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My very first story! I hope it's good ^^



The short plump girl turned her head, smiling at her new friend bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Aria! What is it?"

"The exhibition! They've posted the sign-up list on the board! Come on!"

Nanette let her friend pull her by the wrist towards the school news board.

She'd only recently transitioned into this private girls-only boarding school after her aunt finally won custody of her from the state after both her parents had their parenting rights taken away. She frankly didn't care who was going to 'officially' take care of her, having spent her entire life in one establishment or another; this particular school had a reputation for being weird, though, and she was looking forward to finding out what would happen.

"What exhibition?", she whispered in her friend's ear as they entered the massive crowd in the corridor where the board was. Clearly Aria wasn't the only one excited for the upcoming event.

"Oh, you don't know?", - giddiness in the girl's voice suggested she was more than happy to tell her new friend ALL ABOUT this. - "It's a twice-yearly event! There's an exhibition of torture devices and execution methods from around the world. They have a huge pool, and they randomly select several every time! They post the list on the board, and students sign up for auditions! The torture devices are real, too, and used for real, and execution methods are usualy not!"

"Usually?..." - Nanette's voice jumped up and down, reflecting her surprise at the information. That people would volunteer to have torture devices demonstrated on them was weird enough... although she was admittedly curious to participate herself.

But - would they actually for real kill their students? The school DID have a weird reputation - Nanette's aunt needed quite a bit of convincing to let the girl choose it for herself...

"Well, yeah! They randomly, again, choose one exhibit every half-year to be real. Students who audition for that one are warned, and then forbidden to tell anyone! If someone tells, they do a complete shuffle of all the roles and choose another exhibit to be real that time!"

"Shuffle all the roles?..."

"Well, yeah! I mean, they have someone else to warn their exhibit is going to be lethal, and they can agree or refuse all over again, and they can't let it slip what it's going to be, so they have to change everything!"

"Huh", - Nanette murmured. - "So you can refuse if your exhibit turns out to be lethal?..."

"Of course! They'll just ask the next one in line after you. I dunno what they are going to do if no-one agrees, that hasn't happened yet..."

Nanette blinked wondrously. The crowd was functioning as a sort of line to sign-ups, and they were slowly getting pushed closer to the board. She could make out that most papers had long sing-up lines already; as a new student, she doubted she would be picked out of many, and she was already very eager to participate, in whatever role, so she decided to pick whichever one was the shortest. Some papers still seemed blank or almost blank...

"What are you going to pick?" - it was a bit of an assumption on her part that Aria would want to participate, quite a few students seemed to only elbow their way to the board to gawk, but the girl's excitement made it not that far a reach.

"Dunno, some torture," Aria replied happily, validating the guess. "If you choose an execution, you only get a very slim chance of any action, and then that'd be the last one. I don't know what exactly I'll pick until I see the list, though!"

Nanette nodded. The reasoning was solid to her. She wondered what were Aria's chances of being picked.

If the auditions were held on appearance, they both weren't anything special; then again, the school wasn't exactly full of supermodels. Now, if they looked for athletic ability, Aria would be a good choice: tall, lean, flat as a board, muscles not large but clearly defined. Her pale blond hair fell down her shoulders in two girly-looking pigtails, which looked funny given that she towered over most of her peers, and her long-nosed, sharp-featured face with small grey eyes did not look childish by any stretch. Nanette found her pretty attractive, but she was aware her tastes did not align with majority.

Nanette wasn't weak herself, but she hadn't established that at the new school yet, and you couldn't tell from her appearance. Short and plump, with round face - now she could pass for a middle-schooler easily. Her short dark hair fell in feathers with dyed ends barely past her ears, dispelling that impression somewhat, but still you couldn't tell she'd easily beat most her peers in a marathon.

Perhaps what they looked for was acting ability; but why would they, if the torture devices were real? Then again, it could be needed for executions, and if they wanted to set a specific scene... Nanette wasn't too good at acting, her chances definitely didn't look good.

(They also probably wanted healthy girls for the torture, so it wouldn't have lasting side effects, she decided. She was pretty healthy herself, but didn't know what Aria's chances there were, they hadn't known each other for that long.)

Finally the crowd spit them out right in front of the board, and Nanette got the chance to quickly look over the options. Many people seemed to take their time picking, but she didn't want to take up space for long; her picking criteria would be pretty visually simple anyway.

The lists were organized simply: there were lined sheets with the exhibition name and schematics on top, one per exhibition. Some were filled completely and had students scribble their names on the margins excitedly. Others were nearly completely blank; Nanette tried looking over those, but was soon disoriented by the multitude of options.

"First-timers usually choose execution", Aria chirped into her ear, having evidently already put her own name somewhere. "It's not too intense and if your one is picked for real, you can always refuse! Look here", - her finger jabbed at one list, and Nanette took a closer look.

It was a form of beheading: the subject was to put her head on a stump, an axe was stabbed into it at an angle right above the neck, and then it was to be hammered down until the head came off - presumably, the last part wouldn't be executed in a not-real exhibition. There was just one name there; she didn't know it.

Nanette quickly scribbed her own on the second line and let Aria pull her away to the side along the wall.

"So, what did you pick?" she asked with mild curiosity.

"Water torture!" - Aria was positively beaming. - "You get water dripping in your mouth, and you don't get to close it. It doesn't seem like much, but it gathers up over time; also, they usually stretch you painfully for those less immediate ones. There weren't many candidates, it's not one of the popular ones, so I'll most definitely get picked!"

"Huh," Nanette murmured. "What are the popular ones?"

"Oh, you know," - Aria waved her hand. - "Lashing, asphyxiation, stretching. All simple stuff. They even let primary schoolers participate in those with parents' permission. I've tried some of them; they just aren't interesting, you know? And you never know if you'll get picked if you sign up for those. I like not coming too early to the sign-ups, then you can choose something interesting and with good chances!"

