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“I can't believe you let me talk you into this! This is going to be so much fun!”

Mia glanced nervously at Trish as her friend and roommate bubbled away energetically behind her in line. She was the classic blond stereotype: leggy, body toned from constant work, and huge tits that apparently used the blood supply that would otherwise be meant for her head. Far too popular with the boys for Mia's taste (envy) and needing constant help to pass her classes in underwater basket-weaving, or some such, the two had nevertheless struck up an unlikely friendship. Mia claimed that doing otherwise would take far more energy than just submitting to the inevitable, but secretly she enjoyed the hijinks Trish got them into, things Mia could never have thought up herself.

Mia was a stereotype too, she knew it, and she hated it. The bookish asian girl, pursuing a degree in applied mathematics. Small in size and height as well. Shy. Glasses. Overlooked. If she hadn't lucked out with her roommate, Mia knew her life would consist of haunting the library and computer labs between classes, and very little else. For some reason however Trish was always going on about how cute Mia was, which was what had led them into this mess. Mia was tired of cute. Puppies were cute. She wanted something else.

After one cute too many, Mia finally cornered her roommate and demanded something else, something not-cute. Trish, of course, went berserk. Both their closets were inspected and rejected, prompting a impromptu shopping trip that left Mia dazed. A passing comment that black fit her personality had resulted in a pair of sore nipples as Trish pinched till Mia took it back, but it did seem to set the theme. Things were applied to her hair that she didn't know existed. Previously unmolested hair follicles lost their innocence, to the sound of much cussing. Makeup was committed. Looking into a mirror afterwards though, Mia saw hot.

The end result had been sexy goth. Laced knee boots that added 4 inches to her previously short stature before trailing off into dark stockings that ended exactly at the level her skirt started, ensuring that a ring of pale flesh would be flashed with every movement she made. A black corset put on over a matching dress somehow managed to support and reveal her chest in a way that made her breasts seem bigger than they ever had before. Possibly by squeezing her lungs into them. Trish claimed the dress could easily be worn by itself at more formal parties, but Mia knew she could never reproduce the steps solo to do so. Her long hair now had a very dark purple tinge and had been braided and rebraided until it sat entirely on her head and left the slender column of her neck entirely exposed.

Somehow Trish had found time to get herself a new look in the middle of Mia's makeover. Black would never do for the perpetually cheerful blond. Instead, Trish was the all natural country girl, with sneakers, daisy duke shorts, and a tied off plaid shirt. It was clear she was wearing panties, since the shorts were too small to cover the straps as they went up over her hips. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra, for much the same reason. Mia reflected that, while the outfit on Trish was essentially thrown together, if you counted the hours weekly spent maintaining the sun-kissed body that made it work, it was probably far more complicated than her own.

Doubt battled excitement as Trish hopped online to find someplace to show off her new roommate for the night. Mia made token murmurs about mountains of homework, and was quite pleased when such protests were summarily ignored. She was less pleased with what her roommate found: 'Fountains' were putting on a show that night, no tickets, no waiting list. Trish had seemed surprised when Mia recognized the group and started objecting for real; given Mia's record with pop culture knowledge, Trish probably hoped to surprise her. Somehow though Mia had been overruled, and so here they were, freezing in line with what seemed like the entire female segment of the their college.

“Are we really sure we want to do this, Trish?” Mia tried, making one last attempt at sanity. “I mean, this is dangerous! We could be killed!”

“I know! It's so exciting! Ohmygod, what if one of us does pop, wouldn't that be such a rush?!” Trish paused, finally catching Mia's worry through the glow of her own excitement. “Um, if you don't like this, we can go back. Watch it on TV or something. It's ok. I may not really understand much of what you're doing, but I know you've got big future ahead of you. I guess it'd be silly to risk it on a night out with me.”

It wasn't a pout. Trish would be deeply offended if anyone accused her of trying to manipulate someone into something they didn't want to do. But Mia could almost physically see the disappointment well up in her blond roommate as she started saying goodbye to those nearby in line, and had a mental image of herself kicking puppies. She also had an image of herself, 35, shut in, no life except work and sleep.

“No,” she decided. “I changed my mind. The future can take care of itself for the night. We're staying, and we're going to have a blast.”

“Yay! Best roomie ever!” The surrounding girls cheered as Trish grabbed Mia in a bear hug that lifted her clear off the ground, squeezing out what air her corset had left her and leaving her suffocating in boobage. “Woops, sorry about that,” she said sheepishly, setting Mia hurriedly back down after muffled protests escaped the depths of her cleavage.

