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"Art in the Attic"

(Different Chapters will have slightly different content, but generally will be F/f, non-consensual, snuff, water sports, teen)

Here's something I've been writing lately. I'm still not fully sure how long it'll be, but I'm guessing about 6-8 Chapters (around 6k words each). It's about a teenage girl named Conny, who encounters an older, supernatural woman named Autumn. Autumn gives Conny power to do bizarre, cruel and deadly things to people the latter doesn't like, and especially uses it against fellow students from her all girls school.


``(F-Solo, f, f, non-consensual, masturbation, melting, snuff, teen, water sports)``

`==(Chapter 1: "Melted Goo With a Side of Milk" - Pt. A)==

Conny and her friend Karen were getting stuff out of their lockers, finishing up an after hours drivers education class, at their public (but all-girls school) in suburban Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They had recently both turned 14 years old, which meant that right there in the Mount Rushmore State, the two could soon get a permit.

"So this weekend, you wanna come over? We can go and -" Conny, the freckled, pony-tailed redhead began to say, as they both were closing their lockers.

"Sorry, but I'll be busy this weekend!" Karen (an East Asian girl with long hair) interrupted, while quickly hurrying away in the mostly empty hallway. "We'll do whatever on the weekend after for sure."

``You said that before about this upcoming weekend, too…`` the disappointed girl thought to herself.

"Oh, OK…" Conny said out loud, trying not to sound let down, because Karen always seemed to have an excuse lately to not doing anything outside school hours. "I sorta understand. I guess…"

"Bye!" Karen said, without even looking back as she hurried off.

"Yeah… Bye…"

Karen hated disappointing Conny (especially since the former was the latter's only real friend), because she knew her friend had been a shy girl her entire life, with trouble making connections with people. The redheaded teenager had trouble making eye contact, even with those she knew. The introverted girl had anxiety whenever she was around people she never met, or didn't know very well. Lately, Karen was becoming more preoccupied with other things and people (especially a particular person).

After walking a few blocks away from the school (Conny hated walking by herself without her friend), the redhead suddenly realized she had to rush somewhere, too. The high schooler started racing home in the cloudy and windy (but still warm) fall day. Soon, she'd start a live online course with her tutor. She thought it was going to suck, like always, but thankfully nobody was at the house (or so she thought), so it'd be nice being home alone. Afterwards, she thought she'd masturbate to relieve some stress.

Suddenly the teenage girl had to take a major piss. She had missed the tutoring sessions before (from not giving a damn), and her Mother was pretty angry about it. Her Mom wanted her to log in and be with the tutor, 04:30-PM sharp, and that was less than 10 minutes away. Conny simply couldn't afford to miss any others, or even be a little late, so having to use the bathroom first was going to be cutting it close.

Only a block away, there was a park in the neighborhood. It had a small public bathroom building, with three rooms. Conny rushed up the women's door, and turned the handle, but it was locked. She tried the handicapped room, but it too was locked.

"Oh, come on…"

The only option left was men's. The frustrated girl didn't want to use it, but didn't have the luxury of caring, since a males' bathroom was still a bathroom. And of course, as she expected, it was locked. Out of pure desperation, the teenager tried shaking and pulling on the knob, but to no avail.

"Fuck this!" she growled in anger after stopping, before kicking the door a few times.

There was no rhyme or reason as to when they were unlocked for the public. Sometimes they were, sometimes they weren't. She'd now have to wait until getting to her home, still several blocks away. The poor girl hoped she didn't end up pissing her panties before getting back to the house.

The teen girl's home had one main floor, a basement, and the attic, which doubled as her room. After finally getting to her house about 5 minutes later, Conny rushed to the toilet. She slid down the skirt of her mostly gray school outfit, and panties. From there, the teenager sat her bare ass down, relaxed and started pissing. As the young girl sat on the toilet in her uniform, she thought it felt great to finally relieve her bladder.

"Aaaahhh…" she gently sighed in relief.

The teenager looked at her iPhone. She obsessively had been checking the time, as the yellow urine fell from her pink twat, and into the water below. There was only a few minutes left until the session started, but it felt like her bladder was taking forever to empty.

The redhead knew she shouldn't have drank so much Diet Pepsi earlier (not to mention it wasn't that good for her to begin with). Her eating habits were better, however. As a preteen, she was somewhat pudgy, but after changing her eating patterns, she lost the weight and became petite again. Being able to eat what she wanted without gaining weight was something the teen wanted very badly, but her metabolism wouldn't allow it.

"I'll drink whatever I damn well feel like…" she randomly mumbled to herself, thinking about what everyone says about the matter.

Along with the sound of her piss falling into water below, Conny thought she heard footsteps coming from the attic. However, she quickly dismissed the upstairs noise, figuring it was the wind or something, since nobody was suppose to be home right now.

"Hurry up, damn it…" the impatient girl groaned, with a stressed look in her green eyes.

After several seconds (but what felt like several minutes), she was done. The fully relieved girl flushed the toilet, stood up, and pulled her bottoms back up (being in a hurry, she didn't even bother to wipe her crotch or wash hands). The redhead ran upstairs to the small attic/bedroom. She opened the door, glancing at her iPhone again (it was 04:28, so there was only a couple minutes to spare). The young girl's life instantly changed once looking up.

With no light switched on, the attic was somewhat dark, and outside cloud cover made it even more so. However, Conny could tell there was someone there, causing her heart to race. An attractive, petite woman with curly, dark and long hair (with some light yellow streaks running through) in a ponytail was standing right in front of the room's window. She was directly across from her.

"Hi!" the mystery woman said (with a big smile), as Conny switched on the light.

As her heart beat faster, and breathing accelerated, Conny looked at the mysterious woman. The light revealed that she was totally naked, except for some black high heels. She looked to be in her late-20s/early-30s or so, and had C-cup tits along with trimmed dark pubic hair.

"Uh - Who are you?" the naturally confused girl asked, looking directly at the mysterious woman (normally the teenager wouldn't look directly at someone, but knew she had to for the sake of being on guard in this case). "And why are you… Naked?"

"Well I could ask you why you AREN'T naked," the brown eyed, mostly nude woman replied.

"I asked who you were," Conny said, getting agitated, but trying to keep calm.

"Call me… Let's say Autumn…" the 5'6" woman replied, walking over halfway (her large heels causing creaking sounds in the attic's wooden floor), and extending her hand out for a greeting. "You could say I'm a witch. Not really, but kinda-sorta. Nice to meet you there, Conny."

"How'd you know my name?" the teenager asked, keeping her distance, and not accepting the handshake (meeting new people in general was very difficult for her, and the fact this nude woman was suddenly in her attic obviously made it more difficult).

"Well you sign your name on your art, which I really like, Conny…" Autumn commented after putting her hand down, and looking around. "A lot of it's really imaginative. A couple kinda suck ass, but most of it's pretty great."

Covering the teenager's wooden, slanted attic walls were highly detailed paintings and colored sketches (all her own work) in picture frames. The pieces varied. Many were nature themed, especially flowers. Others were of people. A few were futuristic cities, while some contained weird, other worldly creatures she thought up. Regardless of what they were about, the bottom of her pieces each said Make the World Beautiful…

"And why are you in my room?" the redhead demanded to know, ignoring the compliment, plus feeling her heart beat faster and faster, as her anxiety got worse.

"Well, if you stop asking questions, I've got a surprise for you," Autumn said, pointing at her dresser against the wall, which contained a square object with a black drape over it.

"I asked why you're in my room, you stupid bitch," Conny growled while clinching her fist, going from anxious to angry.

Instead of an answer, the two just stared at each other. Autumn watched with a smirk on her face, while Conny looked back with an increasingly angered expression. The latter had done her best to be calm, but was becoming infuriated by this woman's lack of answers and trespassing in her room, which was such a private space to her.

"TELL ME, OR I'LL GOUGE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING EYEBALLS OUT!" Conny threatened, while slamming her iPhone to the ground (which broke the screen).

