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Erotic Violence

This thread will be for random stories, unrelated to any of my established settings.

Tags will vary, but you can expect the majority of my stories to focus on female victims in their teens, twenties, and early thirties; stories with preteen characters, ten to twelve, will not be common, but they won’t be super rare either. Victims under the age of ten will hardly appear in my stories, and will generally be closer to ten.

Unlike the Office of Termination, these stories will not be casual. You can still expect quite a few consensual stories, but just as many will be non-consensual.

The death of male characters in my stories will be rare, only occuring when the story required. When I do have to snuff a male character, it usually won’t get as much focus or detail as the death of a female character.


Exterminating Angels

Mass-Execution, Teens, Military, Guns, Shooting, Urination, No Sex

The Federal Liberation Army under Commander Burton Wheeler and Commander Ian Montgomery converged on Alston City, formerly Boise, Idaho. Almost nine decades since the Great Plague decimated North America’s population and collapsed the government, the last, and worst, major warlord was defeated: Alston Knight. The entirety of the Kingdom of Aura, covering what was once the Northwest United States, was fanatically devoted to its’ leader, and fought nearly to the last man, woman, and child. When the conflict had ended, the region’s population was reduced less than a tenth. The FLA itself suffered some six million casualties; more than all of the prior conflicts fought in North America combined.

FLA Special Forces were airdropped near the Heaven Palace prior to the Battle of Alston, insuring the capture of the Kingdom’s so-called divine leader. His Elite Force, the Angels of Death, fell, but not without heavy casualties for the FLA. Alston Knight was found in his quarters, with a maid riding his cock. A barrage from a dozen assault rifles shredded the nineteen-year-old perky breasts, before the soldiers apprehended Alston. Six Angels of Death, along with thirteen members of his all-female staff, were also imprisoned.

When the armies under Wheeler and Montgomery reached the Palace, the prisoners were escorted to the courtyard. The Angels, a band of girls, most of whom were not even seventeen, were clad only in short leather skirt, with patches of leather just covering their nipples, held by a thin strand around their necks; yet these girls hardly registered the icy winter air as they stepped outside. The maids, wearing dresses that, while leaving most of their legs and bosom exposed, provided a little more coverage, were shivering the moment they stepped outside. A maid with long black stopped the moment she stepped outside, and tried to push her way back in. The soldier shoved her back out.

“Please, sir. It’s so cold.”

“Keep going.”

Tears flowed from her eyes. “Please. I want to go someplace warm.”

Commander Montgomery pushed his way past the soldier and withdrew his sidearm. Before the maid had time to react, he shoved the barrel of the gun into her cleavage and pulled the trigger three times. Spurts of blood erupted from her back, and she crumpled to the ground.

“If any of you ladies would like to go someplace warm, just let me know so I can send you straight to Hell.”

He stepped over the maid’s twitching body, while the prisoners continued to file out into the courtyard. None of the maids protested beyond shivering and rubbing their arms.

Wheeler emerged from the building, and followed Montgomery to a tall pine tree. A rope of barbed wire hung from the high branches, to a figure wrapped in a velvet curtain. The Angels of Death, who maintained stoic composers since their capture, gasped as two soldiers removed the curtain. The body was badly mutilated, and his skin was caked with blood, but the teens recognized the corpse of their beloved leader. Many of them trembled, and tears streamed down their eyes. Their adolescent brains struggled to understand how the man they were raised was the Second Son of God, who they dedicated their lives to serving, and for whom they committed numerous atrocities, could be killed.

“No!” Screamed one of the Angels. She was the youngest of their order, probably just turned fourteen, with pale skin. Her hair was a sheet of white which flowed to her hips, and some of the FLA troops might have mistaken her for an angel ten years ago. She dropped to her knees and started bawling, while screaming at the top of her lungs. “Our God will strike all of you dead, Alston shall rise again! This I swear! You disgusting heathens will writhe in Hell while the Holy Kingdom is brought to every corner of–”

Wheeler shoved his gun into her mouth and pulled the trigger, blowing her brains out through the top of her head. The Angel fell into Wheeler’s arms, who shoved her to the ground as piss streamed down her legs.

“Line up these murdering whores!”

The troops forced the remaining Angels into a line in front of their dead leader.

“You may fire at will.”

