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A while ago I released a few chapters of Death Arts Competition and one spinoff. It was supposed to be a dumb plot-less fetish story describing the most interesting moments in the competition. But now I decided that I’ll try to do something little more valuable, with some plot and main characters. Naturally, this can turn out to be crap comparing to “proper” literature, but I don’t aim to be a writer so I don’t really care. Just enjoy as you can.

There might be some copy/pasting from previous version.

Year is 2050. World evolved to be a much crueler place and there are more wars waging. So people are supposed to be as prepared as possible. As a result of that, old-fashioned natural selection is partially back. The purpose of nowadays schools is to teach people how to fight and to improve their stomach for violence.

In Japan that had taken a very specific turn. High schools divide in 2 categories:
1. Military schools. Students are taught how to fight, but many die in simulations.
2. Performers’ schools. Graduates should be able to perform or be victims of cruel and violent activities. This helps strengthen general population’s stomach for violence.

Green Valley Academy is a performers’ high school. Subjects are generally oriented, but biology is extended in ways of torture and vivisection of live students. System in general is little violent, for example there is a club specializing in cooking human women (that old spinoff).

Entertainment had gone so mad that some people themselves wanted to be tortured or killed for the media, or for their own new sick fetish. However, some parts of human nature cannot be removed.

Every year multiple classes of every single performers' school are joined in Death Arts Competition, where they practice violent entertainment. Most of the people don’t like participating because they could die at any time, but that's how they earn a place of a respectable member of the society, and their own honor and pride.

Chapter 1


WARNING: The following chapter contains excessive violence, and is fully fictional. Any resemblance to reality is a coincidence. Viewer discretion is advised.

First year students have gathered on a huge elliptical arena for the competition. The complex had multiple areas, some filled with grass, others with concrete or mud. Next to it was a building containing of administration and rooms for students. The place they gathered at had a black 1.5 meters tall round base, with basket full of balls next to it. Students in school uniforms wondered what’d be on it.

In rumble of 60 female students from 4 different classes, some worrisomely talked about the competition, but others talked about it so much already they had had to move on normal subjects. There was this one girl who was actually in the 2nd grade, so she had no friends around. Her name was Nori. Her plain hair was brown and reaching the height of her chin, her clothing was boring and nothing special, and her boy-ish face had only a light confident smile.

She was approached by a sweet-mannered girl. A dark brunette, her braided hair barely resting on her shoulder, anxious but optimistic face. She called out to her:
“Excuse me if I’m interrupting. A-are you Kobayashi Nori-senpai?”
“Yup.” She answered happily and indifferently “What do you need from me?”
“Umm… My name is Yoshida Ayumi. You say, if rumors are correct, that one can be really direct with you? Can I be a little direct?”
“Of course. Shoot.”
“Thank you. My friends and I have decided to make decisions together and look after one another, to increase our chances of survival. We would like you to join us. So… Please join us!”
“That’s a good strategy. Helped some people in the past. But... I’d need to ask a favor in return.”
“Anything you like, Kobayashi-senpai.”
“I like being direct, just like you, so I hope you don’t mind. After the competition, I want you to be my girlfriend for a year.”
Ayumi stared and smiled in shock.
“Or a friend with benefits, whatever you like.” Nori continued “This is not middle school anymore so I’m lonely.”
“Umm… Well… That was direct hihihi.” Ayumi scratched herself behind the head “So least you want is something no-strings-attached?”
“That’d be preferable actually.”
“Oh… This is so embarrassing… But I guess that’d be OK. You’re good looking and seem pleasant. I’d prefer if I got to know you better beforehand though, but I can accept it.”
“You need an individual who has some experience and reputation. You know I was one of the winners last year.”
“Yeah… I admit that’s my primary concern. And I will not break my promise to you, not ever! I hope I don’t regret my decision later. Even though I’ll never regret having you help us out! We aren’t really that into it, you know.”
“I know. And I can help you.”
“Great! I hope we get along! Do you want to meet them now?”
“Sure. You should all call me just Nori. I prefer that, even though I don’t care if you refer to me by my last name.”

As they were searching for Ayumi’s group, they continued talking:

“Yeah, sure! We have agreed in the group that we’ll all just call each other by first names so we care more about each other.”
“Do you share points with each other?”
“Umm… Maybe subtly. We must keep our honor or we’ll be main targets of administration.”
“I have already helped people out with subtly sharing the points. But you’re right! If you’re going to trade points, you better trade them properly.”
“Umm… Are you saying administration won’t mind if we do that?”
“No mercy, but trade. They understand not all of you are for this. But no trade using monetary concept! They hate that more than anything.”
“OK. You’ll explain us when we gather. So come on now, meet my friends.”

Then they walked through the crowd to Ayumi’s group. It contained of 6 additional girls, and each of them was a bit anxious at the moment. After all, being a winner of this cruel competition last year, Nori was a little scary for them.

“Umm… Everyone, this is Kobayashi Nori!” Ayumi announced. “Umm… Tell us something about yourself, Nori.”
“Call me just Nori. My interests are delightful and luxury life that I’m going to achieve through professional entertainment. I want to be a famous executioner.”
“Umm… My name is Ayumi, I like food and plant biology. Umm… Introduce yourselves everyone”

First to introduce herself was shortie Aoi, having chin-length dark brown hair and a serious emotionless look oh ner face.
“My name is Akiyama Aoi, I like mathematics and social science. And… That’s it. Nice to meet you, call me Aoi.”
“Yes… I already mentioned Nori she should call us by our first names, without honorifics.” Added Ayumi.

Next one seemed more scared than others, but still very stable. Her hair was neck-length and blonde, her voice quiet and shy.
“I am Yoshida Junko. I… I like… Drawing. I want to be a designer I guess. Or an artist. Nice to meet you!”

Then there was a tanned girl with orange-painted hair, who Nori found very hot. Her hair length was neck-length, wavy with small and many waves. She was short, but strong, with prominent lips that she moved around a lot, probably to deal with stress. ‘She is such a meaty girl!’ Thought Nori.
“I am Momo.” She introduced herself carelessly. ”I like… Clothes. Music. Boys, I have 2 boyfriends, proud of it. I guess I’m very perverted.”

Fourth one had blue-colored hair, third on each side dropping over her ears and the middle section tied in a ponytail. Her voice and gestures were boyish.
“Hi, it’s Nishimura Rika! I like sports and friends. I’m from female football club. Izumi girl next to me is my best friend.”
“I heard about you.” Mentioned Nori. “Apparently, you’re the best there is in the female club.”
“Yup. Nice to meet you!”

The cute blonde with shiny long hair then clung onto Rika. Her skin looked pale and tender, pinkish at some areas, but not sensitive in any way. Her voice was soft and sweet.
“My name is Izumi. I love my best friend Rika, and all of my friends! I like tasty food and want to be a cook. I’m OK with cooking even people, I just dont like me or Rika participating in these competitions. Nice to meet you!”
“I like modern violence in general.” Simply added Momo. ‘Cool girl’, thought Nori.

The last one was just sweet. Small, looked like a middle schooler, and innocently smiled all the time. Her eyes were big and blue, her hair pink-colored neck-length, similar hairstyle to Rika, only less sophisticated and more freestyle.
“I am Saki.” She spoke with horase but sweet voice. Ayumi continued introducing Saki.
“Saki is generally a sweetie. For example…” she then started gently scratching her hair from the side as Saki acted like an enjoying pet “You can pet her like this or ask her for a hug. She doesn’t talk much.”
“Saki’s dad is a policeman.” Interrupted Momo. “He taught her how to fight like a policeman. Don’t mess with her. And remember, you can do only cute stuff, not perverted stuff!”
“You do perverted stuff, I smack you.” Added Saki with a smile.

Now that they all introduced themselves to their adviser and new friend, it is time for small talk. 10 minutes later a guy climbed the round stage holding a microphone. He was a 30-year-old cold man with blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

“First graders, welcome to your first Death Arts Competition!” He spoke, and complete silence intestified:

“My name is Yamata Saito and I will be your announcer. I am your link to Green Valley DAC Council, so anything you want to know you should ask me. Don’t try to contact the council, ever! Now, no reason to take your time with boring speeches, I’ll explain what will be going on in here.

In the bus you’ve been given envelopes. Be careful not to lose them! In these envelopes you’ll receive point tickets. Each one will be for specific performance and role and give different number of points. You will not be informed about how much each one brings! As performers you need to learn how to handle anticipation and you need to do your best at all times. Performances will be done at least once a day. There will be all combinations: against one another, survival etc. But most importantly, some will be deadly! Others will leave injuries, and some will have you in the hospital for a week or 2. That is also bad because you cannot collect points in the meantime! However, we can fix almost anything in 2050, including damaged nerves.

By points, we will divide remaining living students in top half and bottom half. A student from bottom half will be chosen randomly to participate in a ‘special performance.’ These are probably the most painful things that will happen to you, unless you’re competition losers. Some will be deadly, others not. Some will turn you into decoration until the end of the competition, meaning you can’t participate anymore, but it also has the devil’s side so don’t look forward to these.

After the competition, top 3 students will perform on annual school festival being executioners, and 3 random people from the bottom quarter will be the victims. Are there any questions?”

Then somebody in the crowd asked:
“How many people are going to die?”
“If everything goes well” he answered “10-15 fatalities. They will be replaced with failures from military schools”
“How long are we going to stay here?”
“8 weeks. Any other questions?”

Nobody asked a question during next 5 seconds so he continued:
“If you have any questions later, my cabinet is by the main entrance to the stage. Now here is something very important. Some of you looked forward to being the performers and are willing to try out in executions. Some of you would love to be the victims and losers, and will probably not do anything, though I warn you that everybody change their minds halfway to death. But for most of you this is just a bother. You don’t want to be here, or should I say you don’t want to be the ones in danger. However, you must go through this! While taking care of our overcrowded population, in performers’ schools we need to filter out those who can neither be proper executioners, nor be proper victims. Thus choice for special performances and losers will not be completely random, even if I say you were chosen randomly.

You may feel proud to grow up more and more with each competition, but you don’t want to die. So let me get to the point. Listen very carefully. You cannot escape! If you think you will die, you can run all you want, you’ll never escape the complex. Even if you did, you’d be caught outside. That way you can get yourselves reserved for total loss. So just accept your potentially fatal fate and endure it with honor! Don’t embarrass yourselves! In performers’ world, even though most of you will do other jobs, only quality dominators and obedient submissives are respected! So, if you might die, die respectably!”

That wasn’t that much of a problem though. Human nature always prevails, but after all they’ve seen, these students aren’t afraid of death as much as they would be 50 years ago.

“There are cameras everywhere except in your rooms. You will be live on TV, because that’s how we finance this thing. Now, we realized it’s best to just bump you with a demonstration on the first day. This game will get twice as many points as it normally would. Do we have a volunteer?”

“Why would we volunteer when we don’t know what that is” complained Momo.
“Get used to it.” Responded Nori. Momo looked at her in confusion. But apparently, that’s how it would always be.

“Sensei! What will it be?” Somebody asked.
“We will be somewhat secretive with performances, especially specials.” Said Yamata “For the same reason why we don’t tell you how many points each thing brings. But I will tell you now it’s not lethal today. If everything goes well.”

Ayumi was going to volunteer, but she couldn’t raise her hand. She’s brave, or at least she tries to be. But the moment she got herself to start rising her hand, somebody from behind already did that. It was emotionlessly-looking Fukui Asuka, a long-haired brunette that reminded of a plain model from a girls’ magazine.

“Fukui-san is it? Climb this stage and stand on the circle in the middle.”

In tension she climbed the stage by the stairs that were on its side, spot a separated round ground in the middle, and stood on it. She had to get her feet together to fit. Yamata-san then continued:
“On the front part of the page you see controls. You can use these for practice on this stage. And… They are very intuitive. Here it says ‘Column Up’, ‘Column Down’, ‘Cover Up’ etc. Oh, I almost forgot. Medic, inject Fukui-san!”

Medic then climbed up the stage with an injection. While he was preparing to inject Asuka, Yamata-san explained:
“When people are in pain and shock, they can pass out, die, or some of their senses may shut down. This injection prevents that from happening. One of the many substances that soldiers take before battle. You will be taking the same substance as pills every morning, but for today we are giving an injection.”

The injection slightly cheered Asuka up. It was kind of like coffee, but something you’d get used to after a while. Of course tension intensified when Yamato pushed the button and the separate ground started rising up, turning out to be a pillar. In 30 seconds the movement stopped and the pillar was tall like a 3-floor building. Asuka was worried she might fall off as she barely fit the top.

“Now we remove cover and uncover what’s below. It can be anything!”

Yamata-san pushed the button and the large floor withdrew to the outside of the stage, probably reaching below afterwards. It uncovered a thick crowd of huge silver needles.

“Oh my God, is she supposed to fall on these?” Asked Ayumi in amazement.

“From when I push the Start button,” said Yamato while pushing it, “Fukui-san will no longer be allowed to reach down to help her balance, or the pillar will swipe her off. If she falls down, needles pierce her meat, everything but her vital veins, because it contains recognition mechanism for a human body. If she doesn’t get off in 15 seconds, they start spinning. In case needles dig into your bones, don’t scream for help! You are not allowed to get one until you’re off. Whenever these needles are the trick, everybody eventually get off the stage.”

“Doesn’t sound that bad.” Said Izumi “But I guess this is just the beginning.”
“Oh, it is pretty bad and scary.” Said Nori. ”It’s a huge shock, hurts like hell and pierces even eyes. Takes up to 6 days in infirmary to connect all the tiny nerves. You can’t collect points meanwhile.”
“Poor Fukui-san…”
“Nah. These usually get people more serious if done on the first day.”

“We call this one Dodgeball!” Yamata announced. “We need 3 people to throw balls at her. Points are still doubled.”

3 girls from basketball club volunteered, and 2 from football club. Yamata took 2 basketball girls and 1 football girl.

“The rules. You target her. Every time you hit her and she doesn’t catch the ball, you collect points. That can happen up to 5 times. If she catches the ball, you’re out and she gets the points, much more points than you. If you miss 5 consecutive times, you’re out. If that happens with all players, target is swiped down. And if you make her fall down, your points are doubled. If multiple balls hit her the moment before she falls, only first one counts. Begin!”

The attackers then took balls from the large basket and thought where they should go and how they should aim. Other students had to move away and give them room. First few balls missed and Asuka was scared nonetheless. ‘Oh no, I can’t catch these balls standing in one place…’ She thought.
After several throws ball finally hit her, and she didn’t catch it. She realized she must give her all to catch them. After all, she either eliminates all the attackers, or fall down. In attempts to catch the ball one girl already made 2 hits, other two 1 hit. But then all of the sudden Asuka caught a ball, to her own surprise. As she got distracted for a second, the first girl was getting a third hit, when Asuka lost the balance started falling.

Confused screams were heard as she was falling, but then sudden silence when she hit the needles. She literally sank into the needle ground by all the meat she had on the front of her body. She could be deemed dead if after 2 seconds she didn’t start screaming loudly.

“Get off there, Asuka!” Her friend, who traveled all the way to the front in the meantime, was worried about her.

Asuka started lifting her torso slowly, which was the fastest she could due to all the pain. You could see the needles pulling her breasts as they were exiting them. When she was off, drops of blood started filling her T-Shirt. Then she had to life the head. It seemed as if the needles entered her skull, although they actually lowered around her eyes to help damage her eyes and hot her skull. She couldn’t see, and her eyelids were bloody red. ‘What do I do now?’ She thought, as it’d seem impossible to get up like this, especially with needles in her wrists and joints. And the time was up! Needles started rotating as she started screaming again, rotation tearing her nerves and entering her ligaments more deeply.

“Roll!” Nori shouted “Roll by vertical axis!”

After all these long seconds of panic, Asuka was naturally capable of performing sudden movement. She did her best to roll and roll and roll until she reached the edge. Her whole body hurt when she dropped off stage, and her friend Hanayo could finally attend to her. But then medics came too to take her to the infirmary.
Our girls were shocked, which was most visible on Izumi, Rika and Ayumi. Ayumi put on a sour smile, and Nori perceived it as an everyday event.

After 30 more seconds Yamata asked for some silence:
“This time recovery will take 6 days because tiny nerves need to be reconnected. But not to disappoint Fukua-san, and to help you all adapt, tomorrow you will all have your turn to be attackers and targets. Before that you’ll practice on sponge or something similar.
Now, about points. Watch out nobody steals them! Envelopes are bugged, but point tickets aren’t. You can trade points for anything but money, luxury, and for free! Technically, you can do that, but school administration will be angry! Any more questions?”

“Yeah… Sensei! I’m sorry if I’m prying, but why can’t we start practicing today?”
“Because falling can be deadly by default. Just before you hit the ground, your heart stops or breaks or… something… That’s why you need these pills. Breakfast will be at 8 and that’s when you’ll take your pill. If somebody doesn’t take the pill or steals a pill, they lose points.”

Since there were no more questions, Yamato showed them to their rooms. Or rather apartments! Rooms were for 4 people and as in a 4-star hotel. Momo, Rika, Izumi and Saki took one room, and Ayumi, Nori, Junko and Aoi took the other. After they all settled, Momo and Saki went to visit the other room.

“What’s up? You’re still in your uniform.” Mentioned Momo when she saw Ayumi resting on a couch and Nori on the bed.
“This is so comfy…” Said Ayumi dazing away.
“Then you haven’t tried the beds yet. Why are you not on your computers? Those lovebirds just can’t get off them right now.”
“Uh? We have computers?”
“Ayumi… It’s on the table…”
“Wow! Gotta see it!” She shouted as she jumped off the sofa and to the desk.
“Amazing! Just how did I miss this?”
“Perhaps you were too stressed from today’s performance.”
“Umm… I guess…”
Then Nori jumped in the conversation:
“The rooms are completely stress-relieving. You have anything you need to relax you after everyday events.”
Momo didn’t know how to comment on that. And Ayumi didn’t hear anything waiting for her computer to turn on.
“You look cute, Momo.” Mentioned Nori. “Pretty crazy clothes they are.”
“Yea.” She replied. “I hate school uniform so I usually wear things like this.”
She wore tight ripped jeans and dark-dark-gray t-shirt with plenty of pink frets saying something in English. She had a wristband and a few pendants around her waist.
“When will we see the rest of you in everyday clothes?” Implied Momo.
“I dunno… Later maybe…” Said Ayumi.

After a few more minutes of Momo walking around the apartment, finding Aoi and Junko lying on the bed exhausted from shock and looking at what Ayumi’s been doing with her laptop, she went back to her room to find Izumi sitting in Riko’s lap watching an anime online. ‘Geez… I can’t just laze around like the rest of you', she thought. That’s not the way she deals with stress. So she went to socialize with other girls, even though she ended up texting with her boyfriends until 8 pm. Weird Saki was with her all the time, not saying anything. Eventually she leaned onto Momo who would pet her hair while she was waiting for her boyfriends’ replies. They were from another school where they have more time, so DAC was in different time of year for them.

At 8 was dinner and at 10 they were forbidden from exiting their rooms. Call it bedtime. Girls were kind-of scared, all except Nori, but there was nothing they could do about it. Momo was even slightly looking forward to having all those interesting torturous experiences, even though she wasn’t sure about it.


very interesting :)


Tnx =) When I'm finished doing chapter 4, which should be today, I'll post the chapter 2.


Chapter 2

Special Pole Performance

So here we are, week after the girls’ arrival to the DAC arena of their school. Why week after? You don’t really think every day of the competition was interesting, do you? But there’s another reason in this case. As on the 2nd day all got their turn to be victims at Dodgeball, they all ended up in the large infirmary, nurses and doctors reconnecting their nerves for 6 days. 2 who were left and couldn’t legitimately become the targets were offered many points if they stood on the column, and as soon as it got up, let themselves be swiped down. So now the whole selection of 60 students is back on the field.