"You considered that option first, before calling the cops?" the naked woman asked, in a dismissive tone. "You'd rather rip my eyeballs out?"


"If my eyeballs are torn out, how can I watch?" Autumn asked, before tilting her head back and laughing. "See? I can ask questions too, ya' little pissed off psychopath."

"YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Conny yelled while charging.

Being called a psychopath was the final straw which broke the camel's back, so Conny ran to attack Autumn, but the latter just vanished and reappeared in the same spot the teenager had just been, so they essentially traded places. The redhead froze in place, not fully processing what she had seen. The creepy woman literally vanished in front of her eyes, like an illusion that suddenly stopped.

"You shouldn't have such a potty mouth used against your elders," the naked woman commented, after reappearing. "I'll let it slide for now, but keep it up, and you'll be disciplined."

"But how - I mean…" the confused teenager asked, after turning around (her anger was now partially replaced by confusion). "What the…?"

"By the way, you fucked up your phone," Autumn said, while laughing again, and levitating it off the ground for the teenager to see. "Your phone is now as fucked up as you are in the head, but watch this…"

The smashed iPhone screen began to fix itself. Conny watched in awe as all cracks gradually faded within seconds, and in no time, it looked like a brand new device. She wondered if this was some kind of illusion or trick being done on her, along with the vanishing and reappearing, but it was very real.

"You're welcome, brat," Autumn commented before rushing the device right at Conny, but with the latter quickly catching it.

Conny just stared the screen, as she swiped through files on the phone. Not only was the screen no longer filled with cracks, but the touch feature was working perfectly. Plus, some minor scratches on the device before were now gone, too.

"Wow…" was all she could say.

"See that?" the naked woman asked. "That's nothing though compared to other stuff I can do for you."

"Really?" Conny asked, while looking up at her, still barely able to say anything from amazement.

"Yeah, but you gotta behave," Autumn replied, who was now levitating a foot off the ground (which creeped the teenager out). "You'll go farther with me by not screaming that you'll rip my eyeballs out and eat them. Respect your elders."

"Elders? So what's your age?" the high schooler asked while putting her phone away (she could tell Autumn seemed young, but clearly still older than herself). "Like you know I'm only 14, right? I don't even have a permit yet."

"Yeah, so?"

"I mean, you could go on a sex offender list for exposing yourself like this to me," Conny warned.

"Oh, like I give a shit about the law," Autumn said, continuing to slowly levitate higher. "The only law that matters is what I say…"

"…and unlike the legal system everyone else has to live under," she continued, now appearing only as a large head the same size as her body, "I grant rewards, not just punishments."

Conny was obviously startled by seeing Autumn as a giant head, right in front of her. Suddenly, the witch wrapped her tongue around the teenager, and it curled around the latter’s body, causing the poor girl to scream. The mysterious woman pulled the redhead into her dark mouth, and swallowed. However, the high schooler instantly felt herself back at the exact same spot where she had just been, standing upright, with Autumn in her basic form, and feet back to the ground.

The teenager kept screaming and thrashing her arms for a couple seconds, before fully realizing things had just gone back to “normal”. She looked around with a very confused look, flabbergasted. The redhead went from horror, to outright numb confusion.

"Do you understand me, little girl?" the naked woman asked authoritatively, pointing her finger.

"Um… Yeah…" Conny replied, too confused by what just happened.

"Good," Autumn replied with a gentle smile, now fully back to normal.

The redhead liked the sound of getting rewards, but still wasn't sure what to think overall. The teenager had such a mixture of emotions in the last few minutes. As would be expected, she felt like there wasn't something quite right about Autumn at all (for very obvious reasons), but figured that if she played her cards right, great things could come of this.

"Well now that we've established who's in charge, don't you wanna see what's under the drape?" Autumn asked while pointing at the dresser.

Being a curious person, the still dumbfounded teenage girl went over to object, feeling drawn to it. She was a little afraid to uncover it, not knowing what Autumn had up her sleeve. She removed the drape, and took a look. To her surprise, it was a glass item (about a foot and a half tall, and across), with 3 girls, about 5 or 6 inches tall, crying and screaming.

"What?" the teenager asked, peering to get a closer look.

Conny recognized everyone. Two were girls she knew from the junior/senior high school (both in yellow cheerleader uniforms, one a blonde and the other brown-haired), while the other was a Chinese woman, in her early-30s who co-ran the local antique store, but instead of a cheerleader outfit, was in normal clothes.

"Is this… real?" Conny asked, turning her head back towards Autumn, and not knowing what to think.

"Yes," Autumn confirmed, walking a few steps closer. "Why?"

"You're the one who did this?" the teenager asked, although the answer should've been obvious at that point.

"Why yes. Yes, I did, but never mind that," the evasive mystery woman said.

"Um - Well why did you? And… Why are they all… Small?" Conny asked, turning back to see the prisoners.

"Again with the damn questions," Autumn growled in frustration, still dodging direct answers. "Because. That's why."

"Why don't you answer my questions, BITCH!!?" the frustrated teenager growled back, while turning back to look at her (and hitting the dresser with her fist).

"You really do got a temper, don't you, ya' little brat?" Autumn asked, after laughing. "I can tell you're gonna be one of the funner ones."

"And what does that mean?" Conny growled, trying to calm down and wanting to cooperate.

"Now pick one of those bugs out to start," the witch said, once again not answering. "I'd like to see you figure out things to do to them, but do it one by one. The fun'll last longer."

"What do you - What do you want me to do?" Conny asked, already calming down again for some reason.

"Anything," Autumn said, who now appeared as countless heads on the walls speaking in unison, replacing the framed drawings and paintings.

"OK, what do you mean by 'anything'?" Conny asked, apparently not phased by the countless heads.

"I mean exactly what I said," Autumn's faces explained, as they talked in sync. "I gave you the power to do whatever you want to them. No limits in terms of power, and no taboos."

"No limits?" the redheaded teenager asked, as the witch went back to her basic form.

"Are you dense or something?" Autumn sarcastically asked, sounding annoyed again. "Yes."

Conny peered down again, to take another close look. She wanted to kill the cheerleader girls at least, for different reasons each. It was strange. The redhead hated the two, but never had murderous ideas (although that was now quickly changing). She didn't know what got into her, or if these thoughts were even originating from her, but didn't care much.

Plus, Conny loved the sight of them. They looked so pathetic and helpless, crying, screaming and very small. Anything could be done to them, anything at all. The relatively giant teenager had complete and total power. She also had no trouble looking at them directly into their eyes, because they were now so small.

"You know what? Why the hell not?" Conny said with an evil smile, embracing her dark side.

"Yeah, that's right!" Autumn said, giving her own wicked smile. "Just go with it…"

"Hmmm… I think I'll take out…" Conny said, moving her finger along the glass. "Jessica to begin!"

"No! Leave me alone!" the 16 year old, blonde haired Jessica screamed, in a squeaky voice that was barely understandable.

The tiny girl started running away into a corner, getting as far away as possible, but could only go so far. She was the most popular student in the Sioux All Girls Jr./Sr. High School (a charter school for girls from 6th to 12th grade from all over the country, who were gifted in some way, had a learning disability, behavioral problems, or had well-off parents who made backroom deals in Jessica's case).

The only reason Jessica was popular was mainly because she came from a relatively wealthy background, and bought a lot of stuff for her friends (if they did her favors, sometimes questionable ones), so people gravitated towards her. However, the blonde teenager wasn't very bright, and one of the biggest sluts in town, too.

Conny was jealous of Jessica's popularity and extroverted personality. The shy girl wished she could have the same amount of friends (but being extremely shy, not having much money and somewhat new to town, the redhead had none). The cheerleader had so many things she wanted, but didn't have.

It didn't help that the blonde was often rude to Conny, since she didn't suck up to her for cash or expensive gifts. In the few times they interacted, the cheerleader was very rude, because she didn't think the redhead was of any use to her. If someone didn't do favors in exchange for money, or kiss her ass, why bother?

