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My idea, I commissioned AgentTygress to write. , DA→>

Set in the far far away dystopian future, in a ruined city in The Empire's territory. There was a mining complex that turned into a rebel encampment about to get taken back by the Empire's rules. The mission was to eradicate all the rebels, no one will be spared, the blitz was fierce, fast, not so efficient, but the results made the higher up pleased. The footage was from the squad commander in RDV number 660 of the Empire's army. (See the picture of RDV in here. )

_________________________ Story part.__________

“How are they doing in there?” The driver asked.

“Wanking like there’s no tomorrow!” The commander laughed as she answered, watching the antics of the girls as she massaged her own clit through her skintight combat armour. She knew the symbolic armour would do nothing to stop incoming fire, but it did package her luscious body beautifully which meant that if she got noticed by some higher level commander reviewing combat footage there was a chance, however slim, that she might get called back to rear echelon to be their whore. It was a slim chance, she knew, but still better than the one she had out here. Even so, it was A LOT better chance than any of the girls currently reclining in their deployment positions and shivering with anticipation.
She sighed as she monitored the girls’ vitals on her screen. She’d just injected them with combat drugs a few minutes ago and wanted to make sure there were no cardiac failures. It was all too common with inexperienced models like these, not that most of them would have time to get experienced, like her. She knew just what it was like, of course; She could easily remember the terrible yearning for a home that she’d been taken from when she was just sixteen. Too young to really appreciate how much she was losing until it was too late.

By the time she’d really begun to appreciate just how special home had been it was already fading, drowned in a steady regimen of combat drugs, neurological realignment, and imperial propoganda. By the time they’d put a blaster carbine into her hands she couldn’t wait to die for the Empress. She’d been hit so many times in training, every instance of her simulated death accompanied by an orgasm so powerful that it was all she really wanted between operations. Even the sad, desperate make-out sessions that she shared with the other girls in their bunks after lights out were nothing compared to those moments on the battlefield, even though it was only simulated, it’s what she lived for.
Somehow she’d survived, though, even as all the girls she knew were blown away, sometimes one at a time, sometimes by the truckload. She envied them, of course, especially when she was selected for command tier and placed at the head of her own squad. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the work; watching sexy little girls getting blown away day in and day out was delectable, but even with all the rockets and blaster beams flying around she never seemed to manage to get hit.
She was drawn from her reverie by the sound of an explosion as the RDV right next to her is blown away, body parts and machine bits spewing across a jagged impact crater as the thing ruptures from within. She tries to tear her eyes away from the gruesome sight of entire tits rolling across the ground like ruptured beach balls but fails to look away as one of them comes to a wobbly stop only to eject the silicone implant that had filled it. The implant rolled away on it's own trajectory before being speared by a piece of falling shrapnel and oozing out it's white gel filling. Just as she managed to look away an entire uterus landed on the RDV's external rearview mirror, just a few centimeters from her face, and she found herself staring at the miraculously intact pair of ovaries dangling from it like earrings.
“Must have been one of those new delayed-det rockets!” The driver shouted back, her voice thick with lust and anticipation as she drove her machine through the splattering rain of meat, organs, blood and shrapnel that her best mate’s RDV had thrown up when it was taken out. In the tight confines of her command chair the commander yearned to DO something, her muscles pulsing insistently that she ACT; Do something! Her mind screamed at her. The fight or flight instinct went quite mad, raging like an animal against the sadomasochistic array of straps and clips that kept her delectable body secured to her compact chair. No; there was nothing for it. The driver would keep barreling forwards into what was quickly becoming a torrent of enemy fire, and one of those beams or rockets would do for them, or they wouldn’t. There certainly wasn’t anything she could do about it so she did the only thing she could; she enjoyed it.

“OHhhhh…” The commander moaned softly, joining half the girls in their coffin-like deployment racks as she climaxed inside her sexy, revealing combat suit….

“Hey why are these suits so tight anyway?” One of the girls, straight out of basic, asked suddenly, taking advantage of the tightness of her suit to rub her clit right through the thin material, but still curious.
"Eye candy!" Put in a cute girl with glasses. "It's so we look super kawaii as we get blown away! They're watching these missions live, you know!" She smiled and glammed for the cameras that she was quite right - were watching them at every moment.

“Sure, but it’s also to keep us together as much as possible when we get blown apart.” The girl on the rack right in front of hers gasped out through what sounded like a delicious climax.
“Huh, like, for medical reasons?” Another girl wondered aloud, her voice doing all sorts of funny things as she rode the crest of her first combat drug-induced climax down to the start of the next set of multiple orgasms she was thrashing through.

“Nah,” replied the girl in the front rack who seemed so well informed. “So that it’s easier to pick up the pieces. You know, for recycling!”
“That makes sense,” The girl who’d first asked the question agreed with a serious nod. “OH!” She gasped as she climaxed again at the thought of her own death, just as her mental conditioning dictated she do.

