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Yes, I'm still working on my MLP series (and I need a proper title for it - right now, the best I have is the descriptor "anthro-pony guro series"), but I have other random guro and cannibalism ideas I'd like to get out there as well. Here, now, are a few that may or may not be complete, and are of varying quality. And are generally not in canon with one another, unless otherwise noted. Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcomed.

To (mostly) quote my other thread, my likes and dislikes:

I hate grimdark stuff. Bloody violence disturbs me; torture for the sake of torture (especially of the graphic kind that landed several films on the "Video Nasties" list - that is, a list of films which were banned from video distribution in certain parts of the world in the 70s, 80s and 90s, due to scenes of graphic violence) turns me off.

On the other end of the spectrum:

I like reading about a girl's willing sacrifice.

I like scenes that imply and/or confirm that the victim will survive the whole experience and, potentially, get to do it again at some point. (I also like settings where the characters are gifted with regeneration and resurrective immortality - no matter how many times they die, they always get better.)

I like reading and writing about creative use of human meat in cooking, from whole roasting to dishes made from the victim's flesh. (As long as it stays in the realm of fantasy. Though use of real cooking methods - roasting, grilling, boiling, etc. - is fine. There's a series called "Dolcett CA", and the related "The Society of Lilith", where they use creative methods of cooking women.)

I like my porn to have a plot. (No, not the unusual euphemism, though that is also a part of such works - wink wink, nudge nudge.) Mindless sex and violence aren't that entertaining. Hence the worldbuilding I do.

I like fics with incest. I don't know why, I just do.

I like same-sex (well, female same-sex) pairings. Especially when the females involved can perform genital morphing - that is, shifting their sex organs from male to female and back.

I like fics with casual cannibalism as a normal part of everyday life. (Especially when combined with the resurrective immortality concept, so the characters can be cooked and eaten as many times as they want.)

All of these things are, always have been, and always will be a major part of the guro and/or cannibalism writing I've done and a lot of what I prefer to read and view.

In terms of guro fanfics, I have a wide variety I read based on various media, be they anime (I've read ones based on Ranma One-Half, Digimon, Sailor Moon and others), literature or western animation. Right now, I'm mostly focusing on MLP.

And now, the first story for this thread:

Family Appreciation Day
Tags: Cannibalism, soft vore, underage prey, casual vore and cannibalism, non-anthro.

In a world where all Equestrians have been gifted with resurrective immortality and thus routinely kill and cook one another, or simply devour one another alive, the students at the Ponyville schoolhouse have a big day planned...

Sweetie Belle sat in her seat, excited. This was the day she'd been looking forward to all week!

"Good morning, class," Cheerilee called as she entered the room.

"Good morning, Miss Cheerilee," everypony chorused.

"As you all know, this is Friday, and a very special Family Appreciation Day." Cheerilee clapped her hooves together. "In which each of you invited somepony from your family to class. And in order to show how much you appreciate them, you're going to let them devour you alive. Won't that be fun?"

"Yeah!" everypony cheered.

"All right then. Let's give a warm welcome for the first of our guests, Mr. ?."

An Earth Pony stallion entered the room and bowed. "Morning, everypony. I'm ?, and I'm sure you all know my son, Truffle Shuffle." He patted the fat little colt's head, and grinned. "Let me tell you, my boy is one of the most popular dishes at my restaurant."

"Really?" Cheerilee asked.

Truffle nodded. "Every Saturday since I've been old enough, Dad roasts me in the oven and sells my meat to his customers as the day's special. They love it."

"Well, that's... interesting. I may have to stop in and try you one of these weeks."

? chuckled. "I'll be sure to save you a serving this weekend. And if you don't mind my saying so, you'd make a fine roast yourself, if you're interested."

Cheerilee blushed. "I might just take you up on that, Mr. ?. But in the meantime, let's introduce our next guest, Bon-Bon of Bon-Bon's confectionary." Everypony applauded as the cream-colored mare entered the room. "Bon-Bon is here for her niece, Twist. I understand she got her Cutie Mark working in your shop," she told the other mare.

Bon-Bon nodded. "She did. And I was so proud of her."

"I'm sure you were. Now, third up is... miss Derpy Hooves!"

There was another loud round of applause and one cry of "Mama!" from a little unicorn filly as the blonde, wall-eyed pegasus mare entered the room with a grin.

