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School Terminations

Kelly stepped through the glass doors, never to set foot in this high school again. She took a deep breath as her hair, a stream of orange down to her waist, fluttered in the breeze. Her outfit consisted of a blue sweatshirt, wrapped snugly against her athletic body, mountainous breasts curving out, a pair of tight jeans left little of her firm legs and round ass to the imagination, and pink flip-flops.

“Wait up!”

Mister Jenkins, assistant to Miss Hamilton, rushed through the doors behind her. He was an overweight man in his forties, balding, in a flannel shirt and khakis.

“You need stay with me. I have to make sure you don’t try to run off.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…,” Kelly rolled her eyes, “maybe you should keep up.”

The man scowled and opened his mouth to say something. Probably realizing it was pointless, he merely shook his head. Kelly turned and trotted briskly down the walkway, Mister Jenkins waddling behind her, to a small red building. She always knew she’d end up in there one day, though she would always joke with her friends that they would be the first to go. A buzzard went off as Mister Jenkins pushed the metal door open. Kelly entered without a word. The door closed behind her, with the assistant making his duck-walk back to class.

The room wasn’t how she imagined it. It was no different than a normal office; white walls and ceiling, tiled floor, illuminated by a row of florescent lights, and a speaker on the wall. There was a receptionist near the entrance, two maroon couches along the walls, and another steel door near other end of the room. A few random paintings and fake plants were strewn about for decoration.

Kelly approached the window. The lady, a slim blonde in her thirties, looked up from her computer, lips smacking on the chewing gum in her mouth.

“Name and grade?” She droned.

“Kelly Smith, Eleventh Grade.”

The receptionist typed the information into the computer.

“Take a seat and wait for your name to be called.”

Kelly headed over to the couch. There was four other girls in the room. Kelly only knew one of them, and she was hardly surprised that Monica was sitting there with only white latex panties and a pair of black socks. She was an Asian lady, curvy, but not fat, D-cup breasts, which she displayed proudly; jet-black hair, which normally fell down to her thighs, was tied up in a bun. She held a huge jug of orange juice between her legs, half empty; if Kelly had to guess, she drank most of it in this room.

“They finally got you?” Monica shouted.

Kelly plopped down on the couch next to her friend.

“Yup!” She replied. “I kinda forgot about it being Termination Day and knocked the shit out of Miss Hamilton. She wouldn’t let me text my boyfriend, even though it was his birthday.”

Monica laughed. “I wish I could’ve been there to see that. She’s always been such an uptight cunt.” She downed another gulp of juice.

The speaker crackled, and a woman’s voice spoke. “Faye Glover!”

A brunette on the other couch started sobbing as she walked towards the back door.

“Yeah. But, that’s okay, my boyfriend has already vowed to avenge me.”


“Before they confiscated my phone, he told me when Termination Day comes up for guys, he’s going to show that Miss Hamilton. Then we can be reunited in the afterlife.”

“You think he’s going to murder her or just rape her tight little bitchy cunt?”

“Both. Miss Hamilton might be a bitchy little cunt, but she’s a sexy bitchy little cunt. I know I’d rape her.”

“That ain’t no lie.”

Monica lifted the bottle to her mouth, guzzling orange juice until a few drops remained.

“Jane Glover!” Another brunette, identical to Faye, left the room.

“So, I see you decided to go out topless?”

Monica looked down at her half-naked body. “Haha! Yeah. Actually, this is the reason I’m in here.”

Kelly tilted her head. “You mean, you stripped in class? Or did come out of the showers after P.E. and realized too late that your forgot your clothes.”

She snorted. “Oh, heavens no. I showed up to school like this. Figured it was only matter of time before I ended up in the Office of Termination, so I decided they’d send me here for something people will be talking about for years to come.”

“I’m sure they will be. At least, until Kevin is terminated for raping and murdering Miss Hamilton. Though, I’m surprised I didn’t see you in the halls.”

“Nah. As soon as I got here I went into the boy’s bathroom. I was in there until it was almost lunch time.” Monica had to cover her mouth to suppress a fit of giggles. “I can’t even remember how many got to touch my tits. Even blew six of ’em.” Two guys fucked me, and one gave me this orange juice for letting him stuff my twat. Still feel their semen dripping from my twat."

Instinctively, Kelly slipped her hand into Monica’s underwear and fingered her pussy. When her hand emerged, a stringy mixture of semen and cunt juices dripped from her index and middle fingers. She stuck her index finger in her mouth, slurping loudly as she swallowed her friend’s tasty treat. Monica giggled as Kelly’s tongue licked at her finger until the taste of sex juices were gone.

“How’s it taste?”

