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Quite a few years ago, I wrote a little novel for the Dolcett Girls Forum. I never really published it, mainly because I thought I'd polish it up and sell it. But, life changed and that really isn't an option anymore. Amazon and Smashwords won't accept snuff and I'm thinking a book with throwing someone in a grinder and live spitting might not be an option for anything besides print.

I haven't really looked at this for years, so I'm going to go over it as I post.

This has a lot of scenes: cannibalism (given the Dolcett title), lesbians, lots of blood, castration, hanging, spitting, rape, true love, and general fucked-over sexiness that I like writing.

Please, comment and enjoy.


Chapter 1: Down the Street (no sex)

Sonja already hated California with all passion she could muster. She despised the fake grass and winding mountain roads that looked more like car commercials than anything normal people would use. As she stared out the window of her mother's BMW, she couldn't help thinking of California as a country in itself, something foreign to the comfort of her home in Illinois. She watched unfamiliar stores and restaurants blur past the car windows. The national chains were the sole reminder that she was still in the United States, but there were too many places she never heard of it. She slumped back into her seat and sighed dramatically.

Her mother didn't respond. Instead, she drove with her concentration alternating between the road and a printed map on her right thigh. The GPS had died getting them through Colorado.

Sonja glared at her for a moment before shuffling through well-worn magazines and empty candy wrappers in the back seat. Nothing caught her interest. With a silent snarl, she kicked at the MP3 player on the floor. It bounced off the door, then off her thigh before it skidded around on the floor mat. The kick did nothing to help the growing frustration.

Next to her, her mother made a soft grunting noise before she said, "Don't do that, honey."

Sonja grunted in response and folded her arms across her chest. Her breasts squeezed inside her t-shirt and pulled the front of her shirt from her jean shorts.

Outside, the stores stopped between one street and another. On the other side were houses, hundreds of houses in cookie-cutter shapes. Each slightly different: a different shade of color or some different way of framing the windows. But, somehow the same house over and over again. A sense of despair grew and she lashed out with her foot, slamming into the floor of the car.

Her mother grunted and spoke in a painfully patient voice, "Now honey, don't break that. It was expensive."

For a moment, Sonja didn't know if her mother talked about the MP3 player or the car. After a second, she decided her mother valued the car more, but didn't attempt to kick the player again. Once she got fresh batteries for it, it would live again. With a disgusted grunt, Sonja looked down at the dozen drained batteries on the ground and shook her head.

The nearly identical houses faded away into older homes. As the blocks flew by, the houses grew larger and moved further back from the road, disappearing behind trees and gardens. Sonja could almost see the history, but it didn't mean anything to her besides reminding her how foreign everything looked. Houses were houses, but she wasn't home.

Sonja spotted the street name she remembered from the map. "Mom?"

"Not now, honey."

"But, we just passed the street." She peered over her shoulder to her mother.

"No, we didn't," declared her mother as she brandished the map. "I know exactly where I am. Now, shut up and let me drive."


"Not... now."

Sonja returned her gaze to the window and focused on her reflection. Faint and translucent, the ghost-like image looked back with the buildings passing through it. Her dark eyes were almost a sea-green except for darker streaks. Black mascara gave her a deep look, which matched well with the dark red hair that covered her shoulders. She had a few darker strands and sighed again, her natural black streaks were showing through the hair color. Tugging on one of them, she twisted it around while staring out at the houses that passed.

She considered reminding her mother about the passed road, but one look at her mother's concentration changed her mind.

The houses disappeared after fifteen minutes and soon only trees and clearings were visible. The asphalt turned to broken, poorly maintained road. The car shook and bounced as her mother raced along it. For a brief moment, it looked like Illinois again, with its ragged potholes and abandoned roads.

Her mother grunted and slowed down the car. "What the fuck is this?"

Pulling herself away from the window, Sonja saw an immense bridge ahead. A score of flashing road barriers and cones blocked the road and her mother pulled in front of them, turning the car so she could get a better view. Sonja unbuckled her seat belt to peer past her mother at the bridge beyond.

Her mother grumbled as she pulled out the map. "How did I miss...?"

Her voice trailed off as she spoke. Sonja waited for her mother to finish the sentence, but then the shrill ring of a cell phone filled the car before the words came out. Groaning, Sonja yanked open the door as her mother fished it out from her jacket pocket and answered it.

"Gwen here."

Sonja managed to get out of the car before her mother started up with a building tirade. "No! I said that you needed to kick the servers over to the San Diego data center and get them working there! No... no... no! I said move them, don't order new ones. I don't care if they want to charge us. We own those boxen," her mother always used that word to describe computers, "and they are damn-"

The noise muted when Sonja slammed the door shut. Turning around from her mother's car, she tugged her t-shirt down over her taut belly and tucked it into her shorts. She padded away from the car. Her sandals slapped against the road, audible even over the sounds of birds screaming at each other and the buzz of insects. She kept walking until her mother's voice faded into incomprehensibility.

A warm wind, smelling almost fruity, brushed across her and Sonja focused her attention on the bridge: a wooden suspension bridge from an earlier century. Curiosity growing, she shuffled over to the old construction.

Up close, she could almost feel the age of the bridge. Immense timbers were barely held together with rusted brackets and wooden dowels. A faded caution sign stood in the middle, a few yards away from the ragged end of the bridge. She walked around the sign to inspect the blackened ends of the bridge. Grabbing on to one, she leaned over the edge and peered into the valley below.

A deep gouge in the earth plunged in shadows. Sonja saw ragged rocks on both sides of the valley. Briefly, she wondered if she could climb down, but as she thought about it, a rock broke off and bounced into the darkness, crunching for a few seconds before growing silent. Beyond the valley, she could see the other side of the bridge. It flashed with road barriers and they looked newer than the ones on this side. Even though the valley stretched a few hundred feet away, it was worlds apart.

A battered metal sign bolted to the side of the bridge caught her attention. Brown with mud, road dust, and rust, she couldn't read it. The breeze rocked it and she couldn't resist. Walking over, she scraped at the dust and mud with a stick. It was blackened from the same fire that ruined the bridge. Only a few letters were visible: an "o" and "tt." Shaking her head, she wiped her fingers on her jean shorts.

Turning around, she jumped when she saw someone standing by the bridge. It was a man, slightly on the portly side, but not quite fat. He had a graying beard with a slight swarthy look to him. In the right light, he almost looked like a terrorist or a hermit in the middle of the woods. The leather bomber jacket a few decades short of a wash didn't help the wild look. He looked like a stalker or a murderer. That thought worried her and she stepped away from him, circling around.

He smiled warmly and dug into his pocket for something. "You seem to be a tad lost."

He spoke with a warm, rumbling voice, not what she expected him to sound like. Part of her expected to hear him sound like a hillbilly, rough voice from smoking and moonshine. Instead, he sounded cultured or at least educated. Sonja's concern faded minutely but she still confirmed that her mother sat in the BMW only twenty feet away.

"Yeah... my mother took a wrong turn."

As she spoke, he lifted his hand in sight and held a thick cigar to his lips. The smells of tobacco wafted across her as the tip glowed cherry for a moment. Grinning, he exhaled a cloud of bluish smoke and gestured to the bridge with smoking cigar. "Obviously. Where are you trying to go?"

Relaxing, Sonja took a step to the side and leaned against the side of the bridge. For a moment, she waited for him to look at her teenage body---like most men did---but his eyes didn't even twitch away from her face. She decided he must be gay or too old to appreciate teenage girls.

Then, she remembered his question and answered, "Talhoma Drive."

"Oh, in the old district. I know the area."

Pointing back the way they came, he gave her directions that would lead back to the turn she saw before. Sonja nodded in the right places and thanked him. When he finished, she asked, "Where did this bridge go?"

To her surprise, he frowned and shook his head. "You don't want to think about that."


One finger pointed out across the valley, "All that is private property. Part of Dolcett County, those folks are very," he shook his head, "peculiar about their privacy."

"How do they get over there? The bridge is out."

"A different bridge, of course. Not like they can fly over this valley."

Sonja blushed and glanced across the valley for a moment, trying not to dwell on the obvious answer to her question. The other side seemed to be still in a different world from her but it took on a sinister appearance. She shivered despite the heat. A strange, morbid sense of longing filled her.

As if reading her mind, the older man grunted. "And I wouldn't consider going over there yourself."

"Oh? Why?"

"Well," he said exhaling cigar smoke, "I said they value their privacy. And that includes shooting trespassers. There is also the valley down there," he gestured with a flick of the cigar, "A lot of teenagers end up dying when they get drunk and cross it. Between the rock falls and flash floods, this area loses a few teens a year."

"That's horrible!"

"There are signs for a reason. Kids about your age think you are immortal, immune to anything and this is a dangerous place. I bet you're barely old enough to smoke, aren't you?"

He gave her a hard look and Sonja felt a blush rising again. It felt like he was appraising her as a hunk of meat. She turned eighteen only a few short weeks before and was used to admiring looks, but the stranger's inspection had none of the creepy overtones of dirty old men. It was functional, efficient, like being a cattle in a state fair. She cleared her throat to distract him. "W-Why doesn't anyone do something?"

"What? Besides put up signs, tell everyone, and basically make it clear that it's dangerous? I guess they got tired of wasting their money on kids too stupid to read."

"Is there a lot of trespassing?"


He shrugged. "Yes and no. Hard to tell since they don't ship the bodies back." He grinned. "I think they eat them."

Sonja stared at him in shock, unable to respond.

The old man's smile faded as he stepped around the bridge and down toward a path away from the valley and into woods. Sonja watched his form disappearing into the trees before she looked back at her mother. Gwen still screamed on the phone, but in a marginally softer tone than before.

"Must be talking to a higher manager," muttered Sonja.

Sonja sighed and leaned against the bridge. The warm air drifted around her and she stared out across the valley. On the far side, the blinking lights were almost hypnotic and she amused herself by counting the flashes. The warm wood of the bridge felt good after hours of sitting in the BMW in their cross-country drive.

The car door slammed shut, waking her. She watched as her mother straightened out her blouse over her large breasts before walking over. She struggled with her heels on the gravel road, but she managed to walk over to Sonja without injury. "I miss the days when you could just order a server. Now, everything is custom blades, pissing over asset tags, or trying to throw something up on VMWare."

Sonja didn't like computers. She turned back to stare across the valley.

A few uncomfortable seconds of silence pasted before her mother sighed. "Who were you talking to?"

"I don't know, just a local. He told me to stay away from there," she pointed across the valley with her right hand.

"Did you ask for directions?"

"Of course."

More silence.

Her mother sighed before curtly speaking. "Do you want to tell me what is wrong?"

For a moment, Sonja considered just walking away, just like every time in the last few weeks. But, after weeks of fighting and the tedious drive, she finally snapped. She locked eyes with her mother's. Anger and rage exploded in her as she stepped forward, balling her hands into fists. "Besides being dragged across this god-forsaken country? Right before my senior year!?"

Sonja's voice grew shrill as she screamed.

Her mother snapped back, but not quite yelling. "I told you. I had to---"

"Yes, I know. You had to move to keep up with your job. God forbid you actually found a job in the same state as before. You had offers, you know that. You just wanted to get away from dad's family."

"This one paid better and you know---"

"Oh yeah, and money is more important than letting me---"

"Will you let me finish!?"

"No!" screamed Sonja.

"Then let me anyways!"

Her mother stepped forward, hand rising to slap her. Sonja glared at her, but said nothing. After a long moment of tension, her mother lowered her hand and balled it in a fist. "I had to take this job. It let me keep my seniority and it paid better. I looked, you knew that, but I couldn't find anything. They were going to close the business unit."

Sonja continued to glare at her mother, but said nothing.

Her mother started up after a few moments. "Now, I know you don't agree, but it was the best choice. They have good schools here and you'll make new friends."

Grumbling to herself, Sonja stepped away from the bridge and returned to the car. After a few moments, her mother joined her and turned around.

"We better hurry. The movers will probably already be there."

Silence flooded the car as her mother finally found the right street and turned onto it. A few more turns and they drove down a sparsely populated dirt road. In the quarter mile to the end of the road, Sonja counted four houses on one side and a large field on the other. Her mother pulled into a long gravel drive of the third house.

Sonja's first look of their new house didn't impress her. Two stories tall, with peeling white paint revealing weathered green underneath. Long, narrow windows ending in a curved point; Gothic style, she remembered from her high school architectural classes. A large porch slumped to the side, the corner collapsed in a pile of splinters and mold. She frowned as she inspected the rest of the house from the snarls of weeds crowding the foundation to the flaking plywood covering the upper windows. To the north side of the house, she saw a detached garage sitting a few yards from the house, like a beaten dog with nowhere to go.

Four bored-looking men looked up from a large green truck parked on the south side of the house. Two of them set down their beer cans while a third gathered up plastic poker chips. The fourth, the leader, walked over to Sonja's mother. "Lady, we get paid to sit around. And we've been---"

She held out a hundred dollar bill. "This says less than twenty minutes. And if you shut up right now, I'll double it."

The man clamped his mouth shut. Her mother knew how to deal with people. The man's eyes glittered with greed and the bill disappeared. His eyes lowered to take in Sonja's mother appearance: Gwen's tailored suit attracted most men's attention. Her curves fit an hourglass, with a narrow waist, flared hips, and large breasts. She even wore black pantyhose for a drive across the country, simply because of the advantage she got out of it.

Sonja knew how much her mother used her appearance to cut deals and get promoted, one reason Gwen got the request to move to corporate headquarters instead of being laid off like everyone else. For all of her obsession, her mother knew how to manipulate people.

Everyone said Sonja looked like her mother, something that always rankled the teenager. She was skinnier and slightly taller, but the family portraits confirmed what Sonja didn't want to admit. Sonja folded her arms around her chest, trying not to notice the other guys staring at her as much as her mother.

Gwen turned to her daughter. "So, what do you think?"

Sonja looked over the house. "It's a piece of crap."

"Honey, don't start---"

"Look, mom," Sonja gestured to the fallen porch, "It's coming apart. What is holding it together, termites and duct tape?"

Gwen sighed. "We'll get it repaired, the real estate agent recommended a crew already. Come on, let's see our new home."

Sonja followed her mother, muttering under her breath. "Hopefully it will crush her to death."

The greedy mover followed Sonja and her mother. Gwen picked her way up on the porch of the house, grabbing the side as her heels tapped on the rotted wood. She dug into her purse and pulled out an old, Victorian-style key. Fumbling with the large key, she jammed it into the lock and twisted hard. The door made a thunk noise and swung open, pulling the key from Gwen's hand.

A cloud of dust poured out of the house, followed by a choking scent of mold and rotted meat. Sonja shivered as the dust rushed past her, the air from house felt icy against her skin. She gasped, coughing violently and gasping for air. It felt like something squeezed her lungs with claws and she couldn't breathe.

The world spun around and she sat down heavily on the top step of the porch. The splinters of the wood dug into the back of hers thighs and she tried to shift away. Tears running down her cheeks, she managed to regain her breath. She inhaled long and deep and then exhaled.

For a moment, it looked like her breath fogged in the summer air.

"What the...." she decided not to finish her words. Looking up, she saw her mother watching with impatience. Her mother didn't seem to notice the cold or the stench. Blushing, Sonja scrambled back to her feet. "Sorry."

Gwen sighed dramatically. She turned to enter to the house but her cell phone rang out shrilly. Another sigh and Gwen grabbed her phone, gesturing to Sonja. "Go find your room, honey. I need to get this."

Sonja glared at her mother who already walked back to her car. Padding quietly inside, Sonja got a chance to see her new home, alone. Tall and dark, the entry hall stretched the entire length of the house. Her fingers found the heavy, ancient switch, but flipping it did nothing. Navigating by the slashes of sunlight that entered the room, she peered around at the tile floors and wallpapered walls.

She found the kitchen next and stopped when she took in the large room. Even with three walls practically dripping with cabinets and applicants, she saw enough space for a huge central island. Three large stoves dominated one wall, each one about twice as large as the one back home. A triple sink on the second wall lead right up to a door leading into the back yard. On the third, she saw two doors leading into smaller, windowless rooms. Sonja frowned as she saw bolt holes in the walls. Along the door, she caught sight of some metal. Picking it up, she read the plaque, "Ice King Freezer." She scanned the room, trying to visualize a freezer the size of a room and failed.

Pushing it out of her thoughts, she peered out back at the large backyard. A massive brick grill filled one corner of the lawn, surrounded by tall grasses, but otherwise she saw nothing of note.

Her exploration went past a living room and dining room, both large enough for a small army. Both also had fireplaces, marble and Gothic in appearance. The living room fireplace had black and white marble while the dining room had a dark green that somehow fit with the stained glass cabinets and dark woods.

The wooden staircase led up to the second floor. Every step creaked with her footsteps. The heat enveloped her as she climbed the stairs, a suffocating humidity. As she reached the top, she felt sweat trickling down her spine. She heard someone whispering in one of the rooms. Curious, she stepped to the door and peered inside, but she only saw a dark room. Fumbling with a switch, she flipped it on.

Unlike the switch below, the switch actually worked. Yellow light flooded into the fair-sided room and she looked at the garish wallpaper with disgust.

"Flowers and fairies? Gag me with a spoon."


She heard the whispering down the hall and hurried down it, throwing open the next room. Sunlight streamed through the window, revealing the larger, empty room. Frustrated, she opened the last two remaining doors in the hall, a full bathroom and a small bedroom. She stormed into the last room, throwing open the closet. She didn't spot anyone. Closing the door with frustration, she turned around.

Movement outside of a broken window caught her attention. She walked over to the opening, she looked down into the front yard where her mother paced back and forth as she yelled into her cell phone. Sonja glared with annoyance and turned back to the rooms.

She wasn't impressed with any of the rooms. The master bedroom looked almost tolerable, but the idea of sharing a single bathroom with her mother left her feeling cold. She wiped the sweat from her brow and pulled her t-shirt from her chest, disgusted by the sweat that peeled off her skin. The top floor needed an air conditioner to be even livable.

Uncomfortable, she headed back down the stairs. The stairs creaked under her footsteps and she could hear the movers pulling one of the exercise machines from the truck outside. Dodging around one of the men struggling up the stairs with a heavy bookcase, Sonja wandered around the ground floor. Coming into the kitchen, she opened a fridge and marveled at the size of its insides. Whoever owned the house before was obsessed with cooking.

Turning around, she saw something she missed the first time: a painted-over door behind the door to the hallway. Closing the fridge, she crossed the kitchen and pushed the door shut to look at the one behind it. The second door was the same color as the wall; it looked like someone tried to hide it with thick coats of paint. Even the cracks around the door frame were sealed over with dried paint.

When she tried the ancient handle, it refused to move. Grunting, she twisted it hard. She could hear the latch scraping inside, but the door didn't budge. Grumbling to herself, she tried to use both hands, but the door continued to stay sealed shut.

She gave up after a few seconds. With a mutter, she closed the kitchen door to leave. "Guess no options down there."

She managed to push the door open when she heard a loud snapping noise. Startled, she stared at the kitchen door, at the scratches of many years of use, and listened carefully. To her ears, it sounded like it came from the door that refuse to open. With a trembling hand, she reached for the kitchen door and pushed it shut. It squealed as it rocked back into place and she blinked as she stared at the white painted door.

Hesitating, she pressed her fingers against the cool wood before she grabbed the handle. She gave it a cautious turn, not expecting it to move. The door opened easily, flaking the thick paint to the floor. It swung open silently, as if oiled. Cold air, colder than she expected, puffed past her and she felt her nipples hardening underneath her shirt.

Holding her breath, she pushed open the door even more and peered down at the wooden stairs leading into darkness. Sonja fumbled around the edges for a switch, but found none. On an impulse, she reached up and her fingers brushed against a string hanging above her. Tugging on it, the light above the door popped slightly and filled the stairs with a dirty yellow glow.

The basement stairs were steep, but heavily built. Stepping forward, she planted one foot on the top stair. A cool shiver grazed across her skin as she felt her breath catching in her throat. Instead of stepping away, she brought her other foot down and the stairs held. Moving gingerly, she stepped down the stairs, one at a time, peering around her constantly.

Silence. Only the occasional thuds of the movers broke through the dim silence that filled the basement. Above her, the ceiling reached at least twelve, if not more, feet tall. She felt tiny in the massive basement. The air felt cool, just barely warm enough to prevent her from shivering. At the bottom, her feet found the solid concrete floor comforting. Through her sandals, Sonja felt the cold from the floor seeping through her soles. Peering around, she spotted another pull string and tugged on it. It resisted, but soon another light popped on with a hiss and flooded everything with a yellowed light.

To her left, she saw a storage or work room of some sort. A heavy rusted drain dominated the floor. The edges were covered in shelves and cabinets. Tools, rusted from misuse, rested everywhere, with a thick layer of dust over everything. To her right, a shut door, but she followed a hallway going back along the stairs, moving in almost reverential silence. At the back, she found a clothes washer and dryer, both looked remarkably new. A door led outside and a padlocked chain hung across it to seal it off. On the floor, she kicked through forgotten clothes eaten by bugs and age.

"Sonja? Where are you?"

Her mother's voice called out. At first, Sonja thought her mother came downstairs and spun around, looking for her. When her mother called again, Sonja lifted her gaze up to the ceiling. She yelled back as she walked back toward the stairs. "I'm okay!"

"Pick a room, honey. They are almost to your stuff."

Hearing her mother annoyed her even more. Sonja looked over to the closed door at the base of the stairs and opened it. A dark room, larger than the smaller bedrooms, but smaller than the master bedroom. Stepping inside, she found a heavy switch and pushed it up. Lights hissed as two hanging lights exploded with brilliance, revealing an empty room with smooth, painted walls. Each wall looked orange with dust and grime.

Sonja circled the room, hearing almost no sounds from above. Two other doors lead out of the room. Looking into the first, she saw a good-sized bathroom with a deep wide tub. Cream-colored tiles were broken in a few places, but otherwise the tub looked usable. In the other, a walk-in closet, completed with bars mounted in the proper places.

The cool air almost felt good against her skin as her movements created a faint breeze. A sense of comfort filled her and she made her decision. Sprinting up the stairs, she found her mother standing near the front door, directing everyone. "Mother! I found my room."

Barely giving her a glance, she pointed to the mover and then up the stairs. He waited until she looked away before making a pained expression.

"Good, I was about to pick for you."

"In the basement."

Her words sunk into her mother's thoughts for a moment before she shook her head. "No. Absolutely not."

"Why not?"

"Because it is cold and I don't want you down there."

"I like it. And you can use the upstairs for your office."

"I already have an office, the room you don't pick."

Sonja felt herself getting desperate. Thinking furiously, she went through a few arguments before finally fixing on one. "It is private and you don't have to listen to my music."

That stopped her mother who paused for a moment.

Feeling hopeful, Sonja spoke up again. "And I know you always need a storage place for your papers. And your books would do better upstairs than in the living room. And this has a bathroom of my own, which means no more sharing the outlets."

Gwen looked thoughtful. She said, "Fine, but if you catch a cold in this next week, you are moving the furniture yourself."

Relieved, Sonja felt the first hope dawning. She didn't want to move California, but there was something about a private room of her own that sounded appealing.

Her mother turned away to direct the movers.

Sonja decided to be useful and hurried outside to help.

End of Chapter 1


I'm intrigued. Like what I read so far. I like how you captured the personality of a whinny teenager.


Very interesting, loved to read more!


pls moar


Chapter 2: First Night Jitters (no sex)

Over eleven hours of moving left Sonja feeling exhausted and tired. Her arms and legs ached from constantly lifting and unpacking boxes. She managed to unpack her entire room in a few short hours but that didn’t stop her mother from pressuring her into finishing the rest of the house. Her mother, naturally, spent the entire time screaming into a phone as she made a token effort of unpacking her office boxes.

Sonja groaned as she crawled out of her private tub. Her arms shook from the effort of standing up. Her legs wavered and she clutched to the side of the wall until her head cleared. Grabbing a towel, she dried herself off and slipped into her favorite gown, a white silk affair that caressed the tops of her feet and clung to every curve. She found it while unpacking and couldn’t resist setting it aside for the night. She felt sexy wearing it and swayed her hips as she padded back into the main room.

The fabric clung to her hips and hung from her breasts, dancing across her skin with every movement. The lace tickled her nipples, hardening them in the cool air of her room.

She faltered in the bedroom, suddenly unsure of why she wanted to feel sexy for an empty room. No boyfriends waited on the bed for a chance to feel her up in hopes of getting laid. No girlfriends to giggle over gossip. Everyone was still in Illinois and she didn't know anyone in California.

Pushing it aside, she turned off the light and made her way blindly back to her bed. With a sigh, she slipped into the cool sheets and waited for the bed to warm up to her body. A moment later, her exhaustion dragged her into sleep.


Sonja stood disoriented in darkness. She blinked with confusion and looked around, trying to find the walls of her bedroom. In her memory, she distinctly remembered crawling into bed, but now she stood with no memory of where she was, how she got there, or even what the hell was going on.

Her toes curled on the ground, sliding on some slick surface. It felt textured but smooth. Like the surface of a bookcase. She looked down, but couldn’t see anything. In her vision, she saw swirls of something dark around her, giving her only flashes of her legs and nothing of the ground below her.

The air was hot and humid; it choked Sonja as she turned around. The back of her throat burned with an acidic taste tickling her esophagus. She covered her mouth as she tried to orient herself.

And none of them made any senses as she stood in the middle of nowhere, peering through tearing eyes. Mist, or what looked like mist, swirled around, just out of her focus. Frowning, she turned around slowly, then jumped as one of the misty tendrils brushed against her. It left a burning sensation on her right shoulder.


A woman’s cruel giggle echoed out in the darkness, then faded just as quickly. She spun around, looking for the source, but couldn’t see anything in the mist. She clutched the burn, then slowed to a stop as she felt her nipples rubbing on naked flesh. Surprised, she peered down at her nude form and gaped with surprise.

Sonja distinctly remembered pulling on a nightgown before crawling into bed. But, now she stood unclothed in the mists. Sweat clung to her large breasts and she watched a droplet slide down the valley of her cleavage. It followed the curve of her stomach, around her belly, then disappeared into the patch of dark hair above her sex. She gulped as the heat rose around her, suffocating. More droplets of sweat poured down her face, chest, and back. She felt it pouring down the small of her back, a maddeningly delicate sensation that stole her breath way. She tried to gulp in cooler air, but only humid heat flooded her lungs.

“He will kill you, cow,” giggled the woman right in her ear.

Panic flared to life in her veins and she spun around, trying to find the speaker. She saw no one but stumbled as she saw the mist gathering together. Something rushed her from the darkness. Through the mists came walls glowing cherry red and streaked with white. They moved dangerously fast, leaving sparks that burned her vision. She flung her arms in front of her face, trying to protected herself.

The mist slammed into her with the force of a sledgehammer; the concussion threw her back into the wall behind her. She slammed into it hard, her naked flesh sizzling instantly on the cherry-red metal. She screamed in panic, clawing at the metal and trying to pull herself from the burning surface. Her fingers cracked on the metal and she felt her flesh being peeled from the bone.

Sonja’s scream woke her as her body threw herself up into sitting position. The scream echoed shrilly against the walls of her basement room, barely muted by the soft white carpet and hastily hung pictures. She gasped, clutching her blankets as she fought to breathe. Fading nightmares still clung to her thoughts, leaving her flush and overheated. For a long moment, she could do nothing other than gasp at the wonderfully cool air and stare at the walls, terrified they would burn her again. But, when the room remained cold to her skin, she hesitantly reached out for the nearest wall. Shaking, she pressed her palm on the wall and let out a long gasp of relief at the icy surface.

Her heaving breasts slowed down and she calmed down to breathe normally. She used her blanket to wipe the cooling sweat from her face and arms before trying to dry her nightgown. She gave up after a few seconds and peeled the front of her nightgown from her front. It gave her a sucking sensation as it parted from her sweat-slicked body. She groaned at the disgusting wet feeling.

An errant breeze filled the room, swirling around her face and diving down into her nightgown. She let out a gasp and jumped as she felt the sweat drying on her skin, puffing up her nightgown until it met resistance with the clinging fabric. She tugged even further, desperate for coolness after her dream. The breeze continued to slide down her body. It felt good and she used both hands to peel away the fabric to exposed her heated skin.

A few seconds of cooling wasn't enough to relieve her. She crawled up on her knees, spread them for balance, and then peeled off the soaked nightgown.

Naked once again, she rolled over and planted her hands on the icy wall, stretching out on all fours and spreading her legs further. The cool air ran along very inch of her body. It followed every curve, teasing her nipples, and rustling through her pubic hair and leaving her shuddering with relief.

A few minutes later, she knelt on her bed as dry as the summer’s night. Reaching over, she flicked on the light and jumped as the room flooded with the yellowed light. She ran her hands through her long, red hair and pulled it back into a pony tail. She tugged a few errant strands back into place and slipped off her bed.

She felt free and alive, the intensity of the super-heated dream only a fading memory. Her breasts, heavy and large, sagged slightly, but the cold air felt good. She turned around, the noticed the wind came from the door of her room. She distinctly remembered closing it tightly, but now a piece of tissue fluttered between the floor and the frame.

Rolling her eyes, she closed and locked the door. Grumbling, she padded into her closet. “Can’t win, can I?”

Nothing appealed to her, but she found a huge t-shirt in the corner. For a moment, Sonja tried to remember how she got it, but then she remembered the date, and a clumsy attempt to get her into her pants. Grinning, she yanked it off the hanger, ignoring the metal wire as it clattered to the ground.

“This gets closer to me than you ever will, Steve.”

It only took a moment for her to pull it over her head and nestle her body into the right places. The fabric stretched around her hips, holding it tightly and she felt warm already. Stretched out slightly, she peered around her room, at the wooden chests and large dresser in the corner. Her bed matched perfectly, a set bought together right before the move.

Sonja left the walk-in closet and took a deep breath. Wide awake from the nightmare, the room felt enclosed and suffocating. For a brief moment, she felt the walls from her dream coming back and she rushed for the door, cracking it open. The cool breeze blew away her nightmares and she let out a sigh of relief.

A sudden need for fresh air welled up inside her and Sonja decided that the outside was a better place to be. Giving her room one nervous look, she padded up the stairs.

The kitchen was cool, but not as cold as the basement. The breeze swirled through the kitchen and she noticed the back door cracked open just like her bedroom. Strange memories rose up of the kitchen filled with wood smoke and the sound of sizzling meat over an open flame. A woman’s giggle rose up in her thoughts and she shivered with discomfort. She fled for the back door, fleeing toward the icy breeze that blew away the memories.

Pausing at the door, she peered outside. Seeing nothing but evening mist, lit up with moonlight, she slid back the chain and bolt and stepped out onto a tiny porch. Wood creaked with her weight, but the aged porch held.

Sonja paused just outside the kitchen door, looking across the good-sized backyard. Tiny tendrils of mist swirled up from the ground, moving like a snake with no home or body. She watched the fog for a while, but it only danced in the summer breeze. Taking a deep breath, she felt the anxiety slipping away. The last of her nightmare faded as she watched the mist slide through the trees at the back of the lot.

The swirling brought her attention to a darkness in the corner of the lot. A shape came out, of some structure made of brick. Curious, she peered around and listened to the buzzing of insects in the air and whispering of bats feeding on them. Nothing else broke the gentle sounds of summer, so she risked stepping down the stairs. Each step squealed with her weight.

Her bare feet touched the ground and she froze, the warmth and comfort of bare dirt was a stark contrast compared to the rough wood stairs or even the cold of her basement room. Around her, the buzz of insects continued to rise and fall, a symphony of the night that wrapped her in a warm comfort. The scents were different, the wind leaving a different caress, but for a brief moment, Sonja could almost pretend she was still in Illinois and not near some ocean.

A faint annoyance at her mother rose up like bile and she looked away from the backyard. A yellowed light drew her attention from the upstairs. Looking up, she saw the light of her mother’s office was still on. A flicker of blue and white told her more than she wanted to know: her mother never stopped working.

Unwilling to draw attention, Sonja padded out into the backyard, enjoying the soft, moist warmth of the ground and the gentle touch of the summer wind. Her annoyance faded as she thought of fairies dancing in the wind. She always liked fairies, the thought of someone watching over her, protecting her from evil. Closing her eyes, she stretched her arms up into the air, turning around slowly in a phantom dance.

Bare feet against the soft ground, the wind as her dance partner, Sonja finally started to relax ever since she left her home, her real home, so many days before. It was only a short dance, but it left her feeling alive once again. Giggling, she slowed to a stop and found herself near the back of the yard, fifty feet from the house and close to the woods. The buzz of the insects was still strong, louder the closer she was to the trees. A bat flapped high above, feeding on the buzzing. Sonja still felt safe in the backyard, as long as the insects made noise.

Turning around slowly, she saw the structure that caught her attention before. It was a massive brick oven and grill. On the left side, a rusted metal grill about seven or eight feet long was permanently mounted over a bed for coals. At each end, a large rusted bracket was positioned for some sort of pole or spit. Sonja paused for a moment, trying to remember how large a pig was. She decided it was large enough for one, maybe even larger.

Reaching out, she stroked her fingers against the yellow bricks of the grill. The edges were smooth, worn down with years. A thin layer of soot covered everything, streaking her fingers.

Well used too.

Looking over the rust, Sonja realized that the grill didn’t see any use since the house got painted. Trailing her fingers still against the brick and mortar, she caressed the grill, padding around it as she tried to picture the massiveness of it. The oven was even larger than the grill, large enough for a horse, if only one of those toy ponies. Maybe even a larger one, since she couldn’t imagine how large a pony really was.

She paused at the iron door, rusty with age. Black grease and soot coated the handle. To her surprise, her hand was trembling as she reached out for it, pushing with increasing force. It refused to move. She wrapped her fingers around it and pushed harder; it resisted until she threw her strength into it. The handle snapped suddenly, the metal ringing out as she fell forward. Her body slammed against the brick, her breasts crushed against the metal door. In her hand, a drop of blood dripped from a cut in her palm.

Sonja shook as she pushed herself away from the oven door, staring down at the soot stains that covered her breasts, a charcoal highlight of her body. Or at least, the parts that interest most men. Lifting her hand into the moonlight, she peered at the shallow cut along her palm. The handle clattered to the ground, followed by another drop of bright blood. Even in the moonlight, the crimson droplet almost glowed as it hit the ground, soaking into the summer dirt almost instantly.

She stared at it for a long moment, until one more droplet splashed to the ground. Frowning, she knelt down to tear off a strip of her shirt; she didn’t like Steve that much. Just as her fingers clutched at the fabric, staining it crimson, a warm wind howled through the woods.

As she watched, the mist boiled away in a tidal wave of summer heat. The breath caught in her chest as the wind slammed into her, tightening the skin even as the last tendril of mist melted under the onslaught of the spectral breeze. Sonja clutched herself tightly, almost kneeling on the ground. The heated wind rushed her again, plunging up under her gown, leaving sweat glittering on her naked skin.

In the distance, something snapped a branch. From between the branches, she heard a woman’s giggling coming closer. It wasn't a cheerful sound, but the cruel chuckle from her nightmares.

Sonja’s head snapped up, the frost and wind forgotten. Around her, she realized that the song of summer was gone, the insects were silent.

She was in danger.

Fear sparkled through her veins, an icy dripping down her spine. Another branch snapped and it felt closer, louder. Almost painful as it echoed through the backyard. Pressing her legs together against the heat, she could only stare out into the backyard, in the direction of the growing sounds. It grew closer, a thudding of someone, or something, walking toward her. The ground vibrated with every step, the grass rippling as she felt the footsteps pounding in sync with every fourth heartbeat.

Above, she saw the golden light of her mother’s office, but even in fear, she couldn’t bring herself to call out for her. She was so busy, she probably wouldn’t have responded even if she did.

Movement caught her attention, but it didn’t come from around the house or along the woods. It was a moth, white wings fluttering frantically. Next to her feet, the feather-light touch caressed her foot as it sputtered around, turning in a small circle, but never going anywhere. As Sonja watched, she saw mist rising from its body like ice melting from the white wings. As the mist faded, the moth struggled to remain aloft. It fluttered to the ground, growing slower with every passing pulse of heat. She found herself begging for it to survive, unsure of what to do.

Trembling, she reached down and cupped it. It’s dying wings folded and unfolded in her hand, dropping tiny drops of ice on her palm. As tears burned her eyes, the moth fell to its side. The wings fluttered once more and the moth ceased to move.

“No,” she whimpered.


She leaned down and blew gently on the creature. Her breath felt cool on her hot skin and the moth fluttered once. Hope sparked inside her and she blew again. This time, a blast of cold blew past her, melting away the heat. An icy vortex formed in her hand, picking up the moth and sending it into the air. She held her breath, confused and frightened, but the moth started to fly on its own, fluttering gaily around her head.

Burning wind and the vortex of ice slammed into each other. Above her, black clouds oozed across the sky, reaching for the moon with burning fingers as a storm of moths burst out of the grill behind her. Their wings, tiny and delicate, flooded her with cool air as they

“No...” Sonja’s whisper slashed at her throat, as the feeling of something terrible pounded through the woods, each step just a foot or so closer to her. She could feel the heat reaching out for her heart, squeezing it with talons of fear. At the very edges of her vision, she saw the woods moving, as the underbrush was shoved powerfully aside.

Fear rose up into her, the fear and terror driving her to flee, to hide. Looking around, she measured the distance between her and the house. A tree snapped, crashing into another but never reaching the ground. Instead, something powerful lifted the base, the shattered end, and pushed it aside. She whimpered and stared pleadingly at the house, but the expanse of burning grass just stretched out even further, miles away despite the short distance.

Sonja whimpered and looked up at the bright light of her mother’s office. The light was dimmed, obscured by the black fingers that reached out to snuff the moon. She felt the wind melting the moths and wind, silencing out the insects brutally. She dug deep inside, trying to find the energy to call out, to call for her mother.

But no words came.

The iron door of the grill pressed against her back and Sonja let loose with a tiny shriek. In her fear, she managed to back against it. Shaking, she reached behind her, to the remains of the handle of the oven. In front of her, the powerful presence shoved aside another tree, uprooting a bush and tossing it aside.

Fear exploded inside her and Sonja spun around. Grabbing the shattered remains of the handle, she yanked it aside, throwing open the door. Inside the massive grill, the darkness greeted her with the smell of rust and soot. Fear behind her pushed any fear of the dark and she crawled inside, grabbing onto a rusted shelf and pulling herself in. Her shirt was ruined in an instant, smeared with black soot and rust. She managed to crawl completely inside in a few heartbeats.

The inside of the oven prickled her with the cold, but Sonja didn’t pause. She reached out and closed the door, sealing herself inside. Only a tiny slit exposed her to the outside, white frost dripping from the opening. Her breath was loud against the inside, reflecting off solid brick walls. She clamped one hand over her mouth, to keep herself silent as she grew accustomed to her surroundings.

Underneath, a thick metal grill held her up above where the coals and wood would be. Above her, a chimney stretched up, but she couldn’t see the moon through the darkness. To her surprise, the oven was large enough for her to stretch out in, almost six feet from side to side. It was also as wide as it was long, large enough for two, maybe three people to fit in. The thought of that scared her, but the sounds outside scared her even more.

Pounding of someone’s foot grew closer, crunching on dying moths and slashing through grass. She felt it in her heart, a present that beat against her soul with every step. Every step was loud, almost standing on the oven itself. The moon’s darkness started to fade, giving her a brief moment of light.

Then something stopped in front of the door. Sonja’s hand on her mouth tightened and she strained to hold her breath, fearful that they were going to look inside. For a long moment, only the pounding of her heart filled her hearing.

Then, the woman’s voice hissed out. “No, you can’t have the cow! I’ll be damned if you---”

There was a crack of flesh and then a thud noise.

The woman's voice halted instantly. Heat beat against the oven door, then faded with a popping noise. A moment later, cold air rushed through the cracks in the door, powerfully cold and leaving her breath fogging in the air.

To her surprise, a delicate smell of cologne filled the oven. It was a warm musky scent, and completely at odds with the terror that coursed through her body. For a brief moment, she wondered if horror movie monsters wore perfume, then a voice slashed through her thoughts, a just as warm and deep voice that echoed in the oven’s depths. “Don’t fear me, Sonja.”

She almost fainted at the sound of her name. Instead, she squeezed her hand on her mouth until she tasted blood on her lips. A flare of a match, a wooden match from the scent of sulfur, flared up outside. She automatically looked down, fearful that wood or coals were burning beneath her. Thankfully, the bottom of the oven was bare, empty. Only a few piles of ashes in one corner.

The match died outside, along with the scents of sulfur. Replacing it, mixing in with the cologne was the scent of wood, a familiar scent that teased her senses. She fearfully stared down again, praying that he would leave.

And he was gone. One moment, she could feel the icy presence right outside of the oven, and then nothing. A sliver of moonlight pierced the darkness of the oven, driving down from the chimney. She stared at it in surprise, the cool white light brilliant in the darkness. Warmth flushed through her as she trembled on the rusty black grill, huddling deep inside the massive dead oven.

Freedom beckoned from the oven door, the opening clear beyond. No shadow, no man, no evil presence. Just a frightened girl in an oven. She stared at it for a long moment before crawling up to the door. She stopped, with the thought of her looking out, then someone grabbing her, but she saw no one. Peering closer, she stared at the ground.

There was no ice, no burning wind. Just a playful breeze teasing at the grass. In the distance, a summer insect started to buzz. Then another, and another. Soon, the world was filled with the sounds of summer again, just as if nothing happened. Pulling her hand away from her mouth, she looked down at the shallow cut on her palm. Blood welled up from the cut and as she watched a single drop formed and splashed down.

It hit the grill and she felt vibrations ripple up her body. As she watched, the droplet oozed around the metal, then splashed down into the ashes below. She gasped, a sob swelling in her throat. Fear refused to dissipate, or even soften. Instead, it was a knife that cut against her throat, slashing open. Instead of her life blood, sobs came. Hard wracking tears that exploded in her chest with the force of tiny grenades. For a brief moment, she tried to resist them, but the overwhelming fear and terror washed over her. Unable to resist, she curled up into a tight ball, across the soot-covered grill, and let the tears take her.

Each cry echoed against the brick walls, reflecting back with bitter, mournful sounds. And Sonja could only tightened the arms around her bare legs and pull them closer.

She didn’t know when she stopped, or why. Instead, she sat up as soon as she had the energy, the ability to move on her own. Tears burned her faces, her lungs hurt, but she moved with a freedom that she never realized was gone. Her hand, trembling lightly from her trials, reached out for the door.

It swung open easily, the moonlight beyond blinding her for a moment. A moth, white wings fluttering, flew past, almost entering her prison, but veering off at the last moment. Gulping a deep breath, Sonja crawled out of the oven, standing on the warm earth with surprising strength.

Standing up straight, she peered into the woods. The broken tree still hung listlessly against another, a sagging drunk of nature. The uprooted bush hung from another tree, branches brown with frost poisoning. Her eyes trailed down, to the grass in front of her.

Footsteps imprinted in the blades, boot marks of the man who spoke to her. His voice haunted her, but the fear was in a different place, pushed back to a tiny part of her mind that she... didn’t have to think about. Sonja shook her head and stared down at the footsteps.

A breeze brushed through the strands of grass, shaking each blade. As she watched, the footsteps faded. The wind died down and the grass was normal, as if the man... creature... whatever was never there. The fear rose up again, but not with the bitter pain of before.

Sonja’s spine crawled as she walked, then ran, to the house. Her bare feet pounded on the warmed earth and grass. At the porch, they slapped hard against the rough wood and she took two steps at a time. Throwing herself into the kitchen, she closed and bolted the door before sprinting down the stairs, to her room. Ignore her soiled shirt, she crawled into her blankets and closed her eyes tightly, begging for sleep to take her.

It did, violently.

End of Chapter 2.


Shit, mate... missing the heck out of your writing. You do a very good job with your words to weave compelling stories.


Thank you! I really miss writing. Had to take a year off for... various reasons (helped bring a second life into the world, high maintenance those things).


interesting. It sounded more like a horror story than good old butcher dolcett.


It's both. :) Like most of my stories, there is a supernatural element. But, I can promise you, there is going to be butchering and spitting.


Chapter 03: Cobwebs and Dust (still no sex)

Sonja woke up slowly the next morning. The darkness of her room was comforting as she just rested there. She couldn’t recall her dreams and, for some reason, she thought the strange flashes of memory were somehow important. After a half hour of stretching out languidly, unwilling to escape the warmth of her blankets, nature finally forced her out of bed. She gasped as her bare feet pressed on the concrete and hopped over to the rug on the floor. Sighing, she raced over to the bathroom and did her business. Turning on the heater, she basked in the sudden warmth that filled room.

“Oh, there is a god,” she whispered.

Trying to remember her dreams, she headed up the stairs. The hem of her soot-ruined shirt whispered against her thighs as she reached the top. The handle to the door was ice-cold. She jerked her hand back for a moment, surprised. When she reached for it again, the handle was only cool to her trembling touch.

Cracking open the door, her eyes watered from the sunlight that streamed into the kitchen, almost blinding her. Summer-warmed air swirled around her as she stepped into the kitchen, wiping the tears from her eyes. Yellowed walls glowed as she padded to the fridge, cracking it open. Inside, the stark white walls was blinding. New fridge smell poured out on the floor, enhanced by the bright yellow tag right on the inside. Money was good for some things, including new appliances, but it didn’t fill it with healthy food, at least not on the first day. In the door, she spotted a bottle of sparkling water from the trip and grabbed it. It claimed that it was cherry-flavored but it just tasted like chemicals and tap water.

Pulling a face at the taste, she padded down the hall.


No answer came from upstairs. She climbed up the stairs and peered into her mother’s office first. The computer was still on, but the screen had animated pipes spinning around on the screen. A cup of coffee sat next to the black and silver mouse. Sonja reached down and stroked the edge---it was cold.

Frowning, she leaned out of her mother’s office and glared at the bedroom door. It was shut, but she padded over to it and tried the handle. It squealed open and the musty stench of the upstairs room washed against her senses. Inside, she could see the messy tangle of her mother’s blankets, her scent already heavy in the air.

Sonja spotted a suitcase thrown into a corner and her mood dropped a few temperatures. A report of some sort dangled out from one corner of the case. Carefully stepping over dirty and discarded clothes, she knelt down next to the suitcase and pulled the report out. Paging through it, she saw at least three variants of the same report, all with her mother’s name on the bottom. Ignoring the “CONFIDENTIAL” and “DRAFT” notices, she finally found an agenda.

She had to read it twice before she blew up.

“New York! You fucking bitch went to New York!? This morning!?”

Standing up, she kicked the suitcase into the closet, then threw the report in for good measure.

“When were you going to fucking tell me!?”

The report flopped to the ground, drunken and broken, exposing the “changes” page. Reading it from outside the closet, she almost below up again as she realized her mother worked on the report for almost a month. She tried to scream out again, but the words wouldn’t come out. Instead, she just fumed as she stared at the report and the suitcase.

The telephone in her mother’s office rang. Sonja stormed out of the bedroom and into the office. Her hand reached down to yank up the phone, but the caller ID flashed up her mother’s mobile number. Her hand froze, inches away from the bright white handle. The golden glow of the phone stared up at her as it rang out again.

Sonja pulled her hand back and walked away. Her bare feet padded down the stairs, ignoring the phones that rang throughout the house. Moving slowly, she just focused on each step. The ringing finally stopped as her bare feet touched the bottom step. Still fuming, she unbolted the door and cracked it open.

Standing out on the porch, some of her anger slipped away. Out front on the ruined porch, there was a little more life to her new home. There were two other houses on the street, but otherwise the neighborhood was very isolated from the others. A stark difference from the cookie-cutter home she lived in a few weeks before.

A car drove by, a Mercedes from from the looks of it, and honked its horn. She saw an older man wave to her and she automatically waved back. The flash of her shirt flashed in the side of her vision and she blushed fiercely when she realized she forgot to wear underwear. Clutching her arm against her breasts, she spun around and started to return to the house. On an impulse, she checked the a bronze mailbox by the front door. Spying a bundle of letters and ads, she grabbed them before going inside.

Sonja started to drop the letters on a small antique table near the door when she spotted a note, with her name on her mother’s handwriting. Snarling, she dropped the letters violently on the note and stormed down the hall.

Twenty minutes later, she finished pulling on a fresh outfit and climbed up the stairs. Her shorts and t-shirt were sloppy and baggy, something she would never wear at school or to one of her mother’s stupid formals, but it felt better than flashing the neighbors with her ass or bush.

Her sneakers rapped against the hallway floor as she wandered back to the front door. Idly paging through the mail, she found a letter from the local school district. Being reminded of school starting in a few weeks did nothing to improve her mood. She finally flipped up her mother’s note and read it. It was a rather lengthy list of things to do, mainly the long, tedious cleaning bits that she talked about doing herself.

Sonja scoffed, “Fucking bitch.”

Despite her annoyance, she still found the cleaning supplies and started on the first room she found. Hours later, she was sick and tired of spiderwebs, egg sacks, and dust that stuck like glue. Her back and legs ached with every movement as she crawled on her hands and knees, trying to work the last of the wood polish into a table that her mother claimed was over a century old. Sweat soaked her clothes, but no nightmares came from this one. Just good, clean work.

Finally, she was done. Grabbing a tepid bottle of water, she drained in and stood up. The living room was cleaned, from ceiling to floor. Everything shone with furniture polish and sparkled with ammonia. The smells of cleaning liquids stung her eyes, but the sight of doing something productive just brought a smile to her lips.

Still admiring the room, Sonja stepped out into the hall. Around her, the house was gentle creaking and shifting, muting the buzz of insects that called outside. She smiled for a moment, then looked down.

Her t-shirt was soaked with sweat, along with her pants. Smears of furniture polish highlighted some of her curves, but nothing any boy would be interested in. Except boys were always interested, at least in Illinois. Wondering if boys in California would be different, she returned to the kitchen. Out back, the yard was peaceful, serene. She barely remembered the night before and a morbid curiosity filled her. Scratching the cut on her palm, she unbolted the kitchen door and stepped on the back porch.

Outside, the insects were almost thundering as they called out in their tiny, pointless lives. The oven, a monstrosity of brick and soot, stared out from the corner of the yard, filling her with dread.

Behind it, the trees and bushes were still torn up and knocked aside, but it looked like storm damage instead of some spectral horror.

She considered going back inside, to flee the backyard. But, a tiny part of her resisted. After a moment, she hopped down to the ground.

“Fuck it, I’m not going to be afraid of a stupid backyard.”

Wandering through the grass, feeling the warm blades caressing her ankles, Sonja made her way to the oven. In the sunlight, it was less imposing, less scary. Her fingers trailed on the heavy iron door, shivering with the sensations. Deep inside, she felt a warmth growing inside her. Her lips parted slightly as she stroked along the handle, feeling the sheared off end.

Then, she realized she was getting excited over an oven and she shook her head, clearing it.

“What the...?”

Her rhetorical question trailed off as she noticed a small shed buried beyond the trees. Her eyes focused on a bright orange stick next to it; the shed was still on their property. Looking around and seeing no one, she pushed her way into the underbrush, trying to find a path to the shed. There was none, but the gaps between the trees gave her something to follow.

As she crept closer, the scents of rotting leaves and moist earth filled her, swirling around her with the smells of nature. She was forced to walk around the shed to find the door, which was not visible from the house. On the door, a massive padlock, rusted with age, hung there. Curious, she pushed at it and, to her surprise, it refused to move. Wrapping her fingers around it, she yanked it and a large chuck of rusted metal snapped off and dropped to the ground with a thud. Twisting it, she managed to break off more chucks of rust until the shank was exposed for the first time in many years. Seeing where the metal was almost rusted through, Sonja braced herself and twisted hard on the padlock.

A chunk of the door tore out as rotted wood finally gave out from the stress. Smells of old wood washed over her as she peered at the dark hole in the door, the padlock dangling from her fingers. The shattered remains that came off twisted in a faint summer breeze, barely touching her naked thigh.

A faint shiver rippled down her spine, but she reached out with her free hand and pulled open the door. The first impression she got while peering in was darkness and tools. Thousands of handles or metal pipes were tossed into a pile, along with rotting burlap bags of other things.

The padlock and fragment of the door dropped to the ground as Sonja pushed the door open completely, watching the frame as it twisted with the movement. Holding her breath, she stepped inside to inspect the shed.

The pipes in the back were all tall, taller than her by two or three feet. The tips were hidden in the darkness of the shed, but the light that did filter in sparkled on the smooth, rust-free metal. Stepping carefully over the bags and piles on the ground, she reached for one of the poles. It was warm in her hand, almost hot despite being left in the darkness of the shed. The metal was smooth, very smooth as it slipped into her hand. Her thumb felt something on the back, an opening of some sort. Turning it, she saw a line of holes drilled along the entire edge. Caressing one, she felt no sharp edges, only perfectly smooth openings. Still curious, she stroked another one, almost enjoying the feel of the slick metal in her hand.

Lifting it, she was surprised at the light weight. The pole was about an inch across in diameter, but felt almost as light as a straw. Grabbing it with both hands, she rotated it down to inspect the neat line of drilled holes. The tip caught the sunlight and she idly glanced at it, before making a double-take.

The tip was sharp, like a point.

Dropping it, she stepped back in shock. Her foot caught on one of the piles and she screamed out as she fell. Hands flailing, she hit a pile of something hard and it shifted under the impact. Cutting off her scream, she scrambled to her feet, turning around to stare down at the pile with growing fear.

Her fall tore the burlap bag and shifted a pile of metal... things inside it. Some of the metal glinted in the sunlight from the door. Bending down, she pulled one of them out. It clung to the edge and she was surprised that the metal was warm, almost hot. When she tugged harder, the canvas tore and the piece of metal snapped up.

Sonja had a brief image of rings before she realized she was backing up too quickly. Her back slapped into the pile of poles behind her and she felt the entire mass shudder from the impact. One of the piles teetered for a moment, then fell down. She saw more of the smooth holes on this one and a sharp point at the end.

Then, everything fell.

Her entire body tensed as she watched the entire wall of poles cascade down around her. Some of them slapped into her back before rolling off. The sound of them hitting the ground was deafening inside the tiny shed and she clapped her hands on her ears. One elbow caught a thin pole and she found herself staring at it as the last of the poles impacted the ground. Like the first, the one she caught was tipped with a long, narrow spike of some sort. The metal was hot, almost burning, but smooth and rust-free like the others. She felt a strange twisting in her stomach as she slowly looked down, to the hundreds of spikes poles scattered across the ground of the shed. Almost every one was a spike, but some of them had holes while most did not. To her surprise, the thickness ranged from her finger to an immense one that was almost as thick as a pickle jar.

Sonja stared at the thick one, wondering what creature would need something so thick to hold them up. Her eyes trailed down to a strange cross-bar near the bottom, where a few frays of burnt rope clung. Just below the cross-bar, she saw a mounting bracket of some sort. Her mind flew back to the grill, next to the outdoor grill. The same type of bracket was there and she realized it was for grilling something. But, the size of the pole surprised her, as did a strange twisting deep inside, of a warmth that reminded her of the oven door.

A soft whimper escaped her throat as she shook her head violently to clear it. Her hand reached down for the side of the shed as her head slowly cleared. Specks of dust rose up into the air as she leaned against the wood, ignoring a sliver that threatened to impale her.

Looking away from the spits, she glanced down to see one of the burlap bags that was stored behind the poles. Inside it, she saw more metal, curiously rusty compared to the rest of the rust-free metal in the abandoned shed. Frowning, she knelt down and pulled it out. It came free after a second and she lifted it up into the sunlight.

Manacles. It was a pair of old-style manacles with a modern padlock hanging open from one ring. The metal was cool, like the rest should have been, but she was shaking as she realized that the rest of the shed might be for something more than just a pig... or a horse. Animals didn't need manacles, humans did.

Realization came to a point as she peered down as saw more handcuffs, and something that looked like a ring attached to a strap. A long whimper escaped her as she knelt there, shaking more and more violently. Fear coursed through her veins and Sonja suddenly needed to run.

Scrambling over the spits and spikes, she threw herself out of the shed. Slamming the door as hard as she could, she sprinted for the kitchen, and the rest of the normal house.


Dolcett Girls 04: Home Projects (MF mdom magic)

Sonja felt much better after a week of cleaning the house. Her mother had left an apologetic email, but Sonja deleted it after the fifth word. Instead, she just threw herself into the cleaning and organizing, unpacking boxes and stacking up the cardboard remains on the porch.

The sun was starting its slow descent toward a late summer night when she finished the last of the rooms, excluding her mother’s bedroom. Her body shone with sweat, but Sonja managed to push it aside enough to grab some cold water from the fridge and press it against her forehead.

“Oh... yes...”

The soft whisper of pleasure filled the kitchen and she closed her eyes with a sense of contentment. When her head grew cold, she lowered the ice-cold water bottle to her cleavage and slowly opened her eyes. Clean, shining cabinets and counters greeted her sight and the smile grew wide. Slowly, she trailed her gaze along the kitchen, a lover’s caress of sight, and focused on the incredible stoves. Each one shone with an inner light, steel and iron formed into an elegant and powerful device. She even managed to find most of the fixtures, the pig spit, the turning motor which still worked to her surprise, and even a thousand dollars worth of utensils. She never knew what someone would need with fifty different types of forks, but over a thousand different types of blades, each one still sharp and stored in satin-lined boxes? Whoever owned the house before them was obsessed with blades.

A tiny shiver of some emotion rippled through her as she remember finding the closet in the basement, behind her room. From floor to ceiling, each one stored in what looked like hand-carved rosewood boxes. Each box had exactly one blade, one knife. And each one had a matching handle and fitted in perfectly in its box and no other.

And they reached the ceiling, hundreds upon hundreds of boxes, each one labeled with a woman’s name on the edge facing her, a litany of uniqueness... or something else. There were a few dozen missing, empty holes in wall of drawers.

She slowly closed the door and walked away, calm but slightly disturbed. She came back the next day, to pick up a nice selection to fill a rosewood block she found under the kitchen sink. Her eyes focused on the block and a strange hunger to reach out and caress the soft wood rippled through her.

Holding the water bottle in one hand, she stepped closer, her fingers reaching out for the block. At the first touch against her fingertips, she felt a tiny shiver of pleasure course up her spine, filling her with a strange embrace of heat that brought a new sweat to her skin. Shivering, she pulled her fingers away and turned to look at the empty door leading into the empty room that used to have the walk-in freezer.

“I wish that was still here... it would complete this place.”

Sonja froze, trying to think about the words she just said. But, even as she tried to think of why she said them, the feeling was gone, as fleeting as a moth in the night. Unwilling to move further, she made herself a quick dinner of chicken and vegetables, nothing fancy or difficult to make. She ate it standing up and washed the dishes before stopping to stare out into the backyard.

The brick oven dominated her vision, despite the fact it was half-hidden in the shadows of the tree. And behind it, like an angry child, the shed stood there, disappearing between the leaves but the memory of the hot metal spits scattered on the ground sent a shiver through her body and she looked away.

The house creaked slightly as the summer day cooled slightly. Sonja stared at the insides of the kitchen for a long time before tugging open the door to the basement. It opened easily and the cold blast of air brushed against her. She shivered again, this time from the temperature, and took the stairs two at a time. Reaching her bedroom, she closed the door behind her and looked at the changes.

She managed to steal one of the nicer television sets for herself. The large one, almost five feet across, was dedicated to the living room; her mother bought it because it would impress one of the male executives that made a pass at her. Nothing came of it and the television set sat there, ignored except when Sonja invited friends over.

The harshness of the basement room was muted with the soft colors, pictures, and other baggage of her life packed in. One wall was almost dominated with stuffed animals, something she never had the heart to toss out. An array of candles and lights dotted the room, the switch bathed the room in a soft, multicolored glow instead of the bitter, angry light of a naked bulb.

For a moment, she considered going to bed early, but quickly dismissed the idea. Stripping out of her top, she stood there, trying to find something she could do, besides crawling into bed and hoping for the next day. School was only a week away and she wasn’t looking forward to it. Tossing her shirt into the corner, she turned back to the door.

“I hate new schools.”

Her voice was plain in the confined room, almost cold. She felt her body tensing, the cool air perking her nipples. Grabbing a dry t-shirt, she yanked it on and threw herself out of her room.

Her foot touched the bottom step when she caught sight of the workshop on the other side of the basement. Her eyes slowly trailed up, but there was nothing up there. Hesitantly, she worked her way into the workshop. She only made a passing attempt to organize it, at least before she found the closet of knives. The smell of aged sawdust piqued her interesting. Idly, she shifted rusted tools around a surprisingly solid and immobile workbench.

Screws in baby food jars found their homes on the shelves, despite the fact she couldn’t find any rhyme or reason to the side or types inside. Finding a wire rack, she sorted out the screwdrivers and found that most of them were not as rusted as she thought. Everything had a thin layer of rust and corrosion on them, but were solid underneath.

Most of them were Makelike tools and she remembered some sort of replacement policy on broken ones. Setting aside those tools in a box, she sorted out the worse of the rust and threw it in the garbage can. Underneath the table, she gasped as she stared at more boxes. Instead of hand-carved rosewood, they were plain wood. Pulling one out, she found a circular saw, a skill saw as her father called them, in surprisingly good condition.

Not that she would know what good condition was.

But, it was free of rust and still had that silly black wrench that seemed important. Pawing through the others, she found an impressive selection of power tools and other devices.

And none of them even hinted at darker purposes.

Sonja liked that.

She happily sorted and organized the workbench until she was panting from the effort. The power tools that she had the courage to start up were nestled in their shelves, as were the tools that still looked good. The broken and badly rusted ones overflowed one toolbox, next to a pile of power tools that had frayed cords and other dangerous-looking conditions, like bent blades.

By the time Sonja finished, she still didn’t want to sleep or go upstairs. The safety of simple tools appealed to her and she wanted to keep going. Soon, she found herself looking at the wood pile, wondering if there was something she could piece together. She barely remembered her father building things, but she was only six when he left.

Thoughts of her father spurred her on. She grabbed two random pieces of wood, then tossed one aside for another. Setting them down on the board, she awkwardly grabbed a hammer and a nail. The point dug into the soft wood before she carefully rapped it with the hammer. It punched through the wood and she felt a strange twist in her stomach before she pounded it completely in. Looking at the disjointed connection, she frowned and levered the nail out. Trying again, she fitted the two pieces of wood together. This time, it felt right. Finding another piece of wood, she fitted it against the others and pounded it in. A slow smile crossed her lips as she found herself enjoying pounding wood together, almost randomly.

Sonja crafted for a couple of hours until exhaustion finally hit her. She had no purpose at first, but by the time she was done, she managed to have a square frame, large enough to put someone’s head through it. She was already working on a second, almost identical one, despite the fact she had no reason to do it.

She was just enjoying herself. It made her feel good.

Reaching down to pick up another piece of freshly-cut wood, Sonja was wracked with a powerful yawn. Setting down her shaking hand, she stopped and realized how bleary her eyes were. Unplugging the saw, she flicked off the lights and managed to find her way to her bedroom. Stripping off her clothes, she watched a few curls of sawdust drift from her hair. As it drifted down to the harsh carpet, another yawn grabbed her until she shook from the effort.

Deciding that a shower was too much work, she brushed her hair out briskly and just crawled into bed. With her exhaustion, she was sleeping as soon as she was comfortable. She even forgot to turn off the lights.

The dreams started as soon as her eyes were closing. In the brief moment where dream intersects with reality, she looked up to see a dark shadow of a man, standing next to her bed. Gasping, she tried to wake herself up, to prevent the nightmare, but unconsciousness reached up with powerful claws and ripped her deeper into the darkness.

Sonja screamed out in her dream, but the man still stood there. His face was darkened in shadows, even as she strained against invisible bounds. Hands, hundreds of hands punched out of the darkness, spreading their fingers before grabbing her. She whimpered and jerked as she tried to escape, but they caught her from all directions, pressing their palms against every inch of her body. She even felt the fingers digging into her skin. One hand, a large rough one pressed hard up between her legs and Sonja squeezed her thighs tightly, trying to prevent it from traveling further.

Her efforts manage to stall the invading fingers, but the others were grabbing her tightly, fingers wrapping around her nipples and pulling uncomfortably but not painfully. She screamed out in phantom surprise and the fingers at her lips plunged into her mouth, prying her jaw apart. Suddenly gagging, she twisted against her captures, trying to forcing out the fingers that pulled open her jaw, spreading it until the muscles screamed out in agony.

Panicked, she threw everything she could into escaping, straining to pull her hands up to her mouth. More fingers wrapped between hers, like a lover’s, before pulling them out from her body. Her arms quivered with her efforts to hold them tight against her, but the hands were too strong. More phantom people grabbed her ankles and she let out a gurgling screaming as pressure built, threatening to pull her legs apart.

Too many hands were too strong for her and she felt her legs being slowly levered apart. Inner thighs screamed out in agony as she felt muscles tearing and the thick hand between her legs pushing up, sliding up her smooth skin to press tightly against her naked sex.

Helplessness poured into her, a black syrup that flooded her lungs. Tears splashed down from her eyes as she tried to fight against the hands, but they continued to pull her further apart, stretching out her limbs until her hips and shoulders screamed out in pain.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she felt fingers, thick pudgy fingers forcing their way into her, stretching up the tight tunnel as they started to finger her. She tried to call out, but the fingers inside her mouth reached back down her throat, almost choking her. She could feel her throat spasming, trying to throw up, scream out, anything, but the terror froze her in place.

Then, the shadowed voice spoke out, over the phantom screams that ripped out of her body.

“Don’t fear me, Sonja.”

Sonja, on the other hand, was too lost in trying to escape to respond. She felt a burrowing finger stroke along the line between her ass and pause right at the opening of her anus. Real fear sliced through her limbs as she spasmed, trying to rip her arms and legs out of her rapists, or their sockets, in an effort to escape what was coming next.

“Stop...” the deep, rumbling voice finally broke her fear as the scent of cologne, the same smell from the oven, drifted across her senses. Sonja spasmed again, her muscles straining and tightening in an effort to keep the fingers out. With incredible effort, she tried to stop moving, as the voice implored her.

“Just stop... don’t fight, my little butterfly.”

To her surprise, the hands relaxed slightly and even the fingers raping her slipped out, leaving a burning sense of violation in its wake. It was easier to stop fighting when the fingers were no longer inside her. The pressure of her arms and shoulders relaxed and even the fingers slipped out of her mouth, trailing tiny streamers of saliva as they hovered against her lips.

The dark voice spoke up again, in soothing sounds that echoed in her head.

“That’s it... little moth, just relax a little and it won’t hurt.”

Sonja gulped hard to speak, but when she did her voice was filled with spite. “Don’t fight? So you can rape me even easier!?”

Her scream did not echo, even against the hands. It sounded like she was in a massive cavern, despite being surrounded and held by hundreds of hands. She gave them a questioning twist, but they tightened in warning.

“No... don’t fight, little Sonja.”

Whimpering, she shook her head, “No... no, please don’t.”

The shadowed figure moved closer, his hand reaching out to press a very warm, smooth hand against her stomach. It was a shock of sensation as his fingers spread out across her stomach, almost hot and powerful as he leaned over her.

“No... I won’t hurt you, butterfly, you are too precious to me for something as simple as rape.”

“W-why are you doing this?”


His face loomed over her, still caught in shadows. She peered up, trying to memorize his facial expressions. Through the shadows, she only caught the hint of a sharp nose and deep eyes.

“Oh, little butterfly, I can’t answer that.” His voice was surprisingly comforting, almost gentle. He spoke after a few moments. “You are not alone and as long as you are here, no one will hurt you.”

She felt tears forming on her eyes, “Then... why are you doing this to me?”

The hand slid down along her stomach, pushing down until one fingers pressed up against the curls of her pubic area. She shivered from the sensations, her eyes locked on the dark depths of the stranger’s above her.

“I’m going to give you something.”

Sonja realized some of the fear was seeping out of her when she responded with a surprisingly firm voice.


The hot finger slipped down further, pushing through her darker pubic hair until the fingertip rested right at the top of her slit, pressing down just where the folds parted. She felt a deep, powerful pulse through his finger, one that rammed against her senses with the force of a cannon.

“Yes... little one. A taste,” he empathized the word taste strangely, “of the future.”

Gulping hard, she twisted slightly in the hands, feeling a deep flutter of heat growing from between her legs, where the finger gently pressed down against the opening of her most delicate of openings. The hands around her ankles and wrists tightened, just a hint of threat.

“If... if I resist?”

A nail or spike or something burning pierced through one of her outer labia, slicing through flesh without a hint of resistance. Sonja screamed out as the hands gripped against her tightly, twisting and pulling her. The suffering only lasted for a fractional second, but her body was shaking from the intensity when it ended just as suddenly.

Sonja lifted her head, to peering down at the source of her pain. His fingers were there, warm and hot and very strong, pinching her nether lip between them. A single smear of blood dripped down from the juncture of his fingers and her flesh. She froze, staring down at his fingers, a strange disconnection of her body and her mind.

Her lips parted as she panted for a moment, her body shaking from an inner turmoil that stormed inside her. She felt the heated twisted deep inside her body and the smell of her growing excitement mixed in with the musk of his scent.

“And... if I don’t resist?”

Just as fast is it came before, the pain was completely and utterly gone. Only a burning well of pleasure that grew up inside her, filling her with a indescribable joy. His fingers released her nether fold and slipped down into the channel of her depths. The slickness surprised her as he pushed one long, pleasurable finger into her depths, caressing her pleasures as he moved. Sonja tried to speak, but only a long gasp of pleasure came out. Her back arched as she tried to feel him moving inside her, swirling around against her inner walls and awakening new pleasures to her soul.

“Then it will be the most wonderful taste you will ever have, my little butterfly.”

He twisted his finger and drew it out. She felt the gentle, delicate pleasures swell up inside her as he withdrew his finger with a tiny slurp. A shadow of a smile crossed his face, but the rest of his features still refused to come into the light. He leaned further down, until his lips were brushing against hers. Sonja shivered as the caress of his breath, warm and wonderful against her lips, her cheeks.

When he spoke, it was a soft whisper that teased her senses.

“What will it be, my Sonja? Will you fight me?”

Tears sparkled at her eyes, “I... I don’t want it to hurt.”

His smile pressed against her eye, kissing away at the tears. “I could never hurt you.”

“H-How can I trust you?”

“Even when you crawled into my oven, there was no flame, no pain.”

She paused for a moment, frowning slightly, “There wasn’t even any wood in there.”

A light chuckle, “Do you really think that would have stopped me, little moth?”

Memory of the moth from the first tight slammed into her, its freezing wings flapping one last time before it died in her hands. Sonja sobbed as the feeling rushed through her, of fear and terror and hopelessness. Her arms and legs tightened against the hands, but she didn’t try to twist out of them for freedom.

He kissed her again, a touch so light she barely felt it.

“I won’t hurt you, Sonja. I promise.”

His voice had a conviction, a presence that send a shiver of pleasure down her spine. The hundreds of hands caressed her body, but no longer tortured her. Instead, it was endless fingers touching every place except where his finger rested against her opening.

Sonja couldn’t find the words, but she could react. With a deliberate effort, she forced her arms and legs to relax, to surrender. The fear of pain was still ringing deep in the back of her mind, but somehow she managed to surrender. His lips brushed against her nose then her lips, leaving the taste of wood-smoke against her tongue before he eased his finger back into her.

She whimpered with pleasure, then jumped as something warm splattered against her stomach. Shocked, she looked down, half-afraid to see cum on her, but it was almost a clear liquid that oozed down her sides. The hands, ghostly and shadowed, reached up and smeared it against her, sliding slickly along her skin. More splatters splashed down, drizzling on her breasts and leaving a tingling sensation of pleasure growing as the ghostly hands reached up and caressed her breasts, rubbing easily with oiled fingers.

More oil splashed against her, then a stream of it that poured down against her skin. Hot and slick, it felt of endless pleasures as the hands reached up and started to massage her. With oil-slicked fingers, there was no resistance, only a growing pleasure that spread out across her skin, hot and sexual.

Fingers slipped up between her legs, parting through her nether lips to slip one, then two fingers into the tight channel of her sex. Sonja gasped from the sensations, then whimpered as she felt the stranger’s finger slip out, his digit feeling completely different than the ghostly fingers that slipped and twisted inside her.

Her throat worked silently as the hundred hands stroked and rubbed her, touching every erogenous zone as fingers slipped in and out of her body. She even felt one of them slip up to her anus and then a strange, growing pleasure as it eased inside. Instead of the expected pain, only a full sense of... pleasure swelled inside her.

Sonja writhed in the hundred hands, her body arching as they stroked, touched, and fondles every iota of pleasure left in her fragile form. Helplessness magnified her sensations of being captured and of the strange, powerful heat that rocked deep inside her. Her lungs screamed out for air, but not from fear or terror, just from the unwillingness to interrupt the pleasures with just breathing.

Finally, the tightness in her chest grew to the point she was forced to inhale. Fresh, cold air plunged inside her lungs as the dream tore away in a gasping. Her eyes snapped open, staring up at the ceiling of her room, gasping from the afterglow of quickly fading pleasures.

Sonja stared up at the ceiling, almost begging for him to come back. When he didn’t, she started to cry.

“No... no...” her words repeated themselves as she curled up in a ball, trying to cling to the memories of the vivid dream. Her fingers slipped between her legs and she found them slick with her juices. Under the covers, her body in a fetal ball, she found her pleasure again.

An haunted hunger burned inside her as she slipped two of her fingers between her tightly pressed legs. Within moments, she was frigging herself as fast as she could, the half-remembered ecstasies of her dream thrumming along her veins. Her breath came faster and harder, panting as she threw everything she could into a crest of pleasure that refused to come.

Fingers slurping loudly between her legs, she stroked her clitoris as her other hand plunged fingers in and out of her soaked sex. Her orgasm welled up inside her and she frantically frigged herself until it exploded.

Sonja’s wail of pleasure echoed loudly against the walls of her bedroom as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her existence.

End of chapter 4


Amazing chapter. The tension keeps building up. I hope the release will be as powerful as you hint in your writing.


From what I remember of tSade's work, it will be more than well worth it. There's a lot of vanilla that tends to build into this cacophony of everything but.


Chapter 5: Social Cliques (no sex)

School was one of those curses that all parents inflict on their children, as a way of getting even for some future agony. Sonja snarled at the memory of her mother, who didn’t bother tell Sonja when she would come home. Instead, she woke up to the sound of the BMW screeching in the drive. Glad that her mother finally came home, she threw on a robe and sprinted up the stairs. Her breasts, underneath the fabric, ached from the jostling but in her excitement she just pressed an arm around them to mute the suffering.

Her feet slapping against the floor, she skidded to the door and peered outside. Dust hung in the late summer morning, slowly cascading to the ground as the phantom remains of her mother’s presence quickly faded. Only her perfume filled the entry hall, an expensive stench that left her filled with nausea.

Sonja let out with a scream as she realized her mother had come and gone. Showed up and disappeared without even letting her only daughter know. The sound of her frustration and anger tore into the hall, filling the house. She continued to scream until she felt drained, but still filled with a simmering rage that threatened to explode again at any moment.

Some of her anger faded when she saw the package from the school, with her schedule and summer reading list. On the floor, where she threw it, were her school supplies and a taxi receipt to purchase them.

Slowly, Sonja realized she was almost late for the first day of institutionalized terror. For a brief moment, she considered not going, as a way of lashing out at her mother, but being stuck in the house for weeks was too much and she ran downstairs to finish getting dressed.

Thirty minutes later, she was waiting at the end of the housing district, waiting for the damn bus to pick her up. Sweat trickled down her face and shoulders from the heat, which was unbearable for this late in the year. Her outfit was one of her better ones, a silk blouse with a sharp jacket and matching skirt. It had some depressingly similar aspects from her mother, but they both knew how to dress to impress. A pair of diamond earrings matched the sapphire necklace that slithered down into her exposed cleavage. Her bare legs were smooth and set of by a pair of expensive shoes from New York. Combined with her body, it was an outfit that would inflame the lusts of most male teachers and distract most males students. Of course, it probably would start a few fires with the princesses in the school, but Sonja was going into a new school as a senior, where the cliques were already established. The first attack always had to be made by someone.

It was something her mother said. Sonja hated the idea of using her mother's advice, but the woman knew how to manipulate people.

Dark thoughts of her new school kept her company, cold and warm at the same time, until the school bus came coughing down the road. Like most buses, it was a dirty yellow in color, smeared with road dust and mud. The sound of a poorly tuned diesel engine rumbled the ground as it came around the corner and squealed to a stop a few feet away. The door cracked open and Sonja got a good look at the bus driver. It was an old man, somewhere in his forties, with the body of a muscle man and the leer of pervert. Chomping on a large wad of gum, he stared down at Sonja’s breasts and hips for a moment before whistling. “Damn, fresh meat. Good-looking fresh meat.”

Sonja glared at him, picking up her bag. He gestured to the back of the bug.

“Hop aboard, beautiful.”

Her snarl almost cut through the paint on the bus, “Get a life.”

His grin just widened and he licked his lips. “Already have one.”

Disgusted, Sonja groaned and headed to the back of the smelly bus, finding a seat that wasn’t quite as dingy. Sitting down, she waited for the bus to move. When it didn’t after a few moments, she looked up to find the driver staring at her through the mirror. Blood-shot eyes stared back and Sonja found the lurching disgust twisting at her stomach. “Yes...?”

He chuckled, a low rasping sound that left her feeling cold, and threw the bus into drive. It jerked forward and soon the bus was crawling down the street, toward the next stop. An hour and a half later, the bus shuddered to a halt in front of her new prison, the school.

Three stories tall, the outside walls were lined with half-covered windows. Streamers of students poured into the doors, but just as many were hanging outside. A bright painted line made a circle of the door, but was about a hundred paces away. Outside the line were the smokers, most goths and leathers stage. A few others, more plainly dressed, sucked on their cigarettes as they chatted or strayed away from the others.

Feeling very out of place, Sonja waited for the other students in the bus to stream out. She stood up slowly and stepped out of the bus. A faint flush crossed her cheeks as she felt the bus driver’s eyes on her and his lusty whistle that followed. Peering around at the crowds, she could already see the various cliques gathering together, gravitating to each other.

Years of watching her mother work gave her some knowledge on how people interacted. Already, she was watching the leaders of the groups posturing, moving to gather their “forces” and get ready for a year of war. Sonja stared at them for a moment, the rumble of the bus behind her. Outside were the groups she avoided in Illinois and she wasn’t planning on getting involved with them either.

Taking a deep breath, she prepared her own war. Stepping forward, she threaded her body through the press of peons, the lesser students, making her way up to the school steps. Around her, she could hear silence pooling away from her, a softening of sound mixed with bitter resent and half-hidden lusts.

“Oh... wow...”

“Damn, its a good-looking farm girl.”

“Farm girls don’t wear anything like that.”


A soft sigh followed a slap from a girlfriend.

"Someone thinks she's a queen already."

The snippets of conversations around her left her feeling flush with power, despite the ease it took to invoke their responses. It already set down her base, making sure others were aware of her and prepared herself for the real channel, the “beautiful” students of the school. There was always a clique of them. And either she’ll dominate them or destroy them.

Inwardly, she started to smile, despite the nagging sensations that she was treating the school like her mother treated her company.

As victims. But, students were so easy.

Inside, the school smelled like most schools did: sweat and humanity pressed into neat little rooms. The sounds were louder, much louder, as they echoed against the hard imitation marble floors and rattled off the sheet metal lockers. She gave herself a brief moment to look around, to adjust herself then to move away from the streams entering the school. Most of the students were the typical sort, ranging from those into heavy metal to the one who wore a tie to school. Just another typical school filled with differing cultures and styles. To her appreciation, more than a few guys stopped talking as she passed them, working her way down the hall.

Pulling out the horrid packet mailed to her, she fished out her schedule and locker assignment. Locker 358. Somewhere on the third floor, judging from the nearby lockers, so she wandered around until she found her way on the third floor. Her locker was just a short distance away. The crowd upstairs was also noticeably older, seniors from the looks of it. Most of them looked at her with disinterested apathy but she saw a few sideways glances in her direction.

As she headed toward her locker, she saw a thin girl pulling out a book from the locker next to hers. She had mousy brown hair that hung loosely over her shoulders. When she stood up, Sonja saw the clearest blue eyes look at her for a brief moment before crowd swelled up. As it faded, the girl disappeared with them. Sonja shuddered for a moment as she felt a warm tingle down her spine. Something about that gaze startled her. Something that resonated deep inside.

Sonja stopped at her locker and spun the numbers, turning the greasy knob until it unlocked with a chunk. Setting her bag inside, she shoved her supplies into her new locker. Hooking the bag on the top, she closed the door with a bang. Her eye caught on a name tag over all the lockers. Most of them were empty, a dull reminder of the quieter days. The locker next to hers actually had a tag, “Jemmlar,” written in a neat handwriting.

A voice spoke up behind her, a purring sound of a woman with confidence. “You probably want to avoid her.”

Sonja prepared herself and turned around. The girl was obviously a senior and dressed almost as well as herself. She noticed a few scuff marks on the shoes and one of the blouse buttons had not been sewn on properly, but otherwise she was rather stunning. Long blonde hair, with just that hint of curls that most women spent thousands on hair products for. Purple eyes, probably contacts; they somehow worked with the blonde hair, accenting both her face and her smile. Sonja looked further down, at the wide hips but a very narrow waist. Sonja felt her lips tighten for a moment, seeing someone who would be a competitor soon, at least for attention.

“You must be the new girl. From Illinois, right?” She pronounced the “s” in Illinois, but Sonja was more surprised with the exuberant cheerfulness that shone in every word.

“Yeah... how did you know?”

“You don’t have a tan.”

Sonja blinked, confused for a moment.

At her expression, the girl giggled and pointed to Sonja’s bag. She looked down to see the tag from one of her plane trips, some years ago. The “ORD” from the O’Hare baggage claim was clearly visible.

Impressed, Sonja glanced back. “Wow, most people wouldn’t have guess from there.”

"Well, my father is an airline pilot, so I know a lot of the code."

The response broke the ice. Sonja smiled back to the girl’s own smile, “Cool.”

A brief moment of silence, then she finally introduced herself. “Sonja Bremus.”

The girl took her offered hand and Sonja felt the soft skin of someone who used lotion and had an excellent manicure. Not to mention a very firm grip. “Betty Goldstone.”


Betty made a face, “Yeah, my mother’s name. My father took it when he married her.”

Sonja had no clue what to say, so she just smiled.

Betty’s hand slipped from hers. She grabbed Sonja’s schedule from the top of the pile of supplies. Sonja started to say something, but the purple eyes were downcast, reading the fading ink quickly. “Excellent! We have two classes together and you have another one with Theodora and Ming.”

“... pardon?”

Betty presented the schedule back to her, “Your first class, AP History. We are both in it. And your third period you have with Theodora and Ming. And then share fifth period with me.”

Betty pulled back the schedule then made a face, wrinkling her perfect smile, “You got Home Ec. for sixth period. Ew, what a terrible way to end the day.”

Sonja raised an eyebrow, curious why cooking would be so terrible. Betty handed back her schedule, hopefully for the last time, and explained briefly.

“Mrs. Dawson, I think she’s a lesbian. And a rather heavy-handed one at that.”

Realization dawned on Sonja, coupled with a general disgust. She didn't see the point of falling for a girl, yeah, they were prettier but she thought she'd like cock more.

Betty shared her expression, then reached out to grab her hand.

Stunned, Sonja let Betty drag her down the hall.

“Come on, let’s get a good seat for class.”


The blonde paused for a moment, looking pack with a strange mixture of surprise and confidence.


“Why are you doing this?”


Betty’s expression froze for a moment, the eyes moving in thought, then the smile back back brighter than before. “Easy. You are obviously one of the pretty ones from your school.”

Sonja felt a very faint blush begin to rise, but Betty didn’t stop speaking, “And obviously you are used to being in charge. Or,” the blonde grinned, “at least the center of attention. So, instead of us having cat fights throughout the year, I figured it would be easier to be friends.”

Raising an eyebrow, Sonja was momentarily stunned. The blonde took advantage of it to slip her hand around Sonja’s left and tugged her along. Sonja followed, hesitantly slightly then following with the same infectious perkiness that Betty oozed.

“Do you always handle your competition this way?”

She got a brilliant smile in return, “Smother with friendship with just a dash of competition. Best way to survive anything.”

It had the smooth recitation of a family saying, but it didn’t make it any less true. Sonja gave in, at least for now, and let herself be dragged down the hall, almost skipping in time with the perky blond.


Long hours later, Sonja was very ready for lunch, even whatever disgusting stuff the school served to its prisoners. After dumping her new books into her locker, she followed the herds of students into the lunchroom. For the first day of school, the cafeteria pulled out all the stops and served something that looked like tater tots soaked in mild chili sauce and a thin, runny cheese that almost ruined her shoes when the lunch lady missed her plate.

Feeling queasy, Sonja staggered out of the fumes of the kitchen and back into the lunch room, which was already filled with the din of students catching up on the summer. Her eyes scanned for an empty table, but there were done. Groaning to herself, she started to look for a mostly empty table when she heard her name called out.


It was Betty, calling out to her from one of the corner tables. Two other girls were already sitting at the table. An Asian-looking girl with black hair in a French braid and wearing a plaid skirt was looking around, trying to see who Betty was calling for. The other was a very curvy senior with flame-red hair, pulling out food from a paper bag.

Feeling some sort of comfort in interacting with someone she knew, she threaded her way around the tables and chairs, and slipping into one of the chairs. Her platter of imitation food slapped against the table as Betty scooted her chair next to hers.

“How was your classes?”

Sonja shrugged, “Eh, just like the ones back home.”

