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This is my first attempt at something remotely resembling a story, so my apologies if its not perfectly readable, or very fap-worthy. One of the reasons I wrote this is that the only other story that really 'clicked' with me was Madame Butterfly, and the lack of other stories based around seppuku. Anyway, rant over, hope you all enjoy the story, and please leave feedback, or any corrections, or just take the story and rework it if you want, I'm fine with anything really.


The chirping of birds, the sound of leaves gently rustling in the wind, the annoying buzz of an alarm clock.

"Oh come on," Laura groaned.

Eyes still shut, she flailed her arms in an attempt to silence the alarm clock, eventually managing to land a hit; setting it to snooze. It was 6:30 AM, and on a Monday to boot. Yet another boring, and long week of high school lay ahead of her. The only motivation she had left at this point was that it would all end soon - she was in her final year, after which she could get a job, maybe go university, or take a break from it all, and travel.

"Just a few more weeks of this bullshit," she thought, slowly dragging herself out of bed.

Laura moved towards the window, and opened the curtains. The gentle morning sun shone down through the window, irritating her sharp, green eyes. Despite the discomfort, the view from her window never failed to amaze her. Living in the outskirts of a small hilly town in Japan did have its advantages such as the gorgeous view and surprisingly friendly and welcoming inhabitants.

Sadly, this was all overshadowed by numerous political and cultural factors. After suffering a crushing defeat in the Second World War, Japan went back to being a very isolated nation, only recently opening up to the rest of the world. In fact, the only foreigners to live here were the ones who stayed throughout the duration of the war, such as her grandparents. They used to tell her stories of how things were before the war, how much more relaxed everything was, and how Japan now, was really just a shadow of its former self.

In short, the fall of the emperor did not lead Japan towards a modern form of government. Wealthy, and influential families saw this as an opportunity for a hostile takeover, and now form a fair, albeit ruthless ruling caste, following a more extreme form of Bushido. One, where even girls were expected to be ready to commit ritual suicide should they bring shame to themselves, their family, or their nation.

Yet none of this bothered Laura, to her, the thought of disemboweling herself did seem unpleasant, however the way she was raised, and taught, it was preferable to living a life of shame and dishonor.

Laura let out a long, drawn out yawn, as she stretched; her belly peeking out from under her shirt. Before long, she was ready to get dressed, eat breakfast and head off to school.

"God, I hate the summer uniform, too damn skimpy," she mumbled, as she was dreading wearing the cropped sailor shirt, and short, hip-hugging skirt.

While she may have hated wearing it, she did look stunning in it - the navy blue uniform contrasted beautifully with her long red hair. The uniform also showed off her assets quite well - her supple breasts looked at least a size bigger, and the skirt was just short enough for lucky passers-by to get a look at her gorgeously plump thighs.

She gently stroked her belly as she slid the shirt on. Letting out a sigh, she moved her hand towards her navel, slowly sticking her middle finger into her oval belly hole. If there was one thing she liked about the uniform, it was the easy access to her, and her classmates belly's and navels.

To an outsider, having such an outfit be a school uniform would appear quite shocking, however there is a clear purpose to all this. If a student is to fail, break school rules, or bring shame to the school, they are expected to commit public seppuku at the morning assembly, or in extreme cases, be held down, and disemboweled by a classmate to forcefully restore ones honor.

"Laura! Breakfasts ready!" A familiar voice resounded. It was Laura's mom.

"Coming!" Laura replied, pulling her finger out of her belly button, and making her way downstairs.


Laura walked into the assembly hall, looking for her classmates, or homeroom teacher. Eventually finding where her class was supposed to sit, she took a seat next to her girlfriend, Maya. They smiled at one another, as during assembly, talking was strictly prohibited, and neither one of them wanted to suffer the consequences of insubordination.

Following a long-winded and generally pompous and annoying speech by the headmaster, 4 students who failed their mid-terms were called up to the podium.

"These 4 students have brought shame to themselves, and to our school. They have failed not one, but all of their subjects in the mid-terms. I have personally informed their parents, and with their consent they are to commit seppuku before us. Let this be a lesson to those who shirk their duties so callously!"

There was complete silence in the assembly hall. Everyone could have heard a pin drop.

"My name is Asami Nakamura, I am in year 2, class 2A" One of the condemned stated, her voice trembling.

She knelt down, tears in her eyes, and bowed down, as if praying for mercy and forgiveness. She would get none. Her homeroom teacher brought a dagger, and a large bowl, placing the two in front of the frightened girl.

The lithe girl sat back up, looking at the bowl and dagger. A chill ran down her spine. She knew what was expected of her. She knew it would not be a quick death. She knew there was no getting out of it. Her right hand reached out towards the dagger, grasping it tightly. With her left, she massaged her belly. Trying to find the perfect spot to thrust the dagger in, so as not to injure her intestines while disemboweling herself.

She found it, the place where the dagger would enter. Slowly bringing the dagger over, she looked up at her schoolmates, and her teachers one more time, as if she expected a reprieve. All she received were blank stares, and bored expressions. This was enough to push her over the edge. She lowered her eyes once more, and thrust the dagger into her belly with full force.

Laura, meanwhile, was quite enjoying the view. She always fancied Asami's belly, and now she would get to see her cut it open. Then, rather unexpectedly, Maya brought her finger to Laura's navel, thrusting it in, hard. The two looked at one another, and smiled. She was really going to enjoy this.

She let out a low grunt, as she felt the cold steel pierce her belly, cutting through the muscle, and fat. Her breathing grew more erratic, and her right hand trembled, shaking the dagger which caused even more discomfort. Her eyes now shut tight, she began to pull the dagger across. She could feel her skin tear, her muscles split, and her entrails push outwards as she reached the halfway mark, right below her navel.

The pain was unbearable, yet somehow she did not scream. Her lips bled from how hard she was biting down, yet it still did not distract her from the searing pain in her midsection. The dagger now started to grow heavy. Was it from the pain? The blood loss? She didn't know, nor did she care to find out. Gathering what strength she had left, she grabbed the dagger with her left hand, and tore open her stomach completely. The dagger now sat close to her right hip, a perfect horizontal cut.

From the spectators perspective, it looked almost as if her stomach had a mouth, with a sickening bloody red smile.

She pulled the dagger out. Her head hurt, her sight, blurry. Yet her ordeal was not over. She leaned far back, using her arms as supports. The headmaster then moved towards the girl, and knelt down beside her.

"You have done well, you have restored honor to yourself, and to our school," he whispered softly.

He then plunged his hand into her mutilated belly, grasping a handful of her guts. She barely managed to hold her scream, and her pose. The pain was horrid. Even worse, was the sickening feeling of having her guts torn out of her split belly.

Once the headmaster had pulled out enough of her intestines to fill the bowl placed in front of the girl, he took the dagger, and stabbed her right below her left breast, into her heart.

Asami felt a strange sensation as he stabbed her. It felt strangely pleasant, and cold. The pain started to fade, as did everything else. Her last thoughts, were of her family, and hoping that her suicide would restore their honor.

I'll continue the story a bit later while I figure out how to deal with the other 3, and as stated previously, feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Looks promising.


Definitely liked this, though not all the seppuku sequences should be finished with a stab into the heart. You should have at least one or two where the ones committing seppuku have their heads chopped off.

Also, am I right in assuming that Laura and Maya will eventually find themselves committing seppuku together at some point?


Towards the end of the story, yes, Laura and Maya will commit seppuku together, though that's probably some ways away. I really do hope to keep this going for a while just to give people who are into the same thing as me some more content in what seems to be a fairly niche and hard to find category.

As for the other 3, I had something slightly different planned, (mainly involving slightly less consensual disembowelment of one of the 3 to spice things up), although there will definitely be traditional seppuku at some point(s) in the story.

Also, while this may not exactly be related to the story, check this out - - It's mostly male seppuku, but the artist does have a few with females, (very few sadly), and since I'm absolutely abysmal at drawing, I thought I might as well write something for those of us more interested in women, (a lot of the ideas for how the girls in this story will commit seppuku will probably come from his art).


Thinking about it now, and seeing as I'm free, I might as well continue the story, (and describe how Maya looks a bit more, as we'll be seeing a lot more of her from now on).

This wasn't the first time Laura and Maya had witnessed this before. Death played a normal part in everyday life here in their school, and while many tried to ignore it, some vocally opposed it, they quite enjoyed it. Seeing these girls willingly, (sometimes not so willingly), split open their midsections, tear their guts out or have them torn out for them, was the peak of eroticism.

"Thanks for the show Asami, I won't be forgetting this anytime soon," Laura thought, her underwear already drenched with the 'show' not even being close to over. "Isn't that the captain of the baseball team?"

She was right. Up next was her schools pride and joy, Naoki Hara. The average tomboy, save for her rather well-toned feminine figure. What surprised not only Laura, but everyone else, was that under her the school baseball team had won multiple trophies, and she was planning to go pro once she had finished her studies. She was the school's pride and joy, and yet, she was kneeling before them, waiting her turn to disembowel herself. What was even more surprising, was just how eager she seemed to kill herself; already probing her flat belly for that sweet spot where the dagger would go.

The principal returned to the center of the podium, hands still bloody from disemboweling the previous condemned student.

"It is with great sadness, that the next student who has brought shame upon us all, is one who I, no, we had expected nothing but perfection from. Failure is not to be tolerated, no matter what your past achievements may be. I can only hope her death today can restore her honor"

As the principal turned away from the crowd, and was on his way to clean his hands, Naoki spoke.

"Sir, I would like to make a request". He entertained her with a nod, and she continued. "I would like to make a cross-cut, starting at my navel; and after disemboweling myself, I request no assistance, I want to endure as long as possible to restore my honor".

He smiled, replying once more with a simple nod.

She turned back to face her schoolmates. Some, looked in shock, some with tears in their eyes, but all eyes were on her.

"Lets give them something to remember," she thought, moving her right hand towards the dagger, as she probed her deep, round navel with her free hand.

Arching her back, so the others could get a better view, she brought the dagger to her navel, placing the tip right against the pit. A chill ran down her spine as she felt the sharp steel point rubbing against the core of her sensitive belly button. An impending sense of doom, if you will. With a deep breath, she began to push the dagger slowly in, feeling her skin, her flesh begin to tear, as blood began to trickle out of her navel. To her surprise, it did not hurt anywhere near as much as she had thought it would, and with a little more effort, the dagger had fully punctured her belly button. She paused, as she mentally prepared herself for the next step - pulling the dagger up as high as it can go.

Maya looked at Naoki, barely managing to hide her excitement and arousal. Seeing the captain pause, her gaze turned to her own body. She looked down to her soft belly, and deep, horizontal innie. "That dagger would slide right in here," she thought, as she licked her finger, and slid it into her belly button. She was somewhat glad her physique was on the soft side, as it gave her navel a unique look when she was seated, or bent over. One thing that did annoy her, especially now that she was trying to focus on her navel, was her large breasts. A size bigger than Laura, though shorter, she was the textbook definition of a shortstack. Hearing a grunt come from the podium, she quickly turned her eyes back towards Naoki.

It started to hurt. A lot. Not surprising really, she was after all cutting up along her midriff. One would generally expect that to cause at the very least, some general discomfort. As she managed to wiggle the knife past the scar tissue of her belly button, she hit the soft and easy to cut flesh of her upper belly. Blood began to pour out of the massive gash. Naoki's breath grew short, as she felt sick if she breathed in too deep. Her lips trembled, as her insides began exerting pressure on the cut.

Her midriff was turned from an attractive and well defined part of her body, into a large, profusely bleeding gash. However, despite the bleeding, she knew she would last at least another hour, even after she finished the cross-cut. Pulling the knife out, she placed it back into what was left of her navel, this time with the cutting edge facing to the left. She tried to pull the knife to the left, only to encounter severe resistance from what was left of her belly button scar tissue. She grit her teeth, grabbed the dagger with both hands, and to everyone, the principal included, shock, she began to twist the dagger inside her belly button wildly, tearing it apart. With that obstacle out of the way, she cut neatly to her left.

Laura watched in amazement. She slipped a hand down her skirt. There was no way she was going to hold back, public or not. Still, some caution was generally worthwhile, so she looked around quickly. To her surprise, she found that quite a few others had beat her to it. Even her homeroom teacher was busy trying to discretely pleasure herself. If her teacher was doing it, then she decided to throw all caution out the proverbial window. She quickly opened her bag, grabbed the nearest pen, pushed Maya out of her navel, and shoved the pen in instead. With the other hand, she slid her middle and index fingers into her pussy. She was going to enjoy the show to its fullest.

Naoki, on the other hand, was preparing for the final cut. She would cut downwards, almost to her groin. The pain was starting to get to her, but she persevered. With the dagger once again being placed in what was left of her navel, cutting edge facing down; she threw her head back as she pushed the dagger downwards. A red cross was now clearly visible in her belly. Her guts which were already well on their way out, now began to erupt. She barely managed to hold them together for her to pile into the bowl placed in front of her. Once the bowl was filled, she grabbed a loop of her intestines, pulled her panties down, and started rubbing her clit with them. The sensation was odd, to say the least, yet the mix of pain and pleasure drove her to orgasm almost instantly. Taking it further, she shoved the entrails into her vagina, using them as a makeshift dildo. As orgasm after orgasm washed over her, she lost her strength, and balance, and fell face first into her own guts. She didn't get up.

"That was, certainly different," The principal announced, attempting to regain his composure after such a unique display. "I am sure that after the death of Naoki, many of her teammates, fans and friends would like to follow her in death. However, keep in mind that you must first submit a seppuku request form directly to me, with your parents or guardians signature for it to be validated, and accepted. Now then, next is..."

The principal was interrupted by something rather unexpected. The girl who was up next, Haruko, was charging at him, dagger in hand. She was a junior member of the kendo club, a petite, timid, and quiet girl.

"Die, you fat pig!" Haruko yelled, her battle-cry echoing through the hall.