“No” -gasp- “problem.” Mia wheezed. She managed a smile while fighting the corset for air. “I can think of worse ways to go than a face full of tit. Not that I'm volunteering!” she added hurriedly, as Trish laughed and looked ready to come in for another hug.

Time passed quickly for the two giggling roommates, and it wasn't long till they were being fitted with collars at the front of the line. A limited choice of color, black or white, allowed the collars to not clash too badly with the girl's clothes, but at an inch high by and inch and a half thick, it was clear they were not something that could be hidden. Helping attach them was a tall brunette of about Trish's height, dressed in a collar of her own, slacks, and a tight STAFF shirt with write in name tag labeled 'Amy.'

“Hi,” she said brightly, grabbing a white collar to fit to Trish. “Ever been to a Fountain concert before?”

“Once, and I know Mia's seen them on TV before,” Trish replied.

“Perfect! Then you already know this, but by wearing this you accept that death or serious injury is a likely and don't hold anyone other than yourself responsible should they occur.”

Trish answered a quick “Yup!”, but Mia asked “Serious injury? How can that happen?”

The collar sealed with a click around Trish's neck, and Amy stepped back, puzzled. “You know, I'm not actually sure. It's part of the speech they gave me to say, but no one's ever asked that before.” She grabbed a black collar and turned to look Mia as she thought. “I suppose they could cause you to slip and twist an ankle or something if you thought it was going to go off and it didn't...”

“Anyways, these things can be tricky to take off,” Amy continued, leaning over as she struggled a bit to seal the clasp on the back of Mia's collar, “so be sure have one of the staff help if you decide to leave in one piece.” There was a click as the collar finally locked, earning Amy a quick peck on the lips in thanks.

“So... since you're wearing a collar too, are you going to be out on the dance floor later as well?” Trish asked as the two suddenly blushing girls separated.

“I hope to be, but us staff are expected to fill in wherever it's needed, so I may not get the chance.”

“Well, if you make it out there, be sure to find us!” Trish said with a grin. “I'd love an encore performance.”

“I... think I'd like that too.” Waving, the two entered the concert proper as Amy turned to collar the next in the long line of girls.

The interior of the building was dimly lit like any good club should be. A lowered dance floor took up most of the space inside, large enough to fit a decent sized crowd quite comfortably. Which meant the enormous crowd that had shown up for the concert was going to be getting very familiar with each other. Two large speakers framed the performers stage, while an oversize bar took up most of a side wall. The rest of the room was packed with chairs and tables, more apparently brought in just for tonight, to give attendee's a chance rest during the night. In a break from normal club setup, the tables and chairs all held clean white towels for public use, while a large hamper had been set up for disposal of used towels.

“I can't believe you kissed her!” Trish whispered as the two of them found room towards the back of the dance pit. “Since when are you into girls?”

“Well, I'm not. Not really. But she was cute, and that shirt was so tight, and she was just right there!” Even in the dim light, Trish could see the blush starting again. But Mia refused to be deterred. “Besides, if tonight isn't a night for new experiences, I don't know what is.”

Trish gave Mia her best mischievous look. “I see. So you only like handy, big busted girls who are out for a wild night. Good thing there's no other girls around here like that. Oh wait...”

“Uh, Trish, I'm not, I mean I didn't...”

Trish giggled. “Relax, I'm just teasing you. For now anyways. Get a few drinks in me, I make no promises.”

“...Neither do I.”

As Trish picked her jaw up off the floor, Mia turned to the stage where the band was coming out. The lead singer slash guitarist, known to the public only as Silver, took the mic while staring at the ground. Pale, with platinum bleached hair and a full white leather outfit that conformed tightly to her body, Silver positively glowed in the darkness of the club, even before the spotlight found her. Mia found herself clutching tightly at Trish's hand, half excited, half terrified, as the night officially started.

Silver started without preamble. “The human body contains approximately five liters of blood, contained under about two pounds of pressure. Of course, when one is excited the PSI can increase substantially. Are we excited?” The crowd roared back at her as she looked up and smiled, making eye contact with the crowd for the first time. Mia's attention was suddenly riveted to the one spot of color on Silver's entire body, lips painted the color of blood. “Are we excited!?” This time the noise was utterly deafening as the room responded in one voice.

Silver looked down, stroked the body of her guitar gently. The room went utterly silent. A pale white to match her own outfit, the artist who designed it had clearly been a master, managing to make it look like was constructed out of actual bones while still managing to keep the sound inherent in a top quality electric guitar. “This is Naamah, and she is unique. Stroke her right, and she'll whisper to one special collar out there, and we all get to see just how excited you are.”

