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Calves, Father and Son Ranchers

By: Loki 925 (Mm/gf+, cannibal)

This story is totally fictitious and does not resemble anyone or anything in reality, whatever that may be. Be warned this story contains cannibalism.

Lee was a healthy nine year old two-legged calf. She was the daughter of a convert. Having extremely little mental stimulation her education level was less than a

kindergartner and her IQ was even less. She couldn't even spell her name. She knew nothing of the world beyond the ranch she lived on. All she knew and had been

taught, she was a calf.

Being nine years old she now had a huge disconnect with her mother who was always pregnant with a calf. The only thing she wanted was to be like her mother, a

happy pregnant cow. She had been to the breeding barn many times to witness her mother being bred by the bulls. The bulls had such big cocks and her mother loved

being fucked.

She could hardly wait to have a bull cock up her young cunt. She wanted to have fat milk-heavy tits. Tits that would be milked twice a day as her cunt was stuffed

full with a milking rod. The milking rod seemed to be as much fun as a bull's cock. She had seen her mother's cunt stuffed full with the vibrating rods as she was


Lee had spent the last eight years in care free play just like the other daughters of converted cows. However now that she was nine the same fun toys she played

with, and games she had played did not interest her anymore. Even her favorite game "Cook the calf" seemed boring. Sure it had been lots fun being tied up across a

fake flame pretending to be cooked while the other calves looked on and every so often licked her skin telling her how good she tasted. Now there was just no fun in

being fake cooked.
However she knew for certain that being cooked for real would be lots of fun and all she hoped was that she would taste good.

Having no true idea of life or death, Lee had no conception that being cooked for real would mean she would be dead. She had never seen a grown cow get cooked. She

was never told what happened to cows that could not be impregnated any more. She was sure old cows simply went to another barn where they lived happily. She had no

idea that the tasty stuffing she ate at every meal contained ground up old cow meat.

She was sure she had seen other convert calves offspring like herself being cooked. She imagined they were all smiles as they roasted over the flames and when they

were done they tasted very good. She had no idea how wrong she was. Yes she had seen calves roasting but they were calves from the large meat barns. They were

headless, footless, handless, and skinless when they were roasted. All they were was just red hunks of meat, but to her they were real alive calves just like her.

She could walk wherever she wanted but never strayed too far away from the barn she was born in. If she walked too far away without a gray cow she would have no

idea where she was or how to get home. She considered the working cows who wore gray button-up dresses as gray cows. Her favorite word was Moo. It was one of

perhaps fifty or less words she knew.
When she spoke all her sentences started with moo with lots of moos in between.

Lee had short blond hair and blue eyes. She had an indelible black bar code mark printed across her forehead and sported a bright orange tag hanging from her ear.

She had two friends just like her. Their names were Dee and Bee. All three calves had the tiniest beginning of milk glands.
In two years they would experience their first breeding and within a year after that they would all be awaiting the birth of their first calves.

Two well-dressed boys were walking through the meadow. They paused to look at the three young calves cavorting naked near them. Derik was used to seeing such

calves but for Brad it was a sight to be cherished.

"Those calves look like real girls, don't you think so? I wouldn't mind playing with them." Brad said.

Derik laughed. "Maybe we can do that later but we need to get to our classes now. The calves will still be here when we come back this afternoon."

Lee, Dee and Bee saw the son of their owner and another boy who looked at them. They paused in their play and faced the boy, spreading their legs open as they were

taught to do, so he could view their hairless cunts.

Lee felt a tingle between her legs as the boy stared at her. It was a new feeling for the young calf. But Derik laughed at Brad and took him by the arm, and the

boys walked away.


Derik Mathews Jr. was walking with his friend Brad Davis. They were walking toward the lunch room. Brad's father was the CEO of a large manufacturing firm.

While Brad's dad was wealthy and a confirmed member of the upper class, his dad was nowhere as wealthy as Derik's dad. While many smaller two-legged cattle ranches

were now failing, Derik's dad now owned the largest two-legged cattle ranch on the planet.

With so many two-legged cattle ranches failing meat prices would have gone through the roof if not for the government control of two-legged meat prices. The main

reason for the recent failure of two-legged cattle ranches could be directly attributed to Derik's dad.

Years ago Derik Mathews Sr. replaced all his paid workers except for one with working two- legged cattle. This made his cost for workers almost nonexistent. This

put great pressure on the other two-legged ranchers to change their ways or go out of business. Mathews Sr. was also the first two-legged cattle rancher to use

converts. This practice vaulted Mathews Sr. from the fringes of the upper class to one of the richest men on the planet. He was now considered a charter member of

the upper class.

