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Okay, so I made a thing, a weird thing, in a whim. I hope you like it.

"Suzie, pleaaaaaase!" Tim begged. "I really need to pass this test. I haven't studied at all!" he explained.

"No." the blonde girl said firmly.

"Suzie! We need your help." Leah repeated after her friend. "Just this one time!" the brunette with short hair asked.

Suzanne sighed. It was always like this before the finals. Everyone knew that she had the best grades, so they were circling her, asking for advice here, there, and everywhere. "How about trying to study instead of begging my help? You know, it might help." the girl said tired. "Not to even talk about the idea." she said, barely resisting the urge to facepalm to the two. It was always fun to go and chat and hang around with the two, but sometimes their whims made her reconsider the friendship. It had been just a few weeks ago when Tim had gotten a great idea to try to climb on the roof of the school building. He had almost broken his foot when he had tried to climb the school's wall. Leah wasn't as bad as Tim, but she often got excited and dragged into the ideas of Tim. Like this time.

The three were standing just outside the doors of a local grocery store. They had been walking to get some snacks before the last exam of the semester, mathematics of course, when Tim had told them his brand new and absolutely flawless idea for how he could beat the exam without studying for it at all. And as far as Suzie had observed, without studying almost at all at the class during whole semester.

"Hey, it is a good idea! I read it would work from! Just let's go and I can prove it." Tim insisted. The boy was quite a geeky nerd type. It was quite likeable in Suzanne's opinion, though she would had preferred if the boy had channeled his interest to actual schoolwork instead of reading all the lore about the latest fantasy novel. At least he wasn't like to worse geeks who wouldn't even bother to shower themselves. Tim was quite cute and handsome in his own sparky way, even though that sparkyness was also quite annoying from time to time.

"From where? Some random post from facebook? Or maybe lone blogger who tells about the healing properties of clits of virgins?" Suzie strike back.

"It is not just a random blogger!" Tim tried to argue back, his face turning a little bit red from embarrassment. "She is a big name on her field. Humanopathy is a serious business. You should read some of her texts, it is so compelling…" the boy insisted.

"Bullshit that is. Haven't you listened at all during the biology classes? None of that stuff is confirmed by science. Eating people can be all tasty and fun, but it doesn't have any medical or other special effects outside some very specific cases. And this one is definitely one of those." Suzanne argued. Mr. Franzeck had very clearly explained the topic just a few weeks back on the human biology class. She wouldn't had been surprised at all if Tim had spent the whole class on his phone. So eager to gulp in all the bullshit from the internet, when falling asleep when some actual information was shared. Well, the boy had to feel smart in some way, Suzanne though but kept his mouth shut. They were still friends after all.

"Don't be so stubborn about it Suzie. We should try to look into it from all the different perspectives." Leah tried to negotiate. She was sweet girl, and often more than was healthy. Her left arm, or well, lack of it, told about it. Some guy on the parallel class had forgotten his lunch two weeks ago, and not wanting to see him go hungry, Leah had volunteered to give her hand for replacement. Since then she had been the go-to-girl if you had forgotten your lunch, or even if you just were in mood for some fresh girl meat. She had lost her whole left arm and both breasts after that. You wouldn't usually go many days without seeing her in some random friend group, some part of her roasting on the grill.

"No. Every opinion doesn't need the same weight. You have to prove it if you claim some benefit from eating something." Suzanne said firmly. "Eating a girl's brains is not going to give you her intelligence, not even talking about her knowledge!" she explained.

"Yes it does! It about the passing of mind. When you eat a person's brains, the person's mind also passes to you. So if someone eats someone else's brain, and that person being eaten knows something, the other person will also learn it. Think about it!" Tim explained slowly. Like I hadn't understood what he meant, Suzie thought ironic.

"And if you make my brain into the Sweetened Mind Slurry and drink it before the exam, you think you would pass the test. Don't you hear how stupid that sounds?" the blonde said with annoyed voice. "Why aren't they then just slurring every smart kids brains and sharing it for all the other ones and make everyone as smart? Why to bother with education at all?" Suzie reasoned.