Betty grinned, “Same boring crap?”

“Same boring crap. Except with more sun.”

“Well, that isn’t the real reason for school anyways.”

The Asian girl spoke up with a very slight British accent, “Are you going to introduce us?”

“Oh! I’m...” Sonja saw a brief flash of annoyance in Betty’s eyes, even past the purple contacts, but it quickly faded.

“This is Sonja, she’s from Illinois,” again with the “s” sound, “and the school’s newest victim. Sonja, the cheerful one is Ming, her parents were from the UK.”

Betty leaned toward Sonja to speak softer, “She is Vietnamese, don’t ever call her ‘Kim’ or ask if she is from China.”

Sonja frowned for a moment and whispered back, “I didn’t think Ming was a Vietnamese name.”

Winking conspiratorially, Betty grinned back, “It isn’t. At least, I don’t think it is. Her name is actually ‘Kim,’ but just don’t call her that. It really, really annoys her.”

Ming had an unreadable expression when Sonja looked back, one hand underneath the table and the other holding her food with white knuckles. There was an sullen intelligence behind her eyes and Sonja could feel herself being almost dissected with the look Ming gave back. She made the effort to smile back, not quite sure where she stood with the raven-haired girl.

On the other hand, it was obvious of her position with the red-haired girl. She felt a smoldering lust burning in the brown eyes that gazed at her. Sonja felt a flush crossing her cheek as the third girl reached out a hand, with trimmed nails painted to match her hair. Sonja took it hesitantly, feeling her strong grip.


Marisha spoke in a soft purr, her lip curling up slightly with a gentle smile. The look that Marisha continued to give her was making her feel uncomfortable. Betty interrupted it after a second, “Marisha....”

The brown eyes looked away from Sonja at the warning tone. Marisha smiled sweetly at Betty before the blonde spoke back curtly.

“Stop hunting. She’s new here.”

“Aw...”, Marisha’s voice was tinged with amusement, “I thought she was going to be a present for me. She is beautiful.”

Sonja flushed from the compliment, despite the uncomfortable feeling from the obvious sexual interest from Marisha. Unwilling to look back, she dug into her food and listen to the three girls as the conversation drifted into a review of the summer. She heard most of it already, so Sonja just listened passively and finished her meal.

As the conversation wound down, a black girl sat down heavily on the chair on the other side of Sonja. Sonja could smell her perfume, Coco Mademoiselle from the scent. Remarkably, the jasmine scent of the expensive perfume teasing her senses delicately was much different from the hints of rose that she got when she wore it herself. Sonja smiled at the newcomer, admiring how the yellows in her button-down shirt set off the warm chocolate skin.

“And this is Theodora.”

Theodora smiled at Sonja and dug out a folder to crack it open. “Sorry I was late, I was setting the groundwork for my grades in math.”

Ming cleared her throat, “Check your buttons.”

Theodora peeked down, “Oops,” and buttoned up the top two buttons of her shirt, hiding her exposed bra. With a grin, she then unbuttoned the top one and stuck out her tongue out at Ming who did the same.


Ming hissed back, “Likewise.”

“At least I’m not the one teasing a cop.”

Betty perked up, “Cop? You are flirting with a cop?”

Ming grinned, looking down in a mock imitation of being bashful, “Yeah, a couple months ago. He pulled me over for a speeding tick... okay, the third speeding ticket that week.”



In response, Ming almost purred, “Oh... yes. He has this tight little ass and the cutest smile. And that uniform... meow.”

Sonja and the others couldn’t help giggling as Ming air-clawed the air. Betty leaned forward, her breasts pressing against the table as she stretched out over the table.

“So, you fuck him?”

Ming scoffed, “Na, he’s old. But, teasing him is so much fun. I’ll string him along for a couple of months and find some terrible way of tearing out his heart.”

Betty gasped with joy, “Oh! Are we betting on how he takes it?”

Even as she spoke, Theodora almost jumped to pull out a brand new notebook from her bag. Sonja’s attention was peeked as she watched the others. In a short time, they started to make wagers on how the man would take it. To her growing discomfort, the “betting” took a downward spiral, ranging from crashing his squad car to committing suicide the next day. Ming’s attitude brightened as Theodora wrote down each one, like the brainstorming of a research paper.

“Sonja, what do you think is going to happen?”

“Uh... I don’t know, he gets depressed?”

“Silly, Ming is better than that. The last teacher she did this to ended up taking retirement almost five years early.”

Sonja almost choked on her food, “A teacher?”

All four girls nodded and Sonja felt a shiver down her spine.


Betty patted her on the hand, “So, come up with a bet.”

“Uh... what are you wagering?”

“Silly things. Winner gets a favor from everyone else.”

Automatically, Sonja glanced at Marisha who was grinning, a smoldering look in her eyes as she gazed back at her. She felt another shiver down her spine. “I... how about getting committed for insanity?”

The others gasped and clapped, “Good one!”

Theodora wrote it down with a flourish just as the period bell rang out through the lunchroom. Amidst the sounds of chairs scraping on the ground and students staggering to their feet. Sonja gathered up her things and stood up into a hug from Betty. The warm embrace surprised her and she tensed up, her shoulders aching from the sudden pressure. The blonde whispered into her ear with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I like you, but not the same as Marisha. Good luck.”

And, with another friendly smile that left Sonja confused, Betty disappeared into the crowds. Blinking, she was even more surprised when Marisha pressed up next to her, speaking softly with just her hips touching Sonja’s. “Don’t be surprised with Betty, she isn’t into girls but she is very friendly. But, be careful about pissing her off. She’s is a hurricane when she’s pissed.”

Unsure how to respond to the second girl pressing against her, Sonja turned to look into the brown eyes, “How do I avoid that?”

Marisha smiled warmly, “Enjoy the ride, Sonja. And don’t mind if she gets a little bossy.”

Marisha leaned forward and for a brief moment, Sonja thought she was going to be kissed. But, a flicker of amusement mixed in with the obvious lust. Instead, she just winked.

“I hope I win, Sonja.”

And then Sonja was left alone in the emptying lunchroom.


The sixth period took too long to ooze into the day. When Sonja managed to cross the entire school, she barely made it into the door when the final bell rang out across the school. She glanced around the room, at the bright yellow counters and the individual workstations, complete with stoves and cabinets. In the center was six tables, five of them already filled with chatting girls and a pair of boys. Most of them looked like they were sophomores.

At the far end of the room was a massive counter in front of stoves and ovens. And old woman, covered in wrinkles and hunched over with time, stood there, paging through a cookbook in obvious annoyance.

“You must be Miss Bremus.” Her voice, scratching and annoyed, filled the room and the conversations slowed down in the room.

Sonja nodded. “Yes, madam.”

Ms. Dawson shook her head, “I can’t write you up for being late, Miss Bremus, but I do expect you to be sitting down when the final bell rings. And I also expect role call to be finished at the final bell, otherwise you will be marked late next time.”

Sonja sighed and nodded, “Yes, madam.”

“And don’t call me madam, young lady, I have a name. It is Ms. Dawson.” The old woman emphasized the “Ms.” with a z-sound. She gestured to the sixth table, where only one girl was sitting. To Sonja’s surprise, it was the girl next to her locker, the girl with mousy brown hair and the clearest blue eyes. The girl looked away as Sonja set her books down and sat on the opposite side of the table.

“Hello... I’m Sonja.”

The girl didn’t respond, but Ms. Dawson’s voice snapped out, “And I prefer silence, Miss Bremus. Miss Jemmlar at least understands that.”

Ms. Dawson pronounced it as “gem-lar”, but the girl didn’t do anything other than look in the other direction, almost bashful. Closing her mouth, Sonja spent the final period, ninety minutes, listening to the basics of cooking mixed with with various tangents and history lessons. It felt like finally reaching the surface of the ocean when the bell rang out to signal the end of the class. By the time Sonja gathered up her stuff, the Jemmlar girl was already gone.

Interest piqued, Sonja worked her way to her locker.

The girl was there, almost done throwing her things into the back.


For a brief moment, the girl looked at her, bright blue eyes almost shining. Then she looked away, like a dog who was beaten. Sonja frowned as she spun the dial of her own locker.

“What did you think of Ms. Dawson?”

A very soft answer came to her, quiet with a dash of southern comfort, “It is Miss Dawson.”

For a moment, Sonja didn’t realized that the girl spoke. Her fingers reached up to move the locker door away, to look down at the girl who was kneeling while she organized the books in the bottom of her own locker. “Pardon?”

“Miss Dawson, she was never married.”

“Even with her cooking?”

A very faint chuckle, “Her cooking is probably the only thing good about her.”

Sonja let a smile cross her lips, “And how would you know?”

The girl finally looked up at her, still kneeling on the ground. Sonja felt her breath freeze in her chest as she stared into the clear blue eyes that looked back. It was almost like looking in pure sapphires, cut out of the purest crystal.

“My father sells the meat in town. She is one of our largest customers.”


A very faint smile crossed the girl’s lips. Sonja realized that the girl was pale, almost white. Nothing like most of the tanned students in the school.

“She runs a catering business at night. Small business actually, dinners mainly.”

Sonja started to say something, but the girl glanced down the hall and saw something. She followed the gaze to see Betty working her way through the departing crowds. When she looked down, the mousy girl was done.

That seems to happen a lot in the school.

Pushing the thought aside, she threw her own books into her locker just as Betty stopped near by, the scent of her perfume strong enough to push back the smell of humanity.

“Sonja! Hurry up, I want you to meet Rick, he’s going to be the captain of the soccer team.”

Even though she suddenly didn’t feel like it, Sonja smiled broadly. “Sure.”

Closing her locker, she let Betty take her by the hand and lead her down the hall.

“You probably want to avoid Meris, though. She’s not the kind of person you want to be associated with.”


Betty gestured to the locker next to hers, the mousy brown girl’s. "Yeah, her father is one of those butchers in town, nasty man, drinks a lot. Not to mention, they have don’t have much money. And she isn’t even the slightest bit popular or pretty. Kind of a skank, if you know what I mean... well, if any guy would poke that cunt."

The blonde too charge and lead Sonja down the stairs. “You are going to love Rick, he’s perfect for you. Oh, that reminds me, cheerleader tryouts for next week. With me, you’re a sure thing.”

End of Chapter 5 >>2628


I, for one, really like the story, but I think a lot of folks are intimidated by the length of it as well as wary as there hasn't been much of the gore/murder/death bits yet.

Keep doing what you're doing, tSade!


Thank you. It can get discouraging when no one comments, but I'm really hoping things pick up when I get to the castration scene. That is when things start to really fall into a descent, but there is a lot of foreplay (plot) before we get to that.

Thank you, you made my week.


Very nice story, I love it and wait for the next chapter !


This is, in all honesty, my favorite story currently still on the literature list. I have wanted to comment on past chapters, but did not want to interrupt how smooth the flow from one chapter to the next looked, and so abstained.

I deeply appreciate this story, especially since the last chapter seemed to be leaning my direction a little bit. It is a great piece of writing and I eagerly await more.


I know what how you feel about that. It's been the same for me with my story. Leaves you wondering if people is just lazy or your story has no worth.


After Puppy Mill and Ron and the Giant Squid, I think I know the answer. They read it, get off on it, but then don't respond. Then years later, you made some side comment about writing Harry Potter fanfic with a squid and ten people in the chat room squee and fangirl over you.

There is a general apathy and embarrassment when it comments to commenting on stories like these. There people out there, and they are reading it, they are just very quiet.

It is discouraging, but I know they are out there. That is also probably why I comment on so many pieces that I read, no matter what the forum or genre.


great atmosphere so far, and yes this stuff is definitely something people tend to be careful commenting on :p


Chapter 06: A Pig Roast (F-solo)

Sonja lost herself classes, homework, being on the varsity cheerleader squad, and more than a few social events. Betty and her friends knew how to party and rich parents made sure that the affairs were grandiose and expansive. There was enough booze and teenagers making out that Sonja didn't need the mandatory Sex Ed classes.

Betty made sure that Sonja and Rick stayed together. It wasn't too bad, Rick was handsome and muscular, but he didn't quite have anything in his head to attract Sonja. It was obvious nothing was going to happen between the two of them; it was a lukewarm at best between them. Not to mention, Rick paid more attention to Betty than Sonja when the two were around.

It was an early October Saturday morning when life took a brief pause. There were no events to go to, all her homework was done, and Betty was out of town with her parents.

Slightly edgy from a good cheerleader workout session, which ended at ten in the morning and left her with a general feeling of laziness. So, instead of going inside the house, she stopped at the front porch and found a comfortable spot and sat down, still wearing her outfit. The cream and maroon colors didn't match her skin, but it was obvious she was just as popular as Betty and her friends. The skirt was very short and she flashed most of the school whenever she did a jump.

The hours passed as she read a popular book, glad that it wasn't one of the school texts. She kept her feet up on the railing of the porch and her ass comfortable in one of the outdoor chairs. In the driveway was her car, a BMW like her mother's, but this one was in a sage color instead of the silver of her mother's. It was also about half the price, but it didn't have every single little feature. A faint smile ghosted her lips as she looked at it, remembering how she bought it. The smile faded slightly as she remembered where the money came from, in an envelope on the front table. The note in her mother's handwriting told her to buy it.

Sonja wasn't upset about the car, only that she didn't even hear her mother come in before she ran off for another trip.

She almost missed her mother. She had not returned for more than three days once since they moved from Illinois. Sonja's lips twisted into a frown as she remembered hearing her mother going, or smelling her perfume, but more often than not, the bitch who birthed her wasn't even there.

Her eyes peered over at the green car and a little bit of the anger faded away. She didn't need to take the bus anymore, that horrid yellow bus. And the leering eyes of that man. Suppressing a shiver, she smiled back at her car.

No more bus.

Happier, she flipped the page and went back to reading, sighing with sudden pleasure as a cool wind brushed across her, teasing the bottom of her legs with an elemental curiosity. Enjoying herself, she flipped another page.

The crunch of someone walking down the gravel drive drew her attention from the book. Peeking up, she saw an older man, easily in his forties. Wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt and shorts, he was sweating from the effort of just walking down the drive. She frowned for a moment, trying to remember who he was before he spoke up.

“Uh... hi. I'm Jim, from two houses down.”

She watched as his eyes trailed down, to look underneath her legs. It was obvious he was starting at her skirt and slightly parted legs, but she made no effort to cover herself.

Sonja smiled. “Good morning.”

He wiped his hands on his shorts, “I... uh... was wondering if you would be willing to help us. We are trying to roast a pig for a lunch this afternoon and I'm having a little trouble doing it by myself.”

For a moment, she resisted. Then, a cold snap of a wind slammed into her, almost throwing her off the chair. She slapped her feet down on the ground for balance and stood up. Behind her neighbor, a small cloud of moths suddenly burst out of the grass and scattered. She froze, watching the fluttering wings for a moment, shivering from the window.

“Are... are you okay?”

She shook her head, “Yeah, cold wind surprised me.”

He obviously didn't know what she was talking about. Ignoring it, she padded down the stairs, leaving her books on the porch. He smiled at her hesitantly, his hands tight on the side of his pants.

She just nodded before speaking. “Sure, sounds like fun.”

Sonja's words were hollow, but she was curious. He started to hold out his hand, but then thought about it. Spinning around, he cut across her yard, toward his own house. She followed, listening to the sounds of tacky flip-flops in the grass. His house was a good distance away, hidden by two lines of ancient trees. Once they followed the tiny foot trail, she saw another immense backyard. This one had a large pit in the center, where a bonfire was burning brightly. Huge waves of shimmering heat poured from the flames. About ten feet from the fire was a pile of wood that easily doubled her height. Surprised by amount of wood, she glanced at him and he smiled apologetically.

“Takes about eight hours to cook both pigs and that takes a lot of wood.”

“Where did it come from?”

He waves toward the front of the house, “Had to cut down a tree, seemed like a waste of wood, we---I decided that a good cookout would be perfect.”

She ignored the “we” and “I” bits tactfully.

“So, what do you need my help for?”

“Oh, the pigs. It is really hard to spit them by yourself.”

Sonja followed as he took her next to the house, where two large crates were broken into. Inside was a pig, a real one. Ice was packed around each one. Kneeling down, she brushed her hand against it, feeling the smooth skin. It was firm and slightly flexible, not unlike human flesh.

That association startled her and she looked up, confusion in her expression.

“I get them without the hair, too much effort to clean it off. These are all cleaned out, they just need to be stuffed and spitted.”

For a brief moment, she wondered if the cheerleader outfit was going to be a hindrance, but her neighbor needed help. He looked down at her, where she was kneeling. His eyes flashed down to her breasts, before he cleared his throat.

“I... we need to get it out of the box and put it on that table.”

There was a table with a blue tarp on it. At one end was a rather impressive set of bowls, most of them filled stuffing, onions, and garlic cloves. To her sinking realization, she actually could identify most of the contents with little effort. Brushing the pig once again, she stood up and prepared to grab one end. He grabbed the other and they grunted as they picked it up. It was heavy, a thick dead weight, in her hands. With some effort, she managed to pick up her end and step toward the table. On the other end, he was straining until his face turned red.

Dropping it on the table, it landed with a dull thud. Gasping from the effort, she found an intense curiosity flaring up inside her.

“We stuff it now?”

He said, “Uh... yeah. And cut slits in the skin for the seasoning.”

Sonja glanced back at the other crate. “Should we get the other one?”

He shook his head, “Table can't handle the weight.”

“Okay, then I'll stuff.”

Without waiting for his response, she padded over to the largest bowl of stuffing and carried it over to the gaping hole at the end of the pig. It looked disturbingly like an orifice, but she started to shove large handfuls of the stuffing deep inside the slightly moist opening. It was not unlike stuffing a turkey, which she did in Home Ec., but there was a subtle difference. Her arm, bare from the outfit, easily pushed into the hole again and again, shoving juicy handfuls of stuffing into it with each plunge.

At one point, she paused, her arm completely buried into the pig's body. Her fingers pushed in more and she caught him looking at her, a frustrated hunger in his eyes. As their eyes met, he jumped nervously and looked away quickly. A strange feeling of embarrassment filled her, so she kept on stuffing the pig.

“So, do you do this often?”

He nodded, “About once a year. Normally we buy the wood though.”

“How many people show up?”

“Seventy to eighty people.”

“Seems like a lot of pig, if you make both.”

“Well, they really cook down, after a couple of hours.”


Her entire arm was dripping with stuffing and melting ice. Grinning at him, she shook it off and found a thick needle and some twine. Raising an eyebrow, she pointed at it and he nodded.


“If it is stuffed, tie it off. That keeps it in.”

They worked in silence for a while, he putting cutting slits into the pig's skin and shoving seasoning in. As soon as he finished, he started to lather up the entire pig in shortening from a large bucket. Sonja finished and helped him with the last bit.

When she finished, she stopped, unsure of what to do next. Wiping her slick hands on a towel, she watched as he finished. When he did, she cleared her throat. “Now what?”

“We spit it.”

Sonja ran over to where he pointed and she stopped as she found herself looking at two long metal spikes. They were slightly rusted from use and each one was tipped with a very sharp-looking point. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared at them, seeing the hundreds of spits in the shed. She never returned, but the sight of the shimmering steel still haunted some of her dreams.

Shaking, she gingerly reached out for the spit, expecting it to be warm like the ones in the shed. But, instead, they were the same temperature as the outside, not any warmer or colder. Relief flooded into her but she still hesitated to grab the spit. Her fingers curled around it and she brought it back to him.

“Good. This is the easy part. We just stick the point into one end and push it through.”

The newness of her experiences were filling her with anticipation. She brought it around and placed the sharp point where he directed. The point dug into the skin of the pig and she grabbed it with both hands. Grunting, she put her weight into it, feeling the resistance gather for a moment, then disappear as the spit plunged into the firm skin. Her gasp was mirrored by his, but hers was much different from the sudden lust that burned in his eyes. Hers was... excitement, of penetration and the feeling of domination over the meat in front of her.

Sonja managed to get it almost two-thirds through the pig before her neighbor finally stirred from his position and helped her. She saw his shorts were tented slightly and averted her eyes to focus on shoving the spit through.

When the metal poked out the other end, she felt a strange warming between her legs. It scared her, not because it was related to the overweight man helping her, but it was from the sight of the metal pole pushing out of the throat of a dead pig. Shivering violently, she helped him finish spitting the pig and stepped away, looking away from the corpse. Her eyes focused on the fire, watching the waves of heat, trying not to think of the growing flames between her legs.

Unaware of her discomfort, he cleared his throat. “We just need to get the brackets set up and get this over the fire. Then we can do the next one.”

Mechanically, she followed him, picking up two of the heavy steel brackets from the side of the house and following him. In the fire pit, he pushed away coals with the end of the spit until she saw a thick tube of steel sticking out of the ground. With long practice, he fitted the end of the bracket into it and set it down. She followed suit, the heat of the flames dancing across her naked legs and arms, leaving a layer of sweat across her skin.

The pig was harder. It was a heavy weight when she took one end of the spit and he took the other. They strained to carry it to the flame and set it down on the bracket. A few drops of shortening fell into the fire, popping as they struck the embers.

Jim stepped away from the flames, wiping his forehead. His eyes locked on her body, staring at her sweat soaked outfit, where her breasts were beginning to stick. Thankfully, her sports bra and top covered anything obscene, but his attention burned almost as hot against her skin.

“One more, then just six to eight hours of cooking.”

Sonja helped him get the other pig out and returned to stuffing it. On the second pig, she found it easier to stuff and her mind began to wander. So did his as he spoke, asking her about Illinois and her family. She answered, at first with simple words, but soon she was telling stories. As she started to get tired, she twisted his words so he was telling her stories. She listened as she shoved fistful of stuffing into the snug and gaping hole in the pig. Working mechanically, she listened with half an ear before some of his words tore her attention.

“... and then there is your haunted house.”

“Wait... what?”

He blinked, “Your house. People think it is haunted.”

Sonja paused, starting up at him with complete and utter disbelief, “You're kidding.”

Shaking his head, he stopped his own work, almost preening under the attention. “No. You hear stories, you always do. They say the place has been abandoned at least five times in the last twenty years. Most of the owners just pack up and leave.”


Jim frowned, “No, not murdered. Everything they own is gone, they just pack up in the middle of the night and leave.”


“Very strange, probably the reason no one bought it for two years... well, before you moved in.”

It was obvious that Jim was glad that Sonja moved in, but his feeble attempts to be subtle were laughable. Instead, she asked him more questions about the house, but he had nothing more. However, when he finished with his gossip, the pig was done and being set on the brackets of the fire. He used another metal spike to shove the wood around, breaking the fire into a low pile of hot embers.

She sat down on the edge of the crates, watching the two pigs on the flames in rapt fascination. Jim occasionally turned one, then the other, tending to the pigs for a quarter hour. Finally happy, he shuffled over to her and sat down heavily on the other crate, after putting the top back on for a wider surface.

“Well! Thank you. That would have been so much harder by myself.”

Her eyes still locked on the pigs, her body slick and heated with her growing obsession with the spits. There was a strange twisting in her stomach... and between her legs whenever she stared at the two pigs, cooking over the shimmering heat.

“Oh, that reminds me.”

Sonja tore her eyes away from the pigs to stare at the sweating man. He looked uncomfortable for a moment.

“Since you are new, there is a bridge a few miles down the road. A burned out one.”

She nodded, remembering it well. The thought of that strange old man briefly washed through her memories. His nasty cigar, or the memory of it, was enough to send a shiver. “Yeah... I saw it.”

“I wouldn't go over there. Bad things happen.”

“Oh? What is that place?”

“Some county or city, called Dolcett or something.”

“Dolcett?” That matched the letters she saw, “Why was it burned out?”

Jim shrugged, “Who knows? But, there are some very rich people out there and they don't take kindly to strangers. Not to mention, I heard they shoot people on site, the entire island is private property.”


He grinned awkwardly, “So, you probably don't want to ever visit.”

“Do people come back?”

“Who knows? I won't go there.”

Thinking for a moment, Sonja started to open her mouth to speak with a very pissed-sounding voice cut the air behind them. “Jim, go get the groceries.”

He jumped almost violently, springing to the air before coming down. With the expression of a beaten dog, he glanced at an older woman standing on the edge of the house. Anger and annoyance filled her as she gestured curtly.

Jim's eyes dropped to the ground, “Yes, dear.”

Without looking at Sonja, Jim shuffled around the house, toward the front. His wife glared at her, disgust and jealousy burning in the dull brown eyes. Sonja felt the anger as she smoothly stood up, straightening the skirt against her trim thighs. “Morning.”

“Don't bother pretending, Missy. Just go home and don't troll after my husband.”

Not even slightly interested in Jim, she shook her head. “I wouldn't even think---”

Jim's wife interrupted her, “I don't care.”


Without waiting for a response, she stormed back around the house, leaving Sonja alone in their backyard. The young girl gave the two pigs one long glance, then quickly looked away as she felt a quiver between her legs. Holding her hands in fists, she followed the path back to her house, feeling a slickness dripping down her inner thighs.

The path was short and she was soon home, panting to herself from the heat that burned inside her. She hesitated at the door, staring at her pack. Then, with a deliberate effort, she padded around the house and across the backyard to the shed.

It was the same as when she first moved in, but she never came back after that one day. Now, she opened the door and breathed in the smell of age and must, the memory almost burning as hot in her mind as the one of the cooking pigs. Shimmering steel beckoned her, each one rust-free and almost glowing in the darkness. Still panting, Sonja felt herself draw into the shed, closing it behind her and plunging her world into darkness streaked with specks of sunlight.

Unconsciously, she dropped one hand to her hips, then closer, feeling heat rolling from between her legs. Letting a tiny pant escape her lips, she eased her fingers up under the skirt of her outfit, to touch her sensitive and soaked crotch. Gasping as she felt pleasure surge through her, she reached out with one trembling hand to hold herself up on the wall, her fingers pushing aside the fabric to plunge into her burning sex.

Sonja plunged her fingers in and out with a frantic abandon, feeling an explosion of an orgasm just out of her reach. She jammed another finger in, the sounds of her slurping frigging loud in the shed, but her orgasm still refused to release.

Closing her eyes, she thought back to the pig, of shoving the spit inside the firm flesh, plunging it deep into the moist meat. Her orgasm almost crashed into her, but it still just hovered outside. Her fingers were soaked, dripping on the ground as she moaned with the effort. Her labia clung to her fingers with every stroke. The smell of her excitement filled the shed.

Her other hand clutched against the hard wood, feeling the roughness. She was whimpering now, three fingers pounding into her hole with reckless need. Her fingers scraped against the wood until her fingers brushed against the warm, startling warm, steel. At the first touch, she felt an electric surge course through her veins, filling her with an intense sensation of being electrocuted.

Panting violently, she jammed her fingers into her sex, stuffing her even as her fingers wrapped around the spit, holding it tightly. Her whimpers of pleasure filled the shed as she grabbed it even tighter, feeling the metal slipping through her fingers, leaving them with a tingling sensation. The spit in her hand was intense, bringing the memory of the pigs from just moments before.

A hungry need consumed her, but she could only whimper out, her fingers plunging in and out with harder and harder slaps. She could feel her juices flowing down her legs, soaking her fingers. It was almost too much for her, trying to find a release of her orgasm.

Fantasy rolled into reality and she pulled the spit closer, lifting her leg to straddle it. Her breath was coming in hard, ripping thuds against her rib cage as she brought up the warm metal to her sex. At the first touch, she screamed out in pleasure, her fingers sliding up and down against the metal and into her burning body.

With her spare hand, she pulled it up against her, pressing the warm metal right against her pussy. Her fingers oozed out to grab the spit. She saw her juices dripping down the shaft as she ground her crotch against it. The heat and hardness pushed against her labia, crushing up against her clitoris. It was intense, a searing pain of pleasure.

Whimpering hard, she ground her body up and down the shaft, holding the warm metal with body hands. Her orgasm sparked up and down her spine, filling her up as her hips rocked back and forth, almost violently. She felt weak and powerful, jamming up and down until it exploded in razor shards of ecstasy.

Sonja thought she screamed, but she couldn't control her body. Her knees buckled underneath her and she dropped to the ground, her hips still grinding up and down in fast, furious strokes. Long, shuddering breaths tore out of her, in time with the crashing sensations from her heart. She felt consumed by the orgasm, but her body was shivering with terrible weakness that left her on the ground, her body giving a few final strokes against the slick metal.

Afterglow burning inside her with the strength of a nuclear bomb, Sonja just curled up on the ground, the hard metal still between her legs. Her gasping pants kicked up dust with every breath.

It felt like hours before she finally got the energy to move again. Untwisting herself from the metal, she got to her feet unsteadily. Holding herself up against the side, she straightened her outfit. Her thighs felt empty with the spit gone, but it quickly became a memory fading, despite the warmth and pleasure. Staggering out, she went into the back door of her house and to the front, toward her pack on the front porch.

As she was about to open the door, she realized that there was a new pile of envelopes on the table by the door. They were bills, but they were already in their return envelopes, stamped and ready to go. Sonja looked up the stairs, trying to smell her mother's perfume. It was gone, but she still called out.


No answer.

“Mother? Mother!? Are you here?”

Still no answer. Sonja snarled, the glow of her orgasm fading away in a matter of seconds. She yanked open the front door and grabbed her pack, briefly looking for her mother's BMW. It wasn't there, but either was the dust of the car coming and going. Angry, she slammed the door shut and stormed toward her room.

End of chapter 6.


Fantastic buildup. I think the mother hides more than just being an extreme workaholic. The fact that Sonja never sees her might mean that she is on the hook trying to turn her daughter into a spitroast, or that she has been abducted herself and someone is impersonating her to keep the mascarade.


It's not like she's in a haunted house or... something... :)


Not haunted... more enchanted. At least, that's the vibe that I get from what you've posted already.

On a rather silly note, though, T'sade... could you update your site with content codes for your stories? I know that seems like a weird request, but I tend to look for certain things in fiction, even with a writer as talented as yourself.



^^^^I see what you did there. I think I now know what's happening (apart from the obvious), but I will refrain from commenting further so as to not spoil the reveal (also to avoid being called on it if I'm wrong :-) ).


Crap, I must have lost that with the last site migration. Usually, I'm pretty obsessive about putting that in (I do the ASSM codes for every story not to mention a taxonomy). I'll see about getting that recovered. Thank you for pointing it out.

I thought between building mysterious items in the basement, frozen butterflies, lovely nightmares, and a shed filled with spits that are mysteriously a different temperature, the haunted bit was obvious. Apparently, I was being too subtle though. :)


I didn't catch the different temperature bit, but I am wondering what will happen with the butcher's daughter. Her eyes are the most enchanting blue, after all...

And no, Sonja definitely isn't into girls. She only lingers on their every actions, blushes whenever a girl notices her, and feels uncomfortable at having guys staring (though to be fair, the guys mentioned thus far have been pretty creepy, or very much glossed over).


Very good, can't wait until the next chapter!


T'sade, maybe I'm just missing something, but I don't think I've ever actually seen the story codes on your site in the first place...



Yeah, you're right. Looking at, I apparently lost them somewhere around 2009-2010. Well, I'll see what I can do about going through them and rebuilding the summaries and codes.

Computers take so much time to manage, you know that? :)


Whelp, at least the issue that is there can be resolved! Huzzah for progress!


Chapter 07: At the Butcher's (F-solo voy)

Sonja's car eased into a parking spot, right outside of a very plain white building. Above her car was the simple sign, "Jemmlar Meats." The paint was fading, gashes of wood visible through the blue and white paint. The peeling paint along the building's walls matched the sign; age and disrepair both crouched over the building with their baleful gaze.

Sighing, she crawled out of the car and tucked her shirt back into her jeans. Most of her outfit was simple, no jewelry or accessories, just a low-cut blouse and tight jeans. Even with it being late October, it was still warm out. Sonja marveled at the temperatures of California before bending over to grab her purse. She slammed the door shut and locked it with a chirp from her key chain.

Her eyes roamed over the building as she went around to the front door. The smell of meat was strong when the door opened, overwhelming her with the symphony of scents.

Inside, the entry room was very tiny, almost surprisingly. Two counters, both covered in metal, lined the walls with a single cash register in the corner. Posters on the wall showed cows and pigs with dotted lines labeling each parts and rating the quality of each cut. She paused to look at it, curious but also revolted at the same time. Her eyes glanced over the price lists, but she didn't have enough time to read it when a large, beefy man pushed through a swinging door from the back of the room.

"A customer?" His voice was smooth, with a faint southern tang that Meris also shared. Sonja got her first look at Meris' father. He had muscles and a very serious gaze from deep-set eyes. His hair was almost completely white, except for a few untidy streaks of brown that interrupted the thinning bald spot. Hairy arms flexed underneath the short-sleeved shirt, which was layered on a blood-stained apron.

"No... I'm here to pick up Meris."

He regarded her unhappily, "You must be Sonja."

One beefy hand reached out and she took it gingerly, winching as he crushed her grip. The smell of alcohol filled the room as he finally released it. She massaged her hand briefly as he turned and slammed through the swinging door. A "help wanted" sign taped to the door finally gave up the ghost and slithered to the ground.

She paused, unsure if she should follow him. A brief moment turned into a long silence between the door squealed open. Meris peeked her head out and smiled softly.

"Give me a second, dad is almost done and I... like to watch." Meris' cheeks were flushed.

"Sure... what is he doing?"

"Butchering a cow."

Sonja's opinion of Meris changed slightly when she spied a fire in the mousy girl's eyes. It was an interesting change, the first time she ever saw anything that perked the girl's attention, an interest in anything other than bashful silence. Meris' pale finger gestured and Sonja followed, hefting her purse over her shoulder. The door squeaked close behind her and she got her first look at the inner chambers of a butcher's shop.

It wasn't that impressive.

The bulk of the building was a large room, hanging with hooks of all shapes and sizes. A network of pipes covered the ceiling where the hooks hung from. Meris' father was rotating a large hunk of meat, the remains of a large cow. In his right hand, he had a bloody butcher blade. Sonja's eyes trailed down, where rivers of blood poured off the fresh meat and into the drains mounted in the floor.

Meris almost ran to a bench on the side, crawling up on it to sit down. Sonja followed, leaning against it when she reached there. Meris giggled, but it ended abruptly when a large thunk noise filled the room.

Sonja jumped at the sound. She turned her head just as Meris' father buried the blade into a joint, the impact shaking the air before the blow hacked the meat off.

He pulled down on it and a wet ripping noise filled the air. Bloody dripped from the wound and he shook it off before grinning at Sonja. "Probably don't want to watch this part, girl."

Annoyance prickled down Sonja's spine. He was trying to sicken her, but she knew from her mother that one never backs away from a challenge. "Or what?"

He responded by reaching up and slamming the blade hard into the cow. A splatter of blood splashed against his apron and she felt a faint sensation of queasiness in her stomach but fought it back.

Clearing her throat, Sonja snapped back. "And... what? You're going to yank on your meat?"

Meris' father sneered. With a brutal strength, he started to chop the cow corpse into various parts, almost following the dotted lines with the movements of an experienced man. It was impressive, not to mention the emotion he threw into it, slamming again and again, pulling off cuts of meat with his other hand. An assistant, a Latino by the looks of it, gathered up the meat from his fingers, sorting them as fast as the man chopped.

Next to her, she heard Meris panting. Surprised, she peeked over to see the frail girl shifting around, like her seat was uncomfortable. Her lips were parted slightly, tiny pants coming out with every breath. Sonja froze, watching the signs of unmistakable lust in the girl's eyes.

At first, Sonja thought it was Meris' father that was attracting the girl. It left a disgusted feeling in Sonja's stomach, but then she noticed that Meris' attention wasn't focused on the swing of the blade.

Shifting slightly, Sonja moved further back against the table to watch daughter and father at the same time. Against the wall, she caught a familiar scent of excitement, a tangy sweetness similar to her own juices when she masturbated.

The curiosity rose. Sonja glanced down to Meris' hips which were rocking slightly. A damp spot had appeared between the girl's leg and her movement smeared it against the reflective top of the table.

Another thunk shot through the air. Meris jumped, but Sonja was watching too careful to be surprised.

From her vantage point, she could see as Meris' attention followed the blade, not her father. When her father yanked a hunk of meat from the corpse, Meris' head turned to follow the meat and the assistant.

The queasiness of possible incest faded and was replaced with a growing interest in Meris' lust. The girl rocked her hips with her movements, smearing more of her juices against the table. The air smelled of pussy and Sonja found a blush crossing her cheeks at the scent of it.

Sonja had never looked at Meris that way before, but it was sexy to watch the other girl masturbating against the table. The tiny moans and whimpers rose up, matched to the thunk of the blade and the squelch of ripping meat. But, close to Meris, there was no questioning that she was getting more and more turned on with every hunk of meat that was torn off.

When her father finally finished, Meris still watched the meat being wrapped up and sorted, the rapt lust smoldering in her eyes. Even when he disappeared into a bathroom, to clean up, Meris still watched the Latino's hand carelessly wrapped up each paper, using a black marker to identify it.


The girl barely gave Sonja a glance, her breath still coming fast, "Just a few more minutes? He's almost done."

Sonja's heart beat faster too. It wasn't the meat that was turning her on, but watching Meris' excitement. She forced her voice calm when she shrugged and said, "Sure."

It wasn't until the last of the meat was wrapped up and packed in the freezer that Meris let out a long, choked off moan and shuddered. The scent of the girl's orgasm swirled around Sonja.

To Sonja's surprise, she was damp between her legs from watching. She was a bit disturbed that she had just watched a girl getting off watching a cow being butchered as much as Sonja's excitement at watching Meris. She wasn't a lesbian, she was sure of that until that moment. Now, there was a doubt.

Clearing her throat, Sonja pushed the thoughts away. "Ready?"

Too brightly, Meris nodded and ran back to the office in the corner of the room. She was wearing jeans herself and Sonja could see the damp spot barely visible between the tiny globes of her ass. Meris grabbed her bag and rushed back to Sonja.

Her father came out, a scowl on his face. "Where are you going?"

Meris paused. "Homework, Dad."

"For your cooking class?"

"Don't be silly, I'm going to help Sonja with her calculus and she is going to help me with history."

He scoffed, "Be back before ten. I'll save the liver for you."

The faint flush fading on her cheeks, Meris waves happily and drew Sonja out into the front room.

"Wasn't that wonderful?"

Still testing her curiosity, Sonja asked, "Your father?"

Making a face, Meris shook her head violently, "Ew... no, the cow."

"Being butchered?"

Meris spoke in a longing whisper, "Oh... yes..."

Sonja grinned and shook her head. "You are a strange girl."

"At least I don't have a closet full of knives next to my bedroom."

Wincing, Sonja sighed, "I should have never shown them to you."

"Why? I thought it was fascinating. How were they so sharp? It's been years, right?"

A kernel of amusement filled her as Sonja fished out her keys to unlock her car. "Kind of creepy though."

Both of them got into the car and Sonja smoothly pulled it into the traffic. They drove in silence for a long time, Meris watching the cars go by. As they started to reach the cookie-cutter houses, Sonja finally spoke up again, her thoughts giving her the urge to break the silence.

"What was the liver bit about?"

Meris looked away from the glass, "Huh?"

"The liver. Your father was going to save it."

"Oh, I like liver."


"Yeah... but it is..."

Sonja waited for the end of the sentence, but it never came. Instead, Meris looked back out the window with a strange expression on her face, her lips parted just slightly as her breath fogged the glass. Sonja glanced over a few more times, but her friend didn't look back.


I finally sat down and read the whole story, and I'm glad I did. I can't wait to see Sonja and Meris satisfy their dark desires. Well done sir. Eagerly anticipating the next installment.


I really love your story. I hope you can post another chapter soon !


Chapter 08: Dreams of a Spit (F-solo dream cann)

January was a cold and bitter month, but thankfully didn’t consist of actual snow. Instead, it was icy wind that cut through fabric without even slowing. She shivered violently as she stepped out of her car. The gravel of the drive looked like shards of glass, the first hints of frost that refused to come in months. Reaching in, she grabbed her pack and hefted it, feeling the weight and smelling the various perfumes from the locker room.

Winching from a slightly strained shoulder, she walked down the drive, to the path, and up the stairs of the porch. Her shoes rapped against the wooden planks. Fishing out her key, she threw her bag in and looked around the desolate front yard. It was still green, but it has a ghost-like quality of green bones instead of thriving blades. The disconnect still hurt her, when she expected to see snow instead of bare trees and pale grass.

An icy wind slammed into her and she retreated into the house, locking the door behind her. The house was dark and quiet, but warm. The hiss of the radiators filled the living room as she felt the boiler pumping heat through ancient pipes. Her fingers fumbled for the switch, finally throwing the resisting plastic and flooding the entry hall with a sickly yellow glow.

Her eyes dropped to the table, where a pile of bills were ready to go out. Even after months, she was still surprised to see them ready to go out, each one stamped and carefully written in her mother’s handwriting. Usually her mother paid her bills online, but ever since they moved, they had gone out through the mail. Maybe California didn't allow direct deposits.

She grumbled as she paged through them.

“Gas... water... electricity... oh!”

The bottom one, as normal, was an envelope to her with her allowance. It started the month she got the car, actually the car was the first thing she bought. Her fingers tore open it open and pulled out a thick pile of hundred dollar bills. The colored version of the hundreds still looked like toy money, compared to the pure green ones she grew up with, but at least they were real. Her bank account, not her mother’s, was testament that that. She dropped the envelope, then picked it back up when something slid inside it. Peering inside, she saw a brightly-colored credit card.

Excitement rising, she pulled it out and the note attached to it. Scanning the note, she was smiling by the time she read to the bottom.

“Don’t go overboard and I’ll pay for it.”

She stared at it for a moment, “Cool.”

She put the credit card and the note into her purse and set it down on the table. Grabbing the bills, she unlocked the front door, shoved them into the mailbox, and closed the front door. Not bothering to lock it, she grabbed her pack from the ground and headed to her bedroom. The basement was cooler than the rest of the house, but much warmer than the outside. An oil-based heater hummed quietly in her bathroom, keeping her private quarters toasty warm.

She reached her bedroom door and paused, a slow feeling of nagging growing inside her. Setting the bag down at the door, she turned and padded into the workshop, which was dominated her nights until about a week ago. Her eyes were already focusing on her project, even as she pulled the light on.

It was a guillotine, or at least a short one. Even seeing it sent a shiver of fear down her spine. It towered above her, almost brushing against the twelve-foot ceiling of the basement. The wood was sanded and polished into a warm glow, the frame built out from individual parts that she had made with skills she never possessed before. Her shivering continued as she stared at it, her eyes looking up at space for the missing piece, the blade itself.

She didn’t realize what she was building until she was finally pieced it together. It came together in a single night, assembling it in a night of pressure, where her excitement prevented her from sleeping until the last screw was twisted into place. When she stood back, she started to shake as she realized what she built.

Sonja ran from the room and didn’t return, until today. Trembling, she stepped forward, reaching out for the wood. It was warm, a mellow warmth, to her touch. Her fingers remembered sanding it and staining it until it had a glass-like shine. Sliding her hand along the wood, she felt a delicious shiver fill her as she caressed the release lever for the murderous device.


Her words trailed off as she sat down slowly on it, the solid wood didn’t even shift from her weight. Even the bench in the front was smooth and warm and looked very comfortable. That thought made her shiver again, but she made no effort to stand up.

“Why was I building this?”

No answer came in the quiet basement, except for the vibration of the boiler shutting off. The silence flooded into the basement, leaving her alone with the massive execution device in one corner of her workshop. She looked around at the neat workshop, where every single item was nestled into its proper place.

“How did I build this?”

Still no answer.

To her surprise, the warm bench underneath her was very comfortable. She lifted herself up to turn around, pressing the spine of her back against the vertical column of wood. Looking at her feet along the edge, she could almost imagine herself on it, tied down to the thick dowel rods she so carefully assembled a week before. That thought sent another shiver down her spine again, but still couldn’t find the energy to stand up.

Realizing she was getting drowsy, she pulled herself off the guillotine and stood up. Away from the smooth warm wood, her thoughts gained some clarity. The warmth of the wood, mixed with the coolness of the basement made her flexing anxious. Almost fleeing, she ran back up the stairs out of the basement.

A few hours later, she made herself dinner and ate it in silence. Homework was finally finished, but she left it stretched out across the dining room table. Yawning, she finally braved the basement again, staggering down the stairs with slow, measured movement. Her hands clutched to the splintered handrail.

Finally reaching the bottom, she ignored the light still on in the workshop and closed herself tightly in her own room. Stripping off her clothes, she crawled into bed. Yawning again, she flipped off the light and hoped for sleep to come quickly.

Sadly, it didn’t. She just stretched out in bed, her naked body rubbing against the sheets and blankets, her mind spinning almost violently. She tried to force herself to sleep, but her mind refused to release the images that spun in her head. The guillotine was the primary one, her thoughts kept drifting back to it, remembering how the wood felt against her skin. In her bed, wrapped in the warmth of her blankets, she could almost feel it against her body, an inanimate lover against her body.

When she realized there was a warmth growing inside her, she bore her mind away from it, desperately trying to avoid the thoughts of sex. It worked, for a little bit. She tried to think about homework, but that was like thinking about torture when she was trying to sleep. Shivering, she found something else to think about.

Her mind pictured Meris, the frail girl from class. She was seeing more of her, mainly for tutoring. Despite her bashful appearance, she really blossomed the longer she talked with Sonja. The bright eyes would shine, but never as much when she talked about the butcher shop and her father’s work.

Sonja smiled to herself, snuggling into her sheets, with the thoughts of that girl. Despite her not wanting it, a friendship was growing between them. Betty didn’t seem to like that.

Thoughts of the blond turned her thoughts sour. She was too obsessed with appearance and parties. Sonja enjoyed both, but it wasn't the purpose of enjoyment. She didn't want to party for the sake of throwing a party, but to have fun. When she dressed, it wasn't just to turn heads and turn on teachers, but to make herself feel good.

Sonja glanced over to where Rick's jersey hung from the back of her chair. She had never let the boy into her house, but Betty had been pushing him on her ever since the first day. He had a beef stake for a brain, but he looked good and that was Betty's reason for putting them together.

He was pleasant to the eyes and acted as a human shield away from Marisha's stalking. Sonja shivered at the thought of the red-haired girl, eyes still burning with more than a little lust. For a moment, she wondered what the red-head would look like on the guillotine. Her thoughts grew more detailed and precise as she imagined it: Marisha's naked body stretched out on the warm wood, hands and ankles tied down. A tingling grew between her legs as she thought about Marisha’s expression, wide eyes and frightened, staring up at a sparkling golden blade high above her. Sonja could even imagine the tiny whimpers coming from Marisha, almost squeaking, as the girl experienced conflicting sensations of helplessness and excitement.

A moan filled her room as she spread her legs, her fingers slipping down to try quelling the heated fires that filled her. Her mind was out of her control, flashing through images as her fingers slipped into her body, masturbating as she imagined the whimpers and the cries. In her mind’s eyes, Marisha was arching her back, legs spread obscenely open by her bounds. She could almost imagine what it would be like to stroke against the shaking skin, feeling the sweat and excitement even as her dream fingers wrapped around the release lever.

Her real fingers were plunging in and out with wet slurping noises as her imagination started to finger Marisha, matching her physical movements with her dream. But, the difference was her dream-self was pulling the lever to the guillotine. She could almost feel the blade slicing down, Marisha’s scream that echoed in her head, and the final explosion as her orgasm blanked out her imagination, leaving her feeling weak and comfortable and very warm.

Then the guilt started to seep into her thoughts. Guilt and fear strumming in her mind, of imagining her friend being decapitated helplessly, using her as she was using herself. The guilt faded away as she finally felt herself falling into dreams.

Her dreams came hard and fast, locking her into a world with no chance of escape. She could feel her body being stretched out. For a brief moment, she was terrified that she was being put on the guillotine, in penance for her enjoying Marisa’s death.

But, it was cold metal she was being stretched out over and for a brief moment, she was relieved. Then, she felt hands across her body, stroking her breasts, her sides, even her legs. Slick fingers probed up against her as she felt oil being lathered on her skin. More hands were holding her ankles and wrists, pulling her out taunt over a metal counter, stretching her out like nothing but a piece of meat.

Her whimpers turned into moans as the hands continued to stroke against her, rubbing in scents and seasonings that smelled like the time she helped with the pig roast. She started to wiggle again, but someone’s hands, soft and delicate, pushed up between her legs, rubbing against her clitoris even as she strained against her captors.

The sound of metal filled her senses as she felt something being picked up next to to her. It hovered over her vision, one of the shiny metal spits from the shed. She could almost feel the warm metal as it was drawn down, the point just teasing her oiled-slicked skin.

Her whimpers and struggles quieted as she felt the point being lowered further down, the point slipping through slicked fingers still slipping in and out of her body, spreading her legs further. A long moan filled her as she felt it being lowered even further, against some delicate point of her body.

Mouthing words, she tried to call out “why?” and other things, but nothing came out. Something soft pressed against her lips, a finger. Then another as she felt them starting to slide in and out of her lips, like other fingers were slipping in and out of her sex in long, sensual movements that left her gasping for breath.

It felt like thousands of hands against her body, stroking and rubbing and plunging in and out. Her pleasures were being stoked like a fire, burning hotter and hotter.

And then... the spit was eased inside her pussy. Her body was awash with sensations, of pleasures and a growing feeling of being stuffed. She tried to figure out where that point was coming it, pushing into her body like some endless cock or dildo, but her mind refused to focus on it. Instead, she was whimpering and moaning from the feeling of being penetrated, the ultimate penetration.

Sonja continued to writhe in pleasure, rocking her body as she felt the hot metal plunging into her, never pulling back but driving deeper. It was hard and unyielding as it pushed into her stomach, filling her. She tried to twist away from it, to pull her pussy from the invading metal, but oil-slicked hands held her down against the cold metal counter.

A long moan filled the room as the hands continued to hold her down, pushing the thick metal even further into her, guiding it around the sensitive parts of her body. She could feel it pierce her stomach, and soon she tasted it in the back of her mouth. The hard, inflexible length slid out of her throat, stretching her neck as it continued toward her lips. For a moment, she wondered if she would suffocate, but in her dream it was just hard to breath. The point of the spit continued to push further and she let the hands caressing her face bend her head back and let the shiny metal slide out past her lips.

Sonja tried to moan, tried to whimper, but her body was spasming along the metal. The feeling of being held in place, by the hardness impaling her from end to end, was too much. She felt explosions of pleasure and ecstasy run along her entire body, every breath sending her higher into the clouds of unimaginable pleasure.

The hands touching her, pulled her wrists and ankles to the spit. She felt herself being tied down, twine twisting and knotting, holding her tightly against a spit. Another finger slipped down the crevice of her sex, teasing her and slipping into her soaked opening, fingering her. Sonja realized the spit impaled her ass, stuffing her to the limits of her body, holding her like nothing but a pig.

The hands lifted her off the counter, suspending her with rope and the spit. She felt the pressure on her inner organs, her weight pulling them down, but the twine dug into her skin and kept her safe as she was carried somewhere else. Her eyes tried to see, but all she could see was the ground moving below, then the red-hot embers of a fire dancing below her vision.

Then the heat.

The fires that burned against her skin. She felt them as clearly as her orgasms. Coupled with the sensation of being filled and pinned, she was almost consumed by a spectral orgasm that needed no fingers or cock to trigger. It was just an intense wave of heat searing through her skin, coupling with the volcano that exploded between her legs.

As her consciousness died under the assaulted of infinite pleasures, she finally slept.

End of chapter 8


Christ, mate... that's one hell of a powerful chapter!

If you've never decided to pursue a career in profession writing, I sincerely urge you to do so (and scrub your name from the denizens of the internet depths to avoid the negative press surrounding one of them "not-society-normal" folks). Nothing against the fellow Gurochan folks, but sadly, society doesn't really look proudly upon us.


Thank you!

I'm in the middle of an attempted career as a professional writer. Sadly, after three years of trying, I have absolutely failed at it. No sales, no nothing. I'm trying, but pretty much the only sex I have is with stuff like this (and I don't really get paid for it).


So hot hot hot ! This is a so much exciting story ! I love it so much, I'm fan ! :)


Oh, I did forget. I do have two books on this byline. They actually sell moderately well: Eliza and the Raptor is a sci-fi, dino porn. And Mummy's Girl is a fantasy BDSM novel with a mummy. Both are on my website. So, I guess I have a bit of success as a "professional". :)


Chapter 09: After School Special

Sonja sat at the back of the bus, watching the spring forest snap by with incredible speed. The dilapidated vehicle raced down the Interstate on their way back from one of the multitude of games her school excelled in. The spirits were low, however, because the team lost for the third time in a row. On the other hand, the obsession with the cheer squad was almost powerful enough for an explosion of interest, social networking, and blurry upskirt photos.

She scoffed into the window, watching the brilliant greens of leaves mixing in with the blurring colors of sport utility vehicles, cars, and immense trucks. In the mirror, she could see her own reflection in the grimy window.

For a moment, it looked like someone else was looking at her, someone with deep-set eyes and a haunted glow barely visible in her sea-green eyes. Something burned inside them, a fierce glow, but the giggling and noise behind her just sent a shiver down her spine.

With a great deal of effort, she peered over her shoulder at the others. The maroon outfits were swirling and moving as the other cheerleaders joked and commented on the game. In the very back, Betty was the center of attention as she and Ming were comparing notes on teacher's perversions and the perverts ogling them at the game.

Careful not to look annoyed because it always upset Betty, Sonja turned back into the reflection, her fingers digging into the green vinyl of the seat. Her eyes locked into her reflection's and she could almost see memories flashing in those green eyes. Not to mention the obvious lack of sleep.

Her dreams were getting worse, haunting her almost every night. Dreams of fire and flame, of spit and moans. More often than not, she found herself waking up masturbating, her sheets soaked with her own juices and the room flooded with her excitement. Even thinking of it brought a flush to her cheek.

But, the dreams had changed months ago. It wasn't only herself in them, but Betty, Ming, and the others. All of them being tortured while screaming for more, a hard sexuality intensity that overlaid themselves with reality. She could no longer see them in the locker room without also remembering how they looked, strapped to a spit or pinned down for the guillotine. Somehow, she knew what they smelled like when they were excited, but also the sounds of pleasure they made when their end finally came.

Those memories haunted her more than the dreams.

“So, ready for your big date?”

Sonja jumped and Betty giggled, her bright eyes watching her from over the seat. While Sonja was mulling over her past, the perky blonde had managed to slip in behind her. Her lipstick was bright and freshly applied, but Sonja wasn't paying attention why.

Not wanting to spend more time with Rick, Sonja started to beg it off, but there was a hardness in Betty's eye that stopped her. It was the blonde who set her up and she had a feeling that Rick only asked her out, after eight long months of Betty pushing him.

Sonja nodded her head and cleared her throat. “Y-Yeah, actually I am.”

“Really?” There was no surprise in her voice, “Going to do dinner and a movie, the old five and dime?”

Sonja grinned at Betty's phrase, “Yeah, we're going to the AMC and probably Red Lobster. Make it up as we go.”

“Bah, just tell him where you want, that is the whole point.”

For a brief moment, Sonja was confused, “The whole point?”

A predatory look crossed over Betty's expression, “Of men.”

Marisha leaned into them. “And what about women?”

Betty gave a conspiratorial glance at Marisha, who was practically in the lap of another blushing cheerleader. The sound of laughter could almost hide the red-head's purr.

“Depends on what side you're on, I guess.”

Sonja grinned, thankful she wasn't against the heavy-handed affections at that point. “True, so true.”

Betty's eyes came back, “So, gonna do him?”

Shocked, Sonja shook her head, “What!? No... no!”

Some of the conversations started to die, but Betty leaned over the edge of the seat, her breasts pushing down against the polished metal.

“No? I mean he is cute. Or... are you a virgin?”

The blush grew hotter in her cheeks and Sonja shook her head. “No... I'm not a virgin... haven't been for...”

Betty's smile brightened, “Don't have to remember. They are just men, size and number doesn't count as long as they are rich and they treat you like a queen.”

The giggle cut through the bus and Sonja smiled with her, the flush in her cheeks fading slightly. Someone threw a backpack at Betty who pretended to grow enraged, yelling out at Ming who whistled innocently. The bus exploded in laughter as the blond threw herself back over the bench and caught Ming before wrestling her to the floor.

The laughter grew louder and Sonja pressed her back against the side of the bus, glancing up at the bus driver.

It was the nasty man who used to pick her up. He was just watching, barely keeping his eyes on the road as he leered into the mirror. His eyes wandered over to Sonja and she could almost feel him stripping her with his imagination. She shivered and looked away.

Theodora's voice cut out over the din of the bus. “So, Sonja, with your date tonight, won't Meris be upset?”

Sonja jumped and peered over toward the back. Betty was “caught” in Marisha's and Ming's grasp, almost stretched out over the end of the bus seat, the hem of her skirt raised high enough to see the matching maroon fabric between her legs. Theodora leaned across Ming's lap, trying to pull Betty across when her question stopped their wrestling. Silence filled the bus and Sonja blinked for a moment.


Betty sat up, her head almost brushing against the ceiling. The purple eyes stared back at Sonja and she saw a brief image of the blond being shoved into an oven. The shiver sent a flush to her cheeks.

“W-What do you mean?”

Marisha's eyes flashed with amusement, “You are getting to be quite friends with the corpse girl.”

“I'm just tutoring her.”

A ripple of laughter filled the bus, along with the whine of the diesel engine. Sonja started to look away and forced herself to look into Betty's eyes. The blonde smiled prettily and shrugged. “Just noticed that you spend a lot more time with her than anyone else including Rick or me."

Marisha's voice purred out, “Would it be a little practice... for me?”

Another peal of laughter and giggles. Sonja tightened her jaw and kept her eyes on Betty's. The leader of their group disengaged herself completely from her mock-captors and almost crawled over the seat, until she was right behind Sonja. Sonja looked up into Betty's eyes as the blonde loomed over her for a moment. Then, she slithered down like a snake until Sonja could hear the vinyl creak from her weight.

“So... is she one of your friends... your close friends?”

Sonja shook her head slightly, despite the fact she wanted to say “yes.”

Betty almost purred as she leaned a little more forward. “I wouldn't want to you to... abandon your duties as a tutor, but if it came down to us or her... could you?”

The were a calculating coldness in Betty's eyes, a fierce determination that burned deeply. Sonja felt her world mixing in with her dreams, at the worse possible moment. Betty's blue eyes mixed with her purple, her outfit blurring even as she could imagine the young blonde tied to a pole, about to be set on fire. The screams echoed in her ears as she looked into the cheerleader's eyes and shivered from the intensity of the heat growing inside her.

Sonja stammered, “I...”

Betty reached out and stroked Sonja's cheek. The finger felt like ice against her skin, her body caught in memories and the powerful purple eyes that stared back. Her whisper drifted through Sonja's senses. “Us or her, Sonja?”

It took a supreme effort to speak against her heart, against the growing friendship between her and Meris. She forced a smile across her face, masking the confusion and fear with confidence. “You, of course.”

Those three tiny words were enough to break the silence in the bus. Ming sighed dramatically and conversations started to perk up from the beginning of the bus, sliding down until the noise once again echoed shrilly against the green-painted walls.

Betty smiled warmly at her, lips tightened up slightly. The finger against her cheek slide a little further down, cupping her chin for a moment. There was no sexuality in that gaze, just pure raw power. Sonja realized she saw it in her mother too many times and the same gaze glowed from Betty's eyes. “Good. Of course, I would never make you make that choice.”

Thankfully, the fingers pulled away and Betty gave her a last longing look before slipping out of the seat and returning to the one in the back. Sonja's eyes followed her, then drifted to the side to see Marisha looking at her, the red-head's eyes briefly flashing with sadness before it was washed away with amusement.

Ming just grinned while Theodora pulled out a notebook.

The dark-skinned girl's voice drifted toward them, “So, Ming, how is the boyfriend thing coming?”

“Oh... pretty good. He got a hand up my shirt last time.”

“Oh? Second base?”

Ming scoffed, “As if. Na, just to my belly. But, by the time I was done with him, his gun,” she paused meaningfully, “looked like it needed a few less bullets in it.”

Another round of laughter filled the bus. Sonja joined in with them, feeling dirty and unclean. And more than a little guilty.

End of chapter 9


Chapter 10: The Big Date (F-solo, MF rp nc viol)

Thirty minutes before her date, and Sonja found herself wandering around her house. Her heels clicked against the wooden steps as she mounted the stairs again. She peered into her mother’s rooms before sighing and trailing back down the staircase. The empty hall surrounded back at her and she sighed again in annoyance. Her eyes glanced up at the clock which ticked another second in defiance.

A feeling of illness squishes her stomach as she frowned. The urge to lock the door and crawl back into bed rose up inside her and she almost submitted to the cold sensation. Fighting it, she wandered into the living room and sat down heavily. The couch wheezed with frustration as she straightened the narrow dress wrapped around her body. It was black, with red trim, with hints of Japanese in its style but all American in how much it showed off the smooth skin of her cleavage, legs, and arms. Stretching out one leg, she peered at her trim leg with muscles rippling perfectly underneath it. Months of frequent cheer practice and sports events forged her body into a shape that rivaled many of the models in her fashion magazines. All without the unreasonable starvation.

That thought brought a smile to her lips, the taste of the lipstick suddenly reminding of her date. Her smile faded as she set down her leg, folding her fingers in her lap as she tried to wait. Her eyes peered over to the mechanical clock which a glass clock with brass gears spinning underneath. Barely a minute had passed since she last looked and she still wasn’t excited about her date.

With a supreme effort, she forced herself to hold still, waiting for Rick to whisk her away to her date. Her face dropped into a frown as she replayed the conversation with Betty, pushing her into the date then Rick repeating almost everything Betty said. Finally, her thoughts drew to the conversation in the bus. The sickness in her stomach redoubled as she felt guilt gnawing at her.

“Why didn’t I say yes? Yes, Meris was my friend.”

Her guilt-filled voice filled the living room, but no answer came. For a moment, she thought she would hear one, a strange sensation of being watched crawling along the hairs of her neck. Unconsciously, she reached up and brushed her fingers against them, feeling each one standing up. Her fingers trailed up to the French braid, expertly done by a local salon.

Impatience finally peaked as she sat there and she stood up just as the doorbell rang out through the house. Surprised, she let out a tiny shriek and stared at the clock, twenty-five minutes after Rick was suppose to pick her up.

Startled that he was early for once, she straightened her dress and strode out to the hallway door. Unbolting it, she opened it and jumped again as she saw a FedEx delivery man standing there. He smiled at her, then his jaw dropped slowly as she watched his eyes trail down her body. A faint flush filled her cheeks as his gaze turned into one of temporal lust.

The flush grew as a silence stretched between them. She broke the silence with a curt question. “Yes?”

He shook his head, holding out a large box for her.

“Delivery for Sonja Bremus?”

Still startled and flushed, she nodded and took it. It was heavy, heavier than she expected. Setting it down, she signed the clipboard and smiled faintly as he held it front of his crotch, hiding the growing bulge in his pants. As she closed the door, she felt a feeling of triumph, that she was gorgeous enough for Rick, even if she wasn’t sure about the date.

She started to bring the box to the table, but her shoe slipped and pinched her toe. She kicked it off before entering the dining room. Setting the box down on the table, she inspected the label. It was from her mother, to her. Frowning, she wondered what it was as she tore open the box using the strip and pulled out its contents. It was large and metal, a plate about two feet long and very heavy. Her finger caressed the edge of the plate and found a flare on two of the edges and a pair of holes along the third. The final edge angled sharply, with a strange swirl of brushed metal along the very edge.

Shivering sightly, she reached out for the strange edge and felt the very sharp blade along its length. Setting it down on the table, she stared at it for a long time, trying to figure out why her mother would send her a metal blade the size of a guillotine-

Gasping, she grabbed the blade and sprinted down the stairs, leaving her heels by the front door. Her bare feet slapped against the heavy wooden stairs before throwing herself into the workshop. The guillotine stood in front of her, towering about her with the polished warmth of wood.

A twisting of excitement replaced the sickness in her stomach as she set the heavy blade down on the plank for the guillotine’s victim. Her hands worked quickly, removing the wood that kept it in place. Grunting, she set the blade in and replaced the frame. A flush of excitement rose inside her, not to mention a tingling of pleasure deep in her sex, as she saw the blade fixed in place, completely covering the hole where a neck would go. The excitement spiked as she imagined herself on that board, tied down with that shimmering blade above her.

Panting, she staggered over to the bench and found some heavy rope. Threading it through the hole of the blade, she strung it up. The blade rasped softly as she lifted it up into place, straining slightly against the weight as it slowly rose up, then clicked into place. The dampness grew between her legs as she stood next to the guillotine, looking up at the blade and her fingers caressing the wood.

It was perfect. The guillotine was done. Deadly elegance in her basement and she built it from scratch. An overwhelming sense of pride filled her as she leaned up against the stand, pressing her crotch up against the outer edge of the wood. The delicate material of her dress didn’t even catch or stain on the burnished wood. Her fingers wrapped around, caressing the metal channel the blade would slide down. She pressed her lips to the wood, barely tasting wood and sawdust as she felt an incredible surge of heat throb inside her, filling her sex with a forbidden lust of death.

Against her will, she felt herself grinding up against the wood, rocking her hips against it as she felt the unyielding power press against the fabric over her sex. Her fingers gripped tightly as she moaned, a tiny sound that rippled through the workshop.

Then a flash of heat rushed around her. A click snapped out and she felt the entire guillotine vibrate. Her eyes caught sight of movement and she yanked her fingers back, just as the heavy blade rattled down. Her body, pressed tightly against the wood, felt every vibration rocking through her senses as it plummeted, crashing down hard on the wood and sending a bolt of power through the wood. The vibrations triggered an orgasm as she screamed out in pleasure, the adrenaline of fear multiplied by the pleasure of her grinding. Her palms gripped the edge of the guillotine, her fingers well out of the way of the channel, as she felt the final spasms of ecstasy ripple away.

Gasping for more, she felt the heat surging inside her and started to pull up on her dress as the doorbell rang out through the house. For a moment, she stood there, her fingers caressing her inner thighs as she contemplated not answering it.

It rang out again and she felt the pleasure dripping away. Whimpering to herself, she pushed down her dress and straightened it. The edge of pleasure remained as she padded up the stairs and she paused at the top, fingers holding the icy-cold handle, to catch her breath. The doorbell rang out again and Sonja was finally composed enough to answer it.

Rick was impatiently waiting, wearing a neat shirt and jeans, but nothing as fancy as her dress. He looked like it barely changed his outfit after working out, the faint smell of his sweat clinging to her senses. He smiled, a sloppy smile, and flexed his muscles as he held out his hand. Sonja watched as he moved, a sense of power without grace in every motion. She only had dull feelings for him, no love or even lust. Her disinterest was magnified by his lack of effort to dress up for their first date.

Rick, on the other hand, continued to smile as he shoved his hand around her waist, pulling her close to him. “Fuck, you’re sexy.”

Sonja, despite a growing feeling of unease, let him wrap her tighter, but managed to slip away from his heavy-handed attempt to kiss her. His cologne was almost overpowering as she was pressed against his muscles.

“Aw, come on. Its our first date.”

She looked up at him, he was a few inches taller than her, “Then the kisses happen at the end, not the beginning.”

His mouth worked for a moment, then his grin widened.

Sonja felt sick as he drew her down the porch and to his car. The throb of the stereo, the base too loud, vibrated the gravel in the drive as he released her in front of his car. Instead of opening the door for her, he just dropped his body into his seat and waited for her to get in. Sonja gave him a very brief glare and stepped around the car, feeling the waves of sound exploding from inside.

Barely managing to get into the car, she shrieked as he dropped it into gear and spun out of the drive, grinning like a fool. Sonja yelled at him to slow down as she buckled her seatbelt, but the stereo was too loud. As the car plunged into the road, she reached out to turn down the stereo, but he batted away her hand.

Shocked, Sonja started to yell at him, but a pressure on her thigh stopped her. Looking down, she saw that his motion stopped on her thigh, his thumb pressed against her outer leg and his fingers creasing the fabric between her legs.

Frowning, she picked up his hand and tossed it off.

Rick just grinned at her.

Sonja turned away and watched her reflection in the tinted glass as houses and trees sped past. She didn’t need to look at him to see that he was staring at her, nor did she need to look at the speedometer to know he was going at least thirty miles too fast. Holding her arms around her waist, she just continued to glare out the window.

When the car stopped in front of a Denny’s, she finally stirred. “You have to be kidding.”

“What? What’s wrong with here?”

She turned enough to glare at him, her eyes flashing, “Do you see anyone here with a dress? Or on a date?”

Rick peered out of the window, at the restaurant, his brown eyes scanning. Sonja’s glare grew darker when she counted to five before he finally responded.

“Uh... no?”

Feeling like she was talking to a five year-old, she pointed to the steering wheel, “Why don’t we try the Anvil Club? You can get into there, right? I heard it was good.”

Rick frowned, “The Anvil Club, why would I want to go there-”

“Rick....” she let her voice trailed off.

“Fine, the Anvil Club.”

The car lurched out of the parking lot and Sonja’s knuckled whitened around the seat belt as she ground her jaw together. Rick ignored her, his lips pressed tight, as he punched his car through town, to the upscale area of town before stopping in front of a nondescript building with an anvil in front.

Shaking from the car ride, Sonja let herself out of the car as Rick crawled out. A valet took his keys, ignored his demand to keep his baby safe, and drove the car to the valet parking lot. Rick wrapped one arm around Sonja’s waist and almost pushed her to the door. She followed, moving quickly to keep on her heels.

Inside was a dark, quiet restaurant. The suited man in the front gave an appreciative glance to Sonja which faded as he stared at Rick. “I’m sorry, sir, we do have a dress code here.”

“What? What kind of code?”

“Suit and tie... sir.”

Rick snarled and tugged at Sonja.

“Come on, let’s find a different place.”

Sonja stared at him, not moving. She didn't want to go on the date, she didn't want to be there, but she was damned if she was going to Denny's for a date.

His arm bunched up, about to yank her out, when a voice, a dreadfully familiar voice cut through the entry hall of the tiny restaurant.


“Oh my god, Sonja and Rick!” It was Betty.

Betty smiled broadly as she slithered down one of the halls, a stunning purple dress barely clinging to her body. Betty's mother, a stern-looking woman with graying hair, and her father, a rather exhausted man, followed behind her.

Sonja didn’t resist as the blonde wrapped her arms around her and squeezed tightly. For a moment, she could almost smell pine cones, but it faded underneath the delicate scents of perfume.

Betty looked her over. “You look gorgeous.”

She stepped back and gave her another appraising glance.

“Rick is lucky to have you.”

Rick grunted, his hands uselessly hanging from his arms, watching with his lips slightly parted with frustration, annoyance, and impatience. His shoe, a sneaker, tapped against the hardwood floor as his eyes bounced from Betty, to Sonja, to the waiter, and back again.

Betty’s mother stepped up with a smile, giving Sonja’s a firm hug but not letting go. Sonja looked into the woman’s eyes and saw a need for power, for control, brimming in the brown depths. “You must be Elizabeth’s new project.”

Betty’s voice was warning, “Mother...”

Sonja favored both of them with a winning smile, drawing on the memories of her own mother’s manipulations. She saw both of them relax slightly, but a guarded interest was barely veiled in their gazes.

“Well, if helping a poor Midwestern girl adjust to California is a project, then yes.”

“Right, well, I’m glad you are here.” Betty’s mother gestured to the restaurant with her chin, “And I’m even happier to see that you have good tastes.”

Sonja blushed underneath the compliment, then let her eyes glance over to Rick who was very much out of place with the suits and dressed in the entry hall. He spied her looking at him and looked away, staring at the door leading outside.

Betty’s mother clicked her tongue, “Ah, the training starts early.”

She peered over to the waiter watching everything patiently. “John, why don’t you let the children in.”

“Madam, the dress code...”

“Can be ignored, put them in our private room, let them enjoy a dinner in peace. Put the bill on our account, if you will.”

“Yes, madam.”

Betty gave Sonja a squeeze before whispering in her ear, “Enjoy your night.”

Then Betty and her parents left the restaurant, leaving Sonja and Rick alone. He sighed dramatically, but followed the waiter to led them down hallways, past small dining rooms, toward some stairs. Above the stairs was a golden plaque, “Founder’s Rooms.” The stairs creaked as they went to the second floor. The waiter stopped by a door, with “Goldstone” inscribed in the wood. Inside was an impressive decorated room, filled with old dark wood and gold trim.

Rick sat down heavily on the first chair, leaving Sonja to seat herself.

She did with a sigh of her own.

The waiter handed them two menus, with no prices she noticed, and left them alone.

Rick grunted as he peered down the menu, obviously having no clue what the French words said. Sonja was impressed with the menu, but didn’t bother telling Rick what she wanted. Somehow, she didn’t think he would order for her.

The waiter came, took her order, and left, leaving them alone in the silence.

Rick stared at the table for a long time, playing with the napkins, before he grunted. “So... Sonja, what do you think of this place?”

“Very elegant, actually, it reminds me of some of the places my mother used to take me to.”

Rick stared at her, as if she grew another head, “Your mother used to take you place like this? Like Betty and her parents?”

She nodded, “Yes, but the place near us requires you to be a member, which can take years and requires you being sponsored by another member.”

“Well... I don’t think this place... is like that...” His voice was filled with uncertainty.

Sonja smiled, “Of course not, they wouldn’t have let us in if it was. Of course, I would have assumed that Betty would have told you about this place.”

“Oh...” she saw the nervousness in his eyes, “Uh... why would you think that?”

She favored him with a smile, “She seems to have directed you so far.”

He blushed and looked away, his jaw tightening, “Well... not everything.”

“Let me guess, Denny’s?”

Rick slapped his hands against the table, “She said a nice place, what’s wrong with Denny’s?”

Sonja shook her head, “I don’t know, I think for the,” she paused for a moment, “Betty's appearances and class, I don’t see her ever going to Denny’s for a date.”

“Well... yeah...”

Realizing that the conversation was going nowhere, Sonja quieted down until food came. It was excellent, as wonderful as she hoped when Betty first described it. The rest of dinner was in silence and they left barely touching each other. Outside, it was growing dark early, clouds in the sky boiling with a primal anger.

In the car, Rick managed to turned up the stereo as he got in, hurting her ears even more. The car burned rubber against the asphalt as he floored it, pulling away from the building and leaving a bruise on Sonja’s side. She winched in brief agony, then pressed her ear against the glass in hopes that it would reduce the noise of the stereo. They passed stores and restaurants. When they didn’t turn into the movie theater, she grew slightly worried. However, Sonja didn’t say anything as they continued to drive further out of town.

Twenty minutes past the theater, Rick surprised her by turning down the radio. The rumble of the car was still loud. “So... what do you want to do now?”

His hand reached out for her thigh.

Sonja balled her hands into a fist for a moment, feeling annoyed, “Why don’t you take me home?”

“Home? Why? Its only nine, I thought we were going to see a movie?” There was a frustrated and impatient tone to his voice. She watched as the speedometer needle rose up. Around her, the lights of the town quickly faded into the occasional points of light

“Well, its obvious that you weren’t planning on a movie, you passed it went you left town.”

“I figured something else might be more enjoyable.”

She felt very sick to her stomach as he spoke. “Take me home, Rick.”

“Come on!” His voice turned dark and loud in the car, “I took you to that stupid restaurant, I think we can do something I want to now.”

A faint prickling of fear dripped down her back, “Take me home, Rick, right now.”


He didn’t say anything, but the speedometer continued to rise with the whine of the engine. She watched it with growing fear, her eyes watching the trees and plants whipping by. Her eyes caught sight of the road toward her home snap by.


“Shut up!” His anger slammed against her as he punched the accelerator, forcing the vehicle to red-line as it sped into the darkness. She shoved him and he shoved her back, slamming her against the door of the car as he continued to force the car to its limits. The engine screamed out in pain as he plunged further into the darkness, leaving the city well behind in a matter of minutes.

Sonja rubbed her side, wincing from the pain. Rick stared out into the darkness of the road, ignoring the splatters of rain that started to strike the hood. She tried to get him to stop, but he slammed into her again, his hand leaving a red mark on her face where he hit her.

“Rick! Stop now!”

To her surprise, he did, slamming hard on the brakes. The engine squeal faded into the screech of brakes as he hit a slick spot and spun the car. She screamed out, holding the car door tightly as the vehicle spun on the new rain before stopping almost in a ditch.

Sonja was fumbling for the door even as her head was clearing. Her heels slipped on the slick gravel. She scrambled to her feet, then heard Rick’s door open. Fear and panic spiked in her as she scrambled away. Her heels caught on the ground and she kicked them off, ignoring the sharp rocks on the ground. They cut into her pantyhose, but the fear of Rick chasing her pushed away the pain.

Sprinting, she managed to get a couple hundred feet before something slammed into her hard, a football tackle from Rick. Her body screamed out in pain, but her work at cheer practice managed to keep her from being significantly hurt as her body was thrown into the gravel. Sharp rocks cut into her hands and face as he pinned her down painfully.

“Listen bitch, I had to suffer with that shit hole of a dinner and now you’re going to have to suffer with me!”

A dribble of drool dripped from his mouth as he pinned her down, a glare burning in his eyes. Sonja screamed out, lashing out at him. Her feet almost cracked against the hard muscle and he just laughed. She felt his hardness against her thigh as he released one wrist to rip her dress. The soaked, expensive fabric tore, leaving her feeling naked and helpless as he mauled her breast, his fingers digging painfully in.


He ignored her, lust driving him now. Blind with panic, she threw everything she could into escaping him. Rick’s larger weight was too much for her to throw off, despite her attempts to kick him in the nuts or find some delicate place to give her freedom. His fingers tightened painfully, digging into delicate flesh as she screamed out.

“Don’t bother, bitch, you won’t be screaming soon. It will feel really good, you'll see.”

“No!” Her screamed soaked the evening rain as she continued to lash out. With a wail, she tried to call out to anyone to help, anything that would save her. Rick ignored her, tearing her dress even more open, exposing her silk thong to the dimness of the night. He chuckled, as he jammed his fingers between her legs, prying them apart.

Sonja continued to scream out, punching him with her freed arm, but it was like hitting a wall. She felt his fingers jamming up into her body, the fabric of her thong failing to protected her private opening. Her scream redoubled when she felt her pubic hair tearing out as he forced his thick fingers into the delicate opening. Tears poured off her face, mixing with the rain a sudden ice-cold wind slammed into her.

Rick didn’t notice but Sonja barely did. She choked out, "Help me! Cold!"

The front grew supernaturally fast along the grass and gravel, coating his hair with a sprinkling of white as the temperature plummeted in a matter of seconds. Below her, the cold was biting painfully into her back as she continued to struggle against him.

Rick forced his legs between hers, knees bruising her inner thighs, almost tearing her hips apart. She felt a faint hope of freedom as he released her other wrist, but his hand dropped to her other breast, fingers twisting around it painfully, as if he was trying to tear it off. She used her free wrists to pound on his chest, scratching at his face, but he didn’t notice. It wasn’t until her fingers felt numb, that the exhaustion of her fighting started to sap at her strength. The icy cold was taking its toll on her body as she screaming out shrilly, trying to buck his body off her.

Just as her helplessness started to spike, something flashed above them, followed by a dull thud of impact against Rick’s head. His expression froze, a mask of rage and anger fading into pained senselessness. His body slumped against her, but she still struggled against him in panic.

It wasn’t until Meris’ face showed up in her tear-streaked vision that she stopped struggling.


Sonja stared up at the girl, and noticed bruises on her face, and a shallow cut leaving streamers of red down her cheek and neck. But the relief of being saved became too much and she started to sob, bursting into even more tears as she just laid there, sharp rocks digging into her back. Her tears ended quickly, Rick’s body almost suffocating her, and she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Meris... what happened to you?”

The frail girl shook her head and shoved at Rick’s unconscious body. Sonja helped her after a moment, helping her roll Rick off her body. Meris’ hands were firm, but shaking, as they helped Sonja to her feet. The expensive dress slid down, leaving her breasts bare to the cool rain. Sonja sniffed and shivered, feeling violated, but seeing Meris sent a wave of rage through her.

Standing up, she got a better look at the butcher’s daughter. Someone beat her up, the bruises covering a fair amount of her body, blood soaking her shoulder and side of her torn shirt. Her feet were bare, just like Sonja’s, but they were bloody and dirty, even in the rain.

Sonja gulped, in growing fear and rage, “Meris? Who did this?”

Meris sniffed and rubbed her face, smearing the blood that still flowed down from her forehead.

“Betty... and the others.”

“Betty did this? When?”

She started to cry and Sonja pulled her into a hug, feeling the frail girl trembling. Even the terror of her own rape was nothing for an intense feeling of protectiveness that coursed through her.

“When did they do this?”

“I... t-they grabbed me after school... Ri-Rick and the others and they took me into the woods. They... they hurt me so much, laughing.”

Sudden concern burst inside, like a nova explosion. “Did they rape you?”

Meris shook her head and burst into tears, falling into Sonja’s embrace as she did. Sonja held her tightly, glaring at Rick’s unconscious body.

“Why? Why would they do this?”

“B-Betty said, she was watching, said there would be no competition for you.”

“And Rick knew this? He did this to you?”

Meris nodded, burying her face against Sonja’s shoulder, sobbing violently.


Sonja stroked Meris’ hair, “How long have you been walking?”

A sniff, “Hours, I think. It took a while to stand again, it hurt so much. A-And I’ve been walking along the road... but I-I couldn’t trust anyone to pick me up.”

Slamming against them, an ice-cold wind reminded Sonja that she was almost naked in the middle of a road.

“Come on, let me take you home.”

Meris’ shivered, “T-Thank you.”

Together, they started to limp toward Rick’s car. Sonja helped Meris into the passenger seat, almost in tears as the frail girl winced in pain. Making sure her friend was safe, she staggered around the car and dropped herself into Rick’s seat. Finding the key, she started up the engine and turned it around, slowing down as they passed the unconscious form. A cold wind slammed against the car and Sonja stopped it, staring at his body.

Meris’ voice trailed up from the huddled form in the car, “P-Please just leave him?”

Her bare feet pressed against the accelerator, but it suddenly felt like painful ice that dug into her skin. She yanked it off, staring at it as frost billowed from her lips. The temperature of the car dropped quickly and when she exhaled, it came out as a fog.

Sonja released the accelerator and the temperature increased.

The girl’s thin voice rose up, “Sonja? Please... just leave him?”

“I-I can’t.”

She shivered as Meris questioned her, “Why?”

“I don't... I don't.... Come on, I have an idea.”

The air was warm and liquid, the rain still pouring down as she stumbled out of the car. Standing over Rick, she realized that something... someone may be pushing her to do act. For a moment, she felt a flashback of her on the guillotine, strapped down, staring up at the blade, and she gasped with inappropriate flush of pleasure. It faded quickly, almost violently. As she reached down, images danced in her head, of Betty and the others being tortured, being executed with her and Meris’ watching. The thought of revenge grew inside her as she knelt down to grab Rick’s body.

“Come on, I want to put him in the trunk.”


Even as Meris asked her, she was opening the door. A few moments later, Meris was there, helping her drag Rick’s body toward the back of the car. They struggled to shove his body into the trunk, but after twenty minutes, they were back on the road. This time, no cold wind prevented her from going and her bare feet felt uncomfortable, but solid, against the accelerator.

“Sonja... where are we... we can’t take him to my house....”

“Don’t worry, Meris, my mother isn’t home, we’ll figure it out from there.”

End of chapter 10


Not sure where to go from here as the descriptions are powerful but I get lost in the bits of vanilla again. I suppose, though, one does have to properly build atmosphere!


I love the idea that an attempted rape or masturbating against a guillotine is "vanilla". :) Next will have a bunch of blood and gore, hopefully it will appeal.


I suppose I come and stay for the horribad fates that your females will befall!

I consider masturbation, period, as vanilla as it's sexually vanilla despite the very macabre line it draws.


I love death and gore, but with your ability to weave a mental can take me anywhere your mind wanders. Love it.


Here's hoping that the next bit is full of Meris and Sonja indulging themselves in their passions. Rick probably won't get out of his current situation in one piece.

Nothing of value would be lost, but I wonder if Meris will compare the flavors of liver, or if that organ isn't for eating...


Chapter 11: Their First Kiss

“Sonja? Are you sure about this?”

Sonja grunted and shook her head as they dragged Rick’s body up the back stairs of her house. The door creaked as she kicked it open, sweating from the effort to drag up the unconscious football player.

“Of course not!”

Meris flinched.

Sonja paused, to wipe the sweat from her forehead, “I-I’m sorry, Meris, I didn’t mean to snap.”

Brown hair plastered to the frail girl as she looked up, streamers of rain pouring down her face, “Its okay, I’m... I just don’t know what we are doing.”

Sonja couldn’t respond, since she was following a nagging feeling in the back of her head, of being tugged by some force that drew her back to the house. The stairs were finally breached and they drew his body into the center of the kitchen. Standing up, they both panted while staring at each other. Sonja felt a strange sensation of being happy, and it wasn’t related to being nearly raped, or finding out her friend was attacked by her so-called friends. An empty hollow filled her as she looked down at Rick, an ugly purple bruise visible through his hair.

Meris peered around, tugging her shirt to cover the pale skin below. One nipple, like a pencil eraser, caught on the fabric before slipping underneath. Even with the fabric in place, it stuck out.

Sonja lifted her gaze and gave Meris what she hoped was a comforting smile. “Let’s tie this bastard up and find some clothes.”

She gestured to her own dress which hung around her waist, her naked breasts dripping with rain and sweat. When she looked up, she saw Meris staring down at them.