Suddenly her hand move on the string, a power cord blared out of the speakers, shattering the stillness of the club. In the front near the stage an object was suddenly soaring in the air, followed by heavy ropes of crimson liquid. Screams of excitement, fear, and just raw emotion bounced throughout off the walls, the strongest from those girls getting sprinkled with the red rain. The press of the crowd was too great to allow the still twitching body to fall, so the thick jets continued in spurts straight up, each progressing shot reaching less and less till eventually there was no more to give.

“I look out across you all,” Silver continued once the blood stop flowing, drawing eyes back to her so that when the headless body finally did slip to the ground it did so wholly unnoticed, “and I don't see young minds with bright futures waiting for them. I see is a mass of self-maintaining organic bottles in pretty wrapping, each pressurized and ready to blow just as soon as your top is popped.”

“But some of you may not agree. I'm a person, you think, a unique snowflake. There's more to me than the blood I'm storing. Well, Naamah's range is limited. Step off the dance floor, and you're safe, beyond her reach. But where's the fun in safe. Now... are you ready to rock!”

The band launched into their first song, the volume pumped up so it hit Mia as a solid wall of noise, individual notes and lyrics smeared and impossible to comprehend. But the cords from Naamah floated above it all, each one clear, each one marking the eruption of another fountain of blood in the audience as one more young head went sailing through the air. Though part of the song, the cords came without warning, and it wasn't until after the sound was dancing in the air that one realized they had just escaped death again. And again. And again.

Mia was looking around wide-eyed as the first song built to a crescendo, Naamah's death notes coming with greater and greater frequency, when the first girl near Mia blew. There was an explosive popping noise, almost unheard over the riff that caused it, and suddenly the elfin blond in a dayglow green bikini that had been bouncing enthusiastically to the music was headless. Just gone. The truncated body stumbled immediately and would have gone down were it not caught by the shrieking crowd of co-eds around it. Crimson blood was everywhere as the still living heart pumped it feverishly out the abbreviated neck, red liquid covering Trish and Mia's skin and soaking deep into their clothes. Hidden hands released the ties holding the bikini together, exposing the corpse's perky tits and twitching holes for the crowds exploring touch.

Unable to process the sight of the now naked body being enthusiastically molested by those who were moments ago dancing with it, Mia looked around, dazedly wondering what had happened to the head. Finally looking up, she yelped and fell as it came hurtling at her, having completing it's upwards arc and returning near it's point of origin. Flat on her ass and partially stunned as the thing landed in her lap, Mia brought the pixie's head up to look at. Scared and confused, Mia thought on seeing the girls expression, and was wondering if the poor thing had time to realize what had happened to her when suddenly the eyes blinked and the mouth silently worked to say something. Mia screamed and panicked, instinctively throwing the gruesome object away where it was lost quickly among the crowd's shifting feet.

“Aww, you should have kept her,” Trish said, leaning over to help Mia to her feet. “Or better yet, given her a kiss like you did Amy. I bet she would have loved it as she went.”

“Oh god, I didn't think about what it was like for her!” Mia exclaimed, suddenly horrified at how she had treated the dying girl. “She must have been terrified, and I just threw her away like garbage!”

“Relax, you saw what a blast she was having before she lost her head. She knew the risks, and they're why she was here. Why we're here.” Recognizing her friend needed some time, Trish guided Mia off the dance floor. Now that the climax of the first song was over small packs of girls were drifting off the floor to make use of the bar and lounge, though the majority remained cheering in place for the next. Luckily the two of them had moved quickly enough to grab one of the few tables in the place.


“What?” A fluffy white towel was thrust in Mia's face, siderailing the internal loop of herself throwing the dying head away. She took it, staring dumbly as Trish grabbed another one and started cleaning herself.

“Wipe,” Trish ordered after a moment, finally prompting Mia into action. “Face and hands at least. Blood's sexy, but it's also kinda sticky. Which can be fun some places,” she added, wiggling to draw the eye to her soaked shirt and the soft flesh it restrained, “but not everywhere.”

The band started up their second number as the two roommates fixed themselves up. Silver was front stage, of course, but no longer was her costume of a single color; she too had been hit as her audience erupted before her, white and red contrasting vividly on her lithe body. Her hands moved gracefully on Naamah as she sang, each touch provoking a geyser of blood as another soul was cut loose of it's earthly bonds. The sight was sexy and beautiful, the knowledge of what each gush meant was terrifying.

“You want to head home?” Trish asked, once again breaking Mia out of her reverie.

“Already? I thought you were having fun.”