Seeing this as a chance to save herself, the girl who was to commit seppuku last, Kasumi, one of Laura and Maya's classmates, and a member of the schools athletics club, quickly charged the crazed dagger-wielding student. She quickly caught up, tackling Haruko, and bringing her down in the nick of time, saving the principal from receiving a dagger to the throat.

"Someone, help her restrain this lunatic!" The principal yelled out, clearly distressed by this near-death experience.

As if expecting a scene such as this, two security guards rushed over, handcuffs at the ready. Once they had properly restrained Haruko, the principal walked over to her, and knelt down, looking her straight in the eyes.

"Killing me would have done nothing, but bring your whole family to ruin. It would not have saved your life, nor your honor. I will leave your execution to Kasumi, seeing as she saved my life despite being sentenced to death by me. Consider yourself lucky to still have the opportunity to be disemboweled." He snarled, then turned to Kasumi, "Thank you. I owe you my life, and for this, I will pardon your failure this time. However, let this be a lesson to you, not to allow yourself to get behind in your studies!"

It was unheard of to pardon a student, however, considering the circumstances, it seemed like a wise choice. After all, there would be no one to stop Kasumi from killing him should she so desire now. The security guards responded far too slowly, and they were now busy flirting with the teachers backstage. That was definitely going out of their paycheck.

Haruko was bawling. She didn't want to die. She even submitted a doctors note, stating she was ill during the mid-terms. How could this have happened to her? She wasn't by any means a brilliant student, but she always passed all of her courses, by a comfortable margin to boot. Alas, it was not to be, her fate was no sealed. Her upperclassman was to disembowel her in front of everyone. The only thing she looked forward to now, was the sweet embrace of death. Yet, to her surprise, Kasumi's lips met hers, their tongues now intertwined. Her eyes shot open, only to see her schoolmates face. Their lips soon parted.

"Just try to relax, and don't think about what's coming. Just lose yourself in the moment," Kasumi whispered, as she lightly nibbled on Haruko's ear.

Kasumi soon moved down to her neck, gently nibbling and licking her way down. Her tongue, now lapping the sweat off of the petite girls midriff, as it moved down towards it's target. The 'T' shaped innie was soon assaulted by Kasumi's cold, wet tongue. The strange sensation of having her navel tongue-fucked was overwhelming for Haruko, who barely managed to contain her moans. Kasumi's tongue pounded her captives navel like a piston, relentless, almost mechanical, yet she herself was greatly enjoying this experience. Swirling her tongue around, tasting the sweet, sweaty belly button of the condemned, she herself was getting quite aroused. However, it could not last forever. She was supposed to disembowel the girl, not rape her navel. After a final swirl and thrust, she withdrew her tongue.

"I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to cut your tummy open now," Kasumi chirped. Moving behind Haruko, and pulling her towards herself. Kasumi rubbed her belly along Haruko's back, as she reached for the dagger. With her free hand, she gently turned Haruko's head towards hers.

"Don't look, don't turn away. Just keep kissing me, and I promise it won't feel that bad".

The girls locked lips once more. Kasumi moved her hand away from Haruko's face, instead putting it down her skirt, as she started to finger-fuck her. Kasumi pushed her belly against Haruko's back, causing her to bend back slightly, better angling Haruko's belly for disembowelment. She slid the dagger in, close to Haruko's left hip. No response, well, a bit of a twitch, but not much else. It amazed her just how easily the dagger went in. For a girl who did kendo, Haruko was surprisingly soft, squishy, even. She steadily began to saw to the right with the dagger, making steady progress as Haruko's belly began to open up.

Laura and Maya both watched in utter amazement. In fact, everyone did. This was not something that happened every day. This, quite literally, never happened before in this school. Laura would have to get the recording of this. She absolutely, had to have it. Luckily, she was good friends with the student council member in charge of archiving these events. While it was strictly forbidden to share these videos, Laura managed to amass quite a large collection of her favorite seppuku sessions. Quite a dangerous thing to hoard, but Laura didn't care. The risk was worth it.

Haruko pulled away from the kiss, struggling to breathe. It hurt so much, but at the same time, it felt incredibly erotic. The sensation of the dagger slowly sawing her tummy open, Kasumi's skillful fingers, and until recently, their long, drawn out kiss kept pushing her to orgasm after orgasm.

"H-harder. Cut, harder," Haruko whispered.

Not entirely sure what Haruko was trying to say, Kasumi slipped another finger into her pussy, and also slowed down the pace at which she was sawing her partners belly, focusing more on the in-out movement of the dagger. This clearly worked, as Haruko came to a much more explosive orgasm than before. The pleasure and pain combined were too much for Haruko to handle. She moaned, and moaned. The assembly hall sounded less like a place for honorable suicide, and more like a film set for a cheesy porn flick. Eventually, the dagger reached its end. Haruko's belly was now split open. Not wanting to end there, Kasumi decided to pleasure her new-found friend a bit more before ending it all. She pulled the dagger out, and placed it on Haruko's navel.

Haruko, who was in a masochistic trance, mumbled, "Fuck my, belly button; fuck it, make it, bleed".

Kasumi obliged. She slowly pushed the dagger in, piercing her navel, before starting to move it in and out. Blood now began to ooze out of Haruko's navel, pouring into the massive horizontal gash across her lower belly. The movement of the knife started to cause Haruko's entrails to get pushed out of her lower belly, with blood as a lubricant. The poor girl cried out, a mix of pleasure and pain, and just as suddenly as she was brought to yet another orgasm, she twitched once, and went limp. Blood loss, shock, and no doubt numerous other factors brought upon her rather sudden death, though there was no doubt in anyone's mind; Haruko died happy, and she died with honor. The latter, however was up for debate, after everyone was finished pleasuring themselves and what not.

Bit of a long update, but I had a bit more time today, hence more content. The next update will have vanilla seppuku, and a few more interesting and very unconventional, (I can guarantee at least some of you will be surprised by how one of the girls opens up her belly next time), takes on this lovely and erotic form of suicide.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and, as usual, please do leave feedback on anything you liked/didn't like about the story, or just general ideas on how advance the story.



Definitely enjoyed. :)

Looking forward to the next one, and all that comes after. :D


With the assembly now over, classes could now begin as intended. The normalcy of the lessons was quite a stark contrast compared to the assembly. If one did not attend the assembly, or simply came to visit afterwards, they would be greeted by what appeared to be a perfectly normal, functional school in a small town in the Japanese countryside.

"Oi, Maya, what did you get for question 3? I can't figure out how to do this damn differential," Kasumi whispered. She wasn't the only one. The teacher set a few questions for the students to do while she prepared the next lesson. In fact, a low murmur could be heard in the room, with students helping each other out. It was quite a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

"For the 5th time, just use the damn quotient rule, the teacher even wrote it on the board," Maya replied.

The maths class, and pretty much the rest of the day went by very quickly; with everyone either on their way to partake in club activities, or the students that didn't join any clubs, such as Kasumi, went home. It was a beautiful afternoon. Perfect for outdoor activities, yet Kasumi was soon to find out that this day was to be her last. When she got home, her parents were waiting for her in the living room.

"Hey mom, hey dad, why are you both home so early? Did something happen?" She asked, genuinely perplexed as to how they managed to get off work at 3.

"Kasumi..." Her mom said softly. "We received a call from your school. We are extremely proud of how you saved your principals life, however after discussing the matter with the rest of the staff, he requested that you commit seppuku in private,"

Her father had a blank expression. He said nothing.

Kasumi's heart sank. She felt a strange, tight sensation in her chest, as she began to tear up.

Her father finally spoke, "I will be your second. It is best to get it done now. Waiting will only make you feel even worse," his voice filled with sorrow.

As her father stood up, and went to get his katana, she hugged her mother for the last time. Her mother then took a hairband, tying her hair up, revealing the back of her neck - a target for her father to aim for. Her parents had already prepared a mat and dagger for her. She sat down, taking the dagger and placed the tip close to her left hip. Her mother watched with tears in her eyes, as Kasumi slowly pushed the blade into her stomach. She froze from the pain. Tears flowed freely, as she looked back up to her mother. Seeing her daughter frozen like this, she moved in to assist.

"Kasumi, look at me. Don't look down," she said, placing a hand over Kasumi's, as she jerked the dagger to her daughters right hip as hard as she could. Kasumi barely managed to hold back a scream. Her belly, her fit, flat tummy that she was so proud of, was now torn open. She felt a strange bloated sensation, and a searing pain along the wound. She bit her tongue, trying to hold back her tears, trying to stop herself from letting out a cry of pain.

"Kasumi, bend forward, and relax your belly. You need to let your intestines flow out," Her mother said, gently stroking her daughters cheek.

Kasumi obeyed, and with a sickening slop, her entrails began to gush out of the wound, now aided by gravity. She felt sick, as if she would puke, and worse still, as if she was on the verge of shitting herself. Luckily, her father was at the ready. All she needed to do, was raise her head slightly, giving him an easy target to aim for. Rather unluckily for her, her father was preoccupied with crying to be able to aim carefully. As he swung his sword, he managed to hit her shoulder, making a massive gash along her upper back. This time, she could not contain her screams. She let out a blood-curdling screech, as her father tried again. This time, he hit his mark, the katana slicing through her neck, cleanly beheading her. Her body twitched once, then went limp. Her head fell into a cradle of entrails. A gruesome, and undeserved end to a girl who had already redeemed herself.

The following day, Laura and Maya were shocked at Kasumi's absence. Their teacher only said that she had transferred to a different school, refusing to disclose any more information. Asking other students also lead them nowhere. No one had known what had happened to Kasumi. They refused to believe she had simply left without telling them, but they could do nothing about it just yet. They were still in school, and they still had to organize a class camping trip to a nearby river; something that Kasumi first suggested a few weeks back.

"So, who's bringing what again? Also, did everyone get permission from their parents?" Maya asked. She was always very careful at planning, and this event was no different. She would leave nothing to chance.

"My mom already got the food part sorted, so don't worry about that, but everyone does need to get permission. The last thing we want is someone being forced to commit seppuku for running away from home or some shit. Oh, and bring your swimsuits!" Laura added excitedly.

The others who were interested listened with some disinterest. They already got permission a while back, and many of them would bring snacks with them as an extra. The only thing left to do at this point was to just wait for the weekend and go, and honestly, the week couldn't end soon enough. Everyone was looking forward to this trip, this would be the best chance to go wild, do things they normally wouldn't be able to do, and best of all, find new, innovative ways to gut themselves.

"Oi, Ayase, stop checking out our asses and help us set the tents up!" One of the girls yelled out.

Ayase, who was completely blanked out, in her own little world, ignored her classmate. She was too busy probing her belly button with a twig to bother helping her friends. She loved the idea of disembowelment, but to her a dagger was taking the easy way out. The boring way out. There had to be more interesting ways one could do themselves in, right? As she was pondering this rather pointless topic, a brilliant idea struck her. After everyone ate, they were planning on playing truth or dare, and she remembered asking if any dare is fair game; even suicide. The answer? Yes, provided it was suicide by disembowelment. She would have a lot of fun tonight, whether its herself, or someone else who has to die, she could barely contain her excitement.

Laura's mom really went all out with the food. It took two people to carry the cool boxes she packed full of ready to barbecue meat and veg. The others, as agreed, brought drinks, some where even non-alcoholic. As for Ayase, she brought some of the camping equipment, and a camera to record the bloodshed that would no doubt occur later tonight.

Laura was completely smashed. She drank nearly half a bottle of whiskey. Maya had the other half. In their alcohol induced stupor, the two retreated to their tent for a night of wild, drunk, lesbian sex. The others, who were either sober, or too drunk to even move, stayed to play spin the bottle. Ayase, who didn't touch a drop of alcohol, was already planning out her colleagues, or possibly even her own suicide. She was more than prepared for it, if the circumstances arose.

"Alrighty, I'll spin first, 'kay?" Ayase chirped. She felt a familiar warmth in her loins. She spun the empty bottle of sake, eagerly awaiting to find out who her victim would be. It landed on, of all people, on the class president. A quiet, and stern girl, who could only be described as a traditional Japanese beauty. The class president twirled her long, jet black hair in her fingers.

"I choose dare," She announced, with a lax expression.

"Perfect. This couldn't get any better," Ayase thought. She also had the perfect, unique, way for the class president to gut herself.

"I dare you to disembowel yourself," Ayase said, pausing briefly before continuing, "without using a knife. I want you to gut yourself using a tree".

Without saying a word, the class president stood up, unbuttoned her shirt, baring her soft, pale belly, and knotted it up, just below her breasts. She looked around slowly, her mind racing to try and figure out just how she would manage to accomplish such a strange, and interesting dare. Then, something caught her eye. She moved to a large birch tree, noticing a stump left by a broken branch quite low down, around the same level as her crotch. The stump was about 3 inches long, and about an inch in diameter, with the end being horribly splintered and sharp. She knelt down, to get a closer look. Touching the tip, it felt sharp, but also fragile. No doubt she would get a bellyful of splinters if she was to simply ram her tummy onto the stump.

"Am I to split open my belly completely, or will a wound large enough for me to remove my bowels with be sufficient?" The class president asked, without a change in tone.

"As long as your guts are out, I couldn't care less," Ayase replied, readying her camera, and herself.

The class president stood up, and sized up the stump once more. She placed both hands on the tree, and brought her navel up to the sharp end of the stump. She began gyrating her hips, as the sharp splinters were slowly being shaped into a makeshift spearhead by her navel. Blood trickled out, as stray splinters punctured the soft, sensitive flesh near her belly button. She could now feel a prickling sensation in the pit of her navel. It was time. She stopped gyrating her hips, instead starting to slowly roll her belly, slowly pushing the stump into her stretched out belly button. Each time her she rolled her belly, the prickling sensation got more and more intense, eventually turning into a sharp, burning feeling. She moved her belly faster, and faster, as blood began to seep out of her belly button onto the soft forest floor below. She brought her belly back once again, and this time pushed with her hips, and pulled herself with her arms. She fully impaled her navel on the broken branch stump. Her breathing now erratic, her body covered in sweat. She looked towards Ayase, and smiled weakly. Gathering her strength, she jerked her body to the right as hard as she could. A horrendous sound, that of flesh tearing, and wood snapping was heard. The dried leftover branch now sat in her mutilated navel. She managed to slowly walk over to Ayase, dropping to her knees in front of her.