“No it doesn’t!” Objected another of the rookies. This little deviant was some kind of prude, and she was turning bright pink from the effort of rejecting what the combat drugs were telling her she should do.

“Oh no, Reject,” Another of the rookies called her by her cruel training nickname. “Why not?”

“Don’t call me that,” Reject pouted. “My designation’s 242027, not reject.”

“Whatever you say, Reject!” Another girl piped up, her young voice trailing away to a scream at the end as she climaxed explosiverly, sure that some of her pussy milk would splatter the girl in the rack in front of her. Alas, her catheters sucked up all her juices, but she still enjoyed picturing the other girl’s annoyed face as she splattered her with her vagnial spew.

“Why doesn’t it make sense anyway?” Another girl who hadn’t spoken up yet asked.

“It doesn’t make any sense because they finish us off if we get wounded!” Reject explained, sounding thoroughly exasperated with the other girl, and also quite frustrated as her suit and body kept insisting that she get off, which she continued resolutely refusing to do.

“Our leftover organs aren’t for us, stupid!” The know-it-all girl in the front row laughed at Reject. “They’re for important people, you know! Like the commander!”

“But that doesn’t…” Reject began to object, before the commander cut her off.

“Traps shut, sluts!” She shouted over the comm to get their attention. “We’re there, bitches! Doors open in FIVE, FOUR, THREE…” She counted down with ruthless precision.

Through the impossibly cramped passenger ‘compartment’ of the vehicle the girls moaned collectively in anticipation, each of them knowing that the next few second would probably be her last. None moreso than the girls in the front row that knew the sights of the enemy would be trained on them and dead steady. The girls in the second row could hope for their lives to be spared by the recoil from the first shot. The girls in the first row were talking meat, and they knew it.

“For the Empress!” The know-it-all girl moaned as the commander’s coundown reached zero and the driver punched the discharge human cargo button. The gate clanged down with mechanical inevitability and the first thing that came through the open space was the blaster bolt that caught her right in the pussy. She got as far as “…the emp” before the bolt slammed into her watering cunt and cut a swath clean through most of the length of her body, vapourizing or exploding her internal organs before bursting out through the base of her neck and singing the hair on the back of her head before finally discharging against the armored footrest of the girl in the rack behind her. The girl she’d just traded her life to save.

“MY PUSSY!” She screamed, aghast, or at least would have if, when she opened her mouth, words had come out instead of a torrent of blood. As it was she aspirated a geyser of blood straight into the air as the footrests of the girls in the front row clacked down and her body was unceremoniously dumped onto the scorched concrete of the battlezone.

The girls below and to the sides of her had gotten much the same treatment, and their bodies joined her in the dust, twitching spasmodically as the mortally young ladies quickly joined each other in death. The girls behind them fared better. Two of the girls from the second row and three from the third row actually lived long enough for their feet to touch the ground, though one of the girls from the fourth row, know-it-all, only survived for about a half a second after that, gasping as a blaster bolt passed right through the center of her chest and splattered the girl behind her in her heart and lungs. She had just enough time to gasp in a pitiful squeak, then her eyes crossed behind her glasses in the most utterly adorable way and she managed to hold that expression, somehow, as her lifeless body hit the ground.

More girls were pouring out of the RDV now, and when they didn’t immediately join the growing bodypile at the base of the RDV they charged forwards into the shattered no-man’s land of broken concrete and pock-marked mud that separated them from their target, the rebellious mining complex.

The commander watched in appreciation, her heart swelling with pride even as her labia swelled with blood. Her girls were bravely charging right into the teeth of enemy fire and not giving an inch. Granted they were dying like flies, but they were following their orders and that was what mattered. As soon as one fell another would be there to leap over her dying body. It took only seconds for the girls to charge across the no-man’s land, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake, and blast their way into the mining complex.

As the RDVs slewed away from the rebel-held strongpoint the miner’s Jerry-rigged point-defense-systems took a heavy toll on the lightly armoured vehicles, blowing two more away completely and vapourising the driver’s compartment of a third before they made it over a nearby ridge and out of the line of fire. Apparently the driver was the lucky one because the commander had had her legs, hands, and lower pelvis all shorn off with almost surgical precision. She knew because both sides knew; the dying commander was breathlessly narrating her own death over an open channel as the introduction to a plea for mercy.
"Please," the dying girl begged all the combatants over the static of an uncoded frequency. "Please I'm looking at my uterus right now…" She paused to cough up some blood. "It's… it's filled with semen from the last man that fucked me and it's… my uterus is leaking onto the seat. I'm… cough cough… watching my uterus leak out my last fuck. Please kill me… please…" It went on and on like that, everyone listening to the girl's pitiful prayer for death and no one obliging her because they were all enjoying it far, far too much. In the end the girl's fate was to bleed out over the course of the engagement as her suit first tried and failed to keep her alive, then started triage treatment on her remaining viable organs.
The commander found her mate’s pitiful begging and moaning to be the perfect accompaniment to the high-resolution video she was getting from her troopers’ helmet cams of the fight inside the facility. The rebels were brave and knew that they’d be rape-tortured to death if captured, so they fought with the desperation of those that have nothing to lose, but their skintight, unarmoured mining suits provided nothing in the way of protection from blasters, though their tubed face masks would have saved them from some types of chemical weapons the Imperials might have chosen to deploy. They might have tried such methods, too, if human life had been worth anything to them. As it was, however, expending troopers was a sure thing, and no matter how many were killed taking the facility there were always plenty more girls to take their place.

