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Susan: a Girl Apart

written by Mephistopheles and JestInPieces


In 2013, an author by the name of Mephistopheles wrote a story on the literature section of gurochan entitled ‘Susan’, containing the first two chapters of this story. I really enjoyed the concept, so while we were waiting for the third chapter I decided to write a short chapter about the morning after.

When it became clear that Mephistopheles was not going to continue the story, I took over writing the story with his permission, since I did not want to let such a good premise go to waste. Now that the story has been completed, I figured I’d edit in into a book so I could apply some proper formatting (the layout options of gurochan are rather limited) and fix some of the mistakes and inconsistencies. Specifically, some times and dates have been fixed, the first two chapters have been edited to consistently be in the past tense, some stylistic differences between the two authors have been reconciled and the protagonists’ ages have been increased by three years. They’re still too young for my taste, but this was about the maximum I could get away with and still have the story make sense (inasmuch as a story about two girls taking each other apart can make sense).

I hope you enjoy reading, and if this story inspires you to write your own tale of consensual vivisection, please do. There’s far too little of that kind of material out there. If you want, you can even use Susan and Cassie as the protagonists. I’m done writing for them, so why not let another writer take them for a spin? I’m sure there’s more stuff these two could get up to.


Susan was fifteen when she discovered she could take herself apart.

Everything started on a Monday. The last class of the day was biology, and today the teacher had brought out several anatomical dolls, which she distributed around the classroom to let the children learn on their own. One of them went to Susan and her best friend, Cassie, and they spent the class disassembling and reassembling it according to their teacher’s instructions – or occasionally not according to her instructions. Cassie thought it was hilarious to swap its feet around, which annoyed Susan a little; she wanted to try making it stand, and the feet wouldn’t fit properly that way. Being fair to Cassie, nothing really fit in any orientation; if it wasn’t lying on its back, it’d easily fall apart. Retrospectively, later events happened as they did mostly because of that doll, but she didn’t realize that for over a year.

After class, Susan and Cassie left school together, as always. They lived next to each other, so the only times when they wouldn’t walk home together was if Cassie had to go to her parents – they were both veterinarians, and would occasionally ask her to meet them at work if they were going to be particularly late that day. Susan’s own parents were practically never home before midnight, but Susan had grown used to that and was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Even so, Susan would often stay with Cassie until late in the evening. Today they both had an unusual amount of homework, though, so they went straight to their respective homes to work on it.

In all honesty Susan would have liked to be working on it with Cassie, but because they were on different study tracks their homework was usually very different. No helping it, really. Biology was one of the few classes they did share, which is probably why they spent a lot of their walk home talking about that class. What did they say, you ask? Well, it’s not important right now, but it does mean Susan was still thinking about it – in particular, she was thinking about the way the doll’s feet come loose – as she entered her house. That will become important shortly. Susan’s bedroom was on the second floor, and every time she got home she’d start by going there to change out of her uniform. Of course she’d close the door first, even if she was the only one in the house. So she skipped up the stairs, across the upper floor and into her room, then slammed the door before jumping on her king-sized bed…

That’s how it would usually go. Susan was a somewhat messy child, and had left some LEGO on the floor, so the moment she entered the room – holding on to the door – she stepped on the LEGO piece with her bare foot. As anyone would agree, that is one of the most painful experiences you can go through, and Susan certainly wouldn’t claim otherwise. So as her mouth opened in a silent scream, she fell over on the spot, pulling the door with her until it slammed shut with a curious pinching sensation. Susan didn’t notice, though. She was preoccupied with the pain from her right foot, the one that had stepped on the LEGO piece. The LEGO was practically embedded in her sole, its bottom side with its almost-sharp vertical walls having lain upwards, and for quite a few seconds she was in too much pain to think about anything but how to stop it. If she’d had a giant pair of scissors at hand, she might even have claimed she’d consider cutting off her foot – but of course that would be impossible, right?

The pain was sharp at first, then settled into a dull ache, and the LEGO piece was still stuck in her foot. Susan’s mother had warned something like this might happen if she didn’t start cleaning her room, but she hadn’t really believed her, or perhaps she thought if she waited long enough her mother would clean it for her. Too late now. The poor girl poked gingerly at the LEGO piece, which vindictively sent a sharp pulse of pain through her foot. Then, thinking she might otherwise lose her nerve, she grabbed the LEGO piece and pulled, sharply, quickly extracting it before there was any time for the nerve signal to reach her brain. Then she curled up around her foot for a bit again, because that hadn’t felt very good at all. Examining the damage afterwards, she found that it had actually broken her skin, if barely – there was a thin line of red in the shape of a rectangle, with tiny droplets of blood at irregular intervals. Susan was at this point close to tears; if anyone else had been at home, she would definitely have been crying, but she knew well enough that she was the only one there and that she would have to help herself.

Using her bed to pull herself upright, she gingerly put weight on the foot, then winced – quite painful, so she immediately sat down on the bed. You’re supposed to wash and bandage wounds, though, so after a moment to gather her courage… well, no. She remained on the bed for several minutes as the aching of her foot slowly receded, until her image of the pain she’d be in for fell beneath her pre-existing level of courage.

The house had two bathrooms, either of which might have done for bandaging her foot, but of course she decided to go for the one on the second floor. It might be a little smaller, but it was still a full-size bathroom with a tub and shower, even if the shower was part of the tub. So when she hopped off the bed, leading with her left (unmolested) foot in order to minimize the pain, and simultaneously reaching for the door handle – well, she quite reasonably expected to be there in only a few steps, keeping her weight off her right foot and on her left. When she stepped in a hole just off her bed, dropping at least six inches extra and falling forwards, she could just as reasonably feel terribly surprised.

Down she went, Susan, for the second time today. Since she’d already grabbed the door handle, she managed to avoid pancaking into the door, but only because the door swung open and she swung with it– hanging on for dear life – until it opened too far, and her hand was wrenched loose. Susan dropped, hit the floor relatively softly, and rolled on to her back as the door slammed into the wall. “Ouch,” she said, more from surprise than pain. Then, because that wording didn’t seem quite adequate: “The hell?” There couldn’t be an actual hole in her bedroom floor, could there? She sat up to find out what she had stepped in, seeing nothing at first glance, but then, finally, the anomalous sensations from her left leg drew her attention.

You see, she had drawn her knees up to form a triangle between her legs and her hips, but her left knee was significantly lower than her right. Since her left leg wasn’t stretched out further than her right, this was enough for her to realize that something was… well, really strange. She grabbed her leg, pulled it back, examined it for a few seconds and then screamed, as loud as she could, and if the house hadn’t been practically soundproof things might have gone very different. Fortunately, the neighbors didn’t hear a thing.

Imagine the scene through Susan’s eyes. She would normally be barefoot at home – or, well, whenever she could get away with it – so when she first saw her leg, the lack of a visible sock didn’t concern her, but she nevertheless spent a few seconds staring at it in incomprehension, following the curves in a vain attempt to make some sense of what she was seeing. Upper leg – it was summer, and her knee-shorts had ridden up a bit in the fall – knee, lower leg, and then… nothing. Her leg just ended, in a stump, so she spent the time searching for a foot that just… wasn’t there.

Disbelievingly, Susan ran her hand across her leg. She could feel the touch on her leg, until… whimpering, she ran a finger around the end of it, and touched the end of her stump. It felt like she was tickling the inside of her foot; somewhat like one of those itches you occasionally get, that seem to be inside your skin and therefore unscratchable. Still in shock, she pulled at the leg so she could see the end of her stump.

She saw raw flesh the color of an uncooked steak, layers of skin – cut rather haphazardly, looking torn – and muscles, somehow stuck in place instead of sliding back and forth. There was no blood, allowing her to see the inside of her leg in its full glory. All in all, it looked rather like the anatomical model they had studied earlier that day. There was even a small, pale bone sticking out slightly on the left side.

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod,” she hyperventilated. “My foot! What… where…?” While she may have been a little unhinged at this point, Susan remembered that she walked upstairs, and so her foot should certainly be close by. She spun around crazily, trying to avoid putting weight on either leg while looking for it. Naturally, she overbalanced and fell onto her back, her feet – or rather, her legs – in the air. Instead of hitting the hard floor, her head hit something warm and slightly yielding. Twisting around – still trying to keep her legs off the floor – she found that she had planted her head right on top of her detached foot, which of course looked like an exact twin to the slightly ragged end of her leg. This side had no visible bones, though there was a kind of socket where the bone sticking out of her leg might fit. The foot was still warm, but even while holding it with both hands she could feel nothing from it. Susan felt a sense of disbelief at the whole situation. She squeezed her eyes shut for several seconds, took a deep breath, then passed her right hand through where her mind said her foot had to be. Nothing.

She dug her nails into the foot she was holding. It reacted normally, as far as she could tell, but it was like touching someone else’s foot. There was no sensation. She quickly stopped, afraid of hurting herself, momentarily oblivious to the fact that it was her detached foot she was hurting. “Okay,” she said to herself. “Okay, that’s… well, this is odd.” If there hadn’t been such a strong sense of unreality hanging over the scene, she might well have started crying, or started screaming and never stopped. But there was no pain, no blood, and most of all this could not possibly have happened. As such, it had to be some kind of dream, which meant… right, nothing to worry about. Just had to put it back on.

So she took the foot, lined it up with her stump, and pulled hard. There was an audible ‘pop’, as the leg bone entered the hollow in her foot, and then she could suddenly feel it again. She winced; those fingernail marks kind of hurt. Susan wiggled her toes, then ran her hands over the joint in her ankle. There was no indication the foot was ever anywhere but right here, and honestly she might prefer to pretend it wasn’t, but she wasn’t brought up to deny reality. Even in dreams. “Well,” she thought. “At least I can go to the bathroom and bandage my foot now, right?” I’m pretty sure she still meant her right foot, though I wouldn’t blame her if she was referring to both. At any rate, she subsequently rose to her feet, seeming uncertain which leg to put her weight on, and, compromising by leaning against the wall, then walked slowly to the bathroom.

Half an hour later she was sitting mostly submerged in the bath. It was more than a little too short for her, so her legs – the right leg sporting a fairly excessive bandage around her foot – were dangling over the edge, while her torso was entirely submerged, only her nose sticking out of the water. Susan’s right foot was still feeling uncomfortable, however, so she occasionally reached up to rub it. Minutes passed, she’d predictably shift position every half-minute or so, and every so often she’d reach up. The bandage was getting quite soaked. Finally Susan sat up slightly in the water, before reaching out to pull her right foot towards her – pulling it back at almost a hundred and fifty degree angle. No doubt more than you can manage, but not too hard for a teen who takes flexibility seriously. Susan said, almost whispering, “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” Keeping firm hold of her the leg with her left hand, she put her right hand on the foot itself. Then she squeezed her eyes shut, and…

She twisted her foot anticlockwise, using a great deal of force. There was a look of pain on her face at first – or at least anticipated pain – but then there was a ‘crack’ sound from the foot and her face smoothed out. Her foot was now twisted at a ninety degree angle, looking like it was broken. She reached up again, now grabbing it with both hands, and twisted it back and forth – looking for all the world like she was trying to pull out a particularly difficult wine cork. Perhaps that wasn’t not too far from the truth. There was a ‘pop’ and the skin around her ankle stretched as the foot itself jumped a quarter of an inch upwards. She stopped pulling for a second, and her eyes opened slightly, but she firmly closed them again the moment she saw her foot – hanging off to the side, only connected to her leg by a hollow flap of skin. “Um. Umm. Well, it doesn’t hurt anymore…”

And so she reached up one last time, grabbed her foot thoroughly with both hands, and put her weight against it. She pulled, as hard as she could, and eventually the skin broke and her foot went flying off to the other end of the bathroom. There was a clatter, as it landed right in the middle of the make-up gear. “…That’ll do,” she muttered. The bizarre task completed, she laid back down in the bath, this time without a painful foot disturbing her rest. If her parents had come home right at that moment they would have found a very disturbing scene indeed, should they have entered the bathroom, but fortunately Susan knew they wouldn’t be back that night at all.

She got out of the tub ten minutes later. That left her with somewhat of a dilemma, though. She had already discovered, if accidentally, that there was no particular problem walking on the stumps – well, not a problem for the stumps, which seemed to rejoin by magic no matter what. The problem was: should she put her right foot back on – and deal with the pain – or leave it off, and deal with having one leg shorter than the other? Or should she take a third solution?

“I guess it’s safe to break off the other one too, right? I mean, it was fine earlier.” It seemed Susan had started talking to herself, trying to convince herself this was normal and okay. She sat down on the floor, reached for her left foot, and twisted it off in roughly the same manner as the right. Then she stood back up – holding on to the table at first, her balance wavering a little as she tried to quickly learn how to walk on stumps instead of feet, but doing a good job overall. Then she walked – carefully, holding on to anything handy – back to her room, leaving her feet behind on the bathroom counter. It should be noted that Susan was not the kind of girl who’d normally walk bare-assed through the house, but these were hardly normal conditions. Perhaps she forgot, or maybe she didn’t feel up to the maneuverings required to get to the clothing she discarded earlier. Either way, she was alone in the house, and would be until the next evening.

After getting to her room, she scanned the floor carefully for further LEGO pieces, then finally and with an expression of sheer joy jumped on top of the bed. She stayed there for a moment, spread-eagled on her back, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that her hand stole down between her legs, but then she shook her head and sat back up. Susan subsequently tottered around the room for a few minutes, gradually gaining confidence with walking like this and collecting homework materials at her desk. Then she sat down, giggling as her shortened legs failed to reach the floor, and spent the next three hours doing homework in what I’m told is an unusually concentrated fashion for a fourteen year old girl.

By the time she finished, yawning, it was already nine o’ clock. Still an hour before she needed to go to sleep, Susan thought, but too late to go visit Cassie. She had occasionally inspected her stumps, and now found the whole thing extremely cool, like some kind of superpower. A very handy superpower, if it let her escape pain like that. Susan really wanted to tell Cassie, but she was realistic enough to realize that Cassie would almost certainly not believe her unless she could see for herself, which wouldn’t be an option until tomorrow evening. Assuming, of course, that they didn’t get such a giant pile of homework again.

There weren’t any TV shows she had any particular desire to see, and she figured if anything interesting had happened with any of their idols Cassie would tell her tomorrow anyway. So that left… experimentation. Well, that and making sure her feet still worked. Susan guiltily realized she had left them off for three full hours, and while that probably didn’t matter – she had realized it wasn’t a dream, but still figured there was no particular danger given the lack of pain – she probably ought to check.

Before going back to the bathroom, though, she walked downstairs just to look around. She was still nude – the forbidden condition adding a certain extra oomph to the general weirdness of the situation, and making her tingle pleasantly – and that, plus being a few inches shorter, made her home look and feel very different from what it usually was. Idly, she considered that the way walking felt right now might be pretty similar to what it’d be like to have hooves. Then she went back into the bathroom, and turned on the water for another bath. She had a wicked, wonderful idea. While the tub was filling up, she grabbed her feet. They still worked just fine, and rejoined without a twinge of pain or even the slightest seam. Whatever was going on, it didn’t follow any of the usual rules of biology. The LEGO mark on her right foot had, in fact, completely healed while it had been sitting here.

Shortly thereafter, she was sitting in the bath, pulling her left leg towards her. This time she kept her eyes open, wanting to see exactly what happened. Susan’s normal maximum flexibility is about a hundred and fifty degrees, which is enough to put her leg above her head, but this time she didn’t stop there. She pulled harder, forcing the leg towards her chest; it pulled heavily on the skin between her leg and buttocks, and she winced as her butt was slightly deformed by the tension, but the real pain was reserved for the muscles attaching the leg to her hip. She gulped; if she was wrong about this, she was in for some real pain tomorrow, not to mention a scolding from her instructor.

But Susan has already determined to do this, and she was not going to stop halfway. So she kept pulling, but she wasn’t strong enough to force her leg any further. Annoyed, she shifted around, sitting upright in the tub and leaning her leg against the wall; her right leg was folded under her, as she really didn’t want to try two at once. This way she could put her full weight in it, and even use her right leg to push against the bathtub. She leaned against her leg, testing its ability to support her weight, and finally – slowly, hoping to stop before she did real damage if this didn’t work – she pushed her body towards it. 160 degrees. A dull ache was spreading in her nether parts, emanating from her hips. 165 degrees. She reached out and tickled her knee with her tongue, confirming that she still had full feeling in the leg. 170 degrees. Her muscles were screaming, and it felt like she might break in half. Then, suddenly, there was a sound like cloth tearing, and the leg jerked several degrees back, actually hitting her in the nose. At the same time the pain in her bottom went away; her leg now felt completely, blessedly numb.

She carefully felt around with a hand, and finds what she halfway expected: There was a gap in the flesh of her leg, just where it joined her buttocks, where the skin and muscles apparently gave way. She could feel bone through the gap, making her slightly queasy, but she was expecting something like that. The leg was still mostly attached, though. “Ugh… what a pain. Now what do I do?” Susan tried to stand up in the tub, which she found to be more than a little bit harder with that kind of dead weight joined to her hips. Eventually she compromised, using her hands to haul herself up halfway and her right leg to push herself the rest of the way.

If you looked at her, you’d immediately be able to tell that there was something very wrong with her leg – it was twisted maybe twenty degrees, the kneecap in no way pointing forwards anymore. That gave her an idea, so she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and started using her own lower leg as a lever to twist the leg around. Things worked out reasonably well, but twisting like that meant a lot of extra skin gets pulled into the join. Susan felt no noticeable pain as her buttocks distort slightly, and if she had a mirror she might even have appreciated that her stomach was being flattened, but she definitely noticed when her pussy was forced open as her left labia was dragged out of position!

She immediately stopped, blinking, and felt around for what was happening. She left it like that for a minute – her breathing quickened, and the feeling-around quickly became a form of masturbation, as her left hand reached up to cup her breasts. She pushed a finger into her distorted, very open vagina, pushing it back and forth a few times before seeming to realize something. Biting her lip, eyes half-closed, Susan returned her attention to her leg, and resumed twisting it around – this time clearly intending something more than just detaching it. She rubbed her labia as it was pulled further and further away from its partner, gasping as it was pulled far enough to permanently hold her vagina open, but didn’t stop twisting. A few twists later the skin of her leg – the muscles, bones and tendons having long since given up the ghost – started tearing, starting at the lower-left edge of the first tear, where it was attached to her buttocks. Susan paid careful attention, guiding the tear with her fingers to produce a relatively even edge, albeit one that was very high up.

She probably didn’t realize, but it was going through skin that used to be at the upper edge of her hips, and after going around the circumference of her left hip she found it was going to pass straight through the center of her vagina, separating the labia from the rest of her body. Susan stopped, then shrugged, and let it. She figured she could get along with just her vagina for today, and she would be more careful next time. She fingered it one last time as she finished the tear, deciding there was definitely a sexy tinge to the feelings when they abruptly cut off while she was desperately rubbing it.

After the leg was fully separated the skin snapped back, revealing white bone as most of her left hip bone was exposed to air, the muscles attaching to it having joined her leg in exile. That was definitely not part of the plan, but she was too worked up to care. She tapped it, discovering that bones have no nerves when it didn’t feel like anything in particular, then gave her now halved pussy some more attention. The sensations were utterly alien, and she got close to orgasm in just a few seconds before forcing herself to stop. Then she eyed her right leg. Susan wasted no time this time, putting the leg on top of the bathtub before deliberately falling forwards into a position that would, if things had been normal, have ensured a nasty muscle tear if not an outright break.

As it happened, that’s roughly what happened: when she fell forward there was a loud ‘crack’, and while Susan’s torso proceeded into the water, her leg stayed behind at an impossible two hundred thirty-degree angle. She pulled herself out of the water, laughing, then grabbed her remaining leg and started spiritedly twisting it around, pulling out muscles and parts of her pussy in much the same way as the other one. Now that she was paying attention to that, there was… well, not pain, but the occasional purely mechanical ‘snap’ kind of feel as some part of her detached from her hip bones.

While she was doing this, she was rubbing her remaining labia frantically – after all, in another minute she wouldn’t have it anymore, so she had better get some use from it now. Without its partner keeping it roughly in place, her vulva distorted dramatically, not just the labia but also her clitoris and the opening to her vagina being dragged away from their normal position, stretched beyond any reasonable bounds. The skin was as tight as a drum, but it didn’t hurt, so the bizarre condition just made her even more worked up. Then it happened: her skin started tearing, right in the middle of her clitoral glans.

She came explosively, her hands convulsively gripping whatever they were touching and pulling with full force. Her leg, torn away, went flying towards the wall. It took most of her pussy with it, leaving only the actual vagina itself and part of her clitoris. Her other hand pulled on her vagina and, the vaginal muscles already damaged, it gave way – only a little bit, but there’s a sickening loosening sensation in her stomach, and her vagina popped out half an inch or so. The remaining skin snapped back, as it did for her other leg. Susan convulsed, her whole body shaking, and fell into the water – her hip bones making loud bangs as they collided with the metal bathtub walls. If I was in the room, which of course I wasn’t, I would have giggled with glee – she was handling my gift exactly as I’d hoped she would, maybe even a little faster.

Five minutes later, Susan was floating peacefully on top of the water, taking advantage of her shortened stature to use the bathtub in a way she hadn’t been able to for several years. “Wow. That was… that was something.” It appeared she had made her peace with the situation. “I’ve got to try that again.” Well, something like peace.

She stayed there for another half-hour, eyes closed, sleeping the sleep of the… carnally satisfied. Imagine the scene, if you will: From the hips up this was a normal fourteen-year-old, but her lower stomach – except for a tiny strip reaching down in the middle – was bereft of skin, white bone showing as the entirety of her hip bones was exposed, and most of her vulva torn away. Anyone would have thought it was a scene from a horror movie, or perhaps a war documentary. The soft smile on her face, however, along with the lack of blood, might suggest to someone particularly inquisitive that something truly abnormal was occurring.

She eventually woke up, of course, in this case when her unbalanced weight caused her to tip over to float face-down. Spluttering, it took her a full five seconds of trying to put her legs under her before she recalled the situation, and instead reached up with her arms. Getting out of the bathtub was a little harder than usual, but not too hard; without legs, pulling herself out with her arms was a lot easier than expected. She landed hard, on her hips, and a pulse of… something… jolted through her. “Um…” Feeling around with her hands, she finally noticed the prolapsed state of her vagina. Under normal circumstances this would have alarmed her, but after everything she had gone through there just wasn’t much room for alarm left – she was sure she could fit it back in place.

A mirror would be ideal for this operation, but the closest mirror was on top of the bench. In her current condition she was only two and half feet tall, putting it well out of reach unless she wanted to go climbing. So she pushed at it, the lack of any real pleasure not coming as much of a surprise to her after she had ripped off most of the pleasurable parts, though she certainly felt when she pushed her finger inside to feel around. Her vagina refused to slot back in place, though, and she started feeling a little anxious before recalling what she’d done with her feet. That is, it probably wouldn’t work unless she completely detached it first. “…Oh, geez. Do I really have to do this?” Susan made a face, but decided that she really didn’t have a choice. She needed to get herself back in order for school, at least – putting her legs back might not fix this, and someone would certainly notice in gymnastics glass. Not here, though. Her bedroom had a mirrored ceiling, a feature her parents were apologetic about, but which she had repeatedly taken advantage of. So she hand-walked back to her room, wishing she’d left the doors open when she had to balance on one hand to get them open, and climbed into bed. This was the point at which, if their school had taught female anatomy a little earlier, Susan could have saved herself a lot of trouble. She felt around and inside her vagina for a bit, quickly coming to the conclusion that it was basically a kind of fleshy tube. She tried pushing it back in again, but with no more luck than before – it stayed in while she relaxed, but if she squeezed her muscles even slightly it popped right back out. “No choice, then. It’s already sticking out a little, so…”

Susan ran her hands across her hip bones, reminding herself that if sanity ever applied to any of this, it had long since lost its claim on reality. Then she stuck the index finger of her left hand into her vagina as far as it would go, making a kind of hook, and pulled – hard. It popped out an inch. Dramatic, in any normal situation, but not nearly enough for what she had in mind. She tried gripping and pulling, but it was too slick. “Oh, geez.”

There was a hairbrush on the bedside table, the kind with extendable bristles, and she decided to try something she’d considered previously, but never had the nerve to actually do. She took the hairbrush, made sure the bristles were as far in as they would go, and carefully positioned it in front of the ruined flesh between her legs. Then she pushed, carefully at first, but with increasing force as it became clear that there was no pain here either. The hairbrush got stuck only a quarter of an inch in, though; she couldn’t muster sufficient force to push it further, and her vagina already felt completely full – too full; it was almost painfully tight, though of course there was still no pain – but she was pretty sure that wasn’t enough.

“Oh, geez.” Susan was by this point pretty worked up again, from a potent mixture of fear and arousal. Missing most of her sex, there was no way to get properly aroused, but with the situation as it was there was certainly no way she could stay completely calm. Perhaps that’s why she did what she did – she lifted herself up, carefully aimed the handle of the brush towards the wooden edge of her bed, and then let herself fall on it with full force.

There was a crack and a tearing feel, as it was forced past the entrance to her vagina. Then she felt a powerful pressure in her stomach, something inside her gave way, and she fell the rest of the way – the handle of the hairbrush lying flush on the wood, pushed all the way inside her hipbones. Splut. She peed uncontrollably, but fortunately she’d gone to the toilet earlier and only a few drops escaped. There was a visible bulge in her stomach.

It took her a minute to collect herself, but she eventually decided that this wasn’t very different from the plan. Okay, so it was a little further in than intended – she fingered it, and found it pretty much jammed in position – but she could fix that. At least, since she pressed it – and the button on its handle – pretty hard against the bed frame, the bristles seemed to have deployed, so if she could pull it out it ought to take her vagina with it.

That same vagina was kind of… a little bit… she felt around, and although it had been pushed well inside her and didn’t seem to be going anywhere right now, the outer part of it had been unable to handle the full width of the hairbrush and had pretty much torn in half. She gulped, but figured that would fix itself too. The brush clearly wasn’t going to move just by pulling with her hands, though, and she felt utterly bloated – she wanted it out of there, soon! It took a bit of thought, but eventually she settled for threading a piece of string through the handle of the brush and tying the other end around the door handle, keeping it short enough that if it didn’t pull the brush out she would just end up dangling upside-down over the floor. The next step took a bit of courage, but of course she pushed herself over the edge of her bed, falling in an arc towards the door.

She hit the door with a bang, giving her vagina a strong jolt upwards, and it popped back out a few inches. Her ruined vaginal muscles instinctively attempted to tighten, giving her a jolt of pleasure, though they failed to actually do very much. The weight of her body was now entirely supported by the hairbrush embedded in her abdomen, pulling the relevant organs upwards to rest against her hip bones and putting extra weight on her intestines. She’d have a hard time explaining the sensation, but if asked, she might describe it as feeling like she needed to take the biggest dump of her life, while her vagina was itching under the assault, strained to the breaking point.

She hung there for a few seconds, panting, and alternately relaxing and squeezing her vaginal muscles. The massive intruder didn’t yield, making her feel more and more turned on, and once again reducing her inhibitions. Her fingers moved wildly across her sex, but there was nothing there to touch – only the tattered ends of her vagina, which wouldn’t give her any pleasure from mere stroking even if it was in working condition. Every squeeze of her muscles strengthened the maddening itch, but it was inside her; access was blocked by the hair brush. So she dug her fingers in between the vagina and her hip bones, trying to go around by squeezing her fingers inside. It was a tight fit – too tight to get anywhere, but she persevered.

Simultaneously, she pulled one of her breasts down to her mouth with one hand, then started sucking on it. They were pretty small, and normally she wouldn’t have a prayer of being able to do this, but in this situation… the skin on her rib cage had loosened slightly; it was no longer attached all the way to her hips in any case, and the lack of pain was making her use far more force than she’d ever have normally used. Her breasts weren’t threatening to tear loose, but with enough force the skin partially detached from the underlying muscles, shifting downwards on her upside-down form like a slightly loose sweater. Susan didn’t notice this, and might not have cared if she did; she was just happy to be successfully sucking her own tit.

Merely sucking her own breasts was not quite satisfying, and the central point – the maddening itch in her vagina – only got worse, approaching orgasm without ever quite getting there. Her fingers weren’t doing anything for her, as she failed to get far enough inside to make a difference; even dropping one to tweak her left breast while she was sucking on the right failed to be enough, even though she started using her teeth to tweak the nipple on her right breast as well.

A few minutes of this would be too much for any young lady. Eventually she gave up, deciding to go continue with her first plan and hoping that would help. So she deliberately squeezed, as if she was trying to take a dump. Then again, harder, using all her abdominal muscles – not just the vaginal ones. She was still idly chewing on her right breast, but used her hands to reach behind her, and momentarily pulled on the bed as hard as she could. Something shifted.

She dropped a quarter of an inch, then stopped, accompanied by a burst of… something, from her vagina. Pleasure, certainly, but also momentary relief from the pressure, a sort of sliding sensation, and a rapid succession of weird-feeling internal tugs in almost random spots. From this angle she couldn’t see what was going on, but it seemed to be working, so she pulled again, squeezed her hardest, relaxed, then did it all over again. Something was definitely happening – it felt damned weird, but with every cycle she dropped another fraction of an inch, and there was a loosening sensation inside her that was deeply welcome after having felt the pressure of that hair brush for just a few minutes. It also felt really good, the hairbrush alternately tugging at her vagina, tearing it a little looser, then relaxing. She used her right hand to feel herself out, then went back to trying to get it inside, alternative pulling and pushing at her right hipbone in hopes of loosening it a little.

She kept at this for several minutes. The sensations drove her wild, making her use more and more force, until eventually – while she was tugging her hipbone sharply outwards – it shifted half an inch, opening her up widely. She felt the skin between her vagina and asshole pull alarmingly tight, then something gave, and she heard a slurping sound from what she can only assume was her vagina pulling entirely out of her body as she fell to the floor, still upside down. As it was pulled out at an angle, it rubbed between her hip bones and the brush, and she gave a little scream from the pleasurable sensations. She reached up blindly, with both hands, and felt for the embedded brush. There it was. The feel… well, ‘fleshy tube’ seemed about right. So she grabbed it and started pulling, an action that sent her over the edge and into her second orgasm of the day, turning a careful pull into the strongest one she could currently manage.

There was a massive slurping noise and tugging feel as it came away in her hands, and she fell to the floor, exhausted and feeling literally empty, slowly falling onto her side, the sensations having suddenly cut off. After the last few minutes, that emptiness and silence was a deeply welcome sensation. It took her a few minutes to recover, and she couldn’t see what had happened to her lower parts from this angle, but that… that felt like a lot more weight than she was expecting. Susan shifted around, angling to get a look at what was hanging from the door, then involuntarily yelped.

There was more than just the tube-like thing she expected; a lot more. It was there, looking a little tattered, but it opened up to a kind of bubble at the lower end – which was stretched out a little, the hairbrush having pushed all the way through it and denting the far end – and it actually branched, two smaller tentacle-ish things going off to the side. If that was all there was, though, she might still not have minded too much. It wasn’t. The very top of her vagina – the entrance – was still attached to some scraps of skin, including what looked like both her peehole and her asshole. There were two more, somewhat smaller, balloons attached to her peehole via a single larger one – part of her, analyzing everything, realized that was probably where the pee was stored – but there was also…

She forced herself to look at it. There was a thick string attached to her asshole, leading – of course – back to her body, and disappearing in between her hip bones. She pulled on it with a shaking hand – it was slippery and slightly slimy, but she could grasp it, and the tug made more come out of her body. Susan made a face. Not what she expected, not at all. She considered just stuffing it back in, but she was pretty sure the exact location mattered, and right now she couldn’t even see what she was doing. Never mind that she was not really sure what the correct location would be, she couldn’t get the… bits… there if she did. Susan looked down at herself, considering, and tugged slightly at her right hipbone; it was loose, like a loose tooth. “Ha…” she weakly laughed. “Well, at least my stomach is flat now? Hollow, even.” She rubbed her stomach lightly, in circles, feeling the insides shift. It was flat, true, but as her skin barely covered the top of her hips it was hard to claim she has a delicious flat stomach.