“I am! It's so sexy being out there, escaping death moment by moment, knowing that any instant could leave you headless and twitching, a toy for any who want to use you. I feel so... alive, aware of who I am when there's a chance I might not be anymore.” Trish frowned and sighed. “But tonight's supposed to be about you, and I can tell this isn't your thing. I could kinda tell out in the line, but I'd hoped that once you got in here and saw it for yourself, you'd see what I see. Stupid, I know.”

Moments, Mia thought. She thought about the energy Trish had brought into her life, recharging a spark that Mia hadn't realized she lost. Yes she had dreams, but thing about dreams was they were always in the future. And the future was a nice place to strive to, but a terrible place to live. The destination might be wonderful, but if the journey took everything you had, what was left to enjoy arriving? Trish is right, I NEED this.

“Not stupid,” Mia said, taking hold of Trish's hands across the table. “Brilliant. I don't care what the school thinks, you're clearly the only one with brains in our room. I think I'm finally here with you, in the moment. And I'm not leaving you again. I promise.” Trish's smile lit up the room as fountains burst in the background.

As the second song of the night came to a liquid end, Mia finally broke the silence at their table. “On second thought, I take back your claim to brilliance. There is something utterly vital that we're missing here, something anyone with any sense at all would have rectified long ago.”

“What's that?”

“Drinks! Alcohol! We've been inside the club for a hour and we're both still thinking clearly! This cannot stand!”

“Haha, yes!”

“Wait here, I'll be back in a moment,” Mia said, standing up to head to the bar.

A shrike of excitement was the only warning Mia had as she was passing by the dance floor before a thick jet of blood hit her in the side. Turning, she saw the curvy body of a newly headless woman collapsing backwards towards her. She saw a great deal of body in fact, as the woman had apparently been dancing entirely nude apart from some rather extreme heels. For once Mia felt nothing but the thrill of the moment, possibly thanks to her recent epiphany but equally likely due to the hypnotic motions the girls naked breasts were making as the dying body they were attached to thrashed beneath them.

Mia knelt next to the headless torso, unable to help herself and anxious to feel the moment final moment life finally left it. Sensing but ignoring the many eyes upon them she reached out, one hand caressing a diamond hard nipple while the other snaked down to the bodies lower lips. As Mia's fingers finally found their way inside the body suddenly arched, back lifting entirely off the floor in one last futile attempt at life. Or at orgasm, though no one, not even the woman who used to possess the shapely body, could know which was truly the case. One last frenzied contraction on Mia's fingers, one last desperate spray of blood from the decapitated neck, and the body was finally a corpse.

Wild applause from the dance floor suddenly brought Mia back to the present, where she was molesting a dead female body. Fighting embarrassment, Mia took a bow, prompting still more cheering. Thankfully a blond in Mia's sudden audience picked that moment to start fountaining as well, prompting a mad scramble catch her falling body for an encore performance and allowing Mia a chance to make her escape before her blush was noticed.

The bar was quite crowded, though surprisingly it wasn't long before Mia was able to attract the attention of a bar girl. Also of note was the collection of severed heads sitting on the counter, though with the activity on the dance floor this wasn't nearly as strange as the speed of service.

“Normally I'd ask what you wanted,” the bar tender began, distracting Mia from very close inspection of the woman's name tag (June) which happened to be pinned to a tight fitting and impressively filled black staff shirt. “But our special tonight is also the only drink being served. You'll like it though.”

“Sure then. Oh, uh, two please. One for my friend back at the table as well.”

“No problem, two specials coming right up.” June quickly filled two glasses with mixed vodka and flavoring, before going down to a strange contraption at the end of the bar. A large box, with a tap on one side and a limp, very pale girls body on the other, bent over with just her head in the box. Or not; Mia suddenly realized where the bar's collection of heads had actually come from. Nothing happened when June tried to use the tap however, prompting her to grin and look at the group of women hanging around.

“Looks like this bottle's empty, ladies. Need to pop the cork on another one and... your it,” she said, pointing at a leggy brunette. The girl's eyes looked like they were about to pop out on their own, but she stepped forward without complaint. She ran a hand along the drained girls back, obviously picturing her own toned body in the same position soon: cold and still. Lifeless.

“Do I need to be... should I... nude?” she hesitantly asked. Almost unnoticed her hand had slipped below and was fondling the soft tit flesh of her predecessor.

“It's your choice,” June replied, gesturing to a the small pile of previous drink donaters, about half of which were still clothed; Mia noted with interest that several of the expired bodies were wearing staff clothes. “You've got a sexy body though, your fans could have a lot of fun if it was naked. When you're done with it, of course.”