Somehow, the brilliant blue eyes left Sonja feeling exposed, her skin grew hot as a flush spread across her skin. Her friend nodded.

Spying a chair, she dragged it into the center of the room. The rubber feet scraped against the tile floor, a strange sound compared to the rattle of rain striking the house. Together, they lifted him off the ground and into the chair; he sunk down into it, his arms dangling by his side. Scrounging under the sink, Sonja found a large bundle of nylon rope and they tied him to the chair, using one of the serrated knives from the butcher’s block.

As they finished, Sonja and Meris stood back to start at Rick, his head lulling slowly. Sonja set down the knife on the table and gestured down to her room. “Come on, let’s find you some clothes.”

Ignoring her own almost nudity, they went down the stairs. Meris paused at the bottom, looking at the massive structure of the guillotine.

Sonja blushed and tugged at her to continue, not wanting Meris to realize what she was looking at. “Come on...”

Meris didn’t resist as Sonja drew her into her bedroom. Neither spoke as she started to unbutton Meris’ shirt. The girl watched her, bright blue eyes shining. Slipping the ruined fabric to the ground, Sonja smiled warmly and a hesitant smile was given back. Her hands shook slightly as she helped Meris out of her soaked pants and panties, leaving the girl naked in front of her. Bruises covered her face and body, more around the ribs where it was obvious they were kicking her. Sonja felt such a powerful anger boiling inside her as she tried to control her emotions. Meris shivered and Sonja suddenly felt something catch in her throat, a swelling of new emotions that almost choked her.

They stood in front of each other, the pain of their experiences unable to be expressed.


Sonja smiled hesitantly, “Meris, please don’t.”

Meris nodded slowly, her eyes trailing down to the ground. One arm rose to cover her small breasts, the nipples stiff from the temperature, and maybe something else. Below, she could see the sparse hairs of Meris’ pubic hair, tightly curled and something she somehow never thought about. Sonja felt the feeling swelling again, choking her, and she ducked her head to find a t-shirt from her closet.

When she slipped out of the walk-in closet, Meris was on her bed, sitting there, arm still covering her breasts. Trembling, Sonja covered the distance between them, holding out the shirt, unsure what to say. Meris gave her another hesitant smile, her eyes trailing down.

The butcher’s daughter took the shirt and slipped it on. Sonja watched for a moment, almost seeing Meris as she did in her dreams, naked and screaming out in pleasure. A shiver took her and she looked away, ashamed at her staring. The rustle of fabric filled the room behind her, then a hand on her shoulder.

Sonja turned around.

Meris bit her lip as she started to speak. “Sonja...”

“Please don’t...”

Meris reached out and hugged her, the t-shirt pressing up against Sonja’s breasts, “No... I need to say this. Even as I was walking, all I could think of was you. You... were always my friend, in a school I didn’t have any. Never had any.”

Sonja felt tears starting to form in her eyes, “Meris... I...”

The young girl, no a senior just like herself, reached out with soft hands to tug at the fabric of her dress. Sonja shook, watching her with wide eyes as Meris gently eased the remains of the dress open, pulling it aside and letting it puddle to the floor. Sonja felt so naked in the bright blue gaze, but somehow it left a hot flush across her skin.

A heat boiled between Sonja's legs as the Meris trailed her hand down and pushed her fingertips underneath the band of Sonja's thong.

For the briefest of moments, Sonja wondered if Meris was going to finger her, and find that Sonja was suddenly soaked, but the pale girl only pushed the elastic down over Sonja's hips and pulled it free. It thumped lightly against the ground at Sonja's ankles.

No words were needed between them as Meris found a shirt for Sonja and handed it to her. Sonja blinked back the tears as she pulled it on.

Meris, on the other hand, didn’t look away. Instead, she watched with a strange expression that Sonja couldn’t identify.

Sonja finished tugging her shirt on, embarrassed that her nipples were peeking through. Her naked sex was tingling withe excitement and she could feel moisture gathering along her sex. Involuntarily, she looked down to see the same with Meris, something she’s seen hundred of times, but somehow it meant more than before.

More than ever before.


Sonja paused for a moment, “We... we should go check on Rick.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll figure out something. He hurt both of us, more than anyone should be allowed to do.”

“I heard him threaten you, do you think he would have done something?”

“I-I don’t know. He was going to rape me, that much I know.”

They stood staring at the door of her room. On the very edge, Sonja could see the warm wood of her guillotine standing there. For a brief moment, she wondered if Rick would fit there.

Immediately, a cool breeze brushed up against her, leaving her shivering.

“Not that. I won't use that on him.”

The breeze stopped as Meris looked at her quizzically. “Sonja?”

Shaking her head, Sonja wondered how the coldness ended so quickly. But, she looked back at the concerned Meris. “Don’t worry about it, I just had a bad idea.”


“Something we aren’t going to do.”

Meris leaned slightly to the side, as if to get a better look at the guillotine.

Sonja glanced down and saw that Meris' shirt had risen up on her thigh, exposing bare skin. With a flash, she realized both of them were wearing just a shirt and hadn't put on any other clothes. For a moment, she considered going back to her room to find a pair of panties to wear, but the idea of Meris seeing her pussy somehow sent a bolt of pleasure coursing through her veins. Sonja clutched the side of the door as the heat redoubled but then faded.


"Oh... nothing," Sonja said with a gasp. "We should... let's check on him."

They started up the stairs when Sonja heard Meris’ stomach rumble.

The frail girl blushed and held a hand over her stomach. “I’m sorry... I missed dinner.”

“Let’s figure out dinner before we figure out what to do with Rick.”

“Should we call the police?”

“It would be hard to explain why we dragged him into my kitchen.”

“Or," Meris said with a sudden smile, "why we are almost naked.”

Sonja blushed even hotter and a tiny ripple of heat and pleasure raced through her veins.

Just as she reached the top of the stairs, a crack of the kitchen light seeping through the door, Meris’ voice trailed up from behind her. “Are we going to hurt him?”

Sonja had no answer.

The door creaked open and Rick’s hate-filled gaze slammed into her. “It's the fucking bitches.” His voice was slurred.

Sonja fought a sudden urge of rage herself. “Rick, you tried to rape-”

“Yeah, you deserve it, you fucking bitch! You and that little slut of a butcher both deserve it!”


His voice echoed off the walls of the kitchen, painful and loud. Behind her, Meris whimpered and she could hear the wood railing creaking. Sonja took a deep breath and stepped away from the stairs, followed by Meris. Rick continued to swear and curse at them, slamming his chair on the ground as he yanked at his bounds.

It took an incredible effort to make her voice sound calm as Sonja turned to Meris, “Hamburger for dinner?”

Startled, the blue eyes blinked twice before she nodded. Rick screamed at them as Sonja pulled out a pound of hamburger and a frying pan. Throwing the pan on the stove, she turned it on full as she ripped open the plastic wrap. Meris joined her after a moment and helped create patties.

By the time they threw the last one in the pan, Rick had stopped making as much noise. Instead, he glared at them, his mouth working silently as he strained against the rope. Sonja could hear the rope straining against his muscles, the cords of power rippling through his arms.

He caught her looking at him. “When I get out of her, you fucking lesbos, I’m going to skull-fuck the both of you and leave your corpses in the gutter!”

His voice filled with a seething hatred, one that radiated from his entire body with a burning flame.

Meris clutched herself and stepped to the side. The thin fabric of Sonja's shirt strained over her breasts and against her hips.

Sonja shivered with the terrible glare he gave her, but forced herself to stand tall. “You were the one who tried to rape me, asshole.”

He renewed his attempts to break free. The chair creaked from the strain. He screamed out, throwing everything into his attempt to free himself. "I'm going to cut your fucking throats and fuck the fucking hole!"

A ping rang out. Sonja jumped and looked down as a screw rolled along the ground toward her foot. It brushed against her big toe and she jumped from the suddenly hot metal. Trembling, she looked up to see more screws coming out of the chair, the wood blackening around each one before it fell to the ground.

Rick let out a primal scream, a bellow of anger and range, and stood up. The chair fell apart and the ropes slipped from his body.

Sonja spun around and grabbed for a knife they used to cut the rope. Bits of nylon still clung to the serrated blade.

When she turned around, Rick had covered the distance between himself and Meris. He had both hands around her neck, squeezing down with white knuckles.

Meris' eyes were large and bulging. Her naked thighs were kicking out, helplessly thudding against Rick's chest and thighs.

Rick snarled, his face a mask of mindless rage as he squeezed, the arm muscles bunching with the effort.

Meris panicked, flailing at him as her face darkened.

Sonja gasped as she stared at him, stunned into inactivity, unable to do anything but tighten her grip on the knife.

Her eyes snapped to Meris, who was turning a terrible color, her legs violently shaking. A splatter of urine hit the floor, the sudden smell of it enough to break the spell on her actions.

With a scream, Sonja lunged with the knife, aimed for Rick.

He spun around, his face no longer showing any human emotions. Instead, it was the face of a monster, a rapist and murderer. Heat rolled off his body, wavering the air around him as he continued to spin, her eyes trailing along his left arm. He had released Meris and was now swinging toward her.

She managed to get the blade up in front of his fist, but the impact caught her wrist. The knife blade plunged toward her, but she twisted out of place, lost her balance, and spun to the ground. She landed face-first and stars exploded across her vision.

She reached for it, her knees slipping on the ground. She managed to get up on one knee, but then Rick's foot slammed her back down.

He leaned into her, putting more of his weight on her back until she cried out. “You’re going to die, fucking bitch. By the time I’m done with you, your mother won’t be able to identify the corpse.”

Sonja heard Meris gasp as Rick’s grip was relaxed slightly with the effort to speak. She could hear her friend pounding on Rick’s chest, lashing weakly out with her feet, but the enraged football player didn’t notice.

Sonja screamed out, trying to push herself off the ground.

Rick let loose with a bitter laugh and threw more of his weight into her back, grinding her into the tile floor.

Sonja whimpered until she realized she still had the knife in her hand. Even with a weapon, she couldn’t figure out how to defend herself, or Meris.

Then... an image of his crotch slammed into her with a clarity that cut through the fear and terror. Sonja gasped as the foreign images seared across her mind, burning away the pain and terror. Then images shifted from her body to a position at the top of the stairs, as if someone was watching her from the basement.

Meris hung from Rick's other hand, the tight grip around her neck choking her off. Her face was purple and the bottom of her shirt and thighs were soaked with urine. A puddle formed underneath her. She was fighting Rick but she was rapidly growing weaker.

Rick stood in the middle, easily overpowering both of them in a matter of seconds. But there was something else about him, a wavering of heat boiling inside him. It rippled off his body like asphalt in the middle of summer.

Sonja caught sight of something else, a translucent woman superimposed over Rick. Her back was to Sonja, but she had short blonde hair and nearly perfect skin except for a discoloration between her thighs and something around her neck. The stranger lifted her right arm and Rick's body mimicked the action, easily lifting Meris completely off the ground.

The feeling of helplessness plunged through Sonja, her hand almost releasing the blade. Then, she saw the images again but this time she saw a way to attack.

Throwing all her weight into it, Sonja lashed out at Rick’s other foot. The blade sparkled in the air before the serrated blade caught the back of his ankle, right at the Achilles's tendon. With a twist of her muscles, tearing some of them, she drew it along the back. There was a wet snapping noise as his leg collapsed underneath him, but Sonja twisted again and threw her arms above her, knife as a shield. She saw a brief moment of his pants, then her knife plunged into his crotch, slicing the fabric almost unnaturally easily. It hit something soft and yielding, then something hard which yanked at the blade in her grip.

As he fell, Sonja screamed as she threw herself away from him, still holding the knife. It slide through his pants with a spray of blood and then he fell on her, knocking the knife out of her hand. It skittered across the ground.

Meris crumbled to the ground next to Sonja. There was a ragged gasp of air as the girl clawed her throat.

Rick’s wail of suffering filled the kitchen as he clutched his crotch, a bright red stain quickly spreading.

Sonja scrambled away, her hands shaking as she grabbed Meris. The young girl gasped for breath, her body curled up in a fetal position.

Sonja pushed herself up to her knees. “Meris! Meris! Are you okay?”

The brilliant blue eyes that looked up at her, filled with terror and pain, were heartbreaking. Meris’ mouth worked for a moment, tears dripping on her lips. “I... ruined your shirt.”

Sonja blinked, then laughed, the absurdity of the statement shattering the terrible emotions rolling inside her. Meris frowned, cheeks red with embarrassment.

Sonja hugged her tightly.

Their cheeks pressed together and the heat of Meris' body felt good against her skin.

Sonja pulled back and stared into the intense blue eyes of her friend. They were almost naked on the floor with their rapist crying out only a few feet away. But the only thing Sonja could do was lose herself in the blue eyes and think about the soft lips only inches away.

Meris' body grew hot underneath Sonja's grip. There was only thin fabric between them. Sonja glanced down to see that both of their nipples were tenting the fabric and Meris' hips rocked slightly.

Trembling, Sonja brought her gaze back up. She couldn't think of the words, so she did the only thing she wanted to do. Leaning forward, she kissed Meris.

Meris gasped and kissed her back fiercely.

Sonja quickly gave into the passion and parted her lips, letting their tongues play with each other and they ground their bodies together. Meris' lips were soft and warm, just like Sonja expected, but all the imagination in the world was nothing compared to losing herself in Meris' embrace.

They broke the kiss long enough to take a breath and then dove back in.

Meris' hand stroked along Sonja's flanks, sliding up to pull Sonja tight to her. Soft moans vibrated in her body and Sonja felt a welcoming tingling at the sensation.

Sonja wanted to reach down and press her hand between Meris' thighs, knowing it would be as soaked as her own sex, but then Rick's ragged moan broke the spell.

With all her willpower, she pushed Meris away.

There were tears on Meris' face.

Sonja wiped them with one bloody thumb, smearing crimson across her friend's face. "Oh, Meris. I don't give a fuck about the shirt."

Behind them, she could hear Rick’s wail dying down, his body shaking violently. Looking over her shoulder, she saw him in a pool of his own blood, a very large stain of crimson. He was pawing at himself, trying to stuff his hands in the opening to stop the blood but it kept pouring out between his fingers. Thick surges of crimson continued to pour out into the puddle as his motions grew weaker and clumsier. The smell of blood filled the air and, for a moment, she was reminded of being at the butcher's.

“Sonja... did you?”

Rick was no longer making any noise. Instead, his body shook violently a few times, then stilled. The stench of blood and death filled the room, mixed in with the smells of burnt hamburgers.

Pulling herself to her feet shakily. Sonja padded forward, ignoring the cooling sensation of blood on her feet as she toed Rick with one foot. He didn’t move, he didn’t make a noise. “R-Rick?”

No response. She pushed him over. His body flopped into the blood, splattering half the kitchen as his mask of pain and agony burned in her vision.

Sonja whimpered, unable to look away from the dead eyes, the haunted gaze. His hands were plunged into the gaping hole of his pants, soaked in crimson clear up to his elbows.

The realization of his death slammed into her with a white-hot flame. It rose up in her throat and she threw herself toward the kitchen sink. She barely made it before throwing up violently. Her entire body felt like it was on fire as she choked on it, spitting it out. The horrible taste in her mouth refused to go away, even when she grabbed a glass and used it to rinse out her mouth.

Eyes blurry, she turned around.

When she saw Meris, she stopped. Her friend stood over Rick's body, bare feet in the blood, crimson staining her knees. Her hands and wrists were also soaked in red. It dripped off her body and splattered in the pool at her feet. In one hand, she had Sonja's knife with fresh blood dripping from the tip. There was something else in Meris' other hand, but Sonja couldn't see what. But the look on her friend's face scared Sonja, she couldn't read her expression but the intensity was far more than Sonja had ever seen before. It glowed.

Trembling, Sonja pushed herself away from the sink and padded closer. "Meris?"

Meris turned, dropping the knife. It landed point-first in Rick's thigh, but his body didn't even twitch. Slowly, she lifted the item in her hand to Sonja.

It took a moment for Sonja to realize what it was: Rick's penis. Meris had cut it off with the serrated blade. One testicle hung out of the torn sack, a shocking white in a puddle of blood that pooled in Meris' palm. Rick had been a well-hung man, maybe about seven inches long, but having all the blood drained out of it made it look like a shriveled hot dog.

Sonja choked on the bile rising in her throat. She snapped her hand up and slapped Meris' hand.

The severed cock flew into the air with a trail of blood splatters. It sailed across the kitchen toward the refrigerator. But, it bounced off something in mid-air and then flew down, landing with a heavy splat in the grease between the burned hamburgers.

“Meris! Did you see-?”

A wet thud hit the ground next to her and Sonja turned to see Meris fainting. The slender girl slid down Rick's body, slumping into the pool of blood.

Sonja gasped and reached for Meris, but her foot slipped with her movement. There was a flash of heat and her foot flew back, leaving her with nothing to balance with. She only had time to call out for Meris before she struck the tiles and everything went black.

End of chapter 11


Well, decidedly MUCH less vanilla. I'd say, flavor-wise, it's more strawberry where I'm looking for something more along the lines of metropolitan?
I dunno, I'm very weird with written things. You have such powerful imagery that one tends to get sucked right into the story, so I'm hoping I don't get myself all riled up to the point of being let down by the girl's finale.


Chapter 12: The Morning After (FF oral rom cons)

The morning was warm. Warm and comfortable. It surrounded Sonja with a delicate perfume that she never wore. She moaned softly and stretched out, encountering warm flesh underneath her palm. Half awake, she explored along curves that weren't her own. When her fingertips cause a nipple, she cupped it and enjoyed the smooth skin and faint pulse underneath her grip.

Another moan, a woman’s, filled her ears and the nipple grew harder in her palm.

A strange and unfamiliar pleasure grew inside Sonja, bubbling between her legs and seeping through her veins. She moaned herself and pulled her body. Her own naked skin molded to the other woman's until she was spooned up against a bare ass and her face buried in short hair and the nape of her lover's neck.

She didn't want to open her eyes, to ruin the glorious waking. Breathing in deep, she shuffled closer until her hard nipples ground against her lover's back.


It was a strange word, but somehow it felt right. She moaned again and heard another moan in response. It was a voice, someone’s voice, one she knew, but the sleepy daze of waking up refused to let her identify it.

Hot fingers rose up to caress hers. They pressed the fingers against the nipples, caressing them until they were heated hardness underneath her fingertips. Then, they drew her down across naked flesh, down along the swell of the tummy and to the valley below. A slick moisture greeted her questing fingers and she felt her lover shiver with pleasure as fingertips eased apart the folds, questing for that tiny fold of pleasure.

Meris, as she realized who it was, gasped out, whimpering as Sonja found the center of pleasure and stroked it slowly, tiny circles that always brought herself to the height of pleasure. Meris whimpered, pressing up against Sonja's back, tiny gasps of pleasure filling them.

Lost in the pleasure, even as she struggled with the idea of being a lesbian, Sonja continued to stroke between her best friend’s legs, invoking tiny moans of pleasure.

Meris’ hands reached back along her own skin, along goosebumps, seeking out Sonja's slit.

Sonja gasped herself, parting her legs underneath the silk sheets as the fingers reached closer and closer to the core of her being.

The doorbell shattered the mood as both girls sat up suddenly. Sonja gasped as she looked around. They were in her mother's bedroom, lost in a tangle of king-sized sheets and blankets. Both of their clothes were strewn across the room: Sonja's bra hanging from the doorknob, Meris' plain-looking panties on top of Sonja's mother's lipstick and perfume bottles, one of Sonja's sock made one last attempt to cling to the bed before sliding off. A hot flush rose in Sonja's cheeks as she tried to remember the night before, but the doorbell rang out again followed by pounding.


The frail girl looked at Sonja, cheeks and body hot with her own flush. Her nipples were standing up, a dusty rose color against her pale skin. They stared at each other, terrified and passionate at the same time.

Then the doorbell rang out again, a haunting noise.


Meris started to look around for a shirt, or something to cover her. Sonja spied her mother’s robe and grabbed it. Slipping it over her nude body, she sprinted down the stairs, her bare feet slapping. At the door, she managed to thread the rope belt together and closed it, preventing her breasts from pushing out of the slick material.

Taking a deep breath, she unbolted the front door and opened it. When she saw an uniformed officer standing there, she jumped with surprise. He was surprisingly cute, a dark haired man with an infectious smile. She stared at him for a moment, then realized who it was—Ming’s boyfriend.

He gave her a hesitant smile, “Sonja? Sonja Bremus?”

Sonja nodded, unsure of what was going on. Upstairs, she could hear Meris fumbling for something to wear. Concentrating, she looked at the officer who pulled out a book.

“Sorry to wake you,” he looked like he was avoiding looking at her, “but I needed to check up on a few things. We found Rick Silver’s car a few miles back. Uh, Ming said something about you going on a date. And, with him not coming home last night, I figured I’d check it out.”

The memory of last night flooded through Sonja: the dinner, the attempted rape, and even the death and pool of blood. She felt her face drop and blanched in fear. The officer’s face hardened as he stared at her and she felt a prickling of fear, a sudden desire not to let him in the door.

Realizing that she was acting guilty, she let the rage fill her, part from memory and part from acting. “Bastard left me in the middle of the road when I didn’t want to fuck him.”

“Mind if I write this down?”

“Please do. He left me to walk home for three damn hours, didn’t get home until well after midnight.”

“Is there anyone who can confirm this?”

As if on cue, Meris, wearing nothing but a long silk blouse, scrambled down the stairs, gave the police officer a squeak, and ran for the kitchen, bare legs flashing. Sonja managed to look over her shoulder to see just a flash of naked lips between her legs. The officer, James, leaned to the side to watch it with a grin, but when he looked back, his eyes were more serious.

“Do you mind if look around? Just for a few minutes?”

She hesitated and the friendly look on his face faded.

“Please let me. Otherwise, I’ll get a search warrant in a few minutes.”

Sonja started to say no, but a cold wind snapped out of the house, blowing up her robe. She felt it trying to push her to the side, to step away from the door and she tightened her muscles as the breeze grew in strength. The fabric fluttered, exposing her pussy and breasts but James didn’t seem to notice.

After a moment of resisting, she gave a silent prayer that the spectral force in the house knew what was going on and stepped aside.

James stepped inside, his right hand free and hovering over his gun and the pad of paper in his left. He headed straight for the kitchen, where Meris ran into. Sonja followed, fear prickling her spine as she did. She considered running away, fleeing, but a cool breeze threatened her and she felt trapped, but unable to run.

His boots rapped against the wooden floor and he stepped into the kitchen without a pause. Sonja closed her eyes tightly, but when no gasp, yelling, or accusations came, she slowly opened one, then the other eye.

The kitchen was spotless. No blood or even a body. Just a chair in the middle with a few strands of rope beneath it. On the table, one plate rested near the edge, with a knife and fork on each, smears of grease across the plate. Across the kitchen, on the stove, was the frying pan with the charred remains of hamburger still on it. Sonja swallowed hard, trying to figure out what they ate... then looking away as she realized that one of the pieces of meat was not in the pan: Rick's penis.

James sniffed and peered inside, walking around a stunned Meris who stood in the middle, her eyes locked on the same plate. He circled the room once, then stopped to look at the chair. A smirk ghosted across his lips as he made a meaningful look at Sonja, then Meris, then back at the chair. "I'm going to say you were both tied up all night?"

When Sonja didn’t respond, he left for the other rooms. Sonja stared around at the room, seeing where the blood had pooled on the now spotless floor, where Rick died in the chair, and even the plate on the counter. Every moment, she expected James to come bursting in with his gun drawn, but she couldn't draw herself away from looking at the spotless kitchen.

James stuck his head in. "Mind if I check upstairs?"

Dumbly, Sonja nodded.

Meris finally stirred, looking at Sonja.

As James started up the stairs, Sonja held up her finger. At Meris' nod, she turned and followed James up as he inspected the upstairs.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the front door. He made no effort to ask about the basement, as if he didn't even see the door in the kitchen. He also didn't even look out into the backyard.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Sonja, but I had to do a check. If you see Rick, please tell us. We don’t like it when teenagers go missing.”

“Uh... what will you do?”

“Look around for him, and hope he didn’t cross the ravine.”

“The ravine?”

“Yeah, by the burnt-out bridge. Stupid teens sometimes crawl over or find some other way across. And then we never see them again."

A faint hope of relief flooded through her. “And... you think he did that?”

“I don’t know. His car was close enough to it and it's happened before. It gets messy over there, a lot of people high up are tied to that place and we are discouraged from crossing over. That type of thing always gets handed over to the Feds and we never hear about it again. Nasty politics and lots of money.”

“Oh... okay.”

He stepped out on the porch and favored her with a smile. “If you see him again, please call me.” He handed her a card before continuing, “And if he hurt you in any way, please report it to the police station.”

Sonja lied again, shaking her head, “No... he didn’t hurt me at all.”

His boots tapped against the stairs. To her surprise, he stopped at the bottom. “And if you are planning on doing much more bondage in the kitchen, please be careful. Too many people get hurt when they don’t know what they are doing.”

A hot flush exploded in her cheeks as she realized what he saw in the chair, and their outfits. Looking away, she felt his eyes and chuckle sear her back before his boots crunched on the gravel. A few moments later, his car roared to life and he pulled away, leaving only a cloud of dust behind.

Sonja watched the drive until the dust faded away, half afraid that he would turn around. When no SWAT team or police came, she slowly turned back into the house and padded to the kitchen.

Meris was on the chair, her feet on the ropes, sobbing. As Sonja entered the room, she looked up.

“What... what happened?”

Shaking her head, Sonja stared at the frying pan and the floor, trying to see the signs of blood or destruction that filled the kitchen just the night before. She peered at the cracks between the tiles or underneath the counters, but there was no hint of blood where she remembered it splashing. Even the chair had been fixed, as if Rick had never shattered it.


“Was it a dream?” Meris whimpered softly.

"I-I don't know. It didn't feel like a dream."

"But, w-we killed him. I remember that."

"I know," Sonja glanced at the plate, "but I don't remember what happened. Do you?"

"I remember when I feel, but not..." Meris frowned and looked at the plate herself. "... did we do that?"

"Eat Rick?" To her surprise, Sonja wasn't nauseous at the thought. Rick was a bastard, but she wondered why she couldn't remember anything. The last she recalled was falling after Meris passed out. But their naked bodies and strewn clothing told her far more happened that night.

Slowly, she glanced at Meris who was staring at the plate. Sonja trailed her gaze down to the shirt where Meris' nipples stuck out from the swells of her breasts.

They had sex, Sonja felt it more than she recalled, but she couldn't remember more than just the ease their bodies fit together or how it felt right when their fingers slipped legs. Her body grew hotter at the thought of Meris touching her and a moisture gathered between her legs.

"I don't remember," Sonja said warily, unsure of Meris' next question.

"Me either." Meris sounded just as distracted.

Sonja sighed and reached out, wrapping her arms around Meris.

Meris leaned into her, her body warm against Sonja's skin. "Did we actually eat his cock? I mean, why can't I remember?"

Sonja could feel the tension growing in Meris' body, the strange intensity that the girl always had when she was talking about butchering. Somehow, it didn't surprise Sonja that Meris was thinking about the cock. Or eating it. It was perfectly normal for a girl who got wet watching her father hack at meat or talking about having liver for dinner.

With a grin, Sonja hugged her tightly. "I love you."

Meris jumped and then looked at Sonja with surprise.

It surprised herself, but Sonja repeated herself with more confidence.

Meris smiled. "I-I love you too."

They kissed again, soft and sweet but then Meris turned in the chair and slipped one thigh around Sonja's legs. It didn't take long before Sonja had her hand in Meris' shirt cupping her breast.

Meris' palm cupped Sonja's pussy, two fingers sliding along the soaked folds and against her clitoris. It was slow, teasing strokes, but it felt better than any boyfriend.

Sonja moaned loudly and clutched at Meris' neck, holding her friend's lips tight against her own as they explored their tongues and lips with rapidly heating embraces.

Meris slipped one finger into Sonja's sex, pumping in and out.

Sonja broke the kiss, long enough to inhale. "Come up, upstairs."


"Because," whispered Sonja, "I might not remember the first time we did this, but I want to enjoy you for the first time... again."

Meris' eyes shimmered.

Mutely, Sonja pulled her friend from the chair and led her up the stairs. The gentle squeak of the middle steps only added to the anticipation and the moisture that damped Sonja's pussy.

It felt strange taking Meris to her mother's bed, but it was larger and more comfortable. They stopped next to the mattress and faced each other.

Sonja pushed Meris down on the bed. "I don't remember doing this, but I think we'll be okay."

Meris nodded. She started to pull her shirt up, but Sonja took charge and pulled it over Meris' head, pausing to admire the small breasts that stuck out on their own. They were beautiful. Without finishing removing the shirt, Sonja pushed Meris down and brought her lips to the hard nipples.

An electric shock coursed through Meris. She gasped into the shirt that gagged her.

Sonja moaned and sucked harder, enjoying the tiny nipples that were hard pebbles in her mouth. She ran her tongue along the crinkled skin around the nipple, enjoying the ridges as much as the muffled moans coming from underneath the shirt.

After a few minutes, Sonja finally finished pulling the shirt off Meris' head.

Meris blinked, her eyes came into focus, and then she smiled broadly. "You seem to be doing okay?"

"Good, because I've never been with a girl before."

"What about last night?" Meris' hips rose up against Sonja's thigh.

Sonja reached down with one hand and ran her fingers along the soaked seam. Her tips easily slid inside and she curled her fingers in to thrust them inside Meris.

Meris gasped.

"You mean when we had sex?"

"Yes...." moaned the slender girl.

"Or when you cut off Rick's cock?"

A flood of juices poured out of Meris, splashing Sonja's wrist. A bolt of tension ran along her body, tightening up in an unmistakable orgasm.

Sonja grinned and pumped harder, enjoying the flood. "You remember that, don't you? Grabbing that dick---"

It got hard to thrust into Meris as the girl went into another orgasm. Her eyes rolled in the back of her skull as she thrust violently against Sonja's plunging fingers.

Sonja moaned and whispered softly. "Grabbed that little thing. And then you had the knife in your other hand. Slicing it off?"

Meris cried out, jerking with her orgasms.

Sonja added a third finger into Meris' tight hole, pounding as juices splashed everywhere. "I bet you held it in your hand, thinking about eating it, didn't you?"

The words faltered as Sonja focused on driving her fingers into the spasming cunt, driving deep as more juices flooded out and soaked the mattress. It turned into a long gasp of pleasure as she kept whispering incoherently until Meris finally slumped down.

Sprawled out across the top of the blankets, Meris' pale body was covered in sweat and her excitement. She panted, each breath swirled her nipples in the air. She giggled. "S-Sorry?"

Sonja, her body tingling with the needs for an orgasm of her own, crawled up. "For what?"

"I got off at the idea of castrating---" She clamped her thighs around Sonja's wrist. "---that bastard."

Sonja kissed her. "He deserved it."

Meris blushed. "I've never come so hard before though."

"Do you usually orgasm at the idea of butchering someone?"

The sudden tension in Meris' body answered Sonja. Meris gulped and licked her lips. "I bet you think I'm strange."

Sonja realized she didn't mind. She shook her head and kissed Meris. "No, but I'm thinking I'd like for you to bring your fingers over here and help me."

"I have," Meris sat up and slipped away, "a better idea."

Sonja's breath caught in her throat as she watched Meris stand up and then kneel between Sonja's legs. A fluttering heat rolled across Sonja's belly as her lover spread her legs and looked down at the lightly furred mound. Sonja's excitement had soaked the darker hairs and they were plastered.

Meris whispered as she lowered her mouth. "I've been wanting to do this for so long."

At the first touch of Meris' tongue, Sonja let out a low moan. She lifted her hips up as Meris lapped along her slit, parting the folds before working her way to her clitoris. Sonja shuddered and clutched Meris' head, running her fingers through Meris' short hair and holding her tight as her lover lapped at her.

Sonja had never had someone eat her out, but it was everything she imagined. The slick tongue seemed to find every nerve of pleasure. Soon, Sonja's legs were shaking with her growing orgasm.

She tried to say something, but only guttural grunts came out. Her orgasm built up rapidly, months of teasing and longing adding to the intensity. She dug her fingertips into Meris' hair and held her tight. "I'm... I'm coming!"

It took a moment for the pleasure to finally crest, but when it did, it stole her breath away. She cried out and bent almost in half, her lithe body holding her in a curl as she ground Meris' face into her cunt, trying to get every iota of pleasure out of the lapping tongue.

Too soon, the orgasm faded. Sonja clutched to Meris, gasping and panting, but finally she relaxed. She slumped back on the perfumed blankets and let out a long gasp. "Fuck."

Meris, face shimmering with juices, came up with a grin. "Going to forget that?"

Not caring that it was her own juices on her lover's face, Sonja pulled her close and kissed her passionately. "I will never forget you."

Meris curled her naked body up against Sonja's. "Good."

"And to make sure," Sonja said with a grin, "I'm going to do it again in a few minutes."

Meris closed her eyes and rested against Sonja's much larger breast. "Double good."


Chapter 13: Classroom Gossip

Sonja’s car pulled into the parking lot of school on a wonderfully brilliant day. Her dress swirled around in the warm air. Next to her, Meris laughed at a joke and slipped out of the car, her own skirt swirling in the breeze as she grabbed her pack.

“Come on, we’ll be late for class.”

“Okay, okay, I’m hurrying.”

She grabbed her own pack and followed Meris, the chirp of the security lock comforting her. Her eyes glanced back, automatically seeking out the slightly different color of paint from where someone keyed her car the second time.

At least it wasn't as bad when someone egged it.

Meris practically skipped up the stairs and Sonja watched her for a moment, enjoying her gay mood before racing up to follow her.

As they reached the doors, silence began to stretch around them as they strode through the halls. The senior hall was the worst, with barely-hidden glares and looks of disgust as they stopped by their lockers. A couple passing by hissed as Sonja spun the lock and opened her door. A sheet of paper slipped out and she stepped on it to prevent it from flying away. Leaning over to pick it up, she read "dykes" and "murderer" before she stopped trying, then crumpled it tightly before throwing it into the bottom of her locker.

Meris’ voice called from her locker, “What is it?”

"Nothing important. Just the same thing since I got kicked off the cheer team."

Next to her, her lover grumbled, “I can’t believe they kicked you off. And right before a game.”

“Well, what do you expect? Rick has been missing for a few weeks, no one knows where. And then, the bullshit with the so-called extra members, the second tryouts. It was written on the wall.”

“But... the police said it wasn’t your fault.”

“Yeah, but obviously Betty didn’t think so, not with what she and the others did to you.”

Meris sniffed, “I’m sorry.”

Sonja knelt down next to her friend, reaching out to rest her palm on Meris'. “Don’t be. I made a choice and you are still my friend.”

Ming’s voice spoke up with a bitter anger, “Well... if it isn’t the lesbians making out at school.”

Without looking up at her, Sonja snapped back, “Shut up, Ming.”

Speaking in a mocking apologetic tone, “I’m sorry, did I interrupt something, should I get Marisha over here? To give you tips and tricks? I'm sure you dykes can't wait to feel each other up.”

Feeling evil, Sonja glanced at her and favored the girl with a bright smile.

“No thanks, between Meris and your James, I’m pretty satisfied.”

Ming started to reply, then paused, her mouth open for a moment. Then a storm of emotions burst across her face, darkening in a matter of seconds before she stormed off, leaving a wake of confused students.

Meris giggled and gathered up her books. “You’ll end up paying for that.”

Sonja sighed dramatically, “Yes... I will, but it was worth it. Why do they have a problem with us being together when Marisha is trying to get into everyone's pants? I didn't do that much against Betty to justify it."

"Except not treat her as a queen."

Sonja grinned. "I have a queen. But I better stop worshipping her when we study."

"At least I don't need anything to drink," said Meris.

Sonja fought a sudden surge of heat between her legs. Meris was very good at licking. She held out her hand for Meris and together they walked to class.

As they headed to class, Meris spoke up again, this time quieter and less amused. “So, what are you going to do now that you don’t have squad?”

“I don’t know, I need something. Maybe pick up a little job for some extra money.”


“No clue, probably something at the mall, they are always looking.”

Meris was silent for a moment as they started climbing down the stairs. “You... you could try the job at my father’s place?”

Sonja slowed to a stop on the landing of the stairs, looking at the bashful Meris. A slow smile crossed her face. “You just want to see me cutting into hunks of beef, don’t you?”

A powerful blush came as a response. Sonja’s smile grew as Meris squirmed a little, streamers of students managing to swirl around them as they rushed to class. A bell rang out, the warning bell, and the movement grew more frantic. However, Sonja and Meris didn’t move, their eyes caught in a silent conversation.

Slowly Sonja nodded. “Okay, how about today after school?”

Meris squealed happily and dropped her books to throw herself to hug Sonja. Sonja laughed as Meris kissed her passionately a few times, to a growing silence in the stairwell. When they broke, Meris was blushing a bright red as she bent down to pick up her books. Sonja watched her for a moment, then heard an annoyed hiss above her. Looking up, she saw the students frozen on the stairs, staring in complete surprise, and Betty at the top, a look of utter rage on her face.

Sonja didn’t give the blonde even a second look as she helped Meris up and they headed to class. A few moments later, movement and conversation in the stairs resumed, an afterthought to the two girl’s passion.


Chapter 14: Job Interview (FF oral rom cons)

After school, Sonja’s green BMW pulled next to Jemmlar Meats.

Meris was already unbuckling her seat belt before the car stopped and as soon as it did, she was out, practically bouncing. “Sonja! Come on!”

Sonja crawled out of her car much slower, but a smile on her face. Locking the door, she followed after the bouncing girl who disappeared into her father’s shop. She followed, her palms brushing against the cold metal of the door.

Inside, Meris was calling for her dad, holding the “Help Wanted” sign like a shield. “Dad! Dad!”

Meris’ father came out, half concerned, “Meris? What’s wrong?”

She bounced over to him, “Sonja wants to apply!”

Relief flooded across his face and he gave Sonja an appraising glance, his face serious. “Have you ever butchered meat?”

Sonja shook her head, not wanting to mention Rick's cock, “No, sir.”

“Call me Gerald, Sonja, I haven’t been a ‘sir’ since I left the military.”

Nodding, Sonja gave him a smile.

“Well, normally, I wouldn’t even consider letting a girl on the floor,” Meris made a little whimpering noise, “But, you don’t seem to mind at all, judging from the number of times you’ve watched me work.”

Sonja shook her head and smiled, remembering all the times they studied in the butchering room, with the sounds of meat being carved coupled with math or humanities. Meris grinned herself; Sonja could see that she was getting more and more excited by the moment.

He took another look at her, this time at her outfit. “Do you have something else to wear? Something that you don’t mind getting bloody? That blouse looks expensive and this is bloody work.”

She hefted her bag, which she brought with her, “I have my old workout clothes.”

“The cheer-leader outfit?” His eyes brightened.

Sonja laughed, “No, that would just look weird. I'm not in a horror movie.”

“Yeah, but it would bring a lot more business for me.”

She ignored the leer, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Well, get changed and we’ll see if you have any talent.”

Hefting her bag again, Sonja headed to the bathroom. Meris started to follow her, but stopped in the cutting room, where the Latinos were already hacking cuts from a large slab of meat. Sonja continued alone and changed into a better outfit, a pair of sloppy workout clothes without too many holes. The sleeves were stained from Sonja's effort on the guillotine in her basement.

Back in the cutting room, Gerald showed her one of the knives. With a beefy hand, he pointed to the slab of meat, “Cut here, right along this line here. We want something about a quarter inch wide, about six inches long. This is called a...”

It was a hard four hours of work by the time they finished. Sweating, she set down the heavy blade and looked at the carcass she was working on. Gerald grunted, as close as he got to a compliment in this first day.

“Well, your technique needs some work, but you have the strength and you don’t miss as much as some of the boys. If you want it, you got the job. I could use you every week night and Saturdays, if you can give it to me.”

Sonja wiped her forehead, ignoring the smear of blood it left behind, “How about Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Four hours each except eight on Saturday?”

“Twenty hours? Sounds good. How about ten an hour, that's my starting rate.”

It was a far cry lower than she would have gotten with her mother’s connections, but it was a job she could enjoy. With a smile, she took the offered palm and shook it, ignoring the blood on both of their hands. “Sounds like a job, Gerald.”

He turned to Meris, “I have to head home, honey. Lock up the shop when she gets cleaned up?”

Meris bounced off the table she was sitting on and hugged her father. Sonja was startled at the hint of excitement, sexual excitement, that followed her. Blushing to herself, she headed to the bathroom to change.

As she stripped out of her bloody clothes, she heard the door of the shop opening and closing. Then, a tiny rap on the door.


Pulling off her shirt, Sonja responded. “Yeah, almost done, give me a second.”

The door opened and Meris was there, her eyes burning. A smile of lust seared across her face as she stepped inside the cramped bathroom. “I hope not completely done.”


Soft hands reached out for her, stroking along her flanks as Sonja felt the delicious pleasure across her skin. “Oh... this isn’t the right place.”

Meris stepped closer, her breath hot against Sonja’s throat. “Please?”

Sonja wanted to resist for a moment, then gave into the pleasures, reaching out to slip her hands around Meris, leaning up against the sink. Their lips found each other, kissing passionately. Meris’ skin was hot and sweaty, her moans almost like a drug in the tiny room.

“Oh...” Sonja’s lips broke with a moan as Meris nuzzled along her chin, hands pulling apart her bra and stroking against hardening nipples. Sonja whimpered as Meris' hands stroked along her, cupping her and teasing at her panties as they were pushed down. Meris, filled with a burning passion, didn’t even slow down as she slowly lowered herself along Sonja’s body, leaning her even further along the sink as the mouth trailed down her cleavage and across her firm stomach.

“Uh... Meris...?”

The butcher’s daughter ignored her as she continued to kiss around Sonja’s hips, sparking the flames of excitement even as the fingers slipped down into her panties, teasing apart her legs to brush feather-light against the puffy folds of her sex. Somehow, the pale girl on her knees in front of her sent a flame of lust through Sonja as she felt the elastic of her underwear reach her knees, then to her toes. Lifting up one foot from the dirty concrete floor, she moaned as Meris slipped her hands back up, the delicate feeling of skin against her delicate flesh almost addictive.

Tiny fingers parted her labia, teasing at the fold of pleasure nestled within and moving back to the slick opening of her sex. Sonja gasped as she felt Meris finger her, slipping in and out until her channel drooled with ecstasy, a growing vibration of pleasure that burned along her naked skin, leaving her gasping for breath.

Words were lost as Meris smiled at her, one hand dropping to fumble at her own jeans, unzipping them. She felt, more than heard, her lover pushing a hand into her own pants. Then, to her surprise, she felt Meris’ hot breath against her sex, teasing her. A soft moan of anticipation grew inside her as Meris pushed her mouth up between her legs, tongue caressing her body with the hot slickness.

Her moan turned into a gasp, her fingers clutching to the edge of the sink, as Meris lapped into her, parting her labia with her tongue and circling around the wonderful focus of her pleasure, her clitoris. The one hand still in her sex swirled up and down inside her, slipping along her slicked channel even as the tongue teased around it, bring too many wonderful pleasures to handle.

Sonja felt her knees buckle from the intensity, her chest heaving as she tried to weather the storm of lust that poured into her, of her lover lapping and fingering. Below, she could hear the muted sounds of Meris’ fingers inside her, slick and slurping from hours of restrained excitement.

Releasing one shaking hand, she curled her fingers into Meris’ hair, feeling the girl as she lapped and sucked on her labia, pushing her quickly toward an intense cliff of an orgasm. She tried to stop her, but Meris pressed tighter against her, lifting up one leg to shove her tongue deep into the channel of her vagina, lapping hard until Sonja started to whimper from the pressure.

It snapped when she came, a powerful kick of ecstasy that exploded inside her. Despite her attempts to hold herself, she felt her hand pulling Meris harder against her sex, rocking her hips hard against the tongue, almost trying to drive her lover between her legs, inside her. A long wail of pleasure, a moan that refused to end, filled the tiny bathroom as stars exploded in her vision. Leaning back, she felt the grimy mirror against the back of her head, her legs lifting up to rest on Meris’ shoulders. That only served to let Meris drive in deeper, two fingers slurping quickly as the tongue danced and swirled, then gulped at the dripping juices.

Sonja’s heart pounded against her chest when Meris finally released her, both hands plunging into her pants, to frig herself hard. Sonja cracked open one eye to see the look of passion and lust, staring at her with shaking vision, the shoulders moving violently. Tiny gasps of pleasure called out as she started to call Sonja’s name.

“Sonja... oh, Sonja...” they continued as she heard and smelled Meris orgasm, a long crest of pleasure that left her pants soaking and her slumped against Sonja’s naked leg, panting heavily.

Overwhelmed, Sonja pushed her own shaking body off the mirror and stood up. Meris slipped her hands out of her jeans and wrapped them around Sonja’s legs, fingers still slick and wet.

“I love you, Sonja.”

Sonja smiled, stroking Meris’ hair as she caught her breath. Months of emotions finally gave themselves a name and Sonja realized that Meris was far more than just a friend. She was a lover, a friend, and probably the closest person in her life. The next words she said were almost the hardest ones she ever tried.

“I... I love you too, Meris,” she paused for a moment, then a smile quirked her lips, “but if we keep doing this, I’m going to have to pay your father.”

Meris giggled, which set off Sonja laughing. Soon, the tiny bathroom echoed with their mirth and the sounds of dressing. The only interruption was the frequent kisses.


Chapter 15: Liquid Dreams (M+F bd, FF inc)

After so many months of the constant nightmares, Sonja could identify when she was dreaming by the hazy-quality of the images and the way the air clung to her naked like gossamer webs. Her body tingled with the sense of anticipation, wondering what fantasies and terrors played out beyond the thick fog that swirled in her thoughts.

It was cool, like most of her dreams. Her nipples were perked and aching, a growing lust of so many dreams of her former friends being spread out on spits and pots and even on the guillotine that she built herself. It all tied into a quilt of passion and hunger that haunted her nights as much as her days.

Beneath her feet, grass caressed her toes and ankles, just the faint dampness of fog dripping off each blade. Glancing below, she watched as the mist swirled around her feet, despite the feeling of a warm wind against her moist skin. She paused for a moment, looking down as a strange nagging feeling crossed her thoughts.

After a long moment, she realized what was wrong. She wasn’t cold. Almost all of her dreams were of cold and mist, even when standing next to the flames. Only the moans and gasps warmed her heart, but now, warmth spread out through the dream mists and she felt disturbed.

A flickering of light spread out ahead of her, the warmth of flames she knew so well in her dreams. The smell of wood smoke twisted through the mists, a hidden snake in the grass that left her feeling hungry and anxious, a growing lust that heightened the feeling of difference from the dream.

Taking a deep breath, Sonja stepped forward, her bare feet against the grass. A few smooth rocks brushed against her toes as she pushed forward. Finally, the mist parted and a clearing spread out beyond. It was only about fifty feet across, with a massive fire pit in the middle. The brackets for a spit stood guarding each side of the pit of coals, the emptiness of the metal pole between almost stark from her memories and her fantasies.

Sonja’s eyes trailed to one edge, where she found the spit. Padding forward, she reached out with a trembling hand. It was warm in her hands, almost uncomfortably hot, but a bolt of intense pleasure coursed down her arm as it smoothly fit into her palm. The metal was slicked with oil, just waiting for someone to be impaled on it.

Her fingers slowly wrapped around it, sliding up and down as if it was a man’s penis. It was thick and warm, but unyielding to her grip. A soft moan shuddered from her body as she peered around, looking for the victim for the spit. In the dreams that haunted her every night, there was almost always someone else there, the soft bodies of Betty and her friends, or even occasionally Meris. But, today, there was no one else in the clearing except herself. With a shudder, she looked up at the thick metal pole. Seeing the sharp point at the tip, the thick metal, her body started to tingle with sexual excitement. For a moment, she almost hoped she was the one to be put on the metal, to feel the fire against her skin instead of just standing near the flames.

Inching forward, she pressed the hot metal against her stomach, lining it up so her breasts pressed on each side. Her crotch, the tiny hairs curling up, pressed against the metal and an electric surge tingled through her. One hand slid up the oiled metal, reaching for the tip that was too high, the point that could not reach inside her body.

She moaned, a terribly hungry sound of someone who realized what she wanted. Her body ached as she reached up for the spit, suddenly wanting to feel that point inside her, pressing against her vagina or even her ass, filling her, taking her. The desperate hunger brought tears to her eyes as she reached up wordlessly, fingers clutching for the tip that glittered against the night of dreams. Unable to reach it, she pulled it toward her, drawing the point so close so she could finally feel its fatal tip inside.

As the tip reached down, she clutched at it, fingering the sharp point with a shiver of pleasure. Her hand slid up and down, teasing the point and exploring how it widened with every inch. Her sex was swollen with excitement just thinking about it. Every few seconds, she stroked her palms up and down the metal cock.

Slowly, she clutched the tip, the point piercing her finger, as she felt an orgasm race through her body. Her knees buckled and the ground slammed into her, but she didn’t want to move away from the metal invader. Her knuckles colored white as she held there, panting for life until the surge of ecstasy finally faded away, leaving her dripping and breathless.

Sonja tried to stand up, to bring the spit with her, but a weakness sapped her muscles and she remained on the ground. The afterglow of the orgasm continued to ripple through her body so she rested there, stretching out on the ground next to the metal spit. The ground felt warm and comfortable, the sounds of popping coals and wood smoke dancing across her senses.

In the distance, something snapped. Sonja opened her eyes and looked around. For a moment, only the sounds of leaves and branches scraping against each other filled the clearing.

Shadowy figures stepped out into the reddish glare of the fire pit. Try as she might, she couldn’t focus on their dark forms as they poured out of the woods, obscuring the trees as they stood around her. Looking up, she felt very tiny as the faceless eyes stared down at her naked and helpless body.

“Hello?” Her voice sounded tiny, a little girl’s questioning voice, but none of the figures above her answered. She tried to stand up, but her legs and arms refused to push herself off the warm ground. Soft soil, earthy and solid, held her body in nature’s embrace. And above her, silent and staring, were dozens of shadowy figures.

Panic started to seep into her thoughts when the bodies changed slightly. The more she stared at a single form, the form became more defined. Her eyes scanned their faces, watching as the ridge of the nose came into focus, then the lines of their neck and shoulders. She tried to keep staring at one figure’s face, trying to get the expression, but no eyes or mouth came from her efforts. Slightly frightened and more curious, she stared at one, then another figure. Her eyes trailed down, watching as muscled chests came into view. Further down her eyes continued, staring at the junction of their legs until cocks, black and shadowy shafts, pushed out of the almost formless bodies. Lines grew sharp34 as the cocks grew, each one hard and throbbing. The black surface hardened into flesh, glistening flesh of dozens of thick members of all shapes and sizes and colors.

The fading pleasures of her first orgasm started to flare up again as she watched as the shafts continued to grow in form. Then, the first figure stepped up, the warm brush of his skin touching her ankles. Sonja felt his hands on her legs, parting them and she spread her legs, exposing herself to the dark, faceless men around her.

Wood smoke and earth surrounded her senses as he knelt between her legs, spreading her legs even further as he aimed his dark cock toward the slit of her being. Then, in one smooth movement, he buried himself into her.

She gasped out at the incredible feelings of hot hardness plunging into her soaked sex.

Still weak, Sonja could only lie there on the warm ground as the shadowy figure took advantage of her slickness and drove into her with long, hard pounding strokes that left her sparkling with growing pleasures. Just as an orgasm started to crest, he came inside her, flooding her insides with his hot cum and withdrawing. Blackish cum dripped to the ground and Sonja whimpered, feeling the crest of pleasure withdraw without exploding inside her. She whimpered again as her shadowy lover stepped away, but another faceless creature knelt between her legs, lifted her weak limbs up and plunged his thick cock into her hole. He buried himself in a single stroke, his balls slapping against her skin. Then, like the first, he started to drive into her, pounding hard and fast, his cock glistening with her juices as it drove in and out. Sonja leaned into it, her arms and legs splayed out helplessly. The sensations of being penetrated over and over drove her pleasure higher, a crest of an orgasm screaming to release burning inside her.

Just as she felt it starting to explode, he came hard and withdrew. She whimpered in frustration, trying to will her limbs to move, to hold him in, but he left her alone, an empty void between her legs. Her mouth worked silently, begging for a third to take his place. A fierce joy rose as she watched another man kneel down, holding her legs far apart, pinned to the ground as he entered her. Tears dripped down her cheeks as she begged for her body to orgasm before he left, but he came and pulled out just as she felt it starting to respond. A fourth, and fifth, then more men knelt between her leg, one after the other, thrusting inside her until she felt her orgasms rising up in frustrating torture, before pulling out just before her crest.

Soon, she was sobbing to come, to release the pleasure that burned inside her. But each man took her and left just because she could, which only left a smoldering lust searing her insides. As another man took her, his cock long and thin, but his hips jammed hard into her, swirling it around her depths until she sobbed again, begging to find release.

None was given.

Man after man took her, coming hard until their bodies blurred into one long sense of thrusting pleasure. Her body tried to find a release, but her tears were her only way to call out for the pleasure. Her world darkened as she was taken again and again, their cum dripping from her sex and soaking the ground. At the edge of her vision, she could barely see the coal pit, the fire she wanted so desperately, growing cold and dark, ignored in the endless train of men taking her helpless body.

The coals finally gave up the ghost and darkened into death. Her world was plunged into darkness, with just the men fucking her one after the other. She felt every cock, every surge, every thrust as it drove up into her, filling her with pleasures, then torturing her as they withdrew right at the height of her ecstasy.

Sonja sobbed and willed her body to move. Slowly, her fingers stroked through the grass and she felt the soft blades trailing through her fingers. Her mind screamed to reach down, to finger herself, but she couldn’t find the strength. Instead, she pushed up through the grass, stretching out as yet another faceless man entered into her, pumping with wet slurping noises. The smell of wood smoke faded and soon the delicious smell of grass and mist followed, leaving her senses blind in the night of dreams.

Only the thrusting anchored her into her pleasure.

Her orgasm hovered just out of sight as the world started to brighten around her. Sonja continued to stretch out, but the feelings of grass and mist were gone. Instead, it was the smoothness of satin sheets and her own pillows. The scents of her body mixed in with perfumes flooded back in, but the delicious pleasure of being entered continued to fill her, plunging in and out of her sex as hands pressed her legs apart, holding them for balance and leverage as they drove into her.

Sonja moaned into her blankets, feeling the comforter across her face, blinding her. Below, she was still being penetrated as the dreams faded away and she felt something hard and thick plunging in and out. For a moment, she wondered if a man was taking her, but she caught the scent of rubber, a dildo of sorts. A smile ghosted across her lips as she moaned again, spreading her legs of her own violation, begging for her lover to take her. Her mind focused on Meris, the sweet lover of so many times. The frail form, the hungry eyes.

Her senses caught on everything, the feel of naked flesh slapping against her inner thighs, the plunge of the strap-on into her sex, the leather base rubbing against her labia and clitoris. Every sensation drove her into a wild passion, a slow burning of her orgasm that finally was reaching the crest she begged for.

Then... the smell of a strange perfume. It was strong, but delicate, expensive. For a moment, she wondered if Meris had gotten into her mother’s collection when other sensations started to intrude on her fantasies. The body was too large for Meris, too curvy for the frail girl. It didn’t move in the same way, but it was strangely familiar. The almost hidden scent of the butcher was gone, even as she strained to smell it. A hand pushed underneath her blankets, stroking against her naked skin. She felt it as it reached up, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipple. Her mind spun when she felt a ring on the hand.

Meris didn’t wear rings.

Gasping, she threw back her blankets as her mother slide another hand to cup her other breast, her hips driving a thick black cock into her daughter's body.


To her surprise, her mother didn’t stop. Instead, she continued to drive the strap-on into her body, forcing her hips between Sonja’s, spreading them apart as the tip drove all the way into her, to her limits and out again, a long movement of pleasure. Sonja’s eyes were flashing as she stared at her mother’s naked body, heavy ponderous breasts swinging.

Sonja started to struggle before she realized weakness had sapped her strength in reality just as in her dream. She was helpless on her bed, her own mother holding her legs apart as she drove a thick black cock into her body again and again. Sonja’s eyes burned with tears, but even the strangeness and horror wasn’t enough to hide the pleasure that continued to fill her, her mother’s thrust identical to the thrust of the nameless men who took her in her dreams.

Unwilling to admit Sonja may be enjoying it, at least in a tiny bit, she stared at her mother. The green eyes that looked back at her were unseeing, blank and flat. But her mother's lips were pursed in please, a moan that vibrated in her throat as she thrust her hips into her own daughter.

Sonja blinked back the tears, moaning as she felt the driving change slightly, curving up into her sex with powerful and expert thrusts. Her eyes trailed down to a sparkling around her mother’s throat.

It was a necklace, but one she had never seen before. As she fought off the fire of pleasure being stoked by the cock, she focused on the pendant. It spun around and around, then finally stopped. It was a golden flame, trimmed with diamonds and rubies.

Her mother continued to knead Sonja's breasts, teasing them until sliding down to press one hand on each side of her hips. The thrusting grew more frantic, filling the room with slurping noises. Sonja’s body started to tingle and burn with pleasure, an orgasm finally reaching a crest, regardless of from who.

Her mother cried out as she rammed her fake cock deep inside her daughter’s body. The thick member stretched Sonja out and her orgasm finally snapped.

Sonja’s body arched up as she felt everything grow alive, a single pulsating orgasm of pleasure born of hours of torturous dreams and thrusting pleasures. Her eyes swam with stars as she tried to breath, but found herself unable to even pant as the orgasm took her body, almost picking it up, and shaking it violently. Every inch of her skin burned with lust as her mother held the thick cock inside her. Their lick crotches ground together, heat and liquid sealing mother and daughter.

Her mother’s body pressed against hers, but Sonja was barely aware of it as the stars continued to burn across her vision. Forever passed twice before the orgasm finally sputtered out and she collapsed to her bed, desperately gasping for oxygen as the sound of her mother’s chuckle filled the room.

Sonja moaned softly as her breathing slowed down, feeling impaled on the thick cock still buried in her most private of places. Her mother’s body felt hot against her skin, the large breasts pressing against her own, the smiling face looking down at her. For a brief moment, it looked like someone else was pressing against her, but the face focused back into the woman who raised her.

Her mother, face flush with fading excitement, looked apologetic. “I... I’m sorry, Sonja... I came in...”

“Mother? Why?”

Her mother, Gweneth, looked away toward the rest of her room for a moment. Her hips circled slightly, getting more comfortable as their bodies slid together. “I... I came down to thank you for the necklace and I saw you there... and... I couldn’t resist myself. I found myself touching you and you were starting to moan....”

The voice trailing off and Sonja looked up, “The necklace?”

Her mother’s eyes were shining as she reached up to finger the golden flame necklace. Sonja noticed another part of it, a metal pole that bisected the flames. It ended in a sharp point, a spit inside flames.

“It’s beautiful. I didn’t think you cared that much.”

“I didn’t-” Sonja started to speak, but a heated weakness washed over her and the words faded in her throat. She tried to repeat the sentence, but the heat grew and she couldn't move against it.

Her mother mistook her silence and kissed her, not as a mother to a daughter, but as a lover, like Meris kissed her.

Sonja moaned into the embrace. The weakness fled as a different heat rose up inside her. She wanted more, a strange lust for her own mother that was both wrong and exciting at the same time.

Gweneth broke the kiss with a smile. Her eyes were still shining. “I’m sorry... I’ve ignored you too much... and you grew up to be a beautiful young woman.” Her mother’s voice trailed off into a whisper.

Sonja tried to tell her mother that sex with her daughter was wrong, but the words wouldn’t come. It was like when the ice stopped her, but it was heat that burned against her senses. She fought against it, but her body refused to respond. It wasn’t until she smiled that she regained control of her body.

“It’s okay. But, next time, wake me up first?” Even as Sonja wondered why she said it, her mother pressed her body against her even tighter to kiss her again. Sonja moaned into the kiss, then moaned even louder as she felt her mother easing the thick strap-out of of her slick and sore sex. It came out with a slurp and plopped down on her sheets. The strong scent of their passion filled the room as her mother sat up. Sonja pushed herself into a sitting position, her eyes seeing where her mother had frantically stripped right next to her bed.

“Uh... when did you get in?”

Her mother sat on the edge of the bed and stretched up, her breasts raising in the air like a pin-up Sonja remembered from the World War days. There was a raw sense of beauty about her, brains and viciousness too, but still a body she found herself wanting yet again. Looking quickly away, Sonja stared at the closet door until her mother responded.

“About thirty minutes ago.”

She looked back to her mother, “Are you leaving soon?”

Her mother looked at her sharply, “Do you want me to?”

A faint trembling of weakness almost caught Sonja until she shook her head, “No, you just seemed to be mostly gone in the last couple of months.”

Gweneth grinned. “You mean almost the entire school year. Sorry about that, I got... lost.”

“Well... yeah.”

Her mother patted her leg, “Well... I don’t have anything I can’t handle from here. And I think I need to spend at least a little more time at home.”

Sonja felt both scared and happy at the same time. Then, felt her mother’s fingers start to trail up her inner thigh, dipping below the blankets toward the slit of her being. Sonja gentle put a hand down, stopping her.


Gweneth nodded and pulled back her hand.

“I brought some bagels from downtown. And... well... I really should drag my suitcase upstairs.”

They both got out of bed and head up the stairs and out of the cold.


Chapter 16: Hot and Cold (FF inc oral, FF rom)

As the sun kissed the horizon, Sonja still couldn't wrap her mind around the surreal events of the day. Even as her mother wandered through the house without a single insult or raised voice, Sonja couldn't put a finger on the feeling that she was following after a stranger in her mother's body.

Gweneth looked like her mother, from the large breasts to the well-toned thighs that were occasionally wrapped around Sonja's hips or even head. The smells and touches felt the same, though harder to duplicate. The surrealism came to a head near the end of the day when they both ended up in the bathroom upstairs. There weren't any words said but it didn't take long before Sonja's mother was between Sonja's legs, lapping at her daughter's pussy and hands splayed across Sonja's taut belly.

Sonja moaned with pleasure. Her back arched with need and she had to grip the towel rack for balance. She clung to her mother's long hair with her other hand, directing the talented tongue up against her aching clitoris.

Even as her mother lapped and the bathroom filled with the scent of her excitement, Sonja couldn't shake the feeling there was something wrong. Heat sapped at her strength, but it didn't make her weak. She wanted to melt into the fingers driving into her pussy, sink to the ground and enjoy more than just the three fingers driving into her cunt.

For all the strength she had to pull her mother close, she couldn't get her legs to pull herself up. With every second, she slid down the wall of the bathroom and further against her mother's talented tongue and questing fingers. She strained against it, hours of cheers had given her trim but powerful legs, but no matter how much she strained, she couldn't move her pussy away from the three fingers that impaled her.

Sonja's other hand slipped off the towel rack. She closed her eyes and slid further down. Her skin burned with lust and desire but her mind struggled to push past the surrealism of having her mother eat her out.

"M-Mom," she said with a gasp.

Gweneth lapped harder, tongue slobbering along the delicate folds. It was maddening and Sonja's vision kept blurring with the pleasure that rippled through her body.

"W-We should stop. This...." The words trailed off as a wave of heat filled Sonja. It tugged on her body and the words refused to slip out of her throat.

Her mother eased a fourth finger into Sonja's pussy, stretching her lips wide before driving up.

"Fuck!" gasped Sonja.

Gweneth pulled back, strands of juices connecting their bodies. "I hope so," she whispered.

Sonja struggled to push her mind through the haze of pleasure. She shuddered and gasped down, fighting against the urge to sink completely to the floor.

The doorbell rang out, startling both of them.

The heat seeping into Sonja faltered and she scrambled to her feet. Her mother's fingers slipped out of her with a wet slurp. The moment where the digits slipped out was the hardest, the knowledge that it would only take a second's effort to return and be filled once again.

"Stay," her mother said.

Sonja blinked and looked down at her mother. Her mother's Illinois accent had faded for a moment, replaced by the Californian accent that everyone else around Sonja used.

Her mother blinked. "Sonja?" The Illinois accent had returned.

"I-I, I need to go." Sonja pressed a hand against her dripping slit and fought the urge to drive her own fingers to finish her orgasm.

Gweneth licked her lips. She was beautiful, kneeling on the bathroom floor with her bare breasts glistening with Sonja's juices and her saliva. She had her other hand between her legs, pumping into her hairy slit with hard strokes that shook her entire body.

The doorbell rang again.

Sonja clutched at the door and caught the frame. With a gasp, she staggered out of the bathroom and into the much cooler air. The heat seeped away from her and she leaned against the far wall until she could catch her breath.

The sounds of her mother masturbating filled the air. It echoed against the walls. Her moans were muted by the carpet and the open door.

Sonja glanced at the door. The heat rolled out the door, bringing the scent of sex and lust to her.

It took the last shreds of her rapidly fading willpower to turn away. She tugged her shirt down over her hips, but it did nothing to hide her aching pussy or each the liquid glistening on her things. She felt dirty being fucked by her mother, a feeling that increased with every step down the stairs.

At the door, she could see Meris' silhouette against the frame. Tugging harder on her shirt, Sonja opened the door.

Meris looked at her. Her eyes trailed down and Sonja could almost feel the gaze against her perk nipples, steam-soaked shirt, and then down to where her pussy hair stuck out from underneath her shirt. She turned to Sonja. "This for me?"

"I...." A wave of longing and cool air rushed around Sonja. She looked up the stairs, still listening to her mother fingering herself, and then made a rapid decision. She grabbed Meris' hand and pulled her into a tight hug and kiss.

Meris cooed and sank into her arms, fingers drifting down underneath Sonja's shirt. The first touch against Sonja's heated folds was intense, a slick pleasure. "Oh, fuck, you're wet."

Sonja kissed Meris. The feeling of right filled her, the comforting and familiar pleasure of Meris' body grinding against her own. She whispered into her lover's ear. "Please, downstairs."

Into the cold is what she wanted to finish, but the words wouldn't come out.

Meris grinned and let Sonja pull her into the house.

Sonja started to pull Meris down the hall toward the bedroom but movement at the top of the stairs halted her. She looked up to see Gweneth standing at the top.

Her mother wore her silk robe. It was open, exposing her beautiful body glistening with steam. The thick patch of hair between her legs was matted against her pussy and the folds of her labia were swollen and pink.

"Oh, fuck," Meris said in a much different tone. "Is that your---"

"My mother!" snapped Sonja, suddenly desperate to flee to her room. She gripped Meris tighter and yanked her along.

Meris grunted.

"Sonja!" snapped Gweneth.

Sonja froze.

"Is that Meris?"

Without looking up, Sonja answered, "Yes, mother."

A warm breeze tickled Sonja's skin, up along her inner thighs. She pressed them tightly together. A urge to pull Meris up the stairs grew inside her. She could already picture a sweat-soaked threesome on her mother's bed. The idea of Meris and Gweneth lapping at her pussy and asshole was almost enough to push her into an orgasm.

"How about dinner? Chinese?"

Sonja looked up, her vision blurring. For a moment, it looked like her mother was wavering with heat.

Meris gasped. "Really?"

Gweneth leaned over the railing. Her breasts slipped out of her robe and dangled. They were beautiful and large. Sonja wanted to reach out and grab them, to suckle on them like a lover, not a child. The older woman grinned. "I heard you don't get to eat out often. So, order whatever you want and I'll pay for it."

Meris stood, her mouth parted with surprise and her eyes locked on the nearly naked woman bent over the railing.

Jealousy rose up inside Sonja. She tugged Meris hard. "We have to do homework."

Gweneth chuckled and straightened. "Have fun. I'll order in about an hour."

"T-Thank you, Mrs. Bremus."

"Call me Gwen."


Sonja managed to yank Meris into the kitchen. "Come on, downstairs."

"I thought your mother was a bitch?"

"Come on, please?"

Meris' eyes softened and she hurried down the stairs, her sneakers squeaking against the stairs.

Sonja came down after her, gasping in relief at the icy temperature of her basement room. As soon as Meris was inside, she closed the door tightly and let out a gasp.

Meris giggled as she sat down on the edge of Sonja's bed, her eyes trailing back over Sonja. "Your mom is very...."

Sonja didn't know how to response. "Irrational?"

"She seems nice... and..." Meris blushed, her pale skin darkening rapidly.

Taking a long breath, Sonja shook her head and then sighed. Images of fucking her mother rose in her head, making the heat in her pussy growing hotter. "Sexy as fucking hell, right?"

"Yeah," whispered Meris.

"I know."

"Was she always---"

"No. Not since I---" Sonja tried to say "woke up this morning with her between my legs" but a cold wind blew underneath the door. It was icy and cut against her inner thighs, pricking at the liquid caressing her pussy.

Sonja gulped. "I---"

Another blast of icy wind.

After months of feeling the wind, Sonja knew that she couldn't push or force the strange cold that drove her. She took another long breath and then a second.

Meris bit her lips, looking suddenly nervous, “Do you think we'll have a problem with her?”


“What if she hears about Rick? We still haven’t found his body.”

Sonja felt a sickness in her stomach, but she pushed it aside with a familiar effort, “I’m not going to worry about it. Its been months and we haven’t found it. If we can’t, she won’t either.”

“You think it will be okay?”

Nodding, Sonja didn’t have the heart to say otherwise. She thought about her morning, sex with her mother, the sudden change of attitude. Her lips opened to tell her lover about it, but a cold wind blew underneath the door of her bedroom and sent a shiver through her spine.

Meris shivered also, wrapping her arms around herself as she looked around.

It felt like two conflicting forces trying to force her will: the cold that commanded her in the basement and the heat from upstairs. But, at least the cold had protected her against Rick. Obeying the silent, icy command, she decided not to mention sex with her mother in the morning.

The breeze stopped immediately.

A prickle of concern rose inside Sonja. Why did the cold not want her to mention it? Was it wrong? Was there something else? She held her breath but no wind responded to her thoughts.

Sonja padded over to the bed and pushed Meris down against her blankets.

Meris moaned and drew her fingertips along Sonja's shirt, pulling it up.

Thoughts focused on her lover, Sonja wrapped her arms around her wonderful lover and kissed her again. “We should probably at least pretend to do homework, at least while my mother is here.”

Meris smiled, a secret little smile, “Okay. What do I get for getting a right question?”

Sonja reached down and pressed her palm against Meris' pussy. It was hot even through her jeans. “Oh... I think a kiss is good.”

“And an essay question?”

Feeling evil, she grinned at her friend, “I don’t know, maybe some fingers?”

Meris didn’t say anything for moment, then looked up. “What if I get them all right?”

Sonja scoffed, “You haven’t yet.”

“Well, what if?”

“I don’t know...”

Meris sat closer, pressing her body against Sonja’s, letting the warmth of their passion distract her.

Sonja glanced over at her, seeing the lust in those warm brown eyes. An idea crossed her thoughts and she smiled. “How about...”

A breathless question: “Yeah?”

“How about after I'm done working, you and I stay in the butcher area. There is this chain that I think you would love-”

A moan, deep and guttural, filled the room as Meris pressed her body tighter against Sonja, eyes shining with lust and passion. Sonja felt overwhelmed with the intensity, but she continued.

“I think we... could...”

Meris whispered softly, a secret fantasy that she never shared with anyone in the world, not even on paper. A fantasy that Sonja only had a hint of, but the words felt heavy in the air. “Pretend I was your meat?”

Sonja’s breath froze in her chest.

Meris took Sonja's hand and pressed it against her hard nipple. “Please? I want to be yours, Sonja. Please?”

She felt tears sparkling in her eyes as Sonja gasped for words. “Meris? I... I don’t want to hurt you.”

Meris shook her head, “No, don’t cut me. Treat me as meat... pretend. I want to pretend....”

Her voice trailed off in a longing whisper and Sonja felt the intensity of it burning like a brand against her eyes. The hunger, the dreams, everything focused on a single point, her lover begging for something so intense that it threatened to drown her.

With a supreme effort, Sonja agreed. “If you get them all right.”

End of chapters 12-16


You can't write these chapters fast enough, sadly! Looks like things might be heating up soon!


Chapter 17: Biting Words

School libraries brimmed with the rotted core of what parents and teachers felt was important in the world. Row after row of static thoughts, unchanging as those who wrote it, statues from years or decades before.

Sonja sighed miserably as she strolled down the stacks, fingers trailing along books that should have felt dusty, if they weren’t already. Her eyes trailing through the faded age of the books, many of them twice or three times her age. Some spoke of ideas that were remarkable, when her teachers were young, while others were old when the school grew up between the tools of construction workers.

She found what she wasn’t looking for, a roughly bound book on the history of the city. Her steps paused as she teased it out from tightly packed books. Her fingers paused when she saw the top of the pages. Someone had used a black marker to write in the name of the school, but that did nothing to hide the large chunk of pages missing near the back. Frowning, she held the book in her left hand and cracked it open, flipping half-way to page through the pages.

Sonja paused again near the back, where the pages were cut out very carefully. Her eyes caught the tiny sliver of paper where they used a razor to cut out a section of fifty pages. Paging back a little, she browsed through the words, written in the neat type of an ancient typewriter. The chapter before was on the county the school resided in. The section behind spoke of a third county, but the county described in the middle was missing.

Her breath catching her throat, she paged to the beginning of the book and peered at the white strip of paper on the front. The stamped dates showed that no one checked out the book in almost three years. Before then, no one touched it for at least six. Flipping through the pages, she found the publisher of a small press, no doubt long since faded into the pages of history themselves. No ISBN or other tracking number.

Partially curious, she closed the book and padded down the stacks to the front desk. The decrepit old woman behind looked up from behind her glasses and wrinkles, speaking in a voice that no longer knew how not to whisper.

“How may I help you, de-” The “dear” caught in her throat as the obvious memory and recent sexual harassment memo flashed across her dying brain. Sonja shuddered mentally, never wanting to see the other side of the glassy gaze. The old woman froze, as if the sentence finished properly.

Sonja roused herself before speaking in a whisper. “Oh! I found this book and noticed it was missing pages... it looked like someone cut it out.”

Handing the book over, she breathed in the dank smell of paper and age. The old woman’s hands raised up into the air, shaking from the effort, before claw-like fingers snatched the book from her hand and pulled it in, a fisherman finally catching his prey.

The old woman cracked open the book herself, a few sprinkles of dust falling to the desk, as she paged through it. She paused at the cut-out section, then kept on paging through the book.

Setting it down and making no effort to return it, the old woman smiled up at her.

“Oh... we know about this book. The section was removed some years ago... by order of the school board.”

“Is there an original copy?”

“I’m sorry...” The old woman wasn’t sorry, but neither was she willing to talk about it.

Sonja fought for a moment to raise her voice, but it would do nothing. Instead, she barely nodded. “Just wanted to make sure. Thank you.”

“No problem, de-” That same pause. Sonja turned her back and returned to the stacks, her feet retracing the steps back to the section on history. Behind her, she could feel the glassy gaze of the old woman watching her. It felt strangely pointless against her shoulder blades.

Returning to the shelf, she saw the slightly gaping opening of the book she brought into the light. A few books down stood the book she was actually looking for, another history book of California, not just the area in specific. Pulling it out, she held it on hand and padded in the other direction, back toward the table.

As she grew closer, she frowned as she saw others standing at the table, with Meris still sitting down in the middle. Betty’s hair was bright in the dingy feeling of the library, but even the other girls in her pack stood out. It almost looked like they were virgins of the library, the dust hadn’t been able to sink into their thousand-dollar haircuts or perfumes.

As Sonja drew closer, she could hear the whispered voices of girls who didn’t see her.

“-tell that bitch that if she ever steps into a game field again, I’m going to make sure she leaves in an ambulance.”

Meris wilted under the acid tone, her hands clutching her purse tightly.

Betty snarled as she leaned over, towering over the frail-looking girl. “And if you ever wander through our area again, I’ll make sure that Sonja has the address to your gravestone tattooed to that fancy little ass of hers.”

Fear and terror shone in Meris’ eyes and Sonja felt anger growing in her heart. Stepping forward, she pressed one hip between Marisha and Ming and shoved hard.

Both of them were surprised by her appearance and stepped away quickly as Sonja let herself slip down into her chair and looked up at Betty with a smile that never reached her eyes and a cutting whisper. “My ass? I thought Marisha was watching that for you, Betty dear.”

Betty barely let the sudden appearance startle her. She towered over Sonja, but Sonja only saw the sudden weakness, the ineffectual rage that rose up in those purple eyes.

“Listen bitch-”

Sonja smiled at her and put a finger to her lips. “Shush or the bat will kick you out.”

Rage colored Betty’s cheeks and for a brief moment, Sonja wasn’t sure if Betty was stupid enough to lash out at her.

Meris whimpered and Sonja glanced over, to see Betty’s fingernails digging into her shoulder, the knuckles white as the purple tips dug into the fabric. When Sonja looked back, the rage burned deep in her own eyes and she fought not to punch the smug girl.

Having her attention, Betty smiled sweetly and without joy. “You listen to me. I don’t want to see either you or your slut in our halls again. If you could curl up and die, that would be perfect, but failing that, I’ll make sure you shuffle that mortal coil the second you walk into a football field at night.”

“Shuffle that coil? Been to church lately?”

The snarling hiss cut through the silence of the library. On the other side, Sonja could almost hear the cracking as the old woman peered up from her desk, trying to find the source. Betty’s back was to her, so having no obvious target, she just made a general hushing noise to the library and returned back to whatever she stared at all day.

Meris whimpered again as she fought not to cry out as Betty dug her fingers in even deeper.

As Sonja watched, she saw a faint point of bright red start to spread out from one hand.


It was almost too much for her and Sonja slapped her hand up. Betty’s grip was surprisingly strong, but Sonja was stronger.

Meris cried out as loudly as Betty’s fingers were torn from her shoulder, a few droplets of blood rising into the air, then falling down on her shirt.

Sonja surged up, bowling Betty back even as the old woman finally responded, yelling out in a whisper that almost sounded loud. “You two! Stop it this instant!”

Glaring at Betty, Sonja responded sharply, “Good idea, brick layer.”

Betty held out one hand streaked with blood, “Any time, bitch.”

The old woman called out again, “I don’t care what either of you do, but leave my library now!”

Meris and Sonja gathered up their things as Sonja and her pack strolled out of the library. Passing the old woman, Sonja felt the glare as much as she felt every sniff from Meris.

Outside the door, she pressed Meris against the wall to inspect the wound. Tears dripped off Meris’ face as Sonja found a silk cloth in her purse and pressed it against the cut, to prevent the blood from soaking almost as much to touch Meris.

The young girl smiled through her tears as Sonja stared into her eyes.

“Why didn’t you cry out.”

“I... I didn’t want you to get in trouble.”

Sonja smiled, feeling a wellspring of love for the frail girl that continued to grow every single day. The tears softened lightly before Betty’s cutting voice pierced the hall.

“Oh please! I thought the lesbian slut would be on her knees at this point, lapping at her dear protector.”

Shooting her a poisoned look, Sonja snapped back again. “At least I don’t have to find the smallest dick in school to compare mine to.”


Betty paused, trying to digest the words. Sonja pushed the rest of the school stuff into Meris’ hands and turned her away from Betty, just in case she had to defend themselves.

Meris let her guide her away, tears still in her eyes.

Behind them, Betty’s heels rapped against the fake marble ground and Sonja turned to face her. Rage had colored the perfectly blond’s face, but Sonja’s mind focused more on the slap coming. At the last moment, she backed away from it and Betty’s palm missed her by inches. The backhand almost caught her as Betty tried again, but Sonja slipped back another few inches to avoid it.

Betty yelled, “Listen you bitch! I want you and the slut to fuck off-”

A new voice interrupted the blond, “Betty Goldstone!”

It was deep and masculine and the voice attached to the principal of the school. Betty’s rage disappeared in an instance, but the flush remained as she spun around.

“Principal Skinner! I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“I saw what you did, Miss Goldstone and I would like you to explain it in my office.”

Betty resisted, but the principal pointed down the hall, toward the dreaded offices. She finally started down the hall.

The principal glared back at Sonja who looked down at the ground, the rage still brimming in her heart. “And you, Miss Bremus. I neither want to see you in anything that resembles a fight nor feeling up another girl in these halls or you will find yourself with a suspension.”

“Yes, sir.”

He took one step closer, still glaring at her.

She kept her eyes averted, knowing she danced on the razor blade of a detention.

“Consider this your one and only warning.”

His deep, rumbling voice filled the hall. Then he was gone, his almost expensive shoes rapping against the ground moments before the bell rang out. Sonja waited a moment, then turned back to Meris who had disappeared in the near-fight.

Concerned, she ran back to the locker. Checking hers, she found her books. Reaching over, she spun the combination to Meris’ and peered inside. The books were neatly on the bottom and Meris’ jacket was gone.

Sonja felt a spring of rage at Betty course through her veins. Her fingers tightened into fists as she stared at Meris’ locker.

“I hope my dreams come true.”

Her words came on a cold breeze. Without pausing, she slammed that locker shut and grabbed her keys from hers. Slamming the second door shut, she stormed out of the school and threw herself into her car. Meris wasn’t there, but Sonja barely saw through the anger as she drove out of the school’s parking lot, toward Meris’ home.

She caught up with her lover about six blocks away. Letting the engine rumble, she pulled to the side and thumbed down the window. “Meris?”

Tears dripped down the girl’s face as she barely gave Sonja a glance. “Leave me alone!”

“Meris? Please... please talk to me.”

Meris shook her head violently, “No!”

Sonja felt tears forming in her eyes, “Meris? Please, just talk to me.”

Shaking her head again, Meris looked away from her, “No, your slut is going home now.”

From the car, Sonja called out again, “Meris?” No answer came. Instead, Meris cut into someone’s drive toward the backyard, a shortcut that they took themselves. Tears on her eyelashes, Sonja stopped the car to watch her friend disappear between curtains of green.

Behind her, a car pulled out and wailed on its horn.

Sonja flicked off the driver and put the car back into gear, turning away from her crying lover. Instead, she threw her car back into the roar, flooring it well above the speeding limit as she raced away, the tears dripping from her eyes.

Her BMW stopped at Jemmlar Meats. Locking the door, she stormed into the front room and disappeared into the back.

Meris’ father looked up at her, his hands blood and his apron full of gore. “You are about three hours early.”

His voice filled the room with the seriousness of a man who worked for a living.

Sonja looked up, the anger and tears raging in her eyes for a moment. Without answering, she stepped past him and stormed to the bathroom, to change into her work outfit.

Rick called out as her fingers touched the door. “Is Meris okay?”

Sonja paused at the door, taking a deep breath before answering. “She went home.”

No answer came and she opened the door, staring into the dingy room.

Stepping inside, she closed the door, but Rick’s voice interrupted her. “Are you okay?”

Sonja had to pause again, fighting back the tears and rage, “Yes. Someone tried to hurt Meris.”

Silence flooded the killing floor as Rick covered the distance in a few seconds, a scowl boiling across his face. “What happened?”

Sonja looked up, still fighting her emotions, “Someone threatened us at the school. Claimed we were... lesbian lovers.”

Rick blinked. “But aren't you?"

Shocked, Sonja stared up at him as he looked back at her seriously, his face not even cracking in a grin or disgust. He stared at her for a moment, his eyes scanning her face.

“Well, you are.”

She sputtered, “Uh... how... why... when?”

A faint smile cracked his face, “You aren’t as secretive as you think you are, girl. But, I see it from two views. One, you are the best friend that girl as ever had. And two, you care for her as much as any boy. Not to mention, with you, I don’t worry about some baby showing up and then my baby making the same mistake I made.”

Still lost, Sonja couldn’t help staring up at him helplessly, confused, “I... I...”

Rick’s face hardened, returning to the prior conversation, “What happen to this... person who hurt my girl?”

Still stunned, she just answered, “Got caught by the principal and dragged to his office.”

He grunted, “Better than nothing.” He wiped his hands on his apron, “I better head home, can you finish up for me?”

Sonja bobbed her head.

He grunted again and let her close the bathroom door.

When she finished dressing, he was gone.

End of chapter 17


Poor Meris, all torn up and needing to be comforted. At least she has daddy. Speaking of, the interplay between hot and cold is getting interesting, and the directions the dreams lean become more interesting the more they interact. I find myself wondering if Betty will meet the same fate as Rick - going too far, only to go all the way.

I must admit that I am a little disappointed that Meris didn't answer all the questions correctly after chapter 16, or at least that we didn't get to see her get her reward for it. Hopefully, she gets another chance, or at least a flashback.


I thought Meris' father was named Gerald, in >>3294 and not Rick, like in >>3427


Yeah, I screwed up on the names. I'll fix that, but unfortunately, I can't update Gurochan entries so it will only be on my site.

Thank you for catching that. *hug*

I don't know why I didn't put in the sex scenes for this book. Normally, I'm obsessed with lots of fucking scenes. I might put it in later, but she didn't *quite* get all the answers but they still RP'd Meris being meat. Just a little.


Seemed a little jarring pacing-wise, not going to lie, like there's a chapter missing between 16 and 17. Just my thoughts, though it's understandable that you'd place a break there if that was intentional.


Chapter 18: Construction (FF oral bd cons rom)

Sonja threw the next page of the endless math homework on a stack next to her bed. Neat lines of calculus filled page after page, but her eyes were already blurring with exhaustion and she couldn't continue. Slapping the book shut, she tossed the paper brick on her homework, enjoying the satisfying slam at it hit the table.

Reaching off her bed, she plunged one hand into her book bag and looked around the empty room. Meris was missing, as she had been for a few weeks now, and it left a void in her heart as she sighed unhappily. Her fingers, swirling around the mostly empty sack, brushed up against a library book, the dust almost solid as she grabbed it.