“I want more…” Complained Momo.
“More of needles?” Asked Aoi.
“It feels so amazing falling down. It hurts like hell once you’re there but… The infirmary and those painkillers… Awesome.”
“Yeah, that was the best part probably.”
“I memorized the whole moment of laying on those needles sank into me. Whenever I think about their sound when moving out of my flesh, it turns me on so much… But that’s strange! When it actually happened, I hated it.”
“Oh… Ok.”
“Uhh… Why do you girls have so much less to talk about now that you’re here?” Momo ranted again. “Nori, you’re smart. Tell me why I like this!”
“Humans can grow very interested about the inside of their bodies.” Nori answered. “And when you’re falling down you get the adrenaline rush that can be pleasurable. Some people are addicted to it.”
“Uh… Whatever, I liked this one so much I’m really scared I don’t let myself be executed or something. And I wanna fuck like so much…” Her friends didn’t feel comfortable when Momo would talk so perversely, but at least that’s how they knew it was still their Momo.

They were worried about points. From 60 people it’s hard to keep track of everyone, especially when you’re in the first half. To make it even worse, they got only 1 ticker per performance, having the title and the barcode. Apparently, barcodes give reference to how many points they earned during the performance. Since the only athlete there was Saki, everybody but she and Nori were sure they were at the bottom half sorted by points. They needed to fix this.

As they weren’t near a stage this time, Yamata walked right to them with his wireless microphone:

“OK, everybody, listen up!”
They all turned to him, even though most couldn’t really see him from the crowd.
“Congratulations for your first week on those beautiful painkillers! You’ve got yourself somewhat of an introduction to the upcoming events. And now to introduce you to a special performance!”

“What?! Special performance already?!” Wondered Rika.
“Everybody… Good luck in not getting picked… Hihi…” said Ayumi.

“Right there, on the other side of the field…” requested Yamata, “…is a small stage with seats around it. Gather there!”
As they were all walking to there, they were really anxious. Some of the girls were already there because they didn’t feel like waiting for Yamata, so they wandered around. There were seats next to the stage, and in front of them was a strange metal device. On the stage there was already some sort of technician waiting. When they all gathered, MC called:

“The person we picked is Koizumi Yume-san. Over there!” He pointed his finger directly at a dreamy-eyes redhead known for her fetish in Dream House music. And also for taking drugs occasionally.

Our girls sighed from relief, and Momo just added:
“Oh, her.”

Yume was shocked and couldn’t just get up.
“Come on, Koizumi-san. With honor.”

She then slowly got up on her feet and made her way down to the machine. She then turned toward the crowd.

“Take off your underpants and lie down on your front. Put your hands in place for metal locks.”

She was surprised hearing she should take off her underpants. But she did that anyway, because what can she do? She watched these things before on the TV and this is how they sometimes go. She laid down on the metal pad slowly as it was cold. It took her a while to get herself to place her hands where her hands and feet should have been restrained.

The technician then pulled her arms and feet some more and drew the metal over them, producing a clinking sound of the metal bracer being locked in place. She couldn’t move an inch now. Then Yamato started explaining:

“Now, I know it might be a little early to discuss impalement.”
Hearing that, out girls were completely shocked! High schools are usually crueler than middle schools, and never have they seen a person being impaled in front of them.
“Sorry to disappoint some of the sadistic individuals who may be present, but it won’t be fatal.”
Despite it having nothing to do with them, the girls sighed in relief. Of course, none of the mentioned reactions were made by psychopathic Nori. But the most relieving reaction was given by Yume, who was so shocked first hearing the word ‘impalement’ that tears started coming from her eyes.

“About 40 years ago,” continued Yamato, “There was a fetish called Dolcett. It evolved from art by an artist with pseudonym Dolcett. Point was in eating human girls, blah blah blah. Although it was only fantasy in general Dolcett culture, some people have still thought of hypothetic but realistic methods of doing that.

One of the most popular ideas was to have a girl impaled and spit-roasted. But of course, we aren’t going to do that today. Dolcett is a fantasy thing of the weak people’s from the past. We are going to discuss a device made for purpose of assisting Dolcett fantasy, called Mercy 9000, by impalement. Instead of a spitting pole, the pole they used contained complex metal structure at the top. It could become round or spiked, and the spike could go in any direction. That way the person would be able to survive every time, and the pain was strong, but bearable by some people.

That’s why, 1 year after, it was demonstrated on an actual volunteer girl. After 15 minutes it was clear that the pain was decreasing, but she still showed a signal she wanted to get off. So she was given immediate and prepared medical care and survived.

Today the council decided to demonstrate this device!”

Yume was still pretty scared, but at least it wouldn’t be one of the cruelest punishments of the mankind!

“So, let’s begin!” He shouted as he pushed the green button.

As the machine started making elegant noise, Yume’s chin shook below her scared face. The noise was first below her, and then a screen popped out behind her. It showed her insides with support of ultrasound. She slowly turned her head around, not sure if she wants to see what would come inside her. As she managed to turn her head enough, she noticed a sharp silver pole being near her ass. She was whimpering in fear waiting for the pole to enter her ass.

From the watchers’ point of view the pole seemed lubricated, 2 inches in diameter at most, and the spike looked round at the tip. Seeing her moving insides and beating heart at the monitor was the best thing they’ve ever seen.

When the pole entered Yume’s ass, it hurt her a little, but more and more as it had been almost tearing her anus and going deeper in her rectum. Students could see her bottom intestines moving under pressure. But then the pole changed its shape to sharp on one side and pierced through her rectum. Yume released a sudden and strong scream. When the tip was completely though the hole on her rectum, the tip became almost completely round, pushing its lubricated self between her intestines, while Yume had been screaming. The closer it was to her diaphragm, the quieter she became.

“This must feel horrible.” Assumed Ayumi.
“Not too horrible if you’re into it.” Replied Nori. “She’s just shocked, this method doesn’t hurt as much as she screams. Hurts less than giving birth. This is a mechanical masterpiece!”

The pole needed to pierce its way into the stomach not to damage the diaphragm. Yume released another cry. As the pole travelled through her gullet, she looked like she’s trying to puke, but she didn’t. Slowly the pole found its way to her mouth and exited there. The bracers were then unlocked and Yume’s body was lifted up. The girls never seen someone’s back and neck so straight! Yume only moved her mouth around a little.

The medic then appeared out of nowhere. He tied her hands behind her back, her feet to the pole, and the technician fixed something to the pole that entered her vagina making sure she doesn’t rotate around. Medic then injected her neck with something.

“Thing she was injected with,” explained Yamata, “Is for disabling her digestive system. Otherwise she would die until the end of the competition. Oh yeah, you heard me, she’s staying like that until the end of the competition! She’ll be fed and hydrated through blood.”

‘No, this isn’t happening…’ Thought Yume in pain. She didn’t know that within few hours the pain would go away because that device was made just for that purpose.

“Koizumi-san no longer participates in this competition but serves as an ornament. She will be moved to another part of the field tomorrow. You can now get off and examine her. In an hour the Dodgeball practice will be opened and you’ll also be introduced to Closed Scissors challenge.”

All of the girls went down there. Most of them didn’t stay long. Some talked about how cruel the whole thing was and how lucky Yume had been not to have got impaled the proper way. Some envied her and wanted to be a stunning display like Yume was. Totally immobile, with pole through her body looking as something one can’t even imagine. But our Momo commented her own thing:
“The bitch got lucky. Now she can’t be killed.”
“Why is she a bitch?” Izumi implied.
“She’s… just evil. A bully and a molester.”
“Who does she molest?”
“The girls she’d usually bully. At night when she’s with her friends, she’s giving them some forced and hard yuri service. But simply too much for people who don’t like her. And we built a bad relationship this summer when I met her. You’re lucky we’re not near her class.”
“She’s everything but lucky.” interfered Nori. “She will be a biology demonstration subject or something during this school year. That’s how it always is. One doesn’t simply escape this competition. She’s as good as dead.”

Momo had to agree with her, although she ranted:
“But still… I wish I was in her place.”
“Huh?” Ayumi wondered. “This event made you a masochist!”
“But isn’t this amazing? All this fat metal through your ass and mouth! You can’t even close your mouth! You can’t move.”
Others then smirked for a few seconds, before Nori added.
“It reminds you of something else, doesn’t it? Something huge and hard that clogs your throat.”
“Uhh! You people only think about sex!” Momo complained. Although everybody knew that Momo was the only person constantly thinking about it.


Chapter 3

Bucket of Squeaks

5 days later, after the breakfeast, they decided to hang out in Momo’s room (and 3 of her roomates). Momo wasn’t around and our girls were wondering where she was and what she’s doing. Other than that, girls talked about general school subjects, and Nori was trying to get closer to Ayame, with some success. After all, despite being individual without empathy, she doesn’t see why she should let Ayame become disappointed when their friendship with benefits starts.

“Come on, let’s inspect Momo’s room!” Proposed Nori to Ayumi.
“What? Why? Should we find something interesting there?”
“Yeah. Perhaps. I have a theory.”

So they entered Momo’s and Saki’s room and closed the door. Momo’s bed was moved from the wall.

“Oh my God, I knew it!” Cheerfully said Nori.
“What? What are you talking about?” Ayumi shyly smiled “It’s not something perverted, is it?”

They crouched next to one of the knobs at the top side of the bed. It had rectangle base and a ball at the top. Those were large, and after several seconds of observing, Ayumi noticed:
“Is this blood?”
“Yup. I can say she tried to wash it off.”
“Umm… Perhaps she cut herself or something?”
“Err… No… Think a little more.”
“Oh, it’s not…” Then Ayumi smelled the knob and noticed it smelled of pussy “Wh... What?!” Nori just laughed as Ayumi was wondering why she suddenly smelled it. “Why did I do this? Why did I do this?”
“She actually penetrated herself to bleeding. That’s how much she liked the show the other day.”
“She sure has creative ideas.”
“But Ayumi, they made beds like this on purpose.”
Ayumi then realized that all of the bed knobs were a bit long and covered her mouth with her hands in amazement.
“Another one of the relaxation techniques!” Ayumi said in amazement.
“Yes. Girls are separated from the boys so they need a relief.”

“But most of the girls I know… They’re virgins… Aren’t they?” Thought Ayumi.
“Well… Less than you think. Aoi actually fucks around the neighborhood.”
“Who?! Aoi?!”
“Yea. She’s like a hardcore bisexual of some sort. Does it with both men and women twice/thrice a week. That’s why she’s so confident all the time.”
“How do you know that?!”
“I talked to her and she told me. Did you know that Izumi and Rika really do each other ‘favors’, if u know what I’m saying?”
“Huh? Are you sure?” Ayumi was confused.
“Yea. I listened through the door once. They were both breathing like they’re getting fingered. No sound was coming from the beds so they weren’t knobs.”
“Oh no… My kawaii little innocent subliminal shoujo-ai friend-ship is now ruined! How dare you tell me that?!”
“Oh… Should I apologize now?” Nori worried.
“No, I’m just kidding you dumbass! My image of them is a little bit ruined… But I still love them!”
“Yeah… I was messing with you. They don’t do it. At least from what I know.”

One hour of chitchat later they had to leave their rooms to assemble at the field. It had still took half an hour of waiting for Yamata to come and announce the plan for the day. During the past days they had practiced Closed Scissors and Dodgeball. The only performances made were 4 Dodgeballs, twice with embers,s once with boiling water and once with needles. Boiling water was apparently the worst, but the pool decreased in size right after it was uncovered so that people would be likely to escape in time. Luckily for them, nobody died.

Junko had one round of coals, from which she recovered in 2 days, her skin as good as new, and then boiling water which shocked her a lot, because you never knew what was below until the first target got lifted on a dodgeball pillar, yet first targets would get more points per catch. Junko was temporarily frustrated when she came back from the hospital again. Everybody thought she’d be destined to die eventually, but she was actually pretty good at catching balls. No participant so far managed to catch all the balls though, not even her.

Momo had not been with her group often lately. Out girls wondered what she was up to. Sometimes she would stare in amazement at impaled Yume, but more than that she would just be gone. She also took the ember Dodgeball challenge and earned some points. Rest of the girls preferred throwing balls at targets for less points, although that was very difficult.

Yamata summoned the girls to the place with 2 metal chairs facing the opposite directions. Before he could be there, girls were discussing what could that be. One thing was for sure – they had a very bad feeling about it. At that moment, Junko checked if every ticket was in place. But to her surprise, there was only first Dodgeball ticket there. Tickets for points collected at other 2 Dodgeball performances were missing, she couldn’t find them anywhere.

“Hey… Everyone…” She called out to 7 of her friends in panic. “My points are missing!”
“What? How?” They wondered.
“I don’t know! They can’t just be gone!”
“Everybody check if administration may have eliminated them.” Suggested Momo. “If rest of you lack tickets too, then it’s all right.”
That, however, made no sense. Envelope would automatically scan the tickets as they contained a metal inside describing their serial number. Also, nobody from the staff didn’t do as little as look at their envelopes. And as it turned out after they checked, Junko was the only one lacking tickets.
“Junko…” Nori asked uncomfortably. “Where did you keep the envelope after getting out of boiling water?”
“In my clothes. But the envelopes are waterproof!”
“Did they end up in the laundry?”
“Yes, and then in my locker.”
“Well… These locks are very easy to beak, Junko.”

Everybody went silent and shocked. Can it be…? Junko’s points were stolen?
“That happenes…” Continued Nori. “Stealing… it’s encouraged in DAC as long as it’s not obvious…”
“No…” Junko was in slight panic “Special performance could happen anytime soon… Now I’m for sure in the bottom half…”

When Yamata arrived, he explained today’s plan:
“Before we move to practicing Closed Scissors, we will have an escape artistry performance! It will contain of 2 people. One can only save themselves, dooming the other person and receiving points. Or if players manage to put in some more effort and save each other, they both get double the points each! But beware. Loss means final death! You will not be assisted by medics, even if you could be saved. So… Who will sit on these chairs today?”

This was a scary-sounding one, so people had to discuss it for a minute first. Junko didn’t say anything, but after 15 seconds raised her hand and got called to the left chair.
“Junko… She became so brave here. I was convinced there was no hope for her.” Said Aoi, who was the one who supported Junko’s membership in this group of 8. Others weren’t that close to her.
However, Junko seemed to have played on all or nothing. Some of the girls literally didn’t do anything, just staying at 0 points hoping not to get picked. Weak and cowardly Junko surely surprised everyone recently.

“Who else?” Requested MC. People were silent, and nobody volunteered, so it was obvious there was no reason to give them any more time. “OK then… Akiyama Aoi!”

As so one volunteered, our Aoi was randomly picked.
“Oh, just not escape art…” She complained. But she sat on the right chair as she was supposed to. This so-to-say perfect individual didn’t hesitate even a little, unlike most of the people. Just like everybody already envied her for her grades, they now envied her for the ability to stay cool.

Then the 2 girls were commanded to wear only bra ta the top, so they did that.

First, the 2 present technicians tied their hands behind their backs, and then tied the ends of the ropes in rings and put them under the back legs of the chair. Legs looked spiky at the bottom, made in a way that the rope couldn’t be dragged up any more with pulling. Their hips were tied by the chair. It was obvious they couldn’t move anything but their legs. The chairs had knobs by the girls’ hips, but not to rest their arms. Down there went a metal frame, closing the two girls in 4 borders. If one of them would drag the chair forward, the other one would eventually be pulled by the bottom of her belly thanks to the frame. So they can almost do nothing useful at all. Just what was waiting for them, they worried.

Then a long handle was fixed to each chair, having a big needle on it. Needle didn’t seem fixed to it, but it couldn’t fall through because the handle didn’t have an open bottom. The technicians used lighters to light the needles, and the needles started sparkling like gunpowder. Their sparks scared and burned Junko and Aoi a little, but worst of all, it was hard to look at their direction.

But then came the real trick. From a box, that was strangely quiet for what was supposed to be inside, each of the technicians took out one rat. Nobody noticed that rats were there, just how were they so silent all this time?! Each of the large ugly rats was thrown in one of the metal buckets, in other words – 2 buckets, each contained 1 rat. The buckets had openings where the technicians fit the planks so that rats can’t easily get out.

“Umm… Junko… I know what this is.” Said Aoi sounding scared.
“What Aoi…?”
“I think they will attach these buckets to us and heat them from the other side. Rats will dig through wood to escape the heat. And if we don’t escape the device until they’re done, they’ll dig through us.”
“What?” Junko was in panic. “These rats are supposed to dig holes in us?”
“Yes, just don’t panic. This frame… It may be the trick of only one of us getting out, the other one killed.”

And she was right. Buckets had 2 handles which technicians connected to the back of the chairs and locked in. The buckets they had the mechanism that stuck them to the frames in a way that the bucket could not be moved back without moving the frame. The buckets were completely stuck to their bare bellies. The rats squeaked and scratched the wood as they themselves were frightened. Buckets were placed in a way that frames wouldn’t let the planks fall down, as long as the end of the frame remained more than 1 inch from each of the girls’ stomachs. In other words, one of them moves her torso little too much – both lose the plank and the rats start digging through the meat.

They were so anxious before the real thing started. Even the audience, as they realized what this should be and how cruel things suddenly became. But as technicians dragged gas bottles with extensions for gas burning right behind the buckets and lit the gas on fire, in a few seconds rats were in panic and squealed and dug through the wood in horrifyingly sounding panic.

“If you try to move the handle for the needle, the chair will sprinkle gasoline and you’ll burn.“ Yamata announced. “Start!”

Junko whimpered in fear, feeling the bucket throbbing and hearing the rat. Aoi was in panic too, but not as much.

“Calm down, Junko. We’re getting out of here.”
“Maybe we can untie out hands by lifting the chair… Oh my God… No…! Scary!”
“Wait, Junko, I will examine.”

Aoi was luckily a flexible girl so she barely made it with her right foot to the bottom of the back le fog the chair. She examined the rope ring with her toes.

“It won’t work. There is a depression around the rope ring. And ring is too small for us to do anything with it.”
“What do we do, Aoi?!”
“Calm down. Calm down. You’re not the only one in panic. Let’s think. Examine.”

The ropes were made of wood, and sprinkling needle was right in front of their faces. Aoi thought, if she reached it, she could use it to burn the rope. She stretched her leg for about 5 fill seconds before getting near enough to feel the strong burning sensation. ‘God! This burns so much! I can’t handle this stably.’ But she knew the chemical structure of the needle. It was no gunpowder but something much more sensitive! Thank God she studied Chemistry in middle school like she was supposed to. She should close off the oxygen and the needle would stop burning. If she backed away in time, cinder would remain. Since only the tip of the needle seems to be burning, she could take a grip below the ember with her foot.

“Junko, I’m onto something. Put this needle in your mouth for about a second. The sprinkle will cease and the tip will glow red.”
“Uhhh... That will hurt!”
“If you can’t do it, please wait until I’m out, I’ll do everything I can to free you too!”
“Mmmm” Junko whimpered, although she was preparing to actually put the needle in her mouth.

It didn’t take long for Aoi to do what she planned. She closed the needle off with her mouth, screamed through her nose from burining sensation and backed away. Light sprinkling remained for 5 more seconds and then it faded away into red ember. As soon as Aoi managed to take a grip on it with her foot. She heard Junko screaming through her nose too. Apparently, Junko had put the sprinkler in her mouth. While Aoi was stretching her leg so that she could pass the needle to her hands behind her back, she advised:
“Junko, if you can’t get up there with your foot, carefully take the needle with your mouth and throw it on the chair. Drop it between your back and arms, and make sure it gets in your hands. Move the chair so that the needle ends up in your hand and then burn the rope.