"Like I said, just go with it," the naked, dark haired witch said, reaching down to rub herself, getting turned on. "She's basically a bug, she doesn't matter. The world'll go on, anyway."

The teen reached inside, and carefully plucked Jessica's little body by her ponytail. She lifted Jessica out of the glass box, as the tiny girl kicked her arms and legs while screaming. The cheerleader looked down, and could she was dangling above what seemed like several stories up.

"Don't hurt me!" the small girl begged, with tears flowing down her blue eyes. "Let me go!"

To Jessica, Conny was clearly no longer the soft spoken, shy, socially awkward loser girl from high school who rarely looked up while speaking. She was clearly different now. The cheerleader may have been at the top of the social pyramid at school, but here in the attic, she was at the bottom, in terms of power and size.

"Oh, I might do more than hurt you," Conny warned, having murderous thoughts, and stepping a few feet away from the dresser. "Besides, you're only a snobby slut who sucks cock and smokes pot all day."

"Please, have me changed back!" Jessica pleaded, staring at the redhead's relatively large green eyes."I'll give you tons of cash!"

"Go shove Mommy and Daddy's money up your ass," Conny said (as tempting as the offer was). "You could offer me a billion dollars, and I wouldn't give a FUCK. You can't bribe your way out of this one, cunt!"

"I'll give you all of it! Every last penny! Just don't - Don't hurt me!" Jessica said, with tears constantly flowing down her cheeks. "I promise!"

"You know that nobody likes you?" the larger teenager asked. "People only become friends with you for the fucking money so you buy 'em things. When you're gone, everyone will miss your money, NOT you."

"OK! OK! PLEASE don't hurt me!" Jessica sobbed.

"The only reason you're even IN that fuckin' school is because your Mommy and Daddy bribed the higher ups!" Conny kept ranting. "They did it just so you can have bragging rights about going to a 'special place'!"

"OK! You're right!" the tiny blonde said. "Now let me go! I promise I'll be different!"

A small part of Conny suddenly began feeling sorry for the tiny girl. She was starting to feel conflicted. Jessica seemed sincere in being remorseful, even if it was partly to save her own ass. Plus, nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws. She was considering that perhaps this wasn't the best thing to do.

"Don't listen to her," Autumn insisted, with her mouth having vanished, but yet still able to speak. "She'll just go back to her old ways almost right away. People slip into old habits real damn quick."

"Good point…" the larger teenager agreed, still staring at her captive.

"Besides, I personally know that she wants to hurt you," the witch said, and her mouth slowly appearing back. "I don't know what it is, but she's plotting something."

"Really?" the redhead asked, starting to think Jessica was even worse than she already thought.

"Yes, really," Autumn nodded. "Lots of people wanna hurt you. Even those you wouldn't expect."

"So is that true?" the relatively giant girl asked, starting to fear that Autumn's words were true.

"She's lying! I swear I'm not plotting anything!" Jessica said. "I just wanna be turned back to normal!"

"Like I said, you can do anything to them," Autumn explained, standing behind her (but getting closer). "Just imagine, and concentrate."

Suddenly, Conny saw some yellow liquid sliding down the small girl's legs. For a second, she couldn't tell what it was, but almost instantly realized that Jessica had pissed herself from pure fear. The tiny girl had barely even noticed that she soiled her panties, being too focused on the overall situation.

"Awww, someone wet themselves," the larger teen said in a mocking manner, after laughing a little. "Let's get that uniform off you."

"That's right," Autumn nodded, seeing her concentrate. "Just think of it."

Jessica felt the cheerleader outfit go missing, so she looked down and gasped. The only thing left was her bra, the pissed-stained white panties (plus shoes and socks). After that, her underwear vanished, leaving only her menstrual pad.

"So you're on your period, bitch?" Conny asked, before laughing.

The large teenager concentrated, and made the bra, pad, shoes and socks all go away as well, leaving the crying and screaming girl's nude body visibile (with her B-cup tits and light, blonde pubic hair for all to see).

"Stop this!" Jessica pleaded.

"Well you're small, but still have a nice body, bitch," the redhead commented, poking her little twat. "So that's what all the guys our age in town get to see."

"Like I said, you can do anything you want," Autumn reminded. "Just think it."

"Anything?" the teenager asked like before, turning her face with intrigue to the mysterious woman.

"There's no limit to the creativity of the human mind, especially when it comes to someone like you," the naked witch said, still standing next to her, but getting close to her ear. "There's no limit to the power I gave you in terms of what happens to them."

"I see…"

"Use the power of your imagination," Autumn continued, with a translucent image of a brain vibrating several colors appearing in front of them, for a few seconds. "Use the same imagination that made all these pictures on your walls. Just like when you got her outfit off. The idea then becomes real."

"Well… OK," Conny hesitantly said, "I'll do it."

Conny thought for a few moments. She didn't know if Autumn was exaggerating, or if literally any idea could be done (but this whole situation was already way out there). Also, the teen wanted to kill Jessica, but was afraid to. After all, murder was obviously very, very wrong, but who'd know? She could easily take her out in a way to where there'd be no evidence.

The freckled girl began concentrating. A massive amount of pain (about the same as child birth) overcame the tiny cheerleader's entire body, causing her to scream in agony. It was the worst anguish Jessica had ever experienced, and it kept going. The larger teenager smiled. She loved putting her through this. In her mind, she was finally paying a price.

Conny wanted to go further, but something was holding her back. It might have been nerves, or her conscience. Either way, she was having trouble going past the limit.

"So that's it?" Autumn asked, sounding disappointed. "That's all you could come up with?"

"Fuck off," the pressured redhead growled, while giving a big stomping on the floor with her foot.

"Like I said, you've got a temper," the witch said after laughing at her. "Girls with tempers don't get nice things."

"Well maybe I do, cunt!" Conny somewhat admitted in a snotty tone, "but maybe I don't feel like being pressured to do something I might not want."

"Well maybe I don't wanna to do anymore cool stuff for you," Autumn warned, "I can just leave right now, and take all my nifty powers with me."

"OK, OK…" Conny said in a calmer tone, not wanting her to leave. "I'm sorry…"

"Now say 'I'll be a good girl from now on, Autumn'," the magical woman insisted.

"Um… I'll be a good girl from now on?" the teen halfheartedly repeated.

"You didn't say my name," the witch warned.

"I- I'll be a good girl from now on, Autumn? I guess?"

"Good enough for now. Now let's focus on this little cunt," the naked woman responded. "Like I've said, use your imagination."

All of a sudden, Conny had a sudden urge to go ahead and kill Jessica, in some way. The redhead didn't know if it was Autumn putting those thoughts into her head (or if it came from within), but either way, she suddenly felt ready. The teenager started feeling a little sexually excited about it as well, which she didn't like.

``No, I just like her body. It's not because I'm turned on by killing someone``, Conny thought to herself. ``That's the only thing it could be…``

"Well…" the relatively giant girl said, somewhat brushing off what happened, and still feeling the urge to kill Jessica. "Everyone thinks that you're the hottest girl in school. Let's make that literally true."

Conny placed the tiny girl on the dresser upright, right next to the glass box. She used her power to make the blonde stay right there, and not be able to move. The small cheerleader still had very intense pain, but that was nothing compared to what was seconds away.

Suddenly, a very intense heat could be felt immediately surrounding Jessica. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" the cheerleader screamed in her squeaky voice, looking down at herself, and feeling even worse pain from the extremely intense heat.

The cheerleader began slowly melting down into a puddle of goo, almost like she was wax. Her feet turned into liquid gunk, and her body was melting bottom up, along with other areas at the same time. Black and brown burn marks began appearing over various parts of her body, with blood oozing out.

"Wow, this is fuckin' awesome!" Conny said, with a big smile on her face.

