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Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted something but here's part 1 of my latest story.

It's based in an alternate timeline of Avatar the last airbender (spoilers). Aang failed to seal Firelord Osai's powers and got destroyed in the attempt and Azula did not go crazy, letting her defend the fire nation capital with no problem. This is set a couple of years in the future. Osai is the Sun emperor and Azula is the Firelord.


Mai looked around the arena with a bored expression pasted on her face, only half listening to Azula’s speech. Ever since the dominating woman had been crowned Firelord by her father, the Sun emperor, things had become exiting quite fast. For some reason, Azula had decided to pardon her for attacking her on the top of Boiling Rock prison but the noble girl had no illusion that her position was secure.

The people cheered and chanted the Firelord’s name but it was easy to see the fear in their eyes. The loud noises woke up Bosco the bear, Azula’s new pet and roving menace. The huge beast lopped to a noble woman and sniffed her face. The woman tried to put on a brave face and laugh it out but was obviously a minute away from peeing herself.

“And now a chosen few will put on a show to beg my forgiveness and have their respective villages spared,” finished the wickedly smiling young woman, drinking in the cheers from the assembled nobles. When the crowd quieted, except for the soft whines from the woman still being sniffed by Bosco, Azula turned and sat down at her table. The heavily decorated piece of furniture had been placed right at the edge of the stage, giving the people sitting there a first rate view of the events to come. The powerful firebender grinned when she felt the girl under the table sneak in under her robes and start lapping at her royal pussy. “Let the first one in!”


Katara took a deep breath as the doors opened. She squashed down her feelings once more and reminded herself that if she did not do this, everyone she cared for would be tortured and killed.

Putting on a sickly smile, she advanced to the middle of the arena and bowed to the crowd. “My name is Katara and I was one of the foolish few who tried to stand in the way of the benevolent rule of the Fire empire.”

The declaration prompted a few jeers from the crowd but most of the nobles were busy chuckling at what the dusky beauty was wearing. The half-cup push up bra did nothing to conceal the girl’s small breasts but instead seemed to offer them for inspection and in lieu of underwear or pants, she was only wearing a weapon belt around her waist with a Water tribe club attached to it. A last hilarity, for the people who were close enough to see, was that her pubes had been shaved in the form of the Fire nation crest as if she was stamped property.

Katara stood there and took in the humiliation, willing her tears to remain unshed. It felt like an eternity of being raped by the hundreds of eyes before the hateful firebender at the main table gave her a nod to start.

The young woman widened her stance and concentrated. There was a big cauldron of water to the side of the stage that had been placed there for her use. The waterbender started her dance, blocking the crowd from her mind as she grabbed her element and twirled it around her. She had practiced her routine endlessly these past few weeks and knew it by heart. As the dark skinned beauty danced around the stage, the water band formed a hula hoop around her waist before breaking in two streams that caressed her legs, passed over her slit, crawled up her torso to cup her small tits and shot up in the air like fireworks, recreating Azula’s personal crest.

The nobles clapped at the display of skills and cheered at their leader’s mark but Azula was unmoved.

When Katara noticed the Firelord drumming her fingers on the table, she decided to nix the next part of her show and give her what she wanted. Reclaiming the water from the air, she once again morphed it into a hula hoop shape. The band spun faster and faster in front of the waterbender until it almost glowed. To give the crowd an idea of what was to come, Katara made the circle roll on the ground around her, leaving the stone of the arena frosted at the brief contact.

The doomed water tribe girl brought the stream over her head and lowered it around her body, making sure it did not touch her yet, until the band was twirling at breast level. Katara’s breathing picked up. This was it. After this step, there would be no going back. Glancing up, she locked eyes with Azula. The waterbender tried to find even a shred of pity in the other girl’s golden eyes but found only excitement at what was to come.

Her last hope gone, Katara slowly moved the icy band backward. The band was not even touching her yet but her nipples were fully erect from the cold already. As the stream came closer, a little frost started coating the girl’s breasts. With her smile turning into a grimace, she touched the killing band to her small tits. The magical water immediately ripped off the flimsy bra and threw it to the side but that went unnoticed by most people as everyone was busy staring at the dusky breasts turn solid as ice as the stream ran over them.

Katara was not sure how she did it but she managed to hold in her scream of pain as she felt ice crystals form in what was previously supple flesh. She kept the water hula hoop on her tits until they stopped sending any kind of painful sensations before sending it back to the pot, for now.

Breathing hard, Katara displayed her frozen mammaries to the crowd’s viewing pleasure. She cupped them, hurting her hands a little from the cold, to show that they were now hard twin ice sculptures instead of a sign of womanhood. After the crowd were done oohing and ahhing, the water tribe girl unhooked her club and brandished it.

Azula leaned in, not wanting to miss anything that was coming next. She reached down and pushed the girl’s head deeper in her now sopping wet cunt, not caring if she suffocated down there.

After she was sure that everyone had their attention on the weapon, Katara slowly brought it down between her legs and took a two handed grip on it. The dark skinned girl gritted her teeth and with a well practiced flick of her wrists, slammed the club into her right tit. When she had rehearsed this move over and over, it had only squished her breast and left a bruise but this time, there was a loud cracking noise as hardened bone met ice.

Not able to help it, Katara looked down at her shattered mammary. A whine escaped her lips as she lowered the weapon. Her once perfect chest was now ruined by her own hands at the command of a hateful sociopath. She resettled her stance and winced as she stepped on jagged pieces of her bosom. Letting out a small cry, she once again flicked the mace up and finished the job.

The crowd cheered as the second tit exploded at the impact. Mai had trouble keeping her disinterested face on as the pretty water tribe girl destroyed herself. She could hear the girl between Azula’s legs gasp for breath but the Firelord’s full attention was on the display in front of her.

Katara’s head was spinning at the trauma but she managed to re-hook the weapon to her belt and get back into a waterbending stance. She rallied her mind. There was only a little bit more to go and she would be done. Grabbing the water from the cauldron, she spun it until it glowed with cold once again. She then altered her dance and formed the water into a phallic shape before dropping into a wide stance, looking at her own creation with fearful eyes.

Azula let out a small moan as the waterbender touched the subzero penis to her cunt with a bloodcurdling scream. Her eyes went up and down as the big watery prick slowly pushed in and out, going deeper every time. The Firelord drank in the sight of the tears streaming down the water tribe girl’s face as she froze her snatch from the inside.

The only thing that kept Katara going was that her body remembered the movements by heart. She was delirious as she looked down at the large freezing dildo slowly disappeared into her overly stretched pussy. The pain as the frosty water wrecked her sensitive inner walls and froze them open forever was impossible to describe but the fact that little flickers of water kept lapping her poor little clit overshadowed even that. The dark skinned girl did not even realize that she was screaming in pain and weeping her eyes out.

Finally, Katara noticed that her mon was starting to have frost appear on it which probably meant that her pussy was fully frozen. She banished the water back to the cauldron for the last time and quickly un-hooked her weapon before she passed out. The waterbender once again brandished it high over her head but this time took a two handed grip right there and brought it down with all her strength on her frozen slit.

Azula moaned out loud as the dark skinned girl’s obscenely splayed open cunt shattered at the blow, leaving a crater where the once tight entrance was. The firebender started cumming as Katara dropped the club and gingerly touched the place where her pussy used to be. The confused and shocked expression on her stupid face was kindling to the sadistic woman’s orgasm. Then something even better happened. The destroyed girl’s womb started slowly sliding out of her body.

Katara frowned as she felt a weird shifting in her insides. She was barely holding on to sanity as it was but when she spotted her womb slithering out she grabbed the organ and was about to crammed it back in when a voice stopped her.

“Get your hands off of there. Let it fall,” Azua ordered in a thick voice as she was still riding the pleasure waves of her orgasm.

Sniffling, Katara obeyed and let go of her precious organ. Looking at it as it slowly continued to fall out of her before splattering on the ground was the last straw. The young beauty fell to her knees and started shaking all over, her eyes never leaving her fallen womb.

Azula devoured the sight for as long as she could before her pleasure finally died down. Sending a casual fireball to light a fire under the waterbender’s cauldron, she said; “The poor dear looks cold. Dump her in there to get a nice hot bath.”

