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NanoTek Incident Log #20997901129

Subject: Melissa Tanner
Age: 26
Position: Junior Lab Technician (Experimental Power Development)
Status: Permanent Reassignment

Summary: Incident occurred when subject approached prototype XBH-20107 - a device capable of simulating the effects a miniature black hole for the purposes of testing theories on near-limitless power generation. While presenting the prototype to some visiting VIPs, the subject attempted to show off the size of the simulated black hole by holding her hand out and placing her thumb and index finger around the target area. Due to an unexpected integer overflow in the clock of the prototype's programming, the device engaged and the simulation became active. As her fingers were suddenly inside the event horizon of the simulated black hole, the subject was sucked into the invisible simulated singularity, as can be seen in Camera Log [REDACTED]. The subject's hand being was pulled in first (stretching into a thin strand while approaching), followed by the rest of her arm, then her torso and head, her other arm, and then her legs last (the subject's high heels flew off her feet due to the sudden flinging force and are currently being analyzed in [REDACTED]). While the subject's body initially appeared to fully de-materialize in the process, further inspection of the incident site has shown that the subject was compressed to a sphere with a mass of approximately 800 micrograms. An investigation is currently underway, as well as a thorough analysis of the high-speed security camera footage of the incident.

Estimated Chance of Recovery of Subject: 0%


Oops! XD


Wouldn't the sphere have the same mass as her but a radius of micro meters?


"For a mass as small as a human being, the Schwarzschild radius is of the order of 10-23 cm, much smaller than the nucleus of an atom; for a typical star such as the Sun, it is about 3 km (2 miles)."

So if she was compressed into a very small sphere, less than 10^23 cm smaller than an atom, she would have turned into a black hole. But if not, she wouldn't also possibly has mass of 800 micrograms, you might meant size of 800 micrometer? You can't just make matters or energy disappear, that just break the law of physics.



Sure, but did you jerk off?



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