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“Swimmer Problems” By T Vulture

Kami sigh causing her friends to look. They were concerned with the good nature teen who is rarely ever depressed or sad.
“What wrong,” inquire Stacy, a longtime friend she met and befriend Kami at the very first swimming team tryouts.
Looking up from her salad, Kami had been destroying with the fork. “It the last swim meets, we did. I just can’t figure out how I keep coming in last.” Dropping her fork no longer feels like eating. “I just don’t get it,” She continues. “I practice almost every day.”
“Hmm, do you think if I were to…”
“Oh come on Stacy.” Interrupt Brenda before tossing a bit of fried girlmeat into her open mouth. Stacy annoyed waits for the blonde who not on the swimming team to continue. “It her drag that slowing her down,” explains the teen before shoving a few more golden morsels into her mouth.
“My drag?” Ask Kami puzzle on what her best friend meant.
Brenda merely nods, as she swallows the mash up meat down her throat. Reaching for her soda, “It your oversized tits.” Declare the teen before taking a swig.
Turning red at Brenda frankness of her ample chest, “m-my t-tits?” Shudder Kami upset her tits have been drag into the conversation. “How are they causing me drag?” She inquires peering down at the two large lumps. Her D-cups had been and always a sore spot in her mind. She really does not care for them since they are always in the way, and she hates the nickname and jab relating to them.
Placing the now empty can on the table, “You are complaining of always being last places, and you are the only girl on the team with those mountains on your chest. Ergo, they must be causing you drag.”
“B-but Sam t-tits are barely smaller, and she does way better.”
“Ah! But does she ever win.”
“Um, not really,” replies Kami sinking in her chair.
“See that my point. Big tits will only slow you down.”
“Say the girl in a C-cup,” states Stacy upset Brenda is once again teasing Kami.
Brenda glares coldly at Stacy. “It does not matter what size mine are. I’m not on the swim team.”
Knowing her friends will just start to fight, “alright, so it m-my t-tits that causing me to lose. What do you think I should do about it?”
Stacy leaned back in her chair disgusted that Kami is willing to listen. Brenda on the other hand grins at having won the fight. Running a finger along her chin, she thinks on Kami problems. “Hmm, you could tape them, but still leave a lot of drag. It would be wonderful if you could, I don’t know flatten them flat like Kari A-cups.” Her fingers stops, give a quick taps, before she remove her hands. “I got it, she declares. “Why don’t you come by the butcher shop and let my Dad slice them off.”
Stacy groans, but remains quiet it isn’t her chest in trouble. She waits for Kami to outright accuse Brenda ideal as stupid and unreasonable.
After several nerve racking seconds, Kami spoke up. “Won’t that be painful?” She asks while absentminded fondling her amply breast. “And, won’t I die?”
Brenda shakes her hand, “nah, my Dad does it all the time.”
“Really? Your Dad cut off living girls tits?” Scold Stacy finding the blonde statement unbelievable. “And they don’t die?”
Deeply frowning, “We have a special spray on the act like real skin and stop the bleeding. For the smalls cut like tits or fingers. Beside my Dad place is just around the corner of clinic for anything riskier.”
Stacy rubs her side of head to quell the building headache of absurdity of Brenda statements. “Admitted it Brenda, you just want Kami to become your next meal.”
“Well no. I was going to suggest Kami serve her tits to her brother and Dad as a treat.” Retort Brenda upset by the jab. “Look, I’m not going to sit here and be accused.” She growl gathering her thinks before lifting up the tray as she stands. “Kami, it is your choice, if you wanted to win.” With that, she turns and storms out of the food court.
“Good riddance,” growls Stacy under her breath.
“Be nice, Brenda is trying to help.” Say Kami giving her chest curious stares, much to the Stacy disgust.
“Please tell me, you’re not actually thinking slicing off your tits?!”
“I-I don’t know,” replies Kami. “Brenda ideal does have merits. I meant these things do slow me down.”
Stacy bit her lower lip to prevent her from yelling. “Kami, Brenda is not your friend. She a bully that cannot stand you having a bigger cup sizes than her.”
This time it is Kami becoming angry. “Would you stop saying bad things about her?” She scolds, grabbing her tray. “Brenda has been a good friend to me. I know you don’t like her and that fine, but you please stop picking on her?”
“Kami, I am just trying to help you make the right choice.” Declare Stacy puzzle why her friend could not see the class bitch for whose she is.
“I know.” Replies Kami. “See you later.”
Kami stood nervously in line at Joe’s, Brenda Dad, butcher shop. She watches Brenda, dress in a suggestive white apron, grabbing customer order from behind the cold case before ringing them up.
As she got closer to the counter, her attention shifts to the cold case containing girlmeat. Normally she has mixed feelings about the meat. It very good tasting and she really love getting the treats that Brenda cooks for her before the swim meets. Her trouble is, well the meat had once been part of a girl or woman. Not a big issue unless she happens to know the sow beforehand, or in her case recognize the meat from one of the girls at the swimming competition. Lucky that has never happen. Still it makes her uneasy about wandering in to a butcher shop and of course, the other case containing boy, um, parts.
Today, however, her attention focuses on the tits lying neatly in a row. None of them looked familiar, nor did she really care at the movement. Instead she more concern curious on how the meat is harvested from a girl or women. A thought she has been having a lot, ever since Brenda proposes her solution.
The reasons Kami is feeling more nervous than normal. She has been serious thinking about how nice it would be to have a flat chest. Hers has never been on high list of things she likes about herself. In fact, she really hates how it obstructs her view of her crotch and upper legs. A reason why she isn’t too keen on shaving her pubic hairs more than she has to. It another reason she assume boy don’t ask her out.
“Um, hem!”
Kami startle looks up and realizes she next in line. Brenda from behind the counter couldn’t help but laugh.
“So… What can I help you with Miss?” Starts Brenda in her well practices customer service routine. “I see you’re interest in tits, are you wanting from the case, or will you be supplying your own?”
Blushing Kami looks down at her fidgeting fingers. “I-I was j-just interested in how y-your Dad harvest them. Um, y-you don’t think he would explain it?” Cowering under her own words.
Chuckling from Brenda made her look up. “Here why don’t we go asks.” Leaning back to an open door behind the counter, she yells “Hey Karen can you run the counter while I help a customer.”
“Okay just follow me.”