One of the Angels, a sixteen-year-old with short black hair, spoke up as the soldiers aimed.. “May Lord Alston reign for ten thousand years!”

A barrage of gunfire erupted. Within seconds, each Angel’s chest exploded as a barrage of automatic weapons ruined their teenage breasts. The soldiers were careful to avoid their hearts, eager to draw out their suffering as long as possible. They hit the ground, writhing as a pond of blood stained the snow red, gasping for air and spitting blood. A dozen soldiers approached, and aimed their guns on their bare backs. Another barrage shredded their midriffs. Three of the girls stopped moving when the gunfire ceased. The black haired girl and a redhead continued twitching for nearly thirty seconds.

The maids mostly stood silently, with only two sobbing as their former colleagues were gunned down.

“What should we do about the servants?” Montgomery asked.

Wheeler felt a twinge in his throat. He and his fellow soldiers felt no sympathy for the Angels of Death; Wheeler, a man of African descent, enjoyed snuffing them out. The Angels ran the concentration camps where millions of people were exterminated on the basis of their ethnicity or religion. The young maids were simply here on threat of torture and execution. Wheeler was sure they could be rehabilitated, but the higher ups ordered the extermination of everyone close to Alston Knight, lest his cult is given a chance to survive and infect future generation.

“We follow through with our orders.”

Montgomery sighed. “Alright. Line up the women!”

The maids started sobbing as the soldiers forced then into a line against the wall. “Line up and face the wall. Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.”

One of the girls broke off and started running towards the far end of the courtyard. The redhead didn’t make it two meters before six bullets ripped through her back, sending her sprawling.

“Leave her,” Wheeler told a soldier who approached the writhing teen with his gun raised. “Do not struggled and you will get a quick death.”

The maids sobbed and screamed, one even threw up, but they faced the wall as instructed. Twelve soldiers lined up behind them, one soldier per girl, and aimed their rifles at the back of their heads. Eight of them started pissing themselves. The soldiers fired in unison, splattering the wall with blood and brain tissue. The young women collapsed against the wall and slid to the ground, leaving a crimson smear.

Commander Montgomery approached the redheaded maid who tried to run. He grabbed a handful of her bushy hair and forced her to look up at him. She groaned and spat up a mouthful of blood. The Commander placed his gun against her forehead and pulled the trigger. With a crack of thunder, a shade of crimson coated the fiery orange of her hair, as another fountain of blood and brain matter splashed across the snow.

The FLA converted the Palace into a base of operations, and sealed off all entrances to the courtyard. The Angels and their leader were left to rot, as their resting place was forever sealed.


You forget some bayonet to be plunged into the bare belly of some of those teens ;-)


Lesbian Party Massacre

Teens, Gun, Shooting, Pussy Trauma, Debreasting, Breast Mutilation, Torture, Throat Slitting, Bladder Release, Lesbian Sex.

“Oh, fuck!” Steve Parker shouted as he paused his video game, while someone continuously knocked on the door.

“This better be fucking important!” He pulled a silencer pistol from the pouch on the side of his chair and made his way to the door. Hiding the weapon behind his back, he opened the door.

Standing on the other side was a young girl, who celebrated her sixteenth birthday the month prior. Straight black hair fell to her shoulders, and she wore a low-cut white blouse with floral designs and a short black skirt. Steve immediately recognized her as Olivia; daughter of his primary client, and local mob boss, Henry Bailey. She was clutching a thick yellow envelope, and, judging from the scowl on her face, and fierce glare emanating from her bright green eyes, she was pissed.

“I’d like to come in,” she said firmly, almost demanding.

“Uhm… sure,” he stepped aside and allowed her to step over the threshold. Steve backed up to the couch, and carefully dropped the gun behind it; the last thing he needed was Henry thinking he was going to shoot his little girl. He closed the door behind her as she took a seat on the couch. He pulled up a chair and sat opposite of her.

“Now, what are you here for?”

“I know what you do for Daddy.”

Steve started to grab the gun behind his back, before he remembered it was behind the couch. “You do?”

“Yes, I do. He pays you to kill people.”

