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The year is 2220, 150 years after the great war when half the human race left earth to explore space and the other half fought echother for whatever scant resources remained. One of the few winners was the Federal Republic of National Socialist Reichs, a neofascist state that has secured modernday North America, Europe and Russia for the purity of the glorious Aryan people. The future of the master race is ensured by the implementation of a strict eugenics programme which has the added benefit of securing dynasties of professionals and reducing crime immensely. Now the nations have been scourged of the degenerate and impure, the top eugenisists have figured out how to breed the most brilliant lawyers, doctors, scientists and artists - it is not enough that one should have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin but one must also be beautiful and pleasant to the eye with a pedigree of brilliance.

Helga, an officer who assesses boys for approval, oversees those boys who have failed the test. You see, at the age of 12, those boys who are aesthetically promising, not physically healthy and don't show evidence of some kind of brilliance, usually only 10%. Due to how much more investment women put into reproduction than men do, as with robots dominating the military, men are the easiest to narrow down for traits as less of them are required to spawn a new generation. As a result, those who fail will be 'clipped', penectomized at 12 - to ensure they do not introduce their failed genes or can rape - and castrated at 18 after puberty has built up the masculine physique of a labourer.

Helga's colleague, Victoria, was finishing this school's cohort with the final test - that of sexual performance potential. Not only were the next generation to be physically ideal and achademicly excellant but sexually performing as well - after all, there would be many women for each young man to impregnate. Two more applicants were stood naked before the milking machine: Dimitri, a short and slender boy with honey blond hair framing an androgymous face with green eyes; and Hugo, a tall platinum blonde with broad shoulders and a strong jawline below piercing silver eyes. Victoria first called up Dimitri.

This young man was a brilliant mathamatician, historian and geographer for his age at school but with his smaller build amongst the boys and swarvier than average features, he just passed the physical. Victoria also noticed a trend of late: boys are becoming more feminine - she assessed this to just be a side effect of breeding away body hair but still of significance for reassessing eugenic standards.
"Okay," Victoria said gently but still matter-of-factly, "You must maintain an erection and ejaculate into this machine as much as you can within the next 30 minutes."

As Victoria was speaking, her thick thighs, fat arse and big tits barely contained in her leathe uniform that hugged her tiny waist had Dimitri's dick stand at attention a full 13 cm long - exceptional for his age and almost disproportional to the rest of his smaller build- has his foreskin unfurled to show the red, pre-cum slick head. As he inserted himself into the machine's pseudovagina, the young boy gasped at the warm, silky, moist interior. He grabbed the handles and began to thrust. His penetration, speed, angle and rhythm were exceptional by the machine's numbers. He ejaculated within 3 minutes, earning a mediocre look from Victoria - that as until she saw the volume load of 10 mLs and peak sperm quality. Without hesitation, Dimitri caught his breath and began thrusting again, not ejaculating until 6 minutes later climaxing in another copious load. Again 12 minutes after that and finally, a last orgasm 9 minutes after that before the timer went off and Dimistri slumped back from the machine, knees wobbling and glistening with beads of sweat.

Victoria, slack-jawed, gave a slow applause,
"Young man, you may have squeezed by in the physical but you passed this with flying colours!". Dimitri's lips grew into a tired grin that slit his cute little face, excited that not only was he to remain to become a man, not only would he contribute to ensure his race becomes its best but that he would be afforded the pleasures of doing so.
"YES! YES! YES! Thank you officer Victoria!" he chirped.
"Clean yourself up and get dressed, Dimitri," Victoria replied with a smile ad Dimitri rushed off with haste.
"Oh, and Dimitri", she added, getting the boy's attention before leaving the room, "tonight I want you to meet me at my quarters for a special reward, you'll be assigned your first assignment as a breeder" she cood suggestively, winking at the boy before he returned the smirk and skipped off.