Pulling it out, she peered at the cover, the white letters barely visible. Ignoring it, she opened it to the first page. Inside was the picture that caught her attention, a massive set of gallows set up outside of a Texas town hall, three ropes dangling as a black-and-white executioner fiddled with a fourth. Her breath caught in her throat as she turned the page, ignoring the type and text for the images. Her fingers trembled on the edges of the paper as she worked her way through the book.

Near the middle, she found another image of the gallows, this time there was two women hanging from them, their white billowy outfits almost dancing in the still image. The starkness of the image, the hollow eyes and pale skin, it sent a cold shiver down her spine. Sonja let loose with a shuddering breath as she turned the page. Her eyes barely focused on the words, the letters swimming across her vision as she found picture after picture of people being hung. Then, in the very back, she found one of the most detailed pictures of a set of gallows.

The power in that still image froze her and she felt another cold shiver drip down her spine. Her hands trembled violently as she focused on the page, almost imaging her standing on it, her bare feet against the rough wood. The emotions that rose up in her were familiar, too familiar from night after night of sexual mortality.

Realizing her thoughts, she slammed the book shut. Still shaking, she reached out to drop it on the floor, but a cool breeze rose up from around the room, swirling around her in supernatural threats. She tightened her lips and focused on her fingers, willing herself to ignore the cold and drop the book. Her fingers shook, the book almost flapping, as she bore her will.

Slowly, her fingers cracked open. The book dangled from her fingertips and the breeze became a wind, kicking up papers and throwing them into the air. Sonja whimpered, shivering as the temperature dropped at least ten degrees in a matter of seconds.

Finally, her fingers opened enough and the book tumbled to the ground. The window rose up into a howl, snapping through her t-shirt as if it wasn’t there, scouring her skin as it tore off pictures and yanked clothes out of her closet.

Sonja cried out, suddenly fearful and got ready to bolt for the door. The window rose up to a fevered pitch, then collapsed in the center of the room, the dust of the room outlining it as it swarmed over the book. As she watched, the wind continued to focus on the book and the pages opened up, fluttering aside as the wind picked out a page, the last image she saw. It rose to a higher pitch as it curled underneath the book, lifting it up into the air.

She could only watch as the book rocked up into the air on unsteady spectral hands. It rose up into the air, barely rising above the edge of the bed, and drifted to her, the wind beating down her blankets before dropping the book back into her hands.

Sonja whimpered, staring down at the book. “Why are you doing this to me?”

The book sagged in her lap as a response, the wind dying with a final wheeze. Sonja felt the tears on her cheeks as she looked up into the room, unable to focus her growing fear and frustration. “Please stop this! Please stop all of this.”

No answer.

She started to close the book, but a threatening breeze rose up, tickling her spine. It felt like it was inside her shirt, swirling around her breasts and stomach and hips, teasing her nipples into hardness even as it threatened her.

Sonja stopped closing the book and looked down. “What are you doing?”


“Please stop!”

No answer came, but she could no longer close the book. Sniffing, she pushed herself to the edge of the bed and stood up. Her t-shirt dropped over her hips, covering her panties which was the only other thing she wore. The sage green of the shirt rippled with unseen breezes as she stood there. When a faint breeze tickled her side, she stepped away from it, toward the door.

The spectral breeze kicked up again, guiding her out of her room. She hooked one finger on the page the cold refused to let her close and stepped outside. The concrete floor felt icy against her feet as the breeze pushed her a few more times, then stopped as she entered the workshop across from her bedroom. The massive guillotine remained in the room, the towering wood looked warmer than she felt.

Feeling the breeze died down, Sonja stood there for a moment, waiting to be forced into something. Nothing pushed or poked her. She panted for a moment, then set down the book, cracking it open to the last page. The book opened easily, settling down on the polished wooden bench of the guillotine as if it was made for it.

“You... you want me to build this?”

No answer came. Sonja looked around the workshop, already building it in her mind as she picked up the oak planks in the corner, the nails in the cabinet, and even a heavy coil of rope underneath the bench. The image of the gallows burned in her mind, an imposing presence that ordered to be built. Her hands could already feel the feeling of the wood underneath her feet, the same smooth warmth of the guillotine against her naked body. It would be perfect, just as the first, but this time, she knew what she was building.

Stroking one hand against the sensual surface of her guillotine, she smiled to herself. Deep inside, she felt the flutter of sexual excitement of her dreams coming true.

“Then I will build it... Master Cold.”

Many hours later, Sonja stepped back from the beginnings of her project. The wood frame was already built, a massive structure of wood and nails reaching clear up to the twelve-foot ceiling. The platform was large enough for four to stand on and it filled the entire back of the workshop. The heavy four-by-fours reached high up into the air, just inches from the ceiling, and stretched across the entire length. Each step was heavy and solid, the entire gallows didn’t even shake as she pounded in a few last nails into the top step. Smiling to herself, she let her bare feet caress the top surface, walking from end to end as she felt the heat between her legs almost flare.

Slowly, she sank down to her knees, moaning as the hammer clattered to the surface. The solid weight beneath her was almost as she pictured it, the product of her hands and mind working. The terror from the cold and wind had long since passed while she knelt on her gallows, caressing the spot she will cut out the trap door.

“It’s beautiful.”

Meris’ voice was a whisper, a call in the dark. Sonja gasped and looked up, the hope rising in her throat. Meris stood on the edge of her workshop, leaning against the door and ready to run.

Sonja felt tears in her eyes, this time of happiness, and she stood up. “Meris!”

Her feet slapped against the stairs of her gallows as Sonja threw herself at Meris, crying happily. Meris opened up her arms as they embraced, holding each other tightly.

Sonja spoke into the girl’s shoulder, unsure if she could speak without sobbing. “Oh Meris, I missed you so much.”

Meris held her tightly, crying herself. “Sonja... I’m sorry.”

“I love you, Meris, I love you so very much.”

No words were needed as they kissed, eyes closed. The intensity was almost heart-breaking as they kissed and held each other tightly. When Sonja opened her eyes, the kiss broke softly and she saw tears in Meris’ gaze just as she felt the ones in her own. They kissed again.

When they finally stopped, Sonja smiled happily.

Meris’ eyes drifted from hers into the workshop. “Is that... gallows?”

Sonja grunted happily, “Yes.”

“Why are you building it?”

She didn’t even need a cold window to keep that secret. Sonja shrugged, “I saw this picture.”

With one arm around Meris’ waist, she drew her to the guillotine and showed her the picture. Meris barely paid attention to it, her fingers reaching out to caress the smooth wood of the guillotine bench.

“Have... have you ever thought about yourself here?”

Sonja nodded and Meris turned around, pushing the book off the bench. Sonja winched, expecting a cold wind to attack, but the workshop remained silent. Slowly, a burning look in her eye, Meris sank down to the bench, sitting on it. Sonja shuddered with growing pleasure as she saw a lust in her lover’s eyes.

Meris reached up and took her hands, pulling them to her own shoulders. Sonja felt Meris push down. Sonja followed, pushing her lover down on the bench, holding her down as her mind filled the rest with her dreams. The feeling of Meris’ body, naked underneath her hands, pushing her down on the bench, hearing the same moans as she pulled her feet on, sliding her body up her head brushed against the hole in the wood. Then, with that burning lust, securing the blade and opening up the frame. Meris moaned softly as Sonja put her lover in, eyes locked together as she fitted it around her throat, seeing and feeling her body stretched out across the bench.

Both of them moaned loudly as Sonja stroked against Meris’ body, guiding each hand down to a crossbar. Hands worked automatically, pulling up short lengths of rope to tie her hands down. Then, her fingers stroking and pushing, caressing the junction of Meris’ thighs, teasing them open as she tied her lover’s ankles down to the second crossbar.

Her own body felt hot, so very hot, as she strokes her hands across Meris’ clothes body, feeling the naked skin from memory as she looked down at her lover, caught helplessly in the guillotine, head sticking out of one end as the golden blade hung high above, poised to decapitated her.

Sonja walked around the guillotine frame, to her lover’s head. Meris smiled up at her, eyes burning with lust as Sonja reached down to stroke her hair.

“I love you, Meris.”

Meris sniffed and Sonja wiped the tears away. “I love you too, Sonja. I... would do anything for you.”

Sonja knelt next to her head, pressing her breasts against Meris’ head as the girl twisted in her bounds, soft moans filling the room. One hand drifted down between her legs, finding the slick entrance to her sex and stroking it as Meris writhed in quiet pleasures on her guillotine.

Just as her finger slipped inside, Meris looked at her.

“Use me?”


“Just... use me, lover.”

Sonja paused, unsure, then stood up. Stepping forward, she pressed both of her palms against the frame of the guillotine and pushed her breasts into the air between them. Her legs spread as she pressed her crotch, hot and slick, against Meris’ face. Her lover moaned and opened her mouth and she felt the hotter tongue slipping up between her lips, lapping at her clitoris. Sonja gasped loudly, fighting the urge to grind down and suffocate her, but Meris was writhing as she lapping against her pleasures.

Every jab of the tongue left tiny explosions of pleasure. Meris worked further between her legs, finding the soaked opening and teasing it open, pushing aside Sonja’s thong as she did. Sonja gripped the edge tightly, spreading her legs and lowering herself more, wanting to feel that slick oral pleasure that left her tingling. Her lips pressed against Meris’ face, but she couldn’t help herself as she rocked her hips, enjoying the feeling of her lover’s nose, tongue, and chin against her most delicate of sexualities. Meris continues to lap harder and harder, plunging her tongue deep inside her vagina and swirling it around until Sonja shook with the effort to resist the orgasm.


It couldn’t last and the crest of pleasure finally dropped inside her. Sonja screamed out, a long and primal sound as she ground her crotch down on Meris, cutting off her breath as she felt weak from the orgasm that tore through her soul, filling her with white-hot fires.

Meris’ body kicked and twisted, caught in the bounds, neck helplessly held in place below the glittering blade. Even Sonja’s shaking didn’t move the guillotine, but the sense of danger felt intense, with her breasts and her lover’s neck caught in the line of the blade.

Ecstasy burned through her veins until Sonja’s scream of pleasure faded slowly. With a shuddering movement, she slipped off her lover’s face, sliding to the ground, body caressing Meris’ hair. Meris gasped for air, but her flushed face and bright eyes were more than happy; her own excitement hung hot in the air, the delicate perfume of a lover’s passion.

Panting, Sonja kissed Meris deeply, tasting her juices on the slick lips. Meris moaned, her body writhing in an endless orgasm, her lips seeking out Sonja’s. Finally, she slumped down on the wooden bench, her mouth open slackly with spent energies.

“Oh, Meris, I missed you so very much.”

Meris stirred, “I love you, Sonja.”

They kissed slowly and longingly. After one bout, Meris whispered from her imprisonment.

“Sonja... will you go to the dance with me?”

“The dance?”

“In three days. You... you are my everything and I could not be more happier then being your lover.”

Sonja felt her heart dance with job and a smile crossed her face. “I would like nothing more.”

Meris smiled, “Thank you.”

Sonja reached up to release her, but Meris shook her head. “Before you do...”

Pausing, Sonja looked down. Meris looked up with a smile, “One more...?”

The longing in the wistful voice send another surge of passion through Sonja. Slowly, she got to her feet and looked around. Seeing Meris’ pinned body, helpless and out of sight, Sonja got an idea. Drifting to the bench, she pulled out a short length of polished wood. It was going to be a third crossbar for the guillotine, but it didn’t fit. Instead, it was smoothed off at the end, the perfect dildo.

Upon seeing it, Meris moaned and twisted in her grip. Sonja padded around, out of sight of Meris. She could hear the soft panting, the moans of pleasure as she slipped her hands around Meris shorts, working open the zipper in time with the gasps of pleasure. Her fingers found the soaked slit and worked two fingers in, finding the slick opening quickly. Her lips curled in a smile as she leaned forward to kiss Meris’ sex through the opening in the shorts. Then, she brought the smooth tip of the rod to the pink slash of her sex. At the first touch of the mirror-polished wood, Meris cried out.

“Oh, yes!”

Sonja gasped herself, feeling an inferno of lust burning inside her, as she worked the tip around and around, tracing up and down the slick opening until Meris begged for her to push it inside. Giving her lover what she wanted, she eased the thick wood past the puffy lips, finding the opening into her depths. Leaning forward, she felt the rod push into her, filling Meris as the girl moaned loudly, hands clutching to the ropes until they squeaked.

Moaning herself, Sonja started to stroke the rod in and out, delicately at first, but soon she slid it in with hard, short strokes. Her hand wrapped around the rod, preventing it from going to deep. Her fingers were soaked as they slapped up against Meris’ sex, then pulled out the thick wood. Her lover’s labia clutched to the wood and Meris whimpered softly before she rammed it back inside. As it plunged all the way in, Meris cried out wordlessly, her body twisting with pleasures as Sonja pumped in and out with the smooth wooden dildo.

Meris’ moans turned into gasps and faded into tiny squeaks as her throat betrayed her. But her body, back arching with passion, arms and legs straining against the rope, told Sonja more than enough of a story. She continued to plunge the wood in and out of the wet hole until her arm ached, her body hot and flush with the shared excitement.

The orgasm that took Meris lasted forward, every stroke just added more passions until she was bucking against the rope, her neck pressing tightly against the hole holding her helplessly. Every plunge into Meris’ body send a loud squeak of helpless pleasure through the room, every withdrawal a moan for more. And Sonja continued to ram it in and out, letting the rod stretch into Meris’ very limits and out in hard, commanding strokes.

Her arm gave out before Meris did and she slump down against her lover, riding the twists and bucking of fading orgasms until Meris finally collapsed underneath the sapping weight of the intense pleasures. The rod jumps with every pulse of pleasure, sticking out of her like a wooden spit. Sonja smiled warmly, feeling it move against their skin.

“My spitted lover.”

Meris exploded into another orgasm, squeaking and whimpering as head, blocked from Sonja’s vision by the guillotine’s frame, thrashed back and forth.

An endless time later, Sonja helped her out of the guillotine. Meris smiled, eyes bright with excitement. As soon as she was free, Meris dragged Sonja back to her bedroom, her hands pulling off her clothes as she moved. Sonja let her, feeling the afterglow of pleasure send her out on a pillow of air.

She stopped at the edge of the workshop, peering back before turning off the light. The gallows stood there, solid and impersonal. The guillotine, her lover’s guillotine, stood there. Just as her fingers caressed the light switch, the blade fell, rattling down with dreadful loudness before slamming into the wood with a deep, powerful vibration that bolted through her heart and cunt.

End of chapter


The point where things start picking up, I see. Another good chapter, especially after the bridge chapter that 17 seemed to be.

Still looking forward the eventual cooking bits, but I suppose that's just my draw to this sort of fiction.


Chapter 19: Terrible Dreams (FF inc)

“Call if you ever need a ride again!”

The old bus driver’s voice called out through the windy day and Sonja shivered from the sound of it. His voice scraped against her nerves as did the obvious leer that burned into her back. She shuddered once and wrapped her arms tightly around her, trying to avoid the biting wind until she could get into her house. Less than a few hundred feet, it still felt like a mile before she mounted up the stairs and unlocked the door.

Inside, a light was blinking on the answering machine. Shivering slightly from the unusually cold day, she wondered how she adjusted to the heat of California so quickly that a normal Illinois fall day felt miserable. The machine beeped once and a gruff voice called with an estimate on the repairs for her car. The amount only annoyed her compared to the reason she had to repair her car. The day before, while she was in a store, someone had thrown a brick through her front windshield. It had been scrawled with "dyke."

Sonja knew it was Betty or one of her friends, but there was nothing she could do besides file a complaint with the police. And then get it repaired.

She called out to her mother, but there was no answer. For a moment, she considered padding up the stairs, where she had spent the night with her mother, but decided to return to her bedroom instead. She wrote a quick note to her mother about the repair and then headed to her room.

Her shoes were loud on the stairs as she slowly moved down. She yawned from her exhaustion. Her feet set down on the cold concrete and she paused, glancing into her workshop.

The light was on, a single bare bulb in the center of the room. Behind in, the massive gallows she was constructing stood strongly in her vision. The wood glowed darkly, the third layer of stain dried from the night before last. To her right, the guillotine stood there, her first project. She felt a wave of warmth and lust for it as she dropped her pack on the floor and kicked off her shoes. Her toes pressed against the cold concrete, but the growing warmth filled her as she padded into the workshop.

Sawdust swirled around her toes as she padded forward, one hungry hand reaching out for the guillotine. The blade was down, a single dowel rod holding it from embedding itself into the wood. After the last time, she kept is always down, safe from an accidental beheading. Her body tingled as she thought about Meris on the guillotine, her body writhing in joy. A ghost of a smile crossed her tired lips as she stroked her palms against the wood, moaning at the smooth warmth of wood.

Her eyes gazed across the steel blade, seeing her perfect reflection in the metal. The edges were smooth and still sharp, even after being dropped into the wood time and time again. It bothered her slightly and she promised herself she would ask her mother where it came from or even why her mother would send her such an item. Her smile faded as she tried to remember how many times she stood there, promising to ask her mother but somehow she never remembered to ask.

Padding forward, her fingers trailing behind on the wood, she padded across the sawdust, the tiny curls of wood catching on her toes and heels. One foot reached up to step down on the first step of her gallows, her breath quickening.

Her footsteps didn’t even shake the wood as she mounted the stairs. She felt a tightness in her chest as she caressed the smooth wood beneath, warm and sanded repeatedly. Triple-zero grit sandpaper left it almost glassy smooth, the layers of stain leaving it deliciously delicate against her bare feet.

Sonja leaned against the crossbeam, shuddering with a quiet joy when it didn’t shift or move. Instead, it stood there, holding her weight as if she was just a piece of paper. Slowly, she turned to face it, pressing her chest and hips against the thick beam. Her breasts pressed on each side, her hands stroking down it like a lover. Dancing fingers caressed toward a lever, stroking the heavy girth before pushing it down. It resisted until she bore her weight on it, then a sharp bolting noise ricocheted through the room. A massive trapdoor dropped open, crashing into a stop and leaving a gaping hole in the middle, six feet above the ground. Her body shivered with growing pleasure as she let herself drift from the beam.

Her naked feet padded around the circle, stopping right on the edge, her toes clinging to the edge. Peering down, she wondered what it would be like to feel her body dangling over the edge, only space below. She held her breath, considering dancing over the edge, then pulled herself back.

Sinking down to the edge, she sat down with her feet hanging and looked around the workshop. The room was cramped but a sense of happiness filled her. The gallows stood strongly next to the guillotine and she felt a wonderful feeling of being successful fill her. Smiling, she caressed the smooth wood and let her feet dangle, not wanting to move.

“Wow... I haven’t been down here.”

Sonja jumped as her mother’s voice filled the room and her dozing. Glancing over, she saw that her mother was in one of her more formal outfits, a black skirt and silk blouse. A faint hint of the lacy bra pushed through the fabric, which matched the same lace that no doubt edged the garters below. Despite the familiar outfit, it still felt like her mother was someone different, a stranger wearing her mother’s body.

When she didn’t respond, her mother continued to speaking, stepping in with her heels clicking on the concrete floor. Sonja felt a urge to tell her to take off her shoes, but a sudden wash of warmth filled her. Her mouth opened to snap at her mother, to tell her to go away, but the heat surged and she felt it sapping her strength. Her body sunk down hard against the wooden surface, weakness flooding through her veins as she tried to speak up.

Her mother smiled at her and stepped across the workshop, retracing Sonja’s steps and stopping by the guillotine. Her hand pushed up against the wood and Sonja felt a shiver of revulsion fill her, a strange sense of jealously that her mother would touch her wooden perfection. Sonja tried to speak, but her jaw refused to move, the heat focusing on it, squeezing her throat until it ached to breath. Her legs stopped swinging, hanging heavily down as she focused on forcing her jaw to move. The heat weakness continued to drive down her until it felt like she was melting into the wood.

Her mother spoke softly as she shoved her large breasts into the gap, right above the shimmering blade and its bracket. “Have you ever wanted to be here?”

The voice was soft, seductive, but hard at the same time. Sonja felt her head turning to watch her, her eyes focusing on the soft mounds that pushed through the space between the beams. For a moment, she wished she decided to reset the blade, so that terrible sharpness might come down and cut her mother, but the weakness grabbed her at the thought, squeezing her heart as she gasped with the effort to breath.

“Did you ever wonder what it would feel like, having your tits pressed against the wood, the blade slamming down, knowing you would lose them?”

Sonja whimpered softly, unable to budge from her place. The urge to flee rose up inside her, but the weakness was too much for her to bear.

Her mother didn’t notice her weakness and spoke softly again, “Oh... I bet you dreamed of that ever since you made this. Or of your lover, the little Meris. I bet she would scream in passion if you were holding her down... yes... I think she would.”

Her mother turned to smile at her, sticking her head through the gap as she did. Sonja felt the gaze down her spine, a wet heat that dripped and pooled at the base of her spine.

“Maybe we’ll find out... some day.”

Sonja shivered again at the look, then watched as her mother withdrew from her device and walked around. The heels rapped against the ground loudly, cutting through the seas of sawdust below. The sound grew louder as her mother climbed the stairs, filling the room with a drumbeat. Sonja turned her head to watch, but her arms and legs felt heavy and hot, boiling lead poured into every digit and limb.

“I am very impressed, such wonderful work. It always was his passion.”

Sonja could only watch as her mother walk around her, her heels loudly against the wood. The pride she felt in her own work felt dirty and disgusting when it came from her mother’s lips. For a moment, she wondered what was going wrong, how her mother’s sudden sexuality filled their lives, but somehow she felt even more divorced from her.

The weakness she felt around her scared Sonja even more.

Her body refused to move as her mother stepped down the stairs and ducked her head underneath. It came back up in the trapdoor, a smile on her mother’s lips as she looked at Sonja. “Are you all right, honey?”

Sonja wanted to scream out, but she just nodded mutely.

Her mother stroked her leg for a moment, then pressed both hands on Sonja’s inner thighs. She tried to resist, but her weakness gave no protection as she felt her legs parting. Her mother had a smile on her lips, predatory and hungry, as she stroked up inside the fabric of Sonja’s skirt, fingernails tracing a line up. At the first touch against her panties, Sonja wanted to scream out but only sighed softly, almost sexually. Her mind screamed at the bounds, unable to resist, unable to run away. Her mother’s smile never faded as she worked her fingernails underneath the fabric, tracing the line of her sex.

Sonja’s body felt hot, liquid hot, as she sunk down, her back hard against the surface of the gallows, her mother’s action invisible but burning a brand against her skin.

"Don't worry, you're going to enjoy this."

Her mother stroked along Sonja's slit again, one fingers parting her outer lips and the firm caress against her inner folds and then against her clitoris. It was light at first, but firmer as she teased Sonja's nub into hardness and then rolled it between her fingertips.

Sonja panted, unable to move, as her world focused on the fingers teasing her sex.

Her mother's fingers tugged at her clitoris, teasing it to hardness before rolling it around between her fingertips. The occasional caress of long fingernails brought little pricks of discomfort between the swells of pleasure.

Slowly, one set of fingers moved down, trailing through the delicate folds that were rapidly growing slick and down to the entrance of Sonja's pussy. Without hesitation, they slipped into the tight channel.

Sonja moaned and tried to reach down, but the heat sapped her strength. She was helpless, unable to do anything as her mother eased on finger and then a second into her pussy. The discomfort of her channel faded as she grew slick on the digits that knew exactly how to bring her pleasure. It wasn't long before the wet sounds filled the basement, punctuated by her mother's deep breaths and Sonja's helpless panting.

"Oh, that's my baby. Nice and slick for mommy."

Sonja closed her eyes, fighting against the growing pleasure and the heat that sapped her strength. It scared her as much as it turned her on, the helplessness fighting with the fear. There were already something that controlled her body, the cold, but the heat was something relatively new. It was forceful and dominating, compared to the pressure of the cold. She didn't know if it was the same force or something else.

Her thoughts were interrupted with her mother eased a third finger into her pussy, pumping faster. The pleasure of being stretched open made Sonja gasp and she strained to close her fingers into fists. Her body responded quickly to the pleasure, little flares of excitement coursing through her body.

She was going to orgasm and there was nothing she could do about it. She gasped and clenched her muscles, enjoying how her mother had to grunt to drive all three fingers into Sonja's tight cunt. The impact of slick knuckles against her opening sent a bolt of pleasure and Sonja's control faltered.

With a whimper, she fought against the orgasm. Every stroke made it harder, but also increase the intensity when it finally crested. The muscles in her legs and body fought against the heat that pinned her down, her body growing slick with sweat but she didn't know if it was her struggles or the irresistible pleasure of being finger-banged by her mother.

After a few minutes of her mother's fingering, it didn't matter anymore, as long as she came.

"Come for me," whispered her mother, "come for me, baby."

Sonja moaned helplessly. The pleasure was hard to resist and she was losing control. She wanted to drive her hips up, to meet the wet fingers that pumped deep into her body.

Her mother thrust hard, forcing all three fingers deep into Sonja's pussy.

Sonja came, a sharp explosion of pleasure that rocketed her body. She manged to arch her back as she did, crying out until her voice echoed against the wall.

Her mother continued to thrust into her until the orgasm subsided and then pulled her fingers out. Juices dribbled between Sonja's buttocks as her mother ducked out from underneath the gallows and came around to the front.

Sonja rolled her head, still unable to do anything else. Her vision was blurry from the orgasm. With her lips parted, she could only pant.

Her mother licked her own fingers and then leaned over to kiss Sonja. The taste of Sonja's pussy was strong on the kiss her mother gave her, the tongue flicking into her mouth bringing more of the taste.

Sonja could only moan into the embrace.

"Have a good night," whispered her mother before walking out.

It wasn't until the basement door closed that the heat faded and Sonja could move once again.

With a moan, Sonja sat up. She reached down and cupped her pussy, the heat and slickness tickling her palm as she held it tight.

The idea that she was fucking her mother, or more accurately her mother was fucking her, added a forbidden edge to her pleasure. But she still had not told Meris about her. She promised herself that she would find some way of breaching the topic with her other lover.

But, like asking about the blade, she somehow knew that she wouldn't remember when the time came.


I always get sad when I seem to be the only one commenting. Another fabulous release that drives the plot forward, but I'm starting to pine for some "cann" bits save for the dangled bait. Don't get me wrong, I'm expecting something utterly smashing and totally understand that it can't all be about cooking girls, but I suppose I'm just getting closer and closer to the edge of my seat with each passing chapter.


I'm sad you are the only one commenting also. Somewhat discouraging.

As for the sexy cooking bits, it's several more chapters before we get into it. I thought it was more spread out, but looks like the last ten chapters or so are the slaughter.


Please don't get discouraged! I look forward to these updates. Guess I should probably comment more often.


Last ten chapters? My word, this really is quite substantial

Also, I am not >>3589 but am another commenter entirely. I just hadn't noticed this update until I checked it today.

I guess I could take on a name, if necessary, but I don't like to pick them out for myself.

Anyway, this chapter was a nice mass of teasing, strengthening the supernatural implications, and really underlining just how little control over herself Sonja has. I suspect that when Meris finally gets... erm... satisfied, so to speak, Sonja won't be trying to pull the lever.

Honestly, at this point, the guillotine has been teased and implied and sexualized so much that the only way I could see someone actually using the damn thing is if the bench got replaced first (in a slow, sensual act of lovemaking, restraining bolts adjusted, screws unscrewed, and the wood itself blushing with a gentle cherry stain, until the blade cries out with passion) just to bring focus off of the guillotine as a sexual powerhouse.

I'm kinda waiting for one of Betty's bitches to get the ol' wam, bam, thank you ma'am from Sonja and/or Meris, given their work.



Yeah, this is thirty-six chapters unless I split stuff into two chapters. It is also very front-loaded in plot, but things get violent rather quickly. :)

Love the idea of making love to the guillotine. But it's been six years since I wrote it, I honestly don't remember who gets offed on it. I'll probably extend the scene a little when it does come up.


Chapter 20: Salmon Dance (FF rom, FF viol)

The night of the dance finally came and Sonja was happy: her car was fixed and her girlfriend was in the seat next to her. Sonja chose to wear a dark blue dress that barely hung off her breasts. With two slits down the side, only a silver belt kept it from being obscene, she was stunning and she knew it. Underneath, she felt naked since the dress didn't allow for underwear to mar the smooth fabric.

Next to her, Meris wore a simpler ice-blue dress, but one that still complemented her pale skin and brilliant eyes.

Sonja paused at a stoplight to look her over.

Meris caught her look and blushed, her hands tightly curled in her lap, “What?”

“I was thinking how beautiful you are.”

Her lover blushed again and looked down, “I think you are beautiful too.”

The light turned green, washing the car with its emerald light and Sonja eased the car forward. The sage green paint turned icy underneath the light as they headed closer into town. Around them, the cookie-cutter houses rose up, slipping by in the soft silence of two lovers.


“Yes, love?”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Sure about what?”

“Going... to the dance with me? All the stories and things Betty has been saying, they'll get worse.”

Sonja thought about it for a while, then nodded, “They probably will. But, for months everyone is talking like we were lovers anyways. And I don't have to prove myself for anyone.”

“Even me?”

She grinned, “Okay, I only have to prove myself to one person.”

“I'm scared.”

Sonja patted Meris' leg, then playfully lifted her hand to brush against a hard nipple, “I know. It will be okay, you'll see.”

The car drove in silence for a long count. Then, Meris spoke up suddenly. “Do we have to go?”

Concerned, Sonja pulled the car to the side of the road, the headlights peering out into the darkness. Pushing it into park, she looked over at Meris who looked like a very scared girl. “Meris? Are you okay?”

Her lover hesitated for a moment, then shook her head, pressing her body against the far door. Sonja unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over, sliding a hand around Meris' shoulders. She felt the silent sobs long before she heard them.

Meris lunged forward to press her head against Sonja's shoulder. “I'm so scared.”

Tears threatening her own eyes, Sonja wrapped her other arm around Meris, holding her tightly as sobs ripped from her throat. No words were possible so she just held there. The sound rose up to fill the car, then faded away as Meris calmed down.

When she lifted her head, Sonja kissed her on the lips. Meris moaned softly, pulling back for just a moment, then rushing into a kiss of her own. Their lips gasped as they embraced. Sonja felt a hand stroking against her leg, the fabric of the dress naturally falling open to expose the V of her body. Meris continued to passionately kiss her as the hand pressed against her inner thigh, but rose no higher.

The passion came and went quickly. When it ended, they both sank back into their seats, but Sonja made no effort to ease the car forward. Both of them watched a car pass, the red taillights disappearing underneath a hill in a matter of moments.

Meris broke the silence first, “They told me... told me not to come.”

Sonja already knew the answer but she asked anyways. “Who?”

“Betty and her friends.”

Rage sparkled in her vision, “Why?”

“She said that a pair of fucking lesbos,” Meris choked on the words, “had no place at the dance, not now or ever.”

“Did they threaten you?”

Meris answered with her silence. Sonja shook her head and sighed, fighting down the rage that built up inside her. Meris whispered into the car.

“They said they would hurt you. And... hurt me.”

“Why do they care?”

Meris' voice danced on the edge of tears again. “I-I don't know.”

Fuming, Sonja remained silent for a long time, watching the trail of lights disappear.

Meris made a few attempts to speak up, but quieted down after the third attempt.

Sonja's mind continued to spin until she glanced down at the clock, only twenty minutes before the dance.

“Well, my love, I guess we have a choice.”


“We have a choice. We can go to the dance or find something else to do.”

Meris' brightened and Sonja felt a faint pang as she spoke again.

“If we don't go, then Betty is going to know how to lead you around. And there is no doubt in my mind that she will continue to threaten you, because it works.”

“Are you-”

Sonja shook her head, interrupting her lover, “If we go, someone may get hurt tonight, but at least it won't show her that she has that kind of control over of the both of us.”

“Do you think she does?”

Sonja sighed, “She doesn't have any control over me, at least that I see. I don't care what she, or anyone else, thinks about us.” She turned to face Meris, “The only thing I care about is you.”

Meris smiled through tears and stroked a hand against Sonja's arm. Sonja felt a tingle along her skin and smiled broadly back. Meris leaned forward and Sonja kissed her for a moment, enjoying the softness against her lips, the heated breath when they broke.

“So, my love, do you want to go?”

She already knew the answer and cursed herself for setting it up that way, but Meris nodded after only a second. “I w-want to go now.”

The shifter felt cold in her hand as Sonja pressed her palm against it. She paused for a moment, feeling guilty that she manipulated Meris into action.

Then, to her surprise, Meris pressed a palm against the back of her hand. Looking up, Sonja's lover smiled at her. “You didn't force me, Sonja.”

Sonja blinked back the sudden tears and gently rocked the car into gear. Meris' hand remained on hers, pressing it against the shifter as they drove off into the darkness and the first dance as a couple.

Her car fit into one of the far parking lot spaces. Together, they got out and the car chirped as the alarm armed itself. Sonja smiled broadly as she felt Meris' hand slip into hers and they walked toward the school together.

Their appearance interrupted the gathering crowd outside of the school. A pool of silence gathered around them as Sonja kept her emotions in check and padded up the stairs, her heels loud in the silence. Meris blushed fiercely next to her, but their hands remained firmly together.

Behind her, she could hear the whispers already, just loudly enough to try getting a reaction.


“Betty is going to be pissed.”

“There is going to be a fight for sure.”

“Wow, no wonder I couldn't have her.”


And one startled response in a softer voice, “Oh my god, they really are lesbians. Everyone is going to want them now.”

Sonja stopped for that one and smiled to the skinny teenager who gave her a beaming smile back. Around him, others glared down, but Sonja moved on quickly, ignoring the silence. At the door, she held it open for Meris, who remained bright red, and closed it behind her with a smile to the silent crowds outside.

Inside, the pressure was higher. Students gathered in tiny cliques along the hall, many of them with punch in their hands. Sonja had a nagging feeling that more than a few were spiked with something stronger than what was provided. Like outside, silence pooled behind them as they made their way to the gym and found something to drink.

Meris calmed down after a few drinks, the flush in her cheeks not as bright. One of the student played on top with their garage band, alternating between hard and soft rock, depending which teacher patrolled the room.

Betty and her pack weren't in the gym and both of them finally relaxed after a few more songs and drinks. Sonja grinned as one of her favorites melodies started to come through the speakers. She turned to her lover. “Want to dance?”

Meris blushed and nodded, letting herself be drawn out to the dance floor. The thin crowd parted around them, but as soon as they started to dance, it tightened back up as public opinion dissolved under the need to get next to each other. Sonja drew her lover around, pressing her body close as they swirled in time with the music, their eyes locked into each other.

Pulse of the music drove their bodies as they swung into the second dance and let the rapid beat fill them. Sonja almost moaned as she threw herself around the floor, feeling Meris' body slipping against her own. Each chord felt hot against her skin, but she only had eyes for Meris. Around her, she could feel the others dancing, each one lost in their own little world.

The song ended, but faded quickly into a slow song. Meris started to leave the floor, but Sonja pulled her close and smiled. Meris gasped, resisting for just a moment, then melting into Sonja's arms. Together, they swirled around the dance floor, body to body, breath to breath. For a moment, Sonja felt so much love for Meris, she would do anything.

As the dance ended, they paused, their lips seeking each other for a long kiss.

“Well, if it isn't the fucking sluts on the floor.”

Betty's sardonic voice cut through the music, the conversations, and even the buzz of the lights above. Sonja fought against her kiss being interrupted, but Meris broke with a look of fear in her eyes. Sonja took a deep breath and turned to face Betty, her arm slipping around Meris' waist.

Putting on her best smile, she greeted Betty. “Hello, Betty, how are you?”

Behind Betty was Ming, Theodora, and Marisha, along with the four large men behind them. Sonja could almost picture the little collars around the men, the four women being obviously the dominates of the relationship.

“I was”, Betty spit out the word, “doing fine until I found a bunch of cunts on the floor.”

The dance floor scattered slowly, a tactical withdrawal by the non-participants. Sonja saw Ms. Dawson glare at her and step out of the gym, away from the problem. Surprise, Sonja filed that away mentally to turn back to Betty.

The blonde wore a stunning red dress that clung to her curves, the cleavage half-exposed in a draped cut that gave the impressive of falling open with every breath. Two pairs of earrings glittered on her ears, matching the large necklace that nestled into her cleavage.

Betty's lips tightened before she snorted. “Checking me over? For when your little bitch leaves you?”

Sonja snapped back without thinking, “I wouldn't even dare and try for Marisha's bitch!”

That stunned Betty, but only for an instance.

Next to her, a slow smile curled Marisha's lips as she looked over Meris and Sonja, obviously thinking.

Betty glanced at her and scoffed. “What the hell do you mean?”

“Well, Marisha is just as much a lesbian as I,” Sonja barely paused as she realized that she might be closer to the truth than she realized. She fought it and let her voice drip with poison, “but I haven't been nearly a good friends as you and she have been. I mean all those years-”

Betty stepped forward, hands balling into fists as she snapped back, “I am not a fucking lesbian! I've had more boyfriends that you ever dreamed of!”

Sonja felt an advantage and pressed it, her hand tightening around Meris as her voice rose up in response, “Of course you haven't. I mean, I bet you've been looking for something no man,” she felt the spite dripping off that word, “could ever fulfill. I mean... who are your real friends? A bunch of girls!”

Betty stormed forward, shaking her head, “Oh, you fucking bitch, I'm going to tear out your throat.”

Feeling threatened, Sonja slipped her hand out.

Meris whimpered softly, stepping behind Sonja as she prepared to defend herself.

Betty's hand snapped out, then slapped forward. The sound of it hitting her cheek was loud, painfully loud. The crack filled the room in the silence of their fight.

Sonja's hand pressed against the stinging pain as she glared at Betty in shock.

The blonde, on the other hand, wasn't done. One heeled foot spun around and caught Sonja in the ankle.

Pain exploded from the impact and Sonja dropped to one knee, the leg no longer able hold her weight. The sound of Sonja's dress tearing burned in her ears.

Betty lashed out again with her foot, but Sonja managed to catch it with one hand. With a scream, she twisted it hard.

Betty's anger turned to shock as she was thrown to the ground, her body impacting the hard gym floor with a crunch.

Sonja staggered to her feet, backing up. Her eyes scanned the crowds.

Marisha watched with a smile while Ming and Theodora had stepped back. Their man-slaves were spreading out the edges of the fight.

Her attention distracted, Sonja barely managed to twist out of place as Betty's slash caught her in the side. Her dress tore even louder, fluttering to the ground and leaving her hips naked to the others. Rage spiking, she grabbed Betty's dress and yanked hard on it; it tore just as easily as hers, leaving her breasts bouncing in the air.

Both of their screams filled the room as they threw themselves at each other, tearing and clawing. Sonja felt her cheek bleeding, but Betty had her own share of cuts when they broke again.

Panting, they backed away from each other. Then Betty's eyes rose past Sonja and then back to Sonja with a triumphant grin. “Better check your slut.”

Sonja spun around to see the four boyfriends pinning Meris to the ground. The pale girl's scream ripped out through the room, but no one was willing to save her. Sonja felt Betty move and grunted as the teenager impacted her side. Her dress gave up the ghost, fluttering to the ground, her body almost completely naked.

Betty twisted around her, trying to pin her. Sonja felt a cold surge burst through her as her dreams, her terrible dreams, washed over her senses. With a snap, she grabbed Betty's wrist and twisted hard.

Betty's snarl turned to a shriek as Sonja twisted even harder, forcing Betty off her.

Seeing Meris in trouble left all senses behind and Sonja threw everything into hurting the bitch that hurt her lover. She held tightly to the wrist and kept twisting, forcing it behind Betty. With a hard kick against the back of the blond's knee, she forced Betty to the ground, face first. Betty's screamed grew louder, her body thrashing, but Sonja wasn't done. With a twist that almost broke the bone, she forced the blond teenager's wrist into the belt of her dress. The angle looked painful as Sonja slammed her body hard on the base of Betty's spine, then grabbed one leg. Grunting loudly, she twisted it up. Her other hand tore off her own belt to wrap it around the ankle and pull it down, stretching it hard until Betty's sounds turned into real screams of pain.

She was reaching to pull Betty's other leg up when hard and strong hands grabbed her. Sonja lashed out as she was picked up off the ground, her dress left behind from one end caught underneath Betty's thrashing body. The blond was almost in a hog-tie, one arm painfully rammed into the belt by her spine and one leg pulled up and wrapped around the captured elbow.

Sonja only had a second to wonder how she could tie anyone up so quickly when a hard voice bellowed in her ear.

“Miss Bremus!” The sound of the principal yelling at her broke the rage.

She blinked and gasped, twisting in the group to look for her lover. “Meris!”

“Miss Bremus!” This time, he was standing in front of her, his dark eyes burning with rage.

Sonja tried to peer around him, trying to find her lover.

The principal refused to move and she was forced to look up at him, rage burning in her eyes but no longer controlling her.

“It is obvious to say that you are suspended until further notice, Miss Bremus.”

“That bitch started it!”

“And!” He bellowed, “You will not swear in front of me. I will handle Miss Goldstone in my own time, but you are indecent and the one on top. You have two minutes to get dressed while I inform your mother.”

Any attempt to resist was interrupted as two of the adult teachers dragged her to the lockers. At the entrance of the woman's locker room, she finally stopped resisting and stormed inside. She dressed quickly in her gym clothes, yanking each piece on and ignoring the pain from her brawl. She stormed out to find two female teachers ready to escort her to her car.

“Where is Meris?”

“Her father will pick her up.” It was a curt reply that welcomed no response. They didn't leave her side until she got into the car and drove off. Sonja considered circling back for Meris but fought the urge. Instead, she pounded on the wheel of her car and drove home at speed far in excess of the speed limit. Thankfully, no cop pulled her over.

At home, her mother was waiting for her, the tense anger radiating.

“What the hell were you doing!?”

The conversation went downhill from there. By the time it was over, Sonja was suspended for three weeks and grounded from Meris and leaving the house for six. She wasn't even allowed to go to her job for three weeks.

Sonja didn't care, the only thing she worried about was Meris.


I want to say nice things to you about this, but frankly, this chapter just pissed me off. Now, more than ever, I'm hating on Betty.

She's reaching Dolores Umbridge levels.

I don't really get why Sonja was grounded, but that's a realistic consequence.


As long as you hate Betty and not me. :)

There are a few reasons for the grounding, but they may not be obvious from her limited POV.


lets voulenteer betty for the basement. she seems like a good candidate


Your world seems woefully prejudiced, but perhaps I just try to turn a blind eye to that sort of thing in the real world?
Still, another set-up chapter and some progression, but seems like more proverbial "baiting the hook" in my mind. Don't get me wrong, they're solid chapters, but don't hold my attention as much.

It's interesting, though, watching Sonja's minute transformations and those moments where "she" is slipping.


Sadly, that kind of treatment was not uncommon even as little as 10-15 years ago, especially the selective awareness of violence by authorities - which contributed to current policies involving punishments being the same for all participants in a fight. The only part that made me ( >>3680 ) blink was Sonja getting grounded, and that may have more to do with my own experiences with parents - generally the ones who WOULDN'T punish their child for being with someone of the same gender were the ones who would ask their child why they attacked the person, and rigorously defend that child's right and abilities to self-defense.

Then again, "her victim was crippled for life" is a thing that both rarely came up, and something of an aggravating factor. As tSade pointed out ( >>3682 ), there are things going on of which we are not aware, including possible scheming on the part of Gwen to get her own daughter for herself (I doubt that would work, but that doesn't stop someone from trying).


Yeah, but when look at our world, it isn't much different. In 2010, a girl had to sue her own school to bring her girlfriend to prom. The courts sided with her, but the school got around it by having a *different* private prom for everyone else. (2010 Itawamba County School District prom controversy).

Remember, I wrote this in 2009

Also the anti-LGBT attitudes of only the last year or so, it got worse up to and around the SCOTUS ruling, but there is a pretty strong feelings on each side. My father-in-law still spends every Thanksgiving telling us that all "lesbos should have their cunts wired up and their tits ripped off". (Yeah, thanks 'dad').

As for the lack of bloody, sexy bits. Yeah... I was a slow writer then. :( Long ass setups.

A lot of the reasons don't really come up in the novel, so I can talk about those. From the earlier chapters, Betty and her parents were at the Anvil Club. This was an exclusive club (Sonja didn't know about it except from what Betty said) that has a pretty high annual fee just to be a member (not to mention, requires sponsorship). It was based on some of those "exclusive" clubs people like. Plus, it is like places also described in my other story, Free Ranged (

Interestingly, the Anvil Club in my world actually are closet cannibals. But that is for the higher echelons (e.g., not Betty but her mother) and some of the people who know the secret of Dolcett County (there is a bit in the novel about that). Living in Dolcett County requires you to bring in a certain number of "meat girls" (later), but many are happy only visiting for a considerably lower 'fee'.

There are political benefits of being aware of Dolcett County (this was intended to be other stories later). Now, given the high price of the club, the "high society" (or wanna-bes) are members of it. That includes Betty's mother and the principal. So, the principal will side with the woman in power over the outsider (Sonja's mother). Betty was also suspended, but it was a BS one (go to a spa, honey). Despite being a butcher, Meris' father is not part of the club but he does supply the "normal meat" for the place, which means he has a say in keeping those people happy if he wants to keep doing business with them.

So, between a general view of "lesbians bad", a private view of "lesbians make good eating" by those in power, distrust of strangers (you never know who is going to ruin the secret of Dolcett County which would ruin everything), politics outside of her observations (Betty's mother/principal being in the same club), all led to her punishment. The grounding was just a continuation of pressure that Sonja's mother got which Sonja was not privy to.

At least, that was my poor attempt at creating a rich world outside of the main character's point of view.


It was a reasonable attempt - I can see the lines or influence now that you have pointed them out, and they have similar amounts of tension as what I saw in your writing, but I think it might have been well served by adding a little detail to Sonja and her mother's fight, if you could show both parties frustrated and influenced by outside factors. With Sonja, that would be quite easy - she was, and the influences of and around the principal are easily visible, outside of the society climbing elements.

Her mother would require more indirect displays - odd comments that aren't explained, if you had fleshed out the arugment, such as, "Don't you know how much it hurts me when you do something like this?" or, "Why the hell did you do that to me?" - self-centered but unexplained elements, I think, would carry over her being under outside influence more effectively.

Personally, I think the story is a little stronger and a little more tightly composed for leaving out those details, because you set up both Betty having a measure of social influence (though that would have been strengthened if you had managed an earlier demonstration that she got away with things other people couldn't) and the authorities having issues with how Sonja and Meris were "carrying on" (with the teacher turning away from them, if nothing else).

In short, this is ultimately reasonable for the time, but horribly untoward today. If that isn't a message of progress and hope to you, then I don't know why you would look for one here.

Since you mention them, I want to ask, was Betty being groomed for a position in the higher echelons of the Anvil Club, or was she being groomed for a position of honor for the Anvil Club (so to speak)? Should I be less delicate about who eats the meat?


Yeah, I needed to add more details. I notice that with this novel but only as I'm going through it posting here. There are definitely chapters I would want to add. Not sure if I will, we'll see how this turns out I guess. I have expanded scenes, but those dead spots? They bother me, but not entirely if I could keep the "feel" of the novel by adding them later. I don't want to be a Lucas (though Hans *always* shot first).

Let's say, if Betty turns out to be a good girl, or at least in charge, she'll be joining as a member. If she embarrasses her parents, there's a good chance she'll be a glorious dinner. :) Or a way of trading favors with someone from Dolcett County who could use a meat girl.


So, I redid the next chapter to give a better segue.

Reworked chapter 20 ending

Any attempt to resist was interrupted as two of the adult teachers dragged her to the lockers. At the entrance of the woman's locker room, she finally stopped resisting and stormed inside. She dressed quickly in her gym clothes, yanking each piece on and ignoring the pain from her brawl. She stormed out to find two female teachers ready to escort her to her car.

“Where is Meris?”

“Her father will pick her up.” It was a curt reply that welcomed no response. They didn't leave her side until she got into the car and drove off. Sonja considered circling back for Meris but fought the urge. Instead, she pounded on the wheel of her car and drove home at speed far in excess of the speed limit.

Chapter 21: Grounded

A half hour later, Sonja's car raced down the street. She kept her foot on the accelerator, driving too fast and not caring about the roar of her engine or the whine of the gears. As soon as she saw her driveway, she released the accelerator, twisted hard on the wheel, and then slammed on her brakes.

The car screeched loudly as the pressure around her increased. It fishtailed violently, clipping the mailbox and a garbage can before tearing down the drive. She only relaxed her brakes enough to bring the car to a long, grinding halt that threw gravel in a cloud ahead of her. Sharp rocks peppered her mother's black BMW and the front windows before it came to a shuddering halt.

Sonja shook as she gripped the steering wheel. White knuckles clutched to the wheel and she could feel the Corinthian leather straining from the pressure. Dried tears itched her face; she didn't have to look in the rear view mirror to know that her makeup had run and she was a mess.

Her thoughts for the entire drive continued to spin in her head: Meris. The sight of her girlfriend being pinned to the ground was disturbingly close to the rape scenes she had seen in movies. If the principal hadn't shown up from Sonja's fighting, they may have done something horrible to Meris.

Sonja's lips tightened into a snarl. No one would hurt her lover. It didn't matter if they were stopped or not, she knew now how far Betty and her friends would go. They wouldn't stop at beating Meris or humiliating her, it was only a matter of waiting before their cruel games became something worse: rape and torture.

She shook her head and fought the new tears burning her eyes. She wanted to be the better person, to weather Betty's storm and get through high school. Then Meris and her could go somewhere else, away from Betty and her cabal.

The front door of the house slammed open.

Sonja jumped and looked up to where her mother stood in the light, her body dark with the bright light behind her. It looked like there were wavers of heat surrounding her body.


Sonja flinched at her mother's tone. It was her pissed on tone, one that usually came out when her mother was slightly drunk. It was alone one that Sonja hadn't heard since they moved to California; between the first months of absence and the recent months of incest and fucking, a part of Sonja had hoped the bitch of her mother was gone.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!"

No, the bitch was back.

"I just got off the fucking phone with Sarah fucking Goldstone! Why did you do this to me!?"

Gweneth stormed down the stairs as Sonja got out of her car. Sonja barely had enough time to close the door before her mother shoved her up against the door, pinning her back. The cold metal easily sank through Sonja's gym clothes but the rising anger inside her kept the discomfort in bay. "Do you know who Sarah Goldstone is!?"

"The bitch of a woman who raised Betty, that's who!"

"She's also fucking powerful around her. You do not piss off people in charge!" Gweneth shoved Sonja's shoulders against the wall. Her touch was hot, almost searing. "I fucking taught you better than that!"

"Betty started it!"

"I don't care if she stabbed Meris, you don't---!"

Sonja's anger re-surged. She slapped her mother hard without thinking. In the stunned silence, she snapped back in a low voice, "Don't you dare ever threaten her."

Gweneth stepped back. She didn't raise her hand to her cheek, but the furrows of her glare deepened in the light from their porch. The air shimmered around her, heat seemed to roll back but it wasn't as obvious when she was pinning Sonja against the wall.

Sonja took a deep breath. "They attacked us. Betty and her friends. They were going to do something to Meris. In front of everyone. I had to do something."

"You were in a fight." As if that explained everything.

"They hurt my Meris."

"You hogtied the daughter of an Anvil club founder. In public. In front of everyone. Of all the things you could do to her...." Gweneth's voice trailed off.

"Why does the Anvil club have to do with it?"

Gweneth's glare deepened. "You... you don't understand. You can't do that to these people. That isn't what normal people do. And not here, not with the Goldstones."

"Or what? Betty hit me first. Everyone saw it. She hit me and I defended myself."

"That isn't what the principal said when he called to say you were suspended."

"S-Suspended!? Why was I suspended? Was Betty?" Sonja gasped with shock, not at being suspended but how fast they made the decision. She thought there was suppose to be a discussion or conference first.

Gweneth sighed. "Yes, Betty was suspended. You, on the other hand, aren't even allowed to go on school property for three weeks."

"Three weeks!?"

Gweneth stepped forward and the heat buffeted Sonja. "Yes, three weeks for starting a fight. And---!" She held up her hand as Sonja tried to interrupt her. "Even if you didn't start it, you won and humiliated her and yourself. You had a fucking cat fight and ended up parading around naked in public!"

"She ripped my dress!"

"An expensive dress I paid for!"

Sonja stepped forward, balling her hands at her fists. "No, you didn't! I bought that damn dress with my own money! My job. I earned it! At my job!"

Gweneth stepped back and pointed to the house. "Not for three weeks. I've had a talk with Meris' father also and you aren't allowed to go back there until we both say so."

"What!? Why?"

"Because you are being a spoiled bitch, that's why!" Gweneth gestured to the house. "Now, get your fucking ass into the house before I call him back and have him fire you!"

Sonja refused to move.

Her mother glared at her. "Listen, right now, the only thing you should do is march into the house and act like a proper daughter."

"What? The one you ignore for months or the one you've been fucking---?"

"Get in the fucking house!" Gweneth's scream echoed against the front walls of the house. Somewhere, glass rang out from the shrill tone.

Sonja shook her head, unwilling to move.

Gweneth stormed forward and grabbed Sonja's arm.

Sonja tried to yank free of the hot grip, but couldn't.

Gweneth slapped her with her other hand. Before Sonja could do anything, she was slapped twice more. Each blow burned on her cheeks and Sonja tasted blood in her mouth. She shoved Sonja against the car again, grinding their bodies together. "Listen, you fucking bitch, you are not in a position to talk back, do you understand?"

Sonja said nothing but her teeth ground as she glared at her mother.

"Now get in the fucking house. You are grounded and if you say one thing, one fucking thing," the grip on Sonja's arm tightened, "I will ground you for two months."

Cheek stinging, Sonja glared at her mother.

Slowly, Gweneth released her grip and stepped back. The heat seemed to follow her and the cold air pricked Sonja's skin with its passing.

Gweneth gestured to the house. "Now, go in inside like a proper daughter."

Sonja fought for only a second. "Fuck off."

She stormed inside the house.

Behind her, her mother let out a snarl. "Two fucking months!"


As another anonfag I gotta say I'm loving this. I started off skipping ahead and speed reading, but now I'm settling into this, can't wait for the next instalment. Sure I got a few criticisms (the arrival of Principal Skinner kinda broke the spell for me, but made me laugh too!), and the odd few editing fuck ups (windows blowing about the place etc.). But all in all it's great, love the girly fight scenes too. You capture the depth and intensity of the love between Sonja and Marisa really well!


Also can't wait for the grinder scene. I'm the guy who's been uploading a modest amount of stuff in the crushing /flattening thread lately so suffice to say that stuff floats my boat. Hopefully it'll be nice and slow! :)


Now this is so much better than >The conversation went downhill from there.

Now you can see the influences of the various people - setting up as an introduction to either further actions after Betty's sticky end or a more expansive amount of local politics. Also, showing what caused the fight and how it developed made the end so much more reasonable than presenting it as a conclusion.

The contrast of hot and cold continues to make an interesting interplay. If anything significant happens during the grounding, it will be interesting to see it. If not, it might be best folding the entirety of it into that same chapter - although Meris should make some kind of significant impression, if only in her absence.

I feel like I might be suggesting too much at this point, so I'll stop.


Awesome. Yeah, the principal was annoying, but I was in high school when two girls got into this all-out fight right on the dance floor. There was a *swarm* of parents rushing to stop the fight, but then everyone stopped in fear of grabbing body parts that were half-exposed. So, it was modeled after some of my own experiences.

There is an entire chapter dedicated to a grinding. :)

Well, I wrote this entire chapter because someone suggested it. As for the grinding, well, there is a chapter or so dealing with it before it goes away. Just enough for hints for things to come.

It was a good idea to write this chapter, so I don't feel bad. :D

I hope you enjoy the story. Thank you, everyone!


Awesome. Yeah, the principal was annoying, but I was in high school when two girls got into this all-out fight right on the dance floor. There was a *swarm* of parents rushing to stop the fight, but then everyone stopped in fear of grabbing body parts that were half-exposed. So, it was modeled after some of my own experiences.

Well I meant that Skinner gave me a Simpsons flashback, spoilt the moment a little. But like I said, I did laugh.


Chapter 22: Bite of Heat (FFF fdom viol cann bond sn)

Sonja as she padded through the ghostly world, the clarity fading in and out with every step. It was a dream, she knew that, and her body grew hotter with the anticipation of the horror ahead of her. She found herself returning to the clearing in the woods and her eyes automatically scanned for the hordes of shadow men waiting to take her. They were missing, which left her feeling both relieved and anxious at the same time. The clearing was entirely empty except for the tiny sparks that rose up from a huge fire pit in the middle. Two spits rotated emptily over the flame, ready to cook the meat.

Hesitantly, she stepped out into the clearing, wary of being jumped. The spits spun on their own, squeaking in a rhythm that matched the slow and steady heartbeat she could feel in her chest. Fear, or even the shadow of fear, didn't possess her, just the growing curiosity and the growing sense of being jaded, at least when it came to the constant dreams of death. Around her naked body, she felt the barest hint of cold breeze curling around her, tracing her lines, but as her back foot entered the clearing, it cut off suddenly. A feeling of strength-sapping warmth embraced her, filling in the cold void between one heartbeat and the next. Sonja stumbled forward, blinking through sudden wood smoke that threatened to blind her.

Hands rose up from the grass beneath her feet. She shrieked as they grabbed her hips and legs, pinning her in place. More hands wormed up between her legs, grabbing her inner thighs and pubic mound with dirty fingers. Fear sparked inside her, setting off an inferno of emotions as she batted and yanked at the hands. The spectral fingers dug into her skin and she felt a trickle of blood dripping down her legs. Her hand slapped hard at the hands, but they didn't even budge. Panicking, Sonja dug her fingers into one of the closer hands, trying to pry it off but it refused to move, even when she threw all her strength into freeing herself.

“Don't bother, Sonja.”

A woman's voice followed an intense wave of heat and Sonja felt the world start to spin around her. The heated air burned her lungs and skin, as if she was above the very flames themselves. With a supreme effort, she rose her head to look at a shadowy figure stepping out from the woods. The shadow was female, there was no doubt about the overpowering sexuality and femininity as it sways into the clearing, the shadows burning off in the flame's light with the persistence of a summer mist.

Each step left her more bare, a woman of statuesque proportions, a body of a Valkyrie and the hard, cruel smile of a sadist. Golden blonde hair cascaded down her back, delicate curls that most women would kill for.

A memory bubbled up in Sonja's mind, she had seen the woman before, but it slipped away before she could grasp it. She shivered despite the heat as found herself looking up as the woman stopped in front her. The new woman's body stood up defiant against gravity, each large breast almost as large as Sonja's head, but still they manage to give the sense of marbled perkiness. Sonja's eyes trail down, less of her own curiosity and more of a weakness that made her head feel too heavy to hold.

The blonde's body shone in the firelight, with the same trimness that the cheerleaders at school possessed, soft and yet firm. Sexy curves over harder muscles.

Sonja glanced down at the juncture of the blond's legs, where a tiny patch of blonde hair stood up, shaped into a tiny spit, complete with flames. Staring at the patch of hair, Sonja gasped as she felt it growing inside her, a searing pain deep inside her lungs, as if she was being burned from just the look at the woman. She tried to look away, but the pain continued to grow until smoke issued out from her nose and choked her. With tears in her eyes, she felt the world spinning violently, the clearing disappearing behind the shimmering waves of heat and curls of smoke. A low, primal whimper exploded from her throat as she tried to shake her head, to clear her herself and also to look away from the cursed woman.

The shadowed woman's laughter filled the glen as Sonja tore her eyes away, forcing them to look at the pit, the grass, anything but the woman. Smoke continued to pour out of her nose and throat, choking her and leaving her eyes tearing, but at least the pain of her searing lungs faded away in agonizing slowness.

Her eyes focused on the spit across the fire. The heat in her body and the flashes of heat somehow matches the dancing flames. When a gout of flame rose up, she could almost feel it against her naked breast.

Eyes riveted to the fire, Sonja tried to break free of the hands holding her in place. The ones on her thighs and feet tightened, giving her no hope of freedom. She felt a growing rage from the sense of helpless that poured into her. Her eyes squinted at the spit as she saw a shimmering shape start to form along the furthest spit.

“See those flames, Sonja? That is where he is going to send you. Like every cunt before, you'll find your final minutes in one of those sick little games of his.” The woman's voice dripped with so much scorn and spite that it shook the air.

Sonja winced as the hands on her body tightened even more, fingernails digging into her flesh.

Across, in the pit, the shape was coming more into focus, barely catching on the spirals of embers that rose up into the air. It was a body of some sort, slowly turning from spectral hands, the shape almost familiar but not quite.

Next to her, the woman continued to snarl as she spoke. “He'll drive away everyone who loves you, push them away until you are all alone, wandering through those damn halls with nowhere to go, no way to escape. You'll only have one choice." She turned to gestured to the flames.

"N-No...." It took all of Sonja's strength to even get a single word out.

The stranger leaned next to her, the large breast thumping against Sonja's sweat-slicked shoulder. Her hard nipple traced a short line. "Oh yes, I've seen it happen before."

Sonja briefly wondered how she knew but the woman didn't pause.

“You'll find yourself at the front door, wanting to open it, but you won't. Instead, you'll do something stupid and end up all over the floor, spitted or throwing yourself on those gallows he's making you build. Maybe even crawl into that brick oven in the back, like a sheep to the slaughter.”

The woman snorted angrily. “And the worse part is, you'll think it will be the best fucking idea in the world. I mean, how stupid is that? You'll drop yourself on a god-damned spit and think only of the fucking orgasm! You'd be fingering that sloppy cunt of yours as you burn!”

Sonja winced as the woman screamed at her, the force of her anger slamming into her like a powerful wind. The grass beneath them was calm, despite the ache from the volume only inches away. The woman's words turned into a wordless rage and Sonja blinked back the tears, her attention partially focused on the spit over the flame.

Somehow, it continued to grow, drawing her attention like a moth. She could see the naked breasts hanging down, the soft moans barely audible over the sparks of flame and scent of wood smoke. Then, the shape filled in even more and Sonja realized, beyond a doubt, it was Meris on the spit. She knew the curve of her lover's body, the small breasts, and the tiny gasps. But Sonja had never imagined Meris impaled on a spit before. She had never even thought of what it would look like to have her lover impaled from throat to ass.

Her emotions exploded inside her, splitting apart like a hydra. On one head, she felt the intense anger and need to protect Meris that got her in trouble before. On the other, she felt an intense sexual desire to reach out, to stroking the writhing body, to feel her body's heat wash away above the flames. Parts of her wanted to look away and others wanted to see how it looked for a thick pile to impale Meris' pussy or stick out of her throat. The storm of emotions was too much and a soft moan or whimper passed her lips.

As soft as it was, the tiny sound broke the woman's rage. “Are you getting off on her!?”

She screamed only a few inches from Sonja's ears, but Sonja could only make the sound again, her hands clenching out for Meris, a hungry need to touch her. As her lover's body spun around on the spit, their eyes locked and Sonja's body felt weak again, this time from her own hungers and the desire that burned brightly in Meris' eyes.

“Oh, give me a fucking break!”

Sonja felt a hand yank her hair and another grab her chin. She struggled, but the woman's strength was doubled by a wave of heated weakness that poured into her. She whimpered in fear as her gaze was forced to look at the woman's face. It was hard and angry and filled with so much spite, but somehow Sonja couldn't focus on the eyes. On the other hand, the burning pain in her lungs didn't return so she focused on the eyes, trying to see through the haze of heat that poured from the woman's hatred.

When they came into focus, Sonja screamed loudly as she stared up into the two bleeding eye sockets where the blond's eyes used to be. Two gaping holes, dripping with blood, and somehow they continued to expression the spite that filled the blond's very soul.

“See? See what that fucker did to me!?”

Sonja whispered in fear, “How...?”

“He made me think it was the greatest idea in the world! Gouge out my eyes and let some fucker ram his cock in there! And then they spitted and cooked me. Cooked me! And ate me, like I was nothing but a fucking cow! Thirty years I've been that... man... monster's fucking dinner fantasy and I'll be damned if he ever gets another one!"

Cringing against the rage, Sonja tried to escape the woman and her anger, her hands flailing at the hands at her thighs. They tightened their grip until trickles of blood dripping down her naked thigh. She tried to look toward Meris, but the woman's fingers squeezed tightly on her jaw, forcing her to look back into the ravaged eyes.

“And you, his new fucking toy. I'll make sure he will never get his claws into you.”

Somehow, Sonja didn't think she meant letting her go.

Reading her mind, the blonde grinned, the smile reaching the bleeding holes for her eyes. “You are right, just letting you go will not give you the freedom I need. Now, I need to make sure you never decide that death is the best approach. No matter what he does, no matter how terrible your life is, I promise that you won't take your life when you are finally alone!"

Sonja's lips tightened as she thought of Meris. The flutter of hope and of love pushed aside the threats of the blond, but this time her mind wasn't read.

The blonde scoffed and looked over the flames. “And there is only way to make sure that doesn't happen.”

Despite the heat from the nameless blond, Sonja felt a shiver travel down her spine. Malice dripped from every word as the blonde straightened up. Sonja's chin followed, dragged along by the ghostly strength of the woman. The hands on her thighs and feet didn't release her; Sonja screamed as the fingernails gouged out chunks of her body, leaving them bleeding painfully as she was bodily dragged across to the spits.

Meris' body was fully formed around her spit. Over the strong currents of smoke and burning wood, Sonja could detect the smells of pleasure, as Meris' body shifted up and down on the thick metal. Her eyes automatically found the junction, where sweaty legs came together and the thick metal filled Meris' pussy. The sight of Meris' beautiful pussy being stretched obscenely by the steel pole was overwhelming. Sonja strained for freedom, not to escape but to stroke the hard clitoris that peeked out against the shimmering steel.

Moaning under her breath, Sonja followed a straight line from her lover's impaled pussy, up through her body, and into her bulging throat. At the far end, Meris' other lips were wrapped tightly around the crimson-streaked pole as it stuck out another foot. The thick metal pried Meris' jaw apart but that didn't stop from Meris from shifting up and down the pile.

A moan filled the glen and Sonja couldn't figure if it came from Meris or herself. Then, she realized that she almost hungered as much as her lover when it came to it, the idea of being impaled almost a lure, a sharp hunger and curiosity, wondering what it would be like... just that last time.

“Fucking cunt. He's already got his fucking claws into you.”

Sonja looked up at the woman, whimpering with the effort it took to glance away from the most wonderful woman in the world, the center of her life.

The blonde sneered down. “Well... if you want that spit so badly...”

The words trailed off, but Sonja already knew what came next. The blonde grunted as she lifted Sonja up off the ground, one hand on each side of her head. The palms pressed tightly against her skull, almost cracking it and Sonja gasped at the pain. Waves of heat poured from the ghost's grip and weakness sapped Sonja's strength.

She felt, more than heard, as something pushed itself up out of the ground. Her legs hung limply and she could barely feel it as the smooth hardness rose up against them, the unadorned metal of what was obviously a spit rising up. The point caressed her inner thigh, sharp and violent, cutting at her skin before slipping out.

Sonja whimpered, trying to move her body, as she felt the sharp point press up against her slit. The blonde shook her and Sonja felt the tip cut at her labia, tugging at the delicate fold until it slipped free.

She could feel the blonde staring at her, but her mind mostly focused on avoiding that spit that threatened to plunge into her.

“You think you are so special, bitch. You are nothing but his fucking toy. And I'll be damned if you give yourself to him.”

With that, she squeezed tightly on Sonja's head, increasing the pressure until white stars exploded across her vision, and then drove Sonja down hard into the point of the metal spit.

Sonja screamed as she felt it plunge into her pussy. It forced the opening apart, sliding deep but unlike any dildo or fingers she had ever had. It didn't stop at her cervix but impaled it in a single blast of pain. But even that didn't stop it as the blonde dragged her down, pulling her body down on the spit.

The metal gave little friction as it pierced organs and slid through Sonja's hot flesh. The metal left a burning trail as her body spasm again and again, trying to force it out as it forced its way up into her. There were no muscles to keep it out, no way of stopping the inescapable force that impaled her. As the point reached her chest, she could feel how it pinned her in place, prevented her from jerking to the side or bending. Soon after her chest grew tight from the pressure inside, the point scraped her throat before sliding up.

The blonde snarled as she bent Sonja's head back. The pressure of the immense spike inside her kept her body still, forcing her to open her mouth as the bloody tip emerged from her lips and rose up into the air.

Sonja was helpless and pinned, her body consumed by weakness except for the burning line the spectral spit left in her body. Her pussy muscles clenched against the spit, the pleasure of being impaled almost overwhelming the agony of being spitted.


The blonde shoved her down again and she felt every inch of the hot metal rise up into her, dragging her organs along.

Despite the pain, Sonja's curiosity managed to focus on the feeling of being filled, stuffed with something infinitely hard filling her up. Her inner walls of her vagina squeezed against it again and again, trying to push it out, but every squeeze sent a strange sensation of pain-laced pleasure through her body. The tightness in her chest only enhanced it, her body unable to escape the spit that fixated her.

The blonde sighed, “You can't be possibly getting off on this. No matter how much he corrupted you, no one could enjoy that.”

With a disgusted sigh, she released Sonja's head and grabbed her wrists. Pulling them up, she pressed them against the hot metal of the spit. Blood dripped down the shaft, to her lips, but Sonja could barely feel anything through the dominating pain of the spit and curling pleasures that filled her. Her wrists pressed up against the metal firmly and then stuck, refusing to move. She tried to look at them, but her vision sparkled with bright lights that spun around. The pressure in her throat and along her chest prevented her from moving her head, she was bound and helpless.

Her world spun around as she was picked up off the ground, the metal pole still pinning her in place. She felt the searing wash of flames underneath her as the spit was dropped into place. For a long moment, she stared out into the woods, then the spit started to spin. The squeak of the bracket filled her ears and vibrated down the entire length of the metal that filled her. Her legs started to drop toward the flames, but someone, probably the blonde ghost, grabbed them and pinned them to the metal pole like her wrists. Her body stopped dangling and just rode the spit as it turned around.

On the first rotation, she looked around desperately for Meris. Her lover's pale body was no longer white, but a bright red. Then it spun out of view as the spit continued to turn, searing her flesh as it rotated. Licks of flame burned against her skin as Sonja was turned slowly on the metal, nothing but a piece of meat.

Then, she finally caught the eyes of her lover. Meris' gaze barely held any consciousness left, a dim lust burning deep inside the gaze. Sonja felt a sudden sadness that she was losing her lover, even the hope of joining her wasn't enough to stop the tears from dripping from her eyes, sizzling as they hit the flames.

Her skin burned as the flames continued to lick at her, searing at her nipples and pubic hair. It left a bad smell in her nose, mixed in with the scent of cooking blood. Sonja tried to whimper, but it only left a tiny vibration along the pole. She felt it travel all the way down, pooling in her sex which almost glowed with a growing orgasm that refused to release.

Sonja squeezed along the metal, shivering with delight as it sent more pleasure through her body. Her mind felt foggy, disconnected, but she kept squeezing it again and again. Her orgasm refuse to come, but it kept rising higher and higher, contributing to the tightness in her body and the daze from the cooking flames.

Her eyes, barely able to focus, caught one last look at Meris. Her lover's eyes saw no more, just black void without life. Sonja's pleasure dripped away in an instant, leaving her feeling cold and helpless. She tried to resist her bounds, but with the pleasure gone, it just left a single bolt of pain to fill her.

The blond's voice drifted through her daze, “Ready to die, Sonja?”

Her mind felt fuzzy, unwilling to follow the thoughts except for trying to reach one last orgasm. The last memory of the pleasure disappeared with the flames and she spun around to see the blond's ruined eyes looking back at her. It scared her, not that she was losing Meris, but that they couldn't be touching for their final moments.

“When you die in this dream, you will die in your bed and he will never get you. He will never get out of this fucking curse of his.”

The words stopped Sonja. The pleasure crumbled and a desperate need to escape rose up. Sonja tried to struggle, but her body refused to move. It was too late. The dim force of her thoughts were wading through the gelatin of her heat death and she was helpless.

So very helpless.

The blonde stroke a hand across her face and she felt the seared skin respond. No passion or comfort came in that look, just the cruel hand of someone who hurt her and her lover. “Die, Sonja, die and never come back.”

Sonja tried to scream, her body squeezing tightly against the spit as she clung to her life. Then, the flames rose up and she felt her skin blackened from the heat. A scream rose up, higher and higher until a single whine of pure white noise.


Sonja woke up screaming. Her body spasmed from the agony as she continued to scream, her hand clutching between her legs and at her throat. The scream poured out in a long noise and echoed into the icy-cold air, filling the room with fog. Finally, it ended and she gasped for breath, her hands still clutching to her body.

Her skin was cold and she glanced down at the t-shirt she wore to bed. Hoarfrost clung to every surface. Sonja shivered violently and brought up her hands, something wet coated the very tips. With a shaking hand, she reached over and flicked on the light. The yellow bulb hissed for a moment, melting the ice that had formed over it, then popped violently, a flare of brilliant white that left her blind and in the dark.

Whimpering, Sonja threw herself off the bed. Her bare feet slapped against ice-covered carpet. She ran into her closet and tugged on the light, praying it wouldn't pop. The light flooded the walk-in closet, hissing as the snow melted but the light remained.

Still whimpering, she clutched herself and started down at the streak of red that ruined her shirt. Shivering violently from the cold, she let loose a long breath that left a plume of fog to fade. Her hands shook even more as she dipped between her legs and brought up blood-smeared fingertips. She swallowed and felt a roughness in her throat. She tasted more blood on her lips and she gasped for a long moment.

Fear filled her and she backed up into the closet until the drywall pressed against her back. Sinking down, she crouched into the corner and stared at the blackness of the door into her room, one hand between her legs and one against her lips, trying not to think of the blood that dripped out of her, slow and steady.

The flow stopped after a few moments, but she remained in the corner, huddled. Footsteps came down the stairs, ragged and hurried, and the door opened blocking the closet door. “Sonja?”

It was her mother. Fear kept her silent as her mother stepped further into the room, holding herself.

“My god... why is it so cold in here? Is that... blood? Sonja? Sonja!? SONJA!?”

Her mother's scream rose up in the room and Sonja whimpered from her corner.

The bedroom door slammed open and her mother threw herself into the closet. “Sonja! Are you okay?”

Real concern, the first sound of compassion Sonja heard in a long time vibrated in her mother's voice as she was pulled into a tight hug. “Oh baby, are you okay? What's wrong? Is that blood?”

Sonja couldn't answer, but she slowly wrapped her shaking hands around her mother. It felt nice, for once, being held by her mother. Her mother was hot and protective, shielding her from the cold. The hoarfrost on her skin shimmered and started to melt as she felt their combined body heat melt it.

“Sonja? Sonja?”

“I... I'm okay.”

“What happened? Why is so cold in here?”

Comforting lies started to come out, but the look of real fear in her mother's look stopped her. “I... I... I had a nightmare, mom.”

Gweneth's eyes danced as she stared into her daughter's eyes, then the relief filled her and she pulled Sonja into another hug. “Oh baby, I thought someone hurt you.”

“I-I'm okay. I'm really okay.”

“We need to get you warm, it's freezing in here.”

Sonja hesitated, somehow not wanting to come out of the cold. The ice had always been protective of her, she didn't know why it was hurting her now. “O-Okay.”

Sonja let herself be pulled to her feet and they walked up the heavy stairs into the kitchen. For a moment, half-way through the steps, her mother paused and looked back at the workshop with a frown, but a shiver through Sonja encouraged her to continue back up the stairs.

Bustled into a chair with a heavy blanket from the living room, Gweneth busied herself making a pot of tea for the both of them. She disappeared into the living room again and came back. “The thermostat is blinking error, it must have kicked in the air conditioner or something. I'll have someone come and look at it.”

“Okay.” It was too hard to come up with anything else. Sonja was still dazed from her nightmare.

Her mother worked her way around the kitchen for a few more minutes then sat down. When she spoke, it was in a softer, less concerned voice. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Sonja shivered and shook her head. “No.”

“Please? The last time I heard you scream like that, you were eight.”

Sonja rubbed her fingertips, feeling the remains of the bloody tips between them. “No.”

“Is it between you and Meris, your friend?”

Looking up, Sonja felt a frown starting to growing on her own face and forced herself to relax. “What do you mean?”

“Well, its obvious that you care for her. And you were suspended last night for attacking people, no doubt to defend her honor.”


“Well...” her mother took a deep breath, “maybe you shouldn't spend so much time with her.”

She stared at her mother for a long time before speaking. "No."

“What do you mean ‘no'?” Her mother's voice gained the dangerous tone to it.

“I mean no, I won't leave Meris alone for you or anyone else.”

Her mother sighed, “Honey, I know you think you love her, but this is just a phase. When you leave high school, you'll go your separate ways-”

Sonja snapped back in the middle of the word, “No! I won't leave Meris! Not now, not later! I will not leave her alone!”

Her mother paused for a moment, collecting herself, “Please don't yell.”

Shaking her head violently, the blonde ghost's words ran in her head. She whispered, staring down at the table. “I can't lose her, mom, not now and not later. I... I love her so very much.”

A hot hand pressed against her own. “I know, honey. There is a time when all of us love someone, but I'm afraid that you are just going to hurt someone if you keep this up.”

Sonja felt tears forming in her eyes, “Are you telling me just to leave her? Just like that? When she needs me the most?”

“I'm not saying that-”

“Yes, you are.”

An annoyed grumble filled the kitchen, “No, I'm saying that you need to stay away from her, when you go back to school. Finish up the year and don't make waves. Come home and stay here, keep your head down. There are things more important than lust and this is one of them.”

Sonja stood up, letting the blanket drop to the ground, “I'll be damned if you will make me lose her, mother,” she spat out the word, “and I'll be damned if anyone else tried to take her from me.”

Her mother started to rise, “Sonja-!”

Stepping forward, Sonja's hand came up and slapped her mother very hard. The sound of her mother's ass hitting the chair again filled the room with a loud thump noise and Gweneth stared up in horror and surprise. Slowly, she pressed a hand against the red mark forming on her cheek.

Sonja took a short violently breath. “You will never take my Meris away.”

Sonja stormed out of the room, down the hall and toward her car. Her last word echoed in the kitchen: “Ever.”

>>3820 End of chapter 22


An interesting spin in her character. I wonder about two points: first, you did mean to say pile both those times, instead of pole, correct? I ask because the word you used was technically correct, but uncommon to use. Second, in the first sentence of the chapter,
>Sonja as she padded through the ghostly world, the clarity fading in and out with every step
was there supposed to be more to Sonja's actions, or was the "as she" in error? Those were the only questionable parts that I noticed. Thank you for writing this.

On topic, the valkyrie seems more bitter than before, but that might just be how enjoyably you present the scenarios - especially considering that last time was followed almost immediately by the man of heat spending time with Sonja.

I started to get the impression that Sonja was surprised that the cold was cruel to her, and I don't know why she would be - it's been pretty consistent that heat leads to losing one's head with passion (figuratively, as the literal sense hasn't come up), and the chill mist is cruel and cold to everyone, but occasionally Sonja a project. Sonja seems to do better when she's protected from the cold.

As for Meris, I hope nothing too bad has happened to her yet. Sonja is going to want her reasonably in-tact for later.


Chapter 23: Three Weeks (F-solo)

Two weeks, six days. Almost three weeks of sulking in her room while avoiding her mother and the rest of the world.

Every time she ventured upstairs, she was afraid of encountering her mother. Her mother had been working from home to ensure Sonja remained at the house and it was inevitable that they would encounter each other in the kitchen or near the upstairs bathrooms.

Their encounters all ended the same, with them screaming at each other before storming away. Ever since the night of the fight, it had only gotten worse. If Gweneth wasn't trying to convince Sonja to abandon Meris, it was Sonja finding fault in every single thing her mother did. It got only worse every time until Sonja found it easier to remain in her room and wait out the last two weeks.

She glanced up at the ceiling. She was hungry, but her mother may be near the kitchen. In a few hours, Gweneth should be heading to sleep and then Sonja could steal a few bites to eat before doing the same. The only difference was that Sonja knew where her dreams would go.

Sonja stroked her long finger along the moist slit. Curls of pleasure rose up from the touch but she knew that nothing would come of it. Two weeks ago, she passed the hours by masturbating until she passed out, but too many times left her numb. No matter how excited she got, no orgasm would rip through her body. No pleasure could bring her to anything that satisfied her.

Her dreams never stopped. Every night, she was plunged into the surrealist world of cannibalism and death. Her body warmed at the thought of having a spit shoved into her pussy and out her throat.

Sonja stroked her pussy, sliding her finger deeper against her opening and up along her clitoris. The pleasure rippled along her senses but she knew it would never crest into an orgasm. No matter how much she stroked herself, no matter how hard she finger-banged herself, it would never come. Her orgasms were locked into her dreams, the single rush of pleasure that came when she died on the blonde ghost' spit.

As much as the idea of being snuffed in a dream would terrify her, it was also the only time in three weeks that Sonja had a chance to be with Meris. It didn't matter if they were being cooked alive together or having their throats cut, they were able to look into each others eyes before the end.

Her fingers grew wetter with her thoughts. She stroked harder and faster, trailing her fingers up and down despite the uselessness of her efforts. She sighed and leaned back, trying to imagine what horrors her dreams would be that night.

It didn't matter though. In less than a day, she would be back at school and hopefully in Meris' arms. She smiled and closed her eyes. All the dreams and fantasies involved would be nothing compared to having the real Meris in her arms. She thought she remembered how her lover's body felt against her naked skin, but three weeks made it difficult to remember Meris' soft skin and heated breath.

The image wouldn't come to her head. She sighed with frustration but kept her fingers pressed against her soaked folds. She wanted to have an orgasm with the raw memories of her lover, but every time she relaxed, memories of her dreams came back. Death mixed in with her love for Meris, corrupting it.

Sonja frowned as she struggled to separate dreams from reality. Her fingers trailed slowly along her slit, but there was no desperation to seek out an orgasm that would never come.

She sighed again. If the only way she could have Meris was in a dream of death and destruction, then she didn't have a choice. Closing her eyes tighter, she palmed her pussy and sank back in her pillows. Sleep would come soon and she would be with her Meris one more time.

Sonja smiled and let the darkness take her.

End of Chapter 23


Chapter 24: A Plan Forms (MF mdom humil nosex)

Her suspension over, Sonja was anxious to return back to school. Her feet tapped against the floor of her BMW as she eased it into the parking lot and found an easy spot to stop. Jumping out of her car, she grabbed her bags, set the alarm, and headed inside.

She barely made it more than a few feet in before one of the teachers reminded her to head to the administration office. Sighing, she complied and headed down the hall. Around her, students stops and stared at her and she felt the rise of a flush on her cheeks as her footsteps echoed with the softly muted laughter.

“Miss Bremus.”

Sonja stopped, mid-step, and looked up at the principal who carried a stern expression on his face. “Sir?”

“Just a quick word, then you can make your class.”

She glanced at the clock in the hall and he cleared his throat, “You will get a note, if I keep you long.”

Deciding to play it submissively, she spoke softly and followed. “Yes, sir.”

In the principal office, she peered around at the certificates on the wall.

He sat down in his chair and gestured for her to sit down load.

Sonja did, half worried for the coming conversation.

“I am aware of the circumstances leading up to your altercation.”

Sonja wondered if he had to use so many big words.

He continued in his prepared speech. “In the future, however, I would appreciate if you would find a more constructive and less aggressive manner for resolving it. I have talk to Miss Goldstone and her mother and she agrees to leave you and your... friend alone, so there should be no more conflict of interest.”

Sonja listened to the silence before she realized he was waiting for her. Bobbing her head, she tightened her hands on her bag. “Yes, sir.”

“Then I will expect you and Miss Jemmlar to behave until the end of the year. Once that graduation ceremony concludes, you are welcome to do what you wish with your life.”


“Well, you have five minutes to get to class, so you have plenty of time.”

Sonja stood up to leave. She opened the door when he spoke up again.

"And... if I hear about any fight or argument between you and Miss Goldstone, I will make sure you spend a very uncomfortable year repeating this grade."

She tightened her jaw and wrinkled at the smell of dusty paint from the door frame. Instead of answering, she stepped away and let the door close behind her. Derisive glares followed her out of the office and Sonja let herself be dragged by the streams of students, making her way to her locker. Spinning the combination, she glanced over at Meris' and saw a tiny strip of paper sticking out of the top vent.

Curiosity growing, she finished collecting her books and stood up to look around. When she didn't see anyone looking at her, she idly reached up and yanked the paper free. She saw red ink seeping through the back, but the warning bell rang out before she could read it. With a sigh, she jammed it into her back pocket and rushed to class.

It wasn't until after her second class that she remembered the letter in her pocket. She had study hall for her third class, so she found a seat in the back of the library and dropped her books on the table next to it. The ancient woman behind the desk favored her with a glare and Sonja almost felt thankful that for the first time in the morning, it wasn't because of fight at the dance that someone glared at her.

Cracking open the book, she unfolded the letter and spread it out on the page. Her eyes scanned it quickly, her gaze focusing on the crudely-drawn stick-figure women having sex at the bottom. One of them was fisting the other, with her hand going clear through and out of the mouth of the one on her knees. Sonja rolled her eyes, it was a terrible drawing.

She returned to the top to start reading it. It quickly became apparently that it was a threat, a threat to rape Meris until she died. There were references to cutting her throat, breasts, nails, and glass. If it wasn't for her nightmares, they would have been shocking but even then the vitriol in the words bothered Sonja.

