuck in a clear box, filled with something that was almost as strong as diamond, but clear as crystal. Everyone could watch the woman, who couldn't move, couldn't even blink. She could only breathe through the tubes up her nose, feed only through the tube up her ass, and feel the bullet lightly massage her clit. She begged with her eyes at the viewers to either let her out, or let her cum.


"NO! You can't do this, there must be a mistake!" She shouted as the butcher and his assistant forced her over a bucket. "I can't be on the Snuff list! I'm not 18! I'm still in school!"

They ignored her, and she felt the knife against her throat.

"No you can-" Her words were cut as her throat was cut. the blood spilled in and around the bucket. The Butcher held her there as her life drained from her body.

"Oh shit, found her ID!" She heard the assistant shout. Her vision faded as death took her. "She really is under 18!"


I know OP is into gore but I really like the concept of super short stories.

Would anyone be willing to do a scat based one where a woman shits herself?



if you want a scat story that badly, then write one, don't beg for it.

Beggars will be raped, drawn and quartered around here:

"No, please" she whimpered, as they dragged her to the gallows. The crowd cheered as the guy with the black mask started to rape her. She screamed, then she leaked, causing a puddle to form underneath. He didn't even slow down. Instead he rammed his cock into her ass. Another screech later, she dropped to her knees, her rear end soiled and bloody. She looked up, only to see his shit stained cock and a knife.

"Lick it!" he commanded. And she started, took it into her mouth and licked and swallowed.

She didn't notice her decapitated body spasm behind.


quite the attempt, but I honestly couldn't tell if she was hung, decapitated, or raped to death, and at no point was the quartered.


The man had a KNIFE, and the woman didn't notice her DECAPITATED body spasming. Are you THAT stupid?


Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is gurochan!

The young blonde caressed the cereal box, smiling.

“Gur-O’s. Just one bite, and your taste buds will-“

A loud bang rang out, and the girl’s head was literally blown away, brain and skull flying everywhere.

“Cut, cut, cut!” boomed the director, visibly frustrated. “Too early, she didn’t complete her line!”

She gestured angrily at the nervous teenager holding a smoking magnum. He apologized as two other aids took the headless body away to join the growing pile of teenage corpses. The director sighed.

“That was our last model, which means I’m up. For gods sake, get it right! Lights, camera…”


“What’s this, Master?” asked Marie, pointing. I smiled.

“Why, you tell me. What do you think it is?”

“Is that….my original brain?”

“It is! 100% organic, unlike now. I like microchips better.”

The lights of the life-preserving jar started to flash angrily.

“Why is it doing that?” asked Marie.

“I think it’s reacting to you.”

“Oh, can it see us? Can I talk to it? Hi, old brain! I like your body!”

Marie spun around in a graceful pirouette. I patted her hollow head, staring at the brain trapped in the container as her old body danced, nude and oblivious.


I am rather enjoying doing these. I can't get myself to write long ones anymore, so these short and sweet ones help.

Speaking of which, here's a non guro one been playing with:

She was in a tight box, laying on her stomach, with her feet against her back, her arms tied to her legs. She bit down on the rubber dick in her mouth, as the vibrators in her pussy, her ass, against her clit and up her piss hole were vibrating away. It hurt, and she felt herself nearing the edge, but unable to reach it. She struggled, trying to hump the toys so she can go over the edge. She didn't know how long she was in there, but if they don't let her out soon, she was going to break!


Lara Croft looked at the corridor in the temple leading outside.

Her backpack felt heavy under the weight of the idol, the legends telling it was cursed.

She took a few steps until inadvertently sprung a trap. A spike impaled her from crotch to head.

Her lifeless body slowly slid along the metal shaft, kneeling in a pool of her own blood.


In my forceps struggles a single bullet ant, angry and swollen with venom.

Wide-eyed, my boyfriend whimpers through the ring gag as I feint it toward his tongue. Last year I stung him once on the wrist; he spent the next 20 hours sobbing and begging for death.

I pull back, gliding the insect down his lean, heaving chest, pausing at his nipple, his navel, the dark fuzz of his happy trail. His rigid cock twitches against his belly, oozing a silky drop of precum.

One touch and he screams, spurting sticky, wanton white through his rictus of pain.



April sighed happily as she enjoyed her foot massage.

“Ahhh, this is the life. Wouldn’t you say so, Cam?” she asked, looking down at the olive-skinned girl, who stared back, eyes watering, face flushed.


“Well put.”

April sunk her feet further into Cam’s throat. They had now gotten halfway down her shins, stretching Cam’s jaw and neck out obscenely. It was warm and impossibly right, and April could feel a warm, panicked tongue slipping against her skin. No wonder men liked this so much. They didn’t use their feet, though

“I wonder what else I could shove down here?”


“Witches’ hair”

Hermione quickly cut off a lock before throwing it in to the cauldron.

Later on, the recipe asked for a witches’ nose. Well, there was only one nearby. Off it went, into the pot.

“Oh come on-Witches’ teats? This better work”. Snip, snip. In they went. So did “Witches Ears”, followed shortly by “Witches Teeth (full set)”-that one was tricky.

“Liver (Of the Witch) was even harder to add, but she got there. Hermione really, really wanted this potion.

“Hermione’s Big Arse” made her hesitate, though. She frowned, as a new instruction appeared.

“April Fools?!? Ron, you’re dead!”


Want that summer body? Diets not working? Gym not sticking? Don’t worry. There’s an easier way.

Introducing the Gillette Damascus Body-Trimmer. With a flexible grip and smooth, steel 10 inch blade, this revolutionary new product will reshape your body with a few, easy strokes.

“Everything I ate just went straight to my butt. Now I don’t have to worry ever again, thanks to the Gillette Damascus. And the mister loved my steak meat!"

“I…trimmed my stomach and…*cough* I’ve never been thinner. I don’t…even feel…hungry anymore. *louder, wetter coughing*Thanks…. Gillette!”

Only $95.99. Order now!

(Not responsible for organ damage and/or death)


Lara Croft looked in the corridor in the temple with a strange sense of dejavù.

She fixed the backpack on her shoulder. The cursed idol was safe inside.

<<Cursed?>> she tought <<Silly me>>

Lara entered the corridor. She easily spotted the first trap, and jumped on the other side.


She had landed on a pressure plate and a giant cleaver swung from the ceiling, chopping vertically the tomb raider's head and upper body, down to the navel, in two perfect halves.

She stood standing for a few seconds while her organs spilled all over the floor before finally collapsing on the ground.



If you're still looking for a story idea to work on after Obstacle Course and Fun With Faeries, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing this one expanded to a full story, especially if it takes her a good number of additional body parts to find out she's being played. Logically, the potion's effect should be something that allows her to undo the damage, like regeneration or a wish, to keep Hermione going along with it.


Don’t want to derail the thread so this is just one quick post on it, can take it to one of my own threads if people want to discuss it further

I thought that one would appeal to you :p I've had the idea for ages but it would basically just be your Lara Croft story, only with another character. To combat that I have considered changing it to her making a variety of real, non-prank potions over a year, all with a different set of ingredients derived from her own body. She can regen but it takes a while, so her classmates will find her missing different parts for maybe week long periods of time.


She was strapped to a bed, a tight breathing mask went over her nose and mouth. A wand pressed against her pussy and put on medium strength.

She was told that the closer she gets to an orgasm, the less air she will get. If she cums, the air is cut off. She has to keep herself from cumming for 2 hours.

It's only been an hour and she was struggling to breathe. Her body started to shake as she tried so hard not to cum! But she felt herself about to tip over, and would soon lose this game



Good point about it being a retread; hadn't thought of that yet. However, there are a couple of ways of differentiating the two:
- Multiple people. At some point, the recipe might ask for four witches' ovaries, or three witches' stomachs, requiring the aid of Luna and/or Ginny
- Instead of regenerating, the girls might consider it an acceptable sacrifice if the potion aids them in the fight against Voldemort. Of course, they still have to go to school, so they deal with their disabilities in various ways. One legless witch might cast Wingardium Leviosa on herself; another might take the more fun route of shoving a flying broom up her ass
- Lesbian scenes. No reason they can't have a little fun with their freshly harvested ingredients, right? And I'm sure Hermione can dig up an R-rated spellbook or two in the Hogwarts library.


>> 7349 "another might take the more fun route of shoving a flying broom up her ass"
And probably before the end of the day she would be fully impaled on her broom because of an unlucky accident or mischievous classmate.
“Of course you can fly this way, but isn't having this handle in your throat a bit unpractical?”
“Hng! Ggg, grlg!”
“Yes you are probably right. But when you want to remove the broom, how do you?
“Grrlgr, ghg ghg ghg!”
“Excuse me… I didn't mean to be negative. I'm sure you know what you do and perfectly handle the situation. So if you don't need my help, please allow me to treat you to a Butterbeer as a mean of apology.”
“Ok, ok I understand. You don't like beer. No problem, I leave you alone. I don't want to be a pain in the ass. That would be the last think you need in this situation of yours.”
“RRRRRRGL!!!” *Psycho crusher*


Another Lara Croft story, if you guys do not like it or you think this counts as a repost tell me, I am trying to write something for fun not to spam the thread :)

Anyway, here we go:


Lara secured the cursed idol and began to walk toward the exit. At the last corridor, a shiver run down her back.

<<Calm down, you have done this a million times!>> she said to herself. Her words soundend strangely ominous.

She looked carefully for traps and planned her moves.

Lara jumped the spike and rolled under the blade then, when she stood up, the floor suddenly opened, making her fall in a pit.

Below, a crushing machine swallowed her, feet first, crushing bones and ripping flesh.

Lara screamed until the iron teeth collapsed her chest into a bloody pulp.


Wow, this time was really hard to fit everything into the 100 words limit!

Anyhow, let me know if I should continue this series. I could also throw some different stories in the mix so that it does not get repetitive. I am curious about your ideas.


Little Samantha tried to be as quiet as possible. Lying under her parents' bed she watched the mattress jump up and down as the stranger raped her mother above.

When she heard a gunshot she couldn't help but let out a quiet whimper.

The man looked under the bed and dragged her out.

Her mom's head had a gaping hole and her naked body was covered with blood and cum.

Sam's hand instinctively reached between her legs.

"You like this, don't you?"

"Uh-huh." She agreed.

"Wanna help me kill your sisters?"

Her excited eyes were all the answer he needed.


The twin girls looked at each other and smiled.

"Ready, sis?"

"Let's do this."

The entire classroom watched as they both took sharp knives and cut each others throats at the same time.

Blood squirted out of the wounds and onto their small, naked breasts. The entire room filled with the metallic scent of fresh gore.

They started kissing passionately while their entire bodies got quickly covered in the crimson liquid.

They massaged each others pussies and they both reached their final orgasm simultaneously, ejecting remaining bits of blood from their bodies before they lost consciousness for the last time.



Already naked, she opened the package. Within excessive wrapping were three articles of clothing; A tank top, sweatpants, and somewhat oversized panties. Very plain, except for the serial numbers.

From prison they went to the lab, which confirmed their authenticity for more money than they cost themselves, before finally sending them here.

She held up the top. Only days ago, these clothes accompanied a young woman to the guillotine. Peeled off of a headless body, otherwise not very different from hers.

After slowly wearing them, and getting a feel for them, she lied on the bed, starting to rub herself...


She didn't need lube as the spike entered her pussy. She was so wet, she slid down easily on the thing metal. She was able to impale herself, the tearing of her insides causing her to cum in pleasure and intense pain. She didn't need the platform she was standing on anymore. She just allowed gravity to pull her down onto the spike more. She moaned as the pain and orgasm washed over her again as the spike slid through her. It would be hours before she dies, either from the spike or the orgasms that assaulted her pain filled body.


Actually, let me put in another one real quick:

Her limbless body was strapped to the wall, her breasts forced to poke out through some holes into the wall. She heard the sounds of Darts hitting the wall around her breasts, and she struggled, her breasts making a beautiful target as she tried to get freed. She screamed when she felt two darts hit her left boob, and then one more hit the right, right in the nipple. And she would be forced to remain like that for the rest of the night.



Still annoyed, she reached her floor. Hours of driving back and forth only to reschedule, so ridiculous...

Seeing no scrunchy on the handle, she unlocked the door, already starting to relax.

Flowing blood greeted her, pouring over a naked back from where a head should be. She was weak, leaning on the handle as a sick feeling gripped her. Her roommate's body was wrapped around an ecstatic man, barely acknowledging her, sitting on a blanket on the floor. Her head and a bloodied sword rested nearby.

She tried to collect herself. That crazy girl actually did it...

Breakfast was awkward.




Very funny, but also really hot.


This is one of my favorites :3


Fucked my wife in the ear last night.

She was reading some book, I was walking by, and, well…I couldn’t resist.

In it went. Tighter than anything.

She had seized up, started twitching. Started breathing funny. Didn’t exactly tell me to stop.

So I went deeper.

Like, really deep.

Felt something brush against the tip. Something warm and spongy
Not enough to penetrate. But still, knowing what it was…

I came so fucking hard.

Must have coated it real good. Amazed nothing leaked out her eyes.

Think I kind of broke her though. All she can say now is “Cum!”...


Maybe a dick in the opposit ear would undo what the first one have done.


Two years of hangings, and it finally occurred to someone to hang the women over a fucking drain.

They swung from the gallows, kicking, gasping for air, struggling for that last gasp, their piss running down their legs. it makes such a mess!

Finally, someone put in a drain, and got a hose to push it down the drain. now, if they could only figure out what to do with the women that shit themselves.


God damn it, anal plugs.

They get anal plugs, but really big ones to make sure no one leaks.

Oh, it stretched their asses, made them bleed a bit, but it's better than shit getting all over the place. Their blood made good lubricant anyways. And they didn't fall out as the girls kicked and gasped, their mouths open in silent fearful and painful screams.

They make the girls who are next wash them when they are done.


Max cut into the body of her sister. just barely into 6th grade, this young woman had to die so Max could get out of that damn belt. the belt that trapped the toys in her ass and pussy. the toys that kept her on the edge for an entire week.

She cut her throat, letting the blood splash over her. she cut open her chest, and pulled out her still beating heart and slammed it to the floor.

Her sisters gurgling screams slowly died out as Max felt the orgasm finaly take her.


The skinny ass, acne covered nerd pushed up his glasses and walked up to this girl he liked.

"You're the only one that hasn't been asked to the dance." He said in a naslely tone. "I can take you!"

His crush pulled out a small knife, and sliced her own throat. He barely had time to move so the blood spurting out didn't hit him. She choked and gagged, and fell to the ground, her body shaking violently as life left it.

" could had just said no."


"Please!" The limbless girl asked as she was brought into the room in a gurney. "PLease don't do this!"

"Sorry my dear." The doctor said as he hooked up the wires to her head. "But your new master paid us a lot of money to do this."

The girl screamed as the first bolts hit her head. The first shocks make her cry. The second shocks turned her into a drooling mess. The Third Shocks took away her past. The fourth were turning her into the mindless sex doll her master wants.


The captive shrieked as the naked girl pounced on him and sunk her teeth into his exposed neck. His desperate pleading turned to wet gurgling as she bit through his larynx, sucking the fluids from his open wound as if it were a spring in the desert. He fell limp, eyes rolled back in shock. Grinning wide, her pale chest bathed in blood, the girl turned her attention to his meaty forearm. She lifted it up and prepared to take a big bite.

"Sweetheart? What did I tell you?"

The girl froze, mouth wide open. "Oh... sorry, Daddy," she whimpered. "I didn't say grace." He chuckled and mussed her hair with his gore-stained hand, turning the flaxen blonde a rusty strawberry. "It's okay. Just don't forget next time."


