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This is my first snuff story, a sort of side universe to my 'Freedom to Fuck' free-use stories, which can be found here:

Thoughts, critiques and suggestions appreciated!


Freedom to Snuff

“Now class,” I said, standing in front of the blackboard, “I must stress the importance of this test. We will be using the results of this exam to determine your classes for the next year. Do well, and you will be placed in advanced classes that will put you in good standing for your future life. Do poorly, and you will have to work even harder next year to compensate.”

I roughly pulled Laura’s head up and down my cock as I addressed the class. Like most schoolgirls, she had her hair in pigtails, and I used these as handles to really get some traction on her twelve year old throat. The girl looked up at me, trying to take in my words even as drool ran down her chin from her vigorous face-fucking.

“As always, we have a special incentive for the girls to do well. The bottom scoring girl in each class will be snuffed in a manner voted on by that class. Her remains will then be preserved and converted into the class fucktoy for the next yeargroup. You’ve all greatly enjoyed using Emily this year,” I gestured to the back of the room, where a girl’s cum-covered headless body was perched on a stool. “It is time for this class to contribute a girl for those who follow you.”

The girls looked at each other, some with fear but most with excitement. They had been speculating on who would be the class snufftoy for what seemed like half the year. Jeremy raised his hand, even as he gave himself a blowjob with Emily’s severed head.

“Just to be clear,” he said, “There’s no penalty for the lowest scoring boy, yeah?”

I sighed, pushed my shaft deep into Laura’s throat and held it there.

“Of course not boy, we can hardly go around snuffing males can we?” I said as Laura began choking on my cock. I released one pigtail and clamped her nose shut. “This school believes that boys are incentivised enough by the promise of higher challenges and greater learning.”

Which was of course bunk, as proven by the snickering of the boys in the classroom as I said it. Still, it was the party line, so I parroted it forth. Laura was turning a deep red now as she struggled for air. Her throat spasming around my cock was what I needed, and I began to blow down her throat and into her stomach.

“You have one hour.” I said as I filled the little cocksleeve with spunk. “You may begin.”

The sound of papers turning and frantic scribbling filled my ears as I finished emptying myself into Laura. Her struggles were weakening now, but I had timed this well and released her before she expired around my shaft. Not that I would have minded - this wouldn’t have been the first time, or even the hundredth, that I’d suffocated a girl with my cock in front of a class. I rarely aimed to do so however, treating it as more of a game and test of my skill.

I pushed the little fuckmeat from my wilting shaft, sending her tumbling back enough that she banged her head on a desk in the front row. She lay where she fell, dazed and gasping for breath, a mix of cum and phlegm streaming from her mouth and nose to stain her flimsy blouse. I returned to my desk and turned my attention to the stack of papers I had to grade, on the topic of 'My Favourite Snuff Movie'. After a few minutes of grading, I looked up to see Laura still slumped on the floor, breathing shallowly.

"Laura," I said, looking at her over my glasses disapprovingly, "No extra time will be given to you because of your late start. If you want to do well in this exam I suggest you get started."

Laura nodded slowly and picked herself up off the floor. She made her way on shaking legs to her desk at the back of the room and sat heavily in her chair before flipping her test paper. She was a smart girl, and I was pretty sure that she would avoid the lowest score despite her delayed start and recent near death experience. She was a cute little thing though, svelte with no tits to speak of yet, and giving her this handicap was my way of tilting the odds against her. She would be a wonderful fucktoy next year in my opinion.

I began reading the next paper, this one explaining how the climactic decapitation of Emma Watson in the final Harry Potter film represented the fulfilment of a decade of wishful thinking by fans, and inspired a wave of copycat beheadings from the actresses' admirers. I even learned something from this essay, that the producers resisted the normal temptation to snuff the actress after the first film and recast her because they wanted 'verisimilitude'.

I heard the sounds of chairs scraping and looked up to see most of the boys rising from their seats. I smiled to myself as I gave the paper an A and leaned back in my chair to watch.

Jeremy was the first to make his move. He removed Emily's head from his rigid dick and threw it over to me. I caught it by her hair and, after stroking my cock back into hardness, began fucking her throat hole. Let me tell you, there are few better sights than seeing your cockhead emerge from a child's mouth.

Jeremy approached tiny Suzy, busily scribbling her answers down on her paper, grabbed her ass under her uniform microskirt and lifted, forcing the girl to stand long enough for him to slip onto her seat under her. Her lowered her down unto his lap, forcing his clearly enhanced penis deep into Suzy's twelve year old butthole. Suzy bravely grit her teeth and continued to attempt to answer the question as Jeremy began bouncing her on his thick cock.

Around the classroom, the other boys were doing the same. Some girls were lucky like Suzy and got away with bouncing on a dick or two, allowing them to continue their exams with the simple handicap of having their tight holes roughly fucked. Others were not so fortunate, and had boys sit on their desks and begin throatfucking them frantically, completely preventing any writing on behalf of the girls. Some poor girls were being roughly used in all their holes at once, essentially paralyzing them and leaving them to pray that the boys would finish quickly. I was gratified to see that Laura was in this third group, having barely begun her own exam before Franklin rammed his cock down her abused throat.

I watched all of this with a detached amusement, lazily wanking myself off with Emily's head. It was the same in every year, with every class. The exam was basically a sham, with the boys barely bothering to even write their names down as they instead fulfilled the real purpose - deciding which classmate should get snuffed. It was pretty democratic really, and the boys voted with their cocks. The sexiest girls would receive the most attention from the boys and would be less able to answer their tests, while the less popular girls would be relatively unmolested and usually safe from the end of year snuffing. This simple process ensured a quality fucktoy would be snuffed for next year's class

This year the boys were making the typical selections for their attention. Those girls in the class who had hit puberty running and had already developed fine fuckable tits were all servicing at least two cocks each. The most developed girl, Jennifer, who had had her first abortion at age nine and could almost have passed for fifteen on a good day, had five boys surrounding her, three in each hole and one in each hand. She had been writing furiously at the start of the test though, clearly anticipating that her time would be limited. Perhaps that would be enough to save her.