The first squad to reach the inner stairwell, the last bastion of the rebel’s defense charged down heedless of casualties, and died to a girl with the exception of the squad leader, who had the misfortune of being hit in the leg and grabbed by the few surviving rebels at the bottom. The commander started rubbing her clit even more furiously in anticipation as she watched the scene unfold through the girl’s chest cams.

“Let’s rape her with a blaster and blow away her uterus from the inside!” Screamed one of the rebels as she roughly caressed the poor wounded trooper’s swollen labia with the smoking barrel of her blaster. The commander’s pouty lips formed the word ‘yes’ without making a sound as the rebel made to carry through with her threat.

“No, WAIT!” Screamed the rebel’s companion, but it was too late. The trooper moaned in ecstasy-laden despair as her intravaginal mine detonated as the rebel roughly penetrated her with her blaster. The resulting explosion tore the trooper in half and killed or injured all the remaining rebels. By the time the next breaching squad rushed down the stairs all they had to do was finish off the few wounded rebels with shots to the back or head, and it was all over.

“All hostile down,” The commander noted, her voice shuddering distinctly as she came down off another orgasm that felt like it had risen up from benthic depths. “Make sure you finish off the wounded and get all of your sister’s corpses up here!” She instructed as she was the most senior surviving commander in the remaining RDVs.

She listened with satisfaction to the staccato rhythm of execution shots, each solitary report signifying the end of an injured trooper’s life as the girls turned on their own to save valuable medical resources and body parts for more useful members of the Imperial war machine.

“Give me just a second!” Begged 242027, the rookie that the commander vaguely recalled the other girl’s had nicknamed ‘Reject’ because she didn’t want to get off on her combat drugs. Gravely wounded, her intestines spewed out elaborately behind her, her left breast blown off and spread across several meters of the hallway. Her right breast was blown open but somehow the implant inside was perfectly preserved, jiggling as she desperately stroked herself She was masturbating furiously, biting her up from pain, her face screwed up in an adorable expression of concentration as she desperately manipulated her clit.

“Sorry, reject,” the other rookie responded with a grin as she raised her blaster and put it to the other girl’s forehead, destroying the brain being the preferred method of preserving maximum usable organs on a wounded trooper. “But orders are orders!”

“NO! But I’ve never…” Reject was objecting when the other girl blew her brains out, laughing as the rookie’s corpse meaninglessly shuddered through the throes of the girl’s first and last orgasm without it’s owner onboard to appreciate it.

“Oh perfect,” The commander smiled as the rookie’s cruelty brought a sincere smile to her voluptuous lips, and she leaned back into her most powerful orgasm yet. She might have lived to fight another day, but there was always tomorrow, and after she was done carting the remains of her dead troopers (12 of the 18 vivacious girls under her command a few minutes ago were now cooling corpses) back to base she’d get a little sack time, fuck a few of her surviving girls, and then the whole lot of them would be sent against the next rebel stronghold. Surely she’d get it that time, or if not then, the next…

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The RDV is a multi-purpose, Rapid Deployment Vehicle. It has normal seating position like normal APC and a quick deploy position in the first pic. The thing can be use to transport troops or supply, with a quick unload system.


I like the vehicle design.


Great story and great artwork. Love how completely vulnerable and fucked they are all laid out and stacked in there. The ones in front had NO chance.

The details of the bits flying when unlucky RDVs exploded was especially juicy.


I love this universe already :D


Very enjoyable.

Does this setting have the whole "way more women than men" shtick?


Babs was beat. She'd been out all night busting the dastardly plans of the city's criminal underbelly. She needed to get out of her tight form-fitting bodysuit and into a hot shower.

She ripped off her cowl and cape with one motion and tossed it in the hamper - her belt following suit.

She then peeled off her gloves off of her sweaty hands and wrists and got a small whiff of the odor from her hard work fighting crime.

Then, using her now naked hands, reached around behind and unzipped the back of her bodysuit. She then used both hands, crossed at the wrists, and grabbed the top of her bodysuit, and started peeling it off her glistening body - the ripe fruit underneath the banana's skin.

She slid her arms out and continued peeling - past her bountiful breasts, her slim waist, and her soft belly and her tight ass.

"Why did I decide to go commando tonight…?" she asked herself as she gently massaged her sore tits. Now half-naked she sighed and took a seat on her bed.

She reached down and peeled off her boots - and was greeted with the even greater stench of damp foot odor. She wiggled her barefoot toes on the floor, then continued taking off the rest of her bodysuit.