“…I can’t call Cassie for help. How could I possibly explain this? I’ll just need to deal with it myself. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing an anatomy book downstairs somewhere…” She hand-walked to the door, trailing half a meter of intestine, and pulled her lower parts down. Her vagina was… she winced; the bristles on her hair brush had penetrated entirely in some places, tearing long rifts in the skin. The lower, bubble-like thing felt odd, not much like skin at all, but she figured that was because it was from further inside her body. The two protrusions coming out of either side felt different to the bubble, though no less strange.

“Well, at any rate…” Susan manipulated the brush, twisting it around, and eventually managed to press the button to retract the bristles before pulling it out. It looked downright nasty, covered in goo and shreds of flesh, but she was not in the mood to care about that right now. She considered how to get downstairs. She’d really prefer not having to carry this around – she didn’t have any legs, obviously, which meant having to carry it would slow her down dramatically. Not to mention, it might get caught in the stairs, or getting up would be hard, or… no. Stuffing it back in first was… no. She’d just need to do it all over again later. So she left the bits on the floor, and hiked herself back up on the bed. Then she started jogging her right hipbone back and forth, using both hands, treating it like a particularly recalcitrant loose tooth. It was already mostly detached, and only stood up to that treatment for about half a minute before coming loose entirely.

This was something new. Susan examined the gleaming white bone up close, paying careful attention to the orientation it had before she pulled it out. It was an interesting shape – the upper part looked like some kind of cup, while the lower had an obvious socket for her leg. A leg that she now recalled, shrugging, was still lying around in the bathroom somewhere. She discarded it on top of the bed, then felt around in the hollow it left behind. The skin of her torso looks like some kind of skirt, now, having collapsed slightly around the opening. It was still held open by the other hip bone, though. So she started jogging that… and it didn’t move, feeling much better attached than the other one. She persisted, though, eventually resorting to using the bed frame for leverage and leaning against it.

After a few minutes it came loose all at once, with a ‘snap’ sound. She put it next to the other one. This left her abdominal cavity completely open, letting her start the next stage of her plan. She experimentally lifted herself off the bed, arching her back to keep anything from falling out; with her reduced weight, it was getting pretty easy to lift herself up with her arms. Then she lifted herself to the edge of the bed and angled her torso over the edge. Intestines start spilling out, coiling on the floor beneath her. Her intestines were longer than she’d ever imagined, but that didn’t reflect badly on Susan’s attention in class; up until a few minutes ago, she didn’t realize they existed at all.

At one point it stopped, prompting her to reach in and tug with one hand; a new kind of lighter-colored, thinner intestine proceeded to decorate the top of the now fairly large heap. Then it stopped entirely, and tugging lightly didn’t restart it. Susan laid back on her bed, grabbed the ‘skirt’ that used to be the skin and muscles of her lower torso with both hands, and pulled up until its upper edge was even with her ribs. The lower edge refused to move, but she could feel that that was because it was still attached to her spine and what remained of her butt, so she didn’t force it. The tube of her upper intestine appeared to be attached to several ‘bubbles’ – organs, she supposed – and she’d really prefer not to make things harder for herself yet again. Ideally she’d like to rip it out just below the lowest organ, but she’d be lucky not to rip anything else out…

Instead, she took the hobby scissors from her table, and started cutting. It took a few minutes – the thing was awfully strong, and hard to keep a grip on – but eventually she succeeded, leaving just four inches of intestine inside herself. She stuck a hand into the opening, to feel around; it didn’t really feel like anything, but the inside was slimy, so she quickly stopped. Then she let herself off the bed, feeling rather lightweight.

I’ll spare you her adventures in going downstairs. Suffice to say that her quest succeeded, and she returned victoriously with an anatomy textbook in one hand – having found that she had little trouble dragging herself along with one arm, like this – and a sharp-looking knife in her mouth, the kind you might use to gut fish. Yes, she got that for the reason you’re imagining. After pulling all her assorted components onto the bed, she started by slotting her hip bones into place, then used the knife to slice herself open – giving herself full access to her abdomen despite the bones nominally being in the way. Consulting the textbook, she proceeded to replace the puzzle pieces one by one, starting with the vaginal section – when she slotted the orifices in place with the full expectation that they’d stay there, they miraculously regrew their attachments and did just that.

She then pushed her vagina and womb in place, the damage healing as her fingers passed over it. Her bladder and kidneys – not that she had any idea what they were – were next, and finally she carefully coiled her intestines back in. They’d occasionally jump as she decided they should be in place, but that effect – which might otherwise have told her something important – was small enough at any given time that she never really noticed it was happening. The loose end connected easily to the bit she’d left dangling, and then it was all back in place. She fingered her vagina carefully – having absolutely no desire to masturbate again, but wanting to make sure everything was in order – then sealed her abdomen back up, rubbing out the cut lines as if she was rubbing out a misplaced line on a drawing. This still left her without legs, but at this point she was far too tired to think about it. As a matter of fact she just turned around, hit the light switch, dug into her bedding and went to sleep straight away.

The next morning showed a scene of controlled panic after she tried to roll out of bed onto her feet, but all told it only added an extra minute or so to her morning routine to put everything back in position, and then she was too busy preparing for school to think very much about it – her homework was still all over the table.



“You’ll never believe what I can do!”

Cassie and Susan’s school road is not, strictly speaking, a road. Or paved. Or, indeed, passable to anyone above the age of fifteen: Their homes are only separated from their school by about three hundred meters, as the crow flies, but the crow would in this case have to fly over a practically impassable forest. The crow would be fine with this, and in fact there are no less than nine crow nests in that single slice of ancient wood.

As far as any adults are concerned, the forest is quite impassable. This belief suits Cassie and Susan well: They long since discovered that there are winding, always-changing but always-there paths through the undergrowth. Half-walking, half-crawling through the forest is never quick, but as the official road to school is nearly three miles, the shortcut is always worth it, and so they have become expert woodsmen over the last few years. After a few bad experiences with rain, they always left in time to walk around if they had to, so the forest served mostly as a place to chat and play before school. Conveniently for this purpose, the forest also has several small clearings that only they know about.

As Susan had just entered one of those clearings before turning around to tell Cassie this, she was backlit by a single shaft of sunlight. Her voice startled a single crow, who took to the air with a complaining ‘caw’ to punctuate her statement.

Cassie paused, a long-suffering expression on her face. The leafy tunnel she’s walking through was too low for her to stand up, and Susan was blocking her desired exit. With the tired voice of someone who dislikes mornings, she asks her, “And what… can you do?”

“Hehe…” Susan laughed, twirling around with her hands extended, moving enough to let Cassie out of the tunnel. “I’m not telling! I’ll show you after school, instead!” Cassie grinned, then pounced in mid-twirl, and for a few seconds they were a confused jumble of tumbling bodies. When it all settled down Cassie was on top, holding Susan to the ground spread-eagled, one limb per limb. “Spill,” she commanded imperiously. “Or I’ll have your nose.” Susan shook her head, grinning. Of course Cassie couldn’t go back to her word, so she slowly lowered her face towards Susan’s, mouth twitching into a grin of her own and a light blush covering her cheeks.

“I will, you know. Tell, or you’ll be short one nose.” Susan seemed to find this even more amusing than usual, but finally deigned to stop shaking her head and respond. “I can’t, you wouldn’t believe me! I’ll have to show you! After school!” Then, impishly, she bent upwards and kissed Cassie right on the mouth. Of course Cassie immediately released her hands and sat up, wiping her mouth and blushing fiercely. Susan took advantage of this phenomenon to twist out of her grasp, then pounced on Cassie, deciding the best defense was a good offense.

Shortly afterwards they were laying side by side, hands clasped and looking up at the azure sky. Cassie would occasionally point upwards at some particularly interesting cloud formation; Susan, who was shading her eyes with her free hand, would name it. “Tiger… Elephant… Heffalump…” Cassie groaned, and turned her head to look at Susan before asking, “And what, pray tell, is a heffalump?”

“Half-man, half-elephant, a mysterious beast made by a mad scientist!” Susan snickered. Wouldn’t that naturally be mostly elephant? Cassie turned back and closed her eyes. “Sounds fun,” she said dreamily. “Then I could trample the school… we’d have lots of days off…” About fifteen minutes passed like this, the conversation gradually slowing down as the two got sleepier. I can’t blame them; it was a wonderful day, and Susan in particular had had a late night. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. At 8:20 AM exactly, Cassie’s watch started beeping, startling them awake. Susan groaned and tried to go back to sleep, to no avail; Cassie got in on it, shaking Susan until she had no choice but to get up. Then they ran off to school, completing a fairly typical morning.

Six hours later, their last class of the day – the only one they shared, save homeroom – was once again biology. Today their homework burden was light, none of which needed to be returned tomorrow, much to everyone’s relief; this was the establishment’s last chance, and for Cassie and Susan it wouldn’t matter either way. They could spend the evening together, which was all they wanted. The bell rang, interrupting the teacher in the middle of a sentence.

“Er, right. Then, for tomorrow’s lesson: Finish reading chapter three, and write at least one paragraph about each of the organs described. Only those, mind. You don’t need to read ahead. And that’s a paragraph of at least fifteen words!” she said, raising her voice at the end when half the class started getting up from their desks without being told. Cassie and Susan were among the first to leave, though Cassie at least took the time to write down her homework assignment before Susan practically dragged her out of the classroom. While many of the other pupils were lining up for one school bus or another, those two were out of school and in the middle of their forest in five minutes flat.

With Susan pulling her along at high speed, Cassie took more than a few bristles to the face. Finally she’d had enough, and pulled her hand away. “Slow down!” Susan turned around, grinning, then scratched the back of her neck sheepishly when she saw Cassie’s state. “Sorry, sorry,” she apologized. “I got over-excited. Forgive me?” Cassie pouted, but agreed. “Forgiven. What’s so exciting anyway?” she asked, hoping Susan might finally fess up.

“Nuh-uh, still not telling. Oh, look, we’re at the edge already!” Indeed they were, having made the trip in near record time. “Bring your homework and come over, I’ll show you at home.” Cassie good-naturedly grumbled, but did as asked.

Fifteen minutes later, Susan answered the door for Cassie, who was laden with a backpack full of notebooks, textbooks and quite a few snacks. She kicked off her shoes, dropped her backpack to the floor, then raised one eyebrow at Susan. “Well? Are you ready to tell me yet?” Susan just turned around, walked a few steps towards the stairs, then twisted around to look back at Cassie – and stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry. “Not yet!” Cassie chased her upstairs, laughing. Susan threw herself on the head of her bed then, with Cassie in midair and aiming for a grapple, rapidly twisted around, moving down the bed so Cassie got nothing but a mouthful of pillow for her trouble. “Blurgle,” Cassie commented intelligently. “Oh, fine. Now?”

“Now,” Susan agreed, sitting up. Then, sounding a little worried: “Cassie, you’re not going to hate me if I do something weird, are you?” Cassie, who had turned around to lie on her stomach, her head resting on her hands, gave Susan a look. “Hate you? You can’t be serious; you know I’d never hate you. We’ve been best friends forever, and we’ll stay best friends forever. What brought this on? Besides,” she snickered, “if I was going to hate you for being weird, we’d already be arch-enemies.”

Susan smiled tremulously. “I’ll hold you to that, you know. All right, pay careful attention…” Susan held her left hand in front of Cassie, horizontally, and deliberately took hold of her left ring finger with her right hand. Then she started bending it backwards, stopping at a ninety degree angle. “Um, Susan…? What are you…?”

“Told you it was weird, right? It won’t hurt… look closely.” So Susan gave the finger a jerk, almost breaking it off in a single move. The skin, muscles and tendons tore, and the bone pulled out of its socket with a quiet ‘pop’; the digit was now only hanging on by the few bits of skin connecting it to the top of her hand.

Opting not to continue the movement and possibly tear a strip off herself, she instead reversed the movement, separating it entirely from her hand with the second jerk. Cassie gave a wordless cry, looking at the proceedings with horror in her eyes. Susan immediately tried to recover the situation: “No, look, it’s fine! There’s no blood, right? And it doesn’t hurt, and I can put the finger back on anytime I want.”

“You… can?” Susan nodded. “Right! See for yourself.” She twisted her hand ninety degrees, letting Cassie see properly, then put the finger back on. It rejoined smoothly – as if it had never been separated. Cassie took hold of Susan’s hand and started poking the spot curiously, turning it every which way for a better look. “Your finger is back on… but you tore it off, right?” Susan nodded again. “Uh-huh. Doesn’t hurt or anything. Cool, isn’t it?” Cassie still looked a little green. She was thinking about how much that would hurt if she did it. If it didn’t, though… she smiled, weakly. “You’re right, Susan. That is weird.” Well, that could go either way. Susan decided to ask for some clarification. “…but cool?”

“Maybe a bit… no, wait!” She grinned. “It’s only cool if you tell me the full story. Just what happened yesterday? Oh, and…” she poked Susan’s hand. “Can you do it again? There’s no point in just examining your normal hand, I’d like to see what it looks like detached.” Susan smiled, relieved. “Sure! Which finger do you want?”

“…which finger? Er… you pick, they’re your fingers!” Susan nodded, then grinned deviously. “Then turn around for a minute, will you?” Cassie looked curious, but did as she was asked. Susan went to work, breaking off fingers… little finger, ring finger and thumb, leaving just two on her hand. Then she reached over for the fish knife – which was still lying on her table from last night – and started sawing at the hand joint itself, quickly cutting her wrist and separating the hand entirely from her arm. She curled the remaining two fingers around the detached digits, hid her arm behind her back, and hid the detached hand under the edge of her pillow.

“Okay, I’m ready now,” she chirped. Cassie turned back. “So, do I get to see it?” She leaned a bit to the side, trying to see around Susan’s back. “Yup!” Susan agreed, and pushed the detached hand almost in Cassie’s face. Cassie yelped, and fell over backwards. “…Very funny. Did you break off your entire hand?” Susan nodded. “Yep! Well, actually I cut off my hand, but same thing, right?” When she noticed the little twinkle in Cassie’s eye she knew she had her hooked. “…you definitely have to tell me the full story now.”

Ten minutes later, Susan had gone over the highlights – suitably edited, as she didn’t want Cassie to know she actually got off on tearing herself apart. That did leave a somewhat inconsistent tale, but Cassie didn’t seem to notice. Cassie was still looking at Susan’s hand, turning it every which way, holding the internal edges up to her eyes and generally studying it closely. Susan had taken to gesticulating while narrating, and the somewhat messy-looking stub of her left arm repeatedly caught Cassie’s attention. “And you really just… go back to normal? Like, no matter how much your limbs are torn up?”

“Yep…” Cassie looked a little overwhelmed, just now. I wonder how she’d have taken it in Susan’s place? Finally, she shook her head and handed the hand back to Susan. “You should put this back on, though.” Susan did so, looking a little quizzical. “Sure, but why? I told you, it doesn’t matter how long I’m disassembled.” Cassie didn’t answer immediately, leaning forward to examine the process first. Then she said: “That might be true, though it’s a little weird if you’re fine with missing a hand, but… Susan, did you forget we need to do our homework?”

“…Maybe? I can do most of that tomorrow, though. Oh, right! Biology!” She smiled sheepishly. “Er, what was our biology homework?” Cassie had turned around, and was fingering the big book of anatomy Susan brought up yesterday. She answered distractedly: “Finish reading chapter three, write one paragraph about each of the organs described therein, no lawyering options… this book looks like it’ll help. Hm, human anatomy. Now, just hold on a minute…” Susan started shaking her head frantically. “Oh, no. I can see what you’re up to, and you will not get to dissect me for a better grade!”

“But Susaaaan!” Cassie wheedled. “Think about it, we’d get the best grades in class! Nobody else can do this!” Susan was having none of it. “Nope, nope, nope! Putting myself back together was hard enough yesterday, I’m not letting you try, you don’t even know what you’re doing!” She was still shaking her head, then suddenly stopped and narrowed her eyes. “If you want a better grade so much, why don’t I dissect you?” Now, this was hardly what Cassie had expected to hear. A flat ‘no’, sure, but not that option. I wasn’t expecting it myself, either… I thought to myself, surely she won’t accept?

Cassie looked rather taken aback, to be sure. She responded by trying to think of reasons why it was impossible. “Me? But I’m better in school.” Susan narrowed her eyes. “Not in biology, and even if you were, that’s not a good reason. We’ll have to write separately anyway.” Cassie thought of another reason. “But I don’t have the power, it wouldn’t work!”

“How do you know? I didn’t know I did until yesterday, we don’t know it’s just me. Maybe it’s the house?” I wince. Good guess, if not quite true. “We should check, at least,” Susan finishes. “All you have to do is slice off a tiny piece of skin. If you do have the power, it’ll rejoin itself; if you don’t, you’ll just lose a little blood.”

“Yeah… I guess…” Cassie didn’t look happy, but she’d talked herself into a corner. She also wasn’t entirely unwilling; it was a neat power, she thought. So Cassie scooted over to sit next to Susan. Then, remembering that Susan was the one who’d do the actual dissection, she took Susan’s hand in her own, asking her to do the trick. Susan lifted Cassie’s hand in front of her eyes, holding it steady, and Cassie looked away and closed her eyes – she didn’t want to see the blood if this didn’t work. Then Susan took her knife, and – carefully – cut a tiny flap of skin off the end of Cassie’s right little finger. Cassie winced as a droplet of blood started gathering in the cut.

Now, this left me in a pickle. Cassie was not part of the contract, and I had no obligations to her. On the other hand, I had been trapped in this house for close to a century now, and Susan was the first really good entertainment I’d had since my first contractor got herself killed by the police. I’m really not supposed to give out freebies, but after this much time, can you blame me? If anyone asks, I’ll claim the droplet constituted blood sacrifice.

So the droplet evaporated into nothingness, gone before Susan really noticed it was there. Cassie noticed a sting, but one that quickly went away. And when Susan stuck the bit of skin back on, it rejoined just like she was hoping it would. “Well,” Susan said. “I’d say this is sufficient proof, wouldn’t you?” Cassie had reopened her eyes for the last part, and had seen Susan put the skin back. She nodded, looking resigned. “Let’s just build up, okay? Try cutting off the entire finger before we do anything more.” Susan was agreeable. Cassie didn’t look away this time, and a minute later she was holding her own detached little finger. “Freaky…”

“Do you want me to put it back on?” Susan asked. “Don’t know why I’d bother… no, wait, let me try.” Cassie looked at it a moment longer, pensively, then put the finger back on her hand while she was looking closely at it. Of course they rejoined normally. She put on a woebegone expression. “So… I guess you’ll be dissecting me, then. Poor Cassie, torn apart by a mad doctor in the prime of her life…”

“Hey, it was your idea. Look, if you don’t want to, that’s okay, we can just copy the books.” Susan said, not feeling entirely certain if she really wanted to go through with this either way. “No, that’s…” Cassie took a deep breath. “Let’s do this. But if we’re going to do this, let’s do it properly, okay?” Susan raised an eyebrow. “…properly?”

Two minutes later Cassie was lying spread-eagled on the bed, head on the pillow. The blanket was missing; Susan had put it in a closet, but I was too busy to notice which one. Cassie was as naked as the day she was born, and sporting a full-body blush. There were a variety of tools set on the table next to her. The original knife was there, but so was a razor blade Susan dug up somewhere, as well as several pliers of increasing size, a pair of garden shears, a metal saw and some cutlery – forks, spoons, etc. On the floor, there were two empty plastic boxes.

Just then, Susan came into the room carrying a bucket. Cassie squeaked, and tried to cover herself – but was thwarted by an element I hadn’t yet mentioned: her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts with ropes. Susan put down the bucket. “You know, if you don’t want me to do this, you just have to say so. I’m not going to force you. Want me to untie you?”

“No, no…” Cassie gasped. “I told you, a proper mad doctor has to tie up her victims, and I’m not going to chicken out. Just get started, we don’t have forever.”

“We might as well.” Susan sighed. “My parents won’t be home until noon tomorrow, and if I remember what you said at school, yours won’t be back until after midnight. Do you actually just want me to hurry up?”

“Just get started, the anticipation is driving me crazy,” Cassie responded. She certainly looked it, for Susan shot right back: “Just what kind of stories have you been reading anyhow? But sure, I think I’ve got everything now. Everything, and then some.”

Cassie tested the ropes again, trying (and failing) to get free. That was probably just her idea of how a proper prisoner should react, as Susan picked up the scalpel and brought it to her shoulders. “Now, hold still…”

Susan held Cassie’s left arm down with her own, then started cutting into the muscles holding it to her shoulders. It was tough going, and she had to pry manually as well, but eventually she had gotten it most of the way off. Cassie was still clenching and unclenching her hand at this point, finding it curious that she still could. Then Susan jabbed just the right place, cutting the nerves, and the arm went numb.

“Ooh… that feels weird; it feels like my arm is just lying there. I can still see you poking around –” Cassie had turned her head, and was looking right at it “– But I can’t feel you touching my arm at all.” There were still some points of attachment left, some of them quite hard to reach. Giving up on the scalpel for this, Susan defaulted to the old standby and started wrenching the arm off with brute force, soliciting a yelp from Cassie; it only lasted a few seconds after that.

“Oh… my arm…” Cassie watched, pensively, as Susan gently leaned the arm against the wall. Then she closed her eyes and leaned back. A minute and a half later saw Cassie entirely bereft of arms. This also left her with only two ropes holding her down, a state of affairs she immediately took advantage of by sitting up to watch Susan starting to work on her legs. Susan seemed to have decided she needed larger tools for this, and had picked out a heavy, saw-toothed knife.

Cassie’s eyes grow increasingly large as Susan placed the knife against her inner thigh, and she squeaked when the cold metal touched right next to her labia. “Susan, that’s too high up! And too close to… you know!” Susan paused in her measurement to reply. “No, it really isn’t. Remember what I told you earlier? This is the lowest I can cut; it’d be easier to cut through it.”

Then she drew the knife up, biting through the skin and provoking a frantic “Eep!” from Cassie as the saw teeth made her pussy vibrate. Susan paid it no heed, continuing to work as if she was cutting a lump of meat. The thighbone was thick, and Susan was soon rotating her knife around it, cutting it off rather gradually.

Cassie had gone as red as a lobster. She was trying her best to stay quiet, but she couldn’t stop the occasional yelp from escaping, and despite her best efforts she was getting a little moist. The ropes prevented her from rubbing her thighs together, otherwise she was sure she would… well, no, her left leg wasn’t working anymore, she’d need to use her right only. Cassie was becoming a very frustrated young lady.

Susan wasn’t unaffected either. She was still sawing away, but there was a heavy blush on her cheeks. Shortly afterwards it the leg came off as Susan cut the last few muscle fibers. Cassie wobbled on the spot, off balance and threatening to fall over. Susan had noticed the fibers were under tension; she immediately grabbed Cassie by the shoulders, steadying her, but Cassie hardly seemed to notice. Her eyes were half-closed, and she was breathing shallowly. Her skin seemed to have permanently taken on the color of a tomato.

Susan bit her lip, lightly, and leaned down towards Cassie. Then she seemed to think better of it; she rapidly pulled back, but started lowering Cassie down to lie on her back. Cassie, still out of it, didn’t say a thing. “Cassie…?” Cassie mumbled something indecipherable. Susan pouted, shrugged, and started lining her knife up for the next cut; Cassie’s breathing sped up a little, and her whole torso shuddered when she felt the metal next to her labia.

“No…” she mumbled. “Susan, wait. Do it higher.” There was a curious hitch in her voice. “Higher?” Susan was incredulous, though not as much as she might be. She was also a little turned on, so she didn’t protest as much as she might have. “Any higher, and I’ll be cutting through your pussy.”

“Don’t care… you said it would be easier, right?” Cassie replied dreamily. She had, but she wasn’t exactly serious. Still, there was no way Susan could tell Cassie that – let her know that she had exaggerated? Never! She’d just have to – blush – do it, and let whatever happens happen. It was Cassie’s body, anyway. So Susan set her knife aside. Cassie’s pussy was closed, after all; to cut through it, she’d have to pull it open. That meant using her hands, but Susan had never even looked at that part of Cassie before today. She gulped; her stomach was doing somersaults, but nevertheless she slowly reached a hand down, touching her fingers right next to Cassie’s pussy. Cassie drew a sharp of breath, muscles tightening, then slowly relaxed. Susan’s eyes were fixated on what she was doing, and she licked her suddenly dry lips. Then, slowly, she reached one finger over, stuck it just barely inside, and pulled Cassie’s pussy open. It was as wet as a sponge. Cassie hissed.

“I’ll… go ahead, then,” Susan stated. She picked her knife back up, put the blade next to her finger – Cassie shuddered slightly – and, deciding to get this over with quickly, started sawing violently. Cassie arched her back, wailing, then started making short exclamations in time with the blade. “Ah. Ah. Ah!” She twisted her torso around, as if trying to escape. Her mostly de-limbed condition made this problematic, but no-one can say she wasn’t doing her best! One twist later, bucking with her remaining leg, she jumped around violently enough that Susan’s knife slipped.

Susan’s grip on the knife was a little nonstandard. To get a better view of the situation she held it handle-low, angling the blade upwards to cut into Cassie’s leg, while also leaning downwards herself. To make matters worse, at the time Cassie jumped she was drawing the blade upwards as hard as she could, and although Cassie’s flesh was pretty hard to cut, the same could not be said for air. She saw it coming, of course.

“Aaah!” Cassie exclaimed, bucking again, quickly entering the throes of a powerful orgasm. “Aagh!” Susan exclaimed, her suddenly least favorite knife newly embedded in her right eye and scraping the bones around it. She hesitantly reached up to run her hands along the blade, then over her face. Vitreous fluid was leaking out, trailing downwards and looking like particularly thick tears. With her remaining eye, she could see Cassie slowly calming down and relaxing on her bed.

Susan was starting to feel more than a little annoyed at her. She grabbed the knife with both hands – the sharp blade lacerating her left hand as she did – and started pulling, twisting and bending to get it out. This quickly succeeded, but most of her eye came out with it, looking like a deflated egg. She put it on the table, then tried blinking – her eyelids were intact, but without an eye they wouldn’t close properly. “Ooh… that was nice.” Cassie opened her eyes, realized where she was, saw Susan and blanched, embarrassment filling her thoughts. “Susan! That wasn’t… I mean, I didn’t…” She looked closer. “Wait, are you okay? What happened to your eye?”

“My eye, you ask.” Susan looked away for a second, shoulders shaking, then stared at Cassie. “When you were having your orgasm – don’t deny it, that couldn’t possibly be anything else – you jumped, and I ended up jamming the knife right in my eye. It’s on the table over there, looking like a punctured football.” Cassie looked sheepish. She tried looking over, but couldn’t manage the movement. “Um, sorry about that, but no harm no foul. You can just put it back in – right?” Susan stayed silent for a second. “…Right?”

“Cassie,” she drawled, drawing out the syllables. “Those stories of yours. Mad scientists and whatnot. Would you agree, maybe –” she crawled on top of Cassie, pinning her one leg and holding her upper body down by the shoulders, “– that part of the rules for a mad scientist is that she needs to have some sort of deformation? A missing eye would fit right in, don’t you think?” Cassie shifted her eyes, refusing to meet Susan’s gaze. “Not… not necessarily. Just because you’re mad doesn’t mean you’re evil –” She abruptly clammed shut, realizing what she had just said. “So you’re telling me that evil mad scientists would have deformities, then,” Susan grinned. To Cassie, this was a deeply unsettling sight. “What are you going to do? Susan?”

“Heh, isn’t it obvious? I’m going to follow the plan. I’m going to take you apart.” If she had protested at this point, Susan would still have let her off, but for whatever reason – guilt, excitement, curiosity – she didn’t make any signs of protest. “Oh, but let’s just get this pointless appendage off first. You’re not going to need any limbs.” Cassie gulped.

“The day is done, the light is fading. The sacred owl will soon be wading. On bed lies Cassie, bereft of limbs – and part of my pussy, which feels really very odd.” Susan gave Cassie a doubting look. “Your poetry is really very sucky, that’s what. If you’re missing bits, you shouldn’t have asked me to cut them off.” Cassie sucked her cheeks in, pouting, then stopped when Susan grabbed her hair and held her head down – spoon in hand. Cassie eyed it, quite an easy task given that it was approaching her right eye. “Susan?” Susan wiggled the spoon under Cassie’s eyelid, under the eyeball, and started gently prying the eye out of its socket.

Cassie went cross-eyed trying to watch the proceedings with her other eye, then decided she’d have better luck watching through the ceiling mirror. Prying the eye out turned out to be harder than expected (she didn’t want to damage it), so Susan eventually grabbed another spoon and levered it under from the other side. Two minutes later there was a wet pop, and Cassie’s mouth opened in an O. “Hey, I can still see through that! Awfully blurry, though.”

The eyeball was still attached to Cassie through its optic nerve, dangling just outside its socket. That nerve really wasn’t long enough to move the eye around any, though, as Susan discovered when she started pulling on the eyeball – it tore out almost immediately, before getting more than a fraction of an inch above the socket. “Okay, so you’ve got my eye. What are you planning to do with it?”

Susan gave the matter some thought, then grinned. “Well, I figure a proper mad doctor, with a deformity like this, would try to fix herself. So here’s what I’m doing.” She dug around in the socket of her right eye, pulling out a few remaining shreds, then held the eyelids open and – using quite a bit of force – pushed Cassie’s eyeball into her own socket, with predictable consequences.

This made her look quite odd, as Susan now had one blue and one green eye instead of the two green eyes she was born with. Cassie seemed to agree, to judge by her staring, but Susan seemed to have other things on her mind. She blinks, then looks wildly around the room, closing alternately one eye and the other. “Wow,” she whispered, entranced. “This is freaky. Cassie, the ceiling is blue, right?” Cassie looked at her as if she had lost her mind in addition to her eye. “Well, yes… I don’t see how that matters. You stole my eye!”

“Never mind that,” Susan replied dismissively. “You weren’t using it. If we both agree that the ceiling is blue, how come your eye sees it as red? And –” she gesticulated at the anatomy book, which had a green cover. “That’s blue! And the red bits in the wallpaper look green! All the other colors are weird, too! It worked for you, why does everything look all wrong when I’m using it?” Cassie fell silent, hesitated, then hazarded an answer. “Are you sure it does?” Susan gave her a sharp look. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, well, look at the ceiling. It’s blue, we both agree that, but why do we agree?” Susan tried to say something, but Cassie ploughed on. “Simple, our parents told us it’s blue. Yours told you that the color you see there is blue, mine told me the color I see there is blue, but who says that means we see the same color?” This argument struck Susan as reasonable. She fell silent, nodding, but eventually returned to the task at hand. “Well, at any rate… time to start on the main event. Last chance to turn back, Cassie.” Cassie stayed silent.

“Right… Right.” Susan took a deep breath, picked up the scalpel, and cut Cassie open from sternum to pubes, pushing hard to get through both skin and muscle in one go. Subsequently she made horizontal cuts, opening Cassie up like a book. Cassie, seeing her own viscera for the first time, gasped. Susan ran her hands through Cassie’s intestines, feeling them out, and started pulling them out one arm-length at a time, holding them up for Cassie’s inspection in the process.

“These are the large intestines. Food goes here after going through the small intestines, which –” she pulled out a few more lengths, dropping them in the bucket next to the bed, until she reached the joint between the large and small intestines “– look like this.” She noticed a short tube of some sort also attached to the joint, only four inches long.

“Huh…” A minute of frantic reading later she held it back up, announcing victoriously that that was the appendix. Susan dragged out the rest of Cassie’s intestines, cutting the small intestine just below where it started connecting to the stomach. Then Cassie grimaced as Susan started cutting out her anus from the inside. Into the bucket it went, joining the rest of her intestines. “Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way.” Cassie’s bladder was next, but when Susan put a hand on it, Cassie screamed for her to stop. “Don’t! You’ll make me pee myself, I could feel it!”

