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Casey was waiting for his train at the metro station on his way home from his minimum-wage job. The young man was trying to make ends meet while living in the city.

He felt the cool wind come from down the tunnel as a train approached. He saw the symbol at the top - not his line. The train slowed down as it pulled into the station to let off its passengers.

As the doors opened, he heard the sound of giggling coming from inside one of the cars - and out stepped an absolutely stunning young lady. The clacks from the 5-inch heels on her dark plum ankle-high boots stepping onto the platform echoed over her and her friends' giggles.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay going home by yourself?" asked one of her friends still on the train.

"I'll be fiiine! You girls get home safe!" responded the dirty blonde beauty standing on the platform.

The girls gave their goodbyes as the doors shut and the train departed the station, leaving the beautiful blonde broad behind. And after a number of passengers had boarded and exited the train and left the station, she was all alone except for Casey at the other end of the platform.

He couldn't help but stare. The girl checked off all his boxes.

She had long, straight dirty blonde hair that she wore back in a luxuriant French twist. A few loose strands stuck out of the bun - a clear sign she had been out on the town for the past few hours.

She couldn't have been older than her early 20s - yet had the radiance of a movie star on the red carpet. She wore a short black dress over her slim body that contrasted and complemented her light skin. The dress had short sleeves that were partially transparent, revealing her upper arms underneath - as well having similar transparent spots across the less sensitive parts of her torso (although some rather large patches of her tight ass cheeks were visible). The contrast of the black hem of the dress against her pale upper thighs was particularly captivating. And GOD her legs! So limber and lean, and perfectly sculpted.

Just as he was gawking at her legs, she looked over at Casey, and he instinctively looked up and made eye contact with the beauty. And as he stared into her deep brown, big doe eyes, he immediately became infatuated. She was literally the girl of his dreams.

While it was a bit of an awkward moment, the girl nevertheless didn't seem to pay much mind to Casey's staring, and even gave him a flirty smile. Casey couldn't believe his luck.

Although a bit shy, Casey wasn't unaware that he was rather handsome for a young man his age (which was around roughly the same as the young dame's). Did he have a shot with this beautiful young creature?

He smiled back, and in response then she giggled and crossed one leg in front of the other, balancing between her heel on one foot and her toe on the other - giving off a sexy little pose for him to take a mental snapshot of. And Casey sure did - in extreme detail.

He pictured every curve of her body. He fantasized her slowly stripping off that short yet elegant black dress - and revealing her bare naked body underneath, except for those sexy ankle boots. And as he did, a cool feeling permeated his body. He fantasized her shoving her warm, naked body up against his. And as he did, the cold feeling increased in intensity - probably just nerves. He fantasized her perfect legs wrapping around him as they passionately made love. And as he did, the coldness became extremely intense - as if a block of ice was forming inside of his brain.

But before he could fantasize or analyze this odd feeling any further, Casey was rudely awakened by the very loud blaring of a train horn as it zoomed into the station without signs of slowing.

And as Casey was ripped out of his fantasy, he could feel the coldness exploding off out of his mind and body - right in the direction of the young girl.

Casey was helpless to do anything as he witnessed the impossible happen to her.

As she stood there in her flirty, cross-legged pose smiling at Casey, the young lady suddenly felt very chilly. The air that wrapped around her body supercooled to almost absolute zero. And while she still wore her smile, the experience for the poor young lady was extremely painful as her skin, blood, and bones all froze solid as every molecule of water inside of her body crystallized into ice - starting from the outside on her face and skin and then moving deeper inside. She tried to gasp, but all she could do was inhale a fraction of a breath before the water vapor inside the breath solidified into ice inside, piercing the walls of her lungs and freezing her entire pulmonary system solid from the inside out. Her bare arms and perfect legs all turned a deep blue as they chilled. Her lips froze, smile icing over in a flash, her big doe eyes speckling with crystalline frost before she could even blink. Her dirty blonde hair in the sexy French twist froze over solid into a bluish-white - individual strands fusing together. She didn't even have a chance to get goosebumps before she became a frozen statue. Fortunately, the experience was rather quick, and her life functions totally ceased within seconds of being blasted with the cryokinetic energy.

As the automated maintenance train zoomed thru the station, Casey could not believe what just happened. The girl of his dreams now stood completely frozen on the edge of the platform, resembling a perfectly carved ice sculpture. Her black dress and plum boots remained unfrozen, although the dress clung even tighter than before to her iced body, and even started hardening a bit as it chilled and became even more transparent.

What Casey didn't realize was that he was actually from a rare breed of human mutants - and he was just coming into age where he could begin harnessing his cryokinetic powers. This unfortunate incident would be his first-ever use of his powers and realization that he was something more than just a normal human being - and this girl was an unlucky victim.

He thought about what to do. If he got her out of this station, maybe he could save her somehow! However he did not have time to think much further on that, as due to her precarious yet flirty pose, the statue of the frozen girl started tipping over. Directly in the path of the oncoming train.

Casey was frozen in shock as he witnessed her perfect, smiling figure tumble forward down onto the tracks. But right around the time she was parallel with the platform, the train SMASHED into her frozen body.

As the statue shattered in thousands of pieces ahead of the train - completely obliterating her beautiful body and gorgeous face (smile totally smashed apart and big doe eyes disintegrated) - Casey could only make out her lower legs cracking apart - a few shards of them flying further down the platform. Her boots and the frozen feet inside - being the pivot point of the fall - remained safe on top of the platform, although the force of the impact slid them a few feet away from each other before they came to a rest, secure from the train as it zoomed out of the station.

Casey stood frozen for a few more seconds. He looked down the track, and saw there was virtually no sign of most of the poor young lady's body as the train had completely pulverized it. All he could make out were a few sparkles here and there.

The only remains of the poor girl were up on the platform - a couple of small pieces of her lower legs, and her sexy plum ankle boots with her frozen blue feet inside.

Casey looked around the station - empty. And leaving the poor girl's remains where they lay (for someone to eventually find) he made a quick exit out of the station. He could always just get a cab home.

He would not be forgetting this night anytime soon.


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