She peeled the suit down her milky thighs, past her sculpted knees, and down around her ankles and feet. She nimbly pulled her shapely legs out of the crumpled up suit and planted her feet on the floor next to it.

She leaned her slender body over and grabbed her bodysuit and boots - and too tossed them in the hamper, out of sight.

Now fully nude from head to toe, the redheaded Barbara Gordon gracefully glided over to the bathroom.

She turned the faucet to nice and hot and stepped inside. The steaming water hit her skin and washed away the sweat that glistened her entire body.

"Oh god that feels good…" said Babs to herself as she spun around under the warm shower - letting it hit her back from her shoulder blades down, and then then on her tits. The water pooled up in her cleavage before running down the rest of her torso - some water deciding to ignore gravity and cling to her under-boobs before succumbing.

She put her head underneath and ran her hands through her red hair as the water soaked every strand.

She washed up - tempted a few times when scrubbing around her nether regions to explore deeper… but ultimately deciding she wanted to get to sleep as soon as possible.

She finished up her shower, dried herself up and immediately hopped into bed - still fully naked. She fell asleep almost instantaneously.


Babs stood in a black void, staring into a mirror that was adorned with wrought-iron snakes at the top.

She was in her Batgirl outfit - but only momentarily as the eyes of the serpents atop the mirror glowed. The bodysuit glowed bright hot white and disintegrated - and Babs could feel the heat against her skin of the suit burning off her body.

Babs was now naked in front of the mirror - hypnotized by the serpent's gaze. She lowered her jaw slightly and stared.

Suddenly she became paralyzed in place - standing upright with her hands at her sides.

She couldn't move a muscle. And she started feeling an intense numbness in her feet.

She could still see - and she saw that her feet were now turning to stone…

She was frightened - but also intrigued… And as the effect spread up her legs, past her knees and up her thighs, the numbness turned into a much more pleasurable feeling…

She saw her pussy turn to stone. And as it did, an explosion of orgasmic bliss spread throughout her body - both through her flesh and through what was now turning to stone…

Her arms started turning to stone at her hands, parallel with the effect on her hips. Belly and wrists turned to stone. Elbows and tits. Shoulders and collarbones. And finally her neck and beautiful face - still hypnotized with her lips slightly ajar as they hardened into gray stone.

Her nose, her eyes, and her red hair at the top of her head - all turned to stone.

Babs was now fully a stone statue.

And she started tipping backwards.

She fell fast, quickly hurtling towards the dark unseen floor.

And right before she made impact… she woke up.


Babs jolted awake from her intense dream with a gasp, her body shuddering as if she just "fell" into her bed.

She was very confused - part of her expected to have shattered into hundreds of stone pieces, instead of being all in one piece in her soft bed. Another part of her was very turned on, as evidence by the sticky juices she felt in her loins - partly staining her sheets as she was still completely naked.

Reaching down with her hand and running her fingers over her crotch (and eliciting a soft moan), she grabbed a sample of her juices and then raised her hand up close to her face. She eyed the glistening fluid, rubbing it between her fingers, spreading them apart and seeing a line form between them.

"Mmmm…" moaned Babs as she bit her lip at the sight and smell of the results of her wet dream.

Gently sticking her tongue through the corner of her lips in thought, she decided to finish the job her body was urging her to in her subconscious. But her mere fingers wouldn't do…

She drew a sharp intake of breath with a smile as an idea popped into her head.

She ran over to the hamper, reached in, and grabbed her utility belt. And from one of the pockets she pulled out a device.

Her "Bat Beacon" device, used to attract a flock of bats by vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency, given to her by Batman recently.

The device was cylindrical, about 6 inches long, and about 1-2 inches in diameter.

"Been meaning to try you out…" she seductively said to the beacon while staring at it with hungry eyes.

She walked back over to her bed, sat down - but just before she climbed in to begin her morning tension relief exercise, she realized something.

"Ooh! Better tweak the frequency a bit. Don't want a flock of bats interrupting the fun," she said as she made the adjustments on the controls of the device.

"That's better," she said, making the change in the operating frequency of the device so it wouldn't attract bats - or anything she could think of for that matter.

"Now where were we…" she said to the device.

She lowered it down to her crotch. "Oh yes.."

She slipped it through her still-wet lips. The walls of her pussy surrounding it as it slid deeper and deeper.

Her breaths intensified and became more shallow.

She flicked it on.

"Ohhh… f-fu-uck…" slipped out of her mouth as the feeling of the device vibrating against her wet pussy rocked Babs's world.

She let out a long moan that shuddered along with the vibration her whole body was feeling in response to the device.

Her eyes rolled back in her head.

Her toes curled and uncurled atop her sheets. Her legs and knees bucked this way and that as her hands worked the device between her thighs deeper and deeper.

Her body twitched uncontrollably and erratically as the device worked its unintended magic of "interfacing" with her body.

She quickly got close to climax. "OoOh god… OOooh god…" she whispered to herself between shallow breaths and heavy moans.

