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Hello, I'm Poguemahone. You might remember me from such stories as "A Cunning Plan", "Berty's Watch", "Applebloom Lends a Hand" and "The Interview".

So I've not really been updating a lot. This has happened before. The stories I write are fantasies I dream up, then put to paper. Sometimes I try to be smart and high-concept and end up writing stories that aren't genuine fantasies, and that never works. So I took a break, and thought of a really dumb idea that made me laugh, but I still think it's hot. So here we are, just to get me back into the writing mood.

Also: finally going with a username. Keep an eye out for it!

Fun with Faeries

Tim really couldn’t wait to get home. Today had been, quite frankly, awful. A late shift in the shitty retail store he worked in had drained him of most of his energy. He had spent the whole day on the check-outs, having inane conversations at the best of times and actively wishing for death the rest of the time. When the store had finally closed he had practically flown away. At least tomorrow he would be free to indulge in his main activities these days, mainly surfing the web and masturbating (possibly both at once).

As poor Tim walked home to his lonely little apartment, he couldn’t help but feel more and more down. Life had taken a dramatic downhill turn for him in the last few months. Most of his friends had moved to the bigger cities around the country, his parents were distant and he hadn’t gotten laid in years. He was putting on weight from the junk food he was eating, and it wasn’t like he was one to go to the gym. If he didn’t work practically full-time in a job he hated he would be out on the streets. Tim knew that he needed his luck to change. Maybe he should finally buy a guitar and learn it. Maybe he could play the starving artist part. He had half of it down already.

The sky looked down on him disapprovingly. A few stars had shown up despite everything. One in particular was shining particularly hard, as if it was trying to communicate some alien message. Tim stared up at it, almost tripping on a loose piece of pavement as he walked. A thought struck him, and he laughed and shook his head, but the thought remained: “When you wish upon a star…”

“…Fuck it…” he murmured, shrugging sadly. He mumbled his little wish under his breath. Nothing happened, of course, but he felt a little better for it. Then he went home.

Tim’s apartment was bare and dirty. He locked the door, navigated his way past the clothes that past-Tim had dumped onto the floor, and entered his bedroom. He collapsed onto the messy sheets of his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He slid a hand down his pants with one hand and browsed his piece-of-shit phone with the other, not even bothered to get his laptop up from the floor beside him. He was too tired to even masturbate properly. He found his eyes getting heavier and heavier, and before long he had dozed off.

When he awoke, Tim felt a strange warmth on his face. Blinking and shaking his head, he opened his eyes, and gradually he became aware of a strange light, yellow and faint, that was permeating the room. He sat up, and seen that the light was coming from the window. In actual fact, it seemed to be coming from…the stars? No. Maybe this was a dream. A really boring dream where he was still a loser in a shit apartment, but still. He crawled over to the window and peered out.

Something was coming towards him.

Tim shot back, breathing hard. What on earth was happening? He waited a few seconds before peering back out again. Yes, something humanoid shaped, arriving at speed. It appeared to be sparkling. As it got closer, Tim could see that it was female, clad in a sort of silvery dress, and had a pair of translucent little wings on its back. It also became very apparent very quickly that this…thing, whatever it was…was very small. In just a few more seconds, the strange being flew past the statue-like Tim and into the apartment. He whipped around, watching as it flew little figure-eights in the air, leaving a shimmering trail as it went, before landing on his desk.

“Why hi there!” said the figure.

“What.” Said Tim. She giggled exaggeratedly-she was like a cartoon. In fact, she reminded Tim very much of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. She must have been only about 6 inches high.

“Why so surprised?” she asked. “You made a wish, right? A wish for a little cheer, a little spark, for something…magical to happen? Well, mister, you’re gonna get your wish! The name’s Fay! Fay the Faerie, at your service!”

Tim stared back. Fay giggled again.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce yourself, mister?” she asked.

“Oh, uh…Tim! I’m Tim. My name is Tim. Uh…” he managed.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Tim!” said Fey the Fairie. She stuck a tiny hand out. Tim attempted to shake it, clumsily using his whole hand to do so. A loud crunching sound was heard. Tim felt her bones snap in his clutch, and he shot back.

“Oh no, so sorry! I didn’t…please don’t…I…” he spluttered. Fay looked down at her mangled arm with a frown. The hand was hanging loosely at the joint, and the elbow was facing the wrong way. Tutting, she shook her head at the mortified human.

“Now that was just plain silly of you. Ok, so I usually never have to explain this, but since you just went and made a boo-boo with my arm, I’m going to let you in on a secret. You listening?” Tim nodded. The little creature didn’t seem to be in any real pain as she spoke. “Fairy’s may be small, but we can survive almost anything. The one thing we need is belief. Long as there are humans out there clapping their hands and saying “I believe”, we’ll be right as rain. Give it a try, Tim!”.

“Uh…ok.” Feeling a bit childish, Tim clapped his hands. “I believe.” There was a flash of light, and Fae’s arm had magically mended.

She stretched it a little, before smiling up at Tim. “See? Neat, huh?”

Tim stared down. He had started to sweat. Fey was an attractive little thing, her silver dress just revealing enough to show that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He hadn’t been able to relieve himself for a whole day, which was a long time by his standards. He could feel himself stirring beneath his trousers, and he shifted uncomfortably.
“So uh…what are you here to…do?” he asked.

“Well, that’s up to you, Tim! We faerie’s just get sent to wherever there’s a boy or girl who wishes upon a star, who needs a little hint of magic in their life! Of course, you’re uh…a bit bigger than what we normally deal with, but a wish is a wish!”

“So…can you, like, use magic? Can you make me rich and famous?”. Fey giggled again. It was beginning to annoy Tim.
“Haha, now hold your horses just a moment, Tim! I can’t just go around doing that to every boy or girl who makes a wish, now can I?”

“Ok, so…are we going to Neverland then, or…”

“Haha, good one, Tim! But don’t believe everything you hear about faeries. We live in a star, obviously!”

“Well…can I come?”

“I don’t know, Tim. Can you fly?”


“Then you’re outta luck, friend! Haha!”

Tim sighed and crossed his arms.

“Well what can you do? I dunno, it seems like you’re talking an awfully big game, but you’re not really delivering.”

“N-now now, don’t be sour, mister!” said Fey, her cheerful demeanor faltering for the first time. “It’s just that…well…most kids are just happy to see me, so I give them a little cheer and maybe fly around for them, and then I go on my way, is all…” she explained, tracing a tiny foot around on the desk.

“I’m not a kid.”

“Can see that, Tim. Oh geez, I’m sorry, I’m…I’m not very good at this, am I?” said the fairy. Tim suddenly felt a twang of sympathy for her; she probably wasn’t used to dealing with adults. “I can’t go back without having made someone happy. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

Tim thought very carefully before replying.


“You name it, mister.”

“Anything at all?”

“That’s right.”

“Even if it involves…you know…” Tim waggled his eyebrows suggestively. Fey stared at him.

“Not quite following where this is going, Tim.” She said, with complete sincerity. Tim shrugged, and unzipped his fly. He was fairly average in terms of size, but his member was still at least the same height as Fae was. She stared at it wild eyed as he let it dangle a yard in front of her, and the faerie visibly gulped. She looked up at Tim, who held her gaze. He couldn’t help but grin as she took this new information in.

“Oh.” She said, eventually. “Uh…hey now, that’s not really what we’re about…”

“I thought you said you’d do anything to make me happy?” said Tim. “I thought you couldn’t leave until you had?”

“Well…yes, that’s true. Oh, boy, this is all…wow, I’ll level with you, mister, I did not see tonight going in this direction.”

“Well, neither did I.” said Tim cooly. “But it looks like this is happening. Chop chop.”

“Well…ok then...” said Fey. She reached a tiny hand out as Tim leaned forward. He was stiff as a board as her hand made contact with the smooth surface of his cock. She stroked up and down, as if trying to soothe it.

“How am I even going to…do anything?”

“That’s your problem, not mine. Use your imagination.”

“Imagination. Sure. How bout you go lie down there, sport, and I’ll uh…get to work”

Tim walked over to the bed, took his trousers and pants off, and lay down on his back. Fey hovered over and placed a hand on each side. She started to slowly work her hands up and down, which felt vaguely pleasing but not particularly stimulating for the horny human.

“Gonna need a little more than that, Fey.”


The fairy leaned forward and laid a tentative kiss on the side of Tim’s cock. She worked her way up, her lips as light and soft as a wisp of smoke, until she reached the tip. Without stopping her hands caressing, she started to kiss and lick the bulbous head, and Tim gasped.

“Yeeeah…that’s good…” he said. Fey kept this up for a while, rubbing her body up against his fully erect member, and was eventually rewarded with a glob of pre-cum, which coated her face. She stepped back and wiped her face clean with her hands.
“S-so is that it? Are you happy now?” she asked. Tim laughed.
“Oh, I’m just getting started. If you really want to make me happy, you should take that dress of yours off.” He said, pointing a finger at her silvery clothes, which now sported a few stains. Blushing madly, Fey sighed and slipped out of her dress. She didn’t really have any real tits to speak off, her nipples bright pink on her pale chest, but she had a nice figure, and no body hair to speak off. Tim quickly thrust a finger forward so that it was between her legs, and started to rub.

“W-what the-“

“What, don’t you enjoy this?” asked Tim, as he worked his finger underneath her smooth skin, feeling the hairless slit moisten slightly as contact was made. “I think you do. We can both be happy, tonight.”

“Well…I’ve always wondered…what it would be like if me and a human did anything like this.” Admitted Fey. “ I don’t think we could go all the way thoOOOOH!”she screamed, as she felt the tip of his index finger work its way inside her pussy. She felt a hanf gently but firmly hold her still, and soon she was helpless as he began pumping his finger in and out of her, going further and further inside her every time. Soon he was up to the middle joint, his digit making an obscene bulge in her mid drift. She moaned at the feeling, but he quickly withdrew his finger.

“Looks like fairy’s are a stretchy lot. Or is it just you?” he asked aloud. She could feel the cold air in the gaping hole he had made of her slit-his finger had been pressing up against her cervix, and might have penetrated even that if he had kept at it. Fey suddenly felt herself getting lifted down towards his waiting penis.

“Ready for the main event?” he asked.

“N-now, uh, let’s not do anything hasty!” she pleaded. But it was too late. He slowly guided himself into her hole, inching the head inside. She yelled as she felt her pussy stretch in a way she had never felt before, her legs bending impossibly outwards-she thought she heard her hips snapping to accommodate the thing. Tim slowly started to slide her up and down his rod, as if she was a sex toy. This time his cock barged all the way past her cervix and into her womb, before continuing up, bulging her belly out massively.

“God, it’s tight…” muttered Tim. He felt like cumming almost immediately, and made sure to take things slowly-he didn’t want to shoot his load just yet. He closed his eyes as he worked, his hand moving up and down at speed as he jerked himself off using the fairy’s broken pussy. After a few minutes, he had miraculously not cum yet, and Fey had moaned herself out. He stopped and looked down. His penis was bulging out the skin just beneath her rib cage so that it was in front of her own face. He could support her weight now entirely without having to use his hands-she hung there, impaled on his cock, a faraway look in her eyes.

He slowly slid off, careful not to set himself off, and held her in front of him. The skin of her abdomen was now loose and stretchy, hanging off of her frame slightly. Her pussy gaped a few inches wide, which for a woman her size was quite a sight. Raising her up, he could see all the way up into her womb. He could slide his finger in there without touching the sides, and he did so, stirring it around. Then he wiggled his tongue inside, lapping at her walls and her womb. She tasted sweet, but with a certain something extra, like popping candy. A weak voice spoke:

“Are…we…done?” it asked.

“I’ve still not came.”


“Because I want to try something.” He replied. Fey didn’t even bother protesting as he turned her around and aimed himself at her other hole. This time, instead of gently loosening her up, he simply jammed himself in without any warning or ceremony, practically hilting himself in one go. This time, he aimed more upwards, towards her head. He felt something give, and Fey wretched as something foreign traveled up her throat. He kept going, uncaring, lost in the sensation, as he slowly forced her organs up her torso with his invading cock.

She opened her mouth, and a few loops of intestines fell out, dangling in front of her chest. They kept on coming, soon joined by other organs, some of which simply fell onto the bed with a wet thud. Her heart, lungs and stomach were ejected from her mouth, and soon his cock was traveling up her throat and out of her mouth, covered in a thin veneer of blood. He kept on going, moving her body up and down rapidly, holding her skin tightly against himself. He felt her spine snap in several places, her legs attached only by her stretched out skin as he thrust his head against the roof of her mouth. It didn’t hold up long, and he had soon penetrated her brain, turning it to jelly almost instantly. Finally he was unable to hold his climax back any longer, and he came hard inside her, filling her empty body up with his seed. One eye was forced out of her socket as it travelled into her head, flushing her brains out. He cried out, using her as a condom, before collapsing back into his bed. He was asleep before he knew it, Fey still hanging from his cock.

Fey surveyed the wreck of her body, her internal organs lying in a heap in front of her, heart still beating as if nothing was wrong. She was too tired to move, and was still impaled on Tim’s penis, jaw almost dislocated as it stretched around him, and one her eyes dangling from an optic nerve. Well, as long as he could feel her, he would have to believe in her, right? She would get him to fix it in the morning, assuming he had calmed down and was feeling apologetic. As she drifted off, she had but one thought:

“Human sex is crazy!”


And once again you've managed to come up with something pretty original. The only story I know with insertions of this relative size is 'Dark Castle' by sickbasterd on hentai-foundry, which was linked to from some thread here a few months ago. I enjoyed the novelty of that, though the girls' dying was of course a bit of a shame, so I'm very happy to see one where the girl stays alive, and fairies are of course never a bad thing either :)

Quality-wise it's up to your usual high standards. The obvious question is of course: Is this intended to be a one-shot or were you planning on continuing it? Because as always there are plenty of opportunities for subsequent chapters ;)

Just a few that come to mind immediately:
- Having just experienced vaginal and anal human sex for the first time, Fay is intrigued and keeps coming back each night to experience the many other variations of human sex. Tim has her give him a blowjob that puts the "deep" in "deep throat", fists her (requires some very gradual stretching), has her fist his urethra, etc.
- Alternatively, rather than coming back to Tim each time, Fay explores lesbian sex when she is summoned by a different protagonist; a woman this time. Fay can crawl up the woman's vagina, they can scissor (which effectively turns into fay getting fucked by the woman's clit), some good french kissing can once again force out all of Fay's bones and organs before being sucked into the woman's mouth, etc.
- The curious human (of either gender) can study fairy biology with a bit of dissection.
- Fay tells about her experiences back home and brings along other fairies to learn the ways of human sex as well. Stretch out one fairy and have other climb into or even through her.

As always, looking forward to the next chapter of this story, The Interview, A Cunning Plan, or whatever crazy idea you come up with next.


Awesome. As JestInPieces daid, not sure if this was just a one shot or if you might want to do more with it. Since this doesn't really follow logic, you can do anything. For instance, you could have her grow to two or so feet so and work from there by perhaps sucking her organs out with a vaccuum or something. You could have someone drive a tiny robot/camara into her body and have it wreak havoc, even going into her brain and downloading/changing/erasing etc her memories. Since it seems they stretch a lot, maybe have him do a nipe fuck and take it one step further by pulling her heart out her nipple or pulling her brain out her ear with her optics and nerve cord miraculously stretching. There's a bunch of ideas you could do. Hope you continue this story with a few more chapters and looking forward to any of your other work. Also, to those interested, I found a game called fairy fighting and wolfs dungeon by this guy named eluku and it seems like it could belong here. The sites in Japanese though, so use chrome to look at it, it's very extreme with just lots of super extreme fetishs that I've never found in another game. The girl doesn't die though, for some reason, her body has to be indestructible to suffer through all the abuse it does.



Thank you! I've read that story, yeah, and while I enjoyed the crazy insertions a lot, I lost interest when I realised the protagonists wouldn't survive. I love this sort of stuff-I mentioned in another thread that I wanted to write another MLP story with this theme, but substitute size-difference with "a fuck ton of apples in places apples shouldn't be"

I posted this as a one-off but yeah, I could write a few chapters more. Not sure what direction I'll take it in yet.


Thanks, and yeah as I said above, there's a ton of scope.


One minor point that occurred to me today: shouldn't Fey be around 11-12 inches tall if Tim is able to hilt himself without his head exiting her mouth? Since the legs take up a little under half the body length, she would only be able to fit about 3 inches of him inside at her stated length of 6 inches.



I usually hate arguments like this because I can't into math, but I think I made a boo boo with the numbers, yeah; in my head Fey is deffo small enough for the head to come out of her mouth. In my defense, it went up into her skull rather than through her mouth.

Rest assured future chapters, and I've decided to write more, will feature All-The-Way-Through scenes.



I know, I wasn't going for medical realism, just trying to determine whether you had intended her to be quite a bit bigger than I had been picturing her. I'll wait for a future chapter or two to see in what way I should be modifying my archived copy.

And speaking of future chapters, glad to hear you're continuing this one. Can't wait to see what Fey's going to get up to next.


When do you think you'll update again?


An other great story, thank you!
I second the idea of fay bring some other friends because the title given in the message 4634 is:




It look like you cannot use a lesser than sign followed by a minus signe in your message because everything that follow those two symbole is eaten by gurochan.
I was planing to use this arrow to point the S at the end of FAERIES and make a joke about it being a message from your subconscious but ok.
If I'm not alowed to I won't do it.
That's ok.


That was a fun, light-hearted sexy story. Thank you, it made my day but I have a think for Tinkerbell in general and this hit that button nicely.



You're very welcome : ) It's very gratifying to see that a great writer like yourself enjoyed something I made. Hope you like my other stuff.

Update: Still busy as shit, but we'll see if I can find time to write at some point.


For those who don't know: poguemahone means "kiss my arse" in Gaelic.


“Hey Tim, are you feeling alright? You seem kind of out of it.”


“Yeeeah. Like, the whole day.”



“…oh. Yeah?”

Marcus sighed. Tim was a nice dude, and having known him for a couple of years now, he knew that sometimes he could go into little moods. Usually this meant a spell away from the customers while he got himself back into the game, but today…it was like he just somewhere else entirely. Three separate customers had made a complaint already, and it was barely even the afternoon. He had watched as Tim had suddenly seized up and dropped the crate of milk he had been carrying, almost causing a minor catastrophe. As his manager, he couldn’t ignore it.

“Maybe you should just go home for today, Tim. You look kinda flush. Maybe you’re coming down with something.”

“Yeah…yeah, I think I should go home. Go home and…go home. Yeah.” Said Tim, eyes trained to his shoes. Even the simple act of talking appeared to cause the poor guy distress. He looked clammy up close, like he was in a sweat.

“Uh, Right. That. I’ll phone you tomorrow morning, ok? Seriously dude, you look like you need a good sleep. Where you out last night?” asked Marcus, knowing already that the answer was unlikely to be in the affirmative. Tim was a quite dude.

“Nah, man. I better head, though. You’re right, I should…go for a sleep.” Mumbled Tim, his head twitching a little.

“It’s not that girl you were seeing, was it?”

Tim looked up for the first time, revealing bloodshot eyes. Then he laughed.

“Nope. Hahaha!” Said Tim, smiling unsettlingly. “But you’re right. I should go home. I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“Here’s hoping. Bridget’s already asking for time off, it’s killing us.. See you tomorrow, Tim. Go get some rest.”

Tim didn’t even say anything-he was already power-walking away, like he was suddenly in a rush over something. Marcus stood with his hands on his hips, shaking his head.

“Man, what’s eating him?”


There was only one thought going through Tim’s mind as he shuffled down the street:


He came to a stop by a street crossing, cursing the red stop sign that was delaying his return home. When a hand tapped him on the shoulder he almost did a summersault.

“Oh, hey Tim!”

“Fuck! I mean-SHIT! I mean, hey, Alex.” Squeaked Tim. Alex, who was sporting a simple outfit of jeans, hoodie and a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt, looked a little taken aback, but she didn’t back away. She was tall, dark haired and possessed of the biggest pair of tits Tim had ever seen-the sort of tits that seem to move almost independent of their owner, as if they had their own personality. He had enjoyed countless hours just laying on a bed and playing with them as Alex lay beside him, talking and cuddling and spending their time as well as two young people in love could spend it. He hadn’t seen her in almost a year. But she talked warmly, and asked how he was doing.

“You look kind of flustered. Shouldn’t you be working? Are you sick-“

“Woah there, mom.” He managed. She laughed, and if his thoughts had not been so occupied with other matters, he might have felt nostalgic, or sentimental, or all manner of emotions. As it was, he just concentrated on standing there rather than bolting past her.

“Sorry, sorry. But really, are you ok?” she asked. As she talked, her breasts danced in the air, which was really only making things worse for poor Tim. He manfully struggled on with this unexpected conversation.

“I’m…sick, yeah. Was gonna go sleep or something.”

“Oh, that’s terrible. I feel kinda bad for stopping you know.”



The sounds of angry car horns punctuated the silence. Tim retained just enough sentience to break the spell.

“How are…you?”

This was, while very polite, a tactical mistake on Tim’s part. It turns out that Alex was not, in fact, well, and she had many opinions to share on the matter. Tim managed about 30 seconds before intervening.

“Look, Alex, I’m so sorry, but…I…MMmnotfeeling great. BUT! We should…talk…more?” said Tim, breathing hard. Amazingly, Alex smiled.