"Gut me," She said weakly, as she lay down, her hands behind her head, legs stretched out.

Ayase couldn't resist. She adjusted the camera, and quickly got down to business. She grabbed the piece of wood, now stuck in the class presidents belly button, and began moving it around. The class president twitched from pain. Not satisfied, Ayase pushed down, enticing a scream from the usually quiet and collected class president. She began moving the wood up and down, in and out. The squelching sounds of the class presidents guts as she did so only encouraging her to keep going, harder and faster. The class president was in a world of hurt; and only now regretting her decision to follow through with such an absurd request. However, it was too late for regret now, all that was left was to die with honor, to die disemboweled.

Ayase finally pulled out the wood from the class presidents navel, causing blood to surge out for a brief moment. She brought her head close to the wound, inspecting it carefully. She smiled, and looked up at the class president, before digging in. She started licking, biting and sucking on the torn flesh of her victims belly button. Her tongue lapped around the massive hole in the poor girls belly, as she sucked on a loop of entrails that had poked out. The sucking soon turned into biting. Then tearing. Ayase went berserk. She used her hands to rip open the wound, as she tore the class presidents guts out with her teeth. It was like a scene straight out of a horror film. The class president watched in silence, as her midsection was being torn to shreds. As luck would have it, Ayase managed to bit a bit too hard, puncturing the class presidents small intestine in her mouth, releasing its bile. She gagged.

"Oh god, what the fuck. Did I just get shit in my mouth?"

She left the class president, to rinse her mouth. The poor girl barely had the strength to move. She would be dead within the hour, most likely from severe blood loss. Sooner, if someone was merciful enough to end her suffering.

"P-please... Kill, me," She begged.

Her plea's for mercy, were not heard. The others had assumed she was dead. She was too far from the campfire to be clearly seen, and the forest was by no means quiet at night. She would suffer, and die alone. However, to her, she had upheld her honor. She took solace knowing that while she had suffered, and will still suffer for a while more, her death, her assisted suicide, was worth it.

Ayase meanwhile, had an itch in her belly only one thing could cure.

As promised, traditional seppuku, (with a slight twist), and a rather unconventional take on self-disembowelment, combining seppuku, belly-dancing, and a tree.

Next up, some high-tech hara kiri, courtesy of Ayase.


Wow, very nice. :)

Looking forward to the next one.

Also, if I might make a suggestion, perhaps a 'joint' seppuku, where two girls disembowel each other?


Good job. I was hoping the class president got to masturbate as she died, though.


I'm saving the double seppuku for Laura and Maya, seeing as that would be something like a grand finale. Until then, there's gonna be a few other interesting ways for these girls to off themselves.

As for the class president, I thought about having her masturbate while dying, but decided against it in the end. They're all indoctrinated to consider self or assisted disembowelment as a good thing, but not all of them should see it as something sexual, despite being willing to disembowel themselves on a whim.

A week passed since the class president committed suicide. Ayase grew more and more impatient. The itch in her intestines grew worse with each passing day. Ever since she saw the class president kill herself, with her assistance, she couldn't get the thought of disemboweling herself out of her mind. Yet today, her mind was at ease. She would finally be able to scratch that itch.

She walked into her basement, where she had made a very interesting machine, looking like a stretching rack, just with much more pointy bits and more wiring. What was even more impressive is that she managed to build this out of toy robot parts, fishing equipment, an old bed, and an Arduino chip. The way it functions was rather simple. When turned on, a system of pulleys would drag a gut hook knife up. Once the knife reaches its end point, the robot arm engages, angling the fishing line that the knife is mounted on, and the system begins to pull the knife back to its starting point. In theory, it should both split open her belly, from cervix to sternum, and then pull her guts out on the return trip. The only thing she was worried about, was whether the motors she was using to pull the line were strong enough, and whether the heavy duty line would snap, which would force her to finish the job herself.

She did a test run first - replacing the gut hook knife with a fake toy knife, which was similar in length. She lay down on the rack, adjusted the position of the toy knife, and immediately noticed a problem. The fishing line was stretching, and the knife would just harmlessly sit on her tummy.

"Guess I'll have to stab it in to get things going," She mumbled.

She continued the test, and even more problems began to arise. The knife was being pulled along its handle without any means of keeping it stable. There was nothing to stop it from going out of her belly once she stabbed it in, however there really was no quick fix for this issue. She would just have to deal with it.

Without hesitation, she replaced the toy knife with the real deal. She lay down, positioning herself in such a way that, if everything went as planned, the knife would bisect her belly button. She gazed down on her exposed belly. She was always self-conscious about her body image, however, given the circumstances she felt somewhat glad that she was somewhat chubby. There would be more to cut, more to feel, more to enjoy.

She readied herself. Right hand on the knife, the left, already rubbing her clit. She slid a finger in as she began to push the knife into her lower belly, savoring each moment. She loved the feeling of the sharp knife pushing against her skin; the sensation as it began to pierce through, as her flesh began to part before its hard, cold, steel edge. Then, the resistance was gone, she had punctured her belly. She fingered herself furiously, bringing herself to a wild, wet orgasm. Coming back to reality, she activated the machine. She felt pressure building, as the knife started to twitch, her flesh, being to stretch and tear. She heard a creak, and then another. The knife stayed still, but the pressure was still there. She heard a snap, and felt a searing pain across her chest, and belly. The braided fishing line had snapped, and lashed at her wildly. The knife twisted and dug into her as the line snapped, digging into her intestines. A horrid stench began to spread. Ayase was in shock. All of her planning, her calculations, amounted to a catastrophic failure.

"FUCK!" She screamed out in anger, as the massive influx of adrenaline masked the pain.

She grabbed the knife and began wildly twisting it, jabbing it in and out, ripping her tummy to shreds. Not satisfied with using a gut hook knife, she put a hand over the wound to keep her innards where they belong, and rolled off of the rack. She began to slowly crawl towards a very specific tool she had in mind. A 1 inch wide, hand held belt sander. It was one of her dads old tools. She used it a few times before, but hated how unwieldy it was. The motor was far too powerful for it, yet she saw it as the perfect tool to annihilate her belly. She started the motor. Placing the belt sander on the floor, she moved her hand off of her belly, letting her guts begin to spill as she impaled her wound on the tool. Not wasting a moment, she revved it up to the max. The engine roared, as did she. Unlike wood, or metal, you can't sand down flesh, you tear it. With a belt-sander, you practically liquefy it. A horrid dark reddish-brown goop began to cascade out of her mutilated stomach. She felt sick, incredibly sick. She couldn't stop herself from vomiting, and what came out was blood, and lots of it. She was quickly losing strength, but she wasn't done yet. She dropped onto the belt sander, letting it freely move around inside her, as it tore into her internal organs. She was shaking violently, further agitating the belt sander. Eventually, the tool simply stopped working, becoming too congested to function. By the time the belt sander stopped, she could no longer feel her legs. When she looked down, she saw why. Most of her mid-section was missing, or rather, was turned into goop in which she was lying in. She could even make out her spine, held loosely together with what little flesh remained.

"Fuck, that's not how I wanted to die," She thought, tears streaming down her face.

She felt no pain, all she felt was cold, and all she could hear was a strange ringing in her ears that got louder and louder with each passing second. Her eyesight was fading, as all turned black. She breathed her last, eyes still open, staring into the void.

Up next, setting up Laura and Maya's couple seppuku, (the story isn't ending in the next update, I'm just going to move the story along to a point where the two of them have to make an unpleasant choice).


Interesting, seeing what happened with Ayase.

Looking forward to the next update. :D


Dude, you are awesome!:3 Please, continue!


As a great fan of seppuku and general consensual, sexual gutting, this is now my new favorite story series.

Please continue good sir.


"Hey, Laura, did you ever ask about the videos from the assembly last week?" Maya asked.

Laura sighed, and rolled her eyes, "For fucks sake, I can't just keep going into the damn school archives; that bitch who runs them is crazy. I know it was an amazing show, but at least wait another week, 'kay?

"Well, if you're not going to ask, then I will. I'm already bored of the other videos, and you didn't even bother to come over for the past few days," Maya retorted, clearly agitated by Laura's lack of enthusiasm.

The school archives were quite a strange place, that would to an outsider, resemble a minuscule server room, however, it was in fact a digital database, that now stored text, audio and video records of all of the schools major events. From things such as old tests, student profiles, music club recordings, baseball games, to the more extreme, such as seppuku records. These videos, of both students and on rare occasion, staff committing seppuku were strictly off limits for students, and most staff - save for the lady in charge of maintaining the database. A very unlikable, 20-something year old, who for some reason has taken an interest in Laura, particularly, Laura's belly and belly button. Though Laura did not exactly like her, they had a somewhat mutual understanding. She would provide Laura with any videos Laura requests, provided Laura gives her free reign over her midsection for an hour - per video. Were she not so strange, and on occasion violent, Laura might have seriously enjoyed their little bartering, after all, she was, physically at least, extremely attractive. Her personality however, easily made her the ugliest person Laura, or anyone who has had the misfortune to come across her, has ever met.

"Have you met her before? She's crazy, she won't just hand over the videos. The shit I have to do to get those videos for us is not something I want you to have to go through," Laura said, "If you really want it that badly, I'll go ask Ms. Ikeda, but she's probably gonna torture my tummy again".

Maya paused. Was it really worth it? Sending her lover to get tortured by a woman that she hated, just to have access to a video of her schoolmates commiting seppuku?

"Well, what are you waiting for? The archives are just down the corridor," Maya chirped. She thought it would probably be worth it, after all, they would both get to enjoy it together, and that's what counts in the end.

Laura trudged towards the archive room. She looked up at the door.

"Risa Ikeda - Archive Technician," The plaque read.

Laura paused, looking down at her exposed belly. She gently rubbed it, fearing what strange new ways to torment her Ms. Ikeda would think up. Gathering her courage, she walked up to the door, opened it, and walked in.

"Good afternoon Ms. Ikeda," Laura said, her voice filled with anticipation.

"Hey Laura, didn't I tell you to just call me Risa? I'm gonna have to punish you for that," Risa chirped, standing up, and slowly walking towards Laura.

"So, what brings you to my little dungeon today?" She asked, bringing her hand to Laura's belly, gently massaging it. "Did you come for a little play-date? You know, I really did miss you".

A chill ran down Laura's spine. She wanted to push her away, to run, yet she could do neither of those two things. She tried thinking of the fun Maya and her will have once they get a hold of this video. They'll be going at it for hours. Maybe even days - as unlikely as that was.

"I'm here for a video," Laura blurted out, "The one where the baseball team's captain committed seppuku, and where that girl rushed the principal".

"Oh? That ones my favorite you know~" Risa whispered, licking Laura's ear, "It's going to cost you; how does 2 hours sound?"

"W-wait, 2 hours? It's not like it's..." Laura was cut off, by the sudden intrusion of Risa's tongue in her mouth. The technician obviously was not one to bargain with.

Risa pushed her against the door, their tongues intertwined. Risa lowered one hand under Laura's skirt, gently rubbing the girls clit. While genuinely surprised, as Risa had never done this before, Laura was not enjoying this - she would be, but she knew Risa. She wouldn't let her enjoy it. Risa broke off the kiss.

"What's wrong baby, why are you so tense today? Did someone hurt you?" There was, surprisingly, genuine concern in Risa's voice.

"No, it; it's nothing," Laura said softly.

Risa smiled, taking Laura's hand, and guided her to her desk. Laura, already familiar with the routing, sat down on the desk, and stuck her belly out, ready for whatever torture Risa had prepared. Last time, it was sticking burning needles into her belly button. Before that, it was hot wax, and the time before that, punching with a spot of whipping. This time however, the only thing she felt was Risa's soft hand, gently tracing down her midriff. Risa then put both hands around Laura's waist, holding her tight, as she brought her head close to her belly.

"I can't imagine how I could torment your poor belly before, it really pains me to think of what I've put you through," Risa whispered softly, as she started to gently kiss Laura's belly.

"Yeah, of course you regret it, fucking cunt," Laura thought. Looking down at her tummy, she saw Risa gently plant kisses all over it, slowly circling her navel.

Risa tightened her grip ever so slightly, as she began to use her tongue. She dragged her tongue around Laura's midsection without abandon, savoring the taste of the girls soft skin. She started to circle Laura's belly button now, before finally injecting her cold, moist appendage into the girl's soft, oval belly-pussy. Laura let out a soft moan, enticing Risa to keep going. Her tongue now twirling around, sent an incredible, tingly sensation to Laura's loin. As if by instinct, Laura placed both hands on Risa's head, as if trying to help guide her tongue to its mark.

"Harder," Laura moaned, and Risa listened.

Risa's tongue was now thrusting in and out of Laura's belly button, pounding it's core. Laura started to move her hips to the rhythm of her partner's tongue, lost in the moment. Risa moved her hands off of Laura's waist, moving one down her own skirt, while the other, found its way into Laura's panties. She started fingering herself, and Laura, bringing both of them to a wild, loud, and wet orgasm. Not satisfied with just one, she slid another finger into Laura's tight pussy, slowly finger-fucking the girls gentle, sensitive, and very wet private parts.

From belly worship, to finger-fucking, and finally to full blown, lesbian sex. The two now lay on the floor, legs entwined, kissing, and madly rubbing against one another. This was the first time Laura enjoyed herself in this room, with this person.

Worn out, after two hours of intense sexual enjoyment, Risa gathered the strength to talk, "Hey, Laura? Would it be alright if you visited more often? I don't really have many friends, and it gets really lonely in here. O-or if it's fine with you, maybe I can visit you sometime? I promise I won't do anything weird, and -"

"I already have a girlfriend, and after all the shit you put me through over the past 2 years since you came to work here, do you suddenly fucking think that everything is gonna be great between us? You torture me for two years, TWO, YEARS, how in the fuck do you think that makes me feel?" Laura yelled, silencing the smitten Risa.