As she read them, Sonja felt the urge to hunt down Betty and the others grow into a furious anger. She wanted to inflict the same horrors on the blonde bitch, to teach her a lesson for threatening her Meris.

Finally, she managed to read the bottom and gasped as she stared at the signature at the bottom.

It was hers.

Well... almost hers, she could see where they copied it and how they compressed a few of the letters. Her lip curled with frustration and bitter anger as she read through the page again, praying that Meris wouldn't seriously consider this... venomous letter to be from her.

Sonja's chest hurt. Her breathing grew more ragged and painful as her mind spun with bitter, seething anger. She crumpled up the letter and jammed it into the bottom of her pack, staring out into the library but seeing nothing. She whispered to herself, almost sub-vocalized. "I will kill them."

For a moment, she wondered if one of the ghosts were talking to her, but it was her voice. She whispered it again and realized that the rage had turned into a white-hot hatred and she could picture Betty and her friends no longer enjoying their pleasure in her dreams, but suffering from her anger.

The bell for the class rang out and she unsteadily stood up. Not thinking, she packed her bags and headed toward her next class. She took the stairs up, instead of down, and paused as she saw Meris switching books in her locker. Sonja started to step forward when a pile of at least fifty letters, each one written in red, poured out from the bottom of the locker. Tears ran down Meris' cheeks and she ducked down and shoved them back in, crumbling them in desperate need to get them into place.

Sonja felt tears in her own eyes and padded forward.

Meris looked up at her and Sonja froze, feeling the sadness in the clear blue gaze as it drove into her heart, tearing it apart from the inside.

Both of their lips worked silently as they stared at each other, but no noise or words came out.

Sonja struggled with the need to deny the letter, but Meris looked away from her. Scrambling, she grabbed her books and ran away from Sonja even as Sonja tried to join her.

She stopped at their lockers and shut Meris' door with a single hand. Behind her, she heard Betty's laughter as they walked by.

“Aw... a lover's spat?”

Betty looked over her shoulder with a hard, cruel smile.

Sonja's hands hurt as she balled them into fists, but she resisted the urge to do something. Instead, she made sure both lockers were closed and headed back the way she came, toward her class.

The rest of the day was haunted by Meris' pain-filled expression. Her classwork was a blur and the derisive tone of the teachers barely cut into the boiling anger and pain that reflected in those eyes.

It wasn't until their last class, the one Meris and Sonja shared, that she finally had a chance to be with her lover. When Sonja rushed in, Meris was already in her chair with her head down on the table. Sonja slipped into the seat and murmured softly. “Hey there.”

Meris looked up and Sonja saw the tears still there. She also saw bruises on Meris' face, where someone had hit her in the eye. Hard. Meris slowly lifted her head with a wince and Sonja could see more bruises on her shoulders.


“Please... please don't blow up.”

The teacher interrupted with a snappy tone. “I'm not allow to fail you for your suspension, but that doesn't mean I have to help you, Miss Bremus. I recommend you shut up and focus on your classwork if you want to pass my class.”


“Yes, madam.”

Three weeks of suspension had put Sonja far behind the others, more than she would ever want to be. The instructor pushed her harder than the others.

Sonja only got a few chances to ask the questions Meris that burned inside her. “Did Betty write those letters?”

Meris only nodded as she cut up the vegetables for a soup base.

Sonja's hands worked at the meat, cutting it up quickly and efficiently, much like her butchering work for Meris' father. Twenty minutes later, she asked a few more questions, but Meris just worked in silence. Sonja was left to fume in her anger, cutting and preparing food as she simmered.

After class, Ms. Dawson called her to the front counter and gave her a long list of assignments to catch up with the missed class. Sonja just nodded and wrote down everything. When it became obvious that Ms. Dawson was keeping her as late as possible, Sonja lied about needing to catch the bus. The cooking teacher finally released her and Sonja walked quickly back to her locker.

Meris had already finished and left. Sonja spied another letter in the locker and yanked it out, looking at the red letters for only a moment before jamming it into the bottom of her pack.

Leaving everything in her locker, Sonja raced after her missing lover. She caught up with Meris walking home about a block away. “Meris! Meris, please wait up!”

Meris kept walking for a few more feet, then stopped. When she turned around, the tears dripped off her face and the sadness that reflected in those clear blue eyes tore at Sonja's heart.

“Oh... Meris...”

"I-I'm sorry, Sonja. I-I couldn't... I just can't."

Sonja stopped a few feet in front of her, unsure if she could hug her lover. “Meris, don't be sorry. I know what I was doing and I... I would do it again, if I had to.”


It hurt to hear the pain-filled question, but Sonja answered softly. “Because I love you.”

Meris bit her bottom lip for a moment before answering. “You'll get suspended because Betty will do something to upset you and you'll try to protect me. I-I don't-”

Sonja interrupted, “Like the letters?”

Meris froze for a moment, eyes searching into Sonja's, then slowly nodded. “How did you know?”

She lied, “I found one on the ground. You... you know I would never write that.”

Meris nodded curtly. “I know, but it hurts just as much.”

Tears dripped down Sonja's face. “I won't let them.”

“No!” Sonja jumped as Meris screamed at her, “I do not want you to get hurt. You want to jump and protect me, but if you do that, you'll play into her hands, just like you told me she would!”


“No! I will not let you!” Her final word echoed shrilly against the houses along the street. The echoes barely faded before Meris spun around and sprinted away.

Sonja stepped forward to chase after her but stopped, tears dripping down her cheeks. Watching Meris disappear around the corner, she took a deep shuddering breath and closed her eyes tightly. She wanted to chase after her but realized it would be the wrong thing. Instead, she toed the edge of the sidewalk until her tears dried and a hardness wrapped itself around her heart.

Returning back to the school, she listened to her shoes against the concrete sidewalk. Ahead of her, she watched as the streamer of cars slipped out of the parking lot. By the time she reached the school again, the parking lot was almost completely empty, except for a few teacher's vehicles. In the middle, she spied Betty's car next to Marisha's and Theodora's. Her eyes trailed ahead of her and saw the center of her frustration and anger stepping out of the school. Betty and her friends giggled as they strolled out, then Marisha spotted Sonja. A wry smile crossed the lesbian's lips which remained as Betty and the other's caught sight of her.

Sonja felt a sinking sensation in her stomach as the blonde's clear, sardonic voice covered the distance between them. “Aw... did the lover's have a little fight? Were you crying?”

For a moment, Sonja considered turning away, leaving the fight, but Meris' words echoed in her head. She was right, if she left this fight, Betty would have win and they would both suffer for the rest of the year. Taking a deep breath, she continued forward. Betty and her pack stopped, spreading out as they watched Sonja join them.



Sonja snapped back, “Talking about yourself again?”

Theodora purred as she spoke, “You wish.”

As the girls spread around Sonja, she turned around slowly then stopped to face Betty. The blonde blinked stepped forward, almost pressing her body against Sonja's.

“Go back to Illinois,” she carefully pronounced the “s” in the state, “bitch, go back and just fucking give up.”

Sonja stood up straight, arching her back slightly, “I'm not going anywhere.”

“Then I'm going to destroy you and that little cunt-licker.”

Anger rose up and Sonja forced herself forward, “You leave her alone, bitch.”

Betty smiled at her cheerfully, “Go for it and you'll get so suspended and I won't have to do anything.”

The blonde's words held back Sonja, but she still felt the urge to lash out at her. Betty just continued to smile, her bright red lips curled up in mocking amusement. Sonja felt her hands balling into fists the rage washing over her vision.

Betty taunted her, “Go for it, cunt. Make my day....”

Common sense shattered and Sonja lunged for Betty, reaching out with her hands.

An icy-cold wind slammed into her and threw her back, ripping her clothes and dragging her a few feet away from the pack.

Betty and her friends stepped back from the wind that also buffeted them. All five them had naked expressions of surprise and sudden fear as they stared at Sonja.

Sonja took another deep breath and prepared to lunge again.

A second blast of wind slammed into her and the others, scattering them further apart with its fury. There was an intelligence behind the wind, the way it only affected the teenage girl. If the woman in her dreams was telling the truth, it was a male, a dominate male, a master. Somehow, the name Master Cold felt right in Sonja's mind was she was pummeled by winds.

As if he could read her mind, the wind died when she named him.

From a distance, she could hear another blast of wind building up.

Sonja stood up straighter and looked right at Betty. A third blast of wind rammed hard against the others, throwing Betty back until she fell on her perfect, tiny ass.

Marisha screamed as she was thrown back against the tree.

Ming and Theodora stumbled backwards but managed to stay on their feet.

Sonja scoffed and walked over to Betty. She planted her hands on her hips and looked down at Betty who looked up with a mixture of fear.

Sonja cleared her throat. “There is no way you could say I just touched you, bitch, and I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to walk away and you and your little bitches are going to leave me and my love along for the rest of your natural lives.”


It felt strange calling Meris her lover in front of the blonde manipulator, but Sonja warmed up at the sensations that filled her heart. Without waiting for a response, she turned around and headed down the sidewalk away from the scattered pack of women.

Behind her, the wind buffeted her back, pushing her away and she let her new master guide her.

To her surprise, he didn't direct her toward her car. Instead, he pushed her down the entire length of the school and around the corner. Behind her, she heard Betty sending Marisha into the school, no doubt to inform the principal of her presumed attack against all four of them.

Shaking her head in disgust, she let the wind guide her around the school, past the field and toward the large parking lot in the back. A few scattered school buses stood in the empty asphalt. She continued to walk along the asphalt heading toward a large building near the back. From memory, it contained the garage for working on buses. Like most students, she never had a reason for going back her, but now she headed to the large open garage door as if she knew exactly where she was going.

She peered inside. A large bus dominated the center of the garage and two feet stuck out from underneath it. An array of tools spread out around the mechanic's limbs, screwdrivers and socket wrenches scattered around.

Sonja peered back at the school and spotted Marisha and Theodora walking around, obviously hunting for her. Grumbling, she stepped into the garage and out of their sight. Her finger danced on the edge until she found the door button. Pressing it, the entire garage rumbled as the heavy steel door slid down.

Underneath the bus, the mechanic crawled out. “What the fuck...”

It was the old man, the bus driver who leered at her for the entire school year. He blinked as he scrambled to his feet. His blinking turned into a leer as he made a point of looking at her from breasts to hips and back again. “Well, well, well. If it isn't the source of rumors. I heard you were some kind of rug muncher, right?”

Sonja glanced back as the door settled into place. When she looked back, she stared at him again, this time looking beyond the leer and older body. Seeing his body, she shuddered but an idea started to form in her head.

Unaware of her thoughts, he stared at her, licking his lips with excitement. “So... are you going to stand there or start stripping?”

She scoffed, “You can't be serious.”

Wiping his greasy hands on his overalls, he shrugged. “Well, it was worth a try. I mean, I would have given my right nut to see you and that blonde girl having that cat fight, all naked and like, but I wasn't invited.”

He grinned toothily, “So, when you show up and close the door, it sounds like a porn film to me.”

“Well, that isn't going to happen so don't hold your breath.”

He shrugged, not even slightly phased by her response. “So, what brings your body here?”

“I...” Sonja paused as she tried to think about why she was there. Explaining Master Cold wasn't even an option, but the idea in her head kept teasing her thoughts. She focused on it, trying to see if it was possible. After a moment, the old bus driver grunted.


Blinking, she blushed. “Sorry.”

She started to pause again, but the memory of Betty and the realization she may be kicked out of school by the end of the day pushed her and she took a deep breath and she prepared to take a risk. “I...”

He was obviously getting a tad annoyed. “You...?”

“I have a proposal for you.”

His eyes narrowed, “I thought you weren't going to strip.”

“No. I'm not going to strip. But I have an idea that you will like.”

Narrowed eyes glanced to the door and around again. “Somehow, I think this is going to be illegal, isn't it? Some way of getting old Mark in trouble?”

“No, I'm not trying to entrap you. But...”

He sighed and got ready to return to the bus. Sonja forced herself to speak up, the plan in her head crystallizing even as she spoke.

“How would you like one of the other girls, to do what you want?” She surprised herself with her own question, but the dumb-founded shock on his face showed that he was startled just as much.

“Are you talking about the blonde girl, the bitch queen?”

“No, one of her friends.”

“How and why? No, I think I know why, but why are you asking me?”

“Because I can't do it alone.”

“Oh really? What is it in for me?”

“You get one of the girls.”

“No, what else? A bus driver can't just disappear with a girl, questions are asked and people are thrown in prison. Specifically, bus drivers are thrown in prison and gang-raped for being a pedo.”

He grunted and shook his head, “No doubt I've thought about it, kind of hard with all your legs and pretty mouths. But I don't plan on being a butt-boy for some prison ass for the rest of my short and miserable life. So, you better come up with a much better reason that I'm going to risk my life for a stupid cunt that just happens to look good.”

He managed to pack quite a few insults into a few short curt sentences. Sonja started to snap back but stopped when she realized he was right. Taking a deep breath, she stared at him coldly. “What do you want?”

“Well, first I want to make sure you aren't part of some police or school sting operation.”

“And how do you propose that?”

“Propose, such a big word. How about letting me check you for a wire?”

He leered at her. Disgust flooded through her but she realized her new plan required his assistance. She nodded and he jumped as he stepped over to her, pressing his greasy hands against her hips, squeezing uncomfortably. She shivered as she felt him pressing his hands against her hips, her ass. Shoving his hands between her legs, he massaged her through her jeans, looking up at her as if to see if she was getting excited.

Sonja wasn't but she pretended to as he continue to smear his greasy paws against her skin.

She stopped him as he went for her breasts. “Clean your hands.”

Mark shrugged, “Can't be bothered.”

Sonja stepped back. “Fine.”

He started to make a comment, but Sonja began to unbutton her silk blouse, pulling it open to reveal her bra and breasts. He chuckled and shoved his hands right into the cups of her bra, squeezing tightly as he molested her. His fingers left black smears on her skin but she closed her eyes tightly as he pulled one, then the other out of the bra. She felt his thumbs against her nipples, slick from the motor grease, and winced as he twisted them between two fingers.

“Oh... yeah...”

It only took a few long moments before he pulled his hands away and stared at her.

Sonja looked down to see the grease-smeared breasts and the stains on her jeans. Looking up, she gave him an icy glare. “Happy?”

Licking his lips, he nodded, “It's a start.”

“What else to get you involved?”

“Any girl I want?”

“Except for the blonde.”

“And that white lover of yours?”

“And Meris. Any girl except Betty, Meris... and me.”

“Fine, do you have a plan?”

“Yes, but I need to arrange a few other things first.”

He grunted, eyes still focused on her breasts, “Fine, but I want a little more proof.”

“Such as?”

“Blow job on Saturday.”

“You have to be kidding!” Her stomach rolled with the thought of seeing his greasy cock.

“You need me, Missy, and frankly, I'm going to get a little bit of love before I commit to this little plan of yours. And I want to feel those lips of yours on my cock.”

Disgust filled her, but she nodded. “Fine, one blow job on Saturday and then you'll do whatever I need, deal?”

With a leer, he stepped forward, wrapped his hands around her breasts and looked into her eyes. He spoke in a confidential tone tinged with lust and amusement. “Every Saturday until we're done.”

His touch made her skin crawl. But she nodded. "Deal."

Beginning of chapter twenty-four.


Quite the long chapter after such a short showing on the previous one. Sorry that I haven't commented in a while, but kinda-sorta out of it in terms of that sort of thing to be honest. Byproduct of apathy, I suppose?

It's taking a rather odd turn from where I thought it would, but glad to see more of the world fleshed out. I still think that the "villain" is a bit over the top. I suppose, though, that is because we are supposed to hate her.


Fair enough. I can understand a lot of reasons for apathy right now; I'm trying not to rewrite this when I publish and it has... flaws that I can see now. But, I still thought it was a good story which is why I'm posting it.

Last weeks chapter was a bridge that I originally didn't write in 2009. I thought it was needed to smooth over the three weeks between chapter 22 and 24. Not entirely sure, but I think it helps a bit.


Chapter 24: Preparations (F-solo, FF fdom sn viol bd dream, MF oral cons)

Early on a Saturday morning, Sonja woke up shivering. The air around her was frosty, pushing back from her dreams and into the cold reality. She could feel her nipples pressing against her t-shirt, the hard tips aching from the rasp of fabric and the dampness that clung to her breasts. Between her legs, the dampness was sticky and warm, a reminder of her dreams of being cooked alive over fire. That night, it was having her arms and legs cut off before faceless men fucked her for hours before she was spitted. The entire time, she stared into Meris' eyes as the same thing happened to her.

She cupped her soaked pussy and dug her fingers in. Her fingertips slipped along slick flesh and two digits delved deep into her pussy. The ridge of her palm against her clitoris sent a delicious thrill of excitement coursing along her body. She rocked her wrist against her sex, enjoying the friction against her labia.

The image of Betty rose up in her mind. The blonde wasn't in a position of power, but trussed up and ready for a spit. Sonja could easily imagine the cheerleader straining against her bounds, twisting so her large breasts ground against the ground and her hips rose and fell with every movement.

While Sonja had no interest in fucking Betty, the idea of seeing her snuffed sent a blast of heat from her pussy. Her cunt grew slick and dripping at even the first thought and she easily slipped three fingers into her clenching hole. She banged herself, delving her fingers as far as she could into her pussy as little bursts of white flashed across her head.

She gasped and focused on the imaginary Betty. She had seen all of the cheerleaders naked before and her memory filled in gaps for Sonja's teenage nemesis. Betty was thin with a large breasts. Her nipples were tiny with a dusky, quarter-sized aureoles. The tiny nipples ended in points that ground into the soil, dragging swirling lines as Betty whimpered through a ball gag jammed into her lips.

Sonja moaned. She enjoyed the mental sight of Betty in front of her, but she needed more. After months of nightmares, she knew exactly what she wanted for the blonde's fate: a thick spit rammed up her ass and impaled her from hips to lips.

It took very little effort to imagine the sharp tip pressed up against the puckered opening; Sonja had never seen it, but she imagined it was tight and tiny just like Betty. She could almost imagine what it would feel like to press her finger against it and guide the sharp point of the spit into the opening.

Sonja banged herself harder, each stroke shaking her body violently, as she imagined pinning Betty down and shoving the spit harder into her body. Every spasm and muffled cry sent pulse after pulse of heat coursing through Sonja's body.

It only took a few moments to imagine the point reaching Betty's throat. Sonja wondered how she would pin her down, imagining different positions until she came up with bracing her knee on Betty's spine, holding the blonde hair with one hand to force the cheerleader's head back and using her other to ram the spit deeper into the spasming body. Every time she forced a few more inches into Betty's ass, she could imagine the smack of wet, blood-slicked buttocks hitting her knuckles and the jerk that coursed through her body.

The ball gag was forced out of Betty's mouth, the bright red sphere impaled on the tip of the blood-streaked tip of the spit. A long, choked wail filled Sonja's thoughts, the sound of her nemesis being impaled completely.

Sonja gasped at the memories of what it was like to have her own body impaled from ass to throat. It was the same thing Betty was experiencing. She rammed her fingers hard into her pussy and pounded hard and fast, forcing herself over the crest of the orgasm.

When it finally hit, she let out a screaming wail of pleasure of her own. She threw herself against her pillow, arching her back as she clawed at her body. Her imagination shattered under the pleasure and she focused her entire world simply on how hard and fast she could slam her clitoris and pussy until the surge of pleasure faded.

Minutes later, she slumped back against the sweat-soaked sheets. She gasped, chest heaving. With a shaking hand, she pulled her fingers free of her clenching pussy and brought it to her mouth. With a smile, she sucked on her fingers, tasting herself and enjoyed the final tremors of her orgasm.

Sonja remained on the bed for a long moment before she realized she had more to do. With a grunt, she pushed herself out of bed and dons on a pair of fresh jeans and a t-shirt. She didn't bother with underwear or a bra, the damp skin of her orgasm clung to her body as she shoved her shirt into her jeans and headed up the stairs.

Her mother glared at her from the kitchen table. “You better not be going anywhere, at least not in the car.”

Sonja stared at her for a moment, feeling a brief wave of weakness that reminded her of terrible dreams, then shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere, just for a walk.”

Gweneth continued to glare at her, “You better be back in an hour. You were kicked out of school and I have no interest in being dragged into another meeting just to save your ass." Any joy or happiness that happened between them before had completely evaporated since Sonja's suspension.

Sonja sighed and forced herself to walk away. She grabbed her shoes and jammed them into place.

Her mother grunted from the kitchen and then screamed at her. “And don’t you fucking forget it!”

Sonja stormed down the front porch and slammed the door behind her. The wind kicked up around her, fluttering with warmth instead of the icy-cold breeze that drove her. The gravel underneath her shoes skittered away from her as she walked down to the corner, as if she was waiting for the bus.

As she waited, she thought about her plans. When she first approached the bus driver, Mark, she just had a vague idea that something needed to happen. After masturbating in her bedroom, she had a better idea. She wanted to see Betty suffer before dying, preferably in one of the many ways Sonja had died in her dreams since she moved to California. The idea of having Betty and her friends hanging from her gallows, or decapitated on the guillotine, or simply spitting all appealed to her.

She smiled to herself but then started to plan properly. Seeing her mother worked gave her some ideas, but she needed help. And Mark would be a perfect one to help her, but he was probably didn't know what he was getting into. She needed more from him, far more than he realized he was going to give her.

A mini-van pulled up and its window rolled down. Inside was Mark, grinning like a boy in heat. “So, decided to keep up your end of the deal?”

“Only if you keep yours.”

He answered by opening the door. “Get in.”

Sonja slipped into the car and kept silent as Mark drove down the street. She stared out the window, watching the buildings go by. Her stomach twisted in her gut with the realization of what she was going to do. The idea of sucking Mark's cock was distasteful but he would probably need fucking to give Sonja what she needed. She nodded to herself, steeling herself for what needed to be done.

After fifteen minutes of driving, he stopped and she looked up to see that they were at the old bridge that she saw on the first day. He turned off the engine and stared forward for a long moment. The popping of the engine shook the car. Then, she sighed and looked at her.

She considered backing out, but the idea of seeing Betty impaled on a spit pushed her forward. She nodded and arched her back slight, pushing her large breasts up against her shirt until her nipples tented the fabric. "So, bridge or back seat?"

“What? Oh, the back?”

Sonja tugged her shirt free from her jeans and pulled it up over her head. As soon as the fabric slipped off her ribs, her breasts slumped down. With a pointed movement, she dropped her shirt on the floor of the passenger seat, she gave him a wry smile. "How about this?"

He nodded, licking his lips. When he lifted one hand, she took his wrist and pulled it to her hard nipple. At the first, hesitant squeeze, she cleared her throat and pulled him together against him. “If you are gentle, you’ll get a lot more than a blow.”

He immediately softened his grip, caressing her smooth skin. Sonja focused on the sensations and not the age. One thumb caressed against her nipple, teasing it into hardness. Sonja moaned softly, mostly for show since there was nothing the crude touch could go compared to her Meris.

When he licked his lips again, she reached up and brought his mouth to her breast. The feeling of his mouth on her nipple was coarse, not the gentle pleasures of Meris, but something more frantic.

Mark sucked on one nipple, then the other. His hands stroked against her body, as if it was the last time he would ever feel naked flesh again. Sonja let her breath come faster, panting as he sucked harder. She let one hand trail down to his leg, pressing it up between his legs and feeling a hardness between her fingers.

He moaned as she worked out his cock from his jeans. It was average for the ones she had seen, about a quarter again longer than her palm and very warm in her hands.

Her fingers wrapped around the slick member, jacking it as he sucked on her breasts. With a twist, she let the glans slip down her wrist as she cupped his balls, working them free of his jeans.

Licking her lips, she nodded toward the rear of the car with her chin. “Come on... in the back.”

Mark pulled his mouth away and Sonja crawled into the back, lifting her ass into the air as she knelt down on the middle bank of seats. She felt a finger tracing the line of her sex through the jeans. To her surprise, it was still damp or she was actually be turned on by the older man. Unsure of which one, she forced a smile on her lips and looked over her shoulder at him. “You would have to dedicate yourself to our deal a lot more if you want a chance at that.”

He blinked, his mind working, “Uh... how much?”

She patted the seat and crawl on the other end, letting him follow her as he worked his pants down. His jeans dropped to the floor of the car as he sat down on the seat, his cock standing up straight with his excitement. Sonja curled on on her knees and lowered her head to his lap, her lips dancing a few inches over his dripping length.

Mark released a long sigh of hope and pleasure. He grabbed the back of the seat with one hand.

Sonja smiled to herself and pressed her lips against his slick tip, tasting his precum.

He moaned loudly as she parted her lips, sucking him into the tightness of her mouth. His hands brushed against her back as she slowly lowered herself on his cock, enjoying it despite her situation.

One hand stroked along her side, feeling her breasts as she stopped when his cock filled her mouth.

She bobbed on his cock, working the hardness with wet suction.

Mark moaned again, his hands stroking and caressing her breasts, taking great care not to hurt her.

Sonja rewarded him by taking more of his cock in her mouth, sliding up and down while moving faster on his body. His moans turned to pants and she could feel one hand pressing on her head, trying to encourage her to go faster. She stopped when the pressure built up, refusing to move until he let her drive. With a swallow, she pressed her mouth down further until her nose pressed against his inner thigh and his cock head tickled the back of her throat. Swallowing again, she felt him shudder, his shaft growing hotter as it throbbed with an orgasm growing near.

She continued to suck and bob on his cock until he finally exploded, splashing hot cum against the back of her throat. She considered letting it drip out, but swallowed instead, drinking deeply from his spasming cock until it started to soften in her mouth. Pulling off, she let a little saliva mixed with cum drip from her lips as she sat back on the seat, next to him.

“Am I committed enough?”


Panting heavily, he nodded, gulping as he looked around nervously.

She licked her lips, in imitation of him. “Don’t worry, there are no cops coming, no police officers showing up.”

He blushed, “No... I didn’t-”

She leaned forward, pressing her naked breasts against his hands and chest.

His words died in his throat as he struggled. “Uh... now what?”

Sonja spoke seductively, leading him on in hope of ensuring he would do exactly what she wanted, “I want to see how committed you are.”

“How do I do that?”

“You agree to help me, even though a lot of girls are going to die.”

As she watched, his skin paled almost to a pasty white. He swallowed nervously, his hands twitching for his jeans. She smiled and lifted away from him, arching her back as her fingers danced down to work at the button of her jeans.

“And... if you help me, you’ll get something a lot more than a simple blow job.”

He gulped loudly, “Die?”

Sonja nodded, pulling open her jeans and pushing it down. Her pubic hair caught his attention as she worked the jeans over her ass and pushed it down to the seat. He whimpered softly, his hands clutching against his body in confusion. Sonja lifted one leg then the other, until she was kneeling naked on his seat.

“Yes, someone is going to die and I want you to help me.”

She continued speaking as she lifted one knee and started to straddle him, guiding his cock between their bodies. “So, I want you to promise to me right here and now that you’ll do whatever I want. You get your fuck-toy to do what you want and I get those bitches who hurt my lover.”

Mark, torn with the distractions of her naked body against him could only nod weakly.

Sonja smiled and finished pressing her body against his lap, her nipples brushing against his shirt and her naked sex only inches from his cock. Her clitoris pressed up against his balls and she felt a delicious tingle of power and lust rising up. “Say it.”


“Say it and I’ll make sure you get so much more.” Her eyes must have burned with her seduction because he nodded quickly.

“I promise. Even if you have to kill the bitches.”


Rewarding him, Sonja lifted her body up against his, feeling his cock slide down and catch on her pubic hair. Then she worked her hips forward until his hot cock pressed up against the slick opening of her sex.

With a moan, she lowered herself. His slick shaft easily penetrated her, filling her as she lowered herself completely down on his member. Both of them moaned as Sonja took the lead, pulling herself up and down on his cock, squeezing with her inner muscles. Her mind spun with her plans, seeing how she could wrap him around her finger, a practical slave to her desires.

As she bottomed out on him, his cock so hard and hot inside her slick channel, she moaned from a tiny orgasm, not from pleasure but from scheming.

Mark, on the other hand, moaned as he thrust up into her, his cock quickly soaking inside her.

Sonja pumped her body up and down, riding his shaft until Mark’s body tightened underneath her and she felt the splatters of his cum soaking her insides.

It ended quickly for both of them and Sonja slipped off him, ignoring the dripping cum from her slit.

Mark leaned wearily back, panting heavily. “That... that was...”

Sonja smiled at him, “Just a promise of more, if you keep on helping me.”

Panting, he nodded.

“What do you want?”

Gathering up her clothes, Sonja started to dress.

“I want you to call me the next time you take the cheerleaders to a game. After the game, you are going to get lost... and then you are going to find yourself a new life with your new little fuck-toy.”

Mark chuckled, “And how am I going to get lost? You can’t just get up and walk....”

Sonja started to explain how she would help him, but he interrupted her.

“No... I could head over the river?”

Surprised, Sonja glanced bast the burned out bridge.

“The river?”

“Yeah, to Dolcett County. I heard a lot of people disappear there. I have a cousin who fled that way once.”

His voice trailed off for a moment, “The key, he said, was bringing girls. They go through a lot of girls, which is why people disappear so much. A bus filled with bitches, yeah, that would get me in.”

Curious, Sonja let him continue to speak.

Mark’s voice trailed off as he thought, his cock growing hard again with his thoughts. He seemed to come to some plan. Looking up, he spoke quickly. “Which girls do you want? The blonde and her bitches?”

Sonja nodded.

“Can I have the rest?”

“To buy your way into Dolcett? You can do that?”

“Yeah... its the best place to disappear. No one goes looking for girls disappearing there.”

Sonja thought for a moment, it felt right for some reason and she nodded. “Yeah, I think we have a deal. I keep Betty's four and you get the rest.”

Mark chuckled, “Sounds like a plan. But neither of us better screw up.”

“No... we both better not.”

Grunting, he started to dress, “Come on, I better get you home and get ready.”

Sonja managed to dress before he started the van and turned around. She stared at the bridge, curious, until long after it disappeared from sight. He dropped her off where he picked her up and drove off.

She watched the van disappear before speaking to herself. “Dolcett County, huh?”

Her mother had left while she was gone. A terse note was on the table explaining that she took Sonja’s keys.


Sonja scoffed and padded up the stairs to take a quick shower in her mother's bathroom to remove the taste of Mark from her lips and the dampness between her legs.

Later and refreshed, she headed back down into the cool basement. Instead of going to her room, she kept on walking to the back of the basement. It was crowded with boxes and garbage, a washer and dryer, and the various crap that built up since they moved in.

Feeling anxious of her plot, Sonja started to clean out the back room. She stacked up boxes and swept out the floor, working at clearing a space. The feelings of nervousness continued to grow, so she continued cleaning up, calming down through physical effort. She considered filling the closet filled with knives, which she never really explored after the first time, but left it alone after a strange feeling of unease. Instead, she stacked up the boxes on shelves. When she ran out, she padded into the workshop and built new shelves, rigging them together with pieces of wood and metal brackets she found.

Hunger finally caught her around noon and she ate a very quick lunch before padding down the stairs to keep cleaning.

Sonja finished a few hours after noon and stared at the large empty room in the back of the house. A rusted drain sat in the middle of the room, sparkling in the places she had to scrape it clean. She ran a hand along the wall, feeling the cold rough concrete and places. Her eyes glanced up toward the ceiling and she could suddenly see the purpose of her cleaning.

Chain and manacles. It all made sense now and the final pieces of her plan snapped into place.

Grabbing an almost empty box, she padded up the stairs and out to the shed. Gathering up all the manacles and cuffs, she brought them back down to the basement and started fixing them into the wall, using a heavy piece of wood mounted into the rock. She worked quickly and silently, with only the whine of an electric drill and the cracks of the hammer keeping her company.

By the time she finished the third one, she was sweating. Panting, she stared around the room. In her mind’s eye, she could see the girls who hurt her all chained to the wall, naked and helpless, awaiting their fate. It brought a smile to her lips.

A “ping” noise filled the basement. Sonja jumped, her eyes guilty looking toward the stairs but a second ping noise ricocheted from the room she was in. Standing up, she peered around for the source of the sharp noise. Walking around the room, she paused at the fourth set of manacles that hung from the heavy wood. A third ping noise snapped her attention to the top of the chain. As her eyes focused on the manacles, she found herself staring as the metal bent itself, twisting the metal down to the wood and pinning the chains into place.

Gasping, she backed up, terrified.

Then she felt his touch, the frosty wind that rose from nowhere. Hoarfrost grew along the metal as she watched. Mechanically, she reached down, grabbed her pliers, and stepped forward to help her master. Together, girl and ghost mounted eight sets of manacles and cuffs to the wall, high enough to cause discomfort but low enough that Sonja could force someone up there.

A throbbing anger rose inside her throat with every new set of bounds being placed on the wall until she worked in the ruddy glow of anger. As soon as she finished, the cold disappeared and she warmed herself up by sweeping out the corners and wiping down the washer.

When she ran out of things to do, she just sat down in the middle to gaze up at her work, the manacles leaving a fierce joy in her heart. She smiled and just dozed there, enjoying the feel until the doorbell interrupted her daydreams. She waited for her mother to answer it, but when it rang a second time, she forced herself to stand up and pad up the stairs.

She heard whoever rang the doorbell walking down the stairs when she got to the door and cracked it open. Outside, two uniformed men paused at the bottom of the stairs. Beyond them, their delivery truck had a banner for industrial kitchen supplies.

Confused, she opened the door more, “May I help you?”

They turned and did a double-take as they stared at her. “Uh... wow... yeah, we have a delivery for Sonja Bremus.”

“I’m Sonja.”

“No shit, really?” She could feel their lust growing as they both smiled to each other. The speaker stepped up on the stairs and handed her a clipboard. “We're here to install your new walk-in freezer.”

She took the board and looked at it. “Really? Who ordered it?”

“Uh... you did.”

Sonja masked her emotions and lied quickly, “Oh, must have been my mother. We share a first name.”

He shrugged, “Whatever. Where do you want it?”

She hesitated for a moment, then remembered the plaque from the empty room off the kitchen. She favored him with her best smile. “In the kitchen, follow me.”

The workers were fast and efficient. Five hours later, her mother still wasn’t home and she had a walk-in freezer right off the kitchen. Signing the paperwork, she briefly considered giving the men more than a tip, but changed her mind. Shooing them out of her home, she returned back to the room, feeling the first hints of cold air as she padded around the steel freezer.

“Okay, Master Cold, I know it's you.”

She turned around, waiting for an answer. She stopped as the freezer door closed shut, latching into place. She smiled and stared at the door. “Will you talk to me?”

No answer.

“Fine, will you help me?”

The door unlocked itself, moving from a spectral hand. Sonja smiled and pushed at the door, but it refused to move. She looked around, a faint prickling of fear crawling down her spine.

“What do you want?”

Still no response.

Unsure, she sighed and stripped, leaving herself naked in a locked freezer. Standing in the center, she stretched up and caressed the ceiling with her fingertips, knowing he was watching.

“Do you want this? Master Cold?”

“Do you want to see me here, naked in your freezer?”

“Do you want this meat, like that woman... ghost said you did?”

That brought a response and the door swung open. She half expected to see someone outside, but there was no one. Leaving her clothes in the center of the freezer, she walked out on bare feet and back to her basement bedroom.

As her bedroom door shut, she spoke into the basement in a hard tone. “As long as you never take my Meris away, I'll do whatever you want.”

End of chapter 25.

Beginning of chapter 25.


Chapter 26: Gifts (FF)

Sonja drove quickly down the streets, her excitement vibrating along her nerves and making it hard to keep her foot from flooring the accelerator. It had been only a few hours since Mark called and he would be at their meeting place in less than forty minutes.

He was heading back from an away game where the school had been crushed soundly. The cheerleaders were all in his bus with the football players sulking in another. If her estimated were correct, he would be at their meeting spot at midnight, less than forty minutes away.

When she reached Meris' home, she ground her foot on the brake and the engine vibrated angrily. The car came to a screeching halt in front of her lover's home.

Meris' house was almost a hut, a two bedroom house that was one step above a double-wide trailer. During the day, it would be a sky blue in color, but at night, it was just a light shape with dark windows.

Sonja tapped on her steering wheel, her heart beating faster. She knew not to ring on the doorbell so she only hoped the screech was enough to tell Meris she was there.

A light in Meris' room flashed on and then off.

Sonja smiled to herself, gripping the wheel with anticipation.

A moment later, there was a flutter of the front curtain before the front door opened. When Meris slipped out of the front door and quietly closed it, Sonja almost jumped for joy.

Meris smiled broadly as she ran around the car and got inside. She had to pull her flowing skirt, one of Sonja's favorite, with her before closing the door.

Sonja leaned over and kissed her passionately.

Meris moaned and threw her arms around Sonja, holding her tightly. “Oh! I missed you so much!”

Their lips found each other, kissing and touching and crying. They pulled apart and stared into each other’s eyes.

Then, Meris started to sob. “I... I’m so sorry, it was horrible! And I missed you so much! They mocked me and laughed and kept pushing me. And-And I keep getting those letters and I.. I... I...”

Sonja smiled and stroked her cheeks, letting the sobs and cries fade. Meris sniffed and buried her face into Sonja’s shoulder.

“I have a present for you, my love.”

Meris sniffed and let Sonja wipe the tears from her eyes. “A-A present?”

“Yes, a present. The best present I could give you.”

Meris looked around for a box or wrappings. “What is it? Where is it?”

“We have to go there...”

Meris hesitated, then buckled herself into the seat. Sonja smiled at her, feeling a warmth fill her and put the car into gear. As silently as possible, they drove away, speeding up only when they were well away from Meris’ father.

“Have things gotten better since... since you came back? Being grounded sucks."

Sonja thought for a moment, driving automatically. "Terrible. She lets me build things but every time we see each other, she is always bitching at me."

Meris leaned over, pressing her head against Sonja’s shoulder. “I miss you so much. And your mom making you leave work has been horrible. Dad keeps saying you were his best butcher, even for a girl.”

Sonja chuckled, “That’s your father.”

They drove in silence for a moment before Meris spoke again. “So what is it?”

Even though she knew what Meris was talking about, Sonja grinned, “What is what?”

“My present?”

“Oh, nothing that impressive.”

“Not that impressive? You call me in the middle of the night and tell me to be ready. For ‘nothing impressive?’”

Sonja chuckled, “Okay, it might be impressive, but it took me a long time to get it ready.”

And had to fuck Mark for it, but Sonja didn’t mention that. Instead, she just focused on the road and headed out of town, toward the old Dolcett bridge. Meris just leaned against her, holding her tightly as they drove.

They pulled off about a quarter mile from the bridge itself, down a long dirt road. Meris looked around curiously, mostly in the area of light lit from Sonja's headlights. The road grew more rough, with deep gouges in it, but Sonja drove forward already knowing where she was going.

She stopped at the clearing and pulled to the side. It was empty, Mark hadn’t shown up yet. She let the engine rumble to a halt and shut it off but left the lights on.

Meris looked around at the darkness of the clearing. “Sonja?”

Sonja turned to look at her love and smiled. “Just be patient.”

A flash of discomfort rose across the clear blue eyes and Sonja released the buckle of her seat to lean over, kissing her. Meris moaned softly and drew herself closer into an embrace, lips and fingers touching and caressing. Sonja moaned as she felt Meris’ fingers up against her sides, her legs, her neck, then finally to her breasts. Compared to Mark’s rough hands, Meris’ delicate ones were seductive and the true pleasure of her life. Only the thought of Betty and the others made it that much more intense.

Meris caught on to her passion and soon they were panting, pulling open their shirts and diving to the delicate skin underneath. Sonja ran her fingers up between Meris’ legs, tugging fabric side, until her fingers found slick skin and the stubble of where Meris had shaved her pussy.


Her lover whispered against her body. “My present to you. Just did it after your call.”

Sonja moaned softly and eased a finger into the slick opening, teasing her even as she felt a hand working at the buttons of her jeans. Their passion rose up to steam the car when a flash of bright lights flooded the car.

Sonja, expecting it, looked up while still fingering her love.

Meris looked around and then froze. "Someone's here."

“I know, get dressed, your present is here.”

Meris pulled her clothes back on. “What kind of present comes at midnight in the middle of nowhere?”

“You’ll see.”

They removed themselves from the car just as the bus pulled into the glen and turned around until their headlights where shining on the grills of the other vehicle.

“A... school bus?” Meris’ voice was confused but Sonja just smiled. Walking around, with Meris in tow, she waited by the door until it opened up.

Mark looked down with a grin. “Delivered as requested, twelve cheerleaders.”

Meris gasped, “Cheerleaders?”

Sonja smiled at her hesitantly, half expecting Meris to scream, but the shock was too much. Not getting a negative response, Sonja crawled into the bus and stared out at the nine cheerleader’s, each one still in uniformed and sleeping against each other and the windows. And, in the back, Betty, Marisha, Theodora, and Ming were crumbled along their seat, snoring. Half-drunk bottles of water sloshed on the ground.

“How?” Meris' voice was tiny and frightened.

"Date rape drugs in the water bottles," said Mark.

Sonja nodded. “Hrm, creative.”

Mark chuckled, “Well... I was inspired and rather committed.”

Sonja gave him a hard smile. “I’m glad to hear that, but we don’t need details right now.”


Mark nodded and glanced at Meris. Then, at Sonja's glare, he sighed. “Better get going though, my cousin is going to be here in an hour and I don’t think two pretty things like you should be still here.”

Standing up, Mark walked back to the end of the bus. Sonja followed.

Meris, on the other hand, stood outside of the bus.

Mark and Sonja grabbing the first girl, Marisha. They both they grunted from the effort before carrying her out of the buss.

Meris stared at them, circling around. “Sonja? Baby?”

Grunted, Sonja answers while concentrating on carrying her end of the unconscious cheerleader, “Yes, love?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make sure that Betty, Marisha, and the others will never hurt you again.”

“I... what?” Meris gasped loudly, staring at Sonja and Mark in complete shock.

“Pop the trunk, please?”

Meris ran around, staring down at Marisha's body and reached in to release the trunk. She jumped out and held it open as Mark and and Sonja dropped Marisha's body into the bottom.

Mark stared at her and spoke wistfully. “I never would have thought I would see her like this.”

Sonja stared at him coldly, “You have five others to play with, she’s mine.”

Mark grunted, “I probably got the better deal, but at this point...”

She spoke in an icy tone, “She’s mine.”

A cold wind blew around her, her spectral master enforcing her command.

He shivered violently. “I’d better get the next one.”

Sonja watched him disappear into the bus and gave Meris a hesitating glance. There was a strange, burning expression in her face as Meris stared down at Marisha's unconscious form. Her lips worked silently and wordlessly. Sonja stepped around and pressed her body against Meris’ back, arms slipping around her lover’s waist. “Meris?”


Sonja kissed Meris’ ear, “Yes, my love.”

“You did all this? You... kidnapped that... bitch for me?”

Relief flooded through Sonja’s body and she hugged the teenager again tightly. “Yes.”

“What... what are you planning on doing to her?”

“Anything you want.”

“Even if... one of them gets...”

Meris struggled with the words to finish, but Sonja already knew them.

“Even if they end up on a chain, dangling helplessly as I butcher them before your eyes.”

A shudder of pleasure rippled through Meris and Sonja took a deep breath, kissing her shoulder. “I love you, Meris. I love you more than life itself and if anyone... anyone tries to hurt you, I will make sure they will never survive.”

Meris turned in her embrace, her body pressing tightly against Sonja’s. Bright tears shone in her eyes as her lips trembled. “Oh, Sonja, I love you!”

They hugged each other tightly, kissing on the lips until Mark’s sarcastic voice cut through the glen. “I’m really glad it is so easy to carry these nubile cunts alone.”

Sonja rolled her eyes at Meris who giggled. Releasing each other, they helped Mark carry Theodora to the car, dropping her on Marisha and pushing her into the back of the trunk. Sonja paused, staring down at the two cheerleaders, their skirts rising up in helplessly unconsciousness. Reaching for the side of the trunk, she pulled out a bundle of zip-strips, the plastic strips designed to tighten but not release. With a smile to Meris, she bound the two girl’s limbs tightly, in case they woke up.

Twenty minutes later, they managed to get Ming and Betty into the trunk and bound tightly. The next problem they had was closing the trunk, it refused to close. Meris whimpered but Sonja just arranged the bodies slightly and shut it. It bounced on Betty’s body and Sonja grinned and slammed it shut.

Meris shuddered, “That is going to leave a bruise.”

“I think a bruise is the least of her worries now.”

A giggle. “Yeah, I hope so.”

Sonja saw the burning lust and passion in her lover’s eyes and she felt a delicious tingle of pleasure boiling in her stomach. With a smile, she made sure the trunk remained tightly closed and walked over to Mark.

He looked at her, with an expression of sadness and his own lusts.

“Well, I think this is where we part. You enjoy your meat and I,” he looked around for a moment, “I need to leave soon.”

“Good idea. I hope to never see you again.”

He chuckled and crawled into his bus. Sonja and Meris entered their own car and watched as the bus drive off down a darkened path. The rough path no doubt inflicting bruises on the poor girls inside, but Sonja didn’t care. The idea of Betty and the other’s in her trunk warmed her greatly.

Meris moaned and ground against Sonja, not even buckling the seat-belt. Her breath came fast and hard as Sonja felt her masturbating violently in her seat. “Oh, Sonja, oh...”

To her surprise, Meris came hard and fast and very loud. Sonja felt her own pleasures teasing her, but didn’t join in. Instead, she wrapped an arm around Meris’ waist until the teen collapsed in an orgasm.

“Oh, Sonja...”

With a smile on her lips, Sonja eased the car out of the glen and down the road, following the path of the bus. At the road, she saw the bus parked at the bridge, waiting. She turned in the opposite direction and headed away from it, toward her home and the prison that rested beneath.

She drove under the speed limit so she jumped when the flashing lights of a police car burst in her rear view mirror. Swearing, she pulled to the side and Meris looked up, then gasped at the red and blue lightly. With a whimper, she pushed her skirt down and straightened her outfit, covering her body as she stared in the mirror.


“Don’t worry, we’ll figure out something.”

Sonja’s voice was calm but it was a facade compared to the violent fear that rose up inside her. The squad car stopped behind her, the brights blinding as someone stepped out of the car. The sounds of the officer’s boots were loud as Sonja leaned over and pulled out the insurance papers and her driver’s license from her purse.

Rolling down the window, she peered out as the officer came to view. Her fear spiked as she stared up at Ming’s boyfriend, James. Ming had dated him for an entire year before planning on dumping him.

With a great effort, she forced a smile on her face. “Uh... hi!”

He stared down at her with a serious expression, “I remember you, Ming’s ex-friend, the one who attacked her and got suspended, right?”

“I would-”

His face darkened, “She was very upset and you know what that means...”

He let his voice trail off in a dark, forbidding tone. Sonja winced inside.

“I’m sorry...?”

He shook his head, “I’m going to have to check your trunk.”

Ice dripped down her spine as Meris’ gasped and Sonja stared at up at him with a terrible sinking feeling. Images of being thrown in prison flashed through her mind. She wanted to floor the accelerator and drive until the car ran out. “I...”

“Now.” It wasn’t a request, it was a command. And given in a single sharp tone.

Meris whimpered and huddled in the car as Sonja popped the trunk. She considered driving off as soon as he was behind her.

Then that hope shattered when he gestured toward the back. “Come with me.”

Shaking, Sonja followed him to the back of her car. In the back window, she saw Meris’ frightened expression.

James glared at her for a moment, then reached down to pull up the trunk. It swung open smoothly and Sonja winched again as she stared down at the four cheerleader’s packed into her trunk, unconscious and helpless.

James stared at it for a long moment and Sonja prayed that her master would respond, but no cold wind came, no ice attacked him. The moments turned into seconds which turned into minutes, each one filled with hard pounding heartbeats of fear.

“A lucky guess. I suppose the others are by the bridge?

Startled, Sonja looked at him. He shrugged, “One of my jobs, to make sure the deliveries happen without the FBI or nosy people getting involved.”

“I... I...”

James leaned over and brushed against Betty’s face, where a bruise was forming already. He pushed her aside to look at Ming. “We dated for almost a year now.”

Sonja didn’t, couldn’t, say anything. She was weak and helplessly, panting for breath as she tried to understand what happened.

He spoke again, his finger trailing down, tracing her lines. “She was nothing but a cock tease. I already knew she was going to dump me, I found her notes months ago.”

“And... this doesn’t bother you?”

He shrugged, “I’ve seen more than my share of cunts in the back of trunks and in crates. I just happen to know how much of a bitch this one is.”

James turned to face Sonja, “But, I do have an invested interest in this one.”

The fear was still there, but muted with his hard, disinterested tone.


“Keep Ming for me. I don’t care what you do or how you do it, but that girl is mine.”

It was one quarter of her present for Meris, but she hoped her lover would understand. It was that or prison. She nodded.

James squeezed her ass, “Don’t fuck with me, girl, or you will end up in prison or naked in Dolcett yourself. But, I have a delivery to watch over and you have to run off before someone who isn’t bribed by the great county of Dolcett shows up.”

Sonja stared at him, stunned that he was part of their plans.

"Get going."

She bobbed her head and slammed the trunk shut. Rushing around her car, she slipped inside and closed the door.

Meris stared at her. “What did he say?” There was a slightly hysterical tone to her voice.

Sonja felt drained and broken, but not in prison or in cuffs. Overall, it was better than nothing. She turned on the engine as she spoke quietly. “If we give him Ming, he won’t report us.”

“Ming?” There was a faint disappointment in her voice but there was same fear Sonja had felt. After a moment, she nodded mostly to herself. “I could survive... I would be happy with just three. We have Betty at least.”

Sonja looked at her with eyes filled with love. “Come on, let’s go home. We have some bitches to torture.”

"And butcher."

Sonja grinned. "And butcher."

Beginning of chapter 26.


Can't wait till the start the killing. Hope at least one or 2 get asphyxiated.


Can't wait till the start the killing. Hope at least one or 2 get asphyxiated.


Can't wait till the start the killing. Hope at least one or 2 get asphyxiated.


Can't wait till the start the killing. Hope at least one or 2 get asphyxiated.


Can't wait till the start the killing. Hope at least one or 2 get asphyxiated.


No idea why it posted that so many times.


Whelp, was kinda sad when I didn't see a chapter release for today.

Looking like things are quickly heating up. There's a lot of unanswered questions that might be answered soon, though, so I can't wait for the coming chapters. Like I said, the best bits, for me, are the bits where the girls start going from girl to meal, so up until now has been a huge tease for all those parts!


It will either be a double next Sunday or sometime later in the week. "Life."


I can't handle the suspense :(


Chapter 27: Unwrapping (F-solo)

It was very late by the time Sonja turned down the street leading to her house. It was dark except for the orange glow from a single streetlight near her house. She flipped off the headlights and used the dimmer driving lights to lit the way as she released the accelerated and coasted the last bit before pulling into her driveway.

The light of her car and the few streamers of brilliance from the streetlight lit the way as she drove across the gravel and pulled up next to her mother's BMW. She eased down on the brake, flinching when the baleful light cast out behind her.

She stopped as fast as she could and then turned off the engine. "Okay, love, we're...."

The words died in Sonja's throat when she saw Meris leaning against the far window, her eyes closed and her body supine against the seat and door. Her soft lips were parted slightly and the seat belt caused her back to arch, lifting her small, beautiful breasts in the air.

Meris' skirt had ridden up slightly and it only took Sonja a moment to tug it away from her lover's soft leg and trail two fingertips along it.

At the soft moan, Sonja's smile grew wider. Her lover was exhausted and she didn't want to wake her up. Not to mention, she was beautiful right where she was.

Moving slowly, Sonja unbuckled herself and got out of the car. She carefully swung the door shut, but left it ajar to avoid waking Meris. She glanced at the trunk for a moment before around the house toward the basement entrance near the rear.

By the time she reached it, her eyes had adjusted to the darkness. It was a cool night; if she lived in Illinois, it would have still been summer. She shook her head at the thought. Life was much different in California, but it was nothing she expected.

Sonja fumbled with her keys before she found the one she was looking for. She unlocked the door and kicked a few clods of dirt out of the way before heading into the basement. Her knee hit the side of the washing machine before she found a light and flicked it on.

At the hiss of the light bulb, she frowned and imagined there were neighbors looking at the light.

She thought for a moment and then hurried down the hallway. The smells of the washing machine faded and were quickly replaced by the perfume of her room and the wooden smell of her workshop. She turned on both her bedroom and workshop lights before returning to turn off the light near the washing machine.

The sudden darkness left her blind, but with the dim light reflecting down the hall, she quickly adjusted to the light. It was bright enough to avoid tripping on something but hopefully no one would investigate it. It would be hard to explain four cheerleaders in her trunk.

Sonja returned to her car. She slowed down to look at Meris, who remained sleeping against the window. Sonja rested her fingers against the warmed glass and smiled, she would do almost anything for Meris. Trailing her hand hand to Meris' throat, she pushed her away from the glass and walked over the rough gravel to the back.

She hesitated when she went to open the trunk. She forgot to gag the four girls and she wasn't sure if they were awake enough to yell out. A prickle of fear ran down her spine as she considered the door; it was hard kidnapping her enemies and she kicked herself for not remembering to silence them.

Leaning over, Sonja rested her palms on the trunk and pressed an ear against the cool metal. No noise came out, nor did she feel movement. As she listened, she could imagine a thousand eyes staring at her. In the back her mind, she imagined a police car pulling down the street even though she had never seen one before.

Finally, the fear was too much. She fumbled with her key before jamming it into the lock. Turning it, she wined and waited for a noise. When none came, she cracked open the trunk while being ready to slap it down again.


She leaned to the side and lifted the trunk further, peering inside as her heart beat faster in her chest.

The four girls were still passed out. Their bodies were jammed together, shoulders shoved into necks. Marisha had her head forced between Ming's thighs and Betty's head was twisted in an uncomfortable-looking position up against the top of the trunk. It looked like Theodora's skirt had ridden up, revealing maroon panties over her chocolate hips and a few curls of dark hair peeking out from the fabric.

Even though they were just a jumble of bodies and limbs, Sonja's pussy soaked itself in a matter of seconds. Seeing all of them helplessly jammed into the trunk was more erotic than anything she had seen before, the potential for torturing each one of them got her so excited that her clitoris throbbed painfully and she was dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

"F-Fuck...." Sonja whispered and clutched the trunk lid. She ground her thighs together, feeling the heat and liquid pulsating as she stared down at her victims.

It took all of her willpower not to find a knife and kill one right then and there. Trembling with effort, she pried her fingers off the trunk and reached down for the nearest one. It was Ming. The slender girl was muscular enough for cheer-leading, but Sonja had been hauling carcasses up for butchering.

Sonja pulled the girl out of the trunk and flipped Ming over her shoulder. The Asian's tight ass pressed against her ear as Sonja stared at the trunk for a moment. After a second of debate, she lowered the lid until it caught on the latch.

With a rapidly beating heart, she carried Ming around the house, sticking to the shadows before going down the stairs leading into the basement.

It was one thing to be cleaning out a room with the idea of imprisoning girls in it. Another was when it actually happened. Sonja panted as she came down the stairs, her legs shaking with the overwhelming desire to rip off her clothes and masturbate. She circled the room, debating about hanging Ming on the hooks along the wall right away or going back for the others.

Fear made the decision for her. There were three others in the car and it would only take a single mistake or curious person to ruin everything.

Sonja knelt down and laid Ming out on the ground along her side. The zip-strips were still tightly bound the teenager's wrists but Sonja remembered her earlier thoughts and rushed over to the clothes drier to pull out a few sets of her underwear. She returned to Ming and knelt down. Using one thumb to run along the soft skin of Ming's lower lip, she pried her mouth open and jammed the panties inside her.

The idea of Ming gagging on her underwear brought another surge of pleasure coursing through Sonja. Her legs shook again as she gasped. She couldn't resist, she ground one palm against her pussy and stroked herself through her jeans, pushing herself rapidly toward an orgasm as she stared at her victim.

Sonja realized she was losing herself in the fantasy of the beautiful Asian in front of her. She pulled her hand away from her crotch, noticing that her skin was sticking and the fabric was soaked. She considered stripping off her jeans before picking up the next girl, but realized it wouldn't help anything.

Turning back, she headed up the stairs while worrying her lower lip. The fear of being arrested peaked inside her. She shivered at her imagination even as she circled around the house.

Theodora was next. The dark-skinned beauty was heavier than Ming, but nothing compared to half a cow. Sonja set her down next to Ming and spent a moment stroking her hand along the chocolate skin visible underneath the cheerleader's skirt.

Marisha came next, set down like a slab of meat.

Sonja struggled with every step. She needed to masturbate. She needed to finger herself until she screamed out in an orgasm. Her vision blurred with hunger as she forced herself back up the stairs for the last one, Betty.

As much as Sonja hated Betty, seeing the blonde sprawled out on the ground brought none of the anger back. Instead, Sonja simply saw the girl as nothing more than meat, a victim. She smiled as she admired Betty, her hand clenching with the desire to rip off her clothes and explore her body. She straddled over Betty's hip and ran her fingertips along Betty's perfect jaw, tiny nose, and then down to the swell of her cleavage.

Sonja spread out her hand to cup Betty's breast. It was soft and firm, the lace of the bra tracing against Sonja's skin. Betty's nipple grew harder underneath Sonja's grip and Sonja pulled back enough to trace her finger around the growing tip.

"I'm going to kill you," whispered Sonja to the unconscious teenager.

A flash of pleasure raced through her. Sonja pressed her other hand against her aching cunt and continued to stroke both herself and Betty as she stared at the perfect face. She didn't know how Betty was going to die, but there was no question that Sonja was going to make sure she never survived for what she did to Meris.

At the thought of her lover, Sonja pulled her soaked fingers away guilty. Standing up, she hurried outside and back to her car. Around he, the soft buzz of insects and the screeches of nocturnal animals punctuated the stifling silence. She let out her breath as she stopped at the passenger side of the car.

Meris continued to slumber against the glass.

It took Sonja a few minutes to ease the door open and reach in to hold her lover before opening it fully. The warm, smooth body slid into her grip and Sonja managed to pull Meris out. Cradling her, Sonja used her foot to shut the door and carried Meris back, breathing deep to enjoy the smells of the trembling girl in her arms.

"S-Sonja?" Meris' voice was soft and dreamy.

Sonja stopped midway down the stairs. "Yes, Love?"

Meris reached out and pulled Sonja into a kiss. "Promise me something?"


"You'll be the one to kill me."


Sonja's heart skipped a beat. An orgasm ripped through her body as she clutched her lover, a thousand images of her dreams slamming into her. She experienced a thousand killing, hundreds of times of staring into her lovers eyes as the light faded. The world spun around her and she had to lean against the railing to keep her balance. "W-What?"

Even as she spoke, she could feel liquid coursing down her thighs and soaking into her jeans.

"---don't kill them without me."

Sonja froze. Both requests were from the right voice, but they weren't the same. She gulped as she struggled with the tremors of pleasure that coursed through her body. "W-What?"

"Don't do it without me? Please? I'm... I'm too tired."

Sonja smiled and kissed Meris, holding her tight. "Of course, Love, I wouldn't think of it. They are yours."

"Three of them."

The sting of losing Ming brought a well of emotions up. Sonja nodded and kissed Meris to erase it. "I promise. These bitches are yours. And whatever you want me to do to them, I will."

Meris yawned and nestled her head against Sonja's large breast. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Meris' eyes fluttered.

Sonja carried her to Sonja's bedroom, stepping over the unconscious girls. At the bed, she pulled back the blankets and set her lover down in the middle.

Meris moaned and arched her back, but her eyes were closed.

Sonja stroked her hand along Meris' small breasts and down to her belly.

The moaning grew into a lower purr of pleasure.

With a grin, Sonja kicked off her shoes while running her hand along Meris' hips and between her legs. She stared to stroke through the thin fabric of Meris' skirt when a soft snore interrupted her.

Sonja looked up, already knowing what happened.

Meris was asleep.

With a grin, Sonja stepped back to admire her lover. Seeing the slender girl sprawled out on her bed brought a smile to Sonja's lips. She stood there for a moment before stripping Meris and tucking her into the blankets.

"... love... you."

"I love you," whispered Sonja before she kissed Meris' forehead.

Sonja stripped herself, peeling off all the clothes and tossing them in her hamper. Soon, she stood in the middle of her room, shivering slightly from the cool as it prickled her nipple and tickled the drying juices that coated her thighs. She ran her finger along her slit, pushing past the dark hairs and shivering at the intensity of touching her aching clit.

She wanted to go to bed, but she had work to do. She had to hang her victims on the wall before they woke up.

With a groan, she fought back the exhaustion and padded down the hall. The cold air felt good against her skin as she rolled Betty over on her stomach. Straddling her nemesis, Sonja started at the bottom and tugged the cheerleader's clothes off. It was hard work, harder than she expected, but every inch of revealed skin brought some of the anger back.

Betty was perfect. She had a tight, firm ass. The two cheeks stuck out like a porn star. Sonja moaned as she grabbed each buttock with both hands and pulled them apart to reveal a pink little asshole and the plump seam of Betty's perfectly straight vulva. The jealousy rose, even Betty's cunt was perfect.

To take off Betty's top, Sonja had to find a box cutter to slice the zip ties. She did so quickly pulling the fabric off Betty's large breasts and tossing the fabric aside. As soon as she could, she rolled Betty on her back and looked down at the teenager.

The helplessness of her victim sent more waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Sonja cupped her own vulva for a moment but had to fight to not finger herself. She bit her lip as she stared down at Betty, wanting to do something right then and there to her.

Sonja cupped Betty's breasts, stroking slowly until the nipples hardened. "I'm going to kill you," she whispered. The idea sent another pulse radiating from Sonja's cunt.

"I'm going to cut these tits off you."

Sonja panted from the orgasm, it was rising without her even touching herself. "I'm going to shred your body, rip your arms off. I want to hear you begging for me to end it."

It kept building. Sonja shoved her cunt down against Betty's and rocked back and forth. The junction of their bodies quickly grew slick from Sonja's juices as she pumped her hips faster. "I'm going to rip your eyes off. I'm going to spit that perfect little ass of yours and stuff your cunt so full of..." She wasn't sure what she would do, but the idea of hurting Betty pushed hers closer. Sonja moaned as she rocked harder, smearing her juices against Betty's helpless pussy.

"I'm going to teach you never to hurt my-my Meris again." Her voice cracked as she thought about Meris next to Betty, another victim ready to be slaughtered.

With the whispered question from before and the soft, beautiful body in her hand, it was too much for Sonja. She ground her pussy hard against Betty's pubic mount and humped it, thrusting hard and fast as the orgasm exploded inside her, ripping through her veins as she dug her fingernails into Betty's perfect tits.

A long moan escaped Sonja as she came hard enough that her cunt drooled onto Betty's pussy and splashed to the ground. She jerked with the intensity, clutching to Betty's tits for balance until the pleasure faded away and left her shaking.

Sonja giggled. "I'm going to," she whispered again.

Panting, Sonja forced herself up. She was weak and dizzy, but smiling broadly. She staggered over to the washer where she had a box of manacles. The metal was thick and unyielding but sized for capturing young women. The metal was also warm, almost supernaturally so.

Coming back, she manacled Betty and then lifted the nubile teenager to the wall. The heavy metal hook was difficult to hang Betty, but the pinched opening and a padlock ensured that she wouldn't be able to escape.

Sonja stepped back and admired her handwork. Betty hung from the hook. Her toes brushed the ground, she could hold herself up if she stretched down. Her body was a perfect line of beauty, swells of her breasts were flattened into smoothness, the hard nipples sticking out from her body. Her vulva and thighs were wet with Sonja's juices.

The only thing that marred it was the tiny triangle of hair on Betty's pubic mound. Sonja wanted her bare, bare as a proper victim should be. She grinned and promised herself she would do that first thing in the morning.

Exhausted from tiredness and her orgasm, Sonja turned to start on the next girl. She couldn't sleep until all four were properly chained up to the wall and gagged to avoid calling attention to herself.

They were her victims.

They were Meris' toys.

The only thing matter was that they were in Sonja's basement: naked, helpless, and vulnerable.


Chapter 28: Brutal Remarks

Sonja woke up wrapped in her lover's arms. Meris had her thigh over Sonja's and the slightly damp folds of her sex occasionally brushed against Sonja's knee in time with her deep breathing. Curls of breath tickled Sonja's nipple into hardness and she could almost feel every exhalation with Meris' head only inches away from her cleavage.

Meris moaned and snuggled closer, resting her cheek against Sonja's right breast and bringing her stomach up against Sonja's thigh. The heat and perfume of her lover swirled around Sonja, blending with the scents of sweat and sex that had permeated the blankets.

Sonja smiled and wished that the world would stop at that moment, it would be perfect. She could have Meris until the end of time and there wouldn't be anything to pull them apart. She leaned back against the pillow and stared down at her lover, enjoying every moment that she had.

A muffled cry broke her thoughts. It was a young woman's voice, filled with terror and fear.

Sonja almost came at the sound of it. She lifted her head and looked at the door to her bedroom, waiting for more.

It came, a rising chorus of cries and whimpers.

When Meris didn't respond, Sonja slipped out from her lover's embrace. The cool air teased her skin as she closed her bedroom door tightly behind her. For a moment, she glanced into her workshop, enjoying the sight of the guillotine and gallows standing there. They were her projects and now she knew how she was going to use them.

Heat pulsed in her sex as she imagined Marisha being tied down on the guillotine, her large breast heaving as she stared up at the blade that was going to come down. Sonja wanted to see if she would come when the blade came down, or if she could force the girl into an orgasm and then snuff her at the moment the cries escaped her throat.

Pressing one hand against her sex, Sonja slipped a finger into the soaked folds. Her clitoris was hard and aching and she circled around it as she let the very real possibilities wash through her head.

"Help!" Betty's cry halted Sonja's musings. When she realized that Betty could speak clearly, Sonja's eyes widened and she hurried down the hallway while wiping her damp fingers on her thigh. Right outside the laundry area, she peeked around the corner.

At the sight of Betty's naked body twisting in her manacles, Sonja inhaled sharply. Betty yanked down repeatedly while she tried to yank herself off the wall. Her feet strained to hold up her weight, with only her toes touching the concrete floor. With her hands bound above her, Sonja could see her breasts heaving with frantic gasps. Along one wrist, a trickle of blood dripped down from where Betty had cut herself. Sonja bit back a smile as she saw a large bruise on Betty's face, where she had to slam the car trunk closed on it.

Next to Betty, away from the washer, was Ming. She was still unconsciousness, a limp body against the chains. As she watched, Sonja could see her twitching in a nightmare-filled sleep, her toes cracking with the automatic need to support herself. Ming's eyes fluttered open and closed, her body refusing to let her wake up or a desperate attempt to get out of her nightmare of a reality.

Theodora, on the other hand, was sobbing. Tears dripped down her dark skin, splashing down against chocolate breasts and dark nipples. Sonja stared at her, her eyes following the magnificent curves down to the dark brown patch of pubic hair between her legs. A few tiny folds of pink stuck out and Sonja had the urge to have her shaved, just to see more. One leg rubbed against the wall behind her as her muscles strained to hold her up; she was trying to climb the wall to free herself but failing.

Finally, her gaze stopped on Marisha. The curls of red hair cascaded down her chest, hiding her shoulders and chest. The girl was the least panicked of all of them, her eyes bright and staring around her, a single wrinkle of a frown marring her expression. Her legs shook with the effort to hold her body from dangling her weight only on her wrists. A few bruises formed around the narrow cuffs that bound her, the edges digging into the skin of her body. The gag was still in her mouth and drool ran down both sides of her jaw.

"Someone!" cried out Betty. "Someone help me!"

Sonja glanced down to where everyone but Marisha had spit out their gags. The cries of their voices rose up, sending pulses of heat coursing through Sonja's cunt, but also reminding her that Sonja's mother was still upstairs and would be investigating. "Fuck," she whispered and turned around to grab some rolls of tape and a better gag.

The door at the top of the stairs creaked open.

Swearing, Sonja hurried back to the stairs just as her mother came down.

Gweneth wore a white silk gown and a matching robe. The lace fabric around her breasts strained against her large mounds and the fabric buckled to hold her hips. She came down the stairs in a hurry with a scowl etched across her face. "What the fuck is going on?"

Sonja skidded to a halt. "Um, Mom. It's just---"

"Help!" screamed Betty followed by Ming and Theodora's cries. Metallic rattling echoed against the wall along with someone kicking the wall.

Sonja groaned.

Her mother finished walking down the stairs. "What the fuck?"

"Mother, I can explain."

"Help! Help! I've been kidnapped! Help me!"

Sweat prickled Sonja's skin as the muscles in her chest tightened. She didn't think about

Gweneth shoved Sonja aside. "What the hell are you and Meris doing? That sounded like chains."

Terror pounded Sonja's heart as she walked after her mother, trying to come up with some lie to explain why she had four naked teenagers chained to the back wall. At the same time, she berated herself for not thinking about using tape for the gags the night before. She only hoped she could come up with some reason that would keep Meris safe.

Her mother stopped a few feet into the laundry area. Her jaw opened as she stared at the girls.

"Oh god, thank you!" cried Betty. "Get me out! Please! I didn't do anything! I don't---"

"Help us!" cried Ming.

Theodora only sobbed loudly, the high-pitched whine drifting through the wall of noise.

Sonja froze just out of sight. They didn't know it was her who kidnapped them. It was obvious that her mother was going to pull her out, but fear kept her pinned in place.

Gweneth's face twisted in a frown as she stared at them. To Sonja's surprise, she didn't rush over to try rescue them. Instead, Gweneth planted her fists on her hips and looked back at Sonja. "What. The. Fuck?"

Sonja ducked her head. She planted one hand on the wall, as if it would keep her in position.

"Serious, Sonja, this is what you---"

"Sonja!" screamed Betty. "That fucking bitch did this to me!? When I get my hands on her---"

Gweneth's head snapped to glare at Betty. "Quiet, Bitch."

Betty gasped. "I'll---"

"I'm talking to my daughter. Now be quiet so I can figure out what is happening."

"Your bitch of a daughter kidnapped us! I'm fucking naked! Now get me the fuck off this wall so I can get my mother down here to throw that fucking cunt in prison for the rest of her life!"

Gweneth turned away from Betty as the teenager continued to scream. She gestured for Sonja.

Gingerly, Sonja stepped into the laundry area. She glanced at Betty who was thrashing in her chains, twisting violently as more blood ran down her arms. Her eyes were blazing with fury and the words that came rushing out of her mouth were almost incoherent.

Betty caught sight of Sonja and stared to scream at her, flecks of spit splattering as she lashed out. The muscles of her arms and stomach tightened as she kicked out, missing Sonja. The sight of the blonde struggling brought the liquid heat back to Sonja's pussy, but the fear of being caught tempered it. Both made her dizzy with emotion and she stepped forward, trying not to think about the dribbling down her thigh or her achingly hard nipples and clitoris.

"And these must be the girls who got you kicked out of school." Gweneth spoke in a calm, calculated voice, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. A cold expression graced her face as she glared at all four girls.


"Do you know how much trouble you bitches gave me? After that fight at the school, I had to cancel meetings to deal with your crap."

"My mother will sue the fuck out of you! Both of you cunts!""

Gweneth stepped forward. Her hand pulled back and she slapped Betty hard, the sound ringing out in the basement as the blond's head snapped back, cracking against the concrete.

Betty's cries paused as she stared in dazed shock. It cleared after a few moments, but when it faded, there was only despair behind the purple contacts.

"Sonja, we have to talk." Gweneth snapped her hand out, grabbed Sonja, and practically dragged her down the hall.

Sonja gave the girls one last last before letting herself be pulled into her workshop.

Her mother spun her around and sat her down on the guillotine bench, glaring at her with a strange intensity. "What the fucking hell do you think you are doing!?"

"Well, I---"

"You didn't think, did you!? You are a stupid fucking cunt, aren't you?"

Her mother's voice rang out through the workshop. "You are so fucking stupid! Do you think they aren't going to track you down? Were you planning on ruining your whole entire life, just to get revenge on a stupid bitch who got you kicked out of school!?"

Sonja saw her mother swinging again and flinched. She avoided the brunt of the slap, but pain still blossomed across her cheek from the impact. She clutched her jaw and glared up at her mother.

Gweneth took a deep breath and held out her hands. "Now... I want you to let those girls go and you and me are going to take a little ride."

Sonja felt an anger rising up inside her. "Like hell I will."

Her mother loomed over her, her breasts almost blocking out the light. "This is neither the time or place for you to question me, girl. Let those girls go and you suffer the consequences of your actions. I'm sure their faces are already all over the news and it's only a matter of time before someone noticed them here."

"They hurt Meris."

Her mother stepped back, her jaw cracking as she clamped her mouth shut. She raised her hand to slap, but then lowered it. "I refuse to be dragged down with your fucking stupid tricks. You can screw up your life, but I won't let you do it in my house."

Sonja stood up, anger raging. "I---"

"I will not be part of this! I will not be dragged to prison because you can't control yourself! There is a time and place for everything and kidnapping a stupid bitch is never the right thing to do!"

Her scream echoed against the walls, echoing back against Sonja's ears painfully. Even as she prayed that Meris would not wake up, she realized that something was going to snap. She drew on her fury toward Betty and snapped back. "Listen! I know what I'm doing and I covered my tracks---"

Her body froze in mid-word. Her mother's clothes fluttered violently and she felt a wall of heat slam into her. It sapped at her strength, pulling her down. Almost instantly, it was hard to breath as the air around both of them wavered from the temperature.

A strand of her mother's hair flared up and a wisp of smoke rose from it.

Sonja's vision blurred and she saw her mother's form superimpose itself with the female ghost who tortured her. She had seen her face in most of her nightmares and she knew what was in store for her.

Tears dripped from Sonja's cheeks as she tried to fight the weakness, but her body refused to move. She fought violently, more in her mind than in her unresponsive body. She strained against the heat, but her body collapsed underneath her. The ground slammed against her body as she slumped down, the sound of her mother's laughter mixing in with the ghost's own chuckle.

"You just didn't get the hint, did you?"

Sonja whimpered, unable to even look up. Sweat poured down her face, breasts, and thighs to splash on the sawdust-covered ground.

"I tried to warn you. I gave you dreams of what was fate for you." Her mother's voice blurred with the ghosts. "I even gave you your mother to fuck, to give you something to get you off whenever you want. Money? I gave you presents, a car, everything."

Gweneth walked over, her bare feet coming into Sonja's view as Sonja struggled to move. More sweat ran down her face, the salt burning her eyes.

"But you couldn't listen. Like one of those fucking muffins, you got off on the idea of being killed and killing, didn't you? It was that Meris cunt, wasn't it? Your own personal spit muffin, begging to be snuffed. I knew it, that was why I was trying to separate you two. But, you couldn't take your own fucking mother as a personal slut. You had to be one of his."

Gweneth knelt down in front of her, but Sonja couldn't see her through the blurred vision and the heat that seared her lungs. "You are remarkably strong-willed though, for a girl in this day and age. Most people who die in their dreams die when their heart gives out. But you, you somehow survived dying in your dreams time after time. Even when I force you to feel every single flare of flame and that spit through your body, you somehow managed to survive."

The ghost's superimposed voice dropped into a bitter register, the annoying clear in the words even through concentration Sonja needed to just bring in a few gulps of cool air into her burning lungs. "I may not be able to kill you in your dreams, Sonja, but I can kill you in this world. And once I finish you, I'll make sure your little slut joins you, along with the four bitches in the back."

Sonja's mind latched on the threat to Meris, the only hope for her. Using it as a wrench, she strained her body to speak out words, the only thing she felt capable of doing. "I-I hope Master Cold takes you!"

"Master... Cold? Is that what you call him? Your 'master?'" She scoffed derisively, "Please, he's a mind-fucker who has you convinced that gutting a bunch of girls is going to save you. But, he can't save you now. He might be good for a bunch of little tricks with ice and cold, but he couldn't possess or manifest even if he tried to."

Sonja whimpered, her throat locking up with the heat that burned inside her. Her hair started to smoke from the ghostly heat, flames of anger instead of wood and coal.

A hand grabbed her hair and pulled her up. She screamed out as the pain exploded in her scalp, but her mother's possessed form was far stronger than possible. Gweneth wore a mask of anger as she dragged Sonja back to the guillotine and threw her on it.

"So, he wanted you to enjoy a little head-cutting, did he? It wasn't good enough for me," the spite rang out with every word, "but it is for you? Well, I'll make sure you enjoy it properly, right before your little slut takes her ride on those gallows."

Sonja whimpered and kicked feebly as her mother's body yanked her forward, pressing her face against the frame of the guillotine. Her body slid along the polished wood, the smell of her efforts no longer a comfort as she helplessly slumped against it.

Her mother chuckled, "Oh... might as well test to see how well you can build."

Heat continued to sap at Sonja's strength. She couldn't do anything but tremble.

Her possessed mother yanked her up enough to force one of Sonja's legs over the bench and then jammed her down.

Sonja's vulva were crushed against the wood. The pain snapped up along her nerves and she gasped from the intensity.

She was helpless as her mother yanked her forward to the blade. Instead of forcing her head into the lunette, Gweneth shoved Sonja forward until her breasts were on top of the crossbar. Her nipples caught on the edge but Gweneth pulled up on her hair until the soft mounds rested completely over the gap between the front and back of the lunette.

The ghost chuckled evilly, "First, we'll test it on those lumps you seem to be so proud of."

She grabbed each of Sonja's hands and forced them to hold the side of the frame.

Sonja sobbed as she fought against the heat that boiled inside her. It kept her from moving but it didn't stop the boiling heat that grew inside her pussy. Her dreams had been filled with scenes such as this and the intensity of reality was overwhelming. She had spent hours sanding and polishing the bench between her legs. She had caressed the very wood that her breasts were now stretched over, poised for the supernaturally sharp blade poised to slash down and cut her. It was only days ago that she had caressed the side of the frame, where her hands were planted now, but then she could move easily and now the heat forced her hands to curl into claws and lock her in place.

"We're going to cut off those pretty little hands and then see how long as you can survived as a tit-less, arm-less cunt."

Sonja tried to call out but her mouth work silently, the heat in her lungs making it impossible to get anything other than a gasp out. She prayed that Meris would wake up to save her, but no noises came from the bedroom.

When Meris didn't come, she cried out for her master, Master Cold, to save her.

The ghost danced her mother's fingers along the release for the blade.

Sonja whimpered and closed her eyes, half afraid to hear the rushing noise and feel the vibrations of the blade coming down. The golden blade ran in her mind's eye as she tried again and again to call out for someone, anyone.

"Time to die, Sonja."

Gweneth yanked on the handle.

The guillotine shook as the blade came rushing down. The fear exploded inside her as did an orgasm in anticipation.

She screamed out as the blade rushed down.

An explosion slammed her back with the force of ten-thousand blows. Her skin burned as the force threw her back, away from the guillotine and onto the floor. Her back crashed into a pile of wood in the corner, at least one nail punching into her skin as she felt the pain redoubling from both sides. The force of the blow knocked the wind out of her seared lungs and she couldn't see.

The impact of the blade hitting the bottom of the guillotine filled the room, vibrating through the floor as it buried itself into the wood below.

Her breasts felt like they were on fire and as she gasped for air, she wished the explosion took her a few seconds earlier, to prevent herself from being cut apart. She grabbed her chest, wanting to stop the flow of blood.

Instead of a gaping wound, she wrapped her hands around the soft mounds of her breasts and hard nipples digging into her palm. With a sob, she cried out and curled up, reflexively protecting her breasts from injury.

Her effort yanked the tail free from her shoulder. She shuddered from the pain but curled herself tighter. Between her legs, she cold feel icy air tickling her pussy, teasing the moisture from her intense, almost overwhelming orgasm.

It took her a moment to realize it was cold that she felt.

Sonja cracked open one eye and stared down at the concrete. It was white and smeared, a few curls of sawdust on the rough surface. Blinking, she stared at it until it came into full focus and she realized that ice had streaked across the surface.



"Master Cold..." It was a prayer, relief, and everything all rolled into one. Her eyes slowly rose up from the ground, looking at the icicles that hung from her guillotine while hoarfrost covered every surface, except where her body was thrown back from the blade that still shook from the impact.

A tired voice startled her, Meris. "I won't ever be your master, Love."

Sonja gasped and her head snapped around to see Meris standing over her mother's body, a two-by-four in her hand. One end was stained red with blood and Sonja looked down to see a puddle forming underneath her mother's head.


Meris, naked as her, dropped the wood and threw herself at Sonja. Sonja tried to catch her, but Meris just slammed into her with arms and kisses.

"Oh, Sonja! I thought you were going to die. I could hear you but I couldn't move, this heat... this horrible heat kept pushing me down until suddenly it got really cold and I had to save you!"

It was a flood of words but Sonja warmed up in her lover's kisses and she wrapped her arms around Meris, sobbing from the brush of death she just experienced.

"I love you, Sonja, I love you so much and I never want to see you like that again."

Sonja could only sob as Meris held her tightly.

Eventually, Meris' words slowed down, but not the kisses. Between gasps for breath, Meris started to ask questions.

"What happens?"

"Why did your mother do that?"

"Why couldn't you move?"

"Where did that explosion come from?"

For each one, Sonja tried to answer to the best of her ability, not keeping anything from her lover. Even when she stumbled on the efforts to explain Master Cold, she kept speaking until Meris grunted.

"The ghost... right? The one that keeps doing things for us?"

The last word shocked Sonja, "Us?"

Meris squeezed Sonja tightly, "I remember feeling this cold when I needed to find you. It was just a breeze, but it kept getting stronger. And then it started keeping me away from Betty while you were suspended. After a while, I stopped worrying how it happened and just let it push me."

Sonja cried some more, this time in happiness. Her master took care of Meris just like her. It was a strange feeling but a good one.

Meris pointedly look at her mother. "What about her?"

"I... I don't know. I think she is possessed by someone who wants to kill me."

"The heat?"

Sonja shook her head, "Never mind. She... the ghost seems to be always on fire. Hot. She made me weak, even when I tried to move."

"And the... Master Cold is the icy feelings I get?"

Nodding, Sonja took a deep breath, "She said that he was going to kill me, but then she tried just now. She... she was going to cut off my...." She couldn't finish the thought. Kissing Meris, she changed topics. "Master Cold hasn't tried to kill us. He was the one who got me Betty and the others for you."

Meris bit her lip, "Does this mean we should trust him?"

Sonja chuckled, "Only as long as he saves us."

"Good, now what about her?"

She thought a long time before Sonja answered. "I don't know, but I think we should tie her down until we have a chance to figure it out."

Sonja looked around, "How about the guillotine, that way if she is possessed, we can threaten her with the blade."

Meris nodded and they scrambled to their feet. Working quickly, they reset the guillotine and lifted her mother into place. The best position seemed to be on her back, looking up at the blade, so they rolled her over and stuck her head through the hole. Fitting her head into the bracket, they pushed it into place. Meris found a padlock and locked the bracket in place, preventing Gweneth from escaping. Sonja tied her mother's legs into place, spread out and tightly bound before they both tied her arms down. Finished, they stood back and looked at her.


"Yes, love?"

"We have your mother in a guillotine and four naked girls in the back. Do you think we are going too far?"

Sonja took a long hard look at Meris who grinned back. Then burst into tearful laughter. "Oh fuck!"

Meris joined in, hugging Sonja tightly as she laughed.

Sonja's sides hurt by the time they stopped, their mirth breaking the hushed mood over the workshop.

"Now what?"

Sonja paused for a moment, "Lunch? Then figure it out?"

"Yeah... breakfast actually."

"Okay, breakfast. You can serve me."

Meris arched her back seductively, "As you wish, Mistress Sonja."

"Don't tease."

"But Mistress..."

"I'll give you 'Mistress!'"

They ran up the stairs, giggling and ignoring the women behind them. Sonja needed a respite before they figured out what to do with any of them.

Beginning of Chapter 27.


You are awesome, Sir!
Please don't let us down.


Just so everyone knows, when I first wrote this scene in 2009, I was *this* close to debreasting Sonja. It would have just entirely derailed the rest of the story. :(


That would have being interesting but I imagine that would have created a pretty large inconvenience for our two main characters.

Also just wanted to say that I'm loving this story and your previous stuff, keep up the great work.


Chapter 29: The Present (FFF bond toy v sn)

Sonja inched down the stairs, a dark cloud hanging over her head. Her bare feet caressed each rough wooden step. She could feel the cool air against her pussy and nipples, but instead of getting her wet in anticipation, they only added to the discomfort of the sodden lump in her stomach.

Lunch had started playfully, but as soon as they realized they had to come back down, the joy had faded. The idea that her mother had been possessed by a ghost was one thing, somehow that didn't bother her, but now Sonja wasn't sure what to do. When she started her plans for kidnapping Betty and the bitches, it was a half-formed and vague plan. And she made a lot of mistakes on the way.

Now, she was at the cusp of having to do something about it. She could let them free and then spend the rest of her life in prison. Somehow, she didn't think Betty would just let it go. No, the blonde bitch would make sure that Sonja wouldn't survive it.

And then Betty would go after Meris.

Sonja realized the muscles in her jaw had tightened and forced them to relax before taking another step. No one would hurt her Meris, she would see to that.

Behind her, her lover crept down the stairs after her. She didn't say anything, but her breath came faster the closer they approached the bottom stair. Her hand trembled on Sonja's shoulder, the heat of her palm seeping into the skin and giving Sonja some comfort.

From down the hall, she could Betty and the others moaning. The soft cries of fear and despair brought a welcoming rush for Sonja. No, there was no chance she would let Betty going. The bitch was going to die and Sonja hoped that when the time came, it would be brutal and painful for all of them.