“Yeah, totally! Here’s my number. I got a new one since…uh, anyway.” They shared contact information. Alex gave him an awkward hug, then frowned.

“…Tim, what is that-“


With that, Tim shot into the distance like a sweaty bullet. Alex shook her head. She was happy to see him again, and was happy that he didn’t just totally ignore her, but…

“Man, what’s eating him?”

Tim slammed the door shut behind him.

“Fuuuuck!” he cried, waddling towards the bedroom at full speed as he desperately undid his belt, throwing it roughly into the far corner of the room. His pants fell down, and he practically tore his underwear off as he collapsed onto the bed. His cock was rock hard, and no wonder. A very small woman with tiny, transparent wings appeared to be impaled on it. Her mouth was firmly attatched to the root of his penis, her chin bushing against his balls. Every now and then her tongue would move against the side of his cock, as well as her dangling limbs-tiny finger and toes tickling away. The head was a good inch or so outside of her stretched out anus, and was drooling precum everywhere. He was just about ready to burst, and at this point probably didn’t need anymore assistance, but he couldn’t help himself.

“FUCK you’ve been driving me CRAZY, you little cocksleeve!” He cried, grasping her little body in his right hand, he began to move her up and down his shaft. Fey had been mostly silent during the day, which was understandable given what her mouth and throat were being used for, but now she started to moan loudly as Tim jerked himself off with her petit body. She could feel her ribcage crumble and snap under the vice-like grip of the human’s fingers. Not that it mattered-her organs had been practically minced after an hour or so spent impaled on his length like this. She had still managed to come countless times, and the juices from both her own pussy and Tim’s rod had coated her fine skin in a glistening, musky coat.

It didn’t take long for Tim to finally cum. Fey felt him throb with heat and passion all the way through her as ropes of white, milky semen shot out of his manhood. Tim was too far gone to care about the mess. He collapsed back onto his bed, and in no time at all he was snoring loudly.

Fey waited a bit, and then felt Tim’s cock started to soften inside of her. Even soft it was about half as big as she was, but after a while she was able to slowly push herself off of the sleeping human. She immediately felt empty without Tim inside of her, and considered just staying on him as best she could manage, but she wanted to see how she looked after spending so many hours as a human’s sex-toy. Once she was free she flew up to the mirror and inspected herself. Her legs dangled unresponsively-her spine must have snapped at some point. It looked as if all that was keeping her lower half tied to the rest of her was skin and intestine. Her anus was gaping wider than she had thought possible, even for a Fairy. She could easily place both of her fists inside the yawning chasm between her legs. She wondered if repeated abuse like this would leave a permanent effect-what if her asshole never became fully right again? Regeneration was one thing, but even Fairy magic had limits.

Fey’s jaw had also been stretched further than it ever had been. Her mouth hung open, jaw dangling down to just above her breasts. She tried opening and closing it, but again there was no respsonse-the jawbone must have popped clean off. The fairy tried popping it back in place, but it was tricky when there was so much skin in the way where she had stretched to accommodate Tim’s girth. She gave up, letting it hang free for now in front of her slightly caved in chest.

Fey considered what would happen next. When she had woken up this morning, missing most of her internal organs and impaled on a dick, she had been quite surprised. Normally she would have been sent back home now. But she was still with Tim. Her mission was to make him happy, wasn’t it? She had thought that last night counted, but here she was. So she had resolved to stay with the human until he was. That was what fairy’s were for, right? She was just doing her job. That’s what she told herself.

Flying down towards the bedside cabinet, Fey landed on her feet. Suddenly she remembered that her spine had been broken in half, and she promptly folded in two, her lower half ending up parallel with her upper half. She laid there for a moment, staring at her own gaping anus. She reached a hand forward, brushing the inside of her leg, but then simply lay down again, suddenly tired. She wasn’t sure how long she would be with Tim, or what it would take to make him happy, but she was willing and able to try absolutely anything to finally make it happen.

She just hoped HQ woudn’t send a search party…


Just a short chapter to set up the plot conceit I've eventually plumped for (i.e Fey staying with Tim until she decides he's "Happy", Tim taking full advantage.) Next few chapters will probably see more characters get in on the fun.

Thoughts, suggestions always welcome!


Awesome. Definitely looking forward to more. This small chapter was nice, but it was as you said, small. There wasn't much happening in this chapter, but hopefully you'll write in a few sex scenes in the next chapter.

As for ideas, you could introduce Alex to Fey(which I'm pretty sure you plan to do) and have Fey surprise Alex by invading her body when she's sleeping or distracted. Fey could clamber through her body and mess with her organs and what not. You could even mix brain play into this by having Fey travel to Alex's brain through her ear or something while using "fairy magic" as an excuse to why none of this causes any serious harm. With Fey being so small, you could have her go up Alex's urethra and into her bladder; you could have her squeeze through her fallopian tubes and to her ovaries, maybe even have her travel to Alex's heart through her nipples or perhaps mix in some form of navel penetration.

On the other hand, you could have Fey be attacked by some small creature of your choosing and have her get caught caught by it. The animal could(if it was an earthworm or baby snake or something similar) try and enter one of her holes and take up residence inside her for a time. You could expand this part by having it be active while in her messing with her organs and such.

Another one is having Fey get stretched so much that her entire reproductive system turns inside out and not just prolapsed but completely inverted with her ovaries having been pulled out through her tubes. A variation of this could be Fey's vagina getting stretched so taughtly around Tim's fingers that when she gets yanked off suddenly, instead of coming off Tim's fingers, her body could come off, but her entire repreproductive system could be yanked out cleanly, ovaries and all.

Finally, you could have Fey accidentally get caught in the vacuum and be partially sucked up with her upper chest and arms being left out. A air tight seal could be formed and the pressure build up could start sucking her intestines out until it sucks up her entire digestive tract, including her esophagus.

Also, if yoh or anyone reading this has a pdf of Berty's Watch, I'd be appreciative if you could upload it.


I like the part where Fey looks at herself in the mirror, which ties in to the one new suggestion I have: what if Fey's suspicions prove true and the regeneration process doesn't fully heal the stretching, meaning that each time she is used like this her holes start gaping open further and further?

Other than that this part was short but sweet; looking forward to the next one.


Thank you for your work Poguemahone.
I personally really like the suggestion of astro about Fey spelunking Alex. I also like what JIP suggest and I would love to see Fey retain some souvenir of her experiences.
If I might make a suggestion, it could be fun for the first contact between Fey and Alex to be with Fey used as a makeshift condom on Tim dick without Alex yet knowing about the existence of the fairy.


“Y-you’re leaving me?”
Fey the Fairy produced the world’s tiniest handkerchief from seemingly nowhere-she had essentially given up on clothes- and dabbed her teary eyes.

“I feel so…betrayed. Think of everything we’ve been through…”

“We’ve known each other for like two days.” Said Tim the human, who was wondering if all fairies were this dramatic. “And I’m not leaving you. In fact we were never…you’re not…”

“Not what? Not a human? Not your real girlfriend? Hmph!”

harrumphed Fey, crossing her arms and turning her head. “And here I was thinking you were a gentleman.”

“I’ve literally fucked you inside out.”

“Yes, and you did it like a gentleman.”

Tim went to argue further, then stopped himself. He was still in the middle of dressing himself for tonight. He had phoned Alex in the morning, after calling in sick for work once again, and found that yes, he did in fact miss her, and wanted to see her again, and that if she felt the same way, he’d be happy to have a catch-up drink with her. So here he was, wearing his “good” clothes for the first time in what felt like an eternity, wishing that he still had cologne and wondering what on earth he was going to do about the fairy in his bedroom.

“So you’ll come back,right?” asked Fey.

“Of course, I’m not getting married or anything. I’m just seeing a girl I used to know. I’ll be back later.”



“Why the pause?”

“I’m not showing you to her.” Said Tim, who had turned a shade of pink as the possibilities floated around in his head. “I mean, who knows what would happen? Who knows…”

“Hmmm...well, if she’s anything like you, I bet it would be pretty kinky. Maybe she’d shove me up her twat!”



“…you’re a distraction. I’m getting changed in the living room.” Said Tim flatly. He gathered his things and left, leaving Fey standing alone on the expanse of his bed.

Fey found that her train of thought had gotten her fairly worked up. Doing it with a human male was incredible for obvious reasons, but a human female? How would that even work? She imagined that a bit of “cave exploring” would be inevitable, but what about her own needs? She slipped a finger inside of herself. She was, as suspected, much loser down there than what she had been a few days ago. Her asshole was in even worse shape (or better, depending on how you looked at it). Hell, she was barely even into this kind of stuff before she had met Tim. It was easy for her to now slide her entire fist inside her pussy, as she was doing now.

Fey went down on both knees and bent over as she began fisting herself in earnest. She imagined a human female probing at her entrance with her tongue, teasing both of her well-worn holes before forcing the wet flesh inside. Fey moaned, liking this new twist. Yes, it would be easy for a human tongue to batter its way past her cervix and into her womb, and taste her most feminine part like a juicy fruit….

“Yes…lick my womb like a lollypop…”

“Sorry?” said Tim, peering in. Fey looked around and blushed, but didn’t stop.

“Oh, just thinking about meeting your girl. I’ve changed my mind, I’m glad you’re making this an open relationship.”

“That’s not what this is”

“Sure, Tim, sure.” Said Fey. She withdrew her fist and spread herself open with two hands, her labia stretching like rubber as her hands drew apart from each other. “Mmm…shame you’re leaving, cause I need filling…”

“Well, I am. I’m sure you can think of something to do…that. So…see you later?.”

“Have fun, big boy. Just save some for me.”

“Haha, uh…bye.”

Tim left. Fey was alone, and still ravenously horny. Well, if there wasn’t a human cock to spear herself on, she would just have to improvise.

Fey took flight circled the room, looking for targets. Tim’s bedroom was chaotically untidy, with clothes, CD cases and various other objects scattered all over the carpeted floor. On his desk, next to the weird grey rectangle he liked to use-Fey didn’t really understand all these fancy human contraptions, and was content with assuming anything electric was basically magic-was a pen. Landing next to it, Fey considered picking it up and shoving it inside her ass. She held it in her hands, feeling the weight, before slipping the tip inside her anus. If she wanted to she could impale herself all the way through on it, like a fairy kebab. But the truth was that she wanted something with a little more girth.

Discarding the pen, Fey looked around for anything else, but there really wasn’t that much for her to work with. Luckily, Tim was one of those people who never bothered actually shutting his doors, so Fey had free reign to fly around the small apartment looking for suitable materials to entertain herself with. Her first stop was the bathroom. Various personal hygiene items were scattered on the surface of the sink and on the floor of the still-wet shower. Fey’s eyes lit up as she spotted what was to her a particularly large can of shower gel. It was a cylinder of around ten inch length, maybe 3 inches thick. There was a “tip” of sorts at the top, where the gem should come out. She felt it with her hands-it was cold, of course, but not for long. It felt much lighter than she thought it would as she stood it up-must be nearly empty. It was just as well-she didn’t want to fill up her womb with the stuff or anything.

Flying up so that she was directly above the can, Fey held her pussy open with two hands as she floated downwards. She shuddered as she felt the cold metal make contact with her sensitive flesh, but she continued on. Letting go of her lips now that she had a good portion of the “tip” inside, Fey began the work of forcing herself down it. Feeling the metal slide into her inch by inch felt great. The lewd fairy grinned as she watched her lower abdomen begin to bulge out, deformed by the foreign object invading her private place. Her cervix offered little resistance to the can, and soon she felt her innermost core being stretched. After maybe 5 or 10 minutes, Fey had worked herself halfway down the can so that her feet were touching the counter of the sink. The can was almost entirely inside her small body now. The tip of the cylinder was bulging a good inch or two above her head now. Fey squirmed around the length of the can for a few more minutes before applying the finishing touch. Feeling that her other hole was being left out, she quickly and roughly shoved both of her hands up her asshole. She came soon after, and collapsed backwards. The can fell on top of her, but it was light enough that it didn’t really do any damage.

Fey felt full…but not finished. She wanted more. Slowly, using both hand and wing, she worked herself off the can. It took even longer freeing herself than it did to get it inside her in the first place. If she thought her pussy was loose before, this was a whole new level. Without having to touch it, her gape was about as wide as her head, maybe slightly bigger. If she did spread it though-as she did now-she would probably be able to climb inside it, if it wasn’t hers. Her cervix had been thouroughly broken, and now her womb and fallopian tubes were easily visible-they would have fallen out if they too had not been stretched so wide that they were stuck in her passage. There was also now a lot of excess skin dangling from her waist. All in all, she looked completely wrecked. She was extremely happy.

Still, her anus now looked positively normal. Fey decided to look for something else to work her asshole with. She flew off, and as she did so her womb finally gave up the ghost and slipped outside of her body, swaying as she went. The skin that had pooled around her abdomen seemed to weight her down slightly as she went, looking slightly less graceful than usual. Ideas buzzed around her head. There would probably be cans of food in the kitchen…but that would just be a re-tread, and Fey was a curious little fairy. Surely there was something she could do to add a little Va Va Voom to her adventures.

Fey noticed something sticking halfway out of the hallway cupboard. It was some elaborate human contraption, made of what she was pretty sure was called plastic, with bits of metal and a glass, central dome that lay empty. A cord attached it to the wall-it must be electrical, she thought. There was a long hose attached to it that ended in a long, thick cylinder. Fey regarded it curiously. She thought she had heard something loud coming from outside Tim’s room at one point-she would have investigated, but Tim hadn’t restored her from the previous night’s antics, and she was content to lie in a fleshy heap on the bed away from all the noise. Fey concluded that it must be used to maintain the apartment in some way…she snapped her fingers and grinned. It must blow air out to help clean! How interesting! How…interesting.

Fey started giggling as she thought about what she was about to do. The “nuzzle” of this air-blowng device would be good enough without the human magic, but maybe blowing air into her body would fill her up like a balloon. The thought stuck with her enough that she decided to try it. Worst comes to worst, Tim could fix her when she gets back. The perks of being a fairy. First, she decided to fit the thing inside her. Standing it up was almost impossible, so instead she had to get down on all fours and reverse herself onto it. It was rougher than the can, and she was using her asshole rather than her pussy this time, so she had to grit her teeth as it went up. But soon she was feeling that wonderful fullness that she had become addicted to. Her hand went to her pussy before she realized that she had basically destroyed it. She stroked the prolapsed flesh a few times before turning to the human machine. If she was right, there should be an “on” button somewhere…ah, there it was, right on the side. She giggled again as she went to press it. This was gonna feel weird.

Fey pushed the button. The machine roared into life, and it took only a fraction of a section for her to realize her mistake. This thing didn’t blow air out-it sucked it in! Yelping, the fairy attempted to fly off it, but it was too late. It took only a few seconds for her internal organs to begin to be sucked down the little nozzle and into Tim’s cheap piece of shit vacuum cleaner (as the man himself referred to it as, although obviously Fey didn’t know this), and Fey could see her stomach begin to collapse in on itself. She even felt her reproductive organs tear free from her body entirely before disappearing down the dreaded tube. Soon her torso was entirely empty…but the thing was still turned on. If she didn’t act quickly, things could get really bad for her.

Fey desperately kicked her foot out at the “off” switch, but it was just out of reach from her current position-her attempts to fly away had moved her away from the button. She attempted to fly closer to it, but as she did so she felt a jarring sensation from her hips. The nozzle had now attached itself to her pelvic bone! She flew with all of her might, inching towards the off switch. She strained every muscle, screaming with the effort.

Then Fey felt her own hip bone disappear out of her flapping asshole and into the hoover, followed by the bones in her legs, which flapped uselessly for a few seconds before retreating into her body, leaving only the upper part of her body still struggling. As she felt her spine begin to be tugged down, Fey reached one last desperate hand out towards the off button, grimacing as her tongue was sucked down out of her throat. Then the entire top half of her skeleton followed it-arms, spine, the rib cage, and finally the skull, eyes still attached. Her upper body deflated like a sad balloon, the skin of her arms and head joining her legs inside her torso, before finally all of Fey disappeared from view, leaving the vacuum cleaner on in a now-empty apartment building.

Fey was, of course, still awake as her skull landed on a heap of bones and organs-she thought she could see her heart beating next to her before her skin landed on top of everything, covering her like a blanket. Oh well, she thought. You live and learn. Next time she would read the instruction manual first.


Done! Next chapter will probably feature the lovely Alex in some capacity. Spoilers.


When do you think you'll update again?


I just managed to read your chapter finally(was having problems before). This chapter was awesome, can't wait for more.

Also, why did you stop writing Cunning Plan. Fid you get bored with it or just run out of ideas or something?


I just managed to read your chapter finally(was having problems before). This chapter was awesome, can't wait for more.

Also, why did you stop writing Cunning Plan. Fid you get bored with it or just run out of ideas or something?


I just managed to read your chapter finally(was having problems before). This chapter was awesome, can't wait for more.

Also, why did you stop writing Cunning Plan. Fid you get bored with it or just run out of ideas or something?

I had to post this again to add my name.


Heh, a fun chapter. I like the vacuum idea: wouldn't have thought of that one.

A few ideas for the next chapter:
- Alex takes Fey back to her house, where she flattens her with a rolling pin
- They watch the 1953 Peter Pan movie together, during which Fey frequently comments on the portrayal of fairies. Alex confesses she's always thought Tinkerbell was hot, so Fey agrees to cosplay as Tinkerbell. Alex pretends she's the crocodile and swallows Fey.
- Cut Fey into very thin slices with a knife.
- Stepping up the insertion size once again, Alex wears Fey as a glove/wristband/sock/beanie (depending on how far you want to go).
- Keep Fey stretched wide by inserting one of Alex's hoop earrings/metal bracelets up her pussy.
- Dismemberment with a pair of scissors.


Nice! I really like Fey. You do a great job in giving her a personality.
From my experience well designed characters is probably the hardest thing to find on this kind of story.
But you are certainly one of the few author that write about exterme fetishes and still have characters that look to be more than puppets the writter use to create sex scenes.



I don't keep a schedule; it could honestly be anytime. I might write out something else before going back to this-I like having multiple stories going on at once, to keep me from getting bored on the one story and to give ideas for the story time to formulate and mature.


Glad you enjoyed! And yeah, a bit of both. I could never figure out a satisfying ending, and I'd rather work on new stuff than go back to it.Sorry.

Thanks! At least one of those ideas is planned for later. I'm having fun thinking up household ways for Fey to get in trouble as well as the ridiculous insertion stuff, which will only get even more ridiculous.

Thank you, that's very gratifying. Glad you enjoyed this (and hopefully my other stuff!)


You say that you may write one shot story in with the Watch. I imagined it could be fun to have Berty explaining (demonstrating ?) the many advantages of brain fuck to one or many young adult(s) that want to keep their hymen intact until their wedding but still want to share sexy time with their fiance.


These are pretty fucking good, I really like your style, you managed to make it lighthearted but not overly silly.

Here's a couple of ideas if you'd like
- Alex sucks Tim off while Fey is impaled on his cock
- Alex gives Fey oral, building up to slowly but surely sucking up her insides
- Tim cums inside Fey filling her up until she bursts
- Fey gets fucked through her stomach, as in the cock enter her belly and comes out of her back



Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.

Not sure when I'll next update, got a busy week ahead. Maybe the week after.


Ho, g chan is back.
It's a good time to ask: have you vere considered to post your stories on other web sites? That would be cool for the one that want to re-read them and many people would be more than happy to discover them.


I second the motion for you to upload on other sites. Henrai-foundry would be a good option. Also, did you do any writing during the down time.


Just seen the site's back. Woop woop.


Yeah I think it's time to find a second site to put my stuff on, Gurochan's kinda unreliable these days. H-F is a good shout actually; is there any other site that would be ok with guro stories?

And I took the site going down as a break from writing, basically. But now that it's back up, I'll make time for it again.


In fact, I went ahead and made a profile on HF. Pogemahone has been taken as a username, eternal curses on his line, so I'll go by Melatonin on that site. I'll upload my shit over the course of the next few days.


Ok, I've found your account. It will be fare more handy for me as I can access gurochan only through tor.

I think you could also post your stuff on The site allow anything but is not as convinient as HF. There is also that have a wide comunity, underaged and bestality are forbbiden but as you don't have this kind of stuff, thing should be ok.

Also, a new idea have come to my mind. This time there is demons.
We have two young women that are friend from long date. None of them have any practical experience with men. One of those two girl decide that she have waited far too long and that it's time for her to have her first. The problem is that she want it to be a memory to cherish but no guy that she know and can hope to seduce seem fitted to give here something to remember.
Gladly her friend is dabbling in occult. She know that a big demonic orgy will take place not so far and soon. That will surely make a memorable first time.
It won't be that hard to get in: this is a b.y.o.b (bring your own body) party, which mean each demons aren't allowed to show up in their infernal form but must posses a mortal body to enter. So they just have to find two demons that want to go to this orgy, let them posses their body and they are in.
The wanna-be witch look in her books which demon is know to attend every single of those parties and summon him. When the guy show up, he is surprised yet pleased by their offer. Indeed he want to go to this party and the two girl save him a lot of effort. The demon was planning to go to this party with a demoness he was planning to seduce. Having a cute body to offer her could be what make her respond favourably.
So they make a deal with a contract and everyone is impatiently waiting for the night of the party.
The night finally come, the two girls invoke the couple of demon. The demoness is really pleased by her tonight's “outfit”. Then the demons enter their respective woman.
But they are far from ready for the party. They have to prepare their respective bodies. And by preparing, I mean mutilating in a way demons find aesthetic. During the process, the male demon broke the two girls hymens.
Even if it's specified in the pact that the demons aren't allowed to kill their host or make them suffer, as demons can prevent someone from dying or feel pain they can do whatever they want to their new bodies.
Then they go to the orgy, which is utterly depraved and result in even more modifications for the two girls.
At some point the demons get exhausted and bring the girls at home. But when they exit their minds, they are agape to discover than their host are far from having their count of perverted sex. They almost throw themselves at each other to explore their mutual bodies: at some point of the orgy the couple were separated and then they put some cloth on before going home. For both girl there are new thing to discover on this field.
Yet the demons manage to get enough attention from the witch to be send back to hell.