"Burn the witch! Burn the witch!"

The crowd's chant became a roar, drowning out the crackle of burning wood. The girl's skirt caught fire, making them cheer. Then, their ovation turned to screams of terror. The fire leapt forward like a wave, crashing over them, scorching skin, roasting flesh, melting eyes in their sockets.

The witch kicked away the ashy remnants of her clothes and restraints. She walked naked amongst the chaos, smoldering bodies flailing about, dying screams thick as smoke in the air. She waved her hand and extinguished the flames, then set upon the villagers like a ravenous beast, shredding burnt flesh from bone, plucking hearts from chests. She made sure they were conscious for all of it.


The prisoner hadn't a second to look surprised before holes appeared all over her. By the time she got a scream out, the bullets had reduced her jumpsuit to rags, burrowing through the orange fabric and into her flesh. She thrashed like a fish out of water, eyes bulging, lips flapping, wounds spurting blood, her struggles useless against her restraints. A single shot to the forehead silenced her, leaving only the sound of shells dropping to the floor. She slumped down, blood pooling at her feet, as the squad put a few more shots in her unprotesting body.


The runway lit up with a flourish of music. Fashion critics and enthusiasts gasped in awe as the models came walking down. One platinum blonde had knives dug into her heels. She balanced on the diamond-encrusted handles as she walked, careful not to slip in her own blood. A brunette sported a corset that squeezed her waist to a mere inch, crushing her insides, ballooning her chest and hips to obscene proportions. One model came out riddled with bullet holes; another had all four limbs amputated, going down the walkway on her stumps.

The "surprise" exhibitions were the most memorable of all. A model wielding an axe pulled a lucky gentleman out of the crowd and let him decapitate her. Another girl wearing a strange ticking device exploded when she reached the end of the runway, showering the audience in blood and viscera.


“Your word is ‘spatchcock.’”

A cold sweat crept up on her forehead. “May I have the d-definition, please?”

“'Spatchcock,’ verb. To split open an animal, usually a poultry or game bird, to prepare it for cooking.”

Her quivering lips neared the microphone. “S... P... A... C...”

The buzzer sounded. Her eyes widened. “No... n-no! T! T! I MEANT T!” Two men seized her and dragged her off-stage. Though they wouldn't bear witness, the audience knew her fate: to have her spine cored out and body flattened, ready to be prepared for the grand victor's feast.

“Will the next contestant please come forward? Your word is ‘flambéed...’”


The orcish king had never felt fear. Now, it came in sickening waves, shocking and cold as his metal restraints. All at once, the elven girls rushed at him, nails bared, teeth flashing, eyes wild with anger, fire, lust for revenge. They scratched his skin, peeling it off in sheets, yanked muscle free from bone, gouged his eyes, ripped his once-fearsome tusks from his gums. His agonized roars spurred them on. They only stopped when the once-powerful king had been reduced to pulp and pink-streaked ivory on the dungeon floor, the only fitting retribution for his crimes against elfkind.


Sorry, not letting this thread disappear.


Kicking and begging, she was dragged to the device. The seat, a block with a phallus, both split vertically, waited for her. Behind it was a smooth, round pole, a rail for a heavy diagonal blade, poised above.

As she was pushed onto the phallus, her struggles amused the audience, but she was finally held down, and ropes tightly coiled around her secured her to the pole and seat.

She could only scream.

Two confused beings fell on rough, dirty wood. Each thought that something bad has just happened, and had a vague feeling of being on the wrong side.


Just in case...


‭The hall was bustling with preparations for the party as she entered, holding onto her robe. He noticed her, and signaled her to hurry.

‏‭“Good, you’re here. Loose the robe and stand on the platform.” She complied.

‏‭She felt her legs pierced by infusion tubes coming from the floor. She carefully took the precise kneeling position she practiced, then nodded. Her head was grabbed, and a blade placed on her neck effortlessly sliced through.

‏‭The host was chatting with a guest. She complimented him on the beautiful fountain; The headless body knelt there, blood streaming out in steady pulses.


“Oh, no, no, no. Far too jittery.”

The handsome young suitor twitched his last before going slack. Urine spread in a dark patch on his trousers. Princess Alexandria’s handmaiden sighed and freed him from the noose. “Your Highness, please,” she began, dragging his body to the ever-growing pile in the corner. “The court agreed to your... unorthodox standards for finding a husband, but you must decide yes or no before it’s too late.”

The princess humphed. “I’m trying! But you really can’t tell until they’re about to croak. I need him to kick his legs the right amount, and his face has to turn the /perfect/ shade of purple...”

The handmaiden sighed again. “Next!” Another nervous young man stepped onto the stool.


Wow! What an awesome scene! Not what I was expecting and sounds like something from Penny Dreadful or a weirdly dark Once Upon a Time.

Mmm! Very sexy! I love the obedience and disregard for her life. Such a good girl practicing for that.



Party Mood‭

‏‭He came upon a girl lying in a guillotine, masturbating with one hand and holding the lever with the other. She pulled it as she came. He quickly pulled down his pants, took her from the basket, and entered her mouth. Her lips tightened, and he moved her back and forth.

‏‭She let go. Seeing him trying to hold her mouth closed on him, another woman raised the blade, pushed off the body and took position.

‏‭“Hold me.”

‏‭He tossed the head and held hers. Fixed on his eyes, she pulled the lever. She finished him before she even died.‭


The commercial started. She was in front of the ship.

“At Aristocrat Cruises, we offer only the very best!”

Now she was on deck, in a summer dress.

“Our facilities and staff meet the world's highest standards...”

She was sitting at a restaurant, in an evening dress.

“...And are guaranteed to satisfy the most exacting tastes!”

She emerged topless from a pool.

“We are dedicated to making your stay unforgettable...”

She was riding a guy, naked and sweaty.

“...Creating a perfect experience...”

She was kneeling, naked;

“...And fulfilling every desire!”

And was beheaded.

Her roasted body steamed under the logo.


This reminds me a lot of a fantasy someone on DFN(?) told me once. Maybe I'll try to summarize it here in a 100 words. The girl I talkd to said it was of her and her sister getting raped by the mob for a debt her dad owed them.



thanks anon <3

- The White Rabbit -

Alice bounded after the rabbit. She couldn't lose him now. It was simply too curious, a rabbit with a pocket watch. And what exactly was he so late fo-

Suddenly, Alice was no longer running. She plunged down the pitch-black hole at an alarming speed. The wind rushing past her ears drowned out her scream. She could only watch as the circle of light above her rapidly shrunk.

She hit the bottom. Her broken body laid in a pool of blood, bones shattered, head cracked open, the terror of her last moments frozen on her sweet face.


- Drink Me -

Alice took a swig from the bottle. Instantly, the room looked bigger - and so did the bottle. It hit the floor next to the miniature Alice, casting broken glass everywhere. She screamed as bits and shards slashed her skin.

A box appeared out of thin air. "Eat me," said the cookies inside. Desperate, Alice shoved several into her mouth. Her head crashed against the ceiling - she was giant. Her tears of pain splashed to the floor, forming a lake. Panicking, Alice picked up the remnants of the bottle and jammed them onto her tongue.

She splashed right into an ocean of her own tears. Poor, tiny Alice flailed until she could no longer, her body stagnant in the salty sea.


- Tweedledee and Tweedledum -

Slimy smiles spread across the twins' fat faces. "Ohh, she's curious..." Tweedledee clicked his tongue. "The oysters were curious too, weren't they?" "Aye," Tweedledum answered. "And you remember what happened to them."

"What? What happened?" Alice walked back over. The twins grinned again, advancing on Alice in perfect sync. Before she could step back, they pounced. Their teeth shredded her flesh from bone, blood spurting from her wounds and into their ravenous mouths. In no time, they reduced Alice to a mound of bone and gristle.

"That was a very sad story..." Tweedledum licked his fingers. "Yes, and there's a moral to it." Tweedledee belched. "And it's a very good moral," Tweedledum chuckled, "if you happen to be an oyster."


- The Garden -

"A weed! A weed!"

The flowers' beautiful petals curled into ugly grimaces. "I am not a weed!" Alice exclaimed. Stems wrapped around her and lifted her into the air. "That hurts! Put me down!" She struggled in her thorny bonds. When she saw what awaited her, she screamed, and her squirms turned to wild thrashing.

The thin, spiny stick poked against Alice's panties. The flowers lowered her slowly. She cried out in despair as the branch penetrated her and slid up into her guts. The tip erupted from her mouth, silencing her. The flowers left her impaled, limp and bleeding.


- The Caterpillar -

"Who... are... you?" Puffs of smoke drifted from the caterpillar's lips. "Well, I-" Alice coughed. "I hardly, know, sir, I-" The caterpillar blew more smoke towards her. "Explain yourself," he said, clouds billowing from his mouth. Alice coughed, harder this time. Drops of blood flew from her lips.

The smoke grew thick, impermeable. Alice stumbled about, hacking loudly. Her eyes stung. Her skin burned. She held out her hand, trying to see it through the smog...

Flesh and blood dripped off her bare, skeletal fingers. She melted into a gory puddle before she could even gasp.


- The Cheshire Cat -

The cat's grin stretched his face grotesquely. "Where... do you want to get to?" he asked. "Well, it doesn't really matter," Alice said. "I just-" "Then..." He disappeared into the dark.

"It doesn't really matter..."

Claws slashed Alice's face. She yelped in pain.

"...which way..."

Alice's head rolled off her body and thudded on the ground.

" go."

"STOP! STOP THIS!" Her disembodied head rolled away from her body and down the hill. "YOU'RE MAD!"

The cat's mocking voice followed her.

"We're all mad here..."

Alice's head rolled off the cliff. She shrieked... and splatted.


- The Mad Tea-party -

"Have some tea, my dear!" the hatter lisped, pushing a teacup towards Alice. She inhaled the steam and immediately recoiled. The hatter cut his own cup in half, revealing the silvery liquid inside.

"Is that...?" Alice slurred woozily. "Huh? Speak up!" the hare said from under her skirt. She squeaked, trying to kick him away, but she moved as if she were in molasses.

She felt the hare's ears go up her snatch, then his head prodding against her small entrance. She spasmed in shock as he pushed harder and harder, stretching her painfully, obscenely. She looked at the hatter with tearful, pleading eyes. "Oh, don't worry yourself, there!" he laughed, taking a hearty swig of mercury. "What's an unbirthday party without a little unbirthing?"


- Painting the Roses Red -

The three cards hurriedly explained as they slopped red paint across the trees. If the queen saw that they'd planted white roses, she'd have their heads. "Well, then, let me help you!" Alice offered.

With that, one of the cards slashed her throat with his razor-thin edge. Blood spouted from her neck like a fountain. The cards lifted her up and ran her from tree to tree, painting every rose a deep, velvety crimson.


- Off With Her Head -

Alice ran, the furious queen and her pack of cards in pursuit. She collided with a deck, covering herself with cuts. She had to keep going...

She bounded across a field of thorns, tripping over jagged rocks, spearing and scraping her legs. The rocks turned to teapots...

She slid through a slick of mercury, the hatter and hare wrenching her arms from their sockets. She fell into a mercury sea...

She bobbed on the silvery surface, gasping for air. The caterpillar floated by on a mushroom. He blew smoke in her face, searing her skin, melting her flesh...

"OFF WITH HER HEAD!" the queen screamed. The cat's horrible grin loomed at Alice, the laughter of Wonderland's denizens ringing in her ears...

Off went her head.


- The End -

"Alice, wake up! Please! Alice! Alice!"

She opened her eyes.

No one was calling for her.

She struggled to sit up, her left arm stump twitching pathetically. She felt around in the dark until the needle pricked her finger. Her cracked lips stretched into a rotten smile. The stench of decayed flesh, the pain of her putrefying wounds; all dead to her.

A white flash streaked across her vision. She listened to the hurried pitter-patter grow softer, the ticking going further away...

How curious.

She followed the white rabbit again.


She was going at it in the soundproof room, barely staying on her knees, supporting herself with one hand while pleasuring herself with another. A woman with a sword waited next to her.

He tore himself away from the window to glance at the monitor; Over a million connections!

Just as she squirted, she lifted herself, looking directly at the camera. The blade chopped through her shivering body, sending her head rolling away.

He didn't even hear the door.

“Sir, I looked through her purse...”

“Not now.”

“We found her ID-”

“Just send it with the rest.”

“Her real ID.”



Bah, cliffhanger.


A popular game among the guards was "Pink Puddle", a game where bets were placed on the size of a bimbo's milk and blood when she was executed by firing squad. The winner got to keep the body.


"Hey guuuuys! Today I'm going to show you a look I like to call 'Seeing the Ex.'"

"Start with a flawless base. Here, I'm using skin grafts from the man-stealing whore he cheated on me with."

"Next, the eyes. Don't boys always have the nicest lashes? So unfair. That's why I've ripped his out and made my very own falsies!"

"Nothing says sassy like a red lip. Use a mix of his and her blood to create your own custom shade!"

"I hope you guys love this look! Like, comment, subscribe, and stay tuned for my next tutorial, 'Meeting His Parents!'"


Dorothy had grown a young woman. But her childhood fetish remained.
On her glove, a grain of sand from the deadly desert. Shaking, she touched her pointy nipple.
Groping herself, moaning, she felt her bust crack and crumble like wet sand.
She grasped between her legs, dug her fingers deep, then plowed even deeper into her transforming depths.
She felt everything! Her insides changed, her last heartbeat. Then sand on her tongue. Her tongue became sand!
In front of her eyes, her fingers crumbled and fell apart.
Screaming, she came so hard, she burst her into an unrecognizable sand pile.


Aurra Sing fired her blaster. The crime boss fell to the ground, the hole in his head smoking. She clicked her tongue, then smiled. She'd actually respected him a bit, but how could she say no to half a million credits?

She turned to make her escape and came face-to-face to with a hulking Gamorrean. Before she could raise her weapon, his massive hands wrapped around her neck and snapped it like a twig. He dropped her limp body and waited for the other guards. With their boss gone, hopefully they'd be able to do as they pleased with the corpse.


"And your prom queen is... Victoria Gallagher!"

The room erupted in applause. Victoria beamed as the principal placed the tiara on her head. The other nominees helped her into the noose. She gave one last wave to her cheering classmates before they kicked the chair away. She gasped and choked, her smiling face turning blue, until she went slack, a line of urine dripping down her leg.

Later, she would be skinned and stuffed, her makeup reapplied and gown re-fitted. She'd go on display next to all the prom queens that came before, her beauty preserved for eternity.


Katya Miskina, 18, sniper of the 347th Rifle Regiment, was found dead on a frosty morning in Stalingrad.

Her pale, naked body sprawled over a pile of rubbles, wrists firmly tied behind her back, eyes frozen in agony, mouth gape open in a silent scream.

Crystallised splatters of blood and semen coated her lower body, they sparkled like morning dew in the winter sun. The wooden stock of her Mosin-Nagant rifle and globs of large intestines protruded out of her shapely rear.

Brutally raped then impaled on her own gun, the poor girl provided hours of entertainment for her captors.


Girl Scouts


"Oh god... no! Please NO!" The Scout Ambassador wailed at the sight of her captor's 10" cock, and looked as if it was still growing larger.

He turned his head towards a pack of Girl Scouts at the back of the room, "Now watch carefully, Carly here will now teach you how to please a man."

"No... please I don't wan-"


A thunderous gun shot, followed by a jet of blood and erupting from her forehead, accompanied by a cacophony of high pitched screams.

