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Spin the Bottle
by Regis

Francine was totally pissed off when she saw her boss showing the mail clerk Lacie how to use the computer in the next cubicle. She had applied for the new job, wanting to learn computer instead of pushing a pencil all day, checking incoming orders before passing them on to the computer people to enter the data. As well as prestige, the computer job paid better, and had a better future.

Francine had worked here longer than Lacie, and had even had sex with the boss several times to make up for some stupid errors. Francine wasn’t stupid, but the job was sometimes complicated, and the boss was willing to forget about her mistakes if she fucked him. It was no big deal, really, because she had got through school every term since grade 4 by letting her male teachers screw her.

This new kid Lacie, just out of school, had taken a computer course in grade 10, which hardly qualified her for a job this important. That hot little bitch had only been in the mailroom for three months, and had probably let the boss screw her in the private interview, just to get the good job. Francine wasn’t just guessing; she had seen twenty different girls going into the stock room, where there was a cot in the back where he got into whoever he wanted to.

That was just how things worked in this big regional distribution office. The six managers had all the tail they could manage, whenever they wanted it. They never used protection, and fired any girl who started to grow a belly on her. That meant a high rate of turnover, with lots of fresh young pussy hired every month.

Francine waited for Lacie by the time clock after work, and told her they were invited to a great party the next night at the Long Bottle Bar. Lacie, wanting to celebrate her new job, was in. “Its free drinks for any girls willing to play Spin the Bottle!” Francine told the 18-year-old rookie. With their low wages, free drinks made anything worthwhile. They met the next night at the nearest bus stop to the bar and walked the last 3 blocks, giving Francine enough time to earn the trust of her unexpected rival.

The bouncer saw the two classy looking girls in their micro-minis and spike heeled shoes, and let them in ahead of others lined up to get in. Hot ladies were in demand, and when he spotted some he always got them in first, which drew more guys with fat wallets. Inside, Francine met up with her friend Joe who took them through the crowd to the private back room where the real party was going.

Little did Lacie know that Francine had organized it all, letting her friends know that she was going to beat the crap out of a girl from work. They all loved a good bitch fight, particularly when one of the girls was not aware she was going to take a horrendous thrashing. In this town brawling bitches was a regular entertainment at the bars, and they all had private rooms where girls could get it on in front of their friends.

After the girls had enjoyed a couple of drinks, giving the dozen people present time to size up the new victim, Joe grabbed the collar of Lacie’s blouse from behind and suddenly jerked it down hard, ripping the thin garment off her. “We want you and Francine naked, because we thought it would be fun if you two had a friendly little fight tonight. But first we need to determine how good you are at Spin the Bottle.”

His hand immediately slipped under the strap of her bra and with an equally hard yank he momentarily bulged her breasts with the force of the move until the material split and her breasts were set free. She screamed as he lifted her onto the table, grabbed the crotch of her tiny panties and just as easily jerked them off her, destroying them in the process, as he had her bra.

“Holy shit!” she screamed. “You ruined my fuckin’ undies!”

“Don’t worry, kid, we’re just getting you ready for a special game of Spin the Bottle.”

“That’s not how it’s played!” Lacie stammered.

“We have our own rules for the game, and I think you’ll find them interesting!” He went to the bar, and brought forward an empty Galliano bottle. With its long slender neck and tapered shape, it was 14 inches long. “We’ll all take a turn spinning this until it’s completely buried in that pretty little cunt of yours!”

Lacie was startled. She was a good girl, almost a virgin, except for the job interview with the boss yesterday where she had to put out, and now she was shocked that her most private parts had been put on open display to everyone there. The threat of putting a bottle into her womb was outrageous. The party was just getting started, and these guys and girls were getting very nasty. What had Francine been thinking in bringing her here?

Joe grabbed her arms from behind, and a couple of the women grabbed her legs, pulling them wide apart. She struggled but was held fast. “Do you want to warm her up before we put it in?” Joe asked Francine.

“You bet!” Francine said. She had already stripped off her clothes and stood naked, except for her spike-heeled shoes. She made a fist with her right hand, waved it in front of Lacie’s face, displaying the large rings she had worn for the occasion, then suddenly drove it as hard as she could into the bulging meat of the restrained girl’s neatly trimmed pubic mound.