He wished he hadn’t dropped the gun. Either she was going to extort him for money, as if her dad didn’t give her a big enough allowance, or she was going to blackmail him into fucking her. Normally, the second scenario would have interested him. She was young, curvy, but not at all fat, with a pair of D-cup breasts; he certainly couldn’t deny that his eyes strained to gaze into her exposed cleavage. Unfortunately, this was Henry Bailey’s daughter, and sleeping with her could mean more than losing a client. What she ultimately asked of him, however, took him by surprise, but provided him relief.

“There’s some people I want dead, and I’m willing to pay you to do it for me.” She tossed him the envelope.

He opened it, and dumped the contents into his lap; six thick wads of hundred-dollar bills, three photographs with writing on the back, a sticky note, and a small camera. He picked up the photos, and looked at the information on the back.

“Those bitches rejected me when I asked if I could come to their party, even though I paid for a lot of it.”

The bitches, according to the information on their photos, went by the names of Brianna Swire, Melody Little, and Lana Wong.

“The party is tomorrow night, at Lenora’s place. The address is in the sticky note.”

He looked at the note: 708 Lee Avenue. It was just a few blocks down; it was his closet assignment thus far.

“I want Brianna and Melody to suffer, and their whore bodies ruined. Fuck up their tits and pussies.”

“And the other girl?”

“Lana has been kind to me, and she did stand up for me when the other girls rejected me. Still, she agreed to exclude me from her party. I want her to die, but give her a quicker death.”

Steven looked at the wads of cash and nodded. “Now, is there going to be anyone else at this party? Surely it’s not just three people.”

“Uh, well… it’s supposed to be more of a slumber party. They weren’t planning to invite too many people. If you do have to kill anyone else, I’ll pay an extra five grand per body.”

“Hmm. That’s reasonable.”

“Now, that’s only for kills you make on the assignment. Don’t try to massacre the whole block just to become a millionaire,” she said, laughing.

Steve smiled and raised his hands. “Wouldn’t dream of it. I’ll just stick to extra kills at 708 Lee Avenue.”

“Good.” She beamed. “Necessary kills only!”

“You’re quite the professional young woman. I assume the camera is to make sure of that?”

“The camera is so I can masturbate to the images of their dead bodies,” she replied flatly.

Perhaps not so professional, after all, he thought to himself; then again, she was her father’s girl.

“Now, that cash is half of what I intend to pay you for this, not including any extra kills. You will get the rest after the deed is done.”

He looked over at the money again, and nodded. “Alright, we got a deal.”

Olivia jumped up and threw her arms around Steve, pressing her generous cleavage against his face. “Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!”

He nervously embraced her, placing his hands on her lower back. She grabbed his right arm and nudged it ever so slightly, until his palm gripped her teenage ass through the fabric of her skirt.

Olivia leaned until her lips were on top of his right ear. “I might have an extra bonus for you after work.” She kissed him on the forehead, briefly letting her tits hang down before his eyes, and, as she clearly didn’t wear a bra, gave him a quick peak of her pink areolas. She ran out the front door, skirt fluttering in the breeze as she opened the door, and he sat in his chair for several minutes after she was gone.

The first half of the payment was enormous; the cash he dumped from the envelope was two-hundred and fifty grand. Either she had no idea that his prices were usually three grand per target, or she really wanted those girls dead. Steve has assassinated local politicians for less than what he was being paid to crash a high school sleepover.

“Geez. If I’m throwing a party and this bitch wants to come, I’m going to fucking let her.”

Steve counted and recounted the cash a dozen times, even though he knew he counted it right the first time. “Glad I didn’t shoot her…”

Multiple people knocking on the front door simultaneously told Krista that the band of twerps, as she referred to Lana’s friends, had arrived.

“Lana! Your friends are here,” she shouted as she applied her lipstick.

After a few seconds, they knocked again.

“Lana!” She shouted again, louder.

They knocked again moments later.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” She stormed out of the bathroom, knocked hard on the wall as she rushed down the hallway, and thrust open the front door so hard it made a noticeable dent when the knob hit the wall. In the doorway, each clutching two boxes of pizza, stood four teenage girls; all of them stared silently, with shocked expressions on their faces.

“Nice top, Kristi.” Melody said after a minute, and started snickering.

At least, she thought Melody said it. A pair of slim black girls, straight brown hair to their shoulders, stood among the visitors. They even wore matching purple tank tops, lavender miniskirts, and blue flip-flops. Even their tits, perky b-cups, were identical.

“Kristi, really?”

