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Interesting products

Working at the pre-marketing firm was very pleasant for Charlotte. She had landed a very interesting job straight out of high school, thanks to her language skills. She got to work with a supportive team, all of whom had become very close friends to her over the past two years. The firm was large, with dozens of different teams working of hundreds of different consumer products before they were passed on to different marketing firms.

Her team consisted of her and four other girls. There was Vivianne, the team leader, a cute short brunette in her late twenties. Then there were Codi and Klara, stunning blonde twins from Canada who mostly worked their phone lines. The two were about Charlotte’s age, with gorgeous 80s luscious hairstyles. They had a thing for vintage fashion and the natural beauty to pull it off. The twins were the stuff of dreams. They were taller than Charlotte and had sizable tits. Not as big as Charlotte’s of course. She was abnormally large. Her Italian heritage blessed her with beautiful olive skin, dark brown eyes, a captivating smile and tits that almost looked out of place on her short frame but seemed to defy gravity.

Lastly, there was Amber. Amber’s parents were from Russia and she used her knowledge of the Russian language when working with many of the importers and manufacturers. She also did a lot of marketing concepts for products going to targeted segments. Amber was a tall rocker girl with bright red dyed curly hair reaching all the way down to her hips, a sizable septum piercing and often wearing punkish, quite provocative clothing such as fishnets, collars and spiky high heels.

Charlotte and Amber were very close, more than just friends. Charlotte had not known she was into girls before but when Amber came into her cubicle one late evening with a bottle of wine the two soon found themselves drawing closer to each other, feeling each other’s breath on their skin and eventually their lips touching. They ended up at Amber’s place. Their office romance was no secret.

It was 2pm on a Friday. Charlotte, Amber, Codi and Klara were sitting at the coffee break room, chatting about the newest episode of “War and Love in the Amazon”, a show they all watched the moment a new episode dropped. It was cheesy, but very entertaining. Every episode seemed to follow a predictable script. Every week the all women tribe had warrior training, one of the warriors had love trouble, there was a training match among the skimpily clothed muscular women, usually a bet or some dare was involved, then lovers got together, got a blessing from their sisters and so forth. Somehow the show was super popular.

Vivianne popped in to the break room. “Hey girls, I just finished putting in this weeks reports. I am going to head out early. Feel free to take the rest of the day off when you are finished with stuff. Codi, you still need to log your calls from yesterday. Amber and Charlotte, we got next month’s products. The janitors are bringing them up to the conference room now. A big load. I do not expect you to go through all of them today. There are a lot of them. I left wine on the table in the first cubicle. Leftovers from the spring convention. Help yourselves, you have been doing superb work.”

She was out of the door quickly, the other girls joking about her having a hot date. Charlotte was very happy to have such a great team leader. Vivianne really took care of her team. Amber left to check on the new products. Charlotte did not really have anything left to do so she and the twins went to Codi’s cubicle to chat while Codi logged her calls.

Soon, Amber came back from the conference room. “Umm, Charlotte, mind coming with me for a second?” she seemed a bit rushed.

“Sure…” Charlotte followed her lover. “What is it?”

“You’ll just have to see this.” Amber almost dragged the smaller girl in her hurry to the conference room. “Ok, prepare yourself… The new products. They are a bit different. Kinky.”

“We’ve done alien dildos, rubber fists, even a damn spanking machine. What is the big deal” Charlotte was confused.

“Well, I haven't gone through the entire box obviously” Amber said pointing out the wooden crate containing many dozens of boxes “but check this shit out. This is all from a single company. CastraTech. And based on what I saw so far, it is about as extreme as it gets. Check this one out.”

Charlotte took the small box. Amber had already opened it. Within the packaging she found a shiny metal device. It was curved, about five inches in length. It had an opening in the middle, buttons and a small screen on the side. “Umm, what is this?”

“Well listen to this.” Amber unraveled a piece of paper. “CastraTech Clitoral and Labial Extripator model four. The first consumer model of the female circumcision tool with additional features, an improved of our patented root removal system and a laser cauterization mechanism.”