A couple of day latter, the male demon is invoked anew. The two girl want more. They have imagined a ton of perverted things they want to try. But for this they need the demon's powers.
Too bad, the horned guy in not in the mood for this kind of game. He say no and ask to be sent back in hell and not being bothered any more.
A few day pass and one more time, the demon is invoked by the two girls. This time he is really pissed off and decided that he is going to kill them both. He brake through the magical protections and jump onto the witch. He make her the lesson about pestering a powerful demon and prepare to end her but she cut him and say that if he kill her, he will have to marry her.
There are many rule for demons. One of them said that if a demon take the virginity of a girl, he have to marry her in a month or find someone else to marry her in his stead.
The demon had forgotten this rule because no mortal had ever been fool enough to force a demon to marry her. But those two crazy sluts seem to be really exited by this perspective.
The problem is the demon and the demoness of last night have deeply fallen in love and were planning to marry each other. A demon is allowed to marry anything he/she want in any quantity under the condition that he never marry an other demon. If a demon want to marry another one, he must have never been married. And killing the two girls wouldn't be a solution, they would be sent to hell were they would be waiting for him.

The only choice remaining for the demon is to find two person that are willing to marry the two girls despite their quite peculiar bodies. And also that the two girl are ok to marry the person he found.

First the demon try to find people with guro fetish from the webs communities. But this approach rapidly prove itself to be not efficient enough to find two match for the girls in one month. It's a pain to locate people, many just don't want to talk to him, some are attracted to this kind of fantasy but cannot stand the real deal and just faint (I think I would be among those). From the tinny amount that remain after that, none managed to get along with the girls.

The demon is utterly annoyed. He have made a lot of effort for nothing. So he decide to change his strategy to do something that will be far more efficient and also more fun for him.
His plan have a name: “The Gurolympic games”. So he call for his demonic friends and start kidnapping random people from all around the globe.
A little fraction will actually compete in his games. Most of them will do the audience, but also the staff (selling snacks, cleaning the bleachers, mowing the lawn…). There will be competitions on perverted guro games that came out of his twisted mind. There will be also a lot of gold for the winner in each game. The winner doesn't win the hand of any girl: the point of the event is just to rapidly determine, in a large group, who could get used to the girls bodies. Then the demon just give the occasion for the two girl to frequent those people and hope they will fall in love with someone.

And that's all, I've not gone any further.


Tim waited until Alex was asleep before getting up.

He tiptoed to the hallway, naked and still sweating, and opened the cupboard door. He regarded his vacuum cleaner with more thought than he had ever giving a household appliance in his entire life. This was mainly due to the contents, which were clearly visible through the clear plastic, and which would have caused severe complications to his planned evening had he not seen it before Alex had. He squatted down, leaned in close, meditated on what he was about to do, brought his hands together and delivered the world’s quietest clap, like a mouse stepping on a twig.

“I believe” whispered Tim to the vacuum cleaner. From within the device there came a bright flash of light, briefly lighting up Tim’s face and causing momentary alarm, and then there came a tiny, muffled voice:

“Urgh, finally! What took you so long?”

“Shhhh!” shushed Tim frantically, looking behind him as if he expected to see his ex girf-sorry, his ex-ex-girlfriend standing by the doorway. “Alex is here. Don’t wake her.”

“Fairy dust is actually good for sending people to sleep-“

“No. Climb out the way you came in” he whispered. There were a further series of bumps and scrapes as Fey made her way out of her prison, but eventually she emerged from the nuzzle, covered in dust and looking rather irritable. She wiped her face clean and shook herself like a dog. As she moved, Tim noticed that her ass and pussy seemed to hang open in a way they didn’t before-her ass in particular was almost as wide as his finger.

Tim placed a finger on her mouth before leaning all the way in, so that his face dwarfed the fairy’s body.

“Why where you in a vacuum?” Asked Tim.

“I didn’t know it could do that! I thought it would…blow air out and…feel good…”

“How do you not know what a vacuum is?!”

“We don’t have any of your fancy human stuff where I live! It’s not like the kids I usually worked with did a lot of spring cleaning!” said Fey, indignant. “And I’m fine, thanks for askin-“

Tim shoved the tip of his finger inside the fairy’s mouth. She bit back, which done her absolutely no good, and actually prompted the human to move the invading digit in further, up to the second knuckle. Fey’s throat bulged, and she quickly gave up fighting it as Tim continued.

“You said you can’t leave until your work is done, I get that. But I’ve got…Alex and I, we think we can make it work this time. Like, really work. A real relationship, between real people that aren’t mythical beings, and that takes priority for me. I’m sorry. So…stay, sure, but please, please,please-“he pushed his finger further down her throat as he repeated his plea, until he was sure he was in her stomach-“stay out of sight. Because I do not want to have to explain to her why there is a slutty fairy living in my apartment. At least not right now. OK?”

Fey moaned an agreement around his finger. He extracted the digit slowly out of her throat, and the fairy moved her jaw around carefully, massaging it with her hand.

“If you’re good, I’ll find time for you, I promise. Just…do this for me, ok? It will make me happy. That’s what you want,right?”

“…Of course, Tim.” Said Fey, looking down at her feet. Tim felt a little bad chewing her out, but he wanted to be as cautious as possible after nearly
having a heart attack when he discovered the vacuum earlier on. He had nearly dismissed it as a lapse in his memory before spotting the pile of skin, organs and bone lying inside.
“Ok. See you tomorrow, Fey.”

“G’night, Tim. Sleep tight.”

Tim went back to his room. Thankfully Alex was a heavy sleeper. He carefully snuck back in between the covers, warping his arm around the sleeping woman who he never thought he would share a bed with again. Soon he joined her in the land of dreams.

Fey, however, didn’t.

The little fairy sat on top of the vacuum, cross legged. She thought about why she was here, and what is was that she really wanted. Did she want to make Tim happy? Yes. He was a decent guy, and she felt a strange sort of loyalty towards him. And he had a point about staying hidden, despite her initial enthusiasm for a potential ménage-a-trois. One time she had accidentally been discovered by a particularly vile step-mother, and had been promptly crushed flat by a bible.

But she wasn’t a pet, or a toy to be used and then put away when “real” people came to visit. Fey was a fairy, a magical being, and she wasn’t just going to do what he said like he owned her. Just because he had used her as a cock sleeve didn’t mean she didn’t also have feelings. And maybe Alex would accept her the same way Tim had. She just needed a way to convince them. Hmm…

Suddenly, the little fairy grinned and snapped her fingers in triumph. Of course. If he couldn’t convince his brain, she would just have to convince his dick! And her pussy, or whatever. Humans liked kinky shit, if her experiences with Tim were any indication, so she’d just have to try something so insanely sexy that they would have no choice but to just constantly have human sex with her all of the time, and also say things like “Fey you are extremely cool and good”.

Fey considered what she should do. To get herself in the mood she slipped a hand down south, massaging her folds and clit and getting the vacuum rather damp. t would have to be something Tim couldn’t prevent. She could impale herself on something big like she had spent the day doing, and leave herself to be found somewhere. But Tim might sweep the house before Alex had a chance to see her. And she’d prefer to be able to work on the two humans subtly, not just blow her cover straight away…

An idea formed in her mind. Yes. Perfect. She took off, hovering stealthily into the bedroom. She hovered over the sleeping couple for a little while. They were cute together, she had to admit-the female snored softly in her sleep. She wanted to be sure, though…Fey hovered directly over their heads. Her wings started to exfoliate a subte golden dust, that seemed to dissolve in mid-air as it descended down onto the humans, who’s breathing became gradually more steady. They were now deeply asleep. Perfect.

Fey snuck underneath the covers that covered the slumbering female, and made her way around her nude body before finding her target. Alex’s pussy looked moist, and Fey had a good reason why. Tim, you devil you, she thought to herself, as she regarded the massive slit. She made her way towards it, feeling the warmth radiating off of it. She spread the lips apart, exposing the vagina. Well, better get to it. Fey ducked down and began to crawl inside. The heat was now making her sweat, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Soon she was all the way inside of Alex, her feet sticking out between the velvety folds before disappearing from view.

She crawled along the slimy tube steadily, feeling the warm walls pressing against her flesh, and it wasn’t long at all until she came to a barrier. Thankful for the dose of fairy dust she had prescribed to her new host, Fey began the task of prying open the cervix. She eased her fingers into whatever crannies she could find before pulling with all of her strength, so that little by little, a gap started to appear in the centre. When she was able to, Fey hooked a hand inside and began to pull herself inside, still pushing with her other hand, before that limb joined it’s partner on the other side of the cervix.
Fey was soon able to push her head inside Alex’s womb. Everything was now a shade of pink in her view, with juices covering every surface as well as her entire body. She looked around, her torso and legs still stuck outside. Two holes were visible, leading on to other parts of the female reproductive system, but Fey was happy to stay here, at least for the time being. She scrambled the rest of herself inside before flopping down onto the “floor” of the womb. Her hands flew to her soaking womanhood, and she began to masturbate in earnest, deeply aroused by her current location, deep inside a living human being who was completely oblivious to her presence. She drove her fingers from both hands into herself, before moving on to flat out fisting her twat before coming.

“Well, Tim, you wanted me to stay out of sight…” she thought to herself, as she lay panting inside his girlfriend’s womb, her own juices mingling with the rest of the fluids. Her thoughts turned to where she would go from here. Plans would have to be made, of course…right after she took a nap. She’d think of something afterwards, she was sure. It was so cosy and warm in here, it made thinking hard…


In the sky that night, there was a flash, and 3 stars seemed to descend onto the town.



so not really any actual guro in this story but it's setting up two angles I've had planned since the start, and we're bringing in Alex as an actual "on-screen" guro subject. Sorry, I mean victim. Sorry, I mean character. Sorry, I mean guro subject.

Thoughts and suggestions for the fun to come very welcome. Thanks for being patient, had no time at all for guro. I'm itching to write. I'd recommend checking out the Globalized Fetish thread in /dis/, if people want I might post short hypotheticals/discussiions on there. I'm also fixing to write something new entirely. I'd write a skinning story about Sansa and the Boltons from Game of Thrones if I didn't fucking loathe Ramsey and his smug fucking face so much.


Glad to see things going back to normal now that gurochan's downtime is resolved. As requested, here are a couple of suggestions.

- Fey wakes up by being tossed around. Curious about what's causing the motion, she pulls open the cervix, revealing Tim's dick thrusting in and out of Alex's vagina. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Fey starts fisting Tim's urethra, eventually shoving her whole arm up there, thus cluing him in to what's going on. Naturally he can't tell Alex, so he just leaves Fey in there for the day in the hope that he can extract her later.
- After Alex has left Tim's house, Fey wants to see if there are any differences between fairy and human anatomy, so she prolapses her whole birth canal and finds they're surprisingly similar. Slightly disappointed, she starts exploring: crawling up Alex's fallopian tubes, occasionally rubbing against Alex's g-spot and finally spreading her urethra enough to make Alex pee herself. Alex rushes off to the bathroom and when she wipes herself, Fey grabs the toilet paper and pulls it inside. Naturally, Alex panics and starts shoving her hand inside to grab Fey, which she eventually succeeds at. Fey explains the situation. Alex, intrigued, tells her boss she's not feeling well and rushes home with Fey to start experimenting.
- The other three fairies stumble upon Alex and Fey as they're having sex. Fey convinces them to join in. One of the three knows magic, and casts a spell that makes Alex as stretchy as the faeries. Cue nipple-fucking.


Loved your ideas, though the second one was a little confusing.

As for my own ideas, you could have Fey crawl into Alex's ear and use 'fairy magic' to crawl all the way to her brain. Once there, you could have Fey 'play' with the different parts of the brain. For instance, she could play with Alex's pleasure center and cause her to orgasm violently. Another idea is Fey accidently causing Alex's body to go into labor and birth her own womb. She could even use 'fairy magic' to pop off parts of Alex's brain to show Tim and Alex.

More ideas could be Fey forcing herself down Alex's fallopian tubes and finding her ovaries. From there, she could try and fist her ovaries, finding her eggs in the process. Wanting to see the eggs clearer, she could then shrink herself with her magic and turn microscopic. She could then approach one of the eggs(which are the size of basketballs compared to Fey) and for some reason get caught and the egg cells could be forced up into her own womb. You could even have multiple eggs be forced into her body through her other holes(urethra, nipples, etc). Sperm from Tim(or anyone(thing)) could then impregnate the eggs in her and she could end up giving birth.

Another idea is Fey making her way to Alex's heart through her nipples and then living off her milk.

You could mix some navel penetration in maybe, and have Fey crawl into Alex's body to play with her organs through her navel.

More ideas are Fey gradually losing parts of her body while no one is around to restore her, such as having Fey's entire reproductive system prolapse itself and a run-in with a cat or something causes her to lose it, leaving her pussy lips behind and intact, but everything else would be gone, leaving her with a hole in her body. More could be her having to duck and hide from a lawnmower going over her and accidentally getting the top of her her cut cleanly off, showing her brain. It could go on like that until she's essentially unharmed on the outside, but inside she's empty.

I also support JIP's ideas. You might also have a part where the fairies can use their magic to switch their consciences with something.


I'm so happy to see that you are back in writing. Thank you for this new chapter!
Maybe but I imagine that in addition of making sleep, the fairy dust could be used as a local painkiller to allow guro fun on human.
Here is my suggestion for fun :
To be sure to succeed in her plan of seducing Alex, Fey want to practice her skill of pleasing female human. She already know how man work but she has no experience with woman. So Fey start to train on Alex while she is sleeping, that way, Fey can learn what make her feel good without before their first official meeting. But the only knowledge that Fey have about how lady parts work is from her owns. So when her stimulation fail to make Alex react in her fairy powder induced sleep, she do what she will do with herself in this case: use wider and deeper stimuli until there are results. Alex would have a great surprise the next morning...

And pleases, please, prety please, (if possible) don't make use wait too long for the next update.


Fey woke up very warm, very moist and very tired. Everywhere she looked seemed to be dark pink, which initially threw her before she remembered where she was, and who she was inside. She was lying, appropriately enough, in the fetus position, inside the womb of a human. A heartbeat pulsed steadily, sounding strong yet gentle all the same. It was technically not the first time she had been this far inside another living creature, but Fey chose not to count her encounter with a hungry Alsatian. That wasn’t anywhere near as pleasant as her little nap had proven to be. Still, she was in here for a reason, right? She had infiltrated Tim’s girlfriend. Now came step two, and Fey would have begun it right away had she remembered what it was.

But try as she might, Fey couldn’t quite recall what her master plan was. Going inside was fine, and she could see step 3 clearly: “Awesome sex with the humans.” But step 2 was eluding her. She yawned, and stretched out her arms and legs, still feeling very tired. She was sure it would all come back to her soon. Perhaps she should sleep on it a little. It was so cosy in here…then she shook her head, waking herself up somewhat. No. She had a job to do. She had to make Tim happy, on her honour as a fairy, and that didn’t involve sleeping like a baby, so to speak. If she couldn’t remember what was surely a well thought out plan of action, then she would just improvise one, and that might well involve getting out of this incredibly comfortable hidey-hole.

Fey gently walked over to the entrance to Alex’s womb. The wet, rubbery surface squelched under her bare feet as she moved to the cervix. She wasn’t entirely set on leaving Alex completely right now, but she wanted to at least know where she was-was she still in Tim’s apartment, or elsewhere? Getting out would surely be easier than getting in, imagined Fey. So she slipped a hand inside the hole and spread it, her second arm soon joining in, until a hole big enough for her small upper body was made. She started to climb out, and was just past her chest when her host stirred. Fey froze, and inadvertently stopped pushing her arms apart. The cervix retracted back to its normal size, pinning her arms against her body and trapping her.

“Oh, sugar! I’m stuck!” squealed the wiggling fairy, forgetting herself for a moment. Then her eyes bulged and she froze once again as she felt her host jolt slightly.

“W…who was that?” came a voice, very audibly to little Fey even inside her fleshy prison. She stayed silent, thinking that she had properly goofed this one up, before thinking of a plan. Well, she had said she would improvise, so now was the time.

“I…it was me…” she said, as serenely as she could manage given the circumstances. Again she felt Alex’s body shift, as if she was looking around. “No, you will not see me, Alex. I come…from within.”

“F-From within?” asked the human. “Yeah…yeah, you’re right. What’s going on? I feel something… Oh god am I going crazy? I knew those nachos from last night were no good!”

“No, no, you are not crazy, Alex. I…am the voice of your own femininity. I have decided to give you advice, about doing things that you may ordinarily-“

“Are you my womb?!”

“…I am your very womanhood, given form and voice, to guide you on-“

“My womb is talking to me.”

“N-No, I am a personification of your innate-“

“Oh man I need to see this, hold on”

There was a sudden lurch, and Fey had to suppress a yelp as she felt Alex move a short distance.

“What are you doing, Alex? I have important things to tell you, and-“

“I’m just gonna have a quick peak. I’ve got this mental image of my cervix opening and closing like a mouth? I mean I can’t not check to see if that’s happening, I’m sure you understand.” Fey, facing down towards Alex’s opening, could see light appear. She was going to be caught! She struggled, and she suddenly felt her wings free themselves. With all of her might she flapped those wings until she felt herself start to move forward. Yes! Freedom! Slowly, fey inched herself down the vagina towards the light. She was nearly out when she ran headfirst into some probing fingers, which grabbed her head tightly.
“What the hell?”

Fey tried to word some sort of excuse when Alex pulled back hard. Fey felt her neck strain as she was carried further out, and it only just now occurred to her, as her spine started to crack, that she was still stuck in the cervix. As she emerged, she took the rest of Alex’s womb with her into the fresh air, dragged up towards Alex’s head. The human, perhaps just in shock from what she was feeling and seeing, simply continued to pull upwards, as if trying desperately to dislodge the foreign body from her most sacred of places.

She only partially succeeded. With a wet tear, Alex ripped the head and spine of the fairy out, leaving a tiny limp body hanging out of a prolapsed birth canal. Finally letting go as she did so, the head and spine flew up nearly in a vertical line before coming back down again. By chance it landed right inbetween the human’s considerably cleavage. Fey’s head looked up into wide, blue eyes. She giggled nervously.


Alex fainted.


Tim swore as he rooted through cupboards in his kitchen, sweating slightly. He knocked aside old cans and forgotten products, peering inside, before slamming the doors shut.

“Damnit!” he said to himself, exhaling like an angry bull. Where was she? He hadn’t panicked when she hadn’t appeared straight away after Alex left in the morning. He hadn’t panicked when she still didn’t come out after he asked her to. But now he was worried. What if she had run away? He had been hard on her recently. Maybe she had just had enough. He sighed, shaking his head as he thought of where he could possibly look next.

He was halfway through rummaging a drawer full of cutlery and utensils when he heard a small, yet unbelievably smug laugh coming from the kitchen window. He stopped and smiled. So much for that-just more games. Well, he was going to show her what for. He turned around.

“Very funny, Fey-oh?”

There wasn’t a fairy in front of him. It was three fairies.

The shortest one, smaller and thinner than even Fey, was wearing what looked suspiciously like a wizard’s cap, although the wizened effect was tarnished slightly by the rest of her outfit, which was basically just a bikini. She had extremely long black hair, and stood with her arms crossed behind her back, smiling deviously-Tim figured it was her who had laughed. One, looking more like Fey complete with blonde hair, held a bow in her hand, and was dressed in slightly more sensible leather armour, a quiver of tiny arrows on her back. She stood slightly behind her companions, straight as a proverbial arrow and with a sober expression on a noble face.

Between them stood a larger fairy, maybe a good 2 inches taller, who wore a chest plate over silky clothes. Auburn hair flowed onto her shoulders, and her features radiated passion. A silver sword gleamed in her hand. She pointed dramatically at Tim.


“…uh…what is this.”

“WE are the RETREIVERS! The best field agents in all fairy-kind!” said the swords-fairy, who twirled her blade with an admittedly impressive flourish.
“We are here to retrieve the fairy known as Fey.” Said the archer, her neutral expression never shifting.

“So play nice, and give her up, and we might just go easy on you.” Smirked the wizard, giggling again.

Tim stared at the three fairies, hand stealthily retreating from the drawer. Then he stared at them some more. He kept this up till the leader of the terrible trio coughed nervously.

“Ah, paralyzed with fear, eh?” she managed, recovering the momentum well. She stepped forward, brandishing her blade and pointing it at Tim. “I can’t blame you. Countless foes have fallen to us. The dreaded eight legged beast of the forest. The direrat of the sewers. The fearsome striped dragonbug.” She grinned up at Tim, walking forwards atop the kitchen counter, still pointing her sword at him. “Shall we add your name to the list, human?”