The rest of the girls stared at him in horror and disbelief as he pleasured himself with the newly created orifice in her cranium, some weeping silently.

After all, it was important to set an example.


{ Feel free to suggest a method of execution for a doe-eyed girl scout }


"You're doing it all wrong." Lucy's mother grabbed the knife from her daughter's hands. "Here, I'll show you how to do it properly."

She grabbed Lucy's sister's breast and started cutting.

"First you grab it by the nipple, cut the skin around the base so it's nice and even, then it's an easy cut."

To illustrate her words she severed the breast from her daughter's dead body in one swift motion.

"It's easy for you to say, you're not being fucked in the ass by dad."

"Watch your language, young lady. Your turn now." She gave Lucy the knife back...


Have a few shot or stabbed in their cunts or asses. At least on clit snipped.


Something like this?

Royal Pain
Elena was once a princess, today she woke up as a prisoner of war. Stark naked and tied up in a dungeon, red whip marks crisscrossed her porcelain-like skin.

Her captor sat between her widespread legs, with a carving knife pressed against the opening of her shaven womanhood.

With a single well practiced stroke, he sliced off her pea-sized clitoris and its pink fleshy hood to the compliment of the princess's screams, sending them sailng in the air.

"I'm a collector of girly bits."

A twisted smile formed on his face as he picked up the fleshy morsel off the ground, still dripping with blood. "I would _love_ to add your ovaries to my collection too..."



Oh fuck yes. Can you do cunt stabbing and shooting with the girl scouts?


Alice knew she was in trouble, when she awoke naked, bound, and gagged, on a bed she didn't know.
She tried to remember: Her last cocktail had kinda tasted weird.
Nothing had been done to her yet. She expected to be raped, and, weirdly enough, she wasn't even afraid.
Fear came, when her captor appeared with a knife. She fought desperately, until she knew, she wouldn't make it.
Then she was calm. Oddly enough, getting raped on a pile of her own guts was kinda hot. If only she could have lasted longer, but her body started to shut down.


Every girl's parents warn her about Internet predators. But Mommy and Daddy can't order me around anymore.

I've been talking to him for a month now. I see him at the end of the dark street and start running in excitement.

I stop.

He's not a nice-looking boy, but an overweight middle-aged man. He grins at me with yellow teeth, and I grin back, my growing fangs gleaming in the streetlight. His eyes widen. My claws hook onto him before he can run.

Blood runs into the gutter. His screams, mixed with the ravenous, wet sucking sounds of my feast, fall on deaf ears. How considerate, telling me to meet him in the deserted part of town.


Ameara smiled with her dark purple lips. "No such thing as snuff films, huh, Mr. Reed?" She flipped off the camera, then nodded at someone behind it.

With a series of ear-splitting pops, holes appeared all over Ameara's naked body, first on her breast, then her stomach, her thigh, blood running down her pale skin. The gunman nailed a shot to her head just as she fell backward, spraying skull and brains all over the dingy basement wall.

The film studies class gaped at the screen. Mr. Reed cleared his throat and marked an A on the grading sheet.


Dr. Sandra Morrison was the first human to set foot on the new planet. And now, she would be the last.

"No, God, no, please, no, no, God..." she blubbered, thrashing in the alien life-form's sticky grasp. It crawled further and further up, enveloping her in its smooth, slimy mass. She could feel it dissolving her, her legs disappearing, the burning sensation creeping up her body. She tried to push it away, and it consumed her hands. Now she couldn't even struggle.

The Earth base watched her tremble in horror, tears on her cheeks, until she disappeared into the blob.


"Kendra... Kendra, baby, please-"

She slapped him.

"Don't you DARE call me that."

Damien looked afraid now. Kendra smiled. "First you mock and degrade me for five fucking years..." She spun the switchblade in front of his face. "...and now you try to sweet-talk me like one of those sluts you bang in your Daddy's convertible."

"Kendra, I'm sorry, I'll never make fun of you again, I-" She grabbed his tongue. He struggled in his bonds as the knife came closer. A choked scream. Blood gushed down his chin.

She squished it between his cuffed hands.

"Hold your fucking tongue."


We should write these ultra short stories in German.

It would be really easy to stay under 100 words, if you have words such as
"das Teenagesupermodelfreiwilligenschlachtungssexualmordkannibaldelikt"
at your disposal.

this roughly translates to "the teenage super model voluntary butcher sex killing cannibal crime" , definitely state attorney's favorite!

9 for the price of 1


They were no longer women, but now they were cows. Their arms and legs sliced off, and they hung, suspended, in each stall. Their breasts were heavy with milk that was pumped out of them for hours.

Each one had a thick vibrator stuffed in their pussies. They were huge, painful, and never seemed to stop vibrating.

When the inspector came to look at the clipboards next to them, he would put a check.

Green meant that they can keep giving milk.

Red...well...not a day goes by when they don't see one of their own screaming as a bin was brought over. THey would be forced to watch as her stomach is sliced open, all of her organs being scooped out, her breasts cut off before they slit her throat. They would release her from her harness, and watch her drop into the bin lifelessly, and then taken to be turned into meat.


The Knight brought the blade down on the woman, the head flying off of her shoulders as a shower of blood came out of her body.

"Gah, I am so sick of this." The Knight growled as he kicked the dead body away. He went up to the next bound woman. "This blade is too sharp, the death comes too quick!"

His squire held out a blade. "Try mine, sir. It's duller and it won't cut through as quickly."

The Knight took the blade, and cut into the woman's shoulder. It cut a bit deep, but not fatally, and she started to scream in pain.

" boy, you will go far as a Knight when your time comes."


Submission for the Sex, Religion, Mystery challenge:

"Don't worry," the princess reassured, "my generation and I prayed as one and begged our goddess for the durability to survive being raped by humans!"


Yeah, I know I"m posting a lot. I can't help it, I got a few ideas I need out of my system and don't have enough to make a full story out of them.


She was naked on the table, bound down, unable to move. she bit into the gag in her mouth, sweat pouring down her body as the bag above her emptied herself into the tube going into her bladder.

The vibrator against her clit wasn't helping! it was on a low setting, making her hips thrust a bit more.

Her captor said that she has to get three bags of water into her bladder before she would get to cum and then piss. But this was her first bag! it wasn't even halfway empty and already she felt like she was going to burst!


“Hello, is this police? I was working in my office when all of a sudden the alarm system says there’s a bomb in the building that’s going to blow up in 15 minutes… which would be 10 minutes by now. I tried escaping, but it has also locked all the exits.”
“Can I have your name, please?”
“It’s Satya Nadella from Microsoft”.
“Okay, let me check the records… here, it says you don’t own the office, you’re renting it. The contract leaves the owner the right to blow it up, so there’s nothing to worry about, it’s all perfectly legal.”


So I had to babysit a bunch of kids today that wouldn't stop watching Frozen. they wanted to rewatch it 6 times. SIX FUCKING TIMES!

She sat back, watching through the windows as the children screamed loudly in agony as the flesh of their burn. She smiled as the TV overheated and exploded, nailing some of them with burning glass

"~Let it Buuuurrrn, Let it Buuuurrrnn, couldn't take that movie anymoooooreee~"



I think you can guess what the problem was!

Working Out The Kinks

Sarah held the complex strangulation machine, going over the instructions in her head, and was then called into the room; Karen was already servicing the client in bed, and helped Sarah as she noosed her.

As they resumed, Sarah fiddled with the controls, periodically tightening and loosening the noose. Then an unexpected movement caused her to slip, closing the noose with shocking force

Blood splattered everywhere, and Karen's head crashed on the floor. Sarah dropped the machine and hysterically apologized while wiping still-flowing blood off the client with bedsheets. Grabbing her arms, he calmed her down, surprised but content.


He took her cured slices from the fridge, and after some hesitation, opened them on the counter. He cut open a bun from yesterday, slathered it with overpowering store-bought sauce, and put some slices inside.

Just as she asked, he leaned on the counter and started eating. The next part was trickier than expected; With movements that seemed natural, he allowed a slice to drop to the floor, splattering sauce around it.

He finished the sandwich, used a paper towel to pick up the slice and wipe the floor, and with a sour look, threw it in the trash.


I lied on the bathtub. My feet rested on the head rest, my camera sitting next to it. The tap dripped hot water onto my face, its wisps of steam condensing on my boxcutter's fine blade. "Bye, world."

I grasped my neck and felt my pulse. Two arteries, two cuts. It hurt, but I didn't care anymore. The hot water washed the blood away, carrying my life within.

I felt my body cooling.

I embraced death's lethargy.

... Then I felt no more flowing blood.

I rose from the bathtub, my fingers inside the open slits on my neck. "What the...?"


I'm not dead! Alison is being written, but I don't feel like publishing in parts anymore.



Nope. Too many possibilities. Underaged? Someone important? The producers girlfriends little sister?



...Sorry, she was underaged.

The Extra

She entered the set, looking at the guillotine. The director approached.

“Hi. Are you Karen?”

She nervously nodded.

“...Okay. We can begin immediately. Strip and take your place” He said as he pointed at the scaffold.

She swiftly complied. On the scaffold, she was gently rotated and had her wrists bound behind her.


A chariot stopped behind the gathered crowd. She was grabbed, and despite her struggle, dragged to the guillotine. She was pushed onto it, held down, and the blade dropped, taking her head and spilling her blood.

“...And cut!”

A woman approached him.

“Hi. I'm... I'm Karen.”


He rechecked his clipboard, and walked to a group of topless girls playing at the beach. One waved and approached.


‏‭“Hi Sarah. I signed you up for today’s sacrifice, hope you don’t mind.”

‏‭“You what? I wasn’t going to do that for years!”

‏‭“Oh. Well, we’re not really set up for cancellations. Are you sure you don’t want to? It’ll save me a huge headache.”

‏‭She groaned.

‏‭“Oh, alright, if it’s that much trouble...”

‏‭“Thank you, it really is.”

‏‭She turned, and he gently put his hand on her back as they left.


Mary was pissed off as her double D breasts were forced onto the cutting tray.

"Oh stop giving me that look." I said to her as I got the blade ready. "You owe me a lot of money, you're lucky I'm ONLY taking your breasts!"

I cut off one, and she screamed in pain.

"That's one!" *CHOP!* "that's two! Oh come on! You're just spilling blood everywhere on purpose!"


So my brother got turned into a zombie.

It was his wife's fault. He got her to safety, but she ran off before she could turn around to help him. Well, the bitch always has to come first in that marriage.

It took some time, but I managed to hunt her down. My brother is happy to see his wife again. I could tell the way he dove on her, and bit her face first, his hands clawing out her chest as he ate her up.


Those were hot! The first really fit my tastes and the second was a nice mix of hanging and dismemberment.


I based this off the ending to another story I read a long time ago about two painfully stupid girls in a non-con scene. Can’t remember what it was called, but I like this take on the idea better.

Disclaimer: I’ve never written a snuff story before.

The Toy (92 words)

The slave knelt obediently watching her mistress masturbate while the axeman used her cunt.

“Mmm... yes… Kill it now!” her mistress commanded.

The executioner removed himself and the slave stretched out her neck.

The world spun around then suddenly she was at mistress’s pussy. Desperately licking her clit the slave felt pressure filling her throat. Everything was pain, steady bobbing, and rapidly increasing disorientation, numbness, and distance.

Suddenly gushing warmth on her lips, two moans of pleasure, and hot cum filling her mouth.

Far in the growing darkness someone said, “Good girl.”


Damn! That was awesome!


It was Easy to get her to go diving with him. Her husband found it easier to slice her stomach open with his knife when they were under water.

He swam away quickly for the boat, as the pod of sharks dove on her. He looked over his shoulder, and saw the sharks tearing off an arm, and nose diving into her open stomach. bubbles were rising to the surface as she screamed.

He got back up onto the boat, trying not to grin at the thought of the money for her death he was going to get. Instead, he just tried to practice how to tearfully say that his wife was eaten by sharks and he couldn't save her.


Everyone sat around the pit, watching the meat slowly rotate over the coals. They watched as the once white body, turn slowly into a lovely, shimmering golden brown.

They had shaved every hair off the sow's body, so she was smooth all over. Everyone took turns to baste her as she rotated on the spit.

"Well, she failed High School, but at least she'll be a feast to remember." Her mother stated.


Vacuum can kill you. But unlike in the movies, you won't burst in a cloud of red mist.

Not at just one atmosphere. But Sylvia had been in the tank at over 20!

I watched her stick her breasts into the fitted and sealed holes. "Do it!" she told me and started fingering herself.

I opened the valve slowly. Her breasts grew, turned a dark red color, then expanded further. She started screaming, fingering, humping frantically, stuck to the openings.

The air hissed. Then two red balloons popped. First one, then the other.

The girl came hard, then lost consciousness.


She walked up to the window, looking at the tank of water on the other side. She sipped her cup of wine as he ex girlfriend was thrown into the water. waded down with a ball and chain, she watched as her naked, and bound form was pulled into the water.

She took a sip of wine as she watched her dance, trying to free herself as the water filled her lungs. Ah, such a lovely look of pure terror as the air in her lungs bubbled out of her.

She sipped her wine as her body started to still. She heard a splash as her ex's girlfriend was dunked into the water as well.

"Sorry sweetheart." She said aloud at the drowning woman. "you should had known not to touch what's mine."


The man walks up to the booth. He swipes his card and enters the automatically opening door.

Inside, a panel opens and a head moved slowly out.

"Hello, welcome to the BJ Booth! Please fuck my face, and when ready activate the guillotine! I hope you enjoy my

The man presses the button, and the head separates. Despite her predicament, she does her best and soon his cum is dripping out of her neck stump.

She smiled as he dropped her into the disposal chute.


Jen had expected to be beheaded at a grand feast when she had gotten that treatment. The one that would let her head live for over an hour after decapitation. She wanted to stay around to watch everyone enjoy her meat.

She hadn't expected to get called in for public conversion.

Now she was just bored. Another head in a plastic tub at the bottom of a chute.


Deliberately over 100 words
Inspired by

"What crazy magic is this?!?"

Aurelie had awoken naked.
Barely 4 inches tall, unless the kitchen had suddenly grown, and on a plate.

"No!!! Don't!!" She complained, then moaned, as she felt the large knife slice through her. Once, twice, five times.

She should have been dead, but she didn't even bleed.

She could still wriggle her toes, but when she tried to raise her leg, only the short stump moved.

She was served. A silent moan escaped her as chopsticks picked up her wriggling hip slice.

She felt him chew, then swallow. She would have grasped her tits as the sensations still continued, but her arms had been chopped off.

Being eaten bit by bit was wonderful. By two people no less, a couple. She ate her chest, he ate her legs.

Only after she felt all of herself settled in their bellies, the woman picked up Aurelies head and smiled. "You were wonderful." she complimented.

Aurelie couldn't answer. Her vision and hearing ceased when her head got chewed with a crunch and her eyes popped, but she could still had her sense of taste as she was swallowed down.

She tasted fresh, raw mince.


Mary was trapped. The black vacbed she was in was meant to only hold her for an hour. The vibrator on her pussy was meant to tease her. She wanted to be teased for an hour and released.

But she knew, even though she couldn't see through the black rubber, that it had been hours since she was trapped. She squirmed, moaning, trying to get freed, trying to cum!

SHe heard footsteps and thought her roommate was home. She felt her friend turn the vibrator up to max, bringing Mary to an orgasm.

Mary came, thinking she was freed. until tape was placed over her breathing hole.



She was bound in the chair, feeling the dildo slide in and out, fucking her.