"Muffin!" Derpy called back, before looking at the rest of the class. "Hello, everypony. I'm Derpy Hooves, the town mailmare and Dinky's mother. And no, despite the negative connotations my name might have, I'm not offended by it, even if some ponies might think otherwise."

Cheerilee nodded. "I see. So... if you'll join the others, let's go on. Our next guest is..."

And she went down the list. Apple Bloom had invited her big sister Applejack, while Scootaloo had invited her big brother Flash Sentry, a royal guard from the Crystal Empire. Liza Doolots had her mother Ivory Scroll, better known in public as "Mayor Mare", while Noi had brought her older sister Golden Harvest. "I also answer to Carrot Top," the orange-maned mare added. "For obvious reasons." This was met by a chorus of giggles.

Diamond Tiara, to nopony's surprise, had invited her father, Filthy Rich, while Silver Spoon had brought her mother. More parents, siblings and even a cousin or two followed (including Cheerilee herself - Berry Punch, whom she shared a maternal grandmother with, had given Cheerilee permission to eat Berry's daughter Ruby Pinch for this class), and finally, it was Sweetie Belle's turn.

"And last but not least, we have a couple: Mr. Hondo Flanks and his wife Cookie Crumbles, here for their daughter Sweetie Belle," Cheerilee announced. "Er, I'm not sure how this will work, since you only have one child in my class."

Hondo tipped his hat. "Please, call me Magnum. And I'll be eating my younger daughter today."

Next to him, Cookie nodded. "Our older daughter Rarity has a shop in town, the Carousel Boutique. We stopped by on the way here, and since it was a slow day, she was more than happy to close down and let me have her for breakfast." She gestured to her bulging belly.

"I see. Well, that's everypony." Cheerilee double-checked her list. "And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. Dig in!"

As the guests nodded and went to their younglings, Cheerilee looked down. "Ruby?"

The little unicorn approached. "I'm ready, Aunt Cheerilee."

"Good." And with that, Cheerilee opened wide and engulfed the filly, leaning back as she swallowed her. As the bulge in her throat slid into her stomach, she smiled. "Ah. That hit the spot."

"I'll say," Magnum commented as he finished swallowing and patted his own belly. "Sweetie Belle was delicious."

"Indeed," Filthy Rich added from where he was sitting. "So was Diamond."

"All of our kin here were wonderful," Applejack put in. "Sweet as sweet apple cider, if'n you ask me."

"Here here!" called another pony with a grin.

Cheerilee smiled at the crowd as they offered her assent. "Well said, everypony. Now, since our students have all been eaten... I suppose class is over for the day. I expect to see all of the little ones here again on Monday though, so until then, enjoy your weekend! And I'll see you tomorrow," she added as ? walked past. "When do you think Truffle will be ready to serve?"

"I take him out of the oven around five, let him rest for an hour and serve him at six," ? told her with a grin. "See you then!"

"I look forward to it," Cheerilee told him.

The stallion left the room, a satisfied smile on his face as Cheerilee sat at her chair. "This has been a good day," she told her round belly with a smile.

Ruby couldn't answer, but if she had, she would have agreed.

That's probably it for this particular story, at least for now. Again, constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.


* I still haven't figured out a name for Truffle's dad. Any ideas?
* "Noi" is a fan name for a filly character who is seen participating with Golden Harvest/Carrot Top in the Sisterhooves Social, and in Cheerilee's class.
* The idea of Scootaloo and Flash Sentry being brother and sister comes from a couple of stories I've read on FIMFiction. Ditto for Liza being Mayor Mare's daughter.


Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I'm still working on stuff for this thread (and my other one). It's just taking me much longer than I had planned. Updates ARE forthcoming, though I don't know when. That is all.


Bumping for preservation. And as a reminder that yes, I am still working on stuff.


Bumping for preservation and as a reminder that yes, I'm still out here and will one day post more.


Bumping yet again. And inspired by a certain fic... I have a half-formed idea where Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna have the ability to swallow, digest and then resurrect others, especially their students, and Sunset learns about this when she gets vored by Principal Celestia as punishment for her past actions soon after the Fall Formal.


Yet again, bumping for preservation...


I think you rushed too quickly through the eating part. You never put any real feeling about how you ate the fillies. I also feel that because you are eating them anyway you might as well have some fun preparing them. Maybe sexually first. It seems like you have a great buildup and no payoff.

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