Tim casually swiped his arm forward, casually slicing the fairy in half with a pizza cutter. Her upper half went flying back towards the two standing fairies, catching the ranger and sending them both tumbling out of the window. The smaller fairy looked up at him, shocked, as Tim daintily picked up the lower half and tossed it out the window like a banana skin.

“Don’t break into people’s houses and threaten them.” He said. The little fairy snarled at him.

“D-Don’t think you’ve seen the last of us! The Retrievers are not defeated so easily! We’ll rescue our comrade!”
“She’s not here, dummy. I thought she went back to you guys.”

“Hah! Your lies don’t fool me. We will return, human!”

Tim went to slice at her with his pizza cutter, but before he could reach her she had disappeared in a flash of white light. He went over to the window and looked down. He could see a few red smudges where the 1 and two halves and landed, but soon they too disappeared in a flash of light. He frowned, then shrugged. He had a fairy to find.

As he walked out of the kitchen, his phone started to vibrate. It was a call from Alex.


I had a lot of fun writing this chapter.

Also: I've been playing a shitton of Overwatch and damn if I don't want to write a fic about the lady who specializes in impossible medical technology and the cast of attractive female characters.


Loved the chapter. If you want to start another story, then I'm all for it. With as good as your past stories have been, I'm sure it'd be awesome. Do you have any form of update schedule or do you just post when it gets done?


Heh, I like how Tim just casually dispatches the elite fairies.

Also, chalk up another vote for the Overwatch story. Tracer's rewind ability alone should allow for some fun usually-lethal stuff, as would Mercy's healing and resurrection powers. And of course the fact that the women in that game are all cute as hell doesn't hurt either.

Some other random ideas:
- Something along the lines of "Pepper on Ice" ( courtesy of Mei's cryo powers.
- Widowmaker firing her grappling hook down someone's throat or vagina and ripping their internal organs out in one go.
- Mercy's backstory of being a surgeon specialized in nanobiology has a lot of potential.

Hm, I'm almost getting tempted to write something in this universe as well. Ugh, so many ideas, so little time...


Thank you for this new chapter.
Those faries are all amazing and Fey is just a genius. She have a real talent for improvising.



Thank you, glad you're enjoying it! And I don't have a real update schedule, it's just when I can. Sometimes I can pump out two or three chapters rapid, sometimes it can be a month between updates. Sorry, just how it is, this is just a thing I do sometimes during free time.


There's huge scope for doing something, as your ideas illustrate; the question is building a workable narrative around it, and yes it would probably involve Mercy (hadn't thought about tracer's rewind though...). Hopefully I can think of something-inspiration might just strike after a few more games. And while a JIP overwatch story would be amazing, I hope I haven't distracted you from your various side projects :) I'm still looking forward to your D and D story!

Thank you! I'll try to expand on the three new fairies in future chapters. Perhaps literally.


The last ten minutes had reminded Tim of a few things. For one, he really needed to learn how to drive. Secondly, he was tremendously out of shape for a young man in the prime of his life. He was one of these people that would never be overweight despite a diet that could charitably be described as being “rich”, but in situations where he had to, say, run for an extended period of time his habits caught up with him quite severely. He puffed and wheezed as he finally got to Alex’s apartment, pressing the buzzer frantically. She already knew he was coming so he was let in quickly. Tim thanked his luck that his girlfriend only stayed on the first floor as he slowly trudged up the steps, wiping away the sweat of his brown as he reached her door.

He knocked clumsily. The door opened just a fraction, and he squeezed in t. Alex was wearing an old black t-shirt and nothing else. Tim’s eyes couldn’t miss the pink tube swinging between her thighs, and he couldn’t deny that he found the site to be more than a little arousing, but frankly he was too out of breath to make a comment about it at this moment, so he just awkwardly hugged her instead as she started to speak.

“Tim…what the fuck is going on?”

“…can explain…just…let me see…” wheezed Tim. “Has she…said…”

“I’ve only talked to her a little bit. Enough to know that she’s ok somehow. And that she knows you.”

“Yeah…yeah we know each other. Let me see her.”

She led him to the bedroom. Alex's bedroom was so familiar to him, nothing seemed out of place from what he remembered. The pale green wallpaper that he had secretly never liked. The mirrored wardrobe. The posters of various terrible pop artists. There was only one detail that he did not remembered being here from last time. Fey the fairy was lying in the centre of the bed in two parts. Her body was splayed spread eagle, with her head and spinal cord lying beside it. Tim walked up to her, concerned at the lack of movement, but his fears were soon quashed as Fey’s eyes tracked his movement. The head blushed, somehow.

“Hi Tim…” she said. She seemed embarrassed. Tim sighed, shaking his head. Then he let his features harden. It was time to lay down the low. He crossed his arms, eyebrows arched.


“I know, I know. I messed up. I’m so sorry. I just wanted to-“

“To what, scare the shit out of my girlfriend? To…you know…” Tim gestured at Alex’s prolapsed pussy. “What the hell, Fey? I told you-“

“You like it though, don’t you?” said Fey, quietly but firmly. Tim’s mouth opened and closed like a fish as he started down at the tiny being’s head. He couldn’t help but look again at Alex, who was also looking sheepishly down at her prolapse, holding it in her hand gently.

“I thought so. Alex, I’m sorry. But I’ve seen a side of Tim you probably didn’t know even existed. You know what he did to me when we first met?”

She let the question linger in the air. Now it was Tim’s turn to stare downwards as Alex looked at Fey, letting go of her birth canal, which swayed like a pendulum between her legs.

“Why don’t you tell her, Tim? Tell her what you like to do to girls like me.”


“Come on, now, Tim. I ain’t mad. But I think we should be honest about what we are, and what we want. So tell her what you did.”
“…I fucked you.”

Fey laughed, her head rolling from side to side.

“Yes, Tim, you did. But I think there was a little more to it than that. Should I tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Asked Alex, walking closer to Tim. Again, Tim sighed.

“I kind of…really fucked her. Like, you know…she’s not very big, so if you go to hard…”

“That’s right! He fucked me inside out. Literally. Like candy out of a piñata. It was great fun! Wasn’t it?” asked Fey, sweetly. Tim said nothing.
“Yes, Tim’s got some peculiar tastes. He’s used me like a cheap toy, destroying my body for his own pleasure. But it’s OK, cause all he has to do is say the magic words. Right Tim? Show her.”

Tim slowly put his hands together and clapped.

“…I believe”

In an instant, Fey was back in one piece. She sat up gingerly, rolling her shoulders and stretching, before continuing to address the humans.

“See? Good as new.” Said the fairy. Then she paused. “Well, not quite. I didn’t used to be this loose...” she added. She spread her legs, exposing her pussy and ass, which were indeed now in a permanent state of gaping wide. “But still. All he has to do is that, and he can use and abuse me all he likes. Which he has done. Haven’t you, Tim?”

“..yes.” muttered the man, not daring to look up anymore. Fey smiled.

“Oh don’t look so glum, Tim, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We had fun! And Alex here…she can have fun too! That’s all I want. I want everyone here to have fun. No secrets, no hiding me away in a cupboard. OK? What do you say, Alex?”

Fey flew up towards Alex. The human woman held out her hands, beckoning for the little being to come closer. Fey beamed up at her, and happily flew closer.

Alex smashed her hands together. Tim winced at the sound, which was at once a crunch and a squelch. Alex’s face was painted red as she stared down at her clenched together hands, in the spot where Fey had been hovering.

“Sure.” She said.

She pulled her hands apart. Most of the fairy was still stuck to her right hand. She had been squashed completely flat. Skin, organs and bones were spread out in roughly the shape of a humanoid, face down. There were a few stray guts and bones in her other hands, smeared red. Alex studied it closely, much to Tim’s amazement.

“Um.” He said.

“What? It’s interesting! Look, I think that’s her brains right there!” She said, point at the grey mess like it was a pet doing a trick.

“No, I mean…well, you seem to be taking all of this better now.”

“Yes. I am, now. Because I think I love you, maybe, even if it turns out you’re a total weirdo. I mean, maybe I’m a weirdo too. This is kind of cool in a creepy way. Oh my god, she just twitched! OK make her normal again.”

Tim obliged, and Fey popped back into shape again, lying on Alex’s hand for a second before yelping and taking off, flying onto Tim’s shoulders.

“W-what the hell?”

“I said sure! We’re having fun, right?” asked Alex, smiling devilishly.

“Yeah, but…you scared me, is all…” muttered Fey.

“Oh, sorry my poor little thing. I’ll let you know in advance next time.”

“Thanks, Alex.”



“Fuck that fairy. I wanna see. Is that enough warning, sweetie?”

“Haha, yup!” laughed Fey. Shrugging at how weird life was these days, Tim pulled his pants down and sat on the bed. He was already hard from both his girlfriend’s attitude and the sight of her ruined pussy, which she seemed to just be totally ignoring now. Fey hovered above his prick and straddled it with both legs, letting him hold her in his hands.

“I’m glad you’re OK with all this, Alex. I thought you’d think this was cheating or something.”

“Don’t think this gives you license to bone every girl, now. This is an obvious exception, ok?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Oh shut up and fuck me with your huge cock alreadyyyy” moaned Fey. Tim did so. He slid into her pussy, slowly but with force. As she had said, Fey was looser than the first time he had did this, but she still felt very tight around his member. He could see the bulge he was making in her tiny body, all the way up to her chest. He did a lot of the work with his hands, almost like she was a sextoy. He looked over to Alex, who was looking on with both amazement and obvious arousal.

“Oh my god that’s so fucking hot” she said, coming over and kneeling down in front of Tim, eyes hungrily staring at the fairy impaled on Tim’s rock-hard cock. Her hands instinctively went down to her own pussy, and she yelped as her probing fingers dig into the newly-exposed pink flesh that lay between her thighs. She stroked herself gently with one hand as she watched, wondering how Fey kept from screaming like a lunatic as her body got stretched out grotesquely by the mass inside of her.

At one point Tim thrust hard, pulling Fey down all the way to the root, and held her there. Before she even knew what she was doing, Alex had leaned forward and kissed the tip of the bulge coming out of Fey. Tim’s eyes shot open as he felt his girlfriend start to fellate him through the fairy he was fucking, her hand jerking off her own prolapsed womb. It was too much for him. He came, inflating the tiny womb like a balloon, which Alex still somehow kept in her mouth-he could feel her sucking. Eventually she released him, and he collapsed backwards, sweating and panting. Fey lay on his stomach, having orgasmed several times throughout the short fucking. Alex kept on stroking herself until she too came, and she moaned heavily as she did, juice spilling from her cervix.

“Oh…my…OK, I officially forgive you for…this” said Alex, still holding herself.

“Happy to help…” said Fey, slowly detaching herself from Tim’s dick. She felt the air travel up inside her hole, and shivered at the sensation.
“So, how long are you here for?”

“Until Mr Serious here gets out of his funk!” said the fairy, earning a disgruntled “hmph” from the still recovering human. “That’s why I came down in the first place!”

Alex giggled at the fairy’s name for her boyfriend. “Oh he’s not that bad.”

“Well, I’m an expert on the subject, and I say I have more work to do.”

“Oh, we can agree on that my little friend…” said Tim, suddenly sitting up with evil intention. He was about to grab Fey when he remembered the events of the morning. “Although…”

“What is it?”

“Have you ever heard of…oh what did they call themselves again, they had a dumb name. Oh damn, it’s on the tip of my tongue.”

“Who are you talking about?” asked Fey, not noticing the prowling Alex, approaching like a cat towards a very unperceptive mouse.

“Uh…fairies. More of you. They had like little swords and stuff, it was kinda cute. Was it the Reclaimers? Oh wait…the Rescuers!”

“Tim, that’s a cartoon.” Said Alex, annoyed.

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Fey seemed to know what he was getting at though, and looked at him urgently.

“Oh no…no way, they’ve sent the Retrievers after me!”

“Retrievers, yeah, that’s it. Are they a big deal?” shrugged Tim.

“They’re like, really cool! There’s Lana, the leader-she’s so big and strong and brave, and oh man Dorain the Ranger’s just so cool and calm, and Bolt knows all these super rare spells! They’re like…superheroes!”

“That actually does sound cool” conceded Alex.

“Well they didn’t seem that cool to me.”

“Oh, did you meet them? I take it they’re…looking for me.” Said Fey, visibly shrinking. Alex decided to hold back on her fun until this conversation had passed, and sat down on the bed, wincing at the feeling of her womb rubbing against the sheets.

“Yeah. They are.”

“What did you say? Did they ask for me? Did they ask for me by name?”

“I cut one in half with a pizza cutter.”


Alex couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh, maybe not so cool after all then.” She snorted.

“Tim…Tim, please don’t cut my heroes in half with pizza cutters!” said Fey, outraged. She hid her face in her hands as if he had just said something extremely embarrassing. “Now I’m in super-duper trouble! The Retrievers are gonna find out where we went, and then come get me a-and…and-“
Suddenly Tim scooped her up in his hand and brought the fairy up to eye level.

“Hey now. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from them, OK?”

“Yeah,we both will. I’ve got a pizza cutter too.” Added Alex.

“I should just talk to them. They’ll understand.” Said Fey, pleadingly.

“Well…we’ll see. But if they start anything, they’ll regret it.” Promised Tim. Or maybe they won’t. Fairies seemed a weird bunch to the human. He wondered if they could be tamed. He kept that little thought to himself though. Fey wanted to be diplomatic, so he would let her for now. He wondered where they were…


Lana stood on top of the windowsill, surveying the room.

“What a dump.”

“Indeed” said Dorain, standing arrow straight, as it were, just to her side. “But it appears neither the human, nor his hostage, are present.”

“The coward must have fled once we showed ourselves. He knew we would have kicked his big ugly butt in a fair fight.”

“It’s possible.”

“Darn right it is. His circle blade will be no match for me now that I’ve scouted him.”

“Of course.”

“Damn right, of course! Bolt, have ya found anything yet?” she shouted. The smallest member of the Retrievers had been scouring the room for clues, as she had done throughout the flat. Bolt flew back to her comrades, smirking her usual knowing smirk.

“Hoho. It appears there is a third party at work. A female was here, maybe even before we came earlier. I can sense her energy, even now.”

“Yes, I had suspected as much. The air is heavy with the scent.” Said Dorain, nodding. Lana turned her head skeptically.

“Eh? Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was awaiting further evidence.”

“Bullpoop. You’re full of it.”

“Now now, no need for bickering you two.” Interjected Bolt. Sometimes she wondered why Lana was in charge. “Anyway, the point is, all we have to do is follow the energy source-“

“The scent.”

“Whatever you want. Just follow it. I just hope the human city doesn’t mask the…trail.” Said Bolt, staring at her ranger companion, who faintly nodded in appreciation of her compromise on the energy/scent issue.

“Lana, you stay here in case he returns. Dorain and I will scout for this new woman.”

“Hey hey hey, little one. I’M the leader here, and I give the orders.” Said Lana, drawing herself up to her considerable (for a fairy) height.”

“Well, what should we do then?”

“Well…uh…I think that you and Dorain should…scout ahead. And I’ll, uh, stay here. I guess.” Mumbled Lana, scratching the back of her head.


“Yeah well it’s the principle of it that matters!” shouted Lana as her companions flew away. She turned back around to once again survey her current sentry location. Her body had recovered from the human’s wicked sawblade thanks to Bolt’s magic, but her pride had suffered a wound that had yet to heal. She had sworn then, as she lay on the dirty alleyway floor, entrails spilling out of her like coils of rope, that she would revenge herself on the foul human. Now, she would wait for her prey, and hope only that her two companions did not get all of the glory…


Sheesh that was a lot of dialogue huh.


It's a good day when I check the site and see you've updated one of your stories. I also don't mind the dialog at all. It's important to tell the story, so keep on doing whatever you're doing, because this story is great.

Also, will you be updating your Overwatch story anytime soon?


Awesome continuation. Swatted like a fly - that reminds me of some old Disney fanart involving tinkerbell smacked against a glass window with a fly swatter.

I like that Alex is so into this. That gets a lot of potential awkwardness out of the way ;) I wonder how far her experimentation with her own body will go though. >:>>>


This new chapter was really great, thank you.

I thought about something:

Lana and Dorian don't seem really strong right now but it could be fun that Bolt at some point reveal to be a power full mage… but that here most powerful spell are quite perverts or wireds. So she don't use them most of the time and the two other don't know about those specifics spells.
When the Retrievers end cornered by Tim, in last resort Bolt choose to use her full powers. She throw a big light orb at Tim but he manage to doge it. The orb create a big hole in the wall behind him, and Bolt follow with a second light orb. Tim duke out the second and start fleeing as he understand tables have turned. As the three fairies start chasing him, Lana and Dorian express their concern, they are not supposed to kill the humans. But Bolt reassure them: here dark arts are 100% non lethal: it can make someone crazy with must or alter his body but never kill him. Yet it's not exactly the same thing with inanimate objects…
So Tim start running (driving?) through the city while Bolt, in her righteous fury bombard him with spells. And she is not doing detail: beams as large as a streets, barrage of meteor spells, magical vortex that move on it own. There is no reason to restrain as the spell are non lethal. Yes, the passerby caught in the spells loose all their limbs, or start to masturbate so furiously that they destroy their genitals. But it fairy magic. It's totally safe. There is no reason to worry. Yet, thank to the poor aiming of Bolt, Tim manage to dodge enough hex to keep running away.
“Do you know how hard it is to guide an entropic storm of this size? Yes your right, I'll let it live its life and try with a hundred of magical javelins."


“Can you see her?”

“I cannot perceive her at this moment, fair ally.”

“So, no then.

The two fairies talked in hushes whispers. They were crouching by the corner of a window, on the ledge outside of the apartment where the hostage was being held. The two humans were naked, and clearly engaged in acts of lewdness. Bolt’s face scrunched up in disgust as the site of the male, who’s no doubt disgusting genitals were thankfully obscured from this angle. The female human had her back turned to them, with her hands busy somewhere out of view. Probably in the vicinity of the aforementioned genitals. The dark-haired wizard shuddered at the thought. As a Retreiver she was less innocent than most fairies-she had seen much in her service. But human sex was so wild, messy and often kinky. Not like fairy sex, which consisted mostly of cuddles. Which was as it should be. What was the point in all the other stuff?

Re-focusing, she turned to her companion Dorain, who remained stoic.

“Are we really just going to sit here and watch these two go at it like animals? This is a hostage situation, not a peep show!”

“Patience is a virtue, Bolt. We will wait as long as we have to, no matter the…circumstances” explained the blonde haired archer.

“Urgh.I should go back and tell Lana we’ve found them. Maybe by then the male will have fallen asle-hold on, their moving…”

The two Retrievers peered into the room, making sure they were out of view, as the female rolled over. Bolt looked at her carefully.

“…are we sure this is a female?”

“I am certain. The scent is unmistakable.”

“Well what’s…that…between her legs?”


“It’s a penis! Well, a bit redder. And no testticles. Human biology is weird.”

“I suggest you look at her wrist, rather than her genitals.”

Bolt looked. She was wearing some sort of bangle on her wrist. It was flesh coloured. And had arms and legs.
“What the…is that…”

“Indeed. We’ve found her.”

The female human held her right arm up and stared at the fairy impaled on it, twisting her wrist one way then the other, rotating the living bangle so she could inspect it at all angles. The arms and legs twitched and waved independently of one another. Bolt could see the poor thing’s face, the mouth stretched impossible wide to accommodate the whole arm that had forced it apart.

“This is…sick! They’re torturing her! We need to do something!” declared Bolt. She went to stand up, but a firm hand from her taller companion kept her down.

“And if they spot us? They may do something rash. We may lose, and put all of us in danger.”

“We wait.” Said Darmain, with finality. Bolt stayed crouched, fuming and sickened. The male came over and said something, and his partner laughed. Then he started to push the fairy down her arm, slowly towards the elbow. Fey left a small trail as she went, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her body widened even more, going past the joint and up towards the biceps. The female made sure to give a quick flex of her muscles as the fairy passed over them. This caused their deformed prisoner to convulse in what Bolt could only assume was terrible pain.

“Look at them laugh, those evil creatures! I’ve never seen cruelty like this in all my days…” muttered Bolt, as their rescue target finally came to a stop just in front of the human’s shoulder.


“Stop saying that! Why aren’t you concerned? This is even worse than those kindergardners from a few years ago!”

“Yes, I was there. I remember the scissors. That fairy was tortured. But this is different. Can’t you feel it?”


“Ah, you have stange opinions on these matters. So unadventurous…”

“…?!?!?” said Bolt, a difficult linguistic feat. Darmain smiled and shook her head.

“Go. Fetch Lana, then. I will remain here to observe.”

Bolt studied her friend carefully. And despite the bickering, they were friends. Darmain was smart and noble, and a born listener. She had saved her life at least once, although Bolt would never admit it in public. She was the calm glue holding the group together whenever things got tense. So she was inclined to trust the archer’s judgement.

“Just…stay safe, ok? That human is dangerous. They both are.”

“I am aware. I am also dangerous.”

Bolt smiled, and quickly departed. Darmain watched her go, her face set in stone. When she was gone, she sighed.
“She is still a child. Learned, and yet so unaware…”

She turned around. The humans were staring at her.