Her sister, Lana, was standing there in the living room, in her usual dark red hoodie, and chestnut brown butterfly glasses. Her sleek, jet-black, hair draped over her shoulders, and nearly touched her hips. Like her friends, she stared at Kristi with the same dumbfound expression, and slightly cringed her chocolate brown almond-shaped eyes.

“I was just trying to let you know that your friends arrived for your sex party.”

“It’s not a sex party. It’s a coming out party.”

Kristi rolled her eyes. “You and I both know that it’s about time you got laid. It wouldn’t be a coming out party if you don’t at least kiss one girl.”

Lana’s face went red. “That’s not the issue right now,” she covered her mouth and started giggling, “your top–”

“What about my…,” Kristi groped her exposed bosom and realized she had no top, and only a pair of black latex panties and a white towel wrapped around her stomach covered her body. “Get in, hurry!”

The girls rushed in through the door, and Kristi hurriedly closed it as the last girl filed in.

Kristi turned to the black girls. “Are you two–”

“Twins? Yes,” they both replied in unison.

“You know me,” one of them, who Kristi assumed was Melody, replied, “and this is my sister, Cynthia.”

“Hi!” Cynthia waved. “So, uh, do you always answer the door topless?”

“Only when my sister won’t answer the door when I’m trying to get dressed.”

“Well, I certainly like it.” Brianna replied. “I’m tempted to invite you to Lana’s ‘coming out’ party.” She licked her lips as her eyes scanned Kristi’s huge breasts and voluptuous Asian body.

Brianna, the oldest of the group, at seventeen, was a petite girl with large breasts. Her hair, dyed a dozen shades of pink, normally curly, was braided into a ponytail which fell to her waist. She wore an all-pink outfit; cropped t-shirt, short shorts, running shoes, and knee-high socks.

“I’m flattered. If you girls were just a few years older, I might be tempted.”

“We wouldn’t snitch,” said a girl whom Kristi didn’t know. The girl worked out, Kristi judged by her toned legs and stomach. Wavy red hair washed over her shoulders, and baby blue eyes peered out from a lightly freckled face. She sported a cropped turquoise shirt, blue jean shorts which barely concealed her firm ass cheeks, and black leather boots. “I’m Daisy, by the way,” she said, noticing Kristi’s confused gaze.

“Ah. So, where’s Knifecess?”

“Huh?” Brianna asked.

“She means Olivia–”

“–Yeah, as in the Knife Princess. You know, because she’s always drawing knives?”

“Oh,” Brianna said, snickering, “yeah. She won’t be here tonight.”

“She’s visiting her grandma.”

“Good,” Kristi smiled as she replied, “I’d rather not have to sleep with one eye open.”

Lana was the only girl who didn’t laugh.

“You know, she’s not all that bad.”

“We all know you only like her because she’s rich.”

Lana scoffed. “I don’t… that’s not…”

“Admit it. Why else? Well, I mean, she is kinda hot.”

“Super hot,” Melody piped up.

“She’s so hot, but she’s also so going to become a serial killer.”

Kristi gripped her sister’s shoulders. “You know that’s true. Don’t think I’m flirting with you, but you’re fucking hot too. You don’t have to settle for psycho.” She turned Lana around and shoved her towards her friends. “Here’s a few hotties that won’t disembowel you for an art project or something.”

“I guess,” Lana replied and headed towards her room.

“So, Kristi” Melody said, seductively twirling a strand of hair with, “you sure you don’t want to come to our party?”

“You’re only four years older than me,” Brianna said, licking her lips, “and we promise not to tell.”

“Like I said, I’m flattered, but even I wouldn’t take that risk. Besides, I’m going to have a guy over later this evening. Come visit me on your eighteenth birthday, then we’ll talk.”

“It’s a date, then?” Brianna winked.

“It’s a date,” Kristi replied, winking back. “For now, go have fun with my sister.”

“Will do.”

The girls followed Lana to her room.

“Finally, I’m getting tired of holding these pizzas.”

They filed into the room and shut the door behind them.

A few moments later, a chorus of shouting erupted from the bedroom, as the four guests yelled “Super Awesome Lesbian Sleepover!” at the top of their lungs.

Kristi laughed as she plopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote. The towel slipped from her waist, reminding Kristi that her tits were still out. She shrugged her shoulders. “He won’t be here until eleven.”

