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My first ever work. This might be long so I'll take my time. Enjoy.
Basement (by Kami-sama)

Chapter 1: Party

She needed something to relax; the final exams were finally over. For the past few weeks, she had been cramming day and night, Monster in one hand, a book in the other. Now, she felt the energy drink wearing out and fatigue slowly taking over her body. She was tired, very tired. But she wasn't going to let it end like this. She deserved a good break. She deserved a good time. The dorm was empty, emptier than any other day. She knew the reason: it was Friday. No soul would stick around on Friday especially if it's the last day of finals.

She unbuttoned her coat and threw it on the bed. She has been feeling stuffy all day. She unzipped her skirt and let gravity do the rest. She walked towards the mirror, which was large enough to see her whole body. She stared at it feeling frustrated. It wasn't so long ago that she bought an expensive bra from Victoria Secret: it's jet-black and has delicately sewn frills. Now, her favorite bra was strangling her breasts, limiting the oxgyen her lungs could breathe in. She wasn't disappointed at the size of the bra because it fitted her perfectly when she bought them. Instead, she was upset with her breasts. They have grown considerably again. She's already in her twenties, but her growth hasn't seceded yet. With one thumb, she unhooked her bra. The pent up tensions in her teats were impressive. Like a sling, her bra flew forward, revealing huge yet perfect pair of bosoms. They swung opposite to each other for a few seconds before coming to a still rest. It wasn't just her breasts that were big. Her nipples too adjusted to the size of her chest and budded with a pink glow. They were asleep; if aroused, these pink protrusions could further expand themselves, doubling, no, tripling in size. It wasn't the size of her breasts that envied her roommates, but the perfect alignment her nipples have on them. They weren't drooping too low nor hanging up too high and just jutted out straight towards the horizon as if begging to be sucked immediately.

She wore matching lingerie so her panties were also black. Her chest wasn’t the only thing that grew. This was obvious when her bust jiggled with every slight movement. She slid one finger into the side of her panties and gently tugged it. The thinnest lining of her undies had been resting in the crevice between her legs, the surrounding lips biting tenderly at it. Clamping it between her thumb and index fingers, she brought the black garment down to her knees. A little shake from her legs and soon the panties fell down to the ground no longer covering the treasure underneath it. She looked down and saw what was expect: her mount was still smooth, hairless from the adorning she did yesterday. Her puffy lips closed, hiding the secret entrance. They were tight but not tight enough to stop the scented moisture from seeping between them. A little above the lips protruded something delicious. Her panties had been pressing on this little bud all day, but now, it was free. Her young tender clit extended its full length, letting the chill air lick its surface.

Last week, her roomies invited her to a party. She agreed to go with them. They said it would be hectic, but she didn't care. She had been looking forward to this day. Nothing could be more hectic than the painstaking studying she had to go through the past few weeks. She stepped into the shower, closed the curtain and let the cool water flow down her body. She was still tired but very excited. Excited indeed, for she didn't know what was coming. She didn't care to lock the bathroom but that was okay. Nobody was in the building… at least that's what she thought. Her room door was still wide open. She didn't know she hadn't closed it. She didn’t know there was somebody standing out there.


I apologize if I left your boner hanging. xD I'm getting on with this so I'll post it up as soon as I can. Leave your opinion and rate me.

I would really appreciate if you'd compare my work with other renown authors' like thevisitorblack's. I know theirs is way better than mind so tell me what I need to improve.


Chapter 2: Shower

“Mmm” she moaned as the shower tap drizzled water all over her body. Some landed on her ember hair but most fell on her forehead. They slid down her soft cheeks, travelling along the neck. They collected in her collarbone before continuing down her chest. Some chose to go between her legs while the others flicker off from the tip of her breasts. The ones below held onto her mount, attempting to perform their magic. When the first drop touched her snatch, she shuttered.

She reached out for the shower gel and squeezed its thick content out into her palm. There was no rush and she was in a mood to play with herself a bit. She let the liquid flow down her fingers, playing with it before letting it slick on her breast. She put some on her fingertip and rubbed it on her right nipple. The soap latched onto her bud slowly soaking it. She took another handful of it and gently slathered between her legs. The grappling motion permeated the liquid inside her snatch. Her other hand went behind her back slowly sliding between her bust before stopping just outside her outer lip. With one hand spreading her folds, she pushed a finger deep inside her. She stopped halfway after realizing that she didn’t have much time to waste.

Her shower was done after nearly an hour. She came out of the bathroom only to be greeted by a cold gust of wind. The window had been slightly open. She shivered and rushed to close it. Then, she wondered: had she left this open? When she realized something was off she felt a sharp prick behind her back. She turned around only to find a stranger in her bedroom. She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came. Then her body suddenly became numb. She collapsed. Her vision started to blur and her eyelids began to feel heavy. She took one last look at her visitor as her consciousness faded away.


Chapter 3: Basement

She awoke to the sound of metals clanging. She try to see but everything was out of focus. The room dark, pitch-black, except for one beaming white light above her. Her memory was still hazy: ‘Went to her room… had shower… a man! There was a man!’ She tried to move but her body didn’t bulge. She tried again, nothing happened. By now, her eyes could see better. She looked around and found herself being cuffed everywhere. Her body laid on something hard. It looked like a steel table. Her neck was cuffed to the table, her arms stretched to her sides and wrists clamped down. There were also cuffs around her arms. Her legs were bonded in place too! But she couldn’t see them because her enormous mounts were obscuring her lower body. Her mounts? She realized she was naked. Panic started to settle in. Then, she heard footsteps: heavy and slow footsteps. It came from somewhere down her feet, but she couldn’t see it. The light above strained her eyes causing everything else to be black.

“Oh, you awake?” said a voice. It was coarse but audible.

“I’m sure you have many questions but I can only answer some.”

She could tell he was on her right but she still couldn’t see him.

“Where am I? In a basement. Why am I naked? You’ll find out soon.”

Suddenly, a figure stepped under the light and she saw someone tall, wearing a white lab coat. She couldn’t make out his appearance because a mouth mask covered his face. He was holding something in his hand. Her fear kicked in when she realized it was a large gardening shear. She screamed, but only a muffle came. Her mouth was gagged.

“Rest assure, I won’t rape you. My kind of fun is… different”, he said in a cynical tone and slipped off one of his gloves. His bare hand hovered over her chest, and with two fingers, he snatched the tip of her right mount.

He chuckled, “Oh, these are nice and big! They fit right in my fingers!” and began rubbing her nipple in a twisting motion. Her bud responded to the touch and began to point to heaven. Disgusted by someone playing her, she tried to squirm free, but it was futile. The cuffs did a great job keeping her in place.

“It’s quite soft. Wait here, I’ve got the thing for that” said the man and walked away into the darkness.

In her head, she was telling her right nipple to soften down. She was ashamed of her body for feeling horny at the stranger’s touch. She hated being played with. A few seconds later, the man appeared again with a bucket in his hand.

“These are ice cubes you see and when I place them like this” and rubbed her right nipple with an ice cube. As the ice sucked in the heat from her tip, her nipple began to harden. He moved the ice around making sure it touched every surface of her areola. The frost began to seep into her nerves and she could feel the chill biting on her nipple. She closed her eyes and tried to break free from the cold.

There was no warning when she heard a soft squlish. Something rolled down her breast and landed on the table next to her head. She glanced at its familiar shape. Her eyes widened and she immediately looked at her chest. There was something missing! The tip of her right breast was gone!


Chapter 4: Right

She watched in horror as blood spurted out from the gash with her every heartbeat. She screamed but the gag kept her voice sealed. She thrashed everywhere but the cuffs didn’t move an inch. She couldn’t do anything but watch as spritz of blood flew in the air and splattered on her chest. It came out in short sporadic burst like blood ejecting from the needle of a syringe. Then, the pain hit her. It wasn’t like stubbing her toes or bruising her knee. This was on a whole different level. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the raw air came in contact with the delicate nerves of her severed tip. She was breathing hard.

“Wow! That’s a health nipple! It works! The ice works!” exclaimed the man in delight.