“Well… what do you want me to do, then?” If she was going to cut it out she’d have to touch it one way or another. “Just be careful. Can’t you pinch it shut or something?” Susan shook her head. “No way, it fits too tightly. I’ll have to cut the whole thing out in one go.” Cassie nodded, then froze. “Wait, that would mean cutting through–” she trails off, because Susan is already leaning down to do just that. “Susan!”

“Oh, relax. There’s a bone in the way, I’m just going to punch a hole around your… ah, urethra is the right term. So I can pull out the bladder without putting any pressure on it.” Cassie seemed discomfited. She protested, but Susan pulled her labia apart when she was still in the middle of her sentence, and the protest turned into a high-pitched squeal. “You’re punching a hole through – what, no, stop!”

Then Susan started cutting, mercilessly. “Hold still, or you really will end up peeing,” Susan pointed out. Her face was clinical, though she still had a light blush on her cheeks. Cassie froze. Susan turned a page in her book, then frowned. “This’ll be a bit tricky. The muscles that hold your urethra shut are actually set around the urethra, not your bladder. I should be able to pull it out through your abdomen now, but if I do, you’ll lose control halfway. I can’t pull the other way, not without getting a lot more than just your bladder – I guess I could shatter your pubic bone and then take it straight up, or I could just start pulling and hope you can hold on until I get a grip on the inside…” Cassie paled. “Shatter my pubic… That doesn’t sound good at all. The second one, please!”

“Clench as hard as you can, then.” Cassie clenched, both mouth and hips. Susan levered two fingers between her bladder and pubic bone, eliciting a whimper from Cassie, and started pulling – slowly ramping up the force, hoping to give Cassie time to tell her to stop. A little more, and Cassie started throwing her head from side to side. A little more…

Susan’s efforts paid off, and the bladder started moving, ever so slightly. Cassie started gasping. “A– Ah! I… I can feel… it feels like something is sliding in. That’s… it feels wrong, I don’t think that part is supposed to move.” She managed a weak chuckle. “I mean, you don’t say? It feels really weird, though, I don’t think I can hold it much longer.”

“That’s okay.” Susan slipped her index finger and thumb down to the urethra’s innermost point, around it, and pinched. Hard. Her next pull was not gentle at all, and Cassie’s voice raised in a screech as she called Susan’s name, but then it was out – without spilling more than a drop or two. Of course, the contents largely spilled out after Susan dropped it in a plastic container set aside for the purpose, but perhaps they would wash it later? At that point, Susan started picking up the pace a little.

“Kidneys. Two. They’re what make the pee, and you only need one.” Consequently, she cut out one of them. “Stomach. You know this one. Maybe I should cut it open and have a look at your dinner?” Susan took one glance at Cassie’s expression after that suggestion. “Maybe not.”

“By process of elimination, this is your spleen. I think. It’s supposed to store spare blood, filter blood, make blood and all that, but… uh, have you seen any blood? Or blood vessels? Looking at the heart should be interesting.” Cassie looked a bit put out. “This lecture leaves a little to be desired, I should have known you’d skim. Next time, let me do it.” Susan was surprised at that. “…there’s going to be a next time?”

“Oh, come on. Then how am I supposed to get in?” Having finished cataloging everything in her abdomen (except, by unspoken consent, the sexual organs), Susan was having a spirited discussion with Cassie about how, exactly, to get into her upper torso. It was not an idle question; unlike her stomach, Cassie’s lungs and heart were well protected with a rib cage. Worse, the rib cage was protected by Cassie’s breasts (which, to her joy, were larger than Susan’s), and she was flatly refusing to let Susan remove them. “Hey, aren’t you the mad doctor? Go from the sides! From the bottom! From below! Just leave them alone!”

“You know I can’t, I won’t be able to see what I’m doing. Neither will you. Stop being so stubborn, Cassie, they’re just… see?” Susan held up the relevant page of the anatomy book. “They’re basically lumps of fat, nothing to care so much about.” Cassie shook her head wildly. She didn’t want anything to happen to her beautiful breasts. Searching desperately for an alternative, she seized on something in the mirror. “Look! You haven’t even finished my abdomen, why are you in such a hurry?”

Susan followed her glance, and blushed. “But that’s… no, we talked about that, that’s your womb. There’s no real need to remove it, is there? I mean, there’s… you can see it just fine from here!” Cassie, letting her mouth rush ahead, doubled down. “The outside! What about the inside? Is that even in the book?” She regretted it immediately, but her pride refused to let her back down. No, she made it worse. “I thought you were going to take me apart, but I’m still pretty much in one piece! Organs I can’t even feel while they’re attached hardly count.” She finally went quiet, possibly a bit late. “Well, I thought –” Susan started. “Ah, er… if you’re sure. I’ll still need to start with your ribs, but I guess I can avoid your breasts. That’s all right, I guess?” Cassie mentally kicked herself, but forced a smile. “Sure.”

“Then, to cut your ribs open, um. I guess it’ll have to be these.” She picked up an enormous pair of steel garden shears. Cassie’s smile developed a tic. “Relax, this won’t hurt a bit.” Cassie, seeing a pair of scissors practically as large as she was, had absolutely no intention of relaxing. She actually really wanted to scream at Susan to stop, but an equally large part of her still refused to back down. Caught between two powerful forces, the only thing she could do is squeeze her eyes shut and wait for everything to be over.

“Right-o.” Shears half open, Susan carefully aligned the lower blade with the top of Cassie’s diaphragm. This particular cut was harder than usual, since the target was moving… well, quite a lot; Cassie was almost hyperventilating. That didn’t stop Susan, who got it suitably stuck in a good-looking spot and then leaned on it, ramming the shears in with her full weight.

Cassie heard a drawn-out farting noise. No, a continuous farting noise, it was sounding in tune with her… breathing… she couldn’t breathe, no matter how hard she tried no air entered her lungs! She tried screaming, but there was barely a whisper of sound. Susan didn’t seem to notice; she was putting all her weight on the shears to cut bone. She tried grabbing her, only to realize she had no arms. She heard a loud buzzing noise. Her vision started going black, darkness closing in from the edges until all she could see was a tiny spot in the middle. She tried to move her torso, but she couldn’t feel her body. Everything faded.

“Phew… well, that’s half the job. Geez, you really like making things harder on us. At least you finally stopped squirming.” It took a lot of time and effort, but Susan finally managed to cut all the way through Cassie’s sternum, vertically. There were more than a few bone splinters lying around, of course, and she’d dulled the shears quite noticeably – I wondered how she was going to explain that, though it would be easier than explaining a dead body.

After removing the sternum, she started peeling off the skin and muscles covering Cassie’s ribs. It took a few extra cuts at the throat, but after that it was a bit like peeling off a thick sweater; the muscles were strongly bonded to the ribs, of course, but not so strongly that Susan couldn’t pull them off, slowly. There was no reason to make any cut down at Cassie’s sides, so she didn’t; the end result was Cassie lying spread across the bed, both her back and the breasts she was so proud of facing downward onto the mattress, her ribcage visible for all like a macabre decoration.

It was probable that she would have protested at this treatment as well, but she was in no condition to do so. Susan subsequently started breaking off ribs. Ribs are pretty strong, and they’re normally very hard to remove – excepting the floating ribs – but by this point none were connected to anything except the spine, and by concentrating on one at a time it wasn’t too hard for Susan to get rid of them. Then she extracted Cassie’s two hip-bones, expertly cutting them free of her skin and muscles without damaging either.

The pubic bone left her thinking for a minute. The various sexual nerves and connections basically ran straight through it, which made removing it without damaging anything rather difficult. Cassie told her not to just shatter it, and she wants to follow at least the letter of her instructions, but… hmm… yeah, that could work, she thought. So Susan pulled out the metal saw and went to work. Ten minutes later, the pubic bone in about a dozen pieces in a box of its own, she put her hand on Susan’s beating heart and sat down to think.

“Oh, good, you’re finally awake.” Cassie’s eyes were not, factually speaking, those of someone who’s fully awake. It felt like she just woke up after a slightly too long nap, or maybe a way too short night; at any rate, she was having trouble remembering where she was. ‘Oh… there’s a mirror on the ceiling. Susan’s room, then.’

She stared at the mirror, uncomprehendingly. That was her, but it looked like she was under some sort of very strange blanket. She felt cold, though. That was Susan, holding something in her left hand and stroking her forehead. It felt nice. The thing she was holding, though, that was… Cassie jolted awake, gaping. Of course, they were dissecting her – that wasn’t a dream. And the thing Susan was holding, that was… that was her heart, which made the strange blanket…

This was Cassie’s situation: She was spread out across the bed. Literally. Her skin was mostly intact, but she was spread out like a bear rug, furry side (that is, outside) down. Her heart and lungs were still there, and her womb, but nothing else was, and there wasn’t a bone left in her body except the ones in her head. She wasn’t breathing; she couldn’t breathe; her lungs apparently didn’t work, despite being still attached. Needless to say, she couldn’t talk. She tried moving her neck, but the only effect was a ripple in the rug. She still felt everything, however. From her neck to her pubes, it was all there, and she felt every part of her touching the mattress at once. It felt much like being surrounded by one.

“You know, you actually fainted when I started cutting through your ribs.” Susan’s voice. “I guess I should have warned you, you can’t breathe without an intact ribcage, but I didn’t expect you to fake death on me! You had me scared for a minute, young lady. Still –” Susan leaned over, closer and closer. This time she didn’t stop, but actually covered Cassie’s lips with her own, and started teasing her lips with her tongue and sucking. Cassie blushed dramatically; she tried shaking Susan off, or rolling out of the way, or something – all instincts from earlier episodes – but of course there was nothing she could do, and it was starting to feel really good. So she slowly, hesitantly opened her mouth and let Susan in.

For a little while it was a duel of tongues, and Susan almost got lost herself, but then she remembered what she was trying to do. Cassie felt Susan’s lips clamp shut around her tongue, then a powerful suction, like Susan was trying to suck the tongue out of her mouth. She tried to resist, but without functional lungs of her own she was helpless. Then Susan’s mouth clamped shut, she felt her tongue pierced by several teeth, and Susan started ripping it out of her mouth. Hard. There was no pain, but it felt not very much unlike getting a tooth pulled at the dentist might feel, if the tooth was your entire tongue. Cassie could feel the flesh parting; for quite a while she could still feel her tongue, and the pressure of the teeth piercing it. It was not a fun sensation. When Susan was finally holding the tongue free, it remained attached to quite a bit of the inside of her mouth. No teeth, but a lot of flesh.

Cassie gave Susan her best look of betrayal, throwing in a bit of moisture in her eyes for good measure. The inside of her mouth felt like a gaping hole. She’d like to probe it with her tongue, but… yeah. “Aheheh… sorry, but I told you I’d take you apart. Anyway, remember what we talked about a week ago? About cunnilingus?” She couldn’t mean…

Cassie blushed again, harder than before. Really she wanted to tell Susan to stop, but there were so many reasons why she couldn’t that it wasn’t even funny. Her pussy tickled… she felt a certain sense of anticipation. Would Susan really do that, though? “So! Let’s finish the lecture, shall we?” What. “This–” Susan nudged the heart she was still holding, “–is your heart. As you can see, it seems to have no blood vessels attached, despite pumping. I didn’t do that, it was like that when I opened you up. Weird, huh? Well, it gets weirder.” Susan removed her hand, leaving the heart to fall…

It hung in place. In midair. “As you can see, right now it’s not actually attached to anything. Except, I suppose, those blood vessels. Which don’t seem to exist. I’d ask the physics teacher, but I’m pretty sure he’d tell me I’m loony.” As a matter of fact, Cassie could still feel it beat. Susan took hold of her heart, interlacing her hands behind it, and started pulling. Cassie couldn’t feel the pull, but… there was something…

“It feels… gh… like trying to pull two magnets apart. Ah, there we go. Okay, have a look at these veins…” Susan fell over backwards, holding Cassie’s heart but still managing to keep up the lecture. Cassie was too distracted to keep track, though. She could feel her heartbeat speeding up while Susan was pulling, but now… now, there was nothing, except a background noise she’d never even noticed before, fading. She could feel her blush fading, too. Of course. If she was heartless, there was nothing to….

She snapped back to reality when she felt Susan touching the skin just between her breasts, vaguely. Now she was cutting out her lungs, which felt like… nothing, really. Most of the sensations from Cassie’s body had gone away, during the evening; the last really significant one was the feel of her blood flowing, which she’d never really noticed before it stopped being there. Now there was only the feel of being surrounded by cotton, cold – utter cold, growing, but somehow not uncomfortable – and an itching sensation from her pussy, as if it was telling her to rub it. Not very strongly, but with nothing competing, it… stuck out.

Her entire body – what was left of it – was going numb. It was so cold… she tried moving, but couldn’t manage even a shiver. This probably ought to worry her, but it didn’t; all she felt was a strange lassitude, all she could do was lie there and watch Susan, and now the only thing left for Susan to touch was her sex. Even had she wanted to do anything, she couldn’t: the only thing she could move was her eye, and even that responded sluggishly.

She closed it, choosing to focus on only her senses of touch and hearing, but for a long time there was nothing. Her lassitude grew; she felt like she was floating in nothingness, or frozen in a glacier. She heard shuffling, a sigh, and… something was touching her, at her most secret place, but it felt so far away. She could barely feel it at all. Even so, as time passed, the teasing was enough to drive some part of her over the edge. She felt herself spread open, letting the air chill even that last remaining spark of fire; it flickered, sputtered, gave her pleasure, then went out. She no longer felt anything at all.

Cassie’s skin had gotten cold. When Susan decided it was about time she did what she promised, that was her first impression – Cassie was cold and lifeless, room temperature really; she didn’t feel like a living girl at all. That was only fitting, given that she was spread out like a rug, but to Susan it was discomforting. Still… she poked at Cassie’s labia with a finger, and it tensed slightly. It wasn’t much of a reaction, but it was there. Was this the result of removing her heart? They would have to try it when she wasn’t so… disassembled, Susan supposed. Maybe she could try it on herself, if she dared. Maybe…

Susan pulled off her t-shirt, wondering what the hell she was doing. Certainly removing her heart took a while to affect Cassie, there’d be time enough to back out – still, this was a new level of crazy for her. She cupped her left breast, feeling her heartbeat and, inside, her ribs.

She picked up her scalpel, felt the metal between her fingers and slowly pushed it through her breast, angling inwards so it would just barely miss her ribs and sternum. It stung, just a bit. She tweaked her nipple, pushed the breast around a bit; the scalpel lacerated it, which felt like nothing, but the lacerated part felt slightly colder from the air.

She felt the scalpel touch her heart, and felt her pulse speed up. Susan gasped; as she pushed the scalpel just slightly further, she could feel her heart stuttering. Every heartbeat, it hesitated for just a moment. And it was speeding up; she felt a kind of pressure, all over. Then, in a single stroke, she cut halfway through her heart. It beat, once, then clenched. She felt no pain, but it felt like something was crushing her heart, or like there was an elephant sitting on her chest. Hands shaking, she stumbled to her feet. Something was crushing her chest; it felt like her heart was going to burst…

The pressure went away, just for a moment, as her heart beat half a beat. Then it was back, and she shuddered, collapsing against the wall. One hand gripping the scalpel, she started waving it around randomly – lacerating her heart every which way. Eventually, it stopped. Susan hugged her knees, eyes wet with tears, and listened to the silence. Her lungs were still working, but she had lost any urge to breathe, so she didn’t. She sniffed a little, leaned back against the wall, and retrieved the scalpel from her chest. Given what she remembered doing, the entry wound was surprisingly small – it was a tiny little hole, easily overlooked. Nevertheless, she passed her finger over and healed it. She felt so tired…

Five minutes passed. Finally she dragged herself to her feet, thinking of Cassie, and shuffled over to her with a sigh. She was going to… spread her open, right, and confirm that Cassie is still there. She could do that. So she fumbled with Cassie’s sex, doing her tired best to excite her, then picked up a pair of scissors – her favorite pair, because they were so sharp – to cut her vagina open. Even in her current weary state she didn’t have any trouble managing that.

While spreading the vagina flat, she massaged it; it shuddered, twice, so she opened and spread the womb too, but there was no analogous reaction. Susan paused, trying to think despite the cold that was infiltrating her every limb. She wanted to sleep, but there was something she had to do first. She wished she didn’t have the room temperature set so low. What was it… taking a bath? No, that would be nice, but that was not part of sleeping. Something about heat. Oh yeah. You need a blanket to sleep. That was it. Annoyance seeped into her thoughts. There was something blanket-like right here, but it was too short. It wouldn’t cover her lower body. Which was still wearing clothes, wasn’t it… that made it okay, then…

Susan collapsed onto the bed, pulling Cassie around her as if she were an actual bear rug. Inside out, of course, Cassie’s breasts were comfy against her back. She was worried Cassie might not approve, so she gave her unresponsive head a hug. Then, because she knew better than to sleep with clothes on, she kicked her shorts and panties off. This left her lower half mostly bare, but she didn’t really feel it. The cold kept seeping in, and she didn’t understand why, but she knew that sleeping was always warm. All she has to do was go to sleep. Easy. Twenty minutes later, the ceiling light detected a lack of movement and shut off.



Susan groaned as her sleep was disturbed by a continuous ringing sound. Stupid alarm clock. She was having the most interesting dream. She blindly felt around for the source of the offending noise, but was forced to open her eyes when she couldn’t find it. “Yeah, yeah, I’m up, shut up alrea–” Crap. 07:44. She was late. Very late. When she jerked upright and got out of bed she noticed the scene around her. So it wasn’t a dream, then. Pieces of Cassie littered the bed, as well a number of knives, saws and other tools. Next to the bed was a host of buckets and plastic containers, containing more of Cassie’s innards. How was she going to reassemble her and still make it to school in time?

Well, first things first, she needed a shower because there was no way she would be able to put Cassie back together in her current, still half-asleep state. She jumped out of bed and got halfway to the bathroom before realizing she still had what was left of Cassie’s torso wrapped around her. Oh well, they could share a shower and save some time. She turned up the shower’s temperature because they were both quite chilly. The hot water felt great on her body, but unfortunately she didn’t have the time to enjoy it.

After a few awkward attempts at cleaning Cassie, who had all the solidity of a towel, she settled for draping her over her chest, Cassie’s head on her shoulder, and washing her that way. When they had both warmed up quite a bit, she turned off the water and dried them both off. There was no time to comb their hair, so she put both her and Cassie’s hair in a ponytail.

Returning to her bedroom, she laid Cassie down on the bed, spread out. She looked at all the parts littering the room, then at the alarm. 07:56. There was no way she’d be able to fully put Cassie back together in time. She would just have to limit herself to the bare essentials. She picked up Cassie’s spine and placed it below her neck. Nothing happened. She’d figured as much, since the heart seemed to be the essential bit that allowed them regenerate. She took the heart from the bucket she’d dropped it in last night and placed it in the center of Cassie’s chest.

When she let the heart go, it moved a few inches on its own, snapping into a levitating position a little above the spine. The nerves at the top of the spine connected with those coming from the vertebrae that were still in her neck. Good, at least that worked.

She grabbed a lung and connected it to her windpipe. Where was the other one? She looked around but couldn’t find it. Oh well, one was enough anyway. Susan looked at the other hole at the bottom of Cassie’s neck. Piecing together her entire digestive system was not an option right now, but she also couldn’t just leave it unconnected. What to do? Just then an idea hit her. Up until now she’d only ever put back body parts in their original locations. Would whatever magic rejoined two separated parts also work if the two parts didn’t belong together?

She pulled Cassie’s large intestine from a bucket and pushed one end against her esophagus. At first, nothing happened, but after a few seconds the two started mending together. Success! She connected the other end to Cassie’s anus. This setup pretty much precluded her eating anything, but it would have to do for the time being. She grabbed a bunch of the ribs she’d snapped off and started matching them up, ending up with five pairs and six unmatched ones. Close enough. She threw the unmatched ones back on the floor and started connecting the rest to Cassie’s spine. Since she had less than half the usual amount of ribs, she had to skip every second attachment point. She completed the ribcage by putting the two halves of her sternum back in their proper position.

What next? Oh right, the diaphragm. She held up the membrane. It had three small holes in it, and the one big one that she had cut. When she started fixing it to the bottom of Cassie’s ribcage, she realized that the large intestine was in the way: it, or rather the esophagus it was replacing, was supposed to go through one of the holes. Muttering to herself about the delay, she picked up a pair of scissors and cut from the edge of the diaphragm to one of the smaller holes. She pulled the two edges of the cut around the intestine and held them together, sealing the cut again. She closed the large hole in the same way. She knew from the anatomy book that the other two were for arteries, but since neither of them seemed to have any, she left them alone.

She gathered all the pieces of Cassie’s pelvis and started piecing it back together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. When she finished, she looked at the back of Cassie’s pussy, a little below the pelvis. Since Cassie currently didn’t have a digestive system, there was no reason to connect the bladder. She wasn’t likely to need her reproductive system today either, so Susan didn’t bother.

Having finished replacing all the essential bits, it was time to close up Cassie’s torso. Susan grabbed both ends of Cassie’s skin and lined them up in the center of the chest. The two halves connected and soon Cassie’s torso looked somewhat normal again, albeit extremely skinny. The stomach was concave, and you could easily count the five pairs of ribs that now made up her ribcage. Susan walked over to the wall and picked up all four of Cassie’s limbs, which were soon back in their original positions. Almost done.

Susan looked at Cassie’s right eye, or rather the socket where her eye had been. She briefly considered putting her own eye in there, but people would probably notice and start asking questions. She quickly grabbed two spoons, dug out Cassie’s eye from her own head and placed it back in that of its owner. She took her own damaged eye and replaced it as well. It was a little weird not seeing everything in two colors anymore. She’d kind of gotten used to it. Finally, she put Cassie’s tongue back in her mouth.

“There, all done.” She looked at the clock. 8:17. Just enough time to get dressed and run to school. “Okay Cassie, time to wake up”, she said. No reaction. “Cassie? Come on, we have to get to school.” Still nothing. She shook her friend’s body, but she wouldn’t wake. Susan decided to try CPR. It was used to revive people, after all, so it might work here too. She put her hands on Cassie’s chest and started pressing like she’d seen in movies and TV shows. After pressing ten times, she knelt down and placed her lips on Cassie’s mouth. Wow, they were really soft…

‘No time for that now,’ she thought. She blew air into Cassie’s mouth and returned to pressing on Cassie’s chest. She quickly realized, however, that traditional CPR wasn’t going to do much good in their current situation, since Cassie’s heart was suspended in mid-air in her ribcage, so pressing her chest wouldn’t do anything. She needed a way to squeeze the heart directly. Unfortunately, the obvious way to heart was now blocked and would require her to cut Cassie open again and break a few ribs. She didn’t have time for that. She quickly considered her options. There was one other way to access Cassie’s heart…

She knelt down between her friend’s legs, put the fingers of her right hand together and inserted them into Cassie’s pussy. Moving her arm further in, she encountered the diaphragm. She searched for one of the two open holes she knew were there and threaded her hand through. Feeling her way along the spine, she found Cassie’s heart and put her hand around it. Her arm was in up to a little past her elbow. She squeezed, released her hand and repeated this action three more times.

After the fourth squeeze, she suddenly felt the heart thump on its own. Cassie gasped, her eyes flew open and she looked down at Susan. “What do you think you’re doing?” Susan responded as if there were nothing out of the ordinary. “Bringing you back to the land of the living. You’re welcome.” Flashes of the previous night came back to Cassie. “Oh wow, that actually happened, huh?”

“Yeah, and for a moment there I was afraid you were actually dead. But I guess whatever’s affecting us made us pretty durable.” Cassie shrugged. “Guess so. But, um… why is your arm up my pussy? And why are you naked?” Susan looked down at herself and blushed. “Sorry. I needed access to your heart to revive you and this was the quickest way”. She quickly pulled her arm out of Cassie, who gave a small gasp. “And I’m naked because I needed to get you ready to go to school first, which starts in…” Susan looked at the clock. “… eleven minutes, so get up and get dressed.”

“What? You expect me to go to school like this?” Cassie pressed down on her stomach, which made it even skinnier than it already was. “I’m all skin and bones! Literally!” Susan shrugged. “Sorry, but I didn’t exactly have time to piece you back together completely, so I had to stick to the basics.”

“Basics? What basics?” Susan stood up, walked to her wardrobe and started dressing. “Heart, lung, diaphragm, large intestine,” Susan counted on her fingers. “Enough to get you through the day. I’ll put you back together properly after school. Now quit complaining and get dressed or we’ll be late.” She grabbed a baggy sweater from her wardrobe and tossed it at Cassie. “Here, put this on. Nobody will be able to tell.” Cassie glared at Susan. “I’m going to get you for this.”

“Yeah, yeah, less talk, more hurrying.” Susan finished dressing first and started tossing all of the remaining parts and tools under her bed. She found Cassie’s other lung, tucked halfway under the bed already. “So that’s where you were hiding”, she muttered to herself. “What are you doing?” Susan looked back at her. “What if my parents come in here? I can’t very well have the place looking like a slaughterhouse, can I?”

“Okay, good point. But could you at least do it a bit more gently? I still need those. I’ve grown quite attached to my body parts… even if I’m currently not actually attached to them.”

“Oh relax, they’ll be fine. Judging from what we’ve done already I imagine I’d be able to toss them in a meat grinder and they’d still be restored just fine. Which gives me an idea…”

“Don’t you dare! I will not have my body turned into hamburger meat. I’m a steak, at least.” Susan looked at her skeptically. “You keep telling yourself that, meatball. Are you done getting dressed?” Cassie nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.” They gave the room a quick once-over to see if they hadn’t missed anything, grabbed their backpacks and ran out of the house. “Oh crap, we never did do the biology assignment”, Susan panted as they approached the school. “Don’t worry; it’s not until last period. We can do it during lunch break. We should be experts by now, right? And afterwards you’re going to tell me exactly what you did to me after I passed out.”

“Okay, see you then, meatball.” Cassie glared at Susan as they raced through the school doors. They made it to their classrooms with only seconds to spare.

“You what?” Cassie’s whisper was quickly approaching a shout. Susan and Cassie were sitting at one of the tables in the cafeteria, discussing the events of last night, keeping their voices down to prevent anyone overhearing them. Susan was the only one with a tray of food in front of her, since eating wasn’t really an option for Cassie in her current condition. “I… uh… used you as a blanket?” Susan said hesitantly. “Oh, that’s it, I’m so getting you back for that one,” said Cassie. “Hey, it was your idea,” Susan objected. Cassie shook her head. “Don’t bring facts into this! You got to cut me up, so now I get to cut you up. It’s just basic good manners.” Susan sighed. “Okay, fine. We can do it this weekend. My parents will be going to my aunt’s birthday party and won’t be back until Saturday evening so we’ll have the place to ourselves for a whole day and we won’t have to worry about oversleeping.”

Cassie immediately brightened and stood up. “Great! See you in bio!” She turned to leave. Susan watched her walk away. “Uh, Cassie? What exactly are you planning to do to me?” Cassie turned around and gave her a smile that could only be described as evil. “Oh, you’ll see.” She turned back and walked towards the cafeteria doors, practically skipping. She left Susan sitting there, feeling decidedly more worried about the weekend.


Friday afternoon

I looked at the clock for what was probably the seventh time that minute. And just like the previous six times, it was still two minutes to five. The seconds hand had started its slow ascent towards the top again. The history teacher was droning on about something, but I hadn’t exactly been paying attention for the past half hour, focusing instead on the hands of the clock slowly but inexorably moving towards the five o’clock position. I think the lesson was about some war. Maybe the Civil War? Or the Vietnam War? Whichever one it was, I had far more pressing concerns. In two minutes – scratch that, one minute and forty-two seconds – school would be out.

Under normal circumstances that would be a cause for happiness, as it meant the start of the weekend; two days of blessed freedom. Today, however, my feelings were decidedly more mixed. Because in… one minute and thirty-six seconds I would have to leave this classroom and go out into the hallway. The hallway where Cassie would be waiting. And despite my prodding for the past few days about what she was planning to do to me, all I’d managed to get out of her was that same evil grin, and a “Just wait and see, Susan, just wait and see.”

Okay, I was pretty sure she wasn’t actually going to kill me, but it was a fair bet I was going to end up in rather more pieces than the factory default. On the other hand, giving someone else complete control to do whatever they wanted with you would be kind of hot…

Thinking about Cassie had distracted me from the clock, so I nearly had a heart attack when the school bell jolted me from my thoughts. “Remember, class, read chapters five and six for next time!” the teacher shouted over the noise of students tossing their books in their bags and rushing out of the classroom. I exited as well, though at a decidedly slower pace. Not really watching where I was going, I almost bumped into someone who was standing just outside the door. I looked up and was met with a radiant smile. “Hi, Susan! Ready to go?” Cassie clearly was rather excited. “Hey, Cassie. Yeah, let’s get this over with, shall we?” I said unenthusiastically. “We’ll need to swing by my place first,” said Cassie. “There’s a few supplies I need to pick up.” I shrugged. “Okay.”

As we made our way through the forest Cassie said: “You know, we don’t have to wait until we get to your house. We could always just do it here. It’s not like anyone else comes by here anyway.” I cast a look around. “Yeah, I can’t wait to have small forest critters run off with my body parts. No way missy, if you want to cut me up we’re going to do it in the comfort of my room.” Cassie huffed. “Spoilsport.” I stuck my tongue out at her. “Hm. I think I know which part I’m cutting off first,” she said as she once again flashed me that infuriating evil smile of her. I quickly retracted my tongue. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Shortly after, we arrived at Cassie’s house. “Just wait out here, I’ll only be a second.” She came back out in under a minute, calling back to her mother: “Bye mom, see you Saturday evening!”

“Bye honey!” I heard her mother call back. I was about to call goodbye to her too when I saw the giant duffel bag Cassie was carrying. It was almost bigger than she was! “I, uh… don’t suppose those are clothes for the weekend?” Cassie patted my cheek. “Oh, Susan. You’re so cute when you’re being naive,” she smiled. Gulp. Oh yeah, this wasn’t going to be the least bit unpleasant. Slowly I followed her, resigned to my fate. “Come on slowpoke!,” Cassie called out from a couple of yards in front of me, “Time’s a-wastin’!”

“You do know you’re enjoying this far too much, do you?” She stopped and turned around. “You don’t know the half of it.” Wonderful. At least my torturer would be enjoying herself. Cassie was the first to reach the front door of my house and stood there tapping her foot impatiently while waiting for me to open it. “Come on, this stuff is heavy, you know.”

“Well, it’s your own fault. What the hell did you bring, anyway? It’s not like we don’t have supplies here.” Cassie lowered her head a little and raised her eyebrows at me, waiting for me to answer my own question. “Yeah, yeah, I know, wait and see,” I said, rolling my eyes as I opened the door. “Anyway, come in. You want anything to drink before we get started?”

“No, I want you upstairs and tied to your bed,” Cassie replied. “Well, you go ahead then. I want a drink first.” I kicked off my shoes and walked over to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of orange juice. And just to annoy Cassie, I then proceeded to drink it in the slowest way possible, taking tiny sips. I tried my best not to laugh as I could practically see the thundercloud forming over Cassie’s head. I knew I’d already agreed to this, but that didn’t mean I had to make it easy on her. I was going to resist her as much as possible while I still could. “You do know you’re only making things worse for yourself, right?”