"Okay, Hugo, you're the last one" Victoria called up the final candidate.This boy struggled to meet the achademic requirements, only getting by a few points in music, language and literature classes. He, however, the phenotypical aim that the Reich was aiming for. Large and strong for his age, a head over most other boys in his cohort. Victoria looked him up and down promisingly as she repeated the instructions to him quickly, as if expecting him to pass - after all, every other boy who would have looked like that has so far. He stood naked before the milking machine. Victoria's anticipation quickly turned to concern as the boy had difficulty even maintaining an erection. Anxious being alone infront of the intimidating woman inhibited him.

He fiddled with his cock for 5 minutes of his alotted time, pullin on his foreskin, flicking it up onto his belly, rubbing the glans, any stimulation at all. Finally Hugo displayed ridgidity at a disappointing 7 cm.None the less, Hugo inserted his prick into the machine and similarly shuddered upon insertion as the pseudovagina embraced the boy in its embrace. It didn't take long - 32 seconds - where after a few clumsey, hasty bucks of his hips, Hugo dribbled out a pathetic sample. Despite this pathetic, Hugo collpased to his knees and precious minuted passed. Desparate to ensure his future, however, Hugo stood himself and began to fiddle with himself again in a desparate attempt to get hard. After 10 more minutes he entered again, thrusting desparately, failing wildly, to give a good sample but he went limp in the pseudovagina. Still with blind hope, he thrusted his limp dick against the machine but it was no use. Hugo knew he failed and he broke down and sobbed as the timer went off.

"I'm sorry Hugo," Victoria said not coldly but not comfortingly either, "you failed. Could you please join the queue to the clinic with Officer Helga?"
"No, wait, please!" he bubbled between his sobs, "Isn't there a retest?"
"Unfortunately you fall short of the criteria. Look, this ensures the best for our people's future, don't you want that?" she reasoned with him.
"I don't want to lose my weiner!" Hugo cried back. Victoria kneeled before the boy so she's on eye level, superficially concerned but reeking of the insincerity of a script she's uttered a thousand times before,
"Come, Hugo. It's just a little snip. Besides, look," she moved her hand between his legs to pick up and cradle the glistening, flaccid organ, "we're not cutting much off, just this little thing. Just a clip and it's all gone. You can live healthily and serve without this atached to you - you're certainly not going to serve us with it" With that, she nodded her head over to indicate to two robotic soldiers to drag the still weeping boy kicking and screaming to the clinic.

Hugo remained restrained by one of the cybernetic soldiers. Its arms gripped his wrists while rings fetterred its ankles to his. Four smaller robotic limbs sprouting form the front of its metalic torso held fast either side of Hugo's hips and shoulders. He joined a line of other similar mechanical restrainers, each with a naked young man vulnerably in the same position. Some struggled against the machines, some yelled for help or weeped of their fate while a few simply hung in despair. 20 were lined up in the quadrangle outside a truck that served as a temporary clinic, the last batch.

The boys quaked as they saw her, a figure who was more than plump but less than obese exposed in full by her tight leather uniform. The late middle aged woman's face wore what was the begining of what age would make jowles sagging from features that in youth may have been beautiful. Helga surveyed the queue of nervous victims with hungry eyes.
"Young citizens from the Federal Republic of National Socialist Reichs, today you have been deemed genetically and phenotypically unfit to contribute to the Aryan people's next generation. Fear not, after you are clipped, you will be trained as labourers so you may still serve your people." A few of the boys began to weep at the sentence that was being handed out to them.
"Worry not, much like a coup of hens needs only a couple of cocks, so too does each generation need only the handful of the pinnacle of males."

The boys' future was again desplayed to them as a round, soft, puggy would-be-man who served as a nurse assistant came to Helga's side with a trolley fo syringes and drugs. The man was a eunnuch, as were the majority of males now, those not among the privillaged few who would breed. He began mixing a coctail of drugs while Helga continued her debrief to the continued protest of young men.
"We are only clipping your penises today. This will ensure you are unable to deliver your unfit genes to the next generation. This has the added bonus of making rape an unheard crime. Before we begin cutting, I will administer a mixture of drugs to your pubis. One is a local anaesthetic, the next is to prompt an erection for easier handling throughout the procedure while the last ensures bleeding stops quickly and healing is sped up."