“You see, the previous nipples I cut didn’t come out like this. The wound closed pretty fast and blood just seeped out. They didn’t pump out like yours. The trick was the ice. It hardened your membranes and prevented the blood vessels from closing up. Well, it will close in time but not immediately. And given the size of your nipples, it worked perfect this time! Isn’t it cool?”

Blood continued to spurt out as she squirmed her body. She bit down on the gag hoping it would somewhat relieve the pain.

“We’ll have to wait for the blood to die down. Meanwhile, let me setup for the next stage” said the man and disappeared into the darkness again.

She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the throbbing pain. She was still breathing heavily but her heartbeat slowed down a bit. Just as she was beginning to cope with the pain, the man returned, holding a tray in his hands. He placed it next to her so she could see what was in there. She immediately shook her head in plea upon seeing scalpels, tweezers and all kinds of surgical equipment. She jolted her body and whimper in fear. But nothing worked for she was under the mercy of the cuffs.

“I’ve seen woman anatomy from the previous tits, but you see, yours are just too gorgeous to ignore. I’m really looking forward to find what’s in there. With that said, let’s begin!”

He took a cloth and wiped off the blood on her right breast. “Looks like the bleeding has stopped.”

He took a scalpel and positioned it vertically right under the wound. She resisted him and vigorously shook her chest.

“Don’t do that, I might end up cutting something else!” demanded the man as he tried to hold her down. But she didn’t give in.

“Mm. Alright. If you won’t settle down, then I just have to make you.”

The man reached out for a tiny bottle and a syringe. He punctured the top with the needle and drew some yellow liquid into the syringe. He then held her shoulder and stabbed it with the needle, injecting some of this fluid. He did the same for the other shoulder. Her groin where the legs meet was the next victim. One shot in the edge of each leg and the syringe was empty. There was a total of four injections. Suddenly, her limbs went limp. She was shocked at this because she could no longer control her body. Her head and neck were the only parts still movable.

“What I just injected you wasn’t anesthesia. It’s just something that disables your body momentarily. Here, you can still feel my hands on your legs, can’t you?” explained the man with a smirk on his face. She immediately understood what was happening. Even though her limbs stopped functioning, the man wasn’t going to stop her from feeling pain. She started to cry out in fear as the man continued.

He pushed in the scalpel to break the skin but not deep enough to damage the tissue underneath. Slowly, he brought it down, splitting the skin in the wake of the sharp edge and stopped once the blade reached the base of her breast. He withdrew the scalpel and repeated the process with the upper section of her breast. Once the cuts were made, he did the same incisions with the right and left sections following the same procedure. What resulted was a cut mount in four equal quarters. She bit on the gag and flinched with every movement the blade made. It was sawing off her skin but it wasn’t nearly as painful as the burning sensation of her missing teat.

“Did you know the human body is made up of three parts?” asked the man in a rhetorical manner.

“The skin, the flesh and the bone. But, did you also know they are separable? For instance, I can take this part of your skin and peel it off like a banana.”

He took hold of the lower right skin of her cut breast and dug his thumb into the wound in search for a good grip. With the other hand, he grabbed hold of the breast, and started to pull the skin off her breast. She screamed in agony as the man worked his way down, ripping off her tender white skin to reveal the yellowy fat beneath it.

He commented, “I’m impressed at its massive size. I had a hard time grabbing hold of previous tits, but this? At ease!” He stopped peeling once the skin, detached from the tissue, reached the base of her breast. He let it down, inside top on her belly. He repeated the same process with the remaining three pieces of skin. With every tug, she felt her skin peel away while the excruciating pain cause her to pant heavily. When he was done, the skin on her right breast was completely peeled off and looked like four flower petals. In the middle, lie a chuck of breast tissue covered with yellow fat and blood veins. She felt her torn skin touch her own skin and her exposed breast fat sizzle in pain.

“Now, for the next step to work, I first have to cauterize your blood vessels. This little device is called a Cautery. It’s like a little scissor but with a hot tip. So whatever is being cut is immediately sealed off with the heat.”

He held the Cautery in one hand and a tweezer in the other.

“Look at this. You can see two vessels popping out on the surface. Let’s cut that!” He lifted the blood vein in the tweezer, careful not to damage it. With one swift clip, he snapped it in two. The heated tip immediately sealed the vessel, preventing blood from escaping. He did the same with the remaining vein.

“There we go. Female anatomy lesson number one. The breast is made up for blood vessels, fats, ducts and mammary glands. Those were the blood vessels. This yellow thing you see is the fat. Underneath it is the ducts and glands. Ducts are nothing interesting but the glands? They’re something. Glands differ in size for each breast size. Your is quite big so we can expect large glands. Let’s find out for ourselves, shall we?”

The man picked up the tweezer and another knife, but this one was shaped oddly like a spoon.

She desperately shook her head in an attempt to disagree, but the man took no heed. With the tweezer, he snatched hold of one of the many fat tissues and gently tugged it. She then understood what the spoonish knife was for. He was going to remove the fat chucks from her body. She screamed, but it didn’t help. Soon, the man starts to scrape of the fat tissues in her breast. She wanted to bite down her teeth but the gag was blocking her way. With every scratch, the intense pain caused her to curl her toes and fingers in agony. He move on to the next tissue when the first mammary gland became visible. He did his work from top to bottom in a clockwise direction.

“Although it’s really hard, it’s not entirely impossible to separate the glands from the fat” whispered the man while he finishes the last tissue, and scraped the chunk from her breast and place it in a cup on the tray. She was wiggling in agony as the man stood up to admire his work. Her breast has lost one-third of its size and all that remain were some tissue, sacs of mammary glands and ducts connecting them.

“Inside these sacs are tiny mammary glands. What to see one?”

He snapped of one of the outer sacs and held it in his hand. This action didn’t add to her pain because there were less nerves in the sacs than in the rest of her breast. With the scalpel, he made a small cut above the sac. With two fingers, he squeezed out its contents. Tiny pieces of mammary glands flushed out of it. Satisfied, he dropped the damaged sac on the tray and continued with his scrapping. With the tweezers, he separated the gland sacs from the surrounding tissue and with a scalpel, he carefully maneuvered the blade to cut off the flesh.

By now, the pain has effect the secretion glands in her genitals. Semi-clear and sticky yet scented lubricant slowly seeped out of the opening of her vagina and collect on the table beneath.

After minutes of operation, the glands were the only things that remained on her right breast. Her breast has lost half its size and the sacs together looked like a bundle of oval grapes. She had now lost her voice and tears continually stream down from her eyes.

“The nipple is where the ducts meet. Since it was cut off, the ducts are now separated. I need something to bind them” said the man. He picked up a piece of rubber band and tied the end of breast, binding the ducts together in a single bundle.

“Now for the last part. Your blood vessels are cauterized, the fats are gone, and the tissues are also gone so all that remain are your sacs of milk glands. What this mean is, there’s nothing holding them to your chest. If I do this…”

He suddenly grabbed hold of the ducts bundle and jerked it.

“… this happens.”

Her glands came off clean from her chest. All that remains of her right breast was now a meaty stump. He held the bundle of glands high in the air and gently shook off the dripping blood. Her eyes followed his hands as the man put them on the cup where her fats were. She then whimpered as she looked down to see an empty stump on her right chest: only one prized breast left.


Tell me your thoughts on this. I'm not going further until I see the reviews.


Awesome story. The details of the anatomy of the female breast is very good. I hope you keep writing. What happens next to her further mutilation of her voluptuous body?
I can't wait to read more.


Now that the preliminaries are out of the way we're starting to get to the interesting parts. I like the amount of anatomical detail with which the procedure is described. On a technical level the writing is good throughout, with only one real exception: the synonym for "breasts" that you're looking for is "mounds", not "mounts".

I'm looking forward to the rest. Any indication yet to what extent she'll be cut apart? Will it just be the breasts and genitalia or will her captor also be removing her limbs, remaining organs and/or other body parts?


This is most excellent! I like it already and the tags are very promising. If there was just one more thing I'd enjoy, it's more of her inner thoughts and emotions while this happens to her.


