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“Mom, mom, I made it, they’re going to cook me for the feast!” Thirteen-year-old Heidi beamed as soon as her mother returned from work and opened the front door. The dirty-blonde teen had found the letter from the girl meat restaurant in the mailbox when she came home from school, and had spent the time up until her mom came home masturbating furiously to the thought of soon fulfilling her desire to become girl-meat.

“Oh my, honey, that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you,” Heidi’s mother said and gave her daughter a hug. “What about your friends, have you heard anything from them?”

“Yes, they were both selected as well! I think they’re just as excited as I am!”

Heidi, along with her two friends Suki and Padma, had applied to be meat-girls for a big feast that was being held in the town’s largest and fanciest girl-meat restaurant to celebrate the prosperity of the city. For the fist time, the city had been named the best city in the country to live in, and the mayor had invited a selection of invited guests to celebrate. The city had a diverse population, and as a way to pay tribute to this the feast would feature a wide range of dishes from all over the world, prepared with girls from the respective countries. The three girls had talked about volunteering to be meat for a long time, and when they saw the poster for the Sidney’s chain requesting applications from ethnically diverse girls they had signed up immediately. Heidi had German parents, Suki was born from Japanese parents and Padma had immigrated to the city from India when she was very little, along with her parents and older sister. The girls figured that they had a good chance of being selected with such diverse backgrounds. After submitting their applications and undergoing an interview, all the girls had finally received the news they were waiting for.

A little later Heidi was in her room, chatting with her friends in their messaging group about how they though they’d be prepared, when her mom knocked on her door. She made sure she heard a ‘come in’ from her daughter before she entered, in case the girl was up to other things than being on the phone with her friends. At that time though, Heidi had exhausted her sex drive at least for a little while.

“I just got a call from the restaurant, about the practical side of things. The feast is on Saturday as you probably know, and they said that you’ll probably be be cooked that day as well. However, they want you to come in on Thursday evening for some preparation, and that you can stay there in one of their suites until Saturday. Are you okay with that? It would mean that you have to say goodbye to me and dad a bit earlier, but I’m sure your friends will be there as well so you’ll have some company at least. What do you think?”

“If the others are there I want to be there as well! We’re doing this together, remember!” Heidi replied. She quickly asked the others in the chat if they’d been asked to come Thursday as well, and not long after she could confirm that they had.

The next few days went by fast. It all seemed a little unreal to Heidi; this was actually it! In a few days she would be nothing more than pieces of meat, to be devoured by a lucky selection of people.

The girls had gotten the letter from Sidney’s on Monday afternoon the same week as the feast. The girls decided to hang out together that Tuesday and went for ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop. They chatted eagerly about the upcoming feast, and about how excited and glad they were for themselves and each other.

“How do you think you guys will be cooked?” Padma asked the others. “I mean, we’re supposed to be cooked according to our home countries’ cuisine, right?”

“I hope they’re going to make me into sushi!” Suki replied. “It’s so delicious with fish, imagine how delicious it will be with me providing the meat!” The Japanese girl beamed. “As for Heidi, I bet they’re going to turn her into a giant sausage!”

“Maybe they will,” Heidi replied amid giggles. “But in that case it will be the tastiest sausage ever! I’m really curious about you, Padma. Indian cuisine is so diverse, they have a lot to choose from!”

“You’re right,” Parma replied, “I have no idea to be honest. I bet it’s going to be spicy though!”

“You bet!” Suki remarked.

The girls chatted for way longer than they used to, and suddenly they were all a bit late going back to their families. They parted, looking forward to seeing each other the following Thursday.

Wednesday was spent with their respective families, savoring the last time they had together. The parents were going to miss their little girls, but acknowledged that they were old enough to make their own choices, and respected that choice. The large lump of cash they would be receiving from the restaurant also helped. The parents of Heidi and Suki even talked about using the opportunity to start over and create a new family from scratch, seeing as neither had any other children.

Come Thursday evening it was time to deliver the girls to the restaurant. They were driven there by their parents, and after some final hugs and kisses the daughters parted with them for the last time.

Heidi was the first one to arrive and once inside she was greeted by a friendly but stern woman in her mid thirties. After crossing her name off a checklist, she directed the girl towards the restaurant’s changing room.

“Please undress and put your things in one of the plastic bags hanging in the corner over there. We’ll bring your belongings back to your parents. You won’t need clothes for your stay here, though you may make use of one of the bathrobes if you feel more comfortable covering up for now.” Heidi thanked the woman, who left the room to greet the other girls who would soon be arriving. The girl had only worn a simple t-shirt and jeans, and she quickly stripped before neatly folding her clothes and putting them in a plastic bag. Although Heidi was the only one in the room, she opted for wearing the bathrobe for now. She felt reasonably okay with her own body, but Heidi had always envied other girls’, like her friend Suki’s, tall and slim form. Heidi herself was rather on the short size, and while not exactly chubby she still had some baby fat left, especially around her hips and thighs. She was happy with her breasts though, they were full and round, crowned with pink, puffy nipples.

Heidi had just donned the bathrobe when another girl entered. She was very friendly looking, and smiled cutely at Heidi once she saw her.

“Hi, I’m Mei! What’s your name?” She asked as soon as the woman at the reception had finished giving her introduction.

“I’m Heidi, nice to meet you!” Heidi replied.

“Hah, nice to ‘meat’ you too! After all we’re going to be just that very soon!” Both girls chuckled heartily, and Heidi appreciated Mei’s cheerful mood. “So, Heidi, you must be German, right? Do you know how they’ll cook you?”

“I don’t know actually, I’m guessing turning me into sausages or something, or perhaps a roast? How about you?”

“I’m Chinese, so I’ll be turned into a Peking duck! Or Peking girl rather!”

“Wow, sounds tasty! How do you know?”

“One of the chefs here is a family friend, he kind of spilled the beans, it’s supposed to be a secret. So don’t tell anybody! Anyway, I should get undressed or else the woman out there might get angry with me. She did look kinda scary, I think!”