She sifted through the channels, until she got bored and ordered a porno from one of the pay-per-view channels. She slipped her fingers into her panties and started rubbing her pussy. As a blonde dude plowed a Mexican babe on the TV, Kristi slowly fingered herself, until she climaxed. Bliss spread from her groin to her extremities. Kristi removed her drenched fingers, and drifted off to sleep in the afterglow.

Kristi jolted from her sleep at the sound of someone tapping loudly and firmly on the front door. It was dark out, and the only light in the living room came from the TV; her porno went off awhile ago, with a message box asking if she wanted to restart the film. She had no idea if it was late in the evening, early in the morning, or even what day it was. Another series of knocks emanated from the front door, and she remembered that the guy from Canada was supposed to be here. She immediately scrambled to her feet, shut off the TV, and opened the front door.

A tall and muscular man with short black hair stood in the doorway. His outfit was a black leather jacket, opened, over a black shirt, with black dress pants, and black boots. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped mid-breath, as if something drained the air from his lungs.

“I-uhm-hi,” he said.

Kristi smacked herself in the face when she realized she once again forgot to put on a shirt.

“Sorry John! I’m so sorry! I got sidetracked earlier and fell asleep. Please don’t think poorly of me, I promise I don’t answer the door like this every day.”

The man laughed heartily. “It doesn’t bother me, ma’am. I was just surprised. Can I come in?”

She looked around for the towel, then shrugged. “Ah, what the hell. You’ve already seen them, and I was going to show ’em to you before the night was up, anyways. Go ahead and come in. Oh, and don’t call me ma’am, just Kristi. I’m not old yet.”

He stepped over the threshold and closed the door as she turned on the lights.

“So, this is what you look like,” she said, smiling.

“This is what I look like. Disappointed?”

“Not at all,” she said as she reached up and kissed him on the lips, while feeling his rock hard abs through the flimsy shirt. “I like what I see. Do you?”

He smiled. “I love what I see.”

“Well, since I fell asleep, I forgot about food. I’ll order some pizza.”

She left the living room and reappeared with her phone to her ear.

“Two, no, three supreme pizzas and one meat lover’s, two orders of bread sticks, and a box of those brownies. No, I have drinks. Thank you.”

She put the phone down and turned to John, who was reaching for something in his jacket. “They’ll probably be about thirty or forty minutes. Why don’t we go ahead and fuck to pass the time?”

He scratched his chest, and pulled his hand out. “Sure, I’d love to.” He removed the jacket and tossed it down on the couch, then his shirt.

Kristi jumped and latched onto him, legs wrapped tightly around his hips, as she kissed him. John spun around gently, while kissing her back, then deposited her on the couch. He unfastened his belt, and she pulled his pants down.

“Woah,” she squeaked as his erect member sprang out and bumped her nose. She opened her mouth and took the entire shaft down her throat, and moved her head back and forth, slurping.

John caressed her hair and face as she noisily sucked his cock. He slowly moved his hips in concordance with her lips; as he edged closer to cumming, he grunted, and thrust his hips harder. When he came, Kristi swallowed every last centimeter of his cock, and gagged as he sprayed sticky semen down her throat. She pulled back after the last squirt slimed down her esophagus. She gasped hard as she took in air and licked her lips, then stood up. John kissed Kristi as she pulled her panties down to her ankles and threw them away. She plopped down, legs spread, as John fell after her. She wrapped her arms around him tightly as his throbbing dick speared her tight Asian cunt. They held each other tightly as he fucked her like a jackrabbit, pounding her pelvis with his; she moaned, and grunted loudly with each thrust. He loosened his right arm. Intense blissfulness enveloped her, and she didn’t notice him grabbing something from the jacket next to them. Her eyes, clenched shut, didn’t see him holding the silenced 9mm pistol mere centimeters from her thigh. She only focused on the orgasm unraveling, the tsunami of bliss that washed over her, and the semen pumping from his pulsating dick deep into her womb.

John pulled out as Kristi threw her head back, gasping for air, her busty chest rising and falling. She reached up to John’s left ear. “I… love you,” she whispered.

He placed his lips to her ear and whispered rapidly, “I’m not actually John. I’m a hired assassin sent to kill Lana and her friends.”