Two-legged ranching had started during the great war between the East and the West. In an effort to win the war both sides used bio warfare.
The virulent virus not only killed humans it killed every animal on the planet. Both sides genetically altered their prisoners and converted them into two-legged

cattle. The East won the war. They leveled the Western cities and turned the defeated Western population into two-legged cattle.

Converts were considered any female who was not born from a genetically altered Western two-legged cow. Where there was once only genetically altered two-legged

Western cows there was now fully human two-legged cattle. Mathews Sr. found it easy to find all the converts he needed from the slightly more than thirty present of

the population that was considered lower class. Many considered it better than starving.

In order to be converted all an Eastern girl had to do was get a two-legged bull cock up her cunt. While all the other two-legged cattle ranchers had stopped

advertising for converts once they had enough converts to replace the old genetically altered two-legged cattle, Derik's dad still advertised for converts.

Derik and Brad walked into the lunch room and over to the only blue painted table that was in the room. The table was painted blue because it was the only table

designated for food deliveries. The lunch room was divided into three sections. The blue table was where the upper class students sat separated by a small invisible

line from the other sections. The middle section was where the middle class students sat.

Another invisible line divided the middle section from the lower class section. As Derik and Brad walked toward the blue table two girls entered the room from

another door. One of the girl's name was Kayla, and the other girl's name was Lorene.

The girls were the same age, thirteen years old like Derik and Brad. The girls were friends with both the boys but neither had a romantic interest in the two boys.

Derik had no interest in the girls but Brad did, however his only interest in the two girls was sexual. If given the opportunity he would gladly fuck both girls.

Derik and Brad sat down at the table and Kayla and Lorene joined them. Just as the girls sat down the rest of the students began to enter the room. A majority of

the students were carrying brown paper bags. In the bags was their lunch. About thirty percent of the students had no bags. The ones without bags were lower class.

Almost all of the lower class could not afford to eat three meals a day. There was no social services or any other type of government handouts. It had been this

way for centuries and the great war had changed nothing. The majority of the population, almost seventy percent, was of the middle class and they saw no reasons to

spend their hard earned money in taxes to help people who they saw as lazy and without motivation.

The middle class enjoyed all the amenities of life including health care which was paid for by taxes. They were protected in case of an accident at work or play.

They had two weeks paid vacation and worked forty hours a week. They had access to free education up to the junior college level.

Two years of college was required for most good paying jobs. If a middle class student was of genius level they would be selected for further education. If they

were not selected further education was beyond reach for almost all of the middle class. Crime among the middle class was extremely low.

Retirement for the middle class which was paid for in taxes and by a life time of work was at seventy percent of their salaries and at sixty five years. Life

expectancy for the middle class was in the eighties.
Once out of school and employed most of the middle class worked for the same company until they retired.

Wages for the middle class were standardized and almost all of the middle class received the same wages. The exception to this rule was the doctors, engineers, and

scientists who received a little more than standard pay. Most of the retired middle class lived in specially designed retirement communities where they lived out the

remainder of their lives happily. Having been this way for centuries and having no incentive for change the middle class was complacent. The middle class had

different antiquated religious beliefs, but none of them included charity beyond their immediate families.

Everything was based on taxes and because the lower class paid less taxes they received hardly any of the benefits the middle class received.
The lower class was doomed to menial jobs, menial life expectancy, and a very menial life.

Just as a man wearing a white shirt, tie and jacket, and carrying a large insulated white box walked into the room the middle class students opened their bags. In

just about every bag was a fork and a thermos bottle filled with a favored drink, and in a square plastic container there was some form of cubed and cooked two-legged

meat mixed with a green salad and a small container of dressing, or a sandwich with thin sliced two-legged meat with salad and dressing.

The man in the jacket walked over to the blue table. When he arrived he opened the white box and read off the order list, "Four fillets with mushrooms, salad, and

tea." fillet was the proper name for a two-legged cunt steak. It was considered the best cut of meat off of a two-legged calf.

A whole cunt fillet cost fifty credits to sixty credits. While the middle class could afford to buy cunt steaks they could not afford to eat it every day. They

usually bought cunt steaks once a week and for special occasions. The man gave a covered plate and silverware to Lorene, then to the three others. After giving each

of the four a plate he gave them a receipt which they signed, and they added a twenty percent tip.

The man then stepped aside and waited for the four to finish eating so he could collect the plates and return them to the restaurant where he worked.

