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I have posted most of these little short pieces elsewhere, but thought those here might enjoy them.

Letters Home

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm really loving Hollywood. You won't believe it, but I've already had an offer for a snuff role, and I haven't even been here a week! I got cast in "Guillotine Gangbang #24", and it was a great scene. There were eight girls arranged in a circle, each with the cord to the next girl's guillotine in her mouth, and eight guys fucking them, taking turns around the circle. There were also eight of us giving the guys rimjobs as they fucked. It was great! You know how I love rimming (thanks for the lessons!), and my last guy came when the girl lost her head. It was a real thrill to feel his ass clenching around my tongue. Then I ate his come out of her pussy. The guys who didn't come right away went to the middle and played with the heads until they shot.

Anyway, the director, Jack Savage, said he loved my enthusiasm, and he wanted me for the next "Facesitting Fatalities" picture. You know how much I love his stuff, and it sounds like a really great way to go. Of course I was thrilled, and I told him so, but I said I wanted to build up my professional credits first. When I go, I want everybody to pay attention, and not just because it's a hot scene.

Love, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

Today I got to help kill someone for the first time! I got a part in "Bukkake Beheadings #19", not a lot of screen time, but a lot of fun. It was a pretty standard setup, the girl sitting there playing with her pussy, having orgasm after orgasm, and about a dozen guys standing around, but she had the best tits I've ever seen! My part was to suck and rim and fondle the guys until they were ready to shoot, and then they unloaded on her face and tits. When they were all either done or ready, I went down on her. She had a really sweet pussy, and oh-so-hot, and I really went to town! When I felt her start to come again, I gave a hand-signal off camera, and the producer cut off her head. That was Sweety Rae, the one who says she wants to get snuffed after she's done a thousand girls. (I think that shoot got her up over 800.) Anyway, she made out with the head, and I licked the mixture of come and blood off those magnificent tits. It was really incredible, and oh my God the taste!

I'm so glad I came to Hollywood.

Love you, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

This life really is the greatest. I go to bed at night with the taste of cock and cunt and come in my mouth, and I wake up with it in the morning. My pussy and my ass just glow from all the attention, and I swear my lips and tongue are shaped to fit cock permanently now.

Today was really special. I know how much Mom loves the "Hot and Well-Hung" series, and I got cast in the latest one, so look for me! There was the stud, gorgeous guy, with the noose around his neck, standing on a kind of platform. Of course I did him six ways from Sunday, nipple-sucking, ball-licking, everything, but finally I climbed up on him, arms around his shoulders, legs around his waist, and started bouncing up and down. The platform was on this kind of ratchet, so every bounce lowered us a little, until eventually he was strangling. What a rush as he finally came in me, and he stayed stiff, so I kept bouncing until well after he was good and dead! Feeling his heartbeat through his cock, stuttering to a stop in my pussy, was like nothing ever. I almost can't wait for my turn to die, but the wait is pretty rewarding too!

Love, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

What can I say but wow! My career is certainly advancing every day. I got a role providing bridging narration for a picture called "The Slaughterhouse Diaries", made up of vignettes with the theme of erotic butchering. The narration was filmed after the main action, so I was sitting there, naked, in a meat locker, with the cut-up bodies of seven girls and three guys hanging or stacked up all around. Really hanging, and really stacked, too! My nipples could have cut glass just from the cold, but I was hot for sure -- my pussy was dripping so much I made a little frozen puddle on the floor!

One of the girls was really pregnant, and what they did was to cut her open with a sort of sharpened hook in her pussy, and open her up like she had a zipper up the front. I got to hold the baby while her parents came to pick him up, and he was so cute. I felt kind of bad, because he was nursing on my nipple, but of course I couldn't feed him that way. They gave him his first feeding by squeezing her tits out while she was still warm. It made me think about having one of my own, but even with all the sex I'm having, I don't think I can wait on getting snuffed long enough for anything to happen.

Love always, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

I have a new hobby. I work about one day in three, and on the other days, I've been visiting the studios just to watch. Since I'm registered as a performer, of course, they have no problem letting me onto the sets.

So, in the last few days, I've seen some cool things. One was a solo scene. Remember when I used to complain because you would only let me watch that "kid stuff"? Finally I understand why you liked those videos so much! This girl's sensuality was so powerful, it just sucked me in as she was masturbating and strangling herself. It was as though I could feel what she felt the whole time, every tweak to her clit or tug on the silk ribbon around her neck. All by herself, she was sex to the ultimate power. I'm not ashamed to say I blacked out when she did.

Usually we think of death coming at the climax of a scene, but I saw one where it was foreplay. There were four guys and one girl, who did this very sexy striptease for them, while they fondled themselves and stripped, before letting one of them take her head off with a fine steel wire. So, while the other three took her in the ass and the pussy, and down the throat, the guy who took the head slipped his cock up her throat and fucked her out the mouth. I really wanted to jump in and make out with her, kiss the head of his cock as it came out through her lips!

Maybe I can get into a scene like that in one of my films. The other thing it made me think of was doing it girl-girl -- snuffing a girl, then licking her out, sucking and juggling her tits, and all that while she cools. I know there have been scenes like that, but wouldn't a whole film with that theme be great?

Love, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

I should be excited because I got my first really major role, but OMG! I got to help snuff Desiree Lane!

The feature is called "MILK -- Moms I'd Love to Kill", and it follows a thirteen-year-old boy who snuffs his mom, and the moms of some of his friends, and a schoolteacher. I was cast as the big sister who helps him through the whole thing, and gets pretty much all the non-snuff sex in the film, which was a lot.

