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Awakened by a splash of cold water, Julie took a moment to get her bearings. Her wrists were fastened by leather straps attached somewhere above her, pulling her hands out and high over her head, and her ankles were similarly strapped to the floor, granting her no wiggle room. And she was naked. These were the first things she noted as she clawed her way up to consciousness. Then she recalled how the previous night had ended.

She had just pulled up outside her house after a long night of work at Planet Fitness, and she had wondered at the dark van parked next door, but hadn't paid it enough attention. Had she been more cautious, perhaps she wouldn't have been caught off guard when a shadowy figure cloaked in black appeared from behind a bush and shoved a rag in her face. She had tried to struggle, but her attacker had been twice her size, and the element of surprise had yielded the advantage. Her body was enveloped by powerful arms, she couldn't get an angle to free herself, and the fumes from the rag had quickly put her to sleep.

Horror dawned as the peacefulness of sleep faded and Julie realized whatever was in store would not be pleasant. A man stood before her, stocky and tall, and in his hands he held the bucket with which he had just doused her. The water was freezing, and the temperature in the room was far below comfortable.

"Ah, you're awake, good. Now we can begin."

"Yeah, I'm awake, I'm soaking wet and freezing. What the fuck?"

"Yes, you do look cold." Julie realized she was shivering, although whether it was from fear or frost she could not be sure. The man reached out and flicked one of her nipples, which were hard as bullets. "I have the air in this room set to thirty degrees."

Julie was now noticing her surroundings for the first time. The room was more like a cell, with a low ceiling and steel walls on all sides. A reinforced steel door was bolted shut on the far side, and to her left was a stainless steel table with an array of pernicious devices spread out on top of it. Below her was a drain, and there were a few curious contraptions scattered here and there, whose functions Julie could only guess. She had a bad feeling she would learn what some of them do soon enough.

The man wore leather gloves, a leather jacket, thick jeans and heavy boots. He looked quite comfortable, and his sick smile seemed to confirm this. His face was blocky and brutish, with huge grey caterpillars over his dancing blue eyes, a jutting chin, and thin harsh lips. Creases lined his cheeks, and his black hair was speckled with patches of ash, indicating the onset of middle age. Julie hated him instantly.

"Of course you do," she replied sarcastically.

The man laughed at that. "We're going to have great fun, Julie," he told her.

{I}I somehow doubt that,{/I} Julie thought. "What are we gonna do, play checkers?"

The man laughed even harder. "Maybe we will. For now I'm just going to soak in your beauty and let you get comfortable." He pulled up a metal stool and took a seat.

After several seconds of awkward silence, with the man staring at her with his creepy smile, Julie felt compelled to ask him, "You're gonna kill me, aren't you?" She tried to keep the fear out of her voice, but she thought it crept in just the same. The man gave no reply. After a time, Julie then asked, "How do you know my name? Have you been following me around and shit?"

The man continued to stare, continued to smile, and just when Julie thought he wouldn't answer, he said, "You caught my eye approximately six months ago, at Pinewood Mall. I've been preparing this arrangement ever since. Have you any idea how beautiful you really are?"

Julie knew she was beautiful - she heard it often enough. What she hadn't realized was that her beauty would land her in such a harrowing predicament. "You know, if you wanted to play a game of checkers with me, all you had to do was ask." Julie flashed a nervous smile.

"Poor, sweet girl," the man said, sounding almost sad.

For several minutes after that neither of them spoke. Julie shivered and trembled, her fair, smooth skin breaking out in goose flesh, and the man watched. After ten minutes of this, the man stood up and found a baseball bat lying on the floor. He took a full swing at Julie's flat, soft stomach, knocking the air from her and leaving a colorful bruise on her pale creamy flesh. Before she could recover, another powerful blow struck her right side, cracking several ribs. The man moved around to her flank and pelted her in the back several times, and then finished with a crushing blow to her left hip. Julie screamed in agony as her ilium fractured.

The man then retrieved his bucket and dipped it in a trough, which Julie saw was filled with ice water. "I'm going to wet you again," he said unsanctimoniously, and he did as he said.

Julie gasped for breath as the water hit her like a thousand knives. "Oh fuck! Holy shit, that shit's fucking cold."

"Yes, I imagine it is. Fear not, my girl. I won't allow you to die of hypothermia. In fact I have just the thing to warm you up." With that the man pulled a pair of industrial sized heat lamps over to where she was strung up, aimed one of them at her breasts and belly and aimed the other at her backside, and fired them up. He then went to the thermostat by the door, and Julie saw him raise the needle as high as it would go. Next he went behind her back to attend some unseen task, and Julie thought she heard the roar of a furnace.

