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Tales from the Office of Termination

Common tags; cons, semi-cons, casual, teen, post-mortem release (piss), cann, decap, hanging, shooting, throat slitting, execution.

I will post individual tags in stories that contradict the above, or contains something extreme but not tagged here.

Since many of my termination stories won’t take place at school, and I can’t change thread titles, I decided to create a new, appropriately-titled, thread. So fans don’t have to continuously bump the old thread, I will import the two stories to this one at some point.

My stories will pretty much be focused on female terminations, from the ages of 13 to 35; though, I will occasionally go as high as 40. While I won’t write male victims, they are implied in-universe, and others are free to write stories involving male victims. I only ask that you loosely follow the canon of this setting.

The Office of Termination takes place over a thousand years into the future, near the star system Nu Phoenicis. A highly advanced intellect known as The Emperor, formerly human, essentially rules over the system, after establishing a human colony on and around the fifth planet, Kalma. The Office of Termination was set up, more for his own deranged entertainment, and the entertainment of other deranged individuals throughout the colonized galaxy.

Once a citizen turns 13, they become eligible for the Regular Termination System, although, they cannot willingly volunteer themselves until the age of 16. Termination Days occur irregularly at the provincial level. During those days, citizens are scheduled for termination should they violate any laws, regardless of how minor. During these days, schools may also terminate misbehaving students, or students with low grades, and citizens who lose their jobs may be terminated. Parents and legal guardians may offer disobedient children from 13 to 15 to the Office of Termination.

At the age of 35, or 30, if the individual doesn’t have children, they may be randomly summoned to the Office of Termination, regardless of what day it is. If a citizen reaches the age of 40, they are terminated within a week of their birthday.

Anyone, even children under 13, may be terminated under the Emergency Termination System, at any point. The ETS is used when a citizen has committed murder, attempted murder, rape, theft of anything worth 100,000 credits or more. If a citizen speaks out against The Emperor, makes an attempt to aid any external threats against the regime, or attempting to disrupt the regime, the ETS is enacted on the individuals responsible, along any immediate family members. Unlike the Regular Termination System, citizens terminated by the ETS are killed in a public location.

Due to genetic manipulation, most residents, though fearful, are conditioned to cooperate when their termination comes; a small minority will still resist, and may need to be restrained. The same manipulation makes them a bit apathetic, and cooperative, about letting their fellow citizens get terminated. The average citizen of Kalma is also much more sexual than baseline humans, and their sexual appetite increases tenfold when faced with death.

While many terminated citizens are used for meat, this is not the case for the majority of the victims. Those that aren’t turned into food are usually turned into lifelike dolls, and often sold illegally in other parts of the Galaxy. Either way, termination methods should take care to limit damage to the victims.

ETS terminations are generally not used for food or doll making, but to set an example, and methods of execution will be messier, and less concerned with preserving the bodies. Some are also more likely to make terminations unnecessarily painful.


Birthday Termination

The thirteenth and final birthday party for Katherine Fields was an afternoon the teen would not forget; not that she would have time to forget it. A pile of dishes were stacked haphazardly on the sink. The table was littered with crumbs; in the center was a platter, topped with the boney remains of a sixteen-year-old’s legs and pelvis, and a single slice of chocolate cake, covered in pink icing. Most of her friends had gone home, except for Vlatko; a boy of fifteen, muscular, dark-brown skin, messy black hair, and Katherine’s boyfriend. He and Katherine sat on the couch, looking at each other, hands on their bellies as they sat off her birthday dinner.

“So, are you two gonna go in the room and fuck already, or not?” Katherine’s mom, Jenny, tapped her arms. “Don’t tell me you got chicken after years of begging me to let you two have some alone time.” She made sure to air quote the last two words.

Katherine laughed. “We’re going to make love,” she turned towards Vlatko, “right?”

His cheeks went a little red. “Uh… Yeah. I’m ready when you are.”