Lacie couldn’t believe how much that punch hurt, and before she could recover the punch was repeated with increased force. Lacie squealed at the pain. The blow had been so hard that she had felt her internal gonads impacted. Another 5 quick lefts smashed into her vagina, distorting and reddening the pretty cunt and bringing laughter from the people watching.

“Let’s get the bottle into her,” Joe said, and one of the young women put the head of the empty bottle against the swollen lips of Lacie’s battered cunt. She slid it up and down the female slot, teasing the hood of her clitoris before wiggling the cool glass shaft downward, parting the delicate inner lips until she reached the bass of the organ, then without warning thrust hard on the bottle. In an instant the improvised weapon had burst through the young woman’s tight entry with such force that it ripped the tender lips. A lubricated penis was one thing, but a dry bottle was quite another. The torn flesh leaked blood, which served to lubricate the invading bottle’s tapered neck. The slick glass slid in until the spreading width jammed in the stretched opening of the young girl’s pretty cock holster.

“Okay, we’re ready for spin the bottle, who’s first?” Joe said. Francine grabbed the bottle and gave it a twist, pushing hard and moving the bottle an inch deeper into Lacie. Others stood in line, and the guys and girls took turns until no progress was made because the open mouth of the narrow bottle pressed against the pad of the screaming girl’s uterus, its open top kissing the girl’s cervix.

Lacie panicked and struggled with all her might. She knew enough about her body to know that 14 inches would take the long neck of the tall bottle right up through her cervix into her uterus! This was really serious, and she was sure she was going to be badly hurt. To contain her movement, two of the guys grabbed Lacie’s arms allowing Joe to go to work with the bottle.

With the neck inserted so deep it pressed against her uterus, there was eight inches of the tapered glass shaft engulfed in her womb, but another six inches, the widest part of the long bottle, still outside her vestibule. Joe grabbed it in his powerful fist and angled it around, probing until he felt the neck catch on the dimple of her cervix. The tiny opening was far too small and tight to accept the glass neck, but Joe knew how to change that. He twisted the bottle, and then rapidly pumped on it, hammering at the small opening until it gradually yielded.

“Let me!” Francine yelled, and Joe let her work the bottle, twisting it to screw it into the inner organ. Francine delighted in the screams she drew from the restrained young bitch, and watched with delight as she gradually worked it in deeper and deeper, until at last it was wedged so tight she could not move it. There were still three inches showing, which meant it had infiltrated the screaming victim’s uterus by three inches. The organ would be severely strained to take the remainder, but that was the object of the nefarious game.

The biggest and strongest of the men present took over the work with the bottle, and Francine was impressed at how successful the strong man was in driving it home in the womb of the prostrate nude. He pushed it so hard that the opening of her vagina closed over the end so that she had entirely engulfed the large bottle. Now the gripping ring of her vestibule that gave such joy to a man as it grasped the base of his penis during copulation served to hold the bottle inside her. Joe and the others holding Lacie released her, and she lay still screaming at the pain of the monstrous intrusion. Joe took an ice bucket with most of the ice melted and threw the water over her. She stopped screaming and sat up.

“Okay, bitch,” Joe, said, “Francine invited you and the rest of us here tonight because she wanted to have a little scrap with you, and maybe reshape your face or something. I don’t really know why she’d want to do that, unless its something personal, because your face looks fine to me just the way it is.” Lacie knew what he was talking about. She had taken part in a couple of semi-organized bar fights, and had won them both, but she had chosen younger and less experienced opponents. In a bar fight there are absolutely no rules, no restraints, and they can get quite vicious. That is what the spectators expect, and it is crazy to go against their wishes.

In the toughest bar in town, if the girls fighting got wrestling on the floor and it got boring, they would stand them both up and break one girl’s arm with a tire iron to tilt the playing field, and then it always got more interesting, with a guaranteed loser. With this huge bottle filling her womb and abdomen, Lacie hoped they would break Francine’s arm tonight, to give her a chance. She would need all the help she could get against this older, stronger fighter.

She jumped down off the table, and couldn’t believe the shock she received on hitting the floor. The bottle in her womb attacked her uterus, striking first one side then the other. This was outrageous! Francesca squared to face her. Both girls were in great shape, with outstanding figures and full breasts that would make any woman proud. In her heels, the only thing she wore, Lacie, the younger girl, stood five foot four and weighed 105 pounds.

Francine stood five foot ten and weighed 140 pounds. And it was all muscle! As Francine raised her fists Lacie saw the big rings she wore on all of her fingers. Lacie wore only a little pinkie ring. Where was the tire iron to take out one of Francine’s arms?