“Aoi… Aoi Aoi Aoi… AOI!!!”
“Junko?! Are you OK?!”
“There is no ember! Needle is getting cold! What do I do?!”
“Damn! How did that happen?! Just stay calm, I’ll free myself in no time.”

Aoi had the needle in her hands and used it to burn the rope.
“Try what I told you, Junko, and instead of burning the rope, try untying it with the needle!”

For Aoi, it had been going steadily.
“Aoi… The wood sounds scary, I think the rat is getting through.”
“Mine sounds even worse. Hold on, you seem to have more time than me.”

Junko struggled with getting the needle in her hands, when Aoi managed to free her hands. Now she could actually move the bucket forward to let the rat out, and doom Junko, because bucket would move the frame. But she would never do something so low while there’s still time.
“Ok… Junko, my hands are free… But I can’t move without dropping your plank.”
“Don’t move! Aoi, please don’t move!”
“How’s it going?”
“The knot is so tight, I don’t think it’s possible to do this soon! What should I do… Don’t die, Aoi! Save me!”
“I’m trying.”

‘Damn it! This was supposed to be so easy!’ Aoi thought. As Junko got no ember, it was seemingly impossible for her to hold the plank while the frame should be moved around and rats let out. Aoi had no time to wait as her rat was stronger, so she had to find another way. She examined outside of the frame with her hands and noticed a lock and a… connection?

“Seems like I can disconnect the 2 parts of the frame. Hold on, Junko!”
“Will it lose balance and kill me?!”
“I don’t know. I must try.”

However, she never unlocked anything with a needle before. The lock mechanism was soft, so it shouldn’t have been hard to unlock, but Aoi just seemed just not to be able to do it so soon. One minute after Junko’s whimpering she asked:
“Is it going? Are you going to make it?”
But Aoi’s voice was completely in panic.
“I don’t know. I’m trying. Oh my God… I think the rat is breaking through!”
“No! Don’t leave, Aoi!”
“AHHH!” Aoi screamed as she felt the first scratch of the rat on her belly “I’m sorry, Junko!”

Then Aoi pulled the bucket forward and bucket pulled the frame unavoidably. Aoi managed to let the rat push through around the bucket, but Junko’s plank fell. Junko started screaming and calling for help as her belly started throbbing.

The rat was digging through her flesh, heading toward the intestines. During next half minute Aoi was covering her ears while Junko screamed with all her lungs, but quieter and quieter as she lost more and more blood. Her belly shook and the blood spilled down her waist.

The rat exited through Junko’s hip facing the audience, hit the floor and ran away. It was one gory sight of torn intestines and plenty of blood.

“I’m sorry, Junko!!! I was really scared!!!!”
“It’s… OK…” even like this, Junko, seemingly a weakling, could say something like that. “It hurts…”

She was occasionally repeating that it hurts, barely being able to speak from pain, for the next 30 seconds as she was slowly falling unconscious. Afterwards she stopped breathing.

People were shocked from the sight. Suddenly this challenge?! Will it keep up?!

Later that day, during Closed Scissors practice, Aoi approached her company in shame, wearing a bandage under her uniform.
“You must hate me now, don’t you?”
They were all silent, but lightly shook their heads in denial.
“We agreed to it.” Said Rika. “If we’re one against another, no grudge, save yourself.”
“But… it’s still horrible what I did.”
“It’s not. It is sad though. There was no other choice for any of you.”
“Relax. Junko liked you a lot.” Momo tried to comfort her. “If she’s somewhere in afterlife, I’m sure she’s glad knowing that you lived and that you’re growing up be to a strong individual.”
“She must feel betrayed…” Said Aoi.
“Come on, Aoi, you knew her better than us. She may have been sensitive, but deep inside she’s strong and caring. She said it was OK, didn’t she?”
“She did… Umm… Thank you, everyone, for not ditching me. But I can’t forgive myself…”

Anyway, they are used to living like this and losing their friends sometimes thanks to the new system. Aoi will get over it soon, but it’s a mystery how many more of her friends would die. Perhaps Aoi herself would die? Anyway, Nori assumed that the next performance, unless special, will not be deadly, but they have yet to see if she’s right.


Chapter 4

Legs Together! Or at least half-together...

That same day Aoi had to take a 1-hour nap to recover from the event’s stress at least a little. Once she drank her coffee and spent some time with her friends, everyone but Momo, she went out to the field to get some air. Yume was breathing on the pole dying from boredom and awkwardness, as Momo was looking at her shining in the dusk. Momo seemed to be touching her own pussy looking at the meat-on-stick in front of her. When Aoi approached close enough for Momo to hear her, Momo stood up.

“Geez…” Momo complained. “I can’t afford one hour without someone passing, can I?”
Of course, rest of the girls were spending time in the rooms doing whatever, but probably mostly hanging on their laptops.
“Just where else would you be.” Replied Aoi. “Either bothering this girl, or disappeared in thin air.”
“Yea… Hi then!”
“Why are you slacking off, Momo? There will surely be Closed Scissors performance tomorrow. You need to practice to volunteer.”
“Meh. Who knows what the hell they’ll put below us.”
“Still, you may have earned some extra points, but you’re for sure in the bottom half. You need to recover those points. Now let’s go.”
Momo puffed as she didn’t feel like doing it.
“But I already did that, Aoi. Like 2 times already.”
“Not enough, we do it over.” She decided.

They walked to the floor with 10 Closed Scissors mechanisms. Each mechanism contained of a base containing a metal-coated notch 7 feet in length. Notch was created to fit the wheels of special boots that the participant would wear. Below the participant, between their legs, there would be something. During practice it was a small wooden horse, a triangular prismatic device that would squeeze against their crotch if they sat on it and hurt more with each passing moment. The participant would wear the boots that couldn’t slide all the way while the bulkheads were holding them, and wear a special belt extending to their legs and back to prevent them from bending. Participant’s hands would be tied up behind them and the bulks would be removed. The goal is for the participant to keep their legs closest to each other possible not to fall on the painful wooden horse.

If they did, thing would go to the next phase, which was to make the victim beg to be released. Thus they needed an attacker. An attacker could do anything at but push the victim down, pull the victim’s legs apart and suffocate the victim. First the attacker should make the victim fall down (because legs were always a little bit spread and wheels in boots operated with extremely low resistance), and then to make the victim beg. If the victim would beg, half of their earned points would pass to the attacker, but the attacker would have 10 minutes to accomplish that.

So Momo assembled and prepared as described. Aoi tied her hands behind her back and pulled the bulks. And the practice was on, and Momo shook a little.
“You’re shaking because your legs are too weak.” Said Aoi. “Just like Nori taught you. Isolate muscle stress to your hips. Breathe deeply but not in panic. You’re panicking a little now. Relax your mind, don’t concern yourself with failing!”
“Will you bring me up when I fall?”
“Who knows? Don’t think about it. Just hold on as long as possible.”

Then Aoi started pinching Momo’s boobs through her T-shirt. It would hurt very much and be an effective method of distraction. Just that nipples would get used to it and the participant would seem to be more resistant to pain the more you caused it.
“You’re not wearing a bra.” Noticed Aoi. “Your boobs still look good through your T-shirt.”
Momo jut breathed heavily as Aoi intelligently pinched her nipples. It hurt, but she must remain clear and calm. After a minute Aoi suggested.
“How about I move to your clitoris and pinch it?”
“You… Can’t…” Heavily said Momo with indifferent face.
“I can. There’s no one around. This is not a real performance.”
“But cameras…”
“We’re on TV. It’s good to arouse the watchers.”
Aoi unbuttoned Momo’s jeans, when Momo dropped on the wooden horse and released an:
“Owww! Well, now it’s over. My clit is covered with my weight.”
“That doesn’t mean I’m done with you.” Said Aoi as she walked behind Momo’s back and gently pushed her hips down.
“Owww! Aoi! Stop doing it! It’s too much!”
“Nope. I won’t.”
“What… What do you want me to do? It hurts so much when you do this, owwwwww…”
“I want you to answer me… Where have you been when not staring at Yume and how did you earn these tickets?”
“I fingered a few girls for points.”
“What? You serious?”
“Yea. They’re lonely and stress and I am pretty good at it… I thought I would cut myself some slack, but it was hard to promote my services without going all open about it… God. Oww! I knew you’d be investigating me for Junko.”
“What? Are you saying that you took from her?”
“No?! Just when will you believe me.”
“Oh, I believed you from the start. That’s not what I was about.”
“Owwww, why, Aoi? Just to hear what I did while I was absent?”
“No. I needed an excuse for doing this, but now I’m all out of them. Or wait… You could have joined the conversation on how to find the point thief. But you didn’t. Now I’m punishing you.”
“Stop it, Aoi… Please stop it, it’s not funny.”
“Is it not? Aren’t you looking forward to experiencing pain here?”
“Ow… What are you doing? Helping me out?”
“I’m using you to my satisfaction.” Aoi said as she continued unbuttoning Momo’s jeans while still standing behind her. It was just a tiny relief for Momo that Aoi didn’t push her anymore.
“Aoi… That’s sexual offence…”
“You’re sexual offender. The verbal one. What’s the difference?”
“Difference is obvious…”
“Relax, I won’t finger you or taste your juices. How about you suck it up and try to enjoy this? You’re desperate, aren’t you?” That wasn’t that much of a sexual offence for girls like Momo, actually. She messes around with girls sometimes too. They sometimes force each other a little, but they know it’s all a joke.

Then Aoi pushed her hand to the lowest part of front of Momo’s pussy available, over her panties, and the other hand under her ass. She pushed Momo’s body gently down by the shoulder with her chin, and moved her crotch back and forth. Momo had been getting wetter and wetter from that moment, so her clitoris started feeling good, but the pressure still hurt.
“Aoi… I don’t know where you treined this techinque…” She said in pain. “But it… hurts… A lot… I don’t know if I can make it.”
“Of course you can. Be the masochist that you want to be. Just do your best.”

Momo did her best to hold on for the next few minutes of pain and clitoral pleasure, and then she said:
“This is not for me. I don’t know why… It hurts! Just let me go, I can’t take it anymore.”

Aoi then let her go. Unrestrained her hands and took off the belt. Momo did the rest, which was still a bother as she had still been squeezed against the wooden horse. When she finally took the boots off and got off the device, Aoi assisted her in walking to the nearby bench.

“I disappointed you, Aoi, didn’t I?”
“No, you didn’t. You were good. I understand, you’d rather be painlessly impaled or something.”
“Yeah… I’m glad you understand. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about Junko.”
“It’s OK. We didn’t get anywhere yet. And I don’t want to hear about it. Junko and I weren’t that close to begin with.”
“So… When did you learn to do that on the wooden horse?”
“2 Years ago I think. Let’s just say I’m not only a kuudere nerd that I seem to be at school. But more than that.”
“You’re a seme. The most dominating seme I know!”
“Yes, I am. Bingo, you guessed!”

Those 2 then just talked some more. As if they were getting closer than before. Normally, they both could be rude and seem not to care, but they were actually good girls. And they were both sexually experienced, unlike Ayumi, Junko, Izumi, Rika and Saki.

So the evening passed by and then bedtime! Until the next day.


It was another day of the competition, containing of breakfast, some hanging out and then assembling at the sunny field. They were at another grassy stage with a base containing 2 Closed Scissors setups. One of them contained a large cone pointed upwards in place of the wooden horse – like Juda’s Cradle, but with a cone and not a pyramid. It was obvious – it’ll be much harder not to beg for the full 10 minutes with this sharp cone entering one of their holes. But that makes sense, as girls were pretty enduring on wooden horses as no one was allowed to push them down. However, is stretching using a cone really that unbearable?

However, the boots were connected each to a separate rope. ‘Would the attackers be able to pull these?’ Everybody wondered.

Yamata, during his speech, also explained:
“(…) Once the victim is down on the cone, the attacker can pull the ropes from each side. (…) The longer it takes for begging to start, more points are received by the victim, and less by the attacker. (…) Victim stays whole 10 minutes from the very beginning, even after she begs, which is also the time limit for the attacker. (…)” So their vaginas or anuses would actually be dived into more and more! And rules were a bit changed regarding points.

Then Yamata asked for victim volunteers. Several hands were up in the air, including Momo’s and Ayumi’s. Momo’s crotch was still sensitive from yesterday, which should adapt under pressure of the cone. But she wasn’t picked. Instead, Ayumi was. When Ayumi walked to the stage, she was instructed to take off her underwear underneath her skirt. Minute later she was settled above the cone, completely prepared, feeling extremely embarrassed as she could feel the cone pointing directly at her pussy-hole. And the air was a bit chilly despite the sun so her pussy felt strange and she blushed like crazy. But soon that’ll be least of her concerns.

Then the attackers had to volunteer. Basically half of the girls present raised their hands, and the one Yamata chose was Rin. They call her „nerd mutant“ because she had naturally white hair. She was the shortest student in class, very smart, very cute in fact, but feared because of her cold eyes and cold personality. Her eyes were piercing blue. She slowly walked and arrived to Ayumi, who knew Rin’s parents were doctors/specialists of Medical science. So Rin knew exactly what she should do to make Ayumi fall and beg.

So it began! The bulks were removed and Ayumi did her best to keep her ‘scissors’ as closed as possible. Just like Nori trained her. Actually, Ayumi had greatest chances of winning as she practiced the hardest, except for maybe Izumi who was naturally highly self-controlled under influence of disctractions.

Rin started tickling Ayumi, constantly looking her in the eyes. These blue eyes and cruel sadistic look were so scary… But tickling, that was somewhat of a cliché. Everybody did that because, naturally, it distracts and exhausts people by default. Ayumi was trained by Nori to handle tickling best than anyone. Except maybe Izumi.

“That’s what they all do, isn’t it?” Said Rin. “You’re quite used to it, Ayumi. You practiced a lot, didn’t you?”
Ayumi didn’t respond. Just like a Monk, she kept it shut and calm.
“Too bad for someone who trained tickling by the medical books… Or is it?”

Rin then smiled and put her middle finger under Ayumi’s armpit, making a round motion. To the audience it looked like what they called surgical tickling, but in reality it was much more complex than that. Which proved true. Ayumi immediately lost some of her cool.

“Aahh… Ayyy…” She started quietly yelling. Of course, tickling doesn’t make you laugh when there’s something torturous bellow you. But it still tickles!

It tickled so much that every second Ayumi would lose some of her cool. Her body couldn’t move thanks to the belt mechanism.
“What… Ahhh! … Are you?”
“Me?” Asked Rin. “I am white darkness.”

Being tickled with such a cruel look pointed at her eyes kept Ayumi yelling and growing more and more scared. As if the device was supposed to kill her or worse. After 30 seconds, Ayumi dropped on the cone.

“Ahhhh!!!” She screamed as the cone was diving in her pussy and hurting like hell.
“Hahaha! You lasted so short!”

It was to Ayumi’s utter embarrassment. Nobody lasted so shortly. ‘I’m sorry, Nori.’ She thought while squawking.

“Now is the time for Yoshida-chan to beg.” Said Rin with a completely formal accent.
Rin started pulling the rope connected to the left boot as the cone dived into Ayumi some more. With each pull some more blood would slide down the cone and Ayumi would scream as her pussy would spread some more. Then Rin did that on the other side too. Ayumi sounded and looked completely pathetic, but she did her best to hold on as long as possible.

But then Rin came back to the left, stepped on the rope and pulled it from below her shoe. Pulling power was even greater now, so Ayumi sank in some more. Now her womb, already messed up, torn up more seriously and Ayumi suddenly lost her ability to scream from sudden sharp pain.

Rin walked to Ayumi, looked her at Ayumi’s begging eyes, and said:
“Say it, Ayumi. Beg.”
Ayumi wouldn’t at least for a while. So Rin proceeded to the left boot and did the same thing.

Several seconds later Ayumi broke.
“Stop! I’m begging you, Shiro-chan, please stop it!”
Rin walked to her.
“What? What did you say?”
“Please stop it! It hurts so much!”
“Now that’s a good girl.”

Rin raised Ayumi’s body a little up as blood released down the cone.
“Keep me up, Shiro-san…”
“It’s Rin-chan. Say Rin-chan.”
“Rin-chan… Thank you… Hold me, please, until this is over.”
“Aww, that’s sweet, poor Ayumi. Here goes the airplane!” Shouted Rin as she released Ayumi back down and she started screaming like crazy again.

For the next 7 minutes Rin would pull the ropes from each side multiple times, then life Ayumi up and release her back down. And repeat the process over and over. Poor Ayumi just screamed and cried and begged Rin to stop. But Rin was a full-on sadist. She wouldn’t just let Ayumi rest.
After that the thing was over. Ayumi was transferred together with the cone to the infirmary, and the cone was replaced.

Girls were really scared hearing all that screaming and crying. But that didn’t stop them from volunteering to be victims. After all, they weren’t supposed to die or become long-term disabled.


After 7 sessions in total, second attacker with the most success was Nori. It took her full 4 minutes to convince her victim to start begging. Afterwards, the victim begged to be lifted up until the end, because some attackers did that for their friends, but Nori didn’t do it. At least she wasn’t additionally torturing her victim like some did. Momo volunteered for every round, but she was never picked.

After that the other CS challenge finally got its turn. People were scared to volunteer because they noticed 2 blades from the sides of the notch, each one having 2 handles to it. They assumed it was to cut off their legs when they fell down. They couldn’t see anything between the legs, but they didn’t want to risk it.

“So, while you’re thinking whether you should volunteer or not,” proposed Yamata, “perhaps we would first like to get the attackers. Who wants to be one?”

Only third raised their hands, and the girl was picked. It was a different Ayumi, Kousaka Ayumi. Not our Ayumi. The most popular girl in class, knowing everything about everyone. But she was tough. Surprisingly, hand was raised by the gentle Izumi to volunteer as the victim. Kousaka hated Izumi more than anyone, so it was quite an interesting flow.

When she was at the stage, she was instructed not to take of her panties, but skirt. She gave a sour smile to the public and scratched herself behind her head. She then blushingly took off her skirt. Just why would she be embarrassed to be seen in her panties in front of her friends? However, to their surprise, she didn’t wear panties that day to begin with!

“Izumi!?” Said Riko in shock. “You… I never knew you were this perverted!”
Some heads turned towards Riko. Because everyone were silent. These legs were what no one saw before. Pale white, but pink-ish as well. And looking as if she didn’t grow hair to begin, in other words, no hair spots or shaving/epilation signs. Her pussy lips so pink, and her inner pussy lips were white. It was even more amazing to girls who were looking at her from the side or the back. Her ass was so perfectly round and bulging, yet looked so soft. Most of the girls were jealous, but some would love to squeeze it or dive their faces in those cheeks, or touch that shy pussy from the back.

As Izumi was blushing like crazy and looking away from the public, everything was on standby for the whole minute, and especially Yamata and the technicians were amazed by the sight. But work is work! As soon as they regained composure, she was instructed to put her feet in the boots and to assemble so that technicians could prepare her.

Afterwards the bulks were removed and it started. Izumi then realized that there were 2 additional bulks preventing her legs from closing, so keeping them half-spread was as difficult as on every other Closed Scissors challenge.
The other Ayumi first groped her ass with all her might as Izumi produced an uncomfortable moan.
“Wow! So your buns really are that soft!”
“Hey! Cut it out!” Rika Shouted. “Groping under clothes is forbidden in Closed Scissors! You broke the rules!”
K Ayumi looked at Yamata and he just said:
“Well… Her panties were supposed to be on so we’ll just let this go. But don’t do that anymore! And no vagina-touching, just in case I need to repeat it!”

