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Bruno took a deep breath of the beach air. He knew that the outside world was not his home, he knew that his home was deep within the walls of Echaberg, or in the sinful halls of the Redway, but damn it smelt good out here.
“Well met assassin” the beautiful woman with her back turned to him said. Loa Palinic was his targets name, and she was a work of art. The islander was shorter than he expected, only crackling five foot, and she was thin to. Well she was thin save for her to luxurious sets of lumps. Her skin was tan, and her small, yet curvaceous figure covered only by a short grass skirt, and a flower-patterned top that only covered her chest. A smile crept across Bruno’s face as how ridiculous of a world he must live in, for the fact that this tiny woman slaughtered dozens of his brothers and sisters in arms.
“I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t been causing trouble for my allies” he said stepping forward. She turned to him, and her face was…Her face was wow. Even with her young features, and adorable little dimples, her expression was fierce, and her big brown eyes pierced into his very soul. He felt his heart quicken, and his cock stiffen. Now here was a woman worth killing.
“Your allies” she said, her thick black hair blowing behind her in the wind. She scowled. “I don’t think you could call them allies. You’ve had to have killed at least twice as many of them as I have” she said.
“That my dear lady” Bruno said taking another step. “Is an insultingly low number. I’ve lost count of how many I have killed, but we are Followers of Eteus, and killing is our business as are all things evil. A business you should have stayed out of might I add” he said.
“Riding the world of scum like you is my business, and I do not fear it. I will give you one chance assassin. Drop your weapon, and I will make your death painless” she said, and a powerful presence emanated from her. A strong, sturdy presence that to be put simply, meant business. “We both know you can’t beat me here. Maybe in the filthy alleyways of your city, but here in the open. You stand no chance against me in an honorable fight” she said. Bruno’s smile twisted into a grin so fowl, that calling it evil would have been cruel to all those who swore by the word. He began to radiate a presence of his own to match the battle maidens. A sickly, and hate filled presence, soaked in his blood lust.
“Oh, but I beg to differ” he said, grasping the hilt of his sword, and slowly pulling free the blade which was blacker than the abyss. He held the wicked blade in front of him. “I think because you exterminated a few rats masquerading as assassins, you’ve becomes full of yourself oh Honorable Follower of Bellow”. The dark-skinned woman grasped the shaft of a spear embedded in the sand next to her and yanked it free.
“Then have at the assassin” she said before lunging at him at incredible speed. She thrust her spear forward, and Bruno just managed to dodge. A second later, and he would have been dead. He prepared to thrust his blade, but Loa grasped her spear in both hands, and swung it like a club. The blunt side of the spear slammed into the assassin’s gut, and he was sent flying backwards, tumbling in the dirt. He rolled out of the way, just as her spear sank into the dirt where he was laying and got to his feet. He eyed her up careful. He knew that her strength was his biggest problem. Because of his high ranking in Eteus’s cult he was superhumanly strong, but he knew that even if this woman was one hundred and three years old, plagued with debilitating, diseases, and the lowest ranking member Bellows Army, her strength would still overpower his own. They however seemed to be matched in speed, so he knew that he’d have to play this just right to kill her. Loa twirled her spear overhead, and then brought it down. Bruno sidestepped, but still suffered a nasty cut on his cheek. He lunged forward, but the woman leapt backwards, avoiding the bight of his sword.
“Stop moving hot stuff. You’re making it hard to kill ya” he said as blood gushed from his gash, soaking his black and red garments, and dyeing the sand crimson. She simply scowled at him and charged forward. Bruno prepared to dodge another thrust from the spear, but instead Loa dropped the weapon, and skidded the direction Bruno was dodging. She planted her feet firmly into the sand and throw a roundhouse kick at the assassin who could only watch in horror as his attempted dodge only throw himself into the kick. There was satisfying Pow as Loa’s leg collided with Bruno. The assassin went flying, and crashed into the dirt at, his arm at an odd angle.
“Surely you see by know all your causing yourself is more pain. Surrender, and make it easier on yourself scum”. Bruno gave a pained cackle.
“And why would I do that when I’m so close to killing you?” he asked, blood covering half his face. For once, an amused smile crossed the islanders face.
“Kill me? Is it not clear that you cannot beast me in battle?” she asked.
“In battle no, but I am an assassin, not a warrior. I deal in traps, not weapons” he said holding out his good arm as if to reach for her. “And you have fallen for my trap” he said grinning. Loa gasped before a crimson red spike emerged from the puddle of Bruno’s blood next to her. She screamed in pain as the spike pierced her firm belly, blood gushing out of her mouth. Bruno grasped his sword and lunged toward her. Loa only had time to give her attacker a panicked expression, before with one smooth swing, Bruno severed her head. Her body fell to its knees as Laos head smacked into the sand with a vacant expression, her tongue hanging out. Finally, her body collapsed into the ground, tits first and began to spasm, blood gushing from her neck. Bruno whistled to himself as the poor girl’s body gave an impressive fight, kicking and lashing, squirting out more and more blood. That was one of the interesting things about the Army of Bellow. The deities influence would persist for a little bit after death, causing violent bursts of spasming. Her kicks and thrashes continued, her feet leaving trails in the sand as they kicked. Her toes curled and uncurled, and her fingers dug into the sand, trying to send sensation to a brain that no longer was attached. Finally, her spasms began to slow to minor twitches, before Loa Palinic lay completely still, headless, and very dead. The stream of blood from her head had ceased, but urine splashed onto the sand from her pussy. Bruno walked over to the dead girl, his broken arm realigning. It was a painful process, in fact it would have been less painful to snap each digit, and lib of his individually, but by the time it was done his arm was almost as good as new. He slipped of her grass skirt, admiring her perky little butt and flipping her over. Her tight pussy was covered by a deep brown bush which was soaked with piss, He reached behind her back, and undid her top, slipping it off. Her tits struck a beautiful balance between perky and large. Both where a solid handful with brown nipples on each. He ran his tongue across her stomach, enjoying the sweaty taste, his tongue sliding into her belly button. His tongue ventured further up her body to her breast where he lapped her nipples which stiffed in his. His hands went to his belt and went through the lengthy process of undoing his pants. His pants, and underwear fell to the ground, and his hard cock was already dripping pre cum. He excitedly shoved his cock into the headless girl and moaned as he felt her cherry pop. He thrusted faster, and faster, her blood and piss acting as a lubricant.
“Fuck you’re the best bitch I’ve had for a while” he said, looking where her head used to. He lifted her leg up, so her little brown foot was in his face, and ran his tongue across the sole of her foot. They tasted of sand, and sweat, but oddly sweet as well, similar to some fruits. As he lapped her lovely soles, he cam into her. Bruno pulled out, admiring his work. But he figured that he wasn’t done, a cum covered body wasn’t enough desecration. He walked over to her head and tipped it over with his foot, so she was facing him, her mouth hanging open, and pissed into her mouth. He sighed in relief. He went to his clothes to get dressed and began his trek home.


So let me get the following out of the way: the story works and needs better formatting.

but you have given the heroine regeneration why do you not use it for further torment


Yes, this would be way easier to read if the author added some breaks in between paragraphs.


Format next time

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