Nanette nodded. This seemed like good sense to her, too.


The audition was held the very next day. The exhibition was still two weeks away, but there wasn't any need to waste time. Not like there was much to prepare; the only thing required of auditioners was to read up on their chosen exhibit's history, and there were leaflets just for that given out in the library.

The other girl sitting near Nanette for this exhibit was a short, tiny thing; her dark long thin braids fell all along her sides, accentuating her small size even more. Narrow black eyes, thick eyebrows, sharp chin... Nanette didn't consider herself a lesbian - she liked guys at least as much! - but this girl caught her eye instantly. She allowed herself for a moment to fantasize about their exhibit being picked to be real and this girl getting her head slowly hammered off, blood streaming all over her neat school uniform...

"Mariam!", the voice called from behind the door, and the short girl jumped up and hurried inside. Nanette had nothing to do but wait; if she were them, she thought, she'd definitely pick Mariam. Dark blue, neartly ironed uniform just hung down too prettily down her sides; perhaps they didn't choose based on looks, but despite her own desire to participate Nanette wished they would. Watching would be fun too, wouldn't it?

She was snapped out of her thoughts by the door opening again, the thin-braided girl leaving with a carefully neutral expression on her face - she gave Nanette a short glance and turned away, hurrying down the corridor, - and the voice calling out her own name.

Inside, there was a woman sitting at the desk, a chair in front of it. Nanette sat down.

"Hello," the woman smiled. "I see you have recently transferred, and it's going to be your first exhibit?"

Nanette nodded.

The woman sighed.

"Then this is perhaps not for you. This exhibit is chosen to be the lethal one this year."

Nanette's mouth made a tiny "o" shape. Were her fantasies coming true? She thought about her tiny competitor.

"Will you choose Mariam, then?"

The woman shook her head.

"No, she refused when she heard it would be lethal. If you refuse, we'll just shut down this exhibit like we do with ones that get no sign-ups and choose another one to be real. We'll have to hold re-auditions tomorrow, of course, but that's not weird, the final decisions are usually not made right away anyway."

Nanette nodded slowly. That's why the sign-up was so early before the exhibitions, she thought: to give time for all the shake-ups to happen.

"Does this happen often?" - she asked. Aria said it never did, but surely that couldn't be true?

"Often enough", the woman nodded. "We don't let the students know so the ones who refused won't face stigma. We don't tell them who refused and who wasn't chosen for all lethal exhibits, either. They generally don't babble about it themselves, either."

Nanette nodded again. This made sense; she could just refuse now - surely it was the logical choice, she hadn't even seen the exhibit once!...

"When does the lethal exhibit happen? How are other ones arranged?" - she hoped the questions were clear enough. Her mind was too busy with considering the possibility of signing up for her own quick death to also pay attention to forming coherent sentences.

"It happens just before the end of the day," the woman explained, raising her eyebrows - perhaps Nanette not refusing immediately was weird. "You'll be able to see the other exhibits from your position - they are all arranged in a circle. There are crowds, of course, but the exhibition lasts the entire day, so you'll have ample time to goggle yourself."

Nanette nodded. A thought occured to her regarding Aria, were she to succeed in her goal...

"But they won't be able to see me die, will they?" - that sounded so strange to say out loud, yet so easy. For a moment Nanette thought that maybe she misunderstood, and the woman will laugh and correct her on the whole 'die' thing - but there was nothing of the sort.

"Not immediately, no, but there will be many cameras, and full video of the event is given out for free to all exhibition participants." The woman sighed to herself. "Only for them, theoretically, the others have to pay, but usually it ends up distributed to the entire school in makeshift copies anyway. We still make money in selling it to other clients, though."

"Oh..." Nanette opened her eyes wide. This was new! "You'll sell it?"

The woman nodded.

"Well, of course. Consensual snuff videos are in quite a bit of a demand. Does it make you uncomfortable? Most students know this, but you are new..."

Nanette shook her head. It made sense to her now that someone agreed to die every year - what other chance would she get to be a worldwide star, with her body type and frankly below average acting ability? Many girls perhaps held this view...

Of course, she'd get another chance next exhibit in half a year... but a very slim one. What were the odds she'd pick the exhibit to be real again, and what were the odds she would be the one picked of the entire line? It was now or never, and between those Nanette always made only one possible decision.

"I want to participate. Where do I sign?"

The woman frowned.

"Are you sure? We don't really expect participation in lethal exhibits from first-years, and..."

She left the rest of the sentence trailing. Maybe she had nothing to say, or maybe she just read the look of annoyance and boredom on Nanette's face. She was NOT up for a lecture right now; this was decidedly not how she wanted to go out now that it came to it. She figured she'd have to deal with some beurocracy to give them permission to snuff her, but not discipline lectures!

"Well, if you are determined, here, read through all of those, and if you agree, put your name and today's date at the bottom of each", - the woman pushed a stack of papers toward her.

Nanette took the first one. Consent to participation in the exhibit; the next one was consent to be snuffed - this one had three copies; then there was consent to be filmed and separately consent for video to be sold; then consent to be organ donor - Nanette suspected this one was optional but she signed it anyway, why not do a good deed? She barely bothered to read through the next ones. She knew to read legal contracts attentively, but what difference could it make when she was going to die anyway? Of course, there was her aunt to consider, but Nanette barely knew her and surely, no matter what, no-one would hold the woman who's only been formally taken care of her for like a month responsible for Nanette's choice now? If there was anyone to blame for Nanette's indifference to her own fate now it was her parents, and for all Nanette cared they'd earned everything they theoretically could have coming.

Perhaps the woman expected her to be deterred by the massive stack of legalese, but Nanette was done pretty soon. She lifted her head, smiled sunnily at the woman and pushed the papers back to her.