On the other hand, many of the boys followed my own preferences and chose to focus on the girls who had bare cunnies because they hadn't even grown pubes, as opposed to the shaved and waxed mounds of the more developed sluts. These flat chested, skinny limbed little lolitas like Laura and Suzy were less popular than their larger breasted classmates, but were still a strong second choice. The girls in-between, neither flat nor busty, got off pretty easy and mostly had to deal with one cock at a time. They would almost certainly survive this particular challenge.

I decided that Suzy was getting an easy ride, only having to deal with Jeremy's cock in her ass, so I got up from my desk and walked over to the rutting couple. I could see the tiny girl's stomach bulge out every time she was forced fully onto Jeremy's overlarge shaft. She looked at me with fear and attempted to answer another question but I quickly halted that by sitting on her desk, bringing her face to face with Emily's head, still impaled on my cock.

Several inches of my dick extended from Emily's dead lips, and I pulled Suzy's head forward until she engulfed my cockhead with her tiny mouth and started licking. I groaned and thrust forward, forcing Suzy to kiss Emily's head around my cock. She was going wild with her tongue now trying to get me off quickly. Perhaps locking eyes with her snuffed predecessor drove home the possibility that she may not be going home today.

Having cum pretty recently though, I was in this for the long haul. Glancing at the wall clock, I saw that most of the time had passed, and decided that I would do my best to keep Suzy occupied for the full time left in the test. Call it favouritism if you want, but I mostly just wanted to snuff a loli this year, and Suzy was the youngest looking bitch in the class.

I realised suddenly that I needed to pee, so I let go into Suzy's mouth. Being the good girl she was, Suzy valiantly attempted to gulp down the stream of piss I was filling her with, but the sheer volume overwhelmed her and the overflow soon shot from her nose and mouth, splashing on Emily's face before it reached and stained Suzy's blouse. I decided to help the poor girl by pinching her nose shut to prevent any piss escaping that way.

I surveyed the class again as I filled Suzy with my piss. I was gratified to see that Laura was now being used by two boys, both of them swapping her mouth back and forth on their cocks. Jennifer had been pulled onto her desk so that a sixth boy could straddle her and fuck her tits. The boy pummelling her throat pulled out and groaned as he came on her face, leaving her with a mask of cum and ready for one of the kids fucking her hands to move around and fill her empty throat.

Keisha, the girl sitting behind Suzy was having a bad time. The beautiful nigger bitch had been pushed forward over her desk as she was pounded from behind. Her swollen, almost eight months pregnant belly was squashed against her desk, keeping her raised and allowing her milk swollen tits to dangle from her petite frame. Her face painted a picture of pain at the pressure on her womb, and from the gleeful way her user was fucking her tiny cunt I suspected he was eager to cause a little mishap with the baby before she passed the eight month requirement for a legal abortion.

I heard choking sounds below me and looked down to see Suzy's eyes rolling up in her head as she fainted. I still wasn't done peeing though, so I held her head down and pinched her nose shut as I continued filling the meat toilet with my piss. She began to shudder and thrash as my urine filled her throat and lungs, and I knew that it was too late for her. Within a minute her movements ceased for good, her brain shutting down as she drowned in my piss.

Finally done, I ceased pissing and pushed her lifeless body off my cock. Jeremy continued pumping her on his thick shaft, determined to nut before class was over. Looking at the clock again I saw that there were five minutes left, and I announced as much to the class before climbing from Suzy's desk and moving in from of Keisha, still being roughly taken from behind. I pulled Emily's head up and down my dick, using it as a cocksleeve as I masturbated with it. The erotic thrill of snuffing little Suzy was enough to push me over the edge so I was soon spunking on Keisha's pained face, my creamy jizz contrasting wonderfully with her ebony skin.

"Time is up!" I said as I made my way to the front again. "Please put your pens down and finish using your current sluthole. The bell will ring in a minute, so collect your things."

There was a chorus of groans as the boys gave in and filled the girls with cum. Some of the girls were lucky enough to come as well as their holes and bodies were painted white. I heard a thud as Jeremy pushed Suzy's corpse to the floor in his hurry to collect his things. Her dead eyes stared up at me as Jeremy's spunk flowed from her stretched asshole.

"I will mark your exams over lunch and we will carry out the snuffing next period, so think about your votes on the method of execution." I said as the bell rang and the class stormed out.

I removed Emily's head from my cock and placed it on my desk before moving around the room to collect the papers. On my last pass I bent to collect Suzy's body. She was so light that I could lift her one handed. I brought her back to my desk, stroked my cock a few times as I sat down, and lowered her cunt onto my hardening dick. Her head rested on the desk, her dead eyes fixed on the ceiling.

I pulled the stack of exams towards me and marked as I thrust slowly into Suzy's dead pussy, using her flat chest as a surface to rest the papers on. The boys were done quickly, and I barely glanced at them before giving a 0 to most, or a 1 if they had scribbled a token response. The girls were more fun, most of them having gotten a decent amount down before being distracted.

I was just finishing marking when the bell rang and the class returned. There was a sense of tense excitement, with none of the usual chattering that accompanied kids entering a class. I stood, supporting Suzy's corpse as I did so, and walked to the front of the room as the students took their seats. I continued pumping her up and down my shaft as I made my announcement.

"Your marks are in! I shall of course reveal everyone's results in due time, but we all know what you are waiting for. Which useless piece of cuntmeat scored the least marks? Which stupid, lazy bitch will be snuffed for all to see? Which drooling simpleton is worth nothing more than fuckmeat for next year's class?"

The class hushed further. The only sounds were the gentle noises of the girl's frigging themselves in anticipation, along with Suzy's still wet cunt being plugged by my thick shaft.

"Our bottom scoring cunt this year..." I said, drawing it out, "Is Laura Fitz."

There was gasps, none louder than Laura's own as she came around her playing fingers.

"Yes, Laura has clearly not been trying hard enough this year," I said, keeping up the pretence that this was somehow her fault, "and scored a measly one point. So now, it is time for the vote. Class, please write down your favoured method of snuffing for this pre-pubescent lolita. Laura, please come to the front so the class can see you."

Laura stood on legs shaking with either fear or excitement. She slowly made her way to the front of the class, turned to face the class and stood there, awaiting her fate.


