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Hi all, This is my first story so please send me any constructive criticisms you may have. Comma splices are a known issue for me that I can't seem to fix, but I hope the story is still readable. Feel free to send me any requests you might have. Lord knows I could use the practice.

Liara in: The Party Favour

The orgy was going well, wherever Liara looked there was a cock filling a hole or a cunt being rubbed. Liara herself was no exception to this, she was currently nude and rubbing her clit watching the chaos around her. It Hadn’t taken long for the party at Shepard’s new citadel apartment to devolve into a massive fuck-fest. The intertwining of bodies and the cachophany of sex was a feast for the eyes and ears. Liara felt particular joy at watching Miranda be double teamed by both Grunt and Wrex simultaneously, the poor girl looked like she was about to burst; her belly was so full of krogan Spunk. Still though, she felt that this party wasn’t at its full potential, and that was something she would have to rectify.

Looking around the room for an object that could be of use to her, her eyes fixed on an M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol which had been carelessly tossed aside at the start of the orgy. She then knew exactly how to spice up the night. Grabbing the gun, Liara hopped up onto a free table, and almost slipped on the slimy coating of cum that covered it. Regaining her balance, she dropped to her knees and turned the pistol’s safety off. Some of the more observant party goers already started to take notice of her actions, and slowed their fervent pace so as to better watch the asari scientist.

Happy that she was getting the attention she desired, Liara decided to continue on with her display. Still on her knees, she inserted the tip of the barrel into her mouth, finger resting on the trigger. She sucked on it, pushing the weapon deeper and deeper into her mouth, twisting it slightly as she deepthroated it all the way down to the trigger guard of the pistol. Miranda thudded to the ground as Wrex and Grunt extricated their cocks from her holes so as to better watch the show. All but the most cock-addled party goers had stopped what they were doing to watch her performance. Closing her eyes, Liara drew the gun out from back out from the deep depths of her throat, strands of saliva dripping from the barrel. This caused her watchful crowd to let out a small,barely audible sigh of disappointment. This was all that was needed to inform Liara that she would not commit a party faux pas by the end of her show.

Suddenly, Liara RAMMED the gun back into her mouth, chipping a tooth as she did so. The pain from this was unbothersome, all she needed was the cheer from the audience, who were excited to see what she had planned next. Back and forth liara vigorously fellatiated the firearm, her tempo ever increasing, as if mimicking an enthusiastic blowjob with a male partner. Globs of spittle flew out of her mouth and her makeup ran down her eyes as she choked herself on the deadly instrument. Her friends cheered and masturbated openly at the sight, chanting a chorus of her name. “Li-Ar-a!, Li-Ar-a!, Li-Ar-a!” the chorus cried, as if celebrating a sporting victory.

Liara knew it was time for the crescendo, and so increased her pace even further. Liara slowed her pace and instead began to exaggerate drawing the weapon in and out of her mouth, mimicking an experienced lover sensing their partners orgasm, and adjusting their style accordingly. Liara opened her eyes and gave a wink to her adoring audience before pulling the trigger.

With an enormous BLAM the pistol fired, causing the Asari to jerk backwards slightly as the bullet penetrated her skull, before gravity took over and caused her to limply slump forward into the table with her face pressed downwards and legs slowly sliding into a more neutral position, now that her muscles were no longer controlling them. The shock of the blast had startled her audience slightly, but they quickly regained what little composure they had and crowded around her obviously dead body to inspect the damage. The sheer force of the weapon had all but annihilated the back of her head, plastering chunks of her skull and brain to the rear wall, as well as a massive heaping of blue blood to boot.

Hand trembling, Tali dipped her three fingered fist into Liara’s open skull cavity and cupped up part of the soupy mixture which used to comprise Liara’s brain. Taking the slop, the unsuited quarian girl mashed it into her pussy, causing her to have a quaking orgasm on the spot as she fisted her cunt with her friends brain.

On the other hand, the rest of the audience seemed at a bit of a loss, should they follow in Tali’s example and keep the party going? Or should they clean up the body; deciding they had had enough excitement for the day? Silently they debated amongst themselves, at least until the booming krogan voice of Wrex silenced their internal monologues.

“Why are we watching when we could be fucking!? Don't let that prime cunt go to waste! Get off your ass!”

The crew knew instantly that Wrex was right. It was clear that Liara wanted the party to get even more exciting, so why squander her dying wish. The crowd cheered in unison once more, feeling ecstatic and reinvigorated by the carnage.

Roughly pulling the corpse off the table and letting it flop harshly to the ground, Garrus stuck his dick into Liara’s open mouth, looking into her half lidded, unmoving eyes as he did so. Bloodied, his cock emerged from the rear aspect of her head. an obvious impossibility for a living cock-sleve. Eyes opened to the potential of corpse sex, commander Jane Shepard straddled the back of the asari, grinidng her cunt into the dead girls spine. Sliding forward, she met Garrus’s cock as he thrust it back in, taking his blood and brain soaked dick into her mouth, savouring the taste. Each time Garrus thrust inwards, Shepard crept closer to the point of entry, taking it further and further into her mouth with each of his pushes. Soon, shepard had her face pressed into the exposed wound, caking her face in giblets of blue blood and brains. Shepard struggled to breathe as Asari's blood blocked her nostrils and Garrus’s dick blocked her throat, but garrus’s pumping was relentless. Reaching over and grabbing Shepards hair, Garrus pulled his commander ever closer, denying her the air she so preciously needed. The force of his pulling caused liara’s skull to deform even further, as it now lost the structural integrity it needed to stave of such an assault. Shepard started to turn blue, and her arms went limp as she began to pass out from the lack of oxygen. Thankfully, she then felt his thrusting slow and the all to familiar sensation of hot cum pouring down her gullet. Contented; at least for the time being, Garrus released her. Sending shepard sprawling backward; her head landing onto the cushiony mounds of the asari’s ass.