The sudden warmth was a welcome change at first, but soon the heat went well past soothing and it began to burn. The man returned to his stool and removed his jacket and gloves. He watched Julie squirm as her torso began to redden and cook and sweat poured from her pores. "This is your idea of fun, huh?" Julie asked him with a grimace.

"Indeed, but we've only just begun."

"Oh joy. I can't wait to see what's next." Julie's sardonic wit was the only thing keeping her sane, as she became more and more certain the man intended to murder her. She hoped to make the most of whatever time she might have left.

"Soon enough," he told her, and she saw he had begun to sweat himself, although he was spared the intensity of the heat lamps. He waited five more minutes, and when Julie thought she could actually smell her own meat cooking, the man removed the heat lamps and lowered the thermostat. He went to the table and found a tray of pins and meat skewers and brought them over.

Her breasts were pliant and springy, perhaps slightly below average size for a sixteen-year-old girl, but gravity held no visible sway over them. They stood high and perky. The man cupped one, then slipped a pin into the upper areola of her left nipple. Julie winced but held her tongue, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. The man added another pin in the bottom section of her areola, and one to the left and the right. Then he lanced one straight through the nipple, from left to right. Julie chewed her lip and bared it all in silence, and the man provided similar treatment to her right nipple.

Glancing at the skewers, Julie asked, "Now you make Julie kabobs out of my tits? Is that right?"

"You catch on fast, but first..." The man went to the table and returned with a pair of welding gloves and a blow torch. He set to heating up the skewers until they were glowing red, then inserted one into the side of Julie's left breast and and pushed it through. Julie's mouth yawned in a silent scream. The pain was tremendous. She watched helplessly while the man did the same thing to her right breast.

When she was able to speak without screaming she said, "Because you gotta have symmetry, right?"

The man smiled his creepy smile, and then pushed a third piping hot skewer into her belly. He stuck her just above her navel and ran the tip clean through her back. The heat cauterized the wound even as it was opened, so little blood trickled from her impromptu piercings.

"Oh wow," she gasped. "I wasn't expecting that."

Still smiling, the man stabbed another skewer through her belly, below her navel this time. He then added one to the left and right of her navel, running her clean through each time. "For symmetry," he told her. "Now don't move, I'll be right back."

Julie waited as she was told, stunned into silence. She no longer had any doubts as to the man's intentions. Her brief young life was going to come to a gruesome end here, and it terrified her more than she had ever thought possible. Without warning, she felt the warmth of her urine spraying down her thighs and realized she was pissing herself out of fear.

"What happened here?" the man asked as he returned to her side. "Couldn't hold it?"

Embarrassed and humiliated, Julie could only mutter, "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it. That's why I have that drain."

Julie didn't know why she had apologized. The man was murdering her, for fuck's sake. Who cared if she got a little piss on his floor? Old habits, she guessed. Well, that and the maddening delirium of terror. She soon had something to take her mind off it, however.

Scorching hot iron pressed into the arch of her right foot, blistering her flesh. No longer concerned with dignity, Julie screamed shrilly, and when the iron was pulled away she thought she felt some of her skin go with it. Next she felt the red hot metal pressed against her firm left buttock, and she smelled the sickening aroma of her own burnt flesh. When the man moved around to the front of her she got a look at his latest instrument, and saw it was little more than an iron rod, heated to the point of branding cattle. He pressed it against the inside of her thigh and Julie heard her skin sizzle. "Ahhh," she gasped, and when the iron was removed she thought about the unseemly scars she would now have. {I}You won't live long enough for it to scar, silly{/I}.

The man then rammed the iron up her anus, pushing it deep inside her. Julie cried and groaned in agony, writhing as much as her restraints would allow. The man watched her struggle for a moment, then relented. "Alright, alright, let's get all this metal out of you." He yanked the rod from her rectum, and then carefully removed the skewers from her tits and belly, and finally he removed the pins he had inserted in her nipples. "That better?"

Julie smiled tiredly and admitted, "A little, yeah. Can we not do that again?"

"I won't do that again, I promise. Now let's get you out of those restraints." Julie could scarcely believe her ears. Was he actually going to let her go? To her disbelief, he reached up and released her left wrist, then did the same for her right. She quickly realized her naïvety, however. He kept hold of her right arm after freeing it from its binding, and twisted it behind her back as she raked at his face with her left. She had no leverage and was easily brought to her knees, and her left arm was quickly snared and pulled behind her back alongside her right. "Feisty little bitch, aren't you."

"People say I have spunk."

"That you do."