“Fucking delicious!” She then stuck her middle finger in her mouth, cleaning it as she did her index.

“So, how did you get caught? I guess one of the boys snitched, or a teacher walked in.”

“Surprisingly, no. I eventually got bored and went to class. Mister Conway was practically stuttering as he sent me to the Office of Termination.”

Kelly finished licking her middle finger, then whimpered when the taste was gone.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance to do?”

“What’s that?”

“Eat out another chick.”

“You offering?”

“Uh huh.” Kelly nodded.

“Monica Natsui!”

“Ah, goddamnit!” Monica and Kelly shouted in unison.

“Well, gotta pass on your offer, unfortunately.” She lifted herself up and headed for the door.

“Would you have accepted if they hadn’t called you back?”

Monica looked back and sighed. “Yup.” Then she disappeared into the other room. Kelly was left alone with the receptionist and a petite black girl.

“So…,” Kelly said as she looked at her companion.

“Sorry, I’m not into girls,” the black girl said.

“Fair enough,” Kelly responded as she sat back in the couch.

After a few seconds of boredom, and with mere minutes to live, Kelly slipped her fingers into her jeans and started rubbing her pussy. She started slowly, and allowed herself to delve into fantasy.

“Alicia Brooks!”

The black girl shuddered. Her sobs filled the room until she too disappeared into the other room.

Kelly began masturbating more frantically, eager to reach the last orgasm of her life before it was too late. She was moaning loudly, though the only other person in the room was completely unfazed by this. Finally, Kelly screamed, and kicked out wildly. The pleasure of her last orgasm spread throughout her body and consumed her. Her hand emerged from her pants, sexual fluids once again dripping from her fingers.

A new girl, brown bushy hair, black polo and blue checkered skirt, was standing at the front door, staring at Kelly with a smirk on her face. She was clearly trying hard not to snicker. Apparently, Kelly was too engrossed in her fantasy to hear the door open.

“Hey, I was bored.” Kelly proceeded to lick her own sticky treat from her fingers.

“I’ll bet. Guess I know what to do with my remaining time.”

She approached the receptionist and introduced herself as a freshman named “Wednesday Little.”

“Kelly Smith!” The intercom lady called.

“Well, guess it’s my time.”

Kelly stopped before entering the door, and removed her top. Her tits plopped down as she lifted her sweatshirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. “It was getting a little too hot.”

The next room was a small concrete chamber, with several nozzles and hoses hanging from the ceiling, and a large drain in the center. The nude corpses of Faye, Jane, Monica, Alicia, and two unknown girls, were stacked on a cart. Blood caked their lips, and poured down the sides of their cheeks. The clothes they wore were piled into a bin; Kelly could see Monica’s underwear, now featuring a large yellow stain around the crotch.

A man stood next to the drain, watching her enter. His outfit consisted of a plain white polo shirt covered by a blood-stained apron, and beige pants. He clutched a nail gun in his right hand.

“Good afternoon Miss Smith. Any last requests before we get on with this?”

Kelly nodded. “I just want to get it over with. I hate waiting.”

“Very well, then. Open your mouth and I will send you to your maker.”

She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes as the executioner pressed the nail gun against her lips. Kelly’s eyes closed as she felt a warm sensation in her pants, which quickly streamed down her thighs. He fired, sending a nail through the roof of her mouth to be lodged in her brain. Kelly’s twitching body hit the floor, with bloods gushing from her mouth.

The executioner immediately went to work undressing Kelly’s corpse. Her flip-flops and piss-soaked jeans ended up in the bin with the remaining clothes. Once her body was thoroughly rinsed off, Kelly was tossed onto the cart with her friend.

The executions were briefly paused while he moved the corpses to a freezer, adjacent to the execution chamber. The cart returned, empty and ready for fresh victims. Wednesday Little was called minutes later, to begin filling it again.


Lovely! How wonderful casual!


This is amazing. I love casual high school snuff. I'd love to read more from you. Thank you very much for writing and sharing this story.


nice! I'm not really into nail guns, and I am curious for a bit more context if you have more of these, but high school snuff is my very favorite snuff there can never be enough of it <3


Sammi Soma’s Termination Tutorial

A bell chimed to alert Kenzie that someone entered the building. The little blonde secretary yawned as she turned her attention from her game to look at the newcomer, then gasped audibly as her brain struggled to process what her eyes surveyed.

Walking through the automatic doors was a teenage girl of Asian descent; except for a pink knee-high socks with purple rings, and violet butterfly glasses. Kenzie observed the teen’s firm D-cup tits, erect brown nipples leading the way, floated towards her; with them, a nicely toned stomach and hips which curved slightly outward, carried by a pair of smooth firm legs. Two long, chestnut-brown, pigtails, with streaks of pink, flowed behind her as she walked. She stopped centimeters from the desk, Kenzie looking up into her brown almond-shaped eyes.