Regaining her breath, shepard smiled, opened her eyes, and was immediately greeted with the sight of a massive Krogan dick barreling down on her. Summoning unknown reserves of strength she quickly rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the cock as it slammed against the asari’s backdoor. It was clear that shepard had unknowingly blocked the entrance Grunt had intended to use with her face, but the brute had continued on regardless, content with using any hole that was presented to him. It was a good thing that Shepard had dodged; it was unlikely that she would have survived another grueling facefuck like the one she had just endured. gasping for breath, Shepard wiped the blood from her face and tilted her head to the side so to get a better angle of Grunt pummeling the corpse with his fat dick.

Each of the Krogans thrusts sent shockwaves through Liara’s body, and the force of his hips ricocheting off her pillowy ass sent an echo through the room. With an animalistic ferocity he raped the corpse, her demolished anus squelching and squeaking as his cock passed into her welcoming hole. Both the Asari race’s legendary elasticity, and her body now lacking muscle control meant that her asshole was extraordinarily accommodating, having absolutely no trouble taking Grunts massive member inside. This elasticity was truly put to the test when Wrex forced himself into the hole as well. If Liara was alive, the double penetration would certainly have resulted in her howling in agony, but being dead she gave no such complaints.

Thrusting and thrusting, the two hulking krogans continued their onslaught. With each inch they pushed in they could feel the hole start to rip and tear. Ultimately, the two achieved orgasm before they were able to truly annihilate the hole. The pair of cocks ejaculating gallons of cum each into her wrecked ass. This caused the corpse’s belly to expand outwards slightly, although it was difficult to see the true effect the cumshot had due to her lying prone on her stomach. When Grunt and Wrex pulled out the pressure was great enough to result in a small fountain of cum, basting the blue skin of her hips a milky white as the krogan seed was forced back out from the depths of her intestine. The asari’s corpse had no way to close the gaping hole, so it remained stretched to an incomprehensible degree.

With Liara’s asshole looking like a crater filled with spunk and head resembling a partially deflated beach ball, the post orgasm Quarian onlooker Tali decided she needed a drink. Taking a straw, tali inserted it into the pool of cum which was occupying the Asari’s anus, and started to slurp down the thick mixture. Noticing the curious looks she was receiving, Tali cracked a quick joke.

“What? never seen a girl use her emergency induction port before?”

The crowd erupted into laughter, and Shepard inserted another straw into the corpses ass, the two friends sharing their creamy drink with one another. Around them the pace of the party was starting to slow, group members sharing stories and telling jokes instead of fucking like their lives depended on it. That wasn’t to say that there was no sex, Liara’s body was passed around as a sex toy, and Miranda continued to be used parties primary living cumdump. Eventually though, the guests left, which left Shepard alone to reflect on the evening’s events. The party was a true success, and they would have to do it again sometime. Although it was a shame that Liara wouldn’t be there for the next one, Shepard was sure that her actions tonight ensured a similarly extravagant event the next time.

The next day the commander had EDI send the footage of the previous night to all those who were at the party, providing them with a reminder of the night's events, as well as something to tide them over until the next gathering.

The End.


Holy shit! This story was fucking great! Casual sluttery? Check. Casual suicide? Check. Casual suicide by gunshot? Check. Tali drinking a bunch of cum out of a corpse's anus? Fucking check. Not to mention Talie fisting herself with Liara's brainmatter and Shepard giving a blowjob through the hole in her skull. Damn. And for some reason, one of my favorite parts was Liara chipping her tooth when she started facefucking the gun. That was hot.

If you're looking for requests, I don't have a full idea but I've at least got a prompt. I've always wanted to see a Russian Roulette story, with the girls getting themselves off as they risk offing themselves. Plus you could have lesbian necro, which is rare and awesome - I don't know what you're into besides Mass Effect, but I'm picturing Miranda making Jack's corpse sit on her face so she can eat her dead ass, or Tali scissoring one of the dead girls. But my main request is that you keep writing. You're too good to be one-and-done!


Thank you for your praise! I like that Idea, and I may do something with it. do you have any complaints? I won't take offence, I just want to narrow down the areas I need to improve on most.


By the way I got bored and wrote your prompt into a story. It's almost twice as long as my first, but I think I bit off more than I could chew by writing six characters in the same story. Let me know what you think.


Shepard, Kasumi, Jack, Miranda, Tali, and Samara play Russian roulette

Russian Roulette is Not the Same Without a Gun
(Cons, Shooting, Necro)

“Let’s go over the rules one last time.” Holding a silver plated revolver that predated human space travel, Shepard spoke to the five of her crewmates who had assembled in a circle beside her.