"Are you sure?", the woman asked again. "It's still not too late to feed all of this to the shredder. Frankly, this is a rash decision, isn't it?"

Nanette shook her head. She understood that this woman's job was to make sure her consent was real; but it was. It really, for real, was. She wanted to die there, and she wanted it to be like that.

"Well, so be it", the woman sighed and started arranging the paper neatly. "Come here tomorrow after school, there'll be a rehearsal, you'll need to act for the entire day until you get snuffed..."

"Oh... yeah." Nanette wrinkled her nose. "I'm not too good at acting, to be honest. Sorry. I'll try my best though!", she added seeing that the woman stopped her hands, perhaps intending to ask her if she was sure she wanted this again. She still was, and if her snuff film had mediocre acting - well, she always thought those had all the more charm for it.

"I'll be here! See you", she cheerfully jumped up from her seat and left the room.

The thin-braided Mariam was waiting for her just outside, perched on the window-sill slightly to the side from the door.

"Hey", - she jumped down and approached Nanette.

Nanette nodded to her.


It was hard to keep her bubbling excitement from spilling over. She knew she wasn't supposed to talk about what she agreed to, but on top of being chosen for the lethal perfomance, she was also now approached by a cute girl she was fantacizing about just before, and there's only so much a person can take with a poker face!...

Mariam sighed.

"So you've agreed, haven't you?"

Nanette nodded cheerfully.

"I have. Aren't we not supposed to not talk about this, though?"

Mariam looked around. The corridor was mostly deserted for the moment, but someone was coming from the other end already... this wasn't the best place to chat.

"Point. Come along", - she draged Nanette by her sleeve towards the staircase.

After letting her have the lead for a while, Nanette found herself in a small flat corner of the roof. There were perches like this at different places on top of the school; this one seemed to be particularly unfortunately situated, its only window between the walls of other parts of the building looking out at the dumpster. Well, surely this meant it couldn't be popular; good choice to be alone, she supposed.

"So," Mariam stated, perching on the end of the railing of said window, her back to the wall. "You've agreed to die for enjoyment of the masses, and you are entirely happy about that."

Nanette followed suit, perching up at the opposite end. Thin railing cut unpleasantly into her soft wide bottom, but her still bubbly mood prevented that from feeling too uncomfortable.

"I did and I am, yeah. Isn't that normal?..." Nanette let her question trail. She actually had no idea what was normal for this school, being new, but surely?...

"Aren't you new?" Mariam echoed her thoughts. "How are you falling into this pattern already? Honestly, sometimes I think they use mind control at those auditions, but then again, I didn't agree myself, so maybe not... Maybe I'm just immune!" - she pulled on one of her braids in clear annoyance.

"You auditioned too", Nanette pointed out.

"Well, yeah..." Mariam let go of the braid and sighed. "Maybe I'm not all that immune either. And," she bit her lip.

"And what?" Nanette was curious. Why did Mariam bring her here, anyway? Did she expect to change her mind? Could she change her mind now? Nanette recalled the woman's pestering; she probably could. She probably could change her mind any moment; she wasn't going to, though.

"And I find it hot", Mariam said bluntly. "I also find you hot. And weren't you ogling me right before the audition? Imagining me dead or dying, I imagine, no?"

Nanette felt her skin redden from forehead to ears to neck. How?...

"How do you know?..."

Mariam snickered.

"So I guessed right, didn't I? Lots of people fantacize that about me, apparently. I guess it's something about being small and spunky, everyone just wants to murder you!"

"I don't want to murder you!" Nanette protested. "I just - well, okay, I - see, I wouldn't want to do anything to you that you didn't want!..."

"That's sweet," Maryam had a smile flash on her face for a brief moment. She'd mostly kept her face neutral for most of the discussion until now; smile seemed like a rare sight on it.

She hopped down from the railing.

"Well, right now I want to make out with you. You up for it?"

Nanette slid down and stepped up to her. This was definitely shaping up to be the best day in her life!..


The morning of the exhibition, Nanette, along with all other participants, was waiting in a small room near the hall as the equipment was being prepared. The small group - Nanette counted, fifteen people total - was mostly quiet. Aria was there, too, holding tight onto Nanette's arm. Just as she predicted, she was chosen with barely any competition.

"So," - a tall freckled redhead of Nanette's complexion broke the silence. "Spill it. Who's dying?"

Nanette frowned and looked at Aria questioningly.

"Yeah, that's the tradition", she confirmed. "The participants get to know right before the exhibit starts. It's not exactly allowed, but there's no way for adults to know, anyway... So, who?"

She looked around the room with curiosity. There were five other girls in execution exhibits - these things, all the participants learned about each other during rehearsals, - all looking at each other with the same eager wonder.

Nanette coughed shyly.

Aria turned to her, eyes alight with wonder.

"You?! For real?"

"Yep", Nanette confirmed. She wanted to add that she was chosen because the other girl refused, but thought better of it. Mariam, who she's been semi-dating - they mostly just made out and experimented with how many different places and positions lesbian sex could be had in - definitely didn't deserve being thrown under the bus like that.

Aria blinked, then blinked again.

"You - but you're new! They never choose the newbies! I mean, I guess it's not forbidden, but - wait, nobody else wanted to, didn't they?"

"Er," Nanette murmured. "I did choose the shortest list so I would be likely to be picked..."

"Right, I helped you myself! Wow, I chose this for you..." Aria didn't seem to want to press the topic, thankfully.

The room was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was looking at Nanette, now; one girl, a stocky punk-looking one, had her hand not-too-subtly under her skirt. Nanette caught her eyes and smiled; the girl looked away and blushed slightly, but didn't take out the hand out.

"Wow..." Aria murmured again, caught up in the moment.