Anyway, the premise called for several really smokin' hot mature performers, and the producers really delivered. I was just beside myself when I found out that the Desiree Lane had signed on as the mom! You know how she's always been one of my idols, and nobody ever thought she'd agree to be snuffed at the age of 36. When I asked, she said that she'd been waiting for something which would be a real showcase, not only for her (amazing) body, but her performance skills and her overall sexuality, and this was the best offer that had come along in years.

At the beginning, Cory (the boy) and I each have sex with her, and with each other, and then all together. Oh wow was she ever good, and I got to leave hickies on her breasts, and chow down on that pussy with the amazing red bush, and my tongue up her sweet, sweet asshole... I just can't express how good it really was. Then later on, after doing the friends' moms (but not the teacher, who kind of makes a coda to the whole thing), comes her snuff scene, which was the most amazing thing ever. The whole scene is one long, slow, gentle, loving, intimate asphyxiation, which just screams "here is a boy and his mother giving each other the most amazing gift" -- and I was right in the middle of it, doing anything and everything with both of them. You just have to watch it.

Gotta go now. My butthole has a date with a couple of thirteen-year-old cocks. They're a very comfortable size for double anal, and they come pretty quickly and don't even need to rest before going again, so I can get a maximum of spunk up there.

Love always, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

It turns out there's a limit to everything, even teasing your clit! Yesterday I was in an all-girl picture, called "Slit!", which was all scenes of girls getting cut in half, from the pussy upward. One girl was masturbating by rubbing her cunt back & forth on a chainsaw, which was counterweighted to lift her up on her toes, while she pinched her nipples and so forth all the time. The saw started running when she started to come, and it ripped her right up!

My scene was really cool. They had built this enormous metal thing, maybe eight feet high and thirty feet long, of two inclined planes coming together at a sharpened edge. It started off about as wide as it was high and narrowed down to a knife-blade thickness, sloping downward toward that end, and oiled so someone riding on it could easily slide down toward the other end. Really, you'll have to watch the film to understand. Anyway, a girl climbed up by steps and straddled this thing at the wide end with the sharp edge digging into her pussy, so that she faced the narrow end. Then I got up above her on a kind of zip-line thing, facing her. She grabbed hold of my hips, and buried her face in my crotch. The zip-line started pulling me along, and as the wedge got narrower, it started cutting her, until at the far end she was pretty much split in half up to the ribcage. And all the time she was giving me great head, really chowing down.

A lot of effort went into building that rig, and it would be a shame if it didn't get used more, especially since there's really nothing like it. I told the director he should try to set up a group masturbation scene, with girls riding down one by one, a new one getting on as the previous one gets to the end, the blood and juices running everywhere and slicking it up. He said he was going to try to talk the producer into adding that into the budget! It was really nice to think that I'd made a serious creative contribution.

Love you, Jenny


Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, the date is set! I said I wanted to go out with a bang, and I'm really getting my chance, a week from Thursday. The name of the picture is "Luck of the Draw", and the setup is really interesting. There's going to be a dozen studs there, and each one will take a number. Then the numbers will be drawn at random, for the guys to take a turn fucking my mouth or my ass. Meanwhile, the director (Todd Foxx, what a hottie) found a thing he calls a "grenade dildo" to fuck myself myself in the pussy with. It has sensors to pick up when I come, and after a pre-set number of orgasms (how many is a secret), it'll trigger. He says it should explode with enough force not just to kill me, but to take the two studs with me! So none of us will know when it's going to happen, or who the lucky guys will be. Cool, huh? I suggested they should have a countdown in the finished video, showing how many orgasms are left to go before I blow.

Let me know if you plan to come out to watch.

All my love, Jenny


Mr. and Mrs. Lofgren:

I wish to extend my congratulations and heartfelt thanks, on behalf of myself, director Todd Foxx, and all of us here at Charon Pictures, for your daughter Jennifer's successful and truly spectacular death in our studio today. We believe that the production, "Luck of the Draw", is sure to be a breakout success, and will be remembered for years to come. A great part of that is because of Jenny's contribution. Her energy and enthusiasm for the concept were infectious, and she was truly a pleasure to work with. By normal industry practice, this letter would accompany her preserved head, but the exceptional nature of the performance prevents that. With more than 2 kg of the high explosive C-22 in the grenade dildo, the effects extended far beyond her torso. But you can see that for yourself in the enclosed recordings, which include the complete high-speed footage, from several cameras, which will be edited into the finished motion picture. This will allow you to see far more of her death than the public, or anyone other than those of us who were there (except of course the families of the two handsome gentlemen who accompanied her), ever will. The effect of the final orgasm making her explode from the vagina outward is sure to live in the memory of everyone who sees it. And, of course, you will receive a copy of the final product when it is finished.


David Theakston, Producer


Good job.


I really enjoyed this. The concept was simple, but something I'd never seen before and I liked how the details were told. The fact that it was short made it seem much more realistic.

You did a great job.


Really good work.
Simple, but with plot, pacing, and enough detail to still be exciting.


Absolutely fantastic, love the shortness of it and the way it creates a world without being up front and just telling the reader.


This is really sweet and naughty. I love how you don't stop to explain, you just have to construct the world as needed from the clues.


Great job. Short and sweet. Jenny's energy powered the whole thing into a nice sexual blowout.


Bump to keep from losing this


Id love to see letters from different talented actresses!






Yes more plz

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