She had in her hand the switch to turn it off.

" 505....506..."

She was told that at 1000 thrusts, she can turn off the machine.

"506..I mean 7....508..."

If she hit the button two soon, or too late, she will die.

"509....5....five!" She orgasmed, shaking, trying to focus on the number. "6...04? was 606...."


"Do you really think this will cure my headaches?" she asked.

"I'm absolutely certain. We're ready, so count backwards from 10."

"Ten, nine, eight, sevv-"

High pressure water pulsed from twelve precise nozzles, each directed at an angle into her skull. Her brain instantly turned to slurry, every neuron separated from its neighbors at once.

The procedure was successful. The girl's agonal breathing made a "vvv vvv vvv" sound, locked to the last syllable of her consciousness.


Power Girl lifted both hands to her mouth, unable to process what she was seeing. The room seems to have been converted to a shrine to the busty superheroine's suffering: images of her, especially her huge breasts, being mutilated plastered the walls; and a video of her being beaten, raped, milked like a cow, and finally killed was playing on the monitor.

"What are you doing in my room?" Supergirl demanded.


Samus gasped and hissed as she pulled the hot muzzle of her plasma pistol out of the gooey remains of her vagina, wondering how many times she was going to subject herself to this.

Then her stomach growled and she shot that too, turning a fair portion of her digestive system into a steaming mess.

That left only the mind-grating pounding in her chest, which she silenced with a final shot between her own breasts, which caused her heart to burst inside out like popcorn as it erupted from her back.

Finally at peace, Samus flopped on her command chair, wondering if she might need a new nightly routine as she closed her eyes and fantasized about being raped by a man big enough to shield her from the sky.


Alternate ending:

"Stop your sniveling, or I'm gonna kick your ass again." Supergirl said in the imitation of Power Girl's voice she used for the movie.


The latest Tomb Raider game was almost impossible. It was as if Lara was *throwing* herself onto the hazards. The game was spending a lot of time focusing on her death scenes, which seemed almost intentionally created to cater to the player's fetish. She also appeared to be making a lot of eye contact with a camera she shouldn't know was present. The final straw was a scene with her lying against a rock, with a punji stick in each breast, one between them, and three more in her abdomen. Gasping, she looked at the camera with desperate eyes and begged.

"Is this... good? Am I... getting... you off?" She arched her back, making a display of her skewered body's death throes, before finally knowing peace until the next load.


Kitty thwacked the shovel on the ground, packing in the soft earth. She kicked dead leaves over the mound and smirked at what was left of their poor victim.

"Alright, boss." She turned to her partner. "How about we treat ourselves to some-"

Her words caught in her throat. She stared down at the knife plunged into her left breast, a smile still stuck on her face. Her vision blurred. "...Why?"

He chuckled. "Sorry, sweetheart. Thought you, of all people, would know not to trust strange men."


Aria gave a pained smile. "I need food... water... everything. You only need blood..." She coughed hard. "To keep me alive... too much."

Lucretia clasped her friend's hand. "I can't, it will hurt-" "No!" Aria hacked again, her sickly, starved body shuddering in its death throes. "Please. Already hurts... want you to... survive..."

A tear ran down Lucretia's face. She brushed Aria's hair away and sank her fangs into her soft neck, tearing flesh, ripping out arteries, drinking in the flowing crimson. She sucked every last drop from the mangled corpse that was once her dear friend.


Alice stood on a stage in front of the entire school, awaiting her execution. She ignored the judge reading off her crimes and announcing her impending execution. She lifted her skirt and started masturbating; she was going to die anyways, so might as well enjoy the last few moments. She wouldn't make it to a final orgasm, however, as the judge finished reading a few minutes later and the executioner and pointed a shotgun at her face. She closed her eyes and focused only on her masturbation. He fired and all thoughts ceased as her brain splattered on the wall.


Melinda once again spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy frantically, then her father shoved the barrel of a pistol into her mouth.

"You have thirty seconds to cum sweetheart, then..." He made a clicking sound and gestured pulling the trigger.

Melissa closed her eyes and masturbated, trying to cum before her dad could reach zero. By the time he was down to ten seconds she was on the edge. With only two seconds left she came; she could barely enjoy it before a bullet ripped through the top of her mouth and all thoughts ceased.


Kathleen locked the door behind her as her teacher instructed and turned to face him.

"Now, you said something about making up for that test?" She asked, lifting her skirt in a teasing fashion.

"So eager are we?" Mr. Dorris replied.


"Then strip bare and close your eyes."

Kathleen did as she was told. Dorris grabbed a gun from under the desk and walked over to her, admiring the 15-year-old's caramel-colored skin as she revealed it.

"Now what?" She asked, completely bare.

Before she could open her eyes Dorris raised the gun and put two bullets between her eyes.


Daddy entered his little girls room, holding a knife in his hand.

"Oh darling, it's time." He said, going over to his 9 year old daughter who had his back to him. "Be a good little girl, and let daddy kill you. Your sister was naughty when I cut her, screaming all that awful stuff. You won't be like that, will you?"

"No I won't." The girl sang. She spun around, holding the shot gun her father tried to hide. Before he could say anything, the bullets tore through his head, painting her wall and the hallway red.


Yuki placed a grenade between her huge breasts. Then she lifted up her skirt and started rubbing her hairy pussy.

"This grenade has been designed to detonate after thirty seconds. Can I beat it?" She said, looking at the camera as she used her free hand to pull the pen.

She was finger-fucking her womanhood with fanatical speed as her demise loomed ever closer; hoping for that final orgasm before she explodes.

Yuki was fast, but she wasn't fast enough. Before her orgasm fully unveiled her body was torn to chunks of gore by the shockwave and shrapnel.





"Take off your uniform and close your eyes." Mr. Dorris demanded.

The shy Asian teens did as she was told, timidly removing each article of clothing at a time.

"Do this and I promise that you will never have to worry about your grades again," Dorris grinned as he pulled out his cock.

When the girl dropped her panties to her ankles and kicked them off, she closed her eyes, feeling nervous as she expected the teacher to take her virginity.

Her last sensation was the gun being pressed against the bottom of her chin and then all thoughts ceased.






Splayed over a large, stubby cannon tilted almost vertically, she pulled on the ropes binding her, but the stakes didn't even move. As the order was given and the fuse lit, he covered his ears.

The cannon fired. For the briefest moment, her torn dress was flying off of her arching, suddenly naked body. Then chunks of torn flesh, shattered bones and exposed organs flew and tumbled within a red mist. Limbs with ragged ends stretched their ropes, as her grimacing head bounced away.

Afterwards, he shoveled her pieces to the grave, sometimes flipping them over for a better look.

My Treat

While the topless girl laughed at his story, he excused himself and stood; A naked, sadly-smiling servant approached, carrying a sword. They hugged, then thanked each other for a wonderful week.

As people gathered, she gave him the sword and knelt, exposing her nape. He then offered it to the wide-eyed topless girl.

After consideration, she accepted it, taking position. The servant furrowed her brow and resisted turning back.

She severed her head, then shakily dropped the sword besides the bleeding body, smiling widely. Smearing the blood that sprayed on her tits, she let out an ecstatic moan...


John entered the stainless steel walled room. His friends had bought him a snuff bunny for his 18th birthday. She was a cute, petite red head with ample bosoms, dressed barely in a red thong and a bra that molded around her shapely breasts.

"Show me your moves, meat." John commanded.

Ten minutes later he was fucking her holes. All 42 of them that he made with a hunting knife after he was tired of her teasing moves. He particularly enjoyed her belly and soft breasts. He came over her freckled face and blue eyes, stuck the knife in her neck and left.
Best birthday ever.


Breast Feeding

Jenna was a single mother. Over 4 years she had used her gigantic E cup udders for what they're meant: giving milk to her son. Now he was all grown up and didn't need milk from her anymore.

"Place them over here and count down from 5" the chef told her.

The beautiful blonde milf obliged. Her breasts were guillotined in an instant, then her chest cauterized. The chef took her fat tits over to be prepared. The nipples were cut off and caramelized, the skin peeled from the rest of the teats and the fatty tissue turned into pudding.

Half an hour later, Jenna and her son received their pudding. With her nipples on top.
"Glad I took that weight off my chest" she thought to herself.


Sherrie was a nurse intern at a small clinic in Mexico city, now she's just a pretty corpse thanks to her mouthing off to the cops.

Four hitmen broke into the young latina's apartment in the dead of the night, they gagged the poor girl with her own panties and zip tied her tender wrists to the bed posts. With unparalleled cruelty they violently gang raped her to the point where her pristine white bedsheets were stained crimson with blood splatters from her torn orifices.

When the men had their fun, they shot her up with a concentrated dose of battery acid and left her to die a horrific and agonising death.

(first time posting. Go easy on me :))


She had hired the caterer to help her prepare a meal for herself and her husband.

She did not expect him to use her as the main course.

Her head was cut off, used for the centerpiece on the table.

Her arms and legs were shaved, so he could use them for the stuffing of her breasts and stomach. He emptied the contents of her stomach to the trash, not needing it.

He cooked her in the oven as he set the table. Putting make-up on her face to make her pretty.

He left before her husband returned. He honestly thought he was surprising the husband with a great meal.

Instead, the husband came home to find his pregneat wife was killed.


Used Goods

My friend brought over his sex slave Tracey today. Said he got a new slave yesterday and that I could have Tracey.

For fun, we took Tracey out back and chopped off her arms and legs with a hatchet. It was hilarious seeing her scream and go into shock. We burned the wounds closed with a hot iron, so she'll probably live, but she's too mentally broken for me to enjoy now. I think I'll give her to my dog, he's been looking for a bitch to breed.

Unable to move or think anymore, Tracey's just a doggy cumdump now.


LOL! I love it. Such a dark twist.


This thread is amazing and I think I've read nearly everything here! Thank you all so much for the contributions! There are some pretty damn hot stories here, some hilarious, and some I think are just the ickiest, but all a great mix and I hope this thread never dies.


Anything specific you want to give a shoutout to?


"Why can't I pick up anyone at this bar"

My wingman replies, "You dumbass. :) Girls don't want a pickup artist, they want an honest man. See that hot chick at the bar? Just go tell her what you want."

When I sit down next to her, she barely glances up. Here I go: "I'm not going to buy you a drink." She turns and looks at me disdainfully. "What I really want to do is bash your skull in with a crowbar."

Her eyes narrow in thought. "Do you *have* a crowbar?" I nod.

She calls to the bartender. "Close out my tab, and put this guy's on my card. And keep the card. I won't need it any more."


She reached down and picked the gun up
that lay smoking in his hand
She said, Father, please forgive me
I can't make it without my man
And she knew the gun was empty
and she knew she couldn't win
But her final prayer was answered
when the rifles fired again



Ever since joining the manor's indentured servants, she heard a warning whispered among them: “Do your job, or end up like Lily”. She often lied awake at night, wondering if it was true, and what Lily must have felt if it was.

Carrying a tray of drinks for Master and guests, she met his gaze, and stopped. Yearning to tell him something she could not express, she threw the tray aside.

She laughed as they dragged her outside, to where they split firewood. Pressed over a tree stump, she tried to rub her crotch against itself until the axe struck.


Yumika was chained against the wall, completely stripped naked in front of dozens of spectators, and desperately awaiting the worst. Amy, her long-time lover, several meters away, was a corpse because Yumika defied a corrupt government; her formerly-perfect dark-brown skin of her face was charred and melted, and unrecognizable, and most of her hair gone.

Yumika only had a few moments to mourn before a man emerged with a ladle filled with molten metal. A short, but loud, scream pierced the room when the metal hit Yumika's face; her skin, bones, and brain burst into flames. Her conscience quickly ended.


Rachel smiled as she was wheeled in on a giant platter. Her limbs looked delicious, amputated, cooked, and then reattached with thread and a spike in each bone.

She had just enough stump left to move them around if she was careful.

Though she'd looked forward to serving Mike's birthday party for months, she had no idea there'd be so many people! Well, if they needed more food that's what the filet knives and fondue pots were for.

She hoped they would. With all eyes on her, she felt a tingle in her pussy and breasts. It would only get worse.


OK. Wow! That was really clever. And really fucking sexy! *claps hands*


Inspired by the sheer nonchalance of >>12886. Really need to get this out of my system, it's eating my focus away.

"Hey, come here."

The girl obliged. I bent my knees, my eyes level with her beautiful grey eyes. She gave a questioning look.

I produced two teaspoons from my pocket.

"I want your eye. Stay still."

She stood still, emotionless. She won't do anything else, of course. She really meant it when she said she'd do anything for me.

The teaspoons slipped in. She didn't blink.

She gasped when the spoons clinked inside her. I popped the eye out, kissed the bloody socket lovingly, then showed her eye. "Thanks, cutie. Told you, your eyes are pretty."

"... you're right."


The party is in full swing. I hug Suu from behind, both of us raising a tankard of booze. As we drink, my mind spawns a neat trick idea. I shout, "Hey guys, watch this!"

Placing my hands on her head, I snap her neck and smash my tankard on her exposed throat, shattering both. I pick up a glass piece and cut her neck open, down to the bone. Finally, I give her a bear hug while sucking on the stump. Beer jets into my mouth, which I drank dutifully.

We mop for the rest of the night. Sucks.


>>10178 Which post were you referring to? It doesn't seem to be here.

Science Fiction

The hero confronted her as she lied naked in bed. With feigned confusion and smiles, she pushed the blanket aside and sat up. A camera focused between her legs as she opened them, trying to seduce him, to fool him again, while another showed her slowly reaching beneath her pillow...

He immediately drew and fired. Through the hidden cable, a capacitor bank outside discharged, and a beam of light touched her forehead, pushing away her hair for an instant. A tiny burning hole appeared, and a gentle spray of liquified brain burst forth, pushing her back, then falling on her.

Audience Favorite

The actress talked to another as the cameras rolled, in her character's usual sweet mannerisms. She would spend the first hour of the movie endearing herself to the audience; as the director hoped, test audiences were touched, feeling real affection for the girl. As she smiled widely, a shadowed figure moved behind her, and a sword flashed across her neck. Her head bloodily separated from her body, and both fell, to her friend's horror. She and the killer started the chase, and immediately stopped to turn towards their colleague. A camera was already repositioned to directly face the dying head.

Stage Fright

The actress crossed her arms tight to her chest, glancing at the guillotine. She wanted to do this, and agreed to, but part of her still screamed that it's madness. After some discussion, the director agreed to have her sedated.

Hoping not to repeat last time's embarrassment, the scene was filmed until just after she was placed inside, almost panicking as she wasn't sure they'd keep their promise. She hurriedly got out, and made herself take the sedative.

Half conscious, she was placed in the same position, and the blade dropped.

The extras, including her initial panicking, became incredibly popular.


Err, yes, it's on /f/, second pic on the nipplefuck thread. I love it so much. Didn't realize that indices are separated per board, welp.

"In a rifle, the bullets are forced through the barrel rifling, twisting them stable midair. More accuracy, right?"

The host cocked the AK74.

"That's not all."

Forearm on a metal plate, she raised the gun, then shot, splattering gore and eliciting a grimace. The arm now hung by mere strands of muscle and skin.

"The jacket grinds with the rifling, making it break apart on impact with hard stuff like bone. This kind of wound... nasty wound...s from one bullet. Compare:"

She then shot her own chest with a Glock.

"... with... this straightforward... hole," was her last words before collapsing.


The drug kept him nice and still as the cement covered him from head to toe. over his plugged ass, wires running out to a black box. Over the breathing and feeding tubes that will keep him alive.