This was as good a moment as any, Nanette figured.

She reached up, pulled Aria's head down to her level - Aria didn't struggle - and gave her a deep kiss.

Aria blinked wondrously and kissed back.

The half-hour left until the start of the exhibition passed as fast as ever.


The hall designated for the exhibition was not round, but the exhibits were arranged in a circle. Corners were taken up with recording equipment and tables with some papers or other. Each exhibition had an attendant other than the subject herself - Nanette wasn't sure who these people were, but they'd all gotten to know them during the rehearsals. She herself walked up to her stump, knelt, put her head down - it was at a pretty comfortable height, allowing her to look around fairly freely - and her attendant stuck the axe down.

Nanette stared at the other exhibitions. Aria, right across from her, was being mounted on an uncomfortable-looking construction that had her bend over backwards at the waist, belly up, her ankles and wrists stretched out and fixed to it with leather restraints. She could move her head around freely, and the attendant made a short experiment by pouring a cup of water into her open mouth and then telling her to spit it out to the side. There was a wide bowl under her head, and instead of spitting, Aria, as countless times before during the rehearsals, let the water spill straight downwards from the corner of her mouth. All was ready; the attendant pinched her nose with a clothespin and put on her a sort-of gag forcing her mouth open and leaving an opening into it. Then he opened the faucet on a dropper-like jar above her head, and water started dripping into her mouth. There were several more jars of water standing behind the exhibit, out of sight of the upcoming visitors.
Aria was going to spend the entire day in this uncomfortable position, with her nose closed so she had to breathe with her mouth that water was dripping into. Sometimes she would be allowed to vomit/spit out the water and then returned to the position. Sometimes during the rehearsals she'd choke on the water. Her bent position was in part to prevent this happening - all the water would flow down back to her mouth.
This wasn't going to be fun for her - which, Nanette supposed, was the entire point.

The girl right next to her was mounted on a very painful-looking wooden horse. Aria had said before that she'd have preferred to be chosen for that one, but it was way too popular for her to gamble on it. The lucky girl was even shorter than Nanette - and looked a bit younger - chubby, with peachy cream skin, chin-length brown curls arranged in pretty locks and huge brown eyes made to look even bigger with subtle makeup. This was one of the exhibits involving full or partial nudity: the girl had a simple white bra on, but her lower body was nude, up until the simple white socks and dark brown uniform shoes on her feet. All the visitors were treated to the sign of the slightly rounded edge of the horse biting into her pussy.

The rehearsals were always held with clothes on whenever it was possible, and Nanette found it hard to pry her eyes away from this one. By the time she's had enough of the brown-haired girl's painful wincing and shifting from side to side, first visitors started coming in, so she shifted her face into a pre-trained fear grimace.

The next exhibit over was hanging. The redhead who'd spoken first in the room before was the subject: she stood on the stool with her hands and feet bound and eyes pretty naturally-looking wide with fear, a noose lying on her neck. The noose was pretty short and the stool was pretty tall; Nanette was looking forward to the prepared perfomance.

And there it was - she projected shock on her face and kicked the stool back with both feet. There wasn't enough drop to fracture her neck, but the noose tightened up for real, so she would twist and twirl around for a bit - at this point the visitors crowded around her, blocking her from Nanette's view. She knew, however, that after about half a minute of that she would be pulled up on the stool again and the noose relaxed. Death was not part of the program - not until evening, anyway, and then it would be her own, not the redhead's.

After the redhead was another partially nude torture - Nanette liked her positioning in relation to all those a lot. This one featured the stocky punk who'd masturbated in the waiting room; it wasn't surprising, in retrospect, that she'd have signed up for this one. It was pear of anguish - a torture device with actually questionable historic origins. Some sources claimed it was just used as a gag - this was, of course, too boring for the exhibition.

In this case, it was inserted in the punk girl's - Nanette was pretty bad at names of people she wasn't violently attracted to - vagina. It was a metal pearl-like device - or at least it appeared pear-like until pulled open, which caused it to separate into spoon-like 'petals' stretching the insides of the opening it was shoved into. The girl was tied to a chair, again wearing only a bra - she chose to be barefoot, too - with her legs pulled wide enough open to present the visitors with a nice view of the handle of the device sticking out of her pussy. There was a stand right next to her explaining the construction of the device, as most of it was not visible. As a group of visitors gathered, the attendant would slowly open the device, eliciting howls and screams of pain from the girl, then close again as they moved on.

Nanette was briefly annoyed she wasn't a visitor herself, as all the best view was blocked from her by them - but then the first crowd moved out, and the girl caught her eyes. She smiled and whispered something to the attendant. He looked over to Nanette, nodded, bent down and, clearly holding his hand so as to provide her with the best view, slowly turned the device open as the punk girl moaned and then gave a short scream - and Nanette saw a small stream of blood trickle out!

The attendant quickly turned the handle the other way, bent over to the girl, but after another whispered exchange repeated the show again, and then after another consultation with the girl, despite her hissing in pain even when the device was closed, kept repeating it until the next group of visitors came in.


To be continued! If I keep the inspiration, after I finish this, there'll be more stories to come from other instances of this event, too~


Nice, a very cute idea. Good formatting.


Looks promising. I hope the girls get to masturbate as they're snuffed, unlike the case with Sachisuke's work. Consensual guro is best, in my opinion.


Thank you! And yes, my initial idea included the beheaded girl smuggling two vibrators in her panties to the exhibition, but as I settled on Nanette and the details of the first story, the tone just didn't lend itself to it. There will be others, though!

(Alas, the scenario of the execution clearly says her hands are tied on her back - actually I might not have mentioned it yet, and they might not be yet, but they will be for the final show. So for Nanette it's just going to be gawking all day.)