Damn. She had a point. I tossed back the rest of the glass in a single gulp. “There. All done,” I smiled sweetly. “Finally. Now get your cute butt upstairs and go lie down on your bed.” I briefly considered cutting off my butt cheeks and throwing them upstairs, but at this point I figured that would only get me in more trouble. Cassie didn’t look like she was in the mood for wordplay. So instead I walked up the stairs, followed by Cassie, who was carrying the duffel bag. I flopped down on my bed and adopted the same spread-eagled position Cassie had been in, waiting for Cassie to tie me up with the ropes I’d already laid out on the nightstand. But Cassie cleared her throat, standing with her arms crossed. “Ahem. Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Like what?” I asked. “Your clothes. Unless those can magically put themselves back together too, you’re going to need to take those off.” I looked up to the ceiling mirror for a quick review of what I was wearing. A pretty old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was quickly losing what little claim it had to being considered ‘in fashion’. The underwear wasn’t much better: a white cotton bra and pink cotton panties. Clearly, laundry day was fast approaching. All in all, nothing I’d lament losing. And frankly, I was kind of curious how far Cassie was going to take this. “Eh, I’m sure you’ll make do.” She shrugged. “Suit yourself.” She tied my arms and legs to the bedposts, made sure the knots were secure and walked over to her duffel bag. I tried pulling on the ropes, but it was no use. I was in this for the duration.

Cassie finished rummaging around in the bag and stood back up holding a sturdy pair of scissors. She walked back over to the bed, pulled off my socks and kneeled between my legs. She touched the nail of the big toe on my left foot with the tip of the scissors and started slowly dragging it down my bare foot and then up the outside of my jeans.

“I feel like it’s Christmas morning and I get to unwrap my present,” she giggled, “but where to begin?” When she reached the bottom of my t-shirt, she stopped. “How about we start small?” She slipped the hand holding the scissors under my t-shirt and continued her slow upward movement. I had to fight to stop from giggling, because it tickled quite a bit. Cassie’s hand reached my bra and she positioned the blades around the band between the cups. A quick snip later I felt the tension disappear as the two cups drew apart. Cassie repeated the process for the two shoulder straps, grabbed one of the cups between her thumb and index finger and withdrew her hand, leaving me braless. I had to admit I was getting a little turned on. “Are you cold?” Cassie asked, staring at my breasts. I followed her gaze and saw that my erect nipples were clearly visible through the t-shirt. “No, just happy see to see you.”

“Glad to hear it. Let’s continue, shall we?” She moved the scissors to my left hip, the tips pointing towards my feet. With the other hand, she drew away my jeans from my hips a little to create a gap for the scissors, which she used to cut the side of my panties. After doing the same thing on the right side, she slid her flat hand down the front of my jeans. Her thumb brushed the top of my pubic hair as her other fingers rested on my panties. She grabbed them with her fingertips and started pulling, but the panties didn’t move. Having no desire to be given a wedgie, I obligingly lifted my hips off the bed a little and Cassie tried again. This time, they moved and I was left naked under my clothes. Well, I mean… I know we’re always naked under our clothes, but… ah, you know what I mean.

Cassie held up the panties. “Oh, looks like someone’s getting excited. Is this turning you on?” The dark wet spot adorning the middle of my panties was pretty undeniable evidence to that fact. Not that that was going to stop me from trying. “No, but I had to pee really badly and since someone tied me to the bed I can’t go to the bathroom.”

“Ugh, gross. Also, you’re a terrible liar. But don’t worry, soon I’ll have you out of these clothes and we can see just how wet you are.” She positioned the scissors at the top of the right sleeve of my t-shirt (or at least it would have been the top had I been standing up) and cut towards the collar. She then started cutting the bottom of my sleeve and stopped when she reached my armpit. When she started cutting the right side of my t-shirt from the bottom upwards, I could no longer stop myself and started giggling. “Stop, it tickles!” Cassie raised her eyebrows. “Oh, really?” She placed the scissors on the nightstand and started tickling me in earnest. I thrashed around, trying to get away from her fingers, but the ropes made it impossible.

“Stop! I – hahahaha – I beg – aaah – please…”

“Not until you say the magic word”

“Please! Please stop tick – iihihihih…”

“I didn’t hear the magic word yet.”

“What – aaah – what’s the magic word?”

“Wise and benevolent lady Cassie, please cut me up into tiny pieces.”

“That’s – iiih – not a word!”

“Hey, I can keep this up all day.”

“Oh fine. Wise and benev– aahaha… benevolent lady Cassiiiiiiie, please cut me up– hahaha… into taiiiieeee– tiny pieces.” And just like that, the tickling stopped. “See, now was that so hard?” I blinked away the tears I had in my eyes from laughing so hard. “Benevolent my ass,” I muttered under my breath. Apparently not softly enough, though. “Hey, I stopped, didn’t I? I’d say that’s fairly benevolent.” She picked up the scissors and continued cutting, lining up the cuts at the armpit. She cut through the top of the other sleeve as well, put the scissors down and grabbed the left side of my t-shirt. “You know that trick where they pull a tablecloth from a table without knocking over any of the glasses and stuff?”

“Yeah…” I said hesitantly. Cassie smiled. “I like my version better.” She yanked on the t-shirt, leaving my upper body totally naked. “The end result is much more fun to look at.” I blushed. This was the first time Cassie had seen my breasts au naturel. Cassie, meanwhile, was unapologetically leering at my chest, the t-shirt hanging forgotten from her hands. “Very nice. Maybe a little small, but nice and perky.”

My pink blush was turning crimson. I wasn’t used to having my body commented on like this. “Now, let’s see what’s hiding under those jeans.” The scissors traveled up the side of my left leg inch by inch as Cassie cut all the way through my jeans. She then repeated this for the other leg. As she slowly zipped down my fly, the zipper brushed my clit, causing a shiver of pleasure. Hooking her fingers into the fly, she started pulling the jeans away from my body. Dropping the jeans on the floor, she looked me up and down with a wolfish grin. My blush, which had mostly faded, returned with a vengeance as I was now naked as the day I was born. Even my mother hadn’t seen me like this since I was six. Cassie leaned over and inserted a fingertip into my pussy. When she pulled it away, a thick strand of pussy juice stretched from my pussy to her finger.

“Oh yeah. I can tell you’re not excited at all. I’m afraid you own body is betraying you, Susan. But anyway, now that we finally have you out of those silly clothes it’s time to get to work.” Cassie walked over to the duffel bag, fishing out a hacksaw. Kneeling between my legs again, she placed the hacksaw on my right leg at a 45-degree angle, along a line running from a little to the side of my pussy to the top of my hip. I felt the teeth of the saw dig into my skin. She started moving the saw back and forth, digging into my flesh further and further with each stroke. There was a grating sound as she hit the femur. Instead of trying to saw through it, she tilted the saw, gradually sawing all around the bone.

She put down the saw and, taking hold of my leg with both hands, started pulling. It took a few attempts, but soon the top of my thigh bone was pulled out of its socket, removing the leg altogether. Not even a hint of a stump remained. Cassie untied the rope around the ankle and placed the leg on the floor. She picked up the hacksaw again and lined it up to make the same cut on the other side. Pulling the leg free after sawing all the way around proved a little more difficult, however. Since I didn’t have the other leg anymore to keep my torso in place, the rest of my body just moved along with my leg.

“Hold on, I’m going to need some more leverage.” Cassie removed her shoes and socks, and stood with one foot on the floor while bracing her right foot against my pussy to keep my lower body in place. Her foot felt wonderful against it, particularly when the friction increased as she started pulling.

I was almost ready to come when the leg popped free and she removed her foot. Why did the stupid leg have to come off so easily? “Why, Susan, look at you! You don’t have a leg to stand on!” I rolled my eyes. “You’ve been waiting to use that one for a while, huh?” Cassie laughed. “Yeah, so sue me. What are you going to do, put your foot down?” I groaned. “Are you quite finished with the lame jokes?”

“Geez, everyone’s a critic. Okay, I’ll stop.” Cassie looked down at the leg she was still holding. “You know, I’ve always been jealous of your legs. They’re so long and slim.” To be honest I’d never really thought about my legs. I suppose they were indeed longer than Cassie’s, and maybe a little thinner. Cassie’s expression changed as she looked up. Clearly she’d just had an idea. “Hey, do you mind if I borrow these?” she asked. “Well, it’s not like I can stop you, is it?” She smiled. “Now you’re getting it!” She quickly untied my other leg and started taking off her shoes, socks and pants, followed by her panties. She paused for a second. “Well, no point in keeping these on, I suppose.”

Her shirt and bra followed suit, leaving her naked as well. I looked her over from top to bottom and wondered why she was jealous of my legs. She looked beautiful, particularly her breasts. Cassie lay down on the now empty foot of the bed and picked up the saw again. Using the ceiling mirror to see what she was doing, she sawed off her own legs the same way she had mine. Pulling them free proved to be a little trickier, as she obviously had a lot less leverage this way. In the end she settled on tying her ankles to one of the bedposts and using her hands to brace herself against the opposite side of the bed. Slowly but surely, the gap between her legs and her hips grew until she managed to free herself completely.

She reached down to pick one of my legs from the floor and lined up the tip of the thigh bone with the hole left by her own. Lowering herself over the edge, she positioned the leg so the knee was on the floor, her thigh slowly sliding down on my femur. I couldn’t see from my vantage point, but I could see Cassie’s face light up as the leg slid all the way in and the cut was mended. Still in a kneeling position, she slotted in the other leg the same way. She was a little wobbly as she got up on her feet, but she managed. Opening the door of my wardrobe, she admired her new legs in the mirror on the inside of the door, turning around a couple of times to look at them from all sides.

“Do you have a tape measure somewhere?” I thought for a second. “Umm… in the kitchen I think. Third drawer from the left.” Cassie walked out of the room, still a little unstable. I could hear her making her way down the stairs, and back up shortly after. Holding the metal bit at the end of it against the floor with her big toe, she drew the tape measure upwards against the wall until the housing was above her head. Placing her other hand on her head to mark the distance, she squealed. “Wow! Five foot three! I grew two inches! Hey, tell you what, I’ll keep these and you can have mine, okay?”

“What? No way! You already have bigger boobs than me, there’s no way I’m letting you have my legs!” Cassie pouted. “Meanie. And I was just getting used to them, too. Ugh, fine, I guess you can have them back when we’re done.” She reached down to pull something from the duffel bag. “But first, you have two more limbs that really need to go.” She sat down on the edge of the bed near my right hand, holding a pair of pliers, with which she grabbed the edge of the nail of my thumb. Holding my wrist with her other hand, she pulled back on the pliers until the nail came with it. I could feel the flesh beneath the nail mending itself, leaving the top of my thumb as soft and smooth as the bottom. “Afraid I’m going to scratch you?” I asked.

“In a manner of speaking.” I looked at her, a confused look on my face. What did she mean by that? Cassie apparently wasn’t in a sharing mood, however, and she made quick work of the other four nails. Walking around to the other side, she removed the nails on my left hand as well. Once again she walked over to her duffel bag, this time emerging with a chef’s knife and a cutting board. “Wouldn’t want to cut up your bed, now would we?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, because that’s what I’m worried about you cutting up: my bed.” Cassie walked back to my left arm and placed the cutting board below my elbow. The knife bit into my arm as she started slicing down. After a few slices, the knife hit the board and I could no longer feel my forearm. Cassie untied the rope around the wrist and put the arm on the nightstand. I experimentally moved my upper arm, but my fraction of freedom was short-lived as Cassie grabbed hold of it and started slicing it lengthwise, down to the bone. Once she’d exposed the entire upper arm bone, she started prying away the rest of the arm from the bone, cutting away the muscles and sinews where necessary.

Once she’d severed all the connections, she lifted the elbow end of the bone. The rest of my arm remained lying on the bed. She grabbed the bone with both hands and pulled. It came away and she placed it on the nightstand next to my lower arm. Now that there was no bone in the way, she cut away the rest of the arm from my torso. Once again, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of a stump left. “Three down,” said Cassie, “one to go. Now, you mentioned something about turning me into hamburger meat. Since I don’t have a meat grinder at hand, we’ll just have to make do. How do you feel about carpaccio?” I thought back to see if I’d ever had it before. I seemed to recall my mom making it once or twice when we had guests over. “Isn’t that basically really thin slices of meat?” Cassie nodded. “Exactly.”

I realized what this would mean for my arm. “And of course you’re going to do it whether I agree or not.” Cassie smiled brightly. “Yup. Of course, I’ll have to de-bone you first.” She took my index finger and sliced it open, extracting the three bones of my finger. Once they had been removed, she closed the finger back up, healing the cut and leaving what appeared to be an undamaged finger, save for the missing fingernail and the fact that I couldn’t move it anymore. She removed the other finger bones in the same way, arranging them neatly on the nightstand.

Rather than make separate cuts for each of the bones in my hand, she placed the blade flat against my wrist and started cutting towards the fingers. Folding open the resulting flap, she took out all five hand bones and closed my hand back up, sealing it once more. The two arm bones and the ones in my wrist were removed like my other upper arm bone was: Cassie made a long cut from my wrist to my shoulder and pulled them out one by one. When she’d closed me back up, I could still feel my arm, but was completely unable to move it. Cassie picked up the cutting board again and placed my hand on top of it, the chef’s knife positioned at the very tip of my middle finger. “I wonder how Gordon Ramsay would serve human carpaccio,” Cassie mused. “With plenty of swearing, I’d imagine.”

“You donkey, you cut off the wrong fucking arm!” Cassie shouted, in a reasonable approximation of one of the Scottish chef’s outbursts. “Not bad. And you’d think preparing human heat would be right at home in ‘Hell’s kitchen’. Somehow I don’t think we’ll see it anytime soon, though.”

“Probably not. Doesn’t stop us from trying, though.” And with that, I felt the knife slice away the very tip of my middle finger. Cassie brought down the knife again and another thin sliver fell away. After a few cuts she reached my index and ring fingers. She slowly picked up speed and quickly reached my knuckles. Clearly, she’d had some practice at this. Probably with vegetables rather than a human arm, though. “Hey, Cassie? I know you can’t tell, but I’m giving you the finger,” I said laughingly. “You better watch that attitude Susan, or I’m going to drop these on the floor and you can spend the better part of tomorrow putting them back in the proper order.”

When was I going to learn not to piss off the person cutting me into tiny pieces? Well, not today, that was for sure. I started counting how many slices she made. I was up to 278 when she stopped, about halfway up my forearm, to clear the cutting board. She carefully placed the slices on the dresser, then returned to continue turning my arm into an Italian appetizer. She stopped at number 612, having reached my shoulder. As she got up to put those with the others, I looked at myself in the ceiling mirror. I was left limbless, completely helpless and, frankly, horny as hell. As I imagined, there was something incredibly sexy about being totally at someone’s mercy.

Returning to the bed, Cassie straddled my body, her knees on the bed to either side of me and her butt hovering above my pussy. “You know, there’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while,” she said, “and now seems like the perfect opportunity.” She leaned in to me and lifted my head toward her, one hand behind my neck and one on my upper back. I wondered what she had in store for me now. Biting out my tongue? Sucking out my eyeball? I was still going over possible scenarios when I suddenly felt her lips brush against mine. Was she… kissing me? I parted my lips a little and Cassie intensified the kiss. This certainly was a pleasant surprise. I started kissing back and soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. Cassie broke off the kiss when oxygen started to become an issue. “Wow,” she said, still breathing heavily, “that was amazing.”

“Yeah, that felt wonderful. I can’t believe how soft your lips are. But I’m a little confused: weren’t you busy taking me apart? Not that I mind – on the contrary – but why now?” Cassie blushed. The confidence and control she’d shown while cutting me up had evaporated, leaving a nervous girl who struggled to get her words out. “I like you. Like… really like you. A lot. And like I said, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a good while now, but I could never work up the nerve to do it. I was afraid you’d run away or something. So I figured that I’d never get a better chance than this, now that there’s no risk of you running away.” She smiled sheepishly. “How long have you… liked me?” I asked. Cassie looked down at her hands, nervously playing with her fingers. “Uhm… about seven months now. Ever since you came into the classroom one day wearing that dark blue skirt with the light blue camisole. You looked so sexy in that and ever since then I’ve kind of not been able to stop thinking about you.”

“You mean we could have been doing this seven months ago?” Cassie looked at me, startled. “What?” I blushed a little. “Well, you’re not the only one to have those kinds of feelings about her best friend. You… um…” My cheeks turned a bright shade of crimson. Oh well, fortune favors the bold, right? “You may or may not have featured prominently in more than a few of my masturbation sessions.” Cassie’s mouth fell open in shock. “Wow. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Yes, and I intend to do a lot more with it to you than just kissing, though if you want me to you’ll have to come over here because I’m having a little trouble reaching you right now.” It took a few seconds for Cassie to get over her surprise, but after that she quickly leaned back in and we hungrily went for round two. And three. And four through twelve, taking a few panting breaths in between to prevent suffocation. Cassie was sucking on my bottom lip when she released it and pressed a kiss to my chin. She started placing more kisses along my jaw, moving towards my ear.

She lowered my body, which she had been holding up, back to the bed, giving her hands free reign to explore it. Her fingertips ghosted along my skin, moving in circular motions from my hips upwards to my breast. Meanwhile, she had resumed kissing along my neck, slowly making her way downwards. Her fingers brushed my left nipple, and she started moving in a spiral pattern around it. Over on the right side, she was now kissing the top of my breast, coming ever closer to my nipple. Instead of kissing it, however, she flicked my nipple with her tongue, which sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine.

It felt even better when she started sucking on it, those soft lips of hers feeling absolutely heavenly against my nipple. She switched sides, sucking on the left one while rolling the other one between her thumb and forefinger. I gasped as she softly bit down and moaned as she continued sucking. She did this a few times before replacing her mouth with her hand, playing with both of my breasts as she continued her trail of kisses further downwards. I bucked my hips in anticipation. I was almost ready to come. Just a little more…

When she had almost reached my pubic hair, she suddenly stopped, sitting up and removing her hands from my breasts. “You know, we really should get rid of this hair. I mean, it’s not the seventies anymore. Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Like I had a choice.

She got up and walked out my bedroom door. Gah! Not again! Why did she have to keep stopping just before my orgasm? If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was doing it on purpose. I heard her going into the bathroom. I didn’t really care though, as I was desperately trying to come up with some way to get off. An arm, an arm, my kingdom for an arm! But in my current state I couldn’t even roll around to rub my pussy against the blanket. Frustrated, all I could do was lie there until Cassie returned. She did so fairly quickly, holding a razor and a can of shaving cream in one hand and a bowl of water in the other.

Kneeling down on the foot of the bed, she set down the bowl of water next to my high and sprayed a dollop of shaving cream on her hand, which she started applying liberally to my pubic mound, both sides of my pussy, and even my asshole. “Might as well do it properly while we’re at it, right?” Cassie commented. I wasn’t complaining, as her fingers rubbing me all over were quickly making up for the interruption. Once I was all lathered up, she started shaving, cleaning the razor every so often in the bowl of water. I studied her as she was bent over me, a look of concentration on her face as she meticulously went over every last inch of me. Only once Cassie was satisfied that every last hair and every last speck of shaving cream was removed did she stop and put the bowl of water on the ground. “There. All done. And now for a test drive.” She scooted back a little, bent over further, placed her tongue against my pussy and licked upward.

Her tongue touching my clit was all that was needed to send me over the edge. The orgasm wracked through me as Cassie continued licking my pubic mound. I would have curled my toes if I still had any. This was easily the best orgasm I’d ever had. It took a minute or two for me to return from my cloud of bliss. I opened my eyes to see Cassie smiling at me. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve never come so hard. I think I was seeing stars at one point.” A realization hit me. “But here you are doing all of the work and getting nothing in return. I’d love to return the favor, but you know…” I looked from my one shoulder to the other. “I don’t have any arms left. Or right, for that matter.” Cassie giggled. “And you dare make fun of my lame jokes? But not to worry, just because you don’t have any appendages doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself useful.”

She lifted me from the bed, which after my recent weight loss wasn’t too difficult, and took my place lying on the bed. She flipped me around and placed me on top of her in a 69 position, holding me steady with her arms. I didn’t need any instruction. I lowered my head and darted out my tongue to her pussy, which was sopping wet. Clearly I wasn’t the only one having a good time.

I lapped at her pussy like a cat with a bowl of milk, occasionally sucking her clit. It was my first time pleasuring another woman, but I guess I must have been doing something right because Cassie’s moans were getting louder and louder. I leaned my head all the way forward and managed to get the tip of my tongue into her pussy. I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me. Swirling my tongue around and around, Cassie’s moans turned to cries. “Oh god, yes! Faster, faster! Aaah!”

I picked up the pace, stimulating her clit with my lower lip and raking her labia with my teeth. Judging from her reactions, she was about ready to come. I bit down on her clit. Not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to make an impression. It had the desired effect as Cassie was hurled over the edge. “Oh god, Susaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!” I had a front row seat to witness her orgasm; pussy juice squirted out almost a foot, a little squirting on to my nose. All the muscles in Cassie’s body relaxed as she sank into the bed. Well, almost all.

I watched fascinated as her pussy kept having involuntary muscle contractions for a good two or three minutes, which was about the time it took for Cassie to be able to form words again.

“Wow. Just… wow. That was…”

“I know. And to think, we could have been doing this seven months ago.”

“Don’t remind me. Though you could’ve said something to me as well.”

“I guess you weren’t the only one afraid of rejection.”

“Good point. Though I suppose there is one good thing to come out of the delay…” She flipped my back around so we were face to face again, a predatory look on her face. “Now we get to make up for lost time.” She laid me back down on the bed and returned to a kneeling position. Her thumb started rubbing circles around my clit as she inserted two fingers halfway into my pussy. She started stroking them in and out, entering a little deeper with each thrust.

Soon, a third finger joined the fray. She rotated her hand so the fingers were now above, rather than next to each other. This gave her a little more room to maneuver. Still stroking in and out, she added her little finger as well. God it felt good to have my pussy stuffed like this. Lost in the waves of pleasurable sensations, I almost didn’t notice when she slipped in her thumb alongside her other fingers.

With all of her fingers now inside of me, Cassie started increasing the force and length of the thrusts. She kept pulling her arm all the way back until only the very tips of her fingers were still inside, then driving them back in up to her knuckles, a little further each time. After a couple minutes she was going in down to halfway between the knuckles and the wrist. It was getting harder to concentrate, though, as I was quickly building up to another orgasm. Just a little more…

Cassie withdrew her hand once more, but this time she plunged it back in with even more force. Her hand went in all the way up to the wrist. I came apart, screaming Cassie’s name as the muscles in my pussy squeezed the invader with all their might. Cassie didn’t withdraw her hand, though. Once my pussy had relaxed a little and she could move her hand again, she started making small back and forth movements again, until her middle finger bumped into something at the end of my vagina.

A little over a week ago I wouldn’t have had a clue what it was, but thanks to my unique… condition, my anatomy textbook had become much more interesting. Cassie’s fingers were touching my cervix, and from what I could feel, she was actually trying to worm her middle finger into the hole in the middle. “Looking for eggs?” I asked. “I think you’ll find mine are a bit too small to make an omelet out of.”

“No, I’m just seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes…”

“Better be careful Alice, who knows what you’ll find down there?”

“Not to worry. I have my trusty vorpal sword.” She held up the chef’s knife in her other hand. “As long as you don’t go galumphing off with my head.” Cassie seemed to consider this for a seconed. “Don’t tempt me.” Sigh. I was never going to learn, was I? Such a simple concept: do not give the person with the knife ideas. Note to self: engage brain, then open mouth. Cassie, meanwhile, had managed to insert the tip of her middle finger into my womb and was trying to get her index finger in as well. It was tough going, as this hole was much smaller than my pussy, but after about 15 or 20 minutes my cervix was stretched tight around all five of her fingertips. Cassie shifted, putting more of her weight behind her arm and started pushing into me with more force. My cervix put up a valiant fight, but slowly but surely Cassie’s arm sank deeper into me, a fraction of an inch at a time.

Several minutes of hard work later (I thought I could see sweat drops forming on Cassie’s forehead), the widest part of Cassie’s hand was entering my womb. Of course, this meant that the rest of her hand encountered much less resistance since my cervix didn’t have to expand any further, so when she gave another push the rest of her hand slammed home, my cervix closing around her wrist. She closed her hand into a fist and pushed until her knuckles were touching the back of my womb. Her arm was now embedded in me until just below the elbow. “I guess that’s as deep as it goes,” she said, “unless…”

I felt her bending her wrist, granting her another couple inches of leeway, which she used to push her arm in even further. The limit was reached when her elbow slipped inside of me. The feeling of being so stuffed was amazing, my entire birth canal stretched around her forearm. “Now I know what a ventriloquist feels like,” Cassie laughed.

“Are you calling me a dummy?” I asked. “No comment.” She withdrew her arm a little and rotated it so her palm was facing upwards. Spreading out her fingers, she started exploring the walls of my womb. “This feels so weird,” I said. “Is this what it’s like to have a baby?” Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know. Let’s see if we can give you a baby bump.” She pushed her fingers further upwards, causing my stomach to form a noticeable bulge. “This is so cool. I can’t wait to get my arms back and shove them into you.”

“Hmmm,” Cassie said, “can’t wait. Wait a minute, what am I saying? I don’t have to.” She leaned over and picked my forearm off the nightstand with her free hand. Folding back the thumb, ring finger and pinky, she inserted the other two fingers into her pussy and started sliding my arm in and out of her. Once she’d worked up to a steady rhythm, she focused on her other arm again and started withdrawing her hand from my cervix. Once she’d cleared it, she pressed forward again. Each time she repeated it, it took a little less time, as my cervix slowly accommodated to her arm. Meanwhile, she had folded my fingers so that the thumb was hitting her clit at the end of each stroke, the other four pistoning in and out of her.

After a few minutes, my cervix had relaxed enough to barely impede her fisting anymore, so she started lengthening her strokes, until with each stroke she alternated between having her hand all the way outside of me and touching the back of my womb. Her arm was glistening, absolutely covered in my juices. She was now fisting herself as well, my hand having disappeared inside of her. Judging from her moans and whimpers, she was on the verge of orgasm. I wasn’t too far off myself, thanks to the vigorous workout my pussy was getting. I closed my eyes to focus fully on the sensations coming from my lower body. I heard Cassie crying out as she came, but she kept up the rhythm: in, out, in, out, i… huh?

There was a pause as the expected filling of the void within me didn’t happen. As I was about to open my eyes to see what she was doing, I felt her hand enter me once more. Except… something felt different. Opening my eyes, I saw the end of my arm stump disappear inside me as Cassie pushed it home, my pussy lips slowly closing over the end of it. I had my entire forearm lodged inside of me! I felt my orgasm start to explode as Cassie reinserted her hand, grabbed the end of my arm and yanked it out on one fell swoop, leaving me with my both mouth and pussy gaping open. With every possible barrier spread wide open, the arm was followed by a torrent of cum, drenching the bed below me and splattering droplets all over Cassie. I felt a gust of cool air blow into my uterus, filling me with a sense of loss.

“Wow. I feel so… empty.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll feel a whole lot emptier before the night is through.”

“So you remembered that, huh? I was kind of hoping you’d forgotten.”

Cassie flashed her signature evil grin. “Not a chance.”


Friday evening

“But before we continue,” Cassie said, “I want something to remember this day by.” She walked over to the pants she had discarded on the floor and pulled her phone from one of the pockets. After a few taps, she took a step back towards me. “Say cheese,” she said as she held the phone out in front of her. “What? Are you crazy? What if someone sees those?” Cassie rolled her eyes. “Yeah, because the first thing I’m going to do is upload these to Facebook. ‘Here’s a picture of me slaughtering my best friend. 500 people liked this.’ Come on Susan, give me a little credit. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a jail or laboratory any more than you do. The only place these photos are going is in the same password-protected folder on my computer where I keep my own nude pictures.”

“You have nude pictures of yourself?” I asked. She’d never mentioned anything to me about that. “Of course. And the only one who’s going to be seeing them is me. And possibly a certain hot young teenage girl I know, provided she asks nicely enough.” There was a definite glint in her eye. “If anyone else wants to see them,” she continued, “they’ll have to brute-force the password, which should take them… oh, about a decade or two, give or take a year. Don’t you ever take nude shots of yourself?” I blushed. “Well… yeah. Except I don’t keep them in a password-protected folder or anything.” Cassie looked at me. “I know I’m going to regret asking this, but where do you keep them?”

“Uhm… they’re in a folder called ‘Homework’…” Cassie facepalmed. “Oh lord. Susan, honey, you know I love you, but you really need to learn about digital security. We live in an age where any leaked photo will be seen by the entire school within a minute of someone getting their hands on it. Leaving your private stuff out in the open like this just isn’t safe anymore. That’s it, after this weekend we’re going to sit down and I’ll teach you the basics of what you need to know. And while we’re at it, we’re going to have a look at those pictures of yours, because now I’m all curious.” I grinned. “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” Cassie raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? And who’s going to stop me from walking over to your computer right now and looking at them? ‘Homework’, was it?” D’oh. “You’re really milking this whole ‘helpless’ thing for all it’s worth, aren’t you?”

“Naturally.” To prove her point, Cassie bent over and brushed her thumb lightly over my clit. “And you wouldn’t have it any other way. But I’ll agree to your deal, because I’m not going to waste my time looking at old pictures when I could be shooting new ones instead. Now how’s about that smile?” I gave her a radiant smile and heard the shutter noise. “Okay, can you raise your head?” I did so and Cassie lowered her phone to just above the bed, about a foot in front of my pussy. “Can you lift your head a little more? I want to get your pussy and head in the same shot, but I can’t see your mouth.” I tried to do so, but with no way to stabilize myself my head quickly fell back onto the pillow. “You know I’d love to, but it’s kind of hard without any leverage whatsoever.”

“This from the girl who can twist herself into positions in gym class that leave me sore just thinking about them? Come on, put some backbone into it. You’ve still got one of those, don’t you?” I strained to lift my head as far as possible. “Perfect. Now smile.” Click. Next, Cassie took some close-ups of my stumps, or lack thereof, one overhead shot with the camera pointed straight down above me and then sat down on the foot of the bed. “Hold on, I want to get one of your pussy gaping open.” She put down the camera and pulled my pussy lips apart, but they closed before she could pick up the camera again. Cassie gave it two more tries, but every time she was too slow. “Guess we’ll have to try this another way.” Holding her phone in one hand, she inserted three fingers of her other hand into my pussy, quickly followed by the other two. She made a fist and started pumping it backwards and forwards. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations, but before I could really get into it Cassie quickly withdrew her hand from my pussy and I heard the click of the shutter. “There we go, wonderful. Wanna see?” She turned the phone around to let me look at the photo. There was my pussy, in all its glory, gaping wide and slightly glistening with moisture. Of course I’d seen my own pussy plenty of times, but never in that state or from that angle. It was getting me hot just looking at it. “Are you going to give me a copy as well?”

“Sure, as soon as you learn to keep your ‘homework’,” Cassie said, using air quotes, “in a more secure location. Think of it as an incentive.” I rolled my eyes at her. “But now that we’ve gotten a good look at your outer beauty,” Cassie said, walking over to the duffel bag, “how about we start exploring your inner beauty?” I laughed. “Why do I get the feeling you’re not talking about my winning personality?” Having found what she was looking for, Cassie stood back up holding a scalpel, grinning devilishly. “Because you’ve got a brain? For the time being, that is.”

That Cassie, always the comedian. At least, I think it was a joke. Right? Don’t I kind of, you know, need my brain to live? Before I could worry about it more, Cassie jumped on the bed and positioned the tip of the scalpel in the center of my torso, a little below my breasts. She put some pressure onto the blade and it sank into my skin. Once she’d decided the scalpel had gone in deep enough, she started pulling it towards her, carving through the layers of skin and muscle like a hot knife through butter. She slowed down a little when she reached my belly button and sped up again once she cleared it. She stopped a couple of inches above my pussy.

There wasn’t much to see yet; because I was lying down my skin stayed as it was, except it now had a thin cut along my abdomen. Cassie positioned the blade at my left side at the same height as the start of the cut. She cut across to my right side, making sure to connect this horizontal cut with the top of the vertical one. She did the same thing at the lower end, though because my legs had been cut off so high up she had to angle the two horizontal segments, making it look more like an arrow than a T-shape. Cassie dug her fingers into the central cut and folded open the two flaps, revealing the contents of my abdominal cavity.