Hope you liked the chapter. I will probably be continuing, and I thought it would be fun to have a little vote here on the method of snuffing poor little Laura. Post below if you have an idea!


I'd say do a hanging. :)


My vote is on a nice hanging too!


Impaling sounds fun.


Perhaps a good old fashion mass beating-to-death?


Decapitation sounds good.

Gonna happen anyway it seems. ;)


A nice universe you have here!
As for snuff method, something slow, so that the class can take time enjoying the show.
So rather than beheading, probably hanging or impaling.
Beating? Probably not, she might lose her aesthetic qualities.


May I suggest exsanguination or poison?


A hanging would be nice.


Impaling sounds good to me.


I've always been a fan of written hangings, but you've got such a great style that I feel any end would be superb.


A Vivisection would give the class a nice biology lesson while she dies.


I do like both hanging and impaling as options. Will have to have a think about this... tough decisions. Feel free to toss out more suggestions!




I vote either a hanging or bagging.






Hang her and let the class enjoy the dance.


Hanging - give the class a show.


Impale her brutally


I'm getting a STRONG suspicion some of those four votes are the same guy...


A nice slow hanging, where she is hoisted up rather than dropped would be awesome. Let her squirm for awhile.


Hang the bitch slowly. Always fun!


Decap while fucking.


Slit her torso so her organs start to spill out and literally fuck her insides out.


Slow vivisection for educational purposes, focus on reproductive organs.


Shit, it should have been 8 month preggo Keisha and somebody should find a nice long knife in the classroom


Choked with her own uterus?


I'm a big fan of impaling, but I can't imagine that any execution will fail to please. :)


Drown her in a clear vat of the preservative. preserving her while she is still alive.


A beautifully slow hanging either via short drop or noosing her and pulling her upwards.


Hoping she'll hang, and looking forward to the continuation.


Just started writing the continuation of this, I think it'll please most of you. Will post when it's done.


The continuation! I'm still learning how to write this sort of thing, so critiques are welcome. Hope it was worth the wait.


I came inside Suzy's dead, cooling cunt as the last of the class finished scribbling their proposed snuffing method. I dropped the dead girl to the floor once I was done and moved to collect the papers from the class, carelessly treading on her flat chest as I did so I returned to the front and quickly counted the votes.

"Well, this is a surprise!" I said. The class perked up, excited. "We have a tie for the method of execution! I don't think that's ever happened before!"

There was a murmur of excitement among the class, which quietened as I spoke up again.

"I think it's only fair..." I paused for effect, "To snuff two girls. That way we don't disappoint anyone."

Another ripple of excitement, louder this time.

"Jeremy!" I called out, "Can you take another boy and collect the equipment from the library?"

Jeremy stood up along with the boy next to him.

"What do we need sir?" he said, moving towards the door.

"Ask for a noose... and a spike." I said, to squeals of joy from the class. "Oh, and take Emily with you so you don't get distracted." I added, throwing the girl's head to Jeremy, who caught it easily and shoved it onto his dick as he left the room. I turned to face the class again.

"That's right," I said, "One girl will receive a hanging, while the other will be slowly impaled until both are dead. You have excellent taste, class. Now, do we have any volunteers for our second snuffee?"

A dozen hands shot up, girls who were desperate to avoid failing the test now even more desperate to go down in school history as the first double snuff. I shook my head, smiling at the eagerness on display.

"Now I can't possibly pick from all of you! I know, I'll check the results, and pick the next lowest mark. It's only fair." I said, picking up the list of marks and scanning it. I was about to read the lowest mark when a name caught my eye and I grinned. Let's really make school history.

"My my my," I said in fake surprise. "It looks like we're having a triple snuff!"

The class looked confused, so I explained myself.

"Little Keisha was clearly too distracted by her impending motherhood to concentrate on her test, so today we will be murdering Laura, Keisha and Keisha's unborn daughter!"

The class erupted into wild applause as Keisha stood and waddled to the front, her swollen belly absurd on her tiny ebony frame. She stood next to little Laura, both girls trembling with fear and excitement.

"Now class, I think it's only fair we get to know some things about our girls' lives before we end them. Laura, who's your favourite singer?"

"Miley Cyrus!" she said with no hesitation, "Did you know she saws a fan in half during every show? That's how my little sister got snuffed. She was so lucky."
"Good answer!" I said, making a mental note to attend a Miley Cyrus concert, "Keisha, what did you decide to call your little abortion there?"

"Nicki," said Keisha, "My daddy was thinking of keeping her."

"That's a shame for him," I said, "Do you know who knocked up your preteen fuckhole?"

"No sir," said Keisha, blushing "But I hope it was you. I really wanted to have your baby."

"Aww, that's sweet," I said, reaching out to caress her stomach, "Let's pretend it's mine anyway yeah? It'll be fun to kill my own daughter. Again, I mean."

The door opened, and in walked the two boys, carrying a length of rope and a 5 foot metal spike.

"Sorry we're late," said Jeremy, handing me the noose. "The hot librarian was demonstrating proper guillotine use so we had to find the stuff ourselves."

"We do go through librarians at quite a clip, don't we?" I said to no-one in particular. "Just mount the spike as normal please." This to the other boy, as I slung the noose over the hook mounted in the ceiling.

The spike was soon firmly attached to the ground, leaving the two girls at the front of the room, staring at their implements of death with fear and excitement. The class were almost all masturbating furiously at what was about to happen, although none were fucking yet. Clearly they all wanted to keep their full concentration on the historic snuffing.

I placed a chair in front of the spike and stood on it, beckoning to Keisha. She dutifully walked forward and stood before me. I reached down and lifted her, her tiny frame easy to lift despite the extra baby weight. I briefly pulled her against me, just enough to plunge my hard shaft into her tight preteen pussy a few times, to remember her by.

"Ready?" I said.

"I'm ready." she whispered, "Abort our daughter and snuff my life out."

I lifted her further until she was positioned above the thick spike. The tip was very sharp indeed. I lined it up with her cunt and pushed her down onto it. She gasped at the cool metal touch as I pushed her slowly down onto the spike. She cried out, and I knew from experience that the spike had met the resistance of her cervix. I stopped pushing and stood down from the chair, leaving her there suspended on the cold metal.