The thought of hearing Betty scream in terror bolstered Sonja's courage. She took the last few steps and walked into her workshop. The first hints of her excitement were already returning, the scent of her excitement and a tingling along her vulva and clitoris with anticipation.

It was tempered with the realization it was her own mother strapped to the guillotine. Seeing Gweneth on her back with her head through the lunette was discerning, to say the least. It was a position that excited Sonja in her dreams, and she had imagined at least one of her victims being strapped in it, but at the same time, it was her mother. Her own flesh and blood. The woman who fucked her in the middle of the night before things turned sour.

Gweneth's breasts rose and fell, straining the thin fabric of her nightgown. They were large and full, just as Sonja remembered from her dreams. She had touched and stoked them when her mother had seduced her. No, the ghost had done in Gweneth's body, not the other way around. But, the realization didn't stop the memories of soft skin and moans that they had enjoyed together.

Sonja glanced at Meris. She had never told her lover that she had fucked her own mother. It was one of those things that she held back, but she couldn't remember if it was because of Master Cold or her own fear of Meris finding out. Looking back, she also remembered how she felt weak around Gweneth when she was being fucked; it was the same strength-sapping heat that the ghost used against her earlier that day.

She let her breathe quietly and continued into the workshop. Her eyes never left her mother's body, tracing along the thighs that led to the junction between her legs or the rise and fall of the large breasts that almost matched her own.

It took a moment to come around to the front of the guillotine where her mother looked up from the lunette.

As soon as she came into view, Gweneth turned toward her. "Oh, Baby, what is going on?"

Sonja's knees grew weak at hearing the terror-filled voice of her own mother.

"Please, please, let me go. I don't know what happened? I shouldn't be here." Tears ran down Gweneth's face.

Sonja wondered if the ghost had left her mother. She reached out for the lunette, not to release her mother at first, but for balance. Her hand rested on warm wood, warmer than it should have been in the basement. She inhaled sharply and peered into her mother's face, looking for some sign of the ghost.

Shimmering eyes stared back at her. "Please, Baby, let me out."

Heat tickled Sonja's skin, just a ripple against her arm and fingers.

"Sonja?" whispered Meris. "Is your mother---"

Sonja shook her head and pulled back. "No, that isn't my mother."

"Come on, please just let me go."

"You aren't my mother," declared Sonja.

For a long moment, no one said anything. Then Gweneth's eyes narrowed. "There is a fine line between being vulnerable to that fucking ghost and being sensitive to us."

It was the dual-toned of the ghost and her mother that spoke out. Sonja jumped, though she didn't know why. It shouldn't have surprised her that the ghost was still there, or playing with her emotions. She gulped at her dry throat while looking at the seemingly helpless woman strapped to the guillotine.

"Had a nice lunch? Maybe had that cunt of yours lapping at your pussy because you spilled some food?" There was only venom in her mother's voice.

Sonja blushed hotly and glanced over at Meris.

Gweneth chuckled and twisted her body, straining at her bounds. Her head could only move slightly in the lunette, but the sight was remarkably erotic despite the confused emotions warring inside Sonja.

"Is... is her mother still in there?" asked Meris.

Gweneth smiled. "Of course, you stupid cunt. Do you think I could just kick out the cow's thoughts and move right in?"

"I-I didn't---"

"You didn't think. Of course you didn't. All you do is get off on seeing someone being butchered and being told what to do. Well, have your little lover over here yank the lever down and you can see my head roll." Gweneth's eyes narrowed as a cruel smile stretched across her face. "Don't worry, you can imagine you are right here, I won't mind."

Meris gasped and turned away.

Sonja snapped, "Stop that!"

Gweneth turned her head to look at Sonja. "Or what? You'll kill me? I'm already dead. The only think that would happen is that you'll have snuffed your own mother. Just like you dreamed about doing."

A warmth seeped into her skin, pushing back the cold of the basement. Sonja felt it before, it was the ghost's influence. She shook her head and stepped forward to move her feet to a colder spot. "Let my mother go and just leave us alone."

Gweneth laughed. "Let her go? She's in her by her own consent. She knows fucking well what I'm doing."

"You were going to kill me! My mother---"

"---wouldn't what? Kill her own daughter to keep her meteoric rise in her company? To take advantage of my powers to dominate meetings, silence people, and gain control over those fat fucks in charge of her company? What do you think she's been doing while you've been fingering your cunt and using that girl," she nodded toward Meris, "as your own personal fuck slave? She's been taking over."

Sonja closed her mouth and tried again. "My mother would never try to kill me."

Gweneth smiled broadly. It looked strange with her on her back and looking up at Sonja. "Do you really think your mother would have hesitated when I told her that she would have all this power as long as I could torture and snuff you?"

Sonja wanted to deny it, but the ghost was right. Her mother would do anything for her career, including drag both of them without notice to California just to follow the job.

"Yes," the ghost said in a low voice, "you know it. No, your mother is just like me, that is why we got along so well. Even on that first night, she opened her legs and mind to my offer. A promise of riches and power, all for spitting her fucking daughter."

"T-The first night?" Sonja didn't want to believe it.

"The first night. When you were sneaking around the backyard like a slut, I was watching from the window while fucking your mother's skull at the same time. Her sweet ass was mine and we both came when you crawled into that oven. If I could, I would have fired it up right then and there."

Gweneth's hips rose and fell, her body twisting against her bounds and her nightgown. "Fuck, that would have been hot and your so-called Cold would have lost his pawn in this little fucking game."

"Stop it."

Gweneth's eyes grew wider. "You never told me to stop before."

A tingle ran along Sonja's nerves, a growing fear.

"In fact, I remember you moaning quite nicely when you were sprawled out on your bed with my fingers buried in that tight cunt of yours."

The soft, mocking voice echoed in the room.

Meris gasped and stepped back.

Sonja felt sick to her stomach. A heat washed over her, sapping her strength. It pinned Sonja in place it and it took all of her effort to turn her head toward her lover.

Meris was almost against the wall, her face ashen and her hand over her mouth.

Sonja whimpered and opened her mouth, but no words came out. The heat poured through her, holding her tightly despite Gweneth being bound on the guillotine. She wanted to reach over and yank the hand, to snuff the ghost and end it, but she couldn't.

"You know it's true, cunt," Gweneth said in her dual-toned voice. "That other perfume you caught when you were going down on your lover? That was my own juices smeared all over Sonja's cunt when we fucked for hours on my bed."

Sonja wanted to lash out, to strangle the bitch. It was true, shamefully so, but she wanted to say something.

Tears shimmering in her eyes, Meris looked at Sonja.

Sonja strained to cry out, but the heat pinned her in place.

"I've seen you looking at that big strap-on my dresser? You know where that has been? In both of us," Gweneth chuckled. "I buried it balls-deep into Sonja's pussy."

"Sonja... is that true?"

"Of course it is," answered Gweneth. "You know that little high-pitched moan she makes when she comes? I've heard that so many times."

Tears ran down Sonja's cheeks as she fought against the ghost's heat powers. She looked pleadingly at Meris, trying to break free.


"Sonja?" whispered Meris in a broken whisper.

There were so many answers that Sonja could give. She would kill, she would cheat, she would do anything to heal the devastated look on her lover's face. But, then she would be lying. With a sob, she looked away and tried to break free of both the ghost's heat and the crippling despair that slammed into her.

Meris let out a loud cry and race out of the room. Her footsteps thumped against the steps as she sprinted up the stairs and slammed the door shut behind her.

Gweneth chuckled. "And now that the cunt is gone."

The heat disappeared and Sonja could move. She lurched forward and caught herself against the guillotine. It took a moment to catch her breath. When she could, she glared down at her mother. "Why did you do that?"

"Because," Gweneth said in her mother's furious voice, "I'm going to ruin you for him. Happiness? You will never have it. This will end in blood and tears and there is nothing, nothing you can do about it."


"Because you are his fucking game. A trophy he's going to put on his shelf when you decide to snuff yourself."

"He would never kill us!"

"That is the point, idiot! He doesn't try to kill you, he makes you think its a wonderful idea to kill yourself! You'll look at the knife and think you want to cut your throat. Or go too far while playing with this fucking guillotine."

"He would never do that!"

"Admit it, you've thought about lying right here," Gweneth rattled the lunette and twisted her body in her bounds, "and pulling the handle."

A surge of lust exploded inside Sonja. She had thought about it, more than once.

"Yeah, getting juiced up. That is what he wants from you."

"You... you," Sonja gasped, "you were the one giving me dreams of being killed at night."

"You were suppose to die in your sleep, you fucking cunt. You weren't suppose to get off. I thought I had you before he got his claws into your head, but apparently you were always one of those fucking spit-muffins."

"No, I'm not," lied Sonja.

"You were just like me, Cunt. You thought you wanted it, but you don't know what happens next. You don't die when you off yourself. You end up one of his fucking toys for all time. The others are here too, caught in their cages, unable to escape. Do you want to be some bastard's pet? Just because you get juicy at the idea of lopping off your own head."

Sonja shook her head. She reached for the handle.

Gweneth barked a laugh. "Go head. Cut off my head. I've been through far worse, girl, and dying one more time won't possibly stop me. If he managed to get his claws into you, I'll just stop the next one. Sooner or later, I will stop him if it is the last thing I do."

The heat rose up around her, licking at her skin, but the weakness didn't come.

Sonja looked down at her, disgust and anger in her. "You are no longer my mother."

The ghost looked up at her, "Obviously. She wasn't your mother for years. It was just obvious when she was willing to trade your tight little fuck hole for riches."

Gweneth moaned and twisted her chest again. Her nipple slipped out of an opening in her nightgown, the perky tip reminding Sonja how she had sucked on it for hours when they were fucking each other. "No," moaned the ghost, "this soul is mine now and there is no force in this world that will save what is left of your mother. She and I are together, and I'll drag her into the next life when your corpse rots in the kitchen."

Sonja slapped her mother hard.

Gweneth laughed loudly even as a trickle of blood dripping from her lips.

Infuriated, Sonja raised her hand to slap her again.

Meris' soft voice stopped the next blow. "How about this instead?"

Turning around, Sonja saw her lover standing at the foot of the stairs in all of her glorious nudity, carrying the massive strap-on that Gweneth... no, the ghost, used to fuck. Sonja paused, hand still up in the air, staring at Meris.

The pale teenager smiled hesitantly. "Please... I need to know. I need to know it... you... that you'd choose me over her."

Sonja lowered her hand. "Meris?"

"Please, I need to know."

Sonja dropped her hand and padded over to Meris. With tears in her eyes, she wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. Soft sobs ripped out of Meris. She felt arms around her, the strap-on heavy against her back as Meris held her tightly, very tightly.

"Sonja... I don't want to make sense, I just want to make sure that I'm the only girl in your life."

"Oh, Meris, you are."

"But, I need to know, please, for me?"

From the guillotine, "Wow, that makes like no sense, does it. Fuck your mother to prove your love?"

Meris looked over Sonja's shoulder and spoke in a hard tone. "Not fuck, kill. I want her to fucking choke you on your own damn cock!"

"What!?" Sonja wasn't sure if it was her or her mother who cried out. Meris held her tightly, looking deep into Sonja's eyes.

"I want you to kill her. Just like the others, I want her as my present. I want to say how she dies and it should be on this." Meris shook the strap-on.

Sonja felt the tears in her eyes, her mind spinning even as she felt the heavy weight on her back. Taking a deep breath, one of many, she shook her head. "No."

Meris whimpered, "... why?"

"I want you to kill her."


A tingle slid up her spine and Sonja felt a sharp brush of cold wind against her ankle. She smiled to herself as she spoke again. "Yes... I want you to kill her. I want you to fuck her until you realize you are the only lover in my life. And when you look over her rotting corpse, I will dedicated my soul to yours. Until the day I die, you will be the only one I love and if we survive into the next life, I will be yours just as much."

Sonja's words rang out through the workshop and Meris stared up at her with all the adoration and love that her bright blue eyes could express. Sonja smiled broadly and reached down to kiss her lips tenderly.

Meris moaned and held her tight, gasping in the kiss until they broke tenderly.

"Now, go kill my mother."

Together, they slipped the strap-on Meris' hips, guiding a tiny stabilizing dildo into her moist slit and settling it into place. Her pussy was already searing hot with anticipation. With a few straps tightened, the black cock spread obscenely from her frail-looking hips. Bright blue eyes shone as Meris inched forward, to Gweneth's head.

The possessed woman spoke sharply, "I will see you rotting in hell," and tightened her lips and jaw.

Meris reached down and grabbed Gweneth's head, trying to hold it steady. The black cock awkwardly bobbed as she pressed it up against Sonja's mother's lips.

Gweneth just tightened her jaw even more, a smile tightly plastered to her face.

Meris tried a couple of times, slapping the rubber against the older woman's face, but she refused to let her. Sonja watched and held her mother's head still, but still Meris couldn't get the cock into her.

Then, a bright idea sparkled through Sonja's head, a memory of a terrible dream. "Try her eyes."

The response was immediate, Gweneth spasmed against the ropes, slamming against them as she screamed out in a high-pitched voice. "No!"

Sonja leaned down. "You tore out your own eyes for him, didn't you? I remember they were nothing but holes in my dreams."

"I will fucking kill you!"

A pulse of heat exploded inside Sonja. She panted as she stared into the now-frightened eyes of her mother. "But you won't ever see us again."

Gweneth twisted and screamed in her bounds. She closed her eyes tightly as she tried to escape.

Meris and Sonja grabbed her tightly, the heavily-build guillotine easily holding the writhing woman. The wedged tip of the dildo bobbed in the air, aiming toward the frightened eyes of the possessed woman.

The ghost screamed out again and again, spasming with fear and terror with every passing moment.

The shrieks of terror grew worse as Meris brought her hips forward, resting the heavy black tip against Gweneth's right eye.

It took all of Sonja's strength to keep the woman still. She grabbed the dildo and held it in place, using her weight to keep Gweneth aimed.

The ground almost shook with Gweneth's effort to free herself, the ropes squeaking with every second.

Sonja looked up at Meris and nodded. "Fuck her."

Meris bit her lips and leaned forward, pushing the tip of the dildo against the eye socket. In comparison, the rubber blackness was huge compared to the tiny opening, but it was nothing compared to the absolute terror that exploded from Gweneth's body. Useless heat rose up from the body, but not nearly hot enough to burn the ropes or scorched the wood.

Fear was finally on the lover's side.

"Fuck her, love. Kill my mother."

Sonja's whisper filled the room and Meris closed her eyes tightly as she thrust forward. The head caught on the bone, but Meris grabbed Gweneth with both hands and drew back. Her naked buttocks flexed and Sonja was overwhelmed with a wave of lust.

Without a word, Meris shoved forward, slamming the black cock against Gweneth's eye. This time, it lodged into the hole.

Gweneth screamed out shrilly.

A muted popping noise vibrated through her body and the dildo sank another inch into the hole.

The ghost's voice cracked as she tried to scream higher. The fury of her attempts to escape became desperate, yanking free of Sonja's grip but the strap-one was already lodged inside her eye socket.

A single trickle of blood and hazy fluids oozed out from the the gap between flesh and rubber.

Meris set her jaw and thrust forward, driving the dildo deeper.

Sonja took a deep breath and caught the scent of her lover's pussy. Her eyes flickered to the side and saw that Meris was dripping wet as she strained to force more of the dildo into the screaming woman.

Meris pulled back only a quarter of an inch before jamming it forward. Every stroke managed to get deeper, but the tiny strokes were incredibly erotic as the dildo took on a sheen of eyeball fluids and blood.


Gweneth's screams echoed shrilly as Meris drew it back, leaving a gaping and bloody opening where her eye used to be. Blood and liquid poured out, splashing along Gweneth's face and pouring into her noise. She choked on it, a gurgling gasp.

Meris let out a grunt and thrust forward again, jamming the dildo deep into Gweneth's eyes. This time, it managed to plunge a few inches into the sticky hole. She yanked it out and slammed it home, raping Gweneth's skull with hard, brutal strokes.

Sonja held Meris with one hand, encouraging her by pulling on the tight buttocks that fucked her mother. The other was between her legs, fingering herself in time with the strokes. Her pussy was soaked with her juices. The building orgasm felt like a knife inside her with the intensity but she didn't care. Her eyes never left the bloody opening of her mother's eye socket.

Heat flared up around them, but it faltered with every stroke. When Meris buried most of the dildo into Gweneth's skull, the heat faded. When she pulled, it grew.

Sonja panted as she watched her lover skull-fuck her mother.

Meris grabbed the lunette, her fingers over the slot. She didn't have to hold Gweneth's head anymore, it was thoroughly impaled on the black cock. Each stroke was easily half a foot. When she pulled out, bits of blood-soaked gray chunks clung to the shimmering rubber. She rammed it forward, sometimes hard enough that Sonja hear bone cracking.

Meris whimpered, in pleasure and in anger, as she drove the strap-on in and out. Her bare skin was covered in sweat and her body shook.

Gweneth continued to scream, but the noises were choking off.

Soon, Meris' pubic mound slapped against Gweneth's head. She had nine inches of black dildo buried into Gweneth's skull, but it didn't seem to matter. she continued to pound it hard into Sonja's mother, fucking her with fast, brutal strokes and guttural moans.

With a scream of her own, Meris rammed hard, burying the entire length of the rubber cock into the soft defenseless brain of the possessed woman.

Sonja gasped as she felt Gweneth spasm one last time, the burning heat fading as Meris pressed tightly against her face, keeping the black rubber deep inside her mother's skull.

With a spark, Sonja came herself. She clawed at her vulva and clitoris, pushing the orgasm into sky-high and painful intensities.

Slowly, their eyes met, bright blue lust matched with a sea-green love that knew no bounds. Trembling, Meris leaned forward and Sonja lifted her lips to kiss her. It was soft and tender, a stark contrast to the burning knowledge that her mother was dead by her own lover's hand.

Beginning of chapter 29.


Still just as much an epic as it has been. I think the sheer length is actually scaring people off, still.
Well, the latest chapter took a weird left field-ish turn at the end that I didn't expect. It at least made sense with Meris becoming the one to do the deed. I guess, from her personality, she has always seemed timid and meek. The possessive bits I can understand as she also seems to be a jealous creature. I suppose it did take Sonja's coaxing for Meris to actually go through with it, so there's that.
The consequences eventually are going to slam headlong into the girls. From a realism stand point, that actually seems like the most interesting ends needing to be tied up. Granted, with supernatural bits and all that, realism did go at least slightly out the window.
You also have the still-mystery of what the heck happened to Sonja's other (first?) victim that's still lingering among a few other small loose ends.


On a kind of weird note, am I the only one still reading and keeping up with this??


Chapter 30: Prison Guards (FF oral, FF tort sn)

Another morning came and Sonja woke up again with a smile.

Meris nuzzled between her legs, brown hair bobbing as she felt the slick pleasure of her lover's tongue against her sex.

Moaning softly, Sonja worked her legs apart, freeing them from the confines of her blankets to give Meris more room.

Meris smiled, her lips curling against her inner thighs and slick labia, then pushed her tongue in deeper, lapping against the core of her pleasure, the tiny fold of nerves that sent delicious tingles stretching across her skin.

Languishingly, Sonja stretched out, her arms reaching high above her head and pressing against the wall. Knuckles pressed tightly as she arched her back, hooking her legs as Meris managed to find the most delicate of spots, sending an orgasm rippling through her body with tiny pants.

Sonja shuddered in ecstasy then cried out softly, her body tightened around Meris' head. A smile refused to leave her lips as she collapsed a few seconds later, the orgasm leaving her filled with the warm afterglow.

“You like?”

Glowing from her orgasm still, Sonja nodded. “Yes, very much.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful gifts. Last night was...” There was a strange intensity in Meris' eyes. It was terrifying but also erotic, something that hadn't been there the night before. Something had opened up inside Sonja's lover while killing Gweneth.

"I've never done that before. I mean, I've watched you butcher. But I've never seen," she panted, "I never killed someone before."

Meris took a long lap at Sonja's pussy.

Sonja clenched her muscles and moaned.

"It made me so fucking wet doing it."

Sonja giggled and drew Meris up to her to kiss. Their naked bodies pressed tightly as they ground against each other, but Sonja could sense Meris distracted, even through the passionate kisses. With a grin, she wormed one finger up between the pale legs and felt the slick liquid that pooled inside her.

Meris moaned loudly, rocking her hips forward and pressing her bare pussy tightly against Sonja's wrist.

“You want to play, don't you?”

Meris hesitated then sheepishly grinned. "It was... I came so hard. I want to hurt them."

"Don't kill them quite yet, drag it out and make them feel it, Baby."

"I will," whispered Meris, "but I want to just... just...."

Sonja stroked her clitoris for a moment, then nodded. “Okay, for a few hours, then breakfast.”

Meris sprung up and rolled off her, slapping to the ground and heading toward the door before Sonja could even get one foot off the bed. She moved a little slower, pulling on a flimsy robe before padding out through the door.

From down the hall, Meris' voice rose up sharply, filled with amusement and bitter spite. “Well, if it is the great Betty Goldstone. I heard your mother is looking for you. Too bad that Sonja gave all four to me... the greatest present I could ever have.”

Muffled cries from Betty and Ming echoed down the hall.

Sonja shivered at a pulse of pleasure that warmed her pussy.

She glanced into the workshop, where her mother's corpse rested on the guillotine bench. A pool of blood soaked into the concrete but no longer dripped from the ruined eye socket of the possessed woman. Sonja concentrated on her emotions, trying to figure out why she felt nothing for the corpse that was her mother. She padded forward, one hand barely trembling as she reached out to touch the dead skin.

It was cool, the same temperature of the basement but had the consistency of thick pudding or raw meat in the fridge. She felt her breath in her chest, slow and steady, with just the hint of cold across her lips. Sonja smiled to herself and stopped next to her mother, looking down at the pale skin.

She said, “You should have never attacked my love, whoever you where.”

No answer came from the corpse, but Sonja felt that someone was listening.

“You could have talked instead of trying to kill me. It was the wrong thing to do, cutting me up in my dreams, spitting my Meris on the flames.”

She stroked her hand up to the cool nipple, squeezing the curves as if she was inspecting just meat at the butchers.

“You probably just did the most stupid thing you could have ever done.”

Her voice was hard and quiet in the workshop. She stepped around the guillotine and looked at the immense black rubber cock just stuffed into one eye socket. Dried blood matted her mother's hair, but she still fell nothing. Even the hints of pain and suffering in the dead expression didn't even invoke the barest hint of any emotion.

In the back of the basement, she could hear whimpers of pain coming up from Ming and Betty. It spiked for a moment and Meris' pleasure-filled voice echoed out through Sonja's contemplation.

“Well, I guess being a slut doesn't get you excited. Well... I know a way of making you wet.”

Betty screamed, the noise muffled through her gag. It was shrill and pain-filled.

Meris continued to torture her, doing something that kept the high-pitched noise going on and on.

Sonja felt faintly disturbed by it but also excited. She looked back down at her mother. With a trembling hand, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the thick base of the rubber cock. It was lodged deeply into the corpse's skull and she had to strain to start pulling it out. The rubber came out shiny, slick with juices, blood, and hunks of gray. When the skin of the corpse's face bulged out, she gave it a tug and yanked it out.

Coldly, she stared down at the gaping hole in the woman's head. In her head, the dildo felt heavy and cold, a dead weight that felt heavier with every second.

“You killed my mother. You wore her body, but you killed her.”

Emotionless words rang out from her lips and she pressed the tip of the cock against the unseeing eye. Only a firm pressure stopped her from burying it completely.

Sonja set her jaw and continued the pressure, grinding down until there was a muted popping noise. The dildo sank deeper instantly with a squelch of juices.

She walked around the corpse while still keeping pressure on the dildo. Her muscles strained as she forced it into the eye socket. It sunk in slowly and with great effort, clots of blood splashing to the ground heavily.

Her lips were tight as she buried its length into the eye socket and left it there.

Down the hall, Ming screamed out one last time and then silenced.

Sonja looked around her and then up at the blade poised above her mother. It sparkled in few streamers of morning light that peeked through the cracks. Looking down, she felt suddenly disgusted by the corpse and yanked on the release. The blade clattered down in one fell swoop, slicing through the neck and burying itself into the wood.

Gweneth's head dropped to the ground, rolling face down as the weight of the strap-on held it in place. It rocked back and forth for a moment and then settled into place, face down with the air spread out in a fan.

She stared at it for a long moment, her body trembling as pleasure coursed through her head. She was responsible for a murder. No, a second one. She remembered Rick and how he died that night. The heat of the blood spraying on her, the sight of the light fading from his eyes.

An icy pulse of pleasure coursed through her. It wasn't the raw emotion of lust but something more, a hungry desire to kill. It didn't matter that it was Meris who actually killed Sonja's mother, it was them. She saw death.

Sonja panted and smiled at the corpse, her chest rising and falling as the icy heat filled her body and tickled her sex. She relived the sight of Gweneth's eyes fading, the life fleeing out of her.

Meris had changed last night too. From the cries coming down the hall, the floodgates had opened and she felt the same icy lust for death as she did.


Her thoughts snapped as Meris' scream ran out from the basement, then the sound of a dull thud, and slap of naked feet running for freedom.

Even as the icy breeze slammed into her, Sonja was moving. Spinning around, she grabbed her mother's hair and sprinted for the entrance to the workshop. Moving blindly, she swung Gweneth's head around the corner.

There was a meaty smack and the head came bouncing back. The dildo popped out of the skull and landed heavily on the stairs.

Sonja swung down and came around the corner just as Marisha fell back, clutching her throat.

The red-haired beauty hit the ground, her bare ass pale against the concrete floor. Between her legs, her pussy was pink and swollen. Sonja could see pinch marks along both sides.

Marisha groaned and started to get up.

Dropping the head next to her, Sonja took a careful aim and slammed a foot hard into Marisha's chest. As it impacted, she kicked again. “You will not hurt my Meris!”

Dazed, Marisha couldn't resist as Sonja kicked her again and again, until the sound of cracking ribs filled the basement. Feeling herself growing hot with rage, she knelt down and grabbed Marisha's head with two hands.

Marisha's eyes opened up wide. "No---"

Sonja slammed Marisha's head to the ground. The heavy thud shook her through her arms and Marisha's eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Wrapped her hands into Marisha's hair, Sonja dragged the naked girl down the hall. The weight was nothing as the rage pulsed inside her, beating against her heart.

Meris scrambled to her feet as Sonja approached, a bruise on her face growing as she whimpered. “Sonja?”

It was the sound of a child who lost their toy, a woman who felt the first brush of death against her soul.

Sonja dropped Marisha heavily on the ground and rushed up to wrap her arms around Meris, holding her tightly. Meris held her for a moment, then started to cry.

“I'm sorry... I didn't think she could escape. She was the only one wet and I... I... just wanted to make her eat me out.”

Sonja stroked her head, “It's okay. We'll just make an example of her for the others.”

Her cold eyes scanned around at the three others. All three were terrified.

Betty's body showed the most abuse, with blood trickling down her thighs. Another dribble of blood grew from one nipple, where it looked like Meris cut it with pliers or some sort of knife.

Theodora's body heaved violently and hysterically, the dark skin soaked with sweat.

Trailing around the room, Sonja's gaze focused on Marisha's body. The red-haired girl started to moan, twitching as consciousness started to return to her. Slipping from Meris' grip, she padded over to the girl and grabbed a leg. Dragging her into the middle of the room, Sonja spoke in a commanding tone. “Love, get me some rope from the workshop and two of those big hooks from the freezer upstairs.”

Meris jumped and grunted in agreement before running out of the room.

Sonja turned slowly, addressing the three girls against the wall. “I'm going to make this very clear,” her eyes focused on Betty's frightened face, “I will not accept this from anyone in this house. You will not hurt my love and you will not,” she almost screamed out the word, “escape. Because pissing me off is a good way to make sure you have a very short and painful life instead of just being a toy for my love's passions. Pleasing her is probably going to be your best way to survive this.”

Marisha moaned and Sonja felt her body moving. Without looking down, she picked up one leg and held it up as she pressed her foot against the red-haired girl's throat. She felt the muscles tensing and increased the pressure until Marisha woke up with a suffocating terror.

“So, you are going to pay attention what I do to that fucking cunt. And the next girl who tries to escape, I'll shove into a fucking meat grinder and make sure it takes hours!”

Marisha's leg tightened as she tried to lunge for freedom.

Sonja twisted her ankle with all her strength. Her anger fueled her strength and she heard a cracking noise in Marisha's knee. With another twist, she forced an even louder crack from the ankle.

Marisha screamed out shrilly, her naked body thrashing on the ground. She kicked Sonja's thigh, but Sonja tensed her muscles against it and didn't move.

“Do you hear me!?”

Her scream echoed out in the basement and all three girls stared at her in stunned terror. Then, Theodora and Ming nodded. A second later, Betty's head bobbed in what almost looked like a resisting agreement.

Sonja kept the pressure on the knee and Marisha moaned weakly.


From the basement stairs, Meris' naked feet pounded against the wood and she sprung into the room. “Sonja?”

Seeing the rope and hooks, Sonja smiled. “It's okay, Meris.”

She paused, staring at the raw sexuality that vibrated in Meris' body. Sweat dripped off her small but perfect breasts, naked skin shining in the morning light.

Sonja felt a smile crossing her lips and she heard her speak out into the room. “I love you, Meris.”

Meris blinked, surprised, then brought the rope and hook to Sonja.

Sonja released Marisha's leg and let it drop to the ground.

Marisha whimpered in pain, trying to curl up as her hands clutched for her knees. Tears splashing on the concrete in an endless rhythm of sorrow, but Sonja ignored her for a moment.

Tying the two hooks to the end of the rope, she reached up and threaded the rope through the hooks. Her fingers caressed the sharp tips of the hooks and smiled down at Marisha. “I'm going to show you what happens to those to hurt her.”

It took her a little bit of effort to thread the rope through one of the heavy iron pipes crossing the ceiling above her; she needed to find a ladder to reach the twelve-foot ceilings. Having Meris hold the rope, she knelt down on Marisha, feeling the soft and curvy body underneath her knee. Marisha whimpered, looking up with pleading eyes.

“Too late.”

Grabbed the ankle of the ruined knee, she twisted it hard again. Bones ground against each other.

Marisha's scream ended when she passed out. Then, with the same hard emotions inside, Sonja brought the hook up and shoved it through the ankle, working it around bone as blood dripped to the ground, replacing the tears from the red-haired girl. Around her, Meris and the prisoners gasped as Sonja forced it in deeper, grunting as she jammed it harder and harder until it burst out of the other side. The bittersweet smell of blood flooded the air around her.Quickly, she wrapped the rope around the impaled leg, to prevent the hook from slipping out.

Her lips tight in anger, Sonja grabbed the other ankle and did the same, adding to the blood that dripped on the floor. Two rivers of blood poured into the drain, echoing as they dripping into the rusted iron pipe. She finished with a flair and a smile, looking down at the rope-wrapped legs with the two hooks peeking out of ruined ankles.

Meris' excitement, the soft perfume of lust, filled the room and Sonja smiled up at her. Lust burned in the bright blue eyes, a burning passion that warmed the numbness from Sonja's heart. It was the same look Meris gave her when Sonja was butchering meat.

Sonja panted, her body trembling with lust and desire. She was surprised her hands didn't shake when she took the rope from Meris' slack fingers.

Taking deep breaths, she drew the rope through the pipe in the ceiling. The blood-stained hooks lifted up into the air, only slowing when Marisha's legs started to rise up. Taking the effort to be steady, Sonja pulled harder on the rope, pulling Marisha into the air by her ankles. The red-haired girl's body was heavy by the time Sonja lifted her completely into the air, to dangling with limp hands.


Next to her, Meris continued to pant softly, one hand between her legs, sliding a finger in and out of her wet slit. Sonja felt the same welcoming pleasure between her legs, but she continued to pull the rope up until Marisha's body hung completely clear of the ground, her fingertips inches above the bloody concrete.

Her efforts brought Sonja close to one of the iron pipes in the room and Sonja wrapped the rope around it tightly, until there was no danger of Marisha falling to the ground. Padding over, she pulled the helpless girl's legs apart until her sex was obscenely exposed. One knee hung slightly looser than the other, from where Sonja broke it, but she no longer cared.

“Meris, wake her up?”

“Uh... how?”

“Cold water should do the trick, Love.”

As Meris started to pour ice-cold water from the slop sink by the washer, Sonja went to the closet filled with knives. Selecting a few of the delicate ones, she caressed the wooden handles. Some of the handles were bone, but the wood felt better against her palm. Grabbing three good knives, she returned just as Marisha began to beg for her life.

“Please... please, I'll do anything.”

Meris scoffed. “Like ramming my head against the locker?”

“No... no, I'll be your slave, I'll do anything.”

Running her fingers into Marisha's hair, Meris pulled the dangling girl close to her bare crotch.

“Like lick me until I come?”

Tears dripped from Marisha's face, her voice pleading and helpless. “Please?”

“No!” Meris shoved at her hard. Marisha's body swung violently around in the room as Meris snapped at her. “You were the one who wrote those fucking letters! Why would I want a fuck toy when Sonja gives me everything I want, every single fucking thing!”

The girl's face purpled with rage.

Sonja decided to stop the anger and wrapped one arm around Meris, calming her in an instant. “Shush, love. I'm sure she is so very sorry for what she's done to you. But, it won't matter soon.”

Marisha babbled and nodded, her arms flailing helplessly as she tried to look up. “No, I'll do anything. Please, I'll---”

Meris' body tensed up and Sonja kissed her softly. “I'll handle this.”

Slipping away from Meris, Sonja knelt down in front of Marisha, setting the wood-handled knives on the ground. With kind, almost delicate hands, she steadied Marisha's head and pressed her knees on both side, parting the dangling arms. Marisha's eyes flashed to the line of her sex, then back up to Sonja's face.

“I promise-”

Marisha's hands grabbed her legs, holding herself steady even as the tears continued to drip down her face.

Sonja shook her head, “Too late now. You hurt my love,” Marisha's face dropped, eyes burning in fear, “and you are about to become an example for the others.”

“No, please, I'll do-”

“Anything, I've heard. And I only have a single task for you to do.”

Marisha sniffed, her eyes bright with tears.


“You just have to die.”

A soft whisper of terror came from her, her eyes shimmering with fear. Sonja paused for a moment as a new emotion swirled around in Marisha's shimmering eyes. A burning hint of something else, much like the bright gaze from Meris. With a slow realization, Sonja saw a hint of lust in those eyes. The hands on Sonja's legs tightened as Marisha looked into Sonja's eyes and there was a silent realization of their roles: killer and victim.

Sonja looked down, keeping her face hard even as she pondered the mixture of fear and excitement in the red-haired girl's eyes.

Marisha shook her head, tears rolling down her forehead. “No...”

Meris stepped up next to her, “Sonja?”

Sonja stood up, releasing Marisha's head but letting the frantic hands hold her legs. One hand stroked against Meris and they shared a smile.

“Sonja, what are you going to do?”

“I'm going to show you what meat girls are like... when a butcher gets them.”

Meris squealed in joy but it took Marisha a few moments to realize her fate. Sonja felt the hands tighten on her legs. She reached down and picked up the knives. Her hair brushed against Marisha's face.Marisha's.

Her victim gave her a tear-filled whisper. “Please don't do this.”

Sonja looked at her hard. “You hurt her.”

Standing up with the knives, she stroked along Marisha's naked body. Her fingers stroked along the tense thighs, the taut stomach, even down to the large breasts. She tweaked one nipple, hard and hot, and stroked back up to caress the puffy, moist lips between Marisha's legs. Easing one finger into the crevice, she felt a slick moistness of excitement dripping off her fingertips.

“Excited? How surprising.”

Somehow, it didn't feel that surprising, after dreams and nightmares of this. Next to her, Meris moaned softly, one hand dipped between her legs as she slowly backed up into the wall, between Betty and Ming. Soft moans filled the basement as Sonja stroked one, then two fingers into the slick opening.

Marisha cried out, begging for her life, but Sonja could feel her juices growing hotter and wetter with each stroke.

“Well, helpless little Marisha. Apparently the idea of being gutted seems to appeal to you.”

Marisha shook her head violently, but only a soft, whimpering moan escaped. Sonja continued to plunge her fingers into the hole, enjoying the wet slurping noises that filled the basement.

“I'm going to show you why you never hurt my love.”

Hesitated cries for help rose up, but Sonja ignored them as she let her dripping fingers fall way from the slick skin. Hefting the knives in her hand, she pulled out a long thin one. Handling it gracefully, she drew the sharp point up along Marisha's stomach. The girl panted heavily, her body spasming with fear as the point indented the skin, drawing up and leaving a tiny trail of blood.

The tip rose up along the helpless body. Sonja could feel the contradictions of fear and excitement from Marisha's body as she danced the tip along the puffy folds that peeked up from between her legs. With Meris moaning at the edge of the room, Sonja worked out one fold of Marisha's labia, teasing it out and holding it.

Pressing the sharp point against the swollen fold, she sliced it through the skin without even an moment's hesitation. Marisha's body writhed violently, her choked scream filling the room.

Meris moaned and gasped, her fingers working frantically between her legs. The wet slurping could only be heard through the screams.

Sonja sliced through the vulva and sliced it off. Blood poured from her fingers as she sliced it clear to the end. The length of bloody meat bounced off Marisha's spasming cunt before dropping to the ground.

Marisha's body twisted back and forth, screaming even as the powerful scent of her excitement and blood flooded the room.

Sonja drew the tip of her knife down, slicing the tip along the skin, cutting her open as blood welled from from the wound. She brought the knife blade down, riding the tip until it reached the apex of Marisha's female slit. Then, she drew it closer, cutting through skin and muscle, drawing the knife down. Marisha screamed out, writhing as she panted violently.

Blood coursed down the taut stomach as Sonja brought the blade further down, slicing through muscles and skin, cutting around the belly button. Internal organs swelled out of the wound as she continued cutting down, parting skin like button until she stopped right as the blade hit the girl's sternum.

Marisha's scream died out, but her body continued to writhe around in endless spasms.

Sonja bent over and set down the blade. She looked into Marisha's eyes and smiled. “Does it hurt?”

Marisha nodded slowly, tears in her eyes.

Sonja's smile grew broader. “Does it feel good?”

Marisha shuddered and hesitated, resisting it even as Sonja saw curls of pleasure growing inside her. Both hands bare, Sonja trailed a finger along the lips of her parted mouth, then drew up her fingers, caressing along sweaty flesh. As her fingertips found the gaping wound, she parted the flesh, pulling it apart even as Marisha moaned weakly.

Fingers dipped into the wound. It parted with a wet ripping noise and intestines and organs splashed out of her body.

Meris cried out from an orgasm as Sonja reached and found more of them, pulling them out and letting them drop to the ground in steaming piles.

Soon, Marisha's stomach was emptied out. Sonja leaned back and stared at the gaping wound, her body shaking with an orgasm that didn't need anything besides blood and a knife. A few slick organs stuck out from her body.

Sonja reached in and cut them out. She let each one drop to the ground as she did so. Her hands explored inside the wet orifice of the girl's body, touching and feeling, enjoying the feel of every shudder that coursed through the teenager's body.


Sonja jumped as she felt the hands on her legs again. She looked down to where Marisha was pawing at her body. She wasn't clawing, only gripping.

With a moan, Sonja shifted and parted her thighs, bringing Marisha's head between her sex-slicked thighs.

Marisha gasped weakly, but she twisted her blood-soaked face and kissed Sonja's skin.

Sonja glanced over at Meris who was lost in orgasms, two hands frigging herself almost violently, bright blue eyes locked on Sonja and Marisha.

Marisha's mouth worked higher toward Sonja's pussy. Trembling and her eyes still locked on her lover, Sonja pulled Marisha harder against her cunt.

At the first touch of the tongue against her labia, Sonja let a shudder of pleasure ripple through her body. Her eyes closed as she leaned into the gaping wound, breathing in the scent of blood and excitement.

Marisha's nose spread open her labia, sucking on her clitoris and plunging her tongue deep into Sonja's own slick hole. Even as she felt the world spinning from a growing orgasm, she reached up with a trembling hand and found Marisha's sexual tunnel. Plunging two fingers into it, she felt an orgasm rip through Marisha's body. The dying girl drove her hard to an orgasm, lapping and sucking until Sonja cried out from the pleasure, using the two fingers in the spasming hole and the one hand wrapped around the heaving body for balance.

Their shared pleasure passed slowly and Sonja slowly slipped to the ground, her impact cushioned by the soft organs on the concrete. Panting, she looked at Marisha's juice-soaked face and mixture of pleasure and pain in her eyes.

Slowly, the focus came back to the girl's expression and she gazed at Sonja with eyes filled with pleading and a new emotion. Her lips worked silently, dripping blood from her own body. It came out a wet whisper. “I...”

Sonja felt a trembling of emotion in her and she wiped the tears from Marisha's face. The girl struggled to speak some more, the light fading in her expression. “I... always wanted that... Sonja. Ever since I was a girl.”

Frowning, Sonja slid her fingertips on blood-flecked lips, “I'm sorry.”

Marisha blinked and tried to smile, the life fading from her. “I'm... not. You just... had to ask.”

Surprising tears burned in Sonja's eyes.

Marisha's lips worked silently even as Meris cried out from another orgasm. Sonja glanced at her and saw only lust and passion in the bright blue gaze. Marisha gasped wetly drawing Sonja's attention back. “S-S...”

Blood dripped off Marisha's nose and lips.


“One... more...?”

Marisha gasped painfully, her body writing in the throes of another orgasm. “My... throat?”

Sonja frowned for a moment, misunderstanding.

“My... throat... cut it?” Sensations shuddered through the meat's body.

“End this...?”

She finally understood and Sonja caressed the knife before picking it up. With a steady hand, she brought it up to Marisha's throat. Feeling the tears in her eyes, she slipped back and leaned forward to the dangling girl.

They kissed, their lips touched with an electric current and Sonja drew the blade across the delicate throat of the teenager.

Hot blood splashed against her face and Marisha spasmed with the realization of her death, her gasping turning into a gurgling choking as the tiny death of an orgasm consumed her mortality. Burning hot liquid against her face and the final kiss of life left Sonja feeling weak and helpless, drained of everything except an intense afterglow.

Behind her, Meris whimpered as she dropped to her knees, fingers frigging herself almost violently as orgasms of her own rocked her body.

Sonja panted heavily, watching Marisha's blood-soaked body heave and spasm, the last few violent breaths splashing red-hot blood against her face.

Then, with the last of the fading light in the red-haired meat's eyes, Marisha smiled softly with trembling lips. Sonja gasped as an orgasm, white-hot and magnesium bright, exploded into her, coursing through her veins as the world imploded into her senses.

Beginning of chapter 30.


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Chapter 31: Lover's Spat (MF bond rp tort sn, FF)

Hot water poured down on Sonja, washing away the blood and gore. She moaned softly, leaning against the water pressure, She just enjoying the heat and liquid sheeting off her body while her mind focused back on Marisha’s death. Her body shivered with pleasure as she felt an orgasm growing without the need for fingers, just the intense sensations of watching Marisha's final gurgling breath, the hungry look in her eyes, and even the smell of blood and excitement that filled that basement. It all came back in a matter of seconds. Whimpering softly, Sonja leaned away from the water, pressing her back against the tile as tiny sparks of pleasure arced across her senses, an orgasm only in her mind.

Lost in her own senses, she didn’t hear the shower door slide open, but she did feel Meris’ fingers caress up against her. Cracking open one eye, she smiled at her lover and watched the rain drip down small breasts and her frail form. Her eyes sought out Meris, warmed instantly by the burning blue gaze, smoldering with lust and hunger.

“Sonja... I want you.”

Sonja smiled and reached out for her lover.

Meris slipping into her arms, her head tilting for a kiss. Letting herself be drawn up in the pleasures of water and flesh.

Sonja kissed her back, letting her fingers dance across the heated skin.

Meris moaned into her lips as her body started to grind against Sonja’s, one leg working its way up between her legs and rubbing against the slicked folds.

Their pleasure rose up in cries of hunger and ecstasy until the water ran cold. Then, giggling, they ran out and dried themselves. Sonja just pulled on her robe, not bothering with anything else while Meris dragged a t-shirt over her head and let it trail down. With a grin, she bent over and Sonja grinned as she saw the line of her lover’s sex. Half-sneaking, she reached over and ran a finger up the slit.

Meris jumped in mock-shock. “Sonja!”

“Aw, don’t even pretend.”

Meris grinned sheepishly. “If you insist.”

Sidling up to Meris, Sonja wrapped her arms around her. “I insist.”

Meris moaned, “Oh, I like that.”

A grin still on her lips, Meris reached up and kissed Sonja, her own hands running around Sonja’s waist as their bodies pressed up together. Sonja could feel her breath hard on her lips, lust and hunger mixing, and moaned herself, closing her eyes to enjoy the feel of lips against her own.

Then the doorbell rang.

Sonja grumbled and slipped out of Meris’ arms who whimpered.

“Don’t go.”

Biting her lip, Sonja shook her head, “I really should.”

Meris pouted but Sonja padded down the stairs. She saw the dark blue uniform of James, the police officer, and briefly hesitated. Then, she continued down, drawing her robe tightly shut. The thin fabric didn’t hide anything, including her perked nipples and patch of pubic hair below, but it obscured her naked skin. Taking a deep breath, she unbolted the door and peeked inside.

James turned to face her and gave her a smile. “Hiya.”

His voice rippled along her senses and she smiled back hesitantly. “Uh... hello?”

James took off his hat and stepped inside.

Sonja backed away, growing wary.

He set down his hat on the side table, on top of the mail and shut the door behind him. His eyes flashed up to look at Meris at the top of the stairs, then back down at Sonja, appraising her with a cold look. “Surprised to see me?”

Sonja hesitated again, then shook her head. “I... was, but just not so soon.”

“Well, I was investigating the missing cheerleaders and I found an interesting note that I thought had merits.”

She felt a frown cross her face but Meris spoke up faster than her.

“A letter?”

“Yeah, from Ming. Apparently she planned on leaving me a day before I was going to invite her to my parents.”

“Uh... isn’t she a little young for you?”

James shrugged, “Technically? No, but I’m sure someone would have questioned it. But, after her declaration of love, I thought I would risk it.”

A hardness creep into his voice as he spoke and Sonja saw his hand ball in his pocket. Her eyes stared at it, hearing the paper wrinkle, but James caught himself and cleared his throat.

“So, she was going to leave me, wrote the letter at least a month ago," he snarled.

Sonja didn’t know what to do or say.

James, on the other hand, knew exactly what he wanted. “I’m here to make sure she can break up with me just like she wants. I believe the term ‘my heart bleeds’ was written at least once in that letter.”

Sonja shivered seeing the hard gaze in his eyes. For a moment, she considered hiding Ming from the obviously enraged James. Then, she remembered the pain that Meris experienced and gestured back toward the kitchen.

James paused for a moment, unsure of his actions, then stormed back toward the kitchen, his boots loud against the wood floors.

Meris padded down the stairs, looking slightly frightened and slipped an arm around Sonja’s waist. Sonja noticed she didn’t bother with underwear, even with someone in the house. Filing it for later, she guided Meris down the hall. “What do you think he is going to do?”

Her lover thought for a moment, “I think he’s going to rape her and torture her.”

Sonja thought for a moment, trying to identify her own feelings. “How does that make you feel?”

Meris whispered in her hungry little voice, “I want to watch.”

“Then, we’ll watch.”

Inside the kitchen, James waited until they were both in the kitchen before closing the door and opening the basement door behind it. Without waiting for a response, he headed down the stairs.

Feeling less frantic, Sonja followed slowly, almost enjoying the feel of the hard wood against her bare feet. They reached the bottom just as James entered into the back room. He didn’t even pause at the naked girl gutted in the center, nor the drying blood round her.

Ming’s voice, muffled through the gag, rose up in a shrill sound, a desperate calling voice. James turned toward her and disappeared from view. A moment later, the sound of a loud thud noise filled the room and Ming’s voice choked off instantly.

“You were going to leave me!”

Ming didn’t answer, but another thud noise filled the room as he punched her hard.


Sonja and Meris slipped in to watch Ming.

Fear burned in Ming's eyes as she choked for breath, her lips working on the gag in her mouth. Her legs and arms were trembling with fear and exhaustion.

Next to her, Betty was watching with her own fear, her body shaking violently.

Theodora twisted hysterically, her mind almost broken from her own terror.

James punched Ming again, his fist slamming right into her belly button. “And you fucking planned it!”

One hand reached up and grabbed the gag in her mouth.

She screamed as he twisted it hard, back and forth twice before it snapped.

Gasping for breath and eyes tearing, Ming tried to defend herself. “I-I didn’t write it! I swear, I didn’t write that letter!”

James growled. “Then how did you know it was a letter?”

Ming blanched, her body sweaty as she tried to cringe back. Her perfect breasts tipped in dark nipples shook with her gasping.

James snarled violently. “You fucking bitch. Everything you and your slut friends did was jerk me around. Betty and her speeding, you and your cock teases, even that red-haired girl running around. You know damn well I was being nice to them and you were going to fucking leave me, just because it was amusing!?”

Ming babbled wordless, crying her heart out, trying to find a savior. “... no, I swear... I would never... I love you.”

James scoffed roughly, “Love? You barely have a heart to know what love is!”

His voice echoed against the walls and all five girls winced from the noise of it.

Sonja looked away, at Marisha, and felt a tiny tinge of pleasure grow inside her. Her eyes stared down at the blank face, a hint of pleasure on the dead expression. Then her eyes trailed down to the ground and she froze.

There were no organs or guts. The floor shimmered with blood, but nothing else.

Sonja squeezed Meris. “Did you clean up?”

Meris stared at the ground and shook her head. “No... I came up for you. It's only been twenty minutes.”

Their eyes matched and they shared a shiver.

Sonja whispered, “Master Cold?”

"It must be," whispered Meris.

James continued to yell at Ming, getting angrier by the moment until it snapped.

Sonja felt a cold shiver down her spine as he snarled with the fury of a caged beast. “I’ll show you fucking love, you cock tease.”

Ming’s eyes widened, “No, please don’t-”

Her voice was cut off as he punched her hard in the stomach again, right where the bruise started to color her skin. As she gagged from the force of the blow, he reached down and grabbed her ankles. With a growl, he pulled them up, forcing her knees to bend. Pulling them apart, he straightened them above her hips and then pressed them against the wall.

Ming’s screams fell on deaf ears as he pushed his weight on the ankles, spreading them apart. Ming screamed out loudly as he pressed one ankle against a loop of leather that Sonja didn’t remember putting near the ceiling. It took little effort to twist her ankle into it, then pin her other ankle against the wooden bar. With one hand free, he pulled out his handcuffs and cuffed her foot near the ceiling. Ming screamed out in pain as her weight adjusted on her wrists and ankles, her body bent almost in quarter and her defenseless sex and ass pushing out from the wall.

“No, James, I promise, I’ll do anything! Anything!” Her pleading voice was shrill against the walls, desperate and helpless.

James shrugged, the rage still burning in his eyes. “And the second you leave this house, you’ll just dump me or even worse, try to get me fired. I saw what you had planned, even that idea of trying to get me committed!”

Sonja jumped as she remembered her “bet” on the first day of school and squeezed her arms tightly.

Ming caught sight of it and screamed out. “That was Sonja! Sonja’s idea! Sonja’s!”

James glared over his shoulder at Sonja. It took her a supreme effort to just shrug.

He turned around, snarling. “You’d say anything to save that worthless cunt of yours.”

Ming sobbed, shaking her head violently, “No! I swear!”

James listened to her cries for a moment, then he started to unbuckle his pants. For a moment, his rage subsided as he worked the jeans off and folded them instead of letting them hit the bloody floor. Setting them aside, he pulled off his underwear and shirt, revealing a very healthy body and a good-sized cock already hard and dripping. “Well, little fucking tease, I’m going to show you what happens when you fuck with me!”

He grabbed her by the thighs and spread apart her legs. Ming screamed out, still begging to do anything, when he rammed his cock into her pussy. It was dry and her scream rose up into a shrill tone as he pulled back and rammed into it again. Ming screamed out again as he pounded his cock against her slit, forcing his hot and throbbing cock into the hole. A trickle of blood oozed out from where he tore her delicate inner walls with friction.

He started to talk in a growling hiss as he finally forced his entire length into her screaming body. “Listen to you, cock tease! Months of teasing and you won’t even put out!”

He rammed into her hard and Sonja could see blood on his length, but not from her virginity but from the forced entry. Next to her, Meris shuddered and Sonja felt her hands drop between her legs, working her t-shirt up to press to fingers against her own sex. The delicate scents of her lover’s excitement rose up in the air as Meris started to masturbate to the sounds of Ming’s rape.

James growled as he rammed into her again and again, the dull sounds of their skin slapping filling the room. It started to grow wetter as he got more excitement, but Ming continued to scream until her voice wore out, growing softer with every thrust until she was shuddering with sobs that tore through her body.

He raped her for almost twenty minutes before slamming hard into her, filling her with hot throbbing cock and an explosion of cum deep inside her bloody pussy.

Ming could only sob, her eyes tightly closed, tears pouring down her cheeks.

James groaned loudly, grinding his cock into her abused sex for a moment, then slowly withdrawing it. Blood and cum splashed out on the ground, loud in the silence of the room. Only James’ and Meris’ panting could be heard in the room as everyone stared at the raped girl.

Ming sobbed pitifully. “W-Why?”

James stood there, his cock dripping juices. “Because you are a fucking bitch.”

“I-I could have done everything.”

“Why would I want to?”

Next to her, Meris finally came with a soft shuddering whimper of pleasure. She felt her lover dropping to the ground and slowed the fall as Meris sank to her knees, fingers still fingering herself violently. The heat from the burning gaze locked on the two former lovers, her lips parted with anticipation.

Ming’s lips worked silently as she tried to answer. “Please... please? I’ll do anything, I swear. Anything. Just save me. Just... save... me....”

The last word trailed off, the last of her hopes dangling on every fading echo.

James paused, thinking.

Ming whimpered, her body shaking with the after-quakes of her rape. More cum and blood oozed out of her slit and splashed on the ground.

Silence stretched as everyone waited for his answer, only the slick sounds of Meris’ fingers filling up the gap.

Then, he shook his head. “No.”

Ming’s hopes shattered and she cried out, “Why!?”

James stepped forward and pressed a hand against her breast, finding the nipple and twisting it painfully. “Because, if I saved you, if you did everything, you would be chained in the basement for the rest of your life.”


“I-I will do that.”

“Yeah, but I’m an officer and it would only be a matter of time before I would have to kill you or someone would find out.”

Ming shook her head, tears on her face, “I-I won’t tell.”

He twisted her nipple again, harder. She choked back a scream, her body shaking from the effort.

Sonja stared over at Theodora then at Betty. The dark girl had passed out, her hysteria too much to handle. Betty, on the other hand, watched with rapt fascination, her body shaking with her own fear but her attention pushed away most of the pain.

Sonja felt a surge of anger for the blonde girl as she wished Betty was terrified, but she let her own attention return to the drama.

“Of course you wouldn’t. Until the first person came by, then you would be screaming and pounding, begging for freedom. No, Ming, you wanted to break up with me and I’m going to let you go.”


He released her nipple and padded over to the washer. Pulling out his gun, he turned back to Ming. She sobbed and urine dripped down from her hoisted body.

“Now, Ming, after all those months of you being a cock-tease, I’m going to give you a choice.”

“No.... please no...”

“You can choose to choke to death on my cock or I can shoot you.”

Meris whimpered and shoved more fingers into her sex, jamming them in and out as she gasped with a growing orgasm.

Sonja let gravity take her and dropped to her own knees. One arm around Meris shook with the force of her lover’s frigging while the other pressed against her own sex, feeling the heat and slickness growing with every word.

“I... I... please no...”

Ming shook her head, trying to deny the question. James stepped forward and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.

“Cock or gun, Ming?”

Ming’s eyes flashed back and forth from the gun to the bloody cock still standing out from his hips. She swallowed hard, no doubt trying to imagine choking to death. Then, another thought drifted through her mind, a hard thought. It showed in her eyes, a tightening around the eyes.

James must have caught sight of it and cleared his throat. “And if you are thinking of biting, then you’ll feel something a lot worse than my cock in your throat. Maybe a hot poker or something worse... I’m sure Sonja could practice on your body for at least a couple of hours-”

He didn’t need to speak as Ming interrupted, fear of suffering bright in her eyes, “Gun!”

James grin and pressed the gun up against her forehead. Ming shuddered and closed her eyes tightly, anticipating the sudden flash. James held it there for a moment, then lowered the gun.

Ming looked at him with a tiny shard of hope in her eyes.

“You don’t deserve the gun, Ming.”


Instead, he pressed the tip of the gun into the ruined pussy, shoving it in deep and swirling it around.

Ming started to sob, trying to plead but only wordless cries came out.

Sonja almost passed out from the pleasure and anticipation. She fingered herself hard and fast, unable to look away from the two former lovers.

James thrust the gun in a few more times and then pressed it in tightly, squeezing out cum as he held it deep inside her body. “I hope your heart ‘bleeds,’ Ming.”

The sound of the gun going off was muffled by skin and cunt, but the bullet burst out of the middle of her back and slammed against the wall. The crimson painted the wall.

Ming's eyes bugged out as she stared at him. And then she began to pant frantically. Blood poured down from her pussy, dripping along her ass before splashing down on the ground.

She screamed out, as did Betty and Meris.

James twisted the gun and fired again. This time, the bullet burst out out of her shoulder, splattering everyone in the room with blood.

Meris screamed out, the only scream of pleasure as she started to fall back from the intensity of her orgasm.

Sonja missed the third shot as she pulled Meris back up, who held her with dripping fingers, her burning gaze locked on the spasming girl.

James fired two more times, then pulled out the bloody gun from the dripping slit.

Ming gasped, her lips red with blood as she tried to speak. Blood poured out of her vagina, a waterfall of crimson against the concrete ground. She tried to speak, tried to call out, but no words came.

Next to her, Betty screamed out loudly, shaking against her bounds. Her terror woke up Theodora who had to look twice at the blood before she fainted again.

James stood there, naked and magnificent, as he watched Ming die. It took minutes, long painful minutes, but he just stood there, frozen in time. Sonja found herself slipping a finger into her own slit, sliding the tip back and forth. Next to her, Meris jammed the fingers of one hand as she sucked on her own, moaning and gasping with every splashing sound and gurgling moan.

Finally, Ming expired with a shuddering gurgling. Meris filled the room with a long sigh of pleasure, the afterglow of too many orgasms to describe. Sonja let her fingers drive her to a slow steady pleasure, but no crest came for her.

And James just stood there, cock dripping cum and his gun dripping with Ming's blood.

Beginning of chapter 31.


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Ming's hopes shattered and she cried out, "Why!?"

James stepped forward and pressed a hand against her breast, finding the nipple and twisting it painfully. "Because, if I saved you, if you did everything, you would be chained in the basement for the rest of your life."

"I-I will do that."

"Yeah, but I'm an officer and it would only be a matter of time before I would have to kill you or someone would find out."

Ming shook her head, tears on her face, "I-I won't tell. I-I promise. I-I won't t-tell anyone." Streamers of tears ran down her cheeks, splashing on her naked breasts and shoulders before tracing every curve of her body.

He twisted her nipple hard, squeezing and rotating until the dark-skinned areola pulled away from her body.

She screamed out shrilly, twisting violently as she tried to pull herself away. Her lithe body strained to escape him but her efforts only thudded against the brick wall behind her. Her legs kicked out helplessly, missing James' thighs and hips than hitting them.

James' didn't seem to notice the futile kicks. His face twisted in a snarl and he twisted harder, bringing the tortured nipple almost into a full circle as he pulled her further from the wall, forcing her back to arch as her weight bore down on only her wrists and nipple.

Panting with growing excitement, Sonja glanced at Theodora. The dark-skinned girl was limp in her chains, her shoulders stretched but she was no longer struggling. Tears ran down her cheeks, splashing down in a quiet pattern as she swung back and forth.

Next to Theodora, Betty watched with rapt fascination and a calculating look on her face. She shook with fear, her breasts jiggling with every gasping breath. But no tears ran down her cheeks and she didn't cry out in fear.

Anger surged through Sonja. She wanted the blonde bitch to be terrified, not watching as if she was still in control. It took all of Sonja's willpower not to storm over and slap the bitch; she didn't want to interrupt the erotic display of James' torture of his former girlfriend.

Betty's eyes flickered toward Sonja and then back again. As if a switch had flipped, naked fear blossomed across the blonde's face. A high-pitched whine rose from her throat, rising and falling in time with her rapid panting.

Sonja ground her teeth together. Betty was obviously made of sterner stuff than she original thought. Sonja would have to be careful not to let her guard down with Betty.

Another of Ming's scream tore Sonja's attention away from Betty. The Asian girl was thrashing her head back and forth as James held her up with two fingers jammed into her cunt and the other still on her now bruised nipple. Her legs kicked weakly as she tried to pull away.

"Of course you wouldn't," snarled James. "At least until the first person came by, then you would be screaming for help and throwing everyone under the bus. I know your type, cunt, you'll lie and cheat until you get your way."

He leaned over her, his hand tightening between her legs. A trickle of blood oozed out from the fingers buried in Ming's pussy. It must be digging into her sensitive inner walls with his fingernails.

"N-No! I pro---"

"Shut up, cunt."

He released her and she thumped against the wall. Turning around, he headed to the washer and dug through his clothes. He lifted up his belt and released his gun before pulling it out.

Sonja's heart beat faster as she stared at the killing weapon. It wasn't a knife and it felt impersonal, but the realization that she was about to see an execution brought a heat blossoming between her legs and a desire growing inside her.

He spoke in a low voice, "Now, Ming, after all those months of you being a cock-tease, I'm going to give you a choice."

"No.... please no..." Ming sobbed loudly as more tears splashed down. A trickle of blood ran down her thigh as she twisted and back forth. With every movement, though, her wide eyes never left the gun.

"You can choose to choke to death on my cock or I can shoot you."

Meris whimpered and shoved more fingers into her sex, jamming them in and out as she gasped with a growing orgasm. The smell of her pussy added to the thick scent of fear and blood already in the room.

Sonja let gravity take her and dropped to her own knees. One arm around Meris shook with the force of her lover's frigging while the other pressed against her own sex, feeling the heat and slickness growing with every word.

"I-I... please no...."

Ming shook her head, trying to deny the question.

James stepped forward and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. "Cock or gun, Ming?"

Ming's eyes flashed back and forth from the gun to the bloody cock still standing out from his hips. She swallowed hard, no doubt trying to imagine choking to death. Then, another thought drifted through her mind, a hard thought. It showed in her eyes, a tightening around the eyes.

James must have caught sight of it and cleared his throat. "And if you are thinking of biting, then you'll feel something a lot worse than my cock in your throat. Maybe a hot poker or something worse... I'm sure Sonja could practice on your body for at least a couple of hours---"

He didn't need to speak as Ming interrupted, fear of suffering bright in her eyes, "Gun!"

James grin and pressed the gun up against her forehead. Ming shuddered and closed her eyes tightly, anticipating the sudden flash.

James held it there for a moment, then lowered the gun. He shook his head. "No."

Ming looked at him with a tiny shard of hope in her eyes.

"You don't deserve a bullet in the brain, Ming." James lowered his weapon, dragging the muzzle along the tear- and sweat-soaked breasts, along Ming's belly, and down toward the "V" of her legs and her blood-smeared pussy lips.

"No...." whimpered Ming.

He tilted the gun up and jammed it into her body.

She cried out, tightening her stomach and crawling up along the wall. The desperation to get off the gun was palatable as she shuddered and curled her body.

Sonja came at the sight of the handgun shoved into Ming's pussy to be incredible: tiny hairs clung to the dark metal, her blood-flecked lips clung to the muzzle, tracing out the sight and the safety, every tremor from Ming's effort to escape vibrated along the deadly. It stole Sonja's breath away to watch it there.

When she imagined herself in the same place, with a gun jammed into her own pussy, her orgasm took on a life of its own. It surged through her body, coursing along her veins and setting her nerves on fire. The helplessness and anticipation was almost too much. Her vision blurred from the pleasure as she wanted for a shot that may never come. She fingered herself hard and fast, enjoying every slurp of her soaked pussy as she waited.

Ming sobbed, shaking her head and still trying to get more purchase on the wall behind her to pull herself off the gun.

James' face was a mask as he held it in place, easily matching her moves. He pulled it out long enough for Sonja to see the blood and cum soaking the metal and then jammed it back in. He twisted hard, ripping her inner lips, and then shoved it deeper until the trigger guard smacked against the Asian's perineum.

He pulled back and slammed it home again.

Sonja jerked from the impact, slamming three fingers into her own cunt as she imagined herself in Ming's position.

He pulled out and drove it again, driving it hard with a wet smack. He held it there, twisting hard a few times before shoving it into her so hard that Ming's pussy strained to envelop the trigger guard.

Panting, he leaned forward until his cock was resting against her sweat-slicked skin. "I hope your heart bleeds for you, you fucking cunt."

Sonja didn't hear the gun off. One moment, there was only the erotic sounds of Ming crying for her life and then there was blood splattered against the back wall. The world seemed to slow down as she heard the muffle sound of the shot going off deep inside Ming's pussy.

Ming froze, her eyes growing wide.

A splatter of blood ran down the wall, mixing in with a thick droplet of blood that splattered from her pussy lip.

The smell of blood, fear, and gunpowder tickled Sonja's nose. She fingered herself frantically, her pussy clenching tight with the idea of the gun buried deep inside her.

Ming's eyes almost popped out of her head. She took a deep, rattling gasp. And then another. More blood dripped from between her legs. Thick rivers of crimson poured down.

Next to Sonja, Meris' cried out as she sank to her knees, both hands between her legs as she masturbated furiously. She whimpered as she shook violently, her eyes locked on the erotic sight before them.

James inched the weapon out and then fired again. This time, the sound of the shot punched Sonja in the chest, setting off an orgasm. He twisted up and fired again. The third bullet burst out of Ming's shoulder, splattering the wall and ceiling in a shower of crimson. He shoved the weapon back into the bloody hole, twisted hard, and then fired a final time.

The bullet came out of Ming's back, right below the ribs, and blood splattered against the wall.

Blood burst out of Ming's mouth, splashing on James.

A few droplets struck Sonja and she clutched at them, smearing the dying girl's life against her skin. It mixed with her cum-soaked fingers.

James pulled his weapon out. It dripped with thick sheets of crimson and white, blood and cum. Strands of gore and juices connected the two for a few inches. He panted as he looked down at his weapon and then tossed it aside.

The gun clattered on the ground and spun around, leaving a little spiral of blood on the concrete.

Ming gasped, a wet rattling sound. Blood poured out from the corner of her mouth, tracing a line along her delicate throat until it joined with the sheets of red from her ruined shoulder. More blood flowed down in a thick river that puddled underneath her: blood from her pussy, shoulder, and mouth added to the sheets that dribbled down the wall behind her.

She tried to speak again, but only a gurgle came out.

Theodora looked up, her eyes coming into focus. She did a double take and then paled as much as she could from her dark skin. And then her eyes rolled up in her head and she slumped back down.

Sonja glanced at Betty. The beautiful blood was splattered with blood but she wasn't screaming. Her perfect breasts rose and fell with rapid panting, but there was a mixture of lust, anticipation, and hardness in her eyes as she stared at Ming's last few breaths.

There was a wet squelching noise as James buried his cock into Ming's bloody hole. There was no friction or resistance as he buried balls deep in her. He pulled back and a burst of blood followed, splattered on the ground between his legs.

Ming gurgled and gasped, her eyes wide as she stared at him. Sonja could tell that she wanted him to stop or do something, but her final gasps were an erotic undertone to the wet sounds of his cock driving back into her with hard, brutal strokes.

He grunted loudly and drove faster and harder. With every thrust, blood spurted in all directions. It soaked the floor, walls, his thighs, and even Betty's body with every stroke. The force of his blows was hard enough to drive some of his scrotum into Ming's destroyed cunt. When he pulled out, the crimson-soaked testicles left a sweeping splatter behind him.

Sonja let out a whimper of desperate need as she lost herself in the fantasy of being in the same position. She could imagine that he was driving further than any mortal could ever reach before, fucking holes that he had just shot into her.

Something wet splattered on the ground. It was a hunk of flesh torn out by the gun and his cock. It was followed by a torrent of blood as Ming's innards began to fall out from around James' pounding cock.

He didn't seem to care. He gripped her tighter and pounded her cunt, destroying it completely as more blood and gore poured out from the ruined opening. The puddle of blood underneath them was large enough it began to snake toward the drain on the floor.

Meris sobbed with her orgasm, slumping forward as she ground her body against the concrete. Her hips rose and fell against her hands as she stared at the violent, her beautiful eyes shimmering as she watched the last seconds of Ming's life.

The gasps and gurgles faded under the assault of James' cock. The wet splashes of flesh and organs filled the room, drawing Sonja's attention as the last few strokes were violent enough to crack bone.

He grunted hard and came again, holding his cock deep inside Ming's destroyed cunt as he did. The opening had been ripped and toward apart and the crimson and white froth poured out around it, splashing down on the pile of ruined flesh that piled between his legs.

James panted and slowly pulled out his cock. It shimmered with blood and cum. For a long moment, he stood there, gasping for breath as he stared at her.

Released from his grip, Ming's corpse swung back against the wall. Slowly, the waterfall of blood from between her legs slowed and stopped until there was nothing but the drip drip of congeal blood to echo in the room.


Chapter 32: Butchering (MF cons, FF oral)

It was almost an hour before any of them stirred. James sighed and stepped out of the pool of Ming's congealed blood. It squelched as he walked across the room and picked up his gun. More blood dripped off the weapon as he looked around. His eyes focused on the slop sink next to the clothes washer. "Does that thing work?"

Sonja, now sitting on the wall opposite of the victims and holding Meris, nodded.

His cock bobbed with his steps as he headed over there and turned it on. He removed the magazine and set it aside on the pile of clothes that Sonja pulled off of Betty, Ming, and Theodora. A moment later, he ejected the chambered around into the clothes and fished the bullet out before setting it next to the magazine.

With a sigh, he leaned over the sink and turned the hot water on. "I'll clean it out properly at home, but it would be hard to explain the blood."

Meris shivered and leaned against Sonja. She smiled and kissed Sonja's shoulder.

Sonja glanced at James' bloody cock as it swung between his legs. She felt nothing for it, no desire or hunger for it. It was a cock, a killing weapon, and nothing else. She wondered what happened to Rick's penis. Did she really eat it? Why didn't she remember it?

"You tell anyone about this and you'll end up somewhere far worse." James didn't even look at her as he cleaned the blood from his weapon.

"Of course," Sonja said, "we have enough secrets that we don't want anyone asking."

He chuckled. "Yeah, that's how this whole fucked up area works. Even the blonde's parents are into this."

Sonja and Meris gasped.

"They are?" Meris said in a soft voice.

Sonja glanced at Betty, but the teenager was looking confused. Sonja didn't believe it for a second.

"Don't know if they told that girl, though. But yeah, a lot of people have ties with Dolcett. It's our dirty little secret." He flipped the gun over and used his fingertips to clean out one of the crevices. "Though, if you don't do something about those corpses, it's going to smell and that will be hard to explain. That goes for the cunt on the guillotine too."

Sonja warmed at the thought of her mother's corpse on the blade, her unseeing eyes nothing but gaping holes.

"I thought I saw a walk-in freezer upstairs, right?"


"Want me to help you bring them up?"

Sonja stood up, pulling Meris as she did. "That would be nice. Thank you."

Meris moaned and turned to Sonja.

Sonja kissed her, enjoying the thrill of Meris' soft lips and slightly tacky skin. They were both covered in sweat, girl cum, and blood. It was the most erotic sight and smell that Sonja had ever experienced in her life. "So, what did you think?"

Shivering with pleasure, Meris kissed Sonja passionately, pinning her to the wall as she did. Her hands stroked and touched Sonja's breasts and hip before she broke the embrace. "Best. Present. Ever."

Sonja chuckled, then started to laugh.

James joined in as he finished rinsing off his gun. He bundled the weapon, magazine, and bullet with his clothes before standing up.

On the far side, Sonja saw seething hatred and the same hard look from Betty.

Giving her nemesis a smile, Sonja gestured for James to start with Marisha's body.

Together, they managed to bring Marisha's, Sonja's mother's, and Ming's body up and set them in the freezer. Sonja had him hold them upside down as she jammed hooks into their ankles, forcing it through the soft flesh. When he released each body, it would swing for a few minutes before settling into place. Ming's body steamed in the icy air, an erotic sight as it curled around her dark nipples and blood-streaked skin.

When they finished, James stared at the bodies for a few minutes before he spoke up. "You better get these cut up at some point, to prevent them from being recognized as girls. Do you know how to do that?"

Meris chuckled, "Does Sonja know how? Of course she does. She is very good butcher." There was a hungry quality to her voice.

Pride vibrated in the girl's voice.

James raised an eyebrow and looked at Sonja who humbly shrugged. He grunted. "I would have thought it would have been the butcher's daughter that was good at that."

"Nope, my love is the best there is."

Sonja shook her head, "No, but I happen to enjoy it very much."

James' cock twitched slightly, "Want to give me a demonstration?"

Blushing, Sonja nodded before she gestured back toward the basement door. "Let me get my tools."

She padded down into the basement and gathered up the knives that she used before. They were warm in her touch and still brutally sharp. She paused at the stairs for a moment, a brief wonderment of what she was doing, but the flush of pride pushed her forward and she mounted the stairs quickly.

Inside, James was standing near the door, his cock hard. He caught her look at it and grinned. "Looking for something?"

Sonja shook her head. "Not when I have these in my hand."

She showed him the knives and he let her pass. Meris was standing near the edge. Sonja could almost see the heat rolling off her body, misting as the growing excitement filled her. Giving her love a kiss, she reached out for the first body, Marisha's. The red-haired girls' curves were even more elegant hanging upside down, the tips of red just brushing the floor just like her slack fingers.

Selecting the best knife for the job, Sonja set the rest on a shelf. Then, she stood in front of the body and admired the large breasts, wide hips, and downy patch of hair between her legs. If it wasn't for the Betty and her cruelty, there would have been a chance it was Sonja and Marisha that were intertwined on her bed. She had been a beautiful girl. The faint memory of Marisha's reaching up to lick Sonja's pussy filled her as she started to butcher the girl's body. Soon she had a platter of thick steaks and hunks of meat that didn't look anything like the sexy meat they came from. Not unless one knew where to look.

Meris moaned from the other side of the freezer, her fingers once again between her legs as she gasped with excitement. It was the same as every other time Meris watched Sonja butcher meat, but there was an intensity and desire that Sonja had never her at the butcher's shop.

She felt James' eyes on her back. He wanted her, no doubt seeing her as nothing more than meat or a hole to fuck.

She ignored him and worked in silence, cutting away the meat in bold strokes. Thick blood splattered against her naked skin, but she was used to that.

Giving James a glance, or more accurately to his hard cock, she wondered if she would ever like him. He was good-looking but he didn't interest her nearly as much as Meris did.

As she thought about it, she focused on slicing off Marisha's breast with her sharp knife.

James moaned, his hand dropping to his crotch. She could feel and hear him stroking it as she butchered more of Marisha's body. Soon, she had the corpse's heart and lungs on the end of the tray; those were the hardest thing to obscure.

When Sonja caught a glance of Meris, her lover was still fingering herself, trying to hold herself away from the wall as her fantasies came true. Sonja smiled at her and ignored the cold blood against her breasts as she worked at the nearest arm.

James' stroking grew louder as he stepped forward. The wet sounds filled the air along with the sharp scent of pre-cum.

Meris stopped masturbating and came around, pulling him back. "Not when she's working," she gasped.

James shuddered and slipped an arm around Meris, his fingers teasing her pale skin even as he stared in rapt fascination.

Meris leaned against him, her fingers dancing down toward her sex again.

Sonja finished almost with the arm, slicing off the last bits and dropping the bones on the other end of the table. She threw herself into the groove of slicing into a former friend, cutting away muscle and skin, clearing off the bone as a deep heat ignited inside her.

When she looked at James and Meris, they were almost intertwined. His hand wrapped around her waist, close enough that her arm caressed him as she fingered herself. Her pussy was steaming from the cold, her juices almost smoking as they splattered to the ground. When she thrust hard into her body, her elbow brushed against his hard cock. Sonja felt a tiny surge of jealousy, but a cold wind, her master's voice, teased her and she returned to her job.

Her audience' passion grew hotter and louder as Sonja finished with the arm and started to work at the face, peeling back the side and scraping the bones clean.


Sonja paused for a moment, her knife cutting away Marisha's gaping throat. Meris was shuddering with an afterglow, her body taut with sexual energy. Next to her, James was stroking his cock, pre-cum dripping on the icy ground.

"Sonja?" asked Meris again.

"Yes, love?"

"Please? I need something in me."

The jealousy rose sharply. Sonja looked at her over and her emotions rapidly faded. Meris had no interest in James, only a desire to have something filling her. He was nothing more than meat to her, Sonja could see that in Meris' eyes. Both of them were excited because of Sonja, not because of a mutual desire.

She smiled warmly at Meris, ignoring James, and nodded.

Meris stroked his cock for a moment, then lowered herself to her knees. Instead of sucking on it, she turned around and knelt forward, pressing her palms against the ground and resumed looking at Sonja.

James frowned in disappointment. He was probably hoping for a blow-job or something but Meris was more interested in watching Sonja than pleasing him.

A self-satisfied smile crossed Sonja's lips.

He lowered himself to his knees, hissing when he reached the icy floor. He positioned himself between Meris' splayed legs and pressed her cock against her slit.

Meris' eyes rolled up for a second and she pushed back, impaling herself on James' cock. It slid easily in and all three of them let out moans of pleasure.

Sonja had to force herself to go back to the cutting, slicing away at Marisha as the sound of James fucking Meris filled the room. Every time she circled around, to cut away more, she could see them locked in position, their eyes focused on her with a burning gaze. The shared sensation of pleasure and obsession filled her with a hotter warmth and she quickly finished Marisha's body. There was nothing left but piles of steaks, bones, and organs.

Meris cried out in an orgasm as Sonja padded to the next one, her mother. She moved it to the center of the room. It felt strange starting at the corpse of her mother, but then it became just a hunk of meat and she began to cut into it. Her knife sliced through the skin and flesh, even scraping against bone, but it never dulled. It felt warm in her hand despite the cold of the freezer.

James continued to pound into her lover, filling the room with moans, squishes, and slapping flesh, but their crests of pleasure were lost in her own world of knives, blood, and meat. Sonja realized she was heaving with breath as she finished up her mother. Looking over at the table, all she could see was meat. Only a single pile of breasts and nipples and the cleft between their legs was obvious.

Meris screamed out from her orgasm, filling the room with her lusty sound. Sonja smiled at them and started on Ming. The girl was still warm, at least compared to the others, but her body fell apart underneath the knife just as fast. Sonja slowed to inspect the bullet wounds, marveling at the destruction that the holes and James' cock had done to Ming's pussy.

Between the cuts, she glanced back at the couple again and again. They never changed their position, but James kept pounding into her. Sonja felt impressed with his stamina, but kept working at it, knowing she was the focal point of their passion.

She finished Ming after an hour of work and she stepped back with an afterglow of an orgasm that never came.

Meris wailed with a long orgasm, mixed in with the groan from James, then both of them collapsed.

Sonja set down the knife and padded over. Kneeling down, she pressed Meris' head between her legs.

Obediently, Meris tilted her head and sealed her mouth over Sonja's pussy. Her tongue laved hard and Sonja's toes curled with the pleasure. She looked at James, almost challenging him to the fevor that Meris attacked her clitoris. "Did you enjoy that?"

James could only nod.

"Thank you for your help."

Pulling out his cock from Meris' pussy, James looked down at it. Sonja followed his gaze to stare at the bright red and dripping member. A few splatters landed on Meris' buttocks, steaming from the icy cold.

James lifted his cock with two fingers. "Interested in a ride?" His length twitched.

Sonja struggled for a moment and then sighed. "Sorry, I'm... I'm...."

Meris lapped harder at her pussy and Sonja smiled. She curled her fingers into Meris' hair. "I have everything I need."

James chuckled. "Nothing more beautiful. Do you mind if I watch?"

She hesitated for a moment, then nodded. "Sure."

"How about somewhere warmer?"

Sonja looked at the piles of meat on the platter near her. She wanted to be close.

James snorted. "Never mind, I can watch from here."

He wrapped his hand around his cock just as Meris slipped two fingers into Sonja's soaked pussy.


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Chapter 33: Forgiveness (FF oral anal)

It wasn't until Sonja watched James pull away in the black pickup trust that she realized how jealous she was about him. Even as he was putting the car in reverse, she kept seeing him kneeling behind Meris as he drove his cock into her lover. The squishing sounds echoed through her head, endlessly looping as she watched him back out of the drive. She struggled to keep her emotions from her face but her jaw ground together from the effort.

Next to her, Meris moaned as she leaned into Sonja. She had her arm around Sonja and her naked skin was hot and slick. Every time they touched, blood from Sonja's butchering smeared between their bodies.

James pulled away with a roar. As he did, a few splatters of rain started to strike the ground.

As soon as he was out of sight, Sonja let out her breath. She slipped her arm out from Meris and stepped back.


The image of James and Meris came back. Sonja shook her head and headed up the stairs. "I need a shower."

"Sonja?" Meris' voice was broken and pleading.

Outside, the rain started to come faster.

Sonja hesitated. She looked down at her blood-smeared body. The gore of three women covered her large breasts and stomach. There were strips of flesh and blood caking her pubic hair and she could feel more of it plastering the rest of her hair to her back. She felt distgusted, not only at her appearance but the images in her head. Gulping, she continued up the stairs toward the bathroom.

She was thankful when Meris didn't follow her. She headed straight for the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Her bare feet left little red marks on the tile. She stopped when she saw it and sighed; there were probably bloody prints up the stairs and down the hall. It was an absurd thing to worry about, but a wave of sorrow rose up and choked her.

A tear ran down her cheek. Sonja stared at the foot print and let out a sob. Images of James and Meris kept flashing through her head. Each time she remembered how he entered her, another sob rose in her throat.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she sank to the ground. She felt the tears splashing on her breasts. Looking down, she saw how the salty tears ran through the bloody sheen, leaving tracks of pale skin behind.

When she was butchering for them, she felt sexy. Now, she felt dirty.

There was a quiet knock on the door.

Sonja waved her hand at it, not caring that Meris couldn't see her.

"Sonja? Please?"


"Because I need to talk to you."

More tears splashed down. Sonja clutched her stomach, holding herself tight. She closed her eyes tightly and called out, "No!"

"Please?" The bathroom door handle twisted slightly but Meris didn't open it.

"I-I can't do this." More images of James. She could almost smell the cum in the air.


Sonja took a deep breath and lowered her head. She reached up and tugged the blood-caked hair from her back. It peeled off her skin and she winced at the raw sensation. When she rubbed the strands together, she could feel the dried flakes falling down.

"I shouldn't have fucked him."

Freezing in mid-motion, Sonja slowly lifted her gaze to the door. It took a moment for her to open her eyes, half expecting to see Meris in the frame but it was still closed.

"I-I wasn't thinking and I was so excited watching you... you know I love watching you butcher. And I thought... I thought it would feel good." There was a thump and the door rattled. "I never had a... a dick in me before. And at first, it was okay---"

Sonja's face crinkled with distaste.

"---but then I just wanted him out. It felt wrong. It wasn't you in me and I wanted it so badly, but I didn't want to interrupt you and... and..." Meris sobbed and the door shifted before there was a thump of her sitting on the ground. "I saw that look you gave, it broke my heart. I was so excited but... but I was also trying not to cry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry."

Sonja's heart began to pound faster.

"Please don't leave me. I promise, I'll never do anything like that again." Another muffled cry from the far side of the door. "Please don't push me away."

Reaching out for the door, Sonja had to crawl to reach it. She clutched the handle tightly to avoid slipping on the blood that coated her palm. She twisted it and pulled it open.

Meris knelt on the other side, her pale body shaking as she cried. She had one hand on each side of the door. When the door opened, she looked up with shimmering brown eye. "Please don't leave me."

Sonja shook her head violently and reached out for her. "I won't, I promise."

"Oh, Baby!" Meris threw herself at Sonja, wrapping her arms around her neck. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Sonja held her tight. Soon they were kissing, smearing blood and gore everywhere as they did. Meris' lips were coppery and salty, an intoxicating taste.

Meris' hands stroked along her body, tracing along the curves of Sonja's breasts, flanks, and then down to her hips. She curled one hand along the plane of Sonja's belly.

Sonja broke the embrace. "No."

"No?" Meris said, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

"I have enough blood down there. I don't need someone else's in my pussy." Sonja glanced at the bath tub. "How about a shower first?"

Meris giggled. "I would like that."

Together, they got into the shower and turned on the hot water. As it streamed over their bodies, sending thick sheets of crimson liquid pouring down the drain, they returned to kissing. This time, Sonja didn't mind when Meris slipped her hand between her legs and began to stroke against Sonja's sensitive clitoris and along the swollen folds. Hours of butchering left Sonja on the edge of an orgasm, an ache that throbbed inside her and made it difficult to reach an orgasm. She wondered if it was like guy's having blue balls, but it didn't matter. It felt good to have fingers slipping inside her pussy and Meris' kisses peppering against her lips, cheek, and shoulders.

Sonja moaned and leaned against the wall. The image of James came up again and she gripped Meris' hips tightly, trying to force it down.

Meris paused. "Sonja?"

"Sorry, I... it's taking a bit."