“What?” Amber did not register all of the words Amber had just read out, but she got the picture. This thing was a device for destroying a girl’s clitoris! Her heart was pounding in her chest as she looked at the thing in her hand. “This can not be real. They want us to find the markets and concepts for… this?”

“It is not the only thing. There are dozens of things from them.” Amber took out the next product. “This is for men.” She held up a black device which had a handle and a loop like hole at the end. “Listen to this. CastraTech Penile Reducer. A hand held, battery operated penectomy, penile reduction and glansectomy tool. Compatible rigid catheters sold separately.”

Charlotte could not believe what she was seeing. She was speechless.

Amber picked up the next box. “Here we have a box of chemicals and shit. This is a skin spray. It seals wounds with an artificial skin. Then there are syringes, numbing agents. This one is called Denial Ultra. It kills nerves permanently. All of this stuff is like the most extreme body modification stuff ever.”

“Who makes this stuff? And why is it here?” Charlotte was still in shock.

“CastraTech, they haven’t been on the US market before. They are from Germany. I know they sell in Europe, Asia and the Middle East” Amber explained as she picked up a small box and uncovered a clear plastic tube “Ah, a declitting tube!”

“How do you know THAT?” Charlotte felt her head spinning as she looked at the tube in Amber’s hand. Her heart was racing.

“Oh, you know, the Internet. This is their main product for the female market. They started with the stuff for men. Now they seem to be making more stuff for women. You feeling alright there?” She placed the tube back in the crate.

“Uhh, no. I did not know this stuff existed. It is quite… disturbing. I am going to need a drink.” Charlotte did not exactly know what to think of all this.

“Okay, let’s go see if the twins left any of that wine for us.” Amber took her hand again, leading her back to the cubicles.

Surprised, they found the twins still sitting in Codi’s cubicle. The twins had a bottle of wine open and a YouTube clip with the last season’s best bits of “War and Love in the Amazon” playing on the computer.

“Oh, you are still here. How’s the wine?” Amber pulled up a chair to join the twins.

“It’s good wine, grab a glass. There is quite a lot of it actually. Six bottles.” Codi paused the video. “Charlotte, you all right?”

“Um… yes.”

“Oh she’s just a bit stunned. The new products are quite incredible.” Amber poured herself a glass of white wine.

“Incredible? How?” Karla had a giggle in her voice. She had obviously had a few glasses already.

“We got a full shipment of the latest gadgets and stuff from CastraTech.” Amber smiled mischievously. Charlotte could not believe this. Amber was into this stuff? She had just held in her hand a device obviously designed to do serious harm to a girl’s sex.

“CastraTech? What do you mean”

Oh, so Charlotte was not the only one not aware of what CastraTech was. She felt a bit relieved.

“You got a browser open? Let me show you.” Amber leaned over Codi to type in an address.

It took the girls to a website with a dark background and a title. It read “New Wave Puritans”.

“Let me just log in.” Amber typed in her personal login details. “This video will explain. Charie, babe sit down.”

Charlotte sat down, still without words. She finally remembered her urgent need of a drink and poured herself a glass. A video buffered for a second and a strikingly beautiful asian woman appeared on the screen. She had funky metallic makeup, white stripes in her long black hair and was dressed in a long black rubber coat. ‘Oh, a fetish domme’ Charlotte thought to herself as the woman began her presentation.

“Greetings, my name is Amai. Welcome to New Wave Puritans, the modern day sexual revolution. Together with our partners at CastraTech we offer you a new level of liberation. Technology and social progression has finally allowed us to embrace sexual nullification as the new growing trend. No longer is sexual nullification a taboo, it is the new big thing. Join me as we hear from two members of our community.”

Charlotte poured herself a new full glass of wine from a freshly opened bottle as the video cut to a pretty blonde in a pretty pink tank top and a white miniskirt. “Hi, I am Francine!” The girl had an erotic French accent. “I joined the New Wave Puritans last summer on a holiday. I met a girl in a beach bar and we hit it off. In bed I found out she had such incredible sexual energy and a beautiful smooth pussy. It was incredible. She explained to me about her experience as a clitless woman and how incredible it was to be liberated. I had never been so fucking horny. We spent an amazing week together. Days on the beach, evenings at the bar, nights between each other’s legs. I felt like my orgasms were only holding back our passion, so at the end of our week I gave her a very personal souvenir.“

“On our last night, we used a CastraTech Clitoral and Labial Extripator on me. We then used the PreserveIt kit to cast my former clitoris and labia into this clear plastic. She promised to keep it by her bedside.” The blonde lifted her right leg up on a bench and the camera zoomed in on her exposed bald pussy. Her lips glistened with arousal. She spread her lips with her hand. “I have never felt so sexy. New Wave Puritans have set me free to enjoy my sexuality to the fullest!”