-- In another section of the same school sitting in the lower class section of the lunch room was Kim. She had just turned ten years old. Sitting next to

her was her eight year old sister Amy. Having not eaten anything since last night's dinner the girls were very hungry. But hunger was nothing new to the young girls.

Hardly a day went by that they got to eat more than one meal a day and there were times that they did not get anything to eat for several days.

In fact the only reason they had anything for dinner last night was their mother let her client fondle both girls. Their mother was a boozy prostitute and now due

to her excessive use of alcohol she looked a lot older than her twenty four years. She looked more like forty. Kim turned to her sister and said, "I'm leaving after

school whether you come with me or not."

"I don't know." Amy answered. "Don't cattle get slaughtered and eaten?"

"I told you not right away. They are used to produce babies for many years."

"What about the babies, don't they get eaten?"

"Mostly that is only the boy babies. Usually girl babies are raised to become calves. Look this is the last time I am going to say this, so listen! If we don't

leave after school mom will sell us to Jones and we will get fucked a lot and wind up just like mom."

"Are you sure?"

"Now you're being dumb. Did you not hear what Jones said last night?"


"Well what did he say?"

"He said if mom didn't pay the fucking rent he would sell us to one of his fucking Johns."

"And what do Johns do"?

"They fuck mom and touch us all over."

"Do you like being touched?"

"No, but won't we be fucked?"

"Yes but we will never be hungry again."

Not being hungry was a dream, but Amy remembered the sign she had read. It read, "Hungry? All the food you can eat waits for you at the Mathews Ranch."

There were other lines, but that was the only one she had read. She knew her sister was right, but she was still hoping for someone, anyone to save her, her mom

and sister. But now that she was eight she knew that was a dream just like having all the food she wanted. Could she trust what she had read? Did cows really get

all they wanted to eat? "Yes" she whispered to herself "it had to be true, because they in turn would be eaten and who would want to buy a skinny cow?"

She turned to her sister and reluctantly said." Okay I'll go with you."

"Good, meet me after school at the front door."


Mathews senior and a dozen other large two-legged cattle ranchers had been called to an emergency meeting at the national capital. The East was divided into twelve

equally populated districts. Each district had one governor and a lieutenant governor. The governors doubled as national senators. Elections were held every six

years with no person being able to serve no more than two consecutive terms. After elections a national leader was chosen from the twelve senators. The lieutenant

governor of the man chosen for leader would now become a district governor and senator.
This was easily done because the East was a one party system. Although the law stated anyone could run for office the system put huge road blocks in the way of anyone

not of the upper class. One of the bigger hurdles was no one actually got paid for holding office. Holding office was seen as an honor, but it was an honor

restricted to the upper class.

Mathews and the other two-legged cattle ranchers already knew why the meeting had been called. Just last night several butcher shops had to close due to lack of

product. Mathews, although not well liked by the other ranchers, was chosen to speak for the group. His new status as upper class made him not only the natural

choice but the only choice.

About one year ago and even before that Mathews could see this day's arrival, but it was just one year ago he put his plan into motion. Of the twelve largest two-

legged cattle ranches on the planet only two of them were run by women, the rest were run by men. The women's names were Mildred Langston and Elisabeth Pierce.

Mathews knew once every one converted to working two-legged cows the ranchers would make more credits, but not enough to become upper class.

He knew in order to become upper class ranchers would have to double their current daily shipment of 2,000 calves. He also knew the ranchers would have problems

converting to working cows and smaller ranches would go out of business. While these factors and other factors were small keys to his plan the last thing he knew was

the most important.

He knew for certain that the two females who owned two-legged ranches once they lost their paid work force would become attracted to bull cock, if they weren't

already attracted to bull cock. He knew this because he had seen it in the secretary he had hired. She visited the breeding barn only one time and he could see it in

her eyes that she was already attracted to the two-legged bulls.

He knew the reason for the attraction was twofold. The first fact was that two-legged bulls had big cocks and they were sex machines. The second was once male

calves were genetically altered they gave off an intoxicating scent of sex. Like the defunct four-legged animal it could be called a sexual pheromone. Once any

female was exposed to a two-legged bull there would be only the very smallest possibility they would not be drawn to two-legged bulls like moths to a flame.

He was not sure if the female ranchers knew about these factors, but it did not matter. Without a paid and trusted work force the female owners would have to check

the operations of the breeding center. Once that did that he knew sooner or later they would get fucked by a two-legged bull. They might even keep a two-legged bull

as a sexual pet.