The crowd cheered as, biting her lip nervously, the brunette slowly began to strip out of her skin tight jeans and thin black halter top. Her impromptu strip show was only interrupted once with a flinch when June hit a button and the machine released the neck of the previous drink, allowing the corpse to collapse heavily in a heap of pale limbs. Despite the girls obvious fear, the hard nipples and wetness that her underwear revealed as it came off showed that she was powerfully aroused as well. Chest heaving she slowly inserted her vulnerable head into the dark oblivion that awaited inside the machine, one hand busy between her legs while the other crushed her modest breasts.

Her moans were explosively cut off as June hit another button on the device, locking her collar in place while simultaneously activating it, freeing her excited young body from the chore of being a thinking entity. It's long legs kicked out as if trying to escape, but it's ex-owner had ensured the body was well trapped and gradually it slowed down, golden liquid flowing out over the hand that had been stuck by the cunts final convulsions. Not a single drop of red had escaped during the event, and there was surprisingly little on the head itself as June opened a unnoticed compartment to remove it and add it to the collection already on the counter.

The girl was still alive it seemed, scared eyes flickering around to meet those in the crowd. Taking pity on the girl, Mia stepped up and caressed her cheek gently. “That was so hot” she whispered, “Thank you. I wish I knew your name.”

At her touch the dying girl smiled, sight settling on the person who would be drinking her crimson essence first. Mia's touch was warm, comforting. Name? she thought as darkness began to edge her vision, framing the asian girls angelic face. I'm... I'm... Her lips twitched as she tried to finish the thought, but nothing came to her.

With the girl gone, Mia took a moment to examine the other heads in the bartenders collection. There were ten, counting the brunettes latest addition, with expressions split fairly evenly between scared and thrilled. One face she knew though: Amy. She looked fearful, but Mia fancied a trace of disappointment that they never got to meet up for a repeat kiss and who knows what else. Probably projection of her own desires, but there was no one to tell her different so the impression stuck.

“You know her?” June asked, placing the two completed drinks in front of Mia.

“Yes. Well, no, not really. Just from when she mounted my collar. But we hit it off, or I thought we had anyways. I was hoping we'd get a chance to meet up later.” Mia ran a finger over the lips that had been so warm earlier in the evening. “Guess we won't be after all.”

“You must have really made an impression; I do remember she looked somewhat sad when she came here. I think she was looking forward to that meeting too. It's a pity she was staff, didn't get much of a choice.”


“Sure. Volunteers,” June gestured to the group of girls that she had picked the now headless brunette from, “generally want a chance to see some heads fall before they start coming in, but drinks are needed right away. Staff are required to make up the difference.” June eyed the way Mia was caressing what was left of Amy and added “You can take her with you if you want.”

“That's ok?”

“Sure. They're all free for the taking, people generally don't bother though. After all, it's not like there's a shortage,” June said, gesturing out towards the dance floor where Silver and the band were into their 4th or 5th song, fountains still bursting with gay abandon. “Can't say I really knew her, though we did meet once in orientation. I bet she'd be thrilled to still be wanted by a sexy thing like you even after she was gone. I know I would be. Hope you put her to good use.”

“I... Thank you.” Blushing at June's complement, and still unsure how she felt about it coming from another girl, Mia grabbed the drinks in one hand and cradled Amy in the other and made her escape before she was forced to decide. She had always considered herself straight, when she thought much about it at all; her studies had left little time for sex of any kind, apart from that which required batteries. And yet so far tonight she had already made out in public with two girls, both total strangers.
Both now dead as well, which somehow made it hotter. Lost in thought, she didn't notice the other two girls that had joined Trish until she had sat down.

“Hey girl, you made it back in one piece!” Trish exclaimed with a hug. “Mmm, alcohol! I see you made a friend while you were out,” she added as Mia set Amy's still head on the table.

“Well, part of one anyways,” one of the other girls commented with a laugh. She was rocking a punk look, complete with ripped leggings, black cutoff band shirt that ended just below her perky tits, bright pink skirt that clashed with absolutely everything else yet still managed to be stylish, and far more earrings than ears. “Name's Clair. This is Emily,” she added, gesturing to the petite mousy girl beside her. Emily managed a quick wave, smiling shyly through her curly mess of brown hair, but otherwise stayed quiet. Ah, I know that feeling, Mia thought, sensing a kindred spirit in the quiet girl.

“Girls, this is my roommate Mia and... is that Amy?”

“Yea, she got pulled in for the drink machine. No choice.”

“Dang,” Trish pouted, “I was looking forward to the show you promised. The tiny goth girl forcing the staff to her kinky desires. Or vice versa. Either way, there wouldn't be a dry seat in the house.”


“Who says we can't still have a show?” Clair asked. “If, um, Amy there was promised a make out session, I think she should get it. What's a little decapitation between lovers.”