Laura had been staring at this display jealously, especially while I was fucking Keisha. She practically ran to the noose and pulled it around her neck, and I chuckled as I stepped forward to tighten it around her thin neck.

"Any last words?" I said, taking up the other end of the rope.

She opened her mouth to speak, but only let out a choked gasp as I suddenly pulled the rope, lifting her bodily into the air. I pulled until her legs could no longer reach the ground before tying off the rope to another hook on the wall. Laura swung slowly, her legs kicking as her oxygen was slowly cut off by the tight noose.

My attention was drawn back to Keisha when she cried out. Her own weight had pulled her down slowly another few inches onto the spike, which must have penetrated her womb by this point.

"The baby's kicking!" she cried, writhing on top of spike in a way that seemed likely to accelerate her slow sinking. "She must be able to feel the spike! Oh sir, our baby's about to die!"

I placed my hand on her full belly and could indeed feel a lot of movement going on inside.

"Let's put her out of her misery, shall we?" I said, grasping her legs firmly. I gave a sudden strong pull, forcing another foot of spike into her cunt and a scream from her mouth. Blood started to trickle down the metal shaft as I placed another hand on her stomach. I could feel no more movement.

"You killed our daughter sir!" panted Keisha, "And I don't have long. It's definitely ripped through my womb by now."

A gurgle from Laura brought me back over to her. Her thrashing had slowed and her face was turning blue as she swung on the noose. I moved behind her and pulled her unresisting form towards me, making sure that the noose was still supporting almost all of her weight. Her cunt was at perfect fucking height, so I lined up my cock and pushed inside. She somehow groaned through the choking rope as I began fucking her dying pussy, and I knew she had only minutes left. Glancing over at Keisha, I could see that while she had sunk some more onto the spike, she would last far longer than little Laura.

"Can a couple of little cunts come to the front and hang on to Keisha's legs?" I said, too busy ploughing Laura's spasming cock holster.

Developed Jennifer and tiny asian Kimi rushed up, cunts dripping with excitement. They each grabbed one of Keisha's legs and hung from them, adding their own weight to Keisha's descent, which noticeably increased in speed.

"Oooh, it's reached my chest now!" she cried. "I'll be dead soon!"

"Now Keisha, remember to tilt your head back as it hits your throat!" I said, only then noticing from the lack of movement in her cunt that Laura had died seconds ago. I kept pumping, determined to fill her useless womb.

Keisha choked out something that was blocked by the spike in her throat, and obediently tilted her head back, just in time for the thick metal to burst out from her mouth in a shower of blood. The class burst into applause and Keisha raised her arms, basking in the attention. Jennifer and Kimi let go of her legs, leaving the pregnant eleven year old suspended completely on the spike that now penetrated her completely. Keisha began to thrash around the spike, and I came into Laura's cooling pussy as the black girl's movements ceased for good.

I pulled out of Laura, letting her swing back to hang from the ceiling, and walked to the middle of the classroom, grabbing my phone on the way. I turned to face the tableau in front of me. Laura swinging slowly from a noose, Keisha completely impaled, and little Suzy carelessly left on the floor. I raised my phone and snapped off several pictures.

"This will be amazing for the school website."


Excellent continuation! I applaud both your audacity & skill, eagerly anticipating further installments.


Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.


Would love the scene with the librarian showing the proper guillotine technique to be written.


Keep up your Freedom To series, in all it's versions!



Thanks for the praise! (and everyone else). It was pretty much your stories that got me into snuff in the first place, so this means a lot. It's a shame they've vanished from the internet.

More Freedom is coming, a non-snuff chapter next I think. Not sure what to do snuff wise now, so any suggestions for scenarios are welcome!


Great story!


Maybe a bit of backstory about the school, uniforms, the world around it, things like that.


I think the only place you can find that work these days is here:


Yes! Thank you! You've made my day.


Any additional stories in progress in this varient of the Free Use universe?


More! Please write MORE! It was excellent! :O


There absolutely will be more, don't worry. Having a bit of block with longer form stuff at the moment, but the next chapter has been started at least.


Now it's time to crucify some girls. May be to bring their sexy mothers to help the executions and to play with the boys.


More please


Love this story


Please continue writing in this universe.

Not necessarily the same characters, or anything.
I just love the thought of being able to kill at a whim with no consequences.


Thanks to all asking for more! There will be (in fact I have half a chapter written), but it's slow going at the moment. Rest assured that I'll post here when I can.


Oh, I'm delighted to hear that! I look forward to more; I've been meaning to post new work, myself, but it's hard to find the time.

Your material & your effort are VERY much appreciated.


For those requesting more, here's what I have so far for the next chapter. It's not complete yet, but I hope posting it will incentivize me to finish it off.


Pop Sensation

"We've got a very exciting show lined up for you tonight," said the Host, teeth shining bright in his wide smile to camera. "A little later on we'll be talking to the surviving stars of the new reality show 'Raped to Death', and we'll be giving you some new tips for roasting up any spare loli's you have lying around."

There was applause from the audience, mixed with the ever present sounds of sex. The camera cut to show the ranks of spectators, men and girls of all ages fucking away as they eagerly awaited the real reason they were here.

"But first, we have a very exciting guest." the Host continued, "She's an international pop sensation, known for her catchy lyrics, extreme music videos, and wild live shows that always end with a high body count. All that, and she's only 12 years old! You love her, I love her, it's the wonderful, seductive, Sali Shimmers!"

The applause swelled again as the preteen walked onstage. Sali Shimmers, probably the most famous pop star in the world right now, strutted confidently towards the host on her 7 inch spike heels. She had gone for a gothic look today, the heels belonging to knee length black leather boots, her perky ass encased in a tight fishnet miniskirt, and her flat chest wrapped tightly in bloodstained bandages. Her makeup was thick and dark, but neatly applied, and her long black hair hung loose and reached down to her heavily pregnant belly.

She was accompanied by a large black dog, almost as big as she was, which walked at her side obediently. The dog's purpose soon became clear when she sat down and spread her thin legs, revealing a hairless kitty with a telltale streak of cum leaking from it. The dog, clearly well trained, soon buried it's head between her legs and started licking slowly. Sali barely reacted, simply giving a wide smile to the host that drew attention to the blood running from her black lips and down her chin.