When he knew that Mildred Langston and Elisabeth Pierce were going to change over to working cows he offered to help. The two female ranchers having little

experience with working cows, although they were suspicious, accepted his offer. After the changeover was completed they thanked him for his help.

They had no idea he would return and make them an offer they could not turn down. Sometime later he visited both women and showed each one video evidence of them

being fucked by two-legged bulls. While helping them convert he had secretly installed dozens of hidden micro cameras. The women begged him and offered him

everything they had. What he offered them was startling. In exchange for them volunteering to increase their two-legged calf shipments to 4,000 a day he would only

receive one percent of their gross income. When the females asked him why, he simply answered, 'Irony'. Puzzled but understanding what his statement meant they


What they understood was that when they reached the point of shipping 4,000 calves a day they would be vaulted into the upper class. The irony of this was that

legally now that they had been fucked by a two-legged bull, by law they were no longer citizens, they were two-legged cows. Each woman signed an eternal contract that

gave the Mathews ranch one percent of the gross income of their ranches basically forever. The payment on paper was called a consultant fee.

Mathews also suggested that for their own protection they should single out one two-legged bull and keep him as a sexual pet. The two women gladly agreed.

Now as Mathews and the group of ranchers waited for their meeting with the leader and senators everything was ready to make him the richest man on the planet.


School ended as it always did for all students at 3:15 p.m. Kim and Amy met at the front door. Amy still had a lot of reservations. "We have to take the train to

the shipping depot on the coast." Kim said.

All Amy could do was sadly and nervously reply, "Okay."

Kim started to walk briskly with her sister lagging behind. By the time they arrived at the station Kim had to wait a few minutes for her sister to catch up.

Derik and Brad had arrived at the station well before the girls. There were over a thousand students at the station waiting for the train. They were all the sons and

daughters of two-legged ranchers.

Being shabbily dressed marked the girls as lower class and made them easy to spot. Amy and Kim walked onto the platform. When they did Derik was the first one to

spot the girls. The other students also took notice of the two new girls. Derik smiled. He knew the girls were going to his dad's ranch. Although they were much

younger than most girls who wanted to be converted he saw no problem with converting them. The train pulled into the station. All the other boys and girls started to

board the train.

Kim turned to her sister and said. "We have to get on the last car."

Every student was issued a transportation pass. It enabled them to ride any means of public transportation from 7 a.m. until 4:10 p.m. The passes like everything

else were divided along class lines.

Tears started to roll down Amy's cheeks. In a crackling voice she said, "I want to go home."

Derik had been watching the two girls and saw what was going on. Although he could have just let the girls work it out, he knew most likely the younger one would

go back home. While one less new cow did not make the slightest bit of difference, he also guessed that the girls were most likely sisters and they would be much

happier together.

He had learned from his dad that the one of the biggest keys to two-legged ranching was happy cows. He also knew he would enjoy seeing both of them getting fucked

by a two-legged bull. Almost all the students had boarded the train. Derik knew he had to act quickly. He said to Brad, "Just follow my lead and let me do the

talking." He walked over to the girls and said, "What's wrong, little girl?"

As Brad looked at the younger girl he thought he noticed something familiar but quickly dismissed it.

"I don't want to be a cow, I want to go home."

"You could go home, but how do you know you won't like being a cow?"

Amy was confused but she stopped crying and looked up at the older boy.
"Who are you?" Kim asked.

"My name is Derik Mathews Jr., and this is my friend Brad."

"Are you the one who placed the ads at the school?" Kim asked.

"No, my dad did."

"Do cows really get all they want to eat?" Amy asked.

"Yes they do. Now if you not sure you want to be a cow you can still visit my dad's ranch, and if you don't like what you see I'll make sure you get home safely."

"I--I--" Amy tried to say but Derik interrupted her saying, "We better get on the train. You two can ride with us in first class." Kim quickly replied, "Okay."

She was almost two years older than her sister and was very sure about what she was doing. Amy was still unsure, but she had seen what upper class buildings looked

like. They were much more elaborate looking than the middle class buildings she saw every day as she rode the bus from her rotting lower class apartment and building.

The older boy looked like he could be trusted and she really wanted to see what the first class car looked like. Although she was hesitant Amy meekly replied,


The girls followed the boys to the first car. When they arrived at the car Derik put his train pass in a slot by the door. Above the slot was a video screen.