And yes, I strongly prefer consensual. I have a taste for a 'submitting to the inevitable' type sometimes, but 'kicking and struggling'/'mind control'/'tricked' just turn it the fuck off for me.

So this 'verse doesn't just have consensual-only, you have to go quite a bit out of your way to get to be 'it'.

Right now I'm picking most of my specific torture ideas from Sachisuke Mushimura's work (it's great, but often just not consensual enough, and just in general not enough on quantity) (can you tell that was my inspiration XD), but I'm going to rely on just googling up interesting stuff soon enough.


I love this story so far! Thanks!


I like it too, particularly because you spent time going into the perspective and feelings of the consensual snuffee. It's better than stories that jump to the snuff really quickly and make it hard to buy the scenario.

I also second the motion to give poor Nanette a vibrator or two. She's going to get really horny and frustrated just lying there looking at everyone and deserves to have the best possible time this afternoon.


Love this so far. Especially all the reasoning that makes it all have sense.


Love this so far. Especially all the reasoning that makes it all have sense.


@ Aoi Hikari: well tbh I don't think it makes ALL THAT MUCH SENSE. There's A LOT of porn logic going on there. But yeah when a question comes up I try to treat it semi-seriously XD

@ PsychoAiko: yeah tbh the setup is my favorite part. I sure do hope I'll get inspiration to finish Nanette's story properly (I most likely won't describe all fifteen exhibits, she won't get good angles to all of them anyway), I realize it would kind of fizzle out with all that buildup and no conclusion, but yeah... the buildup is the fun part.
And nah Nanette is not going to get all that frustrated XD she's sort of an author avatar there and I literally haven't seen a live vibrator in my life and managed somehow. She's going to get sore everything though - like most other girls in the exhibition, too - which is part of the point ^^

There will be other girls, more determined to make their demise sexual, don't worry XD


The next part: ending Nanette's story! Next story, I think, will be somewhat different structurally: I've already introduced most of the worldbuilding and set the scene, after all... Well, that's later.


When the pear of pain exhibit was blocked again - it proved to be quite popular, in part due to its partly interactive nature - Nanette looked to the other side of Aria, who was trying to shift her weight on the frame but apparently failing miserably and only causing herself more pain.

There was another execution exhibit there - and ironically, despite it being one of the more torturous methods of death were it real (at least, by Nanette's estimation), it was one of the most comfortable to actually be in. It was also nude - fully nude, this time - but the nature of the exhibit prevented the body from actually being viewed.

It was an exhibit for boiling alive. A huge pot was situated over a quite real open fire, filled with water, and a naked tied up girl sat in it. The trick to keeping the water from actually boiling her was a pair of faucets on the far side of the pot - one to keep cold water streaming in, the other to seep out hot water, keeping the water at quite comfortable 'hot tub' temperature. The girl did emulate pain, however, although mostly silently - if everyone were to scream, the cacophony would be unbearable.

Well, Nanette supposed, not everyone was in it for actual pain and horror. Some people just wanted to be a part of the event without subjecting themselves to a lot of discomfort - and in this one, she could even shift around, although the tied up limbs would probably get sore after a while. This was what execution exhibits were more or less for.

Next one over was more lively - it was torture again. This was the good old classic, flogging, with a variety of painful looking instruments. The girl here was, as Aria said were allowed to be, a primary schooler - a tiny thing with puffy blonde pigtails. This exhibit was also partially nude, but it was skirt that the girl kept on. Had an older girl been picked for this, her bottom would probably also be bare (and open for striking), but a primary schooler just had her back exposed to the visitors. She didn't wear a bra, of course - a girl this age had no need for one.

This was also an interactive exhibit. The attendant even let the visitors give one lash each, although he instructed them to be careful and gentle - you could do real damage there if you didn't know what you were doing! All the (surviving) girls would be given quality medical care afterwards, of course, but it was always better to minimize damage to begin with.

Nanette had heard from Aria that this one was also on the list for executions. It was possible to kill a person by lashing them all day at full force! It was one of the more painful ways to die, and unlike other execution exhibits, it didn't actually have a set time when it would happen. The attendant would just strike at full force all day (every time the visitors came up, that is - no need to make it too brief) and encourage the visitors to use full force, too. If the girl was still alive at the end of the day, then the event did happen - instead of giving her a few demonstrative lashes, the attendant would beat her continuously until she did die, usually of blood loss or shock.

The next ones after this were again hard to see from Nanette's position - she wasn't supposed to move around a lot, after all - so she shifted back to watching the first four. Aria's was pretty boring, but she was her friend; the wooden horse was probably something Nanette could stare at all day, and hanging could actually end up being real if the attendant were careless. Of course, if something like that happened, the girl would probably just be cut down and administered first aid, but it was fun to imagine. And of course, the pear was always an attraction - every time the girl noticed Nanette was looking at her, she'd ask the attendant to hold a demonstration again, although she was supposed to rest in between visitor groups.

Quite a few of these tortures could actually cause permanent damage - all the risks were listed on the leaflets the girls were supposed to familiarize themselves with before coming to an audition. For the more risky ones, often much fewer girls would actually show up for the audition than signed up initially, having realized that they were not up for that after all. With the exhibits held twice every year, all students usually had a pretty good idea of how brutal and painful the tortures would be, but those who didn't have a special interest in medicine could generally not predict the consequences - other than the obvious ones, when the tortures straight up were mutilations. There wasn't allowed to be more than one like that every year, though.

Even the exhibits that didn't include much pain in themselves were usually very uncomfortable to be in all day. There were only two or three pee breaks allowed all day, and while the girls were always given a lot to drink, they were not fed. And of course, most exhibits meant you were supposed to hold the same position all day, and it was usually not comfortably lounging around.