“Lovers! We're not...! We just met in line, it was just a peck!” Glancing around the table, Mia realized her protests were getting her exactly nowhere. Even Emily was looking excited, though some of that could have been from Clair's arm which was wrapped around her and moving suspiciously below the table.

“Oh, so you won't mind if I have some fun with her instead then,” Clair said, plucking Amy's vacant head right off the table and deeply frenching the stolen expired staff girl. Mia started to object on the grounds that Amy was hers, but quieted down as she realized she had just been protesting the exact opposite. How dare she take me at my word? She thought, Yea, that'll work great. She writhed helplessly in her seat, knowing that if she hadn't been so bashful it could be her tongue exploring the soft inner reaches of Amy's delicate mouth.

“Aww, I thought you two had a thing,” Trish said, whispering in Mia's ear as they watched Clair attempt to lick Amy's tonsils.

“We just met, how could we have a thing?”

“Easily.” When Mia had no response, Trish went on with some trepidation. “I... may have had a thing for you the first time you walked in our room, so I'm speaking from experience here about things at first sight.”

“You did? Do? Um, wow.” They had shared a room for months and somehow Mia had never suspected. Suddenly Mia wondered if makeup really was best applied nude, as Trish had always maintained.

“Look, I know you don't feel that way,” Trish added, not making eye contact. “I probably shouldn't have said that. I hope things aren't weird now between us. Though if you think anyone's getting your head away from me should you pop out there, your nuts.”

Mia took a moment to examine her emotions before answering. “Before tonight, before Amy and, um, a few things that happened while getting our drinks, I don't know. It probably would be weird. Now though, I can't imagine a hotter fantasy than getting turned into just a head for you to abuse. God, I hope I'm still around after I blow so I can feel you start.”

“Don't have to worry about that,” Clair said, interrupting the new doey eyed lovers. Finished with Amy, she turned the head upside down to give everyone a good look at the neck stump. “I actually saw a documentary about these collars. When they blow, they actually use part of the force of the blast to shut the iris here. That's actually what cuts the head off, not the explosion itself. But since it maintains that seal even after, there's no pressure drop, so the heads stay conscious. Not for long of course, its still a decapitated head, but 10 seconds or so. Enough time to know you've been popped.”

Mia smirked at Trish. “I think my fantasy just got better. But if you want to collect your new masturbation toy, we need to get back out on that dance floor.”

“Come on Emily, we're joining them,” Clair said, pulling the shy girl quickly to her feet. Wide eyed and blushing the curly haired girl quickly adjusted her dress, but not fast enough to hide that she both wasn't wearing any panties and was dripping.

Mia had lost track of which song Silver was on, but it was clear the night was well past the midpoint. The crowd was half the size it had started the night at, and not from people leaving. Bodies lay drained everywhere, some clothed, many not. Heads filled in the gaps, skin tone making it clear that where they ended up bore no relationship to the bodies they lay between. By the time the group made it up near the stage all four of them had paused to take off their shoes, the soft flesh of their fellow dancers proving tricky ground to walk on in high heels.

Mia managed to keep the height advantage from her high heels with the help of a pair of enormous tits, generously provided by a curvy black girl laying nude on her back. Mia all but purred as she dug her toes into the bountiful mounds, imagining that at the beginning of the night they had likely been the pride and joy of a girl just like her, out for a good time. Now name forgotten, dreams abandoned, reduced to nothing more than a cushion for utter strangers feet. The waste was staggering, and massively erotic.

“Even if we both make it through here, we're still only using one bed tonight,” Mia said, grabbing Trish about her bared midriff as they grooved to the music. “You would not believe how wet I am right now.”

Trish met her eyes but, rather than responding, she snuck a hand down under Mia's skirt and beside her panties. Mia gasped as she felt herself entered, blushing furiously and looking around to see if anyone noticed. No one had; everyone was far too lost in their own thrills to be paying much attention to the pairs comparatively sedate explorations. Even Clair and Emily were distracted, too intent on their rapidly approaching orgasms as they ground on each others drenched thighs, lips locked together in a single intense moan. She closed her eyes, letting the world fade away as her awareness slipped down to her core.

“Wow, you are drenched girl,” Trish said, shaking herself to the music while her fingers caused Mia to shake to her desires. “I can't wait to get you back to our room, tear those clothes off you, and...” She stopped mid-sentence, but it wasn't till liquid started to hit her face that Mia realized it had simultaneous with one of Silver's power cords and opened her shocked eyes.

