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Here's another one of my stories. Still a new author so please send me any criticisms that you have. And I'd still love to get requests!

Got more Mass Effect stuff coming, but here's Lara getting mauled and raped by a bear to tide you over in the meantime.

Lara Croft: Bear Beware

Once again, the renowned explorer Lara Croft was lost in the wilderness. By this point, she wasn’t even surprised when the plane transporting her over the wild woodlands of the Yukon crash landed in a particularly remote and forested area. In typical fashion, Lara was the lone survivor, the others having perished immediately upon impact. She had a raging fire going and shelter set up within two hours of the crash, and after tending to the bumps and scrapes she had sustained during the crash, she decided she may as well go out and scavenge for food while she still had daylight.

Taking a hastily crafted bow and slinging it around her shoulder, she set off deeper into the woods, hunting whatever game she could find. It didn’t take long for her to spot the potential prey of a lone deer. From a distance she looked as it pranced around in the snow, watching the way it moved, and using that information to guess it’s next move.

Satisfied, Lara knocked her bow, aimed at the deer, and let loose an arrow. But just as she did so, there was a rustling in the bushes, and the largest grizzly bear Lara had ever seen charged at the animal, apparently having chosen the same prey as the British huntress. The arrow whizzed through the air and grazed the behemoth bear, rather than Lara’s intended target. Even if the arrow had struck the beast directly, it was highly unlikely it would do anything other than agitate it, and it was clear the grazing strike had already accomplished that task.

Startled, the deer sprinted to safety. The bear, now both having lost his meal and being cut by an arrow, turned to face the direction of his attacker. Giving Lara a view of the brown beast. She looked at the bear with wide eyes, trying to come up with a plan of action.

It was more than twice the size of a grown man, had claws like sabers, and was covered in scars which represented decades of hunting experience. Lara sighed; There was nothing else she could do. Lacking the time to draw another arrow, she was at the complete mercy of the highly agitated carnivore, and she knew a beast like that would be anything but merciful.

The bear roared, and time seemed to slow as it charged towards Lara at a seemingly impossible speed. Trying to escape was pointless, fighting was pointless, and playing dead would be pointless to a hungry bear. Truly out of options, Lara could do nothing besides embrace her fate. So that is exactly what she did, and she felt surprisingly content to spend her last few moments on earth admiring the beast which would soon be the end of her. She always liked the way bears looked when they hunted, and her warped perception of time allowed her ample opportunity to watch the apex predator in action.

The vapour from it’s hot breath was like smoke, it’s thick layer of fur shook and quaked as the impacts from it’s full sprint charge sent shockwaves throughout its body. Every part of the animal was working in perfect harmony as it barreled towards the adventurer. There was only one part out of place. The massive, red, throbbing cock poking out from under his belly. Lara had never seen a bears dick before, and wished she had come into contact with one under better circumstances. Lara was no stranger to fucking animals in the wild, the nature of her occupation meant that good dick was often hundreds of miles away. But she had never seen anything like this. Even the most dominant of wolves had nothing on the sheer power this bear was exuding. She shuddered with anticipation as the bear closed the last few feet between them.

Several hundred Kilos of apex predator collided with Lara, immediately knocking the wind out of her, and forcing her flat on her back against the snowy forest floor. The last of the charges momentum went into the front right paw of the bear when it stomped on Lara’s left upper arm. The sheer energy of the impact snapped the bone like a twig, and caused a portion to break off and pierce through the skin of her arm. If Lara had the air in her lungs required to scream, or to moan, she would be doing both. The feeling of bone breaking through skin caused the explorer to feel the most pain she ever had before, but also the most pleasure.

Not giving her any time to process the fact that her arm had been rendered completely useless, the bear slashed her face with his knife like claws. Five deep vertical cuts opened up on Lara’s previously unblemished and beautiful face. Each claw had cut down to the bone, and while he was cutting Lara swore she could feel the tips of the claws grinding against the bones in her skull. The damage was immense; Aside from the damage to the tissues of her face and lip, her ear was almost entirely severed, and her right eye had been completely sliced open. Her one remaining eye rolled back in it’s socket as she was hit with another brutal pleasure-pain combination.