Of course he was, and she knew it. Her boyfriend had quite the tent pitched in his gym short for the entire time he was at the party. How could he not? Katherine, creamy skin, stomach and legs toned to perfection by years of gymnastics and dancing. Katherine’s jet-black hair, normally a wavy veil which draped below her hips, had been braided into a ponytail. Her breasts, a pair of plump oranges unusually ripe for her age, stood firmly and fully beneath her turquoise sports bra, with her hard nipples barely concealed beneath the fabric. A pair of workout shorts, matching her turquoise bra, wrapped tightly against firm ass cheeks, and the subtly curve of her hips that, while not quite those of a woman, were no longer those of the little girl she once was.

Katherine stood up and reached out her hand. She helped her boyfriend off the couch, and the two walked towards the hallway. Katherine stopped to look back.

“You sure you don’t want some time with Vlatko before we leave? I’m sure he won’t mind, and it is your last chance. Unless you think the executioner will still have the energy at this time of day.”

Vlatko shook his head in agreement. Jenny, just having turned thirty a few weeks ago, was as gorgeous as her teenage daughter. Her shoulder-length hair, a platinum blonde color with red highlights, was tied into two girlish pigtails. She wore a rather sluttier version of a traditional school uniform, with the long red blazer opened, and the white button down shirt tied up to leave her midriff on full display. The only coverage for the cleavage between the watermelons on her chest was the blue checkered tie. She wore nothing below, relying on the extra length of the blazer to hide her ass and pussy; a job it could only do during the rare occasion she sat still with her legs crossed, though the boys and lesbians at her party were cool with it.

“Don’t worry about me.” Her mother smiled as she waved her daughter off. A series of firm knocks emanated from the front door. “I got that taken care of, COME IN!!”

The door opened, and a large muscular black man walked through the door. “Who called for my services?”

“I did,” Jenny raised her hand as she got up from the chair. “These two will be in the other room,” she gestured for Katherine and Vlatko to leave.

As she escorted her boyfriend to her bedroom, she overheard her mom ask, “You up for role-playing?”

“Sure. I guess you’re the naughty student?”

“And you’re the teacher. I need to be punished.”

Katherine and Vlatko snorted, and nearly collapsed as they entered the room in a fit of laughter.

“I kinda want to see where they go with…”

Vlatko turned around and stopped breathing. Katherine was holding the turquoise sports bra in her hand, then tossed it on the floor. He tried to speak, he wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, but he could only mutter incoherently. She giggled as he stared at her creamy breasts and ripe, pink, nipples.

“Like whatcha see?” She jiggled her torso a bit, and Vlatko gulped a sharp dosage of air as her tits bounced before his eyes.

“Uh… Yeah… I like what I see.” He smiled, and she returned the expression.


She reached out and grabbed his shirt. He held up his arms as she lifted it over his head, throwing it to the floor with her bra. They threw their arms around each other. They locked lips, as Vlatko held his lady against him, feeling her breasts pressed tightly against he muscular pecs. They moved across the room, dancing and twirling, without breaking off their embrace, until Vlatko fell back on the bed, and Katherine on top of him. He tits hung down as she raised up. He immediately closed his lips around her left nipple. She moaned and softly brushed his hair and neck as his teeth nibbled and tongue danced around her nipple. He stopped after a minute to switch to her right nipple, then back after another minute. Katherine began to grind her crotch against the throbbing erection in his shorts, which was now threatening to tear through the fabric if it wasn’t unleashed soon. He started to moan too, and continued sucking and biting her nipples.

The teens continued to edge, until Katherine stop. She broke off on the cusp of orgasm. When Vlatko opened his mouth to protest, she simply held her index finger to his lips. “Shhh…” She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He was confused, but kissed her back. She started kissing his chin, moving down to his ripped chest. His cock began tearing at the fabric of his shorts again, as he realized what she had in mind. He was afraid he might cum in his pants, at this rate. She briefly kissed his nipples, in a return of gesture, before continuing down his stomach. As she reached the rim of his shorts, he lifted his pelvis while her hands pulled the fabric down her thighs. She continued kissing his pubic mound, until his 8-inch member jumped out and punched her lower jaw. She kissed the tip, right before taking the entire shaft into her mouth, as deep as she could.