When his pass was read and cleared on the display screen he added two extra charges. The charges would be billed to his dad. Brad also used his own pass to board the


When the girls stepped into the car they were in awe. Everything they saw sparkled and the seat looked very comfortable. In the center of the car was a small

table. On the table was a plate with six short bread cookies. Derik walked over to the table picked up the plate and said, "Would you girls like a cookie?"

Flour and sugar were produced on automated farms. The flour was of a very low grade and one could not survive by eating bread alone. Cookies and bread were made

at local bakeries in the upper class and middle class areas. No bakeries existed in lower class areas. The idea of mass produced bread and cookies never caught on.

The girls had heard about cookies but never had one. They looked at the plate in Derik's hand. On the plate they saw strange lightly tanned objects. Kim walked

over to the plate, looked down at the cookies and said, "Yes please."

Derik gave her one of the cookies. Kim took a small bite of the cookie. Never in her life did she dream that anything could taste so good. She smiled. Amy saw

her sister's smile and asked, "Can I please have one too?"


Amy walked up to him and he handed her a cookie. Amy took a small bite of the cookie. She chewed the bite. It was beyond good. She then stuffed the rest of the

cookie into her mouth. "Amy!" Kim said scolding her sister for her bad manners.

Amy did not respond. She crunched the cookie in her mouth as fast as she could then swallowed it saying, "Can I have another one---Please!"

"Just one more. We don't want to ruin your dinner."

Dinner? What dinner? Amy wanted to say but as Derik handed her the cookie she took it and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Please can I have another one too," Kim asked having finished her cookie.

"Sure but only one. We don't want to spoil your dinner."

As Derik gave Kim the cookie he knew for sure he had two new two-legged cows. He smiled as he watched the girls finish eating the cookies. It was going to be a

fun evening watching these two young girls being turned into two-legged cows.

Amy finished eating her cookie and asked, "Do cows get to eat cookies?"

"No, cookies are not very nutritious."

Amy was disappointed. "But they do get all they want to eat," Kim said.

"Yes they do."

After eating the cookies and even though two-legged cows did not get to eat cookies, Amy was warming up to the idea of becoming a two-legged cow. Eating all she

wanted was now a reality and all she had to do was become a two-legged cow. It was becoming a very enticing idea.

The high speed rail took less than ten minutes to reach the port. At the port was a super-fast hydro foil transport ship capable of speeds of 3,500 MPH. Moving in

the opposite direction were dozens of automated refrigerated cargo ships. Each cargo ship contained over a thousand skinned and ready for butchering two-legged


Waiting at the shore line were hundreds of automated transport trucks. As each cargo ship landed the cargo was automatically off-loaded onto the automated trucks.

When each truck was full it moved off to its final destination, a butcher shop. There were two butcher shop chains. Both were owned by the upper class and both

charged the same price for two-legged meat.

The butchers were of the middle class, the cleanup crew was lower class. The cleanup crew could not even afford to buy the meat that was sold at the stores they

worked at more than three times a week. Still, working at a butcher shop was one of the best jobs a lower class person could have.

The cleanup crew job was passed on from father to son. Where the middle class and upper class bought their two-legged meat was a matter of taste, but both chains

had approximately the same amount of customers. There were no butcher shops in lower class sections, only cheap hamburger and hot dog shops. The two-legged meat sold

at these shops was of the poorest quality and made up of the guts, heads, eyes, ears, noses, hands, feet and brains of two-legged calves. At least the guts were well

cleaned for food.

No two-legged meat was actually processed at the lower class shops. It was processed elsewhere, prepackaged, frozen and shipped in. These shops were also owned

and run by the upper class but there were no cleanup crew jobs. Each shop had only one middle class worker. With steel bars, a heavy steel door, an alarm system, and

a police officer stationed outside, the shop was more like a fortress than a processed two-legged meat shop.

The police, fire department, and the few other civil service jobs were strictly middle class jobs. Derik and his two soon-to-be two-legged calves got off the train

and boarded the ship. As the ship crossed the ocean it passed over thousands of sunken still rusting war ships left over from the great war. One hour later the ship


Not that far from the port were dozens of electric automated transport vehicles. The vehicles were marked with the names of the ranches they stopped at. Sitting

by themselves were two vehicles marked in large letters Mathews Ranch. Unlike the other vehicles which were public transports these two vehicles were owned by Mathews


Derik, Brad and the girls boarded the Mathews vehicle. Ten minutes later the vehicle stopped in front of the office. Derik got off the vehicle and Brad and the

girls followed him into the office. As they entered the office Derik saw two other girls sitting in the reception room.
"Good evening young sir," Bethany said.