Julie felt him wrapping and fettering her forearms together with rope, and when he finished he moved on to unstrapping her ankles. He freed her right ankle, but before freeing her left he tied her calves together. More rope than she thought necessary was wrapped and knotted around her limbs, and in the end her feet and hands were tightly bound together behind her back.

"I enjoy girls with spunk."

"Glad you like it." Julie managed a wry smile to accompany her sarcasm.

The man pushed her onto her stomach and lifted her like a suitcase, then carried her over to a system of pulleys next to the trough of ice water. "You're going for a dip." He fastened a clasp to the ropes that bound her and hoisted her into the air. Once she was positioned over the trough she saw drops of blood from her belly spoiling the crystal clear integrity of the water. Then she was submerged.

Although she had taken a deep breath before going under, the freezing water stole it from her in an instant. She struggled against her constraints and tried desperately to raise her head above the surface, but it was in vain. In a panic, she soon began to swallow water, and she became certain she was going to drown before the man even realized it. After forty-five grueling seconds, the man raised her out of the trough and she gasped deeply at the beautiful air, filling her lungs.

"Ready to go again?"

"Don't," Julie pleaded, "I'm gonna dro..." She was under again, without the benefit of a preparation breath this time. Again she struggled to keep her head above water, and again she failed. Her lungs burned, her whole body ached, and when she thought she was going to pass out she was pulled up once more. Hacking and wheezing, Julie spat out water and slurped at the air. The man looked at her, as if waiting for her to plead with him again. Remembering how well her pleas had worked last time, Julie switched tactics, "You wanna join me? It's not that col..." The man dropped her back into the trough before she could finish her quip, and this time he left her down so long she was certain this was it. Her bladder somehow found more urine to dispense, and indescribable terror stole through her entire being.

When at last she was pulled back above the surface, Julie was amazed at her relief. Although she would soon be dead and she had nothing but agony ahead of her, she realized that any sort of existence, no matter how bleak and painful, was better than non-existence. This time when the man looked at her, she kept her mouth shut.

"I suppose you've had enough," the man said, and he detached her from the pulley apparatus and carried her to some sort of warped bench, which bent upward in the middle at an awkward angle. He untied the rope that bound her ankles to her wrists, and instead bound her ankles to the legs on one end of the bench and her wrists to the other. This put a painful arch in her back, stretching her soft belly taut, and the wounds in her midriff expanded. It was not a comfortable position to be in.

The man asked her, "Are you a virgin, Julie?"

Realizing what came next, Julie blurted out, "I have aids."

The man chuckled. "No you don't. I believe you actually are a virgin. We'll see soon enough." He pulled down his pants and unsheathed his throbbing member, which he promptly inserted in her womanhood. There was no foreplay, no natural or artificial lubricants to ease the entry, so Julie's cunt was dry and rough, and she was a virgin, as the man had guessed. The sudden invasion of her most private of orifices was brutally painful, and she could not contain her gasps. The man was in her for nearly ninety seconds before he removed himself, his penis dripping with her blood. "I was right. I popped your cherry."

Speechless, Julie watched him wash himself off and pull up his pants. "Alright, let's get you back up in your harness." The man unstrapped her from the bench and put her back in her original restraints, so she was stretched out into a human X once again. Caressing her smooth, flawless cheek, he asked her, "Did you enjoy your first fuck?"

Humiliated, violated, horrified, and infuriated, Julie somehow maintained her composure and replied, "As a matter of fact I did. If you let me go, maybe we could do it more often."

The man smiled sadly, and moved away to his table. "I'm afraid your first fuck... will also be your last. But fear not. We still have some time together before we must say goodbye."

It was the first time the man had outright stated he intended to kill her, and although Julie had already deduced as much, it chilled her to hear him say it. She sent up a silent prayer to a deity in which she no longer had faith. {I}God, please, I don't wanna die.{/I}

The man had retrieved a bull whip from the table, and he stood before her, brandishing it. "What are you, Indiana Jones or some shit?" she asked him. The whip lashed out, and with expert precision it struck her across the belly. The injury stung, but compared to what she had just endured it was child's play. It wasn't until the tenth lashing that she began to realize how the pain mounted, and by the fiftieth she was grunting with each successive strike. A patchwork of whelps and raised flesh lined her breasts and belly, and the man had even given her a few lashings on her pussy and thighs before he finished. Julie counted every time the man reared back and struck her, and she had reached one hundred when at last the man moved around behind her. "For symmetry," she panted.