Mei started undressing while the girls continued making small talk. Heidi learned that the Chinese girl was just shy of her thirteenth birthday, and attended a school in the same neighborhood as Heidi and her friends. She also noticed how beautiful the girl was as she revealed more and more of her body. Heidi felt her heart beating harder in her chest, and she was pretty sure her face was blushing. Something about this girl stirred feelings in her that she’d not previously known about. When Mei had finished undressing completely, Heidi could finally appreciate her full, uncovered beauty. The Chinese girl was also quite short, and had long, straight jet-black hair that went down past her shoulders. She had a gorgeous, soft body with just a bit of fat in the right places, though she was still slim. Her breasts were small and perky, and her smooth shaven pussy had a delightful plumpness to it.

“Like what you see?” Mei asked, waking Heidi from her trancelike admiration of the Chinese girl’s appealing body. Heidi realized she must have been staring, and apologized before nervously uttering;

“Y-you have a beautiful body!”

“Thank you!” Mei replied, and did a confident twirl on the spot, giving Heidi a peek of her cute little bottom. “Since you’ve seen my meat, I think it’s only fair that I get to see yours!” Heidi hesitated for a moment before she defied her shyness and agreed to shed her robe.

“Wow, you certainly look appetizing!” Mei said when she’d had a good look at her. “Let me see your back!” Heidi tried to imitate Mei’s elegant twirl, and although she felt it was rather lackluster, Mei was pleased. “Pardon me for being blunt, but you have a fantastic ass! A lot of boys would seriously dig that, you know?” Heidi blushed, and thanked her for the compliment.

Just then, a handsome, mid-thirties man entered the room from the other end, which led further into the establishment.

“Eddie!” Mei excitedly erupted and ran up to him to give him a warm hug. Eddie gave her a peck on the forehead and returned the hug. Heidi connected the dots and figured that he must have been the family friend Mei had talked about.

“Nice to see you, Mimi!” The man said. Heidi thought it was a cute nickname, and she warmed up a bit to the man. Eddie directed his attention towards Heidi, and asked for her name. He then introduced himself as the head chef at the restaurant.

“It’s probably time to get started with the preparation, for now we’ll just take your measurements and do a quick inspection to make sure we you’re healthy and that we’ve selected the right recipes for you. I could do you two together if you want?” Eddie said. Mei looked over at Heidi with a warm smile.

“Umm, I’d love to, but I’m kinda waiting for my friends…” Heidi said apologetically.

“Of course! Looks like it’ll be just you and me then, Mimi,” Eddie said and gave the girl a playful smack on the butt. Mei giggled, grabbed his hand and went with him through the door Edie had entered from. Heidi was alone in the room again, and noticed that she was still naked. It was the first time a man had seen her naked since she was a child, and although she was a bit embarrassed she liked it too. After all, meat girls was usually naked, both for the spectacle and for necessity. Heidi decided to wear the bathrobe again but didn’t bother with closing it. Realizing that Eddie had seen her naked made her tummy tingle, and her hand was drawn to her crotch almost by instinct. She dared not actually touch herself though, as someone might have barged into the room at any moment. Heidi was certainly looking forward to the inspection though, and hoped she would get to feel Eddie’s hands touching her all over.


Wow I love it! You sure we don't have a Tyler Durden thing going on? :-P Can't wait to see how it plays out! How many girls do you have planned? :-D


For all I know, that might be possible! :P
I must admit that I’m borrowing heavily from your style here, hope it’s okay! I’m having fun with it so far.

I’m not sure how many girls there will be in total, but I’ll focus mostly on the trio. Too many girls will just make the story confusing to read and difficult to write, so many girls will only have a background role. If anyone wants to suggest a cooking method feel free, but I might not flesh everything out as much.


There's nothing especially original about my style - our writing is just "cut from the same cloth" lol.

It's great so far :-D

And yeah, too many girls can confuse matters. I have a habit of doing that myself! Hahaha. Or I set up too much then it feels like a burden to make everything pay off!

Very interested to see how this one goes and if Heidi does indeed get turned into sausage! Heck, if it was good enough for Uter… ;-)


Padma and Suki arrived not long after, along with a couple of other girls that appeared to be Southern European. Another chef appeared, this time a woman somewhere in her late twenties, and she took the newly arrived girls with her before Heidi had the chance to speak to them. The three friends were then left by themselves, and chatted for a little while about what they’d been up to during the last day with their families, while the two of them who had just arrived undressed. The girls had seen each other in the nude plenty of times, after all they had PE together once a week in school, but that day they snuck more peeks at each others bodies than they’d done previously. It appeared as if their newly acquired status as meat girls had started to break down their concerns with nudity.

After a couple of minutes, Eddie appeared again and led the girls into a room which resembled a doctors office, with medical posters lining the walls and a selection of medical apparatus laying around on shelves and tables. Eddie quickly took their names to make sure he’d gotten the right girls, then continued with a physical inspection.

“So, who’s first?” He asked. The girls looked at each other for a moment before the always confident Suki stepped forwards and let her white bathrobe fall to the floor, revealing her beautiful, pearly-white body. Heidi noticed that Suki’s brown nipples appeared to be a bit perkier than usual. Eddie began with measuring her height and weight, then went on to feel, pinch and squeeze her all over, making little remarks to himself and occasionally scribbling down notes in a little black book he kept in his pocket. Heidi was impressed over his professionalism, as even when he cupped a breast or her ass in his hands he seemed to do so with only the intention of judging the quality of her meat, not to feel her up or grope her. Suki enjoyed the process, and her breathing deepened a little every time Eddie’s big, rugged and warm hands were in proximity to an erogenous zone. When Eddie turned his attention towards her pussy she even let out a small, soft moan. Heidi found it both very cute and hot, and felt her own nipples pushing noticeably towards the fabric of her robe. Eddie went on as usual though, and after briefly making some notes in his book he moved on to her legs, and then finished his inspection.

Suki stepped back but decided to remain naked, after all the temperature in the room was more than hot enough for it and at this point she had nothing to hide. Padma was the next one to go, and revealed her brown, meaty body before stepping onto the scale. Body-wise Padma was somewhere in between Heidi and Suki, she was averagely tall and had a slightly more athletic form than Heidi’s soft curves, though she wasn’t as slim and elegant as Suki. While Eddie took Padma’s measurements, Suki worked up the courage to initiate some conversation.

“So, uh, do you guys know how you’re going to cook us yet? I’m just curious, you know?” She asked.