"Good evening." Derik smiled. Bethany was forty two years old and although she did not know it she too was a working two-legged cow. When she first started

working for his dad he took her to visit the insemination center. Less than a day later she returned and got fucked by one of the bulls.

That act was recorded. His dad took the video evidence to court. Bethany was stripped of her rights and classified as a two-legged cow. In eight years when she

was fifty years old she would be turned into meat and all the money she had saved would go to his dad.

The two new girls, like all lower class girls, were wearing shabby gray dresses. Through the dresses he could see the outline of the girls' training bras. He

guessed the girls were eleven or twelve years old.
"Hello girls. I will take you to one of the barns. There you will be free to talk to anyone. The only men on this farm beside myself and my dad are the bulls. If

you have any questions I will be glad to answer them."

Brad ogled the two older girls, seeing that they were old enough to have young titties. He wondered if he would have a chance to play with their titties and maybe

even fuck the girls. By now he was no longer thinking about the three naked calves he had admired that morning.


Several hours ago Mathews Sr. and the other ranchers were escorted to a meeting room. As they entered the room everyone but Mathews was in awe being in front of

the government of their country. "Have a seat ladies and gentleman," the leader said.

Everyone took a seat. The leader spoke, "Citizens, needless to say we are facing a crisis. Is there anything that can be done to supply more meat?"

"Sir," Mathews replied, "it is possible to expand but the cost of expansion is prohibitive and it could lead to ruin, exacerbating the present problem. "

"Yes I understand but what if the government supplied the money for expansion in the form of very low interest loans for new barns and equipment?"

"Even if the loans are backed by the government, I myself and the others here could not afford any new loans."

Mathews knew he could expand even without government help, but he wanted the government to pay the entire bill for any expansions. He also knew that the government

had more than enough money in emergency funds.

"Citizens, give us a moment."

The leader and senators stood up. In respect the ranchers also stood up. The leader and senators walked into another room. About fifteen minutes later they

returned. As they walked back into the room everyone stood up. Mathews thought, 'Much less time than I thought it would be'.

When everyone was seated the leader spoke, "The government is willing to pay the full cost of expansion. The government will also let meat prices go up a little


"Sir," Mathews said, "With the funds I could in one year ship two thousand more calves a day."

Mildred Langston and Elisabeth Pierce both agreed to ship two thousand more calves a day. After they agreed none of the other ranchers volunteered. However if no

other ranchers went out of business six thousand calves a day would make up for the ranchers that had gone out of business.

The meeting ended. Mathews invited Mildred Langston and Elisabeth Pierce to eat at the finest restaurant in the city. Although the women may have wanted to refuse

they couldn't. The women might have asked Mathews how he knew the male ranchers would not volunteer to expand, but they already knew why. They knew that the males

that owned two-legged ranches, now that their stock was fully human, were in it for one thing, and that was fucking young female calves.

They went to the restaurant and were seated. After they ordered their meals Mathews smiled saying, "So ladies, how does it feel to be upper class?"

"We are not upper class yet!" Mildred replied harshly.

"Ah but you will be."

"What do you want from us now, Mathews?" Elisabeth said even more harshly.

"Ladies, there is no need to be harsh. I haven't done anything to you that some other male rancher wouldn't have done."

"Yeah, if they weren't so occupied with fucking young calves." Mildred retorted.

"At least you admit it."

"He is right Mildred, and he let us keep our ranches and made us upper class. One percent is nothing compared to what we have gained. I never dreamed I would ever

be upper class."

"That may be true but what if he changes his mind? Then what?" Mildred retorted.

Elisabeth looked at Mathews. He had a huge smile on his face. She believed she knew why he was smiling and said, "He's not."

"How do you know for sure?" Mildred retorted.

"Because he loves the idea of cows owning other cows. And if it ever was known the whole idea of two-legged ranching would come to a screeching halt. " Elisabeth


"How do you figure that?" Mildred retorted.

"At least thirty percent of the smaller ranches are owned by women and---" Elisabeth tried to say but was interrupted by Mildred who harshly stated, "They are more

than likely being fucked by bulls."

"Correct." Mathews smiled.

"Damn! You did this didn't you, Mathews?" Mildred stated bitterly.

"I guess you can blame me but sooner or later it was inevitable."

"I've had enough." Mildred stated. She got up and left the table.

The meal arrived and they started to eat. "By the way, when your daughter gets bred I want a video." Mathews said to Elisabeth.

"How do you know she will get fucked by a bull---She will, won't she."

"Yes just like you."