Meris sniffed and straightened, pulling her hand from Sonja's pussy so she could hold her lover's hips with both hands. She kissed Sonja on the lips. "Is there anything I can do?"

Sonja thought for a moment and kissed her. As she did, she arched her back slightly to press her hard nipples against Meris' smaller breasts. "No. I'm not going to ask for anything. You will never have to prove yourself, Love."

"I love you too, my butcher," whispered Meris. Her cheeks got flush and she clenched her legs tightly together.

Sonja stared at the shimmering brown eyes. She knew that Meris' words were probably closer to reality than she could imagine. They had both imagined it was Meris in the freezer. The idea of being the one who finally snuffed Meris seemed close, looming over both of them. The idea was erotic and she could imagine how it would feel: the smoothness of Meris' skin, the soft cries of a girl about to be butchered alive, and even the smell of pussy when the first blade came down. A pulse of heat radiated from her sex at the imagination that curled through her mind.

"When it happens," Meris continued, "I want you to be the one. You know that? I'm yours, mind and body. I want you to have my body, to do everything you ever wanted to do it."

Sonja nodded, unable to speak.

"Until then," Meris said, "I'm going to prove that you are the only one for me."

Sonja moaned softly, clutching Meris tightly as the hot water steamed the air between them. It tickled her lungs, but it only added to the heat that gathered in her pussy. "You don't have to."

"But I want to. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let---"

Not wanting to hear about James, Sonja shook her head.

"You are my love, Sonja. I promise. You are the only one I ever want."

Sonja pulled Meris closer to kiss her. "I promise, you are only one for me too."

Meris' lips ground against Sonja's, passionate and aggressive. It was the familiar urgency whenever Meris talked about being slaughtered and Sonja felt her own body quickening at the fantasies of cutting into her lover. Hard nipples slid across Sonja's breasts, tracing the curves as Meris slipped her thigh between Sonja's and brought it up.


Sonja parted her legs and clutched Meris' hips for balance. The hot water poured down against her breasts and body, tracing every inch of her body like a thousand fingers. It felt good seeping into her sink; the heat seemed to gather inside her pussy. She hadn't had an orgasm since she started butchering and everything was on a edge, an aching desperation to have at least one burst of an orgasm.

Meris sank down to her knees, breaking the kiss at the last minute. She smiled up at Sonja as she brought her lips to Sonja's aching nipples and took the right one into her mouth.

Sonja moaned and arched her back further as she focused on the slick sucking and rasping tongue. It was intense and erotic, a pleasure that radiated from her nipples and rocketed down to her clitoris. Every suck and nip of the teeth brought a gasping giggle. "That... feels good."

Meris smiled and released the nipple. She pressed her cheek against the now clean breast before slipping further down, working her way with kisses down to Sonja's crotch.

When she finally landed on her knees, she let out a little gasp. "Little bloody down here."

Sonja glanced down. Her pubic hair, normally a thick patch, was matted with blood and gore. She cringed at the sight of it. "Sorry, I never butchered something before."

Meris looked up. "It was beautiful watching you slice those bitches up."

Sonja let out a long gasping moan. For everything that happened, the erotic intensity of carving meat from three beautiful bodies was intoxicating. She reached down and ran her hands through Meris' soaked hair. It took her a moment to resist pulling Meris tight against her pussy.

"Want me to clean this?"

Sonja nodded with a smile. When Meris didn't immediately touch her, Sonja frowned for a heartbeat and then looked down with a silent question.

Meris toyed with a blood-caked strand with her finger. She was obviously thinking to herself.


"Would you... could I shave it?"

Sonja inhaled sharply. She had never shaved her pussy before. She heard that it itched when it grew back. She also never had anyone interested in seeing her hairless pussy.

"Please? I promise I'll lick it really good when I'm done?"

Feeling frisky, Sonja node. "Just make sure I come hard."

"Of course."

Sonja's heart pounded as Meris crawled out of the tub to gather shaving cream and a safety razor. She felt anxious and afraid, thought it was something minor as having her labia shaved, but the excitement mixed in with fear.

When Meris came back with flushed cheeks and the smell of her pussy heavy in the air, Sonja asked, "You going to be okay with a razor near... me?"

Meris leaned over and kissed her. "I promise, I won't cut you. That's your job."

"I've never done this before."

"I never had a man---" Meris silenced herself before she finished the sentence. "Sorry."

It almost broke Sonja's heart to see her lover cringing like a hurt puppy. "No, no, Love, it's okay. You can do it."

"Thank you," whispered Meris. She lowered herself to her knees in front of Sonja. "Spread your legs, please."

Sonja clutched the tiled wall and spread her legs. She tensed until the first touch of the shaving cream. As Meris worked the slick cream into her pubic hair, she let out a moan. It was soft and delicate, lubricating and tickling at the same time. She still wasn't sure about being shaved, but there was no doubt that the sensations were already more intense than she expected.

Meris was surprisingly delicate. The rasp of the razor was almost soothly as Meris started with Sonja's public mound. There was no pain, only touching and slickness.

Soon, Sonja was moaning with her breath. The hot water against her face only added to the gathering pleasure.

Meris moaned herself as she worked her fingers along Sonja's outer lips and pulled them out slightly before dragging the razor across the skin. Hair tumbled down, not that Sonja could see it, but the sensations were growing more intense with no hair to protect her skin.

After many minutes, Meris pulled back. "There, beautiful."

Sonja leaned forward and looked down. Her pussy was completely bare except for a small trip above her slit. It looked childlike and delicate, but the water coursing down her body sent little fires coursing across her body.

"What do you think?"

"I... I look... it's strange."

"It's beautiful." Meris leaned forward and kissed Sonja's lips.

The bare lips were intense against her nude pussy. She could feel every caress, every touch, as if it was a brand against her skin. Sonja gasped and clutched the wall. "Fuck!"

"Feels good," whispered Meris with a smile.


Meris bowed her head to shift closer. She brought her mouth up against Sonja's pussy and lapped hard at the slick, smooth skin.

Sonja cried out as an orgasm exploded inside her. The intensity and newness of the sensations coursed through her body, burning her nerves. Her knuckles cracked as she clutched at the tile and she had to force herself up to avoid sinking to the ground.

Meris giggled, the vibrating rolling against the sensitive skin. She lapped harder and faster, taking Sonja from the bottom of her cunt to he clitoris and back down. Every touch was raw and intense, overwhelming with the caress against bare skin.

Sonja gripped Meris' head and pulled her tight. It was a forceful but silent command to keep going.

Meris obeyed, lapping hard and fast.

Another orgasm exploded inside Sonja. She cried out and released Meris with one hand long enough to grab the shower head above her. She leaned into it, shuddering as she cried out. Her knees buckled but she managed to keep on her feet as she was assaulted by Meris' tongue against her cunt. "Fuck!"

Sonja's hand slipped from the shower. She slipped against the wall, slowly sinking as Meris lowered her body to keep her mouth sealed against her pussy. When her ass hit the ground, it 2was as if something had driven inside her. She cried out and jerked up, grinding her cunt against Meris' mouth.

Meris jammed two fingers into Sonja's pussy, pumping hard and fast. It was already slick and hot. Very little friction stopped her as her lover began to finger-bang her with hard, rapid strokes.

Water poured down on her, peppering her from the shower, but Sonja didn't care. She squirmed on the floor of the bathtub, twisting as she half-drowned in orgasms and water as she pulled Meris to keep licking at her pussy.

A third orgasm crashed into Sonja. She cried out one more time, enjoying every burst of pleasure that consumed her.

When Meris pulled back, thick strands of girl-cum dripped from her face. The water sheeted it off, but for the moment, she was the sexiest thing Sonja had ever seen. "Forgive me?"

Sonja gulped at the water splashing at her face. "I forgave you before I opened the door."

Meris grinned widely and licked her lips. "Thank you, Love."

Sonja lifted her head slightly. "Do you need cleaning?"

"Actually," Meris said with a smile, "I missed a spot."

"I don't think my clitoris can take much more."

"I wasn't thinking about your pussy," whispered Meris. To explain her statement, she worked a finger up between Sonja's buttocks and tickled her sphincter.

Sonja gasped as another bolt of pleasure coursed through her. "T-There?"

"Well," Meris said as she hooked her hand around Sonja's hips to guide her to roll over. "I was thinking about bribing you into grilling some of that sexy meat on that big grill in the backyard."

The idea of cooking one of the bitches on the grill brought another wave of heat rolling across Sonja's senses. "It's raining right now."

"Tomorrow? It might take me a bit."

"Anyone specific?"

"That bitch of your mother."

Sonja smiled and let Meris roll her over. She felt vulnerable as she plastered her breasts against the river of water on the bottom of the tub. Her eyes focused on the drain spot but sher senses were locked on Meris who parted her cheeks and brought her mouth down to the tiny clenched sphincter.

At the first touch, Sonja almost came again. Meris was just as aggressive, but with the water splashing down, it seemed to release the floodgates. Driving two fingers into her pussy, Meris pulled Sonja's hips up slightly and lapped harder, tracing around the wrinkled opened a few times before driving her tongue into the tightly clenched hole.

"Fuck!" screamed Sonja. She shoved her ass against Meris' mouth and rocked back and forth. "Fuck, fuck!"

Meris' tongue wormed deep into her opening, pressing and wiggling.

Sonja fought the orgasm as long as possible, but with the assault against her sphincter and the fingers plunging into her pussy, it was too much. With a loud cry, she came hard and fast, losing herself in the pleasure of her one true love... and her tongue.

End of chapter 33


While I'm looking forward to the hard stuff, taking the time to write these interactions between the girls really adds depth. I like it.


Chapter 34: Grilling Out

Sonja kicked open the door to the back and looked out at the sunny day outside. A dark green bikini wrapped around her breasts and hips. She felt sexy in the outfit and the feeling was mimicked by the liquid heat that tickled her insides. Her nipples barely peeked through. Her hair shone red in the sun as she hopped down the stairs. She winced at the bottom when her bare pussy lips rub slickly together. She wasn't used to the feel of being shaved between her legs, it made her feel... anxious and excited at the same time.

In her hands, a large platter of expertly cut meat jiggled around with only plastic wrap holding it down. She got a better grip on the platter and headed across the grass.

In the center of the yard, Meris teased a flame out from the oven and the grill. Next to her, a large stack of wood still had the straps from the local gas station holding it together.

Sonja smiled at the sight of Meris bending over the grill. "Lunch is here!"

Meris glanced over her shoulder and smiled broadly. She wore a simple summer dress, ice blue with stripes. Her body didn't have the same curves as Sonja, but Sonja could only see the sexuality that simmered behind the bright blue gaze.

Meris' eyes brightened even more as they dropped down to stare at the platter of meat. "Oh, yummy. I've been waiting all day for this."

Sonja stopped next to her, setting the platter down next to the iron grill. Heat rose up from between the metal rods. Looking down at the embers, she shivered remembering the dreams that haunted her nights, of girls cooking over the flame. She didn't realize she was staring at the metal until Meris hugged her tightly.

"Playstation for your thoughts?"

Sonja giggled, "You don't like video games."

"Yeah, but have you seen what a penny can buy? Our parents have ruined the economy."

Still giggling, Sonja pointed to a large hunk of raw meat on the platter. "Maybe a little more respect for our elders? This is my mother here."

Meris purred and leaned against her, the hug turning sexual between heartbeats.

Sonja blushed slightly and wrapped her arms around her lover. "But, a penny would let you buy my love any day."

Meris murmured, "Mm, I have a whole jar at home."

"Then you'll get yourself a lot of loving."


"Yes, I promise."

Meris squeezed her tightly. Together, they unwrapped the platter of Gweneth, Marisha, and Ming. Taking the thickly cut slabs of meat, they dropped them on the grill. Both shivered at the sound of meat starting to hiss from the heat. It didn't take long before the entire grill was covered in former women.

"I never thought..."

Sonja nodded at Meris' whisper, "That we would be grilling a bunch of girls on the oven? In the middle of a Sunday afternoon?"

Her lover giggled with only a slight hint of hesitation. Sonja wrapped one arm around her and squeezed tightly, enjoying the smell of meat cooking. Meris brandished a spatula and Sonja shook her head. "Still have a few minutes, otherwise it will stick."

"Aw... I want to slap Ming some more."

"Well, love, I'll let you scrape her off as soon as it is-"

A new voice interrupted her, cheerful and bright and belonging to one of her neighbors. "Hello! Is that a cookout I smell!?"

Both girls jumped and looked guiltily over to the edge of the yard. Sonja's neighbor, an overweight woman who loved cooking out squeezed through the trees and stomped over, her plastic sandals sinking into the grass.

Meris whimpered and stepped back behind Sonja.

Sonja glanced at the meat on the grill, trying to tell if her neighbor would know they were human. After a heartbeat, she turned back and shoved her nervousness and fear down. Taking a cue from her former mother, she smiled broadly. "Well... you see..."

Her neighbor stepped past her and peered at the meat.

Sonja felt a shiver down her spine, half worried that somehow she would see past the blood and flesh to see the girl below.

The woman just took a deep sniff and rubbed her belly. "Oh! I remember that smell, heavenly."

Startling, Sonja just stared at her.

The woman stood up and grinned, "The old owner of the house, used to grill like this. Invited the whole neighborhood. It was strange, normally he kept to himself. I always asked for his marinade but he wouldn't give it to me. Did you find it?" She careened her head to look at the house. "Is it in there somewhere?"


A hand grabbed hers as her neighbor looked at her with pleading eyes, "You have to give it to me. I would kill for it. What it does to meat? Heavenly!"

From the side yard, a new voice called out. "Is the grill being fired up already?"

It was the man from two houses down, the one who helped her spit a pig so many months ago.

Sonja gave Meris a startled look and watched as he panted while walking across the lawn.

The first neighbor chuckled as she looked over. "Hi, Jim."

"How are you, Evelyn?"

"About to enjoy a cookout, I think."

Sonja cleared her throat. "Uh... excuse me?"

Jim chuckled and gave both girls an appraising look. "Can't have a cookout in this neighborhood without getting everyone's attention."

Sonja felt out of place.

Jim took a deep breath and smiled.

"Oh..." His stomach rumbled, "That smells like... really good."

Looking back and forth between Jim and Evelyn, Sonja felt completely out of control.

Evelyn, on the other hand, stuck her foot in and turned back toward her house. "I'll grab some potato salad and have Steve bring a table. Jim, grab your wife and some of that fruit salad she was going to bring to church, but didn't bother because Chris got that grape thing up her ass."

Jim made a face at the slightly disapproving tone, but nodded obediently. Turning around, he started to hike back to his house.

Evelyn patted Sonja on the shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll do everything else. You just run the grill."

The older woman turned around and hurried back to her house.

Sonja stared at both of their retreating backs, confused and adrift. "Uh... what just happened?"

"They just invited themselves," Meris giggled weakly, "Just like that."

"Do you think," Sonja stared at the meat, "they'll figure out?"

"I don't know, but I hope no."

Sonja stared for a moment. The smell of cooking flesh tickled her senses. "Oh, flip the meat."

The strange events temporarily forgotten, Meris let out a tiny evil giggle and jammed the spatula under one piece of meat. Flipping it, she slapped it down hard on the meat. The sound of moist flesh hitting the metal, hissing from the flames, sent another shiver of pleasure through Sonja's body. A very faint smell of Meris' excitement drifted past her as the girl flipped every piece.

Sonja peered in both directions for a moment. "Well... I better get more to grill."

"Just be careful."

Sonja nodded, "We both will. At least it gives us a chance to get rid of the stuff."

Meris gasped, "What about Betty?"

Sonja shook for a moment, "I'll make sure her gag is in place and lock the basement. It should keep the people out if we discourage people from going inside."

Meris, slightly pale, nodded, "Good idea. Oh, and maybe cardboard over the window in the basement."


Thankful that her lover thought of that, Sonja ran into the house. Taking two steps at a time, she rushed down the stairs and to the back of the house.

Betty and Theodora looked at her with tired, shadowed eyes.

Sonja smiled sweetly at them. "Only been a couple of days down here and you look like hell."

Betty tried to make a noise, but days of screaming into a gag left her hoarse and unable to make a loud noise. Sonja padded over to Theodora and slide a finger up the dark girl's breast. Finding the nipple in her fingers, she suddenly twisted it as hard as she could. Theodora tried to scream out, but it came out broken and soft, not nearly loud enough to be heard from outside. A couple steps over and Sonja did the same to Betty who screamed louder, but it still only came out as a raspy noise.

Sonja stepped back, smiling. "Good."

Spinning around, she grabbed some boxes and shoved them into the windows. A bright idea flashed and she threw laundry into the dryer and turned it on the longest cycle.

"Just in case."

Calculating surprise flashed through Betty's eyes, but Sonja just gave her a glare. "Try anything stupid and I'll make sure you find yourself in a grinder."

She didn't have a grinder, but neither of them knew that. When fear sparked in the gaze, she retreated back up the stairs, locking the door behind her. The handle felt icy cold and she whispered softly to the door. "Take care of them, Master Cold. Please?"

A very tiny sliver of cold air brushed against her feet, from under the door, and Sonja felt safer. Grabbing another large platter, she stacked it high with meat and returned to the bright summer afternoon.

It took very little effort to get a block party going was the first thought that crossed her mind as she stared at the back.

At least twenty neighbors were already gathered, setting up tables from next door and placing down large amounts of food. Sonja slowed to a stop, staring at the older folks that were setting up folding tables and chairs. There was a buffet table laden with deserts, salads, and fruits.

Fear gathered inside Sonja. She spent almost an entire year being ignored by the neighbors and now they were invading her house. She gulped and glanced at Meris who manned the grill while looking down. There were two other women talking to her, gesturing to the meat. One of the older women had a small plate and had a sample of what looked like Ming's buttocks.

Sonja gulped. "Uh... wow."

Evelyn stopped by the door and looked up. "Well, what did you expect? You haven't been doing your job and we've been waiting."

"My job?"

"Yeah, been that way for a couple of decades at least. Whoever lived here always has the best food. I mean they would bring out these huge platters of meat, throw them on the grill, and we would have such a wonderful time. We just brought the fixings. I mean, its been a couple of years since we had a great cookout and you, out of the blue, just happen to have one!"

Evelyn paused for a moment to take a deep breath, "I have no clue how they could afford so much."

"Maybe they had a deal with the butcher shop?" Sonja had no clue how to respond.

"Oh, like your friend?"

Sonja smiled, "Yeah, like Meris."

Evelyn though for a moment and shrugged, "That makes sense..." She thought for a moment, "Never occurred to me. Oh well."

Without a second though, the older woman returned to managing the tables and food being placed out across Sonja's back yard. She stared at the people, all cheerful and filled with laughter. Jim was talking to Meris as she flipped the meat, cooking each one.

Sonja padded over, her bare feet on the soft ground. Setting the second platter on the first, she gave Jim a smile. "Smell good?"

He nodded and wiped his mouth. Sonja enjoyed the smells, then got dragged away by Evelyn to meet the rest of her neighbors, including the ones she already knew. An hour later and she almost had everyone's name straight. She was still stunned by the compliment and thanks everyone gave for hosting a block party.

Meris was giggling by the grill. She refused to let anyone flip the meat but the line of people for thirds told Sonja how about the quality of the meat and grilling.

"That would be the smell of the forbidden meat, isn't it?"

A vaguely familiar voice cut through her thoughts as a waft of cigar smoke blew past Sonja. She jumped and spun around, staring at a man she barely remembered. She frowned, trying to recall him, then the flash of the old bridge broke through her memories. He still wore his bomber jacket and, in one hand, he had a thick cigar.

Sonja frowned at the smell of the cigar, but she plastered a smile on her face. "Oh! Hello."

The old man chuckled, "Don't pretend you remember me."

"No, from the bridge, about a year ago."

He brightened, "You do remember. I'm impressed."

"Uh... what are you doing here?"

"Well, my assistant and I were driving around and I smelled your cookout."

"Smelled... from a car."

His eyes flashed around her for a moment, "Motorcycle, actually. And the smell of woman on the grill is pretty obvious for those who know the cut of long pig."

Sonja blanched and it suddenly hurt to breath. She stared at him, eyes wide.

He laughed and took a deep breath from his cigar. Letting it out in a cloud of smoke, he looked at her with old eyes. "Don't worry, girl, I'm not going to tell anyone. It's illegal in this part of the country, I've heard."

Sonja nervously chuckled, "Where isn't it?"

"Over in Dolcett."

"Dolcett...?" The word rolled off her tongue as she remembered the history book and James' words, "The county?"


The old man drew in another breath, "One and the same. Ignored for a couple hundred of years, people pretend it doesn't exist, even when people disappear because of it every month."

"Every month? How do you survive?"

"Oh, the usual. Bribes, people who happen to like our imports, and basically the general ill-will of humanity in general."

He cleared his throat, "And, we make a point of not hunting very close to home. Actually, we are rather strict about that. These girls came from around here, didn't they?"

"Uh... sorry?"

He shrugged, "Well, I'm not going to burn for it, so I'm not really worried."

"Not going-"

He gave her a hard look, "You need to clean up this mess on your own, girl."

She glared at him with a hard look. It took her a moment to realize what he was talking about. He was from Dolcett where the rest of the cheerleaders had no doubt met their fate in a similar manner. She didn't know to be happy that they suffered or frightened that someone caught her.

His face grew impassive as he drew another drag from his cigar. A faint smile ghosted across his lips, but his eyes looked at the house and a hardness blanked his expression. "It figures you'd be living here."


"This house. Of all the houses outside of Dolcett, you had to live here."

"What about here?"

"This house. I've seen it in the records."

"What records?"

"In Dolcett County. Historical records and such. A couple hundred years ago, there was this man. I don't remember his name, I'd have to look it up, but he left the county because of politics. Instead of being a good little cannibal and finding somewhere else to live, he decided to purchase a home only a few miles from the bridge."

"W-What happened to him?"

As she spoke, a woman walked around the house. She was somewhat old, maybe in her late thirties, early forties. She had a bright smile on her lips and a rather statuesque figure. Her smile shone in the sunlight as she stepped over in comfortable shoes and rested a hand on the older man's shoulder.

He looked at her and smiled broadly, affection and love shining in his eyes. "Ah, and my lovely assistant, Anne Marie."

Confused, Sonja questioned him. "An assistant? Why would you need an assistant?"

"Yeah, a mayor's job is rather difficult, even with-"


The mayor chuckled broadly, sucking on his cigar for a moment before exhaling, "Yeah, I'm the mayor of Dolcett County. Name's Perro."

He made no effort to hold out her hand or do anything other than worry his cigar between two fingers.

Sonja watched for a moment, then coughed a little from the smoke. "Wow... didn't think I'd meet anyone like you."

"Well, good meat will always draw me in."

The mayoral assistant kissed him on the cheek. "I'm going to get some, it smells delicious. I bet it's a teenage slut."

He grunted and watched her get into line for the food.

Sonja watched curiously, seeing a sexuality in the older woman that drew some of her neighbor's attention. She felt a smile as Evelyn smacked her husband for paying attention, but Anne Marie didn't even seem to notice as she slipped into line.

"Is she...?"

"A cannibal? Yeah, until I cook her up some day."

Surprised, Sonja stared at him. He chuckled and exhaled a cloud of cigar smoke. "I've been telling her that since she was a few years shy of being legal. Every couple of weeks. Like a movie or something. I might actually do it, but I'm actually fond of the girl."

Sonja chuckled and stared back at the grill. Meris and Perro's girl were talking and giggling as if they knew each other for years. Meris heaped a large pile of food on the plate and the assistant gave her a kiss on the cheek. Returning with the plate, she stopped by Perro who reached over and grabbed on piece and jammed it in his mouth.

Having a few more manners than the mayor, Anne Marie smiled and held out a hand. "I didn't catch your name."

"Oh!" Sonja took her hand and squeezed it, "Sonja."

"A pleasure to meet you, Sonja."

Using a fork, Anne Marie cut off a piece of the cooked meat and eat it. "Oh, this is good, this is very good. She was a fit one, wasn't she? Very good."

Sonja smiled at the genuine tone in her voice, "Thank you."

"Very fresh too... maybe a couple days at the most?"

"Uh, how could you tell?"

Perro chuckled, "We've had a lot of girl over the years and after a while, you get to really appreciate the taste."

Sonja shook her head, "You can't be serious."

Anne Marie nodded, "Yeah, he dragged me into this decades ago, but now... now its kind of fun. Not as impressive of a start as you, judging from the rumors."

"Rumors? Which rumors?"

"Well, the shipment of fresh girls a couple days ago. You were the one that James was talking about, weren't you?"

Sonja blushed, "Uh..."

Anne Marie laughed, a wonderfully clear tone that broke some of the horror of the scene.

From across the yard, Meris looked up curious, a faint smile on her lips.

Anne Marie took another bite. "Don't say anything, I wouldn't want you to think we were the police or anything. Just leave it alone. We don't worry that much about it, even when we speak about it. Right, Perro?"

He just grunted, peering around the yard with a passive expression, but a hunter's eye.

Anne Marie took a small forkful of food and held it up to him.

He automatically bit into it, then looked surprised. "It is good."

Anne Marie grinned at Sonja for a moment. "He's a little absent-minded."

"I noticed."


Sonja worried her lip for a moment, trying to consider asking them to help them. In response, a cool wind brushed across her, teasing her skin. She automatically glanced to the house and saw a very brief flash of it, with ice-covered windows and icicles from the roof. Her Master. She shook her head and decided to not ever let Perro or Anne Marie in the house. The ice disappearance in a second from her vision.

"If you don't mind, I-"

Perro followed her gaze toward the house. "Oh, hell, no. I wouldn't even consider going into that place."

Anne Marie frowned, "Honey, she didn't mean-"

Sonja interrupted her, "It's okay. I was going to say I don't feel really comfortable with anyone going in the house at all. This party is somewhat a surprise and its a mess."

Both of them searched her eyes to find the real emotions. Sonja felt uncomfortable and gestured for them to back to the front of the house. They nodded and returned to the front with Sonja following.

Sonja spoke softly. "So, uh, I don't mean to interrupt, but..."

"I understand, too much happening at once."

Sonja nodded, "Yeah... just a little."

Perro grunted as they came around the front. In the parking lot, behind Sonja's BMW was a large motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson from her guess. Perro stopped next to it. "Listen... uh, Sonja. I'd like to make you an offer, but hear me out."

She felt a slight frustration in her voice. "What?"

"Move. Move away."

"Move to where, Dolcett County?" She felt a sneer in her voice and tried to hide it.

Perro shrugged. "Dolcett, somewhere else, Indiana, wherever you are from."


"Yeah, Illinois. Move somewhere else, anywhere but this house."


"Because, there is a lot of history in this house, a lot of really bad history."

"What kind of history?"

Well, everyone who has lived here has died. Usually suicide."


"Well, this house is cursed, or haunted. And I think a bright girl like yourself shouldn't put yourself in that position."

"I won't leave my Meris."

"Then take her with you, as mayor I can keep you out of the lotteries and someone's pot for at least a couple of years, but I don't care if you move to New York. Just move out."

A cool wind blew across the front yard, leaving her to shiver.

Perro and Anne Marie didn't seem to notice. Anne Marie was polishing off the last of the plate. She had a smile on her lips and was seemingly ignoring the conversation.

Perro grunted again and finished off his cigar, dropping to remains on the ground as he cleared his throat. "Think about it. Clean up your mess and move to Dolcett. You'll like it there a lot more and much of what you are doing isn't illegal. With your cooking skills, you'll pretty much be off the rolls even with a body like yours. And everyone needs a skilled butcher, there is a lot of meat there and Hills could use the competition."

Sonja didn't even have to think about it. She shook her head. "No... I'm staying here."

Behind Perro, in the front yard, a white butterfly took flight and fluttered across her vision. Her sea-green eyes followed it, smelling the sunlight around her. The house felt like a lead brick but safe, safer than the vague promises Perro made.

He saw her decision in her eyes and sighed dramatically. "You need to leave, Sonja, but I can't force you. Frankly, that house scares me more than anything else." He gestured with his chin, "And I have a feeling, there is nothing I could do that take you away."

"He won't kill me."

"He who?" Perro shook his head, "Never mind, I don't really want to know."

He straddled his motorcycle. "Listen, I won't make you leave, but you need to do something for me."

Sonja felt a hardness growing over her hear, a suspicion about this stranger. He sighed heavily.

"Listen, those girls in your house."

"There aren't any-"

Perro interrupted her, "I don't care. Give them a choice, always give them a choice."

"I won't let them go." She blanched when she realized she gave herself away.

He chuckled, "I know, I wouldn't expect you to. But, give them a choice, even if it is between two terrible things. A choice is very important."


"Because even in death, they have to have at least some control of their life."

Her eyes narrowed, "Why?"

"Give them that, regardless of any problems you have with them. In the end, that choice is the most important thing."

Sonja scoffed and he shrugged before starting up the bike with a roar of the engine.

Anne Marie stepped forward and hugged her tightly. She whispered into Sonja's ear. "Don't worry, he means well even if he is a cranky old man."

Sonja's hardness softened and she kissed the cheek of the strange female cannibal.

Anne Marie gave her another peck and straddled the motorcycle. With a kick of gravel, they were gone.

Sonja stared at the motorcycle long after the sounds of it had faded.

Meris stepped up behind her, slipping a soft arm around her waist. "Who was that?"

"The guy I met on the bridge."

"From your first day?"


"I thought you said he was old."

Sonja looked at her, a frown on her lips.

Meris grinned and kissed her on the lips. "He isn't that old."

Sonja grumbled and Meris giggled softly. Something caught her eye and she make a questioning noise. Sonja glanced down and spied a book on the ground, right in the tracks of the motorcycle.

"What the...?"

She picked up the book and opened it. "Techniques of Live Spitting."

Meris gasped, "Is that what I think it is?"

Opening the page half way through the book showed pictures that meant exactly what it said. They both stared at the picture of the two girls, black and white like old schoolbooks, spitted in the middle of a football field. At the back of the image there was a sign, "Dolcett High."

Curious, Sonja peeked at the publisher: "Jessica Press, Dolcett County, California."

Meris reached over and closed the book in Sonja's hands. "Come on, love, we have guests."

"Uh... yeah. Let me put the book in the house."

Meris grinned seductively, a hand sliding down her thigh, "Hurry up. I think lunch is turning me on. And I'm almost ready to crawl on the grill myself."

Sonja hurried up.

> End of Chapter 34, for the beginning:



Chapter 35: Home Schooling (FF oral rom)

Their neighbors had disappeared as quickly as the party started, leaving only a mess of paper plates, plastic flatware, and wrappers everywhere.

"Well, at least it could have been bigger," Meris said with a tired grin.

Sonja nodded. She had her arm wrapped around Meris and rested her head against her lover's head. "Should we leave it until tomorrow. Maybe Master Cold will make it go away."

She felt almost sacrilegious to assume that the ghostly presence in the house would take care of simple simply like that. She tensed, waiting for a cold wind to punish or guide her, but nothing happened. After a few seconds, she sighed. "Maybe not."

Meris yawned. "Are you sure?"

Sonja started to dig into her shorts to find her phone, but then realized she was wearing nothing but a bikini. She stopped trying and rested her hand on her hip. "We should do it tonight. If we don't, there will probably be a storm or something."

"Yes, mistress," Meris said with a yawn.

"Hush and clean up, slave."

It took them almost two hours to gather up as much as possible. By the time the last paper plate was shoved into the garbage can, Sonja's eyes were aching and she had to yawn just to keep awake. The thoughts of sleeping in her mother's bed with Meris' arm wrapped around was the only thing that kept her going.


Sonja looked up from where she was kneeling in the grass, working out a fork that managed to bury itself into the ground. "Yes, love?"

"Can we, can we read the book tonight?"

"From that Perro guy?" Sonja blinked as she looked up. Meris' body was hazy around the edges, her curves highlighted by the harsh light from the back porch.

"Yeah, that book. The one about girls."

"Why? It's really late."

Meris toed the grass, "I want to do it. I want to spit Theodora right in that black cunt of hers."

A prickle of fear ran along Sonja's senses. She looked around at the dark yards on either side of the backyard. "We should talk about it in the house. At least not in the open."

Her lover was obviously disappointed. "I know, but can we at least read it?"


They cleaned for another twenty minutes before it grew too dark to even see with the porch light. Standing up, Sonja surveyed the back yard with a smile.

"They may be friendly, but damn they leave a mess."

Meris giggled. "And they just showed up, just like that. It was kind of freaky."

Sonja felt a smile across her lips, "Maybe they wanted to see a pair of teenage girls in their swimsuits and sun dresses."

Meris reached over and kissed her, her lips warm against Sonja's. "You are very pretty."

"Come on, Meris, you had them lining up to be next to you. I saw the line."

Blushing, her lover shook her head, "No, I was cooking."

"Yeah, then why was it mostly guys? And it wasn't hot dogs they were holding?"


"And why did they linger long after getting their food? I bet they were thinking of getting their hands into this---" Sonja grinned as she slipped her hand into Meris' dress, quickly finding her damp pussy and stroking her finger along the slit.

Meris moaned loudly. "Oh!"

Sonja hooked her finger into Meris' pussy and drew her closer.

Meris moaned and melted into Sonja's arms, her lips seeking out Sonja's. As soon as they touched, there was an electric surge between them. Meris wrapped her arms around Sonja's hips and curled her hands over Sonja's taut buttocks and easily slipped underneath the thin fabric.

Sonja giggled into the kiss and wiggled her finger caught in Meris' pussy. She was rewarded by her own buttocks being parted so Meris could worm two fingers into her soaked pussy. The pleasure sparkled along her senses and she curled her toes from the sensations.

When they broke, Sonja smiled warmly. "Okay, grab a spit and stuff. Just so no one sees us grabbing it for the morning."

Meris squealed happily and sprinted for the back yard. Sonja watched her body flashing in the light, then disappearing into the woods. For a moment, she was alone in the middle, half expecting a storm of ice to rush up against her but, for once, the world and her heart was in peace.

A rustling noise filled the woods and Meris burst out between two branches, holding two long metal spits and a handful of metal and rope. Sonja met her half way, enjoying the look of playful lust in the bright blue eyes. Grabbing one of the spits, she gasped at the feeling of warmth still in the spits.

Meris grinned broadly, "I know, they are always warm."

"Yeah. Let’s get these inside."


Giggling, they raced for the house. The book was on the center of the dining room table. Meris grabbed it as they padded down the hallway and up the stairs. Gweneth’s old room smelled of sex from their frequent coupling since Sonja's mother died. The old blankets were tossed in the corner. Their replacements laid scattered and twisted from languish waking and passionate sex.

Meris almost purred as she stripped off her dress. The fabric puddled to the ground as she crawled into bed. Her ass wiggling before she sat down in the middle.

Sonja, moving a little slower, stripped out of her bikini and crawled into the bed with her.

Meris moaned softly and kissed her as Sonja crawled around her and slipped behind her.

Sonja fought a yawn as she straddled her lover and lowered her hips until her pubic mound rested against Meris' buttocks. When she leaned forward, it was the most natural thing to follow the curves of Meris' body until Sonja's nipples ground into the soft skin of her lover's back. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on Meris' shoulders and neck.

"Oh, that feels good," moaned the slender girl. Meris wiggled up against Sonja's hips and then pulled the book in front of her. Propping herself up on her blows, she cracked open the book and started to read the book.

The book talked about the history of spitting and various methods for keeping a woman, or man but the book mostly talked about and showed women, alive while they were spitted. An entire chapter dedicated itself to the merits of putting the spit through the anus or the vagina, but mostly it was about how to push the sharpened spit through a living body while avoiding the delicate organs.

By the time they were a quarter through the book, Meris was humping the bed with slow rocking. Her buttocks ground against Sonja's hips and the heat rippled off her body. She moaned softly.

Sonja leaned forward, kissing Meris on the shoulder before whispering in her ear. "Thinking about it?"

Meris moaned. "Y-Yes.".

"What part?" though Sonja already suspected.


"M-My," Meris' hips rose up, "my pussy. I wonder what it would feel like to have it entering there."

Sonja reached down between their bodies and worked her hand between Meris' thighs. When her fingertips fought Meris' soaked pussy, there was little friction to stop her from easing in. "Right here?" she whispered.

"Oh, god, yes. Please, spit me."

Meris moaned, her head rising as she stopped reading the book. Her legs parted to give Sonja access and her hips rocked forward, impaling herself on Sonja's fingers. "Yes, right there. Would you be gentle or hard?"

The image of shoving one of the thick, warm poles into her lover's pussy pushed Sonja almost to an orgasm. The sudden heat and flash was overwhelming, but so were the memories that the ghost had given her. She had seen Meris' cunt impaled repeatedly in her nightmares, but it was nothing compared to the soaked pussy juices of how much Meris would beg for it if it ever came to that.

The book thumped on the bed as Meris planted her hands on the blankets. "Please, harder."

Sonja grinned and jammed her fingers hard into Meris' cunt, knowing that she could take it all. She pulled out and drove harder. "Want me to spit you from cunt to lips?"

"Yes," came the moaning response.

"Do you want me to put you over a fire and get all you soaked with juices?"


"And then, baby, I'm going to eat---"

The words froze in her throat as Meris orgasmed hard on her fingers, clenching down tightly as she cried out in pleasures. The orgasm was intense as Meris bucked into Sonja, kicking back as she cried out in a long wail of ecstasy.

The idea of spitting her lover appealed to Sonja. Knowing that Meris would have orgasm after orgasm as the heat cooked her set Sonja's orgasm off. She couldn't wait to see her bucking lover thrashing on a spit, struggling to move as the hard metal pinned her in place. The idea of seeing a clenching asshole straining around the thick metal or the muffled moans kept the orgasm searing through Sonja, sparking pleasure from her fingers to her clitoris to her nipples.

They both had to stop as the afterglow rippled through them. Sonja, skin slick with sweat, leaned forward again and kissed Meris slowly up her spine, tracing the line up to her neck and around. "Don't worry, we're going to practice on Theodora first, okay?"

Meris moaned and then turned around, sliding her body underneath Sonja until they were looking at each other. "I would die for you, you know that?"

Sonja kissed her back. "Yes."

"I just hope you make it the best moment of my life. Like every second I'm with you."

Sonja grinned. "Maybe...."

Meris gave a look of mock outrage. "Why not? What else to I have to do?"

Sonja grinned as she intertwined her fingers into Meris' hair. With a grunt, she scooted her hips up until she could get on her knees. Inching forward, she brought Meris' head down to her bare, freshly shaved pussy.

The first touch of hot breath against her sensitive sex was intense. It was even greater when Meris sealed her lips against Sonja's soaked pussy and lapped from opening to clitoris and beyond.

Sonja moaned and rocked her hips forward, grinding her cunt against Meris' fce. The rush of power over her lover was intoxicating and she rocked back and forth, smearing her juices against Meris' face and increasing he pressure of her pussy against her lover's face.

Meris clamped her hand on Sonja's hips, pulling Sonja tight against her face. The pressure increased but so did the licking. The wet tongue trailed through Sonja's pussy setting every nerve on fire with overwhelming pleasure.

Sonja clamped one hand on the headboard of the bed, rocking harder and faster as she strained to reach another orgasm. Having her lover pinned and helpless underneath her was almost too much. The images of having a spit sticking out of Meris' cunt and mouth was doubly so.

"Fuck," Sonja gasped. She rocked harder and faster, suffocating her lover as she pounded her into a wet, screaming orgasm.

Even as the pleasure slammed into her, Sonja ground her cunt against Meris' face, holding it in place as she shuddered through her pleasure. The clenching fingers of her lover that grew more frantic with every second only added to her pleasure and prolonged the orgasm.

Finally, it was too much. With a moan, Sonja slipped off. Strands of her juices clung to Meris' face as Sonja fell to the side and landed heavily on the bed. "Fuck."

Meris patted her leg. "Give... me... a second... to... catch my breath."

Sonja giggled. "It's going to be worst tomorrow. We're spitting Theodora then."

Meris moaned and rocked her hips as the smell of excitement filled the air. "Good. Because I'm going to fuck you until the day you die."


Chapter 36: Live Roasting (FFF v oral sn)

It was too early in the morning when Sonja and Meris came down the stairs. Neither wore any clothes and their bodies were still slick from sweat and sex. Neither had slept much of that night, the buzz of the party and the anticipation of cooking one of their victims kept them up and horny.

Meris headed straight for the large rotisserie grill near the back door. The spits they brought in the previous night rested against the door and she picked up one of the larger ones. She let out a long sigh and stroked it with both hands, caressing the metal that Sonja knew would still be warm. "Who do you think would look best? Betty or Theodora?"

Sonja admired Meris standing with a spit in her hand and her pale naked body against it. When she first moved in, she thought the indoor grill was rather large, now she could see it was perfect for cooking a teenage girl in the privacy of the kitchen. For a moment, she could picture Meris on the spit and a surge of heat and lust raced through her. She licked her lips and brought her attention back to her lover. "What?"

"Who is first?" Meris leaned against the spit with a wry smile on her face. "Because I'm thinking dark meat. I want to keep Betty for last."

Sonja smiled broadly. "It is your present, your choice."

"Then the black bitch it is," Meris said with an intense look in her eyes. "How long would it take?"

"According to the book, about an hour for ten pounds. She was always complaining in the locker room whenever she got close to 123, so probably about half a day. Early dinner?"

"Can't it be sooner?"

"We could gut her, that would probably take an hour or so off. And if we cut off her---"

As Sonja spoke, Meris shook her head. "No, I want to roast her live. I want to hear her screams."

She dropped her other hand between her legs and slipped one finger into her pussy lips. With a moan, she said, "I want to see her spitted completely through and squirming."

“Live? You know that ruins most of the meat.”

Meris shook her head sharply. “I don't care about meat, or cooking. I just want to make her suffer. She hurt me more than almost anyone else all because Betty told her to. Besides, there will be something to eat even if most of it is ruined. We can get rid of the body, right?”

She set the spit down and stepped toward Sonja. "Please?"

Sonja was briefly overwhelmed by the intensity in her lover's eyes. The sensation that she was about to go too far rose up but she pushed it down. Theodora was one of the ones who hurt her Meris and they were going to suffer. “Then we better get some rope and a gag, she's going to scream. She will also thrash around when we try to spit her.”

Meris whispered softly, “Thank you.”

“For you, anything.”


"Of course."

Together, they went down the stairs and headed straight for the back room.

Even though they were there for Theodora, as soon as they came around the corner, Sonja looked for Betty.

The blonde was awake and looking back. There were marks on her wrists for spending days hanging from them, but otherwise her body was free from marks and scars. A few trails of drying blood flecked from her skin, highlighting the goosebumps from the cool air. Her nipples were crinkled and drew Sonja's eyes, but Sonja forced her eyes back up to match the brilliant blue.

Even with her position, she was still beautiful. Her imprisonment couldn't mar her trim body, slender legs, and the nearly flat plane of her stomach. If things were different, Sonja could easily see Betty between her legs or in the same position as Meris.

A wave of guilt slammed into Sonja. Blushing, she forced her thoughts aside and focused on her blonde nemesis.

There was no fear in Betty, only a hard-edged intelligence that regarded Sonja. Sonja didn't know why Betty wasn't afraid but the calmness set her nerves on edge. She was too calm for seeing Ming and Marisha murdered next to her.

Sonja desperately wanted to ask Betty why, but Theodora's scream interrupted her thoughts.

The high-pitched noise that hurt Sonja's ears. She kicked out, trying to keep Meris away. Urine splashed down her legs as she sobbed loudly. "No, no, I don't want to die! No, please don't!"

Her screams continued to fill the room, the high-pitched terror rising until it cracked. She thrashed violently, but Sonja noticed that her blows were rapidly growing weaker.

Meris struggled to get to Theodora, using her forearms to block the wild kicks. She winced every time one of the blows slipped past to smack against her naked breasts and hips.

One of the black girl's kicks smacked up between Meris' legs and Meris staggered back, clutching her privates. She lard at Theodora for a long with tears in her eyes.

Theodora slumped forward, her eyelids slowly closing before she trembled.

When Meris rushed back, Sonja grabbed her and pulled her back. "No, wait a second."

"W-Why?" Meris had the intense look in her eyes, a lust for murder.

Theodora kicked out again, but it was a weak attempt. The next one barely lifted her foot from the brick wall. She slumped forward, panting heavily. Her large breasts dripped with sweat and her head rolled to the side. "N-No, not me...." she gasped, her voice cracking as her hair plastered against her shoulders.

"What is happening?" whispered Meris.

"I think she's going to pass out."

"She's just exhausted," said Betty suddenly. "She's been hanging there for days and you haven't fed either of us. Between the dehydration and our headaches, I'm surprised she had enough strength to still resist."

To Sonja's surprise, Betty's voice was raspy but steady. It also had some of the hardness that matched her gaze. Their eyes matched for a moment and the briefest of flashes revealed Betty's discomfort before it faded under the steel-eyed gaze.

Theodora moaned and her head rolled to the other side. "Help me...."

"This is the best time to do it, you know." Betty nodded toward Theodora.

Meris glanced at Betty with a look of confusion and growing frustration. "How can you say that? You don't know what happening."

Betty looked at Theodora. "She's barely lucid, weak, and helpless. But her body hasn't dried out too much. I'm sure she'd be perfect for the grill or oven, or whatever you want to do."

Both Sonja and Meris inhaled sharply.

Betty smirked. "I know what a cooking bitch smells like. Even from down here, it's pretty obvious you were cooking the others yesterday."

"H-How?" asked Meris. "How could you know that?"

Betty let out a long, rasping breath. "Ever since I was thirteen, my parents have been taking me to Dolcett for their feasts."

Sonja was asking a question before she realized it. "What was it like?"

"Fucking," Betty said with a bitter laugh, "Lots and lots of fucking. The same thing you are doing, actually. I seems all cannibals are the same."

Her chains rattled as she pressed her thighs together. Her eyes seemed to cloud over as she said nothing for a moment. Her thighs ground together for a moment. Then she opened her eyes and smiled directly at Sonja. "You'd like it there."

Her smile grew broader and she turned her head to look at Meris. "Now you, on the other hand, I would give my left tit to see you stretched out on a grill with the entire county feasting on that skinny corpse---"

Betty laughed. "You really think that---"

Another slap.


Still laughing, Betty looked back at Sonja. "You better snuff all three of us and get your ass to Dolcett. Because right now, if my parents find you, you'll still be going there, but as a naked bitch destined for a very long life of torture, rape, and then being ripped apart. You are am amateur compared to the rest of them and I will be laughing---"

Meris screamed out in rage and slapped Betty hard. The impact shook both of their bodies, but Meris didn't stop with a single blow. She slapped and clawed at Betty, tearing at her skin and beating her face and pussy. Flecks of blood splattered everywhere as she attacked the helpless cheerleader.

Betty kept laughing, punctuated by the grunts and gasps that came from being attacked.

The more she laughed, the more Meris clawed at her. Blood splattered everywhere, but they were shallow cuts and bruises, nothing.

"You call---that---come on, you are fucking pathetic!"

Sonja watched with a storm of emotions inside her.

The biggest was the satisfaction of seeing Betty being attacked and beaten. Every time Meris hit her, Sonja's pussy would clench with anticipation and heat pulsed inside her. The intensity grew as Meris' attacks increased. There was blood everywhere, it dripped from Betty's breasts, stomach, and thighs. Some of it gathered along her pussy where Meris had clawed more than once against the swollen folds.

"Come on, bitch," screamed Betty, "you can do better than that!"

Meris screamed out in rage and attacked harder.

Next to her, Theodora looked with fluttering eyes. There were no emotions on her face, only a blank look of someone who had been broken.

Sonja looked between the three women, the heat gathering from watching the violence but also a sick feeling. It wasn't Betty being attacked, but the look in her eyes. There was something going on, the blonde had something planned that bode poorly for Sonja and her lover.

"Come on, bitch!" gasped Betty. "Even a pussy could do a better job---" There was blood on her face and one eye had swollen shut.

Meris stepped back, panting. "I... I will...."

She turned and started toward the hallway.

At the triumphant look on Betty's face, Sonja realized what the blonde had intended. Sonja stepped forward and grabbed Meris.

"Let me go! I'm going to kill her!"

"That's what she wants," Sonja said, struggling to keep her arms around her blood-splattered lover.
Meris' body heaved underneath her as she strained to pull free of Sonja's grip. Sonja could feel that she was panting and sobbing at the same time, her emotions running hot.

"Come on, not now, not now. We have to make her suffer and if you kill her here, then you'll regret it forever."

Meris stopped fighting. She panted and let out a frustrated growl.

"I know, Baby, I know. Don't let her get to you." Sonja looked over Meris head at Betty.

The blonde was no longer laughing and the hard look returned to her face. Her body tightened as she glared at Sonja. A tiny shudder ran through her body, flicking blood to the ground.

Pulling her gaze away, Sonja tugged Meris back toward Theodora. "Come on, we have a black bitch to cook."

It didn't take long for Sonja and Meris to get Theodora up the stairs. The naked black girl was able to move on her own but every step was a struggle. She shook violently and whimpered but her hands were weak when she tried to push them off. When they finally reached the grill and pressed her thighs against the edge, she managed to rouse herself enough to shake her head. "No... no... I don't want to die. Please? Get Betty or Ming, please?"

Sonja pressed her hand between Theodora's shoulder blades. There was an intense contrast of Sonja's tanned skin and Theodora's black. But there was nothing different about the body of a fit young girl. Increasing pressure, she bore down until Theodora bent over until the large breasts were pressed against the metal grill.

Theodora's ass was larger than the others, but it was smooth and firm. Sonja ran her hand down it, stroking along the bottom edge before dragging up the slightly moist crack to the tiny little sphincter.

Meris moaned as she watched, one hand clamped against her own pussy and the other in her mouth.

The black girl turned to look at her, eyes filled with shimmering tears. She whimpered before she said in a hoarse voice, “Why are you doing this?”

Sonja looked at her with a hardness in her eyes, “Because you hurt my love, you hurt my Meris.”

“It was just a joke.”

Meris scoffed. “Some joke.”

Tears dripped down her cheeks, “It was just a joke, we didn't mean anything by it.”

“Well, Theodora, I think its time to see how far we are going to take this joke.”

Their victim sniffed sadly, “What are we going to do?”

“We are going to spit---”

Sonja started to speak, then paused for a moment. Perro's words rang in her head for a moment and she frowned. Meris caught her expression.


Sonja gave Theodora another look, thinking. After a moment, she spoke up. “I'll give you a choice.”

She ignored the whimper from Meris and kept speaking.

“Either I'm going to take that spit and roast you on this grill, or I'm going to cut off all your limbs, cut you open, and show you what it feels like to be gutted, just like Marisha.”

Theodora sobbed for a moment, “Please don't do this.”

Sonja kept her hand planted on Theodora's back. With her other, she rested it on the girl's asshole and began to circle it, increasing the pressure. “Then you have to make a choice. If you don't resist, it will hurt a lot less than if you struggle.”

She sniffed pitifully, “Why?”

“Don't ask that, you already know the answer.”

“C-Can't you just let me go?”

Leaning forward, Sonja kissed her shoulder and whispered softly. “You already know that answer too.”

“No...” The sobs were muted in Sonja's ears as she stared into the dark brown eyes.

Sonja didn't even see the tears, just a girl who hurt her lover. She moved her finger from Theodora's sphincter to her pussy, tracing the thick, black lips. Where the rest of Theodora was a dark brown, her pussy and ass were almost pitch black. But that only make the shocking pink of her insides more startling. “Now, you have to make a choice. Do you want to be gutted or spitted?”

Deep inside, Sonja knew that Meris only wanted to hear one answer, but she had to amuse the old man.

Theodora whimpered softly, her breath coming in heavy gasps. Sonja noticed that she didn't try to close her legs and took advantage of it to work her finger deeper, feeling the folds starting to warm up and a different type of moisture lick her fingertip.

“Oh, a little bit of that pleasure starting to tease you?” Sonja felt a smile ghosting across her lips.

Theodora and Meris both moaned.

“So, little black slut, what do you want? To get everything lopped off, right here in the kitchen.”

Theodora thought for a long moment, trying to find some solace as tears poured down her cheeks.

Meris rocked back and forth, fingers tight on her body.

Sonja was well in control. She eased two finger into Theodora's pussy and pumped in and out. It wasn't a fast stroke, but more of a distracting one as she waited for the young woman to consider her fate.

“Y-You can't just let me go? I'll do anything.”

Sonja shook her head, “I haven't let anyone else go, and you know it.”

Another long silence before she spoke hoarsely. “You promise it w-won't h-hurt?”

Letting the smile expand on her lips, she shook her head, “If you don't struggle, we will be as gentle as possible. It will hurt, but it won't be like Marisha.”

“A-And you won't cut my throat?”


Sonja could see real fear in her eyes with that question and she shook her head.m “No, we'll cook you slow so you don't feel it.”

Sniffing, Theodora whimpered and closed her eyes tightly, spreading her legs slightly. “Spit... doesn't sound so bad.”

Sonja kissed her again, her fingers working between her meat's legs. Theodora didn't get as hot or excited as Marisha, but soon Sonja's fingers were slick and Theodora's hips were moving to meet her thrusting fingers. Glancing down, Sonja saw Theodora's fingers wrapped in the grill, knuckles white with the effort to hold herself down.

“There is no escape.”

Theodora whimpered, “I-I know.”

“We need to tie you down.”

She hesitated for a moment. Sonja could almost see the hope for freedom disappearing in her eyes. She turned slightly and stretched out along the grill, her body shuddering with fear. Her breasts ground against the metal, the black tips catching between two of the bars.

Sonja stroked her finger along the black sex a few more times before she grabbed some rope from underneath the kitchen sink. It was the same rope she used to tie up Rick. Working silently, she bound Theodora's wrists together and then to a ring above the grill. She used more rope to attach each of the black girl's ankles to more rings near the floor and then a final loop to bind her hips against the edge of the counter. It wasn't the final cooking position, but it would give them the most leverage to spit her.

Then, as a reward for not fighting, Sonja knelt down behind Theodora and looked up at her magnificent ass. She cupped both buttocks and held them apart before breathing in the scent of Theodora's sex. It smelled stronger than Meris, not as delicate. But, it has a robustness mixed in with fear, so she drew her tongue up the entire length.

Theodora gasped at the sensations. She pulled against her bounds for a moment, then pushed back against the tongue as Sonja started to work her mouth between the hot folds.

Meris grumbled for a moment, but Sonja just stared at her for a moment. This wasn't much different than fucking James, but the result was tenderizing the meat.

Finally, Meris relaxed and let Sonja lick Theodora until the girl shuddered with a tiny orgasm that relaxed her noticeably. The flood of juices were savory and Sonja smiled around them as she licked the pussy lips clean before standing.

Meris started to take her place, then stopped. "Sonja?"

To Sonja's surprise, she wasn't jealous. This was meat, not a challenge. She nodded.

Meris kissed Sonja before keeling down between Theodora's lips. She mouthed the black pussy before her and then licked deeply, sending a bolt of pleasure through the half-conscious girl.

Sonja watched her love for a moment before picking up the thinner of the spits. It was long and hot in her hands. The very tip was a sharp point of metal, but there was a complicated mechanism around it. On the far end, there was a knotted rope that ran the entire length. She pulled the rope and the tip retracted, closing up to leave a rounded tip in its place. When she released the rope, a spring force the tip out with a snick.

Holding the spit up, she looked at Theodora's body, which twisted slightly in the ropes. Theodora moaned louder as she pushed back against Meris' lapping tongue.

“Do you want to be spitted in the ass or the vagina?”

She didn't hear the response, but Meris repeated it.

“In her pussy, love.”

Pulling the rope down the spit, Sonja rounded the tip and lowered it. It took a bit of effort to maneuver it, but she managed to get it to Theodora's pussy without smacking her lover.

Meris looked back at the moan and moaned. "Fuck, that's sexy."

Seeing her lover on her knees with a bit near her head brought a surge of pleasuring coursing through Sonja's body. The world swayed as she held herself still.

With a grin, Meris slipped her pale shoulder underneath the pole and then brought it up until the tip was aimed directly for Theodora's glistening slit. With her two hands, she parted the thick folds and guided the end into the tiny, clenching opening.

When the very tip brushed against the entrance to her sex, Theodora whimpered and jumped, but didn't twist out of place.

Meris moaned loudly. She rocked her hips back and forth as she released one hand on Theodora's pussy and grabbed the spit. Twisting back and forth, she worked into the slick hole.

Theodora whimpering and clenched tightly, her ropes growing taut. She let out a sob but didn't cry out.

It was tight, resisting. Sonja pushed for Meris, giving pressure as the pole eased into the tiny opening, twisting widely as inch after inch disappeared into their victim.

Theodora's cries grew louder, but both teenagers were deaf to them.

Meris was rubbing up against her, whispering sweet nothing as Sonja forced inch after inch into the tight hole.

Then Sonja encountered resistance. The pole refused to go any further, but Sonja pulled out and jammed it further in. It stopped in the same place.

Theodora gasped out wordlessly.

Sonja twisted it slightly and pushed it harder, but it refused to slip in any further into the black girl's vagina. The pole was at Theodora's limits, the further any cock or toy could ever go. She grinned and got a better grip. “I'm going to have to hurt you, meat.”

Theodora whimpered loudly, shaking her head.

Meris pressed her head against Theodora's thigh and stared up at the impaled pussy with bright blue eyes. She smiled to herself as she explored the junction of metal and cunt, forcing her finger into the opening and then back out.

Sonja released the rope in the pole.

Theodora jumped violently and screamed out. "Oh, god! No!"

With a grunt, Sonja pushed harder.

"No, no, it hurts!"

After only a few inches, the resistance faded. Sonja staggered as an orgasm crashed into her; she had just impaled Theodora's womb with a spit. Her juices dribbled down her thigh as she fought the urge to masturbate. Instead, she grabbed the pile and steadily pulled the release rope back.

Theodora sobbed loudly, only a wail escaping her throat.

Meris masturbated violently as she stroked the spit and the black girl's pussy.

Theodora's sobs were hoarse and terror filled, but the burning passion in Meris' eyes kept her almost moving forward.

The spit slit in, inch by inch. The kitchen filled with the sounds of Sonja's measured breathing, Meris' pants of pleasure, and Theodora's pain-filled whimpers.

Meris reached up to press her fingers against Theodora's taunt belly. "I can feel it. Oh god, I can feel the spit inside her."

Sonja moaned and continued to work the metal deeper into their victim. It was hard work, more so from the orgasms that coursed through her body then her slick hands on the spit. Every once in a while, she could feel some organ stopping her and she used the point to pierce through it.

Seeing Theodora's body shake violently brought more heat to her body. As the spit slowly worked its way into her stomach and then higher, Theodora was forced the straighten her back. The motion of her hips stopped as she was impaled, her body slowly becoming transfixed on the metal.

Meris jumped away and crawled up on the grill, planting her naked ass on the metal and wrapping her legs around Theodora as she jammed her fingers into the black girl's skin.

"Little to the right," she said after a moment.

Theodora cried out.

Meris kissed her, hands still probing. She called out directions and Sonja forced the spit deeper. Blood oozed out from the black lips stretched around the spit, but it was a sexy sight to see it dripping on the ground.

Sonja twisted the spit in her hands, able to step forward slightly. A bulge pressed up from inside Theodora's stomach and she cried out. Carefully, Sonja brought it back in line and let Meris thread it further past organs. Then, she felt a pressure of something give and their meat gave out a tiny burp.

"Oh god, I think it's in her mouth." Meris' voice was drunk with excitement. She grabbed Theodora's throat and head, forcing it back into a straight light.

Inspired, Sonja pushed harder, steadily working the metal deeper into the impaled pussy.

Theodora's breathing grew more ragged, gurgling, then it grew suddenly muted.

A powerful surge of excitement filled Sonja as she watched the tip of the spike push out of the girl's mouth. Memories of her own excitement from being spitted, the only good part of her nightmares, filled her and a powerful orgasm crashed into her. She almost dropped to her knees, but Theodora cried out in agony and she halted herself.

The last few feet to completely impaled Theodora were the hardest because Sonja kept wanting to finger herself violently. Her pussy ached to be touched and fucked.

When the bloody tip stuck out two feet. Sonja finally released the metal and came around to admire her victim.

The sight of Theodora struggling to breath, the thin gasps that escaped around the spit, was the sexiest thing she had seen. She leaned forward and strokes Theodora's breasts, enjoying the trembling as she looked into the dull eyes that looked back. It almost saddened her that Theodora wouldn't feel the full effects of being roasted alive, but it didn't matter anymore.

Sonja tweaked her nipple. “We are going to bind you now.”

A name wasn't need anymore. Theodora was just meat.

Meris pulled out some brackets that mounted about a foot from the blood-flecked lips and near her knees. A short crossbar fitted in the bracket, giving them something to tie rope to, to keep her steady.


Even though Theodora didn't resist, Sonja took great effort to make sure the rope would keep her steady as they fixed her into place. When they finished, their meat was bound tightly to the pile.

"Okay, let's get her on the brackets."

The brackets of the grill were tall, about two feet above the metal and they strained to pick her up smoothly, but Sonja and Meris managed to lift the girl up on the brackets, the spit slipping in smoothly, as if it was built for it.

Their meat gave a muted whimper but didn't resist.

Sonja fingered the controls for the grill and a small blue flame appeared. Warmth washed up as the grill fired in four long streamers of flame underneath hardwood charcoal.

A single tear splashed down.

Sonja gestured at the cupboard and Meris pulled out a gallon-sized container of olive oil. With a grin, they spiced it with herbs and other spices, then started to spread it on the Theodora's naked body. Their fingers, slick with excitement and oil, moved quickly. Heat and flame were nothing compared to the terribly sensual feelings of rubbing oil on a girl about to die. She whimpered, but Sonja and Meris found themselves growing hot and slick, even hotter than the skin underneath their fingers.

Together, they continued to rub oil in every crevice, every part of the meat's body until it grew too hot for them to remain. Slowly and sadly, they stepped back, letting the oil drip from their fingers.

Sonja remembered where the turner was and pulled it out. She had to clean her hands of oil before she hooked it up and turned it on. The electronic motor whined before it began to slowly rotate their victim over the flames. The dark skin already shimmered from the heat.

Sonja felt tired and sat down on the chair, watching the body slowly turn.

Meris watched her and smiled, sinking to her knees between her legs. Sonja started to resist, but the mouth and oil-slicked fingers against her skin silenced her words. She leaned back, her eyes locked on the slowly turning body while her lover, her most wonderful lover, started to please her.

Theodora wiggled on the spike, in tiny little movements that Sonja almost missed. Sonja could see the smear of blood on the spit from Theodora's rock. With every jerk, her lips at either end would stretch out and slide back in. At first, she wondered if it was just Theodora exploring her limits or the rotation of the spit, but soon it became obvious that Theodora was stroking herself on the spit, maybe trying to kill herself faster on the metal than the slow death of being cooked alive.

Sonja smiled to herself, the pleasure and heat rising rapidly. The sounds of slurping drifted from around Meris head and Sonja could feel the slickness flooding her lover's mouth. It was a wonderful point, watching a girl dying slowly on the flames and her lover laving between her legs.

Her orgasm came slowly, languishing, despite the hard edge of excitement that filled her. She moaned softly, oiled fingers curling into Meris' hair. When it came, she shuddered violently, holding her lover's lapping tongue tightly against her sex.

It faded too soon, leaving her feeling anxious in the afterglow.

Meris purred as she stood up, straddling Sonja's legs as she sank down in her lap. She smiled over her shoulder. “She is so beautiful.”

“Yes... you are.”

Meris blushed and pressed her body tighter against Sonja, rocking back and forth slightly.

“I was talking about T...” a faint look of confusion cross her eyes, “our meat.”

“Yes, your present.”

Meris brightened and kissed her, “I love you, Sonja. I love you so very much!”

Her excitement softened as she leaned forward and whispered in Sonja's ear.

“I want you.”

“We... we should stay until she is done.”

Meris whimpered softly, but Sonja already had an idea.

With a smile, she patted on the table. “Why don't you crawl up there and maybe I can give you a little something for yourself.”

The excitement in the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen left Sonja gasping. Meris crawled off her lap and on the table, wiggling her body. The wood shuddered slightly, but held easily as she turned around, her body stopping as she stared at the turning girl. Sonja stood up herself and walked around the table, until the delicate opening and line of her lover's body dominated her vision. With a smile, she lowered her lips to the dripping sex.

Meris gasped loudly, her body leaning back with the flare of excitement.

Sonja lapped and licked and fingered for almost an hour.

For Meris, her orgasms came hard and fast and in rapid succession.

Sonja didn't give up and kept using her tongue and fingers as long as the orgasms left a puddle of juices on the table. By the time the smell of cooking girl filled the kitchen, her jaw ached and her tongue could only taste pussy.

Meris moaned happily, lying in a puddle of her juices. She spread her legs far apart and rested her head off the edge of the table, watching Theodora cook like Sonja used to watch television.

Theodora's eyes no longer saw anything and Sonja felt a moment of silence for her. She missed the death of the girl, but it was obvious from Meris' rapt attention that her lover didn't. Her smile curled her lip happily as she realized that she gave Meris what she promised.

The only thing to do was to check on their meat and fuck for the rest of the day. Sonja smiled and stood up. She walked around the table before straddling Meris' face.

"Your turn."

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Chapter 37: Second Chances (nosex)

Sonja didn't wake up until late afternoon. She slipped from Meris' tangled limbs and padded down the stairs after pulling on a fresh robe across her body. Outside, the summer light was bright and yellow, the brilliance of the season streaming in through the windows.

She made it half-way down the stairs when the phone rang out. Sonja considered ignoring it, but it rang again and she padded back up the stairs to her mother's office. Flipping up the phone, she answered it. "Sonja here."

"Hello, this is Meris' father." Rick's voice was gruff and dark, a tense sound of someone more than unhappy.

"Hello, Rick."

"How are you doing? Things haven't been the same since you had to quit."

Sonja pushed back a bitterness that rose in her throat. She thought about her situation and then smiled. "I think I've convinced my mother to let me come back to work soon."

"Uh, about that." His gruff voice changed slightly. "Well, I need Meris to come home, now."

The last word was hard and Sonja felt her breath hard in her chest.

"Would later-"


There was no question, there was no negotiations. She heard that tone in his voice before and it left her cold. She switched hands on the phone and took a deep breath. "Yes, sir. I'll send her home right away."

"Good. And Sonja?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Take care of yourself." His words were strange but the other end of the phone went dead before she could ask questions.

Sonja set the handle back into its cradle and walked back into their bedroom. Meris yawned as she woke up, stretching as she did so.

A soft, sleepy smile cross her lips as she saw her lover. "Who was that?"

"Your father, he wants you home."

Meris' smile disappeared in a second. "Can it wait?"

She shook her head, "I don't think so. He seems pissed."

"I like it here."

Sonja crawled over to Meris and kissed her lips, enjoying the taste of her lover. "And I like you here, but he seems very upset. And if I want to work for him, I probably should let his daughter come home for a break from all this fucking."

Meris pouted for a moment, but still crawled out of bed to get dressed. As she tugged on her shirt, she gave Sonja a sloppy grin. "Promise me that you'll give me a good working over... when I get back?"

Sonja purred and smiled, "I promise."

"Good, I'll be back as soon as I can."

Watching her lover leave left Sonja feeling saddened and depressed. She followed after a few moments, setting her feet on the stairs until she wandered into the kitchen. It was empty, even of the corpse from earlier in the morning. Only a tiny little icicle clung to the spit. She smiled as her bare feet covered the distance. She stroked along the metal of the spit still in its bracket.

She stood there in silence, remembering everything that happened before hunger broke her attention. Peeking in the fridge, she saw the remains of Theodora, thick slices piled high on a platter. To the average person, it just looked like steaks. She reached in and grabbed a plate's worth.

Sonja considered cooking it in the microwave, but decided to pop it in the oven and cook it properly.

She sighed and sat down at the table. Without Meris, she felt alone and drifting.

As she waited, she tapped on the table, unsure of what to do. She considered going into the basement to toy with Betty but, without Meris, she couldn't find the energy. Instead, she just remained in the kitchen, depressed and lethargic.

Then, James' voice cut through her thoughts.

"I know that smell."


He came in, wearing civilian clothes. Grinning, he peered into the oven and then sat down heavily in one of the chairs. "Which one was it?"

"Oh, uh, Theadora."

"The black girl? Cool, I haven't had African in a long time."

Sonja shook her head, amused by his casual reference to eating humans. "Do you want some? Grab it from the fridge."

James looked at the fridge, "Na, I'll grab some of yours, I'm feeling kind of lazy today."

He peered around the kitchen, then at the basement. "So, where is your girl? The pretty one?"

"Meris had to head to home. Her father needed her."

"Ah, she probably has been spending a lot of time here."

Nodding, Sonja agreed. James continued to look around until Sonja felt his presence grating.

"What do you want?"

"Oh... nothing."

Her eyes narrowed. "Bullshit."

James started to deny it, then grinned. "Okay, I was hoping to see if Meris was in the mood."

"In the mood?" She fought not to snap at him as the jealousy rose up.

"For sex. It's been a while," he had the decency to pretend to be bashful, "and well, I rather enjoyed it."

"So, you were hoping to have a little bit of pussy because you were horny?"

James shrugged then grinned. "Yeah, pretty much."

Underneath the table, Sonja clenched her fist. She knew better than to do anything she would regret with the officer with ties to Dolcett County. If she said the wrong thing, she could end up someone's meal. "Betty is downstairs, feel free."

He shook his head and eyed her. "Not really interested in that slut."

"Oh, why?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. She seems fake and I see enough girls tied down or chained up. After a while, it kind of loses the charm of those pleading eyes. Plus," he rapped the table with his finger, "there is a viciousnesses in her eyes still that doesn't really excite me."

"And Meris doesn't have that?"

James grinned, "Not really. She has that sadistic submissive trait that is really rare, even in Dolcett."

Not wanting to talk about her lover with James, Sonja changed the topic. "What is Dolcett like?"

"Bright, sunny, cheerful. Girls get lots of money and showered with gifts. They enjoy a couple years of being queens before they are slaughtered."


"Yeah, lotteries and crimes. Hell, they are nothing more than money for some people."

Both disgust, fear, and curiosity flooded through Sonja, "Why would any woman in her right mind ever go there?"

"Well, lots of reasons."

"Name one."

"Well, there is a chance that they will survive. About one in twenty make it through everything."

"Oh, that's a risk."

"Well, more submissive women seem to show up, ones who have that secret desire to be on the grill or spit."

Sonja shook her head. James shrugged.

"For some, its the money. Dolcett throws a lot of cash at new meat, giving them TV's and just about every gadget there is. They get a lot of fun time, knowing that they may end up dead the next day. Almost no girl there works, they just hang around, got to the beach, and have fun. All on the county."

"Wow... that sounds..."

James raised an eyebrow, "For some, that is the perfect job. A chance of survival, lots of sex and money and all the toys you want. After a while, I think they almost look forward to being cut and just hope for those chefs who really sweeten them up with a couple rounds of really good fucking before slicing their throats."

Sonja shuddered, "Not for me."

"Yeah, Perro mentioned that. You turned him down."

She glared at him and James just shrugged, "What do you expect? He asked me to make you another offer, twenty years of living with no chance of lottery. Best deal I've heard ever come out of him, and even more impressive for someone who didn't fuck him silly."

"I... just wasn't interested."

"I heard."

"Perro talks too much."

"He just appreciates a nice piece of tail. And, I think he actually likes you."

A silence stretched between them. James began to tap on the table. His fingers against the table, the rocking of the chair, even his breathing just left her feeling like he was scraping claws against her spine.

Finally, it got too intense and she stood up. "Listen, Meris isn't here, so unless you have something else..."

James, a falsely lighthearted expression on his face, stood up. He smiled at her, "I get the hint. And if you ever change your mind, I promised him I would give you this."

He set down a business card on the table and walked down the hall.

Sonja followed, glaring at his back.

At the door, he turned around. "Unless you might be interested in a little..."

He gestured upstairs with his chin. Sonja shook her head, "No. I'm just not interested in anyone other than Meris."

"What about before? After you cut up all those girls in the freezer?"

Sonja favored him with a hard look. "That was for Meris, not you."

He pulled on a cheerful face, but she could see the disappointment in his eyes. He opened the door and stepped outside. At the first step, he grinned at her over his shoulder. "Last chance?"

"Meris is mine." Her voice came out in a growl which didn't phase James at all. He shrugged.

"Well, then. I better not piss you off."

Sonja felt a frown furrowing her face. "No... don't ever piss me off."

She knew it was the wrong thing to say, but Meris was hers and no one else would ever have her again.


Amazing writing tSade, as always. First work of yours I read was actually Puppy Mill on the Gurochan one or two before this. The way you build up the characters and worlds within your stories to the point where the wildest things become believable is a particular hook for me - to start with I thought how much I enjoyed Puppy Mill was a fluke (being a gay man) but I'm glad to say I've been proven wrong. Keep up the good work.
(Very much looking forward to seeing more of Master Cold, and his past victims(?). Amazing how much character you convey with barely a scrap of speech from him.)


Thank you!

Sadly, I don't have *that* many gay stories on my website (half a dozen or so), but I'm trying to get Derik's Luck out the door which is my "Puppy Mill" of cross-dressing and submissive males.


Chapter 38: Love Divided

That night, a weather front came through and a headache firmly planted itself into Sonja's head. After a few hours of listlessly staring at the television, Sonja headed up to her mother's bedroom and tried to go to sleep.

After an hour of twisting and turning, she realized she couldn't sleep without the familiar presence of her lover. She grabbed the thickest blanket and headed downstairs, her bare feet going from the carpeted stairs to the comforting icy wood of the basement.

Slipping into her bed, she sank into the icy sheets and pulled the blanket tight to her chest. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scents of Meris and sex. She smiled and snuggled against the pillows and closed her eyes.

Sleep refused to come.

She tossed and turned, but her eyes only ached more and her head throbbed. A brief attempt at masturbating didn't help. A brief visit upstairs got her a couple pain killers but, even thirty minute later, it did nothing for her headache or her discomfort.

Disgusted with herself and aching for Meris' arms, she continued to roll over.

The phone rang out and she cracked open her dry eyes to peer at the clock. It took a moment for her eyes to focus on the hour, one in the morning.

The ringing continued to assault her ears. She groaned and levered herself out of her bed, mumbling under her breath as she forced herself to plant her feet on the ground and stagger out of her room.

By the time she made it upstairs, the ancient answering machine in her mother's office picked up the line. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and strained to listen to the message; her heart beat faster hoping it was Meris.

“Sonja? This is Rick, Meris' father. Have you seen her? I've---”

Suddenly awake, Sonja sprinted up the stairs and snatched up the phone. "Rick! Rick?"

"Sonja." He sounded tired and frustrated. "Have you seen Meris?"

The remains of the sleep that almost caught her burned away in a second. Outside, a thunderclap rocked through the house.

“Uh, no. Why?”

“We had a fight and she was upset. I started to... I thought she went to bed, but when I checked on her, the window was open and she was missing. The cops haven't seen her and you are her only friend. Is she over there?”

Sonja began to worry, “No, I haven't seen her since she headed home earlier today.”

“Good.” Sonja felt a tiny brush of annoyance but didn't say anything.

Rick grumbled for a moment. “Listen, if she does come over, please send her home. I,” he hesitated for a moment, “know she likes to stay over, but not tonight, okay? This is important, very important.”

The prick of something wrong rose up, but she lied to him anyways. "Of course I will."

Rick sounded like he barely trusted her, but there was a strained tone to his voice. She promised to send Meris home and he finally hung up.

Outside, the thunder roared again, then rain came crashing down on the house. Hard slamming pellets of water ricocheted off the room, a drumbeat that quickly turned into an endless resonance against her aching head.

Sonja worried her lip and returned down the stairs. She stopped in the kitchen and looked at the gaping door. The pitch darkness inside was both comforting and terrifying. She knew there was something down there waiting for her, something besides her last victim.

She padded down the stairs, turning on the lights as she went. Her bare feet felt the splinters on the steps, a familiar feeling after so many times going up and down the stairs. She continued down the hall and into the back room. She found the switched and flipped on the lights.

In the corner, shivering from the cool air, Betty hung from the wall.

Sonja padded over, looking her nemesis over from head to toe.

The blonde's body still had the grace and power from before, but something had changed. There was a dullness in her eyes, the same look that Theodora had before the end.

When the red-rimmed eyes peered back at her, Sonja cocked her head slightly. “You look like hell.”

Betty glared at her, a bit of the fire returning. The muscles in her stomach and leg tensed up and Sonja could tell that she was preparing to kick.

With a grin, Sonja stepped forward and pressed her crotch against Betty's knee, pinning it down as she rested her breast against Betty's. She whispered to her, her voice hoarse after too many hours awake. "Don't fight, Betty. You've made things already bad for you, fighting now is just going to prolong this."

Betty's eyes didn't lose its fire, but the tension between Sonja's legs relaxed.

Sonja pressed her palm against Betty's stomach, feeling the cool flesh underneath. She trailed her fingers along Betty's perfect, firm skin, enjoying every curve from the cheerleader's hips to her stomach and then up to the breasts and her arms. Without a word, she reached up and undid the gag. She twisted it slightly and pulled it out of her perfect lips.

Betty groaned as Sonja worked it out, then licked her dry lips.

Sonja looked up at her with a serious expression. “Now, I'm going to leave this out of your pretty little mouth, as long as you promise to keep silent.”

Betty shook her head before speaking in a broken voice. “I won't promise that.”

Sonja gave her a tiny little smile, “Then I'll put it back in after we are done.”

Betty glared at her, “What do we have to talk about? It's not like you'll ever let us---” the blonde paused for a moment, choking on her word, “let me go.”

Sadly, Sonja shook her head. “I'm sorry, at this point, that would put me in prison for the rest of my life. Wouldn't it? You've already said that and I believed you.”

Betty glared at her.

“More importantly, Meris would also be there and I couldn't live with that. I told you before," Sonja pressed her knuckles against Betty's throat, "I won't let anyone hurt her."

Betty frowned, tears forming in her eyes.

Sonja reached up to brush the tears from her face almost tenderly. “I couldn't ever live with someone hurting my Meris.”

Her prisoner's frown deepened, “Is that really what all this is for? Because of Meris? You were that serious about that?”

Sonja nodded, “Yes, I love her so much.”

“How can she be worth that much?”

“What? Your life? You've been such a bitch, I don't consider it that much of a price.” Sonja smiled. She could feel Betty's breath against her lips when she spoke.

Betty licked her lips again. “What are you going to do to me?”

“I don't know. I guess it's up to Meris.”

“But, you seem to be the one making all the decisions.”

Sonja pondered for a moment.

Betty watched her, eyes searching while they spoke. Their bodies molded against each other, soft breasts lined up and their hips ground together. It felt good but it wasn't Meris.

“You are going to die, you know," Sonja said.

Betty nodded, a weakness trembling through her body. “Yes.”

“Are you going to fight it?”

“Will it help? I've seen enough spit muffins to know how this ends. Struggling makes everything words and you plan on making me suffer, don't you?”

“Yes, it will hurt.”



“Because you were a cruel bitch who knew damn well that there were consequences. You wrote those letters, you said those things. How did you think this would turn out?”

“You're fucked up.”

Sonja agreed and held up the gag. “Yes, I am, but its about time for you to stop talking again.”

Betty's jaw tightened while she spoke in a harsh voice. “I'll be quiet.”

"I know." Sonja pressed the gag to Betty's lips.

She resisted for a moment, but Sonja forced it into her mouth and strapped it into place. When it was firmly in place again, Sonja leaned into her and kissed the gag.

“No, you won't, not unless I cut your throat.”

Resignation smoldered in Betty's eyes but a few sparks of defiance continued to burn.

Sonja patted her on her shoulder. “Don't worry, I don't think you have too many more nights left. As soon as Meris comes back, we'll figure out how long you have.”

Betty glared at her, her body trembling against Sonja's. The anger faded for a moment and there was a brief moment where there was nothing but a doe-like submission in the blonde's eyes.

The rush of seeing her enemy breaking brought a heat boiling inside her, but without Meris, it wasn't worth doing anything to Betty or even to herself. She reluctantly stepped away and turned off the light. She headed back to her room. Crawling on her old bed, she wrapped the blankets around her and leaned against the wall.

The house vibrated with the rain above and it felt almost soothing. Around the corner, she could hear Betty moans and sniffles drifting down the hall. It was the sound of a broken woman that left her feeling content deep inside. She had finally won.

A faint feeling of terror started to peek through her thoughts, not the fear of being caught murdering bitches, but of what she had become. She just killed three women in the span of a couple of days and did it without hesitation. And now, the focal point of her anger, the woman who lead them all, was in her basement, tied naked to the wall, broken and helpless.

She had become a monster.

Sonja started to cry. The sounds of her sorrow echoed off the bare walls, but nothing could comfort her. Not even Master Cold.

She sobbed until she started to finally doze to sleep. Just as she was drifting into some dream of sex and blood, the doorbell rang mutely through the house. Jumping at the sudden sound, the doorbell rang out again and again, filling the house with its persistent cries.

Flinging off the blanket, she sprinted up the stairs and threw open the front door. At the first sight of Meris, soaked and crying in the door, her heart dropped. Ignoring the web and rain, she rushed out and wrapped Meris in her arms.

Her lover sobbed once, a pitiful sound, then buried herself into Sonja's shoulder.

“Oh, Meris, what happened?”

Meris could only sob, holding Sonja tightly until her arms trembled.

Sonja couldn't find a focus for her emotions as she held her crying lover. She tried to relax slightly, but Meris just tightened her arms around her, refusing to let Sonja go.

A cool wind, filled with rain and summer, swirled around them, accenting the pounding of rain above them.

“What happened?”

Meris whimpered into her shoulder, the words muffled through her body.

Sonja just stroked her tenderly, trying to release the desperate tightness around her body. Emotions slowly subsided and Meris released her death-grip on her body. Sonja repeated her question. Tears threatened to come again as Meris spoke in a whisper barely heard over the driving water.

“I have to move.”

Sonja's world dropped out from underneath her and spun around violently. Her only anchor, her only love, was in front of her, but the rest ceased to exist. She choked out her words. “M-Move? Why?”

“B-Because dad doesn't want to be here anymore. Too many g-girls disappearing.”

“But, it was only the nine cheerleaders and only a few came here.”

“I-I know, but then he got an offer on the shop and he sold it. We-He closes in a week and we are moving away.”

Sonja felt tears in her eyes and her face tightened to fight off the sobs of her own. “Why so fast?”

“Everything, just everything. And... and...”

Stroking Meris' hair, Sonja encouraged her to continue.

“A-And I asked if you could come, because I knew y-you could without your mother, but he said no.”

“No?” Sonja felt a strange sense of anger building up inside her.

Meris stared into her eyes for a moment, then squeezed her tightly. “Sonja, don't.”

“Don't what?” Her voice came out harder than she wanted it to.

“Don't hurt my dad, please don't hurt my dad.”

Sonja stared at her in shock for a moment, then hugged Meris fiercely. “Oh, Meris, I wouldn't even consider hurting him. That would hurt you.”

To her surprise, Sonja realized that she would have considered Rick a victim if Meris didn't ask. The fear that she had become a monster returned with a vengeance and she had to look away guiltily.

“I-I wasn't sure, you love me so very much and you'll hurt anyone who hurts me.”

Sonja smiled and held her tightly, “I would never hurt you, Meris. Not in a million years.”

Meris smiled up at her, tears and rain still dripping down her cheeks. “But, I don't want to leave you.”

“You don't have to, my love.”

“But... but my dad says not to come back here. I wasn't suppose to ever see you again.”

Sonja smiled, fighting off the urge to plan Rick's death. “You did come back, you came back to me.”

Meris sniffed and hugged her tightly, “I don't want to ever lose you.”

They held each other in the rain for a long time, until Meris' sobs faded and, more importantly, Sonja's urge to slaughter her father passed. Then, she kissed her love on the forehead. “Come inside, my love, we still have one more present to unwrap.”

Meris sniffed and let Sonja draw her into the house.

Beginning of chapter 38


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I have to say, this is the first story of yours I've come across, and it is absolutely wonderous! The writing, descriptions, all that stuff are just amazing, not to mention the characters! Even reading this makes me feel for Merris, especially seeing as we share a rather large number of similar traits, It almost hurts each time something shitty happens to her, and a great deal of that is just how in depth you've gotten.

Anyway, uhm, yeah. Amazing story, am now totally caught up after two nights~ Have you ever considering writing pure romance, out of curiosity? I know I'd read it. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day~


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


I love your writing, and just, everything really! Your descriptions, the image they paint, the characters are so real, and just, utterly amazing! Merris especially, as at least I know I act pretty similar to her more often than not, snd it makes all the horrid things done to her worse, something I think really just shows how great of an author you are. Keep up the great work, and I imagine I'll have to read some more of your stories, considering I got caught up on this one after two days. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing content <3


Thank you. Actually, I do have a romance novel out there but no one reads it. Still working for making a name for myself that doesn't involve porn.


Holy fuck, I'm really sorry for the spam! That was done on my phone, and it didn't look like it went through and yeah... Bleh x.x Anyway, is it published or?


But t'sade, you write such eloquent porn...


It is, but not anything I'm going to share. I keep the two bylines separate because what I write here would get my ass fired. :)

Aww, thank you. Though, I'm hating DG's ending and seriously considering rewriting it because it wasn't "good enough".


>>5337 Oh, that's a shame, though I know why you wouldn't want to mix the two. Best of luck in whatever you care to write though, it seems to be all wonderful to me~


For those not aware, chapter 42 is posted on Tsade's website. It's a doozie and hopefully he'll post it here, soon! Very quickly approaching endgame on a wonderful story!