Katherine’s lips slid up and down his member, sloshing loudly as her saliva coated his hardness. Vlatko was moaning, louder than he had ever done so in his life. Her mouth quickly brought him to edge again, and Vlatko had to concentrate all of his willpower to holding back his load, to keep this going as long as he could. He could only last a few minutes, then he felt his dick pulsating in her mouth as it shot strings of semen into the back of her throat. His groans filled the room, and would be echoing throughout the house if not for the excessively loud moaning from the living room. Katherine gasped and nearly gagged, but she held it in. He pulled out after the final squirt. Katherine took a deep gulp of air, spilling cum down her chin in the process. Once she caught her breath, Katherine wiped the cum from her chin, then licked every drop off the back of her hand like a cat cleaning its’ paws.

She repositioned herself, her knees around Vlatko’s head, her pelvis over his face. “It’s my turn.”

He nodded and grabbed her shorts, pulling them down her thighs. She lowered her pelvis until her plump hairless cunt was pressed against his lips. He spread her labia and slid his tongue into her snatch. She started moaning as he ate her out. His index finger circled her clitoris. Her ass and thighs rocked back and forth against his face, causing his junk to begin throbbing again. Katherine leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth. They chowed on each other’s sex, muffled moans emanating from their lips. Vlatko allowed himself to edge close to orgasm, then held off. When Katherine orgasmed, screaming into his crotch, Vlatko sprayed his second load into her throat. They sucked down the other’s sex juices like oysters, slurping loudly.

Katherine crawled forward, and Vlatko sat up. She leaned against the railing of the bed, thrusting her ass towards her boyfriend. “Plow me! Pop my cherry!”

Vlatko mounted the thirteen-year-old, his dick once again throbbing. She squealed as he entered her woman hood, breaking her hymen. He grip on the railing tightened as he thrust in and out of her. He started out slowly, Katherine asking him to “go a little faster,” every few minutes. He snaked further inward as he kicked the gear higher, stretching her cervix, and smacking his pelvis against her ass cheeks. Their moans once again fought for dominance against those coming from Katherine’s mother and her unknown date. Each climax, their moans downed out those in the living room. After Katherine’s fourth orgasm, they both collapsed back on the bed, and laid heaving as cum dripped from Katherine’s well stuffed cunt.

The young couple laid in each other’s arms, drifting in and out of sleep for what seemed like days. The occasional screams of Jenny, as her man brought her to orgasm again and again, stirred them from their sleep.

Katherine and Vlatko jolted from their sleep at the sound of someone tapping loudly on their door. It was Jenny.

“Are you two almost done? It’s getting late. We should get going if we’re going to do this.”

“Yes, mother! I just need a few minutes. I’ll meet you in the living room.”

“Okay! I have to be at the Office of Termination before midnight.”

Katherine climbed off the bed. It was broad daylight when they dozed off, but, now the light of the two crimson moons illuminated her room through the window.

“Lights on!”

The florescent tubes along the walls illuminated the room in a bright blue.

“I guess this is it?” Vlatko asked, slightly pouting.

“Yeah,” she replied.

He got up and pulled up his shorts and put his shirt on. She pulled up hers.

“I would say ‘see you later’, but that’s not true.” He started towards the door.

“Wait! I have a few gifts to give you.”

He stopped and looked at her.

Katherine removed her shorts and pulled a data crystal from one of her drawers. She walked over to the 3d imager in the corner of her room; a hatch opened in the large metallic tube. She plugged the crystal into a port along the side, then stepped into the machine. The hatch closed behind her, then loud whirring noises emanated from the device for a minute. The hatch opened, and Katherine stepped out, removing the data crystal. She dropped it into Vlatko’s hands.