“Sali Shimmers, wow!” said the Host as the applause died down, “Can I just say before we get started that I’m a great personal fan? I’ve been following your career very closely ever since you released your first explosive video five years ago. I even lost my fifth daughter at one of your live shows!”

“Thank you so much!” said Sally. The attentive viewer might notice that she appeared to be chewing on something as she talked. “It’s always great to meet a fan. How did your daughter snuff it?”

“Oh, it was on your last tour, during ‘Rape me with a Gun’. Throwing guns out to the audience before that song was inspired! My little Megan was lucky enough to catch one, so she insisted I shoved it into her 10 year old cunt. That last verse, where you just shout ‘Pull the trigger!’ over and over is so fucking hot, I don’t think anyone there could resist! How many of the guns are loaded when you pull that stunt anyway?”

Sali smirked, and gave a little wiggle into her dog’s mouth. “Oh, you had about a three in four chance of murdering your daughter. Did you like the next song?”

“Oh yeah!” said the Host, “Such a great choice, ‘Any Hole is a Goal’. Let me tell you, sticking my cock into the new bullet hole in my dying daughter’s belly was so amazing that I actually went and shot her little sister the next day just so I could do it again.”

“That’s so hot,” said Sali, “I always love to hear about fans dying because of my music. It gets me so fucking wet I have to get Baxter here to clean me up!”

She patted the dog as the audience applauded. It wagged it’s tail, clearly enjoying the attention.

“I’ve got to ask Sali, what are you eating there? Looks like you’re enjoying it.”

“Oh, I got a bit peckish in the green room so I grabbed one of those lolis you’re cooking later and bit off something to snack on.” Sali stuck her tongue out, revealing a small lump of flesh just recognizable as a nipple, before bringing it back into her mouth and swallowing. “I do love my fresh meat.”

“You do seem to have an interest in raw girlmeat.” said the Host, “Your first music video notoriously featured you killing and eating your twin sister Ruby, and cannibalism has been a constant theme in your work. Obviously everyone eats cooked girlmeat, but what is it that makes you love the raw stuff?”

“That video was actually the first time I ate someone live. It was my daddy’s idea, like most of my early stuff. He knew that child pop stars were everywhere, so I had to do something to really stand out. Ruby really loved the idea, she really wanted to help me be a star.”

“Do you ever miss her?” said the Host.

“Not really.” said Sali, “Once you’ve eaten a girl it’s hard to see her as anything but meat. Besides, it’s not like I haven’t got other sisters. Hell, I’m working on my fourth sisterdaughter right now!”

She patted her belly lovingly, drawing an ‘Aww’ from the audience.

“Maybe this one will last long enough to breed me a grandkid!” she said, to knowing audience chuckles.

“So you’re here promoting your new album, ‘Preteen Fuck-Machine’,” said the Host, holding up a CD. The cover showed Sali’s cum covered face looking up at the camera, surrounded by at least a dozen dicks. “So far, you’ve only revealed the cover and the first single, and some of your fanbase are worried that you’re moving in a more ‘family friendly’ direction with this album. Let’s show some of the new video to see what I mean.”


thats great! will you write about the rapped to death stars too, or was that just world building?




Well maybe.
But being rapped to death would be cooler.


Fantastic stuff, and well worth the wait!






Bump because its getting low




Lovely world building, the details are fun, thank you.


Want to point out that OP said on his tumblr that he is leaving the smut industry, so this story will never be finished


bump just in case


Anyone feel like taking up the mantle here? I'd love to see a continuation of this, but I have neither the time nor the skill required to make it work


Soooo....I tried to take up the mantle...
I published a branch to Freedom to Fuck on Chyoa which was widely liked, so I thought I'd be predisposed to try to continue this story.
This little preview begins to tell the story of the guillotined librarian and I will finish it if you want to.

I hope you like my style. If not, let me know and I'll stop.
I have published one of my own stories on here and you guys hated it pretty much so I won't blame you if you think it sucks. But let me know if you want me to continue and I will.

The demonstration

"Can you tell us where "War and Snuff" by Tolstoi is stored, miss?"

Anna sighed wearily. Taking the job application of a middle-school librarian two weeks ago was supposed to be a kick-start for a more debauched lifestyle, snuffing young girls for demonstration's sake, producing showcases and yearbooks for the school with celebratory gang-bangs and snuff-fests, hopefully lasting a few more months before finally being snuffed herself. She dreamt of being bent over a library table and being fucked and beaten into submission by a horde of merciless, pubescent boys.

But reality had kicked in as most kids came to the library for books and seldomly much more. The highlights of her daily workload had been when a few cheeky boys made her get books from the bottom shelf for them so they could give her a brutal surprise buttfuck. But those days were rare and not that different from her previous job as an ordinary librarian, where she was mostly used by weak, older, intellectual men and stressed-out college undergrads, who mostly didn't have time for more than a quick throatfuck.

But those hormone-railed boys were supposed to be different, weren't they? Suddenly self-conscious, Anna thought about her age while looking for the demanded book. After all, she was 24 and after having birthed 13 snuff-toys (aka girls) as well as one proud boy herself, while donating as many eggs for artificial snuff-meat production as she could in her considerably long life, she felt weary. After all, the lifes of women were supposed to be cut short at the age of 27, if they weren't snuffed before. No question in her mind, Anna was past her prime, visible in her large milk-udders and wide hips.
Of course, her body still was completely perfect. Her boobs defied gravity, the pointy, milk-dribbling nipples sticking out visibly, her entire skin soft, smooth and completely devoid of wrinkles, cellulite or other blemishes. Pesky things like unclean skin were considered a sickness by todays standards and those suffering from them were swiftly and efficiently snuffed, mostly by their own hands or at least on their demand. Due to genetic manipulation this had not happened for quite some time, though.