“Hi!” She said, in an exaggerated, high-pitched, overtly friendly voice. Kenzie’s jaw dropped.

“Are you…?”

“Samantha Soma. Better known as Sammi Soma.” Sammi smirked as Kenzie struggled to catch her breath.

Sammi Soma, pop and country singer, and the third starlet of the long running children’s program, Rainbow Palace, was Nu Phoenicis’s latest sweetheart. The fact that she was nude didn’t faze Kenzie; women enter the place naked all the time. Never before, however, has Kenzie seen a celebrity in there before.

“Are-are you here for… I thought rich people didn’t sentenced to termination? What did you-”

Sammi giggled. “Oh, silly. I didn’t get sentenced. I’m here voluntarily.”

“Oh.” Kenzie typed up something on the computer. “Did your parents fill up a permission form?”

“Oh,” she bit her lip, and dropped the exaggerated voice as she spoke, “I thought you didn’t need parental approval once you turned sixteen.”

“Aren’t you fifteen?” Kenzie scowled as she looked at the starlet.

Sammi held out her palm. Kenzie picked up a scanner. A red light illuminated Sammis’s palm then a beeping sound emanated from the computer. A document appeared on the screen; Sammi’s age was listed as sixteen, date-of-birth: 21/12/3244 SC.

“Oh! That must mean you turned sixteen today.”


“Well, Happy birthday, then!”

“Thank you,” Sammi replied, the exaggerated voice she was famous for returned.

“And, I apologise for doubting your age. Gotta cover my ass, you know.”

Sammi giggled again. “Don’t sweat it. I take it as a compliment, personally.” Kenzie laughed with her.

“So, what possessed you to volunteer? You’re rich enough to be terminated at the age of forty.”

I know, but that’s why I’m doing this. I shouldn’t get to wait until the maximum age to serve my community. Plus, being the first celebrity terminated under the age of twenty will make me famous for a very long time. Speaking of which, I hear you need someone to do next month’s tutorial video."

“I figured you would ask about that. Normally, I would make you audition, which would delay your termination. Then, the Office of Termination central administration would have to approve your video over those submitted by the other local Offices. However, since you are Sammi Soma, I can go ahead and schedule you for the shoot today. There is no chance in hell the big wigs in the administration would reject this submission. Even if you completely blow it, the video will still draw billions of visitors to our streaming services. Not to mention, out-of-system sells.”

“Yeah. I imagine loads of people will love jacking off to me getting snuffed. Kinda hot, if you ask me.” They both laughed.

“Yeah. I it is the main appeal of these videos, since they pretty much say the same thing every month. But, first, we gotta fill out some forms.”

The scene opened on a bare concrete room. In the center, was a large guillotine, situated over a drainage. Sammi appeared from the right of the screen and stood in the middle, facing the camera.

“Hi!” She waved, she once again speaking with her exaggerated voice. "I am Sammi Soma! You probably know me from my songs, and my time on Rainbow Palace. Now, I will be known as a meat girl, to give back to the community that has given me so much love. In the process, I will be showing women everywhere the proper etiquette for being terminated.

“You, like me, volunteered to give up your body; it was a Termination Day and you broke the law, violated the rules of your high school or college, or you messed up at work; maybe, like the majority of terminations, are in your thirties and your termination notice finally came in. Whatever the case, you have been summoned to your local Office of Termination. How should you conduct yourself?”

Sammi turned and walked away from the camera, until her whole body was in view, then swiveled back around to face the camera.

“If you don’t want your favorite clothes ruined, you should leave them at home. Either wear something you don’t care about, or you can wear nothing at all. I preferred the second option, for maximum comfort. Your clothes will be removed the the executioner or their assistants, and discarded. Depending on how your local Office of Termination operates, if you have been sentenced for a Termination Day violation, you may either be escorted immediately, or asked to appear personally within a day or two of sentencing. If you are immediately escorted to your termination, and did not have time to change, you can simply remove your clothes in the waiting room and leave them on the floor. Staff will collect your clothes at the end of the day and donate them to those in need.”

Sammi bent down and removed her socks, tossing them to the floor. “You can also leave them in the termination chamber if the executioner is out of the room. Glasses cannot be donated, so there’s no need to lose your vision until you’re dead.”