The only thing left people could see was his dick, purposely pulled up so it wasn't covered. by the time the drug wore off, the cement had harden, and he found himself trapped forever.

He felt the first shock up his ass, and felt someone smacking his dick. All he could do is give a silent scream.


"Mmmm Hmm! that was good eating!" Robert said as he leaned back in his seat.

"You really mean that?" Lisa asked, looking hopeful.

"Yes! this is the best dish you ever made!" Robert smiled at his lovely wife. "You really put your foot in it this time!"

Lisa laughed as she felt his foot rub the stump under the table. "Well, if you help me with the dishes, I can give you a hand for dinner tomorrow!"

"Yes, Dear!"



The tearful girl pouted while her mother tried to concentrate on driving.

“You had no right. This is my life. It should be my decision.”

“Well, fortunately, it’s not.”

“You don’t understand what this means to me! It would have been so perfect… And then you waltz in and tell them I’m not 21.”

“You will thank me when you understand what you almost threw away for the sake of some perverts.”

“I’m one of those perverts! I want my life to climax, to be seen, tasted! God, I’m still so horny…”

“Well just fuck someone like a normal person!!”


The 15 year old brother and sister heard about Pink Mist. As in, during an explosion, there is nothing left of a person but a pink mist. They didn't know if that was possible though.

They got a few sticks of dynamite, and had their friends tie them up in a clearing out in the woods. Their friends lit the fuses and ran off to the other side of the field. They watched as the brother and sister exploded seconds later, showing the area with fire and blood.

Huh, that Pink Mist thing was real.



The naked girl was dragged onto the scaffold. Her expression shifted from anxiety to terror at the sight of a man resting an oversized sword on his shoulder. She was forced to her knees…

“Cut! We can’t have that…”

“Can’t have what?!”

The director approached her.

“Your obvious… Excitement[.”

“Seriously? You’re worried that some people would see [i]that[i] before I… Paint the set with my blood?!”

“Everyone would notice, you’re practically dripping!”

“Well, isn’t that something they’d like to see?”

“It’s out of character. Just take care of it...”


She stood up, and dragged her executioner off the set.


The somber couple were led to their tiny observation chamber, and walked in front of the one-way mirror, seeing the guillotine waiting behind.

As soon as the door closed, the woman lifted her skirt, dropped her panties, and started rubbing herself with one hand while leaning against the glass with the other, while the man pulled down his pants.

Just as he slid into her, their chamber went dark. A girl in casual clothes and handcuffs was led to the guillotine, tied to the bascule, lowered, and beheaded. He quietly grunted.

They emerged from the chamber, only slightly disheveled.


The gift

Having passed the wire around her neck and the base of her limbs she stepped inside the small pool filled with rubberizing liquid. The feeling of the cable causing a tingle in her loins in anticipation.

She watched at the previously placed camera, smiling deviously "I hope you will enjoy your anniversary gift, honey", said, and released the cord that held the mechanism. Immediately the 500kg weight started falling and the wire tensed, neatly cutting her head and limbs. As her severed parts fell in the pool, her last thought was "I know you will".


(I don't know how to write titles in bold)

They were all pressed one against the other, a tangle of bodies fucking and moaning.

Sarah, however, squeezed between the glass and a man nailing her from behind, didn't care. Her eyes were fixed on the conveyor belt below, carrying fresh sausages, her ears savored the increasing noise of machinery as they all drifted towards the meat grinder.

Just thinking about what was going to happen to all those bodies sent a shiver along her body. As they fell faster and faster, the mechanical noise became ear shattering. As she saw the blades she had her last, mind shaking orgasm, then nothing.


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Just Objects, Just Objects

Willa braced herself as the executions started next door, thankful for the sound-proofing. The first body was rolled in, naked, headless, trembling, bleeding, clenching its fists. She and the one who brought it quickly lifted it to her table, and she started her work. She cut it from vagina to neck, ignoring its reeling from the pain. Another body was brought to Sarah's table. Willa removed most of the skin. Sarah hysterically cried that "it grabbed her". Another body came as Willa opened the ribcage. Countless fresh bodies were disassembled here before their recycling. Few workers endured for long.

Local Produce

The tourists walked between the shacks, when suddenly a girl started crying out. The locals didn't seem bothered, but she sounded terrified. They ran in her direction and found her, naked and bound on the ground, while a woman tied a dangling chain to her legs and a policeman watched. She turned a ratcheted handle which lifted the girl off the ground, picked up a knife, and silenced her by cutting into her throat. Shortly after, her head fell off. When she saw the tourists, she rotated the body and groped its butt, asking them if they want to bid.

Lost And Found

He entered the market street, having tracked the slave here, approaching a merchant. By the time her family raised enough money, she's been resold several times.

“Hello! I'm looking for a slave called Anatheia; Are you Linos?”

“Yes, I'll take you to her.”

He followed him, until they stopped by a butcher shop. He was confused, but then noticed that among the pork was a girl's torso, pale and emptied.

“She was so lazy. Keeping her cost too much.”

He sighed. He won't get payed now.

“Oh well. ...You know, I've never had girl before. How much for a brisket?”


The customer wore an apron and sat down. He examined the five naked girls brought before him, who stood with arms behind their backs, restraining their anxiety. He approved.

The handler grabbed the arms of the first one, and positioned her in front of the customer diagonally, with her breasts at the same level as his head. He held her breast, carefully placed it between his teeth, and bit down hard. She managed not to scream as he tore off her puffy nipple, chewed, and swallowed it.

He moved to her other nipple, then to the others', quicker every time.


He walked along the coast when he saw them, presenting themselves to passerbys near the ship. They smiled, shaked, squeezed... Spotting him, one pulled up her hair, and trailed her throat with a finger.

She led him by the hand, over the ramp and inside. After paying and stripping, he entered a room where a team prepared their knives, and sat down.

Only her mouth touched him. Eventually, her neck was sliced through, and her body was carried away, to be taken apart while she continued.

He left with a rump stake, and some of her milk for the marinade.



The young boy shivered as the blindfold was placed over his eyes. He felt large rough hands gently take hold of his slender arms, and was slowly but forcefully pushed into a kneeling position.

The swordsman looked at the kneeling boy and sighed. The kid didn't look a day older than 12. The swordsman knelt down and ruffled the boys curly black hair, then stood back up, dutifully raised his katana, and neatly separated the boy's head from his neck. The boy's headless brown body jerked, twin jets of blood sprouting from the neat stump of neck.


The Vocaloids performing in the nude wasn’t something new. But when Len started peeing over the front rows, the audience got really excited and asked for more. And more they got as Rin pulled out a knife hidden in her pussy and slashed her beloved brother’s throat, spraying blood all over the people. Seeing them go wild on Len’s body falling into their hands, Rin gave the fans the most angelic smile and jumped right into the crowd. As people were tearing the cheerful twins into pieces, Miku performed her last dance hanged by her neck. Concerts sure are great!


Yokoshima sensei approached a chair-bound and handcuffed Takatoshi. His cock was hanging out semi-limp, recovering from a footjob courtesy of his teacher's soft feet. ''Well, we definitely know that you love feet now. How about something more unconvetional?'' She said with a grin, as she raised the stump of her below elbow amputated right arm. She slid the scarred tip of her stump along his cock causing him to flinch in ecstacy. Her grin growing wider she grabbed his once again erect member in the crease of her elbow. ''I'll treat you first, but you you'll have to clean my stumpy up afterwards.''




The Gardener wondered if he was doing some kind of cannibalize?

He captured a young woman, had his way with her for days, before strangling her, and burying her out in his garden. He planted vegetables, whose roots were breaking down her body bit by bit, using her as nourishment so he could eat the plants?

So he was eating her in a way? Or it doesn't count because he's eating plants?


The young girl gasped for air that wouldn't come, as the garotte slowly but surely tightened around her slender throat. In a blind panic, she jerked around, all the while flexing her arms and legs in a futile attempt to break free. Forced by the garotte, her head began to droop, until her chin touched her collarbones. Her swelling tongue poked out between oxygen starved lips. The executioner took one gloved hand and lifted a brunette bang away from the prisoner's face, only to see the dull stare of death looking back.


She was just a head in a clear box, the top of her head cut of to show the top of her brain. Wires connected around the base of her neck, and among her head, kept her alive and totally aware of what was going on around her.

Someone would press the button in front of the box. they always do. Just to see her face twist up in pain, giving a silent scream.

She was sure Hell was Heaven compared to this.

The three men hung from their necks, their naked bodies thrashing about as they tried to get down. The vibrating eggs on their swollen members gave them unwanted pleasure, making them squirt all over the place.

Their masters told them that every time they came, they had to hang for another minute. Right now, they were at 10 minutes. Whoops, make that 11. 12....13...

Two women had their necks on a chopping block. both of them rubbing their clits, fucking themselves with their fingers as they tried to reach an orgasm.

One of the women moaned loudly, her body jerking as an orgasm washed over her. She gasped in lust as she squirted all over her hand and her juice dripped to the ground. When her head went flying, all that her mind could focus on was pleasure.

"Damn it." The other woman grumbled, pulling her hand away from her needy pussy. She grumbled as the axe man put the Chasity belt on her.

"Well, there's always next week." He told her.

No arms. No legs. She couldn't do anything about the scarf wrapped around her neck, lightly choking her as she was forced to lay on the bed. Her panties barely held the thick vibrator in her pussy, making her want to cum so badly, but being unable to. Her master wouldn't be back to fuck his toy for several more hours, and he wanted her hot and ready for when he got home.


Tayuya winced as Sakura tightened the strap holding her right arm down with quite some difficulty using only her left hand.
''N-no, please...''
Sakura clenched her teeth and struck Tayuya across the face with the prosthetic hook that replaced her right hand. The sharp blow is enough to almost make Tayuya fall off the chair, if she wasn't tied down thar is, and leaves a deep gash on her left cheek.
''Please?!'' Sakura raised the hook at her victim's eye level.
''You didn't seem so polite when you left me a one armed cripple did you? Time to pay the piper, cunt.''
Sakura turns to the table next to her and picks up a cleaver. She holds it up into the light and grins.
''You had to take my good hand...I'm not so good with my left you know, so this is gonna get slow and messy...I'm guessing at least three to four tries to chop your mitt off. Well, enough talk, I owe you a stump.'' Tayuya almost felt nothing when the cleaver fell on her forearm, it was when Sakura dislodged it the next moment and lifted it again that the pain made her scream her lungs out.
''See?! I told you I'm not good with my left! Hahahaha!''


"Hey, mom..."
"What is it, dear?"
"I was having sex with my sis and she asked me to strangle her".
"Did you do so?"
"Of course. I kept pressing her neck until she became all blue and stopped moving".
"Sounds like you've done everything right. What do you want from me then?"
"Well, she looks so nice in death, I'd like to die too. But I couldn't strangle myself with my own hands, they just relax every time I pass out so I can't really die".
"Oh, I see. Come here, dear, I'll help you".
"Thanks, mom! I love you!"


"I like coming here, because this bridge is a popular suicide spot", Flower explained. "Couples jump towards their death hoping to be reborn as twins".
"I wonder if we were one of those couples?" Rin said.
"What I wonder is what lies beyond?" her twin brother Len replied.
"What do you mean?" Rin asked.
"Since we're already twins, what would happen if we kill ourselves again?" Len explained.
"Ah, I see!" Rin understood. "Let's find out!"
Splash! Looking down at the bloody mess that used to be her friends, Flower figured she was going to love coming here even more.


"Hey, Rin", Len said to his twin sister, "I'm going to try committing suicide, wanna join?"
"Don't you see I'm reading a book?" Rin replied. "You start first, I'll join when I finish the chapter".
"Sure", Len said, heading to the bedroom.
Only after Rin had put the book aside she wondered why would Len come up with such a sudden idea. But she figured it was too late to ask now, and so just took a kitchen knife and split her throat.
In the meantime Len has just finished the first level of his newly bought "Committing Suicide" videogame.


"Hey, bro, do you have a present in mind for mom's upcoming birthday?"
"Why, sis, there can't be a present better then snuff, of course! At fourteen we're now big enough to handle living by ourselves".
"Actually, maybe there can be a better present. Think about it: mom has given us our lives and dedicated all of herself to us, her beloved children. So wouldn't she value our lives much more than her own?"
"Wow, great idea, sis! And if we make our deaths impactful enough she might just die of shock, so then that would be a double win!"


Zuttger-Enlauer Private Prison Enterprise

Daily Death Row Log #63

Prisoner #726304-87
Given Name: Alicia Frazetta
Sex: F
Age: 17
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 118lbs
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Sentence: Beheading
Date of Execution: 4/6/34
Time of Execution: 2100hrs
Warden Notes: Convict was quiet and cooperative until time of execution, at which point she began to cry for her mother and father. When restrained into decapitation device, convict began to scream for mercy. Execution was carried out, with no mechanical issues. Prison jumpsuit stripped from convict to be cleaned and reassigned. Convict's corpse to be sent to nearby medical school for autopsy practice.


I watched as the young mother told her kids, still sitting in the car, to behave if they wanted candy, before she walked into the store. Then I approached the passenger side, which was occupied by a seven-year-old girl with short blonde hair.

"How would you like a surprise?" I asked.

The girl looked at me for a second, and said "okay."

"Close your eyes."

She closed her eyes.

I pulled a Glock from my shirt and shot her in the side of the head. I ran, as the screaming of her siblings pierced the mostly-empty parking lot.



Walking through the supermarket, I turn into the candy isle and immediately decide who to start with. An Asian girl, probably twelve-years-old, is browsing chocolate bars with her mother waiting at the shopping cart. She grabs a candy bar and starts walking towards her mother, giving me a full-frontal view of her budding prepubescent breasts poking through the flimsy pink blouse. I pull out a M1911 and fire all seven bullets into the preteen's. Blood sprays everywhere as the girl collapses to the ground, and her mother runs screaming hysterically to her dying body. I stand grinning and reloading my gun.


"Are you ready?" he asks her, cock thrusting deep in her pussy. She nods, excited.

He takes out a scalpel, and makes a vertical cut starting between her breasts all the way to her naval, and another horizontal cut under her breasts.

He reaches his hand into her chest, under her breastbone, reaching further he cups her heart. A sharp, deep gasp causes her lungs to swell around his hand as he rubs her heart with his thumb. He did it, he found yet another erogenous zone on her body!

“Harder!” she begs as he fondles her heart. He squeezes harder and she begs for more. They cum together, his fist closing hard. There are squirting noises from two places, he notes, as a spurt of blood shoots into his face. Crap, now he can’t find anymore erogenous zones on this one.

Couldn't keep it below a hundred words, sorry but I'm sorta new at this.


He’d told her there were upsides to having a small cock, she said she doubted it and he promised to make her see.

Next day she was chained against the wall, her held head in a tight grip with his cockhead pressing against her left eye. He pushed his hard shaft, collapsing her cornea and pushing her pupil into the vitereous. Bursting through her retina his cock continued to fuck its way into her skull.

“A smaller cock can fuck your eye socket without damaging your brain.” He explained as his cum dripped from her brain and out her nose and hollow eye socket.


He waited behind the classroom door, knife in hand. The other students giggled, anticipating the prank. Shortly, the tardy girl walked through the door. “Haha!” he shouted, jumping out and slashing straight down her belly. Tori’s skirt, panties, and intestines fell to the ground as she panicked, deciding between covering her pussy and scooping up her entrails. The class laughed.

“Ms. Tressal, Jacob just slashed me!

The woman sighed, “Both of you, sit down”

“But my belly!”

“You can go to the nurse after class.”