“Of course, who wouldn’t be?” Eddie responded with a warm smile. “We’ve kept it a secret to keep it as a surprise to the guests, but of course it’s safe telling you now. Do you want to guess?” He asked while starting to inspect Padma’s left arm, taking the chance to get to know the girls a little bit better.

“Well, I was thinking maybe sushi? It’s kinda the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Japanese food, isn’t it?”

“That’s correct, actually! Well, partially at least. Your meat is mostly going to become delicious sushi, but we’ll also use your bones to boil a broth for ramen, topped with slices of girlbelly. How does that sound?”

“Delicious!” Padma erupted, while Eddie moved on to her back. “How about me?”

“You’ll be cut up into many different cuts of delicious meat, which will be marinated in different mixes of yoghurt and spices, and then grilled in an authentic, brand new tandoori oven. I think it’s the first one in our restaurant ever, so you’re really lucky!” Padma smiled at the news, which made her feel just a bit more special.

“Which cuts are the best, then?” Padma asked.

“Oh, just about any part of you girls will be absolutely delicious! I’ve heard a rumor that the mayor is a big fan of Indian food, particularly this part here,” Eddie said while slipping a finger between Padma’s brown, meaty pussy lips. The girl giggled, and even ground her crotch against his finger. Eddie was worried that the other girls would be jealous though, and quickly made sure to mention that the mayor had also requested a portion of Eddie’s signature nipple sashimi. “As for you,” he said and directed his attention to Heidi, “you’ll provide a little entertainment for the guests in addition to food. You’re going to be prepared in front of the guests on Saturday. My plan is to have you gutted, then remove your arms and legs and use the meat and edible organs to make real girl meat sausages! Then, the rest of you, so to speak, will be live cooked in front of the guests in the carvery. How does that sound?”

“Exciting!” Heidi replied. “But will that mean that we won’t be cooked at the same time?”

“Unfortunately yes. I know you three are good friends, but we can’t always do as you’d want. You’re all playing an equal part in this though, I want you to know that. And I know Mei, which you’ve previously met, Heidi, is being cooked on Saturday as well. She told me about you earlier, and I’m sure she would like to hang out with you if you want. We don’t want you to be lonely! And of course you can be there tomorrow to see your friends off, if it’s what you guys want.”

“So me and Padma is going to be butchered tomorrow?” Suki asked.

“That’s right,” Eddie answered.

“That’s nice, I don’t think I have the patience to wait until Saturday!” Padma said.

“Me too!” Suki shot in.

“That settles it, then!” Eddie said, content that it had all worked out smoothly. “Now it’s time for Heidi to come over here, I think!” He said and, like he did with may, gave Padma a smack on the butt as she walked away. The girls giggled. Eddie was treating them like grown-ups, and they loved it.

Eddie took Heidi’s measurements the same way he’d done Suki and Padma, and went on to the inspection. Like Mei had told him, the girl had a very hot body, and he had to fight his urges to maintain his professionalism. Perhaps he groped a little more than necessary sometimes, but the girl seemed to like it, judging by her rock hard nipples and blushing chest.

“Excited, are we?” He said as he reached her pussy, feeling plenty of wetness as soon as his fingers went between her smooth lips. Heidi blushed, while the other two giggled. “Don’t be ashamed, it’s perfectly natural, and being excited actually makes your meat taste better!” The rest of the inspection went on as usual, though Heidi kept thinking about Eddie’s words. The thought of becoming girl meat had made her very horny for a long time, during all of which she had wondered if it was normal to be so excited about it all. Now she knew that it was not only normal, but encouraged, and it was a great relief. She would make sure to grab every opportunity to get off from then until the moment she died.


Mmmmmm and there was me thinking I was "spent" for the night… Thank you so much for this story :-D


Here comes the "competition" Edward!!!!Hahaha!!!


You're leaving me for Loke? And I thought we had something special… :-P

Nah seriously, it's not competition - he writes about different stuff to me and probably more to your "taste" too! Hehe


You’re right, it’s not so much competition as it is a supplement to your stories! In my head this story fits well within the Sidney’s universe, though it can be considered non-canon. I’m almost writing fan fiction at this point :P


True! I like both of your styles!!! Ed, don't worry!


Well! Colour me flattered!


For the record, it fits just fine and I'd consider it as canon as any of mine :-)


After the inspection was finished, the same woman who had greeted the girls at the reception came to collect them and show them to their room for the night.

“You’re really in for something special, girls!” She said while they entered a quite fancy elevator. “Normal meat girls don’t get to stay here, or at least not in a suite like you girls are. They’re usually reserved for our exclusive clientele, but the mayor booked them out tonight for the meat girls so that we can have control over all of you and can watch what you eat, among other things.” The elevator finished it’s ascent with a bright ding, and the doors opened. After walking down a carpet-lined corridor they reached their room. Once shown inside the girls smiled in awe; the room was large and airy, with large windows with a view of the surrounding city. In the middle of the room was a large, comfortable looking double bed, and on the opposing wall hung a huge flatscreen television. The bathroom was luxurious, with a a large bathtub and shower.

“Right girls, I’ll leave you to it! We’ll bring some food to your room in a little bit, in the meantime feel free to use the tv or admire the view for a bit. Enjoy!” She said before closing the door after her. The girls had put on their bathrobes again since they had passed through the public part of the restaurant, and they were glad they did so when the food was delivered to them by a young man a little while later. Although the girls were getting more confident with their bodies, they still felt a little shy around other people. Suki was as confident as ever though, and figured she might as well have some fun with the man.

“I’m sorry we don’t have a tip for you,” she said as he was about to leave the room, “but I hope this helps!” She said and opened her bathrobe, flashing her young body at him.

“Umm, thank you, miss. E-enjoy the meal!” He said, face bright red and clearly a bit bothered with Suki’s antics. The other girls burst into laughter as soon as he closed the door. Suki always had a joke or some mischief up her sleeve, and she didn’t disappoint this time either.

The girls quickly devoured the food, which consisted of pizza and ice cream for dessert. Feeling rather stuffed the girls decided to watch a movie on the tv. They opted for watching a quite recent re-telling of Hansel and Gretel where they actually ended up getting cooked in the end but were very happy about it. The movie was directed towards tweens and younger children, and Heidi wasn’t all that into it though she went along with watching it for the other’s sake. The cooking scenes really turned her on though, even though they were very mild to conform to the age restrictions the studio had gone for. Suki and Padma felt the same way, and the Indian girl was certain she’d even left a small stain on her bathrobe. After the movie had finished, she felt the need to clean herself up.