“Do we really need to? Isn't this ‘game’ really more of an excuse for us to get off on each other’s death’s, why not just cut to the chase?” Came a soft and exotic voice, questioning the commanders intentions.

“Indeed this is an excuse for that, Miss. Goto. However, I think it is always best to review the basics before starting anything, would you not agree?” Kasumi couldn’t argue with that logic. Even in the most basic of her heists she meticulously reviewed every aspect of her plan, even the most obvious. Kasumi’s reminiscing of her days as a thief was cut short as Shepard continued.

“The six of us have agreed to play the old human game ‘russian roulette’, which dates back to humanities pre-spaceflight era. to play this game you need a firearm, which I have here” Shepard held the gun up to the other five girls, and Jack rolled her eyes. Shepard always did have a flare for the dramatic.

“You also need a bullet. The normal convention of the game would have us use only one bullet, but I have decided to add extra excitement by using three, meaning that only three out of the six of us will be leaving this room alive.” Sitting unsuited and nude save for her helmet, Tali Zorah heard the words of her commander, but was too busy ogling the naked bodies of her crewmates. Tali never got tired of seeing their fit and perky forms, no matter how many times she was witness to them.

“There is no need to be concerned about the potential bias of the game, EDI has separately and secretly loaded the three bullets randomly, and with no mind paid to each bullets proximity to one another.” Miranda slowly rubbed her pussy as she imagined the AI signing the deathwarrents of three of them.

“Each player will pull the trigger at their own head a single time. Afterwards either passing the gun to the player on their right, or the right sided player taking the gun from their body, whichever the situation dictates. The game will end once all three bullets have been fired. Other than that, there are no rules.” Samara sat in her chair with perfect posture; listening intently. It wasn’t often she took part in the Normandy's debauchery, but she couldn't resist the temptation this time.

“The order will be as follows: Myself, Kasumi, Miranda, Jack, Tali, And lastly Samara. Are there any objections to this ordering or are we ready to start?” Said Shepard, finishing her overlong explanation.

“I have a pretty big fucking objection to that!” shouted Jack, standing up from her chair. “No way is that Bitch going ahead of me! The closer you are to the end the higher your chances of death are! And I want to see that perfect little head of hers pop.” raged the biotic, pointing at Miranda, who was sitting adjacent to her.

In response, Miranda simply crossed her legs, overlapping her thick thighs. “ I have no intention of passing away today, but I have no problems swapping positions with that blowhard.” She calmly retorted, knowing that the random nature of the game meant that the players at the end had no advantage over the players at the start.

Although a part of the venom Jack spat might once have been truthful, the pair had all but made up. This row was more about who would get the pleasure of toying with the others corpse. As they swapped seats Jack flashed Miranda a rare smile, and Miranda reciprocated with a smile of her own.

“Now that’s out of the way, let’s begin. I have to admit I’m excited to see who will off themselves first.” with the boring part finally done with, everyone was excited to get onto the exciting part. Even Samara’s heart was beating out of her chest, though she didn’t outwardly show it.

Reclining back into her chair, Shepard spread her legs wide, giving her onlookers a clear view of her twat. Taking her free left hand she gently massaged her pussy, rubbing at her clit as she imagined what damage the gun could do to her. Slowly, she raised the revolver up to her temple. Looking around the room, Shepard saw her colleagues fucking themselves to her peril. Kasumi was harshly tweaking both of her nipples at the sight. Jack was already fisting herself. Miranda was gently massaging her labia. Tali had turned around on her chair so she could give others a good view as she fingered her asshole. And Samara… Was not doing anything. Although Shepard did spy the woman rubbing her thighs together, along with a growing wet spot on her seat. A spot which had clearly formed from her own juices.

As Shepard got closer to orgasm, she realized she had a decision to make. Should she pull the trigger before or after she reached orgasm. If she pulled the trigger now, there was a chance she would die before achieving orgasm. but if she were to survive after pulling it, she knew she would cum harder than she ever had before. Having made her decision, she clenched her index finger around the trigger, and pulled.



And nothing happened. At least if the largest orgasm of Shepards life was to be considered ‘nothing’. screaming in ecstasy and body spasming, commander Jane Shepard squirted girlcum through the air and onto tali’s backside, who waggled her butt in response. “Holy shit.” was all Shepard managed to say as she trembled weakly, experiencing the aftershocks of her enormous pleasure. Weakly, she held up the gun for Kasumi to take, which she did.

“How does it feel knowing you won’t become a corpse today, Shepard?” Kasumi asked, genuinely curious about her leaders present state of mind.

“Feels… Pretty… Fuckin… Good.” said an addled shepard, as she held up the O.K hand gesture to the sultry thief. Contented with the commanders barely coherent response, Kasumi brought the weapon to her cunt. Rubbing the barrel between her pussy lips she gyrated her hips in her seat, pushing herself against the weapon. Slowly, gently, she moved the gun upwards on her body, keeping the end of the barrel flush with her skin as she traced a line from her pussy, to in between her small tits, and finally into her open mouth.