Kami could feel the other customer eye on her back as she walks around the counter. She knows what they are thinking. They wondering how long it before she toss into the cold case. Worse is when she feels their collective stare on her masses tits.
Needing a distraction, Kami looks at her best friends back as she follows to the back. Her glazes follow the smooth teenage skin down to blonde equally bare ass. “OMG, Brenda you’re naked,” she shouts in shock.
“Huh?” Brenda turns to faces the blushing girl. “Oh, yeah.” Her sheepishly reply after noticing Kami, wide eye expressions. “It is easier to show the customer where their cuts come from,” she states matter-of-factly. “Or to help a top heavy girl realize that deep down we are all meat,” she teased.
“B-but, aren’t you worry that a customer won’t mistake you for a meat girl?”
Kami eyes widen further, when Brenda casually pull the bottom of her apron aside revealing a metal grade tag hanging for her lower lips. “It a requirement for working here.”
“Aren’t you worry a customer would buy you?”
Brenda giggle, “nah. Dad is pretty partials to me. A customer has to offer some serious money to buy my ass. If does happen, then I be glad the customer paid for a top dollar for high quality meat.” Dropping her apron back into place, she gestures to Kami to fall her.
Wide eyes and puzzled by her friend boldness, Kami follow in silence reflecting on her friend statements. It seems weird that her friend would be so casual about being someone else's dinner.
“Hey Dad? I got a customer here wanting to know how you harvest tits.”
Kami startle looks up at the imposing man that is Brenda’s dad. She resisted the urge to go “eep” when his stern glazes move to her. Her body shivers as she tries to recall if they ever met before. They must have since her mother shop here all the time, yet the only thing she comes up with his name is Joe.
“Well… Okay… Just stand right there and you watch me to cut the breast off this sow.” He gestures to a headless woman already gut. Just waiting on being reduces to cuts.
“No, no.” Starts Brenda who seems to finds the situation funny. “She interest in live girl harvest.”
Joe looks down at Kami tits straining under her tight shirt. “Hmm, I see…” He then walks further in back before gesturing for them to follow.
He stops in front of a double guillotine. It really didn’t look like the typical one use at the front of the shop, just two holes and heavy mounts above and below attach to two shiny silver rails. Kami not being the most mechanically inclined recognize that it could adjust to a girl, um, chest height. She watches as he slips two plates under a slide connect to each hole.
“So yeah, a girl just stand in behind with her tit in the holes, and I pull the lever.” He then make a chopping motion with his hands. “Quick and easy.” His brief description of the machine in action did not help Kami nervousness. In fact, it made her want to cower behind Brenda even more.
“Dad?!” Shouts Brenda. “I believe Kami is more interest on what happens to the girl.”
He frowns as he thinks. “Well… I take this can and spray her chest. It seals the wound under fake skin. Afterwards she can go home or go get check out at the clinic next door.”
Kami looks at the stray spray can. She had seen it before at tracked or other serious sporty events. Not so much for swimming since being cuts is the least of the swimmer worries. Still she has seen it being used on her brother, and he seems to be fine afterwards.
“Well Kami, you want to stick your dragging inducing tits in the holes?” Tease Brenda clearly enjoying making her friend squirm.
“Um, I-I not really sure about this,” stammer Kami having second thoughts.
“Do you need a demonstration?” Ask Joe glancing down at Brenda tits.
“What? No way am I parting with these.” She hugs her chest tightly. “I am not the one being slow down by her oversized udder.” She snaps glaring at Kami.
Joe looks from Brenda to Kami before shrugging. “Okay… Just let me know when you want them gone.”
Before he got more than a step away, he felt a tug on his shirt peering down he see Kami slender hand tugging on his shirt. “Um, would it be okay if Brenda, um, operates it?” She ask turning red.
“She a little shy,” states Brenda.
Gently he pulls Kami hand off his shirt. Give a nod to Brenda before wandering back to his work.
“Shall we?” Ask a smirking Brenda from behind the guillotine. “Or do you want to lose another race because of your fat tits.”
Kami nervously eyes the frightening guillotine. She really wouldn’t mind losing the extra weight on her back, yet she not really sure if this the way to do it. Or if she should do it all. After all, is there not a reason girls have big chest? For life of her she could not remember the answer, if she had been told.
So engrossed with the machine that she fail to notice Brenda slipping behind her. “Come on, you wanna win the next races.” Purr Brenda over Kami shoulder. “You did come all this way without a bra on, so you must really want to get rid of them.” The blonde adds.
Brenda is right, thinks Kami. I do really want to win. With a slight hesitation, she slips off her shirt, and steps behind the dreaded machine.
Without saying a word Brenda, move to adjust the height. Occasionally peeking at visibly frighten teen chest. “Okay, it your turns,” she declared as they were playing a game of checkers.
Not wanting to disappoint her friend, Kami shaking slips her tits into the gaping holes. She waits as Brenda run a strap behind her back pinning her to devilish device. Alarm at the strap pressing into her skin, “um, this isn’t supposed to hurt, is it?”
Brenda placing a hand on the smooth wooden handle, with a grin she shrugs while pulling the lever.
Before Kami could react, she feels a sharp razor sharp blade slide up through her flesh. The path of travel startles her, like most she naturally assume the blade fall freely from the ceiling. Her eyes widen as her tits wiggle and wobble down onto their respective plates, a second later agonizing pain assault her mind.
Like most people, Kami had cut herself before yet those small cuts never felt like the pain shooting from the gaping hole in her chest. Before she screams, Brenda calmly sprays the fake skin through the holes dulling the pain almost instantly.
“See it didn’t hurt that bad.” Tease Brenda undoing the strap.
“Bloody hell it didn’t!” Shout Kami winching as her lung forcing the air out pulls on the skin around the wounds. “Ooh, that smarts,” she whisper.
Stepping back, she looks down at her ruin chest. “Wow, there is hardly any blood.” She declares unsure if that a good or bad thing.
A click of a camera shutter make Kami look up, to see her friend holding out her phone. “What are you doing?” She shouts before winching once more.
“Taking an after photo, it store policy.” Brenda then tosses Kami her shirt. “Just be safe. After I wrap these up, I walk you go to the clinic.”
Kami smiles happily as watch her friends gently pick up her former tits. She couldn’t help but think that Stacy really has Brenda all wrong.