"See?" Autumn told her, having a large smile as well (and rubbing her lightly hairy twat). "Like I said, you can literally do ANYTHING to these little bitches. Plus, even this is nothing compared to what else you could do…"

The horny redhead was getting even more aroused, from starting to get turned on by seeing the hot (in more ways than one) little cheerleader melt. The teenage girl wanted to touch her quickly lubricating twat, but resisted (from not wanting to admit to herself that she liked this). She didn't want to admit to herself that she was enjoying this.

The two glass prisoners watched in disbelief and horror. They were seeing Jessica melt before their very eyes, and wondering what would happen to them soon. Ashley couldn't bare to watch her dear friend die any longer, and decided to keep her eyes shut while balling like a baby.

After a few seconds, Jessica was already melted down to her kneecaps, as she continued screaming hysterically, and thrashing her arms. Her boobs suddenly fell off as well, like two blobs of goo. Her pubic hairs (plus the hair on her head) suddenly extinguished, leaving her bald all over.

"Yeah…" the teenager said, in an aroused tone, tempted to touch her wetting crotch. "Die, ya' little bitch…"

"Mmm. In moments she'll be total slime," Autumn explained, still pleasuring herself to the horrible sight (although the teenager was too distracted to notice). "All because of your imagination."


By the time Jessica sank down to the middle of her stomach, most of her skin was now burnt in black, brown and red marks. Her once beautiful face was now entirely scarred by the horrible burns. At this point, she wasn't even recognizable.

"Not so pretty anymore, huh, bitch?" Conny asked, before laughing.

Jessica's arms fell off from their sockets, once she melted down to her chest. Her screaming stopped, since her lungs were now gone. The cheerleader's cheeks, ears, eyes, jaw, lips and nose suddenly melted off, with their remains dropping down like wax to the ground.

Soon, there was left of Jessica, but black, peach and red goo. The beautiful, blonde high schooler was now nothing more than an ugly puddle of boiling, steaming slime with some fragments. The redhead just stared at the bubbling goo in amazement, not fully sure if it even really happened (as was the case with several events that afternoon).

"Um - So is she - I mean - Is she… Dead?" Conny asked, tempted to poke at it.

"Dead as a doorknob," Autumn confirmed, feeling her orgasm getting closer. "I mean… Just look at her. She's gunk now. She won't be sucking cock or smoking pot anymore, that's for damn sure. Plus, she can't hurt you."

Conny examined the little boiling puddle. She could make out things like bits of bones, hair and teeth, but for the most part, nobody would be able to tell this gunk was a human moments ago. This is all what pretty little Jessica was reduced to.

"Shit!" the teenager said with a disappointed face, still staring at the puddle. "I really wish I recorded that with my phone…"

"Hmm. Well look at your phone now," the masturbating mystery woman said. "Go to the Camera app."

The teen did so, hoping it was there, but not sure. To her partial surprise, there was a 720p High-Definition recording of the melting, right in the videos section. She tapped the file, and began watching what had happened only moments before.

"Fuck yeah!" the redhead shouted in glee, with a big smile. "Did you put this here?"

"Well… Yeah. Who else coulda, silly?" the masturbating witch asked while mimicking the melting, as her own feet and lower legs started to turn to wax. "I fixed your phone before, and I can put videos in there, too."

"Wow, thanks!" the teen said while looking at the file, still with a huge smile. "How did you?"

"You don't have to ask how or why I do everything. Just know that I can do lots and lots of really cool things," Autumn said, with her legs forming back to normal and the melting having stopped. "But you gotta be a good girl."

"Oh, OK…" Conny said, half paying attention to the video, and other half to the witch.

"So you gonna touch yourself to it, later?" Autumn bluntly asked, who fittingly was still touching herself.

The teenager looked up at her for a few moments, not knowing how to respond about the overly personal question. "Maybe…" was all she could manage to say.

``Why is she playing with herself right in front of me?`` the redhead thought, only now noticing that Autumn was masturbating (but quickly realized that masturbating was probably the least weird thing about her).

"Mmmm. Well I know what just happened turned you on," the masturbating witch said, as if reading the teenager's mind. "It turns me on, too. I really loved hearing her screams."

"No, I fucking WASN'T turned on!" Conny growled, pointing at her, but then trying to calm down, wanting to stay on her good side.

"Oh c'mon, Conny," Autumn groaned, rubbing her lightly hairy twat, faster and faster, eager to climax. "Just admit to yourself that you're a sick fu - OOOOOOHHHHHH!"

Autumn's orgasm interrupted the sentence. She partially closed her eyes, and loudly groaned in delight. The witch tilted her head back, and shook. Conny confusingly watched the magical woman orgasming, purely fueled by seeing Jessica melt and die moments ago. A few bursts of fluid shot out of her pussy, and onto Conny's wooden floor. Her brown eyes were half-open, and rolled into the back of her head.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" she groaned again, and still rubbing her twat in passion. "Mmmmmmm!"

The naked witch simply stood in her dark heels for several seconds, groaning, shaking and squirting from her orgasm. After several seconds of enjoying the climax, she fully opened her eyes, looked back at Conny, and let out a long, satisfied sigh.

"Well that was a pretty good one," Autumn said, before smiling. "I hadn't played with myself for a couple hours, so I needed it."

"Oh… OK…" Conny said, still glancing at her phone, feeling awkward again and not knowing what to say.

"You know, speaking of playing with yourself, you can actually masturbate with the blonde's remains," Autumn pointed out, while wiping some of her remaining juices off her pussy.


"You heard me, you can rub the warm goo on your twat," the naked witch said, licking and sucking bits of pussy juice off her fingers, like someone savoring sauce leftover from BBQ chicken. "It'll feel good."

"Um, yeah… That's really fucking gross," the shy teenager declined (her comfort zone limits were already pushed in such a short time anyway), while glancing at the melting video over and over again.

"Oh just try it," Autumn insisted, suddenly displaying a levitating pink sex toy. "It might feel even better than the vibrator that you hide from your family in your dresser!"

"How'd you know that?" Conny asked while taking a step back, offended and embarrassed. "Put that back!"

"Now pick out another one!" the witch insisted, pointing towards the glass prison, as the vibrator vanished and re-materialized back in its original spot.

"You just keep pushing my limits…" the teenager mumbled under her breath, but still wanting to stay on the witch's good side.

Conny peered back into the glass prison, and looked at the two future victims. They both screamed, knowing that either of them could be next, but it was an easy choice for the teenager. The next would be Jessica's best friend.

"Come here, Ashley!" she said, while giving a wicked smile and reaching inside.


``To be continued in Chapter 2…``


Eh, looks like I didn't bold, italics, etc. formatting correctly (this is my first time posting here). Oh well. I'll post Chapter 2 soon.


This is exactly the kind if story i like, if you like similar xheck out Sarahs epic life, it's one i cowrote.

Cant wait for chapter 2!!!

More pain more agony!! Please turn this into a huge series!!




I don't know about brilliant, but I do know that I appreciate the compliment. I've read most of "Sarah's Epic Life" (at least what's written so far), and it's given me a few possible ideas. I'm not sure how long it'll be, but it could certainly be a huge series if I can keep coming up with ideas for it, and it feels like the story is advancing in some way.

Anyway, here's Chapter 2:


(F, f, f, non-consensual, drowning, masturbation, teens, water sports)

(Chapter 2: "Melted Goo With a Side of Milk" - Pt. B)

"NOOOO! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" the petite, long brown haired, 17 year old Ashley screamed, trying to move away from the large fingers coming for her.

After a relationship that went well for so long, Conny's now ex-boyfriend Aaron suddenly left her to be with Ashley instead. The big breasted girl was new to the area (having moved over from Thompson, NY), and got lots of attention from guys all over town. At normal height, she was relatively short at 4'11", and had a C-sized chest. Her small stature made them seem bigger than they were.