Risa's eyes teared up, but she held back. She looked up at the ceiling, her smile now gone.

"I'll get you the video," She said, her voice trembling.

The heartbroken database technician stood up, not even buttoning up her clothes, and walked over to the terminal. A few minutes passed, Laura, now fully dressed, waited for the file transfer to complete. Risa emerged, flash drive in hand. She handed it over to Laura, without saying a word, and sat down at her desk, tears streaming down her cheeks. Laura promptly left the room, leaving Risa alone, as she always was.

"I'm so stupid, I'm so fucking stupid," Risa sobbed.

She had managed to push yet another person away from her. Laura was not the first person Risa fell in love with. Before Laura, she used to love a man. She did everything for him, she almost worshiped him. They were together for a few years, but he left her. Why? She was too nice, too clingy, and he started to despise her. After that, she started to despise men - and led her to change herself, a little too much. She became a recluse, becoming more and more twisted as time went on. When she first saw Laura, it was love at first sight. She still remembers when she first laid her eyes on her, the way her chest tightened, how her mind raced. Yet, she was broken, twisted. Had she treated Laura the same way she treated her previous lover, this story would have no doubt been about the adventures of Laura and Risa, alas, that was not to be.

"I should just die. I can't live like this, I can't..." Risa whispered to herself.

Her gaze slowly turning to a drawer on her desk. She opened it, and took out 3 things. A shot glass, a bottle of Whiskey, and a tanto. Ignoring the shot glass, she chugged down a good portion of the whiskey, before grabbing the sheathed tanto, and heading to the principals office. She would need her request to commit seppuku approved - which meant revealing the little trades she made with Laura. This would no doubt lead to Laura being forced to commit seppuku for breaching a school rule, and being involved with a member of staff to boot; but if she couldn't have Laura in life, then they would have each other in death.

She stood outside of the principals office. She closed her eyes, and knocked.

"Come in," A stern voice rang out.

No seppuku this week, (sorry), but as you've probably noticed by now, there's going to be a very intense final update, along with the Laura and Maya committing a very sexed up form of seppuku together, and Risa commiting seppuku in a slightly unusual way, though nothing strange compared to Ayase, or the class president in comparison.

Either way, hope you've enjoyed this guro-less update, and I'm pretty sure you've noticed my other fetishes at this point. I'm probably going to write a longer, more detailed series centered around seppuku at some point, (with gratuitous belly worship mixed in). Expect the next update to drop in sometime on Saturday, possibly Friday if I'm free.

Also if at any point you guys have a specific request, such as wanting a story of 'x' character(s) from 'y' anime/manga/etc. to commit seppuku, just post them here, if I figure out how to write something, I'll let you know, and you can expect a new thread within a few days, with your custom story in it.


Ahh, these stories are just so great ^^


Very interesting. :)

Looking forward to the next update.

...Also, if you could do a seppuku story featuring Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam SEED Destiny, I'd appreciate it. :D


Well, if you're taking requests I would love to see Satsuki, Ryuko and Mako from Kill la Kill commit seppuku. Suggestion: Having finally succeeded in her life long mission of killing her mother and defeating the life fibers, Satsuki is left without purpose, and decides to celebrate her success by ending her life. Ryuko isn't about to let her only family die alone, and fortunately through the scissor blades she possesses the means to kill herself. And well, of course Mako does a hilarious skit/speech about how she won't let Ryuko outlive her. Preferably with sexy incest.


Also, glad to see your end plans, because I was concerned for a moment that Laura would be coerced too much into it.

I have trouble deciding if I enjoyed Naoki or Haruko's death more, though Ayase and the Class President give them a good run for their money. I was impressed by Ayase's spunk, brains and determination, rather a pity she wasn't able to fully enjoy her death.

Will we get to see Naoki's teammates and fans following her into death like the principal alluded to?

Whatever the case, I'm really glad to see another great writer come in here writing the kind of guro I love.


Another great story here. I especially liked the class president's part. If it isn't sexual for the girl, it only makes it look more casual, and as a result quite sexy for someone who enjoys casual guro, like me.

And if you're taking request I can't miss the chance to suggest... dramatic pause... Ayanami Rei! ... .... ... Huh? No one is surprised? Oh, well.
If you want a premice, I can think of a couple of them.

First is like that: JSSDF succesfully captures NERV HQ and kills all the staff on sight, except the EVA pilots. The pilots did save the humanity from Angels after all, so they deserve an honorable death by seppuku. Rei, complying without hesitation, most probably goes first. Then Asuka, who probably complains a lot about how she's not even fully Japanese, but still she goes for it, as she doesn't want to look like she's afraid of it. Finally, Shinji, who probably served as the second for the girls. He isn't in a relationship with either of them, but clearly attracted to both of them. So he properly enjoys the show. In the end though there's no second for him, so Shinji has to die slowly in pain, but he is comforted by the thought that he has witnessed such a sexy show as two girls he liked committing seppuku, and he might also like hug their bodies and heads as he dies or something. There migth also be a funny moment when Shinji first tries to cut Rei's head, but fails, either applying to little force so that the sword doesn't go all the way through the neck, or missing the neck and cutting deep into Rei's shoulder or something. Shinji's like "oh, sorry", and for Rei it hurts of course, but still she's like "it's okay, just try again". Or it might be the opposite with Shinji having a lot of skill in swordsmanship from piloting EVA and can make a perfect cut almost through the neck, but not entirely, so that Rei's head is left hanging on a little piece of skin. Anyway, the details are up to you, the only part I really care about is Rei obediently committing seppuku, as it doesn't even occur to her to have any regrets or something. The other parts are not important, like if you don't want to write a male seppuku, feel free to make a twist that saves Shinji's life in the end. Or maybe he wasn't captured in the first place. Maybe as cold their relationships were, Gendou made a way for Shinji to escape. So when Rei and Asuka are captured and forced to commit seppuku, Asuka decides to go first so that Rei can be her second. And Rei agrees, seeing no problem in not having a second for herself, as not having a second does not contradict the order to commit seppuku. The premice with pilots being captured sounds dark, but there is no reason to make the story dark: Rei doesn't mind being ordered to die in the first place, Asuka might complain a lot, but still goes for it to prove her courage or something like that. Also, the pilots are likely captured while wearing their plug suits, but as they proceed to seppuku it is in the way, so they have to take it off, which results in them being totally naked.

In case it still dounds too dark and serious, I have a second idea is more casual and random. Shinji, Rei and Asuka are all sexfriends. Shinji has a lot of sex with both girs, they with each other, and they have threesomes too. At some point though Shinji thinks of adding some more spice to the sex. An idea comes to him to have one girl commit seppuku and have sex with the other while watching. But he wonders which should be which? After some thnking Shinji decides: sex with each of the girls is equally fun, even if it might be diferent ways of fun, but the one he truly loves is Rei. So seeing her commit sepuku will be more sensual than seeing Asuka do it, who is only a friend for him. Shinji tells his idea to the girls, he tells Rei should be the one to commit seppuku, but doesn't elaborate why, as he doesn't want to make Asuka jealous and angry, which would result in her not taking part in it, and while Shinji would still enjy seein Rei's seppuku, it would be more fun together with a friend. So then they proceed with the plan, Rei commits seppuku while Shinji and Asuka are watching and having sex, there's no one to cut her head off, instead Shinji and Asuka proceed to playing with Rei's intestines, like pulling them out, masturbating with them, wrapping them around their bodies and so on, all while Rei is still alive. And of course they all three have a lot of fun and no regrets.


I'll be picking up all of those requests by the looks of it - as soon as I'm done with this story though, and they might take a few days each, mostly since I'm currently busy with a lot of CAD and CFD, but I'll get around to doing them for sure! That, and I'm glad you guys like the stories; like I said at the start, the main reason I started writing this was because of the severe lack of anything in this genre.

For the Evangelion request, I've got a somewhat interesting idea of how to handle the Gendo/Shinji interaction, that, and it might the first request I do since I'm more familiar with Evangelion, having seen the series and the rebuild movies.

Kill la Kill will probably come next; I never watched it, but /a/ was filled with so many spoilers that it won't be too hard for me to write something appropriate for their characters.

As for Lunamaria from Gundam, I'll probably do that one a bit later, (sorry), I'm completely new to Gundam, and to her character, so I'd rather look into that a bit more before writing something that's nothing but a shitty fapfic, (or just watch Gundam SEED because mechs).


I'm waiting for a model to finish meshing, so here's Risa's part, enjoy!

Risa slowly opened the door. The principal was sat on his chair, and to her surprise, there were two security guards standing beside him.

"Ah, Ms. Ikeda, we were just talking about you. I was about to ask these gentlemen to apprehend you, however you seem to have come to us," Pausing as he glanced down at the tanto in her hand, "And you're prepared as well I see. Splendid. I've already filed a report to the council outlining your transgressions, as well as that of one of our students. Is there anything you would like to say for yourself before your punishment?"

Confused as to how he came to know, she asked, "Is this about sharing archived videos with one of our students? If so, then how did you know? I'm the only one with direct access to the database, and the database can only be accessed directly from the archives".

"You're correct on all accounts, however I was not aware that you were distributing archived videos to the students. This is about your illicit relationship with one of our students, Laura. I'm not sure if you're aware, but we have had CCTV camera's installed on campus last month. One was also installed in your office. However, hearing your confession now, I'm not sure I can offer you the courtesy of allowing you to disembowel yourself; sharing such videos, to students no less, is truly disgusting," He snapped, angered by his employee's inappropriate actions, "Guards, restrain her, I will deal with her myself".

The guards nodded, and moved towards Risa. She didn't resist, and calmly allowed them to restrain her hands, disarming her, and bringing her in front of the principal. He sighed, stood up, and took out a mat, and a bowl, ordering one of the guards to keep her standing on the center of the mat, while the other held the large, ornate ceramic bowl. He prodded her belly with his fingers, trying to find her navel. Having found it, he unbuttoned her shirt, only around her belly button. She watched his every move.

"Remove her handcuffs, she won't resist," The principal said, as one of the guards quickly freed her hands, "Ms. Ikeda, hold your shirt like this. I will split your navel, and pull your entrails out of it. You will then stand in silence, awaiting your death. That will be your punishment, and repentance".

A chill ran down her spine. She could last for hours, maybe even days before finally succumbing to a small wound such as that, not to mention the pain would be nigh unbearable. Yet, she smiled. At least it would be the end. She wouldn't have to suffer any more, she wouldn't make others suffer. She could finally be together with Laura, in death. She arched her back, and stuck her belly out, looking the principal straight in the eyes, signalling she was ready to begin. He unsheathed the tanto, inserting it into her slit-shaped navel. It was a perfect, albeit tight fit. Without warning, he pushed it in. Risa twitched. It didn't hurt as much as she thought. If anything it was somewhat pleasant. However, just as she began to enjoy the moment, he violently twisted the dagger, first left, then right. She almost keeled over, only getting held upright by the guard standing behind her. Blood was almost erupting out of the wound. The principal pulled the dagger out, and gave her a minute to compose herself.

"So much for lasting a few days," She mumbled under her breath.

The principal ignored her. The principal looked to the guard who was helping Risa to stand. The guard nodded. The principal took that as a sign to continue. He took off his suit jacket, rolled up his shirt sleeves, and took a pair of disposable latex gloves from one of his drawers. He inspected the incision. Twisting the knife around certainly expanded the wound, and the bleeding was profuse, to say the least. It was not a clean cut either, with the sides being visibly torn apart.

"Spread your wound open," He commanded.

Risa looked down in shock. She brought her hands to what was left of her navel, and slowly grabbed the torn edges. A sharp, burning sensation coursed through her belly. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Following the principals orders, she began to slowly pull open the wound. The sound of skin and flesh beginning to tear only made her feel even worse. Her legs trembled, she felt sick. He shoved his hand into her stomach, grabbing a fistful of her guts. He yanked them out, her warm, slippery intestines, now being piled into a cold ceramic bowl. He did not stop, and the horrid pain, and strange tugging sensation she felt in her center made her feel sick. Looking down did not help. The sight of her guts being effortlessly unwound only added to her nausea.

"Open the window, and get me the lighter fluid," The principal said softly.

The guard who helped hold Risa up let her go, nearly causing her to fall over if she did not use what little strength she had to keep herself upright. He grabbed a large bottle of lighter fluid, and opened the large window behind the principals desk, just to the right of Risa. Satisfied with the quick response, he took the tanto once more, and cut her bowels free. The strange sensation in her midsection was soon replaced by a dull pain. Her entrails were neatly piled up in the ceremonial bowl, which was placed outside of the window. The principal, taking off the latex gloves, and disposing of them, took the lighter fluid, and poured a generous amount of it on her disembodied guts. He took an ornate lighter out of his pocket, and set them ablaze, as a strange, somewhat sweet smell began to fill the air. He turned to face the severely distressed Risa, then towards the guards.

"Both of you, hold her up, make sure she doesn't struggle," He said, as he unzipped his pants, revealing his rather large erection.

Risa looked in horror. He wouldn't. He did. He rammed his pulsating cock into her mutilated, empty belly. He was thrusting with extreme vigor, so much so that Risa couldn't keep the contents of her stomach down. She projectile vomited all over him. This angered him. He pulled out his dick from her torn navel, clearly dissatisfied by the lack of stimulation. One glance at the guards, and they brought her down to her knees.

"If you bite, I'll tear your teeth out one by one," He snarled, rubbing his erection on her cheek.

Risa was bawling, from the pain, the weakness caused by blood loss, and by the sudden, rather disturbing turn of events. She was being raped, and killed. At the very least, her honor would remain intact, what, with her guts already being spilled. Taking some solace in that, she accepted his cock, first wrapping her lips around the tip, slowly moving her head, back and forth. She gently licked the tip with her tongue, as he began to push deeper and deeper into her throat. Her tongue now lapped around his glans, as his dick pulsed, releasing his seed into her. Feeling satisfied, he pulled out. However, he was far from finished.

"Tear her skirt off. I'm not done," He commanded, panting from the sweet release.