"Cmon! I need to really pass the test! I can't study anymore even if I wanted to. It won't hurt to try." the boy asked. "Just let's check the options. We don't have to buy them." the boy asked, and walked at the door. Leah looked at the other girl and walked behind Tim.

I guess no other options, Suzie thought to herself and followed the two to the shop. Tim ignored all the magazines and quick take-away snacks next to the front door and headed straight to the "self-serve" section of the shop. Companies were trying to make it easier and easier to make your girl-meals, and the self-serve section was born. Sometimes you just needed a snack from your friend and didn't have time to properly cook them over an open fire or in an oven. Or in this case, you just wanted to have their brains as a snack.

"Here! Wow, there are many options." Tim said and pointed at the top corner of the shelf. There were about 10 different versions of Sweetened Mind Slurry -makers with different tastes. There was also some diet-versions that used artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in the process. But all of them had basically the same mode of operation. The machine looked quite much like a straw with some machines stuck to its sides. It had the placement head that would drill a hole to your friend's head and then stuck the machine in place. Then there was the slurring part that made the drink by mushing the brain and the mixing the extra ingredients from side tanks to it. The last part of it was the straw itself, that would open and unlock when the sweetened snack was ready. It was thinner than the placement part of the machine, allowing you to reach every part of the skull in order to get even the last drops of your snack. The invention was quite elegant, Suzie had to admit.

"15 dollars… It would be just 7,5 dollars from both of us. Not a bad price." Tim said, looking at the options. "What flavor should we pick? Blueberry? Melon? Strawberry?" he looked through the options.

"Maybe strawberry? Her hair is kinda strawberry blonde color" Leah proposed, looking at her friend.

"I'm not sure if that is a good choice. She is more potent that sweet strawberry. I think strawberry would fit for you. Blueberry would be more elegant flavor." Tim replied to Leah.

"I haven't agreed to this yet." Suzie said. She felt still kind of annoyed, but it also felt little weird when her friends chatted what she would taste the best like. Unlike Leah, she hadn't had any part of her eaten, and hadn't really thought about doing it either. Her dream job was to be a doctor, and unlike most, she actually had the skills for it. It was widely known that even getting small part of you eaten usually meant you would be completely eaten pretty soon, so she didn't want to take chances.

"Nope, too sad… How about lemon? It had sharp but nicely sweet taste." Leah proposed, not listening to her friend.

"That… that sounds good! It makes sense!" Tim said and took the lemon-flavored Slurry maker from the shelf. He then turned towards Suzie. "So… could you do it? It would be a lifesaver. I need to pass the exam to graduate! Please…" the boy said with begging voice. There was a little bit of sad fear in his eyes. Why does he have to look so adorable like that when doing something so stupid, Suzie thought to herself.

"As I said it doesn't help." she answered. "But it doesn't seem like you will listen to me… I will do it. At least you will see to not trust those stupid posts on facebook." the girl said with judging tone.

"Thanks Suzie!" Tim said and his face blossomed to smile. "I will never forget this!" he said and hugged the girl.

"Well, you better not. You will be drinking my mind after all." the blonde answered snarky but still hugged back.

"Now that out of the way, I still need some snack before the exam. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast." the boy thought in voice. "I think I could use some pussy-filet at the moment. I'm kinda in a mood for it." he said and walked towards the take-away aisle. The girls followed him to the open fridge next to the entrance.

"Damn." Tim said as he looked at the girl-meat section of the fridge. Next to the usual sandwiches, ham, cheese, chicken, girlmeat, there was empty spot for take-away microwave-ready pussy-filets. There was some girl-ham left, but the boy didn't seem to be interested of it.

"Could I have yours?" he asked Leah and pointed towards the self-cook station at the other end of the grocery store. "Never mind, I don't think we have time to wait you to cook here… We still have to slurry Suzie." he said sadly as he looked the time from his phone.

"I think there are some on-go-cookers in the self-server shelf." Leah proposed, happy to help as always.