While I had often thought the ceiling mirror above my bed somewhat strange – not that I was complaining, mind you; I’d made good use of it in the past – I was really happy with it being there now, because it offered a much better view of things than I had looking down. I could see my liver, stomach, the large and small intestine and the bottom of my ribcage peeking out just below the top of the opening. “Oh yeah, this definitely calls for another picture,” Cassie said, picking up her phone again. “Smile.” I smiled as she took some overall shots, followed by some close-ups of my insides. “Now,” she said, “since your previous anatomy lesson made the CliffsNotes version look like War and Peace, I figured we were due for a remedial class so we can do it properly this time. Let’s get started, shall we?” She picked up the scalpel again.

“This is the liver,” she said, pointing the scalpel at it. “It’s actually one of the more versatile organs in the human body. It decomposes red blood cells, produces hormones, breaks down toxins and creates proteins, among other functions. But it has one property that no other organ has. Can you tell me what that is?” I tried thinking back to biology class in school, but drew a blank. “Uhm… I’m sorry teacher,” I said, slipping into my role as student, “but I don’t know.” Cassie smirked. “Haven’t done your homework again, Miss McKenzie?” She tried to sound annoyed, but couldn’t quite hide a little smirk. Apparently she enjoyed the teacher-student dynamic. “Very well then. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. You can remove as much as three quarters of it and it will all grow back. Normally this takes quite a while, of course, but since we now both have some kind of super-healing ability I wonder whether that also affects the liver.” She cut a small piece off my liver and we both watched as it slowly but surely grew back.

“Excellent. That leads me to another thing about the liver: according to Hollywood, it’s supposed to taste pretty good with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Fortunately, I just so happen to have both of those with me.” She stood up from the bed and after rummaging around in the duffel bag for a bit she returned holding a Tupperware container of round green beans, a bottle of red wine, two wine glasses, a corkscrew and a spoon. “Wow, you really went all out on the planning, didn’t you? No wonder that bag was so heavy.”

“What can I say? I’ve been looking forward to this.” Cassie sat back down, uncorked the wine bottle, poured two wine glasses, which she placed on the nightstand, and opened the Tupperware container. “Let’s see if this tastes as good as advertised.” She scooped up a spoonful of fava beans, placed the piece of liver she’d cut off on top and stuck the spoon in her mouth. I watched her face take on an appreciative expression as she chewed a couple of times before swallowing, chasing it down with a drink from her wine glass. “Hm, I’ve got to hand it to Hannibal, this tastes pretty good. Want some?” I shrugged, “I might as well, right? Hey, quick question: is it still considered cannibalism if it’s your own flesh you’re eating?” Cassie pondered this for a second. “Huh, good question. I never thought about it. I’d guess so.”

“Yeah, probably. ‘Susan the Cannibal’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, though. You at least have the alliteration thing going. Too bad my parents didn’t name me Annabel.” Cassie cut off another piece of my liver, put it on top of some beans and held the spoon in front of my mouth, lifting my head with her other hand. “Now open up for the choo-choo train,” she giggled. “Ha ha. I’m limbless, not two years old, you moron,” I said, shooting her a disapproving look. “Awww, but you’re so adorable like this,” she said in that voice people use when they talk to babies, “all helpless and needing me to feed you.” Sigh. The things I have to put up with. “Are you going to feed me or not?”

“Okay, okay, fine, you spoilsport.” I opened my mouth and tasted myself for the first time. Well, it was the first time tasting a solid piece of myself, anyway. I was quite familiar with the taste of my own pussy juice. Cassie was right, though: this didn’t taste half bad. After swallowing, she held my wine glass to my lips, tilting it so I could take a sip. The fruitiness of the wine, which tasted a bit like cherries, complemented the rest well. Cassie had already cut off another piece for her second bite. Since it was pretty much dinner time anyway, we decided to skip the pizzas my mom had laid out for us and instead continued to dine on my liver.

“Phew, I’m stuffed,” I said. “I’ve been at an all-you-can-eat buffet before, but this is the first time I’ve actually been an all-you-can-eat buffet”. Cassie put down the spoon. “Yeah, I couldn’t eat another bite either,” she agreed. “Guess we’ll have to leave the rest for leftovers”. Using the scalpel, she severed the connections to my other organs and lifted out the liver, dropped it in the now empty Tupperware container and replaced the lid. “Now that we’ve eaten, let’s continue with our lesson, shall we? This,” Cassie said, grabbing hold of the small organ that had been hiding under my liver, “is the gallbladder. It helps break down fat in foods, but isn’t actually all that important. Hundreds of thousands of people have it removed each year without any issues.” She gave a quick tug, tearing the organ free and tossed it over her shoulder like a piece of trash.

“The gallbladder releases bile into the small intestine, which start here, a little below the stomach.” She sliced through my digestive tract at the point she indicated and started pulling out my small intestine. “The small intestine is where most of your food is digested. It’s pretty long; about 23 feet in adults.” By now she’d removed most of it: it ran from the one end, where it was still attached to me, straight to the edge of the bed, most of it lying coiled on the floor.

“The small intestine ends where it connects to the large intestine.” She held up the part where my bowels got noticeably thicker and made another cut, severing the small intestine completely. “Aside from digesting food, the small intestine also has another interesting function, though you won’t find it in any textbook.” She measured out about seven feet of it and made another cut. She stood up, holding one end of the segment she’d cut off in either hand. “It makes for an excellent jump rope.”

She started jumping up and down, swinging the impromptu jump rope around her. “Wow, I haven’t done this in years!” After a few dozen jumps she stopped and dropped the ‘jump rope’ on the floor. “Okay, that’s enough exercise for one day. Where were we? Oh right, the large intestine. The large intestine absorbs water out of anything that wasn’t digested and turns it into waste, or ‘shit’, as you young people call it.” I raised my eyebrow. “I’m three months older than you,” I said. “Quiet, Miss McKenzie, or I’ll have you sent to detention.” I sighed theatrically. “Sorry, Miss Sullivan.”

“Good. Here, at the start of the large intestine, you’ll notice another largely useless organ; the appendix. There is a theory that it serves as a safe haven for useful bacteria, but it hasn’t been conclusively proven yet. Again, plenty of people have it removed with no ill effects.” Once again, she tore off the organ and carelessly tossed it behind her. “If we follow the large intestine, we arrive at the rectum, which stores the waste until you’re ready to defecate, which happens by relaxing the muscles around your anus.” I opened my mouth, but Cassie spoke before I could.

“Yes, one of the planets in our solar system has a funny name. Also, that joke stopped being funny decades ago.” I closed my mouth again. I suppose it was a little too obvious. Cassie made another cut just above my asshole and dropped the large intestine beside the bed. My asshole was now nothing more than a hole in my skin. I relaxed it a little and could see the bed appearing through it. With the largest organs removed, my abdominal cavity was a whole lot emptier: I could see my spine already.

Cassie continued her lesson, pointing at the organ below my stomach. “This is the pancreas. It has two main functions: to release enzymes that help digest food, and to release hormones such as insulin, which helps prevent diabetes.” Another rip and I’d lost another organ. She rummaged around underneath my stomach for a bit, emerging holding a small organ. “Here we have another entry in the category of optional organs. The spleen regulates red blood cells and the immune system. Like the gallbladder and the appendix, it can be safely removed in normal people. That probably goes double for us since we don’t seem to have any blood whatsoever.” She yanked it free and discarded it.

“Okay, enough with all these boring useless organs. Let’s get back to something more interesting.” She grabbed my stomach and drew it down a bit, stretching my esophagus so she could cut it off at the top. “Let’s see what you’ve had for breakfast. One sec, though; I don’t want to get acid all over everything.” Cassie walked over to the duffel bag to grab a large glass oven dish and a pair of surgical gloves. She placed the oven dish on the bed and lifted my stomach into it. After snapping on the gloves, she sliced it open and carefully upended it, pouring the contents into the oven dish. She managed to do so without splashing.

“Let’s see, what have we here? These are clearly the liver and fava beans we just had, I’m assuming the orange-red liquid is a mix of the wine and the orange juice you drank earlier, but I don’t think I can recognize the other stuff.” She sifted through the contents with her fingers. “Any idea what this might be?” I mentally went through what I’d eaten for the last few meals. “I think that’s chicken. And that piece a little to the left of it –”

“This one?” Cassie pointed her finger at it. “No, further left – yeah, that one – I’m pretty sure that’s broccoli. That’s what I had for lunch, at least. And that would probably make those little bits – right, those – the cereal I had for breakfast.” Cassie nodded. “Cool. Uhm, I mean… very good, Miss McKenzie. Anyway, as you can see, the stomach is where food is dissolved in acid to break it down into pieces that are small enough to digest. Aside from the esophagus, which I can’t get to at the moment, this concludes our tour of your digestive tract.”

She peeled off the gloves so they were inside out and dropped them on the floor. “Next up is the urinary tract, which starts at your kidneys. They filter waste out of the bloodstream, converting it into urine. They also maintain salt and water balance. As you can see, they are connected to your bladder by means of the ureter. In normal humans there would also be two veins coming out of them to connect them to the circulatory system, but as we’ve already established, we’re not exactly normal.” I chuckled. “Yeah, somehow I don’t think any of our classmates are spending their evening dissecting each other.”

“Their loss. This is the most fun I’ve had in months. Now, in order to prevent leaking urine everywhere I’m going to have to tie the ureters off first.” She made a large loop in one of them, pulled the kidney through to complete the knot, pulled the knot tight and then cut through the ureter between the knot and the kidney. She tossed the kidney aside and repeated the process for the other one. “Okay, so far so good. Anyway, urine from the kidneys is sent to the bladder, where it is stored until you go to the bathroom, at which point you relax the muscles around your urethra, which is this tube here, which leads to the outside. Unfortunately, the urethra is a bit too short to tie a loop into, so I’m just going to try to hold it closed until I can dump the contents.” Cassie clamped my urethra between her thumb and forefinger a little above the end and cut it off between the skin and her fingers. With her other hand, she lifted my bladder out of me until it was hanging over the oven dish, at which point she released her two fingers, causing quite a bit of pee to splash into the contents of my stomach. Once the stream had stopped, she gave the bladder a few good squeezes to get the last few drops out. “There we go, didn’t spill a drop. Plus, I saved you a trip to the bathroom.” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, thanks, this is much more convenient than just going to the bathroom.”

“Oh, hush you. Let’s see, it looks like all we have left is your reproductive system. Finally we’re getting to my favorite bits.” She grabbed her phone and took another overview shot, one with my all my internal and external sexual organs, followed by some close-ups of my womb and my ovaries. Replacing the phone with the scalpel, she resumed the lecture. “On the outside of the pussy we have the pussy lips, or labia. There are actually two sets: the labia majora, which look like normal skin, and the labia minora. The labia minora vary in size from woman to woman. For some they are almost completely hidden in the labia majora, like mine –” she spread her legs and pointed at her own pussy “– other women, like you, have larger ones that are visible all the time.”

She grabbed one of my pussy lips and stretched it away from my pussy. “The labia minora are pretty stretchy: depending on the girl they can stretch out several inches.” She pulled a bit harder and stopped when she reached about two inches. “I think this is as far as they go.” Still keeping it stretched, she placed the scalpel at the top, just beside my clit, and slowly started cutting down. When the last bit of flesh had been cut, it came away entirely, shriveling back up to its original size. She put it down on the bed and cut off the other one in the same manner. “At the top of the pussy, where the two labia minora meet, is the clitoris. It is a very sensitive bundle of nerves that, as you’re no doubt well aware, produces a pleasurable sensation when touched, like so.” She briefly touched my clit with the tip of her forefinger, sending a jolt of pleasure through me. “What you might not know is that the clitoris is not just the tip that most people know about. It actually curves downward, splits in two and continues for several more inches. We can get a better look at the start of it by cutting away the clitoral hood.”

She positioned the scalpel upside-down, the tip at the edge of my hood, barely touching my clit with the blunt side, but enough to start building an orgasm. “Hey, lie still, will you? This is tricky enough without you moving about,” she said. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself.” I tried thinking of math to distract myself from the feelings that the metal blade gave me. Cassie carefully started cutting upwards, parting my hood. When she reached the end, the made a small lateral cut, giving my clitoral hood two flaps, which she held open with her fingers. “If you thought touching the end felt good, try this.” She lowered her head to my pussy, lifted the exposed inch and a half of my clit up with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth, massaging it with her lips and teasing the end with her tongue.

Holy shit! My entire nervous system was on fire. I’d never felt anything so good before. I managed to hold on for about ten seconds before fireworks exploded behind my eyes and I came explosively. I was still panting with my eyes closed when I felt her sit back down on the bed. Apparently I’d missed her standing up. “Did you enjoy that?” Cassie asked. “Are you kidding? If you promise to do that more often, you can cut me up any time you want. Hell, I insist on it.”

“Glad to hear it. But for now, let’s continue with our lesson.” She grabbed my clit with a pair of tweezers that she must have gotten from her bag and started pulling. Slowly but surely, she pulled my clitoris out of me a fraction of an inch at a time. While not nearly as pleasurable as her mouth, the pressure from the tweezers was working its magic. “Look, you can see the part where it splits in two.” With less and less of my clitoris remaining in my body, Cassie was starting to gain speed. I closed my eyes. Just a little more stimulation…

Suddenly all feeling from my clit disappeared. I opened my eyes and saw my entire clitoris hanging from the tweezers, making an inverted Y-shape. “Gaaaah! How do you always manage to stop just short of giving me an orgasm?” I yelled. “Because I wanted to demonstrate something, Miss McKenzie. So if you’d kindly stop interrupting me…” Lacking the fingers to “zip my lips,” I snapped my mouth shut demonstratively. “That’s better. As I was about to say, now that we’ve removed the external genitalia, it’s time to start looking at the internal ones. First is the vagina, which is the tube leading to the uterus. This is where the male penis is inserted for fertilization. At the top of the vagina is what’s known as the g-spot, which is another erogenous zone like the clitoris.” She inserted two fingers into my pussy and started making a “come here” motion, curving her fingers upwards. “Ooh, there it is. Don’t stop,” I moaned when she hit the right spot. The feeling wasn’t as strong as the one from my clitoris in its normal state, let alone when it was exposed, but I wasn’t about to complain. Hell, in a minute or two I wouldn’t have any sexual organs anymore whatsoever, so I had better enjoy this while it lasted. Pretty soon she had me writhing as another orgasm washed over me. It took a minute for me to regain my senses. There were definite advantages to having a friend with extensive anatomy knowledge. “Do I have your full attention again, Miss McKenzie?” I nodded. “Sure thing, teacher.”

“Very well. Once the male ejaculates, the sperm travels upwards, through the cervix and into the uterus where, if the timing is right, there’s an egg waiting to be fertilized. The egg comes from the ovaries: once a month, an egg is released and travels through the fallopian tube into the uterus, where it nestles into the uterine lining.” She indicated the path with her finger. If the egg has not been fertilized, it is expelled from the body, along with a lot of blood, which is known as having your period.” I rolled my eyes. “Tell me about it. I don’t know who designed the human body, but they did a pretty shitty job on that one. I was mortified when I had my first period.”

“Yeah, me too. Good thing my mom had explained it beforehand or I would have thought I was dying. There is one way of getting around it, though.” That piqued my curiosity. “Really? What is it?” Cassie pinched one of my fallopian tubes between her thumb and forefinger, just above the uterus, and pulled, severing it completely before tearing it free from the surrounding tissue. She ripped out the other one as well. “Simple: no eggs, no period. In fact, just to be sure, let’s perform a hysterectomy as well.”

“A hyste-what now?” She cut through my vagina just below the mouth of my womb. “Hysterectomy: the removal of the uterus.” She held it in front of my face so I could get a better view. “If you look at the bottom end, you can see your cervix.” I looked at the puffy, circular piece of flesh with a small hole in the middle. “It’s hard to imagine that not an hour ago you could fit your whole hand through that tiny hole,” I said.

“Yeah, the female reproductive system is amazingly flexible. Of course, it has to be, since it’s designed to transport an entire baby.” She placed the uterus on the bed with the rest of my genitalia and cut off the tube of my vagina as well, leaving my abdominal cavity entirely empty save for my spine and pelvis. No more orgasms for poor Susan. Cassie took this occasion to take some more pictures. “Hey, Susan. Do you know how they sometimes call a man’s junk his ‘crown jewels’?” she asked. “Yeah, why?”

“I never really understood that; none of it looks like any jewelry I know. I mean, what do they have? A rod and two balls? I’ve never worn anything like that. The female genitalia, on the other hand, are much more suited as jewelry. For example –” she picked up one of my pussy lips, tied it into a loose knot and put it around her left ring finger, pulling the ends tight with her other hand. She tied the other around her right ring finger. “You’ve got rings…” She took out her earrings and threaded my fallopian tubes through her earholes after tying a small knot at their ends. “Earrings…” Cassie cut my vagina into two pieces of equal length and inserted her hands through them. “Armbands…” She took my womb and cut just behind the cervix to separate it. Then, placing the scalpel at a slight angle to the opening, she started cutting in a spiral pattern, like trying to peel an apple all in one go. Soon, my uterus was one long strip. She inserted one end into my cervix and moved it down the strip until it was in the middle. She positioned the resulting necklace so that the ‘pendant’, i.e. my cervix, was hanging at the right height, then looped the rest around her neck several times, tying the ends behind her neck when she reached the end. “And a necklace. All the jewelry a lady needs.”

“Heh, I must say I look pretty good on you. I can’t help but notice you haven’t used my clit yet, though,” I said. “Hey, I never said I was a lady, now did I?” She cut off the two ends of my clit and started rubbing her nipples until they were jutting straight out. This didn’t take very long, since they were pretty hard already. She placed the tip of the scalpel against the side of one of them and pierced it through to the other side. She inserted one of the ends of my clit into the hole and tied a knot. She did the same to her other breast. She moaned as she pulled on them. “Wow, I think I might get some real nipple rings ones after this. This feels great. And now for the final piece: a clit piercing.”

She started fingering her clit and pulled back the hood. She sucked in her breath and pierced the scalpel through her clit. She screamed as she clearly had a powerful orgasm. When she had calmed down, she picked up the remaining part of my clitoris and threaded it through hers. “Oh yeah, I’m definitely getting one of these.” She fingered her now pierced clit and shuddered as she had another orgasm, albeit smaller than the previous one. She stood up to admire her new jewelry in the mirror. She also took some pictures of herself in her new accessories. “You know, now that I have all this beautiful new jewelry, I think I need a new outfit as well,” she said, tapping her finger to her lips. “Well, my wardrobe is over there. Help yourself,” I said. “Thanks, but that’s not quite what I had in mind. How about a little pop quiz, Miss McKenzie, to see if you’ve been paying attention. What is the largest organ in the human body?” I thought back to all the things that had come out of me this evening, and what little I had left.

“The lungs?”


“The small intestine?”

“Nope.” Huh? Those were definitely the two largest ones; all the others were smaller. “I give up.”

“It’s the skin. In fact, it makes up about a sixth of your body weight.”

“Really? The skin’s considered an organ? Okay, if you say so.”

“Yep. And if you hadn’t guessed already, this ties in rather nicely with where I’m going to get my new outfit from.”

“Yeah, I figured as much. Okay, let’s get going then. You’re already wearing half my body in one way or another; might as well complete the ensemble with a Susan-leather jacket,” I said dryly.

“Gladly.” Cassie closed the two flaps of my abdomen and traced her finger over the cuts, which disappeared without a trace. Starting at my right shoulder, about an inch or two left of my arm stump, she started cutting a semicircle down to the top of my breasts and back up to the other shoulder. This would probably mark the neckline. She lifted me upright and made the same cut on my back. Next, she made a cut all around the base of my neck, and two cuts across my shoulders connecting the sides of the smaller circle with the larger one.

Starting at one of the cuts across my shoulders, she started skinning me by cutting away the top layer of skin, peeling it away as she worked, leaving the underlying muscles untouched. Soon she’d removed both pieces of skin, leaving me with a very red cleavage. Starting at the back of what was going to be one of the shoulder straps, Cassie inserted the blade under my skin and started cutting up, over my shoulder and back down until she’d freed the whole thing from the underlying layers. Once she’d done so, she pulled the strap to the side, off of my shoulder, which introduced some slack that allowed her to lift up the ends of the strap and start cutting from there. She did the same thing on the other side and then it was just a matter of waiting while Cassie more or less peeled me like a banana, turning the part she’d cut off inside out so she could access the rest. It took quite a while: the scalpel’s small size allowed her to work very accurately, but it was a lot to cut through for such a small blade.

Still, Cassie persevered, and after a good ten or fifteen minutes she severed the last link between my skin and my pussy, leaving me completely skinned, save for my head. While Cassie was stepping into the leg holes of what looked like a one-piece swimsuit made of skin, I admired myself in the ceiling mirror. My entire torso was now a bright red, save for my breasts, which were yellow. “Hey, teacher?” Cassie stopped. She’d just gotten her left arm through the corresponding arm hole. The other side was still bunched around her waist, which left one breast exposed.

“Yes, Miss McKenzie?”

“Why are my boobs a different color than the rest of me?”

“Ah, that’s simple. Your breasts are comprised mostly of fat tissue, which is yellow, whereas the rest of what you’re seeing is muscles, which are red.”

“Huh. So boobs are basically just bags of fat?”



“How so?”

“Well, it just seems a little strange that women go to great lengths to avoid fat in the rest of our body, but when it comes to boobs it’s usually the bigger, the better.”

“One of the mysteries of the universe, I’m afraid.”

She did up the other side as well and looked at herself in the mirror, turning around a couple of times. “Hm,” she hummed. “What is it? Doesn’t it fit?” I asked, and laughed. “I’m afraid I don’t have any other sizes of this particular item in stock.” Cassie shook her head. “No, it fits fine, It’s just that I don’t think a swimsuit is quite what I had in mind. For one thing –” she spread her legs a little, which showed her own pussy visible through the hole that had once been the entrance to mine “– who ever heard of a crotchless swimsuit?”

“Can’t say I have,” I replied. “I’m afraid I don’t have much ‘fabric’ left to make alterations, though.” Cassie considered this for a moment. “Don’t worry, I think I can work something out.” She grabbed the scalpel again and started cutting a little above the leg hole. She cut all the way across her belly to the other side and then back to the starting point via her back, making sure not to slice deep enough to cut into her own skin. She made the same cut about an inch below her breasts, dividing the garment into three pieces. She pulled the middle one down over her hips, until it formed a miniskirt. “There, much better. Halter top, miniskirt and crotchless panties. A much more sensible outfit.”

“Agreed, you look pretty sexy. In fact, I’m getting all kinds of ideas of things I want to do to you. Unfortunately, I’m a little indisposed at the moment.”

“Is that so? Well, there is one thing you can do for me.”

“Really? I don’t see how, but okay, what is it?”

“Well, I’ve got some nice new jewelry and a new outfit; what’s missing?”

“Uhm, I don’t know? A facial? Nail polish?”

“Those are not bad ideas, but I was thinking of a new hairstyle. In fact, I rather like yours.”

“Well, there’s a comb in the bathroom, as well as a can of hair spray.” Cassie started walking over to me, scalpel still in hand and with an evil grin on her face. “I think you misunderstand. I said I liked your hairstyle. Besides, I’ve always wanted to be a redhead.”

“Ah. Hey, just a thought: wouldn’t it be easier to just put your brain in my body, rather than just taking it over piece by piece? It seems like a much more efficient solution.”

“Perhaps, but then you wouldn’t learn anything about anatomy, would you? For example, what would you have answered not fifteen minutes ago if I asked you what the color of the inside of your breasts was?” I sighed. “Red.” Cassie nodded. “Exactly. And would you have known where your g-spot was?” she asked. “No, Miss Sullivan.” And from now on, I was certainly going to put that little tidbit of information to good use. “Okay, I see your point, carry on,” I conceded. “Thanks.” She smiled, adding: “Not that I actually need your permission, of course.” She wasn’t going to let me forget that, was she? Slicing into my forehead just below the hairline, she traced it down to my temples, over my ears, down to the top of my neck and back around to where she’d started.

Once the cut had been completed, she lifted my entire scalp off of me, revealing the top of my skull. Cassie walked over towards the mirror and started cutting off her own scalp in the same way. The front and sides were easy enough, but the back she had to do by touch. She managed, though, and she let her own hair fall to ground and replaced it with mine. The cut healed as usual, removing all evidence that the brown wig pooled around her feet was her actual hair, rather than the red locks she was now sporting. With her “make-over” complete, she took some more of pictures of herself before returning to me. “Alright, let’s continue with the lesson, shall we?” she asked. “Huh? Haven’t you pretty much emptied me out already?”

“Hardly. For one thing, in your lecture you skipped the head entirely. I intend to correct that oversight.” She picked up the hacksaw she’d used to saw off my limbs and aligned it with the edge of my skin on my forehead and started sawing it back and forth. When she felt a drop in resistance, she repositioned the saw more to the side and resumed sawing. She’d almost sawed through the front half when everything suddenly went black. “Hey, who turned out the lights?” I asked. “Oops, sorry. Guess I must’ve nicked your temporal lobe. Don’t worry, I’ll fix you once I get this skull out of the way.” I felt Cassie flip me around so she could start working on the back half. With my vision blinded, the only thing to focus on were the sounds of the hacksaw making its way through my skull. Being blind was pretty boring. Fortunately, I didn’t have too long to wait until Cassie completed the cut and the top of my skull fell away.

She flipped me around again and I felt her fingers move over my brain along the edge of cut, which was a pretty strange sensation. When she reached the right side of my brain, the world suddenly popped back into view in all its Technicolor glory. “Thanks, that’s better,” I said. “Good. Wouldn’t want you to miss my lesson on account of some silly excuse like being blinded, now would we?” she asked. “Yeah, that would be terrible.” Choosing to ignore the sarcasm in my voice, Cassie continued with her lecture.

“This, Miss McKenzie, is the brain. It is probably the most important organ in the human body, as it controls almost everything: muscles, senses, memories, thought, etc. Controlling the body is done by sending electrical pulses through the nerves down to the part you’re trying to move, such as your arm. The brain is one of the last great mysteries of the human body: scientists have a vague idea of how everything works, but there is still much we don’t understand. Einstein had a theory that we only use ten percent of our brains, but that has since been disproven. Personally, I think he was on to something though, so I wanted to take this opportunity to test my own theory.”

“Which is?” I asked. “That, especially in the state you’re in right now, you only need ten percent of your brain.” Gulp. Cassie picked up the chef’s knife and lined it up with the fold between the halves of my brain. “Don’t worry, there are plenty of real-world cases where a part of someone’s brain is removed, and they go on to live happily ever after, even without our special healing powers. For example, one such procedure is called a hemispherectomy, in which one of the two halves of a patient’s brain is removed. It’s occasionally performed on people with severe epilepsy.” Cassie started sliding the knife into my brain. “It has a tendency to cause paralysis in the limbs on the opposite side of the body of the half that is removed, but somehow I don’t think that will be a problem in this case.” There was a sound of metal scraping on bone as Cassie guided the tip of the knife all along the walls and floor of my brain cavity to fully sever the two halves. “Okay, time to remove one of them. Do you have a preference for which one you want to keep?”

“I dunno. I guess I’ve always been more creative than logical, so I’d like to keep the right half,” I said. “Very well.” She replaced the knife with the scalpel, and inserted it between my brain and the front of my skull. Suddenly the left quarter or so of my vision went dark as she severed the optic nerve.

She worked the fingers of her other hand in between the two halves of my brain, hooked her fingers under the left one and started lifting it out. Once she’d gotten it most of the way out, she cut the connection between the brain and the spinal cord, freeing it completely. She held it in front of me so I could see. “This wrinkled part on the outside is called the cerebral cortex;” she said, “it controls all kinds of stuff like memory, language and thought. This smooth bit below it is the corpus callosum, which is the part through which the two halves of the brain communicate. This part here in the back that looks like a tree is the cerebellum, and it handles motor control. And this straight bit is the brain stem, which connects to your spine.”

“Cool,” I said, “but there’s something I don’t understand. Without the left half of my brain, shouldn’t I be more or less incapable of logic? Somehow I can still hear you and reply and I can even still do sums in my head.”

“Yes, I was getting to that. That whole thing about the two brain halves having different functions isn’t actually true. But I figured it was easier to show you than tell you.” She placed the brain on the nightstand and returned her attention to me. “Fifty percent done, forty to go,” she said. “The next procedure we will perform is a frontal lobotomy. They used to do this to people in insane asylums to calm them down.”

“Well, most people would call what we’re doing here pretty crazy.” Cassie chuckled. “Indeed.” Using the scalpel, she started cutting off the front half of what she’d just told me was my cerebral cortex. Soon, it too was lying on the nightstand. “Those are the only two common operations in which part of the brain is removed,” Cassie said. “That doesn’t mean we can’t come up with some of our own, though. For example, the parietal lobe handles spatial navigation. And you’re not going anywhere.” She cut away another third of the remainder of my cerebral cortex and put it with the others. “And since there’s no other half of your brain to communicate with anymore, we can safely remove the corpus callosum. Similarly, since with no limbs you don’t need any motor control, the cerebellum can be taken out as well.” Two more pieces joined the growing pile of brain matter on the nightstand. “Unfortunately, that’s about as far as I can go without taking away anything important. All the rest is associated with stuff like vision, memory and language, which you still need. Still, I’d say this is a pretty good result.

It’s not quite the ten percent I was hoping for, but I think we definitely got it down to twenty. Now to check if I didn’t take out anything important. Can you still see and hear?”


“And apparently you can still speak as well. What’s your name?”

“Susan McKenzie.”

“Okay, now for short-term memory: what did we have for dinner?”


“Be more specific.”

“My liver. We also had wine and fava beans.”

“Good. And long-term memory: when did we first meet?”

“In second grade.”

“Excellent. Well, I think that proves my theory.”

“Heh, good luck publishing it anywhere. I’d love to see you explain your experiment.”

“Yeah, I doubt I’ll be appearing in ‘Science’ or ‘Nature’ any time soon,” Cassie said. “For some silly reason they tend to frown on experimenting on people. Still, it was nice to satisfy my own curiosity. Let’s continue. This eye is now useless, obviously.” She lifted up the top eyelid of my left eye, inserted the back of the scalpel between the eyelid and my eye and popped it out of its socket, trailing a strand of optic nerves. Again, she held it in front of me so I could see it more clearly. “Wow,” I laughed, “I’ve never seen eye to eye with myself before.” Cassie smiled before continuing. “The black part in the middle is the pupil. It’s the ‘hole’ through which light enters your eye. It’s like the lens of a camera. Around it is the iris, which controls the size of the pupil. The color of the iris varies from person to person. Yours are a rather bright shade of green. Once it enters the pupil, the light falls on the back of the eye, where it is converted to electrical signals and sent to the brain via the optic nerve.” She tossed the eyeball away.

“Since I can’t cut out your other eye, we’ll move on to your ears.” She placed the scalpel against the top of my right ear and started cutting downwards. When she reached the bottom, it fell on the bed. The other one suffered the same fate before she dumped them on the floor. “Okay, I think it’s time to return to your torso.” I had to strain to hear Cassie now.

Apparently ears aren’t just decorative; they actually help focus sound into the ear hole. Who knew? Okay, probably the entire scientific community. And anyone with a basic understanding of physics. Hey, I was missing most of my brain, okay? Cut me some slack. Using the chef’s knife, Cassie cut through the base of my breasts, removing the last parts that proved I was a girl. Next, she inserted the tip of the scalpel in the base of my neck and started cutting downwards, along my sternum, across my abdominal cavity and down to the hole of what used to be my pussy. Opening the bottom was easy enough, but when she reached my ribcage she had to start using force, slowly tearing the muscles off the bone. After a minute or two she’d stripped the entire front of my torso. I could see my lungs expanding and contracting in my ribcage, as well as the beating of my heart. “The way I figure it,” Cassie said, “we don’t really need oxygen. After all, what transports oxygen? Blood. And what don’t we have?”

