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The Crimson Moon
(g, extreme genital mutilation, vore, molestation)

All works are completely fictional.
All names were created via random generators, and any likeliness to actual people is a complete coincidence.
Be kind to women, they're our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.
With that said, this is fantasy – lets go destroy some cunts.

The dusk was riding low on the horizon, bringing the day's light towards its end. The darkness of the night was swallowing the sky, chasing away the sun and all the warmth it brought. Coldness, silence, and a chill brought fear to the fluttering heart of ten-year-old Rosie, who was running late on her way to her grandmother's house in the middle of the woods. Her red cloak flapped noisily as her blue eyes darted from tree to tree as the shadows between them grew.

“You must get there before dusk, for that is when the wolves start to roam and the woods become dangerous. Your grandmother and the nearby hunter can keep you safe, but you must reach your destination well before night.” mother had warned.

Rosie struggled to keep panic from her heart as the wind grew colder, the woods edged into darkness as the light vanished from the tree tops. She whimpered in despair and pain. She had left too late and had not taken into account that she had just started her 'crimson tide', as her mother called it. Her body cramped as she struggled to continue forward. All the while, she felt the stream of blood and uterine fluids from between her legs, dripping to the ground with each painful step.

Rosie's whimpering suddenly stopped when her blood froze. A howl echoed through the woods. Wolves. Weren't wolves attracted to blood? Rosie turned to look back at her trail of menstruation fluids and her mind went into a full panic. She dashed ahead in the direction her grandmother's house had to be – it absolutely had to be this way. She had been walking all day and the trail would be just past the next clearing.

She stumbled into the clearing, and ran full tilt across it, the short grass trampled beneath her hurried young feet. As she approached the edge of the clearing, she skidded to a stop. Before her, the darkness of the woods was lit with glowing eyes and growls. A pack of wolves.

Roise fell to her knees as her breath caught. Just as the wolves started appearing from the woods, their heads revealing themselves into the moon's light, a massive large howl filled the whole clearing from behind her. She heard the yelps as the wolf pack scattered back into the woods, but her attention had been held by the figure in the middle of the clearing.

A large, shadow approached her, the figure lumbering high over her with muscles and fur. It was a… alpha wolf? It was a massive figure with a huge torso, chisel toned limbs, and a fearsome head. Twice as large as the others had been, but what really caught Rosie's attention was the intense glare he had for her. She trembled and tried to back away, but the wolf immediately pounced on her.

She screamed a shrill shriek as the claws pushed her arms into the ground, and suddenly the wolf's snout disappeared under her skit. She yelped as she felt his canine nose prod her blood soaked panties, and inhale sharply.

A low dark growl reverberated from the wolf's chest and through the land, thundering into little Rosie's chest. She gasped, which the wolf barely caught sight of as he retracted himself from her privates.

Rosie didn't know what to do, but just shook her head in fear, the soft red hood falling off to reveal her beautiful red hair, and youthful face. Her lips trembled as she tried to put on a brave face. But the wolf barked at her causing her to scream. He lashed out with his claws and her beautiful dress and skit fell to the ground.

Shaking in fear and panic Roise could no longer move. As the large wolf gently spread her preteen legs and started ripping off her beautiful white panties. Not knowing what he was even trying to do Roise looked on in both terror and curiosity.

The wolf's large tongue gently lapped the stream of blood from her legs, and she cried out as she felt the foreign touch. The wet muscle riding up to little girl parts, sliding across her hairless slit. Some mixture of yelps and cries escaped her young lips as a mix of surprise and pleasure escaped in her voice.

The tongue retracted slightly, but gently dove in again, spreading her tight adolescent pussy lips and for the first time touching her virgin folds and clitoris. A vibrant high-pitched moan escaped her, and repeated as the tongue rapidly licked up her vagina. Her little young hips bucked as the wolf pleasured her petite body. She cried out in pure pleasure as he dug further into her folds, and roughly stimulated her clit.

Her screams, and pitch arched higher and higher with each ravishing lash of the canine tongue until her back arched, and a stream of pleasure erupted from her little girl parts and she bucked and cried out in euphoric ecstasy. Just then there was an evil glint from the wolf who's wishes had finally been met as the little girl's pussy juices flowed and gushed their hardest to give a rare taste to the most delicious part of a little girl's body. He snapped down viciously into the little girl's smooth hairless vagina.

Blood erupted from between her legs as Rosie's shrieks of pleasure tore into wracking wails of pain. Tears flew from her eyes as vicious pain ripped through her sweet nether regions. She bucked, cried, and flailed, but the wolf had both her legs spread wide as he bit down into her love canal, piercing her hymen, ripping her virginal tunnel open, and tearing her little pussy to pieces. He chewed, and tore, and gored on the struggling preteen in his grasps. She screamed, and screamed, and thrashed about in anguish as he tore her precious uterus from her body, her just coming-of-age fallopian tubes and ovaries trailing behind it.

The beautiful musk of her juices, blood, and reproductive organs were absolutely exquisite at her young age. He savored every bite as the little girl went into shock, not only from the violent loss of blood, but from seeing her love making organs eaten in front of her. She whimpered out cries to her mother, and how she was sorry she strayed from the trail, before death finally claimed the little girl.

The big bad wolf, left the rest of her to his wolf pack which had returned. He had finished feasting on the youthful delicacies of the flesh. The truly best time, during a girl's first crimson moon.

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