“Now, if you’re shy and don’t want to make a huge mess in front of the executioner, you should use the restroom before your termination, or wear a diaper. I emptied by bowels before, but my bladder is quite full. Some find the sight of a pretty lady pissing herself arousing. Although not a requirement, you should check with your executioner’s preferences on the issue. Remember, their role is vital, and you shouldn’t make their work unpleasant. The executioner must provide you with a diaper if you ask.”

A man with bright orange hair entered the frame and stopped in front of Sammi.

“Say, executioner? Does you want me to wear a diaper.”

“Not unless you want to wear one, ma’am. A little piss never bothered me.”

She smiled. “Good,” she replied as she turned back towards the camera.

“Executing beautiful girls all day can be a bit ‘frustrating’ job for a man, and even some women. To ease their frustration, you should offer them a blowjob or a fuck. The executioner cannot legally engage with you sexually without your consent, so don’t be shy if you’re itching for it one last time.”

Sammi turned to the executioner. “Mind if I suck your dick?”

“Sure. Why not?” He unzipped his pants, and his erect cock sprang out like a snake with his tail on fire. Sammi kneeled. She spit in his cock, then stroked it, coating his member, before finally taking it into her mouth. She slurped loudly as her lips moved up and down the man’s shaft. Her left hand rubbed his balls, her right firmly resting on his thighs. He climaxed in minutes, groaning as hot globs of jizz sprayed the back of her throat. He pulled out, the last squirts splashing across her nose and glasses, and her hair, as she gently stroked his shaft.

“That was delicious. Looks like you got some on me, mister.” She wiped the cum from her lenses with her index finger, then licked it off. She swallowed the goo and smacked her lips. “I will miss that flavor. There better be lakes of the stuff in the afterlife.”

The executioner started to put his dick away when she stopped him. “I’d like you to fuck me on the guillotine, before you chop me.”

“Sounds great.” A big grin appeared on his face, while Sammi turned towards the camera again.

“The executioner may not always be able to get you off before you die. They may not be sexually attracted to women, or they may be in a committed relationship. Some may have gotten a few fucks just before you arrived, and just aren’t up for another one at that moment. If you want final intimacies before the end, you should take care of that before you arrive. You can masturbate in the waiting room, or during your execution, but you may not have time to get your final orgasm. Many executioners carry vibrators, and you may ask for it to be inserted into your vagina. If your executioner is cool with letting you get off one last time, you should clarify whether you wish to die when you’re on the cusp of orgasming, at the height of your final orgasm, or after. I would personally prefer during. Now, the executioner does not have to comply with your preference, but, if they wish to do so, it always helps to clarify your preferences. In any case, as nobody can be certain a hundred percent that a person is having an orgasm, you should yell “now” when you’re ready.”

Sammi turned towards the guillotine, then looked back. “Silly me! I almost forgot. If you have long hair, like myself, you should either wear it up, or in a ponytail or pigtails so it can easily hang down in front of you. That way, if your local Office of Termination is doing beheadings or hangings, your hair won’t be an issue. If you have long hair, and you’re in your thirties or it’s a Termination Day, you should carry a hair tie just in case.”

She continued to the machine and knealt down, placing her head through the lunette, pigtails hanging down in front of her, flowing along the floor. The executioner locked her in, then moved behind her. She felt him mount her. The screen zoomed in on her face, as she looked into the camera one last time.

“It has been a pleasure serving you. I hope many tasty meals can be made from my sacrifice, and I wish for your termination to be as smooth and pleasurable… ggh… as mine.”

The executioner’s cock penetrated her hairless slit. He thrust in and out, pelvis smacking her curvy cheeks, and she began moaning with increasing volume and ferocity. His hot breath warmed the back of her neck as he started to groan. As she climaxed, Sammi screamed.

“Do it now!”

Still fucking her, he pulled the lever. The blade dropped, ending her moans as her head separated from her body, twitching as it rolled on the floor. The executioner gripped her body tight as it began to spasm wildly, and ignored the warm piss rushing down both of their legs. With her dead pussy squeezing his member, and the sporadic thrusts of her ass, he couldn’t hold on any longer. With a mighty groan, he filled the dead starlet’s womb until the last drop of jizz left his penis.

He let her corpse plop to the ground, still twitching. Her bladder continued to feed an expanding puddle of piss for nearly fifteen seconds. Her body twitched for three more minutes before becoming permanently still.

The man lifted up her head, and held it in front of the camera. Her vacant eyes, gaping mouth, and blood-dripping neck, filled the scream before the scene faded out.


I know this second one isn't exactly a school scenario. I honestly should've named this thread "Stories From The Office of Termination", or something along those lines.


Awesome again. I’d love to read any more you write or have written.


Wow that second story was super-hot! I love the idea of a celebrity volunteering for the publicity!

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