Using her purple lip tattoo as a positioning marker for where the bottom of the barrel should rest, she pursed her lips together and held her free hand next to her head. Kasumi held four of her fingers up.As Kasumi lowered one of her fingers, her intentions became clear; this was a countdown. The rest of the crew silently counted down along with her.





The revolver jumped as it shot hot lead directly into the thief’s grey matter, instantly ending her life. Going limp, the plopped out of her mouth and onto the ground in front of her, where her twitching body fell on top of it, face down ass up. There was a chorus of squeaks mewls as the surviving five came as they watched her death. Even Samara had abandoned her dignity, and was openly fingering her cunt to the bloody spectacle. Jack and tali were the first to get up from their chairs as they both rushed to be the first to defile the corpse. Jack got there first of course, as she was the closest.

Jack took special interest in Kasumi’s backside, nuzzling her face against the thieves derriere. Miranda giggled at Jack showing uncharacteristic levels of affection towards a corpse, so Jack turned around and showed her the finger. Tali was annoyed as well, as Jack was occupying the same space she wanted to play with. Sighing heavily, Tali turned her attention towards the back of Kasumi's head, inspecting the exit wound. Kasumi’s hair was drenched in her blood, and much of it was matted to her scalp, especially around the wound. Blood still leaked out of her skull, and tali was happy enough to squat down and grind her pussy against the back of the thief’s blood soaked skull. On the other hand, Jack had started to show her aggressive side, slapping Kasumi’s buttcheeks will all the force she could muster. Of course, this had little effect on the corpse, other than sending reverberations through her skinny body, which Tali greatly appreciated.

Without warning, Jack flipped the body over to its right side so she could grab the pistol which lay beneath it. Uncaring towards Tali’s displeasure of being forced off her seat, she took the pistol in her hand and thrust the still warm barrel deep into her her own pussy. Tali cast her initial annoyance aside, as she now had free reign to do as she pleased. Sliding down to Kasumi’s rear end, Tali raised Kasumi’s left leg upwards. Filling the space between the two legs with her body, Tali pressed her own blood soaked cunt against the corpses. The other four watched with interest as tali rubbed herself raw on the rapidly cooling body. Working against the slack body-weight of the body and performing all of the motion herself was truly tiring work, but the pleasure she was feeling was entirely worth the strain. Arching her back and letting out a silent scream from another intense orgasm, Tali collapsed, spent for the time being.

“Goddess, are you OK Tali? That seemed to take a lot out of you.” Asked Samara, in a moment of paradoxical concern, given that Tali may end up just as dead as the corpse she was fucking in the coming several minutes.

“Ah…ahhh, I’m fiiine, just give me a second to rest before it’s my turn. Shepard, if you want you could sit on my face while we wait.” Replied Tali, not wanting her fatigue to be a burden on her friends.

Shepard Laughed. “You know with that helmet on I doubt I’d feel anything, but I appreciate the gesture.” Even with Tali’s face obscured, it was clear she was blushing under her mask.

“Sorry to spoil your moment” Pulling the now slick barrel out of her pussy, Jack wasted no time bringing it up to her temple, giving it a quick lick as she did. With absolutely no hesitation she Pulled the trigger.


The gun fired the second killshot in a row, and Miranda was splattered with the tattooed womens blood and brains as the bullet exited out the side of Jack’s skull. The revolver fell out of her hands and landed next to the still recovering Tali. Jack herself had locked her knees before she fired, so she remained standing for several seconds even after her death. Of course, this was not to last, and as she tipped forward she fell hard on her face, breaking her nose, not that it mattered, what with being dead and all.

“Oh shit, now I’m really glad we switched seats! I get to do something I could never do while she was alive!” exclaimed Miranda, practically jumping out of her chair with glee.

The recouporating Tali had a great view of Miranda's perfect ass as she squatted down and moved Jack’s body into a sitting position. With Jack’s muscles useless, her mouth fell open into a dumb slack-jawed expression, which Samara chuckled at the sight of. Using her own body as leverage, Miranda Lifted her off the ground slightly and slid her face underneath Jack’s ass, positioned her mouth right under the dead girls pucker, and let the full weight of her body sit on her. Face completely trapped underneath the corpses spread buttcheeks, Miranda was right where she wanted to be. She began to feverishly lick and slurp at her former rivals hole, her tongue like a whirlwind exploring every part of her anus.

Unfortunately, gravity was not an ally in this situation, and Miranda had to steady the body so it remained in an upright position, something which took away from her one and only goal of toungefucking her asshole.

“Allow me to assist you Miranda. I must admit, this game of ours is certainly erotic.”

Samara stood up and walked over to the struggling Miranda. There, she entered into a sloppy kiss with the corpse. Her own tongue prodding and slithering at jack’s limp one, samara started to suck face, drooling and slobbering all over her deceased partner. The kiss had the bonus of stabilizing Jack, preventing her from tipping too far to one side. The weight added by Samara leaning into the body also drove the corpse deeper onto Miranda, causing her a heavenly pain as her skull was almost crushed by the incredible weight.

Shepard had been laughing heartily throughout Miranda’s adventure, and she finally gathered enough breath to speak up. “This is what you always wanted to do to her? You eat everybody's ass. Shit, you even ate me out before we started. What makes this so special?”