Nanette herself started feeling discomfort pretty soon. She tried to shift a bit, and in part she succeeded, but her hands were still tied up behind her back, and she couldn't move her head a lot, nor was there a lot of leg room under the quite real wooden stump. If she sagged back, the axe would press onto her neck, and shifting forward would cause her neck to be stretched uncomfortably. And it's barely been a couple of hours, too! Or even just an hour? There was a wall clock in the room, but as it happened, it was just behind Nanette's back. She wasn't gagged - some of the girls were - so she could possibly ask the attendant to tell her the time when there was no-one right next to her, but she decided not to. It felt more fun when she was stuck timeless and time felt like eternity.

This was the last eternity of her life, too, the thought came. The end of this discomfort would be not release and relaxing, but her death. If she lost track of time, she could end up being reminded of it by having her head cut off...

This wasn't entirely true. There was a window in the wall opposite Nanette, and she knew the exhibit ended after dark. As long as it was bright outside, she still had a lot of time; but she couldn't see the sun nor the shadows very well, so what time of day it was was a mystery.

This was where she would die. This was the last stretch of her life, the last position she took. The peanut butter and jelly sandwish she ate this morning was her last meal. Granted, she made it already thinking that - but only just now did it really sink in.

Last day. Last position. Last view - and quite a pleasant view it was. The girl on the wooden horse found some irregularity in the surface and cut her labia; while the attendant turned away for a moment to pick up medical supplies to patch the cut, she rocked back and forth to make it as big as possible. Nanette supposed different kinds of pain distracted from each other and were more bearable. She regretted, in retrospect, that she didn't ask to try the horse during the rehearsals - quite a few girls did, and those weren't their last chances!

Last chances. Everything Nanette hadn't gotten to try until now, would never happen. She'd never travel, she'd never get married. She'd never graduate. Never try foods or see sights or get experiences.

Nanette never did have set feelings for her future. With her parents, any ideas for her life after graduation only ever felt like fleeting non-serious dreams. It was nice to think it could be possible, but it was like thinking about learning to fly or going to Mars - entirely removed from her actual plans and understanding of herself.

This gave her present experience of preparing for death a special dream-like quality. Not even graduation was real anymore, not even tomorrow. Her future cut off sharply at the end of the day, and Nanette found the idea to be surprisingly relaxing. There was literally nothing to be anxious over; even her acting perfomance until then, she'd forgiven herself in advance for botching. She wouldn't get to experience consequences of anything ever, other than the consequence of the decision to agree to the exhibit, anyway. She felt detached and light, like a feather.

She looked at the punk girl with the pain pear again and wondered leisurely if the girl's eagerness to perform for Nanette's gaze rather than give herself a rest would make a difference in her health afterwards. It probably would, Nanette decided, and every time she looked at her she'd hurt her. Those were consequences that would persist past Nanette's death... but they weren't really her responsibility. The punk girl's decisions were her own. If she wanted to hurt herself for Nanette, why wouldn't Nanette indulge her?

Hours trickled slowly by. Nanette refused to drink, preferring the parching dryness in her throat and lack of need for getting up. Other girls were not allowed to refuse like that, she saw, but they had their future health to care about, while Nanette's sensations now were sensations only. She was as good as dead already, and she was allowed to pick whatever she wanted to feel like until then.

Thirst was annoying, but it was still something she was in control of. She couldn't really refuse to be beheaded now - well, she probably could, but she WOULDN'T, and that was a certainity - but she could quench her thirst any moment, and every minute that passed without drinking was her own to prolong. She did shift around, allowing herself minor reliefs for stiff muscles, but thirst was there to stay. All the torture exhibit girls were suffering more than that right now, and Nanette was just joining in as best she could.

The time for the main event came up as suddenly as it could. Nanette had long forgotten to keep track of the light behind the window; well, she did stare out there from time to time, but she forgot to connect it to her own remaining lifetime entirely. This was blissed, disconnected, calm boredom, and she gave herself to it entirely.

Until there was a sudden sound from the announcement speaker that remained silent all day.

"All visitors of the exhibition, attention! The main exhibition event is to begin in five minutes!"

Nanette felt her heart quicken. This was it; five minutes left to live - what was there to begin or end, anyway? How long could hammering the axe into her neck last? A minute? Two? With how painful Nanette expected it to be, it might as well be eternity, but she'd really be dead the moment the axe first bit into her neck. That was the real point of no return - up until then, and even now, Nanette knew if she refused, she'd be allowed to. Nothing like that had ever happened, girls didn't get cold feet during the exhibition itself, but if it had, she knew they wouldn't hold her down forcibly.

They would as soon as the event actually started, though, as pain convulsions were not negation of consent. She just had five minutes to wait until the moment she couldn't refuse anymore, not even if she wanted.

The crowd gathering in the middle of the exhibition hall - who exactly would die was still not announced - was not as big as Nanette sort of expected it to be. The event would be broadcast live on TV screens all over the school, she recalled; the real crowds were probably there.

The attendants of their own exhibits, leaving their own charges for a bit, organized and arranged the people into a neat semicircle, some standing, some sitting: everyone would get a decent view. There still wasn't a formal announcement of who was to die, but Nanette was clearly at the center of the semicircle, and she was now the center of attention. Breaking the character for a moment, she gave the spectators the brightest smile she could manage: she wanted the recording of her death to have this on it, the undoubted proof that she was going in willingly and happily.

Finally, the speaker came alive again. It announced Nanette's full name, age, class, then shifted into the description of history of beheading in general and this method in particular. Nanette, who already knew all that, tuned it out, instead concentrationg on producing the best fear grimaces possible and 'struggling' in a way that would still hold her in place.

Finally, the announcement was over, and along with the silence, the lights came off. There were just a couple of lights shining right into Nanette's eyes; she winced for a moment, then transformed it into an expression of fear, again.

There was a sound of hammer, and Nanette felt sharp pain in her neck.