He allowed her a few seconds to process what he said, and register the cool barrel pressed against the bottom of her chin, then pulled the trigger three times. He stood up as she slumped back in her seat, blood gushing down her neck and cheeks, and piss flowing from her urethra.

Steve just put his clothes back on when there was another knock at the door. He sighed and opened it.

A petite girl in her mid-twenties stood in the doorway, carrying three boxes of pizza and three smaller boxes, which he was sure contained bread sticks and brownies. She smiled. “Your total is $48.97, sir.”

“Just put it in the kitchen,” he said, reaching into his jacket.

“Sorry sir, but company policy forbids me from entering the customer’s home.”

Steve scowled and grabbed her by the arm. She screamed as he pulled her through the doorway and threw her into the living room, causing the contents of her arms to spill out onto the floor. “When I tell you to get in here, fucking do it,” he shouted as he slammed the door shut.

The delivery girl just managed to pull herself up when Steve drew the gun and fired six rounds into her perky breasts. As she staggered back, he put four rounds into her stomach. As she laid against the wall, clutching her bleeding stomach, he approached her slowly.

“Please, help me,” she groaned, glaring as he aimed the gun. He placed the gun squarely between her eyes and pulled the trigger. He watched the wet spot form in the crotch of her red pants with glee, and pool into a puddle between her legs.

He placed the gun on the floor and crouched down. He first removed the red ‘Pizza Palace’ hat, letting her dark-brown hair fall to her shoulders. Then he lifted her red and blue uniform shirt over her head, tossing it aside. He removed her white bra, and watched as her perky C-cups plopped out. Finally, he grabbed her hips, and pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles. He gently caressed and kissed her beautiful ruined body.

After a few minutes, Steve left the naked corpse, and made his way down the hall, drawn by the sounds of moaning.

Lana entered the room followed by her friends.

“Where should we put these?” Daisy asked, holding out the pizza.

“Here,” she replied, pointing to the top of her dresser.

The girls placed two stacks of pizza boxes on the dresser, leaving one to the side. Lana opened the closet, revealing a miniature refrigerator, from which she pulled three two liters of soda and a six pack of beer. After grabbing a stack of cups from her shelf, she placed it all next to the pizza.

“Super Awesome Lesbian Sleepover!” Brianna, Melody, Cynthia, and Daisy shouted in unison, while kicking off their shoes. Melody and Cynthia removed their shirts, tossing them to the floor, exposing their breasts. Brianna removed her shorts, and sat on the floor in her pink shirt and panties. When Daisy realized Lana didn’t care, she removed her top, revealing a pink satin bra.

“Are you going to lose any clothes?” Daisy asked, looking at Lana.

“Actually,” she replied, and lifted the bottom of her hoodie, revealing her puffy hairless twat. She grinned as her friends nodded in approval.

“She might seem innocent, but she never wears panties,” Brianna said.

“Or bottoms when my parents are gone,” Lana added.

Lana grabbed a beer and a few slices of pizza, then sat on the bed with her legs spread.

The girls helped themselves to pizza, beer, and soda. They sat around gossiping and making jokes as they scarfed down the food and drink for over an hour.

“So,” Lana said, finally, “you guys think Olivia’s going to be too upset?”

“I wouldn’t be terribly upset Lana. She is so creepy,” Brianna replied.

“I know she’s probably your oldest friend, but you gotta be at least a little worried about some of the things she says. We don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I know she seems dangerous, but I get the impression that she’s just acting out to get attention.”

“It’s more than that. She also has a short temper. How many times has she threatened your life for something petty?”

“She wasn’t being serious.”

“Felicia Cross would disagree. Olivia put her new kitten in a blender because Felicia wore a shirt with her least favorite cartoon character on it,” responded Daisy.

Lana didn’t reply, and just sat, nibbling on her pizza and taking small sips of beer.

Brianna caressed Lana’s face, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes. “The only thing you need to worry about tonight is your cusping womanhood.” Brianna leaned forward and kissed Lana on the lips. “What do you say?”

“Yeah,” Melody shouted, “I’ve been wondering when we’re going to start making out.”

Cynthia threw her arms around her sister, pulled her towards herself, and kissed her. Melody kissed back, locked lips with her. Their tongues danced and the two girls rolled on the floor.

Lana chuckled at this. “Do you two actually make out.”

