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Brooke was thrilled. She just landed her dream job as a journalist at her favorite news organization, and was at the sea-side park to watch the sun set peacefully in a moment of self-celebration.

The pretty brunette found an isolated section along the railing and approached, resting her hands against it as she neared.

The near setting sun cast a golden light against her pale skin. Her sleeveless blue blouse, black pencil skirt, and black high heels were hard to identify when viewing her silhouetted yet stunning figure against the glowing sun behind her.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and let it out with a smile as she opened her eyes, gazing upon the beautiful sunset.

Life was perfect, and was only going to get better.


What Brooke wasn't currently aware of was that she, and everyone else in the city, was in imminent danger of total annihilation.

The evil mastermind Doctor Zoron has launched a missile from his hidden submarine that was only seconds away from impact - unleashing a cloud of man-eating nanobots that would turn each and every person in the city into gray goo!

The missile had to be stopped - no matter the cost. And there was only one man capable of stopping it.

Magnificent Man!

He was on the other side of town helping a girl's cat out of a tree when he was alerted to the missile launch. He spent a moment delivering the rescued cat to the elated girl, even allowing a few seconds to let her give him a kiss, then sprang into the air and sped across town.

His senses told him he was cutting it close, but he knew he should still be able to defuse the missile within time.

He approached the sea-side park at the edge of the city - that should be a good spot to shoot down the missile with his laser beam eyes.

Unaware of Brooke's presence as his focus was on the immediate threat, he landed just a few feet behind her, while she was still staring out at the sunset and unable to see the approaching missile.

She heard the noise of his landing behind her and spun around. And upon seeing him, she smiled brightly.

"Oh my god, Magnificent Man!" she squealed with joy.

Finally aware of her presence, he gave her a quick glance. He did not return her smile - giving her a cold, vacant expression in response instead.

Then his dead eyes quickly glowed bright red.

Brooke looked at Magnificent Man's terrifying expression and her smile quickly washed away, replaced with fearful confusion.

"M-Magnificent Man??…" she asked quietly.

And from out of his glowing eyes suddenly shot out an ultra-high powered laser beam.

The beam shot directly above Brooke's head, missing it by centimeters.

It struck the missile that was only a couple miles away and blew it apart into pieces - neutralizing the evil Doctor Zoron's threat - for now.

However, while the beam itself missed Brooke, the effects of her being in such close proximity to the beam still took place.

And those effects were quite major.

The air surrounding the beam became superheated to over 3,000 degrees Celsius. Hot enough to make the concrete and steel below her to glow red-hot.

And hot enough to make Brooke combust.

The air she was breathing was now hot enough to flash steam water on contact. And it was now being absorbed by her lungs.

Her blue blouse and pencil skirt instantly disintegrated into ash, revealing her pale white skin very quickly turning a charcoal black.

Brooke let out a piercing scream as her once pretty hair burned off her skull. "AAYYIEEEEEEE!-"

Her squeal squickily stopped as her blackened jaw fell off as her cheeks turned to ash.

The rest of Brooke's body quickly followed suit in falling to pieces - arms one by one collapsing into piles of ash on the ground and into the sea. Then the rest of her head fell off her neck, breaking apart in half before both halves exploded into puffs of smokey dust on impact. Her breasts fell off and did the same, followed by the rest of her torso falling apart. Finally her legs toppled over, breaking off at the ankles, as her feet started to break down from all the pressures above inside of her singed-yet-still-intact heels.

And finally, the beam's energy fully dissipated, and Brooke was nothing but some ash sitting atop a pair of heels above scorched concrete.

Magnificent Man stared at Brooke's remains. He thought about the past few moments.

When he arrived at the park, he knew he only had a few seconds to line up a shot and fire his beam.

When he realized Brooke was right in the danger zone of his shot, he had made an almost instantaneous decision between two choices: to either spend another few seconds to move aside and line up another shot, risking the missile reaching its target and detonating; or to fire his shot and chalk Brooke's fate up to collateral damage in defense of the greater good. He quickly chose the latter.

As he warmed up his beam, he thought that maybe if he didn't spend the time getting a kiss from the young girl whose cat he rescued, he would have had the time to move and line up another shot. But that was the past, and he had already committed to his decision. And so he fired.

And now faced with Brooke's remains, he quickly blew a breath of air through his lips.

In response, the ash and heels toppled over the edge and fell into the sea - leaving no trace of Brooke or her remains at all up on the burnt ground above.

And then Magnificent Man heard the sounds of applause. He turned around and saw the crowd of onlookers cheering him on.

No one had seemed to notice what had just happened to poor Brooke. They were all so focused on watching Magnificent Man save the day and could not possibly see Brooke burning away under the blinding light of his laser beam once he engaged it. Even was so caught up in the spectacular nature of what just happened, no one cared to think much about the girl was just standing against the railing a few moments earlier.

Magnificent Man was once again heralded a hero for his actions that day. He spent the rest of the day celebrating with the citizens of the cit - feeling no guilt at all for the poor girl that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brooke's apartment remained empty from then on - until her lease was terminated and her belongings were moved to storage. Her new dream job at the news organization was quickly filled by the next applicant. And Magnificent Man had completely forgotten about Brooke by the next morning.


Haha poor Brooke! This story reminds me of "The Boys" - have you seen it? In the first episode, a girl is utterly destroyed (into a cloud of blood and meaty chunks) when the equivalent of The Flash accidentally runs through her at Supersonic speed!



Haha oh yes - fair to say that The Boys had rubbed on me a little bit for this story hehe.

At least Magnificent Man was kind enough to dispose of Brooke's remains. A-Train totally just left Robin a complete mess for someone else to clean up.

I do often wonder how they cleaned up of Robin's bloody remains. Did they attempt to collect it all for a proper burial? Or did they just hose her down the sewer?


I got the distinct impression she was left to the city clean-up crew! Not even as much of her left as there was of Transluscent Man!

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