And as the man went to work on her back and buttocks, he agreed. "For symmetry." True to his word, he dealt one hundred more lashes to her backside. For symmetry. Exhausted, the man returned to his stool with a bottle of water and drank heavily. "I must say, you are my toughest victim yet. All my other girls were a blubbering mess by this point. Your endurance is commendable."

"Thanks," Julie told him, maintaining her wry humor. "Are we gonna play checkers now, or what?"

The man chortled merrily. "Once I've rested, I'm going to electrocute you."

Julie grimaced. "That sounds... less fun. But you're not gonna kill me. Not yet, at least."

"Not yet," he agreed.

Julie wondered how long he would toy with her. How many different methods of torture were at his disposal? She supposed she would gladly endure anything he could throw at her, if the only alternative was death. As the man caught his breath, she decided she might as well try to talk her way out of this. "You know, if you really enjoy torturing me, you don't have to kill me. I mean, you could just keep me here, you know? Why fuck up a good thing?"

The man looked at her and said nothing.

It was maddening. Was he considering it? What was the bastard thinking? "What do you say? You can even fuck me, however you want. You want to rape me again, or you want me to be submissive. I'll suck your dick if you want." Julie heard the desperation creeping into her voice, and she hated it. Perhaps the man had spoke too soon. She was beginning to blubber after all.

The man was quiet for a time, and then he spoke. "I'm going to electrocute you now." He went to the table and returned with what appeared to be a car battery on a cart, to which a pair of steel rods were connected. He inserted one rod in her anus, which drew a whimper from Julie as her burns there were fresh and raw, and the other he inserted in her vagina. He then adjusted some nobs and Julie felt the current begin to course through her body, mildly discomforting at first. He soon moved the nobs again and mild discomfort escalated to jolts of throbbing pain. Before long he upped the voltage again, and Julie felt her body go tense as she began to fry. Everything burned. Her lips burned, her eyeballs burned, the webbing between her toes burned. She clinched her teeth as the nobs were adjusted once more, and her experience with pain reached heights which had she had previously thought unfathomable.

Not for the first time that day, Julie felt certain this was the end, despite the man's promise of holding more in store for her. This was too much punishment for her body to endure. No one could survive this. But as those thoughts fluttered through her head and she began to panic, the man turned the nobs down and it was the current that died, not Julie. Her teeth were still clinched, her body still terse, but she was alive. She looked down and saw tendrils of smoke rising from her orifices, and wondered just how badly she had been hurt. How close to death had she actually come. As she slowly began to relax, she wept uncontrollably. The man had apparently found her breaking point.

"Do you still want me to torture you every day? Would you be willing to go through that several times a day in exchange for your life?"

For Julie, it wasn't even a question. No matter how excruciating that had been, life was too precious to her. She sniffled, looked the man in the eyes, and gave him an emphatic, "Yes!"

"Impressive," the man said, with a raised eyebrow. "Do you enjoy being tortured?"

"I enjoy being alive."

"Pity," he told her, "that life is so fleeting, is it not?"

"Yes," she cried, "it is."

"You are quite the stalwart girl, Julie. I'm going to continue now."

"Are you still gonna kill me?"

The man didn't answer. Instead he retrieved a tray of needles and a pair of pliers from his table of tools, and he began inserting the needles beneath each of Julie's fingernails and toenails. It was painful, but meek in comparison to what she had already endured. It was worse when he began peeling off her nails with the pliers. Once all her fingernails and toenails had been removed, the man picked up a sledge hammer and pounded it against her spine. Julie yelped and arched her back, pushing her tortured young breasts out and up.

The blow was measured and restrained, so as not to break her back, but Julie felt a disc slip. She was trying to cope with this excruciating new pain when the hammer shattered her right kneecap. Julie screamed, and the man smashed her left foot, then put the hammer down. It took a minute for Julie to stop sobbing and regain her composure, and the man waited patiently. She wondered if she'd ever be able to walk again if the man were to let her go, but that was a moot point. She was going to die here, no question about it. When she blinked away her tears she saw that he now held a pair of gardening shears.

"Things are going to get a bit messy from here on out," he told her.

This time Julie held no witty response for him. She sensed her end was drawing near.

The man moved behind her and took a snip at her ear. He didn't sever anything, but he left an inch long gash in the cartilage and flesh. Julie felt the tackiness of her blood in her hair and the warmth of it trickling down her neck. The man took off her left ring finger at the second knuckle, then shortened her right index finger at the first knuckle. He cauterized both wounds with a welding torch, then removed her pinky toe on her right foot and did the same for it.

"You having fun yet?" he asked her, setting aside the shears.

"Great time," Julie gasped miserably.