Wow, this is pretty interesting.
I can't wait to see the next part!


Chapter 5: Next

She found herself on the couch back in her room. Her right hand suddenly reacted to her mingled thoughts and felt for her right breast. To her surprise, its momentum was met with a soft bounce. Her fingers spread out before curling in for grip; a huge mass occupied her palm. She brought her fingers down towards the center. But, they, which would otherwise have touched each other, were blocked by something jutting out from the mass. Using her thumb and forefinger, she rubbed this protrusion, giving it a light twist. A part of her brain drowned in pleasure as the synapses in her right nipple responded to this delicate touch.

Her right breast was there. She was relieved… relieved? Why would she be relieved? It wasn’t like her breast had gone missing…

She stood up and walked to the bathroom, opened the tap and splashed a handful of water on her face. Her memory was still hazy. She tried to recall what happened but there was a void her in head. She remembered pieces, but not enough to make sense. Pain… she remembered pain. As the dust in her memory starts to settle, she began to sweat and breathe heavily.

Yes, she remembered. She remembered blades slicing their way into her right mound. She remembered her plum glands get ripped off her chest.

She was sweating now, but it wasn’t sweat that caught her attention. She felt uneasiness between her legs so she felt for it. She was wet. Still, it wasn’t the wetness that she found surprising. Her sacred shrine between her legs was being very sensitive. When she gave it a light squeeze, she felt herself shutter, and her mind went blank in pleasure.

Her utopia was disturbed by a low-pitched whirling noise. The noise was very familiar to her because it sounded exactly like a drill. Curious, she placed her ear on the wall. The whirling was more audible now.

Louder, the sound got louder. Her heart began to pound.

It kept getting louder. Suddenly, SCREECH!

She woke up, fearful and panicking. She turned her head to her right where the noise was coming. She gasped when she found a drill bit spinning downwards a few inches away from her head. As it slowed down to a stop, she glanced at where it was drilling. There was a small dent and scratch marks on the metallic table.

“Welcome back, princess! Are you ready to have some more fun? Because the next thing is going to be very exciting!” said the man joyously.

She tried to squirm herself free again but her body didn’t budge. She screamed through the gag, but only muffles came. She start to weep wishing she had never woken up from the dream.


More preliminaries. Lol!
The next chapter will be just as long as Chapter 4 so I'm taking my time to write it. Stay tuned!


Great! Please keep it up!


Chapter 6: Left

The man put the drill down beside her and disappeared into the darkness. When her panic finally died down a little, it hit her. Wincing pain burned in her right chest. She knew why, but looked down anyway. There were four pieces of skin, still attached to her body, positioned like flower petals. What used to be her right breast is now just a fleshy stump. It wasn’t a clean cut as if to suggest it had been saw off. There were deep groves in it, groves that used to house her tender glands. Now, they were all empty and bare, exposed to the raw air.

She closed her eyes, attempting to bear the burning sensation that caused her to shiver in pain. Maybe that’s why she failed to notice the man return. Her pain was disturbed by something moving on her wound. She shot her eyes open and glanced down only to find a hand moving on her mutilated breast. She wriggled her body to shake off the hand but it was futile.

“Relax, it’s just an anesthetic rub” said the man.

She found the man’s words to be true just as immediately when the ointment began to take effect. The pain on her right chest turned numb.

With a satisfied smile, he exclaimed, “See, you can’t even feel me forcing one finger into your stump!”

She was greatly disturbed by the man playing with the wound, but she couldn’t tell him anything. The man wasn’t giving her anesthetic to kill her pain. She figured out as much. But, she felt uneasy with his real intentions. She expected nothing good out of this.

“Now that the pain is gone, you can enjoy the fun I have with your left tit!”

She knew it. She knew it would turn out this way.

Before she could show any signs of retaliation, the man sat down another different tray on the table near her. As she couldn’t see what was in it, she began to imagine all kinds of gruesome equipment.

The man picked up what looked like a drill bit and positioned it right above the tip of her left nipple.

“Wow, 3mm is still small for this lovely nub. Let’s see…”

He replaced the 3mm with a 5mm.

“Not yet.”

He sat the 5mm down and scrambled the tray.

“Aaa ha!” yelled the man as he held an 8mm in his hand.

He picked up the drill and placed the drill bit in it. He gave the trigger a quick squeeze and the machine whirled to his satisfaction. Holding the drill in one hand, he walked around to the left side of her body.

She immediately understood what was going to happen: this man was going to drill a hole in her breast. She violently shook her chest making it harder for the man to position the drill.

“Stop, you’re going to make me miss!”

With the other hand, he grabbed hold of her mound. But, it was too big for him to keep still.

“I can’t hold it!”

He stopped and thought for a while.

“Wait, I have a perfect solution for that.”

He rushed back into the dark and reappeared seconds later holding what looked like a bra in his hand. He brought it closer to her. Upon inspection, she realized it wasn’t really a bra at all. This… thing… was shaped like a bra: concaved but had wider diameter than bigger depth. The peak of this thing had a wide opening. Instead of bra hooks, it had clamps with holes in it. She knew it wasn’t fabric because this thing looked was very solid.

“I’ll show you how this work” said the man.

He placed the device above her breast positioning carefully so that her nipple went straight through the opening. He then laid it slowly on her chest. It was heavy. The device tilted to her right a bit, as there was nothing on her right chest to support it. Next, he secured the clamps to the edge of the table. Even then, it was still tilting to her right. He picked up a long screw from the tray before dropping it into the hole in the left clamp. With a screwdriver, he started screwing it down. As the metal piece disappeared into the clamp, this thing began to press down on her breast causing it to level to her chest. He secured another screw in the hole of the left clamp. After a few seconds, he was done.

The adjustment made to the device forced tremendous force on her mound causing her pink cherry, now peering through the opening, to stand out firm and erect. She had difficulty breathing.

“Can you move?”

As soon as he said that, she instinctively shook her chest. Her breast didn’t even wobble. She struggled again but there was no movement from her teat. The device was doing its work just too well. Soon, she was anxiously sweating again.

“A pretty neat device, isn’t it? The last time I did this, didn’t turn out so well. The girl wriggled so much, caused a mess and the result was pretty much useless”

He picked up the 8mm drill and pressed the trigger to on. The machine whirled sinisterly.

He positioned the spinning tip vertically above her jutting nipple. She shook her head vigorously and tried to scream out “No!”, but the man took no head to her pleas.

He slowly lowered it down.

As the revolutions per second in the drill was incredible, the tip slowing sunk into her teat. Pieces of red flung out of her nipple giving way to the digging. Jets of blood followed seconds later, spritzing in every direction. The fast rotating head caused blood to spread out like water from a sprinkler. Small droplets covered her body as the drill worked its way down. Its path was met with her center nerves gathered in the tip of her nipple. These unfortunate cells were quickly grated and rubbed out of her protrusion. The destruction of her milk glands in the middle was inevitable too as the drill shredded their membranes in a split second it touched them. Every time a gland popped, blood and cloudy fluid would squirt out more vigorously. She shot her eyes wide, screaming and trembling all over. The friction that was eroding her nerves was demonstrating a clear level of pain in her brain. Her teeth started to ache from biting down the gag, but it was nothing compare to the agony in her tit.

The man stopped lowering the drill down once its bit submerged completely in her breast.

He was surprised. Normally, he would have stopped drilling when it touched the rib of his victim, but this time, it couldn’t get all the way there. He released the trigger and the whirling stopped abruptly. He pulled out the drill leaving a gaping hole in the middle of her breast. It filled up with blood in no time. When it overflowed, blood trickled down from the side of her mound.

Like her right breast, the vitality in her remaining mammary was full of energy so the man knew the bleeding won’t stop anytime soon. He picked up a plastic cork just large enough to fit the tunnel in her mound and sealed it.

“Now, the fun part starts!” said the man belatedly and disappeared into the dark once again.

She could feel pressure and burning sensation build up in her left breast. The cork seized the only route for blood to pour out from the wound.

At this point, her crying was only accompanied by a whimper; she had long cried her tears dry.