"Oh yeah, thanks! You really are the sweetest!" Tim said and hugged Leah. The girl smiled brightly and hugged back. "I'm always happy to help." she said.

Tim headed quick back to the self-serve for the cooker, leaving the two girls at the snack shelf. "I think I'm just going to take the vegetarian sandwich. I think they are pretty tasty" Leah said and took one filled with salad, cucumbers and tomato. "I don't think I'm going to need any" Suzanne said. She was feeling a bit hungry, but it wouldn't matter if she was gone in a half of an hour.

"Now, let's go!" Tim said as he carried two cooking-slicing-dildo combos with him. They were the typical model you could just shove into girl's pussy, and when the cooking was done, the slicer part in the base could be pushed in to remove the cooked pussy whole. "I took one for you too Suzie, I don't think Leah's one is enough." he simply said and then waved the two towards the cash registers. Suzie felt herself blushing a little as the boy waved the dildo around. Well, she was going to be gone anyways, it shouldn't be much of a extra hassle to have her pussy cooked too…

Suzanne felt a little bit anxious as Tim paid for the items, and Leah paid for her half of the slurry maker to him before paying for his sandwich. It would be

After passing the cash registers, the boy gave both of the girls their own cooker-dildos. Leah started to open hers without hesitation as he walked at the front window of the store where there was a good ledge for her to lift her leg up. She placed the plastic wrapping the dildo came in on the ledge and started to line it up. There was some workers from local working site on a tobacco rest just outside the window, and they gave the girl some looks as she pulled her skirt up, and slide her underwear away from her pussy. The workers got a nice view to the young cunt as Leah aimed the dildo, and then pushed it deep. She gave a small involuntary moan while she made sure all of the cooker was in her. When it was properly placed, she turned on the cooking operator, and Suzie and the workers could see how the cooking elements inside the dildo lighted up instantly. It wouldn't take long before Leah's cunt would be nicely brown and ready for consumption.

"We have to go Suzie. The exam starts in an half of an hour, and those cookers take at least ten minutes to work. And we still have to get your brain slurred." Tim said, bringing Suzanne's concentration back to the moment. She opened her cooker as Leah pushed her panties back to place. They weren't really covering her pussy anymore due to the large base of the cooker, but just holding it in place.

Suzie gulped silently as he pushed away the package of the dildo, leaving it bare in her hands. It was quite large, larger than any of her own toys, and quite transparent, allowing you to see the cooking elements inside it. Its shape was quite abstract and practical, build for reaching all the parts of the pussy to be cooked instead of trying to look like a cock. It was a cheap cooking device and not a sex toy after all. Suzanne touched it, and it felt quite cool and firm under her touch. It wasn't little elastic like normal dildos, but hard and unbending.

They didn't really have much time, so Suzanne lifted her leg to the same ledge that her friend had just a moment ago. Both of her friends looked at her impatiently as he worked, and the workers admired the show. Suzanne felt very embarrassed and dirty as she pulled the cover of her panties away from her most private parts. The air of the grocery store felt cool on her bare pussy. Not wanting to have her privates exposed more than needed, she started to aim the dildo into her, and then push. She could feel the cool plastic spreading her wide, wider than she had been ever before, forcing all of her vagina into contact with it. She tried to keep herself quiet while she put the cooking device inside her, but she couldn't completely make it. She let out small moans of pain and pleasure as she pushed the device deeper inside her. It felt like ages before the whole cooking part of the device was in, the back end of it resting against her cervix. The device a little bit thinner from the base-side, making it to stay inside more easily.

It was weird how cool the device meant to cook her cunt felt inside her, Suzie thought as the device finally sat in place. But not anymore, she thought as she pressed the little red button at the base of the cooker. The cool feeling immediately was replaced by warmth, and just a moment after, burning heat. Suzie grimaced as the discomfort from cooking filled her insides. The device was really not playing around, she had to admit.

"You will get used to it quite quick, don't worry." Leah comforted the blonde, her own expression not changing at all from the fact her most vulnerable parts were being cooked. "Let's go. We have to be in time at the class. It is no use to slurry you if we don't get in time to the exam." she explained.