Trish was gone. Oh the vast majority of her was still standing there, blood fountaining in the air like so many others tonight, fingers still twitching inside Mia though with less direction. But the most important bit, the Trish part, was gone. In slow motion Trish's body, Trish's corpse, began to topple backwards, just one more bit of leftovers among countless many tonight. Mia was frozen, stunned, hands still outstretched where she had been savoring the touch of Trish's bare skin. Only her cunt remained active, valiantly clenching of it's own accord in a losing effort to keep Trish's stilling fingers in deep inside.

Moments later, though it seemed much longer, Trish was back. Silent now, and hanging by her hair from Emily offered hand, but still very much alive. Barely managing to smile her thanks to the shy girl, Mia grabbed the severed head and gave it the kiss it needed. Trish's eyes widened in shock, then delight, then closed in bliss before finally death. Mia didn't notice any of it, focusing on the sensations of her roommates locked lips and wrestling tongue, utterly lost to the outside world her sapphic desires were finally consummated. Emily too was lost in the two lovers final kiss, barely noticing when the next cord set Clair's head free, where it was quickly lost in the crowd as her body flopped twitching on the ground. The song had ended before Mia finally broke her kiss. Trish had long since stilled, expression set in one of joy at her roommates act.

“Thank you,” Mia said, holding Trish's still warm head to her chest with one hand and drawing the petite brown haired girl in with the other. “I'm so glad I could be with her when she went, thank you so much for catching her.” Emily just smiled, opening her mouth to say something when the band launched into their next song, drowning the ability to speak normally once again. Instead she reached up and attempted to clean some of the blood on Mia's face. Abruptly Mia realized she was soaked, and while it seemed incredibly intimate as her roommates warm fluid was covering her, now that it was cooling it just felt sticky.

“I think I'm going to head back to the dorm, take a shower,” Mia said, leaning down to almost shout in Emily's ear. She hesitated a moment, then added “you're welcome to join me, if you want.”


It was morning. Mia could tell by the way the sun managed to shine directly into her eyes as it peaked above the surrounding buildings, waking her with the precision of an alarm clock. There was hair in her mouth too, which was new, curly brown hair that tracked down to a small body wrapped lightly around her beneath the covers. Extracting it was enough motion to cause Emily to shift as she started waking too. Mia's hand started drifting down, tracing the soft bare flesh of her new lover as memories of the club, and what came after, began flooding back. Escaping the sun, Mia's gaze drifted to the new additions to the rooms decor.

“Thank you,” she said quietly to the pair of heads. Soon they'd have to be taken to a taxidermist to be made more permanent, but for now Amy and Trish were sitting lip locked and peaceful on Mia's desk. “You're the best roommate I could have had. And not just for the two new toys.”

A warm mouth on her hardening nipple brought her attention back down to Emily lay, gazing up impishly through her bangs. “Three,” was all Emily said before vanishing below the covers.


Grea story, but how do the collars work?


Grea story, but how do the collars work?


Honestly, probably rather badly. But never let reality get in the way of a good story.

There is a brief description of them towards the tail end of the story, if you missed it. The iris I picture as something similar to the one from Stargate, though smaller of course, and explosively rather than mechanically shut. Excess explosive power launches the head. There's probably no way to fit one in a collar of the given description, to which I say whats your point, it's bloody fiction. Emphasis on the bloody bit, hehe.

For the selection process, well it's amazing what you can do with computers, radio communication, small GPS units, and a randomizing algorithm.


Absolutely amazing!


Same guy: do you have any other stories?


Yea, "The Bar" is still live on gurochan, though it's getting towards the bottom of the list. I've got about three more beyond that posted over on They were all posted here too at one point, but long since fallen off the list, and I don't want to bump someones else's story into oblivion to repost them.


An alternate ending I whipped up. Was actually the original plan, till Clair annoyed me by stealing Amy's head. I'll leave mentally inserting it into the right place as an exercise left to the reader.

Forcefully Mia brought her attention back to the present. Her roommate was fading by the moment, and there was no way her best friend, possibly more, was going into the dark alone. To her surprise she spotted Trish hanging from her hair in Clair's hand, still swinging from the motion of being caught. Mine she thought, remembering the fiasco with Amy as she roughly jerked the head back into her possession before Clair could react. Mia could hear Clair protesting, but didn't pay her the slightest bit of attention, instead focusing entirely on Trish and giving her the kiss she needed.

Trish's eyes widened in shock, then delight, then closed in bliss before finally death. Mia didn't notice any of it, focusing on the sensations of her roommates locked lips and wrestling tongue, utterly lost to the outside world her sapphic desires were finally consummated. Clair's ignored protests slowly trailed off as she watched the lovers kiss, not even noticing when the next cord caused Emily's newly headless body to collapse bleeding to the floor. The song had ended before Mia finally broke her kiss. Trish had long since stilled, expression set in one of joy at her roommates act.