The fire of pleasure burned hotter and hotter in her clit and washed over her body.

And before she knew it, she was knocking her knees together as the feeling of orgasm approached. She braced for the climax of pleasure.


The sound of the front door slammed outside Babs's room, tearing her out of her state of complete orgasmic bliss as she gasped in reaction.

"Fuck. I was so close…" she whispered to herself in disappointment as she flicked off the device.

A bit surprised by the sound of the door, she figured it was just her house-mate Alysia coming home from her bartending job, maybe in a sour mood.

With a defeated sigh, she slid the device out of her pussy - which felt nice but nowhere near comparable to orgasm that was rudely interrupted.

She got up from her bed and put the device - still damp with her juices - back into her utility belt in the hamper. She'd clean it after the coast was clear.

Figuring it was time to get cleaned up, she walked to her bedroom door to head to the bathroom.

Still fully nude, she reached for the door handle. "Alysia?" she called out through the door. While Alysia didn't know of Babs' secret identity, they were otherwise almost like sisters, and Babs wasn't afraid to walk around in her birthday suit in front of her.

She turned the handle.

She opened the door.

And was greeted with the sight of a giant, green, serpent-like creature with a humanoid top.

A gorgon.


Babs could not believe her eyes.

Ahead of her was the serpent-like body of a gorgon that was at least 3 meters long. At its mid-section, the scaly-like skin softened to bare human-like skin - only green but in a brighter tone than the snake-like lower half.

Babs's eyes moved up the creature's body.

The top-half was quite beautiful, insomuch that it resembled a human female body - much like Babs's. It had two large breasts, including nipples that were a darker shade than its skin. It had two lean arms with large hands and pointy finger-tips - but more-or-less human-like. It even had rather attractive collarbones and neck muscles - that almost turned Babs on at her quick glance.

And then the quick glance after that landed Babs's eyes on the creature's head and face.

It- she - had an angelic face. A supple mouth with wide, black lips. A petite, perhaps even charming nose.

And deep, dark eyes. That stared right back into Babs's own eyes.

Babs opened her mouth in shock.

Unable to pull her gaze away from the beautiful creature's eyes, Babs could still make out in her peripheral vision the moving "hair" surrounding her head - a least a dozen snakes that slithered around seemingly at random.

Until they all suddenly faced towards Babs…

Babs felt a dread deep down in her soul. Even though she never had seen a creature like this before, she knew she should avert her gaze.

Babs raised a hand towards her head - to help shield her eyes from the many that the creature possessed when counting both eyes on her face and the eyes on all of her snakes.

But, unfortunately for Babs, and despite her instinctual warning, she was too late.

The creature's many eyes glowed - the color of the glow unknown as Babs immediately lost her sight upon their appearance.

This plunged Babs into the depths of terror. She drew a squeaky, deep breath to scream.

But before she could, Babs's whole body froze in place - totally paralyzed. One hand still on the door handle, the other raised in a futile gaze-blocking gesture. Legs frozen mid-tremble. A look of horror on her pretty face - eyebrows arched high, mouth open - ready yet unable to unleash the ear-piercing scream she had cued up.

Babs's eyes were not only frozen, but also blank and erased of all their features - the whites, the blue of her irides, the black of her pupils - all replaced by dull gray stone.

The gorgon continued to stare deeply into Babs's eyes - channeling a mysterious energy into Babs's body and soul right through them.

Behind her blind, frozen, stone eyes, Babs was still fully conscious and aware - even if she couldn't move a single muscle.

She could feel the new heavier weight of her stone eyeballs in their sockets - confused and aghast by the feeling as she was unaware of their transformation and the new form of inorganic material they became.

"What the fuck is happening to me?!?" squealed Babs inside her own head. With the loss of movement and sight almost simultaneously, she was rightfully scared beyond her worst nightmares (including the wet dream she woke up from only moments earlier).

Across her entire body, Babs started to feel numb. Only in small points at first, but definitely spread all over - the tip of her big toe, somewhere on her belly, and on one of her nipples to name a few.

Then the numbing feeling grew from small points to larger areas - feeling from her big toe spreading to her foot; from the point on her belly spreading to her hips and across her belly button; from her nipple spreading across her entire breast.

What she was still unaware of was that all those areas were morphing into stone. The cellular makeup of those organic areas being mutated into inorganic minerals. A transformation that was irreversible.

Babs wished she could breathe but with her lungs paralyzed that was proven impossible. And now losing feeling in spots all over her body - along with her other issues - Babs was almost driven insane with terror.

Until some relief was found when the numbing feeling spread across Babs's clitoris - frozen mid-throb from her interrupted masturbation session earlier. The numbing across her remaining body then became accompanied by the subtle but warm feeling of pleasure…

Still in abject terror, a part of Babs was reminded of her wet dream - and the feeling of pleasure that accompanied her turning to stone. Was this her dream becoming a terrifying, if not also erotic reality?

