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I was in the town square when they arrived. They were silent at first, almost ashamed at the situation, but soon more people started to arrive and the noise grew slowly.

A man was pushing a little girl forwards as she cried desperately. She was naked and pretty beat up. There was a trail of blood between her legs and one of her eyes was closed. Her nose was bleeding and it looked crooked. When she stumbled to the ground, the man kicked her in the ribs before lifting her from the ground by her hair.

As she rose, she tried to scream but it was somehow muffled or broken. I guess her jaw was broken.

At 15 years old, her body hadn't had much time to mature, but she was still very pretty. Dark skinned, slim and tall for her age, with long dark hair and green eyes. The girls around here were always gorgeous, a pity that they turned into hags as they grew older…

When they arrived to the center of the square, the man led the girl to a big tree. She was trembling as they stood there while more people arrived every minute. It wasn't long before a wall of people formed around them.

And of course, there was not a single woman in sight, except for the girl.

After a few minutes, the mob parted and three old men walked forward. They stood to one side, looking at the man with solemn faces. The man took one of her arms and raising it into the air, he addressed the people around them.

‘This is my daughter’, he screamed. ‘And she has shamed my family, I will pay that shame back with her life!’

The girl wailed in desperation but the roar of approval from the mob was deafening. A boy that was next to the old men threw two pieces of rope at the girl feet.

Taking the short one, he tied her arms behind her, pulling her elbows together. Her small breast stood proud in front of her as tears ran down her face. From where I was, I could see many bite marks on her breast.

With the other one, he started forming a loop. I smiled in satisfaction as I saw the rope. If you were going to be hung, your best option would be to pray for a thin rope, as it would dig deeply into your neck cutting the blood flow into your brain and giving you a quick and relatively painless death.

A thick rope, like the one he had, wouldn't be able to do that, and instead she would die of suffocation as her throat was slowly crushed by her own weight, a slower and much more painful death...

Unbelievably, she stood still while he worked on the loop, shaking like a leaf in the wind and crying the whole time, but never trying to escape. From the mob someone started laughing, and I saw that she had peed herself. A shiny trail of urine ran down her things, mixing with the blood already there.

Without another word, her father placed the noose around her neck, tightening it. He then threw the rope over a branch and started pulling with all his weight. She rose in the air just a few centimeter, leaving the ground out of her reach.

The expression of shock as the noose close around her neck was probably the highlight of the day.

When her whole weight hung from the rope she opened her mouth, fighting to breath. She kicked her legs around desperately while her face started turning red almost immediately.

Her father tied the rope to a lower branch before walking in front of her. Unable to speak, she pleaded at him with her eyes, but his only answer came as he stap on her face before walking away to stand by the three old men.

Desperate to live, her eyes searched for pity in the mob but she found none. When her eyes found me I could see her surprise. I smiled, remembering as I held her down, my cock inside her ass while she screamed.

I usually prefer darkness for this sort of thing, but that morning I just woke up with a raging boner that just wouldn't go down, so I started walking around town, all 10 blocks of it, in search of something fun.

Lo and behold, as soon as I was about to give up, along came this little cunt walking alone in an alley.

Without wasting time, I walked up to her, and when I was in front of her, I punched her in her face. She fell backwards, unconscious, and I lifted her up over one shoulder.

This used to be a big mining town, but when the mine closed ten years ago only the original inhabitants remained. The result was that more than half of the houses were abandoned.

Without to much effort I picked her up and looked around for an empty house. Once inside, I dropped her into the ground, and closed the door behind me.

Inside the place was empty, but the air was full of dust. Light entered through a crack between the boards over the windows, illuminating the center of the room, but leaving the rest in darkness.

Leaving her on the floor, I searched the house until I found a rickety old chair. Happy with my find, I dragged it to where the girl was lying and sat there waiting.

I could hear her breathing change as she rose from unconsciousness. She started moving slowly, trying to get up, but I could see she was still disoriented. I got up, unbuckling my belt as I walked towards her.

As I got near her, she finally notices me and turned around, looking at me. One of her eyes was starting to swell pretty bad, but her face was still very pretty. I undressed completely, leaving my clothes neatly folded on the chair.

I smiled at her and she just looked at me, still too dazed to realize that she was in deep shit.

Shaking with excitement, I wrapped the end of the belt around my hand, and started swinging it in a big circle.

The sound of the buckle hitting her in the ribs was almost as amazing as her first scream. It was visceral, coming out of her very soul. She instantly curled it into a ball to protect herself, but I kept hitting her in the back, leaving dark bruises on her skin.

After a particularly vicious swing, I dropped to the ground over her, pinning her to the floor.

I grabbed her by her hair, and without warning I slammed her face into the dusty floor. She made a muffled scream as her nose broke against the wooden boards and her body relaxed a bit.

Taking the opportunity, and turned her around until she was laying on the floor. Grabbing her dress, I pulled until it ripped in half. I threw it to the floor while I admired her back. It was covered in dark bruises and some still had the shape of my belt on them.

Using my knees, I spread her legs apart before grabbing her panties and pulling them. They ripped in half, leaving her completely nude.

I pulled her head back by her hair, and stuffed her mouth open with her panties, muffling her screams.

Now came the hard part. In porn you see women getting fucked in the ass all the time, but what they don't tell you is that they had lubed up their assholes before the shoot. Getting into an un lubricated asshole, especially one as tight as this one, is next to impossible.

Having nothing better than my saliva, I spat onto her ass hole. Grabbing my cock, I moved it up and down her ass, coating it in my saliva before pushing myself inside her.