Chapter 39: Choices, Choices (FFF tort)

Morning came, bright and sunny. The night's rain shimmered off the grass and Sonja stood in the kitchen watching the white butterflies that fluttered around. Not a single one of them hurried and not a single one of them died or disappeared while she watched. The backyard looked pleasant from the kitchen. Even the old brick oven stood there, bathing in the sun of summer.

She smiled to herself and sipped at a cup of coffee. The bitter taste burned down her throat but it felt good pooling in her stomach and spreading its warmth across her body.

Despite the sunny day, her nipples were hard. She hadn't bothered with anything and stood naked in the kitchen, enjoying the tickle of sunlight against her skin and the slickness of being freshly shaved. It was addictive, being bare, and she woke up early to smooth herself off just so Meris could enjoy her later.

Last night, they hadn't made love, only held each other close and said nothing. It was close to three in morning when Meris fell asleep from exhaustion.

Sonja spent the entire night watching her until her bladder roused her from the bed just as the sun touched the horizon. Finally getting up, she showered and cleaned up before heading downstairs with the intent of making breakfast.

She sighed. She didn't know what to make. She had enough meat, that was for sure, but precious little else. In the last few nights of kidnapping and snuffing, she had used up everything except for a jar of olives, a few crusts of bread, and a half inch of crackers. She knew she had to go out, but the idea of remembering where she put her mother's credit cards before she snuffed her or finding cash didn't interest her. Not to mention if Rick had reported Meris missing, then someone might be looking for either of them at the store.

Sonja didn't know what to do. While she had enjoyed the rush of torturing the bitches and her own mother, she hadn't though much further ahead. Sooner or later, someone is going to realize that Gweneth is missing and then there would be questions that Sonja didn't think Master Cold could answer.

She didn't have many choices left.

Sipping on her coffee, she let her thoughts darken with the possibilities.

Meris' bare footsteps interrupted her musings. Sonja looked up as her lover came into the room. Meris wore only a long t-shirt. Her breasts swelled out from the worn fabric, giving Sonja a few of her perky nipples and the swells of her small breasts. The ancient shirt did little to hide her hips as they briefly molded to Meris' body before fluttering down.

"Good morning, beautiful," yawned Meris.

Sonja transferred her coffee to her other hand before holding out her arm.

Meris slid into the grip and nestled right against her, her body hot against Sonja's skin. Her arm wrapped around Sonja's waist and cupped her breast. "What you looking at? The grill?"

Sonja smiled and shook her head. "Just thinking."

"You weren't in bed when I woke up."

"Couldn't sleep."

Meris' body tensed up before she whispered, "Thinking about killing Betty?"

For a moment, Sonja considered telling the truth. Then she smelled Meris' excitement and felt the way her love quivered with anticipation. There was only one answer for Meris.

Sonja nodded. "Yes, I am."

Meris reached up to kiss her.

Sonja leaned into the embrace, letting the soft lips of her lover erase her dark thoughts. She ran her hands along Meris' shoulders and down to her hips.

"Can we do it now? I want to hear her scream."

Sonja pulled back to see the intense burning in Meris' eyes. "I don't know, she seemed pretty dazed when I was down there last night."

"Did you fuck her?"

Sonja shook her head. "No, she's your toy."

"Good, because I don't want her to feel good. I was to rip her open, tear her apart. I want to make that fucking cunt suffer for everything she's done." Meris tugged on Sonja's hand. "Come on, please?"

Sonja smiled and nodded. Between her legs, she felt the heat flickering with anticipation. She knew that it was going to be bloody and she couldn't wait to get her revenge at the bitch who hurt her Meris.

As they went down the stairs, Sonja spoke up. "How do you want to kill her? Your choice"

"I can't decide. Either an industrial meat grinder or just lop off all her parts and let her flop around until she bleeds out." Meris was concentrating as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh, feeling nasty today? Wait, we don't have a grinder."

Meris didn't answer as she pulled away and raced down the hall, her naked legs flashing in the dim light.

Sonja hesitated for a moment, then followed behind. She caught up with Meris just as she was removing the gag from her mouth.

"Hello, bitch," Meris said with a cruel grin.

Betty stared at her for a moment, a tired and bitter look on her face. She licked her lips, then worried at a flake on her lower lip. A long sigh filled the basement. "Get it over with."

Meris blinked for a moment, her anger sputtering from the dry, tired voice.

Sonja reached up and felt Betty's forehead, it was still cool and dry. For a moment, she was worried about a fever for something. Instead, Betty just looked at her, wiggling around slightly, a hard look on her face. She looked just as tired as before, with dark shadows underneath her eyes and dried sweat clinging to her body.

Meris stared back and forth between them, a frustrated look on her face. "What happened?"

Sonja smiled at her lover, "Don't worry, I can make her scream."

Meris whimpered softly.

Betty scoffed in a dead-panned voice, "I doubt you could."

Sonja's face turned serious and she reached over, stroked a finger against a pink nipple. It was already hard from the cold, but the tip started to grow darker. "Aw, Betty, are you saying that you are completely immune to suffering? Your head pounding and your body aching too much?"

"Fuck you---"

Sonja grabbed and twisted the nipple hard.

Betty let out a hoarse screech so Sonja twisted it again and again, grinding until the entire tip turned dark with a growing bruise. A bit of blood sparkled in the light.

When Sonja let the nipple go, Betty slumped against her chains and glared back, her body shaking as she panted. Tears shimmered in her eyes but Sonja didn't care anymore. She had to the pain in the bitch's eyes, something other than the dead-panned expression.

Sonja kept her hand one the bitch's nipple and used her other hand to trail her fingers down the dry skin of the once beautiful cheerleader. Now, Betty was nothing but an empty shell who had one more purpose in life. She reached the cool flesh of Betty's thighs and pushed them apart.

Betty fought her, but there was no strength left. The resistance was minor at best. It only took a twist of her wrists and Sonja could part her thighs and expose the pink slit of the blonde teenager. When Sonja looked up, she could see a flicker of emotions coming back to Betty's beautiful blue eyes.

Sonja worked her finger to Betty's clitoris. She rubbed it tenderly, caressing one side and then the other until it began to stand up. A bit of moisture cam and it was easier to circle around and tease it out of its hood. "Oh, there you go. Just a little excitement?"

Betty shook her head, her dry lips whispering.

Sonja smiled at her. "Ready to enjoy this?"

A flicker of a glare crossed Betty's face.

Sonja teased her fingernail underneath the outstretched nub and dug her fingernail into the sensitive flesh.

Betty gasped, her entire body tightening as a choking noise escaped her throat.

Sonja bore down, grinding her fingernail into the flesh. The moisture increased, but there was a scent of coppery blood as she sawed back and forth, scraping and clawing at Betty's clitoris.

She could see Betty fighting the urge to scream. Her eyes were wide and her chest lifted and fell with gasps. Rumbles of noise shook her body but she managed to keep her jaw shut by panting through clenched teeth. Her thighs tried to lash out, but days of hanging left her weak and helpless.

"But you aren't lost yet, are you?" whispered Sonja as she found a new grip and continued to scratch and claw at the clitoris. Bits of flesh stuck to her fingernails but that only encouraged her to tear into the bloody hunk of flesh. "You can still scream for my Meris, can't you?"

Betty jumped and the muscles of her jaw tightened as she struggled to keep her mouth shut.

Sonja continued, keeping her eyes locked tightly in the imprisoned girl's. Scraping harder, she kept grinding down on bone and nerves until the tears splashed down Betty's cheek.

Then, a tiny whimper drifted from her throat and Meris gasped with pleasure, backing up slightly until she leaned against the washing machine.

Sonja tore into Betty's clitoris, digging into the flesh until blood poured off her wrist and she could feel the tiny nub of pleasure shred underneath her nails. Every scrape brought a shudder coursing through Betty's straining body. Every twist of Sonja's nail brought a louder whine of pain.

Betty's hips twisted and writhed violently. Her attempts to escape her were futile with Sonja pinning her, but feeling the taut body of the teenager strain against her only adding to the inferno building between Sonja thighs.

Finally, it became to much and Betty screamed out, a high-pitched noise that filled the room with a shrill sound.

Sonja leaned forward, listening to rapid heartbeats in her victim's chest. "So, not as silent as you thought you were."

Panting heavily, Betty glared at her.

Sonja dug her fingernail in deeper and then clamped down with two other fingers, capturing the tiny, slick fold.

Betty's eyes widened as a choking noise came out.

Sonja pulled Betty from the wall by her clitoris, straining to hold it as the girl's thrashing grew more violently. She felt the flesh tearing underneath her and only smiled.

Betty screamed, a hoarse and broken noise. The pitch grew higher and higher the further Sonja pulled the almost broken girl away from the wall.

Flesh tore more and a fresh spurt of blood filled Sonja's palm. It dripped down her wrist and splattered to the ground.

Keeping her eyes locked on Betty's, she continued to pull up.

Gravity pulled Betty back down and the tiny clitoris was the only thing keeping her up. But already half torn, it wouldn't last. With an sensual, wet ripping noise punctuated by Betty's high-pitched scream, it tore off into Sonja's hand.

Betty's ass slammed back into the wall. Her scream echoed against the walls, beating with the shrillness and the intensity.

Sonja panted as she held up the blood strip of flesh. Bright blood glistened on her fingers. She smeared is across Betty's cracked lips, rolling the bit of flesh like a palm. "Now, sweet Betty---"

Betty choked out another cry. The tears ran down her feet. She clamped her legs together, but they shook with her exhaustion before falling apart. Her body shuddered with every sob as she choked on her agony.

Behind them, the sweet smell of Meris' excitement rose up, filling the moments between the screams with the wet slurps of Sonja's lover fingering frantically. Sonja glanced over to see Meris leaning against the wall, walls spread to expose her tiny pussy and the shirt caught on her teeth. She masturbated furiously, her small breasts vibrating with the intensity her three fingers stroking.

Sonja smiled as her and then returned her attention back to Betty. She continued to smear block across the blonde's face as Betty sobbed and cried.

It didn't take long for exhaustion to quiet her down.

Betty slumped against her chains, panting heavily. The wet dripping of blood was louder in the basement room.

Sonja caught her chin and tilted her up to look at the bright, tear-filled eyes. "Now, sweet Betty, you get a choice."

When Betty said nothing, Sonja continued, "My little Meris can't decide. Either we cut you slowly until you stop screaming or toss you into a grinder."

Betty's eyes focused on Sonja, panting for a long moment. Some of the clarity came back and she smiled. "The grinder."

Sonja paused for a moment.

Betty's blood-smeared lips curled into a smile. "I know you don't have a fucking grinder here. So, go on, take me across town to her daddy's place. I'm sure there is no chance you'll encounter someone."

The earlier realization of Sonja's position came back and she pulled back slightly, licking her lips. The only grinder she knew about was at the butchers. She glanced at Meris who was fingering herself harder and faster and then back at Betty.

Betty smiled wider. "Go on, you stupid cunt. Is your word any good?"

Meris let out a cry, the sweet sound of an orgasm.

"How stupid could you be?"

Sonja glanced back, trying to find an answer.

Meris slid down the ground, her legs splayed wide open and her fingers buried to the knuckles into her pussy. She panted herself and smiled. "It's in the back of the truck."

Sonja froze.

"W-What?" gasped Betty.

"The grinder, I picked it up last night before coming here. It-it took me a few hours, but he was going to sell it anyways. So I took it apart and threw it in the back of his pickup. It's here."

Sonja beamed at her lover and then turned back to Betty. "Grinder, it is."

Betty glared at her. "Fuck you."

Sonja leaned up to her and shoved the ripped of clitoris into Betty's mouth before clamping her hand over it. "Maybe, but not right now."

Betty screamed into her mouth, a muffled sound as she thrashed out with her flagging strength.

"Fortunately for you, it will take me a few hours to set it up down here. Until then, just imagine that thing tearing you apart."

Meris slipped up behind Sonja, her damp fingers sliding around to find Sonja's pussy. Her breasts were hot against Sonja's back. With a soft moan, she began to slide back and forth against Sonja's soaked cunt.

Sonja smiled. "Never mind. I'm going to get fucked right now. After that, I'm going to set up the grinder. Enjoy your last few hours, Betty."


Chapter 40: The Grinder (FFF nc tort v sn)

Sonja knelt down on the ground wearing nothing but a sweat-soaked t-shirt and a pair of safety goggles. The drill in her hand whined loudly as it screwed in the last heavy bolt into the concrete floor. Stone dust and metal shards flew in all directions, peppering her shirt and sending ripples along the drying blood that pooled between Betty's limp legs.

The bolt locked into place, driving the steel foot of the grinder tight against the floor. The drill let out a shrill whine before she released the trigger.

The silence was deafening but the drill continued to echo in her head.

Sonja leaned against the grinder as she stood up. Stone dust clung to her thighs as she shook out her shirt and enjoyed the cool air that rushed up between her skin and the fabric. The sweat on her stomach and pubes prickled slightly as she fanned herself.

On the far side of the grinder, sitting on the washer, Meris had one hand between her legs and the other cupping her small breast. She let out soft moans while she jammed two fingers in and out of her shaved sex. The smell of her excitement mixed in with the scent of blood, dust, and sweat.

Sonja smiled at her and wiped the sweat off her brow. "There you go, that thing won't move."

She glanced up at the twelve foot high ceiling. It was enough to dangle Betty over the grinder. Sonja had installed a large pulley she found underneath the workbench above the grinder and then a second one a few feet over. A thick rope dangled from both pulleys and there was a short length of a two by four holding the grinder end a few inches above the shiny metal.

Inside the grinder, there were three bars with circular blades. The thick metal glistened with a fresh coat of oil from when Meris' father last cleaned it. Sonja knew that the blades were strong enough to pulverize a wooden spoon she had accidentally dropped into the grinder a few months ago. It would do short work of Betty's perfect body.

Sonja smiled to herself and glanced at the blonde cheerleader. Days of hanging from her wrists had taken their toll. Her head drooped low, the dirty strands of her hair plastered against the blood and grime that covered her. Dust from the ceiling, dried blood, and even tears smeared almost every inch of her body. Tiny spasms shook her frame, rippling from the bloody gash between her legs and coursing up her body in slow motion. Her nether lips were swollen from abuse, each one bruised and covered in bloody.

Looking over her nemesis, Sonja's heart quickened. There was something about the almost broken girl in front of her that set Sonja's pussy on fire. The shudders and visible pain were like tiny orgasms, each one echoed as a wave of pleasure that rushed along Sonja's veins as the sweetest of drugs.

Betty had never looked so beautiful.

"Is it time?" asked Meris, her voice dripping with lust.

Betty lifted her head slowly, her bloodshot eyes glaring as she focused on Sonja.

A thrill of pleasure raced along Sonja's nerves. She moaned and pressed on hand against her pussy. She wasn't surprised how easy it was to slide her finger into her slit and caress her clitoris. The thought that Betty didn't have one anymore brought a tiny orgasm rippling through her body.

Sonja stepped forward. "Yes, love, I think it's time."

Meris slipped off the washer and rushed over, her bare feet smacked against the ground. She slipped her arms around Sonja and pressed her thin body tight. Her nipples were hard and her body smelled of sex and excitement. "How are we going to do it?"

Sonja watched Betty carefully as she said, "I'm going to dangle her over the grinder and slowly lower her in. If we're lucky, it will take a long time before she dies."

"It doesn't matter, I just want to see that cunt's eyes when she goes."

"You will."

There was a brief flash of emotion in Betty's eyes. It was almost like a transformation as tension returned to her body. She pulled herself up. It would have been dramatic if Betty didn't have to pant for breath in the process. She swayed back and forth. "It won't work."

Sonja smiled. While she was bolting the grind onto the basement floor, she thought about Betty's fate. The blonde's words had echoed inside her heat repeatedly. Betty was a cannibal but there was no doubt that a small part of her knew that there was a chance she would be on the grill herself.

If Sonja had moved to Dolcett County, she would have the same risks. It didn't matter how good she was at butchering, Perro had mentioned it would take a while before she was "safe".

"Why won't it work?" asked Meris.

"The rope looks good, but you'll be dangling over the grinder when you try to cut out the bone. It would only take a good kick before that fat tits of yours are in the grinder."

A shiver scraped along Sonja's nerves. She could almost imagine her breasts in the grinder, she did almost every time she used the grinder. But this time, it was more than just an imagination that excited her; she had already thought of Betty's response.

"We aren't going to bone you."

"We aren't?"

"You aren't?" Betty's voice was incredulously. She shook her head. "You aren't?"

Outrage burned in Betty's eyes. The muscles in her arms and chest tightened and she pulled herself up.

Sonja shook her head and smiled broadly, her heart beating rapidly with anticipation. She leaned back against the grinder and ignored the sharp edge against her back. She pulled Meris to her, enjoying the sweat-slicked skin of her lover grinding against her. "I'm going to grind you, bones and all."

"You can't do that!" gasped Betty.

Meris gasped and looked up at Sonja.

Sonja glanced at her and then back at Betty. "Why not?"

"You can't ruin me in that fucking grinder!"

Meris slipped her hand across Sonja's hips and down between her legs. She curled one finger up against Sonja's pussy and it slid deeply.

Sonja had to struggle not to fuck her pretty lover right then and there. Instead, she focused on Betty who was regaining her fire as she tugged on her binds.

"No, no, you can't do that?"

"Why not? Were you thinking we were going to cut you up and let you die easily?"

"No, I---"

"Oh," Sonja said with a smile, "you were getting all lubed up with the idea of being a meat girl. Dinner for us? A pretty piece of ass on our grill?"

Betty's lips clamped tightly together.

"I bet you passed the time thinking about us eating your cooked little cunt before making out on your corpse?"

Meris moaned softly. "I was."

Sonja kissed her lover. "So was she?"

Meris pouted.

With another kiss, Sonja whispered to Meris. "There is plenty of other meat in the freezer. You said you want her to scream, she will scream for you. Long, pretty little screams."

"You fucking bitch," Betty snapped.

Sonja smiled. "Come on, you asked for this. You had a choice."

Pushing herself off the grinder, Sonja headed over.

Betty kicked out, lashing out with surprising strength. It was a wild kick but Sonja could feel the air rushing past her.

It didn't much effort to slip around Betty's legs. Sonja slammed her fist up between the blonde's legs. Her knuckles slammed against the girl's bloody labia, crushing flesh against the pubic bone.

Betty's kick stopped in mid-air. Slowly, her eyes widened and then a long, broken wail rushed past her cracked lips.

Sonja answered by pulling back and punching her again, this time centering her knuckles against the bloody wound where Betty's clitoris used to be. The squelch of the impact shook both of them: Sonja with a tiny orgasm and Betty with bolt of agony.

The wail cracked again. Betty's eyes were almost popping out of her head as her lips opened up widely, but no air came in or out of her lips.

"What was that?" Sonja said before she punched Betty again in the cunt. "Where is spit and yelling?"

Another punch, this one almost hard enough to crack bone.

Betty's legs jerked up, but there was no strength left.

"You are a fucking cunt, Betty, do you know that? You are nothing but---"

A punch slammed Betty's hips against the wall.

"---a hunk of---"

Sonja drew back. Her knuckles were dripping blood. She grunted and swung her fist back in, crushing Betty's ruined pussy with the powerful blow. The impact sent a flash of pain up Sonja's arm, but she pushed past it in the rush of beating her nemesis.

"rotted meat that hurt---"

Sonja hammered her fist against Betty, slamming her hard as she punctuated each word with a powerful blow that left both of them shaking.

"My! Fucking! Meris!"

When Sonja pulled her fist back, the Betty's blood had coated every inch of her hand clear up to her wrist.

Betty jerked violently, her mouth opening and closing but no sounds coming out. Her legs were limp against the wall as fresh rivers of blood poured down both of her thighs.

"And now," Sonja said with a gasp, "I'm going to treat you as nothing more than a rancid cunt. Spoiled meat barely fit for feeding to a dog!"

She slugged Betty twice in the stomach.

Meris let out a gasp of an orgasm as the blows struck. Her knees came up, but it was a feeble attempt to protect herself. The splatter of blood filled the basement room, adding its coppery scent to the sweat and sex.

When Sonja unhooked Betty, there was no resistance. Her chains rattled loudly before Sonja wrapped her hand around them and then she pulled the blonde toward the grinder.

Betty's body was limp as she stretched out along the ground. Her limbs scraped against the concrete ground and scraped through the puddles of dried blood, dust, and dirt.

At the grinder, Sonja threw Betty against it with a grunt.

Betty hit it with a meaty thud and slid down, her head lolling to the side. After a second, she tried to lift her hands up. The chain thumped against her chest, rolling down her stained breast before puddling against her bloody sex.

Heat pummeled Sonja from the inside. She could feel her juices dribbling down her inner thighs as she reached up and grabbed the rope above the grinder. It was thick with an oily feel. She had an S-hook on the end of it. Each end of the hook had a spring latch that would make it impossible for Betty to escape without help. After days of hanging in the basement, Sonja doubted that she had enough strength to pull free.

It only took a moment to clip the hook on Betty's wrist chains.

Betty looked up at her through her matted hair. "You will ruin everything."

The broken whisper only added to Sonja's excitement. Sonja leaned closer and smiled. "You aren't going to be a pretty meal, Betty. You aren't going to get fucked until you are delirious with orgasms before being spitted. I read that book Perro gave me, I know what you want."

Betty's eyes widened at Perro's name.

"You are going to end up a mangled hunk of meat that not even a dog will eat."

Tears shimmered in Betty's eyes.

"All those meals you told me about, when you were thinking how close you were to being lovingly snuffed? The rush when your number wasn't called? They aren't going to happen again. You are going to die down here, in a dirty basement."

One tear rolled down Betty's cheek.

Sonja kissed the tear away. "You hurt her, you know? Everything up to this point is because you hurt my Meris."

Betty's body trembled. Her breasts rose and fell for a long time. And then a single nod.

Sonja smile in approval and stood up. She grabbed the other rope and pulled. It ran through the two pulleys and Sonja easily lifted Betty off the ground.

As rope pulled Betty up, Betty's senses came back. She managed to struggle to her feet before the rope pulled her, but the fight didn't start until the rope drew the chain taut and her feet were pulled from the ground. Betty's cries rose up as Sonja continued to haul her up. Her feet lashed out, bouncing on the grinder before she was lifted above it and her body swung free.

Meris let out a cry of passion from behind Sonja. The wet sounds of fingers plunging into her pussy filled the room, drifting in and out of the Betty's hoarse screaming and the clink of chains.

Sonja looked at her lover. Meris has positioned herself against the bloody wall beneath the brackets to hold up their victims. She had her legs splayed apart and one hand buried between her legs, moving frantically. Splatters of clear juices sprayed the ground underneath her.

Meris panted loudly and nodded, her lips working silently.

It was just like when Sonja was butchering. Meris sat on the end of the table on the far end of the room and watched with a blush on her cheeks. It was the same now, only Meris didn't have any clothes and she was jilling loudly.

"I love you," Sonja said.

Meris gaped helplessly, her hand moving faster.

Heart beating faster with lust herself, Sonja turned back to Betty.

Her victim was trying to reach the edges of the grinder with her feet, no doubt to brace herself.

Sonja shook her head. She looped the rope around a nail to keep it in place and then walked to the grinder. As she did, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and freed her breasts to the cool air of the basement. Her nipples were achingly hard as she grabbed one of Betty's ankles and then the other, tying her shirt around them to bind her in place.

Betty managed to kick Sonja in the side of the head, but fingernails in the insole brought a fresh scream out and stunned Betty long enough to tie the shirt tight and ensure that Betty would be fed straight into the grinder.

The sounds of Betty's screamed filled the air, echoing against the walls. She twisted and writhed on the ropes. The strain was evident on her arms and shoulders, they looked like they were about to dislocate. With her position, her perfect breasts were pulled tight against her chest with only the lines of dried blood marking her formerly perfect tits.

Blood splattered into the grinder, splashing on the freshly oiled and sharpened blades.

Sonja stepped forward and turned it on.

The whine of the grinder filled the air. It was a low rumbling from the electric motor, but the hiss of blades running against each other filled the air with a heavy pulse.

Betty's eyes bugged out. She tried to pull herself up, but her legs trembled before she slumped down. Again and again she danced on the rope, screaming out shrilly as she tried to escape the grinder underneath her.

Sonja grabbed the rope. Cupping her pussy with one hand, she pushed her fingers against her clitoris. She was hot and wet, there was no friction. At the first touch against her aching knot of pleasure, she came. It was a hard and fast one that seared through her veins like liquid gold.

"Fuck you!"

Sonja smiled and relaxed her grip enough for an inch or two of rope to slip through her palm.

Betty yanked up her feet as the wind from the grinding blades tickled her soles. "Fuck you to hell, you fucking cunt!"

Sonja curled two fingers into her sopping cunt, nestling her clitoris on both sides. Her eyes focused on Betty's bloody crotch. The memory of ripping Betty's tiny clitoris from her body brought another pulse of an orgasm, a short, brutal one that shook her legs.

She leaned forward, gasping, and let the rope slip through her hand. She clamped down on it when Betty was only inches away from the blades.

"Fuck fucking---"

Sonja lifted the arm holding the rope slightly.

Betty's feet dipped into the grinding blades. There was a splatter of blood and then the highest pitched scream Sonja had every heard her in her life. It was an agonizing wail that rose high enough to break glass. Betty yanked her feet up.

Blood poured from her feet where the blades had stripped flesh away from her soles. Hunks of flesh dripped off her feet, splattering down before being shredded into oblivion by the blades.

Betty inhaled while screaming, her voice cracking violently. The tension in her body was obvious, every muscle was tightened into agony and she swung back and forth, splattering the ground with her blood.

Meris came loudly, screaming in pleasure.

Sonja panted as she watched Betty swinging back and forth. Her pussy clamped down on her fingers with her own orgasm, but she didn't feel the crest of pleasure or the pop. Instead, it was just a overwhelming rush of ecstasy that burned in her veins and raced along her skin.

"You--- fuck---" and then nothing but screaming.

Sonja staggered back until the dirty brick wall dug into her spine. She stared in lust as Betty danced in the air, trying to keep her feet away from the grinding blades.

She panted as she watched for the inevitable when Betty's strength left her.

It didn't take along. The bound feet dipped low for just a moment but it was enough to drop into the grinding blades. There was a wet tearing sensation and Betty crunched up again. Urine splattered down among the fresh blood.

Seconds later, Betty's strength failed again and her feet fell into the grinder. The wet ripping noise, the sound of flesh being peeled away, and along with the crunch of bone shattered, sent another bolt of pleasure coursing through Sonja.

The smell of burned flesh and fresh meat filled the air. It was intoxicating and overwhelming.

Betty cried out, twisting violently. She tried to pull her ruined feet from the grinder, but the strength seemed to have left her. She could only pull up her mangled feet for a few seconds before they were dropped back into the blades.

Sonja let another inch of the rope slip through her hands. The wet crunch of bone punctuated Betty's high-pitched scream. Sonja's t-shirt was yanked into the blades and quickly came out of the other end as a bloody hunk of fabric.

Her scream cracking, Betty managed to lift up one managed leg. There was nothing but a bloody hunk of meat at the end of her leg. She flailed for the edge, but she couldn't catch. It left a crimson smear on the metal before she fell back into the grinder.

Gasping with the overwhelming pleasure, Sonja clawed at her pussy, scraping against her clitoris. The pain and pleasure was more than she could handle, her heart was beating painfully in her chest, slamming against her ribs as she lost herself in one unending orgasm.

Sonja let more of the rope go down. The crunch brought another surge of pleasure. She pulled it up just to look at the managed ends of Betty's perfect legs. The pale flesh ended at tore skin, ripped muscle, and the splintered ends of her legs.

Betty's cries broke down, her vocal cords torn apart from the noise. She still made noises, but it was a gurgling rush that came out of her blood-flecked lips. She twisted and tried to pull her legs up, Sonja could see the muscles flexing, but nothing came up.

She twisted violently, shaking her hips back and forth. It gave Sonja a beautiful view of a perfect ass, destroyed pussy, and clenching muscles. Every second was a picture of a woman trying to survive but knowing that she was doomed to die.

With a smile, Sonja let more of the rope through her palm. She kept it steady as she felt Betty into the grinder, orgasming constantly as the blonde began to disappear into the blood-splattered machine.

Betty continued to twist and writhe and scream as the blades took her up to her knees. Every inch was an intense orgasm and Sonja drew it out for as long as she could, but she knew that blood loss would kill Betty fast enough so she continued to lower the blonde steadily into the grinder.

The blades tore through flesh and bone. Before she knew it, Sonja realized that they were up to Betty's cunt. Blood, hunk of flesh, and slivers of bone had shot out everywhere, coating the floor, walls, and ceiling in Betty's no-longer-perfect body.

Sonja had to use two hands to pull the rope, it was too slick to hold it with one hand. When she lifted, she stared at the remains of Betty's crotch. The blades had torn one leg free and there were veins and arteries spurting blood everywhere, along with the ends of her pelvis and strands of tendons and muscles. The other had been cracked and shredded up to the joint. Despite the damage, Sonja could see the gaping hole where Betty's pussy used to be. Now, blood poured out of the gaping wounds and splattered off shreds of flesh that used to be her labia.

Curls of ground meat poured out on the ground, coiling like intestines in a hunk near the drain. It didn't look like clean meat, not with splinters of bone still sticking out of it. It also sat in a puddle of blood and other fluids. Ruined meat that would be fit for even a dog.

Sonja moaned as she leaned into the rope, lifting Betty higher in the air. The sight of Betty's destroyed body was erotic and intense, a fitting end for the blonde bitch who hurt her Meris. She relaxed her grip on the rope and fed Betty back into the grinder, enjoying every inch of quivering flesh that disappeared into the killing blades.

Betty's face drew Sonja's attention. Her mouth was open, but no sounds came out. Blood poured out from both sides of her lips, smearing across her face like ruined makeup. She worked her jaw helplessly as her eyes stared at the ceiling. Sonja didn't think she saw anything more, her vision forgotten in the agony of her body being slowly torn apart.

Her breasts were heaving, but it was the fast panting of a creature about to die more than the rise and fall of a lover. They were almost at the end and both of them knew it.

Sonja watched as the tears sheeted down Betty's face. Each one sparkled in the air as they dripped off her chin and into the mangled flesh beneath.

Thousands of teeth tore into Betty's pelvis, shattering her hips and tearing into her spine. Hunks of bloody flesh splattered out of the grinder; Sonja thought she recognized some of the ones from Betty's sex, before raining down across the room. The pieces that struck Sonja were still hot and slick as they rolled down her body, adding to the pleasure like a thousand wet fingers touching her at once.

Sonja lifted Betty out but there was more resistance before. When she peered closer, she saw that the blades had caught on Betty's intestines and organs and were rippling them clear of her body, tearing apart everything before squeezing it out the other hand.

"F-Fu... Fuck..."

Sonja came at Betty's last words but the sentence never came. The light in Betty's eyes was rapidly fading, glazing over as the grinder tore into her diaphragm and shredded her lungs and heart.

Sonja stared directly into Betty's bright blue eyes until she felt Betty seeing her. "You hurt my Meris."

She let the rope slip from her hand.

The grinder tore through Betty's heart and sternum, killing her almost immediately. The blonde's face twitched and grimaced, but Sonja didn't know if she was gone quite yet. She repeated herself to Betty as long as their eyes met.

Betty's head sank into the grind. The whine of the blades rose to a higher pitch as it crunched through Betty's skull. Hunk of brain and hair flew for a moment before the blades returned to their normal pitch.

Her nemesis was gone.

Meris was avenged.

Sonja released the rope and sank to the ground. The bricks scraped at her back, but she didn't care. She writhed as the orgasm continued to tear through her body, ripping through her senses until the only thing she could feel was pleasure. She couldn't see, she couldn't touch, all she could do was lose herself in the endless waves of ecstasy that assaulted her mind and body.


Chapter 41: The Call (FF oral)

Crying out in pleasure, Sonja dug her fingernails into her mother's silk sheets and dragged back, tearing open the deep red fabric until white fluff spilled out of the gaping wounds. She arched her back and ground her face into the shredded sheets before shoving her cunt hard against Meris' lapping tongue.

The slick member delved deep into her pussy, caressing every sensitive nerve and sliding against her heated folds and deep into her pussy. Meris' lower teeth scraped against Sonja's clitoris and she let out a louder cry of pleasure as an orgasm tore through her, ripping through her veins with pulses of power.

Meris held Sonja's buttocks with her hands, fingernails digging into the soft flesh as she peeled them apart. Her tongue had painted Sonja's cheeks, asshole, and pussy with saliva and pussy juices. Both holes had been repeatedly laved and lapped until Sonja couldn't tell if it was her pussy juices or saliva that soaked the sheets between her thighs.

"I'm coming a-again!" Sonja cried out, her voice cracking. She clawed through the sheets, tearing more furrows She tore more of the sheets with her frantic grip and rocked back and forth, impaling herself on her lover's tongue. The wet splashes of her body against Meris' face echoed in the room.

The tension of her orgasm faded and Sonja slumped forward, smacking her face against the pillow. Her aching nipples caught on the ripped sheets and she winced at the hypersensitive flesh rubbing against the ragged fabric. She moaned and tried to close her legs, but her lover's elbows kept her pried open and exposed.

Meris panted and slid up Sonja, dragging her small breasts over the tight curve of Sonja's ass, up the small of her back, and to her shoulder blades. When she lowered her hip against Sonja's ass, it was just as soaked and slick as Sonja. "That was good."

Sonja moaned and tilted her head to kiss Meris. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the blood-streaked shower curtains and footprints going across the floor. They had come upstairs to clean Betty's blood off them but their efforts quickly turned into frantic fucking that took them out of the bathroom, across the floor, and onto the bed. Now, the pillows and blankets were all on the floor, the sheets were ruined, and Sonja was sure that the mattress had been completely soaked by their juices.

"I love you, Sonja." Meris slipped off Sonja and hit the sheets next to her. One leg remained hooked over Sonja's ass and her searing liquid sex pressed tight against Sonja's hip.

Sonja smiled. She started to say something, but Meris silenced her with a sloppy kiss that smelled of pussy.

"I love how much she screamed."

Another kiss.

"I loved even more when she couldn't."

Meris slipped a hand under Sonja's sweat-soaked body and caught the sensitive nipple. She clutched Sonja tight as she pressed tighter for a deeper kiss. Her tongue slipped along Sonja's, parting it. "I love everything you do," she gasped in the tiny space between them.

Sonja smiled and kissed her back.

Her phone rang.

Meris kissed harder, grinding her body tight against Sonja's as she clawed at Sonja's breast, catching the nipple with her fingernails as she did.

Another ring.

"Don't answer it," whispered Meris.

A prickle of fear ran along Sonja's sensitive body. For a moment, the normally erotic scratching and mauling became uncomfortable. She didn't know if it was because of the countless orgasms after snuffing Betty, or the three hours of solid fucking they had done after the slaughter.

The phone stopped ringing.

"Good," purred Meris. "Because I---"

It began to ring again, the sound was shrill.

Meris pulled away, her blue eyes shimmering. "Please?"

Sonja lost herself for a moment, fear rising up. She would do anything for her lover, but she couldn't see a future. There was only so long they could kill girls until they were caught. Only so many screams that could echo from the basement until someone started to look.

She knew of one place, but it would both of them at risk: Dolcett County. No doubt, James knew how to get past the chasm and the broken bridge. She knew that he would be around sooner or later looking for sex but she had his card somewhere.

The phone continued to ring, each alert somehow getting shriller.

Meris pulled back herself, a frown crossing her brow. "What's wrong?"

Sonja stared into the intense eyes and knew that she couldn't talk about it with Meris. She shook her head and slipped out of the confines of her lover's arms to grab her cellphone. Glancing down, she saw a picture of Rick, Meris' father on the line. "It's your daddy."

"Don't answer it." Meris pushed herself into a sitting position. Her body glistened with their fucking. "He just wants me to go home and I don't want to leave." She reached out and clutched Sonja's other hand. "I don't want to ever be away from you again."

Sonja smiled and tapped the hang up button on the phone.

"I love you so much," Meris said with a kiss. She crawled off the bed. "I got to go pee."

Sonja nodded and sat up. Her body still hummed from her orgasms though the discomfort had tempered it. She looked down at the shredded sheets and smiled. She loved the pleasure.

Then she thought about bills and replacing them. The smile faced as she caressed the ripped holes with her fingertips. It would be hard to return to school, even if she wanted to, with her mother dead. It would also be impossible to explain anything without her mother. She'd have to find some way of getting a job or going to college---

Her phone chirruped, a SMS message from Rick. She forced herself away from her dark thoughts and picked it up. Flipping it over, she unlocked the screen and peered at the message.

"Are you there?"

Sonja glanced at the room door and listened to Meris urinating. She turned the volume down and then sent a quick response. "Yes."

"Is she there?"

For a moment, Sonja held her thumb over the screen while considering a response.

It must have been too long because a second message came through. "She has to come home. I need her here."

She started to write a response, but he called. The phone rang out shrilly and his picture showed up. She hesitated, staring at the screen as the feeling that things were about to go wrong intensified. She sighed and answered it. "Hello, Rick."

"Is she there?" There was a hard but also desperate quality to his voice. It was a father who had lost his daughter.

Sonja could picture him struggling with his emotions. Gulping, she managed to answer, "Y-Yes."

"Good, I'm coming over."

Her heart skipped a beat and she held up a hand. "No, wait, please?"

She knew that he couldn't see her gesture and put it down with a little flash of humiliation.


"Just give me... a day? Please? Tonight at least?"

"She told you I'm moving, didn't she?"

Sonja sniffed. "Yes. When?"

"In a week," came the curt reply. "I already have a bid on the store and I'm closing it down. I won't need you there."


"I'm..." He grunted. "I'm not going to tell either of you."

The prickle of discomfort rose, clawing at Sonja's senses. The buzz from the hours of making love faded instantly, leaving a sour taste in the back of her mouth.

"Look, Sonja, you're a good girl. You'll end up being a great butcher, if you go that route, but you have... you have woken something up in my baby that I didn't think was possible."

"Rick, I---"

"No," he interrupted. "I know that she's into girls and watching you butcher made me more uncomfortable than I thought so. But, it brought her out of that shell of hers and I thought you were a good thing. For a while."

Tears burned in her eyes.

He sniffed loudly and she could have sworn he almost started to cry himself. "After the fight at school and listening to her talk about you, you have become more than just a girl my daughter fancies. You stole her heart. You are going to take her from me, and I'm afraid that with everything else going on, I'm going to see my baby behind bars or even worse. I can't let that happen."

Tears burned in Sonja's eyes. "I'm sorry."

"I love my baby, she's my only one. And she loves you. I'll give you tonight, but if she isn't home by ten, I'm calling the cops. And then I'm coming over with a shotgun. And I don't know care how powerful of a lawyer your mother has, I will have her back."

Sonja closed her eyes and let out a shuddering sigh. She wiped the tears from her eyes. "She'll be home."

"By ten."

"I'll drive her there myself."

"I'm sorry, Sonja. I'm sure you're a good kid and all, but..."

She hung up him and wiped her tears again. She tossed the phone on the bed. It slid across the sheets before catching on one of the many rips. After a few seconds, the screen went blank.

"Fuck," muttered Sonja.

They were on the edge of something terrifying. If they stayed the night, then there was a chance Sonja would never see her again. She had no doubt that Meris would find her, but could their relationship survive the distance. Somehow, she didn't think Rick would accept Meris to show up one day for his daughter.

She reached for the phone but gave up. The action let her mind dwell on her other option, to flee to Dolcett County. James would know how to get there and she had his number on a card. It would let them stay together, but Meris would never be allowed to return home.

Sonja looked around the room. "Love?" she called out.

No one answered.

"Love, are you there?"

Sonja levered herself out of bed. Her legs were weak from fucking but it didn't take her long to leave the room and peer into the empty bathroom. When she didn't see her lover, she called out louder. "Meris? Meris, where are you?"

She headed to the front room and peered out the window. The truck was still there.

She started down the stairs when she heard the faint sound of someone crying. Her heart pounded faster as she turned around, trying to identify the sound. It came echoing up the ventilation; Meris was in the basement.

And then the floor shook slightly as if something had been dropped.

Sonja blood ran cold as an icy wind blew up from the stairs. She knew that sound. She heard it a thousand times when she build the guillotine, testing the trap to make sure it dropped cleanly. It was the sound of the last, unused killing machine in her basement triggering.

"Meris!" she screamed as she raced for the basement.


Chapter 42: One Last Kiss (FF rom tort v sn)

In her panic, Sonja hit the bottom step wrong. Her bare foot slipped on the edge and she fell back. Her tail bone smashed against the edge of the stairs and she let out a cry as she thumped down the last few steps to land heavily on the ground. Pain shot up her spine as she scrambled to her feet and raced down the hall toward the kitchen.

"Meris! Meris!" Her voice echoed against the walls as she bounced off the door frame and spun into the kitchen. Her heart pounded painfully in her chest as images of Meris' corpse hanging from the gallows flashed through her mind. The dread burned through her thoughts as she slammed the kitchen door shut and yanked open the basement door.

She called out to her lover, screaming into the darkness. When there wasn't an immediate answer, she raced down the stairs, hitting every other one with the thudding impact of her weight.

The light streamed in from the workshop. She stopped in the middle of it and froze, her imagination halting her as she feared looking inside. She didn't know what she would do if Meris was dead.

"I'm okay," said Meris in a quiet, tear-filled voice.

Sonja let out a gasp and clutched the frame to the door. "Oh, thank god."

Shaking, she stepped into the room. Her eyes drifted toward the gallows, her vision blurred with sudden tears in her eyes. One tear ran down her cheeks, splashing off her chin and landing on her breast. It tickled her skin as it crawled further down but she ignored it to look at her lover.

Meris sat on the edge of the opening, her feet dangling inside with her legs parted slightly. Tears glistened on her cheeks as she stared down at the gaping opening. Her breasts rose and fell with her deep breaths, panting, as she cupped one hand to her pussy and the other to her neck.

Sonja started forward but Meris tensed. She gulped and stepped back until her spine lined up with the door frame.

"I-I heard you talking to my dad," said Meris quietly. "You're going to take me home tomorrow, aren't you?"

Sonja groaned. "I---"

"I know he's making you. He told me the same thing when he said we're moving. I know I'm old enough to leave, but he swore he would drag us to court to make sure it didn't happen." Meris lowered her hand from her neck until her fingertips rested against the curve of her right breast and with her pink nipple sticking out between her fingers. "I don't want to ever leave you, I'll die."

"Why is Rick angry at me now?"

"He's scared of you. He said you've turned me into a monster."

Sonja sighed and shook her head. "But, I love you. I would never hurt you."

Even as she said it, she thought about what Rick said. She had brought it out of her lover, giving her what she wanted until there was nothing left but an intensity that threatened to drown both of them. A small part of her knew that Rick was right, she had seen the monster in Meris' eyes. It didn't make Sonja desire her any less, only that they were spiraling into darkness.

"I told him that!"

Sonja pushed off the door and held out her hand.

Meris shook her head but then patted the wood next to her.

With a smile, Sonja came around the blood-stained guillotine and up the stairs. She could feel the craftsmanship underneath her bare feet: the steps were smooth but not slick, there wasn't a single sliver to pierce her skin. When she held on to the overhead bar, it was silky smooth. She walked over to Meris and sat down with her feet in the trapdoor opening.

Meris leaned her head on Sonja's shoulder and slipped one arm around her waist. Her naked body was warm and soft, sensual against Sonja's flanks. "I'm fucked, aren't I... we?"

Sonja thought about their situations and her own thoughts. She sighed. "We are."

She rested her head on the top of Meris' scalp and held her lover close.

"We can't go to Dolcett County, you know that?"

Sonja pulled away to look down. She opened her mouth to say something, but the words couldn't come. Dolcett County was the only obvious choice. At least there, they would be able to live and she was pretty sure that Perro and James were saying she could earn a living. She also wouldn't have to explain how her mother went missing or where the cheerleaders went.

Finally, the words escaped her throat. "W-What?"

Meris tilted her head up until they were both looking into each other's eyes. Her eyes were still bright blue but there were clouds of despair in them. "When J-James gave you that offer from Perro, he said you wouldn't be included in the lottery. You," she said with emphasis, "were the one would be safe. Not me."

"I'm sure he meant us." Even as she said it, Sonja knew it wasn't true. If everything she had heard about the county was true, they had a voracious hunger for beautiful young women. As a butcher, she didn't think she was good enough to ensure the safety for her lover.

Having her last option closed off, Sonja tensed as the tears started to flow again.

Unaware of Sonja's thoughts, Meris whispered, "He didn't, Sonja. You heard what Betty said, what the book said. When I was grilling, some of those old guys were talking about how it was a shame how fast pretty girls disappeared around her. Dolcett eats them, no matter how many people are there, I know I'll be part of the lottery. And... and..."

A tortured sob ripped out of Meris' throat. She reached around and held Sonja tightly, pressing the side of her cheek against Sonja's breast. "If I go to Dolcett, I'm going to die. It might not be the first day or even a year, but sooner or later, my name is going to come up and I'm going to be gutted just like Marisha or spitted or ripped apart or---"

"Love, I can't---"

"And the worst part?" Meris interrupted her again as she squeezed tighter.

Sonja closed her mouth. "W-What?" Her voice sounded broken, it matched her thoughts.

"The worst part is that... when it happens, it wouldn't be you doing it."

A rush of heat rose from Sonja's pussy. It curls through her senses and rushed along her veins.

"It wouldn't be you dragging that knife across my throat. It wouldn't be you shoving that spit into me, holding me down as I cry out. I wouldn't be looking into your eyes when it happened."

Sonja's pussy tingled with excitement. The blood rushed down there, pulsating against her flesh. She parted her lips and let out a shuddering breath filled with sudden lust.

Meris turned Sonja so they were nipple to nipple, their bodies held tightly together. "It wouldn't be you killing me. That's what I've always wanted. I wanted you to be the one who ends me, only you."

Holding her breath, Sonja fought against the wave of lust and desire.

"Then you would be okay for you to go to Dolcett."

Sonja stared in shock as the heat boiled inside her.

Meris bobbed her head. "You, my love, I want you to kill me."


Meris' eyes were bright as she caught Sonja's right wrist and pulled it down between them. Sonja's knuckles ran along Meris' trembling stomach and down between her smooth thighs. She could feel Meris' heat and excitement long before she stretched her fingers and slid easily into the soaking wet slit.

Sonja smiled at Meris' moan.

Meris gripped Sonja's wrist and pulled her closer. Three of fingers easily entered the clenching opening, sliding to the second and third knuckles without even a hint of friction. There was only wet pressure and the rapid beat of her lover's pulse. Drawing it in and out, Meris slid Sonja's fingers deep into her pussy and then out. When Sonja got the rhythm, Meris released her.

Without breaking her gaze, Meris reached out and slipped her own fingers into Sonja's sex. The liquid pressure only added to the intensity of their moment. Her pussy was as wet as Meris', the pressure of being filled was intense and powerful.

The wet slurps of two girls fingering each other filled the same around them, echoing against sawdust-covered walls and against the blood-stained concrete. Sonja spread her legs to give more access before focusing on pumping now four fingers into Meris' soaked cunt.

"I... I love you,' gasped Meris, her eyes slowly opening and closing. A flood of juices poured out across Sonja's fingers. She could hear more of it splattering off the edge of the gallows and into the long drop to the floor before.

"I thought I could just hang myself," she whispered, "but then it wouldn't be you. I wanted to make the choice, but I wasn't strong enough."

"Oh, Meris," Sonja said as the tears burned her eyes.

Meris pumped faster, her knuckles thumping against Sonja's slick flesh as her fingers reached deep into Sonja's spasming tunnel. "You have to be the one. And if this is the only way---"

"It isn't, my love, it isn't. We'll find... find another way." Sonja couldn't stop crying. Even though she was finger-banging her love, the despair filled her heart. It was hard to think through the lust and darkness, but she strained to find some way for both of them to be happy. Dolcett? No, Meris may be taken away from her. Running away? Rick would send the cops after her and she didn't know how to survive on her own. The tears burned when she knew that Meris was right, killing Meris would ensure that at least Sonja would be able to survive.

She choked on her tears. "I-I don't want to lose you. I've done so much for you, I can't lose you now."

Meris smiled. "I love you, Sonja, I love you so much."

"I don't want to kill you."

Meris' cunt grew sloppier, dribbling out of her pussy as the slick inner walls clenched against Sonja's fingers. "I want you to kill me. Tonight, now?"

"I can't do that." But Sonja's pussy grew liquid at the thought of slicing into her lover.

Meris gave her a knowing smile and shoved four fingers into Sonja's pussy, stretching it out to its limits. The discomfort was nothing compared to the intense heat that seared Sonja's insides. The first curls of a growing orgasm filled her, seeping through her veins and coursing along her nerves. It kept building inside her, filling her with the sense of anticipation.

"Kill me," whispered Meris.

Sonja inhaled sharply. She stopped pumping into Meris and pulled out her dripping fingers. It splashed down on the ground, wet splatters of heated juices.

"Snuff me sweetly."

Sonja clenched her inner walls around Meris' pounding fingers. No matter how much she ground down, the liquid depths and her lover's fingers easily penetrated her.

The orgasm continued to build up, hurting with the rushing pleasure.

"Make me hurt."

Sonja whimpered. She clutched tightly to Meris. She tried to pull her thoughts from the anticipation of killing her lover, but it was impossible. A thousand ways she could do it: strangling, cutting, amputation, de-breasting. A million ways to torture and kill her lover. Each one only added to her growing pleasure and lust.

Meris moaned and smiled. She cupped Sonja's head with both hands, the slick and sticky juices of Sonja's pussy wafted past her as her grip slipped on Sonja's chin. "Now. Please. I need you to kill me right now. Please, I need you to be the last thing I see."


The explosion burst inside Sonja. The words froze in her mouth as every muscle locked up. A white-hot flame ripped through her body and she shook violently. "Oh, fuck!" Her scream echoed against the walls, beating against her chest as she writhed on the gallows.

She slipped off, but there was nothing she could do as she plunged into the trapdoor of her gallows and down to the ground. She imagined there was a rope around her neck and her neck would crack at the end. The image sent off another wave of pleasure which consumed all of her senses as she crumpled to the ground beneath the gallows.

Sonja curled up and stuffed as many fingers as she could into her pussy, ramming them deep as she imagined killing her love. It filled her with despair but also a bittersweet ecstasy that threatened to overwhelm every thought Sonja had.

When she came too, the first thing she saw was Meris kneeling on the floor next to her. One of her lover's hands was cupping her breast, the other was buried between her own legs, stroking back and forth as her inner thighs glistened with light. "Sonja?"

Sonja smiled and rolled back on her back. The cool concrete felt like ice. She wondered if Master Cold was watching them and getting off. It seemed to be what he wanted, what that ghost said he wanted. She closed her eyes and smiled. "I love you. I love you more than life itself."

"W-Will you do it?" asked Meris with a whisper.

Even though it tore her heart in half, Sonja pulled Meris' hands from her breast and held it with both of hers. "I will kill for you, I've said that from the beginning."

Meris sniffed and wiped her face with her other hand, smearing her juices across her face. "Including me?"

Sonja stared into her lover's eyes. She gave it one last chance to try finding some way to run off together, but it didn't last long. She knew what they both wanted, what they were both heading for. She crawled up on her knees and held Meris' hands. "I will..."

She choked on the words.

Meris stared at her, lips parted and eyes burning intensely.

"I will..."

Meris moaned and pulled Sonja's hands to her breasts. "Please."

"I will kill you."

A burst of pleasure exploded inside Sonja. She saw another one slam into Meris, shuddering the slender girl's body with the ripple of pleasure.

Sonja smiled and pulled Meris close until their lips pressed against each other. They kissed, sweetly and intensely. When they broke, she whispered quietly.

"I'm going to make you scream."

Meris moaned and kissed her back. "Yes!"

"I'm going to make you bleed."

They both gasped loudly. Meris' body tensed with another orgasm.

"I'm," Sonja said with a smile, "I'm going to snuff you."

"I love you!" Meris kissed her back passionately, her lips hard against Sonja's. There was no chance to breathe or escape, only to lose herself in passion.

Meris pushed Sonja back against one of the footings, pinning her aggressively as the kiss continued.

Sonja ran her hands along Meris' body, tracing against the sensitive spots along her lover's flanks, thighs, and up to her neck. Their breasts ground against each other, slipping with their sweat as Sonja's aching nipples traced lines along her lover.

She didn't care how long they kissed. It was sweet and painful. She felt like her heart was being crushed. It warred with the ecstasy of anticipation, the realization that she was going to be snuffing her lover in a matter of moments.

When they broke the kiss, they remained still and stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Sonja."

"I love you, Meris. I will kill for you." Sonja smiled and gave a little kiss. "And I'm going to do it right now."

Meris smiled broadly.

Together, they stood up and got out from underneath the gallows. Hand in hand, Sonja lead Meris to the basement bedroom. They had spent little time in it since they moved to Gweneth's room, but it seemed fitting that Meris' last moments would be the most private of Sonja's places.

Sonja guided Meris to the bed and pushed her back on in. Her hands stroked along her lover's flanks, sliding up to her breasts and down from her hips. "How do you want die, my love?"

Meris moaned and spread her legs. Her vulva was a deep pink, swollen and excited. Thick strands of drool spread out across her lips and more of the clear liquid oozed out onto the sheets. She spread the swollen folds to expose her hard clitoris and soaked hole before curling two fingers into it. They slid in with a slurp.

Sonja smiled and pushed Meris back to the center of the bed and then down. As her lover sprawled out on the bed, Sonja lowered her head to Meris' slick pussy and lapped at her sex.

"Oh, fuck," gasped Meris.

It was sweet, sweeter than Sonja had ever tasted. She dragged her tongue up and down the length before driving it into the hole around the plunging fingers. When she laved up, she felt Meris shudder with an orgasm. Looking up, she could feel the strands of excitement clinging to her chin. "You're going to do that a lot, aren't you?"

Meris nodded. "I... as long as you can make it."

"It might hurt."

Meris' hips rose with another shuddering orgasm. "Please. I want it to hurt."

She smiled and planted her legs on the bed to lift up her hips to Sonja's mouth. She pulled away her fingers to leave her glistening sex exposed.

Sonja bent her head down and planted her mouth on the searing hot flesh. She lapped deeply, swirling her tongue along the many folds and soaking up the hard clitoris that had peeked out of its hood. She laved and slurped, until Meris cried out for two orgasms. Her excitement ran down a river between her clenched buttocks.

When her tongue finally hurt and she pulled away, Meris slumped down. "I might need some rope."

Sonja thought for a moment, an idea forming.

"And maybe a gag."

Sonja got up and headed out of the room.

Meris whimpered. "Where are you going?"

"Be right back." Sonja went around the basement to the strange closet filled with knives. The rosewood handles were still spotless but, more importantly, they were very sharp. She picked out two knives, a long and a short one with narrow blades, and returned to the room.

Meris, seeing the blades, moaned and rocked her hips back and forth. The movement continued up her spine as she arched her back and pushed her small breasts into the air.

Sonja set down the longer knife on the bedside table and crawled back on the bed. Bringing her mouth down to her lover's pussy, she licked her to another orgasm before working her way down Meris' right leg.

Meris moaned but there was a look of confusion on her face. She stared at Sonja as she kissed her way up to the leg, around the knee, and then to her ankle.

With a grin, Sonja kissed the bottom of Meris' feet. "You think you're going to struggle?"

Meris moaned and nodded.

"You think rope is the best way?"

"I don't want to hurt you."

Sonja smiled, pussy juices strong on her lips, and kissed the back of Meris' ankle right at the Achilles's tendon. She could feel the taut, wire-like strength of it through the skin. "I might have something else in mind, but if I do it, there is no coming back."

Panting, Meris parted her lips and a powerful shudder coursed through her body.

Sonja kissed again, this time strong before bringing up the knife.

"Oh, god," Meris gasped, her voice burning with lust.

Resting the edge of the blade against the tendon, she looked down at the length of her lover's leg and watched the undulations of her lover as the tension built up.

The smell of excitement matched the cauldron of ecstasy inside her own body. They were about to start and Sonja couldn't think of anything else but giving her lover everything she wanted.

The blade cut in easily, not even a hint of resistance. It sliced through the skin and into the tension of the tendon. She drew it slowly as she could, but it was hard with the lust driving her to slash through it.

Meris cried out, her body shaking violently.

The knife cut deep. Blood welled along the wound, dribbling down the pale flesh of her lover's leg.

There was a zipper-like sensation and then suddenly Meris' leg went slack.

Meris screamed out in an orgasm, splattering clear juices everywhere as every other part of her body shuddered violently. Muscles tightened underneath Sonja's hand but her leg refused to move.

Panting, Sonja almost couldn't breathe. She ran her hand down the leg, feeling helpless muscles tensing and relaxing, but there was little pressure from the knee down. She went until she felt her lover's thigh still moving and identified where the muscles were connected to the bone.


Meris sobbed but she nodded.

Sonja sliced through the skin, cutting down but careful to avoid the main arteries. The knife caught on the bone and easily cut through flesh and muscle. The wound was narrow but deep enough and soon the last of the strength snapped free and Meris' leg when completely limp.

When Sonja let it go, it fell from her hand and hit the bed almost bonelessly. There was nothing left for it to move, nothing left for her lover to ever walk again.

Meris slapped her pussy with one hand, jamming four fingers into her sopping cunt as she pumping in and out.

Blood soaked the sheets and blankets. It wasn't a spray but a seeping of crimson that stained the pink sheets.

Sonja trailed her finger to the other hand, around Meris' plunging fingers, and up to the thigh. "Again?"

"Please, please?" begged Meris.

Sonja kissed her way up the leg, enjoying the last twitches and surges before she reached the ankle. She kissed on each toe, swirling it in her mouth for a long moment before bringing the knife to the tendon. With a slowly cut, she drew it across the skin.

Meris came again, a choking wailing that rose in pitch when the tendon finally snapped and curled in on itself. Sonja felt the rushing sensation as it curled up, it was an intense sensation from the inside and she could only imagine what Meris felt as her lover wailed out in the long orgasm.

Sonja worked her way down and cut through the muscles connecting her knee. The sudden slackness set off an orgasm of her own as she spread the thighs apart obscenely and enjoyed how Meris couldn't stop her.

"Oh god, oh god," Meris cried out, still fingering herself violently. The wet splatters of her orgasms splashed everywhere, soaking into the red-stained sheets. The muscles in her stomach and buttocks flexed, obviously trying to move her legs, but nothing moved.

Sonja, her voice tinged with lust, leaned forward. "Better than rope?"

Meris gaped at her, her lips working but no noise coming out. She tried to speak a few times until she gave up and smiled instead.

Sonja took one of Meris' plunging hands and pulled it from her cunt. Meris' fingers dripped with her juices, splashing against Sonja's thigh. She brought it up to Sonja's blood-flecked breast and splayed it over her large breast.

Meris clutched at Sonja's tit, spreading her fingers obediently.

"Good girl," Sonja whispered as she positioned herself so she was straddling one of Meris' limp legs. She lowered her pussy against it and rocked back and forth, sliding it easily with lubrication from her own excitement.

"I-I can still feel it!" Meris gasped with surprise.

"Does it feel good?"

"O-Oh, yes!"

Sonja ran her hand along the back of her lover's wrist, feeling the tendons that allowed Meris to grip her breast. She brought the knife up and drew it across the back, cutting through the tension. As each one snapped, she felt the finger go slack.

Meris gaped, her breath coming out in a rush.

When Sonja finished, she brought the blade to Meris' elbow and cut through the muscles and chipped the bone. Her lover jerked violently from the pain, but then let out a wail of pleasure when her hand helplessly slid off Sonja's body and hit the bed.

"More?" Sonja said, already knowing the answer.

Meris nodded violently. "I love you."

"Does it hurt?"

"Y-Yes, but more. More."

"Then finish fingering yourself, because soon you'll never be able to do it again."

Meris responded by finger-banging herself violently, slapping her vulva as she tried to drive all of her fingers into her pussy. It was a brutal, frantic effort that shook her entire body. Her three helpless limbs shook with her movements, but they only dragged back and forth across the blood-stained sheets when she moved.

Sonja rocked her own hip against Meris' limp leg, enjoying every jerked and pull that teased against her sensitive vulva and clitoris. Knowing that Meris couldn't move somehow made it more intense and she quickly reached an orgasm.

It wasn't long after Meris reached a crest of her own. Sonja didn't know if it was the same one, but there was a puddle of girl cum on the bed that couldn't soak into the fabric.

Sonja smiled and reached down, grabbing the plunging fingers and pulling them out.

Meris wailed but she didn't resist and Sonja placed her soaked, dripping palm against Sonja's tit and spread out the fingers.

Sonja looked at her lover and smiled. "Ready?"

Meris nodded violently. "Y-Yes!"

As Sonja sliced through the tendons and muscles of her lover's last good wrist, she felt Meris orgasm again underneath her. The tension of muscles became rock-hard with ecstasy and the wail echoed loudly against the bedroom walls.

She let her lover's arm go and it slapped against Meris' chest, trailed a smear of blood across her breast before landing on the bed. Sonja picked the limp limb up and side it down before leaning down to kiss Meris on the lips.

Meris lifted her head to meet the kiss, her arms and legs useless but her stomach muscles still capable of bringing her to her lover.

They kissed. This time, the intensity was overwhelming. Knowing that she was going to die, every caress, every gasp, every stroke of soft lips felt like it would be the last. Sonja lost herself in them, kissing her lover among the smells of blood and cum.

When they finally finished, Meris slumped back. "I love you so much."

Her voice was hoarse and rough, her screams already tearing at her throat. There was no questioning the lust, though, and Sonja smiled.

"I love you too. I would kill for you."

Sonja ran her hand along Meris' chest, enjoying the two tiny nipples at the end of her breasts. When her fingertips caressed them, Meris shuddered. With a smile, Sonja looked up. "I like this. Maybe I should keep them?"

Meris nodded.

Sonja shifted her position so she could suck on Meris' right nipple. It was hard, but she still trailed her tongue and lips around it until the flesh crinkled and it stood out.

Underneath her, Meris rocked her hips. The movement wasn't quite as strong or wide, but knowing that it was because she had been hobbled made it more intense for Sonja.

When the nipple couldn't get any harder, Sonja brought the knife up to it and rested the edge right at the base.

"Yes," whispered Meris. "Yes, please."

The blade cut into the darker skin easily. Sonja took her time to slowly push through the hard nub, watching as a river of blood poured out of the wound and ran down the sides of her lover.

Meris cried out, her body shuddering with the effort to remain still, but her hips kept rising and falling. Her orgasms filled the air with sweetness that mixed into the bittersweet scent of copper and blood.

The blade sliced through too quickly. Blood sheeted down, but it only took a few seconds.

Sonja looked down. "Maybe I should have taken your entire breast off? Would it look good on the table?"

"Yes!" cried Meris.

Sonja dug her fingers into the gaping wound, shoved it into the fat below, and pulled it up.

Meris cried out with an orgasm.

With the knife, this time Sonja cut a wide circle. Every inch of skin she sliced through brought a fresh cry of pleasure. Blood poured down in sheets as she peeled it back to reveal yellow fat and perfectly sliced skin.

"Fuck!" screamed Meris as Sonja pulled it off.

"Look at it," gasped Sonja as she held up the severed breast. It jiggled in her hand, the hot flesh shifting slightly.

Meris gasped and nodded, tears running down her face. "Again. Please, again. I want to see it."

Sonja set the severed tit on the bed near the pillow.

Meris turned to look at it and then down at her other mound. On her back, it was almost flat but that didn't matter.

Sonja lapped at the nipple until it was hard and then pulled it up with her teeth. She could feel every shudder of orgasm and pain that raced through her lover's body as she brought the knife around the circle of her lover's tit, slicing deep into the skin until she could feel the blade scraping against bone.

When she pulled it back, it was a perfectly sliced off breast. She used her bloody fingers to hold it and turn it around, letting it hang like gravity intended. It looked right and she showed it to her lover. "It's beautiful."

Meris shuddered and nodded, but her bright gaze was cloudy.


Meris opened her mouth but only a hoarse sound came out. "I-I love you."

Sonja looked around their bodies. There wasn't any white left on the sheets or blankets, they were soaked in blood. It poured out from her lover's chest in a river, splashing down.

The gravity of the moment hit her like a punch. Her lover was already dead, they were just in the last moments. She was the one who killed her. She felt ecstasy and despair at the same time. She didn't know what would happen next. Slowly, she turned to Meris. "I-I'm...."

"I love you. I love you... so much."

Meris blinked at the tears.

Sonja used her thumb to wipe them clear. "I'm sorry."

"I'm not. I knew it... would happen... but this was more beautiful... than I thought."

"I can't live without you."

"You... will."

Sonja dropped the knife and hugged her lover. She clutched to the shaking body and kissed the blood-flecked lips.

Meris kissed her back but the strength was fading. "One more? F-Finish it?"


"Take my heart? You already have it."

Sonja lifted her body up and looked down at the blood sheeting from her naked breasts and stomach. She nodded and picked up the knife again. Shifting her hips slightly, she brought one hand to her lover's pussy and shoved her fingers in.

"Yes...!" gasped Meris.

With her other hand, Sonja widened the gaping wound of her lover's left side until she found the bottom of her ribs. A single cut inside the wound opened up the diaphragm.

Immediately, Meris' pussy clenched around her hand. She let out a long gasp of pleasure. When she inhaled, it was weak and strained.

Sonja tossed the knife on the beside table. It thumped against the wood before sliding off with a smear of blood. She only gave it a cursory glance before looking back into her lover's eyes. "I love you more than life itself."

Meris shuddered, her pussy clenching.

Sonja rammed her hand into her lover's cunt, pounding it hard until her knuckles slid in and her thumb jammed into the opening. She pulled out and rammed it harder, opening her up. She knew it hurt Meris, but she also knew that her lover would love every moment of Sonja's fist plunging into her cunt.

The wet smack of flesh against pussy filled the room. At the deepest stroke, she felt the hard knob of Meris' cervix against her knuckles. With every impact, her lover jerked and cried out hoarsely.

With every cry, more blood poured out of the gaping wounds. Sonja watched the blood flowing as she got a rhythm if impaling her lover from opening to cervix with long, dripping strokes.

As soon as she did, she returned her attention to the blood gaping out of the cut below her lover's ribs. She took her other hand and shoved her fingers in. The muscles were slick and wet, the heat was stronger than the heat inside her lover's pussy. With every thrust, Sonja forced her fingers into her lover's chest.

The hardest part was getting her knuckles past the lower rib and through the rubbery, clenching muscles of the diaphragm.

Meris gasped weakly, driving Sonja to move faster.

Sonja panted herself as she forced her hand in. Her own heartbeat matched the pounding she felt both in Meris' clenching pussy and also in the tight ring of the wound. Blood poured past her hand, soaking her to the elbow as she forced her hand deeper, working her way around the slick organs.

Meris cried out, her body locked in an endless cycle of pain and ecstasy. The words that came out of her mouth were choked but filled with lust. "Please?"

Sonja panted.

Bearing her weight down, Sonja forced her hand further into her lover's chest, her fingers blindly working toward the rapidly beating organs. She could see waves of agony crossing over her lover's heart. More blood coated her body, it was hot and sticky and choking. The smell of it flooded the room, forever ruining it. She thought she would never forget its smell.

Finally, her fingers slid along the beating heart. It was faster than she expected. She had to force her hand further into the opening to wrap her fingers around the pounding organ.

She thought she would squeeze it, to stop her lover's heart at the moment of an orgasm, but when she squeezed down, it continued to beat.

"I-I can feel it!" gasped Meris. She writhed back and forth at the limits of her body and while being pinned in place by Sonja's two hands. The scene of her blood-soaked body twisting in place set off an explosion of pleasure.

Sonja cried out from the intensity of it, her limbs growing weak. She slumped against her lover, driving her hands deeper into her body as their blood- and cunt-soaked bodies ground against each other. It was slick and hot and intense as they ground against each other, their minds lost in an orgasm that went on and on.

"I... lo... love... you."

Sonja pulled her fist out of Meris' gaping cunt and slid along her body up to her lips. She looked into the glazed blue eyes and kissed her bloody lips. "I love you."

The heartbeat in her palm grew faster and then slowed down rapidly.

Tears burned Sonja's eyes. She kissed Meris again, just to feel the heart speed up. But, too soon, it slowed down and grew erratic.

"I love you, Meris."

Meris smiled and kissed her again, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

"I... I love you!" Sonja whispered as the heart beat twice for the last time.

And then nothing.

Sonja tried to squeeze the heart, but it wouldn't move.

"I love you."

She kissed Meris one more time, trying to get some response.

"I love you," she sobbed to her dead lover.

Sonja kissed Meris' lips.

"I will always love you."


Chapter 43: End of Her Rope (F-solo, hang)

Sonja woke up to the stench of blood and death. The coppery scent clung to the back of her throat and she tried to cough it out, but it wouldn't clear. She inhaled a rasping breath and then coughed hard. Her hacking shook her body but the smell still remained clinging to the back of her throat. The effort cracked the caked blood from her body and she winced at the cold ooze that dribbled down her side.

She pushed herself off the bed, breaking more of the dried fluids that covered her body. Her movements brought fresh scents to her nose: dried blood, the bittersweet scent of death, and stale sex. It was overpowering and she coughed again. She reached out in the darkness, fumbling for the lamp on her bedside table.

Her naked breast stroked against the cool, soft skin of her lover. She froze and shifted more, dragging the cold-hardened nipple along the body, it took her a moment to realize that Meris wouldn't wake up from her teasing.

Memories of the night rushed back. She sat back, dragging her hand along the gaping wounds along the deep cuts that she had inflicted herself on the only woman she had loved. The passion from the night before had faded, leaving only a nauseating ache behind.

Tears burned in her eyes. She sniffed and wiped at them. "Oh, love. Why did it come to this?"

There was no answer in the cold, still room.

She stroked her fingers blindly up to Meris' face and cupped them. Bits of dried blood flaked off the clammy skin. She pulled herself up and kissed the icy lips.

They had both talked about killing Meris more than once during their fantasies. The idea of it set both of their pulses on fire and their cunts grew slick with the images. But now that it had happened, now that she was pressed against the cold body of her lover, all the passion had fled leaving only an empty ache behind it.

Sonja had never thought about life beyond Meris. She had never considered the overwhelming darkness that filled her now, the realization that she was the one to murder the one woman she loved was almost too much.

Tears splashed down on her hand, the liquid was searing hot compared to the corpse of her lover. "Why did it come to this? What did we do wrong?"

Sonja knew what she did wrong, there was a pile of corpses behind her. She thought about all the times she was thrusting her fingers into Meris' clenching tunnel and whispering how she would cut into her lover. They were all the mistakes she made, she should have never encouraged Meris.

Rick was right. She had created the monster. She had led Meris down a path that could only allow one thing. And now... now....

She sobbed loudly. "W-What do I do now?"

The obvious answer was to call James and head for Dolcett County. She had no doubt he would get her to safety and then she could prove herself to the rest of the county. There would be no lottery or chance of death for her, only years of snuffing women and cooking.

She pushed herself off her lover, one leg raised to crawl over her, when the realization hit her. Meris wouldn't be coming along. She didn't know how much of the excitement came because Meris was always along the wall masturbating. Or watching her with rapt interest. Every time Sonja slammed the knife into flesh, she could hear Meris' little coo of excitement.

If she went to Dolcett County, that would all end. It would be just herself working, terribly alone. Perro's offer meant she wouldn't be in the lottery, which mean there would be no brushes of fear, no excitement at almost being caught.

Sonja lowered her leg and straddled her lover. She shifted her position until her lips were pressed against Meris, her nipples against the icy, sticky tips of her lover. She kissed Meris deeply, the despair growing when her lover didn't respond. It was something, but the kiss only reminded her more and more how alone she would be.

It only took a few kisses before she pulled away. Her lover was dead. Sniffing and wiping the tears from her face, she slipped off the cold corpse of her lover and sank to the ground. The icy floor seeped into her skin.

She looked up and addressed the darkness. "Is that what you want?"

Sonja held her breath as she wanted for a cold wind. When it didn't come, she glared into the darkness. "Come on, Cold, you're the one who had been pushing us."

No answer.

She staggered to her feet and shook her hands at the ceiling. "Well, was it worth it? Are you jerking off somewhere over my love? That's what you want, isn't it?"

Sonja lashed out. Her knuckles grazed the lamp which fell to the ground and shattered. She spun again, her fits hitting nothing. She lashed out again while splattering tears against the ground and her body.

Too soon, her strength fled her. She clutched to the side of the bed, her fingers wrapped around her lover's thigh. "That wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. It isn't fair. It just isn't---"

The word froze in her throat. She had heard the same words from the cunts in her basement: Theodora and Marisha said it constantly. At the time, she didn't think anything of it, they were just victims of their own abuse. Now, it was her saying the words. She was the victim.

She slumped against the bed. "It isn't fair, is it? But that's the point. You are getting your jollies off on this. This is all part of your game since I moved here, to encouraging me to kill everyone, everything around me."

Sonja looked back up, the tears burning her eyes. "Now what? Do you have some grand plan?"

The air remained still.

She shook her head and squeezed the tears out. After a few deep breaths, she looked back up. "Was I always a killer? Was this who I was or just what you made me?"

When he continued to refuse to answer, she pushed herself off the bed. Her heart ached with loneliness, her imagination filling in years of dream before her. "N-No, I can't do this. I can't live without her. And you? I can't kill you. I said I would kill anyone who hurt my Meris, but this is all part of your fucking game."

She staggered to her door and opened it. The light from the workshop shone directly in her face and she pulled back. She let out a shuddering breath before shielding herself with her hand.

Sonja tried to remember where she had left James' card, but couldn't. She considered looking for it, but the despair held her down. It didn't matter. Living a full life meant being miserable without her lover. She couldn't handle the days without Meris' little coos or the intensity as she begged for death.

Remember all the times Meris asked Sonja to be the one to kill her brought a fresh wave of sadness. She clutched the frame and sobbed. Never again, never would she hear those words. There was nothing for her.

She pushed herself away from the door. Maybe she should just give herself up. Maybe head to Dolcett not as a butcher, but as a victim. They would fuck and kill her, raping her right up the point they snuffed her like all the bitches she had done.

Her body warmed at the thought, but she shoved it down. No, she didn't deserve pleasure. There was nothing without Meris, no reason to live.

Sonja looked up to see the shadow of her workshop. The gallows still stood in the back of the room, a beautiful work of art that was meant to do one thing. She crossed the hall and peered at it.

Meris had almost hung herself on it. The noose still hung above the opening. She could see where she had landed in the sawdust and footprints in the sand. It was peaceful in the workshop, a place of comfort when she first moved. She entered further, glancing where she killed her mother and the endless tools she used to create something so beautiful.

But then she stopped. Before she moved to California, she didn't know how to build a gallows. The that knowledge came from somewhere else, someone else. She stopped and grabbed the workbench for balance. "This was one of yours, wasn't it?"

No wind tickled her skin, no breeze kicked up the sawdust.

"Was the gallows for me? For my love?"

She continued across the workshop to it. She ignored the set trap and headed up the stairs, stroking her fingers along the smooth wood. It was perfection under her touch, a smoothness that warmed her body and sent little flutters along her pussy.

Sniffing, Sonja looked around. "What did you want from me?"

Waiting for answer, she reached out and grabbed the noose. The soft rope caressed her palm. She regarded it, trying to imagine it around Meris' neck. It would have been exciting, thrilling. Looking down, she could see how it would only take a single step to be dangling.

It was a powerful idea not to resist. It would be over, the aching hole in her heart would be silent. She wouldn't have to worry about living for years without her Meris, she wouldn't be rotting in some jail, she wouldn't be fucked until the very end. Just one long, painful moment and all the agony would end.

Trembling, she pulled the noose over her head and tucked it behind her ear. The soft rope caressed her throat and she felt ripple of warmth filling her body. That is what Meris would have wanted, to hang for her lover to see. Sonja could almost imagine Meris calling out to her, masturbating in the corner as she watched.

Sonja lifted one foot and held it out over the gap. It was a long fall, it might be enough to break her neck. If it didn't, she would strangle quickly. There wasn't any way to stop herself, no way to escape.

She closed her eyes slowly and opened them. "I-I can't do this."

Her body trembled with the cold and her fear. The heat in her pussy fought with the despair in her heart. Both told her to step out into the void and end it.

"Fuck you."

Sonja stepped forward. Her body plummeted down and she came from the anticipation. The end of the rope snapped tight, slamming her head forward and she saw stars. They cleared almost immediately, but then she realized that her neck had not broken from the fall.

The pressure around her neck was intense. It had crushed her trachea and cut off any chance of breathing. Her heart pounded in her head, squeezing through constricted arteries as black spots swam around her vision.

She kicked, a reflexive need to save herself. Her toes hit nothing as she swung back and forth.

Sonja needed to breathe, she needed to gasp. She opened her mouth to inhale, but her tongue felt too thick and no air came into her burning lunches. More tears ran down her cheeks as she kicked again, feeling every switch of her body through the taunt rope wrapped around her neck.

Fear rippled through her body, filing her with the heat of an intense orgasm. It rippled from her cunt, fueled by her suffocation. She kicked violently as she lost control of her bladder. The hot rivers rand down both legs, but she could smell her pussy juices mixing in with the urine. It was intense, more than anything else.

She was going to die and she couldn't stop coming.

"I had hope you would try hang yourself," said a sudden voice in her ear. It was low and icy. "If you cut off your head, we wouldn't be able to talk."

Sonja tried to look around with her bulging eyes, but her swinging had rotated her. She stared at the back wall, trying to identify the voice.

Icy hands, so cold that they cracked the flesh, pushed her buttock. She winced at the agony that shot up her spine. It blurred with the intense orgasm of suffocation and she thrashed violently on the ropes, fighting the icy orgasm that wrapped around her heart.

Her movements brought her around. She silently gulped as she saw a man standing in front of her. He was just a shadow, a black outline of man, but the air wavered around him and ice spread out from his feet. She could see his face, but it was only lines formed by the wavering temperature. It was Master Cold.

He reached out and grabbed her left breast. Ice dug into the flesh, piercing skin as it sank deeper. The cold pushed away her orgasm as her entire world focused on him. She could feel ice forming inside her tit, crystallizing the fat. It hurt, more than she suffocating to death or anything else. She writhed, trying to escape it, but that only increased the pressure on the rope choking the life out of her.

"You don't have much time, so listen. Your answers will come later, in the actions you choose."

The pressure on her breast increased. Her entire weight seemed to focus on the agonizing tit as he lifted her up. A few gasps of air leaked past the rope around her neck. She strained to lift herself higher, to breathe deeper, but he dropped her back down and the rope cut tight across her neck.

"You can only see me near death, Sonja. The only way we can talk is if you are near to drawing your last breath."

She couldn't stop her legs from kicking, it was a reflexive action. She tried to gasp for air again, but the tight pressure across her ruined throat prevented anything other than suffocating stillness.

"Yes, everything was for this point," Master Cold said. "Everything I did lead up to you killing the one woman you loved."

Tears splashed down Sonja's face. She lash out at him, but her foot missed. She wanted to strangle him, cut him, burn him away. He took her Meris away from her.

"No, no, listen." He lifted her up again, the ice digging into her breast. She could see the skin darkening as if it was frostbitten, but it was hard to see through the agony of the icy grip holding her entire body up with only a single breast.

She gulped the air down. She tried to cry out, but her destroyed throat made no noise.

Master Cold dropped her again, but his hand never left her breast. "Listen."

She tried to still herself as her body panicked from being suffocated again.

"I need you to go to Dolcett. You must have a long life there."

She shook her head. She wanted to tell him that she couldn't live with her Meris.

"I need you to let me to use you as a vessel, so I can see my home again."

His words sank in. She gaped and stilled. Her heart still pounded painfully in her chest and ears, but she focused on his cold, cruel words.

"There is only one way I can leave this cursed house. And that is through you. This is the only way I can see my family again, to see how they fared in that place. I want to see everything one more time. I miss it more than you can imagine."

He lifted her up again to give her a few breaths of air.

Sonja tried to work her mouth, to ask why, but he dropped her before she could mouth them.

"Listen, you respond when you are safe. I'm willing to trade you. You give me your life and I give you Meris back."

The world stopped, her body froze. She stared at the dark blot of a man before her in shock.

"Everyone who dies in this house is still here. Every woman, every man. Some escape the house for a short time, such as the bitch who took over your mother, but they are still there. Your Meris? She waiting for you in your bedroom, a ghost but still in so much love with you. I can hear her, I can feel her."

Sonja shook violently, the black spots swimming across her vision and her lungs screaming for air. Her legs clenched together as she tried to listen through the pounding of her hears and the brief flare of hope that had filled her heart.

"If you have a long life in Dolcett, I gave you that. No lottery, no risk, no fear. Live it. Kill, snuff, and fuck as much as you want. When you are done, when it is time, come back here. This house will be here. Finish the job, kill yourself by any way and I promise---I will promise on the stars in the sky and the ice in my heart---I promise that you will have your Meris back."

He released her breast and her weight slammed down on the rope. It cut into her ruined throat, cutting off any chance to breathe. The black spots swarmed in from the edges of her vision. She could taste blood in her mouth but it only pooled in the back of her throat.

The rope snapped

She slammed into the ground, cracking her knees against the icy concrete. Clouds of mist rose up around her as she toppled forward, smacking her face against the hard stone and breaking her nose. Fresh blood, searing hot, poured out across the ground. When it flowed over the ice, it froze.

The end of the rope landed just in her vision, the end a solid block of ice.

Sonja let out a gasping gurgle, the only sound she could make with her crushed throat. She slid her hand along the ground toward the rope.

A card fluttered to the ground in front of her face. It was James' business card. A moment later, one of the phone slid across the icy concrete to land against her cheek.

Sonja froze, struggling with her heart. She just had to call James, he would use Caller ID to know that she was in trouble. She just had to dial the number.

She couldn't know if Master Cold lied to her, but the hope, no matter how small was enough. If the only way to have her Meris back was to live a full life as a butcher in Dolcett County, then she would do it. She would kill for her Meris.

With a shaking hand, she managed to grab the phone and start dialing.


Chapter 44: Forty-Seven Years Later (F-solo tort rom viol sn)

Sonja leaned her head back against the headrest of the limo and took a deep breath. It had been many years since she had seen the street through the panes of a car window, but very little had changed. Except for one house she didn't recognized and another two which had been painted a different color, it looked just like the last time she drove away on that clear summer morning after Meris died.

She never forgot her love. Every morning when she woke up and every night she went to sleep, she imagined Meris next to her. The sounds of her lover's voice had faded into just a warm wash of excitement and longing for something lost. She couldn't wait to hear her again.

"We're almost there, Councilor."

Sonja looked to the front. Her driver was new, only indentured to her for a few months. His normal outfit was a cage on his cock and a huge plug shoved up his ass, but they were out in the "real" world now they had to dress appropriately. She admired his black suit and tie; he was attractive normally, but the outfit looked good on him. A shame that she wouldn't be able to torture him out of it. There wasn't any more time.

She nodded and looked away. "Thank you, Balls."

The limo pulled into her own driveway. To her relief, the landscapers had taken care of it in her absence. The front porch had also been repaired and the siding freshly painted. It was one thing to put the request in to the city council, it was another to see that it had been followed to the letter.

If someone didn't know, it looked like just another house in an upscale neighborhood. It was just a house no one had lived in since she "mysteriously" disappeared forty-three years ago. At her other house in the county, she had all the clippings and printouts from the seven state manhunt looking for the "lesbian murderers". She though the Thelma and Louise clips were a nice touch, though she still hadn't seen the movie.

She smiled as the car came to a halt and Balls got out. He opened her door. It was almost midnight and none of the lights were on. The smell of dew and the faint buzz of insects filled the air. She scooted across the seat and held out her hand.

Balls took it and held up her up.

She still wore her dress from the bicentennial celebration, a black affair that barely held in her large breasts and clung with her waist. The slit up the side had exposed a lot more than her thigh, but that was part of being in the "real" world, you couldn't show your cunt and asshole to everyone looking at you. She could feel a bit of cum still leaking out of both of her holes, it was a good orgy while they cooked the losing football team and their cheerleaders. She ran her tongue along her teeth, remembering how the last hard cock feel when it was buried to the balls inside her.

Balls handed her cane.

Sonja took the cake with her left hand and limped away from the limo. As she did, she clutched her left breast with her right hand. The twisted flesh under her palm ached as the cold pulsed inside it. It had been an ever-present discomfort since she left. The doctors said it was frostbite that had ruined her tit, but she knew that she kept a secret hidden in the twist of knotted flesh and ruined skin.

In the years since, she had finally learned Master Cold's secret. He was a former councilman much like her, but he had lost that position when he was convicted of being a serial murderer. Somehow, in a county that butchered willing men and women on a daily basis, he needed something more.

When Sonja found out, it hadn't bother her. She was a killer just like him, that was why he picked her. If he kept up his end of his promise, she would hide his secret until the end of her days.

Turning to her driver. "That will be all, Balls."

"When will you need me back, Councilor?"

"I'll call you," lied Sonja.

He nodded in acknowledgment and returned to the car. She watched him drive away as she slipped her hand under her dress and caressed the scar tissue. It was cold. For forty years, she felt Master Cold against her heart but it was time for both of them to return home.

Her nipple grew harder with anticipation and a welcoming heat rose from between her legs. She pressed her thighs together and hobbled toward the porch, her cane and heels crunching on the gravel.

The light painted her shadow against the front of the house one last time. The darkness was absolute, a pitch black outline that looked more masculine then feminine. Just as the limo pulled away, the shadows split into two before disappearing.

The icy knot suddenly flared up into knife