The man returned minutes later holding something in his hands. She looked at him hoping he hadn’t bring something brutal. His right hand was still holding the drill without the drill bit and his left hand was holding a round brush.

As soon as the man was right next to her, she could see again the object in his left hand. It was shaped like a round brush, but she could tell it wasn’t a brush at all. The stem of this object was just a little thicker than a pencil. Unlike a brush, the ends of the hairs on this object were not round. They were needle like blades with rigid edges. The man shook the handle and the hairs moved informing her that they were flexible. When he twisted the ring at the end of the handle, the hairs retracted into the stem. Now, it looked just like a pencil.

The man said with a smirk on his face, “I think you can tell.”

He picked up the drill and stuck the object in the shaft where the drill bits goes. He tightened the drill and gave the trigger a short squeeze. The machine whirled. With his other free hand, he pinched the cork in her nipple and pulled it out. As soon as the cork unplugged, blood momentarily erupted from her nipple like champagne from its bottle.

When the man squeezed her breast to get rid of the blood pooling in the tunnel, she winced. He took a cylindrical tube from the tray and plunged it right into the hole. The tube was stuck; it didn’t go in. He began twisting, forcing it into her nipple until it submerged an inch into her breast.

He picked up a rubber band and tied it around her jutting nipple that engulfed the tube. When he was sure it was tight enough, he stopped for a while to admire his work.

She looked down on her left chest only to see a rod sticking out from her teat.

The man picked up the drill and carefully positioned it to the opening of the hollow cylinder. He slowly lowered the drill down and the object disappeared into the tube, into her breast. The tube encased the object perfectly as there were no gaps for any molecule to go through.

“If I just turn this this way…” said the man and twisted the ring that retracted the blades in the opposite direction. Suddenly, she felt things poking her breast from the inside in every direction. Her body jolted as a reaction to these painful stings.

“This is my brilliant invention!” exclaimed than man.

“You’re the first person ever to get their titty blended without damaging the skin!”

Dread took over her face as she once again tried to struggle free. The cuffs and the metallic bra were hold her down, restricting any movement. Her throat was very sore from the constant screaming, but the man didn’t care. He wrapped the trigger with his finger.

She took a deep breath. Before she could exhale, the machine whirled.

For the first few seconds, her world slowed down to a slow motion. The tiny blades rotated inside, just grazing her mammary glands each revolution. But after about 10 revolutions, these constant grazing dug deeper into her membranes, shattering every microscopic cells in their way. Every time, a blade touched her nerves, synapses send unsympathetic signals to her brain.

Her world paced up. As the machine blend the contents in her breast, she squirmed her body and curled her toes. She screamed in agony as the tiny blades liquefied her tissues from the inside, making their way out as the flexible hairs extended to any untouched solid breast flesh.

After several seconds, the excruciating pain mentally broke her. Her body spasm and limbs trembled. A shock registered in her brain and her consciousness began to fade. When the world around her gradually turn dark, she felt happy and thought to herself, “Finally.” The noise from the drill gradually died down in her ears and the last sound she ever heard was the man saying, “Ah aa!”

There was a soft thud in the middle of her chest.

Suddenly, in a snap of a finger, her mind that was going blank completely lit up awake. Her vision blared to focus and hearing heightened. She could hear not only the noise from the drill, but also the pacing of her heartbeat. She glanced down on her chest and found something penetrating the middle of the metallic bra.

She looked at the man who sighed, “Whew, that was close! You would have fallen asleep had I not saved you!”

She stared at the familiar thing penetrating her chest. She had seen this before, but where? Then it hit her. This object looked exactly like the adrenaline shot in her roommate’s favorite game: Left 4 Dead 2.

“Effects similar to epinephrine, but a different compound” said the man. “Feeling better?”

The hormones in her body raged as the chemical did its magic. Her senses heighted to a different level. She could see, hear and focus better. Moreover, she could feel better. She didn’t want this because she could feel her world in chaos. She tried breaking out from her restraints, but nothing happened. Because she was busy screaming and struggling, she didn’t notice the steady stream of lubricant flowing out from the narrow opening between her legs and pooling on the table beneath.

The man stirred the drill, making sure the thing in her breast did its work thoroughly. The rubber band around her nipple made sure nothing came out from the inside.

After thousands of revolutions, the man paused the drill and felt her breast with a free hand. He gave it a squeeze. His fingers sang into her mound as if it were a thick rubber balloon. Content with the perfection of his work, he slowly withdrew the drill from the tube.

The tube wobbled a bit as there was nothing solid to keep it upright. Realizing this, the man held the tube up to ensure nothing spilt. He sat the drill down and fetched a coil of clear plastic pipe. The pipe was just large enough to fit to the end of the tube. Once there was a good connection between the pipe and the tube, he let go of the tube, took hold of the other end of the pipe, grabbed a large beaker and placed the tube opening in it.

He cupped her bosom with both hands and on the count of three, squeezed its liquefied contents out from her breast, through the tube and pipe, and into the beaker. The blend that collected in the glass was a cloudy pink fluid with the consistency of a smoothie. He worked his fingers making sure nothing was left undrained.

The beaker filled up, and just before reaching the highest mark, the pipe emptied. There was still some mass left in her mound but the man knew it was just some unscathed tissue. He sat the beaker down near her face for her to see.

He then went on to untie the rubber band and remove the tube before cauterizing the opening in her protrusion.

She did not mind the man sealing her nipple since this was nothing compared to the ordeal she went though. Her limbs were still reflexively shaking from agony and fluid still seeped from her sacred garden.

She gazed melancholically at her shriveled lump, which used to be one of her two most treasured assets.


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Chapter 7: Pause

She stared at the light on the ceiling.

Fatigue began to take control over her body as the effects of adrenaline wore out. She commanded her limbs to move, but her muscles just wouldn’t listen. She was exhausted, but something was very wrong with her body. She couldn’t fall asleep. No, that wasn’t it. Her mind was just too wide-awake, her brain still very active.

The injection she had had more than just adrenaline. The man had been researching about ways to keep a person conscious when he came across an old article on the internet. In the 1940s, Russian researchers did a sleep experiment with five test subjects. After providing food to last for a month, they were put in a sealed chamber before allowing them to continually inhale a gas-based stimulant. The gas definitely kept all five subjects awake for five days. The article also mentioned several test subjects staying up for 14 days and hell breaking loose, but he wasn’t interested in this. A gas to keep someone awake for five days was just the information he wanted.

He called his usual underground broker who supplied him anything he needed in exchange for filming his hobby and giving them to him, who, in turn, distributed to potential buyers in the black-market. The gas was not only not a hoax but also used by many secret agencies from the CIA to MI6 for torturing and interrogating criminals. Apparently, scientists have derived a serum form of this gas since an injection was more convenient than gassing somebody. The broker, belated by the booming business between them, added a bonus to the man’s demand. A modified form of adrenaline was added to the sleep impeding injection. The new chemical did everything adrenaline does except numbing pain. In fact, it even did the reverse and heightened physical sensations, causing victims to feel better pain.

This chemical has been flowing in her veins for the last half-hour. But, now that the adrenaline had worn off, only the sleep impeding serum remained in her system. She had no clue she was being forced to stay awake, and even if she did survive the night, she would still be seeing day and night for the next several days.

As the numbness in her right stump started to fade, the growing pain from it amplified the torment in her deflated breast. Tired, her painful cries had turned into occasional sobs.
She wished someone would put her out of her misery. She hated herself. Specifically, she despised her voluptuous body. She wished she never had these juicy cups. She enjoyed seeing men attempt to get in bed with her and women drown in jealousy. But, she didn’t want this. She thought to herself if she could go back in time, she would surgically remove her melons and live a pure life her grandfather suggested. Living a pure life… maybe, this was her sin for disobeying him. Even though she was still a virgin, she couldn’t quite see herself as anything pure. She had been playing with herself, masturbating, every day ever since she first saw porno in her cousin’s computer when she was 13. Every allowance she get, she would secretly order adult toys from the internet. But, when she got to college, she had to live in a dormitory, thus lost all her privacy. Then, she would pretend to return home every month to meet her family, but in fact, just longed for the dildos, vaginal clamps, vibrators, ecstasies, nipple suction cups and all things imaginable, which were stashed carefully in the mattress of her bed. Her fetishes were insane as she once tried to fit a whole prosthetic fist into herself. But, she wasn’t into S&M. It was just her wonderful body that could stretch incredibly and pave her mind with utmost pleasure. Now, this body was becoming her biggest regret. She hated it for falling prey to this man, and at the same time, felt sorry for it. One breast was gone, the other emptied. She felt very undeserving of her natural blessings.