“That contains a 3d model of me, along with two thousand photos.”

“Thank you!” He smiled.

She opened another drawer, pulling out a sack, and a small steel box. She handed both to Vlatko, who almost dropped the box when he noticed that it was ice cold.

“That contains a sample of my DNA, in case you ever decide you would like to have kids by me. The battery needs to be replaced every five years.”

“Okay, thanks. What’s in the sack?”

“All of the panties I’ve worn in the last two weeks. They haven’t been washed.” She gave him a wink.

“Oh, hell yeah! I love this, thank you! I promise your panties will never be washed!” He threw her arms around her one last time.

“I’ll miss you.”

“Same.” They broke off, and opened the door. “Later.”

“Later,” she replied, as he closed the door.

Katherine put her sports bra and shorts back on, and left the room. Her mom was standing in the living room.

“Ready, sweetie.”


They stepped out, shivering as the cold night air enveloped their scantily-clad bodies.

Jenny and Katherine arrived at the Office of Termination with three hours to spare. A dark-skinned receptionist looked up from her desk as they entered the waiting room.

“Welcome to the Office of Termination! How may I help you?”

“I’m here because I was summoned, for indecent exposure. My daughter here would like to volunteer for termination.”

The lady looked at Katherine, who smiled and nodded. “I’d rather not become an orphan.”

“Okay. I need to see your palms.”

Jenny and Katherine held out their palms, and the lady ran a scanner across them. With a few beeps, their information appeared on the computer, and the receptionist glossed over it quickly. She nodded and typed up a few things.

“Alright. Jenny, you are in.” She continued typing, then looked up, beaming. “Katherine, you are in. Take a seat and wait for your name to be called.”

“Thanks,” Katherine replied, as she and her mother took a seat on the couch.

It was late, so Katherine wasn’t surprised to see the place nearly deserted. Three ladies were waiting with them; a woman in her late with bushy red hair, in her bra and panties, a topless black teen with short curly hair, and a pale girl with green hair, barely in her twenties, sat in a pink floral dress. All three of them were masturbating; the green-haired girl much more frantically than the others. Katherine and her mom took a seat next to the black teen.

“So, what are you two in for?” The ebony beauty asked.

“Indecent exposure. I never wear panties, and a damned surveillance drone happened to catch me when my short fell to my ankles. Got an email on my phone moments later. Told me I had to report to my nearest Office of Termination within five days.”

The teen laughed. “I decided to flashed a cute boy across the street, just showing off my goods.” She cupped one of her pear-shaped breasts. “Forgot it was Termination Day until I got that damned email. Didn’t see a drone, so I guess someone snitched.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I always imagined that’s how I’d go. Flashing my goods for some hottie. Instead, I’m here by accident.”

“Sabrina Jansona!”

“Damnit!” The green-haired shouted in a breathy voice. She pulled her left hand, soaked with her juices, and headed towards the door at the end of the room. She quickly disappeared.

“What about you?” The black girl asked, looking at Katherine.

“Oh, I volunteered. With my mom being terminated, my dad got terminated five years ago, I figured it was this or being an orphan. You can tell which one I chose.”

“Yeah. Most orphans don’t last long, anyways. So, what’s your names?”

“I’m Jenny, and my daughter’s name’s Katherine.”

“I’m Rose. Nice to meet you.”

The three sat there quietly, having run out of things to talk about. Rose continued masturbating.

“Rose Barkley!”

“Good luck,” Rose said as she got up.

“You too, sweetie!” Jenny called out as the teen disappeared into the next room.

The redhead started masturbating faster, even shoving her other hand into her panties. “Come on, one last time!”

Jenny turned to her daughter. “How about a little competition before we part ways?”

Katherine tilted her head. “Go on.”