As she coughed from the mix of blood and semen now in her mouth, she was pushed to the floor, as her skirt and panties were torn off, revealing her plump bum, and smooth, pinkish clit. He sat down behind her, lifted her up, and slowly lowered her ass onto his dick. She cried out in pain, as his large cock now perforated her anus.

"Give me a hand-job," He whispered in her ear, "Shouldn't be too hard seeing as you have a nice hole in your belly to stick your hand through, eh?"

She obeyed. She pushed her right hand in through the wound, homing in on what was left of her large intestine, which now served as nothing more but a glorified cock-sleeve. She grasped it tightly, as she began frothing at the mouth. She moved her hand in a piston-like motion, the uneven, slimy surface of her large intestine acting as an amazing stimulant combined with her hand motion. The sensation was out of this world. The principal was in high heaven, cumming again and again to the incredibly skilled hands and guts of Risa. It was not to last. Risa began to slow down, her breaths grew short. She welcomed the sweet release granted to her by death. Her life was never a beautiful lie, like that of others, allowing her one last smile, as she welcomed the harsh truth that is death.

"You two may leave now. I will call you again to collect the body when I'm done with it," He said calmly, extracting Risa's hand from her belly, replacing it with his, as he continued to pleasure himself with her still-warm corpse.

"Oh, and do call up Laura's parents. There's no need for this to be a public affair, just send a formal request for her to commit seppuku," He added.

Maya and Laura, meanwhile, were enjoying themselves quite a lot, watching the latest video which Laura had procured today. A video that would lead to their untimely demise.

The next update will be the last one, for Laura and Maya at least - I have two ideas for how to deal with the Naoki fan-club and the girls on the baseball team. One, would be for them to commit mass seppuku together, the same way Naoki did, with a cross-cut starting at the navel. The other, would again include a cross-cut starting at the navel, however this would be done in pairs, with the girls disemboweling one another or something, essentially combining Laura/Maya and Naoki's death, only on a mass scale.



A pity Laura didn't get to orgasm from masochistic pleasure. Good job with the imaginative details, though.


I would do the second idea for the club.

And looking forward to Laura and Maya's joint seppuku, and seeing what they do.

As for Luna, that's fine. I can link you to her article on the Gundam Wiki, if you think it may help.


Glad to see Risa was able to find satisfaction in her death, however brutal. The handjob reaching through her own guts was an especially nice touch.

As for your request for feedback on ideas for Naoki's teammates and followers: Hmm. Maybe platonic friends could commit cross-cut seppuku in front of each other, while lovers and friends with benefits could disembowel each other?

Maybe they could storm the principal's office and kill him for his part in Naoki's death. Then the vice-captain could give an on-camera speech advocating for a cultural shift towards committing seppuku as a form of fulfillment and reward the way Naoki viewed it (since it seems she deliberately crashed and burned so she could die in front of the school), rather than simply as a punishment. Then mass seppuku time!


Computer just crashed, and I'm going to have to re-write the last part of the story. Fuck.



Well, I hope you can get it done soon. :)


> For the Evangelion request, I've got a somewhat interesting idea of how to handle the Gendo/Shinji interaction, that, and it might the first request I do since I'm more familiar with Evangelion, having seen the series and the rebuild movies.
Looking forward to it! Though I hope you're not shitfing focus too much from the girls commiting seppuku to Gendo and Shinji, especially Gendo, cause fuck him, I've only mentioned him as an excuse to why Shinji doesn't commit seppuki with the girls. Unless you have a way for their presence in the story to enhance the fun of the girls' seppuku scene, of course.

> Computer just crashed, and I'm going to have to re-write the last part of the story. Fuck.

That's sad news. Dunno if it helps, but try to think of it as an opportunity to write it even better this time.


I ended up losing a bit more than the story, hence the delay. That aside, here's the re-written ending.

Laura's parents were away for the week. The phone call from the school reached Laura directly. In an instant, her plans for the future, a path she thought had been set in stone, had now shattered like glass. She went back to her room, tears in her eyes. Maya, who was awaiting for Laura to return, immediately assumed the worst.

"What's wrong? Did something happen to your parents? Is it about the videos you took from the archives?" Maya asked.

"It's the videos. They found out. They'll send an official seppuku request by morning. They told me it would be better to get it over with now, so they could pick up the body and inform my family," She spoke, holding back her tears.

A chill ran down Maya's spine. She sent Laura to get that video today. It shouldn't be Laura dying for this, it should have been her. Sadly, it was too late to change Laura's fate. What Maya could do, however, was to die with Laura, as a form of redemption, and apology.

"I'll go with you," Maya blurted out, caught up in the moment, and probably not realizing what this meant, for both her, and Laura.

Laura burst into tears, as she threw herself onto her bed. Maya lay down next to her, gently stroking Laura's belly.

"I can't. I can't do it," Laura sobbed, "I'm scared".

"Do me, then. I'll tell you what its like, just don't cut too much, 'kay? I think you'll still want me around while you open up your own tummy," Maya whispered.

Without hesitation, Maya got off of the bed, and took her tanto from her bag. She threw the sheathed, rather tacky dagger towards Laura. This was Laura's first time seeing it, and it immediately changed the mood.

"The fuck Maya, candy pink?" Laura said, unsheathing the blade, "Why is the blade pink! What did this poor tanto do to you?"

"I thought it might make committing seppuku easier, what with it being such an eyesore that I'd WANT to die rather than be seen with it," Maya retorted, and laughed.

"Right, get your ass over here before I decide to off myself from how tacky this thing looks," Laura said.

Maya smiled softly, and went back onto the bed. She sat down between Laura's thighs, rubbing her rear against her friend and lovers crotch. Despite her calm outer appearance, her heart was racing. She was afraid. Who wouldn't be? But, she blamed herself for what Laura would have to go through. She saw this as the only way to redeem herself, and also show Laura just how much she loves her.

"Guess you got bored of all the sex, huh?" Maya asked jokingly.

"Well, I was always into snuff, and who said we can't have sex AFTER we're gutted?" Laura replied.

She brought the horribly pink tanto to Maya's soft belly, near her left hip.

"Ah, wait, not there. Start with my belly button, Naoki style," Maya said, just as Laura was about to puncture her soft belly.

Laura moved the dagger to Maya's horizontal innie. The blade slid right into place, the tip just touching the pit of Maya's navel. Laura paused to admire just how perfectly it slotted in. It was almost as if Maya's navel was a secondary sheath for the tanto. Maya arched her back, feeling the tanto put pressure on her navel, and raised her hands above her head, signalling she was ready. Laura began to push. The pressure slowly built, as the tanto began to tear through skin, slowly making its way into the depths of Maya's soft, deep belly button. Laura kept the pressure up, as Maya's navel soon gave way, the dagger sliding smoothly in, blood flowing neatly in a single stream down Maya's belly.

"T-that feels, great," Maya said. She was lying. She was in a tremendous amount of pain, but she would do whatever it takes to make it easier for Laura, when her time comes.

Laura moved the blade around, slowly gyrating it around her partners navel, before starting to saw left. Maya moaned and groaned, trying her best to make it sound sexual, and not pained. She somehow managed to make it work, as Laura slipped her free hand down Maya's pants, providing some minor relief, in the form of sexual stimulation. She sawed and fingered Maya in unison. Once she broke free of Maya's navel, she simply slid the dagger across with minimal effort. Tear's poured down Maya's cheeks. Yet she knew that this was just the start. There were 3 more cuts left to make.

Laura repeated the procedure to the right this time, cutting a grim blood-red smile into Maya's tummy. Then, she stopped. She lay the dagger aside, and moved in front of the eviscerated girl.

"My turn, cut down my midriff," Laura said.

Maya grasped the dagger with both hands. She had to make the full cut before she grew too weak, as then Laura would suffer unnecessarily. Laura slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her smooth, pale belly. Despite her injuries, Maya couldn't resist. She dug straight in. Her tongue ravishing Laura's navel, before using her tongue to mark how she would proceed with the cut. With Laura's help, she placed the dagger just below Laura's sternum, before quickly pushing it in. Laura winced. This hurt a hell of a lot more then how Maya portrayed it. Maybe it would get better when it got to her navel. Maybe it would just get worse. She honestly didn't want to find out.

"Fuck, Maya, that really hurts," She said through gritted teeth.

Ignoring her complaints, Maya started to pull the tanto downwards, the sound of skin tearing, and flesh splitting open causing Laura to feel sick. It only got worse when Maya got to her navel. The sawing motion made her feel nauseous. She grabbed onto the tanto, stopping Maya. They looked one another in the eyes, before tearing the tanto downwards in unison. The violent tearing caused Laura to puke, and spill out some entrails. Realizing that their time was severely limited now, Maya pushed Laura down.

"Remember that one hentai manga we read, where the girls gut each other, and literally eat each other out?" Maya said slowly, trying hard to form articulated sentences, "Lets fucking do it. It's gonna be fucking wild".

Laura just nodded. Maya, holding her belly, moved on top of Laura. This was one very, very twisted 69. Once they were both happy with their position, Maya let go of her belly, spilling blood and guts on Laura's face; and at the same time, started to lick, bite and chew on Laura's belly and guts. Laura retaliated, pulling Maya's guts out with her teeth, as she started pushing into the wound. Maya pushed her belly onto Laura, making it easier for her to mutilate. Following Laura's lead, Maya began tearing into her lover's stomach. Much like a wild beast feasting on its live prey's soft innards, so too did Laura and Maya feast upon each other. The pain driving both into a primal frenzy, as they ripped and tore each others bellies apart, sending bits of flesh and guts all over. Maya, finally getting through enough guts, found Laura's vagina. In her frenzy, she began biting, and chewing into it, only to find Laura had done the same to her. They drove one another to bloody orgasm after another. Finally, after there was nothing save for a few stray loops of entrails, and mutilated vagina's in both of them, they stopped. Maya rolled off of Laura, turning around, so as not to stare into what was left of Laura's pussy. Their eyes met.

"That... sucked," Laura whispered.

Maya nodded, "Lets tear our hearts out. Get this over with," she said, her voice trembling in pain, and fear of what was to come.

Laura complied. They inserted their hands through the incisions on their bellies. Finding each others hearts, they began to make out. Their tongues intertwining for the last time. Never breaking their kiss, they both grasped and pulled with all their strength. Their hearts, in each others hands, belly to belly, they never opened their eyes.

The end, and stuff. That took a bit longer to write than I'd wanted, but I think it turned out quite a bit better than the previous ending, i.e. less filler text and more of the lovely, sexy and gory action.

I also just got an idea for the epilogue, that I had to write down, in case I end up forgetting. The vice-captain of the baseball team will get her team members, and fans of Naoki, to rush the presidents office, where they will restrain him while she commits seppuku, then strangles him with her entrails, before cutting some more, followed by everyone else committing mass seppuku, in various, and in some cases rather entertaining ways.

>Looking forward to it! Though I hope you're not shitfing focus too much from the girls commiting seppuku to Gendo and Shinji, especially Gendo, cause fuck him, I've only mentioned him as an excuse to why Shinji doesn't commit seppuki with the girls. Unless you have a way for their presence in the story to enhance the fun of the girls' seppuku scene, of course.

I was thinking something along the lines of when it's Shinji's turn to commit seppuku, he just laughs at the already disemboweled Rei and Asuka, before Gendo walks in, with two Rei clones, or something along those lines. I actually really liked Gendo's character in Evangelion. Really determined to get what he wanted, and in getting what he thought was best for humanity.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, the last part was inspired by an actual hentai manga I read by Uziga Waita. I'm not sure if it was Waita's work though, since it was in a compilation, but it basically had two schoolgirls de-breast each other, then gut one another, followed by eating one another's guts in a gory 69. The ending was a overdone in the manga, so I did tone it down a bit, (not really a fan of brain play).


Good job with Laura and Maya's ends.





Enjoyed Laura and Maya's ends, too, and yeah, liked the Pink Tanto.

Looking forward to the epilogue. :D


That was easily my favorite Waita Uziga work. Not that there's much competition as the ladies don't enjoy dying in most of his work. But given that, that one story stands out as a gem.

Great ending. It was heartwarming how dedicated Maya was to Laura. Kinda wish they'd gotten a chance to enjoy the video before doing themselves in, but still, loved the inspired gut munching and gory kiss. Maya kissing Laura's stomach to mark the point of dagger entry was very erotic foreplay for me.

That epilogue sounds like a great way to give this series the happy ending it deserves. Maybe the students could use the CCTV network to record it, and have a volunteer grab the data from the archive room and broadcast it?

In any case, take some time to flesh the story out. I know handling multiple characters tends to require more writing than one or two.

When it comes time to write my request, if you aren't familiar with Kill la Kill...are you familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender?


That was my favorite Waita Uziga story as well. Not that there was much competition, as the people dying typically don't enjoy their deaths in Uziga's stories. That said, the story you are referring to I hold in high regard.

Wonderful ending. Laura's devotion to her lover was heartwarming, and kissing Maya's belly and marking the point of entry with her tongue before gutting her was erotic foreplay. The eye contact between Maya and Laura before they finished the cut together was the moment I went from liking to loving the story, and chomping on each other's guts and vaginas from the inside was wonderfully gory. Also really appreciated that they got to make out as they died.

Your epilogue idea sounds very promising! Take some time to flesh that one out. I know handling more characters requires more writing to keep it from feeling rushed. Maybe they could use the CCTV network to record everything, then have a volunteer retrieve it from the archive room and broadcast it?

For my Kill la Kill story when you get to it...if you're not familiar with it, would it be easier to write a story about Avatar: The Last Airbender? I wouldn't mind replacing my previous request with one from that universe. A last great threesome between Azula, Mai and Tai Lee before they kill themselves and each other.


That was a nice ending.

> I was thinking something along the lines of when it's Shinji's turn to commit seppuku, he just laughs at the already disemboweled Rei and Asuka, before Gendo walks in, with two Rei clones, or something along those lines. I actually really liked Gendo's character in Evangelion. Really determined to get what he wanted, and in getting what he thought was best for humanity.