Holding Trish's still warm head to her chest with one hand Mia finally revisited the surrounding reality. “You broke your toy,” she said, noticing the still draining body of Emily laying underfoot.

“No worries. I've got myself a new one,” was Clair's response, causing Mia to swallow heavily as she realized she was on her own. “We need more drinks, it's going to be a long night.”


It was morning. Mia could tell by the way the sun managed to shine directly into her eyes as it peaked above the surrounding buildings, waking her with the precision of an alarm clock. Her head was throbbing as the after effects of far to much alcohol made themselves known. Slowly memories of the previous night surfaced through the drunken haze, and Mia's gaze drifted to the new additions to the rooms decor.

“Thank you,” she said quietly to the pair of heads. Soon they'd have to be taken to a taxidermist to be made more permanent, but for now Amy and Trish were sitting lip locked and peaceful on Mia's desk. “You're the best roommate I could have had. You always knew what I needed.”

Suddenly the door slammed open, the noise causing shooting pain to spread through Mia's skull. “Hello roomie,” Clair's voice called, far to cheerful for this early in the morning. “Trish made me swear you wouldn't be left to yourself if something happened, so first thing this morning I got myself transferred. Didn't know you were into girls when I promised though, this is going to be so much fun! Come on, get up, help me push the beds together!”

With a groan Mia hid herself under the covers. Though not before a last, never to be publicly uttered, happy thought towards her best friend: Always.


This was a great story. Good character development and sexiness. The only scene I wish would have been in would be Mia using Trish's tongue to masturbate after her head came off.


I much prefer the original ending. Good choice.

Never liked the idea of traditional 'top' active personalities having to be paired with traditional 'bottom' ones.


I prefer the original ending to the alternate one, too. :)

Kinda hopeful we get a sequel, though - or perhaps a different couple going to a Fountains Concert (either the same one or a different one) and losing their heads together. :)

Either way, would like to see more. :D


Yea, original's my favorite too; sucker for the sweet endings.

Find the thought of the alternate one a lot of fun though. While Mia may initially appreciate having someone outgoing around to keep things interesting, I can't help but think that within a week Clair will find herself getting asphyxiated with her own dildo, if only for some peace and quiet.

I don't have any sequels for this story planned, though never know how inspiration will strike. I do like the idea of Silver and the band though; could be a fun set piece to use as backdrop in other stories, either with different methods in play or even (gasp) as just a band, hehe. Feel free to use anything from it in your own writings, if anything inspires.


Personally, I have this image of their final performance involving this huge crowd, with everyone being divided into small groups, with those without a group being assigned one. Every time the special cord is used, there's a 50% chance one groups collars will go off, split between all at once or one at a time, the time between activations being determined by the size of the group.

Of course, unlike the club, there's no safe areas, and the band is wearing their own collars. If they're selected, no matter what, Silver will be given just enough time to strike the cord one last time. If she manages it, every collar in the crowd will go off simultaneously with Silvers own. If she doesn't, every remaining group has a 50% chance of activating with Silvers.

If Fountain reaches the end alive, and there's no remaining fan groups left, they get to live. If there's only one fan group left, that group gets to decide if they pop or not. If there's more then one left, Fountains collars, along with every remaining groups except one will go off, with that remaining group receiving everything Fountain left behind.

Or maybe everyone who goes to the final performance is guaranteed to die anyway, with Fountain dying at the end with everyone still left. I prefer to leave that hope of surviving though myself.


>> 3749

Certainly sounds like it would be an interesting thing to watch. :)


How to suddenly (accidentally) become unable to take this story seriously, based on a recent personal experience:
Picture Fountains doing a cover of "Through the Fire and Flames."
30 seconds in: "Oops, the whole audience is dead and so is half the band. Maybe we should have gone with a different song..."

...I'm so sorry xP


I just wanted to say that this story is both sweet and well written. I enjoyed it very much!


Bump, because this is quality stuff


I can get behind that. Despite the tone of my previous comment I actually loved this story and intend to reference it in my future work.


Fantastic story, shame The Bar seems to have fallen off the site though.


Dracon! This is amazing, perfect story, covers so many of my fetishes and you even got a character like me in there <3

Thanks so much for writing this :D


Please write more




bumping for last ditch attempt at a sequal


Could you write more to this? Maybe following another group of girls at the same show?


Even if you don't write more in this setting, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more stuff LIKE this... :)


Wish we had more stories with a decapitated body having one last post-mortem orgasm. Those are so hot :)








Bump to save from faggot spammer

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