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Tags: Scat, Futa, Rape, Snuff, Asphyxiation, Hyper, Loli, Shota.

Based on one of Nicknamehere's images. Credits to him for the inspiration (find the image itself if you want a visual aid)

Lucy had eaten a very large breakfast that morning, maybe a little too large. Her bowels ached and she had no idea where the nearest toilet was. She rubbed her stomach with one of her gloved hands in discomfort while her dick hung a little lower than usual, keeping her buttcheeks tight so she didn't end up spraying everywhere as, just like her cumshots, her shits were huge. She was starting to give in and would have resorted to shitting right there and then on the pavement (which would have stained her lovely thigh high boots) when she spied a small, 8 year old boy running down the street towards her. He was extremely out of breath and even stranger it was midday, he should have been in school. Lucy noticed the abscence of a backpack and realized that he must have left his stuff at home, and was running full pelt to get it. What a fatal, fatal mistake

Lucy grinned maliciously as the boy got closer and closer, knowing exactly what her next move would be. The boy himself was a kid called Andrew, a kindhearted forgetful 8 year old boy who lived with his single mother and older brother. He was having a terrible day, having forgotten his books, been chewed out by the teacher and being told to go get them during recess. Luckily he lived near to the school and had been sprinting non-stop so he could make it back by second period. In fact he was almost there, he only lived at the end of the street. He had almost made it. All of a sudden he was very suddenly stopped by a swift, booted kick to the groin. His eyes went wide and the little air left in his lungs escaped, as he felt a shock of pain in his crotch, and the squishy feeling of one of his balls rupturing.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, Lucy had stood behind a postbox, out of his view. She was amazed that he hadn't a: seen her from the end of the street, or b: reacted when she jumped out to kick his pathetic nutsack. Didn't hyper dicked futanari girls, who only wore latex gloves and boots, warrant some kind of reaction? 'Man you deserve to be a toilet' she chided playfully at the young boy, who had collapsed onto the floor, clutching his crotch. There was no response other than gasps of pain. The brat was so out of breath he couldn't even scream in pain properly. Lucy threw up her hands in exasparation and slowly circled the boy ending up behind him. She leaned over towards him, her schlong whacking him in the side. This finally made Andrew look up from the pavement and looking to his right, he saw the behemoth that was Lucy's cock. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped in horror, the situation advancing so quickly he had no idea what to think, or if this was even real. Lucy giggled from behind him, finding great satisfaction in his confusion. She always loved watching the innocent being unable to comprehend what was happening, but, with a gurgle of her stomach, she decided that it was time to get started.

Lucy spun on her heel and clasped her plump bottom with both of her hands, and with a bit of effort, pulled her butthole as wide as possible. And without any warning or hesitation, planted herself right on his head. She groaned in pleasure as the rim of her butthole slid all the way down past the kid's eyes, effectively blinding him. Now Andrew's entire world was shit and flesh, and he didn't like it one bit. With renewed breath he started to scream at the top of his lungs, his arms shooting up and starting to grasp at lucy's buttcheeks, desperately attempting to unseat her from his head. Lucy snickered at his futile attempts and efficiently removed his hands from her ass, holding them by the wrists at arms length. She then started slowly working her ass over the rest of the brat's head.'Fuck yeah' she grunted as his nose flattened against her slick walls, the boy's screams turning her on immensely. His hands were still going crazy despite Lucy's grip on his wrists, however she knew that blood flowed to the hand from an artery in the wrist, and quickly jabbed her thumbs into said artery, hoping that the lack of blood flow would make the brat's hands numb. She also continued to progress over the boys face, reaching and engulfing his upper lip, and she found the sensation of his features against her ass walls to be extremely pleasant. It wasn't the same as using her hyper cock to literally fuck peoples brains out but it was still pretty good. 'HEWLP!' Andrew cried out in panic, his speech slurred by the ass meat engulfing his upper lip. His brother was at home right? he must have heard his screams since the house was so close. Andrew just had too bide time before help came, in a last ditch effort to survive he took in a deep breathe before his head was consumed by Lucy's asshole.

Lucy groaned at the feeling of her toilets head slipping inside of her and a sadistic grin crossed her face when the boy started to writhe and struggle. She had found it cute when he breathed in, knowing full well he had only thought about the lack of oxygen and not the pressure she could apply. She wasn't even clenching and the tight space had caused her toilet's nose to break, and his bottom jaw (which had entered at a strange angle due to him breathing in) to be dislocated. Andrew had never experienced such pain and his mind was breaking due to the overload of his senses. The stench of shit invaded his nostrils, as well as the rotting smell of the other vistims in Lucy's ass. Small animals,babies even fetuses had wound up in that crevice but nothing as large as Andrew yet. However the death bell for Andrew was sounded when Lucy's stomach gurgled once again.

With a large grunt Lucy started to squeeze. Of course Andrew had no idea about the misfortune that was about to befall him, but he was aware of how painfully small it was getting in this girls rear. His hearing popped as his ears were smushed to his head and smeared in excrement, and his dislocated bottom jaw folded in two. His eyes flooded with tears as he felt his skull cracking and he wordlessly screamed with his useless mouth. Lucy started to move her feet away from Andrew, forcing his head backwards and putting pressure on his spine. 'What's wrong' she said mockingly, as Andrew thrashed around with the body parts he could still control,

"Don't you like my tight ass? well that's not very NICE!"