From the gorgon's perspective, the body of Babs was almost half stone. But not any one "uniform" half - quite the opposite actually. The stone pattern spread across her body in splotches that merged into each other - like the patterns found on a cow or a Dalmatian.

The growing splotches of stone spread up and down across her torso, arms and legs - directly over a breast and nipple, across her belly button, skimming across her pussy and down between her legs; down from her thumb, across part of her wrist, bypassing her elbow and continuing up her upper arm to her shoulder.

The inverse of the splotches was Babs' yet untouched soft skin, flesh and bone. However this area was shrinking fast.

Below the splotches on her skin, none of her vital organs were spared of the permanent mutation to uniform, lifeless stone. Airways, veins and arteries, gastrointestinal tract - all being permanently sealed in a growing number of places across her body.

The stone splotches spread across Barbara's collarbones - the sharp outlined points from her frozen intake of breath and the indentation behind them all now stone.

Babs could feel her throat starting to close up - not that it mattered since she couldn't breathe anyway.

With the terror of the nightmare before her, the warm feeling of pleasure still washed over her - at least to the very few parts of her that remained. The rest was replaced by cold, lifeless stone that only shared the shape of Babs's body parts.

The gorgon continued staring mercilessly at the prey before her. A small smirk grew on her lips.

The splotches of stone grew into the shapes of continents. The continents grew into a uniform super-continent, completely drying up the oceans that was her skin, flesh and bone across her entire body from the neck down.

All that remained now was Barbara's pretty little head - except for her already stone eyes.

"Oh god… This is the end… Will I ever recover from this?" The thoughts raced through her brain.

Her mouth, still frozen mid-scream, became stone - spreading from below her jaw to the top of her lips and roof of her mouth. White teeth, pinkish lips, reddish tongue - all now dull gray stone; and there went her sense of taste.

Adorable thin and narrow nose - once flexible and capable of taking a punch or two from a crooked henchman - now hard and brittle; and there went her sense of smell.

Blushed cheeks - now gray stone. Cute ears - the same; and there went her sense of hearing.

Long, straight, and red hair - one of her defining features - now gray stone. Her red eyebrows followed suit.

Only Barbara Gordon's brain remained intact. The only "sense" she had left was that of feeling - and it was hard to even tell if that was just the thoughts in her mind - being that she only was a mind at that point.

The feeling of both terror and pleasure started to fade. As did her rational thoughts.

The folds in her brain were mutating and hardening bit by bit - and as every fold was replaced by stone, Babs lost a little piece of her self.

"I hope Batman can save me-…" Babs thought to herself - before she slipped into total delirium.

A few more memories and fantasies drifted past the mind's eye of Babs. Until the mind's eye also turned to stone.

And then Barbara Gordon was no more.

Her mind entered oblivion.

Her human body was completely erased from existence. Instead, a stone statue that shared the exact same shape and pose as Babs did in her final moments stood in her stead.

The gorgon finally relaxed the snakes atop her head, and broke her gaze by blinking a few times. She eyed her prize up and down.

A stone statue in the shape of a beautiful human female. She seemed quite athletic by the tone of her body - not that it did her any good at this point. Bountiful breasts. Once-supple-now-hardened arms frozen while reaching out in their own ways. And a beautiful face of pure shock and terror.

The gorgon thought about what she was going to do next.

The gorgon's smirk turned into a wide smile.


The gorgon gazed at the stone statue that was once her prey.

A human being. So puny and weak.

This one appeared to have been a female.

The gorgon had no idea that the statue was once the famed superheroine "Batgirl", but also Barbara "Babs" Gordon, the well-known daughter of the city's police commissioner.

She just knew that she was an unlucky human girl who happened to be at the source of a mating call.

The gorgon normally wouldn't bring harm to a random human being - they had little qualms with humans as they normally dwell far under the earth's surface.

But the gorgon was ready to mate. Her sexual energy was pent up over the long journey to the surface - which was a strange place to mate in danger of being seen by the humans, but perhaps her potential mate was kinky.

And after she inspected the house, and saw no other gorgon in sight when peering into Babs's bedroom, she had to release.

And she chose to release on the naked human female cowering before her.

This was only her third time petrifying a human being. All 3 happened to be young females.

The first one, a young blonde woman, was chosen as part of a ritual initiation ceremony, where gorgons coming into a certain age find a suitable human being to sacrifice to their gods.

The second, a petite brunette, was an unfortunate witness to the first girl's petrification and needed to be disposed of.

That was at least 60 years ago - which was only a blink-of-an-eye in the gorgon's lifespan.

She looked the statue before her now up and down. For a human she was quite beautiful. She partially reminded her of another gorgon she used to court - at least in the parts that humans and gorgons shared.

She'd be sure to make this one just as special as the first.

Slithering her snake-like body, she lowered herself and leaned in to be face-to-face with the statue.

She raised a hand up to the statue's cheek and grazed her green fingertips against it. She brushed a finger against a blank eye. And she rubbed the statue's chin, under its terrified expression.