The redheaded teenager believed Aaron chose Ashley because he thought she was hotter, and had better tits. In reality, it was much more nuanced and far less stupid than that (although the pretty face and nice rack certainly didn't hurt). It was mainly because of Conny always being a shut in, from always wanting to stay in the attic. Either way, there was lots of resentment over it for weeks.

Not only that, but being almost flat chested, Conny was always jealous of the girl's larger breast size. 'Why does Ashley have such big boobs?' she always thought to herself. "I wanna see what Aaron left me for," the larger teen said. "Let's get your uniform off, too."

"That's right," Autumn agreed, starting to rub her twat again, excited over what she'd do next. "Let's see that little body."

Ashley felt and witnessed her cheerleader outfit vanish a split second later, revealing her naked form. This time, Conny had managed to get everything off at once. It showed that she was already getting better at doing this.

"Mmm. Nice jugs ya' got there, bitch," Conny admitted, poking the tiny boobs. "You might be small, but they still look great."

"Please put me down! PLEASE!" the now naked girl had kept begging and sobbing.

"Just remember, your ex left you for THIS cunt," Autumn passionately reminded the redheaded girl, whle still masturbating. "The slut stole Aaron from you. She needs to pay somehow."

"Yeah… You're right…" the teenager agreed, now using her finger to touch Ashley's pussy (and the brown pubic hairs surrounding it). "I didn't do anything wrong. It's HER."

"Plus Ashley might hurt you, too," Autumn continued, touching the teenager's back shoulder. "Her and Jessica were really close, and since she was the smartest of the two, I bet she had all kinds of ideas."

Ashley was a very intelligent, straight A student (ironically the total opposite of her now dead, ditzy friend), and about to graduate high school a year early. She had dreams of one day going to NASA's space center in Houston, TX to become a literal rocket scientist. However, after seeing what happened to Jessica, the poor girl had a very bad feeling she wasn't going to live through this, and never be able to pursue her dreams (among never seeing her family or friends again).

"Yep… You're right…" the teenager repeated.

"So what you gonna do with this insect?" the witch asked, with synced duplicates of her face replacing all the various drawings and paintings, like before. "Remember: Use your imagination. No taboos. No judgement. No consequences. If you want to, though…"

"Hmmm. Melting your BFF was pretty cool," Conny said, still dangling her tiny victim. "How should I take YOU out?"

"Let me go! Please!" the big breasted girl kept saying. "I swear I'll do whatever you want!"

"Pffffff. Bargaining didn't work for your dimwit friend," the redhead pointed out. "It won't work for you, either."

"So what're you gonna do?" the mysterious woman's synced faces all asked, with an impatient tone.

Conny concentrated, and made the same kind of intense throbbing pain overcome Ashley, like it did with Jessica. The brown haired girl felt like she had the worst migraine ever, combined with the worst stomachache ever, etc. Overall, she felt unbearable pain all over her body, from head to toe.

The high schooler started thinking more. While melting the first cheerleader was fun, she didn't want to do the same thing again so soon. After about half a minute of simply holding and staring at the agonized small girl, an idea came to mind.

All of a sudden, Ashley was now full sized at 4'11", but trapped in an open, thin, 6 foot, half-gallon, empty milk jug, right in front of the bedroom doorway. Breast milk began shooting out of her large tits and onto the sides of the jug, where it slid down. She tried to cover her boobs up, but noticed her hands were tied behind her back with rope. The white liquid seemed to be rising very quickly, even though there didn't seem to be enough gushing out to make it go that fast.

"HELP!" the trapped girl kept screaming, not being able to move around much, and still feeling intense pain all over body. "GET ME OUTTA OF THIS!"

"Nobody's gonna help you, bitch," Conny informed, getting her face right up to the clearer than usual, see through milk jug. "You're gonna drown from those nice tits of yours!"

"That's awesome," Autumn said, now back in her basic form, plus smiling and peering inside, too. "Drowning the cunt in her own breast milk? Love it."

"The smartest brains still need air," the redhead teenager commented, before slightly laughing. "Once that milk gets to your nose, you're done for!"

'This has gotta be a nightmare!' Ashley thought, hoping she'd find herself safe in bed. 'Wake up! C'mon, just wake up! Wake up!'

"Oh, it's no nightmare," the mystery woman said, before laughing a little and still peering right into the container as she masturbated. "This is all very real, you big tit slut!"

Conny didn't want to admit it, but this too was turning her on (even more than seeing the cheerleader melt). Watching Ashley suffer in her final moments, and knowing the extreme pain and terror she was going through was making her crotch wet. Getting moist, she had the urge to start touching herself.

"Again, if you wanna do it, there's no shame," Autumn commented, apparently reading her mind. "Like I said, using the warm goo of that dead slut would make it feel good, too."

"How do you know that?"

"I just fuckin' do, OK?" the still masturbating witch said, sounding annoyed again. "Do it."

'You know what? Screw it, I'll just do it', the teen thought. 'I need relief.'

The freckled girl walked over, and hesitantly touched the melted remains. They still felt very warm, but not to the point of burning or hurting. She then walked back over, placed the finger inside her panties, and began smearing the gunk on her crotch.

"Mmmm…" the teen groaned while closing her eyes, and instantly loving the sensation. "This actually feels great for some reason…"

"See?" the mystery woman said, masturbating along, "I was right, as usual. You should take my advice right away more."

"Oh yeah. Mmmm. Do you like being melted goo on my pussy, Jessica?" Conny asked, before laughing, "I guess you're too dead to care one way or the other."

"Speaking of advice, how about you take your uniform off to rub yourself? And we can sit down as we do it," Autumn suggested.

"Uh - How about… I'll just take off my skirt…" the shy and hesitant girl said, slowly slipping them off. "Not the whole outfit."

"Suit yourself, I guess," Autumn said, taking what she could get, as she looked at Conny's pussy for the first time.

Both girls sat on their asses, with their legs spread wide open, and their moist pussies on display. Conny rubbed her clitoris in passion with one hand, while using the other hand to put two fingers her love tunnel. Autumn did the same, but rubbing her breasts instead of using her fingers.

Conny kept rubbing the warm remains of the dead cheerleader, all over her private areas. Her pussy never felt that fantastic before. From her clitoris, down to the asshole, the warm goo could be felt all over. She also liiked the feeling of the gunk causing her pubic hairs to get wet, as she smeared.

"Mmmm… Your friend feels so good, Ashley…" the masturbating teenager said.

"I'll try it, too," Autumn said, making some of the warm substance appear on her own pussy. "Ooooohhhh, nice."

The increasingly fast and rising breast milk was now up to Ashley's large rack itself. Her doom was getting closer. The terror kept increasing with each passing moment, from knowing that she was mere seconds away from starting to drown, and mere minutes from dying. She could do nothing but keep screaming, while sluggishly moving a few steps here and there in the tight space.

"It's getting close to your face, whore!" the masturbating teenager mentioned, giving an evil smile. "When it does, you're finished!"

"Yep! And there's nothing you can do about it!" Autumn added.

"Oh, I'm also gonna make you conscious the whole time!" Conny said, suddenly thinking of the idea (people usually go unconsciousness when drowning before the actual death, but the redhead decided to use her powers keep Ashley awake as long as possible).

"Good idea," the witch complimented.

The milk reached Ashley's mouth, causing her to close it and stop screaming. Instead, she gave muffled grunts. She inhaled what little air she could, before only half a second later, the liquid already reached the nose. The rising milk stopped going up, and settled right below her wide, tear-dripping brown eyes, which were filled with horror. The terrified girl jumped slightly out of the liquid a couple times, to get in a tiny bit of oxygen through her nose.

"Stand still, and watch us pleasure ourselves to your drowning," Conny said, while concentrating her power.

"Yeah! Watch us masturbate to your fucking death, bitch!" Autumn added.

All of a sudden, the poor girl felt like she couldn't move (or even blink), and simply stood still. She couldn't even hop out a little for a slight bit of precious air, which wasn't much to begin with. All the brown haired girl could do now was to keep crying, grunting and shaking her head while feeling the white substance flood her nostrils.