Suzanne nodded, and placed her panties on the cooking device, which left her pussy open from sides like Leah's did. Luckily you couldn't see it when the skirt was in place, Suzie thought as he stepped down from the ledge, for the disappointment of the guys behind the window. Tim waited impatient at the door for the two girls. Leah jogged the few steps at the door, but Suzie had much harder time ignoring the feelings of her pussy getting cooked full-speed.

The walk back to the school was hard. Tim and Leah kept hurrying, but Suzie had difficulties to stay behind them as the heat and discomfort increased. It was weird how much the device could heat up. If it had first felt hot, it was quickly blazing. The blonde could feel herself as whole sweating like during a hot summer day, even though the spring air was still cool. Even though most of her attention went to herself, she could see the same effect on Leah, her smiling face tainted a little bit red, and some sweat droplets sliding down her cheek as she laughed. Unlike Suzanne, she was natural at this. Leah was clearly meant to be eaten, but Suzie? Just a moment ago she had been destined to be a doctor. Now she was going to be a snack to fill her friends superstitious needs. And Tim's stomach for the exam too. It didn't matter how smart or sharp she was. Her brain was going to be sweetened slurry in just a moment.

"Just the last steps! You can do it Suzie!" Leah cheered as they walked into the school building. She could feel her juices and liquefied fats sliding down her thighs as they stepped inside. It seemed to be even worse for Leah, as the blonde could see droplets of pussy cooking juices dripping to the school floor. Nothing new to the janitors though, she thought to herself as they headed to the second floor where the exam was going to be in.

The last meters were the easiest for Suzie. The pain and discomfort had been replaced by warm numbness around her pussy as the device started to finish its job. For the 10 dollars they had cost, they really did a good job. Suzie could smell the odor of her own almost-cooked sex, and she could hear her stomach growl. It is not for me, silly, she thought as they arrived next to the classroom the exam was going to be held in.

"It is ready!" Leah declared, lifting her skirt. And like she said, the led-light of the cooker was green, and the cooking elements were dimming back to the metal color they were before. The area around the cooker was cooked whole of the vaginal area turned nicely brown. The area around that was a gradient from brown to red to normal skin color, normal skin color starting at halfway the mons pubis and little down the thighs. A lot of her juices stained Leah's thighs and legs with brown tones, and a little bit of them still dripped on the floor as she showed Tim his snack.

"It looks tasty! I'll get me some kitchen paper to put it on." Tim said, and left towards the school snack area that had paper just for occasions like this. Leah casually sat on one of the benches, and Suzie sat next to her. Both of them leaked cooking juices on it, but neither bothered to care. What could had they done anyways? Suzie looked as Leah took casually her panties off, and then heard the small "ping" noise from her cooker. The second part of Tim's before-exam snack was ready.

"Here! " Tim returned, waving a roll of kitchen paper at the two girls. He headed straight at Leah, leaving Suzie to remove her own panties. It felt much less embarrassing doing it now, as her pussy was cooked. And it wasn't like everyone waiting for the exam hadn't already seen he cooked pussy. No one really seemed to care except for some guys. It wasn't a rarity to see part of someone getting eaten, especially during busy and stressing times like exam weeks. You really couldn't resist a good snack during those times.

Suzie looked as Tim worked through the last steps of the device. First, he pressed a smaller button under the cooking button, sending the blade of the cooker deep into Leah's meat. The girl barely flinched from the move. Then Tim pulled. Cleanly and easily the device made a quiet and lewd plop-sound as the cooked pussy-meat was removed. A small splash of cooking juices dripped out of Leah's womb through the new hole, creating a puddle on the bench as Tim moved the device on a small stack of kitchen paper he had placed ready next to the girl. He then pressed the blade button again, releasing the tube of pussy-meat on the paper. He then took hold of the meat that had been Leah's vaginal lips, and pulled the cooking dildo out of the meat. And there it was. Leah's cooked cunt, nicely brown and steamy, ready for her friend to eat.