“I clud nvr lit hir hav pwr ovr me” Came Miranda’s practically unintelligible response, her voice too muffled by the dead womans asshole to make out clearly.

Breaking her liplock with the corpse, Samara once again came to the rescue. “I think what she’s trying to say is that she could never let Jack show dominance over her. But now that she’s dead that’s not an issue, so she can do what she loves.” From underneath the corpses buttocks miranda pointed at where she assumed the asari was standing, made an affirming noise and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. Apparently signaling that the justicars interpretation was correct.

“Theli, Pleathe gib me the glun” Came Miranda’s muffled voice once more. No translation was needed this time, Tali understood what she was to do. Still lying between Kasumi’s legs, Tali slid the gun over to jacks ass, and miranda by association. After spending some time pawing around blindly for the weapon, she finally was able to grab hold of it. Without moving her mouth away from the corpses butthole, and with the same lack of hesitation Jack had before her death, she placed the gun against Jack’s ass cheek, so that it would hit the head which was sandwiched between. This allowed her to continue her necrophiliac analingus, even as the threat of her own death loomed. Miranda pulled the trigger.


And Miranda was spared. Although her near death experience seemed to have a greater effect on her crewmates than it did on Miranda herself, who seemed to barely register what had happened. Samara squealed into the corpses mouth as she squirted girculm all over Miranda’s exposed belly, who barely reacted. Shepard experienced another orgasm, And Tali’s heart started to beat faster and harder than it ever had before as her moment of truth approached.

Realising that the butt-drunk miranda was in no state to pass the pistol over to her, Tali took matters into her own hands. Standing up on wobbling legs, the quarian stumbled over to the indisposed Miranda and took the gun from her hand. Unlike the previous two girls, she took her time with the weapon, inspecting and touching the gun that had killed two of her friends just minutes ago. Tali wondered if she was to be next, when she pulled the trigger there was a fifty percent chance that she would never do anything again after.

Hands shaking uncontrollably with a mix of anticipation and arousal, the purple skinned quarian slowly lifted the gun to her temple. With her free hand, Tali feverishly worked at her cunt with her three fingers, rapidly forcing them in and out of her sopping wet hole. With Tali already so worked up, it didn’t take long for her to reach the brink of orgasm. Attempting to mimic the life changing climax that Shepard had experienced at the start of the game, Tali got ready to squeeze the trigger…

“Tali, could you uh… point it right at your face. I think the broken glass of your visor would look really… uh… sexy.” Samara interrupted, biting her lip and looking away sheepishly as she gave her suggestion.

Smiling under her mask, Tali took the asari’s recommendation to heart. Moving the gun away from her temple and over to the front of her face, Staring directly into the barrel. Looking directly into the business end of the barrel brought the finality of the action even closer to her mind, which then brought her that much closer to orgasm. Steeling herself, Tali pulled the trigger.


Tali experienced a truly mind melting orgasm as she won her coin flip with death, squirting all over her own legs as she let out a banshee like howl. Despite no bullet having been fired, the quarian girl lost all muscle control and passed out, collapsing to the ground in a sweaty heap.

Samara came as well, knowing that her fate was sealed and her death was certain. With Miranda still in her trance like fixation of booty eating, Tali unconscious, and Jack and Kasumi dead, Samara and Shepard were left as the only two truly conscious women in the room.

Prying the gun from tali’s hand, the asari justicar approached her seated commander. But both women knew that despite the potential threat Samara presented to Shepard, the only death would be the asari’s. Making sure to put some extra sway in her hips as she approached, Samara was intent on giving shepard an eyeful, her last act being making her death as arousing as possible.

“Want me to help you cum before you off yourself?” asked the commander, the playful tone of her voice contrasting with the morbidity of what was about to take place.

“No thank you commander. I am perfectly content with my final thoughts being of you and the rest of the crew using and abusing my corpse, just as we did with Jack and Kasumi today.” Shepard gave a nod at Samara’s response, and beckoned her closer.

Samara straddled Shepard as she sat in her chair, and Samara tenderly cradled her commanders face. “I want to thank you Shepard, I truly wish I would have taken part in more adventures like this. Keep having fun without me.” With her goodbye complete, Samara positioned the gun under her chin and pulled the trigger.


Samara went limp, falling into Shepards embrace as she sat on the chair, her head falling between Shepards breasts. A torrent of blue blood rushed from under her chin, colouring Shepards breasts and midsection the same hue as Asari flesh. Shepard caressed the asari’s head tentacles and kissed the dead girl on her forehead.

Startled awake by the gunshot, Tali looked around the room in confusion. “What the fuck was that?!” her eyes met those of the commanders, who was still tenderly caressing the asari corpse. “Did I miss Samara do it? Did I miss her kill herself?” Tali asked, genuinely disappointed she missed her friend's death.

“Indeed you did Tali, shame too. You would have loved the way the blood came pouring out of her. I would have woken you… But you just looked so peaceful laying there.” Replied Shepard, teasingly poking fun at the quarian girl.

Standing up and letting the asari corpse crumple under its own weight the nude and bloodied Shepard did several stretches, and let out a long sigh. She was more than pleased with the way her game had turned out, thrilled with it even. But for the time being she was exhausted and famished, so put off molesting Samara’s corpse. It wasn’t like she was going anywhere now.