There were a few chuckles from the crowd as two guards grabbed the catatonic water tribe girl and dragged her to the pot like a broken toy before tossing her in. A cook came in from a side door and threw in a few vegetables and spices as the water started boiling.


Once more you write a great story. I would love to see more elemental action soon.


This is a good start. I'd love to see what happens next!




Thanks guys!

I'll have part 2 posted pretty soon.



Well, hopefully Azula will show mercy. I know I would for that performance.



Well, hopefully Azula will show mercy. I know I would for that performance.


Love your stuff Dokariss, glad to see you back. I know dick-all about Avatar but the womb scene was great. Hope Katara lasts a bit during the next chapter.


I don't think Azula knows what mercy is... But she was entertained so it's doubtful she thinks about destroying a Podunk north pole village right now.

Thanks! Katara is pretty much just soup right now so that's the last we'll see of her until they serve her. And as probably everyone told you when you say you didn't watch avatar... Watch avatar. It's great. Hehe.


Suki struggled to hold in her rage as she watched the show from the side entrance. Seeing Katara reduced to soup stock made her want to charge out there and stab Azula in the face but she knew that not only would she fail, she would doom Kyoshi island. The warrior had just enough time to school her emotions before she was called out to the field to entertain the monster that had destroyed her life.

Mai raised an eyebrow as the next woman came on stage. After seeing the barely dressed water-tribe girl, this one was a little shocking at being in full battle garb. Complete with light armor, weapons and face painting.

Suki gave a stiff bow to her audience and said in a powerful voice, “My name is Suki and I was one of the foolish few who tried to stand in the way of the benevolent rule of the Fire empire.” After the jeers and hisses from the crowd quieted, The Kyoshi warrior pulled out her two battle fans and got in her opening stance.

Drumming started from the side and the nobles laughed in delight when they noticed that drummers had snuck in while they were busy throwing insults at the wench.

Suki took a moment for the rhythm to envelope her and started moving. Her movements were far less graceful than Katara’s dance but they were more powerful and energetic. The warrior fought invisible foes with obvious skills for a little while when something happen. On one of her fan twirl, the weapon hit one of her armor’s strap, cutting it like butter. The crowd wondered if this was a mistake but soon realized that it was part of the act as more straps popped off in quick succession.

When her armor fell to the ground, Suki quickly kicked it off the stage so that she would not trip on it. As she continued her invisible fight, layers after layers of clothes fell off, only to be kicked away. Suki was far from being a prude but she was glad that her make-up was hiding her blushing face as she cut off her last robe, revealing her small breasts to the staring crowd.

Azula, unlike the nobles, had grown slightly bored at the striptease but now leaned in when the thin garment was kicked away. She had thought about cutting the act short like she did with the first girl but needed some time to recuperate from her previous orgasm before she could work on her second.

Suki, now only wearing panties and her make-up, advanced to the edge of the stage and struck a new stance; fully displaying her body for the people’s viewing pleasure for a few seconds, before the drumming changed tempo. The warrior started her new kata but while her face remained as stoic as ever, her mind was screaming at her to lash out instead of meekly accepting her fate. Suki had to fight every single one of her instincts as she spied Azula devouring her with her eyes, waiting for her to willingly destroy herself.

Fighting tears of frustration, the Kyoshi warrior spun and sharply sliced up with her right fan. She felt the blade bite in her breast and, with gritted teeth at the pain, Suki gave the weapon a quick twirl, sawing the mammary right off her body. The agony of losing a part of herself hit the woman right as she flicked her fan, sending the small breast sailing through the air and landing in Mai’s plate.

The noble girl startled as the little piece of meat hit her plate with a meaty thwack. She looked up with wonder as the warrior continued her kata with a trail of blood slowly going down her body from where she previously sported a cute little tit. While the brown haired woman was valiantly going on with a face devoid of emotions, Mai could see that beads of perspiration were sprouting all over her body at the strain of losing a breast.

Suki kept on going even though her body’s voice was now joining her mind’s in telling her to stop this. She ignored it all as she flicked her other fan and sawed through her remaining mammary. Panting with the effort, she sent this latest grisly trophy to the bear’s food bowl.

Bosco, who had been paying attention to the spectacle when it smelled blood, dove right in when the breast hit his plate. His massive jaws and sharp teeth made quick work of the modest tit flesh and he huffed in disappointment.

Azula chuckled at the beast’s almost human-like expression. “Don’t worry. I know that tiny little tit was not very filling but you’ll get your fill by the end of the day,” she said in a cajoling tone, patting his huge head like he was a kitten.

Suki struck another pose to display the damage to her audience. It was getting really hard to breathe since her chest exploded in pain at every breath but she gamely held her pose to display the twin wounds where her cute little bosom used to be.

When Azula once again looked back at her, Suki entered the last part of her act. She discarded her precious fans to the ground and leapt on the table of honor. The jump was perfect and she landed on her knees, straddling the Firelord’s plate.

The guards bristled at the move and a few swords escaped their sheaths but they all went back on standby at a gesture from their leader.

Azula viciously stabbed the heel of her shoe into the under-table girl’s thigh until she felt the tongue start to lap at her pussy again. She looked up at the young woman looming over her with a wide smile, waiting to see what would happen next with not even a hint of fear.

Suki was deeply disappointed by the sociopath’s reaction. She had wanted to at least strike a little concern in her as a last kind of revenge but even that was taken from her. The brown haired girl pushed her feelings aside once more and seductively undid the ties of her panties. The small piece of cloth was soon discarded and the woman’s pristinely shaven pussy was revealed for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Suki ran a finger along her slit, making lewd noises as she slowly opened her petals to let Azula look inside of her. The Firelord looked on with a disinterested expression until something started poking out of the tight gash.

The raven haired woman reached in and pulled out a sheathed knife with a laugh. She drew the blade and tested the edge by picking up Mai’s hand and cutting a thin line on it. The noble girl looked on with her bored face knowing full well that any show of resisting or emotion would just spur on her former friend to do more.

Now fully paying attention, Azula handed the blade to the woman kneeling on the table, excited to see what would happen next.

Suki accepted the razor sharp knife from the most hated person in her life and took a strong grip on it. She could not believe how defeated she felt even though she was looking down on Azula with a weapon in her hand. The way those golden eyes looked at her made her feel like she was a child being stared at by a tiger-wolf.

The warrior slowly brought her hands down and positioned the knife to the left side of her pussy. Taking a deep breath, Suki slowly plunged the blade into her body. She meticulously cut upward at a crawling pace, letting Azula see every detail as she carved her pussy from her body. The initial plan was to do all this with a stoic expression, to show how tough the Kyoshi women were, but this fell to the wayside pretty quickly. The agony of the knife as it cut away her most precious organ was too much and she could not stop the tears and sobs from escaping.

Azula’s eyes kept going from the slow cutting to the brown haired girl’s face. Both spectacles were equally erotic to the firebender. She reached out and started playing with the kneeling woman’s clit as Suki continued to cut out her pussy.

The Kyoshi warrior did not know what to think. She was sawing off her entire vagina, sending unending agony to her brain, but the warm fingers of the woman she hated were giving her pleasure. The two feeling were starting to mix somehow and her sobs turned to moans as she finished her task.

Having finished slicing around her slit, Suki placed the knife at the top of her mons and cut in to dislodge the organ from her body. She started sobbing again when the detached piece of meat stopped sending pleasurable feelings and slid right into Azula’s plate.

Her head swimming with pain, Suki looked down at the Firelord and mumbled, “Kyoshi style fillet. Fresh from the source.”

Azula’s happy expression cooled as she looked down at the perfectly cut vulva in front of her. “You want me to eat that raw?” she asked in a sarcastic tone. “You are in the Fire nation now. Not your backwater island. Here, we cook our food,” she finished as she reached under the table and pulled up her pussy lapper.

Toph took the opportunity to get her first breath of fresh air since the shows started as Azula painfully pulled her to her feet by her hair. The teenager was disoriented but found her footing and smiled at the monster before her like she had been taught to do.

Suki gasped in surprise. No one had seen the earthbender in a long time and they all assumed she was dead. “Toph...”

The earthbender whipped her head around. She had not heard a friendly voice in at least a year and the life line to her past gave the girl some of her old energy back. Toph opened her mouth to respond, amidst her panting, but did not get a chance.