*She’ll regret this when I die at my desk,* Tori thought, grudgingly making her way there while shoving her guts back inside.


“Now, now, don’t worry your pretty little head yet. I’ll be careful with you – you won’t die til I’m done.

The older man cut gingerly down the sobbing redhead from her neck to her cunt, just through the skin. She screamed as he went to work separating her skin from her body – carefully so as not to damage either. Soon he slit her arms and legs as well and went to work on them too. Jenna’s mind was a haze and her voice nonfunctional from screaming when she came to, feeling cold, to see her skin laid out before her.

“So soft and fair! Perfect, isn’t it?”

She couldn’t respond. She just hung her head as he cut her throat.


“Hey, cutie, any plans for tonight?”
“My daughter’s birthday”.
“May I come?”
“Sorry, mister, family only”.
Suddenly her phone signaled a messaged received. She looked at it and her expression changed from curiosity to a bright smile.
“Lucky you”, she declared, showing him the message. “Looks like I’m free for tonight!”
It was a photo of a preteen girl brutally raped and murdered, surrounded by a bunch of other kids.
“Her school friends”, the woman explained. “Seems they’ve thrown their own party for her”.
“What a lovely daughter you have… had. Must have taken after you”.
“Oh, you flatter me!”


“Fire behind my back?” the streamer girl wondered. “Don’t worry, I have wireless connection, so it should hold”.
“Getting hard to see the screen through smoke”, she said between rough coughing. “Hope I don’t screw this mission over”.
“Damn, my PC is getting slow”, she said, nonchalantly shaking off the fire from her hair. “Must be overheating”.
“Ha, I hope they don’t ban me for nudity”, the girl commented on her clothes burning. “Now just one last-ditch effort and the mission’s complete…”
“Oh well”, she sighed as the fire swallowed her body, “it’s just a stupid game anyway”.


Ah, right, now that gurochan's up, I guess I should post these here too.


Kathy gasped in surprise as the knife slid into her preteen pussy, but didn’t let go of the handle. Resolutely the girl pulled it up to her belly button, cutting through her insides in the process.

“Good job,” a man said. “Here’s your reward.”

“Yay!” Kathy exclaimed in delight and savored the candy with a blissful smile.

“Now how about you shove this thick rusty pipe into your ass until it sticks out of your belly? I’ll give you an ice cream then.”

“Sure!” the girl eagerly nodded.

It was surely much more fun than doing domestic chores for sweets.


Children are carefreely running around the playground. Too fast for a sure hit. But here’s a little girl sitting on a bench. She notices a red dot on her book and looks in my direction. I let the laser hit her eye before aiming at her forehead. Noticing me, the girl smiles gently. She puts the book aside and leans back relaxingly. She looks at me with a serene expression I am unable to resist anymore. I pull the trigger and the red dot on her forehead becomes a hole. Other children keep merrily running around. Such a peaceful scene.


“Hey, Sophie, could you please step up for a minor role?”

“But I don’t have any acting skills.”

“A really minor role, zero spoken lines.”

“What do I get to do?”

“Be a princess who gets beheaded in the prologue. The executioner overdid in on the rehearsal which is why we’re looking for a substitute in the first place.”

“Eww… was the dress unseemly stained in blood?”

“The dress is fine, just need a new girl to wear it. Are you in?”

“Why do you even ask? I get to wear a princess dress on a stage! Sure I’m in!”


Well, this one's obviously inspired by one of my own captions, but oh well...

When I got home, I saw my wife being roughly fucked by a stranger.
“Why didn’t you tell me we’re having a guest today?” I asked her. “I’ve only bought food for two people.”
“I couldn’t have known”, my wife explained. “I don’t know this man in the first place. He just came in and asked for a quick fuck.”
“I wouldn’t mind a dinner as well”, the man said. “But don’t worry, a meal for two will suffice, ‘cause I’m going to snuff her anyway”.
“Hope you have fun”, I answered. “And I guess I should get to cooking.”


Elise looked down, on herself, while she slowly turned pale, then translucent. Laying on the trapdoor, she was masturbating furiously, two fingers in her cunny.

Since her childhood she had been fascinated with jellyfish. Smashing them on the water so they splattered had been her first sexual fantasy.
It took her a degree in biology and years of research to make her dream real.

Once her body deformed under its own weight, her assistant pulled the lever.
She came as she fell, ripped through a metal grid as if she was water, then splattered like jelly against the concrete floor.


Hi everyone ;) It's been a while, glad to see gurochan back up :)


My bro and his buddies asked me to come along for their BBQ. I wasn't really into their weird kinks, but I didn't have anything better to do either.
So, one of the girls really begs them to be decapped, but we were outa luck, short straw chose me! I'm not even into snuff!
So I thought screw them, I don't wanna die. I'll go roast alive and kickin'!
Guess what: Turns out I'm actually into this!
Bro just ate all of my juicy roasted pussy. I still felt that! I gotta try my nipples! Whoah! Mhmmmm! Best BBQ ever!


The girls run their factory as a community. Management, cloning vats, production, packaging. Ever since the five originals had the idea.

They keep cloning themselves, then run the different stations, and finally they're their own product. Almost like a hive.

Initially the originals kept managing it and only sold clones of themselves as meat, noone knows exactly when they decided to sell themselves of as meat. The clones all look exactly the same. People only got suspicious when they stopped aging.

But they'll gladly give you the tour. Expect your tour guide to gut and butcher herself. Quite a show!



I love those stories where your characters snuff themselves in unusual ways, blackraven!


Our girls have the best childhood you could imagine. They have all freedoms, and anything they wish we buy them. If they are interested there's plenty of educational activities, but, optional, some prefer just to play.
At age 14 they have their great marriage to the Shah. We prepare them for the ceremony, but its no big deal. There's nothing they could do wrong.
They get this drug so they wont feel any pain, and since he only does virgins, they only spend a single night with him.
Then we plastilize them alive and add them to his immortal collection.


quick followup

This is awesome. I wish I could tell them!
When they replaced my blood with artificial resin, I assumed I'd be dead by the time it reaches my brain. That's what the told me!
I only stopped moving. I can't breathe, my heart doesn't beat. But I can still feel.
I feel them touch me and move me, and clean me. Oh my, I'm cuming. This is so embarrassing, at least they can't tell.
What are they doing now? They are cutting me? No! Hey! I'm not wood!
To save space? I don't want to be in a dark box!


Aoi and Blackraven are doing gods work in this thread, keep it up both of you!


Oh, thanks! Here's one more then.

“Will you date me?” Lily asked her classmate Karl.
“Sorry,” Karl answered, “I’m not interested in living girls.”
“Oh, I see,” Lily nodded understandingly, “so you’re a necrophyle then?”
With a bright smile she took a knife out of her purse and without a hint of hesitation slashed her own throat. For a few moments Lily’s blood was gushing all over Karl as the light was fading in her eyes, and then she collapsed to his feet.
“Erm… I actually meant I’m into anime girls,” Karl muttered. “But with such dedication I guess you deserve me giving you a try.”


"Look, my latest invention." Arny said.

"What does it do?" Petra asked

"Put your hands in it and you see."

"Ooooh, it's a pocket grinder. Hihi, it got my ..."

Sandra only saw Petra's feet disappear.
"Ugh what a mess. Was that Petra?"

"Awesome, right? Wanna try?"

Sandra hesitated. "Promise to grind slowly?"
She took her shoes of.
"This feels weird. Oh Wow, there goes my leg, this feels..."

"Arny! Sandra! Clean that mess and get back to your seats!"

"Yes Misses Stevenson." both answered.

"I'll finnish up grinding me, during class." Sandra promised.

"Grind up Lea first!" said Arny.


There are some pretty awesome drabbles. Thank you!


This new snuff device is THE hype!

Really! Forget dieing, forget decap, hanging, electrocution.
The "eraser" just zaps you out of existence.
As if you had never existed in the first place.

The sell it as "the first snuffer that snuffs both body and soul!"

But the best thing is, it's sometimes reversible!
Randomly, like 20%, people just pop back a while later. Just like that.

It's really a marketing feature, so you can tell all your friends and throw a snuff party.

And then have another go. Look, all I need to do is press this button, and wh...


The recipe

Sally sat on the kitchen counter, naked, veggies and spices all around her. On her legs a large cookbook.

"Through the opening in the belly, remove all remaining organs, then clean the meat thoroughly under the sink. Make sure to remove blood clots and fatty tissues..."

She looked down on herself, then shrugged and grabbed the knife.

Her mom found her in the sink, pale white, hollow and clean, the water still running.

"Silly girl, you don't remove heart and lungs when you cook yourself. They are edible!" she complained, finished the stuffing, and put her daughter in the oven.


Not thought through

"You are undead now!" Andy said proudly

"But I don't feel any differen!" Sis responded.

With a smile he cut her arm off. No blood. She watched her fingers move on her detached hand.

"This is awesome! So you could cut me into tiny bits and I won't die?"


They had a lot of fun. Andy put her through the grinder, then arranged the meat dough into various shapes

She was helpless, all she could do as a meat pile was jiggle.

Finally, he, too, had enough.

"whew.. Really wish there was a way to put you back together."



"Do you still feel this?"

"Ouch! Yes!"

Andy had cut all around his sisters pussy and now slowly pulled her womb out through the resulting hole. Every now and then he poked at her clit, to make sure she still felt it. Slowly but surely she grew annoyed with him.

"How about now?"

"Now what?"

"You didn't feel it? Awesome!"

With a triumphant smile he pulled the womb out all the way, turned it and showed her. "See these two white numbs. Those are nerves, they carry all the sensations."

She wasn't impressed. "Can I have my pussy back please?"


>"Can I have my pussy back, please?"

Heh, that was quite funny


behaving children

Mom was already annoyed. "Stop fighting already! I need to go shopping! We have guests tonight!"

"Sally started it." Freddy complained.

"Not true. He keeps using my dolls for his snuff play."

"This is it! In your rooms! Both of you!"

When mom returned from shopping, she realized she forgot something.

"Sally! Freddy! Kitchen, Now!"

The guests arrived to a pleasant aroma.

Two delicious brown roasts rested above the oven, juices oozing and sizzling.

"This is all your fault!" the boy roast hissed past its apple.

"No! You caughhhhhh..."

Mom sighed, relieved that carving them up finally stopped their fighting.


One day Haruhi was going around in the nude with the Exhibitionism Club, and the next she was all covered in semen coming out of the Bukkake Club. By the following day her body was all red and blue with bloody whip marks and bruises from the BDSM club activities. All the clubs tried to persuade her into joining them of course, but she turned them all down. Her explanation was: "It’s annoying to do the same club activity every day." In the end she eventually got to the Snuff Club and after that no one ever saw her again.


A little girl came into the café, clad in nothing but a white although dirty and torn up plain sleeveless shirt. She was so thin I could count her every bone and so blueishly pale she was almost transparent. She could hardly move her numb bare feet as she approached me, all shivering and mumbling of how cold the weather was. She handed me a crumpled bill, covered in snowflakes that were not melting on her skin.
“Ice-cream please”, she said with a distinct accent.
I gave her what she wanted and the girl went outside to eat it.


D'aw... how sweet. She Finally found her true calling, a club where she'd stay for the rest of her life! :-)


Pointing his gun towards his own head, Shinji prayed there was no afterlife. But not because he was afraid of going to hell for killing so many innocent people. “I don’t just wish to die”, Rei told him, “I wish to have never existed”. So after killing Rei, he spent his life killing erasing every trace of her existence, killing every person who ever knew her, even his own friends, and now finally he has gotten to his own self. So if all that time Rei kept existing in some form of afterlife, that would be really depressing, wouldn’t it?


"I don't know what to do. I'm almost 3 months and it starts to show, and I haven't told my parents or my boyfriend..." she sobs.

I sigh...
"Watch the pendulum. You feel relaxed, calm, certain, determined, but you wont remember my words. When I snap my fingers, you will go home, take a knife, then cut open your belly, below the bellybutton and remove your own womb. You throw it down the toilet and flush, then sew yourself back up..."

Seriously, I'm a hypnotist, not a fucking saint. Why do people keep coming to me with such stupid problems...


"Anal bungee" finally has arrived at the goreolympics. Athlets will insert a hook into their ass, then jump the tower. If they measured right, it will straighten out their intestines until their stomach halts the fall. The goal is to get closest to the spikes without touching them. No points if they rip free or stretch too long and get impaled cause touching the spikes gets you disqualified.

Experienced athletes normally have the advantage of knowing exactly how long their colon will stretch, but world champion Elise ripped during a practice run and needed surgery. Now all is open again!


live from the gurolympics

"And here comes Elise! She's still limping!"
"She's performing last, but has to come within an inch to earn gold!"
"Is she inserting the hook into her pussy?"
"And back out her ass. That will rip out her womb, another pound that's directly suspended from the hook and not straining her colon."
"She'll need the rope extra long then!"
"And here she jumps. Perfect hysterectomy but..."
"Ouch! She ripped her esophagus, that's her stomach and liver dangling there!"
"Only spikes for Elise! Will it be the end of her career?"
"Don't think so, remember she used to do competitive impaling..."


“Hey, Nat! Um… remember last week you game me your baby daughter to play with?”
“Sure, Mike. I was just wondering when you are planning to give her back. I already promised to lend it to Mary next and then almost everyone in the class wants to have their turn. It seems giving birth in elementary school makes me quite popular, huh?”
“So, well… I tried feeding her with my cum and she suffocated”.
“Oh, come on, it took nine months to make her!”
“Don’t be sorry! Use that thick cum of yours to make me a new one!”


"Mike, this is the third time this week. What did you do this time?"
"He just broke the neck of every other student in his class, Principal."
"Mike, is that true?"
"Madam, yes madam. It was a dare madam."
"With whom."
"Alissa madam."
"She was the first he snuffed, principal. By her face expression, she wanted him to."
"I see, Miss Alison. Mike, are you done?"
"No madam, she wanted me to snuff the teacher and you, too."
"Then please..."
"Principal! I... Oh my..." *crick* "Unghhhhh....."
"Mike, when you are done with me, please continue with all the other classes."


Getting sick of being a caged bird, the Princess ran away from the castle. For a few years she aimlessly wandered around the kingdom, enjoying her freedom, but having little experience in life she ended up captured by bandits and sold as a slave. Her owner happened to be quite a cruel man. With every day he raped and tortured harder and harder, reveling in her suffering. To keep her sanity, the Princess had no choice but to learn to distance herself from physical sensations of her body. And she realized this was the true freedom she was looking for.


Pixies are fun. They aren't really dumb, but usually so naive, they are really easy to catch.
More importantly those little flying girls are really susceptible.
Pleasure their naughty bits a bit, and they'll buy into all sorts of shit they'd normally find horrifying.
That little game where you blow them up like a balloon, its so much more fun if they chear you on with "More! More!" until they pop!
Or when you rip two in half and make bets which one can keep flying longer. They really get into it and try so hard to outlast each other.


Based on true events

We drafted them in for the checkup.
About twenty weren't fit enough for working anymore, mostly women. We had them bound. At the end of the day the manager shot them all in the head.
Two of them had had babies. I went to fetch a knife to cut their throats, but when I got back they had already smashed their heads in.
I got to drive the bodies to the dump, using our payloader. Dumped the babies on top of their mothers cadavers.
Turned out one wasn't dead yet, I heard its cries behind me as I drove away.