"You look tasty! Can you put the Slurry maker in Suzie while I remove her pussy-filet?" Tim asked Leah, who had taken some paper to clean the excess of the cooking juices around her new hole. "Sure", she said simply. She put the paper away and took the slurry-maker out of their plastic bag.

"Can you sit at the end of the bench so I can put this on you while Tim removes your filet? Thanks." she guided her friend. Suzie breathed deep, the anticipation filling her with adrenaline. She had hard time concentrating to both of her ends. At her bottom, Tim started by casually pressing the blade-button like he had done with Leah. The blonde could barely feel the blades slicing through her meat, her privates too thoroughly cooked to feel any pain.

As Tim worked on her filet, Leah pushed the blonde's quite long hair away from the crown of her head. After she had made sure there would be no hair in the way, she pressed the slurry-maker to her friend's head. "Thanks for this! We will ace this exam!" she said excited as she pressed the start button of the device. A small short pain hit Suzie as the drills of the machine pierced her skull. Before she could even react to that, several metallic fasteners reached through the new hole and took hold of the inside of her skull, forcing the device into place. It was not going to get removed without significant surgical process, Suzie knew, having seen quite many Sweetened Mind Slurries being made. She had even tasted some, and without a doubt, they were one of the best sweetened drinks. Now it was her turn to be made into one. The class-ace turned to glass-ice. How ironic.

That was Suzie's last clear thoughts. At the same time as Tim pulled the girl's cooked cunt away to safety, the slurry-making part of the device stirred to life. The multi-directional blender stirred to life, making noises familiar for anyone who had made smoothies before. The Sweetened Mind Slurry was nothing special, just a smoothie made from a girl's brain, some cream, sugar, ice and other ingredients. Suzie didn't necessarily scream as he mind started to be blended by the merciless blades, but she didn't really not scream. The voices she let out were confused and mixed, reflecting the state of her brain. Tim put down the girl's pussy still in the cooker next to Leah's filet, and helped the girl to hold their friend down as the machine worked. All of Suzie's muscles jerked around as everything that made her was blended into unidentified slurry. It was hard to describe what she felt, but the worst and most absurd dream she had ever experienced was the closest comparison. For five seconds the jerks kept going, before the girl's body finally stopped in place.

Even though there was nothing that could be called "Suzie's mind" left, the blender wasn't ready yet. It kept blending the mesh, making sure it was nicely mixed and smooth before continuing to the next phase.

"Thanks" Leah said as Tim let go of their friend that was being turned to serving cup of iced drink. Tim repeated the last parts of the same process he had done to Leah's pussy-filet, removing the cooker out of it. He admired hungrily the two cunt filets on the paper, dripping cooking juices on the paper and letting out succulent odors. He took some more of the kitchen paper and surrounded Leah's filet like he usually did with sausages around campfires. He casually bit in, enjoying the familiar succulent taste of girl-filet, and then turned back to the two girls.

The noise of the blender changed as the device released the other ingredients into Suzie's brain slush. The girl's eyes stared into emptiness as the device finished turning the brains into yet an another serving of Sweetened Mind Slurry. For five seconds more it kept going, before finally slowing down. The blending noise slowly died out, and then a quiet pop was heard from the straw-end of the device. The drink was ready.

"Not a minute too early." Tim said to Leah as he took an another bite of her pussy. "Only five minutes left" he said and pointed at the clock on the wall.

"I better eat something too. Is it good?" Leah asked as she placed Suzie's body to lean to the wall, a straw sticking out of her head. She took then her vegan sandwich from the bag and started to savor her snack as Tim savored her pussy-filet.

"It is quite good." Tim said halfway in. "We probably should had taken some more expensive model, but this is fine too. Better than the ones you get prepackaged at least." he judged as he pushed the rest of the pussy in his mouth in whole, trying to finish her snacks before the exam would start.

"Well, good to hear at least that." Leah said little bit disappointed that her only filet had been only mediocre. Well, at least it had gone to good cause, she thought as Tim rushed to gulp it down. "Will you test her first?" Leah asked and pointed at Suzie.