The Firelord picked up Suki’s disembodied vagina and stuffed it in the blind girl’s mouth whole. Azula captured the kneeling warrior’s eyes with her own as she crammed the piece of meat down the girl’s throat. The cruel fire bender's face grew mirthful for a moment. “You know, my little toy has become a pro at eating pussy but I bet it’s the first time she’s done it for real. And who’s better than one of her old friend’s to pop her cherry?”

As Toph chewed the meat in her mouth as fast as possible so as to not suffocate, her useless eyes grew as big as plates. She was eating Suki’s vagina? Suki was right there. She had just talked to her. Yet her whole vulva was being destroyed by her own teeth. What’s more, to her ever growing shame, it was the best thing the teenager had eaten in a long time. The meat was juicy, tender and had a delicious salty flavor. She only wished that Azula would slow down so she could eat it properly.

Amidst Toph’s choking noises, the Firelord’s face grew serious again. She leaned forward and said in a hissing tone, “I guess that the world would be better off if I eradicated your barbarian village from the map.”

Seeing the death of the whole population of Kyoshi island in those golden orbs, Suki abandoned the last of her pride and awkwardly bowed to the raven haired woman. “I am sorry to have offended! Please let me make it up to you!”

“And how would you do that?” Azula asked as she finished stuffing the last of the pussy into the gagging girl’s mouth.

Toph swallowed the last morsel with an audible gulp. The girl wanted to die when she realized that she wished there was more to eat. When her finely tuned nose smelled the blood on her master’s fingers, the earthbender could not help herself as she leaned in and sucked them clean one by one.

Suki looked around for inspiration, willing herself to ignore the spectacle of her old companion sensually sucking the last of her womanhood off of Azula’s well manicured digits. She knew it was her last chance to save her loved ones. The brown haired girl’s eyes finally landed on the plush, leather chair that Azula was sitting in. “You can flay me! Skin me alive to atone for offending you.”

Azula thought about the offer for a moment as she enjoyed Toph’s warm mouth sucking her clean. “I do need a new pair of boots, and you look very comfortable. I might even use you to upholster my throne. Isn't that nice of me?”

“Yes! You are very merciful. Thank y...” Suki said before being cut off.

“But!” Azula said, taking the defeated woman’s face in her hands. “I want you to beg me to have you skinned. Make me believe how much you want it.”

Suki stared into the golden pools and could only see endless sadism. Abandoning the last of herself, she rubbed her face in her tormentor’s hands. “Please Ma’am. Please flay me. Nothing would please me more than having my skin painfully pulled from my body to give you a few minutes of entertainment. I would love to have my skin used as your boots so that it will protect your feet from mud and dirt.”

Azula’s smile came back as she saw the last of the woman die right in front of her. The brown haired girl’s mind destruction just as erotic as her body was. She pushed Toph back between her legs and gave the mind-broken warrior a kiss on the lips.

“I’ll allow your wish,” the raven haired woman whispered before nodding to the guards to take her off the table.


Good job on Suki's self-mutilation.


she better spare the water village ;3;


Thanks! I did find that that part came together very well.

I doubt Azula even remembers that village right now.


Hey guys! Here's part 3.

Jin could not stop crying. She had started when Katara got on stage and did not stop since. Her beautiful make-up was streaking down her cheeks but she did not care. She knew what was going to happen today, of course, but knowing it was going to happen and seeing unfold in front of you were two very different things.

When Jin had been abducted from her home and taken to the Fire Kingdom, she had been beside herself with fear. When she had been told what was expected of her, her mind had almost snapped. It was Katara’s loving friendship that had held her mind together and it was Suki’s iron will that had given her the strength to develop her presentation to save the people she loved.

Seeing the water-tribe girl’s dead expression as her womb slowly oozed out and Suki’s will destroyed as she begged to be Azula’s plaything were like physical blows to the poor earth-kingdom girl.

As the Kyoshi warrior’s screams started when the big man’s knife began to cut away her skin, Jin was called on stage.

The woman found that she was walking before she knew what was going on. She soon stood in the middle of the stage, Suki’s bestial screams hitting her in the back like waves. Jin froze for a moment. Looking at the assembled nobles and the Firelord stole her wits.

Mai raised an eyebrow when the next girl took the stage. She did not recognise that one from their many battles. Why was what looked to be a normal city girl, decked out in a nice Earth-kingdom kimono, standing there? She almost asked Azula but then remembered her still bleeding hand.

Jin managed to reboot her brain when the Firelord started to look bored. She knew what boredom meant for her family. With a voice that only wavered a little, she managed to shout over Suki’s screams. “My name is Jin and I was one of the concubines of Zuko, the royal traitor.”

The crowd booed at the mention of the disgraced name. They called her a slut and a whore, making the tears start up again. It was hard to imagine that one date with a nice boy had landed her on this stage. Nothing had even happened.

Mai stiffened. Azula was having some girl who had a fling with Zuko do a snuff show? If that was the case, the noble girl once again wondered why she was sitting here since she was known to be the royal boy’s actual girlfriend.

Azula started to drum her fingers on the table and Jin realized that she had spaced out again. The brown haired girl nodded to the side and two servants brought in a small grill, already heated up with burning coals. The Earth-kingdom girl felt like a fraud. She could not dance, sing, fight or do anything showy. She was just a simple girl. But she did have something over the other girls that might entertain their psychopath overlord and with her face burning bright red, she revealed her assets to the crowd.

The nobles cheered when the sobbing woman opened her kimono in one move, making her bountiful tits jiggle for their benefit. Even though the girl looked like she was dying of shame, she shook her shoulders to make the great mammaries dance. She even played with one nipple while bringing her other breast to her mouth and sucking on the pink nub.

When both of her nips were proudly standing at attention, Jin grabbed the two handles at the side of the grill and started to lean in. The heat was blasting her chest already and she was just standing beside the thing. Suki’s never ending wails were also eroding the poor girl’s will and even though she knew she should not, Jin could not resist throwing a quick glance back. The sight of the warrior with half her skin sagging on the floor quickly made her whip her head back.

Strangely, the sight gave the brown haired girl some courage. Suki was going through all that to save her people. Surely, she could do this much to save hers.

Wiping her mind of all thoughts, Jin leaned down and touched her tits to the burning metal grill, only to recoil with a cry of pain.

Hugging her injured breasts, the city girl could not believe how much that had hurt. She had practiced putting her tits in scalding water in preparation for this but the metal was on a whole other level of pain.

A grunt of annoyance brought Jin’s attention back to the firelord. Azula did not seem amused.

The raven haired woman gestured to one of her guards. “If she fucks up again, ram your sword up her ass and give the order to kill every single member of her family. Oh and have every one of them raped by beasts before you kill them.”

The soldier and Jin both sported twin expressions of fear and disbelief but the man climbed on the stage to stand beside the cringing brown haired girl.

The city girl realized that she was still crying as she looked at the grill. Everything was blurry but she knew that she had to succeed or her spirit would never know peace after causing so much harm to her family.

Squaring her shoulders the girl brought her bountiful chest back over the grill and with a battle cry, slammed them on the red hot metal.

Jin’s courageous cry soon turned just as bestial as Suki’s was. It felt like a million fiery knives were being slowly driven in her great dangling orbs.

The brown haired girl somehow managed to look away from her cooking bosom and locked eyes with Azula. “Thank you for giving me the chance to atone for my transgression your majesty. Your traitorous brother wanted to touch this unworthy body so it’s my pleasure to destroy it for you,” the girl managed to croak out between screams and moans of agony.

About halfway through the cooking process, with her big breasts looking even plumper because of the heat, Jin realized that Suki had stopped screaming. A quick look back revealed that she was done with her ordeal and was now skinless except for her face, hands and feet. Amazingly, the warrior was still alive even though the ground was slick with her blood.

Over the sound of her cooking tits, Jin heard Azula talk with the guard standing beside her.

“This one seems to be finally behaving so go throw some salt on that other one until she dies.”

Jin gritted her teeth as she heard the pitiful mewling of the formerly proud warrior as the soldier obeyed. The Kyoshi woman babbled and pleaded like a little girl until she mercifully fell quiet.