So are you going with the JSSDF scenario, or something different? Cause in JSSDF scenario Rei clones have all been destroyed before, and Gendo is most probably shot on sight with the rest of the NERV staff. And even if it's some other scenario, if you ask me, including Rei's clones in the story only diminishes the finiteness of Rei's death. Also, what's with Shinji laughing at disemboweled girls? That sounds just rude. Let him admire them. Admire the show and admire the girl's resolve to do it.
I know I'm already complaining before you've even written the story, but the things you say just don't sound right to me.


Bump in hope of the Epilogue coming soon. :)



The last day of school, marking the beginning of high school life for some, and the end for others, which in some cases, quite literally marked the end of their life. This year however, would be quite special. The end of year fair organised by the school was not going to be the main attraction this time around. Some of the students had a slightly different, more bloody plan. The students who were part of the baseball team, along with the photography and media clubs, had drawn up a plan that would end up shaking the current establishment to its core. The ringleader of this movement, was Naoki Hara's closest friend, and vice captain of the baseball team - Yuki Tsukino.

Yuki was the polar opposite of Naoki, she was decent at baseball, though currently a bench-warmer, only acting as vice-captain due to her uplifting, cheerful nature, as well as being very good at the day to day management of the club, something Naoki despised. She was also excellent at planning large-scale events, however this year she stepped down from that role. She had other ideas.

"Did you get the balaclavas?" Yuki whispered, asking one of her club members.

The girl simply nodded, and motioned for Yuki to follow her. It took a few minutes getting from the school yard to the gym storage room, however, as ordered, the girl had obtained a large number of balaclavas, along with rope, high-end photography and recording gear, and most importantly, although very poorly hidden under gym mats, about 3 dozen katanas.

"Oh dear, that's a rather poor hiding spot," Yuki said, giggling, "I'm sure you could have done, much, better".

The other girls expression turned grim. Yuki slowly grabbed a sheathed katana, bringing it to the girl.

"Take it. Oh, and remember to be quiet, wouldn't want anyone to find out about this little party we're planning until its too late," she whispered into the girls ear, her hands massaging the girls belly.

Yuki stepped back, looking expectantly at her subordinate. The girl quickly unsheathed the katana, dropped to one knee, and without breaking eye contact, plunged the blade into her round navel. Wasting no time, she almost threw herself against the floor, impaling herself on the sword with a rather audible grunt. She had lost all sensation in her legs. The sword had managed to damage her spine, leaving her partially paralyzed, awaiting a slow death.

"Good girl," Yuki said, kneeling down next to the mortally wounded girl, giving her a sloppy, long kiss as goodbye, "I'll be back with the others in about 2 hours. Have fun~".

Yuki left the room, making sure to lock the door behind her. She sighed. Today would be her last day as well, in fact, everyone who came to school today will, if everything goes as planned, be dead before the day is out. She looked down at her body, remembering the times she spent with Naoki, as well as other club members, (something she never mentioned to Naoki of course). She loved how the uniform accentuated her hourglass figure, and how it attracted the loving eyes of her schoolmates. Soon, those eyes will be filled with terror. Getting wet at the thought, she went back into the storage room, much to her underlings surprise, and took out a small vibrator.

"I lied! I felt bad for leaving you all by yourself, so I thought I'd give you something to play with," She whispered suggestively, as she took off her panties, and lifted her skirt, baring her clean-shaven clit, before shoving it into the girls face.

The feeling of a wet, warm tongue lapping up her juices sent her over the edge, as she gave the vibrator a few good licks, getting it wet, before plugging it into her slit-shaped belly button, thrusting it in and out with vigor. There was a strange, choking sensation in her chest, fear of what was to come, anxiety even. Yet, she pushed it aside, enjoying the moment.

Sorry for the delay, and sorry for writing such a short teaser of sorts for whats coming in the epilogue, but I've been incredibly busy for the past few days. I do have some time off now so I'll get back to writing after a little rest.

As for the Eva story, I can see where you're coming from with the Rei clones, and honestly, I might go for the JSSDF scenario honestly, it makes setting up the seppuku scenes that bit easier.

I've never watched anything related to Avatar, sorry, and I know even less about it than I know about Gundam. I can still do the KLK story if you want, I'm sort of familiar with the plot and the characters. Any other suggestions are also welcome.


So, the baseball team is planning to kill everyone with the help of the photography and media clubs? Or at least get them all to kill themselves?

That'll be interesting - I look forward to seeing the epilogue continue.

As for more suggestions, do you think you could do a story featuring Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca from Final Fantasy 12? Or perhaps Taki from the Soul Calibur Series?


If you're even more unfamiliar with Avatar, then the Kill la Kill story will do just fine. :) Satsuki grew up being molested by her mother, so playing into that how familiar the incest aspect feels as she has sex with her sister seems appropriate, except that now she is free to enjoy the thrill of it.

Actually, no need for Mako. Go with Nonon, Satsuki's best friend since kindergarden. She can die first before the sisters kill each other. Remember that Kill la Kill characters are capable of taking a lot of punishment before they die. Please write them enjoying it, mixing sex and death together.

I love the preview to this epilogue. Instant fan of the nameless surbordinate who was ready and willing to die at her vice-captain's implied wishes, and of Tsukino for her perky approach to death and her consideration for the dying girl's pleasure. Also appreciate the reference to the Tsukino's past sexual adventures with Naoki and others. Fear can be a potent spice if used right, so long as it's combined with a willing, aroused participant. Tsukino seems downright eager, so I have no worries there.

I'm guessing the photography and media clubs will be joining the baseball team in dying erotically once they share their work with the world. Sounds great.

I'm a little worried about how much focus is going to be on the non-consensual killings of schoolgirls. Non-consensual stuff is a turn-off for me personally. I hope some come around to the idea and join the party. Also, why do the plotters need balaclavas for? None of the them are planning on being alive by the end of this.



15 minutes to the assembly. The cameras had all been set up, and connected. There were only two things left to do, hijack a local TV network into broadcasting the events that would take place, and actually carrying out said events. The former would be carried out by the media club president, Rin Iwata.

"So when are you gonna -"

"Shh. I'm working," Rin hissed, taking her eyes off the screen for a mere second to glare at Yuki.

Realizing that she is clearly not wanted here, Yuki decided to leave Rin to hijacking the network. She didn't particularly like working with her, what with Rin's short temper, anti-social attitude and rather plain looks. It really wasn't unusual for Yuki to dislike people purely based on how they looked, but with Rin, she despised the girl, and yet, here they were, working together. Partly due to a common interest, but mostly because Yuki desperately needed Rin's particular skill-set to truly get her message across.

Yuki exited the media club closet, and as per Rin's request, locked and barred the door. She wouldn't need to leave anyway. She quickly made her way to the gym, avoiding any patrolling security guards along the way, as getting caught now could lead to disaster. Taking her time to not get caught, she made it to the gym. Her club members were all present, save for the poor girl who's mistake nearly got them caught.

"Good to see everyone's here, and in uniform too! My own sexy special forces, how adorable," Yuki chimed.

Several of the girls cringed, and who could blame them? Yuki's cringe-inducing statements aside, they were all neatly lined up, wearing their 'uniforms' as per Yuki's request, waiting for the show to begin.

"The principals speech will begin in exactly 5 minutes. As always, there are going to be 2 guards outside the main entrance, and 1 guard stationed at each of the two fire exits. We need to take them out, and secure any exit point from the assembly hall. Once we've got that done, we should deal with the principal and staff members, the students are last, save for any that decide to play hero and interfere. You all know your designated squads, and my apologies to squad C who is now short a member, but don't worry about it too much, you're in the main hall anyway. You all now your positions, now move out!" Yuki yelled out enthusiastically, not caring whether or not she would be heard. It was already too late.

They could have done without her speech, they knew what they were supposed to do, they've been over it a few times, but it instilled a sense of calm, helping to mask the fear of death, of killing, both others and oneself. They split into their designated teams, and without saying a word, marched off on a one way mission.

Yuki watched them leave the gym, she had stayed behind however. She won't be taking part in the bloodshed, rather, she would stay behind with 2 members of the photography club. Not only would they set up a camera to record her, but they would be taking countless pictures of her slowly, sensually gutting herself, snuffing out the flame of life. These two would possibly be the only two surviving members of the school body, something Yuki planned out quite carefully, to ensure that there would be multiple channels of spreading the video/photo's of the 'event'.

Yuki took a deep breath, "Alright, is everything set up? Make sure to stream this live, save a recording, and also take a lot of pictures, no flash of course, that would ruin the recording, so that you can fully capture every moment of me committing seppuku," she said softly.

"So, are you gonna change first or will you make it painfully obvious that this is an amateur shoot? You already sent most of our members off so don't expect miraculous post processing on anything," one of the girls said.

Yuki nodded, somehow managing to ignore someones criticism, another first for her. She had a special two piece yukata-like outfit made for her, one that would bare her entire midsection. This was practical for the purpose at hand, as well as looking quite attractive on her. That, and she wouldn't have to show more skin than necessary, maintaining an elegant, dignified look. At least, as dignified and elegant as one can possibly look while splitting themselves open. She slowly dressed herself, as if trying to delay the inevitable, trying to build up the courage to not only kill herself, but to do so live, while also delivering a speech prior to her suicide, alas, time was not on her side. She had to begin, and soon.

"I'm ready"

The armed teams were moving in on their target, swords drawn, wordlessly taking cover from the guards, avoiding being seen until they were well within a safe, silent kill zone. There were 6 teams in total, each one comprising of 6 members, save for 1 team which was down a member. 4 teams would rush the main entrance, while the other two would handle the two fire exits.

Their outfits, as chosen by the ringleader, Yuki, were somewhat nonsensical given the time and nature of the operation - dark blue balaclavas, long-sleeve turtlenecks, with black leather gloves, and dark olive cargo pants, with the school standard black running shoes. The squad 'leaders' were also equipped with radio comms. Great for when you actually need to be stealthy and perfectly coordinated, and have your identity hidden, but as they would be going on a one-way trip, it really was mostly just elaborate role-play, something to make them feel more comfortable with what they were about to do.

The 4 teams that were to storm the main entrance were now in position. They waited for the guards to look away from the corridor before a few members from each squad charged in, quickly dispatching the guards with swift stabs and slashes to the chest and throat.

"Main entrance clear," One of the captains said.

Within a minute, two more replies came in. The fire exits were secured, and were being barricaded. Those squads would stay behind, split up into 3 groups, and guard the main entrance, and the barricaded fire exits, ensuring that this was a full enclosure. With the entire school being blissfully unaware of what was to befall them, they all sat down, waiting for the principals speech.

"Good afternoon students, teachers, supporting staff. Today, I would like to congratulate all of you on yet another successful year in our schools history. I stand here, filled with pride -"

The principals speech, was cut off. The sudden influx of masked, armed assailants caused him to freeze up with fear.

"Everyone remain seated! Do not interfere or you will be executed on the spot," a voice rang out through the speaker system. It was Rin. Everything was going as planned so far, and everything was being broadcast live. She even took the liberty of ddos-ing the police network to ensure success.

A dozen of the armed girls ran up to the podium, two quickly flanked the principal, and brought him to his knees. A third girl, turned towards a camera, as she lifted her shirt, baring her belly. She turned her katana towards herself, as she quickly dropped to one knee, before plunging the katana into her belly. She stopped to savor the moment, as every student watched in both horror, and a sense of curiosity, as to what would happen next. She gripped the blade tighter, as she began to draw it along her lower belly, slowly opening up a red smile on her midsection. It didn't take long for her to split herself open. She was mortally wounded, but it was not sufficient for her to lose her strength just yet. Tossing the bloodstained katana aside, she stood up, and slowly hobbled behind the principal, before standing at attention, hands resting behind her back, head raised high. One of the two girls who was restraining the principal moved towards her, and pushed her hand into the wound, grabbing a loop of entrails, before pulling out. She then began wrapping the entrails around the principals arms, tying them together tightly. She pulled out more entrails, this time tying his legs together. Finally, using quite possibly the last few loops of entrails, she wrapped them around his throat, all the while he yelped and sobbed, begging for mercy. She began to pull on them, slowly choking the man. His face turned red, then purple, and finally, a strange shade of blue, before he finally went limp. The girl who gutted herself to provide the necessary tools to execute him, fell to her knees. Her two assistants, rather mercifully, beheaded her.

The students watched in awe. The fear they felt was slowly turning into morbid curiosity. A few even felt aroused. It was no secret that seppuku was considered erotic by some, however until now it was always used as the ultimate form of punishment, with one committing seppuku for no valid reason generally being seen as only slightly better than committing suicide in any other way. Today however, they would certainly be given the chance to experience this almost forbidden pleasure, willingly or not.

The teachers that were present, only 4 of them, and only the new, young ones that just joined the school, looked at the scene in horror. This would most certainly end up being a massive bloodshed, and yet, they were powerless to stop it.

"You four, move to the front of the podium. Now," One of the armed girls said.

The teachers followed. There was no point in fearing the inevitable at this point. They knew they were going to die. All that was left, was to die well. They lined up neatly, as they awaited further instruction.

"Bare your bellies, you will die by assisted seppuku".

A moments hesitation, followed by complete compliance. They promptly unbuttoned their blouses, and unzipped their skirts, baring their vulnerable midsections for all to see. Their only reprieve, would be that they would be long gone, before they saw the true bloodshed begin.

Slightly longer, and hopefully more interesting than the previous part, I'll try and finish everything off by Saturday, but no promises. Hope you guys like this part, and Lorekeeper, don't worry, non-consensual snuff is generally something I dislike as well, and I tried to avoid it with the general setting and background, though I'm sure that while everyone has currently accepted their fate, and will willingly follow the instructions of their assailants at this point, it isn't completely consensual either. I'm not really sure how to put this into words but for some of the characters its something between consensual and non-consensual, if that's even possible.

Blau, I'm really not familiar with final fantasy, but I did play a lot of Soul Calibur when I was younger - possibly one of my favorite fighting game series, save for Tekken, so Taki is definitely a possibility!