Francine moved forward, and took a swing. Lacie managed to dodge it, and as the big arm swung past her she drove a fist in an uppercut into the bigger girl’s right breast. The blow was impressive, slapping the full mammary up into her shoulder. Francine brought a knee up suddenly into Lacie’s groin, smashing the already buried bottle deeper into her abdomen. The pain was incredible. This had the same effect as kicking a man in the balls.

Lacie jerked up out of her crouch, and Francine landed a metal fist squarely on her nose, smashing the cartilage. Blood spurted from the nostrils in a crimson spray that splashed onto the top of her breasts, and Lacie opened her mouth both to breathe and to scream. This was not a good start. In a bar fight the audience always picked a winner early, then did what they could to ensure her success. She was not looking at all like a winner with her nose smashed.

Just then a right cross caught Lacie on the side of the cheek, and a powerful left caught her right eye, the big rings cutting her to the bone. She did the unexpected and kicked her shoe as hard as she could at Francine’s cunt, driving the pointed toe of her shoe deep into the exposed organ. It wedged tight, and she had to pull her foot out of the shoe to maintain her balance. She swung at Francine’s big tits, bouncing them severely, but took reciprocal blows to her breasts that cut them as the rings dug troughs of flesh from her boobs.

Lacie found it hard to balance with one shoe off, so she kicked again at the exposed cunt with her other foot, and the blow was so hard that it drove the other shoe in beside the first, so that now both were jammed in the distended organ, with the long heels pointing toward the back like twin tails. She jerked her foot free and now was completely barefoot, with better balance.

At the instant her foot hit the floor a ringed fist smashed into her temple and she saw stars. Before she could respond another fist caught her jaw on the opposite side, driving it sideways and unhinging it. Now a fist struck her square on the front of the face and she felt her front teeth break loose. Lacie spit out a spray of blood with bits of teeth as a fourth in the series caught her eye, and the swelling rapidly increased, shutting off her vision on that side.

She swung out in desperation, and caught a glancing blow on a large firm breast with her fist, and her pinky ring chipped the nipple. Francine bellowed in outrage, and Joe moved in. “It looks like our Francine is ready for the next stage, with a round of Split the Bottle!” He grabbed Lacie by the arms from behind and drove his knee up against her tailbone, forcing her groin forward. “With a little assistance she should be able to shard the glass inside you, sweetie!”

Lacie screamed. With her good eye she saw one of the girls hand Francine a rubber mallet. This brawl was way out of control. Francine wore an evil grin that told her she could expect no mercy. She was going to destroy her reproductive system, a woman’s best asset.

“Let’s see how effective this hammer’s gonna be!” Francine said. She swung it at Lacie’s damaged right breast, and it hit so hard that the fatty meat was squashed flat and everyone could hear two ribs beneath it crack. The breast rebounded when the hammer bounced off it, but the nipple was crushed and bleeding, and the circle around in where the mallet had hit was deep red. “We’re gonna have to even things out,” she said, and swung at the other breast with identical results.

“This is a terrific rib-popper,” Francine said, smashed the mallet into Lacie’s side below her raised arm, and three ribs snapped. Repeated blows on both sides produced devastating results to the young lady’s upper structure. The final blow was so hard that the rubber hammer crushed her side and it was buried in the side of Lacie’s chest so that she was barely able to breathe, let alone scream. She was losing this bitch-battle beautifully.

“Damn,” Joe said with a grin, “you’ve messed her up so much I think we’re gonna have to off the little bitch.” Everyone in the room, all of them Francine’s friends, with none favoring Lacie, cheered. They were going to enjoy a cunt killing! Francine was going to waste Lacie! What a great party this was proving to be!

Francine Drove the hammer into the fully displayed young girl’s navel, behind which was the neck of the bottle. She landed several blows in the same place, knowing from the incredibly increased pain Lacie was experiencing that she was cracking the neck inside her uterus. Then she went to work on the restrained girl’s lower belly, smashing the hammer into the layer of girl-meat between the skin and the glass that by the third blow everyone heard the sound of glass smashing inside the devastated Lacie.

Blood gushed from the damaged cunt, and Francine knew she had completed her work. She threw the mallet in the air in jubilation, and everyone laughed when it came down on the top of Lacie’s skull. “That’s the perfect target, Frannie,” he said. She agreed, picked up the mallet from the floor, and swinging it high over her head, brought it down with such force on the dazed girl’s head that it smashed right through the top of her skull. Blood and brains splashed out with the force of the blow. The kill was complete. Francine ensured this scheming little cunt Lacie was not going to have her job!