Jin would have loved nothing more than to mourn her friend but she had her own problems. Her tits felt like they would burst; yet they still hurt like twin coals in her chest, letting her know that they were not done yet.

As she moved them around on the grill to make sure all her skin got some heat, salvation came from the cook who was stirring the Katara soup.

“You need to cut them open girl. There’s too much juice in there,” he helpfully said, as he stepped on the stage with a bow toward his mistress. He pulled out a knife from his belt and handed it to the brown haired girl before retreating back to his place.

Jin positioned the knife to her right tit and plunged it in. She was not sure how it was possible but the move brought an equal measure of pain and pleasure. That horrible sensation of tightness went away instantly as clear juices poured out and hit the coals with a sizzle. The city girl quickly drove the knife in her left breast with a sigh as she was hit with a feeling of euphoria for a few precious seconds.

With that done, Jin was free to finish the cooking process. She rolled her chest around, making the twin orbs turn a uniformly golden color as they cooked to perfection and when the horrible agony turned into a simple dull pain, she knew that they were done.

Getting up from the grill, Jin’s head swam as she walked toward the table of honor. It was surprisingly hard to walk in a straight line right now but she managed to get to her destination. The girl awkwardly climbed the table and presented her chest with both hands.

“Here you go your majesty. Grilled tits, right from the source,” the brown haired girl said with a smile.

Azula ran a finger on the hot meat before popping it in her mouth. With a noise of pleasure at the taste, she grabbed the girl and bit deep in her tit, taking the nipple right off.

The Firelord chewed with gusto before biting in again, ripping out another great chunk of the breast.

As the raven haired woman ate her tit right off of her, Jin could not tear her eyes from the spectacle. It was such a weird thing to see. Bite after bite removed what had once been her pride as a woman. Jin had always thought of herself as a plain girl. Nothing special to look at. But her big breasts had been her saving grace. Now the right one was almost gone, eaten right of her chest, and her left one was just cooked meat.

Unknown to the girl, she had started to pant and moan as she looked at her destruction.

Azula eventually leaned back, some grease making her lips shine in the sunlight.

“That was quite the meal,” she said as she patted her belly. Then, the Firelord snuck her other hand in the brown haired girl’s panties. “And it seems like I was not the only one who enjoyed myself,” she mused as she showed her glistening fingers to the brown haired girl.

Jin did not know what to say to that. She was wet? Why? How?

Azula chuckled at the girl’s confused expression as she pulled up her pussy lapper from under the table.

“This one can eat pussy like a seasoned whore at this point but I am getting tired of her. I think I’ll keep you alive for a while as my new cunt worshiper. Am I not nice?”

When the one breasted girl did not answer, Azula raise an eyebrow. “I said. Am I not nice?”

Jin could not believe it. She did not want to die, of course, but it seemed like a release instead of having to serve this monster. Yet, she could not deny that her pussy pulsed at the idea. She was not sure if she had went insane at the sight of her breast being eaten but she found having to worship the pussy of this psychopath incredibly arousing.

“Yes,” Jin heard herself say. “I would love to eat your pussy or ass. I’ll do whatever you want.”


Good job with Jin's scene.


Thanks. There's more to follow for our little Jin.


Hey guys! Long time no see! I have another chapter for you. But first, it seems like the latest chapter that I had posted got deleted when GUROchan went down. So a repost and then a new chapter.

As Azula was busy talking with her new slave, the cook materialized at her side and gently cleared his throat.

When the golden eyes turned to him, he bowed deeply and presented the bowl in his hands. “The soup is ready my liege.”

The Firelord’s crossed expression at being interrupted turned jovial at the news. “It’s about time. What took so long? Was she frozen inside?” She joked, getting a laugh from the nobles in the audience.

Azula picked up the bowl and took a sip, closing her eyes at the delectable taste.

“Not bad. You can almost taste her fear and confusion,” the psychopath said, impressed at the brew. “It’s too bad I filled up on this one’s tit.”

Toph cringed when she felt Azula turn toward her. She was still unsure what the woman had meant when she offered this new girl her position. She did not want to die. She had done some truly horrific things in order to remain alive as long as possible but it seemed like her run of good luck was at an end.

The Firelord smiled at he fearful expression on her pussy licker’s face. That’s how she liked the women around her to look. “Here,” she said as she put the bowl in the blind girl’s hands. “Finish that for me.”

Toph looked down at the soup with her useless eyes but while she could not see, she could smell the rich broth filled with meat and spices. It seemed weird that her tormentor would give her good food like this but the Earthbender knew that she could not refuse.

Taking one last smell of the brew, Toph brought it to her mouth and took a deep drink. She could not help sighing in delight at the taste. It was even better than Suki’s pussy.

“Do you like it?” Azula asked with a grin.

Toph nodded. “Yes ma’am. It’s delicious.”

“Good. I’m sure your friend Katara’s spirit will be happy her companion found her tasty,” the royal woman said, eager to see what expression the blind girl would make at the news.

Toph did not disappoint her mistress. Her eyes went round as plates and she almost dropped the bowl. “Katara’s dead…” She said, stunned. Then to herself; “Sugar queen...”

“Indeed. Now don’t spit on your friend’s sacrifice and finish your meal,” the Firelord ordered.

The Earthbender could feel tears run down her face as she put the bowl back to her lips. She had been friends with Suki, sure, but while her relationship with Katara had started pretty rockily, they had become fast friends. Almost sisters. So with a sob, Toph took another great gulp of her companion, hating herself for enjoying the taste so much.

Azula laughed at the sight before turning her attention back to Jin. “Just a soup is a bit sparse for a meal. Add a slice or two of your remaining breast to the poor girl’s lunch.”

“Yes mistress,” Jin agreed, her cunt still throbbing at the horrible things happening all around her.

The city girl took her remaining mammary in her left hand and brought the knife to it. Her other breast had been taken from her but she was now in charge of destroying this one.

Panting in arousal and horror, the brown haired girl sank the sharp knife in her cooked tit-flesh. She would’ve sworn that she could feel the cold metal part her meat but she was pretty sure she was just imagining things as her once impressive bosom was now nothing more than food.

Jin moaned out loud when the first cut landed on the table. She looked down at the slice with her cute little nipple standing proudly with hunger. The city girl really wished that Azula had ordered her to eat her own breast. She was insanely curious as to how she tasted.

Azula picked up the fallen piece and placed it at Toph’s mouth. “Here. Enjoy your last meal my little cunt worshiper. You deserve it for your long service,” she said with warmth in her voice.

The blind girl opened her mouth and took a bite of the perfectly roasted tit-flesh. She was pretty full after eating a whole pussy and a bowl of soup but she kept eating the delicious meat out of her master’s hand.

Azula’s words repeating in her mind. ‘Her last meal.’ ‘Her last meal.’ ‘Her last meal.’

This was it. This was the Earthbender’s last day on earth. She would die soon. Probably in a horrendously painful way.

Toph thought about attacking, about trying to flee, about begging for her life but knew it would all be for naught.

Azula drank in the blind girl’s emotions. She braced in case an attack was coming but relaxed when the smaller girl’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

The psychotic woman’s pussy was on fire. She loved seeing all those stupid cunts give up and subject themselves to all this without a fight. These powerful women were letting all this happen to them just to save some other stupid people. Such foolishness.

Not able to take it anymore, Azula grabbed Toph and threw her on the table, right in front of Jin. She then picked up some cutlery and shoved them in the blind girl’s hand. “You know what to do,” she said in a voice thick with lust.

Toph did, indeed, know. She concentrated for a moment and morphed the separate pieces of metal into one blob. The blob then elongated until a 10 inches metal dildo was floating between the girl’s hands.

Azula grinned at the phallus before handing the earthbender some more forks and spoons. “Add some spikes,” she whispered in an erotic tone.

Toph started to pant in fear as she added the new metal in, making the dildo 11 inches with little spikes all along it.

Before Azula could say anything, Jin, not really believing what she was doing, bent down and whispered right in the blind girl’s ear. “I know it’s scary but you know what she wants. Just surrender. You’re already dead. Just play along with her. Please her with everything you have and you’ll be done.”

The Firelord looked on, confused, as Toph started sobbing at whatever her new pussy licker had said. Her confusion did not last very long, however, as the tiny spikes soon grew into inch long nails.

