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This is the first story I wrote and my first post here, so please be patient. I first wrote the story in German and with the help of DeepL I translated and corrected it to English.

Part 1

She screamed. The man suddenly grabbed her and wrestled her to the ground. He caught her rowing arms trying to fight him and bent them onto her back. Then he rammed his knee on it and she wheezed, the air was pressed out of her lungs and with her face on the dusty floor she struggled for oxygen.
"Do something! It can't be!" The voice in her head ordered her to defend herself and to rebel against the tormentor despite the pain. She tried to kick after him, but she could not reach him. She tried to turn on her side, but he was too heavy. She tried to sink her teeth into the hands which now reached for her, but the man just laughed. He laughed a deep, excited laugh, like a child who had permission to destroy something. The thick fingers reached into the dark long hair and the braid, lovingly done this morning, disintegrated.
She screamed again. How could no one hear her? She wanted to shout 'help', the only word that came to her mind. At that moment her head was jerked back, then smashed violently onto the asphalt. The impact was so violent that she almost lost consciousness. She felt her forehead burst and the blood ran down her face. As he lifted her head and inspected the result, she looked dazed through a red glassy veil back into the grinning face. She swallowed, the metallic taste of blood on her tongue and whispered, "Please…" Please, what? She didn't even know who that person was. Apparently, this redneck took pleasure in what he was doing. Over and over again, he banged her head on the floor: On the fourth blow, she went black.
When she regained consciousness, now lying on her back, she felt something tampering with her top. Only a little time could have passed. She opened her eyes slightly, but closed them again immediately. "No, this couldn’t be," she thought. The man was now kneeling over her; he was naked! He must have undressed when she had been unconscious. She didn't want to open her eyes again, didn't want to see his fat fingers tearing her shirt. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. Her mouth was dried out and she could hardly think straight. Panic seized her. The situation was hopeless, what could she do? Why did no one come to help?


Part 2

The cool night air blew over her bared torso. The man encircled her thin neck and his thumbs squeezed almost lovingly. She flinched. Before she could even begin to fight back, the man let go and drove from her neck down her chest and stomach to her skirt. She was paralyzed. Effortlessly he lifted her and with a jerk he pulled the skirt and pantyhose down her legs and threw them carelessly aside. His attention was focused on the only remaining piece of clothing that protected him from his gaze and all that was to come.

Sobbing, she reached for her underpants to hold them tight. She knew she couldn't do much against him, but every try counted. This guy stared down at her coldly and his hand went to her head again. She narrowed her eyes and waited for the blow to come, but it didn't. He reached out for something that had to lie beside her. When she turned her head and saw his hand clasp the handle of a knife, she felt sick. The blade was long and narrow, it was clearly a kitchen knife.

He held the knife close to her face, she had to squint to keep an eye on it. Then he placed the flat side of the blade on her throat. She felt the cool metal on her skin and hardly dared to breathe. The fear was spreading inside her. What would he do? Was he going to kill her? Did he want her to stop her already futile attempts to fight back? Frozen, she looked up into the pitiless face that she would never forget.

With a wiping motion and a meaningful look he made her understand that she should give up her remaining piece of clothing. What was she to do, did she even have a choice? Very slowly she let go and he let go of her throat. She felt defenseless, no, she was so defenseless. And now the tears came. Silent tears of desperation ran down her cheeks. There was nothing she could do. Would he really use the knife when she tried to escape him? Or was it just a threat? She had imagined her first time differently, with a little more romance. Now she was looking down at the giant thing that could not be stopped. The man had torn off her underpants and immediately positioned himself. No foreplay, no mercy.


Part 3 End

It hurt. She felt something tear inside her and her body cramped up. She sucked the air in sharply, he pushed it in further and further. That thing had no end, didn't it? The man pushed deep into her again and again and each stroke caused her greater pain. She noticed a short flash and cried out. The cold blade of the knife stucked in her belly, just below the navel. She felt the blade inside her, just like the man's penis. He continued to cut mercilessly and she felt the blade working its way through her insides: a horrible feeling.

He pulled out the knife and put his hand into the opened wound and felt for her uterus. He enclosed it and massaged his cock through her! The pain was indescribable and she vomited on the floor next to her. Her ears rustled and she heard the pleasant grunting of her tormentor. He grabbed her hair and pushed her head back and thoughtfully sank the blood-stained blade into her throat. The blade cut slowly through it and warm blood filled her mouth and flowed into her lungs. She could not breathe, she practically drowned in her own blood.

The man jumped up: it was all over in a moment. He pushed back her head and forced his penis into her throat from below. He pushed her tongue aside and she felt the tip reach her mouth. The very last thing she ever felt was him coming. Sperm filled her mouth and nose and ran down her face mixed with blood into the eyes that were opened in agony and could see nothing anymore.

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