"Well before I go any further," the man said as he picked up a butt plug lined with cruel metal barbs, "I have to make sure you don't shit yourself."

"Naturally," Julie answered. She felt the plug slide inside her ruined anus, and the barbs took hold. It would not be easily removed. The man then picked up a straight razor and made a few cuts on Julie's left forearm, then a few more on her right. He made three horizontal lacerations on her left breast, then her right, and six more on her belly, three on each side of her navel. He left four similar cuts on each of her thighs.

"Gotta keep that symmetry," Julie told him with a grim smile, neglecting to mention the lack of symmetry with her severed digits.


"What's next?"

"Next I'm going to open up your belly and show you your intestines."

Julie gulped. "Sure you don't wanna do something else?"

The man wheeled a machine over in front of her, and told her, "I'm afraid not."

"What's that thing for?" Julie asked, eyeing the contraption he set before her. It was a simple rig, with a bar about waist high and a small engine at the base.

"You'll see." Without warning, the man shoved a knife into Julie's tummy and began slicing through the skin and fat and muscle of her abdominal wall. He made a vertical slit just to the right of her navel, not too wide. He then inserted a hooked metal pole through the incision, and Julie could feel him prodding around in her bowels before he retrieved a slippery pink snake from her gut.

Julie watched it all unfold with her blue eyes wide and her mouth agape. "Oh fuck," she muttered. "Fuck fuck fuck. Those are my intestines." Her voice rose shrilly, and for just a moment she felt her mind slipping into a bottomless pit of panic, but she reeled herself back in.

The man took the loop of loose viscera and slipped it over a nail on the machine he had brought over. He then flipped a switch and the bar began to turn, ever so gradually, and it wasn't long before Julie felt the tug on her plumbing. "This machine will slowly disembowel you." The man had spatters of her blood all over him, but he spoke with as if he was addressing a classroom of pupils instead of his murder victim. "It can take up to forty-five minutes for it to completely remove your colon."

"Nice," Julie replied wryly, "So what will we do while I..." Julie winced, "spill my guts?"

"I can think of a few things." The man went back to his table and retrieved a battery powered drill.

"Oooo, you're gonna drill me." Julie was still trying to maintain her sanguine spirit.

The man squeezed her firm, round right buttock, and the drill bit went into the meat with relative ease, chewing up her finely toned flesh and causing the girl to writhe in her restraints and arch her back slightly. Then the bit came out of her as easily as it went in.

"Drilled me right in the ass," Julie told him with a rueful smile, teetering on the edge of hysteria.

The man moved on to her right foot, punching a hole right through the center of it. Next was her left shoulder. Then her left thigh. Meanwhile, nearly four feet of intestines had wrapped themselves around the pole in front of her. The man paused to look at her.

"You done?" Julie asked.

"With the drill, I think so."

"Good. So forty-five minutes, huh?" Julie eyed her loose bowels, "I must have a lot of plumbing in me."

"Surprisingly so. Women have a slightly longer colon than men. You keep a good twenty-five feet of intestines coiled up in your belly, perhaps more."

"Yeah? Not anymore. I'd say I'm down to about twenty feet now."


"So, can we watch me get disemboweled in pieces now... I mean in peace?"

The man smiled creepily. "I like you Julie. You're the most interesting girl I've ever killed."

"Well you haven't killed me yet. Wudduya say you put my guts back inside me and drive me to a hospital? Then we can be besties."

"We won't be doing that, I can assure you."

"Darn. You know I keep trying to come to terms with this dying thing, but it's harder than I thought."

"That's too bad."

"Yeah, too bad," Julie agreed. They were quiet for a time after that, murderer and murder victim, each watching as more and more of Julie's insides came unraveled. When nearly twelve feet of guts were out of her, nearly half her colon, Julie spoke up, "God this is so nerve-wracking. Maybe we could talk or something?"

The man only stared at her, as if he were mute, yet Julie knew her only hope was to find common ground with him, so she persisted.

"Come on, you can't be a creep all the time. Lighten up for a minute and just talk to me."

The man continued to stare.

"Tell me something about yourself. Have you always been turned on by shit like this?"

The man remained silent.

"Are you gonna jerk off all over my dead body when this is over?"

The man didn't reply.

"No? Nothing? Is it tough? Being into snuff and shit, I mean. I bet everyone thinks you're weird and it's hard to fit in."

No response.

"Have you killed a lot of girls before me?"

Still the man held his tongue.

"Yeah, alright, good talk." Julie paused before adding, "Fuck, this fucking sucks so bad!"

The man watched and waited.