Darmain stared back, impassively. Sweat appeared on her brow, but she kept her composure as she looked into the humans eyes. Slowly, the female approached, the strange organ between her legs swaying as she walked, fluid gently dripping from the tip. The fairy on her shoulder-or rather, just beneath her shoulder-waved at her. It was hard to tell exactly what expression was on her face, but Darmain intuited that she was somewhat embarrassed, like a child who’s friends have been caught doing something embarrassing. The female carefully opened the window, and now she was exposed. The proud archer didn’t reach for her bow. She just stood there. Inviting a comment from her enemies.

The female gingerally flexed her arm, causing her captive to squirm. Her cheeks flushed red. Then she spoke.

“Ok. So, this might seem weird…”

“Do go on.” Said Darmain, arching her eyebrow expertly.

“But she’s cool with this. Right, Fey?”

Fey attempted to speak, but making her out was basically impossible. The female sighed, then went to clap her hands in accordance of the ancient fairy magic of old-surprisingly learned of her, thought Darmain. But then she stopped, before electing to pull the fairy back down her arm. This time she went fast and rough, leaving her arm soaked as her “bracelet” was freed. When she was done she held the grossly stretched out fairy by one leg, which appeared to be dislocated. Fey twirled about, and Darmain could see right through the massive, gaping hole of her mouth right through her body to the other side. She was basically a giant, fleshy ring with limbs.

The human tossed her towards Darmain, who had by now stepped onto the inner ledge of the window. Fey landed in a wet heap, facing up. Darmain reckoned all three retrievers could fit inside comfortably. As it was she patted Fey’s head, listening to her gurgle and moan. Then there was a clapping noise.

“I believe.”

In a flash, Fey was restored. She lay on the window ledge, looking up. Her anus was still gaped open invitingly, and the little fairy massaged her jaw, moving it about, testing it. There was a clicking noise and her lower jaw dislocated. She hurriedly clicked it back into place.

“Woah, looks like I’m getting a little worn out…” she said, looking up. “You’re Darmain,right?”

“It is so. You are Fey. I have come to rescue you.”

“I don’t want rescued!” cried the little fairy, getting to her feet. Now that she was standing, the gaping of not only her asshole, but her pussy was even more obvious. Her vaginal canal seemed to hang down as if there was a heavy weight inside of her. I’m happy here! We all are!”

“I can see that.”

“So why don’t you just-wait, what?”

“Then why are you here?” said the male. Darmain looked up at him.

“I came to scout. That’s what I do. And I see…no, I feel no malice, no cruelty.”

She crossed her arms, shaking her head.

“But the law is the law. You have a duty to help others, not just find base pleasure in the company of humans. You must return.”

“But…I’m…I am helping!”

“Is that why you’re here?” asked Darmain, looking her right in the eyes with icey eyes. Fey faltered, and said nothing.

“I thought so. Say your goodbyes. We’re leaving.”

“No, she isn’t.” said the male. Darmain shook her head sadly.
“I’m sorry for this, human. But we are sworn to uphold-“

“I don’t give a shit. Fuck off.”

“Tim…” whispered Fey. “Don’t piss them off…”

“Too late.” Said Darmain. She jumped back to the outside ledge and readied her arrow, pointing it right at Tim.

“I, Darmain of the Retrievers, will not be intimidated. Prepare to defend-“

Tim shut the window. The arrow bounced harmlessly off the glass. Darmain stood with her bow out for a few seconds, before calmly putting it away. Then she flew off.

Tim shrugged.

“Well that was easy. Well, I’m beat. Anyone want food?”

“Tim, it’s going to take more than a window to beat the Retreivers!”

“I’m…really not concerned. Like, no offense, but they seem kind of lame.”


“Yeah I gotta agree with Tim. Didn’t you say you cut one in half with a pizza cutter?”

“You don’t know what you’re starting. They have magic…deep magics…”

“Well we’ll worry about it afterwards. Seriously I’m starving. I’m thinking Indian.”


“There’s no good Indian places nearby. Just get Chinese.”

“You guys-“

“No, I’m sick of Chinese.”

Fey’s further protests fell on deaf ears as the two humans started to argue about dinner. She sank to her knees shook her head, unable to free herself of the growing worry that had taken hold of her.

“Well, at least she isn’t being tortured.” Said Lana, crossing her arms.
“I still say she was. That looked super gross.”

“It is the truth. But they are still our enemies. We must find a way to breach their defences.” Said Darmain. “Do we have any ideas?”
“Break the window down and rush ‘em?” suggested Lana.

“Any REAL suggestions…”

“That was a real suggestion…”

“I have one. It’s…tricky, but I can do it. We need to lure one of them out.”

“And then?” asked the archer. Bolt smiled.

“Ever heard of the Trojan Horse?”


Been setting up this next chapter for a while, should get into it soon...


Not much happened, but I can see how it's setting up for the next chapter. I don't know if you've already decided on how you're going to do the next chapter, but here are some ideas that might work.

You could have the retrievers wait outside until Alex comes and puts the laundry out on a clothesline. One of the retrievers could then sneak in to a pair of Alex's panties and wait for her to bring them in again. Several hours could pass and Alex could come back to get the clothes, bringing the retriever in in the process. You could then use the excuse that Alex needs to take a shower and brings in a set of clothes to change into. One of those clothes could be the panties that the retriever hid in.

Afterwards, Alex could change into her clothes and not notice the retriever. The retriever could then wait for an opportunity to strike and "infiltrate" Alex's body to defeat her from the inside. I'll leave it to you to decide where she infiltrates from since there are so many options, but you could use this plot line to progress your story.

Loved the chapter and can't wait for the next one.


Yay! I'm really looking forward to the next part as well. I really do hope that somehow the fairies infiltrate Alex's womb and somehow mind control her from there to get into the house =D.


Trojan fairies might be fun. I guess you have something else in mind, but I couldn't help think of the following:

"That won't work, we'd never fit inside you. And even if we did, you'd be so horribly bloated, they'd immediately know you are carrying something in your womb."

"That's the thing. I don't need all of you, just your heads. The rest we destroy, and then we just wait until one of them claps their hands and you both pop from my belly, whole and healthy, and we quickly grab her and get out of there with the advantage of surprise."

"Hmm, that might actually work. But how would we reduce ourselves to just our heads?"

"That's easy. You see that hard stone road over there, where these huge wagons drive? I think they call them trucks. You just lay down in front of them at the side and wait for one to drive over you. They are more than heavy enough to squish your bodies into gooey pulp."

Done as discussed, Bolt and Lana flew to the lane and waited. Truly a truck drove by. All three fairies twitched their eyes close, waiting for it to happen. With roaring thunder, the lorry rumbled past. They opened their eyes and noticed it had completely missed them.

"Too far to the side, we need to lay down further on the road."

Bolt placed herself a bit further inwards, just in time for the next lorry. The small squishy cracking sound it made as she was partially ground to pulp was completely drowned by the roar of the truck.

Bolt stared at her lower body. The truck had smushed her legs and pelvis, basically anything from the waist down and glued her to the road. She couldn't speak, as she had vomited her own entrails which were now pouring out of her mouth and stuck in her throat. But judging by her face expression she wasn't happy with that "half job"

Lana did the logical thing, she laid herself on the tarmac, which was red and wet in a splatter pattern south of Bolt's squished torso. With an odd fascinated grin, she placed her head between Bolt's chest, while her own hands she placed between her legs, anticipating the next lorry.

Dorain flew back up a bit in order to watch with a knowing smile on her fact. The next truck came and zoomed by, leaving a dust cloud behind. With a deafening roar it passed her, and she had to cough and steady her flight from the strong wake wind. She blinked the dust away, trying to see where her fellow retrievers had ended up.

There was just a wet spot on the tarmac. Then another one, a few feet further, one revolution of a truck tire later. Then a third, weaker one beyond that. There were more, each weaker from the previous.

But there were no heads, no remains larger than a squished fly. A few tiny bits had been splattered around in the initial impact, she could see a finger. And one fairy wing.

This hadn't been the plan. But she could still work with it. All she had to make sure was that she had at least some bits of each of her companions, no matter how small.

After collecting everything that had been thrown to the side of the road and squeezing the gory bits - mixed with sand and dust from the road itself - into her sex, she hovered to the other side. There was half a fairy foot, still twitching. If she recognized it right, it was Lara's. The wet thing went in easily.

She spotted one more unidentifiable red piece of gore, when a sound made her look up.

It was just in time to see the speeding truck loom over her, growing in size like an avalanche. For a split second she felt an odd mixture of excitement, anticipation and fear. Then - the impact. Like a fly smacked with a swatter, she felt herself - the only term that could describe it was "liquify" - in mid air.

The bonds in her body, between bones, muscle, sinews and skin, were no match for the sudden brute force. The impact was much quicker than her body could accept the momentum, even though she was hovering in mid air, nothing pushing her against the truck than her body's own tiny inertia.

The front bumper of the truck went through her like a blade slicing an apple. But unlike a thin edged blade, this bumper was larger than she was, and went through her in every place at once. It connected with her skin, then took that skin and pushed it all the way through her until it broke through the skin on her back like shrapnel, followed suit by everything else that had been in her.

Like a droplet of water splashing on a rock plate and squished in all directions. Her eyes were pushed through her skull and broke free on the back of her head, where they exploded.

Some of her liquefied remains splattered across the trucks' radiator grill in a star shaped splatter pattern. Another good part of her was instantly smashed against the road's tarmac in a comet shaped reddish paint streak.

Smaller droplets and bits became airborne and swirled after the truck in a faint red mist that slowly settled down in her aftermath.

The truck driver grumbled at the exceptionally big bug that had hit him and turned on the window wipers.

Dorain didn't know how she could even still think after that. She had not just been blown apart in one single orgasmic explosion, she had also been knocked unconscious for noone knew how long. But once she came to at least could think again - or at least dream. She had some sort of awareness.

She couldn't feel a thing of her body though, as dispersed as it had become. But still, she knew one thing for certain. If anyone ever managed to restore her, she definitely HAD to try that again.


Love the armband idea. If Fey keeps up this level of stretching, it won't be long before Alex can use her as a pair of panties: one leg through each fallopian tube, her body serving as the waistband.

I don't have a clue what you're planning with the Trojan Horse, but I'm eager to find out.


Thanks for the comments and suggestions (especially Blackraven2 for that little short-it's not what will happen but that lot getting hit by a truck seems pretty in character. They mean well, but...)

Sidenote: Me and BR2 have been posting a lot of Ultra-Short stories recently. It's fun, and I highly recommend trying it. If there's anything there people here like let me know-could maybe even expand on them, or just incorporate them into my other stories.



Since I prefer long-form content I had pretty much ignored that thread, so thanks for the notification. Still, it's a fun enough diversion, so I figured I'd take a stab at it as well, using one of the prompts from my unused ideas list. I'll try and see if I can post a few more in the next couple days.


Thank for this new chapter.
I agree with JestInPieces that her fallopian tube deserve a bit of attention. Yet this might require a magnifying glass and tweezers… I also have a super plan for Fey to hide from the Retrievers: she use here new stretchiness to blow herself with air until she reach the size of a human. This is flawless, the Retrievers wont think to look for someone of this size! A perfectly safe and well thought plan perfectly fitting or fairy. So first step, removing all the bones to let the air flow…


It had started to rain. Great, thought Alex, clutching her cherished bag of Chinese food up to her chest, trying desperately to keep her order of General Tso’s warm. Fey had told her this was a bad idea, although his reasoning had been less to do with weather and more to do with the Retrievers. But Alex was just in one of those moods, where cravings were to be met at any cost. It wasn’t her fault that her favourite place didn’t do deliveries-she found that charmingly non-mainstream rather than annoying. And besides…

She squirmed a little as she walked. She had still not….fixed herself, down there. She could feel the sensitive flesh rubbing against her clothes as she walked, with the merest hint of a bulge pressing out from within her tight jeans. Alex had considered wearing a skirt, but drawing attention to herself was probably a bad idea considering what she was hiding at home-not to mention the tiny warriors that were out to get her. But she had to admit that there was a thrill in walking down the streets when every step made her cheeks flush as she felt that strange, alien, wonderful feeling against her inner thighs. She had only passed a few people tonight, and she made sure to look each passer-by right in the eyes, smile on her face, as she went about her business.
It was about 3 minutes to her place when she heard a voice.


She turned, trying to repress a smile. It was faint, but she was alert to the pleading tone. In fact she had been waiting for something like this since she went out. The voice had been soft and feminine. Alex stayed still for a moment, wanting to get out of the rain, to get back to her boyfriend and her friend/sextoy, wanting to eat the aromatic feast in her bag, but wanting something else, too. Impulses and cravings had taken hold.

It came again. Stronger this time. She peaked down a nearby alley. Behind one of the dumpsters was an almost undetectable glow.

“Help me…” pleaded the unseen source of the voice. Alex slowly advanced down the alleyway. She had a feeling what was waiting for her at the bottom.
She was right.

“Hey guys!” she said cheerfully, as two of the retrievers looked up at her, half-crouched with their weapons out. “Nice trap you got here!”
Her two would-be ambushers stared up. She recognised the one from before, who had calmly explained why they where here before being shut out of the apartment by a window. The other one was taller, and was staring daggers at her.

“Stupid human, we had a good mood going here! Play along!” shouted the tall fairy. Alex laughed.

“Oh man, you guys are just adorable.” She said, with complete sincerity. “I love you all to bits. Well, I will…” she added. Indeed, she had been thinking about this earlier. After all, why settle for one toy when you could have two? Or three? She could do all sorts of things then.She imagined herself with two fleshy bracelets on each arm with a struggling necklace around her neck, arms struggling desperately.

“You seem calm” said the blonde archer fairy, bring her back to reality.

“As do you.” Replied Alex, keeping herself relaxed and casual as her free hand slipping surreptitiously into her jacket pocket.

“I am always calm.”

“I’m not! Human, your reckoning is upon you!” cried the warrior fairy, waving her sword in front of her face.

“No, please, don’t. Oh no.” deadpanned Alex. Her fingers grasped the can of mace hidden inside as she kept her cool face on, calculating the best time to strike. A thought occurred to her.

“Hey,aren’t there three of you?” she asked. She regretted asking it even before she heard the gleefully smug voice in her ear.


Then she felt something strange. Something very strange indeed, actually. Even as her hand fumbled its way out of her pocket, she felt what seemed like warm snow melting in her ear canal. As her hand smacked off her ear, which was now empty again, the feeling continued deep into her head. She was going to stick a finger inside to investigate-ridiculous, but what could she do?-she suddenly found that doing that was incredibly difficult. In fact, doing anything at all was proving to be increasingly challenging. Moving was hard. Speaking was hard, with only a few weak mumbles of protest forming on her lips before they died out. Even good think words yes was bad no now….

Alex slumped her head forward, still standing, and closed her eyes for a brief second. When she opened them again, she looked around slowly, flexing her hand and knees. Eventually, she spoke.

“It worked.”

“Of course.” Said Darmain, crossing her arms. “I never doubted you, Bolt.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s pretty cool.” Admitted Lana, nodding. “Man, how does this even work, anyway? Are you in her brain? Cause I’m pretty sure she should be dead if you were.”

“Well…look, here’s the simple version. I’m physically right in among all that grey matter, but I’m mentally controlling the entire brain and linking it with my own consciousness. So I can both see and feel things from the hosts perspective. Think of it as riding a horse, or a dragonfly, but you’re riding it with your mind as well as your boy”

“I…I totally understand. Yup.” Said Lana, nodding knowingly and stroking her chin. “Like riding a horse, only its not a horse, it’s a human brain.”
“Exactly. And as long as I’m generating fairy magic in here, she won’t die, because right now, via Candybeards 3rd Law of Transitive Magical Exchange-in conjunction with the a priori rules re: non-mythical ontological mysticism-“

Bolt slowed down as she realised that her audience was not a classroom of magical students. Lana picked her nose absent mindedly. The “human” sighed.

“She’ll be fine as long as I’m in her head.”

“Oh, cool. So how come you’ve never tried it until now?”

“Possessing humans is hard. And we’re a covert group in this world. Most of the time we don’t ever have to alert humans, so it’s unnecessary.” Said Alex, although in a manner and accent that would seem most unfamiliar to those who knew it. She took a few experimental steps, then froze up.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lana.

“I…feel very strange…uh…” stammered Alex/Bolt. She slipped a hand down her jeans, then immediately recalled it, screwing her face up.

“Oh no, Human woman are so gross! I totally forgot about that. Can I fix this quickly?”

“We would give ourselves away. Leave it as it is.” Said Darmian.

“Leave what? Fix what? What are you guys talking about?” asked Lana, cocking her head.

“Its…she…oh nevermind. Everybody, get in here!” she spluttered. “Before someone sees us!”

“Indeed. I will enter via her vagina.” Said Darmain.”

“Um, that might be a bit tricky-“

“I am aware. Nevertheless it is the obvious strategic entrance. He will be…vulnerable there.”

The other two conspirators shuddered at their companions cold logic. At times, Darmain was scary with her way of thinking. Nodding in understanding, the controlled human ducked behind the dumpster. There was a zipping sound, followed by some wet squelching and a few moans.
“Lana, get in!”

“Ew, no way! That’s grody as heck. And dumb. And bad. I’m going in through the OBVIOUS way.”

“And where’s that?”

“The mouth, stupid! Go in, say high, and BOOM! Lana in the face. Here I go!”

“But, what if your in my-“

There was a chocking, spluttering sort of sound, followed by a long, almost cartoonishly pronounced swallowing sound. After a while, “Alex” appeared from the alleyway, holding a bag of Chinese food, looked down the street once or twice, and then gingerly set off down the road.


Tim was in two minds as he sat on his chair, flicking through tv stations without really watching anything, just listening to the static and the noise out of the corner of his ears, so to speak. On the one hand, he was anxious about Alex. He had wanted everyone to stay together. They were essentially under siege, and his queen had rode out to meet the hordes. Well, to get Chinese food. But nevertheless he had specifically warned against it, only to find a post it note stuck to the fridge reading: “YOU’LL THANK ME LATER”, with a drawing of a steaming hot noodle box underneath it. He hadn’t even heard her shut the door.

But as testy as he was feeling, the edge was just starting to be taken off somewhat by the incredible blowjob he was currently getting. Fey had offered to give him one as they waited, perhaps sensing that Tim was annoyed or worried, and jumping to the task of relieving him of his burden. He had accepted it, at first somewhat reluctantly-he wasn’t sure if he was in the mood. Besides, was coming a lot recently, and it was beginning to hurt a bit. And given her size, a blowjob sounded more like Tim doing all the work with the fairy as a sentient onahole. But Fey had told him to relax, and to trust her on this, and so he had-the tv had been turned on, and he had sat back in his somewhat worn out chair as Fey got to work. He let the anxiety brood a little before he got into it, and now he found himself growing fully erect once more under Fey’s ministrations.

“How did I ever get by using just my right hand…” Tim muttered to himself. He moaned as he felt her lips wrap around the base of his cock, six inches of tight, warm throat contracting around his member. He reflected on this for a moment, doing the math in his head, brow furrowed. Then he looked down.
Fey’s head was indeed where he thought it would be, nose deep in his pubes, eyes closed, mouth stretched around the base of his girth. But her body was still standing on the chair between his legs, with one hand nestled between her thighs to deal with her pussy, which still hung open from all of the abuse it had taken recently. Her neck now engulfed the entirety of Tim’s cock, taking on its exact size and shape, the head bulging out right where her neck met her shoulders. It looked utterly bizarre.

“Fey, do you just ignore anatomy entirely now?” asked Tim, who had reached his weirdness threshold a long time ago, and now simply accepted that Fey could do this without really caring how. The fairy was, as usual, unable to communicate due to being filled up with something, in this case cock, so she simply opened her eyes and gave her human a cheeky wink before she continued her throaty massage of Tim’s dick.

“Hey Fey, move around a little more.” He asked. Fey’s body started to strafe around the sofa as her head stayed firmly at the root of his member. With more prompting she bent over, and with two hands grabbed at her stretchy labia and spread her pussy wide. Letting her lips fall by her legs, she then walked over to the stuffed neck and started to massage it with her hands, which almost sent the watching human over the edge.

But Tim’s curiosity outweighed his need to cum, presently. He sharply withdrew from her,all at once. Fey’s head bounced on the fabric of the chair as her neck lost the shape of his penis and deflated, apparently unable to hold the weight of her head up.

“Hey, what gives?” asked Fey.

“Well, you look so…weird. I needed to see you without my cock in your throat.”

“Well…here I am.” She said, bowing her body.

“How does it feel?”

“It’s kind of like being decapitated.”

“I wouldn’t exactly know.” Said Tim.

“Well, I don’t know how to explain it then!” huffed Fey. Her body walked over to her head, her body staring up at her holes. “Wow…I’m never going to be tight again, am I?”

“Does that upset you?” asked Tim, as Fey picked her head up and brought it up close to her pussy, turning herself so she could examine her gaped cunt.
“I don’t know yet. You’re a fun guy though, Timmy. You’ll make it worthwhile.” There was a pause as she stared deep into herself-she could see her cervix, which was also gaped slightly. She didn’t even need prompting to start pushing her head up herself. It was easy, actually. Tim just watched as her head was pushed into her own womb, her neck trailing down her front between her breasts and disappearing between her lower lips. He lent a finger to the delicate operation as he seen her arms struggle. Soon a bulge was visible in her stomach.