“Blood,” I replied. “Exactly. As we saw last time, I managed to survive just fine without lungs. It was only when you removed my heart that I ‘died’. A word of warning, though: It is going to feel like you’re suffocating. But just remember: everything will be fine. Don’t panic.” Okay. I could do this. Everything would be fine. Don’t panic. Everything would be fine. Don’t panic. She started cutting into the diaphragm. Everything would be – I couldn’t breathe. Try as I might, I couldn’t get any air into my lungs. I tried to hold on to the mantra. Everything would be fine. Don’t – I panicked. Had I still been in one piece, I would have run around. Flailed my arms. Anything. Instead, all I could do was lie there. I couldn’t even scream anymore. It was an incredibly strange feeling. It didn’t last long, though, because I soon blacked out from shock. I woke to Cassie patting me on the cheek. “Wake up, Miss McKenzie, we haven’t finished our lesson yet.”

“Sorry, teacher.” At least, that’s what I tried to say. My mouth moved, but no sound came out. “Ah. I’m afraid that now that your lungs are no longer working, speaking is no longer an option. Just try to pay attention. Your mouth is connected to the trachea, or windpipe, which splits into two bronchi connecting to the lungs.” She cut through one of the bronchi and pulled out the lung through the bottom of my ribcage. “Lungs remove the oxygen from the air you breathe in and pump it into your blood stream.

They also absorb carbon dioxide from your blood and release it back into the air, which you then breathe out.” She removed the other lung as well, followed by my trachea. “Now we can finally see the esophagus, which transports the food from your mouth to your stomach.”Five seconds later it joined my other organs on the floor. Now all that was left within me was my heart, still merrily beating while suspended in mid-air. Cassie flipped me over again and started pulling the layers of muscle tissue off of my back. When she’d removed them, she bunched them up and threw them into a corner of the room. She turned me back around and I looked at myself in the ceiling mirror.

Below the neck there was nothing left of me but my ribcage, spine, pelvis and heart. “What a beautiful skeleton you have,” Cassie said. “But the illusion isn’t quite complete without the rest of it, is it?” She gathered the bones of my right and upper left arm, then started deboning my lower left arm. “I guess I’ll have to give these up now, huh?” Cassie said, looking at her – or rather, my – legs. “Oh well, back to being short.” She switched back to her own legs the same way she had previously and started removing all of the bones from them as well. Soon she had a whole pile of bones lying before her on the bed, the discarded limbs lying on the floor. “Let’s see, how did that song go again?”

Cassie started humming, then singing as she remembered the tune. “The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone–” She placed the bones of my left foot on the bed in roughly the correct position. “The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone –” She put down my lower leg bone above the foot. “The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone –” My kneecap followed suit. “The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone –” There was a bit too much space for it, so she moved the other bones a bit closer to me. “The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone –”

She stopped singing and continued speaking normally. “Check. From there on the song goes onwards to the head, which is all in place already. Strangely, the song doesn’t mention the arms at all, which just goes to show you that you shouldn’t rely on folk songs for in-depth anatomical information. Still, I think we can make something up.” Cassie started singing again, placing down bones as she sung.

“The finger bone’s connected to the hand bone, the hand bone’s connected to the wrist bone, the wrist bone’s connected to the arm bone, the arm bone’s connected to the, uh… upper arm bone –” I lifted my eyebrow. “Oh shut up,” Cassie said. “You try coming up with a song on the spot.” She positioned the bones on the other side in silence. When she went to place the bones of my right arm, however, she paused. “Now that we have you in this state, we might as well see if this works in real life as well in the cartoons.”

She sat down and started using my ribcage like a xylophone, the two arm bones serving as hammers. She tried playing a tune, ‘tried’ being the operative word, since the result couldn’t be called music, even under the most generous criteria. “Hm, not quite what I was hoping for,” she said. She put the arm bones back where they belonged and picked up two of my leg bones instead, trying again. The result was the same. “It appears you don’t have musical bone in your body, Miss McKenzie,” Cassie giggled. Had I had any airways I would have groaned, but given my disassembled state I had to settle for an eye roll, though I don’t know how well it came across with only one eye. She replaced my leg bones and looked at me. “You’re almost a complete skeleton,” she said, obviously referring to the fact that my face was still attached to my skull. “Nothing we can’t remedy, though.”

Lifting my head, she made a vertical cut along the back of my head and started peeling off my face, which she discarded as well. Next, she went to work cutting away all the other bits of flesh she could find: first my throat and the bottom of my mouth. With those out of the way, she removed my jawbone and picked it clean, removing my gums and anything else still attached to it. I experimentally moved my tongue, which looked really freaky now that I had no lower jaw. Cassie saw this, grabbed it and cut it off. She stripped the roof of my mouth as well before replacing my jawbone. Next came the sides of my head. Everything went quiet as she removed my only remaining ear canal.

A few minutes later, I couldn’t feel anything anymore. All that was left of me was a brain, an eyeball and a heart inside of my skeleton. Cassie stood up, grabbed a notepad and pen from my desk and started writing something. When she’d finished, she turned around the notepad so I could read it.

I’m going to remove your brain now. To do so, I need to briefly disconnect your other eye. Don’t worry, I’ll put it back in a second.

I felt her fingers wrap around the remains of my brain. She severed the brain stem, gave a tug and everything went dark. Robbed of all of my other senses, the only one I had left was touch. My entire world now consisted of her hands cradling my brain. I thought I’d been helpless when she’d just removed my limbs. How wrong I was. I was beyond helpless now, and I was strangely okay with it. I knew Cassie was the one that did this to me, but I trusted her. If anyone was going to have complete control over me like this, it was going to be her. I’d never been in love before, but I had a strong suspicion that this was what it felt like. I tested the words in my head (or out of it, as the case might be): I loved Cassie. The words felt right. I loved Cassie and as soon as she put me back together I was going to tell her.

The light was almost blinding as Cassie connected my eye back to my brain again. Lacking the ability to close my eye or even blink, I could only wait until things darkened down. After a few seconds, things came back into focus. I was now looking down on my own skeleton. She’d replaced the top of my skull, the cut having disappeared as usual. It was a pretty nice skeleton, if I do say so myself. Suddenly, the edges of my vision started going dark. Now that I was disconnected from my heart, my brain was starting to suffer from oxygen deprivation, or something along those lines. But how in the world was I going to indicate this to Cassie?

Fortunately, I didn’t need to. Cassie realized the problem on her own and placed me in my ribcage next to my heart. It was certainly a unique viewpoint, my ribs forming something of a vaulted ceiling above me. The tunnel vision faded, which meant that the invisible arteries connecting my heart and my brain must have regrown. Cassie left me lying there about thirty more seconds before placing my brain and eye on her spread out left hand and grabbing my heart in her right. I felt a sensation I couldn’t quite describe as she pulled the assembly from my ribcage. She set me down on the dresser and picked up her camera again, first taking some pictures of my skeleton and then took some shots of what was left of me. She wrote something on the notepad again.

Since your heart is still beating, I’m going to assume you’re still alive. I wonder how much you weigh in this condition.

Cassie carried me downstairs to the kitchen, searched a couple of cabinets until she found the kitchen scale and placed me on top of it. She lifted up my eyeball so I could read the display. 17 ounces. I guess that’s all that was needed for there to be a me. Just over a pound to form the essence of Susan McKenzie. I briefly toyed with the idea of going on one of those weight loss programs on TV like this. I’m sure they’d have a heart attack. Hey, no pain, no gain, right? She carried me back upstairs and lifted up one side of the blanket, causing all of my bones to tumble onto the floor. She then sat down on the bed, picking up the notepad again.

Now that you’re so small, there’s one more thing I want to try.

She lay down with her feet pointing at the wardrobe mirror, spread her legs and started fingering herself. One finger became two, then three, then four until she worked her thumb in as well. She bent forward in an attempt to get as much of her hand into her pussy as possible. She managed to get it in up to the wrist. She fisted herself for a while and then hooked the fingers of both hands into her pussy, pulling it wide open. She repeated this process a few times, trying to stretch herself as much as possible. Was she planning to do what I think she was? Confirmation came when she picked me up and positioned my heart against her gaping hole. She was going to stuff me into her pussy. I watched in the mirror as she slowly squeezed my heart into her depths. After a minute or so, my heart had disappeared inside of her, but even after she’d pushed it in as far as she could, there wasn’t going to be enough room for the rest of me. Cassie realized this as well and reached down to pick one of my bones off the floor, which she used to push it along further. It was slow going, until the bone suddenly shot inward, which probably indicated that my heart had cleared her cervix and was now lodged in her womb. Tossing the bone back among its brethren, she grabbed my brain and started stuffing it into herself as well.

The last piece to go in was my eyeball, which she only inserted far enough so it was just inside her pussy, which was acting like a giant eye socket. In the mirror, I could see Cassie frantically rubbing her clit, and felt the rhythmic contractions of her vagina walls on my brain which signified her approaching orgasm. When she came, her pussy lips closed like vertical eyelids, leaving me in the dark for the third time that evening. Her vagina gave me a tight squeeze before relaxing again. I pondered that this must be what babies feel like: warm and safe in the darkness of their mother’s tummy. And I had to admit, I’d never felt more safe in all my life – the part I could remember, anyway.

After what I think was a few minutes, I felt her walls start to spasm again, shortly followed by another orgasm. I counted four more after that one, after which everything calmed down. She must’ve gone to sleep. I figured I might as well. After all, I was going to need my energy for tomorrow. I couldn’t wait.


Saturday morning

Man, what a show. It had been less than a week since I had cast the spell and already these girls had shown far more creativity than the previous girl that had signed a contract with me, and she had signed it voluntarily. Let’s see, what was her name again? Something with an E. Ellen… Elaine… Oh right. Elsbeth Wheeler. Fairly attractive, but perpetually depressed. I suppose nowadays she would be labeled a ‘goth’, or an ‘emo chick’. At least, that’s what I gather from Susan’s conversations. With a little effort she probably could have made a decent career for herself as a writer or poet, like Charlotte Brontë or Jane Austen. Instead, she spent most of her days in the bathtub cutting herself, lamenting the fact that she couldn’t find a good husband. Which was not particularly surprising of course, given her ‘life is torture and woe is me’ attitude.

It had not taken much to convince her to sign the contract. It basically said that she would be given the ability to cut herself as much and as deep as she wanted, up to and including dismemberment, without any ill or permanent effect, provided the heart was not damaged. In return, she would be consciously and subconsciously compelled to cut herself into pieces for my viewing benefit. What can I say? Every man needs a hobby, and mine is watching girls willingly cutting themselves into small pieces. An unorthodox hobby, to be sure, but a fun one nonetheless. Or at least, that was the summary of the contract.

Naturally, the real contract is considerably longer and contains far more legalese. I am a lawyer, after all. I couldn’t have her try to get out of the deal at a later stage, now could I? Not that that was much of a concern; the only thing she asked was whether keeping her heart intact was a requirement. She wanted to – and I quote – ‘tear the heart that had caused her so much sorrow from her bosom to take away the pain’. In case you were wondering: yes, the whole ‘tortured soul’ bit got old very quickly. But unfortunately beggars can’t be choosers, and she was my only potential source of entertainment.

Sadly, the spell I’m using is based on Assyrian blood magic and is keyed to the heart, regardless of the advances of medical science in the intervening centuries. And there are no more Assyrians around to make an updated version. I’d try it myself, but I barely know enough Assyrian to properly pronounce the spell. I have a rough idea of what the words mean, but actually constructing a new spell? Not a chance. That is one of the greatest downsides of magic: as technology has become more and more advanced, the role of magic in society has diminished rapidly, so all the good spells are written in ancient languages. And I mean proper ancient languages, none of that Latin nonsense like in those Harry Potter books that Susan reads. Aside from a few cults here and there, magic wasn’t really practiced in the Roman Empire. It was most common in the Middle East: the Akkadians, Babylonians, Sumerians and Assyrians had many magic practitioners, though, depending on the types of spells you are interested in, the Aztecs, Mayans and Indians can be valuable sources as well.

Still, despite that little limitation, Elsbeth figured that with this deal she could cut herself even more without killing herself, so she signed the contract, going on and on about her ‘deal with the devil’. Which is ridiculous of course, since there’s no such thing as the devil. And I should know, since I’m a Satanist. I know, I know, I’m not exactly original. Well over half of all lawyers are Satanists. Where do you think the term ‘Devil’s advocate’ comes from?

But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. After all, I expect not everyone will be familiar with the occult these days. The word ‘Satan’ is derived from the words Sha’ha Ta-an. Or at least, that’s as close as I can get to it using human language. It means ‘Demon Council’ in the Demonic tongue, but the correct pronunciation includes a number of sounds that the human mouth was simply not designed for. The Sha’ha Ta-an are the 666 biggest, baddest demons around. In case you’re wondering: yes, that’s where ‘the number of the Beast’ came from. They rule over the lesser demons, keeping them in line and making sure humanity at large remains unaware of their existence. For as much as demons like to play with, torture and/or kill humans (depending on the demon subspecies in question), they realize that the mass panic that would erupt if people knew demons were real, while fun in the short term, could well lead to the extinction of the human race, which would leave them with nobody to torment. So the Demon Council keeps the more reckless demons under control and covers up any ‘accidents’.

That’s what I’ve heard, at least. I’ve never met the Demon Council and I intend to keep it that way. Let’s just say that the concept of ‘hell’ or ‘the underworld’ that’s found in the various religions is based on fourth-hand accounts of what happens when humans or demons displease the Demon Council, and they tend to leave out a lot of the more painful details.

Getting back to Elsbeth, once she had signed the contract she proved to be moderately entertaining. For a while at least. Sadly, imagination was not her strong suit. All she ever did was cut and stab herself, with the occasional dismemberment thrown in when she was feeling particularly depressed. To be perfectly honest, I grew bored of her in less than a month. Still, something was better than nothing, which I learned when about two months after signing the contract, having once again been spurned by her latest fancy, she stabbed herself in public.

This in itself caused a small commotion, but nothing compared to the one caused by her getting right back up, apparently none the worse for wear, and attacking the target of her affections. It was at this point that the police burst in and started shooting. They blew out her brains and severely damaged her heart, and since nobody bothered to piece her back together that was the end of Elsbeth Wheeler.

Which left me trapped here in this room, bereft of entertainment. Though technically it’s probably more of a pocket dimension. I’ve got a bed, a desk and several bookcases full of magical volumes. Beyond those, I can see every room of this house, as well as any people I have contracted.

Don’t ask me how that works, I’m not a mathematician. Probably has something to do with higher dimensions. So how did I get trapped here, you ask? A simple translation error on my part. You see, the house that Susan lives used to be mine. Some time after my colleague had introduced me to the world of magic and demons, I figured I’d try to become immortal. What can I say? I was young and foolish. I did my homework and summoned a Glabrezu, a mid-level demon that likes making deals with mortals. I read the contract he presented me with, which was written in Akkadian, and it all seemed fairly reasonable: he would claim the souls of my entire family (I never liked them anyway) and I would live forever… or at least that’s what I thought it said. However, instead of ‘balatu’, which means ‘to live’, it said ‘barutu’; ‘trapped’. Which is how I ended up here. Still, it’s not all bad. I’ve had plenty of time to study magic and even though I’m trapped, I’m still immortal.

The main downside is the boredom. After Elsbeth died, the house stood abandoned for a long time, before being bought by an older gentleman who lived for about eight months before dying of a heart attack, after which the house stood for sale for another five years. You can imagine my relief when Susan’s parents moved in with their nine-year-old. I briefly considered contracting Susan’s mother, but I didn’t want to risk her rejecting and moving out, since Susan was the one I was really interested in. So I waited six more years for Susan to turn fifteen, which is the age of consent in the demon world, and had her sign the same contract as Elsbeth. Not that she knew she was signing it. Unlike Elsbeth, she had no reason to want to. Instead, I made a last-second switch, replacing one of the school forms she was signing with the contract. Granted, these kinds of tricks are frowned upon in the demon community, but they’re not actually forbidden. After all, you’re supposed to be careful what you sign. It took a few months for her to actually discover the effects of the spell, but she was quickly making up for lost time. Signing Cassie as well was just icing on the cake. Now I had two adventurous girls gunning to take each other apart in new and creative ways. The wait was totally worth it. But enough about me; it looked like Cassie was waking up.

Cassie blinked her eyes as she awoke from her sleep. She turned her head towards the alarm clock, waiting for the digits to come into focus. 6:54 in the morning. Under normal circumstances she would still be out cold at this hour, but she’d slept like a baby and wasn’t really tired anymore. Her vision cleared further and she saw that the rest of the nightstand was covered in pieces that up until recently made up her best friend – and now also her lover? They hadn’t really talked about it yet, but Cassie was pretty sure that they could now call themselves that. She took in the rest of the room, which mirrored the decor of the nightstand: bits of Susan were scattered absolutely everywhere. Since she was up anyway, she might as well do something about that. She got out of bed with a yawn, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, and started the task of putting Susan back together.

First things first: she needed Susan’s heart, or it would be like assembling a model airplane without any glue. She inserted two fingers into her pussy and started moving them around to create more room. Soon, they were joined by the rest of her hand as she reached up inside herself to pull Susan out. When her fingertip touched Susan’s eyeball, she reached around it, grabbed the optic nerve and pulled. The nerve was far too weak to pull the brain along, of course, since her vagina still had a tight grip on it, and snapped. She extracted the now disconnected eyeball, but before putting it aside she couldn’t help popping it into her mouth and running her tongue over it. If only they could regrow body parts other than the liver… Cassie would have given anything to be able to devour Susan. Oh well. She put the eye next to its twin and resumed her attempts at pulling out the brain.

She managed to get her fingertips around the front part of the brain and pulled. The brain only moved a fraction of an inch at a time, and she lost her grip several times, but things got easier as it traveled downwards, since she could get a better grip each time. Once it was about halfway down, she realized she could speed things along by using her vaginal muscles. After all, this was kind of like giving birth. What was that rhythm again they always used in movies and such? Breathe, breathe, breathe, push? She gave it a try. While pushing, she felt the brain move a little. Success! She did it again. Breathe, breathe, breathe, push. Slowly but surely, she managed to work the brain to the entrance of her vagina. She could already see it poking out a little.

After a few more pushes it was halfway out. Okay, one more. Breathe, breathe, breathe… she pushed with all her might and Susan’s brain popped out entirely. Cassie laughed. She’d just given birth to her best friend! The heart was going to be a problem though. She’d had enough trouble reaching the brain. There was no way she was going to be able to get her hand all the way into her womb. And all her pushing had done nothing to dislodge the heart from there. ‘Well, if a natural birth is out of the question, I guess I’ll just have to experience a C-section as well,’ she thought. She picked up the chef’s knife and made a horizontal cut above her pubic mound, followed by two vertical cuts to make a U shape. She pulled back the flap and started pulling her intestines out of the way until she could see her uterus, which was pulsing with the same rhythm as the heart that was in it. Carefully, so as not to damage the heart, she sliced open her womb and extracted Susan’s heart before closing herself up again. Now she could actually start the assembly process.

Her recent anatomy lessons were clearly starting to pay off, since in just under half an hour she’d almost restored Susan to her former glory. All she needed to do now was to replace the two brain halves and put the top of her skull and her hair back on. She put the first half back where it belonged, but when she was holding the second half she stopped. The two of them could swap out body parts, right? What would happen if she actually put Susan’s brain in her own head?

I couldn’t believe my luck. One of my favorite things about watching these two girls dismember each other was the dialogue between them: the teasing, the threats, the jokes… The problem was that this was only possible while they both had lungs, which rather conflicts with the whole ‘tearing each other to pieces’ motif. After Cassie went to bed last night I’d spent two or three hours trying to come up with a plausible excuse to give them telepathy, and here she was handing it to me on a silver platter. Granted, according to the laws of nature there is absolutely no reason why connecting two brains should grant telepathy, but they didn’t know that; after all, there are no documented cases of people swapping brain halves. And given their already supernatural condition, I doubted they would blink at having another strange ability. I quickly pulled the grimoire containing the telepathy spell I’d been researching from the stack of books on my desk and flipped it to the correct page, waiting for the right moment to cast it.

Excited, Cassie grabbed the hacksaw and placed it against her still hairless skull (she hadn’t bothered to put on her own hair again). But before she could start sawing she realized something. What if she accidentally cut into the part of her brain that governed motor control? With Susan still sleeping (or in a coma, or whatever state they were in before they were revived) they would be helpless, and Susan’s parents would be in for a fairly gruesome discovery. She tapped Susan’s cheek. “Susan? Wakey, wakey, rise and shine.” Susan’s eyes fluttered open and she stretched her arms. “Hm. Good morning Cassie.” She took a second to look at herself in the ceiling mirror. “Hey, I’m back in one piece again. Mostly, anyway,” she said, noticing her open skull.

“Yeah, I took the liberty of putting you back together.”

“Thanks. Though I must say I wouldn’t have minded at all if you’d kept me stuffed up your pussy for a while longer. We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

“Absolutely. But for now, I want to try something else, and I need you awake in case something goes wrong.”

“Okay. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to replace half of my brain with yours to see what happens.”

“Cool! Mind if I do the honors?”

“Not at all.”

Cassie handed Susan the saw, who placed it against Cassie’s forehead and started sawing. A minute or two later she’d completed the circle and lifted off the top of Cassie’s skull. “Could you hand me that scalpel behind you?” Susan asked. “Here you go.” Susan used the scalpel to separate the two halves of Cassie’s brain and pulled out the right half – the same one she was currently missing. Picking up her own right brain half, she gingerly placed it in Cassie’s skull.

She sat back down and looked at Cassie expectantly. Cassie, however, just sat there. “Come on, tell me,” Susan said, “is anything happening?” Cassie blinked and focused her eyes on Susan. “Sorry, this is… wow. I can recall your memories as if they were my own. I remember being both the surgeon and the patient in last night’s anatomy lesson. I remember sitting in classes I wasn’t at. I remember… Hey! So it was you who stole my Barbie when we were nine.” Susan smiled apologetically. “Sorry. But I really wanted to play with Malibu Barbie and you had one and I didn’t, so I borrowed yours, but then I couldn’t find a way to give it back to you without letting you know I was the one who took it, so I kind of… kept it. You can have it back if you want.” Cassie shrugged. “Eh, keep it. I now have something much more fun to play with.”She gave me a naughty smile. “Yeah, same here. Speaking of which, I wanna try too!” Susan picked up the remaining brain half and placed it in the corresponding void in her skull.

This was the moment. I started the incantation. Kima labirisu satirma u bari… I won’t bore you with the rest. Besides, I wouldn’t want the Sha’ha Ta-an to come knocking at my door wondering why there are suddenly a bunch of mortals running around giving people telepathy.

Meanwhile, Susan had gotten access to Cassie’s memories. “Woah, you weren’t kidding! This is amazing! Let’s see, what do I want to know about you?” After thinking for a bit, a wicked smile bloomed on her face. “So, you like playing with yourself while watching Ariel from The Little Mermaid, huh?” Cassie blushed. “I –”

“And what will your geography teacher say when I tell her that her student has been fantasizing about fisting her?”

“You wouldn’t dare…”

“Aha! So that’s why you wanted that Barbie back so badly. I wonder if Mattel would condone using her as a dildo.”

Cassie hung her head in shame. “Ugh. This was a terrible idea.”

“On the contrary. I’m learning so much about you. But in the interest of preserving what little remains of your dignity, how about we go one step further?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“How about we switch the other halves of our brain as well so my brain will be in your body and vice versa?”

“Sure, why not?”

They proceeded to cut out the remainder of each other’s brains. As Susan lifted out Cassie’s, I finished the incantation. Now I just had to wait for them to notice. They both took the remaining half of the other’s brain and placed it into their head. Cassie – or rather, Susan in Cassie’s body – looked at herself in wonderment.

“Wow, I’m actually in your body!”

“And I’m in yours!”, Cassie-in-Susan said as she started rubbing her nipple and her clit.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself?”, Susan-in-Cassie laughed. Still, a good idea was a good idea. She inserted two fingers in her pussy and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations.

‘How come this feels so different than in my own body?’, she thought, pistoning her fingers in and out, ‘We have the same parts, don’t we? You’d think they would feel the same.’

“Not a clue,” Cassie-in-Susan replied, “but I can’t say I mind.” Susan-in-Cassie opened her eyes in surprise. “Huh? I didn’t say that out loud,” she said. “Yes you did. How else could I hear you?” Susan-in-Cassie frowned. Time for an experiment. ‘Can you hear this as well?’, she thought. Cassie-in-Susan’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “Yeah, but… how? I didn’t see you move your lips. Don’t tell me you learned ventriloquism.”

‘No, of course not. I think you’re able to hear my thoughts. Quick, what number am I thinking of?’ Cassie-in-Susan looked accusingly at her friend. “Orange is not a number, you cheater. Hey, it works! I’m guessing this was caused by us switching our brains around,” she said. “That was my theory as well. I wonder if it also works the other way around. Think of something, would you?”

Cassie-in-Susan thought of the first thing that popped in her mind. “Really? The first thing you think of when we find out we are telepathically linked is how we can keep talking while you’re stuffing my brain up your pussy?”

“Like it hadn’t crossed your mind.”

“I… That’s beside the point. You do raise an interesting point though: will this still work if we’re in pieces?”

“Only one way to find out,” Cassie-in-Susan said, grabbing the hacksaw.

“Nuh uh. You already got to cut me up last night. It’s my turn again. Gimme,” the other girl said. “Fine,” Cassie-in-Susan sighed as she handed over the saw. Susan-in-Cassie placed the saw against her friend’s throat and started sawing, placing her other hand on her friend’s shoulder to keep her in place. When there was only a scrap of skin left connecting the head to the body, she leaned the body to the left, supporting the head with her free hand. The body slumped down on the bed when she completed the cut. Putting down the saw, she held Cassie-in-Susan’s head in front of her with both hands. ‘Can you still hear me?’ she thought.

‘Yep. This is definitely going to come in handy. Too bad we still need the heart, though. Could you put me back? I can already feel myself start to lose consciousness a little.’

‘Of course.’

She placed her friend’s head (or, technically, her own head) back on her neck and the cut disappeared as usual. “Okay, now let’s see if this telepathy thing still works when we’re back in our own bodies,” Susan-in-Cassie said. Completing the now familiar two-stage trade, the two were soon back where they belonged. “Not that being in your body wasn’t fun,” Susan said, giving her nipple an experimental flick, “but there’s no place like home.”

‘You said it, Dorothy. So, what’s next on the agenda today?’

“Hm, let’s see. I guess now that we don’t need lungs anymore we can start to get a little more creative. Like putting both heads on one body or things like that. We’re going to need a faster way to remove limbs, though. This hacksaw is fine and all, but cutting through a leg takes ages. Do your parents have like a chainsaw or something? My dad isn’t really into the whole DIY thing,” Susan said. “Sorry, we don’t have one.”

“Well, I suppose we could buy one. My mom left us money for take-out, but since we had liver instead we could put it towards a chainsaw. Plus, I have some savings we can use.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. And I have my wallet with me as well, so we can split the costs. So come on, let’s go shopping!”

“Hold on there, feistypants. We can’t just go out there like this. That would be boring. I must say I rather liked the idea of you going out into public with only the essential body parts. Now that we have a better idea of what we’re doing, and now that we don’t need lungs, I think we can do a lot better than last time.”

“But what if somebody sees us?”, Cassie asked.

“Relax.” Susan walked over to her wardrobe and grabbed two coats. “I’ve got one ankle-length maxi coat and a trench coat you can wear over these thigh-high boots. Nobody’s going to see an inch of skin – or the lack thereof,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows, “besides our hands and faces.”

“Okay, but we’re still going to have to talk to the cashier. Somehow I doubt our telepathy will work on other people. Not that we’d want to even if it did.”

“Damn, you’ve got a point there. Still, it should be enough for one of us to be able to talk. Flip you for it?”

“All right. Let me just get a coin from my wallet.”

Cassie got her wallet from her pants pocket and returned to the bed. “Heads or tails?”

“Heads.” Susan raised her arms in victory as the coin landed on the bed. “Yessss! Okay, let’s separate and see what we can come up with on our own.” She picked up the chef’s knife and the hacksaw. “I’ll be in the bathroom. See you in fifteen minutes?” she asked. “Deal,” Cassie replied as Susan skipped off to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, she heard a knock on the door. ‘Cassie? Are you done yet?’, Susan asked her telepathically. “Yeah, come on in.” Cassie’s mouth fell open as the door opened and Susan stepped into the bedroom. Susan’s arms and legs looked normal enough, save for the fact that they had been skinned. But between where the leg muscles attached to her pelvis, there was only bone; the vagina and pubic mound had been cut away. It was Susan’s torso, however, that was the source of Cassie’s stunned silence. Or more accurately, the fact that it wasn’t there. There was nothing between her pelvis and her collar bones except her spine. No organs, no ribs, nothing. ‘Do you like it?’ Susan asked. “Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you could do better,” Cassie stammered. “Wait, what did you do with your heart?” Susan tapped the side of her head. ‘It’s in here. I didn’t want a floating heart ruining the effect, so I removed half of my brain to make room for it. But look at you! It’s not the purely minimalist look I had in mind, but I like it!’

“Thanks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go all out like you could, so I settled on a different theme.” Cassie looked down at herself. Like Susan, she had skinned her arms and legs. Aside from her hands and face, the only patches of skin left on her were the areas around her breasts and pussy, cut into the shape of a bikini. Her stomach was a rectangular hole, displaying her abdominal cavity, which was now empty save for her vagina and uterus. Aside from the obvious changes, she had also cut out her cervix, connecting her womb directly to her vagina for easier access.

‘Okay, ready to go?’ Susan asked. “Yep, let’s go.” Susan put on the maxi coat and a pair of sneakers, while Cassie chose the trench coat and boots. She looked at the alarm clock, which read 07:46. “Uhm, Susan? It’s still pretty early. I don’t think most stores are open yet,” she said. ‘Doesn’t Walmart open at eight? I’m pretty sure they have a hardware section,’ Susan replied. “I think so, yeah.”

The two girls set off and arrived at the doors of Walmart just as one of the employees was opening them. “Good morning and welcome to Walmart,” he said as Susan and Cassie entered the store. ‘Looks like we have the place all to ourselves,’ Susan thought, ‘let’s have some fun while we’re here.’ They sauntered past the various aisles until Cassie dragged Susan into the ‘Home, Furniture & Patio’ aisle, which contained a display with the various lamps that were for sale, all of them turned on. ‘Watch this.’ Cassie announced. She lifted off the lampshade of one of the lamps, opened her coat and squatted down on the lamp, the light bulb disappearing up her pussy. Cassie lowered herself until the bulb had entered her womb, which was now glowing with a reddish light. She quickly got up when she heard approaching footsteps, though, and managed to replace the lampshade just before a middle-aged couple walked past the aisle.

The two continued their hunt for things to play with. When they reached the ‘Hunting’ aisle, they shared a look and turned into it. Surely there must be something interesting there? While Cassie walked further down the aisle, Susan stopped, her gaze drawn towards a hunting bow. She took it off the rack and picked up one of the arrows that were hanging next to it. Nocking the arrow, she drew the bow and aimed at her friend, who by now was standing about 40 feet away from her. ‘I am Merida. Firstborn descendant of Clan Dun Broch. And I’ll be shooting for my own hand,’ she thought, quoting one of her favorite movies. Cassie turned to see what her friend was on about. She had just enough time to see something whizz towards her before it struck her a little below the shoulder.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ she asked. She quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching before pulling the arrow out. No sooner had she done so, however, than another arrow speared her right breast and embedded itself into her lung. ‘Isn’t it obvious? I’m using you for target practice.’ She started marching towards Susan. Not that this wasn’t fun, but the arrows were leaving holes in her coat. Still, she couldn’t keep the smile off her face entirely when she assumed the role of Merida’s mother. ‘Don’t you dare loose another arrow.’ She saw a defiant smirk spread across Susan’s face as she released the bowstring once more. The arrow covered the 20 feet remaining between them and sunk neatly into her left eye. She covered the remaining distance, jerked the arrow free and glared at Susan. It wasn’t having the desired effect though, since Susan was doing her best not to burst out laughing.

