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Heyo all, as you know - I love extreme cuntbusting. I like writing it too!

If you'd like to have a custom cuntbusting story done, please drop me an email at Please put the subject as "Story Request" so I can filter it.

It must be about cuntbusting, as soft or as hard as you want. No restrictions on the characters involved. No restrictions on the methods involved. Have fun with it!


Oh oh, sorry. There is one character restriction. I don't do real people. I will do characters they portray in fiction, but not the person themselves.

Example: I will do Black Widow, I will not do Scarlett Johansson.


Just an open idea:

An Olympic event of competitive cuntbusting.



Sounds like fun!
Just looked up the summer events.
Archery, Boxing, Equestrian Jumping (For you silly MLP fans out there), Fencing, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, and Wrestling? Hmm. Could be fun to do a quick drabble on each with a fierce cuntbusting twist.


Cuntbusting marksmanship competition.

Guns with rubber slugs, teams against each other. After each round the lowest scoring member of the team is strapped behind an enemy target with her cunt exposed as the bullseye. First round targets are selected at random.


Also just an idea; Among early-adolescent girls who often shower together(school? pool?), a trend starts and escalates- Bragging about having older lovers who are too big or rough for them, leaving visible bruising, and later worse.


Here's a premise I wanted to do, but have been to lazy.

Little Red Riding Hood gets her first period in the woods. This attracts a large wolf, which begins licking her while she's too terrified to move.

As she begins to orgasm, he sinks his teeth into her vagina and begins to devour her.

—- Another —

League of Legends fanfic. Ashe gets caught by Trundle. He attempts to rape her, but she's too tight to insert it. So he decides to "loosen her up".

To do so, he starts by violating her with his tongue. At first, she assumes he only means to loosen her in the foreplay sense, but instead he bites a chunk out of her vagina to create larger opening. Then he starts fucking her insides out as he devours her upper body.


I have an idea for a game that I might get to if you don't.

A group of girls (I'd go with ten, but any number over five should work) sit masturbating, legs spread wide. For each one, a shotgun attached to a robotic arm is pointed straight at their cunts. Every two minutes, one of the guns randomly fires, until there's only one girl left. A gun also fires if a girl stops masturbating for more than ten seconds. The winning girl gets a large sum of money.

The second place winner gets a shot in the head thirty seconds after her cunt is blasted apart. The third place winner gets shot in the tits afterwards. The rest are shoved into a pit to bleed out.


Mmm, not hard enough. Real bullets or no game over man!

Could work, though a little lengthy. Send me an email and we can talk specifics for something longer.

Adorable little Red Riding Hood in heat? Love it. I'll start on this.

I could do this, though it sounds like you have something specific in mind. In my experience, getting to describing that many girls vividly gets very difficult. So if you think you got a handle on it, go for it. If I were to do it, I'd go down to five girls max.



I probably will, and I'll more likely do 6 or seven girls.

In the meantime, hope you don't mind another idea from me; another competition scenario.

The competition is a sort of laser tag. Each female competitor has a small explosive device inserted into their twats, and a small receiver embedded into the back of their necks. When the laser beam hits the receiver, the device explodes.

Either the female competitors chase each other, or they can be hunted by male competitors.



So they don't shoot each other in the cunt to destroy each other's cunts? They shoot each other in the back of the neck?

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that one, lol.

If it were up to me, shoot 'em in the cunt to blow up their cunt. So I gotta ask - why the back of the next? I'm just purely curious now. XD



I don't know why, but I missed the League of Legends recommendations. The Troll King eh? Mmm I do love myself some tongue raping and pussy eating. Also, devouring her upper torso as he rapes her sounds divine. This'll probably be the 4th story I do.



In all honesty, the receiver could be anywhere, and you could have it to where the laser has to hit their cunts to trigger the bomb. I figured it would be easier for the hunter to hit the receiver if it's somewhere on the back of their body than between their legs.


What about an object insertion angle?

Have gals be used as garbage cans, recycling bins, or ashtrays. Girl filled with burnables would have her cunt set on fire, girl filled with garbage will have it emptied and filled with bleach or lysol to disinfect and burn away the cunt lining, and so on.

Stuffed until the cunt tears and then the girl thrown out.



Oh I see! Just curious! I think a good game of laser tag with exploding counts could be fun! I'll give it a whirl. Is on the list


Oops! Yeah that was me above.


Unfortunately, I've never been a fan of foreign object insertions.

I know that's weird given what I like to do to pussies, but for some reason if it's just a normal object it doesn't quite do it for me.

Very sorry. I know it doesn't make sense. XD



Broken glass, ash, garbage, metal cans with jagged edges, and acidic compounds are normal objects for insertion o.O? Well, each to their own.


This is my favorite fetish, looking forward to more of your lovely stories!

I'm a huge fan of just the pain, not necessarily destruction.
Also into ballbusting so the comparison part is great.
Especially prolapse and ovary torture. That shit is rare. Found some great stuff on tumblr years ago before the purge.

Keep up the g


Can Penny Gadget get surprised with a cunt punt followed by being impaled through the cunt by a spike?



Oooo,Penny! Sounds fun.
Will do!


I love every part of this thread.

I’d like to see a story about a society with casual ‘free-use’ cuntbusting, as in ‘Baking For Cunts’:,%20Ff,%20scat,%20sad,%20ped,%20viol,%20tort,%20ws,%20vomit,%20reluc,%20tg,%20humor.txt
… or the ‘Freedom to Snuff’ stories.

Just, like, a story about a woman walking in the park or going to the movies in a world where near-fatal cunt-busting is treated as casual entertainment.


How about Trash's death in "Return of the Living Dead"? The scene cut away before we got to see her being eaten, and given the intelligence level of the zombies; you can definitely get creative in where she's bitten, and still pretend it's cannon.

Other ideas would be Clair Redfield having a run in with a Licker.

Or Mary Jane getting raped and devoured by either Carnage or a zombified Peter Parker.

Lots of emphasis on red. I love guro involving red heads. The curtains match the carpets and their insides do too!



OMG that story was amazing. Not usually the content I like but the way the author wrote and made amazing words was just like watching a car crash in slow motion. Couldn't help but be impressed by that piece of work.

Uh, that being said - I don't think I can write anything that can rival THAT. If you're still willing to let me try I shall XD.



"The curtains match the carpets and their insides do too!" That got a good laugh outta me :)

I love zombies and love girls being eaten out. Literally.

I actually haven't seen Return of the Living Dead, so I'm afraid I can't do that one.

Claire is always fun. Resident Evil is great in general.

And Mary Jane? Neat. "Hello Tiger", right? I'll see what I can do :)



Trundle request posted! Enjoy! :D



Executioner! The Penny story has been posted. Please enjoy! :D


Anything consensual that isn't incest?

For example, there's an outdoor festival / beach event where characters compete with how much of a show they can make… either on themselves, their buddies, or random passerby they ask to participate!



Sorry, I'm not sure I fully understood the request. Consensual is totally fine, so no worries.
Please put a bit more detail into it, juicy details if you can :)

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