“That’s a good look for you.” Said Tim, as Fey staggered around, arms outstretched. He was pondering what to do with her next when he heard a knocking on the door. He tensed up.

“Who is it?” he half-shouted.

“It’s me.” Came Alex’s voice.



Sorry for the wait, been a busy month!

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NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Another cliff hanger. What have we readers ever done to deserve such cruelty?! lol. LOVED the chapter. I actually had to stop and let my heartbeat calm down when it got to the brainfuck scene. The only other time I had to do that was when I read your story the Interview and one of your characters attached wires to a woman's brain and controlled her.

Now, as usual, I have a host of ideas. In one, you could have Tim realize Alex is being controlled somehow, such as seeing her heal rapidly from what would have resulted in severe injuries, but treating it as normal to prevent giving away that he knows to the fairies, who don't know that humans can't regenerate like fairies can. Tim could then take advantage of the situation in the most perverse ways possible in order to remove the fairies from Alex's bodies. He could, perhaps, tell Alex that it was time for him to clean her organs(or something similar), and the fairies not knowing any better, go along with it. He could then pull Alex's womb out through her navel with the fairies hiding there not making any noise so as not to get caught. Any wounds could then heal because of fairy magic when he was done. He could then go on and remove her brain by slowly cutting open her skull. The fairies, in there arrogance, wouldn't think much of it as their ally is in a liquid state, and thus wouldn't be recognized. Tim could put Alex's skull cap back on, so it would heal. Tim could then secretly convene with Fey to figure out how to restore Alex's mind. Fey could then tell Tim that the mind control spell that the fairies used makes the users mind weak to control also. So, with Fey's help, Tim could discretely take over the mind of the fairy controlling Alex and give control back to Alex. You could then continue with Alex retaining the ability to heal, some how.

Another idea is for Alex to LET the fairy to control her body to get all of them to come back to Tim's house so they could deal with them. They could get back to the house where Alex could take back control abruptly and grab her prolapsed cervix and seal the fairies inside. The one inside her head could try to escape, but only her body would escape as her mind is still trapped within Alex's mind, effectively leaving the fairies body brain dead, except she can still feel what happens to her body. The fairies in her womb could try and escape, but fail because they don't have their weapons. One of them could spot Alex's fallopian tubes and think it's an exit. Alex coudl feel this and tell them to stop. This, of course, only encourages them. They could reach her ovaries and see her tiny egg cells. One of them could come up with the idea of bartering for their freedom by taking Alex's eggs. They all could agree to this, but not know where to store the eggs.(I think you know where I'm going with this ;) ) One of the fairies could suggest they store the eggs in themselves, leading to them stealing Alex's eggs and forcing them into their own ovaries.

Can't wait for your next update. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get out.


Loved the bit where Fey shoved her head up her own womb.

Quick little suggestion: constricted in Alex's esophagus, Lana can't use her wings to maintain her position and finds herself sliding down the slippery walls towards Alex's stomach, where she suffers some damage from the stomach acid. Since climbing back out seems unlikely, she decides to let gravity aid her and dives into the lower exit, making her way all the way through Alex's digestive tract.


Thank for your work!
Not thank for the cliff-hanger just after a month long pause :-P. You are actually a sadist aren't you?

That was awesome as usual.
To push a bit the idea of JIP, Lana could be half digested by Alex but not realize it as she is constantly annoyed by the reflex muscular contraction of Alex digestive track. At the moment of the assault on Tim, she would fly out of Alex mouth. But missing her lower body, a part of here intestine would remain stuck in Alex throat. The bowels would uncoil as much a they can but finally reach their maximum length, brutally stopping the fairy mid air. And that would be the moment she realize that something is missing…

Also, I don't know if you have planned something for the end put that could be fun to have everyone (humans and faeries) tearing each other apart and finally being forced to make find an arrangement: human needing the magic of Bolt to restore some important on their bodies and fairies needing the hand clapping things. Sure they could go to any other human for this but that would be even more unwanted advertising for the fairy kind.


Tim prodded his chicken with a tentative fork, and eyed his girlfriend with suspicion. Something had happened. Ever since she had come back from that seedy Chinese place she loved so much, Alex had acted like she had just had about 5 concussions, all careful movements and stilted, cautious speech. She sat across from him, smiling like a Stepford Wife, food untouched. Occasionally her eyes drifted across the table to Fey, who was walking unsteadily around the table. Her head still wedged up inside herself, her neck stretching from the top of her torso all the way do between her legs, with a large bulge visible in her abdomen. Tim would have toyed with her some more if he wasn’t keeping an eye on Alex.

“Aren’t you going to eat your food?” he asked. Her eyes darted down, studying the Chinese chicken.

“I’m not hungry.” She said, still smiling manically.

“Yes you are. It’s why you went out. To get food.”

“Ah, yes. I did.” She said, and her eye twitched as she spoke. “I forgot.”

Sweat formed on her brow. She squirmed uncomfortably in her seat, which to be fair was probably because of her prolapse. Tim stared at her.
“Well?” he said, raising his own fork. Slowly, the dark-haired woman forked up a tiny amount of food and slowly pushed it into her mouth, swallowing it immediately. As she did so, her eyes lit up, and she somehow smiled even wider.

“Wow! I mean, uh-“she stammered, looking at Tim, before composing herself. “What a normal meal. How average! I will just…have more of this now…”
She started to shovel her dinner in with more enthusiasm now. Tim watched her, silently eating his own dinner. As she ate, Tim swore that he could hear…something. It almost sounded like a tiny, familiar voice. It was like Alex was a ventriloquist or something-it seemed to come from her throat. But it soon stopped as she ate more and more, pausing occasionally to take big, dramatic sips from her drink. It wasn’t long before she had finished her meal.
“Not hungry, eh?” he asked, causing her to blush.

“Uh…yes?” she offered.

Tim was about to press her some more when he heard a wet slurping sound. Looking down, he saw that Fey had partially succeeded from freeing her head from her womb. He said partially because, while her head was now outside of her body, so was her uterus, hanging between her legs. He shook his head
“Excuse me a moment.”

As he helped to free Fey’s head from her own body, he kept Alex’s face in his peripheral vision, glancing at her on occasion to notice her intense stare as he worked.

“I remember when ladies kept these on the inside…” he muttered to himself. It was dexterous work trying to free the head. Eventually he just held her body with one hand and pulled hard with the other. There was a tearing sound as her womb was pulled completely free of her body, still wrapped around her head like a fleshy mask. He pinched the end and pulled, and it eventually slipped off, revealing Fey’s glassy eyed, extremely wet face.

“Uh…well, I got you out at least.” He said, holding her rather worn –out organ in between his fingers. She was still out of it, so he turned to Alex, who was staring wide eyed.


He tossed the fairy womb at her. It slapped against her face and landed on her plate. Alex stared at it, then at Fey, who was starting to come to, her body getting to its feet and reeling in her neck like a fishing line. Suddenly, she speared the womb with her fork and shovelled it into her mouth, chewing it up and swallowing, before moaning with satisfaction.

“Delicious! Meat is delicious!” she said to the room at large.

“Uh…yeah, I guess?” said Tim. “I usually cook it first-“

“I think it would…extremely good…if I ate Fey.” Said Alex.

“Ate her? But you just had dinner. And you said you weren’t hungry.”

“And you said I was. And I am. Hungry for meat. Besides, I know you like stuff like this, right?” she said. Tim couldn’t deny that. And he had thought about this sort of thing. He wondered what would happen when he did the magic clap and restored Fey after she had been eaten. Depends on the timing, he guessed.

“I suppose…yeah, we could eat her.” He conceded.

“No, just me!” interjected Alex. “You can eat her later. Just put her in my mouth.”

“Don’t be greedy.”

Alex stood up, and she put on…what was probably supposed to be a sultry face. But it was different from normal. When Alex wanted to be sexy she was one of life’s naturals. There was no visible thought of effort in it; it was all in how she carried herself, how she looked you in the eye, how her body’s curves and bumps all aligned themselves in a way that made her so maddeningly desirable at times. Now, she was shifting her eyebrows around like they were sentient, and wiggling her hips back and forth like she had an invisible hula-hoop.

“I’ll make it up to you…” she whispered loudly. “By touching your penis.”

“I see.” Said Tim.

“With my vagina.”


She walked up to him, hands pulling her jeans down, revealing her prolapsed pussy, swaying as she walked. The effect was ruined somewhat as she tripped over her jeans right in front of him, sending her to the floor right onto her back, limbs flailing everywhere. As she went, Tim bent over somewhat and reached a hand out instinctively to grab her, and as luck would have it, he ended up with a handful of uterus. He couldn’t help but squeeze it tightly as she fell. He felt something crunch as he did so, and Alex yelped loudly. Tim knelt over her, putting things together in his head, hand giving her a few extra squeezes to confirm his theory, feeling solid, twig-like objects crinkle and snap inside the pink tube.

“Please…stop that…” moaned Alex, head shaking from side to side. He looked over at Fey, who had been very quiet since emerging from her own womb. He nodded a head towards Alex, then looked at Fey quizzically. She had coiled her stretched out neck on and around her shoulders like a snake, although she still had to hold her head with one hand to stop it falling off. She mouthed a few words at him, silently:

“I. Sense. Them.”

He nodded sternly, before eventually relinquishing his grip. Alex lay on the floor moaning, juices dribbling out of her outside-in pussy. She looked up at Tim woozily.

“Ohh…so weird…” she muttered.

Tim said nothing, merely offering a hand to help her up. When she was back on her feet she laid a hand on his shoulder to support herself.

“Um…so…right.” Said Alex, shaking her head. “As I was saying: I should eat our fairy prisoner right away.” She rubbed her stomach as she spoke, wincing a little. Odd, thought Tim.

“Well, about that…” said Tim. “You’ve been acting a little weird since you got back.”

“What? No I haven’t.”

“You totally have.” Insisted Tim. Alex wrung her hair with her hands before wincing again, clutching her stomach.

“Urgh…you’re upsetting my stomach with your nonsense, stupid hum-er, Tim. Just let me have her already!” groaned Alex. She turned away, towards the table, and started talking to herself, shaking her head.

“What the heck is this feeling-oh god, is that…stop, you idiot!”

Alex started to visibly panic, and Tim grabbed her shoulders.

“What have you done with Alex?” he demanded, torn between anger, confusion and genuine fear over what was happening . “You’re controlling her or something, aren’t you? Answer me! What’s happening?!”

He shook her shoulders, but Alex didn’t answer. Instead her eyes widened as she looked down, before straightening up and lifting her shirt to just beneath her breasts, exposing her belly. There was a tiny sword sticking through it. Everyone in the room watched in horror as the blade retreated inside herself again. Then it tore a small hole just above her belly button. Then another. Tim retreated and looked on, mouth agape, as a wound roughly 6 to 8 inches in diameter was cut into his girlfriend’s abdomen, seemingly from the inside. A small voice started to be heard. One that he had heard earlier.

A small figure burst out of the cut, dragging a few coils of intestine out with her as she landed on the table, rolling on her back for a while before coming to a stop. Tim ignored it as he stared at Alex, who was standing with entrails hanging out of her belly, looking like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Er…Oh..oh! I’m so surprised! There was a…fairy…inside me?” she said, losing belief almost immediately before coming to a stop, and sighing.

“Alright, fine, yes we hijacked her body. It’s a fair cop. You caught us!” she said, throwing her hands up sarcastically. She paused as she caught the shocked look on his face, and the stares from both him and Fey. “Oh, this.” She said, holding up some loose intestine. “Don't look so alarmed, we can fix this. We’re not…I wouldn’t let her die needlessly. We’re not the baddies here, ok?! “

“You just gutted her!!” shouted Tim. “You disembowelled my girlfriend!”

“No I didn’t! LANA disembowelled your girlfriend!” replied “Alex”, indignant. “Because she is INCREDIBLY DUMB, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.”
“Please don’t shout. Head hurts…” replied Lana. She didn’t look very well. The Retreiver’s lower body was basically skeletal up to the hips, with flesh missing from her back and arms as well. Her hair was mostly gone, with patches of bare skull visible on her scalp. One of her eyes was gone, and some sort of bubbly liquid was leaking out. It looked like she had some gutting issues of her own too, with her abdomen wall eaten away by what was presumably stomach acid. She looked very tired.

“Got trapped in the stomach…had no choice but to hack my way out…why were you eating?”

“Because some of us are trying to be stealthy, you dolt.” The possessed human shook her head. “Ok, Darmain, come on out, we’re busted.”

“Oh, is that who was there? I was wondering” said Tim, who was significantly calmer now that it seemed that Alex wasn’t in immediate, life-threatening danger. “Alex” turned her head, shooting him a confused look.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Well when you fell over, I accidentally grabbed your uh…” Tim pointed between her legs. “Alex” stared, before comprehension dawned. She reached a hand down, before shivering at the contact.

“Oh, that’s still so weird…” she mumbled.

“And that isn’t?” replied Tim, gesturing at her guts.

“That’s an occupational hazard. This is just perverted.” She replied, as she inserted two fingers inside her cervix. She poked around for a couple of seconds, before pinching something and dragging it out. That “something” turned out to be a leg that was just about still attached to the rest of Darmain. The blond , elf-like fairy had been squished like a bug, her limbs twisted and broken, hanging loosely at her side. Every joint, from her limbs to her head and waist, seemed to be twisted in the wrong direction. The archer’s eyes dangled by optic nerves, with some of her own guts having been pushed up her throat and out of her mouth. She hung dangling in “Alex’s” arms by the leg.

“You still with us?” asked the possessed human.


“Good lass. Rest here for a bit.”

Darmain was unceremoniously dumped on top of Lana, who grunted but didn’t move, having apparently spent all of her energy escaping from the depths of Alex’s digestive system. That left just one fairy unaccounted for…

“So where’s the third? What was her name again? Bolt?” asked Tim.

“That’s right. She must be in her head, controlling the brain.” Said Fey.

“Oh, you’ve seen this before?”

“No, it’s just what makes sense to me.”

“Oh. Ok.”

“She’s right.” Said “Alex”, or Bolt, as Tim now knew, tapping on her forehead with her knuckles. “I’m right here. And it’s my magic keeping her alive. If you cut her open and take me out, what do you think will happen?”

“I swear, if she dies-“

“She doesn’t have to die. I can get out without harming her. If I want to…”

“Let me guess. You want Fey.”

“Precisely.” Smirked Bolt, sensing that she was now in control of the conversation. “The choice is yours, human. Give her up, or your girlfriend dies.”

“…what happened to you not being the bad guy? Cause this is pretty messed up.”

“D-Don’t moralise to me, human!” scowled the Retriever. “Make your choice!”

Tim thought hard, not used to being the one without any power. He eyed the two downed Retrievers on the table, but Bolt saw his eyes moves and merely laughed.

“It doesn’t matter if you have one hostage or three. The choice is still the same.”

“Well…well, if you don’t give up, then I’ll...I’ll, um…”

“Tim, it’s ok.” Said Fey. “I’ll go. Don’t put Alex’s life in danger.” She walked to the edge of the table, still holding her shakily-perched head with one hand as she looked up at the humans. “Take me home.”

“Fey, I promised you-“

“No, really, it’s ok.” Said Fey, cutting him off. “Just…believe.” She winked at him, subtly. Tim thought about Fey, about the things he had done to her, and how despite everything, she had come to trust him completely. Now , powerless and desperate, he knew that he had to trust her. And in his heart of hearts, he knew that he did.

“…ok. For Alex’s sake.” He said. He turned to Bolt. “She’s yours.”

“You’ve made the right choice. I can see that Fey is not completely without affection to you, for some reason.” Said the retriever, as Fey fiddled with her coiled neck, seemingly oblivious to the gaping hole where her reproductive system used to be. “And therefore we will not pursue you further, and put this all behind us. You’ll never see her, or indeed any fairy, again, and Fey will be suspended for her lack of judgement.”

She scooped Fey up and brought her to her mouth.

“W-wait, just put me in a pocket or something! I saw what happened with Lana!” pleaded Fey. Bolt looked down at the partially digested Lana before nodding.

“Ah, pockets. Of course. We probably should have went with that plan, actually…” she muttered, picking up the discarded jeans and putting them on, before promptly shoving all three fairies into her pockets-Fey in her left, and the other two squeezed messily in her right, with Bolt grimacing as she forced the out of place bones and guts down and out of sight.

“Hey, I thought you were going to release Alex! And fix her up!” said Tim.

“In due time, after the mission is complete” replied Bolt. “Don’t worry, I am a fairy of my word. She will be as good as new before I leave.”
“She better be.” Growled Tim.

Shrugging, Bolt tucked her entrails back inside as best she could before putting her shirt back on. She walked to the door, before turning and regarding her opponent.

“Goodbye, Human. We will not meet again. May you one day find the happiness in life that has clearly eluded you thus far.”

She opened the door before pausing.

“Oh, and don’t follow us. Otherwise the deal is void."

Then she was gone, leaving Tim alone in the apartment of his possessed girlfriend.


Looks like our heroes are in quite the pickle! How are they going to get out of this one?


Damn. The end of another chapter has come. Do you have any idea when you'll post the conclusion. Also, is there a pdf of "How Many Apples" like there is for your other stories?


Thank you for this new chapter. Conclusion is nearing it seem. I'm curious about this "She will be as good as new before I leave"… This story is absolutely awesome.
Also have you any writing plans at the moment?

I've myself thought about a little something that could amuse you.
One night of this year, a big flash tore the dark sky, followed by the roar of a large space object traversing the atmosphere. Before the first lights of dawn, the site where the object crashed was swarmed by military and scientists. Even if not that much people had looked at the object itself all the media in the made the same guess: an alien craft have fallen on Earth.
And they were right. It was indeed alien but it also mostly destroyed. From the wreak, the scientist were able to only study the materials composing it but almost all the technologies were destroyed.
Only one alien artifact was found still undamaged. The thing was looking like a huge mushroom with a small foot. Its head was covered with a bicolour pattern of green and gray glowing splashes. After some experimentation, it was discovered that pressing on any green splashes initiate a replication procedure where the mushroom create a copy of itself using what it can found around. The operation take less than a second and the mushroom can use a wide range of materials.
The mushroom is also able to accomplish an other task. When you touch a gray splash, in a half blink of an eyes, the shroom cut open your skull and make an incredible modification to tour brain. It make it indestructible. Without killing you of course. Once the operation is done, the brain can be extracted safely extracted from the body without impairing the patient in any way. After the operation the brain seem able to sustain on whatever it find in the atmosphere provided that it have some source of light.

To avoid conflict with the rest of the world, the country where the craft landed chosen to send a copy of the artifact to each government of the world. After all, creating a new mushroom was just matter on pressing on the right color. In every one mind, the only usage of this thing was to save a VIP from a fatal situation. Like a bomb or a plane crash.
But thing changed rapidly, due to how easy it was to replicate the machine. Soon surgeon get there and on these and used them to perform hazardous operation. Then general started to use it on their elite commando and then on all their soldiers. After this thing escalate quickly as more and more famous people underwent the operation to definitely preserve themselves from life dangers but also form brain sickness like Alzheimer or Parkinson. And in less than a couple of year, in the majority of the country it would be impossible to take an insurance or a bank loan if you didn't have your brain made indestructible.

But things didn't stopped here. As people started to get used to their new condition, they realized that an indestructible object can be really practical in many situation. An African country surprised everyone by recommended to its citizen to from now only using their brain as a washing sponge to clean their body. Their scientist had discovered that the modified brain had self cleaning property guarantying it to be free of any germ. And being indestructible, you could reuse it indefinitely. Experience proved there were right as this policy drastic reduced the number of infection. And soon the whole world was imitating them, scrubbing hard their bodies with their soapy brain.

With this, an other barrier had fallen and peoples started to find more and more creative use for their brains. In addition of cleaning your body, dishes, window or cars, it was discovered that you brain make a really good cookware. To protect itself from overheating, the modified brain emitted instantly any unwanted heat it was reviving, making it a perfect heat conductor. It allowed you to cook thing faster than what you can do with any conventional pan. And it was self cleaning! The brain shape is nor the most practical to cook thing the rapidly, the cookware store started to sell molds that you could use to press your brain in various shape, depending on what you would like to cook. Indeed, the transformed brain remained squishy and you were able to imprint it an other shape provided that you pressed hard enough on it.
On the other side of the thermometer, there was also nice surprises: the brain would refuse to yield a single degree to any object colder than the optimal body temperature. So anything bellow than 37 °C encased a brain would indefinitely preserve it's coolness. Perfect to keep you beer cold during summer.

In fact it seem they weren't a single domain were those new indestructible brain find a large number of usage, and this resulted in a massive jump the quality of life on the human kind. But this progress come to a terrifying cost…

It was discovered far to late that the operation add also a strong psychological effect. After become operated, the people started to become more carefree, which resulted, from most of them to a level of inhibition at grass level. And some were suspecting the mushroom shaped artifact to modify there patient more than one way. The customs rapidly changed toward what we would call total debauchery in any other times as the humanity entered in the Brain Age...



No Idea. End is coming soon but not sure how many chapters it will take yet. PDF's for all of my shit can be found on my HF account page: (not the applebloom story though, which can't be posted there.)

Fun fact: While How Many Apples is by far the least popular story on there/in general, this story is by far my most popular work on HF. Probably because it has lots of large insertion stuff as well as guro.