“Uh huh,” Melody said, breaking off from Cynthia.

“Don’t worry, we’re willing to share with you.”

Melody got up and walked over to Lana. She leaned forward and kissed her deeply. Cynthia shoved her out of the way, and kissed Lana herself.

After Cynthia broke off, Lana noticed Daisy snickering at the edge of the bed.

“Well, are you going to join in?” Lana asked.

“Oh, why the hell not?” Daisy jumped on the bed, threw her arms around Lana, and the two girls kissed each other deeply. The other three whistled and giggled as Lana and Daisy made out.

“Hold on!” Lana said, and shoved Daisy off. Daisy whimpered, but Lana ignored her, as she raised the hoodie. A plump set of F-cup tits plopped out as the hoodie was lifted over Lana’s head and tossed across the room.

“That’s better,” Daisy replied as she removed her bra. She fell back down on Lana, and the two locked lips again.

Melody and Cynthia nodded at each other, lifted each other’s skirts, and removed a pair of white nylon panties. Cynthia laid on the floor while Melody ducked beneath her skirt and started eating her pussy.

Brianna removed her shirt and panties, throwing them into the growing pile of clothes. She briefly wondered when they’d have to figure out what belongs to who, but shrugged and climbed onto Lana, pushing Daisy aside. Lana grabbed Brianna and pulled her in, kissing her deeply. Daisy pushed her aside, and Lana started taking turns french kissing both of them. Lana crooned back as they kissed her delicate neck, moving further down to her chest; Brianna on the right, Daisy on the left, their lips enveloped Lana’s areolas, as their tongues danced around her hard nipples.

Cynthia was breathing heavily and moaning loudly as Melody brought her to orgasm. Melody emerged moments later, her lips soaked with her sister’s cum. Cynthia shoved her back and went between her legs, and soon returned the favor.

Daisy moved further down Lana’s body, kissing her flat belly, moving a centimeter closer to her crotch every second. Brianna turned around, placing her coin slot pussy in Lana’s face, while lowering her face towards Lana’s crotch. Daisy reached her pussy first, kissing her plump labia while inserting her tongue into her hole, and caused Lana to gasp. Brianna, content with softly kissing and licking her stomach, gasped moments later as Lana’s tongue began licking her pussy. Both girls were soon moaning with Melody. Melody reached orgasm moments later, and sprayed her pussy juices onto her sister’s face, which Cynthia loudly slurped up with her tongue. The sisters laid in the other’s arms, gently kissing. Lana and Brianna orgasmed mere seconds apart, clenching their thighs as they came. Brianna collapsed onto the bed next to Lana, and Daisy slid off onto the floor, her face soaked.

“So, who’s getting me?” Daisy said as she shoved her shorts off, revealing her shaved pussy, and laid on the floor.

“I will!” Melody shouted, and laid down, face between Daisy’s legs. Her tongue greedily lapped the redhead’s pussy.

“My turn for a taste,” Brianna said as she crawled over to Lana’s crotch and started eating her out.

As Lana and Daisy filled the room with their moans, Cynthia plopped down next to Lana and wrapped an arm around her. “So, you ever fingered a girl?” She asked.

“Nope,” Lana said, as she leaned over and kissed Cynthia on the lips. “Not yet, anyways.” Lana’s hand ran down Cynthia’s chest and stomach and underneath the top of her skirt. Cynthia’s moans added to the erotic chorus as Lana’s fingers found her clit.

In the excitement, none of the girls heard the door opening. Lana was the first to see the man entering her room; before she could scream, six bullets ripped through her breasts. An intense burning agony rippled outward from her blood-gushing breasts for a few seconds, before a bullet struck her in the center of the forehead and ricocheted inside of her skull, ripping holes in her brain. Brianna’s mind didn’t register until a stream of piss splashed her face, and she backed away, screaming.

Steve moved quickly. He fired two rounds into Daisy’s chest; her heart exploded in her chest. She gave a few raspy groans, then twitched for a few moments, before going still. Meanwhile, the assassin put three rounds into Cynthia’s crotch, two in the back of Brianna’s thigh, and three into the back of Melody’s knee.

As he reloaded the gun, their agonizing screams filled the room. Cynthia and Brianna slid off the bed, while Melody rolled away from Daisy as she pissed herself.