Helga moved down the line, injecting this concoction into the base of each boy's penis. The drugs was initially sting immensely followed by a painful erection. This would be the last time they felt their cock before it went numb. Hugo heard the yelps grow louder as Helga moved down the line. By the time Helga had moved onto the boy infront of him, Hugo wet himself in fright. Notcing this, after finishing with the boy before he, Helga and the nursing assistant strolled towards Hugo. She tutted him,
"Oh, look at this mess! It looks like you can't even control that willie of yours. That's okay, we'll just cut that off you soon and you won't have to worry."
"PLEASE, NO, DON'T DO THIS!" Hugo weeped as he watched her clean the base of his penis. She then donned new gloves and drew up clear liquid from several ampules into a small syringe. She then uncapped a needle and stabbed it into the left, then right, then top centre of the penis base. As she injected it burned like acid, Hugo thought his crotch was on fire. As it subsided, be quickly grew rock hard with an ache that throbbed into his guts with pain. Before long, however, he noticed that all the pain was gone, it was like nothing was even there. Tears welled in his eyes as Helga, satisfied that the drugs were effective, moved back into the clinic to finish this year's cull.

Helga returned to the clinic truck to set everything up. She made sure she had enough disposable blades that would fit into a paper guillotine like contraption, one for each boy. There was a warm throb between her legs, her vulva sweating in excitement as it anticipated the fulfillment of her duties. See, though she hated that throughout her fertile years she was effectively used as a brood mare by the state, she did take a linking for the youngest of her lovers - memories of their adolesent enthusiasm mixed with the innosence of youth and the lechery of masculinity. She missed their young, taught waistes and slender limbs of half developed masculinity. This was entangled with resentment of her pubescence and young adulthood being dedicated to motherhood. Cutting the cocks of young lads both gave her access to the bodies she fantasized about and an avenue to take out on them the wrong she felt was done to her.

Helga ushered the robotic officer into her clinic, the entrapped boy carried with him, striggling to escape to no avail. His amber eyes darting beneath his brown hair - the primary reason he failed. Othereise he was a handsome kid whose good build would tempt pure Aryan maids from the purity of their race. She glided over to him and held her hands against her body, one on his chest, the other between his shoulder bladres. He shuddered to silence as her caress as her sharp inhale betrayed the immense excitement she got off young bodies. The boy wimpered as she grazed her hands down his torso. Her hand on his back cupped one of the cheeks of his arse while the other carressed the young lad's balls. She then guided the robotic guard towards the edge of the table to where the young, turgid cock hung onto the edge ominously under the blade.
"Please," he begged, "don't cut me". Helga leaned in to to smell his hair,
"Look down boy," she whispered in his ear, "do you feel that?" as he glanced down to find his beloved dick cradled in her hand, dimond hard yet numb as wood.
"N-no…" he trembled. Helga responded, her other hand grasping the handle of the blade,
"That's because it's already gone" as she closed the blade slowly, his bucking hips trying to move backwards but stopped steadfast by the mechanicals limbs. Slowly, pinching, squeezing and eventually slicing the cock of right at its base.

"NO! NO, PLEASE NO!" The weeping could be heard from outside the clinic, the other boys growing anxious as they knew what had happened. Helga noted a little blood but the haemostatic drugs did their work quickly coagulating the wounds. He continued to scream at Helga as she picked up his still erect penis, in full ignorance to the wails. She inspected it with a smirk, admiring the young organ and its potential before dismissively tossing into a disposal unit labeled 'clinical waste'. Through a tiny window the boy could see his penis as the incineration process was initiated and his greatest treasure was turned into soot. His shrieking reaction was of no concern to Helga who was still admiring his body. His screams conculsed his beautiful musculature, his still childish face wide-eyed in disbelief, his exquisit scrotum hung unhindered by the meaty companion which was by a red circular stump in its stead. She was sopping wet at the sight as the young (un)man was flung over the robot's shoulder and taken to the changerooms to put a uniform back on him.