"No more air, Ashley!" Conny shouted, before laughing.

"Yep! It's time to drown now!" the witch said.

"Taste your own milk!" the redhead shouted.

After she said that, Ashley's mouth was forced open by Conny's powers. The poor girl had to taste her own breast milk, as it flooded her mouth, and seeped down into her body. She tried desperately to somehow jump up for air, or free her hands from the ropes and punch the jug open, but it was no use. Conny's power was too strong.

The drowning girl still couldn't do anything but stand perfectly still, and watch both sadistic girls masturbate, as the warm milk kept filling her nose, and the endless, intense pain kept going. The terrified teen kept hoping for mercy from this bizarre, cruel and agonizing fate (or that it was a simple nightmare she'd wake up from). Ashley couldn't believe this is how her short, but already promising life would end.

"Yeah, you're almost gone, Ashley…" Conny groaned.

"Y'know, we're actually bonding in a way," Autumn told the teenager, who didn't respond.

It was now two minutes since the drowning started. The brown haired girl was getting more lightheaded and dizzy. The big breasted teenager was naturally getting weaker, from both the intensely horrible pain and milk constantly filling the stomach and lungs, starving that intelligent brain of oxygen.

"Nothing's gonna save you, bitch," Conny said, feeling a climax getting close, rubbing herself with one hand, and fingering inside her tunnel with the other. "You'll never go to Houston! You'll never see your friends or family again!"

"That's right, cunt," Autumn agreed, starting to finger herself instead of groping her own breast. "Man-stealing whores get what they deserve!"

Conny could feel the orgasm getting closer and closer, as she rubbed and fingered herself. She felt a strong urge to climax, but also wanted to wait until Ashley finally bit the dust, so there were moments she had to stop rubbing herself for a few seconds (to prevent an early climax).

The redhead used her power to make more of the melted good appear onto her pussy. She smeared more of the hot gunk on her throbbing twat, which was still on the brink of climax. "Mmmm. Keep drowning in your own breast milk, bitch," Conny groaned, managing to keep the orgasm at bay.

Three minutes in, Ashley's chest and tummy were filled with the liquid. Her milk-filled lungs and stomach both felt like they'd explode. Plus, she was feeling even more dizzy and light headed, as the horrible pain all over her body continued. Most of her energy was now gone.

"Fuck, I wanna cum so bad," the slightly sweaty redhead moaned, stopping one hair shy of a climax. "Hurry and die, bitch…"

"Just gotta be patient, sweety," Autumn insisted, still rubbing and fingering her own twat. "Let the orgasm keep building. The longer you wait, the better it'll feel anyway."

"I know, but it's hard…" Conny moaned, both in pleasure and impatience.

"Oh! By the way, Crystal, we didn't forget you!" Autumn shouted to the last victim, sitting in the glass box. "We'll get to you real, real soon!"

The final victim was a Mainland Chinese immigrant woman in her early-30s, nicknamed Crystal. She co-ran a local old antique shop with her husband, right there in town. They both planned on moving for a business opportunity (but it clearly seemed like that wasn't going to happen now).

Conny came in the antique shop from time to time, but never had any issues with the co-owner, unlike Ashley and Jessica. The poor woman did nothing but simply lay in the corner, farthest away from the two as possible. She was curled up in a ball, crying hysterically. The small and terrified lady saw and heard everything going on, and knew she was next.

Four minutes since starting. Ashley was now only twitching, with only a few bubbles still coming up every now and then. Her demise was moments away at this point. The intense pain going through her body was still felt no less, however.

"Almost there…" Conny said, referring to both her upcoming climax, and Ashley's end. "You're almost done for, cunt."

"Mmmm. We'll climax together," Autumn groaned. "Once the stupid bitch dies, we'll release. Sound good?"

"Uh, sure."

Finally, after about 4 and a half minutes, Ashley's fading mind closed down, and all of her senses went totally dark. Death came as she slipped into eternal, silent and senseless darkness. The young girl's pain and horror was finally over, but now without a future. The poor girl had finished drowning in her very own breast milk.

The masturbating ladies could tell it was the end of Ashley, so the two knew they could finally let go. "OOOOOOHHHHHH!" both girls loudly grunted, with Autumn's climax starting a couple seconds earlier.

"Ashley's fucking dead!" Conny grunted, blissful that another one of her enemies was no more.

"Mmm! Fuck!" Autumn groaned, also feeling an intense orgasm overcome her.

The climaxing girls shook, and tilted their heads back. Autumn's eyes were rolled back, while Conny's was now fully closed. Girl cum burst out of their crotches as they shouted in ecstasy. Some of the freckled redhead's juices landed right on the milk jug, right in front of Ashley's face.

"Good riddance, whore," Conny grunted.

For several seconds, the two girls kept moaning and yelling from their intense orgasms, as cum shot out of their goo-covered twats. It was by far the best climax Conny ever had, and she wondered if the mystery woman was perhaps enhancing it for her in some way. The orgasms began fading, and the sweaty girls started catching their breaths, as they gave their hands needed rests.

"Wow…" was all Conny could say, with a huge smile on her freckled face.

"Felt pretty good, huh?" Autumn asked, while licking up some of the melted goo and her own pussy juices on her fingers.

"Yeah… REALLY good…" the teenager said, staring at Ashley's body still trapped in the container. "That was the best fuckin' orgasm I've had!"

"Stuff like this is a much better way of getting off than using that lame dildo of yours," the witch said, still licking her fingers.

"Yeah, I guess…" Conny said, embarrassed that she mentioned the dildo again (while still agreeing with the statement). "Now watch this…"

The redhead made Ashley's limp corpse appear out of the jug, and fall forward right onto floor, which created a hard thump on the wood below. Milk was still covered all over her body, and some of it got onto the ground. The rope that previously tightly held her hands together was gone. The giant jug and its milk inside was still in front of the door way.

"Ah, just look at that delicious milk," Autumn said out loud to herself, while licking her lips, and looking at the ridiculously large container.

Conny went over to the body, and pushed the corpse over to where Ashley was now facing upward. Breast milk was foaming out of her mouth, and leaking out of the nose. "HA!" Conny yelled as she slapped the dead big, breasted girl across the face a few times to let out some anger and hatred, with a huge smile. "How'd you like all that, you stupid fucking bitch!!?"

"Aww, what's wrong, Ashley?" Autumn mockingly asked, as the angry redhead kept slapping. "You're so quite all of a sudden."

After relieving her anger problems for the time being, the teenager picked up Ashley's limp arm, and dropped it. She did that a few more times, liking the sound of her arm landing on the wet and milky wooden floor. Playing with the lifeless arms was fun to her. She couldn't understand why, but didn't care.

"Mmmm, she's so limp and lifeless," Autumn said in an aroused tone, kneeling down to play with the other arm.

"Yeah, I know," Conny agreed, lightly rubbing her twat again.

The two started playing with Ashley's limp arms for a couple minutes. Autumn was wiping and drinking some of that white, tasty liquid off of Ashley's corpse and the floor. They both loved hearing sounds of the body parts hitting the wet, warm, milky and wooden floor whenever the two let them go. For some reason, it was simply fun for them.

"That was even better than with that Jessica bitch," Autumn commented, dropping the arm again, with a wet thud following right after.

"Fuck yeah, it was," Conny agreed again, lifting the limp arm. "Those screams, and that look of fear on her face was priceless."

"Can't wait to do it to others, can you?" the witch asked, tasting her milky fingers.

"No, I can't," the redhead admitted, excited from the endless possibilities that could be done to a seemingly endless amount of others. "There's soooooo many other girls at my school that I wanna see suffer and die!"

"Well we can easily make that happen," Autumn assured, wiping some more of the liquid off of Ashley's body.

"Mmmm! Just thinking about it makes me so fucking WET!" Conny almost growled in excitement, rubbing herself faster now.

"Of course it does," the witch agreed, dropping the arm yet again. "You're a sadistic little bitch."