Francine painfully pulled the shoes out of her vagina, then bent forward over a table. Joe dropped the battered body of the young looser, and then opened his fly. His erection bobbed as he spread the victor’s buttocks, spit on her rectum, and then forcefully thrust his shaft so that it spread her rectum and burst into the depths of her colon. Francine knew this was the standard conclusion for a total defeat of her enemy. He thrust rapidly and deeply no more than a dozen times, and bellowed as he powerfully ejaculated into her depths.

This was not about sex or enjoyment, but instead about total dominance. He jerked his penis out of her and stood aside for the other men to take their turns mastering the rectum of the top woman in the room. As expected, his pulsing shaft was smeared with Francine’s fecal matter. The other young women knew their duty. It was up to them to get to their knees and clean the dirtied penis of each man as he withdrew from taking his pleasure.

They could not use a wet cloth, but were required to suck the girl’s muck off the men. It was a way of demonstrating they understood their place in the room. On the positive side, they wouldn’t want dirty penises filling their pussies as the party moved to the next stage. A good back door fuck-fest was how every game of Spin the Bottle should end.


I think this is your best work Regis!


Glad you like it, Anony. I'm thinking of a sequel, set in the same bar, with Joe and his friends hosting a pair of gorgeous young pussies, maybe a pair of grade 7 girls from the near-by Junior High School.


This is a great story! The anal gang-bang at the end was the perfect capping stone.


I had been hoping there was going to be a twist where Lacie could win in the end. Could someone rewrite this for me? Lol


Hi Anonymous. I don't think anyone wants to steal your idea, which means if you want this work to be other than it is, in order to have a new ending that suits you, write it. That way it will finish exactly as you intend. Had you told me how you want stories to end before I wrote this one, I would have disappointed others, but would satisfy you.


Hi Anonymous. I don't think anyone wants to steal your idea, which means if you want this work to be other than it is, in order to have a new ending that suits you, write it. That way it will finish exactly as you intend. Had you told me how you want stories to end before I wrote this one, I would have disappointed others, but would satisfy you.


>> 5076

Wow. Regis is right. If you do not like the way a story ends, you can copy and paste it into wordpad. Then edit it as you wish. As long as you do not share it, claiming it to be your own work, who cares.

A better option, I think, is to post a commission request. Something along the lines of "I am looking for this, this, and this. Is anyone interested in writing this up?"

I have written several stories and as an author, one of the most important things to learn is that you cannot please everyone. You are foolish if you try to.

That said, I have read several of Regis' stories and they are great; this one included.

Thanks, Regis


Anonymous asked for an alternate ending, not liking how the story ended:

Suddenly there was a bright glow in the corner of the room, near the ceiling, and the Anonymous Angel of Fair Endings appeared. She moved over Lacie, sprinkled some fairy dust over her, and in an instant the dead girl sat bolt upright. Her wounds disappeared, and she was in that instant whole again. The traumatized girl shook her head, climbed off the table and bending over, picked up the mallet. With a second sprinkling of fairy dust, it turned into a heavy sledge hammer. With a roar of anger she swung it at the side of Francine's head, and the force was so great it smashed right through, removing the upper 2/3 of Francine's skull, along with the explosively demolished contents.

The Anonymous Angel of Fair Endings positioned herself over the fallen nude fighter, spread her legs and urinated on the downed corpse. The crowd was delighted to see a second violent bitch-kill in the same evening, but were disappointed that one of the deaths had been snatched from them. They all grabbed whisky bottles from the crate of empties, smashed the ends off them, and pinning Lacie against the back wall, butchered the revitalized bitch with hundreds of angry slashes to her naked meat, all of them fatal blows. Now they were satisfied, and the gradually shrinking Angel, grinning at how things had worked out, disappeared into a pea-size beam against the wall that faded to nothing. It was done.


I'm not sure Anonymous liked the alternate ending. I certainly don't.


>>9749 It's actually not so bad, despite your efforts xD


Understood. I'm pretty much a wank wannabe, and can't even screw up effectively.


Understood. I'm pretty much a wank wannabe, and can't even screw up effectively.


Understood. I'm pretty much a wank wannabe, and can't even screw up effectively.

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