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Not sure if this is supposed to be here or in /req/, but I'm wondering if anyone has advice for searching for this particular fetish on /lit/? Tags don't seem to help and I keep getting "query too broad" on the lit search. Specifically a knife to the pussy, but really any kind of torture, gutting, bisecting…anything that starts between the legs.

Or if anyone has links or suggested authors I should look up. Thanks!



Look up "Pussy Shooter". He's a great advocate of cuntbusting and has a lot of stuff linked to his name.

That being said, wtf? Why doesn't stuff come up for my name?! Rude!


Also, here is so i'm something I wrote.


Also, let me know if you'd like anything written for you. I'm happy to do cuntbusting requests in the area of your interest.


Wow! Great story, and I'm a HUGE fan of your work. Actually I have a folder of it saved.

I do photo manipulations along this same theme. I posted a bunch a while back here:
but the response I got back was that no photos are allowed on Gurochan, which I can understand.

My particular interest lies in semi-consensual stuff. Girls who don't want to do it, but let it happen due to family obligation, money, etc.

I see you have another thread Taking Cuntbusting Story Requests, I'll keep following that and would love anything you come up with!



I'm so flattered! But honestly the pleasure is mine. I am very happy you enjoy my hobby.
I'm no longer doing SFM, but feel free to email me to chat. There are a few really good artists that have popped up that are amazing in the extreme CB scene. I'd enjoy sharing notes. :)


Monk from dolcettish?

Your thread is awesomesauce.

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