But Anna feared that her turn to euthanize herself would come sooner rather than later. Thus, she wore heavy make-up, as well as her most alluring clothes, trying to tempt the teenage boys in her vicinity. Todays outfit consisted of a stretchy spandex-top that was pushed out by her engorged nipples, as well as matching hotpants with an easy-access-zipper that she had temptingly undone, only to show her bleached, inviting asshole while her slathering pussy was denied the pleasure of being seen (and possibly groped) by horny voyeurs. Her feet were adorned with locked high-heels, a requirement for every job, to ensure that women were literally put in their place. The keys were usually held by their owner or, like in Anna's case, by their boss. Usually, she was only unlocked to change heels once in a while.

"No way, those boys would be interested in snuffing an old hag like me.." she thought to herself. After all, it seemed like she would be unceremoniously disposed, like her big sister had been a few months ago. She had given herself up to the authorities for an automated snuffing, after she discovered stretchmarks left by her latest birth. Without any witnesses or torture, she was simply shot in the neck like a cow in an industrial meat-factory. Her body was butchered, cooked and given out to the few needy men in the city. Dying like that had its perks, no doubt, but Anna wanted more.

While she was contemplating her withering life, a group of older boys entered the library with two girls about their age in tow. Anna first didn't notice them, still searching for the classic the other kids had demanded, but jerked up as suddenly, a loud slap echoed through the room. She briefly looked over her shoulder, just to catch a glimpse of the action, rightly assuming that a girl was currently being molested.

Two of the boys currently double-fucked the platinum-blonde, deeply tanned bimbo who had entered the room with them. Her huge knockers bounced around, entrancing Anna momentarily as her eyes followed the perfect, engorged orbs as they quivered and trembled from the rough fuck the girl was currently receiving. Her mewling and moaning only caused the boys to fuck her harder, slamming their genetically hardened pelvises into her. Their muscled bodies easily handled the busty snuff-doll between them with one hand each, bouncing her lightweight frame almost as easily as if they were fucking a blow-up-doll. The guy in her pussy took his free hand to choke her, while the other one mauled her right tit so hard that it seemed as if he tried to pull off her nipple.

The other two boys meanwhile had snatched a tiny elementary-schooler who seemed to be on recess, trying to read an age-appropriate book about horsekeeping called: "A battered womb is a happy womb!" But her reading seemed to be hindered, due to the fact that one of the almost grown-up guys had jammed his giant dick into her tiny little bum. Meanwhile, the other one slapped her face hard and repeatedly while receiving a blowjob from the other girl who had been following the boys.

Anna got aroused quickly at the sight of the small impromptu orgy in her library and considered joining them. But just as she was about to get up and walk over to them, the boy who had demanded the classic he was supposed to read walked up to her and gave her a hearty kick to the back....



Keep. Going.



I'm liking it so far. You have a knack for it.


Great start. Keep it up


Yay, I'm so glad that this story is being continued, even if it is by a different author. The more free use snuff the better!


Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
I'm not yet done with this chapter, but to show you that I won't abandon this, I'll post what I've got so far, hopefully reaching the conclusion in the next days.

I also have plenty of ideas to branch out, but I'm also keen to finish the pop-idol-chapter that Aliien started. What do you think? My own ideas revolve around the other "classic free-use settings like malls, fairs and the beach.

Now, please enjoy part 2/3 of the librarian's story!

"You stupid bookworm cunt!" the small boy yelled at her. "Is your slut brain so empty that you can't even remember one simple task?"

"I..I..." Anna stuttered, fumbling to get upright, but suddenly stopped short in her hurried attempt to stave off punishment. Why not go all out? Maybe she could egg him on enough that he'll...

Her thoughts were interrupted by another kick, his heavy boot crushing into her soft stomach this time, pleasurably reminding her of the miniscule undeveloped fetus that was growing within her, currently in its earliest stages.

Stunned by the pain and sudden lack of airflow, Anna had to delay her plan of provoking a harsher punishment. While she huddled on the floor, struggling to breathe, the boy stood over her and unzipped his pants, freeing his artificially enhanced, soft 14-inch-cock. Its veiny length contrasted nicely with the youthful, almost prepubescent frame it was attached to, while certainly further emphasizing its unnatural size.

Anna stared slack-jawed at the magnificient specimen before her. In a world of huge cocks, specifically made to cause pain and hurt fuck-holes, this one still stood out. She could only imagine the size it would reach when it got hard, quivering in trepidation and exitement at the prospect. She got on her knees, presenting her beautiful body by sticking out her large tits to hopefully have them ogled, groped or fucked. Her thoughts stuck especially at the last option, imagining its steely length between her soft globes, forcing her to suck on its head.

But the pleasure of seeing this huge battering ram of a cock in its full glory was delayed as the boy aimed it directly at her, using both hands to heft the heavy bellend. Anna knew what was coming and acted completely on instict as she quickly pulled down her straining top and opened her mouth, readying herself for the treat to come.

And come it did, as the pressure of the piss-stream aimed at her actually caused her to recoil involuntarily. It seemed like everything about this boys appendage was huge. At least she hoped that he would hold this up later, but looking at his massive balls, there was no doubt that he'd cum as much as he was currently pissing all over Anna's face and chest.

After having her chest and face painted yellow by piss, Anna moved closer to catch it in her mouth. After all, she'd have to clean up everything that was spilled, she thought to herself, almost creaming herself at the prospect of licking the carpet clean yet again. But as she opened her mouth Anna suddenly felt like she had bit off more than she could chew, or rather gargle. The pressure of the stream battered directly into her throat, making her gag and sputter. She of course struggled to relax as much as possible, trying to swallow the boys piss, yet with little success.

The boy seemed a bit annoyed by this, using his heavy, spiked boot to step on Annas right hand that rested on the carpet. Anna cried out in pain, her fuckhole ejecting a small amount of fluids as the boy shifted his weight to crush her slender bones.

Throwing back her head as another scream of pain escaped her throat, the boy suddenly grabbed her face and held her tightly in place, his piss-stream still as forceful as ever. Using both of his thumbs and index fingers, the boy forcibly opened Annas eyes while aiming free-handedly at her face. The burning, stinging sensation of the hot piss flooding Annas eyes in combination with the pain of having her hand stepped on so cruelly sent Anna over the edge. With an ear-shattering scream, she orgasmed, her body convulsing as much as the relentless grip of her tormentor allowed it to.