On the last word she gave a sudden sharp clench of her buttocks, further cracking the brat's skull and popping out his right eye. Andrew wasn't even able to scream , his strength in his limbs all but gone, completely dominated by the small girl. However, lucy noted, he was still alive. 'Well' she said in a sing song voice, looking innocently up to the sky 'time for the main event' she looked back down at her toilet, an evil smile on her face from ear to ear 'eat shit and die' she muttered.

Lucy's bowels opened like a floodgate, a huge brown tidal wave started to descend on poor little andrew. of course he did see it coming with his one good eye, but with his destroyed jaw there was no way to stop it. The tsunami of shit invaded Andrews mouth, knocking out his teeth and forcing it's way down his throat. Andrew was starting to suffocate as the large brown log snaked its way into his stomach, his ears started to bleed and shit started streaming from his bloody and broken nose. Lucy grunted and heaved to push the feces out of her system, all while her toilet spasmed underneath her, his lower arms flailing wildly, while his stomach started to grow. He was unable to move his hands, which were steadily going purple from blood loss. Fecal matter invaded Andrew's head, churning around his brain,starting to push his left eye out of it's socket. His belly had gotten bloated, and he could feel the shit pushing through his intestines. He wanted to cry, die, escape from this hell, but that wouldn't happen until this monster was done. Then something inconceivable happened, Andrew's dicklet burst from his pants, lumpy malformed and absolutely full of shit. The excrement started to push itself out from his baby cock, forming a long snake on the pavement. Lucy tilted her head and laughed maniacally at the sight

"Aw…did you cum?' she asked sweetly 'man what a fucking virgin…hey toilet, can you still hear me?" she asked. Andrew could, despite the bleeding in his ears and the stream of shit still entering his mouth. "If you can, i want you to know it's been fun, but it didn't get me off" she said as if she was annoyed "so i'm gonna have to find out where you live and fuck the shit out of whoever lives there, kay" she said sweetly. Andrew would have pleaded in that moment if at all possible, but the shit entering his brain was making it hard to think. "No response? I'll take that as a yes then! Thanks babe!" and with a deafening crunch Lucy's asscheeks clenched, crushing what remained of the kid's head.

Brain matter, blood, shit and bone mixed together in Lucy's crevice. The brat's body went limp so she simply let his arms fall down by his sides, and started massaging her petite breasts with her latex gloves. The pulpy remains dripped down her toys shirt while her waste continued to snake out of his penis. For the next minute lucy clapped her ass cheeks together, crushing the remains in her ass into a thick brown juice and causing the waste of life between her legs to spasm periodically. Finally after 3 minutes of hell, Lucy was done. She removed the boys neck from her rimhole, and let him collapse into the mound of feces that had formed beneath him. nothing was left of his head other than a twisted compacted twizzle of bone, blood and flesh. His stomach had burst from the sheer quantity of shit, and his dick had ripped in half.

Epilogue (events after the image)
Lucy rummaged through the pockets of the dead boy and found his phone. The moron hadn't even put a password lock on it, and she sifted through it's contents while emptying her bladder on the boys corpse. She found his address written in his notes and found several images that told her he had an older brother, a mother, and several hamsters. She chuckled when she realized that her toilets house was just at the end of the street.She ended up dealing with the brother first, arriving at the small surburban house to find the door unlocked and her next victim playing videogames with the volume on max in the living room, explaining why he hadn't heard his brothers cries. The dipshit was so absorbed that he only noticed her once Lucy's choker was already around his neck. She fucked his asshole while he choked to death, moaning lustfully at the sounds of his gasps and the way he clawed at his throat. He ended up dying of asphyxia and internal bleeding. Lucy decided to use a nearby necktie to hang his bloated cum filled corpse from the ceiling fan in the mothers bedroom. Now she just had to wait for the mother to get home from work. She passed the next few hours away by using Andrew's hamsters as urethra toys, pushing them in and casually leaving them in there to suffocate, while she watched tv. Once the mother arrived Lucy sprang over to the bathroom and waited eagerly for the mother to enter her bedroom and find the horror that awaited her. Andrew's mother walked through the door 'Andrew! Daniel! where are you?' she called out to no response.'they went out and didn't lock the door?' she sighed in exasperation 'I'll have to have a talk with both of them when they get back.' she said, as she veered into her bedroom with the intention of getting undressed and taking a shower
'AAAAARRGH!!!' was her first response, her hand coming up to her mouth and a state of utter shock overcoming her. Her eldest son was twisting in the air, hung from the slowly spinning ceiling fan, his face grey and dead, his stomach bursting out of his shirt, cum dripping from his gaping anus. The mother fell to her knees, horror overcoming her. She started to wail like a banshee, tears streaming down her face and her arms across her chest. She didn't hear the tapping of heeled boots, but she did hear the sound of the door closing and being locked behind her.


Also definitely not a professional at this stuff. This was my second time writing a short story like this, so if it's garbage my bad


Wow, this was even better than what I'd expected, thanks a lot

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