"Maybe I kinda am…" she semi-admitted. "Sorta."

"You really are," Autumn said, while giving an evil smile. "You're very, very sick in the head. Just embrace it."

"Well, I -" she began to say, but not sure how to respond (the teenage redhead still wasn't fully coming to terms with what she really was).

Suddenly, Conny felt like she had to use the bathroom. It was the perfect excuse to change the subject anyway. She had to take another big piss like earlier in the day, right before all this pure madness started. The teenager got up from the floor, and began to position her pussy right above Ashley in order to do her

"Potty time," the redheaded teenager said while sounding excited, standing directly over Ashley's face, and kneeled down to where her goo-covered pussy was inches away.

"Oh, you gotta take a tinkle?" Autumn asked, before laughing.

Conny started taking a piss, right onto Ashley. Yellow liquid poured out of her pussy, and onto various parts of the dead girl's pretty face. She made sure to urinate on as many parts of the face as possible, from the eyes, nose and mouth. It was a nice relief for her bladder. Of course, the dead girl did nothing but blankly stare above at the twat inches away (smeared with the remains of her friend), with milk foaming out of her mouth and nose.

"Aaahhh…" the freckled teenager sighed in relief. "How you like my piss, Ashley?"

"Yeah, get it all over her," the witch said, enjoying the site of seeing Conny's urine dropping out.

"Bitch…" Conny mumbled, as she sat back down.

"And you know, for the most part, you've been a very good girl today," Autumn said. "So here's your main reward."

The witch snapped her fingers, Ashley's breasts suddenly vanished off her chest. Once they did, Conny felt a very odd sensation. Her own chest suddenly felt much larger. The redhead started taking off her uniform top and bra (making her fully naked now). "… the fuck?" she asked herself.

"I gave you Ashley's tits," Autumn explained, eyeing up and down the teen girl's sexy body. "So there, now you're not so flat chested anymore."

"Awesome!" Conny said, now standing upright, plus bouncing up and down in pure excitement. "Thank you so much!"

Ashley's large tits were now Conny's. The skin tone had been adjusted slightly to match the freckled redhead's, so they looked as natural on her as any other body part. Autumn couldn't help but stare at the large breasts bouncing up and down as the teenager hopped like a rabbit, in pure excitement and joy.

"Well you deserve it, sweety," the mysterious woman explained, while standing upright. "You're a very reserved person, and you keep bugging me with questions, but still did some great work regardless."

"Thanks so much!" Conny repeated, going over to hug Autumn.

The two naked girls embraced each other, standing over Ashley's corpse. Conny was so happy that one of her biggest insecurities was now taken care of. Was it kind of odd that she had the breasts of a completely different person? Sure, but the teen girl didn't care (plus there were so many other strange things about that day, anyway). Plus, she felt it was a great way of having revenge in a weird sense.

"Oh, you're very welcome," the witch said, as the two naked girls embraced each other, standing above Ashley's corpse. "I really, really like you, Conny."

"Oh, I sorta like you, too…" the teen somewhat admitted.

"We're gonna have so much fun in the future," the witch said, embracing more tightly, and feeling up her back (stopping just shy of the teenager's ass). "And we'll be close friends. Very, very close…"

"Yeah, that'd be great…" Conny unenthusiastically said, now being less comfortable, with the feeling up now being involved.

"We're friends, aren't we?" the witch asked, not letting go.

"Oh, of course…" the teenager half-heartily said, getting the impression Autumn was wanting much more than friendship (while Conny found her to be very attractive, that obviously wasn't enough).

"Well I'll be the best one you ever have," the magical woman said. "And I can do so many wonderful things for you, if you're a good girl…"

"Nice…" the teenager said, wanting for her to let go already, but trying to feel and sound grateful.

"And if you're not a good girl, then -" Autumn began to say. "Well… I'm sure you'll be fine."

After what seemed and felt like several minutes, Autumn finally stopped the hug. Conny started it in the first place, but didn't expect it to go on for so long. It had been making her uncomfortable."So just tell me who you are exactly," the high schooler said in almost pleading tone, as they stopped hugging. "I mean… Who the fuck are you, exactly?"

"Who am I? Already told you," the mysterious woman said, sounding annoyed and folding her arms. "I'm Autumn."

"OK… Well what's your age? You know I'm only 14, right?"

"Yes," the witch replied after sighing, sounding even more annoyed. "You already mentioned that earlier, and our age difference doesn't matter."

"Uh, well why'd -" Conny began to ask, but got interrupted.

"Good girls don't ask snoopy questions, by the way."

"OK, but why come to me?" the teenager asked anyway, not satisfied with the answers. "I mean, I'm just some nobody in South freaking Dakota."

"Did you not hear what I - Look, it's because you've always wanted friends," the mystery woman pointed out, before vanishing and reappearing behind her. "Well here I am, and I'm the only one you have."

"Well, the first part is true…" Conny said, turning around. "But I have a friend named Karen, but she's not hangin' out with me as much lately. She's always kinda busy now…"

"That Karen bitch can't do ANY of the cool shit I can," the witch said, before suddenly reappearing back in her inital spot.

"No, but she's really nice to me…" the teenager said while turning back around (and not appreciating her dear friend being called a bitch). "Most of the girls at school are cunts, or just don't wanna talk to me…"

"You can't fully trust anyone, Conny," Autumn said in a stern voice, pointing her finger. "Karen's no exception. If she's doing nice things for you, it might be because she has some agenda."

"But that's not true!" the redhead challenged, starting to feel another temper building up.

"You can't be too careful," the witch warned, again disappearing but instantly reappearing behind her. "I'd prefer for you to at least be cautious."

"Well, that's fair," Conny said, after turning around. "I guess…"

"Any other cunts you wanna take care of?" the mysterious girl asked, after vanishing and reappearing back to her initial spot.

"Are you kidding? There's too many to count!" the teenager replied turning back around, with her eyes lit back up. "Tons of girls at my school are pieces of shit! And it's a pretty big school, too! There's ENDLESS material!"

The teen went to a fairly large all-girls junior/senior high school, consisting of grades 6-12, so the students ranged from 11-18 years of age, plus a few held back 19 year olds. There'd be a lot of victims to pick from. There were also certain staff members she had in mind, too.

"We could do as many as you'd like," Autumn said, creating a large image of the infinity symbol between them. "Remember, a lot of people are out to get you, and I'm here to protect you."

"That'll be so awesome!" the freckled girl said, jumping up and down, as the symbol went away. "Carrie! Amy! Kristen! Joanna! Diana! The list goes on!"

"But first don't forget we still have one more for now!" Autumn reminded while pointing to the glass prison was a big smile.

"Oh, I forgot about you," Conny said, walking over to the glass prison.

"Please don't kill me!" the remaining tiny woman pleaded in a begging position, realizing it was her turn to perish.

Like the others had, Crystal screamed and started running from the fingers. However, she was carefully taken out, pulled up by the ponytail, and now dangling in the air. Like the others, there was nothing the tiny woman could do.

"Well hey there, Crystal!" the teenager said, while smiling evilly and walking back over to Autumn.

"Put me down!" the tiny Chinese woman demanded in her accent, and in the same sort of squeaky, barely understandable voice the others had. "Don't kill me! Just let me go! Please!"

Crystal couldn't believe this was happening. One moment she was in the shop, as always, and the next, she was naked, much smaller, and in a glass prison with two others in the same situation. Seeing the cruel and weird fates of the others obviously gave her even more fear. She also couldn't believe that the shy, redheaded girl who barely made eye contact was doing this.

"Well, what're you gonna do?" Autumn wondered, who once again appeared as several faces talking in sync at once, replacing the paintings. "You can do any -"

"Yeah, yeah. I know," the teenage redhead interrupted, in a slightly annoyed tone. "I can do anything."