Taking a break during a sluggish peak before final dinner rush, Brenda smirks at her phone, the latest polls of class sexy girl. Apparently, the accidental leaking of Kami current photo and chest sizes has dropped the “bimbo” down to just above average.
Rolling her eyes at the annoyance of needy customers, Brenda looks up at Susan, Kami mother, swim coach, and awesome cookie baker, meekly smiling at her. This can’t be good, she thinks.
“What can I help you with Miss?” She starts with her finest poker face.
“Actually, you can help me.” Reply Susan calmly. “Could you explain why I just happen to see my daughter very happily walking home with a very flat chest, and one your bags with what I assume are or was her tits?”
Brenda smiles changes to a slight frown, “what she didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“Kami has been wanting to cut them off, something about drag or something causing her to lose all those swimming races.”
Susan expression briefly sours before returning to her smile. “And, you just happen to mention that your father can just make them disappear.”
Hearing the hidden warning in the older women voice, Brenda calmly chuckle internally at how Susan has nothing on her. “Well yes, I mention it to her after she brought it up. If I didn’t who knows where she might have gone. I even made sure got to the clinic safe and sound. And I kindly forgot to ring her up for the charge.”
Susan eyes narrow, “why that is nice of you,” her voice cold with rage.
“Well I always looking at for my friend’s needs.” Replies Brenda making sure her smile is completely neutral. The same smile she uses to win a poker game with the worse hand in history against a pair of aces.
With a reluctant nod, Susan seems to accept Brenda answer. “Well you’re just lucky she happy.” Scold the older women.
“Do you anything else?” Ask Brenda unfazed by the glaring mother.
“Why yes. You wouldn’t happen to have the recipe for those girls bit that my daughter seem quite fond of. The one you made for the last meet.”
With a nod Brenda, reach for her phone. Making sure closed the polls before pulling up the simple recipes, she had been using minus a few special ingredients. “Well of course.” She chimes handing the phone over to Susan.
Susan quickly scans the ingredients looking for something off. Of course, she didn't expect to find anything. Brenda is much too smart, and she thinks Kami got her sweetness from her. “Hmm, is this the complete recipe?”
“Yep. Um, why?”
“Oh, it nothing really, I just happen to feel drowsy when I tried a few during the last swim meet.” Susan shifted her attention to the ever-smiling Brenda. “In fact I was worried that there might be a jerk tampering with the food, so I sent it in for testing.”
The ever-smiling Brenda seem unfazed by her statement. Susan had to admit it was a very good poker face. Except for that minor, flicker in her eyes, and of course the lack of concern revealing how frightened she is of being discovered. Otherwise, Susan would have guessed someone else drug the meet. Unlike Kami, Susan quickly filled in the dots.
“Say you wouldn’t happen to do something special for me, your best friend's mother?
Puzzle Brenda wonder what the silly old women is up to. Does she really think she will calmly spill that she actually been drugging Kami, so the bimbo would believe her stupid excuse and gladly get rid of her tits. Is she that stupid?
“Um, well sure I would. After all you make the best cookies.” She says through her poker faces. “What do you need?”
Brenda tense up when Susan turned to look behind her followed by simple greeting to her father, her longtime friend. She listens, as they chat casually about life, school, and butcher shop nothing to frightening to the teen. Until she felt her Dad, big strong hands on her shoulder, causing her lookup. Her eyes widen as Susan place her order.