Well, definitely looking interesting so far. :)

And definitely hope to see Taki at some point.

Also, may I ask what game and anime franchises you are most familiar with? It would be easier for me to make suggestions if I had a picture of your interests, so I could know if and where they coincide with mine. :D


This will be awesome!

I get why they wanted the masks now. It was a really cool scene. Hope the girls take them off when they kill themselves/each other though. More romantic that way.

I get what you mean by a middle ground between consent and non-consent. It's difficult for that to work for me, but a few authors have managed to get me to like that stuff. Kynk99, aka Erotic Kynk, was the best at it. At least in her case, it was when characters got into a mental space where the outside force was part of the sexual death experience for them. It tended to be because they were raped in the past, and wanted to relive the experience and die like they wanted to the first time.


The latest scene is awesome.


Blau, my favorite anime are Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Girls und Panzer, Fate Zero, Kara no Kyoukai, and Chrome Shelled Regios to name a few, (this list could go on for quite a bit, as I tend to not be very good at selecting a single favorite for anything). As for games, my absolute favorite is Warcraft. I loved the whole concept, and until more recent expansions for World of Warcraft, the storytelling. I also really enjoyed the Souls series, particularly Dark souls 1. Then there's Valkyria chronicles, that had quite a nice story. I also played a lot of Tekken and Soul Calibur, and more recently Street Fighter. Most games I play tend to lean more towards RTS', such as AoE II, Starcraft 1 and 2, or open world RPG's like Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Anyway, back to the story.

Epilogue Part 3

Yuki's hands were trembling, her throat felt dry, yet she sat in a specially prepared stage, mimicking a traditional Japanese room, with the cameras positioned in such a way that none of the gym was captured. In front of Yuki there was a small maroon pillow, on which an elegant, sheathed black tanto laid.

"Is everything set up?" Yuki asked.

Both of her assistants, if you could call them that, nodded. They were ready to begin filming, streaming and photographing. Yuki took a few long, deep breaths to calm herself, raised her head and smiled at the camera, signalling that she was ready to begin.

"Good afternoon everyone! I'm Yuki Tsukino, your host. I would like to begin by highlighting a key issue with modern day Japan. Seppuku. More specifically, the use of seppuku as a punishment. I, and no doubt many others out there, see the eroticism and sexuality of the act. Of willingly ending ones existence, in a slow and excruciating manner, the ultimate masochistic thrill! Today, I will be demonstrating just one of the many ways you can commit seppuku, and hopefully, help change your outdated view on this form of suicide," She chimed, maintaining a steady and calm appearance.

Yuki bowed deeply, before grasping the dagger as she straightened back out. She lowered her gaze to her stomach. She unsheathed the tanto, grasping it's handle tightly with her right, while she massaged her lower belly with her left. She took her time, slowly rubbing her soft midsection, slowly centering around her navel. She wanted to experience what Naoki did, a slow, erotic death. Fear eventually gave way to curiosity. Unsheathing the tanto, she brought it to her navel, resting it against the pit, cutting edge facing upwards.

"My closest friend, Naoki Hara, had chosen to die in this way. It was a beautiful sight, to watch her bloom, then perish with grace," Yuki said.

She took a deep breath, arching her back slightly, as she raised her head. Her eyes focused on a small sliver of sky visible through the small windows close to the ceiling of the gym, before finally closing them tightly, as she began to slide the blade in.

Of the four teachers present today, was the schools youngest teacher, Mizuki Sato, a fresh graduate out of university, only 22 years of age. A petite young woman, in her prime, waiting her turn to be cut down. Two of her colleagues had already met their demise, having been gutted in front of the entire student body, and most of the world, though she was not aware of the latter. Tears poured down her cheeks, as a single question kept coming to her mind. Why? Why was this happening? What would anyone hope to gain by doing this?

"Hey, she's kinda cute, is she that new teacher? I think I've seen her around a few times," one of the masked girls asked, ignoring the fact that Mizuki could hear her.

Seeing this as possibly her only chance out, Mizuki replied, "I-I joined at the start of this s-semester. I just received my degree, and there was an -".

She was cut off, but not by the sharp blade of a katana, rather, by the soft, moist tongue of the girl she was talking to. The masked girl forced herself onto the young Mizuki, groping her, touching her in places the girl never felt another's hands before.

"Hey Ms. Sato, wanna die together? You're really cute and It'd be a waste to just kill you," She whispered.

Mizuki was stunned. She was quite intelligent, and it didn't take her long to put two and two together. The purpose of this attack, it wasn't a targeted assault on the principal or the staff, these girls wanted to die. They wanted to take her, and everyone else, with them. A sense of despair fell over Mizuki. There was no saving herself. There was no chance of saving anyone here. The only comfort she had, was that her killer had taken a liking to her, and would die with her. At the very least, she wouldn't be alone.

"Oi, someone pass me a tanto, gonna need something short - oh sweet, thanks".

The girl was thrown a tanto by one of the spectating students. It was a plain old thing, but well maintained, and the handle was smooth and polished. Perfect for what was to come. However, the girl wanted a taste of the petite Mizuki's body first. Killing her wasn't the top priority. She stripped her naked, before having a taste of her small, supple breasts, teasing Mizuki's nipples with her tongue, before lightly nibbling on them. This greatly aroused the young woman, even more so when the girl moved her hand down to her groin, and began to massage her already moist clit. With her free hand the girl stripped off her balaclava.

"You taste delicious, Ms. Sato," The girl said, as she moved her tongue down her midriff.

She paused right before getting to Mizuki's T-shaped innie. The girl plunged her nose right in, sniffing in hard. It smelled like peaches. Mizuki couldn't help but laugh at the sudden nasal intrusion into her navel, it tickled her so very much, but she couldn't really do anything about it. The tickling however soon turned into a pleasant, warm tingling that spread to her loins, as the girl replaced her nose with her tongue, as if using all of her senses to make sure that this was the correct spot for the tanto to slide into. She teased Mizuki with her tongue for a while longer, before pulling away.

"Lets meet again on the other side, 'kay?" She said, catching Mizuki off-guard as she rammed the tanto into her belly button.

Mizuki could only reply with a pained grunt. The girl let go of the tanto, leaving it standing upright in Mizuki's belly, as she began to lick and suck the handle, making it as wet as she possibly could, before kneeling over it, spreading her pussy open, and sliding the handle in.

"Ah, that feels amazing~".

She began to sway her hips back and forth, fucking the tanto, and Mizuku's belly button. Each motion of her hips caused the blade to slowly saw open the stretchy, tough scar tissue of Mizuki's navel. The tanto's handle, with only her saliva as lubricant, felt incredible. It hurt, but it felt so, so good. Strangely enough, even Mizuki was starting to enjoy it. She never felt so aroused, feeling the sharp steel edge scrape against her flesh, before pulling back, only to come full force and tear further and deeper. Her body turned the pain into pure, sexual, pleasure. She was moaning louder than her killer, as she was having her intestines stirred by the gyrating tanto. Eventually, the blade broke free from the constraints of her navel, and began to slide up her well-defined midriff, slice by slice. Blood streamed down her sides, pooling under her midsection, as she was having the orgasm of a lifetime. The girl on top, having had her share of pleasure however, decided it was her own turn now. She got off of the tanto, slowly pulling it out, as she sat down on Mizuki.

"My turn. You're not wasted yet, right? Do me the same way, kinda, just cut down this time".

Mizuki nodded, still euphoric. Grasping the tanto with both hands, she plunged it into the girls belly button, before pulling downwards with full force.

"Oh fuck me. Argh. Fuck. Not anywhere, near, as fucking, great, as it looks, holy shit," The girl said through gritted teeth.

Mizuki didn't care. She was enjoying this. She felt great. What this person felt, was of no concern, after all, it was her that wanted Mizuki dead. Once she felt she cut far enough, she tore the dagger out, replacing it with her fist. She rammed her fist into the wound on the girls stomach, before she pulled out a handful of guts which she then began to stuff inside her own belly. The force of the 'punch' and the sensation of having her guts pulled out of her toppled the girl over onto Mizuki. Seeing this as possibly her only chance of getting some pleasure out of this ordeal, the girl locked lips with Mizuki, and attempted to guide one of Mizuki's hands to her crotch, however unluckily for her, Mizuki had other plans. She wanted to play with her guts, and she was going to do just that. Accepting her fate, the girl wrapped her arms around Mizuki, who was taking great pleasure in rummaging through the contents of her midsection. With both of them intertwined, they kissed, til the girl finally had enough, slitting Mizuki's, and then her own throat, finally putting an end to her suffering, and Mizuki's pleasure.

As Mizuki's thoughts began to fade, she thought, "See you on the other side, kid".

Rin watched all of the events unfold, having done her part, she was free to do as she wished, provided it ended with her death. She was leaning back against the closet, laptop conveniently placed on her lap, as her attention turned to her own chubby little belly. She was sat in such a way that her belly was bulging out in 3 little rolls. She was by no means overweight, she just had a bit of baby fat which her inactive lifestyle never really got rid of. She gently brought her left hand to massage her plump tummy, as she realized she had forgotten her tanto outside, and yet, here she was, locked in a closet.

"Fuck," She mumbled, her eyes looking around the dark space.

Looking around for a minute, she eventually came to the following conclusion. She could either break the laptop, and try to gut herself with the remains of the screen, use a pair of screwdrivers to impale, and then pry open her deep, horizontal innie, or use a razor blade to slowly slice herself open. Pondering on her options, she eventually settled on the razor blade, for two reasons, the first, being that it was actually sharp, and would cut properly, and two, it was within arms reach, and she wouldn't need to exert herself at all to get it.

"This is really gonna sting," She said, taking a deep breath.

This wasn't going to be quick, in fact, this could well be the slowest form of seppuku one could possibly commit, and the most painful. The razor was nowhere near large enough to slice into her stomach cavity in one go, she would have to repeatedly cut into herself, scoring her flesh ever deeper to get to her target. If only she remembered to bring her tanto with her. She set the laptop aside and grabbed onto the lowermost belly roll.

"Maybe I can get in easier through my belly button," Rin thought, sliding a finger in.

She had decided then. She would saw her navel open with a razor blade, but first, she wasn't going to let herself die without having a bit of fun first. Turning her eyes back to her laptop screen, she slid one hand down her skirt, as she slid two fingers into her pussy. She began to rub herself inside, as well as finger-fuck her navel, while she watched on screen the erotic double suicide of a masked girl, and one of the teachers.

Here's the almost final part, next time, Yuki, the rest of the school, Rin, and a special surprise. Enjoy.


Man, really liking what's happening. :)

Looking forward to the ending.

Also, I know CG, GL, F/Z, and (barely) GuP in the Anime department, and I like VC, Soul Calibur, and the Starcraft series when it comes to games.

So... think you might be able to do a Kallen story at some point?


Epilogue Part 4

Yuki winced, as the sharp tip of the tanto began to pierce through the pit of her navel. It was a strange sensation, painful, yet arousing. Was this why Naoki chose to die in such a slow, agonizing way? She put more pressure on the tanto, suddenly feeling it slip inside her. The stinging sensation was replaced with a dull throbbing, both in her stomach, and her loins. She gently moved the blade in a circular motion, slowly spreading open the wound. The tanto had entered just deep enough to pierce through her, but not far enough to get entangled within her bowels - perfect for a slow, prolonged death. She grabbed hold of the handle with both hands, as she pulled upwards. The top rim of her navel held for a while, before giving way with a satisfying squelch, as the blade tore through it, sliding into the soft flesh above. The pain, and pleasure, began to build. Her breaths grew shorter, and she broke into a cold sweat. It felt as if time itself had slowed down. She could feel each droplet of sweat roll down her back, her neck, her belly. It was such a surreal sensation.

Yuki continued to slide the knife upwards, her midriff acting as a guideline for the cutting edge. With a single pulling motion, she had managed to open herself up, from navel to sternum. Pausing, as she tried to keep herself from feeling nauseous, she looked down to admire her handiwork. A clean, straight cut, just deep enough to go into her stomach cavity. Perfect. Savoring the sight a while longer, she eventually slid the knife back into the bottom of the wound, twisting it till the cutting edge faced right. It took much less effort to break free from the constraints of her mutilated navel this time around, as she neatly sliced through her midsection. Once more she pulled the knife out, and placed it back into the remains of her belly button, and cut left. Her hands were now trembling, her breaths ragged, inconsistent, and yet she did not falter. This is how her lover died, and this is how she would die.

"Final cut," Yuki mumbled.

Yuki brought the tanto back to its starting position, as she tucked her skirt under her knees. With her back still arched, she pushed the tanto downwards, as she felt the pressure building inside her suddenly relieved. The cross cut was complete. She set the tanto to her side, and leaned back as far as she could, resembling a contortionist, save for the gaping wound in her belly. She slid one hand under her skirt, finally having the time to pleasure herself, as she awaited the sweet embrace of death. Almost an hour passed, before the pain started to take over. What little there was left of the pleasure from before was now gone. Realizing that it was all downhill from here, she reached for the tanto, grasping it tightly with what little of her strength she had left, and brought it to her throat.

"Please wait for me, Naoki," Yuki whispered, as she slit her throat with a smile.

The last teacher remaining looked on in horror. This was a suicidal orgy, and she was going to be part of it, whether she liked it or not. Unluckily for her, she wasn't well liked by most of the students, mostly for her stern attitude, and penchant for sending more students to their death in a single semester than the entire schools average for a whole year. All eyes now turned to her.

"You're the cunt who got my sister to commit seppuku on her birthday," One of the masked girls snarled, slamming her katana into the woman's bare belly.

The teacher was in shock. The pain was horrendous. Was this what every student she condemned went through? The cold steel of the katana was now wedged in her lower belly. The girl yanked it out, causing the teacher to spin around like a marionette, as her bowels started flying out in all directions. She deserved this. This was the only thing going through her mind. She deserved this at least. To feel the pain of disembowelment. The humiliation of being gutted alive, in front of everyone you knew. She hated the pain, and yet, she did not try to fight back, nor resist. She quietly took it all.