Before she could further resent herself, her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. The man had reappeared under the light.

“Why don’t we move down a notch and get this party started?” asked the man, looking down between her legs.

She whimpered and shook her head again.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”


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Chapter 17: Biting Words

School libraries brimmed with the rotted core of what parents and teachers felt was important in the world. Row after row of static thoughts, unchanging as those who wrote it, statues from years or decades before.

Sonja sighed miserably as she strolled down the stacks, fingers trailing along books that should have felt dusty, if they weren’t already. Her eyes trailing through the faded age of the books, many of them twice or three times her age. Some spoke of ideas that were remarkable, when her teachers were young, while others were old when the school grew up between the tools of construction workers.

She found what she wasn’t looking for, a roughly bound book on the history of the city. Her steps paused as she teased it out from tightly packed books. Her fingers paused when she saw the top of the pages. Someone had used a black marker to write in the name of the school, but that did nothing to hide the large chunk of pages missing near the back. Frowning, she held the book in her left hand and cracked it open, flipping half-way to page through the pages.

Sonja paused again near the back, where the pages were cut out very carefully. Her eyes caught the tiny sliver of paper where they used a razor to cut out a section of fifty pages. Paging back a little, she browsed through the words, written in the neat type of an ancient typewriter. The chapter before was on the county the school resided in. The section behind spoke of a third county, but the county described in the middle was missing.

Her breath catching her throat, she paged to the beginning of the book and peered at the white strip of paper on the front. The stamped dates showed that no one checked out the book in almost three years. Before then, no one touched it for at least six. Flipping through the pages, she found the publisher of a small press, no doubt long since faded into the pages of history themselves. No ISBN or other tracking number.

Partially curious, she closed the book and padded down the stacks to the front desk. The decrepit old woman behind looked up from behind her glasses and wrinkles, speaking in a voice that no longer knew how not to whisper.

“How may I help you, de-” The “dear” caught in her throat as the obvious memory and recent sexual harassment memo flashed across her dying brain. Sonja shuddered mentally, never wanting to see the other side of the glassy gaze. The old woman froze, as if the sentence finished properly.

Sonja roused herself before speaking in a whisper. “Oh! I found this book and noticed it was missing pages... it looked like someone cut it out.”

Handing the book over, she breathed in the dank smell of paper and age. The old woman’s hands raised up into the air, shaking from the effort, before claw-like fingers snatched the book from her hand and pulled it in, a fisherman finally catching his prey.

The old woman cracked open the book herself, a few sprinkles of dust falling to the desk, as she paged through it. She paused at the cut-out section, then kept on paging through the book.

Setting it down and making no effort to return it, the old woman smiled up at her.

“Oh... we know about this book. The section was removed some years ago... by order of the school board.”

“Is there an original copy?”

“I’m sorry...” The old woman wasn’t sorry, but neither was she willing to talk about it.

Sonja fought for a moment to raise her voice, but it would do nothing. Instead, she barely nodded. “Just wanted to make sure. Thank you.”

“No problem, de-” That same pause. Sonja turned her back and returned to the stacks, her feet retracing the steps back to the section on history. Behind her, she could feel the glassy gaze of the old woman watching her. It felt strangely pointless against her shoulder blades.

Returning to the shelf, she saw the slightly gaping opening of the book she brought into the light. A few books down stood the book she was actually looking for, another history book of California, not just the area in specific. Pulling it out, she held it on hand and padded in the other direction, back toward the table.

As she grew closer, she frowned as she saw others standing at the table, with Meris still sitting down in the middle. Betty’s hair was bright in the dingy feeling of the library, but even the other girls in her pack stood out. It almost looked like they were virgins of the library, the dust hadn’t been able to sink into their thousand-dollar haircuts or perfumes.

As Sonja drew closer, she could hear the whispered voices of girls who didn’t see her.

“-tell that bitch that if she ever steps into a game field again, I’m going to make sure she leaves in an ambulance.”

Meris wilted under the acid tone, her hands clutching her purse tightly.

Betty snarled as she leaned over, towering over the frail-looking girl. “And if you ever wander through our area again, I’ll make sure that Sonja has the address to your gravestone tattooed to that fancy little ass of hers.”

Fear and terror shone in Meris’ eyes and Sonja felt anger growing in her heart. Stepping forward, she pressed one hip between Marisha and Ming and shoved hard.

Both of them were surprised by her appearance and stepped away quickly as Sonja let herself slip down into her chair and looked up at Betty with a smile that never reached her eyes and a cutting whisper. “My ass? I thought Marisha was watching that for you, Betty dear.”

Betty barely let the sudden appearance startle her. She towered over Sonja, but Sonja only saw the sudden weakness, the ineffectual rage that rose up in those purple eyes.

“Listen bitch-”

Sonja smiled at her and put a finger to her lips. “Shush or the bat will kick you out.”

Rage colored Betty’s cheeks and for a brief moment, Sonja wasn’t sure if Betty was stupid enough to lash out at her.

Meris whimpered and Sonja glanced over, to see Betty’s fingernails digging into her shoulder, the knuckles white as the purple tips dug into the fabric. When Sonja looked back, the rage burned deep in her own eyes and she fought not to punch the smug girl.

Having her attention, Betty smiled sweetly and without joy. “You listen to me. I don’t want to see either you or your slut in our halls again. If you could curl up and die, that would be perfect, but failing that, I’ll make sure you shuffle that mortal coil the second you walk into a football field at night.”

“Shuffle that coil? Been to church lately?”

The snarling hiss cut through the silence of the library. On the other side, Sonja could almost hear the cracking as the old woman peered up from her desk, trying to find the source. Betty’s back was to her, so having no obvious target, she just made a general hushing noise to the library and returned back to whatever she stared at all day.

Meris whimpered again as she fought not to cry out as Betty dug her fingers in even deeper.

As Sonja watched, she saw a faint point of bright red start to spread out from one hand.


It was almost too much for her and Sonja slapped her hand up. Betty’s grip was surprisingly strong, but Sonja was stronger.

Meris cried out as loudly as Betty’s fingers were torn from her shoulder, a few droplets of blood rising into the air, then falling down on her shirt.

Sonja surged up, bowling Betty back even as the old woman finally responded, yelling out in a whisper that almost sounded loud. “You two! Stop it this instant!”

Glaring at Betty, Sonja responded sharply, “Good idea, brick layer.”

Betty held out one hand streaked with blood, “Any time, bitch.”

The old woman called out again, “I don’t care what either of you do, but leave my library now!”

Meris and Sonja gathered up their things as Sonja and her pack strolled out of the library. Passing the old woman, Sonja felt the glare as much as she felt every sniff from Meris.

Outside the door, she pressed Meris against the wall to inspect the wound. Tears dripped off Meris’ face as Sonja found a silk cloth in her purse and pressed it against the cut, to prevent the blood from soaking almost as much to touch Meris.

The young girl smiled through her tears as Sonja stared into her eyes.

“Why didn’t you cry out.”

“I... I didn’t want you to get in trouble.”

Sonja smiled, feeling a wellspring of love for the frail girl that continued to grow every single day. The tears softened lightly before Betty’s cutting voice pierced the hall.

“Oh please! I thought the lesbian slut would be on her knees at this point, lapping at her dear protector.”

Shooting her a poisoned look, Sonja snapped back again. “At least I don’t have to find the smallest dick in school to compare mine to.”


Umm, what does that have to do with this story?