Conny didn't feel any hatred or dislike of this woman. Her interactions were always fine. It was hard to get into the mood of wanting to torture or kill her, when there was no kind of grudge. Her happy mood was starting to decline from the anxiety coming in.

"Well then - ARE you gonna do anything to this little bug?" the impatient witch asked while going back to "normal", folding her arms and starting to get annoyed.

Conny said nothing, and instead kept looking at her last victim. A part of her wanted to use these cool new powers, but the more ethical part didn't. As mentioned before, it was hard to inflict death or pain on the tiny woman, when the teenager didn't have a personal beef with her.

"Huh…" the teenage girl said, with her smile quickly fading, not wanting to do this, and worried about upsetting the witch. "Hmmm…."

"I brought her here, because I know she wants to hurt you, too," Autumn said, suddenly appearing upside down, legs on the attic ceiling. "She has it in for you, like so many others."

"Well are you sure about that?" the increasingly skeptical Conny asked, looking at the naked woman, who was still upside down on the ceiling (for whatever reason). "She's always been a sweet and nice lady, and has never done anything to me."

It seemed like it wasn't working. Telling the redhead that the woman wanted to hurt her wasn't very convincing, like it was with Ashley and Jessica. After all, Conny didn't consider Crystal to be an enemy, because there was simply no reason to.

"You know, just forget about it for now…" Autumn conceded.

The witch was back to standing upright on the floor. Crystal now appeared and dangled in the witch's fingers instead. Conny looked over, and put her now empty fingers down. She was a little nervous, and unsure what was going to be done to the tiny woman.

"I guess you get to live another day, you little chink," Autumn said to the still hysterically crying and screaming woman. "Bye!"

The witch made it to where the woman appeared back in the antique shop (normal sized and fully clothed), where she would have been anyway, right at her computer desk which was by the front door. She had no memory of what happened only a moment ago. From her perspective, it's like nothing occurred at all. Nobody happened to be in the store anyway, as it was a less busy time of day.

However, as Crystal was going about her business, she heard Autumn's voice saying, "I'll have plans for you later…"

With her memory wiped clean, she didn't recognize the voice however. Plus, she didn't have any context for it either. As far as she was concerned, it was a new customer in the store, but she didn't see or hear anyone come in, and was almost always up front at the register, in a building that wasn't all that big. "Hello?" she asked, in total confusion, as she sat in her chair in front of the computer.

There was no answer. Autumn had already moved on and forgotten about her for the time being. Crystal shrugged off and quickly forgot about it too, though. She simply moved on with her day.

"There, now she's back in the shop, safe and sound," Autumn assured.

"Oh, good…" Conny said, relieved, happy that Crystal was safe and that the witch wasn't upset, like she thought. "I mean, she's not like Ashley and Jessica, who were total pieces scum."

"By the way, the whole drowning is in your phone," the witch said, changing the subject. "You can watch it over and over again."

"Awesome!" the teenager said, getting the device from her dresser. "Thanks so much!"

"No problem," Autumn said while smiling, and before quickly levitating a couple feet off the ground for a few seconds. "You've grown so much in a really short amount of time."

"Yeah, I guess I kinda have…" Conny admitted (but not quite sure what exactly she was "growing" into).

"Oh! What do you wanna do with Ashley's body, by the way?" the mysterious woman asked, after dropping back to the floor, followed by the sound of her heels thumping on the wood below.

"How about this?" the teenager replied after thinking about it for several seconds, and then pointing at the corpse.

Ashley's body shrank again, but this time much tinier than as a glass prisoner, before being full sized again in the milk jug. Now she was about the size of a small ant, and on the tip of Conny's index finger. "See?" the teen asked.

"Huh," Autumn nodded, starting to rub her pussy again. "So from normal sized, to tiny, then back to normal sized, and then to even tinier?"

"Pretty much," the redhead replied, before laughing a little.

The teenager moved her finger. She pressed it for a couple seconds against her left nipple, crushing the tiny corpse into a little bloody pulp. Now Ashley was nothing more than a simple blood stain on what use to be her own breast.

"There, now there's nothing left of the dumb bitch," Conny said, while smearing the red and bloody pulp.

"Mmmm. Nice," Autumn said, nodding again, and taking a step closer.

Suddenly, the witch moved her head down, and used her wet tongue to take a long stroke against Conny's left nipple, licking the small blood smear clean. Conny was a little taken back by this, but for some reason didn't resist. She felt a little confused and woozy as well. The redhead simply let it happen.

"Are you…" Conny began to say, still feeling puzzled and super tired, causing her sentence to quickly end.

Suddenly, the overly-sized milk jug, which was still in front of the door, shrank down to normal size, but this time in the witch's hand. "Want some?" Autumn offered, before licking her lips. "We're buddies, and buddies always share."

"Uh, I'll… I'll pass…" Conny awkwardly declined, and not being to able to tell if she was joking or not.

"You're always so hesitant about everything, but I'm changing that," the witch said, before titling her head back, and drinking it all down without stopping.

After the witch chugged down the warm breast milk, she let out a satisfied "Ah" sound, and then let out a loud belch. "Well I gotta go for now," she informed, as the container disappeared from existence.

"Where to?" Conny asked as Autumn let out another belch, disappointed she was leaving already.

"Again with the damn questions," the mysterious woman said while folding her arms, after sighing. "Like I said, good girls don't ask snoopy questions."

"Oh, OK… Sorry," the teenager said, not wanting to make Autumn upset in any way, knowing it was best to stay on her good side.

"But I'll be back tomorrow," Autumn said, letting her arms back down, and with a friendlier tone. "I'm not sure when, but I will. We'll do all kinds of weird and sick shit to other girls at your school! And we'll make your powers even more enhanced!"

"Sounds great!" Conny said, with a big smile, genuinely looking forward to it. "Um - Am I able to use them in the meantime?"

"No, you cannot," the witch sternly said, suddenly making a dozen copies of herself, surrounding the teenager.

"Oh, OK…" Conny said, dissapointed (the teenager wanted to ask why, but knew she wouldn't get an answer).

"You never shook my hand earlier, by the way," Autumn said, going back to one form.

The naked older woman reached her hand out, to which Conny finally accepted. After everything that happened in the last several minutes, a simple hand shake wasn't a big deal, like it was at the very start. Autumn had kept moving the goal post of the teenager's comfort zone (and in a very short amount of time).

"Just remember, I'm trying to protect you," Autumn informed. "I might seem 'weird', but I'm the only one who can defend you and give you cool shit, OK?"


A split second later, the woman simply vanished. There were no effects to go with it, she was simply gone. For a few seconds, the confused girl simply stood there, not saying anything. The teenage girl kept looking down at her new chest, and at the gooey remains on the dresser by the empty glass prison, still not fully processing if it was all real.

"What THE FUCK just happened?" she thought to herself out loud, smiling a little.

The glass prison was still there, though now empty of its tiny captives, of course. She leaned heavily towards it being true, but still wasn't fully convinced in some ways. Not only that, but Conny still had some reservations about Autumn for obvious reasons, but overall trusted her and wanted to stay in touch.

"Oh, shit!" Conny gasped with wide eyes, suddenly remembering the online tutoring lesson.

The teen looked at her phone. The screen said it was well past 04:30-PM. She clearly had missed her online tutoring appointment, obviously being too caught up in whatever the fuck happened. Conny realized that her Mother was going to be very angry now, and was going to get a huge scolding.

Conny decided to forget about it for now. What had happened was much more on her mind instead anyway. She sat onto her bed, and watched the couple of videos that Autumn placed into her iPhone (both the melting and drowning). They'd make for fine masturbation material. Her Mother and two sisters would be home soon, so there wasn't a lot of time to watch them. They were bringing dinner home, and that's when the redhead would have to tell her she missed the online appointment.

The teen girl began masturbating to the melting video. Her pussy was already throbbing from simply being horny. Seeing Jessica scream, melt and die in agony was enough to give her a climax very quickly.

To be continued in Chapter 3…


An awesome read, looking forward to chapter 3!

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