“When she gets called back, I start masturbating as fast as I can, seeing if I can get one last orgasm. When I’m called back, you start masturbating. Whoever can cum the fastest, or whoever can get closer to climaxing before the announcer calls their name, wins. Sound fun?” Jenny stretched out her hand.

“You’re on,” Katherine replied, smiling as she shook her mother’s hand.

“Oh yes!” The redhead moaned loudly as her final orgasm blossomed. Her fingers sloshed and smacked her pussy loudly as a wet spot appeared in her panties, and rapidly expanded.

“Rebecca Mayon!”

The redhead left the room with strings of cunt juice dripping from her fingers. Jenny placed her hands between her thighs and began rubbing her pussy until she started moaning. Using two left fingers, she squeezed her clit, while fucking herself three of her right fingers.

Jenny, the long-time expert, didn’t need long to get herself to orgasm, despite the exhausting afternoon she already enjoyed. “Yes! Yes!” She screamed. Sex juices sprayed across the room, into small puddles on the floor, until Jenny squeezed her thighs around her hands. Her fingers slid in and out, making sloshy sucking noises, until the announcer called her name.

“Jenny Fields!”

“Your turn!”

Jenny staggered across the room, chest heaving as she tried to recover from her final orgasm. As she disappeared behind the door, Katherine’s hands were in her shorts. She pinched her clitoris, while plunging two fingers into her pussy. Once again, the waiting room was filled with moans and wet sucking noises, as Katherine tried vigorously to fuck herself to her final orgasm. That familiar sensation expanded from her groin and crashed over her, her breasts moved up and down rapidly. She edged closer every second, moaning louder as the moments passed. She squealed as her final orgasm erupted.

“Katherine Fields!”

Katherine, still cumming and wracked with pleasure, staggered from her seat. Her juices soaked her shorts, and drizzled down her legs, as she walked. She nearly slipped in her mother’s cum, but managed to hold her balance.

She entered the Termination Chamber, still trying to catch her breath. A black man in his mid-twenties, dressed in a fine red suit, motined her in.

There was a guillotine, next to it a raised platform, a long rope ending in a noose hung from the ceiling.

“Before you ask, I have had my fill of sex for today. Sorry about that.” The man said as she approached.

“It’s fine. I had quite a bit myself before I arrived. I’m ready.”

“So, do want the noose or the blade?”

Katherine thought it over for a second, then looked past the devices, to a long cart filled with dead women, and stared at her the bloody stump where her mom’s neck ended; her head was on the shelf below. Most of the ladies were missing heads, including the three they met on arriving here. She turned her attention back to the executioner.

“Well, I’ve always been a dancer. I’ll go out doing my final performance in a noose.”

“Very well. Step this way.”

Katherine followed the executioner up the platform. She stood solemnly, as he helped place the noose over her head, making sure to feed her long ponytail through first.

“Deep breaths, relaxing thoughts.” He patted her on the back and walked of the platform. Katherine’s perky chest rose and fell, and she could hear her heart beating faster with each second. She began to feel nauseated, when the platform underneath her opened up.

Katherine let out a chilling scream as she fell several meters, then stopped suddenly as the rope stopped, snapping her neck. Her brain, deprived of oxygen, shut of mere seconds later, and Katherine’s short life was over. Her shorts filled with piss, which spilled out in long streams down her creamy legs, and drizzled from her toes into a large drain in the floor. The executioner gave it another minute, then triggered a release mechanism, severing the rope from the ceiling. Katherine dropped to the ground; seconds later, another noose fell through the ceiling, waiting for the next dancer.

The executioner lifted the teen’s corpse up onto the cart, plopping her right next to her dead mother. He removes her bra and shorts, then looks over the dead teen’s corpse with admiration. He pulled a camera from his pocket, instantly saving hundreds of photos of her for personal usage, then gave the announcer the signal he was ready for the next termination.


I love your stories! This one was the best yet. Please keep writing. We all appreciate it.

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