She screamed in agony as I pushed the head of my cock past her sphincter, rupturing it in the process. The panties helped to keep the noise down a bit, since I didn't want someone to show up now, but I could still hear her wailing in agony.

Her body moved forward as she tried to escape from under me but my weight pinned her down to the ground. Her hands dug into the floor, trying to find a place to hold, but the ancient boards had no gaps and she had nothing to grab onto.

I kept pushing myself in, and while her ass was considerably less tight now, it was still bit painful to me.

With a little effort, I managed to bury myself inside her. I stood still for a moment, savoring the warmness of her hole around me while she cried under me.

Then I started moving in and out of her, fucking her dry ass slowly. I savored every moment as her ruined asshole pressed against my dick, giving me the pleasure I so desperately wanted.

Every movement brought more pain into her young body until she was reduced to a babbling mess. She shuddered under me, shaking in pain, and losing strength every second.

Since I was in no rush, I took my time, enjoying the sensations her ass was giving me. Reaching under her, I slid two fingers into her cunt and I was pleased to see that the bitch was wet.

Smiling, I licked my fingers tasting her teenage juicies. I moved faster, searching for my release while still enjoying myself. Slowly, the pressure inside me rose to a terrible point. Once I could hold no more, I let go and my body shook as I came, filling her bowels with my seed.

Spent, I collapsed on top of her body, crushing it against the floor. I could hear her ragged breathing under me, but she was too weak to escape.

After a few minutes I got up, pulling my cock from her ass. From above I could see her gaping asshole, destroyed and bleeding slowly. A pink trail of blood and cum slid down her tights while I looked at the mess that was my cock.

Angry, I grabbed her by her hair once again, lifting her by her hair. I wanted her to clean me with her mouth, but she was completely unconscious again so I simply used her hair as a rag, cleaning the blood, cum and shit from my cock.

Once I was satisfied, I sat down again and waited for the cunt to wake up again.

Like the first time, she started moving around slowly, curling herself into a ball as the pain woke up with her.

As she turned, I caught a peek at her small breasts. They were still untouched by me, and I couldn't let that happen. I walked up to her, lowering my body on all fours over her.

I turned her until she was facing up, but she didn't seem to have much fighting spirit anymore. With one hand I took the panties out of her mouth, throwing them to the side, and then I started trailing my fingers over her face, going down towards her breasts.

When I reached them I started playing with her niples, twisting them softly until they stood up. Then I sucked on them, slowly at first until I got bored. With out leaving her breast, I placed a hand on her neck, pinning her to the ground before I bit hard on her tit.

She creamed again, trying to escape from me. I bit a little harder, feeling in my mouth the coppery taste of her blood.

Her hands tried to push my head away, but I was stronger than her.

By that time, I was dying to take a leak, so I stood up and simply release myself on her face. The bitch just stood there as my piss drenched her completely. The first stream hit her in the mouth, filling it until she started counting. I move my piss around her face, from her mouth to her open eyes, then to her nose and finally to her hair.

After shaking the last drops of my cock I dressed again while she sobbed slowly on the floor, unable to move from the pain her asshole caused her.

Using my cellphone, I took a few pictures before leaving her like that and heading to the town square. I was pretty sure it wasn't the last time I would see her today.

From somewhere in the mob, a rock flew, hitting her on her hip. A small cut appeared, but now more rocks started flying and soon they were hitting her in her chest, her face, her breast. Bruises appeared all over her body as she tried to turn herself around, but with nothing to grab, she only managed to swing in place.

As minutes raced by, her face started to get a bit purple and then blue. Her eyes started to bulge and her movements started to slow down.

I wondered what was she thinking as she died surrounded by people she knew. Neighbors, uncles, cousins, her father... all the people she trusted, now cheering as her life slowly ended.

By that time my cock was raging hard again, but I was pretty sure I wasn't the only one that felt that way.

Finally, after 5 minutes of agony, her eyes closed. Her body hung loosely from the rope as she swung from side to side. A gurgle escaped from her, and her body spasmed once, before finally staying still. The mob quieted as everybody looked at the old men.

A few minutes ago, the square was filled with screams and cheers, a deafening mixture of sound that must have been heard by everyone in town, but now not a single sound was heard except by the rope swingin in the wind.

They looked at each other before looking at her father. The oldest noded once, and without another word they left the square.

A few men congratulated the father, claping him in the back as if he had won something. So, someone raped your daughter… you go and kill the bastard? No, obviously you have kill your daughter! The audacity of the bitch! At least the girls were fun to rape.

Slowly, everybody started to disperse. A few small children walked forward to touch the corpse, turning it around to look at her destroyed asshole, maybe slapping her ass cheeks and laughing at the poor thing.

Luckily for me, it wasn't long before everyone had gone home. The afternoon heat was unbearable and it was time for the town to take a nap.

Once I was alone, I walked around her admiring her nude body. Bruised, cut and broken, it was still a beautiful thing. Her asshole was still open and a mixture of blood and dried cum stained her tights. I took several pictures of her with my cellphone as a memento, before caressing her face one last time.

What was her name? I never asked, and it was kind of late for that now. Then I remembered that she was only meat. Smiling, I trailed my hand down her face until I arrived between her legs.

I slipped two fingers inside her cunt before licking them. She was still wet, who would have thought!

For a moment, I thought of taking the body home for a second round, but then I realized that she must have sisters. Families here tended to be pretty large, right?

As I headed into the only bar in town, I wondered how long it would take me to find out where she used to live...


Nicely told. Thanks for posting it.


Justice been done!


As it should be.

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