Noticing the time, Shepard turned to Tali. “It’s almost dinner time, Tali. You want to go grab a bite to eat with me?”

Her disorientation fading, Tali responded. “Sure… I think that would be OK. Miranda, would you like to join us?”

The only response from Miranda was the continued muffled slurping noises which had been emanating from Jack's corpse since her demise.

Tali chuckled. “Looks like she already started her meal” Shepard laughed along with the quarian. “Let’s bring Samara with us too, I’m sure some of the boys would love to take a crack at her.”

The pair hauled Samara’s body with them to the break room, they left Miranda with the rapidly cooling Kasumi and Jack, but she was more than happy to stay slurping away at the dead biotics ass for the time being.

The End.


Holy SHIT that was hot. Not many people would write about Jack participating in a game of Russian Roulette of her own volition, let alone one where she dies. Goddamn that’s so hot.

If you’re still taking ideas, I’ve got quite a few you can build on. Every last one fits the “consensual-bordering-on-eager” bill. I do NOT expect you to get to all/any of these; these are more for you to jump off of and make your own.

—Ashley is an eager little snuff slut who can’t wait to cum as she goes, but every time she tries to follow through and “catch that dragon,” something comes up and ruins the moment. It’s getting on her nerves.

—Miranda offers herself to be the spitroast for Shepard’s beach party, eager to feel the spit impale her from cunt to mouth.

—Kelly films herself masturbating and as she cums, Shepard is there to behead her.

—Shepard has decided to go out with a bang—literally! She’s shoved a grenade-dildo up her pussy and an explosive buttplug up her ass and has set both to go off after a set number of orgasms. She doesn’t know how many it’ll take to trigger both, but she’s more than eager to find out!


I for one would love a story where the Normandy ladies wind up on the menu and get cooked for dinner, especially Shepard herself.


I've made a hentai foundry account, which is where I'm going to post my stories from now on. But I do have a couple of ideas which are too extreme for their site, which I will post here once they are written.


Tali gets Shepard and Miranda to use her like a urinal, causing her to die of infection.

This is an alternate version of a story which I already posted to HF, and I'm posting this here to gauge interest.

Tali's Gross Proposal (Extreme Version)
(Cons, Snuff, Watersports, Puke, Scat)

It was lunch time, and Tali, Liara, and Shepard gathered for their regular lunchtime routine where they ate and exchanged stories. The asari and human were nude as they sat, something which was par for the course for the girls aboard the Normandy, casual sex being common and accepted. Tali always felt left out when she saw the naked bodies of her friends, or walked past a random crewmember getting railed from behind. her species unusual immune system meant she could never expose her body, meaning that she could never truly join in on the lecherous fun they had. Shepard and the others did their best to make her feel included, but the clothed rubbing and touching could only go so far. As Shepard regaled them with the tale of how had Grunt facefucked her so hard she blacked out, The quarians longing only grew.

Finishing her story with a graphic description of how she had puked up almost a full liter of Grunt’s cum, Shepard announced that she needed to take a piss, and stood up to go to the bathroom. There was a hissing sound from the other end of the table as Tali’s visor depressurized and detached from her helmet. Finally having had enough of just watching, Tali removed her faceplate and looked Shepard dead in the eyes with her unmasked face. At the same time, billions of microscopic pathogens entered her immunocompromised body.

“Piss on my face.” Was all Tali said to the commander. The unmasked Quarians tone made it clear that this was a command, not a suggestion.

“Tali, your mask-” Was all the flabbergasted Shepard could say before Tali interrupted her.

“I know, Piss on my face.” She repeated

“Tali, we need to get you antibiotics or you’ll die!” Interjected a concerned Liara.

“I don't care. Piss on my face.” Tali repeated for a third time. Her voice was resolute, without a hint of doubt or hesitation.

Liara and Shepard could only look at eachother with confusion. Both coming to the conclusion that Tali wouldn’t be persuaded off her course, they shrugged their shoulders. “Guess we better piss on your face.” said Liara.

Tali beamed. In truth, she expected the two to run off and find medicine, leaving Tali alone to play with herself as she perished from the pathogens. This was a much better outcome indeed. Cupping her hands under her chin, she prepared to receive her friend's urine. Tali hoped they enjoyed using her as their urinal, but sighed as her head began to throb, a reminder of her impending mortality.

Shepard and Liara presented their pussies to the kneeling quarian, giving the girl a good look as they spread their labia. Tali had seen all this before, of course, but never as a truly involved participant, so it still felt fresh to her. Shepard had a small patch of fire red hair which mached the hair on her head abover her pussy, which still looked tight despite her many years of intense sex. Tali looked over to see how Liara compared Like the rest of the rest of her body, the Asari was completely hairless, although her groin was a slightly darker shade of blue than the rest of her.