‘What?’ Cassie demanded. Covering her mouth with one hand, Susan pointed at the tip of the arrow with her other. Cassie looked down and saw the reason for Susan’s mirth: in pulling out the arrow, she had also extracted her eyeball. No wonder her glare didn’t work. Cassie started chuckling as well, but froze when another set of footsteps approached. She quickly turned around, clutching the arrow with her eyeball to her chest. Hopefully the shopper would walk right on by.

Unfortunately for her, the woman turned and came walking in their direction. Cassie pretended to be searching through the shelves, slowly turning to keep her back to the woman the entire time. She breathed a sigh of relief when the woman disappeared around the corner at the other end of the aisle. She turned to Susan, whose face by now had turned a distinct shade of red, her eyes tightly closed and her shoulders shaking. ‘You should’ve seen the look on your face!’ Cassie huffed, yanked her eye off the arrow and jammed it back into the empty socket. ‘Come on, let’s go get that chainsaw. I have a feeling I’ll be needing it shortly.’

They started off towards the ‘Home improvement’ section. On their way there, Susan noticed something and pulled Cassie into the ‘Gardening’ aisle. ‘Hey Cassie, wouldn’t this come on handy?’ She picked up a pair of pruning shears and proceeded to snip off the fingers of her left hand one by one, starting with the pinky. As her thumb joined the other fingers on the floor, she displayed her now fingerless hand to Cassie. ‘It seems to work fairly well,’ she thought. ‘True,’ Cassie replied, ‘but fingers aren’t really the problem. We can remove those just fine with a scalpel or a chef’s knife. I think we should save our money for the chainsaw.’

‘Yeah, you’re probably right.’ Susan put the shears back on the shelf and knelt down while grabbing her pelvis with one hand for stability. Since she no longer had any back muscles, doing anything more strenuous than walking around meant she had to make sure her spine didn’t fold like a wet noodle. She picked her fingers up from the floor, reattached them to her hand and followed Cassie. They arrived at the ‘Home improvement’ aisle and looked at the various chainsaws on display. ‘Man, these things are expensive”, Cassie said, “Oh wait. Here’s one that’s only $47.97. Let’s see… a 14 inch blade; that should be enough, right?’ She held the blade of demo model next to her torso. ‘Seems to be,’ Susan replied. ‘I don’t think we’re thicker than a foot at any point. And it’s electrical too, which means we won’t have to worry about buying gas for it.’ Cassie smiled. ‘Great. Let’s get this puppy home.’ Cassie put the demo model back, picked up the box from the shelf and started carrying it towards the checkout. Susan almost slammed into her when she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. ‘Hey, watch where you’re going!’ Cassie paid her no mind as she asked: ‘Susan, how much money do we have on us?’

‘Uhm, let’s see… there was 50 bucks for pizza, my 36 dollars in savings and you had… 27, right? So that would make… 113 dollars. Why?’ Susan followed Cassie’s starry-eyed expression and immediately saw what had Cassie so entranced. The label read ‘Authentic Medieval Axe with Studded Wood Handle, $34.99’. Two and a half feet long, it had a broad axe blade on one end and a sharp spike on the other. It was perfect. Susan lifted it off the stand and they resumed their way towards the exit. When they put both items on the conveyor belt, the cashier gave them a strange look. What would two girls need a chainsaw and a battle-axe for? Then again, they didn’t pay him enough to worry about this shit, so he just rang up the items. Only eight more months of this before he’d be able to afford that car. 250 horsepower worth of freedom. He’d already forgotten about the girls by the time they stepped out of the store.

They walked back through the as yet mostly empty streets. The shoppers that would be crowding the streets later in the day were most likely still lying comfortably in their beds. Still, there were a few other people up at this early hour. They were walking about 15 feet behind an elderly woman. Getting a sudden impulse, Susan looked around her to see if anyone else could see her before opening her coat wide, flashing the back of the woman who was unaware of what was happening behind her. ‘Are you crazy? What if she sees you?’ came the panicked thought from Cassie. ‘Oh stop worrying. She’s not going to turn around. Besides, even if she does, she’d probably just think she saw it wrong. As far as she’s concerned, skeleton girls are impossible. Come on, join me; it’s fun,’ Susan thought. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ Cassie sighed mentally. She quickly looked around before spreading her trench coat open, revealing her naked flesh and the gaping hole where her innards used to be. When they saw the woman’s head turn, they quickly closed their coats and burst into a fit of giggles. The elderly woman shook her head, thinking back to the time she was a young girl, and kept walking. On their way through the town, they managed to flash four more people without them noticing.

With their purchases, crawling through the forest wasn’t going to be very practical, so they took the long way around. They soon left the edges of the town, walking along the road that followed the edge of the forest, the other side containing mostly farmland. About half a mile ahead, the road made a U-bend and went back in the direction of the town. Susan couldn’t help but notice Cassie staring at the stallion in the pasture on their left. Even though she no longer had half of Cassie’s brain in her head, she found she still had access to part of her memories, which had apparently copied onto her brain while the two were connected. She tried to recall any that had to do with horses. Let’s see… watching ‘Black Beauty’, asking her parents for horse riding lessons… hello! Apparently Cassie wanted to ride a horse in more ways than one.

‘You totally want to fuck that horse, don’t you?’

Cassie’s head whipped round to stare at Susan with wide eyes.

“Wha– I– How do you know that?”, she stammered.

‘It seems some of our memories copied over when we swapped brains. But never mind that. What’s stopping you? Go for it!’

“What’s stopping me? I can’t f–” Cassie blushed. Even if no one else was around, she didn’t dare say it out loud. ‘I can’t fuck a horse!’

‘And why not?’

‘Well… uh… it’s dangerous!’

Susan raised an eyebrow, pointedly looking from the bag holding the chainsaw, to the axe she was carrying and back to Cassie.

‘Okay, good point. But… I don’t know… it’s just not something people do!’

Susan raised her other eyebrow as well. ‘Neither is cutting up your best friend, but I don’t recall that stopping us. Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like it can hurt you.’

Susan grabbed Cassie’s arm and started dragging her across the road towards the pasture. Still unsure, Cassie struggled to come up with an excuse. ‘What if a car drives by and sees us?’

‘No problem, we’ll just lead the horse into that stable. That should provide enough cover.’

The stable in question stood in a corner of the pasture and was little more than four wooden walls and a corrugated iron roof, meant for the horse to shelter in when the weather was bad. Still, it served their purpose since the entrance faced away from the road. They put the chainsaw and the axe in a corner and walked back towards the stallion. The horse was brown, with a black mane and a white spot on its nose. When he lifted his head up, he stood a good two feet taller than the girls; they only came up to the top of its back. Susan stroked its nose. ‘Hello horsey,’ she thought, ‘How would you like to fuck my friend here?’


‘What? It’s not like he can hear me. Or understand me even if he did.’

‘Yeah, I guess… but still…’

‘Aww, don’t worry horsey. She’s just a little shy. But I bet that once you’re pistoning that thick cock of yours in and out of her she’ll have the time of her life.’

Cassie looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up.

‘Oh come on, I was just teasing you. Here, just put your hand on his nose and stroke it.’ Susan guided her friend’s hand, who was soon petting the horse. He didn’t seem too skittish or aggressive, which was good.

“So how do we get him over to the stable?”, asked Cassie.

‘Hm. Good question.’ Susan walked behind the horse and tried pushing it with both hands, but the stallion didn’t move an inch.

“Come on, put your back into it!”

‘Ha ha. The least you could do is come over here and help. Or are you too gutless?’

“Okay, enough with the jokes already.” Cassie joined Susan at the horse’s rear and they both braced their shoulders against its hindquarters, trying to get it to move. They might as well have been trying to move the shed for all the effect they had. “Well, this clearly isn’t working,” said Cassie, “Got any other ideas?”

‘Well, they do say all men follow their dicks. I wonder if that applies to animals as well?’ Susan walked to the side of the horse and put her hand around its sizable member. She gently pulled on it and to her surprise the horse took a step forward. ‘Hey, it actually works!’ Step by step, she led the horse to the stable and closed the sliding door to prevent it from wandering off again. When she turned around, she saw Cassie staring at the horse’s cock with wide eyes. “It’s so big. There’s no way that’s ever going to fit in me,” she said. ‘Sure it will. We just need to make some preparations. Take off your coat,’ Susan thought while shrugging off her own, ‘and lie down here.’ Cassie did as she was told and Cassie knelt between her legs. ‘It’s just like sports,’ Susan explained, ‘you just need to stretch first.’ She gave her friend’s pussy a lick.

Clearly Cassie was starting to come around to the idea, as she could already taste some of her juices. She inserted her tongue, rubbing her top lip over the other girl’s clit. Once in a while she grazed it with her teeth. Once Cassie was starting to become sufficiently wet, she drew back her head and inserted three fingers into Cassie’s pussy, slowly going in and out while stroking her clit with her thumb. Soon, her pinky joined the other three fingers and not long after she managed to get her thumb in as well. She built up a steady rhythm of moving her fist back and forth, going a little deeper each stroke. After a minute or two her knuckles touched the back of Cassie’s womb.

Cassie had long since closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations of her friend’s arm sliding in and out of her. She too had felt Susan reach the back of her uterus. Being filled so completely felt great. This feeling was quickly replaced by one of emptiness, however, as Susan withdrew her arm completely. She could feel the fingers of Susan’s other hand slowly enter her. Now that her pussy had been stretched a little, it didn’t take nearly as long to establish the same rhythm as the one for the right arm. Once again, when Susan’s knuckles reached the back of her womb, she withdrew the arm completely. Curious to see what her friend was going to do now, Cassie opened her eyes.

She didn’t have to wait long as Susan plunged her right arm in all the way up to the elbow. Through the gaping hole in her stomach, she could see her uterus stretching to accommodate the entire length of the forearm. Immediately, Susan removed her right arm and inserted her left to the same depth. This process repeated for a couple minutes, each stroke traveling the entire length of her birth canal. Cassie couldn’t hold out much longer and when her pussy lips once again made contact with Susan’s elbow, she came explosively. Her walls clamped down hard on the other girl’s arm, which prevented her from pulling it out.

“Damn, that felt good,” she finally managed to get out.

‘Pfft. That was just the warm-up.’


‘Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my arm –’ since her right arm was still trapped, she held up her left one, ‘– is quite a bit thinner than that horse’s cock. So there’s still more stretching to do.’ She gave another tug on her right arm and with a loud slurping sound managed to extract it from her friend. Now that she had both arms free again, she put her hands together and positioned the tips of her fingers at the entrance to Cassie’s pussy. Applying a little pressure, they sank in. With eight of her fingers now embedded, she quickly squeezed Cassie’s clit between her thumbs before tucking them between her other fingers and continuing her probing. Slowly but surely, both hands sank in up to the wrist.

Having gotten this far, she could start pumping her hands in and out. As Cassie’s pussy stretched further and further, she started slowly rotating her hands until she was plunging them in and out horizontally instead of vertically. She gradually started pushing in deeper now, changing up the rotation each time. When her hands had completely entered her uterus (which was made much easier by the lack of a cervix), she balled her hands into fists and pulled them out once more. She kept this up for a while, inserting her hands with the fingers extended and pressed together and withdrawing them as fists until she found she found she no longer needed to unclench her fists.

Cassie’s pussy was gaping wide now, and from the sounds of it she was close to another orgasm. Susan repositioned herself for optimal access and started fisting her friend with redoubled efforts. It wasn’t long before Cassie’s juices started squirting out from between her arms. Most of it missed her, since her spine was a rather narrow target. The ground behind her was getting drenched, though. She felt the walls of Cassie’s vagina clamp down on her, but she tried with all her might to keep her arms as far apart as she could. If this was going to work, Cassie’s pussy needed to be as wide as possible.

With Cassie lost in the throes of her orgasm and Cassie focused on stretching out her friend, neither girl noticed that the stallion had wondered up, drawn by the smell of sex, until he lowered his nose right down to Cassie’s pussy and gave a sniff, followed by a lick of his tongue. Cassie’s eyes flew open as she felt the horse’s tongue on her clit. ‘I think he wants to go next,’ Susan giggled. “Sure thing big boy, just give me a second to calm down.” They got up and found that when Cassie stood bent over she could just barely fit under the horse, which left her pussy in the perfect position relative to the horse’s cock. Cassie was holding her pussy lips spread wide while Susan guided the horse by pulling on his cock until it was positioned at her entrance.

‘Ready?”, Susan asked. “Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” Susan gave another pull and let go. The horse stepped forward and entered Cassie’s waiting pussy. Once he felt warm flesh squeeze the head of his cock he seemed to get the idea and took another step, thrusting forward until he bottomed out in her uterus. Wanting to get as good a view as possible, Susan laid down between Cassie’s and the horse’s legs, her face right under Cassie’s womb. The stallion had started pumping his cock in and out, and Susan had front row seats as she watched Cassie’s pussy lips stretching to cling to the invading shaft as he drew back, and collapsing into her pussy as he thrust forward. She saw how Cassie’s womb was distorted with each stroke.

“Oh my… god, this… is ama… zing!” Cassie called out, having to pause at the end of each stroke. The stallion kept up his furious assault, his cock now even bigger than when they started. After several minutes, Cassie could suddenly feel his cock start to twitch as the first blast of horse cum hit the back of her womb. Squirt after squirt followed and Susan could see Cassie’s womb bulge and distend to contain it all. With no cervix to contain it, some of the cum started spraying from the entrance of Cassie’s pussy and onto Susan’s legs. Susan was far too enthralled to notice this, however, as Cassie’s uterus had swelled even further.

The sensations were too much for Cassie and she came for the third time in twenty minutes. While the stallion’s cock was too stiff for her clenching muscles to make much of an impact, it did leave no alternative escape route for the cum that was still shooting from it. And while the womb is built to stretch significantly, it can only do so over long periods. As Cassie’s womb reached the limit of its elasticity, it tore with a loud pop, drowning Susan, who was still lying right under it, in a shower of horse semen. ‘Ugh, gross!’ Susan thought as she spit out a mouthful of horse cum. Her face and hair were absolutely covered in white goo. She tried wiping her eyes so she could at least see something. Having finally shot his load, the stallion stepped back and wandered over to a corner of the stable. Once Cassie’s orgasm had subsided, she stood up and examined the state of her ruined uterus. Fortunately it was only a tear, so she pressed the two sides together to mend the gash. She looked down at Susan and couldn’t stifle a laugh. Susan had managed to clear her eyes enough to open them, which allowed her to glare at Cassie.

‘Oh yeah? Let’s see how you like it!’ She scraped her hands along her cheeks, gathering up more white goo and flicked her hands, sending a spray of cum droplets flying at Cassie who, noticing that she was still standing right over Susan’s face, gave her womb a good squeeze, undoing Susan’s previous cleaning efforts when a fresh splash of cum erupted from her pussy. ‘Goddammit,’ Susan cursed as she sputtered out more horse cum, ‘this stuff is disgusting.’ Cassie was clutching her sides, howling with laughter. ‘You do know you’re going to pay for this, right?’ Cassie had no doubt she would. And it was totally worth it. “Come on, let’s go get cleaned up. I’m pretty sure there’s a lake nearby in the forest.”

They couldn’t wear the coats without getting cum all over them, so they picked them up along with the axe and chainsaw and left the stable. Peering around the corner to see if no cars were coming, the two practically naked girls ran across the road and into the forest. It didn’t take them long to find the lake. They dropped their stuff and pulled off their shoes and boots. ‘Hey Cassie, is it still called skinny dipping if you’re not actually wearing any skin?’ Susan wondered. “Not a clue,” replied Cassie as she dove into the lake. “Though I’d certainly say you’re skinny enough.” Susan followed her and started the process of cleaning her face and hair. When she thought she’d gotten most of it out, she looked over to Cassie, who seemed to be trying to fist herself. ‘What are you doing?’ she asked. “Well, I don’t want to give birth to a centaur in nine months, now do I? I’m trying to clean the cum from my womb, but I’m not having much luck,” Cassie said, pouting. ‘No wonder, you’re going about it all wrong. Here, let me.’

Cassie removed her fist from her pussy. Thanks to its recent stretching, it didn’t close completely. Susan inserted her own arm in one smooth movement. With her other, she pressed down on the top of Cassie’s womb, creating a fold, which she grabbed from the inside. Once she had a good grip on it, she retracted her arm, turning Cassie’s entire birth canal inside out. She started vigorously rubbing her hands over it, trying to clean it as best she could. ‘See? This way it’s much easier.’ Cassie didn’t respond. Nor did she really care about the cleaning anymore. She just wanted Susan to continue rubbing her. It felt kind of like being fucked, but… different. She closed her eyes, basking in the feeling. She should probably have known better.

Once Susan was finished cleaning every inch of her friend’s vagina and womb, she confirmed that Cassie still had her eyes closed and saw her opportunity to get some revenge. She grabbed the tube of Cassie’s vagina with both hands, placed her foot just to the side of Cassie’s pussy for more leverage and pulled with all her might. It tore loose, sending Cassie drifting away while Susan started swimming for the shore, her prize in hand. It took Cassie a second to realize what had happened, but once she saw her friend trying to get away as fast as possible and her missing reproductive system she got the picture and set off in hot pursuit of the triumphant thief.

Since fleeing through the dense forest would be nigh impossible, Susan started running around the edge of the lake when she reached the shore, trying to keep as much distance between herself and her pursuer. Unfortunately for her, Cassie was faster, and after a few laps around the lake Cassie grabbed Susan’s free arm, stopping her progress. Susan kept her other arm extended as far back as possible, preventing Cassie from getting to it. After several unsuccessful attempts at reclaiming her most private parts, Cassie suddenly had an idea and stopped her struggling. “You know, if think there’s one weakness of your current condition you’ve overlooked,” she said. ‘Oh? And what, pray tell, is that?’

Cassie wrapped one hand around one of Susan’s lower vertebrae, placed the other against the vertebrae above it and lifted her left knee to rest it against Susan’s pelvis. Comprehension of what was about to happen to her dawned on Susan’s face as Cassie gave a sharp tug, severing the spinal cord and sending the two halves of Susan crashing to the ground. Wasting no time, Cassie grabbed Susan’s arm and dragged her upper half over to where they’d put down the axe and chainsaw. She picked up the axe and swung down, severing Susan’s right shoulder from her spine. Another swing removed her other shoulder as well. She lifted Susan, who had now been reduced to just a head and spine, up by her ponytail.

“Sub-Zero wins. Flawless victory,” she announced.

Susan gave her a blank look.

“Seriously? You’ve never heard of Mortal Kombat?”

Susan tried shrugging her shoulders, but quickly realized the folly of that. ‘Sorry, doesn’t ring any bells.’

“Ugh. Don’t they teach you kids anything worthwhile in school these days? Oh, never mind. I know from first-hand experience that they don’t. Okay, the next time you come over to my house I’m going to educate you in one of the classics of the fighting game genre. And who knows? We might even pick up some good ideas to try out ourselves,” Cassie said, wiggling her eyebrows. ‘Looking forward to it. But for now, would you mind putting me back together so we can get back home?’ Susan asked. “Not a chance.” Cassie dropped Susan’s head into the bag containing the chainsaw, used the axe to divide Susan’s arms at the elbow and tossed those pieces in as well. Walking over to where Susan’s lower body was still lying on the ground, she divided it into five pieces by chopping off her legs at the knees and hips and added them as well. She put on her coat, picked up all of their stuff and set off for Susan’s house.


Saturday afternoon

Cassie closed the door behind her and headed up the stairs to Susan’s bedroom. She placed the axe and the bag she was carrying on the ground and shrugged off her coat, hanging it in Susan’s wardrobe. “Ah, it feels good to be naked again. You know, I’ve really grown fond of this whole nudity thing. It feels so… free. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to Monday. Stupid school and their dress code. I don’t suppose there are any clothing-optional schools around here?” She reached into the bag and grabbed the end of Susan’s spine, holding up her arm so she was face to face with Susan, albeit that Susan’s face was upside down. ‘Not that I know of. Now would you please be so kind as to put me back together again?’ Cassie raised her eyebrows. “And why would I do that, Humpty Dumpty?” Susan hadn’t anticipated that question. ‘I– Uh… Hey! I put you back together after I chopped you up!’

“Yeah, and I put you back together this morning. So we’re already even.”

‘Oh, come on. Pleeeeaaaase?’


‘Pretty please?’

“You’ll have to do better than that.”

‘Pretty please with sugar on top?’

“Still not hearing a reason.”

Susan mentally sighed. Then her face lit up as an idea struck her.

‘Hey, you want to be taller, right?’


‘How about I let you borrow my legs?’

“Uhm, I already did. Yesterday, in fact. Remember? I guess cutting up your brain had some side effects after all.”

‘Yeah, yeah, I remember. But yesterday all you did was replace your own legs with mine. What if instead you used my legs as an extension of yours?’

Cassie’s eyes went wide. “Oooh, I like that. Okay, deal.” She tossed Susan’s head on the bed and started fishing Susan’s legs out of the bag.

‘Hey, at least give me an arm so I can do something besides lie here.’

Cassie tossed an upper and lower arm next to Susan. “There you go.”

‘Ha ha. Now how’s about attaching them?’

“Geez, you’re so demanding. I don’t know why I put up with you.”

‘Because I can make you cum like a fire hose?’

Cassie giggled. “Well, there is that. Fine, come here.” She sat down on the bed and connected the two arm segments to Susan. “There. Happy?”

‘Ecstatic,’ Susan deadpanned.

“Now can I go play with my new limbs?”

‘Knock yourself out.’

Cassie removed the box with the chainsaw from the bag and opened it. “Might as well break this thing in. Let’s see… ah. Quick instructions…” As Cassie was busy reading the manual, Susan dragged herself over to the bag containing her other parts. Carefully lowering herself down from the bed, she managed to reconnect her other arm, after which restoring the lower half of her spine and her pelvis was much easier. She looked over at Cassie, who had finished reading the instructions and plugged in the chainsaw’s power cord. She turned the dial and the chainsaw whirred as it came to life. She lopped off her foot in a single stroke. “Wow, this is so much easier than doing it by hand!” she shouted over the noise of the saw.

‘Yeah, definitely. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to go put some meat on my bones.’ Cassie waved her away, already lining up the saw to cut off her other foot. Walking on her hands to the bathroom (she was getting quite good at it too, if she did say so herself), Susan tried to sit down by the bathtub. ‘Tried’ being the operative word, because as soon as she raised her hands off the floor she fell forward, her face smashing into her pelvis. ‘Good thing I no longer feel any pain,’ she thought, ‘or that might’ve hurt.’ She started lifting herself up, but stopped when she got a good look at her hip bones. Her current state did present an interesting opportunity…

Pulling herself up by the edge of the bathtub, she let her arms hang down the inside and the rest of her down the outside so that she could keep herself in place. She started rummaging through all the organs and other pieces of flesh that covered the floor of the tub until she found what she was looking for: her pussy and her uterus. She let herself back down to the floor, connected the two together and placed the entire contraption back between her legs (or lack thereof) where it belonged.

Grabbing the lower half of her spine, she bent it into a U shape as she pulled her hips towards her face until her pussy was just an inch from her mouth. While she was pretty flexible, she had never been quite limber enough to do this while she was still in one piece (which she knew from experience), but now it was a piece of cake.

She darted out her tongue and softly licked her own labia. She closed the distance and pressed her two sets of lips together in a soft kiss before running her tongue along her folds, a jolt running up her spine when she brushed her clit. Needing more stimulation, she dove in, spearing her tongue into her pussy, and started to eat herself out in earnest. She lapped at her pussy, occasionally biting her labia and her clit. She blocked out everything but the feeling of her face pressing into her groin. Pulling back for a second to breathe, her face absolutely drenched in her own juices, she noticed her uterus lazily hanging down, her ovaries swinging back and forth.

Susan caught one between her lips and sucked it into her mouth. The idea of sucking on the very core of her femininity was mesmerizing. She ran her tongue all around it before letting it pop out of her mouth. A thin strand of saliva bridged the gap between the ovary and her mouth. She sucked it back in and pulled back a little, stretching the fallopian tube. God, how she wanted to just bite off her ovaries and swallow them. But she couldn’t. It would be destroyed by her stomach acids and as much fun as it would be, she didn’t want to ruin her chances of ever having children. Except… her stomach wasn’t connected right now; it was lying in the bathtub with the rest of her organs. Susan bit down on the end of the fallopian tube closest to the uterus and tore off the small organ. She savored the taste, swirling the small morsel all around her mouth. She made sure not to squash it between her teeth, lest she damage it too much. Once the organ had lost its flavor she swallowed it. A few seconds later, it fell onto the ground from the hole at the bottom of her neck.

She pressed her lips together tightly over her other fallopian tube and pulled back. It stretched quite a bit before tearing through in the middle. Susan flattened it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth before swallowing it. She still hadn’t come, though. And her tongue and teeth just weren’t getting the job done. She drew back and, holding her spine in place with one hand, roughly shoved the four fingers of her other hand into her depths, using her thumb to rub her clitoris. When she tried to insert her other hand as well, however, she ran into a problem. Without anything to hold it in place, she only succeeded in pushing her hips further away. Susan groaned in frustration. If only there was some way to stabilize her pelvis so she could–

She looked at her spine. If it weren’t so long she might actually be able stabilize it… Grabbing her spine just above her pelvis with both hands next to each other, she sharply pulled them in opposite directions, severing her spinal cord. She did the same about halfway down her spine and removed the middle section before reconnecting her pelvis. She figured that while she was at it she might try some anal fisting as well, so she reconnected the skin of her lower torso, filling up the holes where her legs used to be with some other patches of skin, before tearing off a length of her large intestine and using it to connect her throat to her asshole. For added stability, she put a few ribs back in place and completed re-skinning herself. Pulling herself up onto the bathroom sink, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Her torso was now only half as long as before, reaching down to her elbows. Her hips were completely smooth, revealing no sign that there had once been legs there. She now consisted of nothing but a head, a pair of tits, her pussy and asshole and a set of arms; almost like a living sex toy, which suited her just fine. She lowered herself back down and got comfortable on the floor. With one hand she started massaging her left nipple as her other hand started fingering her pussy. Finger after finger disappeared into her hole until she was fisting herself. The angle was a little awkward at first, but things got better as she sank deeper and deeper, until her hand entered her womb and her elbow reached her labia. With one forearm completely embedded in herself, she stopped playing with her breast and tries to squeeze her other fingers into her vagina as well.

Her second arm encountered a lot more resistance, but she managed to proceed inch by inch until both of her arms were embedded up to the elbows. Just as she was considering how she is going to properly fist herself (her current position not allowing for a great deal of maneuverability), the door opened. Cassie, who was considerably taller now that she had inserted Susan’s lower legs between her feet and her own lower legs, ducked down to fit below the door frame and said: “Hey Susan, I think I’ve gotten the hang of walking around like this. Watch!” She demonstrated by walking up and down the hall a few times while Susan watched. She was still a little wobbly, not having quite adjusted to having two knees in each leg, but she could get around without falling over.

‘That’s great, but I’m kind of in the middle of something,’ Susan thought distractedly. “Oh yeah? What are you doing, shorty?” Cassie giggled at her friend, who was now a good four feet shorter than her. ‘Isn’t it obvious? Come on, make yourself useful and lend me a hand.’ Cassie knelt down in front of Susan, something she clearly hadn’t practiced yet. In the end, she settled on sitting down in a position that resembled Indian style, save for the fact that because of her extra leg segments she had her feet tucked under her ass. “I’ll do better than give you a hand. I’ll give you two.” She put the palms of her hands together, fingers outstretched, and placed her fingertips against the ring of Susan’s asshole. “Now relax or this’ll take forever.”

Susan tried to relax her lower body as much as possible, but it still offered up plenty of resistance as she was being stretched wider than she ever had been before. But Cassie was determined, and after a few minutes she had managed to work her hands in up to the wrist. Not satisfied with that, she continued her assault. As Cassie’s arms reached further and further into her, Susan got hornier and hornier. She loved feeling this full. Cassie gave a final push and Susan marveled at sight of four arms being stuffed into her up to the elbow. “What do you say, Susan? Are you ready to come?”

‘Do you even need to ask?’ The two girls started pumping their arms in and out of Susan as best they could. Susan couldn’t move hers more than an inch or two due to her position, and the tight fit made it impossible for Cassie to build up any kind of speed, but the combined girth of their arms was more than making up for the lack of speed or stroke length. Though she couldn’t make any actual sounds, mentally she was moaning loudly, urging Cassie to make her come.

Cassie obliged by lowering her head to Susan’s pussy and sucking hard on her clit, pushing Susan over the edge, her muscles clamping down hard on the four invaders. When she regained some semblance of coherence, she tried removing her arms from her depths, only to be stopped by Cassie, who held her elbows with one hand. “Not so fast, little one. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t take advantage of your current position?”

‘A good one?’ Susan tried, knowing it wouldn’t dissuade Cassie. “Precisely. And we can’t have that now, huh doll? We both know bad girls have much more fun than good girls. And speaking of dolls…” Keeping Susan’s arms trapped with her one hand, Cassie inserted her other back into Susan’s rectum. It was still loose from its previous stretching, so it only took a few seconds for Cassie to insert her whole forearm. Once she had done that, she sat Susan upright on her knee, the arm that she was impaled on preventing her from falling over. “… I’ve always wanted to do a ventriloquism act.”

‘Seriously? You’ve got a naked girl completely at you mercy and the best thing you can come up with is ventriloquism? Did somebody replace my best friend with Jeff Dunham while I wasn’t looking?’ Cassie ignored her and spoke in a high-pitched voice while keeping her jaws closed, though her lips still moved a little: “Hi Cassie, I’m Susan and I’m happy to be here.”

“Hello Susan,” she replied in her own voice, “did you know that last week I saw a ventriloquist without a mouth?”

‘Oh lord,’ Susan sighed.

“But Cassie, how did he do his act?”

“He was talking out of his ass!”

Had Susan had an arm free, she would have facepalmed.

“Haha, you are so funny, Cassie, did you–”

“Hold on,” Cassie interrupted herself, “this doesn’t look all that convincing when your mouth isn’t moving. Could you move your mouth when I talk for you?”

‘Not a chance.’

“Oh come on Susan, don’t be mean. How often am I going to get a chance like this?”

‘If that’s your best material, probably never.’

“Fine, have it your way. If you’re not going to move your mouth, I’ll just have to do it for you. After all, that’s how real ventriloquists whose puppets aren’t alive do it.” Cassie laid Susan across her knees and started pressing her arm further into Susan again, aiming to reach up into her mouth so she could move Susan’s jaw manually. Slowly she plunged ever deeper until Susan felt fingers tickling her throat. Try as she might, though, Susan’s throat was just too narrow to admit Cassie’s whole hand. Disappointed, she withdrew her arm from Susan.

She pouted as she looked at her hand, cursing whoever designed the human body for making throats so small and hands so large. Her expression suddenly brightened as that last thought gave her an idea. After repositioning Susan so she could keep her trapped using only her legs, Cassie grabbed the pinkie of her right and snapped it sideways, causing it to stand out from the others at a 90-degree angle. Grabbing it again, she managed to tear it off completely, taking part of her hand with it. Figuring that still wasn’t enough, she tore off her ring finger and another chunk of her hand as well, which was now a little over half its original width. She considered removing her middle finger as well, but figured that would give her less control to move Susan’s mouth.

Cassie thrust her arm back into Susan’s asshole and this time she managed to work her narrowed hand through her throat and into her mouth. She could no longer sit Susan upright because her elbow, along with half of her upper arm was embedded in Susan, but it would have to do. She pressed down on Susan’s lower jaw, which caused her mouth to open. Once she released the pressure, however, the mouth stayed open, as Susan had no intention of being cooperative. Cassie rolled her eyes and wrapped her fingers around Susan’s tongue. Pulling it upwards caused Susan’s mouth to snap shut with the click of her teeth banging together. Delighted at having gained control over her rebellious puppet, Cassie continued with her routine.