The boys still in the line watched as the cybernetic officer carried the visibly incomplete boy past them, disparing moans of dismay echoing through the queue as Helga called for the next student. She wiped down the surface and was changing the blade as the new boy came in, bucking against his restraints and in the same way, Helga still took full appreciation in her duties. This boy was circumsised, an indication of the outlawed Abrahamic religions and an immediate disqualification from the eugenics breeding programme. Like the last boy, she molested him through his penectomy, like the last he shrieked as his penis was taken from him and each time the young men turned Helga on as each cock left their host as were turned to smoke before their eyes. As each boy was carried out, another one was filed in, she loved feeling up these naked males before taking away one of their charactarizing traits. Sometimes she would even wank or blow the numbed cock to tease them of any last chance to enjoy themselves, other times she'd play with the detatctched cock instead, licking and sucking on their former penis as to remind them what they're now missing out on. In one case, Helga bargined with the boy of how much she should take, first clipping off the glans and asking if she should take a little bit more, each time saying
"Surely you'll have enough if I shave just a little bit more off the end, yes?" until she ignored his responses all the way to the base which she would mock,
"I think that's enough to leave you with." She truly had the dream job of the Reich.

Finally, now alone outside the clinic in the early evening air, Hugo was finally called up as the robot that carried him made its way up the steps. After struggling against his retraints all afternoon naked in the sun, he was now too exhausted to do anything but hang like a puppet from the mechanical graspers.
"Lucky last, I see. Oh, I hope the medication hasn't worn off" Helga said with concern, looking at Hugo's cock. She went over to have a feel to find that the 7cm organ was erect. She stimulated him a bit and found he was still numb. She then chuckled to herself,
"Oh, my, you're the one Victoria must have spoken about, how embarrassing. Such a shame, you're an attractive boy in every respect despite your cock. I think you'd be attractive even without it!"
"Please, officer, have mercy!" Hugo croaked out a whine, "I'll give you anything you want, anything! I can contribute to the next generation, I can!" Helga looked quite amused,
"What are you to contribute to the next generation? Are the next generation to be plagued with tiny cocks, performance anxiety, impotence and shit sperm quality?" Hugo pleaded his case still,
"I just want to keep my weiner, officer".
"So did everyone else, but our people are better off without it". Helga said ominously.

The Robot stepped the boy to the place where many other boys had stood before. Though Hugo couldn't feel his dick, he felt his balls against the side of the table, his thighs against the edge. On the table Helga used a marker to draw a line infront of the end of Hugo's tip,
"This line, boy, is the length of the largest boy I clipped today. It was twice as long as the thing you think I should spare: for what, risk contaminating the next generation? All you'll give us is more sons to be chopped. How selfish of you to risk all that over a couple of grams of meat."
"Not anymore" Helga answer with a smirk. Due to the drugs he didn't feel it. He looked down and his penis was already gone. He looked back up to find that, while he was distracted, it was already in the incinerator as he wached his penis collpase in flame.

Helga sat back and watched the handsome, dickless lad be tossed over the robot's shoulder, like many other and while she went from admiring his abs to admiring his arse, he reclined as Hugo ws carried out. In the doorway there was another figure, Officer Victoria, who looked rather disheveled and had a ciggarette between her lips.
"Had a good day, Victoria?"
"Not as good as you had, Helga, I bet."
"I do what I do for the good of the Reich. For all their wailing, it's just a clipping."
"Speaking of which, some nonbreeders are now 18, shall we round them up for tomorrow?"


interesting. reminds me of the 1st paragraph of one of my stories combined with an old story i once read on EA about german language lessons. was this inspired by that story by any chance?


I'm unfamiliar with either, sorry to say.


its a hot story but why would you numb them? let them feel it as punishment for being failures.

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