“Hey, I’m going to use the bathtub for a bit, if you don’t mind?” She said, getting up and walking towards the bathroom.

“I want to have a go as well,” Heidi said.

“I’m sure that bathtub is big enough for all of us, so why not go together?” Suki proposed.

“Good idea,” Heidi replied. Padma agreed as well, and soon after the girls were filling up the tub with hot water, pouring plenty of soap into it to create a nice, bubbly bath. All the girls had been living in small apartments their whole lives, and were looking forward to indulge in the luxury of having a whole tub of water to themselves. As soon as the water had filled sufficiently up, the girls undressed, which naturally was a very quick affair, and climbed in. For the first few minutes they did nothing but soak in the nice, warm water, letting themselves relax after a long day with many new impressions to take in. Padma submerged herself fully, and when she re-emerged above the water her black, wavy hair clung to her face in a messy, but adorable fashion. She then started cleaning herself thoroughly, using her hands to rub her neck and shoulders.

“Want some help?” Suki asked. “I could do your back for you, if you want?”

“Sure, that would be nice,” Padma responded with a soft, almost seductive inflection Suki had never heard from her before. She started gently scrubbing her between her shoulders, going a bit further out with each stroke. Soon she was beneath Padma’s arms, daringly working her way towards the Indian girl’s perky little breasts. The girls had never been this intimate with each other before, though Padma didn’t intervene in any way so Suki continued.

With the other girls distracted, Heidi put her hands over her pink pussy and gently caressed herself, slowly twirling her fingers around her pussy lips. This went unnoticed by the other girls, who were slowly working towards an even closer embrace. Padma caressed Suki’s arms while Suki went over Padma’s chest with one hand and her stomach with the other, until they met at her boobs. Padma moaned softly and shifted even closer towards Suki so that they were effectively hugging. Suki no longer made any effort to hide her intentions, and started feeling up the Indian girl’s pretty little dumplings. She was surprised at how they felt so familiar yet so different at the same time. They were bigger than her own, and a bit softer as a result. Padma’s nipples were also bigger than hers, but she could feel the same familiar hardness in them that she always felt when she was masturbating. ‘Parma must be horny too,’ Suki thought. She was right of course, and not long after Padma grabbed her hand and directed it towards her crotch. She gasped when Suki’s fingers touched her pussy, and moaned softly as the other girl explored the sensitive folds of skin between her legs.

Heidi found the spectacle very arousing. Although she couldn’t see much of the action from her position at the other end of the tub, having Suki’s back turned against her, just the sounds of Padma’s adorable, breathy moans was enough to make her pussy pulse with excitement. She made sure to not disturb the two lovers, and suppressed her own moans as her fingers explored her vagina, clit and perky nipples.

Suki took great delight in exploring her friend’s nether region. The shape of it was of course familiar to her, but all the details were different to what she was used to. Padma’s filet was mouthwateringly meaty, the kind you would see on the 18+ section of girlmeat restaurants’ online pages. Suki’s own pussy was slimmer, with thin outer and inner lips, though her clit poked out proudly. She found Padma’s clit almost hard to find, but when she did the Indian girl let out a rewarding little squeal. Suki had found the right spot, and concentrated her efforts on it. A few minutes of increasingly intense rubbing later Padma moaned in ecstasy as she reached her first climax of the night. Heidi could no longer hold back either, and couldn’t keep herself from moaning loudly as her orgasm took over, pulsing through her young body. Suki noticed, and for the first time in a while turned around so she could see Heidi.

“Sorry, kinda forgot you were there, I was a little distracted,” Suki said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Heidi said catching her breath, “in fact I found it very hot!” The girls relaxed for a moment, before Padma said:

“Why don’t we shift around a bit?” And so the girls maneuvered themselves around for another round of lovemaking. This time Padma was in the back, Heidi and the middle and Suki in front. Padma immediately sat to work on Heidi’s breasts, then made her way down towards her pussy. Heidi found every touch Padma gave her to be electrifying, sending sparks of pleasure to her head, nipples and pussy. She mimicked Padma’s movements on Suki, and like the Japanese girl had been she was also surprised at how simultaneously different and familiar the other girl’s body body felt. She particularly liked how Suki’s smaller, perky breasts poked almost straight out from her chest, while her own were more teardrop-shaped. Heidi ran her hands all over the girl, savoring the sensation of her athletic form against her fingers. She found her pussy to be very similar to her own, and loved how vulnerable her clit was. All it took was a little flick from Heidi’s fingers for Suki to yelp out in response, urging her to take it easy. Heidi couldn’t help herself a couple of times though, and it must have been at least a little enjoyable for Suki since she always moaned louder afterwards. Heidi’s moans were growing louder as well, and the way Padma twirled her fingers around her clit felt amazing. In between moaning into Suki’s ear she kissed her soft neck, and not long afterwards their lips met in a tender kiss. Heidi leant back and kissed Padma too, who started working a finger into her pussy in response. Soon, the cacophony of girly moans filled the room and continued until all the girls had come at least twice more.

The girls remained in the tub until the water had gone cold and their fingers turned wrinkly. As they got out and dried each other off they exchanged frequent kisses and hugs, so that the lovemaking continued uninterrupted until they found themselves in the large bed. Heidi pushed Suki down into the soft mattress.

“So, sushi-girl, I want a taste of you!” She said, and started lapping at her pussy to Suki’s delight. Padma joined in and positioned her own pussy right over Suki’s mouth and grabbed Heidi’s legs so that they were laying in a triangle, each of them both giving and receiving pleasure simultaneously.

They remained in a similar positions throughout the evening and into the night, changing positions every so often so they all got a taste of each other, as well as using their fingers to explore every nook and cranny of each other’s horny teen bodies. After a hefty session of making love the exhausted girls fell asleep in each other’s arms, their bodies recovering to get ready for another exciting day.


That’s very nice to hear actually. Thank you!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the story!