Kami feels really happy. Her chest properly and quickly treated by the clinic didn’t hurt one bit. In fact, her back feel really nice with all that dead weight off. Clearly, Brenda had the best ideal. Kind of silly of her to doubt her friend liked she did. She is going to have to think of a good way to thank her for it.
She shifts her attention to her brother, gawking at her now smooth chest. Unlike Brenda, she wearing her usual shirt that now drapes weirdly down her front. Naturally, she assumes he just shock of not seeing her tits. Even her Father made a stun stare once she got home, but quickly stops after she explained it had been her choice.
Oddly her mother, seem rather unfazed when she came in. Actually, she seems rather happy for her. Even state she will cook everyone one of her famous grilled girl burgers using her meat and an extra pairs she just pick up. Highly unusual, since Kami hadn’t mention or text her mother about the decision. Maybe Brenda spilled the beans.
Kami along with brother and father watches as her mother passes out the freshly cook tits burgers. Her mother made sure that her brother and father got her tits while she kept one of tits she bought. The other one must be under the metal dome, which she placed in front of Kami.
“What up with the dome?” She asks curiously study it.
“Why don’t you look before I explain?”
Lifting the dome to reveal a well season filet cooked to the way Kami like her steaks. The more she looks at it, the more it looks familiar. Yet for the life of her, she could not say why.
“Oh wow,” she says looking up at her grinning mother. “What the special occasion? It can’t because of my tits?”
“Hey! Why didn’t I get a filet,” gripes her brother.
“When you decide to park with your manhood, I will buy you a filet.” Declare their mother. Unsurprisingly her brother wisely decides to drop the argument.
Seeing there won’t be any other interruption or complaints, Susan start her afternoon tale. “I stop by Joe’s to get meat for the weekend rump roast. Naturally I saw Brenda, who kindly told me about your recent reduction.” She lifts her hand for Kami to wait until she done speaking. “Naturally she was very happy for you. So move by your decision that she wants you to have her filet, since someone just happens to buy her rump, not a moment after I arrive.”
Kami look down at the filet. So that Brenda pussy, she thinks. It feels weird that she knows whose pussy this belongs to. Weirder knowing it had been her best friends not more than a couple of hours ago.
Picking up the knife and fork, she slowly cut a piece off. Bring it to her mouth before popping it in. She tastes the flavor of the spices her mother use before tasting the meat unique flavor. Brenda was right, her meat is high quality, thinks Kami feeling glad her friend had thought of her at the end.


Wow, nice Story, i like it!


A very nice story! I really liked the setting and mood of things! Though I really recommend you training your English skills more :) I understood what you wanted to say, but there was honestly quite a lot of language mistakes. However the fact that I liked the story a lot despite that tells something of it! ^^


Great story! This is creative with great characters and a great twist. I suggest having a native English speaker edit it and I think it could become a classic.


Love the calm and non-confrontational way the mum got revenge :-D

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