This was it. From how on, she was dead.

Despite pain, she managed to hold still. One, two, she counted, silently; on three, there was another blow.

She did not feel her body anymore. She wasn't sure if this was because of her spine being severed or because she was that high on pain. She could still think almost clearly - she remembered where she was, what was happening, what death was. Her perception of the outside world was getting cloudy, though; she knew intellectually there were people in front of her, but even if she tried, she couldn't concentrate on making out the shapes. The darkness everything but her was entrenched in wasn't helping.

The sounds felt quiet, too.

The pain was also fading away. The last thought the girl had, as her head was already rolling down from the stump into the specially prepared basket, was:

"I thought this would hurt more"


Tune in next time for more adventures in the Boarding School of Weird!


Part 1 of the next story! Wow, I'm on a roll today...

Story 2

Mariam, the dark-braided Asian girl who'd hooked up with Nanette after she failed her audition, felt restless after the exhibition.

She was one of the people who came to watch Nanette's death live, although she stood to the side so Nanette hopefully wouldn't notice her. There was no visible reaction from Nanette, so Mariam assumed she succeeded.

And Nanette really did look... happy. She was a pretty crappy actress, but that only made the point all the more convincing for Mariam. She'd looked at other exhibits during the day, too, and even the best actresses among them sometimes let slip that they were enjoying themselves a lot - and when Mariam seeked out a few of them who were obviously in most real pain and talked to them after the exhibition, they were fully satisfied with their choices.

Mariam wasn't envious of them, no - all right, she was a bit. Until recently, she hadn't even been visiting those exhibits, finding them distasteful and incomprehensible. It was only last year that she found it in herself to actually come to see one... and found it oddly compelling.

She was annoyed by that. In her pragmatic worldview, wanting to be tortured and/or killed didn't make any sense. And yet...

She signed up for the audition for the most innocent, painless, obviously fake exhibit the next year. And when it turned out to be real, she chickened out.

Nobody even learned about it. It was considered in bad taste to track and gossip about who signed up and auditioned for what, and even if someone did get curious and notice, Mariam would never learn about it.

She was one on one with herself in knowing what she refused, and she was one on one with herself in slowly starting to understand she regretted her refusal.

Like Nanette - they'd discussed it - she didn't really have any specific plans for the future. There were things she was good at, and she figured she'd make do with them, but overall, she had a fairly ambivalent attitude to growing up. She knew many of her peers feared eventually growing old and sagged and sick, but that wasn't Mariam's worry. Being a successful cool old lady was one of the few things she was settled on when she was imagining herself in the future.

Future that she might throw away on a whim, and the thought of that oddly excited her.

As the next exhibition approached, rumors started flowing around the school. Apparently this next one was to be special; no-one quite knew the occasion, but someone overheard someone else mentioning in passing that secretly maybe there were preparations for making all lethal exhibits real!

The reactions to that among student body were mixed. There were many who enjoyed watching their fellow students suffer and die but didn't want to participate themselves - those were unabashedly excited by the idea. There were those who liked to expose themselves at the exhibition, but would never really consider dying for it - those were mostly disturbed. There were those who thought that killing too many at the same time might desensitize people to it and create a slippery slope.

There were those who decided to definitely not audition that half-year.

There were those who were especially eager to.

Normally, the exhibits were not announced in advance, just posted on the board one day for the students to sign up and audition for. This time, however, there was a school-wide announcement, repeated in each class and then the next day, so nobody would miss their memo.

It wasn't just that all executions would be real. It was that every torture exhibit would end up with an execution - some of them continuing naturally from the torture (like lashing), some of them switching up entirely, although most would be thematically connected (for example, water torture would end in drowning).

The lists were posted the next day. This time each one was double - you signed up for a torture + execution pair at once.

Mariam stood at the list, pen on the ready, almost ready to write her own name in but hesitating. She looked around. As usual, quite a few girls came just to gawk and evidently had no intention of signing up to begin with. Some looked over the lists, found nothing to their tastes and forced their way through the crowd away. Some, like Mariam, stood in doubt, their pens on the ready. Unlike the regular exhibitions, where you wouldn't even know if you'd be asked to die until in private later, this sign-up felt like committing to something - at the very least, you were announcing your desire to die painfully.

A girl put her hand on Mariam's shoulder. She turned; it was Aria. They'd made quick friends after Nanette's death, bonding easily over how sexy they found her snuff film. They didn't come to fuck after all, but they were very intimate.

"Thinking about it?" Aria smiled.

Mariam hadn't confided in her her doubts about possibly wanting to be snuffed, but perhaps her clumsy avoidance of what was a pretty usual topic for students of this school to discuss was telling enough in itself.

"Did you sign up?" the girl shot the question back instead.

"Thinking about it," Aria glanced at the board. "All that I'd really want to be my last are very popular. You'd probably get chosen easily for any one you pick, but me - for one, they'll probably refuse to pick me for anything requiring lower body nudity. Respectability politics my ass!"

Mariam nodded. It wasn't common knowledge among the students that Aria was trans, and she wasn't hasty to come out to new acquaintances - she confirmed to Mariam that Nanette died not knowing - but it was in the gossip mill, and to those who demonstrated their knowledge of it she wasn't shy to confide her annoyances.

"If you sign up for a popular one, you'll still have a chance," Mariam pointed out. "They'll probably want someone with experience for this event, and you've gotten in nearly every time you tried out, havne't you?"

"Yeah..." Aria sized up the board with a glance again. "I guess I'll try, yeah. You?"

Mariam closed her eyes for a moment.

"This is going to be the stupidest thing I've done in my entire life," she informed Aria.