Jin looked at the monstrous metal dick and went back to the crying girl’s ear. Her mind was screaming at her to stop but her pussy’s pulsing was stronger. “That’s a lot better, sweetie, but we both know you can do even better. Dig deep. Create a nightmare.”

Toph did not know who it was that was talking to her but the tired and broken girl did as she was told. She tried to imagine the worst thing that could penetrate her and brought it to life.

Azula’s eyes grew in surprise. The floating dick went back into an amorphous ball before reshaping itself. The now 9 inches dildo had a serrated blade running all along it in a corkscrew pattern and the tip was adorned with a crown of spikes.

“Not bad,” the Firelord praised as she picked up the floating dick and attached it to a harness that every single one of her outfits had.

At the whispered encouragement in her ear, Toph opened her legs and presented her pristine slit to her master. “My name is Toph and I was one of the foolish few who tried to stand in the way of the benevolent rule of the Fire empire. Please punish me in anyway you find fitting,” she said as she pulled her lower lips apart.

Azula practically drooled at the invitation. She gave a nod of appreciation to Jin, who was still whispering in the trembling blind girl’s ear, before she grabbed Toph’s hips and placed the monster at the entrance to her cunt.

With a quick thrust, Azula buried the head of her new dick in pink flesh. The blades bit deep in the tender tunnel, ripping and cutting as they went. The Firelord licked her lips in lust as the bright red blood already started dripping out.

Toph screamed her head off as she felt the thing enter her. It felt like an animal was trying to claw it’s way in her poor little pussy. She trashed and wailed but both Azula and Jin were holding her down.

In her madness inducing agony, more of Jin’s words made their way into her brain. Pasting what could generously be called a smile on her face, Toph said, “Thank you mistress. It… AAAAAaaaahhhh! It feels so good to have you inside of me.”

The Firelord was in heaven. She was about halfway in the blind woman’s cunt and would never grow tired of seeing the serrated blades turn the sensitive sex organ into shredded meat. Blood was continuously pouring out now and bits of pussy were stuck to the metal dick when she pulled out.

Enjoying her victim’s encouragements, Azula started trusting with vigor. Her new favorite toy went deeper and deeper with each trusts until she could feel the spike crown hitting the back of the delirious girl’s pussy.

Toph howled in torment when the spikes sank in her cervix. Even though her whole pussy was burning with pain, this new sensation was like an additional layer. Even worst was that she knew she was the one who had created this thing. She had intentionally made this bladed monstrosity to destroy her own cunt. The earthbender also realized that this thing was going to survive after she died from it. She wondered for a moment how many girls were going scream in agony as their own little slits were ripped apart by her creation before forgetting all about it when her mistress rammed it deep into her once again.

“You,” Azula panted, addressing Jin. “Take those mosquito bites she calls tits off.”

Jin straightened and brought her knife to Toph’s barely A cup breasts without question, her mind’s objections growing weaker and weaker as her cunt took over.

The blind girl did not even know what was going on until pain started blooming in her chest. She reached up but was pushed back down by Jin with an admonition. Only then did she realize that the other woman was cutting her breasts off.

The dual pain of her pussy being cut apart and a knife slicing her chest away was too much. All the feelings became crossed resulting in the biggest orgasm in the poor girl’s life.

Toph could not believe she was cumming. Her creation had given her an orgasm. She was gushing blood and pussy juice as her metal baby kept ripping her cunt apart.

Both Azula and Jin were taken by surprise when Toph’s body became rigid and she screamed in passion, ending with undulations as she tried to push back on her mistress’ cock.

Azula panted in lust as she looked down at the pain mad girl. Her chest sporting twin wounds where her puffy nipples used to be, her cunt ruined and cumming like a whore.

“I’m going to cum soon. Take her womb out for me,” she ordered her new assistant.

Jin leaned in and put the knife at the top of the still moaning girl’s mons. She pushed the sharp blade in with almost no resistance and sliced the other woman’s belly open.

Azula started trusting with all her might as she watched the city girl reach into the cut and rip it open more with her bare hands. The two looked at the blind girl’s womb for a few seconds. They could even see the psychotic woman’s dick as it battered the girl’s cervix.

Jin reached in reverently and took hold of Toph’s reproductive system. She enjoyed the warmth on her hand as she propped it up, displaying it in all it’s glory to her mistress before reaching in with her knife and cutting it off in one move.

That was the last straw for Azula. She gave a last mighty shove, finally ripping through the blind girl’s cervix, and moaned out loud as her own orgasm raced all over her body.

The Firelord gave a few trusts as she enjoyed the waves of pleasure before falling back in her seat, her metal dick dragging out some pussy meat with a wet slorp sound.

Seeing her mistress cum with such force triggered Jin’s own orgasm. She cried out in euphoria as she licked the womb in her hand. Making out with it like a lover.

After taking a moment to get her breath back, Azula looked up at Jin. “Take off her butt and what’s left of her cunt. The cook can probably make something tasty out of that later. Feed the rest to Bosco.”

The voice brought Jin back to earth. She looked at the still warm womb in her hand and then down to the destroyed blind girl beneath her. Without the armor of her lust, everything she did slammed down on the city girl like a hammer. But, Jin knew she still had to obey. So with fat tears running down her cheeks, she set out to work.

Toph barely reacted as the brown haired girl plunged the knife in her ruined sex hole and sliced it off. The former city girl then flipped the blind girl over and removed her firm little butt.

The brown haired girl felt so bad about killing this poor girl now that she was somewhat in her right mind. She glanced at the Firelord and was glad to see her relax in her big chair, not paying attention to anything. Jin had to force herself to look away from the metal phallus, covered in blood and pussy bits, as it still stood proudly between the resting woman’s legs.

The new royal pussy licker wanted to do at least one gesture of apology to the comatosed girl and decided that she would give her back her womb. That was the least she could do. Jin stealthily shielded the earthbender’s body from the crowd with her own for a few seconds and shoved the reproductive organ in the closest hole, which turned out to be her mouth.

The former city girl could not afford to be gentle. She stuffed in the womb with all her strength, making the girl’s throat bulge and cutting off her breathing.

Toph was barely conscious as she felt more pieces of her body fall off. She could still feel the horrible pain but it was not as bad as before. Like it was happening to somebody else.

Suddenly, there was a new taste in her mouth. It was not as pleasant as the other things she had eaten today but it was quickly over. Altho, now it felt like she had swallowed a whole apple and it was stuck in her throat. She then felt weightless as Jin lifted her off the table with a grunt of effort before being unceremoniously dropped to the floor.

The blind girl’s last feeling was the bear’s warm breath as his jaws closed around her throat.


And now, the new chapter.

Mai was barely breathing. She knew that if Azula remembered she was there, she would either join the blind girl on the table or would be told to help take her apart.

When the whole thing was over and Bosco was happily eating the wrecked woman, making a big mess as he ripped off her limbs one after the other, the noble girl looked in her hand at the butter knife that she had managed to save when her former friend had destroyed all the cutlery.

The blunt and badly balanced knife would be useless to most people but in her hands, it was a reasonably potent weapon.

Mai took a deep breath and risked a glance sideways to assess the situation. The Jin girl was still on the table, sobbing as she stared at the earthbender being eaten. Her uneven breasts almost looked comical as she cried. Azula was still resting, running her hand over her bladed cock.

As Mai managed to look away from the deadly phallus, her blood turned to ice. Her former friend was looking right at her from the corner of her eyes.

To the noble woman’s dread, the Firelord got up and stood right beside her. Her fake cock bobbing right beside the still sitting girl’s face.

Without saying a word, Azula held out her hand.

Knowing it would be foolish to resist in any way, Mai handed over her butter knife.

Azula looked at the innocent instrument for a few seconds before putting it in her pocket. Patting the stored knife with a smile, she said; “I’m sure we can find something to do with this later,” before sitting back down.

The Royal woman grabbed the sobbing girl on the table by her hair and dragged her to the floor with a thump. “Get under my robes. I am still sensitive right now so just get acquainted with my taste for a while. I’ll let you know when I want you to really get in there.”

Jin bowed as best she could from the awkward position and disappeared under the table.

When Azula felt the tentative tongue part her slit’s lips, she got comfortable and nodded to the gate guard.