Mmmm very nice indeed! And I love the sound of the movie! :-D


Heidi was the first of the girls to wake up, and it took her a few seconds to remember why she had woken up in an unfamiliar room, and why she had her arms wrapped around Padma, who was resting her head on Heidi’s shoulder. Suki was on her other side, having turned around in the night, and had her back snuggled against Heidi’s arm. Next she realized that they were all naked, which explained why she felt so clammy. It felt nice though, and for a while she did nothing but relish the moment, listening to her friends breathing softly and stroking their hair, knowing that this was the last day she would ever be able to spend with them. Suki was the next one to wake, and she turned around to face Heidi. She gave her a kiss on the arm and snuggled against it, not wanting to say anything in fear of waking Padma who was still sleeping soundly. After a little while there was a knock on the door, which woke Padma up. A woman entered, and dragged a food trolley after her. Heidi realized after a moment that it was the same woman who’d shown them to their room the day before.

“Good morning, girls!” She said in a soft, friendly voice. “Have you slept well?”

“Mhm,” Suki answered, still groggy from having just woken up.

“Excellent,” the woman said with a warm smile. “I’ve got some breakfast here for you. Suki and Padma, please be careful not to eat too much, but make sure to get something to drink, okay? For you, Heidi, you can eat as much as you want. You have about an hour until we need you downstairs, do you think you can find your way there?” Heidi nodded, it wasn’t the most complicated route to remember from the day before. “You don’t have to worry about showering, we have showers downstairs you can use. Do you have any questions?” she asked. Nothing but silence followed, and she took that as a no. “See you downstairs in one hour, then!” she said and left the room.

The girls checked out the breakfast. There was quite a selection of fruits, pastries and a couple of sandwiches.

“This looks delicious,” Suki said. “But I don’t have much of an appetite at the moment. I’m too excited, I think.”

“Me too! I’m really thirsty though, could you hand me the orange juice?” Padma said. Heidi passed it to her, while thinking about what she would like to start with, settling on a cheese sandwich.

“I’m sorry, but I’m really hungry. Do you mind if I dig in?” She said, afraid to upset her friends over the fact that they couldn’t eat much themselves.

“No, go ahead! You’re the one that’s going to need that energy, you know,” Suki answered with her usual cheeky tone. Heidi dug in, and sampled most of the dishes they’d been provided with before finishing. The others were satisfied with a glass of juice and some pieces of fruit each, while they kept Heidi company as she finished her meal. The girls chatted happily, eager to make the most out of what was probably their last private moment together. The conversation was lighthearted and centered mostly around trivial topics. None of them mentioned yesterday’s activities, though it was clear on everyone’s memory and made them feel even closer than they had been before. Before they knew it the hour had passed and it was time to make their way downstairs.

Once downstairs the girls were met by the same woman as earlier, who directed them towards the showers. Heidi shed her robe before entering, the others having opted to stay nude on their way down since they were going to be meat in a few hours anyway. The shower resembled the communal showers they were used to from schools and swimming halls, but unlike those there were screens around each shower head. There were also some objects hanging from the ceiling and close to the floor that looked like restraints, and the girls wondered what could be the use of them.

“It’s probably for naughty girls!” Suki remarked, and amused giggles followed from the others. They noticed that they were not alone in the room, as giggles and squeals erupted from a couple of cubicles down, followed by the sound of water hitting the tiled floor. The other girls were out of the group’s view so they couldn’t tell who they were, but from the sound of things they were up to something very naughty indeed. The group decided to give them some privacy and found a quite secluded cubicle at the other end of the room which was large enough to fit all three.

It felt nice to get cleaned off, as the girls felt rather grimy and dirty from the evening before, not to mention having spent a very sweaty, clammy bed during the night. The girls decided to shower on a rotation, so that two girls would clean the third at any given time. Of course they paid special attention to each other’s boobs, butts and pussies, but they made sure to cover every other inch of each other’s bodies as well. The water was warm and comfortable, and when they came out of the shower, having dried themselves off with towels, they all felt refreshed and ready to face the day.

They met the woman at the reception again, and she was now carrying a clipboard.

“Padma and Suki, right?” She asked the girls.

“That’s right!” Suki answered.

“Now, Heidi, do you want to watch or not?” If you’re squeamish it might be best to say goodbye to your friends here. It’s up to you, of course.” Heidi didn’t need to think long before she answered;

“Oh, I would definitely like to watch. If it’s okay with you, that is?”

“Of course, dear. If you change your mind though, please tell us right away. It’s your choice, and your friends,” she said. She then turned a little to address all three girls. “I think we are ready for you, then. Remember to do exactly as you’re told by the chefs, and don’t go running around without permission. We don’t want any accidents. Is that clear?”

The girls nodded in earnest, and the woman smiled. She then led the girls through a short corridor until they faced a big, double door. In contrast to the calmness outside, the kitchen was bustling with activity. There were girls everywhere, most of them around the trio's age, with just about every ethnicity and skin color represented, and an equal, if not greater, number of chefs were all busy with the butchering and preparation of them. Many of the girls were still very much alive, chatting, giggling, moaning and even sometimes screaming. Some were already dead and undergoing the various stages of butchering, and a number of the carcasses were still whole, the girl's heads still attached. Heidi noticed that most of them seemed to be smiling, even in death. Other places gutted and beheaded carcasses hanged from meat hooks alongside cuts of girlmeat, and at the table closest to the girls a chef was in the process of cutting meat into small pieces, after which they were no longer identifiable as human. The girls took a few moments to take in the sights, sounds and smells, before they spotted Eddie approaching them.

"Hello there, girls! How nice to see you again. How are you feeling?" he said with a welcoming smile on his face.

"Excited!" Padma answered. Suki was unusually quiet, and Heidi noticed that she was even paler than usual. Eddie, having many years of experience handling girls in this situation, grabbed her hand in a caring manner and stroked her cheek.

"Is everything alright, Suki?" he asked, with genuine concern in his voice.

"Umm, yeah, I think so. It's just so much to take in! It's really happening now, you know, and I'm very glad but also a bit nervous," she answered, finding it surprisingly comforting to be open up to him.

"What you're feeling is perfectly normal, we'll take it all very slowly and carefully. If you're not feeling comfortable at any moment, please tell me, okay?" Eddie said, before standing up again to address all the girls at once, though his right hand remained on Suki's shoulder. "I suggest we start with Suki first, if that's alright with you, Padma?" The Indian girl nodded. "Do you have any wishes as to how you want to go, Suki?"