Her mind was blank for quite a while and as she finally came down from her incredible high, the boys piss-stream finally had faltered, only forcing out occasional jets, Anna instintively tried to catch with her tongue. When his reserves finally ran dry, the boy jammed his still completely soft cock into Annas mouth as far as he could go, using her to clean himself off.

Anna jet again found herself on the brink of an orgasm from serving alone. The incredibly virile specimen of cock that filled her mouth up so nicely was beyond belief. The taste, the texture, its slow, forceful throbbing...she couldn't get enough. Forcing herself further and further, it didn't take her long to jam more than half of it down her stretched throat, trying to coax it into hardness.

Suddenly, she was forced back by strong hands gripping her hair. As the cock of her dreams was tantalizingly close to her face, jet so far away, her tongue actually lolled out of her mouth, giving an outside observer the impression of a lowly bitch in heat. Forcing her head upwards, while still pinning down her completely ruined hand, the boy looked into Annas eyes for the first time.

He seemed not a day older than 11, despite his forceful acts and strong demeanor. His muscles must have been enhanced in some way, as well as his monstrous cock, yet his frame was pale and slender, emphasizing his black hair and eyes. His face was angelic and would have been the perfect picture of innocence, were it not for the look in his eyes. Their sadistic glimmer spoke volumes of his cruelty and ruthlessness and looking right into their black depths made Anna shiver in masochistic delight. Today was the day, she was absolutely sure. Today was the day she would finally be snuffed out like she had hoped for since her first coherent thought.

"Do you want to suck me off, slut?" the boy asked in a cold, harsh tone. Anna yet again shivered in delight.

"Yes, sir!" she exclaimed needily, her tongue still on display while she tried to wriggle her bouncy boobs.

"Very well. But I won't be disappointed again. I have some standards and you'll meet them."

"Please sir, anything! Just tell me what you want me to do so I can suck you off. Your wish is my command!"

The boy smirked cruelly. "Alright. First, I expect your blowjob to be hands-free." With these words, he increased the pressure on her hand, indicating his wish. "Secondly, you will deepthroat me the whole time. No breathing, no vomiting, just sucking me off. And if you survive, I'll snuff you anyways. Understood?"

Anna tried to nod, but his grip was steady and relentless. "Yes, sir. Thank you for letting me do this." was her breathless answer.

This was it. If she'd let him pin her other hand, he'd choke her life out with his magnificient dick. And in the uncertain case that she'd survive it, he'd find some other way to kill her. There was not a second of hesitation as Anna placed her left hand right in front of the boys right foot, urging him wordlessly to crush it as well.

This time though, he took his time. Raising his foot slowly, he made Anna wait for it, tantalizing her with the prospect of losing another hand only for the chance of being killed by cock. As he hovered over her trembling, silky hand, he grinned directly at her, reveling in the helpless and needy expression in her eyes.

"P-please sir, do it.." she whimpered, almost sobbing in need at this point.

"Do what?"

"Sir, please crush my hand. Cripple me for your pleasure. Trample all over it so I can suck your beautiful dick!"

The pain Anna felt as his foot descended on her left hand, again sent her into spasms. But she tried to pull herself together, fearing that he'd deny her the killing he promised, only to let her shamefully give herself up for an anonymous butchering. Her eyes watered, tears staining her beautiful face, only emphasizing the submissive beauty she radiated in this moment.

Her mouth stood agape, waiting for the pole that would end her, this way or the other. With a mental command, the boy released his arousal-blockers that enabled him to live a somewhat normal life without having to deal with his large, baseball-bat-like dick all the time. It immediately swung upwards, swiftly reaching its full size at 21 inches.

Anna mewled in happiness, content in the knowledge that this was not only a worthy death but a complete honour for her.

Not holding back for a second more, the boy jammed his dick down Annas throat with a mighty push. Her esophagus was on fire as she felt parts of it actually tear at the freakishly huge monster that forced its way down her gullet. Moaning and salivating around the dick inside her mouth-cunt, Anna tried to concentrate on its taste once again, feeling her consciousness fade away slowly. Her body went limp as she was uncaringly used as the boys (still-)living semen disposal. As blackness overtook her sight and the sounds of the nearby orgy faded out, Anna was...happy.

With a gasp, she woke up. Trying to compose herself, Anna realized that her stomach looked 4 months pregnant. Slowly regaining orientation, she remembered what had happened and realized that it must be the boys semen filling her stomach. As if to confirm her thought, her bowels shifted and she let out a hearty, sperm-filled burp.

Looking around her, she saw that the orgy had changed up somewhat, as the boy, whose face-fucking she had survived somehow, was now balls-deep in the ass of the bimbo who'd been DP'd before, making her scream in agony at the ruthless, prolapse-inducing pummeling.

Next to them was a heap of bodies convulsing in a proper five-way. All the boys who had been sharing the girls before, now gang-fucked the tiny elementary-school-girl from before, while the last girl seemed to have vanished. The pre-pubescent girls pussy and mouth were filled with one cock each, while her tiny little pucker tried to contain the two large cocks that were forcefully shoved into it. Her screams were muffled by the cock in her throat so all that culd be heard was the grunting, swearing and insulting the boys threw at her.

Just then, Anna realized what she was in for. She had survived! That meant that her torment would go on for even longer!

Giddy with happiness, Anna bounced up, eager to get to her proper snuffing, but stopped short in her tracks, noticing a book that lay on the ground, torn from its proper place.

"Marie Antoinette.." she thought to herself, suddenly getting wet again at the idea that formed in her head....


Your writing style is great and I'm really excited to see someone pick this back up, my only critique (aside from I think one grammatical error I spotted) is that I'm much less a fan of the more extreme body mods on males. I enjoyed the series initially because it felt more or less like our world, except that female life was essentially worthless, and the 14" dick and the enhanced muscles kinda took away from that.


Bump in hope of seeing part three soon


although I wholeheartedly agree, in the original story he does make mentions of the boys dicks being enhanced, so it's not entirely out of place in the story. Even if I do think that this world being a parallel of ours with the difference being that female life was worthless what tipped this story from a 9/10 to a 10/10.

In any case I still loved the new chapter and am excited for anything that follows.