"Yeah." Tim said simply and pulled Suzie off the wall and towards him. He then took the girl's head to his hands. "Ooh, she feels cold." he noted and then took the straw to his mouth. He sucked hard, pulling the slushie out of her friend's head. He nodded happily as the sweetened slurry reached his mouth.

"It is great. Lemon really fits her." He said and continued to drink more.

"Can I have a taste?" Leah asked, pulling her half-eaten sandwich away for the moment. Tim passed Suzie's head towards Leah, who then took the straw into her mouth and started to drink.

"Ooh, truly. It is so rich." she said and stopped to get more. "If this doesn't help us at the exam, then nothing does." she declared.

"You made Suzie into mind slurry?" a classmate of the friends interrupted them. He looked at the girl with a straw in her head curiously.

"Yes. I read that drinking someone's brain will transfer their knowledge to you. We really want to pass this exam." Tim said and took a gulp more of her friend's brains.

"Ooh, I see. I heard of it. Quite stupid honestly, but it won't hurt I guess. Can I try her too?" the boy asked.

"Sure thing. There is a lot of her here." Tim said and leaned Suzie's body towards the boy, who took it. As the boy took his gulp, Tim took Suzie's pussy into his hands like he had done with Leah's one, and started to eat it. "Isn't it tasty?" he asked, casually nibbling the pussy-filet.

"Definitely. Lemon really fits her. I hope it gives me luck in the exam!" he said smiling and passed Suzie back to Leah, who took a gulp of her friend.

The rest of the class members of the friends started to also express interest to the Sweetened Mind Slurry of Suzie. When the teacher arrived, most of them had already taken their good luck gulp of the ex-ace of the class, the last few rushing to finish their turn. Tim rushed the rest of Suzie's pussy into his mouth too, and then took a nice gulp of her brain-slurry to flush it down. Even though he didn't think much about it, the pussy seemed to taste better that Leah's one. Better quality meat, he thought casually as he drank the last of Suzie's brains just as their teacher opened the class door. Leah and Tim both stood up, leaving Suzie on the bench literally empty-minded, her brains and pussy both eaten for the exam.


"Oh fuck." Tim said as his grades finally arrived. It had been two weeks since the last exam, and the first evenings of the summer started to arrive. The exam had been difficult, very difficult, for even the good students of the class, and even with the power of Suzie, he wasn't confident if he had passed.

Looking at the results of the last exam on the internet, he had looked at familiar names. Like expected, Suzie had gotten 0 points, as she hadn't taken part to the test. Leah had passed the test, and quite nicely, with over 10 points over the pass limit. Of course it didn't matter much as three guys from the soccer team had asked her to their barbeque the last weekend. Apparently it had been a quite good party, by the pics Tim had seen in the facebook. As far as he knew, only bones were left of his friend at the eve of the party.

Suzie had of course gone too. The class had taken her to bring-your-own-meat restaurant after the last exam to celebrate. She wasn't enough for them all though so they had cooked the second-best girl of the class too, just to keep the theme up. The meat was not only thing Tim had managed to get from the evening though. He had managed to claim Suzie's head, it had been his slurry after all, and he had made it to a nice toy. Even now the blonde head was sitting in his secret sex-toy stash in his cabinet. It was shame that he didn't get to do the same for Leah.

However as Tim's eyes wandered to his own grade, his mood dropped. It was fail, with two points. "Shit." he said to himself. Maybe… maybe Suzie had been right at the end anyways, he had to admit. Only thing he could feel a little happy about was that he wasn't the only one that had failed. Almost one fourth had failed the last exam in fact.

Well, summer barbecues are not the worst way to go, Tim thought to himself. It would be one hell of a graduation feast…


I love how casual it all is. So weird, but so incredibly hot!


Very creative and interesting story. Loved the casual atmosphere.


Everyone needs a friend like Leah! Loved the bit about the second-smartest girl getting cooked too :D


Amazing story! I loved it!


Personally not a fan of the permadeath stuff, but the casual nature of your universe(in particular Leah's generosity) was still really appealing.



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