Both of the women thrust their hips forward, grinding themselves against the quarians lips. The Tali savoured the taste of their cunts on her tongue, A taste the likes of which she had never experienced, nor would she ever experience again. As Tali breathed deeply, inhaling the unique aroma, she felt a sharp pain in her chest as the deadly pathogens reached her lungs. Enjoying the unique pain she did so again, taking account of how her body was reacting to the quickly progressing infection. Her joints were aching, her head was pounding, and every breath was like inhaling fire, but Tali wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Liara was the first to let loose her bladder, pissing directly into the quarians maw. Lost in her own world, the liquid suddenly filling her mouth was a complete shock. Inhaling in surprise, she drew a large quantity of piss into her lungs, causing her to cough and choke violently. Each of her spasming coughs caused her delicious pain, but be dared not dwell on that. Liara was still pissing, and Tali would be damned if she passed up her one opportunity to drink asari piss because she was too busy choking. Regaining her composure, Tali began to gulp down her acrid urine.

Tali looked up at Liara as she sucked the piss out of her pussy, looking at the underside of her perky blue tits as she swallowed her urine. Finally, the blue beauty's stream died down to a trickle as she ran out of piss. Tali opened her mouth, showing her comrades that she had completely drunk the womans pee. At the same time Tali was hit by an extreme feeling of dizziness and fatigue, the room started to spin as her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to pass out.

“No way I’m letting you go before we finish here.” Said Shepard, stabilizing the quarian by placing a hand on her shoulder. Snapping back to reality, Tali smiled once again. Her head was swimming and her breathing was laboured as the infection was taking its toll on her body. But like Shepard said, she was going to hold on until both the women's bladders were empty.

Shepard back up slightly, then unleashed a veritable jet stream of piss. Showering Tali the high pressure stream struck her. Liara giggled at the sight. “I guess you weren’t lying when you said you needed to take a piss earlier.” Shepard replied “nope.” and let out a long, hearty sigh as she relieved herself on tali’s face.

Tali, on her part, tried to gulp down the stream, but it was far too much for any one person to drink down. Shepards piss dripped down her face and soaked the quarians enviro suit. The torrent was so strong that Tali was unable to breathe, as any time she took a breath all that she sucked down was urine.

Thankfully, the torrent of Shepards piss started to die down until it was nothing more than a weak trickle. Finally able to take another agonizing breath, Tali entered into another violent coughing fit. Her friends looked on quizzically as the quarian hawked up globs of blood and bits of her own lungs.

“To be honest, i’m surprised it took this long for the internal hemorrhaging to start, I thought it would have come after she slurped down my stream.” said the asari scientist, her tone clinical.

“Yeah, I was sure she’d be gone by now. But it looks like she’s still fighting.” Replied Shepard. As the pair chatted casually, Tali fought for her life as she struggled to breathe. However, she was indeed a fighter, and was determined to draw out the maximum amount of pleasure from this encounter before she perished.

“Is that all you Bosh'tets have got?” challenged Tali, weakly. Liara and Shepard smirked at one another, more than happy to rise to the occasion. Liara took her hand and quickly inserted it into the quarians mouth, sliding it down her throat and causing her to violently gag. Stomach lurching, tali puked up a large quantity of rapidly congealing blood, as well as the lunch she ate just moments ago. Chunks of puke slid down Tali’s chin and collected in the lip of her helmet. This was exactly what Tali had in mind. Excited to see how far her friends would go, the dying quarian waited for their next move.

With her hand now covered in Tali’s bloody vomit, Liara quickly forced her fingers down shepards open mouth and into throat. causing the specter to spew forth a tidal wave of watery vomit, right onto Tali’s waiting face. Shepards puke cascaded over her face, leaving no part unsoiled as it blocked her nostrils.

“Holy fuck! A little warning next time please!” Spluttered Shepard, globs of spittle running down her face as she complained to her friend. Recovering, Shepard gathered the drool and vomit which were still present in her mouth and spat at tali, clearing her throat as the glob of pukey saliva hit her square between the eyes. “Honestly though, I’m a little surprised to still have a gag reflex.”

“Warning you would have spoiled the surprise for both you and her.” Responded Liara, gesturing towards the puke covered quarian. “Besides, it’s harder to gag if you’re expecting it. If I told you, you would have gone into throatfuck mode and not given me a drop of puke.” Liara rubbed her blood and puke coated hand on her outer thigh in an attempt to clean it off, however this didn’t have much effect other than simply smearing the mixture onto her skin.

All the colour had drained from tali’s face, and a constant trickle of blood was now escaping through the corners of her mouth. Despite her state, Tali was in pure ecstasy, although she lacked the strength to outwardly show it. As Tali started to once again wobble and tip, Shepard was also there again to halt her. “Oh no, you’re not dying yet, not until I get another turn with you.” Shepard turned around and pressed her asshole to Tali’s sticky face, positioning it so that her sphincter led directly into the quarians mouth. Tali was too out of it to fully understand what was going on, but she knew that it was sexy as fuck.

Grunting, Shepard let out a long, solid turd straight into the awaiting mouth of the dying girl. Tali was too weak to do anything but accept it, even as her last available airway was cut off by the Huge piece of shit. Shepard released her grasp, letting the quarian fall to the ground. Tali didn’t even struggle, the blood loss from her internal bleeding having completely sapped her strength.
Shepard looked onward, watching as the light in her friends eyes glaze over. Smiling, shepard dropped a few more turds onto the body, then went to get a closer look at the corpse.