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Chapter 8: Friction

The man pulled a wagon along when he reappeared. She could trace a rigid shape sitting inside it but couldn’t tell what it was. He stopped next to her, reached out his hands and picked up the used syringe. He drained more fluid into the instrument, but this time, it was different. The suctioned liquid came from a Petri dish instead of a bottle. As he poked her skin, the sharp needle punctured her groin, once in the left leg and another in the right. The syringe was completely empty after two injections.

“Any moment now…” said the man while looking at his watch.

A minute late, like a slug in salt, her legs jerked followed by random spasms. She became immediately confused and scared. Her legs weren’t numb because she could feel the cuffs around her legs and feet. But, something was off. She couldn’t move them. Her legs just sat on the table. She focused all her attention to her lower body, but it futile. There was no movement.

When her legs stopped trembling after another minute, the man picked up a screwdriver and unbolted the restraints on her thighs and feet. He had freed her lower body, but freedom didn’t matter if she couldn’t move her legs.

“You’re smart so you’ll know I’m about to say. Do you know what an interneuron is? It’s a middleman between two different nerves. Essentially, that’s how we control our body and feel things. If I pinch your clit like this…” she winced. “… you can feel it. But your body won’t react to it.”

Her Biology lectures flashed in her mind as she pieced together the mystery. Nevertheless, it still didn’t make sense; she was still very confused. If she could feel her legs, she should be able to move them. Unless…

“Yes, the motor neurons” interrupted the man.

“Something has happened to them. Your legs are half-dead. Well, not exactly the legs, but some stuff inside is somewhat dead. Ah I take that back. They’re not exactly dead. They’re just stiff. It’s amazing what people will sell you for a decent amount of money. It’s not drug that I injected in you. It’s virus. The liquid contained synthetic viruses that take over your motor neurons and corrupt them. Long explanation short, signals go from your legs to your head, but not the other way around. Also, you won’t be walking forever.”

She thought to herself that this was crazy. But, she knew anything was possible for this maniac. She tried to kick him desperate for an opening but her limbs stayed dead.

Intent to continue, the man pulled her legs apart and bent her right knee. He reached out to the ceiling and pulled down what looked like a hook attached to a think rope. Next, he crouched and grabbed two belts, the kind used to hold down saddles on horses, from under the table. He wrapped one on her right thigh and slipped the hook into the belt hole that gave the rope most tension. He pulled down another hook and did the same with her left leg. Essentially, her thighs were lifted up in the air, her legs and shins limping down and feet on the table beneath her. She was in a compromising position. The man had clear view of her jewel box and the puffy lips surrounding it. She had no time to feel embarrassed because more than her exposed flaps, she was more concerned with the man now having full access to them.

He wasn’t quite done yet. He crouched and grabbed a pair of boots from under the table and slipped them of her feet. An 18-inch bar connected the boots. A hole in the middle of the bar was used to bolt the bar down on the table. The footwear, hooks and belts were doing a fine job forcing her body into missionary position. Bright light shone between her legs on her innocent pubic that glistened with moisture and slightly opened with soft shades of red and pink. Curious, the man slid his forefinger into her wet opening. His finger went in with little effort, displacing the lubricant pooling inside with a soft splish. Finding nothing new, he pulled out his hand. Woman honey, which normally stretches an inch or two was stringing on his fingers. He pulled his hand out slowly… 2, 3, 4… 9 inches before it finally snapped. Some stuck on his finger that he had to flick it off clean.

“You sure are unique!” exclaimed the man as he went on with the next step.

Whatever was coming next, didn’t sound less terrifying. She couldn’t look down to see what was happening nor check what the man was doing. The cuff around her neck forced her to look at the ceiling. She rolled her eyes downwards and still her field of vision was limited. She suddenly hear a loud “Clang!” The man was doing something below her. All she could make out were sounds of metals, screws and bolts.

She saw the man toss a wrench into the tray before feeling something big being forced inside her, something unreasonably large and thick. Her unaroused genital didn’t give easy entrance to this thing. She could feel her labia tearing. It wasn’t just big; it was long too. A woman’s vagina can stretch many times its resting length when stimulated. This natural system allows couples of the primitive species to copulate with ease.

She knew her snatch has stretched its limit. The thing had penetrated deep inside her body. She felt the tip touch the collar enclosing her chamber. She braced for impact in fear that it will push pass her cherry, but that didn’t happen. It stopped moving. It just stayed there, occupying her canal.

After a while, she heard a humming. She clenched her jaws in dread of her vagina befalling the same tragedy as her shredded breast. But, the sound died down as the man giggled, “Oh right, I haven’t told you what this is.”

“So, what you feel inside is a pole. A long rod. That’s it. Nothing else. Just a long metal rod. What’s attached to it is the fun part”

She glanced at the wagon he brought earlier and found it was empty.

“Last week, when I was walking around a construction yard, I saw a construction worker with a jackhammer. That’s when a brilliant idea came to me. Why don’t I jackhammer into you?!”

Suddenly, her heart jumped a beat and her breaths became pants. She forced her legs to shut her groin, but they were as limp as noodles. Her legs didn’t work so she tried to contract her vulva to see if she could push out the thing. Her tender muscles gripped the rod tighter, doing the opposite of what she had expected.

“It’s a little different from the usual jackhammer. My supplier said a normal one is boring. So, he sent me this one. The rod is 12 inches and looks like your pussy is swallowing up 10. Splendid! The machine works similarly to a jackhammer except it retracts the rod’s full length at a set rate. It’s also held down to the table so you don’t have to worry about it moving around too much.” He flipped the machine on again. The motor whirled.

She convulsed every inch of her body in panic, attempting to free herself from the moving arm. Before she could try something else, she felt the metal inside her move. It started slow. As the thing left her inner passage, her sensitive wall collapsed inwards from the strain of forcibly stretching. The rod drove inside again, leaving no time for her walls to relax and stopped upon touching the door to her chamber. With every thrust, every breath in her body became rapid and sporadic. Soon the machine picked up speed and the moving action became very rapid. It got faster and faster until she could feel only vibrations inside her. On every retraction, the rod pulled out her stringy fluid, splattering them on the table. Because the arm moved in rapid motion, her fountain gushed lubricant like volcano during peak eruption.

She wasn’t feeling any pain from the smooth rod ramming her inside. It’s because her body was doing an excellent job evening out the friction with her natural grease, preventing her epithelia linings from tearing. She knew too well that this wouldn’t last forever: the water exiting her body wasn’t appearing out of nowhere magically.

Soon she began to feel the side effects of constant secretion. Her throat parched up and her lips cracked from dehydration. Suddenly, the survival mechanism in her body kicked in as her brain wailed a siren to signal the critical loss of water in her body. To keep her alive, the body redirected the priority of blood flow to her vital organs, leaving her reproductive system defenseless against the battle with the menacing rod. The capillaries supplying her tender inner walls constricted, starving the cells the water they need to produce lubricant. The gushing stopped abruptly just as this happened.

In no time, she felt the surface of the rod more and more definitively. The sloshing sound of her fountain now turned into a dull blubbing as the remaining set of coating in her inner walls evaporated with the building friction. There was nothing standing between the rod’s surface and her tender pussy.

Her body was begging for more water. She was thirsty, but the tension and the heat building up between her legs caused for more concern. If a thermometer was strapped to the rod, the mercury inside would rise up slowly, but at a visible pace. She remembered the running rally she participate in middle school. She wasn’t a fast runner, but she wasn’t the last either. When she was just about to reach the finish line, she slipped and fell face-forward, bruising her knee. That pain was aching. Yes, aching… stinging… burning!

No sooner than her snatch start to ache, the stinging immediately turned into burning. She couldn’t move her lower body, but she squirmed her upper part in an response to the screaming in her groin. She felt the pain and agony as if someone was using a peeler to scrape off her walls. She could feel it. She could feel the heat cooking her tender meat.

All she could do was pull against her hands and neck restraints while the metallic rod inside create temperatures high enough to burn her tissue. The men could experience the time when humans first discovered fire. Historians speculate that in a forest fire, the delicious smell of cooking meat enticed man to use fire in their meals. The raw scent of a smoking snatch was identical to this smell, causing the man to crave for a decent barbeque.