For a human, she was very beautiful. She almost started to regret having petrifying her and almost wished for the power to restore her to her former form - but that would be impossible as the transformation to stone was irreversible. That's the way it has always been with her kind.

The only thing left was to continue the ritual.

She swiftly leaned in and planted a kiss on the lips of the statue's open mouth. She let her tongue roam around inside the opening - exploring the oral cavity of the statue thoroughly - licking the statue's tongue, teeth, and the roof of the statue's mouth.

She could taste some of the saliva that resided inside - unaffected by the transformation as most bodily fluids were.

She pulled away and left her own bit of fluid glistening the statue's mouth and lips.

She leaned in again and sucked on the statue's petite nose.

She lapped up each cheek, and licked over each blank eye.

She enjoyed the taste of the former creature's sweat that resided. Clearly the creature was performing some strenuous physical activity that the gorgon interrupted.

The view in the doorway was constricting, so the gorgon decided to get a better look. Using care, she grabbed the statue with her hands and lifted it with ease, then slithered her way into the bedroom before her. Her tail knocked the door shut - no sense in the chance of another unlucky human intruding.

She planted the statue down delicately on its petite feet - taking care to balance her properly. These humans and their stupid legs - how they could even stand upright without immediately falling was beyond the gorgon's comprehension.

She looked down at the statue's breasts - similar in size and shape to her own.

She leaned in and gave one of them a kiss, suckling on the statue's literally rock-hard teat. Simultaneously she cupped a hand around the other breast and fondled it - pinching the nipple hard between her fingers. She tasted the sweat that built up on her tits, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

She pulled back and admired the front of the statue's body. She was clearly fit for a human female. Not that that mattered at all in the end - she had no chance against a gorgon one-on-one, especially given the vulnerable, naked position she was in upon opening the door.

She slithered around back and gave the statue's backside a look up and down.

The shoulder blades popped out of the statue's upper back, with the way the arms had been frozen in her futile blocking gesture - almost eliciting a laugh at the memory of how pointless the attempt was.

The back of her legs again did nothing for the gorgon. However, the statue's ass was a different story…

There was just something so perfect about the shape and size of this former human's body-part that the gorgon did not share. The way it clenched in fear. The way the bottom of the statue's back dipped in the middle, then succumbing to a wide canyon of cleavage. It was almost as if these human females had another set of breasts on their bottoms.

She leaned in and used her tongue to explore the crack. The taste was a bit bitter but no doubt aroused the already horny gorgon even more. She suckled on each cheek with passion.

With her tongue still pressed against the statue's backside, she circled around back, running her tongue across the statue's hips and onto the statue's stone pussy. While the gorgon did not have one of her own, she did have similar reproductive organs down below, and was familiar with the ones on human females.

She licked the lips at the base of the statue's torso. There the taste of a different kind of juice still clung heavily around - and it tasted wonderful.

This started to drive the gorgon crazy. She needed more.

Quite suddenly, she grabbed the statue and almost threw her on the bed - landing on its back luckily undamaged. Then the gorgon mounted it.

She leaned down and rubbed her tits against the statue's, brushing hard against them.

She entwined herself around the statue's body, and grinding both her upper and lower body against it. A very small amount of stone powder began to rub off on the scaly parts of the gorgon's skin.

She licked the statue's arms, hands and fingers - enjoying the taste of her prey's sweat.

She started grinding against the statue's body with her sexual organ about a meter below the top of the gorgon's snake-like body, starting at the statue's pussy and grinding up along the belly, across the bellybutton, up the line between the abs, between the breasts, over the collarbones, and across the statue's chin, open mouth, and finally planting her sex organ surrounding the statue's petite, narrow nose. She started grinding against it, letting her own juices flow over the statue's nose and face - dark and slimy.

The gorgon was building to a climax that she was primed to release over the beautiful stone statue before her…


Grinding up and down harder and faster on the statue's petite nose, the gorgon finally reached climax.

The gorgon tensed her body hard - and ground her sex organ against the statue's nose with a very hard final push.

The statue's nose snapped off. No matter. And the gorgon spattered her slimy juices all over the statue's face and nose hole - nose splashing over the face and falling onto the bed.

After having a bit of fun, the gorgon was ready to continue the ritual on her beautiful stone prey.

She dismounted from the statue on the bed and grabbed it with her hands.

She brought it over to the center of the room. She had to take extra effort to balance the statue this time - she chipped some of its toes with her grinding.

She slithered back and looked the statue up and down once more. A very faint and narrow trail of slimy gorgon juice ran up the center of the statue's torso. Her saliva also glistened the statue all over. The face was almost completely covered in both fluids - terrified expression still visible below the slime, and minus a nose of course.

It was time.

The gorgon approached the statue that was once Barbara Gordon. Her name, her life, and her and alternate persona Batgirl, completely unknown and irrelevant to the gorgon.

Just another human female.

The gorgon lowered to the statue's feet and started wrapping around the legs in a tight coil.