Tali looked upwards with bloodshot eyes, her hair was matted to her scalp with piss and puke, and Shepards shit stuck out of her mouth like it was a cigar. Shepard beckoned Liara over as well, and the two inspected her body from head to toe, appreciating the finer details of her body. Together, they noticed the blood that had collected down her chin and neck, having leaked out of her mouth. They noticed the sticky blood clots that stained her suit after her violent coughing fit. Finally, they looked at her crotch, noticing that it was completely soaked. This wasn’t piss however, Liara had learned that fact with a quick taste. This was cum. The pair looked at eachother and high fived, genuinely happy that they were able to make the quarians death wish come true, and make it pleasurable at that.

“Can we grab another bite to eat? You kinda made me puke up my lunch back there.” Shepard asked Liara point blank, causing the asari to giggle. Together, they left to grab another meal, leaving Tali’s filth covered corpse for someone else to deal with.

The End.

What did you think? Should I bother posting this other version to HF?

Another story that I was thinking of writing was a very pregnant Tali getting the crew to destroy her belly. But I know that's pretty extreme, even for here.


First of all, damn, you managed to write three chapters in the time it took me to write a comment response.


I don't really have any substantial criticisms of the first chapter. A couple of typos, but they're hardly noticeable. If you pressed I guess>>20377
I'd say there's room to expand on some of the background stuff, develop the scene a bit more, but that's unnecessary for the length of the story. The focal events are described in all the detail they need to be and the background is established appropriately.


This was my request so I'm biased, but you totally nailed it. I don't think you really bit off more than you could chew - some characters were more prominent than others, but that's to be expected. They don't all need to same level of development, your attention was divided pretty well. The only thing I'd say is that Miranda was a major part of the story, so you could've probably spent more time in her head. We didn't really get to see what she was thinking in the same way we got to for Shepard, Tali, and to an extent Samara. But the action you included her in was super fucking hot, so it's not a major concern. On the other hand, highlights include: Tali animalistically humping Kasumi's pussy until she comes to an ugly, exhuasting orgasm; Miranda sloppily making out with Jack's dead asshole; Samara making out with Jack's corpse to steady it on Miranda's face; Shepard offhandedly mentioning that Miranda eats everyone's asses all the time; and the stunningly hot visual of Tali's blown-out head in her broken visor. Seriously, good fucking job on this.


Another winner right here. I read the short version on HF plus the alternate non-con version with Miranda, and this one is definitely the best. Although I say that as someone who's not a fan of non-con or futa, so take it with a grain of salt. Tali wanting to be included in free-use sluttery, not even in a physically sexual way but as a toilet, is so fucking good. I think the extra-gross ending really added to it, not just because Tali swallowing someone else's vomit is hot, but because it really hammers home that she's literally dying from filth. She's swimming in enough toxic bodily waste to kill a normal human, let alone a Quarian. This is honestly just a great concept for a story, too.

That pregnancy idea is awesome and if you have the impulse you should definitely write it. It's certainly not the most extreme thing to get popular on here. I think once you hit Gurochan, you're past the point of getting judged for your stories.


Thanks for your review! I just got a request I like for a long term story, so my pace might slow down a bit, but I'll try to write some more of these shorts. I also liked the idea of shepard stuffing herself full of orgasm trigged bombs, and kelly staring in a snuff film, so i'll try to write those too.


Good stories, but it would be nice if you could mix it up a bit and do something other than headshots.


I love the stories! And I love the headshots! And the consensual parts! It’s one of the best stories of 2020 (since now apparently there is a vote each year. Lol). I’d love if you could expand to other universes or just general girls since I don’t know Mass Effect but really just keep writing what give you inspiration. We appreciate it.


I've been in a mass effect sort of mood lately, But tell me what requests you have! regardless of series.


>>20420 regardless of series? Damn. Now I feel like I can't just ask for something else Mass Effect.

What do you think of this:

Towards the end of Mass Effect 2, the Normandy captures one of those collector rendering pods, and one of the crew uses it for X reason. That would be so awesome.


Lol I feel the same way when I try to think of other content.

I like the idea, something like viewing a girl while she liquifies herself, or a group squished into a single pod at a time. However, I don't want to commit to anything just yet. Thanks for the request!


My suggestion is a fantasy with friends of yours or girls you list for. I love thinking it’s personal and something that would happen in an alternate universe.


My suggestion is a fantasy with friends of yours or girls you list for. I love thinking it’s personal and something that would happen in an alternate universe.


Sorry, Don't feel comfortable with writing real people, keep the suggestions coming though. Worst case scenario is that I don't write them

Heads up that I've written your "Shepard goes out with a bang" prompt into a story which you can find on HF, in case you haven't seen it yet.


I'd definitely love one with Shepard offering to be cooked and eaten for her crew. Maybe something about a food shortage on the Normandy and Shepard (and maybe some of the other ladies, Tali and Liara for some variety on meat) all offer to be on the menu to feed the rest of the crew.



Bonus points for the girls cumming as they go and enjoying every minute of their situation.


Any updates to this/new stories? I'd love to see a mix of men/women on the SR-2 crew in one story- Samara, femshep, Garrus, Thane…


New stuff is coming. Think I'm going to make a new thread to post my stuff.

Hit a bit of writers block, But things are in motion.


I realy like storries with known chars, since the storry dont need to be awfully long to bound to the chars, wish there would be more, the russian roulette was verry hot

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