Girls, especially Rika, were furious that Kousaka-san got to feel that ass. Boyish Rika wanted to beat her up and bury her alive! But that’s illegal to do unless instructed. She was even jealous as Ayumi did proper things, such as tickling Izumi or pinching her boobs under her clothes.

Izumi just breathed as much as necessary to keep her cool and keep her legs still. Kousaka then proceeded to pressure Izumi with her fingertips surgically on the liver. Izumi’s face remained almost the same. She then spent whole 5 minutes pushing her fingers under Izumi’s ribs, diving deeper and deeper.
“Doesn’t it hurt you at all?”
“Yes, Kousaka-san… Hurts… Very much…”
“Uhh? How do you do that? You’re like a slim Buda-girl.”
“2 more minutes, Kousaka-san.”

Kousaka was in panic. She wouldn’t get any points.
“Want me to make it easy for you?” Izumi implied.
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“We can trade.”
“I don’t trade with you. I hate girls who only watch their own business.”
What happened between them, you wonder? A bunch of third-graders took a stray cat that Kousaka Ayumi unofficially adopted. She loved that cat and was very sad when it disappeared. Izumi eventually came across them, but they took grip of her and threatened her. Izumi knew she better keeps her mouth shut or she would be beaten up or worse. When Kousaka found the bullies, the cat was already dead.
“Kousaka-san… You want me to lose those legs, don’t you?”
“What? That would be great. Go ahead, I’m waiting!”
“You need to do me something in return.”
“In return?! You owe me, I don’t owe you anything!”
“I don’t owe you, Kousaka-san! I wouldn’t risk myself, not for you, not for your damn cat!”
Kousaka-san quietly and ironically laughed.
“Yeah… it’s not your fault, I’m not stupid. But I still hate you, Izumi-chan!”
“Do you want to get your closure then? And points?”
“Huh. God, oh my God…” Kousaka didn’t know what to do. “Shoot! What do you want?”
“I want you to figure out who stole from Yoshida Junko.”
“That girl from your group? You would sacrifice your legs for someone you barely even talked to?”
“It’s complicated. Do you agree?”
“I agree. Drop down now, it’s almost time!”

Izumi took several deep and terrified breaths, and then spread her legs a little. She wasn’t able to hold them anymore, so she just dropped down, her legs spread as if she was a Gymnasticist.

“OWWW!” She yelled as her legs spread.
She then looked to the side in fresh tears, noticing she hit the handles of the blades, and now the blades are falling on her.

And there go Izumi’s legs! The 2 blades sliced them so perfectly, as if they went straight through them! As Izumi screamed in sudden agony, blood started slowly pouring from the cuts. But from audience’s perspective, it wasn’t over yet! The blade with 2 handles – those were actually 2 blades, each on every handle! They were stuck together so nobody noticed until first one dropped down! The other 2 blades dropped directly at Izumi’s arms, below her shoulders, and locked there. Izumi’s arms dropped down like from a toy.

While her friends were looking at her completely terrified, and the crowd was rumbling in shock, Riko screamed her lungs out:
“Izumi! Nooo! Izumi! Why would you do that, Izumi?! What have you done?!”

As soon as Izumi’s torso lost balance, 2 medics attended her, put bandages over her stubs and took her to the infirmary. Yamata just mentioned:
“These arms and legs will be put in a goulash and eaten for dinner by you people. Dismissed! Get to practice or lazing around!”

Out girls were so confused. Why would Izumi do that, why for dead Junko’s sake?

For dinner, Rika was sad. Everybody enjoyed delicious and soft Izumi’s meat, only Rika decided not to. Then Momo explained to her how Izumi actually wanted to do that, so eating her limbs would be same as respecting her. Before it was too late to start eating, Rika ate some. She felt Izumi’s presence even on brown-roasted pieces of her meat. It felt so wrong, but so loving.

3 days later Rika visited Izumi in the infirmary. Izumi was so glad to see her dear Rika.
“Rika... For coming here… Thank you.”
Rika slowly removed the blanket, finding that poor Izumi lost even her shoulders, and her legs completely. Izumi’s butt was still undamaged, but Rika didn’t have any perverted intentions.
“Izumi… Why?”
“Umm… You know, Rika… This is embarrassing.” It took her several seconds to continue. ”I was never fully opened to you. Or to others.”
“What? About what?”
“I… I am very embarrassed about it… But I’m actually a pervert!”
“I… I see… But why this? Are you really perverted enough to do this?!”
“Yeah… I’ve been craving for a while. I really hoped I would have this chance.”
“But… Your rights… Are they still there?”
“Of course there are. Under this circumstance the school can’t treat me as ownership, and my parents actually love me. But I’m no longer participating.”
“Thank god… Izumi… My Izumi…”
“Will you… take care of me…? Riko?” She shyly implied. “I always wondered how it would be completely disabled, and fully to my Riko’s love and disposal.”
“My disposal? Of course I’ll care for you. But why would you be to my disposal?”
“Well… I’ll be fully honest and direct with tou… *sigh* … Let’s just say I want you to… Treat me to your pleasure. I’m sorry if I’m making you feel uncomfortable!”
“Um... Izumi…?“
“I’m a pervert, and I want to be fully honest with just you this time! I’m sorry! But I’ve always wanted you to… You know… Because we’re such good friends and I’m such a big pervert… Now if you don’t want to take care of me anymore, it’s OK, I’ve also fantasized about begin sold as a sex toy!”
“No! Of course I would take care for you!”
“Thank you, Izumi! Thank you for accepting the dirty me that I’ve been hiding so far!”
“No… You’re not dirty… Just perverted. It’s OK, everybody is perverted. It doesn’t make you dirty.”
“Hearing that is so beautiful coming from Riko… You really care for me, Riko…”

After a few moments of stares, smiles and silence, Izumi mentioned:
“And I can’t help but notice, in the shower, that your eyes always escape towards my breasts!”
“Umm… I… I can’t answer to that, Izumi…”
“Hahaha! You’re perfect, Riko.”

Next day she carried Izumi out of the hospital. She had to hold her by the waist and crotch, and her friends were in shock and amazement. Eventually, Aoi asked:
“Did you really do it just for Junko’s sake?”
“Nope.” Izumi happily admitted. “I’m just a pervert!”
Everybody were like ‘Oh…’
“But, everyone,” Izumi continued, “about Junko… did other Ayumi keep her promise?”
“Yeah.” Momo gladly bragged in. “Hamasaki Chiasa, Miyamoto Cheiko and Mori Ren. Miyamoto-chan didn’t take any tickets, she just guarded the other 2 of her friends.”
“Oh. So 2 goals complete with one hit!” Izumi cheered up. “Nice!”
“Four hits, Izumi.” Momo joked, and only Nori laughed. Rika murderously looked at them, even though she knew Izumi was happy to be just a torso. But will she keep on being happy like this after a long time? Well, Rika will do her best to make sure of that.


Had to fix the name

Chapter 5: Side Story

Nekoyama Cake Device

Nekoyama family. Family of Nekoyama Izumi that you know very well from First Blood chapters. A kind family and, unlike many others in 2050, truly cares about its members. But nonetheless crazy.

This story reaches back to year 2044, 6 years before the competition. Izumi was pretty smal, and her older sister Riko was as old as Izumi in the DAC chapters. She was somewhat darker blonde and her hair length lined up with her chin. Her skin wasn’t half as pale as Izumi’s, but rather somewhat tanned, although not much. Just like Izumi, she was pretty perverted in the area of violence and death.

And that’s who this is about. Nekoyama family, or more specifically her father, owning the most prosperous chemical research company had released a device that would turn a person into something like a cake! The process was supposed to be streamed live on the TV and broadcasted all over the world. Now what does that have to do with Riko? Her father, the owned, offered her to become the first public test subject! Of course, he would never force her into it, ulike many other parents from that age. But after just 2 days she accepted!

She was getting so aroused by the thought of being drowned in a weird liquid, experiencing gradual death, and then her body slowly changing its chemical structure to become something soft and edible! She couldn’t sleep at night due to arousement, but also scary confusion because, after all the fantasies of giving herself into peril, she finally has the chance to fulfil them and make something beautiful of it! Izumi herself was looking forward to seeing something like that. She was jealous, but too scared to get herself involved with something like that.

Then there was the day. Riko was driven by her mother to a huge stadium so crowded that some people had to sit on stairs. There was a 1-meter tall stand, made as if it should be used for holding treasure, and next to it a large device, both standing on a stage. There were cameras all around, and even a huge 4 screens above the stadium. Riko was scared all the time, but she will probably never have another opportunity like this in all her life.

Riko was instructed to stand on the stage where her father was waiting for her. After a 5-minute speech by her father she was instructed to take off her clothes. She hesitated for about 10 seconds, and then she started taking her clothes off. She was completely clean, shaved and her skin was flawless, prepared just for that day, and her digestive system was empty. She was covering her sensitive parts with her hands, but people were still aroused from the sight. However, the event had a spokesperson, and he asked her to remove her hands and let the audience see what she’s made of. She did that, just to service the audience and make her life more glorious. Her surprisingly white nipples and white inner pussy lips amazed the audience. But she was really embarrassed, hearing sounds like “waaa” all around her. Little Izumi was by the stage and felt so honored witnessing her older sister’s developed body.

Riko then sat on the stage as instructed, and her father had to get her to take a pose. He told her to just sit down for the beginning, so she did that. Then he had to move her limbs a little, but as soon as he touched her, Riko took a grip on his hand to stop him. She looked really frightened and was shaking. It’s not an easy thing to just die. But in several seconds, she let her father go, and he started slowly and gently adjusting her.

In the end she was sitting with her knees together, but not kneeling. Bottom half of her legs were at the sides. Her elbows were pressed against the sides of her body, and her hands were joined together and pushed between her thighs, 1-2 inches away from her crotch. The pose was painful, but sexy and extremely beautiful. Riko’s body shivered in fear.

Her father said:
“Now we need to paralyze you. Keep looking forward, keep the neutral face, and keep the pose. Do not move at all until you’re locked in place.”

She then felt a pinch of a needle in her neck. The substance was injected and she was about to become paralyzed. She was not only shivering now, but producing little sobs and releasing tears.
“Remember what I taught you. Don’t change your face to sad face. Stay in place and relax.”
“Dad… Can we do this at another time? I don’t think I’m ready.”
“Riko-chan… This is the only time we can do this. No other. Please don’t let this go to waste.”

As Riko felt her body becoming more and more unmovable, it was harder for her to control her facial muscles. She was looking forward to this. And she is happy this is happening. But why is it so hard for her to keep up with it?
That’s when little Izumi climbed to the stage and started caressing her sister’s hair.
“Onee-chan! I’m very proud. You’re going to become a tasty cake and I’m going to eat you!”
That didn’t reduce Riko’s fears, but it helped her hold on until she was fully paralyzed.

Even after she became completely unmovable, only able to breathe, tears were still slowly running down her eyes. Few of the helpers then took glass plates and fixed them around Riko, completely covering her from the side. Then there came the water with salt and sugar, completely covering her.

That was it for her. She’s completely unmovable, in water. Paralyzed like she was, she wasn’t able to control her breathing. Her lungs just twitched as water painfully entered them, unnoticeably but strongly coughed, and it went on over and over again. Riko could literally feel the panic of drowning within her, but she could do nothing about it. Her eyes were hot from all the still and silent crying. After 2 minutes she started losing consciousness. Finally a picture appeared before her eyes, a picture of sweetly smelling beautiful her and pieces of her body being cut like a cake, and she once again felt lightly aroused, before complete darkness embraced her.
Her little sister Izumi caught these final moments and felt bittersweet pressure and sensation right above her stomach. Seeing other people dying was just so arousing for her, but she was very embarrassed of it, so she kept it all a secret even long time after this.

While she was dying, the device was already on. It was a robot with 2 handles, behaved as if it was irradiating Riko’s body with something, and it constantly changed its position around her. Her father proudly explained the science behind the device. Apparently, it’s thanks to the non-toxic radiation and waves that chemical structure of her body changes, slowly turning her meat into cake-like candy. She needed to stay like that for a week.

Week later they all reassembled at the same stage. Water was leaked out of the container, and she was shown to public. She looked exactly as when she had been alive. At that point the Nekoyama family earned plenty of money.

Later the same day she was served as a desert on a dinner. Izumi was looking so forward to tasting her sister that per parents needed to blackmail her with her possessions to eat the main course. But when the time came, Izumi managed to be the closest person to her former sister, except for her father who had to do the cutting. He’d just cut a square somewhere where there was meat and take it out. Her bones were still hard, but nothing would get stuck to them. Where there was meat there’d be pink or red. Little Izumi was given the first piece, which she immediately started eating while watching her beautiful and sweet-smelling sister being cut piece by piece. Taste was good, sweet and vanilla-like. She had better in her life, but there was something special about this. She would get flashbacks of her sister struggling with air while being completely still, slowly dying with each cough. She couldn’t stop thinking about her transition from person to lifeless candy, and her train of thoughts during the process. Something so beautiful yet so terrifying. With bittersweet sensation below her heart, she ate as much of her sister as she could, feeling as if her sister is living inside her.

What about the future of Nekoyama Cake Device? Well, during next few decades it had been used rarely. The procedure had been extremely expensive.

And 6 years later there’s Izumi, on Death Arts Competition, willing to experience her darkest of perilous submissive fantasies. From a person who would get aroused by the thought of dying, she evolved to a person longing for long-term doom. She had finally made it to condemn herself, even though she’s supposed to be in her best friend’s hands until the end of her life. Will she be able to resist her human nature and hold onto it? Hopefully, she will.


Chapter 6

Muscle Anatomy

Mikan Momo. Momo meaning peach, and surname Mikan meaning mandarin. Not to be mistaken with Momo the Peach Girl. Not only bearing an exceptional surname, but also describing her appearance. Tanned skin, but orange-ish, without flaws, and a large meaty ass. Having some meat around her lips, making them prominent and highly mobile, she handles everyday tension by moving them around, circumstantially arousing every boy in her class. Sex addict with 2 boyfriends, being honest about her freestyle sex life, and knowledge of school sheds in detail. Sometimes she even eats her homemade lunch in sheds while having sex.

She figured Izumi had been a pervert on both healthy and twisted level, and tried to help her live her fantasies, but Izumi was too embarrassed of sharing it so there was just no hope. Momo wished her friends were more like her, but she still loved them. Even though she was most of the time phlegmatically arrogant, she’s that friend with which you can share all your secrets and demons. She’ll listen, talk about it, try to comfort you and keep her mouth shut in front of other people.

At the moment she’s busy. Her subtle trade – fingering, rubbing and licking pussy for minor points – is facing a blast. 10 anonymous lonely girls applied, although only 5 gave time and location. At the moment she’s working hard. She doesn’t like pussy, but doesn’t mind if it can prove useful.

As for the rest, they’re training with Nori. It’s 14th day of the competition and they were introduced to a new challenge. There’d be a soft wooden wall more than 5 meters long and in front of it a large barrier of Styrofoam. The victim would be in between, their back facing the wall, and couldn’t turn around because there was no room. The victim would be completely covered by the barrier. The attacker would have a nail gun and shoot through the barrier. Attacker would get points by the formula:
number of hits × body sections hit.
For practice they used weaker nailgun and nails couldn’t get completely through the Styrofoam. The nail could reach the boob with its tip, but it wasn’t too bad if the girls went to the infirmary after. However, the performance was supposed to be a real and more dangerous thing.
So, this was the strategy: victim moves as quietly as possible, and attacker hears, predicts and intercepts.

However, we’ll leave the real performance for the next time. At the time, Nori was taking care of paperwork in the infirmary, bringing consents by her group to be little wounded for practice. She’d have a limit of how much she could hurt them, according to the budget. The rest of the girls were shooting each other through the Styrofoam.

After Nori returned, her group was supposed to have an endurance training. And then each and every of these girls should have taken sheer nails. The point was in them remaining quiet not to reveal their positions when they’re behind the Syrofoam – in other words, practicing the worst case scenario for real performance.

Aoi was hard to manage. She’d complain all the time and call for pause. Ayumi proved to be hopeless, unable not to scream her lungs out. Riko left Izumi in Nori’s care while she should be recovering from nails, and took the nails like a hero. She would squeeze her teeth and squawk as quietly as possible. But Saki proved to be special. They realized, if something hurts her too much, she can’t scream properly. Instead, she produces a super-high scream, but so quiet it’d probably not to be hearable through the barrier. However, she would lock in place. Nori wanted to perform additional test by shooting her in the liver. Despite Saki voicelessly begging her not to do it, Nori did it anyway, and concluded that the only thing Saki should be concerned about was mobility, being a huge problem for her once she’s wounded. She must not hit the Styrofoam while in pain or her location would be revealed.

Then the all went to the infirmary, and thanks to modern technology recovered until the next day. So what about Hide and Shoot performance that day? Nothing! They had another dodgeball with boiling water. But later a special performance was scheduled.

They all sat in a huge classroom that seemed to be equipped for biology. There was a large metal frame in front of the blackboard. So the special performance would be about that? Then a biology teacher from their school entered. He was a strong 35-year-old man, not attractive to anyone but desperate girls like Momo.
He said in a deep voice:
“Greetings! I will be replacing Yamata-san today because he’s busy with other things, and this is a highly sensitive… thing. My name is Saito Jiro. Nice to meet you.”
It was obvious he wasn’t used to this, but his posture showed nothing but self-esteem. His eyes were without empathy.
“So… The paper says… Mikan Momo-san! Please step up here!”
Momo was shocked. She was sure she wasn’t at the bottom half by points she earned. But that affected her friends’ trains of thoughts too. They assumed they were at similar level as Momo – should they put some more effort into collecting points too?

But of course, Momo stepped up in tension, and walked to the blackboard.
“Today we’ll demonstrate,” said Saito-sensei, “The functionality of human muscles in motion. First we’ll tie Momo to the frame, then we’ll peel her skin off, and then demonstrate human body in motion.”
Momo was dazed. It this it? Would she finally die or something? She couldn’t believe it.
“Luckily for you, Mikan-san, you’ll be taken to the infirmary after. If everything goes well, you’ll live and in 7-8 days we’ll re-grow your skin completely.”
Now that was a relief. Although, she could have been far less lucky than this.

“Now take your clothes off and stand in front of the frame facing the class.”
Momo did that. Despite her usual nature, she was little embarrassed doing that in front of the whole class. And a strong man. When she was done, she wanted to cover herself up with her hands, but didn’t out of principle. He boobs were perky and the nipples white. Her inner pussy lips were pretty yellow.
Then the teacher took her right hand and tied it to the top-right of the frame. Momo moved her lips around like crazy. She was standing on her toes, but after a while she was completely at the top of them, actually pulled by the rope and not standing anymore. Then there came turn for her left hand to be tied.
When Saito-sensei started tying her legs, she realized she was finally being touched and gripped by a man. And a strong man with big hands. It felt so good and fulfilling after such a long break, she didn’t regret being there. For now.

She was completely spread inside the frame, unable to move, totally exposed.

When Saito-sensei went behind her and started explaining how he would cut her, she realized and enjoyed that he had been holding her from the back. As he explained that he would first start cutting her from the back of the neck to her anus, she was scared, but he was drawing his hands along the line he was describing. She hoped at least he would molest her more.
And he did! Then he kept on explaining what he’d do after – obviously, just to buy himself time – as he started pushing his finger in Momo’s anus. His palm was facing the floor in order to hide the motion from other students. The deeper he’d get, the more in ecstasy Momo would be from pressuring her uterus and womb from the outside, and whatever organs around it that make her feel good. The angle was her favorite too. He was proud to see a violated student keeping it shut and her head down, while in fact she only kept it down to hide the pleasure from the class. She didn’t want him to get in trouble. When he accidentally at some point referred to her as Momo-chan, she opened her mouth and almost slipped a moan.