The soldier’s face was almost green as he turned towards the last girl standing in the corridor. “How can you be smiling!?” he exclaimed.

Ty Lee turned to him, her radiant expression almost blinding, and replied; “I get to die performing. There’s a lot of things that I regret not being able to do but there are far worst ways to go.”

When she saw that the speechless guard was not going to reply, the acrobatic girl decided that Azula would probably not appreciate being kept waiting.

Taking a deep breath, Ty Lee sprang into action. She rocketed out the gate and did three flips and one double backflip, her red and gold flowing outfit made her look like a dancing fire spirit as she seemed to defy gravity, before landing on her feet with her hands in the air, her smile directed at the crowd.

The nobles reflexively applauded the masterful display of acrobatic before they remembered where they were when Azula turned an evil eye on them.

Ty Lee took a second to bask in the attention. The only thing that was ruining her mood a little was that her friend Mai looked miserable as she sat beside their lord.

Looking back at the crowd, the slim woman said in a clear voice; “My name is Ty Lee and I foolishly attacked the royal princess.”

Boos and jeers rang out at her confession but they were pretty forced as the doomed girl had already won their hearts.

Two guards stepped on the stage with a nine foot metal pole and screwed it in while the crowd finished insulting the still saluting girl.

When the men were done, Ty Lee slid over to them and deeply kissed each of the confused soldiers before sending them on their way with a pat on their bottoms.

The crowd chuckled as the usually stoic men blushed and scampered off.

Ty Lee knew she was literally playing with fire as Azula’s expression continued to darken at her antics but this was her last performance and she would be damned if it wasn’t her best one yet.

The slim girl cartwheeled to the post and saluted the crowd again before starting. She hooked her leg on her metal partner and started to twirl.

The nobles leaned forward as the fire spirit on stage seemed to crawl upward, once again going against gravity’s rules, as she danced and spun.

Piece by piece, Ty Lee took off her clothes and sent them sailing in the air. Her perky tits jiggled as she somehow managed to remove her panties while in mid-air and aimed them at one of the guard’s head.

Finally naked, the performing girl supported her whole weight on her arms as she aimed her butt at her audience and did a perfect horizontal split, displaying her sopping wet pussy and puckered asshole to everyone.

Ty Lee was riding the edge. She loved attention and knew that every eye back there were glued to her private treasures. She knew that just a little touch would make her go off like a firehose but she was not done yet. She looked up at the tip of the pole, its pointed end making her shiver in fear and curiosity. After all, how many people would get to feel what she would in just a few moments.

Arching her back, the athletic girl bent almost in half in the wrong direction, her spine creaking, and grabbed the pole with her legs before letting go with her arms and unfolding, resulting in her straddling the top of the pole.

There were a few applaudes as she once again lifted her arms in showmanship. Ty Lee’s breathing picked up as she gracefully aligned her juicy cunt to the tip of her last lover. She could feel the fear wrap around her heart as the cold metal touched her burning flesh but it did not last long as she took in all the noble’s attention. They would all remember Ty Lee and the awesome show she gave for the rest of their lives.

Supporting all her weight on her feet, she slowly sank down. The slight girl could not help moaning as the pole stretched her open. The pole had not seemed THAT thick when she danced on it but in her tight little pussy, it felt like someone was forcing a club in there.

Mai, like everyone else, was mesmerized by the show. She actually felt an itch between her legs as she watched her friend fuck herself on the pole. The slim girl really seemed to enjoy herself as she ran her hands in her hair and pinched her rock hard nipples. The loud lustful moans were also quite the indication of pleasure as she pumped her body up and down on the large piece of steel.

As Ty Lee was about to reach the mother of all orgasm, Mai was distracted from the erotic sight by a grinding noise beside her. Looking over froze the noble woman’s blood.

Azula was not amused, as her manicured nails would attest as they dug groves in her chair’s arms. Her eyes almost glowed from anger as she looked at her former friend enjoying herself.

Mai almost jumped out of her chair as the Firelord struck out like a snake, hitting the metal pole with a bolt of electricity.

Ty Lee was a few seconds away from her orgasm. Her lover was now hitting the back of her pussy with each downward thrusts, stretching her sex hole to the max and making her feel as full as she’d ever felt.

Then the bolt hit. She felt the electricity slam into her tender cunt first, making it clamp down on the pole with a death grip as the pain/pleasure catapulted her over the edge. The combination of cumming that hard and the electrical current making her muscle seize made the perched girl loose her grip on the pole.

It was only for a fraction of a second but it was long enough to cause some damage. Ty Lee’s cry of ecstasy turned into a howl of agony as she felt her lover ram right through her cervix and punch out the back of her womb, coming to rest in her intestines as she heroically managed to regain her footing.

Mai cringed at the sound her friend made but she could not deny that she had never looked sexier. The athletic girl’s body writhed atop the pole from the combination of pleasure and pain, making her look like she was continuing her erotic dance. The faraway look in her eyes and the thin dribble of drool looked like the epitome of ecstasy.

Ty Lee managed to not lose her mind from all the conflicting stimulus and slowly came back to earth. She had to smile to herself. It was a pretty stupid thing she had done to not pay attention to Azula.

Looking up at her tormentor, the pained girl gave her lord a bright smile, only slightly twisted from the pain, and said; “Thank you Azula. You always know just the right way to punch up a show.”

That said, Ty Lee pushed herself up a little before going down even deeper with a pained moan. The pole had long ago warmed up to her body temperature but she could swear she could feel the cold of it as it pushed her organs aside.

The doomed girl never broke eye contact with Azula as she lowered herself even lower. Blood and juices dripping from her pussy were constantly threatening to break her footing but she somehow managed to keep her grip.

“It’s so painful, Azula,” Ty Lee announced, still sporting her courageous smile, her voice only wavering slightly. “I can feel the pole as it’s traveling inside me. It’s pushing my organs aside or ripping through them if they won’t move. I am killing myself because you felt like it. Do you like it?”

The royal woman did not respond but sat back comfortably with a sexual smile. A quick jab from her her high heeled shoe made Jin start lapping in earnest. A few gagging noises could be heard as the city girl truly started her first lesbian experience.

Ty Lee was starting to run out of strength. She was still sporting her smile but it would not last long now. She was really proud of the show she had managed to pull out but it was time to end it before the last of her reserves gave out.

“Thank you all for being such a great audience!” she shouted to the crowd. “And a very special thanks to our host, Firelord Azula, for arranging this little performance.” She really wanted to say goodbye to Mai too but did not want to remind their former friend that she was there.

That said Ty Lee made sure she was still well aligned before releasing her cramping leg muscles. The crowd ohhhed and ahhhed as the slight woman suddenly dropped.

Ty Lee would have screamed if she could have as the pole suddenly ripped through the rest of her. It grazed her heart, ripped through one of her lungs, before finding the entrance of her throat. It felt like when she had had first introduced the rod to her pussy. It seemed so big as it stretched her small throat to its limit before coming out of her mouth.

Ty Lee was glad that the crowd could not see her face anymore as she finally let go and let the tears flow from the intense pain.

Azula moaned as her former friend’s body slid down the beam, leaving it shining bright red as she went down. She jammed her heel deep into her cunt licker’s leg, signaling that she wanted more stimulation.

Jin went into overdrive, getting her face deep into the royal girl’s gash and bringing her fingers into the mix. Doing everything she could to give pleasure to the woman who had eaten one of her breasts a few minutes ago.

Ty Lee’s vision was growing dim. She was not sure if the roaring sound she heard was imagined or the crowd cheering her but she managed to make her arms go up as a last salute to the her audience before her body gave out with a shudder.

Azula groaned in pleasure as an orgasm hit her when the impaled girl’s hands lifelessly flopped to her sides. The cruel girl kept grinding her shoe into her slave’s leg as she came, enjoying how the trapped girl aimlessly tried to please her better.

When the Firelord came down from her trill, she pushed Jin away with a kick before addressing the guards. “Take Ty Lee’s body away, have her stuffed and delivered to her family. Tell them that I want them to always have her displayed. I might drop in from time to time to make sure she’s prominently exhibited.”

As the soldiers took Ty Lee’s body from the pole, Azula got up, removed her new favorite toy from her waist and turned to the nobles behind her. “I hope this little display was educational. Any of you get any stupid ideas and it will be you or your children performing on that stage.”

