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First of four parts. If I don't receive actual hate mail that it stinks I'll definitely finish this. I'd love some feedback.

Field Diary: Captain Yuri Watanabe. Commander of the [REDACTED].

Date: July 9th, 2033. (Height of the European Union's annexation of the England and Wales campaign.)

I love being a Captain. I just do. I love ordering these young men and women to their graves. They come to the front from all over the country, full of spunk, and I make sure I watch as many as possible when they die. As I throw them at inefficient plans designed to get me my victory at high costs.

But today was special. Today, the revised martial punishment treaty was ratified. As of today, I had the authority to execute any of my subordinates, and all I had to do was fill in a single form per soldier.

So, I ordered the sergeants to each line up their unit's weakest. 20 people in total. 12 women, 8 men. I had them stripped, cuffed, and lined up in front of my tent.

I asked them to make sure everyone was present, because they needed to see why they should follow my orders. They needed to see the real me.

So I emerged wearing my holster, my boots, and my rank insignia piercings through my left nipple. Some of the privates gawked a bit at my choice of attire, but their respective NCOs showed enough fear that they got the message.

I walked past the damned score, and faced the 190 remaining soldiers and officers.

"Some of you have been talking about me. Saying I'm a coward, and I get off on violence. You're right about one of those things. I have had the sergeants line up who they thought was the least fit among you, and I will be culling my herd! If any of you wish to object to this, do so now, and it will be noted in my report on all twenty one people I kill today."

As I said that, I made eye contact with my Lieutenant. The fucker was nothing if not predictable, and sure enough he stepped forward.

I drew my pistol, and positioned myself behind the first one in line. A cute blonde who was shaking something fierce.

"Captain. I will not allow you to kill our soldiers for kicks. I thought-"


The bullet went clean through her head, and out her chin. She twitched a little, and fell over to the left, clean into the lap of the guy on her right.

"Your objections have been noted." I told him, before turning the gun on him and shooting him twice in the chest.

The girl two spots over began to scream. She wouldn't annoy me for very long.

I moved a step to the right, and looked at the next guy. He turned and looked up to me, tears in his eyes.

"Please don't kill me, Captain. I'm a great soldier. You'll see."

"No, I wont." I said as I pulled the trigger, the bullet entering just next to his left eye, but not making its way back out the other end. His eyes rolled back as a little puff of blood squirted onto my pelvis, and he fell forward, folding over the blonde's head in a position that looked rather sexual.

Up next was the screamer. A corporal, judging from her piercing. I kicked her in the back of the head, pushing her into the concrete and rubble as I lined up my shot to her back.

The fourth and fifth BANGs rang out, as I shot her in each lung. She'd be suffering for a few minutes. She groaned a little as I stepped back and approached my next mark.

A tiny little man, shamefully hunched over. I knew that hunch, that was an attempt at covering an erection.

I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, slowly crouching behind him, and resting my pussy on his cuffed hands.

I whispered to him, quite gently if I do say so myself.

"Private, I have a question for you. I would really like an honest answer from you. Can you do that for me?"

"Y-yes, ma'am."

"Are you turned on by this? I promise I won't judge. I know I am."

"Yes, ma'am." he said as he nodded a little.

As he said that, I moved my hand onto his erect cock, gently beginning to pump as I whispered and made eye contact with the platoon watching.

"If you can make me cum before I make you cum, I'll let you go and promote you." I lied.

I moaned and grinned as I felt his fingers curl into me, and I sped up my pumping.
His fingers skillfully found my clitoris, and he focused on that with his thumb as his index and middle finger delved into me as deep as the cuffs allowed him.

I slowly moved my right hand around him, rubbing his chest with the slide of the pistol as he and I moaned at eachother's touch. I rubbed my crotch against his hands vigorously as I whispered "open up." and I put the muzzle of the pistol into his mouth as I sped up my pumping, making him twitch and jerk as his fingers brought me close to the edge. I looked over to the struggling and bleeding girl on his left. She looked at me with hate and pleading for help. Delicious.

He was actively resisting my stimulation, working me with such skill and desperation that I knew he must be getting close, and before I knew it he came, blowing thick strands of hot sticky cum onto my hand.

I waited second, pulled my hed back from his, and pulled the trigger.

His head burst open like a melon, covering my tits and, hair, face with his brains and blood. I pulled the gun out of his mouth, and let him topple over into me; his wound painting across the length of my left leg.

Panting a little from his excellent effort, I moved over to the next one in line. She was clearly terrified, but was hiding it like a champ. She sat upright on knees, her head up and facing forward like a true soldier. The left side if her face and shoulder sprinkled with the last guy's blood. I looked back at him, and noticed that the girl before him had finally expired.

"I really respect your zeal, Soldier. What's your name."

"Specialist Martha Janeway, Ma'am." she said formally.

I raised the gun.

"Your unit must be excellent if you're their worst."

"They are, ma'am."


She collapsed, managing to stay somewhere upright despite being dead.

"Master sergeant Michaelson!" I barked at my now second in command.


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