She was in complete Zen when he withdrew his finger, but that didn’t last. He was about to get to work. And she knew it. She heard him explaining that would be one of the most painful sensations a person could experience as skin is especially sensitive to pain, but still not the worst way to execute or torture a person.
As she took a breath, he intercepted it with a spray. As the spray entered her throat, she felt slight pressure.

But then he made his first cut right below the back of her neck, immediately and gradually drawing the scalpel down, as her skin was cut so easily and precisely. She made a very painful face and screamed like crazy, but the scream was unnaturally quiet. Thus you can guess what the spray was for! He proceeded cutting between her butt cheeks, around her anus, and then continued with the inner side of her legs. Cut across her back burnt her more and more, yet she was not given rest.
When he made the cuts across both of her feet, he added 2 more branches of the cut on her back. It was for the back of her arms that were cut all the way across, and then even the palms were cut. And at the end, he made a circle around her the top of her neck, damaging only skin, not the veins.
Right when Momo complerely regretted it all as her whole back side of the body was in pain, there came the worst part – peeling! He started peeling from the cut on her back, toward one side of her body, assisting himself with the scalpel to separate parts of the skin that were especially stuck to the meat. Momo couldn’t believe what she was feeling, but it was true and intensive! As he was pulling the skin to the side now, removing it from the hips and proceeding to arms, the class could see it. Her skin stretched and seemed surprisingly thin. Inner part of the peeled skin was a mixture of pink and blood.

When he managed to strip Momo’s hand off the skin, students were amazed! All this red muscle twitching right in front of them. Her friends were, however, worried. Their sexy Momo suddenly becoming this ruined in front of them! But then came the most amazing part, which was the look of her boobs without skin. So white and bubbly, some wanted to take a bite. Some thought about doing the same thing to themselves, but it looked too painful. Then he went for uncovering her neck, her other boob, other arm and other side of her body. Her whole top was a mixture of blood and muscle, but her face was left alone, crying in pain. Peeling her belly was very simple, but it got more complicated when he got to legs. He first peeled off her vagina, and then proceeded with legs from the back. Girls were thinking – do our pussies really look so lame without skin?

After few more minutes the only thing left was an exhausted face in pain and red muscle across the rest of Momo’s body.

Saito-sensei then untied her, saying:
“The more you do what I say, the shorter this will last and the more chance you’ll have of survival.”
She was barely hearing his words from shock, but she understood.

She was standing on her feet, bent over from pain all over her body, due to torn nerves being exposed to air. According to what sensei said, the floor was disinfected. He told her to get her body straight. It took her several seconds to concentrate, but then she did it. He then explained in detail how the front of the human muscle structure was made, and when he told her to turn around, then he explained about the back side of the body. People noticed her anus remained undamaged and with a circular cut around it, but covered in blood.

She was then told to do some walking, stretching, crouching, bending and various things. It took 10 minutes of confusing agony and her colleagues’ amazement for her to be taken care of by the medic. He took her to the infirmary, while the class was then orally examined about what the teacher talked about. They memorized pretty much of this useful, or to some disturbing, lesson, but he examined in too much detail, so many of the point tickets were nullified. That was pretty bad for those who traded with points, because students were nullified in the database itself, where they were related to their names and ID’s. Effectively, the database wasn’t used for counting points, but it could neutralize someone’s tickets.

Our girls were not surprised to see Momo’s naked body. That pervert would sometimes undress in front of them. But they were worried if Momo would ever look the same when they’d re-grow the skin. Nori didn’t know because when she was first year, the flayed individual was left to die. But they were glad Momo was still alive.


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Chapter 7

Miss of the Nails

Now that Momo is in infirmary having her skin renewed, it’s time to rob her stash! Girls have periods, and they need tampons. So some of Momo’s tampons were stolen. Why would a girl steal tampons you think? Why not just buy them? Because Momo’s tampons had vibrators integrated in them. As all tampons have little ropes to be pulled out, ropes of these tampons have a special function, and that is to turn the vibration on or off. All it takes is a gentle pull and it activates. Of course, only Momo had the gut to buy these in the store. That’s why her dear friends steal a few every once in a while. Except Aoi, but they don’t know that.

That day the performance was scheduled to be at noon. They still had time to waste so they chilled. Aoi watched anime with Riko and Izumi, Ayumi caressed Saki’s hair like she’s a pet, and Nori simply rested next to them. It was a nice sight, that unusual amount of caressing while Saki is enjoying and not complaining. Nobody knew why Saki was so cuddly-pet-like, despite having huge sense of dignity.
“Go on, Nori, try that.” Suggested Ayumi as she took her hand off Saki’s head.
“Nah. It’s not necessary.”
“Come on. You never did it so far.”
Saki got up as Ayumi was no longer caressing her. She walked up to the computer and watched for a while. Riko couldn’t do anything holding Izumi, and Izumi couldn’t do anything because she had no limbs. Aoi noticed Saki after several seconds and then scratched her hair and neck a bit. It was nice for Saki, but lasted short. Afterwards it was obvious they were too occupied with watching an anime, so she sat back on the couch, between Ayumi and Nori.
“Come on, Nori. She’ll leave again if you don’t do anything.”
Nori then tried fondling and gently scratching Saki’s hair. As she did that, Saki seemed to calmly enjoy it more and more with a light smile.
“You see? It’s cute, right?”
“Yeah.” Nori said slightly surprised. “It feels strangely good doing that.”

Saki then leaned her head on Nori’s shoulder. Bored Ayumi went to watch anime with other 3. As she had been under freestyle education of people’s reactions by Nori, including sexual ones, she couldn’t help but notice that Aoi seemed to be somewhat pleasurably tense. Ayumi assumed she took the vibro-tampon too, although they never really saw her entering Momo’s room. But it became obvious as she suspiciously scratched her crotch and her face of sexual tension stopped.

When they finished the 2 episodes of anime, it was 10 minutes until gathering for performance. They noticed, not only had Nori not stopped caressing Saki, but Saki was lying on Nori’s lap as Nori scratched her hair, neck and back. Nori seemed to become pretty much into it. She also seemed to be a good caressor. Neither cuddler nor Saki would ever hold on so long.
“Wow… Nori…” Commented Aoi. “This is the cutest… Or the most romantic thing you ever did.”
“I don’t know. It’s just nice. I never felt this good caressing a girl.”

When they all gathered at the field, they noticed large vertical surface holders around the field. Something interesting could be happening soon. But then they all assembled to the stage for Hide and Shoot. Yamada-san announced to everyone:
“Today you will be having the most extreme shape of Hide and Shoot. You will use these powerful nail guns and large nails. If you receive a hit, you will be completely stuck to the board behind you.”
Now that sounded scary. Most of the girls hoped they wouldn’t be behind the Syrofoam.
“I see some of you practiced endurance to pain lately. That will be your best friend here, in addition to not being able to move, helping you stay quiet. Just don’t scream, tricking your attacker into not knowing you’re there and hit. The attacker has 10 nails to spend. Result is number of hits times number of large body parts hit. The victim gets points by maximum number of points minus points won by the attacker, divided by 2. If the victim dies, the attacker gets 0 points! So watch out the victim gets to live!
Now, if in this situation I asked who would be the attacker, at least 75% would volunteer. So I’ll pick attacker-victim pairs randomly.”

So tension intensifies. Do they get to survive? They most likely do, but they all have 50% of chance to be those who hide. First 2 were friends from a different class, both blondes. The victim hesitated a little before entering between board and Styrofoam, just as expected. The attacker did her best and took herself some time. But she didn’t hit her victim a single time. It was either disappointment or relief to others, and now it’s trouble for the attacker because she got 0 points. The second pair was no fun either.

But then came turn to one of the most powerful attackers in this competition – Shin Sakura – from the fishing club and our girls’ class. She was not only a good attacker, but also extremely sadistic person. She was a short strong blonde, constantly smiling in a little bit of twisted way. On the other side was Sairenji Yuka, a chin-length-hair brunette from other class. Sakura applied an interesting tactic, which she seemed to take very optimistically. She was walking by the Styrofoam smiling, scratching it with the nailgun, randomly shooting. Trick was in giving more pressure at times, of which let’s say half were followed by a shot.

Soon most of the people noticed that the board is actually transparent from the other side, so they could watch the victim’s maneuvers. It was, however, too wide for the attacker to determine the position by looking where other people look. Yuka – she was terrified! As the pressure would change near her, sound would get louder and she would twitch her head. By her shivering body and stillness one could only conclude she decided not move at all because shots were random anyway. But Sakura knew she would think like that, so she seemed to make shots evenly distributed. Yuka could see the lights from the holes, made by loud thumping noise of nail to the board. She figured the next shot should cover her location, and started moving. But Sakura predicted that too, so she rushed there pressuring the gun to Styrofoam even more. Yuka suddenly moved to left in panic, and Sakura heard and intercepted her.

The nail fixed Yuka to the board by the left side of her stomach, near the middle. Shin Sakura – just as, in past 3 years, no fish escaped her hook or spear, so didn’t Yuka evade her nail. No one can beat the reflex of an exceptional fisherperson. As soon as Yuka produced sound of movement, Sakura heard it and knew where to shoot to intercept her. Yuka squeezed her hands and teeth in pain. Sakura simply took a shooting stance at the area she caught Yuka. She knew – stomach is near the diaphragm that basically pressures and de-pressures the guts as a person breathes. Soon it would hurt Yuka more and long enough to produce a sound. And when that should happen, Sakura would determine position of her head. When it finally happened, she shot one to the head, risking to kill the poor girl. But those who were looking through behind the board saw that it went straight through her cheek and bones under her ears. Was it planned? Yuka was very much alive and produced painful moans. She also started moving her arms and legs because she was completely at her limit. So Sakura, in several seconds, took care of the rest of her limbs.

Finally, from all the 10 nails Sakura had, 4 had missed and 6 had hit Yuka: her torso, 4 limbs and head. That’s 36 point units, even though they don’t really know the value of these units. For Yuka that’s (10×6-36)÷2=12. But the most interesting part came after. A crane came from somewhere, and when technicians removed the Styrofoam, Yuka was lifted together with the board. The board was put on one of the surface holders, exposing nailed Yuka to everyone. She could barely move her fingers due to nerve damage. Her left arm was actually hit in the middle of her palm. Sakura just smiled like usually.

“She will remain here until tomorrow morning.” Announced Yamada. So the same should be for everyone, right? 18-22 hours of torment.

So the show went on. Another interesting example was a strong-looking black-haired victim from another class. She was admired by girls present, even the heterosexual ones, performed usually as an attacker. Why was she interesting? Because, when the 7th nail hit her, she just started screaming, unable to sustain herself. The soft one who was shooting her managed to miss next 2 shots despite the screams, but she succeeded in having another one at her stomach. There were 2 more cases like these, but with gentle and frightened girls who never did anything they didn’t have to, hoping for luck to be on their side.

But in the meantime there was our Nori vs Noriko. Nori was accidentally read first, so she thought she’d be the attacker – but then it turned out she was the victim. That was new for her as she never volunteers to be a victim, but she seemed pretty optimistic about that. She amazingly chose her movement tactic and evaded the nails. But 7 is the lucky number, and so was for Nori. The 7th nail hit her in the left arm, right below the wrist. Noriko the attacker was a crazy short black haired individual, so instead of digging points, she set her goal to following a path of Nori’s arm. She was the only high-skilled attacker assumed to be in the bottom half by points. The path turned out to be bad, and only 3 nails hit Nori’s arm, meaning one of them missed. Nori didn’t make a sound however. When the crane moved her, her arm was dislocated from weight and movement. She sure looked like she was in pain, but her face also showed a dose of acceptance.

In the end, 20% of girls were stuck to boards, left to spend the rest of the day and then night with nails in them. Nails were placed randomly across their bodies, mostly in the torso. Until the end one of them died so the attacker’s points were nullified. They were all obviously in unstoppable pain. The most horrible or the most arousing sight of pain was Yuka’s, as she was shedding tears completely immobile, trying as much as she could not to make a sound as every breath and vibration would hurt her back head bones. The strong black haired one was quite a sight too, as girls are usually attracted to strong women, and now they had an excuse to make her company and distract her from pain. One of the nailed girls was one of the culprits who stole from Junko – Miyamoto Cheiko. She took 3 nails right in the stomach. She must have had horrible stomachache. And 1 in each of her legs and 1 in her right arm. Her left arm just dangled as she tried not to move. She beggingly looked at the public with lips bloody from blood she puked.

Then Yamada announced the beauty contest! The girls who were free were supposed to vote which one of the nailees looked the best. Aoi was at the toilette at the time, and rest of our girls decided to vote for their Nori. But before that they came to her holder. It wasn’t so tall so they could talk to Nori.
“So… Nori. Hi.” Said Ayumi.
“Holding on?” Asked Rika with Izumi in her arms.
“Yea… As you can see…”
“Yeah… we’re sorry to see you like this, Nori.”
“Shit happens, guys. It hurts like hell but Ima make it. What are you gonna do about the vote?”
“Umm…” Said Ayumi. “We thought we’d vote for you.”
“I knew it. Don’t.”
“Why not?”
“Heh… You don’t get it, do you? Beauty contest… With crucified people… Doesn’t it sound like bad news?”

The girls then thought: ‘Fuck, how didn’t we figure that out before?!’ That’s the only thing that makes sense. Perhaps the winner would be sold or something. When they moved away, they talked about it.
“Let’s vote for goddamn Cheiko!” Suggested Rika. The all agreed as they wanted something bad to happen to that girl.
“Perhaps…” Izumi suggested. “For just in case… One of us should vote for Nori too. We don’t know what will happen.”
Everybody seemed to take the idea into consideration, except for Ayumi.
“Nori is popular. Girls like her. There’s no need for voting for Nori.”
“Girls are usually into pretty or boyish girls.” Objected Izumi. “Nori might be little masculine, but she’s… Plane.”
“No, Izumi, girls aren’t that much into looks. Although… You might be right… The black-hair, whatever her name, she could take away her votes.”
“Nori?” Somebody interrupted them. “From Nori?”
“Yea… Nori…” Replied Ayumi.
“I’ll vote for Nori. I know someone else too. She’s hot. What about you? Wil you vote for Nori?”
“Umm… No.”
“Why? What kind of friends are you then? Just… What in the hell are you scheming…? Err… Forget it, forget everything I said. I hate confusing people.”

So, obviously, there was no need to vote for Nori. After all, some girls were even more physically and behaviorally unattractive then Nori.

When Aoi came back and heard what had happened, she scolded all of her friends for being that stupid and almost voting for Nori. All of our girls voted for Cheiko. But later, talking to other girls, they found out almost everyone figured the trick out – that winning in this Miss of the Nails is probably a bad thing. They voted for those they liked least, or those they’d like to see suffer some more.

Until the end of the day remaining girls were practicing various things. They also talked to their friends on the boards, those who were able to converse normally despite pain. Some just enjoyed the sight of suffering and crying people nailed to boards. Favorite ones were those 2 weaklings who cried and begged to be released, and the strong black-hair whose last name turned out to be Kami. One of the girls had her skirt lifted and held by the nail, so girls threw small rocks at her crotch. They even bet with points about if they could move her panties a bit, uncovering a small piece of her pussy lip. But nobody managed to do it – the meaty cameltoe looked sweet, but it prevented underpants from moving.

When, after dinner, they all went to their rooms, our girls asked Aoi why she had been, for whole 15 minutes, looking under one girl’s skirt that wasn’t even lifted, and why there was a mirror on the ground that Aoi demanded not to be touched. Aoi said it was because her panties were already moved to the side, and she couldn’t have got her legs together because they were nailed to the board. So Aoi adjusted the mirror she dropped to the ground in the way that it would reflect sunlight under the poor girl’s skirt, removing the darkness and revealing the left uncovered pussy lip.
“It was so amazing seeing her being so embarrassed…” Aoi added.

The next day the beauty winner was determined – Miyamoto Cheiko, winner by 1 vote of difference from 2nd place! It might seem like divine justice – one of the culprits finally and coincidentally punished! But it was kind-of obvious as Cheiko could be described in 4 words – bitch that nobody likes. She had 2 friends from which one was kind-of-a-bossy, but most of the people hated her because she was generally a bad and untrustworthy person. And as everyone figured out the trick about the vote, they voted for her.

The field was a sight of despair. The nailed girls were thirsty and in prolonged and evolved state of pain. The crane then took girls one by one from the holders and the technicians carried the boards to the infirmary. Cheiko was assumed to go last – except that they didn’t take her off. When she figured that out, she complained she had been forgotten and begged to be removed. But nobody who mattered cared. So it was the destiny of the beauty contest winner – to thirst or bleed to death with nails in her, getting infections from bacteria on nails. For some it was a despairful sight, for some enjoyable, or for girls like Nori informative. Our girls were proud. Cheiko won by 1 vote! If they didn’t vote for her, somebody else would win.

That day had another Hide and Shoot performance. But this time nails would simply go through the Styrofoam and into the target’s flesh. The target wouldn’t be nailed to the board, and would go to the infirmary after all shots would be fired.

The next morning early birds found Cheiko dead. She looked as if she had died of dehydration, but infirmary figured out she had suffered brain stroke due to blood clot caused by the wounds. Despite having about 1 more day of torment, she had suffered and thirsted long enough for our girls to taste the vengeance and for sadist girls to jerk off.


Guess who's back.

Chapter 8


When Momo came back, she felt a little nervous, but at times happy. She’d normally openly complain about her friends stealing her vibro tampons, but that time she was just despairful because of that. She didn’t leave her room, and in the evening she released a complaint:

“This is not my skin…”

Even though it looked as if Momo had never been flayed alive, or even better than before, she felt frustrated. Probably because she wasn’t really under anesthesia while they were renewing her skin. At times however, she would gaze happily upon her recovered skin, but then she’d get tense again. Nori suggested it’s because she’s suddenly without pain meds and sedatives, making her psychologically tense.

Anyway, that day she didn’t volunteer for anything, didn’t even take a glimpse of the poor special performance victim being on wooden horse for 24 hours.

But she was completely fine the next day. Better than other days. Woke up at 7AM, left the bathroom at 8AM. It would be wonderful time for a lovely conversation, but then the speaker in the room, which they didn’t even know of, sounded with a strict female voice:

“Wake up, everyone, wake up! I want you in 15 minutes in the kitchen, don’t be late!”

Naturally, everybody listened. Just who would slack off in such a dangerous environment? They assembled in the canteen, where they noticed many cups of tea. Then a 40-yo female figure appeared and said in a strict, sergeant-like voice:

“Students! I will be replacing your beloved Yamada today. You will refer to me as teacher. Do you understand?!”

Some people said “Yes, teacher,” but most of them were silent.

“Such low discipline is shame even for a lambs’ school. OK, as you wish. Here on the tables you have tea. It is delicious. You are to drink it quickly. Then you will go to your rooms and take a shit. You will not eat anything else if you want to live. Do you understand?”

“Yes, teacher.” Everybody responded.

“Better. You will drink one row at the time, one tea cup per person. After the row is complete, the rest will wait 15 minutes. Those who drank the tea will go to their rooms and in 5 minutes get a raging diarrhea. When it stops, you have 5 more minutes to wipe and wash your asses, and get on the field, section 4. If you’ll have dirty asses, you’ll lose half your points. Now go!”