Again barely giving her time to process what had happened, the beast raked his claws against Lara’s taught, heavily muscled belly. Slicing through like butter, her guts were exposed to the cold wintry air as a giant wound was opened on her abdomen. This time, the bear did not launch into another attack right away. Instead, he positioned his gargantuan cock over the wound, prodding and poking at the bloody mass of guts with his cock, and dribbling precum into her open body cavity. Lara squirted cuntjuice on inside of her snowpants, the destruction of her body causing her an orgasm despite never touching her pussy

Despite her injuries, she looked down at the bears curious behavior, eagerly awaiting its next move. If that move was what she thought it was, she was more than happy to die that way. Unfortunately for her, the bear and her were not. It’s next move was bending down and clasping it’s muscled jaws around her slender neck, drawing pinpricks of blood as it’s teeth already started to penetrate her skin. As Lara’s final thoughts of disappointment towards not getting to feel that lovely dick flashed through her mind, the bear clenched its teeth, tearing through the soft tissue of her neck like wet tissue paper.

The bear scarfed down the bits of meat he had torn off, staining the fur around his maw a deep maroon red. Turning his attention back to his throbbing penis, the bear continued to prod at the barely contained pile of guts which was once Lara’s belly. Apparently finding a nice deposit of organs which suited him, he rammed himself deep inside, mashing the corpses organs into paste as he battered his cock against the underside of Lara’s ribcage. Every thrust could be seen as it pushed her chest outwards, sending her blood covered breasts bouncing towards the sky as his cock pushed it out from below.

The beast growled and increased it’s pace, each thrust crashing into her ribcage like a battering ram, pushing the limits of what a human skeleton could withstand before it failed. The brutal post mortem bestial belly fucking continued for several hours, the bears stamina unparalleled by anything else in the animal kingdom.The bear let out a roar and continued to pump, even as he ejaculated a huge quantity of viscous cum into bloody mess that was once her abdominal cavity. Panting, he finally pulled his slimy cock out of the corpse, where it continued to drip cum onto the surface of the dead adventurers bare body and clothing.

As a final humiliation, the bear unleashed a torrent of piss on the corpse, marking his territory and blasting away much of the now congealed blood which covered most of her unmoving body. Piss mixed in with the puddle of pureed organs, blood and cum which sat in her sliced open belly. Bladder finally drained, his cock retreated back under the thick layer of fur which covered his underside.

It was now late in the night, and the bear meandered back to its den, pleased at its handiwork. Apparently more horny than hungry, he left the mostly uneaten corpse of Lara Croft behind to be picked apart by small scavengers. At least until the next snowfall buried all evidence of the wildlifes activity.


Heavily inspired/stolen from this gurochan OP gif


Does this mean that you’re willing to take requests for Tomb Raider stuff now? (I want to assume that you would, but I wanna be sure)


oh yeah, send me requests for any series, or just general things you want to see written. No guarantee I'll write them, but there's always a chance!



In that case…keep in mind that these all fall under the category of “consensual-bordering-on-scarily-eager.” And before I get too excited, Standard Boilerplate Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are 18+ because children and guro really shouldn’t mix.

—Lara Croft is eager to donate herself as meat for the tribe of cannibals who are hosting her, even though they’ve made it clear that she doesn’t have to. She’s IS insistent and very persuasive, though.

—Lara is finally able to fulfill her greatest fantasy; being strapped to a guillotine that will drop the blade after she has a set number of orgasms. She has no idea how many it’ll take, but she’s eager to find out!

—It’s not often that a woman such as Lara sets up a livestream where she masturbates as she hangs herself and cums as she goes, but when it does happen…well, it’s not an event anyone who watches is likely to forget.


I love suffocation, expecially if i is during sex. Maybe Laura and a partner infiltrate a party or office building. They have to hide in a small closet. Her partner gets a hardon and makes Laura give him a Blowjob. As voices get closer, he holds her down longer. Eventually Laura suffocates with his cock down her throat.

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