“You three ladies should consider yourselves lucky. You get to live a little bit longer because my client wants you to suffer a little.”

Brianna looked at him, tears soaking her contorted face. “Why are you doing this? We never did anything to you?”

“I thought I was clear; somebody paid me to do this.”

He aimed his weapon; Brianna pissed herself, and clenched her eyes. She screamed as six bullets shredded her womanhood, and another ten tore holes in her big tits. Raspy sounds emanated from her lips as she tried to draw breath, and blood came up through her mouth as she coughed.

“Please,” Cynthia screamed as she tried to pull herself back onto the bed, “Don’t do this to us. This hurts! Make it stop!”

“Well, I could if I knew which one of you was Melody, as her and Brianna are the only ones my client wants to suffer.”

Melody raised her hand. “I’m Melody.”

“Thanks for the clarification,” he said as he put a single round between Cynthia’s eyes.

“No!” Melody screamed as her sister thudded to the floor behind Lana’s bed.

Steve lifted Melody’s skirt and aimed the gun directly at her crotch. She squirmed as eight rounds blasted her cunt into a fountain of blood. He lowered her skirt and sent the remaining five rounds into her right breast.

He holstered the gun into his jacket, and pulled out a large hunting knife. Melody tried fruitlessly to push his arm away, as he reached out and grabbed her left nipple, and pulled it as far as it would go. He placed the blade against the base of her breast, and listened to her piercing screams as he sliced her tit right off. He stopped when her breast was only held by a few thin strips of flesh. Steve pushed down on her forehead, as he lined the blade with her neck. With a quick movement, her screams ceased as he cut a gash into her throat, severing her jugular and airway. Her mouth moved soundlessly for a few seconds, while her body thrashed wildly. Her eyes drooped as her movements died down, and he watched until she was merely twitching.

Steve turned to see Brianna still twitching. Tired, he drew his gun and reloaded it. He fired fifteen rounds into her face, ending her suffering, and her attractiveness.

Once more Steve holstered the gun, and pulled out the camera she gave him. He spend the next hour taking pictures of every dead girl in the house, only stopping to dine on their pizza and soda.

A knock on the front door startled his necro photography. He grunted in frustration as he rushed into the living room and opened the door. A man in his twenties, blonde, skinny, wearing a black tuxedo, stood in the doorway. He held a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

“What do you want?”

“Does Lana Wong live here?” He asked, craning his neck to peer into the house.

“Yeah. She’s right here,” he replied, gesturing for the man to come in.

He nervously walked over the threshold, and Steve closed the door. The man shouted as he saw the two dead women, seconds before Steve shot him in the back of the head. Steve snapped a few photos of the new body, and sighed as he finished his work.

The following night, Steve was in bed, naked. Next to him was the naked form of Olivia Bailey, with his cum still dripping from her teenage cunt. A large envelope, brimming with money, sat on the edge of his bed.

“By the way, aren’t you kinda worried about forensics finding your sperm in Kristi’s body?”

“Nah. Your dad has some connections that helps the evidence disappear. It’s not unusual for me to fuck some of the women I end up killing.”

Olivia laughed and kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back.

“How long are you planning to stay?” He asked.

“Just tonight. Tomorrow’s a school night, and I can’t wait to hear the gossip Monday. Plus, Lana’s parents come home tomorrow, so maybe I’ll see something about it on the news. I’m surprised they didn’t someone to investigate that pizza lady.”

“I’m surprised myself. It was probably the last delivery of her shift. On an unrelated note, did you know what they were going to be doing at that party?”

“Well, it was a Lesbian Sleepover, as they called it, so I’m sure they were planning to make out.”

Steve laughed. “And that’s exactly what they were doing when I arrived.”

“Ha! Wish I had the skills to have killed them myself, I bet it was hot.”

“Well, you could come with me the next time.”

“Better idea! You train me to be an expert killer, just like you.”

Steve scratched his chin for a few seconds. “How much you willing to pay?”

“How does ten grand a session sound?”

He smiled. “That would be perfect.”

“Good, I look forward to my first lesson.”

Steve and Olivia eventually dozed off, and slept well into the afternoon. By the time they awoke, Michael and Mei Wong already returned home to find the gruesome scene left by the budding sociopath’s new lover. Steve woke Olivia to the evening news, and they fucked while watching it.

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