Girls who were closest to the tables took the tea first. They drank it and rushed to their rooms, because they didn’t want to shit themselves in public. Our girls waited, but didn’t talk much. This strict atmosphere was kinda new for them. Yamada was a serious person, but this woman… She didn’t even tell them her name! Of course, everybody figured out not more than 2 people from the same room should drink the tea per round, as there were 2 toilettes per room.

We’re not going to explain how out girls shit hot lava. Instead, we’ll focus on what happened next. Aoi, Junko, Rika and Nori went to the field, feeling totally light. Even though they didn’t eat anything and their intestines were completely empty, they felt surprisingly normal, as if the tea contained some quickly absorbing nutrients. But it was a problem finding area 4, or rather finding area NUMBERS. They never used numbers before, so it took about 15 minutes for them to locate area 4, whereas first 5 minutes were spent following other girls and realizing they didn’t even care to find area 4. But as soon as our girls assembles, they became somewhat of a checkpoint, as everybody started gathering there asking “is this area 4?” The section contained a 1 foot high stage. When everybody gathered around it and the “teacher” came, our girls realized they were in the 1st row. They tried to go back, but crowd was too tight for an apparent purpose.

They couldn’t even start talking before the teacher instructed:

“Silence! Today you’ll be especially quiet. Now take off all your clothes, butt naked!”

Everybody were a bit surprised, and even shyer. They were used to taking baths together to save up time, but getting naked on command in front of the girls from their whole generation was little uncomfortable. After they were all naked, the crowd also also spread, surrounding the stage a bit. It was embarrassing touching everyone with their skin, so crowd couldn’t be thick anymore.

Momo was little bit different than usual, covering her vagina with her arms. Ayumi decided to try to be a little mean and said:
“While you’re covering your front, everyone can see… Your behind…”
“Ohhh, Ayumi!” Maliciously smiled Momo. “See you’re getting brave, girl, making comments like this!”
“Umm… I’m sorry…”
“Come on, Ayumi, you know I wouldn’t abuse a sweet person like yourself.” Which was untrue in most of the cases. “Everybody looking at your boobs, Ayumi.”
“Umm… Are you sure? I don’t see anything.”
“Of course you don’t. What else to expect from our sweet Ayu-chan.”
“But… why? They aren’t that special.”
“Wut?” Wondered Momo, removing her hands off her crotch “Your boobs look… Big when you’re naked! Like really big! Nobody would suspect!”
“Um… I didn’t notice that.” Said Ayumi starting to cover her boobs.

But most of the attention was received by somewhat masculine girls, such as Nori and Rika. Rika actually had some muscles. Nori thought she was keeping a poker face, while actually blushing like crazy. It was so interesting seeing someone so cold and hot being so embarrassed. Saki was serious and with dignity. Her fingers were crossed by her crotch to hide her pussy, but she didn’t try hard. Nobody was touching her at the moment as the situation felt sexual for her, and she’d always roughly refuse anything of sexual nature.

Then teacher lifted a 1-meter-long snake out of a box. The snake was a bit thin and didn’t produce a sound.

“This is a genetically modified cobra.” Teacher explained as the snake head started raging. “It’s blind and can only hear. It was originally produced for security purposes, but this variant was specially made for lamb people, and is less sensitive. The more sound you make, the more likely you are to get bitten!”

It was a surprise hearing it being a cobra as the head didn’t remind of a cobra at all.

“You will lie down, one at the time, in the middle of this stage. Then the snake will be inserted in your rectum. It will travel through your intestines and exit from your mouth. If you ate something after the laxation, it will get stuck. Staying in there for more than 20 minutes it fatally loses oxygen and gets aggressive and bites you. But more importantly, the more sound you make, the more likely it is that you’ll be bit! So don’t make a sound, neither as audience, nor as victim. This performance will keep up until one of you dies!”

So… Snake travelling their intestines… Will they actually be able to stay quiet, everybody wondered. Being bit and poisoned from the inside sounded like a horrible fate, yet it was inevitable for at least one of them.

“The wavy tan one with big ass, come over here!” Teacher called.

What a surprise – it was Momo, right on the 2nd day after her recovery. She climbed onto the stage, her breath shaking, and laid in the middle. Teacher spread her ass and girls sounded amazed. It was Momo’s anus. It was bulging, yellow and not messy like anuses normally were. Everybody concluded it was thanks to the skin surgery, but it was surprising hearing from Aoi that was not the case. Does she know that or is she just babbling?

The snake was completely calm at that point, as almost no sound reached the stage. Teacher spread Momo’s anus and started inserting the head there. Momo’s face gave sign of both fear and pleasure, until the snake was in enough to help itself travel through her intestines. Momo’s face immediately squeezed. She could not help but to squawk in quiet tone. As the snake travelled through her intestines, Momo would change the position in which she was lying to help feeling less of the excruciating pain. But mostly she winced. Her face would stop squeezing, her eyes would open, but there would still be pain in them. She looked toward her friends, which made them even more worried about her. Variation in pain and reaction made it impossible to know if the moment was fatal or not.

After about 10 minutes Momo’s position was like she was gently puking. One could see she had been refraining from sudden movements of puking. But then the snake’s head exited through her mouth, and few seconds later the snake was totally out. Momo was still in pain.

“You can get up now.” Said teacher.
“Am… I bitten…?”
“No, as you can see, snake is out. Pain is normal.”
“Will I… be… Examined…?”
“No. Now get up and join the observers.”

It took 30 seconds until she could stand up and walk to her friends. They teacher mentioned.

“This snakes are expensive elite stuff. We use them on our cadets to make them resistant to pain. They will not really mess up your guts in normal circumstances. Unless you’re bitten, making its fangs entangled with the intestines! In that case, while you’re dying, your abdomen will be cut and the snake will be pulled out to survive. Now, next one is this little blonde who looks like she’s gotta pee.”

The gentle girl really looked like she had to pee. She was one of those who didn’t do anything they didn’t have to, hoping she wouldn’t be chosen for final execution or special performance. She walked back, but her colleagues gently pushed her forward – for her own good. She climbed onto the stage, but couldn’t like down. The “teacher” then pulled her arm and kicked her leg. She was finally on the floor, obediently facing down. She was then inserted the different snake. She made more noise than Momo, but she held on, meaning snake didn’t bite her. She also really took a pee, which was an attraction.

While she was moving around on the floor, our girls asked Momo how the experience was. Momo was still in shock and some pain, and explained that, at times, it felt like her guts were being torn. Eventually, like a mixture of tearing and strong stomachache. At times there’s a sharp attack of pain.

Surprisingly, the blonde survived, but couldn’t get up. After 1 whole minute teacher rolled her off the stage. As soon as she fell, her composure came back. This was one scum of a teacher, they all thought. Then a helper cleaned and disinfected the floor.

1 more random pick from the middle of the crowd and it was turn on Ayumi. She did what everyone did, and felt like everyone felt. She, however, made even more noise and looked even less like herself when she adapted to pain. But then at one point she twitched and quietly wimpered:

“I’ve been bitten!”

Teacher walked to her, suggested her to shut up and examined her body. Our girls were terrified. Would they lose another one?! As teacher was observing her body, they just waited for the cut to kick in, when teacher commented:

“You won’t last long.”

Ayumi still kept her voice down for just in case. But after few more minutes, to her friends’ surprise, she started making that puking gesture. The snake soon exited through her mouth. Momo’s breathing was as if she was getting a heart attack. As soon as Ayumi came back, Momo hugged her and started quietly crying.

“Don’t ever scare us like that again, Ayumi! Never!”

Ayumi, however, didn’t want to be hugged while the pain was still tearing through her abdomen.

So the girls went by, one by one. Three more suggested they were bitten, but they weren’t. They all could barely wait for someone to die, because otherwise they’d all need to go through that all over again.

And then the girl that looked similar to the 2nd one. She couldn’t keep it shut even until the snake was half a foot inside her. As she was losing control over her voice over time, in 5 minutes she had screamed and made the most horrifying reaction than anyone else, eyes and mouth wide open! It was finally so obvious that she was bitten. As she was screaming, some could see her abdomen shaking a little, implying the snake was raging, attempting to munch through. In 1 minute as her stomach became pale and rest of her body red, the teacher made a small cut through her abdomen and lifted the snake up together with intestines entangled in its teeth. There was plenty, but only a little left on the teeth as head was pulled out. Teacher managed to separate intestines from snake’s teeth and return the snake in the box.

“Now come back to your daily routine, dismiss!”

The girl’s face was a mixture of intensive pain and sickness, and somebody was calling out to her:

“Hana! Hana! Hana-chan nooo!”

As much as it was a terrifying or amusing sight, it was more of a relief. Literally nobody around wanted to get bit by a snake in their intestines. Unfortunately for Hana with her torn intestines peeking from her abdomen, it took several more minutes for her to die.

Girls had to go back to their rooms where they felt little safer. They hanged out like usual, getting more and more relaxed. In the end, when they didn’t know what else to do, Momo mentioned people being amazed by her asshole. And then she went full perv on everyone, revealing her butt and spreading the butt cheeks. Girls were uncomfortable, even though Nori, Aoi and Rika actually enjoyed seeing her asshole. But it was kinda too direct even for Momo. They all went outside on excuse to get some fresh air, everyone except Aoi.

“Sup, Aoi? Enjoying the sight of my golden popper?”
When Aoi helped Momo hold her buttcheeks apart, Momo was surprised.
“Aoi, what are you doing?”
But then a warm and wet sensation back there.
“Aoi! What are you doing?!”
“I’m licking your clean asshole.”
“What?” Momo was shocked, but also aroused. “Who allowed you to?”
“I did. Are you gonna stop me?”
“Uh… I dunno… It’s not nice to do it without permission!”
“It feels nice for me.” Aoi replied and simply continued to do that.

It eventually evolved into Momo completely relaxing and then ass being fingered and buttcheeks bitten. It was the best thing Momo had felt during this competition. In her whole life, no matter who and how many times bit her ass cheek… It never felt so amazing. Just what in the hell is Aoi hiding? Anyway, it goes without saying that those 2 became little closer after that event.


Chapter 9

Lumber Hunt

So there have been more days, more performances, more special performances… Nobody died though. For today the class had 2 classes, math and physics. Before they did though, they had to get up at 6am. Once again they had an announcement through the newly discovered speakers, only that it was Yamada talking this time.

“Today you will have a unique type of performance, as you will be the executors. Two girls will hunt down one of the students without making commotion, bringing them to the stage 3. Afterwards, the victim will be hung upside down and the same 2 people will saw the victim in half. The further they get, the more points they will score. But you must not make commotion in public! The way you achieve the hunt is up to you. Good luck!”

At 10am the 2 classes were over and the girls stayed in the classroom. They were trying to figure out if they should do it, who would do it, who would be the victim, and most of all, how to keep them from making a fuss? It wouldn’t be a problem if one of the weaker girls wandered around the halls alone, so they could disable her and duct tape her mouth. But they aren’t stupid to wander around alone. Hunting somebody down without making a fuss – isn’t that kind of impossible?

Our girls knew they should do it for points, but none of them, except Nori, was killer type. But it’s good for them they stayed together, as they were safe like this.

“Ayumi,” Nori noticed, “you… Haven’t been active lately. You don’t seem the type, but if I figure something out, we can turn somebody in and I would spare you most of the dirty work.”
“I’ll do it.” Stated Ayumi.
“So you’re up for it. Good.”
“No. I’ll participate in cutting. I have to. I don’t want to die.”
Rest of her friends felt her there. The more death they saw, especially since having that snake in their guts, the more they were becoming concentrated on doing stuff for points.
“I have never seen this much death.” She continued. “I don’t like this. I don’t want this as my future. I don’t want to be… tortured. And killed, but tortured, that’s what I fear actually. I will not be in bottom half of the group. I want to do it.”

“Good!” Nori answered, although she was actually thinking ‘Great!’ Nori liked executions, and she would be glad to do one with her after-competition promised friend with benefits, Ayumi.

However, what caught everyone’s eyes was a quite gentle long-haired brunette Umaru Kaede, normally demanding everyone to call her Kaede and Kaede-chan, resting on her table. Or rather, not resting anymore. She literally fell asleep. When they all noticed, they started gathering around her like flies around shit. Her roommate explained she had been painting until 2am, because she’s an enthusiastic painting club member. She was sleeping so sweetly that many just enjoyed watching her. But it was obvious which 3 people were after her without doubt. Twins Akane and Akemi, and Nori.

“We’re taking her.” Said Akane with a deep female voice. “We are two, you are one.”
“I have a partner, she’s just not next to me.”
“Well, beat it. We’re taking her.”
“Not gonna happen.” Nori smiled
“And what are you gonna do?”
“I will wake her up.”

Those 2 were startled.
“You would do something… So dirty?”
“It’s dishonorable to snatch someone in their sleep. So I’ll play dirty too.”

“Let’s compete!” Akemi, who had much higher voice, suggested. “Let’s do an endurance training!”
“Why should I? I could disable you both without making a fuss, without you making a sound. And I take her away.” They knew she was right. Eventually, they got to know everything Nori was capable of.
“Because that’s fair of course!”
“She’s not going to play fair, Akemi.” Complained Akane. “And she knows your endurance factor. She doesn’t have the guts to face you.”

Several seconds later, Izumi said from Rika’s arms.
“Umm… I can fight in Nori’s stead if you wish!”
Now if they accepted, that would be a tight fight, as Izumi was pretty enduring herself.
“What do you say, Nori?” Akane inquired. “Would you dare playing fair if you had someone better fighting for you?”
Nori first ironically laughed, making it seem like she would decline. But then she said:
“OK then.”
The twins were startled as hell, looking toward Kaede. Luckily, the laugh didn’t wake her up. She even drooled.

So they moved to the corner of the classroom, to still have some sight on Kaede, but to be as far away as possible. With disapproval, Riko put limb-less Izumi on the table in the sitting position, but had to hold her because her legs were lets-say completely gone.
“So… Sister, Izumi, reveal your breasts!” Akane demanded as she took out a sterile needle from a cupboard. It was obvious what comes next. Izumi was thrilled, but gave an approval to Riko to take off her school shirt and bra, revealing the baby-pink nipples, in front of most of the class again. Akemi did so herself, but their nipples were large and brown.

“Bunko, you like torturing people, right?” She referred to Bunko from Biology Research Club. “Feel free to pierce my sister’s nipples. Avoid nerve cables not to damage them!”
Akane and Akemi were in biology club too, so they knew where each nerve cable was. If they were up to damage each other’s nerves, the participants would have to spend a day in the infirmary to recover them, but before that, they would need to get a permit for damaging each other, like Nori did back for shooting practice. It’s bad to waste time.

So, Akane had 1 needle, Bunko had the other. Sensation of needle on a nipple was scary for participants as nipples are especially sensitive in their age, but Akemi was excited. They started piercing in the same time and with confidence, as if they already did before. Of course, the needles weren’t medical. They were simply steril and for torture or playing around. When the 2 slowly pushed, the needles didn’t immediately pierce the tissue. It took some more pressure, and when they did, you could hear a tiny pop. Participants twitched immediately, but the point of the game was obviously not to make a sound. The next step was spinning the needles deep inside the nipples.

Akane felt like they were already winning. Akemi’s face was straighter than Izumi’s, but they both did well. Didn’t make a sound. When needles were fully in, torturers waited for 30 seconds, and then started spinning them left-right. It was obvious Akemi and Izumi were in much pain, only that Akemi was smiling. So they pierced their nipples on different locations with the same needles. Pulling out the needles hurt too. They repeated that 5 times and decided it’s a draw.

“Nori…” stated Akane. “I think it’s time for you to decide for a challenge now.”
“OK.” Nori said with a smile. “Take off you panties, girls!”

Rika wanted to put back bra to Izumi, but Izumi refused because that was hurting her nipples. She needed more time. With both of their panties off, they were embarrassed. Apparently, Akemi was not used to THAT. Rika watched Nori like father watches her daughter’s boyfriend.

“Now pierce through their clitorises!” Demanded Nori.

Now this was especially embarrassing for the 2. Having their pussy searched for their clitorises was embarrassing and it “felt embarrassing”. Bunko was quick to find Akemi’s clit, but she needed to keep it still for a while because it took a while for Akane to “pull out” Izumi’s. And they once again did the same thing, watching out for the nerve cables. Girls were obviously far more sensitive to that, twitched much more, and had their mouths open. When they were done, Nori commanded to pull the needles out.

Then nori took ethanol from the cupboard, and 2 ear cleaners.
“Dip them in and press them against the wound.”

Akemi was terrified. She never did that. Izumi was breathing deeply, closing her eyes as if she was meditating.
“Cover Kaede’s ears someone, this is going to be too amusing for that sleepy-head.”
Bunko and Akane pressed the ear cleaners tight and fast at the pierced clitorises. Akemi screamed like crazy. Izumi, in seemingly-special state, just kept her head down and eyes closed. Only shook.”

“That’s it! We get Kaede!” Happily said Nori.
“You’re a monster, Izumi…” complained Akemi. “You belong to a neural institute. You aren’t normal!”

However, when they got out of the so-far excited crowd. They discovered Kaede was – GONE! What the hell happened?
“Did you plug her ears?” Asked Nori.
There was no reply for a several seconds. But then a classmate said:
“I was going to but she wasn’t here…”

Nori asked 2 otaku girls watching anime on a tablet.
“What happened? Did you look?”
One of them shook her head, the other one answered.
“Right before you started needle game, crowd got thick so 2 of the girls took her away, supported by one more.
“Oh god…” Nori complained. “Did she run away?”
“No, she was still asleep. They even dropped her, she ‘oww’-ed in her sleep.”

“Holy shit…”
“What happened?” Inquired Ayumi.
“While we were playing, painter was snatched by someone completely else, still asleep, and didn’t wake up a single time.”

That gave her the idea. If she had been carried carefully not to wake Kaede up, perhaps they didn’t even get to stage 3. So she ran to snatch her back. But no luck there, the assistants were already hanging Kaede upside down onstage 3. Ironically, she was still asleep.

At 11 the execution was almost ready. Most of the students were around stage 3, which was tall enough for everyone to see what was going on. As the 2 thieves were carrying a very large saw with handles on both sides, Kaede started waking up.

“Hmm? What’s going on?” She asked herself as smile was slowly fading from her face. She was tied up upside-down, her legs spread, and her hands super-glued to her body. Naked. She saw the 2 carrying the saw and started whining.
“What are you doing? What’s going on?”

As they were trying to figure out how to apply the heavy saw between her legs, Kaede whimpered and cried more and more.
“No… This isn’t happening… What are you doing? How did I get here? What’s going on?”
She then broke crying. Something horrible was about to happen, and she knew it. Her roommate revealed to others she accidentally overslept the announcement and hadn’t known what exactly had been supposed to happen that day. That’s why she had had her guard down. Plan of the 2, whose names don’t matter, was leaning one handle on Kaede’s vagina, while the other executor would go in front of her and they could finally start cutting. She could only cry.
“What are you doing?! Please stop! It’s heavy, it hurts!”

Crying and begging only made it harder for the 2 to start. It was the worst crying the current competition had, because everyone sustained from crying and begging the best they could, to shame themselves less before death. But eventually the one on the front pulled the saw and you could say they started. Kaede screamed like crazy, but her voice was week. Blood slid from her pussy down her body. Saw was heavy and it wasn’t easy to cut with it, so while the 2 were figuring out what to do next, Kaede complained it hurt and to lift that thing off her. But it was no use. They kept on pulling the saw with pauses while they were figuring out HOW to actually do all that. She screamed and begged all the time, and the saw was getting deeper in the flesh.