"I guess I will have to live with having two-legged cow grandchildren.
By the way this cunt steak is delicious."

"Let's have dinner once a month, on me of course."

"Sounds good to me."

"Just remember, it's a fillet now."

"So it is." Elisabeth smiled and took another bite of the tasty fillet.

Elisabeth now knew she could trust him. She knew he would never turn her, her daughter, or her grandchildren into two-legged cattle. She knew because he did not

want any other two-legged ranchers that were upper class. She also knew because Mildred had snubbed him. That is it was possible he would claim his rights to her, but

she doubted it. While he was not completely led around by his dick, he still needed some time to fuck those young two-legged calves.

She was right on one count but wrong on the other. Mathews when the time was right planned to exercise his rights of ownership and turn Mildred, her daughter, and

granddaughter into two-legged cows. To insure her loyalty he planned to invite Elisabeth to dine on Mildred, her daughter, and granddaughter.

--- The four girls boarded the bus that was parked outside the office. Brad could not keep his eyes off the girls as they walked past him. He knew that

these girls were human and he wanted to fuck them. Not wanting to be totally embarrassed by his rising erection Brad chose to stand up facing away from the girls.

Still there was something familiar in the back of his mind about Amy. He decided it was nothing and chose to forget it.

While Derik was not old enough to get a driver's license, he could drive and operate any piece of equipment on the ranch. Derik drove to one of the new barns

constructed for converts. The trip took less than fifteen minutes. When the bus stopped the girls got off the bus. As they exited the bus they were greeted by the

rich odor of roasting two-legged meat.
None of the girls had ever experienced the odor of cooking two-legged meat but they guessed what it was. Still Kim was the first one to say, "What's that smell?"

"That is your dinner cooking, if you decide to become cows."

The two older girls salivated and almost together said, "I want to be a cow."

"Okay get back on the bus and shortly I will take you two to the insemination center, and don't worry you will not miss dinner."

These girls must be really stupid Brad thought. Who in their right mind would want to become a two-legged cow? He like everyone else in the middle class and upper

class was denying the obvious answer. Everyone knew that the lower class lived a barely sustainable life but no one cared, or they simply denied it.

If not for the shittiest jobs that the lower class did that kept their society functioning, the middle class and upper class would have done away with the lower

class. The prevalent attitude was the same as it was for two-legged meat. No one cared how meat got on the table as long as it was there and tasted good, and no one

cared who did those shitty jobs no one else wanted to do as long as the jobs got done.

The lower class looked at the other classes with awe and reverence. This and the fact that they hoped they could move up in class kept the lower class from

revolting. While they hoped in vain the fact was that any revolt was squashed before it ever flourished. If someone of the lower class ever mentioned changing things

even their closest relatives would turn them in to the police for the reward of one meal.

Hunger is a brutal weapon and the other two classes used it very effectively to maintain their status.

While Kim and Amy walked into the barn Brad's eyes were popping out of his head as he looked at all the naked females. Many of them were pregnant and had swollen

bellies. He looked at Derik and said, "When the two in the bus are converted can we fool around with them?"

"Sure. That is if you want to risk eating your own kid for dinner."
There was the possibility that Brad would impregnate one of the adolescent girls and she might be roasted later along with her fetus. Not all of the new two-legged

calves would be kept for multiple breeding. Some of the most delicious meat came from calves barely old enough to get pregnant, and what they carried in their swollen


"Damn! I forgot about that." Brad said. Still he could not help thinking about knocking up one of the adolescent girls with her cute growing titties, and later

dining on her and the fetus he had planted in her belly. It was an obscene thought. He struggled not to cum in his pants.

"Don't worry, I have plenty of fun planned for this weekend." Derik said.

"I can hardly wait." Brad said eagerly.

Everywhere Kim and Amy looked they saw naked young pregnant females. Then just at the end of the half empty barn they saw a group of very young children by a number

of pregnant females. "Let's talk to one of them," Amy said.


As they approached the group a young naked two-legged toddler calf walked up to one of the females and said, "Moo momma moo milky moo."

The female offered the toddler one of her fat milk heavy tits. The toddler smiled and started to suckle on her mother's breast. As the child suckled the woman

noticed the two girls and said, "Hi. My name is Gina and this is my daughter Nee."

"Do you really get all you want to eat?" Amy asked.

Gina giggled and said, "Look at me, do I look like I missed any meals in the last three years?"

"Yeah look at any of us cows. Do you see a single one that looks hungry or as skinny as you do?" a nearby female said.