When she was satisfied that the crowd was properly cowed, the psychotic woman grabbed Mai’s hand and dragged her up.

The noble girl gasped as she stood. She had still been looking at her friend’s cooling corpse so she had been caught by surprised.

“Come along, Mai. Let’s go hang out,” Azula sinisterly ordered, dragging the other woman behind her.


Hello everyone! Here's the last chapter of this story. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

Mai looked around as she was dragged through the castle’s corridors by Azula who still had not let go of her hand. The noble girl had walked these halls a number of times in the past but everything felt a little alien to her. The staff had always looked scared when she and her two friends passed but now they positively looked terrified as they bowed as low as possible.

The formerly bored girl glanced back at the woman following them. Azula’s new pussy licker was touching the remains on her once impressive bust as she kept pace. The city girl had a hazy expression, like she was in a dream.

Much too soon, the group arrived at the Firelord’s chambers. Azula entered her parent’s former bedroom with a flourish, her confident stride letting anyone know that these were now hers.

The royal girl snapped her fingers and two attendants seemed to materialize from the room’s corner and rushed to undress her. “Jin, my dear. Undress her,” she purred, gesturing towards her former friend.

Mai passively let the girl remove her robes, except for a few time where she had to point out how to locate a hard to find tie. From the way Azula was looking at her, it seemed that sex was on the menu. While she appreciated her former friend’s beauty, she had no sexual interest in her. ‘Well if she wants to fuck me, maybe that means that she doesn’t want to snuff me,’ she thought with some hope.

When the two were nude, Azula grabbed the noble girl and tossed her on the bed before getting on top of her latest victim. “Do you know why you did not have to perform on stage?” she asked, while running her long fingers on the entrance of the other woman’s wet pussy.

Mai took a calming breath before replying. “I don’t know. I’ve been wondering about that for a while now. You had Ty Lee up there but I was the one who attacked you first. She just came to my help when you riposted,” she replied, stifling a moan when the inquisitive digits entered her.

Azula did not respond right away. She seemed to enjoy the squelching sounds her fingers made as she slowly pumped them in the squirming girl’s cunt. Finally, the golden orbs moved up and captured Mai’s with their intensity. “You were not up there because you are mine.”

The trapped girl frowned in confusion.

The royal woman smiled lazily, her fingers never stopping their lewd rhythm. “It’s very simple. You were my brother’s girlfriend. And everything that was his is now mine. I have his title, his rooms, his kingdom, I killed his mother and now I have his woman.”

Mai’s mind boggled. Pettiness on that scale was almost impossible to grasp. “Wait! You killed your mom?” She asked in a disbelieving tone.

Azula’s smile turned vicious and her eyes almost glowed as she relived the memory. “Yes I did. I gathered a few guards that I had under my thumb when she was banished and had them rape the daylight out of the simple bitch. The funniest part was the weird noises she made while one of the guys sodomised her with his sword.”

Mai was about to reply but her words turned into a screech when a tiny bolt of electricity arced from the Firelord’s fingers and hit her engorged clit.

“Shush. This is not about that silly woman. This is about the two of us. I do have to say that your pained screams are very arousing. It’s a nice contrast to how you usually are. Scream for me some more,” the royal girl asked nicely as she pumped more electricity in the small bundle of nerves.

Mai obliged. Each hit on her love button seemed to hurt more than the last. Her voice reached a new high when her former friend started to push her whole hand in her tight slit. While this removed the shocks from her poor clit, the electricity arcs now lashed out at her tender inner walls. “AzulaaAAAAaaahhh! You’re going to rip me open. It’s tooaaaaAAAAAHHH much! Please stop!” she could not help begging, knowing full well that it was useless.

And indeed it was as the Firelord did not even bother to respond. The psychotic woman grinned as she looked at her hand getting engulfed in the small hole only to pull it back out, nearly pulling out the pained girl’s inside each time.

After some time, Azula pulled out with a pop and laughed as the formerly pretty and tight pussy remained gaping lewdly open for a while before starting to close. She examined her glistening hand, the enticing smell was too much so she gave it a test lick. With an approving noise at the rich taste, the royal woman turned toward Jin. “I am getting hungry again. Go get some leftovers from the show.”

Jin jumped at being addressed. She had been absorbed by the sexual show and took a second to reboot her brain. “Yes mistress!” she yelled with a bow, before running out of the room still naked as the day she was born.

Azula looked down at the panting girl under her as she took another lick from her glazed hand. Shifting her position, she straddled the woman’s head. “I need a distraction from my hunger. Get to work.”

Mai looked up at her tormentor’s dripping snatch. She had never used her mouth for anything sexual before, especially on a woman.

It seems like she took too long to gather her courage because the dominant woman grabbed both her nipples and gave them a cruel twist.

Mai’s scream was blocked when Azula sat down fully on her face, blocking her oxygen. Knowing full well that her former friend would have no qualm asphyxiating her, she got to work.

In the darkness of the royal girl’s inner thighs, Mai opened her mouth and got her first taste of pussy. The taste was strong, probably because Azula had orgasmed a number of times already without washing, but it was not unpleasant. The noble woman’s tongue poked around until she found the other girl’s sex hole and dug in.

She was not sure how long she’d been worshipping the other girl’s cunt but Mai’s reserves were starting to give out. She knew that Azula was only going to move when she felt like it but she could not help squirming.

Azula watched the body under her undulate in the sexiest way as she enjoyed the tongue lapping at her folds. She especially enjoyed looking at the trapped girl’s chest as she tried to breathe. Staring at the modest tits trying to go up and down reminded the royal woman that she was peckish.

“Where is that girl with my food?” she idly wondered as she reached down and gave an engorged nipple a twist, enjoying the feeling of Mai screaming directly in her pussy.

Then, remembering her previous meal, Azula bent down, letting the noble girl get her first breath of fresh air in a while.

Mai greedily gulped oxygen, everything smelled like Azula’s cunt because her face was covered with the other girl’s juices but she did not care. It was still the sweetest air in the world right now.

Her almost orgasmic breathing was quickly interrupted by a sharp pain in her chest. Screaming in shock, Mai looked down at her right breast and was horrified that the cute pink nipple that usually topped it was missing. Instead, was a ragged wound where the Firelord had bitten it off.

“My… My nipple… Why?” the noble girl questioned, holding her injured breast with a moan of pain.

“I said I was hungry,” Azula responded moving the other girl’s hands away from the wounded tit. “Your pussy licking technique needs lots of work and that little cherry on top looked good enough to eat, so I did,” the sadistic woman continued while pushing a finger in the ragged gash.

Mai had to bite her lip to hold in her latest scream as the dominant woman finger fucked her torn breast.

Bringing her gore covered fingers to her mouth, Azula licked them clean with a moan of delight. “You taste so good. Even better than my new pussy licker. I think you’ll do for a snack.”

Mai’s breathing picked up as her former friend moved to her discarded clothes and came back to kneel beside her. She knew she should not ask but she could not help it.

“What are you going to do?”

“I just said. I’m getting a little snack to tide me over,” the other girl responded, brandishing the butter knife she had previously confiscated.

Mai’s eyes grew as big as plates as the barely sharp blade descended to her lower belly. The weirdest feeling took her over, like a full body shiver, when the cold silver blade touched her. The noble woman could not believe it but she could feel her arousal bloom. She remembered Ty Lee’s sexualy packed performance and now would get to feel a part of what her friend experienced.

Azula grinned as she slowly pressed the blade in. For the longest time, the knife just pushed the skin but with enough force, it finally broke through.

Mai could not help a yelp as she saw and felt the knife start to sink in her body. Perspiration beaded her forehead as she willed her hands to stillness. She knew better than to fight this.

The Firelord licked her lips in anticipation as she slowly sawed the blade back and forth, opening the other girl up.

The noble woman could not hold in her tears and screams anymore. The sight of her blood and the ragged wound the dominant woman was creating were almost as horrifying as the pain was. Yet she still managed to heroically hold her hands to her sides, digging her nails deep in her palms.

When Azula was happy with the new entrance she made, she reached in. The psychotic woman smiled sensually as the warmth enveloped her hand. It kind of felt the same as when she had fisted her former friend and in a way, it was. Chuckling at the gurgling noises the disemboweled girl was making, she blindly searched around until she grabbed her prize.