She would definitely be picked if she signed up, she knew. Perfectly healthy, athletic, pretty - perhaps not entirely mainstream beauty, but most girls who were interested in girls period in this school made advances to her at some point, and it was pretty common knowledge that people actually WOULD pay money for a snuff movie with Mariam in it. She also was pretty successful in drama club for a couple of years before dropping out because of interpersonal conflicts.

Yeah, not all the reason most of the school would have loved to watch her die was that she was attractive. Quite a bit of it was also due to her unanny ability to antagonize people with just a couple of sentences. Mariam didn't exactly try intentionally and revel in it, but - well, she didn't care. And unless a person came up to her with a specific complaint that Mariam would accept as not petty, she didn't apologize for offences caused.

She was the sort of person whose death people would want to masturbate to and, as mentioned, it was common knowledge. There was already buzz around her as people in the crowd started noticing her being there.

She briefly considered walking away just to spite them. This would be a stunt exactly to her taste; but then again, she most likely wouldn't get a chance like this another time, and throwing away chances out of spite was not Mariam's style.

She walked up to the board, chose one of the most popular lists - just to annoy the biggest amount of people with her choice was one of the contributing motives - and put her name down.

Aria put her name down on the one right next to it, turned to Mariam, smiled brightly, took her hand and pushed their way out of the all-increasing - a lot of people wanted to just watch the sign-ups this time, apparently - crowd.


A little social commentary this time! And yes I'm going to tease y'all with not knowing what Mariam picked :P

There is this trope of specifically torturing and killing a defiant and strong-willed girl, to the enjoyment of people annoyed by her attitude. I do have a weakness for it, but I absolutely despise the usuall "break the haughty" twist. Nay, have it be her last 'fuck you', an entirely self-indulgent and ironically altruistic act of getting off on other people getting off on her demise. It can be sexy to think of other people masturbating to your death ;)


I love this story so far! Great writing! Thank you.


I hoped someone got to fuck Nanette as she was beheaded, like in some of e50gun's works (see www(dot)pixiv(dot)net/member.php?id=5219409).

Oh well. Good job with the worldbuilding.


Oh, what I meant is how it all makes perfect sense for the characters.
I guess I tried to convey about the same idea PsychoAiko did, but failed miserably :-)
And in the second part I especually liked the part where the imminence of her death made Nanette feel relaxed as she didn't have to worry about anything anymore.
I'll proceed to reading the second story tonight.


Great story. I love the universe you set up. I cant wait for more. I just have one request. Could you give us a flash back of Nanette's beheading from the perspective of someone in the crowd. Maybe her friend? I love it when bodies convulsions after the head is taken off


@ the first anon: THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING

@ the second anon: alas nope. This is all about the girl herself, anything done with her body without her knowledge is not related to the point at all, and I like to keep this universe as pure as possible, only adding in porn logic where it caters to MY kink. I'm selfish like that XD

@ Aoi Hikari: well I mean there's still a lot of fudging and porn logic which I'm very aware of XD I know exactly which places I am not going. But apart from my realism hangups, THANKS ^^
I'm glad someone appreciated specifically the relaxation part. I kind of focused on it for a while myself there and hoped to get it across in the narrative... the sense of finality, not in a doom doom horror sense, but in a relief and release sense ^^

@ the last anon: hm! As you can see, I've already done the 'pick up the perspective of a new character with their feelings on an already described snuff' thing here once, and I think this could be worked into a perspective of someone whose desire to be snuffed had to do with involuntary movements... heh. I mostly just write these stories very seat-of-my-pants, stitching together previous ideas as they come to me, but this idea is added into the roster!


> I absolutely despise the usuall "break the haughty" twist.
I'm with you on that, so appreciate you taking a different approach.

The cliffhanger is totally intriguing too. But apart from a question what have Mariam picked, I'm also wondering why have the rules of the exhibition changed this year. Might it be a special event for school's anniversary, or is it a permanent change of rules that reflects a shift in sosciety that have now learned to appreciate death and torture as fun and art?


We'll see ^^

Actually, I want to ask for input on tortures&executions people would want to see in this format. I have mostly settled on Mariam's, and I have more ideas, but I want to write more and more stories in this world, and I don't want to repeat myself...


Well, I'd definitely like to see a hanging (preferred fetish of mine).

Though you could also mix it up and combine it with something else, like, say, dismemberment - cut off the arms and legs and watch the limbless torso hang to death.

Also, you could do a medieval twist on the Firing Squad execution, by having a girl shot to death with arrows.


A real crucifixion would be a good exhibition cause it includes torture and death (scourging and nailed to the cross)



Alas, I'm not working on it at the moment, but I haven't forgotten and haven't abandoned it. The more ideas I get here the more likely inspiration is to strike early :o


More ideas, huh?

Well, you could do a Seppuku, though technically that's more suicide than execution, though it does still kinda fit, since conventional seppuku always had someone there to lop the 'victim's' head off.

Impaling's always a decent possibility.

And you could always do bisection, horizontal or vertical.


Bump in hope of an update, and to keep from losing this. :D


I came


Unconfident bump


I have some continuation and some inspiration for more, but my laptop where it's saved doesn't work right now. Thanks for believing in me, I hope it gets fixed within a month )=


a bit of an update long overdue >_> my laptop's hard disk had died, and with it died the already-written part of the story. It's annoying because I liked that one and don't want to rewrite it... but I do like this universe, so bump ^^ the hopes are there


Bump in hope of seeing more of this someday.


Thanks for bumping or I would have missed this entirely.
I've been a fan of the original art series for a long time, and I'm actually kinda surprised I haven't seen a written adaptation like this before.
Very good stuff so far, and I'm looking forward to the possible continuation too!
Hm, as for execution ideas... how about some animal slaughter style ones like gutting/evisceration or a bolt stunner? Maybe being hung upside down and having the throat slit? I also support some previous suggestions like hanging and seppuku.






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