Although she had already looked at the other females Amy glanced around the barn. She did not see a single female that looked remotely under fed. They all looked

plump and very pregnant. With the smell of dinner assaulting her senses Amy did not have any other questions.

It no longer mattered that someday she would be turned into meat, it did not matter she would walk around naked as long as she got to eat. She turned to Kim and

said, "I'm going to be a cow."

"Good choice." Gina said followed by several other females saying the same thing.

Kim said nothing, she had already made up her mind. Being at the ranch, seeing the well fed cattle, and seeing the smiles on the cows' faces only reinforced her

decision. Amy turned and hurried back to where Derik was standing. Kim followed her. As soon as Amy was near enough she called out." I want to be a cow."

Derik smiled and Brad thought how weird. When Kim arrived she said,
"When we become cows can we stay together?"

"Yeah I forgot about that," Amy said.

"Yes you two can stay together. Now let's get back on the bus and I will take you to meet the bulls."

Amy had forgotten about the bulls and getting fucked, but all she could think about was eating. She happily got on the bus. Kim followed her sister. Derik and

Brad boarded the bus. Five minutes later Derik dropped the two older girls off at the insemination center. Knowing full well that neither Kim or Amy could take a

full grown bull cock up their young cunts without causing damage, he intended to take the two girls to the young two-legged bull pit. Genetically altering a male

two-legged calf was an easy process. When a male calf was two years old he was given an injection of special genes. The genes would begin to alter the calf's

physical nature and brain. The calf would receive one more injection at the age of five. By the time the calf was twelve years old he was old enough to get any cow

pregnant, but his cock and balls would not be fully developed until he was fourteen.

Derik intended to have Amy fucked by a twelve year old bull. His cock would be a good size for an eight year old. As for Kim he would have her fucked by a

thirteen year old bull. He also decided because Brad would be watching to have the bull's cock coated with a double agent. One agent kept the bull from cumming in

less than a few minutes and the other would increase the blood supply to the new cow's clit.

The combination made for the happiest two-legged cows eager to get fucked. Derik parked the bus and said, "Okay girls, let's go."

The girls stood up and followed him and Brad. He led them through the door and into the building. In the large building was a female working cow wearing a gray

button up the front dress. Her name was Connie. She was a convert and twenty years old. She was the working cow supervisor of the center. When she saw Derik she

smiled and said, "Hello young master."

"Hi Connie. I have two new converts that need some bull cock up their cunts."

"Of course master, I will see to it myself."

Unseen by Kim or Amy, Derik flashed two fingers. It was a sign to coat the bulls' cocks with two agents. Connie saw the signal and nodded in acknowledgment. "Now

girls, take all of your clothing off and follow me." Connie said.

Both girls hesitated but they quickly realized that cows did not wear clothing. They stripped off their clothing. As they did Brad noticed two young naked two-

legged cows walking amongst the young naked bulls. One of the cows looked no more than eight years old but the other looked much older. She had a nice set of young

tits that did not sag. As Connie led Kim and Amy off to be fucked by the bulls Brad asked, "Who's that?"

"Oh that is Ree. She's fourteen years old and is the daughter of a convert. She's here because she has not been impregnated. The vet said most likely she never

would become pregnant. Normally we try and find jobs for young cows that don't get knocked up but that is not always possible."

Derik would have continued his explanation but he realized that Brad had not heard a word he said. He noticed that Brad was completely focused on Ree. He smiled

saying, "Would you like her to suck your cock?"

"Suck my cock, is that even possible?"

"Sure is, and we can watch those other two girls getting fucked while she is sucking your cock."

"O YEAH!" Brad replied very excitedly.

"Ree and Tea, come here," Derik ordered.

Although both girls had noticed their young owner since the minute he walked in they knew it was wrong to approach him. Now that they heard him call their names

they went to him very eagerly. Tea was the daughter of Connie and like Ree she had learned more than the other cows.

Both cows now had the equivalent education level of a kindergartner but that would be as far as their education would go. They did not need to know more than what

was necessary to care for two-legged bulls.

They may have known a little more but they were still two-legged cows and their favorite word was still moo. Tea unlike her mother knew nothing beyond the bull

center where her mother worked. In another year she would separate herself from her mother and be like all nine year old two-legged cows. Yet she would still be

called on by Derik and his dad to suck the cocks of any guests of the ranch.


This was rushed and the formatted kind of hard to ready but still an enjoyable story. I like the cannibalistic dystopias and the idea of the poorly educated cow were great.


If people want the rest of the story or others:

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