As a child, the Princess was always fascinated with stories of dragons and dreamed of being eaten by such a creature one day. Unfortunately, as she grew up, the Princess learned that dragons only existed in fairy tales. But she did not despair. Instead she dedicated her life to studying genetic engineering. And after her father, the King, died, on the ceremony that was supposed to be her coronation the Princess has released her creation. She knew the dragon wouldn’t stop after eating just her, but people should be happy to become its meal, shouldn’t they? She knew she was.


The vore event didn't really hold up to the advertisement's promise.
Five couples had signed up to be eaten by the genetically engineered reptile, promising forbidden pleasures as they were devoured together.
But the very first couple, the beast decided to chew into a gory pulp before it gulped.
When it was Allis' and Tom's turn to enter it's maw, the beast had been sedated. It gulped in reflex and they had their hopes high, pushed together tightly as they vanished down it's gullet.
But they found themselves cramped into bile digestive fluids, unable to move and drowning in acids.


Quantum Entanglement Hyper VR: Coming soon, to your VR center!

Modern neural laces can stimulate each individual neuron and theoretically create an ultra-realistic virtual environments.
But by definition, any simulated world has much lower resoltion than reality.
Quantum Entanglement hyper VR is different.
Out of infinite parallel universes, our selective grid finds your chosen reality.
Any reality!
Your neural interface will be quantum entangled directly with the mind of your avatar.
From the safety of your VR seat, you will experience your world. Live, explore, act.
Death will have no power. You can revert. You can repeat. You can change the world. Or yourself.
You can be like a god.


Miri was totally stoned. She had already been stoned when she downed those last number of pills, and hadn't even bothered asking what they were.
When she woke up, she felt dizzy and numb, but also oddly clear. She checked the table, but there were no more pills, just a knife.
Someone had left a message on a note. "I put a surprise pill for you in your belly. Wanna try?"
She didn't consciously notice all those webcams in the room. Instead, she looked down at her belly and knew exactly what to do.
However she never found those pills.



James was so handsome and smooth! Ally never suspected a thing. Then he took her doggy stile.
Moaning, she grasped her chest, felt the throbbing and bulging veins in her belly. He moved her legs for her. Only when she looked down on herself she realized her legs had merged into his.
As she rubbed her throbbing midsection, her arms melted into her torso. She looked skywards and tasted his cum as her moans turned into a gurgle and her face turned all soft and smooth.
"Just give in. Cocks don't need a brain." he convinced her. "Cum for me!"


He opened the action of the double barrel shotgun, and inserted two slug shells. He snapped it shut, and turned to the girl handcuffed to the wall. She was wiry, with tanned skin, and a short boyish haircut. Her perky breasts tented the dirty rag covering her torso. She looked up at him, two bright blue eyes showing defiance. He slowly lowered the barrel, sliding it in between her ample cleavage. He squeezed both triggers, sending the two slugs tearing through her chest, shredding and liquefying her heart and lungs, before blowing a watermelon sized exit wound out her back. She slumped over, blood pouring from every orifice on her face, her eyes glazed over in death.


CTF yet again

They took the serum and went to sleep together.
Day one, they were just joined at the hip.
Day two, she shrunk and slowly lost her legs.
Day three, her her torso became all round and soft and throbbing.
Day four, her face became all smooth and featureless.
Day five, her eyes disappeared, her arms turned soft.
Day six, he helped her stroke herself as her arms disappeared.
Day seven, she couldn't think clearly but couldn't stop cuming.
Day eight, he could relax, she was now limp and calm.
Day nine, he was horny again and asked her sister out.


Nymphs used to be a race of eternal children, all female, spending their lives in songs and laughter. Once some nymphs were playing at a river when another one ran up to them from the village and said the orcs were raiding it. Without even putting their clothes on, everyone rushed back to the village. Houses were on fire and orcs were raping and slaughtering the nymphs left and right. “Yay!” the naked girls yelled in excitement as they joined the fun. Everything was a happy play as far as nymphs were concerned. Maybe that’s why they are now extinct?


Chinese Takeout

His doorbell rang.

When he went to answer it, the courier was nowhere to be found. All that remained was a nondescript cardboard box sitting on his porch. He dragged in it and shut the door.

He opened the box and found a naked Asian girl inside, curled up and shivering. The sight brought a smile to his face.

After he raped her, he strangled her until she pissed herself. Then he tossed her out on the sidewalk for the garbage men in the morning.

He opened up the app and placed another order for Chinese takeout tomorrow.


Taking turns

The chute that led into the furnace was the only way out.
The naked girls were confused at first, until they spotted the axe and the chopping block.
Alice volunteered: "Flames are so hot! I'll chop you all, then go last."
Tina objected: "No way, you don't get to have ALL the fun! We take turns at chopping!"
Sally went first, fingering herself to a frenzy.
Tina brought the axe down through Sally's neck. Sally kept orgasming, so they waited until her eyes stopped moving, then burnt her.
Tina gave the axe to Alice, laid down and exposed her neck.



"That movie was so hot! They cut of that girl's boobs, BBQed them and ate them." Johnny told his girlfriend, while petting her.
Tsvetlina looked down at herself, then at him, biting her lips.
"Do you think they'd be tasty?"
Johnny fidgeted. "I wasn't sure how you'd react if I ask, but I'd love to find out."
She gave him a kiss. "Wait here, I'll prepare everything."
She brought a knife, posed, chest out, then hesitated.
"Say sweety, would you like to do the cutting?"
"I'd love to, honey!"
He took the blade from her, then gently sliced them off.


The Princess was impaled on a huge wooden dick in the center of the main square, her whole weight resting on the dick’s head in her womb. Two executioners took turns torturing her all day round, one armed with a whip, another with a cane, and the crowd kept throwing stones at the Princess. Urine and semen were her only food and drink while also covering her body on top of the wounds. Finally, after a week she spoke: “Alright, untie me, it’s getting boring”. The tired executioners were happy to oblige while wondering what her next whim will be.


You see your little sister kneeling next to an ant hill with a magnifying glass in her hands.
“What do you think you are doing?” you ask her strictly.
“I’m burning the ants!” she answers, not even trying to hide her excitement.
“Because it’s fun, duh!”
Suddenly you notice a big shadow passing you. You trace its origin and find a big round object has just flown by, heading to the city center. A flying saucer. It shoots a beam downwards, setting the city on fire.
“Oh god, why?!”
Though you feel like you might already know the answer.


The Autopsy

Alyssa and Sybil were identical twins.
They found Sybil with a broken neck and called Alyssa to identify her.
She stayed for the autopsy and watched the coroner open up the naked girl, took out all the organs, analyze the brain.
All the while she tried to look stricken and grieving, but she was so horny. She wished it was her laying there.
She wished they were cutting her open and taking all her guts out.
She was so jealous of her dead sister.
She wanted to lay there, motionless, while she was slowly disassembled.
"Do me next... Mr coroner."


Pain Threshold

"You are such a sissy. You cry so easily..."

Sylvia had enough of being made fun of. They were right though, she didn't have a high pain threshold.

Crying in bed, she punched herself, punishing her body for being so weak.
After a while punches didn't make her cry anymore. She started pinching herself.
Once she could endure that she started experienting. Needles? How about cuts?
Saltwater on open wounds? Lemon juice?

Surely with practice she could take anything.

She grew bolder. How would she look "under" her skin?
Tomorrow she'd show them!

"Hey, wanna see me touch my guts?"


Tamara had an amputee fetish. That wasn't a problem in the 23rd century. You could regrow an arm or a leg from a cloning tank. There were "do-it-yourself" kits for that.
At school she would show up completely normal in the morning. But after a few hours she could barely sit still. Once the urge became too great she'd cut small things. A toe, a finger.
Once the other students found out, they started teasing her about it: "Cone on, let us cut you. Only a little bit."
She really shouldn't have given in to that. They made a mess.



Tommy's sister had heart ceisures. A birth defect. So he passed a first aid course and learned how to do CPR.
He really loved doing it. She looked so peaceful, passed out, her heart no longer beating. And then he would bring her back and she loved him for that.
Eventually her condition got better. But he really missed watching her die and then bring her back to live.
"What is it, you do to me while I'm gone?" she asked. He blushed, hands already wrapped around her throat.
She giggled. "I don't mind, bro. Just bring me back afterwards."


In half!

Tom had an argument with Sally.
"Of course getting cut in half in survivable! Saw that youtube video of that Indian woman, she lived!"
Sally shook her head. "That's bullshit! She's literally dies on screen from bloodloss. There's only like 3 recorded survivors who got cut in half, ever. All three were crushed under something heavy to stop the bleeding. Like a train."
Tom was persistent. "Totally unnecessary. I could bind a thread around your abdominal aorta if it makes you feel safer."
Sally looked at the thread. "Are you sure that's... Wait!... I'm not ready!..."
Tom released the guillotine...


So delicious!

Alice and Tina got to know eachother on the canibalism forum.

Actually meeting was a bit awkward: Each asked the other to cook and eat her.
But then they laughed together and shrugged it off.
"Hey, why not. Let's slowly eat each other. Bet you coudn't finish me all at once anyway."

They started slow. Grilled little toe saussage.
They were delicious, but still hungry.

Half a leg from each lasted them for two whole days spent with sex and eating.

After two weeks both only had one arm left.

"Hey, I think its time for a roasted pussy competition."



Miriam wanted to become a coroner. She aced the pathology and chirurgical exams. But she just couldn't remember the stupid paragraphs.
She failed law. Twice. That meant she was expelled.
At the good bye party, she spent half the night drinking with her former co-students, then went to bed and cried.
But she couldn't sleep.
Naked, she stared at herself in her ceiling mirror. Drunk and sleep deprieved she looked like a corpse on the examination table.
She didn't know why she suddenly had a scalpel in her hand.
But she still knew perfectly well what to do with it.


Working in the kitchen

When you're in this business this long, you think you've seen everything.
Most meat girls just bawl and cry. You slaughter them, that's it.
Sometimes you get the weird ones. Slaughtering actually turns them on.
But this one even surprised me. She begged me not to kill her, so she could witness herself getting eaten.
"Girl", I said. "Even if. You'd never survive getting cooked. And it's gonna hurt like hell."
Gutting her, I expected her to change her mind. But no. Not even in the oven.
They served her medium rare. I could swear I still saw her twitch...



Melanie had always dreamed of becoming a mermaid. Her legs would fuse into a fishtail, she could breathe under water, it would be awesome.
A witch promised her: The moment she touched water, her spell would activate.
It was nothing like she imagined. It hurt! Her legs didn't join, they became belly fins. She grew a scaly, cumbersome fish-tail. She lost her voice and couldn't breathe air. And she grew an ugly fish mouth.
Hungry, she tried to catch little fish, but they were all quicker.
After 3 days bigger fish, found her.
The sharks were also quicker.
And hungry!



In 2910, 500 trillion live in a global city, 100 floors deep.
They only abundant resource is people. Carbohydrates, converted into food, fuel, materials, goods.

Sally unplugged VR school. A message commanded her to processing. Scared, she let herself be sucked up by the pneumatic transporter tube.
"please not fuel..." she thought, and was placed along 20 children who failed the same exam.
She watched nanobots convert their body matter into things more useful. A boy moaned as his chest turned into a computer console. Then his head became a screen.

Sallys skin felt rubbery. She turned into a tire.


Sally gasped and moaned, as Tom sliced her. From her pubic bone almost to the ribs, across the navel. She arched and her guts started bulging out.
"Aaah! Do it! Do me!" she moaned, gurgling. Loops of guts popped free as she clenched.

Tom grabbed with both hands and started to empty her, piled her insides into a bowl.

Her legs started kicking and spasming. Her hand was clenched into her own breast as she whimpered in ecstasy.

He ripped out her vitals and her womb. In death she came, hard...

"Cut! Stop! Damnit the lense cap was still on!"



Miriam secretly wanted to be snuffed. I know, since she stopped fighting and
got all pointy and wet. The only sad thing was her face when she realized she'd
die before orgasm. This brief look of disappointment before her eyes crossed...

Luckily I still had the zombie medallion. I took her body home before she got
too stiff and put it on her, while giving her a nice fuck. She now loves that
thing, especially suddenly taking it off. That instantly returns her to being
just a rotting corpse.

Sadly her corpse started smelling. I'll have to burn it soon.


Len woke up first, but didn’t wake Rin this time. Waking his sister by eating her pussy was fun alright, but too usual. Len wanted to be a bit more creative and decided to prepare a literal breakfast in bed instead. Going to the kitchen he felt too lazy to put on an apron and proceeded to cooking right in the nude. Len was cutting a sausage when he noticed the lack of the apron made his unattended morning wood appear right on top of the table’s edge. It looked just like a sausage too. Now that would be creative!


Family Reunification

The screen on the wall showed an empty room, somewhere on the other side of the country. It looked much like this room, with cinderblock walls painted a despairing shade of off-white. Above the screen was a camera, because the other room also had a screen (and camera) mounted on the wall.

From the remote location came the sound of a metal door opening. A dark-skinned young girl, about 9 years old with thick, long, black hair walked in. She looked at her screen and camera. Her face broke into a smile. "Mami!" she cried in recognition.

"Mi nina!" her mother replied. "Como-" she began, then her voice was cut off by a flash and a loud, distorted sound from the other end. Her daughter's face showed confusion, as a small red circle appeared at her hairline. Before the small-caliber bullet hole could even start bleeding, she collapsed to the floor.

The sound of another shot rang out, this time clear and sharp. Now it was the mother's turn to be confused by the tumbling .22 bullet ricocheting inside her skull.

As her body fell to the floor, the officer holstered the weapon, and pushed the button on a lapel-mounted mike. "Case 1138, Ortiz, family reunification complete."




***The condom tf***

Fuck. I'm going to my girlfriend, but can't find them.
"Sis! Sis? You gotta help me. I can't find my condoms."
She's angry of course. "Not my fault you didn't buy new ones." But my puppy eyes win. "OK. I'll help you out. One last time..."
Watching her change is fascinating. She drops all her clothes but her panties blushing. Then she becomes translucent, her legs shrink, and she grows flat inside her panties. her torso flattens. She gets smaller. I catch her as she falls to the ground. Her panties are now a plastic wrapper, she's the condom inside.

In Lydias bedroom, I strip, rip open my sis' package and wrap her over me. Knowing its her is so hot!. I take Lydia her rough, both holes. Almost worried sis might rip, but she holds. I dump the used up condom in the trash, then get clean and cuddle with my girlfriend.
Just my luck. I oversleep and Lydia's already emptied the trash. Eventually I find my sis in the dumpster and bring her home for a shower. After cleaning, I fill her with water and play with her.

Holy fuck, its leaking! What if I got Lydia pregnant?!?


Girl in half

2 am and I'm reviewing CCTV material. Some train platform, Yakuza fight.
The girl is kinda hot, I get a boner as she gets sword-sliced in half at the waist.

They just leave her body there.

I'm about to move on when I see movement. She's alive! I change camera angle.

Holy shit this is hot. She's awake and tries to reach for her legs. So helpless.
No way!
Unreal! Now she's grabbing her tits!
I see her moaning, and her guts spill out as she's arching.

And now she plays with them!

I gotta upload this. This is gold!


The chat room was packed. The most Midnight Blue ever had.

She was well known for her erotic cosplay shows. Not only did she have an amazing body and know how to move it but she also paid great attention to detail in her costumes.

In an attempt to draw even more viewers she let them upload and vote on what her cosplay would be for tonights show...

Her cam cuts on to reveal her bloody limbless corpse dressed as Chun Li
Her head is missing from above the jaw.

Not a single detail from the winning image is missing.


Juvie Death Row

Thomas was only 11 when he shot and killed his abusive father.
The day he turned 13, they placed a noose around his neck.
The female warden fancying herself as a motherly figure, hugged him tightly.
Twelve minutes later, as his last gasp rattled out of his expiring lungs, he still maintained that erection.