With all her might, she cramped her canal muscles hoping to stop the machine from thrusting. Sweat rolled down her face as bit down on the gag, screaming and embracing the excruciating pain.

By the next minute, the aromatic smell of her cooking walls had become a burnt stench. The friction has cooked her pass well done. This was the signal for the man. He flipped the off switch and the rod slowed down to a halt. Next, he carefully pulled out the hot metal to see his work. Her snatch still kept the shape of the rod. As smoked seeped out from inside her, the view became much clearer and distinct. There was something red sitting at the back of the dark chamber. There were no curtains concealing the entrance to her secrets. Her cervix was in the spotlight in open air, begging to be abused.

Her world was burning. Everything from outside was shut out. She didn’t know the loud sound had died. She didn’t know the machine had stopped. She didn’t know the man was getting ready for stage two.



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LOLOL, I actually have chapter 9 in my computer! When I read chapter 10 after 8 on this post, I was wondering why it didn't make sense. Haha! I've deleted the chapter 10 to reorganize the order of my stories.

This is chapter 9~ It comes before chapter 10.

Chapter 9: Surgeon

The tunnel between her legs couldn’t close; her smoldering tissues kept the shape of the rod. She twitched and trembled in agony, unable to move her legs.

“I invited a special guest, today”

Someone appeared under the light. He was dressed in what looked like scrubs and had a mask covering his face. He sat a roll of cloth on the table.

“This gentleman was kind enough to pay me millions just to operate on your body. For an ordinary person, you’re worth a lot of money. You should always remind yourself of that.”

The surgeon began to unroll the cloth revealing different surgical equipment ranging from scalps to tongs.

“He doesn’t talk. I wish he did though. We would have gotten along so well. I’ll be back later” said the man and disappeared from her vision.

The surgeon wasn’t patient. As soon as the man left, he proceeded to do his thing. Unlike the man, he wasn’t fond of toying with his experiments. He cut loose the ropes holding her legs up and removed the belts. Her thighs hit the cold table, splashing her honey pooling on it. He then parted her legs as far apart as possible. Next, he grabbed a marker and drew measurements on her pubic and abdomen.

Her vagina was still burning. The pain overwhelmed her other senses making her unable to notice the new stranger working on her body, that is, until she felt sharp stings near the most sensitive spot of her female body.

She looked down only to find the surgeon cutting her with a scalpel. He made a circular cut at the base of her protruding pink clitoris, pinched and pulled it. A thin layer of skin covering her clitoris came off easily, revealing the red tissue underneath it. With two fingers, he softly grabbed the tissue and pushed the surrounding skin back. The erect exposed clit peered out into the open, looming in the air like a missile ready to launch. Without wasting a second, the surgeon grabbed this sensitive soft flesh with a surgical pincer.

Pain exploded like fireworks in her brain. Her clit reflexively struggled to retract in but the pincer was held it. Undeterred, the surgeon pulled her innocent protrusion. It wasn’t easy for him as it only came out a centimeter or two. But with unyielding tendency, he continued tugging on it, a few millimeters at a time and regripping the pincers just as it was about to slip. With every tug, she could feel her brain sliding down her throat as if her whole nervous system was being pulled out through her clit.

After several pulls, her nub started to ooze blood. It was now exiting out of her body about half a finger’s length. The surgeon grabbed a scissor and snipped the base of her clit ensuring it was still intact to her body. He had cut some soft tendons latching to her pelvic bones. With one last heave, he pulled the pincer, completely uprooting her clit along with its nerve strands. The snap dealt a blow to her as she shuttered in shock and pain. She screamed, soundless. The man held the pincer in the air, examining in the light: her dangling clit.

The surgeon was very pleased with his work. He put her detached pleasure play toy in a specimen jar full of preservatives.


And then this comes:

Chapter 10: The Beast

The surgeon was aware of the critical loss of blood in the girl. Blood seeping out from the newly formed hole was enough to make her unconscious and the surgeon needed her alive and kicking. It was easy for him to buy blood packs because according to the man, the girl was a universal recipient. He hooked the pack to her arm, replenishing the necessary fluid to keep her surviving.

The girl felt a part of her soul missing. Because she had played with herself for a long time, she has evolved to rely on her genital. Now, she could feel the emptiness. Like losing a limb, she couldn’t feel between her legs. The same wailing pain keep playing on repeat, no indication of dissipating any time soon.

Soon, some color came back to her face with the new blood. The surgeon was pleased with this. He didn’t waste a second and picked up the scalpel again. All the girl could do was exhale and pant in fear of what’s about to happen next.

The surgeon gave a single horizontal stroke on her skin just above her missing clit. Any other surgeon could tell that he wasn’t a fledgling in this field. Nothing vital was cut and there was just a trickle of blood, yet he split the skin clean. From the right edge where the cut stop, he started another line north east of her belly. He did something similar to the left edge and proceeded to enclose the vertices forming a cut trapezoid on her belly right above her female legacy.

At this point, she stopped struggling. She no longer has the energy or the will to struggle. All she did was pray for this to be over quickly.

The surgeon sat the scalpel down and picked up a pair of surgical scissors. This equipment was obviously intended to cut open a human being. He dug the bottom piece of the scissor into the cut, piercing the flesh and tissue beneath the skin. He was careful not to add too much force and ruin his million dollars’ merchandise underneath. He didn’t break a sweat because the scissor was sharp just as the manufacturer guaranteed. When he was sure the blade has reached the last layer of flesh covering her organs, he brought the handles of the scissor together, creating a soft squish as it cut her white flesh. She winced, not in pain, but at the sound of her belly splitting. The surgeon snipped along the cut he made earlier finally, tracing the trapezoid completely.

Eager, he tossed the scissors aside and dug both his forefinger into the cut holding on the lump of meat and slowly removing it. Her trapezoid flesh separated from the rest of her body with ease. The surgeon lifted up the chunk and placed it on the table.

The surgeon stared her inside with marvel and awe. The cut wasn’t large enough to show everything, but he could see her prized possession just underneath her bladder. She felt a weird sensation as the air in the room touched her innards.

The surgeon was starting to feel the same sense of excitement as the man: the arousal and satisfaction of opening up a helpless voluptuous woman. Unlike the man, the surgeon wasn’t used to this type of scene where a girl laid limp, still very alive and conscious, and her body open. His pent up excitement was paining his rock-hard member, which pressed against his tight briefs and Levi’s jeans. He could contain it no longer and brought his pants down along with his Hanes. He slipped of his lab coat and only with his shirt on, he marvelously freed his Johnny into the air. He has never felt this erect before. With strong and fast heartbeats, he could clearly see the vessels in his member pumping blood vigorously. The tension in it was so strong that he was literally upright pointing at the ceiling light, dripping pre-seminal fluids beneath his shaft across and down his scrotum. He knew he has to unleash the beast soon or suffer health issues down there. He took the scalpel and sliced off two breast skin petals from her chest and wrapped them around his member. He knew he already took more than what he had bargained for, but he couldn’t care at the moment, testosterones were burning him at critical levels. He was unaware of the man’s fury sitting across the room.

The man was ready to kill the surgeon. As he was about to prep the silencer on his rifle, continuous beeps came up on his private dark web channel. Regular viewers and VIPS currently seeing his livestream were blasting him with commends and praises for the marvelous show. He could see 6 digit bumps on his online bank account. His viewers were liking this very much. His rage quelled as he sat the rifle aside and forgave the surgeon of his insolence.
The surgeon, who a second ago was nearly at his death bed, couldn’t care for his luck and continued to relief himself. He wrapped the skin peels on his shaft and stroked his member in strong short motions. It wasn’t so long before his gonads gave away and his army of haploids broke the containment and rampaged their way through his member. For a brief moment, he lost conscious. As he was about to stumble forward, his reactor spewed forth his excitement, forcing him to freeze on the spot, clutching it with one hand.