When the 2 finally figured out the start of it, they managed continuously cut through all of Kaede’s crotch that wasn’t bone. It got really hard when they got to the spine, so they didn’t aim at the middle. As the progress got much slower due to spinal bones, Kaede wasn’t even able to talk, only scream. More and more blood slid down her torso and her bones were slowly taking damage. Some intestines peeked out of her crotch as the saw was pulling them as it moved.

The 2 had to take breathes. Many people watched, but not all of them. Cutting was very hard and slow since bones were hard to cut through. The 2 wondered how far they would make it. As the hours went by, Kaede’s screams became more and more hopeless. Blood remained in her head and lungs, so she was conscious and alive. Her bottom torso was slowly splitting in 2, and ropes on her legs pulled the halves, revealing the void in between. Intestines were being a bother so the 2 had to cut them every once in a while. And as time went by, and the 2 were getting more and more tired, Kaede’s torso was more and more split.

At 11pm Kaede was still alive. The 2 managed to saw through her stomach, which was more than half of the maximum points they could get. Her face was blank, but she was very much awake. Assistants just took the saw off, and everyone could clearly see Kaede’s part-split torso, pulled by her retrained legs, and the red blood on her whole body but her legs. It was chilly so she started shivering. But nobody helped her. Students weren’t allowed to, and school simply refused to. Everybody, except her and night guards, went to sleep. Those who stayed last could hear her asking to be killed.

In the morning Kaede was dead. Those who got first said she had her last breaths that morning, unable to move, only searching with her eyes as if begging for someone to shorten her misery. Ayumi was disappointed in herself, as they all got caught up in the competition between Izumi and the twins so much they didn’t see Kaede being snatched away. Ayumi was, however, part glad because she really didn’t want to kill anybody. She just hoped it would all be over soon, and that she had obligation to participate in fewest of violent events possible.


Chapter 10

Dramatic Chapter

That day a challenge was for one person only. When they heard what it would have been be, nobody volunteered, so someone had to be picked. What a coincidence, it was Aoi!

Assistants tied her up, naked, and put her in a large glass cauldron. Or actually, it wasn’t glass. Or was it? Anyway, it had properties of bronze, only it was fully transparent just like glass. Then room temperature water was poured into it, covering frightened Aoi until her neck. A device then started blowing cool air at her head. Aoi was cold, but she would not stay cold for long. The butane fire was lit below the cauldron, and water started heating up.

Aoi’s challenge was not to make a sound. Water was estimated to start truly boiling after 15 minutes. If Aoi would make it, she would get points, and probably a large amount of them. But if she would fail, and make a sound, she would be left to boil to death!

And there she was, tensely sensing the water temperature going up. She did her best not to show her fear, although things didn’t move according to her expectations. The bottom of the cauldron got hot sooner than the rest of it, so Aoi’s butt and feet burned only a few minutes into the heating. Her face was really tense, but everything became much harder when the water started feeling hot. At first she felt painful pinching, and as minutes and minutes went by, her skin was burning like hell. The air that blew cool air to her head prevented her from passing out.

However, as 10 minutes had passed and Yamada had to leave the scene to talk to somebody, 2 of the students decided to be a little naughty. A surveillance circuit had been fixed that day and they heard cameras were out. They’d rip out some paper from their notebooks, put some dirt from the ground in it, scramble it into a ball and throw at Aoi. The first ball missed Aoi, who had her eyelids squeezed to cope with the burning more easily, and if the 2nd ball didn’t come straight after, Aoi’s friends would stop them. Unfortunately, the ball hit Aoi who then reflectively released an “Ah!”

Yamada heard that, and Aoi looked around in confusion, surprise and pain. Then Yamada-san mentioned:
“You can scream all you want now.” And continued the conversation.
Aoi didn’t start screaming immediately as her friends took her side:
“But she was hit by a student!”
“Doesn’t matter.” He responded.

Shocked, and with water producing its growling sounds, Aoi would in minutes gradually stop sustaining from screaming. After 15 minutes from the beginning, the water started really boiling and the whole area was filled with Aoi’s screaming. Her friends were shocked to see their Aoi in pain, totally doomed, and started calling out her name. Aoi’s skin became pale and her muscles swollen, until after 20 minutes in total when there was just a large ‘pop’ sound. The flesh on her legs raptured and the crack kept on growing as the meat got more swollen. Aoi’s screaming didn’t change however. Then it happened few more times, first on her arms, and then on her boobs and belly. Aoi’s body was completely ruined as the flesh started to separate from her bones. After total 25 minutes from the beginning, Aoi finally took out her last breath. She was dead, no doubt about that.

Ayumi couldn’t look. Not the process, not anything but the floor. Their friendship, or union at least, made them feel safe, yet they already lost 2 people from the beginning. Momo madly pushed one of the students who threw paper at Aoi to the ground. The other 2 stood in her way.

“Heeey! You don’t want to get punished, do you?” One said. She was Mori Ren with short brown hair and a violent arrogant look. The other 2 were Hamasaki Chiasa, a hyped blonde, and Sairenji Akira, a quiet girl with long black hair. Mori-san and Hamasaki-san were 2 of the 3 who stole points from Junko. The other one was one of their new friends.

“Why did you do that?!” Asked Rika. “Wasn’t stealing from Junko already enough of the damage you’ve done?!”
Mori-san laughed and replied.
“You took something from us. Don’t you remember?”
“What the hell did we take?!”
“Miyamoto Cheiko.” Suggested Nori. “Is that why you’re mad?”
“Mad?!” Responded Mori-san “We got over it. But yea, you could say we’re… mad.”
“Miyamoto girl got what was coming for her!” Rika yelled. “You stole from our friend! You all got her killed!”
“Why should we care, Rika-chi~? Now Aoi got what had been coming for her. But,” Mori-san continued in a quiet, seductive tone, “that doesn’t mean you all won’t get what’s coming for you. Oh well, have a nice day!” Mori-san then left with her 2 friends.

Momo was going to run for them, but Nori stopped her.
“Keep it together. I’ll take care of it, but AFTER this is all over. Until then, just trust me, and watch your back!”
All of them looked at Nori as a responsible individual at the moment. Nori continued:
“Mori-san is a dangerous individual. She won’t do anything that’d break the rules in the eyes of the institution, but until they replace the camera circuit, be careful, she might hurt you.”

“Oh will she?” Rika asked. “She would hurt us? Let me see her hurt us.”
Rika passed Izumi to Ayumi and ran for Mori-san.
“You gonna hurt us?” She pushed Mori Ren. “Lemme see you hurt us, come on!”
Mori-san was shocked but smiled. Rika was gripped by the arm by Yamada.
“You’re starting a fight! Are you crazy?! Do you know what can happen to you now?!” He yelled. He then called the school administration with his cellphone to see what to do next.

“I’m sorry, Rika,” said Ayumi as she was passing Izumi back in Rika’s arms, “I’m not used to holding Izumi, it’s heavy… Please take her. And please don’t do stupid things like this. We don’t want to lose another one of us. You got Izumi especially worried.”

Rika did not regret her actions, but it was obvious they were reckless. As everybody left for lunch, only Rika with Izumi in her arms was left with Yamada and several assistants. Yamada then finished the phone call and Rika was summoned to the principal’s office.

When she arrived, she knocked on the door still with Izumi in her arms. Principal opened up.
“Principal, it’s Nishimura Rika and you summoned me.”
“Come in!” He requested. “Leave your friend in the hall. She can’t be here.”
Rika wished she left Izumi with Ayumi before they were all pulled away to lunch, but there was nothing else she could do now. Izumi was scared as she was left on the hall floor next to the principal’s door, for somebody not to take her. Rika only hoped she’d be able to contact her friends about Izumi in case she would be sentenced to death.

She closed the door as she entered the office. It was a long office, with many of the school’s and principal’s acknowledgements stuck to the wall, and there was one girl. With no arms or legs at all, and on an aluminum sharp stake. She was naked. She had long black hair, apparently regularly taken care of, and looked like a middle schooler. She was alive. She didn’t show any signs of pain, but her face was blank. Some tubes were pushed in her bottom veins, but they didn’t stand out.

“I see you noticed my middle schooler.” Said the principal. “I always keep one in my office. You know, I’m in charge of her… pervious middle school, just like I’m in charge of this one. Poor girl. I thought she’d look great like this. And I wasn’t wrong.”

Rika didn’t dare to show the disgust that she felt. She just listened as the girl tapped with her teeth against the pole from boredom.

“She’s been here for 1 year. In specialized environment you can turn a person into a decoration for a certain amount of money. You noticed she did not slide to the bottom. I had enough money to pay posture enhancements. Metal bars extending from the pole, keeping her in the air, and keeping her body from deforming.”

Rika respectively nodded as he arrogantly smiled. ‘What does he do to them when he replaces them with new middle schoolers?’ She wondered.

“Tell me, Rika, something about yourself.” He requested. “You are a tomboy, aren’t you?”
“I guess so, principal-sensei.”
“You’re strong. Do you have abdominal muscles?”
“I… I guess a little…”
“Can I see them?”
Izumi’s well-being currently depended on Rika, so she, without hesitation, lifted up her shirt. Her abdominal muscles were very light, but meaty and existant.
“You’re a sexy girl. Many companies would pay a lot to have you as a playtoy for the customers.” He commented as he got up and started going near her. “Blinded, stripped of hearing… Maybe even amputated, like your friend over there.”
Rika’s voice started shaking.
“So… I would be sold as a sex toy?”
“Not necessarily.” He said.

He signaled she should get up. When she did it, he took out his large penis. Rika was shocked. But she couldn’t just leave Izumi on her own.
“Oh my God, what? What?” She quietly mumbled as the principal started rubbing his dick against her belly. ‘My abdomen is getting moist from his dick. Grose!’ She thought.

“Looked at me, in my eyes.” He requested.
She looked at him. She looked little humiliated, and he liked that.
“You’re not that unique. They probably told you. Half the girls are summoned here at least once until they graduate. Satisfying the principal… it’s one of your duties.”

She nodded again. She had hoped she wouldn’t become one of the girls whom he’d use. In case you’re wondering, he actually has authority to do that. Her fate was literally in his hands, as well as fate of every girl in this school.

“I love your belly, but you will have to go down there.” He said as he pushed her head down. “And learn how to suck a middle-aged dick.”
She ended up down there, and didn’t know what to do. She had never seen a dick before, except in porn. She started licking his dick, checking out if he liked that. She figured out she’d lick all the smell off it before putting it in her mouth. But once she got there, it was complicated because his dick was large. He enjoyed looking at her, but she knew that’s not what’d make him cum. She had to hurry because Izumi must be lonely and scared out there. It took her 30 minutes to get him off. He didn’t suggest much, but she managed to figure out what he liked, and eventually, he held her head so she couldn’t pull it back, and came inside her mouth.

Then he dismissed her, saying she would no longer be troubled for attempting to illegally fight. But when she came out, she noticed Izumi was – gone! Not by the door, nowhere in the hall.


What happened somewhere in the meantime - Izumi was “sitting” there, leaned against the wall, when she heard the footsteps. She didn’t look up not to attract attention, until the footsteps became fast. Unfortunately, it was Mori Ren and her 2 friends.

“Rika…” She called her best friend’s name. If she had little more time, she’d scream out her name and Rika would come to save her. Hamasaki Chiasa struck her with her tweezer instead. Izumi shook due to electric shock and fell unconscious.

She woke up in a dark room that looked like a basement. She was laid on a table, Mori-san (Ren) and Hamasaki-san (Chiasa) looking at her helpless torso. Akira was doing something on her smartphone, apparently didn’t care what was happening.

“Umm…” Izumi asked in major confusion. “What is happening?”
“Izumi, Izumi… chan!” Chanted Ren. “We came to torture you!”
“Ehhh?! Why? What did I do to you?”
“Nothing. We just don’t like your friends.”
“Please return me…” Izumi begged. “I did not vote for your friend. I had no means to vote. I’m not even a part of the event anymore!”
“Ha, ha, ha.” Ren gave an evil laugh. “I don’t care. Do you? Chiasa? Akira?”
Chiasa just shook her head in denial, looking forward to what they’d do next, and Akira said:
“I don’t care about this at all. Just watching your back.”
“Well, help us out and open the trash disposal.” Suggested Ren.

Akira was gone to do that, while Chiasa went to pick something up. She… ‘Did she just pull out a huge needle?’ Izumi asked herself. It looked just like a needle used in dodgeball. There was a whole stack of them there, and Chiasa pulled one out.

“Oh my God…” Izumi whined. “No… Don’t do this…”
Ren held down Izumi’s torso so she couldn’t bend it and make a chaos. Chiasa leaned the needle against Izumi’s side. Izumi only called:
“Rika! Rika! Save me!”
But nobody came to save her when Chiasa happily pushed the needle in the side of her abdomen. Izumi screamed, but nobody seemed to hear her but these 3. When she took her breath in, Ren had even sprayed her mouth with the same thing that biology teacher used on Momo. Izumi’s screams became really quiet regardless of her effort to be loud.

“Thank God, she was driving me crazy!” Commented Akira while keeping on using her smartphone.
“Akira, go watch the door.” Demanded Chiasa as she, with all her strength, was pushing and spinning the needle until it completely came out of Izumi’s other side of the abdomen.
“This is so hot!” Said Chiasa with joy and a smile. “I drew a huge needle through someone’s intestines!”
“Try pushing one through her diaphragm and liver.” Suggested Ren.
“Yes! I was going to!” Responded Chiasa.

She took another needle and started pushing and spinning it in Izumi’s side again, right below the ribs, asking:
“How does it feel, Izumi? Through your liver, spleen, stomach…”
It became really hard for Izumi to breathe as her diaphragm was pierced.
“How does it feel, Izumi?! Tell me!” Chiasa demanded in a gentle but hyped voice.
When Izumi wouldn’t answer, Akira suggested:
“I guess she’s in too much pain to answer. It must be the liver.”
“I’ll tell you what, Izumi.” Whispered Chiasa. “You give me the satisfaction to know, and I’ll stop pushing needles in you.”
Being her only hope, even though barely existant, Izumi struggled to put it in words.
“It… Hurts… Much… Can’t brathe… Hurts… Can’t stop breathing but hurts…”
“Your stomach, Izumi?”
“Cramps… Stomachache… But… Liver… I guess… Hurts… So much…”
Izumi was then stopped by blood that she started coughing from the stomach damage.
“Umm, does it? Well, let’s keep up with your lungs.”

Turns out there had been no hope for Izumi after all. Well of course. Chances that Chiasa meant what she said were almost nonexistent. Chiasa then took 2 more needles, only fatter. With all her strength, she pushed one below Izumi’s ribs, drawing it through her lungs, trying to make it exit right below Izumi’s shoulder stub. She, however, couldn’t make it until the end. Ribs were just too hard. So she took a hammer and smashed the exit point, smashed and smashed it again and again, to bits. Breathing became even more disturbing for Izumi, but Chiasa was able to make the needle exit through Izumi’s opposite side, at her upper ribs. Then she did the same thing, but on the opposite side.

The 2 newly inserted needles made an X sign inside Izumi’s body, mostly through Izumi’s lungs! Chiasa had been turned on.
“Look at her, Ren… Just like Jesus on a cross…”
“Sorry for interrupting your fun,” said Akira, “but Jesus was not pierced like that.”
“Doesn’t matter! Other holy people were!” Chiasa apparently didn’t know what she was taking about, except that she had heard sometimes people were pierced with swords exactly like this, after they were crucified.

Chiasa then lowered her panties and started rubbing her pussy under her skirt.
“Oh my God!” Noted Ren. “I didn’t know you were SUCH a horny girl, Chiasa! Ahahahaha!”
“Grose.” Commented Akira.

Chiasa ignored both comments, but kept on looking at Izumi’s body, facial expressions and listening the sounds Izumi made while masturbating to it all. She then proceeded to lick Izumi’s lips, painful face and shivering body. When Izumi got just a little used to the pain, she started begging again to be let go.

It took a while for Chiasa to get bored. Meanwhile Ren and Akira quietly talked about something, watching out for the sounds behind the door. An hour later, Chiasa finally had enough of Izumi’s current state. She took another big fat needle that was longer than what had remained of Izumi’s body.

“Hey! Girls! Check out what I’ll do now.”
“Please… Chiasa-san… Stop it… I won’t tell anyone… Just take me to the infirmary…”
She then drew the needle through Izumi’s ass and kept drawing it vertically through Izumi’s body. Izumi started screaming again. Her screams were louder now, so Ren had to force her to take another whiff of the spray.
“Are you finishing her off, Chiasa?” Said Ren who got completely bored of it all.
“Not yet. I can do this! I practiced!”

The needle was disappearing more and more in Izumi’s torso, until Chiasa forced Uzumi to face upwards. The needle exited through Izumi’s mouth.
“Wow…” Chiasa admired her work. Not only the beautiful art she did with sides of Izumi’s body, but now Izumi’s whole torso was literally forced to a straight posture, her face was forced up and she couldn’t move her head a bit. The needle interfered with Izumi’s screaming. She was completely locked in one and only one position. And no arms and legs to move and help herself with.

“Oh, yes… Yes…” Chiasa commented as she started rubbing herself again. When she looked inside Izumi’s mouth, she noticed. “The needle went through soft part of Izumi’s palatal. I want to draw one through her tongue too!”
She started to masturbate Izumi’s pussy, and loved how it made Izumi shiver and suffer even more. She proceeded to licking her pussy. Then she took another needle and pushed it inside Izumi’s pussy. Eventually it also exited Izumi’s mouth, except that this time it pierced her togue. Chiasa had been proud.
“Now let me see how many I can push through without killing her!” Chiasa continued pushing the needles and masturbating after each one.

When Rika realized Izumi had been gone, she did not waste time finding her friends. She gave them a cellphone call, telling them to disperse and look for Izumi! She found Yamada and asked him to help her. He said he was sorry, that he was busy and couldn’t help her. They looked everywhere they could. They asked every staff member for help, but they either couldn’t help them, or weren’t allowed/available to, or didn’t care. They spent hours looking, regrouped multiple times, but couldn’t find Izumi anywhere that students had access too. They were worried she had been swiped by the cleaning service, while they gave another walk through the school, to see if there had been ANYWHERE they didn’t look. Momo had got the idea to look under ALL of the stairs, which they didn’t do before. “Perhaps there’d be door somewhere”, she said. Although they had already looked under some of the stairs already, finding no door there, they have decided to check them ALL out. And under one stairs, there had been door! They couldn’t be spotted from any side but right below the stairs. They had opened them and found another stairs, leading to… the basement?

A bald guard, leading a few more guards had arrived.

“What are you doing here? You are not allowed inside!” He checked them all out with full attention, while looking at the portrait photos of Chiasa and Ren.
“Is there anyone inside?” He asked.
“Yes!” Spewed Rika. “People told us few students entered this place!” She couldn’t be sure about it, but she needed that place checked out for Izumi. “They’ve got my friend!”

While that had been happening, in the basement, Akira had her ear leaned against the door, even though they were pretty soundproof. Chiasa had been masturbating to Izumi who at the moment had 5 needles from her crotch to mouth, while Ren had been talking Chiasa into stopping because they should have gone before somebody would get there. But then Akira yelled:

“Someone is coming!”

Luckily for them, garbage disposal had already been open thanks to Akira. Chiasa and Ren quickly carried Izumi to it and threw her inside. They could hear Izumi sliding the channels while the needles had been screatching against the channels. And then a distant slam against lots of garbage. They closed the disposal and the door opened.

“Hamasaki Chiasa! Mori Ren!” The uber-guard emphasized. “You are under arrest for unauthorized manslaughter of Akiyama Aoi, caught on camera!”
They were shocked.
“How?” Ren inquired. “That’s not true! Cameras were getting fixed, that proves you’re lying!”
“One circuit had been fixed, the one in the halls. Not the one on the field. Morning camera shift got a day off, that’s why we didn’t arrest you earlier. But it had all been caught on tape!”
“But… Aoi screamed! It wasn’t out fault!”
“Aoi’s death was legit, but your interference was not… Just shut up, you’re in big trouble now. Take her!”