Thanks! I've no idea what comes after this and the Overwatch story. Maybe expand on one of my 100 word stories. Maybe something from the prompt thread. Maybe something new entirely. Who knows? I'm a very impulsive writer.

I like the idea of a world where brain stuff is just commonplace. I've thought about a story along those lines. Maybe not with all the mushroom stuff-I'd probably just skip over explanations and get right into slice-of-life stuff. Like, how would society change if people just walked about with their brains on show? And by people I mean hot girls because this is porn, and I don't want to see Old Man Johnson's brain. I want those teenage girl brains as they wash the cum out of it, hoping their friends wont notice the new hole in it. Maybe I'll write something on it.

Incidentally, direct your attention to this thread:

Maybe you'll enjoy it. Good board, actually...


Argh! Images! Thank you for sharing anyway, the story is interesting.
But strangely brain play is one of those fetish I can only enjoy as plain text. Visual depiction is just horrifying for me...


In accordance to proper story narrative, it had started to rain.

From her position inside the left jean pocket, it was hard for Fey to determine exactly how far they had went before they stopped. She was sure that they were somewhere hidden though. Bolt wouldn’t want anyone to see them as they left for home. It usually involved a bit of a light show. Fairy magic was, if nothing else, very flashy.

Soon, Fey felt a hand suddenly retrieve her, and she was held up face to face with her “rescuer.” Well, kind of. Fey’s head was still attached to her ludicrously stretched neck, which meant it was currently by her feet, on its side, as she stood as normal.

“Have you still not fixed yourself yet?” asked Bolt. “You look ridiculous. It’s bad enough that you’re naked, especially with the…state of your…the state of you” she said, trailing off.

“I can’t heal myself on my own yet.” Said Fey, subconsciously crossing her legs in a vain attempt to hide her now permanently gaping holes. It was true-her magic had always been average at best. “And it’s not like the humans had any clothes in my size lying around…”

“Yeah, yeah. Hmm…it won’t look good if we bring you back like this though. Like, those two idiots getting all mashed up is expected. It’s almost a tradition, really.” Continued Bolt, giving her right pocket a few pats and producing a wet, squelching sound in the progress. “But we always bring back our targets safe and sound.”

“Well, why don’t you fix me before we go?” asked Fey, clasping her hands and standing on her tiptoes.

“I, uh, can’t really do my usual magic right now. I was going to ask you to send us home, actually, but….hmmm…”

Bolt trailed off, stroking her chin for a few seconds. Fey decided to nudge her along a little bit.

“Oooh, I’d feel so awful having to face everyone like this. The Retrievers just took too long-“

“Ok, fine, fine! I’ll fix you. Get in here.”

Bolt leaned her head down and showed Fey her ear. Fey stared at it.


“Get in. Come on, I’ll pull you through. Hang on…”

The human body suddenly went half-limp. Then a small hand reached out of the ear. Fey was a little taken aback, but still-her plan was working. She picked her head up, coiled her neck around herself, held onto her head with one hand and grabbed the hand with her other. She let Bolt do most of the pulling as she travelled inside the eardum, which was a little larger than she remembered human ears being. As she went she felt magic pulsate around her-strong magic. Bolt’s magic, no doubt, permeating the air so that Fey could practically taste it.

The two fairies emerged into a small chamber, the floor and walls red and somewhat sticky. This must be the inside of Alex's skull then. And if that was the case...Fey’s eyes were drawn immediately to the object in the centre.

“Is that-“

“Yup! It’s the brain.”

“But…it’s so tiny!”

Indeed, the brain was maybe the size of a fairy-sized bean bag chair, the optic nerves now stretched out to stay connected to the eyes. Parts of it were also glowing faintly. Bolt just laughed.

“Yeah, she’s a dumb one, isn’t she?”

“No way it’s this size normally.”

“Oh, ok then. Yeah, I shrunk it down a little. Not like she’s using all of it right now anyway. It’s just the motor parts I need really. And the optics.”

“How do you even see what’s going on in here?” asked Fey.

“Oh that’s easy. See how the brain’s glowing? I’ve linked it with my own. If I want to see what her eyes are seeing? Easy. Same with movement.”

“I…see…” said Fey, looking down at the shrunken organ. “So does every part do something different?”

“As in, every lobe? That’s about right, yes. But I didn’t bring you in here to teach you anatomy. Hold still please.”

There was a flash, and in an instant Fey found that she was back to normal. She creaked her neck a little, finding its short length a welcome change from her inconvenient former shape.

“Thanks, Bolt.”

“You’re very welcome. Now let’s just…get out of here so we can go home. I’m sick of humans.” Said Bolt, a tired look on her face all of a sudden.

“What happen to Alex?”

“Who? Oh, the human. I don’t know, to be honest.

“What?” said Fey.

“Well, I’ve never performed this spell on a creature of this size, or intelligence for that matter. I did it on a fox once-long story, don’t ask-and it seemed ok after it? But, you know, it’s harder to tell with animals. Also, the fox hadn’t been disemboweled.”

“So you’re saying she might die?”

“She shouldn’t die…I did mostly fix her intestines-“

“You just shoved them back inside!”

“I’m not a human doctor, ok? Look, let’s just go home and forget all of this…” pleaded Bolt. Even being so worked up over Alex, Fey still noticed how tired Bolt was acting. It must be the magic, she thought. She’s still linked to Alex’s brain…

“Sorry Bolt, but that’s not how this is going to go. You’re fixing my friend.” Said Fey firmly, taking a step towards the brain.

“Friend? She kidnapped you!”

“You keep saying that, but do you really believe it?”

“She…uurgh, I am super not in the mood for this…” muttered Bolt. Ice-blue magic began to form in her hands. “If I have to force you back home then I will.”

Fey made her move. She reached out a hand and gave a big squeeze to a nearby handful of lobes. Bolt seized up instantly, yelping in surprise and going stiff as a board, her magic dissipating in her hands.

“W-What are you d-doing!” she managed.

“You’re forcing my hand here, Bolt.” Replied Fey, almost apologetically. As long as you’re in here, your magic aura will keep anything too bad happening to either you or Alex, she thought to herself. She reached around and gave another few lobes a good, firm squeeze, and then another with her free hand. The chamber shook as she did so, which meant that Alex must be moving around on the outside. She must have looked a strange sight-Fey just hoped no one was watching.

Fey continued to prod and poke a the tiny brain, which had Bolt swaying back and forwards, mouthing random words and giving off the odd burst of magic. Deciding to go a bit further, Fey straddled the wrinkly organ and rubbed her nethers up and down it, smearing it with her own juices as they leaked down from her perma-gaped pussy. After just a few second of his Bolt gasped and shook as if she was being electrified, her twitching fingers automatically reaching down past her panties and into her own pussy.

“Aaah…what is this…feeling?” she moaned. Fey couldn’t believe that she had made THE Bolt, one of the most powerful fairies alive, behave so lewd, as the mage pawed at her cunt like a desperate dog. She had spent her time amongst the humans as a submissive toy, but she could now see how good it felt to be in charge for once. She doubted Tim would be up for being a sub though. She was sure she could work something out with someone though. Speaking of which…

“Now, here’s what we’re going to do, Bolt.” She said, firmly. “You’re going to stick out of that ear over there and cast the homeward spell. We’re going to explain just how naughty”-and she rubbed herself with extra vigour as she drew that word out-“you’ve all been. We’re going to find a fix for my good personal friend here. And then I’m going home. With Alex, to Tim. Understand?”

“Urr…Mmm…Yes…Just…don’t stop…”

“Good girl. Get to it then.”

Far away from where any human lived, Rasper the Fairy sighed happily as she lay on the grass, arms behind her head and a glass of lemon juice beside her. It was a lovely day in the park, as it had been all week-truly a blessed summer they were having. The fairies were all out enjoying the sun, playing games and eating tiny little sandwiches. The local choir was assembled, and a small crowd merrily sang along and cheered them as they ran.

Rasper was a young, fresh faced young thing, and was soon to embark on her first proper mission to the human world. Apparently some poor young boy was lonely after moving town. She couldn’t wait to cheer the little thing up-oh what games she had planned! And songs, and stories, and dances…she shivered with anticipation. You weren’t a fully grown fairy until you came back from that first mission, she had always heard. And the human world sounded so exciting, too! She couldn’t wait to meet one in person!

Rasper closed her eyes, smiling broadly. If you were feeling uncharitable, then it would be easy to blame this for what happened to her in the next minute or so. The truth is that there wasn’t much she, or any of the other fairies scattered around her, could have done, really. Oh, some of them knew that the famous Retrievers were due back anytime now. But they wouldn’t just appear randomly in the middle of the park-Bolt was far too skilled to be so sloppy with her magic. And none of them could have possibly predicted that they would be carried home in the body of a human.

Rasper really only had a few split second clues to react towards. The brief and sudden chill as the sun was blotted out, and the screams as the more fortunate fairies seen the human woman suddenly appear about 10 feet of the ground and plummet straight on top of everyone. If she had been prepared, maybe Rasper would not have ended up being crushed flat as a pancake by Alex’s ass.

But she wasn’t. And now she was wondering why she couldn’t move, and why it was so dark, and what that smell was, and what on earth all this racket was about.

As this was happening, one of the those fairies lucky enough to avoid being smashed like a bug, Bee, stood by the human’s head in shock. She had just came back with a new tray of fairy cakes, which she had promptly dropped-looked on, trying to comprehend what was happening. The human lay, unmoving, on her back. Bee thought that perhaps she was dead, and was starting to come up with possible explanations as to how a dead human have travelled all the way from Earth, when suddenly, something emerged from the human’s ear. It was a fairy.

She gingerly extracted herself from the ear before climbing down, looking around at the various organs and bodyparts that had went flying upon impact and grimacing, as if she had just arrived at a party and found someone wearing the same outfit. Speaking of outfits, Bee noticed that this strange fairy was completely naked, and that her ladyparts looked awfuly strange, as if they belonged to a much bigger fairy. Bee was staring so hard at the strangers stretched out holes that she was rather taken aback when she heard the newcomer speak.

“Hey there, buddy! I’m back!” she said, sounding rather strained. “Be a dear and, uh, get the healers over here, could you?”

“I uh…I think they’re coming anyway. On account of…” Bee waved a hand behind the naked fairy, who turned around to look.

“Oh. Yeah, sorry about that. Bolt’s not feeling herself.”

“Bolt?” asked Bee, suddenly perking up. “As in…the Retriever?”

“Yup! They’re all here! Her, Darmain, and…oh look, and there’s Lana! Hi Lana, we’re back!”

Bee looked around excitedly for a sign of the legendary Lana. There, crawling towards them, was what appeared to be a zombie. Her legs were mostly bone, and her skull and ribs were clearly exposed as a trail of entrails dragged behind her. The pathetic figure looked up at the mention of her name, gave a very tired looking wave, and then continued dragging herself forward.

“I have to say, I respect her determination.” Said the fairy. “Now, do you know where the Elder is? I kinda of have a few things to tell him.”

“You don’t say?”


Almost done! Next chapter will probably wrap things up.


Yay new chapter, thank!

Now what about Alex fate? It would be fun to have here brought back but infested with fairies. First it much cuter than worms, then she could let it happen for profit.
Like she take a bunch of fairies in here body and brings then for one weeks tour in human world. A sort of cruse but in her body instead of the usual big boat. That would allow the fairies to safely discover the humans and their customs, see monument, discover new foods from what end in Axel stomach.
Tim could also be put at contribution to organize some activities, like “Initiation to Human sex” or “The Joys of the Blender”.
Hmm… I think that me who need holidays.


Nice chapter, though, not much happened.


oh boo i was hoping for some fairy belly inflation bursting


FINISH IT! pleeeeeeease


It was close to midnight back on earth. The night was cool and quiet, or as quiet as a reasonable large urban centre could be. The midnight hour was a time where most people, tired and content, take to their beds and drift off into sleep, dreaming their shapeless dreams and letting go of their worries for just a little while. Well, except for the people working night shift, they didn’t get to sleep. Or the insomniacs, try as the might. Or the night-owls who think that staying up until 3am watching anime and eating Doritos was healthy human behaviour. Obviously the horny young couples of the world would be staying up too.

And of course there were the people like Tim, who were so stressed out of their mind that sleeping was basically impossible.
It had been the worst few hours of Tim’s life. It had felt like aeons. He had circled his apartment in restless paces, his hands constantly moving over his hair, the walls, over themselves. He had wanted to scream, to hurl his foul language into the heavens, only to compose himself, and then repeated the cycle endlessly. He didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t know how to deal with that. He couldn’t leave because it would put Fey and Alex in danger. He couldn’t stay because it was driving him crazy doing so. For the first time since his little Fey had came into his life, he was completely powerless, and it was tearing him apart.

Every now and then, Tim would go over to his bedside window and stare into the sky. It was how all of this began, after all. With a hopeful look at the stars, and an even more hopeful wish. He had been half-serious back then. Now he was wishing right from the heart. Wishing that Alex and Fey were ok. Wishing they could come back to him. Wishing for the Retrievers to get fucked by angry hedgehogs. Wishing for everything to just work out, somehow.
It was all he could do.


“Will she be ok?” asked Fey.

The Elder Fairy thought about his answer.

“Essentially.” He said, eventually. He was an old fairy, which was a very old thing to be, and he looked it, with thick silver hair and sunken blue eyes, which nevertheless still gleamed with an intelligence that was rare for his kind. He was so old that his real name had long been forgotten-he had just been The Elder Fairy for as long as most living fairies could remember, and so that was what everyone called him. It suited the Elder fine. It gave him a certain gravitas and authority that was invaluable for his position.

“What does “essentially” mean, exactly?” asked Fey, crossing her arms. She was still nude. No one had even bothered to offer her any clothes. She wagered they were curious about her unnaturally stretched holes, which had probably opened up exciting new avenues of exploration for the more curious observers. She was fine being naked anyway. It reminded her of good times.

“Well, physically, this human seems in pretty awful shape. The brain was basically jelly after her landing, and with you two crashing into it like that. Insides were on the outside, bones were broken. Really bad stuff, far beyond human medical advances that I know of.”
“But, she’s not dead, right?” asked Fey, eagerly.

“No. She isn’t. She should be…but she isn’t, thanks to Bolt.”

“It’s her fault that this happened in the first place!” shouted Fey. The elder beckoned for calm before continuing.
“I understand that. Nevertheless, it’s because of her magic imprinting on the human’s biology that she’s still alive. I don’t know if it was deliberate. She’s the most powerful wizard I’ve seen in centuries, and she knows how to use it…”

The elder trailed off thoughtfully. Fey wasn’t sure what to believe. She hated Bolt for what she had done…but the Retrievers weren’t evil. On the contrary, they were heroes to Fairy-kind. Bolt had been a key part of that heroic legacy, and had insisted that she wasn’t “the baddie.” Maybe she had made sure that Alex would be ok after all?

“I want to ask her.” said Fey?


“Bolt. I need to know if she saved Alex on purpose. Then maybe I can forgive her.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get the chance to ask her when you all go back with the human.”


“Well, the thing with residual magic is, it doesn’t last forever. It seeps away, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.” Said the Elder, as Fey goggled at him. “And when that happens with Alex…well…”

“So she needs magic to live?”

“Yes. Bolt’s magic, specifically. And given that she has something of a debt to pay anyway, this seems like a rather tidy solution, don’t you think? Poetic justice, even. She will reside in the human and generate the magic that-“

“Wait wait wait…inside? The human?” asked an increasingly flummoxed Fey.

“Well, yes. The head, specifically, given that it’s now rather empty. See, the whole process doesn’t really work if you just sprinkle it outside-“

“But-but Alex will…she’ll have that little psycho inside of her! That’s…no!”

“Well, the human seemed to think it was a suitable solution to the problem.” Countered the Elder, smiling and shrugging.

“…Alex is awake?”

“Resting, Miss Fey. I’ll ask that you let her recover for your return to earth, which is what I assume you want? I hear that you have met a male human there, and that you are quite attached to him.”

“Did Alex tell you that?” asked Fey.

“Well, even if she hadn’t, I have my ways of knowing these things.” Answered the Elder, eyes darting down very briefly to her cavernous gaping pussy. At that exact moment, the tip of Fey’s cervix poked out of her labia, causing Fey to squirm and shiver. The elder continued to stare.

“Uh, sorry. That happens a lot now. I’m pretty…loose.” Said Fey, as her womb continued to prolapse, the pink flesh now protruding several inches outside of her body.

“And it is not uncomfortable?” asked the Elder.

“It’s wonderful. The things I’ve felt in my time with Tim and Alex, it’s just…I’ve never been happier.” Said Fey. “I could spent my whole life being their little fucksleeve! Um, begging your pardon…” She was blushing heavily, partially because of her involuntary prolapse, and partly out of what she had just blurted out. The Elder simply smiled.

“Oh don’t look so embarrassed. I actually some questions regarding your time among the humans. You see, a few fairies have came to me since your return. They’re suddenly getting very curious about some things about the human world…”


It was 5am now. Tim stared dumbly out the window. He was in bed now, but still as wide awake now as he was during the day. All sorts of possibilities were flashing through his head, most of them pessimistic. He would have to go to back to work tomorrow, having spent a fair amount of time off “sick”, but now he really did feel physically incapable of going through the motions at his dead-end retail job. Especially if he stayed awake the whole night, which was a very real possibility at the moment. If Tim wasn’t worried by this, it was simply because he was too busy worrying about more important things at the moment. Fey, Alex, those shitty little retrievers, the ball of light hurtling towards his window….

Tim screamed and rolled out of his bed, taking cover. There was a loud crashing sound as something smashed through his poor window and landed with a thud on his bedroom floor. This was followed up almost immediately by the sound of heavy, enthusiastic swearing, in a very familiar voice.


“Tim, you dolt! Why wasn’t the window open?!” hissed Alex.

“Well I wasn’t exactly expecting you to come in that way! Or at all!”

“Well, I did, so be more prepared in future.” Replied Alex. She was lying on her side, apparently no worse for wear despite what had just happened. She was also completely nude. There were a series of crude stitches across her abdomen, and Tim could still see between the gaps in sutures, where Alex’s guts had been tucked back into place. Apart from that detail, she seemed mostly fine. She got up, a little groggily, and dusted herself down.
“Oh, I think I might have left a dent. I need to go on a diet or something…”

“Alex, I’m super happy you’re ok and everything, but for god’s sake tell me what happened. Where’s Fey?”
“Oh, she’s in here.” Said Alex,tapping her head.

“Huh? Oh god, are you still possessed?”

“No, no, it’s a little…um, its weird. Don’t freak out, I’m absolutely fine, but….”

At this point, Alex’s left eye bulged like it was trying to escape from its socket. Then it did, the eye falling onto the floor and rolling away. Tim yelped and fell back onto his bed, shocked. Then he heard yet another familiar voice.

“Tim! We’re back!”

Fey leaned out of Alex’s empty eye socked and cheerfully waved. Tim’s eyes also bulged, although for different reasons, as he struggled to keep up to speed with all of these new revelations.

“Fey! You’re…why are you inside my girlfriend’s skull! Get out of there, there’s important stuff in there!”

“Not anymore!” giggled Fey. “Except for me, of course. Oh, and someone else! Say hi, Bolt!”

“Uh, Fey?” said Alex, trying to look at Fey with her remaining eye. “Please tell me when you’re going to do that, this is still a bit weird to me. And tell Bolt to come out of my ear at least-“

Alex’s right eye now also bulged grotesquely before popping out, rolling in the opposite direction of her left eye and coming to a stop somewhere under the bed. Peering out of the newly-vacated socket was a small fairy with very long, dark hair. Tim had only seen her in the flesh once before, but he knew exactly who he was dealing with.

“You! You’re the psycho who took over Alex’s brain! What’s she doing here?!?”

“Community service.” Deadpanned Bolt, who looked about as happy to be here as Tim was to see her. “Look, I’m sorry about before, really.”

“You don’t look it. And why are you in Alex’s head!” retorted Tim. Alex stood muttering to herself as Fey explained the situation to Tim, her vision now restricted to what was under Tim’s bed and desk. She was thankful that she could still see, at least, although she really would have to speak to Fey about casually removing her eyeballs like that. They were delicate little things, after all.

“So…you need to be in there, or Alex will…die?” asked Tim.

“Well, as long as I’m within about 50 yards or so. Being in here is just where I’d hide if she were out and about, so to speak.”

“What, inside her skull?”

“Do people normally see inside there?”

“Fair enough. Come on out then.”

“…I’m happy in here.” Said Bolt. Gasping in outrage, Fey shook her head and flew out of Alex’s head so that she was facing the Retreiver.

“Now now, come on, Bolt, that’s not what we agreed to! I told you, you’ll love it.”

Bolt looked like she had a few more words of protest, but Fey grabbed her hands and pulled the sulking magician out of Alex’s head. Sighing, she turned to face her one-time nemesis.

“Ok, human! I’m no stranger to the carnal arts. All of the boys love to kiss me! I hugged one just a few weeks ago, as a matter of fact! I just hope you don’t bore me is all!

“Um…ok.” Said Tim, who felt a little weird about having sex with someone who almost killed his girlfriend. Not to mention that he was already suffering from nearly 24 hours without sleeping. “Uh, Fey, I don’t really think we have to do anything-“

“Oh, bo-RING, Tim!” said Fey, frowning up at him. “Where’s the Tim I met that first night? The one who took me in his big, powerful hands and had his way with me! Oh, so romantic!”