“Hey Susan, do you know why you couldn’t be a ventriloquist?”

‘Let me guess, because I’m a dummy?’

Cassie made Susan’s mouth open and close repeatedly as she replied in her dummy voice: “No Cassie, tell me.”

“Because you don’t have the stomach for it!” she said, poking Susan’s empty belly for added effect. Susan gave her a level look. “Get it? Because ventriloquist means stomach-talker?”

‘Boo! Get off the stage!’

“You just don’t appreciate comedy,” Cassie sulked.

‘Oh, I appreciate comedy just fine. But your so-called jokes are a tragedy.’

“Bite me.”

‘Whatever. Anyway, this is boring. Let’s get back to something interesting. Hey, since you already have your arm all the way up there, how’s about going a little further and running me all the way through? I want to see what that feels like.’

“Sure, why not?” Raising her arm, and consequently Susan as well, into the air to let gravity aid her, she started pulling down on Susan’s shoulder with her other hand to try to force her arm further up Susan’s ass. Susan tilted her head back, and after a while she could see the tips of Cassie’s fingers appear beneath her nose. Just a little further…

When she felt that Cassie’s knuckles were just about to exit her mouth, she bit down as hard as she could, shaking her head left and right to tear through Cassie’s index and middle finger and the first digit of her thumb, which fell to the floor.

“Hey! What was that for?”

‘Just making sure that after this we don’t go back to the lame puppet act,’ Susan laughed.

“When I said ‘bite me’, I didn’t mean it literally. Let’s just make sure you can’t do that again, shall we?” Pulling on her bottom lip with her free hand, Cassie opened Susan’s mouth a little. She managed to jam in four fingers and hooked them around her bottom teeth to get a good grip. Pulling with all her might, she forced Susan’s mouth open further and further, despite her resistance. Finally, however, she reached a point where she could no longer overcome both the natural limits of how far Susan’s jaw would open and her efforts to bite off Cassie’s other fingers too. She needed something to distract Susan, which presented itself in the form of Susan’s pussy, which was now right in front of her mouth. She let off the pressure a little, which gave Susan the upper hand in their tug-of-war.

‘Getting tired, Cassie? Say goodbye to your fingers!’

“Hardly,” Cassie replied, “But you can say goodbye to your clit!” She bit down hard on Susan’s sensitive bundle of nerves. She wasn’t going to bite it off, but it did produce the desired effect: Susan’s jaw dropped at the unexpected move. Cassie chose that moment to pull as hard as she could. Susan’s cheeks started tearing open from the corners of her mouth as it was opened unnaturally wide. Just for good measure, Cassie gave another good yank and tore Susan’s jaw off completely.

With Susan’s jaw now out of commission, Cassie was free to continue forcing her arm further into Susan. Still keeping her arm aloft, she pulled on Susan’s shoulders to speed her slow descent. After a minute or two, Susan’s pussy lips finally reached her shoulder. She was completely impaled on Cassie’s fingerless arm, which by now was getting pretty tired. Cassie lowered her arm, turning Susan upside down.

‘Woah, head rush! This does feel pretty good though. I don’t suppose you could do me a favor and help me come again?’

“Well, I suppose that despite your attitude I do owe you for playing my dummy.” Since Susan’s pussy lips were stretched tight around her arm, the only thing Cassie could really focus on was her clit. She started licking it, occasionally giving it a light nibble or even a harder bite. It didn’t take long for Susan to build up to an orgasm.

‘Keep it up Cassie, just… a little… more…’

Cassie continued a little longer until Susan was right on the edge. Placing her free hand against Susan’s pussy next to her arm, she pushed hard while pulling back with her other arm. In one swift stroke she had pulled her arm completely free of Susan, who didn’t even feel her head hitting the bathroom floor, lost in ecstasy as she came. Once she had calmed down, she sat up against the side of the bathtub, hooking one arm over the edge for stability. ‘Wow, that was amazing. Now it’s your turn.’

“Oh yeah? And what are you planning to do, pint size?”

‘You’ll see. For now, how about a kiss?’

Cassie moved over and leaned in to kiss Susan. Before they could lock lips, however, everything went black as Susan grabbed Cassie’s head and slammed it hard against the edge of the tub.

Cassie woke to find herself lying on Susan’s bed; naked, but in one piece. Her legs had been returned to their normal length. She tried moving them, but they didn’t budge an inch. Her arms proved unresponsive as well. She blinked her eyelids. At least those still worked. Oh well, ‘be grateful for small mercies’ and all that.

“Ah, look, sleeping beauty’s awake,” Susan said.

‘There you are. So, let me guess, you cut my spinal cord?’

“Nope. Wanna guess again?”

‘You… cut out the part of my brain that handles motor function?’

“Wrong again. Want me to tell you?”

‘Sure. I can’t think of anything else at the moment.’

“Let’s just say that at the moment you’re quite ‘spineless’. In fact, you don’t have a brave bone in your body. Or any other kind, for that matter.”

Cassie returned her gaze to the ceiling mirror, now noticing the pile of white objects lying on the floor next to the bed. There, stacked neatly on top of each other, lay every bone in her body, from the large bones like the pelvis, femur and ribs at the bottom to the smallest finger bones on top. Crowning the pile was her skull.

“As you can see, you’re now a little squishier than before.” To prove her point, Susan poked Cassie’s forehead, leaving a sizeable dent.

‘Oh right, I should’ve thought of that. I’m guessing that there’s a specific reason for putting me in this state?’

“Of course. When I was looking through your bag of tricks I found a little toy that I assume you forgot to use on me yesterday.” Susan bent down to grab the item from the duffel bag and stood up holding a large metal device.

‘Ah yes, the horse speculum. I knew I’d forgotten something.’

“Indeed. And I thought that now that you’ve been fucked like a mare, I would only be logical to examine you like one too. I’m going to give that pussy of yours a good stretch and I didn’t want any bones getting in the way.” Before sitting down on the bed, Susan pulled Cassie’s legs to the side in order to gain better access. Her boneless condition made her much more flexible than she normally was, which allowed Susan to put them at a 90 degree angles to her torso, her lower legs hanging over the edges of the bed. ‘Hm,’ commented Cassie, ‘this is the first time I’ve been able to do the splits. If only our gym teacher could see me now.’

“I’m sure he’d be very proud of you,” Susan chuckled. “Though he might be too distracted by your nudity to notice.” She positioned the large metal device at the entrance to Cassie’s pussy. It consisted of four metal blades, each 13 inches in length, which were arranged to form a tube that was about an inch and a half in diameter while closed. Each adjacent pair of blades was connected in the back via two screws with wingnuts, which allowed the operator to increase the distance between them and the angle of the blades. One of the blades also had a handle to hold on to the speculum. Susan slowly slid the assembly in until the blades hit Cassie’s cervix. The speculum was less than halfway in. “Comfy?” she asked.

‘Sure doc, I’m ready for my gynecological exam now,’ Cassie grinned.

“In that case I shall begin the examination of the patient’s vagina,” Susan said, accepting her new role. She started turning the corresponding pairs of wingnuts, slowly increasing the size of the speculum to a two inch diameter. Since the only available light came from the window to the side the interior of Cassie’s vagina was rather dark, Susan stopped to grab her phone, opened the flashlight app and shone the light into Cassie’s depths. “The patient’s vagina appears to be normal so far. Everything has a healthy pink color and there appear to be no abnormalities in the cervix.”

‘Glad to hear it, doctor.’

“However, we can never be too careful, so I shall continue the examination.” She resumed turning the wingnuts until the device had reached three inches in diameter. Cassie’s pussy now had the shape of a rounded rectangle, gaping open obscenely. Her cervix was starting to open up a little bit from the stretching. Susan stopped again and inserted her hand, which didn’t even touch the sides. “The elasticity of the patient’s pussy appears to be normal for her age.”

‘Well, I do exercise it regularly.’

“Let’s put that training to the test then, shall we?” Once again she turned the wingnuts, forcing Cassie’s pussy open even further than it already was. Small tears started appearing in her labia, which were being stretched past their natural limits. They disappeared once Susan rubbed her fingers over them. This time she didn’t stop until the wingnuts reached the end of their screws. Cassie vagina was now a cavernous four inches wide. Susan bent down for another look inside, illuminating it with her flashlight. The opening of Cassie’s cervix was stretched open about half an inch now.

“Now that the patient has been fully dilated, we can see a slight reddening of the inner edge of the patient’s cervix. Presumably this inflammation started earlier today when the patient gave in to her bestiality fetish and got a stallion to vigorously fuck her cunt until it exploded when it couldn’t hold all of the horse’s cum.” Cassie turned scarlet at her friend’s language, blushing furiously. ‘I– I…’ She couldn’t exactly deny it, since it was all true. Still, she didn’t just have to lie there and take it. ‘If you’ll recall, you were the one who pushed me into doing it. And I’m pretty sure that’s not the kind of language a doctor would use!

“The little horse slut doth protest too much, methinks.” Cassie’s blush turned an even brighter shade of red. Mortified as she was, there was something exciting about hearing Susan use such dirty talk to describe her. She didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though, since Susan continued with her exam.

“Now that we have examined the patient’s vagina, it is time to have a look at her uterus.” She slowly pulled out the speculum, not bothering to close it. Cassie’s pussy remained wide open, her walls only returning to their natural position ever so slowly. Susan, however, had other plans. She plunged both forearms into Cassie’s hole and inserted her left index finger into the cervix, which was immediately joined by the one on her other hand. She started pulling them apart, trying to widen the hole. Her middle fingers joined the fray and soon she had four fingers of both hands pulling the entrance to Cassie’s womb wide open. When she deemed it was big enough, she pulled out her right arm and started closing the speculum with it while spreading all five fingers of her left hand to keep Cassie’s cervix open. Once she’d closed the speculum all the way again, she inserted it next to her arm. When she cleared the ring of the cervix she removed her other arm as well and pushed the speculum in all the way until the handle hit her thigh. “Okay, time to give that snatch a proper stretch.” She giggled. “Hey, that rhymed.”

‘Heh,’ Cassie chuckled, ‘Let me try.’ She thought for a few seconds.''''

‘Let’s see… To only thing you seem to want… is to put your fist in my cunt.’

“Ooh, good one. Very droll. But now I’m gonna wreck your hole.”

‘Well hurry up and spread me wide, so you can get a good long look inside.’

“You don’t have to tell me twice. Just give me a sec to work this device.”

Susan started twisting the wingnuts again, though slower than before to give Cassie’s cervix a chance to adjust. About fifteen minutes later she gave the final twist to the last of the eight wingnuts. Cassie’s pussy was a sight to see: at four inches wide and a foot deep, it was big enough to fit a two liter coke bottle. “Wow,” exclaimed Susan, “I need to take some pictures of this!” She opened the camera app on her phone and scooched back to get everything in frame. “Smile!” After some full-body shots and close-ups, she inserted her phone into Cassie’s uterus to take some shots of the inside. When she pulled it back out, her phone bumped against the ceiling of Cassie’s vagina, who mentally gasped. ‘Aah, do that again.’

“What?” Susan asked. ‘I think you hit my g-spot. Move your phone back a bit. No, further forwa– Oh god, yeah, right there!’ Susan rubbed her phone backwards and forwards a bit before an idea struck her. She pulled it out and started fiddling with it. ‘Hey, why’d you stop?’ Cassie asked. ''''

“Hold you horses, you’ll see in a second.” She reinserted the phone. “Just let me know when I’m back in position.” When she heard a moan from Cassie she positioned her phone upright, jamming it between the floor and ceiling of Cassie’s vagina. She slowly let go to make sure it was firmly wedged in position. She stood up to pick up Cassie’s phone and scrolled through the contacts list until she found her own name before hitting the dial button. ‘Aaaaah!’ shouted Cassie, as Susan’s phone, which she’d set to vibrate, started buzzing right against her g-spot. Cassie had another idea and walked to the bathroom.

When she got there, she faintly heard her own voice saying “Hi, this is Susan’s phone. Leave a message after the beep!” She quickly hit redial, grabbed her electric toothbrush and returned to her bedroom. A second source of buzzing joined her phone as she turned on the toothbrush and placed the tip against Cassie’s clit. Susan moved her head right in front of Cassie’s vagina to get a good look at the spasming walls, when she noticed the small hole in the ceiling near the entrance; the opening to her urethra. It stood open about a quarter of an inch, undoubtedly from all the stretching. Susan grabbed her chance and started working the tip of her left pinky finger into Cassie’s peehole. It was a tight fit, but she kept applying pressure, using her other hand to alternate between redialing her phone and stimulating Cassie’s clit with her toothbrush. After a final push she managed to jam it all the way in, her fingertip clearing the urethra and entering the bladder. ‘Oh god, yes Susan, fuck my peehole!’

“Well, well. Look who got over her embarrassment of naughty language,” Susan grinned. ‘Yeah, whatever. Right now I’m too horny to care. Just keep fucking that peehole. Stretch it like you stretched my cunt. When we’re through, I want my nickname to be Canyon Cassie.’ Susan needed no encouragement and started moving her finger back and forth. She soon built up a slow but steady rhythm and it didn’t take long for the triple stimulation to become too much for Cassie. ‘Yes, yes, yes! Oh Susaaaaaaaaan!’

When Cassie had regained her senses, Susan pulled out her phone and started reviewing the photos she had taken from inside Cassie’s womb. “Hey look, you can see the openings to your fallopian tubes on these!” She held up the phone for Cassie to see. ‘I don’t suppose you could fit your fingers in there?’ asked Cassie hopefully. “Only one way to find out, I guess.” Susan inserted both arms into Cassie’s yawning hole, her fingers searching for the two holes near the bottom. “Hm, these are pretty tiny. I don’t know if my fingers are going to fit in there. She tried working in her pinky fingers, but the holes were simply too small. “Aw. Sorry Cassie, they just won’t fit. It looks like your new nickname is going to have to be ‘Cavity Cassie’ rather than ‘Canyon Cassie’.”

‘Screw that, I’m not settling for anything less than Canyon Cassie.’ She laughed. ‘Though I will say that you’re giving me a pretty good cavity search right now. But anyway, we’ll just have to work our way up to fingers. Don’t you have anything narrow in your room that would fit in there?’

Susan looked around. Pens? No, they were about as thick as her fingers. Maybe if she took out the cartridges though… She screwed open two of her ballpoint pens and took out the thin cartridges. With her arms in the way she couldn’t see what she was doing, but she managed to positions both cartridges at the entrances to Cassie’s fallopian tubes. She slowly pushed them in about halfway, at which point she started encountering a lot of resistance. “I think I’m at the bend in your fallopian tube now. I don’t think they’re going to go in much further without just punching a hole.” Cassie sighed dejectedly. ‘Crap. So much for my aspirations of becoming Canyon Cassie.’

“Don’t worry,” said Susan, gently patting her cheek, “we’ll just have to keep trying. I don’t know how yet, but I’m not going to stop until I can finger your ovaries and fuck your cunt with my head.” Cassie perked up a little. ‘You promise?’ Susan smiled. “I promise. When I’m done with you you’ll have the largest hole on the planet short of the actual Grand Canyon.” She pulled out her arms and gave Cassie a quick kiss on the mouth. “For now though, there’s something else I want to try.”

‘Sure, I’m game. Any hints?’

“Nope. You’ll see soon enough.” Susan flipped Cassie over onto her stomach, which took some effort since without any working muscles her limbs were just dead, uncooperative weight. She grabbed a scalpel and, starting at Cassie’s asshole, cut open the skin of her back along where her spine would normally be, past her neck and up to the top of her head. With the cut completed, Susan flipped Cassie back over and folded her arms over her chest before bending Cassie’s legs at the knee and draping them over her arms so that Cassie was in a sort of fetus position.

She reached behind Cassie, pulled apart the cut, and wrapped the skin around the folded limbs. She sealed up the cut when the two sides met again at the top, leaving Cassie’s limbs cocooned in Cassie’s inside-out skin. Using the scalpel again, Susan severed the connections at Cassie’s vagina and anus before peeling the whole fleshy package from her body and placing it next to the pile of bones. Cassie looked like an illustration out of an anatomy textbook, having been reduced to nothing but her internal organs.

Aw, look at you! You’re adorable!’ Susan said mentally, since she doubted Cassie could still hear anything now that her ears were gone. If Cassie had still had an eyebrow, she would have raised it. ‘Really? Adorable? You do realize that that word is usually used to describe things like kittens and bunnies, right? Not a slaughtered pile of meat?’

‘But it makes perfect sense. Think about it. Why do we find kittens cute? Because they’re helpless. And nature has conditioned us to care about helpless things so we protect them. Same with babies. And since you’re currently even more helpless than a baby, it’s only logical that you’re cuter than one.’ To prove her point, she scooped up Cassie into her arms, cradling her like a baby while trying to prevent her insides from falling down. ‘See? Who’s a cute little organ baby?’ She pressed a kiss to the front of Cassie’s brain, then to one of her lungs. Slowly working her way downwards, she left a trail of kisses along Cassie’s entrails, finishing with one kiss on each ovary, before returning to kiss both of Cassie’s eyes. Gently rocking Cassie back and forth, Susan started singing a lullaby.

“Hush, little Cassie, don’t you cry,

Mommy isn’t going to let you die.

‘Cause even without bones or skin,

You’re the cutest girl there’s ever been.

And there is nothing I like more

than reducing you to a pile of gore.

So hush, little Cassie, for you see

we both know that you’d do the same to me.”

What was that?’ asked Cassie, ‘I could see your lips moving but I don’t know what you said.’ Susan smiled. ‘Oh, nothing. Now, as we’ve established, being helpless makes you cute. You’re pretty helpless right now, but I think we can make you even cuter.’ She placed Cassie back on the bed and sat down next to her. ‘Because there are still plenty of things you can do right now. For example: you could have children.’ She lifted up Cassie womb with one hand and grabbed an ovary in the other. With a quick tug it came loose, taking most of the fallopian tube with it as well. She tore off the other one too.

Also, you could have sex.’ Susan inserted four fingers of both hands into the mouth of Cassie’s vagina, secured her grip with her thumbs and started pulling her hands apart. It took some effort, but after a few seconds two small tears started to form on either side between her hands, which quickly expanded until she had torn her friend’s birth canal in two. Adjusting her grip, she inserted her fingers into the cervix and started trying to tear that one open as well. ‘You wanted to be stretched wide, right? Well, I don’t think we’re going to get you any wider… than… this!’ With that last word, Cassie’s womb tore open, turning her reproductive system into a long strip of flesh, which Susan tossed on the ground.

And you can still digest your food,’ she continued, before grabbing the end of Cassie’s intestines and picking up a knife. She started cutting them into sections of about a foot in length, each of which was cut open lengthwise before being tossed on the floor. ‘Speaking of food…’ she said when she had removed all of Cassie’s large and small intestine, ‘let’s get rid of this –’ she tore off Cassie’s pancreas, ‘– and this… and this…’ One by one Susan ripped out all of Cassie’s organs, until she was down to her heart, brains and eyes.

Right, that’s about as helpless as you were able to make me last night. Well, almost, that is.’ She picked up her friend’s brains, grabbing one hemisphere in each hand. ‘Careful now…’ She slowly peeled apart the two halves, then with a slightly harder tug separated them completely. The part to which the cerebellum remained attached she threw on the floor. ‘There. Now, let’s see if I paid attention during your lesson…’ Susan dug her finger into the grey matter and started pulling off the same parts that Cassie had removed the night before. ‘Okay, Cassie, are you still with me?’ she asked when she finished. ‘Yep, still here. Am I cute enough yet for you? I’m afraid this is about as helpless as I’m going to get. Well, aside from removing my eye.’ Susan smiled slyly. ‘Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. Before I can show you, though, there’s something I need to do first. Hang on a sec.

This time, Susan took the knife to her own chest. Starting at her collarbone, she cut through the skin to her armpit, down the side to the bottom of her ribcage, then across to the other side and back up the same way, completing the loop. She wormed her fingertips into the cut at the top and started pulling at the tissue layers, steadily tearing them loose. Inch by inch she worked her way downwards, until the entire front of her chest came away in one big sheet, revealing her ribcage. She let it fall to the floor and stood up to pick up the chainsaw. With a turn of the dial it came to life and she angled the blade so that it was aimed at the left side of her ribcage. The dull buzzing sound turned into a high-pitched whine when the blade made contact with her lowest rib, which snapped in two in less than a second. Susan cut through each rib in succession, then switched to the other side where she repeated the same procedure. Turning off the saw, she grabbed the top part of her sternum and pulled, sending the front of her ribcage clattering to the ground. Her collapsed lungs and merrily beating heart were now on full display. ‘There we go. Now, before we do this I have one question for you: do you trust me?’ Cassie didn’t hesitate. ‘Yes.

Susan shook her head. ‘Not so fast. I’m being serious here for a second. Because while this past week has probably been the most fun I’ve ever had, you know as well as I do that it’s also extremely dangerous. One little screw-up and we’re both dead. Or rather, we’ll be buried alive because we can’t tell anyone to just put us back together. So if we’re going to keep doing this, we have to be able to trust each other completely. Now, I realized last night I trust you with my life. The question is whether you feel the same. So think carefully before you answer, because this is your last chance to back out, and if you say yes I’m going to make you completely and utterly dependent on me. So, once again: do you trust me?’ Cassie looked at Susan through her one remaining eye. They had been best friends for about as long as she could remember. In the past week, they had even become lovers. They had done things she never would have thought possible. Crazy things. And she wanted to keep doing them. More importantly: she wanted to keep doing them with her best friend. Scratch that; with her girlfriend. She was in love, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Susan, acting out every kinky fantasy they could come up with. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘do your worst.’ Susan smiled and nodded. ‘I was hoping you’d say that.

She got up and grabbed the cutting board and the fleshy package that contained Cassie’s limbs and skin. Putting both of them in front of Cassie so she could see, Susan cut off a slice about half an inch in width. Placing the slice flat on the board, she cut it into half-inch strips, which she turned 90 degrees before cutting them into half-inch squares. ‘You see,’ she said, ‘every time we’ve disassembled each other so far the pieces have stayed more or less intact. There’s even a chance that if one of us died they’d piece enough of the body together at the morgue to restore us to life. To make you even more helpless, I’m going to destroy your body to the point where I’d be the only one who would even attempt to restore you.’ Over the course of several minutes, she proceeded to dice Cassie’s limbs and skin, dumping the shreds of meat in a pile on the floor whenever the cutting board got full. When she was finished, she started collecting all of Cassie’s organs and dumped them on the bed. Starting with the lungs, she proceeded to turn them into half-inch cubes as well. Cassie watched it all – not that she had much choice. She was strangely at peace with the fact that her body was being shredded before her very eyes – well, eye. She knew it would take Susan hours and hours to put her back together, but she had no doubt she would. As long as Susan didn’t put the pieces in a blender or damaged her heart, she’d be fine. Even so, she got a little anxious when the majority of her brain was turned into little cubes before being deposited on the now sizeable pile.

There,’ said Susan, ‘that takes care of all of your squishy bits. Of course, your bones are all still in one piece. Let me fix that.’ She transferred the heap containing all of Cassie’s bones to the bed and turned on the chainsaw. Starting with the pelvis, she began carving every bone that was more than an inch long into slices. The larger bones, such as the femurs, were quartered first. Bone dust floated through the air when she finished by turning Cassie’s skull into a pile of small white fragments and added them to the heap on the floor.’ Look,’ said Susan, picking up the only parts left of Cassie that were bigger than a fingertip and aiming her eye at the mound of red and white, ‘your body is gone now. But there is still one thing left to take away from you…’ She once again positioned Cassie’s brain so that it had a view of the cutting board before putting her heart in the middle of it. She held the knife hovering just above the heart. ‘…and that is your ability to keep yourself alive. We’ve seen that we can exchange parts without problem; I have no doubt I’ll be able to keep your brain alive by putting it next to my heart. And once I put you back together I guess we’ll just have to keep holding hands or something like that. What do you say, Cassie? Together ‘til death do us part, or rather: together, because death will come for you as soon as we part. Are you up for it?

Uh, Susan? I don’t think that’s a–

Hey, you said you trusted me, right?

Well, yes, but–


Cassie was speechless as the knife slammed down. Her heart stopped beating as the two halves lifelessly split apart, showing the structure of the four chambers within. Already the edges of her vision were starting to go dark, but Susan wasn’t done yet; again and again the blade came down and Cassie could do nothing but watch as her life source was chopped into confetti. Under normal circumstances she might have had a heart attack from shock, but even that was no longer an option for her. When her field of view had contracted to a small tunnel, Susan picked her up and held her close to her chest, causing Cassie’s field of view to widen again now that Susan’s heart was providing whatever magic they needed to live. Susan looked down at what remained of her friend, which was barely a handful. ‘So, how does it feel? To quite literally have your life resting in the palm of somebody else’s hand?

I… well…’ Once the initial shock wore off, she regained enough of her faculties to consider the question. This was what she had agreed to, wasn’t it? To be rendered totally helpless? And even if it was a little – okay, a lot – scary, she found that her opinion hadn’t changed. ‘As long as it’s your hand, I’m okay with it.’ Susan smiled. ‘Thanks. That means a lot to me. But listen, about that whole “being together 24/7” thing… Look, I love you and all, but a girl needs her alone time. So what would you say if I had a way to restore your heart?’ she asked.

What? Really? But how?’ Cassie asked. ‘Hey, the heart’s just another organ, right? If I hold the pieces close to mine, they’ll restore just like any other part of us. In fact, I already tested this while you were out. First with a tiny little cut, then by cutting the whole thing in two. Granted, I may have gone a bit overboard just now turning your heart into sprinkles, but the principle should be the same; it’ll just take a little longer. You didn’t really think I would permanently destroy it, right? Come on, I’m not going to kill my first girlfriend one day into our relationship; that’s more of a third date activity.’ Cassie laughed, in no small part out of relief. ‘Well, I have to admit you had me worried there for a bit. So, what are you going to do now?

Well,’ replied Susan, ‘I figured I’d get started on the world’s cutest jigsaw puzzle. Of course, I’m going to be at this for a good while, so I think I’ll have a little snack first. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure not to chew too much.’ She raised Cassie up to her mouth and took a small bite out of her brain. After swallowing, she said ‘Oh, right. We wouldn’t want you to be accidentally dissolved, would we?’ With her free hand, she grabbed the bottom end of her esophagus and ripped it aside, disconnecting it from her stomach. As Susan continued nibbling on her brain, Cassie felt her mind go fuzzy. First memories faded away, then words. Her final remaining sense was removed when Susan sucked her eyeball between her lips and pulled it off. All that was left were abstract thoughts, and swirls of color she could no longer put a name to. And gradually even those went away until her mind was gone completely.

It was almost six o’ clock in the evening before Susan finally finishing piecing her friend and herself back together. Reveling in the new, deeper, bond they had forged, the two naked girls shared a deep kiss, which quickly turned into a duel of tongues. Before a clear victor could emerge, Susan pushed Cassie back onto the bed and flipped around, assuming a 69 position. She was just starting to get really hot and bothered when a voice from downstairs startled her: “Hi honey, we’re home!” Susan bolted upright. “Hi mom!” she yelled back. “Quick,” she whispered to Cassie, “put on some clothes!” As they heard footsteps coming up the stairs, the two girls rushed to Susan’s wardrobe to grab some clothes and raced to put them on as quickly as possible, not bothering with underwear. “Susan!” Cassie hissed, “the chainsaw!” Susan quickly kicked it under her bed, hoping her mom wouldn’t notice. Mere seconds after Susan zipped up her pants and Cassie pulled a T-shirt over her head, the door opened.

“Oh, hi girls. I didn’t know you were here, Cassie.”

“Hi mom.”

“Hi Mrs. McKenzie. Yeah, Susan invited me over.”

“Did you two do anything interesting while we were gone?”

The two girls looked at each other.

“No,” Susan said innocently, “just hung out. How was the party?”

“Oh, fine. Your aunt Lanie sends her regards.”

“Uhm, Mrs. McKenzie? Would it be alright if Susan spent the weekend after next at my place? My parents will be out of town, so I’d love to have someone to keep me company.”

“Sure thing, hon. Just bring her back in one piece.”

“I can’t make any promises, Mrs. McKenzie,” said Cassie, looking sideways at Susan, “but I’ll try.” Susan’s mom chuckled. “That’s all I ask,” she said as she walked towards the stairs. “I’ll go get started on dinner. Should be about half an hour.” As she descended the stairs, Cassie and Susan looked at each other again, only barely able to contain their laughter.

“So,” said Susan, “looks like we have half an hour to kill…”

“Do you know that trick where the magician saws a woman in half?”

“Yeah. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Dibs on the chainsaw!”

“Aw, that’s what I was going to say…”

The two girls closed the door, already stripping out of their clothes again.

I smiled; to be honest, for a moment there Susan even had me worried she was going to kill off one of my two favorite contractees, but now I knew these two girls were going to keep me entertained for a very long time. And in fact they did: It’s been over five years now and they’re still providing me with almost daily entertainment in their shared dorm room. I even found a way to give them a magic device that allowed them to instantly restore each other so I didn’t have to keep waiting for them to jigsaw themselves back together every time. Naturally they took full advantage of this and got even more creative as a result. Oh, the stories I could tell you… Of course, before I do I would need a little quid pro quo; I’m not in the habit of giving out freebies, after all. If you could just sign here on the dotted line…


Its great to read this story in its completed form. Thank you very much for the repost.


Where can we find your other works?


They fell off the page, but JIP will probably repost them if you ask.


I've decided to follow Poguemahone's example and post my stories on hentai-foundry so people can read them whenever they want:


Good to know your stuff has been preserved elsewhere!

Any news on potential new updates?



I've got a short story pretty much storyboarded and I've written the first few paragraphs. Unfortunately there is some real-world stuff I have to take care of first that's going to take some time before I can get back to writing.

The story is based on Dungeons & Dragons and features a 13th-level Cleric on a solo adventure. I won't spoil exactly what happens yet, but those with some knowledge of D&D (or the ability to use google) might be able to get a rough idea, because let's just say there's a specific reason I made her level 13...

And speaking of updates: any chance we can look forward to a new chapter of yours in the near future?



Good to hear you've made progress. New story idea reminds me a little of your Lara Croft story, which is my personal favourite of all your work. Are you still going to continue your Terry and Jen story?

I've also been dealing with other irl projects and work, which obviously takes precedent over this, I'm hardly going to tell people "sorry not today fam, I'm writing my story about fucking faeries in half". Hopefully find time for another chapter in the next two weeks, then work on something new probably.



Yeah, there's definitely some similarity between the two, though obviously I'm going to try my best to make this one different enough that I don't repeat myself. It'll be non-lethal, for one. Terry and Jen is paused, but not cancelled. My current guess is that once I've finished the D&D one I might try to write another chapter for The Interview before resuming work on Terry and Jen, but as usual it all depends on inspiration. I hadn't planned the D&D story, but one day the idea just occurred and quickly formed into a story board (though the initial idea was entirely different from what it ended up turning into). I find that when inspiration strikes it's best to just roll with it.


Bumping this, it's legendary


I finally managed to read this to the end. Awesome story!!!


Bump because this story should never be allowed to fall of the board.


Preaching to the choir, man. 😃


Hey, JIP, any updates for chapters on any of your stories(Interview, Dungeon)?


I'm currently probably around halfwayish through writing the next chapter of the Interview, which I'm hoping to finish somewhere in the next couple of weeks.




About time for a bump


Speaking of which...

JestInPieces, if you're still around, can you please check your email. I'm an old writing partner of yours (from the time when I knew you as just Anon, so _that_ email address), and I sent you something I promised a long time ago, along with some general words on the whole thing. I know that you still have access to that email, but I have no way of knowing whether you check it often or only once in a few months.

I didn't want to bump this thread with this thing alone as that would be too egocentric, but now that it's bumped anyways by someone else, I figured I'd write this here.





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