Guards had arrested the 2, and only Akira was left.
“What about you girl? What the hell are you doing here? It says ‘No students allowed’ at the bottom door!”
“I didn’t see, mister, it was dark.”
“Well it was dark, was it? Why the hell do you wander around such a dangerous school?! Get up there, wait to be processed!”

Akira got out of there. Rika demanded to know where Izumi had been, but a guard pulled Akira by the arm, telling Rika and her friends:
“Wait for her in the dormitory! We’ll soon announce to empty the halls because you kids are up to something, so get out of here before you’re forced out of her!”

They went to the dormitory, waiting in its corridor. They managed to intercept Akira, who appeared to cover her mouth as if she had a bad breath, and some trouble walking. Rika asked where Izumi had been, Akira immediately responded:
“They threw her in garbage disposal.”
Rika immediately rushed to the cleaning service room to make them take out Izumi. Akira told everybody she did not do anything, only watched the door. That she was there so that Cheiko and Ren would watch her back until the end of the competition, just like the remaining 5 of them are watching each other’s back.

Ren returned completely down. Momo asked:
“What did they say?”
“Izumi is dead.” She said. “The trash had been burnt. Izumi was there, they could hear her moans while she was burning. They don’t get alive students there, so they checked out her skeleton.” Then Rika started crying. “She had 4 needles through the sides of her body, and 5 of them from her crotch to her mouth!!!”

Momo immediately took Rika in her arms and quietly cried as well. In fact, they all did, all but sociopathic Nori who felt bad about it in her own way. Because only today they lost 2 of their friends. It’s a fate they hoped to escape with their unity.

At 11 PM Rika calmed down and came to Nori.
“So… You said we could avenge Aoi. That you’d help us. Well… Now that Izumi is gone… I guess I live only to revenge her… I see no other purpose… to live…”
“Yes.” Nori replied. “I can help you.”
“Good. Because… There is still one left. She didn’t do anything, but she supported them. I want to punish her…”
“This is the thing.” Explained Nori. “We are not being listened in our rooms, so make sure it does not leave you, me and out friends here. You probably noticed I’m not in the position as the rest of you, didn’t you?”

“Here’s the thing. I’m here to guide some of you. It’s very abstract, I can’t really explain it, but I helped some people survive. But, all I have to do here is fill a point quota. Which I already did. So, when this is all done, I can take ANYONE I want, from students here, as my personal property.
Now, that was the secret, and what I tell you next is not. 3 winners will each get specifically 1 of the people from the lower half, or maybe lowest quarter. These would be people you would execute for the School Day in front of a large audience. But when they give you your victims, you can swap them amongst each other. Or you can swap them with me, when the secret will stop being secret.
So here’s the trick. If Sairenji Akira gets picked as one of the ‘losers’, but you don’t get her, you make sure you swap for her. But there are many students and chances for that are low. So we do this. I tell you for which victim to swap your own victim, and if they refuse, I make sure they change their mind. Then, I choose Sairenji Akira and then we swap out victims.”
“That…” Rika said. “That implies I’d be one of the winners. Doesn’t it?”
“Yes, it does.”
“I… OK. I don’t mind. But what if the other 2 get away with the murder of our Aoi? I mean, all I had to do was suck principal’s fucking cock and he let me go. And that’s how I lost Izumi…”
“I’ll just request permit to assassinate them… Now THAT you must tell NO ONE! They’d kill all 5 of us and whoever had ever spoken to us.
Until we find that out, these days I’ll search the Internet to find out if they were sold by the school or something.”

Rika couldn’t sleep for the next 30 minutes, and Nori was bored so she Googled the 2.
“Oh, look!” She said. “How fast! They’re already on eBay! Check it out, body pillows! Ready for auction in 5 days!”
Rika looked at the monitor. These were obviously Mori Ren and Hamasaki Chiasa, in flesh. The items were even named Ren and Chiasa.
“What does that mean, Nori? Body pillow, what is that?”
“It started out in the old days, long pillows with attractive anime characters on them, which you would hug in your sleep. Thing was sometimes pretty innocent, but mostly perverted. Nowadays it’s mostly real people. Their arms and legs would be cut off, often their voice is taken away. And they are used by teenage boys and ugly old men to FUCK, not as innocent hug pillows. And when they’re too old, they’re just thrown in organic trash.”


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Chapter 11

Brazen Cat

The competition was nearing the end. But that day nobody feared the special performance. A father of a classmate made an invention, and he was going to demonstrate the prototype on his own daughter!

Until then Rika had been honestly doing her best to win, hoping everything would go according to Nori’s plan. Some of it sounded somewhat unrealistic, such as Nori’s statement that she would persuade a person into the exchange with Rika in case they refused. Otherwise Rika would need to punish a poor innocent girl not to break the rules.

As our remaining girls were hanging out in their rooms for a while, Momo had been wanting to ask Rika something. When Rika asked Momo what had been bothering her, Momo replied:
“Yamada-sensei… I heard he’s in trouble.” She said.
“I heard so too. So? I mean, what does it have to do with us?” Rika asked.
“I… It’s a word he’s in trouble for receiving a blowjob from one of us. It’s… They say it was you. Is that true?”
“Yeah. Yesterday I sucked him off in the hallway. Some people saw that.” She comedically smiled. “He was so fucking horny, he couldn’t resist. At all. He had been looking at people and at the camera. He couldn’t even say something like ‘We should stop’.”
Momo waited for Rika to finish, and then she continued.
“I did not expect that from you.”
“What? You thought I was a lesbo?”
“Well… Kinda. I never asked, so I knew you might not be…”
“I was gay for Izumi. I was so fucking gay for Izumi, ready to give everyone and everything up. And then I’m forced to suck that geezer’s cock and she dies.”

Momo had been re-thinking every sentence she was going to say, not to say something wrong.
“So… You told me before you’d never give a blowjob. I’m just worried… Why are you doing it? Are you punishing yourself?”
“I love cock!” Said Rika. “It feels good in my mouth and smells amazing! I hated that geezer! But damn me, damn my motherfucking nature, I loved it! I hated him but I loved his cock! He didn’t even have to bend to rub it on my belly, I felt so horny and submissive, and it felt fucking amazing! I’m not normal! I’m crazy! I fucking hate myself!” Then she continued in a normal and calm tone. “Before, it’s not that I would never blow anyone. If Izumi was a boy, and still of the same cute princes temperament, I would blow Izumi. Hell, I didn’t want to lick a pussy either, but I would lick everything for Izumi.”
“So… you got to like cock?”
“Yes. In the worst, most fucked up, most illogical way.”
“I know… it’s not that illogical… I mean, you don’t need to be ashamed of it. The same thing happened to me. I…” Momo took a breath. “I didn’t tell anyone, but I’ve been having to blow my dad since I was 10… That’s maybe why I’m such a sex addict.”
“OK. Thank you for the comfort.”
“Rika… I’m really glad to try to give you comfort. But… THIS, what you’re doing… It’s not normal! You’ve been seen with the staff all over the halls. Even in the field! It’s…”
“Yeah, but they mostly only let me do it in teachers’ bathroom.”
“Why are you doing this to yourself?! You’ll… I’m worried that you’ll end up even worse! Your life is not over, Rika! Blowing EVERYONE in PUBLIC is shameful! It’ll ruin your reputation as a woman!”

Rika gave a gentle disappointing sigh.
“I know, Momo. I know what I’m doing. Don’t meddle. Don’t worry about that. I’m under huuuge stress, Momo. I must win now. The only thing that calms me down is nibbling on a juicy cock.”
Momo didn’t know what else to say. Rika was kind-of right. She’s not a little kid. She knows what she’s doing. So Rika continued:
“I’m sorry if somebody is concerned about Yamada. But I’m not. They are either bad people or wimps. I just want their dicks in my mouth and all over my body. I’m still a virgin.” After a pause, she also said: “It’s not even enough. How the fuck am I supposed to have strength to win? Sometimes I want to give it all up. They’re all wimps. A cute tomboy student subtly and discretely shows them she wants cock, and they pussy out and pussy the fuck away. I’ve sucked off only 5 guys so far. Multiple times. But only one at the time. What the fuck do I need to do to get 2 at the time? Only 2 were not afraid of being seen. What the fuck is wrong with the men? I thought they were dogs when it came to sex and similar.”

Rika had been out of her mind. Literally as if her worst problem nowadays is not enough cock. After a short pause, Saki bragged in:
“I’m sorry to disturb you in your conversation, but Yamada is in trouble for sleeping in yesterday. Not for receiving a blowjob.”
Even though nobody cared about him, it was still soft-of a relief, even for Rika.

Even though Momo’s abusive childhood was new for her friends, Saki said something that shocked everyone in the room.
“My dad had been fucking my sister in our little apartment since I can remember.” Everybody looked at her in enormous confusion. “Until I was 8. He died. Somehow. Mum didn’t tell us more. He would beat us both, and then he’d fuck my sister and I had to watch because it turned him on.” She said that with no emotion at all. “Sis died when I was 10. Failed a grade, impaled on stake by school. Mom gives me money and doesn’t talk to me. My elementary school… They would beat me because there was no one who wanted to protect me, so I was their punching bag. I had no friends. Gentle kids stayed away because they didn’t want to be beaten too. Middle school life was less rough but still lonely, until I met Momo. You are the only people in my life that had been treating me gently.”

After hearing it, Momo was careful about hugging her, or should I say making physical contact. Beaten by dad, forced to see her sister violated, beaten in elementary school. But Saki just leaned on Momo as if she had absolutely no problem about it. Perhaps that’s because nobody had ever caressed her until she met Momo. No wonder that she’d never talk but only look for caressing from close people. She had twisted experience with people. Momo saw her classically bullied by her classmates, nothing like Saki had described to take in elementary school, but probably the worst thing is that throughout whole elementary school and part of middle school nobody had wanted to even try being Saki’s friend.

Later that day it was time for the final special performance, a voluntary one. Dad of the Sasuke family had decided to demonstrate his invention, the brazen cat. It was a large shell in the shape of a huge cat, big enough to fit a human in. Next to it was Yumi Sasuke, a shorty with a long brown hair. She was clearly scared, her head was bent down most of the time, although she’s look around too. Her elbows were pressured against her body, and playing with her hands and fingers. It looked like a combination of a stage fright and the thrill of being in row for vaccination. There were, if you haven’t forgot, seats around the field, and the closest group of seats were seated by a group of rich people.

Yamada-san gave a speech:
“Back in the days of the ancient Greece, on Sicilia there had been a ruler called Phalaris. Phalaris requested an execution device shaped as a bull made from bronze in which the executioner would put in a prisoner and roast them to death, while the smoke would be pouring from its nostrils or mouth. The inventor had, on his own accord, built in the special tube system which prisoner would instinctively use when the air inside the bull would get too hot, to grasp for some fresh air. But the tubes would mask the prisoner’s screams of agony into bellowing of a raging bull. Phalaris didn’t believe that second part, so he ordered his inventor to demonstrate the functionality. He closed the inventor in and… roasted him for a while, and then he pulled him out. It sounds like inventor was lucky, but he wasn’t. He was pushed off a cliff on Phalaris’s order, which is still lucky comparing to dying inside that bull. Anyway, Phalaris used the bull as often as he could, until he was executed in it himself after rebellion.
Yumi Sasuke-san’s father created a similar device, only that its shape is that of a cat, and it produces ‘meow’s. Yumi, as the only child of the Sasuke family, will demonstrate the device on herself.”

Yamada leaned his hand on frightened Yumi’s shoulder and gently led her in front of the cat, where the shaft was open. Yumi lifted her head towards the public and announced:
“Umm… Hi! My name is Sasuke Yumi and… It’s my honor to represent my family!” She said with a smile combined with fear. “Ehh… I’ll be Perillos to my father, it is the name of that ancient Greek inventor. This will burn a lot, I’m frightened, please be patient with me! Family is the only thing that stays forever and my mother is pregnant, I will have a brother to carry on the family last name… So… I’m going in!”

Yumi turned around, trying to gather courage. She stepped backwards shaking her head, but Yamada gently stopped her with his hand. She started breathing deeply, still gathering courage.
“Why does it take her so long?” Momo commented. “If she’s going to be Perillos, that means they’d pull her out before she died, right?”
Momo had a point. As Yumi had gathered strength to put her one foot in, Yamada started giving her large amounts of verbal encouragement. Shaking her head, she still proceeded going in, gently pushed by Yamada. She faced the public and waved, looking more afraid then excited.

He closed the shaft as soon as she was in. They could hear damp slamming from inside the cat, as if Yumi had second thoughts. Flames emerged from beneath the cat, nobody even noticed the gas tubes from how scary the device looked. As shortly as 15 seconds later, they could hear the cat meowing. The device seemed to have worked, but that meant that Yumi was screaming in those tubes. She was in pain already. As the whole 2 minutes passed, the meows were getting louder, reaching their peak. They weren’t painful meows or cat screaming. Just generic cute meows. But loud and without breaks. Like a cat that would only stop mewing to take a breath so it could mew some more. Bronze is a great heat conductor, so Yumi must have been in terrible pain, but nobody would even notice from the sound coming from the device.

“When will they get her out?” Momo sounded more thrilled than ever. Time was still passing and nobody was even preparing to get Yumi out.
“Never.” Yumi’s friend responded. “She is meant to die in there.”
“But… She said she’d be like that inventor… They pulled him out.”
“Perrilos was his name. She said that on a whim. She has to die in there. She knows it. It’s a great advertisement for her father.”
Now it made sense, why Yumi was so frightened to step in. She would not be roasted until before the point of no return. That’s why she waved at them once she was fully in. It was a ‘goodbye’.

Crowd was amazed. Most of them. Others were sick. After all, the sound would either make you sub-consciously forget about the truth, or would make you terrified. There was a living gentle girl inside, screaming her lungs out, willing to get out, her skin cracking and darkening, her whole body transforming, and on the outside all you could hear was a smooth generic meowing. Momo puked from the thought of it. Despite all the horrible things she had seen, that irony was the most horrifying of them all. 15 minutes later the meowing stopped. Despite the general amazement, there was no applause. Deep inside, everyone was horrified.

Ayumi was assumed to go through the same amount of stress. She was bent down, whimpering. Except that...
“I’m orgasming…” Ayumi said. “Help me, I’m orgasming! Make it stop!” She was embarrassing herself in front of others, but she couldn’t help the panic from the orgasms.
“It’s OK, Ayumi!” Momo squeezed her in her arms. “I’m right here! Don’t worry! It’s normal to orgasm from shock. It happened to me once. Shhhhh! Calm down! It’s OK, I’m right here!”
Ayumi was in so much shock he was getting intensive orgasms. She didn’t like them. It was too confusing for her because it was from horror, not from pleasure.

When Ayumi calmed down, Momo was trying to change the thoughts of everybody to something more positive. She had informed them that Saki never went to first grade of middle school. She was advanced enough to take the 2nd grade immediately, although she had to take all 1st grade exams and study for them beforehand. Saki was a very bright kid despite her troubled past.

But in the evening they were called to the field again for ANOTHER performance. They all wanted to go to their rooms, and I mean ALL of them. A decent number of them were torture and death fetishists, until it would be their turn to participate. But after that day’s psychological overflow everybody seemed exhausted. Or could it be because it would be the last day of the qualifications, and tomorrow they’d know who the losers would be, which means their worries would be over?

Anyway, Ayumi was called over to the stage. Now that was a surprise. When she arrived in worry and climbed the stage, she was requested to remove her clothes.
“What will you do to me?” She asked. Yamada was not around, only a group of assistants, from which one was in charge.
“It’s a secret. Just play along, it’s best for you to play along.”

She couldn’t escape anything arranged for her from the school. So Ayumi had removed her clothes, and was strapped onto a… cross? Some wooden construction that reminded of asterisk. Even her neck was strapped, she couldn’t move at all. Then the assistant in charge took 2 laser cutters. Ayumi panicked:
“No! Stop! What are you doing, stop, please!!!”
But very soon he shot a beam into Ayumi’s eye for an instant, and she screamed in pain. He did the same thing to her other eye. While he was getting ready to continue, she could make up a few words in her screaming.
“My eyes hurt! I can’t see! Help!!!”
He then put a thistle-like metal inside her ear as she kept on screaming. Several seconds later the metal came out red from blood and meat. He used a clean one for her other ear. And he was done. He unrestrained her.

Ayumi was whimpering in pain and confusion. It was obvious: she was now blind and deaf. Completely. Irreversibly. As soon as she was released, she had a problem keeping her balance and didn’t know where she was. Her eyes looked nowhere, or everywhere. After a minute she calmed down and started crying, which she probably couldn’t even hear. She was gently lead by the assistants to the assistants’ room.

Momo, Saki and Rika didn’t say a word inside their rooms. It looks like there’s something more terrifying than the paradox of the brazen cat, it was another one of their friend’s doom. When Nori came back with information, they listened religiously.

“She was sold to one of the rich people that were present today.”
“Why?!” Rika asked as soon as she could comprehend that inside her brain.
“School needs more money.”
“Now you’re defending them?!”
“No!” Nori yelled. “That’s what they told me!”

Nori sat down, painfully covering her face with her hands.
“I felt something for her…” She said. “I tried to buy her, but she was already bought and transported.”
“I don’t know, they wouldn’t tell!” She complained. “I’ll find out but… She’s… Blind… Deaf… I don’t have enough money to buy her from a rich guy. These guys… They’re billionaires… (in yen)”

“Oh my God!” Momo cried. “Oh my God! They all died! They all died! They cut us in half!”

There was not much to say anymore. They didn’t hang out much. They should be better the next day if none of them would be chosen for executions on the school day. They went to sleep early. Nori was woken up in the middle of the night. Momo and Saki… They were having sex? Unexpected from Saki, but the day had probably gotten to them. But at the time Momo had been telling beautiful things to Saki, calling her a shining star, the dearest friend, thanking her for sharing her past today, and things like “you make me feel so safe”. Saki had just been repeating Momo’s name in a loving tone.

As for Ayumi, she couldn’t tell know if it was day or night. She’d have assistance in eating and showering by someone she couldn’t see or hear. She learned some parts of the house by touch and even touched things for dealing with boredom, as she could no longer watch TV or listen to music. As soon as the pains stopped, her torso was put on something that felt like a leather table, her body facing down. ‘Where am I?’ She thought. Her legs were not restrained, and so weren’t her arms. She was completely naked. She felt a pressure on her pussy from something warm and meaty, and started moving her legs. She then felt a sudden burning pain on her back. She didn’t know what it was, she couldn’t hear at all. It could have been a whip, it could have been acid. She once again felt the pressure and panicked, and received 2 more scorches. It hurt very much and she figured – she’d remain still or she’d be tortured. She didn’t even try to defend her honor in eternal silence and darkness of her senses. She was completely helpless. She let the pressure increase as male hands were squeezing her ass. The pressure increased until it started stretching her pussy hole and hurting. It was a feeling of her virginity going away. Then the pressure entered her, giving her the weirdest intruding sensation of them all. She was fucked, and there was nothing she could do. Next thing she felt were arms of few more men caressing her and some smooth hot meaty sticks on her body. The one on her face stank, and then it forced its way into her mouth. Was it a penis? She pushed the guy with her hands, but once again was hit on the back. She gave up. It was completely over for her. From then until the end she was just a fuck toy without a shred of sight or hearing, in a place she didn’t see, not even knowing if the people helping her or molesting were household or customers.



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