The first shot was like a crashing wave. It split into several paths and did not manage to go far. But amazingly, it slid straight inside the girl’s gaping vagina before stopping at the end of her cervix. The second shot had the peak velocity among the following ejaculations. This was like a tsunami. It splashed full of fluids on her face. She was caught by surprised and as she was about to grasp for air and close her lips, the third battalion marched right into her mouth. She should have spat it out, but the position she was in and her parch throat instinctively made her swallow the surgeon’s seeds. The fifth shot splashed on her right stump. Before the next bursts could engulf her body, the surgeon collapsed on his back, knocked out. His member, however, continued to dish out semen until his testicles were dried empty.

She did not know what was on and in her. She was just a bit content with the slick moisture dripping down the back of her throat.

Haha, my bad guys! I had chapter 9 in my computer for months. XD
I'm working on chapter 11. See you soon.


Chapter 11: Teased and released

The surgeon came back to his senses as soon as his member stopped twitching. His pipe was empty now, and he has never cummed this much his entire life nor has ever fainted from deep orgasm. He could feel oxytocin rushing in his system, very relaxed and happy. But that bliss suddenly turned into dread when he heard the man shift on his chair. He knew he wasn’t doing his job well and, in this line of business, his life could be forfeited any minute.

He quickly got back up on his feet, zipped his jeans and cleaned his hands with a handkerchief.

With her lower abdomen flesh missing, her bladder, uterus and ovaries had more room to expand. They began to emerge out from her trapezoid. The surgeon, with fantasies about the female anatomy, was very eager to see her woman parts that hid behind her bladder.

He slowly grabbed her fluid sac and pulled it down to take a better view of her seed garden. Yet again he was amazed by how developed this girl is. Her ovaries glistened in deep pink, coated with a light moisture. They were too inviting as if they were seeking to be violated and ruined by enthusiasts like the surgeon. Inside the ovaries are her glorious eggs. One side was ripe and ready, but the other waited for her next cycle.

The surgeon carefully and gently fondled her sacs with his fingers, feeling her flesh with his fingertips. He was looking for the fruitful one. It was of utmost important to him that he save his treasure for the grand finale.

He felt a bump on her left sac.

“Aaha!”, he elated.

He let go of her and, as soon as he did that, her bladder fell back on her uterus in place again. He reached out for a binder clip that was inside the tray. As much as he was eager to dive straight for her eggs, he had to ensure he was putting up a good show.

Without hesitation, he squeezed the clip open, placed it vertically around her urethra and clamped it.

The feeling of a burnt snatch and snapped clit was overpowering her senses. She did not know what the surgeon was doing to her insides. She didn’t know her belly was open, licked by the raw air. She kept gritting her teeth in agony. As external blood filled her system and replenished her with cells for oxygen, her own red fluids splurted slowly from her missing clit.

A few minutes later, even amidst the agony and pain, she very suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom. She tried to let loose but nothing happened. She tried again to go but nothing came out. She tried again and again unable to release. The desire to urinate was very overwhelming. She looked down quickly to see what was happening to her and immediately knew why she couldn’t go.

The surgeon has shut off her urethra with a binder clip. There was no exit within her bladder. Her pack was clutched between his palm and fingers. As he squeezed, the liquid inside pushed outward, signaling her head that she needed to go. Her brain sent a signal back, a green light to open the gates. They were open, but the way out was jammed, pinched tight by the same object that secures her grade ‘A’ term papers.

All in the world… how badly she wanted to urinate. The surgeon was enjoying this, but he couldn’t keep her clutched forever. He could squeeze it bust open, but that would ruin his fun. It’ll just add more to her pain, which isn’t satisfying. He grabbed two zip ties from his pocket and wrapped them around her bladder in diagonals.

For a brief moment, when the surgeon let go of her, she was honestly glad the pressure disappeared. But the relief didn’t last long. As the zip ties fastened, the urge was back again. The first tie just pumped her to take a leak. The second one doubled the pressure and the urge, which doubled her inability to take a leak. She was being tormented in every sensation. In nerves, pain receptors can override each other. Because of the hell between her crotch, she couldn’t care less about her debreasted stumps. But this time is different. It wasn’t pain. A chocked bladder just added to her uneasiness and spiking up her discomfort. She was going mental. She was being tortured at every angle.

The sturgeon, somewhat satisfied with his work, proceeded to bring forth her uterus that was hiding in the back. To do this, he swiftly twisted her bladder a couple of turns, grabbed her woman treasure and brought it forth, and pushed her bladder behind it. The three to four twists secured her urethra, thus fulfilling the work of the binder clip. Now that it has served its purposed, the surgeon removed and tossed it away. Her water balloon now laid nice and fit behind her uterus… restrained by two zip ties, unable to eject the fluids within.

The unnatural position of her uterus caused her fallopian tubes to stick out a bit from her trapezoid. At the ends, the next victim of abuse dangled out like bait. The prey is ready. The surgeon was ready to play with her ovaries.

Up next: Chapter 12


btw, don't mind a few grammar errors. I don't really want to re-read everything and do proofreading so I hope it doesn't effect the reading much.

I've decided to add one more chapter.
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Chapter 12: A natural born Guro-tan

Since he was young, the surgeon has always been fond of women. Something about breasts and vagina just intrigued him.

His relatives knew he was an oddball and always praised his sister more than him. She was the opposite of him: full of dignity, exuding an aura of kindness wherever she goes. Compared to her, he was a perverted kid who couldn’t resist the urge to fondle any girl and woman that got close to him.

One time, his aunt Lisa ignored his flaws and pick him up for a heartfelt hug hoping to bring out the kind soul that she though rested in him. But his warped brain cajoled him to take advantage. He couldn’t resist a yummy temptation because aunt Lisa had no lingerie under her V-neck.

When his head laid on Lisa’s chest, he felt her soft nipples press against his cheek. He opened his jaws wide open and plopped her cherry in his mouth. He paused for several seconds hoping the aunt would shriek and let him go. This would at least keep him from getting more names other than ‘perverted’.

Having lost her retarded child just a few days earlier, Lisa has a soft spot for weird kids shunned by society. She was lost in her own thoughts of saving this little boy that she didn’t notice the impending doom of the pinnacle on her right chest.

She suddenly heard a soft squelch that sounded like someone chewing on a wet eraser. The first squelch was followed by a second squelch, then a third and so on. After a few seconds, the squelch stopped with a light snap followed by munching sounds.

She looked down at her nephew who looked up at her with his chin rested right above her right breast. Alarmed at the sight of red stains on his mouth she asked him, “What are you chewing on honey?”

He looked at her confused and elated at the same time. For once, he didn’t get reprimanded. With a grin on his face, he burrowed his head on her right teat and took another bite.

It took her just a fraction of a second to piece together what she was seeing. Shreds of meat grassed out from her right nub and blood trickled from it. She shrieked and dropped him. “Ahh!”, she screamed as pain flooded across her severed areola.

A month passed by and the days went on as usual for the future-surgeon. He wasn’t scolded nor sent to care for special needs kid. The whole cannibalism went swept under the rug.

A day later, aunt Lisa came to see her nephew again with a brimming smile on her face. Her right chest has healed a bit now, and she was determined to keep the incident to herself. He never picked him up or went near him, but she convinced herself that he was just a kid. To her friends and family, she just got bit by a raccoon when she fell asleep on the grass in the backyard. She carried this secret to her grave hoping that one day he’ll grow up to be a decent man.

Maybe if she had made a scene, he would have had professional help. Maybe his problem could have been fixed and he could have become normal like others. Maybe 40 years later, he wouldn’t be down here in this basement touching the girl’s cum depot with his bare fingers.


Sup guys! I'm finally back after a year of hiatus. I got bored with guro and just forgot this website existed haha. I checked my trash email and found out that someone actually took the time to message me about this story.

It brought back memories of a whole season of chapters I had planned before I stopped writing. I said there will be two chapters left, but I think I'll add one or two more to the story.

How do you like the latest chapter? I'm testing out new material and writing style. The surgeon will be part of a new story development so his background is necessary.

With that said, stay tuned for more... hopefully not next year XD


Finally! After 3 years, we might be able to see the end of this story...
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