(BTW if you like this kind of story i recommend checking out the author Grendel, and FiddyKucker. They both write story's about worlds where females vastly outnumber males and the life of a woman is worth less than a dime.)


Yeah but in the original story it's much more of a passing reference that I was able to more or less ignore, whereas here it was far more pervasive.

Thanks for the tip, I hadn't heard of either of them before, where can I find their stuff?


> I'm also keen to finish the pop-idol-chapter that Aliien started

I've either somehow missed it back when it was posted, or, more probably, it was so long ago I've forgotten it, either way you mentioning it made me read it and it was great, and it also makes me sad it wasn't continued. Or course, ideally it should be continued by the originan author, but apparently they don't write porn anymore? What a shame. Anyway, what I want to say is I would be happy to see that story continued.


You can find them here, it needs a password but there are some other good stuff there as well that makes it worth it.

Here's FiddyKuckers Snuffworld:

And Here's Grendels Changing and Changed World

Personally I think FiddyKucker is a much better author but Grendel is more inventive and has more written.




salvation bump because people are fuckers


Bump to save from faggot spammer


Sorry guys! RL caught up with me as uni has been a bit of a bitch..
I've written a short continuation of the librarians story, hope you like it.

"Hey guys!" Anna called out loudly, almost jumping up and down with excitement as she tried to gain their attention. But to no avail, she realized as the boys kept mindlessly rutting their fucktoys as brutally as possible. She had to be more creative! Shimmying over to the heap of bodies, Anna quickly got on all fours, creeping up to the guys as she licked her lips at the prospect of what she was about to do. Approaching from behind, she suddenly embraced the guy who was seemingly trying to break the little girls pelvis as he rammed his cok deep inside of her immature vagina. His first reflex of pulling out while shouting "What the fuck?" had the side effect of pushing his ass right in Annas face.

Anna moaned in delight and hugged him even tighter, burying her face in his hairy asscheeks. The guy looked down behind him and as he felt the slutty librarian start a lust-driven, furious rimjob, he grunted in approval and again shifted his focus to crushing the small girl.

The slaps that filled the room became louder and louder as he resumed stretching that far-too-tight cunt with his throbbing dick. One of the guys in her ass meanwhile had pulled out and left the room, while the other one seemed dead-set on permamently damage that tight little rosebud as he fucked the bloody orifice with deep and strong thrusts.

As her throat was clogged up, the girls moans and yelps became weaker and weaker as her face turned blue. Her eyes fluttered, barely conscious twitches of her arms and legs signaled her desperate need for oxygen, yet still her arms were slung around the waist of her throatfucker, while her legs were slung around the guy who currently was also rimmed by Anna.

With an arousing, gurgling sound, the girl finally fell silent, her clogged airway forcing her into a comatose state while the guys kept rutting into her abused holes. Anna, who had been struggling to keep up with the guys rapid movements, pulled back a bit and sighed in a lustful tone "Do it! Suffocate her with your cock! It's so hot to see you end a life like this!"

The guys lokked at her, whispered something to each other and to Annas dismay, pulled back, releasing the limp, tiny body which fell to the ground.

Anna looked at their throbbing erections. Not a single drop of cum, neither there, nor seeping from the girl in any way.. Why did they hold off? She had never experienced men showing such restraint. Anna opened her mouth to ask them why, as just in this moment the guy who had vanished barged back in, holding a machete.

"I found one guys, we'll be.." he stopped short in his exclamation as he saw them eyeing up Anna, who knelt on the floor besides the unconscious, twitching girl.

"We got a better idea. Hey, cunt!"

Anna flinched and looked up to the guy who had addressed her.

"Yes, sir?"

He grinned and continued. "If you want to see that girl dead so badly, you're gonna do it yourself. Do a good job, and we'll reward you. We've heard what the 'little' guy told you before and we're gonna help him snuff you the way you want."

Anna moaned in renewed arousal at this prospect. Killing an innocent girl, just for the reward of being killed the way she wanted by a group of guys? It sounded like the best deal of her life. Eagerly, she held out her hands, awaiting to be gifted the tool of destruction she would use to snuff out the little flower.

But the guy with the machete snickered and kept it in his hands. "Nu-uh! If you want it so badly, you're gonna use your own hands. And don't just strangle her while she's unconcious. Entertain us!"

Wicked flames of lust filled Anna's body and her heart thumped with anticipation and eager, sado-masochistic delight. This was going to be delicious. On this day of firsts, she was going to do her first snuffing of another girl, entirely by her own hands. Kneeling above the girl, she pondered on her possibilities.

Deciding on a way to start, she turned the girl on her back and gave her a deep french kiss, exploring the limp mouth with her nimble tongue. As the girl didn't react at all, she pulled away, looked back at the guys who seemed a bit impatient, turned back and with sudden determination, she clenched her fist and bashed it right in the upturned, smooth tummy.

With a gargling sound, the girl came to her senses and after a brief moment of disarray, realized what had happened. She smiled at Anna and asked "You're still alive, miss?".

"Yes, little flower" Anna answered, "but you won't be, when I'm finished with you."

Eyes widening with joy, the girl asked "Are you gonna snuff me?"

"Yes, sweet little girl."

Hope this isn't too much of a cliffhanger. How would you like to see her snuffed? (It has to be with bare hands)
I'm open to suggestions. However, I can't give any promises how quickly I'll be able to deliver the next part.


Rape -snuff


Maybe smash her face into a bookshelf until she dies?

Alternatively, if that's too bloody, a neck snap could work.


Strap-on knife


bump from spammer



Smothering her by sitting on her face would be cool, maybe with some eye gouging or face punching to make it a more bloody affair


How about strangling her to death, or a prolonged hanging.


Well, she could always take the old fashioned route and outright beat the little cunt to death. Or, if you want to be more violent, she could wrench her jaw off her face with her bare hands, and have a furious makeout with whatever's left. Something else that might be fun is cracking her skull like and egg by beating it against the ground until it breaks, then forcing her fingers into the crack, ripping her skull apart, and making herself cum by humping her brain until it's mush on her cunt.


Anna could try to fit as much of her breast into the little girl's mouth as she can and make the girl choke and suffocate on it.



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