She continued up, and the snake-like body continued coiling - around the statue's tight ass, its sensual hips, its slim waist, and over her breasts.

The scales ground down hard against the statue's nipples - and completely erased them, smoothing her breasts out like a stone Barbie doll.

The arms started to present an obstacle - one raised to "block" her gaze, the other still holding a door handle that wasn't there.

No matter.

She just wrapped around them with one loop, then squeezed around the statue's shoulders tight.

Both arms snapped off and fell to the wooden floor. They impacted with a crash - snapping again at the elbows and wrists. A few fingers clattered off as well, rolling along the floor.

"Babs? You home?" a muffled voice suddenly called from outside the bedroom door.

The gorgon - still coiled around the statue's body (minus its arms) - snapped her head towards the door in reaction to the voice.

"You awake?" the voice called again, this time right outside the door.

The gorgon didn't want to have another incident like her second victim - that she had to unceremoniously and quickly transform and dispose of unlike her first victim - but she would do what was necessary should this poor soul choose to foolishly open the door.

"Okay sleepyhead, don't sleep all day!" the voice called and walked away. "You're missing out on breakfast burritos!" the voice now faintly called, more muffled from the kitchen.

A wise choice.

The gorgon looked back down at her prey. The terrified expression with the open mouth, the missing nose, the blank stare.

She leaned down, gave the statue one final kiss on the mouth (tasting all the juices mixed over it), and then continuing to coil around her head tightly until the gorgon's sex organ was again right up against the statue's face and nose-hole.

The gorgon throbbed her sex organ against the statue's face once again. She squeezed and released over and over, increasing her rhythm with each thrust. The statue's eyebrows ground off into powder. The frozen hair above the statue's forehead chipped away.

The gorgon was once again building to a climax…

She squeezed her body a tiny bit - and tiny fissures started forming across the statue's smooth breasts.

The gorgon could her the other human cooking in the other room, ingredients sizzling. She had to make this quiet. But the thrill of discovery pushed her closer and closer to climax.

And then she finally reached it.

She juiced over the statue's face once more.

And then squeezed her body with a slow, steady, and unyielding pressure - uniform across the statue's body coiled up inside.

The statue cracked all over.

Worthless legs crumbled. Hips shattered. Tits pulverized.

The statue's head, and beautiful face, fractured apart.

Stone eyeballs slipped into the folds of the gorgon's scales until they were ground down into powder.

Stone lips, tongue and teeth following suit.

Even the statue's cute ears and hair weren't spared.

The gorgon was very careful not to let even a pebble slip through her scaly skin…

She continued the squeeze.

Stone torso continued cracking until the pressure - down into smaller rocks, then pebbles, then dust.

Stone, tight ass gained many more cracks than the one until the shapely body-part was no more.

One particular piece of the statue broke with a particularly loud CRACK.

"Babs? You getting up?" the voice called again.

The gorgon froze. Not a pebble slipped…

"Fine, I'll make you a burrito!"

And then, after a few moments of just the sounds of cooking, the gorgon released the statue's remains - gently uncoiling her body from the bottom up.

A fine gray powder fell to the wooden floor in between the pieces of the statue's broken arms, accompanied by some occasional pebbles and a larger rock or two. The powder fell into a conical pile.

Barely anything remained recognizable of the human female's body at this point. It had been crushed thoroughly, mercilessly and efficiently.

The gorgon was still juicing and made some of the pile of stone Babs powder damp. Until she finally emptied herself of her sexual needs.

The gorgon slid back and took a look. She smiled - it looked just like her first victim all those years ago…

And with all of her energy spent, the gorgon now hungered. And there was a meal before her.

She lowered her head down to the floor, and unhinged her jaw, opening her mouth extremely wide.

With one pass, she slid along the remains of stoned Batgirl remains.

Hands and arm fragments entered her mouth. Then inhaled the powder pile like a vacuum, and sucked up the remaining pieces the surrounded her.

She licked the floor clean.

Until the room was completely empty of anyone but the gorgon.

Except of course for the nose that the gorgon almost forgot still laid on the bed.

Grabbing it with a couple of fingers and feeling the moistness of the juices still covering it, she lifted it to her face.

She gave it a kiss.

And then slipped into inside her mouth and swallowed it in one big gulp.

And then no trace of Babs existed in the room.

The gorgon smirked - having thoroughly enjoyed her escapade and meal.

Sure a human being lost her life - but that was of little consequence in comparison to the gorgon fulfilling her sexual desires.

She might even consider coming back and doing the same to the other human in the kitchen - still completely in the dark about her friend's fate.

But for now, the gorgon chose to return to home. Making sure the coast was clear, she slipped out the window, closed it behind her, and found her way below surface with haste.


"Burrito time!" yelled Alysia, opening the door to Babs's bedroom.

But Babs was nowhere to be seen.




Great story!



Thanks! Though not sure why someone decided to copy and paste it as a reply here (and using anguro's name no less) when it's literally right here on Lit already:

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