"I haven't really thought about that, to be honest. I want it to be quick though, can you do that?"

"Of course, I know what to do then. How about you, Padma?"

"I have no idea. Do you have any suggestions?" she winked at him.

"I do think we have a brochure somewhere, let me see if I can get it for you. In the meantime, you girls can make your way to that corner over there," he said and pointed in the general direction before heading off. After one step though, he suddenly stopped and turned on his heel to face the girls again. "Oh, by the way, I just wanted to say how nice it is of you, Heidi, to be here and support your friends. It must mean a lot to them, I'm sure!" Heidi smiled at him, before he turned around and walked away, for real this time.

The friends made their way towards the corner Eddie had directed them to, and on the way they passed the two Mediterranean girls they had seen the day before. One of them was hanging by her arms from a bar in the ceiling, belly trust forward by a metal apparatus of some kind. It looked like she was going to be gutted, and by the way she ground her thighs together and moaned softly it looked like she was looking forward to it. Heidi gave the girls a polite smile, before she grabbed Suki's hand and pulled her along so she wouldn't see too much of what was going on. Padma stayed still for a few seconds, admiring the sight of the suspended girl's stunning body, before she continued onward to catch up with her friends, though she frequently cast curious glances towards the girls as she walked.

The girls reached their destination just as Eddie caught up to them, handing Padma an illustrated brochure detailing all the butchering methods available. She read it carefully while Eddie continued on with Suki. They stood right by a metal apparatus, which Eddie made Suki lay down on. It was inclined so that the girl was laying with her feet as the highest point, her head the lowest. Right over her neck there was a big metal box, which contained a blade that would be launched using powerful hydraulic pistons, severing her head clean off. Suki felt the tingles spread from her tummy to her whole body as soon as she realized what the machine was for. Heidi looked at it with admiration, before she knelt down to the floor and grabbed Suki's hand and stroked it softly. Suki grabbed Heidi's thumb and squeezed it, finding support in her friend. Eddie made several rounds around the girl, making sure that she was secured correctly and that the machine was operational.

"You're going to tell me before you, you know, … do it, right?" Suki asked.

"Of course, Suki, of course. We have plenty of time. I have to make some final checks before we start, so for now I recommend that you relax, take deep breaths, and get used to the situation. Take your time," Eddie said, bending down to hold her other hand.

"Ok, that's nice," Suki said, taking a deep breath to calm herself. The tingling was getting stronger, especially between her legs. "Thank you for being so nice, Eddie. I appreciate that a lot."

"How sweet of you to say that, Suki. You're doing really well." He crouched forward and stroked her jet-black hair tenderly. Suki closed her eyes and enjoyed how his touch sent tingles down her spine.


Heidi jerked, startled by the loud, sudden sound. She felt Suki's hand squeeze her own really hard before it went totally limp. It took her a moment to realize what had just happened, and when she did, a cold, but arousing shiver went down her spine. She watched her friend's body convulse a few times before it went mostly still, only a few twitches erupting here and there. A shiny, metal blade was embedded in Suki's neck, separating it in two. An outline of red was visible on the metal where it had made contact with the girl's soft flesh. Heidi shuffled over to the other side of the blade, where Suki's head now rested in Eddie's hands, blood flowing out of her neck. She looked peaceful, eyes closed and a slight smile visible on her lips. The metal blade rose up slowly, revealing the cross-section of Suki's neck. Heidi could make out the contours of the esophagus, trachea and spine, severed cleanly by the razor-sharp blade. Copious amounts of blood flowed from the wound into a drain below. Under normal circumstances it would have grossed her out, perhaps making her faint or even vomit, but now she was instead overcome by fascination, awe and arousal.

"Fuck!" Padma erupted after a few moments of silence. She'd been masturbating to the illustrations and descriptions in the brochure when the blade suddenly released, sending a spark of arousal right to her pussy. The unexpected orgasm had forced her down on the floor, her legs no longer able to support her weight while powerful contractions went through her body. "That was so hot!"

"Totally!" Heidi agreed. "But look at her face, though. She's so beautiful!"

"Indeed she is, I think she went out the way she wanted. I don't think she felt much pain at all," Eddie said, still holding her dripping head in his hands. Apart from the paleness, she was as beautiful in death as she'd been in life.

"You kind of lied to her though, didn't you?" Heidi said, a cheeky grin appearing on her face.

"Well, sometimes it can be justified, can't it?" Eddie replied.

"I'm just kidding," Heidi said. "If she's looking down at us from heaven right now, I think she'll be cool with it!"

"What are you going to do with her head, by the way?" Padma asked.

"It's probably going to the gift shop, especially considering how beautiful this one is." Eddie replied, turning Suki's head slightly and squinting his eyes at it, as if he was appraising it."

"As a trophy?" Heidi asked, a bit naive as usual.

"Maybe, but I've heard that the other variety sell better. Such a cute one won't be sitting on the shelf too long before someone grabs it."

"The other kind?" Heidi asked, a puzzled expression still remaining on her face.

"The kind where the mouth is open and guys can stick their dicks in it to jack themselves off, stupid!" Padma said, teasing her more innocent-minded friend.

"Oh. Wow!" Although Heidi had grown up with the culture of cooking and eating young, naked girls, Heidi hadn't realized that men wanted to do things like that to girls as young as her. It triggered a small 'eureka' in her mind, and instantly made her even hornier. She wasn't totally aware of it at that point, but it would also change the way she looked at Eddie, as well as the people who would be watching her cook and later eating her flesh. "Are you going to turn us into those … toys, as well?" she asked.

"Padma is probably going to end up as one too. You're going to live cook so I don't think that's the plan as of yet. However, if you really wanted to, I'm sure we could arrange for it to be done!" Eddie responded.

"I'll have to think about it," Heidi said quietly.

"Just let me know tomorrow, okay?' Eddie said, and Heidi nodded in agreement. "As for you," he said to Padma, "there won't be a tomorrow, will there? Have you figured out how you want to go yet?"

"I have!" Padma declared with a cheeky grin and seductive, horny eyes. "Honestly, I can't wait to be snuffed!"

"Excellent!" Eddie said. "Let's get to it!"