"I'm not done yet, bitch".

A foot came crashing down onto her wounded belly. The pain was excruciating. She couldn't hold back a blood-curdling scream. Yet her mind still thought of the pain she had condemned her students to. This is something they went through, dozens of them. Did she really have the right to force them to commit seppuku? Regardless, she was no longer in control. Her attacker started ripping her guts out, slicing them free from her, piling the warm loops all around her. The girl gutting her accidentally missed her mark, and jabbed her right in the heart, quickly ending her suffering, and atonement.

With the last of the staff present now dead, the girls turned their attention to the students.

"Everyone please stand up, bare your bellies if you're not wearing the standard uniform, and remain standing in front of your seats. We don't have much time left, and there is a lot of you to go through. Those of you who wish to commit seppuku on your own, or with a partner, please move towards the podium please. The rest of you, we'll make it quick, so please don't resist. It will only prolong your suffering," One of the squad leaders said, using the microphone mounted on the podium.

None of the students seemed to distressed, if anything, some looked quite excited. Yet, only 3 moved to the stage. Close friends, since they were young, they were always together. It seems they wanted to be together even in death. One of them grabbed a spare, quite bloody katana, as they lined up neatly. The first, held the katana to her navel, while the other two pressed their bellies against her back.

"You guys ready?" The first asked, slowly applying pressure.

Without hesitation, the other two replied, "Yes!".

The first then shoved the long blade into her navel, angling it so it wouldn't damage her spine. It went straight through her, the tip pushing through out of her back. She paused for a moment, while the girl behind her adjusted her belly so the tip was pushing against the pit of her belly button. Feeling her friend's belly pushing against her back once more, she continued to push the sword through. The first grunted audibly, obviously in severe discomfort, while the second was ecstatic. The sensation of the katana penetrating her navel drove her to a wild orgasm. The sensation of her innards parting, giving way to the unstoppable steel edge. The third, and last girl too, took a short moment to center the blade on her navel, before thrusting herself on the katana, savoring the brutal stabbing sensation. With all three impaled on the blade, the first began to twist and turn the katana, stirring, ripping, mincing their guts. They moaned and groaned in unison, enjoying the pain, savoring it. Now that the damage was done, all they could do was pleasure themselves till the end came.

The rest of the students, those who really couldn't be bothered to gut themselves, just stood around casually chatting. They must not have grasped just how dire their situation was, or they simply didn't care. Some even seemed quite excited at the prospect of having their friends gut them. The masked girls moved towards the first row.

"Ready", one of the leaders said.

They positioned their katana's at the navels of the schoolgirls, as they awaited further instruction.


In unison, the first row of schoolgirls was stabbed through their sensitive belly buttons. Allowing them a moments pause, the team leader issued the next order.

"Cut left!"

A diagonal cut was made, from their navels to their left hip. Following the cut, the katana was returned to the girls navels, or what was left of them. A third and final order came quickly.

"Cut right!"

The second, final cut was made. An upside-down V was carved into the girls tummies, something Yuki came up with. Some, groaned in pain, but stood their ground, others, took great pleasure in the strange sensation. All however, would be dead before the day was out.

The masked girls moved on to the next row, and followed the same procedure. It was almost mechanical. Stab, cut, cut. Stab, cut, cut. Repeated over and over. Row after row of girls had a flap cut into their bellies. Those who bent over from pain, or curiosity, ended up spilling the entire contents of their stomach. It seems Yuki did a good job coming up with that cutting method. Within 10 minutes, every single student present at the assembly, was successfully cut open. Their bellies carved up just as Yuki had intended. If only she were around to see it.

Their task was complete. The girls inside the auditorium radioed in their success, as those who stood guard quickly rushed in to join them. It was their turn now - they would be the last to die, as a way of atonement for the massive loss of life, a way of apologizing to their friends who they killed, their families who they left behind.

"Alright ladies, final act, balaclavas off, lets line up nicely for the camera and get the show started," one of them said.

The thirty-four remaining, all lined up in front of one of the 'hidden' cameras, and unmasked themselves in unison. They paired up with whoever was next to them, as they raised and knotted up their turtleneck sweaters, exposing their vulnerable bellies to the world. They knelt down, and bowed deeply, before each girl took out and unsheathed her tanto. What was different this time, was that they wouldn't gut themselves, rather, their partner would split their belly, at the same time they split open their partner, all the while facing the camera. Two of the girls were, rather enthusiastic, to say the least, the Kato twins. Kaori and Kaoru Kato, identical twins, who were a little overly friendly with one another at times. They both shared an insatiable fetish for one another's bellies, whether it was licking, poking, punching, and now stabbing, they loved it. They were both quite attractive too, tall, a great chest, wide hips, and a delicious bum, with ever so slightly plump tummies, adorned by a very sensitive round innie.

"Kaori, grab onto me, 'kay? We gotta be close together or we won't be able to reach properly!" Kaoru stated.

Kaori nodded in approval. Though they were identical twins, their personalities were poles apart. Kaoru was outgoing, extremely vibrant and cheerful, whereas Kaori was extremely introverted, generally somewhat grouchy, and almost always had a bored or displeased expression.

The two twins grabbed one another by the hips from behind, as they pushed themselves close to one another. Still facing forwards, towards the camera, they would have to reach quite far to properly split their bellies open. They took their tanto's. Kaori placed hers on Kaoru's left hip, while Kaoru placed her's on Kaori's right hip. This way, they could pull their daggers, making it somewhat easier to make the cut.

"Kaori, let's kiss, we're gonna die so might as well enjoy ourselves, right?" Kaoru whispered.

Without hesitation, her twin locked lips with her, shoving her tongue in sloppily, as she began to push the tanto in. They mimicked one another's actions, as did all of the seventeen couples present. Slowly, they pushed the tanto in, not too deep, taking great care to not damage their partners internals. Once the blade was in, they pulled the blades across, pulling themselves closer to one another as well. They watched the blades slide slowly across. How the skin and flesh would bulge just around the tip, how blood would flow over and around the cutting edge, and how the soft flesh behind would begin to open up. Both of them had reached the half-way mark, a mere inch below the navel. They both felt a strange pressure building in their lower bellies. Without pause, they kept pulling the blades, quickly splitting open one another's bellies.

The sound of sirens could be heard outside - Rin had done a great job delaying the inevitable, however the girls would have to finish up quickly, lest they end up being shot dead before they can succumb to their own wounds, defeating the purpose of committing seppuku in the first place.

Hearing the sirens, Kaoru and Kaori, broke their kiss, and stared into each others eyes. Both nodded, as if they had a contingency plan ready. In an instant, both of them twisted their tanto's, so that the cutting edge faced upwards, and tore upwards till they hit one another's ribs. The force of the motion letting loose a torrent of blood and bowels. Not wanting to be outdone by her twin, Kaori let go of her sister, and shoved her hand into her wound, leaning forwards as she pulled out most of her intestines. They kissed once more, setting each others daggers to their throats, as they made the final cut, right through their jugular. All faded to black, as they, and the other couples collapsed into each other, leaving nothing but the dead, and dying for the police to find.

Rin watched the entire show unfold, including the arrival of the police. They most likely wouldn't look here, especially since both the media club room was locked, as well as the closet, but she couldn't take any chances. It was now or never. She took the razor, and slowly started carving into herself. She scored a faint line into her belly, not deep enough to draw blood, but sufficient to mark the cut. She would bisect her lowermost belly roll, and her navel, which in her head, would mean her guts would simply plop out, with minimal effort on her part, or as little effort as it took considering she was cutting her belly open with a razor blade. She grabbed a spare camera, and turned it on. It was already connected to the laptop and immediately started streaming.

"Hello world. This is gonna be my first and last appearance - I hope you all enjoyed the show, because I sure as hell did. Here's hoping we end up changing Japan, or even the world. Rin Iwata, over and out. Sort of. Like, I won't talk or anything, but I'll just cut my tummy open with a fucking razor, since I forgot my tanto. I bet you bastards are gonna enjoy that aren't you?" She mumbled, placing the camera at an angle to capture her belly, she got on with it.

She certainly won't have much time now that she was live-streaming herself, and there were only so many rooms with closets the police would check for her. She started to slowly saw into her belly roll, far to the left of her navel, breaking the skin, as the incredibly sharp razor easily slid through her flesh. This may be easier than she thought. She dragged the razor along, feeling a strange, dull stinging sensation, as she watched her belly roll split open, revealing the layer of fat underneath. Blood was pooling in the wound, and her belly button , somewhat obscuring her vision. She didn't really care - she would cut through to her bowels eventually. Getting to her navel, she didn't bother cutting too deep into it. She just carried on cutting to the right, reaching the far end of her soft, plump belly.

"Fuck that stings..."

She pulled her hand back, examining the wound. It wasn't pretty, especially seeing the layers of skin, fat and muscle in such detail, bleeding profusely to match. The sight made her nauseous. She never enjoyed hurting herself, but she didn't exactly have a choice. If she wanted to die with some honor and dignity intact, it had to be seppuku, even without the appropriate tools. She brought the razor back to the starting point of the cut. She slid it back in, applying more pressure. This time, she felt it puncture her. There was no pressure against the bottom of the blade. Breathing a sigh of relief, as this was going to be the last cut, she slowly drew the razor across. This time, she went through her navel. The razor having no trouble slicing through it, she maintained a slow, but steady pace, making a clean cut. Finally, she had bisected her belly and navel. Her belly looked much like a mouth, with a loop of entrails sticking out, it looked like her belly was being cheeky, sticking its tongue out at the world. Rin smiled, she could end it all soon. She set the razor aside, and started to pull out her intestines. Quite a lot of them have already escaped the confines of her stomach cavity, but she decided to aid the rest of them in their quest to see the outside world. Setting them aside all around her, she eventually noticed one key flaw in her playful self disembowelment. She lost track of the razor. It was probably somewhere mixed in with her now disembodied guts, but she had no means of finding it. Deciding to just accept her fate of a slow death, she simply continued to pull out her intestines. Pulling out what seemed to be the final loop, she had a clear view of her vagina. Wondering what it would feel like to masturbate both inside and outside of the vagina, she started gently rubbing the outside, while she massaged her clit. It was a strange sensation - one that somehow masked the pain. She brought herself to multiple quiet orgasms, as she slowly bled to death. An hour passed, and everything was fading - and then, the sound of a door shattering, people shouting, the closet door being torn open, she gazed upwards into the light, seeing the fading figures of the police officers, as all sound faded, and light, turned to darkness.


- Three months later -

The incident at the school had a massive effect on the general perception of seppuku. It got so serious that the government actually issued an order stating that seppuku without reason, was no longer frowned upon, and assisting a person committing seppuku in such a case was not to be considered as manslaughter. In fact, a porn magazine, published by two girls who claimed to be survivors of the incident, featuring the seppuku of Yuki Tsukino in full detail, as well as having numerous illustrations on the various methods one could use to commit seppuku, became the best selling magazine of its kind, in just one week. Those two became millionaires overnight, and they had more than enough footage to keep going for a long while - as well as many, many willing candidates for upcoming seppuku shoots.

Well, that's the end of that, sort of. It's somewhat open ended, so I could at any point return to this, or for that matter, any of you guys can return to this, and just use this universe as a basis for seppuku stories. After all, Japan as a whole now see's it as the greatest sexual pleasure a woman can have!

Blau, I would love to do a story featuring Kallen, but I myself prefer CC. Pizza butt was always my favorite, though Kallen was a close second. Extremely close. Not to mention her character just writes itself for a seppuku fanfic, what with her being obsessed with Japanese traditions, and what not, as well as her penchant for wearing belly-baring outfits. I'd say, expect one, and soon.


Very nice ending. :)

And looking forward to it very much.

As for Kallen vs. CC, I do admit that both are good characters, but Kallen has one decided advantage that puts her over CC in my book.

She's a redhead. And I have a thing for redheads. :D

Again, nice work, and looking forward to what you do next. :D


Good job. Will the completed story be posted on Hentai Foundry?


I generally have a thing for redheads as well, but CC just won me over in the end. Not really sure if it was just one specific thing, or just her overall interactions with Lulu and the rest of the cast, but I ended up liking her as a character more than Kallen.

Also, I've never really used Hentai Foundry, but, as I said, if anyone wants to save the completed story, reformat it, edit it, feel free to do so. I purposely didn't use a trip for that exact reason, though I might have to make one up so that people who requested stories have an easier time tracking me down.


I would like to thank you for this glorious story. You somehow managed to get the three childhood friends and twins tropes, 2 of my favorites, into the finale.

Yuki is a hero! Social seppuku for eveyone! :D


Also, I'd also like to mention that I really appreciate the time you took to describe the girls kissing. It made each death where they did so much more intimate.


Hope the first of your new stories comes soon. :D


Bump to ask when the next story is coming


Hey, sorry for the complete lack of updates or replies. I've got my dissertation presentation and report submission coming up and one of my simulations turned out to be wrong, so about a months work just went down the drain. I don't think I'll be able to do much for the next two to three weeks, but after that I'm pretty much free. Again, sorry for the silence, and sorry for making you guys wait.

On a slightly different note, do you guys know any artists that would be interested in drawing scenes from this story? Or, maybe do a scene from this in something like MMD or whatever - nothing too complex. Just curious if anyone else would be interested in something like this.


Life happens man. Good luck. Hope to see you back writing soon.


I find out a bug.

About Kasumi, the author said she was a member of the schools athletics club, and then said "the students that didn't join any clubs, such as Kasumi, went home."
So, did Kasumi join a club or not?


Bump to keep from losing this, and I hope that your next story comes soon. :D


Any chance your next story is coming soon? I want to see some more seppuku stories from you. :)


Bump in hope that the OP can get another story up soon. :D


Bump in hope that the OP can get another story up soon. :D


Bump to keep from losing this, and in the hope that the OP's next story will come soon. :)


Bump to keep from losing this


Bump to keep from losing this


Another bump in hope that the OP's next story comes soon. :)


It would be awesome to read another one like this.




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