Charlotte looked at the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. It was so smooth, moist and inviting. She imagined just how it would taste, how it would grip on her fingers, how it would feel grinding on her thigh in bed. Francine was nullified, clitless, sexless, but the most sexual thing she had ever seen. She poured herself a new glass of wine as the video cut to another scene.

A pair of women appeared on the screen. A muscular brunette wearing a black leather corset was sat on a heavy dark wooden chair with a riding crop in her hand. Next to her feet on the ground was a naked girl with short dark hair and tattoos on her arms. The girl on the ground rested her head on the other girl’s thigh and gently stroked her shins.

The woman smacked the naked girl on her butt with the riding crop and commanded. “Tell the camera what has been done to your girly parts and why.”

The naked girl looked into the camera and spoke in a British accent. “I love my mistress. I serve her and my girly parts were distracting me. I only want to please her and not myself. I gave my clit and lips to her on the anniversary of our agreement. In exchange she gave me a ChastiLock to wear and keep my pussy shut.” The girl spread her legs and the camera zoomed in. Her outer labia was pierced in four places on each side by golden rings and between her lips there was a golden bar running down the length of her slit. “There was no need for another milker slave so I also wear the ChastiLock nipple shields.” The camera panned to her shapely tits. Her nipples were covered by smooth golden shields.

Charlotte felt her own arousal pounding in her loins as the scene switched back to Amai who spoke with a wide smile.

“CastraTech has such amazing products. Those ChastiLock line of products, they are quite permanent by the way. We are so happy to partner with them. You can see special offers on their current products and exclusive previews on upcoming products on our website. For a full catalog visit CastraTech, link is down in the description.”

“And as a parting gift, I shall leave you with a preview of the CastraTech’s upcoming ChastiLock Clear.” With that, she shed her coat and the camera zoomed in. First, the camera zoomed in on her nice perky tits which had clear plastic shields over her perfectly shaped dark nipples and areola. Through the plastic it was easy to see that the shields were attached to piercings running through her tits behind the areolas. Then the camera zoomed in between her legs where a similar plastic shield was attached over her entire pussy with piercings through her outer labia. There were a few small holes along her slit and droplets of moisture were hanging from the lower ones.

As the screen went to black, the girls were sat in silence. None of them had spoken a word during the video. The first thing Charlotte noticed when she began to come around was Amber’s hand gently caressing her inner thigh and her crotch through her jeans. She looked at Amber who looked at her. Amber’s eyes were full of seduction as she bit her lower lip.

Karla spoke first. “And you are saying… we have all of that and more in our office now? Wow.”

“Yep, in the conference room. Even stuff that isn’t on the market yet.” Amber answered Karla’s question without taking her eyes off Charlotte’s. “So, what did you think?”

“I mean… this is going to sound so weird. And so wrong. But geez, that was hot.” Karla admitted “I mean, I know of some kinky stuff. I am, eh, kind of sometimes into denial play. And edging.”

“Sometimes? Don’t try to lie when your sister is in the room. I’ve seen your browser history. she has a blog about edging and denial.” Codi smirked at her sister.

“HEY! That is so personal! You can’t tell them that!”

Codi chuckled. “Hey, nobody is judging. It is one of my kinks too. I read your blog.”

“This is just so weird. Too weird.” Charlotte was so conflicted.

“Nonsense. I can feel your wetness through your jeans.” Amber cupped one of Charlotte’s breasts, eliciting a surprised moan from her lover “Now grab the rest of the wine and let’s go check out some of our toys.”


quite interesting a start :D


Very good strat, please continue !


I really hope you write more of this, it is very much up my street <3

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