Dang! ;-) Glad I don't have to stand up for a while ;-)


Glad to hear my writing succeeds at its purpose! ;-)


Mmhmm… lol


Did you abandon the original plot?


Nevermind. I see what happened.


The trio made their way across the kitchen towards the other end. On the way they passed the same mediterranean girl as before, but by then she'd been reduced to a headless carcass, and one of the chefs was in the process of washing out her body cavity, now ridden of organs. A thrill went through both girls as they were once again reminded of their fate. For Padma the moment was getting closer by the second, and she was so excited she could barely contain herself.

Heidi wondered where they were going. Padma had not said how she wanted to be snuffed, she'd only pointed at one of the pages in the brochure before Eddie smiled eagerly and made his way to the other end of the kitchen. They reached a door that led into a small hallway, with three doors either side of it to six small rooms. Eddie quickly noted that some of the rooms were for storage and practical things like that, but that one of the rooms was more exciting than the others. Heidi couldn't help opening her mouth in surprise and awe when she saw what was inside.

The room was almost completely empty, and there were no windows. There were only two items there apart from the light in the ceiling; along one of the walls there was a simple wooden bench, and in the middle stood what at first glance looked like a chair. This was no ordinary chair, though, it was made from metal with rubber lining in the seat and back. Along the back was a metal rod that extended quite high up, and attached to that was some sort of collar that was hooked up to a wire mechanism, so that it could tighten and release with the press of a button. Padma had chosen to be asphyxiated, one of the most painful ways to die, but supposedly also the most pleasurable and exciting. Heidi had known her friend for many years, but could never have guessed that she was into stuff like this. She almost felt sorry for her dear friend for what she'd gotten herself into, but at the same time the thought of seeing Padma slowly choking to death made her pussy tingle with excitement.

Padma ran right up to the chair, feeling the collar with her hands before running her fingers over her neck, imagining the collar slowly squeezing the life force out of her. She sat down in the chair, put the collar around her neck and fastened it with the intuitive locking mechanism.

"Let's do it, I'm ready!" she said eagerly, smiling at Eddie.

"I appreciate the enthusiasm, Padma, but we have to do some preparation first." Eddie replied with a tone suggesting that he was also disappointed they couldn't get right to it. "First of all, I have to formally ask you; do you understand that this method of dying will be very painful for you?"

"Duh!" Padma replied, rolling her eyes. Heidi giggled, amused by her friend's typical teenage attitude.

"I'll have to ask for a yes or no," Eddie, said, holding back a smile.

"Yes! Happy now?"

"Good," Eddie replied, ticking off a box on the clipboard he was holding. "Do you understand that once the procedure is initiated, it cannot be reversed?"

"Yes," Padma said with a bored expression on her pretty, brown face.

"Good. I'll have to ask you a bit more … personal questions now. When was the last time you urinated?"

"Uuh, this morning I guess," she answered, a little bewildered at the intimacy of the question.

"And the last time you defecated?"

"Uhmm, yesterday, I think"

"Okay. We have three options then, you can opt for wearing a diaper, I can give you an enema, or I can insert a plug into your rectum. What do you choose?"

"A diaper!? What am I, a baby? And what's an enema?"

"It's a process of flushing out your rectal cavity with water, until, you know, there's nothing left in there" Eddie explained. This was far from the first time he'd explained this to a girl, but he found it just as embarrassing every time.

"Eww, I think I'll go for the plug," Padma replied. "I saw a girl use one of those in a porno once, and by the way she was moaning she liked it a lot!"

"You watch porn?!" Heidi asked, once again surprised by the pervertedness of her friend.

"Sometimes, of course. You don't?" Padma asked.

"No, never."

"You should, it's quite exciting actually. But becoming meat is much more thrilling!" the Indian girl smiled and pinched her left nipple, letting out an adorable, but barely audible moan.

"Eh-hem!" Eddie carefully shot in to regain the very horny girl's attention. "I still have one more question for you. Do you wish to receive sexual stimulation during the procedure?"

"Well, I was thinking that, umm, maybe Heidi could… you know?" Padma said, suddenly shy now that she had to involve her friend, fearing that she might be reluctant and that what they shared the night before had been a one-time-only occurrence.

"Of course Padma, I'll do anything for you," Heidi replied, and grabbed her friend's hand.

"Great! Just give me a moment to grab some supplies and then we'll get started," Eddie said and left the room for a few moments, giving the girls time to exchange a few passionate kisses.

Eddie soon returned, carrying a little, plastic buttplug and a bottle of lubricant.

"Right, Padma, just hop up on that bench and stand on all fours, please." Padma unhooked the collar and did as instructed, sticking her ass up in the air to grant Eddie full access to her back door. Heidi found the pose very arousing, and discreetly reached down to her pussy and let a finger get to work on her clit.

"Good, I'll start with just a finger to loosen you up a bit, then we'll move un to the plug. Just relax, OK?" Eddie said, and donned a pair of plastic gloves he'd kept in his shirt pocket.

Padma flinched when Eddie's finger first made contact with her puckered opening; it felt very weird to have another person she didn't know that well making contact against such an intimate area, and the lubricant gel that Eddie was applying was very cold. It got better after a while though, pleasurable even, even though Padma wasn't really into men. Eddie found it highly enjoyable, and felt his member pushing against the fabric of his pants. Of course, he always took care to wear clothes that hid his excitement well since erections were frequent in his line of work. As soon as he got the tip of his little finger into the girl, he moved on to his index finger, then to his thumb. However, it was not long before Padma interrupted him.

"Just stick that thing in already! I can take it," she said confidently.

"Are you sure? It's a bit wider than my finger, you know."

"I can take it, I promise!" the girl insisted. The anal massage was nice in a way, but Padma was constantly looking towards the garrote, the edge of which was now occupied by Heidi, still pleasing herself to the sight of her friend's ass being stretched wide by the head chef. Padma was looking forward to have her friend's fingers buried in her own pussy, while her soft, pink lips and tongue sucked on her clit.

Suddenly, Padma felt something hard and big press against her ass, and she realized it must be the plug. She tried to relax as best she could, but although she had been eager to get on with it she was not fully prepared for how big it was. Eddie pushed it in in one continuous motion, and Padma felt herself getting stretched more and more, and it got more and more uncomfortable. Just as she thought she couldn't take it any longer, she felt the widest part slip past, and seconds later the whole plug slid into place. She breathed out in relief, and took a moment to take in the sensation of having a piece of plastic lodged in her ass. It was no longer uncomfortable, but it definitely felt weird and unusual. Fortunately, she didn't have to put up with it for long!