The silence was unnerving - the sounds of her blood dripping on the floor, the motor quietly turning the evisceration machine, the soft squish of her intestines sliding out of her tummy and wrapping around the bar in front of her - so Julie continued to blab. "I shouldn't have bothered with Mr. Dryers' research paper last six weeks. And all that studying I did to get an A in Advanced Algebra. For what? So I could end up like this?"

The man finally spoke up, "You got an A in Advanced Algebra?"

"You surprised? I'm a smart girl. I had a good life ahead of me. Who knows what I could've accomplished if you didn't murder me."

"This is the greatest purpose you could have possibly served."

Julie scoffed. "What, helping you get your rocks off? I don't think so. No offense, but my life is more important than your orgasm. This is a total waste. I might've cured cancer, or maybe I'd have just worked in an office somewhere, but shit, anything would be better than this."

"Human beings are a cancer. Your death helps prevent it from spreading."

"It {I}was{/I} tough on you, wasn't it? Being ostracized. Always feeling like a freak or a misfit. People can be real assholes, but we're not all assholes."

"Easy for you to say. People are always nice to the pretty girls."

"That's bullshit. Boys are only nice to me as long as they think there's a chance we can bang. Girls... they're either jealous bitches or they just kiss my ass so I can introduce them to the boys they like. And we always have to be on the lookout for guys like you."

"You're not doing a very good job of making your case."

"What case?"

"That people aren't all assholes."

"Oh yeah. It's hard to stay focused when you're being disemboweled. So look," Julie chewed her lower lip, she was probably down to about eight feet of intestines left in her belly, "people can be shallow and insensitive and ego-centric and self-centered, sure, but they can also be generous and courageous and honest and kind. It's not totally hopeless." She thought she might be reaching him. Perhaps there was a spark of humanity left in the man, and it might not yet be too late for her.

The man moved toward her, and Julie felt a glimmer of hope, until he picked up a skewer and plunged it into her right breast. She watched as her chest devoured the stainless steel, and it went so deep that she knew it had punched clean through her back. Before she could get a word out he did the same for her left breast, and drawing breath suddenly became extremely difficult.

"Up until now your wounds were not fatal. If left untreated, they would certainly kill you, but you were not beyond help. I've now punctured both your lungs, and you are dying. We're a hundred miles from civilization, and twenty miles from the nearest paved road. This is the point of no return. Nothing can save you now. Would you still like to tell me how great people can be?"

"People suck," Julie managed with a grim half-smile. "But what are you, some kind of medical expert? People have survived punctured lungs before."

"True, and if the puncture isn't too severe it might even heal on its own, but both your lungs are pierced, and this is not a minor breach. You require immediate medical attention, but we're hours from the nearest hospital, and I highly doubt any paramedics will come bursting through my door right now."

"Did you do that because I was giving you hope in humanity? You were afraid I might change your mind about killing me?"

"You continue to amaze me, Julie. Not only is your fortitude remarkable, you're truly the wisest sixteen-year-old I've ever encountered."

"Told you I was a smart girl. So I guess that's a yes?"

"I'm going to remove those skewers now. Your lungs will begin to deflate and fill up with blood."


The man did as he said, and it felt as if her chest was being crushed. She let out a harsh, wheezing cough and saw droplets of blood spray from her lips. When her fit ended, she asked, "So, in your expert opinion, will I live long enough to finish watching my guts get yanked out?"

"I expect you could survive the next hour, maybe longer, although I'll be inflicting more injuries in that time."

"Great. Can we keep talking for a minute? Oooooo, maybe not." Julie grit her teeth as she felt extreme discomfort in her abdomen. "I think we might be reaching the end of my digestive tract. Something large is about to be dislodged."

The man flipped a switch and the motor died and the bar stopped turning. Julie estimated there was at least twenty feet of her entrails wrapped up in front of her. The man loosened the coil by rotating the bar in the opposite direction, and unhitched her from the nail. Then he wheeled an IV machine over and inserted an IV into her intestines. "This is Drano. It's going to cause irreversible damage to your gastrointestinal tract." He paused, as if expecting a witty retort, but Julie couldn't muster the strength to reply this time. She had been so close to reaching him, to breaking through the monster to the man inside. If only she had more time. "I'm going to need to open you up a bit more now."

The man took his knife to her belly and slit her wide open. Julie gaped at her exposed organs as gouts of blood and gore spurted from her stomach. The man went to work sealing off blood vessels with surgical string and his welding torch, and when he was finished he retrieved a funnel and a jar of finely crushed glass shards. He stuck the funnel into her stomach and poured some of the shards through it.