Mai had trouble breathing as the intense pain felt like it was choking her. She had almost blacked out a number of times but she could not look away as Azula rummaged inside of her body. The delirious girl was not sure if it was a blessing or a curse but her pussy was on fire as the pain and pleasure became the same.

Then a different kind of heat made itself known. “W… What?” Was all Mai managed to push out as her insides started to smoke.

Azula laughed out loud at her former friend’s stupid expression. “Just lay still. I am just cooking my lunch.”

The heat seemed to travel up and down her pussy, like a hand jacking her off from the inside. Mai’s pained grimace soon turned to a lewd smile as the pleasure finally overtook the pain. With a strangled yelp, she came like a firehose, squirting all over the royal bedding.

The Firelord looked at the squirming woman with a raised eyebrow. She was a little annoyed that her victim was getting pleasure but then again, even while torturing her, Azula could make her brother’s girlfriend orgasm. “I bet that limp dicked loser never made her do this,” she mumbled to herself with a grin as she watched the noble girl give out a few more squirts before settling down again.

The royal woman decided that her snack was probably done so she reached in with the knife and cut out the organ.

Mai’s vision was hazy and she had trouble focussing but when Azula turned to her and showed her her lunch, she instinctively recognized it. “My womb...” she whispered, as her pussy twitched at this latest indignity.

“Indeed. It was pretty useless anyway so it’s perfect to harvest,” the Firelord responded as she brought the organ to her mouth.

Mai watched intently as Azula smelled her cooked womb. The organ that defined her as a woman was right there in front of her and was now nothing more than a snack. She could not help letting out a pained moan as the royal woman took an experimental bite.

Azula chewed slowly, enjoying the rich taste as she savored the other girl’s womanhood. She guessed that it could have tasted better with a better cooking method and some spices but the simple flavor was delightful on its own.

Feeling magnanimous as she ate the organ, Azula reached down and flicked the reclining girl’s clit, getting a few moans. As she bit into one of the ovaries, enjoying the way it burst under her teeth, the Firelord sent a few bolts of electricity in the little bundle of nerves, just to keep the other girl on her toes.

Mai was distracted as she moaned and screamed as her lord gave her pleasure and pain randomly so it was a surprise when she felt something touch her lips. Opening her eyes, she was not sure when she had closed them, she saw that Azula was giving her one of her ovaries to eat.

The noble girl knew she did not have a choice but even with all that had happened, she did not know if she could do this. Having to eat her own reproductive organ was just too much.

The royal woman’s expression darkened at the hesitation. Letting out a larger bolt of electricity at the other girl’s sex, Azula waited for the scream and pushed the last morsel in the other girl’s mouth.

Mai looked up at her torturer with her ovary sitting on her tongue. Her sex was still buzzing from the latest attack so she knew she did not have long to obey. Steeling her nerves, the noble girl directed the egg sack under her teeth and, looking into the other girl’s golden eyes, bit down.

The taste was unlike anything the noble girl ever had before. As she chewed, she could not help enjoying the experience even as she was horrified at what was in her mouth.

Azula enjoyed looking at her brother’s girlfriend as she ate the last bit of her womanhood. She had really wanted to eat it herself as she was still hungry but the sight made up for it. “What is taking that lopsided breasted girl so long? She won’t last long if she can’t even do this right.”

Pouting at having to wait, the Firelord looked down at her hand, still pulling and pinching the other girl’s clit. “This looks pretty tasty, actually,” she mumbled as she reached lower and parted the light pink petals of the reclining girl’s pussy.

Mai swallowed the last vestige of her femininity and looked down as Azula once again changed position, lying down at her feet with her head right between her legs. ‘Is she going to lick my pussy? That doesn’t seem like her,’ thought the noble girl.

And yet, it was so. Mai moaned as the other girl took a long lick at her sopping wet slit. Azula then reached up and opened her as wide as she could before taking another lick deep in her.

Her former friend’s tongue felt marvelous. Good enough to almost make her forget about the pain in her lower belly. That is, until the flames rushed up her birth canal.

With a shriek of pain and surprised, Mai looked down as Azula grinned up at her. The Firelord kept licking and nibbling the scorched organ and from time to time would breathe some flames into the sex hole.

Mai was seeing stars as another burst traveled up her gash. It was definitely the weirdest feeling. She could feel the super heated air as it traveled inside her and roasted her cunt.

Mai started giggling. She did not know why. Her laughter soon turned to moans as the pain and pleasure once again mixed into something greater than either.

Azula was enjoying herself. The pussy in front of her was starting to smell delicious as she cooked it and if the juices pouring out of the savaged sex hole were any indication, her former friend’s pussy was going to be delectable.

Mai could not take it anymore and came with a howl. The sound made some of the guards in the halls flinch at it’s beastial nature. The poor men then flinched again as Jin rushed past them pushing a trolley.

The former city girl knocked on the door and waited for an answer before entering.

Azula turned to her newest servant with a frown. “What took you so long?”

Jin bowed as low as she could. “I am so sorry your majesty. The leftovers from the show had already been consumed when I got there so I had the cook kill and prepare one of the servant girls for you,” she responded, removing the large silver dome from the trolley and revealing a pretty girl arranged like a turkey and cooked to perfection.

The Firelord looked back and forth between the offered girl and Mai’s steaming pussy. “You took so long that I made my own snack. Just throw her out and go to the guard’s barrack. For your punishment, you’ll entertain them all night. Report back here tomorrow morning.”

Jin’s eyes bulged but she knew better than to argue. With a bow, she wheeled the cooked serving girl out. ‘I guess I’m losing my virginity tonight,’ the royal pussy licker thought, her pussy throbbing in anticipation.

Mai watched as Azula walked back to her. That last orgasm had wrung her out and she could only whine pitifully as the Firelord slid back between her legs. She barely felt it as the other girl licked her pussy but the fact that she could still feel it at all made her break out in sweat. ‘It means that when she takes a bite I’ll feel everything,’ she realized.

That realization was right on target. Azula sank her teeth into the noble girl’s pussy lips and tore them off with a moan of delight. The screams of pain from her unwilling target made the taste even more delectable.

Mai was beside herself with pain. All those nerves were screaming at her to do something, to get away from what was hurting her, but she once again reigned her instincts in. She only wished that her hips would obey better.

Azula grabbed the squirming girl’s swaying hips, holding her in place as she took another big bite of her slit. She actually enjoyed having to hold her prey down. It made her feel even more like a predator. As the unique taste filled her mouth, she quickly chewed the morsel before digging back in her former friend, enjoying the screaming like fine dining music.

Mai’s vision was blurry with tears as she tried to watch her sex organ disappear. Azula was ravenous, ripping huge chunks one after the other in quick succession. The noble woman could feel darkness creep at the edge of her vision. The blood loss and two massive orgasms had stolen all her strength and this latest mauling was the last straw.

Azula looked up from her meal when her former friend’s breathing turned into a wheezing. With juices running down her chin, she watched as Mai’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her chest stopped moving.

The Firelord frowned. ‘Leave it to boring old Mai to die on me like this. So anti-climactic,’ she thought with a sigh.

Looking down at the furrow she had left between the dead girl’s legs, Azula groaned as she patted her belly. “I guess it was for the best. I was so entranced by the taste that I hadn’t noticed how full I was.”

Getting up from her bed, she looked at the mess she had made. Snapping her fingers, she ordered; “Change my bedding and clean my room. Oh and have the rest of Mai cooked and sent to Zuzu’s cell. My brother has been eating so poorly these days. I’m sure he’ll enjoy a good meal.”

That said, the Firelord strutted to her private bathroom to take a much needed bath. As she sank in the warm perfumed water and leaned back to let the bath girls scrub her body, she noticed that one of them had large pendulous breasts. ‘Yum. I think I’ll have those tomorrow morning,’ she thought as she enjoyed the perks of being the victor.


This was excellent! It's going on my shortlist of best stories. :D


Thanks! Glad somebody enjoyed it.


A wonderful story! Though for variety, I'd love to see one with Azula on the receiving end...


Happy you had fun with it! Azula is such a top that it's hard to imagine her as the victim. If you want to give it a go, I'd read it.

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