Eddie watched the Indian girl's opening slowly close around the black plug. She'd been right, she could take it all, and he was pleasantly surprised. The sight was arousing, and he kept a hand on her ass for a moment so she would stay still. He placed his thumbs at the sides of her meaty pussy lips and spread them apart, revealing the pink, juicy flesh within. A trickle of thick, clear moisture dripped out as he did so, and though he wanted nothing more than to bury his mouth against her hole he maintained his professionalism and decided not to.

"What a prime filet you've got! It's time we get that prepared, don't you think?" He gave the girl a firm smack on the butt, signaling that she was free to stand up. Padma giggled, and ran over to the chair that would kill her a matter of minutes later. She strapped the collar around her neck and put her arms on the armrest where they could be strapped down. Eddie adjusted the height of the collar so that Padma could slump down a bit, allowing her to shift her pelvis forward to give Heidi unobstructed access to her pussy. He then secured the straps around her arms and legs, so that she wouldn't damage Heidi or her own meat if she struggled. Eddie did a last check of the machine and all the straps before grabbing the remote control. The machine had two main settings, one for quick restriction of the bloodflow to the brain causing the girl to pass out fast, and one for slow strangulation that would allow her a bit more fun before she blacked out, though it would of course also increase the level of pain. Eddie selected the latter setting, and the machine responded with a beep and a blinking green light on the remote. The machine was ready, and the process could finally begin.

"Are you ready?" Eddie asked.

"Yes, do it!" Padma responded. Eddie pushed the button on the remote, and the machine came to life with a mechanical whirring. Padma felt the collar starting to squeeze her neck, but she could still breathe. The machine would tighten very slowly, gradually constricting her airflow until windpipe was crushed under the pressure.

Heidi, having positioned herself between Padma's spread legs, began licking her Indian friend's appetizing, meaty pussy as soon as she heard the machine come to life. She used her fingers to caress her inner thighs for a few moments before she moved them up towards Padma's wet, hot opening. She pushed a finger inside and pressed the tip of it upwards until she found her friend's g-spot. Padma moaned, thrusting her pussy forwards to meet the movements of Heidi's tongue and fingers. Having been very aroused for quite a long period of time, it took less than half a minute for her to have her first orgasm. Heidi didn't slow down though, instead she inserted another finger into Padma's pussy, causing her to orgasm again as soon as the waves of pleasure from the previous one died down. She let out a long, loud moan of pure ecstasy, though it was constricted by the strap around her neck, which was restricting her airflow quite heavily. Padma decided to try to breathe in as much as she could, so she would have enough oxygen in her system to chase yet another, last orgasm.

Padma almost managed to get a full breath in before her windpipe shut completely. It hurt like hell, and she cringed at the sound of her own tissue and cartilage collapsing under the pressure of the unrelenting machine she was strapped into. She had been prepared for that though, and like the brochure had promised the pleasure was intense. Her whole body was hyper-sensitive, and every touch of Heidi's tongue on her clit sent electric sparkles to her oxygen-deprived brain. She'd never orgasmed two times in succession that quickly before, and now she was chasing yet another one. After a while her lungs started burning and the pressure in her head became immense, but the stimuli from her crotch was multiplied, mixing with the pain to create one immensely powerful sensation.

Heidi could feel Padma's movements becoming increasingly erratic, and figured that her friend didn't have much air left. She had three fingers squeezed inside the girl's tight, pink hole, and felt it squeeze around her. Heidi licked and sucked on Padma's clit as intensely as she could manage, to the point that she felt the muscles in her face beginning to tire and stiffen. Still she pushed on, reminding herself that Padma's pain was much worse and that she needed all the help she could get in her last, precious moments.

Suddenly, for a few seconds, Padma went completely still, and Heidi feared that her friend had blacked out. Then, equally suddenly, Padma's whole body spasmed and convulsed in an immensely powerful orgasm. Heidi felt her friend's vagina contract and expand almost violently, squeezing her fingers with impressive force. Padma's sex pulsed with waves after waves of electrifying pleasure, and Heidi kept up her pleasuring through it all to ensure that her last orgasm lasted as long as possible. Padma's mind was going into overdrive, the sensations too powerful to describe. She felt her senses blacking out to the point where the only things she could feel was her pulsing sex and her burning lungs, desperately trying to extract the last of the oxygen contained within them. The orgasm, if one could even call it that, lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually it began to die down, and Padma's body was dying with it. Her movements slowed down gradually, eventually ceasing completely. What remained of her senses also faded, including the pain, and for a brief moment Padma felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, peace and joy. She used the last of her energy to pull her lips back into a smile, then her consciousness stopped and she slumped down in her chair, her muscles relaxing completely.

Heidi felt Padma relax and knew what it meant, but still she continued licking her friend's pussy, running her tongue up and down the length of her hot, wet labia. She withdrew her fingers from Padma's pussy and inserted them into her own, finally being able to satisfy the urges she'd felt throughout the process. After just a few strokes over her clit she orgasmed, and moaned into Padma's sex. She rested there for a moment, her head leaning on the Indian girl's thigh, before she stood up, gave Padma a last, deep kiss and sat down on the wooden bench to watch the final spasms going through her friend's body. Heidi's face was covered in Padma's juices, and she was panting heavily, having only allowed herself the bare minimum of breath to give her friend as much pleasure as she possibly could.

"She's so pretty," Heidi said after a while had passed and Padma had gone completely still.

"Yes, she is." Eddie replied, and took a seat on the bench next to her. She leant into him, and he responded by wrapping his arm around her. They gazed deep into each other's eyes, and Heidi leant closer to him. The kiss was wet and messy, but simultaneously sweet and adorable. Eddie could taste Padma's juices mixed with Heidi's sweet fragrance. If he hadn't been tremendously blue-balled before this point he definitely was now, but being the master of composure he resisted his urges.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he said. Eddie knew that come evening, his desires would be satisfied, one way or another.


Dang! :-D



Padma certainly knew how to go out with style! I had fun writing that part.


nice story


Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoy it. There is more to come :)

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