Julie was left marveling at this new level of cruelty as the man hefted her intestines from the bar and stuffed them back into her open abdominal cavity. He then used a staple gun to close her back up.

"Jesus," Julie gasped, once she had regained her powers of speech. "What did you do to me?" Blood filled the back of her throat and spilled over her lush lips, dribbling down her chin and trickling from the corners of her mouth.

"I filled your stomach with broken glass," the man told her as-a-matter-of-factly.

"That's some sadistic shit. How do you come up with this stuff?"

"Do you wonder why this is happening? How, out of all the people in the world and all the possible outcomes in life, I ended up with you in my dungeon?"

"You mean it's not fair, right? Life's a bitch, I guess," Julie answered, "and then you die. I wish life was a bitch a little longer though. How much time have I got now? Five minutes maybe?"

"I think you're underestimating your body's resiliency."

"I think my body's been pretty resilient, but goddam." Julie curled her lower lip and blew a lock of soft brown hair from her eyes.

"Your mind has been extraordinarily resilient, but aside from its appearance your body is not exceptional. Physically, you're holding up just as well as one would expect from a healthy sixteen-year-old girl. I've been careful not to exact any instantly fatal damage, although I still intend to test your durability."

Julie wondered what else he could do to her. Her entire body was a bright blinding light of pain. Her back was on fire, her belly burned like the worse cramps she had ever experienced magnified by a thousand, her severed digits screamed at her, her knee was a ball of agony, her smashed foot ached, she had lacerations and and abrasions and punctures too numerous to count that plagued her nerves, yet the man still had more in store?

Soon she no longer had to wonder, as the man turned a crank and Julie felt her bindings tighten, stretching her limbs and lighting a fire in her joints. Her broken hip and shattered knee cap plagued her the most, but the pain in her back seemed to intensify and the hole in her shoulder ripped open, splashing her cheek with fresh blood.

The man turned the crank again and Julie felt herself being ripped apart. She wondered if her arms and legs would separate first or if she'd come apart at the waist in a spectacular shower of gore. She grit her teeth and waited to see which would give first, but neither did. Instead several endless minutes passed and the man returned slack to her restraints.

Without permitting her any recovery time, the man made a noose appear from thin air, although Julie quickly realized it had been dangling above her head all along, and he slipped it around her neck and with a flip of a switch it began to tighten, closing off her windpipe. Her blue eyes bulged and her throat burned and her bladder loosened for the third time that day, and the man watched with silent amusement.

Time passed and her vision began to blur, her face turned purple, and she realized this was truly the end. Her final test. The world went gray, and then dark.

She did not expect to wake again, but she did. She was able to draw hoarse gasps of air into her ruined lungs, and after a moment she noticed the noose was gone. She wondered how long she had been out. Her tummy clenched and burned with all the fires of hell, and blood filled her mouth. The Drano in her bowels doing its work, or the glass in her stomach, or both.

As awareness gradually returned, she saw that she was no longer restrained. Rather, she was flat on her back, and the man was on top of her, raping her again. {I}Has he noticed I'm awake{/I}. Julie didn't think he had. He seemed lost in the throes of his sexual experience. Perhaps he even believed her to be dead. It was the best chance she would get. Likely the only chance. With a twist and a lunge she was able to grasp the iron bar that had violated her anus earlier, and before the man could react she bashed in his temple.

He dropped like dead weight, and Julie wondered if she had killed him. It was entirely possible, but either way he was incapacitated. Julie drug herself across the floor to the man's stool, where he had sat and admired her beauty and watched her suffering, and she used it to pull herself to her knees. In an inhuman display of willpower, she pushed herself to her feet. It should not have been possible, but she took a step forward, and then another. Her knee was shattered, her foot was smashed, her hip was fractured, but still she walked. Pain was all she knew - torturous, agonizing, horrible pain - but her will to live overruled it all, and she staggered to the exit.

Five bolts secured the door, and removing them all was arduous and tedious work in Julie's condition, but she eventually managed, and when she was finally able to swing it in on its hinges, she was bathed in warm glorious sunlight. Stepping outside, she saw that she was surrounded by barren desert, and as the man had indicated, there was no sign of civilization in the immediate vicinity. A dirt road led off into the distance, and although there was no sign of the dark van she had spotted outside her house the previous night, a jeep was parked not twenty feet from the compound. Would the keys be inside? She could only hope.

Sharp rocks and thorned twigs gouged the soles of her feet, but after all she had endured it was like the tickling of feathers to her. {I}I think I might actually make it. I could actually survive this. If the keys aren't in the jeep I might have to go back and search the man's body, but I can do this. I'm going to drive the fuck outta here.{/I} She was several feet from the front door when she was shot in the back.