“It’s just, when you say it like that it sounds a bit ra-“

“Stop over-thinking it, and get in the mood for some fairy fucking!”

Fey reached down between her legs with one hand and grabbed one of her loose lips, stretching it up towards her stomach and showing off her gape. Bolt looked at it wide-eyed.

“H-He did that to you?!” she said, shocked.

“Mm-hmm! And it feels soooo gooood…” moaned Fey, wiggling her hips at her human.

“It does…” said Tim, “But, you know, I’ve had a rough day and I’m actually super tired-“

“Tim, stop being such a pussy and fuck the fairy already.” Said Alex, crossing her arms. “I’ve been possessed, disembowelled and had my head emptied out like a pumpkin and you don’t see me whining. Get to it.”

“I know, I know, it’s just, this is all a lot to take in and-“

“Even I’m getting impatient!” cried Bolt, “And I’m the one who’s about to get my…my-“

“Cunt ruined?” pipped in Fey.

“Holes destroyed?” suggested Alex.

“…yes, what they said! Your dillydallying is just making it worse! Fornicate with me!”

“Yeah, go on, fuck the fairy Tim!” agreed the other girls.


“Fuck the fairy!” they shouted, louder. “Fuck the fairy!”

"I just"

There was a knocking sound from the ceiling above, followed by an irate voice.

"Will you kids shut the hell up, I'm sleeping here! Fuck the fairy already!"

“Ok, ok, I'll fuck the fairy! Just, can everyone please stop shouting that!"

Everyone cheered as Tim took his pants off, freeing his erect member from its confines. He walked over to the girls, who had all congregated together. He looked into where Alex’s eyes should have been. It was like staring into a black void, making her seem altogether inhuman-demonic, even. He was still pretty unnerved about all of this, but democracy had spoken, and who was he to argue against democracy?

Bolt sized his member and bit her lip. In a literal flash, the skant clothes that she had been wearing dissipated into the ether, leaving her as nude as everyone else. Her usual confidence seemed to be missing, but she acted game.

“Very well then. Let’s get right to it.”

Tim guided her to the tip of his cock, holding her just above himself. He gently rubbed his head against her slit, and she reacted instantly, moaning and gasping, face contorting with feeling.

“Oh, what’s he doing? Has he started yet?” asked Alex. “I can’t tell.”

“No, he’s just teasing her.” said Fey. “And your eyes are down there, hurry up and get them already or you’ll miss the show!”

“Fuck, you’re right! Be right back, keep me updated!”

As Alex ducked down to retrieve her AWOL eyeballs, Tim started to tease himself inside Bolt. She was unbearably tight, even more than Fey had been the first time they had fucked, which seemed a lifetime ago now. Progress was slow, and Tim wasn’t really in the mood for foreplay-he was tired enough as it was.

“Ok, I’m going to go a bit harder now-“ he started.

“Oh, come on Tim, where’s the passion? Here, let me help”

Fey flew over to them, and started to press down on Bolt’s shoulders, using her wings for added force. The magician yelped in surprise and started trying to push Alex away, but she could feel the human’s cock starting to make headway into her tight passageway. A large bulge started to appear in her midsection, and soon Bolt was making noises she was pretty sure she had never made before, at a volume she was sure she had never reached before. It felt like she was being torn in two, but in a good way. Illogical, unprecedented, untested, but so very very good.

“Ahh…So this is why you wanted to stay…I see now!” she cried. “It’s because of human sex! Ahhh!”

“This has been really good for my self-esteem, you know?” said Tim, smiling now, enjoying himself at last.

“Hey, am I missing much?!” said Alex, from underneath the desk. “I just knocked one of my eyes into a sock or something, Tim your room is a pig sty! Urgh!”

“Uh, nothing much yet Alex!” said Fey, as she watched Tim start to move in and out of Bolt with new-found vigour. “He’s just warming up I think!”

Tim continued to “warm up” for a while, forcing more and more of himself inside the tiny fairy, feeling her warm flesh squeeze his dick like a vice. The bulge of his cock now went up to just beneath her sternum, and Bolt had wrapped her arms around it, as if trying to draw it in deeper to her depths. Suddenly, he pulled himself out and lifted her up, inspecting his work. The previously air-tight fairy was now gaping open obscenely, with juices dripping down her thighs. She lay limp in his hand, breathing hard.

“Hey, why did you stop?” asked Fey, who has been openly masturbating in mid air, working her own enlarged hole with her fist. “You were getting into it there!”

Tim grinned devilishly. “If it looks like I’m taking a step back, my little friend, its only because I want to get a running start!”

And with that he plunged into Bolt, hilting himself in her wrecked pussy. She started to scream, but her voice died before it made a sound as something rose from her core all the way up into her throat. There was a tiny popping sound as Bolt’s jaw dislocated. Something round and pink emerged from her open mouth as Tim grunted with exertion. Fey flew over and laughed.

“Oh my god, that’s her womb! Tim, you animal you, you’ve fucked her womb up own throat!” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“He what?!” shrieked the muffled voice of Alex. “Just wait a moment, I’ve almost got my other eye! I think they need a wash though, everything’s all blurry now! Oh, damnit, this sucks!”

Bolt’s watering eyes were fixed firmly on the pink organ that was now protruding out of her mouth, which had apparently punched all of her other organs out of the way as it had ascended up her throat. Her ovaries dangled out the side, flapping helplessly against the taut surface of her uterus. The shape of Tim’s cockhead was clearly visible, stretching her innermost organ out permanently. Fey then started to kiss Tim’s cockhead through Bolt’s womb, slurping her tongue along the surface, pausing occasionally to plant tiny kisses. She tried to move her tongue around it, but it was trapped in place beneath the weight of the human dick impaling her so thoroughly.

Tim started to move his hips again, but Fey soon stopped him, looking inspired. Still airborne, she pulled her legs apart and up and hovered above Tim and Bolt. Getting the idea, Tim grabbed her with one hand and guided the union of flesh that was Bolt and his dick toward Fey’s massively gaping pussy. Bolt’s eyes widened as she seen what was coming, and she tried to shake her head, but moving her neck was impossible with so much rock-hard cock stuffed into it, making it stiff as a board.

Bolt was quickly engulfed up to her shoulders in Fey’s pussy. Her arms offered some resistance, sticking out and halting her progress, before they too slipped under. Bolt disappeared from view, inch by inch, until only her legs were sticking out of Fey’s twat. Her outline was still visible underneath Fey’s belly, moving and twitching faintly as she was used like a living condom by someone she once considered her enemy, on the fairy she once swore to save, no less. It was humiliation like she had never even dreamed of.

When Tim finally came, he watched as Fey rapidly bloated like a balloon, thrashing with pleasure as the form inside of her pressed against her skin, desperate to escape. At that moment, Alex finally re-emerged, blinking with red eyes.

“Ok, let’s get this party star-oh, are you kidding me?”

“Oh…sorry, Alex” panted Tim, who now felt extremely tired. “Talk later…Imma take a nap now, K?”

“But, I didn’t even-“

But it was too late. Tim collapsed backwards onto his bed, blacking out before he had even hit the mat.


So, this was going to be the last chapter, but decided to do a separate, proper epilogue chapter now that the main "drama" of the story has been resolved. Thanks for reading!


Guess I'll talk about future projects now! I have lots of little ideas for short stories but nothing long term-I think I need a break from "big" stories for a little while. Here's some quick ideas, briefly sketched:

-Potion Making at Hogwarts. As seen in the 100 word story thread. Witches at Hogwarts discover secret potion recipes that require them to sacrifice body parts-no take backs. Leading to Hermione to show up to Transfiguration the next day with no legs. Or Ginny to get a size-zero waistline, or Luna to become a proper airhead...

-Mannequin Challenge. Girl attempts the hottest new fad, but with a twist-can she maintain her composure while her friend slices her up on camera?

-All Fun and Games. Four hot best friends alone together in a house for a birthday part? Awesome! Accidentally unleashing a malevolent, all-powerful genie because you used an old magic lamp to play Spin the Bottle? Not awesome. Especially when said genie learns its a birthday party, and insists on playing a few great party games like spin the bottle, twister, Strip Poker, Pin the Tail, limbo...

The Truth: Similar to Bertys Watch, perhaps even in the same universe? Certainly a spiritual sequel because I love these kinds of stories. Lead Character (maybe a woman this time for varierty's sake) earns the power to make whatever she says an objective, indisputable truth, and duly uses this power to be a big perv.

The Tooth Fairy: Woman needs money, finds out that the tooth fairy is real. Quickly runs out of teeth, so decides to gradually remove as many bones as she can while still being able to function, replacing them with whatever solids she can find, hoping that nobody notices that she no longer has any bones in her limbs, or her head.

Just a sample. Ideas come and go. Open to suggestions as always.


That was great. I really didn't expected it finish this way between Tim and Bolt. This chapter make a great conclusion for your story. I think no one can tell that it was underwhelming. In this one I feel that you have done a excellent job with your charaters!

Personally I would really love to see an other project in the vein of Berty's watch. Maybe it could take the form of some small stories?

This tooth faery thing, that could be the occasion of a remake of the scene of Tina TSA troubles... But this time the officer would probably be very very surprised.

I remember I imagined something with a genie too... Our genie is a bit special. He/She doesn't want to people to use his power to harm other people. So if you make a wish that is directly armful to someone, the genie will latter go grant him three wishes so that the person can try to fix it's situation. The genie always explain this before granting wish but you cannot ask him if someone have used his power to cause you some prejudice even if you wish for it nor you can make any wish like “do this about this wish that have affected me” or “do that to a person that have wished me this and that”. To avoid the collapsing of his system the genie also doesn't grant wish that directly harm a large number of persons.

This system was working fine for the genie until the point where he fall in the hand of a girl with very specific notion of fun. This girl decided to use those three wish to put some of her acquittance in very perverted situation… and let them a trail of hint that lead to her. Hopefully they would try to take their revenge on her with interest, using the genie powers. And then it would be her turn again. And so the genie and those three people end up dragged by this perverted woman in a lewd war game.


Another nice chapter. Of course, now that Tim is asleep the three girls will have to amuse themselves. Some quick ideas:
- Before Alex pulls Bolt off Tim's dick, she rolls her down like a condom, turning her completely inside out
- Fey and Bolt (once restored to normal again) stretch out and worm their way into Alex's nipples
- Though I don't have anything particular in mind yet, there has to be some way of having fun with Alex's empty head.

Of the five ideas for your next story, "Potion making at Hogwarts" and "The Tooth Fairy" appeal to me the most, but I'm looking forward to whichever one you end up going with.


Loved the ending. As for your ideas, I'd definitely want to see something in the same vein as Nerty's watch. I alsp wouldn't mind seeing that Tooth Fairy idea used. I also vote for anything involvinh nipple play like JIP suggested.

Maybe something you could do with Alex's now emptied skull is have Bolt pull Alex's consciousness out and place it in Fey or somethonh else small so that she can explore her own body.


This comment was mine. I also vote for anything involving a genie.


Excellent. The Tooth Fairy sounds interesting.


Chalk up another vote for the tooth fairy idea


The cool thing is, with Bolt's magic being much stronger, she can likely revert to her incredibly tight self with ease, unlike Fey who prefers to be permanently gaping and loose.

There's some advantages to really tight fairy holes.

The even cooler thing that has hardly been exploited yet is what they can do with Alex. It's fairy magic that keeps her together, so with Bolts help and a few excited clappings for a power boost, she should be as good as new.

I'd vote for some 3d puzzle games.


Thanks for the comments! Seeing a lot of votes for the Tooth Fairy idea, which is probably the most far out idea on the list. Hardest to write to I'd say, unless I just go full "It's a guro story, I ain't explaining shit" mode to write off why someone would remove their bones for money, or how they would do it, and so on. But I'm game!

Appreciate the suggestions for a new chapter in this but it's mostly just going to be a wrap-up, so I can move on to other stuff. Although I do like the idea of turning Bolt inside out, even if I can't really picture how that would work :p


> Hardest to write to I'd say, unless I just go full "It's a guro story, I ain't explaining shit" mode to write off why someone would remove their bones for money

Crippling agoraphobia could explain why she wouldn't try one of the more obvious ways of getting money. Having to pay rent would work well with this, since obviously she wants to avoid getting tossed out on the street.

Alternatively, embarrassment works. She could for example have been putting off laundry day for a while, to the point where she just stuffs all of her clothes into the washing machine at once, going naked for the duration. Then the washing machine catches fire, leaving her without anything to wear.

> or how they would do it, and so on.

Admittedly, this is a tough one. The two most obvious paths would be to either make her a medical practitioner so she can avoid the major arteries while using the kitchen knife on herself or embracing the fact that the tooth fairy actually exists in this universe and having the girl pretend to sleep to catch the tooth fairy in the act of collecting her teeth the second night, at which point the tooth fairy teaches her some non-lethal method of extracting bone.

> Appreciate the suggestions for a new chapter in this but it's mostly just going to be a wrap-up

Yeah, figured as much, but I couldn't help myself :)

> Although I do like the idea of turning Bolt inside out, even if I can't really picture how that would work :p

I know, it's a tricky one. I've had the idea for a while, and since this is one of very few universes where it's even remotely feasible and you'd already made a good start by stretching her uterus out of her mouth I thought I'd just toss it out there. Basically, it would involve Alex grabbing Bolt's lips and stretching her mouth even wider before pulling it down, over her shoulders and past her hips. The skin would have to tear free from the bones and organs, leaving her rib cage surrounding the womb-condom (put that sentence in the category "things nobody on planet earth has ever said before"). If Alex now pulls Bolt off Tim's dick by the tip of her uterus, her limbs will be on the inside, her organs on the outside draped around her uterus and her inside-out mouth forms the entrance to the condom-like contraption.


> Hardest to write to I'd say, unless I just go full "It's a guro story, I ain't explaining shit" mode to write off why someone would remove their bones for money

If you need some ideas on how to write it, you could, as JIP said, have her be in financial trouble due to losing her job and need money fast to pay rent. You could start it out as having the character(let's say Amanda) lose a tooth somehow. It could then end up under her pillow somehow and in the morning Amanda could find five or so dollars. Being shocked, she could go find one or two other teeth that she'd lost in earlier years and place them under her pillow for the following night. After waking up the next day and finding ten or so dollars, she could get an idea to capture the Tooth Fairy in order to ask her for help. This is where she could start forcibly removing parts of her body. She could take several painkillers and, after much struggling, remove a single tooth. That night Amanda could place the extracted tooth under her pillow and patiently wait for the Tooth Fairy to appear. Eventually the Tooth Fairy could appear and Amanda could quickly capture her in her hand as she could be abut the same size as Fey is in this story. After finding out that the Tooth Fairy can't give her more money, she could angrily ask "Why not?". This could get the Tooth Fairy to explain that she and her entire race live off the solid calcium they extract from the teeth and that hey exchange money for the teeth they find under pillows. Amanda could then ask if calcium could be extracted from other sources(I'll give you three guesses what this other source could be). This could eventually lead to the Tooth Fairy blessing Amanda with extreme regeneration(except for bones, of course), along with allowing her to easily live through any injury, no matter the severity.

The next day, Amanda could start by removing the rest of her teeth, figuring she could just use dentures as a replacement. Doing this, she could note the absence of any real pain. That night, she could put the assembled teeth under her pillow and get over two hundred dollars for them all the next day. Slightly downhearted at the 'small' amount she got for them all(at least when compared to how much she needs), but emboldened by her success, decide to kick it up a notch by carefully removing the bones in her toes. The following day she could be shocked at seeing she got roughly the same as she had for all her teeth due to them being slightly bigger, but lesser in number. Getting desperate, she could decide that she could lose a few ribs and remove the two bottom pairs of ribs from her chest. The next day, Amanda could realize that she got significantly more for her ribs than what she had thus far gotten. Despite this, she could see that she would need to start making some sacrifices if she wanted to reach the required amount of money. Deciding she could live with being paralyzed from the waist down, she could remove her pelvis and everything below it, figuring she could explain it away as being caused by a degenerating bone disease.

At this point, you could start mixing in some kinky fun due to her regeneration and lack of a pelvis. Also, I've left out any real storytelling, so you could fit that in by yourself, maybe show how Amanda copes with missing some of her bones. Secondly, you could have Amanda's best friend show up at some point and join in on the fun. Lastly, when it gets to the point where all Amanda has left is her skull, the Tooth Fairy could be disappointed that Amanda has nothing left to give her, but brightening up, could say that Amanda has one bone left. This could confuse Amanda, but when the Tooth Fairy(you could also give her a name; I'll call her Lilly) flies into her ear and into her brain, Amanda could protest, but without any bones to stop her, Lilly could remove Amanda's skull, causing her face to deflate. Amanda's friend could say that it was probably for the best if she wanted to stick to her bone-degeneration disease story. From here you could move entirely to kinky guro without having to focus so much on story progression. You could even have Lilly come in too, kind of like what you did in this story.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for a Tooth Fairy story. =)


I was/am a big fan of Berty's Watch, so personally I'd like to see what you do with The Truth. I can't wait to read whatever you come up with, no matter what you decide.


>>Hardest to write to I'd say, unless I just go full "It's a guro story, I ain't explaining shit"

I don't know why but I find those kind of story really appealing. Extrem holliday sluts work exactly like this and is one of my favorite. I feel really good to just go against any kind of common sens sometime.


I think this tooth fary idea could be more intresting if instead of selling only her own bones, the protagonist would somhow steal other people bones and replace them by whatever she can find at the moment in hope they didn't notice.




Is there a way to read your old stories again?
They seem to be gone from the site.



I hopped for an update. Such deception.


Ok, might as well have a chat.

Not felt like writing in a while. Obviously.

I've never liked the term "Writer's Block", and I'm fighting against using it here. It's more like "Second Album Syndrome". I wrote a bunch of stories in 2015 because I'd had them in my head for years and years, all of my little personal fantasies. It was easy. They all came out in one big splurge. But then what? You feel like you have to write more. You start straining. Thinking of fancy concepts. My Overwatch story was a struggle because now, instead of inventing a story to fit the guro, I was doing it the other way around. What was once easy and fun was now a chore. It wasn't fun anymore.

The good news is that I'm still a big old pervert, and sooner or later I'll think of something. I've been weaning myself back onto writing. Short little posts on /mlp/, only some of them guro, just for fun. I wrote a thousand or so words a few days ago on a story that I then deleted because I wasn't happy with it. It was about a doctor with extremely dubious, guro-based cures for common maladies. I might go back to it if I get the details right. Or I might just indulge myself and write another Berty's watch style "man walks around and does a guro on woman" story. It feels like cheating but it would get me writing again, maybe.

Apologies to those who were waiting patiently assuming I was going to update any day now.

Oh, and I dunno if this will get an epilogue after all. Kinda "over" this story now. I wrapped up the story at least, this time!!!



That's good to hear.
Your stories were always a good read and didn't get in the way of the action. But as another anon mentionned, if you are having a block, you could simply write shorter ones thats dont revolve around a plot.


I'm happy to have new about you and read that you keep writing.
Even if you write story with very simple scenario, I would be interested to read them. Some authors manage to get quite good results by just writing what is in their mind at the moment they are typing probably not unlike a musician would do improvisation. From what you are saying, maybe you could start with some fetishes you like, then write a scene were some character are involved in some of those fetish gratuitously or for unfathomable reasons. Then either you leave it this way and call it a short story, or if you are really exited about it, you expand the original text, so that we get at least a vague idea about how the characters of the first scene ended up in this situation but also to prepare the ground for the next sex scene. My personal preference for this plan would also to have the sex scenes going further and further in their fetish. Except for the first one, as it's this one that will give you most of the motivation to keep writing and for the reader to keep reading, it may be ok to have this scene a bit more intense than the one(s) that come imediately after .



While it is of course sad to hear you won't be writing anything in the near future, I completely understand your reasoning. Writing when you're not in the mood just results in sub-par stories, and in the end quality always trumps quantity. So please take as long a break as you need to get those batteries recharged so that we can look forward to more great content in the non-fatal genre in the future.

Speaking of which: since Poguemahone's break means there will be a good deal less content in this little subgenre I'd like to take this time to urge anyone who likes stories like this to try taking up the pen themselves. I'm sure there are plenty of fun and interesting ideas out there just waiting to be explored, so go and give it a try; this hobby is a rare one, so more writes are always welcome.


Thanks for understanding, everyone. I'm hopeful of being back sooner rather than later; already ideas are forming, Whether or not they survive first contact with the page remains to be seen.

While you're here JIP: Any news on an update, or are you in the same boat? :p



Good to hear. As for me, I'm fairly actively working on the next chapter of The Interview at the moment. Currently at 12 pages and counting.


Looking forward to it. =)


Looking forward to it. =)


Me too!
While browsing on e-hentai, found an other intresting idea not unalike the one of Berty's watch: a product that temporary kill a persone. The one that take it is dead but only for a limited amount of time, and once this time is over ther persone will come back to live no matter what happened to his/her body while he/she was dead.
See it here :



I've seen it before and it's a wonderful comic


Ooft, great to hear, can't wait. I am tumescent with anticipation.


Bump !

Haha got you! I'm sure you where quivering with anticipation for an new chapter.

Jock aside, no news from new since one month Poguemahone. How do you do?
Have you any fun stuff you work on? Or just amazing new ideas you want to share?
If you just tell me that you are alive and reasonably healthy, I would already be plenty happy.

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