Bump to save from faggot spammer


The masked man placed the tip of the knife at the bottom of Ben's ribcage. The 11 year old closed his eyes and sobbed as he felt the knife slowly enter, then slide down. The man sliced open Ben's soft abdomen, letting loops of intestine droop out, blood dripping and steam wafting out of the incision. It was a tough life being a meat boy.


Do your parents also tell you, stomping shrunken girls is cruel?
That's a lie. They actually like it!
Last Monday on the way home, I saw Lucie and Elly from 8th grade, barely 4 inches tall. Lucy never saw me coming, one second she just walks there, then *splat*, she's a red smear on the ground. But Elly watched it all. You'd think she'd run away, right? But no, she asked me to squish her too, but slowly.
I swear, she was like moaning and cumming and all, as I twisted my foot and made her pop like a slug.


Raven picked herself up from the rubble, balanced precariously on unstable footing. Her knees ached, her muscles burned. That last impact from the side nearly killed the teen hero, her head still ringing with double-vision. Raven's hair hung dirty in her eyes.
But those eyes burned with a focused fury.
She stepped forward.
Conviction thundered across the girl's face, her brow drawn down.
Without another word her body collapsed forward, flat onto her face. Consciousness fled her mind in an instant, and the defeated Titan lay prone there, arms at her sides, fingers and thighs twitching aimlessly in the absence of thought.
Her spirit watched herself from outside her body.
How many times had she died?
She looked on to the puddle of drool pooling around her mouth, lips growing cool even as her mouth lay warm and damp. Another puddle formed around her crotch, and even through the astral plane she could smell the sweet pleasure seeping through the damp material of her panties and glistening on her leotard.
Dying was an extreme, but once you experience anything enough it becomes a norm. Dying had its pleasures, once you got used to it.


While its common knowledge many slaughterhouses don't make use of a piece of meat's head, the popular misconception that it's preserved for advertising is fairly widespread. Intake and grading photographs are entirely sufficient to advertise meat sold commercially, and the practice is mostly only found in local butcher shops. Industrial operations often spoil meat's former good looks with bolt guns, and in almost all cases the head is removed and disposed of. Depending on an operation's methods this could be processing with offal, castoff, and low grade meat, to outright disposal with other landfill bound waste like use sanitary garments.


OL Love

The busty secretary didn't even have time to scream before the hitman unloaded his submachine gun on her. The hapless woman jerked and twitched as 30 rounds punched through her ample bosom in a few short seconds. The hitman paused as he reloaded, admiring the way the attractive young woman sagged limply in her chair, her chest soaked in blood.


“How’s Rei?” Shinji asked worriedly.
“She’ll live,” Ritsuko answered, “But won’t wake up for at least a few days.”
“Can’t you wake her up now with some medicine or something?” Shinji wondered.
“I can,” Ritsuko answered. “But that’ll be too much stress on her body. Then she’ll certainly die.”
“But she’ll wake up before dying?”
“Yes, for about a few of minutes.”
“A few minutes is all I need,” Shinji nodded. “I just want to tell her thanks for saving my life.”
“Oh, I’m sure she would love to hear that,” Ritsuko concluded, taking the syringe. “Waking her up now…”


“Slavya, have you been to the lake again?”
“How do you know?”
“There’s eel’s tail hanging from beneath your skirt.”
“Oh, indeed! I didn’t even feel a single eel. Can you help me pull it out please? Ah! It sank its teeth into my cervix. Can you pull harder? Ah, yes, finally you got him out!”
“Only now your cervix is hanging from beneath your skirt.”
“Oh no, what if someone sees me like this? Can you do something about it too?”
“Hide here, I’ll go bring a knife to cut it off.”
“Ah, thank you, Semyon! You’re my savior!”



We can finally publish!

The experiment setup is very simple. An empty room, with a meat grinder integrated in the floor in one corner.

The question was, if someone was locked in that room, would boredom or curiosity eventually surpass the sense of self preservation?

We tested with animals first, but our reviewers objected that monkeys might not have fully understood the function of the device before they stepped in.

Then we tried human subjects, but results were inconclusive. Most starved before trying out the grinder.

The breakthrough came when we put naked Japanese Schoolgirls in groups of three!


Everlasting Summer girls giving birth.
Slavya went to the field to give birth and buried the baby in soil so that it would give birth to a good harvest.
Lena was laying on a bench on her back reading a book when Ulyana jumped right onto her pregnant belly and the baby popped out.
Ulyana herself gave birth while playing soccer, the baby dragging on the ground hanging out of her by the umbilical cord until the game ended.
Alisa’s baby came out when she was playing guitar at a campfire, so she figured it would make a nice snack.


Now, as you can see, my dear student, I had marked the area on the chest that you should start cutting. Yes, Hold the blade just like that. Keep your hand steady...Yes, that's right.

Now, press down. Yes, corpses still bleed, just carefully cut down the middle of the breasts like so, and then we will open her up.

Huh? Yes, I called her a corpse. Yes, I know she's still alive, but we couldn't find a cadaver for you to practice on, so we had to use a real girl. At least this way, you can study the organs while they are fresh.


She looked down into the grinder, her arms trying to cover her naked breasts and front. She shook like a leaf in a wind storm, trying to brace herself.

However, she didn't have time, for she was pushed in. She did a flip forward, and ended up landing feet first. She screamed as her body started to be crushed and cut up, as she slowly sank into the grinder.

Her meat was a lovely shade of pink as she came out as tastey looking sausage.


yay, it's back!


Little Extremist

Riza was only 10 years old when her father chose her to become a martyr for the holy war. She fidgeted as the truck carrying her and two other little martyrs bounced around the poorly maintained streets of the capital. The truck stopped, and Riza hopped off. A checkpoint manned by the foreign devils was only meters away. She steeled herself with a prayer to God and began to run towards the soldiers.

10 soldiers and 23 civilians died from the explosion. They found Riza's head 200 meters away from the blast point. The other two girls were shot and killed before they could detonate their own devices.


The girl gasped as the blade sliced open her soft, tender stomach.
Steam wafted from the gash as the internal organs slopped out, pink, grey, and bloody. The girl coughed up blood, her sky blue eyes wide in shock
Her killer grabbed hold of her glossy straight strawberry blonde hair and yanked it up. He stared the girl in the eyes as she slowly expired. He watched as her eyes finally darkened in death.
He let go of her hair, letting the empty shell fall the floor. He savored the feeling of power, that he always got from these late night excursions.


Gurochan is back, yay!
Here are some 100 word stories I've written while it was down.
For those, who've already read it on reddit, there's one new story in the end.

"Follow another student for a day and do everything they do to learn about their everyday life" was the assignment. Little did Pete know the real point was to see at which point he would chicken out. Christine sucked a stranger's dick and he followed. She got fucked by a dog and he followed. She ate a pile of shit and he still followed. He was the first to go this far. Was he, like, in love with her? Anyway, the only step left was for her to hang to death. Someone else will have to note if he follows.


“Kaito said he was only interested in 2D girls”, Rin was literally crying on Len’s shoulder.
“Then I guess we‘ve just found a use for our road roller,” Len joked, trying to cheer Rin up.
“Ha-ha, true!” it seemed to work better than he expected. “Let’s flatten me then!”
“Too bad it doesn’t work like in cartoons…”
“I know,” Rin giggled, “that only makes it more fun.”
Len knew it would hurt him to watch… to make Rin die such a slow and horrible death. But as long as it made her tears go away and returned her bright smile…

April’s Fool

“I’ve just called our mom and told her we’ve had enough of silly April’s Fool pranks and we’re just gonna kill ourselves,” Len said.
“You can’t joke like that!” Rin was furious. “There is only one way now… it won’t be an inappropriate joke if it isn’t a joke at all.”
Rin took a knife and swiftly slashed Len’s throat.
“Lol, she totally fell for it,” Len thought in his final moments, seeing his sister point the blade at herself.
“Lol, he totally fell for it,” Rin thought, taking the knife away after the triumph in her brother’s eyes faded.


"Len", Rin asked her twin, as he was making some tender brotherly love to her, "I know it's weird, but… could you please strangle me? Just a little bit". "Don't worry", he answered, gently caressing her cheek. "I could strangle you all the way if that's what you wanted". He spoke so softly and comfortingly. He really meant it. One word and he would kill her without hesitation or regret. As long as that's what she wanted, he would be happy to do it. Rin never even thought about it. But now she needed it. This overwhelming love. "Please do…"


“Please, don’t kill me”, she begged as we raped her hard.
“Please, don’t kill me”, she begged as we beat her up.
“Please, don’t kill me”, she begged as we whipped her to blood.
“Please, don’t kill me”, she begged as we put needles under her fingernails.
“Please, don’t kill me”, she begged as we broke all of her limbs.
“Please, don’t kill me”, she begged as we tore her teeth with no painkillers.
“Please, don’t kill me”, she kept and kept begging as we came up with more and more painful torture techniques, “I still want to suffer more…”


A little girl in torn clothes lying in the bushes in an unnatural pose has caught my attention. She was covered in semen and blood from knife stabs on top of bruises and broken bones.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, go along”, she answered irritated.
“What happened?”
“Not your business”.
“You sure you don’t need any help?”
“Yes, I’m absolutely fucking sure I can fucking bleed out on my own!” she yelled. “Fuck off already!”
“Ungrateful brat!” I kicked her face and went away.
At the park’s exit I noticed another man was approaching the girl. So that’s what happened.


Sharing was a natural part of being twins. Common bed, common clothes, common toys. Common parents, common friends, common lovers. And with each other… one wouldn’t ask their twin permission for sex any more then asking their own body permission for masturbation, because the twin’s body was equally theirs. Len didn’t warn Rin before thrusting his dick into her eye. It hurt like hell, but never occurred to her to resist. He came and then they snuggled to each other on the sofa watching anime, as if nothing happened. Because nothing did that wasn’t a natural part of being twins.


"Here, hold this rope in your mouth", Len giggled. "Now if you talk, you drop the blade on your neck. Isn't that funny?" "That's just sil-" Oh. Rin couldn't believe she fell for it. It must be the most silly way to die. But exactly because of this utter silliness, Rin felt she would laugh her lungs out if she could. And that she couldn't made her laugh even more hysterically in her dying mind. Her last hope was that the silliest smile she ever had could properly convey to Len just how amused she was. He deserved that much.


Every year at the graduation ceremony two best students, a boy and a girl, would be taxidermied for the school's Hall of Fame. Rin won, but not Len. It was such an honor, but Rin refused if she didn't get to be together with her twin. Since then Len got a job, while Rin stayed at home with their children. Len did his best every day for Rin's sake and finally after years of hard work could afford a taxidermist to do them both. Maybe they won't get to the Hall of Fame, but Rin deserves at least that much.


"Hey, let's play gladiators!" Len suggested. "Take kitchen knives and fight to the death like in that movie!"
"What if we both kill each other?" Rin wondered. "Do we both win or both lose?"
"I'd say we both win", Len decided.
"Then why fight and risk losing?" Rin concluded. "Let's just kill each other right away".
"Wow, Rin, you're so smart!" Len said with admiration. "It would have never occurred to me".
"You boys just always look for a fight", Rin giggled. "Can't even come up with a game without unnecessary violence. Now let's pierce each other's hearts on three".


“Anna… or are you Belle?” the teacher asked. “Anyway, where’s the other twin?”
“Call me Annabelle,” the girl answered. “We’ve become one”.
“How so?”
“Took turns in Russian roulette until, well, there became just one of us”.
“Oh my god! You killed your sister?”
“No, one of us killed her former self,” she corrected. “I’m telling you I’m now both”.
“That can’t be right. I’ll have to ask your parents”.
“Oh, but they’re happy to see their kids closer than ever. No more fights, less mouths to feed. Although they decided to hide the gun better next time”, Annabelle chuckled.


Belle was in the middle of a massive orgy, when her inner voice suddenly said: “Ah, so that’s where you are!” Wait, didn’t it sound like her twin sister Anna?.. “Couldn’t reach your phone, so I killed myself”. “Oh, I forgot to charge it”, Belle realized, “Anna must’ve been worried”. “Nah, just bored”, the voice replied, “wanted to chat or something, but what I see here is even better”. Belle wondered if she was going crazy. Soon she couldn’t tell which thoughts in her head were Anna’s and which Belle’s. Then there weren’t even two. Hmm… Annabelle doesn’t sound bad.


“So who wants to tell us about the symptoms of a snakebite?” Terada-sensei asked.
Sakura stood up.
“I’m… mean you’d feel dizzy and nauseous… hard to breath… and talk… sle-e-e-epy… and will die in a few hours”.
“Oh, such a detailed answer, almost like talking from experience”, Terada-sensei approved. “You’ve certainly earned an A”.
Sakura fell back to her chair and sighed of relief. Seems sensei didn’t notice she was cheating by having herself bitten beforehand. All that was left was to slowly die in the back of the class and Tomoyo will dispose of the body. An easy A.


“You can’t remember the amusement park”, mom insisted. “You got sick and stayed at home”.
“I remember staying at home.” Anna agreed. “But I remember the Ferris wheel and the cotton candy… maybe another time?”
“There was no other time. And she couldn’t have told you. Your twin sister died falling from a roller-coasted”.
“I never had a twin. But I do remember falling!”
“That’s so surreal… I don’t know if I’m talking to Anna or Belle anymore…”
“What do you mean? Don’t you call me Anna as short for Annabelle? That’s what I remember being called in childhood… right?”


It was always fun to watch a lady "ride the lightening."

Strapped down in a chair, two metal dildos fucking her ass and pussy, with clips on her nipples and clit. Watching the voltage run through her, making her bounce up and down as the metal toys fucked her. they would never do it quickly, always drawing out her death, forcing her to have painful Cummings before they take it out.

Bring popcorn. They do this every weekend, and it takes an hour for a girl to die.


"Harder!" she commanded.

I pushed it deeper.

"Hardeer!!!" she urged.

I had to use my full weight to stick it any further.

She cried, then whimpered, then asked… "harder…."

I took a step back then kicked the pole into her.

"Haaaaaarrghhbl…." she cried, as the thing went out her mouth.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, the girl, completely helpless, impaled on the pole, flaying her arms rocking and trying to grab the metal.

She must have suffocated, cause after one last shudder she was still.

The landlord knocked: "Ah, I almost forgot. We changed the safe word…"


"Harder!" she commanded.

I pushed it deeper.

"Hardeer!!!" she urged.

I had to use my full weight to stick it any further.

She cried, then whimpered, then asked… "harder…."

I took a step back then kicked the pole into her.

"Haaaaaarrghhbl…." she cried, as the thing went out her mouth.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, the girl, completely helpless, impaled on the pole, flaying her arms rocking and trying to grab the metal.

She must have suffocated, cause after one last shudder she was still.

The landlord knocked: "Ah, I almost forgot. We changed the safe word…"


File: 1547401236622.png (9.81 KB, 320x240, test.png)

"Harder!" she commanded.

I pushed it deeper.

"Hardeer!!!" she urged.

I had to use my full weight to stick it any further.

She cried, then whimpered, then asked… "harder…."

I took a step back then kicked the pole into her.

"Haaaaaarrghhbl…." she cried, as the thing went out her mouth.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, the girl, completely helpless, impaled on the pole, flaying her arms rocking and trying to grab the metal.

She must have suffocated, cause after one last shudder she was still.

The landlord knocked: "Ah, I almost forgot. We changed the safe word…"


=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!

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