The bullet drilled clean through her, leaving a neat circular exit wound to the left of her navel, and Julie paused to examine it. A second round quickly followed the first, and she saw the second exit wound open up in the right side of her belly. {I}I guess I didn't kill him. I should have made sure to finish the job.{/I} Julie managed another step forward before a third bullet chased her, leaving an exit wound closer to center but a little above her belly button.

{I}Just keep moving and you're home free.{/I} Another step followed by another gun shot wound, and yet another hole in her smooth soft tummy. Her feet got tangled and she fell to her knees, and another slug bit into her back below the right shoulder blade, exiting her firm right breast. Where she found the strength was beyond her, but somehow she rose again to her feet. Another step and another gunshot wound, this time in her left buttock.

The jeep was a mere ten feet away, almost close enough to touch. Julie lurched forward as a bullet tore through her left thigh. Then she cringed as she caught another round with her left calf. Teetering, her balance abandoning her, Julie threw herself at the jeep... and caught the handle. A press of the button and the door swung open, and in the ignition, dangling like a beacon of light, were the keys. {I}Oh thank God.{/I} Julie no longer believed in God, but she thanked Him anyway. Perhaps her lack of faith was well-founded, however, as a hand clamped down on her left elbow when she tried to climb into the driver's seat.

"No," she cried as the man yanked her away from salvation and dragged her back to the compound. Blood was trickling down the side of his head and one of his eyes looked murky, but he was strong as ever. Julie ended up back on his concrete floor, the man straddling her, and he went to work on her with a knife.

With a stab and a slash he opened her belly again, with much less care this time, and he began squeezing and pulling on things that Julie was certain she needed to live. When he wrangled her intestines, which were already dissolving thanks to the Drano IV, Julie felt the shit literally being squeezed out of her, but her butt plug prevented its escape, making for quite a discomforting feeling. After a time he tired of this activity and found a vial to funnel through the new slit in her gut, which he later explained contained a powerful sulfuric acid.

Julie was now vomiting thick black globs of blood and glass, and blood poured from her nostrils, so she was unable to immediately offer up any witty replies.

"How does that feel, you crazy cunt?"

The man then pinched her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulled it upwards into a cone, and sliced it off with his knife. He did the same for her right nipple, and Julie managed to croak, "For symmetry." It was the last thing she ever said before the man clamped onto her tongue with a pair of pliers and carefully cut it out of her mouth.

"I was wrong about you," the man told her. "Your physical resiliency is astounding. Improbable and astonishing. But this is the end. The coupe de grace." He took a can of gasoline and splashed some across her belly, then spilled more inside her abdomen to mix with the acid. She watched in horror as he struck a match and dropped it on her, setting her tummy ablaze. While she burned the man knelt down and stabbed her thrice in each breast, guiding the knife through her ribs to the tortured lungs beneath, but when the flames died Julie still lived.

Smoke billowed from her lips while she opened and closed her mouth like a fish, and her stunning blue eyes were wide as she stubbornly staved off her inevitable death. "You incredible bitch," the man told her. "How are you not dead?" But Julie felt herself slipping. Her brain and her heart were the only vital organs that weren't irreparably damaged, and one willed the other to keep pumping life blood through her ruined body - never had anyone of so strong a will wanted anything more than Julie wanted to live at that moment - but it was no longer enough. Her heart was stuttering and her brain was shutting down. {I}No! No, I don't want to die!{/I} She looked at the man and the man looked back at her, and her final seconds ticked away.

When she was finally dead the man sat down and slipped into a coma from which he never awoke. Julie had concussed him, and although it did her no good, she effectively ended his reign of terror.


What a great character Julie was. Loved her dry wit, strength, and insight. Uniquely great read!


This was more a work of character porn than torture porn - emotional rather than physical gore. Enjoyable nonetheless!






Damn, I loved Julie :(



A big part of the turn on for me are the emotions a girl feels as she's dying - grief, terror, shock, etc. This is why consensual death fantasies don't do anything for me, and why I tend to focus a lot on the mental state of the victim in my writing.


Fear not, for you can read about another of her misadventures shortly. Although this Julie is dead and gone, there are an infinite number of parallel universes in which she exists.


Bump to save. I don't suppose you have more work posted elsewhere?


Can we pretty please get more of this OP? I re-read it several times by now.


Do you have more stories somewhere, bloodlust?


I'll post something new shortly. It's not exactly new, it's partly an old story, but I recently rewrote a lot of it.


Great story!


This story is awesome! Hope we get similar stuff!


still my favorite story :3

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